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Minimum wage to


A magical apartmentA peek inside aNewYork magician's apartment yields some surprising finds.D1

go UP 15 cents


By Andrew Clevenger The Bulletin

BlaCkSmithing — ABend artist is forging aheadwith a business that uses old-school techniques.B2

Attorney disciplined — A local defenseattorney was suspended from practicing law for 30 days for failing to appear at court hearings.B1


According to data from the National Transportation Safety Board, 184 medical helicopters have crashed since the start of 1998, killing 174 patients, pilots and crew. MEDICAL HELICOPTERCRASHES SINCE1998 in the contiguous United States

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No fatalities 1 fatality 7 fatalities


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Discerning a rant from

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laws that would eventually


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higher minimum wage than Oregon at $9.47 an hour. Oregon's increase means an extra $312 a year, or $26 a month, for minimum-wage workers, according to the Oregon Center for Public Policy. See Minimum wage/A4




only Washington state has a


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a threat of



Visit benribnlletin.conN'mericrnsbes for an interactive version of this map


po Andy Zeigert The Bulletin

Source: National Transportation Safety Board


The Washington Post

NEW YORK — The shooting deaths of two

New York City police officers Saturday are drawing new attention to the role that social media net-

works play as a platform

inflation, Or-

raise the minimumwage to $10.10 an hour, currently


annual adjustments due to

and Vermont, have passed



in state law

Jan. 1. While some states, including Connecticut




egon's minimumwage will increase from $9.10 an hour to $9.25 an hour. Oregon is one of 28 states whose minimum wage will be higher than the federal rate of $7.25 anhour as of

By Kntie Zezima

on the wall, Jan. 1 will bring a raise for Oregon workers earning minimum wage.

Air safety concerns

And a Wedexclusive — A woman hel dbytheJapanesein World War II says she'llnever be able to forgive her captors.

WASHINGTON — In addition to a new calendar

• Fueled by higher payment ratesandfew regulations, for-profit companiestake risks


By Mnrkian Hnwryluk The Bulletin


n the early hours of Oct. 4, Air Evac

veterans' new battle

Lifeteam helicopter pilot Zechariah Smith and his Duncan, Oklaho-

ma-based flight crewreceived a call from

for threats of violence,

their company's dispatch center to pick

particularly against police and other law enforcement officials. Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the officers' alleged killer, post-

up a patient in Waurika, Oklahoma, and fly him some 40 miles to the United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas. The medical helicopter had just returned from a flight to Oklahoma City,

ed a number of anti-police

but Smith accepted the flight, telling the

and anti-government messages online in the weeks before the killings, including one on Instagram just

dispatcher they would need 15 minutes on the ground to prepare. They picked up the passenger, a gunshot victim, at Jackson County Hospital and departed at 1:33 a.m. in clear

Thousands of female veterans are struggling to get

weather for Wichita Falls. But as Smith

fairs on the grounds they suffer from post-traumatic

hours before the officers were shot and a photo of

a pistol and bloodstained pants with the caption:

"I'm putting Wings on Pigs Today." "That seems to be the

rage here, anti-government and anti-police," Robert Boyce, the NYPD's

chief of detectives, said Monday. Police departments

across the country are moving quickly to harness

By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux The Washington Post

WASHINGTONhealth care treatment and

compensation from the Department of Veterans Af-

approached the helipad 20 minutes later, he felt he was coming in too fast and

stress disorder caused

ing. As he tried to regroup for another attempt, the helicopter suddenly turned violently to the right. He would later tell

Patrick Johnston /Courtesy Wichita Falls Times Record News

Multiple agencies, including the FAA and NTSB, investigate the scene of a crash involving an Air Evac helicopter stationed out of Duncan, Oklahoma, on Oct. 4 in Wichita Falls, Texas. The helicopter wes transporting e patient to United Regional Health Care System from Waurike, Oklahoma, when it went down and caught fire. The

The veterans and their

advocates call it "the second battle" — with a bureaucracy they say is stuck in the past.

investigators it was the fastest he had ever spun in a helicopter. He told the crew to hang on as he patient and two crew members died as a result of the accident. tried to fly out of it. But the aircraft continued to spin, rotating at least five

Judy Atwood-Bell was

ency of these networks as tools to investigate and,

times before hitting the ground upside According to the National Transpor- Wichita Falls crash highlights many of down and exploding. The crash killed tation Safety Board, the accident was the disturbing trends in the industry, the patient, 26-year-old Buddy Rhodes. the 184th crash of a medical helicopter which has increasingly seen operators Flight nurse Leslie Stewart, 27, and in the U.S. since 1998, and the three fa- trying to cut costs on equipment and paramedic Johan van der Colff, 51, talities brought the combined death toll crews while skirting safety to maxi-

they hope, neutralize the

were admitted to the hospital but later

potential for violence. "If you see something

died of their injuries.

the reach and transpar-

by sexual trauma in the military.

too high, and decided to abort the land-

to 174 patients and crew.

Several industry insiders believe the

just a 19-year-old Army private when she says she was locked inside a barracks room at Fort Devens

in Massachusetts, forced to the cold floor and raped by a fellow solider. See Veterans/A4

mize the number of patients flown. See Heli /A6

on social media that is a

threat against a police officer, call 911 immediately," New York Mayor Bill de Blasio implored the city's residents. See Threats /A4



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ussia's an rescue wI cos i ion

army said its warplanes havekilled 23 militants as part of an ongoing operation in a troubled tribal region near theAfghan border. Anarmy statement said the airstrikes werecarried out Friday evening in the Datta Khel area of theNorth Waziristan tribal region. Theattacks also destroyed an underground tunnel system and alarge underground cache of weaponsandammunition, the statement said. The army said it has killed over 1,200 militants since the start of a massive offensive launchedJune15 against militants in North Waziristan. Journalists are barred from the region and it is impossible to independently verify the information. Theoperation is aimed at eliminating those Pakistani and foreign militants accused of launching attacks in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan.

• The bank's failure is first to comeafter the decline in the ruble



By David M. Herszenhom

shore up the ruble, which has

New York Times News Service

stabilized in recent days. On Friday, the ruble was

MOSCOW — Russia's central bank said Friday that its bailout of Trust Bank — the


first major lender to fail as a result of the sharp decline in


trading in the low- to mi d-

50s to the dollar, still sharply down for the year but substantially stronger than just a

the ruble — would cost about

week ago, when it was trading


$2.5 billion, far more than previously anticipated, and

at about 60. Data released by the central


the country's finance minis-

N EW S R O O M E M A IL Business Cily Desk.......... Community Lite Sports..............sports©


tersaidemergency measures to rescue the banking system would push the federal budget into deficit.

The central bank had previously announced about $500 million in direct aid to Trust Bank, but Friday it raised that

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figure to nearly $2 billion and said it would also provide a six-year loan of about $550


that would step in to take con-

• • rolea4Aw.

Pakistani army says 23 militants killed — Pakistan's

million to an "investor" bank trol of Trust Bank.

Si sil.rva

Dtsouies rr

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Other banks are also expected to need bailouts as a result of the recent curren-

The R ussian

TurkiSh teeil releaeed — Ateenager hasbeenreleasedfrom custody after his arrest for allegedly insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogancauseduproar in the country. The16-year old student, identified by his initials M.E.A, wastakenawayfrom his school on Wednesdayandjailed for making a speech during a student protest in which he reportedly said Erdoganwas regarded asthe "thieving owner of the illegal palace." It was areference to a government corruption scandal aswell as acontroversial1,150-room palace Erdogan inaugurated in October. Acourt in the central Turkish city of Konya agreed to free the boyfrom police custody on Friday, after dozens of lawyers petitioned for his release. Hestill faces up to four years in prison if charged andconvicted of insulting Erdogan.

public that, for the moment at

least, the currency situation is under control. The government also announced this week that it was

using its control of five of the country's biggest exporters, including the energy giants bank Friday showed that the Gazprom and Rosneft, to regovernment's overall stockpile duce their foreign currency of foreign currency reserves holdings as a way to prop up had fallen by nearly $16 bil- the ruble in coming months. lion to $398.9 billion. Overall, In addition to announcing the Russian government has increased aid for Trust Bank, approved 1 trillion rubles ($20 Siluanov said he expected the billion) to rescue the banking s tate-controlled VT B B a n k system. would receive nearly $2 billion Speaking to journalists Fri- in government assistance,and day,the Russian finance min- Gazprombank would receive ister, Anton Siluanov, said that about $1.4 billion. He also the rescue measures would said the government would be swing the 2014 federal budget forced to rethink its budget, ininto a deficit of about $10 bil- cluding military spending, as lion, or roughly 0.7 percent of a result of lower oil prices. the nation's annual economic The Russian budget is overoutput. ly dependent on oil and gas

"At the moment, we need cy crisis, which was brought aboutby a doublewhammy of to rescue systemically signiflower worldwide oil prices and icant enterprises," Siluanov Western economic sanctions said, according to Russian aimed at punishing the Krem- news agencies. lin for its policies in Ukraine. Senior officials, including a u thorities Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, warned this week of

have been scrambling to contain the damage, including a sharp increase in interest rates and aggressive spending of foreign currency reserves to

time, officials have sought in recent days to reassure the

increasing economic pain in the months ahead, including a recession and potentially crippling inflation. At the same

e xports. Other

Brain-dead, pregnant woman taken off life support — A three-judge panel of the Irish HighCourt ruled Fridaythat doctors can turn off life support to a clinically deadpregnant woman, after hearing from legal representatives of thewoman's medical teamthat her fetus had little chance ofsurviving. Thewoman, amother of two in her 20s, was15 weekspregnant whenshewas declared deadonDec. 3 at a hospital in Dublin following whatwasdescribed as amajor brain trauma onNov.29. Shehad beenplaced onlife support — against her family's wishes —since then becausedoctors were uncertain about the legal rights of her fetus. Thewoman,whose namewasnot released for legal reasons, wastaken off life support later on Friday,according to The Associated Press. — From wire reports

b u dget e x -

perts, including Siluanov's predecessor, Alexei L. Kudrin, have also previously called for curtailing military spending, which has risen sharply under

Fire at Libyan oil port

President Vladimir Putin. Until now, Putin has resisted such er military salaries as well as

spreadsafter attack

an aggressive modernization program.

By Maher Chmaytelli

pressure and pushed for high-

PARIS — A fire at Libya's

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By mail in Deschutes County: One month: $14.50 By mail outside Deschutes County: Onemonth: $18 E-Edition only: Onemonth: $13 Richard Perry/The New York Times

Police officers watch a memorial service for Rafael Ramos, a fallen colleague, broadcast on a screen outside Christ Tabernacle Church in New York on Friday. At the wake ahead of today's funeral for Ramos,

As listed at and individual lottery websites

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday nightare:

2o®s©© Q2QsQoQ The estimated jackpot is now $172 million.

a storage tank Thursday spread as dashes obstructed efforts to extinguish the fire, Ali al-Hasy, a spokesman for the Petroleum Facilities Guard, said Friday by phone

turned to operations in July after a yearlong blockade by

thousands of people were expected to pay respects to the officer who, along with a partner, was fatally shot on Saturday by a manwho hadthreatened to target police in retaliation for the recent deaths of unarmed black men.

rebels. Libya's output and

exports began to falter last month, the International En-

ergy Agency said in a Dec. 12 report, pegging November

HardwoodIlutlet C im,

Ukraine and separatists swap

Hardwood, Cork, Pre-Finished a Unfinished, Maintenance aCleaning Products & ExtrertAdvice

prisoners aspeacetalks falter By Andrew Roth

New Year's Eve." As the talks broke down,

exchange, the largest to date, which was one of the steps out-

MOSCOW — The Ukrainian

Ukraine also announced that

lined in a peace plan written

government and separatists

it would cut both passenger

New York Times News Service

by President Petro Poroshenko and cargo rail services to the of Ukraine in June. began swapping hundreds of Crimean Peninsula, which Leonid Kuchma, the former prisoners of war Friday in a was annexed by Russia in president of Ukraine appointrare sign of cooperation be- March. Ukrainian Railways, ed to represent the country in

from the country's southeast

tween the two sides.

Oregon Lottery results

340,000 barrels a day, had re-

The fire should be contained shipments at580,000 barrels soon, he said. a day, comparedwith 760,000 "The situation i s u n der barrels aday in October. control, we pushed them The latest spate of fighting back," said al-Hasy. The Pe- has led to a decline in output troleum Facilities Guard is to 352,000 barrels a day, Mooverseen by the internation- hamed Elharari, a spokesally-r ecognized government man for National Oil Corp., of Prime Minister Abdullah said Thursday by phone. al-Thinni. That makes Libya, which Shipments from Es Sid- holds Africa's largest oil reer and t h e n eighboring serves, the sm allestproducer Ras Lanuf oil port, Libya's of the 12-member Organizathird-largest facility, halt- tion of Petroleum Exporting ed earlier this month after Countries. The country was the self-proclaimed, Isla- producing about 1.6 million mist-backed government of barrels a day before the 2011 Omar al-Hassi ordered the rebellion that toppled Moamcapture of export terminals mar Gadhafi.

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Es Sider, which can handle

The blaze that started in

from the Es Sider terminal.

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The militias have with-

Militants have w i thdrawn

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a l -Thinni's

largest oil terminal engulfed drawn to Bin Jawad, 35 kithree storage tanks after an lometers (21.8 miles) west of attack by Islamist militants, Es Sider, al-Hasy said. Four according to the Petroleum Petroleum Guard members Facilities Guard, the govern- were killed and seven inment force that protects fa- jured, while the militias sufcilities in the country's east. fered about 90 casualties, he


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controlled by government.

Bloomberg News

the state-run train

s ervice, the talks, confirmed the pris-

The prisoner exchange, said it was canceling service which was reported by the to the peninsula for"passenger Interfax news service Friday, safety." came during a period of dipThe decision further isolates lomatic stagnation, as peace the peninsula, which is depentalks between Russia and the dent on Ukraine for deliveries Organization for Security and of utilities, induding energy. Cooperation in Europe broke Without rail service, Crimea down in Minsk, Belarus. remains open only to automoThe suspension of the peace biles and to an overextended talks, the first to be held since ferry service from the Russian September, was announced by port city of Kerch. Belarusian officials, who have Negotiations seeking an hosted negotiations to end the end to the conflict in southeast nine-month conflict, which Ukraine had been expected to has taken more than 4,700 continue Friday, but expectalives. tions for a breakthrough were Dmitry M ir o n chik , a low. A cease-fire signed in Sepspokesman for the Belarusian tember has produced a moderForeign Ministry, confirmed ate reduction in the fighting, by telephone that talks were but a political solution has renot held Friday but did not give mained elusive. a reason. He said Minsk would The only concrete result remain open to hosting talks from talks held Wednesday "even if they take place on appeared to be the prisoner

oner exchange to the Ukraine Interfax News Service on Friday and said that "the list of

names has been approved and signed by both sides." The list included 225 sepa-

ratists held by the Ukrainian side and 150 servicemen held by the rebels, and the

exchange may be concluded by the end of this year, the



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agency reported. Late Friday afternoon, both Russian and

• Help usdomore!

Ukrainian state news media

Make ataX-dedliCtible

announced that the prisoner exchange was underway. Previous prisoner exchanges have been plagued by baitand-switch accusations and charges ofpoor treatment of

prisoners by both sides. Ukraine also cut power service to Crimea on Friday for the second time in less than a


donationbyDec. 31.


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e n ou aveo a

NYPDfuneral — Officer Rafael Ramoswill be laid to rest today in aceremony expected to beattended by thousands, including Vice President Joe Bidenand Mayor Bill de Blasio.

e ca r

Most of us wish we could use a Get Out of Jail Free card from time to time. For people who receive cancer diagnoses, the decision whether or not to use the cancer card can be tricky.

HISTORY Highlight:In1964, the Cleveland Browns defeated the Baltimore Colts 27-0 to win the NFL Championshi pGame playedat Cleveland Municipal Stadium. In1831,naturalist Charles Darwin set out on a round-theworld voyageaboard the HMS Beagle. In1904, James Barrie's play "Peter Pan:TheBoyWho Wouldn't Grow Up" openedat the Duke ofYork's Theater in London. In1927, the musical play "Show Boat," with music byJerome Kernandlibretto by Oscar Hammerstein II, openedat the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. In1932, NewYork City's Radio City Music Hall first opened. In1945, 28 nations signed an agreement creating the World Bank. In1947, the original version of the puppet character Howdy DoodymadeitsTV debuton NBC's "Puppet Playhouse." In1949, QueenJuliana of the Netherlands signed anact recognizing Indonesia's sovereignty after more than three centuries of Dutch rule. In1968,Apollo 8 and its three astronauts made a safe, nighttime splashdown in thePacific. In1979,Soviet forces seized control of Afghanistan. President Hafizullah Amin, whowas overthrown andexecuted, was replaced by BabrakKarmal. In1985, Palestinian guerrillas opened fire inside the Rome and Vienna airports; 19 victims were killed, plus four attackers who were slain by police and security personnel. American naturalist Dian Fossey,53, who had studied gorillas in the wild in Rwanda, wasfound hacked to death.

In1994, four RomanCatholic priests — three Frenchand a Belgian —were shot to death in their rectory in Algiers, a day after French commandos killed four radicals who'd hijacked an Air France jetfrom Algiers to Marseille. In2007,opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated during a suicide bomb attack in Pakistan following a campaign rally. Ten years ago: Thedeath toll continued to rise in southern Asia in the wake of ahuge tsunami triggered by amonster earthquake underneath the Indian Ocean.Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko declared victory in Ukraine's fiercely contested presidential election. In anaudiotape, a man purported to beOsama bin Laden endorsedAbu Musab al-Zarqawi as his deputy in Iraq and called for a boycott of January's elections. Five years ago:Iranian security forces fired onTehran protesters, killing at least eight and launching a newwave of arrests. One year ago:Connecticut police released thousands of pages from their investigation into the Newtown massacre, providing the most detailed and disturbing picture yet of the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting

at Sandy HookElementary School that left 20 first-graders and six educators dead.

BIRTHDAYS Actress Charmian Carr ("The Sound of Music") is 72. ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts is 71. Rockmusician Mick Jones (Foreigner) is 70. Actor Gerard Depardieu is 66. Rock musician David Knopfler (Dire Straits) is 62. Actress Eva LaRue is 48. Former professional wrestler and actor Bill Goldberg is 48. Musician Matt Slocum is 42. Actor Wilson Cruz is 41. Singer Olu is41. Actress Emilie deRavin is 33. Rock singer Hayley Williams (Paramore) is 26. Country singer Shay Mooney is 23. — From wire reports

By Susan Gubar

es his treatment because I'm

New York Times News Service

writing him a speeding ticket? I might be costing him his life.

If you are dealt a crummy hand, you might find yourself playing the cancer card — even if other people object. I've come to believe that in certain cases, I not only could but should play the C card. Before my mother died, I regularly needed to respond

Do I want that on my head?

That could send me straight to hell." Cancer lets Schimmel off the hook; it is "the ultimate

Get Out of Jail Free card."


For others, the C card stands

receive the reparations sent to many Jews forced to flee the

forcarpe diem. Whether you love fly-fishing, pedicures, rock music, photography, Bora Bora, playing with the dog, drinking, bowling or bowling while drinking, after a cancer diagnosis you may finally find the time to follow your de-

Nazis. Filling out the certifi-

sires. Mine are sedentary and

cate — it was called the Lebensbescheinigung, or "proof of being alive" - always tripped me into irrationally

luckily inexpensive: reading, writing, cooking for my chil-

to an official document from

the German government. A notary public had to certify her existence so she would

dren and stepchildren when

they come to stay, visiting with friends, trembling with my husband through college basketball games on television. Throughout my mother's perilous passage from Nazi Germany to America, she had

intense distress, and not only because it reminded me of her

displacement. When, two months after the

funeral, she was sent a proofof-being-alive form, I threw it in the trash. That was the first

been tormented by the need for certification: the official

time I played the C card. I had no wish to keep the money illicitly, but somehow mailing a

seals on identity cards and work licenses, the red tape of

permits and passport applications, the multiple copies of

letter with a death certificate

felt deeply repugnant. At a later date, I simply returned a check with a Post-it record-

ing her date of death. Cancer served as my excuse for not

responding properly. The word "Lebensbescheinigung" reminds me that I am the one who, given enervating cancer treatments, sometimes needs to prove to myself that

I am alive. Although medicalprotocolsexert enormous control over my existence, the

affidavits of sponsors. Once

here, on paper (in file cabinets, then overflowing into James Steinberg/The New YorkTimes piles stacked everywhere in After the diagnosis, cancer can serve many purposes — an excuse for ice cream, a motivation to go her apartment) but also (thank fly-fishing, a reason to not do just about anything. goodness) in person, she finally established and relished abundant proof that she was teering for a patient advoca- were speeding to the hospital ing: "Damn. This guy looks fully alive. cy group. But if you have lost when a policeman stopped like," followed by an expletive. The hand my mother had your prediagnosis occupa- them. Schimmel imagined What if he's dying, chemo's been dealt was far worse than tions and your life is a gamble, what the officer was think- his only hope, and he miss- mine. the C card can additionally serveas a licenseto disregard

C card offers me a chance to exploit cancer for my own theconsequences. purposes. I have played it quite Why worry about your a bit: to not participate, to not cholesterol or a savings actravel, to not stay on the phone count'? Why not go ahead and with my recriminatory aunt, reserve a weekly table at the to not do or say or eat any- best ice cream parlor in your thing I don't want to do or say neighborhood or p urchase or eat, to split infinitives. I can



exorbitant tickets for a month-

relate to Melville's Bartleby long cruise of Alaska while the scrivener: I frequently pre- you can still enjoy it? Instant fer not to. gratification, generally deridMany people living with ed as shortsighted, can make cancer use it as a ticket to re-

sense to cancer patients who

form their lives, for example, by delegating stressful responsibilities. It gives them permission to engage in productive enterprises like starting a walking regimen or volun-

may also exploit the sympathy elicited by the visible effects of treatment.

According to a memoir of stand-up comedian R obert

Schimmel, he and his wife

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Astronomers find 'new'

dwarf galaxynearby By Amina Khan

sandth of the stellar mass of

Los Angeles Times

the Milky Way. As a dwarf

Astronomers searching the sky with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have discovered an odd little dwarf galaxy in our very own backyard — a mere 7 million light years away. The findings, described in

spheroidal galaxy, it lacks any distinctive spiral arms. The dwarf spheroidal galax-

the Monthly Notices of t he

Royal Astronomical Society, add a new member to the more than 50 galaxies in our Local

Group (part of the Laniakea superduster), which includes A ndromeda an d

our o w n

Milky Way. While only just recently discovered using Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys, the galaxy known as KKs3 has been around a long while. Astronomers led by Igor Karachentsev of the Special As-

trophysical Observatory in Karachai-Cherkessia, Russia, showed that some 74 percent of

KKs3's star mass was formed in the universe's early years, at least 12 billion years ago. Most of the tiny galaxy's stars are old and dim, making it a fascinating fossil that could help

ies that are found near massive

galaxies are typically poor in gas and dust, because they've been stripped out by the gravitational pull of their much more massive neighbors (such as the Andromeda galaxy). But KKs3 is far away from the thieving gravitational tug of a neighboring galaxy — and yet, for some reason, it also seems to be missing hydrogen gas. KKs3, in that way, is a much rarer breed, called an isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxy. These isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxies are really hard to find, in part because they're missing those telltale nebulae full of hydrogen gas that could have helped feed star formation. In fact, the only other one

KKs3 holds just one ten-thou-




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found in the Local Group, KKR

25, was found by the same research group wayback in 1999. Though most of its stars are

12 billion years old or older,

astronomers understand what there appear to have been two ancient galactic environments smaller periods of s t ar-for-

looked like. Carrying just 23 million solar masses' worth of star-stuff,


mation around 6 billion years ago and even more recently, around 2 billion years ago or less.

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Syrian boyescapes


Obamas' personalchefhangsuptheapron Islamic State'shold

By Darlene SupervIlle

President Obama said Sam Kass "has grown from a close friend to a critical member of my team" and has left

The Associated Press


cal advisers, chiefs of staff, press secretaries and national security advisers have

come and gone in the nearly six years Barack Obama


By Tim Arango

"an indelible mark on the White House."


has been p r esident. N ow,

Obama's personal chef is waving goodbye. Sam Kass has been a fixture at the executive man-

will be disappointed.

sion, serving up nutrition policy alongside meals for Obama, his wife, Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sa-

" This a d m i nistration i s very committed to nutrition

sha. He was not only their

said Margo Wootan, a nutrition lobbyist for the Center

and obesity prevention. That commitment runs very deep,"

personal chef but a senior adviser for nutrition policy, Charles Dharapak/The Associated Pressfile photo giving him a seat at the table First lady MIchelle Obama stands wIth Sam Kass, White House where administration offi- Senior Policy Adviser for NutrItion Policy, before they make cials hashed out everything salads from vegetables harvested from the White House garden from updated food labels to

new requirements for healthier school lunches.

Kass, a newlywed, is leaving the White House at the end of the month, but don't ask him what the Obamas

like or don't like to eat. "Top secret," he said.

for Science in the Public In-

terest, who has pushed for healthier school meals. Despite her group's issues

with students from the area in the State DIning Room of the White House in Washington. President Barack Obama's personal chef Is leavIng after nearly six years in whIch, unlike any assistant White House chef before him, he cooked up policy alongside hIs meals. whom he wore a third hat as executive director of her

"I love this family and be- anti-childhood obesity camlieve in everything the presi- paign, Kass sometimes travdent and first lady are doing, eled with Obama and joined and this has been the greatest his weekend or vacation golf job of my life and I assume o utings. Obama, i n tu r n , will be the greatest job of my blocked out several hours on life," the 34-year-old Chicago his busy schedule to attend native said in an i nterview. Kass' late-August wedding. "But I'm going to be with Obama said Kass "has my wife. Once you're mar- grown from a close friend to a ried, you kind of need to be critical member of my team" together." and has left "an indelible Kass' wife, MSNBC host mark on the White House." Alex Wagner, is based in Mrs. Obama praised Kass' " extraordinary l egacy o f New York City. Kass' relationship with the progress," which she said inObamas started when they cludes healthier food options hired him to cook healthier in groceries, more nutritious meals for the family in Chica- school lunches and initiatives go before the 2008 elections. to improve how food is marMichelle Obama was a vice keted to kids. president at the University Unlike any W h ite House of Chicago Medical Center chef before him, Kass helped and caring for young daugh- m ake decisions with f a r ters, while Obama was a U.S. greater potential consequencsenator spending most of his es than whether the president's veggies, which Kass time in Washington. But the relationship sprout- often plucked from the first ed well beyond the profes- lady's garden on the South sional. Besides Kass' tireless Lawn, should be steamed or work for Mrs. Obama, for sauteed.

captured as sex slaves by the Islamic State, also known BAGHDAD — Before war as ISIS or ISIL. Young boys convulsed his hometown in have been given rifles and Syria, Usaid Barho played told to staff checkpoints or soccer, loved Jackie Chan patrol neighborhoods — or movies and adored the beau- have been recruited, as Ustiful Lebanese pop singer aid was, to become suicide Nancy Ajram. He dreamed bombers. of attending college and beIn the areas it controls in coming a doctor. Iraq and Syria, the Islamic His life, to say the least, State has established centers took a detour. for the military and religious On a recent evening in training of children. Baghdad, Usaid, who is 14, One of the group's videos, approached the gate of a depictinga camp near MoShiite mosque, unzipped his sul, in northern Iraq, calls jacket to show a vest of ex- the children the "cubs of the plosives, and surrendered caliphate." At the camphimself to the guards. named for the brutal lead"They seduced us to join er of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu the caliphate," he said sever- Musab al-Zarqawi, who was al days later in an interview killed by an American airNew Yorh Times News Service

with the lunch standards, Pa-

tricia Montague, the School

with The New York Times at a secret Iraqi intelligence site

Nutrition Association's chief

executive, said Kass and "Let's Move," the first lady's anti-childhood obesity initiative, played "an important The school lunch changes role in promoting healthier have led Mrs. Obama into a lifestyles for children both at public spat with the School school and at home." N utrition A s s ociation, a n Kass will stay involved industry-backed group that with "Let's Move," along with represents school cafeteria broader efforts to improve workers and food compa- childhood n u t r i t ion , the nies that sell to schools. The White House said. group has lobbied Congress Testifying to Kass' committo weaken the standards, ar- ment, former colleague Krisguing they are a burden on tina Schake said Kass spent financially pinched districts weekends living the work and a big reason why kids are he did at the White House, throwing their lunches into including v i siting f a r ms, the garbage. farmers markets and food A House Republican-led purveyors. "He can talk about differeffort to allow some districts to ignore the new lunch stan- ent types of lettuce the way dards altogether failed to other men talk about sports advance in Congress, but re- teams," she said. quirements for more whole Kass said his plan after grains in school foods will be leaving the White House is to eased instead. get some sleep, and "I guess The fight over the broad- I'll also be the chef for my er standards is expected to wife." heat up again next year when As for who will prepare Republicans, who are sym- Obama's dinners going forpathetic to the association's ward, Kass said the White arguments, will control both House kitchen staff has it houses of Congress. covered. Nutrition advocates say — Associated Press writer anyone who hopes these isMary Clare Jalonick sues will disappear with Kass contributed to this report.

strike in 2006 — children are

shown doing physical fitness exercises and reciting the Quran, while an instructor explains that they are being

where he is being held. Usaid described how he had been recruited by the Sunni extremists of the Is-

trained to fight "hate-filled Shiites." his hometown, Manbij, near The United Nations wrote Aleppo. He said he joined the in a report last month, "ISIS

lamic State from a mosque in group willingly because "I believed in Islam."

prioritizes children as a vehicle for ensuring long-term

and abuse of children. Thou-

wanted to be reunited with

sands of them have been killed or maimed through indiscriminate bombings, in crossfir e and,in some cases, executions. Young girls from minority groups, especially Yazidis in Iraq, have been

his family in Syria, but the Iraqi authorities have not tried to reach them. The intelligence officer who has been interrogating him said

"They planted the idea in loyalty, adherence to their me that Shiites are infidels ideology and a cadre of deand we had to kill them," he voted fighters that will see said in the interview, which violence as a way of life." took place in the presence of The United Nations has an Iraqi intelligence official. released a catalog of horIf he did not fight, he was rors inflicted on children by told, Shiites would come and the Islamic State. In Raqqa, rape his mother. Syria, the militants' de facto He soon found himself capital, the group has gathin Iraq, but he quickly had ered children for screenings misgivings and wanted to of execution videos. It has escape. His best chance, he forced children to p articidecided, was a risky decep- pate in public stonings. And tion: volunteer to be a suicide in many of the group's grisbomber so he could surren- ly execution videos, childertosecurity forces. dren are seen among the The wars in Syria and audience. Iraq have set grim new stanW hat happens now t o dards for th e e xploitation Usaid is unclear. He said he

he needed more time to investigate the case.








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anun- er o tec ni ue


crash fit the description of an and saythat raises a safety con- LTE problem. "The 206 is an ~ that cern, because allbusinessmodels, for-profit and not-for-profit, is a little more prone to that," have to pay attention to reve- said Guy Maher, who spent 24 nues and expenses," said Rick years as a HEMS pilot and now Sherlock, president and CEO of consults on helicopter safety the Association of Air Medical issues. "If you know the limServices. "You have to operate itations of the equipment and in a way that's sustainable." you thinkahead ofwhatyou're Sherlock said HEMS oper- doing, (it's manageable). But it's atorshave invested between always when someone is trying $500 million and $700 million to push it a little bit that they'll in safety equipment and train- get themselves caught in the siting, induding adding night-vi- uation and when they try to get sion goggles, helicopter terrain out of it, they hit the limits of the awareness and warning sys- aircraft." tems, flight data monitors and Maher said when operators dual-access autopilots. buy and refurbish old aircraft, "2008was atoughyear in the often little more than the airindustry," he said. "But I think frame is left from the original the commitment of the indus- model. "It's really like a Mr. Potato try to safety is one that's very strong." Head. You connect all these The numbers suggest the parts to the frame and the parts industry has made gains on have time-limited restrictions," safety. From 1999 t h rough he said. "Sometimes it's noth2008, there were at least 10 ing more than a roll-cage with crashesper year,killing any- the serial number on it. So a where from three to 28 people 30-year-old helicopter, it would per year. Since the NTSB held be incredi bly rare to have any a four-day hearing on HEMS critical component on that airsafetyin 2009 and issued rec- craftbe 30years old." to a specific business model

Continued from A1 Fueled by high reimbursement rates and scant regula-

tion, the rapid growth of the helicopter EMS industry over the past 15years has transformed

what many consider a life-saving service into an industry fraught with safety concerns but little oversight.

"It's sort of theperfect storm,"

said Dr. Michael Abernethy,

chief flight surgeon for University of Wisconsin Health's Med Flight. "It's great money, it's unregulated and there's really no utilization criteria."

Growthindustry W hile neither of th e t w o

CentralOregon airambulance services, the for-profit AirLink C ritical Care T r ansport i n Bend or the not-for-profit Life-

Flight in Redmond, have experienced any helicopter crashes since 1998, the addition of a second operator in 2012 created a competitive market, mir-

roring some of the trends seen

nationwide. Prior t o 2 0 02, h elicopter ommendations for the indus-

Marcella Corona/ Reno Gazette-Journal via The Associated Press

Severalgoats munch on e Christmas tree in Reno,Nevada. The goats are owned by Vince Thomas,

founder of Goat Grazers, who alongwith his 40 goats are teaming up with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District to help recycle Christmas trees and keep them out of Iendfills.

By John M. Glionne Los Angeles Times


P r o t ection Di s t r i ct

" They'll eat it al l —


prospective candidates, the de-

mand for more pilots has led

weed," she told the Times. "They prefer to eat it before it flowers, so it doesn't have a

ment and invest in training and

chance to spread." And best of all, she added,

safety. "It did almost the opposite," Abernethy said. "Com-

medical bay supervisor with Company documents post- PHI Air Medical Group in Clined online by Air Evac, which ton, Missouri. "The military dedined multiple requests for isn't turning out as many pilots,

panies figured out that there

an interview, indicate the com-

are no stipulations to get this reimbursement. If we go on the cheap, if we started flying single-engine helicopters and using minimally experienced

pany flies more than 100 Bell as many hours." 206L helicopters, and many apWilliams stressed, howev-

crews,we could save a hellofa

at least 20 helicopter accidents

goats corralled, which he moves as they buzz-saw the

landscape. "One of their favorites is the i n vasive white t op

keep Christmas trees out of the landfill and to reduce

so they don't immediately defecate in the field and allow

(bare) branches." illegal dumping along with Thomas is spending Frieliminating what might oth- day driving to different fire erwisebe a fire danger,fire- stations to pick up trees for fighters say. his goat herd. "Goats have all kinds of

fire hazard uses — eating old Christmas trees is just one of them," Amy Ray, fire marshal for the Truckee Meadows district, told the Los An-

goats have multiple stomachs, the seeds to spread that way.

Thomas, 52, saw how the goats kept his daughter's lawn free of weeds. He did

some research and found work the holidays. Ray said that the pine needles from But the animals don't just

Thomas' goats have been

Christmas trees act like a

ators have added hundreds of

along the Sierra's eastern front.

wide over the past decade. Accordingto the Atlas 5 Database


Holiday retail salesonline hit a record after early promotions Bloomberg News

SAN FRANCISCO — Ama and o t her W e b

ing with delivery companies. "So far, it looks like everything went really well." On Christmas Day, con-

retailers sold more products sumers went online to buy than ever this holiday season, music, applications and other boosted by early promotions contentfornew smartphones and investments in delivery and tablets they received as systems that helped avoid the gifts. Online spending inwidespread shipping snags of creased 8.3 percent Thursday last year. from a year earlier, IBM said Online shopping is on pace Friday. That compares with to rise 16 percent to $61 bil- last year's Dec. 25 growth lion for the November to De- rate of 17 percent. cember period,according to's sales rose researcher ComScore Inc., 20 percent from Nov. 27 to with retailers benefiting from Dec. 21, outperforming the lower unemployment rates, broader industry's growth higherconsumer confidence rate of 14 percent in the same and a decline in oil prices that period, according to Channehas left shoppers with more 1Advisor Corp., a consulting to spend on gifts. The total firm that helps retailers inincludes $7.9 billion in mobile crease sales. sales, ComScore said. The Seattle-based, the world's tailer is projected to have biggest I n t ernet r e t a iler, fourth-quarter revenue of hired more workers and $29.7 billion, up 16 percent opened new distribution cen- from a yearearlier,accordters, extending its reach to ing to the average of anaget goods to customers fast- lysts' estimates compiled by er.United ParcelService and Bloomberg. FedEx also stepped up hiring, M ore t ha n 1 0 mi l l i o n updated their technology and new customers this holiinvested in infrastructure to day season tried A m azon absorb the growth. Consum- Prime, thecompany's $99 ers shopped earlier, respond- annual subscription that ofing to pre-Thanksgiving pro- fers delivery discounts and motions and not splurging at video streaming, Amazon the last minute — something a nnounced t o day. T h o se that contributed to last year's enrolled in Amazon Prime delivery delays. spend more on average than "Shoppers were aware of other customers. last year's problems, and the Amazon prepared for the e-commerce companies and holiday crush this year by shipping companies were hiring 80,000 seasonal workprepared," said JarrettStree- ers,up from 70,000 lastyear. bin, chief executive officer of It also operated 15 sorting EasyPost, a San Francisco centers — up from eight last company that helps retailers year — where packages are coordinate labels and track- organized by ZIP code and

trucked to post offices for the final mile of delivery. The new sort centers helped

Amazon reach more customers with Sunday deliveries, spreading orders over a greater number of days. EBay's sales growth from the day after Thanksgiving to Dec. 22 lagged behind the industry at 10 percent, according to ChannelAdvisor. Analysts predict the San Jose, California-based company will report sales for the current quarter of $4.94 billion, up 9.1 percent from a year earlier, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. "Expectations were very low for EBay," said Scot Win-

go, chief executive officer of ChannelAdvisor. "Longterm, EBay has to do some-

thing to right the ship." Smaller companies helped fuel the jump in e-commerce this season by investing in technology and embracing the Web t o

e x pand t heir

reach. Sport Chalet Inc., a sport-

ing-goods chain with about 50 stores in California, Nev ada, Arizona an d U t a h , o ffered e x c lusive o n l i n e

discounts this year for the first time, said Don Delzell,

director of online sales. The retailer realized it could alter online deals on its websites

in a matter of hours, while changing promotions at all of its stores can take several

days, because of the need to replace signs. "It gives us the ability to re-

act quickly to changes in the competitive environment," he said.

Older aircraft

many to lower that standard. " Some c o mpanies h a v e

dropped back to 1,500 or 1,200. They've lowered the minimums, and it's purely out of

necessity," said Kurt Williams, president of the National EMS Pilots Association and an air

Air Evac in 2010.

pear to have colorful pasts.

and the ones they do don't have er, that there was no definitive

According to data provided link between flight hours and by the NTSB, Air Evac has had accidents, and certainly pilots with thousands of flight hours

lot of money." since 1998, 18 of which involved have crashes as well. AccordAs a result, for-profit oper- the Bell 206 model. Of those, 14 ing to the preliminary NTSB

used in other seasons to help natural de-wormer, high in graze in areas with weeds vitamin C, "so it's healthy for

geles Times. They do such a good job, "They're able to get into ar- they make the 16-year fireThe program is the brainchild (or, in goat terms, brain eas that machines and land- fighting veteran look good. "Goatare greatemployees; kid) of Truckee Meadows scapers aren't," she said. "All Fire Protection District vol- the rocky terrain, hills, val- they love their job and they don't complain," Thomas unteer Vince Thomas, who leys and heavy brush." created a business he calls She said Thomas erects said. "They think I'm the best Goat Grazers to employ the an electric fence to keep the boss in the world."

By Spencer Soper


the online helicopter database,

in Nevada began using a pine needles included unique — not to mention en- and leave the skeleton of the vironmentally s u s t ainable tree," Thomas, a longtime — method of recycling the volunteer firefighter, told the symbol of Christmas. Pine Times. "It basically looks like needles and all. Charlie Brown's Christmas. The program's goal is to Nothing left but a scrawny tree that has nothing but the

a problem with the helicopter."

flect the true costs of running, that aircraft was a high-quality helicopter EMS built in 1981 and sold to Nigeria, program. where it was flown for 25 years. In 2002,Medicare more than In 2006, the helicopter was regdoubled its payment for air istered in the U.S. by Heliworks ambulance transport, expect- Leasing of Wilmington, Deling that the increased reim- aware, before being acquired bursement would help HEMS and presumably refurbished to programsupgrade theirequip- serve as an air ambulance by

— Vince Thomas, owner of Goat Grazers

Friday marked the first day the Truckee Meadows love Christmas trees.

ganization, more than there is

rates to more accurately re-

and they don't complain. They think I'm the Nevada, there are sounds to best boss in the world."

family's 40 goats. And coincidentally, they

When asked about the 18 Air Evac crashes involving the 206 model, Maher said, "That jumps out to me that there is a cultural problem within the or-

required. After much lobbying by hospitals, Medicare officials agreed to rebase payment

Christmas is already a

memory. And around Reno,

eating Christmas trees.

Hospitals often lost money on the operation but made up for it with payments for the extensive trauma care these patients

try,accidents have remained in the single digits all but one year. Still, 2010 and 2013 were badyears forthe industry, combining for 21 accidents and 38 deaths, leading many to wonder whether any permanent gains have been made.

The rapid growth in HEMS has also put pressure on the The Air Evac helicopter that supply of helicopter pilots. crashed in Wichita Falls, for ex- Where 10 to 15years ago operaample, was a single-engine Bell tors generally required 3,000 or 206 Longranger. According to more hours of flight time from

"Goat are great employees; they love theirjob

prove it. They go something like this: munch, munch, munch. They're goats. And they're

emergency medical services, or HEMS, programs were mainly owned and operated by hospitals, flying medium-sized twin-engine helicopters with experienced emergency physicians and critical care nurses.

new HEMS programs nation-

involved aircraft built between 1975 and 1983 that were at

least 25 years old at the time of their accidents. Many of those

of Air Medical Services, in Oc- helicopters were bought used, tober2003,therewere 545 heli- stripped down and refurbished copters flying out of 472 HEMS with new components to serve bases in the U.S. By September as air ambulances. "Whenyou're haulingpeople 2014, those numbers had nearly doubled, with 1,020 helicopters

for exorbitant amounts of mon-

report, the pilot in the Wichita

Falls crash had logged about 1,810 total flight hours, of which 1,584 were in helicopters and 214 in the Bell 206 model. Air Evac lists a minimum of 2,000 hours required in several

HEMS pilot job postings on its website and is accreditedbythe Commission on Accreditation

ey, they should expect some- of Medical Transport Systems, more medical helicopters than thing better than a 33-year-old a voluntary accrediting body. all of Canada or Australia. And aircraft," Abernethy said. "But The group generally requires annual Medicare spending on it's a lot cheaper. Something pilots to have a minimum of HEMS transport between 2002 like that could be had for 2,000 flight hours, but it does and 2009 grew434percent. $700,000, whereas the EC135 list some exceptions. Now more than a third of that we fly could cost $7 to $8 The bigger concern may be HEMS programs are owned by million. Quality costs money." how much authority pilots have three large for-profit operators: The NTSB has warned that to decline flights in questionPHI Air Medical, Air Methods the Bell 206 is particularly sus- able conditions. "Pilots are fairly well inCorporation and Air Medical ceptible to a problem known as Group Holdings, the parent loss of tail rotor effectiveness, sulated — a n d d e liberately company of Air Evac Lifeteam. or LTE, that can cause the air- so — from the medical side of In 2004, only 41 percent of craft to spin uncontrollably the condition. We just need to the U.S. HEMS fleet consisted to the right. After the Wichi- know how many people and of single-engine helicopters. By ta Falls crash, pilots posting the location," said Bill Conklin, 2014, single-engine aircrafl out- on online helicopter bulletin chief pilot at AirLink in Bend. numbered twin-engine mod- boards said the details of the Continued next page at 846bases.Some stateshave

els 513 to 485, and that trend

is being driven primarily by for-profit operators. But as the number of helicopters flying increased, so did thenumber ofcrashes.In 2008,



the industry had its worst year ever, with 11 crashes and 28 fa-

talities. And many are pointing fingers at the for-profit segment of the industry. "The corporate for-profits


make up less than 40 percent of

the industry, yet they're responsiblefor80percentofthecrash-




es," Abernethy said. This month, researchers led

by Fort Lauderdale trauma surgeon Dr. Fahim Habib published an analysis of the link between for-profit status and


the risk of helicopter crashes. From 1998 to 2012, for-prof-

it HEMS operators averaged seven to eight crashes per year, while not-for-profit or public operators averaged one crash

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everyyear or two. While the re-

searcherscouldn'taccount for differences in hours flown between different types of opera-

tors, crashes appear to be happening much more frequently among for-profit operators. "While HEMS missions are undoubtedly getting safer, the

Q)I(d Zhds %~(I~ed'

increased number of missions

being flown is likely offsetting gains in safety," the authors

Nature Shop



re p resentatives


maintain there's no reason to believe that for-profit operators

are anyless safe. "I don't think you can point



From previous page "Because of our familiarity with the business, we know they're medically related," he said, "but our decisions are supposed tobe based on the ca-

Growth support

underscored that with no pub-

20 ------ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

14 15 ----------------18------------13--10 10- --8----

es. While some operators sell

'98 30-














~ F atal accidents --~ N o n-fatal accidents-12 9 7 6










Rba '12














































group president. "So as hard as













we try to regulate that out of the











- ------------- - ~ 4


3 H































































































929 942




what would be expected of

them, and many companies are already compliant. But some in the industry have been resisoutfits will go out of business if



rules so operators could know

tant to implementing those, and there is speculation that some they can't meet the regulations



made by the NTSB. Those retry representati ves had been urgingthe FAAto finalizethose


753 792 810 ------------658--------545 400-

context of legal and regulatory compliance." This year, the FAA issued

quirements will be phased in -- -- 6 - - - overthenextfouryears.Indus-


wrote, "to do more than aim to optimize profits within the

the aviation recommendations



"It is problematic to expect corporate entities," the authors



. • ie • Xa

at risk," said Williams, the pilot

tive behavior.

new rulesfor HEMS operators that would implement many of

20 ------ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

your base isn't flying much then your employment is going to be

unmistakable message. "It's the 'fly or you're fired' syndrome," Maher said. "The industry has become so driven




in the business knows that if

that number. It's a subtle but

the free market and so had to expectsome degreeofcompeti-


pability of the aircraft and the

equation, itobviouslycomesin." Many helicopter operators determine how many flights they need to break even each month and keep pilots apprised of their progress in meeting

viding air medical transport to


weather." But HEMS operators typically have high fixed costs that account for up to 80 percent of a base's monthly expensmemberships toprovide amore stable revenue base, operators generally don't get paid unless theytransport patients. "Unfortunately, everybody

lidy owned HEMS services, the state had left the task of pro-

Helicopter EMSexperts say the rapid growth in the air ambulance industry has largely offset the advancement in safety equipment and helicopter design. With more medical helicopters flying more patients each year, the number of fatal accidents continues to be a concern.









Source: National Transportation Safety Board, Atlas & Database of Air Medical Services.

'1 I




and theirbottom line. "Every operator has different

resources and different abilities to pay for the amount of technology that is now being put on the hospital faster or being able helicopters. And so those that to provide care en route in a he- have more resources are doing licopterthat is beyond the capa- it more quickly than those with bilities of a ground ambulance. less resources," said Dr. David A recent analysis in Arizona, Stuhlmiller, chairman-elect of however, found that nearly half the Air Medical Transport secof patients transported by heli- tion of the American College copter weren't even admitted of Emergency Physicians. "But to the hospital, suggesting their now those who can't afford to injuries weren't all that severe. comply will no longer exist." Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

by the dollar and it's not look-

ing at the bigger picture. You don't have to take that flight. They can take somebody by ground if the weather is iffy." There is similar pressure on

vices into new areas, much of likely to call their friend. the growth represents a dupliThe profit-driven environcation of services in large met- ment meant HEMS operators ropolitan areas. With so many often flew patients who could competitors, operators can't af- have been safely transported mechanics, he said, to complete ford topass up a flight. by ground, costing both pa"It's a for-profit business. tients and taxpayers thousands maintenance quickly and get You've got to face the facts. of dollars pertrip. the helicopter flying again. "The more downtime you You're puttinga $2to $3million In Bend, AirLink conducts have, the less revenue you helicopter in service, and you strict reviews of each flight make, so mechanics are un- have to pay the bills," Williams to consider whether the flight der incrediblepressure now to said. "When there is such a was medically necessary and perform as much as the pilots," huge number of competitors in works to educate EMS proMaher said. "Get it done fast, a limited market, every single viders on what conditions are get it done cheap and don't let flight counts." appropriate to fly. If an Airthe other guy beat you to it. It's When the NTSB held hear- Link crew flies to the scene of like the Wild West out there. ings on HEMS safety in 2009, accident and the crew realizes Somebody's got to stop it." the agencyheard of rampant that patient can be safely drivTarek Loutfy, director of problems stemming from this en by ground ambulance, they safety fo r M e t r o A v i ation, ultra-competitive environment. are encouraged to fly back to which owns AirLink, said their Helicopters were flying in bad their base empty. Even though pilots know they'll get support weather, stealing dispatch calls AirLink loses money on that from management when they from other operators and flying flight, program manager Kevdecide conditions aren't safe. to accident scenes even when in Schitoskey gives his crew a "Instead of you pushing your no one had called them in. Starbucks gift card every time luck trying to save a patient, Some operators would accept they make that call. "I think it's important for you might end up making four a second dispatch callbefore more," he said. "It's not worth they had completed their first, those guys to make those degamblingto make a buck and leading to unnecessary delays cisions solely on patient care. then ending up on somebody's in transporting patients. 0th- I want to promote an organidoorstep telling their family ers would create close ties with zational culture that promotes theywon'tbecoming home." ground EMS services, even the right tools for the right job," While the recent expansion hiring an ambulance compa- Schitoskey said. "If we're flyof the HEMS industry has ny's staff member knowing ing somebody with a (minor brought airambulance ser- theparamedicswould be more foot injury), they're not avail-

able for a higher acuity patient that needs them. We do have an obligation to serve Central

Oregon." In order to avoid the competitive dynamics between AirLink

and LifeFlight, local EMS providershave devised protocols for when to call for air transport

and what service to fly. "We've worked really close-

"There are patients that they

Others believe the industry

are transporting to hospitals is fighting regulations to keep algorithm so that the most ap- that we wouldn't have remotely them from eating into profit propriateair resource comes, considered just 10 years ago," margins. Even beyond safety and I think that's worked out Abernethy said. "Right now, equipmentand other changes well," said Doug Kelly, division the utilization criteria are so under the new FAA rules, opchief at Redmond Fire and vague that almost any flight (is erators must invest in training, staffing and other quality imRescue and chairman of the covered)." It's resulted in some scenar- provement measures — all of Deschutes County Ambulance ly with dispatch to create an

Service Area advisory committee. "Rather than choosing one

ios that strain the limits of cre-

which costs money.

provider over the other, we've HEMS services on behalf the

"Everybody is always worried about spending money, but

Oklahoma State Department

what is the cost of an accident?"

taken the standpoint of, 'Let's

dulity. A 2012 assessment of

get the closest resource there.'" The lack of such regional

of Health, for example, cited a case in which a ground ambucoordination in other parts of lance crew handed off a patient the country as well as the fiscal to a helicopter crew at a trauma pressuresto fly a certain num- scene and then met the helicopber of patients per month mean ter at the landing pad after the HEMS operators could be fly- flight to transport the same paing patients for whom there is tient to the receiving center. That review, authored by little benefit over ground transport. Benefits could indude emergency physicians at the getting patients with time-sen- University of Oklahoma School sitive injuries or conditions to of Community Medicine, also

asks Denise Landis, critical care and transport manager for the University of Michigan's Survival Flight program and a board member of the Association for Critical Care Trans-

port. "So for me, it comes down to the dollar. I hate to point the

finger, but you don't know how people want to invest." — Reporter: 541-617-7814,



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oca eensea orne iSSuS en e

John Day

By Cleire Withycombe

several appearances in court between September 2013 and

The Bulletin

Local defense attorney

• John Bay:Loggers and environmentalists cometogetherfor forest health,B3 • Newport:Geologist warns OSUnot to build marine studies building in tsunami zone,B3

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January 2014. In one case,

Foster Glass has been temporarily suspended from the Oregon State Bar for con-

sistently failing to appear at court hearings, records from the Oregon State Bar show.

Glass and his client failed to appear for a trial readiness hearing. Glass' client was in custody, so his appearance was waived, but the court took the trial off the docket

Glass was suspended from practicing law in Oregon for 30 days, effective Dec. 12. His office did not return a call for comment Wednesday. According to a stipulation for discipline from the Ore-

because the attorney did not

gon State Bar, Glass missed

appear, the stipulation states.

In another case, a judgment affecting a client's parental

"I cannot tell you the number of times Mr.

Glasshas missed court appearances ... Based on reports from my colleagues and my personal experience, itis not less than

times has been once or twice in one week." Brady said other judges in the circuit court have spoken with Glass about the issue.

monthly, and at times has been once or twice

Brady wrote that Glass' failure to appear has had an

in one week."

effect on his clients. "At the

very least, the impact is delay

— Alta Brady, Deschutes County Circuit Court judge in a letter and another court appearance," Brady wrote. "Other

rights was entered when

committee, Alta Brady, presiding judge of the Deschutes

Glass failed to appear.

County Circuit Court, said

In a Jan. 22 letter to the state bar disciplinary council

Glass had missed multiple

times Mr. Glass has missed court appearances." Brady added, "based on reports from my colleagues and my

court dates, writing, "I can-

personal experience, it is not

and state lawyers assistance

not tell you the number of

less than monthly, and at

clients have been impacted by default adverse rulings, not having their position

heard in court and remaining in jail pending resolution of the case." SeeGlass/B5

Outages resolved

The Bulletin Call n reporter Bend ......................541-633-2160 Redmond...............541-617-7831 Sisters....................541-617-7831 La Pine ...................541-617-7831 Sunriver .................541-617-7831


Deschutes.............541-617-7820 Crook.....................541-617-7831 Jefferson...............541-617-7831 Salem ..................406-589-4347 D.C....................... 202-662-7456 Business...............541-617-7815 Education..............541-617-7831 Health ...................541-383-0304 Public lands..........541-617-7812 Public safety.........541-383-0376

By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

A Christmas afternoon

power outage on Bend's south side knocked down a key utility pole, sending crews scramblingto restore

Submissions • Letters and opinions:

electricity for more than 1,300 residents. Ry Schwark, a spokes-

• Manager Of SWalley IrrigatiOn DiStriCtimPartSherWater SySem t knOWledge

Email: Mail:My Nickel's Worth or In MyView P.o. Box6020 Bend,OR97708 Details onthe Editorials page inside. Contact: 541-383-0358

manwith Pacific Power,

said the 3:13 p.m. crash that knocked down a power pole in southwest Bend took down a relatively important piece of the utility's

• Civic Calendarnotices:

infrastructure inthe area. Schwark said within cities, the power grid is designed so that most locations can

Email eventinformationto, with "Civic Calendar" in thesubject, and includeacontact name and phonenumber. Contact: 541-383-0354

receive electricity from different directions, but


the pole that went down

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news© Email announcementsof teens' academic achievements to youth© Email collegenotes, military graduationsandreunioninfoto Contact: 541-383-0358

Thursday took out multiple


high-powered lines that are key toproviding service across a large area. Bend Police said the


collision occurred at an address on Powers Road between Brookswood Bou-

levard and Blakely Road. The pole toppled over

• Obituaries, DeathNotices: Details onthe Obituaries page inside. Contact: 541-617-7825,

onto the vehicle, but two

adults and two children inside were unhurt, police

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said, and no citations were issued.

'; f.

Schwark said 1,309

A man end women ride a horse-drawn cart near a Moldovian village in July. Suzanne Butterfield, general manager of the Swalley Irrigation District, took the photo during her July trip to Moldova, where she gave presentations about how to run an irrigation district. "I wns

amazed that people were still using horse-drawn carts," she said.

customers lostpower immediately followingthe crash. By 5:39 p.m., crews had managed to isolate the pole and reroute electricity around the area, Schwark

By Dylan J. DarlingeThe Bulletin

PUBLICOFFICIALS DESCHUTES COUNTY 1300 NWWall St., Bend, OR 97701 Web: Phone: 541-388-6571

Deschutes County Commission • TammyBaney,R-Bend Phone:541-388-6567 Email:Tammy Baney© • Alan Uttger,D-Redmond Phone:541-388-6569 Email: Alan Unger© • TonyDeBone, R-LaPine Phone:541-388-6568 Email:Tony DeBone@ o. CROOK COUNTY 300 NEThird St., Prineville, OR 97754 Phone: 541-447-6555 Email: administration© Web:

Crook County Court • Mike McCabe, Crook Countyjudge Phone: 541-447-6555 Email: mnke.mccaae@ • Ken Fahlgren Phone: 541-447-6555 Email: ken.fahlgren@ JEFFERSON COUNTY 66 SE DSt., Madras, OR 9774 I Phone: 541-475-2449 Web:

Jefferson County Commission • Mike Ahern • JohnHaffield • WayneFording Phone: 541-475-2449 Email: commissioner© Co.iefferson.OI:Us

said, reducingthe number ofhouseholds withoutpow-

Suzanne Butterfield knows how to run an

erto 558.

to Moldova to share her experiences with farmers

The Christmas holiday did not significantly delay repairs to the damaged pole and lines, Schwark said.

and village leaders in the small eastern European

Pacific Power repair crews were on call rather than on


duty Thursday, he said, but responded quickly to the

irrigation district, so earlier this year she traveled


The general manager of Swalley Irrigation District in Bend, Butterfield has been in Central Oregon for about

fiveyears after moving from Vacaville, California, where she also worked in agricultural watermanagement. In January an acquaintance from her California days called, asking if she would like to be part of a United States contingent traveling

Butterfield, whois set to retire a

At around 11:15 p.m.,

year from now, has more than

crews shut down power to the 1,309 households that

40years of water resource man-

agementexperience andused the history of the Swalley Irri-

had originally lost electrici-

gation District to explain how

an~ ons y stemcangrow. Photos submitted by Suzanne Butterfield "The whole point was to Suzanne Butterfield, second from left, at the home of a women

repairs, Schwark said. When the circuit was poweredup again 22m inutes

be able to say, 'I am a woman

who invited her over after one of her talks for wine and to continue

later, 373 were still without

who had a career in running an irrigation district and you

the conversation. "Everybodymakes homemade wine there,"

electricity. He said power

she said. The Millennium Challenge Corporation sent Butterfield abroad ns pert of their mission to fight global poverty.

was restored to the last customers at 2:27 a.m.

can do it, too,'" Butterfield said.

in July to Moldova, which was

She said many working-age

once part of the Soviet Union. "It's a little countrybetween

men have left Moldova to find jobs in other countries, so older

Romania and the Ukraine," she

said. Butterfield saidyes to the

women hold most of the positions of power, induding lead-


ingthe water-user districts.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. foreign aid agency fighting global poverty, put on the trip. The agency is also workingto improve roads around Moldova, which is one of the poorest countries in

Europe. "This is a huge gift that has been given to them by the Americanpeople," she said.

Rich soils in Moldova make

She said much of the agriculture in Moldova depends on to the fields.


"That is the challenge," she said. "Can the Moldavian (growers) shift their ways'? Can they think in new ways'?" SeeIrrigation/B5


CzechRepublic ~ ~ ~slovakiaW ' Switzerland

World Factbook website.




gaveninepresentations to

ones. The districts shouldbe up


wine, Butterfield said. Moldova has more than 3.5million

rainfall for water, without canals or pipes supplying water

aretryingtoretrofit old Soviet irrigation systems or install new


sizeofM aryland,aproducer of fruits, vegetables, tobacco and people, about 400,000less than Oregon, according to the CIA

"Poles going down tends

to be a fairly extensive

the country, which is about the

Duringthe two-week trip aroundthe country Butterfield water-user associations, which

ty to make the most critical

process to repair," Schwark said. "You have lines that go down, and break, and you have to restring wire." The outage in Bend came a day after a smaller outage near Redmond, where a suspected intoxicated driv-


er knocked over a Central

Romania Slovenia CroatiaL. .Bosnia& Srregovina Serbia Bulgaria

Electric Co-Op pole causing 36 households to lose power. "The utilities business




is a 24/7, 365 business," Schwark said. "You have

l acedoidia


Al ania


to have folks on call at any time, and of course it's always unfortunate when


an event like this interrupts people's holidays, but we respondto it as best we can." Greg Cross/The Bulletin

— Reporter: 541-383-0387,


Hunter Dahlberg, 44, forges a piece — an ornamental leaf — in his Bend workshop recently. Dahlberg, a blacksmith, creates gates, furniture, fire pits and other custom ironwork and has been in the trade, one of mankind's oldest, since he was 23, when he apprenticed for a neighbor in New Mexico. His work has been featured in this paper, for "Trashformations," and at Hood Avenue Art in Sisters. Learn more about his business, Orion Forge, online at

Dahlberg watches the steel heat over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit before working with it.

A leaf, hammered on the end of an anvil, begins

Photos by Meg Roussos •The Bulletin

Various hammers, tongs and other tools of the trade sit on or near workbenches in Dahlberg's workshop. Not shown: an anvil, which of course

is also here. "Anymodern shop will have avariety of welding machines on hand to join steel together," Dahlberg writes on his website. "My shop certainly does. However, I favor the older methods."

Dahlberg sketches ideas for an upcomingproject at his shop. Orion Forge hasbeenopen in Bend since 2004.

RIGHT: Dahlberg at work. Want to learn more about blacksmithing?

Look for "Classes" on the Orionwebsite or call 54t-350-5408.

to take shape.




onserva ionis s, o ers eamu on ores ea By Jeff Barnard The Associated Press


AROUND THE STATE AffjanN — Commercial poultry producers say they're concerned the outbreaks ofbird flu virus inWashington andOregonwill hurt exports by prompting somenations to imposetrade barriers. The president of the U.S. Poultry andEggExport Council, JamesSumner, said somecountries won't distinguish between an outbreak in a backyard flock, likethe one in Oregon,andoutbreaks in commercial operations. Hesaid heexpects repercussions tomovethrough the entire U.S. industry. TheOregonDepartment ofAgriculture announcedlast weekthat thesametypeofbird flu virus that sweptthroughAsia this year hadbeenfound in aflockof guinea fowl and chickens inthe southern Oregontown of Winston. Thespot is along thePacific Flyway,where the birds could easily havecontact with wild birds carrying thevirus.

