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The Chefs’ Warehouse was founded on the principles of service, integrity, and the best in class products. The collection of producers in the following pages represent just a few of the long standing partners Chris and John Pappas sought along the way as The Chefs’ Warehouse became the National Premier Specialty Food Distributor in the United States. These producers embody the dedication to their craft and vision for the future, which align with The Chefs’ Warehouse principles.
















































Roots Lead To Success H

ave you ever wondered how family companies get started?

delicious cheeses, the history of the water buffalo in Italy is not set-

Well, you came to the right place. Antichi Sapori embarked a

tled. There is one theory that the Asian water buffalo was brought

long time ago even though the owner and president Angelo Totaro

to Italy by the Goths during the migrations of the early medieval

did not even know at the time. Mr. Totaro was born in Monte San

period. With this theory not settled as of yet, we do know that it pro-

Giacomo, Italy along with his siblings, parents, and grandparents,

duces the Bufala Mozzarella to enhance dishes like grilled chicken,

and long before he knew, Italy would be his everything for the rest

orecchiette, and much more.

of his life, including food. The Totaro’s family love affair with food has lasted generations.

Our company would also like to introduce to the public, Straciatella (shredded) which a fresh Italian cheese is made from Mozzarella and

In 1910, Angelo’s great grandmother used to bring her children from

Panna cream, giving it a soft texture. Straciatella is a typical product

playing outside into the kitchen, and teach them the craft of how to

of the Campania and Puglia regions and is produced from the same

make real Italian cheeses and gourmet family dishes. The cheese has

animals that the burrata is produced. Straciatella process is a little

to be handcrafted and mixed together with a recipe that is unique

different from mozzarella and many other kinds of cheeses alike; it

to Antichi Sapori and the Totaro family. He would soon find out that

starts with rennet used to curdles the warm milk but then, the fresh

Italy is where he would make business and export his products to

mozzarella curds are plunged into hot why or lightly salted, kneaded

bring the taste of home to his clients. As Mr. Totaro grew up, his love

and pulled to develop the familiar stretchy string, then shaped in

for business and food continued to increase. He knew exactly that

whatever form desired.

the Italian cuisine he grew up with was and is worth the wild. In 2000, Antichi Sapori was created, which means Antique Flavor in Italian. Yes, Antichi Sapori was created and who would have known that later, it would be a taste of home to many restaurants and people. His roots began his career to success!

Lastly, our final product is the famous Ricotta which means recooked in Italian. Ricotta is a whey cheese made from cow, goat, and the popular Italian buffalo milk’s whey. Ricotta curds are creamy and white in appearance, slightly sweet and contain only around thirteen percent of fat. Ricotta can be used in a variety of foods like cheese-

Antichi Sapori wants their clients and food lovers, who try their prod-

cakes, cookies, and cannoli. Yes, cannolis, which are everyone’s fa-

ucts to be completely satisfied and treasured. One of the very pop-

vorite. Ricotta is such a famous product all over the world, but what

ular products that are sold is Bufala Mozzarella and Burrata. Burrata

makes our Ricotta the best one is the love of freshness and the taste

in Italian means “buttered” and its creamy texture is just perfect. It

from home with every bite. With all these products, say goodbye

is a fresh cheese coming from the Italian buffalo’s and/or cow’s milk,

to harmful chemicals and preservatives and say hello to grandma’s

rennet and cream. This product is made from the mozzarella and

cooking that now anyone can create anywhere with our products.

cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and Panna cream, giving it an extremely soft texture and usually served fresh, at room temperature. With perfection in every taste, people wonder where this delicious delicacy is from. This product is typically from the Campania and Puglia regions in the south of Italy ensuring our clients of the freshness and tastefulness with every bite. Burrata can be enjoyed right by itself, but chefs use it for salads, prosciutto crudo, crusty bread, fresh tomatoes with olive oil and cracked black pepper pasta. We can all try these delicious dishes right at home as well.

That is exactly the reason why our President, Mr. Totaro wanted to bring these wonderful delicacies to the states and all around the world. To honor his great grandmother, Mr. Totaro only uses the freshest ingredients for his clients. That is why the Totaro Family is about tradition, a sense of family and the pure enjoyment of quality gourmet foods. Family is always there, so you can always count on us to deliver the best of the best. Now, you can enjoy our wonderful Italian foods in the comfort of your own home. Antichi Sapori always remembers where it came from and it all started from humble beginnings and family because our roots lead to success. We never forget

The success does not stop there; Mr. Totaro wanted everyone to

that! Now, come and let us serve you the best bufala di mozzarella

know what a classic Italian meal can have. Another product that we

that family can give you! You will not be disappointed! Hurry, we

as a company offer is Bufala Mozzarella (Italian: mozzarella di bufa-

sell fast!

la) which is a mozzarella made from the milk of the domestic water buffalo. This cheese also comes from the Campania Regions like its cousin Burrata. With the water buffalo producing one of the most


Beehive Cheese is named after Utah, the Beehive State, as a homage to the industry and cooperation needed to make the desert bloom. A modern cheese operation, Beehive Cheese creamery honors old-world craftsmanship and the future of artisan cheese craft. Founders, Tim Welsh and Pat Ford realized their simple dream of establishing a local creamery in beautiful northern Utah in 2005. Our consistently superior, buttery, world-class cheeses are a natural outcome of creamy, high-quality, farm fresh milk provided by local Wadeland Dairy’s herd (a mix of Jersey and Holstein cows) coupled with the patience and expertise needed for perfectly ripening wheels. We’ve mastered the art of rubbed-rind cheese, essential for delicious flavor and melt in your mouth consistency. All of our cheeses, from classic to incredibly novel, succeed in broadening and expanding the world of cheese because they are crafted on a foundation of proven and timeless cheese making principles.

2440 East 6600 South, Suite #8, Uintah, UT 84405 (801) 476-0900 | BeehiveCheese.com 8


BEEMSTER IS BEST FOR CHEFS Gouda can come from anywhere, but only Beemster can come from Beemster. The Beemster name is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and mouthwatering taste! Hailing from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Beemster has earned PDO (protected designated origin) status. For years Gouda was confused as the bland, rubbery, artificially aged cheese under the red wax. But it’s been our mission to share with people – chefs especially – what a true, authentic Dutch Gouda is all about. From breakfast to dessert, you can find a place for Beemster. Younger Beemster cheeses are great melters, perfect with egg sandwiches, grilled cheese and burgers. The salty-sweet trend is more than sea salt caramels – Beemster XO grated over sticky toffee date cake or cut into pie crust is an exceptional, unexpected twist that will delight diners. Swapping out standards for Beemster cheeses elevates your menu and brings a bit of the unusual and the curious that’s still accessible. Because Beemster is not a mass-manufactured processed cheese, it has a complex flavor profile with greater depth of flavor than commercial cheeses... you use less and get more flavor with Beemster. From the cows in the field to natural aging on wooden boards, Beemster takes the harder road & no shortcuts. The result is a more flavorful, complex and interesting cheese. Ingredients matter. Chefs can use Beemster with pride & confidence, calling out the Beemster name on menus reflects their dedication to integrity & flavor. #BeemsterMakesItBetter


Chef Chris Holland, DVine Pie, Rockland County NY

Chef Andrea Machuca-Kirkland, BXCR, Anaheim CA


BelGioioso Cheese is as rich in history as its cheeses are in flavor and quality. I come from a family-owned cheese company that my greatgrandfather founded over a century ago. In 1979, I moved with my family from Italy to America to start a company that would create great Italian cheeses. I considered many areas of the United States; however, Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland, was chosen for its superior milk due to the dedication of the farmers and abundant pastures. Wisconsin milk was and still is simply unbeatable. In the beginning, we introduced cheeses that were known to the American consumer like Provolone, Parmesan and Romano. We made them so well, that people said they never tasted anything so good and wanted more. So, over the years, our Master Cheesemakers introduced cheeses that were not previously made here like Mascarpone, CreamyGorg®, Italico™ and American Grana®, and these too have become favorites. Today, BelGioioso manufactures, ages, packages and ships over 27 cheese varieties. We still maintain an artisan touch because every cheese is treated individually, according to its own personality, and a section of each plant is specifically designed and dedicated to each variety. Through the years, our cheeses have won many prestigious awards and have set a standard of excellence in the industry. We thank our farmers and customers for this success and for believing in us. My children have joined me and will carry on the BelGioioso philosophy of commitment to quality and consistency in the years to come. Our company will continue to grow, but we will never lose the passion we started with. We invite you to join the BelGioioso family. - Errico Auricchio, President



