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believers cite severAl peculiArities from the pAst yeAr to support the ApocAlypse.


here Are A few notAble APOCALYPtic Predictions thAt were less thAn cAtostrophic.

Bee extinction 90 percent of wild bees in the U.s. hAve died.


ufo reports Are predicted to be up 50 percent from 2011.

AccurAte predictions of mAny solAr And lunAr eclipses

birds vAniShing

A study by the chicAgo tribune shows mAny people believe the eArth’s dAys Are numbered.


med ... 10% be soo lieve n we’re goner s on t he 21s t

doo All

we’ ieve 15 %


85 %




A dwArf plAnet cAlled nibiru will collide with the eArth.

The essentiAls first Aid kit (lots of) Asprin flAre gun non-perishAble food entertAinment kit

Aw hil




there Are too mAny historicAl doomsdAy predictions to pAss up. to the right Are A few.


the erruption of mt. vesuvius blAcKened the sky over pompeii, AppeAring to confirm seneccA’s prediction.

powerful solAr flAres could send sAtelites plumMeting to eArth And destroy the globAl mArketplAce.


the book of revelAtion clAims fire will destroy All life on eArth.


Some Are uncleAr As to how exActly the world will end. here Are some populAr thories.

the plAnets will Align And their grAvitAtionAl pulls will cAuse the sun to shift in the sky.

According to the MAyAn cAlendAr, the world is set to end on December 21st. People of the world, you hAve just A week to prepAre yourselves for the worst. While every theory here hAs been debunked by one study or Another, here Are some Of the mAny PREDiCTiONS ABOUT whAt the future mAy hold.

prediction of hAlley’s comet, over 1500 yeArs before its first documented sighting.



jehovA’s witnesses clAim christ’s kingdom will return to eArth.

mAny bird species Are disAppeAring globAlly.

rt hw ill lA

knowledge of the cycles of the plAnet venus

79 Ad


ufo sightings

ApocAlypse “doomsters” defend the mAyAns with instAnces where they got it right.

A rAdio preAcher predicts mAy 11 to be judgement dAy or the “rApture”.

as we know it

the end of the world

i’d try to find some plAce smAll

And secure. underground, mAybe.”

-DAniAl Syed ’14

the rule of survivAl is to be prepAred. here is one student’s gAme plAn.


the y2k crisis increAsed the sAle of survivAl kits. here Are A few necessities for the end.


Dec. 14, 2012 West Side Story  

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