L ogs are

piled high in the yard of the Malheur Lumber Co. mill in

PedeStriankiljed —Police saidafemale pedestrian wasstruckand killed bya car inSalem. It happenedatabout 5:30p.m. Friday,whenthe female pedestrian steppedin front of aCamarodriving downSummer Street Northeast.Thedriver, a42-year-old woman,remainedatthe scene and wascooperative. Policesaidshewasn'tspeeding — the speedlimit is 30 mph —andshewasn't impaired. Thevictim's identity was not immediately released.

this small town in northeast-

ern Oregon, ready to be sawed into lumber. Steam pours out of the stacks. Trucks loaded

with logs roll in. John Day, a town of 1,700,

nearly died two years ago. Its lifeblood, the sawmill, was about to close. So few logs were coming off the nearby

44I%e C

Malheur National Forest, the

mill's owners decided it was time to shut down. But the mill and the town's

Ea Grande Shelter —Asexual assaultand domesticviolence shelter displaced bythe plansfor anewcourthouse in LaGrande is movingto new quarters with thehelpof a$75,000 settlementfrom Union County. Leaders ofShelter fromthe Stormandthe county announcedthe settlement in ajoint statement. Theshelter resisted thecounty's moveto demolish its current quarters oncounty-owned land, but gaveupan appeal. It now says it plans torelocate innearby Island Cityeast of LaGrande by Jan.5.

economy were rescued by a

— From wire reports

detente between the timber

industry and environmentalists — foes since the battles

over logging that erupted in

mentalists and the local timber industry to overcomedecades of differences andcome to agreement

OSUbuilding planned in baysidetsunami zone

on forest restoration projects that would also produce timber. The mill has lately added another shift, and the Malheur National Forest has hired 40 new people to help produce forest restoration projects.

The Associated Press

the Pacific Northwest three

decades ago. The sides uncovered a shared goal: thinning overgrown forests to prevent catastrophic wildfires.

Talk to people in town and you'll still hear grumbling from those who don't trust environmentalists. But not from

Jeff Barnard/The Associated Press

Processor operator Colton Clark works his way through a stand of timber on the Malheur National Forest outside John Day in November. The prospect of losing the region's last sawmill spurred environ-

NEWPORT — O regon's

Art Andrews, manager of Malheur Lumber. "When I tell people that it's

collaborative group designed to bring together all sides of

There is little private timber to draw on in such towns, east

Lillebo was a founder of the

p roject after another in t h e Malheur National Forest was

They first met at a meeting

came about our personal lives, rative to approve projects that our families and all that." thinned overgrown stands They weren't the only ones. while providing enough logs Outside the c o llaborative, to keep the local mill running. John Shelk, managing partner The atmosphere of trust of OchocoLumber Co.,which and respect had reached such owns Malheur Lumber, decid- a point that when Shelk deed in 2008 he had to do some- cided Malheur Lumber had to thing and invited Andy Kerr, shut down in 2012, members another founder of the Oregon of the collaborative were able Natural Resources Council, to to act. They quickly signed his office. By 2009, they were off on delayed forest-thinning telling others they had a truce. projects and developed log"We agreed that there was ging plans that could sustain a lot of (timber) to be had from the mill. Last year, they apecologicalforestry," Kerr re- proved a 10-year "Stewardcalled. "And he didn't want the ship Contract" awarded to a big trees anyway, so why were local logging company, Iron Triangle. we fighting?" Grant County CommissionThe company took a chance er Boyd Britton, a welder who that it could do the thinning lost customers when two oth- and restoration projects in the er mills shut down, came to contract in return for enough trust and respect Susan Jane logs to make it pay. This year,

the environmental commu-

the community — especial-

nity that saved this commu-

ly environmentalists and the timber industry — to come

of the collaborative, and they soon found they agreed on

Brown, a lawyer for the Western Environmental Law Cen-

nity, they say, 'Oh, baloney!'"

Andrews said. "But I lived it. I up with projects that lawsuits know it's true." wouldn't stop. Mills i n t i m ber c o untry Out of innumerable meet-

have been steadily closing as fighting continues over how to log national forests without killing protected species such

ings and forest tours grew a few key friendships among people who became peace-

as spotted owls and salmon. Across the West, there are

Among them were Mike Billman, timber buyer for the

efforts to build trust among

Malheur Lumber Co. mill, and conservationist Tim Lillebo. "I had never met him, but I'd

timber interests, environmen-

makers in th e

t i mber w ar.

talists and local residents, and the U.S. Forest Service hopes heard of him plenty," Billman the success of John Day serves said of Lillebo. "He was the as a model. devil, I guess." Oregon Natural Resources of the Cascades. One logging Council, now Oregon Wild. shot down by lawsuits from

ter who shot down so many Before long, Billman and timber sales. manding logs. Lillebo were getting together Brown said a key shift "We were at a stalemate," for camping trips. came when environmentalists "Early on, we talked about started realizing that w i l drecalled Steve Beverlin, supervisor of the Malheur National industry, ecological and col- fires posed as big a threat to Forest. laborative t h ings," B i llman the forests as logging. And Then, Blue Mountains For- said. "As we became better the way to protect the forests estPartnersformed in 2006,a friends, our discussions be- was to work with the collaboe nvironmentalists. Mean while, the community was de-

most of the issues.

EVZNT TODAY FREEZE YOURFANNY WALK/ RUN/SWIM:A family fun run to benefit MountainStar Madras, with a 3-mile run/walk, an 8-mile run or a 3-mile run/500-yard swim biathlon; $20, registration requested, free for children12 and younger; registration at 8:30 a.m., 8-mile run starts at 9 a.m., 3-mile run/walk and biathlon start at 9:30 a.m.; Madras Aquatic Center, 1195 SE Kemper Way; www.macaquatic. com/events or 541-475-2537. CARRIAGE RIDESINTHE OLD MILL DISTRICT:Ride in the Cowboy Carriage, located between

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SUMDAY CARRIAGE RIDES IN THEOLD MILL DISTRICT:Ride in the Cowboy Carriage, located between

more restoration projects as it tries to expand the efforts to the other forests in the region.

"Why it worked on Malheur Lumber when it did is because we had the right people involved at the right time for the

right reason," Brown said.

ing would not be allowed under Oregon Revised Statutes." McConnell wrote to

Oregon State President Ed ing in a tsunami zone south Ray. of Newport's Yaquina Bay Ray responded by writing Bridge — or at least build it that fewer than 300 people to withstand waves as high will actually work and study put a marine studies build-

as 43 feet. The school, however, said

in the building, and students

will live on higher ground. "This puts the students siting the building along the bay poses a manageable risk well out of the tsunami zone and it will consider the add- for the better part of their 24ed expenseof a tsunami-re- hour day," Ray wrote, "and sistant structure. especially during the night The marine studies initia- when an event would be the tive is backed by an anon- most disorienting." Bob Cowen, Hatfield Maymous $20 million donor. Plans call for a $50 million, rine Science Center director, 100,000-square-foot build- called it a serious risk. "But at any one time it's ing with easy access to seawater. still a moderately low-probaIt would be an expansion bility event, and with proper of the Hatfield Marine Sci- tsunami evacuation plans, ence Center, part of a clus- we can survive it and deal ter of labs on the bay. Tsu- with it," he said. nami researchers would be University officials said among the occupants of the buying land o n h i g her new building. ground and pumping seawaVicki M c Connell, h ead ter uphill for studies would of the state geology agency, be too expensive, but they said the designated capaci- were considering the opty of 500 people pushes the tion of building unoccupied state limit e stablished in "blow-through" bottom sto1999 for a tsunami inunda- ries that allow waves to pass tion zone. through the structure with"If designed for 501 or out destroying it.

Email events at least 10days before publication date to communityli or click on "Submit an Event" at Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Contact: 541-383-0351.

Ben 8 Jerry's and Francesca's; proceeds benefit the KIDS Center; weather dependent; donations accepted; 2-5 p.m.; Ben It Jerry's, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-0131. JAZZ AT THEOXFORD:A CDrelease show by Mel Brown's B-3Organ Group;SOLD OUT; 4 and 7:30 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend; or 541-382-8436. SISTERS OLD-TIMERADIO SHOW:Featuring two scripted Christmas radio shows performed by the Sisters Old-Time Classic Radio Experience group; donations accepted; 7-9 p.m.;The Belfry,302 E. Main Ave.; www.belfryevents. com or 541-815-9122. THE RUM ANDTHESEA: Folkrock; 7-10 p.m.; McMenamins Old St.FrancisSchool,700 NW Bond

St., Bend; or 541-382-5174.

the mill h i red 3 0 w o rkers. And Malheur National Forest hired 40 people to turn out

state geologist urged Oregon State University not to

more occupants, this build-

MOMDAY FATBIKECOW PATTY CRIT: Short-track fat-bike race for 2-4 person teams involving obstacles; $10, registration required; 2-4 p.m.; Big Meadow Clubhouse, 13020 Hawks Beard, Sisters; kohara© or 54!-595-5877. "IRON MAIDEN:FLIGHT 666": Showing of the documentary about the British heavy metal band's tour, rated R; $12 plus fees; 7 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend; or 54!-3!7-0700. THE MENTORS:The veteran shock-rock band performs; $5; 9 p.m.; Big T's, 413 SW Glacier Ave., Redmond; 541-504-3864.


Featuring a showing of the back-country snowboarding film to benefit the Central Oregon Avalanche Association; $10; 6 p.m. showing, 8 p.m. showing for 21 and older; The Old Stone,157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend; www. or 541-322-7273. TUBALUBA:Brass-band jazz from Seattle; free; 7-10 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend; or 541-382-5174.

WEDNESDAY NEW YEAR'S EVEPARTY: Featuring a prime rib dinner, live music by Bob and Edie; $20, reservations suggested; 6:30 p.m. dinner, 8 p.m. dancing starts; VFW Hall, 1836 SW Veterans Way, Redmond; or 541-548-4108. HOT TEACOLD: The Portland

blues band performs; 8:30 p.m.; Northside Bar8 Grill, 62860 Boyd Acres Road, Bend; or 541-383-0889. NEW YEAR'S EVEPARTY: Featuring live music by Tony Smiley and World's Finest; $5; 9 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. FrancisSchool,700 NW Bond St., Bend; or 541-382-5174. RUN INTO THENEWYEAR: Participate in a 2- to 3-mile run/ walk on Bend's west side; bring lights or wear reflective gear; proceeds benefit the Bethlehem Inn and the Bend High Walking Club; $10, registration requested, non-perishable food donations accepted; 11:30 p.m.; Fleet Feet Sports, 1320 NW Galveston Ave., Bend;, peggy.white© or 541-389-1601.

1VEws oF REcoRD POLICE LOG The Bulletin will updateitems in the Police Log whensuch arequest is received. Anynewinformation, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358.

BEND POLICE DEPARTMENT Theii —A theft was reported at 3:38 p.m. Dec. 21, inthe1000 blockof NE Fifth Street.

Theft —A theft was reported at 3 p.m. Dec. 22, in the 63100 block of Nels Anderson Road. Theft —A theft was reported at 3:31 p.m. Dec. 22, in the1300 block of NE Eighth Street. Theft —A theft was reported and an arrest madeat1:19 p.m. Dec. 23, in the 20100 block of Pinebrook Boulevard. Theft —A theft was reported at 4:14 p.m. Dec. 23, in the1700 block of NE Tucson Way. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at 8:15a.m. Dec.24, in the 200 block of NWDrake Road.

Theii —Atheft was reported at11:56 Purcell Boulevard. a.m. Dec. 24, in the1200 block of NE Burnside Avenue. PRINEVILLE POLICE Unlawful entry —Avehicle was DEPARTMEMT reported entered at 1:04 p.m.Dec. 24, in the 1200 block of NWOgden Vehicle crash —Anaccident was Avenue. Theft —A theft was reported at 2:08 ptm. Dec. 24, in the1800 blockof NW Hiiipoint Drive. Theii —Atheft was reported at10:40 a.m.Dec.25,inthe600 blockofSE Giencoe Place. • Toolboxes •CabRacks • LumberRacks• Criminal mischief —Anact of • Flatbeds • Class 8Accessorles • criminal mischief was reported at 2:58 p.m. Dec. 24, in the1200 block of NE

reported at10:28 a.m. Dec.24, in the area of NE Third Street. Vehicle crash — Anaccident was reported at 8:35 p.m. Dec.25, in the area of NE Third Street.



Wednesday 10a.m.— Attempted burning, act of vandalism, 2500 NENeff Road. 18 —Medical aid calls. Thursday 13 —Medical aid calls.



3305 North Hwy 97

~ 541-548-5497 ~








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The Bulletin


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here's talk again of raising Oregon's minimum wage to $15 per hour, and next year the Legislature will be so heavily Democratic it could do just that without a single Republican vote. Let ushope cooler heads prevail. It's such a warm and fuzzy idea, we'll admit. Improve the lot of Oregonians by forcing their employersto pay them more, and all will be well. But there are genuine problems with the idea, and they should be fully and honestly explored. Among them is one that Gov. John Kitzhaber pointed out while he was campaigning for a fourth term a s g o v ernor. P r ograms such as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (food stamps) are income-based, and the bump inincome could mean the loss of eligibility for workers. That's fine if income rises enough to cover the loss, but it won't always be the case. In reality, according to Associated Oregon Industries' Oregon Prosperity Project, a $15 minimum wage would have a direct impact on relatively few people. More than half of the 5.5 percent of minimum wage earners in Oregon also receive tips, for one thing. Too, most are part-time employees. Perhaps most important, most minimum wage workers are

In reality, according to Associated Oregon Industries' Oregon Prosperity Project, a $15 minimum wage would have a direct impact on relatively few people.

Experimenting wit sports c an ean o t ing t o 0

not the sole source of income in their families, a fact that applies nationwide. Finally, there's this: Oregon businesses, like businesses everywhere, have a finite pot of money with which to work. Bump the minimum wage from next year's $9.25 per hour to $15 per hour and it's likely something — or someone — else will go. Employers may opt not to hire for entry-level jobs or not advance those in them to higher paying ones as quickly. Some may be forced to lay off employees to make up the difference. In the end, each of those choices hurts Oregonians.

By Reg Henry ecause writing a personal column for a newspaper is a solitary, self-centered activity, it may come as a surprise that I consider myself a team player in almost every other aspect of mylife, at work or play— even in marriage, where Indeed, I like to be a member of a team so much that I have played

competitive sports a lot longer than my dubious talents or my accumulation of years would advise.

The only personal touch to my sports career is that the sports I have been drawn to are somewhat goofy, at least in the American context. Not to boast, but I dare anyone to match

special scholarships that children of professional public safety officers already receive. And, it will be easier for tenants of mobile home parks to organize and purchase the parks if they're up for sale. In the "Huh'?" category, put the racing scheme that Portland Meadows got permission to offer. The struggling racetrack will allow you to watch — and bet upon — old races that, presumably, you'll be unable to identify. If horseracing reruns are your cup of tea, this one's for you. There's also a new law that will require sellers of foreclosed homes towarn buyers ifa house has not been tested for methamphetamine contamination. It may give potential buyers something damage to people whose judg- to think about. ment, even sober, has yet to reach All this comes just in time for full maturity. the 2015 Legislature to get into There are other good changes, the law-making business. It gets as well. Children of reserve police down to work about a month latofficers and volunteer firefighters er and it, too, can be expected to who are disabled or killed while come up withanother mixed bag working will now be eligible for of changes for us to get used to.


ameras wou e

the range of my eccentric sports participation. Only if you try your hand at croquet, show jumping and curling will Ibe impressed, as I have my own trio of odd athletic endeavors.

a team player.


Ten years ago, a bunch of us in Pittsburgh formed a competitive What duckpin bowling has in league, which has been outstandingcommon with my other sports is that ly successful. The number of teams I am lousy at it. If defeat is good for has more than tripled. I am prouder the soul, this column is being written of my role as one of the founders of by Mother Teresa. the Pittsburgh Cricket Association What I am good at is eating potato than any of my numerous journalchips. Fortunately, an excellent bar- ism awards — even the coveted ones tender stands ready in case I become such as for most creative expenses too salty. So my teammates tolerate and best clarification/correction. me and it is wonderful to be in their I was honored that my expatriate company. friends gave me a Lifetime Achieve-

In My View submissions should be between 550and 650 words, signed and include the writer's phone number and address for verif!cat!on. Weed!t submissions for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons. Wereject those published elsewhere. In My View pieces run routinely in the space below, alternating withnational columnists. Writers are limited to one letter or Op-Ed pieceevery 30 days.


would have clarified what actually happened. Bystanders spoke of

of this fundamentally important aspect of civil society. People will be able to see for themselves not only improper or questionable behavior by officers, they will also be able to see the many physically dangerous well be offset by the (also speculaand psychologically demanding en- tive) reduction in time spent on frivcountersofficers deal with on a reg- olous complaints against officers. ular basis. It is, without any doubt, a Proper camera usage by officers win-win for our society. can be resolved by training and the According to th e editorial, the improvement of camera technology. "bad" of the cameras falls into two For example, in the near future, an categories — cost and improper or officer's body camera that mistak-

Had body cameras been in use at

"good" category. Knowing that the the time, footage would exist from facts of an encounter with a police the perspective of multiple officers, officer are documented in video and detailing in video and audio what audio, people who would otherwise happened from the beginning of the file false complaints would be far incident all the way to its concluless likely to do so. In situations in sion. Instead of lingering concerns, which both the officer and the per- people would have facts. son they interact with genuinely beMost importantly, as body camera usage and the footage associat-

Email: letters© Write: My Nickel's Worth / In MyView P.O. Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708 Fax: 541-385-5804

Most importantly, as body camera usage and the footage associated with it becomes common nationwide, it will hugely improve the public's understanding of the operation of this fundamentally important aspect of civil society.

lic's understanding of the operation

they are being recorded, it may help moderate everyone's behavior in en- being concerned with the behavior countersbetween officers and other of police officers, but of being uncitizens. able to see what was happening.

Please address your submission to either My Nickel's Worth or In My View and send, fax or email them to The Bulletin. Email subm!ss!ons are preferred.

or B e n 0 ic e rs

complete picture of what actually happened.The incident in Bend on

a situation in which body cameras

ment Award at their last banquet,

We welcomeyour letters. Letters should be limited to one issue, contain no more than 250words and include the writer's s!gnature, phonenumber and address for verification. Weedit letters for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons. Wereject poetry, personal attacks, form letters, letters submitted elsewhereandthose appropriate for other sections of TheBulletin. Writers are limited to one letter or Op-Ed pieceevery 30 days.

to be unreliable or to provide an inOct. 8 of this year, when several po-

cent teammates were from India and

In My Viewpolicy How to submit

ple's behavior tends to improve when

lieve they are telling the truth, the

Australia as a boy, but my most re-

Letters policy

body camera footage would be able IN MY VIEW to clarify what actually happened. E yewitness accounts of a n y ed with it becomes common nationstressfulevent have been proven wide, it will hugely improve the pub-

I would add a few items to the

the bat and ball. I was just

— also calledplatform tennis. Paddle which was especially touching since regular sort of bowling. I have been tennis is played with a rubber ball on I never achieved much with the bat a duckpin bowler. a court that resembles a tennis court and ball. I was just a team player. As What d i stinguishes duckpin but is smaller and enclosed with a bonus, cricket to me was an opporbowling from 10-pin bowling is the chicken wire. tunity to pick up some useful Hindi size of the ball. In 10-pin bowling, If the wire were not there, chick- words such as "shabash," which is the balls are large and have finger ens might stroll onto the court like a shout of encouragement. I think it holes. In duckpins, the balls are ducks, but that is not its only use: means, "Here we go, Steelers!" small and have no finger holes. The ball can be played off the wire, The sadness is that soon I will be The duckpins also have rubber which makes the game tennis on moving to a part of California where bands (gum bands, in Pittsburghese) steroids. The paddle, of course, is not duckpins, paddle tennis and crickaround them to make it easier for flexible and can be used for S&M et are scarce. Instead, I will have to ducks to pick them up in their beaks purposesif couples so choose after play golf, which I like well enough if they stray onto the lanes. In truth, the game. but to me seems a bit pedestrian by I do not know what duckpin bowling Not me. As always, I compete for comparison, especially when you has to do with ducks. I often remark the good,clean fun and the chance don't take a cart. Remind me to ask "Lord love a duck!" as I send yet an- to play in a howling blizzard or my team captain about curling. other ball into the gutter, but that is freezing rain — followed by sand— Reg Henry is deputy editorial-page justme. wiches and beer with my frostbitten editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

By Charles Th!el he editorial of Dec. 10 regarding the good and bad of police body camerasleftme frustrated. The author lists a few of the benefits of police body cameras: they can providevaluable evidence and can be helpful in clarifying what actually happened in disputed interactions between police officers and members of the public and, because peo-

lice officers subdued an individual in Drake Park, is a great example of

the pneumonia. I am better at that

banquet, which was especially touching since I never achieved much with

It's the same with paddle tennis

For some years past, I have been a bowler — but, of course, not the

pals in the paddle hut afterward. Ah, it's a fine game if you can ward off than hitting the ball. In summer, I play cricket, which makes a nice change. Cricket is a popular game around the world, but the people who play it here tend to be various exiles from British-influenced culture. I played cricket in

a Lifetime Achievement Award at their last

my wife is the captain and I am the team.

Mixedbagof new laws goes into effect jan.1 ow that Oregon legislators meet annually, the first of every year brings with it new laws. Most of the changes that go into effect Jan. 1 are not particularly earthshaking, but they will have an impact. Teens and their parents will get an important break in the new year. Should a minor need to call 911 because a companion is having an a lcohol-related medical problem, he or she will be able to do so without worrying about the consequences, at least the legal ones. Both the caller and the youth who is ill will be immune from prosecution. The measure may not save many lives, but that's hard to determine in advance. Meanwhile, the change may preventserious

I was honored that my expatriate friends gave me

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

inconsistent camera use. The cost is

enly wasn't activated may well be

real, but technology and data stor- able to begin recording automatiage is getting cheaper almost by the cally when it detects raised voices or day. Federal funds may be available abrupt loud noises. to help offset the expense of equipThe introduction of body camping and training our officers. Addi- eras to the Bend police force is not tional manpower costs that the ed-

indicative of a lack of trust in our of-

itorial speculates may occur could

ficers. It is a way to help the police

and the legal system operate more effectively, with greater transparen-

cy, and it is a fantastic way for the public to see, from the officer's perspective, the wide range of demanding situations that police officers encounter and the spectrum of ways in which officers are trained to handle

those situations. The good greatly outweighs the bad when it comes to body cameras for officers. The

Bulletin (and the rest of us) should support Chief Jim Porter in the acquisition of body cameras for his officers. — Charles Thiel lives in Bend.





jazz musicianforged way for clarinet through bebop

Norma Doreen O'Brien, of Sisters Oct. 25, 1931 - Dec. 24, 2014 Arrangements: Deschutes Memorial Chapel 541-382-5592

Services: Services will be announced at a later date. Contributions may bemade

By Charles Strum New York Times News Service

Buddy DeFranco, the innovative c l a r i netist wh o rose from the remains of the


Sisters Habitat for Humanity,P.O. Box 238, Sisters, OR 97759.

swing era to forge new and lasting prominence as the instrument's

the '40s, as the saxophone, long the stalwart of big-band woodwind sections, moved into greater solo prominence

Nov. 20, 1939 - Dec. 20, 2014

Florida. He was 91. His death

er, attacked bebop head-on

was confirmed by his wife, Joyce. From 1939, the year he graduated from a high school music program in Philadelphia, until just a few years ago, DeFranco was rarely off a stage, large or small. After a decade of roadwork with big-name dance bands, DeFranco — tall, handsome

and mastered it," Whitney

Arrangements: Baird Funeral Home of Bend is honored to serve the family. 541-382-0903 Services: A Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, January 3, 2015, at 2:00 PM at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, located at 68825 Brooks Camp Road in Sisters (please

and not yet 30 — was poised to inherit the throne shared

for years by Benny Goodman, the King of Swing,

use Googlemaps to map your route).

and Artie Shaw, the King of the Clarinet. But by the time that moment arrived, the bigband clarinet realm had di-

Contributionsmay be made to: My Own Two Hands

(MOTH) at

minished significantly, overtaken by the saxophone and in memory of Sharon.

modern jazz.

Captivated by the complex, challenging new sounds and increasingly aware that the music market was evolving, DeFranco moved quickly to carve out a fresh career in bebop, a perilous undertak-

Obituary policy Death Notices arefree and will be run for one day, but specific guidelines must be followed. Local obituaries

that he was considered the

alive in jazz simply by playing it so welL" DeFranco's goal, he told jazz writer Ted Panken in

1999, was putting his own stamp on whatever music he was playing "so that you

submitted by families or

funeral homes.Theymaybe submitted by phone, mail,

email or fax. TheBulletin

reserves the right to edit all

submissions. Pleaseinclude contact information in all

correspondence. For information onany of

Morgenstern, the jazz cr it-

theseservices orabout the obituary policy, contact 541-617-7825. Deadlines:Death Notices

Jennifer Szymaszek The Associated Press file photo

Jazz legend Buddy DeFranco, left, shares a laugh with fellow jazz legend Freddie Hubbard in 2006. DeFranco died at the age of 91 Wednesday, his family said Friday.

baum Technical/Vocational people will say, when they School). He graduated at 16 hear your record: 'That's who and was hired by Scat Davis become an original, so that

it is. That's Bird. That's Art Tatum. That's Oscar Peter-

shortly after that. D eFranco w a s

son. That's Buddy.'"

three times and divorced

for next-day publication and by 4:30 p.m. Friday for Sunday publication.

ultimately gave up playing, he was more consistent and

more disciplined. Over a 70-year career, De-

Obituaries must be received by 5p.m. Monday through Thursday for

Franco became a perennial fan favorite, winning Down

publication on the second

fortless technique. In a business known for the volatility

publication. Deadlines for

m a r r i ed

for details. Phone: 541-617-7825 Email: obits© Fax: 541-322-7254 Mail:Obituaries P.O. Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708


D avis, f ollowed b y



bar in 1975.

Continued from B1 Brady said her decision to bring the matter to the

vid Black, who has returned

attention of the disciplinary

a Ridgeview High School aide who was accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy, and Richard Samuels, a Bend man who alleged

j azz is often t r ickier on a

addition to his w ife, whom

said Glass appeared late for hearings for a period of time several years ago. After she sent him a warning letter, Glass made a "concerted effort" to be on time,

onist Tommy Gumina in the

Brady wrote, until he began failing to appear altogether. Glass will be eligible for reinstatement Jan. 15. Glass was also suspended from the bar for disciplinary reasons in 1991 for 90 days, ac-

1960s. Through the '80s and '90s, DeFranco and the vi-

cording to the Oregon State Bar. He was admitted to the

tions, he also collaborated with th e v i r t uoso accordi-

braphonist Terry Gibbs often performed together. same. But a clarinet goes up He was named a National 12 tones, and the fingering Endowment for the Arts Jazz changes, a challenge De- Master, the country's highest Franco often mentioned in honor for jazz musicians, in interviews. 2006. But his quest to con-

"It's hard," he told The New York Times in 1983. "For a clarinet to keep pace with a a lot of energy. It could take

s t i n t s with a band called the Jovial D eFranco's m o ther,

around the world:

became known for his more

former Louise Giordano, who

Joe Macko, 86: Former minor l e ague b a seball player who hit 306 home runs in nearly 2,000 games before a long career as a clubhouse manager with

intimate collaborations with

worked in clerical and facto-

other greats, among them the pianists George Shear-

ry jobs, was, he recalled, frail and high-strung and was

ing, Count Basie, Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson and the

committed to a state mental

drummer Art Blakey.

ter 35 years. With their fa-

the Texas Rangers. Died

After a brief, unsuccessful stint as the leader of his own

ther struggling to make ends

big band in 1951, he moved on to small-group perfor-

en in by an aunt and uncle. When Buddy was 5, his father coached him on his first

mances around the country

Expires rl28/Is Not to beused wh any otheroffer or coupon

lenges never ceased. " You know, this i s



quer the clarinet and its chal-


' s s

1974 race for governor of South Carolina pivoted the statehouse away from longstanding Democratic cont rol, and who went on t o serve as President Ronald

Reagan's first energy secretary. Died Friday in his

del. "Once I was doing some s chool clinics, and on e o f

the great symphonic clarinet players, Daniel Bonade of the Philadelphia Orchestra, was doing another clinic in the same school. I used to pick the brains of as many clarinet players as I could, to see how they got their sound,

South Carolina. James Martin, 99: World a n d K o r ean w a r

veteran who dodged death three times. He was a lieutenant colonel. Died Dec.

18 in Clearwater, Florida. — From wire reports

DEATH NOTICES Thursday, Jan.1 ............. Friday, Jan.2 ..................

thing. So I went to hear his clinic, and at the end I sidled up and said, 'When do you finally master the clarinet'?' And he said: 'Master the


and subsequent appeal w ere dismissed from t h e U.S. District Court for the

state of Oregon. — Reporter: 541-383-0376,



7it1 SW10th • Redmond • (5e1) 5e8-8616

DEADLINE .... Wednesday, 12/31 10 a.m. .... Wednesday, 12/31 10 a.m. DEADLINE .... Wednesday, 12/31 Noon .... Wednesday, 12/31 Noon

Obituary Dept. 541-617-7825

— Buddy DeFranco,to Th e New York Times in1983.

formant to obtain a search warrant. Th e l a tter c a se

The Bulletin

meet, the children were tak-

Find Your Dream Home In Real Estate


Thursday, Jan.1 ................ Friday, Jan.2 .....................

what reeds they used, every-



hospital, where she died af-

"It's hard. For a clarinet to keeppace with a contemporary big band, or with a rhythm section, takes a lot of energy. It could take 20 years off your life. Young people keep saying to me, 'I didn't know you could play modern jazz on a clarinet.'"

home in M o unt Pleasant,

iff's deputy used falsified information from a drug in-

2014 New Year's Holiday Deadlines

tricky stuff," DeFranco told j azz c r i ti c H o w ar d M a n -

until 1966, when he returned instrument, th e m a n dolin, to swing and a steady in- which he played by ear, but come, taking charge of the by 8, he had switched to the still-popular Glenn Miller Or- clarinet and the saxophone. chestra for eight years. He continued hi s m u sical DeFranco's crucial career education at the Mastbaum change did not come all at School of Music in Philadelonce but e v olved t h rough phia (now the Jules Mast-

tician whose victory in the

a Deschutes County Sher-



From the late 1940s on, he

James Edwards, 87: Dentist turned Republican poli-

Glass has also represented Amanda Hinshaw,

tave, the fingering is still the

Deaths of note from


to court on reckless driving and other charges 10 years after a manslaughter con-

interests," she wrote. Brady

twice. After a brief first mar-

with Gene Krupa, Charlie Night Owls, whose members clarinet? That's the funniest Barnet and Tommy Dorsey. were all blind. thing I ever heard.'"

Friday at an assisted living center in Fort Worth,

Glass is representing Da-

on the clarinet, stay with that

20 years off your life. Young — even mortal dissipation people keep saying to me, 'I — of its stars, DeFranco was didn't know you could play noted, and occasionally nee- modern jazz on a clarinet.'" dled, for his relentless daiDeFranco was born on ly practice regimen. On the Feb. 17, 1923, in C a mden, bandstand he was focused New Jersey, and grew up in yet easygoing, preferring to Philadelphia, one of five chilshowcase fluid playing over dren. His father, Leonardo, i nstrument-waving hi s t r i - an immigrant from Italy, lost onics. His first big job was his eyesight to an infection playing alto saxophone and and eventually trained to be clarinet with the band led by a piano tuner. He was also an the trumpeter Johnny (Scat) amateur guitarist who played

display adsvary; please call

Butterfield said she wanted


during the last 60 years," riage, he wed Mitchell VanDeFranco said. "Periodical- ston; they had a son, Chrisly, I'll envelop a new concept topher, who died in 2001. In

Beat magazine's a nnual popularity poll 20 times and drawing f r esh a u diences contemporary big band, or with his warm tone and ef- with a rhythm section, takes

day after submission, by1 p.m. Friday for Sunday publication, andby 9a.m. Mondayfor Tuesday

and three videos, demonstrat-

viction in connection with a speed race on Alfalfa Market Road.

clarinet than on the more i nterview i n 2 0 12. U n l i k e forgiving saxophone. For Goodman, Morgenstern said, one thing, the saxophone is "he had an ear to deal har- an octave instrument; if you monically with modern jazz" press a key to go up an oc— and u n l ik e Shaw, w h o

acres, stretching from Bend to

council was n o t b a sed on ill will toward Glass. "When he does appear as scheduled, he is clearly focused on his client's best

"I had about six c areers

ic and historian, said in an

are accepted until noon Monday through Friday

Butterfield's one-hour presentation included 100 photos

to give people a sense of how the districts started and what — delivering water to farmers they are like now. and ranchers. An hour of discussion typi"Just like a city supplies cally followed her talk. "They asked lots and lots of drinking water to customers, we supply irrigation water to questions," she said. our customers," she said. Butterfield said the trip was The photos induded his- rewarding and she feels she toric images of the Swalley gotbackmore than she gave. "It just made you pretty Irrigation District, which was started by eight families in proud to be an American," 1899 and originally called the Butterfield said. Deschutes Reclamation and — Reporter: 541-617-7812, Irrigation Company,

er magazine profile in 1990. "He developed such fluency and invention and speed supreme jazz clarinetist. His

The district now supplies 655 water users covering 4,320

ing the basic functions of an irrigation district in the West

Balliett wrote in a New York-

work has never faltered, and he has kept the instrument

ing to the district's website.

Continued from B1

for a while, almost discard- he married in 1975, he is suring on a n i n strument that ing what I was doing before, vived by their son, Charles. requires nearly superhuman though not quite. I gradualDeFranco recorded dozskill and dexterity to keep ly wound up with a sensible ens of albums; his 1958 alup with bebop's sometimes mixture, combining whatev- bum "Cross Country Suite" freakishly fast tempos. er new thing I was doing with won a Grammy Award for "Buddy is unique because my earlier way of playing." its composer-arranger, Nelhe was really the only clariB ut dealing with th e f e son Riddle. An avid experinetist who caught on to the rociously fast rhythms and menter with musical styles new jazz language," Dan chord changes of modern and instrumental combina-

are paid advertisements

W ar I I



with th e a l t o s a xophonist pr e - e minent Charlie Parker as its prophet.

"DeFranco, unbearably challenged by Charlie Park-

she encouraged local womenthat they could run irrigation dis-


t tl.,! l't$$tttr

I ' ' E e ff " '

and even greater stature as

interpreter of bebop, died Wednesday in Panama City,

Suzanne Butterfield I Submitted photo

Suzanne Butterfield, second from right, while in Moldova where tricts like herself. She holds a bouquet of wild sunflowers.

the driving sound of bebop,

Sharon Anglea, of Sisters

. Ii





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ALMANAC EAST:It will be a dry day today despite plenty of clouds across the region.

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Yesterday Today Sunday


Jordan V gey

Frenchglen 38/27


Fields • 38/27

• Burns Jun tion • 36/28 Rome 36/29 McDermi


2 p.m. 4 p.m.

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3/ Gold ach . 83/

Source: JimTodd,OMSI


• Ch ristmas alley Beaver Silver 39/24 Marsh Lake 40/25 40/25 • Paisley Chiloquin 41/26 •

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Riley 34/25 34/24


Ro seburg


Low: fa' atJoseph

0' 1 0 a.m. Noon

• FortRock Cresce t • 40/25


Yesterday Today Sunday Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W


Yesterday Today Sunday

City Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W 37/ 28/0.01 38/31/sn 37/1 9/sn Portland 48/4 0/Tr 47/40/sh 46/34/ sh 39/19/0.01 39/26/pc 34/20/sf Prinevige 39/ 2 1/0.0040/30/c 34/25/sf 47/3 2/0.00 47/39/c 47/32/sh Redmond 41 / 21/0.0041/29/c 36/24/sf 2/43 /0.30 51/43/r 5 0 /37/sh Ruseburg 52 / 41/0.00 49/40/sh 47/37/ sh 5 5 / 43/0.01 53/43/sh 51/41/sh Salem 50/36/0.00 47/38/sh 47/35/ sh 43/31/0.00 33/26/c 38/24/ sn Sisters 43/27/0.00 44/29/sn 37/21/sf 42/ 2 9/0.00 43/32/r 39/27/sn The Dages 5 0 /34/0.00 48/37/sh 47/33/sf

City Asturis Baker City

H i/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W C i ty 51/41/Tr 5 1/43/r 5 0/36/sh L s Grande 35/23/Tr 31/25/sn34/19/sn La Pine Brookings 57/42/0.00 52/42/c 50/40/sh M edford Bums 37/20/0.01 34/25/c 33/18/sn N e wport 5 Eugene 51/41/0.00 46/39/sh 46/35/sh N orth Bend Klsmath Fags 44/28/0.00 40/31/pc 41/22/sf O ntario Lakeview 36/21/0.00 35/27/pc 36/18/sf P e ndleton

For webcameras of ourpasses, goto Weather(W):s-sunny,pc-parffycloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers,t-thunderstorms,r-rain, sf-snowflurries, sn-snowl-ice,Tr-lrsce,Yesterday data ssof 5 p.m. yesterday l44 at Cabbage Hill: Mostly doudywith a bit of

snow.Roadswillbecomesnow covered. US 20 atSantiamPass:Mostly cloudywith a snow shower intheaftemoon. Noaccumulation. US 26 atGov'tCamp:Mostly cloudy with a snow shower intheaftemoon. Noaccumulation. US 26 atOchocoDivide: Mostly doudy anddry today, noweather-related travel problems. ORE SB at Wigamette Pass:Despite mostly cloudy skies, it will remaindry today,but snow will move intothearea tonight. ORE3G 1 at DiamondLake: Dly roadstoday with cloudsand some sunshine.

SKI REPORT ln inches ss of 5 p.m.yesterday

Ski resort New snow Base Anthony LakesMtn 0 35-3 5 HoodooSkiArea: est. openingDec.26 Mt. Ashland 9 19-3 2 1 35-7 0 Mt. Bachelor Mt. HoodMeadows 4 21-36 Mt. HoodSki Bowl: est. opening Dec.23 Timberline Lodge 4 28-2 8 Willamette Pass:est. opening Dec.26 Aspen / Snowmass, CO 6 29-48 Vail, CO 8 43-4 3 Mammoth Mtn. Ski, CA 5 30-48 Squaw Valley,CA 5 18-4 5 ParkcityMountain,UT 1 28-28 Sun Valley, ID 0 40-7 3 Source:


~ fos ~gs NATIONAL


~ f g s ~ 208 ~ 30s ~ 40s ~ 50s ~a os ~7 09 ~a os ~g gs ~foos ~ffos *



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48 contiguous states)




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City Hi/Lo/Prec. HiRo/W Abilene 69/49/0.00 43/30/pc Akron 49/30/0.00 51/39/c Albany 47/41/0.00 50/37/pc Albuquerque 40/27/0.03 36/18/pc Anchorage 38/33/Tr 25/17/s Atlanta 59/35/0.00 61/52/sh Atlantic City 51/36/0.00 55/42/s Austin 75/49/Tr 59/37/r Baltimore 53/29/0.00 55/38/s Billings 26/5/0.00 28/1 9/c Birmingham 56/34/0.00 57/50/r Bismarck 25/5/Tr 24/7/c Boise 37/26/0.00 35/29/c Boston 50/37/0.00 49/38/pc Bridgeport, CT 51/38/0.00 48/39/pc Buffalo 46/38/0.00 48/38/c Burlington, VT 46/41/0.00 43/36/pc Caribou, ME 40/34/Tr 34/25/pc Charleston, SC 65/35/0.00 66/51/pc Charlotte 59/27/0.00 62/45/pc Chattanooga 55/31/0.00 58/49/sh Cheyenne 17/11/0.06 26/14/pc Chicago 50/36/0.00 48/26/r Cincinnati 53/29/0.00 52/39/r Cleveland 49/33/0.00 52/33/r ColoradoSprings 24/1 7/Tr 26/11/pc Columbia, Mo 61/40/0.00 44/26/r Columbia, SC 60/32/0.00 65/48/pc Columbus,GA 62/33/0.00 62/53/sh Columbus,OH 48/27/0.00 51/38/r Concord, NH 47/39/0.00 49/32/pc Corpus Christi 80/58/Tr 76/43/c Dallas 66/50/0.01 45/32/r Dayton 51/31/0.00 50/36/r Denver 22/13/0.07 29/8/pc Des Moines 36/33/0.00 32/21/pc Detroit 47/30/0.00 49/32/r Duluth 30/27/0.01 22/1 3/c El Paso 54/36/0.11 49/24/pc Fairbanks 22/13/0.34 2/-5/sf Fargo 26/23/Tr 22/8/c Flagstaff 29/14/Tr 30/11/pc Grand Rapids 49/32/0.00 48/30/r Green Bay 45/29/0.00 35/14/sn Greensboro 58/28/0.00 59/45/s Harrisburg 50/27/0.00 53/37/pc Harfford, CT 50/37/0.00 50/36/pc Helena 28/13/Tr 30/22/sf Honolulu 79/67/0.02 78/65/s Houston 71/50/0.02 72/44/r Huntsville 54/33/Tr 56/50/r Indianapolis 52/30/0.00 46/32/r Jackson, MS 61/36/0.02 63/57/r Jacksonville 67/38/0.00 74/56/pc



Mostly sunny andchilly


36/23/sn 55/39/r 72/59/pc 62/46/pc 92/78/pc 46/23/pc 68/59/r 30/22/c

35/28/pc 59/55/pc 72/59/c 66/46/s 91/73/s 46/23/s 66/57/r 30/23/pc 69/43/1 70/43/pc 32/24/pc 31/24/sn 87/72/1 76/54/s 66/51/s 31/1 6/c 83/73/s

39/30/c 37/26/sn 40/29/sn 80/63/1

65/55/c 50/37/r 58/43/s 69/60/1

76/65/pc 56/48/pc 42/32/c 52/39/s 85/73/s

Ssns/pc 78/54/s 65/49/s 19/0/sn 84/70/pc 40/29/pc 36/26/pc 36/10/sn 80/62/1 64/55/r 50/47/s 55/41/s 74/56/1 76/65/pc 58/41/pc 41/31/pc 50/28/pc 86/73/pc

Yesterday Today Sunday Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W HiRo/W 40/37/0.09 35/18/s 26/1 5/s 49/39/Tr 33/20/pc 36/23/pc 47/33/0.00 48/29/r 35/24/pc 50/41/0.00 47/29/s 50/31/pc 53/30/0.00 54/43/r 44/33/r 33/28/0.00 29/18/pc 35/20/pc 55/39/0.05 58/41/r 46/30/r 63/43/0.00 64/44/s 64/46/s 55/31/0.00 53/41/r 42/34/r 46/36/0.00 37/21/r 30/20/pc 56/41/0.00 56/41/r 44/33/r 79/66/Tr 8200/pc 82/70/pc 49/38/0.00 45/24/r 34/24/pc 32/30/Tr 25/16/sn 24/7/c


Juneau Kansas City Lansing Lss Vegss Lexington Lincoln Litlle Ruck Los Angeles Louisville Madison, Wl Memphis Miami

Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New YorkCity Newark, NJ Norfolk, VA

55/32/0.00 68/42/0.00 50/40/0.00 51/34/0.00 51/36/0.00 63/47/0.00


Omaha Orlando Palm Springs Psoris Philadelphia Phoenix


72/53/0.00 62/46/0.00 54/36/0.00 50/34/0.00 57/38/0.00 Pittsburgh 49/30/0.00 Portland, ME 51/38/0.00 Providence 50/34/0.00 Raleigh 58/30/0.00 Rapid City 20/19/Tr Rsnu 37/25/Tr Richmond 57/31/0.00 Rochester, NY 47/38/0.00 Sacramento 58/41/0.00 Si. Louis 62/38/0.00 Salt Lake City 30/21/0.03 San Antonio 73/53/Tr San Diego 64/48/0.00 San Francisco 59/52/0.00 San Joss 57/40/0.00 Santa Te 31/21/Tr Savannah 66/36/0.00 Seattle 42/35/0.00 Sioux Falls 30/26/0.02 Spokane 30/20/0.00 Springfield, Mo 56/41/0.02 Tampa 74/53/0.00 Tucson 52/38/0.16 Tulsa 61/49/Tr Washington, DC 51/36/0.00 Wichita 41/34/0.00 Vskims 46/21/0.00 vuma 60/41/0.00 i

Amsterdam Athens


Hi/Lo/W 54/36/pc 40/27/c 45/28/r 40/22/s 30/27/c 62/54/sh 52/41/r 55/32/pc 52/40/r 23/2/sn 63/46/r 9/-13/c 37/22/sn 48/33/r 48/35/r 39/27/c 43/24/sn 37/13/sn 72/58/c 60/51/sb 58/46/r 28/5/pc 35/26/pc 41/30/r 36/28/c 38/10/pc 36/26/pc 69/56/sb 70/55/sh 41/29/r 44/26/sh 58/40/r 48/35/pc 39/28/c 33/10/pc 35/22/pc 38/25/pc 18/-3/pc 50/27/s 20/14/c 10/-5/pc 39/13/s 35/24/pc 26/13/pc 58/49/sh 48/37/r 48/31/r 23/4/sn 78/65/s 53/37/r 58/43/r 36/26/pc 57/39/r 78/59/c

slifsx 0/32


29' 14'


Plenty of sunshine

41/35/0.12 Boston 61/45/0.24 at McAllen, TX 8» ng 30/1 Auckland 68/56/0.00 28/19 • National low: -23' /ae,„ Baghdad 64/39/0.05 m v * at West Yellowstone, 5/43 Che n Bangkok 91/73/0.00 salt 32/21 MT 30/2 26/1 gsdelphis Beijing 35/24/0.00 5/40 Beirut 70/54/0.00 Precipitation: 0.34" an sncisco • Dsh lum v Berlin 34/29/0.09 57/45 ington at Fort Lauderdale, FL 29/8 LasV ss 55 Bogota 70/43/0.00 47/2 Kansas City Si u,W<~ Loufsv' Budapest 41/36/0.00 33 20 BuenosAires 86P2/0.03 Chsrf Los Au fes a o aciiy Cabo SsnLucss 77/62/0.00 k."* * • Lrtu Rock > d 4/44 • 9/24 Cairo 68/53/0.00 * Anchorage Phoen 58/4 Calgary 27/14/0.11 • sa/ae Afbuquerq e 25/17 se/18 Cancun 84/7 7/0.1 0 5 nfye Juneau al pa Dublin 43/36/0.54 44 9/2 49/3 Edinburgh 34/26/0.01 35/18 Geneva 43/30/0.01 Houvurll i • ' 'd ' • rfshdu Harsre 80/65/0.16 72/44,. 4 ~ 8 67 Hong Kong 64/59/0.06 Honolulu Chihuahus ~ f Istanbul 57/52/0.12 78/es 63/26 M ni y Molus Jerusalem 61/46/0.00 Mliruu 76/46 v v 'e'e'eXX~ Johannesburg 82/63/0.50 sa/yds ~ v v'+'+'+' Lima 77/66/0.03 Lisbon 59/39/0.00 Shown are today's noonpositions of weather systemsand precipitation. Temperature bandsare highs for the day. London 46/32/0.64 T-storms Rain S h owers S now F l urries Ice Warm Front Sta t ionary Front Madrid Cold Front 54/30/0.00 Manila 86/76/0.00 uofs 35/2v






Yesterday Today Sunday





Shown is today's weather.Temperatures are today's highs andtonight's lows. umatiga Hood 45/32 RiVer Rufus • ermiston


Dec 2S Jan 4


Mostly cloudy, a bit of snow; very cold

34/2 • 'W co 35/28 Enterprise tonight. • • diatOn • he Daa • 3 Tigamo • 3 43/ 2 PRECIPITATION CENTRAL:Mostly andy 48/37 50/42 Mc H • JosePh • He PPner Grande • 24 hours through 5 p.m. yesterday 0.00" cloudy today with a Gove nt • upi Condon /31 38 31 Record 1.00"in 2007 shower in a fewspots Lincoln union 36/ Month to date (normal) 1.1 2" (1.88") this afternoon. Abit Sale 51/44 pray Granite Year to date(normal) 9.7 3 " (11.04") of snow moves in 47/3 2/32 a 'Baker G Newpo 33/23 Barometric pressure at 4 p.m. 30 . 26" tonight. • 2/ /39 51/43 • Mitch il 31/25 0a m PSh man Rad n WEST:Rather cloudy 39/29 0 IV U I 3 SUN ANDMOON eu Yach 41/30 • John today with a shower 81/44 48/40 • Prineville Day 4/24 Today tario across the north. 40/30 • Pa lina 38 / 2 8 7:39 a.m. 3 26 Clouds and some sun Floren e • Eugana • Ra d Brothers 37 26 4:33 p.m. Vafeu 51/46 south. Su IVGT • 40/27 11:17 a.m. 33/26 Nyssa • 39/ Ham ton 11:44 p.m. • La pina Juntura Grove Oakridge Co • Burns OREGON EXTREMES F ull Las t 36/26 46/39 /36








Bend through 5 p.m.yesterday




55/48/sh 50/39/r 73/65/r 74/49/r

55/43/pc 49/37/r 56/41/pc 50/36/r 57/41/s 56/48/sh 39/24/c 45/26/pc 29/19/pc 34/20/pc 82/67/pc 83/65/pc 60/36/s 62/40/s 48/24/r 36/24/pc 55/40/s 51/39/r 58/36/s 58/36/s 52/42/pc 43/30/r 49/36/pc 47/28/sh 51/38/pc 49/32/r 60/44/s 61/53/sh 30/10/pc 23/0/sn 40/23/pc 46/22/pc 61/42/s 56/46/sh 51/41/pc 42/28/c 54/36/s 55/35/pc 52/31/r 40/29/pc 30/24/pc 34/19/sn 62/40/r 59/37/pc 64/44/s 64/50/s 57/45/s 57/45/pc 56/37/s 57/36/pc 31/9/pc 34/15/s 69/54/pc 75/59/c 49/40/r 45/35/sh 24/13/pc 23/7/pc 34/25/sn 32/1 7/sf 44/25/r 38/27/pc 81/68/pc 80/66/pc 52/28/s 57/31/s 40/26/c 41/27/pc 55/43/s 54/42/r 36/21/pc 40/23/s 43/32/c 43/26/sf 59/35/s 60/37/s


Mecca Mexico City

90/73/0.00 71/47/0.00 39/35/0.00 14/8/0.18 77/60/0.05 82/71/0.00 61/43/0.00 46/32/0.03 7/-8/0.04 43/36/0.00 41/32/0.12


Moscow Nairobi Nassau

New Delhi

Osaka Oslo

Ottawa Paris Rio de Janeiro Ssns/0.04 Rome 55/48/0.00 Santiago 86/55/0.00 Sau Paulo 88/68/0.00 Sapporu 26/16/0.06 Seoul 34/13/0.00 Shanghai 49/33/0.00 Singapore 79n5/0'.98 Stockholm 21/9/0.02 Sydney 73/68/0.00 Taipei 63/59/0.10 Tel Aviv 70/45/0.00 Tokyo 47/36/0.00 Toronto 46/32/0.00 Vancouver 50/36/0.00 Vienna 39/34/0.11 Warsaw 27/26/0.10

92/72/s 72/47/pc 39/36/c 18/4/s 79/58/1 82/67/pc 61/39/c 46/30/pc 24/20/c 39/35/sn 44/29/sn 91/74/pc 55/44/r 85/56/s 8900/c 33/28/pc 33/20/pc 51/37/pc 85P6/t 21/1 2/c 74/65/c 66/58/r 68/55/pc 46/36/s 47/34/c 46/32/r 32/26/pc 24/20/pc

92/71/s 72/43/pc 39/21/pc 15/10/sn 82/59/1 81/68/pc 61/40/c 51/38/c 26/21/pc 36/19/pc 33/24/pc 93/78/pc 51/33/r 86/56/s 90/70/c 40/30/pc 40/28/pc 53/38/pc 86/76/r 20/11/pc 74/64/r 62/56/sh 66/51/pc 47/39/pc 38/25/pc 42/27/c 28/23/sn 26/20/pc

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originally 8649

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Foam g I futemory D Cushions


Seestore for details.



Bend, OR Hwy 20 East • 455 NE Windy Knolls Dr.

5 44.61 7 . 1 7 1 7 Monday - Saturday 9:30 to 6:00 Sunday 11:00 - 5:00



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IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 C o l lege football, C4 Sports in brief, C2 NFL, C6 NBA, C3 NHL, C6





Michigan travels to meet Harhaugh By nearly all accounts, Jim Harbaugh's coaching tenure with the San Francisco 49ers is nearing its end. Now itappears the University of Michigan is ready to pounce. Fox Sports college football insider Bruce Feldman reported Friday night that Michigan officials and the school's search firm will be in the Bay Area this weekend, presumably to lock down Harbaugh to be the Wolverines' next coach. 49ers general manager Trent Baalkewould only say this weekon his radio show that Harbaugh will meet with the organization's brass early next weekafter Sunday's season finale against Arizona. That effects Michigan, which is pursuing Harbaugh for its coaching vacancy, because in some wayhe'll need to be released from his 49ers contract, which has a year remaining. Asked at Friday's press conference ifhe would resign onMonday, Harbaughwouldn't say. "It's the same.We plowed that ground very thoroughly," he said, referring to when hewas asked about the postseason meetings earlier in the week. "What will happen will happen, what won't happen, won't happen." Baalke did confirm that Michigan hascontacted the 49ers to talk about Harbaugh.


rawins ira ion rOm N. Korea



inure sar By Ryan Thorburn The (Eugene) Register-Guard

photo of his smiling face from the post-op gurney and the following message:


Rose Bowl:No.2 Oregon vs. No.3 Florida St. coaches and teammates as the the greatest comebacks you'll Oregon Ducks prepare for the ever see. Thank you everyone When:2:30 p.m., Jan.1 TV:ESPN Rose Bowl without the team's for the support." most touted defensive player. The Ducks will try to keep Radio:KBND 1110-AM, 100.1-FM After the All-America corEkpre-Olomu's chin up by nerback underwent surgery beating Florida State on Jan. on Wednesday at the Ker1 in the College Football will not change, and secondlan- Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic Playoff. ary coach John Neal said he in Los Angeles to repair his Defensive coordinator Don plans to start redshirt freshdamaged knee, he tweeted a Pellum said his game plan man Chris Seisay. EUGENE — Ifo Ekpre-Olomu continues to inspire his

"First step towards one of


ONU a definite

"It's good to hear he's in good spirits," Seisay said of Ekpre-Olomu. "We're just

trying to go out there and win the game for him. I know he


wishes he could be out there,

By Jere Longman

but we're going to give our best effort for him."

New York Times News Service

The 6-foot-l, 187-pound

Seisay started the Wyoming game after Troy Hill was injured the week before against Michigan State. SeeEkpre-Olomu/C4


fter the scarf, pistachios and whitenoise machine were

unwrapped, our daughter gave us the most exotic Christmas present — a

streaming version of "The Interview," Seth Rogen's assassination comedy about North Korea's authoritarian

leader, Kim Jong Un. Despite a raunchy and mostly repellent start, the film had its absurdist charms, including Katy Perry's music and Kim's obsession with basketball. It brought to mind a 2009

article in The Washington Post, which noted that Kim,

while attending boarding school in Switzerland, was quiet, was awkward around

girls and "spent hours doing meticulous pencil drawings of Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan." The movie only increased my desire to run in what is sure to be the most

fascinating sporting event of 2015: the Pyongyang Marathon, a four-lap race through North Korea's capital on April 12.

Beginning this year, North Korea opened the marathon to amateur inter-

national runners. About 225 runners from

— Detroit FreePress

27 nations competed, ac-


cording to news accounts. Tens of thousands of spectators lined the course, in-

duding women in traditional dress who held flowers. SeeNorth Korea/C3 te




Wilson can run with the best of them, ever

Philadelphia's Nerlens Noel blocks a shot by Portland's Thomas


Blazers tep 76ers without Aldridge Portland beats Philadelphia114-93 for its seventh win in the past eight games. TheBlazers were without regulars LaMarcus Aldridge and Chris Kaman.NBA roundup,C3

Photos courtesy of University of Arkansas

Arkansas wide receiver Cody Hollister makes a catch against UAB earlier this season. The Mountain View product is getting ready for

By Bob Condotta

Monday's Texas Bowl againstTexas.

The Seattle Times

RENTON, Wash. — Run-

• Mountain view product cody Hollister readiefor s TexasBowl with Arkansas


By Beau Eastes • The Bulletin

The top games of 2014

ries tops the list of best

games of 2014. Photo page,CS


A graduate of Bend's Mountain View High School, Hollister, now a sophomore wide receiver at Arkansas, has caught 13 passes for 137 yards and one touchdown for the Razorbacks this fall. Arkansas improved from 3-9 in 2013 to 6-6 this year, and the Hogs conclude their season with Monday's Texas


said last week from Fayette-

DALLAS BOWL Louisiana Tech lllinois

ville, Arkansas, referring to

viewers a little pinch of that

the Razorbacks' 3-4 start. "But the whole year, we

and what's in store for the near future."

knew where we could be and


QUICKLANE BOWL Rutgers North Carolina

Cody Hollister fights through three Northem Illinois tacklers earlier this



Hollister has 13

The Hollisterfile



Position:Wide receiver

When:6 p.m. Monday

catches for


Ht/Wt: 6-4,207


and one

Central Florida

Class:Sophomore High school:Mountain View, Bend Juniorcollege: Ariz. Western 2014stats:13catches, 137 yards, 1 TD

• Roundup,C4



against the St. Louis Rams, His total of 842 yards

on the ground is the sixth-highest for a quarterback in league history, and fifth-highest since World War II.

If Wilson hits his average of 56yards Sunday, he will

Bowl in Houston against Texas. what kind of potential we had. By the end of the season, we were able to give fans and


ends for the Seahawks withSunday'shome game Wilson finds himself rushing into NFL history.

Southeastern Conference, arguably the toughest league in the country.

"We started the year on a bit of a downslope," Hollister

Seattle quarterback Russell

Wilson insists everytime he is asked about it. But as the regular season

n Cody Hollister's first season of Division I college football, he more than held his own in the

So it's not just one game,butMadison Bumgarner's performance in theWorld Se-

ning often just happens,

Inside • The reason behind longer games,C4

move into fifth all time. With 61 yards, he will move into fourth.

See Wilson /C6

Nextup St. Louis at Seattle

When:1:25 p.m., Sunday TV:Fox Radio: KRCO 690-AM,96.9-FM

137yards TD in his first season with


Inside • NFC North, AFC North and the brutal NFCSouth are onthe line. Week17 preview,C6





Men's college, Georgetown vs. Indiana Men's college, Maine atSeton Hall Men's college, UNC-Wilmington at Minnesota Men's college, Kentucky at Louisville Men's college, N. Kentucky at Northwestern Men's college, UAB at North Carolina Men's college, SantaClara atSt. Mary's (Calif.j Men's college, Oakland at Maryland Men's college,GonzagaatBYU Men's college, SanFrancisco at Pacific Men's college, Mercer atGeorgia Men's college, Wright St. at Ohio St. Men's college,TennesseeSt.atTennessee Men's college, KennesawSt. at lllinois FOOTBALL

Military Bowl, Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech Sun Bowl, Arizona State vs. Duke IndependenceBowl, Miami vs. South Carolina Pinstripe Bowl, Boston College vs. PennState Holiday Bowl, Nebraskavs. Southern Cal

Time TV/Radio 9 a.m. E SPN2 ON DECK 9 a.m. FS1 Today 10 a.m. Big Ten Boysbasketball:LesSchwahOregonHolidayHoopfest: Maristvs. RogersIWash.) at Summit, 12:45 11 a.m. ESPN2 p.m.; Lebanon vs. Putnamat MountainView,12:45 p.m.; Milwaukievs. Liberty IWas h.) at Moun tain noon B i g Ten View,2:30p.m.; Bendvs. McNary at Summit, 4:15 1 p.m. E SPN2 p.m.;Sandyvs.SeattleAcademyIWash.) at Mountain View,4:15p.m.;Mt.Si(Wash.) vs.Walla WallaValley 1 p.m. Roo t Academy IWash.) at MountainView,6p.m.;Summit vs. NorthEugeneat Summit, 7:45p.m.; Mountain 2 p.m. B i g Ten Viewvs.Crater atMountainView,7:45p.m. 3 p.m. E SPN2 Girls basketball:Les SchwahOregonHoliday Hoopfest:MountainViewvs. Marist at Sum mit, 3 p.m. Roo t 11 a,mcGrantsPassvs. Churchil at Bend,12;45 p .m.; Wi ff a me t t e v s . Mc Na r y a t B e n d , 2 : 3 0 p .m.; 3 p.m. SEC Lebano nvs.PutnamatSummit,2:30p.mcLaSalle 4 p.m. B i g Ten vs. Cleveland atBend,4:15 p.m.; Lincolnvs. Forest Groveat Bend,6 p.m.; Summit vs. Libertyat Sum5:30 p.m. S EC mit, 6 p.m.;Bendvs. Milwaukie atBend,7:45p.m.; Ridgeviewat GreshamHolidayTournament,TBD 6 p.m. B i g Ten Wrestling: MadrasatPendletonInvite, TBD 1 0 a.m.


1 1 a.m. CB S 12:30 p.m. ABC 1:30 p.m. ESPN 5 p.m. E S PN

SOCCER England, Tottenhamvs. Manchester United England, Southampton vs.Chelsea England, Newcastle vs. Everton Women's college, EastCarolina at South Florida Men's college, Tulane atSt. John's Women's college, OregonState atTennessee Men's college, LongBeachState at Syracuse Men's college, Harvard at ArizonaState Men's college, Morgan State at Marquette Men's college, TexasSouthern at KansasState Men's college, Northwestern St. at Arkansas Women's college, Notre Dame at UCLA Men's college, Florida Gulf Coast at Xavier Men's college, WakeForest at Richmond Women's college, Michigan at Wisconsin Men's college, UCDavis at Washington State Men's college, Belmont at Butler Men's college,UCLA atAlabama Men's college, Stony Brook atWashington Men's college, Buffalo at Wisconsin Women's college, Temple atMemphis Men's college, CalState Bakersfield at California

9 a.m. ESPNU 9 a.m. FS1 10a.m. SEC 11 a.m. ESPNU 11 a.m. Pac-12 11 a.m. FS1 noon Root 12:30 p.m SEC Pac-12 1 p.m. 1 p.m. FS1 1 p.m. NBCSN 1 p.m. Big Ten Pac-12 3 p.m. 3 p.m. FS1 3:30 p.m. ESPNU 5 p.m. Pac-12 5 p.m. Big Ten 5:30 p.m. ESPNU 7 p.m. Pac-12


NFL, SanDiego at Kansas City NFL, Dallas atWashington NFL, Carolina at Atlanta NFL, St. Louis at Seattle NFL, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

10a.m. 10a.m. 1:25 p.m. 1:25 p.m. 5:20 p.m.



