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AT HOME• D1 TODAY'S READERBOARD Grappling with the dreak

— For local high school wrestlers, it's all about staying disciplined.C1

• If you haven't, exchange says,then enroll on the private market By Lauren Dake

quickly approaching, the

The Bulletin

state's troubled health insur-

SALEM — Remember when

the message was "Long live Oregonians"? With the first of theyear

ance exchange, Cover Oregon, has ditched the young woman strumming her guitar in the commercials and is singing a

different tune: Look elsewhere for insurance coverage. "If you haven't heard from us, don't wait," said Cover Oregon spokesman Michael Cox on Monday.


Cover Oregon advises they go • People in states using the federal directly to the private insurwebsite get anextra day, A2 ance market to enroll. Cox said Cover Oregon offiFor consumers worried cials will continue to "feverishabout a gap in coverage who ly work to complete processing want to ensure they have in-

Laughter's risks —Sure,in some casesit's the best medicine, but other times it canlead to everything from dislocated jaws to asthmaattacks. A3

all applications" this week.

surance bythe first of the year,

See Cover Oregon /A5


anere ui own o e screws

Road cheese —Milwau-

I(ids' digita appetites piqued ever earier

kee, seeking agreener alternative to road salt, turns to something it has in abundance.A6

By Hilary Stout and Elizabeth A. Harris

Odituary —Lt. Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov is credited with creating the AK-47.BS

New York Times News Service

The children come day after day, lining up in the cold and snow on Main

Fish feast —Sevenseafood recipes to help youcelebrate Christmas Eve.D3

Street in Midland, Mich., to wait their turn to enter

Santa's house and whisper their Christmas longings to the jolly man in the red suit. "Cellphone."

And a Wed exclusiveA tradeoff in clean coalexpanded oil production. bendbnlletin.cnm/extras

uIPad n

"Notebook." And when they say such things, Tom Valent, now in his 38th year as Santa


Claus, unleashes his best

The Fed at 100 and how it got here

"Ho-ho-ho" and replies: "Well, I'm good at toys.

Electronics — that's a bit of

a challenge." Sure, children still want and receive trains and

dolls and Legos and other playthings of the type that Santa might make in his North Pole workshop. But their passion for Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Colin Powers stands next to the Piper L-4Jthat he has been restoring in his garage southeast of La Pine. Powers says he has been working on the project for about18 months, and he is hoping to be able to take off in May or June.

By Martin Crutsinger

this is a generation that

The Associated Press


press called it an early Christmas present for President Woodrow Wilson:

On Dec. 23, 1913, Congress passed legislation creating

By Tyler Leeds LA PINE — When the

battle of Saipan ended in 1944,a small force ofJapa-

the Federal Reserve. Hours

later, Wilson signed the

skirmishes with the Ameri-

Federal Reserve Act into

cans who used the island as a base. Instead of dropping

No one at the White House ceremony that day

could foresee what the Fed has become: Atitanic institution with power over peo-

ple and economies worldwide. Its actions shape loan rates and job growth. They affect trade, stockprices, bank rules, financial sys-

See video coverage on The Bulletin's website: benttbnlletin.cnm/colinpnwers


The Bulletin

nese soldiers hid within the island's jungle, instigating


playing with toys seems to be diminishing at earlier and earlier ages. After all,

went to the Mustang fighters and bombers," Powers said.

"The guys who flew these were brave. There's just fabric around them, not metal

or something else that would provide protection."

bombs, American planes be-

gan dropping leaflets on the island and elsewhere in the Pacific Theater, encouraging the Japanese to surrender. In a garage southeast believes he has one of those planes, a Piper L-4J. Powers,

Courtesy Colin Powers

Powers works on restoring the Piper L-4J's frame.

with the smartphone and

tablet swiped from their parents' hands.

For Hanukkah this year, Maddon Segall asked for iTtmes gift cards and the new iPad mini. He is 3.

"I hate to tell you, but we got it for him," said his mother, Elyse Bender-Segall, of Livingston, N.J. She

The L-4J and L-4H are

added: "He doesn't like the

military variants of the Pip-

toys. I buy him every toy. He's just not interested in

er J-3 Cub, which was first made in 1937. Unlike a mod-

of La Pine, Colin Powers

learned to amuse itself practically from babyhood

ern jet, the planes are made of metal frames wrapped in

them they way he is with the tech."

A recent survey of 1,000

fabric. In WWII, they were

parents with children be-

in May or June.

a Piper "Grasshopper" L-4H

used for scouting, relaying the position of enemy troops

tween 2 and 10 found that more than half planned

Powers, 77, isn't a stranger to military mechanics,

to the air.

to artillery battalions via a

to buy a tech item for

condition, aiming to take off

when the weather warms up

having previously returned

a retired Hewlett Packard

tems. Economic decisions are made with the Fed in

mechanical engineer, is restoring the plane to flying

mind. Retirement savings hinge on its policies. "If Woodrow Wilson and the other architects of

"The pilots of these planes got no credit. All the glory

12-foot whip antenna. SeePiper/A5

their children this holiday season. See Digital /A5

the Federal Reserve could

have known how powerful it would become, they would have been shocked,"

said Sung Won Sohn, an economicsprofessor at California State University

An Ohio suburb, with Wall Street as the landlord

Channel Islands. "There is no part of the global economy today which is not affected by actions of the

Heather Perlberg and John Gittelsohn

Federal Reserve."

covered the modest Dayton

Supporters of the 1913 bill were responding to a spate of banking panics. Depositor runs were causing bank failures.

suburb of Huber Heights in snow, Wayne High School opened two hours late. That

14-year-old told teacher Mike

extra time was good for the

Yane she leaves home in the

Bloomberg News

When a December storm

approximately 1,600 stu-

dark and walks an hour to arrive before the bell rings at 7:50 a.m. Once there, stu-

and local cuts since 2009, the

Heights, including Yane's

Huber Heights City School system is bracing for another

and those of at least 16 of his

hit, this time from Yane's

year forced the district to

dents share decade-old textbooks that are falling apart.

stop providing most buses for the high school — one

books," said Yane, 49, a histo-

dents who must walk to class there.

Funding shortages last

"There's no money for new

ry teacher. After $14.6 million in state

landlord. In January, the $9 billion hedge fund Magnetar Capital quietly bought a third of all rental homes in Huber

students. In April, Magnetar's managementcompany applied for the largest reduction in residential property taxes in

the county's history. SeeSuburb /A4

Recessions often followed.

An especially severe panic struck in 1907. Without a central bank, financier J.P.

Morgan had to intervene to save the financial system. SeeFed /A4

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-minu ee ension o r e era ea s i e By Carla K. Johnson The Associated Press

CHICAGO — Anticipating

heavy traffic on the government's health care website, the Obama a d m inistration

extended Monday's deadline for signing up for insurance by a day, giving Americans in 36 states more time to select a plan. It was the latest in a series

of pushed-back deadlines and delays that have marked the

rollout of the health care law. But federal officials urged buyers not to procrastinate.

"You should not wait until tomorrow. If you are aiming to get coverage Jan. I, you should try to sign up today," said Julie


Bataille, a spokeswoman for

Street ........... 1777S.W.Chandler Ave. Bend, OR97702 Mailing.........P.O.Box6020 Bend, OR97706

the federal agency in charge of the overhaul. Bataille said the grace period — which runs through

today — was being offered to accommodate people from Si sil.Ava

SnOWden interVieW —National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden said his "mission's already accomplished" after leaking NSA secrets that havecaused a reassessment of U.S. surveillance policies. Snowdentold The Washington Post in an interview published online Mondaynight that he was satisfied because journalists have beenable to tell the story of the government's collection of bulk Internet and phonerecords, an activity that has grown dramatically in the decadesince the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. "For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission's already accomplished," he said. "I already won."

Obama enrolls in exchange insymbolic step

RuSSian punk dand priSOnerS — Thelast two imprisoned

In a symbolic step, President BarackObamahas quietly signed up for health coverage through the newinsurance exchanges, showing solidarity with Americans still struggling to figure out what Obama's signature health care lawmeansfor them. As commander in chief, the president receives his health care through the military, so his newcoverage will go unused. Rather, the move fulfills a commitment to personally participate that Obama made in2010, when hesigned into law the Affordable Care Act requiring millions of uninsured Americans to buy insurance or face apenalty. The White Housesaid Obama's decision to enroll demonstrated his support for the exchanges,thecornerstone of asweeping health overhaul whoserollout has beenmarred by cascading delays and widespreadtechnical problems. But Obama'senrollment experience offered little resemblance tothat of most Americanswho have shopped for plans through theglitch-prone website. Obama, who is vacationing in Hawaii, did not personally enroll himself in a plan, anddidn't go through the website. Instead, staffers enrolled the president in person through theWashington, D.C. exchange, theW hiteHousesaid. White House officials noted that for security reasons, the president's personal information is not readily available in government databases that the exchangesuse toverify identities and check eligibility for tax subsidies.

Win'tar Waa'thar —Parts of the United States socked by awild weekend storm will be covered with ice andwithout power through Christmas and beyondthanks to asteady diet of freezing rain and cold temperatures. Weekendrain and melting snow led to swelling creeks and streams, closed roadsandflooded underpasses in Indiana, Ohio andother Great Lakesstates. More than 390,000 homes and businesses werewithout power Monday in Michigan, upstate New York andnorthern New England,downfrom Sunday'speakof more than half a million.

members of the Russian punkband Pussy Riot walked free Monday, criticizing the amnesty measure that released them as a publicity stunt, with one calling for a boycott of the Winter Olympics to protest Russia's human rights record. Maria Alekhina andNadezhdaTolokonnikova were granted amnesty last week in amove largely viewed as the Kremlin's attempt to soothe criticism of Russia's human rights record before the Sochi Games inFebruary.

Suu'tll Sudall SVacuaaS —British, Canadian andKenyan citizens areamong 3,000 foreigners trapped in aSouth Sudancity experiencing bouts of heavy machine gunfire, one of the most violent areas of a weeklong conflict that has likely killed more than 1,000 people, a top U.N.official said Monday. Australians, Ugandansand Ethiopians arealso among 17,000people seeking protection at a U.N. base in Bor, acity that could see increasedviolence in coming days, said Toby Lanzer, the U.N.'s humanitarian coordinator. Thedeath toll from a week of violence in South Sudanhas likely surpassed1,000 people, though there are nofirm numbers available, he said.

— The Associated Press

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The numbers drawnMonday nightare:

Qs©QaoQ aaQ aeQ sa The estimated jackpot is now $1.1 million.

allow for any technical prob- than one second. lems that might result from a

The Obama administration

keeps changing the rules. In Ohio, Lt. Gov. Mary Tay-

AfghaniStan deadline — With about aweekleft in theyear,

last-minute rush of applicants. The site had a disastrous, glitch-prone debutin October buthasgone through extensive improve-

is hoping for a surge of year- lor called the deadline extenend enrollments to show that sion "a clear sign Healthcare. the technical problems were gov continues to struggle." "Consumers are already merely a temporary setback. That would also go a long way confused and i n surers are ments to make it more reli- toward easing concerns that overwhelmed with the adminable and increase its capacity, insurance companies won't be istration's last-minute changand the administration said able to sign up enough young, es, yet there seems to be no the system was running well healthy people to keep prices end in sight," Taylor, a RepubMonday. low for everyone. lican who heads Ohio's insurBy the afternoon, the site But thegrace period may ance department, said. had received a record 850,000 havebeenatacit acknowledgeT he a dministration w a s visits, five times the number ment that the website remains careful not to characterize tologged by the same time last vulnerable to heavy t raffic. day as a new deadline or an Monday, the administration What's more, the delay offered extension, likening the move said. Bataille said the system critics of "Obamacare" anoth- instead to the Election Day was handling the volume with er opportunity to argue that practice in which people who e rror rates of less than I i n the law still isn't working and are in line when the polls close 200 and response times of less that President Barack Obama are still allowed to vote.

the Obamaadministration is backing away from a Dec. 31deadline for securing a deal to keepU.S.troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014, though it is standing by its warning that a total military withdrawal is still possible if delays continue, U.S.andAfghan officials said. The decision is a tacit acknowledgment that neither a hardsell nor soft persuasion hasyet persuaded President Hamid Karzai to go along with the U.S.-imposed timeline for the agreement. DefrOCked miniSter —A pastor defrocked by the United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania due to his support for same-sex marriage hasbeenoffered another position by a Methodist bishop in California — a sign of the split within the church over acceptance ofgay menandlesbians.TheRev.FrankSchaefer,whohadleda congregation in Lebanon, Pa.,was stripped of his clerical credentials last week. Since then, Bishop MinervaCarcanohasinvited Schaefer to minister in the California-Pacific Annual Conference, the church region that includes Southern California andHawaii. — From wire reports

Same-sex-marriage supporters applaud Ohio andUtahrulings By Jack Healy andTrip Gabriel New York TimesNews Service

DENVER — Indecisionsthat

supportersof same-sex marriage hailed as two important

legalvictories, a federaljudgein Utah allowed hundreds of gay couples to continue exchanging vows Monday, while a federal judge in Ohio invalidated part of that state's ban on same-sex

marriage. In Salt Lake City, gay couples who had been nervously lining up intending to marry let out a cheer when they learned that Judge Robert Shelby had refused a request by state officials to halt the nuptials. State

Francisco Kjolseth/The Salt Lake Tribune

Emily Holmes, right, embraces her wife Heather Pope after being married Monday in the lobby of the Salt Lake County offices.

leaders say the same-sex mar-

riages should be suspended as the legalbattle heads to a higher riage that was supported by a court. widemajorityof Utahresidents. The same-sex weddings beAnd state officials said in gan in a joyful chaos Friday legal papers that a "doud of afternoon after Shelby declared uncertainty" now hung over thatthebanthat Utahvoters ap- hundreds of new same-sex marproved in 2004 violated the U.S. riages. The statehas arguedthat Constitution. While many gay these unions could be voided if rightsadvocates expecteda fa- Utah successfully argues that it vorable ruling from Shelby, an has the right to limit marriage to appointee of President Barack heterosexual couples. "This uncertainty is creatObama, the timing caught many gay couplesoff -guard. ing a lot of problems for us not About 100same-sexcouples got onlywith the conflictinglaws in marriage licenses Friday night, the state of Utah, but what the but hundreds more were turned clerks shouldbe doing, what the away as county cierks went tax laws are going to be," Herhome for the weekend. bertsaid at a news conference. On Monday morning,hun- "A stay would be appropriate dreds of same-sex couples until we finallyhave resolution." arrivedat county courthousBut on Monday, SheSy rees and government buildings jected the state's arguments, across the state, paperwork in saying that all Utah residents hand and witnesses at their had a "fundamental right" to side, in an anxious race against get married. By the end of the the legal system. State officials day, Salt Lake County issued filed a notice of appeal, and about 325 marriage licenses, had asked Shelby and a higher adding to the 124 issued Friday court to delay the decision until afternoon. the case couldbe resolved. Dozens of gay couples were Gov. Gary R. Herbert, a Re- married in other county offices publican, said the flurry of new across the state. But according marriages and unresolved legal to interviews and news reports, questions — lawyers on both officials in several more consersides said the case was likely to vative counties said they would reach the U.S. Supreme Court not marry any same-sex cou— had created"alotof chaos" in ples until receiving guidance Utah. He condemned the ruling from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court as an activist judge's attack on of Appeals, in Denver, where a definition of traditional mar- the legal case is headed next.

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Plants in peril

Health Care Site —Americans in 36 states using the government's website haveuntil midnight to select a plan.A2

South Sudan — TheU.N.

By C. Claiborne Ray

Security Council is expected to vote on a resolution authorizing the transfer of troops from other African nations into South Sudan.A2

New York Times News Service

Do plants feel pain? Q ••When a tree is pruned, forexample,doesitsuffer? "The answer depends

Dislocated jaws. Fainting. Cardiac arrhythmia. A British medical journal's review of about 5,000

• on what one consid-

ChriStmaS EVe — Almost

studies sounds these alarms and more in a lighthearted but thoroughly researched and peer-reviewed

ers the phrase 'feel pain' to

time to find out who's been naughty and nice, asthesong goes.


mean," said Dr. Amy Litt, director of the plant genom-

HISTORY Highlight:In1913, 73 people, most of them children, died in a crush of panic after someone falsely called out"Fire!" during a Christmas party for striking miners and their families at the Italian Hall in Calumet, Mich. In1524, Portuguesenavigator Vasco daGama—who had discovered asea route around Africa to India — died inCochin,lndia. In1814, the War of1812

officially ended asthe United States and Britain signed the Treaty of Ghent. In1851, fire devastated the Library of Congress inWashington, D.C.,destroying about 35,000 volumes. In1863,English novelist WilliamMakepeaceThackeray, author of "Vanity Fair," died in London at age52. In1865,several veterans of the Confederate Armyformed a private social club in Pulaski, Tenn., called the KuKlux Klan. In1871, GiuseppeVerdi's opera "Aida" had its world premiere in Cairo, Egypt. In1906,Canadian physicist Reginald A. Fessendenbecame the first person to transmit the human voice (his own) aswell as music over radio, from Brant Rock, Mass. In1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhowersupreme commander of Allied forces in Europe aspart of Operation Overlord. In1951, GianCarlo Menotti's "Amahl and the Night Visitors,"

the first opera written specifically for television, was first broadcast by NBC-TV. In1968,the Apollo 8 astronauts, orbiting the moon, read passages from theOldTestament Book of Genesis during a Christmas Evetelecast. In1980, Americans remembered theU.S.hostages in Iran by burning candles orshining lights for 417seconds —one second for eachdayof captivity. In1993, the Rev.NormanVincent Peale, whoblendedChristian and psychiatric principles into a message of "positive thinking," died in Pawling, N.Y., atage 95. Ten yearsage:A roadside bomb exploded north of Baghdad, killing three U.S.soldiers in the deadliest attack onAmericans to that time following Saddam Hussein's capture. Air France canceledseveral flights to the United States after U.S.

officials passed onwhat were termed "credible" security threats. Five years ago:A mandressed in a SantaClaussuit shot his way into the Covina,Calif., home of his former in-laws and set it on fire, killing nine people (the attacker, identified as Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, committed suicide the next day). One yearage:AnAfghan policewomanwalked into a high-security compound in Kabul and killed anAmerican contractor, the first such shooting byawoman inaspate of insider attacks byAfghans against their foreign allies.

BIRTHDAYS Author Mary Higgins Clark is 86. The president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, is 56. Designer KateSpade is 51. Singer Ricky Martin is 42. Author Stephenie Meyer is 40. "American Idol" host RyanSeacrest is 39. Rock singer Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) is 22. — From wire reports

ic program at the New York Botanical Garden.

By Jan Hoffman

observed and embraced. But

New York Times News Service

one study left Ferner almost

Animal pain depends on having brains, nerves and

tients from th e d angers of

speechless. A 2 011 fertility study reported that when a

so forth. "Plants don't have these," she said. "Therefore

holiday cheer, a new scholarly

clown dressed as a chef de

review from a British medical

cuisine entertained would-be mothers for 12 to 15 minutes after in vitro fertilization and

we can say they don't feel pam.

Just in time to protect pa-

journaldescribes many harmful effects of laughter. A mong th e a l arms i t sounds: The force of laughing can dislocate jaws, make hernias protrude and cause asth-

But plants do respond to

being damaged or attacked, Litt added. "If you define feelingpain as showing a responseto apart of youbeing choppedoff,then you could say they do feel pain." When a plant is wounded, perhaps by a gnawing insect,

embryo transfers, the pregnancy rate was 36 percent, compared with 20 percent among a control group that

ma attacks and headaches. It

was not entertained.

can provoke cardiac arrhythmia, fainting and emphysema (this last, according to a clinical lecturer in 1892). Laughter can trigger the rare but possibly grievous Pilgaard-Dahl and Boerhaave's syndromes (see explanation below). And ponder, briefly, the mortifying impact of

"Why a chef de cuisine?" Ferner asked plaintively. Despite such a comprehensive look at the medical liter-

the short-term response is the

release of an airborne chem-

ature on laughter, Ferner felt there was still territory to be charted. "We don't know how

sustained laughter on the uri-

nary tract (detailed in a 1982 Lancet paper titled "Giggle Incontinence"). At least, the new r eview

could be considered an affirmation for the perpetually

much laughter is safe," he said. "There's probably a U-shaped curve: Laughter is good for

the rest of theplant as well as byneighboringplanls. The signal essentially warns of danger and the need to activate cellular de-

you, but enormous amounts

fense mechanisms, Litt said.

are bad, perhaps. It's not a problem in England."

Over the long term, a plant that has been pruned

Nonetheless, if you choose to peruse the MIRTH study or others in BMJ's Christmas issue, the risk of outbursts of

may compensateand adapt

by producing new shoots or buds. Moving from plants to lower animals, Litt suggested that "you could also ask whether things like jellyfish feel pain."

laughter, ranging from snickers to groans to guffaws, could be perilously high. You have been warned.

dour. If 2013 was the year of

the worried well, the authors imply that 2014 is poised to be the year of the humorless

ical signal that is detected by


healthy. The review of laughter studies in BMJ took a balanced approach, The analysis, "Laughter and concluding there were benefits, as well: reduced anger, anxiety MIRTH (Methodical Investi- and stress; lower cardiovascular tension, blood glucose congation of Risibility, Therapeu- centration and risk of myocardial infarction. "The benefit-harm tic and Harmful)," was drawn balance," the authors wrote, "is probably favorable."

Great Skckiny Stugg'ers! ~

from about 5,000 studies. It

appears in BMJ, formerly knownas TheBritishMedical laughter. The next year, the reduced anger, anxiety and Journal, which has long fea- laughter problem was raised stress;lower cardiovascular tured rigorously researched again when an editorial writ- tension, blood glucose concenbut lighthearted articles in its e r , i n r esponse to an Italian tration and risk of myocardial Christmas issue. A deputy ed- doctor's suggestion that telling infarction. "The benefit-harm itor,Dr. TonyDelamothe,said jokes could treat bronchitis, balance," the authors wrote, that the M I RTH dismissively pro- "is probably favorable." study was indeed posed the term"geStudies in recent years have "We dOn't knOW lototherapy." (Ge- concluded that laughter "repeer-reviewed presumably by a h O WmuCh los was t he Greek duces arterial wall stiffness" doctorwithacare- Ia u h t e r I S god of laughter; in and " i m proves e ndothelial + fully ma n aged Italian, gelato is ice function." And a 2008 study of sense of humor. Saf e . T h e re S cream ) patients with chronic obstrucThis year, the is- prptJatJly a L aughter a s tive pulmonary disease consue also includes: U-Shape therapy was slow cluded that laughter inspired " Were Jame s to gain traction: In by Pello the clown improved Bonds dri n ks Cu r V e: Laughter 19 2 8, The Journallung function. shaken b e cause IS gppd fpr ypu of the American Medical clowning has been of alcohol induced b t Medical A s soci" tremor'?" "The suration gave short vival time of choc- am O untS are shrif t to Dr. James olates on hosPital t Iad perhaps " w alsh's bo o k , " Laughter a n d wards: covert ob-



Goose rol4Aulmeru Rescheduie4


roThis sar.


Ilc@aP • ii o

Dec. 21st

i oi Ofo



. s I




servational study,"

— Dr. Robin Ferner Health."

and "Operating T he h ar m s , room safety: the h owever, h a v e 10 point plan to safe flinging." been scrutinized. A 1997 dis(Among the cautions: "Before cussion of Boerhaave's synflinging, identify your target d rome, a spontaneous perand the area beyond it," and foration of the esophagus, a "Never fling an instrument r are though potentially lethal straight up into the air.") Last event, mentioned that one unspring, the MIRTH co-au- usual cause is laughter. thors, Dr. Robin Ferner, an

High Desert •

Then t h ere is the mysteri-

honorary professor of clinical ous Pilgaard-Dahl syndrome, pharmacologyattheUniversi- identified in a 2010 article ty of Birmingham, and Jeffrey as a pneumothorax in midAronson, a fellow in clinical d le-aged male smokers inpharmacology at Oxford, who duced by laughter. It takes its study the benefits and harms name from Ulf Pilgaard and of medicines, discussed what Lisbet Dahl, the Danish revue benefit-harm they could ex-

Prestige Senior Living

p e r f ormers.

"I don't think of the Danes plore in a gambit to win a coveted berth in BMJ's Christ- as uproariously funny," Fernm as issue. According to Dela- e r s a i d , "and having seen




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mothe, BMJ receives nearly

t h e i r show on YouTube, I still

ter to 785, putting them into

e x t r apolated from a 1936 ex- O Thursday, April 24th,2014,3pm

0y 120 submissions and accepts don't, though, of course, I don't Thursday, Februaiy 20th,2014,3pm O Presented by Lorie Weber, PA-C, Partners In Care Home Health and Hospice about 30. speak Danish." Partners Ferner and Aronson conThe r e were other respiraWhat's on your Bucket List? In Care sidered holiday foods, for ex- tory threats occasioned by This in depth talk is geared towards folks who areslowing down with age and arecontemplating the meaning in their lives, not just the activity. Ihis is a very interactive presentation with attendees you are sureto enjoy. ample, but their tastes were laughter,hesaid. Thepopping not in concert. "He likes sweet of alveoli (air sacs in the lungs, Thursday, March 27th,2014,3pm wines, and I like dry wines," which together typically con4 P t dbyth N i g S t ff f S t C h I H H tth StfChsries Ferner explained. Then they t ain about 600 million): "If found common cause: "But we you're going to make asthmatDiabetes 101 both like dry humor." ics laugh heartily," Ferner said, Sc CharlesHomeHealth reviews diabetes s lfmanagement. Comelearn thewarningsymptoms, andhowtoefFectively managediabetes with diet and medications to prevent long term complications for a fuller and healthier lifestyle. They winnowed the pa- "they might want to have an pers that mentioned laugh- i nhaler by their side." (This, 0y three categories: benefits (85), periment on the mechanism of harms (114) and conditions laughterinasthmatics.) causing pathological laughter Th e re are choking hazards, such as ingesting food during (586). The question was timely, bellylaughs. they argued, because BM J

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The M I RTH review did take

had not addressed laughter an evenhanded, cost-benefit in a serious fashion in over a approach to laughter, noting century. In 1898,itpublisheda ample evidence of its salucase study of heart failure in a tary effects. It concluded that 13-year-old girl after prolonged laughter's benefits included

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anis in

inton a viser rea earsas ran oic a er

By Julie Pace

tional security adviser Tom

year, while Jake Sullivan was traveling with his boss, Secre-

during the general election, taking on a similar role on the debate team. When Obama tappedClinton to lead the State Depart-

tary of State Hillary Clinton,

ment, Sullivan followed the

he quietly disappeared during a stop in Paris. He showed up again a few days later, rejoining Clinton's traveling contingent in Mongolia.

new secretary to Foggy Bottom. He had a pair of high-lev-

But Sullivan was weighing other options, including a possible run for Congress back in Minnesota. It took cajoling from several high-level White

The Associated Press


L as t

el titles — deputy chief of staff

and director of policy planning — and quicklybecame

In between, Sullivan secretly jetted to the Middle Eastern nation of Oman to meet with

officials from Iran, people familiar with the trip said. The

July 2012 meeting is one of the Obama administration's

The Associated Press file photo

earliest known face-to-face Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walks with then-Deputy contacts with Iran and reveals that Sullivan — who moved from the State Department to the White House earlier this

Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan in Singapore in 2009. A 2012 meeting between Sullivan and Iranian officials is one of the Obama administration's earliest known face-to-face contacts with Iran.

year — was personally involved in the administration's outreach to the Islamic repub-

lic far earlier than had been reported. Senior administration of-

ficials had previously confirmed to Th e A ssociated Press that Sullivan and other

officials held at least five secret meetings with Iran this year, paving the way for an interim n u clear

a g reement

signed in November by Iran, the United States and five oth-

younger. Even-keeled and l ongtime Clinton aide w h o pragmatic, Sullivan's temper- worked closely with Sullivan ament mirrors that of Presi- during their tenure at the State dent Barack Obama, people Department. close to him say. That helped Sullivan has a gleaming rehim crack the tight-knit forsume: undergraduate and law eign policy team at the White degrees from Yale, Rhodes House where he serves as Vice scholar at Oxford, and clerk President Joe Biden's national for Supreme Court Justice security adviser. Stephen Breyer. He entered While Biden is a possible politics by serving as chief presidential candidate in 2016, counsel to Democratic Sen. Sullivan remains loyal to Clin- Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, ton and is seen as her likely Sullivan's home state. pick for White House national During the bruising 2008 security adviser, should she Democratic primary, Sullirun for president and win. van sided with Clinton, serv"He's e ssentially a ing as a top adviser on her

Donilon said that after that

trip, Obama gave him "direct instructions that Jake was a person he wanted to retain."

House staffers and personal

ly 2013 were largely focused on logistics and finding out whether Americans and Iranians could even get in the same

room together. But after Iranians elected a new, more moderate president this summer,

the meetings quickly morphed into substantive discussions about ways to tame Iran's dis-

puted nuclear program.

"By the early fall, I think it known as one o f C l i nton's phone calls from both Obama most trusted advisers. He trav- and Biden to coax Sullivan to became clear to all of us that eled with her to nearly all of the White House. there was an opportunity," the 112 countries she visited as As the vice president's top Burns said in an i nterview. secretary and played a leading foreign policy aide, he has "But neither Jake nor I underrole in shaping U.S. policy to- overseen Biden's i ncreased estimated the difficulty." ward Libya and Syria, as well outreachto Latin America and Perhaps the most important as the historic opening of rela- Asia. But he also has become quality the understated Sultions with the isolated Asian a key player on the president's livan brought to the clandesnation of Myanmar. national security team, par- tine diplomacy: an ability to Clinton, whose daughter ticipating in Obama's daily Chelsea is just four years briefings and deepening his younger than Sullivan, would involvement in the secret Iran

disappear and reappear while drawing little notice. Only a small handful of people were

sometimes turn motherly with

aware of the secret Iranian

her young adviser, openly worrying that the single Sullivan's work schedule wasn't leaving him enough time to date. After Clinton a nnounced

talks he started at the State Department.

talks, leaving even those close

In March, just one month

to Sullivan in the dark. Reines, who traveled with after starting at th e W h i te House, S u l l iva n se c r etly Clinton and Sullivan on the boarded a military plane and July 2012 trip, said he rememheaded back to Oman. This bered his colleague slipping

she would leave the State De- time he was joined by depu- away and resurfacing in Monpartment after the first term, ty secretary of state William golia, but only learned why in Obama advisers began court- Burns, one of t h e n a tion's recent weeks. Sullivan wouldn't comment ing Sullivan for a job at the most seasoned diplomats and White House. They hatched

plans for Sullivan to have more face time with the pres-

a mentor to Sullivan. Waiting for them in Oman was a small handful of senior Iranian of-

on his outreach to Iran and

declined to be interviewed for this story. But a speech he

er world powers. The cloak-and-dagger diplomacy may seem like a tough assignment even for a grizzled t al foreign policy veteran, but Sul- once-in-a-generation livan is just 37 and looks even ent," said Philippe Reines, a

ident, including when Obama ficials, wary but also curious gave at the University of Minand Clinton headed to Asia in about the possibility of a thaw nesota last year provides some in relations between the long- insight into how he views his November 2012 for their final trip together as president and time adversaries. quick rise in Washington and debate preparation team. But secretary ofstate. S ullivan's c ontacts w i t h his view of public policy as a he switched to Team Obama Former White House na- the Iranians in 2012 and ear- "study in imperfection."



strengthened its commitment to low short-term rates. It said

Continued fromA1 it would likely keep its benchFive years ago, when the mark rate at a record low financial meltdown struck, near zero "well past" the time the Fed expanded its reach. unemployment falls below Its response to the worst such 6.5 percent from the current crisis since the 1930s was to 7 percent.

Continued fromA1 strip up to $800,000 from the seven public schools and reduce fundsfor localcolleges, police, fire, libraries and ser-

ease credit, print money and

vices to the disabled.

The move threatened to

boost confidence. "If you are a central bank-

Bond purchases Since the Fed can't low-

The 38,000 residents of Huber Heights are in the cross-

er with the power to print

er its short-term rate below

hairs of a Wall Street takeover

money and the willingness zero, it's taken other steps to use that power, it gets the to spur growth. Starting in attention of financial mar- 2009, it's been buying Treakets," said David Jones, surys and mortgage bonds in author of a f o r thcoming a program nevertriedbefore history of the Fed. "The Fed

on such a scale.

has grown into this colossus The idea is to lower longwhich is basically a fourth term loan rates to stimulate branch of government." borrowing and spending. The Here are five ways the Fed Fed's bond buying has swolhas expanded its influence len its investment portfolio to over the past century: a record $4 trillion. The purchases havehelpedkeep long-

Discount window

When the Fed was created, the "discount window" was its m ain t ool. W h en commercial banks in the Fed

term rates low. But they've incited critics who fear the Fed

is inflating bubbles in assets from stocks to farmland. Last week, the Fed said

system fell short of money, it will slow its monthly purtheycouldborrow from one chases from $85 billion a of 12 regional Fed banks. month to $75 billion. This became a vital Fed role: Greater openness Lenderoflastresort.

of neighborhoods nationwide. After the housing crash sent home prices tumbling 35 percent, m u ltibillion-dollar money managers went on a buying spree. In less than two years, firms including Blackstone and Colony Capital have become some of the

nation's largest landlords by acquiring rental homes, buying hundreds of thousands of foreclosedhouses to lease and constructing new properties to fill with tenants.

Ty Wright I Bloomberg News

They are capitalizing on de- A student walks home from Wayne High School in Huber Heights, Ohio, where budget cuts have mand for rentals from families who lost their homes and buy-

ersunableto getmortgages as

forced schools to reduce staff by 30 percent, including bus drivers and at least100 teachers. The hedge fund Magnetar Capital owns a third of the rental homes in Huber Heights. A tax reduction Magnetar applied for in April threatened to strip more money from schools and other services.

banks limit credit after the last

Hundreds of banks, includ-

unemployment falls further.

bust. The homeownership rate has dropped to 65.3 percent Huber Heights, 50 percent of from a record69.2 percent in public school students are now 2004 and is almostbackwhere on free or reduced-price lunch, it was two decades ago after up from 30percent in 2007. the real-estate collapse took Few residents there knew more than 7 million properties the homes had been sold or

ing some of the biggest, borrowed from it. The Fed supplied trillions in loansto U.S. banks and foreign banks with U.S. subsidiaries.

This assurance is part of its effort to be more publicly

from their owners in a wave of foreclosures.

T hat effort, along w i t h

didn't even announce when


d i scount w i n d ow

The Fed has tried to assure

gained vast s ignificance investors t ha t s h o rt-term during the financial crisis. rates will stay low even after

transparent. The Fed h ad

long guarded its operations closely. Until the 1990s, it

a rescue fund approved by it changed short-term rates. Congress, helped save the fiStarting with Bernanke's nancial system. But the 2010

predecessor, Alan

Dodd-Frank financial over-

span, the Fed became more open. It began releasing

haul law restricted the Fed's

G r een-

ability to give emergency aid statements after each meetto non-banks like insurance ing to explain what it had giant American Internation- done and why. al Group, which got billions. Bernanke went much furThe Fed would now need ther.He updated economic the T r easury

s e cretary's forecasts more f r equently. approval. And the support He became the first chair-

couldn't be directed to a sin- man to hold quarterly news gle company. conferences. He sat for TV

Short-termrate This is the Fed's main lever to influence the economy.

It was discovered almost by accident about a decade af-

dustrial heartland. When Hu-

an emailed statement. "Over time, and through our actions,

His family's rental business

aligned." The Huber Heights school

because of the unorthodox

steps it's taken over the past five years. Some Republiable enough. House Financial Services

date: Maximizing employ- Committee Chairman Jeb ment and stabilizing prices. Hensarling, R-Texas, plans To lower rates, it creates to review whether changes should be made to the Fed's

operations especially, Hensarling argues, because "the Fed has either implicit-

the Fed does the reverse: It

ly or explicitly assumed so

sells Treasurys to banks and

many mandates and has, historically, been subject to

T he

with Dayton, a crossroads for goods made in America's in-

and Columbus, he constructed affordable homes selling for $13,995 with a $995 down payment, according to the Ohio Historical Society.

bility by speaking too explicitly about its plans.

cans think it isn't account-

takes money out of circulation. Rates rise.

the 1950s, the area expanded after World War II along

midway between Cincinnati

economic jolt.

banks can use the reserves to make loans. To raise rates,

for builder Charles Huber,

who developed the town in

felt the Fed limited its flexi-

Congress has sought to insulate the Fed from political meddling to preserve its independence. Yet the Fed has become a target for critics

bonds from banks. The

ing and prowess can have on a community is already apparent in Huber Heights. Named

hall meetings. Some critics

Fed found it could influence short-term rates by buying and selling Treasurys that banks hold as reserves. The Fed was slow to exploit this power during the Depression, when it could have delivered a desperately needed

money and uses it to buy

sity of Pennsylvania's Wharton SchooL The influence investment firms with Wall Street back-

little or no congressional F e d l a s t wee k oversight."

was the biggest in town until this year when his widow,

the community will see that our investment objectives and the community's interests are board didn't see it that way

Teresa Huber, sold it to Evan-

and this year sought to block

ston, Ill.-based Magnetar. Magnetar picked Huber

the tax reassessments. The district gets about half of its

Heights because it found a

$58.4 million operating bud-

ready-made s i n gle-family home rental company that c ould deliver th e

kind of

steady returns its investors expect, spokesman Tony Fratto said in October. The town

had 15,875 housing units as of 2010 Census data, with about 28 percent of them rent-

als. Monthly rents for Huber homes range from $500 to $1,500, according to Amy Logan, head of leasing. The Dayton area lost 9 percent of its jobs after the hous-

ing crash and recession. In


County, which encompasses

physical education classes Huber Heights, as part of a property taxes by up to $1.39 have been reduced or can- regular countywide process. million until Bloomberg News celed. Math scores fell last Magnetar's investments inreported it in October. year, a product of the cuts clude bonds backed by home D aniel Bathon, h ead o f and new state standards that loans and financing for enVinebrook Partners, w hich teachers with limited resourc- ergy companies. In 2006 and manages the properties for es were ordered to adopt, ac- 2007, Magnetar helped banks Magnetar, said then that the cording to Superintendent Su- create complex securities tax cut would help them to san Gunnell. backed by risky mortgages. At invest more in the residencGunnell said she under- the same time the hedge fund es, increasing their value. At stands from a business per- made bets that would profit a meeting with o f ficials at spective what the hedge fund if the homeowners defaulted. City Hall, he said Vinebrook is trying to do. The Securities and Exchange "We just have to p rotect Commission investigated the planned to make at least $1 million in improvements to its what we have," she said. deals after housing implod"We've made so many reduc- ed and has fined some of the units in 2013 and 2014. "The Huber Heights in- tions, it's already starting to banks involved. The governvestment will succeed only affect our student achieve- ment hasn't filed a complaint if we invest to upgrade and ment and progress." against Magnetar. maintain our properties and In a series of hearings since provide greatservice to our early October, the county tenants," Magnetar said in auditor's Board of R evision

ber started to build the town,

Political independence

rates to meet its dual man-

W achter, a professor ofrealestate and finance at the Univer-

A dvanced P l acement

that Magnetar asked to cut

interviews and held town-

ter the Fed's creation. The

The Fed uses short-term

"There's a lot of room for this to grow," said Susan

get from property taxes. Bud- the schools $114,676. "We're not in the clear yet," get cuts since 2009 already forcedschoolsto reduce staff Gunnell said. Next year, valby 30 percent, including at ues for all the homes will be least 100 teachers. Art, choir, reappraised in Montgomery

rejected most of the tax cuts

requested by Magnetar's property manager. Still, it granted enough to save Magnetar $183,736 next year and cost


mplements 'H esoe '3 n,l e~ t e~ J

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775 SW BonnetWay Suite 120 Bend Main: 541-728-0321


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C18"'- ""

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Piper Continued from A1 "I was somehow able to find one of the antennas on eBay," Powers said. "The

whole thing is absolutel y authentic, down to t h e

"The whole thing is absolutely authentic,

down to the screws. l even had the cotton-

wrapped wiring done by a company that works on vintage cars."

screws. I even had the cotton-wrapped wiring done by a company that works on — Colin Powers vintage cars." The plane's history can be traced back to 1945 when it was delivered to he said, 'Oh, I'll get around the Army in Pennsylvania. to it,'" Powers said. "I just It was then sent in a crate called again last year, and to Oakland, Calif., and he finally agreed to sell it." shipped to Hawaii. Powers has been piecing "From there, we don't together the plane, often know where it went," Pow- using parts available from ers said. "But the bill of sale other planes. So far, he has at the end of the war — it spent around $18,000 on was sold in 1946 — says it was in poor condition on

Saipan. That's why I think it may have been used for the leaflets.'"

The plane was flown do-

the purchase and the same

amount on repairs. Powers has put a lot of work into the wings, and the propeller and engine are his next challenge. "All I can say is that the

mestically until 1968, when

it was damaged in a hangar guys who flew these really collapse in Idaho. The plane put their necks out there, doremained there until Powers ing what they did," Powers got hold of it last year. said. "It will be good to get "I first heard about it 20 years ago, and I tried to talk

this one back in the air."

the guy into selling it, but

— Reporter: 541-633-2160, tleeds@bendbulletirLcom


Sourcestie execution in North I(orea toexports By Choe Sang-hun and David E. Sanger New Yorl'z Times News Service

SEOUL, South Korea — The execution of the uncle of North

Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, had its roots in a firefight along the country's southwestern coast in September over who would profit from North Ko-

rea's most lucrative exports — clams, crabs and coal — according to accounts that are

being pieced together by South Korean and U.S. officials. North Korean military forc-

es were deployed to retake controlof one of the sources of those exports, the seafood

farms that Jang Song Thaek, the uncle of the country's untested, 30-year-old leader, had

seized from the military. In the battle for control of the farms, the emaciated, poorly trained

North Korean forces "were beaten — very badly — by Unde Jang's loyalists," according to one official. The rout of his forces ap-

pears to have been the final

straw for Kim, who saw his

eliminated a potential rival, it

67-year-ol d unde as athreatto

has been at a huge cost: The

cent days a more complex, nuanced story has emerged. his authority over the military open warfare between the two During a dosed-door meetand, just as important, to his factionshasrevealed hugefrac- ing Monday of the South Koown family's dwindling sourc- ture inside the country's elite rean National A ssembly's es of revenue. Eventually, at over who pockets the foreign intelligence committee, Nam Kim's order, the North Korean currency — mostly Chinese Jae-joon, director of the Namilitary came back with a larg- yuan — the country earns from tional Intelligence Service, diser force and prevailed. Soon, the few non-nuclear exports its puted Pyongyang's assertion Jang's two top lieutenants were trading partners desire. that Jang had tried to usurp executed. Only a few months ago Jang his nephew's power. Rather, he The two men died in front of was believed to be the second said, Jang and his associates a firing squad. But instead of most powerful man in North had provoked the enmity of ririfles, the squad used anti-air- Korea. In fact, U.S. intelligence vals within the North's elite by craft machine guns, a form of agencieshad reported to the dominating lucrative business execution that according to White House and the State deals, starting with the coal the Chosun Ilbo, one of South Department in late 2011 that badly needed by China, the Korea's largest newspapers, he could well be running the North's main trading partner. "There had been f r iction was similar to one used against country behind the scenessome North Korean artists in and might edge out his inexpe- building up among the agenAugust. Days later, Jang him- rienced nephew for control. In cies of power in North Korea self was publicly denounced, partthatwa sbasedonhisdeep over privileges and over the tried and executed, by more relationship with top officials in abuse of power by Jang Song traditional means. China, as well as his extensive Thaek and his associates," Given the opaqueness of business connections there. Nam was quoted as saying. North Korea's inner c i rcle, His highly unusual public Nam's comments were relayed many details of the struggle humiliation and e xecution to the news media by Jeong between Kim and his unde on Dec. 12 set off widespread Cheong-rae and Cho Won-jin, r emain murky. But what i s speculation about the possibil- two lawmakersdesignated as known suggests that while Kim ity of a power struggle within spokesmen for the parliamenhas consolidated control and the secretive regime. But in re- tary committee.


Cover Oregon

Continued from A1 About two-thirds of those planned to give a tablet or

smartphone, according to the survey, which was taken for PBS Kids, the brand of the

public broadcasting network aimed at young children. "Smarter

G i v i n g Wit h

Apps!" shouted the December cover of Manhattan Family, a

monthly publication geared to families with young children. The article, written by a kindergarten teacher, noted that

"traditional gifts, like clothes and toys" can be costly "and not always what children are

wishing for." Apps, on the other hand, she wrote, are cost-effective, ed u c ational

and fun — the perfect gift. It is a confounding situation

Ben Solomon /New YorkTimes News Service

for toymakers, which, accord- Maddon Segall, 3, plays on an iPad mini as his mother, Elyse, watches, at their home in Livingston, ing to the Toy Industry Asso- N.J. American children's passion for toys seems to be fading at an earlier age than ever, and retailers ciation and statistics compiled

like Toys 'R' Us have adjusted to the rapid shift in preference to tablets, computers and cellphones by

by NPD Group, have barely retooling as electronics stores themselves. managed to eke out any gains in the past few years. Contributing to the doldrums is the

a very different toy from the

season — no 2013 equivalent

Tickle Me Elmo who set off a craze in the mid-1990s, but he is still Elmo.

the grocery store, Barbie and carefree." fact that there is no super-hot, G.I. Joe need no introduction. Some newer toys popular must-have toy t hi s h o liday But there is also something this year are decidedly low of the Cabbage Patch doll or the Tickle Me Elmo or even the Zhu Zhu Pet.

more emotional at play.

"When you look at things like Cabbage Patch, to Hot

tech, like Rainbow Looms.

