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Conscious Living and Dying

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These CDs and mp3- titles offer the opportunity to explore certain

issues of consciousness, conscious living and dying, meditation and inner transformation in your own rhythm within the atmosphere of your own home and with a relaxed conscious awareness.

Death- the greatest fiction Dissolution of the elements in the dying process

BARDO- Awakening from the Dream The tibetan Book of the Dead A contemporary edition of the ancient tibetan meditation about the transition called death: the dissolution of body-mind, and egopersonality, and the possible conscious choice of a new rebirth following a conscious death. A conscious death, and a conscious birth, hold the highest potential for an authentic spiritual awakening. The BARDO meditation "AWAKENING FROM THE DREAM" is designed to incorporate a lifetime of spiritual practise into the moments of transition we call death. It helps us to chart a path through the states of consciousness as they are experienced after death. Our intention in creating this meditation is to evoke courage, resolution, understanding of our transition in dying, and in this way a conscious , graceful death. BARDO is a process of soft hypnosis, guiding the listener into an altered state of consciousness, and onward through the transitional stages of BARDO. 4 CDs Audiobook Nr. 1000 180 min

CD 39.- €

mp3 31.- €

A guided meditation about witnessing the death process and the dissolution of body/ mind from the inner center of consciousness. As long as we know death and dying only from the outside, we live in fear of all experiences of expansion and letting go of our boundaries, which limits our courage and unique expression of our true nature. This process challenges and dissolves the belief of death as the end of our existence. When the fear of death dissolves through deep understanding of our essential nature, we are free to live authentically and in fearless courage. Nr. 1006 a 70 min CD 19.- € mp3 13.- €

Your whole life you are afraid of death. You keep yourself occupied,

you don´t want to look at the fact that death follows like a shadow, and nobody knows what will happen the next moment. People live in the world as if they are here for ever, knowing clearly that nobody is here forever.

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

Conscious Living and Dying

Transformation and compassion Transforming your pain, suffering and unconsciousness Atisha´s heart meditation (Tonglen) about transforming pain, fear and suffering into joy, light and compassion.


There is a world of experience that most of us know, the world of the ordinary self, the “I”, the person that we are, with our thoughts, feelings, dreams, fears and hopes.

The natural quality of the spiritual heart center is compassion. It can transform suffering and inner darkness into light and healing when used in a conscious way, by riding on the breath. And the method is, when you breathe in - listen carefully, it is one of the greatest methods - when you breathe in, think that you are breathing in all the miseries of all the people in the world. All the darkness, all the negativity, all the hell that exists anywhere, you are breathing it in... And let it be absorbed into your heart. When you breathe in, breathe in all the misery and suffering of all the beings of the world - past, present and future. And when you breathe out, breathe out all the joy you have, all the blissfulness that you have, all the benediction that you have. Breathe out, pour yourself into existence. This is the method of compassion: drink in all the suffering and pour out all the blessings. Nr. 1001 60 min CD 19.- € mp3 13.- €

The nature of desires

From Death to deathlessness

Desire,it´s nature and function is a mysterious and sometimes painful aspect of human life and death. This is a guided meditation about witnessing the nature of desires and attachments, the conscious disidentifikation, and the ultimate understanding that desire can lead us to our deepest heart´s nature, our true nature

Deep physical relaxation, suggestions for witnessing the body dying, and for the realization of our deathlessness as pure eternal consciousness. Veetman guides the listener into a deep extended physical relaxation, then giving suggestions for witnessing the body dying, with metaphors and respectful suggestions for the realization of our deathlessness as pure eternal consciousness, the unborn / undying consciousness. This relaxation will cause the listener to re-examine and challenge conditioned beliefs about his/ her assumed identification with body and mind. "Death brings a very intense possibility to understand... In a single moment it shakes you. If you are not alert you will miss that moment, the moment is very tiny. If you are alert, then that very moment becomes a door into the divine". Nr. 1002 a 60 min CD 19.- € mp3 13.- €

There is also another world, which many of us have experienced from time to time. This is the world of grace. In this grace something happens, that is more vast and real than the “I”, which we experience ordinarily. I call this vaster something our Being, our True Nature

