WPAOG Annual Report

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Fellow Members of the Long Gray Line,

West Point is the preeminent leaderdevelopment institution in the world. Its values are immutable despite the changing world around us, and its mission to develop leaders of character who will guide our country has remained steadfast.

The WPAOG Vision is inspiring: To be the most highly connected alumni body in the world. Through WPAOG’s 50-Year Affiliation Program, I had the honor of joining my class, the Class of 1975, and the Class of 2025 on their March Back to connect our current cadets with those who have gone before them. Together we are proudly helping to create leaders of character, united in a common purpose of service— Duty, Honor, Country.

Similarly, our WPAOG Mission is motivating: To serve West Point and the Long Gray Line. In 2018 the Board employed a best-in-class customer service methodology called Human-Centered Design. The idea is simple: put the customer (the West Point graduate and community), at the center of everything we do. Journey map the alumni experience from their first visits to USMA as a candidate until the day we hope to support their families with burial ceremonies in the West Point Cemetery, and identify significant touchpoints throughout that long, challenging yet joyous journey. Gain insights from alumni on the “Moments that Matter” throughout that journey, and work to improve alumni delight during those moments; seek to create touchpoints, and truly deliver on the Vision of the most highly connected alumni body in the world. This strategic direction, under the terrific leadership of President and CEO Todd Browne, has demonstrated WPAOG’s ability to create connections among grads that are improving their journeys every day. The Board and staff are committed to this Vision. Our 2030 Strategic Plan, Unlocking the Power of the Long Gray Line, which was created in tandem with the strategic plan for the Academy, is designed to make progress towards this Vision and Mission. We want to Serve the Long Gray Line by providing

new and expanded services that focus on the moments that matter—life transitions, visits to West Point, online services for volunteers and Societies, engaging communications and more. We want to continue to serve West Point by delivering on the seven-year development campaign that will provide funds for Margin of Excellence (MOE) programs. Cadets today benefit from academic programs, travel, building enhancements, clubs, and athletic programs that have been thoughtfully funded by MOE donations. The Haig Room overlooking The Plain from Jefferson Library (proudly funded by my Class of 1975) is one example of how MOE funds have been used to enhance the cadet experience. None of this would happen without your generosity, WPAOG, and the Margin of Excellence programs. The third pillar of our strategic plan is to provide for WPAOG’s future. The greatest test of leadership isn’t what cadets do while they’re at West Point, it’s the competence they build that stands the test of time. As my friend Jim Collins wrote, “Are you building a clock or telling time?” At WPAOG, we are building a clock.

Thank you for the trust you have put in me as the Chairman of the WPAOG Board, in the Directors, and in the WPAOG staff. In 2022 we worked hard to achieve our Vision and Mission, to serve you and to serve West Point. We believe in inclusion, everyone and every idea is valued. We also believe in the power of diversity. Diversity yields innovation. In the meantime, let us all rededicate ourselves to the ideals of West Point—Duty, Honor, Country— and continue to stand out as leaders of character inspired by values which are selfless and immutable even in changing times. Let’s rise above the fray and demonstrate the way.

Several of our Association’s notable accomplishments for 2022 are highlighted in the following pages. Each reflects the teamwork and generosity of our volunteer leaders, individual graduates, and professional staff, as well as our teammates at the U.S. Military Academy.


Alumni Support Career Services

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022 yielded a significant demand from graduates for WPAOG Career Services. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a wavering shift in the job market. There was substantial job loss in the labor market due to employer lay-offs. We also saw employees reluctant to return to in-person workplaces, so they pursued new career opportunities that offered remote and hybrid options. As a result, WPAOG Career Services saw an increase in grad participation in its program. In 2021, 471 graduates registered to use Career Services, with 80% transitioning from the military and 20% seeking a midcareer change. In 2022, 615 graduates used Career Services, with 60% transitioning from the military and 40% seeking a mid-career change. Career Services proudly reports that it yielded a 244% increase in grad job placement, assisting 592 grads in finding new careers in 2022.

The Service Academy Career Conferences (SACC) resumed in-person career conferences for the first time in over one year due to COVID restrictions. USMA grads accounted for nearly 40% of the total attendees, a slight increase from the previous in-person events in 2019. The four SACCs were held in Jacksonville, FL, Washington D.C., San Diego, CA, and Dallas, TX. They will be in the same locations in 2023. You can register at https://sacc-jobfair.com/login.

