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being warned residents are bins N Peninsula closed shops or full MORNINGTON Peninsula residents are being warned on CCTV MORNINGTO outside donations them being captured that leaving donations outside closed shops or full bins that leaving to could lead over Easter could lead to them being captured on CCTV over Easter Keep Australia and fined. and fined. to the waste watch group of all donations left According to the waste watch group Keep Australia per cent in landfill According around 90 bins end up Beautiful Victoria, around 90 per cent of all donations left Beautiful Victoria, stops or recycling outside charitable stops or recycling bins end up in landfill or soiled. although outside charitable are damaged Jeff Antcliff says that because they are damaged or soiled. this because they manager at reducing Vinnies general manager Jeff Antcliff says that although Vinnies general are getting better peninsula residents are getting better at reducing this on way to go. peninsula residents is still a long we have had a reduction waste, there is still a long way to go. peninsula, waste, there past five years at our shops on the “Over the past five years we have had a reduction on “Over the about conleft unattended that, but it’s things being left unattended at our shops on the peninsula, things being thank residents for it’s about consaid. to of and I’d like to thank residents for that, butPaul and I’d like process,” he went to a lot education he said. process,” tinuing that education op shop Hastings, with tinuing that said well-meaning people Kirkham, good for donations, went to a lot of at Vinnies people said well-meaning Mr Antcliff Mr Antcliff and Graeme it into the fold and pack often became soiled VOLUNTEERS Jones pack good for donations, and made launder and and foldthat to launder trouble Angela where it trouble to goods Benjamin, it unattended, donated it unattended, where it often became soiled theleave only of to recycle only to leave blown around. and some VOLUNTEERS at Vinnies op shop Hastings, Paul Sissons reuse of Gary or blown around. by weather at open Picture: or by weather store. Benjamin, Angela Jones and Graeme Kirkham, with donations to get the message recycle “We are trying to get the message of reuse and or “We are tryingmessage is only leaving he said. some of the donated goods that made it into the barriers at open bin,” donations that leaving istoonly installing and part of that message and reto and part of store. Picture: Gary Sissons inside a donation donations in op shops have resorted he said.are to stopbin,” inside a donation or placing stores,stores Some stores, or placing actually results disposal and landfill front entrances op shops and reresultsofincouncils actually off the donations number Dumping Dumping donations to foot the hefty a year. blocking a growing thenumber of resource having and landfill while hefty disposal having to footthe stores shops cycling when cycling shops to be around $3.4 million closed Some stores have resorted to installing barriers or difficult to reducing $3.4become periods are a year. milliontoo estimated to be around bill,contemplating bill, estimatedEaster and key holiday Australia Beautiful now they have blocking off the front entrances to stop donations to when other Easter and key holiday periods are that because Givenbins Given that had happen, Keep recovery closed stores while a growing number of councils are textiles and donations Australia Beautiful surveillance happen, Keep the bulk of donations those in reducing the number of resource the bulk of a lot of clothing, household issued manage. the increased andupother now contemplating textiles life or benefit donors being clothing,ofhousehold lot of number says a said Victoria Mr Finlayson Victoria says get a new lease on store. ending recovery bins because they have become too difficult to those in not growing or benefit donations lease on oflife in anot get a newnumber items may items may if left outside a closed resulted manage. the often see donaneed to reduce if left outside a closed store. we are not said people greatest finesneed are doing greatest children with Mr Finlayson said the increased surveillance had ROB and Bec with their Travis Finlaysonand so believe they out that often see donapeople said Finlaysonto point much landfill. Travis important and their in KABV’s resulted in a growing number of donors being issued is very op shops, Maddison and MathewKABV’s are doing it is op shops, andenforcement so believe they left outside tions to the piles. their donations tions left outside “However, and that piles.to ensure that donawith fines to reduce the number of donations ending up tribute to Shane Warne. thing by adding is thetrying toare have left by adding right thing happy’ the ‘enforcement we in landfill. economy,” Picture: Gary Sissonsthe right realising it ... they picked over and whatof Ratherit ... theyon their donations circular have ourleft realising “Without piles “Without last resort. through, the donors impact picked “However, it is important to point out that we are not what is being rifled over and a positive rifled through, to being in messy, windswept exposed all the wonderful exposed to can from tions have plea to messy, ‘enforcement happy’ and that enforcement is very much as wepiles of scattered about my bigabout windswept in as much scattered longer sale- not not stolen, said. “So, he stolen, the last resort. Rather we are trying to ensure that donaat diverting critical turning point items are no to the elements. Let’s elements. the aim open to be a litter, litter, open means those quality buildimpact on our circular economy,” out there: Let 2022 no longer sale- tions have a positive aretowards quality our bit means thosewe this Easter. “This often “This often all doitems end up in landfill.” in CCTV outside landfill he said. “So, my big plea to all the wonderful donors likely where most an increasePhillips end up in landfill.” likely moment able themost able aand said. andand Finlayson to honour Shane”, thing out there: Let’s aim at diverting as much as we can from across Melbourne economy.” cricket to Mr always been said. ROB Phillips has bin hubs to Mr Finlayson an increase in CCTV outside According According people off a mural”. suggested ing a true circular Bec at clothing partner in Shane”, Phillips warning landfill this Easter. Let 2022 be a critical turning point for French Island. signs and aplays mural”. stores and “Myincrease charity stores and at clothing bin hubs across Melbourne thing to honourBecfanatic, the wall of suggested of business charity The tribute now adorns and the moment where we all do our bit towards buildwas significant owner bins. The Somerville “My partner adorns the wall has seen a significant increase in signs warning people off has seen a of his or outside Phillips Auto Spark, in business ing a true circular economy.” now hit hard by in of his idol, Shane the death out hours out of hours or outside bins. donating The tribute Phillips Auto Spark, wanted todonating Somerville. Street, Simcock do someWarne. “We really his business SALES Somerville. BARN DOOR Simcock Street, FRIDAY

