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statistics were compiled using senior futures. 245 students were surveyed. if you are going to a state that is not marked, then we probably didn’t receive your senior future.




Find out where the seniors are headed.




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SOPHIE MEYER AND MADDIE BUSHNELLUNIVERSITY OF IOWA WEST SIDE STORY: Why did you decide to room together? SOPHIE MEYER: I mostly wanted to room with Maddie because her favorite color is yellow just like mine, and I was hoping to have a yellow-themed room. MADDIE BUSHNELL: I think the main reason Soph and I decided to room together is because our anxiety was growing about being paired up with random dorm mates. We have similar interests and aren’t best friends so we definitely thought we’d be able to be with each other for a year and not want to kill one another. WSS: How much do you know about the other’s living habits? Do you think that you’ll be able to adapt to living with them? MB: Neither Sophie nor I are very clean people, which hopefully won’t end up too terrible. We both decided we would clean often, and I think it helps that we know each other and can be somewhat assertive when it comes to getting things done. Also, as weird as it may sound, we figured out how one another sleep; no television, a fan, windows closed, lights ALL off. WSS: Why did you both decide to go to the University of Iowa? SM: I wanted to go to Iowa because all of my cousins have gone there, we’re all Hawkeyes.

MB: I decided to go to University of Iowa because it’s obviously a great university and teaching/learning facility. I also decided I wanted to go to Iowa because I wasn’t and am still uncertain what I will do as a major so I thought starting off at a familiar place seemed like the best choice. WSS: When did you two become buddies? What drew you two together? MB: We have known each other for most of high school but had never really been “friends” per se. We really started becoming close this past year because we had the same open periods and I’m pretty certain she grew to love me. WSS: What animal would your buddy be? SM: A brontosaurus. MB: An elephant, not only is she large and takes up an obnoxious amount of space like an elephant, but she also has a heart of one. WSS: You are stranded on a deserted island with your buddy. How would the two of you escape? SM: I feel that we’re pretty resourceful and could definitely finagle some type of raft. Or hope that her phone had service, DIG THIS? since I have AT&T so we all know mine definitely wouldn’t... CHECK OUT OUR SITE: MB: Create an automatic trebuchet and launch ourselves WSSPAPER.COM FOR MORE INTERVIEWS! onto the nearest land formation, how we would get off of that island would be the next challenge.


WEST SIDE STORY: Why did you decide to room together? trying to climb into the window. Clay didn’t hold the ladder. CALEB CROSBIE: We are very similar, and we both plan to work CW: The time we decided to mess around with fireworks in the car hard at our studies and extracurricular activities. while driving. That obviously created a few close calls. The worst CLAY WALKER: Caleb is really smart so I would be almost getting hit in the face by a “wild car”, aka feel like if I spend enough time with him a bottle rocket that Caleb throws at you. some of it will rub off. WSS: What animal would your buddy be? WSS: How much do you know about CC: A dragon. Clay just told me to put down the other’s living habits? Do you think dragon. that you’ll be able to adapt to living CW: Ed from the Lion King, because he’s with them? always laughing. CC: We study late. We procrastiWSS: What’s the craziest thing that your nate. We love a good prank. What buddy has done? more do you need to know? CC: Clay drove into a ditch that had four feet of snow. CW: Caleb and I are pretty similar. That was the day that we learned four-wheel drive does We’re almost late to first at least twice a not mean all-terrain. week, we both have semi-messy rooms, and our CW: We tested out the dog’s shock collar. That was during study habits are the same. So there really shouldn’t one of our study sessions. be a problem adapting to living together. WSS: You are stranded on a deserted island with your WSS: What’s your favorite thing about the other? buddy. How would the two of you escape? CC: We both know how to get our grub on. CC: Inviting some girls over, buying a couple boats, and CW: Caleb is a bro even though he left me at McDonald’s and made me having a mixed drink or two. walk two miles to get back to school. CW: Why would we want to escape? Let me ask you this WSS: What’s the best memory that you have with your buddy? The worst? question; would you want to be on a tropical island or in CC: Best - Late night “study” sessions. (Really we just hung out, ate lots of boring old Iowa? I think the answer is easy. food, and watched hilarious movies). Worst - I fell off the top of Clay’s house PHOTOS BY//KATHERINE YANG

Check out these parting words of advice from West High seniors:



Back to Bass-ics Drum Major BY MADHU SRIKANTHA


The rest of the Jazz Ensemble drops out as the comforting tone of the bass begins to take on a life of its own at the mercy of Emiliano Lasansky’s facile fingers. The rest of the band watches him, listens to him as he hums out the entirety of his solo to himself. They smile to each other after hearing echoes of familiar tune, and then turn back, impressed. And one thought reverberates through the head of everyone in the auditorium: Emiliano can play. Lasansky ‘11 has been playing the upright bass since 9th grade after a switch from the violin he says was because he just “didn’t have the hand of a violinist.” And that switch has clearly paid off. With high accolades ranging from All State Jazz Band and Orchestra to outstanding solo performances at both SEIBA Jazz Band and the Iowa Jazz Championships, it’s no wonder that Lasansky sees his future in music. “I was nervous for my college auditions, but I was given some excellent advice from a professor at one of the schools I auditioned at. He said to learn the audition repertoire so well that if you get drug out of bed at three in the morning and are forced to audition, you are able to play the best you can.


So although I was nervous, I practiced enough where nerves couldn’t get in the way of my performance,” said Lasansky. The hard work certainly paid off. This fall, he will be attending Eastman School of Music, one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. According to Michael Stryker, a music teacher at Birchcreek, a camp that Lasansky and the combo he plays for, Minimum Wage, went to last summer, he is both a great player and a great student. “Some musicians have a lot of natural ability but don’t work hard at the music. Some musicians don’t have a lot of natural talent but work exceptionally hard. Emiliano has been a pleasure to work with because he has both great natural ability but a strong work ethic, and he’s humble guy. From a teacher’s perspective those are really fun qualities to have in someone you are working with,” said Stryker. Both of those characteristics bode well for Lasansky’s future in school. As for the far reaching future? “Down the road I see myself playing music, hopefully in a big city,” he said. And he probably will.



Curtis Boysen ’11 is pretty good at the drums. He plays and listens to it all, from the strict repetitive marching stability of the school band’s beat to the freer, improvisational style of jazz drumming with a blend of cultures from Latin America to Africa to Europe. Boysen is really good at the drums. After all, he does spend nearly five hours a day working on his drumming. He chooses to spend five hours of every day either working or playing percussive instruments, with three hours of actual practice and two hours of listening. That kind of dedication would only make sense for a person who plans to intensely study music for the rest of their lives. And that’s exactly what Boysen plans to do. Next year, Boysen will be majoring in Jazz Performance at Northwestern University, where he has been accepted at the prestigious Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music, one of the top conservatories in the country. The Bienen School has an acceptance rate of only 10%, with approximately 400 undergraduate students each year. Boysen is excited to be one of them.

“Don’t worry, it gets easier.“ - Ashley Weinschenk

“After completing my gen. eds, all my classes will be tailored to music and jazz,” he said, clearly motivated by the prospect of four years intensely focused on and studying everything music, from rhythmic theory to actual musicality. And although he has played drums for nearly a decade, his experience in percussion started even before the formal action of picking up a drumset and playing. “I guess [I started] just as the common kid just banging on pots and pans,” said Boysen. “But I’ve taken private lessons for nearly 7 years.” Despite that long history with percussion, Boysen didn’t seriously consider playing the drums professionally or even as a focus in post-secondary school until just this last summer. That doubt wouldn’t show on his record, though, as he is both a member of the West High Jazz Ensemble as well as an integral part of Minimum Wage, a student-formed jazz band. But now, Boysen knows he wants to follow his jazz dreams, wherever those may take him. “It all depends on if I come out of [Bienen] good enough to get gigs with the players in New York and Chicago. A lot of huge musicians didn’t even finish school. But that’s my dream, y’know, to play in local jazz clubs.”



Graduate from high school. Go to college for four years, maybe grad school, then get a job. There’s a fairly generic formula as to what to do CALEB CLARK ’11 beyond our high school years. Caleb Clark ’11, however, is not following this in the least. Instead, the young man hopes to work for a year, go on a two-year long mission trip and proceed to major in theatrical lighting. Despite the fact that, surprisingly, one must pay $10,000 to serve on a mission trip, Clark looks forward to the experience. “It’s a cool opportunity to devote yourself to service,” he said. Clark is a

member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in which every “worthy” (determined by physical wellbeing and adherence to church rules) is requested to complete a mission trip. According to Clark, fellow seniors Brad Guymon and Ryan Stewart also plan to go on mission trips. Members of previous classes, such as Tyler Dawson ’09 and Stephen Olson ’09, are currently participating in mission trips, Dawson being stationed in Idaho

and Olson in Uruguay. The members of the church have no choice in where they will be assigned (Clark himself hopes for somewhere warm), but regardless of the location, Clark hopes to help solve certain problems. “I think violence is an issue,” he said. “It’s around us so often we don’t understand how it affects us.” After his mission trip, Clark plans to

major in theater lighting, an unusual interest for a high school student. His fascination in the activity began when he helped out with the lighting for theater West as a junior. “It was love at first sight,” he recalled. “Lighting can make people change their feelings about something without them noticing it . . . it is the ultimate manipulator.” Since joining the theater at West, Clark has applied his lighting skills to numerous other events and activities, which has only deepened his love for the art. He also enjoys watching various productions to learn and appreciate various lighting techniques. “I just love seeing all the cool artistic things they can do,” he said. “There’s just so many cool things about [lighting].” Truly, it is impossible to tell what the future holds. But one thing is for certain: the path Clark plans to take is, definitely, the one less traveled by, and it is bound to make a difference.