"You use looming sticks to create bracelets," said Gerrick

"Elmo is all about his personality," Silver said. "You

Wheels, to Elmo, parents see

Johnson, a toy industry ana- don't want to lose that. You

Instead, some in the industry are trying to get a piece of the tech action. While electronic games have long been

these things they had and they loved," said Jim Silver,

can't lose the brand's core."

editor in chief of TimetoPlay-

lyst at BMO Capital Markets. "It is the most basic, the most low-tech item in th e w orld, "If it was one of

and it's the hottest toy out

son that does not have a new

a staple of toy stores, this

their favorites, they want to share that experience with

there." But even retro toys must be

blockbuster, their popularity this year may also be relat-

year, for the first time, Toys 'R' Us introduced hands-on tablet displays in many of its stores, including iPads and Samsung tablets. The company has also designed and developed its own tablet for young children, the Tabeo e2, which, a spokeswoman said, "comes right out the box with 30 premium apps." On a recent snowy morn-

ing, the first thing holiday shoppers saw after entering the Toys 'R' Us flagship store in Times Square (after being w elcomed by a man in a giraffe costume) was a sign ad-

their child." constantly updated. A parent's experience as an There have been 12 Easy adult is also relevant. Plenty Bake Oven models, according of people love a good game of to Hasbro, available in colors Angry Birds, but less pleas- including silver, yellow, purant associations also attach ple and teal. Baby Alive has to tablets and phones, like late new features every year — in night emails from the boss. the spring, a version was in"I think for parents, these troduced that cuddles, and kind of adult toys symbolize also kicks. And this year's work and other things that Elmo, Big Hugs Elmo, will don't necessarily symbolize hug, dance and offer game childhood," Johnson said of suggestions by saying things apps and tablets. "But Mr. like, "Let's pretend we are Potato Head is childhood and horses!" In many ways, he is

While such evergreen toys generally do better in a sea-

tough economic times. T he downside is that so

much of what is available is already familiar. "There's not a lot of innovation out there, not a lot of newness," Johnson said. "Not

a lot to pull kids away from digital entertainment." But even the nostalgic toy is

Gov. John Kitzhaber, who

leader in the health over-

not long ago guaranteed ev- haul efforts. Instead, it's eryone who wanted cover- turned into a black-eye for age by the first of the year the state and will likely turn and met t h e a p propriate into a campaign issue for deadlines would have it, is Kitzhaber as he campaigns now calling for an indepen- foran unprecedented fourth dent review of the website. Loren Anderson with Anderson Insurance in Bend,

term. — Reporter: 541-554-1162,

Where Buyers And Sellers Meet

going digital: The Easy Bake Oven has an app.


• • Classifieds

A Free Public Service

vertising the iPad.

"Increasingly tablets are a key growth category for the company," said Adrienne O'Hara, the company's director of consumer public relations. But as the holiday shopping season is wrapping up, some parents have resisted. T he E as y

B ake O v en,

which celebrated its 50th birthday this year, has been a strong seller at Wal-Mart

in recent weeks. Hot Wheels are having a good season, industry experts say, as are the Barbie Dream House and Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur-

over 80 Oregon Newspapers, from 36 Counties

tles. Even Mr. Potato Head is

still around. "In many ways, retro is being fueled by the virtualization of toys," said M. Eric Johnson, dean of the Owen

Graduate School of Manage-


ment at V anderbilt University, who has studied the toy



industry. "I think there's a mindset in a lot of young moms that a

physical toy is a good thing, it's almost a backlash to the popularity of the app," he said. "So they head down the toy aisle, and they find something they remember." Indeed, nostalgia can be a powerfultool for retailers. Part of that is brand recogni-

tion, because just like finding a familiar box of Cheerios in

s t ate-certified

insurance agents, said he Continued from A1 started advising people long As of Friday, the state's ago to go the private route. "I encouraged them to troubled exchange had enrolled 11,000 people in pri- stay out of the (exchange) vate plans and about 19,000 until the (state) figured it had been enrolled in the Or- out," Anderson said. egon Health Plan, the state's O fficials f r o m Mo s a i c version of Medicaid. The Medical, which has clinics state is working through a throughout Central Orepile of about 65,000 to 70,000 gon, declined to comment total applications. on Monday. Mosaic MedCover Oregon has until ical is a certified commuDec. 27 to process applica- nity agent. A spokesman tions for January coverage. said enrollment specialists And there is still a chance were too busy processing consumers could hear from applications. Cover Oregon this week. Ruth Zdanowicz, 62, of But to guarantee continu- Bend, is in the state's highous coverage, it's wise to risk insurance pool a fter look outside the exchange. having melanoma removed For some, that will m ean five years ago. She was able they won't receive a tax sub- to enroll in the exchange on sidy in January. Monday with the help of a The latest message comes certified insurance agent. after months of disappointThe state said it w o uld ing news from the state's prioritize members of the health c a r e e x c hange, Oregon Medical Insurance which was expected to Pool,and a temporary medlaunch on Oct. 1. The web- ical pool for those members site is still not fully opera- was also created to ensure tional, and Cover Oregon no gap in coverage. has been forced to hire hunZdanowicz s ai d t he dreds of people to process p rocess involved a lo t o f paper applications. Dead- waiting. "I'm not saying it was a lines have been pushed, the man once charged with great deal ... but it wasn't as overseeing the exchange bad as I thought," she said. has taken medical leave, Oregon, which opted to and the woman who over- r un it s ow n h e alth c a r e saw the technological com- exchange, embraced the ponents for the state has Affordable Care Act early resigned. and was expected to be a

ed to economics. Johnson of

BMO said more classic toys appealed to parents during

one of t h e

0 gggg .

. g i i por use the o @pg®ggh service to be automatically emailed of notices that match your needs.







~ i




eese on eroa wa s? 0 a e


Civil Warheroontrack to receive Medal of Honor

Isconsln, rl

By Richard Simon

After Proxmire retired, his

Los Angeles Times

successors and other WisWASHINGTON — Lt. consin lawmakers picked up Alonzo Cushing could be Cushing's cause. honored wit h t h e M e d al Dave Krueger, a Delafield

By Steven Yaccino New York Times News Service

MILWAUKEE — In a state

whose license plates adver-

of Honor, but a bit late: 150

resident who

tise it as America's Dairyland, where lawmakers once honored the bacterium in Monte-

years afterhis heroics at Gettysburg. Buried deep in a defense bill to f u n d m odern-day weapons systems and military operations in Afghani-

pioned Cushing, credited Zerwekh's perseverance. "I

1 ll q) -


IN.II~I88 .. 8s -

rey Jack as the state's official



microbe and where otherwise

sober citi zens wear foam cheesehead hats, road crews are trying to thaw freezing

stan is a measure to waive the time limit for posthumously


a ls o c h am-

think it was just letter after letter after letter," he said.

Cushing's command Battery A, 4th U.S. Artillery

— was at the focal point of the Confederate attack on

terial that smells a little like

awardingthe nation's highest the last day of the three-day military honor to Cushing. battle that became a turning


The 22-year-old Union artil-

point in the Civil War.

This month, Milwaukee began a pilot program to repurkeeping city roads from freezing, mixingthe dairy waste with

lery off icer refused to leave the battlefield even after being severely wounded during C onfederate Maj . G en. George Pickett's charge July

traditional rock salt as a way to

3, 1863. He died there after

Cushing, in command of 110 men and six cannons positioned on C e metery Ridge, was wounded in the shoulder and groin during the Confederate attack. His

trim costs andeasepollution.

being shot in the head.

men were decimated, but he

"You want to use provolone or mozzarella,"said Jef-

remained at his post. "The guy is standing there right thing," said Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., who co-spon- holding his intestines in with sored the legislation. one hand commanding the If Pre s ident Bar a c k battery," said Frank SiltObama concurs, and the man, director of Museums legislation's sponsors expect and Military History at Ft. he will, Cushing will have Sill, Okla. "Even by modern waited the longest — of 3,461 standards, this is an act of inrecipients — to receive the credible heroism." Medal of Honor. Cushing's heroics haven't The legislation, which been entirely forgotten. A cleared Congress late Thurs- stone marker recognizing day night, highlights whathis deeds has been on the and how long — it can take battlefield since 1887. to advance a cause on CapiCushing was close to retol Hill. ceiving the medal last year, In Cushing's case, the but House-Senate negotiaeffort began more than 25 tors dropped the provision years ago with a letter to from the final bilL Sen. W i l l ia m P r o x m ire, Defense Secretary Chuck D-Wis., from a constituent, Hagel still would have to now 93, who lives on land recommend him for the medonce owned by the Cushing al,and Obama would have family. to approve. But Cushing's "After all these years, it's admirers note that in 2010, about time," the constituent, Army Secretary John M. Margaret Zerwekh, said by McHugh expressed support phone from Delafield, Wis. for honoring him.

Wisconsin streets with a ma-

pose cheese brine for use in

"It's never too late to do the

frey Tews, the fleet operations manager for the public works department, which has thrice

spread the cheesy substance Tom Lynn/New York Tim es News Service in Bay View, a neighborhood Alderman Tony Zielinski stands at a test intersection treated with cheese brine instead of salt to melt on Milwaukee's south side. snow and ice in Milwaukee. Municipalities across the country are seeking more environmentally "Those have the best salt con- friendly alternatives to road salt, but questions on cheese brine remain: Does it work well enough to tent. You have to do practically nothing to it."

Local governments across the country have been experi-

menting with cheaper and environmentally friendly ways of thawing icy thoroughfares, trying everything from sugar beet juice to discarded brew-

justify higher transport costs, and can residents get used to the smell?

"You want to use provolone or mozzarella. Those have the best salt content. You have to do practically nothing to it."

ence, good or bad, in the smell of their streets, and city offi-

cialssay they havereceivedno complaints. If anything, days after the plows passed through, you would have to get down

— Jeffrey Tews, Milwaukee public works

ery grain in an attempt to limit

and sniff the pavement to get a

the use of road salt, which can spread too thin, wash away and was eventually dropped. and pollute waterways. Last year, with only 28 inchSnow science experts say es of snow, Milwaukee used an attempt to recycle the salty 44,000 tons of salt and spent brine that flavors cheese was almost $6.5 million on snow only a matter of time, particu- and ice management. Theyear larly in a state like Wisconsin. before, the costs surpassed $10 "We're just trying to make million. every possible use of cheese," It is, perhaps, too soon to said Tony Zielinski, an alder-

decent whiff of dairy. "We never look down or get

tell how much cheese brine would alter that outlay. The pilot program will cost Milwaukee about $6,500 — mostly for transporting and storing a

that close," said Ghassan Kor-

ban, the public works commissioner, his back straight as he stood behinda truck of cheese

brine, battle-ready for an apport is expected this spring. proaching storm. "If you can't Residents of Bay View say smell it from this height, then small batch of brine. A full re-

they have noticed little differ-

you won't smell it."

man who represents the Bay

View district, adding that local governments in other states have called him to learn more about the program. "If this takes off, if this proves to be a success here, I'm sure that it

will be used in cities all over the country." But in t h i s d ense urban

setting, Milwaukee officials are reviewing a list of potential problems that come with

cheese-coatedstreets: Would a faint odor of cheese bother residents? Would it attract ro-

dents'? Would the benefits of cheese brine,said to freeze at

a lower temperature than regular salt brine, be enough to justify the additional hauling and storing requirements? If at first it sounded like a joke, the reality of tapping the wellspring of dairy byproduct has become a serious budget-slimming c o nversation. The state produced 2.7 billion pounds of cheese in 2012, the

most of any in the nation. With

it comes a surplus of brine that is shipped to local waste treatment plants. (Cheese brine is permitted on roads if limited








1 y

to 8 gallons per ton of rock salt

used.) Chuck Engdahl, the waste water manager at F&A Dairy Products in northwestern Wis-






consin, said his company now


donates most of th e excess

liquid to a handful of municipalities willing to cart it away, including Milwaukee, saving about$20,000 ayearin hauling costs.



And Polk County, also near the Minnesota border, estimates that it saved $40,000 in rock salt expenses in 2009, the

year it started using cheese brine on its highways. "If you put dry salt on a roadway, you typically lose 30 percent tobounce and traffic," said Emil Norby, who works for Polk County and was the first in Wisconsin to come up with

the salt stick. The county has expanded its use of the material every year since, spreading more than 40,000 gallons on its highways last year. Chehalis, in Washington state, also uses an anti-icing mixture that includes cheese brine. Looking for rock salt alter-

natives, Milwaukee, a city that averages about 50 inches of snoweach winter, tested a"mo-

lasses-typeproduct" more than a decade ago, but scrapped plained that it left shoe prints in their homes. In 2009, the city

sprayed its rock salt with sugar beet juice to make it last longer, but the mixture clogged trucks



the cheese brine idea to help

the idea after residents com-



Calendar, B2 Obituaries, B5 Weather, B6




BRIEFING Fire Qkes out Bendmobile home A Monday evening fire heavily damageda mobile home in southeast Bend. The fire started around 5 p.m. andsent flames as high asthe treetops surrounding the trailer, said Yaneth Espinoza, 37,who lives across Southeast Miller Avenue from the trailer park. Smoke from the blaze could beseen rising into the night sky from the Southeast Wilson Avenueoverpass, a quarter-mile away. "It was big," Espinoza sald.

The trailer park is located betweenSoutheast Miller Avenueand Southeast Woodland Boulevard, just east of Southeast Third Street. The trailer park has about a dozentrailers in a ring, and the burned trailer was near the middle of the block. Thefire did not appear to spread to surrounding trailers. — Bulletin staff report More briefing and News of RecorrL B2

Following up onCentral Oregon's most interesting stories, even if they've been out of the headlines for a while. Email ideas to Q»To follow the series, visit


Target shooting

ormer en ra u r oert mar e or ome eveo ment



By Joseph Ditzler The Bulletin

By Dylan J. Darling

From 1932 to 2005, Cen-

The Bulletin

tral Oregon marksmen honed their skills on the Bend Trap Club property off of Brosterhous Road.

Laurie Maholland says she would like to go for hikes on public land near her Crooked

But with land values

River Ranch home, but tar-

skyrocketing, the Trap Club's owners moved east of town, selling their 40acre property to a development firm planning to build homes there. In the eight years since, the property has been

get shooting there keeps her away. "No one wants to go out there because you're afraid

you'll be shot," said Maholland,66. The land is called The Peninsula and the U.S. Forest

at the center of a lawsuit over lead contamination,

the Crooked River National

a foreclosure and a plan for an Alzheimer's care

Grassland. Maholland is among a group of Crooked

Serviceoversees itaspartof

center that never got off the

River Ranch residents who


have raised concerns to the Forest Service about target

RohKerriThe Bulletin

Now its future as a major residential development

seems secure. SeeTrap Club/B2

The property on the right side of this security fence along Brosterhous Road in Bend was the former site of the Bend Trap Club and included a clubhouse and several outbuildings. After a great deal of cleaning to remove lead contamination, the area is going to be developed into o residential neighborhood.

shooting there.

In response, the agency plans to hold a public meeting on the topic on Jan. 7 at the

Crooked River Ranch administration building at 5195 S W.

STATE NEWS • Timber counties nid:Federal subsidy checks won't stop becauseof sequestration,B2

Clubhouse Road in Crooked

: :'Marlatt has pleadednot . :Marlatt is scheduled for a ,:'guilty to the charges and is ,:pretrial conference onJan. 6. , ::being held in theJefferson .:::No trial date is set. County jail. A judge denied O'Connell's ,::'O'Connell is expected to go ,:'request to drop the charges to trial April 1. ,::in exchangefor a monetary civil compromise. : :'Wirkkala pleadednot guilty ::'Wirkkala's trial is scheduled Luke : Wirkkala is charged with one count of Wirkknla : :murder after he allegedly shot and killed his : :'on June7andhistrialwas for June 3. : houseguest, 31-year-old David Ryder, Feb. , :'moved from January during . :4in Bend. a hearing last week. Joshua .:Jokinen is charged with one count of mur- .::'Jokinen pleadednot guilty .:::A status hearing is scheduled : :'for Feb.10. Jokinen'strial is Jokinen : der after he allegedly beatCarolyn Burdick on Nov. 12. : to death with a shovel onAug. 31. set for July 8. Montana : Marlatt faces charges of murder and Silk : first-degree manslaughter for allegedly Marlatt . :killing Devon Moschetti, 19, with whom he : was shooting targets in April. : The former Bulletin employeewas arrested Kevin O'Connell : in August 2012 onsuspicion of prostitution : and second-degree sexabuse.


Event listings for Peter Rodocker andElektrapod, which published several times in the Event Calendar, were incorrect due to incorrect information supplied to The Bulletin. Peter Rodocker will appear Dec. 26 and Elektrapod Dec. 27 at Volcanic Theatre Pub. The Bulletin regrets the errors.

"This is just a meeting to

discuss and listen to people's concerns and issues," he said. Turner sent a letter to

Crooked River Ranch residents in early November, asking for comments about shoot-

ing at The Peninsula. The ForestServicereceived nearly 300 comments — including

letters, emails and phone calls — Patrick Lair, spokesman for the Ochoco National Forest

and Crooked River National Grassland, wrote in an email. SeePeninsula/B5


MetOiiuS~ Q/re Bi//y hl nook TheCove


Kevin Perry

: :'Perryshotand killed Shane ,:'Munoz in June2012 after Perry ,:'allegedly returned home to find :Munozinhishome. .

The Deschutes County DistrictAttorney's Office asked the BendPolice Department in April to re-examine the events surrounding the case.According to an email, the DA'soffice considers the case "open indefinitely." Summit1031 : Local company allegedly Threeexecutivesofthecompany,LaneLyons,Mark misappropriated $44 million Neuman andTimothy Larkin, were found guilty of .:::in client funds; it filed for bank- wire fraud andconspiracy charges. Theyweresenruptcy in 2008. tenced to prison last week. :'Thirteen : employees and Qesert Sun All charged in the case, including Desert Sun PresiManagement : associates wereaccused of dent Tyler Fitzsimons, pleadedguilty, and all but two : 'multimillion-dollar loan fraud defendants in the casehavebeensentenced. Fitzsiin 2009. mons received 7/~years in prison. :'Bend : Police Officer Erick SupOfficer Erick Supplee remains onpaid administrative leave ::'plee fatally shot 31-year-old Ty- pending a decision from Deschutes County District Supplee ,::'ler Keinonen during a burglary Attorney Patrick Flaherty regarding whether the use call on Nov. 22. of fatal force wasjustified.



No charges havebeen filed or arrests made.

State Park


Jordan Rd. Peninsula Dr.

The trio haveappealed the conviction.

Area iB


The remaining participants are to besentenced in January and March.

Crooked )River,

Flaherty said his office is awaiting atoxicology report before making a final decision.

wer Brid e R .

Terrebonne Andy Zelgert / The Bulletin


talks healthissues By Elon Gluckbch The Bulletin

Over the next five years, Deschutes County Health Services workers expect to grapple with growing marijuana use among kids, medicalneeds from unintended pregnancies and accessto services for residents outside Bend and Redmond. At the same time, county health staff will


district ranger for the grassland, said he is not yet proposing any changes to rules regarding target shooting at The Peninsula, but he is weighing his options.


CHRISTMAS • City, county, federal nndstate officeswill all be closed Wednesday, with many operating on shortened hours today. • All schoolswill be closed the weekof Christmas, including Central OregonCommunity College campuses. • Bankswill be closed Wednesday. • Post officeswill be closedWednesday.Mail will not be picked upor delivered Wednesday. • Oeschutes Public librarieswill be closed today andWednesday. The CrookCounty Librarywill be open 9 a.m. to noon today, and will be closed on Wednesday.TheJefferson CountyLibrarywill be open from10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today, andwill be closed Wednesday. • Juniper Swim8 Fitness Centerwill close early today at1 p.m., and will be closed Wednesday. • The BendEast lipuor storewill be open today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will be closed Wednesday. BendNorth liquor will be openfrom 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today, and will also be open on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.Bend West lipuorwill be open from10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today, and will be closed on Wednesday.Bend South liquorwill be open from10a.m. to 6 p.m. today, andwill be closed on Wednesday.

River Ranch. Slater Turner,


have to keep on top of new federal health care laws and progress with Oregon's coordinated care initiative.

A dozenHealth Services staffersprovided county commissioners and administrators

with a five-year outlook on public health issues facing the department late last week. Changing attitudes about r e creational

drugs figure to have wide-ranging effects on students, officials said. Last year, Colorado and Washington vot-

ers passedmeasures legalizing marijuana use. A similar ballot measure failed in Or-

egon, but backers are already moving for a new measure in time for the November election. SeeHealth /B5

~+ccoolsculpting •

weather ahead By Shelby R. King The Bulletin •

Holiday travelers might have a lot of traffic to contend with, but they aren't likely to

battle bad weather in Central Oregon. The National Weather Service in Pend-

leton is predicting local daytime temperatures in the mid-40s through the weekend, and while overnight temperatures should

drop into the low 20s, there shouldn't be any snow. "There is absolutely nothing to worry about," spokesman Rob Brooks said. "After today we'll see a high pressure system move


in and it should be clear all the way out until

at least early next week." Brooks said he expects roads to be clear,

Department of Transportation's website at to make sure roads are open and passable. SeeWeather/B2


though there could be some snow left in the

mountains. Brooks suggests drivers check the Oregon

Buy One, Get One Ofq I I I C p Bp 1-31-14 or M I»

q d bl~

REVEAL THE REAL YOU. cooeculprng'is the non-surgical body contounngtrealment that heezes andnaturallyel<m>natesfar. No needlos, no surgsrr and beat of all, no downbme Devebped byHarvsnl sdenllsls, coolsculprng isFDAwleared, aA and elnlwll r proven We wll devehp yourmatomized C00ISculpting trestmenl plan ao




YOU C8nIP/QOOdbp'.e Itllbbom fBr



dpN M p h




B k , MD ~ «

yA k 0

1 C IS I p h~ i dgMI y 4











E VENT TODAY THE COMMUNITYCHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE:Hosted by Bob Shaw, with carols, family fun, a choir performance, Avenue Hand more; $6plusfees;3,5and7p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www.towertheatre.



THURSDAY SCIENCEPARTY: ELECTRICITY!: Learn entertaining information about electricity; $3 for members, $5 for nonmembers; 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. CARRIAGERIDES IN THE OLD MILL DISTRICT:Ride in the Cowboy Carriage, located between Ben 8

Jerry's andFrancesca's; proceeds benefit the KIDS Center; weather dependent; donationsaccepted; 2-5 p.m.; Ben & Jerry's, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-0131. PETER RODOCKER: The Portland


Email events at least 10 days before publication date to communityli or click on "Submit an Event" at Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Contact: 541-383-0351.

folk-pop singer-songwriter performs, with Lamp; $5; 8 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or

dependent; donations accepted; 2-5 p.m.; Ben & Jerry's, 680 carriage rides S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; will continue 541-312-0131. in the Old Mill JAZZ ATTHEOXFORD: The Oregon District this Piano Summit, with two pianos weekend. and Gordon Lee, Randy Porter, Ben The Bulletin Darwish and Darrell Grant; $45 plus file photo fees; 5 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541382-8436 or www.jazzattheoxford. Horse-drawn

FRIDAY SCIENCEPARTY: ELECTRICITY!: Learn entertaining information about electricity; $3 for members, $5 for nonmembers; 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. CARRIAGERIDES IN THE OLD MILL DISTRICT:Ride in the Cowboy Carriage, located between Ben& Jerry's and Francesca's; proceeds benefit the KIDS Center; weather

com. "MCCONKEY":A screening of the documentary about the examination of the legacy one athlete left to sport; $10 plus fees in advance, $13 at the door; 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www. BENEFITCONCERT: Featuring Tom and Darlene Leonard, Kurt Silva, Dirk Van Houweling and Phil Paige; proceeds benefit the"Feed the Hungry" program; free, donations accepted; 7-10 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m.; Bend's Community Center, 1036 N.E. Fifth St.; 541-390-0921 or BILL WADHAMSBAND:The former Animotion front man and his band perform; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or LIVECOMEDYSHOW:Portland comediansDon Frostand Alex Rios perform; $10; 7 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W.Century Drive,


dependent ;donationsaccepted; 2-5 p.m.; Ben 8 Jerry's, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-0131. YOGOMAN BURNINGBAND: The W ashington ska-rock'n'soulband

performs; free; 6p.m.; Crow's FeetCommons, 875 N.W. Brooks St., Bend; 541-728-0066 or www. JAZZ AT THEOXFORD: The Oregon Piano Summit, with two pianos and Gordon Lee, Randy Porter, Ben Darwish and Darrell Grant; $45 plus fees; 8 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-382-8436 or www.

SATURDAY BEND INDOORSWAP MEET AND SATURDAY MARKET: Featuring arts and crafts, collectibles, antiques, children's activities, music and more; free admission; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Bend Indoor Swap Meet, 679 S.E. Third St.; 541-317-4847.

SCIENCEPARTY: ELECTRICITY!: Learn entertaining information about electricity; $3 for members, $5 for nonmembers; 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. CARRIAGERIDES IN THE OLD MILL DISTRICT:Ride in the Cowboy Carriage, located between Ben&

Jerry's andFrancesca's; proceeds benefit the KIDS Center; weather


LOCAL BRIEFING Continued from Bf

Helt re-elected to OSBA committee Bend-La PineSchools board chairwomanCheri Helt hasbeen



re-elected to theOregonSchool Boards Association legislative policy committee. The legislative policy committee sets legislative priorities for the OSBA, agroup which represents all of Oregon's public school boards.

SALEM, OR 97301 PHONE:503-986-1616 FAX:503-986-16 I6 • TREASURERTED WHEELER, D 159OREGON STATE CAPITOL 900 COURTST.N.E. SALEM, OR 97301 PHONE:503-378-4329 EMAIL:oregon.treasurer© • ATTORNEY GENERALELLEN ROSENBLUM, D 1102 COURT ST.N.E. SALEM, OR 97301 PHONE:503-378-4400 FAX:503-378-4017 •LABOR COMMISSIONER BRAD AVAKIAN 000N.E.OREGON ST.,SUITE1045 PORTLAND,OR97232 PHONE: 971-673-0761 FAX:971-673-0762

The OSBAprovides boardswith training andlegalassistance, while also actively lobbying thestategovernment. Thereare19 school board members onthe committee from across the state. — Bulletin staff report

ice scraper, rags or paper tow- idays venture 50 or more el, blankets, flares and jumper miles from home, according Continued from B1 cables. The organization also to a news release from Marie "It's been warm and r elrecommends driverskeep bot- Dodds, public affairs officer atively dry, so we're in just tled water and snacks, such for AAA Oregon/Idaho. about the best situation we as energy bars, and suggests This year, though, Oregon could be," said ODOT spokes- drivers map their routes be- drivers will pay less money man Peter Murphy. "We en- fore leaving. for gas than they did last year couragepeople to be prepared Murphy said there isn't real- at the same time, according to as normal when driving and ly a big "crunch day" for trav- thenews release.In December have water, blankets and a lit- eling with Christmas falling 2012, Oregon average gas prictle food with them." midweek this year andschool es were$3.31per gallon. This AAA recommends drivers for most kids having let out year the average price sits at carry tire chains, abrasive last Friday. $3.28 per gallon. material such as sand or kitty About 30 percentof Amer— Reporter: 541-383-0376, litter, a shovel, a flashlight, an icans who travel for the

Continued from B1 Developers of an 88-acre tract in Bend submitted a plan

Wednesday for a housing and commercial project with the new Bend-La Pine elementary

school at its center. The plan includes the Bend Trap Club siteand about 50 acres of land

immediately north. The plan envisions homes for 600 families, in multifam-

ily units on the north side of the property and single-family homes on the south, said

Darrin Kelleher, a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate.

The property is bounded her said. The district plans to to the south by Brosterhous open theschool in 2015. Road, which the plan would Next to the school site are also improve. To the west, the 5.5 acres of open space, a property is bounded by the rockyareathatthedevelopers Sun Ranch development,to intend to turn into a park operthe east by an industrial area ated by the Bend Park 5 Recalong AmericanLane and to reation District. the north by the Central OreTheplans call for a variety of gon Irrigation District canal. home types, mostly single-famThe plan also calls for ex- ily and low-densitymultifamily. tending Brentwood Avenue "Single-family homes onsmall through the center of the devel- lots will make up the majority opment from west to east, along of the Stone Creek neighborwhich Kelleher envisioned a hood," according to the master commercial area of dry dean- plan. The property is not yet ers, coffee shops and other divided into distinct lots. A fivesmall businesses.Access to the phase project schedule envidevelopment would be from the sions home construction startsouth and west, he said. ing in spring 2015, according to

"Right down the middle At the project's center are there's a park, school and a 12.5 acres on which Bend-La commercial zone that splits Pine Schools plans to build these two neighborhoods," an elementary school to acKelleher said. "So it will be a commodate 600 students. The fun build." school district paid $2.5 milAmy Barry, a Bend city senior planner, said review of the Stone Creek plan should be underway in January. The plan proposesan overlay zone

lion for the property. "Our big pressure is to deliver the school site," Kelleher said. Lands Bend, a development companycreatedby U.S. with it s o w n d e v elopment Rep. Gary Miller, R-Calif., and standards, similar to those at partners, is obligated to preNorthwest Crossing, so it must pare the site for construction be approved by Bend City and provide utilities and paved Council, said city Planning streets before c onstruction ManagerColin Stephens. starts in summer 2014, Kelle-

JAZZ ATTHEOXFORD:The Oregon Piano Summit, with two pianos and Gordon Lee, Randy Porter, Ben Darwish and Darrell Grant; $45 plus fees; 8:15 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541382-8436 or www.jazzattheoxford.

com. HOPELESSJACK& THE HANDSOME DEVIL: The Portland blues-punk band performs, with Don Quixote and Blackflowers Blacksun; $5;9 p.m.;Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W.Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or www.

SUNDAY SCIENCEPARTY: ELECTRICITY!: Learn entertaining information about electricity; $3 for members, $5 for nonmembers; 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. CARRIAGERIDES IN THE OLD MILL DISTRICT:Ride in the Cowboy Carriage, located between Ben 8 Jerry's and Francesca's; proceeds benefit the KIDS Center; weather

dependent ;donationsaccepted; 2-5 p.m.; Ben 8 Jerry's, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-0131.



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Bend; 541-323-1881 or www.

Theft —A theft was reported at 3:12 p.m. Dec. 19, in the2500 block of Northeast Neff Road. Theft —Atheft was reported andan arrest madeat3:23 p.m. Dec.19, in the 300 block of Northeast SecondStreet. Theft —Atheft was reported at1:47 p.m. Dec. 20, in the1100 block of Northeast 10th Street. DUII —Justin Andrew Veek,22, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at1:19 a.m. Dec. 21, in thearea of Northwest Franklin Avenueand Northwest Harriman Avenue. DUII —Jeremy Patrick Stowe, 30, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 2:18 a.m. Dec.21, in thearea of Northwest OlneyAvenueand Northwest Wall Street. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 2:51 p.m. Dec. 21, in the 2600 block of Northeast U.S. Highway20. DUII —Steve Kendall Breaux, 35, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at11:16 p.m. Dec. 21, in thearea ofSoutheast Brosterhous Roadand Southeast Goldenrod Lane. Theft —Atheft was reported at 2:19 p.m. Dec. 20, in the1300 block of Wall Street. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 9:03 a.m. Dec.20, in the 20600 block of Sierra Drive. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 8:26 a.m.Dec.20, in the 3000 block of Northeast Canoe Court.

POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Logwhen such a request is received. Anynew information, such asthe dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358.

BEMD POLICE DEPARTMENT Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at 9:23 p.m. Dec. 12, in the 700 block of Northeast Revere Avenue. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at 5:27 p.m.Dec. 13, in the1000 block of Southeast 15th Street. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at 4:17p.m. Dec. 14, in the area ofNortheast Purcell Boulevard andNortheast 27th Street. Theft —A theft was reported at 12:31 p.m. Dec.19,inthe61400 block of South U.S. Highway97. Theft —Atheft was reported and an arrest made at3:50 p.m. Dec. 19, in the 300 block of Southwest Century Drive. DUII —Blaine Wolfgang Macintosh, 27,wasarrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at1:39 a.m. Dec. 20, in the 800 block of Northwest Wall Street. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 9:33 a.m. Dec. 20, in the area ofBoulderfield Avenue andTurret Court. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 5:32 p.m. Dec. 20, in the area ofNorthwest Wall Street and Northwest Greenwood Avenue. Theft —A theft was reported at 3:12a.m. Dec. 21, inthe 61500 block of Mill Terrace Place. Theft —Atheft was reported and an arrest made at4:21 p.m. Dec. 12, in the 20100 block of Pinebrook Boulevard. Theft —A theft was reported at 10:41 a.m. Dec.18, in the 1200 block of Northeast Fourth Street.


Center Ridge Drive inCulver. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 8:27 a.m. Dec.19, in the400 block of Eighth Street in Metolius. Vehicle crash — Anaccident was reported at 4:50 p.m. Dec.20, in the area of West U.S l Highway 26and Jefferson Streetin Madras. DUII — KevinRyan Stahancyk,37,was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 6:21 p.m. Dec. 21, in thearea of Southwest Rim Road in CrookedRiver Ranch.

OREGON STATE POLICE Vehicle crash —Anaccident was reported at9:08a.m. Dec. 20, in the area of U.S. Highway 97near milepost 149. Vehicle crash — An accident was reported at 7:24p.m.Dec. 21, inthe area of U.S. Highway 20near milepost 75. DUII —Frederick Arthur Trunik, 42, was arrested onsuspicion of driving under the influence ofintoxicants at12:48 a.m. Dec. 22, in thearea of U.S. Highway20 and Northeast 27th Street inBend. DUII —Morgan RebeccaPfeifer, 21, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 1:21 a.m. Dec.22, in the area of U.S. Highway 20andThird Street. DUII —Jolie Kathleen Herman, 41, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 11:02 p.m. Dec.22, in the area ofChina HatRoadandKnottRoad in Bend. Vehicle crash — An accident was reported at 4:49p.m.Dec. 21, inthe area of U.S. Highway 97near milepost188.

Theft —Atheft was reported at1:30 p.m. Dec. 16, in the100 block of Southeast Dover Lane inMadras. Theft —Atheft was reported at1 p.m. Dec. 17, in the400 block of Southeast

' NQRTHWEsT CROSSING Aauard-aeinning neighborhood on Bend,'s teestside.

006 NW YerkDrive, Ste.150 Bend, ORj 541-300-3203


8 siness Programs Az

the master plan.

Kelleher represents Lands Bend Corp., whose principals are Miller, his wife, Cathleen,

and Harry and Rosalynn Crowell, also of C a l ifornia. The Crowells, like the Millers,

have long histories as homebuilders in California. Kelleher last year founded Franklin Brothers, a building firm, that partnered with Lands Bend on

the master plan. — Reporter: 541-617-7815; jditzler@ Eion Gluckffch contributed to this report.

M a s t er s Se r i e s B uild Su stain abl e G r o m t h L ead e r s hi p i n




P rofessio na l E n r i c h m e n t D ev elo p B u i s n e ss E s sen t i al s 541-382-3221




Tim ercounties'ai won't ecut • Subsidies continue despite sequestration By Jeff Barnard

were cut by the automatic

The Associated Press

federal budget cuts that went



mandatory 5 percent automatic budget cuts, known as

sequestration, will not apply to next month's federal subsi-

the loss of timber payments. Wyden and DeFazio said

"These timber payments are a lifeline for rural timber communities, so it's a relief

they had pressed the Obama a dministration fo r m o n t h s that counties hanging on by into effect last spring. to reverse policy on apply- a thread won't have to worIt wa s n o t i m m e diately ing budget cuts to the timber ry about even more slipping clear what led to the change. county subsidies. away this year," Wyden said Oregon's share is the biggest They have also each come in a statement. of 41 states splitting $329 mil- up with legislation to increase DeFazio said: "This is ob-

lion. Oregon's share is less Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. than half what it got in 2008. Peter DeFazio a n n ounced The program makes up for

logging on federal lands in Western Oregon, known as

Monday that the determinat ion came from th e W h i t e

jobs and federal payments to counties.

dy checks to timber counties.

cuts in federal timber reve-

nues paid to counties since House Office of Management logging was cut back on fedand Budget. eral lands in the 1990s to proOregon timber counties tect fish and wildlife. Since are to share $100 million then, automation has further from Wyden's Secure Rural reduced Oregontimber jobs, Schools Act subsidies. The and counties have struggled checks go out in January to to develop new e conomies cover the period ending last and persuade voters to inSept. 30. Earlier payments crease taxes to make up for

the O&C lands, to increase

viously good news for rural Oregon counties struggling to keep deputies on the roads and criminals in jail." He also

SiCk PilOtS —Alaska Airlines canceled 24flights on Sunday and Monday after flu-stricken pilots and flight attendants called in sick. Alaska spokeswoman BobbieEgansaysabout270passengerswere affected by canceledflights. Another t4 flights were canceled because ofbadweatheronSunday.Egansays"averyunusual"coldandflu season hit the airlines' Pacific Northwest hub,andthe entire region was affected. Egansays pilots and flight attendants who weren't on duty have volunteered towork while their colleaguesareout sick. Light-rail death —A pedestrian hit by a light-rail trainin Southeast Portland on Sundayhasdied. TheOregonian reports crews hadto lift the train off the man tofreehim. Portland police said hedied Sunday evening at thehospital. Hewas identified as 48-year-old Phu Van Nguyen. Authorities said theybelieve hewalked or ran infront of a southbound train as it wasapproaching astation. An investigation is underway.

said he would continue to

Both bills are expected to

pressthe ForestServiceto refall far short of replacing the turn funds cut from last Janumoney from Secure Rural ary's payment. Schools or matching the revDouglas County Commisenues produced in the 1970s, sioner Doug Robertson said before federal environmental the money would go back into legislation that protects en- budget reserves that have dangered species and clean helped maintain public safety water.


AX attaCk —A manwho attacked his father with an ax in Roseburg last January haspleaded guilty by reason of insanity. The News-Review reports that 25-year-old HunterGoldberg wassentenced Friday to upto 20 years in thestate mental hospital on acharge of assault. Chargesof attempted murderandunlawful use of aweapon were dropped aspart of a plea bargain. Hisfather, 74-year-old Josiah Goldberg, sayshis son suffers from paranoid schizophreniaand normally is very gentle, but picked up the axthinking he waswarding off a demonic attack. — From wire reports


La GrandeSantaTrain grindsto a halt Man shot friend in the leg over Christmas gifts, authorities say



LA GRANDE — A longBy Steven Dubois

thavong, told police they were the dispute. visiting Hartley's trailer late Police went t o H a r tley's P ORTLAND — A P o r t - Saturday when their friend, trailer, where he denied knowland man shot his friend in armed with a.22-caliber rifle, ing anything about a shootthe leg after accusing him and accused them of stealing the ing. He told investigators the his girlfriend of stealing his gifts. couple were supposed to bring Christmas presents just days Hartley said he had it all some methamphetamine to before the holiday, the author- on video and then fired a shot his trailer Saturday afternoon

standing Christmas tradition

The Associated Press

is ending in La Grande. The Santa Train will not roll into La Grande this Christmas

season for the first time in about six decades because of

a Union Pacific Railroad customer service issue. Children will miss seeing Santa arrive at the La Grande

Union Pacific Railroad depot on a train. They also will miss

seeing Santa make any appearances at the depot. "It is disappointing. You know that a lot kids will be let down," said Melissa Lundell,

ities said. Martin Luther Hartley, 44,

that wounded Donesouda, the

pleaded not guilty at his video arraignment Monday afternoon to charges of assault

"Donesouda said that after defendant shot him in the

with a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon.

Chanthavong to get out of

couple told investigators. shin, he told Donesouda and

but it didn'tpan out, the affidavit states. Hethen authorized a

search of his property, and an officer found a spent .22-caliber casing and an unfired .22-caliber round, police said. Hartley remained in a Mult-

thereand go gethis presents Officersresponded early or he'd kill them," according to nomah County jail late MonSunday to a northeast Port- an affidavit of probable cause day. He has yet to be assigned land hospital, where Keytar written by Multnomah Coun- a public defender. His next Donesouda, 31, went for treat- ty prosecutor Amity Girt. court appearance is scheduled ment. Donesouda and his Neither police nor Girt de- for Jan.3. Donesouda has been girlfriend, Xaykham Chan- scribed the gifts at the heart of released fromthe hospital.

a Central Elementary School

parent. Monte Gaertner, a Union Pacific conductor from Herm-

iston, said the Santa Train is essentially being canceled because of a Union Pacific cost-saving measure. Previously Union Pacif-

Find It All Online

ic Railroad a l lowed t h r ee

employees — an engineer, a Dick Mason /La GrandeObserver conductor and an employee Santa Claus rides a Union Pacific train into La Grande in2012. A dressed as Jolly Old St. Nick long-standing Christmas tradition is ending in the city — the Santa — to run the Santa Train for about a mile into La Grande while on duty.

Gaertner said Union Pacific is no longer letting employees run the Santa Train while on

the job. He noted that employees do not have the option

of volunteering their time to ride on and operate the Santa Train because of federal

Train won't roll this year.

"I think that because we do not have Amtrak

and are not using (passenger) trains (the chance to visit the depot and see Santa)was a new experience for the kids." — Diana Bennett, first-grade teacher

regulations. Gaertner said federal license restrictions allow only

railroademployees who are on duty to operate a train. Aaron Hunt, a director of

by the cancellation. depot when the Santa Train "I just hate to see it go away. arrived. It is very dear to my heart,"

corporate relations and media that the Santa Train has been for Union Pacific Railroad, ex- coming to La Grande for about plained why the Santa Train is 65 years. being discontinued. Gaertner has fond mem"Union Pacific has been a ories of greeting the Santa part of the Oregon landscape Train with h i s f ather, who for more than 100 years. We worked for Union Pacific for have invested more than $1 36years. "It was a way for me to relate billion in our i n f rastructure in the state over the last de- to my dad," said Gaertner, who cade and La Grande is an

important part of our Oregon n etwork," Hunt said i n a n email statement. "Based on

D iana B ennett, a

fi r s t -

said Gaertner, who estimates grade teacher at Central El-

works on the rail line between Hermiston and La Grande. Santa would arrive on the

train with bags of gifts for the needs of our customers, we eagerly awaiting children. A have recently seen a seasonal year agothe bags were filled increase in freight movements with candy, coloring books, through Oregon. In light of crayons, cocoa, Santa straws this seasonal change, we have and Christmas cups. taken steps tofurther focus Children anticipating reour resources on creating val- ceiving these gift bags and ue for our customers through meeting Santa at the depot the safe and efficient opera- will be let down in a big way, tion of our railroad and are not according to Karen Givens, a participating in the Christmas Central Elementary parent. "It is kind of a bummer. train event this year." Gaertner, who grew up in Kids really look forward to it," La Grande and greeted the Givens said. Santa Train many times as a Two years ago, close to 500 child, is deeply disappointed children were waiting at the

e mentary School, said t h e

train served a valuable educational role. "I think that because we do

not have Amtrak and are not using (passenger) trains (the chance to visit the depot and

see Santa) was a new experience for the kids," Bennett

sard. The Santa Train was run

by members of Union Pacific Employees Club No. 17. The Santa Train is one of many Union C ounty

c o m munity

service projects the club has been involved in. "Employee Club No. 17 is a quality club, which does a lot for the community from the heart of the employees," said

Gaertner, who is not a member of the club. Gaertner believes there is a chance that the Santa Train

could be brought back in future years.

"It could happen if enough people voiced their opinion," Gaertner said.

To the delight of region'sonion growers, the FDAwill issue newfood safety rules The Associated Press salmonella and E. coli bacteria. SALEM — Onion growers Onion growers have protestin the Northwest are pleased ed against the rules, especially that federal regulators have one calling for weekly testing announced they'll rework pro- of irrigation water. They say posed water quality rules. few farmers using ditch irrigaThe U.S. Food and Drug tion would meet the standards,

tion is shut down during the growing season. The agricultural publication Capital Press reports an FDA deputy c ommissioner,

Michael Taylor, announced last week that the next draft of

the rules will have significant the food safety rules to prevent add much to food safety. Farm- changes. That's expected in contamination from the likes of ers fear losing crops if irriga- the summer. Administration is working on

and the standards wouldn't


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• mi ion oes




ISci e

aul Dewey's latest decree is that the city of Bend was wrong to act without his blessing. Dewey, of Central Oregon LandWatch, says the city should not have

moved so quickly ahead on its Bridge Creek piping project. When the city claimed project o t hers in the community. They delays brought on in large part h a v e put pressure on the city to by LandWatch cost $1.9 million, a n swer q uestions. They h a ve raised a number of important isDewey said: "Oh come on." sues. TheY got the citY to lament D ewey said w hat t h e c i t it should have done more Public s hould have d one i s waited to go out for bid on anything connected g U t lt dOesfl t It w as Lan d Watch, with the project until all m tt y f though, t h a t h a s f i l ed two lawsuits to stop the the permits were issued. l andI/I/atcll proj e ct. Really? N o d e sign Butltdoesntmatterlf work? uNO eng neerlng belieVeS the LandWatch believes the studies? Don'ttrytosave COSts that costs that the city has acmoney on pipes? Don't tQe Cjtv Qas crued to fight those lawt ry to save money on aCCr d t suits were wrong. They construction? f/Cht thOSe are real costs. Should Of course, that is so. the city just do as Landlawsuits We cannot believe the we/e wppflg Watch dictates? municiPal government The ar e real It also doesn't matter would have the audaciif Dewey believes that ty to move forward on a COStS. the city should not have municipal water project. moved as far ahead on Just who does the Bend the project until after City Council think it is, LandWatch's lawsuits played out. authorizing such a thing? The loIt did move ahead. cal governmental authority? Those costs are real. Of course, LandWatch has p layed an important role in thi s The $1 . 9 m i l l ion d oes n ot project — as have a number of disappear.

