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Memory loss, thengain

— Long-term memory is restored to these lab mice.A3

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"Diamonds in the Desert," today at the Des Chutes Historical Mu-

seum, explores the local history of America's pastime.O1

By Markian Hawryluk The Bulletin

A dispute between a Salem hospital and the Medicaid plan in Marion and Polk counties is threatening to derail Oregon's ambitious health care transformation project. The state's House Ways

and Means Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing Monday on House Bill 3309, which is intended to force the hospital to drop a lawsuit against the counties' coordinated care organization (CCO). But providers in other parts of the state say the

measure could have a chilling effect on hospitals' willingness to participate in the CCO process, which could undermine the state's health reform effort. "It would be a huge, possibly, arguably, fatal blow to the whole health care transformation," said Rep. Jason Conger,

R-Bend. O regon has transformed its Medicaidprogram, the Oregon Health Plan, into 15 regional health plans that are paid a fixed amount to provide all of the careneeded to keep low-income individuals healthy. SeeCCOs/A5

By Andrew Clevenger The Bulletin

WASHINGTON — As bombshell revelations about the extent of domestic spying by the National Security Agency rocked Washington this week, Oregon's senators were not among those caught off guard. Sen. Ron Wyden, the third-ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, had repeatedly warned that the way the administration was inter-

In national news —The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

proposes lifting federal protections for gray wolves.A2

Ma e ou are as we

PIUS —A lone gunman leaves four dead at aCaliforniacollege, before police kill him.A2

In dusinessnewsNational job numbers areup, but so is the jobless rate.C6

And a Wed exclusive-

preting and implementing


Inside a large homeless encampment — onethat a California city has been struggling to knock down.

Fancy robots stand in for kids too sick for school


A Barn owl

By Robbie Brown

< Peregrine falcon

New York Times News Service

SUMTER, S.C.— Lexie Kinder solvesproblems during math class, earns gold stars from her teacher and jokes with classmates at her elementary school. All without leaving her living room. Born with a chronic heart disorder that weakened her immune system and made attending school risky, Lexie, 9, was tutored at her home in Sumter, S.C., for years. But this

v Turkey vulture


classified portions of the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act would be shocking to the American public, if and when they learned about it. Democrat Jeff Merkley, Oregon's junior senator, requested a classified briefing on Section 215 of the Patriot Act last year as the Senate was deciding whether to reauthorize the laws governing the covert surveillanceprograms. But neither could share his thoughts on what the NSA was doing because the programs were classified. That changed this week, with headline-grabbing revelations published in major news outlets following the leak of documents detailing how the secret surveillance was carried out. SeeSenators/A4

Inside • Q-and-A on the phone data mining and its legality,A4


An embrace of divisive security tools

spring, her family began experimenting with an alternative — a cameraand-Internet-enabled robot that swivels around the classroom andstreams two-way video between her school and house. "She immediately loved the robot," her mother, Cristi Kinder, said, of the device, called a VGo, which Lexie controls from her home computer. Lexie dressed up the robot, which is about the height of her thirdgrade classmates, in pink ribbons and a tutu, and she renamed it Princess VGo. A small but quickly

growing number of chronically ill students — at least 50 across the countrynow attend school virtually with what are called "rem ote presence robots."But the technology is expensive (a VGo costs $6,000, in addition to $1,200 a year for maintenance and other costs) and imperfect (when the robot loses its Internet connection, it goes lifeless

and must be pushed).

By Peter Baker New York Times News Service Photos by Rob Kerr l The Bulletin

day when

The creatures of "Raptors in the Desert Sky" — the stunning flight demonstration now featured at the High Desert Museum — are all birds of prey, md they all perform some impressive feats. See if you can identify them using the clues below, then read our story on the museum's program on Page D1for the answers.

This bird is thefastest raptor, reaching speeds of200 mph.

This bird has aface specially shaped to funnel sound directly to its ears, to help it hunt inthe dark.

This bird isresourceful, feedingon food the otherdirds leave behind. (OK, maybethat one'seasy.)

But while they may be fearless predators, these animals tend to become victims too easily, swooping too close to roadways and being hit by cars. That's where the museum came in, rehabilitating them, sometimes weighing them in to see if their progress is going as planned (the falcon above is on the scales) — and in return, the birds will put on a show for hundreds of museum visitors this summer.


8 .S We userecycled newsprint


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WASHINGTON — Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama went before an audience of generals and spies to declare that "all wars must end" and that he could see a

The Bulletin AnIndependent Newspaper

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Sunny High 83, Low 48

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even the amorphous struggle with terrorists would essentially come to a close. But that day is clearly not here. The disclosure of the government's vast surveillance of American telephone records and foreigners' email and other Internet communications, and further revelations alleging that Internet companies are being tapped, served as a reminder that Obama continues to deploy many of the national security tools he inheritedfrom hispredecessor even as he seeks to turn the corner in the way the U.S. responds to terrorism. Whatever his ambivalence about what President George W.Bush called a global war, Obama has used some ofthe same aggressive powers in the name of guarding national security even, in the view of critics, at the expense of civil liberties. SeeObama/A4


The Bulletin


How to reach Us

U.S.-ChiIIa Summit —Opening atwo-day summit, President Barack Obamadrewattention to contentious economic andcybersecurity issues

;g '/


Friday night as he warmly received Chinese President Xi Jinping at a California desert estate. It is their first meeting since Xi took office in March.


"Our decision tomeetsoearly (in Xi's term)signifies the importance of

Phone hours: 5:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. Moni-pri., 6:30 a.m.-noon Sat.-Sun.

the U.S.-China relationship," Obama said. Previewing "more extended" and informal talks later, Obama said he would also stress the importance


of human rights. Xi didnot mentionanypotential tensions between the two powers. Also in California on Friday, Obamawas attending a fundraiser just three miles from the shooting in Santa Monica; the Secret

541 -382-1811

Service said it wastreating it as a local criminal event.


s ~


KOreaS —South and North Korearestored across-border hotline Friday, with theSouth proposing logistical talks Sundayto arrange thetwo


Koreas' first Cabinet minister-level meeting in sixyears. The development came after the North suddenly proposed Thursday that the two Koreas

bulletin© t



ttyv '*

hold their first government-to-governmentdialogue inyears. RiCiII arreSt —A pregnant Texasactress who first told the FBIthat her husbandsent ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obamaand

541-383-0348 N EW S R O O M

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, then alleg-


edlysaidshesentthem becauseherhusband"made her" do it, wasarrested andcharged Friday with threat-

541-385-5804 N EW S R O O M

ening the president. Shannon Guess Richardson,35,


Business ..... business© City Desk........... news© Community Life communitylife© Sports.............. sports©

appeared in aTexarkana, Texas, courtroom after being charged. Thefederal charge carries up to 10years in

Dam>an Dovarganes/The Associated Press

Investigators surround a Santa Monica bus that was among the vehicles shot at Friday in the Southern California city. A gunman fired shots near and on the campus of Santa Monica College shortly before noon, killing several people before police shot him dead.

prison. The mother of five has played bit roles on televi- Richardson sion's "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Walking Dead."

According to anFBIaffidavit, Richardson contacted authorities May 30 to implicate her estranged husband, Nathaniel Richardson.


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so The Associated Press SANTA M O NICA, C a lif. — A man with a semi-automatic rifle killed at least four people and wounded several othersFriday as he carried out a deadly rampage across several blocks of a normally idyllic beachfront city. Police shot him dead in the Santa Monica

ea in ai . case. As the h ouse burst i nto flames, the man wounded a woman in a car before moving toward campus, spraying bullets as he went. Police said he opened fire on a city bus, a police car and other cars, as well as bystanders and pedestrians. The driver of an SUV leav-

As listed at

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawn Friday night are:

48®®9 QiQO®Q The estimated jackpot is now $14 million.

three women captive in his home in Cleveland for a decade, was indicted Friday on 329 charges including murder, kidnapping and rape.

The grand jury chargedCastro with two counts of aggravated murder related to one act, saying he purposely caused the unlawful termina-

The gunman continued to shoot at people in the library, Seabrooks said, but apparently didn't hit anybody. "The officers came in and directly engaged the suspect, and he was shot and killed on the scene," she said. A fter t h e g u n man w a s killed, police wearing helmets College Library. ing a campus parking lot was and armed with shotguns and The violence began when killed and t w o p a ssengers rifles searched the campus for the gunman, dressed in all w ere wounded as t h e c a r a possible second shooter. A black and wearing what apcrashed through a block wall. man dressed entirely in black, peared to be a ballistic jacket, From there, the g unman the words "Life is a Gamble" opened fire on a house where entered the campus, fatally on the back of his sweatshirt, two bodies were found, Santa w ounding a w o man a s h e was seen being led away in Monica Police Chief Jacque- made his way toward the col- handcuffs. lege's library, where students line Seabrooks said. Sgt. Richard Lewis, a police Two officials said Friday were studying for final exams. spokesman, said Friday night "We saw a woman get shot the man was questioned and night that the killings began as a domestic violence inciin the head," said administra- releasedand isnota suspect. dent and that the victims in the tive assistant Trena Johnson, The identities of those who home were the gunman'sfa- who looked out the window were killed were not immedither and brother. The officials of the dean's office, where she ately released. The death toll spoke on condition of anonym- works, when she heard gun- hadbeenreportedhigherearli er ity because they were not au- fire. "I haven't been able to Friday. Wounded victims were thorized to publicly discuss the stop shaking," she said. taken to a nearby hospital.

The Associated Press The O bama a d m inistration on Friday proposed lifting most remaining federal protections for gray wolves across the Lower 48 states, a move that would end four decades of recovery efforts. State and federal agencies have spent more than $117 million restoring the predatorssince they were added to the endangered species list in 1974. Today more than 6,100 wolves roam portions of the Northern Rockies and western Great Lakes where protections already have been lifted. With F r iday's a nnouncement, the feds signaled it is ready to move on: The wolf has rebounded from near-extermination, balance has been restoredto parts ofthe ecosystem, and hunters in some states already are free to shoot the animals under state oversight. But p r ominent s cientists and dozens of lawmakers in Congress want more wolves in more places. They say protections should remain in force

tion of one of the women's pregnancies. Castro's attorneys havesaid he would plead not guilty to any indictment. PhiladelPhia dIlilding COllaPSe —SeanBenschop, a felon accused of being high while operating demolition equipment when a building fell and killed six people in Philadelphia, will be charged with involuntary manslaughter, the deputy mayor said Friday. Authorities

believ eBenschop hadbeenusinganexcavatorWednesdaywhenwhat was left of the four-story building gave way, killing six and injuring 13.

JeSSe JaCkSOn Jr. — Prosecutors on Friday recommendedfour years in prison for former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., following his guilty

plea this year on charges that hewas spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. Thegovernment suggested an 18-month sentence for Jackson's wife, Sandra, and is recommending that they pay almost a million dollars in restitution to the campaign.

ChineSe diSSident —The mother and older brother of Chen Guangcheng, the prominent blind civil rights advocate who fled to the

U.S. Iast year, wereboth granted Chinese passports Friday, allowing them to apply for visas to travel to the U.S. to see Chen.

Britain'S prinCe —Daysbefore his 92nd birthday, Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was admitted to a London hospital for exploratory surgery Friday after "abdominal investigations," the royal

household said, without offering moredetails. In March, thequeen, 87, was hospitalized herself after showing symptoms of gastroenteritis. — From wire reports


Fedsseekto remove gray wolf protections

-<mot o r

so the animals can expand beyond the portions of 10 states

they now occupy. Lawsuits challenging the te administration's plan are almost certain. The gray wolf's historical range stretchedacross most of North America. By the 1930s, government-sponsored trapping and poisoning left just one small pocket of the animals, in northern Minnesota. In the past several years, after the Great Lakes popula=--=::-;.:-;-.=-'-tion swelled and wolves were =" reintroduced to the Northern Rockies, protections were lifted in states where the vast majority of the animals now live: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and portions of Oregon, Washington and Utah. Under the administration's plan, protections would remain only for a fledgling population of Mexican gray wolves in the desert Southwest. The proposal will be subject to a public comment period and a final decision made within a year.

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This latest appeal for Syria equals half the financing requested by the United Nations

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Includes Free Loaner CaiWith Appointment

$5B call forSyriarefugeeaid




e tP The United Nations issued the biggest financing appeal in its history Friday, asking for more than $5 billion in h umanitarian aid fo r S y r ia this year to help millions both there and in refugee-flooded neighboring countries. Calling the Syrian conflict "the most dangerous crisis since the end of the Cold War," the U.N. high commissioner forrefugees urged world leaders to respond to the appeal not just out of compassion but as a form of "enlightened selfinterest" to help stabilize the



$(Whil S ppli

Bulletin wire reports



and news or ad illustrations. Theymay not be reproducedwithout explicit pnor approval.

Oregon Lottery results

329 kidll8ppillg ch8rgBs —Ariel castro, accused of holding

for 16 other countries. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin v olunteeredhis country's troops as replacements Friday for the Austrian members of a U.N.

peacekeeping force who are vacating the disputed Golan Heights area along the IsraelSyria border, where violence from the Syrian civil war has intensified. The Austrian government decided to pull out it s 380 soldiersThursday after Syrian rebels briefly seized the Austrian area o f r e sponsibility, the Kuneitra crossing between Israel and Syria, in clashes with Syrian government forces that lasted for several hours.

L t)





I is

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TART • Discoveries, breakthroughs, trends, namesin the news— the things you needto knowto start out your day

It's Saturday, June 8, the 159th day of 2013. There are 206 days left in the year.




University takes ontaste

SPOI"tS —The French Open continues. Plus, the Belmont


Stakes starts, though rain from the remnants of Tropical

Storm Andrea mayleave awet track in New York.C1

By Renee Elder

These and other vegetables and fruits have naturally ocN.C.) curring properties known as RALEIGH, N.C. — Aready- phytochemicals, sometimes to-eat Army meal can survive called antioxidants, that ena 1,200-foot parachute drop hance the immune system, and stayfresh for up to three repair cellular damage, imyears — only to go straight prove brain functions and ofinto the trash can if it doesn't fer other health benefits. appeal to a soldier's taste. Delivering fresh fruits and That's a problem research- vegetables to troops is often ers at North Carolina State difficult if not downright imUniversity are hoping to solve possible, especially in parts of by infusing snack bars and the world where they are not other prepared foods with grown, said Tom Yang, senior extracts from tasty fruits and food technologist for the U.S. vegetables grown in North Army's Combat Feeding DiCarolina. rectorate in Natick, Mass. "The Army goes to such an "There are logistics probexpense to make rations, then lems as well as the fact that watches time and time again these foods are highly peras soldiers throw out any- ishable," Yang said. "Many thing that doesn't look and times there is no refrigeration. taste good," said Mary Ann We have to use food that is Lila, director of N.C. State's shelf-stable." Plants for Human Health InShelf-stablefoods, accordstitute in Kannapolis. ing to the Army, must be able "If it's nutty and good tast- to remainfresh for 3.5 years ing, the guys willeat it — espe- when stored at 80 degrees, or cially if they know it has high nine months at 100 degrees. protein and wiii help with enTo make their products, ergy and muscle mass. Here, Lila and research partners we are making an ingredient at Rutgers University have that not only will taste good found a way to extract the but will be good for your body fruit and vegetable phytoand your health." chemicals and bind them with Using a $60,000 grant from flour made from soybeans or the Center for Advanced Pro- hemp. The flour is used to precessing and Packaging Stud- pare the snack and meal bars ies, an organization that links soldiers receive. industries an d u n i v ersity Their process also filters researchers, Lila and her col- out excess sugars, fats and leagues chose one fruit and waters from the fruits and one vegetable to test their new vegetables, resulting in a conmethod of e x tracting and centrate that can provide four transplanting vital nutrients. or moreservings offruits and "Because of our North Car- vegetables in a single tableolina connection, we decided spoon and remain suitable on kale greens and musca- for consumption for several dine grapes," she said. months, Lila said. The News & Observer (Raleigh,

Hunger —Britain hosts a summit tackling malnutrition in some of the world's poorest



The University of California-Irvine researcher who made the find says it suggests a potential gene therapy for humans.

Highlights:In1953, the U.S.

Supreme Court ruled unanimously that restaurants in the

By Sherri Cruz

District of Columbia could not refuse to serve blacks. Eight

SANTA ANA, Calif. — University o f Ca l i fornia-Irvine neurobiologists have discovered aprotein complex in neurons that is essential to longterm memory formation and is also corrupted in the brains of people with some developmental disabilities such as autism. This complex is corrupted by the mutation of a specific protein molecule, and replacing that mutated molecule in laboratory mice restores their long-term memory — suggest-

tornadoes struck Michigan's Lower Peninsula, killing 126

people, according to the National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration; most of the deaths were caused by

an extremely powerful twister in Flint. In A.D. 632, Islam's prophet Muhammad died in Medina. In 1845, Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United

States, died in Nashville, Tenn. In1915, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigned in a disagreement with President Woodrow Wilson over the U.S.'s handling of the sinking of the Lusitania. In1942, Bing Crosby recorded "Adeste Fideles" and "Silent

Night" in Los Angeles for Decca Records. In 1967, 34 U.S. servicemen were killed when Israel attacked the USS Liberty, a Navy intelligence-gathering ship in the Mediterranean. (Israel later said the Liberty had been mis-

taken for an Egyptian vessel.) In1972, during the Vietnam

War, an Associated Press photographer captured the famous image of 9-year-old PhanThi Kim Phuc as she ran naked and severely burned from the

scene of a South Vietnamese napalm attack. In 1973, Gen. Francisco Franco relinquished his post

as Spain's prime minister while remaining as chief of state.

In1982, Ronald Reaganbecame the first U.S. president to

address a joint session of the British Parliament. In1987, Fawn Hall began testifying at the Iran-Contra

hearings, describing how, as secretary to national security aide Oliver North, she helped

shred some documents and spirit away others. In1998, the National Rifle As-

sociation elected actor Charlton Heston its president.

Ten years ago:Poland voted to join the European Union in

2004. Annika Sorenstam won the LPGA Championship for her fifth major title. Spain's

Juan Carlos Ferrero won the French Open men's final with a 6-1, 6-3, 6-2 victory over Mar-

tin Verkerk. GeorgeForeman was inducted into the lnternational Boxing Hall of Fame.

Five years ago:Rafael Nadal won his fourth consecutive

French Opentitle. One year ago:President Barack Obama, during the

presidential campaign, declared "the private sectoris doing fine." In Cairo, a mob of

hundreds of menassaulted women hol dinga march demandinganendtosexual

The Orange County Register

ing a possible gene therapy for humans, the researchers reported. Protein complexes access genes — portions of DNA and turn them on and off at the right time to enable neurons in the brain to work properly, said Marcelo Wood, associate professor at UCI's Center for the

Vocabulary Neuron:a nerve cell that transmits nerve impulses. DNA:deoxyribonucleic acid, a nucleic acid that contains genetic

code. RNA:ribonucleic acid, which is present in all living cells, acts as a

messenger carrying DNAinstructions. Genes:sections of DNA, which make RNA, which then make proteins, which come together to form a protein complex.

nBAF:the protein complex necessary for long-term memory. haf53h:a protein within nBAF.

Chromatin:the combination of genomic DNAand histone proteins, which resides in the nucleus of acell. Nucleosome:the repeating unit of chromatin, which is a length of

DNA (146 basepairs) wrapped around aball of histone proteins. When viewed through a microscope, it looks like beads on a

string. Nucleosomeremodeling: when nBAFattaches to chromatin and physically moves nucleosomesaway, allowing a geneto be turned on. Epigeneti cs:Changesingeneexpressioncaused by mechanisms other than changes to their underlying DNA sequence.

get turned on. The nBAF protein complex, Memory and director of the In- necessaryfor memory, attachterdepartmental Neuroscience es to chromatin and physically Program. unravelsthe nucleosomes, alWood's lab has identified lowing for a gene to be turned nBAF as the protein complex on and off. That action is called needed for long-term memory. "nucleosome remodeling." nBAF is found only in neurons. If the nucleosome remodelWhen nBAF is corrupted by ing mechanism of nBAF fails a mutation of its gene-encod- due to a mutation of baf53b, it ing molecule baf53b, it can can result in severe cognitive no longer perform the role of and neurodevelopment disor"nucleosome remodeling," the ders, Wood said. means by which nBAF accessNucleosome r e m o deling es genes. plays a major role in gene funcWhen UCI researchers re- tion and could also play a role place mutated baf53b with in disorders and diseases such non-mutated baf53b in labo- as cancer, obesity, depression ratory mice, it leads to a func- and addiction, Wood said. tioning, gene-accessing nBAF The emerging field of epiprotein complex and results in genetics — changes to the exthe return of their long-term pression of genes without any memory, Wood said. changes in their underlying This research furthers the DNA coding — suggests that science of epigenetics, which the environment andthe things has to do with gene access we're exposed to can alter our and gene function without a gene function without changchange to DNA coding. Cog- ing our genetics. nitive impairments in learning Molecular biologists who and memory an d n eurode- study how normal cells turn velopmental disorders once cancerous are engrossed in thought to be genetic may be epigenetics and are looking at epigenetic. individualized treatments for If you unraveled all of the cancer patients, Wood said. chromosomes in just one cell Wood, who formerly studand lined them up, there would ied cancer cells, brought his be 6 feet of DNA, which de- knowledge of epigenetics to the termines the traits we inherit. UCI research lab. "Epigenetics has only recentDNA resides in th e m i croscopic nucleus of a cell and is ly exploded within the field of packed in chromatin. Chroma- neuroscience," Wood said. UCI tin is made of repeating units of has one of the first centers for nucleosomes,a specific length epigenetics research. of DNA wrapped around balls Epigenetics is why one twin, of proteins called histones. in a set of identical twins who When viewed through a mi- share the same DNA, might croscope, chromatin looks like get autism,cancer or another beads on a string. DNA must disorder, while the other one be wrapped around nucleo- doesn't, Wood said. somes so that it can be comEpigenetics links n u rture pacted about 10,000 times to fit ( environment) a n d na t u r e in a cell's nucleus. (genetics). Accessing genes in the face In contrast to our genome of that compaction becomes — the DNA we're born witha physical problem. If genes our epigenome can be altered can't be accessed, they can't by environmental factors, such

Neurobiology of Learning and

as physical and mental stress, diet, drugs and other things we're exposed to. This suggests that some of the disease and disorders we get can be prevented. H owever, e pigenetics i s "transgenerational." That

means grandma's epigenome, including her disorders and d iseases, may b y pass h er daughter and manifest in her granddaughter, Wood said.


harassment. Kevin Millwood

and five Seattle relievers combined on a no-hitter, the third in franchise history, and the

Mariners beat the LosAngeles Dodgers 1-0.

BIRTHDAYS Former first lady Barbara Bush is 88. Actor-comedian Jerry Stiller is 86. Comedian

Joan Rivers is 80.Actress Millicent Martin is 79. Actor

James Darren is77. Singer Nancy Sinatra is 73.Author Sara Paretsky is 66. Country musician Tony Rice is 62.

Rock singer BonnieTyler is 62. "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams is 56. Actor-director Keenen

Ivory Wayans is55. Actress Kelli Williams is 43. Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.,

is 43. RapperKanyeWest is 36. Actress Torrey DeVitto is 29. — From wire reports


France'swinemaking origins The Associated Press

that seafaring Etruscans from PARIS — Scrapings from central Italy introduced imthe bottoms of 2,500-year-old ported wine to their trading pottery containers have shed outpost of Lattara, now the new light on the origins of French city of Lattes. The new French winemaking. evidence backs this up. A team of a r chaeologists The study, published in the led by the University of Penn- May I, 2013 issue of Proceedsylvania's Patrick McGovern ings of the National Academy used biomolecular analysis to of Sciences, also demonstrates confirm that fifth-century B.C. that local Celts had begun Etruscan a m phorae f o und making wine at Lattara by the near Montpellier in southern end of the fifth century B.C. France once contained a type Tracing winemaking's anof wine flavored with thyme, cient roots is important berosemary and basil. cause of wine's "crucial role Archaeological e v i d ence in the transfer of culture from and ancient texts have long one people to another around provided reasonable certainty the world," the study says.


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Obama Continued from A1 Rather than dismantling B ush's approach t o n a tional security, Obama has to some extent validated it and put it on a more sustainable footing. The altered landscape of terrorism politics a dozen years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks was illustrated by the reaction to a report in The Guardian on the government's highly classified program. On the one side were Obama and, in effect, although he made no public comment, Bush, as well as the establishment leaders of both parties. On the other was a collection of critics from the right and left, an amalgamation that brought the American Civil Liberties Union and the tea party-affiliated Freedom Works into the same camp. "Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous'?" former Vice President Al Gore, the former Democratic presidential nominee, wrote in a Twittermessage. Onhis own Twitter account, Sen. Rand Paul, a possible Republican presidential candidate, condemned the surveillance as "an astounding assault on the Constitution." But congressional leaders from both parties stood by a p rogram that they had effectively sanctioned through th e p assage of counterterrorism laws over the years. Obama seems to encapsulate the debate himself. He cameto office promising to end what he had characterized asthe excesses of his predecessor, but found that many of those policies had already been modified by Bush under pressure from courts and Congress and out of a desire to make them more palatable. After his 2009 inauguration, Obama signed an order banning what Bush euphemistically called "enhanced interrogation t e chniques" and what critics called torture, but by that point waterboarding had been halted for nearly six years. By the time he took over, thewarrantlesssurveillance program Bush had started had been legalized by an act of Congress, with the support of Obama when he was a senator.Obama kept a system of military commissions while building in further procedural safeguards and gave up an effort to try Sept. 11 plotters in civilian court. He released some secret documents about past programs but continued to invoke national secrecy in other instances. When he talked about how all wars must end in his speech at National Defense University, Obama said it was time to begin a new phase in the battle against al-Qaida and allied extremists, narrowing the scope of the conflict and cuttingback on theuse of drone strikes overseas. He suggested the threat of terrorism had receded to the level it had been before Sept. 11, a regular danger but not the overarching issue it had become. But just as an unmanned aerial vehicle strike in Pakistan days after the speech made clear the drone war is not over, so too did fresh revelations about government surveillance indicate little retreat from the expansive tactics of the past. Former Sen. Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, questioned whether such expansive sweeps of data were even effective. "If everything's a priority, then nothing is," he said. Aides said Obama's approach is necessarily subtle, neither excessively hawkish nor overly restrained. The president believes in sustaining some post-9/11 abilities to fight al-Qaida, aides said, but has made a point of imposing stronger oversight and checks and balances that were not present immediately after the attacks on New York and Washington. "We've come a long way in t erms o f n a r r owing our focus," said Benjamin Rhodes, deputy national security adviser. "... It's only natural, and healthy, that as the nation considers the current scale of the threat of terrorism, we will also consider whether the balance between security and privacy is appropriate."



a a minin ex aine By David G. Savage Tribune Washington Bureau

A newly published court order has confirmed that the government has been routinely mining data about hundreds of millions of U.S. phone calls. The report raised new questions about secret surveillance and unchecked government power.


What information is beQ obtained'?


• T he o r d er c a l l ed i t "metadata" that consisted of telephone numbers and the times and duration of calls, but not the contents of the phones calls or the names and addresses of those who owned the phones. •

• How does the govern• ment get access to this mass of data? T hrough a c o ur t o r -

A •• der and by relying on a

Evan Vucci/The AssociatedPress

President Barack Obama on Friday offered a robust defense of the government surveillance programs. "Nobody is listening to your telephone calls," he said, delivering a 14-minute answer to two questions about the surveillance programs at a California event that was supposed to be devoted to the health care law. "... (But) you can't have 100 percent security and then also have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience." Find a full transcript of his remarks atQ»

perts say they must take the view that having access to the entire database of phone calls is "relevant" to investigating terrorism plots. "This is all about searchthings" by going to a special court and "showing that there ing for patterns of calls," said are reasonable grounds to beWashington attorney Stewlieve that the tangible things art Baker,a former general sought are relevant to an aucounsel for the National Sethorized investigation." curity Agency. He said he had no actual knowledge of the Who decides on these current program, but he said . requests? Is there any legal limit having access to the phone • The Foreign Intelligence • on what records the records would allow the NSA • S urveillance C ourt , government ma y s e cretly to link calls to suspected terwhose judges operate in seobtain? rorists, here or abroad. cret. They are appointed by • That is not clear. Before Chief Justice John Roberts. It • this week, many had How has this broad was Judge Roger Vinson from assumed the law limited the . surveillanceprogram Florida who approved the orgovernment to obtaining only remained secret? der for Verizon phone records. records that were "relevant to . Because lawmakers in an authorized investigation." . the Senate and House • Is it c onstitutional for These words from the Patriot voted to keep it secret fromthe . the government to se- Act were read to mean of- public. The Senate defeated cretly obtain the phone records ficials were tracking certain amendments in 2010 and 2011 of ordinary Americans? people because they were that would have required the . Probably. Th e F o urth suspected of involvement in Justice Department to explain . Amendment forbids "un- terrorism. But Vinson's order its view that the law permits reasonable searches" by the made no mention of an actual the government to secretly government, but the Supreme investigation. He said Verizon obtain all phone records in Court has drawn a sharp dis- must turn over "all call detail this country. The president tinction between what is truly records," including"local calls and the Supreme Court have private and what is not. When ... wholly within the United helped maintain the secrecy. people talk on the phone, that States." On Capitol Hill, sena- Barack Obama's Justice Deis a private conversation, the tors who serve on the Intelli- partment has refused to recourt said, and it is protected. gence Committee said this is lease its legal explanations of So, before police can "wiretap" "nothing new" and has gone the law. For its part, the high a phone call, they must peron since at least 2006. court has tossed out lawsuits suade a judge to give them a Justice Department law- from civil libertarians on the search warrant. This requires yers have not explained in grounds that none of them showing they have "probable public their i n t erpretation could prove they were secretcause" to believe a crime is in of the law. Some outside ex- ly wiretapped. provision in the Patriot Act. It says the government may obtain business records, phone records or o t h er "tangible



and no other party is involved in those decisions. Last year, the Continued from A1 FISA court approved all 1,788 of On Wednesday, the Brit- the government'ssubmissions, ish newspaper The Guardian according to an annual report reportedVerizon was turning on the FISA court provided to over millions of records Congress by the Departof its customers' callsment of Justice in April. so-called metadata that And under a program includes the numbers e. i'~ called P RISM, the NSA called, the duration of $ .. ~ " acce ssed the servers of >' the calls, andthe parties' Internet giants including geolocation — daily to Wy d en Google , Yahoo and Facethe NSA. The following book,although the comday, The Guardian and $ pa n ies said it was withThe Washington Post 3 o u t their permission. : revealed that the NSA On Thursday,Director i . was accessing the servof N a t ional Intelligence ers of nine major AmeriJames Clapper released can Internet companies Me r kiey a stat e ment condemnand collecting electronic ing the leaks related to communications, inc l uding the classified programs. "Information collected under emails and other files. In response, the Obama ad- (PRISM) is among the most imministration maintained that portant and valuable foreign inthese programs, which have telligence information we collect been underway since the Bush and is used to protect our nation administration, are perfectly from a wide variety of threats," legal, and subject to congressio- he said. "The unauthorized disnal and judicial oversight. closure of information about "Nobody is listeningtothecon- this important and entirely legal tent of people's phone calls," the program is reprehensibleand president told reporters Friday. risks important protections for "This program, by the way, is ful- the security of Americans." ly overseen not just by Congress, Wyden and Sen.Mark Udall, but by the FISA court — a court a Colorado Democrat who is specially put together to evaluate also on the Intelligence Comclassified programs to make sure mittee, have both publicly questhat the executive branch, or gov- tioned the government's public ernment generally, is not abusing representations about its covert them, and that it's being carried collection of"business" records, out consistent with the Constitu- particularly its description of tion and rule oflaw." it being analogous to a grand Merkley said Friday he felt jury subpoena. On Friday, they the president's emphasis that no released a statement questionnames were attached to the data ing the government's assertion collected was a bit of a red her- that the metadata had thwarted ring. "Essentially, the govern- potential terrorist attacks. "We remain unconvinced ment is tracking virtually every citizen," because most people that the secret Patriot Act collecuse cellphones, he told The Bul- tion has actually provided any letin. "I don't think the president uniquely valuable intelligence," gave the proper weight to how they said in a joint statement. "As far as we can see, all of the significant an invasion it is." Additionally, while m em- useful information that it has bers of the Senate and House provided appears to have also intelligence committees may been available through other receive regular briefings, other collection methods that do not members don't have detailed violate the privacy of law-abidknowledge of the covert pro- ing Americans in the way that grams unless they seek it out. the Patriot Act collection does." "Iasked fora briefing on SecIn F e b r uary, M e r k l ey, tion 215," Merkley said. "My un- Wyden, Udall and Intelligence derstanding (after the briefing) Committee Chairwoman Diwasthegovernmentwas sweep- anne Feinstein, D-Calif., wrote ing up information broadly in to the FISA court, asking it to a manner inconsistent with the provide nonclassified sumplain language of the law." maries of its legal opinions. In Section 215 of the Patriot response, Judge Reggie WalAct allows the government to ton wrote that in almost every collect "tangible things," such instance, the opinions were as books, records, papers and based on classifiedfacts, so documents, as it investigates this would not be possible. foreign intelligence activities Merkleyand Wydenadvocate and tries to prevent spying and the declassification of as much terrorism. Items that fall under of the secret law as possible, a special category (including so that the country can openly library circulation records, li- discuss if the administration brary patron lists, book sales has struck the proper balance records, firearms sales re- between security and individucords, tax-return records, edu- als' right to privacy, as President cationrecords and medical re- Barack Obama maintains. "We all want security, but cords containing information that would identify a person) we have always had a process require that the request come where personal privacy is balfrom either the director of the anced," Merkley said. "If you FBI or the executive assistant keep secret the law, you can't director for national security. have a meaningful congresThe American Civil Liber- sional debate, and that's not ties Union and others have acceptable in a democracy." — Reporter: 202-662-7456, sued under the Freedom of Information Act to try to gain acaclevengerC< cess to the government's interpretation of Section 215, but the administration has refused.

progress. But in the 1970s, the court said business records, taxrecords andphone records are not truly private. These records circulate through offices and through the mail. Because such records are not protected, a police official or FBI agent may obtain them by sending an order to a business saying they are needed for an investigation.




