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West Wales Mason

Much has changed since we introduced this column. The original intention was to put out information coming from meetings of the Executive, and to generally talk about events and new initiatives. With the increasing use of other means of communication, such as the Provincial website ( ) , there is potentially less for me to write about, because we now try to get this information out much more quickly. What follows is therefore more of a summary of recent events and reminder of events to come. In the last edition of the West Wales Mason I wrote about the intended appointment of a brother to be Database Administrator for the Province. The Provincial Grand Master has appointed Bro Mark Bell-Davies of St Peter’s Lodge to that office, and he has already undergone training in the UGLE Adelphi system at Freemasons’ Hall. He is now active in processing data from various sources and is a welcome addition to the team. We are now putting more and more news items on the website, but we still need articles to keep the site fresh. When you do have any articles please send them direct to the Webmaster, Bro Robbie Done, ( ). If you require any assistance in putting the article together you might like to contact the Provincial Information Officer, W Bro Ian Lucas, ( or even me ( . We are also using the website to carry out an opinion poll. During the course of our visits and conversations around the Province we do sometimes get a feel for some matters that warrant further investigation to find out the wishes of the Brethren and Companions at large. One such matter that has surfaced relates to the day on which the annual meetings of Provincial Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter are held each year. That day is currently the first Thursday in July. It has been intimated that more Brethren and Companions might attend if the meetings were moved to a Saturday. We have made some enquiries, and the venue at Trinity College would be available on the first Saturday in July, so there is no obstacle there to moving the date of the meetings. The members of the Provincial Executive have no preference as to which day of the week the meetings are held, but before deciding whether or not to proceed with any change we now seek your opinion, and look for a general indication as to what you would like us to do. There is a voting box on the first page of the website. Please visit the site and record your preference. Once you have voted the box will not appear again on subsequent visits to the site.

West Wales Mason


Launched in April was the Freemasonry Cares initiative, details of which appear elsewhere in the magazine from the pen of the Provincial Grand Almoner, W Bro Roy Leett. Please make yourself aware of what this is all about, and support it whenever you can. Later in the year, on the weekend of 20th / 21st August is the “Romans & Ancient Britons� event details of which again appear elsewhere in this magazine. This is another event enthusiastically organised by W Bro Bob Darkins and his team, which needs all of the support it can get. These events generate income for the 2015 Festival as well as providing a great source of entertainment for the family. It is that time of year again when I am busy with the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary, W Bro Peter Scoble, organising the Provincial Meetings to be held this year on Thursday,

7th July 2011. Please make every attempt to attend and support the Province, your Lodge or Chapter and those Brethren and Companions who are receiving appointments and promotions. The booking for the luncheon appears in the centre of this magazine. One change that will occur after July relates to the way in which we intend to operate the Warden of Regalia scheme. Many years ago the additional appointment of Warden of Regalia was created, and since then it has been filled by W Bro Reg Jenkins, who has become a familiar sight at many installation meetings with his case of Masonic goodies for sale. The Provincial Grand Master has decided to take a fresh look at how we deal with the question of recycling regalia, and more detail on that will be given once the outcome of his deliberations is known. However, he will not be re-appointing W Bro Reg in July. This does not mean that Reg is out of the regalia business, and he is still available for the supply of new regalia and other Masonic items. Indeed, the Provincial Grand Master has stated that Reg may still bring his case of goodies along to meetings to ply his trade, so we look forward to seeing him on several occasions each year. We thank Reg for his sterling work for the Province over many years, and wish him well for the future. And Finally............ Writing this column signals to me that we are again racing toward the end of the current Masonic Year. As always I have thoroughly enjoyed travelling around the circuit and being in the company of many of you. I thank you all for your continuing support and warmth of welcome. My congratulations go to all of those brethren and companions who will be receiving honours at the meetings in July, and I look forward to travelling around with them next year.

Steve Hookey Provincial Grand Secretary & Provincial Grand Scribe E


West Wales Mason

Siobhan McCarthy Grand Charity celebrates over £100 million in giving during last thirty years This year The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is celebrating thirty years of grant making. The Grand Charity took over the responsibilities of the Board of Benevolence in April 1980 and has since helped over 40,000 Freemasons and their dependants with financial relief grants. Other priorities have been assisting Masonic charities when necessary, as well as providing millions in funding for the wider community. Increase in Masonic giving over time In its first year of operation, financial relief grants were given to © Fotolia assist 645 Freemasons and their dependants. Thirty years later roughly three times as many people are assisted with financial grants on an annual basis. These grants are given to assist with unexpected needs or to help with essential daily living costs. The largest group of people to be assisted over the years have been widows and similar dependants. However, in recent © Fotolia years there has been an increase in assistance given to Freemasons who have found themselves in difficult situations, compounded by the recent economic decline. In total, over £50 million has been given in financial relief grants for Freemasons and their dependants since the Charity’s inception. A wealth of support for the wider community The Grand Charity is concerned with assisting charitable projects and services, which assist people in need. The Charity supports a wide range of causes, including: medical research, support for vulnerable © Fotolia

West Wales Mason


© Air Ambulance people, youth opportunities, air ambulance services, hospice services and worldwide disaster relief. Over £40 million has been spent towards helping hundreds of charities over the last thirty years. Nearly £600,000 has been donated by the Grand Charity to national charities based in Wales. These have included: SSAFA Forces Help, Pilotlight Cymru, Scouts Association, St John’s Cymru, Christian Lewis Trust, Tyddyn Bach Trust, Bobath Children’s Therapy Trust, Farms for City Children, POD Charitable Trust, POPSY, RNID, Harvest Trust, Shelter Cymru, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association, Teenage Cancer Trust, Fairbridge Cymru, Touchstones 12, Western Beacons Mountain Search and Rescue Team, Welsh Initiative for Conductive Education and Cardiff University School of Medicine. Thanks to those who have supported the Grand Charity The Council of the Grand Charity wishes to thank all those who have contributed to the funds of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, which has enabled it to achieve so much over the first thirty years. The Charity has created a special leaflet in commemoration of the last thirty years of grant making. If you would like to receive a copy please contact Siobhan McCarthy at Keep up-to-date with Charity news For further information about the Charity’s grant giving programmes and other news please visit: The Charity also now has a facebook page – please find us and join the discussion.

West Wales Mason



Roy Leett, Provincial Grand Almoner

‘Freemasonry Cares’ In my view the work of the Lodge Charity Steward is the most important and demanding job in Freemasonry. Without his untiring efforts, we Almoners would find it very difficult to perform our duties. It is essential therefore for the sake of our Brotherhood, that we all give our full and continued support to our Charity Stewards. One-way to lighten his burden, which springs to mind. Is for all of us to try to re-engage our Brethren who no longer attend Lodge on a regular basis. I am sure That at one time or other we all must have sat in the Lodge, looked round and wondered ‘why are so many of our Brethren missing?’ Just think, if we all made an effort to contact at least one absent Brother, tried to rekindle the flame of Freemasonry and encouraged him to start attending Lodge again, how much easier the Charity steward’s job would be. Secondly, if we all took out a covenant to the Provincial Relief Chest of just £10 per month, £10 multiplied by the number of Brethren in the lodge (and then hopefully Province wide) would make the Charity Stewards job that much easier. I know times are difficult at the moment but surely £10 a month is not a lot to ask. Brethren, you give so generously to the charities, I think it is important that you and your family should be aware of what they do with your donations. When I was appointed PGA two years ago I was invited by Grand Charity to sit on an appeals panel. These meet on the third Wednesday of the month 12 months a year. On that particular day we reviewed 161 appeals and £312,000 was paid out. That year £3.5 million had been put aside to cover the cost. The following year £4 million had been allocated. Last November I spoke to the chairman of the appeals panel who told me that in October last year £423,000 had been paid out and there were 230 applicants. So Brethren, you can see how important it is for our Lodges to keep a constant flow of cash to the Provincial Relief Chest. Especially during this Festival period. Also, I would respectfully urge all Lodges to consider moving any large amounts of cash held in reserve to the PRC, while obviously keeping a modest amount for day-to-day needs. Finally, remember that in the last 5 years £517,000 has been paid by the charities to the Brethren and their dependants of our Province. Far in excess of what we have paid to London. So please support your Charity Steward. Try to re-engage an absent Brother, take out a covenant to the Provincial relief chest and consider persuading your Lodge to release any surplus cash in accounts, which are attracting negligible interest. You know it makes sense. In need of Help? Contact your Lodge almoner, if this is difficult or embarrassing, try the Provincial Almoner or

Ring Freemasonry Cares 0800 035 60 90

West Wales Mason

W Bro Benjamin Victor Rees was born on the 30th of July 1920, in the village of St Dogmaels. He received his early education in the local village school and from there gained a scholarship to Cardigan Grammar School. Upon leaving school he served his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic from 1935 to 1939. In March 1939 he joined the Territorial Army and was called to active service on the outbreak of war. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant Artificer with responsibility for the maintenance of various military vehicles. In June 1942 his Regiment took part in the Battle of Alamein and later when it was incorporated into the elite 7th Armoured Division, the famous Desert Rats, he saw action during the invasion of Italy and later during the D-Day landings in Normandy. Having advanced through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany his Unit had reached the Kiel Canal when Armistice was signed in May 1945. When demobilized a year later he returned to St. Dogmaels and married Esther in 1948. He was initiated into the Teifi Lodge in February 1970 after being on the waiting


list for ten years, the lodge having forty-two applicants at that time. Within six years he was installed as Master and the following year was appointed Treasurer. During his first sojourn of eight years in that office he turned an ÂŁ8,000 overdraft into a healthy balance, at the same time was instrumental in having the building re-plastered, central heating installed, a kitchen added and the bar extended. He joined the Frenni Lodge in 1972, was installed as Master in 1986 and appointed Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 1998. He was advanced into the Teifi Royal Arch Chapter in 1971 and was appointed Zerubbabel in 1984. In 1994 he was appointed 3rd Provincial Grand Principal. Whilst achieving high office in many other orders his first concerns have always been to Ceredigion Masonry and to the upkeep of, and improvements to, the Masonic Hall in Cardigan. He is justly proud that for over forty years, and with the help of some of his fellow members, his foresight and leadership has been a key factor in not only transforming the building from its poor state of repair to one of the finest temples in the Province, but also in turning the lodge finances around from a high deficit to a healthy credit balance.. At the august meeting of Teifi Lodge W. Bro. Victor Rees receives the ‘Order of Merit’ from R. W. Bro. Eric Mock plus a beautiful set of cut glass decanter and whisky glasses. This honour is well deserved and shows how much W. Bro. Vic Rees is appreciated in Freemasonry.