FDA listens onproposed food safeg regulations ver since the federal Food and Drug A d m inistration came outwith proposed new rules to ensure food safety in this country,onion growers in Eastern Oregon have been crying the blues. Now, perhaps, they'll be able to dr Y those tears and move on. The FDA has decided to rewrite rules governing the irrigation of fruits and vegetables. Onion growers have said that the original proposal likely would be so costly to comply with it would put many of them out of business. Eastern Oregon and n eighboring Washington is the largest onion-growing area in the United States, with some 20,000 acres planted to bulb onions. The region accounts for about 25 percent of all bulb onions grown in the United States. The FDA, acting to fulfill requirements of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act, announced its new rules this spring. Water cleanliness rules proposed for bulb onion growers and others would have required weekly testing and treatment of irrigation water, a process the farmers say would be prohibitively expensive. They note that bulb onions,

which are cured in the sun after picking and peeled before eating, never have been the source of food illness. Too, farm groups say, the proposed rules would have required farmers to meet recreational standards for water cleanliness. Water quality rules aren't the only ones that will be reworked. Rules governing compost and raw manure use, of particular importance to organic farmers, also will be changed, as will rules that govern mixed-use facilities that do such things as combine farming and food processing. Americans are right to expect the FDA to live up to its charge to keep the nation's food supply safe. It could come close to doing that, no doubt, with rules so draconian that they drive food costs up dramatically or put whole segments of the agriculture community out of business. But even draconian rules could not guarantee 100 percent food safety 100 percent of the time. Rather, the agency must balance the competing need for food safety with th e a dded burden new regulations might create. It appears to be trying to do that by agreeing to reconsider irrigation and other rules.

M 1Vickel's Worth Earth is cooling, not warming

cannot take Haiyan and claim it is caused by global warming, without — incorrectly — claiming that Oregon has had a string of un- the lack of global hurricanes is also usually cool years, and on Dec. 8, caused by climate change." normally mild Eugene hit minus 10 Every politician in Oregon should degrees. In 2010, the temperature in watch the excellent documentary Antarctica dropped to minus 135.8 film, "Global Warming: Doomsday degrees, a new record low for planet Called Off," now on YouTube. Earth. Christopher Calder Al Gore cannot have it both ways. Eugene If he keeps talking about global warming when the Earth is cool- Lions Clubs provide ing, he is just talking nonsense.

tions in December, it made me won-

The United Nations Intergovern-

dismiss it as a holiday, they actu-


mental Panel on Climate Change I am responding to your Dec. 15 report found that the Earth has not editorial, "School vision screening warmed since about 1998, a fact needs funding solution." government officials around the The reason for my letter is that world tried to cover up. the article did no t m ention the Former global warming alarmist, most active organization in Orescientist James Lovelock, stated that gon for school vision screenings, "I made a mistake." Lions Clubs. In 2012, we screened "We thought we knew 20 years over50,000 Oregon schoolchildren. ago. That led to some alarmist This November, La Pine Lions Club books — mine included — because screened about 500 children in it looked clear cut, but it

h asn't three schools in La Pine. I know it is happened." hard to know all of the information, He went on to say that, "We were but if you want to point out a more supposed to be halfway toward a positive outlook, this is it. The Chil-

der why?Instead of saying Merry Christmas or sending Christmas

cards, having a Christmas party, a Christmas tree, a Christmas program, singing Christmas music, giving Christmas gifts or having a Christmas vacation, it is now called aholidayby many people.Why the change? I'veheard people are afraid of offending others. That seems very ironic to me, because when people don't say Merry Christmas and just ally are offending believers/Christians. Think about that! Some people are so afraid of offending nonbelievers that they don't care if they offend the believers who celebrate this special day, Christmas! More

importantly — they are offending God! Why is Christmas celebrated anyway'? For believers/Christians, it celebrates the birth o f J esus, G od's son. W i thout C h rist, w e

wouldn't have Christ mas! So, let's celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and call it what it is. Cel-

dren's Vision Foundation in Central ebrate the birth of Jesus and what frying world." The Earth has been experiencing Oregon only started in 2012. Lions he has done for all of us. Remember unusually low hurricane activity,

Clubs have been around since 1917,

why we celebrate Christmas. Don't

but according to global warming alarmists, Typhoon Haiyan, which

and we no longer use the Snellen be ashamed or afraid to say so. It's eye chart. I urge you to check out not just a holiday. hit the Philippines, somehow vali- our foundation's website for further If you are searching for true dates their climate change theories. information at www.oregonlions- peace, joy, hope, love and forgiveEnergy policy analyst Bjorn ness, turn to Jesus. If you haven't Lomborg set the record straight by I hope this helps get word out. been to church in a while or even if pointing out that "even when meaJamesSmith you don't believe, find a church to sured by total energy of hurricanes, Sunriver attend for yourself and your famthe so-called Accumulated Cyclone ily. Be open to celebrating Jesus' Energy (ACE), the Philippines' area It's Christmas, birthday! is below the norm, even after HaiFind joy in wishing each other a yan. The Atlantic has had no major Merry Christmas! hurricanes and the global total ACE With the word Christmas now Janet Gallagher is at its lowest since the 1970s. You being deleted from many celebraBend

not just aholiday

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ORC land legislation holds upside for sportsmen By Ed Putnam IN MY VIEW s one of many stakeholders of the 2.1 million acres called the and fishing. Outdoor recreation jobs 08zC lands in western Oregon, are big business in Oregon, supportBackcountry Hunters and Anglers ing nearly 141,000 jobs and generhas been actively engaged in helping ating nearly $13 billion in revenue, shape this legislation which Sen. Ron according to the Outdoor Industry Wyden hopes will become law. Association. BHA is a boots-on-the ground conThe nearly 1 million acres set aside servation organization of backcoun- in this legislation represents the bigtry hunters and anglers who work to gest protection of public lands for protect wild public lands, waters and sportsmen in decades in Oregon. wildlife. This legislative approach to This includes creation of six primitive a complexissueprovides a chance for backcountry areas where we leave modern management of these lands. crowds, machines,noise, advertising For 18 economicallydepressed and pollutionbehind. counties, this proposed legislation Backcountry Hunters and Anglers also provides the opportunity for new was askedto help map recommended jobs and a steady stream of revenue sensitive backcountry wildlife areas by increasing timber harvests in a for special protection by the senator's


The nearly 1 million acres set aside in this legislation represents the biggest protection of public lands for sportsmen in decades in Oregon. This includes creation of six primitive backcountry areas wherewe leave crowds, machines, noise, advertising and pollution behind.

Obama has said he will not sign that bill. Wyden's bill includes suggestions from most interested parties, relies on scientific forestry management and

provides key protections for wildlife, water and old growth timber while

promoting economic sustainability in rural communities. Wyden believes this bill will be more acceptable to Obama. As he noted in the rollout of

of active forest management. Tree his legislation, "Nobody will get all canopieshave become so dense that they want. Nobody will get all they forageforelk and deer cannot grow think they deserve, but everyone will benchmark brand for the state. For and wildlife departs for better habitat. get what they need." the first time, there will be legislation This legislation will help reverse that Backcountry Hunters and Anglers protecting sensitive riparian areas for situation where appropriate, and this will continue to monitor this legiswild salmon and steelhead — in turn, active management benefiting wild- lation to ensure that what we need, helping protect more than 11,000 jobs life should be very encouraging news which is qualitywildlife habitat toproassociated with our treasured fishery. for all hunters. And, for the first time, vide robust native species, remains a scientific, sustainable and ecological staffand we are pleased thatthe senBackcountry Hunters and Anglers legislation will specifically protect old pivotal part of the bill. We appreciate finalma p ofthese areasrefl ects is also encouraged by the scientific growth timber frombeingharvested. Wyden's open-door policy and will way. For sportsmen, it has many up- ator's sides as well. much of what BHA considered im- approach to timber harvest that this While the House of Representa- continue to engage in the conversaThe fact that half these lands will be portant in our effort to hand down the legislation proposes. As an example, tives, with the help of Congressmen tion as this legislation moves forward. setaside for conservation is encour- tradition of backcountry hunting and backcountry hunters have noted a Peter DeFazio, Greg Walden and Kurt — Ed Putnam,ofBend,servesasco-chair aging news for thousands of people fishing to the next generation. continuing decline of wildlife over Schrader,has already passed a bill of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, who make their living from hunting More than 1,400 miles of these the pastdecades because of a lack for managing these lands, President Oregon Chapter. lands are home to some of the slron-

gest salmon and steelhead runs in the Pacific Northwest, which is a




Ifyou go

Continued from B1

What:Public meeting about target shooting at The Peninsula on the Crooked River National Grassland, hosted by the U.S. Forest Service. When:6 p.m. Jan. 7 Where:Juniper Room at the Crooked River Ranch administration building, 5195 S.W.Clubhouse Road, Crooked River Ranch.

"Of the comments received,

around two-thirds dearly oppose any kind of restrictions on shooting," he wrote.


Lucille 'Peggy' Braxton Nev. 21, 1930- Dec. 19, 2013 'Peggy' L ucille M ay Braxton died at her home in Prineville on T h ursday, December 19, 2013, at the age of 83. Peggy was born to Elmer and Olive (Osborn) Saund ers in B e nd, O r egon o n November 21, 1930. She gre w u p i n Ben d w here sh e r e c e ived h e r e ducation an d a l s o m a r ried Delbert Skaggs in August 1948. He died in 1970 and she stayed in Bend until 1981 when she moved to Lakeview. Peggy and M ar vin B r ax ton were married in Lakeview on September 4, 1983. They lived in their home at Five Corners until moving to Plush in 2003. They had j ust r e c entl y mo v e d t o P rineville t o b e c l o ser t o family.

She thoroughly enjoyed

t aking c ar e o f h e r y a r d , fishing, hunting and l o oking for arrow heads. She wa s a l on g ti me m ember o f th e Eag l e ' s


The Friends and Neighbors of the Deschutes Can-


I(aas ni ovcreate t eAIC-47 By C.J. Chivere

,I +' m

New York Times News Service

Lt. Gen. Mikhail K alash-

nikov, the arms designer cred-


ited by the Soviet Union with creating the AK-47, the first in

closure on shooting there,

except for hunting, until a balanced recreation management plan is created. "We envision a Peninsula where people feel safe to take their dog for a walk or go for a bike ride with their grandkids and horseback ride," Murray wrote. Turner said The Peninsula is a popular shooting place for people who live in Crooked River Ranch, particularly

died Monday in Izhevsk, the capital of the Russian republic of Udmurtia, where he lived.

He was 94. Viktor Chulkov, a spokesman for the republic's president, confirmed the death, the Itar-Tass news agency

at an old stock pond about a half mile from homes.

reported. 7

southern Siberian steppe, Kalashnikov had l i t tle f ormal

education and claimed to be a self-taught t i nkerer w h o

combined innate mechanical skills with the study of weap-

Misha Japaridze/The AssociatedPress file

ons to conceive of a rifle that

Mikhail Keleshnikov holds e prototype of his famous AK-47 assault

achieved battlefield ubiquity. His role in the rifle's cre-

rifle, during e ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the world-

Peggy i s su r v i v e d b y husband, Marvin B r a x t on propaganda machine, carried of Prineville; sons, Ronald him from conscription in the

designer for the Soviet Union ie immortalized in the name of the world's most popular firearm, died Monday et the ege of 94.

in the Soviet arms-manufac-

cartridge midway between

turing bureaucracy and ul-

the power of a pistol and the

A Soviet nostalgist, he also

and the Warsaw Pact nations.


Obituary policy

servedas the unofficialarms ambassador of the revived

Communist engineers would

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Russian state. He used public

An amiable personality with a biography ideal for proletarian fable, he was given

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standard rifle cartridges of the dard arm of the Russian army. day, the Kalashnikov line was The general often claimed initially dismissed by U.S. ord- that he never realized any nance experts as a weapon of profit from his work. But in his small consequence. It was not last years he urged interviewufactured. Their short b arparticularly accurate or well ersnotto portray him aspoor, rels, steep front-sight posts made, they said, and it lacked noting that he had a sizable and curved magazines made range and stopping power. apartment, a good car and a them a marker of conflict that comfortable dacha on a lake has endured for decades. The A place in history near the factory where he had weapons also became both I t cemented its p lace i n worked for decades. Soviet and revolutionary sym- martial history in the 1960s Work and loyalty to counbols and widespread instru- in Vietnam. There, a new U.S. try, he often suggested, were ments of terrorism, child-sol- rifle, the M-16, experienced their own rewards. "I am told diering and crime. problems with corrosion and sometimes, 'If you had lived The general, who some- jamming in the jungles, while in the West you would have times lamented the weapons' Kalashnikovs, carried by Viet- been a multimillionaire long u nchecked distribution b u t cong guerrillas and North ago,'?" he said. "There are othtook pride in having invented Vietnamese soldiers, worked er values." them and their reputation for almost flawlessly. How essential the general reliability, weathered the colBy this time, in an effort to was to creation of the Kalashlapse of the Soviet Union to standardize infantry weapons nikov line has been subject to assume a public role as a folk among potential allies, the So- dispute. A post-Soviet account hero and unequivocal Russian viet Union had exported the in the newspaper Pravda chalpatriot. rifle's specifications and it s lenged his central role, assertmanufacturing technology to ing that two supervisors modAcheckeredlegacy China, Egypt, North Korea ified his weapon during field Supreme Soviet, the Soviet Union's legislative body. Tens of millions of Kalashnikov rifles have been man-

eventually share the manufac-

turing technology with other countries, including Iraq. credit for their work, the newsThe design was incorporat- paper claimed. The general ed into arms manufactured in disputed suggestions that the Finland, Israel, South Africa design was guided by others, and other nations. The result but also said the rifle was the mer Soviet allies and cutting was a long line of derivatives result of the collective that lainto Russian sales. and copies. bored beside him. The weapon, he said, was B ecause Kalashnikov r i The Kremlin embraced his designed to protect his moth- fles were principally made by version, although a careful erland, not to be used by ter- secretive governments and reading of the official histororists or thugs. "This is a often changed hands in non- ries and Kalashnikov's many weapon of defense," he said. transparent transfers, it is not s tatements a n d mem o i r s "It is not a weapon for offense." known how many have been shows that his accounts of his Kalashnikov's public life manufactured. Common es- life, combat service and work resultedfrom a secret com- timates put production at 70 repeatedly changed, raising petition to develop the Sovi- million to 100 million; either questions about the veracity of et infantry rifle for the Cold number would dwarf the pro- the conventional accounts. War. The result was the AKduction of any other gun. Mikhail Timofeyovich Ka47 — an abbreviation for "the The rifles eventually filled lashnikov was born in Kurya appearances to try to cast the AK-47's checkered legacy in a positive way and to complain that knockoffs were being manufactured illegally by for-

K a l ashnikov" armories throughout Eastern

followed by the year the competition ended. Kalashnikov, a senior sergeant at the time who had

been injured in battle against German tanks, was credited

with leading the design bureau that produced the AK-47 prototype. The Soviet Union

began issuing a mass-produced version in 1949. The true AK-47 was shortlived. It was followed in the

1950s by a modernized ver-

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sion, the AKM, which retained

Fax: 541-322-7254 Mail:Obituaries P.O. Box 6020

its predecessor's underlying design while reducing its weight and manufacturing

Bend, OR97708

similar to that of the M-16. That rifle remains the stan-

timately to six terms on the

automatic by

time. Shorter t h a n

t r a d itional

infantry rifles and firing a

on Nov. 10, 1919. He was mar-

Europe and Asia and spread ried twice, the second time to from war to war, passing to Ekaterina Kalashnikova, a Soviet allies and proxies, and technician in his design buto terrorists and c r iminals, reau. He is survived by a son aided by intelligence agencies from his first marriage, Vikand gray- and black-market tor Kalashnikov, who is also sales. The United States be- an arms designer; a daughter came an active purchaser, from his second marriage, arming anti-Soviet fighters in Elena Krasnovskaya; a stepAfghanistan in the 1980s and daughter, Nelya; and several indigenous Afghan and Iraqi grandchildren. forces in recent years. Later in life, he disapproved Kalashnikov's bureau also of anyone who he thought had used the AKM design to devel- hastened the Soviet Union's op machine guns for infantry downfall, or who had been unsquads, helicopter crews and able to control the political and vehicles. By the 1970s, the ri- economic turbulence that folfle's design had become the lowed. In memoirs and interbasis for a new Soviet rifle, views, he was harshly critical known as the AK-74, that fired of Mikhail S. Gorbachev and a smaller and faster cartridge Boris Yeltsin.

sult of people who aren't

following the rules, said Judy LaPora, Crooked River Ranch administrator. She

said she expects a lively meeting on Jan. 7. "I think what we are try-

ing to do is find a good compromise that will keep everybody safe but still allow legal usage of the areas," LaPora said.

The Peninsula.

— Reporter: 541-617-7812,

Maholland said she and

primarily as the son of Ike, the study of chromosomes led to American hero. Died Satura revolutionary understanding John S.D. Eisenhower, 91: day at his home in Trappe, Md. thatcertain forms of cancer The son of President Dwight Edgar Bronfman Sr., 84: An are caused by genetic abnorD. Eisenhower who forged a heir to the Seagram's whiskey malities. Died Dec. 17 at her reputation in his own right empire who later in life led home in Chicago. as a military historian and a global campaign for JewLawrence Kitchen, 90: A had been the oldest surviv- ish causes. The hard-driving former Marine who never fining child of a U.S. president, Bronfman grew up in luxu- ished college but rose rapidly was announced by his fami- ry, surrounded himself with at the Lockheed Corp., the ly. John Eisenhower was an fine art and for years led a life aerospace company, to lead Army officer in World War II chronicled in gossip columns. it successfully through turand the Korean War and a na- Died Saturday at his New bulent times. Died Dec. 15 in tional security adviser during York City home. Woodland Hills, Calif. his father's presidency, but at Janet Rowley, 88: A medical Hugh Nissenson, 80: An authat point he was still viewed researcher whose innovative thor who was praised for cre-


before can join the Oregon Health Plan starting Jan. 1.

Continued from B1 But many lower-income "The discussion around residents in the county move marijuana i s in e vitably around throughout the year. coming," Scott Johnson, the They often fail to keep on top county's Health Services Di- of the paperwork needed to rector, said last week. maintain insurance, setting Health staff may have to themselves up for financial balance growing acceptance hardship if they or a child of of the drug with new educa- theirs needs medical care, tion and outreach efforts, to Moore said. "They struggle to keep inremind school-aged children about the health risks of surance," she said of many marijuanause, Jessica Jacks, OHP patients. "We find a county prevention coordi- that's really hard for clients nator, told commissioners. we serve." "We're seeing our youth The meeting ended with ratesincreasing,"Jackssaid. discussion on Central OrThe county also wants to egon's role in organizing a expand access to a success- coordinated care organizaful Oregon Health & Science tion. CCOs are the cornerUniversity program, offering stone of an Oregon initiative speciali zed nursing care for designed to manage the cost children with developmental burden of OHP patients getdisabilities. ting care, while expanding OHSU's Care Coordina- health care access statewide. "So many things are yet tion program is designed to match qualified nurses to be determined," commiswith families facing medi- sioner Tammy Baney said. cal hardships, providing in- The county will have to work home nursing services. in the next year to determine But due to tight resources, what county services a Cenmany families in rural parts tral Oregon CCO might reof the state have to travel to place, and which should stay OHSU to get care through under the Health Services the program. department's j u risdiction, "Every family with a spe- Baney said. The state has cial needs child needs ac- set up 17 CCOs across the cess,"Kate Moore, a public state. Central Oregon's is run health nurse program man- through insurance company ager for the county, said. Em- PacificSource. phasizing the Care CoordiDeciding how Deschutes nation program's value could County works under the rehelp the county get state and gional model is crucial to federal grants and provide keep the region in step with much-needed access to care, the rest of the state, Johnson, Moore said. the Health Services director, The access issue sparked said. "All signs are this is the a discussion about health insurance availability in the platform for the future," he county. said. "Oregon is going to run An expansion of Medicaid as far as possible with it. It's under the Affordable Care about learning how to use Act means thousands of De- that platform effectively." schutes County residents — Reporter: 541-617-782o, who may not have qualified

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DEATHS ELSEWHERE Deaths of note from around the world:

"It is just a matter of time

until someone gets hurt," Maholland said. Shooting issues at The Peninsula are likely the re-

Museum in Moscow. Kalashnikov, whose work es e weapons

Rivers, OR, Roger Skaggs of Bend; d a ughter, S a lly S kaggs of L e b a non, O R ; sisters, E l m i Gi l p i n o f W inston, R u t h Ot is o f Medford an d Jan i ce Swanzy of K l a m ath Falls; t hree g r a n dchildren; s i x great-grandchildren, an d numerous n ie c e s an d n ephews. S h e w a s p r e ceded in death by her pare nts; dau g h t er , Tr ac y E verest and b r oth e r , Wayne Saunders. Private burial in the Adel C emetery w a s o n S a t u r day, December 21, 2013. A m emorial s ervice w i l l b e held at a later date. Contributions in P eggy's m emory m a y b e s e n t t o Oregon Outback H u m a ne S ociety, P . O . B o x 206 , Lakeview OR 97630 or to a c harity of t h e don o r ' s choice. D esert Ro s e Fu ne r a l C hapel was i n c h a rg e o f the arrangements.


The Forest Service has no problem with responsible shooting on land it oversees and Dan Smith, patrol captain for the agency in Central Oregon, said he was unaware of any problems at

other residents near The Peninsula have heard of close calls, where people have heard bullets whiz past them, likely from a distant high-power rifle.

wide assault rifle'e creation in the Ruseie'e Armed Forces Central

Skaggs of Springfield, OR,

R odney S k a gg s o f Fi v e Red Army to senior positions

River Ranch residents, clarifying the group's stance on shooting at The Peninsula. In the letter, Cindy Murray, president of the group, said Service enact an emergency

abundant firearms ever made,

ation, and the attention showered on him by the Kremlin's

yon Area also sent out a letter to last month to Crooked

it would like to see the Forest

a seriesofrifles and machine guns that would indelibly associate his name with modern war and become the most

Born a peasant on the


ating convincing alternative worlds in books that pursued

questions of faith. Died Dec. 13 at his home in Manhattan, N.Y.

Kenneth Schechter, 83: Navy pilot who made heroic blind landing, permanently lost the use of his right eye and whose skills and courage during the Korean War were finally recognized by the Navy with a Distinguished Flying Cross in 1995. Died Dec. 11 in Fairfield, Calif. — From wire reports

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• I'



• I8

o Today: 1~ Sunny

Tonight:1 Mostly clear








3 123

River rh e Brggs Dages = i Hj i ,bw, Poitiand g;

4N35 -





~ McMinnville Ig<3/27 • ' ': Lincoln Citlp 4 — gaierh Albany NeWpurt ' CotvQIItsi








Valeo 340 4

oHa ton


• Beazu

370 3




Brookings ' 58/39 ~~

320 6



Yesterday's stateextremes

Jordan Rey


38/I 5

Frenchglen 40/20





• Bruthers 381 8

Lake -Grants-


32/ 4

Christmas Rey

5j ive r

Por80rford '




420 2

g emu l t 3 9/13


Sunny to partly cloudy skies.



4271 7

La Pine42»—


R oseburg '

, oMitch I 40724

Mrews to• • Crescent • port Rock 4203 Lake


Coos Bay n

43/1 8



Baker C

Itedmund • pama 38/15

Oa k ridg

Grove I


• pray 39/20

J Su iver •Berl

- 44/27

Sunny and seasonable conditions.




• John Day




33/18 Union


Sis rs'

Eugene• •

Enterpris • 31/13

La Grande•


350 4


camp sher n



• Meacham



. Warm prings•





partly cloudy today.


• Pendleton



Governmen : C a«P 35<4

• Hermiston 39/21




WEST Morning clouds, then becoming



• 61'





Chiloquin 41/18


'Ashland 8I28 t ~


• Lakeview

Falls 40/13

40/1 3

• 19 0 Lakeview





-o a (in the 48 contiguous states):

Vancouver 43/37

• Calgary Saskatoon Wlnlnpeg 36/1 23/9 12/0 •

Sea tle' ~H

4 32 0


• 88'


Hettinger, N.D. San Fr cisco 6374

Washington, N.C.


alt Lak City

Vegas 34/15 61/40


m~ o


Sos Chzhuahua 60/38


Bgs -20 -10s


Houston 57/39 o

Atlanta 45/26

6Os lando

) 54/35 •


Monterrey 58/46.




Cold W arm Stationary



+ Miami 82/65



Bi mingha I 41/23

76/55 ' Mritri glan


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• Dallas' ,38/25 50/32I


32/18 ew York 39/23 ilad elphia

H2 21/10o/ vr u olumbug, +..~i

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onto 16/5

Des Moine 1 6/14 M c a '





L PhoenixI



"ons ovt4 zn • o.c


Los Angele 74/52

Honolulu ~ 83/72




„"oCheeyenne g ++


Thun der Bay


Marco Island, Fla. • -34 0

• 3.24"

o~ o ~o

Bisma ds

Bi ings 3OS

or a 44/29



46 25

47 27



Mostly sunny


43 26

44 26




Yesterday' sw eatherthrough 4 p.m .inBend Tomorrow Rise Mercury....7:39 a.m...... 4:1 5p.m. High/low.............. 5432 24 hours ending 4 p.m.*.. 0.00" Venus......906am......632pm. Remrdhigh........58in1960 Monthtodate..........202" Mar s ......1227 a m.....1220 pm. Remrd low........ -14in1990 Average monthto date... 167" Jupiter......s:22 p.m......JE40a.m. Average high..............39 Year todate............ 6.60" Satum......400 a m......1:59 pm. Average low...............22 Averageyeartodate.... 1083" Uranus....12:06 P.m.....12:36a.m. BarometricPressureat4 P.m30.23 Remrd24hours .. 2.04 in1964

Sunrise ioday...... 7:39 a.m. MOOnphaSeS Sunsetmday " .. 4:32 p.m. Last Nmv p i mt Full Sunrisetomorrow .. 7:39a.m. Sunsettomorrow... 4:32 p.m. Moonri isetoday........none Mmnsetmd y „,11;21 a.m. 0 25 Jan.t I ' n .7 Jan 15

*Melted liquid equivalent



Yesterday Tuesday W e d. The higher the UV Index number, the greater Hi/Lo/Pcp H i /Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eyeandskin protection. Index is City Precipitationvaluesare 24-hourtotalsthrough4 pm for solar at noon. Astoria ........ 51/46/0.54... 46/32/pc.....46/33/pc Baker City 3961 /0.00.....32/11/s.....29/1 4/pc Brookings 57/43/0.00....56f39/pc......56/40/s Burns.......... 47/22/0.00....35/1 0/pc......33/11/s Eugene 55/41 /0.01 ....44/27/pc...... 39/27/f Klamath Falls ...44/21/0.00.....40/13/s......37/13/s Lakeview....... 45/1 9/0.00.....40/13/s......37/1 5/s La Pine........ 50/28/0.00.....42/11/s......44/14/s Medford 46/35/0.00.....46/26/s.....36/26/pc Newport 50/46/0.34....4763/pc......50/36/s North Bend.....50/43/0.01 ....5062/pc.....52/34/pc Ontario 36/28/0.00.....32/1 4/s......27/1 6/s Pendleton 56/41/0.08.....39/21/s......36/21/s Portland 52/46/0.28....44/29/pc.....43/30/pc Prineville 4962/0.00.....42/21/s......41/21/s Redmond 5562/0.00.....42/1 7/s......44/1 8/s Roseburg 49f39/0.01 ....44f30/pc......41731/f Salem 53/46/0.04....45/29/pc......43/29/f Sisters......... 52/31/0.00.....42/19/s......44/19/s The Dages 57/40/0.00.....44/27/s......40/27/s

1 L





Ski report from around the state, representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday: Snow accumulation in inches Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes ....... . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . . . . 36 Hoodoo....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0... no report Mt. report

Snow levelandroadconditions rePresenting condi tions at 5 P.m.yesterday. Key:T.T. = Traction Tires.

ijmbe~rirne 00 31 warner canyon........ . . . . . .0.0... no report Pass Conditions Wi gamette Pass ........ . . . . . 0 .0... no report 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit........ . . . . . . No restriictions 1-84 at CabbageHig........ . . . . . . . . No restrictions AsPen, Colorado....... . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . .31-34 Hwy. 20 at Santiam pass ......... ... No restrictions Mammoth Mtn., California.....0.0... . ..25-30 H%.26atGovernmentCamp........ No~t,lnlons P ark Clty, Ut h '....... . . . . . . . . 3 . . . . . . . . 2 5 Hm,.26atOchoco Divide....... . .. . Nomst idjons SquawValley California...... . 0 0 . . . . . .1921 Hwy 58atWigameuepass.... (arrychainsorriires SunValleY Idaho....... . . . . . . 0 0 . . . . . .1519 Hwy. 138 at DiamondLake .... Carry chains or T.iires Hwy.242 atMcKenzi e Pass........Ciosed forseason For links to the latest ski conditions visit: For up-to-minute conditions turn to: or call 511 Legend:W-weatherPcp-precipitation, s-sun, pc-pariial clouds,c-clouds, hhaze, shshowers, r rain,t thunderstorms,sfsnowflurries,snsnow, i ice,rs rainsnowmix,w wind,f fog, drdrizzle,tr trace


wv w o a a w

Yesterday's extremes



< ++ ~

44 * * 4d4 , ** * * * 4 4 d '** * * * v4 o * +

Showers T-storms Rain

F l urries S now I c e

Yestenhy Tuesday Wed. Yesterday Tuesday Weri. Yestenlay Tueuhy Wed. Yesterday Tuesday Wed. City Hr/Lo/Pcp Hr/Lo/W Hr/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W HiRo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hzi /Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene1X......54/25N 00...55/29/s. 51/30/pc GrandRapids....28/23N02...21/9/pc. 27/19/sn RapidCity....... 3/ 15/000..37/20/pc. 3511/pc Savannah.......79/59N t7... 5531/s.. 53/39/s Akron ..........43/29N.02 .. 24/11/sn. 27/24/sn Green Bay.......22/1 3N03...12/7/pc .. 23/Isn Reno...........52/23N.00... 48/23/s .. 44/22/s Seatile..........53/50N17 ..45/32/pc. 42/34/pc Albany..........45/37N.23 .. 3I11/pc. 25/19/pc Greensboro......63/48/098..44/22/pc.. 4027/s Hchmond... ....67/49N.60..44/26/pc..39/26/s Sioux Fals...... -3/ 16/000.. 20/15/sn.. 25/2/pc Albuquerque.... 44/24N.00...46/25/s .. 43/26/s Hamsburg.......5539/035 39/19l .. pc.. 31/26/s RorhesieNY....42/30N.03 r, ..18/11/sn. 26/22/sn Spokane........41/30/0.11...33/20/s .. 31/JNc Anchorage......21/13N00...15/12/s.. 22/16/s Hanford,CT.....61/44/081..34/16/pc. 25/JNpc Sacramen tn......64/33N.00... 65/38/s .. 63/37/s SpringfieldMO , ..2416/0.01 ..32/23/pc. 43/22/pc Atlanta .........57/4M.08... 45/26/s .. 4I32/s Helena...........33/8/000 35/1 .. 3/pc. 31/1Ipc St. Louis.........28/19N.00..22/20/pc .. 4I23/s Tampa..........BI7M 00... 72/45/t. 72/58/pc AtlanticCity.....61/48N.27..43/23/pc. 35/29/pc Honolulu........82/68/0.00... 83//2/s .. 82/72/s Salt Lake City... 4064N00 ..34/15/pc.. 31/15/s Tucson..........65/33/0.00... 66/38/s .. 68/39ls Austin..........55/28N.IN... 5665/s. 5769/pc Houston........54/32/0.00... 57/39/s. 59/47/pc SanAntnnio.....62I32/0 00... 5868/s. 59/42/pc Tulsa...........28/19N.IN..3%26/pc.. 44/23/s Baltimore.......63/44/0.86 ..40/25/pc. 35/30/pc Huntsville .......54/34N.00... 34/20/s.. 44/28/5 SanDi@0.......73/50N.00... 73/53/s.. 75/53/s Washington,DC.64/46N.BS.41/26lpc .. 36/30/s Billings ......... 30%000 ..3517/pc. 2$17/pc Indianapolis.....2I22/000... 20/14/s.32/25/pc SanRancism....60/44/0.00... 62/40s .. 62/44/s Wichiia..........18/4N.03 ..31/20/pc.. 36/16/s Birmingham.....54/36/004... 41/23/s.. 47/29/s Jackson,MS.....45/35N.00... 47/24/5.. 50/33/s SanJose........63/3N0.00... 66/40/s.. 65/4jys Yakima.........56I25N.00... 3$19/s.. 36/22/s -6/-31N00 31/16/sn 21/-6/pc Jacksonvile......82/67N00 Bismarck ..61/35/pc. SI46/pc SantaFe....... 40RtN.00...43/19/s.. 37/2ls Yuma...........72/45N00...71/49/s .. 72/48/s Boise...........41/33N.00 ..36/19/pc.. 32/2is Juneau..........4065N12 ..32/28/sn..37/35/rs INTERNATIONAL Bosion..........37/33N.63 ..32/lipc. 25/22/pc Kansascity.......12I4N00..2509/pc.35/16/pc Bridgeport,CT....55/46/0.59.. 37/21Ipc. 29/25/pc Jansing.........27/21NOt... 18/5/pc.26/1Isn Amsterdam......52I39/0.06..47/40/sh. 44/39/pc Mecca..........93/72/0.00... 82/60/5 .. 82/63/s Buffalo .........39/27N00.. 21/12/sn. 28/24/sn LasVWas.......62/40/000...61/4Is .. 6540/s Athens..........62/34N.00... 58/52/c. 55/49/sh Mexim City......6$52N.00..63/46/pc...63/41/t Burlington, VT....29/25/000 .. 14/4pc. 16/13/pc Lexingion ...... 40/29N.03 ..24/15/pc. 36I27/pc Auckhnd........7057N.00..70/60sh.. 71/59/c Montreal........21/16N.13...10/Npc.... 7/7/s Caribou, ME.....22/16/022.. 15/4ypc....5/9/s Linmln...........15/40.00 ..25/17/pc. 37/12/pc Baghdad........6365N 00... 6N495.61/47/pc Moscow........3$32N.06... 35/26/c .. 31/25/c Charleston, SC...82/62N.03... 59I31ls .. 52/39/s Little Rock.......43/32/000... 38/25/s.48I2Ipc Bangkok........8?/64N00...85/61/s.85/61/pc Nairobi .........79/59/01N... 76/56ls.. 74/55/s Charlotte........64/53/1.94 ..48/22/pc.. 45/25/s LosAngeles......73/480.00... 74/52/s .. 7452/s Beiling..........43/14N.00 ..37/20/pc.. 43/21ls Nassau.........82/75N1N... 78/71/t...76/72/t Chattanooga.....56/37N.04... 3$22/s .. 44/31/s Louisvile........37/28/001... 2418/s.37/26/pc Beirut ..........66/54N.00... 66/54/5 .. 6954/c NewDdhi.......63/SM.JN... 69/48/s.. 69/47/s Cheyenne.......39/11N 00..38/20/pc.. 36/21/s MadisonWI.....21/2/001...12/8/pc.. 26/9/sn Berlin.......... AI39N.00...48/45/c.41/34/sh Osaka..........5QI37/0.00 ..4$35/pc .. 5I38/c Chicago..........25/2N00..1412/pc. 29/19/pc Memphis........39/31/000... 36/24/s.47/30/pc Bogota.........59/52/1.04... 66/51/t...67/52/t Oslo............36fJM.01 ..4l/38/sh.4M4/sh Cincinnaii...... 4N29N.00 .. 23/15/pc. 3424/pc Miami..........83/76$.00... 82/65/t. 77/68/pc Budapest........41/34N.00 .. 36/30/sh.. 3860/c Ottawa.........19/16N.03... 7/4ypc.... 7/7/sf Cleveland...... 40/31N02..25/14/sn.29R7/pc Milwaukee.......22/40.00 ..16/12/pc.28/15/sn BuenosAires.....95/75/0 00... 98/73/s101/74/pc Paris............54/45/0.22 ..49/46/sh. 4567/sh Calorado Springs.2I14N00..St/tf/pc .. 44/23/s Minneapolis...... 5/ 3N 00 ..13/12/sn..25/2/pc CaboSanLucas ..79/59I0.00... 8557/s .. 79/56/s Rio deJaneiro....84775N.00... 79fINt .. JJ570lt Columbia,MO ...20/10N00..24/21/pc..39/20/sf Nashvile........43/33000 ..311 Ipc. 42/27/pc Caim...........6$46/000...69/55/s. 71/54/pc Rome... ........59/37N.00..55/53/sh..5854/c ColumbiaSC....70/59N.62... , 54/27/s.. 47/30/s NewOrleans.....57/450.02... 54/35/s.. 5467/s Calgary..........43NN.OD .36/18/pc. 3762/pc 5806890........84/59N.00... 88/57/s .. 87/56/s Columbva GA...59/46/1.07... 51/27/s.. 53/33/s NewYork.......64/52/051 ..39/23/pc. 30/27/pc Cancun.........84/77N.00... 77/73/1...8571It SaoPaulo.......75/66N.00...77/64/c .. JJ0/67/t Columbus, 08....43/350.02 .. 25/15/pc.. 33/23/c Newark,NJ......61/49NA6..39/22/pc. 31/26/pc Dublin..........52/37N.06.. 40/35/rs.. 4066/c Sapporo........3W27N.t 1..30/20/pc.. 32/22/c Conmrd, NH.....34/30N.37... 27/7/pc. 20/13/pc Norfolk,VA......75/50N.60..46/29/pc.. 3529/s Edinburgh.......50/36N JN..4Y36/sh .. 38/35/c Seoul...........34I23/0.00... 37/24/5.40/27/pc Corpus Christi....62/39N00... 61/49/s. 64/52/pc Oklahoma City...351 6N.00... 42/27/s .. 43/22/s Geneva.........52/43N.10..49/43/sh.. 46/33/1 Shangh ai.......48/32N.00..48I3Ipc.49/38/pc DallasFtWorth.. A6/25/000... 50/32/s. 5434/pc Omaha..........12/ON00..21/16/pc. 33/11/pc Narare..........81/59N IN...81/60/s. 87/6Ipc Singapore.......82/75N.10... 84/78/t...85/77/t Daytrm.........36/27N 00.. 22/14/pc. 32/23/pc Orlando.........86/640.00... 67/47/t. 73/56/pc Hong K«g......64/52I0.00..64/47/pc.. 63/46/s Stockholm.......43/36/0.00 ..44/41lsh. 44I37/sh Denver...........47/$002 ..48/19/pc .. 44/23/s PalmSprings.....75/4I0.00... 75/50/s .. 75/49/s Istanbul........ AB/32N.00 ..4I42/pc. 52/46/pc Sydney..........97/68/0.00 .. 71/67/sh. 77/6ish DesMoines........ION 00..16/14/pc. 29/10/pc Peoria...........19/6$00 ..16/14/pc.32/18/sn Jerusalem.......57/46/0.00... SE/42/s.55/45/pc Taipei...........61/57/000.. 6I59/sh. 62/61/sh Detroit..........34/28802 ..21/1Npc.26/23/pc Philadelphia.....63/48/0.49 ..43/24/pc. 32/28/pc Johannes burg....81/SEN.00... 75/58/t...73/58/t TelAviv.........73/41 N1N..65/42/s. 64/4Qpc Duluth........... 2/40.07...13/7/sn ..1M/sn Phoenix.........69/42/000... 69/45/s .. 71/46/5 Uma ...........75/690.00...72/67/c.76/63/pc Tokyo..........A6/41/000...4967/s. 45/4ipc El Paso..........55/240.00...57/34/s .. 52/30/s Pitisburgh.......57/32/006 ..27/17/sn. 31/24/pc Usbon..........59/46N.00... 60/57/r. 56/53/sh Toronto.........34/23/000... 16/5/sf ..23/23/sf Fairbanks........ 10/40 00 ..-14/ 27/s.. -N 16/s PorganrtME.....33/27N22... 27/6/pc.. 18/12/s Lordon.........5/r41N42..47/38/sh.42/33/sh Vancauver...... 48/43/0.43 ..43/37/pc. 41/36/sh Fargo.......... -9/-21N.00..15/1isn.20/-13/sn Providence......43/36N 61..35/19/pc. 25/22/pc Madrid .........52/28N 00..51/47/sh. 4763/sh Vienna..........37/340.00..zny41/pc.. 43/39/c Flagstalf........38/11N.00... 44/1 7/s.. 41/17/s Raleigh.........6550/0.00..47/24/pc.. 41/27/s Manila..........88/77N.00 ..8575/pc. 88/76/pc Warsaw........ 46/34il.00...43/38/c .. 44/39/c


Freight trains often derail Amtrak's popular scenicroute to Northwest By Curtis Tate McClatclty Washington Bureau


congestion has caused massive delays and even cancellations of a popular Amtrak train in recent months, a sit-

uation that could worsen as

FreighttrainsspueezeAmtrak Amtrak's most popular long-distance train, the Empire Builder, has been severely delayed in recent months on its route between Chicago and the Northwest. It shares tracks with a growing number of crude oil trains from North Dakota's Bakken region. Amtrak long-distance routessharedwith freight trains e

one of the nation's largest rail

Empire Builder

companies plans to increase shipments of fossil fuels on


much of the route.

The Empire Builder, which runs from Chicago to Seattle and Portland, carries more

passengers than any of Amtrak's long-distance trains,

lif. Zeph Chic ast St lig

543,000 in 2012.

But it also recorded the worst on-time performance in Amtrak's nationwide network

in November, at 44.5 percent.

W Il' f

un et

as Ea

a tol Lt . C rdin Orl


San Francisco ©2013 MCT Source: Amtrak, Mcclatchy Washington Bureau


Any number below 80 percent is considered substandard un-

Opponents, including envider a law Congress passed in ronmentalists and commtini2008. ty groups, fear the increased Amtrak took t h e d r astic traffic could choke the Northstep this month of canceling west's rail network and harm five Empire Builder trains in the industries and people in one week, three eastbound the region that depend on it. and two westbound, between An unusually robust fall harSt.Paul,Minn., and Spokane, vest doubled the number of



ew York .C.

Iver Star, Silver Meteor Palmetto rlando

Crescent Miami

enough track space to handle the increased shipments with-

out delaying other trains. "What the long-term implications are is hard to say," said Russ Capon, president of the National Association of Rail-

road Passengers, an advocacy group. "It depends on how fast

Wash. Delays in North Dako-

grain trains on the BNSF net-

the railroad's able to add track

ta and Montana were causing an imbalance of equipment and personnel at each end of the scenic, 2,000-mile run

work, on top of a growing volume of crude oiL Amtrak's Cascade trains

capacity." Butler said the railroad's

operate on the BNSF route between Portland and Van-

main below their prerecession peak. But the railroad antici-

across the country's northern tier.

system-wide traffic levels re-

couver, B.C., which also is the pates growth, as reflected in "Crews have to go off-shift. path of fossil fuel shipments. its capital spending plans. E quipment has t o b e s e r BNSF already hauls coal BNSF said in August that it viced," said Marc Magliari, through Washington state to would spend $335 million this an Amtrak spokesman. nWe an export terminal in Canada year to add capacity to its lines thought it best to stand down." and crude oil to a refinery in in Montana and North DaHe added that the move was Anacortes, Wash. These long, kota, and an additional $125 largely because of congestion heavy trains share the rails million to improve its network on the lines Of the Burlington with the Empire Builder along in Washington state, all part Northern Santa Fe Railway much of its journey. of a $4.1 billion system-wide Co., the 32,500-mile freight Roxanne Butler, a B N SF investment. railroad bought by billionaire spokeswoman, attributed the Washington received neari nvestor Warren Buffett i n congestion to an increase in ly $800 million in econom2009. the number of grain trains ic stimulus funds from the BNSF, based in Fort Worth, from 60 a day to 122. She said Obama administration to pay Texas, is a major hauler of the crude oil shipments ac- for passengerrailimprovecoal from Wyoming's Pow- count for 85 trains a day, "one- ments in the Cascade Corrider River Basin and of crude half of 1 percent of the total dor, including more double oil from the booming Bakken daily train volume." track and longer passing sidregion in North Dakota. The Still, that's 85 trains BNSF ings on the BNSF line. railroad and energy compa- was not operating before the Though t ha t i n v estment nies are developing terminals Bakken boom, and many was intended to expand pasin Washington state to handle observers have questioned senger service, it could also more of both. whether the r ailroad has boost freight.



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IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 NBA, C3 Sports in brief, C2 College basketball, C3 NFL, C2 NHL, C3 THE BULLETIN • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2013



Romo mayplay against Philly IRVING,TexasDallas coach Jason Garrett said TonyRomo hasn't been ruled out for a winner-take-all finale against Philadelphia after injuring his back against Washington. Garrett says Monday that Romo will get treat-

ment and beevaluated daily. He addsthe Cowboys were looking to add a third quarterback behind backup Kyle Orton. Romo injured his back in Sunday's 24-23 win over Washington, which set up theCowboys' third straight regular-season finale with the NFCEast title on the line. The 33-year-old Romo lost the previous two against the New YorkGiants and Redskins, and another one in 2008 against the Eagles. Romo had back surgery in April and missed all the offseason workouts. Orton hasn't started a game since 2011.


U asa amiiar ee orBoise tate B • Broncos quarterbackGrant Hedrick, a junior from Independence, gets the starting nodagainst the Beavstonight in the Hawaii Bowl Inside

By Chndd Cripe

• A breakdown of tonight's Hawaii Bowl,C4

The tdaho Statesman

Boise State junior quarterback Grant Hed-

No. 1 guy. "I try not to change the way I prepare, but you kind of do in your mind," he said. "It's a lot more taxing mentally — a lot more than I ever thought. But it's awesome. It's fun. It's what I

Nextup: Hawaii Bowl

came here to do, so I've been ready for that my whole life. It's been an adjustment."

Hedrick is from Independence, which is about half an hour from Oregon State University in Corvallis. He grew up watching OSU Oregon State football and attended some Beavers practices vs. Boise State during his senior year of high school, when he When: was the state Class 4A player of the year for Today, 5 p.m. Central High School. "I love how he throws the ball," Oregon State TV:ESPN Mexico on Nov. 30. Coaches raved about Hedrick's starterlike coach Mike Riley said. "He's a very, very natu- Radio: KICE-AM 940 Now Hedrick will play a much larger role preparation when he was the backup, but the ral passer." than expected in the Hawaii Bowl because junior said there is a different feel to being the See Hawaii /C4 rick will make his fifth start and be the primary

Southwick was sent home after an incident at

quarterback for the seventh straight game this the team hotel. evening in the Hawaii Bowl against Oregon Hedrick also has dealt with a new offensive State. The Oregon high school product replaced system and a coaching change this season. "It's been crazy," he said. "I think mentally Joe Southwick after the senior starter broke his right ankle on the first play against Nevada on it's just been draining. Just with all the changOct. 19 and again after Southwick led a touch- es and everything, trying to adjust to different down drive on his only series against New things."