Liberation and Disidentification Quiet sitting meditation

Desires often destroy beautiful moments and remain a source of frustration, if we don´t understand their nature and how the mechanism of the mind to grasp creates suffering. Veetman guides the listener towards understanding the essentials of meditation and a clear awareness of the nature of desires. The "knack" of meditation; stillness, acceptance, non-judgemental awareness, disidentification from the restless stream of thoughts. This meditation is also about the fact of impermanence, and fosters an understanding how identification with desires is a main cause for misery and restlessness, and how we can get the "knack" of disidentification. The ability to watch desires is a door to freedom and to resting joyfully in the present moment. Nr. 1002 b 60 min CD 19.- € mp3 13.- €

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

Meditation and Conscious Dying

Death and Meditation


Guided Autohypnosis with suggestions for deep relaxation of body, breath, mind and heart, and for witnessing the body as dead. The imagination of death serves as a support to enter deeper levels of meditation, for understanding experientally the essentials of meditation: natural inner silence, non-judgemental awareness, and non-doing. This meditation allows deep acceptance and integration of the complementaries of life and death. Nr. 1011 a 60 min CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

Death as a friend

Chakra- Relaxation Hypnosis for relaxing the seven Chakras (Energy-Centers) and the corresponding subtle bodies, releasing deep old tensions and misunderstandings of the subtle bodies. Once the subtle bodies are more in balance and attuned to their natural function, our consciousness is enhanced, and our physical body responds with wellbeing & health. Nr.1010 b


CD 19.- €

Deep physical relaxation, suggestions for understanding death as a friend that renews life and reminds you to live your life as beautifully and with as much presence as possible. Going beyond the negative pattern of postponing aliveness and love. "We are here to leave this world more beautiful than we found it". Nr. 1011 b

60 min

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

mp3 13.- €

Death- The great Illusion Relaxation into your essential being Healing Visualisation, Alertness in Relaxation, Extensive Relaxation of Body, Heart and Being into the innermost Center: the silence and peace of your Essence.

Guided Deep Relaxation Understanding life and death as complementaries is healing and fosters fearlessness and relaxation for the conscious and the unconscious mind.

A guided relaxation to foster deeper levels of meditation and inner silence

Meeting your Inner Guide, you inquire about the significance of your life and your eternal evolution. Listening in an altered state of consciousness creates seeds of understanding and authentic trust into the unborn and undying nature of your being.

Nr. 1010 a

Nr. 1004 b

60 min

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

60 min

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

Conscious Living and Dying

Conscious Sleeping and Dreaming -Explanation of conscious sleeping and dreaming The significance of being conscious in dreaming and sleeping as a powerful help to be more conscious in life and death. - Hypnosis when entering sleep, for being the witness in sleeping and dreaming

2 guided methods for self-hypnosis

A technique to be aware in sleep and dreams Once you can know dreamless sleep and can be aware in it, then there will be no fear of death. No one has ever died, no one can die. "With intangible breath in center of forehead, as this reaches heart at the moment of sleep, have direction over dreams and over death itself." If you have known the third eye then you know the intangible breath, the invisible prana in the center of the forehead, and then you know the showering - the energy, the light showers. As this reaches heart... When the shower will reach your heart the moment of sleep, have direction over dreams and over death itself.

Self-Hypnosis can be adapted in a creative way to apply to your unique situation - the possibilities are unlimited.

Nr. 1008 60 min


CD 19.-

The Art of Auto-Hypnosis Learning and utilizing self- hypnosis for inner changes and accessing inner potentials and resources for many aspects of life, for self-healing and creating more consciousness. Osho has described self-hypnosis as one of the most important tools for spiritual growth, which can be used in many areas of life. You can use it for meditation, to deepen your silence, and also to feel more relaxed and playful amid the speed and tension of the "market place".

Nr. 1009 60 min

CD 19.-

mp3 13.-

The Great Death From Ego to Essence 2 guided meditations about going into the unknown beyond the conditioned ego- personality, towards inner emptiness and the essential enquiry of who or what we really are. In Zen it is called "the great death" 1 | The Great Death In this guided meditation the meditator is encouraged to consciously cut off from all relationships that support our selfimage, our identification with the body and false personality, that which is born and which also dies. In this way only the question: Who am I ? remains, which triggers the quest for that which is real, for that which always remains, without any doubt. 2 | Hall of Mirrors Hypnosis on dissolving the unconscious identification with the false self-images to create space for the real being, your Essence. Nr. 1012 60 min CD 19.- € mp3 13.- €


To sit with the dying is such a privilege.