West Wales Mason

Glyn Daniels was born near the banks of the river Teifi in the village of Drefach Felindre. After leaving school he worked for a year in the offices of the Ministry of Food before joining the Royal Air Force in 1947. In 1948 he was posted to the Far East. Whilst serving in Northern Malaysia during the Malaysian Emergency he was in a military convoy ambushed by Communist insurgents, and was wounded and hospitalised for six months. Soon after demobilisation he joined the Pembrokeshire Police Force. For the first few years of his career he was stationed in Tenby, Milford Haven and Neyland, later serving as a constable in Crymych where the locals still speak of him as the quintessential village bobby. In 1968 he was on the move again, this time on four wheels, when he joined the Police Traffic Unit in Haverfordwest. In 1983 he retired

and made his home in Spitall where he and his wife, Meriel, still live. He was initiated into Strumble Lodge on the 14th of June 1967. In 1982 he was appointed Assistant Almoner and after serving a twenty-year apprenticeship became Lodge Almoner in 2002. In 1998 he was appointed Past Provincial Assistant Secretary and in 2007 was promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Deacon. In Royal Arch Masonry he was exalted into the Abergwaun Chapter in 1994 and appointed Almoner in 2009. In 2002 he was appointed by the Provincial Grand Almoner to be the Province's Official Visitor to Withybush Hospital. This is a duty to which he has been fully committed and has carried out his responsibilities with compassion and sensitivity. There has not been a Brother or a dependant unfortunate enough to be a patient - whether from this Province or beyond – who has not received the good offices of Glyn Daniels and his wife Meriel. Bro. Glyn has also been almoner in many other degrees and his commitment and dedication to the Office are legendary throughout the Province. R. W. Bro. Eric Mock presented Bro. Glyn Daniels with his ‘Order of Merit’ at the Provincial annual Meeting in July along with a cut glass decanter and glasses. Bro. Glyn has been a tireless and dedicated Lodge Almoner who not only visited Brethren from his own Lodge but others too. Glyn is an outstanding almoner and should be emulated.


West Wales Mason

Comment As we have more and more requests for financial help from a variety of charities and good causes, we have the unenviable task of choosing which to donate our resources. The Province and Lodges can only give what they’ve got. Grand lodge, the Province and Lodges are all trying to raise money from the same people. To our credit, unlike other organisations, we do not ask the public for money. Unfortunately, we have a problem. Due to greed, corruption and pure incompetence the country is in a financial mess, and those having to pay the price are the very people not responsible for the troubles. Charity donations come out of disposable income, whether we are employed, selfemployed or retired, what we have to spend is getting less and less. Who would have guessed that to fill a car with petrol now costs more than many of us paid for our first car.

Despite all the gloom and doom we must do our very best to make the Festival of 2015 a resounding success.

******* What do you do when a Brother is progressing ‘up the ladder’, but finds learning ritual a difficult task? The answer of course is easy, he is given all the help he needs. There are some very good Freemasons who choose not to progress through the fear of the amount of ritual they have to learn. Try as they may, they struggle and as a result do not enjoy their time in the Chair. Is it such a crime to share the work? Very often once a Brother has completed his year as IPM he ends up sitting ‘on the back benches’, trying to stay awake. Let the Past Masters get involved with ritual if they want. Let them be Past Masters not Passed Masters!

In December 2010 Worshipful Brother John Rees was installed into the chair of Neyland Lodge for the third time. W. Bro John had been Master of the Lodge in 1981 and again in 1989. When due to unforeseen circumstances Neyland found themselves short of a Master for 2010/11 W. Bro John, after a little “friendly persuasion” and consultation with his wife Shirley, agreed to accept the nomination, much to pleasure of the Lodge. Neyland Lodge consider themselves very fortunate to have a stalwart such as W. Bro John in the chair and are extremely grateful to him, he has already conducted ceremonies and has shown that he has lost none of his ability to deliver ritual of the highest level. For Neyland Lodge this is indeed third time lucky.


West Wales Mason

Masonic Samaritan Fund John Williams

Your health is our concern Please help us to reach all those who need our help. Call 020 7404 1550 or visit As it enters its 21st year the Masonic Samaritan Fund continues to support the health and care needs of Freemasons and their dependants. Support is available to: • Freemasons • The wives, partners and dependants of Freemasons • The widows, surviving partners and dependants of deceased Freemasons Who have an identified health or care need and, faced with a long wait for treatment or care, cannot afford their own private provision without incurring financial hardship. Medical The Fund will consider applications for a wide variety of medical treatments from hip replacement to cardiac surgery, from digital hearing aids to drug treatment for cancer or degenerative diseases, from stomach banding to macular degeneration. Dental Applications are welcome where NHS treatment is unavailable or where costs are in excess of NHS charging rates. Financial help is provided in support of dental treatment that is clinically necessary, in the most costeffective and efficient manner. Grants are not available where the proposed treatment is purely cosmetic or where an applicant simply prefers to receive private treatment.

West Wales Mason Respite If you look after someone who needs support because of a physical or learning disability, mental illness or whose health is impaired by sickness or old age, and who, without help, would not be able to cope with the demands of basic living, then you are a carer. It is important that, as a carer, you take time off for yourself. Grants are available from the MSF to support carers. Funding is available towards the cost of short periods of residential care or to provide regular short breaks at home.


Mobility The Fund is also able to provide grants for the supply and maintenance of mobility equipment, specialist equipment or home adaptations in response to a specific medical need.

For further information about any of the above please contact the Fund or your Lodge, or Provincial Grand Almoner. Donor Recognition In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to support those with a medical, respite, dental or mobility need, by donating a total of ÂŁ100 or more you will be entitled to purchase (ÂŁ5), the MSF Jewel. This is a permanent Jewel and can be worn at all Lodge meetings.


West Wales Mason

W Bro James Vaughan was born on the 23rd August 1930 in the rural village of Llansanffraid, in the former County of Radnorshire. Bro James, or Jim as he is usually known, spent his formative years attending school in Llandrindod Wells and on leaving full time education went to work on the family farm. In 1946 Jim, with other members of his family, moved to Carmarthenshire but seeing a fairer land beyond the Preseli Mountains decided in 1949 to purchase Springfield House Farm in Pembrokeshire whose land, situated near the town of Haverfordwest, was later bought in order to build Withybush Hospital. Some three years later the Vaughan family moved to the village of Rosemarket. Here James, initially with his father, ran the Post Office and shop. When Mr. Vaughan Senior

retired Jim and his wife Enid continued to manage the business. When the General Post Office ceased its traditional operations in country areas and closed Rosemarket Post Office Jim joined the Gulf Oil Refinery in Milford Haven where he was employed as a Head Operator overseeing the pumping ashore of crude oil and other liquids. He was initiated into the Neyland Lodge in 1966 and after progressing through all the offices was installed as Worshipful Master in 1973. Now in his 80th year he still attends all meetings and is ever present at Lodges of Instruction where he acted as Preceptor for nearly 30years. Appointed Chaplain in 1977 he retired from that office in 2009 after 32 years of faithful and valued service. In 1980 he was appointed Past Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary and promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden in 1996. In the Royal Arch he has been a faithful member of the Kensington Chapter since 1974. A Trustee of Neyland Masonic Hall he is as ready as ever to offer his services for the repair and maintenance of his much loved. Temple.

M. B. Samuel & Co.

Accountancy and Tax Services 1, Parc y Cwm Glan yr Afon Industrial Estate Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3JQ Telephone: 01970 627 561 Fax: 01970 627 560 Email: Directors: M B Samuel M J Lawton Mrs K A Jones


West Wales Mason

It is always an emotional time when a father Initiates his son, but in this case there were three generations present, grandfather, father and son. The Phillips ‘boys’ all have sea in their blood (in fact, when it comes to John, we can see where it gets in!) It will only be time when grandfather John, father Christopher witness son Benjamin being Installed into the Chair of this prestigious Lodge. At the St David’s Lodge No.366 Christmas meeting held on the 7th of December 2010 where as the current Worshipful Master, Capt Christopher Phillips had the pleasure and honour of initiating his son, Benjamin J Phillips, aged 18 years, who was granted a dispensation by the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Eric Mock. The photograph shows, Brother Benjamin J Phillips, the W.M. Captain Christopher F Phillips and the ‘daddy’, Brother Captain John F Phillips. 75 brethren of which 7 Officers of United Grand Lodge, 21 visiting lodges were represented making it a very well attended meeting. The St David’s Lodge warrant is dated 1821 and apparently Ben is the youngest person ever to be initiated into the lodge and that this is the first time in the history of St David’s Lodge that three generations have been members of the lodge at the same time.

Wines from around the World Chris Samuel 07816 857 522


West Wales Mason

Aeron and Peterwell Chapter David elsley The Installation Convocation of the Aeron and Peterwell Chapter on October 22nd 2010 was notable for two special reasons. Firstly the Chapter was delighted and honoured that our Past Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Dr John Lloyd had agreed to fill the void left by the unfortunate resignation of Rev D Brian Thomas and take the office of First Principal. Dr John was the most senior founder of the Chapter and its first Director of Ceremonies. Mind you it was a bit daunting for the Installing Principal, E. Comp. Percy Evans, knowing that his “candidate” knew every word of the ritual backwards and forwards. A fact that was amply proved by his word-perfect installation of E. Comp. Richard Bambrey as Second Principal. Nevertheless E. Comp. Percy hung in there and inducted the new MEZ with dignity and sincerity. Not to be outdone, E. Comp Richard Bambrey also performed well in his job of installing Comp. T Harri Davies, better known as “Harri bach”, as Third Principal. The second notable reason was that we had a very senior visitor from Canada in the person of ME. Comp. John Leyshon the Past First Grand Principal of the Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan. He was born in Bridgend and attended the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Biochemistry. It was while he worked for the British Ministry of Agriculture near Aberystwyth as a soils analyst that he met and married his wife, Myra, a librarian in the National Library of Wales. They immigrated to Canada in 1970. The whole afternoon and evening proved to be a joyful occasion for all those present.

Association of Friends of the Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court

STRAWBERRY TEA To be held at the Court On Saturday 4th June 2011 Commencing at 2.30 p.m.

Ticket Price: £3.50 per head Contact your Lodge Friends’ Representative


West Wales Mason

In 2005 the M a l a y s i a n Government approached the British and Comm onw ea lth offices in order to seek approval to present a medal to personnel who served in Malaya during the peacekeeping campaign 1957-1965. The Pingat Jasa Medal was approved by the Queen in 2006 and is awarded to personnel for distinguished chivalry, gallantry,sacrifice and loyalty for their part in upholding Malaysian Sovereignty W. Bro. Bob Stokoe and W.Bro. Alan Waters of Cambrian Lodge no. 464 were involved with the peacekeeping forces supporting the Malaysian government during the communist insurgency in the 1950’s and 60’s. They were professional servicemen and members of the Fleet Air Arm. Bob was attached to 656 Squadron Army air Corps from 1959 to 1962 which was operating all over Malaya at that time. He also served on


899 Sea Vixen squadron on the aircraft carrier H.M.S. Eagle 1964 –1965. Alan was serving on the aircraft carriers H.M.S. Ark Royal 849 Squadron D flight in 1963 and H.M.S. Eagle 849 squadron D flight in 1965. Bob and Alan are two of many Armed Service personnel to be recipients of this honour. They were presented with their medals in 2010 at a most moving ceremony by Brigadier Generals of the Malaysian Forces Both are extremely proud to have been presented with their Medal and wear them with pride alongside their British Medals. The two photos of the Brethren whilst serving in the Fleet Air Arm.



