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West Hamilton Pharmacy NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

Diarrhoea and vomiting

This is just the beginning of summer, with many sunny days and picnics and barbeques to come. Thinking about enjoying the great outdoors we can get a little bit lax about good food handling, cooking and storage practices. This can lead to an outbreak of acute diarrhoea and vomiting that comes on quickly and severely. The usual cause is a gut infection (‘gastro’) from either viruses (eg: noravirus), bacteria (eg: salmonella), or parasites (eg: giardia) - usually from contaminated food or water. Leaving food out of the fridge, possibly in the sun and uncovered, is a common cause for food going ‘off’ due to contamination. In many cases, the ‘gastro’ is only a short-term inconvenience and the diarrhoea and vomiting tend to go away within a few days. It becomes a problem if the symptoms go on for longer and then a visit to the doctor is advisable. Vomiting and diarrhoea causes the loss of body fluids and important electrolytes (salts), and if prolonged can result in dehydration. Babies under 12 months of age are particularly prone to diarrhoea and vomiting from contaminated food and drink and they can become dehydrated very quickly- for example

the bottle of formula milk left out of the fridge. “Look out”, caution Self Care pharmacists, “for the danger signs of dehydration - dry mouth, tongue and lips, reduced skin elasticity, sunken eyes and cheeks, weakness, little urination. Children this young need to see a doctor if the symptoms continue for longer than 3 hours (for vomiting) and 24 hours (for diarrhoea).” The best treatment for ‘gastro’ symptoms is drinking plenty of fluids such as oral rehydration solutions. These contain the right amounts of electrolytes, glucose and water to replace lost nutrients. “A range of replacement fluids products are available from our pharmacies” advise Self Care pharmacists “and we can provide you with a copy of the Diarrhoea and Vomiting fact card that has helpful advice.” Begin fluid replacement as soon as diarrhoea starts and give small amounts of fluid often as large amounts at once may cause vomiting. Babies and children should be given a teaspoon of fluid every minute and adults should take a quarter of a cup every 15 minutes. Here are some simple food handling and cooking tips, and general hygiene measures to help prevent getting a ‘gastro’ bug or passing it on to others.

Wash hands in hot soapy water and dry them well after going to the toilet, after changing babies’ nappies, and before touching food and preparing meals; have clean utensils and chopping boards; defrost meats thoroughly in the fridge and not out on the bench; keep raw foods in the fridge separated from cooked and ready-to-eat foods; refrigerate all foods until ready to use; use chilly bins with frozen pads inside to keep food cool, and keep them out of the sun; cook meats, especially chicken and other poultry, until the juices run clear and the flesh is no longer pink; cover hot food while cooling, and leave it to cool no longer than 30 minutes before putting in the refrigerator; reheat leftovers until they are steaming hot and only reheat once. For more information on preventing and treating ‘gastro’related diarrhoea and vomiting, and for a copy of the fact card, come and see your Self Care pharmacist. Also visit for additional food safety and handling advice.

Accessible Parking at the Nawton Shopping Centre When I started working at the centre in 2010 (MPP). The MPP scheme is a nationwide there was a ‘free for all’ attitude to Accessible one managed by NZCCS Disability Action. Parking. Applicants must undergo an assessment and Having a history of social working with meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for people with disabilities and having been an a MPP. Depending on the specific nature of MPP (Mobility Permit Parking) Assessor, I impairment MPP’s are valid for 3 months to knew how important it was for genuine MPP 5 years. When expired, it must be renewed. There are 120000 MPP holders in NZ. holders to have Accessible Parking. The owners of the Nawton Shopping Centre There was no question in my mind that it take their responsibilities seriously. The ratio was wrong to use Accessible Parking without of Accessible Parking to regular parking is a MPP yet there were many people that didn’t give it a second thought. They saw the higher than the minimum requirement. The ‘clamper’ like Salem did witches in the 17th size of each space exceed regulation for users to access and transfer to/from their mobility Century. devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. At the same time there were elderly Nawton There is a Site Manager, Daryll MacAlpine residents and valid MPP holders telling me (that’s me), monitoring the spaces, that comes that they were unable to use Accessible from a social work background in the field of Parking because of illegitimate users being in Disability, that understands the importance of them. Others had grown tired of waiting for a the scheme to its legitimate users. space to be vacated or of driving around and Designation of and legitimate terms of around, then giving up before going home use of the spaces are clearly marked and empty handed. signposted. So too are the consequences for I was disappointed with my neighbourhood illegitimate use. This is important because and started helping. it forms a legally recognised agreement/ I’ve heard so many excuses why people contract between the ‘owner’ of the space and illegitimately use Accessible Parking. “I’m the ‘user’ of it. only going to be 2 minutes.”, “I’m just using At the Nawton Shopping Centre the owner the ATM, or “I’ve got laundry.” None of these of the space permits the holder of a valid MPP are valid. People with disabilities need to do to occupy the space and asks it be clearly all of these things too. Even when it’s raining, displayed. When someone occupies the space on weekends, and when you think I’m not without meeting these requirements then working today. The great news is that there they are legally in breach of the contract and are around 150 car parks specifically for these are also committing a trespass. The owner things. of the space or their When my daughter is in her wheelchair, you The thing is that agent is able to then by using one of these don’t have enough room to get the chair out of retain the property the car in a normal park spaces you won’t be causing the trespass to When she is using her crutches she tires asked to move, or easily, so needs to be close to the shop. Daryll is collect costs. This is need to worry about really good over there, keeps an eye out for us. the bit that is entirely being wheel clamped. I’ve got a lot of respect for what he does there avoidable, the wheel They are stress less, Tracie – Mother of Faith (13) who has clamping bit. drama free, take your Complex Nervous System Disorder (CNSD) & Six years on the sweet time parks. Complex Regional Pain Disorder (CRPD). situation has vastly They are also only a improved at the few extra meters away. It’s not like you need Nawton Shopping Centre. I believe that this to pack a lunch or take spare clothing. Think is due to so many Nawton residents making of the extra exercise. little changes. Thanks to everyone that has Nawton’s community shopping centre has and is changing the way they look at and use around 150 car parking spaces for shoppers. Accessible Parking. I know that there are still Six of these parking spaces are designated improvements that can be made and I want to Accessible Parking spaces. issue an I C.A.N challenge! to everyone to try These spaces are by definition provided for a little more. people that have impaired mobility and are If you have any questions about the MPP therefore those located nearest to stores in scheme including getting a MPP please order to ease accessibility. NZ law requires feel welcome to ask me. Alternatively, that dedicated Accessible Parking is provided you can contact Disability Action http:// and it’s appropriate usage monitored and, phone 08002272255 managed by the car park owners. or ask your G.P. It is my aim to shed a bit of light on these blue Like the rest of NZ, the average age of and yellow parking spaces, to explain how it Nawton’s population is increasing. With this all works and most of all encourage people to comes age related mobility impairments. refrain from using them illegitimately. I want to thank The Western Community People needing to use Accessible Parking Centre for drawing attention to this issue in must hold a Mobility Parking Permit our community.