— The Associated Press



AUBURN,Ala. — Gus Malzahn inherited a demoralized Auburn team that had just gone through the program's worst season in decades with a stagnant offense and pliant defense. As is his way, the coach known for fast play on offense went to work in a hurry. He led the second-ranked Tigers' transformation into Southeastern Conference champions and has them in the national championshi pgame Jan. 6 against No. 1 Florida State. Malzahn's quick work madehim TheAssociated Press national coach of the year. "It's very humbling," he said Monday. "Any time you get awards like

Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Redmond High's BrennanYates, right, prepares for the196-pound final at the Adrian Irwin Memorial Tournament at Ridgeview High onSaturday. Yates, like many wrestlers in Central Oregon, will be tested mentally and physically during the two-week 'break' from school.

this, it's a team thing, as

far as our staff and our players. It's been fun to be a part of this year." Malzahn received 33 votes from APTop 25 college football poll voters to beatout Duke's David Cutcliffe. Cutcliffe received17 votesafter leading Duke(10-3) to its first10-win season. Florida State's JimboFisher and Michigan State's Mark Dantonio eachreceived threevotes. Malzahn isthesecond Auburn coach to win the award since it beganin 1998, joining Tommy Tuberville (2004), and the second coach to win it in his first season with a new team. Maryland Ralph Friedgenwas AP coach of theyear in 2001, his first season with the Terrapins.

• Between food and exercise, Central Oregonwrestlers haveto bedisciplined this time of year en the final school bell rang this past Friday afternoon, Kasey Beus-


chlein's schedule became wide open — as did the datebooks of


most other prep athletes in Cen-

Beer 'O' Brady'sBowl East Carolin Ohio 20 Today HawaiiBowl Oregon State (6-6) vs. Boise State (8-4), 5 p.m. (ESPN)

for tournaments.

tral Oregon. For two weeks, high school

out, mentally check out," says

allows Beuschlein's schedule to

students will be away from the

Beuschlein, a 126-pound senior

breathe easier, creating a win-

classroom. Two weeks of college football bowl watching, Mt. Bachelor powder shredding, and holiday feast overindulging. But to Beuschlein, calling it a

wrestler at Bend High. "It's like, 'Oh, it's a break.' It's hard to keep focused on wrestling and act like it's not abreak."

dow of free time that William

"break" is a misnomer.

in Central Oregon, especially when the first week "off" in-

"Usually, some guys check

— The Associated Press


volves traveling out of the region (Bend High to Portland; Ridgeview, Madras and Culver to Pendleton) or even out of the state (Redmond High to Reno) Two weeks away from school

Such isthe case for wrestlers

can be difficult. "But," he adds, "not if you want to wrestle."

"It is a lot more self-motivation," says Yates, a j u nior

195-pound wrestler who will travel with the Panthers to the Sierra Nevada Classic, which

will take place this Friday and Saturday in Reno. "It's getting "The Fridge" Perry could settle yourself up in the morning to into comfortably. run. It's doing all the little things It sounds idyllic. But for Beus- that are going to get you ready." chlein, it poses a challenge. Those little things include At Redmond High, Brennan maintaining wrestling weight. Yates holds a similar stance. SeeWrestlers/C4


This guydoesn't ike the word can't • A Georgia high school basketball playerbornwithout a left hand defiesthe odds

Zach Hodskins was hand-checking with both hands, the official explained. "Hey," Hodskins, a senior guard, said, "I don't

By Mike Tierney

to become president of the United States, as a


even have two hands."

Born without a left hand and forearm, Hodskins was thought to have a better chance

New York Times News Service


relative imagined when he was an infant, than MILTON, Ga. — A referee's whistle halted to play basketball for a college powerhouse. play during a recent game at Milton High in Yet Florida, which won back-to-back nationGeorgia, a school situated among horse farms al titles in the past decade and reached the in an affluent area north of Atlanta. A foul NCAA tournament's Elite Eight the past three had been called, leaving the culprit's coach years, recently guaranteed him a roster spot mystified. for next season by designating him a preferred

Oregon State holds off George Mason,C3

"What did he do?" asked Milton coach Matt Kramer.


Sure, he says, staying committed

walk-on. See Basketball/C4



Zach Hodskins, born without a left hand

or forearm, takes e free throwfor Milton High School in Milton, Ga., earlier this month. Hodskins

earned a guaranteed roster spot as a walk-on at the University of Florida next year. Dustin Chambers /The New York Times


0 So The Associated Press


e o r e a Son


end, but I think it's more of the

ones that happened early in most of the game, Roberto they have to understand that, at the beginning we followed the game," said George Mason Nelson delivered in the game's so they may have a few games our game plan a little bit, took coach Paul Hewitt. "They had final minute to help Oregon where they score 12 points, but a lead, then went away from it a pretty sizable advantage on State win. if they can handle the floor and didn't get back to it until points off turnovers in the first Nelson scored eight of his game, that's going to help us the second half of the second half." 17 points in the game's final 43 win. Him making those foul half. But that was a gutsy win The Beavers played without seconds as Oregon State beat shots, getting those assists to once again buoyed by our sec- senior starting center Angus George Mason 58-54in MonDevon, one to Daniel Gomis, I ond-team guys. It was more of Brandt, who suffered a leg inday's consolation round game think that sort of saved us." our second team than it was jury in Sunday's loss to Akron. of the Diamond Head Classic. Collier's go-ahead layup, off our first team." Brandt is averaging 12 points D evon Collier a dded 1 5 an assist from Nelson, gave In a close second half, the per game and isthe team's points for Oregon State (7-3). Oregon State a 50-49 lead with Beavers' defense led to oppor- third-leading scorer. Bryon Allen had 15 points 1:56 left. George Mason's Mar- tunities on offense. Also on Monday: "It was really important, esand Patrick Holloway hit four ko Gujanicic missed a 3-point No. 1 Arizona 77, Northern 3 -pointers to finish with 12 attempt on the next possession pecially because (it) generated Arizona 44: TUCSON, Ariz. points for George Mason (5-6). and Nelson hit a jumper as the those turnovers in our man-to- Nick Johnson scored 20 points, In a close second half where shot clock expired to extend man (defense)," Robinson said. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson addOregon State relied on its the lead to 52-49 with 43 sec- "Usually we do it in our 1-3-1 ed 14 and Arizona rolled over bench, it was Nelson, a start- onds remaining. (zone)." Northern Arizona to complete er, who helped deliver the win. Allen made two free throws The Beavers led by nine its second straight undefeated Nelson was 6 of 6 from the with 31 seconds left to cut the midway through the first half nonconference season. free-throw line in the game's deficit to 52-51. Nelson then but the Patriots rallied to tie it No. 14 lowa State 83, Akron final 29 seconds and convert- made two free throws to ex- twice in the final two minutes 60: HONOLULU — G eorged all 10 of his attempts in the tend the lead to 54-51 with of the half. Holloway's 3-point- es Niang scored 22 points, game. 29 seconds. George Mason er gave the Patriots, who had and Iowa State beat Akron to HONOLULU — Quiet for



"Not only the free throws,

but the assists he made to get

couldn't convert on its next possession and Nelson made four morefree throws to seal the win.

10 first-half turnovers, a 29-28 lead at halftime.


match the best start in school

history. Melvin Ejim had 21 points and 12 rebounds for the Eugene Tanner /The Associated Press coach Craig Robinson said. in the start, it's what put us in Cyclones, who improved to Oregon State forward Daniel Gomis (14) shoots while defended by "Everybody is keying on those "It was a tough game for us," the hole to begin and we had a 10-0. DeAndre Kane added 15 George Mason forward Marko Gujanicic during Monday's game in two guys (Nelson, Collier) and Robinson said. "I thought that couple down the stretch at the points and 11 boards. Honolulu. Oregon State won 58-54. us to the lead," Oregon State

"(Turnovers) were critical


Heat rally over Hawks in OT The Associated Press


MIAMI — LeBron James

scored 38 points, Michael hamstring, but checked in Beasley made two free during th e t h i r d q u a rter throws with 9.2 seconds left when Miami was facing a to put Miami up for good, double-digit deficit. On the and the Heat beat the Atlan- play where he was fouled ta Hawks 121-119 in overtime by Millsap, he attacked the on Monday night. lane from the left side, drew The Heat wasted an early contact and coolly made the 13-0 lead, then rallied from free throws to put the Heat seven points down in the fi- on top. nal 90 seconds of the fourth One stop was all Miami quarter. Ray Allen made needed fromthere,and the three free throws with 8 sec- Heat found a way. onds left in regulation to send Korver's long 3 with about

diana went on to it s t hird

it to overtime, after getting

third quarter as New York

fouled by Atlanta's DeMarre Carroll.

1:40 left put Atlanta up 107100, but the Hawks couldn't

put it away in regulation. A llen f i nished w it h 1 9 James made a pair of 3-pointpoints, Mario C h almers ers, along with a dunk, and and Chris A ndersen each Allen got hit by Carroll on scored 12 and Chris Bosh the play that Miami needed to finished with 11 for the Heat,

who played without Dwy-


Allen's free throws: Swish,

straight victory. Bobcats 111, Bucks 110: CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Al

Jefferson had a season-high 26 points, and Kemba Walker

nearly had a triple double as Charlotte won for the fourth time in five games. Knicks 103, Magic 98: ORLANDO, Fla. — Carmelo Anthony had 19 points be-

fore leaving the game with a sprained left ankle in the beat Orlando. Pistons 115, Cavaliers 92: CLEVELAND — Josh Smith scored 25 points, Brandon

Jennings added 21 and Detroit won for the seventh time

in eight road games. Spurs 112, Raptors 99:

ane Wade and still beat the

swish, swish.


Hawks for the ninth straight

It was all part of a game that had simply wild ebbs

Parker had 26 points and eight assists to lead San An-

and flows.

tonio over Toronto. G rizzlies 104, Jazz 9 4 : MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Zach Randolph scored 22 points


Jeff Teague scored 26 points, Paul Millsap made seven 3-pointers on the way to a 25-point night, and Al

Horford finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds for

ing its last time-out to draw

a play. Bosh, who was in the lock-

er room getting stitches in his upper lip at the start of overtime, guarded the ball. The Hawks' Pero Antic tried getting a lob to Korver, but An-

T ony

The Hawks were scoreless for the game's first 4:48, falling behind big as the Heat had everything working ear- and grabbed 10 rebounds, ly — even a reverse dunk in Jerryd Bayless added all of

Atlanta. Kyle Korver scored transition from the suddenly 15 for the Hawks. spry Allen, who has been The Hawks had a chance fighting tendinitis in his right to win it at the end of over- knee for a few days. Shane time, but never got a good Battier dove on the floor for l ook. Chalmers used M i a steal and to knock the ball ami's foul-to-give with 2.3 ahead to James, who got seconds left, sending Atlan- loose for a dunk that put Mita back to the huddle and us- ami up 13-0. A tlanta got back into i t

quickly, answering with a 16-5 run to get within two. But the Heat closed with an-

his 17 points in the second

half and Memphis beat Utah

All TimesPST

Pelicans 113, Kings 87: SACRAMENTO, Calif.

Tyreke Evans made a memo rable r eturn,

EasternConference W L 23 5 21 6 15 13 11 15 14 15 12 13 14 16 12 17 10 16

d-Indiana d-Miami Atlanta d-Toronto Charlotte Washington Detroit Boston Chicago Cleveland NewYork Brooklyn Philadelphia Orlando Milwaukee

Pct GB 821

778 18 536 8 423 11 483 9r/r 480 9'It 467 10 414 ttr/t 385 12 to 17 370 12r/r 9 18 333 13'It 9 18 333 13r7r 8 20 286 15 8 20 286 15 6 22 214 17

Western Conference W L d-Portland 23 5 Oklahoma City 22 5 d-SanAntonio 22 6 d-L.A.Clippers 20 9 Phoenix 17 10 Houston 18 11 Dallas 16 12 Golden State 16 13 Denver 14 13 LA. Lakers 13 15 Minnesota 13 15 NewOrleans 12 14 Memphis 12 15 Sacrame nto 8 19 Utah 8 23


Pct GB 821 81 5 r/t 786 1 690 3'It 630 5r7r 621 5r/t 571 7 552 7r/r 519 8'It 464 10

464 10 462 10

444 10r/r 296 14'/t 258 16r/r


NewYork103, Orlando98 Detroit115,Cleveland92 Charlotte111,Milwaukee110,DT Miami121,Atlanta119,OT Indiana103,Brooklyn86 Dagas111,Houston104 Memphis104,Utah94 SanAntonio112,Toronto99 Phoenix117,LA.takers90 GoldenState89,Denver81 NewOrleans113,Sacramento100


No games scheduled


s c oring a

season-high 25 points and adding 12 assists to help New Orleans snap a four-game losing streak with a win over Sacramento. Warriors 89, Nuggets 81:

other flurry, and James' no- DENVER — David Lee had look, cross-court pass set up 28 points and 10 rebounds Norris Cole's 3-pointer with


points in his hometown, Paul George also had 26, and In-

for his ninth straight dou-

0.8 seconds left to put Miami ble-double, leading Golden aftertheperiod. dersen snuffed out the play at up 33-23 State past Denver. the rim, got fouled and added Also on Monday: Suns 117, Lakers 90: a free throw with 0.3 seconds Mavericks111, Rockets104: PHOENIX — Gerald Green left. Andersen then knocked HOUSTON — Dirk Nowitzki hit six 3-pointers and scored away Atlanta's last-ditch scored 31 points, including 10 22 points, M i les P lumlee pass as time expired, and the in the fourth quarter to lead grabbed a career-high 20 Heat finished off a perfect Dallas over Houston. rebounds, an d P h oenix homestand. Pacers 103, Nets 86: NEW dominated the paint in a vicBeasley had missed sev- YORK — L a nce Stephen- tory over the Los Angeles en games with a strained son scored a career-high 26 Lakers.

Wednesday'sGames ChicagoatBrooklyn,9 p.m. OklahomaCity atNewYork, 11:30a.m. MiamiatLA Lakers2pm HoustonatSanAntonio, 5p.m. LA, Clippersat GoldenState,7:30 p.m

Summaries Monday'sGam es

Pelicans113, Kings100 NEWORLEANS(113)

Aminu6-80-1 13,Anderson3-90 08, Davis6-15 9-10 21,Holiday7-13 0-017, Gordon6-133-417, Evans7-1411-1225,Ajinca3-4 0-06, Roberts 3-6 0 06, Morrow010 00,Amundson0 00 00, Miler 0-00-00.Totals41-8323-27113.

13, Barnes1-6 0-2 2, Speights3-4 2-4 8, Douglas 0-1 0-0 0,Green1-40-0 3, Bazemore2-40-0 5, Armstron g0-00-00,Nedovic0-00-00.Totals36-84 10-18 89. DENVER (81) Chandler4-121-210, Hickson3-71-27, Mozgov 6-11 2-414, Lawson 5-14 5-5 16, Foye0-5 1-1 1, Robinson 4-94-413, Hamilton 0-40-0 0,Arthur1-5 0-02, A.Miger6-82-314, Randolp2-60-04. h Totals 31-0116-2181. Golden State 30 1 7 17 25 —89 Denver 22 21 23 15 — 81

Sons117, Lakers 90 LA. LAKERS I90) Johnson3-52-2 9,Williams3-50-07,Gasol 412 2210, Henry 312 71413, Meeks6-15 4718, Young 6-175-519, Hil 3-71-2 7,Kaman0-21-21, Sacre1-31-2 3,Kegy1-21-1 3, MarshallO-t 0-0 0. Totals 30-8124-3790. PHOENIX (117) Tucker0-34-5 4, Frye3-100-0 7, Plumlee8-14 1-517, Bledsoe 5-105-516, Dragic4-94-512, Green 7-132-222,Mark.Morris4-71-19, Marc.Morris6-9 2-2 19, Goodwin 2-8 0-0 5, Christmas1-2 0-0 2, Smith 1-30-02, Kravtsov1-2 0-02. Totals 42-90 19-25 117. LA. Lakers 24 27 17 22 — 90 Phoenix 28 36 26 27 — 117

Silors 112, Raptors 99

Mavericks111, Rockets104 DALLAS(111)

Marion2-40-0 4, Nowitzki11-188-931,Dalembert 3-62-28, Calderon 6-120-015, Ellis 4-168-10 18, Carter6-8 2-2 16,Crowder4-70-011, Wright 3-30-0 6,Mekel1-5 0-0 2.Totals 40-79 20-23 111.


Parsons8-154-4 21, Jones5-8 0-0 10, Howard 10-16 9-1329, Lin6-10 7-1020, Garcia1-6 0-03, Casspi1-21-23, Brooks7-130-018,Brewerg-00-0 0. Totals38-7021-29104. Dallas 20 30 36 25 — 111 Houston 26 31 21 26 — 104

Grizzlies1tj4, Jazz 94 UTAH(94)

Jefferson 6-12 3-418, Wiliams3-7 0-08, Favors 8-11 0-016, Burke5-126-618, Hayward5-13 4-5 16, LucasIII 2-40-0 6, Kanter0-5 0-00, Burks2-5 0-0 4, Evans 4-60-0 8, Rush0-00-0 0. Totals 3575 13-15 94. MEMPHIS (104) Johnson4-10 0-09, Randolph8-14 6-622, Koufos 5-7 0-210,Conley2-110-0 6, Allen2-9 2-26, Davis3-72-2 8, Bayless 6-111-217, Miler5-7 2-2 15, Leuer4-7 2-411,Franklin 0-00-00. Totals 3903 15-20 104. Utah 21 27 23 23 — 94 Memphis 27 26 24 27 — 104

TORONTO (99) Rosstg-t60023,Johnson371-27,Valanci- Pacers103, Nets 86 unas 5-90-110, Lowry6-15 9-923, DeRozan5-16 INDIANA (103) 2-2 13, Salmons0-1 0-0 0, Patterson3-7 1-2 7, West6-81-213, Hibbert3-6 Vasquez2-71-2 6, Hansbrough3-34-7 tg, Hayes 2-2George10-192-226, 8, G.Hi g 2-7 6-610, Stephen son 10-162-226, 0-0 0-0 0,Novak0-0 0-00. Totals 37-81 18-25 Scola2-51-1 5, Granger 0-70-00, Watson2-73-38, 99. Mahinmi 3-51-17,Copeland0-00-00,O.Johnson SANANTONIOI112) 0-00, Butlerg-00-00. Totals Leonard 5-121-1 13,Duncan4-151-2 9, Splitter 0-20-00,SloanO-t 3-5 2-4 8,Parker10-195-7 26, Belinelli 2-7 0-0 4, 38-8318-19103. BROOK LYN(86) Ginobili 4-7 9-918,Diaw4-91-2 9, Green5-80-0 Anderson1-32-25, Teletovic 3-102-2 8, Garnett 14, Mills 3-70-0 7, Bonner0-00-00, Ayres1-2 2-2 4, Baynes0-00-00, De Colo0-00-00. Totals 41- 3-106-612,Wiliams3-9 2-29,d.dohnson7-132-2 17, Blatche4-93-4 11, Pierce0-7 0-00, Livingston 91 21-27112. 1-24 46, Plumlee3-61-27,Terry4-70-1 I t. Totals Toronto 26 23 23 27 — 99 SanAntonio 25 3 0 23 34 — 112 29-76 22-2506. Indiana 19 26 30 28 — 103 Brooklyn 17 22 19 28 — 86

Heat121, Hawks119 (OT)

ATLANTA (119) Carroll 3-4 0-0 8,Milsap9-20 0-0 25,Horford 8-13 4-421,Teague10-20 6-1026, Korver5-90-0 15, Williams3-9 2-29, Mack1-51-2 3, Brand2-4 0-04, Scott3-61-1 8,Antic 0-10-00. Totals 44-91 14-19 119. MIAMI (121) Jamest 6-282-638, Batier 0-1 0-00, Bosh5-10 1-1 11, Chalmers 4-113-412, Allen 7-104-519, Lewis3-5 0-06, Cole2-8 0-05, MasonJr. 3-70-0 8, Andersen 3-36-9 t 2, Beasley 3-83-4 10. Totals 46-91 19-29121. Atlanta 23 31 30 27 8 — 119 Miami 33 17 27 34 10 — 121

Pistons115, Cavaliers 92

DETROIT I115) Smith 10-18 3-3 25, Monroe 5-10 1-2 11, SACRAME NTO(100) 7-10 0-2 14, Jennings6-11 7-8 21, Gay 2-127-811, Thompson 0-40-2 0, Cousins Drummond l-Pope1-6 1-2 4, Stuckey 6-16 1-1 14, 7-1510-1724,Thomas8-152-3 21, McLemore1-2 Caldwel 4-90-010, Billups1-30-03, Datome6-13 0-03, Williams2-33-37, Thornton5-137-719, Acy Singler Harrellson0-0 0-0 0. Totals 46-96 132-32-26,Grayg-l 0-00,Fredette4-60-09.Totals 0-013, 18 115. 31-74 31-42100. CLEVEL AND(92) New Drleans 28 2 4 25 36 — 113 Gee2-52-2 7, Thompson6-105-917, A.Bynum Sacramento 27 2 5 25 23 — 100 0-11 0-0 0, Irving 7-144-4 21, Miles 2-9 1-2 6, Bennett3-71-2 7,Jack0-60-00, Varejao1-10-0 2, Dellavedova 4-61-210, Clark2-100-06, Zeger6-7 Warriors 89, Noggets 81 1-1 13, Karasev 0-0 0-0 0, Felix 1-21-2 3. Totals 34-0816-24 92. GOLDEN STATEI8 9) Iguodala5-10 0-012, Lee 11-216-6 28, Bogut Detroit 28 30 31 26 — 115 2-4 0-2 4, Curry5-14 2-4 14,Thompson6-16 0-0 Cleveland 18 22 24 28 — 92

Knicks103, Magic 98 NEWYORK(103) Anthony7-14 2-2 19, Bargnani 5-12 3-3 13, Chandler5-9 0-210, Felton4-113-413, Shumpert 4-7 0-0 9,d.smith 7-171-218, Udrih2-36-610, Stoudemire 390 06, HardawayJr 2 4 0 05. Totals 39-8615-19103.

ORLANDO (98) Harris 4-136-7 14, Davis9-21 2-5 20,Vucevic 6-12 2-2 14,Nelson6-142-2 17,Afflalo 9-17 3-5 26, Dladipo 1-4 1-13,Harkless1-30-02, Nicholson 0-1 0-00, Lamb0-10-00, Maxieg1-30-02. Totals 37-0916-22 98. New York 29 36 19 19 — 103 Orlando 27 14 35 22 — 98

Bobcats111, Bocks110 (OT) MILWAUKE E(110) Middleton7-142-219, Butler3-114-411, Raduljica 3-32-28, Knight11-232-2 26, Antetokounmpo 4-8 2-212,Henson6-142-3 14,Mayo5-13 2-214, Udoh1-40-02, Wolters2-50-04, Ridnour0-20-00. Totals 42-9716-17110. CHARLO TTE(111) Tolliver4-40-012,McRoberls3-81-29, Jefferson 12-23 2-326, Walker 10-223-5 25, Henderson2-10 4-48, Zeger 6-120-012, Sessions2-94-48, Biyombo 2-50-04,Douglas-Roberts0-21-21, Gordon2-4 0-06.Totals43-9915-20111. Milwaukee 33 2 1 24 23 9 — 110 Charlotle 17 35 26 23 10 — 111

Wild play helps lead Sabres toovertime victory over Coyotes The Associated Press BUFFALO, NY. — Mike Smith's unwitting

the team was en route to the Spengler Cup tournament in Davos, Switzerland.


Martin St. Louis had a goal and two assists and Tampa Bay extended its winning streak to five

mistake gave the short-handed Buffalo Sabres Tyler Ennis also scored for Buffalo, which is Blackhawks 5, Devils 2: CHICAGO — Patrick a 2-1 overtime win over the Phoenix Coyotes on 4-0-1 in its last five home games after starting Sharp scored twice and Patrick Kane, Bryan Monday night. the season 3-12-1 at First Niagara Center. Bickell and Nick Leddy also connected to lead With 3:47 gone in overtime, Sabres defenThe fans gave the Sabres several standing Chicago over New Jersey. seman Mark Pysyk took a shot that hit Mar- ovations throughout the contest, and the team Flames 4, Blues 3: CALGARY, Alberta — Joe tin Hanzal and became lodged in the back of

went to center ice to salute them after the game.

"I play on emotion and when fans are just Smith's jersey. The Coyotes goalie retreated into his crease, unknowingly carrying the puck supportive like that, it's a huge boost," Sabres across the line and ending the game. rookiecenter Zemgus Girgensons said."First "I didn't feel it at all," Smith said of thebizarre 30 games fans were there for us but we didn't goal. "I didn't know what happened. I knew that play well." puck went up in the air but had no idea where it Hanzal scored for the Coyotes, who concludwent after that." ed a four-game road trip with a 1-1-2 record. Ryan Miller made 36 saves for the Sabres, Smith made 30 saves. and said he's never seen anything quite like Coyotes coach Dave Tippett said the odd endMonday's ending. ing fit his team's performance. "A little unlucky for Smith there," Miller said. "The game is an honest game," he said. "If "I think he'll be shaking his head for a while. you're supposed to win, usually you can win. It's a little bit of a Christmas present for us and And we didn't deserve to win tonight, so those we'll take it." things happen." The Sabres started the game with just 16 In other games on Monday: skaters after a virus left Linus Omark, Cody Rangers 2, Maples Leafs 1: NEW YORK Hodgson, Ville Leino, Marcus Foligno and Al- — Mats Zuccarell o and Derek Stepan scored exander Sulzer unable to play. Buffalo was only shootout goals and backup goalie Cam Talbot able to recall Pysyk and left wing Johan Lars- earned his second win in two nights as New son from its AHL affiliate in Rochester because York shook off a late tying tally to beat Toronto.

Colborne scored the only goal of the shootout to

give Calgary an improbable come-from-behind win over St. Louis. Ducks 3, Capitals 2: WASHINGTON — Hampus Lindholm scored the winner at 14:24 of the

games with a victory over Florida. Flyers 4, Wild 1: PHILADELPHIA — Wayne Simmonds had two goals and an assist and Philadelphia beat Minnesota to extend its home

win streak to nine games. Bruins 6, Predators 2: NASHVILLE, Tenn.

— Carl Soderberg scored on a power play and had two assists and Jarome Iginla added a pair of goals to carry Boston past Nashville.

Stars5, Kings 2: LOS ANGELES — Tyler third period and Anaheim rallied past Wash- Seguin and Jamie Benn scored on Dallas' first ington in coach Bruce Boudreau's return to the Verizon Center.

Blue Jackets 4, Hurricanes 3: RALEIGH,N.C.

two shots against the unbeaten Martin Jones

and rookie linemate Valeri Nichushkin got the go-aheadgoal on a power play in the second

— Ryan Johansen and Jack Skille scored 1:28 apart late in the third period to rally Columbus

period, leading the Stars to a victory over Los

ni Nabokov made 23saves for his 56th career shutout in New York's win over Detroit.

Logan Couture and Patrick Marleau scored in the shootout to lift San Jose to a win over

Angeles. over Carolina. Oilers 6, Jets 2: EDMONTON, AlbertaSenators 5, Penguins 0: OTTAWA, Ontario Taylor Hall had a goal and two assists and Ed— Craig Anderson made 27 saves for his sec- monton snapped a season-high six-game skid ond shutout of the season and Ottawa defeated with a victory over Winnipeg. Pittsburgh to snap Marc-Andre Fleury's fiveSharks 5, Avalanche 4: SAN JOSE, Cagame winning streak. lif. — Joe Pavelski scored with just under 20 Islanders 3, Red Wings 0:DETROIT — Evge- seconds left in regulation to tie the game and Lightning 6, Panthers 1: SUNRISE, Fla.






egon Statewide receiver Bran-

din Cooks who has broken the Continued from C1 Pac-12record forreceptions in Hedrick called the chance a season (120), needs 52 yards to play against Oregon State againstthe Broncos to break "pretty neat." the record for yards in a sea"It's kind of just starting to son (he has 1,670) and needs hit me," he said. "I didn't really three touchdown catches to think about it at first. It's kind of another game, but it's kind

match the record for TDs in a

season (he has 15). of cool being from Oregon QuarterbackSean Mannion and playing at Boise State and needs 56 passing yards (he playing against a team that's has 4,403) to break Cody Pickett's conference single-season 20 miles down the road." While preparing for the record and four touchdown bowl game, Hedrick also has passes (36) to break Matt been an important figure for Barkley's record. He already the coaches building for Boi- holdsschoolrecords in those se State's future. New coach

categories,as well as for com-

Bryan Harsin, a former BSU pletions (376) and attempts assistant who recruited him to (570). He has set single-game Boise State and coached him records for passing yards for a year, called Hedrick the (493), completions (41) and TD night he was named the Bron- passes (six). "I've seen some back-shoulcos' coach. And new offensive coordinator Mike Sanford, der throws in the end zone who is at Stanford, called him too.

this year that have been pret-

ty spectacular," Boise State "I had a couple guys in mind junior linebacker Corey Bell that I really think would be said, referring to Mannion. Notes & quotes: good (for head coach), and (Harsin) was one of them," He• Hedrick on Oregon State: drick said. "He called me the "Their program is a lot like night he got the job. I was ex- ours, the way they do things. cited to hear his voice. It's been They're very well-coached; a few years, and it's nice for they pay a lot of attention to me and a few other guys, not details. They're going to be many, to have another famil- very disciplined. They're goiar face coming back." ing to be tough to beat, so it's Hedrick said he does not ex- going to be a great game." pect juniors like him to experi• Oregon State's defensive encebigchanges during their numbers are not good, but remaining time in the pro- Riley says he has seen big imgram. The changes, he said, provement during the year. "We started off so badly, but will affect the young guys. "The foundation has been I've been most proud of that set, so that's good," he said. actually because we've grown "I think the real change will through the year," he said. come with the younger guys. "We had one clunker against That will be our job to lead Washingtonwhere we played them and they'll have to make

horrible defense. Besides that,

it's fun to see our defense get a little bit of an adjustment." Pac-12 records in sight: Or- better and be opportunistic."

Basketball Continued from C1 A fter o n l o okers w a t c h Hodskins sink 3-point shots,

lunge for loose balls and un-

BoiseState (8-4, 6-2Mountain West) vs OregonState (6-6, 4-5 Pac12),5p.m. PST(ESPff) Line: Oregon State by 3, total at 64. Series record: Oregon State leads, 4-3. WHAT'S AT STAKE A winning record, for OregonState, which started the year with six wins in sevengames but lost five straight to end the regular season. A win for Boise State would boost a team in transition, with coach Chris Petersen taking a job at theUniversity of Washington earlier this month. Boise State hasalready hired his replacement, Brian Harsin, but interim coach BobGregory is leading the team in the bowl. KEY MATCHUP Oregon State's passing offense versus BoiseState's passing defense. Boise State will need to focus onstopping Brandin Cooks, Oregon State's standout wide receiver. Of 160total drives by opponents against Boise State, 56 havegone for fewer than10 yards and 74 haveprogressed fewer than 20 yards. The Broncos also have 15 interceptions. PLAYERS TOWATCH Oregon State: Brandin Cooks, wide receiver. TheAll-American won the Biletnikoff Award asthe nation's most outstanding wide receiver after a season filled with big plays. Hehad120 catches for1,670 yards and 13touchdowns, including 31 catches for more than 20yards. Cooks' performance to cap theseason could be a prelude to the junior skipping his senior year anddeclaring himself eligible for the NFLdraft. Boise State: Grant Hedrick, quarterback. Boise State will be without part of its tandem of passers with JoeSouthwick dismissed from the bowl by the teamlast week. Southwick disputes the dismissal, saying hewas falsely accused of urinating from a hotel balcony shortly after the teamarrived on the islands. Southwick had more attempts and moreyards, though Hedrick has more touchdowns this year. Hedrick has completed 68 percent of his passes with15 touchdowns andtwo interceptions. FACTS 8( FIGURES Boise States ranks second in the country in completion percentage at 70.4 percent.... Cooks needs 52 receiving yards to set the Pac-12 record.... The Broncos areaveraging 15.7 yards on punt returns, second in the country... Oregon State cornerbacks Steven Nelson andSeanMartin, and safety Ryan Murphy, all have interception returns for touchdowns.... Boise State has lost only four games since joining the Mountain West in 2011.... Oregon State had five Pac-12 players of the weekthis year despite an even record.

"I welcome it, more than playing basketball. Through basketball, I can reach out to those people. It's a very humbling experience."

way," Kramer said. The chip on hi s shoulder becomes evident when

— Zach Hodskins on helping young people cope with disabilities

leash his unusual brand of

play, what they notice almost w ould tell h i m . "You don't as much as his missing hand have to prove yourself every is the chip on his shoulder. day." He has converted years of Zach would hear none of it. "I love my competitiveslights — perceived and real

with the team.) Hodskins h a s

not wa -

vered from his oral commitment, though a call from the

coach of a top program in — into a continuous source of ness," he said. "It got me to Hodskins' home state, Kenenergy that compels him to where I am today." tucky, might have given him set lofty goals. In middle school, he went pause. At nearly 6 feet 4 inches, o ut for c r oss-country, pr iHodskins was celebrating Hodskins is a strong passer marily as conditioning for h is choice of F l orida w i t h with extraordinary range. basketball. H e pr o mptly schoolmates one night when "He doesn't have 3-point placed second in a meet that his cellphone rang. It was range; it's in-the-gym range," left hi m s o e x h austed his Kentucky coach John CaliKramer said. "Cross half- parentsfeared for hishealth. pari, who offered congratulaZach's explanation: "Allow- tions but not a uniform. Calicourt, he's in range after a dribble or two." ing anyone to beat me was pari also left a message with Hodskins, who averaged unacceptable." Hodskins' father, who initial11 points a game last season His parents removed him ly assumed it was a hoax. and is averaging six points from the team. Donovan did not specifi"We tried to tell him, 'You cally discuss Hodskins' playand 2.3 assists per game this season, would be assured can't be perfect,' " his father ing time, but the prevailing significant playing time, per- said. "He expects to be so." thought expressed by Bob haps even a starting role, at T he family f ound t w o Hodskins and Milton's coach, a lower-level college. But his AAU coaches who h elped Kramer, is, "I wouldn't bet nature made him accept the Hodskins develop a reper- against it." Gators. tory of moves, like a crossKramer added, "But if all "Zach wants the biggest o ver dr ibble b etween t h e he ever is is a really good challenge," said his father, legs, to minimize the effect practice player, he'll be good Bob. " He has such an e x of his disability. Fine-tuning for their program." treme desire to prove himself took place at gyms, playAnother en do r s ement at the highest level he can." grounds and, most often, the came from Kevin Laue, the B ob a nd Step h a n i e Hodskinses' driveway. The most recent, and perhaps Hodskins did not know that c ontinual thumping o f t h e only, significant NCAA DiviZach would be born without ball planted a nagging ques- sion I player with one hand. "It's really impressive what half a limb. Early on, they tion: Would the investment pledged to rear him as they pay off? he can do on the court," said Zach's parents never imag- the 6-foot-11 Laue, who graddid his two older sistersnot that he would have toler- ined how much it would. A uated last year from Manhatated any coddling. year ago, a scouting service tan College and is the subject "If you ever tried to help posted a one-minute clip of of a d ocumentary, "Long him up," his father said, "he Hodskins' highlights on You- Shot: The Kevin Laue Story," wouldn't have wanted that."

A daredevil from the beginning, Zach would climb out of his crib with a loud thud, alarming his parents. Since then, he has dabbled

in various sports, from skimboarding (like surfing) to triathlon.

His mother y ielded to one assumed limitation and

Tube that has nearly 4 million views. Partly to ensure exposure

which has aired in New York.

to colleges, the family relocated from South Carolina

what I went through, to be on

last year so he could attend M ilton, w h ich h a d d r a w n

of choice became high-top s neakers. He never hid a n

an opposing coach shouts, "Make him go left," an order that once offended Hodskins' mother. Z ach w e l c omed t h o s e

words. "I tell them, 'Keep forcing me left.' I get more separation when they do that," he said.

Only once has he taken offense at an opponent's words.

An AAU adversary whom Hodskins was o utplaying shoved him and called him a profane name, preceded by "one-handed." H odskins w a s st u n g, though not by the adjective, having come to terms with his disability so long ago that he jokes about it, as he did with the referee's remark on his hand-checking. Young people with disabilities, or their parents, have contacted Hodskins for ad-

vice and requests to meet, sometimes to shoot around. "I welcome it, more than

Continued from C1 Feasts and treats these

next two weeks are as accessible as the wrestlers' running shoes. T hose sneakers, Beu s chlein notes, are what wrestlers need to reach for — and

not the holiday goodiesto maintain their fitness as tournaments loom. "It's all self-motivation,"

Yates emphasizes. "People can tell you, 'Oh, you can have this (another slab of holiday ham)' and 'you can have that (delectable

dessert).' But it's all knowing this is what I want to do, and this is how I want to do it."

Ridgeview coach Dan Elliott has seen his fair

share of holiday dieting. "I remember myself experiencing a Thanksgiving meal," Elliott says, recalling his wrestling days. "Just a bowl of fruit cocktail was my dinner." But, he adds: "We don't

have to cut weight nearly as much as we used to." Some wrestlers sacrifice more than others, El-

liott says, as far as what they do and do not eat.

The ones who usually face the most difficulty a re m i d dle-

a n d lo w -

er-weight wrestlers, because, as Elliott points out, when moving up or down a weight class, "it makes a lot of difference in terms of the strength that you're

there that can build character quite like wrestling." sure that their w restlers A challenge has been are eating right. Elliott presented by coaches. Two makes clear to his squad weeks away from school what h i s exp e ctations means more latitude for are as far as what weight wrestlers to enjoy the life of a classes each w r estler typical teenager. Beuschlein should settle into, all while

and Yates, like most other

avoiding the dangers of last-minute dehydration to make weight. "They're exercising hard and generally eating right, a meal here

Central Oregon athletes, accept the challenge — despite

lem," Hodskins said. "These kids need to be themselves, not hide it all their lives."

As he proved to those who doubted him: "They never knew I'd get to t hi s point.

"It's amazing to see what They didn't know me." somebody went t h r ough,

the difficulty it entails.

"(The challenge) has its

benefits, but it's also harder

because you have to stay fo-

s a y s. cused and remember to keep "Breaking a fast or a diet our minds right and that we or t h ere," E l l iott

is not going to make or

have to practice and keep

break them. On the oth-

the intensity up," Beuschlein

er hand, that's one of the says. "We can't stop and go unique things about wres- back and try to restart." "I've been doing this since tling. There's that aspect of self-discipline. ... You second grade," B r ennan definitely have to w atch Yates says. "So I know what's what you're eating and expected. It just takes a lot of take care of business." pflde. While athletes in other

sports — basketball players and swimmers, for example — might moni-

— Reporter: 541-383-0307, glucas®

tor their nutrition intakes,

Elliott says they might "pound more carbs" because they are not as worried about losing body fat as wrestlers.

That, the

R i dgeview

coach continues, is what sets wrestling apart from

of self-discipline and com-

"I've never had that prob-

night to lift the Storm to

a 72-47 girls basketball win at Sisters. Heinly's eight treys set Summit's single-game school record, topping the previous high of seven set last seasonby Heinly.

over starvation. They en-

reach out to those people. It's

notices young people trying to disguise a disability with bulky clothing or cropped photos on their social media pages.

STAT OF THEWEEK Eight. Onher wayto a game-high 35 points, Summit sophomore Sarah Heinly racked upeight 3-pointers last Tuesday

staff emphasize nutrition

other prep sports.

It is upsetting, too, when he

PLAYER OFTHE WEEK Out of the 68-wrestler bracket at the RenoTournament of Champions onFriday and Saturday emerged Tyler Berger. TheCrook County senior, who is now 15-0 this season, went 6-0 at the Nevadatournament en route to the145-pound championship, guiding the Cowboys to a fifth-place finish at the106-team tourney.

dealing with." Elliott and his coaching

playing basketball," he said. "Through basketball, I can a very humbling experience."

GAME OF THEWEEK Trailing 30-25 with two wrestling matches to go on Thursday, BendHigh picked up two straight wins to secure a come-from-behind 31-30 Intermountain Hybrid dual win at Ridgeview. Nico Spring began the Lava Bears' run with a 3-1 victory at145 pounds, and Noah Hainescapped the comeback by rallying from a 2-0 deficit to win 9-3 at152 pounds.


"It demands that ki nd mitment l e v el," E l l i o tt says. "It's what m akes

it a great sport for you. There's not a sport out

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fluence" on eventual transfers to Milton.

Hodskins will not receive

ambition to play in college, saying recently, "I n ever doubted myself, even though a lot of people did." To them, he said, "Just watch." For every p i ckup-game captain who did not choose

a scholarship to Florida. But

him a n d e v e r y A m a t eur Athletic Union program that did not invite him, Hodskins stockpiled motivation. Concern that he was push-


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that platform," Laue said, referring to a high-profile college opportunity. Laue said hi s p r imary frustration w a s c o aches

Bob Hodskins said Don-

are an inspiration, but you

to his new job at Milton this s ummer, he w r estled w i t h

how to coach Hodskins. "I couldn't visualize that s ituation fitting into a p r o-

o 00

gram that competes on a national level," he said of Hodskins.

" He wanted t o b e h e r e first to make sure I w o uld

ovan had t old t h e f a m i ly: take him seriously," Kramer "We'refirstand foremost re- said. "There was none of that

cruiting you as a player. You

a limb and would set limits. As Kramer drove from Ohio

As the moving van was his parents were delighted by the message conveyed by being unloaded at Kramer's house, Milton players came Gators coach Billy Donovan amid speculation on social by to help, none sooner than Hodskins. media that the team's offer bordered on a publicity stunt.

e •

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scrutiny for the number of scholarship players it had. Just weeks after Hodskins who were not sure how to e nrolled, th e t e a m w a s deal with a player without

bought Zach slip-on shoes to barred from the postseason, sparehim laces.Yethe grav- and the coach was forced to itated to shoes with laces, ty- resign after school authoringthem at school as a sort of ities reported suspicions to performancearton request. the state athletics body that When Hodskins locked in he was exerting "undue inon basketball, his footwear


Hawaii Bowl at aglance

'Treat me differently.' " K ramer soon ha d


ing himself too hard tem- are here because you're a c oaching t e m p late, wi t h Hodskins as just one of the pered his parents' pride. Bob good basketball player." Hodskins would tape the cal(Florida, i n a c cordance guys, doing pushups and liftloused fingers on Zach's right w ith N CA A r u l es, i s n o t ing weights on top of all his hand when they bled from permitted to comment on basketball tasks. "He's just a mean, nasty walk-ons before they enroll marathon solo workouts. "Dial it back," his father because they have not signed competitor — i n a h e a lthy

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N ASDAQ ~ 4 4 16





TOdap Home sales ljp again?


Did sales of new homes continue to rise last month after surging in October? The answer arrives today, when the Commerce Department reports its latest monthly tally of new home sales. Sales slowed sharply this summer after mortgage rates started climbing in May. Mortgage rates peaked at 4.6 percent in August, but stabilized a month later. Americans responded in October, propelling new-home sales more than 25 percent.

1,760 ' " " " ' 10 DAYS









......... Close: 1,827.99

Change: 9.67 (0.5%)

1,760 "'.

16,000" '

1,680 "



1,600 1,520 J'




StocksRecap Vol. (in mil.) 2,800 1,730 Pvs. Volume 4,836 3,000 Advanced 2203 1896 Declined 9 06 7 1 9 New Highs 3 48 3 4 7 New Lows 36 23

HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. 16318.11 16225.25 16294.61 +73.47 DOW Trans. 7328.34 7290.44 7312.04 +29.78 DOW Util. 491.08 486.79 487.01 -1.33 NYSE Comp. 10260.46 10230.97 10246.67 +50.59 NASDAQ 4149.31 4127.72 4148.90 +44.16 S&P 500 1829.75 1822.92 1827.99 +9.67 S&P 400 1329.13 1322.60 1328.94 +1 0.09 Wilshire 5000 19500.67 19424.25 19491.03 +120.84 Russell 2000 1157.34 1146.51 1157.22 +1 0.75


KB Home N


%CHG. WK MO QTR YTD $.0.45% L L +24.35% $.0.41% L L +37.79% -0.27% +7.49% +0.50% L L +21.36% +1.08% L L +37.40% +0.53% L L +28.17% +0.77% L L +30.23% +0.62% L L +29.98% +0.94% L L +36.24%





Close:$61.88%-0.61 or -1.0% There were signs that shoppers are avoiding or spending less at the retailer after a credit-card secunty breach was revealed. $70 65


0 N 52-week range $14.85 ~

D $25.14


N 0 52-week range

$58.01 ~

D $ 7$.50

Volc9.7m (2.3x avg.) PE: 9 1.0 Volc5.7m (1.1x avg.) PE: 16 . 6 Mkt. Cap:$1.52 b Yie l d : 0.5% Mkt. Cap:$39.11b Yie l d: 2.8%


Darden Restaurants




Close: $18.19%1.28 or 7.6% Citigroup removed its "sell" rating on the homebuilder, citing a recovery in earnings and the fact that it has trailed the S&P 500. $20

400 373 379



Stocks finished higher Monday, getting a lift from positive government reports on consumer income and spending, and news that Apple inked a deal to sell the iPhone to China's biggest wireless carrier. The Commerce Department reported that consumer spending rose 0.5 percent in November, the most since June, while incomes rose 0.2 percent. Apple's deal with China Mobile helped lift technology stocks. Trading traditionally slows this week as investors start to closethe books ahead ofa new year.Both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market will close at 1 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday for Christmas Eve and reopen on Thursday.



+ -.41 '


' 10 DAYS "

14,500 J:



Dow jones mdustnals







Close: 16,294.61 Change: 73.47 (0 5%)

16,000 "

16,500 "

New home sales 500thousand




GOLD ~ $1,198.40

10-YR T-NDTE 2.93% ~

1,840 ":.

seasonally adjusted annual rate


9 67

S8$P 500

Tuesday, December 24, 201 3


O» To look upindividual stocks, goto Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.