The Career Services team launched additional initiatives in 2022. First, WPAOG Career Navigator Network on LinkedIn,


The West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) earned two Gold Stevie Awards, one Silver Stevie Award, and one Bronze Stevie in the 2022 Annual American Business Awards. WPAOG’s Gold awards were for Organization of the Year (non-profit – small) and the 2021 Entrepreneur Summit. The Silver Award was for the First Virtual Founders Day, and the Bronze award was for the 2021 edition of TAPS Magazine.

The Association was also the recipient of the following awards from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE):

2022 Circle of Excellence Awards

West Point Entrepreneur Summit: A Long Gray Line Investment—GOLD

West Point Association of Graduates Ring Melt 2021—SILVER

2022 Best of CASE District II

“Best of the Year” Awards

West Point Entrepreneur Summit: A Long Gray Line Investment

2021 West Point Founders Day: Honor and Adapt

West Point Association of Graduates Ring Melt 2021


supported by Sallyport. Since its inception, over 350 graduates have enrolled as career or industry advisors. These advisors actively support over 600 graduates that have signed up to receive career service assistance. There are countless resources available on the career services resources tab on Sallyport, including resume-writing guides, interview and salary-negotiating tips, recorded webinars, and other valuable resources. Second, the Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP) was launched, which provides a 5-day cohort-based program. The program teaches and guides grads to put their best foot forward in achieving their next career opportunity. Finally, career services hosted Webinar Wednesdays from February through October. Every Wednesday from noon to 1 pm EST, a featured employer, guest speaker, or subjectmatter expert presented a 30-min topic, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A from the attendees. Because of these initiatives, nearly 600 graduates have been hired through the program’s ability to leverage its industry connections, employer partners, and subject matter experts from among the Long Gray Line, enabling grads to successfully network and create relationships that yielded successful job placements and provided both personal and professional growth. We work with 600+ graduates in various stages of career transition with over 1,000 company relationships.

Memorial Support

WPAOG has been providing Memorial Support assistance since 2008. It was originally made possible by a generous donation from Mrs. Betty Dettre in memory of her husband—MG (R) Rexford H. Dettre Jr., USMA January 1943. Their gift, along with additional continued support from the Long Gray Line and others, enables WPAOG to provide this service to families. In 2022 we supported more than 162 families who came to have a service at West Point, the highest number ever. Sadly, Mrs. Betty Dettre was included in the 162 funerals held in 2022.

Rockbound Highland Home (RBHH)

Launched in March 2017, the program was designed to welcome graduates back to West Point, and to support their connection with their “Rockbound Highland Home.” There are three components: Grad Insider Tour, Grad Pass, and Grad Perks. The Grad Insider Tour provides the insider experience—a tour for graduates and their guests, of areas no longer open to the public. Popular locations include Central and North areas, Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center, the Mess Hall, Jefferson Hall, Grant Hall, Taylor Hall, and the Cadet Uniform Factory. Depending on the nature of the group, tours can be crafted and/or amended to meet specific guest requests. Insider Tours were suspended in March of 2020 due to COVID concerns and were reinstated in May of 2022. For the calendar year 2022, RBHH performed a total of 212 tours, 130 of which were


Grad Insider Tours. The remaining tours were for funeral families, staff and faculty, and a variety of special events. The Grad Pass program is designed to streamline the West Point “visitor’s pass” process, for returning alumni and their families. The WPAOG provides a secure online form that allows alumni to complete required background checks in advance of their arrival at the West Point Visitor Control Center (VCC). Upon arrival, returning alumni are directed to an Alumni-Only line at the VCC, where they are expedited through the visitor’s pass process. In 2022, the WPAOG website processed 2,002 Grad Pass requests. Grad Perks offers access to Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities, such as the MWR gym and campgrounds, along with “military pricing” at venues such as the ski slope and golf course.


Alumni Support expanded a group of significant initiatives in 2022. WPAOG Podcasts expanded to over 50 Podcasts during the year with subjects and guests of relevant interest to alumni. As was planned, the function of the WPAOG Podcast has gained sufficient success after launch and has now transitioned to the WPAOG Broadcast Network and is managed by the WPAOG Communications & Marketing team.