Many appearresignedto surveilance By Adam Nagourney

use. I just don't trust them." 2001. In fact, prospects for a Across the country, peo- legislative response to curL OS ANGELES — T h e ple began absorbing what tail monitoring of I nternet string o f r e velations about was proving to be at times and telephone communicasweeping government surveil- a confusing barrage of dis- tions appear remote. lance of American telephone closures on precisely what By every indication, the records and Internet activity the government was doing. continued concern a b out by foreigners, including email, Initially, it appeared that the domestic terrorism has colstirredexpressions of concern government was doing ex- ored the way Americans are across the country Fridaytensive data-mining — look- reacting to intrusions in their along with something of a col- ing at photos, videos, email privacy. lective national shrug. and postings — on all sorts Rob Johnson, 21, a recent It is not that people were not of social media. But U.S. of- graduate from University of upset to learn the government ficials, in acknowledging the Iowa who moved to Chicago might be tracking their tele- existence of the data-mining to develop a smartphone app, phone calls, Facebook posts program over the past seven said he considered it an apand Yahoo accounts. It is that years, said its target was lim- propriate trade-off in a postin this age of "Homeland," and ited to foreign figures. 9/11 world. " I'd r ather h av e t h e m a culturethat encourages peoAnd while the disclosures ple to share photos and mindrew heavy criticism from track who we're talking to if ute-by-minute activities and civil rights advocates and it saves American lives," he opinions on public websites, some members of Congress, said. "I think it's OK for them the news that the government many Republicans and Dem- to be that invasive. "I think it's something that might be looking in, too, was ocrats expressed their supsomething short of a surprise. port for a program that they we have to get used to," John"I think it stinks," said Steve had voted for, and reautho- son added. "Your habits and Talley, 64, a retired state work- rized, in the sweep of nation- activities are being watched. er in Mount Airy, N.C., a small, al security legislation passed I already assume that Google c onservative town near t he after the attacks of Sept. 11, is tracking everything I do." border with Virginia. But, he added, "it's been going on forever.... I don't mean to be cynical, but this is nothing new. If people think the government hasn't been monitoring whatever they want to, whenever 0 I • 0 • a 0 they want to, they are sorely mistaken." At the Harold Washington a I>) I 'I Library Center i n C h icago, Cedric Hudson, 55, an unemployed machine t echnician who described himself as a Democrat proud to be from Obama's home state, said he was resigned to these kinds of governmental intrusions. "It doesn't bother me beBring this ad and receive cause the government is goa complimentary bottle of wine ing to do what they're going to and two keepsake glasses. do regardless of what anyone thinks," he said. "There's nothYachats, Oregon ing we can do about it." Still, he said, he was not happy the government was invoking concerns about terrorism to 800-338-0507 justify this kind of surveillance. "When they want to pry in your o (Qffer is good through June 27, 2013 and is not valid with other offers.) business, that's the excuse they New York Times News Service

The FISA courI; staffed by W federal judges, almost always approves the government's requests to conduct surveillance,

ILSONSofRedm ond

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against a wall. Ivey Smith, her teacher, said the children Continued from A1 had embraced the idea of havAnd despite the fantasies of ing a robot in the class and Lexie's classmates — "I want screamed with excitement eva robot so I can stay in bed all ery time it turned on. "I was concerned t h ey day," one 8-year-old said such robots are mostly last rewould be distracted," she said. "But within a couple days, they sorts for children restricted to their houses or hospital rooms. acted like it had always been As Web-based video behere. They feel special that comes more prominent as a there's a robot in their class." teaching tool, special education On a recent day, Smith's advocates say these robots are class was learning about synvaluablealternativestotutoring. onyms. She asked every stuAbout 23,000 students across dent to think of a word with the country are homebound or Photos by John W. Adkisson / New York Times News Service the same meaning as the word "Lexie" makes her way through the halls at At Alice Drive Elemen- "glassy." A moment later, the hospitalized each school year. Lexie Kinder, a 9-year-old born with a chronic heart disease that They might not otherwise in- makes attending class risky, uses a laptop to control her VGo robot. tary School in Sumter, S.C., via her tutu-wearing VGo. robot's pink and green lights teract with classmates or could blinked, and the class shouted, "Lexie!" fall farther behind academi"My word is 'shiny,'" she cally, advocates say. the classroom at Alice Drive 10 robots to schools. Since they treated him like Connor. signal. "It ends up where the "Soon, these robots should Elementary School appears then, they have sold about 40. He'd roll through the room, classmates have tocarry the said through the video screen. eYes, very good," the teacher be the price of an inexpensive on her computer screen, and Most robots are bought with and you'd hear 'Hey, Connor. robot down the hall," she said. laptop," said Maja Mataric, a video of her face appears on state or local money marked Hi, Connor.'" In Sumter, Shawn Hagerty, replied. "Good answer." computer science professor the robot's display screen. The for disabled students, but at Parents have raised privacy the director of special educaB etween c l asses, L e x i e at the University of Southern robot and Lexie's computer some schools, parents have concerns about children ustion programs for the school g uides the robot down t h e California, who studies how support two-way voice com- held fundraising events or ing cameras in class. But Ned district, bought a robot after hallway. At day's end, she rolls r obots help c h i ldren w i t h munication, and L exie can bought the robot themselves. Semonite, the company's vice seeing Verizon'scommercial. it to a charging station. On the learning d isabilities. "They flash her VGo's lights to get In Huntsville, Texas, education president for marketing and The teachers set aside a day way out of class, one child, Hashould make access to educa- the teacher's attention. officials bought five VGos last product management, said it when students could meet and zel Grace Kolb, waved goodtion much easier for students Since 2007, VGo, based in year and are planning for five was no different from a smart- play with the robot. bye to the machine "See you tomorrow, robot," who are convalescing." Nashua, N.H., has been selling more next year. They named phone or Web camera. Lexie's robot has its own Mataric'sresearch focuses the robots to company execu- the program "Morgan's AnThe g r e atest lo g i stical desk and c h arging station she said. on using robots to teach so- tives who want to keep an eye gels" after a student with can- challenge is maintaining an cial cues to children with au- on employees while traveling cer who missedschool for six I nternet c o n nection. L o r i tism. Children adapt far more and to doctors, who use it to months but was able to attend Gearhart, of Colesburg, Iowa, quickly to the technology than "visit" patients at different hos- remotely with the robot's help. said her grandson, Aidan Baiadults and treat the machine pitals. Two years ago, it realized For students like Connor ley, 9, was able to use the robot like another classmate, she schools might be a new market. Flanagan, 14, of T y ngsbor- after his lung collapsed last says. During a fire drill at one The first classroom model was ough, Mass., the main benefit year. His science class was Texas school, students were sold to a school in Knox City, has been social interaction. He studying insects, and Aidan You may notsave the world, but you can so worried about the VGo that Texas, to be used by a child does not go to school because kept a cocoon in his hospital they insisted on escorting it with an immune deficiency. of a rare lung condition, but he room. He would show classsave a lot of money by refinancing your out of the building to safety. The company's big break has stayed intouchwithfriends mates videos of its transforhome with SELCO Mortgage. The VGo is 4 feet tall, weighs came during this year's Super while awaiting a transplant. mation into a butterfly. "He walks down the hall18 pounds and is shaped like Bowl. Verizon, which provides Other times, she said, the roGive us a call today! a white chess pawn, with a the LTE wireless connection way kind of l ike everybody bot, which was bought through 15-YEAR FIXED video screen on its face. Lexie forthe robot,ran a commercial else," said his mother, Jennifer a c o mmunity f u n d raising controls its movement with about a student using VGo. Be- Flanagan. "The kids — aside effort for A i dan, could not her computer mouse. Video of fore the ad, VGo had sold about the fact that it was a robotreceiveenough of a wireless


Dare to Refi!


3.087'.!'. Nuclear plant's closure anewsetbackfor U.S.industry 3.750' ~ 3.944'.;,.

The Washington Post In a blow to the U.S. nuclear power industry, Edison International said Friday that it would permanently close two reactors at its San Onofre plant in California, ending a contentious battle over whether the units could be repaired

and operated safely after a 2012 leak revealed cracks in the steam generator system. The two reactors, built at a total cost of about $2.1 billion, once provided 17 percent of the power delivered by the utility, though the company said it could maintain power supplies


• Eastern Washington's Hanford

nuclear site will likely miss more cleanup deadlines,BS

for Southern California, barring an unusually hot summer. The closure of th e p lant comes days after MidAmeri-

can Energy scrapped plans to build a small modular reactor in Iowa. Nuclearpower foes rejoiced at the news. "After years of fighting toe-to-toe with the billion dollar nuclear industry, WE WON!" said an email sent by Friends of the Earth.

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gal department, they can stymie the whole operation," he Continued from A1 said. "So our only solution was What it does:Establishes Each of the 15 CCOs must to go to the Legislature." a pilot project in Marion determine how it will use its Salem H ospital o f f i cials and Polk counties in allocated f u n ds, i n c luding say they, too, where left with which a coordinated care how much it will pay the difno choice other than to file a organization's board may ferent hospitals, physicians lawsuit. The CCO had argued petition the state to remove and other health providers in that the hospital must first go and penalize aboard its region. through a mediation process member. But for months, Salem Hosas outlined by its contract. What's next:The "You can't claim the organipital and W i llamette Valley House Waysand Means Community Health have not zation doesn't have a contract, Committee will hold a been able to agree on whether and then say they have to do public hearing Monday. the hospital'spre-CCO contract mediation under a c ontract remains inforce and whether you say doesn't exist," said the hospital should be paid hospital spokeswoman Sherat 68percent or 64 percent of patients, but t hey w o uldn't ryll Johnson Hoar. "Our only M edicarerates.Last year, the be active participants in the alternative was to go to court." hospital filed a lawsuit against transformation process. Many The two sides have agreed the CCO over the contract is- believe that would be a death to mediation and have settled sue, and so far they have not blow to the effort. on a mediator. But the CCO "It's n ot even g i v ing a wants the mediation to be limentered into mediation. T he bi ll , i n t r oduced b y chance for CCOs to w ork" ited to the contract dispute, Reps. Brian Clem, D-Salem, said Andy Van Pelt, chief op- while the hospital wants to and Kevin Cameron, R-Sa- erating officer for the Oregon address otherissues as well. lem, would create aprocess Association of Hospitals and Meanwhile, the legal and the by which a CCO could petition Health Systems. "This is just legislative processes continue, the Oregon Health Authority completely counter to what ev- albeit at glacial speeds. "I have interpreted that to to remove perceivedtrouble- erybody agreed to." makers from the CCO board. mean that there's not enough Forced-out members would be About CCOs support for the bill," Conger barred from contracting with CCOs were set up to be lo- said. "The law is a very blunt the CCO for five years and see cally designed and locally run, tool. It's not a scalpel by any their payments cut to 58 per- with safeguards to ensure that means. And something like this cent ofMedicare rates. local providers worked togeth- could make a change to the sys"It's clearly a poison pill," er to improve care. Each CCO tem that's pretty significant." Willamette Valley CCO Chair must exceed benchmarks in Many believe the bill is priRuth Bauman said. "It's meant at least 75 percent of 17 qual- marily meant to pressure the to be a very severe penalty." ity measures to receive a full hospital back to the negotiatWhile the measure would payment, and that is unlikely ing table. Bauman noted that apply initially only to the Mar- to happen if they don't work the hospital didn't agree to meion/Polk CCO, the bill calls for together to improve care. diation until after the bill was state officials to make a recomThe Salem dispute is one introduced. More importantly, mendation on expanding the of the first cracks in what has the dispute is keeping the Marrules statewide after 12 months. been a charmed start for the ion/Polk CCO from making And that has hospitals in other Oregon healthreform efforts. further progress in transformparts of the state worried. The Obama a dministration ingcare. "It's a distraction that we Many are now considering agreed to front the state $1.9bilresigning from CCO boards lion to help transform the Med- have a s i g nificant p artner so they won't be exposed to a icaid program, and Oregon has that's not coming to the table," drastic cut in Medicaid rates been highlighted repeatedly as Bauman said. if they run afoul of the other an example of how the federal Hospital officials maintain board m embers. M e dicaid Affordable Care Act will help they still believe in the CCO makes up such a large per- improve health care. approach and want to find an centage of a hospital's revenue But if the process bogs down amicable resolution. "We are hopeful that it will that such deep cuts could un- in payment disputes, those dermine their ability to care goals might be hard to reach. work," Hoar said. "We're going "Everyone is digging in and into mediation with good exfor low-income patients. "That is (a) very, very, very saying, 'Give me my share,'" pectations, that this is going to dangerous proposition," said said Dr. Bud Pierce, a Salem be the catalyst for having great Robin Henderson, executive oncologist and past president relationships in the future." director of the Central Oregon of the Oregon Medical AssoProviders across the state Health Council and director of ciation. "If people maintain the would like nothing more than government affairs for the St. idea that the whole system is set to see the dispute resolved, Charles Health System. "This up to exploit them, then we're and the legislation scrapped is a health system that has re- never getting anywhere." as soon as possible. "If they're going to do medisponsibility to the community. Pierce says HB 3309 was the We have to keep the wheels on last resort for trying to resolve ation," Henderson said, "then the bus." the dispute. this bill should come off the "Quite frankly, if the hospi- table right now." If hospitals abandon the CCO boards, they could still tal doesn't want to cooperate — Reporter: 541-617-7814, contract to care for Medicaid and use the resources of the

SE 0

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r il I







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t < •

Cla S'SiftedS ~

House Bill 3309

Oe o


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• Salem:Legislature weighs bill to toughen

penalties for johns who solicit sex from

underage prostitutes. • Eugene:Lane County strawberries ripening early this year. • Portland:Menindicted over YouTube sex-abuse video of seventh-grader.

anw 0 e By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

A man who was thrown from his car when he crashed while being pursued by Bend police last week has died of his injuries, police reported Friday. Benjamin R. Watson, 24, of Bend, died at St. Charles Bend on Thursday, according to police.

o i CeonC aSe ieS

In a news release, police spokesman Lt. Chris Carney said the department had begun investigating suspected drug sales and the possession of stolen weapons at a home on Northeast Holliday Avenue in late May; Watson's Honda Civic was seen there on theevening of May 29. Shortly before 11 p.m. that same day, an officer spot-

ted Watson driving near the intersection of Southeast Brosterhous Road and Southeast Parrell Road. Suspecting Watson was involved in the activities at the home in Northeast Bend, the officer called for assistance and attempted to pull over Watson's vehicle, according to Carney. According to Carney: Watson drove off, leading police

across the highway and into an unincorporated area on Bend's south side at speeds of up to 65mph. Nearthe intersection of Brookswood Boulevard and Rancho Road, Watson's vehicle flipped and rolled, ejecting Watson. Investigators have subsequently learned that Watson had amphetamines and methamphetamine in his system and

City officials dust off planning document


— p-4 .

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By Leslie Pugmire Hole

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Dean Guernsey/The Bulletin

From left, Tom Elliott and Barbara Scott, owners of Desert Rain, an eco-friendly home in Bend, examine their concrete countertop Friday with Denis Hayes, coordinator of the first Earth Day, and his wife, Gail Boyer Hayes.

ar • Organizer of first Earth Day,Denis Hayes, visits Bend to tour sustainable home project

a O' I e en' a Editor's note: Tom Eiiiot tand Barbara Scot t invited The Bulletin to follow their efforts to build the ultimate green home in Bend, to document the project from start to finish.

By Dylan J. Darling • The Bulletin he national coordinator of the first Earth Day was in Bend on Friday, but Denis Hayes wasn't here to offer a message about the environment. Instead he was in Central Oregon to see a unique,"green" home-in-the-making and garner ideas for a home he and his wife hope to build as they near retirement. Hayes and Gail Boyer Hayes spent more



than an hour walking through Desert Rain, the under-construction home of Tom Elliott and his wife, Barbara Scott. Elliott and Scott are building something they hope will pass the stringent demands of the Living Building Challenge, which would make it possibly the greenest house on the globe. SeeGreen/B5


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Well shot!

Andy Tullis I rhe Bulletin

Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Crook County High School senior Breanna Larkin holds onto her mortarboard while she walks through the wind into Friday afternoon's graduation ceremony for Crook County High School and Pioneer High School at the Ward Rhoden Stadium in Prineville.

RedmondHigh School seniors, Rose Poppe, from left, Gunnar Egge, and Karly Blaney, sport festive eyewear during theRedmond High School graduation ceremonies Friday evening at Hooker Creek Event Center inRedmond.



reader photos • We want to seeyour best waterfall photos for

another special version of Well shot! that will run in the Outdoors section. Submit your best work at www.bendbulletin h

.com/waterfallsand we'll pick the best for publication. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phone number.Photos must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot he altered.

w as in possession of a stolen handgun at the time of the crash. A woman Watson had been speaking with on his cellphone during the pursuit told police that Watson believed there was a warrant out for his arrest, as he had failed to contact his probation officer, according to police. See Death/B5


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Roh Kerr /The Bulletin

Ryan Brennecke i rhe Bulletin

Students from La Pine High School make final adjustments to their caps and gowns shortly before the start of their commencement ceremony in the school's auditorium Friday evening.

Sisters High School graduates Shelbi Thompson, front, Paige Tosell, middle right, and Kristina Johns, back right, smile as they watch a video presentation during the 65th commencement in the school gymnasium Friday evening.

During its next few meetings, the Redmond Urban Area Planning Commission will be spending time with a document most citizens were unaware even existed, even though it controls nearly every aspect of their community: the Redmond Comprehensive Plan. With the majority of the seven commission members new or fairly new, Redmond Planning ManagerJames Lewis suggested now might be a good time to introduce or refresh the commission's acquaintance with the 2001 document. Comprehensive plans are mandated by the state to guide communities through a 20year development cycle; the resulting zoning and land use laws are enacted to achieve the goals set in the plan. "The comp plan is the backbone of planning," said Lewis. "I wanted the planning commission to understand why we needed to create this and understand how much work and public input was involved in creating it." While some city commissions periodically review parts of the plan, Lewis thought it would be better for the planning commission to tackle it all. "It just makes sense from a holistic aspect to go through the whole document; it works together like a recipe book," he said. "If you leave out one key element, it doesn't taste right." The plan covers housing, transportation, utility infrastructure, recreation and other topics. But it also contains a section that reveals the mindset ofa large cross-section of Redmond citizens, asked to envision what their community would be in 2020. "The goals section is a bullet-point list, which is interesting," said Community Development Director Heather Richards. "I think it's a good hst of thtngs to achteve and tt informs everything we do." Many items on the goals list, written in 1999 and adopted in 2001, have been achieved: a significant water feature was added to the community when Centennial Park was opened, as well as a downtown plaza; Juniper Golf Course was relocated; Maple Avenue Bridge was completed and through traffic was rerouted to the U.S. 97 reroute, among other projects. Other goals met involved new policies, including tighter commercial sign standards, a renewed downtown historic district, provision for alleys and setbacks in residential areas and a wide variety of recreational activities in city parks. "If there are things in the vision statement that haven't moved forward, it's because we don't have policies to support them," said Richards. See Redmond/B5




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U.S. Highway 20 and Jefferson Avenue; 541-420-0279 or www. jil CHARITYGOLF CLASSIC:A •f shotgun-style golf tournament; includes cart, lunch, silent auction and awards ceremony; proceeds benefit United Way of Deschutes County; $175, $700 for a foursome, $50 for nongolfers for BBQ and auction; reservation recommended; noon; Crosswater GolfCourse,17600 CanoeCamp Drive, Sunriver; 541-389-6507 or www.deschutesunitedway. org/golf-classic. OREGON OLDTIME FIDDLERS: Andy Tullis/The Bulletm f>le photo Fiddle music and dancing; Jace Davis, of Adrian, grabs hold of a steer at the 2010 Sisters donations accepted; 1-3:30 p.m.; Rodeo. This year's rodeo continues through this weekend. VFW Hall, 1836 S.W. Veterans Way, Redmond; 541-647-4789. tour of the John Muir exhibit Pianists play selections of chamber SISTERS RODEO:Featuring the PRCA rodeo performance with and a screening of "John Muir in music; $35, $10 children and roping, riding, steer wrestling the New World," a documentary students; 7:30 p.m.; The Oxford and more; $12-$18, infants must exploring Muir's life and legacy; Hotel, 10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., have ticket;1 p.m.; Sisters Rodeo free for members, $3 nonmembers; Bend; 541-382-8436, info© Grounds, 67637 U.S. Highway reservation requested; 6 p.m.; High or 20; 541-549-0121 or www. Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. www.highdesertchambermusic. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or com. "COMPANY":A timeless and SECOND SUNDAY MONICA "ESCAPEFIRE -THE FIGHT brilliant musical comedy by Stephen DRAKE:A reading by the award winning author; free; 2 p.m.; TO RESCUE AMERICAN Sondheim about a single man Downtown Bend Public Library, HEALTHCARE":A screening of the in a sea of married couples; $21 601 N.W. Wall St.; 541-312-1034 or documentary followed by a panel adults, $18 students and seniors; 8 discussion; $12 plus fees; 7 p.m., p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. doors open 6 p.m.; Tower Theatre, Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626. SUMMER SUNDAYCONCERT: 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-335The Los Angeles-based Latin act BLACKPUSSY:The Portland 1346 or Tremoloco performs at the early stoner-rock band performs, with show; Txt L8r performs at the later "THE MUSICOF SPRING": Silvero; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned show; free; 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m., Inaugural event of the concert series Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., doors open at noon; Les Schwab features pianist Christine Eisenberg Bend; 541-728-0879 or www. Amphitheater, 344 S.W. Shevlin and flautist Hal Ott; free; 7 p.m.; Our Hixon Drive, Bend; 541-318-5457 or Savior's Lutheran Church, 695 N.W. BLUE LOTUS:The Eugene rock and Third St., Prineville; 541-447-7526 roll band performs; $5; 9:30 p.m.; or HOUSE CONCERTSINTHE GLEN: Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom, Chris Beland performs, with Travis SISTERS RODEO: Featuring a PRCA 24 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; Ehrenstrom; bring dish or beverage rodeo performance with roping, 541-388-8331. to share; $10-15, reservation riding, steer wrestling and more; requested; 6:30 p.m., doors open $12-$18, infants must have ticket; 7 SUNDAY at 6 p.m., music starts at 7 p.m.; p.m.; Sisters RodeoGrounds,67637 The Glen at Newport Hills,1019 U.S. Highway 20; 541-549-0121 or BUCKAROO BREAKFAST: An allStannium Dr., Bend; 541-480-8830 you-can-eat pancake breakfast; or "THE ZOOSTORY": A one-actplay proceeds benefit Sisters Kiwanis SUNRIVER MUSICFESTIVAL in support of local charities; $10 by Edward Albee about a chance adults, $5 children 4 to 12, free YOUNG ARTISTSCHOLARSHIP encounter between a transient children 3 and under; 7-11 a.m.; CONCERT:A showcase of the top and a book publisher in New York Sisters Rodeo Grounds, 67637 2013 Young Artist Scholarship City's Central Park; $10; 7:30 p.m.; U.S. Highway 20; 541-549-8655 or recipients; proceeds benefit Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. scholarship support; donations Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881, accepted; 7 p.m.; Holy Trinity derek© or SISTERS ART INTHEPARK: Church, 18143 Cottonwood Featuring arts, crafts and a silent Road; 541-593-9310, ticketsO auction benefiting the Make-AHIGH DESERTCHAMBER MUSIC or www. Wish Foundation of Oregon; free; — CENTRAL4 PIANO QUARTET: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Creekside Park,

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TUESDAY LUNCH AND LECTURE: Learn about Plateau Indian dressmaking and beadwork with Roberta Kirk; bring a sack lunch; included in the price of admission; $15 adults, $12 ages 65 and older, $9ages 5-12, free ages 4and younger; noon; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. highdesertmuseum org REDMOND FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 3-6 p.m.; Centennial Park, Seventh Street and Evergreen Avenue; 541-5500066 or redmondfarmersmarket1©

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THURSDAY JON WAYNE & THE PAIN: The Midwest psychedelic reggae band performs; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www.

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pressure medications. My blood sugar has dropped

BREWFISH:The California alternative rock-reggae-ska band performs; $5; 9 p.m.; Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom, 24 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-388-8331.

Curtis S., Junction City, OR





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e isationwou tar et'o ns w 0 a or sexwit minors By Lauren Gambino

Gallagher said in his experience going after johns, he's SALEM — The Oregon Leg- observed thatthey are more islature is considering a bill afraid of being charged with that would toughen penalties a felony and having to register for johns who solicit sex from as asex offender than paying a underage prostitutes as part of steep fine, which they can typia broader push to crack down cally afford. "They are not afraid of the on child sex trafficking in the state. monetary value, but I do get The bill's provisions are still asked if this is going to be a felbeing hammered out, but the ony or if their picture is going intent is t o i m pose harsher to end up in the paper," he said. Anti-trafficking a d vocates punishments on people who seek sex with children. took their case to the LegislaA fierce disagreement has ture, proposingabill that would emerged, however, over just have charged people caught how harsh those punishments patronizing an underage prosshould be. Child safety ad- titute with a felony on their first vocates say johns should be offense, with a p r esumptive charged with a felony on their sentenceofroughly threeyears first offense, but critics say in prison. The Senate Judiciary that's too harsh. Committee changed the bill, The bill could come up for a making it a felony after a pervote in the House next week. son is arrested a third time for Quashing demand for child soliciting sex with a minor. prostitutes would make the Sen. Floyd Prozanski, a Eusex trafficking industry less gene Democrat who serves profitable for pimps, resulting as chairman of the Senate Juin fewer victims being brought diciary Committee, said the into the sex trade, said Portland original bill went too far. Police Officer Mike Gallagher, For example, Prozanksi said, who has a long history of fight- the original bill would have aling prostitution. lowed felony charges against The Associated Press

an 18-year-old senior in high school who had sexual contact with his 16- or 17-year-old girlfriend after taking her on a date and paying the bill. The House sought a compromise, proposing a felony charge on a second offense. But anti-trafficking advocates aren't satisfied. Liz Alston of Shared Hope International, a n a d v ocacy group that fights sex trafficking, said Oregon will become a magnet for sex trafficking if it doesn't make paying for sex with a minor a felony on the first offense. "We might as well put a billboard up at our borders: Come shop Oregon," Alston said. T he group's analysis of states' sex t rafficking l aws found that Oregon is one of only a handful of states that doesn't charge johns soliciting underage prostitutes with a felony the first time they're caught. Under a law passed in 2011, soliciting sex from an underage prostitute carries a $10,000 fine on the first offense and a $20,000 fine on the second.

Gail Meyer, a lobbyist for the Oregon Criminal Defense L awyers A s sociation, s a id making the crime a felony on the first offense is too harsh a penalty for people who inadvertently patronize a minor. "Our laws don't differentiate between the person who knowingly purchases sex from a minor and the person who has every reason to believe that they are purchasing sex from a consenting adult," Meyer said. In the bill's current form, johns facing a first conviction would face a $10,000 fine, 30 days in jail and completion of a "john school" program that teaches them about the sextrafficking industry. Students in john school are taught how the sex trade destroys lives. "It gives the people an opportunity to correct their behavior," Meyer said. Lawmakers have proposed several other bills aimed at better protecting children from beinglured or coerced into sex trafficking, including one that would allow minors charged with prostitution to use their

AROUND THE STATE COaSt Guard reSCue —A Coast Guard helicopter crew has rescued a woman injured in a fall from a cliff at Lincoln Beach on the

Oregon Coast. Petty Officer 3rd ClassNate Littlejohn said his agency responded after the Depoe Bay Fire Department called for help Friday,

saying a 56-year-old womanhad injured her leg, knee, hip andarm in a cliff fall. The helicopter lowered arescueswimmer and astretcher. With help from Depoe Bay paramedics, the rescue swimmer loaded the woman onto the stretcher and she was hoisted aboard the chop-

per. Littlejohn said the unidentified womanwas taken to a Newport hospital. Her condition was not known.

Men flOat te reSCue atOp aBeemer —TheCoosCounty sheriff's office says two men floated on top of a partially submerged BMW for half a mile before they were rescued. Deputies say the

car carrying two menended up in aslough east of CoosBay late Thursday night when the driver swerved to miss a deer. Authorities say neither the driver, 51-year-old Kevin Nelson of Coos Bay, nor

his passenger wasinjured. Deputies say the two mensat atop the partially submerged 2008 BMW as it floated about a half mile. Then it submerged and the men jumped off. Local police and fire units also


Man accused of attacking wife, killing lamd —Jackson County authorities arrested anOregon manwhothey say attempted to rape his wife before killing a lamb. Sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Carlson says 46-year-old Leland Kinkey of Eagle Point was running

around his property Thursday night naked, screaming andsplattered with blood. Kinkey allegedly told deputies he slammed a lamb into a vehicle and then broke its neck because he was "trying to be a man."

Witnesses told police that Kinkey hadearlier tried to rape his wife in front of their two children after getting angry with a vehicle. Carlson says two other adults who live on the property stopped the attack

and called 911. Kinkeyhasbeencharged with assault, kidnapping, strangulation, attempted rapeandaggravated animal abuse. Bail was set at more than $1 million. — From wire reports

NEws oF REcoRD

age as a defense.


Strawberries inLaneCounty ripening early By llene Aleshire The (Eugene) Register-Guard

EUGENE — Lane County strawberries are making up for arriving about two weeks late last year: They arrived about two weeks early this year, said Ross Penhallegon, longtime agent with the Oregon State University extension service. Although not every grower's berries ripen at the same time, the season generally starts around June 15 in Lane County, Penhallegon said, and normally lasts four to eight weeks, although not all farms have berries throughout that period. This year's mild spring accounts for the earlier start. "We started the day after M emorial Day," said M a ry Evonuk, who, with her husb and J im , o p erates J & M Farms on Seavey Loop Road southeast of E u gene. "We usually start around June 6, 7 or 8. So far, it's been a good

crop. "Usually, t h e f i r s t two weeks, that's when the berries are most plentiful, you get the nice size," she added. "After that, they get smaller, but they also get sweeter. You just have to work harder to fill a bucket." Because the season started earlier this year, it also will end earlier, she warned. "A lot of times, people put if off 'til the end of June," she said. "We'll probably be about done then — it's usually about three weeks, and then they kind of trail off." Thistledown Farm on River Road has been h arvesting strawberries a l ittle over a week now, said Jared Henderson, a member of the family that owns Thistledown. Both

partment of Agriculture. This year's projected production is about the same, the department said, but down from the record 3,100 acres harvested in 2003. Because of t h ei r f r a g ility,fresh Oregon strawberries tend not to ship well; they have traditionally been grown for processinginto foods such as sauces,jams and icecream. In recent years, however, there has been a slight shift in that trend, according to t he s t ate D e p artment o f Agriculture. Thinkstock The increased demand for The short season of availability whets people's passion for strawlocal berries has prompted berries, said Ross Penhallegon, of Oregon State University's exsome growersto consider selltension service. "They're so good, and they don't last very long." ing to the fresh market, the department said in a recent report. A decade ago, only 7 Thistledown and neighboring wall, it will go 'splat!'" percent of th e strawberries Lone Pine Farms offered flats The short season of avail- harvestedin Oregon were for of strawberriesfor $19.95 last ability also w h ets people's the fresh market, responsible weekend, resulting in a steady passion for the local straw- for 15 percent of the crop's stream of customers wheeling berries, Penhallegon added. value. "They're so good, and they out flats of the berries. Last year, 16 percent of the "We try to keep them afford- don't last very long," he said. volume harvested was for the able," Henderson said. "Pound A few years back, when de- fresh market, responsible for for pound, they're the cheap- mand for blueberriessoared 33 percent of the value. est berries you can buy." after that fruit was hailed as The emphasis on producHenderson an d P e n hal- a "super food" because of its tion of fresh strawberries has legon saidthere are several high level of oxidants, there been driven by demand and reasons for the reverence for were some defections from price, the department said. Oregon strawberries,which the ranks of strawberry grow- In 2012, the price paid to the are so popular they have their ers who switched to the prof- grower for berriesdestined own Facebook page. itable an d e a sier-to-handle for processing was 58 cents First, they ar e n a t urally blueberries. But the strawber- per pound. For fresh, it was sweeter and have a b e tter ry production numbers have $1.39 per pound. texture than berries that are stabilized since then, PenhalB ernadine Strik, a b e r ry shipped in f ro m elsewhere, legon said, although blueber- specialist wit h t h e d e partPenhallegon said, and they ries remain the No. I berry ment, said she expects the stand up to freezing well. crop in Oregon, followed by trend toward freshstrawber"They have a higher sugar strawberries, raspberries and ries to continue as the state's content," he said. blackberries. population grows. "With consumer consciousAs for texture, "If you throw Last year, there were about a s t rawberry t h a t's b e en 2,000 acres of strawberries ness of local production and shipped in f r o m C a lifornia harvested in Oregon, for a the quality of berries that Oragainst the wall, it'll bounce," total of 21.3 million pounds egon grows, there is a lot of he said. "If you throw an Orof berries valued at $15.2 mil- potential for that fresh berry egon strawberry against the lion, according to the state De- percentage to go up," she said.

The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log when such a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358.

BEND POLICE DEPARTMENT DUII — Sean Patrick Jameson, 19, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 3:54 a.m. June 2, in the area of Northeast Third Street and Northeast Lafayette Avenue. Theft — A theft was reported at 6:20 p.m. May19, in the area of Northwest Riverside Boulevard and Northwest Wall Street. Theft — A theft was reported at1:16a.m. May 23, in the 600 block of Southwest Powerhouse Drive. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 9:20 a.m. May 28, in the 700 block of Northwest Wall Street. Theft — A theft was reported and an arrest made at 3:25 p.m. May 31, in the 300 block of Southwest Century Drive. Theft — A theft was reported at 6:17 p.m. June 5, in the 61100 block of Larkspur Loop. Theft — A theft was reported at 4:03 p.m. June 6, in the 200 block of Southeast Reed Market Road. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 4:17 p.m. June 6, in the1000

mplements HOME INTERIORS 70 sw century Dc suse145 Bend, QR 97702 c 541 322 1337

block of Paiute Way. Theft — A theft was reported and an arrest made at 4:47 p.m. June 5, in the 20200 block of Reed Lane.

PRINEVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT Theft — A theft was reported at 11:26 a.m. June 6, in the area of Northeast Third Street. Vehicle crash — An accident was reported at 2:05 p.m. June 6, in the area of Northwest Beaver Street. Theft — A theft was reported at 4:37 p.m. June 6, in the area of Northeast Third Street. Theft — A theft was reported at 6:32 p.m. June 6, in the area of Northeast Third Street.

OREGON STATE POLICE DUII —Dana Patric Longbotham, 51, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 7:58 a.m. June 6, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 and MastenRoad in La Pine.

BEND FIRE RUNS Thursday 2:45 p.m.— Outside equipment fire, 181 N.E. Franklin Ave. 6:34 p.m.— Smoke odor reported, 18919 Shevlin Park Road. 18 — Medical aid calls.

6jILt EL? nwxhuj.labaloo,com

Mid Century Classic — Located ln Downtown Bend-

This Historic Home Features

4 POrtlanders indiCted

in filmedabuseot girls

kYebgr...gimply the Best!,

2 Large Master Suites 2595 S.F.

Weber gives a vh<rual lifetime of tasty gr illing +s. cheapstuff destined for a londfill.Lasting ',": "''," ., quality is always the best value. t

The Associated Press PORTLAND — An explicit YouTube video seen by children at a middle school led to the arrest of four Portland men accused of sexually abus-

ing two girls. A teacher heard c hatter about the video in the halls of Centennial Middle School in Gresham and found a link to it on a student's Facebook page. The teacher recognized one of the girls engaging in sex acts with adult men as a 12-yearold seventh-grader, guidance counselor David Qualheim told The Oregonian newspaper. "It made me sick to think

there are guys that old out there, encouraging that kind of behavior," Qualheim said. A Multnomah County grand jury on Tuesday indicted Cedrell Lyonell Washington, 20, Deshawn Ceville Rogers, 22, Nicholas Kelly Clisby, 23, and Terry Lamar Scott, 18, on felo-


Craftsmanship in every area of the home including parquet wood flooring, clear-pine miUwork, cabinetry and wall coverings.


New stainless steel appliances along with original porcelain fixtures. Natural lighting comes through expansive woodframed windowsacross the open living room. MLS¹ 201301793

ny charges, alleging the videotaping of the two girls occurred May 19. No details about the second girl were released. "It's extremely outrageous," said Portland p olice Capt. Kevin Modica, who oversees the Multnomah County Child Abuse Team, which investigated the case.


$ 749 , 0 0 0

Patio World', 222 SFReed Market Road 541-388-Q02Z hfon-Sat 5"ZO-5'90 Su n10-5 Patio


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regon's sweeping changes to Medicaid don't stand a chance of succeeding if the Legislature doesn't stop bad bills such as House Bill 3309. Poison pill politics and health care reform do not mix. Gov. JohnKitzhaber'sMedicaid overhaul was designed to improve health and help hold down costs of Medicaid. It has hospitals, doctor groups and otherproviders working together to find solutions by forming what are called "coordinated care organizations," or CCOs. The state gives a CCO a fixed amount ofmoney to provide Medicaid care for a region of the state. CCOs figure out how to make it work to meet targets. When setting up a new system, there are going to be problems nobody expected. There was a process to settle disputes when a needed regional provider didn't want to participate in a CCO. But there's been a dispute in Salem that has highlighted that there may not be a good enough system in place to resolve disputes once a CCO is formed. Salem Health, the parent company of the Salem Hospital, is a participant in the CCO that operates in Marion and Polk counties. Salem Health sued over reimbursement rates. It has also been unhappy about the balance of power on the board of the CCO.