Photocopying & printing! A4 B&W 10c A4 Colour 50c, 
 A3 B&W 15c, 
 A3 Colour $1
 Scan to email $1
 A4 Laminating $1, A3 Laminating $1.50 If you have large quantities talk to us and we may be able to sharpen the pencil.

46 Hyde ave, Nawton We can print from your USB and we have Eftpos.

2 Western Community News – December 2016

office hours

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm 07 8474873

– By Daryll MacAlpine

A THANK-YOU FROM A USER I am very thankful for the disability parking at the mall. I use it very frequently and it is a big help to me. Before Daryll took over I had to park by the fence near the video shop. It is a big improvement now and the shops must notice the difference too. It is a credit to Daryll. He is very helpful to us all with the extra kind things he does, getting us trundlers and

even offering to help put our things into our cars. It is greatly appreciated by everyone that parks there, even the Nawton shoppers offer help to us too. It is a pleasure to shop at the Mall. Thank you. from Margaret. (Photo: Daryll helping Margaret at Nawton Mall)


• If you do not have a valid MPP, 
 please don’t use Accessible Parking.


• If you have a valid MPP in your vehicle but it is not yours, please don’t use Accessible Parking.

• If you have a valid MPP in your vehicle but are not getting into or out of the vehicle, please don’t use Accessible Parking.

Pets Are Me I am a 14 year old with a passion for pets. I would like to own a cattery one day, so as a way of gaining experience, I have started a small pet caring business called Pets Are Me.  Email or call me if you would like me to come feed & play with your pets while you are away. I come to your house and I charge $5 per feed. I am happy to play with and walk your pets, clear mailboxes, and any other small jobs you may have. My mother will help me out with any bigger jobs. If you have a small room at my house need special care, I do have where I can look after one pet at a time. Please check out my some of my happy clients reviews and pictures facebook page for some of the lovely pets I have cared for so far. Email:
 Phone: 847 2756
 Facebook: Relax knowing your pet is being loved and cared for by the expert just down the road.

Your Say: What did enjoy most Treats in the Park? (Reporters Youryou Say: What didabout you enjoy most about Treats in the-Nawton Park Primary - ALL Team 2.0)

MÄ hanga MÄ hanga

Melissa Melissa

Titan Titan

Gilead Gilead

Fairlane Fairlane

Dennis Dennis

Lei-Ana Lei-Ana

Kayla Kayla

ItItwas ItIt was amazing II liked liked the thefree freerides rides I Iliked likedthe thecotton cotton I like treats I liked bouncy It was It was All ofI liked I liked bouncy wasfun fun I like treats in in thethe I liked thethe bouncy All of thethe bouncy because to because becauseititwas wasfun fun candy candybecause because parkbecause because I get castle, castle, dragon, the the rides werecastle castle food becauseIIhad had because because we got to park I get thethe dragon, rides were andand thethe food heaps go and they theywere werealso also tasted hang out with free pencils, free. Mr Whippythat thatthey they provided or heapsof ofrides rides go on free rides and itittasted totohang out with mymythethe free pencils, thethefree. Mr Whippy provided and bouncy. deliciousand and friends that I haven’t sweet sweet popcorn, waswas giving us. Also the costume andI Ihad hadaatoffee toffee and and I ran a shop! bouncy. delicious friends that I haven’t popcorn, giving out out Also the costume appleand andchips, chips, seen aa long time. andand thethe freefree ice ice creams apple seeninin long time.candyĂ&#x;oss candyfloss creams competition

competitionand and you thankyou youWCC! WCC! hothot airair balloon. you could thank balloon. couldwin winprizes! prizes!

Thanks for making ‘Treats in the Park’ a Success! Volunteers are a vital component of our events and each year “Treats in the Parkâ€? is supported with the assistance of over 200 volunteers of all ages. 100 volunteers supported us before the event even started from packing treats such as the 60,000 sunower and bean seeds, organising entertainment to health & safety meetings right up to the event day. Thank you to all the many community and youth volunteers who supported and assisted us in any way! The ‘On-stage Entertainment’ was organised by Matty Smith and the Salvation Army team. Thanks to Matty and the many volunteers for their support during the day/evening. We also had some great entertainment, a big thank you to all that entertained! Thanks also to our awesome MC - Taui Johnson. Thanks to the amazing ‘Htown Skate Project’ crew - Diana

Ruri, Piri Kearney, Chris Reynolds & BACKDOOR Surf Snow Earth (Jamie Cook – prizes & giveaways...) who organised the annual Treats in the Park 2016, Skate Competition! A HUGE Thank You to our important funders: Hamilton City Council & our other local sponsor - Vehicle Import Direct (V.I.D.)! Thanks you to the Hamilton City Council Community Development Team, Dinsdale Lions, Bunnings South Hamilton, Plunket, Waikids, NZMA, Free FM and Ten 2 Ten at the Grandview Shopping Centre. Lastly a big thank you to all The Western Community Centre Staff & Board Members for supporting and encouraging ‘Treats in the park 2016’ – You guys are all brilliant! Nate Morgan

A huge thanks to Western Community Centre Western Community News – December 2016 3

Enjoy Yoga with our local Pharmacist Get yourself in high spirits, gently bend, twist and enjoy free Yoga at the Western Community Centre! Find out how to register you interest and get a spot below. We all need laughter. It need’s no introduction but seems like a lost treasure. It’s important and a great fun way to stay healthy and happy. Bends and Twists? Yes, Yes, we know you are too old, too sick or just don’t have a flexible body but don’t worry, your flexibility will be built up from scratch. Breathing – A bridge between mind and body. Through the yoga classes we’ll help you train yourself to breathe better and get your mind under your own leash. Most importantly, it is free! Yoga has also been credited with helping with weight loss, increasing muscle strength and tone, improving athletic performance and assisting in injury protection. Register your interest by contacting the Western Community

By Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe

Additional funding for those who require more support in school

Centre, send them a message on their facebook page: facebook. com/westerncommunitycentre, email or call 8474873 ext 0.

LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE ONLINE? VISIT AN ONLINE TOASTMASTER CLUB! Do you use the internet? Do you use the internet to go visiting without leaving home? Do you use the internet to visit other countries without leaving home? Would you like to meet other people online TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW? Would you like to learn new software: ☺ Would you like to learn public speaking from home? YOU CAN DO ALL OF THE ABOVE BY VISITING AN ONLINE TOASTMASTERS CLUB. Moses Cherrington, a new board member of the Western Community Board, is also a member of three (3) online

toastmaster clubs – 1. Firebirds ; (meeting weekly on Sunday night 8.30pm and Monday morning 5.30am: to cater for the different time zones around the world) 2. Toastmasters Without Borders (2nd and 4th Thursday of the month) 3. Great White North Online Toastmaster (Monday morning at 11.00am) All you need is a computer, webcam and microphone. With the laptop all those items (webcam, microphone are built in) Here are some of us speaking at a meeting. When you become interested, send Moses an email to mosescherrington@ He will send you a link to visit the meeting THERE IS NO COST TO VISIT.

Free Nanny Intern Training Course A career in childcare is becoming a popular choice for school leavers and those looking for a career pathway; attracted by a practical fee free, hands on course now offered in the Hamilton area. The PORSE Nanny Intern Programme is a 21-week training course, which offers a mix of practical and theory based learning. On top of the 21 hours practical experience with a training family, interns spend a day in the classroom each week which includes lessons in early brain development, attachment theory, care routines and the importance of play in supporting child development. They also complete a first aid course; receive the Porse Nanny intern Certificate and the

Harvesting Produce at Frankton Kindergarten The tamariki at Frankton Kindergarten have been busy looking after the plants and trees. As an Enviroschools Kindergarten, Frankton Kindergarten places large emphasis on learning for sustainability and caring for the natural environment. Lately they have able to reap the rewards from caring for the gardens. There have been lots of blossoming flowers to enjoy and they have been harvesting beans and spinach. The produce is then shared with families and whānau so everyone within the Kindergarten community can enjoy it. Come and check out the gardens at Frankton Kindergarten at 181 Massey Street, Hamilton.


National Certificate of Early Childhood Care. Co-ordinator Leanne Jackson says that the programme is a win-win for both the training families and nanny interns involved. “Families benefit from having a nanny in their own home while nannies also benefit from the practical, real-life experience that the placement offers them. They get the on-the-job training to fit alongside the theory that they are learning about.” If you are interested in joining the 2017 intake call Leanne on 021 866 610

Teachers everywhere have a demanding job and I’m sure we are all grateful for the vital work they do nurturing and guiding our children through their formative years. Some children require additional support within the classroom as a result of conditions that make learning difficult for them, and they pose extra challenges for their teachers. That’s why the Government has increased funding for more teacher-aide support. Last year’s Budget included new spending of $23.3 million for extra in-class teacher-aide support for 1,500 pupils from Years 1-13. These include children with dyslexia, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, who don’t qualify for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme support. This year’s Budget saw the second phase of this commitment with a further $15.3 million over the next four years to provide support for another 1,250 children. This means the Government is now funding an extra 550,000 hours of classroom support for 2750 pupils with additional learning needs, enabling those children to become more independent and confident. I thank all who are working in this field – they are very special people making a huge difference not only for the children but also for their families. Merry Christmas to all readers and best wishes for the summer holidays to you and your families.

The Western Communuity New is published by The Western Community Centre in partnership with Fraser High School. It s offices are at yde Ave, awton amilton. It is amilton s only locally owned and locally operated newspaper, local is something we ve been for 3 years. The estern Community ews is delivered bi-monthly on aturdays across amilton est to l , letterboxes. Publishing Manager ax Coyle Production Editor ave ac herson

Managing Editor eil Tolan Fraser High School Editor Tim Atkinson Proof-reader an lumley westernnewspaper Advertising: Email r call eil on 3 ext Stories & Letters to the Editor Email


Fill our skies with Sunßowers! Pick up a packet of sunßower seeds from the community centre for just $1 Western Community Centre 46 Hyde ave, Nawton

4 Western Community News – December 2016

Why you really need to meet the Waikato Environment Centre’s Home Performance Advisors! Home performance is about how well your home keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer, and healthy all year round. New Zealand houses are not known for their high performance, especially as many are too cold, damp and draughty in winter, and too hot and humid in summer. These conditions impact on our comfort and health, and that of our whānau. The Home Performance Advice Service empowers people to create comfortable and healthy homes that don’t cost a fortune (or the Earth) to run. Camilla and Tania are certified Home Performance Advisors at the Waikato

Environment Centre. Their work involves going to homes and running workshops that help people to get their homes performing better. From tenants to homeowners to landlords, from people with a $5 budget to people with a $500,000 budget, they can guide you through the process of making your house a home that is healthy, energy and resource efficient, affordable to run, and kinder to Papatūānuku. Is your home difficult to heat/keep cool? Do you get high power bills?

St Clare’s reaching into the community Saturday 12 November was a fun day at the Co-operating Parish of St Clare’s in Dinsdale. We started with a lovely sausage sizzle and then using some of the thousands of collected bottle tops we all got creative. Many amazing creations were made amidst lots of fun and laughter. Our dream is that we can reach out more into our Community in a fun way letting all know that St Clare’s is here, here to be part of our community, here to help all those


in need and be an active part of the Dinsdale Community. Kaivolution visited on the day as we are now one of their recipients meaning that every Friday they will deliver. Fridays from 1pm we will have our Bottletop Café open with everyone being welcome to come along for a coffee, a chat and a fun time making bottletop art. Food from Kaivolution will be available for all who need a helping hand, to take home. Come and enjoy the time at:– St Clare’s Co-operating Parish 97 Tuhikaramea Road, Dinsdale

- Waikato’s first dedicated food rescue organisation

Problems with mould or dampness? Thinking about a home ventilation system? Want to be more environmentally friendly? Do you own a rental that needs a Warrant of Fitness (according to legislation changes made earlier this year)? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, or you woul like some more information, please email us on or call 07-839 4452 for a chat.

We have Tables and Chairs for Hire! Weekend Deal!

Chairs $2, Tables $6 each, Pick up Friday drop back Monday.

(Minimum $50 bond)

Our kaupapa is simple. Everyday significant amounts of food that is good enough to eat but not good enough to sell is needlessly disposed of. We rescue this food from suppliers and redistribute it to community organisations working with people in need. Protecting the planet and feeding the people is good for our community, good for the environment and good for businesses who work with sustainability and social justice values in mind.

We collect and redistribute food 6 days a week. Most of our food comes from supermarkets, we also collect from bakeries, caterers, and growers. We are not paid for our service but rely on funders from a variety of sources including Hamilton City Council and Ministry of the Environment. The people who really make this work are our fantastic team of over 60 volunteers. This year Kaivolution has already clocked up 1800 volunteer hours.