West Wales Mason

On Saturday 22nd January the Prince of Wales Lodge held their annual Ladies Evening at the Masonic Hall, Llanelli. This had been postponed from the usual date in early December owing to the illness of the Master, W. Bro. Peter Williams who, thankfully is making good progress and was in attendance. The event was attended by almost 90 brethren and partners and proved to be a most enjoyable experience. As has become the norm in the Prince of Wales Lodge, the ladies, who called themselves ‘The Lodgettes’, presented a Musical Interlude entitled ‘Master of the Lodge’ which was greeted with a standing ovation by all. A raffle was held on the night and over £520 was raised for the Cardiac Ward of the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The reason that the Master and his wife chose this charity was that during the summer of last year the Junior Warden’s wife, Victoria, gave birth to a baby boy, Adam, and he needed surgery at the hospital. The baby is also the grandchild of the Master and his wife. The Ladies Evening was a bit of a ‘family affair’ as the Junior Warden, who proposed the toast to the ladies was Andrew Jones, the son of Mrs Stephanie Williams, the Master’s wife. Stephanie replied on behalf of the ladies to her son’s toast. To further keep it in the family the Director of Ceremonies is me (Adrian Hallett), brother to Stephanie with other members of the family in attendance as invited guests together with the MP for Llanelli, Nia Griffith, who is a personal friend of the Master’s wife.

Quality Used Office Furniture Hardware & Tools Warehouse Carmarthen road, Newcastle Emlyn Carmarthenshire, SA38 9AP Tel: 01239 710 703


West Wales Mason

W Bro Sydney Smith, Provincial Senior Grand Warden, presents a cheque on behalf of Provincial Grand Charity for £1050 to Sylvia and Peter Kingswood of The Friends of Musicfest in Aberystwyth. The money is used towards the cost of the Masterclasses for up to 100 young musicians, held at the annual Musicfest festival in July. W Bro Graham Thomas, Master of Saint Padarn Lodge, presents a cheque for £200 to W Bro Iori Lewis of the Aberystwyth branch of the Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion needs our support as much now as it did when it was first formed. 1969 was the only year in the 20th century in which there was no fatalities. At Peterwell Lodge’s March Installation festive board their Charity Steward, W Bro Percy Evans, presented a cheque for the excellent amount of £15,000 towards the Provincial Festival 2015. Watching the presentation is Master, W Bro Malcolm Davies and seated is the IPM, W Bro Andrew Cater. This was a good end to a wonderful afternoon and evening. Quite a few lodges support scouts going to the World Scouting Jamboree. Saint Padarn Lodge supported two 2nd Borth Scouts with £100 each to attend the 22nd World Jamboree in Sweden. They are, left, 14 year old Christopher Davies and, centre, 15 year old, Stewart Gethin with Graham Thomas, Master of Saint Padarn.

Box 32 Cefn Esgair E R Hughes Consultancy Services Llanbadarn Fawr Aberystwyth SY23 3JG

Agricultural Consultant

Tel/Fax 01970 615 3054 Mobile 07831 391 841

Emyr Rh Hughes F.S.Ag.S., A.I.Ag.S.A. Email:


West Wales Mason

My first game for Llanybydder was against Newcastle Emlyn on a wet Friday night in September 1985. The thing that might surprise you the most is the fact that I wore the no.15 jersey and actually scored a try as well on my debut. In those days you were allowed to play senior rugby at the age of 16. The next 14 years were spent playing for

Germany, which we were fortunate enough to win. During this tournament I was to play against Rob Wainwright, the Scottish international and Tim Rodber of England both of whom had also represented the British and Irish lions. The final was broadcast on national German television and as captain of the side still ranks as one of my proudest sporting achievements. It might interest you to know that a certain Robert Mcknight was the Captain back at the base in Carmarthen. During my retirement I was persuaded to put on the boots again for Llanybydder who at this time were languishing near the bottom of Division 8 west. It was a struggle as some of the old guard had been put out to pasture and the younger element of the side found it difficult to cope with the increased physicality of senior age group rugby. It was at this juncture that I made the transition to front row forward. There is no better place than right there in the coalface. I used to pray for rain which would inevitably mean more “Knock on’s” and the resulting scrum. There is something special about getting the upper hand against your opponent and afterwards enjoying a recreational drink in the bar. I can’t think of too many games where you would witness that scenario. After struggling for a couple of seasons with limited resources we approached the Carmarthen Quins club to set ourselves up as one of their feeder clubs. At the time they

both the 1st xv and 2nd xv. At the age of 29 I decided to “retire” due to having a young family and increased work commitments. I was at this time a Territorial Army reservist who also had a very strong 2nd xv but were struggling required a firm commitment and during to find games. By offering them a this period of service I was to represent the competitive league structure they more or TA in the British forces cup in Sennelager,

West Wales Mason

less transferred their whole set up to “OJ Park”, Llanybydder. At this point I was made captain of the side, which went with my existing duties of Vice Chairman, Team Manager, Liaison Officer, Bus driver and Programme editor. These were great times for the club as we quickly gained successive promotions and reached the dizzy heights of Division 3 west. During the 2008 we also reached the final of the Welsh Bowl only to lose against Tycroes by 2 points. Not the best feeling in the world. I also captained the side against an Osprey’s xv. At the age of 35 I was selected to play for West Wales against Mid districts. What an honour to follow in the footsteps of so many players who would eventually become full welsh internationals. After winning my 5 caps, the only memento I had apart from the memories was a cauliflower ear playing against Felinfoel in a centenary match. Every year the club has their annual general meeting and at the end of the 2008 season I was fortunate enough to be made an Honorary Life member of the club and was youngest ever recipient of the honour and awarded whilst I was still playing. At this point I contemplated retirement once again but was given some words of advice by my father, he said; “A player does not retire because he grows old, he grows old because he retires”. Charming, I thought from someone who never laced a pair of boots in his life. Apparently he was quite a player in his younger school days playing on the open fields of Llanllwni. His words not mine. Last year I achieved another milestone


friendly matches or 2nd XV games are not included), another proud moment. This will definitely be my last season as old father time catches up with me. The head and heart are willing but the back and legs send out a different message. I can’t really complain as I have had a good innings, propped against some quality players like John Davies, the Scarlets and Wales legend and generally enjoyed every minute of playing. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. During 2006 I followed up on my interest in Masonry by approaching my uncle, David Doyle of the Peterwell Lodge in Lampeter with some questions on how to progress my interest further. As a result I was initiated the same year, next month I will occupy the Junior Wardens chair. Time has gone very quick especially as initially it was to be something to occupy my time once I had finished playing rugby. Although I am now a member of the Craft, Royal Arch and Mark degrees and due for advancement in The Secret Monitor and Royal Ark Mariners I am very much conscious of the fact that the craft is responsible for the core values and principles that I practise and that the other degrees offer further enlightenment. It was important to me that I did not over commit to the detriment of my craft duties and especially my family. I do not believe in joining anything for the sake of joining and not being able to offer 100% support thereafter. Hopefully I am seen as a worthy and supportive member of all the orders and in the long term am able to help make a difference. in making my 300th league or cup Regarding the rugby I can only say;” appearance for Llanybydder 1st xv Never say Never”. So watch this space. (Altogether over 400 appearances as


West Wales Mason

Regaining a quality of life after my stroke was made easier with the support of the staff and treatment at the Royal Masonic Hospital, London, and my wife, Linda, with her expertise in horsemanship made it possible to ride my horse again. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that, although I managed to play the church single manual pipe organ again, using my right foot to operate the base pedals, I would never again be able to return to the standard of opera singing I had enjoyed. Having sung the title role in “The Student Prince” at the Grand Theatre, Swansea, and the tenor role in “The Desert Song” at the New Theatre, Cardiff, I joined the Welsh National Opera (which, incidentally, was conceived by Idloes Owen and Bill smith over the festive board at a Cardiff Masonic Lodge). The new musical director, sir Charles Groves, chose me

to sing the tenor role in Verdi’s “The Battle” to be broadcast from the Cory Hall, Cardiff, for a Music to Remember programme. This came about because Ronald Dowd, who had sung the role in the first performance, could not be released from his contract at Saddlers Wells to appear on that night. Fortunately this went well for me and as a result I was given more understudying roles. Among the parts I understudied was a very nice tenor role in Rossini’s “William Tell” which had an aria with two top ‘Cs’, which I particularly relished and practised thoroughly. On the opening night at Saddlers Wells the producer, John Moody, came rushing into the canteen where we were having a cup of tea awaiting the overture to start and said, ‘David you’re on’. Ian McFadian, the Covent Garden tenor, was held up in traffic and could not get there on time.



12 College Street, Ammandford, Carmarthenshire, SA18 3AF Tel: 01269 592 306

S. Elfan Bell LL.B.

Fax: 01269 596 127

Simon P. Morris B.A.

West Wales Mason


The overture, by this time, had started so without time to change my costume, I was on. But, with my guide and mentor, sir Charles Groves, conducting the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (who seemed a little surprised to see me) and the wonderful acoustics of the Saddlers Wells Theatre my singing seemed effortless. I then went on to play tenor roles at all Main Seasons and was still able to continue my engineering career. My claim to fame, however, came quite unexpectedly when I was asked to play the tenor role in the first ever complete opera to be televised, which we recorded in October, 1963, and was transmitted in the first week of the BBC Wales television opening on January

16th, 1964 form Patti’s Madame opera house at Craig-y-Nos. This, of course, was quite different, as after learning the opera thoroughly one had to sing to five large stationary cameras, turning to face the correct camera a bar before the red light on top of the camera came on. This was performed in one take with the expert direction of the producer, Howell

Williams, a super cast and chorus and the BBC orchestra conducted by Ivor John. Although I miss the thrill of performing I feel quite at home in The Royal Arch where the lodge is set up remarkably like the second act of “Nabucco” (one of my favourite operas), the main difference being the in “Nabucco”, Ishmael has two very pretty sopranos sitting on thrones at either side of me and, although my H and J are quite smart, I am afraid that they cannot compare with my Abigail and Fenena, and so, as my good friend Tony Morgan said when he came out of the Chair in the Craft, ‘I am not a has been, I am a have been’, and I hope I can at least say that.

“Il Campanello Di Notte” recorded for the BBC Wales at the Patti Theatre, Craig-y-Nos with the BBC Welsh Orchestra conducted by Ivor John. L to R Ellis Evans, David W Parker, Vera Adams


West Wales Mason

West Wales Mason


Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. The scroll was framed, and has been in the Masonic Hall of Temple Lodge since that time. Realising the possible importance of this scroll, W Bro Birch had two full size facsimile copies made, presented one copy to Grand Lodge, and the other copy was kept in the entrance foyer of the Lodge. In 2008, W Bro Richard Mathers PPGSwdBr, a member of Temple Lodge since 1979, became a joining member of the Peterwell Lodge No 4713, and on finding out that a new Masonic Hall was going to be built in Lampeter, approached the WM and Brethren of Temple Lodge, who all agreed that when the new Masonic Hall was built and occupied, the copy of the Scroll should be presented to Peterwell Lodge as a gift, if they would like to accept it.

