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Corporate Learning and Development 2012-13

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What we do

Our promise We are passionate about delivering effective learning and organisational development activities throughout your time at Westminster that contribute to your success by:

Working alongside you and your team members to enhance development, maximise engagement and your ownership and contribution. Using Performance management to align individual and organisational goals

Our Values    

Asking the right questions that encourage clear thinking on information and decisions needed Not “re-inventing the wheel”. Using tried and tested approaches to make change happen better and quicker Developing key skills to facilitate individual, management and organisation wide development. Giving independent view and bespoke solution

Training Programmes

Below are a series of training programmes that have specifically been designed to provide employees and managers with the opportunity to build on skills cope with the changes taking place and enhance your career. These initiatives would help support your personal development plans (PDP)

For All Organisational Understanding Corporate Induction: You will be provided with Council Strategy overview alongside an opportunity to see Westminster City Council's Services in Action. This is specifically for new starters Understanding Local Government and Ethical Governance: Help WCC ensure that high standards of ethical governance are maintained by raising staff understanding of code of conduct and associated policies and protocols

Communication and Problem Solving Problem Solving and Creative Thinking: This will help you look beyond traditional boundaries, challenging you to think innovatively to find new and more efficient ways of conducting your job and delivering on objectives Customer Connection: This will help you assess and understand the needs of customer and your own behaviors. Negotiate and Influence: This will build your awareness of your target audience and to develop great influencing skills Presentation Skills

Career Development

For Managers Leadership skills Shaping your Leadership Style: This programme will help you understand your leadership style better, and challenge you to adapt and change in different situations Doing to Delegating: This programme will challenge your thinking and build your skills to ensure you move through the transition successfully

Managing resources/Performance Maximise your Resources Performance Management 1 and 2

Managing Change Managing in Uncertainty and change

Managing Stress Assessments Workshop 1 and 2

Team Leading: To understand how to build a successful and productive team

Managing Finance

Career Planning Workshop

Business Skills Project Management Finance Academy


Other Courses Available Compliance Courses – Fire Marshall, First Aid, Defrib, Managing Health and Safety HR Policies – Diversity, Performance Management, Flexible working, Recruitment, establishment, Discipline etc

To understand how to be part of a successful team

Coping with change and Wellbeing 7 Steps to Stress Free Living Achieving your Goals in times of Transition

If you are interested in any other training which are not on the list, Please contact us for advice. We work on bespoke courses for teams. Email us at:

Cross Borough Mentorship Scheme

mymentor programme Classroom based training does not always hold the best solution to every individual’s development needs. In response to this, the Council has partnered with other organisations across London to build a Cross Borough Mentoring Programme!

Benefits Benefits to the Council

Benefits to the Mentor

Benefits to the Mentee

1. Provides a highly effective way of developing future leaders. 2. Improves communication and networks both within the Council and across Boroughs 3. Helps staff to realise their potential and challenges them to exceed the Council’s current performance

1. Provides the opportunity to share your experience with another individual 2. Provides the opportunity to develop own skills in a way that is relevant to your current role 3. Develops your skills in listening, challenging, questioning, giving feedback and supporting others

1. Provides the opportunity to develop own skills in a way that is relevant to your current role 2. Develops staff with a broader understanding of the business 3. Helps staff realise their potential development

If you are interested in being involved, we would like to invite you to attend either a Mentee Workshop or Mentor Workshop. Contact:

For more information, visit

E-Learning Portal/Volunteering Scheme

Learning HUB The Learning Hub is an interactive site that provides access to a variety of e-learning modules on personal and professional skills, tools, resources, forums, videos and a host of many other activities to support your learning.

For more information, visit

Employee Volunteering Scheme In an Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) scheme, employers help staff to volunteer during and outside of working hours Choose a volunteering opportunity that's right for you and fits with the council’s strategic priorities You can use two working days (16 hours) each year for volunteering.

For more information, visit http://rewire/supportunits/policyplanningandperformance/Pages/volunteering.aspx and read the Volunteering Policy. Email:

External Networking and Conferences

Networking LG Improvement and Development (formerly the IDeA) supports improvement and innovation in local government, focusing on the issues that are important to councils and using tried and tested ways of working. Following are the exciting things you can do!!

Discussion forums

Communities of practice

Got a question or a suggestion about local government? Our easy-to-use forums are open to all. Register now and start posting

Join an online community and share ideas with thousands of colleagues across the sector in privacy and security.

A-Z of professional networks Search our database of the key public sector networks across England and Wales. Find a network to help you - or add your own

For more information, visit

External conferences The Whitehall and Industry group have partnered with Westminster Council and they have lots of upcoming events, most of which are free to attend for our employees!!

For more information, visit

Meet the team

People and Performance Team For further advice, please contact the people and performance team.

Manish Bhartiya

Aruj Haider

People and Performance Consultant 02076413257

People and Performance Consultant 02076412985

Leah Dunbar-Lewis

Andy Gilligan

People and Performance Advisor 02076416082

Training Administrator 08703334993

Corporate Learning and Development  

Corporate Learning and Development

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