Lab+Life Scientist July 2015

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Centrifuges from Featured Functions on advanced models Fast Cooling

SOFT Start/Stop

Cooling down to 4 째C within 5 min

Minimizing agitation by slow run-up/down

Password Protection

ACC/DEC Rate Control

Ideal for multi-user environments

Setting run-up (9 steps)/ down (10 steps) rates

12 place ce personal microcent microcentrifuge. uge.

Refrigerated microcentrifuge, professional.

Medium capacity (4 x 250 mL) multi-purpose bench top and floor standing centrifuges.

Large capacity (4 x 1400 mL) low speed, refrigerated floor standing centrifuge.

Program Run

Imbalance Cutoff

Number of customprogrammed conditions

Imbalance self-recognition of for safer operation

Rotor ID

Short Spin (Pulse)

Automatic rotor recognition for safer operation

24 place microcentrifuge.

36 place microcentrifuge.

One-touch quick spin

Soft Touch Lid Closure Provides ergonomic convenience

Time Mode Selection Allows exact time counting at set speed

Centrifuge with fixed angle rotor. Ideal for routine ne clinical work.

Compact multi-purpose centrifuge. Ideal for clinics, cell biology gy and food laboratories.

Large capacity (4 x 750 mL) multi-purpose bench top centrifuges.

Super speed, refrigerated floor standing centrifuge.

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