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rac<e ime: ec<insi e Pus:Ducks'matchup SPORTS • B3

SPORTS • B3 TODAY'S READERBOARD PCT auther —Cheryl Strayed, who wrote "Wild," stops in Bend to talkabout her journey.AS

Throats to the gridRegulators try to find the best way to guard our power.A3


Those iving aongcana ight piping pan Bo y oun near U.S. 20 By Elon Glucklich

Oregon Irrigation District

wildlife and makes time in the

The Bulletin

would devastate property val-

Homeowners whose properties wind along a slow-mov-

ues, the homeowners say, and set a dangerous precedent in

backyard more peaceful. Irrigation district officials saytheyneed to replacepart

ing canal in northeast Bend

the county, potentially threat-

of the open Pilot Butte Canal

are rallying against an irrigation district's plan to fill nearly

ening hundreds of miles of historic and tranquil canals.

a mile of the canal with closed

Residents along both banks

piping. The proposal by the Central

of the canal say it offers a riv-

with a closed-pipe system, to keep water from leaking into the ground before it can be used by farmers east of Bend.

er-like charm, attracts small

A total of 4,500 feet of the

canal would be replaced with enclosed piping, starting be-

tween Northeast 18th Street and Old Deschutes Road and

going upstream to meet a section the district piped off more than 10 years ago. The area is just beyond Bend's city limits. See Canal /A4

By Shelby R. King The Bulletin

Red and yellow flags dotted the south shoulder

of U.S. Highway 20, and signs warned of an "in-

Cycling sisters — women's cycling group the BendBellas readies its annual kickoff.n1

cident ahead" as police

milled around a body discovered in the brush just east of Hamby Road Sun-

In world news —Suspicions mount against one or both of the pilots of the missing passengerjet.A2

And a Webexclusive

— Political fog enshrouds renaming aYosemite peak.

• Before the former pumiceminewas chosen, several other siteswereconsidered Sites OSU-Cascadesconsidered'Rid'ge

tevens S~ Tr-act

Another test

Knott itve

Bend Park & Recreation District


sciously recast how the United States engages

OSU oraduate Research Oenter



and with

the carnage in Syria accelerating, Obama's strategy is under greater stress than at any time in

his presidency. In his first term, the White Housedescribed

its approach as the "light footprint". "Dumb wars"

of occupation — how Obama once termed Iraq



McKinley Ave.

Properties Inc River-BendInvestors I LLC

Source: OSU-Cascades



By Michael Wines

ByTylerLeede • The Bulletin

New York Times News Service


Hanging on the walls of Oregon State University-Cascades Campus offices, there are still illustraThat vision, which called for a string of existing and new buildings to be cobbled together among

Just outside this minuscule farm town, Frank

search Center in that area during the

power. When he did agree to have U.S. forces join the bombing of Libya in 2011,

depths of the recession. Although the university's real estate negotiations are privileged, through a public records request The Bulletin received a map of the sites the university considered, including sets of clustered properties on both sides of the Deschutes River and the land currently

Obama's favorite noncom-

batantcommand. SeePolicy/A4

after that." In 2011, Western Communications,

sites selected, including a former pum-

DeStefano was feeding a

ice mine, are 56 acres total and direct-

500-acre cotton crop with water from the Brazos

ly across Southwest Chandler Avenue from The Bulletin. While these two sites are the largest on the map submitted to The Bulletin, Johnson insists the university could have made a collection of smaller sites work.

which owns six other papers in Ore"A lot of people brought up the congon and California, sought Chapter 11 protection, which allows the company cern that the campus would have felt to reorganize and continue operations. disjointed, but we could have overcome Black estimates the debt owed to Bank that," Johnson said. "If you go to PSU of America is currently around $20 mil- (Portland State University), there are lion. According to Black, the bank could private buildings in between campus occupied by The Bulletin and Western not sell the land without the permis- buildings, and there are pedestrian Communications, the paper's parent sion of Western Communications, as walkways you can do and signage that company. long as the company continues to make unify the experience." Gordon Black, publisher of The Bul- payments. However, in addition to facing steep letin and Western Communications The Bulletin's property on its own prices and the difficulty of securing president, confirmed the company was would not have offered the university enough sites in one neighborhood, approached by OSU-Cascades, but said enough space, as a needs assessment many of the locations were simply not discussions went nowhere. called for the university to be housed for sale. "They did knock on the door and on 40 to 60 acres. The two contiguous SeeOSU-Cascades/A6

River 16 months ago when state regulators told him and hundreds of others on the river to shut down their

pumps. A sprawling petrochemical complex held senior rights to the river's water — and with the Bra-

zos shriveled, it had run short.

State regulators ordered DeStefano and others with lesser rights to make up the deficit. But they gave cities and power plants along the Brazos a pass, concluding that public health and safety overrode the farmers' own water


Clarification In a story headlined "Commission races takeshape," which appearedSaturday, March15 on PageA1,the Redmond Patriots group wasmischaracterized. Theorganization describes itself as acommunity education organization.

legal and political battles over who controls an increasingly dear treasure — water.

other commercial properties, never worked out for the university.

sion of military and covert

and Arab states "put skin in the game," a phrase he vastly prefers to "leading from behind." As he learned to play the long game, the Treasury Department became

Across the parched American West, the long drought has set off a series of fierce

tions of what a four-year college campus along Southwest Colorado Avenue would look like.

quick-and-dirty expres-

Obama insisted that NATO

Stakes rise in the West over water

Andy Zeigert i The Bulletin

Becky Johnson, an OSU vice presi- asked if we were interested," Black dent and the highest-ranking adminis- said. "We said if they could get the trator in Bend, said Friday that prices bank off our backs, then fine. They were too high and the university was wouldn't be buying the land from us, lucky to purchase its Graduate and Re- but thebank. We never heard anything

superiority were the new,

Flaherty was at the scene Sundayalongwith more

Sheriff's Office. SeeBody/A6

— were out. Drone strikes,

cyberattacks and special operations raids that made use of U.S. technological

heardfrom since March 9. Deschutes County

and the Deschutes County

17.500 Bond lLD

Deschute eseRidgeeBusinezssPark

ANALYSIS mounting

week after


Mill Point

t itva @et 4v"

after Sunday's referendum, with a

the remains, the discovery was made less than a

ment officers from Bend Police, Oregon State Police


O Bonnett Trust Resources Von Hamm, Rive~rBend Tayinr ctAhulam Columbia Plaza Partners Limi~tedPartnership

Rohinoon4-R Epuipment

not identified

than a dozen law enforce-



poised to annex Crimea

threat to the rest of

Hooker Creek



the body, but search and rescue teams had been scouringthe area. Though police have

District Attorney Patrick

Drane ShedLlC

• ve. • ~Simpso~AA


would not say who found

na, 42, who hasn't been

Industrial Way

Mt. Bachelor

the highway where the body was located. Police

authorities began searching for Pivoyne Castro-Lu-

vi A rizona AveCammaCk,/ I:

Barack Obama has conwith the world's toughest customers. But with Russia


Commerce Ave


five years, President

OSU-Cascades considered several sites for its new four-year campus, but the search was focused on locations near downtown and west-side amenities. The university originally planned to purchase multiple properties surrounding the Graduate andResearch Center, but was unable to secure enough properties for the right price. In the end, OSU-Cascadesselected the two sites highlighted in green, which also offer the school the most contiguous space on thewest side. Q»Visit an interactive version of the map below.

DnBoard~Capital Trust colorado Ave.

for Obama's peacepolicy New York Times News Service

day afternoon. Yellow police tape en-

circled an area just off


By David E. Snnger

See Water/A4

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How to reachus Bin Laden SpOkeSman —The self-described mastermind of the Sept.11 attacks says the onetimeOsamabin Ladenspokesman who is on trial in NewYork had norole in planning military operations for al-Qaida. Themastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, said in a statement filed in Manhattan federal court late Sundaythat Sulaiman Abu Ghait hservedasanal-Qaidaspokesman becausehewas"an eloquent, spellbinding speaker." But Mohammedsays Abu Gaith "had nothing to do with military operations." AbuGaith, who is ason-inlaw of bin Laden, is charged with conspiring to kill Americans.


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St. PatriCk'S feStiVitieS —St. Patrick's Day festivities were in full swing Sundaywith the usual merriment of bagpipes andbeer, but political tensions lingered in the northeastern U.S., wherecity leaders will be conspicuously absent from paradesover gay rights issues. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio will becomethe first mayor in decades to sit out the traditional march today becauseparadeorganizers refuse to let participants carry pro-gay signs. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh wasn't marching in his city's paradeSunday, either, after talks broke downthat would have allowed agay group to march.




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Si sil.ArL


Andrew Lubimov 1 The Associated Press

Pro-Russian people celebrate Sunday in the central square in Sevastopol, in the Crimean region of Ukraine that voted to secede and join Russia. The United States and Europe condemned the ballot as illegal and destabilizing and were expected to slap sanctions against Russia.

rimeavo es o eave raine, re'oin ussia SIMFEROPOL, UkraineJust two weeks after Russian

nesswoman. "We needed to save ourselves from those unprincipled clowns who have taken power in Kiev." Ukraine's new government

troops seized their peninsula,

in Kiev called the referendum

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The Associated Press

a "circus" directed at gunpoint leave Ukraine and join Russia, by Moscow, referring to the overwhelmingly a pproving thousands of troops that now a referendum that sought to occupy the peninsula, which unite the strategically import- has traded hands repeatedly ant Black Sea region with the since ancient times. country it was part of for some The referendum offered vot250 years. ers the choice of seeking anThe vote was widely con- nexation by Russia or remaindemned by Western leaders, ing in Ukraine with greater who planned to move swiftly autonomy. After50 percent to punish Russia with eco- of the ballots were counted, nomic sanctions. more than 95 percent ofvoters As the votes were count- had approved splitting off and ed, a jubilant crowd gathered joining Russia, according to around a statue of Vladimir Mikhail Malishev, head of the Crimeans voted Sunday to

Lenin in the center of Simferopol to celebrate with song

referendum committee. Final results were not ex-

and dance. Many held Rus- pected until today. sian flags, and some unfurled Opponents of secession apa handwritten banner reading peared to have stayed away "We're Russian and proud of Sunday, denouncing the vote it." Fireworks exploded in the as a cynical power play and skies above. land grab by Russia. "We wanttogo back home, Putin insisted the referenand today we are going back dum was conducted in "full home," said Vi ktoria Cher-

nyshova, a 38-year-old busi-

accordance with international law and the U.N. charter."

Russia was expected to face

Egyptiah CfaCkllOWII —Egypt's crackdown on Islamists has jailed 16,000 people over thepast eight months in the country's biggest round-up in nearly two decades, according to previously unreleased figures from security officials. Rights activists say reports of abuses in prisons are mounting, with prisoners describing systematic beatings and miserable conditions for dozenspackedinto tiny cells. The Egyptian government hasnot released official numbers for those arrested in the sweepssince the military ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July. But four senior officials gaveTheAssociated Press acount of16,000, including about 3,000 top- or mid-level members of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. Syrian COnfliCt —Syrian government forces on Sundayswept into the center of Yabrud, atown long held by rebels near the Lebanese border, in anadvancethat appeared to be asignificant blow for insurgents as theSyrian conflict entered its fourth year. Government forces, backed byHezbollah, the Lebanesemilitia, have spent weeks edging toward Yabrud, a critical transit point for militants, refugees and arms heading in andout of Lebanon. Syrian state television declared Sundaythat the army hadtaken "full control" of Yabrud, and Hezbollah's channel showed its correspondent chatting with men in uniform in a central square.

strong sanctions today from

the U.S. and Europe for going

ther divisions in this nation of 46 million. Residents in west-

GaZa rally —Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza, prevented supporters of the rival Fatahparty from holding a rare demonstration in GazaonSunday in solidarity with President Mahmoud Abbas of thePalestinian Authority ahead of his meeting with President BarackObama.Hamas police officers and detectives confiscated posters of Abbasand Palestinian flags andarrested several organizers of the rally as theygathered in acentral square in GazaCity.

ern Ukraine and the capital, Kiev, are strongly pro-West

WeStbarO BaptiSt faunder — TheRev.FredPhelps Sr., who

forward with the vote, which

could also encourage rising p ro-Russian sentiment i n Ukraine's east and lead to fur-

and Ukrainian nationalist.

Andrew Weiss, vice president for Russian and East Eu-

ropean studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International

Peace, suggested the confrontation could intensify. Russia "is really turning its back on the outside world and

is basically going to say to the West, 'Now, go ahead. Show us how tough you are.' And the West, I think, is struggling to come with a n

a d equate

response." The Crimean parliament planned to meet today to for-

mally ask Moscow to be an-

founded a Kansaschurch widely known for its protests at military funerals and anti-gay sentiments, is in acarefacility, according to achurchspokesman. Phelps,84,isbeingcaredforinaShawnee County facility, Westboro Baptist Church spokesmanSteve Drain said Sunday. Drain wouldn't identify the facility. Members of theWestboro church, based inTopeka, frequently protest at funerals of soldiers with signscontaining messagessuchas"ThankGodfordead soldiers," and "ThankGodfor 9/11," claiming the deaths are God's punishment for American immorality and tolerance of homosexuality and abortion. — From wire reports

Outdoor Ir.'itchens 6'Z Price Clearance

nexed, andCrimean lawmakers were to fly to Moscow later

in the day for talks, Crimea's pro-Russia prime minister said on 7ptritter.

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Final wordsfrom the missingjet came afterits systemsshut down By Chris Brummitt and Jim Gomez

dar systems was also shut down. The fact that both sys-

The Associated Press

tems went dark separately KUALA LUMPUR, Malay- offeredstrong evidence that sia — When someone at the the plane's disappearance was controls calmly said the last deliberate. words heard from the missing On Sunday,Malaysian DeMalaysian jetliner, one of the fense Minister HishammudBoeing 777's communications din Hussein told a news consystems had already been dis- ference that the final, reassurabled, authorities said, adding ing words from the cockpitto suspicions that one or both "All right, good night" — were of the pilots were involved spoken to air traffic controlin the disappearance of the lers after the ACARS system flight. was shut off. Whoever spoke Investigators also were ex- did not mention any trouble on amining a flight simulator board. confiscated from th e h o me Air force Maj. Gen. Affendi of one of the pilots and dug Buang told reporters he did through the background of all not know whether it was the 239 people on board, as well as pilot or co-pilot who spoke to the ground crew that serviced air traffic controllers. the plane. Given the expanse of land The Malaysia Airlines jet and water that might need took off from Kuala Lumpur to be searched, finding the in the wee hours of March 8, wreckage could take months headed to Beijing. On Satur- or longer. Or it might never day, the Malaysian govern- be located. Establishing what ment announced findings that happened with any degree strongly suggested the plane of certainty will p robably was deliberately diverted and require evidence from cockmay have flown as far north pit voice recordings and the as Central Asia or south into plane's flight-data recorders. the vast reaches of the Indian The search area now inOcean. cludes 11 countries the plane Authorities have said some- might have f l ow n o v er, one on board the plane first Hishammuddin said, adding disabled one of its commu- that the number of countries nications systems — the Air- involved in the operation had craft and Communications increased from 14 to 25. "The search was already a Addressing and Reporting System, or ACARS — about highly complex, multinational 40 minutes after takeoff. The effort," he said. "It has now beACARS equipment sends income even more difficult." formation about the jet's enThe search effort i n itialgines and other data to the ly focused on the relatively airline. shallow waters of the South About 14 minutes later, the

transponder that identifies the plane to commercial ra-

China Sea and the Strait of

Malacca, where the plane w as first thought to b e .

Hishammuddin said he has asked governments to hand over sensitive radar and sat-

ellite data to try to get a better idea of the plane's final movements.


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It's Monday, March17, the 76th day of 2014. Thereare 289 days left in the year.


HAPPENINGS Ukraill0 — Final results are expected in Sunday's referendum in which Crimeavoted to split from the Ukraine, and sanctions from the U.S.and Europe areexpected against Russia. A1, A2

Military trial — Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair is expected to plead to lesser charges in exchange for having sexual assault charges against him dropped.

ec rici re ua orsscruinize rea s With the United States' power grid being a massive, interconnected entity, some worry that another attack like last year's in California could cripple huge swaths of the country. Some members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, however, see the newfound focus on physical attacks at a substation resulting in cybersecurity and other threats being ignored. By Brian Wingfield

NERC does and how long it takes."

Bloomberg News

NERC Chief Executive Officer Ger-

WASHINGTON — U.S. energy

HISTORY Highlight:In 1776, British

forces evacuated Boston during the Revolutionary War. In1762, New York's first St. Patrick's Day parade took place. In 1661, Victor Emmanuel II was proclaimed the first king of a united Italy. In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt first likened crusading journalists to a manwith "the muckrake in his hand" in a speech to the Gridiron Club in Washington. In1912, the CampFire Girls organization was incorporated in Washington, D.C., two years to the day after it was founded in Thetford, Vt. (The group is now known asCamp Fire USA.) In 1943, the Taoiseach of Ireland, Eamon deValera, delivered a radio speech about "The Ireland That We Dreamed Of." In 1950, scientists at the

University of California at Berkeley announced they had created a newradioactive element, "californium." In1959, the Dalai Lama fled Tibet for India in the wakeof a failed uprising by Tibetans against Chinese rule. In1966,aU.S.midgetsubmarine located a missing hydrogen bomb that had fallen from an American bomber into the Mediterranean off Spain. In1969, Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel. In1970, the United States cast its first veto in the U.N. Security Council. (The U.S. killed a resolution that would have condemned Britain for failure to use force to overthrow the white-ruled government of Rhodesia.) In1973, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm, a freed prisoner of the Vietnam War,was joyously greeted by his family at Travis Air Force Basein California in a scenecaptured in a Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photograph. In1966, Avianca Flight 410, a Boeing 727, crashed after takeoff into a mountain in Colombia, killing all143 people on board. Ten years age: A car bomb tore apart the five-story Mount Lebanon Hotel catering to foreigners in the heart of Baghdad, killing seven people. Five years age: U.S. journalists Laura Ling and EunaLee were detained by North Korea while reporting on North Korean refugees living across the border in China. (Both were convicted of entering North Korea illegally and were sentenced to12 years of hard labor; both were freed in August 2009 after former President Bill Clinton met with North Korean leader Kim Jong II.) The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published its final print edition. One year age: Two members of Steubenville, Ohio's celebrated high school football team were found guilty of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl and sentenced to at least ayear in juvenile prison in a case that rocked the Rust Belt city of 18,000.

BIRTHDAYS The former national chairwoman of the NAACP,Myrlie Evers-Williams, is 81. Actor Kurt Russell is 63. Actor Gary Sinise is 59. Actor Rob Lowe is 50. Soccer player Mia Hamm is 42. — From wire reports

ry Cauley said he shares Norris' concerns about overreaction to the Cal-

regulators' efforts to harden the pow-

er grid against snipers and terrorists are fueling a debate over whether

ifornia attack, while other incidents,

power industry to identify critical facilities and come up with a plan to pro-

from ice storms to potential cyber attacks also pose threats, and utilities will eventually pass along many costs to consumers. "Where it could get really expensive and challenging is whether you need stronger barriers, like walls" and oth-

tect them from attack. "My concern is that we don't shift

er protections around transformers, he said in a phone interview. "You

our focus and our resources," said

wonder which ones are so critical it

John Norris, a FERC commissioner

would warrant that."

they're diverting resources from other

threats, like cyber attacks. The Federal Energy Regulatory C ommission recently o r dered t h e

who voted for the order, while cautioning against overreacting to the sniper attack last year on a power

substation in California. "The rush to do this seems to be based on a very incomplete set of facts about what

happened." As the electricity network has be-

come increasingly dependent on software and the Internet, the utility

industry has focused on combating potential cyber attacks. The April attack at PG8E's Metcalf substation near San Jose resurrected a 20th

century threat — an old-fashioned, military-style assault on the power network.

R egulators are now t r y ing t o find the best way to guard against all threats to the generators, trans-

formers and thousands of miles of high-voltage power lines that make up the U.S. electric grid. They're also trying to encourage modernization of the aging network. Norris said the United States should

focus on technologies, like the devel-

Cauley said utilities can increase physical security by improving existA Georgia Power crewman restores electricity to a neighborhood as he repairs a line ing protections like lighting, cameras, last month in Riverdale, Ga. A plan's being readied for June by an organization resurveill ance equipment and key-card sponsible for the reliability of the country's power grid that will assess how integral access at substations. The California portions of the system are protected. incident showed that companies need to be concerned about the line-of-sight for potential shooters, he said. "I would like the standard to drive opment of microgrids, that can quickAn attack knocking out major critly isolate damaged components from ical components "would result in cat- a more heightened look than what the rest of the network in the event astrophic failure, potentially, of the we've seen in the past," Cauley said. of an attack. Advanced technologies interconnect," Wellinghoff said After rifle-toting attackers shot up can also make better use of data to imWellinghoff said he also favors PG&E's Metcalf substation near San prove awareness of incidents affect- m easures to prevent cyber attacks and Jose on April 16, FERC provided the ing the grid, he said. other threats, and supports FERC's industry with a list of steps to improve "You address multiple threats, not March 7 order. It requires the North security at substations, said Tom just physical threats," Norris said. At American Electric Reliability Corp., a Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric a Feb. 20 FERC meeting, he said, "Our nonprofit organization responsible for Institute, a Washington-based indusfuture is in a much smarter and more ensuring the reliability of the grid, to try group for publicly traded utilities, nimble grid." produce by June standards to guard including Duke Energy Corp. and ExFormer FERC Chairman Jon Wellagainst physical attacks. The stan- elon Corp. inghoff for years has warned that the dards should require utilities to idenThe list hasn't been made public. grid's most critical components, such tify their most critical components FERC spokeswoman Mary O'Driscoll as transformers that adjust electrical and show that they're adequately declined to acknowledge its existence. voltage, are vulnerable and could be protected. EEI spokesman Jeff Ostermayer said "It was a good step to take, ultimate- in an email he couldn't provide the list better protected with relatively simple ly," Wellinghoff said. "We'll see what "for operational security reasons." measures, like improved fencing. John Amis/The AssociatedPress file photo


Fossilizedwhale lends By Brian Switek

air sinuses. "These air sinuses are thought to have important roles in the production of

When you're trying to track a fish in the murky ocean, for-

Ameriea Hears

insight into echolocation Science/AAAS


HEARINO AIDS Helplny People Hear Better

I I ' e

high-frequency vocalizations

get about using your eyesthat living odontocetes use for use your ears. Dolphins, orcas echolocation," Geisler says, and other toothed whalespossibly helping direct returnknown as odontocetes — pin- ing sound waves or store air point their prey by producing that can be used to make conhigh-frequency sounds that tinuous sound. "I think the authors have a bounce around theirmarine environment andreveal exact- good case for inferring that ly where tricky fish are trying Cotylocara had some ability to hide. But when did whales to produce some sound from evolve this sonarlike ability, its forehead, just as living known a s e cholocation? A toothed whales do today," says newly named, 28-million-year- Nicholas Pyenson, a marine old whale mayhold the answer. mammal paleontologist at among rocks dating back to the Oligocene epoch and chris-

Found in S outh Carolina

the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in W ashington. But

tened Cotylocara macei, the

even if Cotylocara made those

fossil whale is named after

sounds, could it have heard

Freedom SIE


them? Living whales have College of Charleston's Mace specialized ear bones that let Brown Natural History Muthem hear the high-frequenseum in South Carolina, who cy sounds bouncing off their acquired the specimen for his prey. The only known skull private collection about a de- of Cotylocara doesn't have cade ago. It was in that private well-preserved ear bones, and, Mace Brown, a curator at the

accumulation of f ossils that

therefore, knowing w hether

Jonathan Geisler, a paleon- the whale could have actually tologist at the New York Insti- used echolocation for hunting tute of Technology College of is unclear. "Overall, the description of Osteopathic Medicine in Old Westbury, first saw the skull. Cotylocara underscores the "I knew it was special then," he need to investigate the inner says. ear of fossil Oligocene cetaThe onlyknown specimen of ceans in much more detail, bethe early odontocete includes cause that's where the answer a nearly complete skull and will be," Pyenson says. Nevertheless, the whale's jaw, three neck vertebrae, and fragments of seven ribs. But it's probable s o und-producing the skull that makes Cotylo- abilities give Cotylocara an cara soremarkable. While the important place in whale evowhale's soft tissue rotted away lution. Whale's biological solong ago, the skull bones show nar is thought to have evolved several features — such as a only once along the ancestral downturned snout and a slight line leading to today's toothed asymmetry of the skull — that whales, Geisler notes. Cotylosuggest Cotylocara was one cara lies along that evolutionof the earliest whales to use ary stem, as do other Oligoecholocation, Geisler's team cene fossil whales that have reported online Wednesday in already been found. The skull Nature.

Save $400! $799 due at time of purchase.

features that allowed Cotylo-

The strongest pieces of evi- cara tocreate sound, Geisler dence for this hypothesis, Geis- says, "can now be investigated ler explains, are cavities at the in other fossil whales to better base of the snout and on top understand the evolution of of the skull that probably held echolocation."

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the documents.

Continued fromA1

the canal sits on, but the irrigation district has federally rec-

use in these low-density areas. and they scheduled an addiThe residents own the land Without the code change, the tional hearing for March 27.

But nearly 80 community

members packed a meeting with members of the Deschutes County Planning Commission on Thursday, with more than a dozen people saying the irriga- Thursday the irrigation district tion district has bullied and in- is trying to get "special treattimidated them into accepting ment" from Deschutes Countheplan. ty at the expense of property Late last y ear, i r r igation district staff went to collect


signatures from homeowners along the canal but many of the homeowners wouldn't sign, according to district officials. Some speakers on Thursday said they felt District Manager Steve Johnson was trying to intimidate them into signing without letting them see any of

the district's request to change

Policy Continued fromA1 It refined the art of the eco-

nomic squeeze on Iran, eventually forcing the mullahs to the negotiating table. But so far those tools — or even the threat of them — have

proved frustratingly ineffective in the most recent crises.

Sanctions and modest help to the Syrian rebels have failed to

halt the slaughter, if anything, the killing worsened as negotiations dragged on. The White House was tak-

en by surprise by Russian

district would need a condi-

But their decision isn't bind-

tional-use permit to change the ognized rights to use the canal. canal. Tom Hignell has lived on Hignell said the code change, Country View Lane along if accepted, would give the disthe canal since 1996. He said trict the right to eliminate more

The controversy centers on county code in low-density residential areas. COID submitted an application to the county in

December proposing to add "Operation, maintenance and piping of existing irrigation systems operated by an irrigation district" as an accepted

tries that defy American will decisions to invade Crimea, or the international order is but also by China's increas- trickier than ever, and when

as the Chinese announced a 12 percent increase in miTitary

spending — send clear signals. "Asia's in an all-out nationingly assertive declaration of the domestic pressure to stay exdusive rights to airspace out of international conflicts is alist mood that's the real cost and barren islands. Neither obvious tooverseas friends and of American withdrawal," she the economic pressure nor foes alike? argues. the cyberattacks that forced It is almost certainly some That perception, right or Iran to reconsider its approach combination of the two. But wrong, is shared by some trahave prevented North Korea's the most stinging critique of ditional allies. The I sraelis stealthy revitalization of its nu- Obama is that the pendulum worry there is diminished inclear and missile programs. has swung too far in the di- terest in keeping U.S. aircraft In short, the United States' rection of n onintervention. carriers in the Persian Gulf, adversaries are testing the Condoleezza Rice, ~ s i dent and fear that if a nudear deal limits of the post-Iraq, post-Af- George W. Bush's secretary is struck with Iran, Washingghanistan moment. of state, argues that five years ton will no longer anchor an 'We're seeing the 'light of signaling that others need alliance to contain Tehran. The footprint' run out of gas," said to step in, of stressing that the Saudis are talking anew about one of Obama's former senior U.S. can no longer police the the possibility of needing a nunational security aides, who world, have taken a toll. clear deterrent of their own. 'There was a view that if the would not speak on the record Obama and his senior staff abouthis ex-boss. United States pulled back and members tell a very diffetent "No one is arguing for mili- stopped llnposlllg and 1Ilslst- story — one in which the prestary action, for bringing back ing' in the world, the vacuum ident has capitalized on the George Bush's chest-thump- would be filled by good things: benefits of getting out of Iraq, ing," the former aide said. At the international community and almost out of Afghani-

rate •


devalue our properties."

stan, to employ more subtle, smarter tools of nationalpower.


and Nebraska of allowing their farmersto divertKansas'share

The "pivot to Asia," which has

Continued fromA1

of the Republican River. A simi-

been slow to materialim, was supposed to be emblematic of

lar dispute between New Mexifarmersare in court,arguing co and Texas is before the U.S. that the state is wrong — and Supreme Court. so far, they are winning. California, in the midst of Residents of the arid West a historic drought, so far has have always scrapped over witnessed but a few local skirwater. But years of persistent mishes. That may not last long, drought are now intensifying said Stuart Somach, a Sacrathose struggles, and the explo- mento water-rights lawyer. "We're very close to the time sive growth — and thirst — of Western cities and suburbs is that people are going to start raising their stakes to an en- staking out rights. We're right tirely new level. at the cusp," Somach said. "If In southern Texas, along the this drought persists, dependGulf Coast southwest of Hous- ing on how state and federal ton, the state has cut off deliv- agencies react, you're going to eries ofriverwatertoricefarm- get some real conflicts going." ers for three years to sustain Actually, the laws that govreservoirs that supplybooming ern most of the West's water Austin, about 100 miles up- seem tailor-made for fighting. stream. In Nevada, a coalition In many places, the rules for ranging from environmen- owning or using groundwater talists to the Utah League of are still in flux: In Texas, landWomen Voters filed federal owners own the groundwater lawsuits last month seeking beneath their property, but a to block a pipeline that would neighbor pumping groundwasupply Las Vegas with ground- ter from the same aquifer can w aterfrom an aquiferstrad- siphon it away without penalty. dling the Nevada-Utah border. The Arizona court battle over In Colorado, officials in the a proposeddevelopment hinglargely rural west slope of es on the still-murky question the Rocky Mountains are im- of whether the state can allow posing stiff restrictions on re- the builder to pump ground-

"We're trying to focus on Del Swan has lived on Overcide if the piping project moves preservation of the irrigation tree Road at the north edge of forward or not, and their deci- district and the preservation of the open canal for 21 years. sion could be months away. farming," Johnson said. "We're He said COID has gone on his of its canals, many of which are Reached by phone Friday, trying to meet these federal property without permission in more than 100 years old. Johnson said the piping proj- regulations and requirements, the past to do excavation work Central Oregon Irrigation ect is necessary to maintain and now we're caught between at the canal and fears more District is "working hard to steadywaterpressure as the ca- these landowners and the intrusions would continue if bully this application through nal flows out of the Deschutes regulations." it moves ahead with the canal to approval," Hignell said, "and River.He said state and federBut property owners Thurs- piping project. in the process take away all our al regulations require the dis- day said pushing through a The irrigation district "has currentrights to a fair and open trict to maintain water flows code change with the coun- already demonstrated their hearing." of about250 cubic feetpe r sec- ty is an effort to keep people complete disrespect for my Johnson didn't attend the ond, but the Pilot Butte Canal opposed to the project from property," Swan said. "This hearing, nor did an attorney flows more slowly. That warms speaking out. Several speakers is effectively taking away my representing the district. Plan- the temperature of the water said dosing the canal would rights as a property owner in ning commissioners said their and potentially threatens fish. reduce their property values by Deschutes County." absence made it difficult to Meanwhile, water that seeps as much as $150,000 and have — Reporter: 541-617-7820, reach a decision in the case, into the soil below the canal is negative impacts on their

thesametime,hesaid, thepres- and the allies," Rice said recentident's oft-repeated lines that ly from Stanford University, those who violate international where she teaches."But what norms will be "isolated" and has filled that space has been "pay a heavy price" over the brutal dictators; extremist forclong term have sounded "more es, especially in Iraq and Syria; like predictions over time, and and nationalism." less like imminent threats." Rice was enthusiastic about Not surprisingly, the testing Obama's election in 2008, and of administration policy at a talked to him frequently during time the president is politically the transiuon. But she argues weakened at home has sparked now that many of his deciacritical question. Is it Obama's sions — such as abandoning a deliberative, pick-your-battles plan to strike Syria for its use approach that is encouragmg of chemical weapons and proadversaries to press the limits? posing a defense budget that Or is this simply a time when shrinks the Army to its lowest exercising leverage over coun- levels since World War II just

President Vladimir V. Putin's

ing. Deschutes County com-

taken out of supply and doesn't ity of life. get to the roughly 4,000 COID Some audience members customers, many of them wore stickers reading "Don't


missioners will ultimately de-

a new combination of soft and

hard power; it was as much about building trade relationships as making it dear to the

Chineseleadershipthatthe U.S. has no intention of ceding the East and South China Seas as

areas where Beijing could expecttobecome thesolepower. The latest budget invests

more in drones and cyber and specialoperations forces,and pares back on conventional

troops and the equipment for longland wars. "If we are constantly overex-

tending ourselves, chasing every crisis, we're not going to be able to play the long game required for American primacy," said Benjamin Rhodes, a deputy national securily adviser. Foreign leaders say they see the United States' unwillingness to act as the inevitable

baddash of too many years at war. "In the past decade we've

seentheconsequencesandthe limits of taking action," said David Miliband, the former

British foreign secretary who now runs the I nternational Rescue Committee, as he de-

scribed his organization's efforts to help an overwhelming influx of refugees over Syria's borders. "Here we're seeing the consequences and limits of inaction."

Now DeStefano and other

quests to ship water to Denver

water that sustains a river that

and the rest of the state's popu- is under federal control. lous eastern half. In contrast, the prevailing In Arizona, activists and the law on rivers and streams is federal government are fighting all too clear: The earlier someplans to tap groundwater used one stakes a claim on a stretch by a massive housing develop- of water, the more bulletproof ment. Kansas accuses Colorado that owner's right to it.

, prin wit t e • I

' ®Ngy') ~,


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Man arrested in arson inpuiry Isaiah Jeffrey Marcy, 27, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of second-degreearson following a fire found early Sunday. The BendPolice Department responded to a fire at 3a.m. behind the Mini Pet Mart, at 250

N.E. GreenwoodAve.Officers discoveredseveral pallets and adumpster on fire behindthestore, which theywereunable to extinguish with fire extinguishers. The BendFire Department was later ableto extinguish the flames, preventing anymajor damage tothestructure. Investigating officers detained Marcy inthe area of the MiniPet Mart and took himin for questioning. Police allegedlyfound evidence connecting Marcy to the fire. He remained inthe Deschutes County jail on Sunday evening.

an i ates iscuss over re on By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin

Two Bend candidates for

public office, each with different takes on Oregon's changing health care system, shared

have seen health


care reform unfold from unique


posit ons Chris-

tofferson sat on Buehler

their views on the state's

ecutive director at Volunteers

successes andfailuresinexpanding medical access and

in Medicine Clinic of the Cascades, and Patrick O'Keefe, a

lowering costs at a discussion

partner at Cascade Insurance


panel Sunday. Center, also spoke. Aelea Christofferson, a DemThe discussion ranged ocrat hoping to unseat U.S.

from the pros and cons of


Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood

the Affordable Care Act and


River, and Knute Buehler, a Re-

Cover Oregon to the role of co-

publican looking to daim State Rep. Jason Conger's House seat, spoke to a crowd of about

ordinated care organizations (CCOs) and employers in providing health care coverage to Oregonians. The two political candidates

40 at First Presbyterian Church

of Bend. Kat Mastrangelo, ex-


heal t h care reform committees from 2007 until the announcement of her

Care Act is one in a long line of attempts by the government to lower insurance costs,

improve quality of care and expand access to doctors. But many aspects of federal insurancereform are driving costs up instead, he said. "The main cause of our poor ernment intervention over the last 40 years. It was well-inten-

thi smonth.

tioned, but clumsy," he said.