Close: $54.35%3.26 or 6.4% Activist investor Starboard Value disclosed a sizeable stake in the restaurant operator and is expected to push for a breakup. $55



AAPL Close:$570.09%21.07 or 3.8% The techgiantannounced along-anticipated agreement with China Mobile to bring the iPhone to the world's biggest phone company. $600

Alaska Air Group ALK 42.63 ~ 78.5 3 72. 3 3 - 1 .17 -1.6 v w x +67. 9 +6 4 .5 9 6 2 1 2 0. 8 0 M J J A 6 0 Avista Corp A VA 23.52 ~ 29.26 2 8. 0 3 -.31 - 1.1 V X 4 +16 . 3 + 2 1. 5 2 9 5 1 8 1 . 2 2 Source: Factset Bank ofAmerica BAC 10 . 98 — c 15.98 15 .69 + . 09 +0.6 L w L +35. 1 +3 5 .7 50736 21 0 . 0 4 BarrettBusiness B BS I 3 7 .40 — 0 95.87 96.14 +2.60 +2.8 A > A +15 2.4 +140.4 54 39 0 . 72f 550 X +81. 0 +8 1 .9 2 889 24 2 .92f Boeing Co BA 7 2 .68 ~ 142. 0 0 13 6.40 -.27 -0.2 V + 50 500 C ascade Bancorp C A C B 4 .85 ~ 7.18 5 . 2 2 +. 1 9 + 3.8 A + T -16.6 -15.3 1 6 5 Eye on factory goods ColumbiaBnkg COL B 17.47— c 27.95 2 8 .26 + . 8 5 $ -3.1 L L L +57.5 +5 6 .0 2 3 8 2 4 0. 4 4f The partial government shutdown Columbia Sportswear COLM 47.72 — c 0 N D 0 N D 75.43 76 .19 + . 8 6 +1 .1 A + A +42.8 +41 .7 96 27 1.0 0 f 52-week range 52-week range in October appeared to cut into Costco Wholesale CO S T 96.51 ~ 126.1 2 11 8.69 + . 16 $.0.1 L W L +20. 2 +2 0 .7 1 164 26 1 . 2 4 $44.11 ~ $55 .25 $$85.10 ~ $ 575 .14 orders for durable goods. Craft Brew Alliance B R EW 6.15 ~ 18.70 15. 9 7 +. 5 8 +3.8 4 W 4 +146 .5 +133.9 6 2 cc Volcs.6m (2.7x avg.) PE :1 9 .3 Volc17.8m (1.6x avg.) P E : 1 4.4 Those are big-ticket items such FLIR Systems F LIR 21.48 ~ 33.82 29.5 7 +. 4 3 $ .1.5 4 W V +32. 5 $. 3 4.7 5 7 3 1 9 0. 3 6 Mkt. Cap:$7.1 b Yiel d : 4. 0% Mkt. Cap:$512.93 b Yi e ld: 2.1% as computers, aircraft and heavy Hewlett Packard HPQ 1 3 . 60 — 0 28.70 28.05 + .26 +0.9 4 X 4 +96.8 +96 .5 9 3 65 1 0 0. 5 8 machinery. Orders for durable Home FederalBncp ID HOME 10.84 ~ 1 6.0 3 14.99 +.05+0.3 L W L +2 0.6 +27.2 17 88 0.24 Ariad Pharma. ARIA YRC Worldwide YRCW goods fell about 2 percent in Intel Corp I NTC 20.10 ~ 25.98 25.3 2 +. 2 6 +1 .1 4 4 4 +22.8 +23 .4 27606 14 0 . 9 0 Close: $7.00%0.57 or 8.9% Close: $18.25 %3.28 or 21.9% October. Economists expect data Keycorp K EY 8 .27 ~ 13.42 13. 4 6 +. 1 4 +1.1 4 L 4 +59. 9 +5 8 .1 4 945 15 0 . 2 2 The drugmaker jumped for the secThe trucking company will refinance Kroger Co K R 2 5 .20 ~ 43.85 39.8 9 +. 1 9 +0 .5 X V V + 53. 3 +5 1 .4 2 3 72 1 3 0 . 66f ond consecutive day after getting due out today for durable goods nearly $1 billion in loans as it atL SCC 3.82 ~ 5.77 5.38 +. 0 1 +0.2 x w x +34 . 8 + 3 8.0 6 3 4 7 7 orders in November will show an Lattice Semi regulatory approval to put its leuketempts to garner some concessions LA Pacific L PX 14.51 ~ 22.55 18 .4 7 +. 5 0 +2 .8 4 X 4 -4.4 -3.7 2555 11 mia drug back on the market. from union workers. increase from the previous month MDU Resources MDU 20 .73 — c 30.97 30 .32 + . 04 +0.1 L L L + 42. 7 +4 1 .8 46 7 4 6 0 . 71f $20 $20 MentorGraphics M EN T 13.21 — c 23.95 23 .97 + . 13 +0.5 L X L + 40.8 +40 .7 5 4 4 2 7 0. 1 8 hiiR $ $ pc c c S 15 Microsoft Corp MSFT 26.28 ~ 38.98 3 6. 6 2 -.18 -0.5 V W A +37. 1 +3 6 .5 24428 14 1 . 1 2 10 10 .23 -0.3 V V > +4 9. 4 +5 8 .0 4 396 26 0 .96f Nike Inc 8 N KE 50.59 ~ 80.26 7 7 .1 1 ,r4i NordstromInc J WN 50.94 ~ 63.72 61. 5 4 +. 3 5 +0.6 A W A +15. 0 +1 9 .7 1 118 16 1 . 2 0 0 N D N D 0 Nwst Nat Gas NWN 39.96 $y — 46. 55 43 . 1 2 -.27 -0.6 V X X -2.4 +0. 7 11 7 2 0 1. 8 4f 52-week range 52-week range PaccarInc PCAR 43.78 ~ 60.00 57. 8 3 +. 2 1 +0.4 L L L +27.9 +3 1 .9 1 117 19 0 .80a $2.75~ $2$.00 $5.75 ~ $36.99 Planar Systms PLNR 1.32 — c 2.75 2 .6 7 +. 0 1 + 0.4 4 4 4 + 86.7 +91 .4 83 dd V ol.:101.1m (4.0x avg.) PE: .. Vol.:3.6m (3.3x avg.) P E: .. . Plum Creek P CL 42.95 ~ 54.62 46. 5 3 +. 1 6 +0.3 4 L V $-4.9 +7. 3 10 02 2 9 1. 7 6 Mkt. Cap:$1.3 b Yield:.. Mkt. Cap:$199.49 m Y ield : ... Prec Castparts PCP 180.06 — o 27 0.00268.71 + .86 + 0.3 A > A +41. 9 +4 1 .9 5 8 9 2 5 0. 1 2 4 +80. 1 +8 6 .4 3 371 18 0 . 8 0 Safeway Inc S WY 17.08 ~ 36.90 3 2. 5 8 -.50 -1.5 v w Skullcandy SKUL United Therapeutics U TH R Schnitzer Steel SCH N 23.07 ~ 3 2.9 9 30.40 +.66+ 2.2 A > A +0. 2 - 0.7 19 2 d d 0 . 75 Close:$6.75%0.71 or 11.8% Close:$114.51 %26.67 or 30.4% v +17. 9 +2 0 .8 8 2 2 2 5 2 . 0 0 Roth Capital Partners upgraded the Sherwin Wms SHW 150.32 ~ 195. 3 2 18 1.42 -.73 -0.4 v w Regulators approved the StancorpFncl SFG 35.83 — 0 65.44 65 .93 + . 7 7 +1 .2 4 X 4 +79.8 +77 .3 1 2 3 1 4 1. 1 0f audio company to 5buy,5 noting that drugmaker'3 treatment for high blood pressure, Orenitram, which was a StarbucksCp SBUX 52.39 ~ 82.50 78. 3 2 +. 6 6 +0.8 4 W 4 +46. 0 +4 4 .9 3 749 35 1 .04f the new leadership's strategies appear to be paying off. surprise to market analysts. Triquint Semi T QNT 4.31 ~ 8.98 8.14 +. 1 5 + 1.9 L X L +68. 5 +6 6. 8 1 247 d d $7 $120 UmpquaHoldings UM PQ 11.43— o 18.99 19 .43 + . 49 +2.6 L L L +64.8 +5 8 .8 1 113 20 0 .60a DS Bancorp USB 31.50 — 0 40.32 40 .49 + . 44 +1 .1 X X X + 26. 8 +2 6 .1 8 3 85 1 4 0. 9 2 100 WashingtonFedl WAF D 15.79 — o 23.80 23 .81 + . 51 +2.2 L L L +41.1 +4 1 .2 20 1 1 7 0 . 40f 80 WellsFargo & Co WF C 3 3.66 — c 45.20 45 .21 + . 2 5 +0.6 L X L +32.3 +31 .5 12892 12 1 . 2 0 Home price monitor Weyerhaeuser W Y 2 6.38 ~ 33.24 3 1. 3 3 -.07 -0.2 W + L +12. 6 +1 2 .9 2 927 27 0 . 8 8 0 N D 0 N D The Federal Housing Finance 52-week range 52-week range Agency's index has been rising $4.80~ $8 .25 $51.38 $115.48 steadily since early last year, DividendFootnotes:8 - Extra dividends werepaid, bui are nct included. b -Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. 8 -Amount declaredcr paid in last12 months. I - Current Vold1.0m (3.3x avg.) PE: 39 . 7 Vol 34.9m (7.5x avg.) PE:20.9 annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum cf dividends paidafterstock split, rc regular rate. I —Sumcf dividends paidthis year.Most recent Mkt. Cap:$187.5 m Yield:... Mkt. Cap: $5.75 b Yield: ... when the U.S. housing market dividend wasomitted or deferred. k - Declared or paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend began to recover. The latest announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r —Declared cr paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. i - Paid in stock, approximate cash SOURCE: Sungard AP value on ex-distributicn date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is 8 clcsed-end fund - nc P/E ratio shown. cc —P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss in last12 months. reading will show how home prices changed in October from InterestRates NET 1YR the previous month. The index is TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO based on loans owned or guaranteed by mortgage finance 3-month T-bill . 0 6 .06 ... L .05 The latest move to combine men's clothing companiesFannie Mae and Qempan shareholders. 6-month T-bill . 0 9 .08 + 0 . 01 L .11 retailers Jos. A. Bank Clothiers and Men's Jos. A. Bank offered to buy its larger rival Freddie Mac. Men's Wearhouse in September for $2.3 ~ A Wearhouse has fallen apart. Jos. A. Bank 52-wk T-bill .12 .13 -0.01 V .14 FHFA home price index billion, or $48 per share. Men's turned down a takeover offer from 2 -year T-note . 3 8 .38 ... 4 L 4 .27 The yield on the competitor Men's Wearhouse, saying the Wearhouse turned down that offer, and 208 5-year T-note 1.68 1.68 .76 $1.54 billion bid was too low. after Jos. A. Bank dropped the bid, Men's 10-year Treasury 10-year T-note 2.93 2.89 +0.04 A + A 1.7 6 note rose to 2.93 206.4 Jos.A. Bank Clothiers said Monday its W earhouse off ered to buy Jos.A .Bank 30-year T-bond 3.85 3.82 +0.03 V i A 2.93 205.8 percent Monday. board unanimously rejected the offer. The for $1.54 billion. The deal valued Jos. A. 205.1 Yields affect Hampstead, Md., company said it will Bank at $55 per share. A combination rates on NET 1YR continue to look into acquisition opportucould create a menswear powerhouse of 204 203.6 mortgages and BONDS YEST PVS CHG WK MOQTR AGO nities that would create value for its more than 1,700 outlets. other consumer Barclays LongT-Bdldx 3.65 3.63 +0.02 W X X 2.52 loans. 202.1 52-WEEK RANGE JOS. A. Bank (JOSB) Mond a y's close: $56.29 Bond Buyer Muni ldx 5.13 5.13 ... A A w 4.11 $37 58 Barclays USAggregate 2.43 2.44 -0.01 A A A 1.7 7 Price-earnings ratio (Based on trailing 12 month results):24 PRIME FED Barclays US 200.3 High Yield 5.68 5.69 -0.01 A w w 6. 0 6 *: 12% 10-YR*: 20% 1-YR return:32% 3 - Y R 5-YR *: 27% Mark e t value: $1.6 billion 200 RATE FUNDS M oodys AAA Corp Idx 4.49 4.57 -0.08 w w w 3. 7 3 A M J J A S *Annuallzed AP Total returns through Dec. 23 Source: FactSet YEST3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.84 1.83 +0.01 L L L 1.01 Source: Factset 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.21 3.23 -0.02 w L w 2.7 3 1 YRAGO3.25 .13 AmdFocus SelectedMutualFunds

Jos. A. Bank rejects takeover offer




PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 BalA m 24.2 1 + .07+20.7 +20.4 +12.8+15.0 A A A CaplncBuA m 57.86 +.24 +13.6 +13.6 +9.5+12.0 C A C CpWldGrlA m 44.73 +.24 +23.2 +23.7 +10.8+15.0 C 8 O EurPacGrA m 48.76 +.26 +18.3 +19.5 +7.0+14.0 8 C 8 Facebook 962100 57.77 +2.65 FnlnvA m 51. 3 7 +.26+30.0 +30.0 +14.4+18.8 C C 8 AriadP 954442 7.00 + .57 GrthAmA m 42.55 +.22+32.4 +32.5 +15.0+18.9 C C D S&P500ETF 744808 182.53 +.97 Legg Mason/WesternOppc m LMOPX IncAmerA m 20.44 +.06+17.1 +17.1 +11.5+15.1 C A A FordM 587864 15.15 -.27 InvCoAmA x 36.25 -2.54+30.8 +30.6 +14.1+16.8 C C O BlackBerry 578685 7.47 + .25 VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH NewPerspA m39.10 +.18 +25.1 +25.6 +11.9+17.6 8 8 8 iShEMkts 510530 40.78 +.30 WAMutlnvA m38.95 +.14 +30.3 +29.8 +16.2+17.3 C A C BkofAm 507358 15.69 +.09 SiriusXM 404825 3.52 Dodge &Cox Income 13.55 -.01 +0.8 + 0.9 +4.6+7.8 A 8 B MicronT 398140 21.49 -.68 IntlStk 42.39 +.32 +24.4 +25.5 +8.4+17.4 A A A Cisco 397552 21.57 +.44 Stock 166.13 +.74 +38.3 +38.1 +17.4+20.5 A A A Fidelity Contra 95.47 + . 66+33.2 +33.2 +15.6+19.4 C 8 C Gainers Q GrowCo 119 . 09 +.94+36.7 +36.7 +17.5+23.6 A A A LowPriStk d 48.93 +.29+32.9 +33.2 +16.5+22.7 C A B NAME L AST C H G %C H G Fideli Spartan 500 l dxAdvtg 64.74 +.35+30.8 +30.5 +15.7+18.7 C 8 B DynRsh 1 1.46 + 4 . 2 1 +5 8 . 1 FrankTemp-Franklin Income C m 2. 42 .. . + 12.6 +12.6 +9.3+16.1 A A A CSVS2xPlat 44.00 $ -13.05 + 4 2 .2 «C HK Tv 9 .28 +2 . 6 6 +4 0 .2 52 IncomeA m 2. 4 0+.01 +13.3 +13.3 +10.0+16.7 A A A UtdTherap 1 14.51 $ .26.67 +3 0 .4 FrankTemp-Templeton GIBondAdv 13.01 +.02+1.8 +2.6 +5.2 +9.4 A A A Xyratex s 1 3.30 + 2 . 8 5 +2 7 .3 Cc Oakmark 25.91 +.16 +27.3 +29.0 +12.2+21.5 A A A LilisEngy 2 .45 +.49 +25 . 0 RisDivA m 19 . 46 +.09 +25.7 +25.3 +13.2+15.3 E D E Mcroingstar OwnershipZone™ Oppenheimer Camtek h 4 .40 +.83 +23 . 2 RisOiv8 m 17. 42 +.08+ 24.5 +24.2 +12.1+14.3 E E E YRC Wwde 1 8.25 +3 . 2 8 +2 1 . 9 OoFund target represents weighted RisDivC m 17 . 31 +.08 +24.7 +24.3 +12.3+14.5 E D E InterCld wt 5 .93 +.99 +20 . 1 average of stock holdings SmMidValAm 43.98 +.31 +36.6 +36.5 +11.5+20.7 B E D Meritor 9 .64 +1 . 4 8 +1 8 . 1 • Represents 75% of fund'3 stock holdings SmMidValBm 37.07 +.27 +35.4 +35.3 +10.5+19.7 B E D Losers CATEGORY Mid-Cap Value PIMCO TotRetA m 10 . 70 -.02 -2.2 -2.1 +4.0 +6.7 D C C NAME L AST C H G %C H G MORNINGSTAR T Rowe Price Eqtylnc 32.46 +.14 +28.2 +27.8 +14.4+17.8 D C B RATING™ * A A A A 52.17 +.31 +38.1 +38.1 +17.6+23.0 A A A -9.33 -24.7 GrowStk Tesaro 28.37 Medgen wt 2.10 -.60 -22.2 ASSETS $866 million HealthSci 57.47 +.49 +50.5 +49.4 +29.7+28.5 B A A -8.61 -1 5.3 SteinerLeis 47.71 EXP RATIO 2.80% Vanguard 500Adml x 168.41 -.01 +30.8 +30.5 +15.7+18.8 C 8 8 CMS Bcp 9.07 -.92 -9.2 500lnv x 168.42 +.04 +30.7 +30.4 +15.6+18.6 C 8 8 MANAGER Samantha McLemore -.46 -8.9 YingliGrn 4.68 CapOp 45.74 +.19 +41.3 +40.8 +16.2+22.2 A 8 A SINCE 2008-08-31 Eqlnc 29.35 +.10 +28.3 +27.6 +17.2+17.8 D A 8 RETURNS 3-MO +13.8 Foreign Markets StratgcEq 30.10 +.21 +40.3 +40.4 +18.8+23.7 A A 8 YTO +66.8 TgtRe2020 27.41 +.10 +15.0 +15.1 +9.3+13.4 A A C NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +68.7 Tgtet2025 15.92 +.06 +17.1 +17.2 +9.9+14.3 8 8 C Paris 4,21 5.29 +21.52 + . 51 3-YR ANNL +14.6 TotBdAdml x 10.59 -.03 -1.9 -1.8 +3.4 +4.5 D D E London 6,678.61 +72.03 +1.09 5-YR-ANNL +27.2 Totlntl 16.46 +.12 +13.1 +13.9 +5.0+12.8 E E C Frankfurt 9,488.82 +88.64 + . 94 TotStlAdm 46.17 +.27 +32.0 +31.8 +15.8+19.8 8 8 A Hong Kong22,921.56 +1 09.38 +.48 TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT TotStldx 46.16 +.27 +31.9 +31.7 +15.7+19.6 8 8 A Mexico 42,508.03 +324.26 + . 77 Genworth Financial lnc 4.24 Milan 18,697.15 +1 31.54 +.71 USGro 28.38 +.14 +34.0 +34.0 +16.3+20.0 8 A C MGIC Investment Corporation 3.69 Tokyo 15,870.42 Welltn 39.43 +.10 +18.7 +18.4 +11.7+14.2 8 A 8 3.68 Stockholm 1,320.56 + 10.64 + . 81 Delta Air Lines lnc Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fundassets. d- Deferred salescharge, or redemption 3.64 fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple fees Sydney 5,291.50 +30.00 + . 57 Groupon Inc are charged,usually amarketing feeandeither a sales cr Zurich 8,107.10 + 25.75 + . 32 Nefflix, Inc. 3.62 redemption fee.Source: Mcrnirgstar.

Led by veteran Bill Miller, this FAMILY fund's returns are volatile. After Marhetsummary finishing at the bottom of its peer AmericanFunds Most Active group in 2011, it shot up near the NAME VOL (00s) LAST CHG top in 2012 and 2013.

Commodities The pnce of oil fell Monday amid lighter-than-usual trading ahead of the Christmas holiday. Metals were mostly lower, but aluminum advanced. Crops were mixed, but oats finished higher.


Foreign Exchange The dollar gained versus the Japanese yen, but fell against the euro and other currencies amid new government reports showing Americans' income and spending edged up modestly last month.

55Q QD


Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal) METALS

Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 98.91 99.32 - 0.41 + 7 . 7 1.92 1.91 +0.21 -1 2.3 3.06 3.08 - 0.58 + 0 . 5 4.46 4.42 +1.02 +33.2 2.78 2.78 -0.10 -1.1

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1198.40 1205.10 -0.56 -28.5 19.38 19.42 -0.21 -35.8 1327.40 1332.20 -0.36 -13.7 3.35 3.35 +0.07 -8.0 694.75 697.85 -0.44 -1.1


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.33 1.33 + 0.14 + 2 . 2 Coffee (Ib) 1.16 1.15 +0.48 -1 9.4 Corn (bu) 4.34 4.33 +0.23 -37.8 Cotton (Ib) 0.82 0.83 - 1.09 + 9 . 5 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 375.00 373.60 + 0.37 + 0 . 3 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.35 1.37 -1.57 +1 6.4 Soybeans (bu) 13.29 13.39 -0.78 -6.4 Wheat(bu) 6.10 6.14 -0.65 -21.7 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.6350 +.0018 +.11% 1.6160 Canadian Dollar 1.0 6 05 -.0056 -.53% . 9 941 USD per Euro 1.3691 +.0021 +.15% 1.3176 JapaneseYen 104.08 + . 0 2 + .02% 8 4 . 23 Mexican Peso 12. 9790 -.0045 -.03% 12.9465 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.4912 -.0124 -.36% 3.7480 Norwegian Krone 6 . 1549 -.0077 -.13% 5.5822 South African Rand 10.3368 -.0072 -.07% 8.5607 Swedish Krona 6.5 6 42 -.0253 -.39% 6.5588 Swiss Franc .8942 -.0014 -.16% . 9 168 ASIA/PACIFIC 1.1191 -.0022 -.20% . 9611 Australian Dollar Chinese Yuan 6.0703 -.001 2 -.02% 6.2338 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7537 -.0008 -.01% 7.7502 Indian Rupee 61 .775 -.160 -.26% 55.070 Singapore Dollar 1.2675 +.0007 +.06% 1.2207 -.54 -.05% 1075.63 South KoreanWon 1062.15 Taiwan Dollar 2 9.98 + . 0 8 +.27% 2 9.08



BRIEFING P95M settlement in fuel case Hyundai and its sister company Kiasaid Monday that they will pay up to $395 million to consumers as part of a proposed settlement over overstated gas mileage. The Environmental Protection Agency found inflated numbers on13 Hyundai andKia vehicles in November. Hyundai and Kia acknowledged the problem, changed thefuel economy numbers and blamed a procedural error. Since then, Hyundai and Kia havebeencompensating owners with payments of around $88 annually, which is based on the amount the mileage wasoverstated and the averageprice of gasoline.

— From yiira reports

DEEDS Deschutes County • JKC LLC toJeanne Scharlund, Scotts Landing, Lot1, $256,739 • John Hayesto Richard F. and Carol H.Silliman, Awbrey Park, Phase1, Lot 22, $650,000 • J. Markand Karen J. Smuland to William S. and SuzanneM. Plank, trustees for the William and Suzanne M. Plank Revocable Living Trust, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 15, Lot 6, Block15, $879,000 • David T. Hughesto Adrian Watt, Lazy River West Deschutes, Lots 40 and 41, Block 5, $375,000 • Olmstead Holdings LLC to KC Development Group LLC,Township 17, Range11, Section 13, $400,000 • Grafted Gains LLC to Charles R. Cannanand Laurie A. King, Rock Ridge Cabin Sites of Black Butte Ranch, Lot 14, $266,900 • Marjorie E. Pruettand Kathleen M. Marchisio to Renee H.Lanter, Majestic, Phase 3,Lot 2, $246,000 • Jeffrey G. andMary L. Gregg to Mary K. Clason, Forest Grove Estates, Phase 2,Lot12, $233,000 • Kevin and Breanna Boss to John A.and Kristen A. LaBarca, trustees for the John A. LaBarca Living Trust and Kristen A. LaBarca Living Trust, Tetherow, Phase 3, Lot142, $335,000 • Brian D. andBrandi L. Tol to Alan M.and Patricia A. Pachtman, Village at Oaktree, Phase 1, Lot13, $347,000 • Pahlisch HomesInc. to Catherine B.Beck, McCall Landing,Phase 1, Lot 93, $237,500 • Jenna E. Whiteaker to Douglas A. andMisty L. DeFlitch, Partition Plat 2003-48, Parcel 3, $219,500 • Kathleen J. Enna, formerly known as Kathleen J. Page,to

us ice

What:CVTCascadia Vehicle Tents What itdoes: Sells rooftop tents and accessories Pictured:Jamie Roseand her ~ husband BobbyCulpepper Where:1310S.E. ReedMarket Road, Suite130, Bend Employees:Four Phone:541-312-8368

oo s ino Andy Tullie/The Bulletin

• Wheredo • you see the company in the next five years? ~ • Bobby i~ • Culpepper: We've looked at possibly franchising. The big thing is to have a warehouse. We're going to start making products in America.... So we're going to bring a lot of work !II

Disney CEO'spay package shrinks Disney CEO Bob Iger's pay packageshrank 7 percent for 2013, despite the entertainmentcompany'sstrong financial performance during the year. Iger received compensation valued at $34.3 million for the year, down from $37.1 million last year. His compensation fell because theWalt Disney Co. didn't exceed internal goals by as much this year as it did in 2012, according to a company regulatory filing made Monday. Earnings at the Burbank, Calif., company rose 8 percent to $6.1 billion in fiscal 2013 after surging by18 percent in the previous year.



By Rachael Reese The Bulletin

to the States, but

Jamie Rose is aiming to elevate the camping experience through vehicle rooftop tents that get

campersofftheground. "For me, the worst part about

going camping is to arrive and then have to find and dear a spot that's

even," said Rose, owner of Bendbased Cascadia Vehide Tents.

sald. And for those customers who

want to test outproducts before they purchase them, he said, Cascadia has a rent-to-buyprogramwith its tents, trailers and

But with her rooftop tent,

she said, camp is wherever she parks her vehide — no pitching necessary. Rose bought the companythree years ago and recently opened


a Bend showroom on Southeast

Tents range from 56 to 87 inches wide and are up to 59 inches tall

Reed Market Road withher husband and sales manager, Bobby Culpepper. "The nice thing about a rooftop tent is you don't have to have that

specific spot in the ground," Culpepper said. "And you know in Central Oregon when you put out your ground tent you always find a rockno matter how cleanyou getit." Cascadia currently offers 10 different tent styles that connect to a variety of roof rack systems. Each comes with a mattress, ladder

and travel cover, Culpepper said, and the price ranges from $995 for soft-shell tents up to $2,800 for

fiberglass models. "You can take it from your car and put it on the cab of your truck,

the bed of your truck, on a trailer, on a Volkswagen, on an SUV, whateveryou want, as long as there's a rack or rail system," he

They take two to five minutes to

open andup to 10minutes to dose, he said, depending on the tent style and the height of the vehide. when open and compress down to

14 inches in height when closed. "You can leave your pillows, your sleepingbags, your blankets on the inside of the tent, fold it up and just leave it there," Culpepper sald.

The company has sold more than 1,000 tents throughout the

U.S. and in Canada, Culpepper said. And while 75 percent of the

our goal is to have an American price and a Chineseprice because that way people can choose. Everyone wants you to make "made in America," but nobody wants to pay the price because it's very expensive to build here; that's the

problem. • What is the

• value of the retail showroom? Jamie Rose: • Wearethe only one that there is in America, for any of the tent companies, even onesthat have beenaround longer. So thefact that people can come in andseethe product, get inside it and feel it is huge.


company's tent sales are online, he

reac By Jennifer Bjorhus Star Tribune (Minneapotis)


Justice Department began investigating the data security breach plaguing Target Corp. and its shoppers, the company said Monday as the nation's banks fought to head off fraud risk. The Minneapolis-based retailer disclosed the Justice Department's involvement in a brief statement that also

said its top lawyer planned a conference call with state attorneys general to discuss the breach and its impact.

Target did not elaborate on the Justice Department's focus, and a spokesman for the government agency declined to comment. IT security experts said

it could indicate that a suspect or suspects have been identified.

"I can't see another reason

that they would be involved at this point," said Al Pas-

cual, security risk and fraud analyst at Javelin Strategy & Research. "It's too early to say it's criminal negligence on the part of the company." The trendsetting discount

retailer has been emphasizing that it was the victim of a so-

phisticated crime and sought to bolster the public's confidence by extending a 10 percent discount to shoppers in the stores on Dec. 21 and 22.

said, customers have come from as

Target finally confirmed

far as Canada and Florida to visit the showroom.

Monday that the attack involved malicious software that somehow got on the

Rose said the companyplans to sell other camping equipment beyond vehicle tents, induding portable solar panels, refrigerators, awnings, roofracksandtrailers.

point-of-sale card-swiping devices in the checkout aisles of Target's U.S. stores. The at-

tack exposed debit and credit card information of 40 million

"Wewant tobe an outdoor stove

from the tent down," Culpepper said.

customers who bought mer-

— Reporter: 541-617-7818,

chandise in U.S. stores from Nov. 27 to Dec 15. News of the data attack sent consumers

Retailers seek'green' gift cards

scrambling for information from Target, jamming the company's phones. "We havecommunicated to 17 million guests via e-mail and reminded them that un-

less they have seen fraudulent By James Barragan

credit cards and the like. Los Angeles Times In 2012, the global card LOSANGELES—Like industry produced 33 billion millions of Americans, Jessica cards, accordingto the InterHamilton of Pasadena, Calif., national Card Manufacturers will buy her friends and famAssociation. Most of those ily ahandful of gift cards this cards contained polyvinyl holiday season. chloride, a plastic that con-

to plastic cards. High-end grocery store Inc. did away with plastic

is no urgent need to call," Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said Monday in the

cardsin2011 andreplaced


chain Whole Foods Market

reusablebags when she goes shopping, isbotheredbythe

ful to the environment and

themwithpaper gift cards. Shoppers will buy nearly $30 billion in gift cards this holiday season, spending an average of about $163 on the

slow to decompose.

items, a 4percent increase

thought of all that plastic end-

Increasingly, card manufac- from last year, according to an turers and retailers are listen- annual survey sponsored by ing, offering more alternatives the National Retail Federation.

Yet Hamilton, who carries

ing up in landfills along with worn-out hotel key cards,

Curtis A. andJennifer K. Davey, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit8, Part1, Lot16, Block 88, $275,000 • Pahlisch HomesInc. to Matthew A. andJeanette Small, Newport Landing, Lot 23, $357,000 • Robert J. and Debbie L Westbrook to Robert S. Schrage, Antler Ridge, Phase 2, Lot 53, $167,900 • Edward C. BarbeauJr. and Margaret E.Barbeau to Pierre W.Dupont, Township18, Range11, Section 12, $359,000 • David L. and Katherine L. Poteet, trustees of the Poteet 2006 Revocable Trust, to Jill L. andScott A. Neal, Starr Ranch, Lot 4, Blocl1, $223,000 • David M. Hesla to Ryan C. and Shelley J. Kaiser, Broken Top,Lot 398, $565,000 • Jason A. Mendell to

tains pollutants that are harm-

Clifford G. andKarenA. Theis, Foxborough, Phase 3, Lot150, $235,000 • Lisa M. Solomon, now known as Lisa M.Kelso, to Christopher P.and Meredith P. Schweppe, Shevlin Meadows, Phase 3, Lot18, $400,000 •TyeeDevelopmentInc. to Lise A. CoteandCarole A. Wilder, Northwest Crossing, Phase19, Lot 791, $759,900 • Jamie Stanley Custom Homes LLC toErin and Brian Gutman and John Maloney, Deschutes River Crossing, Phase 2,Lot49, $191,000 • Julianne and Richard D. Aitkenhead to Kentand Yoshiko Charlet, Oregon Water Wonderland, Unit 2, Lots 6and 7, Block13, $169,500 • Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Markian B. andKateryna H. Hawryluk, Newport

activity on their account, there

Landing, Lot 8, $365,000 • Adrian L. Zamarripa and Emily J. Zamarripa, who took title as Emily J. Barnes, Justin and Mikaela Montgomery, Rimrock Riders Subdivision, Lot 29, $339,000 • John P. andJoanE. Sample andGarland Sample, who acquired title as Garland O'Brien, to Margaret S. Gregory, Cottages of Westside Terrace ACondominium, Stage 2, Unit15, $226,000 • Benjamin L. Hough to Susan B. Rodger,Topof Old Bend, Phase 2,Lot 2, $312,500 • Meredith L. Henry, also acquired title as Meredith L. Henry Jr., andJerri J. Henryto Andrew M. and Suriana O.Iverson, Fairway Vista Estates, Lot 25, $230,000

• Richard D. andDebra L. Wells to Dennis L. Gartner, OregonWater Wonderland, Unit 2, Lot 12, Block 26, $180,000 • Postal Super Store Inc. to Sabian Properties LLC, Fairway Village Condominiums, Unit 21, $268,724.83 • PL Redmond U.S.A. Limited Partnership to Pahlisch HomesInc., Parkland, Lots 70 and7577, $160,000 •StephenJ.and Melissa A. Raterman to Jamie Stanley, Fairview Acres, Lot 5, Block 3, $204,300 • David R. and Kimberly A. Jostad, trustees for the Jostad Living Trust,to Aaron and Nicole Gregg, Partition Plat1999-55, Parcel, $220,000 • Cody L. Moore to Kilbourne L. andElizabeth A. House, Laurel Springs, Lot18,$243,900

Nearly any type of credit and debit card used for pur-

chases at the store during the 19-day period was affected, including Target's own Redcard debit and credit cards. About 20 percent of Target's

BEST OFTHE BIZ CALENDAR MONDAY • Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training: Meets the Oregon Liquor Control Commission minimum requirements to obtain an alcohol server permit; registration required; $35; 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; RoundTable Pizza, 1552 N.E.Third St., Bend; 541-447-6384 or www.happyhourtraining. com. JAN. 7 • Introduction to Finding Funders: Free workshop for nonprofits seeking ways to find funding; 9-11 a.m.; Redmond Public Library, 827 S.W. Deschutes Ave.; 541312-7089 or jennyp© • Three Things in Three Years: What are Bend's Priorities?: BendChamber of CommerceTownHall; registration required; $15 for members, $20 for nonmembers; 5 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W.Century Drive; 541-382-3221, bonnie© or www. JAN. 8 • Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training: Meets the Oregon Liquor Control Commission minimum requirements to obtain an alcohol server permit; registration required; $35; 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; RoundTable Pizza,1552 N.E.Third St., Bend; 541-447-6384 or www.happyhourtraining. com. • Business Startup Class: Learn to reach your customers, where to find funding, how much you need to start and legalities involved; registration required; $29; 6-8 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 N.W. College Way, Bend; 541-383-7290. JAN. 9

• Managing Dayto Day Performance: Identify ways to improve productivity in the workplace; registration required; $95; 8 a.m.noon; Central Oregon Community College, 2600N.W.CollegeW ay, Bend; 541-383-7270. • Project Management Certification: Course for experienced project managers looking to become certified and those seeking certification as associates in project management; sponsored bythe Project Management Institute, Willamette Valley Chapter; registration required by Dec.31; $885 for chapter members, $985 for nonmembers. 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.; Water Reclamation Facility, 22395 McGrath Road, Bend; or • Building Your Business for Success, The Smart Approach: Part of the Bend Chamber of Commerce Master Series, which will be presented in three modulesthrough March. First topic: Business Development — Understanding You; registration required; call Bend Chamberfor pricing; 1 p.m.; Smart Sales Solutions Inc., 123S.W. Columbia St., Suite110; 541-382-3221, bonnie© or www. • For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or

total sales are transacted on

the two types of Redcards.

Xbox One,PlayStation 4 are tough gifts to comeby By Nick Wingfield New Yorh Times News Service

It might take a miracle from

the North Pole for video game fans to get their wish this season.

New game consoles from Sony and Microsoft are sold out in many stores, with Sony's

less expensive PlayStation 4 provingto be especially difficult for shoppers to find. The

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had stronger sales during their first two weeks on the market

— more than 2 million each — than any previous game

console, according to DFC Intelligence, a game research firm in San Diego. The console business appears to be turning into a

two-horse race, with Sony and Microsoft jockeying for the lead and Nintendo eventually falling to a distant third. Nintendo's Wii U has had meager sales since it was in-

troduced last year, putting the company on its heels. Barring an unexpected turnaround,

Nintendo's position in the console market appears as if it will become increasingly marginal.

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Food, Recipes, D2-3 Home, Garden, D4-5 Martha Stewart, D5 THE BULLETIN • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2013




Gardens a canvas for color

Sunday Brunch Simple, Delicious Recipes forLeisurely Mornings byBETTY ROSSOTTOSS IphslobyeyhybySUSIE CUSHNER

Betty Rosbottom's cookbook,

"Sunday Brunch: Simple, Delicious

Recipes for Leisurely Mornings," features many a recipe to aid in your quest to pamper houseguests. Courtesy Susie Cushner

By Liz Douvige For The Bulletin


o you suffer from color withdrawal when the holiday

season ends'? I don't have an app for that, but I do have

some thoughts for you to tuck away and use when necessary.

Courtesy Susie Cushner

This gratin of eggs, leek and baconcould make agreat Christmas breakfast.

Whenyouthink about it,

we have had color saturation for approximately nine months. We've had spring flowering trees, bright springbulbs, pansy time before plantingpetunias, followed by a plethora of summer blooms. Fall arrives

and the flower colors aren't as sharpasmidsummer, but the leaves are changing and our eyes are drawn to those. You wonder where the

time has gone. The leaves are inthe compost pile and the reds and greens of the

holiday season are everywhere we look. We will all have to admit that, within a few more weeks, those

colors will have lost their appeal. This is when I go into color withdrawal and start

devouring seed catalogs. I have a sneaking suspicion it is a huge marketing ploy by seed companies offeringus ble catalogs as the medicine

Poached apricots make a great

to cure our ills. It can also

breakfast for

be akinto goingto the store when you are hungry. I'll


colorful, anytiung-is-possi-

have one of this, two of

Courtesy Susie Cushner

those, a handful of that and here is my saving account. This year I have decidedto be more disciplined instead of my usual hodgepodge selection process. I am goingto spend some time with "Colour Schemes for the F1ower Garden,"


written by Gertrude Jekyll in 1914. My copy is a reprint publishedin 1988. SeeColor/D5

You wonder where the time has gone. The leaves are in the compost pile and the reds and greens of the holiday season are everywhere we look. We will all have to admit that,

within a few more weeks, those colors will have lost their


Q +



• Easy, elegantrecipes,including Alpenglow's famedcoffeecake By AlisonHighberger eFor The Bulletin

f you have company visiting over the holidays or folks staying with you for a ski weekend this winter, you may want to impress them with a homemade breakfastorbrunch. Funny how cold cereal just doesn't seem right when company's around. Something special in the morning says "welcome," and encourages people to linger at the table and chat, and isn't that what having houseguests is all about? Eat, talk, drink,

hang out, repeat. Since we don't want you to stress out

about cooking, we found some easy and impressive food ideas for you to try. You have enough to do to get ready: clean the house, find the nice towels, make beds and hide the clutter.


Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Impress visiting guests by re-creating the coffeecake from Alpenglow Cafe in Bend, here served alongside a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.



Bring that ricke


Christmas brunch standouts: Alpenglow Cafe's Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake;GratinofEggs,Leeks,BaconandSt.AndreCheese; Best-Ever Scrambled Eggs;PoachedApricots and GreekYogurt


with Pistachios,D2

By Linda Turner Gnepentrog For The Bulletin

Chances are good that

< Turn this ...

somewhere in your house

is an aging card table — in the garage, under the bed or

into this Y

tucked in the basement, only

to be seen at holidays or family reunions, perhaps functioning

Star of the feast: Whole Roasted Fish with Mushrooms, the anchor dish of the feast of seven fishes, a Southern Italian custom,D3

as a kids' table. Or maybe it

comes out more often and is shrouded for an occasional game of bunco, bridge or pinochle. The paint might be chipped or peeling, the top scuffed, torn or worn through.

But you can bring it back to life with a little ingenuity.

Photos by Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Before getting a new look, this

card table was in sadshape. A

Checking first Look under the tabletop to be sure that it's attached with

a few screws that can be easily loosened. See Table /D4

A brand-new surface gave this card table a fresh newlook.