By Tom Evans Back in the early 1990’s W Bro Raymond Birch PPGSwdBr, a member of the Temple Lodge No 4963 in the Province of Yorkshire – West Riding discovered a cloth scroll, which when unrolled was nearly 6 feet long, and over 2 feet wide. This proved to have been produced in 1868 as a depiction, in the form of a stream, of the history of English Freemasonry from time immemorial to 1866, and dedicated to the

Peterwell Lodge agreed that they would like to accept it, and at the regular Lodge meeting held on Thursday 17 February 2011 W Bro Mathers formally presented to Scroll, and gave a short talk about it. At the end of the presentation, W Bro Mathers informed the Brethren that he had a limited supply of copies of the Scroll in a smaller format – roughly 2 feet by 1 foot – which could be purchased for £5 – the proceeds of any sale would be split between the Peterwell Lodge building fund and the 2015 Festival. Several copies were sold on the night, but a few are still available.


West Wales Mason

Quite a number of you will have received an email, which was sent by Bro Bob Robinson of Northern Light Lodge in Canada. Bob spent many weeks in Aberystwyth and was a regular visitor to Aberystwyth Lodge and the Saturday ’ coffee’ mornings. Over the years many Lodges have been carried out during the course of warfare. In some cases has brought Brothers form opposing sides together. We can only honour men like these who face the ultimate each and every day so that others can live a better life. It is sad that those that the brave fight for cannot themselves live in love and harmony. We can only pray they return home safely. God Bless Joe and his Brothers. “Canada Lodge held our first Ceremonies of Initiation on the evening of October 7, 2010 here at Kandahar Air Field. Initiated were Major Robert Kelly and Corporal Satraj Toor. As you can see from the photos, our lodge is now beautifully furnished thanks to the generosity of the brethren from back home. Due to operational requirements we did not (all who had parts) have the chance (though try we did) to do a complete run through before the big night. If I may say so myself, the ceremony was done as well as any I have seen back home (in my limited Masonic experience, mind you). All of the parts came together seamlessly and it was quite evident that all of the brethren had put their heart and soul into the perfection of their work. I am truly honoured to have been a part of this historic Masonic event. Our evening ended with a truly Afghan flavour; as we were posing for photographs we came under rocket attack and had to hit the floor (pictured)”. S&F Joe


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The strategy to make this event successful is designed to show unity and support of each other within the Province and support lodges in raising funds to fulfil their commitment to the 2015 festival. It will be a useful public relation exercise and will have a great FUN packed historical day out. On Saturday night there will be live music and dancing (6pm to 10pm). Blast from the Past Minstrels will provide musical entertainment and encourage dancing – as in the old days. The event will show that if we all pull together we can raise a substantial amount of money which each Lodge will be credited with pro rata, to their particular sales of tickets. Thereby helping them to reach their suggested target. This event will attract the general public to come and see and participate in the proceedings being an opportunity for more public awareness. A the last event held at the Carmarthen Showground made a profit of £18,000 which enabled each Lodge to be credited with the full amount of tickets sold plus a 25% extra. Lodge representatives will manage ticket sales to brethren within their Lodges and assist in finding advertisers and sponsors. Pass on money to Area reps with Masters, Wardens and charity Stewards promoting the event at every opportunity in their Lodges, and encourage the brethren to sell tickets to family members, friends, neighbours in fact anyone else. The event is being held at Scolton Manor, near Haverfordwest. Scolton manor is the Museum of Pembrokeshire set in 65 acres of park and woodland. Scolton Manor was built in 1842 and is now owned by Pembrokeshire County Council. It was home to generations of the Higgon family with the last resident being Lt Col John Henry Victor Higgon, 1902 – 1987. During the last war it served as a convalescent home for servicemen. Scolton Manor has some stunning and beautiful scenery where you can relax in an almost another world. Roman and Celtic Britons living history re-enactment group The Vicus is an Iron Age and early Roman reenactment society that interprets history through the media of experimental archaeology,

West Wales Mason


reconstruction and living history. A ‘Vicus’ is a settlement that grows outside of Roman military bases to cater to the needs of the soldiers (and their money). These were likely to have been of a temporary nature, these settlements quickly grow into communities and later into permanent towns. The period of interest is roughly the first two generations after the Roman invasion of Britain AD43. This period is one of great changes in the country as it makes the transition into the province of Britannia; it includes the establishment of the road systems, towns and villas, the guerrilla war of Caractacus (in Wales), the rebellion of Boudicca and the final stand of the Caledonians at Moss Graupius (in modern Scotland) in AD83. Black Mountains Falconry in Wales With an extensive range of Birds of Prey, offer any event an excellent added attraction to be enjoyed. This is the only Falconry Display team in Europe to fly Red Kites away from home; this ‘special’ is accompanied by some lovely music, as are our Vultures when they fly. Audience participation (children and adults) is an integral part of all the displays, which include and educational and humorous commentary from either Roger or June, sometimes both if you are lucky. Collegiate of Knights Templar & St Angelo Priory of Knights Hospitallers Three enthusiasts, who over the years have seen the group go from strength to strength and now have 18 passionate members ranging in ages from 16 to 70 years old, formed the Collegiate of Knights Templar some 17 years ago. The collegiate of Knights Templar built up a great reputation and are well known throughout, having attended numerous battle re-enactments around the United Kingdom. Support this very special charitable event for the Festival of 2015. Have a good day or weekend out with family and friends. Ask your Lodge Charity Steward for tickets.


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The photograph shows Karen Griffiths, mother of Jake Lacy, a little 4-year-old boy from Pembroke, who is receiving groundbreaking treatment not funded by the National Health Service, receiving the Provincial cheque. The parents of Jake sourced these additional treatments, to improve the quality of life that Jake, a Cerebral Palsy sufferer, might expect, particularly for his later life. The treatments are particularly effective at his current age as his Bone Structure is now much easier for the physiotherapist to manage. They are also engaged in a new treatment which repairs brain function. This is currently on hold because the young lad has a Splint on his hips for a period of time. His parents originally set up a Fund and raised themselves, some £8000 by way of Fund raising (Parachute Jumps etc) They have seen such a remarkable difference in his ability to start to walk and huge improvements in balance, posture etc. since the start of the treatments which involve going to Oxford Three to Four times a year for three week periods, at which intensive therapy sessions are given daily (3 Hour sessions) for each day of the three weeks. Jake now attends Portfield Special School in Haverfordwest; something his parents thought would never happen and can now walk with the assistance of a Frame. The dedication of Jake’s parents to improve his future quality of life moved the Castlemartin lodge Members to Donate £1000.00 over the last two years. The Province at its last Charity meeting agreed to fund one of these sessions at a Cost of £3000. Photgraphs show Mrs Karen Griffiths receiving the Provincial Cheque from Wo. Mike Bradney, Castlemartin Lodge Charity steward accompanied by Wo. Bros, D.A. Howes, T. B. D. Rees and Peter Waddilove.

Limited TEL: 01646 683181

FAX: 01646 622111 Email:

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On Monday 14th March 2011, the Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Province of Dyfed, R.W.Bro. D. Nigel Adams accompanied by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Ron Jones, together with the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro. Bob Darkins; the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Jim Doyle; W.Bro. Dilwyn Littlejohns and W.Bro. Ernie Lawson (not a member of the Mark Degree) a member of the St. Teilo Craft Lodge, attended the breast care unit of Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli, to donate a cheque for ÂŁ60,000.00 - on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons Benevolent Fund - to Mr. Simon Holt, Consultant Surgeon for Breast cancer, in respect of the purchase of a Flaxitron Specimen X Ray System. The Flaxitron Specimen X Ray System is an instrument, which allows the breast care unit to X ray specimens collected in theatres and from their prone needle biopsies, so that they can confirm that the correct part of the breast tissue has been sampled or removed. Increasingly, they are diagnosing breast cancer so early that it is not possible to be certain by feel, or by what they can see with the naked eye, that the correct piece of tissue has been removed. The best way of being certain is to use this portable X ray machine, which is specially designed to quickly produce detailed X rays of small specimens. The instrument can be placed in the room where the procedure is taking place, so that there is minimal delay (and so that the mammograms being taken on their main machine, can continue without interruption), The Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli, has just opened a state of the art ' breast care unit', rated as one of the finest in the United kingdom. Resources were found to set up the unit and also to provide the skilled staff needed to work the said unit, but there was urgent need for an essential piece of equipment to be purchased, namely the Flaxitron Specimen X Ray System and the amount needed, ÂŁ 60,000.00, unfortunately, was not available to make the purchase. The original idea for fund raising was instigated by W.Bro. Ernie Lawson of the St. Teilo Craft Lodge. W.Bro. Dilwyn Littlejohn, W.Master of the Lliedi Mark Lodge, then brought it to the attention of the Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Province of Dyfed, R.W.Bro. D. Nigel Adams, who immediately promised his assistance in making an application to the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons' Benevolent Fund, for funding, to which they were more than happy to help. This new unit, together with the new Flaxitron Specimen X Ray System, will be of great benefit to the three counties that constitute the Province of Dyfed, namely, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, together with areas outside the Province.


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The local independent with a reputation for after sale service


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Provincial Grand Chapter of West Wales and Provincial Grand Lodge of West Wales

Thursday 7th July 2011 Trinity College Carmarthen

Dining Booking Form Page 33


PROVINCIAL MEETINGS 2011 The Annual Meetings of Provincial Grand Chapter and Provincial Grand Lodge will be held at the Halliwell Centre, Trinity College, Carmarthen on Thursday, 7 th July, 2011. Who is allowed to be at these meetings? Provincial Grand Chapter All Companions who are Officers of Provincial Grand Chapter (present or past), Principals of a Chapter in the Province, and Past First Principals, and who are subscribing members of a Chapter in the Province, are entitled to attend. However, all other Companions are invited to attend this Meeting, but they may not vote. Provincial Grand Lodge All Brethren who are Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge (present or past), or Installed Masters or Acting Wardens, and who are subscribing members of a Lodge in the Province, are entitled to attend. However, all other Master Masons are invited to attend this Meeting, but they may not vote. Please make a determined effort to attend the meeting. Actually, why not make up a party of your Chapter or Lodge Members, and come in numbers? In doing so you will be supporting not only your Chapter or Lodge but also those Companions and Brethren who will be invested with their Provincial Appointments and Promotions. It is a special day for those receiving honours, and it is rewarding to have a good number of brethren present to witness their achievement. Between the meetings is a luncheon, the cost of which is £17.50 exclusive of wine. This is a relaxed occasion in the middle of the day’s events. Why not make the day complete by booking in for an enjoyable meal served in pleasant surroundings?

Do please try to attend and give your support to the Province and the Provincial Grand Officers.

Steve Hookey Provincial Grand Scribe E & Provincial Grand Secretary


West Wales Mason


BOOKING FORM FOR DINING ONLY Please complete and return to:

Peter Scoble, “Ashgrove”, 134 Steynton Road, Milford Haven, Pembs, SA73 1AN Tel : 01646 692120 (Contact hours : evenings 6pm to 9pm only)

I shall be attending the Luncheon and enclose a cheque for £17.50 (cheque to be made payable to "Provincial Grand Lodge PoWW")

Please tick this box if you have any special dietary needs Details of dietary needs ……………………………………………………….. FULL NAME .…………………………………………………………………………………. ADDRESS……………………………………………………………………………….… ………………………………………………………………………………….. TELEPHONE NUMBER ……………….................... ………………............................. e-mail address

……………….................... ………………....................................