“Why not?” so responded M o l l y Parsons ’11 when asked why she decided to take a one month trip MOLLY PARSONS ’11 to Tanzania t h i s summer with her older sister. Parsons originally intended to participate in a study abroad program that was overseen by the University of Iowa, but complications in her plans led her to plan a vacation instead. “Apparently it’s really beautiful [there],” said Parsons, who looks forward to

almost every aspect of the trip. In addition to visiting several unique towns and cultural sites, she looks forward to seeing the Serengeti and taking safaris. “I guess that there are safety issues that I should worry about,” she added. “And malaria.” The idea of visiting the country began to brew in Parsons’ head long ago. Her older sister had spent the previous year in Kenya and had become fluent in Swahili. Molly herself began taking Swahili at the University of Iowa this year, and since then, the trip to Tanzania has interested her. “It was the trip that was the most real to me,” she said. Of course, preparing to travel to Africa is a lengthy process. In addition to applying for a visa, Parsons was

advised to get upwards of 16 different vaccinations. In addition, she plans to bring along a fake wedding ring to avoid the awkward experience of being asked to be purchased as a bride. However, both Parsons and her family believe that the trip is worth the risk. “I love it that she has a sense of adventure,” said Terry Parsons, Molly’s mother. “I worry, but no more than if was going to Chicago . . . I cross my fingers and hope for the best.” Parsons will be attending Iowa State University in the fall, and she plans to use the opportunity to study abroad in college well. “I love experiencing different cultures and learning about the rest of the world,” she said. “I just want to go everywhere.”

“Don’t work harder than you have to.” -Amr Metwali

Swahili to English Dictionary Mambo or Hujambo: Hello Kwaheri: Goodbye Hakuna Matata: There are no problems Rafiki: Friend Simba: Lion Asante: Thank you Tafadali: Please Hovakrafti yanga ime jazza na wakunga: My hovercraft is full of eels








The few. The proud. The strong. The students from West High who have chosen to serve their country after graduation. “The main reason I wanted to join the military was because they pay for college,” explained Ivan Zoluaga ’11, who will be shipping out for Fort Benning, Georgia a month after graduation. “I’d rather not take out a huge loan and have to pay it off later. I’m pretty sure if I go straight into the work force I’d get bored out of my mind going to the same job everyday.” Zoluaga is enlisting as an 11X, which means he will be an infantryman as his specific job. “Infantry is one of the most dangerous jobs in the army, mainly because it’s all close-quarter combat,” he said. To train for this, recruits go to nine-week boot camps after Advanced Individual Training (AIT), which can last anywhere from two-to-five weeks. For Zoluaga specifically, 14 weeks of boot camp will be required. And Zoluaga isn’t the only one. Andrew Sharkey ‘11 will also being serving his country through a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, allowing him to attain both his college education and participate in classes designed to prepare him for seven years in the Army. “I have almost always wanted to be a part of the United States Army,” he said. “I always have believed that service to something you believe in is the greatest thing a person can hope to do with their life.” Sharkey’s desires come from a history of service in his family, as both his parents and


his grandfather have served, granting him a degree of support that few are lucky enough to receive. Unfortunately, a supportive family also has it’s costs. “I’m going to miss everyone a lot,” said Zoluaga. “The lonely nights at boot camp will super tough but that’s why you have your battle buddy and your squad to help you out when things get rough.” And Zoluaga has been preparing for those lonely nights with vigorous physical training IVAN ZOLUAGA ’11 as well as readying himself for both the mental and emotional stress he may have to encounter. “Before you ship you have the chance to get promotions by passing a PT test, ANDREW SHARKEY ’11 finishing Future Soldier classes, bring in someone as a referral, or having college credits,” he said. “Right now, I’m working on finishing my Future Soldier classes to get a promotion. The only thing a person can do to get prepared for the physical part is run a lot. Run every morning and night, [as well as doing] push ups and sit ups “Sell elevator passes.” -Christine Amendola

as much as possible.” According to the Department of Defense, the United States Army recruits nearly 80,000 new soldiers every year, whether through college fairs or just people wanting to enlist. Though Zoluaga’s family wanted him to go straight into college, a college fair presentation of the military as a path to making a college education a lot cheaper and more accessible swayed him over to joining the Army. “Also, they looked pretty cool in their uniforms,” he said. But Zoluaga’s dreams don’t stop in those uniforms, no matter how cool they look. “My dream is to get out of the military and study criminal justice to become a detective,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to be one, after watching all of those detective shows … I also want to go to school for auto body collision just to be able to do those things as a hobby.” Sharkey, on the other hand, is relatively unsure of his future. “I plan on serving in the army at least until I qualify for retirement. I might continue to serve all thirty years until retirement becomes required. I’m not really totally sure what I plan to do but then again that’s over twenty years away right now.” But wherever happens, both Sharkey and Zoluaga will have had both several years of service, protecting their country and things it stands for. “I believe in America and I wish to protect … . While I wish that violence was never necessary I am more than willing to visit said violence upon those who would harm the people of America,” Sharkey said.


Since 1993, more than 540000 Americans have served in AmeriCorps. This program allows U.S. Citizens ages 17 to 24 to make a difference in the world around them. This year, two BY ALISSA ROTHMAN sisters from West High decided to join the cause and help others. alissa.rothman@wsspaper.com


After years of helping kids learn and grow, Zoie Yetley ’11 is ready to take her involvement a step further. Starting in August, Yetley will start a ten-month program through AmeriCorps in Manchester, New Hampshire. There, she will be tutoring and mentoring elementary school students in either first or third grade. “Helping kids learn and grow had been so influential and eye opening. It has shown me how many opportunities we all have to make a difference,”



Yetley said. Yetley decided to join AmeriCorps after becoming familiar with the program through her sister Phoebe and a friend who is currently involved in the program. “They are a program that is actually making a difference, and that is what I want to do,” Yetley said. ThoughYetley is a little nervous about the New Hampshire cold, she is looking forward to the learning experience. “I’m super excited about the experience in general, not only helping children and volunteering, but also the personal experience I will receive from

being on my own and meeting all sorts of new people,”Yetley said. Yetley is currently finishing applying to the program. The application process for AmeriCorps consists of two essays, two references and a series of questions about contact information, interests and past experiences. Once the application is complete Yetley will also have to go through a series of interviews. She hopes to start the program in August. “This seems to fit where I am in my life right now,”Yetley said.

Many seniors will be heading off to college next fall, but PhoebeYetley ’11 decided to try something new. “I just wanted to experience the world before I chose what I would try to do [in it],”Yetley said. Starting this fall, Yetley will be participating in a ten-month-long program called City Year Los Angeles through the AmeriCorps program. City Year is an international program that works to keep children in school and help them graduate, transforming schools and communities. She will be joining over 200 other corps members in the program. “I will be assigned three to four kids who h ave

been falling behind, and it is my responsibility to get them on track,” Yetley said. Yetley’s students will probably be in elementary school, but could also be in junior high. She will be in classes tutoring the students, along with joining them in an afterschool program to continue mentoring and tutoring her students. On Fridays, Yetley will join the other AmeriCorps volunteers assigned to her school to plan community fundraisers and events to make the community a better place. “I’ve always known that I wanted to help. Having a job, whatever my career will be, has nothing to do with how much money I will make. All I want to do is help and give and do whatever I can do make the world a little better. City Year gives children the opportunity to get an education, something everyone deserves. An education is so powerful. It’s what opens the doors to every opportunity out there, and it’s something no one can take away from you,” said Yetley Yetley has a long history of working with children,

“Be friends with your teachers.” -Katie Kelley

including working at a daycare for over two years, being a ten year participant and two year counselor in Iowa State 4-H summer camp, and helping start up West High’s Best Buddies program. Though she and her mother are a little nervous aboutYetley living on her own, she is also extremely excited. “I’m excited to work with the kids. It will be a challenge, but that’s why I like it! I’ve worked with challenging kids before, but I have a feeling this will be a different, but liberating, experience,” Yetley said. After the program wraps up,Yetley is unsure of where life will lead her. “I will probably end up at Kirkwood, but I guess I want to keep my options open and let the world take me [somewhere]. Something will catch my eye, and I’ll do it,”Yetley said.


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“So nothing lasts forever, right?” dances behind my closed lids -neon and flashing, almost mocking. But not quite ther– OPEN. Bright, shiny summer day.Well, I’d imagined my feelings would match the weather-But they don’t. Four years of impatient foot tapping should have made this a clean break, but there’s a lingering sensation of forgetting something that I just can’t seem to throw off Maybe it’s a goodbye? -it’s stupid, though I thrum my fingers on the lockers I never used in a plasticy remembrance of what it meant (means?) to be a child I feel stupid, though I sit in the empty auditorium (teenage angst prevails for (hopefully) the last time) I never felt this way during -I never longed to -But maybe not completely stupid see how many people never felt like this but feel like this now somekindofhappiness arises from knowing Knowing I’m not the only one and that even though I never loved you (oh dear, dear high school) I’ll miss you like I did.

Goodbye West High BY LAURA STAMNES


…Goodbye West High Goodbye Iowa sky Goodbye plains beneath the Iowa sky Goodbye corn And the pig sties Goodbye crowded halls Goodbye soccer balls Goodbye classrooms And goodbye newsroom Goodbye mom and dad And goodbye fellow grads Goodbye open hours And goodbye my own shower Goodbye physics And goodbye calculus Goodbye cafeteria Goodbye school food (aka mush) And goodbye to the librarians Whispering “hush” Goodbye teachers Goodbye friends Goodbye high school, The End


As our high school career comes to a close, we can’t help but reminisce. We remember the great times we wouldn’t trade for the world. We appreciate the defining high school experiences that no one should miss out on. And we realize there are so many things we never did, and should have. With our eight years of combined high school experience, we compiled a list of must-do’s before graduation day. So, for those of you with time left in these halls (suckers!), finish high school with no regrets! 1. Make art not war -- Learn to paint, metal-work, glassstain(?), or draw expressively! 2. Go out for a random sport! Learn to laugh at yourself. 3. Support Theatre West and attend a play or musical. 4. Cheer on a West High team at State! 5. Go on a road-trip! (Get hopelessly lost). 6. Do yoga in the library… 7. Get kicked out of the library… 8. Subsequently, be nice to the librarians. 9. Go to a concert. Head bang. Or hold hands (music type dependent). 10. Sing happy birthday in the cafeteria. Loudly. 11. Have fourth open. 12. Have 5th, 6th and 7th open…drop out? 13. Set a trend. Or keep one alive. 14. Learn to spell before colledge. 15. Befriend a teacher. (100% platonic). SARANYA. 16.Tell bad jokes. (What’s green and has wheels?) 17. Grass. I lied about the wheels. 18. Go to a football game in 0 degree weather, and stay even if the scoreboard matches the thermometer. 19. Paint yo’ body! (For a sporting event…) 20. Learn to rap, yo! 21. Ride bikes in Walmart.Training wheels optional. 22. Make friends with people in foods class (eat their food). 23. Go to a dance with a date. 24. Go to a dance without a date. 25. Become a regular at Panchero’s and Java House. Bonus points if they learn your order! 26. Dress up for Halloween. Keep it clean. 27. Go camping! 28. Participate in spirit days. 29.Volunteer. 30.Wear glasses even if you don’t need them. 31.Watch trash TV. Be proud of your morals. 32.Take lots of pictures. 33. Go to summer camp.Wear sunscreen. 34. Get a job. Get money. Get paid. 35. Make GIANT cookies 36. Draw with chalk. Jump rope. Swing. 37. Play board games! With and without your grandma. 38. Go boating in Lake Macbride. Catch a fish! Let it go. 39. Sneak out. Sneak in. 40. Discover something you love to do...and do it!