We don't know who is right or wrong in the dispute, but it could undermine the ability of the CCO to operate and provide care. Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem, proposed House Bill 3309. It would enable CCOs inMarion and Polk counties to petition the state to throw a member of a CCO out after a two-thirds vote of the CCO board. A removed providerwould be forbidden from joining any CCO for five years and would only be able to receive severely lowered reimbursements — 58 percent of the Medicare reimbursement rate. That would be bad for the provider and could be very bad for patients, too. The bill also contains language suggesting this same method of resolving disputes should be considered for statewide expansion. It's poison pill politics — similar to the sequester on the federal level. We all know how well that worked. There's a hearing for the bill on Monday. In its current form, it doesn't deserve to get out of committee. You may want to read the related opinion piece below.

House lobbyingbill would clari reporting rules


hen a lobbyist lobbies a lobbyist, must he report the cost of their lunch? How about if each pays for his own food? And are the answers different if one "solicits" rather than just "lobbies" the other?

Such are the issues under discussion as the Oregon House Committee on Rules discusses House Bill 3528, which attempts to clarify some questions raised in a recent advisory statement from the Government Ethics Commission. The baffling complexity belies the simplicityof thepublic's interest, which is to know if decision-makers are being unduly influenced by moneyed interests. Here's just one of numerous examples from the ethics commission's March statement: "Question: Jill and Jack both are registered lobbyists. Jack and Jill go to lunch to discuss legislative measures of mutual interest. No legislators or legislative staff members are present. Jack and Jill each pay for their own lunch. Are Jack and Jill each required to report the amount each expended for food? "Answer: No, unless either lobbyist solicits the other to influence or attempt to influence legislative

action. In that case, the soliciting lobbyist must report his or her expenses." Soliciting is described as one component of lobbying: "Solicitation of executive officials or other persons to influence or attempt to influence legislative action." Even if we understood the distinction between lobbying that includes solicitation and lobbying that doesn't, we can't imagine the public's interest in the amount Jack and Jill paid for their own lunches. HB 3528 attempts to clarify by declaringthat expenses need not be reported for lobbyists meeting with lobbyists or with their own clients. The Associated Press reports an additional wrinkle, however, in that many public officials, including senior staff in the governor's office, are themselves registered lobbyists. HB 3528 may need some revision to fix that loophole. If that problem can be resolved, HB 3528 is a good move to eliminate some absurdity, and itdeserves support. Even better would be a much more thorough review and simplification that focuses on the public's actual interest and the original purpose of such expense reporting.


'Unwritten policy' backfires By Frank CerabIno

After (Florida Highway

Cox Newspapers

Patrol trooper Charles)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. ometimes it doesn't pay to be too creative. Just ask Charles Swindle, the Florida Highway Patrol trooper who lost his job over what might best be called creative generosity. Swindle was doing I-10 speed enforcement on the November day last year w hen state legislators were returning to Tallahassee for an organizational session. After Swindle pulled over a pair of carshe clocked at 87 mph — 17 mph above the speed limit — he discoveredthat the second car was being driven by a state legislator. H I had it on cruise control," state Rep. Charles McBurney, a Jacksonville lawyer, told the trooper, according to the recording of the traffic stop. "There's no way I was going 87. I had it on 75. T hen McBurney s howed t h e trooper his state legislator ID card, which caused Swindle to call up his supervisor and propose a deal. HI'm going to write (McBurney) a warning and benice,"the trooper said, "I'm going to stroke him 'cause I didn't see his insurance card. I'll give him that ticket and warn him for speed." Swindle had asked to see McBurney's license and registration, but not his insurance card. So the trooper reasoned that he w ould give a break to the state legislator by just issuing him a $10 non-moving violation for not having proof of insurance, but sparing McBurney from facing the moving violation of speeding, which could have resulted in points on his license and a $250 ticket. -


Swindle pulled over a pair of cars he clocked at 87 mph — 17 mph above the speed limit — I7e discovered that the

second car was being driven by a state legislator. Now, what to do with the driver of the other car? It was being driven by Steve Caristi, 44, of Port St. John, a t r aveling printer repair technician. "Yeah, I was probably speeding," Caristi said Wednesday, remembering that day. HI get pulled over a lot. Sometimes you get a ticket, and sometimes you just get a warning and they tell you to slow down." The trooper told his supervisor that it was only fair to offer Caristi the same break he had giventhe legislator. "(McBurney) is no better than (Caristi), and (Caristi) is no better than (McBurney), so I'm going to do both the same," the trooper radioed to his supervisor. Caristi had no idea that he was being cut a break because he was lucky enough to be pulled over with a state legislator. He just thought this was one of those traffic stops when he gets a warning. He gladly paid the $10 ticket. "I'm always happy not to get a speeding ticket," he said. The state legislator, though, was peeved to get the $10 ticket, telling the trooper that he had his insur-


ance card with him, so he shouldn't be written up for having no proof of insurance. Swindle reminded the legislator that hischoice was a $250 speeding ticket or a $ 1 0 non-moving violation. "I'm cutting you a break on this one," he reminded the legislator. McBurney wasn't the only r eturning state legislator that Swindle stopped for speeding that day. The trooper later stopped state Rep. Michael Clelland, a retired f irefighter f ro m L o n gwood, f o r speeding. And Clelland got the $10 deal, too. Clelland paid it, later saying that he considered the break a matter of "professional courtesy" from the trooper. B ut McBurney wa s f a r f r o m grateful. The legislator wrote an official letter of complaint about the $10 ticket to the high command of the F l orida H i ghway Patrol, which sparked an investigation by the Inspector General's Office for the state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Swindle was fired for writing the $10 ticket under false pretenses. T oday, he i s w o r k in g a s a n emergency m e d ical t e c hnician in Perry and trying get his firing rescinded. "I don't think th e punishment fits the crime," Swindle said. "I'm just trying to clear my name." As for giving breaks to lawmakers stopped for violating the traffic laws'? "It was a n u n w r itten policy," he said. "But I'm sure it won't be

anymore." — Frank Cerabino writes for The Palm Beach Post.

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Legislature should follow health-care rule: Do no harm By TammyBaney and JIm DIegel regon has received national attention for its approach to health care reform. In a matter of months, all types of health care providers (physical, mental and dental) have come together to form 15 coordinated care organizations, which will manage the health care of more than 300,000 Oregonians who are covered through theOregon Health Plan, as well as thousands who will become covered in the next few years through the Affordable Care Act. The Central Oregon Health Council is proud to be a pioneer in this new model of care. However, there is a bill — HB 3309A — currently circulating through Salem that threatens to unravel the tremendous strides we have made in health care delivery. And, although it


is proposed as a pilot project for Marion and Polk counties, it gives everyone who participates in coordinated careorganizationsgreat pause. Establishing these CCOs was not an easy task. Each community experienced its own growing pains when shifting the way providers work together and provide services. One CCO in particular has had some trouble getting up and running, and there is a pending lawsuit between some of the CCO's parties about how to best deliverand pay forcare.In response, the Legislature has introduced a bill (HB 3309A) to try to provide a solution for this problem, misusing its power and undermining the flexibility of the health care system by usurping local control. A lso referred to as the HBad Actor" or "Agree or Leave" bill, HB 3309A

IN MY VIEW would allowfor the removal of a CCO's board member by a two-thirds vote (CCO boards are made up of representatives from the participating entities). This booted provider would not be allowed to contract with any CCO for five years, potentially limiting access to care for low-income Oregonians. The CCO can then pay this terminated entity a significantly reduced reimbursementrate— merely 58 percent of Medicarereimbursement rates. At its core, HB 3309A usurps local control and decision making, which is the foundation for CCO operation and success. CCOs were created under the mantra of "local solutions for local issues," and the Central Oregon Health Council has fully embraced this. Like us, each CCO has its own bylaws that

address how its board should resolve differences.These bylaws were created through a collaborative process with all members of the CCO and are unique to fit the needs of each community and the patients it serves. In anticipation of this bill, some key CCO participants, including St. Charles Health System, are beginning to consider leaving their CCO board in advance of the bill's enactment, rather than riskbeingvoted off at some future dateforan unforeseen reason.Central Oregon Health Council leadership is developing contingency plans in the event the bill passes. Who would want to put their own organization at risk? CCOs were created to integrate care from all the major health care providers in a local community and have those providers share in the financial risk and decision-making for the

Medicaid population. We and some 96 other health care, public policy and business organizations in the state believe HB 3309A only serves to disrupt the continuity of care for beneficiaries of the Oregon Health Plan. In the end, the Legislature hurts communities by misusing its power. The solution within HB 3309A for an isolated case could have a tremendous impact on all CCOs around the state for years to come. Our first rule in health care is to do no harm, and the Legislature should consider the same before it moves forward on HB 3309A. — Tammy Baneyis a Deschutes County commissionerand chair of the Central Oregon Health Council. Jim Diegeiis president and CEO o f St. Charles Health System and vice chair of the Central Oregon Health Council.



Doctor who OK'd 'Cuckoo'sNest'

hospital usedies By Jeff Barnard

state hospital superintendent." Kesey based the novel on GRANTS PASS — The psy- his experiences working at a chiatrist who opened the Or- Veterans Administration hosegon State Hospital's doors to pital while a writing student filming of the 1975 Academy at Stanford University. But Award-winning movie "One the movie made the story forFlew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" ever part of the history of the has died. Oregon State Hospital, which Dr. Dean Brooks died May has since moved to another 30 at a retirement home in Sa- building. lem at age 96, family members In the film, the free-spirsaid. He had been in declining ited Randall McMurphy fakes health for several weeks after mental illness to get off a prisa fall. on farm, only to be defeated Brooks' daughter Dennie by the overwhelming instituBrooks said Friday the film's tional power of the hospital producers were turned down and the domineering Nurse by all the other mental hos- Ratched. pitals they approached. But Brooks played Dr. Spivey, a her father, who was the Sa- psychiatrist who initially aclem hospital's superintendent, quiesces to Ratched's power saw the value of the movie in but later is inspired by Mcstarting a national discussion Murphy to stand up for himabout mental health and the self and the patients. responsibility of institutions to While the movie gave him do no harm. a platform to speak out for paS he sai d B r o ok s a l s o tients, Brooks had a reputation thought being part of a movie as an innovator before the film would be fun for him and for was produced, his daughter patients. He ended up play- said. She cited a patient outing a small role in the film ing he organized that included — which was based on a 1962 whitewater rafting and was Ken Kesey novel and starred featured in Life Magazine. "He saw Ken Kesey's true Jack Nicholson — and making sure patients were involved, message about our capacity too. and organization's capacity to Allowing the movie inside do harm to one another," Denthe hospital was a big career nie Brooks said. "If he hadn't risk, but Brooks regularly took known that, he would have risks on behalf of the patients, gone right along with the adgoing so far as to take them ministration at the time and on mountain-climbing expe- said, 'No, we're not gonna do it ditions and teaching them to (the film).'" rappel down cliffs, said Greg Before giving his approval Roberts, the O r egon State for the movie,Dean Brooks Hospital's current director. went to every ward and disAt the urging of staff, he al- cussed the idea with patients lowed patients to start wear- and staff. "To make the deal, he ining regular clothes rather than uniforms long before other sisted primarily that the pastate hospitals. tients be respected, and the "He would wink at me and patients actually be involved," say he could do stuff then I said Charles Kifleyak, who could never get away w i th made a documentary about today," Roberts said. "In my the psychiatrist and the filmopinion, Dean Brooks literally ing of "Cuckoo's Nest" called set the bar on how to be a great "Completely Cuckoo." The Associated Press

The Oregonian filephoto via The Associated Press

Former Oregon State Hospital superintendent Dr. Dean Brooks, center, participates in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a museum about the hospital on Oct. 16, 2012. Brooks, 96, died May 30 in Salem.

DEATHS ELSEWHERE Deaths of note from around the Mtorld: Richard Ramirez, 53: The s erial killer k n own a s t h e Night Stalker terrorized Los Angeles County and was convicted in 1989 of 13 murders. Ramirez, who was incarcerated at San Quentin, died Friday morning of natural causes in



Feds notify Washington, Oregon

Continued from B1 Carney stated that three days afterthe crash, officers located the resident of the Holliday Avenue home at the center of their investigation. W i l liam P aden Hill, 23, was contacted in a vehicle at the Shopko on Bend's north side. A search of Hill's vehicle turned up three handguns, which Hill is not permitted to posses due to a prior felony conviction. The serial numbers had been filed off of two of the handguns, police said. Later that evening, Bend police and officers with the multi-agency Central Oregon Emergency Response team searched Hill's home, r eportedly l o cating t w o sawed-off shotguns, metha mphetamine and a r e stricted knife. Hill was a rrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, f e lon in possession of a restricted

of more Hanfordcleanupdelays


California's Marin G e neral Hospital. Pierre Mauroy, 84: France's first Socialist prime minister after World War I I p u shed through some of the Socialist Party's most important overhauls. Died Friday in a hospital near Paris. — From wire reports

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By Shannon Dininny

tions to ensure federal cleanup commitments are met. YAKIMA, Wash. — The Energy Secretary Ernest federal government has noti- Moniz called Inslee on Thursfied officials in Washington day to notify him of the latest and Oregon that it is at serious developments. Inslee and the risk of missing two cleanup Energy Department made the deadlines at the nation's most news public on Friday. contaminated nuclear s ite, The department notified markingapotentialnewround the states about the potential of setbacks for the struggling for missed deadlines out of an cleanup there. abundance of caution and conWashington Gov. Jay Inslee tinues to work with cleanup expressed d i s appointment contractors to try to mitigate with the latest delays at the the factors that contributed to Hanford Nuclear Reservation, them, spokeswoman Lindsey saying the U.S. Department Geisler said in a statement. of Energy has yet to justify The federal government them or propose a new path created the Hanford site in the forward. 1940s as part of the top-secret "We expect the f ederal project to build the atomic government to do everything bomb. Today, it is the nation's within its power to avoid or most contaminated nuclear minimize any possible delays site, with cleanup expected to in meeting all its legal and last decades. moral requirements to protect A 1989 agreement that the health of our residents and governs the cleanup has been the Columbia River," Inslee amended numerous t i mes said in a statement Friday. over the years. The agreement Inslee also said the state establishes deadlines for a would be evaluating its oplong list of activities, including The Associated Press


gallon cistern to store rainwater tucked under the two-car

Continued from B1 The home is nestled atop a rock outcropping in old Bend and has views of the Deschutes River, Broken Top and South Sister. "Every home has to fit its site and I think this one is just perfect for Bend," Hayes said. But it is what is inside the home that Hayes and his wife came to see. Along the tour they saw reclaimed lumber from the two original homes on the site as well as a potato barn near Prineville, recycled glass formed into bathroom tile and t r i ple-paned windows. The home has a solar system to heat water, to heat the home itself and to provide power. There is also a 35,000-


Redmond Continued from B1 The lack of policies could be for avariety of reasons, from a lack of f unding to support the goal to a shift in priorities, she added. For example, R i chards pointed to the comprehensive plan goal of eliminating billboards in the community. When the U.S. 97 reroute was built, the City Council revisited the city's billboard rules and discussed the possibility of phasing them out. Concerned about instituting a drastic change and wanting to maintain a method of enticing traffic into the city, the council instead opted to freeze the number of billboards citywide. Some unmet goals have been stymied by the recession, such as hotel development near Redmond Airport and the Deschutes County Fair st Expo Center. Others haven't moved forward simply because the city hasn't grown enough to support them, such as a city transit system, a satellite recycling center and a second swim center. The complexity and necessity of coordinating with other agencies has slowed goals like canal t r ails, a family r e creation c e nter, b etter connectivity t o t h e U.S. 97 reroute, a city/county/state services c a mpus and an interpretive center at Redmond Caves. Some goals have the stage

"I want the city to be proud of this," Scott said. The tour wasn't the first of the 2,300-square-foot home and the other buildings in the living compound, which also has a 550-square-foot apartment and a pair of garages. A third garage with an office above is also planned. "We want this to be an educational project," Elliott said. He said hundreds of people have toured the home. Hayes is a notable visitor to the unfinished home. In 1970, at age 25, he helped organize the first Earth Day celebration. In the 43 years since, the event has spread to more than 175 countries.

set but not much movement. Siting small commercial developments within r esidential areas, such as Nolan Town Center in southwest R edmond, is a g oal w i t h zoning already prepared, as is mixing densities of residential neighborhoods. "The market determines what will be built, and for six y e ar s w e 'v e a l m ost been at a standstill," said Lewis. "But mixed density is a worthy goal. In my experience, mixing single and multifamily housing tends to unsegregate the socioeconomic populations in a community." Rather than the modest townhomes and apartments b ringing the value of t h e neighborhood down, the intermixing of s i ngle-family homes occupied by owners tends to bring the value up, he said. "As a community we can zone and set development standards, but the onus is on the developer," Lewis said. "If they put in high-quality developments that are popular, people will want that." Some aesthetic goals in the plan, such as burying utilities, more city landscaping along roadways and medians and decorative lighting, have been partially met but could go still f u r ther, said Public Works Director Bill Duerden. "We do require new developments to be served by underground utilities," he said. "The city has paid to

weapon, frequenting a place wherecontrolledsubstances are used and four counts of felonin possession of a firearm. He remained lodged at the Deschutes County Jail on Friday. — Reporter:541-383-0387,

Still involved with Earth Day planning, Hayes is the president and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation. The Seattlebased foundation p rovides grants for projects to protect and restorethe environment in the Pacific Northwest, according to its website. Hayes has been president since 1992. T his Earth Day — A p r il 22 — the Bullitt Foundation opened a new center in Seattle that it calls the greenest commercial building in the world — its own effort at meeting the Living Building Challenge guidelines. The International Living F uture I n stitute, which has offices in Seattle and Portland, established the standards. Hayes said he'd like to retire to a home that meets those

standards. Although he and Gail talk about retirement, they have yet to decide on what state to retire to, so their home is in the roughest of planning stages. Elliott and Scott have been designing their home since summer 2009. James Fagan, their general contractor at Timberline Construction of Bend, saidthe home couldbe finished in August, although the landscaping and one other building would remain incomplete. As it comes into shape, the home will draw more visitors, all interested in what Elliott and Scott have had built. "You are pioneers..." Boyer Hayes said. "Someone had to go first and break the ground."

relocate utilities underground in the past, specifically at Centennial Park. It will likely be expensive, but I think it a worthwhile conversation to have with the utility providers so we can at least evaluate it against other funding priorities as we execute projects." City crews m a i ntain the public rights of way at city gateways and s om e l a n dscaped strips o n ar t e r ial roads. Making sure there is adequate funding for i n frastructure and m a i ntenance is crucial before the city adds more public areas to its landscaping duties, Duerden said. And w h il e t h e d e c orat ive l i ghts d o w ntown a r e shielded to avoid light pollution, installing shielded lights throughout the city is likely cost prohibitive at this point, he added. Right now, the city pays Pacific Power and Light for use of its cobra streetlights and the energy they use; if Redmond wanted to switch to more energy-efficient shielded lights it would have to pay for them.

"It does cost a lot less in power to run them, but the trick is, there's a pretty long payback," said Duerden. "Perhaps if the lights were funded by the utility, we'd pay same amount and some would go to energy costs, some would go to pay off lights. It's an interesting idea to explore." Redmond doesn't have to wait until 2020 to update its comprehensive plan, amendments are f r equently done during the two-decade window when growth warrants updates. Meanwhile, Richards encourages her staff and citizen commissions to b ecome familiar with the exist-

— Reporter: 541-817-7812,

ing plan as much as possible. "I wish more people knew about visions and goals, that way they'd understand why the city moves in certain directions," she said. "The value is ensuring everyone is on the same page, and the path we're taking an d t h e o u t comes we're working toward are the same." — Reporter: 541-548-2188;


A Free Public Service

~> < Orepan Newspeper


tearing down contaminated buildings, treating contaminated groundwater and emptying underground tanks of highly radioactive waste. In 2010, the Energy Department entered into a legally binding consent decree after W ashington state sued over repeated missed deadlines. That decree established deadlines for emptying 19 of Hanford's 177 aging underground tanks, which hold 56 million gallons of highly radioactive waste. Many of Hanford's tanks have leaked in the past, and the Energy Department announced earlier this year that sixtanks are currently leaking outside their shells. A seventh, a sturdier double-shell tank, is also leaking into the space between the two walls. Ten tanks have been emptied. Another five are scheduled to be emptied by Sept. 30, 2014, but the Energy Department said that deadline is likely to be missed for two of those tanks.

vubsshera aseociation



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W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided by Weather Central, LP ©2013.

I I A Today: Sunny and

Tonight: Clear.







WEST Partly to mostly sunny and warm.

Hrgsbprp POrtland 77/53 4 •

75/48 62/40

• Hermiston 87/52




Wallowa PendletOn 76/42 • Enterprisq 86/53 • Meacham • 78/45 ~





75/ 3 9




Sunny and warm.

EAST Sunny and warm.


82/49 Unjpn






I La Grande•

Camp 68/45





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Coos Bay





• port Rock89I44 •

Chemult N I43


RI 85/49


Frenchglen 90/53



Paisley 89/55

• 96/58•




• Lakeview 88/57

alls 5i/52 ~

3/53 ~


(in the 48 contiguous states):




ortland~ ~

6 3/50,, ; x winnipeg +x + 93/54


Thunder Bay

+ oo o o o x ooo + o


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• 8.42

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H alif a x 63/46

. x",o ortland

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" 1 Green Batl

• 117' Needles, Calif. • 30 0 Grand Marais, Minn.



San Francisco



Williamsburg, Va

83/53 .

, dtansas City



Lo Angeles 0/62 109/



79/Gmtg '


Charlptte BS/67 o 84/68L

HAW Ai i • ~d


Ho~ust 9


fRv y, e a ns


88 74

lando 0 /7 2 Miami 89/77

Monterrey • -91/75• Mazatlan . • 87 /76 '