201,650 KG Rescued in 24 months That’s the weight of 20 Hamilton City Council Buses! Rescuing and redistributing food 6 days a week to reduce the foodprint and feed the community

Supporting 60 Charities


queezy! s n o m e l y Easy peas

Western Community Centre

46 Hyde ave, Hamilton 8474873 ex 0

Book online at

Redistributing food that is good enough to eat, but not good enough to sell, reduces strain on landfills & provides a sustainable solution for managing food surplus

6 DAYS A WEEK A team of over 65 volunteers

We currently rescue 17,000 kg of food each month

37% Produce 22% Bread

Supplied by 43 Food Donors

Which equals 48,571 monthly meals

Ka ora te whenua, Ka ora te tangata

2% Ready Meals

Healthy land, Healthy people

4% Bakery 1% Meat From Thames to Te Kuiti, Raglan to Cambridge, we distribute food across the region

1% Sandwiches

And a monthly reduction of 32,300.00 kg in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent (CO2-e)).

1% Dairy 32% Other

Which is the equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions of using over 7 years of electricity for a household! Western Community News – December 2016 5

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Learn with purpose Engage with Pride Act with Respect Dare to Succeed


Proxime Accessit

Cleo Vernon

Talia Davies

High Distinction Cambridge English High Distinction Health High Distinction Mathematics with Statistics High Distinction Economics Top Year 13 Economics Student Granted University of Canterbury Bright Star Scholarship Russell Cup for Dux Graduation with Honours

Distinction Chemistry High Distinction Biology High Distinction Mathematics with Statistics High Distinction Physics High Distinction Sports Science The Peter Hampton Award for Overall Excellence in Level 8 Science Travers Trophy for Excellence in Level 8 Biology Progress Award in Physics Year 13 Top Female Academic Māori Student Proxime Accessit Cup Graduation with Honours

Year 12 Outstanding Achiever

Year 11 Outstanding Achiever

Adam Cross

Jakob Thomas

Distinction Spanish Distinction English High Distinction Mathematics with Calculus High Distinction Media Studies High Distinction Chemistry High Distinction Earth and Space Science Excite Trust Science Award Top Level 7 Science Student Morrison Cup for Academic Excellence at Year 12

Distinction English High Distinction Physical Education High Distinction Science Top Year 11 Science Student High Distinction Mathematics Top Year 11 Mathematics Student High Distinction Biology Travers Trophy for Excellence in Level 6 Biology Kay Cup for Academic Excellence at Year 11

6 Western Community News – December 2016

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Learn with purpose Engage with Pride Act with Respect Dare to Succeed

Year 13 High Achievers Ben Dawick

Distinction Calculus Distinction Physics High Distinction English High Distinction National Certificate in Electronics Marie Cameron Award for Excellence in Year 13 Electronics High Distinction Art Painting Cup for Excellence in the Arts Year 13 Excellence in Senior English Whampoa Fraser Memorial Award Top Student in the Arts Faculty Graduation with Honours

Andrew Dai

Distinction Economics Distinction English Distinction Mathematics with Statistics High Distinction Accounting High Distinction Earth and Space Science Top Year 13 Accounting Student Award Graduation with Honours

Dylan Fowler

Kylie Morrison Memorial Cup for Guitar Orchestra Vocational Award for Excellent Performance in the Workplace Graduation Certificate

Eden French-Putu

Distinction Art Painting Distinction Sports Science Humanitarian Shield Dinsdale Lions Club Citizenship Award Graduation with Honours

Alysha Koloni

Distinction English Distinction Media Studies Distinction Spanish Hughes Cup for Leadership in Tutor Group Top Pasifika Student Graduation with Honours

Shaye Paki

Distinction English High Distinction Drama Oratory Award The Frankton Rotary Tray Gibb Cup for Dedication in the Performing Arts Graduation with Honours

Kayla Polley

Distinction Biology Distinction Drama Distinction Sports Science High Distinction Music The Beatrice Fraser Memorial Award Senior Music Cup for Academic Excellence King Cup for Best Piano Performance Graduation with Honours

Ashleigh Reed

High Distinction Fabric Design Technology Cherie Cooke Award for Fabric Technology Graduation Certificate

Keoni Tawha

Senior Music Cup for Musicianship and Performance Graduation Certificate

Charlotte Lowe

Teancum Timu

Humanitarian Shield Distinction English Graduation Certificate

High Distinction Digital Technology The Brown Cup for Excellence in Digital Technology Level 8 Graduation with Honours

Lennox Whitiora

Harry Searle

High Distinction Te Reo Māori Wilcox Cup for Outstanding Māori Academic Achievement Top Male Academic Māori Student Graduation Certificate

Distinction Biology Distinction English Distinction Mathematics with Statistics Fraser Tech Past Pupils Assn Service Award Graduation with Honours

Vinod Bal

Distinction Biology Distinction Earth and Space Science Distinction Geography Distinction Health High Distinction History Bernie Parker Service to the School Award Top Year 13 History Student Graduation with Honours

Shanelle Tarawhiti Russell Polley Memorial Scholarship - Sportsperson of the Year All Rounder Graduation Certificate

Victoria Hooper Distinction Calculus Distinction Chemistry Distinction English Distinction History High Distinction Sports Science Graduation with Honours

Yug Patel

Distinction Physics High Distinction Accounting High Distinction Calculus High Distinction Chemistry High Distinction English Top Year 13 Accounting Student Award Graduation with Honours

Melanie Wacker Distinction Digital Technology High Distinction Dance Rumney Family Trophy for the Board of Trustees Representative The Evan McLennan Trophy for Senior Excellence in Choreography Graduation Certificate

Year 12 High Achievers Joel Hall High Distinction Accounting High Distinction Economics Top Year 12 Economics Student Top Year 12 Accounting Student Probert Family Award for General Excellence Year 12

Michelle Hawinkels High Distinction Biology High Distinction English Linda Danrell Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Biology

Aniket Mistry Distinction Digital Technology High Distinction National Certificate in Electronics Marie Cameron Award for Top Year 12 Electronics Student Returning Student Scholarship

Casey Kennett

Distinction Mathematics with Calculus Distinction Physics High Distinction Drama High Distinction English High Distinction Spanish

Melissa Smith

Distinction Chemistry Distinction Drama High Distinction English High Distinction Physics Progress in Physics Year 12

Jessica Weston

High Distinction Classical Studies High Distinction Food and Nutrition Top Year 12 Classical Studies Student Food and Nutrition Award Distinction Child Development

Francis Faletau David Squire Trophy for most Dedicated Musician Returning Student Scholarship

Tiare McCarthy Distinction Music Pro RSA Cup for Dedication and Involvement in Music

Corallee Collins-Annan Distinction Music Cup for Excellent Contribution to Musical Performance