+ g+~+~+~


iio ordinary chips:Caviar Potato Chips and LemonCream, another in the feast of seven fishes; thesepotato chips are topped with lemony creme fraiche andsalmon roe, D3 Roundingoutthe feast of seven fishes: Broiled Musseis With Garlicky Herb Butter; Red and GreenSalad with Anchovy-mustard Vinaigrette; Spicy Thai Squid With Chilis and Cilantro; Roasted Shrimp Cocktail With Aioli; Hot Craband Oyster Dip, D3 Recipe Finder:Eggnog, one of the signature drinks of the holiday season,D3



Next week: At Home Editor Alandra Johnson unveils her favorite recipesof 2013

Brunch Continued from 01

'Incredible'coffeecake If, on the other hand, you

enjoy taking visiting friends and family out to eat, there are many Central Oregon spots that specialize in breakfast and brunch. The Alpenglow Cafe has been a Bend breakfast institution since it opened in 1994. It'sfamous for eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce from scratch,seasonal fruit-

Best-Ever Scrambled Eggs

Alpenglow Cafe's Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Makes 3 to 4 loaf pans. 2 C sour cream 1 tsp baking soda

2 tsp vanilla extract 2Cmeltedbutter(1 Ib,or4

2t/2C cake or pastry flour 1 tsp baking soda t/2 tsp salt 3 C white sugar

sticks) 4 C peeled and chopped Granny Smith apples

4 Ig eggs

Canola oil spray

Makes 4 servings. What makes these eggs different from the usual scrambled varieties are the little pieces of cream cheesethat are stirred into the beaten mixture. When the eggs are cooked, these creamy morsels melt, imparting a smooth, silky texture to the finished dish.— Betty Rosbottom

TOPPING: 1/2 C brown sugar 2t/2C old-fashioned oats e/4 C vegetable oil t/2C cake flour

Seggs 4 oz cream cheese at room

1 tsp cinnamon

In a small bowl, mix sour cream with baking soda, and let stand for 30 minutes. r, Preheat oven to 325. In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients together (cake or pastry flour, baking soda, salt and white sugar). Add the eggs, vanilla extract, melts tuffed French t oast ( l i k e ed butter and chopped apples, and mix by hand thoroughly. Fold in the fresh banana and Nutella), sour cream mixture. biscuits and gravy and homeGrease 3 4-by-9-inch loaf pans, and pour in batter, three-quarters made English muffins. full. O wners Kimberly a n d Bake for about an hour and15 minutes, then spread the topping over Daniel Gregg were happy to the top of each loaf and bake for another 5-10 minutes (don't bake it Andy Tullie/The Bulletin share their popular Apple longer than that, or the sugar in the topping will burn). Cinnamon Coffee Cake reciCool on a rack in the loaf pan, then remove from pan. (Alpenglow cools it overnight before they cut it. If you pe with us (see recipe). It has cut it while it's warm, it'll crumble.)

parsley or chives Kosher salt

temperature, cut into t/2-inch

Freshly ground black pepper


2t/2 TBS unsalted butter

1/2 TBS chopped flat-leaf

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs just to blend. Add the cream cheese and half of the parsley, andseason with a pinch of salt and several grinds of pepper. Stir to mix. Melt the butter in a large, nonstick frying pan set over medium heat. When butter has melted and is hot but not smoking, swirl it to cover the bottom of the pan and then add the egg mixture. With a wooden spoon or heat-resistant spatula, stir the eggs slowly until they just hold together t/2 to 4 minutes. Theeggsshould still be moist and are cooked through, 2 and glistening. Transfer to a serving platter and season with a few grinds of pepper. Sprinkle with the remaining parsley and serve. VARIATIONS:

Smoked Trout, Green Onions, and Dill: To the egg mixture, add 4 to 5 oz smoked trout (skin removed and flesh broken into small pieces) and '/4 cup chopped green onions. Replace the parsley with1 TBS fresh chopped dill. Cook as directed and, Qratin ofEggs, Leeks, Bacon and St. Andre Cheese when done, garnish witht/2 TBS of additional chopped dill and a few just know we sell a lot of it, Makes 6 servings. grinds of pepper. and peopleare excited to see This dish can beassembled the night before, put in the fridge, and popped into the oventhe next morning. ToastSausage and Thyme: it on the menu when they ed French bread, sauteed leeks, crispy fried bacon, and bits of creamy St. Andre areall combined with a savory Saute 4 oz regular or turkey kielbasa or other mild, firm smoked saucome in," Kimberly Gregg mixture of eggs and half-and-half. Since this entree includes the classic breakfast trilogy — bacon, eggs, and sage (cut intot/2-inch pieces) in 1 TBSmelted butter in a large, nonstick sard. toast — you only need toadd some fresh fruit to round out the menu. — Betty Rosbottom frying pan over medium heat until lightly browned, 3 minutes. Add '/4cup Daniel Gregg does the chopped green onions and 2 tsp dried thyme; cook 1 minute more. Recooking at Alpenglow, and Unsalted butter, for the baking S oz St. Andre cheese, wellSeggs move to a plate and cool slightly. To the egg mixture, add 1 TBScoarse2t/2 C half-and-half said a commitment to fresh dish chilled (St. Andre is a grain mustard and omit the parsley. Stir in the sausage mixture. Cook ingredients and scratch cook- 1 baguette, about 2t/2to 3 mild, triple-cream French t/2tsp salt as directed and, when done, garnish, if desired, with some fresh thyme ing makes it all taste good. inches in diameter cheese with a white rind. It Generous 2 pinches of cayenne sprlgs. "The coffeecake has the 6 thick slices (about 6 oz) is available at many grocers pepper — From "SundayBrunch: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Leisurely 1I/tomings," apples, sour cream and butbacon, cut into 1-inch pieces and cheese stores. If you 1 TBS minced flat-leaf parsley by Betty Rosbottom, Chronicle Books,2012 been on their menu since the

— From Alpenglow Cafe,1133N yy yyagSt (on the comer of WallandNewport) Bend 541 383 7676, www alpengl owcafecom. Open every day(exceptChri stmasDay)from 7am. until2pm.

beginning. One of their waitresses suggested it, and it was a hit from day one. "We call it 'incredible.' I

ter. It makes a big difference

2 C chopped leeks, white and

when you put fresh product in there. It's moist, and you can't go wrong with that flavor combination," he said.

light green parts (about 4 leeks)

are unable to find it, you can substitute a triple-cream

or chives

Poached Apricots and Qreek Yogurt with Pistachios


Arrange a rack at center position and preheat the oven to 350. GenerMakes 4 servings. ously butter a 9-by-13-inch baking dish. I sampled a version of this dish at a restaurant in Boston several years ' A brunch expert Cutenought/2-inch thickslices fromthe baguetteto makeasingle layer W , ago, and could not wait to recreate it in my own kitchen. Dried apricots ~ q - ~~' 9 ' F or m or e r e c ipes t h a t in the baking dish. (You'll probably need between 20 and 24 slices; save 4 were used in the original, but my version is prepared with fresh ones. ' T~ ' will im p r ess c o m pany, any extra slices for another use.) Arrange the slices on a baking sheet Left unpeeled, they are cut in half and simmered quickly in a sugar syrup , ' sni ' w e checked i n w i t h B e t - and bake without turning until crisp and very lightly colored, 10 minutes. scented with lemon and ginger. Thefruit can be poached aday ahead, so ty Rosbottom, who k n o w s Remove andarrange theslices in the baking dish. there's no last minute fuss. At serving time, simple spoon honey-sweethow to whip up a morning In a medium, heavy frying pan set over medium heat, fry the bacon ened yogurt into bowls, and top it with the apricots and a sprinkle of meal that's both easy and pieces until crisp and browned, 5 minutes. Drain on papertowels. chopped pistachios.— Betty Rosbottom memorable. Pour off all but1 tablespoon of the drippings and return the frying pan Courtesy Susie Cuehner Her cookbook, "Sunday to medium heat. Add the leeksand cook, stirring, until just softened, 4 to 1 Ib apricots, just slightly soft 2 TB S honey Brunch: Simple, Delicious 5 minutes. Sprinkle the leeksand baconover the bread slices in the baking dish. when touched, rinsed and 3 C p l ain Greek-style yogurt Recipes for Leisurely MornCut the St. Andre with its rind into /2-inch cubesand scatter them over the leeks and bacon in the baking dish. d r i ed, but unpeeled (see Note (non-fat as well as reducedings," (Chronicle Books), in- In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs to blend, and thenwhisk in the half-and-half, salt and cayenne. Pour the mix- i f using dried apricots) to whole-fat varieties work cludes all you need to know ture into the baking dish. Let the gratin stand at least1 hour, or cover the pan with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 C water well) in order to p amper house- up to 24 hours. (If the dish hasbeenrefrigerated, let it stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before baking if e/4 C sugar 4 TBS roasted, unsalted guests when they rise. "Sun- you have time. It can also godirectly from the refrigerator to the ovenbut will take longer to cook.) 1 tsp grated lemon zest pistachios, coarsely chopped day Brunch" has chapters on Bake the gratin until the egg mixture is set, the top is golden, and the mixture is bubbly, 40 to 45 minutes (10 t/2tsp ground ginger eggs, one-dish wonders like to15 minutes longer if straight from the refrigerator). Removeandlet cool for about 5 minutes. Sprinkle with the gratins, flans and tarts, pan- minced parsley andservehot. Halve the apricots lengthwise, but do not peel them. Removepits and, — From"SundayBrunch:Simple, DeliciousRecipesforLeisurelyMomings,"byBetty Rosbottom, ChronicleBooks,2012 ifl arge, cuteachhalfinto three wedges. cakes, waffles and French toast, baked goods, fruit and Combine the water, sugar, lemon zest and ginger in a medium saucefestive drinks. pan set over medium-high heat. Stir constantly until the sugar has disRosbottom's Bes t - Ever cooking. I don't think I've s c rambled eggs. but eight don't scramble up to solved, and then bring the mixture to agentle simmer. "Better t o s t o p w h e n m a k e that much. Do 12, and A d d the apricots and cook until just tender when pierced with a knife, 3 Scrambled Eggs (see recipe) ever served them that somewill change your life. It has one hasn't asked for the rec- they're glistening and moist. i t's fine. They'll almost all be to 4 minutes (depending on the ripeness of the fruit). Do not overcook or ipe," Rosbottom told us in a T h e otherthingaboutscram- gone. I know this is a good t heapricotswillbecomemushy. an ingredient that t akes a simple recipe from good to phone interview from her b l e d eggs is, make more d i sh because my grandchil- Re movethepanfromtheheatandletsitfor2minutes. Removethe "Oh my goodness!" home in Amherst, Mass. t han y o u think you're going d ren eat it, and they're picky apricots to a bowl using sloatted spoon. "That little bit o f c r e am She said that many people to need. This recipe calls for eaters," Rosbottom said. Return the poaching liquid to high heat and cook until somewhat syrcheese melts while you're have a tendency to overcook eight eggs for four people, Ro s bottom is also the au- upy and reduced to about /2 cup, 5 to 7 minutes. Cool to room temperathor of " Sunday Roasts," ture, and then pour over the apricots. (The compote can be prepared 1 "Sunday Soup" and the forth- day ahead; cool, cover, and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before coming "Sunday Casseroles," using.) among other titles. You've Wh i sk the honey into the yogurt, and divide it among four medium gotta love a cooking teacher, bowls. Top each serving with some apricots and syrup, sprinkle with the e • e • e former food columnist and p istachios,andserve. PBS host whose golden rules N o t e on dried apricots: "If you use dried apricots, remember that of entertaining are "Keep it t hey're sweeter than fresh, so taste them after they've been in the sugar simple andmake it ahead." sy r up, and if they seem overly sweet, add some lemon juice and lemon Her Gratin of Eggs, Leeks, zest to counteract the sweetness." — Rosbottom — From "SundayBrunch: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Leisurely Mornings,"by Bacon, and St. Andre Cheese (see recipe) is good for a holBetty Rosbottom, Chronicle Books, 2012 iday morning like Christmas Day or New Year's Day because it can be assembled nean feeling. I think it works h omemadebyme,"shesaid. "Put the croissants on a onedayaheadandkeptinthe a s a side dish for brunch, or refrigerator. Just preheat the as a dessert with homemade baking sheet in a 375 deoven in the morning and pop holiday cookies," Rosbottom gree oven, and they get crisp it in to bake. sard. again. This all makes a nice "I call it a 'dressed up strabreakfast for people. They ta' with m o r e i n t eresting Tbe ~taPie~ can comedown toeatand get ingredients. You don't use Ros b ottom obviously loves anything they like," she said. regular bread, although you f ood and loves to cook, but Ros b ottom also buys eggcould. You use a baguette, she admitted that having n o g at the grocery store at andSt.Andrecheese(oratri- g u ests is tiring as well as t h i s time of year, and makes ple cream Brie), leeks instead wonderful, so she always has French toast with it, substiof onions. I've been the same things on tuting the eggnog for eggs m aking it fo r a t hand for breakfast and milk. Fry up the eggleast 10 years, and f t r y t o or brunch when n o g-soaked bread or bake it it's often my default Qgye IA/ggt / com p any i s com- i n the oven. dish for b r unch h. f ing. Her list might In a d dition to always havt ~ because it has the help you the next i n g Greek yogurt, honey or trinity of breakfast WOUld like, ti me yo u r houseg- maple syrup, and granola on foods: eggs, toast gUg Mrflef) jg ues t s ar e on th e h a n d,shesaidshealwayshas a variety of fresh fruit, too. "I have packag"I usually have ruby red bottom said. For guest s ttrttfe f'8 flOP 8 es of good smoked grapefruit, or the pink grapewatching th ei r FeStgUFgfI( salmon. I always f r uit already cut into segweight, Rosbottom h ave capers an d me n t s. When I'm in a j a m , — Betty lemons on h an d I ' l l pick up grapefruit and orsaid she always has Greek yogurt on Rosbottom, and r e d o n ions. a nge segments, and sprinkle '





25 yoga elasses a week in addition to...

Pilates, over 60 youth and family activities a week, over 40 cardio/strength group exercise classes a week, cycling, cardio, aquatics, tennis, basketball, racquetball, private women's only fitness center, and exceptional service from Bend's best professionals.

hand, along w it h

auth o r of several I s e rve it al l w it h

granola and fresh fruit. Her recipe for

Poached Apricots and Greek Yogurt with Pista-



pa pa

• I •

th e m w ith mint and a drizzle

cookbooks bagels and cream of honey," she said. cheese or butter. As f o r morning beverages, It's my go-to dish Rosbottom has a Nespresso f o r any time of the morning.

cof f e e maker and a selection

chios is light and fresh. Iusuallyhaveabasketwith o f n i ce teas. People make Apricots aren't in season a napkin in it for the bagels, their own drinks. "I try to have what I think now, so dried apricots may be smoked salmon on a platter, substituted. and ramekins with chopped guests would like, but when "If you use dried apricots, onions and capers. I put lots i t b oils down, we're not a remember that they're sweet- of cracked black pepper and restaurant. We want people er than fresh, so taste them lemon juice on the salmon," to feel welcome, and coffee, after they've been in the sug- she said. decaf coffee, tea and decaf ar syrup, and if they seem Ro s bottom gets croissants tea will cover most people, overly sweet, add some lemon at the bakery or her farmers but not my grandkids — I juice and lemon zest to coun- market and freezes them. She have cider for them," she said. teract the s weetness. Thi s

a l w ays has a variety of home-

recipe has a real Mediterra- made jams on hand, "but not

— Reporter: ahighbergercimac. com



r ismas eas o e

i ses


FINDER If you are looking for a hard-to-find recipe or can answer arequest, write Julie Rothman, Recipe Finder,The Baltimore Sun,501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, oremail baltsunrecipefinder© Namesmust accompany recipesfor them to bepublished.

By Melissa Clarke New York Times News Service

his may seem odd coming from a Jewish



woman from New York, but I love sRI5'

celebrating Christmas Eve with a feast of the seven fishes. It's a southern Italian (and now Italian-American) custom in which a grand meal of at least seven different kinds of seafood is



served before midnight Mass. Catholic practice of abstaining

once you have those, it's a snap. Hot crab dip, with its gooey

The fish part comes from the from meat on Christmas Eve,

layer of melted cheese, may not

while the number may refer to the seven sacraments. Or

be the most sophisticated offering on the menu, but there will

it could be the Seven Hills of

not be a speck of it left. And you

Rome. No one is sure, but the tradition has stuck fast. I picked it up from an old friend. At his house, the meal actually consisted of 12 fishes (for the apostles, they told me).

can mix it up a day ahead. Just bake it right before serving so

It went on for hours, with one

fabulousgarlic-scentedseafood dish following another, including braised eel in tomato sauce, scungilli salad, baked clams oreganata,fried calamari and seafood stew. Everyone ate until we collapsed on the couch

the cheese stays nice and oozy. As a slight twist, and to sneak

another fish onto the menu, I added chopped oysters. It deepens the saline flavor of the dip, thoughyou can leavethem out since they do bringthe fish total

toeight. A green chili-laced Thai

in the bounty of the sea is novel

and refreshing. It's at least as sumptuous as turkey and ham, and a welcome change in the dead of winter. Over the years, I've put my

serve them with tomato-horseradish aioli r e miniscent of

cocktail sauce, only richer. Every holiday meal needs a grand showstopper of a main course. On Thanksgiving, tur-

trated and manageable seven.

the table with head and tail in-

The menu changes wildly from year to year, though

tact is visually dramatic and incredibly tasty.

there are some self-imposed strictures. For instance, Asian

Even better is that it's a

breeze to cook (season it up, fish sauce, oyster mushrooms throw it i nto the oven and and Swedish gummy fish do wait) and almost as easy to not count toward the total. But serve (big fish have big bones, anchovies in the salad dressing which makes it easy to scoop are completely valid. the flesh off the skeleton). The When I'm feeling ambitious, final fishy course is where I'll cook seven courses, each that anchovy-dressed salad showcasing one pristine sea makes its appearance. Using creature in all its glory: scal- radicchio and arugula makes it lops with Champagne sauce, Christmas-colored. After all that, it's a good idea

cooked with abroth made from to ask someone else to bring dessert.

the lobster shells. Then there are the more hec-

Hot Crab and Oyster Dip

fish into the soup pot at once, cioppino-style, and ladle it over Time: 1 hour. olive-oil croutons. Yield: 8 servings. This menu falls somewhere

in between the rustic and the Olive oil, for greasing pan spectacular. While I do pull off 1 Ib lump crab meat the seven courses, they are al- 4 oz canned oysters, drained most all fairly simple to make. and coarsely chopped to The one exception is mus-

yield '/C

sels in the garlicky herb butter 4oz(1 C) Monterey Jack known as snail butter, because cheese, coarsely grated that's what it is traditionally served with in France. This

1 jalapeno, seeded if desired,

finely chopped

dish involves steaming the /4 C mayonnaise mussels in Pernod, shelling 2 oz (/~ C)Parmigiano-Reggiano them, arranging them on the cheese, grated half-shell topped with Per- /4 C thinly sliced scallions nod-imbued garlic butter and 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce then broiling. But they are so /2 tsp hot sauce incredibly savory that I don't t/s tsp kosher salt mind the work, most of which

A whole roasted fish is served with lemons, herbs and wild mushrooms. A feast of seven fishes before Christmas Eve Mass is a Catholic, Southern Italian tradition.

Whole Roasted Fish With Wild Mushrooms

/4 tsp black pepper

canbe done in advance. Crackers or bread, for serving I'll serve these as part of an hors d'oeuvres spread that will Heat oven to 325 degrees. also include the dead-simple Grease a 2-quart gratin dish or combination of potato chips 9-inch baking dish with olive oil. topped with lemony creme In a large bowl, stir together all fraiche and salmon roe. This of the ingredients. Taste andadjust dish is more about shopping seasonings, if necessary. Transfer than cooking. You need to get mixture to baking dish. Bake until the salmonroe,which can be hot and golden brown, about 45 found at fishmongers and spe- minutes. Serve hot or warm with cialty markets, and some good crackers or bread. small-batch potato chips. But

Caviar Potato Chips and Lemon Cream Time: 5 minutes. Yield: 8 to12 servings. '/~ C crime fralche or sour cream

more as needed /4 tsp coarse kosher salt, more

as needed

needed Thinly sliced lemon, as needed,

plus lemon wedgesfor serving 1 sm bunch fresh herbs, such

4 oz salmon roe orother caviar

/4 tsp finely grated lemon zest

In a small bowl, whisk together cremefraiche andzest. Topeach potato chip with a small dollop of cremefraiche and a spoonful of caviar.

1-inch pieces Good extra-virgin olive oil, for

serving Flaky sea salt, for serving

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Lay fish on a baking sheet or roasting pan. Coat top of fish and cavity with /~ tablespoon oil (no need to oil bottom) and season inside and out with salt and pepper. Bake until the flesh is opaque and separates easily from the backbone, 35 to 45 minutes for a 4-pound fish, 45 to 60 minutes for 6 pounds. While fish cooks, toss mushrooms with 3 tablespoons oil,t/4 teaspoon salt andt/~ teaspoon pepper. Spread mushrooms out in one layer on 1 or 2 baking sheets, taking care not to crowd them. When fish is done, remove from oven and turn on broiler. Broil mushrooms until they are crisp and golden, 5 to 10 minutes. Let fish rest in roasting pan for 5 minutes. Using back of a fork, scrape away fish skin and divide top fillet among plates. Lift away backbone and discard; scoop bottom fillet from its skin (which should stick to the pan); divide among plates. Drizzle fillets with good olive oil, season with flaky sea salt and serve with lemon wedges and mushrooms on theside. Nots:To double this recipe, use 2 fish, each cooked in its own pan.

Time: 30 minutes. Yield: 8 servings. needed

1 tsp kosher salt /2 tsp black pepper, more as

/s C plus 2 TBS extra-virgin olive oil

1 TBS prepared horseradish

on her mother's tradition

by making this deliciously decadent eggnog to take to a friend's house for Christmas everyyear. She said itis"our guiltypleasure." Eggnog is one of the signature drinks of the holiday season, and with so much

commercially available, it's easy to forget how simple it is to make a fresh and fla-

vorfulbatch athome.

Requests Mary Ellen Shedon from Osceola, Ind., is seeking the recipefora dessertthatwas

served in the employee cafeteria at the South Bend Marriott Hotel in the early 1980s.

Roasted Shrimp Cocktail With Aioli

1 Ig egg yolk 1/ tsp lemon juice

always made for her annual New Year's Eve party. Weisgal said she is now carrying

1 Ib wild mushrooms, including maitake and oyster, cut into

as sage, thyme or rosemary

1 tsp hot sauce 1 tsp ketchup 2 Ibs large shrimp, shelled and deveined

In a medium bowl, whisk together eggyolk, lemon juice, /~teaspoon salt and afew grinds of pepper. Whisking constantly, slowly drizzle in N cupoil until completely incorporated. Whisk in horseradish, hot sauceand ketchup. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use, up to 3days. Heat oven to 425 degrees. In a large bowl, toss shrimp with 2 tablespoons oil, /~ teaspoon each of salt and pepper. Spreadshrimp in a single layer on a baking sheet. Roast until shrimp are just opaque, about10 minutes. Serve shrimp either hot or at room temperature, with the aioli for dipping.

As she recalls, this dessert was served in a trifle dish and had lasagna noodles, whipped cream, fruit and cake. She is not sure if this was something that the chef

made onlyforthe employees or if it also was served in the hotel restaurant.

Veronica Robinson from Baltimore would like a recipe for 7-Up cake.

Eggnog 12 eggs, separated 12 TBS sugar

Spicy Thai Squid With Chilis and Cilantro

12 TBS brandy (any kind)

Time: 1 hour15 minutes. Yield: 8 servings. 1 Ib cleaned squid 2 TBS peanut oil Sait 1 TBS lime juice /2 tsp finely grated lime zest

12 TBS dark rum (any kind)

1 qt whipping cream Ground nutmeg for garnish 2 tsp Asian fish sauce 1 sm shallot, peeled and finely

chopped 1 jalapeno, seeded if desired, and minced

2 TBS roughly chopped cilantro

Cucumber rounds orshot glasses, for serving Chopped roasted peanuts, for serving (optional)

Rinse squid. Cut bodies into /~-inch rings and halve tentacles. Transfer them to several paper towels to dry completely. Place a large skillet over high heat. Let pan get very hot, heating it for a good 5 minutes. Move half the squid from the papertowels to abowl, so they don't stick when you slide theminto the pan. Add1 tablespoon oil to skillet. Season squid with salt, slide them into the pan, and cook without moving for 1 minute. Flip squid and cook 30 seconds more. Repeatwith remaining squid and oil. Don't overcrowd the pan; if your skillet doesn't fit the squid comfortably, cook them in smaller batches. In a medium bowl, combine cooked squid with lime juice andzest, fish sauce, shallot, jalapeno and cilantro. Let stand at room temperature for1 hour (or refrigerate for up to 6hours, then bring to room temperature before serving). Taste andadjust seasoning if necessary. Serve mounded onto cucumber rounds or scooped into shot glasses (and served with a fork); sprinkle with peanuts.

Beat egg yolk in mixer until lemon colored, and then add sugar, beating constantly. Gradually (very gradually or you will curdle the egg yolks) while still beating, add the rum and brandy in a very slow stream. Set aside in refrigerator. An hour before serving beat the cream until stiff. Fold in yolk mixture thoroughly. Beat egg whites stiff. Fold into yolk-cream mixture, gently but thoroughly. Pour eggnog into a serving bowl or punch bowl. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Broiled Mussels With Garlicky Herb Butter Time: 35 minutes. Yield: 8 to12 servings. /2 C parsley leaves

2 Ig garlic cloves /2 tsp kosher salt /4 tsp black pepper 10 TBS unsalted butter,

softened t/4 C plus1t/s TBS Pernod or other pastis


t/sC bread crumbs

Time: 10 minutes. Yield: 8 servings. 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped Kosher salt and black pepper, as needed


2 Ibs mussels, scrubbed

In a food processor, pulse together parsley, garlic, salt and pepper until finely chopped. Pulse in butter and1t/~ tablespoons Pernod until mixture is combined. Scrape into a bowl. In a soup pot with a tight-fitting lid, combinemussels, t/~ cup Pernodand t/~ cup water. Cover and cook over medium-high heat until mussels have opened, 5to10 minutes.Transfer mussels to abowl until cool enoughto handle; removemeatfrom the shells (reserving shells) andtransfer to a bowl. Pry apart mussel shells and arrange half the shells on one or two large baking sheets; discard remaining shells. Place one mussel in each shell. Top each with a small spoonful of herb butter and a sprinkling of bread crumbs. Mussels may bemade up to 1 day ahead up to this point; wrap baking sheets and mussels in plastic wrap and refrigerate. When ready to serve, heat broiler to high and arrange a rack 4 inches from the heat. Transfer tray(s) to the ovenand broil until golden, 1 to 2 minutes.

6 anchovy fillets, finely chopped 1 TBS Dijon mustard Potato chips

Gene Green from Balti-

more requested a recipefor makinghomemade eggnog. Margit Weisgal from Baltimore shared a recipe that her mother, Jeanne Weisgal,

Red and Green Salad With Anchovy-mustard Vinaigrette These potato chips are toppedwith lemonycreme fralche and salmon roe.

The Baltimore Sun

Time: 1 hour. Yield: 4 to 6 servings. black sea bass, blackfish or arctic char, cleaned 3 TBS extra-virgin olive oil,

of the seven fishes, a very large dishes down to a more concen- whole roasted fish brought to

I'll just throw seven different

By Julie Rothman Photos by Andrew Scrivani/The New York Times

1 (4- to 6-Ib) whole fish, such as /4 tsp black pepper, more as

key; Easter, ham. And at a feast

tic and distracted years when


cockMsnacks, whichI'llserve, appropriately enough, with a

own spin on this piscine tradition — whittling my friend's 12

for example, and lobster risotto

a seasonal favorite

s quid salad rounds out t h e

with glasses of amaro or Sam- dassic Fish House rum punch. bucato help digest it all. At the table, I'll start everyIn a holiday season dominat- one out with shrimp cocked by roasted fowl and hearty tail. But instead of boiling the braised meats, a meal reveling shrimp, I'll roast them, and


Our personal learning •

approach will really connect with your child, combining

engaging technology

with amazing teachers, raising grades and confidence.

Act now to take control of this school year. 4 tsp lemon juice, more to taste /2 C extra-virgin olive oil 2 qt cleaned arugula 1 sm head radicchio, trimmed and thinly sliced

To make thedressing, use the flat side of a knife or amortar and pestle to make apaste out of garlic and apinch of salt. In a small bowl, whisk together garlic paste, anchovy, mustard and lemon juice. Slowly whisk in oil until combined. Seasonwith salt and pepperand more lemon if desired. In a large bowl, toss enough dressing with arugula and radicchio to lightly coat leaves. Serve immediately.

Sylvan of Bend

Sylvan of NWX

s'tl-5Ãf-'ft M s'tl-M't-'fsM •




Next week: In the kitchen with the owner of 3wist

usiness ui aroun 'ca i ica ion' By Jennifer A. Kingson

I write about it," she said.

New York Times News Service

"Isn't this

P HOENIX — I f t h ere i s a stylish product made for

freak out every time I post

g reat? People

something to Instagram and it's in the background or the

cats, chances are Kate Benjamin owns it or has written about it. Or both. B enjamin, 4 2 , sta r t e d

cats are on it, because it's so

unique, it's so beautifuL" In addition to her blog, Benjamin uses Instagram and Facebook to reach out to consumers and sends

blogging about her favorite things for cats in 2007, and

over time a business began to emerge. Readers posted facturers started advertising on her site and sending

takes most of the photographs herself, and they usually feature the item du jour draped with one or more of

samples for her t o r eview.

And the number of cats in her 1,100-square-foot condominium grew. (At last count, she had 11.) As her advertising revenue climbed, Benjamin quit her day job as the marketing director of Boon, a company that sells modern baby products, and opened a design

ba, Mackenzie, Ando, Flora, McKinley, Sherman, Ratso Katso, Little Bear and Syl-

via. (A 12th cat, Claude, lives in her studio.) "That's why the manufac-

turers send me all this stuff," she said. "Because I'm going to take shots around the

ployees could create cat toys and accessories to sellon her

house, and their stuff is going to be in it."


She is attuned t o

es, although she admits that Mackenzie is her f avorite.

as Hauspanther, an "online

("Isn't he adorbs? He is the one I would marry.") Dazzler and Simba lovethe Hepper pod bed; Andy likes the laser pointer. And they all love a feather-on-a-stick toy called

magazine for design-conscious cat people." Next on the horizon is a

consulting business built around the concept of "catification": t ailoring y o ur living space to the needs of your cat without sacrificing

Da Bird. "It's the best toy ever," Ben-

jamin said. "They go insane. I mean, complete freakout


"The idea is to influence the mass cat-product industry to step up their game," s aid Benjamin, who h as teamed up with Jackson Gal-


Despite having a ccess to everything a modern feline might want, her cats do still claw the furniture and

axy, the cat behaviorist from

the television show "My Cat from Hell," for this effort.

otherwise misbehave. And keeping the carpet clean is a challenge, she conceded, although burning incense

"We just want to be the go-to

source for anyone who wants to live stylishly with cats."

On the coffee table is a thronelike cat l ounge that

doubles as a scratcher. And a huge basket of cat toys is stationed next to the sofa. "It is a little bit over the

top," said Benjamin, who admits to showering in the second bathroom because the master bath has been given over to litter boxes. But that's

all right, she said, because it

Table Continued from D1 If the tabletop is riveted on, then these rejuvenation methods won't work.

trimoverhanging branches or overreachingroots that cause damage, create danger or obstruct a view, according to highly rated tree service providers and an expert on tree

and neighbor law. The right carries some limitations. One of the main ones

is that whatever action you take to remedy the problem can't lead to permanent dam-

age to the tree. Also, some communitieshave ordinances restricting which trees can be

cut orremoved, regardless of whose property they're on. Here's advice our researcher compiled, based on interviews with three experts:

• Talk to your neighbors before hiring a tree company. Not only is it simple courtesy, it may make the job easier for your professional. One highly rated tree service provider told us that he's surprised at how to trim a tree belonging to a

of her condo, she called out can help change that, that's

and their owners togeth-

plaintively, "Are you guys all going to pee on the carpet as

where I want to see this go." The people whose products appear on Hauspan-

er," Hamilton said. "A lot of

soon as we leave?"

times, people will buy these carpeted cat trees, and while t her credit Benjamin w i t h they look OK at the beginhelping to build the market ning, they end up getting for designer cat furniture, a beat-up and looking shabby small but growing category. and getting put in the back Once her blog became a go- room. Subsequently, the cat to place for furnishings that winds up in the back room." appealed equally to cats and their owners, these vendors

say, more specialty retailers cropped up, widening the product mix, and big chain

The blueprint

Her experience with mod-

There was no response.

Home office Although a recent bout w ith

b r e ast c a n cer h a s

I f you w ant t o r edo t h e it be rolled (not folded) to avoid chairs to match, follow the permanent wrinkles. same guidelines, as most chair Protective vinyl can also be seats and back can be easi- purchased as an iron-on applily removed by undoing the cation, but the narrower width screws holding them in place. and cost make it a less than

involve stripping the current cover and any padding below it.

The new top can be made from fabric — any home decor material provides a durable

surfaceand prints or solids abound at the fabric store. Most decorator fabrics are

54 inches wide and some are pretreated with stain-resistant finishes; a few are lami-

nated with a lightweight vinyl covering. If you need more protection,

consider covering the new fabric topper with clear vinyl for easy-wipe cleaning. Vinyl comes in several weights and a 4- or 6-gauge weight molds easily around tabletop corners; heavier weights tend to form pleats at any curved

edges, especially if your table is round. When purchasing vinyl at the fabric store, ask that

neighborthey've never talked to about the situation. • Make sure you know for sure who owns the tree. If the

full trunk is in your neighbor's yard, the neighbor owns the tree, no matter how many

branches or roots grow on your side of the property line. If the trunk rests on multiple

prompted her to slow down a bit, Benjamin still spends mornings in her home office working on her blog, surrounded by cats. In the after-

properties, all owners must agree to trimming or removal. • Be sure you know your locallaws, ordinances and re-

noons, she visits her studio,

nearly every area is that any

ern baby accessories served in an old pie factory, where as a kind of blueprint for her she helps her three assistants s tores like W a l-Mart a n d current endeavors. pack and ship the products "We were pioneering this they make. Target began carrying nicer-looking cat products. idea of, just because you Benjamin is also collabo"She has actually been have kids, you don't have to rating on a book about catifier home, and I want to keep them there through design," a really good advocate for have ugly stuff in your liv- cation with Galaxy and is an said Benjamin, who studied the industry a s a w h o le," ing room," Benjamin said of occasional guest on "My Cat environmental design and said Sean Hamilton, whose her previous job. "I loved the from Hell," the Animal Plananalysis, with an emphasis company, Square Cat Habi- concept, but I kept saying, et show he hosts. on interior design, at Cor- tat, sells cat furniture with a 'Well, my kids have fur.' And He considers her an ideal nell and branched out into modern Scandinavian look nobody's doing this in the foil. "Half of the challenge that industrial design and visual and detachable carpet that pet product business." communications at Arizona people can match to t heir During a recent tour of I face in my work is making State University. "Because decor. her condominium, Benjamin spaces appealing to cats," he if somebody doesn't want He considers Benjamin's showed off a few of the prod- said. "I know what cats want to buy a scratcher because site the best way to r each ucts she has promoted on her and like, and I make spaces the scratchers are so ugly, likely buyers, and he echoed site. that appeal to them. The othand then the cat scratches her views about the l o ftiShe lingered over a ser- er half of that is that we have on the sofa, the cat's booted er purpose of high-end cat pentine multicat tree called to make the spaces appealonto the street or taken to the design. the Curvynest, which "caus- ing to humans. That's where "Our goal is to bring cats es a firestorm every time Kate comes in." shelter. If a product design

There are three ways to re-

Sewing Machine Repair & Service

most permit homeowners to

many homeowners hire him

cover the card tabletop, and all

541-32$-$011• staf RLcom

even if the neighbor won't. Tree laws vary widely, but

tive aroma. On her way out the door

Elegant options

HWY 20E & Dean SwiftRd. (1 block West of Costco)

have the right to take action,

does help offset the distinc-

announces, Benjamin is positioning herself as a cat lady means the cats "all have lots for a new generation. A veg- of options. Rarely is there a an with Bettie Page bangs, fight over places to sit." she has upended the old steThe crush of cat products reotype of the frumpy, mid- is an inevitable consequence dle-aged woman surrounded of having a blog that serves by cats. And her t wo-bed- up a different item every room townhouse is a show- day, along with a dose of atcase of the latest in feline in- titude you will not find in the terior design. plain-vanilla pages of a magThe living room is filled azine like Cat Fancy. with all manner of cat beds, scratchers, hiding spots and Good design perches, including a miniaAs far as she is concerned, ture sun bed attached to slid- she said, what it comes down ing glass doors that open to to is good design. a "catio" (a patio enclosed for "I would like to see every the protection of her cats). cat in a happy, loving, forev-

but a white porcelain cat bed designed to look like a sink.

neighbor's tree pose problems for you, it's likely you

John Burcham/The New York Times

As the tattoo on her arm

arrangement or a fruit bowl


f roots or branches of a

Kate Benjamin sits in her condominium, where she lives with 11 cats in Phoenix. Benjamin, of Haus-

panther, an online magazine, makes a business of blogging about stylish products for cats.


e a ch

cat's nuances and preferenc-

And last year, she rebranded her Moderncat blog

T he centerpiece on


her cats: Andy, Dazzler, Sim-

studio where she and her em-

dining table is not a flower

What to do about that neighbor's pesky tree

out a daily email newsletter to 18,000 subscribers. She

fan maiL B outique manu-

A new breed of cat lady


strictions. The bottom line in t rimming efforts m ust n o t cause the tree permanent dam-

age. Be aware that in many places,you're responsible for paying for damage caused if a neighbor'stree falls on your property. The case may be different if the neighbor's tree is dead. One expert suggests photographing ne i ghbor's treesthatseem to be dead and to makesurethere'sarecord of complaints made to the prop-

erty owner and, if nothing was done, to local officials. • Consult a certified arbor-

ist and, possibly, a real estate attorney. — Angie Hicksis the founder of Angie's List, which offers consumerreviews on everything from home repair to health care.

orator topper.

If you're covering the tableon a large work surface. Place the table top on the padding top with vinyl, attach the base

W hatyou'll need

and trace around it. Trim even with the table edges.

fabric first, then repeat the

around the entire t abletop,

new paint.

securing the covering tautly

On chairs, where the screws are visible, spray the screw heads to match the new color.

storetoput under the new dec-

process vnth the vmyl. Spray the tabletop with temReattach the tabletop to the top, plus 3 inches all around porary adhesive and smooth the frame using the original desirable option for tabletop • Lightweight batting or the padding into place. screws. purposes. foampadding Lay the new covering maThe third way t o u pdate • Screwdriver terial face down on the work Painting your tabletop is to cover it with • Staple gun and staples surface. If your table frame needs a a ready-made vinyl tablecloth. shorter than the thickness of Spray the padding surface bit of sprucing up to go with Often less expensive than buy- the table top with t emporary a dhesive the new topper, follow these ing yardage and vinyl sepa• Scissors and place it face down on the simple steps to repaint it berately, these toppers offer a • Temporary spray adhesive wrong side of the covering fore reinstalling the table top. light fleece backing for a little • Iron (for fabric topper material. Thoroughly wash the frame built-in padding (though you only) Trim the new cover about to remove any dirt or loose can add another layer if de• Hot glue gun and glue 3 inchesbeyond the perime- paint. Remove any rubber leg sired). They're easy to wipe (optional) ter of the padded top. If your tips. cleanand come in myriad deccovering is a geometric print, Use steel wool or fine sandGetting started orator patterns. align the patterning with the paper to prime the surface and Remove the original table table edges to avoid having remove any rust. Easy add-ons top and stow the screws in a things look askew. Select a spray paint deIf you recover your table safe place for reuse. Working fro m o p posite signed for use on metaL with only fabric, it's good to Pull off the original topper sides, staple (or glue) the new Outside, or on a protected add some extra p r otection and any padding below it and covering to the tabletop under- surface, spray the entire frame by spraying the new surface discard. side, pulling it tautly over the and allow it to dry. Apply a with Scotchgard or anothMeasure the tabletop and padded surface. Ease the top- second coat if needed, being er stain-resistant spray. The purchase the new covering per around any curves and/or careful to avoid drip marks. spray should be applied after and padding. corners to avoid making pleats. For added protection, apply the table is redone but before Continue working your way a clear spray finish over the its first use.

• Fabric and/or vinyl to fit

Covering up

Most tables offer a light padPress any fold lines or wrinding below the actual cover- kles in the new topper mateing, both for comfort and du- rial if it's fabric. Do not press rability. Look for lightweight vinyl as it will melt. cotton batting at the fabric Lay the new padding flat

over the base. Trim any extra

covering material on the underside, close to the staples or glue line.

— Reporter:




x erts s are t eir o-to ic s or attin co s .":,'-.". .."',™ ",",.:-.

Surrey, returned to London




tract to break up a cough (all available at

ural-foods chef and health

The integrative ear, nose and throat doctor

wellness. Prevent: According to Ja-

Board-certified otolaryngologist B e njamin A s h er, MD. ( utilizes both alternative and Western treatments.

ot long ago, it seemed

to study art and design at the School of Art in South

counselor, advises patients on how to eat for optimum mieson, winter colds can be directly linked to i ncreased

Kensington. An artist by training, she studied botany and ornamentation, color theory and art history. By studying the use of color in paintings by Joseph

sugar consumption, which, she says, depresses the immune system. "That January Prevent: Asher r e com- cold started back at Hallowmends a daily dose of Cold- een," she says. In addition to FX ( during cold limiting sweets, she advisseason. The supplement con- es eating immune-boosting

Mallard W i lliam

choosing between them can

tains a proprietary extract of


be daunting. We asked the experts we trust most — a Chian integrative M.D. and a holistic-health counselor — to

North American ginseng, a taking a supplement such as root thought to stimulate the Host Defense MyCommunity immune system. In addition to Extract (, a blend of warding off upper-respiratory 17 mushrooms. infections, Cold-FX can shortTreat: At the first sign of a

nominate their all-time MVPs.

en their duration and lessen

sniffle, Jamieson cuts out sug-

The result :an arsenal ofproducts and strategies to get you through the season of stuffy

their severity, says Asher. Treat: One of Asher's favorite cold fighters is Umcka, a

noses and scratchy throats.

derivative of the plant Pelar-

gonium sidoides, which has

ar, white flour and dairy. "White flour gums up the digestive system, which we need to be in tiptop shape to fight a cold, and both dairy and white

artist-gardener observing plants and composing them into beautiful landscapes. She recorded her ideas and experiences in hundreds of magazine artides and in 14 published books. More than 400 garden designs in

antiviral, antibacterial and im-

flour increase mucus produc-

the United Kingdom, Eu-

N cold-fighting

t hat z in c a n d e c h i nacea were the only

s u p plements

on drugstore shelves. Now,


there are so many natural immune boosters available that


p r a c titioner,

The Chinese-medici ne practi tioner Licensed

Kate Mathis / Martha Stewart Living

Natural immune boosters can help you fend off winter colds.

acu p u ncturist

and board-certified herbalist Selma Rondon (selmarondon. com) has practiced Chinese medicinefornearly 30years. Prevent: According to Chinese medicine, the key to warding off illness is keeping the body's organs in balance. To do so, practitioners pre-

understand the importance

of contrast, without which harmony degenerates into

mushrooms to your diet and

mune-boosting properties. "It's tion and cause inflammation," natural, and multiple research she says. studies have shown that it is To speed recovery and rean effective treatment for silieve symptoms, she suggests nus infections and bronchitis," sea vegetables, onion and garsays Asher. Try Schwabe Ka- lic for their antibacterial and loba Syrup ( and antiviral properties; ginger Umcka Cold-Care from Na- for its anti-inflammatory and ture's Way ( and warming benefits; and miso health-food stores). soup to aid digestion.

there are steps you can work illness goes right to our chests into your routine. Rondon or sits in our sinuses. An herbrecommends protecting your a list can provide you w i t h head against cold or damp air, an individualized formula for example, because a chill based on such weak spots and can disrupt the natural circusymptoms. If visiting an herblation of chi, or vital energy, alist isn't an option, Rondon leaving the body vulnerable to suggests a few off-the-shelf scribe herbal formulas and illness. formulas, including Yin Chiao The holistic-health perform acupuncture treatTreat: When it c o mes to for sore throats, headaches counselor ments on their patients. Short colds, Rondon says most of us and chills; Bi Yan Pian to clear Alexandra Jamieson (alexof visiting a p r ofessional, have an "Achilles' heel" — the the nose; and Fritillaria Ex-, a nat-

T u rner,

she developed a profound understanding of color and its effects. She learned to

— Questions of general interest can be emailed to mslietters@ For more

Jekyll made major contributions to gardening. Most i mportantly, she was a n

rope and the United States are attributed to her design talents.

Jekyll was also a talented craftsman working in silver, wood and the fiber arts. She designed her own line of vases, Munstead Flower

Glasses, when she failed to find vases that met her exacting standards.

Awomanbeforehertime, she resolved the bitter dispute between architects and

information on this column, visit

gardeners as to who should design gardens. The end result being that they should

work together. My therapy to see me


Husband-wife team makes Engineeredhardwoods gardenstatuesfrom scratch can be refinished1-2times

t hrough these next

en from "Colour Schemes

By Rosemary Ponnekanti The News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.)

By Alan J. Heavens


The Philadelphia tnquirer

TACOMA, Wash. — The

In those situations, the bac-


secret to making a perfect gnome'? Make sure he doesn't get too tipsy. For Tammy and Shawn Christensen, that's the most challenging part of creating gardenstatues from scratch — and they ought to know. The Tacoma, Wash., hus-

band-and-wife team has been making garden gnomes, gargoyles, VW Beetles, warty toads and the like for five years now out of their back garage: hauling, m ixing, pouring, molding, staining, Peter Haley/Tacoma News Tribune sealing and finally painting Shawn Christensen and his cat stand In the manufacturing

• Is there any way to t e r ia can cause urinary tract • redo engineered floors? and wound infections. They are 12 years old and are A n a erobic means oxygen showing wear, with pitting i s not required to sustain life. and scratches. The bacteria feed on fatty They have been substances such as cleaned and polthe residue of soap ished with Bona Wl f fl ff) e or shampoo. Hardwood Cleaner fl jgg qUg/jp The col o r is creperiodically, b u t f . • f ated when the colo~f t need s o mething ny expands. are Offered The ex p erts recmore. • According to Bl 7d $f)e ommend cleaning • the w e bsite the pink with chlo-




r ine b l each a n d


their ow n

ability to refinish Pr OCeSS that d epends on t h e fefjgjSfljfIg g thickness of your f l g '/

even make their own molds

hardwood layer.

c o ncrete. They facility of "Art of Stone" where he, his wife, Tammy, and a crew produce concrete sculptures. Thelr seasonal retail store Is called and sell their own statues as "My Secret Garden." the company Art of Stone. But even t h ei r r e c ent achievement of getting a re- platform vibrator that shakes exhausted.


"She's painted 65 Seathe bubbles out of the molded concrete. hawks gnomes since the beIn the next room, though, ginning of November," says the concrete takes on a life Tammy. — and personality — of its For th e C h r istensens, own. Concrete trucks, frogs, though, it's a good thing. hippos, gargoyles, dragons, After hauling concrete statlaughing Buddhas and big uary around garden shows, fat cats sit in rows awaiting they got offers last year to the different stages of drying, do a couple of road shows at staining and sealing neces- Costco stores. These, how-

The beginning

sary to protect raw concrete from a wet Northwest winter

tail store (albeit temporary) isn't anything near as tricky as making sure those little

guys in pointy hats don't come out leaning to one side. "That's the hardest part,"

says Tammy, pointing to an urn in the workshop that has a Tower of Pisa slant. "We had a lot of those in the

ever, take a lot of manpower

and stock — so the concept of and give it the aged patina of having their own retail store stone. is tempting. Tammy — who taught "We never did it before, since then in the art of mak- herself the whole process via because concrete is seasoning stone look-alikes. House Google how-to videos — does al; people buy in spring and flippers before the reces- most of the demolding and summer," Tammy explains. sion, they lucked out when staining, hauling the fragile "Or for Christmas gifts." the house above theirs on a statues that weigh upward of But if the South Hill Mall steep hillside on the Taco- 35 pounds each. store works, the couple would "I don't have to go to the like to get out of road shows ma-Puyallupboundary came up for sale. Lucked out, be- gym," she jokes, hoisting a and into selling directly from cause the Christensens had gargoyle in the air. their property, which is zoned begun a new hobby — pourcommercial and has easy, ing concrete statues in their Gnomes are the hot item though steep, access. Their basement. While the animals, gar- landscaping already shows "We were lugging bags of goyles and vehicles are fun, off much of their work — a concrete in and lugging stat- there's one thing that con- fountain in front, Asian statuues out," remembers Shawn. sistently sells out: gnomes. ary in the pond, tiny concrete "We were mixing concrete in A foot high, wearing whole- bridges over their n atural a bucket." some Snow White colors and stream, the porch lions that With the new property, the tall pointy hats, they look like got Tammy hooked on consteep hillside turned out to be the garden variety — until crete in the first place — and an asset. The Christensens you notice that one is pick- it would save a lot of heavy converted the garage-sized ing his nose. Another is pok- lifting, literally, for what is house into a workshop, built ing his tongue out at you. A still a family business. "I'm ready to see how it a tent awning uphill to house third is holding a sign saying, the industrial mixer they'd "Go Seahawks!" A fourth is all goes," Tammy says of the upgraded to and cut out half dressed in Seahawks colors mall store. of a pipe to make a trough to and picking his nose. It would also give the cou"We called him 'Picky,'" ple time to explore the arty carry fresh concrete downthe slope to buckets on the porch. elucidates Shawn. "He's our side to the business — sculptFrom there, it gets hauled best seller." ing new molds. "I want to do a lady that's inside on a cart and poured In fact, at the Christensen's into molds that Shawn makes new temporary retail loca- actually a tree, with a stump himself by sculpting a clay tion — their first, after years for her base and branches for form and pasting latex and of road shows and garden her arms," says Tammy. fiberglass around it. shows — the gnomes have For Shawn, though, it's Inside the workshop, ev- sold out, especially the ones cars: "Challengers, Muserything's gray. Dry, dusty in Seahawks, Saints or Or- tangs, Camaros," he says, concrete is smudged over egon Ducks colors. Shawn with a faraway look in his floor, walls, ceiling, door- just poured some more, and eyes. "People seem to like it," knobs, tools, even the head- Tammy's mom, a sign artphones that protect Shawn's ist who does most of the points out Tammy. "It's differears when he switches on the gnome painting, is getting ent, and a bit cool." The beginning wasn't that long ago, but the Christensens have come a long way


This means that de m e g eCf 95 percent of hard- areaS wood surfaces are never refinished. With

a p last i c-bristled brush, being careful not t o s cratch the porcelain or damage t h eflapper and other parts of the toilet with the F or

h ard- t o -

high-quality finish- pf O feSSjpf)8//y r e a ch a r eas, try es thatare offered an old toothbrush and the extensive dipped in bleach, process that refinb eing careful t o ishing a floor entails, dam- wear gloves and to protect agedareasareoftenremoved your eyes from the harsh professionally. chemical. If

s a n ding i s

des i r ed ,


mor e

i nfo r m ation,

typically th e p r ofessional check out these links: http:/I sanding procedure removes of an inch.

for the Flower Garden." One grouping that appeals to me is her plantings of spring bulbs against the background of the yucca plants. I already have the yucca plants standing alone with nothing interesting around them. Next fall I will add the

bulbs to make a more interesting vignette. I intend to learn more

about color combinations, structure and texture. I want

to be able to train my eyes to view a painting or a photo I like and understand what drew me to it. Was it the art-

ist's use of color, of structure and shapes, or the use of tex-

ture — bold against delicate? Maybebytheendofthewinter I will have begun the process of how to renew an old, tired landscape. As an ongoing inspiration I will start my new journal with a quote from Jekyll. "Given the same space of


the remOVed


months is to start a separate journal recording ideas tak-

t o - p r e v ent-pink-stains-in-

ground and the same material, they may either be fashioned into a dream ofbeauty,

aplaceofperfectrestandrefreshment of mind and body — a series of soul-satisfying pictures — atreasureof wellset jewels; or they may be so misused that everything is jarring and displeasing." Wish me luck! — Reporter: douville@

Thus, if your floor has a 2mm toilet-bowls and www.service layer, you can sand the floor once or twice.