LODGE……………………………………….LODGE NUMBER……………............. C R A F T M A S O N I C R A N K BEFORE THE M E E T I N G :

GRAND OFFICERS …………………………………..……. PROVINCIAL GRAND OFFICERS …………………..…… LODGE RANK (only complete if not Grand or Provincial Grand Rank) W.Bro.* / Bro.* ( * Delete as appropriate)

IMPORTANT NOTE It is regretted that no reservations for dinner can be made unless the application and remittance are received by 18 th June, 2011. Please also note that no dinner refunds will be made for cancellations made after 26th June, 2011.


West Wales Mason

A very well known Freemason in the Province reached a milestone in November 2010 when he achieved 40 years membership of Holy Royal Arch. The person in question of course is Dr John Lloyd, Past Grand Superintendent. R. E. Comp. John Lloyd was Exalted into Ystwyth Chapter No 1072 on the 10th September 1970. The ceremony was carried out by E. Comp. F W Moulton, M.E.Z, W A Williams, H, and D Alun Davies, J. John was Installed as Z on 10th March 1983 by E. Comp. J R Lloyd., and Hiram Evans was Installed as H with George Bush as J. Dr John Exalted candidates, George Gornall, John Ceredig Davies and Lynne Joseph. In the photograph shows Dr John Lloyd and the Grand Superintendent with the three Principals of his fortieth year, Chris Samuel, Z, Dr Elton Roberts, H, and Bob Davies, J.

West Wales had a very special day on Saturday 8th January 2011 at the Masonic Hall, Carmarthen. It was the first Provincial meeting of the Provincial Grand Senatus of West Wales of The Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord. The Order of the Scarlet Cord is an appendant order of the Order of the Secret Monitor. The Province of West Wales has three Consistories; Llanelli Consistory No 24 T.I., Aberystwyth Consistory No 25 T.I., and Pembroke Consistory No 27 T.I. The first Provincial Grand Summus is Right Distinguished Companion Nigel Adams, his Deputy Grand Summus is Distinguished Companion Lyndon Hughson and the Assistant Grand Summus is Distinguished Comp. James Doyle.. The photograph shows the first Provincial team accompanied by guests form other Provinces. The Festive Board was held at the Ivy Bush Hotel and was as excellent as ever and the atmosphere was A plus.

West Wales Mason

Gateway Club - £238


At Their February Meeting Strumble Lodge were delighted to make three presentations to Local Charities from donations made during the year in office of their I P M, W Bro Robert Davies. The presentation party was made up of W Bro Basil Phillips- The Worshipful Master, W Bro Robert Davies - the I P M , W Bro Dr Bryn Barton - Charity Steward and W Bro

David Price Almoner. Representatives of the charities were invited to join members of the Lodge in the temple before the meeting. W Bro Robert presented a cheque for £350 to W Bro John Hardwicke for West Wales Air Ambulance. It was particularly gratifying that a member of Kemes Lodge who was able to join us for the meeting and the festive Fishguard Stroke Club - 350 board represented this charity. W Bro Robert then presented a cheque for £350 to Mr Bryn Davies of the Goodwick and Fishguard Stroke Club. The Reigning Master, W Bro Basil Phillips, then presented a cheque for £238 to Mr Islwyn Rees in his capacity as Chairman of the Gateway Club. It was pleasing to note the goodwill generated by helping these charities that do so much good work in the local Wales Air Ambulance - £350 community.


West Wales Mason

West Wales Mason



West Wales Mason

Joint Secretaries Wo. Bro Clive Pitten, Tel 01646 684986 e-mail---( Wo. Bro Mike Bradney Tel 01646 683967 e-mail---( ) Dear Bro/Guest. The concluding qualifying competition for the 2010/2011 Competitions will be Held at Milford Haven Golf Club on Friday 6th, May 2011. (at the conclusion of which the 2010/2011 Golf Trophy winners will have been determined.) To help us with the Tee time arrangements and meals, will you please complete the attached Form below and return to either Clive or myself by March 30th, 2011 NB. A reply form is also available on the web and may be sent electronically A bacon roll/ Tea-Coffee on arrival, Golf and Meal on conclusion together with prizes. Cost ÂŁ25.00 (please send cheques payable to Masonic Golf Society to save time on day) The Competition will be a Single stable-ford format This will be followed by the meal and Presentation. (Tee times are from 11.30 till 13.30)

News Report. After a very successful meeting at Derllys Court Golf Club, Bancyfelin. near Carmarthen in September, at which 41 Golfers participated and enjoyed the first of the 2010/2011 qualifying meetings for the Trevor Kelway trophy (individual) and The W Bro Sydney Hughes cup (Champion Lodge trophy) The Provincial Grand Master presented the prizes. Winners on the Day were-: Guests

1, Geoff Rosser 2. Danny Overend 3. Bob Wilson

33Pts 32 Pts (BB9) 32 Pts.


1. Mike Davies (St. Peters 476) 2. Brian Williams (Castlemartin 1748) 3. Chris Hine (Frenni 8427)

34 Pts 32 Pts (BB9) 32Pts.

Remember all scores will be carried over for calculation in May.

West Wales Mason

Lodge Placings after First Round -: (Best three cards to count)


1) Castlemartin 90Pts - 2) Cambrian 89Pts - 3) Frenni 80 Pts. As you can see there should be some excellent competition at our next meeting, which will be held at Milford Haven Golf Club on Friday 6th May 2011. Cost will be ÂŁ25.00 for all players, to include Bacon Roll/ tea or Coffee on arrival Golf and two Course meal on Completion together with Prizes. Further details will be sent in march /April, By e-mail to those who have provided their addresses, by letter to Lodge secretaries and by letter to members who have provided their postal addresses. I trust we will have another excellent day which will be well supported. Mike Bradney - 01646 683967 Clive Pitten - 01646 684986

Milford Haven Golf Club Friday 6th, May 2011 I/We would like to play in the above event. (Please indicate your preferred Tee Time (no guarantees) Name__________________________ Lodge Name/Number___________ Address _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Preferred Tee Time_________________ Tel:_______________________ Home Club_______________________ H/Cap_____________________ The following Guest will accompany Me. Name______________________ Club________________ H/Cap________ Name______________________ Club________________ H/Cap________ Cost ÂŁ25.00 to include entry Fee, Bacon Roll, Tea /Coffee, Golf & Meal (all players to pay the same fee) It would be helpful if Payments were received before the Day, (Cheques payable to (Masonic Golf Society)


West Wales Mason

At the November meeting of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association held at the Barracks, Picton Place, Carmarthen, Gethin Lewis MBE, treasurer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Wales presented a cheque for ÂŁ5,000 to Lt Col Chris Downward MC, Branch Chairman of SSAFA Dyfed. The grant is part of a ÂŁ250,000 award donated by The Freemasons' Grand Charity, to fund the specific needs of servicemen and their families throughout the various regions of Wales and England. "The Immensely valuable work carried out by SSAFA Forces Help is widely supported within the Masonic Community, and this latest grant is further evidence of our benevolent commitment in support of the armed services". (Laura Chapman, Chief Executive of the Freemasons' Grand Charity.) Pictured, together with the soldiers of 224 (Pembrokeshire Yeomanry) Squadron, Welsh Transport Regiment from left to right are: Mrs Valerie Griggs, Divisional Secretary of the SSAFA Pembrokeshire. Lt Cdr David Griggs MBE, Branch Secretary of the SSAFA Dyfed. Mr Gethin Lewis MBE, Treasurer of the West Wales Province of Freemasons. Lt Col Chris Downward MC, Branch Chairman of the SSAFA Dyfed Mr Paul Amor, Branch Training Officer of the SSAFA Dyfed. Together with the soldiers of 224 (Pembrokeshire Yeomanry) Squadron, Welsh Transport Regiment.


West Wales Mason

Turned over by Edgar Jones Yet another disaster at the Candlewick Makers tonight! Where, I ask myself, are we going wrong? I had particular hopes of tonight’s candidate, legal feller called Uriah Heep; and indeed it might all have gone swimmingly had it not been for the antics of our two Fellow Crafts, with whom Coffin our D C left him while we upstairs were attending to Third Degree affairs. These two, Probert (corsets) and Legge (undertaking) so terrified him with tales of what was in store, tales in which a donkey alas featured prominently, that Heep was on the edge of taking wing and could only be prevailed on to stay the course with the aid of copious draughts from the hip-flasks of these two fly-by-nights. The result was predictable. Our two Deacons were obliged to carry him round the Temple, his little legs going like clockwork between them. Worse was to come! For primed at the Festive Board with our W. M’s Chateau Latour Pau ’57 (went down a treat with the roast peacock; but £5 a bottle - whew!) when Heep got up to make his speech there was no stopping him. ‘These hard times,' he hiccupped, ‘hitting us all hard . . . that spendthrift Disraeli – ’ Cries of outrage at this, the Lodge being Tories to a man. ‘Slip of the tongue. That spendthrift Gladstone who’s now in charge . . . nobody got two pennies to rub together . . . but not to despair . . . yours truly’s got the answer . . . loans at the shortest notice . . . only sixty per cent per annum . . . cheapest on the market . . .favourable terms to all gents present!’ At this point up starts our W. M. Bracegirdle-Tudddenhall, face purple, arms swinging side to side like he was a gorilla about to take off for the tallest tree. ‘Sit down, sir! Touting for business! Not done, sir, not done! Your job – just tell us how grateful you are to us for havin’ you and sit down!’ ‘And furthermore,’ went on the unspeakable Heep, ‘preferential terms for gents present at house of mine in Canterbury (train times available on request) . . . popular among the Cathedral clergy . . . charming young ladies . . . known throughout Kent as the Cathedral Belles - !’ Our W.M. now on the edge of spontaneous combustion tromboned: ‘Have you, sir, the effrontery to invite us to a disorderly house?’ ‘Far from it, Worshipful Masterful. No more orderly house in Canterbury. Big chap at the door sees to that. Any disturbance and – right hook straight away in the miscreant’s earhole!’ Bracegirdle-Tuddenhall, whose collar had now burst, managed to gasp out, ‘Press his Stop Button someone! Now!’ Heep mishearing through the din continued:

Continued on next page


West Wales Mason

‘That’s the feller! Prescott. Battling Jack we calls him. Eye for the lasses too. Straight hook to where it hurts most. Has to be seen to be believed . . . You must have met him, Most Worshipful Squire, at his last shop where he was assistant Bouncer!’ At this last, our speechless W.M. brought his gavel down so hard on the table a bottle at the end of it hit the ceiling. Then a great swig of his Chateau Latour Pau giving him inspiration, he bellowed, ‘Bouncers! That’s the answer – Bouncers!’ These being peculiar to our ancient Lodge, a word of explanation is called for. Bouncers are bread rolls left over from the previous meeting, one being placed beside every Brother’s side-plate, to be used as ammunition against unpopular speakers. Well I can tell you, in a trice the dreadful Heep was fleeing for the door under a hail of rock-hard shot and shell. Home pretty late to find the usual note pinned on our locked bedroom door. But, to my horror, underneath the usual complaints about ‘unrespectable hours’ and ‘non-stop accounts of the night’s proceedings’ I read: ‘Had a visit from the wife of your candidate, Mr Heep, Alice by name. Nice woman, if a bit “fast”. Afraid the Lodge would lead her husband astray. Keep a firm hand on him, I told her, just as the rest of us Freemasons’ wives do with ours. Preferably on the coat collar. Have invited her and her husband Uriah to tea next Sunday.’

