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Issue Two

Holly, Toni, Lauren and Caroline from Year 9 are busy leading, coaching and coordinating this year’s Girls’ Active programme. Holly said: “Girls’ Active was started to encourage more girls to participate in sports after school. Every Thursday there is a different choice in activities. These range from Dodgeball to Dance! Anyone can come along and have fun. At the end of the school year there is a Girls’ Active party; people who come to enough sessions get to go to the party!” For more information contact Miss Helen Cox via

Headline News In February 125 Year 7 and 8 students spent a day thinking hard to come up with ‘Big Ideas’ to help the planet. They did some amazing work and some groups went on to develop their ideas after school, ready to submit for the semi-final. Mrs Gardner, Humanities Teacher and Team Leader for this project said: “We had two groups who went on to present their business case at the semi-final at Redworth Hall.” “The first group 'Behind Closed Doors' (Charlotte Maggs, Amy Stokes, Matilda McIntyre and Philipa Pearce) gave an outstanding and moving presentation. They coped well under the scrutiny of the judges’ questioning, but unfortunately did not get selected for the final.” “Congratulations does go to Team ‘Beautiful Bins’ (Willow Hunter, Beth Williams and Maddie Walton) for getting to the final, which will take place at the Palace of Westminster on Monday 15th July! They gave a very professional presentation and, with the help of Mr Rumney's Year 10 ICT class, had even produced a smartphone app!” We wish them all the best for the final.

A fantastic time was had by all and, up until the last day, involved no injuries or accidents! A select group of Year 7 and 8 students were treated to a wide array of activities in conjunction with the celebration of St Miss Websdale, Director of Sport and the organiser of the Cuthbert’s famous manuscripts. trip said: “All the students went to ski lessons for 5 hours each day and, by the end of the week, some of the Students had the opportunity to be creative with quills to design beginners had managed to ski a black run (hardest run), their own names in the style of the gospels’ writings, as well as which is quite amazing.” donning costumes worn by the monks. They also found out “Mr McCaughey’s team were the overall winners of the ' about life during the time team points', which of the monastery. were accumulated after a number of different events and Molly, a Year 7 student points deducted for said ‘It was fun to put on 'incidents'.” the costumes and have “This was a a go at writing with the thoroughly quills. In some parts it enjoyable trip which was like going back in time!” will be repeated in two years time.”

Other News It was a great opportunity for students to conduct some research into afternoon tea before their GCSE Assessment in June. The staff were most welcoming and gave a grand tour of the hotel. The Sales Manager talked to the group about her role and answered many questions from students and staff. The group then enjoyed afternoon tea in the John Dobson room on the lower level of the hotel. The students funded the trip themselves, really enjoyed the experience and would like to thank Miss Spicer for arranging it.

On Saturday 25th May, Mr Tony Dowson is bringing teams of former students of the school and staff members together to take to our 5-a-side courts to see who is the best school football team ever! This event will also help raise funds for a future Year 7 football trip.

, a school-touring production organised by the Live Theatre, explores the dangers of Facebook by depicting a young girl who begins an online relationship with someone she does not fully know.

If you are a former Whickham School student and can form a squad, please get in contact by emailing

After the production, students participated in a workshop with the production team and actress to explore the issues within the play.



In each issue, we set a question to our students and teachers to find out what their opinion is on hot issues and debates. For this issue, we asked:

“I do think that the voting age should be 16, but only if we do things to encourage young people to be more informed about politics and the things that happen in government.”

“I don’t think the voting age should be dropped to 16. I don’t think they would know who to vote for and they are not quite adults yet.”

“Yes, I think the voting age should be dropped to 16. By the time you’re 16 I think you are smart enough to know who to vote for and what goes on in our country”.

The Word- Issue 2  
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