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Bronco Bash 2011

Friday, September 9


Thursday, September 8, 2011



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Sexism has a new ally- J.C Penney shirts By Jolene Khor Staff Reporter My best friend in elementary school was pretty. Everybody liked her. She was cute, she was funny, she had really long brown hair and was really nice to all the other kids. She was also good at math. As

far as I know, she did not have a brother to do her homework for her. I grew up in a considerably reasonable community where every child, boy and girl, was expected to be responsible for their homework. But after browsing the sale items on J.C. Penney’s website last

week to do some back to school shopping for myself, maybe things have changed for the worse. Like other stores on the week before the new school year, J.C. Penney was trying to push their fourth quarter sales. Unlike other stores, they were trying to sell sexist T-shirts to little girls and their parents. One that sparked controversy on the internet and Twitter was a junior’s jersey t-shirt that read, “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” Imagine that: a little girl smart enough to use her looks to manipulate the people around her to do her homework, but not smart enough to actually do it herself. That a girl! It’s no secret that cultural stereotypes and archetypes creep

into kids’ lives through traditional Disney fairytales and rap music but it looks like sexism has found new ammo against social equality – T-shirts! I know, I know – the blame game has been exhausted over the years since the women rights movement and to get back on it is to take two steps backwards in time. It’s better for all to yank the problem off the rack and call it a day. Just ask J.C. Penney spokesperson Ann Marie Bishop. She said to ABC News, “We’ve immediately discontinued sales of that T-shirt. It was only online … We agreed that the shirt does not deliver an appropriate message.”

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

WMU’s Bronco Bash set to kick-off Friday

By Ambrosia Neldon Staff Reporter

Students will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus organizations, win free stuff and enjoy live entertainment at Western Michigan University’s 31st Annual Bronco Bash on Friday from 3 - 7 p.m. According to WMU News, at least 25,000 students , faculty and staff are expected to attend the bash to receive lots of free gifts and information about local organizations . 450 organizations will set up around Miller Fountain and in the Miller parking garage for this year’s Bronco Bash. Attending students will have the opportunity to visit booths for Registered Student Organizations, academic departments, and local businesses.

“Students should attend Bronco Bash for many reasons,” Matt Vargo, one of the three coordinators of the event, said. “There are 450 opportunities to learn about something new, to get information about organizations, and to begin a great year at Western Michigan University.” This event is free and open to the public. Bronco Bash coordinators strongly encourage incoming freshmen and transfer students to attend. “Students should attend [Bronco Bash] because it’s a great way to meet university departments as well as see what businesses in Kalamazoo are present,” Lynnae Stankus, associate director for Student Activities and Leadership Programs, said. Stankus has helped coordinate the event for four years. “Bronco Bash is also a fabulous opportunity to see live entertainment and a nation-

al-known headliner band for free.” Troy Hudson, president of WMU’s RSO, College Republicans, said that his organization will be handing out can koozies, pens, key chains and ping pong balls, as well as hosting a Presidential straw poll for next year’s election. Hudson has been involved with Bronco Bash for three years. “My favorite part of the event is the energy,” said Hudson. “There is a lot of excitement around what the various student groups are offering.” Along with the free prizes and information that students can receive at Bronco Bash, there will be bands playing throughout the four hour event. The band Parachute will be headlining the event this year and is scheduled perform at 6 p.m. Before Parachute takes the stage, four other bands will perform throughout the event:

Many booths also feature games for students and community members to participate in. According to Vargo, this year there will be a mechanical bull, a photo booth and carnival- style food available to purchase. Coordinators and volunteers have been preparing for this year’s Bronco Bash since the conclusion of last year’s Bronco Bash. This year, over 100 volunteers will help with the preparation and functioning of the event. “We need volunteers throughout the day to oversee entire sections of the plaza, to help reduce waste by working to recycle, regulate all the organizations, departments and businesses going onto the plaza, selling shirts and distributing maps and helping to regulate our novelties, “ Vargo said. “Then at the end of the day when everyone leaves there is clean up.”

