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Fall 2012 Issue 38

The Meg Quigley Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department


Students Volunteering at the National Women’s Studies Conference Reap Value Beyond the Price of Admission

Students Volunteering at the National Women’s Studies Conference Reap Value Beyond the Price of Admission

Taryn Marshall and Brittne Walker volunteered at the National Women’s Studies Conference in Oakland, where they were inspired, found a sense of community, and a broader understanding of Women’s Studies. These busy Mills students took time to talk about their experience.

The Quigley Fellows & Grant Recipients for 2012

Taryn Marshall grew up in Corona, CA. She is a junior transfer student from Fullerton Colege in Orange County majoring in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and concentrating on Women’s Studies.

by Nicole Tatem

Announcing the Prize Winners for Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Writing Contest, Queer Studies Writing Contest and the Zimmer Prize Calling WGSS Alums and current students, we want to hear from you

NT: Why did you volunteer? TM: The timing worked out very well for me. I am interested in Women’s Studies and I wanted to attend the conference but it was cost prohibitive. By volunteering I Taryn Marshall was able to attend the conference for free. Volunteers were also provided hotel accommodations if needed. NT: As a volunteer what type of responsibilities were you given? TM: I was able to come early and help with set up. The first day was spent preparing the attendees gift bags. I also checked people in at registration once the conference opened. Working at the registration booth really allowed for me to get a feel for the diversity present at the conference. Continued on next page

2012 Quigley Grant Fellows

Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Faculty 2012-2013

Priya Kandaswamy

Martha Johnson

Priya Kandaswamy will use her Quigley Fellowship to work on her current book project, Domestic Contradictions: Forced Labor and Sexual Citizenship in the U.S. The project is a comparative historical analysis of the practices of the Freedmen’s Bureau in the Reconstruction South and the restructuring of the U.S. welfare state in the mid-1990s, two historical moments in which state mandated forced labor and marriage promotion were used as central mechanisms of regulating women of color’s sexuality.

Martha Johnson and her colleague, Leonardo Arriola of UC Berkeley, used the Quigley Fellowship to present their research findings, Ethinic Clientelism and Women’s Empowerment: Ministerial Appointments to African Executive Cabinets, 1980-2005 at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Center for African Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Tayrn Marshal... continue from previous page NT: Were you personally TM: The opportunity to learn about affected by any of the pan- the different perspectives on subels or lectures you attended? jects that I had not thought about. TM: I found the panel “From ‘Super NT: What did you get out of your Bass’ to ‘Stupid Hoe’: Contextual- volunteer experience and was it what you izing the Black expected? Sexual Politics of Nicki Minaj” to Listening to women talk TM: I found be very emotionabout their struggles with the experience al. The presento be really tation featured societal views and the trigrejuvenating Mills College’s, gering issue around those and motivatProf. Maggie views was extremely moving. ing for my maHunter with her jor. By being research titled in an environ“Nicki Minaj and the New Politics of Consumption in ment where this work is taken semeeting revolutionary Hip-Hop”. Listing to the women talk riously, about their struggles with societal women that I’ve read about, and views and the triggering issue around developing relationships with my those views was extremely moving. peers in this field, I found myself able to really see myself working NT: What stood out most for in the field and it really motivated you about the experience? me for attending graduate school.

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WGSS at Mills

2012 Quigley Summer Grant Recipients

The Quigley Grant Program was established in 1993 to support faculty research and course development on issues of women and gender. Deborah Berman Santana Professor Santana used her Quigley Grant to broaden and deepen her inquiry into the struggles of marginalized peoples – particularly women in colonized communities of color – to gain control of local resources for sustainable and democratic development, while making regional and national alliances to create effective pressure for change. Her study focuses within the context of the recognized failure of the present colonial relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. Christie Chung Professor Chung used the Quigley Grant to conduct a psychological study using an online survey examing the interaction among sexual orientation, weight consciousness, and memory. She is planning to present the study results in May at the Association for Psychological Sciences conference in Washington, D.C. Rebekah Edwards/ Ajuan Mance/ Kirsten Saxton (Joint proposal and joint award) This joint project focuses on creating The Trans Literary Reader. This would be the first published anthology of literary critical readings deploying a trans-gender, trans-theory lens. Brinda Mehta Professor Mehta spent the month of July at the Institut du monde arabe in Paris researching the Algerian dramatist Fatima Bourega-Gallaire. The research culminated in a 35-page chapter titled, “The Revolutionary Poetics of Fatima Bourega-Gallaire in La beauté de l’icône” which will be the seventh chapter of her current book-in-progress, Dissident Creativity and Social Justice: The Transnational Voices of Arab Women. Edith Kinney Professor Kinney used her grant to present her paper, “Victims, Villains and Valiant Rescuers: Unpacking Socio-Legal Constructions of Human Trafficking and Crimmigration in Popular Culture”, at the Law & Society Association (LSA) International Conference, the American Sociological Association (ASA) meeting in Denver, and an international conference hosted by CINETS, the Crimmigration Control - International

WGSS at Mills

Net of Studies, in the University of Coimbra, Portugal where her paper was published in a special volume presented at the conference in October 2012.