wall Somerville been a cricket has always Island. ROB Phillips plays for Frenchowner was fanatic, and business The Somerville his idol, Shane the death of hit hard by really wanted to do someWarne. “We

Wednesday 13 April 2022

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children with their ROB and Bec Mathew and their and Maddison Shane Warne. tribute to Sissons Picture: Gary



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Our farm is family owned and managed. We have been producing quality eggs for over and managed. is family owned for over Our farm 40 years, supplying the public, restaurants quality eggs been producing restaurants We have and other businesses on the peninsula. the public, supplying 40 years, on the peninsula. Eggs are collected 365 days a year so you can businesses and other you can with a year so be assured that you are buying the freshest eggs 365 days eggs with collected the best yolk and flavour. Eggs are the freshest are buying that you flavour. be assured Retail and Wholesale from our barn door. yolk and the best barn door. from our Wholesale Retail and

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Western Port

Way . corner of Binnak Road West, Moorooduc 220 Eramosa ervilleeggfarm.com.au 220 Eramosa Road West, Moorooduc. corner of Binnak Way email: admin@som email: admin@somervilleeggfarm.com.au

5977 5405


Shire’s budget delay over mayor’s illness THIS week’s scheduled public meeting of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has been postponed until Tuesday 7 June. Included on the agenda was the adoption of the 2022/23 budget. It is understood the mayor Cr Anthony Marsh requested the delay while he undergoes treatment in hospital. Although there is a deputy mayor, Cr Lisa Dixon, Cr Susan Bissinger said “really, it is in the community’s interest that we have the best chair possible” at the final budget meeting. “We’re trying to do the best we can for the community. The deputy was willing to step in, but the consensus was that it was best to postpone.” Cr David Gill said the meeting should have gone ahead without the mayor: “He’s just one among equals. This is unprecedented for a budget meeting. Meetings should go ahead as has been advertised. “This is why we have a deputy mayor. Will they cancel a meeting if I can’t attend?” Gill said that for the first time a draft budget had not been publicly released. The shire issued a statement on Monday saying cancelling budget meeting would allow Marsh “enough time to recover and participate as chair”. The rescheduled meeting will start 5.30pm Tuesday 7 June at the Rosebud council chambers and can be viewed online at: Live Stream of Council Meetings - Mornington Peninsula Shire (mornpen.vic.gov.au) CEO John Baker’s executive advisor Amanda Sapolu said: “The Governance Rules allow the

mayor, following consultation with the councillors, to cancel any meeting which has been fixed and to provide notice of the change to the public.” Keith Platt

Executives returned THE four executive officers of the Disabled Surfers Association Mornington Peninsula have been re-elected for the coming year. Nominated and elected at the branch’s annual meeting on Wednesday 25 May were president Pea Saunders, vice-president Grant Ellis, treasurer Stewart Lockie and secretary Scott Cosgriff. The executive group said it hoped in the coming year to focus “on our goals and missions, rather than all the red tape of the last two years”.

Scones return SCONES on Hastings will be held 10am to 11.30am on 3 June at the Hastings Bowls Club, 40 Marine Parade. All are welcome. Cost is $2 a person for tea or coffee and scones with jam and cream.

Collectors’ fair PENINSULA Stamp Club will hold its next stamp and coin fair 9am to 3pm on Monday 13 June at the Anglican Church Hall, corner Point Nepean Road and Sixth Avenue, Rosebud. Free entry, buy and sell tables, children’s stamps and light refreshments will be available. There are still spaces for dealers available, call 0418 322 315.


SECURE STORAGE BRAND NEW FACILITY We’re here to help Do you have a wastewater system on your property? The Shire can provide information on the type of wastewater system at your property and the maintenance requirements. It’s important to ensure the health of your wastewater system. A poorly maintained system is a health risk to your family, neighbours, our waterways and the wider community. As part of the Environment Protection Regulations 2021, from 1 July 2022 property owners will need to notify the Shire of septic tank system failures or issues as soon as possible. We want to work with you to help manage your wastewater system, so together we can protect the health of our Peninsula.

To learn more or to book a free wastewater system health check: mornpen.vic.gov.au/septictankmaintenance septics@mornpen.vic.gov.au PAGE 6

Western Port News 1 June 2022

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