a Paz 91/75

Anchorage 70/50

ngton, D.C. 81/67

atlasl~ • 89/70


Tijuana 66/57


': 6


8)gy y BOS •

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Honolulu Iob,


Little Rock,

93/67 o

~ C>

1-x W +,

~~~' x x x w Omaha I • Denvec ~~o . 7 7/6 2 L 7 QS '

Salt Lake Clty

' , ; , 86/61


Juneau 61/45





Pi •


Tomorrow Rise Set Mercury....7:01 a.m.....10:37 p.m. Venus......6:40 a.m.....10:16 p.m. Mars.......438 a.m...... 7:45 p.m. Jupiter......555 am...... 916 p m. Satum......4:47 p.m...... 3:30 a.m. Uranus.....2:20 a.m...... 2:56 p.m.

Yesterday's weather through 4 p.m. inBend High/Low.............. 84/54 24 hours endmg 4 p.m.*. . 0.00" Recordhigh........90m1931 Monthtodate.......... 0.00" Recordlow......... 26in1974 Average monthtodate... 0.22" Average high.............. 70 Year to date............ 2.74" Averagelow ..............41 A verageyeartodate..... 5.24"

• +++Q

* *


.++++ '

* * *

* *



+ + +

W ar m Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow





Redmond/Madras........Low Prinevine..........................Low Mod. = Moderate; Exi. = Extreme


a service to irrigatprs and sportsmen.

Reservoir Acre feet C a p acity Crane Prairie...... . . . . . . 41,719...... 55,000 Wickiup...... . . . . . . . . . 146,850..... 200,000 Crescent Lake..... . . . . . . 77,977.... . . 91,700 Ochoco Reservoir..... . . . 26,928 . . . . 47,000 The higher the UV Index number, the greater Prineville...... . . . . . . . . 134,541.....153,777 the need for eye and skin protection. Index is R iver flow St at i o n Cubic ft./sec Deschutes RiverBelow Crane Prairie ...... . 410 for solar at noon. Deschutes RiverBelow Wickiup .... . . . . . . 1,650 Crescent CreekBelow Crescent Lake ..... . . . 61 LOW MEDIUM HIGH Little DeschutesNear La Pine ...... . . . . . . . 51.1 0 2 4 6 10 Deschutes RiverBelow Bend .... . . . . . . . . . 116 Deschutes RiverAt Benham Falls ..... . . . . 2,081 Crooked RiverAbove Prinevige Res.. ... . . . . . 22 Crooked RiverBelow Prinevige Res..... . . . . 222 Updated daily. Source: Ochoco CreekBelow OchocoRes. .... . . . . . 16.5 Crooked RiverNear Terrebonne ..... . . . . . . 51.1 Contact: Watermaster, 388-6669 MEDIUM LOWI or go to

To report a wildfire, call 911





Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene,TX ......86/62/0.00...90/72/t. 93/73/pc Grand llapids....73/50/0.00..75/57/sh...76/61/t RapidCity.......81/44/0.00... 75/5ot. 80/56/pc Savannah .......89/71/0.57..87/73/pc...89/71/t Akron ..........63/55/000..73/56/pc...79/62/t Green Bay.......72/53/000..71/51/pc...67/56/t Reno...........99/61/0.00..101/64/s 101/63/pc Seattle.........71/56/trace...71/53/s.. 69/53/s Albany..........58/55/049..74/56/sh. 80/59/pc Greensboro......74/68/0.50...82/67/t. 87/69/pc Richmond.......74/70/2.62... 84/67/t. 89/70/pc SiouxFalls.......71/43/0 00... 71/58/t...76/55/t Albuquerque.....91/62/000...93/67/s. 96/68/pc Harusburg.......66/62/042...80/62/c.. 86/66/s Rochester, NY....63/57/0.06... 69/55/c. 77/64/pc Spokane ........83/59/0.00...79/49/s.. 79/49/s Anchorage ......71/47/0 00...70/50/c. 70/51/pc Hartford,CT.....63/57/2 05..75/60/sh. 81/60/pc Sacramento.....104/57/0.00..107/62/s .. 88/59/s Springfield, MO ..75/52/0.00..80/62/pc...82/64/t Atlanta .........83/68/0.01 ..84/68/pc...85/69/t Helena..........81/50/0.00...77/50/s.. 83/49/s St.Louis.........76/6070.00..79/61/pc...80/67/t Tampa..........86/75/000... 88/75/t...89/75/t Atlantic City.....71/64/2 53..78/63/sh. 79/66lpc Honolulu........82/74/0 00...90/75/s. 89/75/pcSalt Lake City....92/63/0.00...86/61/s .. 94/67/s Tucson.........1 07/72/0 00..104/74/s. 104773/s Austin..........87/67/0.00..90/73/pc. 90/74/pc Houston ........88/69/0.00..91/73/pc.91/75/pc SanAntonio.....80/70/0.01... 90/74/t. 90/74/pc Tulsa...........82/57/0.00 ..84/65/pc...88/70/t Baltimore .......72/66/2.19...81/66/t. 86/70/pc Huntsville .......82/67/0.00..84/63/pc...86/67/t SanDiego.......67/62/0.00... 69/62/s .. 68/63/s Washington, DC..73/69/1.73...81/67/t. 87/70/pc Bigings .........85/53/000..74/51/pc. 82/56/pc Indianapolis.....74/61/000..76/61/pc...80/65/t SanFrancisco....74/53/0.00... 74/55/s.. 67/53/s Wichita .........81/56/000..84/66/pc. 87/65/pc Birmingham .....78/66/0 59..83/71/pc...85/71/t Jackson,MS.... 82/68/0 06 86/67/pc.. 90/73/t 580 Jose........87/53/000.. 90/59/s 75/55/s Yakima .........86/61/0 00 85/52/s.. 86/52/s Bismarck........76/45/000...68/52/t. 72/53/pc Jacksonvile......88/71/0.03...89/73/t...88/72/t SantaFe........83/53/0.00..84/55/pc 86/55/pc Yuma..........112/77/0.00..104/71/s. 103/71/s Boise...........91/63/000...88/57/s.. 93/59/s Juneau..........61/46/004..61/45/sh.. 64/45/c INTERNATIONAL Boston..........57/55/1.42..73/60/sh.77/61/pc Kansas City......74/52/0.00..78/64/pc...81/62/t BndgeportCT....61/59/349..73/61/sh. 74/61/pc Lansing.........67/50/000..74/57/sh...74/61/t Amsterdam......72/52/000..71/58/pc 70/52/pc Mecca.........117/90/000 113/86/s. 111/84/s Buffalo .........61/54/000...67/54/c. 75/62/pc Las Vegas......109/80/000..110/84/s.108/79/s Athens..........80/66/0.00..82/70/sh.. 82/70/s Mexicocity .....86/54/000 .79/58/pc.. 79/56/1 Burlington,VT....59/53/054..68/55/sh. 76/55/sh Lexington .......77/63/000..77/61/pc...81/65/t Auckland........57/50/0 00..63/52/pc...59/49/r Montreal........59/54/0.1 5.. 64/55/sh.. 77/59/c Caribou,ME.....67/51/003..56/48/sh. 61/52/sh Lincoln..........76/47/0.00...79/61/t. 80/61/pc Baghdad........93/77/0.00..100/87/s. 102/85/s Moscow........68/55/0 00 .. 75/57/sh. 75/60/sh Charleston,SC ...87/74/0.11..87/74/pc...86/73/t Little Rock.......84/69/0.00..84767/pc...88/70/t Bangkok........95/81/0.00...98/78/t...95/78/t Nairobi.........77/50/0.00... 75/55/t...76/54/t Charlotte........82/68/027..85/67/pc...86/69/t LosAngeles......67/62/000...70/62/s.. 69/63/s Beiyng..........70/66/000..84/66/pc. 77/61/pc Nassau.........86/77/0.00 ..83/78/pc. 82/76/pc Chattanooga.....85/67/009..84/65/pc...87/66/t Louisvige........82/65/000..80JQ/pc. 86/67/pc Beirut ..........81/7270.00..78/67/pc.. 89/66/s New Delhi.......99/84/0.00 114/96/pc. 116/94/s Cheyenne.......76/46/0 00...79/49/s.. 84/57/s Madison Wl.....71/52/000..71/55/pc. 69/58/sh Berlin...........77/54/0.00..75/58/pc.77759/pc Osaka..........90/64/0.00...79765/c.70/68/sh Chicago...... 68/52/trace..67/57/pc.73/64/sh Memphis....... 83/70/0.00. 83/66/pc 88/70/pc Bogota.........64/5270.00..68/48/sh...69/49/t Oslo............66/41/0.0070/49/pc. .. 66/49/pc Cincinnati.......77/60/0.00..78/61/pc 83/67/pc Miami . . . . 91/75/0 82 89/77/t .89/78/t Budapest........77/57/0.00..87/66/pc. 85764/pc Ottawa.........$7/52/0.27 ..6I55/sh. 75/56/pc Cleveland .......61/55/0 00..70/57/pc. 77/66/pc Milwaukee ......66/49/0.00..64/50/pc. 63/58/sh BuenosAires.....64/48/0.00..56/47/pc.5550/pc Paris............81/59/0.00..7I54/sh. 75/54/sh Colorado Spnngs.77/50/000..87/56/pc. 87/59/pc Miuneapolis.....66/54/0.00..74/59/pc. 67/57/sh Cabo580Lucas..91/66/0.00...BI66/s.. 88/70/s Rio deJaneiro....82/66/0.00..73/62/pc.73/61/pc Columbia,MO...74/55/000 ..79/62/pc...80/64/t Nashvige........82/66/0 27..82/62/pc. 87/68/pc Cairo...........93/75/000..106/72/s.. 91/66/s Rome...........75/55/0.00..84/61/pc.78/59/sh Columbia,SC....86/70/0.85 ..88/69/pc...90/71/t New Orleans.....86/72/0.00...88/74/t...88/76/t Calgary.........73/57/000..63/45/sh 59/45/sh Santiago........70/41/0.00...63/60/s. 60/62/pc Columbus GA....87/69/026 ..87/69/pc...87/71/t New York.......63/59/2 55..80/65lsh. 82/65/pc Cancun.........88/81/0.00...87/78/t...87/77/t SaoPaulo.......77/57/0 00..71/57/pc. 73/53/pc Columbus, OH....70/57/000 ..78/62/pc. 84166/pc Newark,Hl......65/61/2.63..82/65lsh. 82/65/pc Dublin..........66/45/000..64/51/pc. 63/50/pc Sapporo ....... HA/53/0.00..72/56/pc.. 77/53/s Concord,HH.....55/50/083 ..71/54/sh. 81/55/pc Norfolk VA......85/70/0 67... 85/70/t. 87/71/pc Edinburgh.......59/41/0.00..60/45/sh.60/47/sh Seoul...........86/64/0.00..77/68/pc. 84/63/pc Corpus Christi....92/73/0.13..90/79/pc. 88/77/pc Oklahoma City...81/58/0.00 ..85767/pc. 90/71/pc Geneva.........79/52/0.00..75/53/sh...75/51/r Shanghai........75/70/007..72/64/sh. 72/64/pc DallasFtWorih...84/63/0.00..89/70/pc.92/73/pc Omaha.........74/50/0.00... 77/62/t...79/61/1 Harare..........72/43/0 00...71/43/s.. 73/38/s Singapore.......91/79/015...90/81/t...91/80/t Dayton .........73/56/000 ..77/62/pc...82/65/t Orlando.........88/72/0 00... 90/72/t...90/73/t HongKong......91/82/0.00...81/73/t...84/72/t Stockholm.......73/50/0.00..70751/sh.69/48/sh Denver....... 86/48/0.00 ..83/53/pc. 87/60/pc PalmSprings....114/74/0.00..108/75/s. 102/71/s Istanbul.........77/6470.00..74/66/pc.75765/pc Sydney..........73/63/0.00..66/52/pc.. 67/49/c DesMoines......72/53/0.00..76/62/pc. 79/60/sh Peoria ..........74/54/0.00..75/60/pc...76/63/t lerusalem.......78/62/0.00...80/62/s. 95/60/pc Taipei...........91/77/0.00... 89/76/t. 88/77/pc Detroit..........63/53/000..74/60/sh. 74/63/sh Philadelphia.....72/64/3.06..82/66/sh.86/67/pc Johannesburg....84/71/0 00...70/46/s.. 71/45/s TelAviv.........84/68/0.00...87/66ls103/65/pc Duluth..........68/45/000..62/49/pc. 59/50/sh Phoeuix........l11/81/0.00..109/81/s.108/80/s Lima ...........68/59/0.00..73/67/pc.73/64/pc Tokyo...........73/68/0.00..75/65/sh.74/65/sh ElPaso..........94/69/000...98/75/s. 102/77/s Pittsburgh.......66/59/001..76/56/pc. 84/64/pc Lisbon..........63/55/0 00..67/59/sh 69/51/c Toronto.........61/54/0 31 .72/54/sh. 70/59/sh Fairbanks........71/45/000..72/48/sh. 68/46/pc Portland,ME.....58/51/0.25..64/55/sh. 74/54/sh London .........68/50/0.00..75/50/pc. 72/52/pc Vancouver.......66/54/0.00...66/52/s.. 64/50/s Fargo...........74/52/000...73/57/t. 69/54/sh Providence......61/55/1 70..74/60lsh. 80/61/pc Madrid .........68/55/0 00 .. 64/44/sh. 68/49/sh Vienna..........72/57/0.00..75/62/pc.. 80/57/c Flagstaff ........87/41/000...87/49/s.. 85/45/s Raleigh.........76/68/514...84/69/t. 89/70/pc Manila..........95/82/000 ..92/80/pc. 91/78/pc Warsaw.........73/59/000..79/57/sh. 72/58/sh



Barometricpressureat 4 p.m30.04 Record24 hours ...0.31 in1964 *Melted liquid equivalent


o c algary Sas+btocgt~'


Sunsettoday.... 8 47 p.m N ew First F ull Sunrise tomorrow .. 5:22 a.m Sunset tomorrow... 8:47 p.m Moonrise today.... 5:36 a.m Moonsettoday .... 8:51 p.m June8 June16 June23 June29


Legend Wweather,Pcp precipitation, s sun,pcpartial clouds,c clouds,h haze,shshowers, r rain,t thunderstorms,sf snowflurries, snsnow, i-ice, rs-rain-snow mix,w-wind, f-fog,dr-drizzle, tr-trace


vancouver k

SUN AND MOON SCHEDULE Sunrisetoday...... 5:22 a.m Moon phases

Salem ....... 81/49/0 00 ....79/50/s ... 76/49/s Sisters.........88/48/0.00.....82/41/s......79/41/s The DaBes......83/64/0.00.....85/56/s......85/53/s

o www m •

72 43

• 44' Florence



Yesterday's extremes


73 44


Yesterday's state extremes

Jordan Valley

Chr i stmas Valley









78 45




• BurnS

Silv e r

Port Orford

• Beach


• 97'





• Bandon

• Brothers 84/44

L Crescent • CreSCent Lake

66/51 •


83/ 4 8

Partly cloudy

82 46

Astoria ........64/47/0.00....63/50/pc.....61/51/pc Baker City......83746/0.00.....84747/s......87/47/s Brookings......85/48/0.00.....83/53/s......71/52/s Burns..........88/52/0.00.....87/47/s......89/47/s Eugene........84/49/0.00.....80/48/s......78/47/s Klamath Falls .. 88/49/0 00 ....91/52/s ... 88/48/s Lakeview...... 88/52/0.00 ....88/57/s..... 89/56/s La Pine.........84/46/NA.....84/40/s......80/40/s Medford.......92/59/0.00.....96/58/s......92/56/s Newport.......61/45/0.00....59/47/pc.....58/48/pc North Bend......68/55/NA.....65/53/s.....62/50/pc Ontario........97/64/0.00.....91/59/s......95/63/s Pendleton......88/60/0.00.....86/53/s......88/52/s Portland .......79/54/0.00.....77/53/s......75/52/s Prineville.......82/49/0.00.....85/46/s......82/46/s Redmond.......86/47/0.00.....85/46/s......84/43/s

Valeo 8 2/39

Mostly sunny.


City Precipitationvaluesare24-hour totals through4 p.m.

ugene• •


Yesterday Saturday Sunday Bend, westof Hwy97.. Mod Sisters........................ . Mod The following was compiled by the Central Hi/Lo/Pcp H i / Lo/W H i /Lo/WBend,eastof Hwy.97....Mod. LaPine.............................Mod. Oregpn watermaster and irrigation districts as


x I,

Sa n dy


8U53 Dailes » 5 5 ~ xnrlington 85/56 8/vsd • oWasco

• 76/51




Lmcoln City


River Th





Seasideo 59/51 • CannonPeach




As t o ria


Sunny and warm



Get local weather u dates






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theg a I n e rgIOuP

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4 ."'45 ~



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P •


1- 82-1811

T h c Bullctin Serving Central Oregon since 1903

IN THE BACI4: BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NE%S > Scoreboard, C2 Sports in brief, C2 MLB, C3

Golf, C3


Track 5 field, C3 Tennis, C4 College baseball, C4






Sweets handElks 2nd straight loss

re on tate catc ert e constant or

WALLA WALLA, Wash.— The Bend Elks fell to the Walla Walla

Sweets 8-7 onFriday night as Bend's bullpen

collapsed for thesecond consecutive game. The Elks (1-2) led 7-3 going into the bottom

of the eighth inning of

theWest CoastLeague contest, but the Sweets

itc in sta

(2-1) scored five runs in the final two innings to pull off the comeback

victory in front of their home fans. Bend starter Kevin

By Cliff Kirkpatrick

Hamann gave up three runs — only two were

Corvattis Gazet te-Times

CORVALLIS — Much of the Oregon State baseball team's success thisyear came because of the pitching staff. And understandably so. The Beavers have the second-best earnedrun average in the nation at 2.13. Pitchers have changed throughout each game, but the constant has been catcher Jake Rodriguez. Rodriguez has started behind the plate for the Beaversin 45 of58 games thisseason. Seven of his other starts were at second or third base. "He has done a great job, in particular because there'sbeen a lot of those weekends where he's caught all three (games)," OSU coach Pat Casey said. "He's handled himself well; stayed in great shape. I think the guys like throwing to him." Rodriguez will be behind the plate most of the time this weekend when the Beavers (4810) face Kansas State (44-17) in a best-of-three Super Regional series at Goss Stadium. The winner moves on to the College World Series starting next weekend in Omaha, Neb. He became Oregon State'sregular catcher last season, but he started working at the position relatively late in his baseball life. SeeCatcher /C4

earned — off two hits

before departing after the fifth inning with a 7-3 lead. The Elks struggled

on the moundafter Hamann left, though, as

three Bendrelievers gave up five runs overthe next three frames. Xavier Borde took the loss after

j 4

allowing two runs off


two hits and a walk in one-third of an inning. Outfielder Anthony Villa paced the Elks at the plate, going 3-for-4 with



one RBI.CatcherTyler

Servais was 2-for-4 with

two runs scoredandtwo RBls and first baseman Derek Dixon went 2-for-4 with two RBls and his

second homerun of the season. The Elks continue their road trip with the first of three games at Kelowna, British Colum-

bia, today. — Bulletin staff report

Nextup NCAA SuperRegional,


Kansas State at Oregon State

• When:Today, 4 p.m.

Steer wrestler shines in Sisters

• TV:ESPNU • Radio:KICE-AM 940


Vernon cowboyTrevor Knowles turned in the

second-fastest steer wrestling run in thehistory of the Sisters Rodeo on Friday night, record-

ing a time of 3.7seconds to grab the lead in the

COLLEGE FOOTBALL Rot) Kerr/The Bulletin

Coachesuse transfer rules to limit options

Professional mountain bike racer Adam Craig, of Bend, rides on the Funner Trail in preparation for competing in the Oregon Enduro Series today on the Wanoga trail system west of Bend.

bulldogging event. Knowles, one ofthe favorites to win the all-

around cowboyaward, also scored in thenight's fastest tie-down roping time, a mark of 8.6

seconds. Culver's Brian Bain posted the top bareback

score during the first main performanceof the Sisters Rodeo, a 78. Wade Sundell, of Boxholm, lowa, was the high scorer in the saddle

bronc competition with an 82. Hermiston's Jade

Crossley still leads the barrel racing standings with atime of

17.50 seconds, which she achievedduring Thursday's slack, but

Terrebonne's Brenda Mays is secondafter her17.93-second mark

Friday night. Only three bull riders

registered scores Friday with Parker Breding, of Edgar, Mont., leading the way with an 86.

The Sisters Rodeo continues today with two

• Bend's mostrenownedmountain biker sets out to conquer anew discipline By Mark Morical The Bulletin

Mountain biking is an ever-evolving sport, and its riders must evolve along with it. As bike manufacturers have shifted to producing more "all-mountain" bikes, designed for technical downhill trails as well as for climbing, the all-mountain style of riding has eclipsed the traditional cross-country style. So Central Oregon's most decorated professional mountain biker of the past decade is forgoing World Cup crosscountry racing for at least the next two years to focus on enduro racing, a sort of all-mountain style of riding in an individual time-trial racing format. "It's kind of the new, cool thing," says Bend's Adam Craig, a 2008 Olympian and 18-time national champion in various mountain biking disciplines. "It's really became popular the last couple years, and now there's this world series that organizers put together to raise their game." Craig, 31, is racing this summer in the Enduro World Series throughout Europe, Canada and the United States, but today he will compete in Bend in an Oregon Enduro Series race.


By Greg Bishop

What:Mountain bike race that includes four downhill stages of individual time trials. When:Today at10 a.m. Where:Starts at Wanoga Sno-park southwest of Bend and includes the Funner, Tiddlywinks and Storm King trails. The first race of the series was staged in Hood River, with races

When a quarterback decided last month to transfer to another football program after one season at Oklahoma State, he thanked the coach, whothanked him back. Here were two parties seemingly in mutual agreement, headed for an amicable divorce. Then thetransfer process started,producing the latest and perhaps an extreme example of what is occurring throughout the country this time of year as many college athletes try to move to different universities. The Oklahoma State coach, Mike Gundy, ruled out nearly 40 universities as transfer options for quarterback Wes Lunt, an apparent show of gamesmanship and punishment toward a college athlete who wanted to take his skills elsewhere. The forces at work were not new, but Gundy, like a growing number of coaches, chose to harness them to squash many, if not all, of Lunt's preferred options and to keep a potential rival from gainingthe services of a highly regarded quarterback entering his sophomore season.

New York Times News Service

tocome inAshland,inCamas,Wash.,andat Mount Hood.

Blitz totheBarrel What:An invitation-only, mostly downhill 18mile mountain bike race; men's and women's

races each include about 20 competitors. When: Tuesday;women'sracebeginsat5:30 p.m., followed by themen's race. Where:Starts at WanogaSno-park and finishes at10 Barrel Brewing Company in west Bend; course includes jumps at Tetherow Golf Club. Contact:Blitz to the Barrel on


performances. Thefirst

SeeCoaches /C4

starts at1 p.m. and the

second begins at 7p.m. — Bulletin staff report


Nadal, Ferrer advance to finals


Raeemuld be w et,w ide-open

The men's singles final

of the FrenchOpenis

By Richard Rosenblatt


The Associated Press

Win sendsBruins to Stanley Cup

NEW YORK — Orb and Oxbow. Oxbow and Orb. Any way you draw it up, there will not be a Triple Crown on the line in the Belmont Stakes today. Even without a Triple try, the Belmont is still a n i n t riguing race. It matches Kentucky Derby winner Orb against Preakness winner Oxbow, and


Boston beats Pittsburgh

to advance,C3

BelmontStakes • When:Today, 2 p.m. (Post time 3:36 p.m.) • TV:NBC Todd Pletchersends out a record five horses in one of the largest fields in the 145-year history of a race also known as the "Test of the Champion." SeeRace/C4



Exercise rider Jennifer Patterson takes Orb for a gallop on the track at Belmont Park on Friday in Elmont, N.Y. Orb is entered in today's Belmont Stakes. Mark Lennihan / The Associated Press



SPORTS ON THE AIR TODAY Time 6 a.m. 10 a.m. noon noon


European Tour, LyonessOpen PGATour, St. Jude Classic

PGA Tour, St. JudeClassic LPGATour,LPGA Championship Champions Tour, RegionsTradition

Golf Golf CBS Golf Golf

4:30 p.m.

TENNIS French Open, women's final,

Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova 6 a.m. MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Party in the Poconos 400, practice

Formula One, Canadian GrandPrix, qualifying Motorcycle racing,


7 a.m.


10 a.m.


High Point National 450 8 250 Moto II 2 p.m. NASCAR, Nationwide, Duport Pioneer 250 5 p.m.


5:30 p.m.


College, Super Regional, North Carolina vs. South Carolina College, Super Regional,

9 a.m.


Indiana vs. Florida State

9 a.m.


10 a.m.


IndyCar, Firestone 550 BASEBALL

College, Super Regional, Mississippi State vs. Virginia

College, Super Regional, Noon

Louisville vs. Vanderbilt MLB, New York Yankees at Seattle

1 p.m.


1 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m.


LSU vs. Oklahoma

4 p.m.


College, Super Regional, Kansas State vs. OregonState College, Super Regional,

4 p.m. ESPNU, KICE-AM 940

College, Super Regional, North Carolina State vs. Rice M LB, Los Angeles Angels atBoston MLB, Minnesota at Washington

College, Super Regional,

Cal State Fullerton vs. UCLA MLB, San Francisco at Arizona or

7 p.m.


Atlanta at Los Angeles Dodgers

7 p.m.


12:30 p.m.


2 p.m.


NHL, playoffs, Los Angeles atChicago 5 p.m.


BASKETBALL WNBA, Phoenix at Indiana HORSE RACING Belmont Stakes HOCKEY SOCCER MLS, Portland at Chicago MLS, Vancouver at Seattle CYCLING

Criterium Dauphine Libere, Stage 7 (taped)

5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.


10 p.m.



European Tour, LyonessOpen

6 a.m.

PGA Tour, St. Jude Classic PGATour, St. Jude Classic

10 a.m.

LPGATour,LPGA Championship Champions Tour, RegionsTradition

Noon Noon 4:30 p.m.

Golf Golf CBS Golf Golf

6 a.m.




10 a.m.


TENNIS French Open, men's final,

Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer BASEBALL

College, Super Regional, North Carolina vs. South Carolina College, Super Regional, Florida State vs. Indiana MLB,LosAngelesAngelsatBoston College, Super Regional,

1 0:30 a.m.

Vanderbilt vs. Louisville

1 p.m.


f p.m. 1 p.m.


4 p.m.


College, Super Regional, Rice vs. North Carolina State

MLB, NewYorkYankees at Seattle College, Super Regional, LSU vs. Oklahoma

College, Super Regional, Virginia vs. Mississippi State MLB, St. Louis at Cincinnati

4 p.m. 5 p.m.


UCLA vs. Cal State Fullerton

7 p.m.


College, Super Regional, Oregon State vs. KansasState

7 p.m. ESPNU, KICE-AM 940

College, Super Regional,


Party in the Poconos 400 Formula One,CanadianGrand Prix

10 a.m. 11 a.m.



Criterium Dauphine Libere (taped)

2 p.m.


BASKETBALL NBA, finals, San Antonio at Miami HOCKEY

5 p.m.


NHL, playoffs, Boston at Pittsburgh

5 p.m.


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for next year's World Cup.Jozy Altidore put the Americans ahead in the 30th minute, but Jermaine

qualifying — Rainwashed

Beckford tied the score off a free

out Friday's Sprint Cup qualify-

kick in the 89th as the U.S. again failed to hold a lead on the road.

ing at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pa. Points leader Jimmie Johnson will automatically sit on the pole for the start of Sunday's

400-mile race.

SOCCER Late goal lifts U.S. over

CYCLING Voeckler wins sixth stage — Thomas Voeckler won the sixth stage of the Criterium

JamaiCa — Brad Evans

du Dauphine race onFriday in Grenoble, France,and Chris Froome kept the leader's yellow

scored in the second minute

jersey with two stages left. The

of second-half stoppagetime, giving the U.S. athrilling 2-1 win over Jamaica at Kingston on Friday night that solidified the

Americans' chances of qualifying



33-year-old Frenchmanclocked a time of 3 hours, 24 minutes, 13 seconds on the 88-mile trek

from La Lechere to Grenoble.

— From wire reports

L P c t GB 0 1 .000

37-37 — 74 Shanshan Feng 38-36 — 74 Lisa Grimes 3 5-39 — 74 W 0 1 2 1 667 Felicity Johnson Sisters Rodeo 36-38 — 74 1 . 500 1 Moriya Jutanugarn Friday's mainperformance 2 . 333 1 ' /z Lorie Kane 35 39 74 37-37—74 Tie-downroping (secondgo-round leaders) 4 2 0 0 2 ' / r ChristinaKim 37-37—74 3 . 000 2 ' /v AmeliaLewis — I, TrevorKnowles, MountVernon,8.6 seconds.2, 36-38—74 Stacy Lewi s NateBaldwin,Blackfoot, Idaho,9.9. 3, StestsonVest, 36-38—74 Friday's Games CarolineMasson Childress,Texas,11.2.4, BradGoodrich, Hermiston, 37-37—74 Lisa Mccloskey 11.8. 5,MattNauman,Parma,Idaho, 13.1. MattShio- Washington66,Connecticut 62 Atlanta75,NewYork56 Ai Miyazato 35-39—74 zawa,Chubbuck,Idaho,14.0. San Antoni o 81, Chi c ago 69 Paola Moreno 38-36—74 Bareback leaders 1, Brian BainCul , ver,78 BeckyMorgan 36-38—74 point .s 2,GrantDenny,Menden,Nev.,77.3,Jared Tulsa67, Seattle58 Today's Games 37-37—74 JanePark Bain, Haines,71.3, Garrett Hodge,Quincy, Wash., 71. Phoenixat Indiana,12:30p.m. BeatrizRecari 36-38 74 5,TrentenMontero,Winneumucca,Nev.,68 Minnesota at W as hi n gton, 4 p. m . H ee Kyung S eo 34-40—74 Steer wrestling (secondgo-round leaders) CarlotaCiganda 36-39—75 — 1,TrevorKnowles,MountVernon,3.7 seconds.2, Tulsa atLosAngeles, 7.30p.m. LauraDiaz 37-38—75 TomLewis,Lehi, Utah,3.9 3, TravisTaruscio, StanLauren Doughtie 38-37—75 field, 4.1. 4, EthenThouvenell, Wittman,Ariz., 4.3. HOCKEY Moira Dunn 34-41 — 75 4,LukeBranquinho,LosAlamos,Calif.,4.3 6,Andy PazEcheverria 37-38 — 75 Weldon, Greenleaf,Idaho,4.6.7,ChasonFloyd,4.7. NHL Breanna Effiott 39-36 75 8, AlexRobertson,Tumalo, 4.9. MinaHarigae 36-39—75 Saddle bronc leaders — 1, WadeSundell, NATIONALHOCKEYLEAGUE AmyHung 35-40—75 Boxhoim, lowa, 82points. 2, JacobsCrawley,SteAll Times PDT JenniferJohnson 36-39—75 phenvi ff e,Texas,75.3,JacobStacey,Moses Lake, Daniel eKang 38-37—75 Wash., 74.4,JeremyRayMelancon,Huntsville,Texas, CONFERENCE FINALS Cristie Kerr 38-37—75 73.5,JeremyMeans,EagleButte,Idaho,69.6,Kade (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) I.K. Kim 37-38—75 McLean,Paulina,59. EASTERNCONFERENCE Team-roping leaders — 1,MarcusBataglia/ Sue Ki m 37-38—75 Boston 4, Pittsburgh 0 CandieKung 37-38—75 Jordan Ketscher,7.2seconds.2,ClaytonHansen/Gar- Saturday,June1: Boston3, Pittsburgh0 BrittanyLang 37-38—75 rett Jess,80.3,Jesse Shefield/RhenRichard,158. Monday,June3: Boston6, Pittsburgh1 Mi Hyang Le e 37-38 75 Barrel racing leaders — I, Jade Crossley, Wednesday, June5. Boston 2, Pittsburgh1, 20T 36-39—75 Hermiston,17.5. 2, BrendaMays, Terrebonne, 17.93. Friday,June7: Boston1, Pittsburgh0 JiYoungOh 34-41—75 3, Megan Lewis, Twin Falls, Idaho, 17.99. 4, Nicole HeeYoungPark WESTERNCONFERENCE 35-40—75 Aichele,WallaWalla,Wash., 18r09.5, TamiSemas, Reiff eyRankin Chicago 3, LosAngeles1 36-39—75 Prineville, 1810 5, Viki Friedrich, Salkum,Wash., LizetteSalas Saturday,June1: Chicago2, LosAngeles1 34-41 — 75 18.10. 7,DeenMoeykens, ThreeForks, Mont., 18.12. Sunday, Nicole Smi t h June2: Chicago4, LosAngeles2 37-38 — 75 8, Torri Longgood, Hermiston,18.15. AlisonWalshe Tuesday,June4: l.os Angeles3, Chicago1 37-39 76 IreneCho Thursday,June6: Chicago3, LosAngeles I 36-40—76 PaulaCreamer Today, June8:LosAngelesatChicago,5p.m. BASEBALL 36-40—76 KathleenEkey x-Monday ,June10:ChicagoatLosAngeles,6p.m. 37-39—76 x-Wedne sday,June 12:LosAngelesatChicago, KatieFutcher 36-40—76 College Maria Hjorth TBD 37-39—76 KatherineHull-Kirk NCAADivision I Super Regionals Glance M eena Le e 38-38—76 All Times PDT TENNIS PaigeMackenzie 37-39—76 Best-of-3 Jill McGiff 38-38—76 x-if necessary JaneRah 38-38—76 Professional Melissa Rei d 36-40 76 At BoshamerStadium French Open Jennifer Rosa l e s 37-39—76 Chapel Hill, N.C. Friday So Yeon Ryu 36-40—76 Friday, June7 At Stade Rol a nd Garros Giulia Sergas 38-38—76 South Carolina (42-18) at North Carolina (55-9), Paris A yako Ue h ar a 37-39—76 ppd., rain Purse: $28.4 million (Grand Sl a m) Mariajo Uri b e 38-38—76 Today, June8 Surface: Clay-Outdoor KarrieWebb 39-37—76 SouthCarolinaat NorthCarolina, 9a.m. Singles MicheffeWie 36 40 76 Sunday,June 9 Men H eather Bo wre Y o ung 38-39—77 SouthCarolinaat NorthCarolina, 10a.m. Semifinals Silvia Cavaff e ri 38-39—77 Monday, June10 RafaelNadal(3), Spain, def. NovakDjokovic (1), SophieGustafson 39-38—77 x-SouthCarolinaatNorth Carolina, TBA Serbia, 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7 (3), 9-7. CarolineHedwaI 39-38—77 At Doak Field David Ferrer (4), Spa i n , def. Jo Wi l f ried Ts on ga(6), Tiffany Joh 38-39—77 Raleigh, N.C. France, 6-1, 7-6 (3), 6-2. a-Lydia Ko 36-41—77 Friday, June7 Mo Martin 40-37—77 Rice (44-18) atNorth CarolinaState(47-14), ppd., Mika Miyazato 37-40—77 rain GOLF Kayla Mortel l a ro 39-38—77 Today,June 8 Belen Mozo 40-37 77 Rice atNorthCarolinaState,1 p.m PG A Tour 37-40—77 DewiClaireSchreefel Sunday,June 9 36-41—77 Stephanie Sherlock st Jude Classic Rice atNorthCarolinaState,1 p.m 38-39—77 JenniferSong Friday Monday, June10 39-38—77 Lindsey Wri g ht At TPC Southwind Rice atNorthCarolinaState, TBA 37-41—78 ChristelBoeljon Memphis, Tenn. At Alex BoxStadium 37-41—78 Katie M.Burnett Purse: $5.7 million Baton Rouge,La. 37-41 78 JacquiConcolino Friday, June7 Yardage: 7,239; Par:70 41-37—78 Austin Ernst Second Roundqualifi ers LSU 2,Oklahoma0 39-39—78 JodiEwartShadoff a-denotes amateur Today,June 8 40-38 78 Lisa Ferrero 66-64 — 130 Oklahoma atLSU,4p.m. HarrisEnglish NatalieGulbis 36-42—78 67-65 — I32 Sunday,June 9 ShawnStefani 36-42—78 Marcy Hart 67-68 — 135 xOkl ahomaatLSU,4pm Paul HaleyII Karine Icher 38-40—78 67-68 — 1 3 5 At GoodwinField Scott Stalhngs Juli Inkster 37-41—78 66-70 — 136 Fullerton, Calif. DavisLovegl NicoleJeray 38-40—78 66-70 — 136 Friday, June7 GlenDay S eon Hwa L ee 38-40—78 67-69—136 UCLA5, CalSt.-Fullerton 3,10innings Justin Hicks Jenny Shi n 38 40 78 70-66 — 1 3 6 Today,June 8 DougLaBele 0 39-40—79 UCLAatCalSt.-Fufferton, 7 p.m NicholasThompson 67 69 136 Dori Carter 39-40—79 67-70—137 SandraGal Sunday,June 9 JasonBohn Pat Hurst 39-40—79 69-68—137 x-UCLA atCa St.-Fufferton,7 p.m. BenCrane Daniela l a cobeffi 40-39—79 67-70—137 At Dick HowserStadium DustinJohnson 39-40—79 66-71—137 AzaharaMunoz Tallahassee, Fla. StuartAppleby 40-39—79 70-67—137 Jin YoungPak Today,June 8 LukeGuthrie Gerina Pi l e r 39-40 79 68-69—137 Indiana(46-14)at Florida State(4715), 9a.m. Eric Meierdierks Alena Sharp 37-42—79 69-68—137 Sunday,June 9 ChezReavie 40-39—79 Indianaat ForidaState, 10a.m. RobertoCastro 68-69—137 KarenStupples 36 43 79 Monday, June10 Bob Estes 68-69—137 ThidapaSuwannapura M omoko U e da 38-41—79 68-69—137 x-IndianaatFlorida State,10a.m. BooWeekley Eunjung Yi 35-44 — 79 69-68—137 At Hawkins Field lan Poulter Blumenherst 38-42—80 69-68—137 Amanda Nashville, Tenn. CamiloVilegas JulietaGranada 36-44—80 Today,June 8 Martin Flores 66-72 138 38-42—80 Louisville (49-12) at Vanderbrit(54-10), noon Scott Brown 69-69—138 SarahKemp 38-42—80 Cindy LaC ro sse Sunday,June 9 RorySabbatini 69-69—138 67-71—138 RyannO'Toole 39 41MO Louisville atVanderbilt,1 p.m. PeterHanson 37-43—80 Monday, June10 PatrickReed 69 69 138 WendyWard 42-39—81 x-l.ouisvrffeat Vanderbilt,4 p m JohnRoffins 67-71—138 JeanBartholomew 39-42—81 Sue Gi n ter At Davenport Field Billy Mayfair 68-70—138 39-42—81 Charlottesville, Va. RussellKnox 70-68—138 MitsukiKatahira 37-44—81 Today,June 8 D.J. Trahan 69-69—138 MindyKim 40-41—81 Lee-Bentham MississippiState(46-18) atVirginia (47-10), 10a.m. CharlesHowell Iff 71-67—138 Rebecca 42-39—81 Sydnee Mi c hae l s Sunday,June 9 Phil Mickelson 71-67 — I38 38-43—81 Kris Tamulis MississippiStateatVirginia, 4 p.m. DavidToms 67-71 — 138 37-45—82 StefanieFerguson Monday, June10 StephenAmes 70-68—138 Meaghan Franceffa 40 42M2 x-MrssissippiStateat Virginia,1 p.m. RobertKarlsson 69-69 — 138 S ara-Maude Jun ea u 40-42—82 At GossStadium GeorgeCoetzee 71-67 — I38 Julia Boland 40-43—83 Corvallis Jim Herma n 69-69 — 138 Veronica Felibert 40-44—84 Today,June 8 Brendon deJonge 70-69—139 Hee-WonHan 38-42—80—WD KansasState(44-17) at OregonState(48-10), 4p.m. RobertStreb 72-67 139 S tacy Pram m a nas udh 39-42 — 81—WD Sunday,June 9 RyanPamer 72-67—139 WD KansasStateatOregonState,7 p.m. JonathanByrd 70-69—139 DeDeCusimano Leblanc WD Monday, June10 Arjun Atwal 71-68—139 Maude-Aimee VictoriaTanco DQ x-KansasStateatOregonState, 4p.m. Tim Petrovic 67-72 139 Nick O'Hern 68-71—139 AndresGonzales 71-68—139 Champions Tour


Minnesota SanAntonio Los Angeles Seattle Tulsa Phoenix


Joe Affrunti KevinStadler


Leaguestandings North Division VictoriaHarbourcats Bellingham Bells W 0 2 3 WenatcheeAppleSox WallaWallaSweets KelownaFalcons South Division CowlitzBlackBears W 1 2 MedfordRogues BendElks CorvagisKnights KitsapBlueJackets 0 1 KlamathFalls Gems Friday's Games Cowlitz 5,Kitsap3 WallaWalla8, Bend7 Wenatc hee5,Corvaff is4 Victoria 7,Kelowna6 Bellingham 2, Medford1, 11 innings Today's Games Bellingham atKlamath Falls, 6.35p.m. CorvagisatCowlitz, 6:35p.m. MedfordatKitsap,6:35 p.m. Bend atKelowna,635p.m.

Friday's Linescore

Sweets 8, Elks 7

BASKETBALL NBA NATIONALBASKETBALL ASSOCIATION All Times PDT NBA FINALS San Antonio1, Miami 0 Thursday, June6: SanAntonio 92, Miami88 Sunday, June9: SanAntonio at Miami,5 p.m. Tuesday, June11.Miami atSanAntonio 6 p.m. Thursday, June13: Miamiat SanAntonio, 6p.m. x-Sunday, June16: MiamiatSanAntonio,5 p.m. x-Tuesday, June18: SanAntonioatMiami, 6p.m. x-Thursday, June20:SanAntonio atMiami, 6p.m.


Eastern Conference W 4 3 2 2 1 1

PadraigHarrington Vaughn Taylor John Daly Justin Leonard Billy Horschel John Merrick Scott Verplank Jeff Maggert DavidHearn Jerry Kelly BrianDavis BrandtJobe BrendonTodd KevinSutherland SteveFlesch RussellHenley MarkWilson Jeff Overton BradFritsch TagRidings TomGiffis BenKohles BrianGay GaryWoodland J.J. Henry RobertAffenby ChadCampbell NathanGreen CameronTringale LeeWiliams

68-71—139 69-70—139 69-70—139 72-67—139 71-69—140 69-71—140 71-69—140 69-71—140 74-66—140 69-71—140 69-71 140 69-71—140 69-71—140 69-71—140 69-71 140 70-71—141 69-72—141 68-73 — 141 70-71 — 141 69-72 — 141 68-73 — I41 70-71 — 141 72-69 — 141 71-70 — 141 70-71 — I41 69-72—141 69-72—141 71-70 —141 70-71—141 66-75—141 71-70 — 141 72 69 141


Bend 303 010 000 — 7 13 3 Walla Walla 1 1 0 100 032 — 8 8 0 Hamann,Ring (6), Borde(8), Huckins(9) and Servais; T.Jones,Hall(3), Wagner (5), Lawhead (9) and Hawk.W—Lawhead. L—Borde.. 28— Bend: Spivey.HR—Bend: Dixon.

Atlanta Chicago Washington NewYork Indiana Connecticut


L 0 I 1 2 2 3

Pct GB

1.000 .750 I

667 1'/2

.500 2 .333 2'/r .250 3

Western Conference

Wegmans Championship Friday At Locust Hill Country Cls Pittsford, N.Y. Purse: 2.26 million Yardage: 6,534;Par 72(35- 37) First Round a-denotes amateur ChegaChoi 30-37—67 MorganPressel 35-33—68 Jiyai Shin 34-34—68 BrittanyLincicome 33-36—69 JessicaKorda 33-37—70 Se RiPak 34-36—70 Chie Arimura 35-36—71 LauraDavies 35-36—71 Mi JungHur 33-38—71 RheeLee 36 35 71 CatrronaMathew 35-36—71 AnnaNordqvist 36-35—71 AngelaStanford 36-35—71 Lexi Thompson 35-36 71 AmyYang 37-34—71 Na YeonChoi 34-38—72 JeongJang 33-39—72 Eun-Hee Ji 34-38—72 InbeePark 34-38—72 SuzannPetersen 35-37—72 Pornanong Phatlum 36-36—72 SarahJaneSmith 36-36—72 YaniTseng 36-36—72 DanahBordner 36-37—73 NicoleCastrale 35-38—73 VickyHurst 37-36—73 HaejiKang 34-39 73 JennieLee 36-37—73 PerniffaLindberg 36-37—73 KristyMcPherson 34-39—73 35-38 73 SunYoungYoo 39-35—74 SandraChangkila