College, Quinnipiac at Princeton

1 p.m. E SPNU

Listingsarethe mostaccurate available. TheBulletin is not responsible for late changesmadeby 7Vor radio stations.

PREPS Ravens girls fall at tourney — After openingthe girls basketball season with four wins in five games, Ridgeview dropped its fourth straight, a 74-37 decision to Gresham onthe first day of the Gresham HolidayTournament. The Ravensslipped to 4-5 on the season, while the Gophers improved to 6-1 with their sixth straight win. Ridgeview continues the three-day tourney today.

HOCKEY U.S. bsats Finland ln juniOrOpener —Jack Eichel andChase DeLeo scored in ashootout to help the United States beat defending champion Finland 2-1 onFriday in their round-robin opener in the World Junior Championship in Montreal. Eichel is a freshman at Boston University, and DeLeoplays for Portland in the Western HockeyLeague.BostonCollege'sThatcherDemko made 28saves, and stopped Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Kasperi Kapanen in the shootout to secure the victory. In the other Group AgameFriday night at Bell Centre, Canadabeat Slovakia 8-0. DeVilS fire Coach DOBOer —TheNewJersey Devils fired coach Peter DeBoer onFriday, but general manager LouLamoriello did not immediately name areplacement. In a brief statement posted on the team's website, the Devils said Lamoriello wanted to address the team directly this morning before making anypublic comment on the change. DeBoercompiled a114-93-41 record in three-plus seasons leading the Devils. Heguidedthe team tothe Stanley Cupfinals in 2011-12 — his first season — but theDevils lost that series in six games andhavenot returned to the postseason since.

FOOTBALL Okung cleared, Unger to de game-time decision —The Seattle Seahawks could get two keyoffensive linemen backfor their regular-season finale against the St. Louis Rams onSunday. Left tackle Russell Okunghasbeencleared to play after bruising a lung two weeksagoagainstSanFrancisco.Okung hadto betakentoa hospital for evaluation following a block by former 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald on aninterception return at the end of the first half. Okung missed last weekend's game at Arizona, but he practiced all week andappears ready to return to the lineup. Center MaxUnger has missed the last five gamesafter suffering a high-ankle sprain against KansasCity. Unger returned to practice on Dec. 12but hada setback and did not practice at all last week. He worked in consecutive practices this weekfor the first time since being injured.

BASEBALL YankeeSpitCher Kurodaheaded back to Japan —Japanese media report free-agent right-hander Hiroki Kuroda will return to Japan in 2015 to pitch for his first team, the HiroshimaToyo Carp. The reports say Kuroda, who turns 40 in February, hassigned aoneyear contract worth $3.3 million. Kuroda pitched for Hiroshima from 1997-2007 and thenspent four years with the Los Angeles Dodgers beforemovingtotheNew YorkYankees.Lastseason,Kurodawas 11-9 with a 3.71ERA.Hewas 79-79 with a 3.45 ERAin1,319 career major league innings. Hestruck out 986 andwalked only 292. — From staffand wire reports


x-Cincinnati x-Pittsburgh Baltimore Cleveland

8 7 t/t


3 t/t

Arizona 3 t/t




South W L T Pct PF PA 10 5 0 667 431 359 8 7 0 533 349 290 3 12 0 200 232 389 2 13 0

North W L T 10 4 1 10 5 0 9 6 0 7 8 0 West

133 244 411

Pct PF PA 700 348 317 667 409 351 600 389 292 467 289 317


W L T 11 4 0 11 4 0 6 9 0 5 10 0

West W L T x-Seattle 11 4 0 x-Arizona 11 4 0 SanFrancisco 7 8 0 St. Louis 6 9 0 x-clinched playoffspot y-clincheddivision

Pct PF PA 733 301 252 733 456 328 400 312 334 333 310 429

Pct PF PA 733 374 248 .733 293 279 .467 286 323 400 318 334

IndianapolisatTennessee,10 a.m. Jacksonville atHouston,10 a.m. SanDiegoatKansasCity,10a.m. Chicagoat Minnesota,10a.m. Cleveland atBaltimore,10 a.m. DallasatWashington,10 a.m. N.Y.JetsatMiami, 10a.m. Buffaloat NewEngland,10 a.m. Philadelphiaat N y. Giants,10a m. NewOrleansatTampaBay,10 a.m. Arizonaat SanFrancisco,1:25 p.m. St. LouisatSeattle, 1:25p.m. Oakland atDenver,1:25 p.m. Detroit atGreenBay,1:25 p.m. CarolinaatAtlanta,1:25p.m. Cincinnatiat Pittsburgh,5:30p.m.

PlayoffScenauos AFC CLINCHED: New England —AFCEast and home-fieldadvantagethroughout AFCplayoffs; Denver —AFCWest; Indianapolis—AFCSouth; CincinnatiandPittsburgh—playoff berth. DENVER(vs. Oakland) clinchesfirsl-round bye with: Winortie, DRCincinnati Loss,DRCincinnati tieandIndianapolis win CINCINNATI (at Pittsburgh) clinchesAFC Norlh with:Winor tie; Clinchesfirst-roundbye with:WinandDenver loss ortie, DRTie andDenver lossandIndianapolis lossortie PITTSBU RGH (vs. Cincinnati) clinchesAFC Norlhwith:Win SANDIEGO(at KansasCity) clinchesplayoff spotwith:Win, DRtieandBaltimorelossortie BALTIMORE (vs. Cleveland)clinchesplayoff spot with: WinandSanDiego lossortie, DRtieand SanDiegoloss KANSAS CITVIvs. SanDiego) clinchesplayofl spotwith: WinandBaltimore loss andHouston loss ortie HOUSTO N(vs. Jacksonville) clinchesplayoff spot with: WinandBaltimorelossandSanDiegoloss NFC

CLINCHED: Arizona—playoff berth; Seattleplayoffberth;Detroit —playoff berth;GreenBayplayoffberth; Dallas—NFCEast. DALLAS(at Washington) clinches homeIield advantagethroughout NFCplayoffs with: Win andArizonalossor tie andDetrort/GreenBay tie; Clinches firsl-roundbyewith:WinandSeattle loss or tie and Arizonalossortie, DRWinand Detroit/Green Bay tie, DR Seattle lossandArizona loss, DRTieand Seattletie andArizonalossortie andDetroit/GreenBay doesnotendinatie DETROIT(at GreenBay) clinchesNFCNorth with:Win ortie; Clincheshome-field advantage throughout NFCplayoNswith: WinandSeattleloss or tie andArizonaloss ortie, DRTieand Seattle loss andArizonalossand Dallaslossor tie; Clinchesfirstroundbyewith: Win,DRTieandDallaslossortie,OR Tie and SeattlelossandArizonaloss GREENBA Y Ivs. Detroit) clinchesNFCNorth and first-round bye with:Win; clincheshomefield advantagethroughout NFCplayoffs with: Win and Seattleloss ortie SEATTLE (vs. St. Louis)clinchesNFCWest with:Win, ORTie andArizonaloss ortie, DRArizona loss;clincheshome-field advantagethroughout NFCplayoffswith: WinandDetroit/GreenBaygame doesnotendinatie, DRWinand Dagaslossortie, DR Tie andArizonaloss ortie andDalas loss ortie and Green Bay/Detroit tie; Clinchesfirst-round byewith: Win, DR TieandArizonalossortie andDallasloss, DR Tie and Arizonalossor tieandGreenBay/Detroit tie ARIZONA(at SanFrancisco) clinchesNFC West with:Win andSeattle lossor tie, DRTieand Seattle loss;clinches home-field advantage throughout NFCplayoNswith: WinandSeattleloss or tieandGreenBay lossor tie, DRTieand Seattleloss andDallaslossortieandGreenBay/Detroit tie;Clinches first-round byewith: WinandSeattleloss ortie, DR TieandSeattleioss andDallaslossor tie, DRTieand SeattlelossandGreenBay/Detroit tie CAROLINA(at Atlanta) clinchesNFCSouth with:Winortie ATLANTA Ivs. Carolina) clinchesNFCSouth with:Win

College All TimesPST


Heart ofDallasBowl Louisiana Tech35, fflinois18 QuickLaneBowl Rutgers40,NorthCarolina 21 St. PetersburgIFla.) Bowl N.C. State34, UCF27

Today'sGam es Military Bowl VirginiaTech(6-6) vs.Cincinnati (9-3),10 a.m. Sun Bowl Duke(9-3) vs.ArizonaState(9-3),11 a.m. Independence Bowl Miami(Fla.)(6-6) vs.South Carolina (6-6), 1p.m. PinstripeBowl BostonCollege(7-5) vs.PennState (6-6),1;30 p.m. HolidayBowl Nebraska (9-3) vs.Southern Cal(8-4), 5p.m. Monday'sGames LibertyBowl WestVirginia(7-5) vs.TexasA&M(7-5),11 a.m. RussellAthletic Bowl Clemson(9-3)vs.Oklahoma(8-4), 2:30p.m. TexasBowl Texas(6-6)vs.Arkansas(6-6), 6p.m. Tuesday'sGames MusicCityBowl NotreDam e(7-5) vs. LSU(8-4),noon Belk Bowl Louisville(9-3)vs.Georgia(9-3), 3:30p.m. FostersFarmBowl Stanford(7-5)vs.Maryland(7-5), 7p.m. Wednesday'sGames PeachBowl Mississippi(9-3)vs.TCU(f f-t),930am. FiestaBowl BoiseState(I 1-2) vs.Arizona(103),1 pm. OrangeBowl MississippiState(tg-2)vs.GeorgiaTech(103),5p m. Thursday,Jan.1 OutbackBowl Wisconsin(10-3)vs.Auburn(8-4), 9a.m. CottonBowlClassic MichiganState(10-2) vs.Baylor (1t-f), 9:30 a.m. CitrusBowl Minnesota (8-4) vs.Missouri (I0-3), 10am. RoseBowl(Playoff semifinal) Oregon(12-1)vs.FloridaState(13-0), 2p.m. SugarBowl(Playoffsemifinal) Alabama (12-1) vs. OhioState(I2-1), 530pm.



56t/ t


Ga Tech



6 H 62 H






48' / t



71' / z



RoseBow l


91/t 91/t



5 8 1/t

Friday,Jan.2 ArmedForcesBowl 3


53 t/ t 51H

Ho u s ton


Tennesse e





1 5 9t/t



K ansas St.

CactusBowl 56' / t Oklahoma St. Washington 6 5 Saturday, Jan. 3 BirminghamBowl 7 7 57 E aCr olina Sunday,Jan.4 GoDaddy.comBowl 1 3 5 7 Ark ansas St.




RAIDERS: DNP:WRVincent Brown(groin), CBChimdi Chekwa (hamstring), WRDenarius Moore(knee,ankle). LIMITED:CBTJ Carrie (ankle), S Ras-I Dowling (hamstring), LBKhalil Mack(hamstring), 7 Menelik Watson (foot,ankle).FULL: 08 DerekCarr(ilness). BRONCOS; DNP: LBBrandon Marshall (foot). LIMITED : 7 Paul Cornick(toe),WREmmanuel Sanders(hip), STJ. Ward neck).FULL: RBC.J.Anderson(ankle), LBLaminBarrow illness),SDavid BrutonJr. (calf), 7 RyanClady(thigh),7 hris Clark(hack), RBRonnie Hillman(foot), QBPeyton Manning(thigh), CWil Montgomery (knee), CManny Ramirez(ilness), TEJacobTamme(foot), WRDemaryius Thomas(ankle, hip), TEJuliusThomas(ankle), RBJuwan Thomps on(hip, knee), DTMitchUnrein(igness),CBKayvonWebster(shoulder), DEDerekWolfe(knee). ARIZONACARDINALS at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS —CARDINALS:DUT:QBDrewStanton(knee). DOUBTFUL ;LBLarryFoote(knee).QUESTIONABLE;S DeoneBucannon(knee), TEJohnCarlson(calg, GJonathanCooper (wrist), NTDanWilliams(foot). PR OBABLE: LB Lorenzo Alexander (knee), WRJaron Brown (foot), DE CalaisCampbell (hip), WRLarry Fitzgerald (knee), SRashad Johnson (ankle), CTed Larsen (shoulder), S Tyrann Mathieu(thumh), LBMattShaughnessy(shoulder). 49ERS: DUT:RBCarlosHyde(ankle), WRStevieJohnson (knee),SEric Reid(concussion). QUESTIONABLE:CBTramaineBrock(hamstring), LBAhmadBrooks(thumh), CB PerrishCox(shoulder), WRBruceEllington (hamstring). PROB ABLE: WRMichael Crabtree(knee), CBChris Culliver (kne e),WRBrandonLloyd(groin), CMarcusMartin (igness),DTJustin Smith (back). ST.LOUISRAMS atSEAlTLESEAHAWKSRAMS:DNP:CBE.J. Gaines(concussion), DEChris Long(notinjuryrelated). FULL:CBJanorisJenkins(hack), CScottWells(back). SE AHAWKS: DNP: DEDemarcus Dohhs(ankleW ), RJermaineKearse(hamstring).LIMITED; TE Coo per Helfet (rihs),WRChris Matthews(hamstring), CB TharoldSimon(shoulder).FULL:RBMarshawnLynch back), TETony Moeaki (shoulder), T Russell Dkung chest),CMaxUnger(knee, ankle).


3t/t 6 9'/t



800 459 296 533 364 336 533 326 280 200 246 377

Ma ryland

Thursday,Jan.1 OutbackBowl


12 3 0 8 7 0 8 7 0 3 12 0



Miss St


Lou i sville

Fiesla Bowl

GlendaleAZ ,

— PANTHERS: QUESTIONABLE:LBA.J.Klein(knee). PROB ABLE: RBDeAngelo Wiliams (hand). FALCONS: QUESTI ONABLE:G JonAsamoah(back),RBSteven Jackson (quadricep), WRJulio Jones(hip), CBRobert Mcclain(iffness),CBJoshWilson(hamstring). CLEVELANDBROWNS at BALTIMORE RAVENS — BROWNS: DUT: NTAhtybaRubin (ankle), 7 RyanSeymour (hamstring). DOUBTFUL: QB Brian Hoyerfright shoulder,bicep). QUESTIONABLE: TEGary Barnidge(rih), DEDesmond Bryant (thumh), CBJoe Haden (shoulder), WRAndrewHawkins(thumb), LBJabaalSheard(foot)/ TE Ryan Taylor (elhow), CBK'Waun Williams(hamstring). PROBABLE: WRMarlon Moore (knee).RAVENS: DOUBTFUL:TEugeneMonroe(ankle). QUEST IONABLE:DEChris Canty(ankle,thigh), LBTerreg Suggs (hack,thigh), RBFitzgeraldToussaint (ribs). DALLAS COWBOYS at WASHINGTON REDSKINS —COWBOYS: DUT: LBDekodaWatson (hamstring).DOUBTFUL:TDougFree (ankle). PRDBABLE:DTJoshBrent(calf), SJeffHeath(thumb), GZack Martin (ankle),LBRolandoMcclain (knee,not injury related),RBDeMarco Murray(hand, ilness), QBTony Romo(back).REDSKINS:DOUBTFUL:DEJasonHatcher (knee). QUESTIONABLE:NTChrisBaker(toe,elbow), DE StephenBowen (ankle, illness), LBGabeMiler (ankle), LBKeenan Robinson(knee), 7Trent Wiliams (shoulder).PROBABLE: CBBashaudBreeland(thigh), NT BarryCofield Jr.(shoulder), TTomCompton(knee), LB WillCom pton (shoulder), QBRobert Griffin III (righi shoulder), LB JacksonJeffcoat(calf), G KoryLichtensteioeristinoer),RBDarrelYouno(ankle). INOIANAPOLI SCOLTSatTENNESSEETITANS — COLTS: DNP: TEDwayne Allen(knee), TGosder Cherilus(groin),WRReggieWayne(not injury related), LB BjoernWerner (shoulder). LIMITED:LBJerrell Freeman(ham string), WRTY.Hilton(hamstring), GJoeReitz ankle), LBErik Walden(knee). FULL: DECoryRedding knee),GHughThornton(knee). TITANS: DNP;7Terren Jones(concussion). LIMITED:NTSammieHil (foot), 7 TaylorLewan(ankle), QBZach Mettenherger (right shoulder),TByronStingily (ankle), LBKamerion Wimbley(hamstring).FULL: LBZaviar Gooden(hamstring). DETROITLIONS atGREEN BAY PACKERS — LIONS: DUT:DTNick Fairley (knee). PRO BABLE: RB Joique Bell (Achiges),WRCalvin Johnson(ankle), CB Mohammed Seisay(hamstring).PACKERS;DUT: CB Davon House(shoulder). PROBABLE: GTJ. Lang (ankle),LBClayMatthews(biceps), LBMikeNeal (ahdomen),QBAaronRodgers(calf), GJoshSitton (toe). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS atHOUSTON TEXANS —JAGUARS: DNP: DTRoy Miller III (knee). LIMITED:RBToby Gerhart (ribs), WRCecil Shorts I I (shoulder)rFULL:QBBlakeBortles (foot), CLuke Bowanko (wrist), DEAndreBranch (groin), DEChris Clemons(knee), WRTommy Streeter (ahdom en). TEXANS:DNP:TEGarrett Graham(ankle), LB Mike Mohamed (concussion), WRDeVier Posey (calf), 08 TomSavage(knee). LIMITED:GBrandonBrookslknee, ankle), TTysonClaho (shoulder), TEC.J. Fiedorowicz (shoulder),WRDeAndre Hopkins (wrist), CBKareem Jackson(back), NTRyanPickett (groin), G Xavier Su'a-Filo(hack).FULL: LBBrianCushing(ankle), RB Arian Foster(not injuryrelated), WRAndre Johnson (not injuryrelated),CBJohnathanJoseph(ankle). SAN DIEGOCHARGERS atKANSAS CITY CHIEFS —CHARGERS: DUT: RBRyan Mathews (ankle), PMikeScifres(shoulder). DOUBTFUL: WR KeenanAllen (ankle, shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: GChrisWatt(ankle). PRO BABLE: DTCorey Liuget (ankle), QB Philip Rivers(chest, back),CBShareece Wright(concussion).CHIEFS: DUT:CBPhillip Gaines (iffness), QB Alex Smith (spleen). QUESTIONABLE: WR Dwa yne Bowe (shoulder), RB Jamaal Charles (hamstring,ankle),GZachFulton (foot, toe). PRDBABLE:TEAnthonyFasano(knee), LBTamhaHali (knee), LB JoshMartin (hand), LBJoeMays(knee). NEW YORKJETSatMIAMI DOLPHINSJETS:DUT:SRontezMiles(shin). QUE STIONABLE: NT Damon Harrison(igness),WRPercy Harvin (ankle,ribs), SJaiquawn Jarrett(shoulder), SDawanLandry (ilness), CNickMangold(finger/ ankle),CBDarrin Wals (shoulder), DE MuhammadWilkerson(toe,ilness). PROBABLE: SAntoniAl olen(hand), GWillieColon(knee), KNickFolk right hipRB ), Chris Ivory(hamstring), RBChrisJohnson knee) .DOLPHINS:QUESTIONABLE;LBJelaniJenkins (foot), DE DerrickShelby(ankle), GDallasThomas(foot). PROB ABLE:TECharlesClay(hamstring, knee), CBCortlandFinnegan(ankle),LBJonathanFreeny(hamstring), S DonJones(shoulder), LBKoaMisi(hamstring, knee), DT Earl Mitchel(hack), l DTJaredDdrick(ankle), RBDaniel Thomas (knee), WRMikeWallace(hack). CHICAGOBEARS atMINNESOTA VIKINGS — BEARS: DU T: QBJimmy Clausen (concussion), S Chris Conte(hack), K Rohhie Gould (right quadricep).QUESTIONABLE: DEJared Alen (rihs), CBAl Louis-Jean(hamstring), DT Jeremiah Ratliff (knee). PROB ABLE; DEDavid Bass(knee), DTEgo Ferguson (ankleG ), KyleLong(hip), WRMarquessWilson(knee). VIKINGS:DUT : LBAnthony Barr (knee). QUESTIONABLE:WRJarius Wright(back). PROBABLE: RBMatt Asiata(foot),SRobert Blanton (ankle), SAntone Exum Jr. (knee), DTSharrif Floyd(knee),TEChaseFord(foot), 7 MikeHarris (foot), WRGregJennings(hamstdng), G CharlieJohnson(ankle), SAndrewSendejo (thumh). BUFFALOBILLS atNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS —BILLS:DOUBTFUL:DTMarcegDareus(knee), CB Stephon Gilmore(concussion). PROBABLE: KDan Carpenter(right groin),SAaronWilliams(hip). PA TRIDTS:DUT:CBAlfonzoDennard (hamstring), RBJonas Gray(ankle). QU ESTIONABLE: CDannyAiken (finger), C


Wednesday PeachBowl


East W L T Pct PF PA


13 1 4


NEW ORLEANSSAINTS atTAMPA BAY BUCCANEER S —SAINTS:DUT:7TerronArmstead(hamstring).QUESTIONABLE: NTJohn Jenkins (ahdomen). PROB ABLE: SJamarcaSanford(hamstring), 7Zach Strief (neck).BUC CANEERS: DOUBTFUL: LBMason Foster (Achiles).QUESTIONABLE: CB Isaiah Frey(ankle), S DashonGoldson(shoulder),WRRobert Herron(hip), WR Solomon Patton(foot), RBBobbyRainey(wrist).

5 2 t/t N otre Dame




Tex a s

Belk Bowl



"Now maybe he'll stop ignoring my warnings and fight by the rules!"

Cl emson

Tuesday MusicCityBowl


-Denver 11 4 0 733 435 340 san Diego 9 6 0 .600 341 329 Kansas City 8 7 0 .533 334274 Oakland 3 12 0 .200 239 405 NATIONAL CONFERENCE Easl W L T Pct PF PA y-Daffas 11 4 0 733 423 335 Philadelphia 9 6 0 600 440 374 N.Y.Giants 6 9 0 400 354 366 Washington 4 11 0 267 284 394 South W L T Pct PF PA Carolina 6 8 1 433 305 371 Atlanta 6 9 0 400 378 383 NewOrleans 6 9 0 400 378 404 TampaBay 2 13 0 133 257 387 North x-Detroit x-GreenBay Minnesota Chicago

3t/t 53t/t

TexasBowl 6 45' / t






LibertyBowl 1 6 6'/~ Texas A&M RussellAthleticBowl



y-Indianapolis Houston Jacksonvile Tennesse e





6 t/2t



-NewEngland iami Buffalo N.Y.Jets











4 a.m. N BCSN 6 a.m. N BCSN 8:15 a.m. NBCSN




HarvardatArizonaSt., 11a.m. UC DavisatWashington St., 3 p.m. UCLAatAlabama,3:30p.m. StonyBrookatWashington, 5p.m. CSUBakersfield atCalifornia, 7p.m.



BASKETBALL Men's college

4:30 p.m. NBCSN 7 p.m. NBCSN



In the Bleachers © 2009 Steve Moore. Dlst. by Universal Ucrick

Sunday Boysbasketball: Bend,Mountain View,Summit at LesSchwahOregonHolidayHoopfest,TBD Girls basketball:Bend,Mountain View,Summit at LesSchwabOregonHolidayHoopfest,TBD;Ridgeview atGreshamHolidayTournament, TBD


NHL, Washington at Pittsburgh NHL, SanJose at LosAngeles





NFL Sunday 7 /2 7 / 2 9 '/t 9 ' / t 3'/p 3'/p 6 '/t 7 9 13

PATRIO TS 1 0N 4'/~ 6 DOLPHIS N 5 3 3' / t FALCON S 7 6 VIKINGS CHIEFS 3 PK GIANTS 2 2t / t Cowboys Saints 3t/t 4 SEAHA WKS 1 2H 12'/t 5 '/g 6 49ERS BRONC OS 14'/t 1 4

47 / 2 40 ' /t

48 46'/ t 41 t / t

44 41' / t 47 r/2

44' / ~ 40 ' /t 52 49/t

Lions Jaguars Bengals TITANS Browns Bills Jets Panthers Bears Chargers Eagles


4 6t/t

41 36t / t


Rams Cards Raiders

HOCKEY NHL NATIONALHOCKEY LEAGUE All TimesPST EASTERN CONFERENCE AtlanticOivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA Montreal 35 22 11 2 46 95 84

Tampa Bay Detroit

Toronto Boston Florida Ottawa Buffalo

36 21 11 3 5 18 8 35 20 12 35 18 14 3 2 15 9 34 14 14 35 13 19

4 9 3 3 8 6 3

46 117 96 45 100 87 43 118 102 39 91 91 38 73 82 34 90 94 29 69 115

MetropolitanDivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA Pittsburgh 3 4 2 2 7 5 49 108 80 N.y.lslanders 34 23 11 0 46 105 94 N.y. Rangers 32 18 10 4 40 97 83 Washington 34 17 11 6 40 99 90 Philadelphia 34 14 14 6 34 97 101 Columbus 33 14 16 3 31 80 107 New Jersey 36 12 17 7 31 78 104 C arolina 3 4 1 0 2 0 4 24 70 93 WESTERNCONFERENCE CentralDivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA Chicago 35 23 10 2 48 107 72 Nashville 3 3 22 9 2 46 95 70 St. Louis 34 21 10 3 45 100 86 Winnipeg 35 18 10 7 43 88 81 Minnesota 32 16 13 3 35 93 89 Colorado 34 13 13 8 34 90 101 Dallas 33 14 14 5 33 95 113 PacificDivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA Anaheim 3 6 23 8 5 51 104 98 SanJose 35 19 11 5 43 99 90 Vancouver 33 20 11 2 42 99 91 Los Angeles 35 17 11 7 41 97 88 Calgary 36 18 15 3 39 104 98 Arizona 34 12 18 4 28 80 112 Edmonton 3 5 7 2 1 7 21 75 121

Today'sGames NY IslandersatBuffalo4pm Detroit atOttawa,4p.m. CarolinaatTampaBay,4 p.m. NewJerseyat N.y.Rangers,4 p.m. Bosto natColumbus,4p.m. Winnipegat Minnesota, 4p.m. Washingtonat Pittsburgh,4:30p.m. Dallas atSt.Louis, 5p.m. PhiladelphiaatNashvile, 5 p.m. AnaheimatArizona,5 p.m. ChicagoatColorado,6p.m. EdmontonatCalgary, 7p.m. SanJoseat LosAngeles,7p.m.

DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L


WASHIN GTON NATIDNALS — Agreed to terms with 28DanUggla,18 Clint Robinson,38 lanStewart andRHP sHeathBell, MitchLivelyandScott McGregor

on minorleaguecontracts.


NationalBasketballAssociation NBA —Suspended N.Y.Knicks FQuincyAcy one gameandfined him$15,000 fora Flagrant FoulTwo duringThursday'sgame. HOUSTONROCKETS — Signed FJoshSmith. Friday,Jan.2 Released FTarik Black. ArmedForcesBowl FOOTBAL L Pittsburgh(6-6)vs.Houston (7-5), 9a.m. NationalFootballLeague TaxSlayerBowl NFL — F i n e d Oa k l a n d DE J ustinTuck,SanFranlowa(7-5) vs.Tennessee(6-6),12:20 p.m. cisco DTJoeStaleyand Detroit DEZiggyAnsah AlamoBowl $22,0 50;SeattleRBMarshawnLynch$11,050;and UCLA(9-3)vs.KansasState(9-3), 3:45p.m. San FranciscoWRAnquan Boldin $10,000for their CactusBowl Oklahoma State(6-6) vs.Washington(8-5), 7:15p.m. actionsduringlastweek'sgames. CHICAGO BEARS— Agreed to termswith CRohertoGarzaonaone-yearcontract. Saturday,Jan. 3 SANFRANCISC049ERS—Placed DLAlexBoone Birmingham IAla.) Bow l and SBubbaVentroneon injured reserve.SignedWT Florida(6-5)vs.East Carolina(8-4),10 a.m. TrindonHoffidayto atwo-year contract andCBCamGoDaddyBowl eronFullerfromthepracticesquad. Toledo(8-4)vs.ArkansasState(7-5), 6p.m. SEATTLESEAHAWKS — Released DT Travian Robertson. Monday,Jan.12 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS— Agreed to terms CollegeFootballChampionship with WR Louis Murphyon a multi-year contract exAt Arlington, Texas tension. SugarBowlwinnervs. RoseBowlwinner,5:30 p.m. HOCKEY NationalHockeyLeague America's Line COLUMBU S BLUEJACKETS — Added CSean CoffinsfromSpringfield (AHL)hyemergencyrecall. Hometeam inCAPS NEWJERSEYDEVILS— FiredcoachPeteDeBoer. Favorite Open Current 0/U Underdog COLLEG E GEOR GIA—AnnouncedRBToddGurley wil enter College the NFL draft. Today KANSAS —NamedMikeDihhini wom en'ssoccer Military Bowl Cincinnati 3 t/t 3 5 0t/ t VaTech coach. Sun Bowl PRTSBU RGH— Named Pat Narduzzi football Arizona St 8'/t 7 ' / t 6 5 '/t coach. Independence Bowl SOUTHCAROLINA— AnnouncedRBMikeDavis S Carolinawill enter Miami-Fla PK 3t/t 61t/t theNFLdraft.




azerso en - ame Omes an wi eas win


The Associated Press



PORTLAND — M i s sing two centers and All-Star for-

earn another win.

Damian Lillard scored 28 points, Wesley Matthews had 25 and the Trail Blazers hit a

season-high 18 3-pointers on their way to a 114-93 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Fri-

day night. M atthews went 7 fo r 1 4 from beyond the arc, and made at least one 3, and the

Blazers (24-7) tied a franchise record with 43 3 - p oint attempts.

Aldridge was s i delined for the s econd

time in three NSXt llP games with New York an u p p er at portland respirato- Ihen: 6 p.m. ry i l l ness, SUnday TV:CSNNW

Radio.KBND 1110-AM, 100.1-FM;

KRCO690-AM, 9 6 .9-FM

five in 3-point attempts and makes, so they had more than enough offense to post their

seventh win in eight games. knew


wer e

short-handed, obv i ously without L.A. and (Lopez), so we knew it was going to be a different type of game," Lillard said. "I thought we went out there and did what we needed to do."

Lillard and Matthews got rolling during the third quarter. Matthews made back-to-

back 3-pointers, and Lillard scored 12 consecutive points for Portland in one stretch.

Don Ryan/The Associated Press

Portland's Joel Freeland pulls in a rebound during the first half against Philadelphia on Friday night. Freeland pulled in a career-high17 rebounds and scored six points as the Trail Blazers defeated the 76ers114-93 in Portland.

The duo scored 22 of the team's 27 third-quarter points as Portland took a 88-74 into

Also on Friday: Rockets debut. Nuggets 106, Timberwolves Bucks 107, Hawks 77: AT-

the fourth quarter.

102: DENVER — K enneth

Leading 27-24 after the first quarter, Portland put together

Faried had a career-high 25 rebounds to go along with 26

a dazzling display of 3-point points to lead Denver. Faried shooting. The Blazers made tied the NBA's highest reseven 3s, including three by bounding total this season. It M atthews, to build a

l e ad was Faried's best game since

ki had 14 while moving up another spot on the NBA's LANTA — Reserve forward scoring list. Nowitzki passed Jared Dudley made all 10 Elvin Hayes for eighth on the shots, including four 3-point- NBA's scoring list, and 10th ers, and scored a season-high on the combined NBA-ABA 24points to lead Milwaukee. list. Nowitzki, in his 17th seaCavaliers 98, Magic 89: son, finished at 27,322 points, ORLANDO, Fla. — LeBron nine ahead of Hayes. James had 29 points and eight Pistons 119, Pacers 109: assists for Cleveland. Kevin AUBURN HILLS, Mich. Love scored 22 points and re- Greg Monroe had 19 points

as large as 16 points. Dorell he had 22 points and 17 reWright's 3-pointer just before bounds in a victory over Dethe buzzer gave Portland a troit on opening night. 61-51 halftime lead. Pelicans 97, Spurs 90: serve Dion Waiters added 17 "We are a relentless team, a NEW ORLEANS — Antho- for the Cavaliers, who played confident team. We've played ny Davis had 22 points, 12 without point guard Kyrie Irand won every kind of way rebounds and five blocks ving (bruised knee). this season," Matthews said. to lead New Orleans, which Thunder 98, Hornets 75: With Aldridge and Kaman earned consecutive wins over OKLAHOM A CITY — Rusout, Portland used its eighth

the Spurs for the first time in

sell Westbrook scored 29

starting lineup of the season. team history. They also won points, and Oklahoma City Forward Thomas Robinson made his second start, and

100-99 in San A ntonio on

snapped Charlotte's f o ur-

Freeland his fifth.

Nov. 8. game winning streak. Rockets 117, Grizzlies 111: Mavericks 102, L akers

The Blazers have won 13 of 15 home games this season

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — James Harden had 32 points and 10

98: DALLAS — Rajon Ron-

1998-99 when they were 14-1.

Smith scored 21 points in his

Dallas, and


and 1 5

r e b ounds, A n dre

Drummond scored 20 points and Detroit ended a f our-

Continued from C1 Of course, my entry is not exactly guaranteed. If I t ell

the North Korean organizers that I work for The New York Times, they may not let me in.

22 7 21 8 20 8 20 9 18 11 15 15 14 16 13 15 10 17 11 21 10 20 10 20 6 23 5 26 4 24

Johnson4-13 1-2 9, Garnett3-5 0-06, Plumlee 6-7 2-614, Jack8-1410-1027, Karasev3-7 0-0 7, 759 Lopez4-70-0 8,Anderson5-7 2-215, Wiliams2-6 724 1 4-6 8, Teletovic4-111-211, Bogdan ovic 2-60-0 4. 714 1'/z Totals 41-8320-28109. 690 2 BOSTON (107) 621 4 Green10-181-2 22,Sullinger8-161-1 19,Zeller 500 7'/2 6-9 2-2 14,Smart2-6 0-0 5, Bradley7-14 0-0 17, 467 Br/r Nelson1-32-35,Olynyk5-81-211, Turner1-40-03, 464 8'/r Wright2-30-04, Crowder1-41-1 3, Bass2-20-04, 370 11 Wallac e0-00-00.Totals48-878-11107. 344 12'/r Brooklyn 28 28 23 30 — 109 333 12'/r Boston 29 27 30 21 — 107 333 12'/z

207 16 161 18

143 17'/r

MINNESOT A(102) Muhammad 5-142-214,Young10-213-423,Dieng 5-124-614, LaVi n e 4-70-08, Wiggins8-185-8 774 I/2 22, Williams1-9 0-02, Budinger2-8 0-04, Bennett 750 2 1-30-02,Adrien2-52-36, Hummel3-61-1 7,Dan724 2'/z -00-00.Totals41-10317-24102. 677 3'/r iels0 DENVER (106) 667 4 Chandler 7-21 5-6 21, Faried 11-15 4-5 26, 581 6'/r Mozgov4 93 411, Law son 6174 416, Afflalo416 548 7r/r 5-6 13, Hickson2-6 0-0 4, Gee2-6 2-3 7, Nurkic 517 8'/r 3-4 2-4 8,Robinson0-1 0-0 0. Totals 39-95 25484 9'/r 32 106. 433 11 Minnesota 27 20 27 28 — 102 414 11r/r Denver 26 27 26 27 — 106 310 14'/z 300 15 179 18 Mavericks102, Lakers 98

B ut hey,

a fe l l o w c a n

been inside the hermit nation. But I did visit the Joint Secu-

rity Area inside the Demilitarized Zone between North

and South Korea while traveling with the U.S. men's soccer team at the 2002 World Cup.

Only a concrete slab resembling a sidewalk separated the two countries. South Ko-

rean guards stood in a ritual taekwondo stance on one side, fists clenched at their

sides, feet spread. Visitors to a conference room straddling the borderwere cautioned not

to be alarmed if the North Korean guards offereda certain

internationally r ecognized, one-finger salute. On several o ccasions, I have encountered the odd en-

terprise that is North Korean sports. During the 1999 Wom-

HOUSTON (117) Ariza 5-131-215,Motiejunas2-40-04, Howard 1-44-86, Beverley5-120-012, Harden10-1710-11 32, Smith9-21 3-321, Dorsey1-2 0-0 2, Shved0-2 3-4 3, Brewer 5-10 0-013, Terry3-6 0-0 9. Totals 41-91 21-28117.

MEMPHIS (111) Allen 4-112-210,Leuer2-3 0-0 4, Gasol 12-21 4-4 29, Conley4-151-2 11, Lee1-61-1 4, Prince 4-12 0-2 8,Udrih7-12 2-317, Pondexter5-10 4-5 14, Koufos1-42-2 4,Carter 3-102-210. Totals 4310418-23111. Houston 24 2 6 29 28 13 — 117 Memphis 31 2 6 24 23 7 — 111

INDIANA (109) S.Hill 4-8 5-514,West3-12 0-06, Hibbert 5-10 9-1019,Watson6-80-214, Stuckey4-70-09, Miles 1-4 0-0 3,Allen5-60-010, G.Hil 5-120-013, Scola 7-13 0-114,Sloan1-1 2-2 4, Copeland1-1 0-03, Whittington 0-10-20. Totals 42-8316-22109. DETROIT (119) Singler3-91-29,Monroe7-115-819,Drumm ond 9-12 2-8 20,Jennings6-12 0-0 14, Caldwell-Pope 6-13 1-1 15,Jerebko3-7 3-410, Butler 1-4 0-03, Augustin6-81-214, Meeks6-9 0-013, Anthony0-1 2-42. Totals 47-8615-29119. Indiana 26 27 29 27 — 109 Detroit 32 26 36 26 — 119

Thunder 98, Hornets 75 CHARLO TTE(75) Kidd-Gilchrist2-65-59, Zeller4-91-1 9,Jefferson 2-7 0-0 4,Walker2-13 2-26, Henderson1-7 0-0 2, Williams 4 82 411,Biyombo0 20 00, Neal1-84 4 6, Hairston 2-90-25, Roberts5-94-417, Taylor1-5 1-2 3, Maxieg0-21-21, Vonleh1-2 0-0 2. Totals 25-87 20-2675. OKLAHOM ACITY(98) Jones2-52-2 6, Ibaka5-14 0-0 13, Adams2-3 1-3 5,Westbrook11-216-629, Roberson2-5 0-04, Morrow4-70-011, Perkins2-61-2 5, Jackson2-8 4-49, Lamb1-44-46,Collison3-50-06, Smith1-2 0-0 2, Jerrett0-5 0-0 0,Thomas1-3 0-02. Totals 36-88 18-2198. 24 16 16 19 — 75 Charlotte Oklahoma Cit y 3 3 2 6 22 17 — 98

When Kim JongII died in December 2011, his reported sporting exploits were recalled, including a perfect 300 in his first bowling match and five hole-in-ones during his maiden round of golf. "Imagine the schedule he kept," Brandel Chamblee,a commentator on the Golf Channel, told me at the time. "Eight to 11 — enrich uranium; 1 to 4 — destroy the world; 4 to 7 — play golf, shoot 11 holes in one and call it a night." Given such possibility for weirdness, who could resist a chance to run in the Pyongyang Marathon?

If I do not tell them, they may not let me out. dream. Technically, I have never

Rockets117, Grizzlies111 (OT)

PHIUIDELPHIA (93) MbahaMoute3-73-49,Covington3-100-28, Noel 4-90-2 8, Carter-Wiliams8-201-417, Sampson441-29, McDaniels386812,Sims4600 8, Wroten 7-137-922, Grant0-40-20, Aldemir0-0 0-0 0,Thoma s0-0 0-00. Totals 36-8118-33 93. PORTLAND (114) Batum5-83-314, Robinson3-61-2 7, Freeland 3-7 0-0 6, Liffard9-17 7-7 28,Matthews9-18 0-0 25, Leonard1-41-2 3, Blake1-40-0 3,Wright 3-6 0-08, Crabbe1-30-03,Claver2-40-05, McCollum 3-8 0-0 8,Barton2-3 0-0 4. Totals 42-88 12-14 114. Philadelphia 24 2 7 23 19 — 93 Porffand 27 34 27 26 — 114 3-Point Goals—Philadelphia 3-14 (Covington 2-6, Wroten1-4, Carter-Wiliams 0-1, McDaniels 0-1, Mbah a Moute 0-2), Portland18-43(Matthews 7-14, Lillard3-8, McCollum2-4, Wright 2-4, Claver 1-1, Crabbe1-2,Blake1-4, Batum1-4, Barton0-1, Leonard0-1). FouledOut—None. Rebounds—Philadelphia55(Sims8), Portland53(Freeland17). Assists — Philadelphia16 (Carter-Wiliams5), Portland 25 (Lillard 9).TotalFouls—Philadelphia14, Portland 22. Technical— s Philadelphia CoachBrown, Philadelphia defensivethree second. A—19,972 (19,980).

SANANTONIO(90) K.Anderson 0-40-00, Duncan8-14 4-420, Splitter 0-1 0-0 0,Joseph8-9 3-4 20,Green3-100-1 8, Belineffi6-140-213, Ginobili 5-100-012, Diaw5-8 0-0 10,Baynes2-4 3-3 7, Bonner0-0 0-0 0, Daye 0-1 0-0 0, Ayres0-0 0-00.Totals 37-76 10-1490. NEWORLEANS(97) Babbitt 0-20-00, Davis8-196-622, Asik1-32-2 4, Holiday 6-142-415, Evans3-94-411, Rivers5-13 1-212,R.Anderson7-156-622, Cunningham1-10-0 2, Alinca2-40-0 4, Salmons2-40-05, Fredette0-0 0-00, Withey 0-00-00, Smith0-00-00. Totals 3584 21-2497. SanAntonio 24 2 0 20 26 — 90 Neworleans 20 2 8 22 27 — 97

D i r k N o w i tz- former team.

DALLAS {102)

Parsons6-90-012, Nowitzki5-134-414, Chandler 5-7 5-715,Rondo10-17 0-2 21, Ellis 6-123-5 15, Harris3-80-06, Vilanueva5-9 0-013, Smith 0-2 0-20,Jeff erson2-31-46,Barea0-30-00.Totals 42-8313-24102. L.A. Lakers 19 23 20 36 — 98 Dallas 26 22 24 30 — 102

Pistons119, Pacers109

Nets 109, Celtics 107: BOSTON — Jarrett Jack made a tiebreaking jumper with 28

rebounds, and Isaiah Thomas

L.A. UIKERS (98)

Johnson3-14 3-5 11, Davis1-6 8-1010, Hil 6-13 0-012, Price3-90-0 7, Ellington4-102-212, Young5-160-015, Boozer9-160-118, Lin 2-80-0 5, Sacre1-20-02, Clarkson2-5 2-26. Totals 36-99 15-20 98.

Trail Blazers114, 76ers 93

Pelicans 97, Spurs 90

seconds left to lift Brooklyn. Suns 115, Kings 106: SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Marcus Morris had 20 points and nine

Ntfggets106, Timberswolves102

Pct GB 821

game skid.

do scored a season-high 21 keyed a decisive 18-7 run in for their best home start since assists for Houston, and Josh points in his fourth game with the fourth quarter against his

Nortb Korea

d-Toronto d-Atlanta Washington d-Chicago Cleveland Milwaukee Miami Brooklyn Boston Orlando Indiana Charlotte Detroit NewYork Philadelphia


EasternConference W L Pct GB


unavailable. But th e B l azers are among the NBA's top


Nets109, Celtics107

All TimesPST

Friday's Games Brooklyn109,Boston107 Cleveland 98,Orlando89 Milwaukee107,Atlanta77 Detroit119,Indiana109 NewOrleans97,SanAntonio90 Oklahoma City 98, Charlotte 75 Houston117,Memphis111, OT Dallas102,L.A.Lakers98 Denver106,Minnesota102 Portland114,Philadelphia93 Phoenix115,Sacramento106. Today'sGam es TorontoatLA. Clippers,12:30p.m. Boston at Washington,4 p.m. OrlandoatCharlotte,4 p.m. MemphisatMiami, 4:30p.m. NewOrleansatChicago,5p.m. Indiana at Brooklyn, 5p.m. Atlantaat Milwaukee,5:30p.m. Philadelphiaat Utah 6p.m. NewYorkatSacramento, 7p.m. MinnesotaatGolden State, 7:30 p.m. Sunday'sGames Detroit atCleveland 1:30p.m. Houstonat SanAntonio, 4p.m. Oklahoma City at Dalas,4:30 p.m. NewYorkatPortland, 6 p.m. TorontoatDenver, 6p.m. PhoenixatL.A.Lakers,6:30 p.m.

Lillard made three 3-pointers. Eight Portland players

man (birth of child) and Robin Lopez (right hand frac t u r e ) a lso w e re


WesternConference W L d-Golden State 23 5 d-Portland 24 7 d-Houston 21 7 Memphis 21 8 Dallas 21 10 L.A. Clippers 20 10 SanAntonio 18 13 Phoenix 17 14 NewOrleans 15 14 Oklahoma City 15 16 Denver 13 17 Sacramen to 12 17 Utah 9 20 L.A. Lakers 9 21 Minnesota 5 23 d-divisionleader

ward LaMarcus Aldridge, the Portland Trail Blazers used their long-range shooting to

and centers C hris K a -


Bucks107, Hawks77 MILWAUKE E(107) Antetokounmpo 2-103-4 7, O'Bryant5-9 2-412, Pachulia6-9 2-2 14, Knight5-114-4 16, Marshall 2-6 0-0 4,Dudley10-100-0 24, Henson1-2 3-45, Bayless3-75-512, Middleton1-7 0-0 2, Mayo5-8 0-011,Wolters0-00-00. Totals40-7919-23107. ATLANTA (77) Carroll 0-6 0-0 0,Milsap8-105-6 22,Horford 5-9 3-413, Teague 5-10 2-212, Korver1-8 0-03, Sefolosha4-60-0 8, Payne1-4 0-02, Schroder1-9 1-23, Bazem ore1-40-03, Scott2-40 05, Brand0-1 0-00,Mack1-30-02,Muscala2-20-04.Totals 31-7611-14 77. Milwaukee 24 34 23 26 — 107 Atlanta 22 20 16 19 — 77

Cavaliers 98, Magic 89 CLEVELAND (98) Love7-17 5-522,James10-20 9-11 29,Thompson3-83-39,Deff avedova2-72-28,Miller3-80-0 9, Waiters6-14 5-517, Marion2-60-0 4, Price0-0 0 00 J Harris00000. Totals 338024 2698. ORLANDO (89) THarris 7-160016, O'Quinn0-3 0-00, Vucevic 6-10 0-012,Payton3-50-0 6,Oladipo5-143-413, Fournier5-103-3 15,Frye3-6 0-0 9, Dedmon3-3 2 48, BGordon460110. Totals 367381289. Cleveland 27 22 22 27 — 98 Orlando 32 21 22 14 — 89

Sulis115, Kiligs106 PHOENIX (115) Tucker 2-8 1-2 6, MarkMorris 8-110-0 17,Len 5-9 0-010,G.Dragic6-152-216, Bledsoe7-113-5 18, Thomas7-171-1 17,Marc.Morris 7-120-0 20, Plumlee1-3 2 24, Green3 80 07, ZDraoic 0 00 0 0, Randolph 0 00 00. Totals 46 94 9 12118. SACRAMNT E O(106) Gay7-152-216,Thom pson1-1 0-02, Evans5-13 1-211, Collison5-125-619, McLemore5-141-313, Williams7-91-316, Casspi3-55-611, Landry6-14 0-012, McCallum 2-80-04,Stauskas0-22-22.Totals 41-9317-24106. Phoenix 28 31 35 21 — 115 Sacramento 21 3 8 34 16 — 106

flags were forbidden and that one runner apparently had to wear jeans because the shoe-company logo on his shorts was too prominent. One other thing: Forget about portable toilets on the

course. "Instead,there are a few strategic toilets marked along

en's World Cup in the United States, North Korea's team

clear crisis yet?" Team officials broke into

exited in group play, but not laughter. before a number of players Egan also tried to land corhad taken advantage of free porate sponsorships forthe dental care. team, to no avail. Perhaps beFour years later, the Wom- causehisproposal for a soften's World Cup r eturned drink commercial featured a to the United States after a nuclear explosion that would SARS epidemic forced the detonate as a North Korean tournament's relocation from player kicked the ball. "Doesn't anyone have a China. At a hotel outside Philadelphia, I met up with the sense of humor?" Egan asked. North Koreans, who were beAt the 2010 men's World ing hosted by a guy who ran a Cup in South Africa, FIFA rerib joint in Hackensack, New peatedly intervened to prohibJersey. it questions about North KoThe garrulous chef, Rob- rea. Unanswered were such ert Egan, was also president gems as: Was North Korea's of a trade organization that coach really receiving tactisought to improve relations cal instruction on an invisible between the two countries. cellphone invented by Dear He cooked for the North KoLeader Kim Jong Il'? reans that night, at one point A year later, at the 2011 sticking his head out of the Women's World Cup in Gerkitchen and shouting, "Mr. many, five North Korean playPak, have we solved the nuers tested positive for steroids.

FIFA barred the team from the 2015 tournament in Cana-

weirdness, who could resist

the route in public buildings

a chance to run in the Pyongda, even though North Korea yang Marathon? devisedperhaps the greatest A four-day, three-night trip excuse ever for a failed drug from Beijing for the 2015 race test: Its players had used tra- costs about $1,400. Runners ditional medicine involving will arrive on April 11 and musk deer glands after being compete on April 12. Tour struck by lightning. promotions are unfailingly When Kim Jong Il — Kim upbeat. Jong Un's father — died in The marathon will start afDecember 2011, his reported ter an energy-efficient breaksporting exploits were re- fast! The race begins and called, including a perfect 300 ends before a crowd of 50,000 in his first bowling match and at Kim Il Sung Stadium! The five hole-in-ones during his course includes the Arch of maiden round of golf. Triumph, Kurung T unnel "Imagine the schedule he (Nos. 1 and 2!) and the Dennis

and restaurants, some as far

kept," B r andel

to buy r ar e N orth K o rean souvenirs not available anywhere but in N o rth K orea! Take that, Barnes % Noble.

C h a mblee, Rodman Eternal Life Tower a commentator on the Golf and Tattoo Parlor! Channel, told me at the time. OK, the Rodman part is not "Eight to 11 — enrich ura- true. nium; 1 to 4 — destroy the Writing for Slate about world; 4 to 7 — play golf, shoot his 2013 trip to the race, Will 11 holes in one and call it a Philipps, a freelance writer

night." Given such possibility for

based in China, noted that Japanese a n d

as 50 metersaway from the course and one, unbelievably, on the second floor of a build-

ing " Philipps wrote. Postrace in April, runners will visit Pyongyang's Water Park for a swim and a

frolic in the bubble pool. The New York City Marathon has

many things, people, but it does not have a bubble pool. The next day, sightseeing runners will tour monuments;

see a captured U.S. ship, the USS Pueblo; and stop at the

Foreign Language Bookstore

I sent my application more than a week ago. Still waiting to hear. I hope I have a better

chance to get in the race than A me r i c an Seth Rogen.




orescorin means on er ames By Eric Oison

Beaversgameslongerwith fewer plays

The Associated Press

Bear Bryant said offense

sells tickets, and he was right. College football is enjoying immense popularity in an era of record scoring. But is there too much of a good thing? All that scoring caused this season's average length of game to hit 3 hours, 23 min-

utes in late November, according to the NCAA. That was up from 3:17 last season. Games


are, on average, 14 minutes longer than in 2008. By com-


Oregon's games, despite having 31/2 more plays per game than the average college contest, was actually 4 minutes shorter, while the average OregonState gamewas4 minutes longer than the average college game. Time Score Plays/Team Shortest Ducks game 2:58 d. Wyoming, 48-14 71 Shortest Beavers game 3:01 d. San Diego St., 28-7 68~/2 Average Ducks game 3:19 751/2 Average college game 3:23 72 70'/2 Average Beaversgame 3:27 Longest Beavers game 3:48 d. Hawaii, 38-30 78/2 Longest Ducks game 3:48 d. California, 59-14 84 ~/2

ought to probably be in that 3:15 to 3:20 range."

the top tier of college footbalL The NFL scoring average

B aylor's 61-58 wi n o v e r is 22.7 points per team, per TCU on Oct. 11 — at 4 hours, game. In the Bowl Subdivision

25 minutes — was the sea- it is 29.4, the same as last year son's longest game that did and just under the record of not go overtime or was not 29.5 in 2012. delayed by weather, accordThe game clock stops for ing to STATS. Temple's 59-0 three to four minutes every win over Delaware State on time a touchdown is scored. Sept. 20 — at 2:40 — was the shortest.

That is how long it takes to kickthe extra point and for the

Television agreements vary by conference and network,

clock to start running again on the kick return or next play

from scrimmage if there is no or fourcommercial breaks of runback. differing lengths per quarter. Though college football "In this world, you always attendance remains robust, parison, this season's NFL average is 3:07. Associated Press, "but the cu- are moved after first downs. want to make sure that if a TV administrators are a lways "I think it's trending in the mulative effect has generated Another idea is to allow the commercial break is 2 min- looking for ways to draw fans wrong direction, and it is a some concern among some quarterback and one defen- utes, 30 seconds, it's 2 minutes away from their high-definiconcern," American Athlet- stakeholders so that it is prob- siveplayer to have earpieces 30 seconds and not three min- tion TVs at home and to the ic Conference commissioner ably something that the com- in their helmets to allow for ra- utes," Big Ten senior associate stadium. Once t h ere, t hey Mike Aresco said. mittee will want to take a look dio contact with coaches and commissioner for t elevision need to be entertained when Administrators are wary at." streamline communication, as administration Mark Rudner the game is in a lull. of turning off fans, especially Increasing game lengths in the NFL. said. "TV has a stake in it too. Some schools have hired Mid-American Conference The last thing TV wants to do "fan experience"directors to young ones who crave faster prompted rules changes in action and represent future 2008. One shortened the in- commissionerJon Steinbrech- is have a game that goes too keep game day fun. Wi-Fi has ticket buyers. They also are terval between when the clock er, who chairs the College long and miss a game that is been enhanced at stadiums, mindful of the risk of injury stopped and restarted on plays Football Officiating Board of coming up." and bigger-than-ever video to fatigued players who are on that end out of bounds. Anoth- Managers, said it is imperative ESPN senior vice president boards have been installed. the field longer and for more er required the 40-second play to keep the average game un- Burke Magnus said as long as Still, many schools are seeing plays. clock to start right when the der3:30.Thatfigure coincides the average game does not ex- declines in student ticket sales. The NCAA Football Rules previous play is blown dead. with the typical window TV tend past 3 I/2 hours, his net- Those students represent the Committee expects to discuss No changes are imminent networks allot for a game. work sees no problem. future fan base. "A shorter game is better "People want the experithe issue when it meets in Feb- for 2015, but a number of T he i ssue c o mes b a ck ruary,secretary-rules editor ideas have been proposed. than a longer game. That's to t h ose h i g h-producing ence," said Jim Kahler, execuRogers Redding said. They include shortening half- painting with a broad brush," offenses. tive director of Ohio Universi"The 14-minute increase time from 20 to 12 minutes Steinbrecher said. "If a game In the N FL, th e average ty's Center for Sports Adminhas been gradual" since 2008, and keepingthe game clock is exciting, I suppose it doesn't number of offensive plays per istration, "but they want it conhe wrote in an email to The running while the chains matter how long it takes. We team is 64 a game. It is 72 in venient and they want it fast." but generally there are three


Ekpre-Olomu Continued from C1 He also played the majority of the game at Utah after Ekpre-Olomu went out in the first quarter with

a foot injury. Seisay has made 20 tack-

les (15 solo) in 11 games played this season. He has three pass breakups,three

passes defended and a forcedfumble. "I just have to step into a

bigger role, a starting role," Seisay said. "I have to hold my own and just show people they can't pick on me." Oregon's defensive secondary willbe facing Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, the 2013 Heisman

Trophywinner, whoseweapons in the passing game indude wide receiver Rashad Greene (93 receptions, 1,306 yards, seven TDs) and tight end Nick O'Leary (47 receptions, 614 yards, six TDs). Hill, an all-Pac-12 sec-

ond-team selection playing opposite Ekpre-Olomu, has had an outstanding senior season. Safety Erick D argan is arguably the defense's most valuable player this season. And redshirt fresh-

man safety Tyree Robinson is an emerging star. Winston w i l l

c e r t ain-

ly try to find out if Seisay and senior Dior Mathis are weak links. "Seisay and Dior, we've got a lot of confidence in them," Hill said. "They've played a lot and they're veterans, really. We feel real good about what they bring to the table. We know we

victories over t h en-No. 17 LSU and then-No. 8 Missis-

have tomesh a lot harder because Ifo's presence is goingto be out of the game." Ekpre-Olomu, who was projected as an early-round NFL pick before his season-ending injury during a

sippi. That late-season burst

noncontact drill inside the

earned Arkansas a bowl invite with the Longhorns in a

Moshofsky Center, had 63 tackles, 11 passes defended, nine pass breakups, two interceptions and a forced fumble this season.

Continued from C1 The Razorbacks won three

of their last five regular-season games, including shutout

matchup of former rivals in the now-defunct Southwest-

ern Conference. "About half the people that

"I'm very confident that

we're going to be fine," Neal said. "The tough thing

come to Arkansas, even stu-

dents, are from Texas," Hollister said. Texas Bowl officials a nnounced last w eek

from a personalaspect is

just to see Ifo in this situation. It's just really hard to

t h at

the bowl had sold out for the first time in its nine-year history. "It's a big old rivalry that should be a lot of fun."

look at him as a coach and

the Longhorns to put the Razorbacks back in the national

as a friend and think of all the things he's done for us. "To have something like that happen out of nowhere (during a) simple drill, very tragic." Oregon wide receiver

conversation for the 2015 sea-

Bralon Addison, who has

son. Arkansas finished the 2011 season 11-2 and ranked

ter tearing an ACL in the

The 6 -foot-4, 2 07-pound Hollister says he looks for

Monday's bowl game against

not played this season af-

seventh in the country after defeating Kansas State 29-16 in the Cotton Bowl. The pro-

Photo courtesy of University of Arkansas

gram won just seven games Arkansas wide receiver Cody Hoilister makes a catch over the middle against Northern Illinois earlier this season. Holiister, a Mountain over the next tw o seasons, View product, and the Razorbacks are preparing to playTexas in the Texas Bowl onMonday. though, before rebounding this year. "(At the Texas Bowl) I want ern, ended this season with 17 great offseason." "Coach (Bret) Bielema rePersonally, Hollister hopes to use the Texas Bowl as a to set the tone for the guy I'm receptions for 244 yards and The Razorbacks have Hog- iterated with the seniors all springboard heading i nto going to be," he added. "I have two touchdowns. His f i n al sized expectations heading year, 'You set the tone, you spring practice. a lot of confidence in myself, game oftheyear,a 36-30 loss into next season with 12 start- can be the ones that turned "Obviously, I hope to get but I want my coaches and at New Mexico, was his best, ers expected to return to a around Arkansas football,'" more looks next year," said teammates to know I can be as hemade four catches for75 team that lost five games by a he continued. "It's cool for Hollister, who graduated from one of those go-to guys, too." yards and a touchdown. touchdown or less, including them to be able to say that "My brother set a good ex- a 14-13 defeat to current No. 1 and know that down the road Mountain View with virtually Hollister points to his twin we're just going to keep getevery Cougar career receiv- brother, Jacob, who played ample," Cody Hollister said. Alabama. " We k ne w t h i s season ting better. And winning a ing record. Last season, at Ar- tight end for Wyoming this "His last game out he had izona Western College, Hol- season. Jacob Hollister, a a great game — almost 100 was going to be a fight and a bowl game is a great way to lister led the Matadors with standout high school quar- yards receiving. He set the grind," Cody Hollister said. start that off." 69 receptions for 934 yards terbackwho made the move tone for next year. A great "And we know we have so — Reporter: 541-383-0305; and five touchdowns. to tight end at Arizona West- final game can project into a much potential for next year.

spring, said he helped Ekpre-Olomu get through the "initial stage of shock" after the injury. U nfortunately fo r


Ducks, fighting through this type of adversity has been a common theme throughout 2014. Left tackle Tyler Johnstone went down with a

torn ACL i n p reseason camp. Starting tight end Pharaoh Brown was lost after a gruesome leg injury against Utah. All-America center Hro-

niss Grasu (missed the last three games) and right tackle Andre Yruretagoyena (missed eight games) have endured significant lower-leg injuries. "You have to internalize

it," Pellum said, referring to the injury to Ekpre-Olo-


mu. "Then the next thing

N.C. State holds off Central Florida in St. Petersburg Bowl of total offense — over 200 more than opponents averaged against the Knights during the regular season.

turnaround under coach Dave

UCF's Ranneii Hall stiff-arms N.C. State's Jack Tocho during the

Doeren with a strong perfor-

first quarter

mance in the St. Petersburg

of the St. Petersburg Bowl

interceptions, completing pass- passes taken away because of es to eight receivers. Thornton interference penalties.

The Associated Press ST. PETERSBURG, F l a. — North Carolina State took a nother step forward in i t s

Bowl. Jacoby Brissett threw for

on Friday.

262 yards and one touchdown and Matt Dayes scored on runs

N.C. State won 34-27.

of 24 and 15 yards to help the

Monica Herndon / Tampa Bay Times

Wolfpack beat Central Florida 34-27 on Friday night. Brissett tossed a 37-yard TD

pass to Johnathan Alston to put the Wolfpack (8-5) ahead for good in the second quarter. Running back Shadrach Thornton got N.C. State going early with an 18-yard scoring pass to Jaylen Samuels. UCF (9-4) began the night

Brissett was 15 of 26 with no

Big Ten season. Rutgers led 40-7 before the Tar Heels (6-7) scored twice in the final 7 min-

utes. North Carolina also had two second-half touchdown

rushed for 96 yards on 17 car-


ries and Dayes finished with 78 yards on 13 attempts to key

Louisiana Tech 35, Illinois

a ground attack that produced

188 yards. Also on Friday:

18: DALLAS — Houston Bates had 4~/2 sacks against his former team to lead Louisiana

Tech. Bates graduated from QUICK LANE BOWL Illinois with a year of eligibiliRutgers 40 North Carolina ty remaining and transferred 21: DETROIT — Josh Hicks to Louisiana Tech (9-5) to finran for 202 yards and a touch- ish his college career close to down to lead Rutgers. Gary home. Kenneth Dixon scored Nova threw for 184 yards and one of his two touchdowns two touchdowns, and Robert on an 80-yard reception, and

ranked in the top 10 in fewest

American Athletic Conference

yards allowed per game, as well as pass efficiency, rushing and scoring defense. But

co-champions had no answers Martin ran for 100 yards and Xavier Woods returned an infor Brissett and a supporting two scores to help the Scarlet terception69 yards fora score cast thatamassed 488 yards Knights (8-5) cap their first for the Bulldogs.

is you've got to go out and fight for him. You've got to go out and you've got to carry him and fight for him. We've got to fight for Ifo and all the guys who got hurt this year. I think our

whole team has to be ready for this challenge. "We have to go play. That's the bottom line."