Buehler is

Enrollment in new health

an orthopedic

insurance plans by customers younger than 35 has lagged, which could cause premiums to rise and cripple the whole reform effort, he said. SeeCandidates/A6

Charles Health System and the Ford Family Foundation.

Buehler said the Affordable

ka, and has since been

transferred to Providence Alaska Medical Center. Ipsen did not know if he

regained consciousness. "Aaron's passion has always been skiing. He's always been trying to find that next adventure,"

said Sean Powell, who grew up with Karitis in Bend. Powell, 31, said Karitis

"is an incredibly loyal

friend and a bit stubborn.

Hopefully that will play in his favor this go-around." Karitis was buried for about 30 minutes before

his four clients and fellow guides rescued him. He was wearing a locator beacon. The incident happened in the Kicking Horse Valley west of Haines. In heli-skiing, a helicopter drops the skiers on the mountain, and they ski dowii. Joe KIIne/The Bulletin

Portland-based author Cheryl Strayed speaks to a crowd at the Bend High auditorium about her book "Wild" during the Deschutes Public Library Foundation's "Author! Author!" event on Sunday evening.

Coullcll —city councilors are expected to meet in a businessmeeting at 7:30 p.m. atRedmond City Hall, 777 S.W. Deschutes Ave.Among the items ontheagenda are a presentation on alternative transit in the city and theapproval of participationin a green power program. WEDNESDAY

Bend CityCouncil

— The council is expected to meet beginning at 5 p.m., first in a work session, executive session andthen in an open session atcouncil chambers in City Hall, 710 N.W.Wall St. Aregular meeting is expected tobeginat7p.m. The council will likely discuss affordable housing and water conservation efforts during the work session. Contact:541-383-0354, news© In emaIls, please write Civic Calendar" In the subject line. Include a contact name and number. Submissions may be edited. Deadline for Monday publication Is noon Thursday.

"It is backcountry downhill, and they're going to places where only very experienced skiers will go," Ipsen said. Late winter and early

spring is the prime season for avalanches. Karitis checked conditions for

his clients at about the 4,000-foot level and was



day, a day after he was buried by an avalanche. Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman Beth Ipsen

morning. He was taken to a clinic in Haines, Alas-



country Adventures, was in critical condition Sun-

7 feet of snow Saturday


commission is expected to meet in abusiness session at10 a.m.,and a work session atthe Deschutes CountyServices Building,1300 N.W. Wall St., in Bend.The commission is expected to hold a public hearing and take testimony regarding anemergency ordinance toprohibit any business to sell afederally controlled substancein Deschutes Countyexcept as allowed byfederal law, and to hear apresentation on theclassification of forest landandissues relating to domestic livestock regulations.

Staff and wire reports A 31-year-old Bend native, who was working as a heli-skiing guide with Southeast Alaska Back-

unconscious when he was pulled out from under

Two motorcycle riders were involved ina head-on crashSaturday afternoon on a trail about one mile north of Forest Service Road2510, whichis east of Bendoff U.S. Highway20. The riders, identified as Michael Jura,45,of Bend, andPaulThompson, 56, of Aberdeen, Wash., wereboth injured, transported to St. Charles Bendandtreated for non-life-threatening injuries. The DeschutesCounty Sheriff's Office saidalcohol was not afactor in the crash, andboth were experienced riders.

COmmiSSIOn — The

heli-skiing avalanche

said Aaron Karitis was

Off-highway motorcycle crash

— Bulletin staff reports

Bend native critical after

health system is clumsy gov-

congressional campaign earlier

surgeon in Bend who sits on theboard ofdirectorsforSt.


concerned, Ipsen said. "He was kind of trou-

• Cheryl Strayedwas in Bendfor a discussion of herbest-selling Pacific CrestTrail memoir By Tyler Leeds

live with the trauma of unex-

The Bulletin

of her time hiking the Pa-

pectedly losing her mother. "While walking and carrying that heavy pack,

cific Crest Trail was shaped into the best-selling memoir

Cheryl Strayed's memory

"Wild." On Sunday in Bend, the author recounted why it

wanted me to be, and so I did it to honor her."

Though she never made it to Bend during her trip in the

PCT. But be gentle, to the

I realized exactly what I

'90s that became "Wild," she

needed," Strayed said. "I learned how to keep putting

did note that the people from

pretty rocks. It will be our little secret."

one foot in front of the other,

Crest Trail were always less impressed by her long jour-

Bend she met on the Pacific

was important to turn that

even though it really, really

time from her 20s into a story she could share. Strayed spoke before an audience of 1,400 packed into the Bend High auditorium as

hurt. And when I wrote it, I wanted to write a true story about what a transformation

ney than other hikers.

looks like, because it's not as explicit as Hollywood makes it seem. I didn't go from Charles Manson to Buddha

here," Strayed said as the au-

and I didn't become a better

leased movie adaptation ofher memoir, which stars Reese

part of the Deschutes Public

Library Foundation's "Author! Author!" series. In addition to her memoir, Strayed

has published a novel and collection of advice columns, but her talk focused on the

1,100-mile trip that became "Wild" and the process of publishing her recollections

person, but I became more in touch with my strong parts." Strayed added she didn't

write to give a report of her trip, but rather to "find out what it all meant."

"What I realized years

"I guess you guys do that long of a hike all the time dience cheered. Strayed also took time to talk about the yet-to-be-reWitherspoon as Strayed. Parts of the film were shot in Central

Oregon, though Strayed made a point of apologizing for one glaring error. "The first picture from the

of that time. The memoir, which was released about

later was that I went on that hike tobecome what my

two years ago, captures the story of how Strayed came to

mom had raised me to be,"

is Smith Rock," Strayed said. "EveryoneinBend emailed

she said. "It's the woman she

me, and I know, to us this is

Celebrate St. Patrick's TUESDAY Day wlth a bagpipe and ALL PICKERSJAM: drum band and beer; Sponsored bythe free admission; 6-7 p.m.; Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers, Broken TopBottle Shop open to all fiddling TODAY & Ale Cafe, 1740 N.W. styles and instruments, LATE MODELRACECAR Pence Lane, Suite1, all proceeds to benefit VIEWING:View a race Bend's Community Bend; 541-728-0703 or car signed by Central Center; free, donations Oregon veterans or sign accepted; 6-9 p.m.; ST. PATTY'S DAY it if you are a veteran; Bend's Community T-shirt sales benefit race BOOGIE:Featuring Center, 1036 N.E. Fifth car maintenance; free; 11 live music with Moon St.; 541-647-4789. Mountain Ramblers; $8 a.m.; Jake's Diner, 2210 plus fees in advance, LADIESNIGHT OUT: N.E. U.S. Highway 20, Bend; 541-447-5304 or $10 at the door; 7-10:30 Featuring a no-host kim.phillipp©co.crook. p.m.; The Belfry, 302 bar, honey-do auction, OI'.US. E. Main Ave., Sisters; light appetizers, silent 541-815-9122 or www. auction and door prizes; ST. PATRICK'SDAY proceeds benefit the GELEBRATION:Featuring Ronald McDonald House; live music, bagpipers, ST. PATTY'S STOMP: Irish drinks, leprechauns A celebration of St. $10; 6-9 p.m.; Armature, 50 N.E Scott St., Bend; and more; free; 2 p.m.; Patrick's Day with three 541-380-0729 or McMenamins Old St. live bands; $5; 8 p.m.; dkbend© Francis School, 700 Volcanic Theatre Pub, N.W. Bond St., Bend; "ELTONJOHN:THE 70 S.W. Century Drive, 541-382-5174 or www. Bend; 541-323-1881 or MILLIONDOLLAR www.volcanictheatrepub. PIANO": A screening FIRE PIPES 5 DRUMS: com. of Elton's greatest hits


an iconic place in Oregon that is definitely not on the

film is out, and behind Reese

from The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Goodbye Yellow Brlck Road; $l5; 7 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & INIAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-2901. MARTYNJOSEPH:The Welsh singer-songwriter plays the Sisters Folk Festival's Winter Concert Series; $20 plus fees In advance, $25 at the door; $10 plus fees for students in advance, $10 at the door; 7 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m.; Sisters High School, 1700 W. McKinney Butte Road; 541-549-4979 or www. WEDNESDAY LUNCH ANDLECTURE: Learn about plateau bags with Aurolyn Stwyer;

film crew this was just some Jordan Marks, 21, who

made the trip from Eugene to see Strayed,admitted she was "terrified" to meet the author.

"She represents the ability in everyone to be comfort-

able with yourself and to be strong, especially for wom-

bled by the conditions, so

they were going to move further along on the ridgeline," Ipsen said. "I don't know if they had actually started moving or were about to move. But after he made that decision, that's when the avalanche

triggered." She said the slide carried him more than 800 feet. None of his clients

got caught in it. Powell wrote in an email that he "couldn't

en," Marks said.

imagine a guy more safety-conscious or experi-

Christie Gestvang, 59, said Strayed's personality was ex-

enced as Aaron." He also noted Karitis

actly what she had expected

had received his Level 2

after reading "Wild." "The sense of humor and everything else was there," she said. "She's one of those people who takes risks and

Avalanche Certification

is very honest, even about

with avalanche safety and control operations,"

those less-than-glamorous moments of life." — Reporter: 541-633-216O,

bring your own lunch or order from the cafe; included in the price of admission; $12 adults, $10 ages 65 and older, $7 ages 5-12, free ages 4 and younger; noon1 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. "THE METROPOLITAN OPERA:WERTHER" ENCORE:Starring Jonas Kaufmann In the title role of Massenet's adaptation of Goethe's revolutionary and tragic romance; opera performance transmitted live in high definition; $24, $22 seniors, $18 children; 6:30 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX,680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-2901. THE HOWLIN'

from the Canadian Avalanche Association, an "advanced program for people who work full-time according to the association's website.

BROTHERS:The three-piece string band performs original and traditional music; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www. OL' MOUNT'NDUE:The Medford trashgrass band performs, with Championship; $5; 9 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W.Century Drive, Bend; 541323-1881 or www. THURSDAY BUILD IT! BREAKFAST: Learn how Habltat for Humanity is changing lives in Bend andCrook County; free, donations accepted; 7 a.m.; St. Charles Bend conference center, 2500 N.E


Neff Road; rcooper© or www. TREADMILL RACES: Watch10 bouts between local runners on a calibrated treadmill; free, reservation requested; 6 p.m.; FootZone, 842 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-3568 or www. footzonebend. com/ events. "ROYAL BALLET:THE SLEEPING BEAUTY": A screening of Tchaikovsky's classic ballet performed at the Royal Opera House; $15; 7 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-2901. Contact541-383-0351, communIIylIfeC! or "Submit an Event" onlineat Entries must be submitted aI least 10 days before publication.





Continued from A1

Continued from A1 "For a variety of reasons, people weren't interested in

Castro-Luna was reported Pll at Sta ar

missing March 10. She was last seen with Honorio De Horta-Frias, 40,


Boffy fouflff

selling, but either way, I think where we ended up is the best

kl h V

of all locations," said Mike Hollern, a member of the uni-


a ccording t o

ar Cree d.

authorities. De Horta-Frias has

versity's real estate committee


not been named De Horta-

a s a s uspect in


her dis appear- located the truck, and it is no ance, but law longer of interest."

and CEO of Brooks Resources. "It gives us enough space, especially if the county landfill opens up, and given its (the campus's) location near

Greg Cross/The Bulletin

near Copperfield Avenue. De Horta-Frias is m ale,

approximately 5 feet 5 inches and 170 pounds with black Bend Police believe De white Toyota Tacoma pickup. hair and brown eyes. H orta-Frias left t h e B e n d Parker would not say where Anyone who has informaarea and may be headed the pickup was located, but tion about the case is asked to south, according to Lt. Nick he said authorities are still in- contact the Bend Police DeParker. They are working terested in locating and inter- partment at 541-693-6911. with law enforcement from viewing De Horta-Frias. Parker said more informae nforcement would like t o talk to him.

jurisdictions in Southern Oregon and into California to try to locate De Horta-Frias. "He is still outstanding," Parker said. "But we have

Police believed De H orta-Frias was driving a 2003

Officers obtained a search warrant earlier this week to

tion should be available today

look for evidence in De Hor-


downtown, is likely to attract

students and faculty, especiallylunior faculty." Despiteits preference for a

campus near the commercial center of Bend, the university also considered sites to

after next of kin has been

ta-Frias' motor home, which

the north and south. Juniper Ridge, a 1,500-acre mixed-use

ct. s

project on the north end of the

city,was rejected because of


its cost and the time required to build infrastructure on the

— Reporter: 541-383-0376,

was found on Janelee Place

undeveloped land. Additional-


ly, the university worried the

absence ofnearby amenities would deter students.


To the south, the Stevens Courtesy Sean Powell

Aaron Karitis, who grew up in Bend and owns Pulseline Adventures here, was critically injured in an avalanche in Alaska,

where he was working a heli-ski guide for an Alaska company. •




worked in the ski industry

for 10 years. He owns a company based in Bend called

Continued from A5 i, it,'j' ;'.'i / /i» r


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«' ttg ()tI r ) • i>lr

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Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Deschutes County Sheriff Search and Rescue personnel scan s section of terrain behind police tape Sunday off U.S. Highway 20 at the intersection of Hamby Road.

Candidates Continued from A5 One of the biggest fixes would be to expand the "catastrophic" coverage plans, which offer just a basic level of insuredservices at a lower

But "it is progressing, it's the case for customers, but moving forward," O'Keefe insurers can now navigate said. A few months ago, no the system with their client one could shop for plans or online, he said. find out if they qualify for — Reporter: 541-617-7820, subsidies online. That's still

surance they don't need," Bue-

hler said. Christofferson said aspects of the Affordable Care Act,

and especiall y the Cover Oregon enrollment program, have been rolled out poorly. But "the (insurance) exchange is just one part of health care reform." Christof-

ferson noted that the federal expansion of Medicaid has helped thousands of Oregonians who couldn't afford private insurance but made too

much to qualify for Medicaid before. CCOs, which are efforts to

link physicians, patients and insurers in regions across the state, are also lowering med-

ical costs by keeping patients in primary careoffices and out of emergency rooms, she sard. Buehler agreed that CCOs are helping to lower costs but

said they need to do more. He noted that nearly $2 billion in federal funds to set up 16

CCOs depends on the state lowering health care costs by two percentage points by the end of the year. So far the savings have been closer to one percent.

The state has spent about $300 million in federal funds and $10 million on ads for the Cover Oregon website, meanwhile, which has been crippled by technical problems and has the state lagging behind others in enrollments. Mastrangelo, Volunteers in

Medicine's director, said the full effects of state and feder-

al reform in Oregon won't be fully known for a few more years.She said estimates are for the number of uninsured

Deschutes County residents to drop from about 20,000

before the health care law took effectto 6,000 or 7,000 in 2017.

The increase in covered residents, coupled with more outreach from the CCOs, could

reduce the number of uninsured patients coming to the emergencyroom — one ofthe main drivers of rising costs. On the i nsurance side, O 'Keefe said t h e

l ast six

months have brought unprecedented change to the industry. The Cover Oregon website, meanwhile, has been a major source of frustration for insurance companies and policy shoppers alike.

"The profits from the sale

Pulseline Adventures, which

pany that employs Karitis declined to comment. In a

operates adventure travel

it "has offered its assistance and encouragement tothe family of its guide. A normal internal review process of the incident will occur." A guide from the same

around the world. Powell, who last saw Kari-

tis in Bend about six weeks ago, said his friend has traveled the world as a guide. "He had spent part of the winter over in Japan guiding clients, and in the last year outfit died in th e K i cking had been to South America, Horse Valley in March 2013. Central America and Canada," Powell said. "He was In that incident, the guide and two clients fell down extremely well-traveled and the mountainwhen an over-

hanging edge of snow gave way. Karitis graduated from Mountain View High School in 2001, according to Powell, and according to B u lletin archives he was on the ski

and baseball teams there. He later graduated from the University of Utah and has

Common School Fund," Johnson said. "We inquired whether OSU-Cascades could be

considered a benefi ciary of the Common SchoolFund so the state could, in effect, give

us the land." The state said the fund only applies to

K - 1 2 e ducation,

meaning the university would have to pay the fair market price for the land. In addition

to the land's price and location away from amenities, the site is also outside the city's urban

growth boundary, and the process for including it would

has been to five continents." Powell noted that "Aaron

have made it difficult for the

is an amazingly good friend, and if you could stay in his good graces, he is an incredible person to have on your side."

of fall 2015. On Thursday, the univer-

— Reporter: 541-633-2160, The Associated Press contributed to this report.

university to open by its target sity submitted a site application to the city to develop 10 acres on the selected site, the

first phase of the university's expansion. — Reporter: 541-633-2160,



"Right now, people are being forced to buy a level of in-

The Haines-based comstatement, the company said


partment of State Lands.

of that land would have to be used for the benefit of the


Road Tract was also considered, a site owned by the De-

"Being Di a b e t ic, I n e v e r h ad p a i n - f r ee f e et - U N T I L N O W ! "

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tory conditions. Physical th erapists use

izes in naturalpain infrared t heraPy


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ss a Naeonsl Board VaSCular and CirCulapalhic Physician

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The infrared anions generated by the charcoal bamboo increase blood flow and deliver oxygento the tissues. After wearing for only minutes there is an increase in temperature dueto the increased blood flow, resulting in improved comfort and reduced swelling. Twenty minutes after using the anion-fiber infused socks, patient has betlter blood flow and less numbness.

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This pmduct hss sot been approved by the Food ssd Drug Administration. It is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Individual results will vary. Dr. Ronald Jshrer is compessarot for his opisioss.




are rea in waera TV SPOTLIGHT

an our plight of many women and children in the United States.)

gles to stretch the $9.49 an

hour she makes as a nursing

"Paycheckto Paycheck: The Life and Times of Katrina

assistant at an extended-care center for aged patients.

The film, by Shari Cook-

Gilbert" Tonight at 9Eastern and Pacific times; 8 Central time, HBO

son and Nick Doob, is about

By Neil Genzlinger Much of the attention lavished on HBO tends to go to its elaborate fictions: "True Detec-

into the broader economic pic-

tive," for instance, which just

There is manipulation here, to be sure. Who wouldn't sympathize with a w oman who

"So if this Gilbert woman is so

ture. Just snippets of Gilbert living her life.

completed its first season, and about to start its fourth. But fact has a place on the network

impact. It seems unlikely that

as stripped-down as a docu- the natterers who bash low-inmentary can get. There are come people will watch this no politicians or academics film to begin with, but if they telling you what to feel, what it do, they'll just take away their all means or how this story fits usual negative impressions:

New York Times News Service

"Game of Thrones," which is

But there is no overt preach-

ing. That's refreshing, though it might also limit the film's

Erin O. Smith I chattanooga Times Free Press

Katrina Gilbert, s Chattanooga, Tenn., native snd single mom, attends the premiere of the documentary "Paycheck to Paycheck" at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga.

as well, and you can't get much doser to the hard facts of everyday existence than "PayThe film follows Gilbert, a check to Paycheck: The Life 30-year-old raising three chiland Times of Katrina Gilbert," a dren in Chattanooga, Tenn., documentaryon Monday night. over the course of a year that

By David J. Cdblez

Paycheck" at least invites the viewer to consider what

spends her workdays caring for frail, old people'? And Gilbert's story could easilybe seen as a plug for affordable health is both ordinary and grind- insurance or subsidized child ingly difficult. Separated from care. (The film is part of "The her husband, who provides no Shriver Report," Maria Shrivfinancial support, she strug- er's initiative on the financial

we value as a society. Watch it with a photograph of a bling-covered celebrity on one side of the television and

a picture of a financier whose annualsalary is measured in the hundreds of millions on

the other.

I'm doing some politi-

Calling fmm Orlando, Ha., the cause 50 movies in, what chal- self getting into good areas of his upcoming TV show, "Real lenges you anymore? Going with my material. There's a Rob," Schneider shattes what onstage scared me, and, as fine line as to what is interest-

A • cal material because we

live in such interesting times, which is why I think stand-up Live" to prostitution in "Deuce scares you sometimes. ing to the crowd. You always is such a vital art form again. Bigalow: Male Gigolo," coYou returned to standhave to be there to entertain. I don't think it was in the '90s, median Rob Schneider has • up after a long break. How did you get into the If you are only entertaining to be honest. With the financial always thrown himself into What brought you back? • groove? yourself, then you are no lon- decline in America and the disevery crazy situation possible Doing stand-up again I realized that I had to ger an entertainer. integration of the middle class, to make us laugh. Now the • was a challenge that got • hit the small clubs five people are looking for someSchneidmeister is focusing on me out of bed in the morning nights a week and really earn What is your material thing. Great art always comes his stand-up career. and sweating a little bit. Be- it. As I dug deeper, I found my• like now? from cultures in decline. NEW YORK — From mak-

ing copies on "Saturday Night

dmv himbacktothestage.


an artist, you have to do what

10 a.m. on ESPN, "MLBPreseason Baseball" —Spring has sprung down in Florida with the first of seven ESPN telecasts of preseason baseball coming from Fort Myers, where Dustin Pedroia and the defending champion Boston Red Soxwelcome in Matt Holliday and the St. Louis Cardinals in a rematch of last fall's World Series. Expect to see more of these teams over the next two weeks — the Sox play twice more on ESPN;the Cards once — before the regular season opens on March 30.

poor, why is she paying money to have her hair done?" That said, "Paycheck to

Rob Schneidertalks about his return to the stand-up circuit Newsday


ing to me and what is interest-



8 p.m.on29 ,"DancingWith the Stars" —Sportscaster Erin Andrews, who came in third in Season10, replaces Brooke Burke-Charvetas Tom Bergeron's newco-hostas the hitdance competition launches its18th season. This year's contestants include former hockey player Sean Avery, actress Candace

CameronBure,Olympic champion ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and actor Billy Dee Williams. Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman return to judge their performances. 8 p.m. on 58, "The Voice"The competition moves to its next phase in this new episode. The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert, Aloe Blacc and Jill Scott are on hand to advise coaches Blake Shelton, Shakira, Adam Levine and Usher, respectively, as they prepare their contestants. After two members of each coach's team faceoffin duets, the coaches pick their strongest contenders and havethe option of stealing losing artists from the others in "The Battles, Round1

Premiere." 9 p.m. on TNT,"Dallas" — Remember Lucy, RayandAfton (Charlene Tilton, Steve Kanaly,

Audrey Landers)?They're back

Mom woITiesa out au teI;11

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-D and IMAXmovies • iNovie times are subject to change after press time. t

DearAbby:My ll-year-old daughter, "Gwen," just began middle school. Shegetsgoodgrades,butshe'sstrongwilled. Do kids grow up irmtantly whentheystartmiddle school'? She wants to knowif she can have a boyfriend. I told her not until she's

15. Now she's flirting with girls who ask her out. I told her to st

fr o


not because they are lesbians but because

they are not good girls. They are always in trouble. Gwen says I'm too strict, and if I

the person isn't the issue.

self, you'll save yourself a lot of frus-

Because you think she is hanging tration if you keep in mind that the out with the wrong crowd, my ad- person cares enough about you to vice is to make sure she is so busy try to be helpful. Allyou need to do is she doesn't have time to spend with smile and say firmlythatyou areunthem. Involve her in activities out- der adoctor' scare and are satisfied side of school — sports, scouting, with the treatment you are receiving. music or art. And be And, heaven forbid,ifanotherinsure she knows that dividual tells you thatyour MS is "all you are her forever in your head," remember that just mother and that noth- because a jackass brays does not ing she could ever do mean you have to pay attention. will lessen your love Confidential to My Irish Readers: forher. I received this Irish prayer from a Dear Abby: I am a 29-year-old reader. I'm sharing it with you today woman who has just been diag- in honor of St. Patrick's Day:

don't stop, she will run away. I adopt- nosed with multiple sclerosis. It has ed her at birth (it was an open adop- been a rough road,and I'm lucky to tion), and she recently asked me if I have such a supportive group. am going to place her for adoption. My issue is, when people find out, She was worried that I would. I am I get comments such as, 'Wow, you very concerned that she is hanging look so GOOD!" or ideas on how I out with the wrong crowd. should"cure" my MS. The most hurt— San Antonio Mom ful one was that it's all in myhead. DearMom: Peopledonotgrow up While I appreciate that folks care

Take time to work,

"instantly." I know individuals who are immature at 50, and I'm sure if you think about it, so do you. From

It is the road to happiness. Take time to love andbe loved, It is the privilege of the gods. Take time to share, Life is too short to be selfish.

and want to offer help, I find their

comments offensive and hurtful. How do I respond tactfully?

what youhave told me about your — Upset in Ohio daughter, it's clear that she is far Dear Upset:If someone says you from the grown-up she thinks she is. look good, respond as you would to If you donot to want Gwen to date any other compliment — say thank until she is older, that is your prerog- you. When someone offers a suggesative asher parent. The gender of

tion about how you can "cure" your-

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFOR MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014:This yearyouhaveto handle more than your share of demands, especially those that revolve around aspecial relationship. You often might not see eye-to-eye with this person, but you learn from each other, asyou both present different perceptions that are valid. Ifyou are single, you probably will date a lot and grow

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

find that relating to a child tests your need to control a situation. Your creativity will charge any interaction you havenow, especially if you embrace the Irish spirit. Tonight: Enjoy the moment. asyou come to Qars show the kind understand the varCANCER(Juse21dsly 22) ofdayyou'Ilhsve ** * * * D n a mic iouspersonaiities ** * Pressure builds, andthere aremany +~~~ p t youwi l l encounter. options. Youhaveastrong intuitive sense toIf You areattached, daythatyou'll put to gooduse. Adiscussion the two ofyou ben- with a loved onecould be difficult. You might ** So-so efit from a healthy * Difficult feel as if you havetoo much tojuggle. Elimidose of nostalgia nateasmuch asyoucan.Tonight:Athome. and romance. You LED (July23-Asg. 22) often wonder how much to giveand when ** * * Make yourself available for calls tosay"enough."Openupthisdiscussion and others' inquiries. You will receive a with your significant other. LIBRA isas spontaneous invitation thatyou would romantic as you are. like to sayyes to, but it might force you to ARIES (Msrch21-April19) cancel other established plans. Onlyyou ** * * Your instincts will help you under- can choose what to do. Tonight: Whatever stand a partner's needs. Besensitive with makesyou happy. this person. Understand thatyou are capa- VIRGO(Aug. 23-Sept. 22) ble of expressing unusual sensitivity. You *** * You could gooverboard whencelmight find that you're not sure how much to give. Don't worry so much. Tonight: Get ebrating your Irish heritage. Youmight feel uncomfortable when someonebrings up into the St. Paddy's Daymood. your tendency to overindulge. A loved one TAURUS(April 20-Msy 20) might try to encourage this conversation, ** * * Speakyour mind. You'll sense a which he or shecould feel is long overdue. changeinsomeone'sdemeanor thatcould Tonight: Try to relax. concern you. Your efforts count more than LIBRA(Sept. 28-Dct. 22) you realize. Approach anewsituation in a plans different way. Follow your intuition in order ** * * * You might have made with someone, only to have alast-minute to understand someone's odd reaction. changeoccur. Begracious, becauseyou Tonight: Paint the town green. could have aneven better time opting to GEMINI (Msy21-Jene 20) be spontaneous. If you are unattached, ** * * * You might not be in the right the potential for meeting someone is high. shapeto dowhatisnecessary.Youcould Remain open. Tonight: Party away.

Itistheprice ofsuccess, Take time to think,

It is the source of power. Take time to play, It is the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read,

It is the foundation of wisdom. Take time to be friendly,

Take time to laugh,

Laughter is the music of the soul. — Write to Dear Abbyat dearabbycom or P.o. Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

SCORPIO (Dct. 23-Nov. 21) ** If you want to let go of a tradition or decide not join in with the shamrocks and the green-themed parties, make it OK. It is quite possible thatyou need abreakfrom rituals, so take it. By nextyear, you might be more up for participating. Tonight: Not to be found. SAGITTARIUS Plov. 22-Dec. 21) ** * * * You'll want to network rather than be stuck in ameeting. Youwill feel100 percent Irish today. Nothing makesyou as happy as being the party animal you naturally are. Try to get started early on in your Irish transformation. Tonight: With friends. CAPRICORN(Dec. 22-Jas.19) ** * You naturally take the lead, whether you're at work or out socializing. Take charge — be it at the office, at home orat a St. Paddy's Day party. You might needto distance yourself from a situation that is evolving into a power play.Tonight: A must

appearance. AQUARIUS(Jsn. 20-Feb.18) ** * * * Your mind wanders today to distant places or people far awayYou might need to carefully rethink a decision involving a personal matter. How muchare you really willing to reveal? Recognize a limitation instead of avoiding it. Tonight: Try

a newspot. PISCES(Feb.19-March 20) ** * * * One-on-one relating could take a newtwist, as long as you remain open-minded. Perhapsadiscussionabout long-term goals with a close friend needs to happen. Youalso might find that you are changing your values andthe kind of people you are with. Tonight: Go with the flow. © King Features Syndicate




Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • 3 DAYS TO KILL (PG-13) 12:30, 4:10, 7:25, 10:10 • 12 YEARSASLAVE(R) 11:50a.m., 3:05, 6:10, 9:10 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 9:05 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE3-0 (R) 12:15, 3:30, 6:40, 9:55 • 300: RISEOFANEMPIREIMAX3-0 (R) 1:I5,4,7,9:35 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) 1:30, 4:40, 7:45 • DALLASBUYERSCLUB(R) I:35, 4:35, 7:45 • FROZEN(PG)12:25, 3:15, 6 • GRAVITY3-D(PG-13)1:05, 3:55, 7:30, 9:50 • THE MONijMENTSMEN(PG-13) 1:45, 4:45, 7:55 • MR.PEABODY8( SHERMAN (PG)12:IO,2:45,6:30,9 • MR.PEABODY 8 SHERMAN 3-0 (PG)1,3:40,7:10, 9:40 • THE LEGD MOVIE(PG) 12:40, 3:20, 6:45, 9:25 • NEED FOR SPEED(PG-13) 3, 9:20 • NEED FOR SPEED3-0 (PG-13) Noon, 6:20 • NON-STOP(PG-13) 12:50, 3:50, 7:20, 10 • PHILOMENA(PG-I3) 1:20, 4:20 • ROBOCOP(PG-13)6: 55,9:45 • SON OFGOD(PG-13) 11:45a.m., 2:55, 6:05, 9:15 • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies. •


McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • THEHOBBIT:THEDESOLATION OF SMAUG (PG-13) 5:30 • After 7p m.,showsare2fandolderonly.Youngerthan 2f mayattendscreenings before 7 p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • THEBROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN (no MPAA rating) 3:30 • THEGREAT BEAUTY (no MPAA rating)8:30 Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • 300: RISEOFAN EMPIRE(R)4:30,7 • MR.PEABODY 8 SHERMAN (PG)4:30,6:45 • NEED FOR SPEED(PG-13) 3:45, 6:30 • NON-STOP(PG-13) 4: I5, 6:45 Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • HER(R) 6 • THE MONijMENTSMEN(PG-13) 6 • MR. PEABODY Ilt SHERMAN(PG) 6:l5 • PHILOMENA(PG-13) 6:15 Madras Cinema5,1101 S.W.U.S.Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 7:10 • THELEGO MOVIE (PG)6:50 • MR.PEABODY8 SHERMAN (PG)7:20 • NEED FOR SPEED3-0 (PG-13) 7 • SON OFGOD(PG-13) 6:40 •

Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (Upstairs — R) 6:15 • MR.PEABODY8 SHERMAN (PG)6:30 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


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at Southfork for John Ross and Pamela's (Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo) wedding. Now all they need is the groom, who's off trying to make adeal with an adversary of the Ewings — or is he? As Nicolas and Elena(Juan Pablo Di Pace, Jordana Brewster) grow closer, Christopher (Jesse

Metcalfe) makes his own roman-

tic connection in the newepisode "Lifting the Veil." 10:01 p.m. on 58, "The Blacklist" — The next person on Red's

(JamesSpader) list is someone familiar: his former associate Mako Tanida (guest star Hoon Lee, "TeenageMutant Ninja Turtles"), a crime lord who hasescaped from prison with revenge on his mind in the newepisode "Mako Tanida." cr zap2it

' NQRTHWEsT CROSSING Aauard-aeinning neighborhood on Bend's teestside.

Pure. &mK6 t"o.

>j B~ dU rr Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview

La Pine 541.382.6447

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*Mustfinancewith FordMotor Credit Company, on approval ofcredit.


1994 GMC Sierra C1 500


20 0 5 Ford Focus SES

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix


td I I •

RETAILCUSTOMERCASH.............-$1>500 634,380 FORDCREDIT RETAILBONUS CUSTOMER CASH............................-$500 8%,880


*Must finance with Ford Motor Credit Company, on approval ofcredit.



MSRP.......... . . . . . . . . . . .. 829,885 WRIGHT FORD DISCOUNT......-61,052 628,833 RETAILCUSTOMERCASH...... -$2,000




I •



Stk.¹130208 VIN:615755

2009 Hyundai Accent GS



I I •




Stk.¹2064A VIN:161295


Stk.¹P2114A VIN:347683


t d I

I I •



2013 Ford Escape SEL AWD

t p I



SBL¹P20228 VIN:571960

2Q13 Nissan Julce AWD I



t p

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11 •


Stk.¹13092A VIN:135456

2006 Ford Ranger

2012 Ford Focus SEL

200~ C"ry""4'P'" 2 0 1 3 N issan Frontier Crew

2013 Ford Focus

4X4 Leather, 3rd Row Seat

td I

I I •


t p

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I I •

t d


Qk.¹P2125 VIN:A19167

2013 Ford Taurus SEL

N : 41163

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I I •


t p




2005 Ford Crew Cab 4X4


King Ranch 8 Leather


tp I •


I I •


t d I



2012 Ford Escape XLT 4x4 I




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• •

StIL¹P2119 :278030


2013 Ford F250 Supercab XLT Turbo Diesel

2013 Mazda CX-5 AWD

2012 Ford Flex SEL AWD

2012 GMC Terrain SLE AWD tp

ld I


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• •




A forillusrrationpurporasonlyAllprirsrsbownbeforelirsnssyitlaAIorfasrInapproaalofrradir>ubjarrtoyriorfals fupiressndofburinawday3/33/lp


Tennis, B8 THE BULLETIN • MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014


The week ahea Today NCAA women's basketball tournameut selection, 4 p.m. (ESPN) Surprising OregonState is expected to be in the field revealed for the NCAA tourney field. TheBeavers, who have not appeared in theNCAA tournament since 1996, figure to be among the 64 teams selected.