In the absence of a “tomorrow”, in the face of complete uncertainty, total intimacy is all that remains, total presence, deeply being Here Now. Each moment is experienced as absolutely sacred, just as it has actually always been. Each breath is precious, each word is there to be heard and experienced deeply, each touch vibrates through the cells, each look, each moment, everything which is said, and what remains unsaid; all that which one remembers, and all that is lost in time, everything is held in the vast embrace of Now, the only place where we ever really met.

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

mp3 13.-

Grief - Loss - Forgiveness Healing Grief and Loss A heart meditation. Healing the protections around the heart center, allowing the natural expression of grief, which is a necessary process for life to go on after the loss of a beloved, a friend, or a cherished part of life... This guided meditation touches the heart center through the grief point. Long held pain and sadness can be released, opening the meditator towards compassion, understanding and inner peace. Nr. 1007b 60 min

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

"I held you in my arms as you passed from this world, but you never passed, and you were never of this world. I never felt for one moment the disappearance of your presence, dear friend, for I never felt the loss of my own, and I know we are One and the same, beyond time and space."

CD 19.- €

Grief appears to remind us That we are still here

Shattered yet alive Our palms contacting the sacred ground Upon which the beloved walked Their presence, still palpable Our own presence, unchanging Each breath a portal We cannot 'connect' if we were never divided We were always here. This love cannot break.

A guided meditation process on conscious authentic forgiveness, allowing us to release past wounds and hurts and see reality as it is now.

An experience in relaxation about presence and totality in living and dying. In a deeply relaxed state you confront yourself with the fact of your physical mortality and the insight that you have only one moment and one day at a time to make your life complete and to live beautifully,so that in your death you can let go with gratitude and dignity that arises from having lived your life as fully and consciously as possible. After this meditation, take some time to live what the meditation suggests. Knowing that you have not fully lived your uniqueness creates fear of death. 60 min

When loved ones pass from our lives

Healing through Conscious Forgiveness

Last Hour of Your Life

Nr. 1004 a


Authentic Forgiveness is a quality of the heart center, it arises when we understand that the ego cannot exist in the present moment , it cannot forgive because it clings to misery and separation. This meditation includes an excerpt from an Osho discourse on ego and forgiveness. We recommend this process also for those facing terminal illnesses. Authentic Forgiveness holds the potential for profound healing on physical and psychological levels. Nr. 1007 a

mp3 13.- €

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

60 min

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

Meditation, Presence, Silence

Consciously entering into death

A profound meditation on witnessing the body burning, on impermanence and disidentification. With preliminary explanation and natural fire sounds as a background for the guided meditation Everything is uncertain; only death is a certainty. All else is accidental it can happen, it may not happen - only death is not accidental. We always talk about death as if it is an accident. Whenever someone dies we say his death was untimely. Whenever someone dies we start talking as if it has been an accident. Only death is not an accident - only death. Everything else is accidental. Death is absolutely certain. You have to die. And when I say you have to die, it seems in the future, very far away. It is not so - you have already died. The moment you were born, you died. With birth, death has become a fixed phenomenon. One part of it has already happened - the birth; now only the second, later part has to happen. So you are already dead, half-dead, because once one is born, one has come into the realm of death, entered into it. Now nothing can change it, now there is no way to change it. You have entered into it. You are half-dead with birth. Secondly: death is not going to happen in the end; it is already happening. It is a process. We create the dualism - but life and death are both one process. You are dying every moment. Let me put it this way: whenever you inhale, it is life, and whenever you exhale, it is death. Nr.1003 60 min CD 19.- € mpe 13.- €

Silence is the answer Silence is your inner being This CD supports the meditator with beautiful gong sound very 10 minutes, which deepens the inner silence. This helps to stay alert and awake in silent meditation, reminding us to stay AWAKE in the reality of the present moment.


If there is at all a spiritual practice, it is this:

Resting in stillness, in an awake consciousness. To abide in stillness means to simply listen to the silence, to bring consciousness into the silence How liberating it is when we realize that silence is always available, present.

Osho Nadabrahma Meditation Tibetan humming meditation

Nadabrahma meditation lasts for one hour and has three stages. It is a sitting method, in which humming and hand movements create an inner balance, a harmony between mind and body. Suitable for any time of the day, have an empty stomach and remain inactive for at least fifteen minutes afterwards. Nadabrahma Meditation has ancient roots in the Tibetan Buddhist technique of Humming, which creates a healing vibration throughout the body and brings harmony to your being letting you open to trust. Sitting, beginning with the method of Humming for 30 minutes, followed by flowing, circular hand movements which center your energies at the navel; the last stage is stillness and witnessing. Soft Tibetan Bells and a beautiful soft music support the different phases of this process.