WMU concert receives standing ovation By Cody Janczewski Staff Reporter After eight days and 40 hours of rehearsal with New York City directors Dan Acquisto and Sammy Buck, WMU’s concert performance of “Like You Like It” received a standing ovation Tuesday night in Western Michigan University’s Dalton Recital Hall. “The most rewarding part of this show was hearing all the crowd’s laughter and applause. Hearing the crowd go crazy after every song, and laugh at all of the jokes was a good way to let us know that we did our job,” cast member Colton Steele, said. Steele plays an ’80s “punkish jock” character in the show. Jay Berkow, musical theatre performance director at WMU, said he and the cast were excited for the opportunity to work with Buck and Acquisto directly. “Besides this show being a fun energetic musical, the most exciting part about this show is that we have Dan and Sammy here directing it,” Berkow said. WMU Senior, Blair Grotbeck, who plays the character of Orlando, “a jock, but also a very sen-

Bethany Bohlen / Western Herald

sitive and romantic guy,” said he enjoyed working with the guest directors as well. “It was a huge blessing to work with the writers. They are fantastic and brilliant. It was such a great experience to get ideas and insight from the guys directly behind it all,” Grotbeck said. Finally, Tuesday night, after working exactly one week with Buck and Acquisto, the 16-member cast showcased their talent in

this new musical. “Words cannot describe how proud and accomplished I feel and how proud I am of the entire cast. Everybody did so well,” Grotbeck said. “ I’m going to miss this show so much and hopefully someday I will have the opportunity to ‘Do Like You Like it‘ another time.” Steele had similar feelings after the performance. “Taking that bow at the con-

Blair Grotbeck, Kevin Watson, Danielle Campbell, Peter Pappas and Bello Pizzimenti, all members of the cast of “Like You Like It,” rehearse on Sunday, Sept. 4 in the Gilmore Acting Studio.

clusion of the show felt so rewarding. It was a good way to acknowledge all that we did, and it made me feel really proud of the work that we put out.” Not only were the actors and directors proud this of show, but the audience member and WMU Junior, Tyler Hall, enjoyed it too. “I went into this show not knowing what it was at all and I came out of it still laughing and humming the music,” Hall said.

ravemotionpictures CITYPLACE 14

South & Portage - Downtown Kzoo 269-381-5732

Times valid for Friday to Sunday *Contagion - PG13 1:00p 3:30p 4:10p




*Warrior - PG13 12:45p 4:00p





*Creatures- R 12:30p 3:40p



*Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star - R 1:15p 4:25p 7:00p 10:00p *Apollo 18 - PG13 12:20p 4:05p 7:20p


*Shark Night 3D - PG13 12:50p 3:25p 7:45p


*Debt, The- R 12:35p 4:15p



*Colombiana - PG13 12:15p 3:15p *Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark - R 12:55p *Our Idiot Brother - R 1:05p 3:45p 7:50p


*Sarah’s Key - PG13 12:25p 3:50p 6:35p *Help, The - PG13 12:00p 3:20p


9:25p 9:55p

*Rise of the Planet of the Apes - PG13 12:05p 4:20p 6:55p 9:35p *Crazy, Stupid, Love - PG13 12:10p 3:35p 6:55p 9:40p

For Group Sales Events, Field Trips. Toll Free 1-866-678-7066 Times good f or Friday * Special Engagement - No Passes or Discount Tix + Digital Projection



Parachute drops in on Bronco Bash 2011 By Allie Batson Staff Reporter The band Parachute is coming to Kalamazoo to headline Western Michigan University’s 31st annual Bronco Bash on Friday, Sept. 9. The band, made up of five guys, has spent 80 percent of their time driving, living out of suitcases in a van and traveling to different areas and “play anywhere and everywhere all over the country, including Europe and UK” Nate McFarland ,the bands guitarist, said. It also includes Kit French, Johnny Doublefield who plays drums, Alex Hargraze who plays bass and Will Anderson who plays piano and guitar. Parachute has three albums including “Losing Sleep” produced by Chris Keut, John Shanks and John Sheilds and “The Way It Was” produced by John Sheilds alone. Of writing each album McFarland said “Will is the songwriter and we mostly just trade melodies, we make it melodic and memorable and hopefully intelligent, hoping all ages will get into it, we’re aiming to