Hudson Valley Project

The most notable initiative launched in 2022 has been the significant growth of the Hudson Valley Project (HVP). HVP is a WPAOG effort of several initiatives focused


Memorial Support

“My father’s funeral at West Point will always be an honorable and peaceful event that I think back on and remember fondly. Your spot-on advice and helping hand allowed our family to focus on honoring our father, grandfather, spouse, and friend.”

Grad Insider Tour

“Simply, Outstanding! Our tour guide did a great job, and our party of 10 was extremely impressed by his knowledge and interaction with the group. He made us feel welcomed and was very accommodating in meeting our desires to see West Point.”

Hudson Valley Project/CONNECT

“We are very appreciative of all the amazing things the program is doing for our son and all the great opportunities. Thank you for your time and dedication.”

—Julianne Emmolo, daughter of COL (R) Terry Stull ’66

on increasing the vibrancy and vitality of West Point neighbor communities. Like most top-tier institutions of higher education, West Point and its graduates recognize there is a direct link between the prosperity of the local communities and the academic institution. Initiatives in the HVP focus on education and schools, economic development, and community engagement. After determining an important need at the local Highland Falls Intermediate School, WPAOG partnered with the school and launched an after school program called Connect. Following a pilot program in the Spring, the Fall saw an expansion to five days a week. Connect focuses on STEM and other enrichment activities and is free for students. Local community members and cadets support the program which has grown from 80 enrolled students to over 170. In the HVP Economic Development Initiative, WPAOG plays the role of catalyst, rallying graduates and USMA benefactors to invest in Highland Falls, assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses, improving the business climate through engaging civil society organizations and local governance, and serving as a liaison between the Village and the U.S. Army Garrison-West Point. HVP success will be characterized by improving the economic and commercial environment for those who live in local communities with a commensurate increase in destination tourism visitors.

Selected Activities with Cadet Classes

By the end of 2022, the Class Ring Memorial Program had forged 740 rings into gold for cadet class rings through this meaningful program. This year, the annual Ring Melt Ceremony was held in Crest Hall at Eisenhower Hall. 60 ring-donor family members representing 11 families, along with Class of 2023 Class Officers and Ring and Crest Committee attended this special event. Selected cadets placed the donor rings into the crucible on behalf of the families who were not present. We also livestreamed this event so that family members who were unable to attend could witness the ceremony. In 2022, the Class Ring Memorial Program received 71 West Point rings for the Class of 2024 for their Ring Melt Ceremony scheduled for January 2023.

50-Year Class Affiliation Program

The Class Crest unveiling for the Class of 2025 kicked off the year for this popular program during Plebe Parent Weekend. In May, distinguished members of the Class of 1972 attended the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2022 where they presented each graduate a set of traditional second lieutenant bars after they received their diplomas.

During the summer months, members of the Class of 1976 attended R-Day and WPAOG’s Ice Cream Social to welcome the Class of 2026 and their families. They also joined 2026 for their March Back


from Lake Frederick and their Acceptance Day activities. The Class of 1975 supported their affiliate class at the Cadet Field Training Graduation Exercise, when they presented the yearling class with its class flag. To begin the academic year, the Class of 1974 attended the Affirmation Ceremony for the Class of 2024 and hosted a reception to welcome the cadets into the profession of arms. The Class of 1974 also hosted a dinner for their classmates, the Class of 2024 class officers, and a few select others prior to the ceremony. During the dinner, Class History Panels were unveiled in the Class 1963 Lounge in Eisenhower Hall. On these panels is written history synopses about the 50-, 100-, 150-, and 200-year affiliate classes.

Several ring donors and members of the Class of 1973 attended Ring Weekend for the Class of 2023. The Class also had an excellent representation of each branch at Branch Night in December, when GEN Abizaid ’73 provided remarks and congratulated firsties on their selected Army career paths.