Family owned and operated since 1986, Bellwether Farms is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Sonoma County coast. The creamery is only a few miles from the ocean and well known areas like Tomales Bay, Point Reyes Seashore, and Bodega Bay. This region, about an hour north of San Francisco, is known for mild temperatures and summertime fog, and has a rich history of dairy production going back over 150 years. Among the first in the United States to specialize in the production of sheep milk cheeses, Bellwether Farms began milking sheep and producing its handmade cheeses in 1990. In 1996 the family added cheeses using local Jersey cow milk. This award winning line of dairy products now includes both fresh and aged products made from each of these amazing types of milk. Early on we were fortunate to visit traditional, small-batch cheese makers in Europe. We discovered that when using traditional methods, no two cheese makers produced the same cheese due to terroir -- subtle differences in milk, climate, equipment and technique. This was welcome confirmation that we had chosen the right path; our emphasis on the traditional and time-tested methods would ensure the quality and unique flavors that could not be replicated anywhere. The enthusiastic support we receive from our customers around the San Francisco Bay area and across the country is proof that we are providing something very special. The awards we receive at the American Cheese Society’s competition and the NASFT Sofi awards are a further stamp of approval from within our industry. We are committed to making the very best cheese and cultured dairy products using full-fat whole milk from both sheep and Jersey cow milks. Our award-winning cheeses and yogurts are found in specialty cheese shops and superior retailers as well as being featured on the menus of the finest restaurants across the country. In 2017 a long term family goal was put in place when we set up the Bellwether Farms Foundation. With our foundation our mission is to support organizations working to provide hunger relief, food related education, and healthy activities for families and children. It is early in our efforts, but we are finding no shortage of opportunities to contribute to the health of our communities in new and exciting ways. 14


Graniti is a picturesque mountainous town in Sicily, edged with bountiful terraced gardens, rich in history, blessed in culture, and flush with milk. Here is where the Calabro legacy began and grew. Every day, farm fresh milk was carted down from one of two farms and brought to the Calabro household to begin the toilsome process of turn-ing this abounding staple into cheese. This work ethic and birthright was transported to America soon after World War II had ended and a second Calabro legacy was about to commence. In 1948, the Calabro family, as did millions of other immigrants bore down to pick up their lives and start anew in America. In 1953, Joseph Calabro and his father, Salvatore, tilled the first shovel of hope into their American dream and Calabro Cheese was born. They began delivering to the "mom and pop" Italian grocers, as well as individual families in the Fairfield, New Haven, Waterbury and Hartford counties with fresh ricotta, mozzarella, sausage and ice cream. As a result of growing sales, a larger area of distribution, and an ever-expanding line of products, in July 1961 the Gambardella Calabro Cheese Corp acquired the Wells River Creamery in Wells River, Vermont. This facility became the new production plant and New Haven, CT remained the main distribution point. In January 1981, with sales at an all-time high, Calabro Cheese built a new 22,000 square foot production and distribution center in East Haven, CT, subsequently closing the Vermont and the New Haven facilities. In 1996 a 33,000 square foot expansion project was completed, enabling Calabro Cheese to better serve its extended list of customers in the New England, New York / New Jersey metropolitan areas as well as the southern, mid-west and western regions of the United States. For over half a century, Calabro Cheese has been a leader in manufacturing Italian Artisanal Cheeses. They use New England Farm Fresh Milk that is rBST-free. The cheeses are Gluten-free. The Ricotta line is Kosher Certified by KVH Kosher. Calabro is FDA and USDA inspected and SQF level 3 Certified. Calabro also manufactures a full Organic product line certified by CCOF. Since 1995, their Hand-Dipped Ricotta, Fresh Mozzarella, Burrata, Fresh Bufala milk Mozzarella and Ricotta, as well as other specialty cheeses, have won awards from the American Cheese Society, the United States Championship Cheese Contest, and the World Championship Competition, making Calabro the leading cheese company in the industry. Calabro is a family of cheese makers that is committed to the highest production standards, resulting in the highest quality cheeses.






Central Coast Creamery produces award winning, artisanal cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses in Paso Robles, California. Reggie Jones, owner and cheese maker, has 30 years of experience in the cheese industry. He spent 12 years of his career with a cheese making supplier helping clients identify and troubleshoot their production issues. In 2012 Jones moved his family from Modesto to coastal Paso Robles to use his knowledge of cheese science and the area’s local milk to make delicious, approachable artisan cheese. Central Coast doesn’t raise any livestock, but supports local dairy farmers by sourcing their milk. Central Coast Creamery receives fresh milk from three local farms; one cow, one sheep and one goat. All of our partner dairy farms are located within 100 miles of our production facility, and are made up of small herds free of antibiotics and artificial hormones. All cheese is made onsite in small batches of 500 gallons or less, using milk that is delivered daily. Central Coast Creamery believes that rich, quality milk will produce the very best cheese – and makes the cheese to prove it!



COOMBE CASTLE Founded in 1980, Coombe Castle International, is a specialist producer and exporter of high quality British and Irish dairy products. Based in the quaint English market town of Melksham, in the beautiful South West of England, Coombe Castle exports its own cream and dairy products from a range of hand picked farms, creameries and dairies in the UK and Ireland whose expertise is second to none. Long standing relationships with both large and artisan cheese makers, representing the best in British and Irish cheese, enables Coombe Castle to source an extensive range of products; from traditional Farmhouse cheddar to more exotic blended cheeses that truly challenge your taste buds. Partnering with over 30 of the country’s finest cheesemakers, who are dedicated to their craft in traditional cheese making methods, results in a range of cheeses that have great complexity of flavor and cheese characteristics. Working with these artisan producers who still use these time honored techniques reflects Coombe Castle’s commitment and dedication to the field, sharing some of the best cheeses in the world. Devon Cream Company’s deliciously thick Cream, is quintessentially English and has been produced by Coombe Castle for over 30 years. These versatile creams have been enjoyed all over the world, from cafes in Singapore to five star hotels in USA, silky smooth and indulgently creamy, it can be spooned straight from the jar, perfect on fresh strawberries, waffles and warm apple pie. Clotted Cream is an essential part of any true English Cream Tea and it’s perfect spread over a warm scone and topped with a spoon of strawberry jam. Coombe Castle proudly champion British and Irish dairy products and in 2018 Coombe Castle received their fourth Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade, a feat few other companies in dairy industry and general food sector can match. This award is recognition of the employees’ effort and dedication and the loyalty of their suppliers and customers around the world. 22


The Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano has a strong identity because for nearly two centuries the Cravero Company has managed to improve the maturing process of the wheels maintaining the highest standards of quality and respecting the traditions. Giacomo, Giorgio’s father, taught him that the close monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the environment where the cheese ages and the time and attention they lend to the care of it guarantee the unique quality of the product. In 1855 Giorgio Cravero, the ancestor of the Cravero family, founded his business in Bra, Piedmont. Since then, his passion for the art of selecting and maturing cheese in his family was handed down from father to son until –five generations later- another Giorgio Cravero was born in 1964. Giorgio has been literally breathing cheese air all his life. He has learned most of the things he knows about food and business unconsciously, absorbing his parents’ knowledge by listening to their conversations during the family meals and their everyday life. Selecting and Maturing the very best

the maturing rooms in Bra the wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano rest on solid pinewood planks and are flipped over every two weeks. The maturing methods follow the seasons and the air is cooled only during the three hot summer months. Once the Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano is matured at its perfection, it is an excellent eating cheese. It can obviously be enjoyed grated on pasta, and it’s really good, but it’s really perfect before dinner with a glass of Prosecco, or even at the end of a meal. One chunk of Cravero leads to another.