Sign up online or drop off entry form at the Western Herald, 1517 Faunce basement, student services building or at booth 160 at Bronco Bash

Thursday, September 8, 2011

have something for everyone”. The band has many goals but their biggest is to increase their fan base. The boys met at age 15 and have been playing together ever since but didn’t start touring and producing records until May 2008 after they all graduated college. “Our favorite part is definitely performing and feeding off the energy of the audience”, McFarland said. After the Bronco Bash performance, the boys will be heading off on a tour, during October and November which will take them all over the United States. The band members said they’re very excited to play for WMU and even more excited to let everyone know their newest album, “The Way It Was” is available for anyone interested. The complete live music line-up is as follows at Fountain Plaza near Miller Auditorium: 3 p.m. - WMU Pep Band 3:15 p.m. - Four Finger Five 4 p.m. - Matt Black and Young Heavy Souls 4:45 p.m. - Kari Lynch 6 p.m. - Parachute

Photo courtesty of Parachute

Band members pose for publicity photo.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miller rocks season with big name shows By Ariel Gostovich Staff Reporter From the Tony Award-winning musical “Jersey Boys” to the spirited, cult classic “The Rocky Horror Show,” Miller Auditorium is preparing for an outstanding lineup this season. The directors of Miller Auditorium are revealing new details about this season’s most popular shows. “The audience will definitely be participating,” Tracey Lawie, Director of Marketing and Development at Miller, said. “The Rocky Horror Show” is one of the most anticipated shows in this season’s lineup. Audience participation is heavily emphasized. Everyone will receive participation bags and a list of cues for those not familiar with the show. This cast of “Rocky Horror” is larger than usual because chorus members will be interacting with the audience. In addition to audience participation in this show, there is another major aspect making this performance unique. This season, the Western Michigan University Theatre Department is collaborating with Miller Auditorium, forming a longawaited and celebrated partnership. “We are most excited for these new collaborations and the opportunity to bring our audiences to new locations,” Emily Duguay, Director of Arts Management for the Theatre Department, said. The staff of Miller Auditorium has been looking forward to the variety of distinguished shows this season, especially the compelling Broadway musical, “Jersey Boys.” “We have a solid reputation for filling house,” Lawie said. Miller being the largest venue in Southwest Michigan, and having about 1000 more seats than the other theaters, is able to regularly show national Broadway plays such as “Jersey Boys.” This year, Miller’s schedule promises a season of memorable experiences for and Kalamazoo community and WMU students on a budget. “Students still don’t know about these great discounts,” Lawie said. WMU students receive a 50 percent discount on most shows. It is not unheard of for a student to see a concert or performance for as little as $13. In the past, Miller Auditorium has given away well over 20,000

tickets to students or families in need. Proud of Kalamazoo’s creative community, Miller is extremely passionate about sustaining the arts. These amazing shows are available to absolutely anyone, Lawie said. “The Rocky Horror Show” is all about the experience, and with the new collaboration between two of WMU’s most thriving departments it looks to be the show. “This year, once again, Miller Auditorium provides immense opportunities to take part in the unparalleled world of the performing arts,” Lawie said. “There is so much creativeness on this campus.” For more information on the season and tickets, go to or call (269) 387-2300.

2011-2012 Miller Auditorium Season “Girls Night: The Musical” Sep 23-Sep 24

“Celtic Thunder Christmas” Dec 9

“Masters of Illusion Live!” Oct 14

“Moscow Festival Ballet - Fairytale Fantasy” Jan 22

“My Fair Lady“ Oct 18-Oct 19 “Bob Newhart” Oct 23 “The Rocky Horror Show” Oct 28-Oct 29

“Harlem Gospel Choir” Jan 27 “Rock of Ages” Jan 31 “Gold Company Salutes the Oscars” Feb 11