Alumni Events Supported

The Alumni Events team provided support for 14 class reunions at West Point and two class reunions in conjunction with the Army v Air Force Football game in Arlington, Texas, totaling over 3,000 graduates and guests this year. In addition, the team supported a class mini celebration in the spring surrounding the Distinguished Graduate Award. Other special events


Ring Memorial Program

“I can’t let the day go by without expressing my awe and gratitude to the Academy and its Association of Graduates, for yesterday’s moving Ring Melt Ceremony. My fatherin-law would have been so proud to know that his ring has become part of the legacy gold being used for the Class of 2024’s rings.”

Class Reunions

“All the activities were well planned, communicated, and executed. Loved that the events were centrally located. Had a great turn out of classmates. Hotel and stadium were awesome.”

—Class of 1992, 30th reunion


included the West Point Women’s Conference, Alumni Glee Club Reunion, Grad March Back, Entrepreneur Summit in Washington, D.C., the ’72 Army Football Team Celebration and multiple USMA conferences. The Army-Navy Tailgate, back in Philly in 2022, was a huge success, hosting over 1,200 grads and their families, friends of Army Football and raving fans from around the country.

WPAOG Awards

The 2022 Distinguished Graduate Awardees were celebrated in May. Recipients were COL (R) Frederick C. Lough Jr. ’70, COL (R) Lee A. Van Arsdale ’74, GEN (R) John F. Campbell ’79, BG (R) Rebecca S. Halstead ’81, Mr. Alex Gorsky ’82, and LTG (R) Nadja Y. West ’82. In October, Kenneth Fisher received the 65th annual Sylvanus Thayer Award. Also in October, LTC Robert Beale ’02 received the 17th annual Nininger Award for Valor at Arms.

WPAOG Leaders Conference (sponsored by the Class of 1967)

This year’s conference took place in person with representatives from 35 classes, 46 West Point Societies, and 25 Parents Clubs. 61 Distinguished Society Awards and 16 Distinguished Parents Club Awards were recognized. This two-day conference included updates from the USMA and WPAOG Leader Teams and Class, Society, and Parents Club networking sessions.

Retail Operations

Retail Operations provided memorabilia support to over 20 events, including all class reunions, Grad March Back, West Point Women’s Conference, and the WPAOG Army-Navy Tailgate. Members of the Retail Operations Team traveled to set up offsite for two football games, as well as to assist in offsite reunion event execution. Memorabilia planning for 2023 spring and fall reunions and special events is in progress.

At the close of 2022, sales increased over 2021 by 7%. Both the online store and brick and mortar facility remain fully staffed and operational for normal business, including all home football games with record breaking single day sales in 2022. The WPAOG Gift Shop continues to be the premier shopping destination, providing a unique and focused experience for West Point grads, cadets, parents, and friends.

Societies and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)

Our 129 Societies serve as a vital connection to the local communities and represent WPAOG all over the world, and our six SIGs support graduates in specific interest areas with new requests being considered monthly. 36% of the graduate population is now active in the Sallyport community platform, a nine percent increase over last year. Societies and SIGs have also been very active using technology tools provided by WPAOG to help stay connected with their constituents. A new and more user-friendly leader toolkit was launched in 2022. Despite the pandemic, Societies still successfully engage and support their constituents.

Founders Day

This year saw great success with the return of inperson Founders Days. While people were once again able to gather together, WPAOG continued to provide videos of the oldest and youngest graduates, memorial scrolls, music, and an organizational update.

Grads Helping Grads

This service expands on the concept of Gripping Hands, where grads with resources assist grads in need. Going beyond disaster assistance, grads connect


with each other in several areas such as veteran services, mental health and other non-transition related issues.

Spirit Events

Football season saw a return to indoor events in the Great Hall. Open Houses were well attended, and Gift Shop sales were positively impacted. The Cadet Band came by to perform and take photos with the fans. Societies continued to lead official tailgates at four different universities as well as the Army-Air Force Game.

Great Hall Program

Return of in-person use of the Great Hall saw an increase as well. WPAOG is making excellent use of the Hall for meetings, workspace, and parties.

Travel Program

The Travel Program was impacted due to the pandemic. Tours that had been moved from 2020 to 2021 were again postponed or canceled. Travel is beginning to take off again with dozens of people now able to take advantage of our travel offerings. Four WPAOG executive hosts traveled with the program this year.