Four-year edition We suck

The fact that no defining moment of our class came to my mind Minus 2

Our relationship with the library

Relaxed library regulation over the course of 4 years Plus 3

Oh wait! We do suck. Hey, I thought of a defining moment! Being the first class to lose powderpuff to the junior class Minus 3

End of the year Last day of high school – also the first day of the only summer without an obligation to pursue, well, anything. Plus 6

Our athletic prowess Our slowly but surely improving football team has made me not unproud over this last year. Keep up the low but improving standards? Plus 3

Baby Murls

The infamous superintendent switch has made the lives of West students difficult for the past year – first, no snow days for our class after watching the previous two classes get away with a wonderful extra week of summer, then promise of ruining the lives of students for years to come with your lack of responsibility. Love ya bby Murls! Minus 2

Total 2

compiled by madhu srikantha


Paving my own way To King BY LAUREN PARSONS



hese are the best days of our lives. We hear that a lot. Enjoy high school because the real world sucks. I hope these aren’t the best days of my life. I hope that things only get better. Most high schooler’s lives are defined by homework, clubs and who asked who out. My high school career was a little different than most. Mine was defined by depression, drug use and work. I’m not saying it was all bad, there was definitely some good. It just wasn’t what I expected. My freshman year was less than I hoped for. I was constantly angry, upset and felt a lack of motivation. I decided half way through the year that what I was feeling wasn’t normal. It wasn’t okay. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was tell my parents that I needed help because of depression. At the same time, I didn’t want to be that girl that everyone considered a depressed freak. So I got help. When I finally got help (for real, terrifying), things got progressively better. I started to feel like a kid again. I started doing well in classes and became more social. Since then, I have been on medication to help with my depression and my re-

cently diagnosed anxiety. I’m grateful that I had friends to push me to get the help I needed. Then the drug use started. This may come as a surprise to some. I don’t look or act like your typical drug user and that’s on purpose. I had tried drugs and alcohol during my freshman year but didn’t become a frequent user until sophomore year. That’s when things started to get out of control. I was using marijuana regularly and trying various other drugs. It had become an everyday habit for me. I realized once I started coming to school on drugs that I was going too far. It had become too much. I knew I needed to make a change. I eventually figured out that school wasn’t really for me. I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything. So I got a job. Then another. And a few more. I work three different jobs every summer and hold two steady jobs throughout the school year. My jobs give me a sense of worth. I am needed, I work hard and I do my job right. I feel like I’m doing my part. Work gave me a new sense of self-confidence and that confidence gave me a new outlook on life. I realized that my self-worth wasn’t going to come from school, but from work. For some, high school was defined by their accomplishments inside the walls of West High. For me, however, high school was defined by what I was able to achieve outside those walls. But what do I know, I’m just a kid.

What I couldn’t say BY ANNA HIPPEE



ome people are born with an incredible ability to express themselves verbally. I am not one of those people. I don’t have some uncanny talent of knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. It’s not that I’m socially awkward and don’t understand what type of thing I should be saying. I just struggle to piece together the right words to express my general ideas. (But JK. I’m actually pretty socially awkward). I endlessly obsess about how to confront a person about the simplest of things, which leads me to avoid confrontation at all costs. I often need advice on how to respond to a text message, how to approach a teacher with a question, and what to do with my hands (LOL Madhu). Throughout my high school years, there have been a lot of sentences that I have been unable to formulate that I really wanted to. So right now, with the entire world as my audience, (but mostly just parents of our newspaper staff), I’d like to express myself just a little bit. Dear arrogant, pretentious people, I don’t get why you feel the need to tell me: how you can’t


believe you missed two points on that last test we took, how my top choice school is your safety school, how you totally failed that test (JK you got a B), how you’re surprised that your teacher could be annoyed with you for sleeping through class again, and how you didn’t read the book but got a better score than me on the reading quiz.Thank you for getting into your school, so I don’t have to see you at mine. Dear Dr.Arganbright, You’re the best. For real.The heartfelt speech you delivered over the intercom a few weeks ago made me feel truly grateful to have such a fantastic principal and be in a school filled with such wonderful, inspiring people. Also, thank you for letting Emily Kreiter and me morph your face with a pumpkin and put it on a t-shirt. It was truly an honor. Dear friends, Thank you for: three o’clockers, Gossip Girl blasts, Chinese poker, introducing me to The Office, laughing at my jokes, loving bad music/movies/television shows as much as I do (JoJo, you know what I’m talking about), back-to-school camp out night, newspaper dance parties, Indian food, being my only Asian friend (Gina, sorry David, I h8 u), excessive amounts of granola bars (Kap), Jazz band Sardines, the website BPS, being more obnoxious than I am, helping me write this column, making poop jokes all of the time, and just being really cool and stuff, you know. Love, Anna




’m sorry... Mr. Harding, for dropping your class and for owning a sweatshirt with your face on it. Dr. Larson, for putting that timer in your ceiling. Jonathan Williams, for telling you the wrong ceiling tile when you went back to get the timer. Ms. Rocarek, for putting your timer in Dr. Larson’s ceiling and then giving it back without telling you why I had needed it. Collin, for forgetting my phone that one time on RAGBRAI. And for being so annoying all the time. Anna, for being better friends with your dad than I am with you. JoJo, for bringing up the thing with Collin’s swim meet all the time. And I’m sorry for bringing it up again here. Gina, for not being able to think of anything to apologize for. Because I’m such a good friend. Actually, for sending you poop texts all the time. Madhu, for writing a column about you using an alias. I bet you never guessed that Bedew Srithar was actually you. Laura, for calling you a gap-toothed bitch. It’s not your fault you’re so gaptoothed. And for making way too many Office references to you specifically even though you don’t watch it. Elizabeth, for talking about the luau all the time. Lindsay, for dragging you on a bathroom photo shoot. Mr. T, for never quitting. Molly Parsons and Asia Meriwether, for blocking your lockers every morning. The floor in front of locker 165, for the butt imprint that will surely be left on you after I leave. Melch, for interrupting your sixth hour class every day. Dan, for yelling your name for long periods of time every time that I see you and for being so annoying that I annoy myself when I talk to you. Also for watching you outside of Gov everyday. Mr. Shutt, for every time I’ve ever been in your classroom. And for laughing outside your classroom everyday during sixth period. Mom and Dad, for being so stubborn all the time and not thanking you enough. I love you! And to the general population of West High for making this column way too much of an inside joke.

Man’s best Changing for better friend BY GARRETT ANSTREICHER garrett.anstreicher@gmail.com




he stars must have been aligned just right when our eyes met. With the crescent of the perfectly opalescent moon shining brightly from the raven sky, a glitter of celestial light was all that was needed to illuminate each of our expectant, almost anxious faces. It’s odd that any of these things were happening at 8:00 a.m. in an industrial tech classroom on the first day of school in eighth grade at Northwest Junior High, but they were, I swear. After all, that must be what happened, as the person across the room was Daniel Dai ‘11, and there is no other person with a more dynamic personality or engaging philosophically intuned brain. Now, I could do a couple of things with these 400 words that Madhu has so graciously granted me. I could wax poetic about my high school experience and attempt to extract a theme from a series of prominent events or even extrapolate multiple lesson from a single life-changing experience, but I’m just going to tell you about one person. One person that affected my high school experience more than anybody else. Dnniel is goofy. That’s the first thing you need to know about him. He’ll lay around playing Words with Friends on his Droid and fart and giggle if he spells out a word like “semen” and then he’ll drift off to sleep while listening to heavy metal or dubstep. Then he’ll go to McDonalds and inhale twenty-three McDoubles and comment about how he always holds his sandwiches too high when he eats them. But Daniel’s also exceedingly intelligent. Although his sloth-like demeanor and often bumbling manner may not betray his unique insight, I promise, he is. He’s the kid who goes on StumbleUpon or Reddit all day and remembers a majority of the random information he soaks in, ready to whip it out at any point. Whip it out. At any point. Regardless of the topic, whether I need the nutritional information of a caribou or the status of hologram technology, I’ll ask Daniel. Because he’ll probably know. And the best thing about Daniel is that he’s never had a malicious thought in his life. He might be selfish at times and he might just be stupid at others, but he’s never purposefully tried to hurt another person. Ever. So yeah. That’s Daniel Dai. That’s my best friend. I don’t really have anything else to say about it.


consider myself a veteran of school. First came the hormone-induced wars in junior high; I still suffer from PTSD-like panic attacks whenever I hear the word “drama.” Freshman year provided me a brief respite, but I soon flung myself back into the frontlines, enduring mountains of work and varying degrees of verbal abuse (no hard feelings, Tyson.) And now, excluding the AP tests that will most likely leave me in dismal tears, my battles are temporarily over. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about Machiavellian politics. I’ve learned how the endoplasmic reticulum works in cells (I’ve forgotten it by now, but hey). I’ve learned how to integrate e^x, how opportunity costs work, how long it would take an anvil to fall on my head from the top of a tall building, what Albert Camus thought about life and why bureaucracies suck so much and how to spell bourgeoisie and all about chemicals and the

binomial theorem and— Forgive me; I digress. I could list samplings of my education all day, but I’ve also learned that all those tidbits of trivia are laughably insignificant compared to the other lessons that I’ve gleaned through the years. I’ve learned how to talk to people. I’ve learned how to try new things. I’ve learned how to befriend peers and teachers alike, and I’ve learned how to ask a girl out (as well as how not to). I’ve come to believe in and love Pokémon more than God. I’ve learned just how freaking awesome Dr. Arganbright is, and my ability to avoid awkward situations with Madhu has grown exponentially, although I’m afraid to say that it’s still far from perfect. In short, in these four years I’ve learned how to live, and through doing so I’ve learned that high school’s worth comes not from the classes we take but from the changes we go through in four of the most developmental years of our lives. And as the prospect of college looms over my mind more and more, I’ve learned just how much I’m going to miss you guys. Thank you all for being there for and teaching me during the best years of my life thus far. And so we go.