Nikora Maibibi Russell Polley Memorial Scholarship – Sportsperson of the Year Highest Achiever Returning Student Scholarship

Year 11 High Achievers Bedir Asici

Distinction Science Distinction Digital Technology High Distinction Physical Education Kara Cup for Office Technology Level 7

Jessiqua Edwards

Distinction Biology Distinction Health The Waata Roore Eruera Edwards Ngati Mahanga Award

Sheyla Katipa

Distinction Food and Nutrition High Distinction Geography The Waata Roore Eruera Edwards Ngati Mahanga Award

Emily McNickle

High Distinction Digital Technology Horlor Cup for Excellence in Digital Technology

Hazel Vincent

High Distinction Drama High Distinction Economics Top Year 11 Economics Student Ian Edgerley Trophy for Comprehensive Excellence at Year 11

Adel Kanapiyanova

Distinction English High Distinction Science Scientific Supplies Ltd Prize for Progress in Year 11 Science

Crystal Martin

Distinction Media Studies High Distinction History John Quinnell Award for Top Year 12 History Student

Gabrielle Templeton

High Distinction Dance High Distinction English High Distinction Horticulture Yvette Rumney Trophy for Outstanding Performance in the Performing Arts

Sean Leslie

High Distinction Horticulture Lions Shield for Horticulture Year 11

Kelland Vuong

High Distinction Digital Technology Baumberg Cup for Excellence in Digital Technology Level 6

Sariah-Lake Peneha

Distinction Health Te Roopu Kaumatua Most Outstanding Senior Student

Western Community News – December 2016 7

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Learn with purpose Engage with Pride Act with Respect Dare to Succeed

Fraser Students’ Adventures in Mexico

Two years of planning, deliberating, and intense financial savings culminated in the trip of a lifetime for 21 Fraser students. There were some minor speedbumps along the way – professional, personal, itinerant – but nothing could get in the way of what we would come to regard as an adventure unforgettable. Accompanied by two patient teachers and six helpful fathers, the group took off on Tuesday, 20 September, halfway across the globe to The Americas, final destination: Mexico. A 20-hour period of both waiting, flying, and sleep deprivation did nothing to dampen our spirits as we explored this exotic land. Putting our Spanish-speaking skills to the test, we immersed ourselves in the rich culture and unique experiences Mexico had to offer. We marvelled at the ancient ruins of the indigenous Maya people, and experienced their generous hospitality. We swam in breathtaking waters of lagoons, waterfalls, beaches, and natural sinkholes, known locally as ‘cenotes’. We tasted exotic cuisine, at times eating too much spice for our own good. With each opportunity, we engaged with great audacity and did not let anything fail to entertain or charm us, but to also teach us – we were able to appreciate the lives and the opportunities we had been, and will be given, after having experienced life in a third-world country firsthand. The final two days of our trip were spent in the USA, where we experienced the excitement of the world-famous Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. And most of all, we created new friendships, and made unforgettable memories. – Kauri Tearaura & Adam Cross

8 Western Community News – December 2016

Fraser Celebrates Pasifika Success

Her Honour, Judge Denise Clark, congratulates Maggie Smith as she presents her with her attendance award. ‘Pasifika Celebration’ is about Fraser High School celebrating Pasifika student involvement and achievement. An evening where students, parents and teachers gather to celebrate Pasifika highlights from the year. Pasifika students who are part of the Senior Student Council led the evening’s program. Teancum Timu (Head Boy) was MC, Alysha Koloni (Deputy Head Girl) gave an overall report of major Pasifika events for 2016. The guest speaker, Her Honour, Judge Denise Clark, imparted words of wisdom to all those in attendance. Throughout the evening the audience were favoured with special items by students. Tangata Moekiola performed an impromptu dance piece, Kenny Lolohea (also on Senior Council) sang an R Kelly favourite “World’s Greatest” and Francis Faletau played a beautiful piece on guitar. A great night!

2016 Pasifika Prize Recipients Top Attendance Awards Year 9 – Veronica Mau’u Year 10 – Maggie Smith Year 11 – Chloe Casbolt Year 12 – Adesh Karan Year 13 – Becky Chapman Learning International Centre Award for consistently demonstrating all that is reflected in LEAD – Angele Sa & Ofiu Napa’a Junior Leadership Award – TeAna Birch Senior Leadership Award – Kenny Lolohea & Alysha Koloni Service to the School Award – Tiare Mcarthy & Kauri Tearaura Principal’s Award – Monique Laulu Top Academic Awards: Year 11 – Simolo Reupena Year 12 – Jessica RuckNuku Year 13 – Alysha Koloni

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Learn with purpose Engage with Pride Act with Respect Dare to Succeed

And So It Began… So one day recently at Fraser High, a group of chumps and chumpettes called 9POH found themselves in quite the interesting situation. Did I say interesting? I meant bloody brilliant. You see, this class made from a bunch of people who are in fact not chumps and chumpettes were doing a book study on ‘A Monster Calls’ by a certain author and screenwriter, Patrick Ness. One after another, we all finished the book, and one after another, we all had questions to ask. But who to? Patrick Ness, obviously. It was our teacher, Mrs McPherson, the linguistic mastermind, who had the idea. We just send him an E-mail asking if we could talk with him, and see if there was a rare chance that he would accept! I mean, why would

he in the first place? But of course he responded, otherwise why would I be telling you this. It would be just moronic to not include the main plot. Anyway, not only did he reply, he also accepted our request. And so began… The Interview of the Thursday. Being the wizard dude that he was, he let us ask him a plethora of questions, from his childhood to his ideas-thinking schemes. The kicker was, it was all free. I mean, so many people pay hundreds if not THOUSANDS to get interviews with famous authors, and here he was, just giving it to a couple of chumps. It will no doubt stay in our minds for a long time, whether as a story to tell, or lessons learned. So thank you Patrick Ness for letting us have the opportunity. – Nathaniel Smith

2016 Arts Awards


Academic Excellence: Kayla Polley Contribution to the Community: Jak Armstrong, Michael Kerei, Holly Lourie, Eden Satherley, Hazel Vincent, Ruby Miller Contribution to Fraser High: Shaye Paki


Academic Excellence: Melanie Wacker Contribution to the Community: Melanie Wacker Contribution to Fraser High: Jarvis Matetaka-McRoberts


Academic Excellence: Kayla Polley Contribution to the Community: Kenny Lolohea, Dylan Fowler, Tiare McCarthy, Kelly Nikora, Francis Faletau, Keoni Tawha, Contribution to Fraser High: Dylan Fowler

Market Day Magic This year we saw a huge turnout for the Market Day. There were more than 30 stalls, from the Enterprise and Business Studies classes, as well as He Puāwai and the Technology department. Yet again the students produced some innovative and well thought out products. The most notable improvement in 2016 was the presentation of stalls, where students focused heavily on attracting, and out-advertising each other for customers. Best junior stall went to “Photo Booth Flash”, which provided the service of customised group photos using props. The group made a Profit of over $180 from the event

and as a result of their professional efforts they have been contracted by He Puāwai, to provide photo booth services at their end of year celebration. Best senior stall went to “Pawfect Treats” which had developed a pet food treats product. Other notable mentions: going for best product were “The Dream Collection” for their amazing art designs, “T.S. Books” for their science at home experiment books, “Bathroom Madness” for a range of bathroom products and “Pawfect Treats” as mentioned before for their dog treats. – Reuben Healy

Visual Arts Academic Excellence: Ben Dawick, Boo Tantiwong Contribution to the Community: Eden French-Putu Contribution to Fraser High: Jak Armstrong Year 9 student, Sophie Frampton talking to author, Patrick Ness, via the internet.