Brick and Paver Program

The brick and paver online mapping program includes a story feature that allows graduates, friends, and family to add stories and photographs to the online mapping of the bricks and pavers. It provides a more complete story of the recipients. An expansion project is being planned to make room for future classes in the front of Herbert Hall; delays with contractors and funding have caused this to be postponed. The temporary plan is to expand into the existing space on either the second-floor entry bridge or behind the building.


Leaders Conference

“The Conference is an excellent opportunity for the Society leaders to reconnect with West Point and to hear directly from the Supe, Dean and others about the state of the Academy.”

Founders Day

“The WPAOG team is incredible. Your responsiveness and resourcefulness is unmatched. We were able to get a lot of support and items for our silent auction through tickets, and gift items.…Very grateful to all of the WPAOG team for making our Founders Day and other local supporting events a success!”

Entrepreneur Summit

“Overall, great conference and I’m glad I attended. Thanks to the organizers for putting on this conference! I’m really grateful that WPAOG is providing this forum and think it could be a great resource for those of us starting companies.”


Communications & Marketing

We continue to engage with our constituents— graduates, cadets, parents/families, surviving spouses, USMA faculty and staff, and the general public, across several integrated channels. The size of our audience, engagement and media impressions continue to grow, and have increased substantially since 2021. WPAOG had a total of 12,204,233 impressions in 2022. Much of this is due to the reorganization of the C&M team and commitment to developing content that’s creative and relevant to our diverse audiences.

WPAOG Publications

West Point magazine has just begun its 13th year. All graduates continue to receive complimentary copies of the magazine four times each year, as do all current cadet parents and surviving spouses of graduates. This broad distribution supports WPAOG’s overall goal of enhanced engagement with graduates, parents, and surviving spouses. USMA Admissions also purchases copies to use during their admissions process. The 2022 West Point cover stories highlighted character education and development, the four regiments of USCC, graduation and the mission of the Long Gray Line, and intellectual capital at USMA. West Point’s print circulation reached a record 236,691 copies in 2022.

In addition to West Point magazine, Communications & Marketing manages and maintains the WPAOG website (westpointaog.org). In 2022 we had a total of 3,330,585 page views (including Sallyport visits), the most popular page being Be Thou At Peace. A new website design will be launched in 2023, with an enhanced userfriendly interface and content management system that will improve C&M’s ability to update and manage content, as well as seamlessly integrate with CRM and our Development data collection.

TAPS, WPAOG’s annual memorial magazine, continues the unprecedented tradition begun in the first years of our Association. The 2022 edition continued the high level of engagement seen in previous years, publishing 316 Memorial Articles written by classmates and family members, and listing the 534 graduates reported as passing away in the previous 12 months. Graduate memorialization is a core responsibility of WPAOG, and a great deal of time and care is spent with each deceased graduate’s family and/or classmates to create personalized memorial articles.

WPAOG Digital/Multimedia Communication Email

Each year, WPAOG’s largest communication audience is effectively reached through email. We send more than 40 unique targeted messages via broadcast email per year. This enables graduates to stay connected to the Academy, WPAOG events, classmates, and fellow Society members. Our emails continue to achieve outstanding open rates, averaging over 56% in 2022. WPAOG’s twicemonthly First Call e-newsletter (sent to graduates), with a 57% open rate, and the monthly Parent Review (sent to cadet parents), with a 54% open rate, are the two most widely read regular emails we distribute. Email communications are sent through our primary broadcast email system, Blackbaud Internet Solutions. Special class communications are sent through LYRIS from department liaisons and class leaders.


Social Media

WPAOG’s rapidly growing social media audience is crucial to our communications with graduates and the wider West Point community. We work in partnership with USMA and its directorates to magnify social media communications. Growing WPAOG’s social media presence is part of our long-term strategy to expand our brand outreach, and our social media audiences are different and broader than our email, print and website audiences. WPAOG currently uses Facebook (52K followers), LinkedIn (16.6K group members/11.7K page followers), Twitter (17.9K followers), Instagram (15.2K followers), YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. LinkedIn and Instagram saw the largest increases in audience growth, with 27.4% and 10.8% more followers, respectively. The average social engagement rate is 10.31% across our social channels, and we are seeing even more significant increases in YTD engagement rates in 2023.