~ l









By Paul Newberry • The Associated Press

They kept us on the edge of our seats and brought us to our feet. They sent us into joyful celebration or left us in anguished disbelief. When we look back at 2014, these are some of the games — not to mention stock car races, tennis finals and golf rounds — we will remember the most.

\' 5'



IRON M A N B U M G A R N E R : So much for pitch counts and pampered arms. Madison Bumgarner almost single-handedly pitched the San Francisco Giants to their third World Series title in five years with three masterful performances against the upstart Kansas City Royals. Hewonthe opener (top left) with seven innings of one-hit ball and pitched a four-hit shutout with117 pitches in Game 5 (bottom left). But the drawling left-hander will be remembered most for his performance in Game 7, when he threw five innings of scoreless relief on two days of rest for a decisive 3-2 victory. The last of his 68 pitches came with the potential tying run at third base, resulting in a series-ending pop fly. "You know what?" he would say about half an hour later. "I'm a little tired now."



• vv rr


SHOOTOUT IN SO C HI: T.J.Oshie wasoneof the last choices totheU.S. Olympic hockeyteam, but hesure came up big in Sochi. Facing the Russians and their screaming hometown crowd, including President Vladimir Putin, Oshie scored on four out of six chances in a shootout to give the Americans a thrilling 3-2 victory. Oshie scored in the first round and the shootout was still tied after three attempts by each team. At that point, under

COLTS COME B A CK : Speaking comebacks, of

international rules, the sameshooter can beusedover and over

Luckpassed for443yards and fourtouchdowns,shaking off

again. The Americans kept turning to Oshie, five times in a row, before he put a forehand through the goalie's legs for his fourth

three interceptions. He also scored a touchdown on a fumble

goalin sixchances."Atsomepoint,youthink,'Does he haveany

Not enough, it turned out, for Kansas City to end a 20-year drought since its last playoff win.

more moves left'?' " U.S. captain Zach Parise said.

the Colts pulled off a memorable one of their own in an AFC wild-card playoff game. Kansas City led 38-10 early in the third quarter, but Indianapolis scored 35 second-half points for the second-biggest rally in NFL postseason history. Andrew

recovery. The teamscombined for1,049 yards, a playoff record.

WIMBLEDON CLASSIC: Novak Djokovic wason the verge of finishing off Roger Federer in the fourth set of the Wimbledon men's final. The 33-year-old Swiss star would not go that easy. With Djokovic serving for the match at 5-3, Federer broke for the first time all day. He would go on to win five straight games, forcing a decisive set that pushed this one into classic

territory. Djokovic held onafter nearly four hours of momentum

shifts, winning 6-7 (7), 6-4, 7-6 (4), 5-7, 6-4 to deny Federer his record eighth title at the All-England Club. "I respect your career

and everything you havedone," Djokovic told Federer afterward. "And thank you for letting me win today."

5 vivVP

BRAZIL B L O W O U T : For a soccer-mad nation hosting the World Cup for the first time since1950, it was championship or bust. Oh, what a bust it was. Brazil was blown out by Germany 7-1 in the semifinals, the biggest rout ever that far along in the tournament. The Germans were unstoppable, scoring five goals in the first 30 minutes — four of them in a

SHOCKERS SHOCK ED : Wichita State had not

seven-minute span. "It was very important to stay calm, cool and courageous in facing Brazilian passion," said the winning

five points over the final 18 1/2 minutes. The Wildcats finally went ahead for good, 73-71, when James Young knocked down a 3-pointer with less than two minutes to go. The Shockers had a chance to win it and stay on course to be the first unbeaten national champion since Indiana in1976. Fred VanVleet's 3-pointer bounced off the side of the rim as the horn sounded. Kentucky 78, Wichita State 76.

coach, Joachim Loew, whose team went on to capture the title that was supposed to go to the home team. For Brazil, there was nothing but heartache, a nation plunging into mourning at the

unimaginable result. "We apologize to all Brazilians," defender David Luiz said.


lost since the previous year's Final Four andtook a 35-0 record into its third-round game against Kentucky, a team that had underachieved after starting the year ranked No. 1. The game

went back and forth the entire way, the margin never more than

RACE FOR THE T I T L E : while it may seemabit like pro wrestling in the way it tries to manipulate the results, NASCAR got what it was looking for in the latest version of the Sprint Cup championship. Kevin Harvick pulled off a relentless dash through the field, going from 12th to first over the final 15 laps to claim his first title in the final race of the year at Homestead. He beat three other drivers also seeking their first titles: Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman andJoey Logano. "Ifyou want to win the championship,

you're going tohave tofigure out howto win races," Harvick said. "In the end, that's what it came down to."


WA CO : In a Big 12 showdown,

GLOAM I N G : After golf's first

neither team played a lick of defense until Marcus Mallet returned an interception 49 yards for a touchdown with11 1/2 minutes

come back in that game," Petty said. "Twenty-one points isn't a big deal

three majors failed to produce much drama, the PGA Championship turned out to be pure theater with an All-Star cast. Rory Mcllroy, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson all held a share of the lead on the back nine. The final two hours were filled with eagles and birdies, with tension and chaos. Finally, with darkness threatening to push the finale to the next morning, Mcllroy knocked in a10-inch putt that gave him a one-stroke victory over Mickelson. It was Boy Wonder's second straight major title and fourth overall, making him just the fourth player in the last century to win that many before his 26th birthday. The other three? Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and

for us."

Bobby Jones. Not bad company.

remaining, giving TCU aseemingly comfortable 58-37 lead over Baylor.

Turns out, no lead wassafe against Bears quarterback Bryce Petty. He led three lightning-quick touchdown drives to tie the game, then drove

Baylor into position for Chris Callahan's 28-yard field goal as time

expired for a beyond-improbable 61-58 victory. "I just knew looking

at guys' faces that wewere going to




rioo wisions ow owns i i s ina we e e n •

By Barry Wilner • The Associated Press

rTis the season to watch bowl games. So if anyone is dubbing the Carolina-Atlanta matchup for the NFC South title the Garbage Bowl, well, let them — while also remembering that the winner will make the playoffs — and host a wild-card game. Yes, this year's NFC South

might be the worst division in league history, which will

John Froschauer/The Associated Press

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson's running isn't always planned, but it has worked out well this season.


out of the way to clear a path

to the end zone. Teammate BobbyWagner,

Continued from C1

"We never lost sight of the goal," said linebacker Thomas

that. Throw out the record.

for division titles Sunday have Throw out what has happened a lot more cachet: Detroit and

is unlikely to become only the called it "dope."

Davis, whose Panthers have

this season. We have a chance

second quarterback in NFL

Green Bay at Lambeau Field


S e attle's middle linebacker, "I didn't even see it com-

won three in a row. "And here to do something special, some- for the NFC North, then Cin(6-8-1) or Falcons (6-9), which- we are in the last game of the thing that hasn't been done." cinnati at Pittsburgh for the

history to rush for 1,000 or ing," Wagner said. "I don't more yards in a season. Mi- even know what kind of move

ever team advances.

chael Vick ran for 1,039 yards t hat was that he did to get the

mean nothing to the Panthers

season with a chance to do

The other two showdowns

AFC North.

with the Atlanta Falcons in guyoffbalanceandstiff-arm 2006. him ... to have to play against "Yeah, close t o

1, 00 0 a g u y l i k e t hat w ould be

yards," he said, then laughed. dangerous." "Not sure if I'll get that this Ra m s coach Jeff Fisher is game. Hopefully not. I'll be w ell aware of Wilson's skill out of gas." as a runner. "The best way to Wilson, though, has shown describe it is that he's an exno signs of slowing down as tra player on offense," Fisher the season winds said this w e ek. "They're p l a ydown despite already running 112 W6 ~OfI t ing with 12, and that's very hard to times — 16 more waflt hjm • than in 2013 and defend." 18 more than in his g6 t t l iig hlt None of t h is is rookie season of W 6 Bl '6 tfj/'lrig ne w , o f c o urse. 2012. Wilson a r r i v ed tO k66p hjm Coaches echo in the NFL three ~ ~ years a g o w i t h Wiison's comments whenaskedwhyhe hlt Bi id h6 a group o f quarhas run more this dO6S B gr6Bt t er b acks t ou t season. That is just ed as potential how things have ~ game-changers worked out, they hi m s 6 l f. But beca use of their that'S pBrt Of abi l ity to run. But " The ga m e s R obert Gr i ff i n dictate that some- th 6 SCheme, 1 1 1 has battled mwhat," Sea t tle tO O.W6 WOn't ju r i es and Cam •

The Associated Press file photo

The Associated Press file photo

The Associated Press file photo

Atlanta's Julio Jones

Detroit's Calvin Johnson

Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell

CAROLINA ATATLANTA Given that they alreadyown adraw (against Cincinnati), the Panthers would not mindanother one; it will also give themthe division. Only one team in a nonstrike seasonhasmadethe playoffs with a losing mark: Seattle in 2010.Carolina is trying to becomethe first repeat NFCSouth champion, andunder coach RonRivera it has gone 14-3 in Decembergames since 2011. Only New England(15-2) has abetter record. Falcons receiver Julio Joneshas100 receptions, tops in the NFC, and also leads the conference with 1,535 yards receiving. "Wearetreating it as a playoff gameandthat's what we've beendoing these last couple ofweeks," said Jones' fellow wideout in Atlanta, RoddyWhite.



Not only does adivision crown come to the winner here, butafirst-round playoffbye, perhapseventopseedintheNFC,depending on what Seattle andArizona do. For Detroit to go into LambeauField and march off with a victory would be something different. The Lions have lost 23 straight in Wisconsin to the Packers, including a1994 wild-card game.Detroit last beat GreenBayonthe road on Dec. 15, 1991. ThePackers are7-0 in Green Bay,joining Denver and New Englandastheonly unbeatens at home this season. Fast starts makeall the difference: GreenBay isoutscoring opponents 86-7 in the first quarter of the past six home games.

Like the Lions andPackers, both of these teams are in. Pittsburgh might have anedge after scoring 25 fourth-quarter points at Cincinnati to win their first meeting. The Steelers have won three in a row.This could be a shootout considering how potent Pittsburgh's offense has beenbehind BenRoethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell andAntonio Brown. Plus, the Bengals haveunveiled a dynamic running game with rookie Jeremy Hill and GioBernard, and if A.J. Green's right arm is OK, hecan be a game-buster. Greencaught11 passes for a career-high 224 yards in the first gameagainst Pittsburgh.



This is simple. And complex. Depends onwhowins. If the Chargers do, they get the final AFC wild card. If Kansas City prevails, the Chiefs, who will be without starting quarterback AlexSmith (lacerated spleen), then need Baltimore andHouston to lose. San Diego is trying to replicate its strong finish of 2013, when it grabbed that wild-card slot by beating the Chiefs in the season finale.

The Texans, too, are hanging in theAFCrace, just one year after going 2-14. Doing so with an unstable QB situation and virtually no contributions from top overall draft pick JadeveonClowney pinpoints how important defensive endJ.J. Watt has been inHouston. Houston must win and haveBaltimore and SanDiego lose to advance. Blake Bortles, the third overall pick in the draft, has thrown17 picks, but healso has passed for 2,791 yards andneeds 29 topass Byron Leftwich for the franchise rookie record.

ST. LOUIS(6-9) AT SEATTLE(11-4) The Seahawksare looking every bit like defending Super Bowl champions, with a defensethat is impenetrable and lots of big plays on offense by Russell Wilson andMarshawn Lynch. Avictory earns Seattle homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs — and woe to the rest of the conference. But a loss could sink theSeahawks to awild card. The Rams beat the Seahawks inOctober with the help of apunt-return touchdown and a fourth-down conversion via afake punt. But they also are headed for a losing record for the eighth straight season.

BUFFALO (8-7) AT NEWENGLAND(12-3) It is not Bill Belichick's style to rest players evenwith nothing to gain. The AFCEast champion Patriots own the conference's top spot and will have a first-round bye for the fifth consecutive year. TheBills can only imagine what oneplayoff berth, let alone abye, feels like. They extended the league's longest current postseason drought to15 seasons but have a shot at a winning record for the first time since 2004.

coacll Pete Carroll said this week. "If

Newton has been i nc o n s i s t e n t ,

~Brit tO pUt

h " they give us an op- h I while Wil s on tt/tt/ Bg ThBtS has co n tinued to p ortunity for h i m to run we are going nOt hOWjt stay up r ight and to take it. It's not thrive. W somethmg we are One key is that going to force the tB k6 WhBt W6 W i l s on is m ore issue on." s tout than h i s CBri g6t " Still, o ff e nsive listed weight of coordinator Darrell — Seahawks 206 pounds sugB evell said, "it's just

c o ach Pete Carroll gests.

kind of part of who

Wi ls o n

on QB Russell said Wednesday

we are now."

Wilson he is closer to 215 and that "if I was

That is particu-

larly true since the 206. I'd probably trade of Percy Harvin forced get thrown out of bounds too the Seahawks to reconfig-

m u ch. I try to have a little

ure their receiving corps and weight on me." place greater emphasis on Es p ecially in hi sl ower the running game. Wilson body. Wilson said he concenrushed for 222 yards in the t rates his weight program on first five games before Har- his legs, both for strength and vin was traded — 44.4 yards s t amina.

pergame. Since Harvinwas De s pite all the running, traded, Wilson is averaging Wilson had not missed a play 62 rushing yards. this season until being reThe Seahawks have a p l aced by Tarvaris Jackson package of designed runs for for the final series this past Wilson. Other plays include Sunday. an option for Wilson to run, Se a ttle's coaches design such as zone reads,during runs to keep Wilson largely

OAKLAND (3-12) AT DENVER(11-4)


Hardly dominant like they were in 2013, the Broncos could use afeelgood finish to the season.They havewon six straight in the series and Peyton Manning haswonhis past eight meetings with Oakland. But he has had somestruggles recently. A Denver win gives it a bye inthe wildcard round. Oakland hasgotten all of its wins this season under interim coach TonySparano after losing its first four under Dennis Allen.

Indy is locked in asthe No. 4seed in theAFCbut comesoff a 42-7 whipping at the hands of Dallas andneeds to show at least something in this one. The Colts havewon six straight and11 of12 against the Titans. A loss Sunday would bealarming considering Tennesseehas dropped nine straight and is in the running for the top overall draft pick.


Tampa Bay is theother, uh, front-runner for selecting first in the draft and has lost five in a row.The Saints somehowflopped in their last five home games, so finishing off a distressing season onthe road might be agood thing.

ball to Marshawn Lynch (or him to be smart enough to another running back) or a v oid taking big hits. "We don't want him getkeep it. And then there are the t i ng hit," Carroll said."We times that just happen, such are trying to keep him from as the 55-yard run in Sun- getting hit and he does a day's 35-6 win over Arizo- g reatjob of thathimself. But


na. On a play from Seattle's t h at's part of the scheme, too.

The end of Jim Harbaugh's highly successful stint in SanFrancisco? Quite possibly. This is the first losing record for him after taking the 49ers to the NFC title game in all three previous seasons ascoach. There was also the SuperBowl loss to the Ravenstwo seasons back. Arizona owns a playoff berth, wins the NFC West with a victory here and aloss by Seattle, but is starting rookie LoganThomas at quarterback. He is the fourth QB to start this year for the injury-ravagedCardinals.

CLEVELAND (7-8) AT BALTIMORE(9-6) If San Diego losesand Baltimore wins, the Ravensmakethe postseason for the sixth time in JohnHarbaugh's sevenyears as coach. But by blowing a lead to theChargers on Nov. 30 in aone-point loss, the Ravens put themselves in this difficult spot. Cleveland concludes yet another nonplayoff year with rookie Connor Shawgoing at quarterback after injuries to Brian Hoyer andJohnny Manziel. The Browns' bright outlook dimmed as they dropped their past four gamesandfive of six.

DALLASt11-4) AT WASHINGTONt4-11) The Cowboys probably are concentrating on playing next week, because they need alot to happen to get a bye— such as a Dallas victory and losses by Seattle andArizona; a tie in Green Bay; or someother scenarios involving draws. Might be agood chance toget NFLrushing leader DeMarco Murray healed upfrom his hand injury. The Redskins actually beat Dallas earlier this year.


After beating Dallas to takecontrol of the NFCEast onThanksgiving Day, the Eagles lost three in arow to fall out of playoff contention. Meanwhile, the Giants havewontheir past three and thefervor for getting rid of Tom Coughli nascoachhaspretty muchsubsided.

CHICAGO (5-10) AT MINNESOTA(6-9) The fervor for a newcoach, GMand quarterback in Chicago has not died down. The Bearshavenot beaten ateam with a winning record, and they go back to JayCutler at quarterback becauseJimmy Clausengot concussed last week in his first start for them. Minnesota hasshowed progress, especially on defense, under first-year coach MikeZimmer, although it has also been a tumultuous season for the Vikings given the Adrian Peterson suspension.

which Wilson can hand the

o u t of traffic, but they trust

5-yard line, Wilson dropped We won't want to put him in back into the end zone, then h a r m's way. That's not how it

sawabighole. Hetookoff. goe s . We take what we can "Just a broken play where get." he was able to take it right up Wil son has taken plenty. the middle," Bevell said. "He He is only the third player in was able to see a lane and he N F L history to rush for 800

runs a long way." or more yards in a season That was the longest run, while also passing for 3,000 as Wilsonrushedfor88yards, or more (the others are Vick but maybe not the highlight. and Randall Cunningham). "I t h in k

That came later, when Wil-

NEW YORK JETS (3-12) AT MIAMI (8-7) Last season, theseteams met in the finale and the Jets kept the Dolphins out of the playoffs while improving to.500. Now, it could beRexRyan's final game asJets coach. Miami coach Joe Philbin will be back; owner StephenRoss saidso lastweek.

back Christine Michael and forthatmanyyards." rantheotherway,stoppingto As l o ng as it keeps hapjuke Arizona linebacker Alex pening, though, he will take

faked a handoff to running

O kafor, then stiff-arming him

s a i d. "But I don't try to rush


Find Your Dream Home


in Real EState

New 3-on-3 OTrule in minor leagues generates buzz By Pat Graham

The new OT rule could be Then, after the next whistle, coming soon to an NHL rink it switches to three-on-three DENVER — T hi s r o okie near you. for the last four minutes, leadjust may be called up from the Currently, the NHL uses a ing to lots of room for creativAmerican Hockey League af- four-on-four overtime mod- ity and scoring chances. The Associated Press

Initially hesitant about the

the AHL Worcester Sharks, d oes no t d e cide has warmed up to the idea.

tion in an impressive debut. Sorry, though, it is not the

scores, play then goes to a

things, a shootout ensues,

He thinks it would be a big hit

shootout. But here is how the extra

a concept that drives many

with fans and players on the

showcase their sk ills even

— or until someone scores, of

more with the game on the line.

course — with the opening three minutes four-on-four.

Sommer, one of the all-time

winningest AHL coaches. "I

newfangled OT ordinance, know I wouldn't leave." Roy Sommer, thecoach of As for when — or even if

el for five minutes. If no one

new overtime rule that should period works on the AHL allow players like Crosby to level: It is seven minutes long

If that


ter catching everyone's attennext Sidney Crosby, but a

i t ' s d e f initely

s on scored Seattle's final s omething significant t o touchdown on a bootleg. He rush for that many yards," he

a coach bonkers because next level. "If you put your three best it is almost like a s k ills competition. NHL players against each That's the thing, though. other with all that ice and This new overtime system creativity, man, it would be has cut down significantly on something to watch," said

— this version of overtime arrives at the NHL level, that is hard to predict. In a statement, the NHL's hockey oper-


SOIINOS ONIW IIHi.s '~ ' I r ' I



Sales Service & Installation 917 Southeast 3rd Street, Bend I


ations branch said the league follows "the American Hock-

ey League and other leagues closely.... We're always interested in ways to make an al-

ready greatgame better."

Snowmobile, Small Engine Repair 8 More







O» To look upindividual stocks, goto Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.

S&P 500


33 39


SstP 500

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Home price monitor

2 040.











................... Close: 2,068.77

U.S. home price gains have been 1,960 ' " " " ' 10 DAYS slowing after rapid, double-digit 2,100 increases in 2012 and 2013. In September, home prices rose 2,050 at the slowest pace in more than two years. The slight pickup 2,000 reflected modest sales gains and an increase in the number of 1,950 available homes. Did the trend 1,900 continue in October? Find out Tuesday, when Standard & Poor's releases its latest S&P/Case-Shiller 1,850: J A index of home prices.

Case-Shiller home price index Not seasonally adjusted

Change: 6.89 (0.3%)


18,120 "

Dow jones mdustnals

17,580 "

Close: 18,053.71 Change: 23.50 (0 1%)

17,040" "'



16,500 "'.

StocksRecap NYSE NASD

16000 '









HIGH LOW CLOSE 18103.45 18038.30 18053.71 DOW Trans. 9233.61 9188.00 9199.65 DOW Util. 638.77 628.62 635.54 NYSE Comp. 11008.54 10975.29 10985.40 NASDAQ 481 4.95 4787.85 4806.86 S&P 500 2092.70 2084.30 2088.77 S&P 400 1472.63 1465.73 1467.90 Wilshire 5000 21988.13 21867.83 21949.03 Russell 2000 121 7.01 1210.88 1215.21


Source: FactSet

Business barometer The Institute for Supply Management releases its Chicago business barometerindex on Wednesday. Economists expect that the index, a gauge of business activity, fell slightly in December to 60. An index reading above 50 indicates economic activity is growing. Readings below 50 indicate the economy is contracting. The index hit a high for the year of 66.2 in October.

Chicago business barometer Seasonally adjusted 65 est.

60 60 55







Source: FactSet



Wells Fargo & Co Weyerhaeuser

CHG. +23.50 +20.76 +7.04 +30.29 +33.39 +6.89 +4.55 +81.20 +8.42

%CHG. +0.13% +0.23% +1.12% +0.28% +0.70% +0.33% +0.31% +0.37% +0.70%


WK MO QTR YTD A L L +8.91% A L L +24.31% A L L +29.55% A L L +5.63% A L L +1 5.09% A L L +1 3.01% A L L +9.34% A L L +11.38% A L L +4.43%



0 N 52-week range $12.81 ~

D $56.82

59.97 59. 0 2 +. 3 0 +0.5 X ~ 35.98 36 .36 + . 52 + 1 .5 A A 18.10 17 .98 . .. ... A L 102. 2 0 2 8 . 30 -.04 -0.1 W + 144. 5 7 13 1.63 + .39 +0.3 x w 5.82 5.20 +.0 6 + 1.2 A + 0.3 6 27.75 +.09+0.3 A L 45.87 44.84 + . 08 +0.2 A V 14 6.82143.44 -.21 -0.1 A > 17.97 13 .93 + . 14 + 1.0 W A 37.42 3 3. 3 2 -.02 -0.1 V A 40.83 40 .70 + . 1 6 +0.4 A X 37.90 37. 5 5 +. 1 1 +0.3 A A 14.70 1 4.0 0 -.01 -0.1 A X 64.67 64. 2 9 +. 2 4 +0.4 A L X 9.19 6.83 - .02 -0.3 A 18.96 16. 7 7 +. 0 3 +0.2 A L 36.05 23. 6 6 +. 4 1 +1.8 A V 24.31 2 2. 2 6 -.01 . . . A A X 50.05 4 7. 8 8 -.26 -0.5 X 99.76 96. 8 3 +. 5 4 +0.6 A W 79.22 7 8 .17 + . 03 ... A A 50.17 50. 8 1 +. 7 8 +1.6 A A 71.1 5 6 9. 1 3 - .29 -0.4 W A 8.12 8.18 + 1 .14 +16.2 A A 46.99 43.2 8 +. 1 3 $ .0.3 X A 275. 0 9 24 1.26 -.03 . . . A A 36.03 35. 0 8 +. 0 2 + 0.1 A A

X +60.9 A +29. 0 A +15. 5 W -69.5 x -3.6 A -0.6 A + 0. 9 A +13. 9 A +20. 5 W -15.2 A +10. 7 A +45. 5 A + 44. 7 A +4.3 A + 62. 6 V +24 . 4 A -9.4 W -22.6 A -7.5 X +28. 0 A +23. 1 A +26.5 A +18. 7 A +16. 8 A t 222 . 0 X -6.9 A -10.4

A +20. 3 w -30.5 A +44. 3 A +6.5 84.20 81.8 3 +. 5 6 +0 .7 A A A +4.4 27.99 27 .95 + . 23 +0.8 A A A +235 .1 19.65 17 .24 -.04 -0.2 a X a -9.9 46.10 4 5. 7 4 -.01 . . . A X A +13. 2 WA F D 19.52 rt — 24.53 22.22 +.05 + 0.2 L X L -4.6 WF C 4 4 .17 — o 55.74 55 .28 -.06 -0.1 A A A +21. 8 WY 2 7 .48 — o 36.78 36.63 + .0 1 ... a X a +16. 0

33.32 22. 70 + . 15 +0.7 w w 26 5.34264.85 + .30 + 0.1 A X 71.08 70. 5 7 +. 1 7 +0.2 A L

+62.3 7 0 5 1 5 0 . 50 +3 1 .9 2 6 4 1 1 1. 2 7 +1 5 .3 25030 17 0 . 2 0 -70.0 233 d d 0 .88f -2.0 2201 19 3.64f -2.3 29 +2 .1 284 17 0.64f +18 .3 2 7 3 2 7 0. 6 0f +2 2 .2 1 211 30 1 . 4 2 -13.7 2 9 87 +1 4 .5 2 2 6 2 4 0. 4 0 +4 6 .2 4 8 28 1 6 0. 6 4 +5 0 .8 13689 18 0 .96f +6.0 24 7 1 1 3 0. 2 6 +6 2 .3 9 3 1 2 0 0 . 74f + 2 7. 3 2 5 2 31 - 10.6 565 d d -21.3 42 5 1 5 0 .73f - 6.6 16 8 1 9 0 . 20 +3 2 .9 12806 19 1 . 2 4 +2 5 .3 1 539 29 1 .12f +29 .0 40 9 2 1 1. 3 2 +2 0 .1 89 23 1. 8 6f $. 2 2.6 922 19 0.88a + 161.7 1273 4 8 - 3.5 64 2 4 2 1 . 7 6 - 10.9 312 1 9 0 . 12 +2 2 .9 8 9 1 3 0.92 -24.8 89 7 8 0.7 5 +4 6 .0 2 9 6 3 0 2. 2 0 +8.4 98 14 1.3 0 f +4.8 21 8 0 3 0 1 . 28f +238.9 1862 c c - 8.0 67 9 2 3 0 . 60 +1 5 .0 3 063 15 0 . 9 8 -4.8 25 2 1 4 0 . 59f +2 4 .9 5 602 14 1 . 4 0 + 2 0.3 1667 2 8 1 . 16

GILD Close:$93.79%2.50 or 2.7% The pharmacy benefits manager, Express Scripts Holding, said a competitor's drug will be its exclusive hepatitis C treatment option. $120

::: GOPro jumps


Achillion Pharma.


Close:$12.82 V-0.24 or -1.8% The biotechnology company reported positive results from two studies focusing on a treatment regimen for hepatitis C patients. $20





52-week range $63.56~



52-week range $116.83

Vol.:17.5m (1.0x avg.) P E : 1 6.6 Mkt. Cap:$141.5 b Yield: ...

$245 ~

$ 16 87

Vol.:9.5m (1.4x avg.) Mkt. Cap: $1.29 b

P E: .. . Yield: ...

Caesar's Ent.

CZR BlackBerry BBRY Close: $15.46%0.02 or 0.1% Close: $10.91 %0.23 or 2.2% The casino operator will buy an affil- The company is working with Boeiate in an all-stock deal, giving ing to develop a smartphone with high-tech security features aimed at shareholders a 62 percent stake in thecombined company. government agencies. $20 $14 12


10 5






52-week range $8.51 ~



52-week range $26.74

Vol.:366.5k (0.2x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$2.23 b

PE: . . Yield:..

Enanta Pharma.

ENTA Close:$51.67%2.63 or 5.4% The biotechnology company's development partner Abbvie received FDA approval for the Viekira Pak hepatitis C treatment. $60 50 40



Vol.:7.8m (0.6x avg.) Mkt. Cap: $5.76 b

P E: 2 . 0 Yield: ...

Taser International


Close:$26.91 %0.05 or 0.2% The electronic weapons and body camera maker reported nearly 1,900 orders received and expected to ship during the fourth quarter. $30 20


0 N 52-week range

$27.00 Vol.:302.5k(0.8x avg.)

$51.99 PE 28.7 :

Mkt. Cap:$961.27 m

Yield : ... Mkt. Cap:$1.41 b


D $ 27.65

Vol.:2.6m (0.7x avg.)

PE:7 2 . 7 Yield: ...

SOURCE: Sungard


Shares of GoPro enjoyed a strong week, rising 28 percent, as an analyst at Wedbush Securities reiterated his "Outperform" rating, citing holiday demand. The company makes wearable sports cameras that are used by skydivers, surfers and other extreme sports fans to create first-person videos. The Wedbush team surveyed sales associates at 86 stores across the country and found that the entry-level HERO camera was sold out in many locations, e.g. 30 of 32 Best Buy locations. GoPro's initial public stock offering in June was one of the most watched of 2014. Its shares rose more than 30 percent on their first day, to close at $31.73. Shares went on to rise to a 52-week high of $96.47 by October, but investors have cooled and are down 30 percent off their 52-week high.

$9.91 ~


15 10


0 N 52-week range DividendFootnotes:a - Extra dividends werepaid, but arenot included. b -Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. 9 -Amount declaredor paid in last t2 months. f - Current annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum of dividends paidafter stock split, no regular rate. I —Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent dividend wasomitted cr deferred. k - Declared cr paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate nct known, yield nct shown. r —Declared or paid ic preceding 12months plus stock dividend. t - Paid tn stock, approximate cash value cn ex-distribution date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc — P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss ic last 12 months.

0 N 52-week range

P E: 12.2 Vol.:7.6m ( avg.) P E: 11.3 Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$3.72 b Yie l d : 1.9%

Vol.:5.7m (1.3x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$1.8 b

Gilead Sciences

Spotlight on construction Economists anticipate that the pace of construction spending slowed in November after spiking a month earlier. The Commerce Department is expected to report on Friday that spending on single-family homes, schools and other construction projects rose 0.3 percent in November. Spending surged 1.1 percent in October. Building activity has slowly improved throughout much of 2014, although its contribution to broader economic growth has been relatively modest.


OCN Nabors Industries NBR Close: $14.32V-0.56 or -3.8% Close:$12.82%0.31 or 2.5% The subprime mortgage servicer's The oil drilling services company's executive chairman will resign in a stock fell as the price of oil continsettlement that also provides $150 ued its monthslong decline on promillion to homeowners. longed weak demand. $30 $30 20


Alaska Air Group A LK 35.63 ~ Avista Corp AVA 27.71 — o Bank ofAmerica BAC 14 . 37 — o Barrett Business BB S I 1 8.25 ~ Boeing Co BA 116.32 ~ Cascade Bancorp C A C B 4 . 11 ~ ColumbiaBnkg COLB 2 3.59 ~ 3 Columbia Sportswear COLM 34.25 — o CostcoWholesale COST 109.50— o Craft Brew Alliance BR EW 10.07 ty FLIR Systems F LIR 28.32 ~ Hewlett Packard HPQ 27 . 2 7 — o Intel Corp I NTC 23.50 ~ Keycorp K EY 11.55 ~ Kroger Co K R 3 5 .13 ~ Lattice Semi LSCC 5.30 ~ LA Pacific L PX 12.46 ~ MDU Resources M DU 21 . 33 ~ Mentor Graphics MEN T 18.25 ~ Microsoft Corp MSFT 34.63 ~ Nike Inc 8 N KE 69.85 ~ Nordstrom Inc JWN 54.90 — o Nwst Nat Gas N WN 40.05 ~ PaccarInc PCAR 53.59 ~ Planar Systms PLNR 1.93 ~ Plum Creek P CL 38.70 ~ Prec Castparts PCP 215.09 ~ Safeway Inc SWY 26.69 ~ SchnHzerSteel SC HN 2 1.41 ~ Sherwin Wms SHW 174.29 — o StancorpFncl S FG 57.77 ~ StarbucksCp S BUX 67.93 ~ Triquint Semi TQNT 7.96 — o umppuaHoldings UM PQ 14.94 ty US Bancorp U SB 38.10 ~

1.21 76+

Ocwen Financial


160 A

+ -1.11 '

U.S. stocks rose to fresh record highs in light trading on Friday. Stocks of small companies that would benefit the most from faster growth rose sharply as investors have become more optimistic about a pickup in growth in the new year. The price of oil fell, driving down energy stocks but lifting many others. After getting spooked by a nearly 50 percent slide in oil since June, investors have been cheering it on lately on hopes that people saving on gas will spend more at stores. The Standard and Poor's 500 has risen six out of the past seven days. Eight of the 10 sectors in the S&P 500 rose, led by utilities.

10 DAYS "

17,500 ":





17,000 "




18,000 ":,




10 YR T NOTE 2.25%


Vol. (in mil.) 1 ,700 9 0 8 173.7 Pvs. Volume 1 ,371 7 0 3 Advanced 2080 1787 Declined 1 039 9 3 0 New Highs 2 35 1 3 9 New Lows 20 29




The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to 2.25 percent Friday. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other loans.



3-month T-bill 6 -month T-bill

. 0 9 .1 0 -0.01 W

52-wk T-bill





A .40 W 1 7. 4 W 2.9 8 W 3.90


2 -year T-note . 7 4 .74 5-year T-note 1.75 1.76 10-year T-note 2.25 2.27 30-year T-bond 2.82 2.83

... X -0.01 A - 0.02 A -0.01 A


Barclay s LongT-Bdldx 2.66 2.68 -0.02 A W

GoPro (GPRO)

Friday's close:$69.23


Price - earnings ratio: Lost money g8




MFS Growth's performance will rank in the bottom half of the MarhetSummary large-cap growth category this Most Active year, but its 10-year record ranks NAME VOL (BOs) LAST CHG in the top 13 percent. 208.44 +.67 18.24 +.47 113.99 +1.98 39.42 +.31 17.98 7.41 + . 15 7.39 -.21 28.59 +.28 8.30 -.03 8.14 + .25



Gainers NAME 6D GlbT rs

LAST 8.33 Voxeljet 9.21 LiveDeal s 3.29 Synacor 2.06 JunoTher n 48.73 Quotinet wt 5.66 SpanBdcst 2.49 PingtanM 2.36 ExOne 17.97 Cytosorb n 10.89

CHG +2.42 +1.92 +.68 +.38 +8.74 +.91 +.39 +.36 +2.65 +1.54

%CHG + 4 0.9 + 26.3 c8$ + 2 6.1 63 + 2 2.6 + 2 1.9 673 + 1 9.2 Morningstar OwnershipZone™ + 1 8.6 e Fund target represents weighted + 1 8.0 Q + 17.3 average of stock holdings + 16.5 • Represents 75% of fund's stock holdings

Losers NAME

LAST Cyclacel pf 5.00 Innsuites 2.42 NV5 wt 6.23 AldeyraT n 6.65 CSCmdyRtn 15.45

CHG %CHG -1.18 -19.1 -.44 -15.4 -.97 -13.5 -.87 -11.6 -1.80 -10.4


*IPO date: June 26


S&P500ETF 452417 MktVGold 331993 Apple Inc s 331117 iShEMkts 253614 BkofAm 250297 RiteAid 244870 Petrobras 208627 8 iPVixST 196240 ARltCapP If 186005 Groupon 175303


( B ased on past 12 month results)



RATING™ * * * 0 0 ASSETS $4,286 million EXP RATIO 1.01% MANAGER Eric Fischman SINCE 2002-04-02 RETURNS3-MO +5.8 Foreign Markets YTD +9.9 NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +10.4 -19.12 -A4 Paris 4,295.85 3-YR ANNL +20.5 London 6,609.93 +11.75 + . 18 5-YR-ANNL +14.9 Frankfurt 9,922.11 +56.35 + . 57 Hong Kong23,349.34 + 15.65 + . 07 TOP 5HOLDINGS -.70 Mexico 43,002.17 Visa Inc Class A Milan 19,352.13 +278.09 +1.46 Tokyo 17,81 8.96 +1 0.21 +.06 Google Inc Class A Stockholm 1,470.49 + 8.74 + . 60 Facebook Inc ClassA Sydney 5,369.50 +13.10 + . 24 Apple Inc Zurich 9,021.67 -11.78 -.13 Danaher Corp

Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.31 4.31 ... Barclays USAggregate 2.32 2.32 ... 15 . 7 12 0 . 9 PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 6.62 6.63 -0.01 RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 3.83 3.83 ... Source: FactSet YEST3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 2.00 1.99 +0.01 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.18 3.18 ... 1 YRAGO3.25 .13

Pricechange 1-mo 3-mo


PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 American Funds AmBalA m 24 . 93+.93 +9.6 +10.0 +15.0+12.2 8 A A CaplncBuA m60.31 +.14 +7.9 +8.7 +11.6 +9.1 A 8 A CpWldGrlA m 46.70 +.12 +5.4 +6.3 +16.1 +9.3 8 8 C EurPacGrA x 47.60 -.62 -1.7 -0.3 +12.0 +5.9 8 8 C FnlnvA m 52. 6 9 +.13 +10.3 +10.7 +19.1+13.5 D D D GrthAmA m 43.12 +.20 +10.4 +10.9 +21.0+13.5 D 8 D IncAmerA m 21.80 +.94 +9.5 +10.0 +13.2+11.3 8 8 A InvCoAmA m 37.65 +.17 +13.8 +14.3 +20.2+13.5 C C D NewPerspA x 36.65 2.42 +4.3 +5.2 +16.8+10.6 C A 8 WAMutlnvA m41.50 +.BB+12.7 +13.0 +18.5+15.0 C C A Dodge &Cox Income 13.74 +.91 +5.2 +5 .3 +4.8 +5.1 C A 8 IntlStk 42.68 -.91 +1.4 + 3 .0 +15.8 +8.2 A A A Stock 183.31 +.29 +11.8 +12.7 +24.0+15.6 C A A Fidelity Contra 99.21 + . 38+10.9+11.1 +19.9+15.0 C C 8 ContraK 99.1 3 + .38+11.1 +11.2 +20.0+15.1 C C 8 LowPriStk d 50.48 +.12 +8.1 + 8 .7 +19.7+15.6 D C 8 Fideli S artan 500 l dxAdvtg 73.89 +.24+15.2 +15.7 +20.7+15.5 A 8 A FrankTemp-Frankli n IncomeC m 2.44 ... +4.0 +4.8 +10.4 +9.0 C A A IncomeA m 2. 4 2 +.91+ 5.0 + 5 .4 +11.1 +9.6 8 A A Oakmark Intl I 23.72 -.91 -3.9 -2.6 +17.3 +9.9 C A A Oppenheimer RisDivA m 20 . 29 +.85 +12.6 +13.1 +17.1+13.2 C E D RisDivB m 17 . 95 +.85 +11.7 +12.2 +16.1+12.2 D E E RisDivC m 17 . 83 +.95 +11.8 +12.3 +16.2+12.3 D E E SmMidValA m49.26 +.12+11.8 +12.1 +18.7+13.1 C D E SmMidValB m41.44 +.10 +11.0 +11.2 +17.7+12.2 C E E T Rowe Price Eqtylnc 33.21 + .BB+8.8 + 9.3 +18.0+13.4 E D C GrowStk 52.4 4 + .29 +9.9 +10.0 +21.8+15.9 D A A HealthSci 68.4 8 +.74+32.9 +33.1 +38.6+27.7 8 A A Newlncome 9. 5 5 . .. +5 .4 + 5 .4 + 3.2 +4.4 8 C D Vanguard 500Adml 192.59 +.63 +15.3 +15.7 +20.7+15.5 A 8 A 500lnv 192.59 +.63 +15.1 +15.5 +20.6+15.4 A 8 A CapOp 53.38 +.27 +20.3 +20.8 +26.4+16.0 A A A Eqlnc 31.69 +.96 +13.0 +13.5 +18.4+16.0 8 C A IntlStkldxAdm 26.30 +.87 -3.1 -1.8 +9.6 NA 8 D StratgcEq 32.52 +.15 +14.9 +15.2 +24.2+18.5 A A A TgtRe2020 29.21 +.87 +7.7 +8.2 +11.9 +9.7 A A A Tgtet2025 17.80 +.84 +7.9 +8.4 +13.0+10.2 A 8 8 TotBdAdml 10.83 +.81 +5.5 +5.5 +2.7 +4.3 8 D D Totlntl 15.73 +.85 -3.1 -1.8 +9.5 +4.6 8 D D TotStlAdm 52.27 +.19 +14.0 +14.5 +20.8+15.7 8 8 A TotStldx 52.26 +.20 +13.9 +14.3 +20.6+15.6 C 8 A USGro 30.27 +.13 +14.4 +14.9 +22.2+15.2 A A B Welltn x 39.46 1.71 +10.7 +11.0 +14.3+11.3 A A A FAMILY

PCT 2.88 2.64 2.45 Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, cr redemption 2.31 fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing feeandeither a sales or 2.24 redemption fee.Source: Momtngstar.



The price of oil fell Friday, resuming a slide that has cut the price of crude nearly in half since June. Natural gas also fell. In metals trading, gold and silver rose. Copper fell.

Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal)

Foreign Exchange The dollar gained versus the euro, the pound and

Japanese yen. The ICE U.S. Dollar index,

which compares the dollar's value to a basket of key currencies, also increased.

h5Q HS


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

.07 .09 .12



w A A W L L

W 3 .71

w W A W W L

5.13 2.4 5 5.66 4.5 1 1.8 7 3.24

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 54.73 55.84 -1.99 -44.4 1.67 1.63 +0.61 -1 2.7 1.91 1.92 -0.82 -38.0 3.01 3.03 -0.76 -28.9 1.51 1.51 -0.26 -45.8

CLOSE PVS. 1195.30 1173.50 16.11 15.67 1218.50 1191.10 2.84 2.87 818.60 807.80

%CH. %YTD -0.6 +1.86 +2.80 -1 6.7 +2.30 -11.1 -1.36 -1 7.6 +1.34 +1 4.1


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.65 1.63 +1.38 +22.5 Coffee (Ib) 1.69 1.70 -0.91 +52.3 -1.7 Corn (hu) 4.15 4.08 +1.72 Cotton (Ih) 0.62 0.62 -0.24 -27.2 Lumber (1,000 hd ft) 338.50 338.90 -0.12 -6.0 Orange Juice (Ih) 1.42 1.44 - 1.50 + 3 . 7 Soybeans (hu) 10.48 10.29 +1.82 -20.2 Wheat(hu) 6.11 6.12 - 0.12 + 0 . 9 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5558 +.0004 +.03% 1.6420 Canadian Dollar 1.1 6 26 -.0002 -.02% 1.0643 USD per Euro 1.2176 -.0043 -.35% 1.3693 JapaneseYen 120.39 + . 2 4 + .20% 1 04.72 Mexican Peso 14. 6842 -.0332 -.23% 13.0674 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.9186 -.0055 -.14% 3.4917 Norwegian Krone 7 . 4775 +.0286 +.38% 6.1408 South African Rand 11.6100 -.0052 -.04% 10.3632 Swedish Krona 7.8 5 05 + .0745 +.95% 6.5499 Swiss Franc .9878 +.0037 +.37% . 8 962 ASIA/PACIFIC 1.2321 +.0001 +.01% 1.1245 Australian Dollar Chinese Yuan 6.2289 +.0232 +.37% 6.0749 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7614 +.001 4 +.02% 7.7554 Indian Rupee 63.683 +.208 +.33% 61.940 Singapore Dollar 1.3242 +.001 7 +.13% 1.2692 South KoreanWon 1106.15 +3.75 +.34% 1059.50 -.00 -.00% 30.04 Taiwan Dollar 31.73



BRIEFING Gaming networks possibly hacked The computer networks for Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 4 video game consoles were offline for most of Christmas Day, possibly becauseof an attack by agroup of hackers with a history of targeting video games. The hackers who call themselves the "Lizard Squad" claimed responsibility on Twitter for the shutdown, which essentially rendered the gaming devices unusable, but neither company confirmed the source of its problems. A Microsoft spokesman on Friday said the Xbox network was back up, but he declined to commentonthecause. Press officials for Sony did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

New Teslamodel to get rangeboost Elon Musk hasconfirmed an upgradefor the Tesla Roadster, the

electric car company's convertible model, and says that the newfeatures significantly boost its range — beyond what many traditional cars can get on atank of gasoline. There are three retrofits coming to the Roadster, according to Tesla. First is a battery upgrade that marks a 31 percent increase in capacity. Next is an "aero kit" that will alter the car's profile slightly, producing a15 percent reduction in drag dueto wind resistance. Finally, the company said in a blog post Friday, the Roadster will be getting new, more efficient tires. — From wire reports

Home pricesdip in Bend,jump in Redmond Big deal Bulletin staff report The median price for a single-family home dipped 1 percent in Bend last month,


report by Appraiser Donnie

ber's median and a $10,000 increase over November

The Bratton Report. But the median price last month in

Montagner, owner of The

2013, according to the report.

Beacon Appraisal Group in Redmond. In November

Sales of single-family homes in Redmond in-

2013, Bend recorded 165 sin-

creased by two, from 64

gle-family home sales. Redmond's median price for a single-family home last month reached $210,000, a $22,000 increase over Octo-

sales in October to 66 in November. The report showed 51 single-family home sales in Redmond in November

Bend was the same as the price recorded in Novem-

fell to $295,000 last month,

Bend last month represent-

$3,000below October'sme-

ed a drop of 51 sales over

ber 2013, according to the

report. The 156 homes sold in


for tiny

grocery chain ByShanLi Los Angeles Times

or o enec urs ro

LOS ANGELES — A super-

market David is gulping down a Goliath.

Haggen Inc., a tiny Northwest chain, is buying 146 Vons, Pavilions, Albertsons and Safeway stores, including 83 in California and the two Albertsons grocery stores in

By Andrew Khouri Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Congestion at the nation's busiest

Bend. The Federal Trade Com-

mission ordered them sold as part of the merger of Albertsons and Safeway this year.

ports, in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, is an impediment to the nation's

economy, which is finally kicking into high gear.

• ~f o l m f r

• I 's

llsll ' l . I s s

sl 'I &


l ll l l l I ~ +


I • ~+

"W am

That translates into an 811

llll l illl

percent expansion for the Bellingham, Washington, company, which now operates 18 stores in Oregon and Washington. "This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Bill


The months-long bottle-

neck is hurting retailers and other businesses that aren't getting their shipments on time as ships from Asia anchor off the Los Angeles coastline waiting for the

Shaner, chief executive of

docks to clear. "It's been the bane of my

Haggen in the Pacific South-

existence," said Lisa Foster,

a very dynamic marketplace. The chance to grow the brand was very unique." The chain did not disclose what it paid for the stores. Shaner said Haggen has

west. "They are great stores in


whose Venice, California, business sells reusable shopping bags imported from China. "And it's only getting worse and worse and worse." That's in stark contrast to

distinguished itself with a

a national economy that's

The AssociatedPress file photo

heavy emphasis on fresh pro-

on pace to add the most new

Trucks line up at the Port of Los Angeles last month. Congestion at this port and others is creating

duce and quality meats and

jobs since 1999. On Tuesday, a government report showed

a drag on the economy.

seafood. That focus will be reflected in the new stores once they are rebranded as Haggen starting in 2015, he said. "Haggen is between an Al-

the economy last quarter

grew at the fastest pace in more than a decade. Growth, however, would

have been stronger if the ports — which handle roughly 40 percent of U.S. imports

— were operating smoothly, said international trade economist Jock O'ConnelL The

negative drag probably will worsen in the fourth quarter,

improves and a shortage of the trailers that truckers use

to haul goods from the ports. In February, a sharedtrailer system will roll out, designed to make the equipment more available for truckers. And this week, the Long

Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners voted to ask the federal government for permission to work with its

ports' operations. The congestion is wreaking havoc on supply chains across the country. Many retailers flew their goods or diverted them to the East and Gulf coasts to ensure deliver-

The logjam has been a nightmare for small firms as well. Foster, owner of 1 Bag

ies for the holiday season. Businesses are likely to ab-

at a Time in Venice, said she can't promise potential customers speedy delivery of her company's reusable shopping bags from China.

sorb the added costs, which will affect bottom lines in

went elsewhere and sales

the fourth quarter, said Jon-

In response, would-be clients were lost, she said. "Uncertainty kills a lot of

bertsons and Vons, and what

you might see to some extent in a Whole Foods," Shaner said. "You will see a little tweak in assortment, a little tweak in the

quality of the offerings." The companywillkeep existing store employees and managers, Shaner said. Observers said that expand-

tionsurfaced,hesaid. "This does act as a drag

competitor in LA in a bid to

athan Gold, vice president

clear the docks.

"These are systemic problems that can only be solved by bringing all the parties together," Port of Long Beach chief executive Jon Slangerup said in a

of supply chain and customs policy at the National Retail

my business," she said.

on theeconomy," O'Connell said. "You want the ports, the


slightly since Thanksgiving, said Port of Long Beach spokesman Art Wong. The number of ships anchored off the coast has declined, but

effectively with suppliers and

because of West Coast port congestion. FedEx Corp. chief executive Frederick

the docks still overflow with

buying power and market share to have a meaningful

Smith told analysts that some

Chinese New Year — when

consumers are finding goods out of stock when they order online.

factories traditionally close — threatens to reverse any

entire supply chain to operate • The St. Charles Health System board of directors has electedDanSchuette as chai rman andQennis Dempseyasvicechairman. Schuette is an investment adviser representative with OneCascade Investments. Dempsey is the superintendent of schoolsfor the Catholic Diocese of Baker and the educational leadership ganger- supervisor for the wick University of Oregon in Central and Eastern Oregon. • Dave Qanderwick was elected president of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce board of directors Dougan for 2015. Standerwick currently ownsand operates Polar Bear Gas 8 Wash Homan and Polar Bean Coffee Cottage, both in Redmond. • Michelle Mercerjoins the Visit Bend board of directors. Merceris the marketing director for Sun Country Tours. • Karen Dougan,a certified instructor, has recently beenhired at Jazzercise BendNEinside Get AMoveOn Studio. • AmeriTitle has promoted Justin Homan to assistant vice presidentand general manager of the Prineville, Madrasand Burns operations. Hewill also continue asgeneral manager of the Prineville branch andoversee operations in Jefferson and Harney counties. Homan has a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Washington and more than 14years of industry experience.

October, according to the

but jumped nearly 12 percent in Redmond, according to a report released in early December. Bend's median home price

when the most brutal conges-


dian, according to The Beacon Report, formerly called

at maximum efficiency. And it's not."

LA and Long Beach are trying to speed up the flow of cargo. The ports are taking a variety of steps to ease the logistical nightmare they blame on the increased use of huge container ships, a surge in cargo as the economy

Yoga clothing firm Lululemon Athletica Inc. lowered its 2014 revenue guidance earlier this month, in part


According to terminal operators and shipping lines, dockworkers are slowing down on the job to gain leverageduring contractnegotiations, further hindering

The situation has improved

cargo. And a likely cargo surge before the February


ing the company to 164 stores in five states will give Haggen the muscle to negotiate more make a real push into new territories.

"You really need a mini-

mum of 100 stores to have the impact in the marketplace both with competitors and

consumers," said Burt Flickinger III, managing director of Strategic Resource Group. At the same time, the chain must now deal with operating

a vastly bigger organization. There is a danger it will run

Washington to have highest minimumwage

into trouble exporting its

culture to the larger group of stores and will lose some of the uniqueness that has made

The Seattle Times The minimum wage in Washington state will goup by 15 cents to $9.47 an hour starting Thursday, Jan. 1. That will make Wash-

ington's minimum wage the highest among the 50 states,

followedby Oregon, which

is increasing its minimum to

in 1998.

cording to the state's Employ-

$9.25, according to the state

The minimum wage applies to workers in all industries, although 14- and 15-year-olds

ment Security Department.

can be paid 85 percent of the

wages on New Year's Day, according to the nonprofit

Department of Labor and Industries. Washington makes an annual cost-of-living adjustment to its minimum wage eachyear, as required by an initiative approvedby voters

adult minimum, or $8.05 an hour, according to the state.

The pay increase will affect more than 67,000workers, ac-

Eighteen other states, will also increase their minimum National Employment Law Project. New York will do so a

day ahead, on Dec. 31.

it successful, analysts said. Flickinger said the chance to expand so rapidly in one swoop probably was too tempting to pass up. "It is arguably the best opportunity to expand cost effectively and in the West Coast for the last 15 years," he said.

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Learn about the Central Oregon Community College exam-preparation course to earn the Institute of Brewing & Distilling General Certificate in Brewing; free, registration requested; 5:30-6:30 p.m.; COCC Chandler Lab, 1040 NW Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7270, ceinfo© or www.cocc. edu/continuinged/GCB. • SCOREfree business counseling:Business counselors conduct free 30-minute one-on-one conferences with local entrepreneurs; check in at the library desk on the second floor; 5:30-7 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St.; www. JAN. 7 • Business Startup Class:Decide if

running a business

is for you; $29, registration required; 6-8 p.m.; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 NW Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7290 or • Business Planning and Goal Setting:Learn about the importance of a business plan; one in a series of monthly workshops by SCORE business counselors; free; registration required, 541-61 7-7080; 5:30-7:30 p.m. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St. JAN. 8 • ManagingDay-to-Day Performance:Identify performance gapsfor improved productivity; part of COCC'sLeadership series; $95; 8 a.m.noon; Central Oregon Community College, Bend campus; Boyle EdCenter

Room 154; 541-383-7270. JAN. 10 • OregonAlcohol Server Training:Oregon Liquor Control Commission Alcohol Server permit; workbook provided. Must be 18 years of age;$39; registration required; 9a.m.-f p.m.; Cascade Culinary Institute, 2555 NW CampusVillage Way, Bend; 541-3837270 or continuinged. • SoundBusiness8 Financial Planning: Business planning for agribusinesses; $10/farm, register online or call 541-447-6228; 9-11:30 a.m.; Central Oregon Community College RedmondTechnology Education Center, 2324SE College Loop, Redmond; www.agbiz.eventbrite. com. • Grand Opening Weekend:Hayden Homes

new community grand opening weekend; free; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Hayden Homes atWesterly, 63261 Newhall Place, Bend; 541-316-4966, westerly© or JAN. 13 • Real estate broker license prepcourse: Preparation to qualify for the OregonReal Estate Broker's License Exam; $600, registration required by Jan. 6; 6-9 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW Coll egeWay,Bend; 541-383-7270, ceinfo© JAN. 14 • LaunchYour Business: Central Oregon Community College Small Business Development Centercourse;runs through Feb.11; $199, registration required; 6-9 p.m.; COCC Chandler

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JAN. 17 • IluickBooksPro 2014 — Beginning I:Learn to set up accounts, create invoices, record salesand enter payments. Includes textbook; $89, registration required; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW Coll egeW ay,Bend; 541-383-7270, ceinfo© or www.cocc. edu/continuinged. JAN.20 • SearchEngine Strategies:Learnabout search engineoptimization; class runs throughJan. 27; $99; registration required; 6-8 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College,2600 NW Coll egeW ay,Bend; 541-383-7270, ceinfo© orwww.cocc. edu/continuinged.

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Bend bridge champ winssilver Local duplicate bridge player HuubBertens has received asilver medal at the World Mind Games, formerly known as the World Bridge Olympics. Thegames were held in Beijing. Bertens and his partner, Curtis Cheek, competed against China,Monaco and Israel. Bertens is originally from the Netherlands, but moved to Bendtwo years ago. He isranked



Lupita Nyong'o became aninfluen-

Pharrell Williams became a fashion icon because of his allegiance to the oversize Vivienne Westwood hat.

tial figure in fashion through sheer elegance and restraint. The Associated Press file photo

The Associated Press file photo

11th in the United

States, is a seven-time European Champion and has previously won a silver medal in this competition in Istanbul in 2004.

Bertens and his wife, Jeanne, play bridge in Bend at the CascadeDuplicate Bridge Club.


Foundation funds

local programs

A new OregonCommunity Foundation grant program promises to grant $300,000 to small community-driven arts and culture organizations every year for the next five years. In Central Oregon in 2014, OCF awarded nearly $17,000 in Small Arts and Culture grants to the following organizations: • Archaeological Society of Central Oregon • Crook County Parks & Recreation Foundation • Fossil Players • High Desert Chamber Music • Rise Up International • ScaleHouse In addition to the Small Arts and Culture grant program, OCF has granted $68,415 to the Confederated Tribes of WarmSprings through its K-12Student Success: OutofSchool Time program. Further, OCF awarded more than $466,000 in 68 grants to nonprofits in Central Oregon during the fall grant cycle, and $7.6 million statewide. Additional Central Oregon grant recipients include: • Central Oregon Veterans Ranch • Kids Club of Jefferson County • Jericho Road • The Landing Youth & Tutoring Center • Oregon Natural Desert Association • Sisters Schools Foundation For full lists of grants, visit www. For information about the Small Arts and Culture grants and K-12Student Success grants, visit ocf-initiatives. To learn more about OCFgrants in Central 8 Eastern Oregon, contact OCF's Associate Program Officer, Cheryl Puddy, at


New York Times News Service file photo

,"/// (I

New York Times News Service file photo



Fashion Week pillar Oscar de la

2014 was the year of wearable tech, with Apple, among others, unveiling a smart watch. Whether it's chic or not is up for debate.

Renta, whose aesthetic influenced decades worth of regimes, both political and celebrity, died at age 82.

e earin

By Vanessa Friedmane New York Times News Service

t's been a funny, mixed-up year in fashion. Simply consider the fact that the biggest trendsetter of September's fashion month was neither a fashion brand nor one based in the big four fashion capitals (New York, London, Milan, Paris). It was Apple, and its unveiling of the Apple watch took place in Cupertino, California — though it made waves all the way to Colette, on the Rue St.-Honore. Or consider the fact that in June a celebrity not known for her irony got up to receive a "fashion icon" award wearing effectively nothing. Rihanna wasn't, as it happened, implicitly making a searing Emperor's

a mega-moment, complete with travel- rolled round in December, the biggest ing collection and flown-in supermod- trend was a melange of contrast print New Clothes commentary about the els (Louis Vuitton, unveiling its resort in black and white. pret-aporteruniverse when she accept- collection in Monaco; Dior coming to Fashion reflects reality. The proof is ed her prize from the Council of Fashion

Brooklyn), and those that refused to

Designers of America in a see-through even allow a photo out in public until "dress" by Adam Selman, but she was the clothes went into stores (Celine). creating an Instagrammable moment. You might blame it on the seemingly As for the rest of us, we were caught be- irreconcilable standoff in Washington, tween celebrating social media and be- one side pitted against the other, or moaning what it might mean for style. even the unpredictable weather switchAnd so it went: up and down and eroos from hot to cold and back again, back and forth. During the resort but the oppositions were enough to shows, brands were split straight down give you conceptual whiplash. No wonthe middle between those that opted for der by the time the pre-fall collections

in the pattern.

Influencers: In and out In a Kardashian world, where it of-

ten seems the bigger and blingier the better (at least for the blogosphere), the debuts of Lupita Nyong'o and Amal Alamuddin as sartorial tastemakers stoodoutfortheir sheer elegance and refusal to play the over-the-top game. See Fashion /D4

541-382-1170. — From staff reports

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On l(ickstarter, thingshavegotten downright silly

• Community events: Email event information to events© or click on "Submit an Event" at Allow at least10 days before the desired date of publication. Contact:

By Jonah Bromwich New Yorft Times News Service

Like many of the best and worst ideas, this one came

about during a few, quiet minutes of relaxation after work. Earlier this fall, Jaime


• Story ideas: Email

Brian Harkin / New York Times News Service

Van GouldholdshisNoPhone, a solid plastic block for use

as a surrogate smartphone. The project raised more than $18,000 on Kickstarter.

Meline, an independent musician with a loyal grass-roots following, was preparing to release his group's just-completed album. He said he had just smoked a joint and began to imagine ways to engage his fans. On a lark, he sent an email to them, offering all

kinds of purposefully ludicrous to try to raise revenue-generating extras. money for thecatrecord. For instance, he and his Within 41 days, the project bandmate, Michael Render, had surpassed its goal. Visiwould accompany a child to tors eventually pledged more a classroom show-and-tell for than $65,000. "It didn't occur to me how $25,000. or, for a cool $40,000, Mepowerful a cat and the Internet

record," said Meline, who will end up donating about $50,000

line wrote, the band would

are together," said Meline,

site, on which creators and

remake its new album rapping over nothing but cat sounds.

better known asthe rapper ElP, one half of the political rap


duo Run the Jewels. Thanks

variousprojectsin exchange for special contributors-only perks, has always been a home to seemingly silly ventures.

It was meant as a joke. But

a fan named Sly Jones took matters into his own hands

to crowdfunding, his musical oeuvre has now expanded to

and started a crowdfunding

include the album "Meow the

campaign on the platform

Jewels." It's "a seminal stupid

to charity, according to Jones.