Parmigiano Reggiano are the pursuits Cravero family excels

The Cravero meticulous selection criteria, passed down

at since the mid 1800s.

through generations, together with a continuing respect for

For Cravero the most important concept in any discussion about Parmigiano Reggiano is definitely the terroir, the place behind the flavour of the cheese, so to find the best cheeses they selected first of all the best terroir. In the Emilia Romagna region, the Parmigiano Reggiano historical production area, the Cravero family found his ‘promised land’ in the Reggio Emilia province, a perfect place among the meadows at the bottom of a mountain, that is considered since centuries the cradle of the Parmigiano Reggiano production. There, a farmers’ cooperative produce all the local forage (various species of herbaceous plants and crops, one above all being the alfalfa) eaten by the dairy’s cows. The cooperative has full control over local feed, milk quality and animal health and welfare, elements which are totally essentials for the cheese maker in order to make a high-quality cheese. After a careful selection at 12 months at the dairy, the finest cheeses travel to Bra, Piedmont, to be matured at Cravero’s aging caves until the 24th month at least.


And so it is. The maturing goes on in the most natural way. In

the traditions of the trade, help them guarantee the quality for which they have become widely known both at home and abroad.




Once upon a time, in a decade called the 1970s, relief came in the form of convenience. Dinner “food” consisted of Hamburger Helper®, Shake ‘n Bake®, and pre-packaged TV dinners. Cheese? Well, let us tell you — it was something else altogether. Americans enjoyed their “cheese” as slices of orange, rubbery, plastic squares. Fortunately, Mary Keehn, a self-proclaimed “serious hippie” and single mother of four, lived in a different world. In search of healthy milk for her children, Mary noticed a neighbor who had goats for brush control. She asked her neighbor if she could buy two of her goats and the neighbor replied with a grin, “Honey, if you can catch ‘em, you can have ‘em.” So a determined Mary went out with grain each day and eventually lured her first two goats: Esmeralda and Hazel. Those two goats turned to four and pretty soon Mary had, well, more. A lot of goats means a lot of milk, so Mary tried her hand at making cheese. After officially opening the doors of Cypress Grove in 1983, Mary traveled to the cheese mecca of the world: France. She tasted and tested and learned from the masters and makers of brie, camembert, morbier, and more. Full of great cheeses and bursting with ideas, Mary was eager to get back to her kids and her goats. As she slept on the long transatlantic flight home to Humboldt County, a prophetic vision danced across Mary’s imagination. She awoke with a clear image of a new kind of cheese: a cheese accented with a thick line of ash reminiscent of the fog often blanketing the expansive Humboldt County coastline — and the idea of Humboldt Fog® was born. As America’s tastes evolve, so does the demand for cheeses that please our clamoring fans — a challenge Cypress Grove is more than happy to meet. We built our own dairy in 2010; a great deal of thought went into the dairy, designed to be an easily accessible source of knowledge for the growing American goat dairy industry. The dairy is managed primarily with the health and happiness of our herd in mind. But don’t take our word for it; the American Humane Association endorsed our model dairy as Humane Certified with a 100 percent score not one, not two, but three years running. Cypress Grove is now the leading producer of delicious American goat cheese that makes you want to do the happy dance, crafting cheeses across three product lines that complete every cheese case: fresh, soft-ripened, and aged. Proudly based in Arcata, Calif., Cypress Grove transforms the ordinary to extraordinary, producing unforgettable cheeses and leading the charge in the American cheese movement. CYPRESSGROVECHEESE.COM 28


“Organic, 100% grass fed, Buzz word, Buzz word, Buzz word.” At DiStefano, we opt to follow our hearts as opposed to conforming to the status quo. We’ve always felt the pursuit of profit destroys passion, and this belief has never been more applicable to us than it is now. We began Distefano with the idea of creating the most natural, artisan cheeses available by sourcing the best milk possible. This led to our company growing faster than we could ever imagine, but it also presented us with one of the biggest challenges we must face yet. Do we continue to expand our business and carry on with available sources of milk, or do we take a step back and allow our passion to fuel our future? Naturally, we opted for the latter.

Our passion is and always will be to create all-natural cheeses. In order to make all-natural cheese, we need all-natural milk. To accomplish this, we have only one idea in mind. The Pasture Project. Taking the term “all natural” literally, we have decided to start our own permaculture farm. We need milk from free cows. Cows that will graze in open pastures, eating and roaming as they please. Will they eat 100% grass? Probably not. But our guess is the vast and diverse variety of life growing on the farm will be more than enough to satisfy our free cows, as well as our standards. For more information, comments or concerns, please contact us directly at Info@Distefanocheese.com. 30

More Than A Burrata Company 31

AT E M M I R O T H , W E VA L U E G R E AT N E S S . Switzerland and Wisconsin have been connected through cheesemaking for decades. In 1911 Otto Roth emigrated from Switzerland to the United States and began importing Swiss cheeses into America. Decades later, descendants of the Roth Family founded Roth Käse in Wisconsin because of their access to high-quality local milk, cheesemaking infrastructure, and the strong Swiss heritage of the region. Since the early 1990’s, Roth Käse was the first and only company to use traditional copper vats and age cheese on spruce boards. These are traditions we still hold true today when crafting Roth’s Grand Cru® line and other signature Roth® cheeses. In 2009, Emmi, a leading Swiss Dairy Cooperative, purchased Roth Käse to form Emmi Roth. Today, we continue to produce the same Roth cheese in Wisconsin at three locations, and have also become the largest importer of Swiss Gruyère into the United States. Our experienced and passionate team leads the industry in knowledge and innovation, all while keeping true to our history and heritage. We stay on the pulse of the cheese industry, trends and innovative new products that will resonate with today’s alwayschanging consumers. We also know that good cheesemaking stems from traditional methods. Together, those values make some of the world’s best cheese. We have more than 200 awards to date, but what speak for themselves are the products we put out into the world every day. Our goal is to make them consistent, original and forward thinking. We are proud to produce the 2016 World Champion Roth Grand Cru® Surchoix in Wisconsin and import the No.1 Gruyère in the country, Emmi Le Gruyère AOP.




Fabrique Délices was established in 1985 as the American presence of the French company SAPAR. SAPAR was already widely known across Europe for their outstanding pâtés. Marc Poinsignon and Chef Antonio Pinheiro originally came to the United States from France to act as CEO and plant manager, respectively, of the company, eventually purchasing the U.S.–based business from its French parent in 1996. Today, Fabrique Délices offers the most extensive array of traditional and artisanal charcuterie made in the United States. In addition to pâtés and mousses, their specialty meat products include rillettes; smoked, dry and cured meats; all-natural sausages; duck confit, magret de canard; saucisson sec; lardons; bresaola and lamb merguez. Among their over 100 current products, they also offer non-meat items including flatbreads, cornichons, truffle butter and sweet macarons. Fabrique Delices’ products are made without artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives, except for the addition of sodium nitrite in their traditional French products, and the company sources its lamb, pork and ducks from sustainable farms that do not use antibiotics or hormones. For their chicken products, they use Central Valley– based and family-owned Mary’s Chicken, meaning it’s non-GMO verified and raised in accordance with the Global Animal Partnership’s five-step program. Often the first contact we have with people from other cultures is through the sharing of food and food traditions. Marc Poinsignon, Antonio Pinheiro and Sébastien Espinasse through their high quality standards and adherence to the traditions practiced by generations of French food artisans, have raised the bar in the world of artisan meat products here in the United States. fabriquedelices.com 35


he Fiscalini family farm began in 1912 when John Baptiste Fiscalini, the son of a Swiss immigrant, purchased 160 acres in Modesto CA. He began a dairy with just 12 Holstein cows and farmed surrounding land to grow