• We moved into a new • home about 12 years ago. We have noticed pink

— Contact the writer: aheavensphil oratThe Inq u irer,Box8263,PhiladelphiaPA 191 01.Volumeprohibitsindividual replies.

residue in our toilets and sinks since. I called New Jersey Water,

and they had no information. Have you seen this'? Do you have a suggestion on how we could find out what this may be? • Two good explanations • come from a plumbing company in Colorado and


a Virginia water authority,

among others. The pink residue is a slimy anaerobic bacteria, generally harmless in your home, although they do cause problems in hospitals and oth-

er places where people are

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. I








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' 'sa on e u i e,'a oi a s a e TV SPOTLIGHT


"It's a Wonderful Life" 8 p.m.tonight, NBC

When my children were young one of


the holiday rituals was to watch Christmas-

By Rich Heldenfels Ahron Beacon Journal

rituals was to watch Christ-

themed screen favorites. "It's a Wonderful Life" was

mas-themed screenfavorites.

always on the list.

This was in spite of various indignities inflicted on the 1946 film. Colorizing cheapened and diminished a tale designed for black and white. When it was spending many years in the public domain, making it free to TV stations

shows what Bailey's life has been like, the way he has helped others even when it

When my children were

young, one of the holiday "It's a Wonderful Life" was always on the list.

meant putting aside his own ambition.

As personaldisgrace looms, an angel in training named Clarence (Henry Travers) is sent to help Bailey, which includes showing what things would be like if Bailey had never lived — that he has indeed had a wonderful life. The cast, which also indudes Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore, is perfect. People who think of the movie as a sugar cookie of a holiday treat

and home-video distributors,

the available copies could be scratchy and skippy. Yet even then, I would be

drawn into the tale year after The Associated Press file year, touched by an ending that James Stewart, left, Thomas Mitchell, right, and Donna Reed appear in a scene from the1946 film "It's — for all the bleakness around

A Wonderful Life."

it — was so effective that the movie would end up topping ings to a couple of times a year, only way to see it, then see it including at 8 p.m. tonight, you should, especially if someChristmas Eve. one in your home has never The NBC showing adds watched itbefore. commercials,alas, enough Directed by Frank Capra, Some of the presentational years when, thanks to the mov- to expand a movie that runs the movie involves George weaknesses have faded over ie being in the public domain, about 129 minutes to a full Bailey (James Stewart), a man the years. Rights to the movie people could count on seeing it three hours. You would be whose dreams of a good life were resecured, leading to a dozens of times across the TV better served by acquiring are about to be shattered in a good restoration for DVD, Blu- landscape. Now NBC holds it on disc, and saving the ad financial scandal. ray and broadcast. The color- the TV rights and limits show- time. But if the telecast is the As disaster looms, the film the American Film Institute's

ized version currently on sale

list of the most inspirational at least comes in a set with the movies ever made. (It was also black-and-white take. top 20 in AFI's latest list of the On the down side, the new best American movies ever.) rights control also ended the

Defendinggrandpa'svarying generosity Dear Abby:I have some advice for "Lacking Why," the girl in your

of their responses: the subject with her father. She Dear Abby: Financially speak- can soften the response to her Oct. 18 column who is wonder- ing, I'll bet there's a good reason daughters and point out to her faing why the amount of allowance for the disparity in the amounts ther the possible harm he may be money Grandpa gives her and "Lacking" and her sisters receive. causing within the family. But in her sisters varies from one girl to If Grandpa i ntends that e a ch the end, if Grandpa doesn't budge, t he o t her: S t op granddaughter they'll all have to learn to live with c omparing t h e receive the same it. amounts and try sum of money by — Ken in Sarasota, Fla. focusing on how age 18, and he Dear Abby:I would recommend DPPR attentive eac h started giving the that they first discuss among ABBY of you is to your money to each of themselves the differences in their grandfather. them at the same own circumstances and their relaDo you all visit time, he w ould tionship with their grandparent. It him with the same frequency? Do

HAVE t o

g i v e t h e m d i f f erent might be that those in need, those

you all write thank-you notes for amounts. This concept would be his generosity'? Do you all phone hard to explain to a child, which him the same number of times may be why the girls were never each week? Do you all remember sure about the "why." his birthday with a nice card or — Numbers Guy small gift? Do you take turns bakin San Mateo, Calif. ing him a birthday cake? Dear Abby: My father did the I suspect, as with my grand- same thing. Each year I received children, there are wide dispari- more money from my dad than ties in the way these sisters treat my brothers did. Eventually I Grandpa. asked him why, and it turned out Why would a person who ig- he felt that over the years he had noreshim expectthe same gen- helped them more in other ways. erosity as one who showers him They had lived at home longer with love and affection? than I had, and Dad had paid for I have two grown grandkids their educations while I'd had a who treat me differently and, son scholarship. of a gun, I respond in kind. In his mind, he was trying to — Connecticut Grandma even things out. Funny thing was, Dear Grandma:Your explana- it didn't matter to me. But I never

who invest wisely or those who respond kindly receive more. I help my kids and grandkids based on what their needs are and how they spend the money. It

tion is one I received from other readers as well. That letter reso-

told my brothers. — Solved the Puzzle in Denver

with their grandfather. — Wise Out West

nated with a large number of peoDear Abby:The mother of those ple, and what follows is a sampling girls should be the one to broach

— Write to Dear Abbyat dearabbycom or P.o. Box69440,LosAngeles, CA 90069

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFORTUESDAY, DEC. 24, 2013:This year you will have many opportunities that come from a partner or close associate. You tend to be more concerned with the big picture than with the details. Your endurance makes the difference between success and failure. If you are single, many wannabe lovers surround you. Consider what Starsshowthe kind type of relationof dayyou'Ilhave ship you want. ff ** * * * D ynamic you are attached, the two of you might decide to plan a trip to a place you have never been. The planning might be more fun than the actual trip. LIBRA knows how to push you past your limits.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) ** * You will have your hands full, whether you are entertaining or just catching up others' news. What you are doing won't feel like fun. Later today,

is not a matter of favoritism. And

being thanked once in a while doesn't hurt, either. — Patricia in Tempe, Ariz.

Dear Abby:"Lacking" and her siblings should not a pproach Grandpa. It could backfire and

end the gift-giving forever. Instead, if all the sisters agree they are being unfairly treated, they should consider pooling the gifts together and dividing the total amount equally among themselves. This would be a mature solution that needn't be shared

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

** * * M ake a point to go along with what others want to do. You could be overwhelmed by a last-minute request

or phone call. A lovedonecould appear, is important. In the next day or two, you will try to explain this situation to someone else. Your creativity emerges later today. Tonight: Get into the moment.

which will make you smile from ear to ear. A serious talk should be postponed. Keep the mood light. Tonight: Where others are.

CANCER (June21-July 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

** * * M ake calls, especially to those at a distance whom you might not be able to reach later. Your creativity tends to help others relax. They know that you can help them handlewhatevercomes their way. Tonight: Go caroling. Get into the spirit of the holiday!

** * * You might want to get past a problem. Take a stand and deal with a family member who could be overexcited. Tonight: Join friends, whether you're at church, caroling or maybe just visiting.

LEO (July 23-Aug.22)

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) *** * You are able to expressyour

** * Your instincts will help you grasp a problem and read between the lines. You have a lot to get done. Make a call to a loved one who often feels left out or lonely. A discussion could help lift this person's spirits. Tonight: Head home with anticipation. You will feel like a kid!

caring in a manner in which others don't feel threatened. Focus on a get-together with friends and loved ones. You might not be the host, but you might feel like it, since you probably will know everyone. Tonight: Listen to a friend's story.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

of the story. Even in its happy ending the movie does not ignore the real world; Bailey may have survived one crisis, but the tough times around him

have not changed. Yet the power of its belief in the goodness of most people is eternal, year afteryear.

MOVIE TIMESTOOAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-D and IMAXmovies. • Movie times ara subject to change after press time. l




Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • AMERICAN HUSTLE(Rl 12:40, 3:45, 7, 10:10 • ANCHORMAN 2:THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13l 11:30 a.m., 12:50, 2:20, 3:35, 5:10, 6:20, 8:05, 9:10 • THE BOOKTHIEF (PG-13l 12:35,3:50,7:15,10:20 • DALLAS BUYERS CLUB(R) 11:10 a.m., 2:10, 4:55, 7:50 • FROZEN (PGl 10:35 a.m., 1:15, 4:10, 6:50, 9:35 • FROZEN 3-D (PG)10:55 a.m., 1:35, 4:25 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG lPG-13) 10:30 a.m., 12:30, 2, 4, 6, 7:30, 9:30 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG HIGH FRAMERATE3-D (PG-13l 1,4:30, 8 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG IMAX 3-D (PG-13l11 a.m., 2:30, 6:30,10 • THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE lPG-13) I I:20 a.m., 3:30, 6:45, 9:55 • NEBRASKA (R) 12:55, 3:40, 6: I5, 9:05 • OUT OF THE FURNACE(R)7:05, 9:50 • SAVING MR. BANKSlPG-13) 10:40 a.m., 1:30, 4:40, 7:35, 10:25 • TYLER PERRY'8 A MADEA CHRISTMAS (PG-13l10:45 a.m., 1:10, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • WALKING WITH DINOSAURSlPG) 1:45, 7:20, 9:40 • WALKING WITH DINOSAURS3-D lPG)11:25 a.m., 5 • High Frame Rate movies racord and play visuals at twice the rate or higher than normal. • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies. •



McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • CLOUDY WITHA CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 lPG)1:30 • The Oragon State Vniversityfootball game screens at 5 tonight. • After 7p.m.,showsare2tandolderonly.Youngerthan 2f may attend scraenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian. r I Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • THE ARMSTRONG LIE (R)6 • MR. NOBODYlRl3 • THE SECRETOF KELLSlno MPAArating) 1 I


Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • ANCHORMAN 2:THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13l1 • FROZEN (PGl 1: I5 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG lPG-13) 12:30 • SAVING MR. BANKSlPG-13) 12:45 Madras Cinema5,1101 S.W.U.S.Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • ANCHORMAN 2:THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13l2, 4:30 • FROZEN (PGl Noon, 2:25, 4:50 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG lPG-13) Noon • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG 3-DlPG-13) 3:10 • THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE lPG-13) 1, 4 • WALKING WITH DINOSAURSlPG) 12:35, 2:40, 4:45 •

8 p.m. on 2 9, "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas" — Since its first airing on CBS in1966, this adaptation of the Dr. Seuss children's book has evolved into an annual holiday viewing tradition. Legendary animator Chuck Jones directed this story about a green-skinned grouch who sets out to spoil Christmas for the citizens of Whoville. Boris Karloff provides narration. 8 p.m. on TBS, Movie: "A ChristmasStory" — 'You'll shoot your eye out!" Peter Billingsley stars in this1983 comedy, airing nonstop for the next 24 hours on the cable channel, as the little boy who yearns to find a RedRyder BB gun under the Christmas tree. Not just a Christmas story, it's about parents, little brothers, bullies, decoder rings, double dog dares and most of all, the workings of a youthful mind. Jean Shepherd's writing captures it all perfectly. Darren McGavin also stars. 8:30p.m.on29, Movie: "Dr. Seuss' Howthe Grinch Stole Christmas" —Wearing extremely heavy makeup, Jim Carrey plays the title character in director Ron Howard's 2000 live-action, big-screen adaptation of the enduring children's book. You know the plot: The big green grouch tries to stop Christmas from coming to Whoville but fails, because the holiday "doesn't come from a store." Christine Baranski, Taylor Momsen and Jeffrey Tambor also star. 9p.m. on6, "NCIS: Los Angeles" —Hetty (Linda Hunt) assigns the team a bizarre case involving a mysterious missing woman. When that woman is revealed to be an undercover NCIS agent from her past, Callen (Chris O'Donnell) questions Hetty's motivations in "Raven 8 the Swans." LL Cool J and Daniela Ruah also star. © Zap2it

Mountain Medical Immediate Care

541-388-7799 1302 N E r d S t. en d


In-Home Csre Servlces

Care for loved ones. Comfort for au. 541-389-0006

eeeeeCLASSIC COVERINGS Also see usfor

Awnings, Solar Screens 8 Custom Draperies

(541) 388-441 8

4nana Range

— — $359 Youheul Lirrrrtrrd qssnftirrs

Large oven Spitlsatrer cooktop SICR31308Atv


Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • ANCHORMAN 2:THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13l4, 7:30 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG lUpstairsPG-13) 3:20, 7 • The upstairs screening room (UP) haslimited accessibility.


11:22 a.m.on COM, Movie: "Trading Places" —Taketwo of the funniest guys to ever come out of "Saturday Night Live," then add two old-Hollywood icons and one of 1980s Hollywood's sexiest women. Mix in a madcap story, and you have a modern classic. Dan Aykroyd plays a commodities trader stripped of all he has in an experiment by his bosses (Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy) to find out whether criminals are born or made. Eddie Murphy plays the hustler who gets all his goodies. Jamie LeeCurtis also stars.


Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • ANCHORMAN 2:THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13l11 a.m., 1:30, 4, 6:30, 9 • FROZEN (PGl 11:15 a.m., 1:45,4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • THE HOBBIT: THEDESOLATIONOF SMAUG lPG-13) 11:45 a.m., 3, 6:15, 9:30 • WALKING WITH DINOSAURSlPG) 11:15 a.m., 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

** * * A partner could come forward ** * * Y our spark ignites other's spirit with a lot of expectations. Know that you excitement as you see what is heading can do only so much. Resist worrying your way. Tonight: Leave cookies out for and energy. You could be surprised by what spontaneously erupts. Reach out about a friend's comment. You will hear Santa! to someonewho mightbe depressed or from this person soon enough, and you'll TAURUS (April 20-May 20) sad. Realize that you can break through seehow you mighthave m isunderstood ** * * * Y ou seem to have no prob- this person's defenses. Tonight: Share a his or her words. Tonight: Swap gifts. lems solving others' problems. You holiday treat with a loved one. PISCES (Feb. 19-March20) know that there is always a solution. A ** * * At the present moment, others loved one could be overserious, and you LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) ** * * You might want to understand seem to want you to join them. Do not might attempt to lighten up the converstand on ceremony, but understand that sation. Friends will drop by, so let spon- what is ailing you. Maybe you need to take a nap or drive around in order to you might have to postpone a long-distaneity rule. Tonight: A change of pace. relax. Call or visit with a friend. You will tance call. Stop by a friend's house and GEMINI (May 21-June20) feel inspired and happier because of this wish this person a special Christmas. ** * * S tay close to home, and you will person, who is much more into the spirit Tonight: Don't be alone. Be where others finish the lion's share of the work. Your of the moment. Tonight: All smiles. are. ability to understand what is going on © King Features Syndicate

you will experience areal sense of

have missed the tougher side


Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 GO! Magazine

• Watch movie trailers or buy tickets online at benflbulletiLcom/movies

Pure. &rrb/6 Co.

>j B~ do Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview

La Pine 541.382.6447


TUESDAY, DEC 24, 2013




p lJ












Shrimp & Fish Basket )'/

j /



Any SpaPedicure



expires 1oe/OS/1e3


(NeW ClientS Only) Offer ExpireslJanuary31st,2014

gkil til tierg:

Iuul aSluuSTUDIO W -- '-H)r ~~y~~

Id d

1289 NESecond Street Bend


PermanentMake-UpEyeliner or Eyedrows (New ClientsOnly)


Offer Expires: January 31st, 2014 •








Cleaning Completed by: 1/9/14



mth /I



Cleaning Completed by: 1/9/14 CARPET i UPHOLSTERY i TILE&GROUT i HARDWOOD



1-800-STEEMER. I stsnleysteemercom


Combined Living areas, L-shaped rooms, and rooms over 300 sq ft are considered two areas. Baths, halls, large walk in closets, and area rugs are priced separately. Minimum charges apply. Cannot combine with other offers. Residential only. Must present coupon at time of service. Valid at participating locations only. Certain restrictions may apply. Call for details.

o •



$2 off any menu-priced Pizza or Calzone Any Size!


s2 DFF Excludes mini-pizzas and Mini Murph

Large Bacon Bacon Bacon

Love atml

Three100'/o Real Cheeses, CrispyBacon,Canadian Bacon, PepperBacon and Mixed O nions

EXPIRES01.15.14 Not valid with other offers


sKW12 n


SW17th St. 4 SW Highland Ave. • Redmelid

iE GZlC SeeourGrand Opening Specialcoupon on back


Chem~r '

Gnaranteed Everyday lowest Prices!

Deo'em Ckaeem Heeo/r/eier.e


r o

Chem-Dry of Central Oregon ServingDeschutss,Crook &Jefferson Counties • Independently Owned&Operated

Perfectfor Ceramic,Porcelain, Slate, GraniteandTravertine


0 OFF Tile, Stone I GroutCleaning I Seallng 541-388-7374• Residential 5 Commercial Offer valid with coupon only. Not valid with other offers. Minimumsapply. Payment dus at time of service. Expiration date: December 31, 2013




Receive aS0.00Rebate from ' Valvoline Oilgoodfor yournext service atSubaruof Bend.

Suba ru genui oil nfilteer 32 point inspection


~ ~

i/I fioarl rfrne,; . /,,

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Must present couponat time of service. Goodthrough12/31/13




'25% QFF'

As a thank you for your patience while ' I our new neighbor is being built enjoy a I



Locally Owned



The best in custom blinds & window coverings


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and Operated.

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SalloosoofoooooioReero-home consultation and installation.


541 788 8444

62080 N.E. 27th Street


Find us online

Next to new Walgreens

Valid on Exclusive SerfesoWfndow Treatments only. Offer not valid with any other offers. CCB Licensed ¹197715 I Bonded I Insured I 30+ Years Experience.



I I '






with purchase of another sandwich meal '



axplres 04lol/I4 Vaud only at 62OSO a d.27th Sl. Sohlotaserseresanrant. Offer valid on item of equal or lesser value only. Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per purchase. Exclusive of tax and gratuity. Not for sale or resale. Void I where prohibited.Cash value I/100O.Nocash back.Additional exclusions I may apply. © 2013 Schlotzsky's Franchise LLC.










I o








'. ": ' Exclusive SignatureSefies'Window ' Treatments byBudgetBlinds'

x :o -~ :



+~E~i4LI :













I '



The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since 1903


541-389-3031 • • 2080 NE Hwif 20

*If you buy 10 or more get an additional 10% off.


Otft«»« s siigfttiy Itigfter


B UY MO R E SAVE M O R E Slmpfor your lolyI/e "> tl',t(

INCLUDES: UpTo6quarts 5w300il, Subaru cars only.


I o


l d



I '



~lam CCh~der ow LBrBea I BowJI

SelIIOARee 9eea VoOte1ufICeef ~F

etaat Chhow~h er

!TBTI,e'5hr~i CSCl~

o, g)





NewClientsOnly.Offer ExpiresJanuary31st, 2014



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couponsordiscounts. Onecouponvalid forag in yourparty, coupons ordiscounts. Onecouponvalidfor aginyour party.





Totally Polished Nail a Skin Studio 1289 NE Second Street Bend• 541.322.0156

NewClientsOnly.Offer ExpiresJanuary31st, 2014


Expires12/25/13. Nocashvalue. Notvalid with other


$299 Permanent Make-Ult Your Choice of Eyeliner or Brows


iei Sksppes


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with coupon Comes wlth ~ , 11 i

I v


• •

• •





$1 Any Size


Soft Drink, Iced Tea or Premium Roast Coffee



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tI +Q ~wu

Combined Living areas, L-shaped rooms, and rooms over 300 sq R are considered two areas. Baths, halls, large walk in closets, and area rugs are priced separately. Minimum charges apply. Cannot combine with other offers. Residential only. Must present coupon at time of service. Valid at participating locations only. Certain restrictions may apply. Call for details. • u osrls oniuLemon . smileue «ponmnuest Psoeandpammpationmeuvmu. Limaed tme oN er. Onete Mouoneid'e

BEND SOUTH South Hwy 97 8 Murphy Rd


o e s



om a

Love at II


2-liter of Pepsior Breadsticks a Spicv Cheeseilip

SW17th St. 8 on a

SW Highland Ave. Redmond, OR


Next to Selco Credit Union


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pmpizza,com •

Cssi;.~ a

You will receiveamultipoint inspectionchecklist, estimate of anyimmediaterepair needs as well asitemsthat canbe budgetedinfor alater date.

Save money on our special discount for any major service. 30, 60, 90K and up. Our team at Subaru of Bend will treat you right!!!!!!

Must presentcouponat timeof service.Goodthrcugh12/31/13.

Must presentcouponat timeof service. Good through12/31/13.


K www. S ubaruofBendaoo 206



54 I -388-7374 • Residential & Com m e r c i al

Connldenue In neoi/on

1 f





d odn •

BlindS',euV MORE',



I I Exclusive Signature Series' WindowI Treatments byBudgetBlinds'

', 8lmds',

82080 N.E. 27th St.• BGNii

PersonalStyleConsultants Thousands ofwindow coverings Professionalmeasuring fhfnstatfatfon

We bring you the best brands including:

Co r ner of Hwy 20 & St. 27th


a style for every point of viewI BunlerDuuglus~+-

' J~~ ~

I Oteinoi volwi idihanyoihei ofbit. Olfeigoodoi imeofiniiol esiimoie I only.Olfeigoodoi paicipoiing fianchim only.E achfranchise indepen denilyownedandopeiaied.Obrvalid through12/31/13 I s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sa

Limit onepervisit. Couponexpires 12/23/2013. Not valid with anyother offer.


i6 POINT VACUUM ,'VACUUMREPAIR' On any make Or INSPECTION model upright

includes riSk-free quote

'Discount excludes parts

(offer expires 12/24/1 3)

(offer expires 12/24/13)

s s

WITH YOUR TRADE-IN ' ,of any make or model for an Oreck upright. Any regular priced item. See store for details (offer expires 12/24/1 3) e





l d e'

I ees


m eC R


l tt

a style for every point of view I I

idwiaonyot erog h em .osergoodotsmeofinitiofessmomI Call 541-788-8444 Ioffernotval only.OBeigood atparticipatingfranchisesonly. Eachfranchise

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indepen denfyownedandoperated.Olfeivalid through12/31/13 Ie ~








as little as 9295 Ner month!


I s


Reach thousands ofreaders for



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(s41) (s4>) 447-5999 475-1555

ServingDeschutes, Crook & Jeperson Counties • Independently Owned & Operated

' e ne ree

MADRAS SW Hwy 97 & Bard Lane

whenyou arrlve

Chem Dry of Ce-ntral Oregon


I Bliy Qile Qriliiial®


PRINEVILLE NE Third St Near Les Schwab


How clean is your tile? Dirt and grime begin to absorb into the pores of grout. Over time, the grout coloring becomes uneven which makes the entire floor look worn and dirty. Call Chem-Dry today and let our professional technicians extract the dirt and grime from your tile and stone surfaces. Our process also seals your tile and grout to resist mold, mildew and dirt. Don't forget, we also clean carpet, area rugs & upholstery tool



we'll have it ready

Drier. Cleaner. Healihier.e

ShopOnuua Se/y •eund YourSuham •Saamh lmtame



(s41) 548-7272



ALL 541-389-3031



Online at: srww. t

10IO/%O Off

C~ar C'a~re Inspect'ion

Help your tires last longerwith afour wheel alignment byourfactory trained technicians onour state-of-the-art alignmentmachine.


Papa Murphy's Central Oregon

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REDMOND SW10lh & Highland

Facebook at:

when you purchase any large

Call: 548-5600 •

(s41) (s4>) 382-6767 389-7272


s I s


BEND NORTH NE3rd St 8 Revere

This unique section publishestwice eachmonth in TheBulletin andin CentralOregO nMarketPlaCe,WraPPing thefrOnt OfaSeCtiOnfOr amazingandnever-before-offered visibility! Onhf 18 couPon Positions are atfailallle! SPaceis limitetl, so call 541-382-1811antl reserve r Mll color coupon position to

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9 7







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Rodent issues? Free adult barn/ shop cats, A1 Washers&Dryers $150 ea. Full warfixed, shots, some ranty. Free Del. Also friendly, some not. ITEMS FORSALE 264- Snow Removal Equipment wanted, used W/D's /t Couctgtl Concapt Will deliver. 389-8420 201 - NewToday 265 - BuildingMaterials 541-280-7355 202- Want to buy or rent 266- Heating and Stoves Visit our HUGE Sheba-Inu Pom rat terCavalier Pu p pies, German Shepherd 203- Holiday Bazaar & Craft Shows 267- Fuel and Wood home decor Life Fit R91 born 11/21/13. Ready pups, parents on site. rier mix, pup, shots ENERATE SOM E consignment store. 204- Santa's Gift Basket in Jan. Pick out pup and wormed. Asking G EXCITEMENT Recumbent Bike268- Trees, Plants & Flowers Taking deposits. in your New items Absolutely like new 205- Free Items 541-280-2118 $200. 541-977-7935 269- Gardening Supplies & Equipment now with deposit. Pick neighborhood! Plan a arrive daily! with new battery up after Christmas. 208- Pets and Supplies garage sale and don't 270- Lost and Found German Wirehaired Siberian-Husky pup, operates perfectly! 541-408-5909 or Pointer pups, AKC, 5 F, 930 SE Textron, 210 -Furniture & Appliances forget to advertise in AND Wolf-Husky pups, Clean, always 541-548-4574. Bend 541-318-1501 GARAGESALES 211- Children's Items $800. 541-454-2132 classified! $400 ea. 541-977-7019 housed inside home. 275 - Auction Sales 541-385-5809. 212 -Antiques & Collectibles $2100 new; Jack Russell Puppies, 280 - Estate Sales 215- Coins & Stamps selling for $975. born Nov. 17, avail midLoveseat, new, brown 281 Fundraiser Sales Find exactly what Great Christmas gift! 240- Crafts and Hobbies Jan. 2 fems, 1 male, 5'x3'2" exc. cond. 282- Sales NorlhwestBend you are looking for in the 541-647-2227 241 -Bicycles and Accessories $550 ea. 541-576-4999 $300. 541-504-0707 284- Sales Southwest Bend or 541-536-4115 242 - Exercise Equipment CLASSIFIEDS R olltop desk w ith 7 286- Sales Norlheast Bend 243 - Ski Equipment Labradors AKCChihuahua puppies, tiny, drawers, medium oak, 288- Sales Southeast Bend 244 - Snowboards Chocolates 8 yellows, S ponsor needed f o r Reber's Farm Toy Sale! Nordic Trac A2350. 1st shots/dewormed, Presents beautifully. shots, wormed, health/ W ill, a s w eet c a t , $250. 541-548-4051 Each Sat. & Sun., 10-5 245 - Golf Equipment 290- Sales RedmondArea $250. 541-977-0035 Hardly used. A found abandoned & until Christmas, 4500 SE hip guar. 541-536-5385 246-Guns,Huntingand Fishing 292 - Sales Other Areas Tillamook Lp., Prineville. perfect holiday gift. emaciated, his collar 247- Sporting Goods - Misc. Chihuahua puppy, adorFARM MARKET 541-447-7585 around his $350.00 248- HealthandBeauty Items AKC puppies, wrapped 308- Farm Equipment andMachinery able male, born 8/23, Labradors Cash and carry. & under one leg. 2 yellow females left! neck The Bulletin reserves 249 - Art, Jewelry and Furs OBO. $100 541-390-1713. 316- Irrigation Equipment OFA hips & elbows certi- It was that way a long the right to publish all 541-410-8888 251 - Hot TubsandSpas 325- Hay, Grain and Feed fied. Both parents on site. time & rubbed a hole ads from The Bulletin 253 - TV, Stereo andVideo 333- Poultry,RabbitsandSupplies field 8 family dogs. in his upper chest HANCOCK & newspaper onto The 245 255 - Computers BULLETINCLASSIFIEOS Great down to the bone. Vet $300. 541-390-7484 MOORE SOFA Bulletin Internet web341 Horses and Equi p ment cleaned it up 8 su256 - Photography Search the area's most Golf Equipment Salmon/Coral chesite. 345-Livestockand Equipment Setter & Walker tured him, but his leg nille fabric with dia257 - Musical Instruments comprehensive listing of Llewellin Hound pups, make great had atrophied & we 347 - Llamas/Exotic Animals classified advertising... Christmas 258 - Travel/Tickets CHECKYOUR AD The Bulletin gifts! 4 males, hope we can save it. mond pattern. TradiServingCenlral Oregon since19M 350 - Horseshoeing/Farriers real estate to automotive, I $125;3females, styling w ith 259 - Memberships © We're a small rescue tional merchandise to sporting 358Farmer's Column loose pillow back, 260- Misc. Items 240 $150. Ready to go! & the bill was a big hit down-wrapped seat goods. Bulletin Classifieds 375 - Meat andAnimal Processing 261 - Medical Equipment 541-447-1323 Crafts & Hobbies for us right now. A appear every day in the cushions roll arms, 383- Produce andFood 262 - Commercial/Office Equip. Maine Coon 8 wk. kit- sponsorship for Will skirt, two matching print or on line. 263- Tools tens, unique pets, no would be a blessing. p illows an d a r m Call 541-385-5809 AGATE HUNTERS on the first day it runs apers, 1 polydactyl A foster home for him covers. L ike new ponshers • Saws 208 208 to make sure it is coremale, 1 male, $100 would be great while condition. $1 000. rect. "Spellcheck" and Pets & Supplies • P ets & Supplies ea. obo. 541-389-0322 he recovers, or better 541-526-1332 The Bulletin Repair & Suppiles human errors do ocSeving Central Oregonsince19N yet, a forever home. 0 cur. If this happens to Aussie/Heeler mix, 5 41-598-5488, 3 8 9 Call a Pro The Bulletin recomyour ad, please conshots & dewormed, People Lookfor Information 8420. CRAFT, Box Whether you need a mends extra caution tact us ASAP so that $150. 541-977-4686 6441, Bend 9 7708, About Products and 241 when purc h ascorrections and any fence fixed, hedges Services Every Day through Just bought a new boat? Bicycles & ing products or seradjustments can be trimmed or a house The Bulletin Classifieds Sell your old one in the vices from out of the made to your ad. Yorkie cross Silver Accessories built, you'll find area. Sending cash, classifieds! Ask about our older male puppy 541-385-5809 Super Seller rates! checks, or credit in$100 or only The Bulletin Classified Dachshund mini pieprofessional help in TheBulletin 202 541-385-5809 541-546-7909. f ormation may b e bald male, $450. Call recommends extra ' The Bulletin's "Call a Want to Buy or Rent subjected to fraud. AUSSIE MINI p ups, 541-508-0386 for info. l caution when purNeed to get an Yorkie male, 6 months, Service Professional" For more informachasing products or s merle 8 black tri. GREAT personality! CASH for dressers, ad in ASAP? tion about an adver- blue services from out of I Donate deposit bottles/ Directory $350.541-408-5325 dead washers/dryers tiser, you may call $500. Can deliver. I the area. Sending I You can place it cans to focal all vol., 541-420-5640 541-385-5809 Call 541-792-0375 the O r egon State Aussies, Mini, AKC Red/ non-profit rescue, for ' cash, checks, o r ' 2005 Maverick ML7 online at: Attorney General's Blue merle, Black Tris, 2 feral cat spay/ neuter. M ountain Bike, 1 5 " l credit i n f ormation Pomeranian puppy USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Office C o nsumer litters. 541-788-7799 or Cans for Cats trailer frame (small). Full Tick, Tock may be subjected to 10-week-old male, Protection hotline at 541-598-5314. suspension, Maverick at Bend Petco; or dol FRAUD. For more black and silver. Door-to-door selling with 1-877-877-9392. nate M-F at S mith What a sweet heart! Tick, Tock... 541-385-5809 information about an I s hock, SRAM X O Aussie-Tzu male pups. fast results! It's the easiest Sign, 1515 NE 2nd; or advertiser, you may I drivetrain & shifters, 9 $275. 541-480-3160 Will be ready with 1st ...don't let time get The Bulletin at CRAFT, Tumalo. way in the world to sell. / call t h e Or e gon / speed rear cassette, ServInyCenCralOregon dnce 1SB 246 shot 8 worming on Call for Ig. quantity POODLE pups AKC toy, away. Hire a ' State Atto r ney ' 34-11, Avid Juicy disc Jan. 3. $ 350 each. Guns, Hunting brakes. Well t aken The Bulletin Classified Adopt a rescued kitten Kelly 541-604-0716 or pickup, 541-389-8420. tiny teacup, cuddly people l General's O f fi ce professional out dogs. 541-475-3889 o f. $950 . Consumer Protec- • c are & Fishing 541-385-5809 or cat! Fixed, shots, 541-489-3237 of The Bulletin's t ion ho t l in e at I 541-788-6227. ID chip, tested, more! Queensland Heelers English Bulldog female CASH!! "Call A Service i 1-877-877-9392. Wanted: Longmire or & Mini, $150 Ladies, brand new Rescue at 65480 78th Border Conie/B!ack Lab puppy, 3y2 mos old, Standard For Guns, Ammo & Hell on Wheels & up. 541-280-1537 St., Bend, Thurs/Sat/ cross, male. Free to)ood $2000. Electra purchased Professional" 541-382-9334 www.rightwayranch.wor Reloading Supplies. I TheBulletin I 2010 Asking $550. 1st season dvd. Sun, 1-5, 389-8420. ' ServingCemral Oregon since r903 541-408-6900. Directory today! 541-419-6408 541 41 9 2502 541-312-2448

Rtt ttzlfc





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Your auto, RV, motorcycle, boat, or airplane


acI runs until it sells or up to 12 months (whichever comes first!)

00+ «j M""' bt(pfEE<

Includes up to 40 words of text, 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold headline and price. "Little Red Corvette"

• Weekly publication in Central Oregon Marketplace —DELIVERED to over 30,000 households.


NlonacoDynasty 2004-L~ ADED! sol!d Faturcsinclude 4-dr s counter, su surtace deconvectionmicro, built-inwasher/drye, ramictiletloor,TV,DUD, satellitedish,a!rleveling, storage ass-through dk !ngsizebed tray,ana' -A!lforonly $149,000 541-000-000

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• Daily publication in The Bulletin, an audience of over 70,000.


Convertf oupe 132 mffes -24mpg Ad sc"!Ptlona„ ' terestlngfa o howmuch ould ha In a c

$12 5PO 547 PIIO

• Weekly publication in The Central Oregon Nickel Ads with an audience of over 30,000 in Central and Eastern Oregon • Continuous listing with photo on * A $290 value based on an ad with the same extra features, publishing 28-ad days in the above publications. Private party ads only.



541-385-5809 or go to

AD PLACEMENT DEADLINES Monday • • • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri • Tuesday.••• • • • .Noon Mon. Wednesday •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Tues. Thursday • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Wed. Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri.

Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •

• . 3:00pm Fri. • • 5:00 pm Fri • Place aphotoin yourprivate party ad foronly$15.00par week.

PRIVATE PARTY RATES Starting at 3 lines

*UNDER '500in total merchandise

OVER'500 in total merchandise

7 days.................................................. $10.00 14 days................................................ $16.00

Garage Sale Speclal

4 days.................................................. $18.50 7 days.................................................. $24.00 14 days .................................................$33.50 28 days .................................................$61.50

4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00

(call for commercial line ad rates)

allllust state prices in ad

A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin The Bulletin reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. is located at: 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702


PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. 246


Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Guns, Hunting & Fishing


I Ruger Red Label 1


beautiful $1000; ~ Browning BPS12ga




Art, Jewelry & Furs

Misc. Items


20 ga. 0/U English I stock, choke tubes

[ pump 26" w/choke tubes, beautiful ( $425; Springfield

1911 A1 45 acp 6

I mags, work done to I [ trigger, very nice


14-kt white gold ladies wedding band with a bright polish finish, 1.66 carat diamond Hearts and arrows, round cut, Sl -1 Clarity, F color. Appraised at $15,000. Very unique piece. Asking $9500. 541-281-7815



Fuel & Wood

Lost & Found

1 cord dry, split Juniper, $200/cord. Multi-cord discounts, & yg cords REMEMBER:If you available. Immediate have lost an animal, delivery! 541-408-6193 don't forget to check The Humane Society JIIIYear Dependable Bend Firewood: Seasoned; 541-382-3537 Cedar, Sp l i t, D el. Redmond Bend: 1 for $185 or 2 541-923-0882 for $350. Lodgepole Prloavllla 1 for $205 or 2 for 54r-447-7178; $385. 541-420-3484. or Craft Cats 54r-388-8420. Pine & Juniper Split

:l Qfy J~;QJIJ~K

Can be found on these pages: EMPLOYMENT 410 - Private Instruction 421 - Schools andTraining 454- Looking Ior Employment 470- Domestic & In-HomePositions 476 - EmploymentOpportunities 486 - IndependentPositions

FINANCEANDBUSINESS 507- Real Estate Contracts 514 - Insurance 528- Loans andMortgages 543- Stocks andBonds 558- Business Investments 573 - BusinessOpportunities




Hay, Grain & Feed

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The Bulletin's Looking for your "Call A Service next employee? Professional" Directory Place a Bulletin is all about meeting Seasoned Tamarack help wanted ad your needs. split & delivered. today and $220. 541-977-2040 reach over Call on one of the 60,000 readers 269 professionals today! each week. Gardening Supplies Your classified ad REWARD! Lost Canon & Equipment will also camera Rebel T3i with appear on lenses in big black bag at Mt. Bachelor which currently bus park/ride, Bend. receives over Has pics o f 8 2 -yr. PROMPT DELIVERY 1.5 million page dad, horses, cooking. 542-389-9663 views every Irreplaceable shots! month at no 541-633-6094 a extra cost. Say agoodbuy 286 Bulletin to that unused Classifieds Sales Northeast Bend Get Results! item by placing it in Call 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classifieds ** FREE ** or place your ad on-line at Garage Sale Kit 541-385-5889 Place an ad in The Bulletin for your garage sale and reFor newspaper ceive a Garage Sale FIND IT! 84IT ITS delivery, call the Kit FREE! Circulation Dept. at SELL ITI 541-385-5800 KIT INCLUDES: The Bulletin Classifieds To place an ad, call • 4 Garage Sale Signs 541-385-5809 • $2.00 Off Coupon To 341 or email Use Toward Your Horses & Equipment Next Ad PROMPT DELIVERY


The Bulletin SaralagCentral Oregon alaaa7905

• 10 Tips For "Garage

CAUTION: Ads published in "Employment O p portunifies" in clude employee and independent positions. Ads for p o sitions that require a fee or upfront investment must be stated. With any independentjob opportunity, please i nvestigate tho r oughly. Use extra caution when applying for jobs online and never provide personal information to any source you may not have researched and deemed to be reputable. Use extreme c aution when r e s ponding to A N Y online employment ad from out-of-state. We suggest you call the State of Oregon Consumer Hotline at 1-503-378-4320

For Equal Opportunity Laws contact Oregon Bureau of Labor & I n dustry, Civil Rights Division,

The Bulletin Need to get an ad in ASAP?