"Silence is your inner being. What is silence? Silence is the inner space or the awareness in which, for example, these words are received and become thoughts. Without this awareness no perception, no thoughts, no world, would exist. You are this awareness in the disguise of a person".

The music by Deuter supports each stage of the meditation. The meditation ends with 15 min silence, which is concluded with a bell.

Nr. 1015 60 min

Nr. 1014

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

60 min with booklet

CD 19.- €

mp3 13.- €

Love, Relationship and Meditation


Partnership in Meditation

All healing involves trauma, the re-opening of old wounds. Healing does not always look or feel good, pretty or kind. One of the most dangerous myths we have inherited is that healing is supposed to 'feel good'. No. Sometimes our pain actually increases as the darkness emerges into the light. But the pain actually indicates that the healing process is intensifying, not stalling. There is such a tendency in our culture to avoid suffering, distract ourselves from it, label it as 'wrong' or 'negative', meditate or medicate it away, prevent the experience of it (and there is great intelligence in this too!). But sometimes we no longer have any interest in 'returning to normal'! The 'normal' was the problem, not the solution! The status quo needed to shift. It was unstable and false. Sometimes our fragile 'normality' needs to break open into chaos, the pain needs to be felt more fully, the heart needs to break open more intensely. This is not to destroy us, but to destroy inauthentic modes of being.

" Love requires a fierce embrace of life and our existence, because the true expression of our nature is love. and love is not what we think about it. Love is synonymous with this fierce full embrace of life. Love is to see yourself as all and everyone, and this seeing is not in your thoughts. It is not meant for the ego. With your ego you can never recognize everything as one. You can only realize it from your essence.�

Suffering is not a punishment from a judgemental god, nor a mistake in a broken universe, nor evidence of our failure and unenlightened ignorance, but a profoundly alive spiritual teaching. Consider the possibility that within your suffering you are being invited to let go, to 'put away childish things', to wake up from the dream of normality and embrace life in all its brokenness and wonder. To fall in love with where you are. To be here, now

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

BARDO- Films

BARDO- The Great Liberation 2 films on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, BARDO , tibetan culture and spirituality, on DVD. Narration by Singer and Poet Leonard Cohen. 1. A Way of Life 46 min This film presents an unflinching view of the role of the Tibetan Book of the Dead among the Tibetan Buddhist communities in Ladakh, near the tibetan border. The film documents the 49 days death ritual with readings from the BARDO. Included is the history of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and coverage of its contemporary use is the Living-Dying Project of Ram Dass in San Francisco. Featured also is an interview with the Dalai Lama who speaks of his own views of Life and Death.

2. The Great Liberation. Life after Death

46 min

This is a powerful film on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. These films carry a beautiful message about life and death, consciousness and authentic spirituality with depth, humor and understanding

The Great Liberation follows a Tibetan Monk and his disciple as they guide the soul of a recently deceased man on the greatest journey of all. Filmed against the Himalayan landscape of Ladakh, the film tells the story by combining authentic Tibetan life and ritual with artful imaginative animation. Based on actual descriptions of near death experiences, the film describes all the transitions between death and rebirth that the soul experiences, the barriers and the possibilities of Awakening from the Dream of Life and Death during the journey. Death is viewed as the great liberation from the suffering of an unconscious life. . Nr. DVD 1120

25.- â‚Ź ( only on DVD )

Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying


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is a spiritual teacher and directing the Institute together with Sukhi. He is working in the areas of spiritual therapy, meditation, essential realization, and the art of dying for 32 years.

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Veetman facilitates seminars , trainings, spiritual therapy, and supports the dying in their final passage. He is a spiritual friend to those seeking inner freedom and fulfillment. He has created the meditation "Bardo- Awakening from the Dream", and many other CDs related to vital issues of conscious living and dying. "My work with people happens out of my own life experience, on my way through pain and traumatic eyperience towards deep healing and a conscious life. My purpose is to bring qualities like freedom, love, courage, gratefulness and awareness into our life and death. I work with those who are open to participate actively and with responsibility in their healing and their realization. "


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Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

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