Welcome to Warped Kickstarter, where some pretty absurd ideas are getting rewarded with tens of thousands of dollars. The crowdfunding Internet public to help fund

SeeKickstarter /D5


Magazinecreatesstir amongEvangelical Christians By Mark Oppenheimer

from Mars Hill, his Seattle

press — led by The Charlotte Observer — that helped bring down the evangelists Jim andTammy Faye Bakker, who were accused of misusing ministry funds in the late

megachurch. Last


New York Times News Service

In October, Mark Driscoll,

the evangelical pastor and best-selling author, resigned m onth,

"Joel said, 'Gee, I wish we

Mars Hill announced that it was dissolving its network of

had done that,'" Olasky re-

13 satellite churches. In the aftermath of his fall, Driscoll, who was known for

his autocratic management style, his quashing of dissent and his unusually frank talk about how Christian wives can please their husbands in bed, had himself to blame. In

called. "We don't want to leave it to the secular press to expose wrongdoing within the church." Olasky said that there is no

j.~ 8.. '

r4 •

contradiction between ChrisNew York Times News Service file photo

Marvin Olasky is editor in chief of World magazine, a Christian

resigning, Driscoll admitted news publication in Asheville, North Carolina. his failings, citing his "past pride, anger and a domineering spirit." World, and Driscoll was not investigative reporting. But Driscoll cannot take all the first conservative ChrisJewish newspaper The Forthe credit for his own down- tian leader that the magazine ward gleefully reports on the fall. For one thing, any faithful had taken on. foibles of communal leaders, Christian would give Satan In October 2012, a World and Commonweal,run by lay his due for leading Driscoll reporter, Warren Cole Smith, Catholics, publishes work critastray. Then there is the role revealed that Dinesh D'Souza, ical of the Roman Catholic hiplayed by World, an evan- the conservative author, film- erarchy. But evangelical Protgelical Christian newsmag- maker and activist, had at- estant journalism is generally azine that broke one of the tended a Christian conference more public r elations than most damaging stories about with a woman not his wife reporting; World stands out as Driscoll. In March, World re- — a woman he was introduc- an exception. "We're a Christian publicaported that $210,000 in Mars ing as his fiancee. Soon after, Hill church funds had gone to D'Souza resigned as president tion but not a movement ora marketing firm that prom- of King's College in New York gan," Olasky said. "So we can ised to get "Real Marriage," a City. publicly criticize Christian book written by Driscoll and Founded in 1986 and based leaders from other organizahis wife, on best-seller lists. in Asheville, North Carolina, tions. Other publications tend World was not the only out- the biweekly World is edited to be more within the camp" let to take on Driscoll. Blogger by Marvin Olasky, the Bush — published by a particular Warren Throckmorton, in adviser who helped popular- denomination, for exampleparticular, persistently chroni- ize the term "compassionate "and they don't want to engage cled concerns about Mars Hill conservatism." Under Olasky, in criticism." for the website Patheos. But who became editor in 1994, Olasky said the founder of the story about best-seller lists the religious magazine has World, Joel Belz, regretted was also not the first scoop for become one of the few that do that it had been the secular

tian faith and reporting on the dark side of Christianity. "We don't have to cover up,

because we do have faith that God forgives and saves the sinner," he said.

Belz is no longer editor, but he still writes a column for World.

When asked whether other evangelicals have criticized World for its investigative re-

porting, Mindy Belz, Belz's sister-in-law and a top editor,

recalledthe response to a series about sexual abuse at a missionary school in Senegal run by New Tribes Mission. "We were accused of hurting New Tribes, the teach-

ers, and the people who had already dealt with the past," Mindy Belz said — in other words, it was over and done with, or so some believed, so why make news of it?

"People will say it's not right

for Christians to talk this way about other Christians," she said. "We just think there's a

real truth-telling component to any journalistic enterprise."

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COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor Rob Anderson; "Jesus — Life CoachInvitation," based on Psalm 23 and John10:11-18; 11 a.m. Sunday; 529 NW19th St., Redmond; 541-548-3367 or CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION:The Rev. Willis Jenson; "Christian Cheer Is the Salvation and Righteousness of the Liturgy of the Church," based on Isaiah 61:10;11 a.m. Sunday; 10 a.m. Sunday school; Terrebonne Grange Hall, 8286 11th St., Terrebonne; 541-3256773 or www.lutheransonline. com/concordialutheranmission. EASTMONTCHURCH:Pastor John Lodwick; "Never Give Up!" based on Hebrews10:1939; 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; 62425 Eagle Road, Bend; 541-382-5822 or www. EMMAUS LUTHERANCHURCH, LCMS:Pastor David Poovey; 9:15 a.m. Bible study, 10:30 a.m. worship; 2175 SWSalmon Ave., Redmond; 541-548-1473. FATHER'S HOUSECHURCH OF GOD:Pastor Randy Wills; "The Hunger Games"; 9and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; youth

541-548-6416. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Ron Werner; "Sunday After Christmas," based on Isaiah 61:10-62:3, Psalm 148, Galatians 4:4-7 and Luke 2:22-40; 10 a.m. combinedworshipSunday;9a.m. prayer group Wednesday and10 a.m.biblestudyWe dnesday;60850 Brosterhous Road, Bend; 541-3880765 or NEW HOPECHURCH: Pastor Brandon Blumberg; "Looking Forward to Eternity" a weekend celebration; 6 p.m. today; 9 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; 20080 Pinebrook Blvd., Bend; 541-3893436 or SHILOHRANCH COWBOY CHURCH:Pastor Jordan Weaver; "Last Call"; 9 and10:30 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Monday; 7 a.m. men's bible study Thursday; 15669 SW Bussett Road, Powell Butte; 971-678-9513 or www.shilohranch. com. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITY OFTHE CASCADES: Parker; "Giving, Receiving the Gift of Presence, Here, Now"; 5:15 p.m. Sunday; The Old Stone Church, 157 NWFranklin Ave., Bend; 541-508-1058 or www.

SAINT JACOBOFALASKA ORTHODOX CHRISTIANCHURCH: Father Peter Guilianotti; Vespers 6 p.m. today; Divine Liturgy 10 a.m. Sunday;1900 NE Division St., Bend; 541-203-0316 or www.saintjacob. org. SAINT PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "We Can Learn from Joseph," based on Matthew 1:19-25; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 1108 W.Antler Ave., Redmond; 541-604-1029. UNITYCOMMUNITY OF CENTRAL OREGON:The Rev.Jane Meyers Hiatt; "Burning Bowl Ceremony," a ritual to let go of 2014; Dec. 31, 6:30 p.m.; 62855 Powell Butte Highway, Bend; 541-388-1569 or www. WESTSIDECHURCH:Pastor Jim Stephens; "Entrusted to God"; 6:30 p.m. today; 8, 9 and10:45 a.m. Sunday;WestsideChurchWest Campus, 2051 NWShevlin Park Road, Bend; 541-382-7504 or www. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Gary Burton; "Where Are We Going"; 10:30a.m.Sunday; Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE Third St., Bend. group, 7 p.m.Wednesday; WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend; Guest Speaker Dave Bullis; 541-382-1632 or www. "Second Mile Servant"; 9 and 10:45a.m.Sunday;Westside THE FELLOWSHIP ATBEND: Church Sisters Campus,442 Pastor Loren Anderson; "Many Trinity Way, Sisters. Nations, One Race," based on WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Genesis 10; 10 a.m. service, Pastor Jim Stephens; "Entrusted to 6 p.m. Sunday youth group; God"; 6:30 p.m. today; 9 and 10:45 21530 Butler Market Road, a.m. Sunday; Bend; 541-385-3100 or www. WESTSIDERADIO CAMPUS: Pastor Corey Parnell; "Too Familiar FIRST PRESBYTERIANBEND: to Wonder"; 8:30a.m. Sunday; The Rev. Jenny Warner; "Family Heirborne radio show on KBND AM Christmas"; 10 a.m. Sunday; 230 1110. NE Ninth St., Bend; 541-382ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor 4401 or Eric Burtness; "Lessons and FOUNDRYCHURCH:Trevor Carols"; 10 a.m. Sunday; 1113SW Waybright; "Reflections"; 10:15 Black Butte Blvd., Redmond; 541a.m. Sunday; 60 NWOregon 923-7466 or Ave., Bend; 541-382-3862 or EVENTS, GRACEFIRST LUTHERAN MEETIMGS CHURCH:Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "The Parade Is SUNDAY Over"; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; KIRTAN:Hindu call-and-response 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, singing, informal setting; 5:30Bend; 541-382-6862 or www. 7 p.m.; The Peaceful Heart, 29 NW Greeley Ave., Bend; HOLY COMMUNION souldraw95© or www. EVANGELICALCATHOLIC CHURCH OF BEND:The Rev. THURSDAY James Radloff; Bible study, 10 TAIZE INTERFAITHSERVICE: a.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesdays, Singing, prayer and meditation; 7-8 587 NE Greenwood Ave.; p.m.; St. Francis of Assisi Catholic 541-408-9021 or info© Church & School, 2450 NE27th St., holycommunionbend.or g. Bend; 541-383-4179. JOURNEYCHURCH:Pastor JAN. 4 Keith Kirkpatrick; "Church KIRTAN: Hindu call-and-response Update, Chili and Cinnamon singing, informal setting; 5:30Roll Sunday"; 9 a.m., 11 a.m. 7 p.m.; The Peaceful Heart, and 6:30 p.m. Sunday; 70 NW 29 NW Greeley Ave., Bend; Newport Ave., Bend; 541-647souldraw95© orwww. 2944 or www.journeyinbend. com. JAN. 6 MISSION CHURCH:Pastor Ryan GREEN TEAM MOVIENIGHT: Emerick; "Love" part four of A screening of "Trashed — No the series ¹Hashtag Christmas; Place for Waste," a film about the 5:30 p.m. today, 9 a.m. and health, social and environmental 10:45 a.m. Sunday; online at consequencesof ourwaste; free; www.experiencethehighlife. 6:30-8:30 p.m.; First Presbyterian tv;2221 NEThird St. Bend; Church, 230 NENinth St., Bend; 541-306-6209 or www. 541-815-6504. JAN. 8 TAIZE INTERFAITHSERVICE: MOST SACREDHEART, ROMAN CATHOLICCHAPEL: Featuring singing, prayer and meditation; 7 p.m.; St. Francis Father Bernard; Traditional Latin Mass; 9 a.m .Sunday, of Assisi Catholic Church 8 confessions before Mass; 1051 School, 2450 NE27th St., Bend; 541-771-8258. SW Helmholtz Way, Redmond; 60Dd 6 60.

ajB~ dU 1 Plan Well, Retire Well

Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview

WiNDOW TREATS 711 SW10th • Redmend (S41) • 548-8616

La Pine 775SW BonnetWay,Suite120•Bend 541-728-0







HOUSE OF COVKNANT Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994


is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. 0 0 We provide a congregational setting 0 Our members represent a wide range for Jews and Christians alike. If you're of Jewish backgrounds. interested in learning the Bible from a We welcome interfaith families Hebrew perspective, come join us at: and Jews by choice. Bear Creek Center Our monthly activities include: 21300 Bear Creek Rd. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, Services, religious education for children Bend, OR. 97701 SCIKNTIST 8 adults, Hebrew school, 1551 NW First St.• 541-382-6100 Our Shabbat Services are on (South of Portland Ave.) Torah study, social action projects and Saturday momings at 10:00 a.m. Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am Our ministries include: social activities ul'r'"v Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided. • Davidic dance and worship Rabbi Johanna Hershenson • Children's ministry and nursery "Omkar" (Aum) "Yin/Yang" Taoist/ "Star 8 Crescent" Reading Room: Hinduism Confuaanlsm Islam • Hebrew classes 1563 NW First St. Mon. through Fri.; 11 am - 4 pm SERVICES • Home groups Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Friday, lanuary 9 at 6:00pm Hadashah (New Testament) Kabbalat Shabbat dinner F Service • Biblical Feasts At a private home: call for information • Lifecycle Events KCKANKAR FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER HOLV REDKKMER ROMAN EXPKRIENCK THK • End-times prophecy 1049 NE I ITH STREET CATHOLIC PARISH Saturday, January 17 - 9:00am LIGHT AND SOUND OF GOD BEND, OR 97701• 382-8274 Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Munch 8 Torah Study Visit us on the web at You're invited to share with us: This Sunday at Faith Christian Center Parish Office: 541-536-3571 Saturday, January 17- 10:30am Pastor Mark Gering will share his or contact us at 541.385.5439 The Call of Soul message in the Sunday morning service Torah Services HOLY REDEKMER ROMAN beginning at 10:30 AM. An open-hearted discussion of LIYING TORAH FELLOWSHIP CATHOLIC, LA PINK Childcare is provided. Spiritual experiences and inner guidance Friday, January 23 - 7:00pm O La Roca Church Erev Shabbat Service 1155 SW Division, ¹D8, Bend FCC Youth Ministries and Family Night is 16137 Burgess Rd Saturday, January 17, 3:00-4:30pm Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 pm on Wednesdays at 7 pm. Tuesday, Wednesday 8 Friday Mass East Bend Library Every Monday, 12:-00-1:00 pm - Weekly Worship/Dance - Study9:00 am 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend A number of Faith Journey Groups meet Torah Study Food/Fellowship Sunday Mass - 10:00 am throughout the week in small groups, Experience singing HU as aprelude Call for information8 location Hebrew Roots Fellowship Confessions: Sa t ur days • 3: 0 04: 00 pm please contact the church for details to the presentation worshipping in Spirit and Truth and times. HOLV TRINITY Fellowship and refreshments afterward For the complete schedule of Services 541-410-5337 ROMAN CATHOLIC, SUNRIVKR F Events The church is located on the corner of Children Welcome "This year is a year of Spiritual Healing. 18143 Cottonwood Rd. Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street. go to: Thurs. Mass 9;30 am; This means simply the healing needed on all levels for an individual to come Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm REDMOND ASSEMBLV OF GOD into his fuller state of being. It can be a Sunday mass 8:00am Unless otherwise noted, 1865 WAntler • Redmond • 541-548-4555 healing of understanding or a healing for Confessions: Thurs.9:00-9:15 am FIRST UNITED MKTHODIST all services are held at the SUNDAYS the physical body." Moming Worship 8:30 amS 10:30 am OUR LADY OF THK SNOWS CHURCH Sri Harold Klemp, First United Methodist Church Life groups 9 am ROMAN CATHOLIC, Gilchrist "Cloak of Consciousness" (In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW Bond Street Kldz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am 120 Mississippi Dr Mahanta Transcripts, Book 5 680 NW Bond St. / 541.382.1672 Evening Worship 6 pm Sunday Mass - 12:30 pm 541-388-8826 Confessions: Sundays 12:00- 12:15 pm For more information Everyone is Welcome! WEDNESDAYS HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC, FAMILYNIGHT 7 PM Rev, Jane Shaffer near ChristmasValley Adult Classes 57255 Fort Rock Rd CONCORDIALUTHERAN Celebrate Recovery Sermon: "The Perfect Christmas Card" 541-388-4628 Wednesday NITE Live Kids Sunday Mass• 3:30 pm MISSION (LCMS) Youth Group Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-3,6-7/ lohn I:1-5, 10-14 Themissionofthe Churchis toforgive sins ONE SERVICE Pastor Duane Pippitt ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI through theGospeland thereby TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH Carols 8 Seasonal Message ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH All arewejrorxethroughourreddoors grant eterna( lifr,'. 10:00am - Childcare provided Rev. Julian Cassar Pastor The Rev. Jed Holdorph II, Rector Sunday Services Rev. Joseph K. Thalisery *During the Week: Women's Groups, 8 am and 10:15 am EASTMONT CHURCH 541-382-3631 (St, John 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Trinity Hall, 469 NWWall St. "Displayingthe Reafity ofChrist in XXVIII.8, 10 Crafting, Music F Fellowship I 541-382-5542 Undeniable Ways" NEW CHURCH (Mail: 469 NW Wall St.) 2450 NE 27th Street *During the Week: Women's Groups, 62425 Eagle Road, Bend Bend, OR 97701 10 am Sunday School Masses Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, 541-382-5822 Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM 11 am Divine Service Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM THE SALVATION ARMV Domingo 12:30 PM - Misa en Espanol Sunday Services Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor 541 NE DeKalb Ave., Bend Classic (Blended) Service 9:00 am Rev. Dave Beckett 541-389-8888 Contemporary Service 10:45 am 8286 11th St. (Grange Hall) Reconciliation Hispanic Service 6:0 0 pm Saturday 3;00 PM - 4:45 PM Terrebonne, OR "Educating and Developing the Whole Child for the Glory of God" Pre K-5th Grade 62425 Eagle Road, Bend• 541-382-2049 Principal Lonna Camahan

You Are The I(vtost Importafft Part of Our Services

Service Led By Pastor Jenny Wamer Readings8 Carols Sunday, December 28, 10:00am Children join us in worship. Nursery care available at all services. Sundays Three Service Worship Schedule Resumes January 4 9:00am with the Praise Team 10:45am with the Chancel Choir 5:Olpm Contemplative and Prayerful

FOUNDRV CHURCH (FORMKRLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Trevor Waybright

SundaySchoolclassesare at9:00am and our Worship Service at 10:15 am

This Sunday at Foundry Church, Trevor Waybright will speak on the past year• "Reflections". For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541.382.3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH 3100SW Highland Ave.,•Redm ond 541-548-4161•

Lead Pastor Dr. Barry Campbell Worship Saturday 7 PM. Worship Sunday 8, 9;30 S 11A.M.

Sunday small groups, all ages 9:30 & 11 A.M.

Children's Worship, preschool thru 5th grade I I A.M.


Comer of NW FranklinS Lava MASSES Saturday 8:00 AM Sunday 4:30 PM Monday - Friday 7:00 AM F 12:15 PM

HOLV COMMUNION CHURCH "In the Evangelical Catholic Tradition" Father Jim Radloff• Father Mark Hebert SUNDAY MASSSCHEDULE

9:00am Traditional Music Service 5:00pm Contemporary Music Service at the Bend Senior Center 1600 S.E. Reed Market Road

BOOK CLUB:"Joy of the Gospel" by Pope Francis

2nd Tuesday of each month Next Session January 13, 2015

Morning Session Touchmark River Lodge 9:30am to I I:00am Evening Session; (Open) Tuesday,january 13th,2015 Descutes County Library 6:30pm to 8:00pm BIBLE STUDY

Wednesdays Moming Study: 10-11:30am Evening Study: 7-8:30pm at the Church ONce: 587 NE Greenwood

(across from Croutons) Bible Study resumes on January 7 YOUTH FAITHFORMATION

Resumes on January I I

info@' (541) 408-9021

Facebook: Major's Robert F Miriam Keene NEW HOPE KVANGELICAL

Reconciliation Tuesday 7;30 AM - 8:00 AM


2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Sunday School 10:20 a.m. Education Hour 10:45 a.m.


~Mss sch~d~le: Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am(English) Visit for service times and locations, or call 541-382-7504. 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessions on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm December 27 F 28,2014 at Westside and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm SundayWorship 9:00am F 10:45am

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service

8:30 Worship Center 10:30 Contemporary Service Worship Center 10:30 Traditional Service Historic Chapel Nursery 8 Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, and Ozzy Osborne 13720 SWHwy 126, Powell Butte 541-548.3066 REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH

Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! at the RLCCChurch, 2880 NE 27th Sunday Services 8 am (No child care) 10:00 am Contemporary Worship Service (Full children's ministry) Sunday Night Church 6:30 pm Forinformation, please call... Senior Pastor - Mike Yunker541-312-8844

Associate Pastors M ikeSweeney F JeffOlson "Loving people one at a time."


Worship in the Heart of Redmond Sunday Worship Services at 8:30 8 11:00 am Sunday school for all ages at 10:00 am Lessons F Carols Service, Sunday, Dec. 28, at 10 AM

Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm,

friendly family of worshipers. December 28, 2014 atWestside ChurchSISTERS CAMPUS

Guest Speaker, Dave Bullis will share the message "Second Mile Servant" at 9 and 10:45am at the Westside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters.

December 27 F 28 2014 at Westside Church -ONLINE CAMPUS

Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages

Coffee,snacksrrnd fellowship after eachservice

M.W.F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Join us at our online campus where Wed. Bible Study at noon Pastor Jim Stephens will share the message "Entrusted to God" at 6:30pm 3rd Th. Women'sCircle/Bible Study I:00 pm Saturday and at 9 and 10:45am on Sunday at Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend. 3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach December 28, 2014Westside Church ON THE RADIO

Pastor Corey Pamell will share the message "Too Familiar to Wonder" on the Heirborne radio show at 8:30am Sunday morning on

1113 SWBlack Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 — 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness

KBND — AM1110

• •

Discover First Presbyterian Sunday, January 25, Noon, Heritage Hall Explore First Presbyterian and how you can bring who you are into this community. Contact Caitlin Jarvis at Youth Events www.facebook. com/bendyouthcoff ective

230 NE Ninth Street, Bend 541.382.4401




"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship"

We are a Welcoming Congregation Sunday, December 28 at 10:30am "Fire's Buming: Draw Nearer"

Stan Jewett of First Unitarian Church, Portland; Judy Paulsmeyer and Rev. Antonia Won We are connected as UUs through the symbol of the chalice and the act of gathering together. Today we'll leam about the meaning of the chalice, and the transformative role of the annual

General Assembly, being held in Portland this June. Religious Exploration will take a break this Sunday; we always have childcare for infants and toddlers.

Nursery Care 8 Children's Church ages 4 yrs-4th grade during aff Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday

The topic of December's themed-based worship is Innocence.



6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study

• •


Meeting place: 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND

Mail:P.O. Box 428, Bend OR97709 (541) 385.3908

CHRISTIAN LIFK CENTKR 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241


Pastor Jim Stephens will share the message "Entrusted to God" at 6:30pm on Saturday and at 8, 9 and 10:45am Sunday at Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend.

Pastor Gary Burton will share the message "Where Are WeGoing" at 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE3rd St., Bend.


Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


December 28, 2014 at Westside ChurchSOUTH CAMPUS

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo• Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor

BKND CHURCH OF THK NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 St.• 541-382-5496 Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

Westside Church invites you to join us THURSDAY at any of our weekend services. No 10:00 am 50+ Bible Study matter what your expectations are, we Women's Bible Studies: WEEKLY hope your time spent with us brings you Tuesday 9;30 a.m. Life Groups a little closer to understanding, knowing Friday 9:30 a.m. Please visit our website for a complete and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. In our opinion, that's listing of activities for all ages. Men's Bible Study Wednesday 8:00 a.m. what really matters.

Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390 Father Todd Unger, Pastor

Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773 GRACE FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH

Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9;00, 10;45 am, Pastor Randy Myers

541-548-2974 concordialutheranmission

Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church!

Family Night Wednesdays Jan. 7- March 18, 2015 5-5:45 PM. Dinner 6.7:30 P M. Small group studies for all ages Babies through adult CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays, 6:30 PM. •

541 NE Dekalb Sunday School 9:45 am Children8 Adult Classes Worship Service —11:00 am

20080 Pinebrook Blvd.• 541-389-3436

Exposition F Benediction Monday-Friday after 7:00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM Tuesday (Family Holy Hour) 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Retirement? What Now? Saturday, January 24, I:00-5:00pm Psychotherapist Stephanie Costello and Financial Planner Susan Butler lead this class. Find more at


For more information about weekly ministries for the whole family, contact 541-382-5822 or email

Sunday School offered at morning services. Nursery care available at all services.

The Story Of Spacious Christianity Family Christmas

230 NE Ninth, Bend (Across Ninth St.from Bend High) Embodying Spacious Christianity

Sunday Morning Worship 8:45 AM S 10:45 AM

Wednesday Mid-Week Service Children8 Youth Programs 7:00 PM

Nursery Care Provided for All Services Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur


4 Saturdays and TMC: COMMUNITV PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 529 NW 19th Street

(3/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367 Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor 9;00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children 8 Youth Sunday School 9:30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship Youth Group: 10:30pm Sunday for Middle and High School Youth

Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service Small Groups Meet Regularly (Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

$i20 5 Saturdays and TMC:

$144 The Bulletin: Every Saturday on the

church page. $24 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday

CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of each month. $24 Copy Changes: by Monday 1 week prior to publication

Call Pat Lynch

541-383-0396 PlynCh@bendbulletin.COm




work for the brand, can back-

fire for the ambassador. LawContinued from D1 rence clearly knows her own Rather, they proved that re- mind in her work. Wouldn't it straint and exquisite taste (and be nice to see her put it to work

Designercomings BIll golllgs

Awards in December, the jury is still out on whether the retail

has been a year of designer

world, and consumers, have forgiven him for the drunken

musical chairs to an extent

a lleged anti-Semitic rant i n

Even in fashion terms, it

a refusal to pander to the com- for her wardrobe?

yawn-inducing than exciting (proof positive that, as Graydon Carter said, "The greatest asset in the world is unavailability"). Of course, she did finish the year by being named the creative director

the industry has rarely seen. 2011 that led to his firing from Some designers left brands to his former post as the artisTrends to wear, go to other brands, some sim- tic director at Christian Dior. and to wish away ply left, and one returned. In The response to his first show, As far as trends go this was, February, Nicole and Michael which will take place in Lonhands-down, the year wear- Colovos left Helmut Lang; in don in January, will give us a able tech broke through. After June, Olivier Theyskens left clue. months of potential, in quick Theory; and in July, it was As for the most wrenching succession Apple, Samsung announced that Christophe farewells, they were to L'Wren and Intel all unveiled their Lemaire would have his last Scott, who committed suicide wrist-bound smart-band deHermes show. In September, in March at age 49, and Osvices — the latter inking deals Jean Paul Gaultierannounced car de la Renta, the New York with not just Opening Cere- his retirement from ready- Fashion Week pillar who died mony, but Fossil (for watches) to-wear; in November, Ralph in October at 82. Both sent the and Luxottica (for eyeglasses), Rucci said he was leaving the fashion world into mourning, too.Ralph Lauren introduced label that bears his name, and though de la Renta's death had a smart shirt and smart Ricky Marco Zanini was out at Schi- repercussions far beyond. Ofbag, and designers from Tory aparelli; and in December, ten pigeonholed as the chief Burch to Vivienne Tam to Mi- Kering announced that Frida couturier to the ladies who chael Kors got serious about Giannini would depart Gucci lunch, de la Renta actually had the techie accessory. It was after 10 years at the label come an aesthetic whose influence about time: Finally, we no lon- February 2015. (Deep breath defined multiple political reger had to walk around look- — there's more.) gimes, celebrities and genering like refugees from a "Star In October, Peter Copping ations, from Jacqueline KenT rek" convention when w e left Nina Ricci to become the nedy to Laura Bush, Marissa wanted to measure our heart creativedirector of Oscar de Mayer to Nicki Minaj. His merates or charge our phones. la Renta, and Guillaume Hen- morial, held in November, was Admittedly, there's still a ry announced he was leav- the equivalent of a state occaway to go before someone ing Carven to take Copping's sion, with speakers that includtruly cracks the tech-chic place at Ricci. Mulberry final- ed Hillary Rodham Clinton, code, but at least it's close to ly found a new creative direc- Henry Kissi nger and Michael item No. 1 on the style agen- tor in the form of Celine's ac- Bloomberg. When it comes to da. For those who preferred cessory maestro, Johnny Coca both designers, we know we their trends reductive rather (though he won't start until will not see their like again. than additive, however, there next year), while Hermes apwere the twin absurdities of pointed Nadege Vanhee-Cy- Brands aspatrons,

of Puma women's collections,

normcore andathleisurewear, bulski as the artistic director

which in theory could mean parade, but it remains to be seen.

attempts to make fashion moments out of thin air. Just because you give something a fancy name does not mean it merits any attention, and these

mon social media denomina-

tor) can have its own explosive effect. From her red caped Ralph Lauren at the Golden Globes to her "Nairobi blue" Prada

gown at the Oscars, Nyong'o offered an ode to the memorable effects of saturated color and simple lines. The new Mrs. Clooney, a human rights lawyer, used her three-day Venetian wedding as a showcase of what it means to look smart, in every sense of the word. As role models for a new generation, both women demonstrated that powerful achievements and celebration of fashion can

go hand in hand, but the latter looks ever so much better in the serviceof the former, as

opposed to as an end in itself. By contrast, the ubiquitous

presence of Rihanna at pretty much every single fashion event in v a r ious f lesh-baring outfits started to be more

that 2015 will herald a more selective R i h anna-for-Puma Meanwhile, Jennifer Law-

faux "movements" were a case

rence's deal with Christian Dior, which requires her to

in point. After all, normcore effectively translates as basic

wear the label at most red

nonfashion clothes, and ath-

carpet events, took much of the joy out of watching her dress and suggested that, as a concept, the "brand ambassador" relationship, while it may

leisurewear is workout stuff. There's nothing wrong with letting jeans be jeans and leggings be leggings. Can we just leave it at that?

brands as plaintNs

of womenswear, and Brooks With its one-two punch of a Brothers signed up Zac Po- transformative new designer sen to b e i t s w o menswear (Nicolas Ghesquiere bowing designer. at the March shows) and a The most splashy creative landscape-changing new conappointment of 2014, howev- temporary art museum (Foner, has to be John Galliano's dation Louis Vuitton) debuting return after three years in the during the October shows, wilderness at the helm of Mai- Louis Vuitton pretty much son Martin Margiela. Though overshadowed every o t h er Anna Wintour, aka the most brand at Paris Fashion Week, powerful woman in fashion, even counting spectacles such publicly embraced Galliano as Dries Van Noten's dejeuner onstage at the British Fashion sur le catwalk, Chanel's super-

court. Sometimes, a suit is just "Swan Lake" in 51 looks and not a good look. Comme des Garqons' ode to market sweep, Undercover's

Menswear explodes

blood and roses.

Exciting as Ghesquiere's w ork was, however, it w a s the Fondation that may have

the longest-lasting effect. Indeed, it is representative of a new movement in the luxury

world, wherein brands increasingly assume the role of patronofthe artsand preserver of heritage. As recession-hit central governments tighten

their purse strings and direct money away from artsand toward infrastructure, luxury

Long the neglected little brother of womenswear, menswear has become the

hottest, fastest-growing segment of the industry, with the London Collections: Men

so successful that New York Fashion Week is considering its own version. Hood by Air was among the most-discussed brands of the year, receiving a special award as part of the LVMH Young Designer's Prize, and Estee Laud-

has stepped in to close the gap. er created its first stand-alone Aside from Vuitton, Prada men's skin-care group. also announced the creation Little wonder men reached of its modern art complex, new fashion icon status, with the Rem Koolhaas-designed Pharrell Williams coming Fondazione Prada, which will

in at No. 5 overall — and the

become Milan's first contem- first man — on Google's most porary art museum when searched red carpet list of it opens next year. Versace

2014 thanks to his continued

pledged to help restore the

allegiance to the oversize

Galleria V i ttorio E m anuele Vivienne Westwood hat look, II, and Salvatore Ferragamo and hi s s h ort-suited statedonated funds to renovate ment at the Oscars. For the

galleries at the Uffizi in Florence — all following earlier commitments by Fendi (the Fountain of Trevi), Tod's (the Coliseum) and Diesel (the Bridge of Sighs). It's proof that the next big battle in the luxury wars may have less to do with product than the promise of doing good. Certainly it is a more pro-

more traditionally minded, Neil Patrick Harris followed

up his award-winning Broadway stint as a cross-dresser in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" with a contract as the face (and body) of London Fog, and a job as the host of the 2015 Acade-

my Awards. Expect sauve-oir faireon thered carpet. N ot that t h ere w ere n o

ductive use of time and money missteps in the section (with than the less salubrious trend more attention comes more toward settling problems in opportunity for error), chief court, which suddenly seemed among them President Barack en vogue, with names such as Obama's choice of a tan suit LVMH, Kering and Hermes,

during a White House news

and which had the result of airing all sorts of dirty laundry in public. Happily, by yearend most of the squabbles had

conference in August. Until Kim Kardashian took off all her clothes for Paper magazine and oiled up, the outcry been resolved or sent home by came close to breaking the Inthe magistrates in charge, the ternet. Proof positive, if there relevant parties tasked with was any doubt, that t hese settling their differences out of days, what men wear matters.

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G allery- B e n d o• •







dU 1~,

aw L48o



II By Sandy Keenan New York Times News Service

til they get married. They're planning a late-summer wed-

NEW YORK — B o ndage ding in Manhattan that will deviceshave a casual place in feature an hourlong magic Joshua Jay's studio apartment show put on by their favorite

in Chelsea. Right there, out in the open,

performers. Jay is keeping the playbill secret from Kloots

you cansee metal thumb restraints, handcuffs of every ilk and a full-body straitjacket with leather straps. "I guess I never realized how many sex toys we have around here," said A n na Kloots, 25, Jay's fiancee and

and will reveal only that Da-

assistant, "but these are all

showed him a card trick from

vid Copperfield and Penn & Teller are not on the list.

A 'seminal moment' Jay fell in love with magic at the age of 8. His father, Jeffrey, a dentist in Canton, Ohio,

way too valuable to use." the 1940s known as Out of Jay, 33, is a magician whose This World. The subject, inhome is also his archive for

vited to use the power of the

books and props that belonged to his heroes and

mind to discern whether cards being dealt face down in two predecessors. piles areredorblack,isshown He displays a pair of white to have perfect accuracy. gloves that were worn by Mesmerized, Joshua reRichard Valentine Pitchford,

treated to his room to sort

the British conjurer who prac- things out, not surfacing until ticed under the name Cardini. he had reverse-engineered the Pitchford honed his card tricks

in chilly World War I trenches and became so accustomed to working with gloves, then un-

usual among magicians, that he continued to wear them


"That was a seminal moment for me," he said. "It really hooked me in."

Although he has performed in 63 countries and is sched-

throughout his long career. (Jay has his war medals, too.)

uled to appear on "Today" on New Year's Day, Jay still trails The straitjacket was used in recognition value far beby Harry Houdini. "And no, hind magicians Copperfield, you can't look inside," Jay Criss Angel and Ricky Jay said, scolding a visitor who (who is no relation). was inching closer to spot any He would be more famillevers or escape hatches the iar if he spent more time on garment might conceal. Here, television. But it's not the best secretsof tradecraft remain medium for his brand of intiimmortal. mate conjuring, which he does "I haven't even gotten to see it yet," Kloots said. "And I live

here." The 750-square-foot apart-

ment also contains cheating devices such as vintage playing-card trimmers that can

subtly square off rounded corners or clip margins, and illusionist-themed

a r t w o rk,

such as a 19th-century poster magician to appear to saw a woman in half.

est to Jay are the ones that in-

The collected objects deartersect with key points of magic history. He owns a rare firstedi-

tion (perhaps one of a dozen known copies) of "The Discoverie of Witchcraft." Written in

celebrity in the 1970s and '80s, at which time his hands were

1584 by Reginald Scot, an English member of Parliament,

insured for $3 million.

it is said to be the first book to

"It fits me perfectly," said expose magicas trickery,not Kloots, modeling the jacket, sorcery. "At the time it w a s pubwhich was bought at auction for about $2,000. (Henning lished, they were burning mawas 5 feet 6 inches, a full 3 gicians as witches," he said. inches taller than Houdini.) Although impressive, Jay's "But where do you expect to collection looks modest comput it?" she asked Jay, who is pared with that of Copperfield, 6 feet 3. T he couple won't live i n their studio forever, but it will

to outbid him at auction. "When I think of his unlim-

ited funds, I get hit by fits of despair," Jay said, adding that apart from a lively patter. he was able to buy a Houdi"Very minimalist magic," he ni straitjacket only "because calls his tricks, including turn- Copperfiel d already had one." ing a $1 bill into $100, bendWhich may be a blessing in ing quarters with his "mind" disguise: Keeping order in the and swallowing two dozen small apartment, which also straight pins. functions as a trick-develop"You can't misdirect a cam- ment laboratory, has not been era," he said. easy.

The collection

The latest addition to the

have liked some of those pieces and said he doubts Copperfield knows how often he tried

with few props or distractions,

promoting PT. Selbit, the first

hoard is a sparkling pink tuxedo jacket that belonged to Doug Henning,the Emmy-winning magician. Henning reached the height of his

Photos by Randy Harris/ New York Times News Service

Joshua Jay's 750-square-foot apartment in New York is full of magic memorabilia.

a billionaire who has report-

edly acquired 150,000 magic-related items now in a ware-

remain their home at least un- house in Las Vegas. Jay would

When Kloots moved in this

year, the couple pared down the collection, keeping 1,000 books and the most precious objects and putting the rest in storage in Ohio. Even then, Kloots asked for another 10 percent reduction, and Jay has established a policy of banishing a piece for every one he acquires.


JoshuaJayspecializes in "very

"I didn't have a million-dol-

lar idea, so I figured why not set the bar a little lower'?" Bi-

toy said. Also last winter, the Kickstarter community was given

the opportunity to get behind a coloring book called, "Why Is Daddy Sad on Sunday: A Coloring Book Depicting the Most Disappointing Moments in Cleveland Sports." The project's creator, Scott O'Brien, set

a goal of raising $2,000. He raised almost $24,000.

The idea came to O'Brien while he was stuck in traffic in Los Angeles, listening to the latest travails of the Cleveland Browns on sports radio. The team had just fired its coach

and its general manager. He thought a project that broadly focused on the failings of Cleveland professional sports teams would have longevity. "It seemed like every


few props or distractions. surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic who is a hand specialist for the professional sports teams in town, was more optimistic.

After three surgeries and lots of physical rehabilitation,

Still, there was a point when Jay has regained about 90 perit looked like he would have to cent of his hand function. He fall back on his entrepreneur- has trained his ring finger to ial efforts an d c o llectibles. help compensate for the damAbout six years ago, while age to the pinkie, a workhorse tubing behind a motorboat on for sleight-of-hand tricks. a lake in Ohio, he crashed into A visitor was prompted to a metal buoy at high speed ask whether he had kept the and mangled his left hand. cast, a kind of restraint that The first specialist who saw surely deserved a place among him refused to operate, saying his collectibles. The thought Jay would likely never per- never occurred to him. A retractable sleeve insert, a card-cheating device from the 1800s, "I probably incinerated it," is o neofmanypiecesofmagicmemorabiliainthe Jay'sapartform again. The second, Dr. Peter Evans, an orthopedic he said. ment, which also doubles as a trick-development laboratory.

loud while making the potato satire. Consider the NoPhone, salad." a plastic block formed in the The campaign raised more slim rectangular shape of a than $55,000. smartphone. Van Gould, one "By the end of the first day, of theproduct's creators,said I had more people I didn't the initial intent was to offer Detroit. to Kickstarter, an inventor in know giving than people I did " social commentary on o u r But in the last year, Kick- 2012 raised $577,636 to back know," Brown said. own addiction." starter's comical quotient has the making of a toy gun rigged In September, Brown held He and his friends listed the surged. to kill insects with salt. a potato-salad festival for the NoPhone on Kickstarter, callIn February, Noboru Bitoy, This subversive use of a people of Columbus, Ohio, a Chicago-based art student, popular tech platform recalls sponsored by Hellmann's and proposed the creation of a a phenomenon known as Hampton Creek. He says he is video rating the tastiness of a "Weird Twitter," in which ear- paying the rest of the money Chipotle chicken burrito. The ly adopters used inside humor he made to a local charity, the project's page lists $1,050 in to subtly mock the site's corpo- Columbus Foundation. contributions from 258 back- rateand mainstream users. thewat ers? ers — 210 of whom gave $1 Inane projects are the flavor M uddying and were rewarded with a of the day, says Mike McGreKickstarter took to the comPDF of the rating graphic. gor, a Kickstarter spokesman. pany blog to address Brown's Bitoy created a scale that In the past, he said, projects success, adding an aside that ranged from "No: I don't like proposed by famous people or was perhaps meant to direct this burrito at all" to "Wow!: those that generated six-figure attention to Kickstarter's more B est burrito ever." For h i s contributions captured the at- serious endeavors."It's funny graph, he ate a burrito that tention of the media and regu- to think that more people have r • good.



ing it a "surrogate to any smart mobile device, enabling you to always have a rectangle of

coupleof years this cycle repeated," O'Brien said. Continued from D1 Whimsical projects pop up For instance, more t h an on other crowdfunding sites, $67,000 was raised in 2011 as well. For example, on Into fund a RoboCop statue in diegogo, a main competitor

lar visitors to the website. Now


minimalist magic" that involves


earned the designation, nYum! I think this burrito is very


seen the potato salad project than Oculus Rift, but hey, the

the spotlight is on the silly. "This year it's like, 'Oh, wow, Internet is a crazy place," the people are doing really wacky post read. (The Oculus Rift is things,'" he said. a virtual reality headset that But a recent change to Kick- raised money on Kickstarter. starter's policies has given Facebook acquired the comeven more fuel to jokesters. In pany that makes it earlier this June, the platform introduced year for $2 billion.) a "launch now" feature that While the funny ideas galamends the site's previous- vanize the enthusiasm of dolly more complicated vetting lar-funders who would like process. to help further the joke, an One result i s p r ojects excess of frivolity can divert such as Potato Salad, argu- focus from what crowdfundably the most notable entry ing sites have asserted as their in the W a rped K i ckstarter core mission: to help entrepantheon. preneurialpeople overcome After joking with friends, a financial startup barriers. Too computer programmer from many joke projects — even Ohio named Zack Brown cre- those that ultimately result in ated a campaign that asked money going to charity — can for contributions to help raise "muddy the waters," said Bill $10 for a homemade batch of Pescatello, a partner at Lightpotato salad. Nearly 2 ,100 bank, a venture capital firm peoplewere driven to pledge that has invested in a funding $1. In return, Brown prom- site dedicated to c haritable ised, "You will get a 'thank causes. you' posted to our website, Some creators draw disand I will say your name out tinctions between jokes and


smooth, cold plastic to clutch

without forgoing any potential engagement with your direct environment."

a camera? No. Is it Bluetooth

compatible? No. Does it make calls? No. Is it toilet bowl resistant? Yes."

Over a 15-day period, the NoPhone creators raised more than $18,000.

The NoPhone's Kickstarter The product is set to ship page elaborates on the prod- to it s 9 1 5 b a ckers before uct's function: "Does it have


• Suppress misleading or inaccurate search results • Protect yourself or your business from online attacks • Increase your online credibility and authority


80Q 4,'7'7 2] 39




W atwe aveto oo orwar toin 1 TV SPOTLIGHT

moments on television be in

hour wrap. Another loud exit: "Two and a Half Men" (Feb. 19), which could even see the return of Charlie Sheen. "Better Call Saul".Arriving

2015? Lookback to 2014 for just

Feb. 8 on AMC, this is an easy,

a few hints: Continued seismic changes in late night and the

umm, call. Really: the prequel to a classic series, "Breaking Bad," which will bring fresh dimensions to a series we loved. "Saul" is easily one of the

By Verne Gay Newsday

What will the big, exciting

continued evolution, or devolu-

tion, of TV's major unscripted series. Oh, and here's something else that should continue: The TV audience's restless desire

most anticipated launches of the whole year. But this won't

be a reunion series — except

to see what it wants when it

AMC via The Associated Press

wants. That's just part of the Bob Odenkirk stars as Saul Goodman in the "Breaking Bad" spinrevolution that Netflix helped off "Better Call Saul." to start, but it'll be exemplified

by one key development. (Hint: HBO will have something to do All true, but he's also one of the withit.) most reclusive. How will TV's Meanwhile, here's my list of most famous introvert deal the major moments of 2015:

David Letterman leaves:This

with all the hoopla?

Stephen Colbert arrives:

will be one of those moments,

After ending " Th e

arriving May 20, cloaked in hyperbole — certainly understandable — alongside just a little melancholy, too. Also un-

Report" on Dec. 18, Colbert

derstandable: After all, Dave

C olbert

what exactly will the new Ste-

should get the better part of a

year tomake everyone forget the old Stephen Colbert. But

has been a happy part of our phen Colbert bring to the "Late lives for more than 30 years. Show" party when he takes After Johnny Carson, he is and over, probably early next fall? was the consummate late-night Some givens: A lightning wit in host. Let the hype begin. When serviceto agiftedcomicpersohe's done, no one will have

spent asmany years on late night — a total of 33, for 6,028 episodes on NBC and CBS,

na. Little is known of Colbert's

"Late Show," which only adds to the anticipation. He will certainly lose the "Colbert Report"

which noted upon announc- persona. But how exactly will ing his final day: "Letterman his "Late Show" depart from is one of the most influential, Dave's? Probably not by much: acclaimed and honored per- There's no need to reinvent this sonalities in television history."

Shows that just sound really, really interesting:"Agent Carter" (ABC, Jan. 6); "Empire" (Fox, Jan. 8); "12 Monkeys" (Syfy, Jan. 16); "Backstrom" (Fox, Jan. 22), "Battle Creek" (CBS, March 1); "The Last Man on Earth" (NBC, March 1); "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Netflix, March); 'Wa ward Pines" (Fox, May 14); "Heroes Reborn" (NBC, TBA); and "Grease Live" (Fox, also TBA.) And ... let's not forget NBC's next live holiday event, an ad-

concludes in March with a two-


aptation of "The Music Man." HBO GO:HBO'svideo-on-de-

for Bob Odenkirk,as ambu-

lance-chaserSaul Goodman,

mand service will launch as

and Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut, Saul's muscle.

a so-called "stand-alone over-

Expect lots of fun new ele-

the-top" service sometime in "Mad Men" wraps: Some- ments and characters. For ex- 2015. Lots of questions (indudtime in 2015, one of TV's sin- ample, who knew Saul had a ing cost), but one has to be: Will gular triumphs ends. But don't brother? He does: Chuck Mc- Showtime Anytime follow suit'? expect "answers" or a finale to Gill, played by another legend, HBO Go, like Netflix, could be beat all finales. If past is pro- Michael McKean. a real game-changer. "American Idol" and "Danclogue here, "Mad Men" will The other new late-night probably end with a question guys: Larry Wilmore be- ing with the Stars": I'll be mark as opposed to an excla- gins his Comedy Central se- watching as these major franmation point. Maybe many ries, "The Nightly Show with chises drift i n exorably into question marks. Foremost, Larry Wilmore" on Jan. 19, "formerly major" status. Len if "Mad Men" is really the while "The Late Late Show Goodman, for example, leaves journey of Don Draper's (Jon with James Corden" arrives sometime in 2015. Meanwhile, Hamm) soul, then where does March 23.Wilmore — one of big changes on the 14th seathis complicated soul end up? the creators of ABC's "black- son of "Idol" — beginning Jan. Finales for "Parks and Rec- ish" — is Colbert's successor, 7. It will be the first without reation" (Feb. 24) and "Glee" while Corden succeeds Craig Randy Jackson; and at some (March 20):Now here are two Ferguson. Corden, like Wilm- point during the season, the series that will end with an ex- ore, arrives with a resume that long-standing "results" edition clamation point. They will go doesn't have an entry for late will end, and be merged into out loud, and with surprising night TV host. (Corden is an ac- the performance edition. Last speed, too. "P&R's" seventh complished veteran of the stage season's judging panel returns and final season (beginning and star of Hulu's "The Wrong — Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban Jan. 13) will literally rush by. Mans.") The fun in both cases and Harry Connick Jr. — but "Glee," too. It begins Jan. 9 could be watching them learn will they be around for the 15th with a two-hour launch and the new gig while on the job. season?

eatni anno e wit ir rien

MOVIE TIMESTOQAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0and IMAXmovies. • irtovie times are subject to change after press time. f

Dear Abby:Is nitpicking a poor she's doing something that both— Hairdresser in California traitto have? I see it as a posi- ers you? Nitpicking encompasses Dear Hairdresser:Talk with her tive thing as long as matters are more than asking someone to pick directly. Tell her you received her brought up in a helpful way. If you up her socks or not leave the dishes text and the snub wasn't intenwant a healthy relationship with in the sink or on the counter. (If she tional. One would think she'd realthe person you live with, isn't it best washes them, shouldn't YOU put ize you were doing her a favor by to tell her what you think should be them into the cupboard?) working her in, but if she can't undone and how? T here are f e w derstand that, then perhaps it's betTwo e x a mples: things that a neat- ter she see another stylist. Accept it My girlfriend likes nik finds more up- and move on. DEP,R setting than living Dear Abby:My daughter calls me ABBY when she's lying on with someone who (hands-free) when she is driving in the couch. She rolls is disorganized. You her car.We have li vely conversathem off her feet with and your girlfriend tions and I enjoy her calls. Howevthe opposite foot and they some- appear to have some very basic er, she is always either running ertimes end up in the corner of the differences. If you're planning to rands or on her way to work when couch, but most of the time on the make this romance a lifelong com- she calls. I can be in the middle of floor. Also, dishes never get rinsed mitment, I'm warning both of you a sentence when she announces, "Oops, Mom, I've reached my desoff, washed or put away on time. in advance thatyou can't change The sock thing is gross, and the another person. Got it'? tination. Gotta go. Love you!" dishes end up stinking or the food Dear Abby:I've been doing my Am I wrongto feel she is "fitting" gets stuck on them. Also, the dishes mother-in-law's hair for the last me in? Or should I just be happy for sit in the strainer, not the cupboard. seven years. I became very busy the call'? My girlfriend thinks I go over- with clients and had her dou— A Mom in Connecticut board and bombard her with these ble-booked in between clients beDear Mom:It may seem like your suggestions. I'd like to know how cause she wasn't a paying custom- daughter is "fitting you in," but at you and your readers feel about er. She felt "shuffled around" and least she ends the conversations nitpicking. decided to text me, telling me she with an expression of love. If her — Likes Things Neat will go to another hairdresser. schedule is busy, her drive time may I'm hurt and don't understand be the optimum time for her to talk in Louisville Dear Likes Things Neat:I find it why she wouldn't communicate privately. So be happy — it's better interesting that you used the term this to me directly so we could have than never hearing from her at all. "nitpicking." Is that what your worked something out. What's the — Write to Dear Abbyat dearabbycom girlfriend calls it when you tell her best way to handle this? or P.o. Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFORSATURDAY, DEC. 27, 2014:This yearyou are in sync with your energy and will make excellent choices. You'll note a tendency to become more in touch with your intuition. For instance, you could sense who is calling when the phone rings. This ability will evolve and serve you well over the next few years. Do not hesitate to take moderate risks. Stars showthe kind If you are single, of ffayyou'll have yo u willknow ** * * * D ynamic when you meet ** * * p ositive Mr . or Ms. Right, ** * Average whi c h will likely ** So-so be the second half * Difficult of this year. If you are attached, you really enjoy your significant other. You will prefer to socialize less and be with him or her more instead. PISCEScan be very emotional.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

enough time together as of late. Remain easygoing, and share some of the special moments of the holiday with this person. Tonight: A must appearance.

CANCER (June21-July 22)

** * * * You might feel better and more upbeat than you have in years. A child, friend or loved one will draw out the playfulness in you that people probably have not witnessed in a long time. Use caution

with spending,andcountyourchange. Tonight: Just enjoy the moment.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21)

** * * Tension builds, and you might ** * * Your mind seems to drift to those feel as if you have no control. You acat a distance. You might be able to see tually do, but you must recognize that pastthe obviouswhen someone sharesa other parties are involved and you have very confusing story. You could be in the little control over them. By accepting mood to overindulge yourself and others what works best for the majority, you at the same time. Why not? Tonight: Use will greet success. Tonight: Let the good your imagination when making plans. times roll.

LEO (July23-Aug.22)

** * * * You happily will slow down to spend some quality time with a friend. Freeing up extra time allows for more spontaneity as well. Oftentimes you see ARIES (March21-April 19) ** * * You sometimes charge full speed a side of someone that few people are ahead, only to stop a few minutes later to aware of. Enjoy this! Tonight: Say "yes" to daydream about your ideas instead of act- someoneelse's invitation. ing on them. People might not be able to VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) get a read on you. Good feelings will flow ** * * Your creativity emerges and between you and avery special person. allows greater give-and-take in a situation Tonight: Follow-through counts. thatcould involvesomeone who seems to be a little uptight. If you remain patient TAURUS (April 20-May20) ** * * * R each out to friends, and make and relaxed, you will be able to get to the some plans to get involved in a fun, enjoy- root of the problem. Don't allow anyone to able activity. Your biggest problem could distract you. Tonight: All smiles. surround your home life, as a lot seems LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) to be going on. Perhaps a surprise visitor ** * * * Y our creativity seems endless, will come to see you. Tonight: Happiest and it will give you a better sense of direcclose to home. tion than you've had in the past. You'll be GEMINI (May 21-June 20) able to tap into some of your ingenuity in ** * * You might want to make effort an order to find practical solutions. A friend to visit with an older friend or loved one. could become demanding. Tonight: Call it You might feel as if you have not spent an early night.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.19) ** * * You could be more in touch with your feelings than you have been in a while. A conversation with a friend will help you feel revitalized. Make an effort to have an important conversation with someoneyou careaboutenormously. Tonight: Just ask questions.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) ** * You might be in the mood to return

some items or dosomemore shopping. In any case, grab some time for yourself,


PISCES (Feb.19-March20) ** * * You'll be able to understand some of the pressure that others feel. You alsocould be overwhelmed by a responsibility that suddenly is dropped on you. Seize the moment. Enjoy hanging out with your friends. Tonight: Play it easy. © King Features Syndicate


Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • ANNIE(PGj 11:40a.m., 3:35, 6:25, 9:15 • BIG EYESlPG-13) 10:35 a.m., 1:20, 4:45, 7:40, 1 0:25 • 8IG HERO 6lPG)11:05 a.m., 1:45, 4:30 • EXODUS:GODSANDKINGS lPG-13) 11:15a.m., 6:35 • EXODUS:GODSANDKINGS3-D (PG-13) 3:10, 10:10 • THE GAMBLER lR) 10:15 a.m., 1, 4:25, 7:25, 10:10 • THEHOBBIT:THEBATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES (PG-13) noon, 3:30, 6:45, 10 • THE HOBBIT:THEBATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES 3-0 (PG-13j 12:30, 4, 7:15, 10:30 • THE HOBBIT:THEBATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES IMAX 3-0 (PG-13) 11:30a.m., 3, 6:15, 9:30 • HORRIBLEBOSSES2(R) 7:30, 10:20 • THEHUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY — PART1 (PG-13) 12:05, 3:05, 6, 9:05 • THE IMITATIONGAME(PG-13) 10:25 a.m., 1:10, 4:35, 7:20, 10:05 • INTERSTELLAR (PG-13j 11:50 a.m., 4:10, 8 • INTOTHEWOODS(PG)10a.m.,12:55,4:15,7:10,10:05 • NIGHTAT THEMUSEUM: SECRET OF THETOMB (PG) 11:25 a.m., 3:25, 6:05, 9 • PENGUINSOFMADAGASCAR(PG) 11a.m., f:30, 4 • UNBROKEN lPG-13) 12:40, 3:55, 7:05, 10:15 • WILDlR) 11:45 a.m., 3:20,6:10, 6:40, 9:10, 9:40 • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies. •



McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 NWBond St., 541-330-8562 • ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD,VERYBADDAY(PG) 11:30 • GONE GIRL(R) 5:30 • HORRIBLEBOSSES2(R) 9 • ST. VINCENT(PG-13) 2 • Younger than21 mayattend aiiscreeningsif accompanied byalegal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 NWTin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • THETALEOFTH EPRINCESS KAGUYA(PG) 3 • KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON(R) 6 • LAGGIES(Rj 8 I


5 p.m. on TCM, Movie: "The Black Stallion" —This breathtaking adaptation of Walter Farley's classic novel takes the famous yarn of a young boy who is paired with a handsome stallion following a shipwreck and translates it into some of the most glowingly beautiful images ever committed to film. Kelly Reno, Teri Garr and an Oscar-nominated Mickey Rooney star. 8 p.m. on 5, 8, "WWETribute to the Troops" —Many Americans spend the holidays sending warm thoughts to loved ones in various centers of conflict around the globe. In this new one-hour special, WWE wrestiers honor those troops with the best in sports entertainment and pop culture, including performances by country music's Florida Georgia Line. 8 p.m. on10, "Bones" —Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is the keynote speaker at a forensic science convention, and it's no mystery she ends up in a mystery — investigating someone's remains found during the event — in the aptly titled "The Corpse at the Convention." The

stakes risewhenDr. Hodgins (TJ Thyne)becomes asuspectin the death. A professional rival (guest star Nora Dunn) causes Brennan additional discomfort. 9 p.m.on ANPL, "My CatFrom Hell" —In a funny new "Helliday Special," Jackson struggles to help three Boston families, including one household where a jealous Bengal threatens a couple's first holiday with their newborn baby. In another home, fighting cats may force the cancellation of a Christmas party, while in the third, a sphinx cat who clearly believes in "pees on Earth" is dampening spirits by relieving himself all over the holiday gifts. 10 p.m. on TNT, "Transporter: The Series" — Frank's (Chris Vance) latest gig finds him commissioned with retrieving a vital documentary from a villa in Crimea, but there's a string attached: The client wants Frank to work with the world's second best transporter, Bernard Dassin (guest star Dhaffer L'Abidine). Despite his strong misgivings about undertaking a dangerous assignmentaccompanied by a wild card, Frank has little choice but to team up with Dassin and

ayoung computerwhiz asthe

client demands in the new episode "T2." © Zap2it

~p~coolsculpting LE F F E L CE N T E R 0 COS


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S '541-388-3006

ASSURANCE iswhatyou getwhen EVERGREEN manages your lovedone's medications


Redmond Cinemas,1535 SWOdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • ANNIE(PG)11:15a.m., 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • THE HOBBIT:THEBATTLE OFTHE FIVE ARMIES (PG-13) noon,3,6:05,9 • NIGHTAT THEMUSEUM: SECRET OF THETOMB (PG) 11:30 a.m., 1:45, 4, 6:15, 8:30 • UNBROKEN lPG-13) 12:15,31 5,615, 91 5


In-Home Care Services 541-389-0006

Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • THEH088IT:THEBATTLE OFTHE FIVE ARMIES (PG-13) 1,4,7 • INTOTHE WOODS (PG)noon,2:45,5:15,7:45 • UNBROKEN lPG-13) 1:15, 4:15, 7:15 • WILDlR) noon, 2:30, 5, 7:45 Madras Cinema 5,1101SWU.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • ANNIE(PGj 1:25, 4:05, 6:50, 9:20 • 'THEHOBBIT:THE BATTLE OFTHE FIVEARMIES (PG13j 12:30, 4, 7:30 • NIGHTAT THEMUSEUM: SECRET OF THETOMB (PG) 12:10,2:30,4:50,7:10,9:25 • UNBROKENlPG-13)f,3:50,6:45,9:35 • WILD lR) 2,4:25,7,9:30 • *No passes or discounts accepted.

as you havevery few quiet moments

ahead of you in the near future. Others will seekyouout;theywantyourcompany. Tonight: Bask in your popularity.


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Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • THE HOBBIT:THEBATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES (Upstairs — PG-13)12:30, 4, 7:15 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


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541.322.7337 w ww . c o m p l e m e o t s h o m e . c o m

For homes online WWW b e n d h o m e S . C Om






New Homes in Redmond



Lava Isl and Love Affair It will be love at first sight when you see the spacious new floor plans and gorgeous

Redmond's newest community offers beautiful homes starting at $164,990 on the town's west side. New homes are now selling in this quiet, charming, family-friendly community that features nearby parks, churches, great schools,easy access to dry canyon recreation, groceries, coffee and more! Call today, as these homes are selling FAST! For a limited time receive $3,500 in closing costs with our preferred lender. Model Home - 3 124 SW Cascade Ave., Redmond.


nature at their doorsteps. Prices for these maintenance-free homes start at $819,750

and as low as $449,750 elsewhere in the n eighborhood. O p e n S a t urdays a n d Sundays 12:00 - 4:00pm. Call Stephanie at 541-948-5196 or Jordan at 541-420-1559.



(541) 316-2112

river view lots available now at PointsWest Townhomes. These luxurious homes take full advantage of the majestic views with

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Welcoming 2015 Growth and Opportunities s the start of the New Year approaches, it's easy to see how much our region and company have for which to be truly grateful. We are looking forward to change, growth and opportunity in 2015, while reflecting on a strong real estate market and many successes in 2014. We are thankful for our clients, our amazing team of professionals and local business partners.


Central Oregon has been touted in local and national news media as one of the nation's top places to live, work, play, retire, or start a business.'Ihe real estate market showed marked signs of stability throughout 2014. New home starts were up, property values rose and many hit by the recession of years past, re-entered the market as home buyers. Many specialty markets saw gains as welL Reported sales of farm and ranch properties in 2014 were greater than the three prior years combined, and homes valued over one million dollars sold at a rate that also exceeded previous years. As the market has expanded, so has our company with: a new annex office in Bend's Old Mill District; the launch of a second publication, Market Report (produced quarterly as a way for us to present market stats, trends and forecasts), the expansion of our flagship publication, Extraordinary Living + Design; the introduction of the Central Oregon Relocation Guide and the addition of new brokers that embrace the company's vision and philosophy of providing unparalleled service. Most recently, Cascade Sotheby's International Realty announced its expansion into Portland Metro and SW Washington. "We are very excited about this opportunity. There exists such natural synergies between Central Oregon and our expansion markets that we believe it will prove to be a huge benefit to our clients in both areas. On the horizon, we see an increase in relocation business and business relationships, as well as the ability to further assist second home owners fromthe Portland area.2015 is going to be a greatyear for us, " says Deb Tebbs, Broker/President. Our first Portland office located in the heart of 'Ihe Pearl District is scheduled to open January 2015. What's in store for Central Oregon real estate in 2015~ We expect sales in the region to remain strong. Home prices continue to rise at rates which analysts see as sustainable, making home ownership in Central Oregon achievable for many. 'Ihis is truly one of the greatest accomplishments and pleasures we have in our business — helping people find a home they love and can call their own. Several new home and development projects in Bend are currently in the planning stages which will bring new housing opportunities with different architectural appeal to the area. Our Farm and Ranch Division's listing inventory is healthy and buyer interest is strong leading us to believe this market sector will excel again in the coming year. Our New Home and Development specialists have yet to see a slowdown in the demand for new construction and are confident this will continue. With inventory remaining low in many price ranges and strong buyer interest, the beginning of 2015 seems to be an ideal time for sellers. We wish all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

Cascade Sotheby's International Realty



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Windermere... Re-definingthe Standard of Excellence in the Real Estate Industry.