A rundown of gamesandevents to watch for locally, regionally and nationally from the world of sports:



NBA, Milwaukee atPortland, 7 p.m. (CSNNW): TheBucksmaketheir lone appearance oftheseasonattheModa Center, and they bring with them the worst record in the league.TheTrail Blazers, meanwhile, appear to bein good shape to makethe playoffs but are looking to improve upontheir current fifth place in theWestern Conference.

Men's college basketball, NCAA MLB, Los AngelesDodgersvs.ArizonaDitournament first round, Oregon vs. amoudbacks, Sydney,Australia (MLBNetBYU at Milwaukee (TruTV): In the work): The regular seasongets underway West Regional the selection commit- Down Under with two gamesbeing staged tee booked aninteresting rematch of at the 38,500-seat SydneyCricket Ground. aDec.21gameinwhichtheDucks The games —Saturday night (1 a.m. PDT) beat the Cougars100-96 in overtime and Sundayafternoon (7 p.m. PDTSaturbehind JasonCalliste's 31 points. Or- day) — will be the first regular-season maegonisa No. 7seed, BYUNo.10. jor league gamesever played in Australia.


Sunday Running, Sunriver Mudslinger, 1 p.m.: If you are into getting filthy, this is the event for you. The1.5-mile course near the Sunriver Marina features numerous obstacles andmud pits to run, crawl and jump through. Newthis year is atimed race starting at1 p.m.; noncompetitive, untimed wavesstart at1:20 p.m. Toregister, visit



Spring sports season degins Three baseball games, two softball games and agolf meet will take place todayas the high school sports calendar turn to the spring season. In baseball and softball, Sisters travels to Madras, and Summit plays at South Eugene. The La Pinebaseball team heads north to Bend to face theSummit JV team. Also, Bend High takes along drive to the coast to openthe boys golf season today at Bandon Dunes,and Mountain View boys lacrosse heads to Burns to play HarneyCounty.








ac u5e

e eS On e l l

— Bulletin staff report

ea wit toume S


D'dacksacemay de out for season SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.

• Resort announces Central Oregon Amateur to add to its expanding portfolio of events By Zack Hall The Bulletin

Black Butte Ranch has never been a stranger to

golf tournaments. But in its first 40 years, the sprawling resort northwest of Sisters with two

golf courses has never really hosted its own cornerstone tournament.

If all goes as planned, Black Butte Ranch is hop-

ing that will change this season. The resort announced recently that it has

launched what it calls the Central Oregon Amateur,

a 36-hole individual strokeplay tournament scheduled for July that organizers hope will become among the most important amateur tournaments in the

region. The newly created event

is part of a rapidly expanding tournament portfolio for Black Butte Ranch that

includes four homespun tournaments created in

Central Oregon Amateur Format:36-hole individual stroke play Where:Black Butte Ranch's Glaze Meadow and Big Meadow courses When:July11-13 Other BlackButte Ranch tuurnuments in 2014: Central Oregon Shootout, April 2427; Oregon Open Invitational, June 10-12; Grapes & Golf, Sept. 11-13; Battle at the Butte, Oct. 3-5 For more golf



Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch's directorofgolf. "We are trying to develop them ourselves with our own name on them."

See Black Butte/B6

By Beau Eastes • The Bulletin

heri Fayal's "aha moment" ~ e on the Whoops Trail, but it was far from an accident. An occasional mountain bike rider who would "tag along" on rides with her husband when they moved

to Bendthreeyearsago,Fayalhad neverdared going down the notoriously fast and flowing trail in the Phil's

Bellas, a local women's cycling group.

2014 Oregon Open and the annual Central Oregon

Black Butte Ranch," says

• Bend Bellas helping to growcycling amongCentral Oregonwomen

Trail complex west of town. But then she joined the Bend

the last year, as well as the

"We are trying to do four or five signature events for

Andy Tullie i The Bulletin

Bend Bellas women's cycling group members, from left, Sarah McDougall, Kelly McNamara and Karen Cox stand together near Pine Mountain Sports in Bend on Friday.

• Sendon shoots 70 to win Valspar Championship. Golf roundup,BB • Golf scoreboard and calendar of local events,BB

"Whoops was always so intimidating," says Fayal, 47, who began biking with the Bellas last spring. "My husband eventually

went down Whoops with a GoPro (hands-free video recorder).... I watched the video and thought, 'I can do that.'

BendBellas women'scyclinggroup What:Kickoff meeting When:Thursday, April 10, 7 p.m. Where:Pine Mountain Sports, Bend Email:questions@bendbellacyclists. org "Several of us (Bella riders) had never done Whoops before, but we m ustered up thecourage and did it," Fayal adds. "We were screaming 'Woohoo!' — taking the turns and jumps and using all these different skills on this rolling terrain. That was my aha moment of, 'OK, I can do this.' "

"It's just so awesome tosee each other supporting one another and clapping. It's empowering to meet those challenges and it's great fun to be part of a group." — Sheri Fayal

A wave of timed

Bulletin staff report Nearly 300 participants turned out

leaves the starting line of the St. Pat-

t a k i n g 16th overall in 20:46.3. Amy

ed and finished at Deschutes Brew- Holcomb, of Bend, took second in the ery's downtown pub. women's field i n 2 1:34.6 and Bend's Robbie Donohue was inSf"e Melan ie Mangin, also of Bend, the overall winner, finishing the • Complete placed third in (22:46.4). results, loop course in 16 minutes, 2.3 The course traversed through BB seconds.Fellow Bendites Sean downtown Bend and Drake Cronin (17:12.6) and Erik HamPark, a c ross t h e C o l orado mer (17:26.6) placed second and third, Street footbridge, past Columbia and respectively. Harmon parks, and eventually back Natalia Martin, also of Bend, was the first woman to cross the finish line,

t h r o ugh Drake after running over the M i r r or Pond footbridge.

— The Associated Press

NBA Thompson's trey sinks Blazers Stephen Curry scores 28 of his 37 points in the second half and Klay Thompson makes the go-ahead 3-pointer with11.1 seconds remaining as GoldenState hands the Portland Trail Blazers a113-112 loss Sunday nightB7

See Bellas/B5

Big turnout for St. Patrick's DayDash for Sunday's St. Patrick's Day Dash in Bend, a 5-kilometer fun run that start-

— Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Patrick Corbin has apartially torn ligament in his left elbow that may require season-ending surgery. Corbin said Sunday he has apartial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament and is getting a second opinion with noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews before deciding whether to try to rehab the injury or have surgery. "This is all new to me," he said. "I've never been hurt before, so I'm just trying to get through it." Corbin had been designated the team's opening day starter against the LosAngeles Dodgers in Australia, but left Saturday's game against Cleveland in the seventh inning with forearm stiffness.


rick's Day Dash on Sunday in downtown Bend. Joe Kline i The Bulletin

MOTOR SPORTS Fords rule at rainy Bristol Carl Edwards claimed a rain-soaked win at Bristol Motor Speedway, where weather wreaked havoc on yet another Sprint Cup racethis season. Edwards led Roush FenwayRacing teammate Ricky Stenhouse Jr. across the finish line. Aric Almirola from Richard Petty Motorsports was third as Ford drivers swept the top three spots,B4

See photos from the last weekof prep sports on our website:beudbullutiu.cum/ spurts






Time T V/Radify

MLB Preseason, St. Louis at Boston

10 a.m. E S PN


NHL, Minnesota at Boston

4:30 p.m. NBCSN


NBA, OklahomaCity at Chicago NBA, Los AngelesClippers at Denver

5 p.m. E S PN 7:30 p.m. ESPN


Boxing, Julian Williams vs. FreddyHernandez

5 :30 p.m. F S 1


Time T V/Radify

MLB preseason, Boston at NewYork Yankees MLB preseason, SanDiego at Seattle

10 a.m. E S PN 7 p.m. Roo t


Men's college, NIT,West Virginia vs. Georgetown Men's college, NIT, Florida Gulf Coast vs. Florida State Men's college, NIT,Robert Morris vs. St. John's Men's college, NIT, IndianaState vs. Arkansas Men's college, NIT,Davidson vs. Missouri Men's college, NIT,Georgia State vs. Clemson NBA, Milwaukee atPortland

4 p.m.


4 p.m. E SPN2 4 p.m. E SPNU 6 p.m. E S PN 6 p.m. E SPN2 6 p.m. E SPNU 7 p.m. CSNNW, 1110-AM, 100.1-FM

Men's college, NIT,Utah vs. St. Mary's

8 p.m. E SPN2


NHL, Chicago at Philadelphia 4:30 p.m. NBCSN SOCCER UEFAChampionsLeague,Chelseavs.Galatasary 12:30p.m. FS1 UEFAChampionsLeague,RealMadridvs.Schalke12:30p.m. FS2 CONCACAF Champions League, Club Tijuana vs. LosAngeles 7 p.m. FS2

ON DECK Today Baseball:Sistersat Madras, 4:30p.m.; LaPineat SummiJV, t 4 p.m.; Summit at SouthEugene,4:30 p.m. Softbag: Summit at South Eugene,4:30p.m.; Sisters at Madras, 4:30p.m. Boys golhBendatBandonDunes,TBD Boys tacresse:MountainViewatHarneyCounty,5p.m.


Baseball:Sisters at Summit, 4 p.m.; TheDalles Wahtonk aatRedmond,4:30p.m. SoNbag: TheDallesWahtonkaatRedmond,4;30p.m.; Madrasat Summit, 4:30p.m. Boysgolf:Bend,Summit,Redmond,CrookCounty, Ridgeviewat BrasadaRanch,12:30p.m. Track andfield: Bend,Mountain View, LaPine, Ridgeview,Sisters, Gilchrist at MountainView Icebreaker, TBD Boyslacrosse:WestAlbanyatBend,5p.m.;RedmondatSistersJV6p m Girls lacrosse: BendatThurston, 4p.m.

Thursday SoNbag: Spragueat MountainView,4:30 p.m. Girls golhBend,Summ it, Red mond, Ridgeview at CrookedRiverRanch,11 a.m. Boys tennis:Sistersat CrookCounty,4p.m.; Madras at Ridgeview,4p.m. Girls tennis: Sisters at CrookCounty, 4 p.m.; Ridgeview atMadras,4 p.m. Trackand field:CulveratRegis CoedRelays,4 p.m. Friday Baseball: SouthEugeneat Mountain View,4:30p.m.; Summit atEaglePoint (DH),3 p.mcLaPineat Ridgeview,4 p.m.;Sisters in Arizona; Madrasat Redmond,4:30 p.m. SoflbaB: Sisters at Summ it, 4 p.m.; Ridgeviewat La Pine, 4p.m.;RedmondatMadras,4:30p.m. Boys lacrosse:Bendvs. Rocky Mountain(Idaho) in Boise, 7p.mcMountain Viewat LaSalle, 7 p.m.; Liberly atSisters, 7p.m.; Glencoeat Summit, 8

TENNIS Professional

SPORTS IN BRIEF PREPS StOrm bayS lax gOeS1-2 in IdahO — Summlt's boys lacrosse team openedtheseason by going 1-2 this past weekend at atournament in Boise, Idaho. TheStorm kicked off the tourney Friday with a 14-10 victory over Idaho's Centennial High before falling to Califorina'sCasaGrande16-9and Idaho'sEagleHigh9-8onSaturday.

BNPParibasOpen Sunday At TheIndianWells TennisGarden IndianWells, Calif. Purse:Men:$6.17 million (Masters1BBB) Women:S6.96million (Premier) Surface:Hard-Outdoor Singles Men Championship NovakDiokovic (2), Serbia, def.Roger Federer (7), Switzerland,3-6,6-3, 7-6(3). Women Championship FlaviaPenneta(20), Italy,def.AgnieszkaRadwanska (2),Poland,6-2,6-1.




UO men, wOmenClaim NCAAindOOrtitleS — BothOregon men's andwomen'steamswerecrownedchampionsattheindoor track and field championships Saturday at Albuquerque, N.M.The Oregon womenneeded avictory in the 4x400-meter relay to secure their fifth consecutive indoor title, and Phyllis Francis ran theanchor leg as the Ducks prevailed by.02 seconds. TheDucksfinished the meet with 44 points to beat runner-up Texas byhalf a point. Georgia and Florida tied for third, each with 40.5 points. TheOregon men's team won by amore comfortable margin, scoring 62 points to 54 for Arkansas and 35for Florida for the Ducks' first indoor men's national title since 2009. Amongthe highlight performers for the Oregon men wasfreshman Edward Cheserek,whowonboththe3,000andthe 5,000.

BASEBALL BeaverS wrap upSweep OfUtah —JaceFrytossed athree-hit shutout for his fourth win of the season,and Michael Conforto drove in three runs asOregonState defeated Utah8-0 on Sunday to complete a sweepof thethree-game Pac-12 Conference series at Smith's Ballpark in Salt LakeCity. Fry struck out six batters and walkednone, improving his record this season to4-0. The Beavers(3-0 Pac-12, 18-3 overall) gota fast start en route to their10th consecutive win, scoring three runs in the first inning with the help of atwo-run single by Conforto. BradenAnderson hadtwo hits for the Utes (0-3, 8-10). Logan Ice hadthree hits and scored two runs for OSU,which returns to action Friday with the opener of athree-game series against Arizona State at GossStadium in Corvallis. DuCkS Will SerieS OVei' USC —Oregon got a big early lead for starting pitcher Jeff Gold, who hikedhis record this season to 5-0 with the Ducks'7-2 Pac-12Conferencevictory over USCon Sunday in the final game of a three-game series at PKPark in Eugene. Afour-run second inning put Oregon up5-0, and Goldprotected the leadthrough 6'/5 innings, allowing two runs onsix hits with six strikeouts and no walks. Tyler Baumgartner had two hits and drove in three runs for the Ducks (2-1 Pac-12,14-5 overall), and Aaron Paynehadtwo hits and scored twice. Fivepitchers combined to issue ninewalks for the Trojans (1-2,10-8), who wonthe series opener before losing two in arow. Oregon opens a three-game homeseries against Utah onFriday.

SOCCER Timbers play to1-1 draw with Fire onlate goal —Gaston Fernandezscored in the79th minute to pull the Portland Timbers to a1-1 draw with theChicago Fire onSunday in Portland. It wasthe second gamethat thenewly acquired Argentine forward scored alate equalizer. Fernandez'sgoal in stoppagetime gavethe Timbers a1-1 tie in the openeragainst Philadelphia last weekend.Jeff Larentowicz scored on apenalty kick in the19th minute for the Fire,who shook up their starting lineupafter a3-2 loss to Chivas in their opener. Portland dominated possession at 64percent, but several goodchances atgoals just missed. FiregoalkeeperSeanJohnson hadsix saves.TheTimbers had what looked like asure chance inthe 56th minute, but Maximilliano Urruti slipped onhis charge toward SeanJohnson in theChicago goal. The Timbers got ascare a minute later when Ricketts went down after getting bumped byAmarikwa. Evenafter he got upand returned to the goal, he appearedshaken up. Ricketts finished with three saves.

CYCLING ColombianCarlos Betancur winsParis-Nice race —Colombian rider Carlos Betancur wonthe Paris-Nice cycling racewhile Arthur Vichot took victory on the last stage onSunday in Nice, France. Vichot outsprinted JoseJoaquin Rojas Gil andCyril Gautier on the PromenadedesAnglais to finish in 3 hours, 6 minutes, 56 seconds on the128-kilometer trek around Nice. In theoverall standings, Betancur was14 seconds aheadof world champion Rui Costa, whocrashed in the final straight. Vichot placed third, 20 secondsbehind Betancur.

FOOTBALL BrOnCOS Sign fOrmer SteeierS reCeiver —TheDenver Broncos gavePeyton Manning another receiving option, agreeing to a three-year contract with former Pittsburgh wideout Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders, a third-round draft pick in 2010, had161 catches for 2,030 yards and 11touchdowns in four seasons with the Steelers. He started10 gamesfor Pittsburgh last season. — From wire reports

SprintCup FoodCity600 Sunday At BristolMotorSpeedway Bristol, Tenn. Lap length:.633 miles

(Start positioninparentheses) 1. (12)CarlEdwards,Ford,503laps,119.2 rating,47 points,$234,225. 2. (21) RickyStenhouseJr., Ford,503, 98.9, 42, $166,400. 3. (23)AricAlmirola,Ford,503,101.9, 41,$160,161. 4. (37) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 503, 87.1, 40, $148,083. 5. (5) MarcosAmbrose, Ford,503,89,39,$131145. 6. (1) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 503,97.8,39, S116,865. 7. (6)Jeff Gordon,Chevrolet,503,88.6,37, $143,051. 8. (10) KaseyKahne, Chevrolet, 503, 106.3, 37, $114,965. 9. (38)BrianVickers, Toyota, 503,83.3, 35,S131,440. 10. (20) Kyle Larson,Chevrolet, 503, 104.5, 34, $128,160. 11. (26) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 503, 67.4, 33, $143,176. 12. (8)GregBiffle, Ford,503,74,32,$139,240. 13. (3) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 503, 120.4, 33, $153,826. 14. (2)BradKeselowski,Ford,503,104, 31,$139398. 15. (15)ClintBowyerToyota,503,675,30,$133531. 16. (9) RyanNewman, Chevrolet, 503, 76.6, 28, $104,865. 17. (30) Justin Allgaier,Chevrolet, 502,62.7, 27, $123,273. 18. (36) DanicaPatrick, Chevrolet,502, 55.6, 26, $104,340. 19. (11) JimmiJohnson, e Chevrolet, 501,87.4,26, $146,551. 20. (4)JoeyLogano, Ford, 500, 92.3,25, $138,231. 21. (28) Paul Menard,Chevrolet, 500, 66.9, 23, $123,629. 22. (16) David Gilliland, Ford, 500, 65.6, 22, $119,598. 23. (32)JoshWise, Chevrolet, 499,48.4,21, $91,865. 24. (14)DaleEarnhardt Jr., Chevrolet,499,74.8, 20, $102,990. 25. (22) A JAllmendinger, Chevrolet, 498,62.2,19, $109,448. 26. (34) MichaelAnnett, Chevrolet, 497,44.3, 18, $106,123. 27. (25) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 497, 53.6,17, $111,762. 28. (35) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, 497,44.9, 16, $94,065. 29.(7) KyleBusch,Toyota,496,99 7, 16,$138806. 30. (31) LandonCassill, Chevrolet, 496, 34.5, 0, $92,115. 31.(19)DavidRagan,Ford,495,43 6,13,S)00 315. 32. (33)AlexBowman,Toyota,493,41.4,12, $89,740. 33. (39)TravisKvapil, Ford,491,35.2,11, S89,690. 34. (41) ParkerKligerman,Toyota, 487, 31.8, 10, $89,640. 35. (13) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 473, 68.8, 10, $89,590. 36. (29) MartinTruexJr., Chevrolet, 471, 52.2, 8, $117,448. 37. (24) MichaelMcDo wel, Ford, 469, 40.8, 7, $89,479. 38. (17)JamieMcMurray, Chevrolet, accident,453, 84.5, 7,$121,894. 39.(27)KevinHarvick,Chevrolet,accident,450,99.2, 6,S121,713. 40. (18)ColeWhitt, Toyota,430, 39,4, S76,680. 41. (42)JoeNemechek, Toyota, reargear, 322, 27.6, 0, S80,680. 42. (40)RyanTruex, Toyota, accident,271,30.4, 2, $68,680. 43. (43)TimmyHil, Chevrolet,accident,160,23.9, 1,S65,180.


In the Bleachers O 2014 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Uccck www gocomlcs com/inthebreachers

Tuesday Baseball:LaPineat Culver(DH),2 p.m. Softbag: LaPineatCulver(DH), 2p.m. Boys tennis:Bendat Madras,4 p.m.; Sistersat Redmond, 4p.m.;RidgeviewatTheDalles,4p.m. Girls tennis: Madrasat Bend, 4 p.m.; Sistersat Redmond, 4p.m.;TheDagesatRidgeview,4p.m.


Listingsarethe mostaccurate available. TheBulletinis not responsible for late changesmadeby 7Vor radio stations.



> kl



"It's part of my court-ordered community service."


Sunday'sGames Minnesota 4,Miami(ss)2 N.Y.Mets(ss) 10,St.Louis 4 Tampa Bay8, Boston 4 Toronto4, Baltimore3, 10innings Washington(ss) 4, Houston 3 N.Y.Yankees(ss)7, Atlanta4 Pittsburgh 5, Philadelphia0 Detroit 2,Washington(ss) 1 N.Y.Yankees(ss)7, Miami(ss) 0 Cleveland (ss) 3, ChicagoCubs(ss)2 Texas14,ChicagoWhite Sox8 Cincinnati7,Oa kland6 Chicago Cubs(ss)6, N.Y.Mets(ss)3 Seattle 5,L.A.Angels3 Cleveland (ss) 5, SanFrancisco1 L.A. Dodgers 3, Colorado3, tie Kansas City9, SanDiego6,10 innings Arizona6, Milwaukee5 Today'sGames N.Y.Yankeesvs.PittsburghatBradenton,Fla.,10:05 a.m. Washington vs. Detroit at Lakeland,Fla., 10:05a.m. Atlantavs.Houstonat Kissimmee, Fla.,10:05a.m. St. Louisvs.Bostonat Fort Myers, Fla.,10:05a.m. Baltimore(ss) vs. Philadelphia at Clearwater,Fla., 10:05a.m. N.Y.Metsvs.Miamiat Jupiter, Fla.,10:05a.m. ChicagoCubs(ss)vs. Oaklandat Phoenix,1:05 p.m. San Franciscovs. L.A.Angels(ss) at Tempe, Ariz., 1:05p.m. Cleveland vs. Cincinnati atGoodyear,Ariz.,1:05 p.m. ChicagoWhiteSoxvs. Milwaukeeat Phoenix, 1:05 p.m. Coloradovs.SanDiegoat Peoria,Ariz.,1:05 p.m. L.A. Angels(ss) vs.Chicago Cubs(ss)at Mesa,Ariz., 1:05p.m. Minnesotavs.Baltimore (ss)atSarasota,Fla.,4:05p.m. Texasvs.KansasCity atSurprise, Ariz., 6:05p.m.

College Pac-12Standings All TimesPDT

Formula One AustralianGrandPrix


Af AlbertParkcircuit Melbourne,Australia Lap length:3.30 miles 1. Nico Rosberg,Germ any, Mercedes, 57 laps, 1:32:58.710,121.203mph.

2. Kevin Magnussen, Denm ark, McLaren, 57, 1;33;25.487. 3.JensonButton,England,McLaren,57,1:33:28.737. 4. Fernando Alonso,Spain, Ferrari, 57,1:33:33.994. 5. ValtteriBottas,Finland,Wiliams,57,1:33:46.349. 6. Nico Hulkenberg,Germ any, Force India, 57, 1:33:49.428. 7. KimiRaikkonen,Finland, Ferrari, 57,1:33:56.385. 8. Jean-Eric Vergne, France,Toro Rosso, 57, 1:33;59.151. 9. DaniilKvyat,Russia, ToroRosso,57,1:34:02.295. 10. SergioPerez,Mexico,ForceIndia,57,1:34:24.626. 11. AdrianSutil, Germany,Sauber, 56,+1 lap. 12. Esteban Gutierrez, Mexico, Sauber, 56,+1lap. 13. MaxChilton, England,Marussia, 55,+2 laps. Nof Classified 14. JulesBianchi, France,Marussia,49,1:34:32.241. 15. Romain Grosiean, France,Lotus, 43,ERS. 16.PastorMaldonado,Venezuela,Lotus,29,ERS. 17. MarcusEricsson,Swede n, Caterham,27, Oil Pressure. 18. Sebastian Vettel, Germany,RedBull, 3,Retired. 19. LewisHamilton, England, Mercedes,2, Engine. 20. FelipeMassa, Brazil, Wiliams,0, Accident. 21. KamuiKobayashi,Japan,Caterham,0, Accident. 22. DanieRi l cciardo,Australia, RedBull,57, Disqualified.


Gafornafionals Sunday Af Auto-PlusRaceway Gainesville, Fla. Final FinishOrder TopFuel 1. DougKalitta; 2. AntronBrown;3. MorganLucas; 4. SteveTorrence;5. DavidGrubnic; 6. Spencer Massey; 7.TonySchumacher; 8. J.R.Todd;9. Richie Crampton;10. Brittany Force;11. Khalid alBalooshi;12.LeahPritchett;13. ShawnLangdon; 14. BobVandergriff; 15. Sidnei Frigo;16. Clay Millican. FunnyCar 1. RobertHight; 2. JohnForce;3. CourtneyForce;4. RonCapps;5. DelWorsham;6. TimWilkerson; 7. JackBeckman; 8. BobTasca II; 9. CruzPedregon; 10. AlexisDeJoria;11. Tomm y JohnsonJr.; 12. TonyPedregon;13.BlakeAlexander;14. Matt Hagan; 15.JeffArend;16. Chad Head. Pro Stock 1. AllenJohnson;2. EricaEnders-Stevens;3. Vincent Nobil e;4.Dave Connolly;5.Jason Line;6.V. Gaines;7. JegCoughlin; 8. ShaneGray; 9. Chris McGaha;10.JonathanGray; 11. Rodger Brogdon; 12. SteveKent; 13. Matt Harfford;14.Robert Patrick;15.JimmyAlund;16. LarryMorgan. Pro StockMotorcycle 1. Steve Johnson; 2. Scotty Pollacheck;3.John Hal; 4. HectorAranaJr; 5. MattSmith; 6. MichaelRay; 7.EddieKrawiec;8.AndrewHines;9.ShawnGann; 10. KatieSullivan; 11.ChazKennedy; 12. Adam Arana;13.Jim Underdahl; 14.Jerry Savoie; 15. FredrikFredlund;16.Hector Arana.

NationalInvitationTournament All TimesPOT Firsl Round Tuesday, Marcb18 Robert Morris(21-13) atSt.John's(20-12),4 p.m. FloridaGulfCoast(22-12)at FloridaState(19-13), 4

West Virginia(17-15)atGeorgetown(17-14),4p.m. Belmont(24-9) at Wisconsin-GreenBay (24-6), 5:15 p.m. HighPoint(16-14)atMinnesota(20-13),5:15 p.m. GeorgiaState(25-8) atClemson(20-12),6p.m. Indiana State(23-10) atArkansas(21-11),6 p.m. Davidson(20-12)atMissouri (22-11),6p.m. Utah(21-11)atSt.Mary's(CA), 8p.m. Wednesday, March19 glinois(19-14)atBostonU.(24-10),4 p.m. lona(22-10) at LouisianaTech (27-7),4:30p.m. Vermont(22-10)atGeorgia(19-13),5p.m. Toledo(27-6) atSouthernMiss(27-6), 5:30p.m. UC Irvine(23-11)atSMU(23-9), 6p.m. LSU(19-13)at SanFrancisco(2)-11), 7p.m. UtahValley(20-11)atCalifornia (19-13), 7:30p.m. SecondRound Thursday,March20-Monday, March24 RobertMorris-St. John'swinner vs. Belmont-Wisconstn-Green Baywinner FloridaGulfCoast-FloridaStatewinnervs.West Virginia-Georgetown winner High Point-Minnesotawinnervs. Utah-St. Mary's (CA) winner GeorgiaState-Clemsonwinner vs. Illinois-Boston U. winner Indiana State-Arkansaswinner vs.UtahValley-California winner Davidson-Missouriwinnervs. Toledo-Southern Miss winner lona-Louisiana Techwinnervs. Vermont-Georgiawinner UC Irvine-SMU winnervs. LSU-San Franciscowinner Quarlerfinals Tuesday,March26-Wednesday, March26 TBD Af MadisonSquareGarden NewVork Semifinals Tuesday, April1 Semifinal,4p.m. Semifinal6:30 , p.m. Champion ship Thursday, April 3 Semifinalwinners,4p.m. Tournament All TimesPOT

Firsl Round MondayMarch17 HolyCross(19-13) atBrown(15-13),4pm. Tuesday, Marcb18

VMI (19-12) atCanisius(20-12),4 p.m. WrightState(20-14)atEast Carolina (17-16),4 pm. NorfolkState(19-14)at Eastern Michigan (21-14), 4 p.m. Chattanooga(18-14)atETSU(18-15), 4p.m. Columbia(19-12)atValparaiso(18-15),4:05 p.m. Alabama State (19-12) atSamHouston State (23-10),

TBA PortlandState(1714) atSanDiego(1616), TBA Wednesday March20 Quinnipiac (20-11)atYale(15-13),4 p.m. Towson (23-10)at S.C.Upstate(19-14),4p.m. Cleveland State(21-11)atOhio (23-11),4 p.m. Akron(21-12)atIPFW(24-10), 7p.m. MurrayState(18-11) at Missouri State(20-12), 5:05 p.m. NorthDakota(1716) at NebraskaOmaha(16 14),507 p.m. Pacific(15-15)at GrandCanyon(15-14),7 p.m. TexasABMCorpusChristi (17-15)atNorthernColorado SOCCER (18-13),TBA SecondRound MLS Friday,March21-Saturday,March22 MAJORLEAGUESOCCER Quarlerfinals All TimesPOT Tuesday,March25-Thursday,March27 Semifinals EasternConference Tuesday, April1 W L T P l sGF GA Champion ship Houston 2 0 0 6 5 0 Thursday, April3 Philadelphia 1 0 1 4 2 1 CollegeBasketballInvitational Columbu s 1 0 0 3 3 0 All limesPOT TorontoFC 1 0 0 3 2 1 Firsl Round Chicago 0 1 1 I 3 4 Tuesday,March18 NewYork 0 1 1 I 2 5 SportingKansasCity 0 1 1 I 1 2 StonyBrook(23-10)atSiena(15-17),7p m. Wednesday, March19 Montreal 0 2 0 0 2 4 D.C. 0 1 0 0 0 3 SouthDakotaState (19-12) at OldDominion (16-17), 7p.m. NewEngland 0 2 0 0 0 5 Fresno State(1716) atUTEP(2310),9p m. WesternConference g atTexasA&M(17-15),8p.m. W L T P l sGF GA Wyomin(18-14) P nnceton (20-8) atTulane(17-16), 8pm. Vancou ver 1 0 1 4 5 2 State (20-13) at glinoisState(16-15), 8:05 ChivasUSA 1 0 1 4 4 3 Morehead p.m. FC Dallas 1 0 1 4 4 3 R adford (21-12) atOregonState (16-15),TBA RealSaltlake 1 0 1 4 4 3 Seattle 1 1 0 3 2 2 Hampton(18-12) atPennState (15-17),TBA Guarlerfinals Portland 0 0 2 2 2 2 Monday,March24 SanJose 0 0 1 I 3 3 Stony Brook-Si e na winnervs. Ham pton-Penn State Colorado 0 0 1 I 1 1 winner,TBA LosAngele s 0 1 0 0 0 1 South Dakota State-Old Dom inion winnervs. RadNOTE: Threepoints forvictory, onepoint for tie. ford-Oregon Statewinner,TBA Wyomi n g-Te xas A&M w in ner vs. MoreheadState-lliSunday'sGames nois Statewinner,TBA Portland1,Chicago1,tie FresnoState-UTEPwinner vs. Princeton-Tulanewinner, ChivasUSA1, Vancouver1, tie TBA Saturday'sGames Semifinals RaceStatistics Vancouver at NewEngland,11a.m. Wednesday,March26 Average SpeedofRaceWinner:84.051mph. SeattleFCat Montreal,1 p.m. Championship Series Time of Race:3 hours, 11minutes, 23seconds. Los Angeleat s Real Salt Lake,1 p.m. (Besf-of-3) Margin ofVicfory: UnderCaution. D.C.UnitedatToronto FC,1.30p.m. (x-if necessary) Caution Flags:12for 95laps. PhiladelphiaatColumbus, 3p.m. Monday,March31 LeadChanges:20among12drivers. PortlandatColorado,3 p.m. TBD,TBA Lap Leaden:D.Haminl 1; B.Keselowski 2-41;J.Lo- Chiva sUSAatFCDallas,5:30p.m. Wednesday, April 2 gano42-53;J.Johnson54-97; M.Kenseth 98-119; SanJoseat Sporting KansasCity,5:30p.m. TBD,TBA Ku.Busch 120; M.Kenseth 121-152; Ku.Busch Sunday,March23 Friday,April4 153-178; J.McMurray179-188; Ku.Busch189; NewYorkat Chicago,noon x-TBD,TBA C.Bowyer190-194; Ky.Busch195-267; K.Kahne 268-277; D.Hamlin 278; K.Kahne 279-284; Women's col ege l BASKETBALL M.Kens eth 285-333;D.Hamlin 334;M.Kenseth Sunday's Scores 335-396 ;D.Hamlin397;K.Harvick398-425;C.EdTournamen t Men's college wards426-503. AtlanticSunConference Leadem Summary(Driver,TimesLed, fapsLed): Sunday' s Sco res Championship M.Kenseth,4timesfor165 laps; C.Edwards,1 time Tournament FloridaGulfCoast72,Stetson70, OT for 78 laps;Ky.Busch, 1time for 73laps; J.JohnAtlantic 10Conference Colonial AthleticAssociation son, 1 time for 44laps;B.Keselowski, 1 timefor Championship Champion ship 40 laps;Ku.Busch,3 timesfor 28laps; K.Harvick, SaintJoseph's65,VCU61 J ames M a dison 70 , D elaware45 1time for 28laps; K.Kahne, 2 timesfor 16 laps; AtlanticCoastConference H orizon Le ague J.Logano,1 timefor 12 laps; J.McMurray,1 time Championship Championship for 10laps;C.sowyer, 1timefor 5laps; D.Hamlin, Virginia72,Duke63 WrightSt.88,GreenBay69 4timesfor4 laps. Big Ten Conference MissouriValleyConference Wins: D.EarnhardtJr., 1; C.Edwards, 1; K.Harvick, 1; Championship Champion ship Bra.Keselowski1. , MichiganSt. 69,Michigan55 WichitaSt.73,Drake49 Top 12 inPoinls:1. Bra.Keselowski, 163;2. D.EarnSoutheasternConference NorlheastConference hardtJr.,153;3.C.Edwards,152; 4.J.Gordon,152; Championship Championship 5. J.Johnson,143;6.J.Logano,141; 7. D.Hamlin, Florida61,Kentucky60 Robert Morris 78,St. Francis(Pa.)64 140; 8. M.Kenseth,138; 9. R.Newman, 125; 10. SunBeltConference SouthlandConference R.Stenhouse Jr., 122; 11.K.Kahne,120; 12.G.BifChampionship Champion ship fle,118. Louisiana-Lafayette 82, GeorgiaSt.81, OT Northwestern St.62,StephenF.Austin 44

Conference Overall OregonState 3 -0 18- 3 UCLA 3-0 12- 7 Oregon 2 -1 14- 5 2-1 12- 5 Washington 2-1 6-9 Washington State 1-1 8-9 Stanford 1 -2 10 -8 USC Arizona 1 -2 12 - 11 1-2 9-8 ArizonaState California 0 -3 10- 8 0 -3 8-1 0 Utah Sunday'sGames OregonState8, Utah0 Oregon7,USC2 Washington State3,Arizona2 Washington 4, ArizonaState3 UCLA6,California1 Tuesday'sGames PortlandatWashington,5 p.m. UtahValleyat Utah, 5p.m. GrandCanyonat Arizona,6 p.m. WashingtonStateatSanDiego, 6p.m. StonyBrookat USC, 6p.m. WichitaStateatArizonaState 630pm CaliforniaatFresnoState, 6:35p.m. Wednesday'sGames WashingtonStateatSanDiego, 6p.m. WichitaStateatArizonaState 630pm Friday'sGam es ArizonaatWashington, 6 p.m. Utah atOregon, 6p.m. WashingtonStateatUCLA, 6p.m. CaliforniaatCalPoly, 6p.m. ArizonaStateat OregonState, 7p.m. USCatStanford, 7 p.m.