Backpack to the future BY ALISSA ROTHMAN



y backpack has been with me throughout my time at West. Carried from class to class, my grey and orange Eddie Bauer has valiantly sat by my side through all my high school trials. I have thoroughly tested its “guaranteed-for-life” promise and though it looks worn out, it is still going strong. Recently I decided to go back through my bag, and realized that my backpack contained objects that summarized my time at West and my advice for future high school-ers. 1. My flash drive- I have had the same flash drive throughout high school and recently decided to look back at my oldest file, my originally titled “Life Lessons one should learn from Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’.” I highly suggest that all seniors should go back and read a paper they wrote freshman year. It really reflects how much we’ve grown intellectually throughout four years. 2. Left over index cards from symposium- I know that this is a shocker for all you freshmen but you will never need to use that many note cards again (unless your name is Gina Thayer). I can assure you that though you should continue to utilize your newly developed note taking skills (because you

clearly have never done a research project before), don’t be like me and continue to lug around forgotten index cards at the bottom of your bag. 3. Chocolate-covered coffee beans- These wonderful, magic beans mark my downfall into becoming a caffeine addict. I now have to have a cup of Joe in the morning to function like a normal human being. 4. A medal from cross country- For me, cross country was a challenging, frustrating and ultimately rewarding experience. Though I know not everyone is athletically inclined, I highly recommend that people try to get involved in some extracurricular activity at West. Try things out, find something to love and delve into it.You will have such a richer experience because of it. 5. A metal ring- Though I am by no means an artist, the ring I made in Metal Working and Jewelry freshman year still brings back happy memories. I am one of those seniors who truly believes that no matter who you are, you should try to take an art elective (or something that is fun and possibly out of your comfort zone) before you graduate. Though my ring is completely unattractive, I was able to surprise myself with what I made for my other projects, and created some things that I am really proud of. It provided a great break in my day, and was one of the most enjoyable classes I took at West. As I move on to college, I will continue to carry my backpack with me, along with the memories and lessons I’ve learned.



Why two seniors chose colleges in Germany



With the school year coming to the end, Lydia Somers ’11 had the impossible task of deciding what college she would be attending this fall. After debating the pros and cons of each school, she came up with a proper and logical way to decide her future; she flipped a coin. Heads, she would attend Georgetown University, and tails, she would attend Jacobs University. As the coin spun in the air and landed on her hand, Somers realized how much she wanted the coin to be tails, and at that moment decided to attend Jacobs University in Bremen Germany. Jacobs University is a ten-year-old English-speaking higher educational institution that has students from all around the world. “I was on an online chat for admitted students with four Americans, one person from Chile and two people from Nepal,” Somers said. As a first year requirement, Somers will be rooming with someone from another country as part of the cultural experience. She is excited about meeting people from other countries with different backgrounds as well as experiencing an unfamiliar society. Somers compares the university to


Sapphire Ratner

Hogwarts, in which the school is divided into four different colleges with BY ALISSA ROTHMAN each one having its own personality. alissa.rothman@wsspaper.com When asked where she is going to She will be majoring in international politics and history and will hope- college, Sapphire Ratner ’11 surprises fully get to travel around with Foreign most people with her answer. After Services, an idea she got from Allison recently moving to Iowa City from the San Francisco Bay area of California, Link’10. Somers heard about this university Ratner will start next year off at Schilfrom a post card she received in the ler International University in Heidelberg, Germany. mail. “I start university in July, so I’ll have “The only piece of college mail that moved twice in just a few months,” influenced me,” she said. Her host family from last year’s Ger- Ratner said. Schiller is an American university in man foreign language trip ensured her that Jacobs University was a great Heidelberg, Germany. Ratner found school. Somers will be attending the out about the college after she traveled school on a full-ride scholarship and to Germany with her parents and fell in can not wait for the opportunities she love with the city of Heidelburg. “A couple years ago, I visited Geris about to take. Though she has a few worries about not being able to take many. I went to all the major cities, much with her and the diverse com- Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg . munity she will be a part of, Somers is . . but my favorite city was Heidelberg. ready for this cultural change. She will Heidelberg is beautiful and 20% of the be taking seven classes per semester, population is foreign,” Ratner said. Ratner is excited for experience of and instead of going for four years, she living abroad. will attend for three. “I’m very excited because I’ll be able Somers is also considering taking another year of high school through to do lots of traveling through Europe,” an exchange program in Germany. Ratner said. Ratner decided on Germany for sevWhether she does this exchange program or not, Somers will definitely eral reasons. “I like that, in Germany, once someattend Jacobs University. Nothing is one is 18, they have all the legal rights. stopping her now. “Don’t give into peer pressure.” - Collin Kramer

In America, even when a person turns 18, they still don’t have all the legal rights. Also, unlike American schools where you have to take 2 years of general education, German universities are only three years and students do not take general education. Instead, they can focus all their attention on their major,” Ratner said. Though she is not fluent in German, Ratner is comforted that most of her class instruction will be in English. “I have taken some German classes in the past, but I’ll basically be starting from scratch once I get there,” Ratner said. Even though she says she will miss her family and friends, Ratner says she appreciates how supportive they have been. “My family has been very supportive, both my parents moved far away from home for college and they both had very positive experiences,” Ratner said. After a year at Schiller, Ratner plans on transferring to Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg.

Words from the wise Words from the wise

Words from the wise Words from the wise


These seniors never got the chance to be in the WSS, so we asked them to share some words of wisdom from their time in these halls.

Take as many classes with Miss Liz Dodge as you can. -Derek Norland

Have fun, it

goes much faster than you think! -Sarah Bohner

Push yourself, don’t slack off. You can actually do much more than you think you can. Take an honors or AP class, go out for the team, audition for a musical. You don’t know what you are capable of until you try it. -Katie Ranshaw

You have to stand up for what you believe in; whether it’s God or your morals. That’s what makes YOU unique. So what if you stand out as a Goody Two-Shoes, at least you know that you are doing the right thing. Additionally, never let anyone feel like they can rule over you. You have a mind, let others see it, which includes when you have a crazy idea. “If you shoot for the

moon and miss ... you will land among the stars.”

-Jamie Riahi

Say hi to Jerry when you see him in the halls. -Derek Norland

Save your open hours for your senior year. -Derek Norland

Be in the paper... and be in theater. -Blake Winder

Cherish every moment you have, not only at West,

but also in life. I know it may seem cliché to say, but time flies by so quickly even when you don’t want it to. That is the one thing that I regret in my senior year ... not holding onto every wonderful moment that happened in school, dance and in my life this past year. -Jamie Riahi “Focus on the parties.” - Mo Taha

Be nice to the kindhearted librarians. They yell at you because they love you. -Derek Norland 40

numbers numbers the


BY THE surveyed.



are unhappy with their plans for next year.


of seniors have been cheated on by a significant other.

205 seniors



did not enjoy high school.

have skipped a class

support gay marriage.




43% of seniors have had a crush


on a teacher.



of seniors have cheated on a significant other.














Which year of high school was the hardest?

Each book = 20 students Which year of high school was the hardest?

one book = 20 seniors





56% of seniors believe in God.

33% 32% 11% 11% HAVE HAD HAVE HAD










wer? sho 11 20


does the cla ss o ften o w f Ho






shower less than three times each week.

five to ten times each week.



three to five times each week.



r na



of seniors have pulled an all nighter. 140 |CALCULUS|

Does Dr. A know you


w e st h ig h s c h o o l


know your name?



of seniors have tried marijuana


of seniors





42% DRINK 35%


more than ten times each week.



of seniors have never been on an airplane. 38

West’s division I athletes COMPILED BY EVAN SMITH

Tanner Schilling Sport: Soccer School: Colgate University Position: Forward Key reasons for decision: The number one thing was the quality of education and then the quality of soccer. Best Sports Moment: Winning my second state title Worst Sports Moment: Losing my freshmen year in the state final in the last couple minutes. Words of Wisdom: Work hard and put in the extra hours on and off the field if you really want to be your best.

Sarah Weihe Sport: Swimming School: University of New Mexico Events: Backstroke and freestyle Key reasons for decision: I liked it the most out of the 5 recruiting trips I went on. Best Sports Moment: Freshman year meet against Cedar Falls. Worst Sports Moment: I don’t think I have a worst.

Sport: Baseball School: University of Iowa Position: Pitcher/Infielder Key reasons for decision: I really liked the vibe I got from the coaching staff at Iowa. I’ve always wanted to be a Hawkeye since I started playing. Growing up in Iowa City with no professional teams around, you follow the college teams a lot closer and get a strong bond. Best Sports Moment: The state championship game my sophomore year. Worst Sports Moment: Breaking up a no hitter in the bottom of the 7th with a double to left center.

Katie Kelley

Nicole Rondeau Sport: Soccer School: University of Northern Iowa Position: Center midfielder Key reasons for decision: UNI is in state and I really liked the coach. Also they offered me an athletic scholarship to play there. Best Sports Moment: Probably my sophomore year when we were the underdogs going into the state tournament and ended up making it all the way to the finals. On top of that I was also named to the state All Tournament Team for the second year in a row.

Nate Ewing Sport: Baseball School: Western Illinois University Position: Middle infield Key reasons for decision: It’s an up-andcoming program with great coaches and hard-working teammates. Also, the campus is only two-and-a-half hours away, so hopefully I’ll be able to come and visit my family and friends. Best sports moment: Making it to the state championship game in 2009 and 2010. Words of wisdom: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


Ryan Rumpf

Sport: Volleyball School: University of Maryland Position: Libero/ Defensive Specialist Key reasons for decision: I knew I wanted to pursue a career in government, and the university is 20 minutes away from D.C. so there will be huge opportunities for internships. I also loved the coaches and team. Best Sports Moment: Winning state for the first time in the school’s history this year.