feed for his growing herd. Over 100 years later the business has grown to include 540 acres and 3000 cows. In the year 2000 a cheese processing facility was added to the farm and shortly after that a renewable energy plant. With the power produced by their methane digesters the Fiscalinis operate with a negative carbon footprint and have cut their natural gas use in half. By practicing sustainable farming methods, over 70% of the feed for the herd is grown onsite without the use of commercial fertilizers. It is Fiscalini Cheese Company that has gained the family much recognition and fame. By using only milk from their cows, they craft some of the world’s best farmstead cheeses. Control of the overall health of animals and what they eat ensures the best possible quality of milk for the products made at Fiscalini Cheese Company. A mixed herd of Holsteins, Jerseys and Brown Swiss creates the desired blend of milk providing a higher percentage of butter fat and protein. Their cheeses require great skill to craft, and they believe in making cheese by hand and preserving traditional methods when possible. While the company is known best known for their award-winning Bandage Wrapped Cheddar, they also produce San Joaquin Gold, an Italian style cheese and Lionza, a Swiss style cheese. Fiscalini produces a variety of flavored cheddars as well, adding fun and color to their line. Purple Moon, a red-wine soaked cheddar and Hopscotch, a beer-soaked cheddar are two that have gained them fame in the cheese world. The family’s enduring philosophy has always been to care for their animals and to give back to the land that has sustained their family for generations. By recycling waste to capture greenhouse gases, the Fiscalinis produce enough electricity to power their entire operation plus 300 neighboring homes. Fiscalini Cheese Company remains family owned with the 4th generation managing the farm today.





Fratelli Galloni: Three Generations of Passion for Prosciutto di Parma Italy may be known around the world for its’ sleek design, modern style and innovative attitude, but it’s fierce defense of culinary traditions is certainly one to be reckoned with! Prosciutto di Parma is the perfect example of a centuries’ old product, made virtually the same way for over 2,000 years! The Romans discovered that the small hillside town of Langhirano, located just outside of Parma, provided the perfect climate conditions for drying and preserving the regions abundance of pork meat. Even after 2,000 years, Langhirano is still referred to as “The Italian Capital of Prosciutto,” and is still producing Prosciutto di Parma according to the same principles: 100% natural, NO additives, NO preservatives, NO other ingredients aside from Italian pork, sea salt, perfect air… and lots of time! The Galloni family started making prosciutto in Langhirano almost 80 years ago in 1938. Primo Galloni and his four brothers then opened their own factory in 1960, which is headed today by his children Carlo and Mirella. They are joined by the 3rd generation, Federico, Luca and Francesco in their mission to deliver the best quality Prosciutto di Parma around the world. Two generations later, Galloni Prosciutto is recognized as the world’s finest prosciutto, and the company strictly adheres to the same guiding principles their father followed… NEVER compromise on: 1. Quality of Raw Materials - Galloni goes beyond brokers and slaughterhouses, directly to the farmers to coordinate best in class supply chain control, including strict feeding, age and weight management. Every single leg is meticulously selected before entering the Galloni facilities; 2. Salting by Hand - Galloni boasts some of the most advanced, state of the art equipment in all of Parma production, but the key operations, the ones that qualify final product are still artisanal. The Salting Process is still scrupulously carried out by hand, leg by leg! Only the most skilled Salt Master can achieve the delicate balance of salt and natural yeasts for optimal sweetness, flavor, consistency and texture; 3. Patience in Aging - Using natural air only, special measures are taken to protect and preserve the unique microflora in the aging rooms that have formed over decades. Long, slow aging of no less than 16 months, and plenty of elbow room, allow harmonious air flow and better development of complexity and depth in flavor of the meat; 4. People - Prosciutto di Parma is a very physical product, it directly represents the land, and the hand, that makes it. Almost 80 years of family tradition have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, mastery, experience and insight in prosciutto production. This innate know-how, combined with highly specialized personnel, allow Galloni to deliver the unparalleled product, quality and customer experience that they are known for today! 5. Pride - Primo Galloni: “Perfection is a virtue! Perfection in every step of our work will stand out in the quality of our product!” The road to perfection has no end, and no shortcuts! Galloni imposes production and quality standards on itself that are more restrictive than even those of the consortium; and strongly invests in Research & Development. The company strives to continuously improve quality, innovation, healthiness, and absolute safety of any product that carries the Galloni name. (Galloni has obtained the most important international product certifications (BRC, IFS); system certifications (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 22005:2008); environmental management system certification (UNI ISO 14001); carbon foot print and energy management certification (ISO 50001); as well as recognition for corporate social responsibility (SA 8000).)



Handmade in Vermont Handmade in Vermont


A Traditional New England – Style Cheddar C

heesemaking traditions in the historic Village of

and 2014. His other signature award-winning cheeses

Grafton, Vermont date from the 19th century.

have won the coveted NASFT Sofi Award and Super

The Grafton Cooperative Cheese Company was found in 1892 by dairy farmers who gathered together in a cooperative to make their surplus raw milk into cheese. Today, quality and taste are the hallmarks of our company’s award-winning cheeses. Our traditions have stayed over the years; we make our cheese by hand using premium milk from small, local family farms. We choose high butterfat, high protein milk that produces a creamy cheddar texture throughout the aging process.

Gold at the World Cheese Awards. We are Cheese on a Mission…Promoting Vermont’s Rural Communities Grafton Village Cheese is a mission driven business of the nonprofit Windham Foundation of Grafton, Vermont. Our mission is to support Vermont’s rural communities. The Windham Foundation works to preserve and enhance the social, economic, and cultural vitality of Vermont’s smaller communities and their rural way of life, especially within and around the town of Grafton,

We produce small-batch cheese made by hand using

Vermont. The Foundation focuses on Vermont’s history,

traditional methods and unpasteurized milk for our

natural resources, and agrarian traditions.

characteristic flavor profile. An individualized grading process delivers cheese at its optimum age.

The Windham Foundation is an operating foundation. It operates the Grafton Inn which has been open for over

Our products include aged cheddars matured as long

200 years, the Grafton Village Cheese Company which

as 4 years; distinctive flavored cheddars; and specialty

has made award-winning artisanal cheddar for over 50

cave-aged cheeses with cow, sheep and mixed milks.

years, as well as the Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center.

The Grafton Cave Aged line of specialty cheeses takes Grafton beyond its roots in Vermont cheddar cheese. In addition to our clothbound cheddars, we produce

The Foundation operates these social enterprises to ensure that the region’s and the state’s rural economy remain viable.

Shepsog (mixed sheep/cow’s milk) & Bear Hill (sheep’s

In addition to these activities, the Foundation offers

milk) which are carefully matured in Grafton’s cave aging

philanthropic, charitable, and educational programs and

facility – located in the heart of Grafton Village.

supports the village of Grafton through its preservation

Recently joining Grafton as Head Cheesemaker is Mariano Gonzalez - an award-winning cheesemaker and

of historic buildings, open land stewardship, and financial support in the form of taxes and grants.

cheddar cheese specialist who has been developing his skills for over 30 years. His bandage-wrapped English style cheddar won Best Cheddar at the prestigious World Cheese Awards in London England in 2007, 2011

graftonvillagecheese.com | windham-foundation.org 43





For over 30 years, Kapiti cheese has been a staple in the repertoire of New Zealand’s best chefs, and while our range has expanded, our philosophy behind Kapiti and our commitment to taste remain intact. Whether we are inspired by the ingredients, our heritage, the flavours, or by the land itself, every Kapiti product we make is unique. Our happy cows are 100% grass fed, absolutely no-GMO and guaranteed antibiotic free. Using the skill, passion & care of our cheesemaker, we transform our milk into something truly special and uniquely New Zealand. Whether you prefer strong and crumbly, sharp and zesty or soft and oozing, our Kapiti cheeses will leave you wanting more.

