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the street’ was far deeper than academic studies. Urban planning and culture are informed by the people there.” Lisa Cobey Kelland (New York, NY): “This has been a great year—I’m engaged to a wonderful man; both boys (men?) are doing what they love—Mack working in a private equity firm in Dubai and Will teaching at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Life is indeed good!” 1971 Diana Vikander Edelman (Oslo, Norway): After 12 ½ years in the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield, Diana has moved even further north. For the 2014–2015 academic year she was part of a research project entitled Local Dynamics of Globalization in the Pre-modern Levant at the Center for Advanced Studies at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Arts. Within a month of her arrival, she was hired as professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo. That position began July 1, 2015, and she is busy learning Norwegian and a new culture, but enjoying the challenges. 1972 Lisa Matthews (Plainville, MA): “Although officially living well south of Boston, I have been staying in Sunapee, New Hampshire since August attending Dartmouth College grad school for a master’s in Public Health. This is rewarding, difficult, and not cheap... but a great way to not feel 60 years old! Will finish thesis in 2017 and hope to get a job in Health Care policy or finance. My daughter Emily—a senior bio major at Bridgewater State University, swaps proof-reading chores with me! (To pay the bills, I have a part-time job in Family Planning and treating STIs in the Plymouth County House of Corrections.)” 1973 Nina Warner (Culver City, CA): “From the class of 1973—Since this is the year many of us turn 60, there have been a smattering of small reunions within the class with Terry Gamble Boyer, Katie Clark, Sarah Wheeler Cobb, Cathleen Chandler Eckhardt, Sarah Weller King, and Nina Warner gathered for a weekend up in Sonoma. We were hoping to see Lindsay Morse Bennett, Cole (Carol) Rowan and Lisa Fiedler Fryman. Lisa took a position as executive director of International Books. Other celebrations included a NYC adventure with Judith Schonbach, who stopped first in NYC for a pal around with Nina Warner in November, and then on to Paris to celebrate the big 6-0 with her husband, Peter. There was also a quick hello with Reavis Ward-Hilz and Judith that Saturday in the city. We hoped to see Marie-Noelle Brisson, who recently moved to Dallas, as

Class of 1973 members together in Sonoma in June 2015 include (from left to right) Nina Warner, Terry Gamble Boyer, Cathleen Chandler Eckhardt, Katie Clark, Sarah Wheeler Cobb, and Sarah Weller King. well. And since Facebook is our other way of keeping us in touch, lots of reunions with the Lassell sisters— Susie Lassell Zientek and Betsy Lassell Lebo and Sarah Lassell Iltis ’74 in Monterey and Santa Barbara. Diane Egelston traveled to South Africa. Cath to France, Susan Seager travels to her beloved Martha’s Vineyard, Sarah Weller King via boat to speak French. Tina Oldknow left her position at Corning Glass, and moved to Silver City, NM in September 2015 and will continue with independent curating. Enjoying the ride as they say.” 1976 Nancy Kawakita (Palo Alto, CA): “After 28 fun and exciting years working in finance and HR as a controller for various businesses, training, HR, and diversity and inclusion at Intel Corporation, I retired. I started a non-profit for the Palo Alto High School’s glass studio. Life is good!” 1977 Suko Gotoh (Glendale, CA): “My daughter became a Tiger this fall as a 9th grader and is loving every moment at Westridge!” 1978 Eve Rappoport (Venice, CA): “Nothing too new... just moving right along! Great to see Leslie Richard Cravens, Karen Huante, Meriel Bogen Stern ’77, Kristi Woods, and Greta Banks in the fall. Love seeing Liza Scully at the holidays and running into Blair Townsend in the South Bay.” Mary Wheatcroft TenBroeck (Los Altos, CA): “Enjoyed meeting fellow Westridge graduates in SF in October and learning about what’s new on campus.”

1979 Jenifer Biven Aldridge (Pasadena, CA): “Daughter Caroline (named after her favorite aunt Caroline Wheeler) is at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.” 1984 Anna Pehoushek (Orange, CA): “I continue to live in Old Towne Orange and work for the City of Orange as the Assistant Community Development Director. My son, John, is now a 4th grader and keeps life fun and busy.” 1986 Edith Morrison (Pasadena, CA): “Daughter is Sarah Tybkhan, new to the class of ‘22 in 2015–2016.” 1993 Jennifer Wagner Fancher (Salinas, CA): “Living in Salinas and working as Director of Marketing for Green Giant Fresh. I have three boys, ages 14, 11, and 6.” Emily Heaton (Santa Rosa, CA): “Just had my second kid, Finn, born in August. He joins big sister, Abby, who is 2 1/2. Enjoying life as a stay-at-home, except when I’m being driven crazy.” Bevin Allen Pike (Simi Valley, CA): “Abigail Dylan Pike was born September 18, 2014.” 1999 Miranda McLeod (New York, NY): “With thanks from the mother of former student, Miranda McLeod, who completed her B.A. at Columbia, her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at NYU, and has just earned her M.A. and on her way to a Ph.D. in Literature at Rutgers.”


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