This time it’s Offa’s Dyke. 170 miles from Chepstow to Prestatyn. Starting on the 2nd June 2011 and hopefully finishing on the 12th June 2011. All in aid of the 2015 Festival. I would love to raise as much as possible and make my pain seem worthwhile Please make donations payable to “Cambrian Lodge 464” And forward to me at . Chris Harding. Grove House ,36 Pill Road, Hook, Haverfordwest, Pembs. SA62 4LU Thanking you in advance for your generosity


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For all your Legal Needs Martin Davies, Jonathan Powell operate with an excellent team of staff from offices in Aberystwyth & Machynlleth and offer a wide range of Legal Services. “The sun is always shining when you deal with Powell Davies Solicitors� Market Chambers, 27 Eastgate, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 2AR.

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At the May meeting of Peterwell Lodge, VW Bro Tom Evans presented a reproduction Celtic Sword to the Tyler, Bro David Doyle. In doing so, he said that he was delighted that the Lodge had been pleased to accept this gift to replace the French Bayonet with which the Tyler was armed at present, and would more clearly define the Lodge’s Welsh Heritage. In handing the sword to Bro David he remarked that he could not have done so to a worthier Brother who was not only a military man but whose Celtic roots encompassed both Wales and Ireland. Following this simple ceremony Bro Gerwyn Jones presented the Lodge with a ‘freestanding’ sword holder that he had designed and crafted. In thanking him for his generous gift to the Lodge the Worshipful Master, Andrew Carter, paid tribute to the skill and craftsmanship displayed by Gerwyn in producing such a fine and indeed unique addition to the Lodge furniture.

St Peter’s Lodge supports the Christian Lewis Trust with a donation of £500. The photograph shows Vernon Edwards receiving a certificate from Julian Canning of the Christian Lewis Trust in recognition of the £500 Donation. In 2010 the Christian Lewis Trust commemorated 20 years of caring and supporting families affected by children’s cancer. Since 1989 this small Swansea based charity has raised over £6 million, helped more than 4000 families and gained UK-wide recognition for its work and activities. The Trust philosophy on support is all about continuity; no matter what the prognosis. Accordingly, the range of services include Play Therapy where children affected by cancer and their siblings can tackle the deep issues through their natural medium of play and Bereavement Support which helps families cope with prospect and the results of grief.

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Prince of Wales Lodge No 671 Ladies Evening on Saturday 22nd January 2011 Prince of Wales Lodge held their annual Ladies Evening at the Masonic Hall, Llanelli. This had been postponed from the usual date in early December owing to the illness of the Worshipful Master W. Bro Peter Williams who, thankfully is making good progress and was in attendance. The event was attended by almost 90 brethren and partners and proved to be a most enjoyable event. As has become the norm in the Prince of Wales Lodge the Ladies, who called themselves “The Lodgettes”, presented a Musical Interlude entitled “Master of the Lodge” which was greeted with a standing ovation by all in attendance A raffle was held on the night and over £520 was raised for the Cardiac Ward of the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The reason that the Master and his good lady chose this charity was that during the summer of last year the Junior Warden’s wife, Victoria, gave birth to a baby boy and Adam needed surgery at the hospital, the baby being the grandchild of the worshipful master and his wife. The ladies evening was a bit of a “family affair” as the Junior Warden, who proposed the toast to the ladies was Bro Andrew Jones, the son of Mrs. Stephanie Williams the Master’s wife. Stephanie then replied on behalf of the ladies to the toast from her son. To further keep it in the family the Director of Ceremonies was W Bro Adrian Hallett- brother to Stephanie and other members of the family were in attendance as invited guests together with the MP for Llanelli Ms Nia Griffith who is a personal friend of the Master’s wife.

As was reported in the Autumn 2010 edition of the WWM, Gethin Lewis was awarded the MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours last year "for services to the community in West Wales". He received his medal at an investiture at Buckingham Palace in October from HRH the Prince of Wales who made special reference to Aberglasney Gardens which Gethin had had the privilege of showing to the Prince on two royal visits. Gethin described the ceremony as most impressive and the occasion as a truly unforgettable one for himself and for his wife, Jenny, and their children who accompanied him.

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It’s not often I actually get involved in the articles that appear in this periodical, that’s for you all to do. But, this one is different. It is different for two reasons; one it involved wine and the other, it raised money for charity. At Saint Padarn, we managed to involve both, with great success I might add. I am a big fan of local newspapers, which means of course that if you live in the north of the Province, the Cambrian News is the one for you. Wherever I go I always buy the local newspaper. This reminds me of a time when I was staying in an hotel in Torquay (and before you start, it wasn’t Faulty Towers) after breakfast I went into town for something to cure an headache, caused by you know what, and bought a copy of the Torbay Times and settled down to a strong tea. The headlines were ‘Hotel Guests Flee Blaze’. Crickey, there’s been a hotel fire. It turns out that it was the hotel I was staying in. I slept through it. It’s a long story why I didn’t leave the hotel to the safety of the car park. One day perhaps, maybe, I will spill the beans! Anyway the Cambrian News was 150 years old last year and used the anniversary to raise money for local charity. Saint Padarn Lodge agreed to support its fund raising with a wine tasting with a difference. Called ‘Quaff my Bluff’ with the three panellists, Beverly Thomas (Managing Editor of the Cambrian News) the Chirpy Chippy (Beverly’s husband) and me, the bacchant. Beverly has her own wine column called ‘Bottoms up’, which is a must read. In fact, the Chirpy Chippy now has a fan club! A two third page story appeared in the Cambrian News, which Beverly has given me permission to reproduce. There now follows the story that appeared. Bottoms up... Bev Thomas The Chirpy Chippy, my long suffering other half, was recently thrust into the limelight… He has always been happy to stay quietly in the background when I attend a flurry of

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functions in my role as managing editor of the Cambrian News. But I was recently invited to take part in a wine tasting evening with a difference at Aberystwyth’s Masonic Hall. And the Worshipful Master and his colleagues were adamant that they wanted ‘the chirpy one’ involved as well. The Saint Padarn Lodge of the Masons had offered to raise money to boost the Cambrian News’ 150th Anniversary Charity Fund by holding said wine tasting evening for members and guests. So Chip was ordered to attend. But it wasn’t going to be any ordinary wine-tasting session. Can you remember the TV series ‘Call my Bluff’? Well this was a ‘Quaff my Bluff’, organised by the Lodge Charity Steward Chris Samuel, whose knowledge of wine makes mine pale into insignificance. Chris, the Chirpy Chippy and myself were the panel of ‘experts’ (in the very loosest description of the word!). The audience got to sample six different wines, with each panellist trying to convince them that their description of each wine was the right one. It was then up to the audience to guess who was telling the truth. It was an hilarious and very enjoyable evening. Chip went down a storm and, amazingly, many of those attending thought it was he who was telling the truth most of the time. They obviously had decided that I, as a journalist, couldn’t be trusted on anything! I had practised for hours (well, 10 minutes, anyway) so I could properly pronounce all my wine names, bluffs or otherwise, while Chip didn’t even bother announcing his at all. Chris and I respectfully stood up to describe our wines, while Chip flatly refused, saying he was tall enough sitting down! The Chirpy One didn’t bother to follow the five ‘S’s – see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour. He just gulped the wine down and delivered the very basic tasting notes. But he could do no wrong with the audience of wine lovers, who got much livelier as the evening progressed (funnily enough). The Chirpy Chippy has come out of his shell and I believe a star has been born. There were some other stars on the evening. I’ve not forgotten you, the gentleman in the yellow sweater! Or those tasters who had downed their wine before the panellists even started their descriptions. And I must thank the two ‘sommeliers’, Graham Thomas (Saint Padarn’s Master) and Adrian Tester (Aberystwyth Lodge, a Past Master), for serving up the wines so expertly, and so generously to the panellists in particular! It was a great way to spend an evening and it raised a fabulous £445 for the Cambrian News Charity Fund. So an excellent result all round.


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W.M. of Saint Padarn Lodge, Graham Thomas presented a cheque on behalf of the Provincial Grand Charity for ÂŁ1000 to Cheryl Jones of the Mid Wales Colorectal Cancer Fund. This is the first of and annual donation covering five years. The fund helps patients and their families who suffer from Colo-rectal or bowl cancer in mid Wales area served by Bronglais Hospital. The photograph shows from left to right, W Bro Graham Thomas, David Jackson, Lead Colo-rectal Consultant, Owain Glyndwr Ward, Bronglais Hospital, Mrs Cheryl Jones, secretary and founder of the Charity who works tirelessly to raise funds, and Owen Peckover, one of the funds trustees.

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Why Mexican? Simply because, Graciela, the wife of Frenni’s Master Derek Taylor hails from Mexico. A typical evening – if there is ever such in Mexico – would see people nibbling away at tacos, pork, salsas, cajun beef, chocolate, shellfish, multi coloured fruit rice, tostadas, onion, chicken, chili, enchiladas, spicy potatoes, garlic, Mexican Rice [with tomatoes and refried beans], cheese, burritos, olives, ice cream and fresh fruit. Nevertheless, and despite some initial hiccups, the evening did eventually prove to be a success. All the available seats had previously been sold and therefore the room was packed to its maximum capacity, allowing the members and guests to savour the atmosphere and enjoy the finest Mexican dishes. The cuisine of Mexico is genuinely diverse – being true fusion cuisine. When the indigenous peoples merged their trio of essential ingredients, corn, beans, and tomatoes, with their flavourings, chocolate, vanilla, and, of course, chillies, with the wheat, meats, rice, citrus fruits, and spices introduced by the Spanish, one of the world's most popular and exciting cuisines was born. The foods of Mexico, like the land itself, are widely No two foods, alike no two diverse. regions, are ever found the same. This vast

and expansive country, measuring more than 2,000 miles from top to bottom, embraces far-reaching stretches of arid desert, high mountain ranges, verdant seaside plains, steaming jungles, and fertile plateaus surrounded by forested hillsides. Everyone, dare I say it, over-indulged themselves on starters of Prawns in Garlic Sauce, Spicy Chicken Pieces in a Pineapple & Lime Sauce and Mexican Chips with a Guacamole Dip – all of which were accompanied by Three Kings Fruit Bread [see lead photo on opening page]. Then after a brief respite – to slacken the waistbands – members continued to enjoy the main courses of Mexican White Rice with Tomatoes and Refried Beans, Multi Coloured Fruit Rice, Beef or Salmon, all of which were accompanied by Flour Tortillas, Spicy Potatoes, sweetcorn, peppers, salsa dips, boiled baby potatoes and vegetables and so on. As a natural follow on, and being ever mindful of the ladies' requests for low calorie, slim-line, healthy food, the diners' eyes focused on the display before they commenced to try to eat their way through the delicious desserts. The first being Pineapple and Banana slices topped with melted Monterey Jack hard Cheeses; the second was a Soft Vanilla Ice Cream heavily