With creamy gold curd and rivers of dark blue, Kikorangi, our triple cream blue cheese has a rich buttery texture marbled with blue veins to create a smooth, delicate taste guaranteed to invigorate the taste buds. Pair it with fresh fruit, a finger of whiskey, drizzled in honey or with a square of delicious dark chocolate. Our Pakari cheddar is aged for around 18 months, a creamy texture with a sharp taste and a firm body. Tuteremoana is a minimum of three years old, has a richly complex flavour with a firm, crumbly body while the Port Wine has been steeped in New Zealand port. The cheese is shipped in bricks and wedges coated in colored wax to protect the shelf life (and no plastic!). This range of cheddars allow for some adventurous pairings whether it be apple pie, pure bush honey or a crisp white wine. 47

The family owned KOLIOS company is located in Limnotopos of Polykastro Kilkis, in an idyllic farming area, in the heart of the Northern Greek region of Makedonia, 60 km from Thessaloniki. It processes fresh sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk, producing a variety of Greek cheeses.

Our heritage The company was founded in 1948, but the KOLIOS family already had been producing home-made cheeses for many generations in the mountainous region of Seli. The recipes, well-kept in the family, passed down from generation to generation. The first KOLIOS dairy employed only 12 people. In 1974, the company passed to the 2nd generation and in 1980 KOLIOS developed into a modern industry, which introduced significant innovations in the Greek dairy sector. New production facilities, standardization of the production, high quality standards and new products led to nationwide and worldwide sales. In the same period, successful export activities started. Within the next two decades, the production was twenty-fold increased and KOLIOS moved in 2002 to the new premises in Limnotopos. Today the company employs more than 450 people and is certified according to the strictest international standards: ISO 22000, ISO 9001:2015, BRC, IFS, also AGROCERT and BIO HELLAS. Environmental policies and high business ethics of the company led to the successful SMETA Best Practice 4-Pillar certification, based on a Human Rights framework, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, Local Law, Environmental and Business Ethics.

Wide range of Authentic Greek cheeses and yogurts, suitable for every demand KOLIOS produces a wide variety of traditional Greek cheeses and yogurts of unsurpassed flavour and excellent taste. Main products are Authentic Greek FETA P.D.O. cheese and all Greek white cheeses from sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk. The variety includes a wide range of yellow cheeses such as Kasseri P.D.O. and grill cheese but also a diversity of vegan cheese alternatives. The range is completed with an assortment of delicious Greek yogurts. All products are offered in a variety of convenient packages, suitable for the consumer, as well as for professional use and gastronomy.

Award-winning quality The quality commitment of KOLIOS has been decorated by winning numerous and prestigious awards. During the past 5 years, the KOLIOS Feta P.D.O. and the Greek Yogurt of KOLIOS, has gained more than 18 international awards for exceptional quality and taste from the German Agricultural Society, the Golden Quality Food Award of UK, the International Cheese Award, the World Cheese award and the International Taste & Quality Institute.











Our founder, P.G. Molinari, was fourteen years old when he arrived in San Francisco in 1884 from the Piemonte region of Italy. He immediately began work in San Francisco’s first salame factory, A Chiesa, where he became a foreman. After marrying in 1895, he opened his own store and factory at 433 Broadway Avenue in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 leveled P.G.’s enterprise, as well as most of San Francisco and it wasn’t until 1913 that he was able to re-establish at 373 Columbus Avenue where the Molinari Deli still operates today. P.G. was able to conduct the new construction through the benevolence of A.P. Giannini, the founder of the Bank of Italy which later became the Bank of America, in the form of a loan secured by a handshake. The company did, however, move the manufacturing business in 1962 to 1401 Yosemite Avenue where it still operates from. P.G.’s son Frank entered the business after World War 1. When P.G. retired in 1950, Frank’s son in law, Peter Giorgi, joined the business, followed by his son Frank in 1978. Today, the 5th generation is in place to take over the family legacy in the likes of Frank’s two sons, Frank and James. P.G. Molinari and Sons has continued to produce the same quality salumi products, utilizing the same original recipes, and remaining to do so with the same family tutelage in San Francisco for 124 years. We are proud of our tradition and of the quality that we produce at affordable prices.



ith a history dating back to 1989, the Montchevre® brand began as a small operation in Preston, WI. More than 25 years later, Montchevre® is the leading goat cheese producer in the United States. Remaining true to its original core principles, Montchevre® places emphasis on high-quality, wholesome products and production of outstanding goat cheese at the very best value.

Our fresh milk supply is the driving force behind our brand and is one of the many characteristics that differentiates us from other goat cheeses manufactured in North America. We are fully committed to our hardworking farmers. Producing more than 50 variations of goat cheese, thanks to the supply of milk from local family farms, Montchevre® is conscious of ethics and best practice, purposely protecting farmers’ livelihoods 58

and striving to provide a safe and pleasant work environment for all employees. The Montchevre® product line includes a large variety of traditional goat cheese, aged specialty goat cheese and seasonally inspired goat cheese available nationwide. There is no question that the Montchevre® brand’s reputation for quality is, in part, thanks to the hard work of our milk suppliers. So, as you enjoy your next Montchevre® cheese product, rest assured that our commitment to quality begins first and foremost at our farms!


Specially Selected by The Chefs’ Warehouse

Prosciutto Italiano is air cured made

Prosciutto di Parma can only be pro-

Prosciutto San Daniele is Natural

with traditional method, a strong

duced from the hind legs of specially

because it is made only with meat

attention to the best raw materials

selected heritage breed pigs raised

from Italian pigs, sea salt and the

and high productive standards, pro-

in 11 regions of Italy according to the

fresh San Daniele air. Genuine be-

ducing an amazing all natural final

highest standards, on which they are

cause it has no hidden surprises, only

product that is comparable in value.

monitored, inspected, traced, and

a pristine environment and Mother

Prosciutto Italiano is made using only

approved by the Italian Consorzio.

Nature’s magic; the highlands, Alps,

Pork and Mediterranean sea salt.

Emilia Romagna is one of the differ-

Adriatic Sea, and the wind. Unique

Also available in 16oz. pre-sliced

entiating factors that set Prosciutto

because it is more than a ham, it’s a

trays, Prosciutto Italiano is 100% nat-

di Parma apart from all other hams.

way of life. An unmistakable flavor

ural with no additives; just Italian sea

The rolling hills around Parma create

created with the ancient wisdom

salt, air and time.

an ideal environment that includes

of skilled artisans who have trans-

the Apennine Mountains, which

formed a local food into an iconic

offer crisp breezes that flow from the

global delicacy.

Adriatic Sea and a distinct microclimate that gives Prosciutto di Parma its uniquely sweet flavor. 60


The Lafranchi Dairy was started in 1919 by our grandfather Fred Lafranchi who had emigrated to America in 1910 from the village of Maggia, Switzerland. The ranch, located in Nicasio, California, benefitted from the unique terroir of the Marin, Sonoma Coastal Prairie pastures that produce some of the highest quality forages in North America. For generations the key to success of dairying in the North Bay was the ability to sustainably manage these rich grazing lands. In 1973 our family made the first trip back to the village of Maggia since our father was a little boy. During this trip we enjoyed the remarkable cheeses made in the Valley Maggia. We still recall our father saying wouldn’t it be great to one day make these cheeses on our Nicasio Ranch. Shortly after our father’s passing in 2002 the family began carefully studying the opportunities and challenges of making farmstead cheese. In 2007 we, on our first trip to Switzerland since 1973, spent time with a local cheese maker Maurizio Lorenzetti who introduced us to the making of the cheeses of the Valle Maggia. In 2010, with the assistance of Maurizio, the dream became a reality as we made our first vat of cheese. Today we proudly make a variety of award winning organic farmstead cheeses ranging from our Fromage Blanc Foggy Morning to our Brie style Formagella, bloomy rind Loma Alta, Raclette style San Geronimo, Alpine style Nicasio Reserve and Taleggio style Nicasio Square. Our cheeses have all won many National and or State awards. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of our ranch. Now as then our highest commitment has been to maintaining the highest quality pastures, treating our cows and staff in the most ethical way possible and combining these 3 elements to making a line of cheeses we’re very proud of.