HOCKEY NHL EaslernConference AtlanticDivision Boston Montreal Toronto lampaBa y Detroit Ottawa Florida Buffalo

GP W L OT Pls GF GA 6 7 45 17 5 9 5 215 146 6 9 37 25 7 8 1 174 174 6 9 36 25 8 8 0 203 211 6 7 36 24 7 7 9 194 175 67 30 24 13 73 175 188 67 28 26 13 69 190 221 6 8 25 35 8 5 8 169 221 6 8 19 41 8 4 6 132 202

MetropolitanDivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA P ittsburgh 67 44 19 4 9 2 209 167 P hiladelphia 67 35 25 7 7 7 192 193 C olumbus 67 35 26 6 7 6 195 184 N .Y.Ran gers 69 36 29 4 7 6 177 170 Washington 69 32 27 10 74 201 207 New Jersey 68 29 26 13 71 166 176 C arolina 6 8 2 9 30 9 6 7 169 194 N .Y. Islanders 69 26 34 9 6 1 195 233 St. Louis

Colorado Chicago Minneso ta Dallas Winnipeg Nashvile

WesternConference CentralDivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA 6 7 46 14 7 6 8 44 19 5 68 39 15 14 67 35 22 10 67 32 24 11 6 9 31 29 9 68 29 29 10

9 9 223 151 9 3 209 181 92 231 179 80 164 164 75 193 192 7 1 193 201 68 164 201

PacificDivision GP W L OT Pls GF GA A naheim 68 45 16 7 9 7 218 172 S an Jose 69 45 17 7 9 7 214 165 L es Angeles 68 38 24 6 82 165 144 Phoenix 6 8 3 2 2 5 11 75 188 193 Vancou ver 70 31 29 10 72 167 190 C algary 6 8 2 7 3 4 7 6 1 165 202 E dmon ton 69 24 36 9 5 7 171 224 NOTE:Twopoints for a win, onepoint for overtime


Sunday'sGames Vancouver 4, Florida3,SO Philadelphia4, Pittsburgh3 Washington 4, Toronto2 Edmonton 2, Carolina1 SanJose1,N.Y.Rangers0 Colorado3,Ottawa1 Montreal2, Buffalo0 Chicago4, Detroit1 Winnipeg7,Dalas 2 Today'sGames MinnesotaatBoston,4:30 p.m. Vancouverat TampaBay, 4:30p.m. Winnipeg at St.Louis,5 p.m. Phoeni xatLosAngeles,7:30p.m. Tuesday'sGames BostonatNewJersey,4 p.m. MinnesotaatN.Y.Islanders, 4p.m. Dallas atPittsburgh,4p.m. Carolinaat Columbus,4 p.m. ColoradoatMontreal 4:30p.m. N.Y.Rangersat Ottawa,4;30p.m. Torontoat Detroit, 4:30p.m. ChicagoatPhiladelphia, 4;30p.m. BuffaloatCalgary, 6p.m. NashyilleatEdmonton,6:30p.m. Washingtonat Anaheim,7p.m. FloridaatSanJose, 7:30p.m

DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L AmericanLeague MINNES OTA TWINS — Optioned LHP Kris Johnson, CEric Fryerand INFDanny Santana to Rochester(IL). ReassignedLHPSean Gilmartin, OF Darin Mastroianni,OFJermaineMitchell, INFJames BeresfordandINF BrandonWaring to their minor

leaoue camp. NEW YORKYANKEES — Optioned LHP Manny BanuelostoTampa(FSL). TORONTOBLUEJAYS — Optioned RHP Kyle Drabek,RHPChad Jenkins andLHPSean Nolin to Buffalo(IL). NationalLeague ST.LOUISCARDINALS— ReassignedRHPZach PetrickandOFJames Ramseyto their minor league camp. BASKETB ALL

NationalBasketballAssociation OKLAHOMACITYTHUNDER— SignedG Mustafa Shakurtoa10-daycontract. FOOTBALL


DENVER BRONCOS— Agreedto terms with WR

EmmanuelSandersonathree-yearcontract. NEWYORKGIANTS— SignedSQuintinDemps and CB Walter Thurmond. HOCKEY NationalHockeyLeague BUFFALOSABRES— CalledupGNathanLieuwen fromRochester (AHL).




uc sset orrematc o overtime amevs. BY By Anne M. Peterson

it definitely feels good," Mike Moser

The Associated Press


Last season the Oregon Ducks won the Pac-12 tournament to make the NCAA tournament. This year it wasn't

"We've had a few practices and

through adversity, we showed great character and we fought back so we could put ourselves in this situation.

we're all just going to have to step up Earning the No. 7 seed in the West, because replacing Kyle, you can't do it. Oregon heads to Milwaukee to face We're all going to have to step up, esBYU on Thursday. It is Oregon's 12th pecially rebounding-wise," said junior trip to the NCAAtournament. guard Matt Carlino. The 10th-seeded Cougars (23-11) Oregon won its first 13 games this have also surged late, winning eight of season, jumping up to No. 10 in the their past 10 games. AP rankings, before sliding with five

quite as easy. After slumping to start conference play, the Ducks (23-9) finished the regular season with seven straight wins, induding a 64-57 victory over Arizona But BYU was hurt in the West Coast in the finale. They beat rival Oregon Conference championship game when Stateto open the conference tourna- the team lost sophomore point guard ment before falling to UCLA in the Kyle Collinsworth to a knee injury. The semifinals. Cougars lost 75-64 to Gonzaga. Col"We feel like we really put in some linsworth, who averaged 14 points, 8.1 work this season, and to go on a late rebounds and 4.6assists this season, run to make that opportunity possible, tore his ACL and will need surgery.

Oregon Stateselected for CBItournament

That's what made it even sweeter when

we saw our names up there in that seventh seed."

There will be at least onemorecollege basketball game atGill Coliseum this seasonafter OregonState was selected to play in theCollege Basketball Invitational. TheBeavers (16-15) will host the Radford Highlanders (21-12) from the Big South on Tuesday.Thewinner of that game will advance to thequarterfinals to face thewinner of South Dakota State andOldDominion.

Oregon hosted BYU in December

and won 100-96 in overtime. "Once you get past the emotion and

straight losses. The Ducks would lose

excitement of being in the tournament,

eight of 10 before rebounding to win

you get hit pretty hard with your opponent. We're familiar with our oppo-

the next seven. "A month ago it was out of the ques-

nent. I can remember the locker room

tion," Johnathan Loyd told reporters after the tournament matchups were announced Sunday. "We fought

in Eugene and the disappointment in our guys," BYU coach Dave Rose said. "For a lot of reasons I think our guys will be really excited to play."

— From staff reports

s '?,





Scottie Wilbekin, who wasnamedthe SEC'sPlayer of the Year, is not Florida's leading scorer, but he may beits most valuable player, with his fierce defense onthe ball, his playmaking ability and his 40-minute focus. In Florida's two toughest tests of the season, games atTennesseeand Kentucky on Feb. 11and 15, Wilbekin did not commit a turnover while scoring a combined 44 points. He controlled the Kentucky gamedownthe stretch with a steady hand and steady freethrow shooting (hitting five of his six attempts in the last 2 minutes, 54 seconds). Senior Patric Young said hebelieves that if Wilbekin had not missed time, the Gators would have , joined Wichita State as anundefeated team heading into the NCAAtournament. ; BRUINS'ANDERSON A MULTIPLE THREAT Nobody in the nation averagedcloser to a triple-double than KyleAnderson, UCLA's 6-foot-9 point guard out of Fairview, N.J. He was the first Pacific-12 player to record 200 rebounds and200 assists in a season. Just ask Arizona howdifficult he can be to guard. Hehad21 points,15 rebounds and five assists in a 75-71 win over the Wildcats in the conference title game. UPSET SPECIAL Dayton won10 of its previous11 gamesbefore alast-second shot by Langston Galloway of St. Joseph's knocked it out of the Atlantic 10 tournament in the quarterfinals. But the Flyers can put up points, something Ohio State hasbeenstruggling to do.


Wlibeldn ls the SFC

P»yer of the Year



Top seed Arizona will take big-nametalent to the NCAAtournament. , Aaron Gordon is expected to jump to theNBAnext season. Guard Nick " Johnson was the Pac-12player of the year. But if Arizona reaches its first Final Four since 2001,andwins its first national title since 1997, it will be • on the strength of its man-to-man defense. TheWildcats led the nation in defensive efficiency, allowing 87.3 points per100 possessions during the regular season. That worked out to 58.7 points a game, the sixth best in the country. BIG BHULLAR Meet SimBhullar, the7-foot-5, 355-poundcenter for NewMexico State. Bhullar scored indoublefigures in six of his pastseven games andfinished fifth in the nation with 3.56 blocks agame. Next seasoncould beevenmore daunting for opponents: Bhullar's 7-foot-3 youngerbrother, Tanveer, isredshirting. «F> UPSET SPECIAL Nebraska could bedangerous for Baylor. CoachTim Miles has infused his teamwith energy, and the guards can shoot. A win over theBears would set up anall-Nebraska second-round matchup with Creighton.




I ®,



It was hard for Big Eastcoaches to agree onthe right words to describe what made Villanova so good this year. Marquette coach Buzz Williams liked the Wildcats' spirit. Butler's Brandon Miller Remember thosetwo riveting games between Dukeand Syracuse? It praised their defense.Georgetown's John Thompson III considered their guards to bevastly unwas Rodney Hood'smissedslam dunkandaquestionablenoncallbythe I, ;. + derrated. "They haveseveral players on their team that will probably be thestar on other teams," , officials that helped theOrangebeat Duke,91-89, in overtime at the Carrier -y~:,:";;,: g' Thompson said. "They got different people that could step upandcontrol the ball. I think their unself- ) Dome onFeb. 1.Andit was Hoodwhodrewthe offensive charge on forward ishness is key." Every game, the Wildcats seemed to win in different ways, with different margins rz :~i:;;I-:."; C.J . Fair in the closing seconds Cameron at Indoor Stadium in the rematch s :;;:,:-;:."-' ''> on Feb. 22. It led to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim's epic eruption and first and different players stepping forward. Villanova finished either first or second in the conference in ' 'i . scoring offense, scoring defense, scoring margin, rebounding defense, 3-point field-goal percent- ( career regular-season ejection. Duke wonthat game, 66-60. So it was hardly a .:: - ': surprise whenHoodwas in the middle of another tensefinish in the quarterfinals age, assists and assist-turnover ratio, and it had five players land all-conference honors. It is why some consider them aquintessential Jay Wright team. There was no standout star, no . 'tg: ,: .,''j-" of t he ACC tournament Friday. With Duketrailing, 62-61, in the closing seconds five-star recruit, and only one player (Daniel Ochefu) taller than 6-foot-8. against Clemson, Hooddrovethe lane anddrew afoul with 3.8 seconds left. He made both free throws to give Dukea63-62 victory. "I believe in Rodney," Dukecoach PAYNE FINDSGROOVE, REVIVING SPARTANS ' "'-.~r, Mike Krzyzewski said. "Andyousink or swim with him. Andwe're still swimming. Michigan State, which hasnot had its core healthy and intact since early Decem- ~ , a"'t s'- <A;-f~. .-'PROTEGE FACES HISM ENTOR ber, will be relying on thesenior big manAdreian Payne, who missedseven games .".'.' in January andFebruary with a foot injury. OnSunday, Paynehad18points and nine When Manhattan clinched its first NCAAberth since 2004, one of the first congratulatorebounds to lead theSpartans over Michigan for the Big Tentournament title. , ry messages coachSteve Masiello received wasfrom Louisville's Rick Pitino, his longtime I mentor. Masiello played for Pitino as awalk-on at Kentucky and later served as an assisUPSET SPECIAL tant at Louisville. Masiello, in his third season at Manhattan, strives to implement Pitino's Remember whenHarvard beat third-seeded NewMexi:.' i,,' frenetic style. "I'm not going to changewhat's worked for so long," he said. co in the first round last year? That waswithout Brandyn Curry and KyleCasey,who weresuspended for the UPSET SPECIAL season. This year's team is evenbetter. Texas will have its hands full with Arizona State, one of the toughest defensive teams in the — New YorkTimesNews Service ' ' nation. The Longhorns stumble into the tournament with five losses in the past eight games.Sun Devils center Jordan Bachynski is a force in the middle. '


Q ' "




';:;, j~,..





' ,













. .


' "





Florida holds oft j(entucky to win SEC title

Tuesday 16 Albany (18-14) 16 Mt. St. Mary's (16-16)

ATLANTA — Top-ranked


Gators to escape with a 61-60

victory in the league championship game Sunday.

improbablecomeback to hand the Gators their first loss since

early December. Two missed free throws gave the Wildcats

a finalpossession, butJames Young slipped trying to drive

gwee t 16

9 Pittsburgh 25-9 5 .

Sweet 16 March 27-28

~.' D%l

March 27-28


Conference when Kentucky

Elite Eight March 29-30

~gi Ia

Elite Eight March 29-30

. .E

16 Weber St. 19-11 = 8 Gonzaa 28-6

9 Oklahomast. 21-12


Final Four SOUTH

Arlington, Texas April 5

Memphis, Tenn.

WEST Anaheim, Calif.

13 New Mexico St.(26-9) 6 Baylor (24-11) 11 Nebraska 19-12 ~ 3 Creighton (26-7)


7 Oregon (23-9)



10stanford 21-12 2 Kansas(24-9)

10 BYU 23-11 2 Wisconsin (26-7)

April 7


No. 22Michigan St.69,No. LIS — Adreian Payne scored 18 pointsand Gary Harris and

Saint Joseph's65, No. 23VCU 61: NEW YORK — Langston


ginia Commonwealth to win its first Atlantic 10 tournament title since 1997.

L ouisiana-Lafayette 8 2 , Georgia State 81: NEW ORLEANS — X avian Rimmer

scored a career-high 27 points, and Louisiana-Lafayette rallied from a nine-point deficit in the last three minutes of

regulation to force overtime.

15 American (20-12) 5 ~

1 Virginia (28-6)

1 Wichita State (34-0)

16CoastalCar. 21-12 8 Memphis (23-9)

16 Cal Pol ITSU 8 Kentucky (24-10)

9 G.Washinton 24-8 ~

9 KansasState 20-12

5 Cincinnati 27-6

5 St. Louis 26-6 C>



12Harvard 26-4 4 M ichigan St. (26-8)

j 1 3Delaware 25-9

Galloway scored 19 points and hit yet another huge 3-pointer, and Saint Joseph's upset Vir-

15 Eastern Kent. (24-9)


8 Michigan 55: INDIANAPO-

its second Big Ten tournament title in three years.


14 La-Lafayette 23-1 I


Branden Dawson added 15 each to lead Michigan State to




7 New Mexico (27-6)

first Atlantic Coast Conference tournament title since 1976.


12 N. Dakota St. 25-6 ~ 4 SanDie ost. 29-4

8 14western Mich. 23-9

Malcolm Brogdon scored 23 points and Virginia claimed its


12ste h.F. Austin 31-2 4 UCLA 26-8

11Da on 23-10 a 3 Syracuse (27-5)

No. 6 Virginia 72, No. 7 Duke

1 Arizona (30-4)



ment finals Sunday:

Second Round March 20-21

5 Oklahoma 23-9

6 ohio state (25-9)

In other conference tourna-

Third Round Nlarc" 22-23

5 VCU 26-8

4 13Tulsa 21-12

into the lane.


Third Round March»-»

16Alban IMSM 8 Colorado 23-11

Florida capped a perfect run through th e S outheastern

early in the second half, but Kentucky nearly pulled off an

Wednesday Wednesday 16 Cal Poly (13-19) 11 lowa (20-12) C) 16Texas Southern (19-14) . 1 1 Tennessee (21-12)

Men's DivisionI Bashetball Championship

Second Round March 20-21 1 Florida (32-2)

Florida built a 16-point lead

First Round March 18-1 9 l

The Associated Press

failed to get off a shot on its final possession, allowing the


Tuesday 12 NC State (21-13) 12 Xavier (21-21)

6 North Carolina (23-9) e

12 NCSU/Xavier 4 Louisville (29-5)



13 Manhattan (25-7)

New York


6 UMass(24-8) Ol

11 Providence (23-11) ~ 3 lowa State (26-7)

11 lowa/Tennessee 3 Duke (26-8)

14 N.C. Central(28-5)

14 Mercer 26-8

7 UConn (26-8) 10 St. Joseph's (24-9) ~ 2 Villanova 28-4

cT l


7 Texas(23-10) II times PDTando.m. unless otherwise noted. ameswithout start times are played30 minutes after the completion of theprevious gameatthat site.

10 Arizona St. (21-11) 2 Michigan 25-8 o

15 Milwaukee (21-13)

15 Wofford 20-12 AP




E Wal SOutaStS eayS,WinSatlain-SOa e BiiStO The Associated Press BRISTOL, Tenn. — After

two rain delays lasting more than five hours, a slick race track wasn't going to stop Carl Edwards from celebrating his first win of the season.



One season-opening Austra-

er I could to win."

retired early with mechani-

lian Grand Prix after pole sitter Lewis Hamilton and world

champion Sebastian Vettel

And Almirola also was hav- cal failures. Vettel's Red Bull ing trouble accepting the final teammate Daniel Ricciardo outcome. finished second, becoming "It's frustrating because I the first Australian to finish had one shot to race Carl for on the podium in his home


H e pulled his car t o t h e start/finish l i n e a t Br i s tol

take care of itself later. That's what I was really thinking if we went back green. I was thinking about doing whatev-

Motor Speedway, climbed out to his window ledge and preparedfor his celebratory backflip.

the lead, and these races are so

GP, while McLaren's Kevin

hard to win," he said. "It was Magnussen finished third in a great day for us, I'm not dis- his debut. Ricciardo was later

Then, Edwards had a brief

appointed at all with third, but

disqualified due to a technical

moment of clarity. "Oh, man, I thought, 'This

when you see it and you can breach for fuel-flow rules. Rostaste it and it's that close, you berg started third on the grid

is stupid. I shouldn't do this

wonder what could have went

and was first to reach turn

... It's awfully glossy. It might be slick,' " he said. "I didn't

different." Tony Stewart salvaged a

one, then drove away from the field to eventually win by 24.5

want to stick it perfectly and

horrific start to the weekend

have my feet go that way and

— he qualified 37th — by fin-

break my arm on the concrete. That would have been terrible.

ishing a season-best fourth. "I'm pretty excited about that," Stewart said. "Every-

seconds at the Albert Park streetcircuit. Kalitta, Hight win at NHRA



I was actually really nervous


Sunday night, Edwards was going for the big finish to another long day for NASCAR. The start was delayed by almost two hours, racing began

and Robert Hight won the top two divisions at the NHRA Gatornationals. Kalitta beat

former series champion Antron Brown in the Top Fuel

division, and Hight topped his boss, 16-time champion


before the sky opened again,

Marcos Ambrose was fifth as both of RPM's drivers fin-

and the race was stropped for another 3 hours, 18 minutes.

ished inside the top five. Pole-sitter Denny Hamlin

Much like the season-opening Daytona 500, which was stopped by rain for almost six hours, the threat of more bad weather bringing a sudden halt to the race forced the drivers to go hard every single lap. So when a caution with 77 laps remaining sent most

was sixth in the highest-finishing Toyota and was followed by Hendrick Motorsports teammates Jeff Gordon

and the field got to Lap 124


John Force, in the Funny Car


Little ad


and Kasey Kahne. Brian Vick-


ers was ninth and rookie Kyle Larson rounded out the top 10. Also on Sunday: Mercedes' Rosberg wins

Advanced Technology

25% to

F 1 Australian G P : ME L BOURNE, Australia — Mer-

of the field to pit road, Ed,


cedes driver Nico Rosberg comfortably won the Formula


his driver on the track. The ~A ! t l l f . ' move gave Edwards the lead on the restart with 70 laps Andre Teague / Bristol Herald Courier remaining. Driver Carl Edwards celebrates at the finish line after winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol "I thought when J i m- Motor Speedway on Sunday in Bristol, Tenn. my said we're going to stay

out, I thought, 'Well, that's a

good idea,' " Edwards said.

to turn on.

president of competition Rob-

the one that should clinch him

"And then nobody stayed out

Then the sky s uddenly in Pemberton. a spot in the Chase for the around us, and I thought, 'Oh opened and NASCAR had no Edwards led Roush Fenway Sprint Cup championship unboy, that might not be the choice but to declare the race Racing teammate Ricky Sten- der NASCAR's new qualifygreatest thing.' It turned out to over. house Jr. across the finish line. ing format. "We're in the Chase and be perfect." N ASCAR said a f ter t h e Aric Almirola from Richard He had no trouble pulling race that someone in the flag- Petty Motorsports was third we're going to go win this out to an easy lead and had stand accidentally leaned on as Ford drivers swept the top championship," said Edwards. victory in sight when the yel- a switch to trigger the lights. three spots — one day after Stenhouse was disappointlow caution lights came out NASCAR was forced to is- a Ford team won the Twelve ed he didn't get a shot to race right before the scheduled sue a full caution "because Hours of Sebring sports car his teammate for the win. "I was thinking that I would white flag lap. No one was operation of the lights was race for the first time since sure what the caution was for comprised." 1969. use the bumper if the oppor"No harm, no foul, let's act and Fennig even wondered if It was Edwards' 22nd ca- tunity was there," he said. "If water damage might have in- like it just didn't happen," reer victory, third at Bristol, you get the win, you're in the advertently caused the lights Edwards told NASCAR vice but first of the season — and Chase and you can let the rest


Seahawks loseThurmond, get avisit from Allen By Bob Condotta


The Seattle Times


The Seattle Seahawks lost

Seahawks ily with its nickel package. cornerThurmond is the sixth unback restricted free agent the SeaWalter hawks have lost. The others

a key member of their defense

Sunday when c ornerback Walter Thurmond signed a one-year, $3.5 million deal with the New York Giants.

They also showed, though, that they aren't done making

possible additions, even if they have been pretty quiet since the NFL free-agent signing period began'Ibesday. Defensive end Jared Allen,


are Browner, receiver Golden

signed a one-year, $3.5 f ni-

Tate (Detroit) defensive tackle Clinton McDonald (Tampa Bay), safety Chris Maragos (Tampa Bay) and offensive tackle Breno Giacomini (New York Jets). Seattle has five free agents unsigned, including Steven

lion deal with the New York Giants on


who earned a reputation as

The Associated Press file photo

one of the best pass rushers in the NFL during a 10-year career with Minnesota and Kan-

sas City, visited the Seahawks over the weekend, a league and beyond. source confirmed. Allen was And that meant managing reported to have returned the salary cap in a manner home and also expected to take other visits, with no decision imminent. It's also been reported that Allen, who turns 32 in April,

the Super Bowl win over Denver when Seattle went primar-

Brandon Browner, who signed last week with the New En-

to be able to give contract ex-

gland Patriots. The Seahawks

tensions over the next year

without each during a four-

to foundation pieces such as

game span late in the season when they were suspended

safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman and

p l ayed

for violating the NFL's sub-

may retire if he doesn't get the quarterback Russell Wilson.

stance-abuse policy, with By-

kind of offer he wants. If the Seahawks were to

ron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane

The relative lack of activity

has Seattle with $14.2 mil- filling in alongside Sherman. agree to a deal with Allen, he lion left in salary-cap space The Seahawks will apparwould be the first significant for 2014, 15th of the 32 NFL ently count on those three to non-Seahawk free agent to teams. lead the way at cornerback, slgn. It has been confirmed the also hoping to get something As of Sunday night, Seattle Seahawks have brought in at out of 2013 draftee Tharold Sihad signed just one free agent least three other free agents mon, who missed last season from another team-receiver for visits — defensive linemen because of injury, and perhaps Taylor Price, most recently of Jason Hatcher and Henry adding to the position through Jacksonville and who has not Melton and tight end Jermi- the draft or free agency. played since 2011 while deal- chael Finley. Hatcher, though, In a twe et , T h u r mond ing with injuries. signed with Washington as thanked the Seahawks for That Seattle hasn'tbeen real the Seahawks declined get- the opportunity — he was a active hasn't been unexpected ting into a bidding war, while fourth-round pick in 2010 out since the conventional wis- Melton and Finley remain of Oregon — but that "unfordom heading into free agency unsigned. tunately my time in the Pacific held that the Seahawks likely Melton, who visited Seattle NW has expired. It's time for wouldn't be major players. late in the week, is reported the next chapter in my book." Coming off a Super Bowl to have a trip set to Dallas on Thurmond battled injuries title and with a young roster, Monday and is also consider- his first three seasons in SeSeattle's main goal heading ing Minnesota. attle and then missed the four into the offseason appeared to Thurmond, meanwhile, is games in 2013, playing in 34 be keeping its team as intact the second cornerback the regular-season games and as possibleforthe 2014 season team has lost, the other being starting eight. He also started

Hauschka, the only kicker on

the roster.


VILLE, Fla. — Doug Kalitta

body just worked hard all weekend. We had a long way to go from Friday, when we weren't very good and every day we just got better and better. So, I'm really proud of this

about that." But on t h i s r a i n-soaked

wards' crew chief, Jimmy Fennig, made the call to leave



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Paik, 62.2, JeffWard/Brad Patrick, 65.3(tie), Jason Pigot/DonOrreff,66; CharlieRice/ToddGoodew,66.5 TOURNAMETN S March 21:Central OregonWinter Seriesevent (tie), Rosie Cook/ZachLampert,67; ToddSickles/Josh Day,67.Net:1, Craig Chastain/Steve Priborsky,59. at PronghornClub's NicklausCoursenear Bend. 2(tie),HankMcCauley/Rick Mangels, 60; EdCarson/ Scramble tournament beginswith an11a.m,shotgun. teamswith nomorethanoneprofessional Craig Johannse sen,60. 4, MarkScot/AndrewLesko, Two-person 62. 5 (tie), DonEykelbosch/Riley McHugh, 63; Hi allowedperteam.Cost is $30for professionals,$50 Becker/RonHomer,63. for amateurs. Costincludesgrossand net skinscomSecond Flight — Gross:1 (tie), PhilGarrow / petitions.Cartcostsextra. All playersmust signupby Daryl Hjeresen,73; TonyAshcraft/TomHatch, 73; noon ontheWednesday before theevent. Toregister MarkGarcia/MattBurgess,73.4 (tie), Jerry Coday/ or for moreinformation,call PatHuffer, headpro at Jim Hawkes,74; MikeReuter/Dave Fiedler, 74. 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Teambest ball at ChallengeCourse is opento thepublic andbeginsat10 a.m.shotgun. ThreeLow NetRedTees,TwoLow NetWhite Two-person teamscan include oneprofessional and teamma tescannot havemorethana10-strokespread Tees, One LowNet Blue Tees betwee nhandicapindexes.Bothmenandwomenare at ChallengeCourse welcome. Costis $120per team,and includesgolf cart 1, Jim Whitehurst/ReedSloss/SteveGould/Bil teamto RSVP,prizesandhosted beer. McCullough, 95. 2, Helmut Bloo/RonWolfe/Ralf for the first 34 toenter is March15 andfield is limitedto 45 Schmidt/RicS hackerson,98. 3(tie), RandyMyers/Jim Deadline Kelly/JohnBoynton/PeterBrown,100; TimSwope/ teams.Formoreinformation orto register: 541-382AganFalco/JimO'Neil/blind draw,100.5, Roger Edg- 2878,bendgolfshop©, or www. erly/JoePerry/TerryBlack/Phil Chappron,102.6, Jim Hawkes/Bruce Branlund/BobHocker/blind draw,104. March 31: CentralOregonSeniors Golf Organization eventat EagleCrestResort in Redmond. The KAH-NEE-TA format is individualgrossandnet bestball, as well Spring Invitational, March15-16 as team best ball. Cashprizes awardedat each event. 36-Hole StrokePlay Tournamentseries is opento men'sclub members at Professionals — Gross: 1 (tie), BobbyKent, host sites,andparticipants musthaveanOregon Golf OGAGC,134; TimHval, PortlandGC,134. 3, Bob Associationhandicap.Costis $150for theseason Rannow, OceanDunes,136.4,ScottErdmann,Os- plus a$5per-eventfee. Formore information, contact wegoLakeCC,137. 5, Scott Larsen,Golf Larz, 140. 6, BrianNosler,VancoGolf Range, 143.7, Dom inic April 4:CentralOregonWinter Series eventat Marconi ,OregonPGA,147.Nek 1,JoeRauschen- BrasadaCanyonsGolf Clubin PoweffButte.Shamble berg, Kah-Ne e-Ta, 135. CraigMelott, TheGreensat tournamentbeginswithan11a.m.shotgun. Two-perRedmond,138.3(tie), ChrisMyrvold, RockCreekCC, son teams withnomorethanoneprofessional allowed 143; Rich Haaland,Quail ValleyGC,143. per team.Costis $30forprofessionals, $50foramaSenior Professionals —Gross: BruceStewart, teurs.Costincludesgrossandnet skins competitions. Arrowhead GC,143.2, BobGarza, LostTracks,146.3, Cart costsextra. All playersmustsignup bynoonon DougHixson,Quail ValeyGC,147. the Wed nesdaybeforetheevent. Toregister orfor more Amateurs— Gross: 1, Cruz Bocaneg- information,call PatHufer, headproat CrookedRivra-Kah-Nee-Ta,141.2, DougSmith, LangdonFarms, er Ranch,at 541-923-6343or email himat crrpat@ 144. 3 (tie),JeffWard, BendGolf andCountry Club, . 147; ScottTaylor,Arrowhead, 147. 5, JohnDelong, April 17:CentralOregonGolf Tourindividual RockCreekCC,148. 6, ByronPaton, Eastmoreland, strokeplaytournament atJuniper Golf CourseinRed149. 7, MichaelKloenne,VancoDriving Range,151. mond.TheCentral OregonGolf Touris acompetitive 8 (tie), AaronPurser,Chehalem Glen, 153;Jackson golf seriesheldat golfcoursesthroughout Central OrBentley,HeronLakes, 153.10(tie), BruceNeelands, egon.Grossandnet competitionsopento agamateur LostTracks,154;HarryPaik,BendGBCC,154; Kord golfers ofagabilities. Prizepool awardedweekly, and Schug,QuailValley,154.Net: Mel Barlow,Kah-Nee- membership not required. Formoreinformation orto Ta, 132. 2,LeeBalentine, Kah-Nee-Ta, 134. 3 (tie), register:541-633-7652,541-318-5155, orwww.cenBob Kienslee,Kah-Nee-Ta, 139; DerekCall, Heron . Lakes,139. 5,VinceJiminez,VancoDriving Range, April 19-20: TheIcebergOpenat CrookedRiv141. 6 (tie), BobGorham,Kah-Nee-Ta, 142; Chief er Ranch is a two-personscramble onSaturday and Delvis Heath,Kah-Nee-Ta,142; EdCarson, ProGolf two-person bestball onSunday. Grossandnet diviof Bend,142.9 (tie), DanPhilips, TheResort at the sions alongwith closest-to-the-pin andlong-drive Mountain,143;EricJozwiak, PersimmonCC,143.11, contests. 9a.m.shotgun bothdays. Entry feeis $300 JohnHow ey, Kah-Nee-Ta,144. 12(tie), BrianImfeld, per teamandincludes greenfees, lunch,cart, range Eastmoreland,145;EmersonMiler, Kah-Nee-Ta,145; balls andraffleprizes. PracticeroundFridayfor $40, Tim Booher,MeadowLakes,145. including cart. Formoreinformation, call theCrooked Team Results (OneGross, OneNet) — 1, RiverRanchpro shopat541-923-6343. PortlandGolfClub-TimHval/SteveHval/JohnDelong/ April 21: CentralOregonSeniors Golf OrganizaJohnKosydar/WiliamPoole,249. 2, OG AGC-Bobby tion eventat Kah-Nee-Ta Resort nearWarmSprings. Kent N/ ickChermnov/Dan Poole/DickHammond/Jeff The formatis individual grossandnet bestball, as Ward,251.3, PersimmonCC-CamFife/Erik Jozwiak/ well asteambest ball. Cashprizesawardedateach MarkMiler/DougSmith/AdamReed,252.4(tie), Van- event.Tournament seriesis opento men'sclubmemco GolfRang e-Brian Nosler/Harry Paik/KoryCagan- bers athost sites,andparticipants musthaveanOrtine/MichaelKloenne/Vince Jiminez, 253; LostTracks egonGolfAssociationhandicap. Costis $150for the GC-BobGazra/Bruce Neelands/Aryian Schjoff/Craig season plusa$5per-eventfee.Formoreinformation, Johann esen/Tim Booher,253.6,EastmorelandGC- contactTedCarlin at 541-604-4054or vptcarlin@ Ray Com ella/Brian Imfeld/Rick Muffins/JohnFoeck- ler/ByronPaton, 254. 7(tie), OswegoLake CC-Scott April 26:18th AnnualCrookCounty HighSchool Erdmann/DilonMyers/SteveMyers/Patrick Palmer/ Golf Team Benefit tournament at MeadowLakes Golf Neil Jaques,256;Quail ValleyGC-Doug Hixson/Kord Course inPrinevile. Four-personscramble teesoff Schug/BruceReff/David Allen/AaronPurser, 256; Or- with anoonshotgunstart. Costis $280perteamand egonChapter PGA-Dominic Marconi/BruceQuintero/ includesgolf, cart tri-tip dinner, awards,contests BobKnoerl/NikkiWard/RichardMarconi,256. and grossandnet teamprizes. Proceedsgo toward funding CrookCounty'sboysandgirls golf teams. For moreinformation orto register, call ZachLampert at 541-480-0110or theMeadowLakespro shopat Hole-In-One Report 541-447-7113. March11 April 26: Season opener at Juniper Golf Course AWBREYGLEN in Redmond.Four-personscramble divided into Hal Cowan,Bend two-coupleteams.Shotgun start at 10 a.m.Costis No. 13 181 yards 7-wood $140 perteam.Toregister, call theJuniper proshop at 541-548-3121or downloadentry format www . March11 . BENDGOLFAND COUNTRYCLUB April 25-27:TheCentral OregonShootout is Dirk Zanchin,Bend a two-personteamevent held at AspenLakes Golf No. 11 136 yards 9-iron Coursein Sisters,BlackButte Ranch and EagleCrest Resort in Redmo nd. Thetournament will feature March11 scramble,bestball and Chapman formats. Cost is BENDGOLF ANO COUNTRY CLUB $580 perteamand includes greenfees, carts, range Eiel Eielson,Bend balls, teegift, continentalbreakfastandlunch. DeadNo. 6 186 yards 6-iron line to registeris April16 or first180 teams.Formore information or to requestanentry form, call 541March11 549-4653,541-595-1294or 541-923-4653; or visit LOSTTRACK S,,or www. Dave Fiedler,Bend No. 5 165 yards 5-hybrid May1: CentralOregonGolf Tour's seasonopener is an individual strokeplay tournament at Brasada CanyonsGolf Clubin PowegButte. TheCentral Calendar OregonGolf Touris acompetitive golf seriesheldat The Bulletin welcomescontributions to golf coursesthroughout Central Oregon. Grossand its weekly local golf eventscalendar. Items net competitionsopento agamateur golfers of all should bemailedtoP.O.Box6020,Bend,OR abilities.Prizepoolawardedweekly, andmembership 97700; faxedtothe sporls departmentat 541- not required.Formoreinformation orto register; 541633-7652,541-318-5155,orwww.centraloregongolf305-0031; oremailedto sporls@bendbuNetin. com. May 2:Chippin'In for BendAreaHabitat tournaPUBLICLEAGUES March 20: TheMen'sClub at Lost TracksGolf ment atBrasadaCanyonsGolf Clubin PoweffButte. Four-person scramblebegins with a10a.m.shotgun. Club is hostingits initial 2014general meeting at 6 p.m. intheBend course'sclubhouse.Anygolfer inter- Cost is $125pergolfer beforeMarch 20 and$150 ested in learningmoreabouttheclub areinvitedto join after. Priceincludes, golf, cart, rangeballs, awards luncheon andteeprize. Proceedsbenefit theBend the currentmen'sclubmembers atthefree meeting. Themen'sclubseasonbegins inApril andrunthrough Area Habitatfor Hum anity. For moreinformationor to register: 541-385-5387or rcooper@bendhabitat. October.Formoreinformation: call LostTracksat541385-1818,email or visit org. May 6-0:CentralOregonSenior SpringTour March 25: Ladies of theGreensgolf club at Am is forteamsand individuals throughtheOregon Chapter of thePGA . This three-dayevent is heldat The Greensat Redmond is hosting a free membership brunch for anywoman interestedin joining the CrookedRiver Ranch,the RidgeCourseat Eagle group, whichholdsweeklytournamentsonTuesdays CrestResortin Redmond,andGlazeMeadowat Black throughout thegolf season. Brunchbegins at10 a.m. ButteRanch.Golfers wil competeina net Stableford, at TheViewrestaurant at Juniper Golf Clubin Red- grossandnet strokeplayand one grossandtwo net formats.Golfersmustbe50years old orolder. Cost mond.Formore information: 541-419-9769. March20:Meadow Lakes Men's Association is$960 perteam.Contact800-574-0503orwww. sign-up nightandspring meeting. Sign-upfor the . May 10-11: 43rdannualTeePee Chapman at leaguefrom4:30-5:15 p.m.followedby thespring Resort nearWarmSprings. 36-holecoumeetingfrom5:15-6 p.m.Freeappetizers wil bepro- Kah-Nee-Ta Chapmanbeginseachdaywi tha9a.m.shotgun vided.Costfor theleagueis $32andyou must have ples an OGA handicap (total costwith handicapservices is start. Costis $200per coupleand includesgolf, range balls, dinner banquet and buff e t. Special roomrates $65). Thepublic is welcome.For moreinformation: 541-447-7113. and a Fridaypractice roundarealso available. For April 22: Meadow LakesSenior Men'sLeague,for more informationor to register, visit www.kahneeta. golfersage60andolder, beginsat9 a.m. Cost forthe com orcall 541-553-4971. May 12: Hospitality Cup at Blac leagu eis$17andyoumusthaveanOGAhandicap (total costwithhandicapservices is $50).Youdonot have tobeamember of MeadowLakesGolf Courseto participate.Thepublic is welcome.Formore information: 541-447-7113.