The Tradition Friday At Shoal Creek Birmingham, Ala Purse: $2.2 million Yardage:7,231; Par72 (36-36) SecondRound DutfyWaldorf 67-68 —135 65 71 136 Jeff Sluman 71-66 — 137 Rod Spittle 68-69 — 137 MichaelAllen 68-69 — 137 MarkCalcavecchia 66-71 —137 FredCouples 68-70 — 138 David Frost 70-68 — 138 Mike Goode s LorenRoberts 69 69 138 67-71—138 PeterSenior 69-69—138 Bart Bryant John Cook 70 68 138 69-70—139 DavidEger 72-67—139 Scott Hoch RussCochran 71-68 — 139 EstebanToledo 70-69 — 139 Fred Funk 72-67 — I39 Morris Hatalsky 71-68 — 139 Bob Tway 69-71 140 Jim Thorpe 72-68—140 TomLehman 69-71—140 TomJenkins 69-72 — 141 Wil ie Wood 71-70 — 141 Barry Lane 70-71 — 141 Kirk Triplett 71-70 —141 SteveElkington 71-70 —141 GeneSauers 72-69 — I41 Neal Lancaster 75-67 —142 Jeff Hart 73-69 142 CoreyPavin 68-74—142 KennyPerry 69-73 — 142 Larry Mize 72-70 —142 71-71 — 142 Jay DonBlake Jay Haas 71-71 — 142 Mike Reid 72-71—143 71-72 143 Joe Daley 70-73—143 Jim Gallagher, Jr. 69-74—143 Mark McNulty 72-71—143 RoccoMediate 73-70—143 Mark O'Meara 70-73—143 Mark Mouland 71-72 —143 Scott Simpson 72-71 — 143 StevePate 71-72 — I43 BruceVaughan 70-73 — 143 Mark Brooks 71-73 144 Dan Forsman PeterJacobsen 73-71 — 144 70-74 —144 ChienSoonLu Wayne Levi 73-71 —144 BernhardLanger 71-73 — 144 Don Pooley 73-71 — 144 Bill Glasson 72-73 —145 TomPemiceJr. 70-75 —145 Dick Mast 69-76 — I45 Jerry Pate 74-71 —145 BlaineMccaffister 72-73 145 Ha Sutton 73-72—145 RogerChapman 70-76 — 146 MarkWiebe 69-77 — 146 BruceFleisher 73-73 — 146 TomKite 74-72 — 146 CraigStadler 71-75 —146 ChipBeck 72 75 147 Hale Irwin 71-76—147 GeneJones 71-76 —147 AndrewMagee 73-74 —147 75-73 — 148 Jim Rutledge

71-77 148 78-71 149 74-75—149 74-75—149 78-72 — 150 69-81 — 150 80-70 — 150 74-77 — 151 77-74 — 151 74-78 — 152 74-80 — 154 79-81 — 160

BobbyWadkins Larry Nelson Joel Edwards BobbyClampet SandyLyle Bob Gilder Gary Hallberg TomPurtzer BradFaxon Gil Morgan DanaQuigley Jeff Freemna

MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR Sprint Cup Party in thePoconos400 Lineup After Friday qualifying; raceSunday At PoconoRaceway Long Pond,Pa. Lap length: 2.5 miles (Car number inparentheses) 1 (48) Jimmie Johnson,Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 2 (99) CarlEdwards, Ford,ownerpoints. 3. (15)ClintBowyer,Toyota, ownerpoints. 4. (20)MattKenseth,Toyota, ownerpoints. 5. (29)KevinHarvick, Chevrolet,ownerpoints. 6. (88)DaleEarnhardt Jr., Chevrolet,ownerpoints. 7 (5) KaseyKahne,Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 8. (18)KyleBusch,Toyota, ownerpoints. 9. (27)PaulMenard, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 10.(2) Brad Keselowski, Ford,ownerpoints. 11.(24)JeffGordon,Chevrolet,owner points. 12 (43) AricAlmirola, Ford, ownerpoints. 13 (16)GregBiffle, Ford,ownerpoints. 14. (55)MarkMartin, Toyota,ownerpoints. 15. (56)MartinTruexJr., Toyota, ownerpoints. 16. (17)RickyStenhouseJr., Ford,ownerpoints. 17. (11)DennyHamlin, Toyota,ownerpoints. 18 (51) A JAffmendinger, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 19. (14)TonyStewart, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 20. (78)KurtBusch,Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 21. (22)JoeyLogano, Ford,ownerpoints. 22. (1)JamieMcMurray, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 23 (39) RyanNewman, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 24. (31)JeftBurton,Chevrolet, ownerpornts. 25. (42) Juan Pablo Montoya,Chevrolet, owner points. 26.(9) Marcos Ambrose,Ford,owner points. 27.(13) Casey Mears, Ford,ownerpoints. 28 (34) DavidRagan,Ford,ownerpoints. 29.(47) BobbyLabonte,Toyota,ownerpoints. 30. (10)DanicaPatrick, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 31. (38)DavidGiffiland, Ford,ownerpoints. 32. (7)DaveBlaney, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 33 (30) DavidStremme,Toyota, owner points 34. (83)DavrdReutrmann,Toyota, owner pornts. 35. (36)J.J.Yeley,Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 36. (35)JoshWise, Ford,owner points. 37. (33)LandonCassiff, Chevrolet, attempts. 38 (32) TimmyHil, Ford,attempts 39 (93)TravisKvapil,Toyota,attempts. 40. (87)JoeNemechek, Toyota, attempts. 41. (98)MichaelMcDoweff, Ford, attempts. 42. (19)JasonLeffler, Toyota,attempts. 43. (44)ScottRiggs,Ford,attempts.

IndyCar Firestone 550 After Friday qnalifying; racetoday At TexasMotorSpeedway Fort Worth, Texas Lap length: 1.5 miles (Car number inparentheses) All cars Dallara chassis 1 (12) Will Power, Chevrolet,219182mph. 2. (25) MarcoAndretti, Chevrolet, 217.553. 3. (I) RyanHunter-Reay,Chevrolet,217.524. 4. (10)DarioFranchitti, Honda,217.504. 5. (5) E.J.Viso Chevrolet 217.244. 6. (3) HelioCastroneves,Chevrolet,217.1. 7 (67) Josef Newgarden,Honda,216.693. 8. (83) CharlieKimba, Honda,216.57. 9. (20) EdCarpenter, Chevrolet, 216.552. 10.(16)JamesJakes, Honda,216 487. 11.(9) ScottDixon,Honda,216.447. 12 (78) Simona deSilvestro, Chevrolet, 216.396. 13. (27)JamesHinchcliffe, Chevrolet,216.248. 14. (77)SimonPagenaud,Honda, 215.727. 15. (11)TonyKanaan,Chevrolet, 215.474. 16. (98)AlexTagliani, Honda,215.406. 17 (7) SebastieBourdai n s, Chevrolet,214.839 18 (4) DriolServia,Chevrolet,214586 19. (15)GrahamRahal, Honda,213.888. 20. (6) SebastianSaavedra, Chevrolet, 213.217. 21. (18)PippaMann, Honda, 212.785. 22. (19)JustinWilson,Honda,207.807. 23 (14)TakumaSato, Honda 24. (55)TristanVautier, Honda.


Today's Games D.C. UnitedatNewEngland,4:30p.m. PortlandatChicago,5:30 p.m LosAngelesatRealSatLake,6:30p.m. VancouveratSeattle FC,7:30 p.m.

DEALS Transactions BASEBALL American League BOSTON REDSOX—Sent OFShaneVictorino to Pawtucket (IL) torarehabassignment. KANSAS CITYROYALS Claimed 3B Edinson Rinconoff waiversfromSanDiegoandoptioned him to Northwest Arkansas(TL). DesignatedRHPNateAdcock for assignment.SentOFJarrod Dysonand LH DannyDuffytoOmaha(PCL)for rehabassignments. LOS ANGELESANGELS — Released RHP Mark Lowe.SentOFPeter Bourjos to Salt l.ake(PCL)for arehabassignment. NEWYORKYANKEES— Sent RHPMichael Pineda toTampa(FSL)for arehabassignment. Announced RHPChien-MingWang exercisedanout clauseinhis contractandbeengranted his release. TEXASRANGERS—Transferred RHPCo byLewis to the60-dayDL. TORONTOBLUE JAYS — Designated C Henry Blancofor assignment. Recaled CJosh Tholetrom Buffalo(IL). Selectedthecontractof INFAndyLaRoche from Buffalo. National League CINCINNATI REDS— Optioned RHPPedro Vilarreal to Louisville (IL).RecalledINFHenry Rodriguez from Louisville. PHILADEL PHIAPHILLIES Sent LHP John Lannan toClearwater (FSL)forarehabassignment. SAN DIEGO PADRES— PlacedIBYonderAlonso on the15-dayDL,retroactive to June1. SAN FRA NCISCOGIANTS—Sent LHPEric Sur-

kamptoSanJose(Cal) torarehabassignment. WASHING TDNNATIONALS— ClaimedLHPTyler Robertsonoff waiversfrom Minnesotaandoptioned him to Syracuse(IL). Agreedto termswith RHPJake Johansen.

FOOTBALL National Football League NFL — SuspendedCeveland WRJosh Gordon two games andfined himtwo additionalgame checks for violating theNFLPolicy andProgramfor Sub-

stances of Abuse.


National HockeyLeague OTTAW ASENATORS—Traded DSergerGonchar to Dallasforaconditional 2013sixth-rounddraft pick. COLLEGE

NCAA PlacedMississippi State'sfootball program onprobationfor twoyears. AUBURN — NamedAndrewPrat women'sassociate headgolt coach. MISSISSIPPI — Signedbaseball coachMike Bianco toacontractextensionthroughthe2015season. VANDER BILT Named GarryChristophermen's basketbaistrength l coach.

FISH COUNT Upstream daily movem ent of adult chinook, jack chinook, steelheadandwild steelheadat selected ColumbiaRiver damslast updatedonThursday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd Bonneville 2,231 6 1 7 87 18 The Daffes 1,624 3 5 8 24 7 John Day 1,062 391 19 5 McNary 6 52 179 13 1 Upstream year-to-date movement ofadult chinook, jack chinook,steelheadand wild steelheadat selected Columbia Riverdamslast updatedonThursday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd B onneville 92,861 36,831 3,748 9 8 5 T he Daffes 73,263 33,372 94 7 37 4 J ohn Day 58,053 29,348 1,044 5 0 4 M cNary 50,426 21,773 1,567 7 2 5




MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL capped by the clutch hits from

Standings AH TimesPDT AMERICANLEAGUE East Division W L PctGB Boston 3 7 24 6 0 7 NewYork 35 26 574 2 Baltimore 3 4 27 . 557 3 TampaBay 33 27 5 5 0 3 '/z Toronto 26 34 . 433 10'/z

Central Division W L

Oakland Texas Seattle Los Angeles Houston

33 26 30 30 2 6 31 26 32 25 34 West Division W L 3 8 25 36 24 27 35 26 34 22 40

Friday's Games

Seattle ab r hbi ab r hbi Gardnrcf 3 1 1 0 EnChvzcf-rf 5 0 1 0 C ano2b 3 0 0 0 Bayrf-If 3 0 2 2 Teixeir1b 4 0 0 0 Seager3b 4 0 1 0 Hafnerdh 4 0 0 I KMorlslb 4 0 0 0 Y oukils3b 4 0 1 0 Ibanezlf 4 0 1 0 P c t G B VWellslf 4 0 0 0 MSndrscf 0 0 0 0 ISuzukirf 3 0 1 0 Morsedh 4 1 1 0 .559 .500 3'/x B rigncss 3 0 I 0 Frnkln2b 3 I 2 0 . 456 6 CStwrtc 2 0 0 0 Shppchc 2 1 0 0 O verayph I 0 0 0 Ryanss 4 1 1 2 4 4 8 6r/z AuRmnc 0 0 0 0 424 8 T otals 3 1 1 4 1 Totals 3 34 9 4 1 00 000 000 — 1 P c t G B New York Seattle 000 400 Ogx — 4 6 03 E Ryan (5) LOB NewYork5, Seattle 9. 28 .600 '/x Gardner (11), Youki is (7),Bay(5), Morse(5), Franklrn

Cleveland(Masterson8-4) at Detroit (Porcello2-3), 108 p.m. Baltimore(Gausman 0-2) at Tampa Bay (Hellickson 3-2), 110p.m. N.Y.Yankees(Petitte 4 3)atSeatle (J.Saunders4-5), I:10 p.m. Oakland(Milone6-5) at ChicagoWhite Sox(Joh. Danks0-2), 1:10p.m. Houston(Bedard1-2) at KansasCity (E.Santana3-5), 4:15 p.m. L.A. Angels(C.Wilson4-4) at Boston (Buchholz8-0), 4:15 p.m.,2ndgame Sunday's Games Texas atToronto,10.07 a.m. Cleveland atDetroit,10:08 a.m. LA. Ange sat Boston,10:35a.m. Minnesota atWashington,10:35 a.m.,1st game BaltimoreatTampaBay,10.40 a.m. Houston at KansasCity,1110 a m. OaklandatChicagoWhite Sox,11:10a.m. N.Y.YankeesatSeatle, 1:10p.m. Minnes otaatWashington,4:05 p.m.,2ndgame

Chicago Milwaukee

24 34

23 37 West Division W L Arrzona 35 26 Colorado 33 29 SanFrancisco 31 29 SanDiego 28 33 Los Angeles 27 33

New York

and Greg Holland pitched the ninth for his11th save. Houston

Kansas City ab r hbi ab r hbi BBarnscf 5 1 2 0 AGordnlf 4 0 0 0 Crowerf 4 0 1 1 Hosmer1b 4 2 2 0 Jcastro c 4 0 1 1 S.Perez c 3 1 1 2 JMrtnzlf 3 0 0 0 BButlerdh 4 0 2 1 C.Penadh 4 0 I 0 EJhnsnpr-dh 0 I 0 0 C arter1b 2 0 1 0 L.caincf 4 0 1 0 R cedenss 3 0 1 0 Loughrf 4 0 1 1 Dmngz3b 4 0 1 0 MTejad3b 3 0 1 0 M Gnzz2b 4 1 1 0 Getz2b 4 0 1 0 AEscor ss 3 0 0 0 T otals 3 3 2 9 2 Totals 3 34 9 4 Houston 0 01 000 100 — 2 Kansas City 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2x — 4 DP KansasCity 2. LOB Houston 8, Kansas

Pct GB .607 .500 6'/z .492 7 .411 11'/z .267 20'/z Pct GB 656 .590 4 .590 4 .414 14'/z 383 16'/z

Pct GB .574 .532 2'/r .517 3'/r .459 7 450 7 1/2

Friday's Games

Pittsburgh2, ChicagoCubs0 MinnesotaatWashington, ppd., rain St. Louis 9, Cincinnati 2 Miami atNewYork, ppd., rain Milwaukee 5,Philadelphia 4 Colorado10,SanDiego9 Arizona3,SanFrancisco1 L.A. Dodgers 2,Atlanta1, 10 innings Today's Games Miami (Fernandez 3-3) at N.Y.Mets (Harvey5-0), 10:10a.m. Minnesota(Correia5-4) at Washington (G.Gonzalez 3-3), 1:05p.m. Pittsburgh(A.J.Burnett 3-6) at ChicagoCubs (Samardzija3-6),I:05 p.m. Philadelphia (K.Kendrick6-3) at Milwaukee(Gorzelanny1-0),415 p.m San Diego(Stults 4-5) at Coorado(Francis 2-3), 4:15 p.m. St. Louis(Lyons2-1) at Cincinnati (Latos5-0), 4:15


Atlanta(Medlen2-6) at L.A.Dodgers(File 1-0), 7:10


San Francisco (Bumgamer 4-4) at Arizona(Cahig 36), 7:10p.m. Sunday's Games Miami atN.Y.Mets, 10:10a.m. Minnesota atWashington,10:35 a.m.,1st game PhiladelphiaatMilwaukee,11:10am. PittsburghatChicagoCubs,11:20a.m. Atlanta atL.A.Dodgers,1:10 p.m. San Diego atColorado, I:10p.m. San Francisco atArizona,1:10 p.m. Minnes otaatWashington,4:05p.m.,2ndgame St. LouisatCincinnati, 5:10p.m.

American League Mariners 4, Yaitkees1 SEATTLE —Brendan Ryan and Jason Bay both hit tvvo-out, tvvorun singles in Seattle's four-run fourth inning, Jeremy Bonderman

pitched six sharp innings to win for the first time since 2010,and the Mariners beat New York. All of Seattle's offense came in one stretch of the fourth inning when six straight batters reached base,

HBP—byClaiborne(Shoppach). WP —Kuroda, Claibome. T 3'06. A 26,248(47,476).

Blue Jays 6, Rangers1 TORONTO — EdwinEncarnacion hit a two-run double, Neil Wagner

earned his first major leaguewin andToronto beatTexas.Melky Cabrera homered, scored twice and drove in two runs to help the Blue Jays win for the ninth time in

13 home games. Texas

Scutaro2b 4 0 2 0 Blmqst2b 2 1 0 0 Poseyc 4 0 0 0 Gldsch1b 4 1 1 3 P encerf 4 0 0 0 MMntrc 3 0 0 0 Sandovl3b 4 1 2 0 C.Rosslf 2 0 0 0 Belt1b 4 0 1 0 Prado3b 3 0 0 0 Bcrwfr ss 2 0 0 0 Gregrs ss 3 0 1 0 A rias ph-ss 2 0 I 0 Pollock cl 3 I I 0 G Blanccf 4 0 1 1 Corbinp 2 0 0 0 M.cainp 3 0 0 0 Zieglerp 0 0 0 0 Affedtp 0 0 0 0 Hinskeph 0 0 0 0 Nieves ph 1 0 0 0 Bellp 00 0 0 T otals 3 5 1 8 1 Totals 2 73 5 3 S an Francisco 000 000 100 — 1 Arizona 000 000 03x — 3 DP — San Francisco 2. LOB —San Francisco 7, Arizona4. 28—AnTorres (11), Scutaro(16), Gregorius (10).HR—Goldschmidt (15). San Francisco I P H R ER BB SO

M.cain 7 4 1 City 7. 28 —J.castro (17), 8 Buter 2 (13), L.cain Affe dtL,1-2BS,2-2 1 1 2 (13), Lough(4). 3B—Crowe (I). HR—S.Perez (2). Arizona S—R.cedeno. Corbin 7 1-3 7 1 Houston IP H R E R BB SOZiegler W 3-1 2 3- 0 0

. 435 10'/r CS —VWegs(3). . 433 10'/z (3). 7 6 2 New York IP H R E R BB SO Lyles . 355 15'/r KurodaL,6-5 1 1 6 1- 3 8 4 4 3 6 W.WrightL,0-2 0 Fields 1 2 1 Claiborne 12-3 1 0 0 0 1 Kansas Ci t y Seattle 7 9 2 BondermanW,1-1 6 3 1 1 1 2 Shields K.HerreraW,3-4 1 0 0 MedinaH,4 12-3 0 0 0 1 2 G .Holland S,11-13 1 0 0 FurbushH,4 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 W Wri g ht pi t ched to1 batter i n the 8th. WilhelmsenS,15-18 I I 0 0 0 I WP — Shields 2.

Minnesota atWashington, ppd., rain Toronto6,Texas1 Detroit 7,Cleveland5 Tampa Bay2, Baltimore I LA. Angelsat Boston,ppd.,rain Kansas City4, Houston 2 Oaklan d4,ChicagoWhiteSox3 Seattle 4,N.Y.Yankees1 Today's Games L.A. Angels(Hanson2-2) at Boston(Doubront4-2), 10:05a.m.,1stgame Texas(Darvish 7-2) at Toronto(Buehrle2-4), 10:07 am. Minnesota(Correra5-4) at Washington (G.Gonzalez 3-3), 1:05p.m.

NATIONALLEAGUE East Division W L Atlanta 37 24 Philadelphia 31 31 Washington 29 30 NewYork 23 33 Miami 16 44 Central Division W L St. Louis 40 21 Cincinnati 36 25 Pittsburgh 36 25

Ryan and Bayoff Yankees starter Hiroki Kuroda.

2 1 1 0 I 1

3 0 0

2 3


0 0 0 0

1 1

1 3 2 1

4 1

1 0 0 0 Bell S,11-13 1 1 0 0 0 M.cain pitched to 1baterin the8th. WP — Bel. T—2'48. A—37,542(48,633).

4 0 I

every Cardinals starter had a hit in a victory over Cincinnati that

gave St. Louis a four-game lead in the NL Central, its biggest of

the season. St. Louis

Cincinnati ab r hbi ab r hbi M crpnt2b 4 0 1 1 Choocf 3 0 1 1 Beltranrl 4 0 1 0 Cozartss 4 1 1 0 S Ronsnrf 1 0 1 1 Votto1b 4 0 1 0 Holidylf 5 2 2 0 Phillips2b 4 0 1 0 C raig1b 5 I 2 0 Brucerf 4 0 I I YMolinc 5 1 2 0 Frazier3b 4 0 0 0 F reese3b 3 2 2 2 Paulll 4010 Descalsph-3b1 0 0 0 Mesorcc 4 1 2 0 J ay cf 5 1 2 2 Leake p 0 0 0 0 Kozmass 4 1 2 3 Hannhnph 1 0 0 0 Wnwrgp 3 0 0 0 Ondrskp 0 0 0 0 Wggntnph 1 1 1 0 Hooverp 0 0 0 0 Choatep 0 0 0 0 HRdrgzph 1 0 0 0 R osnthlp 0 0 0 0 MParrp 0 0 0 0

Lecurep 0 0 0 0 L utzph 1 0 0 0

T otals 4 1 9 169 Totals 3 4 2 8 2 St. Louis 0 00 304 110 — 9 C incinnati 000 0 0 1 1 00 — 2

Rockies10, Padres 9

E—Freese(2). DP—St. Louis 1, Cincinnati 2. LOB —St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 7. 2B—Holliday2 (10),


DENVER — Nolan Arenado hit a walkoff homer to begin the ninth

Rays 2, Orioles1

inning and Colorado beatSan Diego after squandering a six-run

WainwrightW9-3 7

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— Chris Archer pitched seven strong inningsand Desmond Jennings

hit a two-run homer to leadTampa Bay to a victory over Baltimore. Baltimore TampaBay ab r hbi ab r hbi M cLothlf 1 0 0 0 Joycerf 3 0 1 0

Machd3b 4 0 1 1 Fuldlf 0000 Markksrf 4 0 0 0 Zobrist2b-rf 3 0 1 0 A.Jonescf 4 0 0 0 KJhnsnll 4 0 0 0 C.Davis1b 4 0 0 0 RRorts2b 0 0 0 0 Wietersc 3 0 0 0 Longori3b 4 0 0 0 H ardyss 3 0 0 0 Loneyfb 4 I 2 0 Dickrsn dh 2 I 0 0 DJnngs cf 3 1 I 2 F lahrty2b 3 0 1 0 Scottdh 3 0 0 0 J Molinc 3 0 0 0 YEscor ss 3 0 1 0 T otals 2 8 1 2 1 Totals 3 02 6 2 Baltimore 001 000 00 0 — 1 Tampa Bay 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0x — 2

Toronto ab r hbi ab r hbi Andrusss 4 0 0 0 Mecarrll 4 2 3 2 P rofar2b 4 1 1 0 RDavislf 0 0 0 0 P rzynsc 4 0 1 0 Bautistrf 3 1 0 0 B eltredh 4 0 1 I Encrncdh 4 I I 2 J eBakr3b 3 0 1 0 Lind1b 2 0 1 1 D vMrplf 2 0 0 0 Arenciic 3 0 0 1 Gentrycf 3 0 0 0 CIRsmscf 3 0 0 0 McGnslb 3 0 0 0Mlzturs3b 3 0 0 0 LMartnrf 3 0 0 0 Bonifac2b 3 0 0 0 DP— TampaBay1.LOB— Baltimore4,TampaBay Kawskss 2 2 1 0 6. 28—Flaherty(5), Loney(16). HR —De.Jennings T otals 3 0 1 4 1 Totals 2 76 6 6 (6). SB—oyce J (5). Texas 1 00 000 000 — 1 Baltimore IP H R E RBB SO Toronto 000 104 10x — 6 HammelL,7-4 62 - 3 6 2 2 2 3 DP — Toronto 1. LOB —Texas3, Toronto 2. 281-3 0 0 0 0 0 Patton Encarnacion(9). HR Mecabrera(3). SF Lind, Tom.Hunter 1 0 0 0 0 1 Arencibia. TampaBay Texas IP H R E R BBSO ArcherW,1-1 7 2 1 1 2 2 TepeschL,3-5 7 5 6 6 2 6 Jo.PeraltaH16 I 0 0 0 I I Wolf 1 1 0 0 0 0 RodneyS,13-18 I 0 0 0 0 2 Toronto HBP —byArcher(McLouth). WP—Archer. E.Rogers 4 3 I 1 I 6 T—2:29.A—13,256(34,078). 12-3 0 0 0 0 4 Loup WagnerW,1-0 1 1-3 1 0 0 0 1 Cecil 1 0 0 0 0 0 Tigers 7, Indians 5 Delabar I 0 0 0 0 2 HBP—byTepesch(Kawasaki). Balk—E.Rogers. DETROIT — Justin Verlander T—2:08. A—36,010(49,282).

lead. Arenado sent a1-1 pitch

from reliever JoeThatcher (2-1) over the wall in left field.

YMo ina (17), Freese(8), Jay(8), Kozma(9), Wigginton (2),Choo(14), Paul(6), Mesoraco(7). S—Leake. St. Louis IP H R E R BB SO Choate Rosenthal Cincinnati LeakeL,5-3 Ondrusek Hoover M.Parra

Lecure San Diego Colorado ab r hbi ab r hbi

D enorfirf 5 0 0 0 Fowlercf 5 2 3 0 T htchrp 0 0 0 0 EYongrf 5 2 0 0 E vcarrss 5 1 3 1 CGnzlzlf 3 2 2 3 H eadly3b 4 1 0 0 JHerrrlf 1 0 0 0 Boxrgrp 0 0 0 0 Tlwtzkss 4 2 3 1 K otsayrl 0 0 0 0 Heltonlb 5 I 3 3 Quentinlf 5 2 3 3 Arenad3b 5 1 2 2 Gyorko2b 5 2 4 1 LeMahi2b 3 0 1 0 B lankslb 5 2 3 3 Torrealc 3 0 1 I M aybincf 5 1 2 1 JDLRsp 3 0 1 0

Grandlc 4 0 2 0 Escalnp 0 0 0 0 Volquezp 1 0 0 0 Scahigp 0 0 0 0 T.Rossp I 0 0 0Outmnp 0 0 0 0 Venaleph 1 0 0 0 WLopezp 0 0 0 0 Laynep 0 0 0 0 WRosrph 1 0 0 0 G uzmnph 1 0 0 0 Belislep 0 0 0 0

1 1

7 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

7 0 0

5 1 1 1 1

6 4 2 2 2

3 1 0 2 1

WP — M.Parra2. T—3:11.A—38,874 (42,319).

3 4 1 1 0

3 4 1 1 0

I 1 0 0 0

Brewers 5, Phillies 4 MILWAUKEE — Aramis Ramirez hit an RBI single with one out in the ninth inning, giving Milwaukee a victory over the Phillies that ended Philadelphia's five-game

winning streak.

Philadelphia Milwaukee ab r hbi ab r hbi M Yong 3b 3 0 0 0 Aokirf 4120 Amarst3b I 0 0 0 Mayrrycf-rf 4 1 1 0 Segurass 5 2 2 1 Totals 4 3 9 179 Totals 3 8 101610 R ollins ss 4 0 1 1 Braun If 5 0 2 0 S an Diego 021 0 1 0 500 — 9 I -lowardlb 3 0 I 0 ArRmr3b 5 0 I I Colorado 351 00 0 0 0 1 — 10 R everepr-cf 0 0 0 0 Lucroyc 4 0 1 0 No outswhenwinning runscored. DBrwnll 3 1 1 0 CGomzcf 3 1 1 0 DP — SanDiego1. LOB—SanDiego10, Colorado DYongrf 4 1 2 1 Weeks2b 2 1 1 0 8. 28 EvCabrera(9),Gyorko(16),Blanks(6), Gran- Stutesp 0 0 0 0 Gennettph-2b1 0 0 0 dal (2),Helton(4). 3B—Fowler (2), C.Gonzalez 2(5). Horst p 0 0 0 0 YBtncr 1b 4 0 1 1 HR — Quentin (7), Gyorko(8), Blanks(5),Arenado(5). K ratz c 4 I I 2 Figaro p 2 0 0 I SB — Maybin(3). CS—Ev.cabrera(6). S—Torrealba. Galvis 2b 4 0 0 0 Axlord p 0 0 0 0 San Diego IP H R E R BB SO Lee p 3 0 0 0 JFrncs ph 1 0 0 0 Volquez 2 1-3 11 9 9 2 I L .Nix 1b 1 0 0 0 Kintzlr p 0 0 0 0 T.Ross 2 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 McGnzlp 0 0 0 0 Layne 1 2 0 0 0 0 Badnhp p 0 0 0 0 Boxberger 2 2 0 0 0 2 LSchfr ph 0 0 0 0 ThatcherL,2-1 0 I 1 I 0 0 Bianchiph 1 0 0 0 Colorado FrRdrg p 0 0 0 0 J.DeLaRosa 5 11 4 4 0 5 Totals 3 3 4 7 4 Totals 3 75 114 Escalona 1 1 0 0 0 2 P hiladelphia 1 0 0 3 0 0 000 — 4 pitched sevensolid innings, Victor Scahig 0 4 5 5 0 0 M ilwaukee 000 2 0 0 201 — 5 OutmanBS,1-1 2- 3 1 0 0 2 1 Oneoutwhenwinningrunscored. Martinez homered and Detroit Athletics 4, White Sox 3 WLopez 13 0 0 0 0 0 E—MYoung (4), Galvis (3). DP—Milwaukee beat Cleveland to take a 3n/z-game BelisleW,4-2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1. LOB —Philadelphia 5, Milwaukee10. 28—MayScahigpitchedto 5baters in the7th. lead over the lndians atop the AL berry (10), Howard(16), D.Brown(8), YBetancourt CHICAGO — Josh Donaldson hit Thatcherpitchedto 1baterin the9th. (7). 3B —Segura (8), CGomez (5). HR—Kratz (8). Central. his first career grand slam, Josh HBP —byVolquez(Tulowitzki), by Scahil (Headley). SB — Segura(16), C.Gomez(12). T—3:26. A—30,477(50,398). Reddick made ahomer-saving Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO Cleveland Detroit Lee 7 8 4 3 3 9 catch in the ninth inning, and ab r hbi ab r hbi 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Stutes Bourncl 5 0 2 I Dirkslf 5 I 2 I Oakland rallied from a three-run Dodgers 2, Braves1 (10 innings) Horst L,0-2 2-3 3 1 1 0 0 K ipnis2b 5 0 2 2 TrHntrrf 5 0 3 I Milwaukee deficit for a victory over Chris Sale Swisher1b 4 0 0 0 Micarr3b 3 0 0 1 Figaro 5I 3 7 4 4 0 6 LOS ANGELES — Pinch-runner andChicago.Donaldson' sninth Brantlylf 4 0 0 0 Fielder1b 4 0 0 0 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Axlord CSantnc 4 0 0 0 VMrtnzdh 4 3 3 1 Skip Schumaker scored on the Kintzler 1 0 0 0 1 1 home run oftheseasoncame MrRynl 3b 4 1 2 0 JhPerlt ss 3 0 I 0 Mic Gonzal e z 1 3 0 0 0 1 0 second wild pitch by Anthony in the sixth inning and helped Giambidh 3 I I I B Penac 4 I I I 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Badenhop Avilesss 4 1 1 0 RSantg2b 4 1 1 0 Varvaro in the10th inning, giving Oakland right-hander Jarrod Fr.RodriguezW,1-0 1 0 0 0 0 1 Stubbsrf 4 2 2 1 AGarcicf 3 1 1 0 H BP — by M rc .G on z al e z (H o w ar d). WP — Figaro. Parker (5-6j earn his fourth win in Totals 3 7 5 105 Totals 3 5 7 125 Los Angeles avictory over Atlanta. T—3:16.A—31,417(41,900). C leveland 000 0 3 0 0 02 — 6 five decisions. Atlanta Los Angeles Detroit 030 210 10x — 7 ab r hbi ab r hbi E—Swisher 2 (4). DP —Cleveland 2. LOBPirates 2, Ctlbs 0 Oakland Chicago S mmnsss 5 0 1 0 Puigrf 3111 Clevel a nd 7, Detroi t 7. 2B — K ipni s (12), TorHunter ab r hbi ab r hbi Heywrdrf 5 0 1 0 M.Ellis2b 4 0 0 0 (10), A.Garcia (1). HR —Giambi (6), CHICAGO — Francisco Liriano C rispcf 4 0 0 0 DeAzalf 2 0 0 1 (16), V.Martinez J.uptonlf 5 0 I 0 AdGnzlIb 4 0 0 0 Stubbs(5), V.Martinez(5). CS B.Pena(1) Lowrie 2b 4 1 1 0 AIRmrz ss 4 0 0 0 F Frmn1b 4 1 3 0 VnSlyklf 3 0 0 0 pitched two-hit ball over seven Cleveland IP H R E R BB SO C espdsdh 3 1 0 0 Riosrf 4110 D.Jimenez L,4-4 3 7 5 3 3 3 Gattis c 4 0 0 0 HrstnJr 3b 2 0 1 0 innings and the Pirates beat Dnldsn3b 4 1 1 4 A.Dunn1b 3 0 0 0 3b 3 0 0 0 Jansen p 0 0 0 0 Albers I 1 1 0 0 0 CJhnsn Freimnlb 3 0 I 0 Viciedodh 3 0 0 I Chicago for their major league11-3 1 0 0 0 0 R.Pena3b I 0 0 0 HRmrzph 1 0 0 0 Hagadone Mossph-1b 1 0 0 0 Gillaspi3b 4 0 0 0 11-3 1 1 1 0 1 uggla2b 3 0 1 1 Leaguep 0 0 0 0 Shaw leading 10th shutout, matching CYounglf 4 0 0 0 Bckhm2b 3 1 1 0 B upton cf 4 0 1 0 Ethier cf 4 0 1 0 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 R.Hill Reddckrf 4 0 2 0 JrDnks cf 3 0 0 0 Pittsburgh's total for all of last Mahlmp 3 0 0 0 RHrndzc 4 0 2 0 Langweg I 1 0 0 0 0 D Norrsc 4 0 0 0 Flowrsc 3 I 3 I Waldenp 0 0 0 0 Schmkrpr 0 1 0 0 season. Detroit Rosalesss 2 1 1 0 C.Wegspr 0 0 0 0 VerlanderW8-4 7 7 3 3 2 6 Avilanp 0 0 0 0 L.cruzss 3 0 1 0 Gimenzc 0 0 0 0 20 0 0 Benoit 1 0 0 0 0 0 M ccnnph 1 0 0 0 Ryup Pittsburgh Chicago T otals 3 3 4 6 4 Totals 2 93 5 3 1 3 2 2 0 1 Varvarp 0 0 0 0 PRdrgzp 0 0 0 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi Oakland 0 00 004 000 — 4 Valverde uribe3b 1 0 0 0 U.Jimenez pi t ched to 3 ba t e rs i n the 4t h . SMartell 4 0 0 0 Barney2b 500 0 Chicago 0 01 110 000 — 3 Totals 3 8 1 8 1 Totals 3 12 6 1 Mercerss 5 1 2 0 Ransm3b 2 0 0 0 Albers pi t ched to 2 ba t ers i n the 5t h . E—Donaldson(6), D.Norris (1), DeAza(5). DPAtlanta 000 100 000 0 — 1 T—3:11.A—39,008(41,255). Mcctchcl 4 00 0 Valuenph-3b 1 0 0 0 Oakland1. LOB Oakland4, Chicago4 HR DonLos Angeles 000 001 000 1 — 2 G Snchz1b 3 0 0 0 Rizzo1b 3 0 0 0 aldson(9), Flowers(5). SB—AI.Ramirez (13), Rios Oneoutwhenwinning runscored. R Martnc 3 1 2 1 ASorinll 4 0 1 0 (9). CS —Beckham(1). SF—DeAza, Viciedo. National League E—CJ. ohnson(3). DP—Atlanta 3. LOB—Atlanta P Alvrz3b 4 0 I 0 Hairstnrf 3 0 0 0 Oakland IP H R E R BB SO 8, LosAngeles5. 2B—Heyward (6), F.Freeman(11). W alker2b 4 0 1 0 Castilloc 2 0 1 0 J.ParkerW,5-6 7 5 3 2 2 4 Diamonddacks 3,Giants1 HR — Puig(4). S—L.cruz. Sniderrf 3 0 0 1 DeJessph 1 0 0 0 CookH,9 1 0 0 0 1 0 IP H R E R BBSO Lirianop 3 0 0 0 Scastross 3 0 0 0 Ballour S,15-15 I 0 0 0 0 I Atlanta PHOENIX — Paul Goldschmidt Melncnp 0 0 0 0 Sweenycf 4 0 1 0 Chicago Maholm 7 1-3 4 1 I 2 3 GJonesph I 0 1 0 TrWoodp 2 0 1 0 Sale L,5-4 7 1-3 5 4 4 2 6 hit athree-run, opposite-field Walden 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 G rillip 0 0 0 0 Marmlp 0 0 0 0 Lindstrom 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 Avilan 1 0 0 0 0 1 home run with tvvo outs in the Borbon ph 1 0 0 0 Troncoso I I 0 0 0 2 Varvarol.,3-1 1-3 2 1 1 0 0 Villanv p 0 0 0 0 J.Parkerpitchedto1batter in the8th. eighth inning and Arizona beat Los Angeles DNavrr ph 1 0 1 0 WP — Sale. Ryu 7 2-3 6 1 1 1 6 T otals 3 4 2 7 2 Totals 3 20 5 0 San Francisco. The Gi a nts were T 2:47. A 22,861(40,615). PRodriguez 0 1 0 0 0 0 P ittsburgh 000 0 0 1 0 01 — 2 poised to give Matt Cain avictory Jansen 11-3 0 0 0 0 2 Chicago 0 00 000 000 — 0 and send Patrick Corbin to his League W,2-2 1 I 0 0 0 0 Royals 4, Astros 2 E—S.Marte (3). LOB —Pittsburgh 9, Chicago10. P Rodri g uez pi t ched to 1 ba t erinthe 8th. 28 Mercer 2(6), R.Martin (11). CS—A.Soriano(3). first loss in10 decisions before WP Varvaro2. PB Gattis IP H R E R BB SO Pittsburgh KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Billy Butler Goldschmidt lined a2-0 pitch from T—3:01.A—47,164(56,000). LirianoW,4-2 7 2 0 0 5 8 drove in Eric Hosmer with the goJeremy Affeldt over the right field MelanconH,19 I I 0 0 0 2 Grilli S,23-23 1 2 0 0 0 3 ahead run in the eighth inning, and fence for his15th home run of the Cardinals 9, Reds2 Chicago Kansas City beat Houston for its season. Tr WoodL,5-4 6 4 1 1 2 6 Marmol third straight win. Kelvin Herrera CINCINNATI — Adam 1 0 0 0 0 2 San Francisco Arizona Villanueva 2 3 1 1 1 2 Wainwright pitched seven (3-4) worked a perfect eighth HBP — by V i l a nueva(S.Marte). WP—Liriano. ab r hbi ab r hbi inning in relief of James Shields, AnTrrslf 4 0 1 0 GParrarf 4 0 2 0 innings for his ninth win, and T—3:11.A—31,614 (41,019).

C oion top at LPGA The Associated Press PITTSFORD, N.Y.— Not a late band of rain, a soggy course, nor t hose pesky orange flags could deter Chella Choi. Not with her father on the bag. The 22-year-old South Korean, who has never won on the LPGA Tour, shot a 5under 67 on Friday to take a one-shot lead over Morgan Pressel after the first round of the rain-delayed LPGA Championship. Brittany Lincicome and Jiyai Shin were tied for third at 69, while Jessica Korda and Se Ri Pak were tied for fifth, another stroke back. Defendingchampion Shanshan Feng of China had a 2-over 74 as only 14 p layers broke par in t h e second major of the year. Playing in the afternoon long after Pressel had shot 68 to gain the early lead, Choi surged up the leaderboard with a flawless performance on the front nine at rain-soaked Locust Hill Country Club. She made five birdies and no bogeys on her opening nine, averting most of t h e t r ouble that lurked at every hole of the waterlogged layout by hitting all 14 fairways and reaching 15 greens in regulation. "I had a really good driver today," said Choi, whose 54-year-oldfather,JiYeon, has vowed to serve as her caddie until she gets that first victory. "My goal was to hit the fairways." Also on Friday: Englishup two at St. Jude: MEMPHIS, Tenn.— Harris English shot a 6-under 64 to open a two-stroke lead in the St. Jude Classic, the final event before the U.S. Open next week at Merion. Shawn Stefani was second after a 65. Paul Haley II and Scott Stallings each shot 68 to reach 5 under. Davis Love III was tied with four others at 4 under after a 70, and defending champion Dustin Johnson also had a 70 to finish at 3 under. Waldorf leads Tradition: B IRMINGHAM, A l a . Duffy Waldorf shot a 4-under 68 to take a one-stroke lead over Jeff Sluman after

the soggy, weather-delayed second round of the Regions Tradition, the second of five Champions Tour m ajors. Sluman, th e fi r s t-round leader, had a 71. Fred Couples, Mark C alcavecchia, Michael Allen and Rod Spittle were three strokes back. Dutchman shoots 68 for L yoness lead: A T Z E N BRUGG, Austria — Dutchman Joost Luiten shot a 4-under 68 to take a onestroke lead at ll-under 133 afterthe second round of the Lyoness Open. Scotland's Callum M acaulay, E ngland's Paul W a r i n g and Spain's Eduardo de la Riva were tied for second. Macaulayhad a 66,Waring shot 67, and de la Riva had a 69.

Stan or ur er sets newco e e mar Bruinsadvanceto By Anne M. Peterson


Southern California senior Bryson Nellum won the 400, finishing in 44.73. EUGENE — S tanford junior K o ri pion last year, set a Pac-12 and school reNellum also will run in the 200 final Carter won the 400-meter hurdles in a cord with her time. It was the third-best today. Dartmouth junior Abbey D'Agostino, collegiate-record 53:21 seconds Friday collegiate mark ever. at the NCAA outdoor track and field After the trouble with her ankle Thurs- who became the first woman ever to win championships. day, Gardner admitted she was "scared both the 3,000 and 5,000 at the indoor championships, added the outdoor 5,000 Carterbroke the mark of 53.54 set by out of my mind" for the 100. UCLA's Sheena Johnson at the NCAA "I heard the crowd so that made me title in the day's late event. D'Agostino pulled away from Oregon outdoor championships in 2004. It was think someone was coming," Gardner the fastest time in the world this season. said. "So that gave me a little go get 'em seniorJordan Hasay in the final 300 meCarter bested rival Georganne Moline at the end." ters and finished in 15:43.68. "It's been a really exciting season," TCU's Charles Silmon won the men's of Arizona, who finished second in 53.72 D'Agostino said. "I've learned that I under sunny skies at Oregon's Hayward 100 with a w i nd-aided 9.89. He ran a wind-aided 9.92 in t h e semifinals can be a little more versatile than I Field. Southern California senior Reggie Wednesday, but Florida State junior thought." In other women's events, LSU senior Wyatt won the men's 400 hurdles in Dentarius Locke put up a w i nd-legal 48.58, breaking his own personal best. 9.97 — the fastest collegiate mark this Natoya Goule of LSU won the 800 in Oregon junior English Gardner, who season. 2:00.06, and Illinois sophomore Ashley was hampered by a sore right ankle and Oregon senior Elijah Greer won the Spencer defended her title in the 400 in failed to qualify in the 200 the day be- 800 in I:46.58, followed by Penn State 50.28. Her mark was the best college fore, powered through the women's 100 senior Casimir Loxsom in I:46.88. The time this season. UTEP sophomore Anthony Rotich to win in 10.96, the fastest college time title finishes an undefeated outdoor seathis season. son for Greer, who also won the 800 at won the men's 3,000 steeplechase in Gardner, also the NCAA 100 cham- the indoor championships. 8:21.19. The Associated Press

Stanley Cupfinals

By Howard Ulman


The Associated Press

B OSTON — A d a m M c Quaid scored early in the third period, Tuukka Rask posted his second shutout of the series, and the Boston Bruins swept their way to the Stanley Cup finals with a 1-0 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night. The Bruins won the Eastern Conference finals 4-0 and held the high-scoring Penguins to just two goals in the stunning sweep. Boston will face either the Chicago Blackhawks or Los Angeles Kings when the Bruins shoot for their second Stanley Cup title in three years. Chicago leads the Western

Conference series 3-1 and can advance to the finals with a home win tonight. The Penguins' season ended swiftly and shockingly as the league's highest-scoring team got no points in the series from offensivestars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. McQuaid scored at 5:01 of the final period on a 45-foot slap shot from the right over the glove of g o alie Tomas Vokoun. "We were a little sluggish the first two periods," Bruins forward M i lan L u cic s aid, "and we said, 'We have to win a period to win a series.' " They did just that.



Course Continued from C1 The event will i n clude four downhill time-trial stages along the new singletrack trails in the Wanoga system southwest of B end. The winner will b e t h e competitor with the fastest combined time. Racers must also climb t he trails to make it to the starting line for their predetermined start time on each stage. So enduro racing tests riders' endurance on the uphills as well as their technical bike-handling skills on the timed downhills. "It's still incredibly challenging, because it's more like downhill ski racing, where every tenth of a second counts and you have to be really aggressive, but you also have to kind of keep your energy throughout a day of riding and racing," Craig explains. "It's not easier (than cross-country), it's just a different challenge. It's fun for me to have a different

challenge." Last season, Craig failed to qualify for the London Olympics a fter coming down with a fl ulike illness just before the World Cup events that essentially would decide which tw o U . S . m a le mountain bikers would go to the Games. But Craig is not making excuses — and he is not ruling out a trip to the 2016 Summer Olym-

pics in Rio de Janeiro. (Olympic mountain biking is cross-country

style.) "The two guys that did make the team (in 2012) had been riding better than me for the last year anyway, so I was a bit longer shot," Craig admits. "That's the way it goes. But it's definitely good to have something like this (enduro) that's totally different to refocus on now. "I'm just gonna see how this

goes. I'm enjoying acquiring a new skill set and training style. After these two years, I'll see where I'm at and see if Rio makes sense." For now, Craig will focus on today's race and another muchhyped local m ountain b i k i ng event in the week ahead: the Blitz to the Barrel on Tuesday evening. The men's and women's races in the Blitz feature world-class mountain bikers from Central Oregon and throughout the coun-

try racing from Wanoga Snopark southwest of Bend along singletrack to the f i nish at 10 Barrel Brewing Company in west Bend. Mountain b i k er s l i k e t h e unique format of the race, which includes jumps at Tetherow Golf Club. But they also like the prize