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laced with pieces of chopped Mango, Pineapple, Papaya and Banana and, finally, the favourite, the pierce-de-resistance, the universally popular and mouth watering treat of Mexican Rum & Raisin Chocolate Cake coated with a rich glossy chocolate sauce. Not surprisingly, everyone from time to time needed an accompanying sip of sangria style wine and finally a refreshing

proved to be another successful evening for the Frenni Lodge. The more astute of my readers will have quickly spotted I have christened the occasion as, and I really would like to think of it, being the Inaugural Ladies Supper. However, will it be simply a "one off" evening or will there be a repeat style social function again next year – then the year after that and hopefully, if there is the

cup, indeed sometimes several cups, of tea or coffee. The Master of our Mother Lodge, the Teifi Lodge, Dic Savidge, accompanied by his delightful wife, Jaci, were the main guests and who in turn were supported by the members' personal guests from the Narberth and Fishguard Lodges, together with several of the Frenni Lodge's widows. Much later on in the evening, when prompted by the ladies as the magical hour of midnight was quickly approaching, Mike Kilsby, Senior Warden rose to convey the ladies' thanks to the organiser. However, in true Frenni tradition, after much too-ing and fro-ing together with some hastily restructuring of the night and then this reorganisation when coupled with the excellent meal, as usual, the occasion

continued support, so on ad infinitum? After all said – really, of course, it is up to the Master's wife to decide, obviously after carefully listening to and taking serious note of the ladies' wishes; but, if held, could it be Italian? Chinese? Indian? or what? As yet, nothing is fixed in tablets of stone, so goodness knows what the future will bring; however – to drop a heavy hint to the regulars – the idea of a Norwegian Smorgasbord has already been mused and plans are afoot and awaiting their place on the drawing boards. The Frenni faithful are already booking their seats in eager anticipation.

In the photo’ on the opposite page shows W Bro Derek Taylor and his wife Graciela.


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Aberystwyth Cliff Railway ‘Y Consti’ Restaurant The new restaurant ‘Y Consti’ provides a breathtaking setting for visitors to enjoy. The restaurant was designed as a replica of the Summerhouse Tearooms café. If you are seeking a venue for a private function we have the facilities to cater for most occasions. To discus holding a function in the unique venue please contact the manager. 07970 617 642

07971 042 422 Email:


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Saint Padarn Lodge presented a £200 cheque to the Friends of Borth Fire Service towards their new fire station, seen in the background of the photograph. Bore Fire Service is made up of volunteers, some of who are also lifeboat men. In the photo’, left to right are; firefighters, Martyn Davies, Aled Jenkins, Peter Davies and Simon Cashman. The cheque is presented by Graham Thomas, Master of Saint Padarn. Friends of Borth Voluntary Fire Brigade Borth Voluntary Fire Brigade is the only voluntary Fire Brigade on mainland Wales. It was formed in 1950 to relieve pressure on Aberystwyth Fire Brigade generated by a surge in tourism in the area, which covers Eglwysfach, Tre’rddôl, Taliesin, Talybont, Rhydypennau, Llandre, Dôl-y-Bont, Glanwern, Borth and Ynyslas. The unit consists of 7 voluntary firemen who receive no remuneration whatsoever for their services. They are trained and equipped by the Mid and West Wales Fire Brigade and attend regular training sessions to keep up with new methods and equipment. The old building was in a poor condition and had no running water or sanitation and the unit was urged by Mid and West Wales Fire Brigade to meet Health and Safety Requirements. Friends of Borth Voluntary Fire Brigade were established in 2004 to raise funds to build a new fire station. Members of the local community have been invaluable with their support and we are very grateful for all the donations and assistance we have received to date. Upon completion of our project, we shall continue to raise funds to cover running costs and additional costs and any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Cyfeillion Frigâd Dân Wirfoddol y Borth Brigâd Dân Wirfoddol Y Borth yw’r unig Frigâd Dân wirfoddol ar dir mawr Cymru. Fe'i ffurfiwyd ym 1950 i leihau'r pwysau ar Frigâd Dân Aberystwyth a gynhyrchwyd gan ymchwydd mewn twristiaeth yn yr ardal, sy'n cynnwys Eglwysfach, Tre'rddôl, Taliesin, Talybont, Rhydypennau, Llandre, Dôl-yBont, Glanwern, Borth ac Ynylas. Mae'r uned yn cynnwys 7 diffoddwr tân gwirfoddol. Nid ydynt yn derbyn unrhyw dâl o gwbl am eu gwasanaeth. Maent yn cael eu hyfforddi a'u cyfarparu gan Frigâd Dân Canolbarth a Gorllewin Cymru ac maent yn mynychu sesiynau hyfforddiant rheolaidd i gadw i fyny gydag offer a dulliau newydd. Dân Canolbarth a Gorllewin Cymru yn awyddus fod yr uned yn cwrdd â gofynion Iechyd a Diogelwch. Sefydlwyd Cyfeillion Frigâd Dân Wirfoddol Y Borth yn 2004 i godi arian i adeiladu gorsaf dân newydd. Mae aelodau o'r gymuned leol wedi bod yn amhrisiadwy gyda’u cefnogaeth, ac rydym yn ddiolchgar iawn am yr holl roddion a'r cymorth a gawsom hyd yma. Ar ddiwedd y prosiect, byddwn yn parhau i godi arian i dalu am gostau rhedeg a chostau ychwanegol a bydd unrhyw gyfraniad yn cael ei werthfawrogi'n fawr.


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Extracts from the address given by W. Bro. Rev. J. Keith Davies P.A.G.C., Provincial Grand Chaplain, at the annual Provincial Service held at St Mary’s Church, Tenby, on 24th October 2010. Text: Psalm 133 – verse 1: “Behold how good and lovely a thing it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”

This psalm is very familiar to many of the brethren. It is a psalm in praise of brotherly love. We learn in the Old Testament that god has established a Covenant of his love upon certain people, in a certain place, at a certain time, in a special way and for a special purpose. Their task, therefore, is to love others in that special way. The model, which God uses, for us to copy, is the happy family. Brothers are all those who are interrelated within the extended family. But brothers are also ‘brethren’ – as we use the word today: - that is, members of any particular group; in our case, members of the fraternity we belong to. It is when such a group co-operates in unity that it is pleasing to god. Unity means, on the one hand, the absence of gossip, backbiting, petty jealously and hurtful and cruel criticisms; and on the other hand, it means positive interest, care and concern for one another within the group. A stranger entering such a group should feel at once the friendly atmosphere of mutual interest and concern. God has commanded us to live together as the true family of God. Unless the community of believers is indeed a family, in this sense, then it will have no established order, resulting in human society in general breaking up, disintegrating, and falling into chaos and disorder. But the problem of unity is really part of a greater problem of evil. We are forced to ask why do men fight and quarrel, even to their own destruction. We are constantly brought face to face not only with division and anti-social behaviour, but with such common factors as when institutions become more important than spiritual reality and more concerned with customs and rituals than with the will of God. The path of those who seek wider fellowship will be littered with failure if they have nothing but their own ability to aid them. We need the power and will of god in our lives, which casts out evil and creates enduring fellowship. When the Psalmist wrote, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity”, he may have been thinking of members of the same family, or perhaps of the whole nation. Whatever the

West Wales Mason


cause or causes, he makes his point. If only men would live together in peace, how different life would be. Our Brotherhood is no different to any other institution or community. However, we have a system, which helps us to achieve that unity. What is Freemasonry? “It is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” Morality is not easy to define. What is generally regarded as moral by any community changes over the years. We live in a fast changing world, but there are two things that should never change: - the need to worship the Divine Creator and the need to establish standards which will allow us to live together in peace, love and harmony - as individuals, families, communities, nations and as a world. That is the great function of morality. The level of behaviour which we expect from brethren in their dealings with their fellow creatures is based on those virtues which we know as Brotherly Love, Relief, which is charity or compassion, and Truth, which is moral behaviour. These three provide the basis of the system of morality, which we profess and teach. However, Brotherly Love and Relief do not mean love for brethren only. It is our duty as Freemasons to help our fellow mortals, to provide comfort for the burdened heart. The option of passing by on the other side, as in the parable of the Good Samaritan, is not open to us. Relief, known to us as charity or compassion, neither begins or ends with your chequebook. Truth, however, is more than morality; it is the basis of our existence, the answer to the riddle of our existence and the standard by which we should live our lives in relation to one another. It could be claimed that our system of morality could be agnostic, but the inclusion of Truth proves that a Freemason believes that the universe and everyone and everything in it was divinely created, and he is expected to retain and nourish that belief by the practise of his religion. Sympathy for others is the common denominator in each of the moral virtues in which we sum up our system – love, compassion and moral behaviour. It is the factor, which down through the ages has always brought out the best in humanity, and one, which the world needs today more than ever before. For me, Freemasonry teaches men to care for others and to adopt high standards for themselves. I would not be standing here this afternoon unless I considered Freemasonry as subordinate to my religion and as a code of conduct in perfect harmony with that religion. And so, as we progress through life, if we walk with humility and spiritual awareness, we should be repeating with ever growing emphasis the plea of the Psalmist, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in harmony”. If we can hold on to those words, then our brotherhood will remain strong and faithful to its precepts of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, and by spreading those precepts in our own communities, the world can become a better, a more caring and a more peaceful place in which to live.


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Rae will be four years old in July 2011. Her grandparents are my close friends. When she was born her parents were overjoyed because her mother had undergone a serious operation to enable her to conceive. When Rae was less than nine months old her father was killed in an argument over a taxi he had ordered. Her mother has two children by a previous marriage living at home - a teenage girl and a teenage boy – and she works with Autistic adults promoting independent living. A year after her father’s death Rae was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2. She will never walk, stand or crawl. As the disease progresses, it will affect her feet, legs, arms, hands, spine and the respiratory system. It will not affect her brain and it is said that SMA children are usually of above average in intelligence. The life expectancy for SMA type 2 patients is from the age Rae is now until her early adulthood. Research into SMA is progressing, but at present there is no known cure. Rae already has difficulty swallowing and she will shortly be fitted with a gastric peg that will enable liquids to be passed directly into her stomach from outside. She is also to have a 3-4 hour operation for a reflux problem. She may soon be going into a back brace because she is developing curvature of the spine. Through all this she remains a lovely little girl with a loving heart and a beaming smile..

Tanya, Rae’s mother, is receiving support from her friends, family and the residents of Harlow (Essex) where she lives with her children, but the huge cost of the welfare of a child such as Rae is a serious worry. Among the major items are alterations to Tanya’s house, which will include providing a bedroom, bathroom and carport. for Rae to be safely transported into the home. The cost is estimated at £60,000. The State will pay only half of this. Rae’s wheelchair is of a special design and costs over £21,000, and includes a 5 year maintenance plan, insurance and public liability. The car that will accommodate her wheelchair is provided by the State but its adaptation to take the wheelchair has to be funded by Tanya at a cost of £8,000. This may have to be repeated every five years as the car is withdrawn and replaced. I have tried to help Rae and Tanya through my Masonic connections, but unfortunately, the Provinces of Essex and West Wales have been unable to assist for various reasons, but I am delighted that the Teifi Lodge and my other Lodges in London and Hertfordshire and my friends in Masonry have enabled me to raise almost £4,500 in total for the Rae of Sunshine fund. Should ant individual or Lodge wish to help with a contribution to the Rae of Sunshine Fund it may be sent to me, Dick Savidge, care of the Teifi Lodge. It will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.