A Portrait: Olli Salumeria Oliviero Colmignoli is from Rome and his family has been in the salumi world, forever. His Grandfather then his father, and now him. This is what we do this is who we are. He has been “This is what we do living in the states for several years and one he decided to do something special like a family batch and that's how Olli Salumeria was born. this is who we are.” A lot of what we do is taking a product which is thousands of years old but using the most advanced techniques to deliver the traditional flavor. Keeping all of the tradition but applying it to the new world. Such as packaging, casing products you would find in Italy. Our product is very much influenced by the raw material we start with. We are dependant on our farmers essentially because without the farmers we would not exist. We only use animals which haven't been administered with antibiotics, 100% vegetation-fed, nitrate-free. We use the whole animal - making prosciutto and our slow-cured salami. Every batch is a little bit different, its all about giving the food the time it takes for it to develop taste. Simple ingredients, and time. That's how it is when you make things by hand. You are always adjusting, you're touching, you're feeling; this is a little bit too soft that's a little bit too hard. That process for me is craftmanship. We learn through our mistakes. We try one way, doesn't work. “Simple ingredients try another way and it doesn't work and, you try it until you get it right. and time.” The ultimate goal of all of that is having the satisfaction of actually doing something from scratch and ending up with a finished product that you are proud of. We like to believe we are creating experiences more than we create a product. “It's like putting you in Italy - maybe with a good glass of wine, some cheese, and friends.” -Oliviero Colmignoli 64

a lis an Mo &


in i


Olli Wild

To rt





Boar Sala

Olli Calabrese Chub


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sa res





flower Soup with Napoli





Olli Genoa Salami




Prosciutto and Tartufo Bulk


ily H





European Inspired | American Made OUR STORY Salumist Elias Cairo and his sister Michelle grew up first generation GreekAmerican with a father who made charcuterie at home. Doing things the old-fashioned way was commonplace. Elias later journeyed to Europe to apprentice in the kitchens of masters. It was there that he rediscovered the art of curing meat and found inspiration in the markets and mountain towns of the old world. The experience affirmed what he’d been taught all along: handmade is better. Back in beautiful Portland, Oregon, Elias and Michelle set out to approach the craft of charcuterie with purity and patience, recreating a nearly extinct traditional technique that is seldom seen in America. The result is Olympia Provisions, Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria, established in 2009, deeply rooted in the past. HANDMADE WITH PRECISION Charcuterie is as much an art as it is a science. We approach it with inspired precision. As a USDA inspected facility, we adhere to the strictest guidelines. All of our cured meats are encouraged to age naturally and slowly without being hurried, hot-incubated, cooked or irradiated. This uncommon technique assures a finished product that has deep, nuanced flavor and exquisite texture.

Visit olympiaprovisions.com to learn more

OLD WORLD IS NEW AGAIN Everything that we make is handcrafted naturally with the ultimate goal of quality. In order to achieve a finished product that tastes as good as it possibly can, we pay fastidious attention to the details. Ingredients are our inspiration and we seek out the best and freshest. We butcher antibiotic-free pork to 100% lean, adding pure, soft fatback, and a judicious amount of sea salt, fresh garlic and freshly ground spices. Our cured meats are held in natural casings and maintained in the organic colorful molds that protects them. Such a deliberate approach promises the ultimate reward: vibrant yet gentle flavor and authentic, unique character. We craft charcuterie based upon the regional flavors and traditions of Europe, infusing a bit of our own style into each one. PRESS AND AWARDS It’s been an honor to be recognized by some of the leading voices in our national food media. Olympia Provisions was highlighted in the Saveur “Top 100” for “making some of the finest charcuterie” Saveur has tasted and called “the best charcuterie in America” by Adam Rappoport, Editor in Chief at Bon Appétit. We’ve also been featured in Oprah, Food & Wine, The New York Times, and Martha Stewart. In our 10 years of business, we have be recognized by the Good Food Awards for our commitment quality and sustainability for 15 of our products.

67 Photography by David L. Reamer

The lush climate of the hills in North-Central Italy is a place to thrive, with its warm sun and aromatic breezes. Prosciutto di Parma brings an authentic slice of that Mediterranean life to food lovers all over the world. Naturally cured, delicately salty, uniquely sweet and buttery-smooth, every bite is bursting with flavor and tradition. The 142 producers of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma today carry on the work of generations, drawing on 2,000 years of experience creating the world’s finest hams. It begins with specially-bred pigs, born and raised in Italy and fed an all-natural diet. (The whey produced nearby adds that distinctive touch of sweetness.) Then, Prosciutto di Parma requires just four natural, time-tested elements for curing: pork, sea salt, Mediterranean air and time. There are no hidden steps, hormones or artificial additives, such as nitrates and nitrites. A minimal amount of sea salt is applied by hand to the hams, then washed off after a couple of weeks. To finish, they are air-cured using nothing but those aromatic Mediterranean breezes. Prosciutto di Parma is aged twice as long as many other prosciutti – a minimum of 400 days, from start to finish – and the uniquely sweet taste is well worth the wait. If a ham has earned the signature Parma crown, consumers know they don’t have to worry about quality and authenticity. Every Prosciutto di Parma ham is monitored, inspected and traced to guarantee it meets the highest quality standards. This assurance is particularly important to “food connected” consumers, who comprise a growing majority of Americans (62%) and represent a driving force in food trends. Research shows that Prosciutto di Parma’s proudly, boldly Italian story and rigorous standards make a positive impact on how they feel about the brand – and they equate it with the quality and authenticity they seek. To learn more about selling and serving Prosciutto di Parma, visit: TheWholeLeg.com or email info@ParmaCrown.com


2018 Food Connected Consumer Study conducted by Jump Rope Innovation for F&Co. 2018 Market Opportunity Study conducted by SMS Research Advisors for the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.


this upcoming year with 60 years on this farm and 20 years of making cheese. Sisters and co-owners Jill, Lynn, and Diana continue their parents’ vision: to keep dairy agriculture viable through multiple generations, to focus on land stewardship and to create the best tasting, artisan cheese on (and off) the farm. Their award-winning line of hand-crafted cheese consists of Original Blue, California's only classic-style blue cheese, Bay Blue, a rustic-style, mild blue cheese with a salted-caramel finish and Toma, a buttery-flavored anytime table cheese. What matters to you matters to the Giacomini sisters; as a 100% woman owned company the Point Reyes product line is the solution for thoughtful, diversified spending on award-winning quality. The Giacomini family practices sustainability on their 720 acre dairy farm where they milk 450 Holsteins daily. Since 1959, farming responsibly has been a focus, with specific attention on water conservation and land stewardship. In 2009 they installed a methane digester to generate clean energy while reducing the farm’s carbon footprint. In addition, multiple, on-farm reuse and recycling efforts helped garner the family the prestigious 2013 National Leopold Conservation Award.


Sustainability On The Farm

In 2018 the company expanded to Petaluma, 22 miles east

For the Giacomini family sustainability has been a part of their legacy for three generations.

in Sonoma County. The new location houses a production facility, warehouse and distribution center. The company

Located in Northern California, just an hour from the Gold-

philosophies. The company’s pasteurized cheeses are made in

en Gate Bridge in Marin County lies Point Reyes Farmstead

this facility while Original Blue, made with raw milk, is still

Cheese Company. The Giacomini family is celebrating a lot

handcrafted on the farm.

purchases milk from local, family-owned dairies with shared

Meeting Your Expectations A Chef ’s Favorite Chefs know that quality products matter and a true artisan cheese that represents the flavor of where it is made makes all the difference in a recipe. The cheese from Point Reyes is that and so much more, resulting in outstanding options for cooking and pairing. All day long, from breakfast through dinner and even in savory desserts, Toma, Bay Blue and Original Blue are perfect partners in the kitchen. More than just for a cheese course, they each can enhance any dish. It’s about the milk look for the REAL California Seal, meaning the team at Point Reyes stands behind the highest quality assurance standards and combines their promotional efforts with the California Milk Advisory Board, (CMAB) to enhance all of your marketing efforts.