Change your Career... Change your life! Catch the Windermere Wave of Momentum Leading edge technology,non-competing management and well-appointed professional office facilities. I


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Apt JMultiplex General Senior ApartmentIndependent Living ALL-INCLUSIVE with 3 meals daily Month-to-month lease, check it out! Call 541-233-9914

.00 632

Apt./Iillultiplex General


AptJNlultiplex NE Bend


Call for Specials! Limited numbers avail. 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. W/D hookups, patios or decks. MOUNTAIN GLEN, on the first day it runs 541-383-9313 to make sure it is corProfessionally rect."Spellcheck" and managed by Norris & human errors do ocStevens, Inc. cur. If this happens to your ad, please conWant to impress the tact us ASAP so that corrections and any relatives? Remodel adjustments can be your home with the made to your ad. help of a professional 541 -385-5809 from The Bulletin's The Bulletin Classified "Call A Service Professional" Directory TURN THE PAGE For More Ads T he B u l l e t i n



Commercial/lnvestment Properties for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

1-800-877-0246. The

toll free t e lephone number for the hearing i m paired is

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• 11.25 Acre secluded 8782 SW Waterhole 17172 Island Loop Spectacular 1620 sq. ft. 69020 Barclay Pl. Place. Custom log Way. A very special newer home on 1 acre A truly spectacular parcel near Sisters Attractive Commercial • Recreational property home w/exceptional custom home onthe with 1632 sq. ft. 3-bay setting, view and Building - This 1320 water. Ad¹2012 off the grid garage/shop with own privacy. AD¹1202 sq f t com mercial river, canyon and mt views. Ad ¹1622 TEAM Birtola Garmyn bath and kitchenette. TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Please call listing broproperty in downtown High Desert Realty High Desert Realty ker for directions $199,900 MLS Tumalo is perfect for TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty ¹201407601. $55,000 your future business. 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Call Nancy Popp, Prinwww.BendOregon Bill Kammerer, Broker $299,000. 541-410-'I 200 www. BendOregon cipal Broker Call Terry Skjersaa, 541-815-8000 Windermere 541-383-1426 61114 SW M o ntrose Crooked River Realty 2545 SW 43rd. LuxuriCentral Oregon Northwest Crossingj MLS¹201406817 23190 Rickard Rd., Pass St. Exceptional ous Home with stunReal Estate $660,000 Duke Warner Realty 23236 Chisholm Trail. Custom home on priquality and design in ning views. Ad ¹2102 • 2078 sq.ft. Prairie 541-382-8262 Custom 3000+ sq.ft. TEAM vate 5 acres with this SW Bend home. Birtola Garmyn • 1.24 Acres on a paved style Bend home and shop Commercial Building. 2 great Cascade views. Ad ¹1492 • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, High Desert Realty road on 4.4+ acres. Ad ¹1232 buildings; 2160 sq.ft. TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 • Community park & Earth Advantage Ad ¹1002 High Desert Realty and 1728 sq.ft. Cur- TEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon • .24 acre lot, Broken boat ramp 2 blks TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty rently being used as 541-312-9449 • Septic approved Top view 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty www.BendOregon warehouses. Paved • MLS 201410809 • 4 miles to Sunriver 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon driveway and parking. 65440 Tweed Rd., Resort Jim & Roxanne www.BendOregon There is a half bath Bend. Immaculate 20 $90,000 Cheney, Brokers and office in the large Brand new i n V i sta 23977 Richard Rd. acre estate w/CasBill Kammerer, Broker Gorgeous, building. Current use Meadows. 4 bdrm, 2y2 541-410-1200 cade views and Need to get an small acreage, is approved. Change b ath 2281 s q . f t . guesthouse. Ad Windermere ad in ASAP? of use should be veri- single level h ome, minutes from town. ¹1102 Central Oregon Ad ¹1612 fied and approved by d en/office, You can place it TEAM Birtola Garmyn Real Estate grea t Jefferson Co u nty. r oom, corner f i r e TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty online at: High Desert Realty $199,500. MLS place. $327,900 MLS 541-312-9449 1303 Elk Drive, Cres541-312-9449 ¹201409760 www.BendOregon cent. V er y M O T I201409961. REAL ESTATE www.BendOregon Bobbie Strome, Call Jim Hinton, VATED! Immaculate Principal Broker 541-385-5809 2240 sq.ft. 4 bdrm, 2 541-420-6229 John L Scott Real 14266 Whitewater Nottingham Square j Central Oregon Realty 16505 Shanks Lane. bath home. c hef's Estate 541-385-5500 Great Home 8 Floor RVer's Par a dise. Lane, Northwest kitchen, bar, vaulted $235,000 Group, LLC plan on a huge lot! • 1978 sq.ft. Deschutes riverfront 2400 sq.ft. RV cove ceilings and f ormal C ommercial Lots I n Custom home. O u tAD¹1632 • 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Ad ¹1592 dining room were built Crooked River Ranch: standing CASCADE /shop and home. Ad TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn • 2-car garage, 0.2 acre Great opportunity to ¹1602 for entertaining, fireVIEW! 1878 sq. ft. 3/2 High Desert Realty lot High Desert Realty start a business or + bonus room (not in- TEAM Birtola Garmyn place, indoor laundry 541-312-9449 • MLS 201410807 541-312-9449 room, attached garelocate an existing c luded in s q . f t . ) High Desert Realty www.BendOregon www.BendOregon rage, cedar d eck, business. Near res- cherry 541-312-9449 cabi n ets, t aurants, hotel a nd www. BendOregon l andscaped, g o o d hardwood & s l ate, neighbor fence and golf course. Owner 310 Willis Lane, terms avail. Business Oversized g a rage, 54533 F o ste r Rd. garden, just minutes incredible NW style to pu b lic 21920 Obsidian Ave. Beautiful well main- from skiing, snowmoCircle, Lot 82:- 1.05 adjacent estate on almost 90 Bend 30+ acre acres, $25, 0 00. land. $279,900 MLS tained home on gor- biling, clear mountain acres. Ad ¹1362 201402871 Call paradise with large geous property. Ad l akes yet c lose t o Commercial Loop Lot Nancy Popp, Princ. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Cascade views. ¹1332 schools and shopping. 50, 1.30 acres and Lot Broker, 541-815-8000 High Desert Realty REAL ESTATE Ad ¹1552. TEAM Birtola Garmyn $179,000 MLS 51, 1.23 acres, still 541-312-9449 dOp ~ Crooked River Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn available at $35,000 High Desert Realty 201404258. Call www.BendOregon High Desert Realty NW Bend j $324,900 541-312-9449 Kerry, 541-815-6363 each or purchase both 2603 SW MissionRd. 541-312-9449 • 1800 sq.ft. www.BendOregon Cascade Realty for $60,000. Juniper Cute farmhouse on 80 Big Awbrey Butte www. BendOregon • 3 bedroom, 2 bath Realty 541-504-5393 acres w/gorgeous Craftsman home. • Convenient location 1550 NW G a lveston views. AD¹1022 Fully Rented, LongAd ¹1122 • MLS 201410900 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 1477 NW D a venport TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2 1042 R o bi n Av e . A ve., B e nd . 2 3 4 4 Term Leases Great Don Kelleher, Broker W onderfully ma i n - sq.ft. on 2 city lots, income p r o ducing High Desert Realty Ave. Perfect West High Desert Realty tained Bend home. Ad large fenced b ack 541-312-9449 property. 2 buildings, Side Bend Cottage. 541-312-9449 ¹1482 yard, great for home www.BendOregon main b u ilding i s Ad¹1452 www.BendOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn business. $450,000. 19,429 sq ft with very TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Scott McLean, large parking lot. Sec- 9730 SW Willard Rd. High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 Principal Broker 106 NW Colorado Ave. ond building is 6420 541-312-9449 Old stage stop and a www.BendOregon 541-408-6908 1 920s N W Ben d sq ft. Great location. touch of the old west. www.BendOregon Realty Executives home with 2009 up$1,500,000. Ad ¹1432 REAL ESTATE grades. Ad ¹1462 Call Candy Yow at TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn FIND IT! l~ ~ d Op mB 54'I -410-3193. Find It in High Desert Realty Find exactly what High Desert Realty NUY IT! MLS201304214. SE Bend Acreagej 541-312-9449 you are looking for in the 541-312-9449 f The Bulletin Classifleds! Duke Warner Realty Sgg g ¹7 $519,000 www. BendOregon www.BendOregon 541-385-5809 541-382-8262 CLASSIFIEDS The Buffetin Classifieds • 1728 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Investor Opportunity! 4 Sunriver area • Shop with apartment rented homes plus 2 Gorgeous vacation home. • MLS 201410829 lots in La Pine, OR. AD¹1522 Minda McKitrick, $124,900. High Lakes TEAM Birtola Garmyn Realty 8 Pr o perty High Desert Realty I Management 541-312-9449 541-536-0117 www. BendOregon Mobile Home Park - 5 mobiles & land inCustom Craftsman on cluded. A qreat inover an acre. vestment! $289,900 REAL ESTATE AD¹1062 ¹201403281 TEAM Birtola Garmyn John L. Scott High Desert Realty Real Estate 541-312-9449 541-548-1712 www. BendOregon Commercial/Investment Redmond • Properties for Sale • cial Lot j $237,000 • .68 acre commercial 2046 NW Perspective 16480 William Foss, lot Dr. Looking for qualLa Pine. $166,000. • Hwy 97 access ity, views and locaH ome + O f fice + • Approved site plan tion, this is the shop. Fenced. High • MLS 201307130 PLACE! Ad ¹1172 Lakes Realty & Prop- Steve Gorman, Broker TEAM Birtola Garmyn erty Man agement 541-408-2265 High Desert Realty 541-536-0117 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon 2 Homes on .88 acre commercially zoned property w i t h 2 2002 NW Perspecitve s tick-built home s MORRIS Dr. Frank Loyd Wright rented at $575 and REAL ESTATE inspired design. $850. You also get an Awbrey Butte home. additional tax lot in the Ad ¹2132 738 deal. Off the Madras TEAM Birtola Garmyn Hwy in Prineville, and Multiplexes for Sale High Desert Realty there have been some 541-312-9449 new businesses in the Duplex in Bend's Old www. BendOregon area. Agent owned. Mill District. Ad ¹2182 Asking $210,000. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Heather Hockett, Bro4212 NW Sawyer Ct. High Desert Realty ker, 541 - 420-9151 541-312-9449 Gorgeous Deschutes C entury 2 1 Gol d River & Canyon www.BendOregon Country Realty. Views! AD¹1222 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Look at: TURN THE PAGE High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 For More Ads At Evergreen Home Loans, we'fe Passionate about home for Complete Listings of www. BendOregon The Bulletin Area Real Estate for Sale ~

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Homes starting is the Iow

Popular Pahlisch Homes community featuring resort-like amenities: pools, clubhouse, gym, hot tub, sports center, 5 miles 20878SEGoldenGatePlace,Bend of walking trails. Tour a Directions:From theParkuay, east variety of single level and on Reed/ifarket, south on 15th, then 2 story plans. follow s~gns.

Hosted 6 Listed by:


Homes Stardng Mid-$200s lk

Principal Broker


$200,000s. Brand new homes m Bend with the quatsy pahlisch is known for stainless steel appliances, laminate wood floors, solid surface Chroma quartz counters (even in baths) with

20781 NE Comet I,ane

under-mount stainless steel sink in kitchen, extra attention DirectioesrNorth on Boyd Acres,

given ro allow for tons of Right on Sierra, Le f( on BlackPo~der, natural light R much more. Right on Cometlane.Lookfor signs. Come by the model home for starting in the low more information and plans.

Hosted & Listed by:



541-420-2$50 RE

A L T 0

R 8


R E A L T 0




Homes for Sale



Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •

Home s for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• 4 bdrm & 3 bath Add y ou r P e rsonalBeautiful S a ddleback Cabin in the Woods • Quality custom built T ouch. 3 B d rm, 2 Log Home - On 2.4 Move-in ready A-frame home bath, 1877 sq.ft., on acres, minutes from on large, sunny lot. 2 • Vaulted ceilings 8.93 acres. Upon sale the heart of Bend. 3 b edroom, 2 bat h . • Primary living on one the home will be a bedroom, 3.5 b ath, $148,000. MLS level shell, ready for the bonus room, loft and 201408670 • Daylight basement buyer to c o mplete. sunroom with 2650 sq Call Brook Criazzo, Seller has estimated f t. $ 4 49,900. C a l l 541-550-8408 or $595,000. Debbie Tallman, $35,000 to $40,000 to Michele Anderson at Aubre Cheshire, Broker 541-390-0934 complete the home. A 541-633-9760 or Jac541-598-4583. Windermere FHA 203K loan might q uie S ebulsky a t Duke Warner Realty 21785 Coyote Dr. Cozy Central Oregon w ork well fo r t h is 5 41-280-4449. M L S 541-382-8262 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 Real Estate home, so check with ¹201406438 MORRIS sq.ft. home on 4.52 Classic Craf t sman your lender. Seller is Duke Warner Realty REALESTATE • 4bed,3bath all on Home Near the River acres w/ 3 acres of 541-382-8262 selling because of one level Arnold Irrigation. Liv3 bedroom, 2.5 bath health problems from • Paver patio ing room has a fire- • 3178 sq.ft. car accident. Lateral Beautiful S a g ewood with an office and bo• One third acre fenced place w/built-in book- • 4 bdrm & 4 bath irrigation pipe and 3 Home - 3 bedroom, nus room. Peaceful cases on either side. • Large upstairs master lot phase pump in pond 2.5 bath, close to ev- outdoor living space. • Near Dry Canyon Large family room w/2 suite MLS are included and the 3 erything Bend has to $635,000. $225,000. 201410069 skylights and sliders • 5 fenced acres big guns are negooffer. Features open Diana Barker, to back deck. Remod- • Shop, boat garage 8 Call Brook Criazzo, tiable. Green panels floor plan with spaBroker 541-480-7777 541-550-8408 or eled kitchen w/ adja- mtn views stay. Building will be c ious kitchen a n d Windermere cent breakfast nook. Aubre Cheshire, empty and debris and large, fenced yard. $615,000. Central Oregon 541-598-4583 Fenced and c r oss Janelle Christensen, personal pr o perty $434,900. Real Estate fenced w/ 3 separate Duke Warner Realty Broker hauled away prior to MLS¹201408342 541-382-8262 fields fo r a n imals. 51460 Lasso Lane, La close of escrow. Ex- Call Terry Skjersaa, 541-815-9446 Newer double garage Pine Charmer - 3 isting bone pile will 541-383-1426 Windermere • Contract terms offered w /original gar a ge bdrm, 2 bath, 1160 sq remain. Central Oregon $4 5 0,000. Duke Warner Realty • 113 ft river frontage converted to s h op. ft home. Gas f i reReal Estate MLS ¹201402830 541-382-8262 • Power on site 50'x20' older b arn. place, large kitchen Bobbie Strome, • Septic installed Vegetable and flower 360' M t n and Smith i sland with l ots o f Principal Broker • Bradetich Park • Good roads all year beds abound. MLS Rock views, p a ve storage. Open greatJohn L Scott Real • 3 bdrm & 3 bath $187,900. road, 4.92 acres in ¹201407933 r oom c o ncept & Estate 541-385-5500 • y2 acre Dave Disney, Broker Tetherow Crossing, double rear entry ga$330,000 • 2 master suites 541-410-8557 septic fees approved. rage. Large lot, built in Awbrey Butte Home- • Stunning finish work Bobbie Strome, Windermere MLS ¹ 20 1 404802. 2005. $137,500 Boasts nearly 3600 sq Principal Broker $569,900 Central Oregon $189,999. Call Pam John L Scott Real ft! Great room floor MLS¹201404934 Eric Andres, Broker Real Estate Lester, Principal BroEstate 541-385-5500 plan has sunken livScott McLean, 541-771-1168 ker, Century 21 Gold ing room as well as Principal Broker Windermere Convenient East Bend 2.24 Acre Estatej Country Realty, Inc. master suite and 2 541-408-6908 Central Oregon Location - Built in $765,000 541-504-1338 bedrooms downstairs. Realty Executives Real Estate 2000 on .18 acre lot, • 3187 sq.ft. remodeled $525,000 MLS this 1648 sq ft 3 bed38.9 Acres j home Just too many ¹201409784 Brand New - Upgraded room 2.5 bath home $1,235,000 • 4 bedroom, 4 bath Call Terry Skjersaa, • 4035 sq.ft., 5 bedcollectibles? Finishes! Located in f eatures a bo n u s • Shop, detached ga541-383-1426 room, 3.5 bath Skystone, this home room, RV area and rage Duke Warner Realty • Granite, hickory, has quartz counters, extra parking, and is Sell them in • MLS 201405875 541-382-8262 vaulted ceilings hardwood floors, de- located on a Amy Halligan, Broker • Barn, The Bulletin Classifieds shop, outdoor signer lighting. Mas- cul-de-sac. Must see! 541-410-9045 A wbrey Glenj arena ter bedroom on main $259,000. $399,000 • MLS 201410404 Kellie Cook, Broker level and 2 spacious 541-385-5809 • 1912 sq.ft. townhome 54'I -408-0463 0 Brandon Fairbanks, bedrooms u p stairs • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Broker, SRES, with mountain views. John L. Scott 2593 NE H awkview• Near parks, trails, Real Estate, Bend GRI, CDPE R d., B e n d . Wel l pickleball $349,000. MORRIS 541-383-4344 m aintained h o m e •, MLS 201410044 MLS201409447 REAL ESTATE built in 2 002, 1235 Call Jacquie Sebulsky, IA~ A Qy~ ~ ~ d People Look for Information 541-0280-4449 or sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath, About Products and corner lot, great fire Michele Anderson, • 2360 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 541-633-9760 Services Every Daythrough p it and pati o . 2.5 bath Duke Warner Realty MORRIS $225,000. The Bulletin Classifieds • Completely updated 541-382-8262 Scott McLean, REAL ESTATE • Master on main fl. Principal Broker C ountry Living. T h e • Large barn with fin541-408-6908 Breathtaking Views on best of country living ished 2nd floor • 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath 8 Realty Executives with Cascade mtn. the Lake - $699,999 • Fenced 8 gated REAL ESTATE 2452 sq.ft. 4 bdrms, 2 baths, 4500 views. Bea u tifully • 8.5 acres irrigation 6.4 acres & borders dOp ~ • Attached 3-car si n g le sq. ft., fully remod- maintained $445,000. BLM land garage & shop eled interior, log aclevel home on 19.5 • Backs to forest, close Bill Kammerer, Broker • Cherry oak floors On cul-de-sac cents, rec room and acres, w/ 13.8 acres to river & lakes 541-410-1200 Electric at street & • Open great room • 3 bdrm, 2 bath & 1512 loft. 6.8 acres w/horse COI irrigation a nd Windermere septic approved • Entertain center corral, g u esthouse. pond. Interior f easq.ft. Central Oregon $140,000. $600,000 CUP in place for a tures include 2 mas• 2-car garage Real Estate Veronica Theriot, Rinehart, Dempsey • Contract terms offered B8 B or w e ddings. ter suites, a spacious Broker and Phelps MLS¹201400129. kitchen w/center is• 2360 sq.ft., 3 bdrm & $205,000. 541-610-5672 541-480-5432 land and slab granite David Franke, 2.5 bath Dave Disney, Broker Windermere Windermere 541-420-5986 counters, living room • Fully updated 541-410-8557 Central Oregon Central Oregon Central Oregon Realty with vaulted ceilings, • Master on main Windermere Real Estate Real Estate Group, LLC exposed beams, pro• Large 2 story barn Central Oregon 9 Acre Powell Butte pane fireplace and • Fenced 8 gated Real Estate • 3 bdrm 8 2 bath Farm. 2 17 2 s q . f t. • 8.5 AC irrigation Broken Top j $625,000 n atural l i ght. T h e • Private master bdrm main home, 64 acres Beautiful A c c essible• 3237 sq.ft. perfect e q u estrian $445,000. • Wraparound decks irrigation, large Guest Quarters - Neal • 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath property with an outBill Kammerer, • Large kitchen 8 din flood 26x52 shop, hay barn, Huston designed Awdoor arena, 4 s t all • Hardwood floors, exBroker ing area barn, tack room, shop 541-410-1200 • Turnaround driveways new working pens and brey Butte h o me. tensive built-ins chute, 3 ponds, cross 4300 sq ft single level • MLS 201406172 hayloft, 3 pens and 3 Windermere $119,950. f enced, huge m t n living has open floor loafing sheds. Gated Central Oregon Craig Smith, Broker Dave Disney, Broker views, master suite on plan, 4 bed, 4.5 bath and land s caped 541-322-2417 Real Estate 541-410-8557 main floor, 2nd 2064 plus shop/hobby grounds, a c i rcular Windermere 256 NW Soft Tail Dr., sq.ft., only 10 miles to room. Fabulous 1200 driveway and water Central Oregon Bend Airport. sq ft guest quarters Bend. Hollow Pine feature. 2712 sq.ft. Real Estate Original. 2769 sq.ft, $700,000. with kitchenette, laun$815,000. Scott McLean, 0 63 acre l ot, b i g • 3 bdrm, 3 bath 8 2850 dry, intercom system, Cate Cushman, MORRIS decks, large pines, sq.ft. upgraded home Principal Broker clair lift to upstairs 8 Principal Broker REAL ESTATE 541-408-6908 541-480-1884 storage building, de- • 105 sq.ft. of Desprivate patio. l&~ ml y ~ ~ ~ Realty Executives tached 2 car garage. chutes River frontage Colleen Dillingham, • Upgraded kitchen with Just bought a new boat? $375,000. Broker 541-788-9991 Scott McLean, granite counters & John L. Scott Sell your old one in the stainless steel appl. Principal Broker lassifieds! Ask about our Real Estate, Bend 54'I -408-6908 • Master on main, Super Seller rates! Realty Executives place 8 walk-in closet 541-385-5809 E q u estrian • 3 levels of decking on 3 Acre Farm in Alfalfa. Beautiful 26695 Horsell Road Facility - Custom 3 nearly 3/4 lot Very private location b edrooms, 2 b a t h , Comprehensive Services & Solutions Recently remodeled $535.000. with single level 2390 1950 sq ft home on 3bd, 2 bath, 2070ysf Tony Levison, Broker sq.ft. home. 4 bdrm 3 4.36 acres. Barn, hay farm house on 67.9y 541-977-1852 bath, 51 acres of irri- storage and 36x36 a cres w i t h 39 . 7 y Windermere gation, barn for hay shop. $360,000. MLS acres of i r rigation. Central Oregon and animals, bunk 201400240 1344ysf building for Real Estate house with bath, shop Call Candy Yow, Office/Recreation/Stu541-410-3193 dio, 4502y sf building • 3 bdrm, 3 bath & open for the toys, with finfloor plan ished craft rooms, 35 Duke Warner Realty with 12' door 8 man acres under pivot, 16 541-382-8262 door for shop/RV/Toy • Heated bathroom floors acres in pasture or /Boat storage & inleased in stream. Beautiful Family Homedoor gardening. New • Quality & elegance 4 bedroom, 3 bath on Scott McLean, 750y deep well being • 2839 sq.ft. Holly Polis Conni e L owe • 0.46 acre corner lot Principal Broker over 4 acres. Double drilled to provide a 541-408-6908 attached plus doubled $529,900. year-round source of PRINCIPAL BROKER BROKER Realty Executives detached garage and domestic water. New Susan Pitarro, Broker 541-419-8710 5413 90-7115 541-410-8084 large shop. Beautiful gas log fireplace will 75 NE Apple Creek yard, country living be installed. $625,000. Eric Andrews, Broker $229,900. 1775 sq.ft., 541-771-1168 lose to town , MLS¹201401400 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, gas c Windermere $465,000. Bobbie Strome, f ireplace, AC , t i l e MLS¹201304219 Central Oregon Principal Broker counters, black appl., Real Estate Call Candy Yow, Buy or Sell Your Home With Us. John L Scott Real mtn views. 541-410-3193 Estate 541-385-5500 • 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath 8 Duke Warner Realty 6219 1636 sq.ft. 541-382-8262 26 acres with Timber - 4 • Completely remodeled Kathy Caba, Principal b edroom, 2 ba t h ,• New wood floors, carBroker 541-771-1761 Beautiful Harney 2464 sq ft home with John L. Scott byW / N' HOME INSPECTION pet, paint 8 Stainless County Home on 40 4-car garage. Real Estate, Bend steel appliances Acres - Wide open with each signed listing or purchasecontract $415,000. $219,000. views from this cusMLS201208278 Christin Hunter, Broker 900 Sq.ft., 2 bdrm 8 1 tom 3 bed, 2 b ath, Call Duke Warner 541-306-0479 2384 sq ft home built bath home Realty Dayville at Windermere in 2006. Open floor 6.16 acre parcel 541-987-2363 Central Oregon Garage with shop area plan with hardwood Real Estate floors, vaulted ceil2720 SF 2-Story Home Near Smith Rock ings, sunroom, at12.89 ac, 4 or 5 bdrm Amenities tached garage and w/3 ba. Master on $148,500. Tick, Tock THE more. $330,000. MLS main floor. H o me Clair Sagiv, Broker 201401285 features tile, laminate 541-390-2328 Tick, Tock... Call Duke Warner & carpet w/ FA elecWindermere Realty Dayville, tric & w o o d h e at. ...don't let time get Central Oregon 250 NW Franklin Ave. 541-987-2363 Open kitchen/dining Real Estate away. Hire a area + formal dining professional out room. Great Cascade view+ 12 ac of NUID of The Bulletin's water rights. Sprinkler "Call A Service irrig. 2 4x56 s h o p. $425,000 MLS Professional" 201400118 Directory today! John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712 • 4 bdrm 8 2 bath • 1890 sq.ft. • 2900 sq.ft. • 3.17 acres • Guest casita • Manufactured plus • 1.8 acres stick built • River access • Guest house • RV garage • 2-car garage $545,900 $297,000. Eric Andres, Broker Bea Leach, Broker 541-771-1168 541-788-2274 Windermere Windermere Central Oregon Central Oregon Real Estate Real Estate 20 Acres for $180,000 East side of Bend. Big mountain views and wilderness area out your back door. Possible terms. Call Kit Korish, 541-480-2335 MLS¹201304808 Duke Warner Realty 541-382-8262

3.06 Acres j $560,000 • 3639 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • New roof, plumbing & electrical • MLS 201408885 Debbie Johnson, Broker 541-480-1293 •


Wishing you aprosperous

New Year

NorthWest Crossing 2379 NW Droujllard Ave.

• 6-in. oak floors • Vaulted living area • Bright open greatroom • Quartz slab counters • Priced at$534,900




DIRECTIONS:Weston Skyliners Rd., right on NWLemhi PassDr., right on NWDrouillard Ave.

All Around Bend

• Energy-efficient features • Master on main level • Formal living room • Game room with deck • Priced at$379,900 DIRECTIONS: Soulh OnBroslarhous Rd. past Murphy Rd., left onMarbleMountain Ln., left on RubyPeakLn.

62782 Imbler Dr. •CascadeMountainview • Master on main level • Stainless Dacorappliances • Hardwood & tile flooring • Priced at$679,900


DIRECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd., right on NW Park CommonsDr., right on NW Imbler Dr.

20979 Avery Ln. • Large landscapedlot • Two master suites • Hardwood, granite & tile • Signature appliances • Priced at$519,000 DIRECTIOMS: Easton SE Reed M arketRd., right on SEFargo Ln., right on SEPerrigan

Dr., left on SE Avery Ln.

1946 NW Balitch Ct. • New Awbrey Butte home • Exquisite detail work • Spacious mastersuite • Guest suite with bath • Priced at$779,000 DIRECTIONS: From N.3rd St. IBUsiness 97), west on Mt. Washington Dr., left on NW StaNiew Dr., left on NWBalitch Ct.

20939 Miramar Dr.



• Quiet 0.35-ac setting • Family room w/fireplace • Upstairs bonusroom • Hardwood & tile floors • Priced at$499,900 DIRECTIONS: From SE15th St., east on SE Ferguson Rd., right on LaderaRd., right on Sky Harbor Dr., left on Miramar Dr.

3081 NW Clubhouse Dr. • Gated golf community • Hardwood floors • Slab granite counters • Coffered LR, master ceilings • Bright island kitchen • Six-burner gasrange • Built-in cabinetry • Priced at$419,900



Experience. Value. Results.

1471 NE Hudspeth Rd. • Hand crafted finishes • Formal living room • Cabinets built in place • Heat pump with AC • Vaulted ceilings • Large master suite • IronHorse neighborhood • Priced at$259,900


20227 Murphy Rd. • Golf course views • Remodeled in 2011 • Luxurious finishes • Outdoor living areas • Vaulted ceilings • Hardwood flooring • Granite kitchen counters • Priced at$469,500

• 4 bdrm, 3 bath & 1908

sq.ft. • Remodeled • Energy efficient furnace • New kitchen & bath • Deck, hot tub 8 spa $435,000 Rinehart, Dempsey Broker 541-706-1820 and Phelps Windermere 541-480-5432 Central Oregon Windermere Real Estate Central Oregon Real Estate 2 Master Suites, 1 up/1 down, 4 BR, 3.5 BA, • 4 bdrm 8 3 bath 2369 SF, hardwood • 3618 sq.ft. floors, granite • 36X48 shop counters, RV parking, • Her dream kitchen & fenced & landscaped. his dream shop Pick y o u r co l ors!• Detached studio/office $279,000. $599,000. MLS¹201406397 Call Diana Barker, Broker Pam Lester, Principal 541-480-7777 Broker, Century 21 Windermere Gold Country Realty, Central Oregon Inc. 541-504-1338 Real Estate



61060 Ruby Peak Ln.

Real Estate

• 2900 sq.ft. 8 moun tain view • 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath & 2 wells • 2 fireplaces • Bonus rooms • 2 barns & 52 acres $699,000. Tom Weinmann,



NMLS¹ 308049 ~ Cal BRE¹01240716 750 Charbonneau St. ¹212 Bend, OR 97701 Clint©PBCifiCtruStmortgage.Com Phone: 541.848.6844 Mobile: 805.440.6851 Fax: 541.848.6844

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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• Cul-de-sac Fantastic 4 b e d /3ba LAZY RIVER SOUTH Lots of room. Sitting on Mountainviews. 36x50 NE Bend j $394,500 New Single Level with • Northwest Bend NW Bend j $435,000 • 2 bdrm 8 2.5 bath home w/triple garage R emodeled 353 5 y t he ri m w i t h e x c . huge shop w/guest • 2570 sq.ft. custom Large Backyard • Master with private • 2162 sq.ft. home • Two story units with + 384 SF shop. Liv- S q.ft. home with 4 • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath views. On paved road. quarters on 20 acres. home Quality new construc- deck 8 hot tub single garage ing room & f a mily bdrm + offic e and 3 Garden shed, carport, Home is nicely up- • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath tion. 1877 sq ft 3 bed- • 2450 sq.ft. & 3-car ga- • Stone fireplace, gran• Professionally man room w/gas fireplace baths. Master bath large deck, fenced d ated, g reat m t n • Hickory floors, granite room plus den/office. rage ite counters aged & tenant occu & bamboo flooring with large jetted tub & back yard. Come and views. Vaulted ceil- counters Open great r oom,• Large lot • MLS 201409724 • MLS 201408598 pled t hroughout most o f new tile shower. Me- enjoy the amenities at ings w/skylights plus gorgeous hardwood $405,000. Jerry Stone, Broker the downstairs. Bdrm dia room, family room, the Ranch! Golf, ten- dbl garage too! Very, Grant Ludwick, Broker floors and slab gran- Dave Disney, Broker 541-390-9598 $285,000. 541-410-8557 Christin Hunter, Broker & full bath on main h uge kitchen w i t h nis and pool . very private. 541-633-0255 ite kitchen. Great NE 541-306-0479 level. Kitchen w/large handcrafted cabinets $229,000. Randy Schoning, Bend location. Windermere MLS Windermere i sland 8 p l enty o f 8 g ranite counters, ¹ 2011309154 Cal l Principal Broker. $289,900. MLS Central Oregon Central Oregon cabinetry, and t iled walk-in pantry, sun- Linda Lou Day-Wright, 541-480-3393 201409223 Real Estate Real Estate counter space. Mas- room with hot t ub. Broker, 541-771-2585 John L. Scott Call Rob Eggers, MORRIS ter f eatures g reat Home has cedar eves or text T1687810 to: Real Estate, Bend 541-815-9780 or MORRIS REAL ESTATE Northwest Crossing j Custom frame home views, double s i nk with copper accents. 85377 for more pho- Katrina Swisher, REAL ESTATE 1664 sq.ft. on rim lot. vanities w/tile coun- E xterior siding o n tos, Crooked River $380,000 541-420-3348 sq.ft. Tudor style Manicured inside and tertops, soaking tub, home, garages & Realty Move-in Ready! 1372 Duke Warner Realty • 1383 Look at: home out, l a rge r o oms, large shower & huge storage bldg have just 541-382-8262 s q.ft., 3 b d rm, 2 .5 New Construction! 4 • 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, country kitc h en, closet, 2 add'I large been painted. Watch c a r pet. Casc a de bath, ne w for Complete Listings of i/~ bath, 2384 Nice Aff loft double attached ga- bedrooms & full bath the wildlife from the Majestic ordable HomeFridge, w8d included, bdrm/2 Mountain Views 3 sq. ft. master on main, 3 BR, 2 BA 1375 SF • Arched doorways, Area Real Estate for Sale rage. Beautiful land- upstairs. Co v e red wrap-around deck or bedroom, 3 gas fireplace, ceiling bath scaping. $ 2 34,900. back patio & c o n- go to your private acla m inate home on large lot. hardwood floors fans, spacious mas- tile a n d One of a Kind - LoMLS 2014 0 8279 creted parking on the c ess to 300y f t o f home on 5 a c res. ter suite, hardwood, floors, 2-car garage & Won't last - priced for • MLS 201406534 cated on a corner lot M any r ecent u p Cliff Feingold, Broker Nancy Popp, Princi- side of the home that Little Deschutes River RV parking garage quick sale! $164,900. tile, $219, 9 00. is this new 3 b ed541-480-8796 pal Broker runs back to the 384 frontage for fishing, grades! Bring your outside. $ 2 6 9,900. MLS¹201410321 Call room, 2 bath, 1585 an d e n j oy 541-815-8000 MLS 201408294 Pam Pam Lester, Principal SF shop. $289,900. swimming or floating. horses 8530 sq. ft. home. Has a riding on nearby pubLester, Princ. Broker, Broker, Century 21 Crooked River Realty MLS¹201410402 $475,000 Shelley Arnold, Broker detached 26x42 RV lic land. $ 639,000. C entury 2 1 Gol d Gold Country Realty, John L. Scott Real MLS¹¹201309267 541-771-9329 garage and an atMLS201409340 • Deeded owner share Country Realty, Inc., Inc. 541-504-1338 Estate 541-548-1712 Bobbie Strome, John L. Scott tached two-car ga• Vacation townhome Call Kris Warner, 541-504-1338 MORRIS Principal Broker Real Estate, Bend rage. Upgraded ap541-480-5365 • Fully furnished "House Where can you find a Featured on REAL ESTATE John L Scott Real pliances, granite, tile, • Sunriver fun Duke Warner Realty New Construction on Hunters" - Beautiful Estate 541-385-5500 helping hand? hardwood floors and a 541-382-8262 • Owner may carry colonial revival style cul - de-sac. From contractors to Near Smith Rock, gor- quiet well p lanned f l oor $39,500 h ome w i t h ful l y $254,900. 3 Bdrm, 3 3 bdrm, 3 bath, plan. $349,900 Call Eric Andres, Broker Mid-Century modern in geous yard care, it's all here Call The Bulletin At equipped apartment Located on the rim with bath, 1929 sq.ft., main 3190 sq.ft. $694,000 C arolyn Emic k , 541-771-1168 541-385-5809 attached. Nearly 3000 Cascade views! Lots North Rim. 3 bdrm, ¹ 201300784. floor office/den, great Cal l in The Bulletin's 541-419-0717 Windermere 2i/~ bath, 3432 sq. ft. sq ft with many luxury of updating through Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Linda Lou Day-Wright. room w/fireplace, upDuke Warner Realty Central Oregon "Call A Service upgrades throughout. out this home. New home on 1.5 acres. 541-771-2585 Crooked stairs laundry room, At: 541-382-8262 Real Estate Professional" Directory 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath kitchen cou n ters, Work with builder to River Realty front la n dscaping. • Orion Estates with mast on the main landscaping, n e wly customize this home MLS ¹201406846 Deschutes River Woods • Single level your tast e . NE Bend j $279,900 MLS painted in and out. t o Nice Home in Amber Gary Diefenderfer, NOTICE 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, $625,000 • Triple garage New front and back $1,140,000. MLS • 2675 sq.ft. Springs - Nice single All real estate adverBroker 1748 sq ft single level 201408980 • RV parking 201305601. Call Call Tammy Settlemier, d oors, n e w dis h 541-480-2620 level home with triple tised here in is subo n 1/ 2 a c r e l o t . bedroom, 2.5 bath 541-410-6009 w asher, fridge, m i Michele A n d erson•• 4Close Central Oregon Realty car garage. 1606 sq ject to th e F ederal• 3 bdrm & 3 bath Move-in ready! to schools 8 or shopping $529,900 Duke Warner Realty c rowave. Unde r 541-633-9760 ft, 3 bdrm, 2 b ath, Group, LLC Fair Housing A c t, $209,900. Andres, Broker 541-382-8262 open floor plan with ground sprinklers, drip Jacque which makes it illegal Eric541-771-1168 MLS¹201410363 • MLS 201408717 system, RV p ower 541-280-4449. Duke Teresa Brown, Darryl Doser, Newer Home on Large tile surround gas fire- to advertise any prefStyle river view and water, handicap Warner Realty Windermere offers plenty of erence, limitation or Broker 541-788-8661 French Broker, CRS Corner Lot, $237,900. place Central Oregon Home w / r iverbank ramp. $179,900. Call room. Light & bright discrimination based John L. Scott 541-383-4334 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathsetting! Exquisite ac- Linda Lou Day-Wright, Modern Architecture + Real Estate s v a ulted on race, color, reliReal Estate, Bend rooms, bonus room, home ha Granite, Broker, 541-771-2585 Quaint F a rmhouse arch accents, gion, sex, handicap, Parklike Backyard coutrements: 2217 SF. New carpet, ceilings, hardwood, m a r ble,Crooked River Realty entry & b a cks- familial status or na- treat! 4 R astra Block c o nbed r o om spacious kitchen with tile tile, Venetian plaster, plashes. Kitchen fea- tional origin, or inten- home in great SW Desert Skies j struction, passive sotons of cabinetry. Full tures stone & st a i nless. large i s land, $325,000 tion to make any such Bend location. Fea4 bedroom, 3 bath, landscaped, li g ht! W ood-burning f i r eLog home nestled lar MORRIS pantry & loads preferences, l i mita- tures • 3110 sq.ft. 2107 sq ft with 2954 sq ft. Radiant bright interior, large walk-in place, top line appli- among junipers! 3 REAL ESTATE of cabinets. Master • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath and recycled s oaker t ub . ML S has double s i nks, tions or discrimination. hardwood floors, tile a nces, metal c l ad bdrms, 2 i/~ baths, bo- floors • Landscaped yard, l&~ tly ~ ~ ~ d We will not knowingly counters, and imbers keep t h i s 201409779 windows and so much nus room, 2091 sq. ft. thome w alk-in closet a n d accept any advertis- wood-wrapped winplanter boxes o -friendly. Call Jim Hinton, more! Listen to the Huge windows to view S its on encearly oversized tub/shower • MLS 201405448 ing for real estate dows. Gorgeous and 19 541-420-6229 Need to get an tranquil ripple of the Mt. Jefferson, large acres o f combination. B a c kJan Laughlin, Broker, which is in violation of private backyard, fully C a scade Central Oregon d e c k. view pastoral ad in ASAP? y ard f encing a n d this law. All persons fenced with paver paABR, CRS, GRI, CSP river below. while en- w raparound farmRealty Group, LLC joying this Exquisite Central vac and tons landscaping, gas heat 541-350-6049 are hereby informed tio. Read to move in. $899,000 MLS You can place it home. $65 9 ,000. of storage . $364,500 land. and w ater h e ater that all dwellings ad- $347,000. 201404611 online at: MLS201404694. MLS¹201410477 Check out the complete this propvertised are available MLS¹201409373. Call Terry Skjersaa, Nancy Popp, Principal Gail Day 541-306-1018 classifieds online erty. $209 , 500. on an equal opportu541-383-1426 Call Rob Eggers, Broker 541-815-8000 Central Oregon Realty Duke MLS¹201407435 nity basis. The Bulle541-815-9780 Warner Realty Crooked River Realty Group, LLC John L. Scott Real 541-382-8262 541-385-5809 tin Classified Duke Warner Realty MORRIS Updated daily Estate 541-548-1712 541-382-8262 REAL ESTATE G orgeous Home & IM~ dy ~ ~ Op t 1 Views on 1.2 AcresN ew l i sting, b e st USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! value! 4 bedroom + bonus, 3 bath, 4867 • 8 g • 8 Ij j Door-to-door selling with sq ft home features custom woodwork, 3 fast results! It's the easiest p atio/decks, hu g e way in the world to sell. daylight basement/rec room. 3-car garage + The Bulletin Classified RV/shop area. City 541-385-5809 lights and Smith Rock views. www. Downtown Bendj $989,000 Kathy Denning, • 4132 sq.ft. remodeled Broker, 541-480-4429 home John L. Scott • 5 bedroom, 4 bath Saturday & Sunday Real Estate, Bend • .21 acre, 1 block from 9:00AN - I I:00AM river • MLS 201402624 Find exactly what Jason Chavez, Broker Jane Strell, Broker, you are looking for in the ABR, GRI, E-Pro, 54 I -89 I -5446 Earth Advantage CLASSIFIEDS 541-948-7998 • Great house on NewSaturday port Ave. • Main house 2 bdrm, 1 I I:00AM - I:00 PN bath 8 updated MORRIS • 20 acre lot Mark Holme, Broker REAL ESTATE • Owner occupied & IA ~ & m ly ~ & 0~ 4 rent the duplex! 54 I -2 I 3-8385 $470,000. Eagle Crestj $419,900 Gail Rogers, Broker • 2574 sq.ft. 541-604-1649 • 4 bedroom, 3 bath Windermere Sunday • On 13th hole of ReCentral Oregon sort Course Real Estate I I:00AM - I:00 PM • MLS 201402466 Gary Rose, • Hand scribed logs Fred Johnson,Broker Broker, MBA • Guest suite 541-588-0687 sc 54 I -788-3733 • Pole barn, RV parking & shop • Whycus Creek • 4 bdrm 8 2.5 bath $648,500 MORRIS Tom Weinmann, Broker REAL ESTATE 541-706-1820 Windermere IA~ rly ~ ~ Op « 0 Central Oregon • Enter the gates to this Real Estate terrific lot M ID-CENTURY MODERN I N MODERNARCHITECTURE+QUAINT • Across from the 13th Immaculate End Unit FARNHOUSE. NORTH RIM green Condo! Impeccable • Street lined with cus condo in Cedar Creek Rastra block construction, passive solar 4 3 bedroom,2.5 bath,3432 sq.ft.home tom homes offers great separaon 1.5acres. Work with the builder bedroom, 3 bath, 2954 sq. ft., radiant floors $229,000. tion of the two masBea Leach, Broker ters. Newer a ppliand recycjed timbers keep this home ecot o customize this home t o y o u r 541-788-2274 ances i n ki t c hen. friendly. Sits on nearly j9 acres of Cascade taste. $ j , j40,000. C ALL MjCHELE Windermere Jacuzzi t u b and Central Oregon good-sized shower. ANDERSON AT 54 j -633-9760 OR view pastoral farmland. $899,000 CALL Real Estate Each bedroom suite TERRYSjqERSAAAT 541-383-1426. has a balc o ny. JACQUIE SEBULSICYAT 541-280-4449. Excellent Value. Beau- $160,000 www. MLS:20j4046j I MLS: 201305601 t iful new h om e i n gated golf community, Faye Phillips, features great room Broker floorplan, 3 bdrms, 2.5 541-480-2945 bath, situated on 2+ John L. Scott acres w/1.43 acres of Real Estate, Bend common area. Horse property! Don't miss out. Inn of the 7th Mtn - This Cyndi Robertson, 3 bedroom 3 b a th Broker 541-390-5345 t"Mwp~~ ground-level condo is John L. Scott located near the pool THINK OF THE POSSIBILITES WHERE DEERAND ELK ROAM BEAUTIFUL FAI4ILY HOME CUSTOM HOME SITE! FLAT, BUILDABLE LOT Real Estate, Bend and all resort actividreamhomein CascadeViewsEstate. Seller 3 bedroomhomewith verylargebackyard. Greatfor 320 acres located UpBelshawCrsek,eastof Dayvile,OR in ShevlinCommons. BorderingShevlc Parkthere iseasy 4 bedroom, 3 bathon over4 acres. Doubleattached Build your ties. Don't miss your to the trails for bilang,runningand hiking. Beautifully plus doubledetachedgarageandlarge shop. Beautiful has preliminarybuildingplansand would considera investment, asrenters would love to stay. $151,900 and west ofMt.Vemon,OR Water guzzlerwith IOIIO access opportunity! $169,000. desi g ned C o m m u n y bui l d i n g can be u se d to host pri v ate CALL CAROLYN EMICK AT H1-119-0717. gallon troughfor wildlife. Additional acreagesavailable. Expansive C a s cade MLS201408943 yard, country livingclose to town. $465,C00 CALL build-to-suitCallfordetails. $90000 CALLPETEVAN Mountain Views - 3 MLS:201%9739 Owner will carry. $158,I CALL DUKE WARNER partiesandevents. Preliminaryplansfor a homeare available. CANDYYOWAT541-410-3193. DEUSEN AT541-480-3538ORJAYNEEBECK Call Kim Warner, $189900CALLMICHELEANDERSONAT 5414334760 bedrooms, 2 baths, AT H1880-0988.NLS:201%9341 RFALNDAYVILEA L T511-987-2363. MLS :201301683 ORIACQUIS MLS/20130421 9 541-410-2475 EEBULSKYAT541-280W9. MLS : 201305094 1440 SF. U p dated Duke Warner Realty interior, double ovens 541-382-8262 in kitchen, large bay windows. 1.52 acres, JD Estates - 3 bedhuge w r a p-around room, 2 bath on over deck, 2-stall b a rn, an acre lot. Beautiful fenced/x-fenced. pool and a p proxis', $139,900. mately 24'x36'comMLS¹201405436. mercial greenhouse. Gail Day, This is t r uly o n e40ACRES-4TAX LOTS 20ACRES FOR $ I80,000 20A4 ACRES ,26 ACRE YIEWLOTIN SWREDMOND CLOSE TO DOWNTOWN 541-306-1018 of-a-kind! $399,500 Fantastic opportunity for a builder/developer or East side ofBend.Big mountain views,andwildemess If you want pnvacyand your ownget awayretreat Great neighborhoodandlocation with viewsof Smith AND DRAKE PARK Central Oregon MLS 201409083 extendedfamily Four 10+acrelots, eachwith irngation area out yourbackdoor. Possible terms CALL KIT this property is it. Breathtaking viewsof the Cascade Rockandthe Ochocos. Buildyour dreamhomehere! 2 homeson .21acre lot First home has2 bedrooms Realty Group, LLC Call Carolyn Emick, •









Fall River Estate j $199,900 • 1704 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1.25 acres, quiet setting • MLS 201407302 JackJohns, Broker, GRI 541-480-9300



Duke Warner Realty 541-382-8262

Lazy River South - Remodeled 3535+/- SF home with 4 bed, office & 3 baths. Master bath with jetted tub 8 tile shower. Media & family room, kitchen with hand c rafted cabinets, gra n ite counters, walk-in pantry & sunroom with MORRIS hot tub. Home has REAL ESTATE cedar eaves with copl~ ~ dOp mB per accents. Exterior siding on home, garages & storage bldg Say "goodbuy" h ave j u s t bee n to that unused painted. Wrap-around deck & L i ttle Desitem by placing it in chutes River frontage. The Bulletin Classifieds $495,000 MLS

jjjj jjjj


5 41-385-580 9

John L. Scott Real

Estate 541-548-1712

mountains. Electricity is on theproperty. $1+f,000 $75,000 CALL ROBEGGERSAT 541-815-9780. with big detachedgarageand second home has 2 bedrooms. Both rerrted wth great tenants. CALLKAROLYNDUBOISAT 541-390-7863. MLS:201410582 $379,000 CALLSHEAREINERAT 808-319-5559. MLS:201309974 I LS: 2II1%9912

KORISH AT 511180-2335. IILS: 2013(!I808

right. Lzge ponds andgreat views. $985,000 CALL KIMWARNERAT 541-410-2475ORFREDJOHNSON AT 511-788-3733.MLS:201%7508




Just over half an acre, this heavily treed, elevated Build yourdreamWestsde homeonthis 0.18acre lot Large comer lot n NorthWest Crossing.Lot sale on quietcul-de-sacin Split Rail Rancho's subd'Msionjust lot features peek-a-boomountain andgolf course in the covetedAwbrey Ridge.Located in acul-de-sac includes ARCapprovedplansfor a3bedroom, 2.5bath SE of LaPine.Nice rural areawith manyrecreational viem Quet street with tons of privacy. $273,500 nearparksandtrails. $139,000CALLTERRYSKIERSAA home completewith denandfamily room. $199,500 opportunities. Property needsseptic feasibility, well and utilities. Adjacent lot is also available for sale.

Beautifulcolonialrevival stylehomewith fully equipped apartmentattached.Nearly3000sq.Itwith manyluxury upgrades throughout 4 bedroom,3.5bathwith master on the main. $625,000CALLTAMM Y SETTLEIIIER AT 541-410-6009.MLS:2I!1408980

CALL TAMMY SETT LEMIER AT 541-410-6009 MLS:2014310ji

a •

cALLTERR Y5KIERsAAAT 541-3831426. MLS:2011!I816

AT 511-383142 6. MLS: 20145853



$15,000CALLTRACY GEORGEAT 541408-3021. NL5:201%7982






$69,000IBUILDABLE WATERFRONT LOT • 1.24 acres on apaved

• RV parking • 1702 SF • 3bed &2.5bath • Tree lined streets




I'oad • Nicely treed with channel frontage • Community park & boat ramp nearby • Less than 4 miles to Sunriver Resort • Golf, fishing, skiing, hiking & biking trails


• 2360SF,3bed & 2.5 bath • Completely updated with reconditioned wood flooring • Large barn with finished second floor • Machine shed & shop • 8.5 acres irrigation/ fenced & gated • Mountain views!


• RV garage • River & forest access • Large guest casita • MLSP201402944

!!-; 541-410-1200 BILL KAMMERER BROKER


• Insulated detached garage • Privacy fenced • Close to state parks • Fresh paint and carpets • Immaculate condition • Open floor plan • MLSP201306933

• 3 bed, 3 bath & open floor plan • Heated bathroom floors • Quality & elegance • 2839 SF 541-771-1168 • .46acre corner lot ERIC ANDREWS





" .-",;-r - -


$267,000 I FABULOUS NEWER HOME • 3 bed & 2 bath • Great SE location • Refrigerator, washer/ dryer stay • Covered deck & master


-' I

• Kings Forest in SE Bend • 1952SF,2 bed & 2 bath • 2640 SF shop with 16 ft. door • 0.74 acre private lot • 3-car garage I


• 2910 SF single level living • Stunning kitchen • Two master suites • 0.46 AC fenced lot

~I ~


• Parklike setting • 3 bed & 2.5 bath • 1825 SF • Three car garage Storage • mom



-- "


"' '

541-480-7777 r, DIANA BARKER BROKER







landscaping • 2 ponds • Flagstone walkways & firepit



$549,900ILOG HOUSE,40 ACRES SrMTN VIEWS! • 3 bed & 2 bath • 2624 SF • Beautiful landscaping


• Fenced & landscaped • Oversized double car garage • 13x1 4 workshop • RV parking

$147,000 - $167,000 1010 NW ROANOKE AVENUE, BEND

• 4 bed & 3 bath *e, • 8.56 acres with trees &

views • Quality custom built home • Vaulted ceilings • Primary living on one level • Daylight basement


• 10 Bend westside condos • Completely renovated • 2bed,1bath&680SF • Professionally managed & maintained

40 541-480-6790 5 4 1 -480-2245 ' JAKEMOORHEAD LORETTA MOORHEAD BROKER BROKER "


$599,000 I PARK6+ CARSHERE • 4 bed & 3 bath • 3618 SF • 36X48 detached shop • Her dream kitchen

• His dream shop • Detached studio/office

• 10,000 SF lot



541-480-7777 . r,DIANA BARKER BROKER


$648,500ILOG HOME • Hand scribed logs • Separate guestsuite • Pole barn, RV & shop • Whycus Creek • 4 bed & 2.5 bath • 10 acres • Mountain views • Master on the main




• Corian counters in kitchen • Fireplace in living room


• 3 bed, 3 bath & 2850 SF upgraded home • Property boasts 105 SF ofDeschutes River frontage • Upgraded kitchen with granite counters 8 newer SSappliances • Master on main, fireplace & walk-in closet • 3 levels of decking on nearly 3/4 lot

• 40 acres • Borders government land • 20x36 shop • Would make agreat horse property


541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER

fireplace • Kitchen has a large eating bar • Spacious master suite • Landscaped,fenced & pergola



• Great location •Cascademountainviews • 20 acres & horse property • 10 minutes to Bendor Redmond

• 4bed &2bath

541-480-5432 Andrea Phelps 541-408-4770 Cleme Rinehart 541-480-2100


- -$541-480-9883 AUDREYCOOK BROKER

• 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 5227 SF • Gre at floor plan for entertaining • Family room with gas

Patty Dempsey

* . -



• 2000 SF barn with three stalls • Half acre of extensive



• Off grid living & solar setup • 1600SFhome,3bed & 2 bath • 60X40 shop :- • Corrals&crossfenced • Private location by Pine Mountain • Privacy, horseback riding

• 2900 SF with mountain view • 3 bed, 2.5 bath & 2 wells • 2 fireplaces • Bonus & work rooms • 2 barns & 52 acres

generating solar system



• Amazing location • Loads of opportunity • A must see property!


• 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2199 SF • All Oregon income



• Triplex NW Bend • Main house is 2 bed & 1 bath • 2 duplex units are1 bed


• On 0.29 acre • Hidden Valley Estate • NW Redmondarea • Nice shop, garage & carport • Redmond

'! ~i' 541-891-9441 DON ROMANO BROKER


•Customhome wit hgood open floor plan • Plenty of outdoor space for summer living • Large 3-car garage • Lots of storage • Ready for your personal touches!


• Acreage for sale: 6 lots • 5.34 $439,000 Mtn. View • 5.01 $559,000 Mtn. View • 5.01 $373,000 Smith Rock • 4.98 $549,000 Mtn. View • 5.19 $373,000 Smith Rock • 4.98 $549,000 Mtn. View

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER



. @- ', 541-604-1649 GAILROGERS BROKER




• Golf course lot • 3bed &2bath • Larger than most chalets at1400 SF • Fully furnished • In come rental • MLSrf 201401387

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER


$373,000 - $559,000






tt; —,' 541-S91-9441 DON ROMANO BROKER

• Gorgeous open floor plan

• Spectacular mtn & Smith Rock views • 39 AC fenced, cross fenced & 38 ACof irrigation • 3bed,2bath&1530SFhome • Six stall barn, hay loft, tack room & pasture •Ponds,greenhouse,outbuildings& chickencoop

bedroom access • New quartz countertops with undermount sink


• Opportunity for investors • 2 bed,1 bath & 1 garage • Excellent rental history • Units have been upgraded - • Duplex has commercial potential




• 2910 SF • 4bed &4.5bath • 1.8acres & gated entry



• 4152 SF

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER

• Open living space • Custom home • Offers 3 levels of high end f!n!shes • Formal dining & living room • Huge great room • Massive master suite with deck

• Vaulted ceilings, 3 bed & 2.5 bath • Beautifully landscaped & on a corner lot • Bitterroot ledge stone firepit with solid bitterroot slate benches for outdoor seating • Full mountain views from upstairs bedroom




F or homes online WWW b e n d h o m e S . C o m



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


Homes for Sale






Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Northwest Bend Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

• Parklike setting • 3 bdrm & 2.5 bath • 1825 sq.ft.