Supreme Winner Jak Armstrong

2016 Sports Award Winners Russell Polley Sportsperson of the Year – All Rounder (left)

Shanelle Tarawhiti Junior Sportsperson of the Year (Joint Winners) (right)

Chanelle Walker and

Jorja KellettReardon Shanelle Tarawhiti (above) is an exceptional all-around athlete who enjoys a range of sport and excels at most of them. She has competed to a provincial level in Athletics, Touch and Rugby.

Russell Polley Sportsperson of the Year – Highest Achiever Presented to the student who has represented Fraser High School at a High Level, and has also had representation at Regional or National levels, but also demonstrates sportsmanship, leadership and commitment.

Nikora Maibibi Nikora is a vibrant member of the Fraser 1st XV and Fraser community. He was selected for the NZ Harlequin U17 Rugby Team, which is a huge achievement for a Year 12 student.

Jorja Kellet Reardon (far right) represented Fraser at Regional and National Championships. She achieved National recognition by being named in the NZ Trampolining team and won a Gold Medal in the Synchro event at the Australian Nationals.

As a new student at Fraser, Chanelle Walker (above left) was immediately selected for the Premier Netball Team as a Year 10. She has represented Hamilton City in Netball.

BLUES AWARDS Awarded to the Years 11, 12 and 13 students who have achieved Provincial and/or National recognition in their chosen sports and have also met academic requirements. Dylan Fowler – Inline Hockey Hamish Kennedy – Water Polo & Giehan Novelozo – Volleyball Talia Davies – Volleyball Swimming Kacey Nicholls – Touch Nikora Maibibi – Rugby Theresa Jeremiah – Rugby Mathew Wong – Softball Shanelle Tarawhiti – Touch Victoria Hooper – Volleyball Harrison Wacker – Judo Kayla Polley – Volleyball Tuatahi Melsom – Volleyball Zha Hettig – Basketball Jahvaya Wheki – Badminton Vaea Euga – Volleyball Claudia MacDonald – Rowing Drusilla Brown – Basketball Victoria Hooper – Volleyball Connar Crown – Rugby Western Community News – December 2016 9

What’s on out West The Western Community Centre 46 Hyde Ave, Nawton, contact 8474873, reception@, www.westerncommunitycentre. org Check us out on Facebook! Since 1979 the centre has been providing a wide range of support services, programmes, activities and events. Our two facilities are at 46 Hyde Ave and 108 Grandview Road in Nawton. The centre is owned by the community and overseen by a board of community members elected each year. Community information hub, photocopying services we can print from USB, B&W 10 cents, colour 50 cents, colour A3 posters $1 Justice of the Peace Available Tuesdays,10.30am – 12pm, no appointment needed just turn up! Free Legal Advice Niemand Peebles Hoult are offering free legal advice on Wednesdays at the centre. Appointments take place between 9am – 10am. To book contact the centre. Tables and Chair Hire We have tables and chairs for hire! Tables $6 each, Chairs $2 each. For weekend hire pick up Friday drop off Monday. We also have a large pie warmer for hire. Western Community Centre Radio Show - Free FM Tune into to 89FM every Friday 11 – 11:30am to stay updated with news and information from the Centre. Visit for podcasts of the show and further info. Fruit & Vege Co-op Just $10 gets you a bag of fruit and a bag of veggies. Order before 3pm Wednesday, pick up Thursday after 11.30am. You can now order online at Floral Lessons with Elsie Moorman Contemporary Floral work for the home and gifts.

Learn from an experienced Tutor, NZFAS Teacher and Judge. Tuesdays 10am - 12 noon. Enquiries to Elsie Phone 07 855 6439. English Language Classes These classes are for adult learners who have Permanent Residence and only 0-6 years of schooling in their own country. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12.15-2.45pm contact - Phone (07) 853 2188 Weekly conversation classes also available. Triple 1 Care - Workplace First Aid Courses Visit to find out when the next course is being held at the centre. Full Course $169, 8.30am – 5pm, Refresher Course $115, 8.30am – 3.30pm. Book on 0800 487 475 (Option 7) Email Toastmasters If you want to meet a great bunch of people, have an enjoyable evening while at the same time learn the art of public speaking in a friendly and supportive environment, then come along to Dinsdale Toastmasters. Tuesdays 7.15 pm - 9.00 pm at WCC, 46 Hyde Ave, for more info (0800) 736 753; Evening: 07 850 4187 Mainly Music This programme takes place here at the centre 10am every Wednesday, facilitated by Westside Church. Fun, interactive music sessions for young children and their parents/caregivers. Complimentary first session, Thereafter $2, $3 per family. Little Stars Playgroup Held on a Wednesday 9.30- 11.30am at 108 Grandview Road. Bring a snack with a drink and a change of clothes. Contact Western Community Centre 8474874 ex 1 Iloha Club- Japanese Playgroup The Iloha Club is a Japanese playgroup for mums and dads who can speak Japanese and for children aged 0 to 5 who are learning Japanese in the Waikato. It is a great opportunity to meet other families. They have a lot of fun with a focus on language, Japanese music, stories, crafts and cooking. For more information please contact Friday 10am – 12:30pm, donation per session is