Alli O’Dean Sport: Volleyball School: University of Iowa Position: Outside hitter Key reasons for decision: I want to stay close to my family, play in the Big Ten, and Iowa offers a lot of majors that I am interested in. Best sports moment: Winning state this year. Worst sports moment: Not being able to play for over half of my senior season due to my ACL injury. Words of wisdom: Don’t take anything for granted! Work your hardest, and cherish your time playing the sport you love.

“Don’t register your car so you can park in the teacher’s lot” - Stephanie Keith


twirlin’ girls Jensen to Georgia BY SARANYA SUBRAMANIAN

Sanford Stadium is the fifth largest oncampus stadium in the United States. It holds 101,766 fans, and one feature twirler, Nicole Jensen. Nicole Jensen ’11 will be attending the University of Georgia next year where she plans to continue her passion of baton twirling. “My position as the Feature Twirler at the University of Georgia is comparable to the Golden Girl Position at the University of Iowa. I will lead the band into the stadium and then PHOTO COURTESY OF//NICOLE JENSEN perform at all pre-game and half-times of home football games.The band also travels to three away games in the year, so this coming fall I will twirl at the NFL Georgia Dome in Atlanta, at Georgia Tech and at the University of Florida,” said Jensen. Jensen plans to study business marketing but will also possibly follow her interest in broadcasting and administration. “UGA [also has a] Twirling Line (similar to dance team, but they only twirl with the band). I will not be a part of this group, [but] it is nice to know you have the support of other twirlers and girls who understand more about baton and are an instant friend group,” said Jensen.

Baker to West Illinois

When Jessica Baker ‘11 toured Western Illinois University, she was more than shocked to see that the windows in the library spelled out Ohio (the library was originally built for the BY BECKY SWEENEY University of Ohio), becky.sweeney@wsspaper.com but she was even more Lauren Carmen ’11 is leaving the halls of surprised when she reWest High a year earlier to enter a world she ceived one of the open has loved since she was five years old. The twirling positions at world of dance. Western Illinois. This July, Carmen will audition for the “I chose this school beschools officiated with dance companies: Jefcause it was far enough frey Chicago and Houston Ballet. If she gets away but close enough in, she will be taking dance classes all day along to home that I can come with rehearsals for performances. back and visit. It had an “I’m plunging into the unknown in so many open twirling position ways,” Carmen said. and I loved the campus Not knowing exactly where she will be next so I decided to try out fall, Carmen feels both excitement and nerves and I got it,” said Baker. as she prepares for her auditions. She has PHOTO COURTESY OF//JESSICA BAKER She will perform at danced ballet since she was five years old and all the home football games and parades through campus and will also do some halftimes modern dance since she was in fourth grade for basketball. Next year there will be two twirlers but the other and is ready for it to become her life. “I hope to receive the intense training I need twirler will graduate, leaving Baker to be the sole twirler at Western to become a professional,” Carmen said. Illinois. Rachel Carmen ’11 is excited for her youngBaker plans to study business and entrepreneur ship and would later like to open a dance and baton studio, but first she’s concentrating on performing for Western Illinois football fans.

dancing dreams

“Take as many classes as you can.” -Amanda Gillespie


er sister. “I think Lauren is on a very unique path in terms of her post-high school plans, but I am proud of her for pursuing her passion and being fearless,” Rachel said. Lauren is planning on going to college eventually. She has already looked at Oklahoma University and Indiana University and has considered Julliard as an option. Right now she is taking a chance on her dancing dreams. This summer she will take part in a six week intense dancing program in Texas. From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., she will be taking dance classes and rehearsing for a big show at the end. Even though her future plans are not set in stone, Lauren does not feel nervous right now knowing that an opportunity will come along for her to live her dream. “I asked for this,” Lauren said, “It’s going to be an adventure.”


SENIOR superlatives

d e g n cha

st Bushnell and moMaddie Colin Lord


d o b best

Runners up: Ashleigh Robinson and AJ Nusser

t s e i s clas

Nicole Jensen and Daniel Metz Runners up: Lola White-Baer and Clay Walker

Erin Richmond and Dane Cronbaugh Runners up: Lauren Murphy-Moore and Jacob Larson

ile m s Yoder and best Paige Brian Wall Runners up: Erin Manfull and Spence Bonner

y l f t mos

Christine Amendola and Okey Ukah

Runners up: Jazmen Wade and Dane Cronbaugh


p v m Ashleigh

Robinson and AJ Nusser

MVP wasn’t a category that the seniors voted on, but was compiled by the WSS. The MVPs are the two seniors that recieved the most votesbut didn’t end up winning a title.

y t r a p l t a s e m g i n bigVotrubekaand Sydney Connor Beelman Runners up: Lauren Parsons and Martin Rodriguez


u Dirks and t s o Sarah m John Kading

Runners up: Izaak Sunleaf and Ashleigh Robinson/ Madhu Srikantha (tie)

Runners up: Ashleigh Robinson and AJ Nusser

n w o l c s s a cl Christine Amendola and Mike Rogers

t s e g big a queen dram

Libby Logsden and Brad Guymon Runners up: Vivian Zhu and AJ Nusser

e l p u o ever c t s e b that n was Justin Moser and Kap Mueller

Runners up: Emily Fairfield and Ryan Stewart/Amanda Choi and Justin Moser (tie) 34


Remember when you were supposed to turn in your senior futures to the WSS? Well, you can read about the people that remembered to do that below. If you forgot, your name is just standing alone. Ahmed Abdalla Burte Abdalla Kabir Abiose – is attending MIT Alyssa Adamec – Plan to attend University of Northern Iowa and receive a double major in Speech Pathology and Music Performance for viola Mathany Ahmed – After spending a beachfilled month in Malaysia this summer, she will be attending Upper Iowa University in Fayette, IA. :) Rhya Ajam – University of Iowa John Alatalo – is going to the University of Iowa Noor Alwaan – Going to Kirkwood for 2 years and after that will transfer to the University of Iowa (Pharmacy school) Christine Amendola – will be attending the U of I and majoring in Biomedical Engineering Sali Amin – will be going to Kirkwood to get my General Eds, then transferring to the U of I Liberal Arts program. Hoping to become a teacher. Coleburn Anderson –Iowa State Sara Anson – Attending Kirkwood Community College and transferring to the University of Iowa for a degree in Microbiology Garrett Anstreicher – Will take a pilgrimage to Tibet and become a warrior-monk there, eventually retiring as a poetic hermit Peter Ascoli – will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the Cooper Union in New York City. Hopefully he will not be completely swamped in schoolwork and will be able to enjoy life in the city Rachel Ascoli – Attending the University of Iowa’s Honors Program double-majoring in economics and international studies Alice Aujard Jarie Bah Alexander Bailey Jessica Baker – will be attending Western Illinois University and will be their feature twirler for their band. She is going to study business and hopefully start a baton program there. Miranda Barnes Sean Beasley Connor Beelman – 2 years at Kirkwood, then transfer to Iowa. Livin’ it up college boy swag Zascha Bell Lindsay Best – Much to the dismay of her Hawkeye-loving grandparents, she will be


attending Iowa State University where she will study architecture Samuel Blair – is going to the University of Iowa Sarah Bohner Spence Bonner – Will be playing baseball at Century College in Minneapolis, Minnesota Shannon Boseneiler – plans on attending the University of Northern Iowa to major in Elementary Education Curtis Boysen – plans on attending Northwestern University. He will be majoring in Jazz Performance Benjamin Bradshaw Cara Braverman – is heading north to be a badger at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jordin Brenneman – plans to attend Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City and further her career in exotic dancing Kayla Brooks – plans to attend Kirkwood Community College for 2 years and then transfer to a 4 year college Dominique Brown – is going to Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids studying Nursing or Law Enforcement, but hasn’t decided yet. Ella Brown – is going to the University of Chicago with Madhu Srikantha!!!! Adam Buchenau – Going to the University of Iowa Maddie Bushnell – plans to financially support Zoie Yetley on her journey to pursue being a gypsy. And major in Environmental Law at the University of Iowa Logan Butler – University of Iowa. Major in Computer Science Assata Caldwell – is planning to go to Iowa State University and will be majoring in graphic design Brandon Capper – Next year plans to attend the University of Iowa. He plans on studying computer science Lauren Carmen – plans on dancing after high school, and eventually attending a university Rachel Carmen – is planning on attending UNI next year to study communicative disorders. After that, she would like to go to grad school somewhere warm to become a speech therapist Joe Carr – will be attending the U of I. He will create my own video game called Lord of Destruction. It will be an elven role-playing game. Patrick Carr – Going to Kirkwood Community “Take Public Speaking with Dodge.” -John Marks

College in Iowa City. Guitar lessons! Brady Carter – plans to work a lot this summer. Go to Florida, chill with friends, and Kenzie of course. Then this fall attend Iowa State University to study Civil Engineering Bob Chen – will be attending the University of Chicago with a concentration in Mathematics with a specialization in Economics. After one too many all-nighters pulled from excellent time management, he will develop an ability to function without sleep, something he has always wanted to be able to do. Guo Chen – After graduating from high school, Guo plans to sell all her possessions, hop on a plane, go to China, be a hobo. She will maybe return in the fall and attend Washington University in St. Louis. Xiang Chen Yuan (George) Chen – is gonna chill out at Iowa and be an awesome Asian Nicholas Chezum – will be attending UI, starting in pre-med Amanda Choi – plans to attend the University of Iowa and study to become an awesome veterinarian! And hang with all of her future fellow honors classmates! Caleb Clark – plans on serving a mission for my church, then attending college to major in theatrical lighting design Chris Clegg – Is going to Kirkwood to put da team on his back doeeee Zach Clemence – Cedar Rapids Kirkwood studying Culinary and Business Tremayne Clemons Karen Coleman Juleissa Colón Katie Connolly – will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids next year. After that she plans to attend a University. Her major is undecided. Morgan Cook – is planning to attend Iowa State University, but has not figured out a major yet Ryan Courtney – Attending the University of Northern Iowa to major in Communication and participate in college speech Teri Craven – Iowa State University – majoring in Civil or Industrial Engineering Dane Cronbaugh – Dane and OK will attend Hufflepuff University on a Division I scholarship to play Quidditch and study black wizardry