The Farm Tour Up Close & Personal The Fork, a culinary and educational center on the farm, was opened in 2010. Focusing on agri-tourism, The Fork offers farm-to-table educational experiences for trade, consumers and private groups. The learning highlights the diversity of agriculture in the region, the history of the family farm and how best-in-class, small-batch cheese is made (and enjoyed). Raising healthy cows, producing quality milk and hand-crafting award-winning cheese all culminates on the plate at The Fork. The invitation is open to come for a visit and see for yourself. The Giacomini family’s doors are always open. 71

We have been crafting outstanding cheese from our idyllic corner of Devon in England for over 45 years. We are committed to doing right by our land and have been doing so for 500 years - by respecting those who have farmed it before us, and preserving it for those who will continue to do so in future. We carefully manage the ancient pastures, growing lush grass all year-round to feed the specially bred cows so that they give the very best milk for our cheese. With over a century's experience between them, our team of expert cheesemakers understand that what they do is an art. Using all their senses, they individually craft every cheese by hand. The recipes they follow date back generations; each batch of cheese is started using a culture that has remained unchanged for decades. Our heritage starters deliver their own spectrum of flavor. Each cheese is clothbound and placed onto traditional wooden racks in the 'nursery store', where the first flushes of maturation begin to show. After around three months the cheeses are moved from this higher humidity store into our ‘Cathedral of Cheese’ to continue on the ageing process. Here the clothbound truckles are turned every ten days to maintain an even texture as they mature for up to two years. The mold garden grows on the clothbound cheese, creating a rich, horseradish flavor under the rind one of the distinguishing hallmarks of Quicke’s cheese. Creating consistently excellent cheese is a science as well as an art, calling for expert attention to detail. Every month all our cheeses are meticulously graded by our team, led by Mary Quicke MBE, using a century-old grading scheme, to ensure each batch is as excellent as the last.

www.quickes.co.uk @quickescheese 72



LEADING THE WAY TO BETTER FOOD The history of Savencia Fromage & Dairy began in a small cheese factory in France in 1956. Today, Savencia is the global leader in specialty cheese, selling products in 120 Countries. Savencia Cheese USA story began in the early ‘70’s when the renowned French cheese maker Jean-Noel Bongrain decided it was time to bring his passion and skill for French specialty cheese to the States. Today, Savencia Cheese USA has four state of the art manufacturing facilities in the US. We utilize the latest technology and deep culinary expertise to meet high quality fresh and amazing soft-ripened cheeses, blue cheese, spreadable cheese and cream cheese. We also feature a number of our best cheeses from France. Savencia Cheese USA delivers world-class dairy products designed to delight chefs, expand application variety and inspire creativity.


World’s Best Cheese 2019





Somerdale International Presents Savile Row Cheese Co. Exclusive to The Chefs’ Warehouse The origins of English cheeses are of humble beginnings, originating on the farm as far back as almost 2000 years ago. While cheese was a means to add value to a family’s milk production during the evolution of Farm to Dairy in the 19th century, we have seen an extensive change in production in the forms of efficiency. What does remain true today however are family tradition in craftmanship and the importance of preserving heritage. In the instance of Cheddar, whose birthplace is in West Country England, through the use and preservation of heritage starter cultures, we are able to taste as closely as possible, what cheddar would have tasted like during its advent. Cultures were often shared within the community and are a reflection of terroir. Add that with grass fed cows, the quality is unrivaled. Our primary cheddar maker is the oldest cheddar maker still producing today. The Barbers family is a 6th generation family operated dairy and are the sole protectors of heritage starter cultures for Cheddar. They manage their own herds as well as working with local dairy farmers to source their milk with in a 45-mile radius of their dairy. When discussing English cheese, you cannot forget the “King” of them all; Stilton. Cropwell Bishop produces one of the finest stilton’s on the market and are the inhouse stilton maker for the royal family as well as Savile Row. They are one of six dairy farms producing this PDO recognized cheese today, with their production being focused solely on Stilton. They source their milk from a single Provence, working with 14 local family farms in the Peak National forest in Derbyshire. They have partnered with some of these families for over 100 years and are a 3rd generation family owned and operated dairy. Savile Row celebrates the best of these pillars in English cheese, and are available exclusively through Chefs Warehouse. Along with Cheddar and stilton, other classics like Wensleydale and cranberry, Double Gloucester Chive and Onion and flavored cheddars are available in a proprietary pack that is tailored with the chef in mind.

www.somerdale.com/savile-row-cheese-co 79



We are a family-run dairy farm in southwestern Wisconsin, where we use the milk from our cows to make traditional, farmstead cheese. Our dairy farm sits on Pleasant Ridge, in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. The Driftless region was given its name because it is the one corner of the state that wasn’t scraped flat 10,000 years ago by receding glaciers, and thus doesn’t have any glacial deposits, or drift. Instead, our countryside is full of rolling hills and valleys that have been formed over tens of thousands of years by rivers and streams. We farm in what was the northernmost stretch of the original, midwestern prairie, and our soils are ideally suited for supporting grazing animals with a diversity of grasses, legumes, wildflowers and herbs. Add to that some forty inches of rain a year and it’s easy to see why we have such a strong tradition of small dairy farms here.


PLEASANT RIDGE RESERVE Pleasant Ridge Reserve is made in the tradition of Alpine cheeses like Gruyere and Beaufort. Like the coveted, Alpage versions of these cheeses, we only make this cheese from May through October, while our cows are eating fresh pasture. This grass-fed, raw milk produces flavor complexity in cheese that can’t be replicated by cows eating stored feeds, and Pleasant Ridge is known for its deep, savory flavors and its long, pineapple-sweet finish. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the most-awarded cheese in the country. It was named “Best of Show” at the 2001, 2005 and 2010 American Cheese Society competitions, and is the only cheese to have ever received this honor three times. It was also named U.S. Grand Champion at the 2003 U.S. Cheese Championships, making it the only cheese to have ever won both of the major, national competitions. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is often served as a table cheese, on its own or with bread, fruit and nuts, but it is also an excellent melting cheese and a fantastic garnish for salads, soups, gratins and omelets.

RUSH CREEK RESERVE Rush Creek Reserve is made only in the autumn, as the diet of our cows begins to change from the fresh pastures of summer to the winter’s dry hay. Inspired by the French Vacherin Mont d’Or, Rush Creek is bound in spruce bark, which gives shape to the soft round and imparts a sweet, woodsy flavor to the cheese. Combined with the savory flavors born from the rind, this gives the custard-soft paste a deep but delicate richness, reminiscent of beef broth or finely cured meat. To serve, remove the top rind by cutting around its perimeter and peeling it away to expose the paste. Spoon the silky interior onto potatoes, dip into it with bread and fruit, or enjoy it on its own. 83

FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS We are a Chicago based company founded by Mexican

Today, over 50 years since our inception, the sons of our

(Michoacan) natives Gilberto Villasenor Sr. and Ignacio

founders and the current driving forces of the compa-

Villasenor in 1964. Their story qualifies as a textbook ex-

ny are Gilberto Villasenor II and Philip Villasenor. They

ample of the American Dream come true. The Villasenors

maintain continuity of original values while introducing

perceived a need in their community for the fresh farm-

a steady stream of innovations through state-of-the-art

er’s cheese that evoked the countryside of Central Mexi-

technology and progressive business practices. Their

co and acted on their instincts. The discerning palates of

visionary fervor has allowed the company to progress

the rural Central Mexican immigrants that populated Chi-

significantly over the years by continually providing new

cago made the decision, and demand for this hand-craft-

products, improved service, meticulous quality control,

ed queso fresco soon far exceeded supply.

and infrastructural fortification.