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By Elton Lloyd Roberts On Saturday 16th October, Aberystwyth Lodge in conjunction with St. Padarn Lodge held a social evening to raise funds for the forthcoming Festival. The theme of the evening was “Tasty Dishes from the Far and Middle East”. The Brethren and their wives were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and sat down to appetisers of humus with pitta bread, popadoms with mango chutney, Bombay crunch and Japanese rice crackers. The main menu consisted of an assortment of exotic home made side dishes including black-eyed beans and mushrooms, red beans with a walnut dressing, Egyptian salad, bean sprouts with egg strands and Nepalese potato salad. The main dishes included chicken curry, mung bean curry, Chinese style steak and onions and a lamb tajine served with rice and bulgur wheat. However, the faint hearted and delicate stomachs were not forgotten and a sausage casserole with roast new potatoes was also available under the counter. Despite the level of hot peppers included in the dishes the diners largely ignored the cooling yoghurt raiti on offer but preferred to wash down their pallets with examples of the extensive wine list available. The sweet consisted of a specialist Cornish vanilla ice cream with honeycomb pieces to offset the spices, garlic and herbs that had come before. The function as well as raising a number of waistlines also raised a total of £400. The ‘photo shows John Fitzpatrick and Elton Roberts, the two ‘chefs de cuisine’, who prepared the evenings Oriental pabulum.


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Dyfed Powys Police have appointed Gary Hicks, a retired civil engineer from Milford Haven, and perhaps better known as the Provincial Secretary for Dyfed Mark Master Masons, as their new Chief Officer in charge of the Volunteer Special Constabulary operating within the force. Gary started his new role in February, and his is the first in a series of appointments in a newly formed rank structure designed to further professionalism the Special Constabulary within the Force. The rank structure, based on the national framework, will see the introduction of other ranks such as Special Inspector and Special Sergeant, which will help to effectively manage over 170 specials that currently operate across the force area. Special Chief Officer Gary Hicks is looking forward to supporting the force during the difficult times ahead. He said, "I am obviously delighted to be given the opportunity to play a key part in the development of the new structure for the Special Constabulary within Dyfed-Powys, I’ve served as a Special for thirty years, and I know that simply providing an additional

police presence and an extra pair of hands can really help”, “There are many challenges ahead for the police service and the Special Constabulary has an important role in providing additional resources to support the regular police officers." Superintendent Simon Powell who is the force lead for the Special Constabulary said. “It is almost universally acknowledged that volunteers are best managed by volunteers, and the rank structure which has been introduced provides visible recognition of the valuable service our Special Constables provide. I am delighted with Gary’s appointment and look forward to him leading our Special Constabulary.” DCC Jackie Roberts said, ”Our volunteer Special Constables are an important part of our Force and they do a an excellent job supporting our regular officers and staff. The implementation of this rank structure will provide enhanced levels of leadership and management within the Special Constabulary and provide additional support to the very real contribution they provide to the force and communities they serve..”


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By Dr Kate Bullen I was delighted to receive a donation from the Saint Padarn Lodge towards the penile cancer research project we are currently undertaking at Aberystwyth University, Psychology Department. Penile cancer, although relatively unusual in the UK population, has profound and dramatic consequences for the men who develop the disease. To date, little research has been conducted into the psychological impact of the condition. The help of the Saint Padarn Lodge will enable me to provide travelling expenses for data collection for one of our PhD students, Mrs Susan Carnes Dai Griffiths, W.M. Dr Bullen Prof Grattan Chichlowska, who is currently in the final year of her research degree. I have no doubt that Sue’s work will have benefits for enhancing our understanding of this difficult and challenging cancer.

On the 22nd November the Rhys ap Gruffydd Chapter was honoured by a visit from the Sovereign Grand Commander, the Grand Secretary General H.E. and the Grand Director of Ceremonies for the purpose of re-presenting his Patent to our Inspector General V.Ill. Bro. Dr. John Lloyd 33°. The evening proved to be most successful and enjoyable for all present, both Temple and dining room filled to capacity. The Ceremony conducted by the Sovereign Grand Commander was followed by the Enthronement of E&P.Bro. J.T. Keith Davies 18° by the M.W.S. Ill.Bro. David Elsley 30°. Following the banquet the Inspector General for the District of Dyfed V.Ill.Bro. Dr. John Lloyd 33° , in response to his toast , thanked the team from Supreme Council and stated that he looked forward to the ensuing 5 years in office at which point the Grand Secretary General was overheard to state ‘ at least ! ‘.


West Wales Mason

The Knight Templars of Monmouth and South Wales were in a joyous and festive spirit on December 8th this year as they attended the Installation meeting of their new Prior, R. E. Knight P Gordon W France. The Installation meeting took place at the Masonic Hall, Coychurch Road, Bridgend and was attend by visitors from all over the country and every Preceptory in the Province was represented. The ceremony was conducted by the Very High and Right Eminent Great Seneschal Malcolm Earnest Slater GCT assisted by the Great Marshall Right Eminent Knight Paul Clement. E. Kt. P Gordon W France was presented, obligated and installed according to established custom, and then as the Newly installed Prior he appointed and invested E. Kt. Gareth Gait as his Sub Prior and E. Kt. Robert S Darkins as his Vice Chancellor. All other current officers who were appointed and invested at Provincial Priory on 15th May 2010 remain in Office until their term ends at the next Provincial Priory to be held on Tuesday 17th May 2011. After the Installation meeting ended the Knights repaired to the dinning room for the festive board. The Very High and Right Eminent Great Seneschal proposed the toast to the Provincial Prior wishing him every success and good health to enjoy his new Office as Provincial Prior. R. E. Kt. P Gordon W France responded by thanking him for his good wishes and conducting the installation ceremony, which had been a first for both of them. The Provincial Prior then thanked the visiting dignitaries and the knights of his Province for the support and good wishes.

Right Illustrious Knight Graham Spencer Gubb has become the sixth Intendant-General for the Division of South Wales and Monmouthshire. in the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. His Installation was conducted by the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign Richard Victor Wallis, G.C.C. at Bridgend Masonic Hall on 15th September 2010, supported by Officers of Grand Imperial Conclave and attended by over one hundred Knights of the Order. Graham, who is a retired Environmental Health Officer has previously held the Offices of Divisional Recorder, Divisional Marshal and Deputy Intendant-General and is no stranger to heading a Masonic Order having recently retired after serving

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nine years as Provincial Prior for the United Orders of the Temple and St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, in the Province of Monmouth and South Wales. He is a member of most of the Masonic Orders operating throughout the three Craft Provinces of West Wales, South Wales and Monmouthshire and is also presently the Senior Passed Master and Deputy Grand Master Mason of the Worshipful Society of Freemasons (Operatives), for Western Counties and South Wales, encompassing six Assemblages covering a widespread geographical area that includes Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Bristol and South Wales. The Red Cross of Constantine has twelve Conclaves in the Division of South Wales and Monmouthshire, two of which operate in Cardigan (Aberteifi Conclave) and Carmarthen (Maurice Conclave). Admission to the Order is open to all Royal Arch Companions who profess the conventional Trinitarian Christian belief. Candidates are first admitted and Installed as a Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine and on a later occasion they receive the Appendant Orders of St. John of Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre, which completes their membership. Regalia consist of an embroidered sash worn over the right shoulder and two breast jewels, some officers also wear swords suspended from the sash.

The month of September heralds the start of a New Masonic season and September 2010 also brought a New Grand Superintendent for Wales District 34 in the Order of Holy Wisdom or The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest. On a bright and sunny Wednesday of September 8th 2010 the Most Illustrious Grand High Priest Ernest Peter Donnison, KGC (Hon Causa) GCA declared an Especial Assembly of Grand College to be held at the Masonic Hall, Coychurch Road, Bridgend at 1700hrs for the purpose of investing Illustrious Knight Priest David John ELSLEY as Right Eminent Grand Superintendent of Wales, District No 34. The investiture was conducted by the Most Illustrious Grand High Priest Peter Donnison, with M.Em. Kt Pt Christopher Gavin Maiden Deputy Grand High Priest as the Presiding Officer, together with officers of Grand College at the St Crallo Tabernacle No 164 meeting. The festive board after the Investiture was well attended by 82 Knight Priest and the newly installed Grand Superintendent Illustrious Knight Priest David John Elsley expressed his appreciation for all those Knight Priests who attended his investiture and thereby contributed by their presence to a most memorable evening. He also told the Knights that the Grand High Priests and his executive team of officers had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. He was also particularly pleased that the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of South Wales The Right Worshipful Bro Captain Sir Norman Lloyd Edwards and the Provincial Grand Master of The Province of West Wales Right Worshipful Bro. Eric G S Mock, were able to attend the Festive Board.


West Wales Mason


With the adverse weather conditions experienced this winter in the Province, the Provincial Grand Almoner, W.Bro Roy Leett, applied for funding to purchase a 4x4 for the Assistant Provincial Grand Almoner, W.Bro John Watson, to enable him to carry out his duties in visiting widows and Brothers who are not in the best of health, with particular regard to those living in remote country areas where normal vehicles were unable to cope with the conditions. John has just taken delivery of his new vehicle giving it a test drive. John stated that in his opinion the road holding was outstanding, but the engine did appears to have its best years behind it and fuel consumption (5 pints of Guinness per mile) did seem to be on the high side.

West Wales Mason


Cliff was Initiated into Teifi Lodge 14 April 1960.

The W. Master and his officers certainly worked hard in those days because Cliff was initiated in a double ceremony with Jason Wynne Lewis, sadly deceased in 1971, and a double Second Degree for John Sands Evans and Daniel Gethin James who became W. Master of Frenni Lodge in 1975. He was Passed to the Second Degree on 9 November 1960 again as a double ceremony with JW Lewis and one month later on 8 December 1960 was Raised to the Degree of Master Mason. Cliff was a Bank Clerk in Cardigan when he was initiated and as he had set his sights on promotion within the Banking world he was obliged to forgo the pleasures of rising to the Chair of Teifi Lodge as he was moved away to other towns like Llandovery and Talgardd and his skills eventually led him back to Cardigan as Manager. It was whilst he was away from home in Cwm Cou that he visited a certain garage in St. Dogmaels where he saw a very nice Triumph car, but being a canny Banker was a bit careful in spending money so he did not do a deal. The proprietor of said garage on seeing a potential customer leaving and knowing where he lived took another Triumph car to where Cliff was living, did the deal and drove Cliff’s old car back to Cardigan. Now that is a car salesman for you. The salesman? Yes you have guessed it, was none other that W. Bro B. V. Rees. The love of Cliff’s life is his wife Glenys whom he married on 9 May 1950 and they celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary last year.

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West Wales Mason Magazine Spring 2011  

West Wales Mason Magazine Spring 2011