Judith Bishop Professor Bishop attended “Networks and Knowledge in the Medieval Muslim-Christian-Jewish Mediterranean,” a 4-week Summer Institute for College and University Teachers sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities in Barcelona, Spain. The NHE Summer Institutes are intended to enrich teaching at the undergraduate level and this Institute contributed significantly to two classes she teaches on a regular basis--WGSS 131, “Women in Islam,” and WGSS 110 “Sex, Body, and Gender in Early European Societies”-- as well as to a publishing project focused on gender and sexuality in medieval medical discourse. Micheline Aharonian Marcom Professor Marcom used the Quigley Grant to complete extensive research on Central American and Mexican migrants crossing the Sonoran Desert to enter the United States. The research was a key component for the final portion of her novel, The New American, where her characters make the crossing into Arizona in August. Julie Nicholson Professor Nicholson continued her research project, Making Inclusive Leadership Visible in Early Childhood: Stories from the Field of Leading for Social Justice and Equity. The grant allowed her to interview an additional 20 candidates from her targeted groups, create a comprehensive database that will inform the literature review and conceptual framework for the project, fund the transcription of all of the new interviews and develop a comprehensive coding manual for analyzing the data Ruth Saxton Professor Saxton is using her grant to faciliate research at the Huntington Library for her book manuscript entitled Old Ladies: Fictions of Aging. The book focuses on the portrayal of old women protaganists in the late twentieth century and contemporary fiction by women.

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Students Volunteering at the National Women’s Studies Conference Reap Value Beyond the Price of Admission continued from Page 1 Brittne Walker is a junior transfer student from Cottey College in Nevada, MO who grew up in Arlington, TX. She is a WGSS major because she loves the theory that stems from feminism. Brittne Walker She is also excited that the field allows her to combine her interest in English with Feminist Theory. NT: Why did you volunteer? BW: It was a way to attend the conference for free. NT: As a volunteer what type of responsibilities were you given?

NT: What stood out most for you about the experience? BW: The surprising connections I made. My favorite part was working with my peers in the field and creating community connections. NT: What did you get out of your volunteer experience and was it what you expected?

I actually checked in some famous women including Patricia Hill Collins and Angela Davis, which was really exciting!

BW: I worked at Registration Booth checking in attendees when they arrived. I actually checked in some famous women including Patricia Hill Collins and Angela Davis, which was really exciting! NT: Did any particular panel or lecture have a strong affect on you personally? BW: I was excited about “The Princess Bribe: Decolonizing Princess Culture” panel. I am researching this topic and it was exciting to learn about research methodologies and learn about other peoples’ approach to the topic. I also found

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“Decolonizing Strategies: Spiritual Workers, Religious Progressives, and Sister-Church Communities” very interesting. The paper I liked the most was “Sacred Spaces or Sacred Struggles” by Crystal Hughes of Saint Paul School of Theology.

BW: I was able see Women’s Studies in a much larger context. The conference offered sessions on every topic imaginable. It really helps legitimize the field and give you an idea of how you can apply your degree after graduation. I didn’t really have any expectation. My old advisor really encouraged me to go and it was a great experience.

WGSS SPRING 2013 WRITING CONTEST WGSS will begin accepting applications: February 6, 2013 Watch the WGSS website for more information

WGSS at Mills

Announcing the Spring 2012 Prize Winners Each Spring the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department offers three awards. These awards are The Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Writing Contest, the Queer Studies Writing Contest, and the Zimmer Prize.

Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Writing Contest Winner WINNER: Jessica Glennon, Senior Paper: Queer(ed) Covering(s) in Ismat Chunghtai’s “The Quilt” (“Lihaaf”) This contest is open to all undergraduate Mills College students. The selection committee learns the identity of the writer once the winner is selected. Any papers or essays pertaining to Women’s, Gender & Sexuality issues are accepted. Students can enter as many different papers as they would like at any length. The winning paper is kept on reserve at the F. W. Olin Library.

Queer Studies Writing Contest Winner WINNER: Ashley Redfield, Junior

Paper: Revelation of Queer Desire in Whitman and Dickinson This contest is open to all undergraduate Mills College students. The selection committee learns the identity of the writer once the winner is selected. Any papers or essays pertaining to Queer Issues are accepted. There are no limitations to number of entries or length of the paper. The winning submission is kept on file at the F. W. Olin Library.

Zimmer Prize Winner WINNER: Giselle Ordaz

The Zimmer Prize was initiated and funded by Malindy Zimmer, WMST Class of ‘98. The prize is awarded to a Women’s Studies Senior who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and community service. The winner is chosen by the faculty of the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Department.

WGSS at Mills

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The Meg Quigley Women’s Studies Program 5000 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94613

CALLING WGSS ALUMS AND CURRENT WGSS STUDENTS..... Like Taryn and Brittne, you could be featured in the department newsletter. Reach out to others by sharing your inspiring experiences as a WGSS student or WGSS Alums. Tell us about a particular professor who has impacted your life, how your degree has helped with your career aspirations or anything else you feel has profoundly effected your work in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Email Nicole Tatem at

We would love to hear from you!

The Meg Quigley Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department at Mills College WGSS Department Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Potter Newsletter Editor: Nicole Tatem Phone: 510.430.2233 Email: Find out more about the WGSS Department on the Mills website:

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Students volunteering at the National Women's Studies Conference reap value beyond the price of admission.

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