The historic Back-of-the-Yards neighborhood on Chica-

The V&V Supremo® family goal has always been to bring

go’s south side was the location of our humble begin-

our passion to the plate. Thank you for having us in the

nings, but operations quickly moved to the Mexican en-

kitchen, on the menu, and at the table.

clave of Pilsen, near the bustling South Water Market, which brought in retailers and restaurateurs from across the Midwest. The Villaseflors rose to the occasion, providing the quantity and product variety that the market demanded. V&V Supremo® has provided a full line of dairy and meat products to the Hispanic community and well beyond for four generations, making us the oldest family run business of our kind in the U. S. We have built our reputation through the years by paying attention to the lessons of our elders and offering the highest quality products in the market, crafted with a devout respect for our heritage.




Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery was founded in 2008 by Karen Bianchi-Moreda, a 4th- generation member of the dairy industry. Her son, Joe Moreda, Jr., joined her in 2010 and together the two have been on a pursuit to build a premier artisan cheese manufacturing company. The current lineup of products consists of five varietals of original recipe, Italian style cheeses, including: Grazin Girl (Gorgonzola style), Highway 1 (Fontina Style), Estero Gold and Estero Gold Reserve (Montasio style), and their newest creation, a fresh Farmer’s Cheese. Their products can be found throughout the country at stores and restaurants, wineries, farmer’s markets, special events, online, and many other outlets. In May of 2019, they opened their own retail location in Valley Ford, where they sell direct to the customers along with local beers and wines, coffee, soft serve ice cream, and specialty prepared foods from their chef in the new kitchen. Located in rural Sonoma County, California, Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery is excited to carry on the family tradition of dairy. The company was founded on the family farm which has been owned and operated by the Bianchi family since 1918. All of the products are currently made on the farm in a facility that was transformed from an old barn into a state of the art cheese manufacturing plant. The products are made from 100% Jersey milk which is pumped up to the cheese plant early in the mornings and made into cheese within mere hours after leaving the cow. The cows have access to pasture year round, and are not treated with any antibiotics or growth hormones. Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery has recently enjoyed some success in cheese competions both state and nation-wide. Grazin Girl won a bronze in its class at the United States Cheese Competition in 2019 and Estero Gold Reserve has twice won Best of Show at the California State Fair Cheese Competition. Highway 1 and Estero Gold have also won gold medals at the State Fair Competition. The mother-son duo is proud to make their own stamp on the dairy industry and to continue the family tradition into the future. New products are always in development, new growth opportunities are always being explored, and together with their team of employees the company will continue to strive to be a leader in the artisan dairy product industry.


35 35 years years ago, ago, Americans Americans were were hard hard pressed pressed to to find find much much variety variety in in the the dairy dairy aisle aisle of of their their local local supermarket, supermarket, especially especially when when itit came came to to cheese cheese and and butter. butter. European-style European-style butter butter had had not not made made itit across across the the ocean ocean to to entice entice shoppers shoppers away away from from the the familiar familiar sweet sweet cream cream options options and and goat goat cheese cheese was was still still far far from from aa pantry pantry item item for for most most home home cooks. cooks. Meanwhile Meanwhilein inVermont, Vermont,two twoyoung youngvisionaries, visionaries, Allison Allison Hooper Hooper and and Bob Bob Reese Reese were were building building aa business business that that would, would, against against all all odds, odds, introduce introduce American American diners diners to to handcrafted handcrafted goat goat cheese cheese and and later later European-style European-style cultured cultured butter butter –– Vermont Vermont Creamery. Creamery. The The improbable improbable partnership partnership between between Bob Bob and and Allison Allison was was born born from from aa dinner dinner hosted hosted by by the the Vermont Vermont Department Department of of Agriculture Agriculture in in 1984. 1984. When When aa French French chef chef requested requested goat goat cheese, cheese, Bob Bob scrambled scrambled to to find find aa local local producer. producer. He He met met Allison, Allison, who who had had learned learned to to make make cheese cheese while while interning interning on on aa farm farm in in France France and and asked asked her her to to make make the the cheese. cheese. The The dinner dinner was was aa success success and and the the cheese cheese was was aa hit; hit; Vermont Vermont Creamery Creamery formed formed that that night. night.


Today, Today, the the Creamery’s Creamery’s collection collection of of artisan artisan dairy dairy products products remains remains the the gold gold standard standard for for chefs chefs and and professional professional kitchens kitchens across across the the United United States States and and is is available available nation-wide nation-wide at at Chef’s Chef’s Warehouse. Warehouse. We We craft craft our our crème crème fraîche fraîche to to be be aa real real work work horse horse in in the the kitchen, kitchen, to to the the delight delight of of our our foodservice foodservice customers. customers. Thanks Thanks to to its its high high butterfat butterfat content, content, crème crème fraîche fraîche holds holds up up to to high high heat heat without without breaking, breaking, making making itit ideal ideal for forenriching enrichingsoups soupsand andstews, stews,and andstands standsup up to tothe theacidity acidityof ofwine wineand andvinegar. vinegar.The Theunique unique advantages advantages of of cooking cooking with with crème crème fraîche. fraîche. Vermont Vermont Creamery’s Creamery’s ridiculously ridiculously rich rich and and velvety velvety mascarpone mascarpone isis beloved beloved by by chefs chefs and and home home cooks cooks alike. alike, The its higher highercream creamratio ratio enables enables itit to to whip whip up up consistently consistently in in sweet sweet and and savory savory dishes. dishes. Besides Besides being being the the key key ingredient ingredient in in many many Italian-style Italian-style dishes, dishes, mascarpone mascarpone enriches enriches risotto risotto and and polenta, polenta, and and elevates elevates any any classic classic dish dish in in need need of of aa rich rich infusion infusion of of slightly slightly sweet sweet cream cream flavor. flavor. Our Our high-performance high-performance 86% 86% butterfat butterfat 11 lb. lb. cultured cultured butter butter rolls rolls are are ideal ideal for for foodservice foodservice applications. applications. The The round round shape shape allows allows chefs chefs to to slice slice off off perfect perfect medallions medallions for for serving serving into into individual individual ramekins. ramekins. The The butter butter of of choice choice for for chefs, chefs, its its higher higher butterfat butterfat content content goes goes aa long long way way in in aa professional professional kitchen. kitchen. Our Our cultured cultured butter butter has has aa higher higher smoke smoke point, point, creating creating the the perfect perfect sear sear on on aa steak, steak, or or creating creating the the perfect perfect flaky flaky pastry pastry or or pie pie crust. crust. The The Vermont Vermont Creamery Creamery story story begins begins with with our our fresh freshgoat goatcheese. cheese. Mild Mildand andflavorful, flavorful,but butnever never gamey, gamey, our our fresh fresh goat goat cheese cheese isis handcrafted handcrafted using using fresh fresh goats’ goats’ milk milk from from Vermont Vermont and and Canada. Canada.Known Knownamongst amongstchefs chefsfor forits itsmild mildflavor flavor and and consistently consistently creamy creamy texture, texture, soft-ripened soft-ripened goat goat cheese cheese isis perfect perfect on on aa cheese cheese board board or or in in aa variety variety of of sweet sweet and and savory savory recipes. recipes. 89


�- EST. 1902-�


At Volpi Foods, our family is passionate about producing delicious, natural, exceptionally high-quality foods. We handcraft everything we make using original, authentic recipes. We import our spices from their native habitats throughout the world. And we let time cure our meats naturally, whether it takes four weeks, four months, or four years. Simply put, our decisions are made not by expediency, but by taste. Consider that Volpi Foods is the only Midwestern producer that hand­ crafts all of its dry cured meat in its own facilities-and has been doing so since 1902. We never use nitrates, and all of our meats are locally sourced. Our standards are unparalleled. That's why we're the only producer of artisan charcuterie to achieve the coveted SQF 2000 level 3 certification - a rating that ensures our customers and their families are enjoying the tastiest, safest, and most wholesome meat imaginable








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