May 1: LadiesoftheLakesWomen'sAssociation opensthe2014season with registration, lightbreakfast andwelcomemeetingat 7:30a.m.Golf beginsat 9 a.m.Thepublic is welcome.Formoreinformation: call Jean Gregersonat541-475-6595 orthegolf shop at 541-447-7113.

Central OregonSenior Men:TheCentral Ore-

gon SenioGol r f Organizationmeets onaMondayeach monthatgolfcoursesacrosstheregion. Series is open to men'sclubmembersof hostsites. Costis $150for

theseasonplus$5perevent.SeasonbeginsMarch 31. Formoreinformation: TedCarlin at541-604-4054 or vptcarltn@ya Central OregonGolf Tour:Acompetitive series held atgolfcoursesthroughout Central Oregon.Gross and netcompetitions opento amateurgolfers of ag abilities. Prizepoolawardedweekly andmembership not required.Formore information orto register: 541633-7652,541-318-5155, Executive Women's Golf Association: The CentralOregonChapter oftheEveryWomen'sGolf Associationmeets multipletimes eachweek—including weeknightleaguesand Saturdayplay— during the golf season. Eventsareopen to anyone interestedin joining the EWGA. For more information orto join the

cludeopenandsenior divisions.Costfor this event is $79 forOG A membersand $99 for nonmembers. Deadlinetoenteris May6. Formore information or to register,visit orcall theOG Aat 503981-4653. May 15:CentralOregonGolf Tour individual strokeplaytournament atTetherowGolf Clubin Bend. The CentralOregonGolf Tour is a competitive golf series heldat golf coursesthroughoutCentral Oregon. Gross andnet competitions opento affamateur golfers ofall abilities.Prizepoolawardedweekly, and membershipnot required.Formoreinformation orto register:541-633-7652,541-318-5155,or

Professio nal PBATour Valspar Champiaship o

Sunday At InnisbrookResort and Golf Club, Copperhead Course Palm Harbor,Fla. Purse: $5.7miNion yardage:7z340;Par: 71 Final JohnSenden(500),$1,026,000 72-71-64-70—277 70-68-68-72—278 KevinNa(300),$615,600 Scott Langley(190),$387,60071-69-69-70—279 LukeDonald(115),$235,600 71-72-67-70—280 RobertGarrigus (115),$235,60069-66-70-75—280 Will MacKe nzie(115), $235,60073-70-68-69—280 George McNeig(90), $190,950 73-71-67-70—281 Graham DeLaet (73), $148,200 75-68-71-68—282 68-71-72-71 —282 Matt Every (73), $148,200 —282 DavidHearn(73),$148,200 71-70-70-71 —282 MatteoManassero, $148,200 69-70-71-72 71-68-69-74 —282 JustinRose(73), $148,200 GaryWoodland(73),$148,200 72-71-70-69—282 Sang-MoonBae(55), $94,050 72-73-71-67—283 JasonDufner(55), $94,050 72-73-68-70—283 Bill Haas (55), $94,050 69-73-72-69—283 ChessonHadley (55), $94,050 75-70-67-71—283 CharlesHowell gl(55), $94,050 71-70-74-68 —283 JasonKokrak(55),$94,050 74-68-68-73—283 Jim Furyk(49), $64,068 71-69-71-73—284 Freddie Jacobson(49),$64,068 70-71-70-73—284 Carl Pettersson (49),$64,068 71-70-71-72—284 TedPotter,Jr. (49),$64,068 73-71-67-73—284 JordanSpieth(49),$64,068 71-70-71-72—284 RyoIshikawa(43), $42,587 73-72-72-68—285 Cameron Tringale (43), $42,587 74-71-70-70—285 BrianHarma n(43), $42,587 71-70-73-71—285 CharleyHoffman(43), $42,587 70-72-67-76—285 Morgan Hoff mann(43),$42,58774-69-71-71—285 RusselKnox l (43), $42,587 70-73-70-72 —285 JoshTeater (43), $42,587 73-70-70-72 —285 RobertAllenby(37), $31,540 73-71-70-72—286 JonathanByrd (37),$31,540 70-73-70-73—286 Erik Com pton(37), $31,540 72-73-72-69—286 BenCrane(37), $31,540 70-72-71-73—286 Justin Hicks(37), $31,540 72-72-70-72—286 JohnMerrick(37), $31,540 70-70-72-74—286 ChadCoffins(31), $23,940 73-71-69-74—287 HarrisEnglish(31), $23,940 72-69-74-72—287 JamesHahn(31), $23,940 69-74-70-74—287 Matt Kuchar (31), $23,940 73-71-69-74—287 KevinStreelman(31), $23,940 73-69-71-74—287 Y.E.Yang(31), $23,940 73-72-70-72—287 Woody Austin (23), $15,892 71-71-74-72—288 GregChalmers(23),$15,892 68-72-72-76—288 KJ. Choi(23),$15,892 72-72-69-75—288 BenCurtis(23), $15,892 70-74-71-73—288 Tommy Gainey(23), $15,892 69-72-72-75—288 RetiefGoosen(23), $15,892 72-73-64-79—288 PeterHanson(23), $15,892 75-70-69-74—288 68-71-77-72—288 Pat Perez (23),$15,892 N. Thomp son(23), $15,892 76-69-69-74—288 Brendon Todd(23), $15,892 70-75-70-73—288 JamesDriscoll (16),$13,053 73-70-68-78—289 71-74-71-73—289 J.B. Holmes(16),$13,053 JustinLeonard(16), $13,053 71-71-71-76—289 MichaelPutnam(16), $13,053 69-72-74-74—289 StuartAppleby(10),$12,426 71-73-74-72—290 DarrenClarke(10), $12,426 71-74-73-72—290 76-68-71-75—290 JerryKelly(10),$12,426 74-70-70-76—290 D.H.Lee(10),$12,426 DavidLingmerth (10),$12,426 73-72-71-74—290 BrandtSnedeker(10), $12,426 72-73-71-74—290 MichaelThompson(10), $12,42672-69-72-77—290 Stephen Ames(4), $11,742 72-70-72-77 —291 71-74-73-73—291 JasonBohn(4),$11,742 NicolasColsaerts(4), $11,742 69-73-76-73—291 PadraigHarrington(4), $11,742 75-70-72-74—291 MarcLeishma n(4), $11,742 75-69-74-73—291 PaulGoydos(1), $11,229 75-69-73-75—292 DavisLovegl(1), $11,229 74-70-71-77—292 RorySabbatini (1),$11,229 70-72-72-78—292 DanielSummerhays(1), $11,22977-68-71-76—292 SeanO'Hair (1), $10,944 73-71-74-78—296 JohnMaffinger(1), $10,830 71-73-74-80—298 trr' Ic

untry Club Calif. Rion Par 71 65-67-66 —198 42 67-70-62 —199 68-65-66 —199 63-66-70—199 66-67-67—200 68-64-68—200 65-67-68—200 71-65-64—200 66-65-69—200 69-66-66—201 66-67-68—201 67-68-67—202 68-67-67—202 69-67-66—202 66-68-68—202 68-66-69—203 70-66-67—203 70-63-70—203 67-65-71—203 69-68-67—204 70-67-67—204 65-66-73—204 72-66-66—204 68-68-68—204 71-63-70—204 68-70-66—204 69-69-67—205 69-65-71—205 72-67-66—205 70-69-66—205 70-65-70—205 70-69-67—206 70-68-68—206 68-68-70—206 67-68-71—206 69-66-71—206 69-68-69—206 68-68-71—207 67-69-71—207 69-67-71—207 69-68-70—207 71-69-67—207 66-70-71—207 69-68-70—207 69-69-70—208 70-70-68—208 70-68-70—208 72-67-70—209 67-71-71—209 70-69-71—210 70-71-69—210 70-70-71—211 70-70-71—211 70-70-71—211 73-66-72—211 70-71-70—211 69-73-69—211 70-71-70—211 72-69-70—211 71-69-71—211 70-70-72—212 73-71-68—212 71-70-72—213 70-73-70—213 75-68-70—213 72-70-71—213 72-72-70—214 74-72-68—214 74-70-71—215 72-72-72—216 75-69-72—216 72-69-75—216 70-73-73—216 74-73-69—216 74-71-74—219 75-71-75—221 75-77-69—221 78-75-68—221 71-75-76—222 75-72-75—222 76-73-75—224

Sendenralliesfor Innisbrook win The Associated Press PALM HARBOR, Fla.

par. He holed a 15-foot birdie putt on the 17th to get with-


More than seven years with-

in one shot. But his pitching

out a victory. A trip to Au-

wedge out of the first cut of

gusta National riding on the outcome. A three-way tie for the lead going into a daunting three-hole closing stretch called "The Snake Pit" on the Copperhead course of

rough on the 18th hole sailed



John Senden was trying to keep his mind off all of

Calif. — Fred Couples won the Toshiba Classic for his

long, and 40-foot birdie putt

toforcea playoffnevercame close. Also on Sunday: Couples takes Toshiba

that Sunday in the Valspar

1 0th Champions Tour

Championship. The finish will be hard for him to forget. Senden chipped in for birdie from 70 feet on the 16th hole, one of only two birdies in the final round at the

tle, birdieing the final two holes for a one-stroke victory. The 54-year-old Couples shot a 5-under 66 to finish

toughest hole on the course. He followed that with a 20-

Chris O'Meara/The Associated Press

John Senden chips onto the 10th green during the final round of the Valspar Championship at lnnisbrook Sunday in Palm Harbor, Fla.


at 15-under 198 at Newport Beach Country Club. Col-

in Montgomerie, Bernhard Langer and Steve Pate tied for second.

foot birdie putt to build a two-

Curran takes four-stroke

shot lead, then made it tough for Kevin Na to catch him

win in Brazil: SAO PAULO Jon Curran c ompleted a w i re-to-wire v i ctory i n

win. That didn't look likely

with perfect pace on a 40-foot

after opening with rounds of 71-72, leaving him in the the Tour's Brazil only a tap-in for par. middle of the pack. He had Champions, closing with a S enden closed with a a bogey-free 64 on Saturday 2-under 69 to beat Alex Cejka 1-under 70 and had enough to get back into contention, by four strokes. Curran finstrength left to hoist a trophy then closed it off on a wild ished at 25-under 259 at Sao he said felt like 50 pounds. and windy final round with Paulo Golf Club and earned "I didn't turn my phone on Innisbrook as tough as it had $144,000 for his first Web. because I know there's going been all week. c om Tour title in only h i s "If I could just stay in the fourth start. to be 4,000 messages," Senden said. "It feels good to do it moment, I knew I was swingCanizares take Trophy Hasagain after seven years. Lot ing well enough to give it a san ll: AGADIR, MoroccoSpain'sAlejandro Canizares of good things to come." shake," Senden said. One of them is next month Na recovered from an atro- won the Trophy Hassan II by — the Masters. cious finish to his front nine five strokes, shooting a 2-unThe 42-year-old Austra- — including a double bogey der 70 to complete a wire-tolian was No. 123 in the world when he missed a 3-foot putt wire victory at Palais Royal. and his only hope of return- — to make it interesting. He Canizares finished at 19-uning to Augusta National for nearly drove into the water der 269 for his second Euroa third straight year was to on the 16th and escaped with pean Tour victory. putt on the 18th that left him

GOLF IN BRIEF Visiting Pros win Kah-Nee-Ta —Bobby Kent, of OGA Golf Club inWoodburn, and Tim Hval, of Portland Golf Club, matchedeachother shot for shot Sunday to share thewin at the KahNee-TaSpring Invitational in Warm Springs. The two professionals both won $1,750after firing a 10-under-par 67-67—134 over thetwo-day Oregon

Black Butte

Chapter of the PGA of America tournament, which traditionally marks the first tournament of the golf season. Former pro CruzBocanegra, of Madras, won the amateur gross division after firing a 3-under141. Mel Barlow, of Kah-NOO -Ta, won the amateur net division. — Bulletin staffreport

Central Oregon thing that everybody comes to," Fought says. "That's what we want to develop with the Central Oregon Amateur, a high-end classic event that people want

ow," says Brent Whittaker, the OGA's director of tournament operations. "It was

to win." The push for tournaments

ter. The layout has what you

quirky, tight, and struggled with length. "The redesign is way bet-

want in a golf course that will is directly related to the 2012 host competitions. The overrenovation of Glaze Meadow. all length is good, but more The redesign — performed importantly it has a variety by Jeff Fought's brother, of tough holes and scoring John, an acclaimed architect holes." based in Arizona — turned With such a course now at an overgrown and short his disposal, Fought wants course into a layout inspired to see it test the best players. by the 1920s and '30s designs His hope is that in turn those of Donald Ross. players return to their homes Since reopening, Glaze and spread the word of Black Meadow has won rave re- Butte Ranch's offerings. views. And tournaments act A tou r n ament goo d as a way of getting more of enough to get golfers talking the region's golfers to play the is exactly what Swenson is course, Fought says. hoping to build. "We want to show off what

we have," Fought adds. "We put a lot of time and love and thought into redoing Glaze Meadow." The renovation has opened up Glaze Meadow. After years of being void of tournament golf other than member games, Glaze Meadow hosted the Oregon Golf Association's Mid-Ama-

"I want it to be so full that

people are begging to get in," Swenson says. "I think I have the right venue. I think I have

the right geographic location (Central Oregon). I think I have the right time of year when the weather is bound to be good." — Reporter: 541-617-7868,

teur Championship in its first

year since being reopened. The Oregon Open, one of the major a nnual t ournaments in the PGA of Amer-

ica's Pacific Northwest Section, will be played at Glaze this year.


In-Home Care Servlces

Care for loved ones. Comfort foratt. 541-ae9-0006

None of that would have b een possible before t h e

redesign. "I would never have hosted any tournament on the

old design of Glaze Mead- PldBBB Well, Retire Well

686 lgWYork Drlve, Ste.150 Bend, ORI 541-306-3263

775SW BonnetWay,Suite120•Bend 541-728-0321




x-Indiana x-Miami d-Toronto Chicago Washington Brooklyn Charlotte Atlanta NewYork Cleveland Detroit Boston Orlando Philadelphia Milwaukee

EasternConference W L Pct GB 49 17 .742 45 19 .703 3 37 28 37 29 35 31 33 31 33 34 29 35 27 40 26 41 25 41 22 45 19 48 15 51 13 54


d-San Antonio d-Oklahoma Cit y d-L.A.Clippers Houston Portland GoldenState Dallas Memphis Phoenix Minnesota Denver NewOrleans Sacramen to L.A. Lakers Utah d-divisionleader x-clinched playoffspot

W L 50 16 48 18 48 20 44 22 43 24 42 26 40 27 39 27 38 28 33 32 29 37 27 39 23 44 22 44 22 45

569 11'/r .561 12 .530 14 .516 15 .493 16'/r .453 19 403 22i/z

.388 23'/z .379 24 .328 27'/r .284 30'/r .227 34 .194 36'/z

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.758 .727 2 .706 3 .667 6 .642 7'/r .618 9 .597 10'/r .591 11 .576 12 .508 16'/2 .439 21 .409 23 .343 27'/z .333 28 .328 28'/2

Sundny'sGames Charlotte101,Milwaukee92 Phoenix121, Toronto113 Miami113,Houston104 NewDrleans121,Boston 120,DT Minnesota104, Sacramento102 Dagas109,Oklahom aCity 86 SanAntonio122,Utah104 Golden State113,Portland112 L.A. Clippers102,Cleveland80 Today'sGam es Philadelphiaat Indiana,4 p.m. AtlantaatCharlotte,4 p.m. PhoenixatBrooklyn,4:30 p.m. OklahomaCity at Chicago, 5p.m. Utah atHouston, 5p.m. Bostonat Dalas,5:30p.m. L.A. Clippers atDenver, 7:30p.m. Tuesdny'sGames Miami atCleveland,4p.m. TorontoatAtlanta, 4:30p.m. MilwaukeeatPortland, 7p.m.

WashingtonatSacramento, 7p.m. OrlandoatGoldenState, 7:30p.m.

Summaries Sundny'sGames

Warriors 113, Blazers 112

4, Garrett0-32-22, Rush0-10-00,Gobertg-00-0 0, Clark1-20-03, Lucas III 0-11-21. Totals 42-91 15-21 194. SAN ANTO NIO(122) Leonard4-81-211, Duncan7-102-216, Splitter 6 7 2 414,Parker711 4 418, Green2 5 005, Ginobili 8-113-421,Mills4-70-012, Belinelli 5-71-2 12, Diaw3-50-06,Baynes1-41-1 3, Joseph1-20-0 2, Bonner 0-0 0-00, Ayres1-1 0-0 2. Totals 49-78 14-19 122. Utah 23 39 23 28 — 104

snn Antonio

26 3 5 30 31 — 122

Mavericks109, Thunder 86 DALLAS (109) Marion8-121-219, Nowitzki6-123-317, Dalembert 4-42-210, Calderon6-110-016, Ellis 2-7 5-6 9, Blair 0-10-20, Carter5-124-418, Harris3-61-1 8, Wright4-60-08, Crowder0-20-00, Ellington1-I 0-02, Larkin1-I 0-02,James0-00-00.Totals4976 16-29 199. OKlAHOMA CITY(86) Durant8-2010-1130, Ibaka8-193-419, Adam s 0-0 0-0 0,Jackson4-83-413, Roberson 1-30-02, Coffison011-21, Butler3100 07, Fisher1-51-2 3, Lamb 2 50 04,Jones2 50 26, Shakur 021-21, Thabeet0-10-00. Totals29-7919-27 86. Dallas 29 39 32 18 — 109 OklahomaCit y 2 3 2 6 22 16 — 86

Timberwolves104, Kings102 SACRAME NTO(192) Gay6-152-314, Evans4-60-08, Gray2-30-04, Thomas11-21 1-2 27,McLemore2-4 0-04, McCallum 3-51-1 7,Thompson2-6 2-3 6, Wiliams8-15 8-1026,A cy0-3000,0utlaw3-70-06.Totnls4185 14-19 192.

MINNESOT A(104) Brewer5-9 0-010, Love9-155-7 26, Dieng5-7 2-612, Rubio3-85-712,Martin8-2014-1431, Cunningha m1-7 0-02,Barea1-62-25,MbahaMoute 0-00-00,Budinger0-20-00,Hummel2-42-26. Totals 34-7839-38194. Sacramento 29 2 5 20 28 — 102 Minnesota 32 21 24 27 — 104

Heat113, Rockets104 HOUSTON (104) Parsons4-91-2 9, T.Jones5-71-1 12,How ard 9-12 3-621,Beverley5-144-415, Harden7-161112 30,Lin2-71-1 6, Motiejunas3-5 0-07,Jo.Hamilton 0-20-00, Asik2-30-24. Totals 37-76 21-28 104. MIAMI (113) James8177824, Bosh 7122218,0den 02 0-0 0, Chalmers3-9 0-06, Wade10-15 4-7 24, Andersen 2-3 2-26, Allen7-117-725, Cole2-60-05, Battier 1-22-35, Douglas0-1 0-00. Totals 40-78 24-29 113. Houclon 28 26 27 23 — 104 Miami 32 28 22 34 — 113

Suns121, Raptors113

PHOENIX (121) GOLDEN STATE(113) Tucker3-44-511, Frye3-7 2-29, Plumlee3-63-4 Iguodala2-50-0 4, Lee8-150-016, Bogut 3-5 9, Bledsoe2-510-1014, Dragic6-11 5-619, Mark. 0-0 6, Curry11-249-937, Thompson 10-19 4-627, Morris 6-124-416,Green9-185-628, Len0-10-0 Barnes2-80-05, Green1-33-45, Blake2-30-05, 0, Marc.Morris4-80-010, Smith2-31-1 5. Totals 0'Neal3-32-38, Crawford 0-30-00. Totals 42-88 38-76 34-38121. 18-22113. TORONTO(113) PORTLAND (112) Ross7-134-422, Johnson9-122-420, ValanciBatum7-134-523,Wright5-60-013,Lopez5-12 unas7-11 1-115,Lowry9-198-9 28,DeRozan6-16 4-514, Liffard 8-22 9-1026, Matthews3-12 6-613, 5-5 17, Hansbrough1-1 0-02, Salmons1-5 0-02, Williams5-10 0-0 12, Barton2-8 2-2 6, Robinson Vasquez 0-52-2 2,Novak1-2 0-03, Hayes1-10-02. 2-51-2 5, Claver0-0 0-0 0. Totals 37-88 26-39 Totals 42-85 22-25 113. 112. Phoenix 37 24 35 25 — 121 Goldenstnte 23 2 1 33 36 — 113 Toronto 36 24 31 23 — 113 PorUand 24 31 39 27 — 112 3-PointGoals—Golden State11-30 (Curry6-12, Thompson 3-7, Blake1-2, Barnes1-5, Iguodala0-1, Bobcats101, Bucks 92 Crawford0-1,Green0-2), Portland12-28(Batum5-9, Wright 3-4,Wiliams2-3, Matthews1-5,Lillard1-6, CHARLOTTE(101) Barton0-1). FouledDut—Green. Rebounds—Golden Kidd-Gilchrist4-61-29, McRo berts3-70-09, JefState 50 (Green8), Portland 55(Batum14).Assistsferson10-170-020, Walker 7-135-621, Henderson GoldenState17 (Curry5), Portland25(Lilard 7). 6-7 0-014,Zeller1-1 2-44, Neal5-6 6-618, DougTotal Foul— s Golden State 29, Portland16. Techni- las-Roberts 0-3 0-0 0, Ridnour1-5 0-0 2, Biyombo cals — Portland CoachStotts, Williams. A—20,063 2-30-04. Totals 39-6814-18191. (19,980). MILWAUKEE (92) Middleton3-120-0 8, Henson6-15 0-012, Pa3-9 2-4 8,Knight9-210-0 21, Wolters5-7 Pelicans121, Celtics120 (OT) chulia 0-011, Antetokounmpo 0-42-2 2,Adrien4-64-512, Sessi o ns 7-143-518, Udoh0-1 0-00. Totals 37-89 BOSTON (129) 11-16 92. Green12-2311-1239,Bass3-111-1 7, Humphries 6-134-616, Rondo3-14 0-26, Bayless2-4 Charlotte 0-0 6, Bradley5-9 2-2 12, Sullinger6-130-0 14, Milwaukee Dlynyk4-50-09,Pressey1-I 0-03,Johnson3-400 8. Totals 45-9718-23120. Clippers102, Cavaliers 80 NEWORLEANS(121) Evans11-213-4 26,Davis14-2212-12 40,StiCLEVELAND (80) emsma 3-30-0 6, Roberts 4-123-311, Gordon6-16 Deng8-164-4 23,Thompson1-6 0-1 2, Hawes 6-619, Aminu3-5 0-0 6, Withey1-2 0-2 2, Rivers 5-113-414,Irving052-22,Jack4-83-312, Waiters 410019, Morrow1-30 02. Totals47 9424 28 5-15 2-415,Varejao1-3 0-22, Dellavedova2-7 0-0 121. 4, Zeger2 80 04,Gee1-30 02, Edwa rds010 00. Boston 25 39 20 28 8 — 120 89. New Drlenns 2 7 39 27 28 9 — 121 Totals 29-8314-29 L.A. CLIPPERS (102) Barnes5-11 0-0 11, Griffin 9-18 3-421,Jordan

Spurs122, Jazz104

UTAH(194) Jefferson 3-90-08, Kanter 3-112-3 8,Favors1219 4-528,Burke6-120-013, Hayward 7-133-417, Williams 3-71-1 8, Burks5-112-412, Evans2-20-0

7-81-415, Paul 7-151-1 16, Green4-13 0-010,

Bullock5-92-214, Granger4-121-211, Davis1-5 0-0 2, Turkoglu0-3 0-00, Hollins 0-0 2-22. Totals 42-94 19-15192. Cleveland 18 29 21 21 — 80 L.A. Clippers 27 2 8 24 26 — 102

The Associated Press PORTLAND

Golden S t ate



W a r r iors

were thrilled to have Klay

Thompson. Thompson, returning after a one-game absence to attend

his grandfather's funeral in the Bahamas, scored 23 of his 27 points in the second half

and hit the go-ahead 3-pointer with 11.1 seconds remaining to lift the Warriors to a 113-112 victory over the Portland Trail

Blazers on Sunday night. Stephen Curry led all scorers with 37 points for the Warriors, who rallied from an 18-point deficit midway through the third quarter to snap a two-game skid. Golden State also moved 1 r/a

games behind Portland for the Western Conference's No. 5 playoff spot. "That's as good a win as we've had in three years,"


Warriors coach Mark Jack-

son said. "It would have been very easy to fold our tent and hang our heads. Klay and Steph were spectacular." Damian Lillard finished

Don Ryan/The Associated Press

with 26 points and Nicholas

Golden State forward David Lee, left, drives to the hoop against Portland center Robin Lopez during Batum had 23 points and 14 the first half of Sunday night's game in Portland. The Blazers fell to the Warriors103-102.

rebounds for the Blazers, who lost for the fifth time in six

games. Portland also played without injured All-Star for-

Robin Lopez finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds,

of his 16 points in the final Dallasstopped a seven-game, 6:04 for the Clippers, who ha- regular-season losing streak

ward LaMarcus Aldridge, and Wesley Matthews and ven't lost since Feb. 21. who missed his second game Dorell Wright had 13 points Heat 113, Rockets 104: MI-

to Oklahoma City.

with a lower back contusion. Batum had a chance to tie

each for the Blazers, who led

AMI — Ray Allen scored 14

Oklahoma City. It was his 26th

straight game of 25 points or more, the longest such streak since Michael Jordan did so in 40 straight games during the 1986-87 season. Timberwoives 104, Kings

and didn't arrive until the wee

Love was 3 for 6 from 3-point range, including one with

have a team down 18, we

ANTONIO — Manu Ginobi-

hours Sunday morning.

have to put that game away." li scored 21 points and San "We wanted to get this one Golden State pulled to Antonio earned its 10th confor Klay," said Curry, who 85-77 going into the fourth secutive victory to become made 11 of 24 shots, includ- quarter and took the lead the first NBA team to 50 wins ing 6 of 12 from 3-point range. with 6:01 to play after Thomp- this season. The Spurs (50"He's been through a lot this son blocked Lillard's shot at 16) shot a season-high 62.8 week, put on a lot of miles, and one end of the court and got percent from the field in their obviouslybeen through a lot. fouled on a drive to the basket fourth victory in four games "For him to compartmen- at the other end while Port- this season against Utah. talize a little bit for two hours land coach Terry Stotts was Tony Parker had 18 points and come out and play was also assessed a technical foul. and Tim Duncan scored 16. big for us. It says a lot about Curry made the technical free Peiicans 121, Ceitics 120: how much he's committed to throw and then Thompson NEW ORLEANS — Anthony what's going on here." made 1 of 2 foul shots to put Davis set career highs with 40 Thompson didn't show any the Warriors in front 97-96points and 21 rebounds and fatigue, especially in the sec- their first lead since 31-29. Eric Gordon made two cruond half when he connected In other games Sunday: cial free throws in overtime to on 8 of 14 shots, including Clippers 102, Cavaliers 80: lead New Orleans. 7yreke Evthree 3-pointers. L OS ANGELES — B l a k e ans added 26 points and Gor"Yeah, three flights, but Griffin had 21 points, 11 re- don had 19 for the Pelicans, I slept on m ost o f t h em," bounds and eight assists on who had lost two consecutive Thompson said. "I actually his 25th birthday, and the games. felt fresh when I stepped on Los Angeles Clippers held off Mavericks 109, Thunder 86: the court. You might not be-

rebounds and five assists to lead Minnesota to the win. 1:07 to play to give Minnesota

a 97-95lead and the Timberwolves hung on. Suns 121, Raptors 113: TOR ONTO — M a r kieff M o r-

ris had 16 points and 14 rebounds, Gerald Green scored

13 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter, and Phoenix beat Toronto for its second

straight victory. Goran Dragic scored 19 points, Eric Bledsoe had 14 and P.J. 'Drcker 11

for the Suns. Bobcats 101, Bucks 92: MILWAUKEE Kemba Walker scored 21 points and

Al Jefferson added 16 of his 20 in the second half to help

Charlotte beat Milwaukee for its fourth straight victory. Gary Neal added 18 in his re-

Cleveland for their 11th con-


turn to Milwaukee after the

Marion scored 19 points,

Bucks traded him to Char-

Vince Carter added 18 and

lotte last month.

We beat


Flyers get weekend sweep head or not, we don't really care. We getamped up to play adelphia Flyers used domi- against them." nating special teams to sweep Defensemen Brooks Orpik a weekend home-and-home and Matt Niskanen and recent series against the rival Pitts- call-up Jayson Megna scored burgh Penguins. for the injury-riddled PenWayne Simmonds h ad guins, who lost two straight two power-play goals in the in regulation for the first time first period, Matt Read had a since dropping three in a row short-handed tally and Phila- from Nov. 6-13. delphia killed off all four PittsDuring the final seconds, burgh power plays in a 4-3 vic- the Penguins' Sidney Crosby tory on Sunday afternoon. hit the post with a backhand It was the second victory in off a pass from Evgeni Malkin as many days for the surging while skating down the right Flyers against their cross-state wing. "(The post) is all I gave him, rivals. Philadelphia had a pow- though," Mason deadpanned. er-play goal, a short-handed "It's part of the equipment." goal and was a perfect 5-for-5 Pittsburgh still holds a comon the penalty kill in a 4-0 win manding lead in the Metropolagainst the Penguins at home itan Division, but remained on Saturday. three points behind the Bos"The power play was good ton Bruins in the race for the again, the penalty kill was Eastern Conference's top good again," Flyers coach seed. Craig Berube said. "Lots of The Penguins fell to 18-2 in shots, lots of c h ances. We March home games over the played a pretty solid game." past three seasons. They were Philadelphia improved to 10-0 at home last March. 5-1-1 in its past seven. IncludAlso on Sunday: ing playoffs, the Flyers are 10Sharks 1, Rangers 0: NEW 2-1 all-time at Consol Energy YORK — Antti Niemi stopped Center (8-1-1 in the regular 41 shots for his fourth shutseason). out of the season and made "I know the boys in this Logan Couture's first-period, locker room love playing short-handed goal stand up as against them," said Phila- San Jose beat the New York delphia goalie Steve Mason, Rangers for its sixth straight who allowed three goals on win. 48 shots during the weekend Canucks 4, Panthers 3: sweep. SUNRISE, Fla. — Nicklas " Whether we're i n t h e i r Jensen scored in the first peri-

102: M I N N E APOLIS Kevin Love had 26 points, 10

lieve me, but I warmed up be- secutive victory. Chris Paul fore the game and felt good." had 15 assists and scored 11



K e vin

Durant scored 30 points for

by 18 points twice, the second of his 25 points in the fourth the score with 5.8 seconds re- time at 72-54 with 7:20 re- quarter, LeBron James and maining, but missed the sec- maining in the third quarter. Dwyane Wade each scored "We have to put that game 24 and Miami stopped its ond of two free throws. The Blazers got the rebound but away," Matthews said. "With worst skid in three years. failed to get another shot off. guys like Steph and Klay, Chris Bosh added 18 points Curry dedicated the victory they can get hot and that's for the Heat, who won for just to Thompson, who had to take what they did. We still gave the second time in their past three different flights to get ourselves a chance, but we're seven games. fromthe Bahamas to Portland at the point now where if we Spurs 122, Jazz 104: SAN

Find It All

The Associated Press


od and added the only goal in the shootout and Vancouver earned a victoryover former

goalie Roberto Luongo and Florida. Capitals 4, Maple Leafs


'e~ e~ ~o+


Come check 44sout!

mplements vfern e 'Dn,pe~le~J


70 SW Century Dr., Ste. 145 Bend, OR 97702• 541-322-7337





2 : WASHINGTON — T r oy

Brouwer scored two goals and W ashington s c ored three times in the first peri-

od before holding on against Toronto.

