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the march hare writing

Savour Crumpled, Sri Lankan sun-washed leaves Greet a torrent of torrid freshness. They celebrate with pirouettes and leaps Diffusing a mesmerising bronze haze Sharing their elation, expectant aroma; Scent-laden mist tendrils swirl above. The copper-tinted silken surface settles; Their excitement simmers down to A tranquil, contented warmth As they repose in the depths Once more and await The first sip. Amina Hachemi holds a BA from Paris-Sorbonne University and an MA in Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference from the University of Warwick. A passionate linguist, she enjoys exploring cultural experiences and perspectives through her writing and translation. – Twitter: @ahach

26 ~ what the dickens?

What the Dickens? Magazine: Issue 3 - The March Hare Edition  

What the Dickens? Magazine. Bi-monthly magazine for writers, readers and all literary types. Issue 3: the March Hare Edition

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