Play Where you live. Reduced to $82,000. Single Level Charmer in Sunriver I $499,000 imeless No r t hwest Beautiful Custom Home Horse Property - has 1 35N¹I/Vicksburg Live where you Play! 1.69 Acres close to La Pine - Neat as a • Furnished 2178 sq.ft. Design. Warm and in Redmond - Situ- shed, hay shed and Ave., Bend. 2 Bdrm, 1 bath, 800y Prineville Reservoir. pin! 3 bedrooms, 2 home inviting, this N ortha ted o n a qui e t lean-to. This home • Three car garage Sq.ft., rustic cottage Private well, septic baths, 1092 sq ft has • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath west resort design is cul-de-sac i n SW was built using all / • Storage • Mt. Bachelor view on a 2.99y acre par- and p ower, g r eat newer appliances and the essence of t he R edmond, close t o natural products. Lots • Family room cel. Come view this place to build your carpet. RV p arking• MLS 201407404 Central Oregon lifesschools, s h opping, of south-facing floor to $249,000. a mazing piece o f dream home. Com- area. $125 , 000. Diane Lozito, Broker tyle and offers lake parks & restaurants. ceiling windows to 4 Diana Barker, Broker 541-548-3598 and mountain views extra large k itchen heat home naturally. paradise on the out- pletely fenced, double www.Jackson-Ander541-480-7777 skirts of R e dmond. gated entrance, cute 541-306-9646 on the W oodland's with stainless steel Radiant floor heating Windermere Built on the curve of small s olar c a b in Barbara Jackson, Golf Course in Sunri- Amazing river views appliances, gas fire- with tile floors in main from this c u stom Central Oregon the Deschutes River, w/bath & loft, must Broker 541-306-8186 ver. Grand entrance place in family room, part of home. Utility Real Estate this p erfect s m all see! MLS John L. Scott and interior design home on quiet dead large bonus room on room plumbed for exe nd s t reet n e a r home has amazing ¹201402895 Real Estate, Bend with a wo w f actor. 2nd level with vaulted tra toilet and shower. Parklike Setting I d owntown. Sol a r views of the mounMaralin Baidenmann, Open great room with ceilings. Master bed- Natural wood floors MORRIS $554,000 panels power the tains and the river. Broker 541-325-1096 e xposed bea m s , room is located on upstairs for bedroom • 2813 sq.ft., 3 bedREAL ESTATE Single Level with 3-car g o r geous 2nd level, separated and office. First floor Detached garage has John L. Scott tongue and g r ove home, room, 2.5 bath I M~& m l y ~ d~ 4 Garage in G ardena studio-type room Real Estate, Bend wood ceiling and huge Doug fir woodwork from other bedrooms. has master, small of• Bonus room & den with an extra bath and side -2097sq ft 3 bed Sunriver I $649,900 Large walk in closet, fice with kitchen and picture windows bring throughout, reverse • .41 acre cul-de-sac lot plus office, vaulted living design. shower att a ched. the outdoor scenery to double sinks in mas- living area. Septic was • 2412 sq.ft., 4-car ga• MLS 201405335 ceilings, AC, large lot Ground level has life. A serene, peaceter b a th . W i n dow p umped and w e l l $399,000 R emodeled Sin g l e and next to Garden- rage Diane Robinson, add'I kitchen ameniMLS¹201309622 ful setting with room seat/storage in mas- testing done; can give Level Westside side Park. $289,900. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath Broker, ABR ties fo r u s e as Bobbie Strome, for everyone. 5096 ter & family rooms. reports. MLS home in established MLS 20'I 407798 • .31acre overlooks 541-419-8165 mother in law suite. Principal Broker sq.ft. $1,170,000. Fully fenced y ard. ¹201405178 neighborhood is close National Forest Call Rob Eggers, Anna Ruder, John L Scott Real Cate Cushman, John L. Scott Real $252,900 to shops, restaurants • MLS 201408565 541-815-9780 Broker Estate 541-385-5500 Principal Broker ¹201406760 Estate 541-548-1712 a nd p arks. C o m- Duke Jim Moran, Broker Warner Realty Hasson Company, 541-480-1884 John L. Scott Real 541-948-0997 Priced to Sell - 3 bed- pletely remodeled and 541-382-8262 541-410-3645, Estate 541-548-1712 SW Redmond - Beauroom home with very upgraded with energy MORRIS or goto tiful home situated on fea t ures.Spacious Home in large backyard. Lots efficient Tumaio I $275,000 Beautiful log home in quiet cul-de-sac is REAL ESTATE Shevlin Meadows - 3 of possibilities here. $453,000 1120 sq.ft. CRR. $350,000. 3 for more details. I&g M Q y ~ ~ o~ d to sc h ools, bedroom, 2.5 b ath, Do not miss this one! MLS¹201408441 2 bedroom, 1 bath bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2060 close s hopping, parks & 2562 sq. ft. with genPerfect Home for You- Great for investment, Call Terry Skjersaa, .41 acre, fenced yard MORRIS sq.ft., several o utEx t r a 541-383-1426 749 erous backyard. Situ3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, as renters would love MLS 20'I 403890 buildings, oversized r estaurants. REAL ESTATE kitchen, g as ated on a corner lot 1396 sq ft with new to s tay. $ 1 51,900 Duke Warner Realty JJ Jones, Broker Southeast Bend Homes bdrms, main f l oor large IA p A t l y ~ M O~ with s late 541-382-8262 and close to the new wood, tile, carpet & MLS 201409739 541-788-3678 master, Ko i p o n d. fireplace surround, den/office, D iscovery Park i n • Surrounding mountain wainscoting. Master Call Carolyn Emick, 3 bdrm, 2y~ bath home MLS ¹201402993 master suite is very 541-419-0717 Ridge At Eagle Crest I NWX. $459 , 000 views! has vaulted ceiling, in Sun Meadow, 1579 Jeanne Scharlund, large with oversized MLS: 201409814 Call • 2609 walk-in closet. New Duke Warner Realty $220,000 sq. f t . . $2 6 9,900. Broker 541-420-7978 Sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 walk-in closet. Fenced 541-382-8262 • 1533 sq.ft. furnished Michele A n d erson, bath with LR & FR roof, fenced backyard, 61288 Day s pring Central Oregon Realty backyard, s p r inkler 541-633-9760 or Jac- • Huge kitchen & eating hot tub and RV parktownhome Drive. High L a kes Group, LLC MORRIS system in front and • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath quie Sebu l sky, areas ing. $180,000 Take care of Realty & Pr o perty REAL ESTATE Custom Home, Barn, b ack, double w a ll • View of 17th green 8 541-280-4449 Call Jasen Chavez at Management • 4.96 level acres IA ~ dy~ M Op wl A rena a n d Gr e a t construction with Haryour investments common area Duke Warner Realty 541-891-5446 541-536-0117 Gail Rogers, Broker Shop, + M o u ntain d yplank sidi n g . • MLS 201410550 541-382-8262 MLS201407349 with the help from Ultimate Home - 5 bed541-604-1649 Views! This is a great $245,900. 201407949 Deborah Benson PC, room, 6 bath with ofDuke Warner Realty Windermere Say"goodbuy" The Bulletin's Spacious Home p roperty with s e - John L. Scott Real 541-382-8262 Broker, GRI, fice, family room, rec Central Oregon Move-in Ready! 2207 cluded but central lo- Estate 541-548-1712 to that unused "Call A Service Preview Specialist room and 2 master Real Estate sq ft 3 bedroom, 2.5 c ation. Cust o m Just too many 541-460-6446 suites. Other features item by placing it in Professional" Directory bath home has great kitchen with nice apinclude sun r o om, Looking for your next collectibles? room with fireplace, Need help fixing stuff? and an awe- The Bulletin Classifieds pliances and island, emp/oyee? L ike ne w 1 4 3 8 s f large master suite, Call A Service Professional solarium pantry and more. Tile some greenhouse all Place a Bulletin help ranch-style o n 1 Sell them in bonus loft area. Laun- find the help you need. flooring, custom railon over 10 acres with ad today and new carpet/indry room u pstairs, ings, huge master wanted The Bulletin Classifieds acres, mountain views. 5 41-385-580 9 reach over 60,000 MORRIS terior paint. Attached fenced ba c kyard. suite with large tiled $999,000. REAL ESTATE garage, 20x36 RV gawww.jackson-andershower, large walk-in readers each week. SW Bend I $396,000 MLS¹201403687. Your classified ad rage w/8x16 addition. 541 -385-5809 closet, custom vanity • 2800 sq.ft. Call Candy Yow, • Redmond Homes will also appear on Set up fo r h orses. Candice Anderson, • 4 bedroom, 3 bath and more. Well land541-410-3193 MLS 2014 0 8675. River Rim! F abulous Broker 541-788-8878 • .92 acre lot Picture Perfect Homewith a water Duke Warner Realty Bank owned. 4 bdrm, scaped which currently rein Stonehedge West! $ 269,900. Nan c y location, 3 bdrm, 2.5 John L. Scott feature, iron custom • MLS 201408747 541-382-8262 2y~ bath 3380 sq. ft. ceives over You really need to see Popp, Principal Bro bath, 1 9 4 4 sq . f t., Real Estate, Bend fruit trees and Craig Long, Broker home built in 2006. fencing, 1.5 million page this home! Beautifully ker 541-815-8000 The Bulletin a great patio for enmaster bdrm on main 541-480-7647 Gas FP in front room, tertaining. updated inc l uding Crooked River Realty level, hard w ood x 40' views every month To Subscribe call large living room, for- barn has nice 36' mtn & at no extra cost. travertine tile flooring, P rivate W e s t sliding floors, granite • Spectacular 541-385-5800 or go to Hi l l s mal dining, b onus doors for horse runs Bulletin Classifieds granite c o untertops Neighborhood - 3 counters, cul-de-sac. Smith Rock views room upstairs, gour• 39 AC fenced, cross Get Results! with tile backsplash, b edroom, 2 and it is wood that h , www.jackson-anderfenced & 38 AC of irCall 385-5809 or GE Profile appliances, 1224 sq ft We ll Maintained - 3 met kitchen, l arge matches the house, in pantry, wood floors, rigation MORRIS place your ad on-line gas range, gorgeous cated in one of the Barbara Jackson, bdrm, 2 bath home on fenced, landscpaed, close proximity to the • 3bdrm,2bath & 1530 at REAL ESTATE 1 20'x200' cus t o m knotty alder trim Broker 541-306-8186 tree-lined street. 1292 nei g hbortnple car garage. Call fenced area. 40'x60' Sq.ft. home doors, designer paint, coolest I& p ~ d y ~ ~ o~ d John L. Scott SF, ga s F P / heat, hoods in the West Real Estate, Bend • Six stall barn, hay loft, Pam Lester, Principal shop has RV friendly updated fixtures & $349,900. MLS tack room & pasture The Swan's Nest. Rare central air, p a ntry, Broker, Century 21 lighting & granite tile Hills. doors and concrete tiled foyer, fenced & 201409976 755 • Ponds, greenhouse, Gold Country Realty, floor along with lots of peaceful ri v erfront landscaped. surround gas f i r eCall Kim Kahl, Inc. 541-504-1338 outbuildings & chicken estate. Private and Sunriver/La Pine Homes area to park and turn place. Vaulted ceilMLS¹2014'I 0650, RV Parking! 4 Bdrms, coop 541-480-1662 gated, this home is $174,900. Call Pam 1.8 Acres, Cascade mtn v ehicles around i n ings in the living room, Duke Warner Realty 2.5 bath, central air, $539,000. s ituated in o n e o f Lester, Principal Bro- views. $189,900. 3 custom blinds, large front of t h e s h o p.Very clean, well main fireplace. Grea t 541-382-8262 Hunter, Broker Bend's most presti- ker, main level m aster kitchen, breakfast bar, Christin Century 21 Gold bdrm, 2 bath, 1716 Property adjoins pub- tained 3 bdrm, 2 bath 541-306-0479 gious locations, just suite w/access to the Quiet, Peaceful Cul-de- pantry. Vaulted masCountry Realty, Inc. sq.ft., new construc- lic lands so horses f rame home o n 2 Windermere one mile from down- 541-504-1338 rear deck. New paint sac - Moments from ter suite with walk-in tion, interior color pkg d on't have t o be acres. Built in 2006, Central Oregon town. Th o ughtfully s q .ft., l i v ing on the interior & exte- the Deschutes River & closet. Separate utilo ption avail. M L S trailered. Asking only 2080 Real Estate designed to capture West Hills Home and ¹201401007 rior of t h e h o m e. great fishing. Great ity, tons of storage. All $619,900 4709 Sunny room and great room, Lot 3 bedroom, 3 Paver back walkway room concept with on a corner lot, fenced Stunning Sage Way, Redmond. large bedrooms. Rus Gail Day, Mou n tain stunning panoramic custom home & beautiful landscap- large pantry, kitchen & sprinkled, located Views! 3 bedrooms, 3 views of t h e D e s- bath Call Heather Hockett, tic outdoor fireplace 541-306-1018 with adjoining .26 lot. hutes R iver t h a t ing. $229, 9 00. island & lots of stor- close to new school. PC, Broker, Century for the evening gather Central Oregon baths, 2817 sq.ft. Io- c greet you the mo- O pen space w i t h Realty Group, LLC ¹201405495 age. Electric FA heat, 21 Gold Country Re- ings. Home is on 1 Peggy Lee Combs, cated i n Br a sada views. $695,000. ment you walk in this acre and a dditional John L. Scott Real double attached gaalty, 541-420-9151 Broker 541-480-7653 Ranch. Professional i mpressive acre lot located next h o m e . Call Jaynee Beck at Bank owned. Vintage Estate 541-548-1712 rage, light, tasteful, John L. Scott decorated, option to 4 043 sq.ft., + 7 5 0 541-480-0988 or Pete single story home 4 l ot o v e r (15952 low mai n tenance Real Estate, Bend Want to impress the Play Where You Livepurchase furnishings. Van Deusen, Deedon Rd) is all in deta c h ed bdrm, 2 bath, 1899 landscaping. E n joy Kitchen island w ith sq.ft. relatives? Remodel Live Where You Play 541-480-3558 sq. ft. on almost 1/4 cluded in t h e s a le covered deck farm sink, slab gran- shop/guesthouse. Have it all, river AND private MLS¹201406052 your home with the acres close to schools price. $250,000. MLS the front & rear, unShevlin Ridge I ite countertops, stain- $1,799,990. mountain views. Fish, in Duke Warner Realty Cate Cushman, and shopping. help of a professional 201310801 obstructed views of less steel appliances, $629,900 hike, bike or settle in the terrain. Commu541-382-8262 Cascade Realty, Principal Broker $115,900. MLS from The Bulletin's oil rubbed bronze fixfor a stunning sunset nity pool, golf & ten- • 2968 sq.ft., 5 bed541-480-1884 201410105 Call Pam Dennis Haniford, Princ. "Call A Service Woodside Ranch I tures, Travertine tile & from your rustic 2 room, 2.5 bath Broker 541-536-1731 Lester, Principal Bro- Professional" Directory $179,900. MLS • Hardwood $629,900 floors, two hardwood f l o oring, bedroom 1 bath cabin. nis. ker, Century 21 Gold 3595 sq.ft. separate master suite Double car garages 201408666 fireplaces Country Realty, Inc. John L. Scott Real Have an item to acre, private back- with private covered BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with a plumbed studio Estate Gorgeous Home on 3HI9 541-504-1338 541-548-1712 • .42 2.38 acres, fenced, deck, 2 custom stone Search the area's most room in between for yarcl Acres. $885,500. 4 sell quick? large deck fireplaces. Amenities comprehensive listing of 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1652 Bdrm, 2.5 bath, 3295 hobbies, exercise or Reduced to $229,000. • MLS 201410382 If it's under MLS 201410190 include athletic club, classified advertising... apCathy Del Nero, sq.ft. + un f i nished sq. f t . , de s igner guests. Set on 3 acres Wonderfully Broker, CSP equestrian ce n t er, real estate to automotive, Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, b asement, built i n touches t h roughout '500 you can place it in with end of the road pointed 2170 sq.ft., 4 CRS, GRI, ABR Peter Jacobsen/Jim merchandise to sporting 541<10-5280 2002. Dble garage, home, Cascade mtn privacy, yet 30 min- Bdrm, 2.5 bath, large 541-610-9427 The Bulletin Hardy 18-hole golf goods. Bulletin Classifieds fenced, located on .66 views, 35 acres of irriutes or less to all your rooms, lots of storage. course, spa, restau- appear every day in the favodtes - Bend, Sis- acre, p rivate w e ll, gation, huge shop, Classifieds for: print or on line. rant... Just reduced to s eptic. ML S B a n k machine t ers, S m it h R o c k , 6136 barn, Redmond, Prineville & Ben Shank, Broker $729,000. O wned. Call P a m MLS¹201404232 Call 541-385-5809 '10 - 3 lines, 7 days Call Empire Lester, Principal BroCRR. $399 , 000 541-280-0066 MORRIS Gail Day, '16- 3 lines, 14 days Construction & MORRIS MLS201309622 John L. Scott ker, Century 21 Gold 541-306-1018 REAL ESTATE Development, The Bulletin REAL ESTATE Country Realty, Inc. John L. Scott Real Real Estate, Bend Central Oregon (Private Party ads only) Serviny Central Oregonsince 19N 541-389-0070 541-504-1338 Estate 541-548-1712 Realty Group, LLC










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• 105 acre horse/cattle ranch perfectly designed and constructed • Stunning 4773SF,3 bedroom, 4 bath home onthe canyonedge • Striking river, mountain & Smith Rock views • 100x250 covered arena, 4 stall barn, RV barn/shop, hay and equipment sheds &cattle handling facilities •3 bedroom, 2bathranchmanager'shome MLS¹201406034

• 701 acres of forest, meadows & river • Little Deschutes Rrver frontage 3.6 miles • Hand scribed log home: 10,275 SF, 4 bed, 4.5 bath • Shop, 4 stall barn, indoor arena, ranch manager's home • Cascade mountain views • Ranch retreat with abundant wildlife MLS¹201408825

Pam Mayo-Phillips, or Brook Havens, Principal Brokers 541-923-1376 I

Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker I 541-480-3096

Pam Mayo-Phillips, 541-480-1513 or Brook Havens, 541-604-0788, Principal BrokersI





• 38 acres, 9-ac pasture • Country estate - 3492 - ~ ' @ SF, 3 bedroom, 4 bath • Guestcottage,shop, landscaped • Stocked pond, trails, fenced & gated • 10 minutes to Bend • Panoramic Cascade Mountain views MLS¹201410118

• • •






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• 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath, 4813 SF • Tour of Homes™ winner • Cathedral living room with grand fireplace • Main level master, wine cellar, loft • Separate guest quarters; private courtyard MLS¹201401939 Deb Tebbs, Broker/President I 541-419-4553


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• 2 masters - one on each level • 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath • 12' Ochoco stone fireplace • Four cedar decks • Vaulted ceilings & skylights • Wine cellar • Quiet north end location MLS¹201310878

• True 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • Large .96 acre lot w/RV parking • Open kitchen & dining area • Large fenced yard + greenhouse • Front wraparound deck • For instant info. text LADD4 to 88000 Brian Ladd, Principal Broker j 541-3234802

Lisa Lamberto, Prinapal roker

Bobby Lockrem, Bro er 541-480-2356

Sue Price, Bro er 541-408-7742

• 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • 2068 SF & large lot • Incredibly energy efficient Prairie style • Custom finishes and fixtures throughout • AC, air exchange w/filter, SS appliances • Beautifulsunlit kitchen w/custom cabinets • Hardwood floors, covered patio & fenced • Built by SolAire Homebuilders of Bend MLS¹201310131

• 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1540 SF • 2 buildable lots • 4 irrigated acres • Fenced pasture • Mountain views • Borders canal, minutes from town MLS¹201407613


' •








• 2384 SF, .81 acre • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • Vaulted ceilings & wrap around deck • Enjoy direct river & Pringle Falls view • Large master suite, amazing large lot MLS¹201304072 Text LADD5 to 88000

• Awbrey Butte — single level • Great storage for your outdoor toys • 2003 SF • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • Vaulted ceilings and open space • .56 Acre lot is private MLS¹201407633 Joanne McKee, Broker I 541-480-5159

Brian Ladd, Principal Broker j 541-323-4802 brian© -• •

• 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2679 SF • Large bonus room • 4-car garage • Meticulously maintained MLS¹201404719

Greg Barnwell, Broker j 541-848-7222

Robin L. Yeakel, BrokerI 541-408-0406



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• Stunning riverfront • Three full suites • Updated granite & stainless kitchen • Enclosed garage with ample storage • Private deck with hot tub, river views • Excellent rental income potential! MLS¹20149865




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• 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • Three levels • En suite on each level • Loft/library with builtins • Plenty of room for entertaining • West side with views MLS¹201410469


Laura Blossey, BrokerI 949-887-4377

Nicolette Jones, Broker j 541-241-0432




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• I • • •


• Income producing Nl • Custom finishes I I • Within walking distance to downtown Bend • Custom house is 2009 SF, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • Fully permitted 580 SF apartment above garage MLS¹201407618

MLS¹201405867 www.experiencebendli

• 0

• 1+ acre on Awbrey Butte • 4 bed/3.5 bath 3525 SF • Master on the main • Remodeled kitchen • 3-car garage • Water feature • Beautiful front & back porch space

Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker, GRI, CRS j 541408-4309

Glenda Mackie, Broker j 541-410-4050 Natalka Palmer, Principal Broker I 541-480-1580

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• 2060 SF, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Stunning remodel • Open great room, master suite on main • 2 large bedrooms, loft & huge storage up • .17 acre lot, great outdoor living & yard MLS¹201410790

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;4ft+t wa..


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• Private setting • Open floor plan • Floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace • Family/media room & built-in office • Luxurious main level master suite • 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2993 SF MLS¹201409123 The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 I •

• 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3612 SF • 20 acres, 30x40 shop • Hardwood floors, radiant floor heat • T&G wood ceiling, wood/gas fireplaces • Established income producing business • Fenced for livestock, backs BLM MLS¹201403216 Myra Girod, Principal BrokerI 541-815-2400 or

• 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, den, bonus and two living areas • Spacious master suite on the main floor

s I s


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For instant info, text LADD10 to 88000 Brian Ladd, Principal BrokerI 541-323-4802


• •


Natalie Vandenborn, Broker j 541-508-9581

Pam Bronson, Broker j 541-788-6767

s'• s •

• 3589 SF home with city and mountain views

m ra. amteamicascadesiccom la orkcentralore omcom

• 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3167 SF • Rooftop terrace Cascade view • Gourmet kitchen, built-ins • Walking access to town/trails • Upgrades throughout • 2-car garage, personal elevator

• 1.95 acres on Awbrey Butte


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• Awesome new custom home • Peaceful 1 acre lot • Great room, den & activity room on the main • 3 bedroom suites up, loft & 2nd laundry • Beautiful finishes, woodwork & flooring MLS¹201303701

• • • • •

Borders govt. land Pivot irrigation Stunning home Top quality finishes 4291 SF, 3 bedroom, 4 bath; Cascade Mountain views • Outdoor living area with fireplace • 80x120 indoor arena M LS¹ 20 1 408630

Hosted by Michelle Witt, Broker j 541-974-4750 Listed by Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker j 541-408-4309

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Ron Davis, Principal Broker j 541-480-3096

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Brian Ladd, Principal Brokerj 541-323-4802


7991 SF 2.8 acres with 400' of private river frontage 800 SF guest cabin 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, indoor lap pool River and golf front property Adjacent 3.49 acre lot available at $799,000 For instant info. text LADD13 to 88000

Ken Renner, Principal Broker I 541-280-5352


• • • • • • •

• Deschutes River view • Expansive great room • Gourmet kitchen & generousmastersuite • Family room, executive office, & bar •4 bedrooms, 5.5baths,8,247 SF,0.48 acre lot MLS¹201409875



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g • Only 7 minutes from downtown • Tetherow is a planned 700 acre community backing tonational forest and isthe perfect home base for discovering the best of Central Oregon from biking and hiking, rafting and kayaking, or dining and shopping Contact Brian for more information or a private tour. www. For instant info. text LADD15 to 88000 Brian Ladd, Principal Broker, Director of Lot Sales


• •

Call Melame Maitre, Brokerl 541-480-418

Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086


• Large .44 acre lot • New carpet 8< pad • 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2088 SF • Large bonus room • Close to shopping, downtown and trails MLS¹201408493

• Build your dream on this 1.52 acre west side home site with mature landscape & impressive Cascade views • Generous oversized lot offers privacy and flexibility • Situated in a cul-de-sac location with expansive views • Close proximity to river trail, neighborhood park & downtown MLS¹201404748



New Master-Planned Townhome Development in Midtown! • 3 bedroom townhomes starting at $262,000 • 4 units now under construction • Price includes custom level finishes with full landscaping, slab quartz countertops and energy efficient construction • Location supports the active Bend lifestyle with easy access to parks, trails, river and downtown For instantinfo. text LADD17 to 88000 Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-323-4802

541-3234802 l brian©

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• Beautiful 2-story • Large corner lot • Hickory hardwood flooring • Granite tile counters in kitchen • Beautifully landscaped & fenced yard • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1960 SF MLS¹201406365 The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers

• Gorgeous quality townhomes on the westside • These are higher end townhomes • 3 bedrooms plusan of fice/den • 2732 SF with an oversized 2-car garage • Main level master, stainless steel appliances, tankless hot water, AC • 4100 SF clubhouse with a nice pool • Close to shopping, schools, river & trails MLS¹201409173 Mary Stratton, GRI Broker l 541-419-6340 maryselhms©

541-312-4042 l

• 3 Bedroom, 3 bath, i' aes 1905 SF • Easy maintenance • All new appliances, granite, built-ins • Outdoor pergolaw it h shades • Desirable westside location with views! MLS¹201410850

19748 Dry Canyon Ave. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath "+; • Master on the main ~H' • Great room floor plan • Attached 2-car garage • Bonus room with exterior access MLS¹201409733

Jordan Grandlund, Principal Brokerl 541-420-1559 Stephanie Ruiz, Broker l 541-948-5196

Korren Bower, Broker 541-504-3839 korren©


Carmen A. Coo, Bro er

• Close proximity to clubhouse, trails and downtown Bend

• Call for additional details and pricing

Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

I •

• •

• •

Situated on a private, flat lot Backs Anderson Ranch 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths 2828 SF on .23 acre 2-car garage with storage

• 3153 SF, 3 bedrooms, „I 3 baths If, • Dual zone heat 8t A/C Iv» • Great outdoor area, deck, gas fire pit • Solid 8' wood doors, wood wrap windows • Gourmet kitchen+ living, dining & den MLS¹201409678 Rhonda Garrison, Principal Brokerl 541-279-1768

5 4 1 -480-6491

Silvia night, roker, BR, SFR, Green 541-788-4861 l




61526 Cultus Lake Ct. • Designed by Dwell Design Group and built by Timberline Construction of Bend • NW Craftsman home offers wonderful indoor and outdoor living spaces • Beautiful Mt. Bachelor view sunsets from the front deck and privacy in the back MLS¹201407699

• 2013 Tour of Homes" • Master suite on main • Grand entry hall, dining and great room • Large covered rear patio with gas firepit • Backs to golf course, large 3-car garage MLS¹201409860 For instant info. text LADD11 to 88000 Brian Ladd, Principal Broker 541-541-323-4802

Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

476 SW Forest Grove ( $279,900



• Top quality finishes throughout • Convenient, desirable location

Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

• I •

• I •

• Private outdoor hot tub

• Built by TimberlineConstruction of Bend • DesignedbyBrandonOlin •Thiscontemporaryhomefeature 3 bedrooms,3 baths • Complete with abonusroom andden/off ice •Buil ttoEarthAdvantageandEnergyStarstandards • Triple cargarage • Near clubhouse, trails anddowntown Bend,call for additional details

• Bonus room plus a triple car garage

• • • • •

• Designed as a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath with main level master suite


l ~i , •

• Situated on an elevated homesite with mtn. views



• NW Contemporary design built by Madrone Construction LLC


• Custom RiverRim home; • 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • (2) main level bedroom suites w/baths • Bonus room, built-ins, 3-car garage • Near trails, parks, river & shopping! • Backs private common area MLS¹201408466

rian add, Principal Brokerl 541-541-323-4802


• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3010 SF j • Light, bright, clean & cozy • Formal living and dining areas • Open family room with gas fireplace •Custommademaplecabinets,foors,deskand dining room hutch For instant info. text LADDB to 88000

' ' l l


• s'

• 1/2 mile to Old Mill • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1485 SF • Single level ': • Lots of upgrades! • Private backyard • Move in ready! MLS¹201410265


. • iil

Jodi Kearney, Broker l 541-693-4019 jodirebroker©

• 3727 SF home, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • Private & well appointed • 5.25 acres w/irrigation • RV garage, 2-stall barn • Panoramic Cascade views • 10 minutes to Bend! MLS¹201310641 Stephanie Ruiz, Broker l 541-948-5196

•Specta cularmountainviews • Ultimate quality, immaculate throughout • Located at The Ridge at Indian Ford • Gated community with irrigated greenways • 3 bedroom, 4 bath, 3296 SF, 1.87 acres • Private equestrian center located in 100+ acresof common area Jane Flood, Broker l 541-350-9993

• Private timber framed lodge home w/guest house • Luxury ranch living only 4 miles to town adjoins USFS • Cattle & horse setup, stable, shop, hay barn • Ponds,orchard,custom chicken coop,garden cottage • Too much to list! Call today for private showing, qualified buyers only MLS¹201402772 Jodi Satko, Broker l 541-550-0819




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Luxury Townhomes at PointsWest 60424 Snap Shot Loop - • Homes from $449,750 • Riverfront from $819,750 • Exquisitely finishes • Low maintenance living • 7th Mountain amenities • Conveniently located Stephanie Ruiz, Broker l 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandlund, Broker l 541-420-1559

E10 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2014 • THE BULLETIN Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Homes with Acreage




Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage






14695 S. Sugar Pine. Fuqua Good Cents en- 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 2456 Motivated Sellers! Great Q uiet cul-de-sac i n Lot 21 SW Chipmunk Close to La Pine State Hager Mountain Estates Large 11,325 Square ergy-efficient 3 bdrm, sq.ft. with 14.66 acre package!! House and Boonesborough, 4 Rd., level 5.16 acres, Park and the Des- 4 lots, $25,000 each lo- Foot Lot for a home $116,500 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 1256 sq. ft. on 2 bath home. Certi- and 13.2 acre COI ir- shop have new exte- bdrm, 3 bath, 1743 with 2 storage sheds. chutes River. Build cated in Silver Lake. or duplex. Wonderful, .96 acre. High Lakes fied wood stove, wood rigation, bonus room rior siding and paint, sq. ft., manicured 2.26 partial mt n v i ews. your dream home on Underground power convenient location by Realty & Pr o perty negotiable. Furnace is with separate entry, gravel & much more. a cres, great d e c k community water is this nicely wooded lot. and conduit for phone school and close to Management wired for A/C. 24x32 solar design gener- This ranch home has space, lots of parking installed. $ 6 0 ,000. Septic feasibility has and internet. Views of shopping. Zoning al541-536-0117 g arage w it h w o r k ates 20 % e l ectric. irrigation and moun- & storage. $355,000. 201300800 been approved. Hager Mountain. Sep- lows for a shop or shop area, wired, ce- MLS 2014 0 3830 tain views and has a MLS 201408082 Juniper Realty MLS tic feasibility for stano utbuilding on t h e $29,950. One bdrm, one bath, ment floor. Storage $449,900 Call Pam 541-504-5393 great location on a Jeanne Scharlund 201403668 CallJasen dard system. The property to c o mplioutbuildings, RV shed 8x20, wired.Un- Lester, Principal Bro- quiet country road in 541-420-7978 area is a sportsman's ment that new home. 13601 SW Canyon Dr. Chavez, hookup, $7 5 , 000. der g round p u mp ker Century 21 Gold Powell Butte. Nice 3 Central D uke Oregon Realty paradise. All utilities are at the CRR. 1.13 acres with 541-891-5446 52305 Lechner Lane. house. Too many ex- Country Realty, Inc. bdrm ranch-style Group, LLC Bobbie Strome, property line. $65,000. Mt. Jefferson views. Warner Realty High Lakes Realty 8 tras to list Fenced, 541-504-1338 house with nice floor Small western ranch! 3 $58,500 ¹201106385 Principal Broker ¹201408737 Property M a n age- very secure. A must John L Scott Real John L. Scott Real plan, country kitchen, bdrms, 2 baths, 1596 Juniper Realty Get your ment 541-536-0117 C ustom 1325 sq. f t . see. $149,900. MLS 2 bdrm/2bath h o m e nice brick fireplace, sq. ft. , 5.5 acres. Estate 541-385-5500 Estate 541-548-1712 541-504-5393 business 201409077. Cascade nestled on 4+ Acres. FIND IT! 2 shops on 5.41 Property is f e nced Clean 9 stall barn with City lot in Culver. All Realty, Dennis Hani- with DDT /TI room, RV pad u tilities a t acres. $23 9 ,900. Lot 67 SW Shad Rd. str e e t. ford, Princ. Broker horse shel- tack SELL ITI 151628 Hackamore, w/corral, w/water & e l ectric. $38,200. great value for this a ROW I N G 541-536-1731 MLS ter, shop/garage Need to get an ad La Pine. High Lakes w/studio & storage. 2 $329,000 1 .04 acre l o t w i t h The Bulletin Classifieds 201203505 Realty & P r o perty acres of MLS¹201410583 mountain views. in ASAP? value in this 2 Juniper Realty with an ad in i r r igation. 55918 Snow Goose. Great Vicci Bowen $22,900. MLS¹ bdrm 2 bath, kitchen Management 541-504-5393 M ountain 8 Sm i t h The Bulletin's $219,900. 3 bdrm, 2 541-410-9730 201402733 J u niper built-in h utch, 541-536-0117 Rock views. Central Oregon Realty Bare Lot for Sale - Only bath near river and with Fax It to 541-322-7253 "Call A Service Realty 541-504-5393 bedroom and bath on $ 285,900! 1052 5 mobile h o mes al Sunriver. High Lakes each end for privacy. Group, LLC Call a Pro Professional" Fleming Rd., Powell Realty & Pr o perty Covered front deck, lowed. SDC charges The Bulletin Classifieds Butte, Call Heather Stunning chalet. Cas- have been paid on Whether you need a Lot Awaits your Dream Directory Management extra large garage Hockett, PC, Broker, cade m tn . v i e ws, this l o t . $3 5 ,000. Home - Build your 541-536-0117 with electric finished, fencefixed,hedges C entury 2 1 Gol d 3b/2ba, 2642 sq.ft., Irg MLS¹201202226 Come park your RV on dream Wes t s ide room for workshop. trimmed or a house Perfectly maintained 3/2 C ountry Real t y , windows to capture home on t his 0 .18 the .81 acre lot that La Pine Lot j $63,900 John L. Scott Real RV cover and sepa1713 sq. ft. home on 541-420-9151 views, Irg deck, Sis- Estate 541-548-1712 built, you'll find has 2 RV hookups. • 1 acre treed homesite acre lot in the cov1.36 acres. 3 5x60 rate greenhouse with professional help in ters School Dist. 4.77 eted Awbrey Ridge. Property also has a • Well, septic & power B reathtaking view o f acres, horse corral, 19999 Badger Roadshop. $259 , 999. electric and w a ter. cabin with bathroom installed! Located on a Cascades, farm fields hay storage, loafing Rare, large 8 lovely that can be used for • Owner 15742 Ri m D r i ve. This is all on a nice The Bulletin's "Call a cul-de-sac near parks carry option and rocky crags of shed. $459,900 MLS 7405 sq ft lot close to your getaway. Prop- • MLS 201403628 High Lakes Realty & corner acre of land. Service Professional" and trails. $139,000 Deschutes River, 2 Property M a nage- Close to gov't lands, 201404009. J eanne town & Old Mill, ready erty is partially fenced MLS 201405853 Corey Charon PE, Directory one block off paved to build your dream with another building acres with 3 bdrm, 2 Scharlund ment 541-536-0117 Call Terry Skjersaa, Broker home! No thru traffic, for storage. $45,000 county m a i ntained 541-385-5809 b ath h o me, s l a te 541-420-7978 541-383-1426 541-280-5512 150388 Jerry Road. 3 road, and only 3 miles floors, w rap-around Central Oregon Realty directly to west/adja- MLS 2014 0 9702 Duke Warner Realty bdrm, 2 bath on 1.5 from town. $79,900 cent is a huge privacy 5 41-536-1731 3203 sq. ft home on 2 decks + gar age. Group, LLC Cas541-382-8262 treed acre. $140,000. MLS 201468049 a cres, 3+-car g a - $199,900. berm w/large trees & cade Realty, Dennis MLS 150388 Jerry Road. Cascade Realty, rages. $30 4 ,000 ¹ 201408317 Call scrub brush. $74,500. Haniford, Princ. BroFind It in High Lakes Realty & Dennis Haniford, Princ. Just bought a new boat? 11548 Burl w ood Nancy Popp, PrinciMLS¹201405024 ker 541-536-1731 Property M a nageSell your old one in the Broker Drive, La Pine. High pal Broker, 541-815- The Bulletin Class!fieds! Laura Hilton, Broker, MORRIS classifieds! Ask about our ment 541-536-0117 541-385-5809 Cul-de-sac Lot in Bro1-541-536-1731 Lakes Realty & Prop- 8000. Crooked River ABR, GRI, EA, REAL ESTATE Super Seller rates! S.T.A.R. ken Top - Just over Ma n agement Realty IM~ rl y~ ~ Op «0 15468 Ferndale Ct. 3 Make this old home- erty 541-385-5809 The perfect 2-story vahalf an a c re, t h is 541-536-0117 541-306-1800 bdrm, 2 bath, 1762 stead, located right off c ation home on 5 Bring the horse Bring John L. Scott h eavily t r eed, e l sq. ft., 1.61 acres. of Hwy 97, your get- 16549 Wayne Drive, the family! This is a acres with k itchen, evated lot f e atures Estate, Bend $209,900. High Lakes away retreat. Original $295,900. 16.79 acre great set up ... well dining, bedroom, util- Real peek-a-boo mountain Realty 8 Pr o perty h ome was built i n horse property! 1702 laid out kitchen with ity down and family and golf course views. Management sq. ft. home. High unique custom island. room w/bath up. Pri- Above Lake Billy Chi- Quiet street with tons 1 940, a l on g wi t h 541-536-0117 o riginal garage & Lakes Realty & Prop- Nicely l a n dscaped vate well, p ropane nook! 5.6 Acres bank of privacy. $273,500. Man a gement neat the entrance of h eating stove a n d owned in gated com- Call Tammy Settlemier, 15918 Cascade Lane. 2 storage shed, 1.63 erty with p rivate the ranch, RV hookup Cascade view! munity 541-410-6009 bdrm home on 1.25 acres. Home is very 541-536-0117 $69,900. MLS with parking, 25000 $169,900. MLS airstrip. MLS¹201403100 acre, 3-bay carport c lean yet s till h a s 201409604 Call Pam What are you sq. ft. barn with large 201408673 Call Warner Realty $119,900. High Lakes unique traits. PosLester, Principal Bro- Duke 541-382-8262 shop, 17x14 roll up Nancy Popp, Princi- ker, Realty 8 Pr o perty sible horse property looking for? Century 21 Gold behind home in open door. $299 , 000. pal Broker, 541-815Management Realty, Inc. Custom Home S i te! field. $ 6 4 ,900 MLS You'll find it in 541-536-0117 Linda Lou Day-Wright. 8000. Crooked River Country Build you r d r e am 541-504-1338 201300544 Cascade The Bulletin Classifieds 541-7712585 Realty home i n C a scade 16206 Hawks Lair. 4 Realty, Dennis HaniCrooked River Realty Waterfront and Smith Broken Top Lot j Views Estate. Seller bdrm, 2~/~ bath, 3304 ford, Princ. Broker $229,000 Rock views! Large • Level .44 acre lot on has preliminary buildsq. ft . 2 ga r age. 541-536-1731 Advertise your car! country home on 5+ cul-de-sac ing plans and would 541-385-5809 $299,900. High Lakes Add A Picture! consider a Realty 8 Pr o pertyTriple Wide - Snow- 16751 SW Dove Rd., Reach thousands of readers! irrigated acres. 2772 • Partial golf course sq. ft. with 5 bdrms, build-to-suit. Call for Call 541-385-5809 Management berry Village 55+ view C RR, c ustom l o g 2~/~ baths, 2-car deThe Bulletin ClassiTieds details. $90, 0 00. 541-536-0117 With its awesome lo- home on 5 acres. with tached garage and • Contract terms availMLS201409341 cation in the park, this 20510 Jacklight Lane. 1873 sq ft triple wide many upgrades: floor C anyon Creek, 1 3 beautiful landscaping. able Call Pete Van Deusen, • MLS 201402848 to ceiling windows Acres - View elk and MLS $519,000. 5 b d r m/ features central AC & 2014 0 9838 541-480-3538 or Christy Hartmanith m t n . vie w s , deer from your living $499,900. Call Pam 3bath, 3474 sq. ft., Jaynee Beck, as heat, and i n - w DeCourcey, Hickory hardwood & built in '06, High g room with breathtakLester, Principal Bro541-489-0988 cludes washer/ dryer Principal Broker Lakes Realty & Prop- 8 r efrigerator. Fin- tile floors, gourmet ing views of Canyon ker, Century 21 Gold Duke Warner Realty 541-312-7263 erty Man agement ished 2-car garage, kitchen, cherry cabi- M tn. from t his s e - Country Realty, Inc. 541-382-8262 nets, granite counters, 541-536-0117 cluded newer 5 bed541-504-1338 Linda Fisher-Berlanga private patio and great stacked rock woodFlat, Buildable Lotroom, 3 bath home views of Pilot Butte & burning fireplace. 5 1884 Fordham D r . in Shevlin Commons. 763 LoanOffi cer nestled in the timber. the mountains. www. $474,900 ¹201404445 $239,500 4 bdrm, 3 Bordering Sh e v lin 3 acres irrigated and Recreational Homes NMLS¹ 2101 18 b ath, 2206 s q . f t . Park, there is easy Juniper Realty, detached ga r age/ MORRIS & Property h ickory, tile. H i g h Ed Green, Principal access to trails for Phone (541) 419-1946 541-504-5393 shop. $399 , 9 99 REAL ESTATE Lakes Realty & Prop- Broker, 541-598-5666 biking, running and MLS: 2013059 hd~ ~ y ~ ~ ~ John L. Scott, Bend 51434 Telegraph Rd., lfisher-berlanga@evergreenhomeloanscom erty Man a gement hiking. Beautifully deCall Duke Warner La Pine. $75,900. 541-536-0117 B uild Y ou r Dr e a m signed C o mmunity wwwevergreenhomeloanscom/lindafisherberlanga Realty, Dayville, 756 1 bdrm, 1 bath, double Home Here Large Building can be used 541-987-2363. 51958 Mowich Lane, 3 Jeffer carport with s h op. corner lot i n N WX. to host private parties son County Homes bdrm, 2~/~ bath, 1765 Lakes Realty & Lot sale includes ARC and events. PrelimiCanyon Creek - Execu- High sq. ft., 1 .22 a c re, Bank owned, 3 bdrm, 2 Property M a nage- approved plans for a nary plans for a home EVERGREEN home on 7 tim$214,900. High Lakes bath, 1092 sq.ft. Ma- 360' View/Top of Butte tive ment 541-536-0117 3 b drm, 2 . 5 b a t h are available. bered acres just south Realty & Pr o perty dras home built in in Terrebonne. Home, home complete with $189,900. MLS of John Day. 3 bed771 Management 2005. R a nge/oven, shop, mansion building den and family room. 201305094 room, 2.5 bath, 2801 IO 2014 Evergreen HomeLoansis aregisteredtrade nameOI 541-536-0117 Lots dishwasher, micro & site. 2% to broker. See: Call Michele Anderson, $199,000. MLS: sq. ft., bonus room, EvergreenMoneysourceMortgageCompany' NML SID3182. fridge incl. $67,900 201404816 5410633-9760 or loads of storage and 9040 SW S a ndridge 52556 Drafter Rd. MulTrade/servicemarksarethe property 0!EvergreenHomeLoanx 4791 3ggt136.html MLS 201406315. Call Call Terry Skjersaa, Jacquie Sebulsky, tiple s hops, l i ving attached gar a ge. Rd., CRR 1.12 acre All rightsreservedLicensedunder. OregonMortgagetending 541-383-1426. 541-380-4449 License ML3213WashingtonConsumer LoanCompany License~ quarters on one acre. Pam Lester, Principal 52916 Old Lake Rd., $419,000. Power and water at Broker, Century 21 Duke Warner Realty Duke Warner Realty CL-3182.12/14 Silver Lake, OR. Two MLS: 201304288 $114,900. High Lakes Gold Country Realty, the street $37,900. 54'I -382-8262 541-382-8262 1848 sq.ft. homes on Call Duke Warner Realty & Pr o perty MLS ¹201403978. Inc. 541-504-1338 Management 40 acres. $180,000. Realty, Dayville, Juniper Realty, High Lakes Realty & 541-987-2363. 541-536-0117 541-504-5393 Reduced!Want to move Property M a n age3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1752 in and enjoy life? This ment, 541-536-0117 Peaceful Country Liv- Lot 1 SW Shad Rd. is sq. ft. home on 2.51 Madras h om e ing - Beautiful custom 3 .09 a c r e s wit h acres. $21 5 ,000. loaded with upgrades. 7105 SW Swallow Rd., home, approx. 3253 a mazing view s . W ell m a int. an d CRR. 3 bdrm, 2 bath 52962 Sunrise Blvd. sq. ft. on 4.5 acres $78,500. MLS¹ boasts a large tiled open floor plan on High Lakes Realty & with .5 acre irrigation. 201402733 J u niper entry way, c e iling 5.62 acres. Custom Property M a nagePrivate well, pond, fans, recessed light- tile work surrounding close in, private and Realty 541-504-5393 ment 541-536-0117 ing, large loft area, a the garden tub in the s ecluded wit h t o o FIND YOUR FUTURE 53280 Andrews Road, m aster b dr m w i t h master bath. Wood many extras to men- HOME INTHE BULLETIN 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1782 walk-in closet, win- burning fireplace in tions. $660 , 400. sq. ft. 4+car shop. dow coverings t he g r e a t roo m . Yourfutureisjust apageaway. Call $159,999. High Lakes throughout. Garage is Large front deck to en MLS201304783 arolyn Emic k , Whetheryou'relookingforahat or Realty 8 Pr o perty finished with ceiling joy the mountain view. C 541-419-0717 I aplacetohangit, TheBulletin Management (XQ storage rack and you 1584 sq. ft. insulated Duke Warner Realty Classifiedisyourbest source. 541-536-0117 have great views from shop with automatic 541-382-8262 back deck. VA asarage door opener. Everydaythousandsofbuyersand Completely remodeled the if e l igible. 199,000. MLS sellers0! goodsandservicesdo in 2010! Tiled bath- sumable 201410431 MLS¹ The Bulletin is your room floors, forced air $123,900 business inthesepages.They 201304344 Juniper Realty, gas heat, laminated Employment know youcan't beatTheBulletin Hockett, PC, 541-504-5393 floors, new counter- Heather Century 21 Classified Sectionforselection tops, new drywall and Broker, Marketplace Country Realty, 8886 SW Pasture Ct. andconvenience- everyitemis p aint. O n e bd r m Gold Custom built 960 sq. 541-420-9151 just aphonecall away. downstairs and bathft. one bdrm on 1.25 Call room. 2 bdrms and acres bordering com762 T he ClassifiedSectioniseasy bath upstairs. Launm unity pasture i n to use.Everyitemis categorized dry room in heated Homes with Acreage Crooked River Ranch. 5 41-3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 andeverycategoryis indexedon garage, garage door Mtn views, recently to advertise. opener. One of the Custom 4/3, 2922 sq. ft. remodeled, new paint, the section'sfront page. nicest places in Gil- home on 6.27 acres flooring, kitchen cabiw/ shop and barn nets, 720 sf garage/ Whetheryouarelookingfora home christ! $109,000 $595,000.16249 or need asavice,yourfutureis in MLS 201402240 shop with bathroom, South Drive, La Pine. office and canning Cascade Realty, the pages ofTheBulletin Classfied. High Lakes Realty & Dennis Haniford, Princ. room. $149,000. MLS Property M a nageBroker 201406253. Juniper ServingCentral Om gonsince fSIB The Bulletin ment 541-536-0117 ServlngCentral Oregon st~ l9t8 1-541-536-1731 Realty, 541-504-5393


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M O RT G A G E Casey NMLS 189449 541-419-9766 CORP OR LIC.¹ ML-2421

CO RPORATION Jennifer NMLS 288550 j enn i f CORP NMLS ¹3113

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Manufacturedi Mobile Homes




Manufacturedi Mobile Homes

Manufacturedi Mobile Homes

MfdJ Mobile Homes with Land

McKay Meadows j Several exc. building 16535 SW Chinook Dr. 5.3 acres located near Eastern Oregon land in sites offer privacy and 5.68 acre rim lot w/ the e n t rance of Canyon City, OR. 14 $300,000 List Your Home NEW Marlette Special Winter Clearance 50760 South F a wn, • 14 lot subdivision Cascade mtn views Crooked River & mtn. Crooked River Ranch. acres zoned Residen- 1404 sq.ft., 4/12 roof, 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath, Top-of-the-line 3 bdrm • Utilities to lots from these 7.17 acres views $225 , 000. and g o l f co u rse. tial, currently divided We Have Buyers 1601 sq.ft., a rch shingles, d b l with shop, $169,000. • Peaceful location just minutes from the MLS 201106408. B eautiful mt n a n d into 4 tax lots Get Top Dollar dormer, 9 lite door, RETAIL High Lakes Realty & • MLS 201406741 trailhead t o S t e elJuniper Realty Smith Rock v iews. $99,900 MLS Financing Available. glamour bath, appli$85,609 Property M a nage541-504-5393 Darrin Kelleher, Broker head Falls. Build your Nice flat land for your 201207884 J u niper 541-548-5511 ance pkg, $69,900 SALE ment 541-536-0117 The Kelleher Group home in an area of horse and a perfect Realty 541-504-5393 finished on site $77,599 Finished 541-788-0029 shallow well depths or 16685 SW Chinook Dr. building site for your G randfathered-in R V PRICE GUARANTEED On Your Site. USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! 6.9 acres with dream home. Come park your RV and en- CRR. J & M Homes TILL MARCH lot, 3.18 acres, septic New Dream Special Crooked River a nd joy the amenities of enjoy all the 541-548-5511 Door-to-door selling with nd water o n t h e 3 bdrm, 2 bath Crooked River Ranch. Smith Rock views, all ties of t h e R a nch. a 541-548-5511 property located in a inst a lled. MLS¹27'l09956 fast results! It's the easiest $50,900 finished MLS 20' I 106739. utilities Call The Bulletin At reat neighborhood. on your site. $189,000 MLS $99 000. way in the world to sell. Check out the $106,500 Con t act 79,000. MORRIS MLS 541-385-58 201008671. J uniper J andM Homes Linda Lou Day-Wright. Linda Lou Day-Wright classifieds online REAL ESTATE 201208989 541-548-5511 Realty 541-504-5393 The Bulletin Classified Broker 541- 771-2585 Broker, 541-771-2585 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Lou Day-Wright, At: Crooked River Realty 20+ ACRES in West Crooked River Realty Linda 541-385-5809 Broker 541-771-2585 Updated daily Mtn. View Recreational Powell Butte Estates, Crooked River Realty Lots - 4 unique lots Views of the Deschutes gated co m munity,7 965 SW R i ver R d . with M t . Ba c helor River - Lot 9 in the mtn. views, private 2.79 a cres, g r eat HARD TO FIND 5 acre views abut f ederal prestigious River Park well, paved roads with views near the Des- flat buildable corner land. Lots are flat at BLM. chutes River. $39,500 lot located in Lake cap t ures access t o t op, s l ope d o w n Estates P ark E states w i t h stunning views of the $169,000 MLS ¹201009429 Juniper Realty steeply, have n i ce D eschutes mature l a ndscape. 201305077. Riv e r , 541-504-5393 trees. Close to Sunri- easterly desert views, Pam Lester, Principal MLS¹ 201 4 0 6959 ver Resort, La Pine Pilot Butte and the $135,500 B roker Century 2 1 9.76 Acresj $97,500 Pam Lester, Principal State Park and all rec- C ascade Ran g e . Gold Country Realty, • 200 sq.ft. outbuilding reation. Septic not al- $299,000 Broker, Century 21 Inc. 541-504-1338 • 29' Wilderness Trailer lowed on these lots. 201407188 Call MLS: Gold Country Realty, Terry • Circular pen $8,900 - $14,500. 20.44 Acres - If you Inc. 541-504-1338 Skjersaa, • MLS 201407088 Call Becky Ozrelic, want privacy and your 541-383-1426. Kirk Sandburg, Broker 541-480-9191 The Bulletin's own get-away retreat, Duke Warner Realty 541-556-1804 Duke Warner Realty t his property i s i t . "Call A Service 541-382-8262 541-382-8262 Breathtaking views of Professional" Directory Cascade MounNicely Treed One Acre Waterfront lot on Lake the is all about meeting tains. Electricity is on Lot on q u iet Baert. A 0 .27 acre yourneeds. property. cul-de-sac in Split Rail waterfront l o t in the $144,000. MORRIS Rancho's subdivision Christmas Call on one of the Va l l ey, REAL ESTATE just SE of La Pine. near world class sand MLS¹201309974 professionals today! Call Karolyn Dubois, d~ A Rural area features dune recreation area. 541-390-7863 many recreational op- Great hunting, bird Duke Lot 20 SW Chipmunk Warner Realty Attention Developers! portunities. Property watching and hiking. Rd., level 5.14 acres, 541-382-8262 16+ acres zoned R4. needs septic feasibil- Park the RV and play. views of the Smith There have been 4 ity, well and utilities. MLS ¹201409930. Rock. $75,000. MLS land use approvals in Find exactly what Adjacent lot is also 201406095 Brad Whitcomb, the last 10 years. One available fo r s a l e. you are looking for in the Juniper Realty Broker for subdivided + 2 for $15,000. 541-504-5393 541-350-3449 CLASSIFIEDS apartment complexes. MLS¹201407982 John L. Scott MLS¹ 201 4 06943 Near Middle Fork of the Call Tracy George, Real Estate, Bend 20 Acres - 2 Tax Lots$1,200,000 Pam John Day River - 236 541-408-3024 Two 10+ acre lots Lester, Principal Bro- acres adjoining NF. Duke Warner Realty with irrigation rights. ker, Century 21 Gold L ocated on C a mp 541-382-8262 773 Smallhome and shop Country Realty, Inc. Creek, timber i r r iOne of the few remainon one. Large pond 541-504-1338 gated, creek, pond, Acreages ing custom home lots and g r eat v i e ws. rock pit, and fenced. in Black Butte Ranch Lot 4 S W B lue Jay $485,000 Beautiful 20-Acre home- $600,000. MLS: with wooded setting Road, CRR. S m ith MLS¹201407509 site w/10 acres irriga- 201402720 and beautiful natural R ock v iews, 5 . 1 7 Call Kim Warner, tion. $349,900. Call Duke Warner terrain. Perfect corner acres borders public 541-410-2475 or Call Tammy Settlemier, Realty Dayville, lot location to build land. $74,900. MLS Fred Johnson, 541-410-6009 541-987-2363 your vacation home or 201407131 541-788-3733. MLS¹201401808 SE Bend Acreage j primary re s idence Duke Warner Realty Duke Warner Realty Juniper Realty $189,900 a mongst the 1 8 0 0 541-382-8262 541-382-8262 541-504-5393 • 9.95 acres acre Ranch, which 320 Acres of Excep• Mountain views Cute black and white Shepherd features two of t he Boonesboroughj • Borders 190 acres tional Hunting best c h a mpionship 10 Acres of Peaceful $534,900 Grounds Located public land Paradise! golf courses in Cen• 2.5 acres backs BLM tral Oregon. Lot el- Impeccably maintained, south of Canyon City • 2100 sq.ft. to be built • MLS 201311050 together with. 555-9999 in the Murders Creed Greg Miller PC, traditional style home e vation allows f o r home Timber, •3 bedroom + offi Broker, CRS, GRI many different home and serene property Unit. ce,2 541-408-1511 designs. Owner will features a m i nimal spring-fed pond, sea- bath consider f i nancing. maintenance yard. RV son creek, fenced on • MLS 201404946 parking, huge 24x40 3 sides, LOP tags. Greg Floyd PC, Broker .54 acres. $239,000 shop w/2 bay doors & $249,900. MLS Cate Cushman, 541-390-5349 201208906 man door. Relax 8 Principal Broker 54'I -480-1884 unwind in the cozy, Call Duke Warner MORRIS Realty Dayville, sun r o om inviting REAL ESTATE where you will enjoy 541-987-2363 hd~&ml y ~ ~ ~ d This property is ready full view of the CasMORRIS for your new home... cade Mountains, from 40 Acres - 4 Tax LotsW here Deer & El k REAL ESTATE s eptic, water a n d Mt Bachelor to Mt. Fantastic opportunity Roam - 320 acres lopower on the prop- Hood! Also take in for a b u i lder/develcated u p B e lshaw erty located in a quiet great views of Smith oper or extended famCreek ea s t of Build Your Home Here! cul-de-sac. come en- Rock from front win- ily. Four 10+ a c re Dayville, OR and west 5 acres, outstanding joy all that the ranch d ow. E scape t h e lots, each with irrigaof Mt. Vernon, OR. has to offer. $79,000. hustle 8 bustle of the tion r i ghts. L a r ge Cascade Mtn views, Water guzzler with power at lot line 8 Call L i n d a Lou city life with conve- p onds an d gr e a t 1000 gallon trough for Day-Wright, Broker, nience of s c hools, views. $98 5 ,000. septic feasibility ap- wildlife. Ad d i tional proved cap and fill. acreages available. 541-771-2585 shopping and restau- ¹201407508 $79,900. Crooked River Realty Call Kim Warner, Owner wil l c a r ry. rants nearby. $ 201406415. P a m $158,500. 541-410-2475 or $399,000 People Lookfor Information Lester, Principal BroFred Johnson, Call Duke Warner ¹201407894 About Products snd ker, Century 21 Gold 541-788-3733. Realty Dayville, John L. Scott Real Country Realty, Inc. Services Every Daythrough Estate Duke Warner Realty 541-987-2363 541-548-1712 541-504-1338 541-382-8262 The Bulletin BtessiBeds MLS¹201301683


, Fer eci Fii~.


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seeks a young friend to grow Up






R EEZE Q O M P A N sY R.~ IE.i.i.

Yeur, FY' wnr 2014!

~~ ~



201- ! T EAM S ELL B E N D


j,'I li

Becky Breeze

LaRonda Acuff-Sack

Rachel Kahler

Debbie Mooney

Principal Broker 541-40~8- 107

Principal Broker 541-788-2281

Broker 541-815-3658

Broker 541-410-6095

Shelly Hummel Broker 541-480-8523

Tarris Rogers Broker 541-390-7878

Donna Ramsay Principal Broker 541-420-6267

Wendy Cooper Broker 541-350-9020

Dianne Middle Broker 541-480-9172

Janet Ross Broker 541-480-9740

Mike Nelson Broker Broker 541-588-0698 543 7Q8 3734 ' 595 NW York Dr, Ste 100, Bend 97701 Phone: 541-408-9029 LI5Q MQQhg(

Rosalee Bernhardt Broker 541-420-1794

Tim Collette Broker 541-419-0927

Tom Wurzel Broker 541-410-3445

Shannon Little Admin 541-617-5700

CALL Us FoR ALL YQUR REAL EsTATE NEEDs 384 SW Upper Terrace, Ste 201, Bend 97702 Phone: 541-617-5700 ® www.beck













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',© -' 'I;,'

• Eaa


4. i>'-

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- -. PRRI



e RR





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c t ~ .e -. .


' Custom 4853 sq.h. home '4 bedroom+ olfice 3.5 bath • Barn, indoor B outdoor arenas

• MLS 201404428

SPEC TACULARVIEWSI $1,589$00 MCGANPOWER, • 10 acres, 8 mountain views BROKER, GRI, • 8000 sq.ft. home • 5 bedroom, 6 bath CDPE 541-610-7318 • MLS 201401911


• Deschutes River& Cascadeviews

541-408-6720 • MLS 201410080

• 3248 sq.ft. home • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • MLS 201408795


• MLS 201410809



NE BEN DACREAGEI S850000 • 2984 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • 19.77 acres, across from BIM • Barn, indoor & outdoor arenas

• MLS 201409477


TUINLO HONE/VIEWSI I SSII,900 • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath,2606 sq.ft. • 6.4 acres • HugeCascadeMountainviews

• MLS 201307561


PARK.UKE SHTINGI S554000 • 2813 sq.ft., 3 bedroom,2.5 bath • Bonus room 8 den • .41acre cul-de-saclot

• MLS 201405335

RIVERRIM I $449,000 GREG IANGHAIM, • ' 5 bedroom 3 bath BRpKER • .22acre, fencedyard, patio 541-316-5903 • MLS 201405476

uIIgj .

u I

• 2078 sq.ft. Prairie style • 3bedroom, 2bath, EarthAdvantage • .24acre lot, BrokenTopview

USAN AGLI • ' 4+ car garage, shop BROK ER , ABR , • ' 4 bedrooms • Upscale farmhouse design LHS 541-408-3113 • MLS 201307118

• Barn, indoor B outdoor arenas


PAT PAIAZZI, BROKER 541-711-6996

3.5 ACBES I $989+00

36 ACRE RANCH I $1,2504OT LYNNE CONNELLEY • 4360sq.ft., 3 bedroom,3.5 bath • Cascade views, 26 acresirigation BROKER CRS








• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Near schools & HoHinshead Park 541-948-9606 • MLS 201403362




• 4 bedroom,3bath • Close to Deschutes Riv

541 977 5811 ' MLS 201409816

• Fenced,landscapedyardwith patio

541-350-4772 • MLS 201407863


RIYNCANYONESTATESlSSN4 0 • 2719 sq.ft. Tudorstyle home • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath


SW BEND I $335,000 • 1675 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath • Wood floors, tile bathrooms • MLS 201410662



SW REDMOND I $314,900 • 3540 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Ochoco B SmithRockviews

• MLS 201402758

NE BEND I $329,900 • 2228 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Cascade views from master

• MLS 201410595

I Uslssm 4



SUN MEADOWI $369~ • 2545 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath

III IIISIIIII • Wood floors,tile &granite counters 541-390-0504 • MLS 201407954

• MIRADAI S319.900 SA MCC ARTHY, ' NEW 2020 sq.ft.


v 3 bedroom 2 5 bath • laminate floors,granite counters

541-419-8639 • MLS 201404950

NW BEND I $360~

VIRGINIAROSS, • 1578 sq.ft. BRO KER,ABICIS ,GR,E CO • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath BRO KER,PREVILWS

• Covered porch,fencedyard, patio

541-480-7501 • MLS 201408453

~ MOUNTAINHIGH I$291,500 MICHE UEIISUELW ' 171 2 sq.h. BRQKER ABR • ' 2 bedroorn, 2 bath • Golf Courseandpondviews E-PRO

541-390-3490 • MLS 201407156

II '






• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Close to schools &shopping 541-948-5880 • MLS 20140871 7 '


• Level .36 acre • View of 17th fairway • Tenniscourts paths pool

541-382-4123 • MLS 201409901

NOTTINGHAMSGUAREI$235,000 KARHIJOHNSON • 1978 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER • 2 car garage, 0.2 acre lot 541-639-6140 • MLS 201410807

THREE RIVERSSOUTHI $219,980 • 1690 sq.ft. singl~ l~~~l


3 bedroom 2 bath • Fully furmshed 49 acre 541 588 0681 • MLS 201410821

MT.BACHELORVILLAGEI $209,000 KC FLY NN, BROKER 541-322-24 541-390-6441

• 840 sq.ft. end unit condo • 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath • Furnished, turn-key • MLS 201409005






• 9.91 acres • Some Cascade Mountain views • RV parkinq, fire pit

541-815-4786 • MLS 201408846


THREE RIVERSSOUTHISIIP,SBB • 1704 sq.ft. single level • 3bedroom, 2bath, picturewindows • .46acre, RVparking

541-280-2147 • MLS 201409134





' 39 «« lot • End of cul-de-sac location • City water 8 sewer



541-322-1500 • MLS 201400429

• All utilities to lot • Shared well, septicapproved

541-410-4938 • MLS 201409798


ROOKIEDICKENS, • Large lot in NE Bend • No HOA BROKER , GRI, CRS,ABR • • Build your newhomehere 541-815-0436 • MLS 201408619







~v TTHMOUN TAINRESORT f $114,900 • 662 sq.ft. condo ¹2127 • I bedroom, 2 bath

DEBBIE HERSHEY • Peekc-boo SmithRockviews BRQKER (:RS GRI • Well treed parcel • Gentle northerly slope


541-420-5170 • MLS 201405538

541-480-6621 • MLS 201408963

I'ool hottub fitness restaurants


® " -:=.