Oilers 2, Hurricanes 1: RALEIGH, N.C. — Justin Schul-

tz scored a power-play goal at 9:01 of the third period and Edmonton earned a win over Carolina.

Avalanche 3, Senators 1: OTTAWA, Ontario — Semyon Varlamov made 38 saves and Andre Benoit, Nick Hold-


1 9-

en and John Mitchell scored for Colorado in a w i n Ottawa.

o ver

Canadiens 2, Sabres 0: BUFFALO, NY. — Rookie

m •

Dustin Tokarski stopped 29 shots to earn his first NHL shutout in Montreal's win over

Buffalo. Biackhawks 4, Red Wings 1: CHICAGO — Marian Hossa celebrated his return to the

lineup with a goal and two assists,and Chicago defeated

Detroit to snap a two-game losing streak. Jets 7, Stars 2: WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Dustin Byfuglien

had two goals and an assist and Blake Wheeleradded four

assists as Winnipeg cruised past Dallas.

- s-




Maps and national forecast provided by WSI©2014 I








Today: 1


partiy cloudy Northwest wind 20 mph

pa~iy cloudy,


Partly cip.dy

Northwest wind 5-20



F ORECAST:TIAIE Th e Daiies 4~2/Zg Argngton '

47FI2~ o rti a nd~9 I' Hi]Ib ixboro 5 2/34 : F~

w 50/ 3 2 • s 4 52/32 ; wWaecowu

J •


R Ruggs


Governmen amp

Sp/32 • A




p rirur ~ — /29

Alban A A any

• Madrasl

P Sh an 43/



• Su iVer • Ben W22

Cottage Gfove Oakridg 47/29

a1 tne



Pass 54 31

Gold Beeth


M e dfOrd


• Juntura 47/25

43/22 • Ri l e y 40/2 2


Jordan Vall 40/22

Frenchglen • 45/25

• Paisley 43/23


49/31 •

Fort Rock wChristmas lley • 43/2 e mult 38/2p I ilver Lake 38/1 6 43/20

Port tgrford

>Q ~

Rome 40/22

• 54/3tg

Broo ngs

• Lakeview

Ashland~itiamath Falls

• 54/ 9





c46~/37 $ .



(in the 48 contiguous states):

3 '


Calgary ~ ~5'3/30

Death Valley, CA

4 -27' Crane Lake, MN n

P q



gLosAngeles '69'/56 LPhoenix









Albuquerqu'e 69/35





47/30 •

""'" F~

<53/35 •



Houston 59/48


:: 52/39 1

E'; RI '

t " 57/48






Orlando ,81/65

L //

0 U U,

+„;,; 86/73

g xf





LaJPaz 82/64


: -




A'n«hor~ a~ge

g g / 32

iii h"ll


Mazatla'n ]

53/42 r 48f26 pc

65/41 0.01 45/22 pc 6 4/27 0.00 41/20 i i 65/29 0.00 43/22 pc

52/25 s 47/22 pc 47/27 s 61/35 pc 54/43 r 56/40 pc 53/30 pc 52/35 pc 55/38 r 49/29 pc 5N2& pc 5&/36 pc 55/38 pc 49/29 pc 54/37 pc

73/3& 0.00 5432 sh 53/41 0.29 52/37 r 65/47 0.00 50/38 sh 6430 0.00 53/30 cd 6&/41 O.IN 52/30 sh 6 1/45 0.24 52/34 r 69/35 0.02 47/25 il 69/39 O.IN 45/24 pc 64/47 O.IN 52/34 sh 6 1/M 0.00 5 2/33 r 64/35 0.00 43 /25 f i

59/AN s

47/23 pc 56/37 pc

I QW 0








Mt. Hood Meadows.............1"....................105 Mt. Hood Ski Bowl...............p"......................26" T i m berline............................0"......................73" Willamette Pass...................p"......................26

Snow level androad conditions representing conditions at 5 pm. yesterday. Key: T T. =Traction Tires. pass Conditions 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit..............Carry chains, T. Tires l-&4 at Cabbage Hill................. Carry chains, T. Tires Hwy. 20 at Santiam Pass..........Carry chains, T. Tires


Aspen CQ 1 58 Ma~~oth Mtn ('A p 5pR Hwy. 26atGovernmentCamp.Carrychains, T. Tires p a r k City, UT........................O"......................81 A Hwy.26atOchoco Divide........Carrychains T. Tires S q uawValley CA.................O"......................16 Hwy. 58 at Willamette Pass......Carry chains, T. Tires S u n Valley, ID.......................OE...................... 41R Hwy.138atDiamond Lake......Carrychains,T.Tires Taos, NM.............................2"......................54" V ail, C0................................2"......... . . . . . 6 7 R Hwy.242atMcKenzie Pass..........Cl osedforseason For up-to-minute conditions turn to: For links to the latest ski conditions visit:

d d d,

ta m"a'y

* ***

'W*W*W *

Showers T-storms Rajn




F l urrjes 5now


YesterdayMonday Tuesday HiRo/Pcp Hi/Lo/WHi/Lo/W City

Yesterday Monday Tuesday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W HIRo/W City

YesterdayMonday Tuesday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/YYHi/Lo/YY

YesterdayMondayTuesday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/Yy Hi/Lo/Yy

Abilene, TX 5 4 I43 0.00 70/SO 3 7&/41 PC Grand Rapids,IA 22I& 0.00 3OI21 Pc 47/40 Pc Rapid City, SO 63/24 0.00 69/30 u 40/ZS Ew Soauie,WA St/44 0.94 49/39 2 Sz/43 T Akron, OH Z Z / 19000 19/5 0.00 2&/17 cd 4730 cd Rono, NV 77 / 35 0.00 S&IZ& PC542& PC Sioux Falls,SD 36/150.00 5%32 Pc 43/25 Ew 3&/23 pc 5186 PC Green&oy,Wl Albany, NY ze/21 0.00 25/5 E 35/20 3 Greensboro,N« 53/43 0.16 33/29 I 4035 RidTmow4VA S/742 0.00 33/Za Ew4VJS Spokane,WA 56/420.00 SN29 II 4V34PC AlbuqueFque,NMee/330.00 69/35 3 saf33 pc Harrisburg,FA 41/30 0.00 35/23 sn 41/29 pc Rochester, NY 23/1 6 0.00 24& pc 3&/31 PCSpringfield,MO 56/301.63 SZ/35 Pc 66/33 Pc Anchorage, AX 25/1 5 0.06 33/23 sn 341& ii HarriorCL «1 33/25 0.00 30/12 PC 37/73 3 Sacramento, CA 7&/47O.Oues/45 pc 72/44 3 St. Louis,MO 4V330.00 47/35 s 65/3& Pc Atlanta, 6A 5 9 6 3 1.30 Ssm r SS/41 Eh Helena,Mr 65/29 0.00 42/26 En 41/26 pc Sait take «ity, ur 67/37 0.00Sa/31 ii SOI32 pc Tampa,FL 79/63 0.00 74/64 u 70/SS sh Atlantic City, Ml 46/31 0.00 35/24 EW 4430 PC Honolulu, Hl 77/67 0.00 79/72 pc 7SI72 pc San Antonio, TX 7069 0.01 69/45 3 azls3 pc TUCEOW , Az 75/50 0.00 azlsi 3 &1/51 pc Avslin, 1X 64 6 3 0.00 es/45 3 7&ISO PC HOUEIOET , TX 69/59 0.37 ss/4& pc 7$56 3 San Diego, CA &7IS9 0.00 67/57 I 64/56 Pc Tulsa, OK SS/37 1.10 Sa/41 PC 70/36 PC Baltimore, MO 45/34 O.IN 3&/ZS Ew 39I30 PC ROEdsviih, AL 60/51 1.31 Si/41 T 60/46 Pc SRW FEoncisco, «A 6&IS1 0.00 66IS1 3 61/52 Pc Washington, OC 41/400.00 31/2& En 39/32 En Billings, MT 5 3 /3& O.IN SZI30 Eh 43/27 II IwdiaEupoli« IN 35/26 0.00 41/31 pc 57/39 pc Sow Jose, CA &CV49 0.00 69I47 3 72/4& 3 Wichita, XS 4&/31 0.20 66/42 Pc 67/33Pc afuwwgham,AL 7QIS61.64 SZI39 T 63/45 Pc Jackson,MS 71Isg 1.05 51/35 T 6&I44 Pc Santa ro, RM SS/25 0.00 66/2&pc 54/25 Pc Yauma,WA 69/41 0.00 53/30 Pc SS/35Pc Bismarck,up 4 1/1&000 SZIZ7 2 41/23 PC Jacksonville, FL &457 0.00 6&ISS u 6&61 IE Savannah, GA 71/Sd 0.04 63/47 r 5447 T Yuma, AZ -/-0.00 945& 3 &456 Pc Boise, ID 69/ 3 9 0.0049/2& Eh 49/33 Pc Juneau, AX 39/33 0.03 36/32 Ew 3430 En &ostow, MA 3 7 /29 0.00 2&I15 PC34/zs 3 Kansas city, Mo 39/30 0.60 56I41 pc 61/32pc &u&aio, NV 2 1/15 0.00 2605 pc 42/34 pc lansing, eu 22/6 0.00 29IZ2 PC 443& PC Amsterdam 53/4&O.oa 53/44 3 Ss/47 PCMecca 95/62 0.00 91/69 3 96/75 3 &uriingron, Vr 2412 0.09 19/-4 PCza/11 E tas Vogos,NV 79/51 0.00 &1/53 s es/49 pc Athens 62/46 0.00 etlxa 3 6451 s rriexicocity au/ss 0.00ao/so s 7550 PC Caribou ,ME 29/1 5O.OS 15/-7pc 2SIO pc lexington,xv 47/33 0.10 45/31 Pc 63I43 pc Auddand 77/64 O.ou 75/62 r 7SIS9 pcMonuoal 21I6 0.00 1SIO s 17/1 3 Casper,WV 59 /22 0.00 5423 En 36/1& En Linmln, NE 41/ZZ 0.00 65/40 PC SO/29 2 Baghdad 73/soo.ou 71/53 3 77/Ss pcMosmw 37/30 0.00 39/ze En 35/24pc Charleston,SC eels3 0.57 Srfdd r Sads r Little Rock,AR eo/39 0.&6 5385 pc egf43pc Bangkok ssna o.oo9&I&2 pc 93/7& cdNairobi 7&/60 0.00 7&/60 IE 7&IS7 Pc Charlotte, NC SS/4! 0.59 39/32 r 42/3& LOE AngeleS, «A &3/560.00 69/56 f 6&ISS I aeijiog 62/410.00 6ZI41 PC 68/42 cdNassau &OI69 0.00 80/71 pc &4/73 PC Chatlawooga, TN 57/So 1.07 54I41 Pc 57/45 Pc Louisville,XV 51 /34 0.03 47/31 Pc 64I45 Pc Beirut 64lsso.oa69/59 3 7SIS7 r New Delhi &7/57 0.00 &462 s &gl62 3 Cheyenne, WV 56/20 0.00 61/27 Pc 3419 Ew Madison, Wl 2601 0.00 35/2& Pc St/34 al Berlin 51 /42 0.00 53/4& T 53/42 r Osaka ee/33 0.00 6446 3 62I39 r «hicxp3,IL 2 7 / 19 0.00 34/26 Pc SO/3& PC Memphis, TN 59I46 043 51/37 Pc 65/46 Pc Bogota 66ls1 0.00 66ISO T 6&/41 IE Oslo 4&I41 0.00 4442 pc 4437 Pc «iwawwati, OH 43/31 0.00 4i/31 Pc Sg/45 Pc Miami, FL &tm oxa &6I73 IE &2/65 Eh Budapest 57/39 0.00 57/42 2 6439 pc IXuEwa 17/3 0.00 13/-5 3 17/3 s Clevel and OH 29/20 0.00 33/24 Pc 49/3& pc Milwaukee,Wr 2206 0.00 3$26 Pc 3&fss cd BuenOSAITOE &2/66 O.OD&o/64 3 75/Ss 3 paris 62/42 0.00 eudz 3 ecvddpc Colo. Spgs,CO 62/20 0.00 72/33 PC ds/ZSPC Minneapolis,MN 25/11 0.00 36I30 Ew 4ll27 «obo SonLucxs &9/64 0.00 87/66 3 &6/66 s Rio deJaneira 93/75 0.00 &gl75 3 &gf/3 s Columbia, MO 45/2& 0.00 49/34 3 6SI33 pc Nashville, TN ss/3& 0.61 SZ/34 cd 65/47 Pc Cairo azlss 0.00ezl66 cd az/60 pcRome 69/39 0.00 66/42 3 71/42 s Columbia, S«61/541.15 43/3& r 45/41 E New Orleans,LA 79/63 0.25 57/42 pc 64/SZ s Calgary 51/320.00 53/30 Cd 41/za pcSantiago 8$51 0.00 &OISSpc az/Ss pc Columbus, GA ea/SS 2.27 63/47 sh 6ZI45 pc New YOF k Nv 4zf30 0.00 35/22 En 41/30 pc «REmlh &4/77 0.00 &4/3 pc &6/64 ts Sao Paulo &9/71 O.ou91/69 ts &9/69 u Columbus, OH 36/27 0.00 45/30 pc Se/42 pc Newadc NI 42I31 0.00 35/21 En 42/27 pc Dublin 51/420.00 53/41pc 53/44 pc SRPPT xo 35/30 0.00 33/24 3 33/22 En COnmrd, RC 33/20 0.00 240 pc 33/6 3 Norfolk, VA Sz/40 0.00 4033 F 4440 r Edinburgh 53/46 0.00 SS/42 Pc 53/42 Pc Seoul 62I37 0.00 67/44 PC SS/41 PC Corpus Christi, TX 7ZI630.00 es/47 3 &3IS9 3 Okla. City, OX 53/36 0.64 62/42 3 66/38 Pc Geneva 62/42 0.00 62/32 Pc 66/35 s Shanghai 73/4l 0.00 71/SS 3 75/55 Pc Dallas, TX 56 / 42 0.09 ec/47 pc 75/46 pc Omaha, NE 4X21 0.02 61/40 Pc 51/30 T uaroro &0/64 0.00 7&IS9 IE &460 3 Singapore 89/77 0.00 &9/IS u 91/73 IE Doylon, Ou 3 5 /27 O.IN 4ZIZ7 PC 51/40 PC Orlando. FL 86/5& 0.00 &2/65 IE 77/57 Eh Hong Kong 71 /64 0.00 71/66 Pc 73/66 Pc Stockholm 35/26 0.00 37/2& 3 37/2& Ew Denver, «0 6 Z IZ4 0.00 70/27 PC 45/23 PC palm Springs,CA 91 /60 0.00 87/60 3 79/5& Pc Istanbul 53/46 0.00 53/44 r SS/46 pc Sydney 84/66 0.00 &0/62 3 &2/64 3 DEE Moines, IA 33/22 0.12 57/35 Pc 56I31 r Peoria, IL 32/24 0.01 41/30 pc 57/35 pc I OFEFE OIOEW 75/46 0.00 71/59 3 ao/ss pcTaipei 6&/60 0.00 71IS7 Pc 7SI6& pc Detroit, Ml 27/ 15 0.00zgng pc 43/35 Pc Philadelphia, PA 45/34 0.00 35/23 so 42/32 Pc Iohawwosbvrg + 0.00 7&/57 pc 75/59 u Tel Aviv 75/46 0.00 73/57 3 &ZISS Cd Dvlulh, MN 23 / 6 0.00 2&IZ2 Ew 31/24 Eo phoenix, AZ &2/56 0.00 &6/56 3 &5/57 pc uma 77/66 0.00 aol69 pc &46& pcTokyo 64/39 0.00 57/SO 3 6446 3 ElPaso,TX 67/ 47O.OD73/51 3 75/41 PC IFX ubvE&h,PA 32/24 0.00 39/23 Pc S&82 Pc udTon so/44 0.00 46/37 r 46/35 pc 71/4& 0.00 ea/da3 6&/so 3 vanmwer Fairbanks, AX 23/-12 0.00 26/-3 pc 2&I6 sn ForuanctME 37/24 0.00 244 pc 2&/14 3 londNl 66/46 0.00 67/41 3 57/44 PCVienna 57/46 0.00 57/SO r ss/42 pc Fargo, NO 30 / 2 0.00 4zfza 35/22 sn Providence,Rl 39/za 0.00 30/14 pc 3&/ZS pc Madrid 75/37 0.00 71/39 s 73/44 3 wanxw 42I32 0.00 44/30 r 4&/39 r Flagstaff, Az 61I35 000 ecrzz 3 51/24 pc Raleigh, N« 56/43 O.OS36/30 r 41/37 Manila &sl7& 0.00 &9/75 pc 91/73 3


phira delphiagtf


nalrasn'"""'"' 2

E 8E o~

2 4 /4

': "": ute/Wukk

34/21~v t Cooluinbus: 'Washington, DCQ :1 "i34/26 ,45/30 '' wxS~t 0 —TS- . w Louis .:4 ikouisville Coharjotte I I



o 't L'ittleiRock::.-. 527'3cd e J Atlant~a





-.--' Okl'ahomaCiy::






ILas Vegas /






6~ 5alt)Q($8 Cfty+ ' IT/40 • ' SW3" / I Denver, K fansas City

79/ 8



Halifax 37/12

12/ 9

"a //172 ' Detrait


&~ ~

San Frrancis«o~ f A.. 7IIC(cheyenne i. 66761 ,:x wIAL7$629/21 :

Destin, FL


un er ay

L St paulQGre'enB ay . ~

g-.. Anapid City-'---

.. a.

• 3.60

SOs/ 6OS/ Os Q BOSQgas/1OO[jja]

• Winnipeg ~gaskatoon, 24/17

nn 'I "oise ' $ g -


• 94o

52/43 1 Ad 49/35 r 6 424 0.00 4422 8 5 446 0.00 5439 r 70/25 0.00 43/22 pc 6 3/44 0.00 5381 r

Ski report from around the state, representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday; Snow a«cumulati ons ininches Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes.....................p"......................63 Hoodoo................................ 0" ...................... 48" Mt Asmand p




Yesterday's extremes


6445 0.00 51/33 pc www.trip«heck.«om orcall 511 www.onthesnow.«om Legend:W-weather, Pcp-precp i itation,s-sun, pc-partialclouds,c-clouds,hhaze, shshowers,r rain t thunderstorms,sf snowflurriies snsnow, i ice,rsrain snowmixw wind f fog, drdrizzletr trace

c ermrttii


PLANET WATCH T E MPERATURE PRECIPITATION Tomorrow Ris e Set Yesterday through 4 p.m. at Bend Municipal Airport MercurY..... 910 Pm..... 740 am. High/Low .......6&'/44' 24hoursending 4pm *. . OOOA Venus.........&:Opp.m..... 6:0&a.m. Recordhigh....... 78'in1959 Monthtodaie.......... 0.30R Mars......... 12 1 5 Pm.... 1 1:23 Pm. Remrd low......... 1 5' in 1971 Average monthtodate... 0 33" Jupiter........ 3:16a.m..... 6:38p.m. Averagehigh.............. 54' Yeartodate............ 343" Saturn........ 238pm....1236am. Averagelow............... 26' Averageyeartodate..... 1,95R Uranus......1036 pm....11:18 am. Barometricpressure 4pm. 299& E Record 24hours .. 039 in1993 *Melted liquidequivalent

Yesterday Monday Tuesday The higher the UV lndex number, the greater City HiRo/Pcp HiRo/W Hi/Lo/W the need for eyeand skin protection. Index is for solar at noon. Precipitationvaluesare24-hour totals through4 p.m

!2131 ~


50 31

Astoria Baker City Brookings EAST Bums Mostly cloudy with Eumne a 20 percent Xiamath Falls La Pine chance of snow. iakeview Highs in the low to Medford upper 40s. Newport Nonh Bend Yesterday's Ontario stateextremes Pendleton Portland Prineville • 73o Redmond Rosehurg Medfprd Salem 4 23o Sisters Lakeview AWSThe palies


3 22

• Roseburg 52/34

• 52738

45/22' ••John Da "' • U Wn ario d 40/22 -— lntarlo 52/29 Vale


Hampto 5 0/34


' Baker Qty


36/20 s cent scen


Brother 4 /22


pscent La •

• 52 /38


47 31


Mostly cloudy with 0 40 percent chance of snow. Highs in the mid- to upper 40s.

36/20 3

slst rs • • l • 47/25 Pau na Izxedmond a 43/2 d d d • 41 I 3 •

Euwene w


Granite • '

M tc ell 38/ 5


• —— Prinevf e

52/36 4

• SP'aY "

7/2 5





49 32

Sunsettoday...... 7:13 p.m. New FE r st Fug Sunrisetomorrm .. 7:1 1a.m. I st Sunsettomorrow... 7:1 5 p.m. Moonrise today....8:40 p.m. MoonsettodaY....7:29 a.m. Mar23 Mar30 Apr7 Apr15


4 0/25

Lincoln Citv-

Newport 52/37 •


Sunrisetoday...... 7:13 a.m.MOOnphaSeS


ia Grande • .

Partly cip.dy


49 29


Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. PendletOn- , 4~,25' Cooler. Highs in the • 52/29 upper 40s to MelfchamI • EnterPrise • 41/25 mid-SOs.

Partly d-dy





Chance Df rain/snow b ~>bSb late

B d



I •

' I

I '' I l • I


' /(


Jt (


Mark J. Terrig /The Associated Press

Novak Djokovic returns a shot from Roger Federer In the final match of the BNP Paribas Open Sunday in Indian Wells, Calif.

Djokovic, Pennettascore victories at IndianWells By Beth Harris

. c"'

Federer was trying to win a

The Associated Press

record fifth title in the desert,

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. and at 32, he would have been Novak Djokovic came into In- the oldest Masters 1000 windian Wells for the first time in ner since 34-year-old Andre four years without a title. Agassi won at Cincinnati in He left with a $1 million 2004. check and his first trophy of A fterFederer breezed to the the year, beating Roger Feder- first set in 31 minutes, Djokover 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3) on Sunday to ic settled down and locked win the BNP Paribas Open for into the punishing rallies that the third time. marked most of the match. "Not winning a title and He earned the lone break of coming here, there were cer- the second set to go up 5-3 aftain doubts," Djokovic said. "I ter Federer pulled a forehand had ups and downs in my con- wide. "I know he always comes centration in opening rounds, but I managed to stay mentally out confident, aggressive," strong and have that self-be- Djokovic said. "He doesn't lief. That's something that give you the victory; you have definitely makes this title very to earn it." special to me." A year ago, Pennetta was Federerrallied from a break close to retiring from tennis. down and a 5-3 deficit in the Her ranking plunged to



third set to force the tiebreak-

166th in the world in June, and

er, but he made a slew of mis- she had struggled to rebuild takes to lose the 33rd meeting her career after having right between the rivals. wrist surgery the previous Federer still leads the series August. 17-16, having beaten DjokovNow she's glad she stuck ic in three sets in the semifi-

al OUI1(L

"After so many years, so nals at Dubai two weeks ago. Djokovic will remain No. 2 in much work attd everything, the world, while Federer will this is the moment I always rise three spots to No. 5 today waited for," she said. "And it's in the ATP Tour rankings. coming when you don't exFlavia Pennetta routed in- pect. It was something I was jured Agnieszka Radwanska waiting since long time, and 6-2, 6-1 to win the women's finally I have a good trophy in title, the biggest of her career. my hands."





qlIg)<ML ~ &• A • I a







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Pets & Supplies


Want to Buy or Rent

CASH for dressers, dead washers/dryers 541-420-5640

Wanted: $Cash paid for vintage costume jewelry. Top dollar paid for Gold/Silver.l buy by the Estate, Honest Artist


• P ets & Supplies

Adult barn/shop/workThe Bulletin recoming cats, fixed, shots. mends extra caution No fee, free delivery. when purc h as- 541-306-4519 ing products or services from out of the Aussie AKC Mini, Blue area. Sending cash, Merle, M/F, blue eyes checks, or credit in- parents on site, shots/ wormed. 541-598-5314 f ormation may b e subjected to fraud. Just bought a new boat? For more informa- Sell your old one in the tion about an adver- classifieds! Ask about our Super Seller rates! tiser, you may call 541-385-5809 the O r egon State Attorney General's Boston Terriers, pureOffice C o nsumer bred, 6 wks, $450 each. Protection hotline at 541-420-1048/416-2779 1-877-877-9392.

The Bulletin

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Pets & Supplies

Furniture 8 Appliances

Antiques & Collectibles

Antiques & Collectibles

Golf Equipment

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Donate deposit bottles/ cans to local all vol., Dining table non-profit rescue, for Beautiful round feral cat spay/neuter. oak pedestal table Cans for Cats trailer with 4 matching i at Jake's Diner; or chairs, table is 42" es donate M-F at Smith in diameter and in Sign, 1515 NE 2nd; or brand new condi1940's Bell & Howat CRAFT, Tumalo. tion, as are the eff Smm Projector, Call for Irg. quantity chairs. Priced at Iylodel L Design pickup, 38 9 - 8420. $400. 541-447-3342 122. Comes plete with hard carGERMAN SHEPHERD rying case, in imPUPS! Ready April 15 BULLETINCLASSIFIEOS maculate condition, 541-620-0946 Search the area's most $100. Tripod projeccomprehensive listing of tion screen, $100. classified advertising... 541-383-1629 real estate to automotive, »» merchandise to sporting goods. Bulletin Classifieds appear every day in the print or on line. HAVANESE PUPPIES AKC, Dewclaws, UTD Call 541-385-5809 shots/wormer, non-shed, hypoallergenic, $650 541-460-1277. 1940's Cine-Kodak The Bulletin serring Central Oregonsince tggg Eight Illlodel 60 Labrador Puppies, $300 Movie Camera, 8 $350. 1st shots. vet Freezers 2 Kenmore upincludes carrying checked. 541-416-1175 right, less than 1 vr $275 case, instructions Norwich rare AKC male & $325. 830-622-3945 and film splicer, $75. pup, 9 wks, h ouseFridge, white Whirlpool 541-383-1629 raised; 35/g-year-old sbs w/icemaker $250 Norwich male, house firm. 541-719-0563 Indian Bottles & Brands r aised & g ood o n leash. $1600 each. G ENERATE S O M E by John O'Dell, gd 541-487-4511, or EXCITEMENT in your cond. $25. 546-6716 sharonm I neighborhood! Plan a garage sale and don't Min-Dentory Unique People Lookfor Information forget to advertise in About Products and classified! Services EveryDaythrough 541-365-5809. The Bulletin ClessiBeds POODLE pupstoy.Also, Find exactly what 5 mo. male or female. you are looking for in the Head & Footboard, 541-475-3889 CLASSIFIEDS with wood-grain look, Poodle Standard AKC, 9 double size has no puppies, 6 wks, shots, side rails. Could be dewormed, can deliver. The Bulletin repurposed into a $800. 541-754-9537 recommends extra garden bench, or a Queensland Heelers ! Deotio ne Do - u nique item. U s e Standard 8 Mini, $150 chasing products or • your imagination! Asking $75. & up. 541-280-1537 services from out of I 541-419-6408 www.rightwayranch.wor the area. Sending 6 I cash, checks, or i n f ormation Paying cash for old gas Yorkie pups AKC, 4 baby l credit pumps/glass-top doll boys, potty training, may be subjected to l FRAUD. For more visibles, etc, old soda UTD shots, health guar., information about an c pop machines/advertis$850 & up. 541-777-7743 advertiser, you may C ing. 541-504-1050, Kyle


Wanted: Old Oriental rugs, any size or condition, call toll free, 1-800-660-8938



on the first day it runs to make sure it isn core Door-to-door selling with rect. Spellcheck and human errors do ocfast results! It's the easiest cur. If this happens to way in the world to sell. your ad, please contact us ASAP so that The Bulletin Classified corrections and any 541-385-5809 adjustments can be made to your ad. 240 541-385-5809 Crafts & Hobbies The Bulletin Classified

advertisers may place an ad with our "QUICK CASH SPECIAL" 1 week 3 lines 12 or' ~e e eke g t k Ad must include price of il e e~ t e o t 55DD or less, or multiple items whose total does not exceed $500.


.- ge%.



l l l



I c all t h e

Furniture & Appliances

Adopt a rescued cat or older kitten! F ixed, shots, ID chip, tested, Chesapeake pups, Find It in 65480 7 8 th, AKC. 1st shots, health The Bulletin Classifieds! more! Tumalo, T h urs/Saf/ guarn., good hips, par541-385-5809 Sun 1-5, 3 8 9-8420 ents on site. $500-600. 541-259-4739.

C h a n d l e r

A1 Washers&Dryers

$150 ea. Full warranty. Free Del. Also wanted, used W/D's 541-280-7355



Attor ney ' The Bulletin reserves the right to publish all

l General's O f f i ce l Consumer Protec- • h o t line a t i i 1-677-877-9392.

I tion

Alderwood Quiltworks Quilting Frame,locally made in Prineville, easy to use, makes quilting a dream! Just add your machine to use with included Handi handles. Manual incl. Exlnt shape, only used to quilt 4 tops, $600. 541-549-1273 or 541-419-2160

Check out the classifieds online Updated daily 242

Exercise Equipment • Chandelier, 22" diameter x 17e high, 12 lights,

bronze 8 crystal, has 6 arms (2 lights on each arm), $300 obo. • Weslo Cadence Treadmill, folds up

for easy storage, light use, works great. $150. 541-923-7491

ads from The Bulletin Pilates XP297; Pilates newspaper onto The chair, fluidity bar, call Bulletin Internet web- for info. 541-408-0846 site. Schwinn heavy duty exercycle, like new! $75. 541-366-0811

> TheBulletin 6 The Bullein ServingCentral Oregon since 1553


Guns, Hunting & Fishing

AK-47 pistol American made, 3 mags plus drum mag, 5/g case ammo. $950. Redmond 503-807-0385.

Call Classifieds at 541-385-5809 www.bendbu!!et!

Want to impress the relatives? Remodel your home with the help of a professional from The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

Guns for sale by a collector. Call for

details: 541-504-1619

Stag Arms AR-15: Model Stag15, 5.56/223, Stainless steel barrel. Leupold Firedot G 3-9X40 Scope, MagPul PRS buttstock, Hogue grip, Bipod.$1875 Call 541-410-3568

CASH!! For Guns, Ammo & Reloading Supplies. 541-408-6900. Columbia River Spring Chinook guided fishing, 541-771-1516 CIAOUTFITTERS.COM

Desert Baby Eagle .40 caliber handgun, 2 holsters, Rail Flashlight, 50 rounds ammo, $650 obo. 916-952<109

Taurus PT 140, 40 cal, 4 mags, holster, 2 maq belt clip, box of shells, $425. 541-363-7659

Wanted: Collector seeks high quality fishing items & upscale bamboo flv BULLETINCLASSIFIEOS rods. Call 541 -678-5753, or 503-351-2746 Search the area's most comprehensive listing of classified advertising... Model real estate to automotive, Winchester 70 - SA.308 Win. merchandise to sporting Classic Feathergoods. Bulletin Classifieds weight, Monte Carlo appear every day in the Stock, Burris 3x9 print or on line. scope and case. Call 541-385-5809 Very clean and well cared for. $750. 541-420-4183 The Bulletin Serving Cernrel Oregonsince tgtg


eru voue erurr!

"Ad runs until it sells or up to 8 weeks (whichever comes first!)

Item Priced at: • Under $500 • $500 to $999 • $1000 to $2499 • $2500 and over



Includes up to 40 words of text, 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold headline and price.



~„",.„.ygpamp . Qf Qf0:.';,",",';";".";":; 9 crOJJ/y

$7OP 541-000-000 ~s ccgu ~(sflsJ06

desJone 1a'69w ' 5396 .oo!J-<" 5JJ1-00

Your Total Ad Cost onl: $29 $39 $49 $59

• Daily Publication in The Bulletin, an audience of over 70,000 potential customers. • Weekly publication in Central Oregon Marketplace —DELIVERED to over 30,000 households. • Weekly publication in The Central Oregon Nickel Ads with an audience of over 15,000 in Central and Eastern Oregon • Continuous Listing online, with Photo, on

541-385-5809 Private Party merchandise only - excludes Pets & livestock, autos, Rvs, motorcycles, boats, airPlanes, and garage sale categories.



541-385-5809 or go to

Monday • • • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri • Tuesday.••• • • • .Noon Mon. Wednesday •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Tues. Thursday • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Wed. Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri.

*UNDER '500in total merchandise

OVER '500 in total merchandise

7 days.................................................. $10.00 14 days................................................ $16.00

Garage Sale Special

4 days.................................................. $18.50 7 days.................................................. $24.00 14 days .................................................$33.50 28 days .................................................$61.50

4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00

(call for commercial line ad rates)

ellllust state prices in ad

EMPLOYMENT Now taking applications! A newBehavioral Health Centeris opening in the Bend/ La Pine area. All positions available, including: • Counseling Staff • Dietary • Housekeeping • Maintenance • Support staff • Clencal Competitive benefits and wages. Please email your letter of interest and resume to Emil

PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. 249



Art, Jewelry & Furs

Misc. Items

Fuel & Wood

Wanted- paying cash for Hi-fi audio & studio equip. Mclntosh, JBL, Marantz, D ynaco, Heathkit, Sansui, Carver, NAD, etc. Call 541-261-1808 261

Medical Equipment

WHEN BUYING FIREWOOD... To avoid fraud, The Bulletin recommends payment for Firewood only upon delivery and inspection. • A cord is 128 cu. ft.




• Receipts should include name, phone, price and kind of wood purchased. • Firewood ads MUST include species & cost per cord to better serve our customers.