Jeremy Cronk – his plans after high school are to attend a community college and play baseball. He is still undecided about what he specifically wants to study but he is interested in Fitness Training as well as Criminal Justice. Caleb Crosbie – plans to attend Luther College in Decorah, IA. He is pursuing a double major in Business and Biochemistry. He will be on a premed course Eric Crow – plans to attend Wartburg College in Waverly majoring in History or HistoryEducation Ana Cubias Kara Culjat Brendon Cullen – will be attending the University of St. Thomas where he will major in Accounting and play golf. After college he will become the next Tiger Woods (in every way except for being blasian) Spencer Cullers Elizabeth Dagle – Until she receives her owl from Hogwarts, Elizabeth will attend Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska where she will major in theatre Daniel Dai – is going to the University of Iowa to learn Alexandra Daniels – her plans after high school are to attend Kirkwood for 2 years and then transfer to the University of Iowa to study Pharmacy. She also plans on working and travelling Eman Daoud – plans on going to Kirkwood Community College, and maybe getting a job Evan Davis – is attending St. Olaf College to study either History or Political Science Andre DeGroot – is going to the University of Iowa next year to study Chemical or Biomedical Engineering. Then he will get his graduate degree in Engineering but he is not sure where he will go for that Sarah Dirks – Is going to school Myrissa Donatti Sophie Donta – plans to attend Washington University in St. Louis with a major in Architecture Erik Dotseth – plans on attending Luther College to study Computer Science Kristin Eckman – plans to go to the University of Northern Iowa to major in Elementary Education Ben Ehrman – Chillin’ and illin’ at Kirkwood, boy-ee! Mariam Yasser Mohamed-Shawky ElHattab – will start college this fall at the University of Iowa, majoring in Biomedical Engineering as a pre-med. Becoming a doctor is one of her dreams Sarah Elliot – Will attend Bethel University this fall with an undecided major Sydney Ellis

Allison Engle – Plans to attend BYU-Idaho and major in interior design Anthony Enochson Gabe Evans – is attending the University of Iowa after high school in pursuit of a degree in Biotechnology. He will be a full-time worker during the summer in order to save up money for college Nate Ewing – is going to coninue his education and play baseball at Western Illinois University. He will also be living off of Tanner Schilling’s prosoccer money :) Emily Fairfield – Attending Iowa State University, studying in their College of Design for Architecture and Interior Design, and dancing on the Iowa State Dance Team. Jason Fangman – is going to Kirkwood for Entry Level firefighting to get his haz-mat, firefighter I, and EMT certifications Matt Fangman – His future plans are to attend Kirkwood for Entry Level firefighting, then after that the U.S. Air Force as a firefighter Jimmy Feeley Taylor Fehlberg – He is going to Iowa State to major in Graphic Design David Ferguson - ? Evan Ferrel – Is going to UNI next year to study Physics and Music Bess Fevold – will be going to the University of Iowa to study Chemistry or Biology and will hopefully go to Medical School Kelli Fisher – plans to go to Kirkwood for 2 years and do her gen-eds there and then go to Mount Mercy after for Nursing. Or move to North Carolina with the rest of her family and go to school for Nursing there Cole Fitzharris – Going to Kirkwood Leo Franz – will be attending the University of Iowa. Let’s go Hawks Luke Freeman – is working construction and is going to make BANK! Dillon Galer Julia Ganda – is doing the 2 plus 2 program. Kirkwood for 2 years then transferring to the U of I for another 2 years. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education. Gabe Garcia-Lair Amanda Gillispie – She is attending the University of Iowa and majoring in Pre-Pharmacy Studies while continuing to visit the babies in the N.I.C.U. every week at the UIHC Madi Goodfellow – will be attending Mt. Mercy next year, where she plans to learn some stuff about biology and play a little golf. She plans to then move to a nudist colony with her best friends upon graduating college Emily Graf – Next year she plans to go to the University of Northern Iowa and major in Elementary Education Leah Granroth “Get out as soon as you can.” - Briannie Kraft

Michael Greve – plans on attending Kirkwood College with a major in Theatre and then transfer to either a private college or university for more education in Theatre Kody Grupe – is going to Kirkwood for 2 years for the Education Major program, then plans to transfer to a different college which she is undecided on Troy Grupe – Will be going to the U of I and is considering Bio-Technical or Computer Sciences for my major Jordan Gunning – will attend Stanford next year to major in Chemical Engineering. She might also move to San Diego during the summer. She will miss Iowa City but NOT the weather. Good luck to everyone! Kang Guo Brad Guymon – is planning on going to Brigham Young University and doing the predental program as well as management for business Josh Haines – is going to Iowa State’s college of design to study architecture Tre Hall – Next year he is going to Kirkwood Community College for general education for two years, then either transferring to Iowa or Northern Iowa for something in the business field. Mason Hamann – will be attending the Transition Service Center Gabe Hanson Christopher Hass – will be attending the Transition Service Center Garrett Hathaway – Will be wrestling and going to Iowa State University Zach Hays – is attending Western Illinois University Judy He Meredith Heath – will be attending the U of I next year and planning on majoring in Biology Nicole Hebl – This summer she is taking a trip to Florida with some friends. In the fall, she is moving to Cedar Rapids with Shelby Lombard and Katie Connolly where she will be attending Kirkwood Community College to study nursing Justin Hedges Cianca Heller Megan Henry – After saving the polar bears and watching Harry Potter 1-7 in a non-stop marathon (thus completeing her high school bucket list), she will be forced to start her college bucket list beginning with attending the U of I majoring in Vocal Performance to sing opera. That, or she will become a traveling hypnotist Jeremy Heuer Jami Heuton – is attending Kirkwood Community College to study Restaurant Management Christine Heying Elteress Hibbitt


Ellie Hiland – Plans to attend the University of Iowa and often visit her friends Bess and Megan. She plans to sleep in their dorm room closet as she will hate her own roomate. Oh well, she will be happy studying psycology and one day becoming a sex therapist Anna Hippee – Is going to attend Barnard College in New York City and is undecided on her major Nikolai Hlebowitsh – will be attending Wake Forest University in North Carolina studying Mathematical Economics and Finance Brieana Houg Eunice Hsu – Attending WashU specializing in Magic Carpet Spinning and helping the awkward turtle get up off its shell. It’ll be fun David Huang – is going to the University of Chicago Aaron Hubler – Ideally will attend Luther and focus on the outdoor activities available rather than his education Abby Huffman – Go to Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids for 2 years then go to UNI to get a masters in Elementary Education Josiah Humpleby Hannah Hurlbert – will be attending the University of Iowa Amanda Jacobson – will be attending the University of Iowa and study Business Cara Jansen – After high school, Cara Jansen plans on attending the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point to major in Interior Architecture and minor in photography Paola Jaramillo-Guayara – plans on spending the summer with friends and hopefully doing some travelling. In the fall, she will head to the University of Iowa Nicole Jensen –Next year she will be attending the University of Georgia as the new feature twirler for the Redcoat marching band. Red and black will be her new colors. Go Dawgs ! Claire Johnson – is going to the University of Iowa next year and majoring in psychology. Hopefully she will minor in either film or spanish. She is also hoping to do study abroad in Europe or Australia Shalee Johnson Jamye Jordan – is planning on going to Kirkwood Community College to become a nurse Parker Just – will be going to the University of Iowa to study Civil Engineering John Kading – plans to attend the University of Iowa. He is going to study liberal arts. Nowela Kahindo Drew Kazerani – Going to Kirkwood for 2 years then transferring to Iowa either for Elementary Education or Physical Therapy Stephanie Keith – is attending Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids and taking the vet tech program they have.


Pierre Keller – is going to college to play college football at Ellsworth Community College. Katie Kelley – Headed east to become a Terp at the University of Maryland where she will play on their volleyball team and major in Government and Politics Bori Kim – is going to University of Iowa this fall for premedicine. To get into medical school, she will take lots of science classes and the activities that are good for me. She is excited to go to college now. Eunice S Kim – will be attending the University of Iowa with an Actuarial Science major Eunice Y Kim – is going to the University of Iowa Yoonsoo Kim – University of Iowa to study Business Mary Kimani Morgan Kinney – UNI for diving Briannie Kraft – University of Iowa Erman Kraina – Go to college, stay there until he graduates, just like high school. Become a police officer and get a nice salary, buy a nice car. Start a family Collin Kramer – will be attending Grinnell College as a biology or biochemistry major. He will also be on the water polo and swim teams. Additionally, he will be dabbling in witchcraft with Christine O-Donnell and other notable teapartiers. Emily Kreiter – is heading into the cold to study Environmental Studies at the University of Minnesota Corey Kuepker – he is going to put da team on his back, and then eat a burrito. Jeremy Kurth – plans to go to Iowa State and major in engineering, he is undecided on specific type. Kevin Lam – is going to Luther College and will study music education. Kelsey Landes - Kirkwood Jacob Larson – will be attending the University of Iowa, and plans on majoring in political science. Emiliano Lasansky – plans to attend Eastman School of Music in New York to major in jazz performance. Elliott Lawrence Ike Layman – is going to Indiana University of Bloomington to major in hydroponics or jedi combat. Darin Lee – Will go to the University of Pittsburgh. Danny Legaspi – Attending Kirkwood this fall for the 2 + 2 program, and transferring to Iowa. His plans right now are to go in to business and major in Economics.YaYaYaYaYaYa! Michael Levy plans on attending Kirkwood Community College and taking prerequisites for nursing, going into nursing and getting a bachelor “Don’t procrastinate.” - Gerardo Ramirez

of science degree in nursing. Joe Lidral–is planing on going to Viterbo in LaCrosse, WI to study nursing and hopefully will find a Fire Dept or EMS job while he is there. Elizabeth Lin – is going to the University of California- Berkeley to study computer science. Dino Lisinovic –is attending Kirkwood then U of I. Chris Liu Yiyi Liu Libby Logsden – Next year she plans on attending Luther College to major in Biology with a minor in Spanish and possibly business. Ultimately she wants to work in the healthcare field probably as a dentist, continue volunteering, and travel the world. Shelby Lombard – Plans on going to Kirkwood this fall in Cedar Rapids to study nursing and living with Nicole Hebl and Katie Connolly and this summer working, going to Florida and Greece with friends. Colin Lord Joe Lundell Jacob Lundin Dominic Magalhaes – plans to attend Kirkwood, live with his parents for awhile to eat their food. Erin Manfull – plans on spending her summer on the WHS baseball field, but after she guesses she should go learn some things about history and education at the University of Iowa. Once she graduates, she plans on living in a nudist colony with her best friends. John Marks Nicoll Manhica – will be going to the U of I to study Chemistry in the fall, and later that year she will spend three weeks visiting her family in Mozambique, Africa Brittany Martinson Matthew Mason – is going to Kirkwood for two years for liberal arts, then four years at Iowa studying for web page development, then continuing education Sara McAndrew – will attend Truman State University where she plans on majoring in Health Science and Biology with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to make many new friends and keep her old ones also. She also hopes to enjoy her stay in Kirksville, Missouri and will learn and grow as a student and an individual Emma McClatchey – plans to attend the University of Iowa with a major in Journalism. She hopes to have an eventful and prosperous post-secondary life! Charles McCune Paul McKinley – plans on attending University of Minnesota, majoring in Mechanical Engineering Nik McKnight – is going to Iowa