purse of $10,000 for each race, of which $3,000 goes to the winners. Craig is the two-time defending Blitz to the Barrel champion. "It's j u st an u nderground, hometown event, and we can go race on the trails that we like to ride, and possibly make a bunch of cash," Craig says. "It's nice to have a local event that finishes in town." Craig adds that the Blitz to the Barrel is his second-highest potential payday all season. "We race for the love (of the sport), not for the prize money,"

Craig says. But healso races for the places it takes him. Craig, who is sponsored by Giant Bicycles, competed in the first event of the Enduro World Series last month in Punta Ala, Italy, finishing 37th overall. The next event is June 29-30 in Val d'Allas, France. In fact, three of theseven world seriesraces are in France,a country which Craig has come to know well. Craig, who speaks his mind and is not known for cliches, was hesitant when asked about the most memorable place he has ever ridden his mountain bike. "As much as I hate to say it, the place I've spent the most time lately and enjoyed the most has been the alpine region of France," Craig says. ... France is like a cliched cycling destination. I wish I had a more creative answer." Craig is particularly keen on the Provence Alps of southeast France, where he competed in the weeklong T r ans-Provence enduro race last fall and hopes to do so again this year. The point-to-point race along rugged singletrack through the Alps bills itself as "the definitive all-mountain MTB race." But Craig enjoys the trails in Central Oregon as well, often leaving from his home to ride nearly to Mount Bachelor and back to Bend, pretty much all on singletrack. His knowledge of local trails makes him one of the favorites in both today's enduro race and in Tuesday's Blitz to the Barrel. "I'm having a little more diverse summer," Craig says. "I've kind of been doing the same thing for a while." "

— Reporter: 541-383-0318,

UCLA beatsFullerton in 10innings The Associated Press FULLERTON, Calif. — Eric Filia broke a 10th-inning tie with an RBI single — his fourth hit of the game — and Pat Valaika drove in another run with a sacrifice fly in UCLA's 5-3 victory over Cal State Fullerton on Friday night in Game I of the best-ofthree NCAA super regional series. "He (JD Davis) threw me two high fastballs and I knew he was coming with a curve ball," Filia said about his one-out hit. "He left it up and I hit into right field." Pac-12 pitcher of the year David Berg (7-0) struck out Davis and Michael Lorenzen with two runners on in the bottom of the inning for the Bruins (43-17). "I froze him (Lorenzen) with a two-seam

Catcher Continued from C1 Rodriguez caught full time for the first time as a senior at El Grove High near Sacramento, Calif. He showed potential at the position and was drafted by the Anaheim Angels in 2010. He was used as a utility player during his freshman season at OSU, playing mostly second and third, but he worked in at catcher in practice. Rodriguez took over at catcher last season, and heblossomed this year as a firstteam all-conference performer. Rodriguez has a.995 fielding percentage with only two errors. "He's the cornerstone of our pitching staff and he's learned how to handle every pitcher in a certain way," starter Matt Boyd said. "It's great for us. He's really matured this year and it shows." Pitchers like to throw to Rodriguez because he blocks a majority of the errant pitches and he has thrown out 19 of 32 runners attempting to steal. "Obviously, he has done great throwing out runners, and part of that's us holding runners (on) and it is part him with arm strength," Casey said. What Rodriguez does behind the plate is only part of his contributions to the pitchers. He has to work with them mentally before

and during games. Pitching coach Nate Yeskie goes over scouting reports on opposing hitters with the pitchers and catchers. It is Rodriguez's job to communicate the information to the pitchers

during games. He will relay the pitches Yeskie calls. Rodriguez must also understand his pitcher in how to approach him. Sometimes he calls timeout to calm a pitcher down or motivate him. "He definitely knows how to communicate for different pitchers," starter Ben Wetzler said. "He's really good at that and just working with different guys to get the best out of

each guy." Rodriguez earned the trust of Yeskie and the pitching staff to call the pitches at times this season. He studies batter tendencies, and he enjoys his opportunities to call the game. He also gives credit to the seasoned pitchers hecatches.Boyd and Wetzler are upperclassmen and the other regular starter, Andrew Moore, a freshman, has pitched like a senior. "It has been awesome and easy for me," Rodriguez said of working with the Beavers' pitchers. "They know what they are dong out there. I just have to calm them down and get them going when I have to. The past year or so of catching, I learned when to go out there and not to go out there." Rodriguez also contributes offensively. He is hitting .268 with two home runs and 32 runs batted in. Being able to play so much as a catcher and do so at a high level comes from an improved offseason training program. He focused on his leg strength and conditioning. Rodriguez also feels his efficient, fast-working pitchers help him so he is out there squatting for no more than 20 pitches most innings. Rodriguez has an understanding of how the three regular starters pitch and think, so


COLLEGE BASEBALL slider," Berg said about the game-ending pitch. Davis (1-2) took the loss in relief for Ful-


Nadal edgesDjokovic in FrenchOpensemis

lerton (51-9). Game 2 is today, with UCLA trying to advance to the College World Series for the fifth time. In another game on Friday: LSU 2, Oklahoma 0: BATON ROUGE, La. — Aaron Nola threw a two-hitter, pinch-hitterTyler Moore belted a run-scoring double off Oklahoma ace Jonathan Gray to break a scoreless tie in the eighth, and LSU took Game I of the NCAA Baton Rouge super


By Howard Fendrich The Associated Press

PARIS — Hi s d r amatic and delightful French Open semifinal was 4~/z hours old — and 14 games into the fifth set — when Rafael Nadal raced from the net to t he baseline to retrieve Novak D jokovic's seemingly u n / reachable lob. Many p layers w o uldn't have bothered to give chase, let alone attempt what Nadal actually accomplished: With his back to th e court, he Michel Euler/The Associated Press somehow sent a lob the other Rafael Nadal celebrates beatway by flipping the ball be- ing Novak Djokovic in their tween his legs. semifinal match at the French Perhaps surprised the 11- Open in Paris on Friday. stroke point was not already his, Djokovic flubbed an easy o verhead smash i nto t h e Spanish final with a chance net. Two games later, Nadal to become the only man with flicked another, more tra- eight titles at an y G r and ditional, defensive lob, and Slam tournament. "When you have a win and Djokovic sailed his response 5 feet long, the earlier mis- you have the trophy, it means take no doubt on his mind. more," said Nadal, who will T hree points l ater, t h e be seeking his 12th major blink-and-you-miss-some- championship overall. thing match was over. The fourth-seeded Ferrer In a contest chock full of reached his first Grand Slam lengthy exchanges, moments final by defeating France's of mastery and occasional Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-1, 7-6 lapses by both men, seven- (3), 6-2 Friday. The 31-yeartime French Open champion old Ferrer, previously 0-5 Nadal returned to the final in major semifinals, ended with a 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7 (3), 9-7 Tsonga's bid to give the host victory over the No. I-ranked country its first male chamDjokovic on Friday. pion since Yannick Noah in By the finish, it was not 1983. "I want to enjoy this mojust a test of skill but also of stamina and perseverance, ment," Ferrer said. That's u n d e rstandable, two qualities Nadal possesses in abundance. given not only that this is his "This one is a special one," 42nd appearance in a Grand Nadal said. "If we talk about Slam tournament but also e verything that m a kes a that his record against is match big, today we had all Nadal is 4-19. Then again, 17 of those of these ingredients." Except, of course, a glis- head-to-head matchescame tening silver cup for the win- on clay, and no one has been ner and a runner's-up tray able to w i thstand Nadal's for the loser. Those will be relentless, will-sapping style on offer Sunday, when Nadal on that surface. Nadal is 58-1 faces David Ferrer in an all- in his French Open career.

(k(g ~/

MultipleOregonballplayers selected inMLBdraft A number of baseball players with Oregon ties have beenselected during the first two days of the 2013 Major League Baseball draft, which included the first10 rounds. Oregon State University, which starts

Super Regional play todayagainst Kansas State, had three players drafted on Thursday and Friday. Left-handed junior pitcher Ben Wetzler, a former standout at Clackamas High, was taken by the Philadelphia Phillies in the fifth round with the151st overall pick. Senior righthanded pitcher Matt Boyd was picked by the Toronto Blue Jays in the sixth round

(175th overall), and senior shortstop Tyler Smith, who played summer collegiate ball for the Bend Elks in 2010, was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the eighth round

t237th pick). Three University of Oregon players also were selected in the top10 rounds. The Oakland Athletics made Duck junior first

baseman RyonHealythe100th overall pick when they took the left-handedhitting slugger in the third round, while

reliever Jimmie Sherfy went to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 10th round with the 300th pick. Cole Wiper, another Oregon

pitcher, went to theTexas Rangers in the 10th round as the 310th overall selection.

Three former Oregon prepstandouts also were drafted in the early rounds. Braden Shipley, a junior right-hander at the University of Nevada, went15th overall on Thursday as the Diamondbacks' firstround selection. Shipley starred at North Medford High School before going on to lead the Wolf Pack.

Lane Community College's Keynan Middleton was selected by the Los Angeles

Angels in the third round Friday. Middleton, who played basketball and baseball at Lane, was a multisport standout at

Milwaukie High, leading the Mustangs to the Class 5A basketball state final in 2012. (Middleton scored 34 points against Mountain View of Bend in a 69-63 state quarterfinal victory that year.) Justin Bohn, who is playing for the Bend Elks this summer if he does not sign a

professional contract, was the Miami Marlins' seventh-round selection. Bohn, a three-sport standout at Phoenix High in Southern Oregon who for the past two years has starred at Feather River College in California, was the 202nd overall pick. This year's MLB draft concludes today with rounds 11 through 40. — Bulletin staff report

he says it is easy working with them. Relief pitchersare tougher, as he does not see them as much. The most difficult to catch, according to Rodriguez, is Cole Brocker, who has a hardmoving fastball and sharp breaking pitches in the dirt. "I've been lucky that they get ahead and throw strikes and we have a good defense that gets outs," Rodriguez said. "They make it simple for me, and I enjoy catching them."

in there that don't figure, but they've got just as much Continued from C1 license to run as Orb or OxSo let's not overanalyze bow or anybody else," said the rematch because there Hall of Fame trainer Shug are many more storylines McGaughey, whose Derby that will u nfold when the winner is the 3-1 morning14-horse field begins its I'/~- line favorite. "I'm not going mile run a round Belmont to worry about it because Park on what could be a wet it makes this a good, solid track following 24 hours of field." rain. Revolutionary i s th e Orb is looking to bounce second choice at 9-2, with back after his fourth-place Oxbow third at 5-1 and Unfinish in the Preakness, fol- limited Budget and Freedom lowing his 2'/z-length win in Child each at 8-1 in the field of 14 — the largest since the Derby. Oxbow is out to show that his wire-to-wire 1996 and one shy of the rePreakness win was not a cord set in 1983. fluke. Weather could be a factor. Pletcher's quintet includes A steady rain began early the filly Unlimited Budget, Friday and wa s expected with Rosie Napravnik look- t o continue t hrough t h i s ing to become the second fe- morning, with as much as 3 male jockey to win a Triple inches predicted by the NaCrown race. Up-and-com- tional Weather Service. The i ng Freedom Child j o i n s track was rolled and sealed the Triple Crown fray for after Thursday's races to the first time off his 13'/4- compress the dirt so water length romp in the Peter Pan does not seep into the racing Stakes four weeks ago over surface. a sloppy track at Belmont If the t r ack c omes up Park. And Kenny McPeek, wet, Orb, Golden Soul and who won the 2002 Belmont Revolutionary — t h e f i r st with Sarava at record odds three finishers in the Derby of 70-1, is back again with run over a sloppy track at 30-1 shot Frac Daddy. Churchill Downs — should "There's probably a few be able to deal with it. So,

too, should Freedom Child. "I like what I'm seeing," said Freedom Child's trainer, Tom A l b ertrani. "I'm

Coaches Continued from C1 It was a powerful illustration of the big business mindset of college sports and the control that coaches have over players. When an athlete chooses to transfer, three sets ofrules can be involved: those of the NCAA; those of the conference in which the university competes; and those that accompany the national letter of intent, a contract athletes sign while still in high school to announce their intention to attend a university. U niversities h av e l o n g sought to b l oc k s t udentathletes from t r ansferring to a rival program. But the impulse to limit the studentathlete's options has been heightened to the point that coaches are now blacklisting dozens of universities. Proponents o f tr a n sfer limits say they are put in place to p r event coaches

time Horse of the Year Curlin, looks to have the potential to win at the top level. "He's always impressed getting all the good signs. us in his training, and he's He couldn't be doing any shown hints of that in some better." of his r aces although he The last Belmont run over hasn't completely followed the slop was two years ago, through and won a big race when 24-1 long shot Ruler that we feel like he's capable On Ice won. It also was the of doing," said Pletcher. "We most recent Derby win- think he's well meant for ner vs. Preakness winner this race." matchup, wit h P r eakness The Belmont is k n own winner Shackleford finishas a rider's race because it ing fifth and Derby winner takes a savvy jockey familAnimal Kingdom sixth. iar with the lay of the land In addition to Frac Daddy, to navigate the nation's only I'/2-mile oval. Belmont Park a few other long shots are worth a look in 20-1 Will is like the Grand Canyon of Take Charge and 15-1 Pal- racetracks, a much w i der ace Malice. track than Churchill Downs D. Wayne Lukas will be or Pimlico, with long, sweepout to win hi s 15th Triple ing turns. Crown race with O x bow, It is also deceiving. Judgand he also trains Will Take ing distance can be difficult. Charge. The big colt may not For example, at the top of the have the nifty moves of some turn at Belmont, half a mile of his rivals, but Lukas says still remains in the race. At once he builds up a head of other tracks, there is only a steam "he's dangerous." quarter of a mile to go. Palace Malice is among Gary Stevens, who will be Pletcher's squad — the oth- aboard Oxbow, knows all ers are the filly, Revolution- about the intricacies of the ary, Overanalyze and Midtrack. In 1997, he moved too night Taboo. Despite only soon aboard Silver Charm one win in seven starts, Pal- and had his Triple Crown ace Malice, the son of twospoiled by Touch Gold. A

from continually attempting to lure athletes from other universities, which could create a never-ending recruiting cycle. Critics counter that the rules make it much too easy for coaches to act punitively. Coaches cannot fully prevent athletes like Lunt from transferring to any university they want. But if a coach does not grant an athlete a release, the player must forfeit any scholarship opportunity and sit out the next season. "I don't believe in pure free agency," said Ed Cunningham, a former player, ESPN analyst and d o cumentary filmmaker. "But you have to have common-sense conversations about this stuff. It's going to change. It just is. It's just so antiquated. Look at Oklahoma State. That's an awful lot of power for a football coach to have over a young man's life. He's a kid. I wish we would remember that."

year later, he spoiled Real Quiet's Triple bid when Kent Desormeaux moved tooearly and Stevens' Victory Gallop won by a nose. "Belmont Park is like the ocean,"said the recently unretired Stevens. "You can have a lot of fun in it, but it can hurt you if you don't respect it. "It's a tricky place. It may look simple, but it's not simple. I think the best horse usually wins the Belmont, other than jockey error."



I •


L. •

' •




C5 © To look upindividual stocks, goto Alsoseearecapin Sunday's Businesssection.



NASDAQ ~ ,45



S&P 500




Saturday, June 8, 2013

10 YR T N TE



7p p47



S&p 5pp

15 560

Close: 1,643.38


1 620

Wall Street expects Men's Wearhouse's earnings and revenue improved in its fiscal first quarter versus a year earlier. The clothing store chain has been struggling with sluggish sales in recent quarters. As a result, the

company hasbeen exploring the possible sale of its weaker performing K&G unit, which sells men's suits and accessories, in addition to women's clothing. Investors will be looking on Wednesday for an update on the prospects of a KBG sale.

Change: 20.82 (1.3%)

1,560 '

1 0 DA Y S










"' J


StocksRecap NYSE NASD

Vol. (In mil.) 3,316 1,606 Pvs. Volume 3,430 1,745 Advanced 2119 1638 Declined 9 60 8 6 6 New Highs 92 12 5 New Lows 21 25


DDW DDW Trans. DDW Util. NYSE Comp. NASDAQ S&P 500 S&P 400 Wilshire 5000 Russell 2000




Change: 207.50 (1.4%) 1 0 DA Y S "




HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. 15255.58 15044.46 15248.12 +207.50 6361.20 6209.47 6343.79 +147.08 488.15 482.22 486.89 $-3.72 9360.26 9265.50 9355.40 +94.90 3471.73 3429.44 3469.22 $-45.17 1644.40 1625.27 1643.38 +20.82 1182.33 1168.44 1181.26 +10.97 17336.23 17111.23 17325.38 +214.15 +8.16 989.05 979.89 987.62



%CHG. WK MO OTR YTD +1.38% L L +16.36% +2.37% T +19.54% +0.77% T T +7.46% +1.02% T L +10.80% +1.32% L +14.89% +1.28% L $-15.23% +0.94% T L +15.76% +1.25% L $-15.54% L +16.28% +0.83%

ZQK Close $683V 08 4or 110/, The surf-and-skate clothing company posted a larger second-quarter loss, as revenue from its namesake and Roxy brands declined. $10


68.00 57 .41 +2.62 $-4.8 w 29.26 26 .90 V 13.99 13 .38 + 18 +14 w L 62.82 61 .50 +.64 +1.1 101.47 102.49 +2.73 $.2.7 7.18 5 .7 2 -.02 -0.3 v 22.41 22 .08 +.19 +0.9 L 62.99 60 .92 +.49 +0.8 115.77 110.58 51 -0.5 L 8.92 7 .5 0 05 -0.7 V 27.16 24 .40 +.26 $.1.1 w 25.47 24 .81 + 56 +2 3 L 4.0 0 12.03 -.05 -0.4 w w 27.75 2 4. 5 9 -.06 -0.2 L L 11.00 10 .86 + . 27 +2.5 L L 35 44 34 . 56 + 1,44 +4 3 L L 5 71 5 20 + 02 + 04 L L 22.55 1 6.7 3 -.10 -0.6 V V 2714 2549 + 17 + 0 7 w w 19,25 19 .80 + . 62 +3,2 L L 35.74 35 .67 +.71 +2.0 L L 66.07 62 .75 +.59 +0.9 L V 61.81 59 .52 +1.08 +1.8 L 50.80 43 .13 +.14 +0.3 14.92 12 .82 +.06 +0.5 w L 55.05 54 .35 +1.01 +1.9 L L 2.36 1.68 +.0 1 +0 .6 w w 54.62 48.3 2 +.7 6 +1 .6 L W 21 8 .85218.38 +3.29 +1.5 L L 28.42 22. 7 1 +. 1 8 +0.8 w v 3.0 3 23.91 -.53 -2.2 w w 194. 5 6 18 3.26 +1.77 +1.0 V W 45.96 46 . 44 + . 5 4 +1 .2 L L 64,93 65 .04 +2.02 +3,2 L L 7.29 7.0 1 ... ... w L UM P Q 11,17— o 14,25 14 .23 + . 08 +0,5 L L USB 28.58 — 0 35.93 35 .87 + . 4 9 +1.4 L L WA F D14.30 ~ 18.25 17. 2 3 +. 0 8 + 0.5 v L WF C 29.80 — O 41.59 41 . 25 +. 5 3 +1 .3 L L W Y 1 8.70 ~ 33.24 2 9.0 3 +. 0 1 ... V W

ALK 32.16 AVA 22.78 BAC 6 . 85 BBSI 19 30 — 0 BA 66. 8 2 CascadeBancorp CACB 4.23 Columbia Bnkg CDLB 16.18 — 0 Columbia Sporlswear COLM 46.55 Costco Wholesale COST 85.37 Craft Brew Alliance BREW 5.62 FLIR Systems FLIR 17.99 Hewlett Packard HPQ 11.35 — o Home Federal Bncp ID HOME 8.74 ~ 1 Intel Corp INTC 19.23 ~ Retail sales K EY 6 . 80 — 0 Seasonally adjusted month-to-month Keycorp Kroger Co KR 209 8 — 0 change,excluding auto sales Lattice Semi LSCC 317 ~ LA Pacific L PX 8 .4 6 ~ 0.1 I '13 MDU Resources MDU 1959 ~ Mentor Graphics MENT 13,21 — 0 est MSFT 26.26 0.3 Microsoft Corp Nike Inc 8 NKE 42.55 4).3 4).3 • Nordstrom Inc JWN 46.27 Nwst Nat Gas NWN 41.01 OfficeMax Inc DMX 4.10 PCAR 35.21 D , 'J F M A M PaccarInc Planar Systms P LNR 1.12 ~ Plum Creek PCL 35.43 ~ Source FactSet Prec Castparts PCP 150.53 — 0 Safeway Inc S WY 14.73 ~ Schnitzer Steel SCH N 22.78~ 3 SherwinWms SHW 122.79 ~ Factory watch Stancorp Fncl SFG 28.74 — o The Federal Reserve issues data StarbucksCp SBUX 43,04 — o Friday on how industrial production Triguint Semi TQNT 4.30 — o "




fared in May. Manufacturers cut production in April by 0.5 percent, the third decline

in four months. Auto companies cranked out fewer cars, factories made fewer consumer goods and most other industries reduced output. The weakness suggests economic growth slowed in the current April-June quarter. Factories are producing fewer goods in part becauseofa weaker globaleconomy, which has reduced demand for L.S. exports. Economists forecast that industrial production picked up slightly last month.

Industrial production Seasonally adjusted month-to-month change


'13 0.9 est. 0.4

0.1%' ,0 t


Umpqua Holdings US Bancorp Washington Fedl WellsFargo& Co Weyerhaeuser




Tivo (TIVO) Friday's close:$11.10 M

Source FactSet


S&P500ETF 1524058 BkofAm 1157582 iShJapn 876180 Pfizer 837268 iShEMkts 787230 SiriusXM 657169 BariPVix rs 550666 SprintNex 546994 SPDR Fncl 514214 Merck 503367

164.80 +2.07 13.38 $-.18 11.00 + . 41 28.26 + . 15

40.69 3.46 19.04 7.24 19.97 48.19

—.21 + . 07 -.90 —.10 +.34 -.41

Gainers NAME WaterstnF PilgrimsP RallySft n

LAST 9.67 14.13 24.30 Kngswy rs 3.82 CSVS3xlnSlv 60.54 Prothena n 10.79 BoulderBr 11.65 CashStr g 3.00 DB SI11USD 14.27 DirDGldBr 81.15

CHG %CHG +1.79 +2.55 +3.74 +.50 +7.90 +1.31 +1.39 $-.35 +1.57 +8.94

+ 2 2 .7 + 2 2 .0 + 1 8 .2 + 1 5 .1 + 1 5 .0 + 1 3.8 + 1 3.5 + 1 3 .2 + 1 2 .4 + 1 2.4

Losers NAME LAST FstSecGrp 2.06 PingtanM h 6.00 TiVo Inc 11.10 UttivBusP 2.47 IronMtn 28.95

CHG %CHG -2.47 -54.5 -4.10 -40.6 -2.61 -19.0 -.53 -17.7 -5.45 -15.8

Foreign Markets LAST CHG %CHG $.58.31 +1.53 3,872.59 London 6,411.99 +75.88 +1.20 Frankfurt 8,254.68 +155.87 +1.92 Hong Kong 21,575.26 -263.17 -1.21 Mexico -.85 40,232.68 -346.40 Milan 16,691.06 +165.99 +1.00 Tokyo -26.49 —.21 12,877.53 Stockholm 1,192.98 + 7.94 + . 6 7 Sydney -42.50 -.89 4,729.30 Zurich 7,784.84 $ I 62. I 0 $-2.13 NAME Paris


-86 + 42 2 38 L + 23 . 1 +2 4 .0 13 9 1 8 0 4 . 0 + 14.2 +24.4 27 20 0. 8 8 L + 12 . 0 +3 5 .8 1 966 2 4 1 . 24f L + 15 7 -2 7 18 w +9 3 +1 3 2 2 0 04 16 0 3 6 f +74.1 +10.9 12598 dd 0.58f w - 3.2 +34.6 7 cc 0 2 . 4a L +19.3 -2.0 34619 12 0 .90 L + 29.0 +51 .4 12406 12 0 .22f L + 32 8 +53 , 5 6 5 07 1 2 0, 6 0 w +30 3 +9 7 330 dd V -13.4 +81.6 5141 23 L +200 +16 6 584 cc 069 L +16,3 +35 ,0 98 8 2 1 0, 1 8 L +33.5 +22 .1 39650 18 0 . 9 2 L + 21.6 +17 . 6 2 6 45 2 5 0. 8 4 L +11. 3 $. 2 4.6 9 1 6 1 7 1.2 0 -2.4 - 4.0 7 1 20 1. 8 2 L + 31.4 + 1 84.1 2046 2 0 . 0 8a L + 20.2 +45 .2 1 2 17 1 9 0 .80a w +17. 5 +0. 6 53 dd V +8.9 +32 . 9 1 1 31 3 4 1 . 76f L +15.3 +33 .1 86 3 2 2 0. 1 2 w +25. 5 +2 2 .3 6 257 9 0. 8 0 f w -21.2 -1.3 21 8 3 7 0. 7 5 L + 19. 1 +4 2 .3 4 2 0 2 8 2. 0 0 L +26.6 +33 . 7 104 14 0. 9 3f L + 21,3 +19 ,4 6 7 79 3 3 0, 8 4 L +45.1 +2 9 .6 2 7 39 d d L +20,7 +19 ,1 62 1 1 5 0, 6 0f L +12.3 +21 .8 10271 12 0 . 7 8 v + 2.1 +10 . 8 33 5 1 3 0 . 36f L +20.7 +34 . 7 23242 12 1. 20f V +4.3 +47 . 7 4 0 82 32 0 . 80f



$8 ~




2 -Y R*: 4%


14 5-YR*: 9%

total returns through June 7



Price-earnings ratio

Ann. dividend

(trailing 12 months):lost money

Market value:$1.4 billion *annualized

Source: FactSet


PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK N AV CHG YTD 1Y R 3 Y R 5YR 1 3 5 American Funds BalA m 22.67 +.21 +11.6 +22.1 t15.3 + 70 A A A BondA m 1 2.67 -.04 -1.3 +1.6 +4.7 + 38 D D E CaplncBuA m 56.09+.27 +7 . 2 +17.2 $.13.1 + 34 8 A C CpWldGrlA m 40.88+.34 +10.4 +28.1 +14.8 + 23 8 C C EurPacGrA m 43.39+.26 +5 . 3 +23.7 $.11.1 + 06 D D A FttlnvA m 4 6.87 +.59 $-15.3 +29.9 $-17.6 + 43 8 B D T Rowe Price Retlnc TRRIX GrthAmA m 39 . 2 5+.55 $-14.3 +29.0 +16.4 + 42 A C D IrtcAmerA m 19 . 55+.10 +9.2 +19.7 +14.7 + 62 8 A A VALUE BL EN D GR OWTH IuvCoAmA m 34 .55+.40 +15.0 +26.9 +16.2 + 51 D D C 43 NewPerspA m 34.71 +.44 +11.0 +27.5 t15.7 + 44 8 B B cC 03 WAMutlnvA m 36.27 +.47 +16.8 +27.6 $.19.3 + 63 D A B CD $L Dodge &Cox Inc o me 1 3.76 -.03 0 . 0 +4 . 2 + 5.5 +6.7 8 8 8 IntlStk 37.60 +.39 + 8 .5 + 32.6 +12.7 +0.8 A B A Stock 144.14+2.08 + 18.7 +38.5 +18.8 +5.0 A A C $L cC 03 Fidelity Contra 87.35+1.15 + 13.6 +21.8 +17.1 +5.7 C B 8 C3 GrowCo 107.9 0+1.71+ 15.7 +25.2 +20.0 +7.4 8 A A LowPriStk d 45 . 89 +.39+ 16.2 +32.6 +19.0 +8.4 B B A Fidelity Spartan 50 0 ldxAdvtg 58 . 44 +.74+16.3 +27.8 +18.6 +6.2 C A 8 «C 03 FrankTemp-Franklinlncome C m 2.3 5 + .01 + 6 .7 + 17.6 +12.1 +5.5 A A 8 IncomeA m 2.32 + .01 + 6 .6 + 17.9 +12.6 +6.0 A A B «C FraokTemp-TempletooGIBottdAdv 13.2 1 +.03 + 0 .6 + 13.2 +8.0 +9.6 A A A 470 RisDivA m 19.7 4 +.26 +13.8 +24.5 +16.6 +4.8 E C C Morningstar OwnershipZone™ Oppenheimer RisDivB m 17.8 6 +.24 + 13.3 +23.4 +15.6 +3.9 E D D o Fund target represents weighted O RisDivC m 17.7 7 +.23 + 13.4 +23.6 +15.8 +4.1 E D D average of stock holdings SmMidValA m 38.65 +.58 + 19.3 +34.3 +15.1 +2.1 8 E E • Represents 75% of furtd's stock holdings SmMidValB m 32.51 +.49 + 18.8 +33.2 +14.1 +1.3 B E E CATEGORY Retirement lncome PIMCO TotRetA m 11.0 0 - .05 -1.2 + 3 .5 + 5.4 +7.0 B C A MORNINGSTAR T Rowe Price Eqt y lnc 30.64 +.34 +16.4 +31.1 +17.5 +6.2 C C B RATING™ * * * * y t GrowStk 42.67 +. 66 + 12.9 +21.3 +18.0 +6.3 D B B HealthSci 50.2 2 + .71 + 21.8 +38.1 +28.9+15.7 8 A A ASSETS $2,513 million Newlncome 9.6 2 - .03 -1.2 + 2 .3 + 4.5 +5.9 C D C EXP RATIO 0.57% Vanguard 152.08+1.93 +16.3 +27.8 +18.6 +6.2 C A 8 500Adml MANAGER Jerome Clark 500lnv 152.05+1.93 +16.3 +27.6 +18.4 +6.1 C A 8 SINCE 2002-09-30 CapDp 41.28 +.61 +22.8 +42.2 +18.2 +6.6 A 8 8 RETURNS3-MD +1.2 Eqlnc 28.03 +.30 +16.8 +28.4 +20.9 +8.1 D A A YTD +4.1 StratgcEq 25.51 +.28 +18.9 +35.6 +21.3 +6.4 8 A C 1-YR +11.4 Tgtet2025 14.70 +.09 +8.2 +18.7 +13.0 +4.7 C 8 A 3-YR ANNL +9.0 TotBdAdml 10.83 -.04 -1.2 +0.7 +4.2 +5.3 E D D 5-YR-ANNL +5.2 Totlntl 15.41 +.08 +3.1 +22.8 +10.5 -1.4 D D C TotStlAdm 41.29 +.50 +16.3 +28.4 +18.8 +6.6 C A A TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT TotStldx 41.27 +.50 +16.3 +28.3 +18.6 +6.5 C A A T. Rowe Price Inflation Focused Bond 29.62 USGro 24.04 +.32 $-13.I +23.6 +17.6 +5.7 C 8 8 T . Rowe Price Equity lndex 500 2 3 . 58 Welltn 37.27 +.27 +10.8 +20.5 +14.1 +6.8 A A A T. Rowe Price New Income 18.97 Fund Footnotes. b - ree covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d - Deferred sales charge, or redemption T. Rowe Price lnternational Stock Fd 3.3 fee. f - front load (sales charges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually a marketing feeand either asales or T. Rowe Price Intl Gr & Inc 3.21 redemption fee. Source: Mornngstar. FAMILY


THO Close:$46.16L4.92 or 11.9% The maker of recreational vehicles, commercial buses and ambulances said that its fiscal third-quarter profit increased 6 percent. $50







52-week range $9.14

Volc9.6m (4.8x avg.)

PE: . Yield:.


Close:$120.00 %6.87 or 6.1%



VolJ2.1m (4.3x avg.) P E: 18 . 0 Mkt. Cap:$2.45 b Yiel d : 1. 6%

JinkoSolar Hldg.


Close: $9.20 %0.73 or 8.6%

The eye care and surgical products

The Chinese solar products maker

maker's fiscal second-quarter net income grew 37 percent on doubledigit sales growth. $130 120

said that it took a bigger loss during its fourth quarter as solar product prices remained weak. $10



A M J 52-week range $71.40 $120.56 VolJ1.1m (3.3x avg.) PE:2 2.1 Mkt. Cap:$5.8 b Yie l d : 0 . 1%

A M J 52-week range $2.00~ $10,44 Volc2.1m (3.7x avg.) P E: .. . Mkt. Cap:$204.15 m Yield :...


GME Close:$36.75 A2.13 or 6.2% Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One gaming console will be able to play used games, good news for


ELN Close: $13.44%0.76 or 6.0% New York-based Royalty Pharma raised its offer to buy the Irish drugmaker to $13 per share in cash for

GameStop,which sells used games. $40

each Elan share. $14










52-week range $76.32~




52-week range $39.97



VolJ7.1m (2.0x avg.) P E: .. . VolJ30.3m (4.0x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$4.37 b Yie l d : 3.0% Mkt. Cap:$6.85 b


GPS Close:$42.09 %1.11 or 2.7% Shares of the retailer hit a 52-week high after saying that a key revenue

figure rose 7 percent in May on strong sales. $45 40

P E: . . . Yield: ...


TIVO Close: $11.10 V-2.61 or -19.0% The digital video recorder technology said that it settled patent disputes with Cisco, Motorola Mobility and Time Warner Cable. $14 12

A M J 52-week range $26.46 ~ $42.40 M

A M J 52-week range $7.76 ~ $14.10 VolJ 6.4m (1.7x avg.) P E:16 . 5 Volc35.2m (12.1x avg.) P E: . . . Mkt. Cap:$19.58 b Yie l d : 1 .4% Mkt. Cap:$1.41 b Yield: ...



SOURCE: Sungard


NET 1YR TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO 3-month T-bill 6-month T-bill 52-wk T-bill

Tivo has been going after pay TV companies, saying that they are using its patented technology in DVRs. With Friday's deal, Tivo's awards and settlements from patent lawsuits OO total about $1.6 billion. Tivo has still struggled to make money,however,posting annual losses in nearly all of the past 10 years

Thor Industries

52-week range

short of what most investors had expected. Under the agreement, Tivo will get a lump-sum payment of $490 million from Google and Cisco.


The Retirement series has exposure to stocks across all market Marketsummary caps, styles, and geographies, as Most Active well as bonds from various sectors NAME VOL (Dgs) LAST CHG credit qualities, and countries. A. Veiga, J. Sohn • AP

L + 15. 2 $. 7 3.31157583 1 0 . 0 4 + 61.5 +198.9 4 3 35 0. 5 2 +36.0 +47.2 5 707 19 1. 9 4

Tivo sharesplummet::.;"„:::

Total return YTD: -10% 1 - YR: 36%

D ' ,J

w + 3 3.2 + 63.7 8 6 2 1 3 V +1 1. 6 +8 . 0 3 6 2 1 9 1 . 2 2

Dividend Footnotes: 2 Extra - dividends were paid, t70t are not included. t7- Annual rate plus stock 0 - Liquidating dividend. 6 - Amount declared or paid in last12 months. f - Current annual rate, which was mcreased bymost recent dividend announcement. i - sum ot dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. I - sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dmdentt was omitted or deferred k - Declared or pwd tas year, a cumulative issue with dividends marrears. m - Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p - Imtial dividend, annual rate not known, y>eld not shown. 7 - Declared or paid in precedmg 12 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, appro70matecash value on ex-distrit7ution Footnotes:e - stock is a closed-2nd fund - no piE ratio shown. cc - p/E exceeds sa dd - Loss in last 12 months

Tivo settled a long-running patent dispute and managed to avoid a trial that was to begin next week, but investors were disappointed. Shares fell 19 percent Friday. A settlement was reached with Cisco, Motorola Mobility and Time Warner Cable, and brought to a close a string of legal 0 squabbles over Tivo's • u pioneering digital video recorder technology. The settlement fell well



Cooper Cos.


Alaska Air Group AvistaCorp Bank of America Barrett Business Boeing Co



Mkt. Cap: $1.14 b

An improving job picture and stock and housing market rallies have made many Americans feel better about spending. But is it translating into a pickup in business for retailers? Thursday's Commerce Department's report on retail sales data for May should provide some insight. A separate industry measure recently showed major retailers such as Costco Wholesale and Stein Mart had modest sales gains last month.

+1.27 '

Stocks jumped Friday following a stronger-than-expected report on hiring. Employers added 175,00D jobs during May, up from 149,000 jobs in April. The pace of hiring was also stronger than the 17D,DOD that economists expected. Stocks in sectors whose profits are most closely tied to the strength of the economy had the day's biggest gains. Industrial stocks, companies that sell non-essential items to consumers and financials led the way. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose for a second straight day, the first time it has done that since May 15. The strong showing at the end of the week sent the S&P 500 to its first weekly gain in the last three weeks.

NorthwestStocks Sizing up retail sales



1 2 800


32 7p

Close: 15,240.12

14,840 '




Dow jones industrials •

Improved sales?



+.1p '


The yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose to 2.1B percent Friday. Yields affect interest rates on consumer loans.

. 0 4 .05 . 07 .07 .12 .12

-0.01 L ... L

2-year T-note . 30 .29 +0 . 01 5-year T-note 1 .10 1 .01 + 0.09 L 10-year T-ttote 2.18 2 .08 + 0 .10 L 30-year T-bond 3.34 3.24 +0.10 L


Expectations for stronger demand drove the price of crude oil above $96 per barrel, its highest settlement price since May 21. The wholesale price of gasoline also rose.

Foreign Exchange A strongerthan-expected report on the L.S. Iabor market sent the dollar higher against the

Japanese yen, euro and British pound. L.S. employers picked up their pace of hiring in May.

h5N4 QG


.07 .13 .17



.27 .71 1.64 2.75


Barclays Long T-Bdldx 3.05 2.96 +0.09 Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.35 4.31 +0.04 Barclays USAggregate 2.09 2.11 -0.02 PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 6.20 6.16 +0.04 RATE FUNDS Moodys AAACorp Idx 4.10 4.07 +0.03 YEST 3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.31 1.27 +0.04 6 MO AGO 3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 2 . 9 6 2.94 +0.02 1 YR AGO3.25 .13






2.47 4.42 2.04 8.05 3.71 .96 3.39

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD Crude Dil (bbl) 96.03 94.76 + 1.34 + 4 . 6 Ethanol (gal) 2.51 2.52 +0.16 +14.6 Heating Dil (gal) 2.89 2.87 +0.76 -5.0 Natural Gas (mm btu) 3.83 3.83 +0.03 +14.2 Unleaded Gas(gal) 2.87 2.85 + 0.72 + 2 . 1 FUELS


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. 1383.00 1415.70 21.74 22.70 1502.60 1529.30 3.27 3.32 759.45 760.75

%CH. %YTD -2.31 -17.4 -4.25 -28.0 -1.75 -2.4 -1.51 -10.3 - 0.17 + 8 . 1