The Bulletin


gervtng Centrei Oregon etncetae

Minolta QTSI Maxxum camera, includes 100Flatscreen Magni300mm zoom lens + filfier Optlec Clearters & c a se, $ 195. view+ viewer, magYashica Microtec Zoom nifier for reading, 90 camera & case, like writing and viewing new, $20. 541-383-1629 for those who have vision loss. $900 257 obo. (otheritems Musical Instruments listed previously have been sold) ln Bend, call 541-480-6162 Full size power adjustable bed w/memory foam mattress, $800.Portable wheelchair, 4 leg walker, Quadri-Poise cane, bathroom assist chair, all for $200. Call 541-526-5737

Beautiful Lowrey Adventurer U Organ Absolutely perfect condition, not a scratch on it, about 4-feet wide, does everything! Includes a nice bench, too. $1600 obo. 541-385-5685

1 Cord dry, split Juniper, $190/cord. Multi-corddiscounts, a t/~cords available. Immediate delivery! 541-408-6193

All year Dependable Firewood: Seasoned; Lodgepole 1 for $195 or 2 for $365. Cedar, split, del. Bend: 1 for $175 or 2 for $325. 541-420-3484.

Call The Bulletin At 541-385-5809 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail At:

JUNIPER - split, dry, ready to burn, $185/cord, deliyered. Honest cords. Fast, friendly service. Call Dan, 541-410-6792

Seasoned Juniper $150/ cord rounds; $170/ cord split. Delivered in Central OR, since 1970! Call eves, 541-420-4379

Want to impress the relatives? Remodel Piano & bench Lester Spinet, che r rywood, your home with the 1970s USA made. $450. help of a professional 269 541-508-1749 from The Bulletin's Gardening Supplie "Call A Service 260 • & E q uipment Professional" Directory Misc. Items Buying Diamonds 264 /Gofd for Cash Snow Removal Equi pment Saxon's Fine Jewelers PROMPT DELIVERY 541-389-6655 54i-389-9663 WANTED: Snow blower BUYING tire chains, size 13x4. Greenhouse, Shelter Lionel/American Flyer Call 541-408-0846 Logic 10'x20'x8', still in trains, accessories. box, $300. 830-822-3945 541-408-2191. 265 (in Bend) Building Materials BUYING ttf SE LLING All gold jewelry, silver Fornewspaper La Pine Habitat and gold coins, bars, delivery, call the RESTORE rounds, wedding sets, Circulation Dept. at class rings, sterling sil- Building Supply Resale 541-385-5800 Quality at ver, coin collect, vinTo place an ad, call LOW PRICES tage watches, dental 541-385-5809 52684 Hwy 97 gold. Bill Fl e ming, or email 541-536-3234 541-382-9419. claeeiiied@bendbulletimccm Open to the public.






Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


double depth inter-

I ment grave space I l with outer burial



Farm Equipment & Machinery

(4) 5'x12' horse panels, $75/ea. Assorted water and feed tubs, call for prices. 541-923-9758

Event Coordinator / Sales 8 fl/farketing Juniper Golf Course, i n R e dmond, i s s eeking a Ev e nt Coordinator/ Salesfk Marketing person. Please E-mail resume to sbratcher@ ~ tn 'oni er. m oo or mail to Juniper Golf Course - Event Coordinator/Sales 1938 SN/ Elkhorn Ave.,Redmond, OR 97756

Need to get an ad in ASAP? You can place it online at:




GarageSales Find them in The Bulletin Classifieds!


Auto Renew Coordinator

Immediate opening in the Circulation department for a full time Auto Renew Coordinator. Job duties primarily encompass the processing of all subscriber Auto Renew payments through accounting software, data entry of new credit card or bank draft information, and 541-385-5809 resolution with customers of declined Auto N ew H o lland 2 5 5 0 Renew payments, as well as, generating subswather, 14' header scriber renewals and refunds. Other tasks inwith conditioner, cab clude entering employee subscription adjustheat/A/C, 1300 orig. ments, transferring funds from subscriber accounts for single copy purchases, dispatchhrs. $29,000 obo. 1486 International, cab ing of all promotional items associated with heat/A/C, 5 4 0/1000 new subscriptions and upgrades, as well as Pto, 3 sets remotes, tracking/ordering Circulation office supplies. nice tractor. $18,000. Responsibilities also include month end billing, 541-419-3253 invoicing and collections for Buffalo Distribution and back up to the CSR and billing staff. 316 Ability to perform all these tasks accurately and with attention to deadlines is a must. Irrigation Equipment Work shift hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to5:00 PM. Please send resume to: 1/4 mile wheel line, ahusted© 7-ft wheels, $4950. 541-389-8963


Resort Maintenance

The Bulletin Serving Central Oregon sinceegg


The Bulletin

Home Delivery Advisor

Tele-funding for •Meals On Wheels, •Defeat Diabetes Foundation, •Veterans (OPVA). Seniors and ali others welcome. Mon-Thur. 4:30-8:30 p.m. $9.10/hour. Call 541-382-8672

r.=.-"-,.— .a products or l I chasing services from out of I I the area. SendingI c ash, checks, o r I credit i n f ormationI • may be subjected to I FRAUD. I For more informaI tion about an adver- I I tiser, you may call I the Oregon State I Attorney General'sI a Office C o n s umer c l Protection hotline atl

I 1-877-877-9392.






Loans & Mortgages WARNING The Bulletin recommends you use caution when you provide personal information to companies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for advance loan fees or companies from out of state. If you have

The Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time position and consists of managing an adult carrier force to ensure our customers receive superior service. Must be able to create and concerns or quesperform strategic plans to meet department tions, we suggest you objectives such as increasing market share consult your attorney and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a or call CONSUMER self-starter who can work both in the office HOTLINE, and in their assigned territory with minimal 1-877-877-9392. supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary with company vehicle provided. S t rong BANK TURNED YOU DOWN? Private party customer service skills and management skills will loan on real esare necessary. C o mputer experience is tate equity. Credit, no required. You must pass a drug screening problem, good equity and be able to be insured by company to drive is all you need. Call vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but Oregon Land Mortwe believe in promoting from within, so gage 541-388-4200. advancement within company is available to the right person. If you enjoy dealing with LOCALMONEY:We buy people from diverse backgrounds and you are secured trustdeeds & energetic, have great organizational skills and note, some hard money interpersonal communication skills, please loans. Call Pat Kelley send your resume to: 541-382-3099 ext.13.

The Bulletin

c/o Kurt Muller PO Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708-6020 or e-mail resume to: No phone calls, please. The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace. EOE

Need to get an ad in ASAP? You can place it online at:


Call54I 3855809tepromoteyeurterrice • Advertise for 28dali stortingcttl4I ftfatfreratfrttttggistegttvgrtgfgeeeegrgefefaf

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon sincetggg

Just too many collectibles?

EOE/Drug free workplace

Sell them in The Bulletin Classifieds

541-385-5809 39 links of 3" handline plus extra heads, risers, plugs, elbows, etc. $2000. Madras, 541-475-3321 780-ft x 4" wheel line pipe with 4-ft wheels & mover, $1160. 40 each 3nx40-ft hand line pipe, $20 each if you take all; ick-through, $35 each. rineville, 541-419-9486. 358

Farmers Column 10X20 Storage Buildings for protecting hay, firewood, livestock etc. $1496 Installed. (cther sizes available) 541-617-1133. CCB ¹173684

Clerical/Office We are looking for a full-time employee that is resourceful and self-motivated to assist a large staff and write daily clerical reports. This person should like working in a fast-paced environment and be able to meet tight deadlines on a daily basis. Prior writing or editorial experience preferred. Organization, flexibility and a high level of computer proficiency are essential. A solid knowledge of keyboard short-cuts and a typing speed of at least 50 WPM is required.

Ability to work for long periods of time doing detail-oriented work is necessary. This person must understand the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in all duties. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are required. Must enjoy working with the public. College degree or previous office experience preferred. Pre-employment drug screening is required prior to hiring.

To apply, please send a resume to: Box 20473443, c/o The Bulletin, PO Box 6020, Bend, OR 97708 EOE

Dcor-to-door selling with 270 fast results! It's the easiest • L os t tk Found l located in Meadowway in the world tc sell. park area of DesFound black coat, looks l chutes M emorial The Bulletin Classified brand new, Matson trail l Gardens, $900. Call head on Cline Falls Hwy 541-385-5809 3/1 1. Call 541-815-2079 Prineville Habitat Found Cat, black & white ReStore look, male? Near HP photo smart C-3150 Building Supply Resale Tuxedo Gosnev & Rickard print/scan/copier, $20 1427 NW Murphy Ct. Roads. 541-318-6030 541-280-1797 541-447-6934 Open to the public. Lost Cat 3/2, big black & white 'Sylvester', no colNatural gas Ruud 266 lar, OB R i ley/Sawyer tankless water Park area, Sadly missed. Heating & Stoves heater, brand newl Call 541-480-2700 199 Btu, $1800. NOTICE TO Also brand new 80 L OST he a r ing a i d ADVERTISER gal. electric water somewhere in RedSince September 29, heater, $500. mond on 3/1 0. Re1991, advertising for In Sunriver area. ward if found. Call used woodstoves has 541-788-2662. 530-938-3003 been limited to models which have been Lost Jack Russell Terrier, certified by the Or- fem, black, white, gray egon Department of face, blue collar, last Environmental Qual- seen 3/7, 23rd/Hemlock ity (DEQ) and the fed- Redmond. 541-420-5557 eral E n v ironmental Protection A g e ncy Sunvieion Pro (EPA) as having met 28LX Tanning Bed smoke emission stan- REMEMBER:If you Has only 300 hours, dards. A cer t ified have lost an animal, (lamps have average don't forget to check w oodstove may b e life of 800-1000 hours identified by its certifiThe Humane Society of effective tanning cation label, which is Bend usage). 1 owner, 541-382-3537 permanently attached great condition, to the stove. The BulRedmond includes manual, letin will not know541-923-0882 goggles & head ingly accept advertisPrine itte pillow. $900. ing for the sale of eet-eet-ttre; Call tosee! uncertified or Crett Cate 541-385-9318in Bend woodstoves. 54t-nne-8420.

Building/Contracting LandscapingNard Care Landscaping/Yard Care NOTICE: Oregon state law requires anyone who con t racts for Zdped guad/tI construction work to be licensed with the Zacv< giv e /,'. Construction Contrac- More ThanService tors Board (CCB). An Peace Of Mind active license means the contractor is bonded & insured. Spring Clean Up •Leaves Verify the contractor's •Cones CCB l i c ense at •Needles www.hirealicensed• Debris Hauling or call 503-378-4621. Need Free Bark The Bulletin recom& Flower Beds mends checking with the CCB prior to contracting with anyone. Lawn Renovation Some other t rades Aeration - Dethatching also req u ire addiOverseed tional licenses and Compost certifications. Top Dressing

Debris Removal

JUNK BE GONE I Haul Away FREE For Salvage. Also Cleanups 8 Cleanouts Mel, 541-389-8107 Domestic Services

The Bulletin


container built in,



BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Search the area's most comprehensive listing of classified advertising... real estate to automotive, merchandise to sporting goods. Bulletin Classifieds appear every day in the print or on line. Call 541-385-5809

The Riverhouseis Tech Wanted CRISIS seeking anexperienced General maintenance of RESPONSE Front Office Manager. interior/exterior of Qualified applicants will buildings, 2 years ex- TEAM MEMBER haye previous mana- perience r e quired, OPENING DATE: gerial experience in knowledge in pool/spa March 11, 2014 mentoring employees, m aintenance. Fu l l CLOSING DATE: forecasting / revenue time position. Must m anagement, a n d March 21, 2014 have valid ODL and 11:59 PM prioritizing/managing insurable. Must have multiple tasks e ffi- own hand tools. Must ciently. C o m puter, Position will provide multi-line phone sys- be drug free and a community based tem, and organiza- team player. assessment and critional skills are resis intervention on Housekeepers quired. E x e mplary the phone and face Wanted customer service skill to face, in a variety is a must. Must be Part-time only, includes of settings, and proable to work a varied weekends and holi- vide hospital liaison/ schedule. Medical in- days. Must be drug c oordination a n d surance, v a c ation free, a team player, inpay, and use of the and detail oriented. vpre-commitment estigations. Re Riverhouse factltttes Must have own trans- sponse area for this includinq FREE portation. position is C r ook GOLF. Come work for Bend's finest! Bring Call 541-593-2024 for County and D eschutes County. resume and complete applicationprocess. For more informaapplication in person tion, go to at The Riverhouse, toen .or ~ 3075 N H w y 97, USE THECLASSIFIEDS! click "About Us", B end, OR. Or y o u Employment. may apply and submit your resume/cover Door-Io-door selling with letter online at: Send resume to: fast results! It's theeasiest Resume - LCSNW, way in the worl d io sel l . Pre-employment drug 365 NE Court St., Prineville, OR 97756 screenis required. Fax: 541-447-6694 The BulletinClassified Housekeeper - Private Email: crookhomes cleaning team 541-385-5809 count ©Icsnw.or member needed, week days only. No weekends, eves or holidays.


Cemetery space: al


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Serving Central Oregon since r903

4' x 4' x 8'

Falcon 4-w h eel power scooter with accessories, gently used, in mint condit ion. $ 400. C a l l 5 41-389-1821


Add your web address to your ad and readers on The Bu//etin's web site,, will be able to click through automatically to your website.


T HE B ULLETIN r e quires computer advertisers with multiple ad schedules or those selling multiple systems/ software, to disclose the name of the business or the term "dealer" in their ads. Private party advertisers are defined as those who sell one computer.

/I 0 476

A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin The Bulletin bendbulletimcom reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. is located at: 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702



Employment Opportunities

Starting at 3 lines



• • 5:00 pm Fri • Place a photo inyourprivate party ad for only$15.00par week.

4 Charles Russell prints for sale, beautifully glass framed. 541-475-2057

EMPLOYMENT 410 - Private Instruction 421 - Schools andTraining 454- Looking forEmployment 470 - Domestic & In-HomePositions 476 - Employment Opportunities 466 - Independent Positions

• . 3:00pm Fri.



Employment Opportunities

Can be found on these pages:


Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •


Employment Opportunities


ort h w e s t e ntract in g I n c .

3420 E. Century Ave., Bismarck, ND


Positions Available:

• Health • Dental • Paid Vacation • Competitive Pay • Year Round Work • 40+ Hours/Week

• Laborers • Carpenters/Framers • Concrete Finishers • Foreman/ Superintendent • Steel Erectors

Apply online at www.northwestcontractingecom Or send resume to: jobs@northwestcontractingecom

with monthly program

Aeration/Dethatching 1-time or Weekly Services monthly A ssisting Seniors a t orWeekly, one time service. Ask about FREEadded Home. Light housesvcs w/seasonal contract! keeping & other serBonded & Insured. EXPERIENCED vices. Licensed & COLLINS Lawn Maint. Commercial Bonded. BBB CertiCa/l 541-480-9714 & Residential fied. 503-756-3544 Allen Reinsch Yard Maintenance& Mowing USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Senior Discounts (& many other things!) 541-390-1 466 Call 541-536-1294 or Door-to-door selling with Same Day Response 541-815-5313 fast results! It's the easiest way in the world tc sell. Villanueva Lawn Care. Maintenance,clean-up, thatching + more! The Bulletin Classified Free estimates. 541-385-5809 Home is Where the Dirt Is 9 yrs exp. in housekeeping. Refs & rates to fit your needs. Julie & Hovana, 541-410-0648 or 541-728-1800

ene ts Include:

NOTICE: Oregon Landscape Contractors Law (ORS 671) requires all businesses that advertise t o p e r form Landscape Construction which includes: p lanting, deck s , fences, arbors, water-features, and installation, repair of irrigation systems to be l icensed w it h th e Landscape Contractors Board. This 4-digit number is to be included in all advertisements which indicate the business has a bond, insurance and workers c ompensation for their employees. For your protection call 503-378-5909 or use our website: Landscape to Maintenance check license status Full or Partial Service before contracting with •Mowing Edging the business. Persons •Pruning eWeeding doing lan d scape Sprinkler Adjustments maintenance do not r equire an LC B l i Fertilizer included cense.

I DO THAT! Home/Rental repairs Small jobs to remodels Honest, guaranteed work. CCB¹151573 Dennis 541-317-9768 ERIC REEVE HANDY SERVICES. Home &

Commercial Repairs, Carpentry-Painting, Pressure-washing, Honey Do's. On-time promise. Senior Discount. Work guaranteed. 541-389-3361 or 541-771-4463

Bonded & Insured CCB¹181595

Serving Central Oregon Since 2003 Residental/Commercial

Sprinkler Activation/Repair Back FlowTesting Maintenance

eThatch & Aerate

• Spring Clean up .Weekly Mowing & Edging •Bi-Monthly 8 Monthly Maintenance •Bark, Rock, Etc. ~Lnndnon in •Landscape Construction eWater Feature Installation/Maint. •Pavers •Renovations •Irrigations Installation

Senior Discounts Bonded & Insured 541-815-4458 LCB¹8759


Curtis Seslar's Total Lawn Care Time for Thatching & Aerating! Redmond area only: 541-279-1821 Tree Services MR. STUMP BUSTER Professional Stump & Tree Removal• 24 yrs exp. Insured - Free estimates! Call 541-213-9103

BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS Search the area's most comprehensive listing of classified advertising... real estate to automotive, merchandise to sporting goods. Bulletin Classifieds appear every day in the print or on line. Call 541-385-5809

The Bulletin ServrngCentral Oregonvnce fgte
















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Distributed by Universal Udick

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Cl 2034 JohnHart L. FLP

Dist by Creators






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CUTTING RDOIA FLGOR veoae naKInahtatnbuar"Na'T






Monday, March 17,2014

By the numbers By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency An article cited statistics showing that the rate of teen pregnancy drops off sharply after age 25. What useful information those statisticians come up with! Math has its place in dummy play. When a good declarer has a choice of plays, simple calculations may show which play will work most often. At today's four spades. South has nine tricks; a winning club finesse with the queen would see him home. But if East takes the king, he will shift to a heart, and South will have no chance.

ACROSS 1 Period just before dark 5Sprint

a cozy bed 42 See 33-Down 9 Barnyard brayers 43 Hotel robe 14"Do o t h e rs material as..." 44 Cloud's place

is your opening call? ANSWER: I'm sure a substantial number of t oday's experts would adequate defense to open, an easy rebid and length in the ranking suit. A few experts would open two spades, though the hand contains too many defensive values. I wouldn't call a pass an error, just a reflection of an old-fashioned attitude. North dealer E-W vulnerable


9873 0A8653 4AQ

Dummy can takethe ace of clubs and lead a low diamond. East wins,

cashes a club and leads a heart. South WEST

EAST 4i 9

4 i86 5

takes the ace, leads a diamond to the QK92 ace and ruffs adiamond high. He 9 Q J104 leads a trump to the jack, ruffs a OQ7 0 K J102 4K1073 diamond high, draws trumps with the 4 J 9 6 5 2 A-K and scores the good diamond. SOUTH The club finesse offers a 50 percent c hance (maybe l es s i f So u t h ' s 45 AQ10743 QA65 instincts tell him that East has the 094 king). The second play wins about 75 484 percent of the time. This week: percentage play. N orth Ea s t Sou t h Wes t 10 Pass 1 41 Pass DAILY QUESTION 2 18 Pass 44 All Pas s Youhold:

9 A6 5

41 A Q 10 7 4 3

0 9 4 + 8 4. Y o uarethe

dealer, neither side vulnerable. What

Opening lead — 4 5 (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO












28 33


25 2 6

29 35












21 24















57 59








1 Does some light housework 15 -bitty 45 Samantha'5 2Take the lid off 16Goeslike a mother on "Bewitched" racecar 3 Embezzled, e.g. 48 of S andwich 4 Like Hyundais or 17 Item accompanying Kias 50Stuffed figure in a pencil in a cornfield 5 Place to find wds. miniature golf 53 Make sport of 6 One thing 19Em and Jemima time 57 Native of 20 Judging 58-Acrm 7 Barber's component at a sharpener beauty pageant SSTheLast Frontier state 8 Nine-headed 21 Face-to-face serpent of myth 59 Beginning of a exams Flintstones cry 9 Red or pink 23 Hurled weapon 62 Gym locale ... or bloom feature of 17-, 24 Money available 10 Second-in24-, 38- and for nonessentials command in a 50-Across kitchen 28 Poet Ogden 64 Premature 11 Junior, to Senior 30 Hawaiian 65 Elvis's middle medicine man 12CPR expert name 31 C.I.O.'5 partner 13 Leaky tire sound 66Manya new 18 Mesmerized 34 Lifeguard areas driver 22 Noah's ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE construction 24 Position between B AS F L I P ON E S L I D second and third, A CH J U K E B OX H ER O informally T R A O R E G O N T R A IL 25 Hyundai and Kia H O M B R E W I E IS N T 26 Cattiness S P E E D D OS Y MH A 27Quicklym ade, as H OL E P H O T O O P a decision E LE C O L D S AW H E R 29 Not worth a 8 I S H O P S L E A Z Y A S S D O G S I T M I R A 31Symptoms of rheumatism R EV O L T S B R A N C BE R K OS T E M P O 32 Swiss currency P AR I L A V H E R E O N 33 With 42-Across, help out O RA N G E P E K O E T U E S OV I ET U N I O N A N A 35 "To Kill a Mockingbird" T BO N E S T E A K S LD L author Harper

open one spade. The hand has


67 High heels, e.g. 68 It's often long at Disneyland 69 Dinner scraps

37When flights are due in, for short 38 Food, warmth or

No. 0210





58 62








56 Makes, as wages

36 Item in the 47 Fortunate card hardware to have with a department with queen or king in a lf+ Il or I I I I on blackjack its head 49 Makeshift shelter 39Sodarned cute 510ut of town? 52 Cheri formerly of 40 pro nobis "S.N.L." 41 Bea c h, S.C. 54 Fall bloomer 46 Pass-the-baton 55 Sport with clay events pigeons

58 Proactiv target 59'Youbetcha!" 60 Response to a massage 61Preppy, party-loving, egotistical male, in modern lingo 63 Swindle

Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Share tips: Crosswords for young solvers:


RZARIIOCMICEC5fl F548!4ek43ia/IIisarraComi41


c à c' • 69

s.iv i4

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains everydigitfrom1 to9 inclusively.


i 'ASIt)k ABOUT/







73 45

5 8 'p C /4






"I IaAU5T SE LOSll4 IVtv T O UCH.»

' TIIAklK5, p&INI5. I' HAP AAeA1l 9


I 0.

sp Z


73 Y



sooKEpA R00MAr TIIE NO7EL Js/JriK7.



orogv ro coi/ER KINr



4 4



3F 4

6 6 00



6 8

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce NicholsLeWiS ACROSS 1 Bambi's mom


SAIWI 6PEK tlag C,brEEP. J«II<~A!t' - IJ)IIIEH ~6 ~ 17P/'f A6A SL;IEAfi&T ~45595/Jah+g 5I I 6'5 V68P TO I-A&1 5I)Nl!AEQ gplp 60IFII2- 6HE hlEEDEI> f gOI/IWP. 1'l W'IHI5 AIAIJSB- Do!4)IIHII I . " ~> F '(Du ~~ pj N l 'Hf5P fl~ o ! I<L96jII!.III6. SR6/ I OF IA&l.&jyl6. g p(/g1 I/JITII OAGVAfzI AfitLE. lAGN PAIZye. &ON&' ft)&lkD 8'( &Il!IoTIOIIAI.




) e 2014 by King Features syn i08t8, Inc, world rights reserved

E-m8il: bholbrook1 4'gmail.Com

SIX CHIX and, $~


IA/ O ~ .

7Ais Skin cream.


~if( nake you.

Cook yoa?I881 .

9~ ITS

IF jg4!MUiihLg/Fi. 15

AI/lPI IFIER, gguoemD !Tgg~



IiE!, l5



THAT SCRAaaBLED WORD GAME by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

35 Unscramble these four Jumbles,

0ne letter to each square,


to form four ordinary words.

1 E


For just 830, you

COuld Wln 4 DOt al

gold worth 5L900,090. How many tlckeaI do you want? 7 none.

C~g~> 69014 THbune Content Agency,LLC All Riahls Reeenred.





N0W arrange the CirCled letterS

to form the surprise answsa as suggested by the above cartoon.

Answer here: HERMAN 3-17

-CXX3" (Answers tomorrow)

4 LaughingStock Intemalional Inc., Dist. by Univereal UClick for 058, 201 4

"Do I get to try again?"


Satuda 9


J umbles: GIANT B O O T H VIA B L E AUB U RN Answer. The documentary about the construction of the Eiffel Tower was — RIVETING


4 First grade lessons 8 Father-son actors Robert and Alan 13 Essence 14 Sodium hydroxide, in chem class 15 Deserve 16 Tricky situation to deal with 18 Chicago airport 19 Smitten 20 Piper's son of rhyme 22 Radio switch letters 23 End 24 Salon styling stuff 26 Santa's laugh sounds 27 Victrola corp. 29 Govt. intelligence 9P. 30 Dr. of rap 31 Division word 33 Taiwanese-born director Lee 35 Asked God for guidance 37 Former NFLer with a season record 23 touchdown receptions 40 JFK's vessel 43 Soft slip-on 44 Norse trickster 48"I got it!" 49"Norma 51 Approves 53 Flying Peter 54 Flying socialite 57 Start of a fitness motto 59 Curved foot part 60 Minor league rink

70 "Ghost Hunters" channel 71 Two-time loser to DDE DOWN 1 Talk and talk and ... 2 Show more

staying power

than 3 Old Montreal team 4 Poker game starter 5 Sheep's sound 6 Terra : p o ttery


7 Surefire winner 8 Latin "I love" 9 "The Merry Widow" composer Franz 10 Ser!OIJS-andfunny show 11 Orbitz quote 12 Originated (from) 13 Oh-so-stylish 17 Finished for good 21 Logical guy with pointy ears 24 Ranch worker 25 Auto dealer's inventory 28 Bach composition 32 Gold, to Gomez 34 Workout place i


you!" 67 Casino freebie 68 Chile's Cape 69 Methods: Abbr.






I C K O F F C E A N I A U S P E N D T U S K S H A T O S M I G E E A S E R I Z Z L E R I D E S D O N A T E HO N E E L L W I T A L A B A M A R A D I C A L D R Y D O C K 03/17/14










ia 20







32 37 41








30 35


39 43












59 62





55 Piece of paper 56 "The Jetsons" boy 58 Malia Obama's sister 61 Cosby/Culp TV series 63 Rotation meas. 65 Global currency




47 Back home after traveling, say 50 Moral principles 52 For instance, with






61 "Just watch me!" 62 "Politically Incorrect" host Bill 64 Hearty meal often made with mutton, and, in a way, what the ends of 16-, 24-, 37- and 54Across comprise 66 "Not o u t of

36 Communication for the deaf: Abbr. 38 Swiss river 39 Othello, for one 40 Pillow fight garb 41 Psychologist's treatment 42 Cookie dough units 45 Summer shoe style 46 Former German leaders



53 58

61 64








By Charlie Riley (c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC






i e





Fifth Wheels

o 00





Trucks & Heavy Equipment

Antique & Classic Autos



Ford F-350 4x4, •

682- Farms, RanchesandAcreage 687- Commercial for Rent/Lease 693- Office/Retail Space for Rent REALESTATE 705 - Real Estate Services 713 - Real Estate Wanted 719 -Real Estate Trades 726- Timeshares for Sale 730 - NewListings 732- Commercial Properties for Sale 738 - MultiplexesforSale 740- Condos &Townhomes for Sale 744- Open Houses 745- Homes for Sale 746-Northwest Bend Homes 747 - Southwest BendHomes 748-Northeast Bend Homes 749- Southeast BendHomes 750- RedmondHomes 753 - Sisters Homes 755 - Sunriver/La Pine Homes 756- Jefferson County Homes 757- Crook CountyHomes 762- Homes with Acreage 763- Recreational HomesandProperty 764- Farms andRanches 771 - Lots 773 - Acreages 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homeswith Land

RENTALS 603 - Rental Alternatives 604 - Storage Rentals 605- RoommateWanted 616- Want ToRent 627-Vacation Rentals& Exchanges 630- Rooms for Rent 631 - Condos &Townhomesfor Rent 632 - Apt./MultiplexGeneral 634 - Apt./Multiplex NEBend 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend 638 - Apt./Multiplex SE Bend 640 - Apt./Multiplex SWBend 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 648- Houses for RentGeneral 650- Houses for Rent NE Bend 652- Houses for Rent NWBend 654- Houses for Rent SEBend 656- Houses for Rent SW Bend 658- Houses for Rent Redmond 659 - Houses for RentSunriver 660 - Houses for Rent LaPine 661 - Houses for Rent Prineville 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters 663- Houses for Rent Madras 664 - Houses for Rent Furnished 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent 675 - RVParking 676 - Mobile/Mfd. Space



I!otorcycles & Accessories


Harley Davidson 2009 Super Glide Custom, Stage 1 Screaming Eagle performance, too many options to list, $8900. 541-388-8939

.00 604

Storage Rentals For rent, 8'x20' container in secure facility. Dry, clean, only $90/mo. Call 9th Street RV Storage Center, 541-420-6851. Harley Davidson 2011 Classic LimRoommate Wanted ited, Loaded! 9500 Your own room & bath, miles, custom paint bckgrnd check req. $360 "Broken Glass" by Nicholas Del Drago, + electric. 541-280-7722 new condition, 654 heated handgrips, auto cruise control. Houses for Rent $32k in bike, SE Bend only $20,000or best N ewer 4 b d r m S E , offer. 541-318-6049 master main l evel, 2100 SF, large yard, very n ice. $ f 595. HDFatBo 1996 541-480-9200 605


Commercial for Rent/Lease Completely Your dream, our building! Must see to appreciate. Rebuilt/Customized 2400 sq ft commercial/ 2012/2013 Award Winner retail building on busy corner in Prineville. Large Showroom Condition open space with new Many Extras cement floor 8 vehicle Low Miles. door. Separate office $17,000 space with street access 541-548-4807 & large window. $725/mo + deposit (30C sq ft per mo). Call 406-350-0883 HONDA XR650L 2002


Nice bike, $2900.

Office/Retail Space for Rent


Office space a v ail. 300-500- sq. ft., private bath and conference room, all util. paid. $300-$450 mo. + dep. C all Jim at

l@e Mb

Triumph Daytona 2004, 15K m i l e s, perfect bike, needs nothing. Vin

$4995 541-678-0240 Dlr 3665

Nottingham Square 1300 sq ft nicely updated 3/2, backs to canal, 2 car qar. 20747 Canterburv, FSBO, $210,000. 541-390-1579

FACTORY SPECIAL New Home, 3 bdrm, $46,500 finished on your site. J and M Homes 541-548-5511

1994 37.5' motorhome, with awning, and one slide-out, Only 47k miles and good condition.



(photo abovels of a similar model & not the actual vehicle)

Monaco Lapalma, 2002, 34'10" - Workhorse 8.1i Less than 18,000 mi, 5.5 Onan

gen., 2 slides, 4 dr. refrig w/icemaker, micro/convection oven, water purifier, hydraulic jacks, power pilot seat+ more options. Exceptionally clean. $59,900/make offer.541-504-1008

National RV Tropical, 1997,

V ictory TC 9 2 c i 2002, runs great, 40K mi., Stage 1 Performance Kit, n ew tires, r e a r brakes. $ 5 0 0 0. 541-771-0665

18'Maxum skiboat,2000, inboard motor, g reat cond, well maintained, $8995 obo. 541-350-7755

35-ft, Chevy Vortec engine, new tires, new awnings, 12-ft slide-out, queen bed, Italian leather couch and recliner, excellent condition. Ready to travel„ towing hitch included. $19,900. 541-815-4811

Navion RV 2008, Sprinter chassis 25'. Mercedes Benz diesel, 24,000 miles, pristine cond., quality throughout, rear slide-out w/ queen bed, deluxe captain swivel front seats, diesel generator, awning, no pets/ no smoking. $75,500. 541-382-2430


Motorhomes 850



Motorcycles & Accessories

Dodge Brougham 1978, 15', 1-ton, clean, 69,000 miles. $4500. In La Pine, call 541-602-8652

Providence2005 Fully loaded, 35,000 miles, 350 Cat, Very clean, non-smoker, 3 slides, side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker, Washer/Dryer, Flat screen TV's, In motion satellite. $95,000 541-480-2019


Winnebago Suncruiser34' 2004, 35K, loaded, too much to list, ext'd warr. thru 2014, $49,900 Dennis, 541-589-3243 Travel Trailers

WANTED We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, Fleefwood Discovery web site presence. 40' 2003, diesel, w/a)l We Take Trade-Ins! options - 3 slide outs, Free Advertising. satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, BIG COUNTRY RV etc., 32,000 miles. Bend: 541-330-2495 Wintered in h eated Redmond: shop. $84,900 O.B.O. 541-548-5254 541-447-8664

Peterbilt 359 p o table Rolls Royce 1992 Silwater truck, 1 990, ver Spur II,excellent! 3200 gal. tank, 5hp Midnight Blue exterior, pump, 4-3" h oses,


Aircraft, Parts & Service

Call Dick, 541-480-1687.


Columbia 400,

Financing available.


(located O Bend.) 541-288-3333

- — r-w-

i i i, ~ Q

overall length is 35' has 2 slides, Arctic package, A/C, table & chairs, satellite, Arctic pkg., power awning, in excellent condition! More pix at

Carry-On all steel 6'x10' utility trailer with loading ramp, 3500-lb. capacity like new, $1100.

Priced to sell $21,500




Ford Ranger 1990 K ing Cab, g o o d cond, new m otor, tinted windows, bed liner, 2 sets tires, dual pipe. Must see to appreciate. $4000 obo. 541-948-9061

Chevy 3500 Crew Cab, 2005 4x4 Dually Automotive Parts, Duramax Allison, 4' lift, Edge Chip, only Service & Accessories 66,000 miles. LS trim pkg, split-bench front 4 Michelin P225/45R-18 seat, tow pkg, brake low p r ofile ra d ials controller. Very good mounted on 5 spoke, 5 condition - looks lug Chevy rims, $1200 good, pulls better! obo. 541-647-2640 Original owner needs to sell - $35,000. 932 541-408-7826 Antique & Classic Autos Chevy Ext. Cab 1991 with camper s hell, good cond., $1500 931

1/3 interest in wellequipped IFR Beech Bonanza A36, new 10-550/ prop, located KBDN. $85,000. 541-419-9510

RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do the Work, You Keep the Cash! On-site credit

Laredo 30' 2009

6.0L Turbo diesel, full power, a u t omatic, 6-disc CD, cruise, fog lights, running boards, tow pkg, bedliner, grill guard, folding rear seat. Tan cloth interior, metallic tan exterior. 91,400 miles.