Video Content

Creating original video content to support WPAOG’s mission to connect with the Long Gray Line has continued in 2022. We had 925.8K video views in 2022, a 363% increase from 2021. With short-form videos and reels becoming more popular on social media platforms, we have increased our video content output to meet the demand and have seen our audience respond positively. Our top three social media platforms for video views are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social media video examples include the Ring Melt, March Back, showcasing the CONNECT program, the Thayer Award, Branch Night, the WPAOG Army-Navy Tailgate, and highlighting and promoting the WPAOG podcast.













unique targeted messages via broadcast email









INCREASE from 2021



Michie Stadium Restoration Project

In this project, the existing East Stands will be removed, and a new 160,000 square-foot structure will be built in its place that will include premium club, suite, loge and ledge level seating, in addition to various hospitality options, a new fan store, upgraded concessions and amenities, and improved stadium accessibility (entry and exit). Design continues to advance while the sale of new seating is underway. Bids were accepted in 2022, the selection process is underway, and we expect to break ground in 2023.

The Link at Trophy Point (Building 148).

Archaeological testing is almost complete. The 50% Design Development has been completed for this magnificent addition to Trophy Point, and fundraising is underway.

Egner Hall Music Building Renovation (Building 685)

Originally built in 1933, the Music Building renovation has begun that will provide major upgrades to the Glee Club, Band Rooms, and major building infrastructure systems.


The development team performed well against cash and pledge goals in 2022. We received $77.6M in cash on a goal of $55.5M, exceeding the goal by a remarkable 40%. On the pledge front, we exceeded our goal of $52M by over $1M, concluding the year at $53.3M or 103% of the goal. We experienced a decline in the number of alumni making gifts in support of West Point and the Long Gray Line. While we have attributed our drop in the participation rate to USMA issues and divisiveness across the national landscape, major drops across higher education may indicate generational and economic factors are also at work. We concluded the year with a 36.4% alumni participation rate with 18,491 members of the alumni body making gifts on a goal of 19,563 or 94.5% of the goal. Although lower than anticipated, the outcome resulted in West Point moving up to #8 for liberal arts colleges in the country. WPAOG also received a historic $10M commitment to support the Association from The Honorable Robert A. McDonald ’75 and his wife Diane. It is the largest gift ever to WPAOG.

West Point Challenge

In May of this year, the WPAOG held the first annual West Point Challenge, taking the place of the All Academy Challenge. It yielded a 26.7% alumni participation rate. With 15,600 graduate donors, WPAOG brought in gifts totaling $4.4M. Over


330 different funds, including 100 Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) clubs, received Margin of Excellence gifts. The class competition was robust, with class representatives submitting spirit videos and posting matching challenges. The Class of 1972 secured the highest level of participation by percentage of the class, and the Class of 1994 achieved the greatest number of donors. The Class of 1976 raised the most money, with the Class of 1977 memorializing each deceased classmate through West Point Challenge gifts. A special thank you to our oldest graduate during the Challenge, COL (R) Francis K. Newcomer ’39, for his donation.

Class Fundraising

This year was another historic year for class campaigns. The Class of 1972 set a record for the 50th reunion gift by raising a total of $7.2M, while the Class of 1982 set a new record for the 40th reunion gift by achieving $5,082,000. Of note are two new class campaigns with ambitious goals—$5.25M (Class of 1977) and $4M (Class of 1984). The Class of 1983 reached its goal of $4.5M early and will continue fundraising to strive to beat the new 40th reunion gift record.

Stewardship & Events

It was a busy fall season with football game day events; donor events such as Homecoming Dinner, Parents Weekend Social, SUPT Circle Weekend, and the first inperson West Point Ready Campaign Cabinet meeting. The year culminated with the annual Army-Navy donor reception, gala, and game back in Philly.


2022 marked the second year of the nucleus fund phase of the West Point Ready $600.5M fundraising campaign for West Point and the West Point Association of Graduates—$550.5M for the Academy and $50M for WPAOG. The campaign is comprised of 40 needs approved by the Superintendent, and 10 WPAOG needs identified by WPAOG’s leadership. A 30-member Campaign Cabinet, chaired by The Honorable Robert A. McDonald ’75, was established by WPAOG in 2022 to lead the effort. Five decades of West Point graduates, alumni parents, and friends of the Academy are represented on the Cabinet. Marketing materials, which can be shared with prospects, exist for each of the needs in the campaign. As of December 31, 2022, more than $291M has been raised for the campaign, or 48.5% of our goal. The campaign will run for seven years, through the end of 2027.