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD -7.5 1.20 1.20 -0.27 1.27 1.29 -1.93 -11.7 -4.6 Corn (bu) 6.66 6.63 +0.45 Cotton (Ib) 0.85 0.85 -0.01 +12.9 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 308.90 308.80 +0.03 -17.4 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.51 1.50 +1.14 +30.5 Soybeans (bu) 15.28 15.27 + 0.07 + 7 . 7 Wheat(bu) 6.96 6.98 -0.21 -10.5 AGRICULTURE

Cattle (Ib) Coffee (Ib)

1YR. MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5557 —.0050 —.32% 1.5553 C anadian Dollar 1.0 2 15 —.0049 —.48% 1.0247 USD per Euro 1.3221 —.0024 —.18% 1.2601 Japanese Yen 9 7.43 +. 2 1 + . 22 % 79 . 6 8 Mexican Peso 12. 7 700 —.0728 —.57% 13.9678 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3. 61 1 9 —. 0095 —. 26% 3.8640 Norwegian Krone 5. 7776 +. 0341 +. 59% 6.0201 South African Rand 9. 9763 +. 0693 +. 69% 8.3071 6.5671 +.0302 +.46% 7.1162 Swedish Krona Swiss Franc .9352 +.0055 +.59% .9532 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar 1.0535 +.0131 +1.24% 1.0055 Chinese Yuan 6.1380 -.0013 -.02% 6.3663 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7629 +.0006 +.01% 7 .7583 Indian Rupee 57.066 +.211 +.37% 5 4.905 Singapore Dollar 1.2486 +.0037 +.30% 1 .2748 South Korean Won 1123.25 +10.53 +.94% 1163.94 Taiwan Dollar 29.74 + .04 +.13% 29 . 79




Picky Bars pick new flavors Bend nutrition bar company Picky Bars has raised $26,000

through an online crowd funding campaign. The company is using $10,000 of those funds

to produce its newest flavor snack bar, "Runners High," according to a news release. It's a blueberry-vanilla flavor

o re o s, u unem o e n u , 0 0 By Catherine Rampell New York Times News Service

U.S. employers added 175,000 jobs in May, almost exactly the average monthly job growth over the last year, the Labor Department reported Friday, while the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.6 percent from 7.5 percent in April. Economists were relieved that the numbers weren't

worse, given a string of other disappointing data in recent weeks, but noted that recent job trends are nowhere close to bringing the country back to full employment. At the current pace of job and population growth, it would take nearly five years to get the economy back to the low unemployment rate it enjoyed when the recession officially began in December 2007.

"It's a decent report, but it's not by any means robust," said Conrad DeQuadros, senior economist at RDQ Economics, a research firm. "It's certainly not strong enough to get the Fed to make any significant changes at its meeting in June," he said, referring to speculation that the Federal Reserve might consider tapering its stimulus measures if the jobs numbers

came in strong. Consumers have also been relatively upbeat recently. A New York Times/CBS News poll conducted May 31 to June 4 found that 39 percent of respondents believe the condition of the economy is very or fairly good, the highest share saying this both since President Barack Obama took office and even since the recession began. Despite signs of optimism

from consumers and investors, other indicators of the health of the economy and the job markethave been mixed. Average weekly hours and average hourly earnings, for example, have shown little improvement in recent months, according to the Labor Department. Wages are up just 2 percentfrom a year earlier, which bodes poorly for consumer spending.

containing protein from

hemp seeds. The company plans to use the remainder of the funds to launch an additional flavor by the end of the year. Picky Bars are dairy-

and gluten-free energy bars made bythree professional athletes. Two

of the creators moved to Bend from Eugene earlier this year.


J.C. Penney launches new home department

v r r en Ave. I





"y sg,

Planned developmen

They raised the funds through lndiegogo, a crowd funding website.

o es


By Mae Anderson The Associated Press


Target rolling out organic brand

J.C. Penney wants you to come home. The struggling department store this week launched its newly revamped home departments in 500 of its 1,100 stores,which feature splashy displays of new

Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

NEW YORK — Target

Corp. is planning a new organic and natural store brand as it works

to rev up its grocery business.

Starducks/SleepCountry retail project 1400 S.W. Canal Blvd.,


The big-box retailer

lines by designers and

said the new brand, called Simply Balanced, will start with drinks

Owner: Rusty Ertle, Bend

and snacks like corn chips on Sunday.The

Builders, Redmond Details: Construction started late last month on a three-tenant, 9,500-square-foot retail building

line is an outgrowth of

similar products within its existing Archer

Farms store brand, which is positioned as a premium alternative to

national namebrands. Amanda lrish, senior director of Target's store brands, said the new

celebrities like Jonathan Adler, Michael Graves and Martha Stewart. The aim is to use the new home hnes — which will each be displayed in a storewithin-a store format grouped together in the center of the store — to attract customers back into its stores after a bold attempt to remake the department store chain failed. But it won't be easy. CEO Mike Ullman, who became CEO in April, told The Associated Press that the company has let its home department slip in recent years as it stopped offering catalogues in favor of online sales. "It's safe to say we hit the low point of home in terms ofshare penetration," said Ullman, during an interview at a launch event in New York on Thursday. "Now it's a question of building it

Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

General Contractor: SunWest

in Redmond, adjacent to LI.S. Highway 97 near Lowe's Home

Improvement. The developers hope to have the building finished in August. A Starbucks and Sleep Country

mattress store areexpected to

occupy each corner of the building, said JakeErtle, whose father,

and the Sleep Country store in

Johnnie "Rusty" Ertle applied for a permit for the project in March.

The city of Redmond issued Rusty Ertle a permit May17. The

Jake Ertle declined to reveal

permit lists the project value at

one currently under construction, in a development called Shopsat

the identity of the third tenant for the building, saying, "We should

$975,000. The building is part of his

the Old Fair District for its location on the former Deschutes

be making anannouncementin

multiyear effort to develop retail shops on more than 16acres

County Fairgrounds site.

the next couple of weeks. We're in negotiations but haven't finalized the deal." He said the Starbucks is

expected to open inAugust,


of land he bought in 2003, near

the intersection of VeteransWay and Canal Boulevard, according to Deschutes County property

records. His project envisioned aseries of mid-sized buildings, like the

But the 2008 real estate crash put much of the development on

hold, according to TheBulletin's archives. — Eion Glucklioh

line is in response to the growing popularity of organic foods. Although

they still account for overall grocery sales, she said organic foods

Greek opposition: IMFadmission changesnothing

are growing at twice the rate of conventional

By Efty Katsareas

less than10 percent of

groceries. About half the items

in the line are organic and three-quarters are free of genetically modified ingredients. — Staffand wire reports

BEST OF THE BIZ CALENDAR JUNE18 • Visit Bendboard meeting: Reservations requested; free; 8 a.m.; Bend Visitor Center, 750 N.W. Lava Road; 541-3828048 or Valerie@vlsitbend. com. • Business After Hours — Fisher Nicholson Realty: Free; 4:30-5:30 p.m.; Fisher Nlcholson Realty, 1515 S.W.Reindeer Ave., Suite B, Redmond; 541-526-55 l3. • Crooked River RanchTerrebonne Chamber of Commerce Networking Social: Free; 5:30 p.m.; Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon, 835 Hlghway126, Redmond; 54 I -923-2679. JUNE19 • How to Start a Business: Registration required; $15; 6-8 p.m.; COCC Chandler Building,1027 N.W. Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7290.

For the completecalendar, pick up Sunday's Bulletin or visit t/

The Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece — An admission from the International Monetary Fund this week that it mishandled the early stages of Greece's massive bailout will not lead to any easing up of austerity measures, the crisis-hit country's opposition leader said in an interview late Friday. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing Syriza party, told The Associated Press that bailout lenders and Greece's conservative government would not end the country's "ongoing drama." Tsprias made the remarks ahead of an inspection next week of progress in implementing the (euro) 240 billion






MOKPATi Petros Giannakouris/TheAssociatedPress

State schoolteachers shout slogans after joining a protest march by striking doctors and health workers in central Athens on Friday.

($318 billion) rescue deal by

ropean Union and European central Bank, collectively known as the "Troika." "We don't expect a real

high level from the IMF, Eu-

(change). The troika admits

making a mistake, and at the same time advocates the implementation of that mistake," Tsipras said, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting

U.S. trails inhydrogenfuel stations Los Angeles Times Hyundai Motor Co. rolled out the first 15 of its hydrogenpowered ix35 sport utility vehicles headed to Copenhagen this week. But part of the news was the fact that the event was in Europe and not here. Europe already has a solid

network of hydrogen fueling stations running from the boot of Italy northwest across the continent. Energy Department statistics show just how much catchingup the U.S. has to do. Compared with 160,000 gasoline stations, the nation has just

of European anti-austerity groups in Athens. In a report this week, the IMF admitted mishandling the start of the bailout program in 2010, for failing to tackle private debt restructuring early enough and overestimating the capacity of governments in Greece to swiftly push through public sector and market reforms neglected for decades. Touching off a public spat with Brussels, the report also blamed the EU for the "notable mistakes." Greece's conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, on a two-day visit to Finland, insisted that Greece remained committed to meeting its ambitious deficit reduction targets, and argued that past errors in the bailout program had been corrected.

back up." Ullman said the new home lines range from classic to modern and should appeal to Penney's broad mix of shoppers. There are more gift items and furniture than previously offered and the company has brought back its drapery business. J.C. Penney started rolling out the new departments at 500 locations in April, but completion was pushed back until this week due to construction


HAIR TRANSPL Natural Appearance • Look Younger • Build Confldence

10,000 locations where alternative fuels are available. More than 3,000 of those are electric charging stations. There were fewer than two dozen hydrogen fueling stations open to regular motorists in the U.S. as of March 2012, the Energy Department said.

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Llsa Hart was namedthe top listing agent for the month of May atJohn L. Scott Real Estate ln Redmond. Bobbie Strome wasnamedthe top sales agent for the month of May at John L. Scott Real Estate ln Redmond. Brian Kerr has joinedDeschutes Brewery and Public House, of Bend, as executive chef. Kerr, with more than IO years experience ln the restaurant business, previously served asexecutive chef andfood and beverage controller at Morton's Steakhouse ln Portland. Tim Casinelli has joined Deschutes Brewery and Public House, of


',$5 o FF',541-749-2282 BENDPRS,COM

2400 NeIFRoad, Ste B, Bend



Str o m e


Bend, asgeneral manager. Caslnelll previously served asgeneral manager to a southern California restaurant. Melissa Talbott has beenadvanced to assistant general manager of Deschutes Brewery andPublic House, of Bend.Talbott started her career at the pub 23years agoas a server.


T a lbott De c l erck J o hnson F a hlgren Et t t ire

Cec DBClerck was namedthe top selling agent for the month of Mayat Coldwell Banker Mayfleld Realty of Redmond. Leanne Johnson andJttlie Fahlgren were namedtop listing agents for the month of May atColdwell Banker Mayfield Realty of Redmond. Rhonda Etnire, store director of the RedmondFredMeyer, has

been nameddirector of the year for the Central and Southern Oregon District. Etnlre, who began hercareer asanapparel management trainee atFredMeyer ln Brooklngs, has beenwith the companyfor14 years. Theaward was based oncustomer satisfaction, meeting or exceeding salesgoals, safety procedure goalsandemployee satisfaction.


750 Units

Call for D et a i l s

Expires 7-15-13. Coupon required. Cannot combine with other oliers


Regency Center


Fast Recovery Less than 2 weeks

No Scalpel - No Scars



IN THE BACI4: ADVICE 4 ENTERTAINMENT > Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer Search, D4







Exhibit highlights

baseball in Bend

Googling my ghastly backyard was lamenting the pathetic state of my backyard the other day, hyperbolically surmising that you could probably see the dead lawn, patches of dirt and dandelion poofs from space,when itoccurred to me that thanks to technology, I could actually verify that premise. I pulled up Google Earth, a phenomenal satellite imaging tool available on any smartphone, tablet or other computer. Because of the location data in my tablet, Google knew just where I was and I watched the Earth spin and zoom straight to a satellite image of my street. There was my front yard, green and tidy, if not quite as green and tidy as many of my neighbors' yards. And there was the abysmal backyard, a swath of ground distinguished byits lack ofgreenery more than anything. The beige of dead grass is the salient characteristic there, interrupted by a couple of big junipertrees whose grayish-green branches block even more dead grass and bare spots from satellite view. Afew patches ofgreen grass lingeraround the edges, near the fence line. You can't tell from Google Earth, but those patches are actually a bit overgrown. While we try to keep our property presentable from the curb side, the backyard is another story entirely. It's been that way ever since our dog, in a fit of destruction that seems to come upon all puppies around 6 months of age, chewed up the drip irrigation system my husband installed for a few flowerbeds and deck planters. We never recovered from the irrigation setback, and neither did the grass, not under the continued abuse of a large dog and two kids and our own general land-

The Des Chutes Historical Museum will explore the history and

love of baseball in Bend in a new exhibit called "Diamonds in the Des-

ert: Baseball and Bend, 1900 to Present," which

openstoday. The display high-


scape apathy. I feel guilty about it, I really do. But as I spied my backyard from the perspective of a satellite, I began to notice a trend in my neighborhood.Many, many homes on my streetand on nearby streets showed the same pattern: green and pretty front yards, brown and dry backyards. Scrolling Google Earth around Bend, I saw more and more of this phenomenon. Sure, most people had a nicesquare ofgreen behind their homes, but there were houses all over town that put on a pretty face out front with nice, neat lawns, but in the back — behind the fences and away from view — the grass was dead or patchy. It's like the landscape version of the mullet: nice up front, a mess in the rear. You can't imagine my relief at seeing all those brown backyards in my neighborhood; we weren't the only ones hiding that particularly dirty secret. I should note, by way of background, that my neighborhood is populated by many retired couples, whose abundance of free time is evidenced by their immaculately groomed, richgreen carpets of grassand perfectly trimmed shrubs. My husband has long maintained that you can spot the homes of retired folks by the precision of their landscape maintenance and the fact that grass can't get more than a quarter inch taller than optimum height before the mower is duly employed to shave that grass back into

shape. I'm sure their backyards are pretty sweet, too. But there is no way we can live up to that standard. We try, we really do. Weed pulling, grass mowing, more and moreand more water applied to only slightly weed-infested grass. More mowing. This allows us to just barely keep up appearances out front. Just not out back. But now I know I am not alone. So to my neighbors who hide similar secrets: You can try, as we do, to put on a pretty face out front. But satellites don't lie. I knowthe truth, and it's OK. You're not alone, either. Thank the heavens for tall fences. — Julie Johnson is the features editor at The Bulletin. 541-383-0308, jj

lights new gifts to the

museum's collection as well as special items on loan from the Bend Elks and members of the Deschutes County Historical Society. Visi-

tors can discover why Vince Gennawas known as "Mr. Baseball" and who the Bend Rainbows

were. They canlearn about Ty Cobb's visits to Photos by Rob Kerr /The Bulletin

A turkey vulture lands on its perch at the High Desert Museum'suRaptors in the Desert Sky" program.

Bend, and more. "Diamonds in the Desert" will run through the end of 2013 in the

changing exhibit gallery. The Des Chutes Historical Museum, located at 129 NW Idaho Ave., is open 10 a.m. to 4:30

p.m.Tuesdaysthrough Saturdays. Cost: $5 for general adult; $2 for ages13 through17; free for

0 SWOO in

or summer

children 12 and younger with a paid adult. Contact: 541-389-1813

or www.deschutes

Quilt guild seeks former members Former and current members of the Mt.

By Mac McLean

Bachelor Quilters' Guild are invited to celebrate

The Bulletin

the group's 30th anniversary on Monday.The

alem resident Laurel

group will host a histori-

cal celebration and offer past and present members a chance to reunite. The group will also be

Milmore didn't realize she was in the direct flight path of a

collecting quilts for a special exhibit at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. RSVP by email

female Harris's hawk until it zipped past her right

to MBQG.30years©

shoulder during the High

The group will also host a quilt show and

Desert Museum's "Raptors

anniversary celebra-

in the Desert Sky" program and she ducked to get out of its way. "I was thinking to myself, 'Should I really be standing

Curator of Natural History John Goodellholds a Merlin — a species of falcon that eats smaller birds — while talking aboutbirds of prey at the High Desert Museum.

If yougo What:"Raptors in the Desert Sky,"

a flight demonstration featuring rescued birds of prey When:12:30 p.m. daily through

here'?'" said Milmore, who

Labor Day

could feel the air disturbed

Where:The High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend

by the hawk's extended wings rush past her head like a breeze. " I wa s a l s o thinking, 'Is she

going to poop on m e?' because that's the

Cost:$2 for museum members, $3 plus admission for nonmembers, children 4 andunder admitted free Contact:541-382-4754 Peregrine falcons (below) are the fastest type of raptor and can reach speeds of up to 200 mph.

real danger." For thepast three summers, the museum's raptors in flight demonstration program has thrilled spectators by giving them a chance to see falcons, hawks, owls and vultures fly from one perch to another at a 2-acre clearing on the museum's wooded grounds. The show is only offered May through Labor Day. The birds of prey that take part in the show — none of which could survive on

Barn owls (right) have a heart-shaped face that funnels sound directly to their ears. This helps them hunt at night.

their own in the wild — also benefit from the program because it gives them a chance to get some exercise and earn some treats. The female Harris's hawk that flew by Milmore and her friends was one

of five raptors Curator of Natural History John Goodell and his team of trainers sent flying across the clearing during Monday's show. "Raptors are birds that grab their food with their feet," Goodell said as he narrated the 30-minute presentation over a wireless microphone. Goodell told a crowd of about a dozen spectatorsthe broad category of birds he was referring to includes owls, which hunt during the night, falcons, which have thin tapered wings and can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, and vultures, which feed off the carcasses other animals have left behind. These animals tend to fall victim to roadstrikes because they swoop in fast and low to the ground as they chase after prey or approach road kill he said. Lead poisoning is also a problem for the scavengers because they can ingest bullet fragments when eating carcassesthathunters have leftbehind. While Goodell continued his lesson, his team of raptor trainers darted from one perch to another in the clearing as they guided the pair of Harris's hawks through a route they had practiced before. They do the same with a peregrine falcon, which is the fastest type of raptor, and a white barn owl that had a heart-shaped face designed to funnel sound directly to its ears. But the real star of the show was a turkey vulture that lived in captivity all of its life and for a few moments had a chance to be free.

The vulture Goodell said somebody found the turkey vulture when it was very young and most likely had fallen out of its nest. See Raptors/D2

tion Aug. 10 at Pioneer Park in Bend. "Viewers'

Choice" winners and "Challenge-Quilt" winners from the guild's

previous shows will be featured in a special exhibit called "A Panorama of Dur Best." Contact:

Student concert on tap for Sunday The Sunriver Music

Festival's Young Artists Scholarship program will present a concert by12 scholarship recipients at 7 p.m. Sunday at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 18143 Cottonwood Road, Sunriver.

The scholarship program supports middle school, high school and college students with scholarships

for college or music conservatory tuition, private music lessons, or music camps. Classical music students from Deschutes, Jefferson,

Crookand Harney counties auditioned for the

scholarships in Mayand early June, and arecord $31,000 wasawarded to seventeen musicians between the ages of12

and 22, according to the Sunriver Music Festival.

Sunday's concert is free and open to the public. Contact: 541-5939310. — From staff reports









• 1'


C ''


>~N »



> 8,< '4'

~ 4++6»

Photos by Rob Kerr /The Bulletin

Amanda Wilheln, assistant curator of wildlife for the High Desert Museum, weighs a hawk at the museum's raptor center. Animals used in the "Raptors of the Desert Sky" program are fed a strict diet and are weighed regularly to keep them in their peak condition.

Raptors Continued from 01 Wanting to d o t h e r i g ht thing, he said, the vulture's rescuer tookthe bird to a wildlife rehabilitator so it could get the care it needed. But Goodell said this caused a problem for the vulture, because "it's very d i fficult to raise (wild birds) without imprinting them." Because the bird had been around humans for so much of its l ife, Goodell said, it never fully developed the instincts it needed to survive in the wild. When th e H i g h D e s ert Museum found out about the vulture's condition, it agreed to house the bird and feature it in it s a f ternoon in-flight demonstrations. Goodell and his trainers spent about two months working with the bird as they taught it how to fly from perch to perch. Every other bird featured in the show has a similar story and had either been kept in captivity (like the peregrine falcon that was used in a captive breeding program) or had been injured (like a Swainson's hawk that was blind in

"Sometimes things can be a little exciting." — Dana Whitelaw, High Desert Museum's vice president of Programs


one eye). B ehind th e s c enes, t h e museum's staff f eed t h ese animals a diet Vice President A turkey vulture poses for a spectator's camera during "Raptors of of Programs Dana Whitelaw the Desert Sky." said is strictly controlled and intended to keep the animals at their "peak level of performance." The museum's staff a lso routinely w e ighs t h e birds and recordsthis information on a dry erase board complete with detailed directions for each bird's care. G iving t hese a n imals a chance to fly from perch to perch before a c r owd t h at could number 150 people in the peak season is just part of this care routine, Goodell said. And in return, the birds seize the spotlight and run away with the show. A barn owl glides from one perch to another. At least that's what happened with the turkey vulture. "Here's a chance to look held them long enough so any The surprise spectator who had a camera at the turkey vulture's flight W hen G oodell a n d h i s could get a shot. p ath," Goodell said a s h e trainers let the vulture out of But something happened continued his lessons while its cage Monday, the animal near the end of this route, and watching one of his birds fly glided overhead just high instead of f l ying back i nto away. "It's got a very noticeenough to cast a shadow on its cage, the bird flapped its able dihedral (a body position the ground. It struck poses wings and disappeared into with wings tilted up to grab on each of its perches and the forest. onto air currents) and hope-

fully it will come back." Goodell, his trainers and the crowd watched the turkey vulture as it flew in and out of the two-acre performance area where the show was based. Sometimes they tracked it by its shadow and other times the animal could be spotted from where it had stopped in a nearby tree. Goodell said he could have s pooked the bird w hen h e accidentally walked into its flight path. Another turkey vulture ha d b e e n s p otted flying overhead, he said, explaining that also meant there could have been a dead animal in a nearby clearing that was just outside the crowd's sight. But regardless of what caused it to go off script, the t urkey v u l ture f l e w b a c k into the performance area immediately after the museum's trainers activated the animal's telemetry scanner so they could track its movements with their r adio devices. The t r ainers guided the animal back into its cage before a handful of spectators who stayed to watch the vulture's recovery as if its disappearance had been part of the show. "Sometimes things can be a little exciting," Whitelaw said, adding unscripted antics like the vulture'sdisappearance a re sometimes part o f t h e show. S he said there was o n e time when an "unfortunate ground squirrel" w andered into the demonstration area halfway through a p e r formance only tobe picked up and eaten by a raptor that had veered offits choreographed route to get a late afternoon snack. "The crowd loved it," she said, recalling the horror of this unscripted event. "They applauded."

To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email bulletin© or call 54I-383-0358. ANTIOCHCHURCH:"Paradox of Worship," as part of the series, "Paradox"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; Redux Q-and-A after the service; BendHighSchool,230 N.E.Sixth St., Bend. BEND CHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE: Pastor Virgil Askren; "Darkest Before the Dawn"; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 1270N.E. 27th St., Bend. CENTRAL OREGONBAPTIST CHURCH: Pastor John Tittle; "God is NotMocked,"basedonthe Micah1, as part of the series on Micah; Sundayat10:30a.m.;500 S.W. Bond St., Bend. COMMUNITYOF CHRIST: Guest Minister, Elder SeanLangdon; "Respond in Faith," basedon Luke 7:11-17; Sunday at10:30 a.m., following 10:15 a.m. praise singing; 20380 CooleyRoad, Bend. CROSS CHURCH:Pastor Ed Byrnes; "Through Faith Alone," based on Ephesians2:8; today at 6:30 p.m.; Neighborhood Center, 2640 Jones Road, Bend. DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Ray Rigmaiden; "Trusting in God," based on Proverbs3:5; Sundayat 10 a.m.; 334N.W.Newport Ave., Bend. EASTMONTCHURCH:Pastor John Lodwick; "Washer 8 Dryer: The Cleansing Effect of Forgiveness," based on Luke 15:10, as part of the series, "INVEST: Building a HomeWith Grace"; Sunday at 9and 10:45 a.m.; 62425 Eagle Road, Bend. FATHER'SHOUSECHURCH OF GOD:Pastor Randy Wills; "Wherever, Whenever,Whatever," as part of the series, "Fanor Follower"; Sundayat10 a.m.; Youth Group; Wednesdays; 7 p.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend. THE FELLOWSHIPATBEND: Pastor Loren Anderson; "For the Sake of theGospel (Pastors and Money)," based on1 Corinthians 9:1-18; Sunday at10a.m.; Redux Q-and-A after the service; Summit High School, 2855 N.W.Clearwater Drive, Bend. FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: Pastor Jason Medina; "Parables of Jesus: LookOut MyWindow"; Sundayatthe 9a.m.,10:45a.m. and 5:01 p.m. services; 230 N.E. Ninth St., Bend. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH:TheRev. Thom Larson; "One Fromthe Heart," based on Luke 711-17; Sunday at 9and11 a.m.; 680 N.W. BondSt., Bend. FOUNDRY CHURCH:A message about what is missing from our gospel and the difficulty living in Christ's power today; Sundayat 10:15 a.m.; 60N.W.Oregon Ave., Bend.. JOURNEY CHURCH:Pastor Keith Kirkpatrick; "Run theRace!"; Sunday at10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.; 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Chris Kramer; Sundayat10 a.m.; Annualcongregation meeting; 11:15 a.m.; Annual BBQ/Potluck; Noon; Biblestudy;Wednesdays; 10a.m.; 60850 BrosterhousRoad, Bend. REAL LIFECHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Mike Yunker; Part six of the series "Sermon on the Mount"; Sunday at 8, 9:30 and11 a.m.; 2880 N.E. 27th St., Bend.

ongoing; TheSound Garden Studio, 1279 N.E.Second St., Bend. TRINITYEPISCOPAL CHURCH: Sunday at 9 a.m.; St. Francis Church, 2450 N.E. 27th St., Bend. TRINITY LUTHERANCHURCH:The Rev. PatrickRooney; "Where'dYou Hear That?" based onGalatians1:11-24; Sundayat9:30a.m.;2550N.E.Butler Market Road. UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OF CENTRAL OREGON: The Rev. Alex Holt & Others; "Celebration Sunday"; annual group photo; Sunday at11 a.m.; at the Old Stone Church, 157 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend. COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor Rob Anderson; "Growing Through Following Jesus," based on Luke24:1-12, as part of the series "Becoming a Disciple!"; Sunday at 9 and11 a.m.; 529 N.W. 19th St., Redmond. ST. PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "Its Go Time," based on Luke14:16-24; Sundayat3 p.m .;SaintAlban's,3277 N.W. 10th St., Redmond. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor Eric Burtness; "Everything Happens for a Reason," as part of the series "10 Things Jesus Didn'tSay";Sundayat 10 a.m. and5:01 p.m.; 1113BlackButte Blvd., Redmond. SHEPHERD'S VALLEYCOWBOY CHURCH:Pastor Jordan Weaver; Sunday at 9 and10:30a.m. and Monday at 7 p.m.; in the cafe of The Rim Rock Riders Equestrian Facility, Brasada Ranch, 17037 S.W. Alfalfa Road, Powell Butte AGAPE HARVESTFELLOWSHIP: Pastor JeremySeibert; youth and family service; Wednesday at 6p.m.; 52460 Skidgel Road, LaPine. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH ATSUNRIVER:Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel; "Immutable," as part of the series, "Who is LikeYou? A Study on theAttributes of God"; Sunday at 9:30a.m.; 1Theater Drive, Sunriver. CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev.Willis Jenson; "God Raises Men from Death to Life Eternal through His Word, the Gospel" basedon Luke 7:14; Sundayat11 a.m.; held at Terrebonne GrangeHall, 828611th St., Terrebonne. CRYSTALBOWL HARMONIC SOUTHBATH:Sunday at 6:30 p.m.; Spiritual AwarenessCommunity of the Cascades, held at TheOld Stone Church, 157 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend. "THE TRUTHPROJECT" PRESENTATION:12-part video series from Focus on the Family; free; 6:308 p.m.; Wednesdays through June 26; Alfalfa Community Hall, Willard Road; 541-977-4290. "THE MUSICOF SPRING": A performance by pianist Christine Eisenberg and flautist Hal Ott; free; 7 p.m. Today; Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 695 N.W. Third St, Prineville; 541-447-7526 or 541-639-7425. 10TH ANNIVERSARYCELEBRATION OF SPANISH-SPEAKINGMINISTRY: Celebration with The Rev.Flora Vergara, U.S. Missionary with the Assemblies of God; Fridayat 7 p.m., The Rev. Hillario Garza; June15at 2 p.m., TheRev.Dennis Dickson; June16 at 4 p.m., TheRev. Darlene Robinson; La RocaComunidad Cristiana,1155 S.W.Division St., Ste. B-B, Bend.

Weekly Arts Sr Entertainment In

RIVERWOODS CHURCH: Pastor Rene Houle; "Got Wisdom," based on 2 Chronicles 1:10; Sunday at 11 a.m.; 60377 Cinder Butte Road,Bend. SPIRITUAL AWARENESS COMMUNITY OFTHE CASCADES: Guest speakerKelseyCollins; "Do You Want to Change the World?"; Sundayat9a.m.; heldatTheOld Stone Church,157 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend. SPRINGS OF LIFEMINISTRIES: Evangelist and Bibleteacher Eddie Cienda; W ednesdaysat7p.m.;

WhereBuyersAndSellers Meet

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TheBulletin Azszxmwg

nvns 'D t« r

Io ";

24 t e e t L fetyfes I» J-2I IJ

Retire with us Today! 541-312-9690

— Reporter: 541-617-7816,


FIRSTTIME EVER! All Regular ltems at~ WholesalePrices!= ~"' ":

While onecity honorsits fallen, othersfill in Houston Chronicle In Texas, Houston and Dallas often compete symbolically for which city is the best. But when itcomes to emergencies like last week's disastrous motel fire, those differences are

replacedby a common feeling of grief for those who died in the line of duty. Dallas Fire Department Lt. Nick Ravelo, for instance, was among hundreds of firefighters who sacrifi ced days offto fill Houston stations during a memorialservice Wednesday. "We understand when they hurt and bleed; we all feel that pain," Ravelo said as he watched the televised memorial at Station 68, where fallen firefighters Anne Sullivan and Robert Garner worked. "It's the least we can do to let them mourn with their family without having to worry."

Like Ravelo, many of the volunteers from elsewhere first worked shifts at their own departments before arriving in Houston in the early hours of Wednesday. The Dallas Fire Fighters Association even chartered two buses to bring volunteers to Houston. Many firefightersalso drove hundreds of miles to offer their services. They came f rom D a llas, San Antonio, Fort Worth and communities closer to home like Galveston. The f i l l-ins familiarized themselves with gear and tools but said the job typically is the same, no matter where the firehouse. "I could pay a better tribute

by helping firefighters go celebrate the lives of their own," said Ravelo, 41, who's been a firefighter almost a dozen years. Ravelo and the others were wearing black T-shirts

and polo shirts with "Dallas Fire and Rescue" on the back. "We wanted to do anything we could to help." Some volunteers will work here through the weekend. Others, like Dallas Fire Capt.

D anny W i n dle, s ai d t h e y planned tobe back working at their own stations sooner. "We're here to free up a bunch of guys who normally would have been working," he said. "We're all in solidarity."