Catherine Merdinger – is attending the University of Iowa next year, studying business and either English or history with the hopes of becoming a corporate lawyer. Amr Metwali Daniel Metz – plans to do the 2+2 program between Kirkwood and the University of Iowa. He will be going to Iowa for Business and Physical Science…oh and he’s going to move to Spain and make a living as a gypsy. Alex Meyer – will be attending Iowa State to study education and art. Sophie Meyer – is spending four more years in Iowa City at the University of Iowa, and then moving away. Alise Miller – is going to Luther College to study Biology in honor of Doug. Also in honor of Doug, she is going to play softball Bailey Miller – has been accepted into the University of Iowa for the fall semester 2011. Her main interest area is computers and other interest areas include chemistry and pharmacy. She also hopes to play in the Hawkeye Marching Band and also play trumpet in concert band. Dara Miller – plans to attend Iowa State and study Athletic Training Matt Miller – will be attending Grinnell College, and plan to study something in the sciences. He would like to thank his family, friends, and God for their continued support. Nathan Miller Nick Mirr Chelsea Misner Sarah Moore – Sarah will be attending Butler University in Indianapolis, home of the Bulldogs who happened to have some pretty killer athletics. She plans to go to a ton of games, study prepharmacy and spend some time with her best friend/classmate, Katie Ranshaw Justin Moser – Justin Mark Moser plans to attend Iowa State University and double major in Chemical Engineering and music. He will be living in the fraternity SigEp and his favorite candy is Skittles <3 Katie Mucci – is going to Northern Colorado for Public Relations. She will then intern with Jodi Blanco…because she’s a celebrity. Kap Mueller – will be attending Macalester College to study economics. Kellie Murphy – is going to Kirkwood and maybe joining the reserves Lauren Murphy-Moore – will be attending Creighton University with the most adorable person, Elizabeth Dagle :) and will miss West High School Matthew Narvaez – is planning on going to Kirkwood and transferring to UI or going to an art institute (after Kirkwood) Nasr Nasr – Kirkwood Seth McNeish – Will be attending the Transition

Services Center Cheick NDiaye – His plan next year is to go to Kirkwood for 2 years and then transfer to U of I. His program in Kirkwood is Liberal Arts because he is still undecided on his major Dylan Ney Michel Ney – plans on attending Kirkwood Chi Nguyen – plans to attend a college and get a better job. She is going to University of Iowa next year and studying Radiation Sciences. She wants to get a 4-year college degree first. Then she will study higher degree for this major or maybe she will study one more major. Kiera Nichols Lakendra Nichols Derek Norland – Will be spreading his wings and taking flight as he journeys across the pond to the well-renowned University of Iowa. There he will be majoring in Electrical Engineering and will be an active member of the club 24:7. Bridget Novak – will continue the Novak tradition and attend her dream school, St. Olaf! Her dream is to work at Pixar :) Tyler Nullmeyer – Next year he will be going to Wartburg where he is going to major in history and run cross country and track. AJ Nusser Ray Ockenfels Ryan O’Connor – Going to the University of Iowa to study Pre-Business. Alli O’Deen – plans on attending the University of Iowa and playing volleyball for the Hawkeyes! Julia O’Donnell – Julia will be attending Wellesley College for a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Music. Conner O’Keefe – Will be attending the Transition Services Center Lilli Oetting – is heading to Stanford to be a tree. Montray Oliver Abdelmaniem Omer Marysa Ort – Plans to attend Kirkwood for 2 years for gen-eds, then transfer to Iowa State for large animal vet or ag-business, depending on how successful she is. Drew Ortale Ahmed Osman Rachel Ott – plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa and major in Biology with a minor in either Spanish or Music. She would like to continue on and get an advanced degree in Veterinarian Medicine or Marine Biology Alexis Page Ahbi Pant – plans to go to Iowa State! Chris Parshall Lauren Parsons – will be attending the University of Iowa with an intended major in Social Work Molly Parsons – After summer fun, she will be moving to Ames and attending Iowa State “Work hard and enjoy it.” - Caleb Crosbie

University on a National Merit Scholarship. While she is still uncertain as to major, she is leaning towards chemical engineering, with a possible minor in music Shiv Patel – Will be attending Career Connections Maxwell Pelfrey Aaron Peller – thinks he is going to UNI but he might pull a Connor Schreck and change his mind 4 more times. Chyea let’s go Hawks! Selma Pepic – After high school, she is planning on going to Kirkwood Community College for two years for nursing. And then she will see what University she would like to attend. She will probably go to Iowa. Edwin Perez Garcia Brandom Pham – is majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of Iowa Mark Plath Becca Porter-Adams Lexi Potter –is going to Wingate University in North Carolina to play volleyball. She will major in Environmental Biology. Scott Powers Maia Pugh – plans to attend Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She tentatively hopes to major in Business Administration, Journalism, or Marketing and minor Spanish. She will also be involved in intramural sports, the study abroad program and take advantage of any other interesting opportunities she finds! Becca Pypes – K-wood for 2 years, then U of I. She plans on majoring in Elementary Education Gerardo Ramirez – Katie Ranshaw – She is going to Butler University as an undecided major, spend 4 quality years with Sarah Moore, and hopefully lead the team to an NCAA National basketball championship. Sapphire Ratner – attend Heidelburg University in Germany. Major in Egyptology. Go to grad school in America. Ben Reasoner – Going to Wartburg Cory Reid – plans on going into secondary education at Clarke University. He wants to be a business teacher with a minor in theatre. Jeff Reinhard – Going to Kirkwood Community College for a degree in Law Enforcement and causing shenanigans with Luke Crimmins and Kellen Yoder. Jamie Riahi – After West High, she plans to attend Kirkwood Community College for Dental Technology. Once completed, her ultimate goal is to become a “full-time pioneer.” A “full-time pioneer” is a person who volunteers 70 hours in the theocratic door to door ministry teaching people about the Bible. Tina Rice


For seniors, the final bell is just hours away. Before that last ring, check off these things to do to conclude your high school experience.

1 2 3 4 5




e r o f e do b


BY KATIE MUCCI AND GARRETT ANSTREICHER katie.mucci@wsspaper.com garrett.anstreicher@wsspaper.com

Read the last West Side Story of the year.

Write a Haiku to your favorite teachers thanking them for the effect they had on you.

Take up as many parking spots as you can in the parking lot.

Have Dr. A teach you how to tie a tie.

Get kicked out of the library one final time.

Write something kind and inspirational on a sticky note and put it up somewhere in the school.

Go to Panchero’s and eat two burritos.

Get some final words of wisdom from Mr. Herman.

Give a piece of advice to an underclassmen.

Get your cameras ready for a last minute picture with your classmates and your yearbooks signed because, seniors, our time is finally here!

“Get involved.” -Jacob Larson

6 7 8 9 10

post secret

west seniors confess their secrets

“Try everything.� -Molly Parsons






“I’m going to become an international spy and figure out where in the world Carmen San Diego is.”

Emily Graf ’11

“Kindergarten teacher.”

Emily Tiecke ’11 “My dream is to be a tiger tamer but I’m allergic to cats :(.”

Christine Amendola ’11


“Technical theatre”

Caleb Clark ’11 “I love writing and I love movies...naturally my future will involve success in both. I plan to win an Academy Award for my Best Picture Script...but don’t worry, I’ll keep my acceptance speech nice and short.”

Emma McClatchey ’11 “Professional breakdancer.”

Abhi Pant ’11

“I am going to be a professional skydiver!”

Vivian Zhu ’11

“Ever since I was about four, I have always wanted to be an Indian. So in the future, I plan to pursue that and interact with the pilgrims.”

Michael Whetstone ’11


From our awkward family to yours -- The West Side Story ‘11

25 senior

DeVonte Richardson – After high school he is planning to enroll in Kirkwood college in Cedar Rapids for a couple of years, then also attend a four-year college. Erin Richmond – Erin Richmond will be attending the University of Iowa and will be majoring in Engineering with a minor in music. Ashlin Riley – Going to Iowa State University, going in as open option and hopefully do something with Chemistry. Lucas Ritchie Cortland Roberts – plans on going to Kirkwood to be a physical trainer at a high school. Ashleigh Robinson Nancy Robles Martin Rodriguez – is going to Iowa to put da team on his back DOEEE, and chill with DA DUCKS! Durin’ el veranooo! Mikey Rogers – will be attending K-wood! He is going into business. He will probably transfer to Iowa after two years. Misael Romero – Next year he is planning to go to college back in Mexico, to Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He really doesn’t want to go back but he has to. He intends to get a bachelors degree in chemistry and a minor in some other science. After that he is coming back here to the US to get a masters degree… Maybe Harvard? Haha Nicole Rondeau – Attending UNI to play soccer. After 4 years she will come back and end up running into Ryan Rumpf. They will get married, and be the ultimate sports super couple. Kids will be named Hayden, Tyson, and Blaise (all boys). It will be epic :) Will Ross – Next year he will be attending Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL. He was offered a spot on the baseball team so he will be a pitcher for them. He plans to major in either Chemical Engineering or Ocean Engineering. Nathan Rossen – will be studying pre-med at Macalester College in St. Paul. Alissa Rothman – plans on attending Amherst College in Massachusetts with an undecided major. John Ruhlow Ryan Rumpf – Attending Iowa to play baseball. After 4 years, meeting up with Nicole Rondeau and getting married. They will be the ultimate sports super couple. Kids will be named Hayden, Tyson, and Blaise (all boys). It will be epic :) Amir Sabbagh – Amir Sabbagh will try to not to procrastinate as much while at the U of I, though, seeing as he just sent his senior future through Facebook, is keeping expectations low for now. Carloss Sanders – Doin’ his thang. Donnell Sanders Hallie Schaub Tanner Schilling – plans on attending Colgate University in New York to play soccer. After that