“Jazz Masters at Miller with Special Guest “Blast!” Paquito D’Rivera” Feb 23 Nov 3 “In the Heights” “Rennie Harris Feb 24 Puremovement” Nov 8 “The Acting Company - The Comedy of “An Evevning With Errors” Buddy Valastro: The Mar 13 Cake Boss” Nov 17 “Jersey Boys” Mar 20-Apr 1 “Kenny Rogers Christmas & Hits” “Young Frankenstein Nov 26 Apr 24-Apr 25 “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” Nov 29-Nov 30 For details on all shows: 269-387-2362 or

44 O


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bronco Bash boasts bodacious Bands By Paul VanHevel Staff Reporter Bands Four Fingers Five, Kari Lynch, Matt Black and Young Heavy Souls, will open for Parachute on Sept. 9, for this year’s Bronco Bash and Western Michigan University. Four Fingers Five is a rock band with a touch of rhyme and blues. “It’s a rock R&B trio that sounds in comparison with Black John Mayer and his band,” Scott McPhee, WMU graduate student, said. “I admire what they are doing.” Some students enjoy the style of music the band plays. “When I started off listening to these guys I was impressed with the slight touch of funk buried down in the music,” John Searles, WMU senior, said. “I liked the guitar lead in the music and how it was accented with other instruments.” However, Searles said his feelings changed after hearing multiple songs by the band. “The lead singer had a nice voice, but the lyrics were not something I found strong, even through I enjoyed the beat and the timing of the band,” Searles said. Four Fingers Five has collaborated on three albums, their most recent being 2:22. For more information on the band visit, Matt Black and Young Heavy Souls will follow Four Fingers Five on stage. “They have a steady flow. Their song Swag Core, in particular, has a laid back feel to it. On top of that they have good word play,” WMU junior, Carlton Freeman, said. . “Rap is a way to express oneself, the same way any other musicians would express them-


2011 Bronco Bash Stage Schedule WMU Pep Band 3 p.m. Four Finger Five 3:15 p.m. Matt Black & Young Heavy Souls 4 p.m. Kari Lynch 4:45 p.m. Parachute 6 p.m. For details:

selves. Different rhyme schemes send different messages or stories.” WMU graduate student, Mitch Summerville, 23, said that with some studio magic , Matt Black and the Young Heavy Souls bring the rappers lyrics to life. For more information and to hear Matt Black and Young Heavy Souls visit, Kari Lynch will make an appearance alongside Four Fingers Five and Matt Black and Young Heavy Souls . “Kari Lynch has the musical talent and the voice necessary to leave audiences in awe,” WMU student ,Matthew Zagers, said. “Her voice is very mature which complements the light country feel the band strives to bring.” According to Searles, Kari Lynch is a great guitarist with powerful voice and relatable lyrics. “All I can say is why am I not hearing this music on the radio? “ Searles said. “You can tell by the music she is a real person, who sings about what everyone can relate to and understand. She has a way of capturing life, and cramming it into a brief song without leaving anything out. I would love to hear her let go and just belt out a song.”

Check us out online at


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sexism From Page 2

But even after the controversial shirt was removed from its website and over 1600 individuals signed an online petition against it, sexist statement Tshirts, albeit subtler ones, made for children are still available for purchase. Not to exclude the boys collection from the family fun, your little brother can now wear J.C. Penney shirts that say “Mom thinks she’s in charge,” and “My dad is fly.” There’s also one that screams “COOLEST KID EVER.” Let’s see if I get this right… mom’s a pushover, dad is awesome, the boy is cool and his sister is too pretty to think.And let’s not forget about taking little sister shopping – after all, it’s all girls like, right, J.C. Penney? While the culprit shirt that made news is no longer available, T-shirts that say, “Smarter than the average monkey” and “What I love – cupcakes, puppies, shopping, peace and my BFF” are still on sale at only $10 each. Sexism may have dire consequences on our social hierarchy, but it sure does come cheap. Shoppers better have fast fingers because before you know it, J.C. Penney would read this and decide for the good of mankind to finally pull the plug on shirts that carry the slightest hint of sexism and decorate the page instead with their apologies on the unavailability of the product you are looking for. Happy shopping! Tweet of the day by Justin Korthof: “Hey @JCPenny - My daughter is beautiful. Should I just go ahead and take all her books away now, or in high school?”

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