In 2022, WPAOG received contribution revenue of $68.0 million, while also granting $37.0 million to the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) and the Army West Point Athletic Association (AWPAA). In a challenging 2022, WPAOG’s net assets decreased in value by $53.3 million, primarily due to weakness in both equity and fixed income markets. On December 31, 2022, our investments had a value of $534.8 million, a decrease of 7.6% over the value on December 31, 2021. In 2022, our independent auditors issued an unmodified opinion on our 2021 financial statements. These statements, along with our tax return (Form 990), can be found on the Association’s website, WestPointAOG.org. WPAOG is currently managing and reporting on more than 860 endowments, class gift accounts and other gift accounts for USMA and AWPAA, in addition to class administrative accounts.

WPAOG’s overall financial strength, stemming from the success of our Development efforts and the steady growth of the Association’s investments, will still depend on the generosity of the Long Gray Line to meet the Academy’s future needs as identified by the Superintendent.

Information Technology

In 2022 we focused on system integration projects and IT infrastructure improvements in order to ensure WPAOG services are incorporating all feasible data elements. The WPAOG integration strategy is to implement a hub and spoke model for all platforms with Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) at the center. With the integration of the Celerant point-of-sale system, all software platforms automatically update the central database.

Cyber security continues to be a top priority at WPAOG. We implemented multifactor authentication for network and email accounts to defeat account takeover attempts. We continue to be defended by the Darktrace security appliance, which uses machine learning to identify suspicious network activity and isolate any devices that may be infected with malware or ransomware. It also screens all inbound emails for phishing attempts and malicious links or payloads.


West Point AOG Preparatory Scholarship Program (WPPSP)

21 aspiring West Point cadets (19 scholar-leaders and two athletes) received scholarships through the WPAOG Preparatory Program. Recipients of WPPSP consistently graduate West Point at higher rates than all other admits, adding value to the Academy as well as the individual recipients.

Gripping Hands Endowment

The Gripping Hands Endowment was created in late 2020 by an anonymous donor who wanted to ensure that graduates were taken care of in a times of severe hardship. The endowment is also available to fund the educational needs of spouses and children of graduates who died in the line of duty. In 2022, the endowment supported 11 USMA graduates.


Jeff Sorenson ’73 and Pete Selleck ’77 departed as Directors at the end of 2022. Jeff joined the WPAOG Board in 2014 and had served nine years as a director. Jeff was the Chair of the IT Committee, and Vice Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion and Nominating Committees. He was a member of the Alumni Support and Finance Committees. Pete joined the WPAOG Board in 2014 and has served nine years as director.


Pete served on almost every committee, including as Chair of the Finance, Compensation, Nominating and Thayer Award Committees.

The Advisory Council met virtually in April and met again in November at West Point. The Council continued to provide critical feedback to the Board and continues to be the eyes, ears, and conscience of the Board of Directors. At the April meeting, the group received briefings from the Chairman and other WPAOG staff, in addition to taking a tour and receiving briefings at the Photonics Research Center, the Space and Missile Defense Command Space, and High-Altitude Research Center. At the November meeting the committee toured and received presentations from the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, and the USMA Prep School. The Chairman and President had the opportunity to thank and bid farewell to the Council members whose terms expired on December 31, 2022. It is a pleasure to recognize each of them for their commitment and service to the Association.


West Point AOG Preparatory Scholarship Program Summit

“The scholarship from AOG helped me change my study habits and become more confident—without it, I wouldn’t have been able to survive and thrive at West Point.”

—WPPSP Scholar-Leader Recipient Class of 2023

“The scholarship offered to me by WPAOG gave me the time to grow as a person, a student, and an athlete.”

—WPPSP Recruited Athlete Recipient Class of 2022

“During my civil prep year, I learned how to effectively manage my time when inundated with projects and tasks while simultaneously creating strong relationships with others.”

—WPPSP Scholar-Leader Recipient Class of 2023

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