his goal is to play professional soccer, get married, and have some kids. And live next door to Nate Ewing. Susannah Schnake – Going to Kirkwood Community College in the fall for Psychology. Then he will transfer to University of Iowa. Connor Schreck – plans to play baseball at Century College in Minneapolis, where he vows to get everyone up to a T-Wolves game and make you howl! Arooo Kelly Sedlacek – Attending Kirkwood for 2 years, then transferring to Iowa. John Seyfer – Study business at UNI Yelena Shabelnik – Attend 4-year private college – University of Rochester. She plans to major in some social or natural science and get into medical school. Liz Shanks – is going to Kirkwood Community College for two years. After that, she is attending the University of Iowa for 2 years. Marah Sharairi – wants to go to Kirkwood Community College for 2 years then transfer to U of I. She wants to do something with religion. Andrew Sharkey Austin Sherlock – K-wood 2+2 Ryan Shields – will play golf at Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. Go Knights! Alan Shriver – is planning on attending Iowa State University to get a major in meteorology – he hopes to work for National Weather Service someday. JoJo Silverman – shall study scholarly stuff starting sometime soon. (Biology at Grinnell) Lauren Sims – plans on attending the University of Northern Iowa, health sciences. She also plans on working as an EMT. Haley Skemp – plans on going to UNI for Accounting where she hopes to make many new friends and party it up on campus! Evan Smith – will be attending Illinois Wesleyan University where he plans to study Biology to prepare for a career in physical therapy and play soccer. Lydia Somers – will be attending Jacobs University Bremen and majoring in International Politics and History. Youngbin Song – First she will be going to Korea in the summer to teach English and then she will be back in August to attend Grinnell College amidst the cornfields and snow. She plans to go into Pre-med but nothing’s for sure yet :) Oh, and she’ll continue to be a Christian! Tomás Sotelo Sarah Soukup – Is planning to attend the University of Dubuque to study biology and become a teacher. While there she will continue to participate in band, choir, and manage the volleyball team. Chelsey Spurgeon – After high school, her plan is to attend Kirkwood. She is still undecided on “Go to classes.” - David Ferguson

what she would like to major in. Madhu Srikantha – plans on attending the University of Chicago. That is, of course, unless they catch wind of how stupid she actually is and rescind her acceptance. Her parents’ fingers are crossed. Cody Stackhouse Matt Staib – Matt will be heading to sunny California to study math, computer science, physics, or maybe engineering at Stanford University. He asks that you think of him every time it snows. Laura Stamnes – Will attend the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, majoring in anthropology and minoring in biology. Corey Staten Alice Stevens– is headed to China, and then St. Olaf and then who knows where. Kayla Stewart – is going to Kirkwood. Ryan Stewart – Next year he will be attending Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, where he will be studying business, more specifically business management. Matt Stovall Lauren Strug – Is going to Beloit College in Wisconsin. Ryson Stuart – is planning on going to Luther College, where he is planning on continuing to run both cross country and track. He doesn’t know what he is planning on for a major yet. Logan Stutsman – plans to attend Blackhawk College’s east campus in Kewanee Illinois and participate in the livestock judging team. Tanner Stutsman –is going to Black Hawk East in Kewanee, Illinois to study agriculture and then transferring to Iowa State Saranya Subramanian – is gonna fight fight fight for Iowa…and keep a close eye on Dr. Arganbright and Mr. Bach. Elijah Sullivan Shannon Sullivan – Since she came back from Brazil, she has wanted to study languages, so she decided to double major in Portuguese and Spanish at Iowa. Izaak Sunleaf – Izaak Runkel Sunleaf plans to use all fifty words to describe his post-secondary educational career. Mr. Sunleaf will be attending the well respected institution of Carleton College located in the small yet flourishing town of Northfield, Minnesota. He will major in indecisiveness, being cool with a concentration in awesome. Becky Sweeney – will be attending the University of Iowa to study english. After she graduates from college, she will move to Los Angeles, California and be some sort of writer. Mo Taha – will be attending ISU to have the best four years of his life! Gina Thayer – will be going to Macalister to study cognitive/neuroscience and minor in music.


Sahan Thenuwara – is going to the University of Iowa to major in mathematics and economics and find a way to end this recession!!! Billy Thomas Bobby Thomas Michael Thomas – will go to Wartburg College and have fun. Britt Thompson – plans on attending the school of engineering at Iowa State University as well as pursuing a career in college wrestling for the next five years for the Cyclones! Emily Tiecke – plans to go to Kirkwood for two years, then transfer to the University of Iowa to major in elementary education and minor in special education. Jordan Tipton – is going to Hawkeye Community College for two years and then finishing my teaching degree at UNI. Grace Tompkins – Iowa State University. Brian Tong – will attend the University of Notre Dame and enjoy volatile midwest weather. Mustafa Topanica – plans to attend Kirkwood for two years then transfer to ISU for an engineering degree. Victor Torres Macaulay Townsend Dillon Tresslar – After Kirkwood, he is looking forward to selling his art on Craigslist and working part-time at Chuck ‘E’ Cheese. Heng-Wei (David) Tsai – is going to University of Iowa, open major. Erik Turnquist – is going to Iowa State for engineering. Tristan Twitchell Rohit Udas – is going to University of Iowa next year in the school of Engineering Brittney Uhlrich – is going to the University of La Crosse to compete in gymnastics and become a pediatric oncology doctor… and marry a merman named Freo Lanz. Kyuhyun William Uhm – His plans for now are attending University of Iowa and working as well. He might go to Korea to attend a Korean college as a transfer student or join the Korean army so he can attain my dual citizenship Okey Ukah Kenneth Ventura-Jimenez – Will be attending adult programming services Elizabeth Vest – is going to Kirkwood Community College to start their teaching program. Matt Vest – Going to Kirkwood. Jonathan Vidhamali – Attending Kirkwood next year to major in industrial maintenance. Allie Volk – is going to Kirkwood to study interior design, get her teaching license and real estate license. She plans on having at least one of those careers in my future. Sydney Votroubek – is going to Kirkwood for two years get her gen. eds done. Then hopefully


moving to Galveston, Texas to finish college and major in interior design. Kaitlyn Vriezelaar – will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids for Culinary Arts Jazmen Wade – is going to Kirkwood for 2 years to major in business, then plans on going to either UNI or Drake. Autumn Wagner – will be attending Grand View University in Des Moines, majoring in graphic design/journalism and a double minor in photography and web design. She is also on the Grand View competitive dance team, and hopefully will be doing auditions for dancing. So You Think You Can Dance next summer! Cody Wagner – will be attending the University of Iowa and going into the College of Engineering. Clay Walker Rosana Walker Brian Wall – Will attend the University of Iowa and major in biology or chemistry, while playing club soccer and hopefully playing on the drumline. Kenora Wallace – is going to Iowa State in the fall to major in Elementary Education Zachary Weaver – Going to Kirkwood to study something Adam Weber –will be attending Iowa State University, majoring in mechanical engineering. Ben Weber Tianyi Wei – plans to seek a career in medicine. After graduation he will be attending Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Sarah Weihe Ashley Weinschenk – Going to Kirkwood then dropping out to become a professional ping pong player then joining a nudist colony with all her friends. Ben Weis – Will be hopping across the river to attend the University of Iowa. Chris Wells – After attending Central College, will become the president and make Luke Crimmins his VP. After winning the fourth term, he will retire and become the most interesting man in the world. He doesn’t drink, but when he does he will drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends. Michael Whetstone – Coming in the fall of the 2011 Michael will be in attendence at the University of Iowa majoring in business. Denzel Whitehead Lola White-Baer – Little did you all know, Lola spent her four years here creating a time machine and now she’ll be utilizing her invention to return to her place in the Norse tribe in the dense forest of Decorah, Iowa. Megan Wiechert – plans to attend the University of Iowa. She has no idea what she wants to study. Emily Wilcox – will be attending Iowa State “Look at Mark Plath and do the opposite.” - Zach Hayes

University to earn her bachelors before attending graduate school at UCSD in California to attain her doctorate. Jonathan Williams – Void. Kelley Williams – Start out at Kirkwood Community College and then transfer to Iowa State University to become a vet. Erin Wilson – Attending Luther College this fall to play soccer. Michael Wilson – will be attending the Transition Services Center Blake Winder Ben Worrell – will be attending ISU to study engineering Katherine Yang – Will be attending the University of Iowa with an interest in nursing and minor in art (focus in metal working). She will be traveling, working, and learning how to skateboard this summer. In the future she hopes to travel, help people and take photos. Phoebe Yetley – Heading off to California to join Americorp. See you on the flip side suckas. Zoie Yetley – Be a gypsy, living in Maddie Bushnell’s front yard. That’s it. Paige Yoder – After much consideration, Paige decided not to attend the School of Mimes. Instead, she will study engineering at Iowa State. Renee Yoder – plans to attend Bluffton University in Ohio. Her interests include elementary education and sociology. Alex Yoder-Cook – Kirkwood majoring in beer and girls. ShanShan Yun Jonathan Zabner – College Northeastern Business MDA. Sanam Zarei – Sanam doesn’t know where to go. Her plans include either frolicking in the corn fields at the University of Iowa or enduring the blistering sub-zero temperatures at Cornell University. She definetely plans to major in something sciency related and not in underwater basket weaving. Oben Zhang Rwisdom Zhang Ning Zhou – Attend University of Notre Dame on a pre-med track and major in biology. Work hard, play hard. Vivian Zhu – Vivian will be attending Washington University in St. Louis next year with a major in architecture. She plans to sing in the a capella groups, play some ultimate frisbee, and design lots of cool things. She is super excited but will miss West a lot… best of luck to everyone! Ivan Zoluaga – I’m gonna go in the Army as an infantry man, debating whether I’m gonna stay in until I retire. If not, I wanna study Criminal Justice.


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