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Sail away for Father’s Day

Responsibilities come with pet ownership

BOATS, beers, meats and sweets – what more could a Dad want this Father’s day! Searoad Ferries is giving you the chance to treat your special Dad to all of these things at its inaugural Blokes High Tea. Taking place on Father’s Day, Sunday 3 September, Head Chef, Brent Love, will be serving up tasty delights with Dad’s in mind – everything from pork sliders and lamb pies, to maple bacon pannacotta and mini donughts. Throw in a paddle of locally produced craft beers and it

truly will be a feast fit for a king! Departing Sorrento at 12pm or Queenscliff at 3pm, the Blokes High Tea includes food, beer sampler paddle, tea, coffee and a two hour sailing across Port Phillip Bay. High Tea will be served in the nautical surrounds of the brand new, private Lonsdale Lounge onboard the MV Queenscliff. Cost per person is $49 and bookings are essential. To book, or for further information, please visit

I don’t hate dogs or cats or any other creature and I’m sure no one at Mornington Peninsula Shire Council would either. It seems ownership and responsibility or lack of it is a concerning problem. I have worked on dairy and beef farms with cattle, pigs, chooks, horses, owned a dog, cat, budgie and other birds, and I can say every animal has its very own personality. It’s always sad to hear of a dog or cat turning up at a pound and then being euthanased because of a problem that’s created by us. Us, is how they got there in the first place. Pointing the finger at our council to be kinder and sort it out in some way or other seems irresponsible while we all go home and pat our pets, eat our beef patties, chicken stir fry, pork sausages, lamb shanks, eggs from locked up chickens that are given a square metre of dirt to walk on so as to call it free range. Think of the life some other creatures have to endure, held in captivity before being slaughtered enabling us to reap and enjoy whatever it is we want from them. Let’s not forget to mention those wild animals that are unfortunate not to make it to the pound. Blasted from their habitat as game, or a bullet to the head because they’re now a pest, or suffer a long painful death by poisoning called conservation. Owning a pet comes with long-term responsibilities, and we can all help to unburden council and volunteers if the simple rules were followed in the first place. Register your pet, obey all regulations, give it love, and care for its health, know where it is and, if you don’t want it anymore, try to find a new owner yourself. John Blogg, Somers

Special mention How would you like to receive a demand for more than $4000 from your local council – over and above the normal rates you pay? This happened recently to a small group of residents. For years Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has implemented special charge schemes to build concrete footpaths throughout the shire. Most residents have never heard of these schemes until they are hit with a huge bill. In tough financial times when everyday costs such as private health cover, gas, electricity and education costs are racing ahead of wages this has not stopped our council imposing a major financial burden on a handful of unsuspecting ratepayers each year. Incredibly, not everyone who gets a new footpath has to pay the charge. Those affected do not get to vote on the matter and the only avenue of appeal (VCAT) is costly and unlikely to succeed. Why shouldn’t the council have to live within its means (using annual rate revenues) as do the residents it represents? The state government has now capped council rate increases, so some financial restraint by the shire should follow. But as the council knows a special charge scheme allows it to impose additional costs on residents and get around the rate capping restriction. It’s an easily exploited loophole. Faced with a significant resident backlash against these unfair charges the council has developed a Draft Special Charge Scheme Policy - now available for comment on its website. This draft is deficient in a number of areas. In particular, it should give affected residents the right to vote down a proposed scheme if it is seen as unreasonable, too costly and unfair. I would urge readers to respond to the draft


The circus is in town! ERONI’S Circus is returning to the Mornington Peninsula with an all new show for 2017! Relive the magic and wonder of traditional circuses of yesteryear, with lively original music, incredible costumes and traditional circus acts including gorgeous showgirls, magnificent palomino horses, stunning trapeze artists, hilarious clown antics, impeccable juggling performances, amazing acrobats, contortion, family favourite Jack Russell dogs, and more. Eroni’s Circus aims to bring back the atmosphere of old world, vintage circus charm for

Friday 11th August Sunday 27th August

21 Baxter Tooradin Rd Baxter Ph. 0477 874 784 PAGE 10

Western Port News 15 August 2017

Friday & Sat @7.30pm Sat & Sun @ 2pm

•TICKETS• $15 per child & $20 per Adult

modern day audiences. This year’s edition of Eroni’s Circus is proud to present, 2016 Australia’s Got Talent finalist Jessie Daley illusionist and his lovely assistants who will leave audiences spellbound with feats of magic. A family day at the circus also won’t break the bank, with affordable ticket pricing of $15 each per child and $20 each per adult. Don’t miss Eroni’s Circus performing at Baxter 21 Baxter - Tooradin Rd performing until the 27th August.

15 August 2017  

Western Port News 15 August 2017

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