50c per child Young Engineers Young Engineers is for Year 2 to 8 students and helps children learn about engineering, science and physics while they build motorised Lego models. It is a programme that helps to teach children through practical exercises and experiments and will engage children of all levels. Takes place every Tuesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm and registrations are open now for next term www.youngengineers. nz. To find out more, contact Ariana – ariana@ or 021-2424567. Western Stars Children’s Holiday Programmes We will be running 2 weeks of holiday programmes during the next School holidays, 8am to 5.30pm. 1st week based at Fraser High School, 2nd week based at Community Centre. Enrol at the centre or online at our website. 8 weeks of holiday programmes are held throughout the year. Winz subsidies may be available. Western Wheel Learner Licence Course 2 courses are held over the School holiday period, course cost is $40 plus $93.90 for the test licence fee. To enrol or for more info contact Aileen 8474873, ex 1, Western Boarders – 3rd Monday of the month We’re opening up the Centre for an evening of board gaming good times. You can attend solo or bring a friend/partner or your whole family. Choose from any of our board games or bring your own and meet some new & awesome Hamilton folks! ITS FREE 6pm - 10pm, stay for as long as you like. In Association with Waikato Boardgamers & The Western Community Centre Boom Boxing – Youth Class A combination of intense sweat and boxing fun, mixed with music. Wednesdays 5pm – 6pm and it’s free for high school aged youth. Txt: Wallace 021-126-8119 OR Facebook focus24seven 50+ Luncheons and Bus Trips Luncheon takes place monthly on third Thursday of each month at 12pm, the luncheons provide an opportunity for seniors in our area to meet, socialize, interact and enjoy some local entertainment. Transport is provided for those unable to drive. The luncheons are potluck and a great way to network

Crosslight to close It is with great sadness that the Crosslight Trust Board announces that, due to circumstances beyond their control, the Crosslight Trust will be going into recess at the end of 2016. The Op Shop closed on Friday 18th November and other programmes and services will finish on or around Friday 16th December 2016. The Trust is no longer able to operate from 1 Johnson Street in 2017 and the Op Shop income is rapidly declining and we do not have the finances necessary to lease other premises. We relied on the op shop income to support the programmes and services we provide to the community. From 20th December, any people in need of food parcel assistance should contact Vinnies (ph 8474044) in Frankton; seniors interested in joining the C.A.F.E. (Creative Activities for Elderly) or the Nawton Natter group please contact Jennifer on 847 8417. This will be running under the umbrella of the West Hamilton Community Church. We cannot at this stage confirm details for the Support for Deaf & Hearing Impaired/NZ Sign Language Programme but are hoping to have an alternative contact for 2017 in due course; and the counselling service will unfortunately be discontinued. As a Christian Trust, we accept that God has seasons for things in our lives and at this time the Trust’s “season” is at a crossroads. We are envisaging that the recess will only be for a short season and the Crosslight Trust will come back with a new and fresh focus. Thank you to you all for your support and friendship over many years. We wish all WCN readers a very happy, safe, healthy and relaxing Christmas and 2017. For now, goodbye and God bless you from the Trustees, staff and volunteers at the Crosslight Trust. 10 Western Community News – December 2016

Crosslight Looks Back on Years of Service - By Christine Wright

The end of 2016 is certainly going to be very different from any other end of year article I have written over a number of years now. Since around 1988, the Crosslight Trust (also known as Barnabas Community House) has had the real privilege of providing a range of services, programmes and practical assistance to the community from its premises at 1 Johnson Street, Dinsdale. In the early days, the before and after school care programme was held in Barnabas House and the offices were located in portacom buildings, as was the op shop. In 1998 the first extension was built onto Barnabas House so that the op shop could be in the same building. Later in 2006 a second extension was built which the op shop moved into and the first extension was used for storage and counselling rooms.

and make new friends. Tai Chi We offer 2 community Tai Chi classes each week, Tuesday and Friday Cost $3 per session. Tai Chi has been proven to improve mobility, flexibility and balance. Maureen Leong is the primary tutor. 10.30am-11.30am

Health and Wellbeing Boom Boxing A combination of intense sweat and boxing fun, mixed with music. Wednesdays 6pm - 7:30pm (general). Session $10 per person. It’s great to bring your own boxing gloves and pads, however we have a limited no. Which can be used for those who’d like to give Boom-boxing a go. Don’t miss out limited places available! Txt: Wallace 021-126-8119 OR Facebook focus24seven Wallace 021-126-8119 OR Facebook focus24seven Mates Men’s Network Creating Positive Male Role Models in our Community, Tuesday 7pm – 9.30pm (fortnightly) 0800 4MATES.

Venue Hire Board Room - Great for group meetings, can sit up to 14 people. The Lounge - A comfortable relaxed meeting room, can sit up to 8 people. Large Room - This room can seat up to 100 people. Training Room - This room can seat up to 40 people own Kitchen included. 108 Grandview - This venue is set up to cater for children, ideal for playgroups or children’s birthday parties and small meetings.

Our Little Wish List The centre is always on the look out for donations of LEGO, coffee mugs, plates, cutlery, kitchen utensils, pens, and stationery items. Also feel free to drop off surplus fruit and veggies for our free table.

Volleyball in West Hamilton Social, School, Club & Beach Volleyball - all played in the west. Contact Dave Macpherson on 021-477 388, or

CROSSLIGHT GIVES THANKS We acknowledge and give thanks to the Trusts that have provided grant funding over the years, especially Trust Waikato, WEL Energy Trust, Department of Internal Affiairs (COGS), Hamilton City Council, DV Bryant Trust, Tidd Foundation, Tindall Foundation, Len Reynolds Trust, WDFF Karamu Trust, Norah Howell Charitable Trust, John Logan Campbell Residuary Trust, ANZ Staff Association, Page Trust, Donny Trust, NZ Post and others, along with the many individuals who have given donations. We also thank the public for their support of the op shop for donations of goods and the customers; The children who attended our before and after school care programmes which operated in the 80s/90s, many of whom are probably parents themselves now! Thanks to the many people who came to seek assistance with food parcels and those who donated food; those who came for advice, practical help or to encourage us; the many people (particularly seniors) who have been members of our groups, or those who came to learn NZ sign language. Over the years there have been a considerable number of people who have been Trust members, treasurers, staff and volunteers – thank you to each person for the role you played in being part of the Crosslight/Barnabas team. To our colleagues at other Christian social services agencies, community organisations, local retailers, schools and everyone who we have had the honour to work with and alongside, please accept our sincere gratitude for those unique relationships that came about because we all have a dedication to working in the community.