Fax it to 541-322-7253

1777 SW Chandler Ave., Bend, OR 97702

The Bulletin

Sewing Caorral oregonsince 7903

The Bulletin Classifieds

MOreP iXatBendbijIletij.COm



Lost: Men's prescription glasses 12/14 possibly on north end o f Bond o r Wa l l

On a classified ad Lost & Found go to Found Mt . B a chelor to view additional teen ski pass, lan photos of the item. 541-388-8897, Robert.


products or I I chasing services from out of • I the area. SendingI c ash, checks, o r I credit i n f ormationI • may be subjected to I FRAUD. I more informaI For tion about an adver- I I tiser, you may call I the Oregon State I Attorney General'sI C o n sumer s I Office Protection hotline at l I 'I-877-877-9392. I


BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS Search the area's most comprehensive listing of classified advertising... real estate to automotive, merchandise to sporting goods. Bulletin Classifieds appear every day in the print or on line. Call 541-385-5809

The Bulletin sarrlrrgcaraal oragoll glrra sls

971-673- 0764.


r.=.-"-,.— .a

2008 Thuro-Bilt 3H 541-385-5809 slant Shilo, great c ondition. $ 5 900 Add your web address obo. 541-317-0988. to your ad and readers on The Bulfef/n's A BIT LESS TACK web site, www.bend20% OFF sale on, will be lected items. 2500 able to click through sq. ft. of gently used automatically to your English & Western website. saddles, show clothAdvertise Your car! ing, bridles, saddle Add A Picture! pads, Home Deco. of readers! Gift Certificates. 165 Reach thousands Call 541 a385 a5809 NE Greenwood Ave Bend 541-323-3262 The Bulletin Classifieds

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at

Plumber, Journeymen The Bulletin Needed for new conshape! $550 To Subscribe call struction. Start immediHay, Grain & Feed Find It in 541-385-5800 or go to ately! Good pay/benefits Q(541)977-7006 541-388-2596 Newin box, Call Gary, 541-410-1655 The Bulletin Classigeds! or nearly new First quality Orchard/TimGood classified adstell Look at: 544 -385-5809 othy/Blue Grass mixed SALES PERSON Craftsman Tools: of' the essential facts in an a hay no rain barn stored Local floor covering store • 10 Stationary interesting Manner.Write ~a a aaa 2N has immediate need for Complete Listings of $250/ton Patterson Ranch radial arm saw, Ad must from the readers view -not for F-T salesperson. Model ¹315.2201 00, Area Real Estate for Sale Sisters, 541-549-3831 include price of HIMIDBI the seller's. Convert the • Must possess com$375. a l a rra or 8500 ~ facts into benefits. Show puter knowledge; have ® UZ~ M • 10 a Stationary table or less, or multiple Pressroom the reader howthe item will sales & design experisaw w/guide rails, items whosetotal Night Supervisor ence help them in someway. model ¹315.228590, does not exceed • Knowledge of carpet, The Bulletin, located in beautiful Bend, OrThis $325. $500. a vinyl, tile, hardwood & egon, is seeking a night time press superviadvertising tip • 6-1/B Jointer natural stone. sor. We are part of Western Communications, brought to you by planer "Professional" Call Classifieds at • Responsible for showInc. which is a small, family owned group conOil painting by model ¹351.227240, 541-385-5809 421 room coverage, manThe Bulletin sisting of seven newspapers: five in Oregon noted NY artist Julie www.bendbui! Sao 'ogCentral 0 g o since 7503 $250 obo. 528 agement of individual and two in California. Our ideal candidate will Schools & Training Heffernan, 22ax1 8" Call 541-504-6413 accounts for c lients Loans & Mortgages manage a small crew of three and must be Russian semi-auto380 framed, $500. daytime hours. working on remodel able to l e arn o u r e q uipment/processes Oregon Medical pistol, Baikal IJ70-17A, 541-548-0675 Where can you find a and/or new construcquickly. A hands-on style is a requirement for Training PCS WARNING $325. 541-550-7189 tion. Material selechelping hand? our 37/2tower KBA press. Prior management/ 265 Phlebotomy classes The Bulletin recomWANTED Ruger LCP Call The Bulletin At tions, estimates, sales leadership experience preferred. In addition to mends you use caubegin Jan. 6, 2014. From contractors to Building Materials ordering .380 w/ or w/o laser. our 7-day-a-week newspaper, we have nu- Registration now open: agreements, 541 a385 a5809 tion when you proproduct, i n s tallation yard care, it's all here Will pay CASH. Call merous commercial print clients as well. We ore onmedica!trainin .com work orders and invide personal Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Bend Habitat 541-408-6633 in The Bulletin's offer a competitive wage and opportunity for 541-343-3100 voicing. Actively pur- information to compaAt: RESTORE "Call A Service Weatherby 340 magBuilding Supply Resale advancement. sue new accounts and nies offering loans or If you provide dependability combined with a num Mark V , al l credit, especially 251 prospects. Quality at LOW Need help fixing stuff? Professional" Directory weather finish & compositive attitude, are able to manage people Call A ServiceProfessional Wages based on experithose asking for adPRICES Hot Tubs & Spas and schedules and are a team player, we posite stock, Burris vance loan fees or ence. Email resume 740 NE 1st find the help you need. DPMS Panther AR10 4 x12 s c ope, f i v e would like to hear from you. If you seek a and cover letter to: companies from out of 541-312-6709 308 W in., s c ope, boxes ammo. Like Hot Springs salt water stable work environment that provides a great state. If you have wall Open to the public. bi-pod, $1500. n ew! $ 1350 o b o . Spa, no chemicals, place to live and raise a family, let us hear concerns or ques541-419-7001 o nly m o nths o l d . 541-4'I 9-3262. from you. tions, we suggest you Health forces sale. Sisters Habitat ReStore The Bulletin Contact Al Nelson, Pressroom Manager at consult your attorney Saraiog CentralOregon since lglu Check out the $6000. 541-548-4677 Building Supply Resale Guns, reloading equipanelson@wescom a wit h your or call CONSUMER Quality items. classifieds online ment, ammo, brass, complete resume, references and salary hisHOTLINE, LOW PRICES! 255 knives & other sporting Prepress Systems Analyst tory/requirements. No phone calls please. 1-877-877-9392. 150 N. Fir. goods. 541-576-4213 Computers Updated daily Drug test is required prior to employment. 541-549-1621 The Bulletin is seeking a Prepress Systems BANK TURNED YOU EOE. T HE B U LLETIN r e - Open to the public. Analyst. This person works with staff memDOWN? Private party quires computer adbers in day-to-day production of The Bulletin's will loan on real esvertisers with multiple products, and with Commercial Print customtate equity. Credit, no Take care of CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE ad schedules or those ers, to ensure efficient prepress processing problem, good equity Immediate opening in the Circulation departyour investments selling multiple sysand successful runs on press. This position is all you need. Call ment for an entry level Customer Service Reptems/ software, to diswith the help from requires knowledge of computer hardware, Oregon Land Mortresentative. Looking for someone to assist our close the name of the software and operating systems, as well as gage 541-388-4200. Call 54 I -385-5809 The Bulletin's subscribers and delivery carriers with subbusiness or the term in-depth experience with litho plate production scription transactions, account questions and to r o m ote ou r s ervice "dealer" in their ads. "Call A Service and offset printing. The right candidate will delivery concerns. Call a Pro Private party advertis- Professional" Directory have an understanding and background in Whether you need a ers are defined as graphic arts workflow, and a thorough knowlHandyman Adult Care Essential: P o s i tive a tti t ude, s tro n g those who sell one edge of prepress layout software. fence fixed, hedges service/team orientation, and problem solving computer. 266 Life Tree Personal I DO THAT! skills. Must be able to function comfortably in a trimmed or a house This is a hands-on position, involving work with Service LLCHome/Rental repairs Heating & Stoves fast-paced, performance-based customer call 257 built, you'll find Commercial Print customers during job planSenior Concierge Service Small jobs to remodels center environment and have accurate typing, • Errands• Home Mgmt. Musical Instruments ning, production, and with troubleshooting as Honest, guaranteed professlonal help in NOTICE TO phone skills and computer entry experience. • Organizing 541-389-2591 required. The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace work. CCB¹151573 ADVERTISER Most work is done via telephone so strong The Bulletin's "Call a and an equal opportunity employer. Dennis 541-317-9768 Since September 29, communication skills and the ability to multi Service Professional" Building/Contracting 1991, advertising for task is a must. Send a resume with qualifications, skills, Directory used woodstoves has experience and past employment history fo: NOTICE: Oregon state ERIC REEVE HANDY been limited to mod- Work shift hours are Monday through Friday 541-385-5809 law requires anyone SERVICES. Home & The Bulletin els which have been 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 1777 SW Chandler Ave. who con t racts for Commercial Repairs, certified by the OrLOCALiyfONEYiWe buy construction work to PO Box 6020 Carpentry-Painting, egon Department of Must be flexible on hours, as some Holidays, Mason 8 Hamlin secured trust deeds & be licensed with the Bend, OR 97708-6020 Environmental Qual- weekends or early morning hours might occaPressure-washing, Baby Grand Piano. note, some hard money Construction ContracAttention: James Baisinger Honey Do's. On- time Beautiful black lacity (DEQ) and the fed- sionally be required. Pre-employment drug loans. Call Pat Kellev tors Board (CCB). An by Friday, January 2, 2014. eral E n v ironmental testing required. promise. Senior quer finish. Still un541-382-3099 ext.13. active license Discount. Work guar- der warranty. Protection A g e ncy means the contractor anteed. 541-389-3361 A great Christmas (EPA) as having met Please send resume to: is bonded & insured. or 541-771-4463 smoke emission stanGift! $25,000 ahusted© Verify the contractor's dards. A cer t ified Bonded & Insured (orig. $47,000) CCB l i c ense at • g • g CCB¹18'I 595 swingroll61 ©gmail. w oodstove may b e The Bulletin Sewing CentralOregon since 1903 www.hirealicensedidentified by its certificom 541-312-2425 cation label, which is EOE/Drug free workplace or call 503-378-4621. permanently attached Repairs, Remod The Bulletin recom- Home to the stove. The Bulmends checking with els, Tile, Carpentry letin will not know- Pressman Just too many the CCB prior to con- Finish work, Mainte ingly accept advertisCCB¹168910 Experienced press operator tracting with anyone. nance. collectibles? ing for the sale of Some other trades Phil, 541-279-0846. uncertified Our Smith River, CA. production plant is seekalso req u ire addiSell them in woodstoves. ing an experienced Goss community press tional licenses and The Bulletin Classifieds operator. We have 8 units that have been well certifications. Landsca n ard Care Landscaping/Yard Care 267 maintained and added to during the past several years including rebuilt quarter folder. We Fuel & Wood NOTICE: Oregon Land- 541-385-5809 Debris Removal have CTP operation with Kodak equipment as scape Contractors Law well. (ORS 671) requires all JUNK BE GONE 260 WHEN BUYING businesses that adatg',' I Haul Away FREE We are Western Communications, lnc. a famMisc Items FIREWOOD... vertise t o pe r form• For Salvage. Also ily owned company that has 7 newspapers in Landscape ConstrucTo avoid fraud, Cleanups & Cleanouts California and Oregon. Our company provides tion which includes: Buylng Dlamonds The Bulletin Mel, 541-389-8107 a great culture and work environment. This l anting, deck s , /Gofd for Cash recommends payplant prints 2 of our publications plus a limited ences, arbors, Saxon's Fine Jewelers ment for Firewood amount of commercial printing, which we hope 541-389-6655 Domestic Services water-features, and inonly upon dehvery to grow. This is a 4-day, 32-hour shift that restallation, repair of irand inspection. BUYING quires hands on community press experience rigation systems to be A ssisting Seniors a t • A cord is 128 cu. ft. and ideal candidate will be willing to assist in th e Lionel/American Flyer Home. Light house- l icensed w it h 4' x 4' x 8' trains, accessories. other areas outside the pressroom such as keeping & other ser- Landscape Contrac• Receipts should 541-408-2191. prepress and mailroom as needed. 05 MTN BIKE tors Board. This 4-digit vices. Licensed & include name, Clean andSmooth Bonded. BBB Cefti- number is to be in- BUYING & SE LLING phone, price and running mountain bike! Smith River is centrally located between Crescluded in all adver- All gold jewelry, silver fied. 503-756-3544 Replace your old trail bike youandfind that AWES OMEnewride! kind of wood Full Suspension, cent City, CA, one of our papers that prints evtisements which indi- and gold coins, bars, purchased. te frame Dlsc brakes cate the business has rounds, wedding sets, • Firewood ads ery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a.m. with A ssisting Seniors a t Cdge train upradsd! approximately 5,000 circulation, and BrookHome. Light house- a bond, insurance and class rings, sterling silMUST include A Must Ride! • Under $500 $29 ings, OR. Our Brookings publication is also keeping & other ser- workers compensa- ver, coin collect, vinstooo060 species & cost per tion for their employ- tage watches, dental approximately 5,000 circulation that prints on • $500 to $99 9 $39 vices. Licensed & cord to better serve 541-000-000 Wednesday andSaturday a.m. Both Crescent • $1000 to $249tp $49 Bonded. BBB Certi- ees. For your protec- gofd. Bill Fl e ming, our customers. tion call 503-378-5909 541-382-9419. City and Brookings provide excellent quality of fied. 503-756-3544 • $2500 and over $59 or use our website: life to raise a family. to The Bulletin Includes up io 40 words of text, 2" in length, with Downsizing! LOTS of Sawiag CentralOregon since lgle Drywall check license status Christmas decor, inside If this sounds like you, we would like to hear border,full color photo,boldheadlineand price. Serving Central Oregon since lgla before contracting with & out, including collecfrom you. Please send resume with referWALLS R US • The Bulletin, • The Cent ralOregonNickelAds the business. Persons tions. 541-388-9270 ences and salary requirements to: David De541-385-580cff TURN THE PAGE Hang tape, texture, doing lan d scape longe, Qu a lit y Con t ro l Sup e rvisor • Central Oregon Marketplace a Some restrictions apply scraping old ceilings, maintenance do not V ictorian S tyle d o l l For More Ads (, PO B o x 2 7 7 , & paint. 25 yrs. exp. r equire an LC B l i - house, fur n ished. The Bulletin 'Privatepcrfymerchandiseonly- excludespets8livestock, culcs, Rvs, motcrcyclss, bccls, airplanes,csd garagesale categories. Crescent City, CA 95531. Call Bob, 760-333-4011 cense. $350. 541-322-0682 advertisers may place an ad with our "QUICK CASH SPECIAL" 1 week3!ines 12




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C L U B T uesday, December24,2013

Louie's Christmas tree

ACROSS 1 Schmooze S Tanning lotion letters 8 Discombobulates 13Bum 14Chimney feature 16Praise to the skies 17 1922 Willa Cather novel that won a Pulitzer 19Email option 20 Prefix with lateral

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency

Unlucky Louie had gone to buy a Christmas tree and had found a perfect specimen — that wouldn't fit in his minivan. "We had to cut the top off to get the tree in," Louie told me. "You did what?" "It's OK," L o uie shrugged. "I always wanted a convertible minivan anyway." Louie is apt to do things the hard way — except as declan:r. At six diamonds, he took the ace of spades, cashedthe A-K of clubs for a spade discard, drew trumps and led the king of hearts. West won and led the queen of spades. Louie ruffed and ran his tnunps, but West clung to his hearts and won the 13th trick with the tcn.

bargain hunters 47Siteof an occasional outbreak in Sicily 48 Musical incompetence 49 Light and breezy 51 Some school exams 55 Mrs., in Monterrey 21" , With Love" 58With 35-Down, a 23 Jazz instrument court game 24 Next-to-last 61 Discover Greek letter 62 Innocent ones 25 Bridge or 64 Texas monument, Scrabble need with "the" 28 Classic pop 66 Maximum brand loads of hay or 30 Darwin's "On the vegetables of Species" 68 B-ball player 34 PC alternatives 69Worry, worry, 36 Verdi's "Don worry Carlos," e.g. 70Wordwith family 40 Very much or shoe

partner doubles, and the next player passes. What do you say? ANSWER: Partner will usually have a hand worth at least 16 points in support of any unbid suit, hence you have a game. To bid four hearts would be acceptable. Better is a cue bid offour diamonds. If partner has hearts, he will bid four hearts, but he m ayholdAJ 6 5 4 , K 4 2 , 8 2 , A K 3 . South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 43J64 Q652

() KJ

4 AK 8 7 4

Louie makes the slam with harder work. After he wins the first trick, he cashes five trumps. West can keep seven cards and must save the queen of spades. A heart discard is fatal, and if instead he keeps his hearts and throws two clubs, dummy's long clubs will be good. L ouie and I a n d al l m y c l u b members wish for my readers a holiday season of peace and joy.



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on Nov. 19, 1863 48

4 Blow a whistle 5 Bay Area airport, briefly 6 Dwarf planet whose moons include Charon and 12-Down 7 Big to-do 8 Mondale'5 1984 running mate 9 Log cutter 10 Hits with a Taser 11 Fitzgerald who sang duets with Louis Armstrong 12 Moon of 5-Down named for a mythological river 15Tobe, to Tiberius 18Takethe bait? 22 Music lover's carry-along 26 Short smoke? 27 Big (group of stars in Ursa Major) 29 High regard 31 Where 3-Down's address was delivered 32 1979 revolution site

R R I 0 OY G I R D



Pac-Man 2 Baseball Hall-ofFamer Wagner, one of the first five inductees 3 Prez who delivered a famous address



Youhold: 41KQ 7 9 A 10 8 3 Opening lead — 41 K () 6 3 A Q 1 0 9 5. The dealer, at your left, opens tlnee diamonds. Your (C) 2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLC




DOWN 1 Bite from



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41 University 71 Speed units for address ender seafarers 42 Class boosters, 72 Flamenco shout for short 73A really long time 43 Big attraction for

No. 1119



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33 2011 launcher of Curiosity 34 Crow's-nest site 35 See 58-Across 37 Sun. sermonizer 38 Summer cooler 390ne with a regular habit? 44 Seafarers 450ur planet, to a German

58 Hike, with "up"

46 Seafarer, informally 50 Library ID 52 Swerves at sea 53 Muse of poetry 54Anaheim ballplayer 5631-Down general's signature 57 Complete jerks

59 Country singer Jackson

60 Shakespearean villain 63 Shaving lotion brand

65 Came across 67 Have creditors

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Illou trot to liveli/l ul7 t/iouraelf, 'Rl eYLeKer.

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.







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Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols Lewis

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3 Haleakala

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5 Morning co-host Kelly 9 Sub finder 14 Paintlayer


15 "An apple

'Qi5'LL H&LP fHE Ail


National Park'8

island 4And So on

5 Firestone offering 6 Fan mail recipient 7 Furry feet 8 "Atlas Shrugged" author Rand 9 Japanese city

16 Japanese cartoon art 17 Score before an extra point 19 Annapolis frosh



/: 2013 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved

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SIX CHIX 5lxcH//L2//IBI4N9F4//T////4/


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bird 24 Ones who don't stay off the grass? 25 Ship deck game 30 Juan's "Enough!" 31 Australian canine


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20 Slide down a slope 21 Artist's choice 22 Actress Sissy 23 Extinct emu-like

QDp K IT DP l()P(7O ' 62//784//'4/4 769/////4 ( AF1'E5'foVA //




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Bucks, say 35 Droid downloads 36 Fashionable beach resorts 37 Do away with, as a vampire 38 Foot, in anatomy 39 Bit OfinfO

40 Delivery specialist? 41 Microscopic bit 43 Fan mail sender,


46 Rower'8 blade 47 Grouches 48 Farfrom daydreaming ERMAN



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UnSCramble theSe fOur Jumble8, One letter Io eaCh Square, to fOrm fOur OrdinaryWOrdS.

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Now arrange the circled letters io form Ihe surprise answer,88 suggested bythe above cartoon. 4 LaughingStock In/er//stio//al Inc., Disl, by Universal UClick for UF8, 2013

"You can go ahead of me ifyou're making a deposit."



(A08wer8 tomorrow) RIGOR M E M B E R SQ U ISH Answer: They climbed the hill io 888 the 8un come up bemuse they were — EARLY RISERS

y6819l08y 8 ~ JumbleS: TALLY


that hosted the 1972 Winter

Olympics 10 Not 58-Across 11 Sister's daughter 12 "America the

32 Political coalition 42 Rodeo skill 33 Actor James 43 W as sore Jones 44 Motivation 34 Tot 45 Nobelist Curie 36 Pool paths 37 Use a swizzle Stick

48 Loaded, in Lima 49 l n a short time,

quaintly 39 Grows dimmer 5 0 Speech 40 Baseball card therapist'8 target figures 51 Sandwich cookie 41 Common 52 Ever so slightly workday starting 54 Russian jet fighter 55 Chiang -Shek hr.


P Y A P R E F I 13 Stinks O N B A L 18 it: travels on L O R E foOt I CU S 22 Antler sporters 23 Museum C O N F E T T I curators' degs. A V O I D I N 24 California wine D I OC E S E valley EN D O R L 25 Pic T E L L E R A 26 Keep the faith 27 "Steee-rike!" E LD E S T callers P ES C I H E 28 Manuscript ET O B E A N recipient GN U L A M E 29 Make more E T U D eXPenSiVe, as On SA P eBay

Beautiful" shade

















R T T H E R I O L S L L O O W A N U S T O U M P 10








S H A T E R R A T O D S 12/24/13 12






50 Hawaii'8

Mauna 53 New staff member 54 Part of many a Mod wardrobe 56 Spring water brand 57 Screen symbol 58 On the briny 59 Reckons 60 Instrument hit with a mallet 61 Popular Apple, versions of Which begin 17-, 25-, 41- and 54Across DOWN

25 2 8





50 S f






1 Takes steps 2 KitChen WOrker

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SHEVLIN RIDGE 17,000 Sq.ft. Iot, approved plans. More details and photos on craigslist. $149,900. 541-369-6614 775

Triumph Da ytona 2004, 15K m i l es, perfect bike, needs nothing. Vin

Manufactured/ Nlobile Homes



~a ~ h


o H Q

runs great, many accessories, new tires, under 40K miles, well kept. $5000. 541-771-0665

Gulfstream S u nsport 30' Class A 1986 new f r idge, TV, solar panel, new refrigerator, wheelchair l ift. 4 0 00W g enerator, G ood condition! $12,500 obo 541-447-5504


ATVs 850


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1994 Arctic Cat 560

EXT in good condition, $1000. Located in La Pine. Call 541-406-6149.


Need to get an

ad in ASAP? You can place it 500 sq. ft.upstairs office on NE side of online at: town, private bath, all util. paid. $500 month plus $500 deposit. 541-385-5809 541-460-4744

Providence 2005 Fully loaded, 35,000 miles, 350 Cat, Very clean, non-smoker, 3 slides, side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker, Washer/Dryer, Flat screen TV's, In motion satellite. $95,000 541-480-2019

1994 Marlette 2 bdrm, 1 ¹201536. $4995 bath, excellent shape, new furnace & air condiDream Car Auto Sales tioning, no n -smoker. $14,000. 541-526-5920 1801Division, Bend FACTORY SPEC/AL 541-678-0240 New Home, 3 bdrm, 541-548-4969 Dlr 3665 $46,500 finished on your site. J andfvi Homes Take care of 541-548-5511 your investments LOT MODEL with the help from LIQUIDATION Prices Slashed Huge The Bulletin's Fleetwood D i scovery Savings! 10 Year "Call A Service 40' 2003, diesel moconditional warranty. w/all Finished on your site. Professional" Directory torhome options-3 slide outs, ONLY 2 LEFT! satellite, 2 TV's,W/D, Redmond, Oregon etc. 32,000 m iles. 541-548-5511 Wintered in h e ated shop. $64,900 O.B.O. Rent /Own 541-447-6664 3 bdrm, 2 bath homes $2500 down, $750 mo. OAC. J and M Homes Victory TC 2002, 541-546-551'I

religion, sex, handi- All real estate advercap, familial status, tised here in is submarital status or na- ject to th e F ederal 860 tional origin, or an in- Fair Housing A ct, tention to make any which makes it illegal Motorcycles & Accessories such pre f erence, to advertise any preflimitation or discrimi- erence, limitation or nation." Familial sta- discrimination based tus includes children on race, color, reliunder the age of 16 gion, sex, handicap, living with parents or familial status or nalegal cus t odians, tional origin, or inten2013 Harley pregnant women, and tion to make any such Davidson Dyna people securing cus- preferences, l imitaWide Glide, black, tody of children under tions or discrimination. only 200 miles, 16. This newspaper We will not knowingly brand new, all stock, will not knowingly ac- accept any advertisplus after-market cept any advertising ing for real estate exhaust. Has winter for real estate which is which is in violation of cover, helmet. in violation of the law. this law. All persons Selling for what I O ur r e aders a r e are hereby informed owe on it: $15,500. hereby informed that that all dwellings adCall anytime, all dwellings adver- vertised are available 541-554-0384 tised in this newspa- on an equal opportuper are available on nity basis. The BullePeople Lookfor Information an equal opportunity tin Classified basis. To complain of About Products and d iscrimination ca l l Services Eveiy Day through HUD t o l l-free at The Bulletin Classifieds 1-600-877-0246. The • Redmond Homes toll f ree t e lephone Harley Davidson 2009 number for the hear- Looking for your next Super Glide Custom, ing im p aired is emp/oyee? Stage 1 Screaming 1-600-927-9275. Place a Bulletin help Eagle performance, wanted ad today and too many options to reach over 60,000 list, $8900. USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! readers each week. 541-388-8939 Your classified ad Door-to-door selling with will also appear on fast results! It's the easiest way in the world to sell. which currently receives over The Bulletin Classified 1.5 million page 541-385-5809 views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Harley Davidson 658 Get Results! 2011 Classic LimHouses for Rent Call 385-5609 or ited, LOADED, 9500 place your ad on-line Redmond miles, custom paint at "Broken Glass" by Spacious 1800 sq.ft., 3 Nicholas Del Drago, bdrm, 2 bath home w/ new condition, 2 car garage located Just bought a new boat? heated handgrips, in S W Re d mond. Sell your old one in the auto cruise control. Large living room and classifieds! Ask about our $32,000 in bike, utility room. F ridge Super Seller rates! only $20,000obo. incl. $1200 mo. + sec. 541-318-6049 541-385-5809 dep. 615-400-8915 757 Where can you find a Have an item to Crook County Homes helping hand? sell quick? From contractors to Super Clean Prineville If it's under Starter. $1 5 8 ,000. yard care, it's all here 1620 sq.ft., on a large in The Bulletin's '500you can place it in 3/4 acre lot on city "Call A Service The Bulletin services. All updated Professional" Directory to the "T" and ready to Classifieds for: move in. Have to call on this one. Just hit '10 - 3 lines, 7 days HD Fat Bo 1996 the market. '16 -3 lines, 14 days Scott McLean, Principal Broker (Private Party ads only) 541-406-6906 Realty Executives Office/Retail Space for Rent

COACHNIAN Freelander 2008 32' Class C, M-3150 Pristine - just 23,390 miles! Efficient coach has Ford V10 w/Banks pwr pkg, 14' slide, ducted furn/ AC, flat screen TV, 16' awning. No pets/ smkg. 1 ownera must see! $52,500.

Completely Rebuilt/Customized 2012/2013 Award Winner Showroom Condition Many Extras Low Miles.



ow ou r

Honda TRX 350 FE 2006, 4 wheel drive, electric start, electric

s hift, n e w tir e s , $2500, 541-960-8006. 870

Boats 8 Accessories


1994 37.5' motorhome, with awning, and one slide-out, Only 47k miles and good condition.


541-548-0318 (photo aboveis of a

similar model & not the

actual vehicle)

Sunchaser Pontoon boat - $19,895 20' 2006 Smokercraft cruise, S-8521. 2006 75hp. Mercury. Full

camping e n closure. NATIONAL DOLPHIN Pop u p ch a nging37' 1997, loaded! 1 room/porta-potty, BBQ, slide, Corian surfaces, swim ladder, all gear. wood floors (kitchen), Trailer, 2006 E asy- 2-dr fridge, convection loader gal v anized. microwave, Vizio TV & P urchased new, a l l roof satellite, walk-in records. 541-706-9977, shower, new queen bed. cell 503-807-1973.

White leather hide-abed & chair, all records, no pets or smoking. $28,450. Call 541-771-4800

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Winnebaqo Suncruiser34' 2004, 35K, loaded, too much to list, ext'd warr. thru 2014, $49,900 Dennis, 541-569-3243


u . e

k lalm ~


Sotj'emcd Afieeyi 8&uWsuk The Bulletin will be closed on Wednesday, December 25 Retail L Classified Display Advertising Deadlines PUBLICATION ....... ......................................D EADLINE

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o ur

u .



FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck

We are three adorable, loving puppies looking for acaring home. Please call right away. $500.

Modern amenities andall the quiet you will need. Room to grow jn your own little paradise! Call now.

can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4x4, and a tough V8 engine will get the job done on the ranch!

The Bulletin

BSSl 1C S T o pl a ce y o ur a d, v i si t

Orbit 21'2007, used only 8 times, A/C, oven, tub shower, micro, load leveler hitch, awning, dual batteries, sleeps 4-5, EXCELLENT CONDITION. All accessories are included. $14,511 OBO. 541-382-9441

The Bulletin

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Call on one of the professionals todayi


In The Bulletin's print and online Classifieds.

'15 per week * '40 for 4 weeks *

The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory is all about meeting yourneeds.


Chevy Vortec engine, new awnings, everything works, excellent condition, 1 owner, non-smokers, $15,000 OBO. 541-408-7705

Thf Bolletj~


Travel Trailers Check out the classifieds online Wilderness Fleetwood N.W. Edition 26' 2002, Updated daily 1 slide, sleeps 6, queen bed, couch, stove/oven, tub/ Tango 29.6' 2007, shower, front elec. Rear living, walkjack, waste tank heat- around queen bed, ers, s t abilizers, 2 central air, awning, prop. t a nks, no 1 large slide, smoking/pets, winter$12,000. TIFFINPHAETON QSH ized, good c o n d. 541-280-2547 or 2007 with 4 slides, CAT $6500 OBO 541-815-4121 350hp diesel engine, 541-447-3425 $125,900. 30,900 miles, new Michelin tires, great Call The Bulletin At cond! Dishwasher, w/d, 541-385-5809 central vac, roof satellite, aluminum wheels, 2 full Place Your Ad Or E-Mail slide-thru basement trays At: & 3 TV's. Falcon-2 towbar and Even-Brake inWEEKEND WARRIOR cluded. Toy hauler/travel trailer. 24' with 21' interior. Call 541-977-4150 Sleeps 6. Self-contained. Systems/ Tioga 24' ClassC appearancein good Motorhome condition. Smoke-free. KeystoneLaredo 31' Tow with ~/~-ton. Strong Bought new in 2000, Rt/ 20 06 w ith 1 2' currently under 20K suspension; can haul slide-out. Sleeps 6, miles, excellent ATVs snowmobiles, queen walk-around even shape, new tires, a small car! Great bed w/storage underprofessionaly winterprice - $6900. neath. Tub 8 shower. ized every year, cutCall 541-593%266 off switch to battery, 2 swivel rockers. TV. Air cond. Gas stove & plus new RV batterrefrigerator/freezer. ies. Oven, hot water Need to get an ad heater & air condiMicrowave. Awning. tioning have never Outside sho w er. in ASAP? Slide through storbeen used! $24,000 obo. Serious a ge, E a s y Lif t . Fax it to 541-322-7253 inquiries, please. $29,000 new; Stored in Terrebonne. Asking$18,600 541-548-5174 541-447-4805 The Bulletin Classifieds

Find exactly what you are looking for in the 21' Sun Tracker Sig. seCLASSIFIEDS ries Fishin' Barge, Tracker 50hp, live well, fish fndr, new int, extras, exc cond, $7900. 541-508-0679 Ads published in the "Boats" classification include: Speed, fishN ayion R V 200 8 , ing, drift, canoe, house and sail boats. Sprinter chassis 25'. For all other types of Mercedes Benz diesel, watercraft, please go 24,000 miles, pristine cond., quality throughto Class 875. out, rear slide-out w/ 541-365-5609 queen bed, d e luxe captain swivel f ront Servin Central Ore on since 1903 seats, diesel generator, awning, no pets/ smok875 ing. $78,500 o b o . Watercraft Ready to deal! Financing avail. ds published in "Wa 541-362-2430 tercraft" include: Kay aks, rafts and motor Say "goodbuy" Ized personal to that unused watercrafts. Fo "boats" please se item by placing it in Class 670. The Bulletin Classifieds 541-365-5609 serving central oregonsince eD3

What are you looking for? You'll find it in

Front & rear entry doors, bath, shower, queen bed, slide-out, oven, microwave, air condItioning, patio awning, twin propane tanks, very nice, great floor plan, $8695.

541-385-5809 Rexair 28-ft motorhome, 1991Ideal for camping or hunting, it has 45K miles, a 460 gas engine, new tires, automatic levelers, Onan generator, king-size bed, awning. Nice condition Sell or trade? $8700. 541-815-9939

1997 Tropical by National RV. 35-ft,

The Bulletin


Layton 27-ft, 2001

The Bulletin Classifieds

Head south for the winter! 18'Maxum skiboat,2000, inboard motor, g reat cond, well maintained, $8995 obo. 541-350-7755

Winnebago Aspect 2009 - 32', 3 slideouts, Leather interior, Power s e at, locks, win d ows, Aluminum wheels. 17" Flat Screen, Surround s o u nd, camera, Queen bed, Foam mattress, Awning, Generator, Inverter, Auto Jacks, Air leveling, Moon roof, no smoking or p ets. L ik e n ew, $74,900

ww w.b end b ul l et i n . com or cal l 54 1 - 3 85 - 58 09


• 8 ~ I •

• •








Antique & Classic Autos


Sport Utility Vehicles




Lincoln LS 2001 4door

Volkswagen Touareg 2004

Chevy pick-up truck


restore, you finish!

1966 Ford F250

1954, all there, started

BOATS 8 RVs 805- Misc. Items 850 - Snowmobiies 860 - Motorcycies And Accessories 865 - ATVs 870 - Boats & Accessories 875 - Watercraft 880 - Motorhomes 881 - Travel Trailers 882 - Fifth Wheels 885- Canopies and Campers 890- RVs for Rent

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Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at Want to impress the relatives? Remodel your home with the help of a professional from The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory 882

Fifth Wheels •


I • • Arctic Fox 2003 Cold Weather Model 34 58, licensed thru 2/15, exlnt cond. 3 elec slides, solar panel, 10 gal water htr, 14' awning, (2) 10-gal propane tanks, 2 batts, catalytic htr in addition to central heating/AC, gently used, MANV features! Must see to appreciate! $19,000. By owner (no dealer calls, please). Call or text541-325-1956. CHECK YOUR AD

on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. nSpellcheckn and human errors do occur. If this happens to your ad, please contact us ASAP so that corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad. 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified

Fleetwood Prowler 32' - 2001

2 slides, ducted heat & air, great condition, snowbird ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo. Call Dick, 541-480-1687.

Get your business

G ROWIN G with an ad in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory ynft



For Sale 1990 5th Wheel Transporter Low miles, EFI 460, 4-spd auto, 10-ply tires, low miles, almost new condition, $3500. Ask for Theo, 541-260<293

Garage Sales Garage Sales

Garage Sales Find them in The Bulletin Classifieds


Keystone Challenger 2004 CH34TLB04 34'

fully S/C, w/d hookups, new 18' Dometic awning, 4 new tires, new Kubota 7000w marine diesel generator, 3 slides, exc. cond. ins ide & o ut. 27" T V dvd/cd/am/fm entertain center. Call for more details. Only used 4 times total !n last 5 t/~ years.. No pets, no smoking. Hiqh retail $27,700. Will sell for $24,000 including sliding hitch that fits in your truck. Call 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. for appt to see. 541-330-5527.

Monaco Lakota 2004 5th Wheel 34 ft.; 3 s lides; immaculate c ondition; large screen TV w/ entertainment center; reclining chairs; center kitchen; air; queen bed; complete hitch and new fabric cover. $18,000 OBO. (541) 548-5886

Dramatic Price Reduction Executive Hangar at Bend Airport (KBDN) 60' wide x 50' deep, w/55' wide x 17' high bifold dr. Natural gas heat, offc, bathroom. Adjacent to Frontage Rd; great visibility for aviation business. 541-948-2126 or email 1jetjock©

$6800. 541-480-3646

3/4 ton, 352 V8, 2WD, P/S, straight body,

runs good. $2000. 541-410-8749

Ford Model A 1930 Coupe, good condition, $14,000. 541-588-6084 Look at: for Complete Listings of Area Real Estate for Sale

PriceReduced! Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390

engine, power every-

thing, new paint, 54K

orig. miles, runs great, exc.$7500 obo. 541-480-3179

Chevy Tahoe 2001 5.3L V8, leather, air, heated seats, fully loaded, 120K mi. $7500 obo 541-460-0494

Buick Regal S Custom 1994,

6 1,752

mi., exc. cond., V6, 3.1 L, fuel injected, BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS 4 dr., FWD, exc. all Reach thousands of readers! Search the area's most season tires, new comprehensive listing of Call 541-385-5809 battery and alternaThe Bulletin Classifieds classified advertising... tor, very clean, exc. real estate to automotive, a/c and heater, pb, Chevy 1986, long bed, merchandise to sporting pw and s t eering. four spd., 350 V8 re- goods. Bulletin Classifieds $4000. 541-419-5575 built, custom paint, appear every day in the great t i r e s and print or on line. wheels, new t a gs, Call 541-385-5809 Cadillac El Dorado $5000 obo. 1994Total Cream Puff! 541-389-3026 Body, paint, trunk as The BuHetin showroom, blue Serving Central Oregon since Sgtg Find It in leather, $1700 wheels The Bulletin Classifieds! w/snow tires although 541-385-5809 car has not been wet in 8 years. On trip to Boise avg. 28.5 mpg., $4800. 541-593-4016.

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Ford Bronco II 4x4, 1989, auto, high miles, runs Get your good. $1700. Ford Supercab 1992, business 541-633-6662 brown/tan color with m atching ful l s i z e 975 GRQ Q / I N G canopy, 2WD, 460 Automobiles over drive, 135K mi., GMC H fon 1971, Only $19,700! Original low full bench rear seat, with an ad in mile, exceptional, 3rd slide rear w i ndow, The Bulletin's owner. 951-699-7171 bucket seats, power Superhavvk"Call A Service seats w/lumbar, pw, Only 1 Share HD receiver 8 trailer Professional" brakes, good t ires. Available Directory Good cond i tion. Economical flying Corvette Coupe $4900. 54'I -389-5341 in your own 1996, 350 auto, IFR equipped MONTANA 3585 2008, 135k, non-ethanol exc. cond., 3 slides, Cessna 172/180 HP for GMC Sierra 1977 short USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! fuel/synthetic oil, only $13,500! New bed, exlnt o r iginal king bed, Irg LR, garaged/covered. Garmin Touchscreen cond., runs 8 drives Door-to-door selling with Arctic insulation, all Bose Premium Gold avionics center stack! fast results! It's the easiest options $35,000 obo. great. V8, new paint system. Orig. owner Exceptionally clean! 541-420-3250 and tires. $4750 obo. way in the world to sell. manual. Stock! Hangared at BDN. 541-504-1050 $10,500 OBO. Corvette 1979 Call 541-728-0773 The Bulletin Classified IBII Retired. Must sell! L82- 4 speed. 541-315-5809 541-923-1781 916 85,000 miles Garaged since new. Trucks & I've owned it 25 Heavy Equipment years. Never damOPEN ROAD 36' aged or abused. Jeep CJS 1979, 2005 - $25,500 $12,900. Original owner, 87k King bed, hide-a-bed Dave, 541-350-4077 miles, only 3k on new sofa, 3 slides, glass Acura Legend, 1992, 258 long block. Clutch FORD XLT 1992 shower, 10 gal. wapackage, Warn hubs. black on black, chrome ter heater, 10 cu.ft. 3/4 ton 4x4 Just bought a new boat? wheels, new tires, fridge, central vac, Peterbilt 359 p otable Excellent runner, very matching canopy, Sell your old one in the beautiful cond! $2250. classifieds! s atellite dish, 2 7 " water truck, 1 990, dependable. North30k original miles, Ask about our 541-549-6589 TV/stereo syst., front 3200 gal. tank, 5hp man 6th' plow, Warn possible trade for Super Seller rates! front power leveling pump, 4-3 n hoses, 6000¹ winch. $7900 classic car, pickup, 541-385-5809 jacks and s cissor camlocks, $25,000. or best reasonable motorcycle, RV 541-820-3724 stabilizer jacks, 16' offer. $13,500. awning. Like new! 541-549-6970 or In La Pine, call 931 541-419-0566 541-815-8105. 928-581-9190 Automotive Parts, TURN THE PAGE Service 8 Accessories FIND IT! BMW M-Roadster, For More Ads BUY IT! 2000, w/hardtop. Pirelli Scorpion snow & SELL IT! The Bulletin $19,500 CORVETTECOUPE ice tires, 295/45-R20 on 57,200 miles, Glasstop 2010 Oz Italian racing rims, Nlodel T Touring 1923 The Bulletin Classifieds Titanium silver. Not Grand Sport - 4 LT used 1 season,fits Jeep Good cond. $ 10,500 many M-Roadsters loaded, clear bra Recreation by Design Grand Cherokee. $2500. obo. 503-559-6618 or available. (See 2013Monte Carlo, 38-ft. Jerry 541-480-9005 hood & fenders. Craigslist posting id Top living room, 2 bdrm, New Michelin Super I nternational Fla t ¹4155624940 for has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, 932 Sports, G.S. floor The Bulletin Bed Pickup 1963, 1 additional details.) entertainment center, mats, 17,000 miles, Antique & To Subscribe call ton dually, 4 s pd. Serious inquiries fireplace, W/D, Crystal red. trans., great MPG, Classic Autos 541-385-5800 or go to only. 541-480-5348 garden tub/shower, in $42,000. could be exc. wood great condition.$36,000 503-358-1164. hauler, runs great, or best offer. Call Peter, new brakes, $1950. 307-221-2422, Call a Pro 541-419-5480. in La Pine I Whether you need a ILL DELIVER 1921 Model T 935 fencefixed,hedges Delivery Truck Get your Restored 8 Runs Sport Utility Vehicles trimmed or a house te $9000. Plymouth B a rracuda business a built you'll find 1966, original car! 300 541-369-8963 professional help in hp, 360 V8, centerlines, 541-593-2597 The Bulletin's "Call a G ROWIN G Service Professional" Garage Sales with an ad in Directory 1000 Garage Sales BMW X3 2 0 07, 99K The Bulletin's 541-385-5809 Legal Notices miles, premium pack"Call A Service Garage Sales age, heated lumbar Professional" supported seats, panFind them VW Bug Sedan, 1969, oramic moo nroof, Directory LEGAL NOTICE fully restored, 2 owners, Bluetooth, ski bag, Xein IN THE C I RCUIT with 73,000 total miles, non headlights, tan & COURT FOR THE The Bulletin $10,000. 541-382-5127 black leather interior, S TATE O F OR g Classifieds n ew front & re a r EGON IN AND FOR Need help fixing stuff? brakes 0 76K miles, Buick LaCrosse CXS THE COUNTY OF Call A Service Professional one owner, all records, 2005, loaded, new 541-385-5809 find the help you need. battery/tires, perfect DESCHUTES. JPvery clean, $16,900. MORGAN CHASE $8495. 541-475-6794 541-388-4360 BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, its successors in interA RE P U B L I C est and/or assigns, Plaintiff, v. UN908 N O T I C E S KNOWN HEIRS OF Aircraft, Parts Buick Skylark 1972 KIM MARIE SPRAMatchless! 17K original I MPO RTA N T & Service TROY GUE; miles! Sunburst yellow/ SPRAGUE; KRISTI white vinyl/Sandalwood. SPRAGUE; 15 factory options includAn important premise upon which the principle of PROVIDENCE ing A/C. S loan docuSUBDIVISION democracy is based is thatinformation about mentation." Quality reHOMEOWNERS' paint. COMPLETELY origovernment activities must be accessible in order inal interior & trunk area ASSOCIATION, PRISTINE). Engine comfor the electorate to make well-informed decisions. INC.; THE STATE 1/3 interest in Columbia partment is VERY MUCH OF OREGON; OC400, $150,000 (located original. No r ust, no Public notices provide this sort of accessibility to CUPANTS OF THE tB Bend.) Also: SunriP REMISES; A N D evervthina works! citizens who want to know more about government ver hangar available for leaks, THE REAL PROPsale at $155K, or lease, $19,900. 541-3Z3-1898 activities. ERTY L O CATED © $400/mo. Chevy 1955 PROJECT AT 3197 NORTH541-948-2963 car. 2 door wgn, 350 Read your Public Notices daily in The Bulletin EAST RICHMOND small block w/Weiand C OURT, BEN D , What are you classifieds or go and dual quad tunnel ram OREGON 9 7 701, with 450 Holleys. T-10 click on "Classified Ads" looking for? Defendants. Case 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, No. 13C V 0780. Weld Prostar wheels, You'll find it in SUMMONS BY extra rolling chassis + PUBLICATION. TO The Bulletin Classifieds extras. $6500 for all. T HE DEFEN 541-389-7669. DANTS: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF 541-385-5809 KIM MARIE SPRAGUE: In the name of the State of Oregon, ~ A uge e you are hereby required to a p pear a nd answer t h e c omplaint file d 1/3 interest i n w e llagainst you in the equipped IFR Beech Boabove-entitled Court nanza A36, new 10-550/ a nd cause on o r prop, located KBDN. before the expira$65,000. 541-419-9510 tion of 30 days from the date of the first publication of t h is summons. The date of first publication in this matter is November 30, 2013. If you fail timely to ap1/5th interest in 1973 pear and answer, Cessna 150 LLC plaintiff will apply to 150hp conversion, low the a b ove-entitled time on air frame and court for the relief engine, hangared in p rayed for i n i t s Bend.Excellent percomplaint. This is a formance 8 affordjudicial foreclosure able flying! $6,000. of a deed of trust in 541-410-6007 votktskis which the p l aintiff esre ekn Ne I r equests that t h e plaintiff be allowed bindings ingreatshap. RePlaCe that Ol d ti r ed Set of SkiS you got frOm yOur Ski Bum Bud dy! to foreclose your ftva 2 seasons ot use no interest in the following d e s cribed scrapes ordings in the real property: LOT • Under $500 $29 base andtfeshly waxed 36, B L OC K 5, 1974 BeHanca • $500 to $99 9 $39 and tunedtortheseason PROVIDENCE, s450ouo 1730A • $1000 to $2499 $49 P HASE 5, D E S 541-000-000 • $2500 and over $59 CHUTES COUNTY, 2180 TT, 440 SMO, O REGON. Com180 mph, excellent Includes up fo 40 words of text, 2" in length, with border, m only known a s : condition, always 3197 Nor t heast fullcolor photo, bold headline and price. hangared, 1 owner Serving Central Oregon sinceSgla Richmond C o u rt, • The Bulletin, • The Cent ralOregonNickel Ads for 35 years. $60K. B end, Ore g o n 541-385-5809 97701. NOTICE TO • Central Oregon Marketplace g Some restrictions apply DEFENDANTS: In Madras, READ THESE PAcall 541-475-6302 "Private Imrfymerchandiseonly- excludespetsIt livssttxk, autos,Rvs,motorcycles,boats, airplanes,andgaragesalecategcdies. PERS CARE•

sport sedan, plus set of snow tires. $6000. 541-317-0324.

Meticulously maintained. Very clean inside and out. V6. Recently serviced60 point inspection sheet. $7200 Call 541-480-0097

Porsche 911 Carrera 993 cou e

WHEN YOU SEE THIS 1996, 73k miles, Tiptronic auto. transmission. Silver, blue leather interior, moon/sunroof, new quality tires and battery, car and seat covers, many extras. Recently fully ser- On a classified ad go to to view additional photos of the item.

viced, garaged,

looks and runs like new. Excellent condition $29,700 541-322-9647

Garage Sales

Porsc h e911 Turbo

Find them in The Bulletin Classifieds

Garage Sales

Garage Sales


2003 6 speed, X50 added power pkg., 530 HP! Under 10k miles, Arctic silver, gray leather interior, new quality tires, and battery, Bose premium sound stereo, moon/sunroof, car and seat covers. Many extras. Garaged, perfect condition $5 9 ,700. 541-322-9647

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1 5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bullet!n Class!f!eds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at

Porsche Carrera 911 2003 convertible with hardtop. 50K miles, new factory Porsche motor 6 mos ago with 18 mo factory warranty remaining. $37,500. 541-322-6928

I The Bulletin recoml mends extra caution 8 Good classified adstell when p u rchasing ~ the essential facts in an interesting Manner. Write f products or services out of the area. from the readers view -not f from S ending c ash , the seller's. Convert the checks, or credit in- g facts into benefits. Show formation may be I the reader howthe item will J subject to FRAUD. help them insomeway. For more informaThis f tion about an adveradvertising tip t!ser, you may call brought to you by I the Oregon State Attorney General's s The Bulletin ServingCentral Oregonsince tgga Office C o nsumer I / Protection hotline at 1-877-877-9392. Subaru STi 2010, 16.5K, rack, mats, cust snow whls, stored, one- Sertengcentinl ofegoll slllcntgle owner, $29,000,


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The Bulletin

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The Bulletin



Legal Notices

Legal Notices

FULLY! A l a w suit has been s tarted

against you in the above-entitled court by JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, plaintiff. Plaintiff's claims are stated in the written complaint, a copy of which was filed with the a b ove-entitled C ourt. You m u s t "appear" in this case or the other side will win a utomatically. To "appear" you must file with the court a legal document called a nmotion" or "answer." The "motion" or nan-

swer" (or


R epresentative A l l persons having claims against the Estate are required to p resent them, with vouchers attached, to the undersigned Personal R epresentative, a t Karnopp P e t ersen L LP w i t hi n fou r months after the date of first publication of t his notice, o r t h e claims may be barred. All persons whose r ights may b e a f fected by th e p r oceedings may obtain additional information from the records of the court, the Personal Representative or the attorneys for the Personal Repres entative, who a r e Karnopp P e t ersen LLP, 1201 NW Wall S treet, S uite 3 0 0 , Bend, Oregon 97701. DATED and first published December 17, 2 013. C h arles E . Youlden, P e r sonal R epresentative c / o Thomas J. S ayeg, Karnopp P e t ersen LLP, 1201 NW Wall S treet, Suite 2 0 0 , Bend, Oregon 97701, TEL: (54'I) 382-3011, FAX: (541) 388-5410 Of Attorneys for Personal Representatrv.

must be given to the court clerk or administrator within 30 days of the date of first publ i cation specified he r e in along with the required filing fee. It must be in proper form and have proof of service on t he plaintiff's a t torney or, if t h e p l aintiff does not have an a ttorney, proof o f service on the plaintiff.lf you have any questions, you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, People Lookfor Information you may contact the About Products and Oregon State Bar's Services EveryDaythrough Lawyer Re f e rral The BvlletinClassiffeds Service online at www.oregonstateLEGAL NOTICE or by calling TO INTERESTED (503) 684-3763 (in PERSONS the Portland metroB ruce Bowen h a s p olitan area) o r been appointed Pertoll-free elsewhere sonal Representative in Oregon at (800) of the estate of Floyd 452-7636. This Raymond Bowen, desummons isissued ceased, by the Circuit pursuant to ORCP 7. RC O L E GAL, C ourt, State of O regon, Des c hutes P.C., Michael BotC ounty, Case N o . thof, OSB ¹113337, 13PB0140. All permbotthof@rcolegal. sons having claims com, Attorneys for against the estate are P laintiff, 51 1 S W required to p resent 10th Ave., Ste. 400, them, with vouchers Portland, OR 97205, attached, to the unP: (503) 977-7840, dersigned Personal F: (503) 977-7963. Representative at 250 NW Franklin Avenue, LEGAL NOTICE Suite 402, Bend, OrIN T H E CI R CUIT egon 97701, within COURT O F THE four months after the STATE OF OREGON date of December 10, FOR THE COUNTY 2013, the first publiOF DES C HUTES cation of this notice, PROBATE DEPART- or the claims may be MENT. E s tate of barred. Additional inCHARLES S. YOUL- formation may be obDEN, JR., Deceased. tained f r o m the Case No. 13PB0142. records of the court, NOTICE TO INTER- the Personal RepreESTED P ERSONS. sentative, or the lawNOTICE IS HEREBY yer for the Personal GIVEN that the unRepresentative Patridersigned has been cia Heatherman, at appointed Personal the address above.

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The Bulletin Daily print edition for Tuesday December 24, 2013