~-. 4~.==



RECR EATIONPROPERlY f $72JHN ' 320 ««s of privacy • Well, power,barn7enced • LOP tags

541-480-2966 • MLS 201400050


• Level lot, dose to town • 2nd story Mountain views • 2 lots to choosefrom

• MLS 201408989

• FOR I&ASE$0.85/SF/MONTH PAUIAVANVLECK • Large open retail space • v Concrete Iloor, newPaint&restroom BROKER • Excellent location & visibility 41-280-7774 • MLS 201409862


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Thailand in 1978. i nvestigate tho r or email Private Party Only vices from out of the Paid $4400 asking For Guns, Ammo & oughly. Use extra $200 for Musical Instruments •• Total classified@bendbulleiin.ccm Wheat Straw for Sale. of items adverarea. Sending cash, $650 cash. More info aii 3 statues, cash. Reloading Supplies. caution when apAlso, weaner pigs. tised must equal $200 The Bulletin checks, or credit inavailable. 541-408-6900. 1-231-360-5105 plying for jobs on541-546-6171 f ormation may be 541-408-5227 or Less line and never pro(in Bend) FOR DETAILS or to subjected to fraud. G ENERATE vide personal inforSOM E IOHII%%5 PLACE AN AD, Looking for your For more informa270 mation to any source EXCITEMENT in your 215 Call 541-385-5809 next employee? tion about an adverLost & Found you may not have neighborhood! Plan a 1948 Wurlitzer piano, tiser, you may call Fax 541-385-5802 Place a Bulletin • C oins & Stamps researched and DO YOU HAVE arage sale and don't all wood, no plastic. the O regon State help wanted ad deemed to be repuSOMETHING TO L ost: Left b ehind a t j orget to advertise in Tuned in Nov., looks Wantedpaying cash Attorney General's today and table. Use extreme SELL N orth T wi n L a k e like new, with bench for Hi-fi audio & stuOffice C o n sumer classified! reach over c aution when r e 12/23, Fishing Buddy 541-385-5809. FOR $500 OR $700 541-382-3837 dio equip. Mclntosh, Protection hotline at fishfinder and Brodin 60,000 readers s ponding to A N Y LESS? JBL, Marantz, Dy1-877-877-9392. NEED TO CANCEL online employment Non-commercial Baldwin upright apt. size naco, Heathkit, Sannet, tagged with my each week. YOUR AD? wH, iano 46" H, w/ matching sui, Carver, NAD, etc ad from out-of-state. advertisers may name and address. Your classified ad HELP YOUR AD The Bulletin The Bulletin ench, great cond, $400. We suggest you call Please return or call place an ad will also Skckiw e cwntcel omeww since tsak stand out from the Call 541-261-1808 Classifieds has an 541-382-1867 541-508-1274. the State of Oregon with our appear on rest! Have the top line "After Hours"Line Consumer Hotline "QUICK CASH Adopt a rescued cat or in bold print for only WHEN YOU SEE THIS Call 541-383-2371 at 1-503-378-4320 SPECIAL" kitten! Altered, vacci$2.00 extra. which currently 24 hrs. to cancel For Equal Opportu1 week3!ines 12 nated, ID chip, tested, 541-385-5809 receives over your ad! oi' REMEMBER: If you nity Laws c ontact more! CRAFT, 65480 1.5 million page M Ore P iX a t B e n d b l j l e t i n .C O rn have lost an animal, Oregon Bureau of The Bulletin ~2weekk 2e PIANO 78th, Bend, Sat/Sun, views every On a classified ad don't forget to check Labor & I n dustry, Ad must 1-5. 541 - 389-8420 month at no go to Civil Rights Division, include price of The Humane Society Shop our 240 extra cost. 971-6730764. Bend w~ in ie item oi $$0$ Piano Christmas Chihuahua to view additional Bulletin 541-382-3537 • Crafts & Hobbies or less, or multiple The Bulletin puppies, price negophotos of the item. Classifieds Showroom! Redmond items whosetotal tiable. 541-233-9079 541-923-0882 Get Results! Probably don't want to We carry most does not exceed 541-385-5809 South Korean miss! Viking Quilt Demakes all sizes Madras Call 541-385-5809 $500. Wineguard/carry-out Apothecary chest 541-475-6889 s igner w it h la r ge and styles - and or place your ad autoportable Add your web address typical of what was amount of extras and Call Classifieds at all expertly serviced! Prineville on-line at satellite antenna to your ad and readused decades ago to 541-447-7178 i ncludes 10 el e c 541-385-5809 LocallyOwned adapts to either Diers onThe Buiietin's sell herbs and medicitronic stitch c ards. Since 1983 or Craft Cats recTV or Dish sysnals. This piece is beweb site, www.bend541-389-8420. Lovely price of $795 1155 SW Division 341 lieved to have been tem. $500 or best, will be Dachshundsminilong- produced firm. 541-549-1947 iScandia Plaza) in 1940s or offer. 541-549-4834 286 able to click through Horses & Equipmen haired AKC. $500 & up k Bend • 541-389-5240 later. 35 W x 9.5 automatically to your 541-598-7417 241 Sales Northeast Bend deep x 42" high. website. k Bicycles & 261 Asking$2500 cash 260 t AVON Earn extra in• , N S , 231-360-5105(Bend) Accessories Medical Equipment Misc. Items ** FREE ** come with a new career! Sell from home, Sale Klt i Are you in BIG trouble Elite Traveler red elec- Garage w ork, o nline. $ 1 5 • New, never fired Place an ad in The tric scooter, fine conwith the IRS? Stop startup. For informaWeatherby Vanfor your ga3-horse Silverado wage & bank levies, dition, little used, bas- Bulletin Daschund mix pups 2 tion, call: guardS2, synthetic rage sale and reket 8charger included 2001 29'x8' 5th wheel liens & audits, unfiled 877-751-0285 female, 2 males, 1st stock, cal 30-06.$550. ceive a Garage Sale $300. 541-312-2741 trailer. Deluxe showtax returns, payroll isshots, wormed, $250. • New, never fired (PNDC) Kit FREE! or 541-771-9474. man/semi living sues, & resolve tax 541-508-2167. Howa,wood stock, cal Men's Enhanced AluriCounselor quarters,lots of exdebt FAST. Seen on .300 Win Mag.$725 South Korean num Alloy-constructed KIT INCLUDES: Donate deposit bottles/ 265 Addictions Counselor tras. Beautiful condiCNN. A B BB . C a ll Must pass back• 4 Garage Sale Signs Blanket Chest Crossroads Sport 2012, cans to local all vol., at Serenity Lane. For tion. $21,900. OBO 1-800-989-1278. Building Materials ground check. Please • $2.00 Off Coupon To typical of storing S/N ENI14764, has non-profit rescue, for complete job descrip541-420-3277 (PNDC) call 541.389.3694, Use Toward Your blankets for frigid never been used or ridferal cat spay/neuter. tions and application Bend Habitat Next Ad leave message. nights. Dimensions den. Wheel & rear reGood classified ads tell T railer a t Jak e ' s BuyPng Diamonds process, visit w RESTORE • 10 Tips For "Garage w long x 14.5 flectors, removable front are 31 the essential facts in an D iner, Hwy 2 0 E ; /Gofd for Cash Building Supply Resale Sale Success!" basket, special order wide x 22" high. Petco (near Wal-Mart) interesting Manner.Write and click on EmploySaxon's Fine Jewelers Quality at LOW comfort seat, Planet Bike Remington 1100 Asking$800 cash. in Redmond; or dofrom the readers view - not ment Opportunities. 541-389-6655 PRICES eco-rack, unisex bar, semi- auto 12 ga., 1-231-360-5105 nate M-F a t S m ith Drug Free Workplace. PICK UP YOUR the seller's. Convert the 3" shells. Pur740 NE 1st Shimano non-slip gear (Bend) Sign, 1515 NE 2nd BUYING GARAGE SALE KIT at EOE. facts into benefits. Show 541-312-6709 system. Was $940; sellchasedin 1980s. Bend; or CRAFT in Lionel/American Flyer 1777 SW Chandler the reader howthe item will DID Y O U Open to the public. ing for $775 cash, firm. Present condition is KNO W trains, accessories. Tumalo. Can pick up The Bulletin Ave., Bend, OR 97702 help them in someway. 1-231-360-5105 Newspaper-generlike new. Asking 541-408-2191. large amts, 389-8420. recommends extra ' This a ted content is s o $750. 541-410-4086 • Cambria Quartz The Bulletin advertising tip serktwg central cceeonsince f$0$ valuable it's taken and / caution when purBUYING & SE LLING wBellingham,w German She p herd chasing products or • brought to you by repeated, condensed, 55 wx36", nearly Ruger M77 270 Win. All gold jewelry, silver Puppies; 5 - M ales, services from out of I broadcast, tweeted, gold coins, bars, 1-1/2 w thick, never 292 w/3x9 scope. Brass, and The Bulletin 1-Female; AKC. More f the area. Sending f rounds, wedding sets, discussed, p o sted, SklVlwg Ctmk I cmgwll tlllck tsts installed, $300 or dies, 320 rnds ammo, Sales Other Areas Info Visit www.fordan- • cash, c hecks, o r • copied, edited, and class rings, sterling sil$750. 541-419-7001 best offer. ver, coin collect, vinemailed co u ntless f credit i n f ormation N EW Marin A r genta Nev er ridtage watches, dental • Bronze & Crystal NOTICE times throughout the 248 Maremma Guard Dog may be subjected to den 2010 m o del gold. Bill Fl e ming, 2-tier, 6-arm chans s Remember to remove day by others? Dispups, purebred, great f FRAUD. For more Health & 105 thru541-382-9419. cover the Power of your Garage Sale signs delier, 22" across, dogs, $350 e a ch, information about an g Shimano o ut. 6 06 1 a l u m. Beauty Items (nails, staples, etc.) Newspaper Advertis541-546-6171. advertiser, you may I $300or best offer. DID YOU KNOW 7 IN triplebutted Hydro after your Sale event ing in SIX STATES call t h e O r e gon $ 541-923-7491 POODLE or POMAPOO $ on 10 Americans or 158 ' State Atto r ney ' Edge Road main Lowest P r ices is over! THANKS! with just one phone puppies, toy. Adorable! / General's with carbon million U.S. A dults Health & Dental InFrom The Bulletin call. For free Pacific O ff ice frame 541-475-3889 eat-stay and E 4 surance. We have the r ead content f r om and your local utility Northwest NewspaConsumer Protec- • santi-flex 266 chain-stay. n ewspaper m e d i a best rates from top companies. Queensiand Heelers t ion ho t l in e at I per Association Netw- 6'1 w $750 Heating & Stoves Fits 5'8 each week? Discover companies! Call Now! Standard & Mini, $150 i 1-877-877-9392. work brochures call ($825 if you want PD the Power of the Pa877-649-6195. The BuHetin Schools421 916-288-6011 or 8 up. 541-280-1537 NOTICE TO 5 700 B l ac k S h i cific Northwest News& Training (PNDC) www.rightwayranch.wor > serving email TheBulletin > mano 105 pedals) ADVERTISER cetttral oregon since 190$ paper Advertising. For 541-480-2483 249 a free brochure call Since September 29, HTR Truck School (PNDC) 916-288-6011 or 1991, advertising for REDMOND CAMPUS 212 Art, Jewelry used woodstoves has email Our Grads GetJobsi 242 Antiques & & Furs been limited to mod1-888-438-2235 cecelia© Collectibles Exercise Equipment els which have been WWW.DTR.EDlj (PNDC) certified by the OrBend Park@ Pilates Power Gym Pro How to avoidscam egon Department of Garage Sales Siberian Huskies, cute Recreation Environmental Qualn ew $ 2 5 0 obo . and fraud attempts hybrids. Reserve your 541-408-0846. ity (DEQ) and the fedYBe aware of internaGarage Sales Is Accepting Christmas puppy now! 3 eral E n v ironmental tional fraud. Deal loM's, 3 F's, ready 12/20. Applications For: 243 Protection A g e ncy Garage Sales cally whenever pos$500. 541-280-0457 (EPA) as having met • Youth Rec Leader Ski Equipment sible. Above artwork, 325 smoke emission stanFind them • Lifeguards $ Y Watch for buyers Antique Barber Chair created in 1975 in Hay, Grain & Feed dards. A cer t ified •e complete with headBangkok, Thailand, who offer more than in For completej ob oodstove may b e rest & strops! Swivels, is fabricated from lityour asking price and w identified by its certifi- 1st Quality, 2nd cutting announcements The Bulletin reclines. Built in 1901, erally thousands upon who ask to have grass hay, no rain, or to apply goto cation label, which is in good condition conthousands of wax money wired or Classifieds permanently attached barn stored, $250/ton. sidering age. Perfect particles, and can handed back to them. Call 541-549-3831 Toy American EsEqual Opportunity to the stove. The Bulgift - excellent TV only be described as Fake cashier checks kimo spayed females chair letin will not know- Patterson Ranch, Sisters 541-385-5809 Employer 200 pairs of X-Counfor the man who unimaginable art! and money orders $/~ years. 18 mos and 2 try & Downhill skis, ingly accept advertishas everythingl$2700 Painting is 44" x 32". are common. $500 & $600 ing for the sale of many leading brands, Interesting trades Asking $2,500 cash VNever give out per541-475-1399 uncertified considered. (Atomic, K2, Head, for- 231-360-5105 iBend) sonal financial inforwoodstoves. 541-408-1828 eign imports, etc.) with Yorkie pups AKC baby mation. bindings, in great condolls! Shots, potty trained, 253 PTrust your instincts 267 dition, some like new. health guar., ready now! and be wary of Children's 8 adult sizes. TV, Stereo & Vide $600 & up. 541-777-7743 Fuel & Wood someone using an Cheaper than a 1-day 210 Ret a iler escrow service or Must See! rental!$22lpair. Call DISH T V agent to pick up your at Furniture & Appliances for information/location. Starting WHEN BUYING merchandise. $19.99/month (for 12 541%08-1828 FIREWOOD... Dining Table mos.) 8 High Speed (with 2 leaves) The Bulletin To avoid fraud, A1 Washers8 Dryers Internet starting at Serving Centtat Oregontrnce i903 245 8 chairs with bur$150 ea. Full warThe Bulletin $14.95/month (where ranty. Free Del. Also gundy upholstered • G olf Equipment recommends payavailable.) SAVE! Ask Lawn Crypt for two at wanted, used W/D's seats, hutch and Deschutes Memorial ment for Firewood About SAME DAY InCHECKYOUR AD 541-280-7355 only upon delivery buffet, built in stallation! CALL Now! Gardens near the Pond. $1500. 541-771-4800 and inspection. 1927, a beautiful 1-800-308-1563 • A cord is 128 cu. ft. set! Seats 10-12. (PNDC) 4' x 4' x 8' Paid $4500; Get The Big Deal from • Receipts should asking $1800 obo. D irecTV! Act N o w include name, 541-548-2797 Fre e phone, price and on the first day it runs $ 19.99/mo. 3-Months of HBO, Retail 8 Classified Display kind of wood to make sure it is corSTAMP COLLECTOR starz, SHOWTIME & purchased. rect. wSpellcheckw and Dining Chairs (8) Cash paid for postage Olhaunsen regulaAdvertising Deadlines • Firewood ads CINEMAX. FREE human errors do oc& Table stamps. Old or new, tion size pool table MUST include cur. If this happens to GENIE HD/DVR UpPUBLICATION ..... ........................................DEADLINE albums, collections, in very good shape Moving, just 6 g rade! 2 0 1 4 NF L species & cost per your ad, please conanything in stamps. with cues, balls, Thursday 1/1 ............................................ Monday, 12/29 - Noon months old. Sunday Ticket. I ncord to better serve tact us ASAP so that 541-279-0336 Purchased at cluded with S e lect misc. accessories. our customers. corrections and any Friday Go! Magazine 1/2 .......................... Monday, 12/29 - 5 pm $1000. Packages. New CusHaven Homes for adjustments can be Where can you find a 541-389-1272 or Friday 1/2 ................................................. Tuesday, 12/30 - Noon tomers Only. IV Supmade to your ad. The Bulletin $10K; helping hand? 541-480-4695 sktkine cewtcelcceeowsince 1$IB port Holdings LLC- An 541-385-5809 asking $5,000. From contractors to authorized D i recTV The Bulletin Classified 541-419-8860 Dealer. Some excluCLASSIFIED LINE AD DEADLINES Advertise your car! Aii Year Dependable yard care, it's all here sions apply - Call for Add A Picture! Firewood: Seasoned; in The Bulletin's Thursday, 1/1 - Deadline is Wednesday, 12/31 - Noon details Reach thousands of readers! Lodgepole, split, del, "Call A Service 1-800-410-2572 Call 541-385-5809 B end, 1 f o r $ 1 9 5 Friday, 1/2 - Deadline is Wednesday, 12/31 - Noon The Bulletin Classifieds or 2 cords for $365. (PNDC) Professional" Directory Call fo r m u lti-cord Classifieds • 541-385-5809 Reduce Your Past Tax The Bulletin reserves Wineguard/carry-out Bill by as much as 75 discounts! the right to publish all Holiday Hours: New Year's Eve12/31 -7:30am to3 pm• ClosedonJan.1 541-420-3484. Percent. Stop Levies, auto portable NEW Dining table plus 6 ads from The Bulletin satellite antenna Liens and Wage Garchairs, wcustom newspaper onto The Cleveland Irons! w w nishments. Call The Pine & Juniper Split adapts to either Dimade, 82 x43 x29 4-5 HB, 6-PW, still in The BulletinCirculationTelephoneService HolidayHours (541-385-5800) Bulletin Internet webrecTV or Dish sysTax DR Now to see if end grain walnut and plastic,$350i site. NewYear'sEve,12/31:6:00a.m. -3 p.m. Thebuilding closesat 3 p.m. Qualify PROMPT D ELIVERY tem. $500 or best you alder.$1150. 951-454-2561 offer. 541-549-4834 1-800-791-2099. NewYear'sDay,j/j: 6:30 am-10:30 a.m. 541-312-2393 541-389-9663 The Bulletin (in Redmond) $$tkine central cceeow $/ncwfste (PNDC) T HE B U LLETIN








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The Bulletin

I!rdf/rsdffeu a S~ rutd Shrppy Xeus geavc.t The Bulletin will be closed on Thursday, January1

F2 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27 2014 • THE BULLETIN Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Media The Source Week/y is Hiring! We are looking for a smart and diligent Associate Editor. Ideal candidate w i ll have: Proven track r ecord as a t e a m player, and fun, positive and creative contributor to a publication's role as an information provider; Strong writing skills, with an ability to translate press releases, band profiles and promotional materials into fun, smart and informative blurbs that inspire readers to attend events; Calmness in a fast-paced environment; Eagerness and c u riosity; Versatility, as able to write about a band as able to upload a blog about civic e vents. Please submit a resume, c o ver letter that details your database and c alendar management s kills, and whatever clips best represent the strength of your writing skills and style. Applications materials should be sent to Phil Busse, E ditor, Phil© m. P l ease include three professional references.

Nedical Assistant

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 365-5609 or place your ad on-line at


© Uzdbxsm


Mental Health Business Opportunities 5pecial/st Community Coun- DID YOU KNOW that seling Solutions has not only does newstwo full-time Mental media reach a Health Sp e cialist paper HUGE Audience, they positions open in our reach an ENBoardman Office. also GAGED AUDIENCE. Salary range Discover the Power of $31,200-$50,400/ Newspaper Advertisyear DOE. Excellent in six states - AK, benefit p a c kage. ing ID, MT, OR, UT, WA. For an application, For a free rate broplease contact Huchure call man Resources at 916-288-6011 or ( 541)676-9161 o r email download an cation at For a c omplete job d e scription, g o to :I. ¹1296025






Harle Fat Bo 2002

14k orig. miles.. Excellent cond. Vance & Hines exhaust, 5 spoke HD rims, wind vest, 12" rise handle bars, detachable luggage rack w/ back rest, hwy pegs & many chrome accents. Must see to appreciate! $10,500. In CRRarea call 530-957-1665

f For more informa- t


I tion about an adver- • f tiser, you may call f the Oregon State f Attorney General'sf s Office C o n s umer s I Protection hotline atI

I 1-677-877-9392.







Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

Antique & Classic Autos


Sport Utility Vehicles

Ford F350 2002


fuel management system, custom parts, extra seat. $10,500OBO. Call Today 541-516-8684

GraphicDesigner Position

The Bulletin Seeving Central Oregon since1903

The Bulletin is seeking a new member for our Creative Services Team. The ideal designer possesses strong design skills, is practiced in the fine art of communication, comfortable with daily deadlines and has a passion for creating visual communication solutions for a wide variety of local businesses. Proficiency using Adobe InDesign, lllustrator, and Photoshop is a must. The ideal candidate will work with a variety of local clients, sales executives and other WESCOM newspapers. For qualifying employees we offer benefits including life insurance, short-term & long-term disability, 401(K), and paid vacation. Drug test is required prior to employment. The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace, EOE. No phone calls please. Please send your resume to Job posting deadline: Jan 7, 2015.

Beaver Marquis, 1993 40-ft, Brunswick floor plan. Many extras, well maintained, fire suppression behind refrig, Stow Master 5000 tow bar,

17.5' Bayliner 175 Capri, like new, 135hp I/O, low time, Bimini top, many extras, Karavan trailer with swing neck, current registrations. $7000. 541-350-2336

17.5' Seaswirl 2002 Wakeboard Boat I/O 4.3L Volvo Penta, tons of extras, low hrs. Full wakeboard tower, light bars, Polk audio speakers throughout, completely wired for amps/subwoofers, underwater lights, fish finder, 2 batteries custom black paint job. $12,500 541-815-2523

2275 GL, 150hp Honda VTEC, less than 110 hours, original owner, lots of extras; Tennessee tandem axle trailer. Excellent condition, $23,500 503-646-1804

Ads published in the "Boats" classification include: Speed, fishing, drift, canoe, house and sail boats. For all other types of watercraft, please go to Class 875. 541-365-5609

ghe Bulleti erving Cenrral Oregonsince 1

Bayliner 185 2006 open bow. 2nd owner — low engine hrs. — fuel injected V6 — Radio & Tower. Great family boat Priced to sell.

Need to get an ad in ASAP'? Fax it te 541-322-7253 The Bulletin Classifieds

The Bulletin

ServinyCentral Oregon since 19IB

like new, 2 slides-livi ng area & l a r ge closet. Large enough to live in, but easy to tow! 15' power awning, power hitch & stabilizers, full size queen bed, l a r ge shower, porcelain sink & toilet. $26,500. 541-999-2571


Snowbird Special!

Open Road 36' 2005 model is like new w/3 slides!! King bed, hide-a-bed, glass shower, 10 gal. water heater, 10 cu.ft. fridge, central vac, satellite dish, 27" TV /stereo system, front power leveling jacks 8 scissor stabilizer jacks, 16' awning. 2005 model is like new! $25,995 541-419-0566



i' •

Chevelle Mallbu 1966 Complete

smt • -

2007 Winnebago Outlook Class "C" 31', solar panel, catalytic heater, excellent condition, more extras. Asking $55K. Ph. 541-447-9268


restoration, $32,900.


(509) 521-0713 (in Bend, OR)

541-312-3986 Dlr ¹0205. Price

LlllcoLN ~


good thru



2009 hard top 18,000 miles. automatic, AC, tilt & cruise, power windows, power steering, power locks, alloy wheels and running boards, garaged.



Ford Ranger2003

1965 Mustang

Hard top, 6-cylinder, auto trans, power brakes, power steering, garaged, well maintained, engine runs strong. 74K mi., great condition. $12,500. Must see! 541-598-7940

Aircraft, Parts & Service

4x4, inspected and ready! VinA97172

$7,977 ROBBERSON LlllcDLN ~


541-312-3986 Dlr ¹0205. Special pricing good thru Jan. 31, 2015

Freightliner 1994 Custom Motorhome Will haul small SUV or toys, and pull a trailer! Powered by 8.3 Cummins with 6 speed Allison auto trans, 2nd owner. Very nice! $53,000. 541-350-4077

HOLIDAY RAMBLER VACATIONER 2003 6.1L V8 Gas, 340 hp, workhorse, Allison 1000 5 speed trans., 39K, NEW TIRES, 2 slides, Onan 5.5w gen., ABS brakes, steel cage cockpit, washer/dryer, firelace, mw/conv. oven, ree standing dinette, was $121,060 new; now, $35,900. 541-536-1008

RV PACKAGE-2006 Monaco Monarch, 31 ',

Ford V10, 28,900 miles, auto-level, 2 slides, queen bed & hide-a-bed

sofa, 4k gen, conv microwave, 2 TV's, tow package,$66,000. OPTION - 2003 Jeep Wranglertow car, 84K miles, hard & soft top, 5 speed manual,$1 1,000 541-815-6319

1/3 Interestin

Columbia 400,

Financing available.


Good classified adstell the essential facts in an interesting Manner. Write Mercedes 360SL 1982 from the readers view -not Roadster, black on black, the seller's. Convert the soft & hard top, excellent facts into benefits. Show condition, aiways garaged. 155 K m i les,the reader howthe item will help them insomeway. $11,500. 541-549-6407 This advertising tip brought to you by

(located I Bend) 541-288-3333

The Bulletin SeningCentral Oregon slrxe tSB

MERCEDES-BENZ GL450 2 0 10 Im -

maculate, custom wheels and new 20" tires. 2nd set MBZ wheels with snowflake tires. Full new car ext. warranty March 2017. 59,500 miles. Fully loaded incl. DVD and NAV. $34,500.


, • i%e-



Winnebago 22' 2002 - $28,500 Chevy 454, heavy duty chassis, new batteries 8 tires, cab 8 roof A/C, tow hitch w /brake, 21 k m i . , more! 541-280-3251

Ready to makememories! Top-selling Winnebago 31 J, original owners, nonsmokers, garaged, only 18,800 miles, auto-leveling jacks, (2) slides, upgraded queen bed, bunk beds, micro, (3) TVs, sleeps 10! Lots of storage, maintained, very clean!Only $67,995!Extended warranty and/or financing avail to qualified buyers!541-388-7179 Check out the classifieds online Updated daily 881

Travel Trailers

2010 - Gorgeous, AWD. Vin¹310777 $26,977. ROBBERSON LIIICOLII ~




935 Oldsmobile CUSTOM 541-312-3986 CRUISER WAGON 1991 Sport Utility Vehicles Dlr ¹0205. Pnce 1 owner, 8 seatbelts, good thru 12/31/14 118K mi, 350EFI Vs, 1/3 interest in wellauto, $3000 equipped IFR Beech Bo541-385-6168 or nanza A36, new 10-550/ Toyota FJ Crufser prop, located KBDN. 2012, 4WD, w/trac$65,000. 541-419-9510 tion control, alloy wheels, mud & snow BMW X3 35i 2010 E nd T Ha n gar a t t ires, tow p kg. + Exlnt cond., 65K miles Prineville Air p o rt. trailer break, back w/100K mile transfer1400 sq. ft. (approx.)able warranty. Very up camera, r oof 40'W x 35'D x 12'H clean; loaded - co!d rack, ABS breaks + VW CONV. 1 9 78 side entry door, fully weather pkg, premium independent system, $8999 -1600cc, fuel R12 insulated, heated pkg & technology pkg. blue tooth connecclassic 1978 Keyless access, sunbathroom area ready injected, tion, hands free cell Volkswagen Convertroof, nayigation, satelfor completion off grid ible. Cobalt blue with phone c a pability, lite radio, extra snow with 7000 watt Onan a black convertible compass, o u tside tires. (Car top carrier generator set ready top, cream colored temp, inclinometer, not included.) $22,500. for power hook-up. interior & black dash. 32K m i. , p r istine 541-915-9170 condition, $29,900. $48,000 ¹201407044 This little beauty runs John L. Scott Real and looks great and 541-549-1736 or Estate 541-546-1712 541-647-0081. turns heads wherever 882 it goes. Mi: 131 902 HANGAR FOR SALE. Phone 541-504-8399 Fifth Wheels 30x40 end unit T What are you hanger in Prineville. Dry walled, insulated, looking for? 933 and painted. $23,500. Pickups You'll find it in Chevrolet Trailblazer Tom, 541.788.5546 2008 4x4 Automatic, 6-cylinder, The Bulletin Classifieds tilt wheel, power winAlpenlite 28 ft. dows, power brakes, 541-365-5609 1987, New stove, air conditioning, keyfridge. Good furless entry, 69K miles. 940 nace, AC. Stereo, Excellent condition; Save money. Learn DVD player. Queen tires have 90% tread. Vans to fly or build hours bed WITH bedding. $11,995. 2005 crew cab great with your own air20 ft. awning. Call 541-598-5111 looking! Vin¹972932 c raft. 1968 A e ro Good shape. $4500 Commander, 4 seat, $22,998 541-977-5587 HONDA ELEMENT 150 HP, low time, ROBBERSON 2004 very good full panel. $21,000 CHECK yOUR AD condition, rigged for u scoLr~ ~mamaa obo. Contact Paul at RV towing, new 541-447-5164. Chrysler Town & 541-312-3986 Michelins, 115,811 Country LXI 1997, Dlr ¹0205. Price miles, $7500. b eautiful inside & 916 good thru 01/31/1 5 541-546-6181 out, one owner, nonTrucks & smoker, loaded with Heavy Equipment on the first day it runs options! 197,692 mi. Jee Lfbert 2012 to make sure it is corService rec o rds rect. "Spellcheck" and : Z Z c. U available. $4 , 9 50. liioz human errors do ocCall Mike, (541) 815JZO cur. If this happens to 8176 after 3:30 p.m. your ad, please contact us ASAP so that 2005 Diesel 4x4 corrections and any • 5 Chev Crewcab duLimited Edition. M.F. 230 DIESEL adjustments can be PRAYING FOR ally, Allison tranny, CASE 200 GAS made to your ad. tow pkg., brake conSNOW! Vin¹149706 Meet singles right now! FORD 2N GAS 541-385-5809 troller, cloth split 19,977 The Bulletin Classified BEND 541-382-6038 No paid o perators, front bench seat, ROBBERSON just real people like only 66k miles. you. Browse greetmama Very good condition, ~ ~ ings, exchange mesOriginal owner, 541-312-3986 sages and connect $34,000 Dlr ¹0205.Price good live. Try it free. Call or best offer. thru 12/31/14 now: 6 77-955-5505. 541-408-7826 (PNDC) Keystone Everest 5th Peterbilt 359 p otable water truck, 1 990, Wheel, 2004 3200 gal. tank, 5hp Model 323P - 3 slides, pump, 4-3" h oses, GA L LW rear island-kitchen, camlocks, $ 25,000. TODAYA fireplace, 2 TV's, 541-620-3724 Chevy P/ckup 1978, CD/DVR/VCR/Tuner long bed, 4x4, frame w/surround sound, A/C, 929 up restoration. 500 custom bed, ceiling fan, Automotive Wanted Cadillac eng i ne, W/D ready, many extras. Call 54 I -385-5809 fresh R4 transmisNew awning & tires. to r o m ot e o u r service DONATE YOUR CAR, sion w/overdrive, low Excellent condition. TRUCK OR BOAT TO mi., no rust, custom $18,900.More p/cs HERITAGE FOR THE interior and carpet, Adoption Landscaping/Yard Care available.541-923-6408 BLIND. Free 3 Day n ew wheels a n d V acation, Tax D e - tires, You must see PREGNANT? CON NOTICE: Oregon LandLaredo 2006 31' SIDERING AD O P scape Contractors Law ductible, Free Towing, it! $25,000 invested. Fully S/C TION? Call us first. (ORS 671) requires all All Paperwork Taken $12,000 OBO. one slide-out. Living exp e nses, businesses that adCare O f . CAL L 541-536-3669 or Awning. Like new, p e r form 1-600-401-4106 housing, medical, and vertise t o 541-420-6215. hardly used. continued support af Landscape Construc(PNDC) Must sell $20,000 tion which includes: t erwards. Cho o se 931 deck s , or take over paya doptive family o f p lanting, arbors, ments. Call Automotive Parts, your choice. Call 24/7. fences, water-features, and in541-410-5649 655-970-2106 Service 8 Accessories stallation, repair of ir(PNDC) rigation systems to be 4 - 185/70R14 tires, l icensed w it h th e Building/Contracting The Bulletin's $ 60 for a l l . C a l l Chevy Silverado Landscape Contrac"Call A Service 541-386-3583 2012 4x4 Crew Cab NOTICE: Oregon state tors Board. This 4-digit 39K miles, Professional" Directory (4) 265-75R16 studded is to be inlaw requires anyone number White Diamond paint, in all adveris all about meeting tires w/6-lug alum. wheels, who con t racts for cluded Tonneau cover, leather tisements which indi80% tread, fit Chev pickyourneeds. work to heated seats, running construction the business has up, $275. 541-923-2112 be licensed with the cate boards, tow-ready, a bond, insurance and Call on one of the Construction Contrac(4) Hankook studded new tires (only 200 c ompensaprofessionals today! tors Board (CCB). An workers tires on rims, like new, miles on them), like tion for their employactive license 225/70R-16, $250. For your protecnew inside and out! means the contractor ees. 541-306-0346 call 503-378-5909 $28,900. Laredo 30' 2009 is bonded & insured. tion 541 -350-0775 or use our website: Verify the contractor's Take care of to CCB l i c ense at check license status Where can you find a your investments www.hirealicensedbefore contracting with helping hand? with the help from business. Persons or call 503-378-4621. the From contractors to lan d scape The Bulletin's The Bulletin recom- doing maintenance do not yard care, it's all here mends checking with overall length is 35' "Call A Service r equire an LC B l i the CCB prior to conin The Bulletin's has 2 slides, Arctic Professional" Directory tracting with anyone. cense. "Call A Service package, A/C, table Some other trades & chairs, satellite, Professional" Directory also req u ire addi932 Arctic pkg., power tional licenses and awning, in excellent Antique & TURN THE PAGE certifications. condition! More pix Dodge Ram 2003 Classic Autos For More Ads at Debris Removal The Bulletin $22,500 541-419-3301


7.3 powerstroke 4x4 Vin¹A90623


$11,590. 541-546-0345.


The Bulletin


$21,995. 541-383-3503

875 General Watercraft The Bulletin Mailroom is hiring for our Saturday night shift and other shifts as needed. We currently have openings all nights of the week. Ads published in "Wa tercraft" include: Kay Everyone must work Saturday night. Shifts ks, rafts and motor start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and zed personal end between2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Allpowatercrafts. Fo sitions we are hiring for, work Saturday nights. 'boats" please se Starting pay is $9.10 per hour, and we pay a lass 670. minimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shifts are short (11:30 - 1:30). The work consists of 541-365-5609 loading inserting machines or stitcher, stacking product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup and other tasks. For qualifying employees we offer benefits i ncluding l if e i n surance, 880 short-term & long-term disability, 401(k), paid Motorhomes vacation and sick time. Drug test is required prior to employment.

Please submit a completed application attention Kevin Eldred. Applications are available at The Bulletin front desk (1777 S.W. Chandler Blvd.), or an electronic application may be obtained upon request by contacting Kevin Eldred via email ( No phone calls please. Only completed applications will be considered for this position. No resumes will be accepted. Drug test is required prior to employment. EOE.


2012, 29 PRKS, 33',

2007 Bennington Pontoon Boat Harley Davidson


KeystoneLaredo 31' RV 2006 w i th 1 2 slide-out. Sleeps 6, queen walk-around bed w/storage under$15,000 Fleetwood D i scovery neath. Tub & shower. 541-546-4807 40' 2003, diesel, w/all 2 swivel rockers. TV. options - 3 slide outs, Air cond. Gas stove & satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, refrigerator/freezer. etc., 32,000 miles. Microwave. Awning. HD Softtail Deuce 2002, Wintered in h eated Outside sho w er. broken back forces shop. $79,995 obo. Slide-through stor541-447-6664 sale, only 200 mi. on a ge. E a s y Li f t . new motor from Har$29,000 new; Askley, new trans case Ing $13,600 and p arts, s p o ke 541-447-4805 wheels, new brakes, n early all o f bi k e brand new. Has proof Looking for your of all work done. Renext employee? movable windshield, Fleetwood SouthPlace a Builetin help wind 1991, 33', 454 T-bags, black and all wanted ad today and GMC.Owner died; yrs chromed out with a reach over 60,000 of storage. Loaded willy skeleton theme readers each week. with factory options. on all caps and covYour classified ad TwinAC8 2TVs, ers. Lots o f w o r k, will also appear on electric steps & corheart and love went ner jacks, tow pkg, into all aspects. All which currently reoutside shower, great ceives over 1.5 mildone at professional tire tread.$15,500. shops, call for info. lion page views evJim, 541-408-1 828 Must sell quickly due ery month at no to m e d ical bi l l s, extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Re$8250. Call Jack at 541-279-9538. sults! Call 365-5609 or place your ad 870 on-line at Boats & Accessories


2001 FXSTD, twin cam 68, fuel injected, Vance & Hines short shot exhaust, Stage I with Vance & Hines

Dutchman Denali 32' 2011 travel trailer. 2 slides Everything goes, all kitchen ware, linens etc. Hitch, sway bars, water 8 sewer hoses. List price $34,500 - asking $26,800 Loaded. Must see to appreciate. Redmond, OR.

Heartland P rowler

Completely Rebuilt/Customized 2012/2013 Award Winner Showroom Condition Many Extras Low Miles.

caution when purchasing products or t services from out of ~

c ash, checks, o r / credit i n formation / • may be subjected to


Allegro 32' 2007, like new, only 12,600 miles. Chev 6.1L with Allison 60 transmission, dual exhaust. Loaded! Auto-leveling system, 5kw gen, power mirrors w/defrost, 2 slide-outs with awnings, rear c a mera, trailer hitch, driver door w/power window, cruise, exhaust brake, central vac, satellite sys. Asking $67,500. 503-781-8812


llotorcycles & Accessories

f the area. Sendingf


1996, 20,200 miles, exc.cond.,

Loans & Mortgages WARNING The Bulletin recommends you use caution when you provide personal information to companies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for advance loan fees or companies from out of state. If you have


Harjey Davidson 883 Sportster


Community Counseling Solutions has a full-time position or call CONSUMER open for a Medical HOTLINE, Assistant i n our 1-877-877-9392. Grant County Health Department located Need help fixing stuff? in John Day, OrCall A Service Professional egon. Wage range find the help you need. $11.15 - $16.73/hour DOE. Excellent benefit package. For an BANK TURNED YOU application, please DOWN? Private party contact Human Rewill loan on real essources at tate equity. Credit, no ( 541)676-9161 o r problem, good equity download an appliis all you need. Call cation at www.comOregon Land Mortmunitycounselinggage 541-368-4200. For a LOCAL MONEY:We buy c omplete job d e secured trust deeds & scription, g o to note, some hard money www.worksourceoloans. Call Pat Kelley ¹1295523 541-382-3099 ext.13.

r.=.-"-,.— ..v

Moto r cycles & Accessories

HDFatBo 1996

concerns or questions, we suggest you consult your attorney

Plumber, Journeymen Needed for new construction. Start immediately! Good pay/benefits




2007 Jayco Jay Flight 29 FBS with slide out & awning - Turn-key ready ~I II ~• to use, less than 50 total days used by current 8 owner. Never smoked in, no indoor pets, excellent MONTANA 3585 2008, exc. cond., 3 slides, cond., very clean. Lots of king bed, Irg LR, bonus features; many have never been used. Arctic insulation, all Asking $18,000. C a l l options - reduced by Lisa, 541-420-0794 fo r $3500 to $31,500. more info / more photos. 541-420-3250


I Haul Away FREE Good runner

A Private Collection 1956 Ford pickup 1932 DeSoto 2dr 1930 Ford A Coupe 1929 Ford A Coupe 1923 Ford T Run. All good to excellent. Inside heated shop BEND 541-382-8038

Vin¹ 672057

$5,998 ROBBERSON ~ 541-312-3986 Dlr ¹0205. Price good thru 01/31/1 5

For Salvage. Also Cleanups & Cleanouts Mel, 541-389-8107

Handyman I DO THAT!

Home/Rental repairs Small jobs to remodels Honest, guaranteed work. CCB¹151573 Dennis 541-317-9768

Painting/Wall Covering

ALL AMERICAN PAINTING Interior and Exterior Family-owned Residential & Commercial 40 yrs exp.• Sr. Discounts 5-vear warranties HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Call 541-337-6149 CCB ¹193960







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37 Moon named 61 Classic sea 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 after the Greek adventure of personification of 1846 15 16 agreement? terror 62 Straight man of 10 Cognizes 17 18 38 SALT signer old comedy 1SComment toan 40Adele,for one: unapologetic 19 20 21 Abbr. burper, say DOWN 41 Page, e.g. 1"The t he 23 24 16Cosmetics dye words, the better 42 Juice name 17Hawk the prayer": starter 27 29 18Q preceder Martin Luther 44 Letters at the top 19Fashion designer 30 31 32 33 2 aci d (bleach of a page Saeb ingredient) 47 Brick, for 34 35 36 37 20 Mexican couple 3 Old record example keeper 21 Something 48 Fictional locale 38 39 40 locked in a cell? of a John Wayne 4 "An Enquiry Concerning westem 22 Neuralgia: nerve 41 Human :: costelgia: 50 Eagle's place: Understanding" 23 Lightly towels off Abbr. 47 48 50 51 philosopher 25 Dickens 52Attacked verbally 5 Film speed 52 53 54 pseudonym 54 Something most letters 26 Woman's name Americans won't 6Castletown in a 56 57 58 that sounds like take, for short 1937 film a repeated letter 55 Destiny's Child, 59 60 7 Start of 28 First name in e.g. something big? design 62 56 Olympian Moses 8 "Hoop-Dee-Doo" 61 29Turnoff, maybe 57iPhone lyricist 30 School basics, competitor 9 USD alternative PUZZLE BY DAVID STEINBERG facetiously 59 Uniform 10Writer in "The 32 Succeeded 53 Lake catch 43 "Ain't 60WhereEl Nuevo Electric Kool-Aid 34 Warm happening!" Acid Test" 34 Donnybrook Herald is read 35 Grocery product "Boom" preceder 11A follower? with a multiply 55 Disneyland sight ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE misspelled name 46 Lipitor maker 12Slow-cooked Italian dish J ON E S I N G A I R B U S 48 Taylor of "The Handy things in 36 Hematology Nanny" 57 Part of a certain prefix E MO T I CO N P R O U S T 13the game world? cease-fire R ED S A U C E E A S T E R 14 Exhibited String bean'8 agreement, for 38 Stool, typically opposite short K AS E M L I P N I T R E sternutation I RA B A S A L E D N A 21 Feels (for) 39 Jarrett of the 51 Product once Obama White itched by N A T P A S S IO N I A M 23 Lake catch House onald Reagan 58 Roman divinity F AY S N B A G A M E 24 Stowe antislavery H EL E N A S CA L E D Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday novel crosewords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. O P E N E R A A T RY 27 It's temporarily AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 Io download puzzles, or visit W I T D E S I R E E S O R hot S PE C A S T I R N A P E 29 David who wrote for more information. the screenplay Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 T HRO E T A Z MA X E S for "The Verdict" past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). H AR A S S L OC A V OR E Share tips: 31 Bad, and then A N I T A S I N D I A NA N Crosswords for young solvers: some T YP I S T C A T A L Y S T 33 Art purchase ACROSS 1Dated

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency

Cy the Cynic prefers to play by i nstinct r a t he r th a n r e l y on p ercentages. He s ay s t h a t 2 9 . 4 percent of people know statistics are overrated. When West led the jack of hearts against Cy's slam, Cy took the ace and cashed the A-K-Q of t r umps, scowling when East showed out. Cy then had to get rid of his hearts before West could ruff and take a heart. Cy started with three high diamonds, pitching a heart. He was stunned when West ruffed and cashed a heart. "I don't know the odds on West's h aving four trumps and only t w o diamonds," Cy grumbled. "Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll never find out."

bids two hearts and you try 2NT. Partner then bids three hearts. What do you say? A NSWER: T h e a u c t io n h a s developed unfavorably.Partner has 10 or more cards in the major suits but minimum values. You must not persist with 3NT. Be disciplined and bid three spades. Partner may not make it, but any other action could turn a small loss into a disaster. South dealer Neither side vulnerable NORTH 4575

983 OKJ10 4AQ7652


Cy's slam was unmakable unless West had at least two clubs. So Cy s hould start by taking the K-A o f clubs. If E ast-West followed, Cy would hope to take three diamonds and then the queen of clubs. As the cards lie, East discards on the second club. Cy then discards a heart onthe queen of clubs, ruffs a c lub and returns to t h e k i n g o f diamonds to discard his last heart on a good club.

EAST 456

9 J109 053 A J9 8 3

9KQ765 0987642

+10 SOUTH 48 A K Q 10 9 8 QA42


e%K4 South 24 3 4 6 41

DAILY QUESTION Youhold: 6I875 9 8 3 0 K I Io 4 A Q 7 6 5 2. Your partner opens one spade, you respond two clubs, he

No. 1 122

We s t North Pass 34 Pass 4 181 All P a ss

East Pass Pass

Openlngiead — Q J (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at www.bendbridge.prg. BIZARRO

DENNIS THE MENACE 52 r81843 F86 9hook.49m/1I18rroComi4 B E S II




8 m

6oodbBJe, Ned.

It'0 l GGn nide

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains everydigitfrom1 to9 inclusively.


knowing sJou.


r /i 7 / //I[

/ ~ rr// r

rzz /



,7 r / I'/"





8 m













l r /I/AT7

/JOI/r /H


egrrINeyp(t PPKCI/

rI/ÃAPY. . e, 3.




FIVSQgal/Jf)klD5, lllhP ly)OM


HAVE CH)l.DIZSA OF THA'Tt)(2 Ollx OI44. I IOV9 t .r.

IT'5 SOar OF H68 F/(0L f,.


6'Hf SST TIIS ggl z roo Hl&H. g



ACROSS release using the slogan "Bigger than bigger" 7 1987 sci-fi film

14 Pointer, perhaps 16 Feeding trough 17 Opinion 18 Qantas' main hub, in

itineraries E-mail: bholbrook1 I8 tgmail.Com



21 Little shaver

Stop sulking. It's perfectly natural to • wear your brother"s hand-me-downs...

22 DJ Alan Freed's nickname

24 Seething 26 14-Across' concern 27 1959 Bobby

Rydell hit 1II I I • 0I<

I Ii iI0

iI II lli

30 Luncheon follower?






iua a


12 2 7



31 Concede 32 Pickle 33 Meeting focus 34 Big name in



lingerie 38 Knight wear

xz~ea 4oWQp

40 Hunny lover 41 Body exhibiting

sudden increases in brightness 45 Navigation acronym


Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

YOU'r4 OI4 C~h

rv4 ov4f



I IOV4 70ll

/ 4w



48014 TribuneContentAgency, LLC All Ri9hte Reserved.

They ha ve

I .. w841 a 'i ~4r7 9r441 party. 84n9. I ~

r 0p



47 Small flying

array 37 Relaxed responses

predators 49 Zaire's Mobutu Seko


50 Quark locale

L i n g us

52 "Hey!" relative

41 Key of

Beethoven's word Piano Sonata 11 Playground retort No. 24 12 Holy Roman 42 Vent part

emperor, 1209-

54 Needle 55 Pierre's pinch?

57 Pierre's permission



13 Grinder 15 Group label further popularized by a 1991 self-named documentary 20 Exasperated

D C H O U D E N E S T R U L E O P P E I P I S C E words N A S D A Q R 23 Fat substitute T R E F E O 24 Brief creator: W E T B E T S Abbr. T A U R U S H E 25 Goof P O R T E 26 Like La Nina, RO S S P E R O e.g.: Abbr. 28 Gingerbread 0 S H A L E 0 house adornment M O O R L A Z 29 Reveals, E S P Y A L E poetically xwordeditor@aol.oom 1





















H 0 R O S C O P E















A S H C K Y T E D O E R R T A 12/27/14




NER8IAN~ 0 Laughir8Soak Umns89 Inc., Dist. by Universal Udick, 2014

"Normally I ignore things said to me in fun at the Christmas party, however ..."

OCCUR R EBUKE F O RGOT Yesterda 8 ~ Answer: Jumbles: UNWED The Empirew88able to get another Death Star built quiCkly, thankS to the — WORKFORCE

























1 Some old notebooks 3 Fliers, maybe




61 Least honest

2 Kid'S bud (Answers Monday)



58 Trusts


Now arrange the circled letters Io form the surprise answer, 88 suggested by the above cartoon.



56 Cuddles

60 "Something 'IZ


way 480, at times 49 1944 Pacific island battle site 51 -eared 53 Against

59 Features of many impromptu speeches



36 Joker's

46 Rose in a big



44 Monterrey jack?



6 Fumbled, say 7 "Lady Jane Grey" dramatist 8 Sign of something gone bad 9 Raymond James Stadium NFLer 10 Encouraging

19 Winner of the 1997 and 1998

Super Bowls

35 Hopeless

43 "Measure for Measure" deputy 44 Prison buddy'?

4 Shocked letters 31 Some parlors, 5 'You b o t h er" briefly

f 2014 high-tech

15 Soften


©2014byKingFeatureSSyndiCate,100. or r i ghtSreSerVed


Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols LeWIS




Ol 0 o





o 8



I 0.








By Barry C. Silk (c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC



12/27/I 4



SutIoku High Fives

2 5 9


1 2

4 How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-

5 1 3 2

5 6 14 2 7 5

6 4 8 2



9 2 5 7 8 1 4 3 6


7 6



6 2

3 8 7 9

2 18

9 8 3 6 2 5 7 1 4


12 6

4 7

7 6 3 4 7 6 2


3 7 2 8 3 7

4 6 8 5


6 3

5 8 2

9 4 5

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregonsince f903

4 6




8 2

5 1 2 3 4 6 2 6

8 1 7 8 3

O 20132013 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uclick for UFS














4 6 7 3 9 5 1 8 2

8 3 1 4 6 2 5 9 7

1 8 9 6 5 7 2 4 3

3 4 6 1 2 9 8 7 5

5 7 2 8 3 4 9 6 1

7 9 8 2 1 3 6 5 4 2

2 5 3 9 4 6 7 1 8 4 5 9 3 6 2 7 8 9 4 5 1

3 7


bers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.


7 4 6 9 8 2 7 6

5 1 4 8 9 7 2 6 3

6 2 7 1 4 3 5 9 8

7 3 1 9 6 4 8 2 5

8 5 9 2 3 1 6 4 7

2 4 6 5 7 8 1 3 9

1 9 8 4 5 2 3 7 6

6 5 1 7 4 2 5 8 7 3 8 9 3 2 8 4 1 2 6 3 9 4 9 7 1 56 1 9 6 8 3 8 3 4 1 2 6 5 7 2 8 4 8 5 7 9 7 1 2 3 5 5 4 9 6 7 3 1 1 3 6 6 9 2 8 4 2 8 tt-21-14

6 1 8 4 5 2 9 7 3 5 6 4 2 8 1 9 5 4 7 6 3

9 4 3 1 7 6 5 8 2 7 9 1 6 4 3 2 8 7 9 1 5

7 2 1 6 8 4 3 9 5

3 6 9 5 2 7 8 1 4

4 8 5 3 9 1 2 6 7

8 9 7 2 6 3 4 5 1

1 3 6 9 4 5 7 2 8

ts Jas/KF

7 2 6 5 4 8 3 9 1

8 3 4 6 9 1 5 7 2

1 9 5 3 7 2 4 8 6

5 6 8 7 2 9 1 3 4

4 7 2 8 1 3 6 5 9







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3 1 9 4 6 5 8 2 7

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L'"" '" "





s u a A Ru

© s U B ARu stlBsevovsano con 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 877-266-3821 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 877-266-3821 The Bulletin Classifieds 877-266-3821 Dlr¹0354 Dlr ¹0354 Dlr ¹0354 Dlr ¹0354




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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

p laintiff does n o t have an a ttorney, proof of service on t he p laintiff. T h e date of the first publication of the summons is December 2 0, 2014. I f y o u have questions, you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, you may contact the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Re f erral Service online at or by calling (503) 684-3763 (in the Portland metrop olitan area) o r toll-free elsewhere in Oregon at (800) 452-7636. Attorney for Plaintiff: Edwin C. P erry, D i rect Telephone: 5 03.802.2026, D i rect Facs i mile:

21'45'27", Length of 45.57 feet, and a C hord oa f Nor t h

West 45.30 feet to a point; thence North 26'55'12" West 86.99 feet to a point; t hence a long a curve to the right with a R a dius of 280.00 feet, Delta of 15'22'17", Length of 75.12 feet, and a C hord oa f Nor t h 19'14'04 West 74.89 feet to a point; thence a North 11'32'55 West 2 00.28 feet t o a point on the Southerly line of Docum ent Numb e r 2014-023004; thence along said southerlya line North 78'59'02 East 30.00 feet to a point on a line parallel to a nd 3 0 .0 0 fe e t westerly o f the 503.972.3726, westerly line of the Email: "Majestic Plat o f ned.perry@tonkon.c R idge Phase 3 " ; om, 1600 Pioneer thence along said Tower, 888 SW Fifth parallel aline South Avenue, Portland, East OR 97 2 0 4-2099. 11'32'55 2 00.00 feet t o a SUMMARY point; thence along S TATEMENT O F a curve to the left O BJECT OF T H E with a R a dius of COMPLAINT AND 250.00 feet, Delta of THE DEMAND FOR 15'22'17", Length of RELIEF. P l aintiffs 67.07 feet, and a Complaint seeks to C hord oaf So u t h quiet title in a nar19'14'04 East r ow strip o f r e a l 66.87 feet to a point; property underlying thence South some of the exist26'55'12" East ing and proposed 59.73 feet to a point Forked Horn Butte on the southwestRoad, in Deschutes extension of the County, O r e gon, erly more p a r ticularly northwesterly right-of-way line of d escribed i n th e Majestic A v e nue f ormal legal d e ( 30.00 feet f r om scription set f orth centerline); thence below. Plai n tiff along said southseeks to quiet title in westerly extension this proposed road a North 63' 1 5 ' 37 a rea in o rder t o East 30.00 feet to a complete a dedicapoint on the westtion of the road to erly line of said Plat; t he City o f R e dthence along said m ond. A t ract o f westerly line South land located in the 26'55'12" East Southwest 27.17 feet to a point; One-Quarter of t hence along a Section 19, Towncurve to the right s hip 1 5 Sou t h , with a R adius of R ange 1 3 Ea s t , 180.00 feet, Delta of Willamette Meridian, Length of City of R edmond, 03'25'14", 10.75 feet, and a Deschutes County, C hord oaf So u t h Oregon and being East more p a r ticularly 25'12'35 10.74 feet to a point d escribed as f o l on the north-south lows: Beginning at of s a id the C e n ter-South centerline s ection; the n c e One-Sixteenth Coralong sald ner of Said Section north-south center-a 19, thence along the line South 00'01'22 north-south centerWest 565.72 feet to line of said sectionn the True Point of N orth 00 ' 01 ' 22 Beginning. The East 38.28 feet to above d e s cribed the True Point of tract of land conBeginning; thence tains 26,080 square along a line parallel feet, more or less. to and 60.00 feet westerly of the west LEGAL NOTICE line of the Plat of IN TH E C I R CUIT " Majestic Rid g e COURT O F THE STATE OF OREGON Phase 3" , N o r th 05'07'56 a West FOR THE COUNTY 5 06.78 feet t o a OF DESCHUTES. In point; thence conthe Matter of the Estinuing along said tate of JOSEPH ANparallel line along a DREW BARSS, Decurve to the left with c eased. Case N o . a Radius of 120.00 14PB0128. NOTICE TO INT E RESTED feet, D e lt a of 16'02'29

PERSONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed as personal representative. All persons having claims against the estate are r equired t o pr e sent them, with vouchers attached, to the undersigned Personal Representative in care of Max Merrill of Merrill O'S u llivan, LLP, 805 SW Indust rial Way, Suite 5 , Bend, O R 97 7 0 2, within four m o nths after the date of first publication of this notice, or they may be barred. All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain additional information from the records of the Court, the Personal Representative, or the attorney for the Personal Representative. Dated and first published on December 20, 2014. ANDREA S . B A R SS. Personal Representative: Andrea S. Barss, 861 S W C r e stline Drive, B e nd , Or 97702, Phone (425) 830-6659, Andreabarss1 Attorney for Personal Representative: Max Merrill, OSB ¹ 71002, Merri l l O'Sullivan, LLP, 805 SW Industrial Way, S uite 5, B e nd, O r 97702, Phone (541) 389-1770, Fax (541) 389-1777, LEGAL NOTICE IN T H E CI R CUIT COURT O F THE STATE OF OREGON FOR THE COUNTY OF DES C HUTES PROBATE DEPARTMENT. In the Matter o f th e E s t ate o f DAVID H. M Y ERS,

Deceased, Case No.

tive. PER S ONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Luanne L . B a r rett, 22962 Rickard Road, Bend, O R 97 7 0 2. LAWYER FOR PERSONAL REPRESENT ATIVE: R YA N P . CORREA, OSB 071109, HURLEY RE,

P.c., 747 S W M i ll View Way, Bend, OR 97702. (541) 317-5505 (Phone); (541) 317-5507 (Fax), rpcorres© LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO INTERESTED PERSONS. KAREN M . WIL-

LIAMS has been appointed Per s onal Representative of the E STATE O F F L O RENCE M. K O L B, Deceased, by the Circuit Court, State of Oregon, Deschutes County, under Case Number 1 4 PB0144.

All persons having a claim against the estate must present the

c laim w i t hi n fo u r months of th e f i rst publication date of this

notice t o H e n drix, Brinich & B e r talan, LLP, at 716 NW Harriman Street, Bend, Oregon 97701, ATTN: Ken Brinich or they may be barred. Additional information may be obtained from the c ourt records, t h e Personal Representative or the followingnamed attorney for the Personal Representative. Date of first publication: December 20, 2014. HEND RIX B R INICH & BERTALAN, LLP, 716 NW HA RR I MAN, BEND, OR 9 7 701, 541-382-4980. LEGAL NOTICE

T RUSTEE'S N o TICE OF SALE TS No.: 021 0 86-OR * ** * * * * Loan No.:


Reference is made

14PB0140. NOTICE to that certain trust TO IN T E RESTED deed (the "Deed of PERSONS. NOTICE Trust") executed by IS HEREBY GIVEN JON D RICHARDS that the undersigned AND DEBRA M RIas have been appointed CHARDS, personal representa- G rantor, to D E SCHUTES COUNTY tive. All persons having claims against the TITLE, as Trustee, estate are required to i n favor o f N A CITY present them, w ith T IONAL BANK OF INDIANA, vouchers attached, to as Ben e f iciary, the undersigned per1 2 / 9/2005, sonal representative dated recorded at 747 SW Mill View 12/14/2005, as InWay, B e nd , OR strument No. 9 7702, w ithin f o u r 2005-85847, in the months after the date of first publication of Official Records of t his notice, or t h e Deschutes County, claims may be barred. Oregon, which covAll persons whose ers the following der ights may b e a f - scribed real proprty s i tuated i n fected by the pro- eDeschutes County, ceedings may obtain additional information Oregon: LOT FOUR (4), IN B L O CK from the records of the Court, the per- EIGHTY-FOURDESsonal representative, ( 84), O F or the lawyers for the C HUTES R I V ER personal representa- RECREATION tive. Dated and first HOMESITES, UNIT published on Decem- 6, PART 2, D E Sb er 27, 2 0 14. L U- CHUTES COUNTY, AP N : ANNE L. BARRETT, O REGON. Personal Representa- 20-10-35-AO-01800

Commonly known as: 16693 G RAY WOLF LN BEND, Oregon 97707 The current beneficiary is: PNC Bank, National A s sociation Both the beneficiary and the trustee have elected to sell the above-described real property to satisfy the obligations secured b y the Deed of Trust and notice has been recorded pursuant to ORS 86.752(3). The default for which the foreclosure is made is the grantor's failure to pay when due, the following sums: D elinquent Payments: D ates: 02/01/12 thru 1 2/01/1 4. No. 3 5 . Amount $1,063.26. Total: $ 37,214.10. Late Char g es: $238.38. B e n eficiary Ad v ances: $19,417.50. Foreclosure Fees and Expenses: $ 1,333.00. To t a l Required to Reinstate: $ 58,002.98. TOTAL REQUIRED To PAYO F F : $379,117.55. By reason of the default, th e b e neficiary has declared all obligations secured by the Deed of Trust i m mediately due and payable, including: the p rincipal sum o f $334,761.59 together with interest thereon at the rate of 2 % per annum, from 1/1/2012 until paid, plus all accrued late charges, and al l t r ustee's fees, f o r eclosure costs, and any sums a dvanced by t h e beneficiary pursuant to the terms and c onditions of t h e D eed o f Trus t W hereof, no t i ce hereby is given that the un d ersigned t rustee, CLE A R RECON C O R P., whose address is 621 SW M orrison Street, Suite 650, Portland, OR 97205, will on 4 / 21/2015, at the hour of 11:00 AM, standard time, as established by ORS 187.110, AT THE BOND STREET ENTRANCE S T E PS T O T H E DES CHUTES COUNTY COURTHOUSE, 1 164 NW B O N D S T., B END, O R 97701, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the above-described real property which the grantor had or had power to convey at the time it executed the Deed of Trust, together with an y i n terest which the grantor or his successors in

I f

interest a c q uired after the execution of the Deed of Trust, to satisfy the foregoing o b l igations thereby secured and the costs and ex-

penses of sale, including a r easonable charge by the

t rustee. Notice i s further given that any person named in ORS 86.778 has the right to have the f oreclosure pr o ceeding dismissed and the Deed of Trust reinstated by payment to the beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than the portion of principal that would not then be due had no default occurred), together w ith t h e cos t s , trustee's and attorneys' fees and curing any o t her default complained of in the Notice of Default by tendering t h e per f ormance required und er the D eed o f Trust at any time not later than five days before the date last set for sale. Witho ut l i miting t h e trustee's disclaimer of r epresentations or warranties, Oregon law requires the trustee to state in this notice that some re s i dential property sold at a trustee's sale may have been used in manufacturing methamphetamines, the chemical components of w hich a re known to b e toxic. P r ospective purchasers of residential pro perty should be aware of this potential danger before deciding to place a bid for this property at the t rustee's sale. I n construing this notice, the masculine gender includes the f eminine and t h e neuter, the singular includes plural, the word "grantor" includes any successor in interest to the grantor as well as any other persons owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by the Deed of Trust, the words "trustee" and 'beneficiary" include their respective successors in i nterest, i f any . Dated: 1 2 / 5/2014 C LEAR RE C O N CORP 621 SW Morrison Street, Suite 425 Portland, OR 97205 858-750-7600.

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NEW 2015 FORD F350 CREW CAB 4X4 DIESEL Long Box,Power Equipment Group, 5th Wheel Package. viN:B70788

MSRP ......................... $51,420 TSS Discount .................-$3,807 $47,613 Retail Customer Cash........... -$2,000 Ford CreditBonusCash* ....... -$1,000 Dream Big Cash.................. -$1,000

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2015 Subaru Outback

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Leather, Drive VisionPkg., Moon Roof. viN:F4o447 MSRP ......................... $51,490 TSS Discount.................-$3,375 $40,115 Retail Customer Cash........... -$2,500 Ford CreditBonusCash* ...... . -$1,750 Retail Bonus Cash..................-$750 Dream Big Cash.................. -$1,000 This Price

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NEW 2014 FORD F150 EXT. CAB 4X4 MSRP ......................... $35,965

V6. VIN:D12305, F55312

TSS Discount.................-$1,960 $33,997 Retail Customer Cash..............-$500 Ford CreditBonusCash* ..... . . -$1,000 DreamBigCash.................. -$1,000 Trade-InAssistanceCash* *. . . . -$1,500

ew 2015 S u a r u Forester 2.5i Premium CVT *MnstFinancethroughFordCredit.



C onfid e n c e i n M o t i o n


Mnsttradein a1995or newervehicle.OnApprovedCredit


MSRP......................... $40,050 TSS Discount .................-$3,323 $36,727 F150STXDiscount..................-$500 Retail Customer Cash..............-$500 Ford CreditBonusCash* ..... . . -$1,000 DreamBigCash.................. -$1,000 Trade-InAssistanceCash'".... -$1,500


VB, Tow. vIN: 877317


et 3 2$ 737 eue Signing

MSRP $27368. Sale Price $25599. VIN: ¹FH51 3938.BF-13. Cap reduction $2700. No Security Deposit. Residual 58S'o $1587344 Based on 10,000 miles per year. 720 Beacon or higher. Tier I Lease. Down payment is cash or trade equity. Cash down of $2,700, first payment 244.37. $273 Title, Lic. $595 acquisition fee included in payment. On Approved Credit.




Musttradein a1995ornewervehicle.OnApprovedCredit.

Newt20 I 5 S ubar L egacy 2 . 5 i Premium CVT

NEW 2015 FORD ESCAPE SE 4WD MSRP ................................. $30,705 SYNC Discount ..........................-$490 SE Conv. Disconnt ................... -$1,395 TSS Discount ......................... -$1,303



QQ Due at

MSRP $25,499. Sale Price $24,999. VIN: ¹F3024045. FAD-11. Cap reduction $2,500. No Security Deposit. Residual 58% $14,789.42. Based on 10,000 miles per year. 720 Beacon or higher. Tier 1 Lease. Down payment is cash or trade equity. Cash down of $2,500, nrst payment $261. $273 Tltle, Lic. $595 acquisition fee induded in payment. On Approved Credit.

To;.8„, 27 , 5 1 7 o«-io S Lease

249 9n/me

New 2015 S u b a r u BRZ Limited 6MT

10,500Miles PerYear. Residual$17,885.30.Due at Signing $2,495 CashorTrade.OnApprovedCredit.

NEW 2014 FORD ROUSH MUSTANG RS 6-Speed,PowerWindows & Locks, AM/FM/CD,TechPkg, SYNCPkg. IN:3o5o51



MSRP ......................... $32,070

TSS Discount.................-$2,205 $29,705 Retail Customer Cash........... -$1,000 Retail Bonus Cash............... -$1,000 DreamBigCash.................. -$1,000


MSRP $29,294. Stk.¹44806. VIN: ¹F9600054.FZE-01 Subaru of Bend Discount $1595.

New 2014 S u b a r u X V Cr o s s t r e k 2 . 0 i Premium CVT


4-Door,Automatic, SEAppearancePkg,Power Windows&Locks, Tilt & Cruise,AM/FM/CD,Navigation, BackupCamera, SYNC. VIN:178242

MSRP.............................. $27,530 TSS Discount ......................-$1,093 $25,037 Special PkgBonus...................-$500 Retail Customer Cash................. -$1,000 Ford CreditBonusCash* ................-$500 Retail Bonus Cash........................-$500 DreamBigCash........................ -$1,000 Trade-In AssistanceCash".......... -$1,000

One At Thjo pr jco


MSRP $25,487.Stk.¹4476S. VIN:¹EH33S568. ERB-04 SubaruofBend Discount$1488. II•

Pre-Owned *MnstFinancethrough FordCredit. OnApprovedCredit. ** Mnsttrade1995or newer vehicle.

Q g

NEW 2014 FORD FOCUS SE HATCHBACK Automatic, Sport Package, Moon Roof. viN:414407

MSRP......................... $22,320 TSS Discount ................. -$1,101 $21,139 Retail Customer Cash........... -$1,500 Ford CreditBonusCash* ...... . -$1,000 DreamBigCash.................. -$1,000 One At $Q '7 ThisPrice


NR g


7-YEAR,100,000-MILE POWERTRAIN WARRANTY Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers:

• 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Coverage • Factory-backed coverage • $0 deductible • 152-point safety inspection

• CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2015 Subaru Legacy Premium VlN¹F3009556 $24,999 *MnstFinancethroughFordCredit. OnApprovedCredit.

2015 Subaru Legacy Premium VIN¹F30 I 0159 $24,999

NEW 2015 FORD FIESTA S 4 Door, Air Conditioning. viN:110972

MSRP ......................... $14,690 TSS Discount ................... -$235 $14,455 Dream Big Cash.................. -$1,000

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek

VIN¹E8316638$24,499 This Price


*MnstFinancethroughFordCredit. OnApprovedCredit.



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I ,


l t IIl< Sale endsDecember31, 2014








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