Fill our skies with Sunßowers! Pick up a packet of sunßower seeds from the community centre for just $1 Western Community Centre 46 Hyde ave, Nawton

Volunteers in harmony with community effort How many six-year-olds do you know who are learning to play the violin? Rachel Samuel and her volunteer team know nearly a hundred of them. Rachel organises and manages a group of keen parents and caregivers who help out with the Sistema Waikato programme at Nawton Primary School. Free to participants, and open on a firstcome, first-served basis, Sistema Waikato has been running since July 2015. Based at Nawton School, it uses tuition in classical musical instruments to teach life skills to children. Programme participants come from four partner schools: Nawton, Crawshaw, Rhode Street and Forest Lake. They join in Year Two and stay in the programme for as long as they wish. On three afternoons a week, the volunteers help with the programme’s after-school sessions. They help during its holiday programmes too. Sometimes it’s making egg sandwiches or Milo for

‘Ben’s Buddies’

A timely reminder from Maria and Margaret at Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust that copies of our book “Ben’s Buddies” are available for purchase as gifts online at www.ewct. or phone Maria on 021888293 or Margaret on 02102797504. “Ben’s Buddies” is short, sweet and beautifully illustrated for children, helping to break down the barriers surrounding living with epilepsy and, along with the delightful story about Ben and his dog Lulu, contains additional helpful information for parents and adults. The book was reviewed by Epilepsy Society UK and endorsed as ‘written to help demystify epilepsy and break down barriers, which it does in an entirely

afternoon tea; at other times, they might supervise a youngster who needs a timeout from group activities. Or they make nametags, put labels on the violins and cellos that

the children learn to play, or just tidy up. Many of the volunteers have children in the programme, although it’s not a requirement. Rachel is proud of her busy and committed group. She recruited them, and keeps them motivated with encouragement, support and the occasional thankyou afternoon tea at a local café. But the biggest incentive for volunteers is the change they witness in the children, who grow in confidence and self-esteem before their eyes. Sistema Waikato is planning an expansion in 2017. It will add a second base at Crawshaw School, and additional partner schools are being lined up. So Rachel is keen to sign up more volunteers. No qualifications are required, other than an interest in giving children a hand-up. Sistema Waikato’s Family Day and end-of-year informal concert takes place at Nawton School on Thursday 1st December, and members of the public are invited to come along and see what it’s all about. Family day activities start at 3:30 and the concert is 4:154:45pm.

Rev Hone - Nawton Community Church appropriate manner for children.’ A useful resource for teachers, copies have been delivered to all primary schools in Hamilton and they are given freely to clients of EWCT with children. EWCT will be launching their second children’s book, “Ariana and Jack”, early in 2017. It looks at how to improve the quality of life for children living with epilepsy. Both our books feature text in te reo Māori and English and provide colourful reading for your children. Maria, Margaret and all of us at EWCT wish you a safe and happy holiday season with plenty of time for reading and fun

The Big Type to Great enter text

Sunßower Project Over 40,000 sunflower seeds were given away at Treats in the Park.

Kia ora tatou, Fakalofa lahi atu, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava, Warm greetings. The year has seen a lot of our whanau gathering together and supporting each other in a variety of activities that bring us together. Isn’t it marvellous that when we get together as a community that the multitude of smiley faces and laughter is overpowering and contagious with God’s grace. My role in your community is about nurturing the smiles and the laughter in whatever way, shape or form that is meaningful to us as a community. I wish to share with you a favourite passage from the scriptures that begs us to ‘Love One Another.’ 1 John 3: 16 - 20, its says ‘We ought to love our brother and sisters; if you see your brother and sister in need lend them a hand; let us love not in word alone, but with actions and truth.’ Look after each other as we near the festive season. Jesus Christ was born into this

world to show us love. Let us love one another – One Love, One Heart, let’s get together and feel alright (B. Marley) Come and visit me at the church I take services on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. On the second Sunday of the month at 12noon we have a banquet, feast, kaihakari put on for you by the Church. Come along and share time with us. Come along so I can meet with you. I am in the church office on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday every week. You will also find me at the Nawton Primary School as the resident Kaumatua and Chaplain. I am contactable on 021 741218 text me or ring the Nawton Community Presbyterian Church Office at (07) 847 0868 and leave a message. You are important because the Lord says so – korero mai. ‘Ko te Amorangi ki mua; ko te Hāpai-ō ki muri’ (The emblems of God leading the way, the people will follow the Lord)

We are looking forward to seeing lots of colour popping up throughout Hamilton West. Post up a picture of your sunflower to our facebook page and you could win some cool prizes. You could also have your picture included in our next paper. Better Growing Everybody!

Western Community Centre

Free FM - voice of the Community Tired of repetitive commercial radio? Come and check out the diverse range of programmes we broadcast on 89FM. We are proud to bring the Waikato community a range of shows that reflect our regions diversity. Each day from 6pm our Ethnic Zone showcases an eclectic mix of cultures, music, opinions and so much more. From Japan to South America and the Pacific, you can hear a variety of languages news and views. Check out our schedule on www. Interested in hosting your own show? We provide full training and support to get you on the air. Get in touch today! Call us on 8342170 or email our Programme Director Mike on Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to be in to win a range of prizes and keep updated on

everything we have going on www.facebook. com/FREEFM89 Western Community News – December 2016 11


Congratulations to everyone who worked on entries for the recent Hamilton Gardens Scarecrow Festival. I loved all the entries but especially Hamilton North School’s Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Mahe Drysdale! 543 Te Rapa Road, Hamilton


PO Box 382, Hamilton 3240




P 07 850 6262

Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Tim Macindoe MP, 543 Te Rapa Road, Hamilton.

Fun whanau day

Your local Labour MPs

Free for all ages with focus on services available in community as well as safety.

Fun whanau day Services attending

07 839 6811

PlunketFree for all ages with focus on services availableSaturday in community as well as safety. 10th December Ruben the Road safety bear 10am-2pm Waikids Services attending Redcross at December Plunket - disaster truck and first aid Saturday 10th The Western Community Centre St Johnthe Road safety bear Ruben 10am-2pm Waikids Fire service - fire house 46 Hyde ave Redcross - disaster truck and first aid at Safekids The Western Community Centre St John Nawton smoothie making Fire service - fire bike house 46 Hyde ave More Info Safekids free face painting Nawton Monique Mulhern smoothie making bike More Info free sizzle, free sausage face painting Monique Mulhern free spot sausage prizes sizzle, 846 1042 spot prizes 846 1042 Food and coffee also available for purchase Food and coffee also available for purchase Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

430 Ulster Street @nanaiamahuta


07 839 6803

430 Ulster Street @suemoroney


Authorised by Sue Moroney and Nanaia Mahuta Parliament Buildings, Wellington

1085 - Sue and Nanaia ad 80x170.indd 1

16/05/16 1:38 PM

Nawton Dental CentreCentre Nawton Dental Free Parking $40 Exam Free $40 Exam Free Free WINZ Free WINZ New including Dentistry for under including Dentistry Modern for under Quote Quote Practice 2 X-rays 18 year olds 2 X-rays 18 year olds *


Free Parking New Modern Practice


Call today to make an appointment: 846 5678 Call today to make an appointment: 846 5678 6161 Hyde Avenue, Nawton,Nawton, Hamilton Hamilton Hyde Avenue, Conditions Apply



Conditions Apply

12 Western Community News – December 2016

Western Community News December 2016  

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