253-312-0595 (locafedin Terrebonne - CRR)

541-385-580 9 Fleetwood Wilderness2000 model, 28', 1 slide, good condition, with awning and A/C, $7500. 541-383-8270

2006 XLT 4-door Crew Cab

camlocks, $ 25,000. Parchment leather interior, 15-inch chrome RR 541-820-3724 wheels, Alpine Sirius DVD/CD/AM/FM/GPS 925 navigation system, Utility Trailers 77,200 miles, dealership maintained, always garaged. New, about $250,000; sell $19,500.541-480-3348

1/5th interest in 1973

Cessna 150 LLC

Ford Ran er XLT

2011 S u percrewcab! less than 12k mi., 4WD, Ford certified. Vin¹PA76782 $21,947

OBO. 541-447-5504.

150hp conversion, low time on air frame and engine, hangared in Bend.Excellent performance & affordable flying! $6,000. 541-410-6007



1921 Model T Delivery Truck Restored 8 Runs $9000. 541-389-8963

L INcoLN ~


541.312.3986 DLR¹0205

The Bulletin Classifieds

Buick Skylark 1972 172 Cessna Share Please see Bend IFR equipped, new Craigslist for details and avionics, Garmin 750 more photos. touchscreen, center $18,900. stack, 180hp. 541-323-1898 Exceptionally clean & economical! $13,500. Hangared in KBDN Call 541-728-0773

Ford Supercab 1992 brown/tan color with m atching full s i z e canopy, 2WD, 460 over dnve, 135K mi., full bench rear seat, slide rear w i ndow, bucket seats, power seats w/lumbar, pw, HD receiver 8 trailer brakes, good t ires. Good cond i tion. $4900. 541-389-5341

Dodge Ram 2500 2008 Diesel excellent towing vehicle, 55,000 miles. New batteries, rear air bags, Roll-n-lock bed cover, spray-in liner. 5th wheel hitch available, too. $19,000. 541-604-1285 FORD F-150 2010

Cadillac Eldorado, 1978

FORD XLT 1992 3/4 ton 4x4

New brakes, tires, axles, needs paint 8 vinyl top. Very good condition. $2200 obo, cash. Call for full details! 541-678-5575

1974 Bellanca 1730A 2180 TT, 440 SMO, 180 mph, excellent condition, always hangared, 1 owner



for 35 years. $60K.


In Madras, call 541-475-6302

541.312.3986 DLR¹0205 Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 engine, power everything, new paint, 54K orig. miles, runs great, exc. $7500 obo. 541-480-3179





GMC Sonoma 2001 4x4 Ext Cab, 4.3L V6, 87,650 miles, verv good cond. $5500. 541-388-1714

The Bulletin To Subscribe call 541-385-5800 or go to

Cessna 182Q, 1977, mid-time engine/

matching canopy, 30k original miles, possible trade for classic car, pickup, motorcycle, RV $13,500. In La Pine, call

Lariat Supercrewcab! Iess than 53k miles heated seats

2013 S u percrewMonaco Lakota 32' 2002, cab! Iess than Sk 2 slides, AC, recliners, prop, custom panel, mi., 5.01 V8, 4WD. walk-around queen bed, S-Tec 30+ altitude Vin¹E12866 sliding glass door closet, hold, Garmin 430, $30,977 new tub 8 10-gal water GPSS, oversized heater, good tires. Brand tires, digital fuel flow, ROBBERSON new 20' screen room excellent paint 8 KeystoneLaredo 31' available. Super clean, 1 interior. Must see to RV 20 06 w ith 1 2' owner, n o n-smokers. appreciate. 541.312.3986 slide-out. Sleeps 6, $11,999. 541-447-7968 Asking $68,000. GMC 2500 2003 DLR¹0205 queen walk-around Bill, 541-480-7930 HD SLE Crew Cab bed w/storage under4-wheel drive, 6.6 neath. Tub 8 shower. Want to impress the liter V8 Turbo Die2 swivel rockers. TV. sel Duramax engine, relatives? Remodel Air cond. Gas stove & Allison transmission, refrigerator/freezer. your home with the many options, Microwave. Awning. MONTANA 3585 2008, help of a professional Outside sho w er. 107,000 miles. exc. cond., 3 slides, from The Bulletin's Slide through storVery good condition, king bed, Irg LR, "Call A Service a ge, E a s y Lif t . $24,500. Save money. Learn Arctic insulation, all $29,000 new; 707-484-3518 Professional" Directory to fly or build hours options $35,000 obo. Asking$18,600 (locaredin Bend) with your own air541-420-3250 541-447-4805 c raft. 1968 A e r o Commander, 4 seat, Just too many 150 HP, low time, collectibles? full panel. $23,000 obo. Contact Paul at Sell them in 541-447-5184. Ford F250 Camper Special 1966, AT w/limited The Bulletin Classifieds Plymouth B a rracudaslip rear end. A few isT-Hangar for rent 1966, original car! 300 sues but runs good. Full Orbit21'2007, used at Bend airport. 541-385-5809 hp, 360 V8, center- steel rack w/drs. $1950 only 8 times, A/C, Call 541-382-8998. lines, 541-593-2597 firm, cash. 541-420-0156 SC oven, tub shower, micro, load leveler ~td hitch, awning, dual batteries, sleeps 4-5, EXCELLENT CONDITION. All accessories are included. OPEN ROAD 36' $14,511 OBO. 2005 - $25,500 541-382-9441 King bed, hide-a-bed sofa, 3 slides, glass shower, 10 gal. waRV ter heater, 10 cu.ft. CONSIGNMENTS fridge, central vac, WANTED s atellite dish, 2 7 " We Do The Work ... TV/stereo syst., front front power leveling You Keep The Cash! On-site credit jacks and s cissor stabilizer jacks, 16' approval team, awning. Like new! web site presence. 541-419-0566 We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Want to impress the Bend: 541-330-2495 relatives? Remodel Redmond: 541-546-5254 your home with the help of a professional from The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory l lllCOLN ~

IIMIo,QC I nternational Fla t Bed Pickup 1963, 1 ton dually, 4 spd. trans., great MPG, could be exc. wood hauler, runs great, new brakes, $1950. 541-419-5480.



Sport Utility Vehicles


2 0 07, 99K

miles, premium package, heated lumbar supported seats, panoramic moo n roof, Bluetooth, ski bag, Xenon headlights, tan & black leather interior, n ew front & re a r brakes O 76K miles, one owner, all records, very clean, $16,900. 541-388-4360

S ell you r s t u f f f ast . In print and online with The Bulletin's Classifieds

S ell your st u f f f aster w i t h c o l o r .

Tango 29.6' 2007, Rear living, walkaround queen bed, central air, awning, 1 large slide, $12,000. 541-280-2547 or 541-815-4121 882


FXSTD Harley Davidson 2001,twin cam 88, fuel injected, Vance & Hines short shotexhaust, StageI with Vance & Hines fuel management system, custom parts, extra seat. $10,500 OBO. Call Today 541-516-8684




Look at: 870 Boats & Accessories for Complete Listings of Area Real Estate for Sale 12'1969 Sears alurnnum fishing boat, 780 low hours on new 8 Mfd./Mobile Homes hp engine, with trailer with Land and extras. Good shape!$1600. 3 bdrm, 2 bath mobile 541-382-2599 home for sale or rent. Private, along COI canal. 541-389-2636

Arctic Cat 580 1994, EXT, in good condition, $1000. Located in La Pine. Call 541-408-6149.

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Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Tioga 24' Class C Motorhome Bought new in 2000, currently under 20K miles, excellent shape, new tires, professionaly winterized every year, cutoff switch to battery, plus new RV batteries. Oven, hot water heater 8 air conditioning have never been used! $24,000 obo. Serious inquiries, please. Stored in Terrebonne.


Dream Car Auto Sales 1801 Division, Bend Southeast Bend Homes

Fleetwood Prowler 32' - 2001 2 slides, ducted heat 8 air, great condition, snowbird ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo.

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TIFFINPHAETON QSH 2007 with 4 slides, CAT 350hp diesel engine, $125,900. 30,900 miles, new Michelin tires, great cond! Dishwasher, w/d, central vac, roof satellite, aluminum wheels, 2 full slide-thru basement trays & 3 TV's. Falcon-2 towbar and Even-Brake included. Call 541-977-4150

approval team, Winnebago Aspect web site presence. 2009- 32', 3 slideWe Take Trade-Ins! outs, Leather inteFree Advertising. rior, Power s eat, BIG COUNTRY RV Forest River Sunseeker locks, win d ows, Class C, 24-ft -Double Bend: 541-330-2495 wheels. Redmond: bed, roomy bath/shower, Aluminum 17" Flat Screen, 541-548-5254 lots storage, oak wood, Surround s o u nd, dining area slide-out w/ camera, Queen bed, new awning. Micro, air, newflatscreen TV& RV Foam mattress, Awning, Generator, Inbatt. On-board gen/low hrs, arctic pkg, full cover. ver!er, Auto Jacks, Ford 450 V10, 36,300 mi, Air leveling, Moon tow pkg, leather seats, no roof, no smoking or ne w , Keystone Challenger smoking/pets, sleeps 5-6 p ets. L i k e $74,900 $31,500. 2004 CH34TLB04 34' 541-419-6176 541-480-6900 fully S/C, w/d hookups, new 18' Dometic awning, 4 new tires, new Kubota 7000w marine diesel generator, 3 slides, exc. cond. inWINNEBAGO s ide & o ut. 27" T V BRAVE 2003 dvd/cd/am/fm enterG ulfstream S u n tain center. Call for • 34D, 2 slides sport 30' Class A more details. O nly 1988 new f r idge, • Tires 80% used 4 times total in • Just completely TV, solar panel, new last 5y2 years.. No refrigerator, 4000W serviced pets, no smoking. High generator, w heel• 39,000 miles retail $27,700. Will sell chair lift avail. Good • No trades for $24,000 including cond. $11,500 obo sliding hitch that fits in • $48,000 firm 541-447-5504 your truck. Call 8 a.m. 541-815-3150 to 10 p.m. for appt to see. 541-330-5527. Need help fixing stuff?


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Fifth Wheels

Recreation by Design 2013 Monte Carlo, 38-ft. Top liying room, 2 bdrm, has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, entertainment center, fireplace, W/D, garden tub/shower, in great condition.$36,000 or best offer. Call Peter,


Call 541-306-1961.

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541-385-580 9

FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and a tough V8 engine will get the job done on the ranch!

assi je s


Say "goodbuy" to that unused item by placing it in Alpenlife 29' 1993, w/ goos e neck. The Bulletin Classifieds $5500 or best offer.



FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and a tough V8 engine will get the job done on the ranch!

WW W . b e

To PlaCeyOur PhOtOad, ViSit USOnline at n d b u l le t in . C O m or Call With queStiOnS,

5 41 -38 5 - 5 8 0 9





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Automobiles N issan Altima 2007 3.5 SL. - mocha 58,500

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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

ISSA MYER; LIND- of, solicitation to vioLEGAL NOTICE late, attempt to vioIN TH E C I R CUIT SAY FARINA; AND late, or conspiracy to COURT O F THE JESSICA THEOBALD; Defenviolates, the criminal STATE OF OREGON d ants. C as e No . laws of the State of FOR THE COUNTY OF DE S CHUTES. 13CV1132FC. SUM- Oregon regarding the manufacture, distribuOlds 98 Regency 1990 Bayview Loan Ser- MONS. TO:DEFENvicing, LLC, Plaintiff, DANTS LESLIE ANN tion, or possession of exc. shape, runs as AN- controlled substances new, one owner, 20 vs. DINO SARGEN- THEOBALD, TINI; KIM SARGEN- GELA T H EOBALD, (ORS Chapter475); mpg in town. New 935 935 975 and/or (2) Was used battery, stud snow TINI; D E SCHUTES JESSICA Sport Utility Vehicles Sport Utility Vehicles Automobiles R IVER RECR E - T HEOBALD, AN D or intended for use in tires.$2000. DOES 3-4: IN THE committing or facili541-389-9377 ATION HOMESITES NAME O F THE tating the violation of, PROPERTY O W NLincoln MKZ 2009 ERS ASSOCIATION, STATE OF OREGON: solicitation to violate, Porsche 911 OTHER P E RSONS You are hereby re- attempt to violate, or Carrera 993 cou O R P A RTIES, i n - quired to appear and conspiracy to violate cluding OCCU- defend the complaint the criminal laws of PANTS, UNKNOWN filed against you in the the State of Oregon CORVETTE COUPE BMW X3 2011 black CLAIMING ANY above case w i thin regarding the manuGlasstop 2010 facture, distribution or on black, sport/prem RIGHT, TITLE, LIEN, thirty days after the Leather seat, BlueGrand Sport - 4 LT first date of publica- possession of conO R INTEREST I N packs, leather, 3.5i tooth, auto 6 spd, loaded, clear bra su b stances turbo, nav., 20k THE PRO P E RTY tion of this summons, trolled F WD 5 4 k mi l e s hood & fenders. 1996, 73k miles, (ORS Chapter 475). miles, 19" wheels, DESCRIBED IN THE and if you fail to apvin¹613915 New Michelin Super Tiptronic auto. pear and defend, the cold weather pkg, COMPLAINT $15,977 Sports, G.S. floor transmission. Silver, IN THE MATTER OF: HEREIN, Defendants. plaintiff will apply to Xenons, warranteed mats, 17,000 miles, blue leather interior, to 9/2015.$38,000 ROBBERSONX No. 13 C V 1019FC. the court for the relief Crystal red. moon/sunroof, new demanded i n th e CIVIL SU M MONS. (1) US Currency in One owner, $42,000. quality tires and the am o un t of 503-789-9401 TO T H E DE F E N- complaint. The ob503-358-1164. battery, car and seat ject of the complaint $1,221.00, Case No 541.312.3986 DANTS: D i no Sar(Portland) covers, many extras. 13-180484 se i z ed DLR¹0205 and the demand for gentini. NOTICE TO Recently fully serrelief are: The plain- August 25, 2013 from DEFENDANT: READ viced, garaged, T HESE PAP E R S tiff seeks to foreclose Brent Odom. Nissan Murano 2010 looks and runs like CAREFULLY! A law- its trust deed on the SEL AWD Nav., prem. new. Excellent consuit has been started subject real property pkg. ¹102642 $23,988 dition $29,700 a gainst you in t h e described in the com- The Bulletin is your 541-598-3750 541-322-9647 above-entitled Court plaint as d escribed Employment Dodge Avenger SE by Bayview Loan Ser- below in the amount (Photo for illustration only) Sedan 2012, 4 c y l, vicing, LLC, Plaintiff. of $183,964.91, plus Chevy 1500 Extended Marketplace Porsche 911 Turbo auto, FWD, MP3. P laintiff's c laim i s interest, late charges, cab 1997, bed liner, www.aaaoregonautoVin ¹293948 stated in the written costs, advances, and tow pkg, alloy wheels. Call Complaint, a copy of attorney's fees, and to Vin ¹196866. $12,988 which is on file at the cause th e s u bject $6,988 © s uSUMkUO1%SHD.OOM a a au Deschutes C o unty property to be sold by 5 41-3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 © a usmau. Courthouse. You the Sheriff of Des2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. to advertise. must "appear" in this chutes County, fore2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend 877-266-3821 2003 6 speed, X50 case or the other side closing the interests of 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 added power pkg., will win automatically. all defendants in the Dlr ¹0354 (photo forillustrationonly) Ford Fusion SEL 2010, 530 HP! Under 10k To "appear" you must real property with the Subaru Forester X T miles, Arctic silver, file with the court a le- proceeds applied to leather, AWD, ¹ Limited 2007, 4 Cyl., gray leather interior, satisfy Plaintiff's lien. gal paper called a 277998 $16,988 auto, AWD, leather, new quality t ires, "motion" or "answer." The real property is ServingCentral Omgon since SIB moon rof, p r ivacy and battery, Bose The "motion" or "an- described as follows: glass, roof rack, alloy p remium sou n d swer" must be given Lot Twenty-Nine (29), wheels. Vin¹710326 stereo, moon/sunBlock One (1), FIRST LEGAL NOTICE to the court clerk or (photo forillustration only) 541-598-3750 $15,888 roof, car and seat TO OREGON administrator w i thin ADDITION Chevy Silverado 1500 www.aaaoregonautocovers. Many extras. 30 days along with the WHISPERING PINES T RUSTEE'S N O s u a a a LL 2001, Extended cab, © Garaged, p e r fect required filing fee. It ESTATES, recorded TICE OF SALE T.S. Bed liner, tow pkg., 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. condition, $59,700. must be i n p r oper A pril 12 , 1 9 68, i n N o: L544262 O R alloy wheels. V i n¹ 541-322-9647 Cabinet A, Page 157, Unit Code: L Loan form and have proof 877-266-3821 185489 o f service o n t h e Deschutes C o unty, No: Dlr ¹0354 $8,888 80280108/HALE plaintiff's attorney or, Oregon. Commonly 940 Porsche Carrera 911 if the plaintiff does not known as 20860 Pony A P ¹ 1 : 257 1 72 S UBA R U , 2003 convertible with have an a t t orney, Avenue, Bend, OR Title ¹ : 839 0 204 Vans hardtop. 50K miles, Reference is made 2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend proof of service on the 97701. NOTICE TO Ford Thunderbird factory Porsche 877-266-3821 plaintiff. The object of DEFENDANT: READ to that certain Trust 2002 c o nvertible new motor 6 mos ago with T HESE PAP E R S Deed mad e by Dlr ¹0354 t he complaint is t o with brand new ton18 mo factory warforeclose a deed of CAREFULLY! M ICHELLE H A L E neau cover, white ranty remaining. You must "appear" in t rust dated July 1 , as Grantor, to RUwith grey i nterior, $37,500. 2004 and recorded as this case or the other RAL HOU S I NG loaded, 88,600 low 541-322-6928 side will win automatiSERVICE OR ITS B ook 2004, P a g e miles, choice condi40773 given by Dino c ally. T o "appear" SUCCESSOR Chrysler Town & tion, everything Country LXI 1997, Sargentini, Kim Sar- you must file with the AGENCY as works. Great fun car beautiful inside & to d r ive. I l l ness gentini on p roperty court a legal paper Trustee, in favor of (photo forillustration only) UNITED STATES commonly known as called a "motion" or one owner, nonforces sale $13,950 Dodge Durango 2005, out, 16031 Park Drive, La "answer." The "mo- O F AMER I C A smoker,. Ioaded with cash. C all Bi l l 4WD, V8 5.7L, Tow tion" or "answer" must ACTING THROUGH 197,892 mi. Pine, OR 97739 and 541-604-9307 pkg., running boards. options! be given to the court legally described as: THE RURAL rec o rds third row seat, moon- Service rphoto for illustration only) 2 IN BLOCK 92 clerk or administrator H OUSING S E R available. $4 , 950. Subaru Legacy 3.0 R LOT roof. Vin¹ 534944 Advertise your car! DES C HUTES within 30 days of the V ICE O R SU C Call Mike, (541) 815Add A Prcfure! Limited 2008, 6 Cyl., OF $10,999 RECRE - date of first publica- CESS A G E NCY, 8176 after 3:30 p.m. Reach thousands of readers! auto, AWD, leather, R IVER HOMESITES, tion specified herein UNITED S T ATES S UBA R U . Call 541-385-5809 m oon r o of , re a r ATION UNIT 8, PART11, DE- a long with th e r e - DEPARTMENT OF The Bulletin Ctassifieds spoiler, alloy wheels. 2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend SCHUTES COUNTY, q uired filing fee. I t AGRICULTURE as Honda Odyssey Vin ¹207281 877-266-3821 1999. Very good OREGON. Manufac- must be i n p r oper Beneficiary. Dated $22,988 Dlr ¹0354 tured Home Info. Year form and have proof June 9, 2008, Recond. Runs well, © s u a a au 2004 Make FUQUQ o f service o n t h e c orded June 1 3 , Two sets of tires on MAPLETON. plaintiff's attorney or, 2008 as Instr. No. rims - summer and 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. MODEL: if the plaintiff does not 2008-25474 in Book ¹ORE455780, winter. $2500. 877-266-3821 have a n a t t orney, -- Page -- of OffiORE455779, 541-593-2312 Dlr ¹0354 Ford Thunderbird ORE455778. The proof of service on the cial Records in the or 541-977-7588 plaintiff. If you have o ffice of t h e R e complaint seeks to 2004 Toyota Cefica foreclose and termi- questions, you should c order o f DE S Convertible VW Eurovan 2000, no see an attorney im- CHUTES C ounty; Convertible 1 993 nate all i nterest of with hard & soft top, Ford Bronco II pop top, V6, only 62K mediately. If you O REGON R E AMsilver with black Dino Sargentini and 4x4, 1989miles. Good condition, all other interests in need help in finding ORTIZATION interior, Automatic, power $9500. 907-321-1013 an attorney, you may AGREEMENT all original, t he p r operty. T h e steering, stereo very low mileage, "motion" or "answer" call the Oregon State WITH EFFECTIVE BULLETINCLASSIFIEOS upgrade, set-up to in premium condition. (or "reply") must be Bar's Lawyer Referral DATE OF 4/1 3/1 2 Search the area's most tow, runs good. $19,900. given to th e c ourt S ervice a t (503) covering the followcomprehensive listing of 702-249-2567 $1700. GT 2200 4 cyl, 5 clerk or administrator 684-3763 or toll-free ing described real classified advertising... in Oregon at (800) (car is in Bend) speed, a/c, pw, pdl, within 30 days of the property situated in 541-633-6662 real estate to automotive, nicest c o nvertible date of first publica- 452-7636. H E RSH- s aid county a n d merchandise to sporting around in this price tion specified herein NER HUNTER, LLP, s tate, to wit: L O T goods. Bulletin Classifieds HU N DRED range, new t i res, a long with th e r e - By/s/Nancy K. Cary, ONE Ford Expedition appear every day in the wheels, clutch, timquired filing fee. The Nancy K. Cary, OSB SIXTY SIX ( 166), Limited 201 2 print or on line. BAR ing belt, plugs, etc. date of first publica- 902254, Of Attorneys DIAMOND Call 541-385-5809 111K mi., remarktion of the summons for Plaintiff, 180 East RANCH, PHASE 4, 11th Avenue, P.O. RECORDED MAY able cond. i nside is March 10, 2014. If and out. Fun car to you have questions, Box 1475, Eugene, 1, 2007, IN CABIfphoto forillustration only) The Bulletin Kia Serving Central Oregonsinct f9N drive, Must S E E! you should see an Oregon 97440, Tele- NET H, PAGE 317, Forte SX Hatchattorney immediately. phone: DESCHUTES $5995. R e dmond. back 2013, 4 Cy l , 975 (541)686-8511, Fax: COUNTY, If you need help in ORm oon r o of , re a r 541-504-1993 less than 25k mi., finding an attorney, (541)344-2025, EGON. B o t h t he Automobiles heated leather spoiler, alloy wheels. beneficiary and the you may contact the ncary@hershnerVin¹684485 seats, Vin¹F01898 Fir s t trustee have elected Oregon State Bar's h $17,988 $41,944 Publication Date: FebLawyer Referral Serto sell the said real ROBBERSON y ruary 24, 2014. © s u a a au aF. vice on l in e at property to satisfy LINcoLII ~ I M RDR the obligations sewww.oregonstatebar. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. org or by calling (503) LEGAL NOTICE cured by said Trust 877-266-3821 541.31 2.3986 684-3763 ( in t h e NOTICE OF SEIZURE Deed and a Notice rphoto for illustration only) Dlr ¹0354 DLR¹0205 FOR CIVIL o f D e f ault ha s Volkswagen Jeffa 2.0L Portland metropolitan Corvette Coupe been recorded pur2013, 4 Cyl., Turbo area) or toll-free else- FORFEITURE TO ALL 1996, 350 auto, Mazde3 2012 POTENTIAL suant to O r egon diesel, 6 speed w/tip- where in Oregon at 135k, non-ethanol Hummer H2 2006 CLAIMANTS AND TO Revised S t atutes (800) 452-7636. Attronic, FWD, moon fuel/synthetic oil, torneys for Plaintiff, ALL UNKNOWN 86.735(3); the degaraged/covered. roof, alloy wheels. SHAPIRO 8E SUTH- PERSONS READ THIS fault for w hich the Vin ¹356856 Bose Premium Gold ERLAND, LLC, /s/. CAREFULLY foreclosure is made system. Orig. owner $22,988 J ames A . Cra f t . is Grantor's failure manual. Stock! © sU H A R U J ames A . Cra f t If you have any inter- to pay when due, $10,500 OBO. eusmuommnaom Sport, 5 spd, leather est i n t h e s e i zed the following sums: Retired. Must sell! 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. ¹090146 seats, hatchback, SUT au t o 4 - spd. property d e scribed 20 PYMTS FROM [], 541-923-1781 877-266-3821 FWD. 68,398 mi. 6.0L V-8, less than TO 7632 S W D u r ham below, you must claim 05/1 3/1 2 Dlr ¹0354 vin¹532282 88k mi., 4x4, leather R oad, S uite 3 5 0 , that interest or you will 12/13/13 4S Cadillac d' E legance seats. VIN¹ 101123 $1 7,977 Tigard, O R 9 7 224, automatically lose that 1,203.95 Volvo C-30 2009 1998, low miles 66k, $26,977 interest. If you do not $24,079.00 TOTAL (360)260-2253; Fax R-Design hatchback, non-smokers, $3200 ROBBERSON file a claim for the LATE C H A RGES (360)260-2285. 39k mi., white, Orig. obo. 541-389-5488 ROBBERSON y property, the property $345.96 Sub-Total owner. $17,984. urroa» ~ ~~ may be forfeited even of Amounts in Ar541-923-0445. 541.312.3986 Just too many Cadillac Deville if you are not conrears:$24,424.96 541.31 2.3986 DLR ¹0205 DHS 2000. Most victed of any crime. Together with any collectibles? DLR¹0205 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! To claim an interest, default in the payoptions, exc. cond. you must file a written ment of r ecurring 93,000 mi.. New Sell them in Door-to-door selling with iyfazdaCX-7i 201 1 claim with the forfei- obligations as they tires. $6,500. Jeep Wrangler 201 1 fast results! It's the easiest The Bulletin Classifieds ture counsel named become due. 541-233-8944. Vnfimifed Rubicon way in the world to sell. below, Th e w r itten ALSO, if you have claim must be signed failed to pay taxes 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified by you, sworn to un- on th e p r operty, ffill der penalty of perjury provide insurance 541-385-5809 LEGAL NOTICE before a notary public, on the property or Sport, 5 spd, BlueIN TH E C I R CUIT and state: (a) Your pay o t h er senior tooth, remote pwr COURT O F THE true name; (b) The liens o r en c umLeather trimmed locks, less than 25k STATE OF OREGON address at which you brances as required seat, 4 spd auto, Chevy C r uze LT mi., vin¹368668 FOR D E SCHUTES will a c cept f u t ure i n the n ot e a n d Vin¹611550 Sedan 2012, 4 Cyl., $1 7,977 C OUNTY. W A S H - m ailings from t h e T rust D eed, t h e $32,977 Turbo, auto, F WD, FEDERAL, court and f orfeiture beneficiary may ROBBERSON y V olvo S40 T 5 2 0 0 5 INGTON running lights, alloy fka W A SHINGTON counsel; and (3) A insist that you do so ROBBERSON wheels. Vin ¹103968 LINcoLII ~ IM RDR AWD, sunroof, lux/winter FEDERAL SAVINGS; s tatement that y o u in order to reinstate nama $13,988 pkgs, new tires, more! Plaintiff, v. DOES 1-2, have an interest in the y our account m ~ ~ 541.31 2.3986 $6775 obo.541-330-5818 being the occupants seized property. Your good standing. The 541.31 2.3986 DLR ¹0205 ® a usmau. of or parties in pos- deadline for filing the b eneficiary ma y DLR¹0205 session or claiming claim document with require as a condi2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Looking for your any right to posses- forfeiture cou n sel tion t o r e i nstate877-266-3821 next employee? sion of the Real Prop- named below is 21 ment that you proDlr ¹0354 Place a Bulletin help vide reliable written erty commonly known days from the last day wanted ad today and 20860 Pony Avenue, of publication of this evidence that you reach over 60,000 B end, O R 97 7 0 1; notice. Where to file have paid a l l sereaders each week. DOES 3-4, being the a claim and for more nior liens or encumYour classified ad Mazda Miata 1997 unknown heirs and i nformation: D a i na brances, property will also appear on Jeep Wrangler UnfimM-edition devisees of Kenneth Vitolins, Crook County taxes, and hazard ifed Sahara 2 007, Mica Green, 5-spd, R. Theobald and also District Attorney Of- insurance p r emiwhich currently reoriginal interior & Automatic, hard top, all other persons or fice, 300 N E T h ird u ms. These re Corvette 1979 ceives over 1.5 milexterior. All power t ow pk g . , all o y unknown Street, Prineville, OR quirements for reinL82- 4 speed. parties lion page views options, leather, wheels, running claiming any r i ght, 97754. statement should be 85,000 miles every month at convertible boot, boards. Vin ¹120477 title, lien, or interest in Notice of reasons for confirmed by conGaraged since new. no extra cost. BulleTonneau Cover $25,988 I've owned it 25 t he p r operty d e - Forfeiture: The prop- tacting the undertin Classifieds 114K miles, synscribed in the Com- erty described below signed Tr u stee. years. Never damS UBA R U thetic oils, new timGet Results! Call SUBARUO188tlD.OOM plaint herein; LESLIE was seized for forfei- The street or other aged or abused. 385-5809 or place ing belt © 81K, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. ANN TH E OBALD; ture because it: (1) common designa& more! $5995. your ad on-line at $12,900. 877-266-3821 ANGELA Constitutes the pro- tion if any, of the 541-548-5648 Dave, 541-350-4077 Dlr ¹0354 T HEOBALD; M E L - ceeds of the violation real property de-

The Bulletin





s cribed above i s purported to be:

2718 NE 6TH DRIVE, REDMOND, OR 97756 The

undersigned Trustee d i sclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the a bove s t reet o r other common designation. By reason of said default, th e b e n eficiary has declared all sums owing on the obligation secured by said Trust Deed immediately due and payable, said sums being the following, to wit: Principal $290,517.06, together with interest as provided in the note or other instrument s e cured from 04/1 3 /12, plus subsidy recapture in the sum of $23,126.76 and fees a ssessed in t h e amount of $3,984.99, plus accrued interest due thereon, and such other costs and fees are due under the note o r o t her instrument secured, and as are provided by statute. WHEREFORE, notice is hereby given t hat t h e und e rsigned trustee will, on May 2, 2014, at the h o ur of 10:00 A.M. in accord with the Standard Time, as established by ORS 187.110, INSIDE

T H E M A IN L OBBY OF T H E DESCHUTES COUNTY COURTHOUSE, 1164 NW B OND, B E N D C ounty o f DE S CHUTES, State of OREGON, (which is the new date, time a nd place set f o r said sale) sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which the Grantor had or had power to convey at the time of execution by him of the said Trust Deed, together with any interest which the Grantor or his successors in interest acquired after t he execution o f said Trust Deed, to satisfy the foregoing obli g ations thereby secured and the c o sts and expenses of sale, including a r easonable charge by the trustee. N o t ice is further given that any person named in O.R.S.86.753 has the right, at any time prior to f i v e days before the date last set for the sale, to have this f oreclosure pr o ceeding dismissed and the Trust Deed r einstated by payment to the beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred) and by curing any other default complained herein that is capable of being cured by tendering the performance required u n d er the o bligation of t h e Trust Deed, and in addition to paying said sums or tendering the performance necessary to cure the default, by paying all costs and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the obligation and Trust Deed, together with trustee's and attorney's fees not exceeding the amounts provided by sa i d ORS 86.753. I t w ill be necessary for you to contact the undersigned prior to the time you tender reinstatement or payoff so that you may be advised of the exact amount, including t rustee's costs and fees, that y ou wil l b e r e q uired t o pay . Payment must be in the full amount in the form of cashier's or certified check. T he effect of t h e sale will be to deprive you and all those who hold by, through and under you of a l l interest in the property des cribed above. I n construing this notice, the masculine gender includes the f eminine and t h e neuter, the singular includes the plural, the word "grantor" includes any successor in interest to the grantor as well as a n y other person owing an obligation, the performance of which is s ecured by s a i d T rust Deed, a n d the words "trustee" and "beneficiary" include their respective successors in i nterest, i f any . The Beneficiary may

b e attempting t o collect a debt and any information obtained may be used for t h a t purpose. If the Trustee is unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder's sole and exclusrve remedy shall be the return of m o nies paid to the Trustee, and the successful bidder shall have no further recourse. If a vailable, the e x pected opening bid and/or p o stponement i n f ormation may be obtained by calling t h e following telephone number(s) on the day b efore th e s a l e: (714) 480-5690 or you may a ccess sales information at DATED: 1 2 /1 9/1 3 CHRISTOPHER C. D ORR, OSBA ¹ 992526 By CHRISTOPHER C. D ORR, AT T O RN EY AT LAW D I RECT INQUIRIES TO: T.D. S E RVICE C O M PANY FORECLOSURE DEPARTMENT 4000 W. Metropolitan Drive Suite 400 Orange, CA 92868 (800) 843 - 0260 TAC¹ 968117 PUB: 03/1 7/1 4, 03/24/1 4, 03/31/1 4, 04/07/1 4

Need to get an ad in ASAP? You can place it online at:

541-385-5809 LEGAL NOTICE

Sub-Bids Requested Rite Aid Redmond, OR Bids Due: March 18, 2014 4S 10:00am

Scope of Work: The project includes a n ew, g r ound u p , 17,400 sf pharmacy with masonry walls, a steel roof structure, TPO/built up roofing, finishes, p l u mbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler, electrical. Construction type: VB non-rate with automatic f ire suppression system. Questions: Call Matt Winkler at 503.444.0661 or email mwinkler©

We are an equal opportunity e m p loyer and request sub-bids from minority, women, d isadvantaged a n d emerging small business enterprises. CCB ¹54656 PUBLIC NOTICE The Bend Park 8, Recreation District Board of Directors will meet in a w ork session Tuesday, March 18, 2014 beginning at 3:00 p.m., at the Distnct Office, 799 SW Columbia, Bend, Oregon. The board will receive updates on the Simpson Pavilion and Colorado Dam Safe Passage projects, information

r egarding a par k stewardship program, the 2014-15 Needs Based A s s istance Plan and a report from the Park and Recreation Foundation regarding fundraising. A regular meeting will begin at 6:30 p . m . Agenda items include consideration of approval of: the Simpson Pavilion concept; a new park manager position; a resolution to apply for a local government grant for McKay Park; 2014-15 Needs Based Assistance Plan; a contract for a district office solar system; approval of Discovery, First S treet Rapids a n d Canal Ro w p a r ks master plans, and appointment of a Budget Committee member. The b u siness session will be followed by an executive session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(e) for the purpose of discussing real property transactions. T he a genda a n d s upplementary r e ports are posted on the district's website, For more information call 541-389-7275.

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Bulletin Daily Paper 03-17-14  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Monday, March 17, 2014

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