Our Annuel

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The Garden Gallery 1080 SE Centennifzl ¹5, Bend, OR 97702 541-728-0845 Locatedin theReedBusiness Park of SEReed Market Rd. Turn in on PaiuteSt. (at the ReedPub). Left on Centennial.

SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2013 • THE BULLETIN "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism




p 'i






536 SW 10th, Redmond

755 NE 2nd Street, Bend


541 -389-8888


Sunday, 3 pm at the Old Stone Church, 157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend Sunday School 2 years - 5th grade Nursery 0-2 years Visitors welcome

0 0

Sunday Worship9:00 am F 10:30 am

You Are TheMost Important Part of Our Services

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo • Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor POWELL BUTTE


541 NE Dekalb

Church Office: 541-389-8787 E-mail: Send to: PO Box 808, Bend OR 97709

Sunday School 9:45 am Children F Adult Classes Worship Service - 11:00 am

Major's Robert F Miriam Keene



"Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

"Star B Crescent"Islam

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucianism

Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays


Potluck 6 pm

20080 Pinebrook Blvd. 541-389-3436

Musicand the Word 7 pm Sunday Worship Services

Celebrate New Life

8:30 am - 10: 15 am - !1 am

at New Hope Church!

Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994 We provide a congregational setting for lews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at:

Nursery & Children's Church •


1049 NE 11th St.• 541-382-8274 SUNDAYS:

9:30am Sunday Educational Classes 10:30 am Morning Worship This Sunday at Faith Christian Pastor Mike lohnson will share his message titled "Revelation" Part II in the Sunday service,

beginning at 10:30 am. Childcare is provided in our Sunday morning service. On Wednesdays "Restored Youth" service begins at 7:00 pm A number of Faith Journey Groups meet throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street. REDMOND ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1865 W Antler • Redmond 541-548-4555

SUNDAYS Morning Worship 8:30 am F 10:30 am Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm

COMM U N ITY BIBLK CHURCH AND CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL 541-593-8341 Beaver at Theater Drive, PO Box 4278, Sunriver, OR 97707

"Transforming Lives Through the Truth of the Word" All are Welcome!

Pastor Duane Pippitt •


Coffee Fellowship - 10:45 am Bible Education Hour - 11: 15am Nursery Care available

•Women'sBibleStudy -Tuesdays,10 am • Awana Kids Club (4 yrs - 6th gr.) Sept.- May • Youth Ministry (gr. 7-12) Wednesdays 6: 15 pm • Men'sBibleStudy -Thursdays9 am • I-iome Bible Studies are also available Preschool for 3 8 4 year olds Call for information Senior Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Associate Pastor: Jake Schwarze visit our Web site Listen to KNLR 97.5 FM

at 9:00 am each Sunday to hear "Transforming Truth" with Pastor Glen.

20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (541) 383-5097 Web site:

Wednesday 7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting 8 Adult Bible Study 7:00 PM - Kids 4 Truth

Like Hymns? We've Got 'em!

Sunday Services 8 am Traditional Service

(No child care for 8 am service)

full child care

This Sunday at Foundry, Syd Brestel we dialogue about what is missing from our gospel. Why do we have difficulty living in Christ's power today? Join our discussionI at 10:15 am For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541-382-3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH, SBC 3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond ' 541-548-4161

Sunday Worship Services: 8 00 am, 9 30 am, II:00 am Sunday Bible Fellowship Groups 9:30 am B 11:00 am Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor For complete calender:

of Jewish backgrounds.

Don Henderson 6 Mike Sweeney "Loving people one at a time."

Hebrew school, Torah study, and adult education

Rabbi Glenn Ettman



go to.

Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshippmg m Spirit and Truth 541-410-5337

62425 Eagle Road, Bend• 541-382-2049

For information about our education

Chddren Welcome

Principal Lonna Carnahan

programs, please call Kathy Schindel at

541 -388-8826

"Educating and Developing the Whole Child for the Glory of God"

Services & Events

Pre K - 5th Grade

BKND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 St. • 541-382-5496

Sundays: 8:30 6 10:30 am Wednesday Night Study: 7 pm YouthGroup:Wednesday 7 pm Child Care provided

available, call for days and times. "Teaching the Word of God, Book by Book"

1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100

First United Methodist Church


Church Service F Sunday School: 10 am

Nursery Care F Children's Church

Wed. Testi mony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided.


MISSION (LCMS) Reading Room:

The missionofIheChurchis!o forgivesins(hrougfi (he Gospelandtherebygrant e(erriaj life.

Mon, through Frix 11 am - 4 pm

(St. John 20;22-23, Augsburg

Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish Office: 541-536-3571

Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm

Confession XXVUI,8, 10)




18143 Cottonwood Rd. Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm

Sunday mass 8:00 am Confessions: Thurs. 9:00-9:15 am OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS, Gilchrist 120 Mississippi Dr Sunday Mass — 12:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 12:00-12:15 pm HOLY FAMILY,

near Christmas Valley

NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street Masses Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday 7:30 AM, 10i00AM F 7:00 PM

Domingo 12:30 PM -M isa en Espanol

Religion of the Lfght andSound of God Experience an Eckankar

8286 11th St (Grange Hall), Terrebonne, OR

Community HU

Thursday, June 20, 6:30 pm at the


East Bend Public Library,

Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission

60280 Dean Swift Rd. ¹170


Learnhow tosing HU, a love song to God: a loving, uplifting, Spiritual Exercise. HU,

pronounced like the word hue, is sung for

2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862


Followed by a discussion.

(Child Care Available)

Regardless of your beliefs or religion,

Education Hour 10:45 a.m.

CHRISTIAN LIFE CKNTER 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241

M en'sBible Study Wednesday 7:30 a.m.

Sunday Morning Worship

singing HU can bring you greater 8:45 amf 10:45 am

Singing HU can draw us closer in our state of consciousness to the Divine Being. It

has helped people of many different faiths open their hearts more fully to the uplifting

Pastor loel LiaBraaten

WednesdayMid-Week Services Children F Youth Programs 7:00 pm


Nursery Care provided for all services.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Sunday Worship Services at

CAPILLA DE SANTA CLARA Jueves7:00 PM -Misa en Espanol

10;00 am B 5:01 pm

Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241

• Expanded awareness

• The healing of a broken heart


• Solace during times of grief

Vacation Bible School

• A release of fears

June 24-28, 9:00 am - Noon

CHURCH 529 NW 19th Street

(3/4 mile north of High School)

• Answers to your questions

Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367

Children's Room available during services

For more information please visit or or call 541-728-6476.

Come Experience a warm, friendly family Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor

of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always.

9:00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children 8 Youth Sunday School 9;30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship

A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and •


469 NW Wall St. ' 541-382-5542

diverse music program for all ages Coffee, snacksarid je)(owsfii)r after each service

Youth Groups High School — Sunday 1!:00am- 12:30pm MiddleSchool —W ednesday 6:00-7:30pm

M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Suridir 9 Schedule

Wed. Bible Study at noon

One service at 9:00 am

3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study

Historic St. Francis Church, 494 NW Lava St. at Franklin, Bend, OR

We are grateful to the community for the outpouring of help The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector

li00 pm

Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer

3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs

Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service

Active Social Outreach

Small Groups Meet Regularly (Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 — 541-923-7466

All are welcome

Pastor Eric Burtness

through our red doors

Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week 230 NE Ninth Street Bend http;// 541 382 4401

June 9, 2013 at 11:00 am: Rev. Alex Holt 8 Others: "Celebration Sunday". UUFCO ends another church year and it's time to celebrate so many accomplishments and transitions. Join us for a celebration and an appreciation for all that's been done here in 2012-13. Remember that the annual group picture will be taken today, too, so please plan to be part of a great photo opportunity. Religious Education for Grades Pre-K through Grade 5 and childcare for young children are available.

Meeting place: THE OLD STONE CHURCH 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND Mail:PO Box428, BendOR97709 (541 ) 385-3908 •


Sermon Title: "One From the Heart" Scripture: Luke 7:11-17 9:00 am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9:00 am service 11.00 am - Traditional Service

'During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson



presence and security of God's love.

• Inner light and/or sound

Youth Events bendyouthcollectwe

Childcare provided on Sunday

Meeting at the Golden Age Club 40 SE 5th St., Bend Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated to worshipping God and teaching the Bible truths recovered through the Reformation. Call for information about other meetings 541-420- 1667

Wednesday Noon Silence F Supper Worship 12:30 pm Contemplative Prayer

period of sacred contemplation.

• A subtle sense of Divine Love

Redmond, Oregon 97756 541 -923-3390 Father Todd Unger, Pastor Mass Schedule: Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8i00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English) 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessions on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm




Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.

Worship in the Heart of Redmond

Reconciliation Tuesday7:30AM -8;00 A M -English o Espanol Saturday8.30AM -9:30 AM -English o Espanol


• Comfort, peace, joy

Exposition 8 Benediction Monday after 7:00 AM Mass - 6:00 PM Tuesday 10i00 AM - 6:00 PM Wednesday after 7:00 AM Mass - 6:00 PM Thursdayafter7;00 AM Mass -600 PM Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

June is Guatemala Mission Month Help build a better future in San Lucas Toliman. Check out the model home at First Presbyterian. Find information and a video at

Rev. Thom Larson

Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor.

Parables of lesus: Look Out My Window Preacher Jason Medina 9:00 am contemporary 10:45 am traditional 5i0 Ipm relaxed Sunday School. 3 yrs to 6th grade Nursery care provided

(In the Heart of Downtown Bend) 680 NW Bond St./ 541.382.1672 Everyone isWelcome!

WEDNESDAY 6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study THURSDAY 10;00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY Life Groups

11 am Divine Service

Singing HU can help you experience:

Corner of NW Franklin 6 Lava Masses Sunday 4:30 PM M onday- Fri day 7:00 AM f 12:15 PM Saturday 8:00 AM

ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday

10 am Sunday School

Reconciliation / Reconciliacion Saturday3:00 PM -4:45 PM -English. Thursday 6:00 PM -7:00 PM - English o Espanol Domingo li:15 AM - 12:15 PM - Espanol


10:15 am Worship Service

(South of Portland Ave.)

115 NW Minnesota Ave.

16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday, Wednesday 8 Friday Mass 9:00 am Sunday Mass — 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays — 3:00-4:00pm

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service

680 NW Bond Street

Lead Pastor

See our website for more information

Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

All services are held at the FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST,

Rev. Dr Steven H. Koski

"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation

LIVING TORAH FKLLOWSHIP @ La Roca Church 1155 SW Division, ¹D8, Bend Saturday 10:30 am-2 pm Worship/Dance-Study-

For the complete schedule of

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 230 NE Ninth, Bend (Across Ninth St. from Bend High) All Are Welcome, Always!


Visit us on the web at or contact us at 541-385-5439 •

Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah INew Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy

and Jews by choice.

religious education,

happiness, love, and understanding.

SundaySchoolclasses are at9:00 am and our Worship Service at 10:15 am

Union for Reform Judaism.

Our members represent a wide range

social functions, services,

Pastor Rev. James A. Radloff Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti 541-382-3631

(FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Syd Brestel

Temple Beth Tikvah is a member of the

Associate Pastors

• Davidic dance and worship • Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes • Home groups


Minister - Mike Yunker - 541-312-8844

62425 Eagle Road, Bend 541-382-5822


Our monthly activities include


For more information about weekly ministries for the whole family, contact 541-382-5822 or email info©

11 am Service (Full child care) For information, please call ...

Undeniable Ways"

Sunday Services Classic (Blended) Service 9.00am Contemporary Service 10:45am Hispanic Service 6:00pm

We welcome interfaith families

about 20 minutes and is followed by a brief


Pastor Randy Myers


57255 Fort Rock Rd Sunday Mass — 3:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm

"DisplayingIfreReaiity oj Christ in

Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am,

541 -548-3066



Sunday 9:15 AM - Prayer Meeting 9:30 AM —Adult Bible Fellowship 9 30AM - Children's Sunday School 10:30 AM — Worship Service 6:00 PM - Growth Groups (call for locations)

13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte

Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701 Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include:

Saturday 6:00 pm


Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are

God-Centered Worship Expository Bible Teaching Rich Hymns 8 Songs Family Oriented Ministries Christ-Focused Living Meaningful Loving Relationships Compassionate Gospel Witness

Osborne and Glenn Bartnik

9:30 am Contemporary Service with

The church is located at Beaver and Theater Drives in Sunriver Everyone is welcome.

CENTRAL OREGON BAPTIST CHURCH Currently rrreetirrg ai 500 SWBondS!. (541) 617-2814

Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy

at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th


Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery W ednesdayNITE LiveKids Youth Group


"Star of David"


• g •

4 Saturdays and TMC: $115 5 Saturdays and TMC: $138 The Bulletin: Every Saturday on the church page. $23 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of each month. $23 Copy Changes: by Monday I week prior to


Caii Pat Lynch

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sc oo su en isoncou • Impoverished teen achieves 9full-ride offers to elite universities By Diana Lambert The Sacramento Bee

S ACRAMENTO, Cali f . — Lloyd Chen can't afford the $70for a high school yearbook. His family can't pay for a graduation party or a tr ip abroad. But the Laguna Creek High valedictorian has something his fellow g r aduates don't: nine full-ride offers to elite universities. The Elk Grove, Calif., teen, who just graduated with a 4.79 grade-point average achieved the rare feat of acceptance by all nine schools to which he applied: Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, M assachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of C alifornia campuses atBerkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego and Davis. He chose Harvard. "It's been my dream since I was 8 years old," said Chen, 17. His dream came true in December, when Harvard sent an acceptance letter. "It was the happiest moment of my life," Chen said. The Cambridge, Mass., universityhad an acceptance rate of 5.8 percent for its incoming fall 2013 class. Only six students in the Sacramento, Calif., region were admitted into H arvardthisyear from the 234 who applied — an even lower 2.6 percent rate — according t o Suzy Underwood of t h e Harvard Club of Sacramento.

Chen's perse v erance showed itself in middle school when he decided he needed a laptop computer and a camera for hisstudies. He purchased candy at a store and resold it to students after school to earn money to buy the equipment. He writes of his mother's growing despair over the family's poverty in his college essay. He also writes about her efforts to keep the family afloat, including repeated efforts to scrape togethermoney to repair their 20-year-old Nissan. The car's upkeep proved essentialLloyd's freshman year afterhe asked to attend Mira



with prodding from his mother and Laguna Creek counselor Alycia Sato, who became

Loma High School to enroll in its acclaimed International Baccalaureate program. Early each weekday, Lloyd and his mother piled into the old Nissan to drive from Elk Grove to Mira Loma High in Arden Arcade. Yun said she couldn't afford to make the 38-mile round-trip commute twice each day, so she waited for Chen all day, sometimes sitting in the car reading the newspaper, or taking walks nearby as he took his classes. Chen didn't want to leave Mira Loma after his freshman year, but he finally relented


one of his biggest champions.


Laguna Creek had just started its own IB program, and Chen was one of the first to sign on. Founded in 1968, the IB program prepares students for rigorous college study, allows them to earn university credits and helps them gain admission to top colleges. The move didn't hurt Chen. H e scoreda 34 ou tofa possible 36 on his ACT college readiness test. He ranked first in his graduating class and will take the podium at Sleep Train Arena today as the school's valedictorian. "I'm so happy for him,

Randy Pench / Sacramento Bee/ Mcclatchyrrribune News Service

Laguna Creek High School senior Lloyd Chen, 17, and his senior classmates are congratulated on their upcoming graduation by students at Foulks Ranch Elementary School in Elk Grove, Calif. Chen, who graduated with a 4.79 grade-point average, will be going to Harvard University. because he has been work- harder than anybody." "Most people complain. He ing hard s ince elementary school," Yun said. "He's not doesn't complain," she added. t hat smart. Bu t h e w o r k s "I'm really proud of him."

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"I was so happy for him,"

said Carmen Chen, who has been friends with Lloyd Chen since they attended school at Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary in Sacramento. "His dream to go to Harvard came true. I honestly didn't have a huge reaction, because I knew all along that he would get in." Achieving t h a t H a r v ard dream didn't come easily to the boy who grew up so poor that most of his clothes were h and-me-downs. Chen, h i s mother and an older sister live in a two-bedroom apartment paid for by federal rent assistance. They scrape by on government aidfor expenses. Another sister is away at college. His mother, Susie Yun, emigrated from South Korea three years before Chen was born. She has been diagnosed with clinical depression. His father left the family around the time Chen was born. "Throughout my l i fe, I've learned to grow up w ithout luxuries," he wrote in his college application essay. "I don't need fancy clothes. I d on't need expensive SAT classes. I don't even need a father. "I have something more valuable than l uxuries: the foundation to grow and prosper," he added. "My circumstances have not brought me down, but instead, have made me stronger." Despite an annual sticker p rice that h a s c l i mbed t o roughly $ 6 0,000, H a r vard a nd other t o p-ranked p r i vate universities waive all at• tendance costs for students whose families earn less than $60,000 a year. The University of California waives tuition and student fees for students whose families earn less than

Bggp Q









2014 Jayco Jay Flight Sw if t 154BH Edition"


~ i ui •



*20% down plus tax Itr or licensefees.108 months, 4.99%APRonapproved credit tier 1. Stk.t/I1622 VIN: 700114.

g 4e cce...

2012 JayCO 27.5 BHS Eagle Super Light 5th Wheel n ~29,9M

JayCO 22FB Jayflight or Ja y C O Jayfeather X17Z — :=




3 9' 0



f 89 00/mo

'* *20% down plus tax & or license fees. 180 months, 4.99% APR on approved credit tier 1. StI(.¹j1462. VIN¹ PX0237.

*20% down plus tax 5 or license fees.144 months, 4.99% APRon approved credit tier1. St k .¹'s I1541 & I1576. VIN¹'s 8E0107 8r JZ0440.

2 013 Jayco R e d h a w k


I -

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aC~,99S $

~f f9"l-


Factory Reps onhand!

$80,000. Although top u n iversities offer talented, low-income students generous financial aid packages, researchers from Stanford and Harvard found in a March study that the "vast majority of very-high achieving students who are low income do not apply to any selective college or university." Chen was an anomaly. Besides his nine full-ride offers, Chen received a Gates Millennium Scholarship that pays for his undergraduate and graduate studies. Chen plans to use it for graduate school and to pick up undergraduate costs that Harvard doesn't cover, ensuring that he does not have to take a campus job.

— gigW


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a~~ 99~

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89900/ mo"

*20% down plus tax 8 orlicensefees. 240 months, 4.99% APRon approved credit tier 1. Stk.¹11572. VIN: B29770.

*20% down plus tax & or license fees. 240 months, 4.99% APR on approved credit tier 1. Stk.¹11448. VIN¹ BH5614.

2013 Jayco P i n n a c l e 38FLFS 5th Wheel • SleePS uP t04 • Culinary Dream Kitchen Suite

• Optional premium paint • Expansivierr


e69 995


*20% down plus tax 8r or license fees. 240 months, 599% APR onapproved credit tier 1. Stk¹11612. VIN: RJ0128.




=..I arraor wINIplsravr rlrrlH 1rJWlllrrr

foundation to grow and prosper.My circumstances have not brought me down, but instead, have

made mestronger." — Lloyd Chen, 17



"I have something more valuable than luxuries: the


gggg g


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K lc ii7ID/II ~/ / V

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u inrisesonun re i TV SPOTLIGHT By Jacqueline Cutler © Zap2it

The only sure shot going into the 67th Annual Tony Awards on Sunday is Neil Patrick Harris hosting for a fourth time. "He understands Broadway and television, and Broadway and television come together one time a year," says Glenn Weiss,director and co-producer of the Tonys. Though Harris was suspended upside down when "SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark" was a contender in 2012, he's not going to pull similar stunts. "I never find it a successful move when an awards show host dons different ridiculous outfits," Harris says. "As a viewer, I never feel it is funny, and I just think it is difficult for the host. It is a lot of work for not a lot of accolades. You end up with silly pictures of yourself in the trades." " The job o f h o s ting a n awards show like the Tonys is to be the ringmaster and barker," Harris says. "It is different from other shows because it is so performance-filled. You have to spend your time honoring the season and honoring the shows." CBS' live three-hour telecast returns to New York's Radio City Music Hall to honor a season that has been incredibly diverse. That included oneperson shows on a super agent ("I'll Eat You Later"), Macbeth



Courtesy Joan Marcus

Bertie Carvel ("Matilda The Musical") is a nominee at the 67th Annual Tony Awards, Sunday on CBS. and Mary, the mother of Jesus

categories are very close." It was a surprising season — though Bette Midler, Alan with so many musicals geared Cumming and Fiona Shaw, toward children, and nominatwho played them, respectively, ed shows include "A Christmas were not nominated. Story, The Musical," "Matilda This season has Tom Hanks The Musical" and "Rodgers 8t nominated for best actor in his Hammerstein's Cinderella." B roadway debut i n "Lucky Among the brilliant perforGuy." Nora Ephron's final play, mances nominated are Nathan about the late newspaperman Lane's as a conservative gay Mike McAlary, is up for six vaudevillian in "The Nance" Tonys. and Tracy Letts' as the drunk"There are a lot of things on en professorin "Who's Afraid Broadway this year that don't of Virginia Woolf?" "I am kind of blown away fit the mold of the Broadway musical," says c o -producer by the diversity of the shows," Ricky Kirshner. "There are H arrissays. "There are lots of a lot of interesting races. The children, lots of animals, lots best musical races are very of people in nothing and lots of close, and a lot of the acting men in dresses."

("The Testament of Mary")

Young actors were remarkable this season, notably in " Matilda Th e M u sical," i n which the four girls who share the title role will be honored with a s pecial Tony. Roald Dahl's timeless story of a brilliant girl raised by imbeciles has music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. It also has a hilarious performance by Bertie Carvel, a large man parading around as the nastiest headmistress. He's up for leading actor in a musical, against, among others, the terrific stars of "Kinky Boots." Billy Porter plays a drag queen, and Stark Sands is the reluctant heir to a shoe factory. "Kinky Boots" leads with 13 nominations, including one for Cyndi Lauper's music and lyrics. She's in the same category as Trey Anastasio of Phish, who co-wrote the music for "Hands on a Hardbody." That musical, about Texans competing to win a truck by keeping their hands on it, didn't last long, but two other plays set in Texas are going strong. Holland Taylor, of "Two and a Half Men" fame, wrote and is spellbinding as "Ann," the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards. Taylor's in terrific company for leading actress in a play, which includes Cicely Tyson in "The Trip to BountifuL" Set in Houston and a tiny, moribund town, it stars Tyson as a woman intent on seeing her childhood home one last time.

oman not rea or man.ia e Dear Abby: I have been with my

saying yes. That kind of reaction could be a warning sign of someyears. I'm 19 and we have lived one who is a potential abuser. together since we started dating. I Dear Abby: I'm 14 and haven't love Ned, but I feel like we moved had a girlfriend yet, but I'm curitoo fast into our reousaboutsomething. lationship and now When I do have one, he's trying to keep will it mean I can't DEAR it moving as quicklove other girls? ABBY «~ ly as possible. I'm Lots of g i rls tell me I'm nice, friendly afraid he's going to propose soon. a nd helpful. I l o v e He brings the subject up a lot, them. When I have a girlfriend and I never have much to say be- or get married, I won't be able to cause I'm afraid of h urting hi s stop loving others. Is this wrong, feelings. What should I say if he Abby? — Carlos In Donna, Texas pops the question? I'm not ready for that kind of commitment, but Dear Carlos:There are varying I don't want him to be angry with degrees of love. There is nothing me if I say no. wrong wit h l o v ing w omen, as — Torn In Ohio long as you don't love them all at Dear Torn: Honesty is the best the same time. If you do, it may policy. Not wanting to upset some- upset your girlfriend or wife. one would be a very poor reason When you are ready for a perfor getting married. If Ned pops manent r elationship, th e f e e lthe question, it i s p e rfectly all ings you will have for the woman right to tell him exactly what you you're involved with will be stronhave shared with me — that you ger than those you are feeling are not ready for that kind of com- now. However, if that doesn't hapmitment because you are only 19. pen, consider it an indication that It's the truth. you either aren't ready to settle If Ned becomes angry, do not down or you were meant to be a allow him to stampede you into bachelor.

boyfriend, "Ned," for almost two

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFOR SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2013:This yeara new beginning becomes possible that will have big impact on your life. You easily connect with others. If you are single, there is a strong chance that your status will Starsshowthe kind change. You even of day you'll have c ould meet your ** * * * Dynamicsoul mate. If you ** * * P ositive a r e attached, ** * A verage you will rekindle ** So-so your romance * Difficult and start acting like newlyweds. Whether your concern is financial or emotional, you will have a chance to head in a new direction. A fellow GEMINI echoesmany ofyourthoughts.

ARIES (March 21-April19) ** * * A new beginning involving acloseassociatecould become possible, which will affect the way you communicate with this person. You might feel as if you have everything under control, until an event or misunderstanding points out that you don't! Stay calm. Tonight: Hang out.


e o ns

Dear Abby: I 'm writing in r e sponse to "Hates the Crunching in New Mexico" (April 21), the wife who was annoyed about her husband chewing ice during breakfast and dinner. There is a possibility that he many have pagophagia

(craving and chewing ice), which is often associated with iron deficiency anemia. It could also indicate other nutritional problems that can be manifested by various "picas" (craving substances that have no nutritional value, such as

dirt). "Hates the Crunching" should encourage her husband to schedule an appointment with his physician ASAP for a simple blood test, which can show whether or not he has anemia. — Holly Phelps, Bellflower, Calif. Dear Holly: Thank you for your letter. Some readers felt the ice crunching was just a bad habit, but the majority echoed your concern that the crunching could be a sign of anemia. I hope your letter will encourage "Hates the Crunching's" husband to contact his doctor and ask to be evaluated. — Write to Dear Abby at or P.O.Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

She shares the stage with Condola Rashad, nominated for the second time in a featured role.Also up for her second Tony is Patina Miller, having a ridiculous amount of fun as the ringmaster in the revival of "Pippin." It's in the middle of "Pippin," which garnered 10 nominations, that the season has its one genuine showstopper, courtesy of A ndrea Martin. She proves that 66 is the perfect age to rock a bustier leotard and fishnets while swinging from a trampoline with a

well-muscled young man. Though "Pippin" has sexy costumes, those to beat are the confections in "Cinderella." William Ivey Long, who has won five Tonys and serves as chair of the American Theatre Wing, designed the gowns that seem to magically pop up out

of rags. He's creating one just for the Tonys, but that's all Long would allow, for like the producers, he's intent on not spoiling surprises. What separates the Tonys from other a w ards shows, Weiss says, are the acceptance

speeches. "The sense of the community of the people on Broadway," he says, "that translates and helps make it a unique feature of this television show. "This is a year that you can't necessarily make predictions, which makes it that much more exciting on show night."

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may beanadditional fee for3-0 and IMAXmovies. • Movie times are subject to changeafter press time. I



Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W.Powerhouse Drive, 541-382-6347

• 42(PG-13) 11:35 a.m., 2:35, 6:10, 9:10 • AFTEREARTH(PG-13) Noon, 1, 3, 4:05, 6:40, 7:40, 9:20, 10:20 • EPIC (PG) 11:50 a.m., 2:30, 6:05, 9:05 • EPIC 3-0(PGl 12:05, 3:05, 6:35, 9:25 • FASTS FURIOUS6(PG-13)I2:40,3:45,7:IO, IO:05 • THE GREAT GATSBY (PG-13l 11:30 a.m., 2:45, 6:15, 9:30 • THE HANGOVER PARTIII (R) I2:25, I: IO, 4:15, 7:30, IO:05 • THE INTERNSHIP (PG-13) 1:25, 3:25, 4:25, 6:20, 7:20, 9:15, 10:15 • IRON MAN (PG-13) 3 I2:50, 3:55, 6:55, 9:55 • NOW YOUSEE ME (PG-13)12:30,3:35,6:50,9:45 • OBLIVION(PG-13l 12:20, 3: I5, 7:15, IO: IO • THEPURGE(RlI:20,4:30,7:50, IO:IO • STAR TREK INTODARKNESS(PG-13) 11:45 a.m., 2:50, 6:30, 9:35 • STAR TREK INTODARKNESSIMAX 3-D (PG-13) 12:15, 4,7,10 • Accessibility devicesareavailable forsome movies. t





Regal Pilot Butte 6, 2717N.E.U.S. Highway 20, 541-382-6347


McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 54I-330-8562 • ADMISSION(PG-13) 9:15 • THE CROODS (PGl 11:30 a.m., 2:30 • OBLIVION(PG-13l 6 • After7 p.m., shows are 2f and older only. Younger than 2f may at tendscreeningsbefore 7p.m.ifaccompaniedbya legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin Pan Alley, 541-241-2271

CANCER (June21-July22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Oec. 21)

• THE ANGELS'SHARE(no MPAArating) 6, 8

LEO (July23-Aug.22) ** * You will become full of energy when you think about your friends and your desire to join them. When making plans, make sure thatyou know where, how and when. You won't want to haveeveryone feeling scattered. Tonight: You are the ringmaster of your personal life.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22)

** * While others joyfully seem to go off and enjoy themselves, you feel saddled TAURUS (April 20-May20) with responsibilities. You are the grease ** * B e aware of what is going on with that makes everything work, and you need your finances. You might want to adjust to recognize your importance. Know that your budget or vary some of your ground others will catch on eventually. Tonight: rules about funds. Focus on the positive Out and about. instead of the negative regarding this LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.22) situation. Remember, you only need to ** * * You'll be more in tune with a answer to yourself. Tonight: Your treat. situation than you might want to be. GEMINI (May 21-June20) Sometimes when you empathize you ** * * Y our innate magnetism become too involved. Know that just attracts many different types of people. because you understand a person, it Hopefully your plans don't come across doesn't mean that he or she is morally as too exclusive, as you will want to correct. Tonight: Opt for a different type of ask one or two more people to join you. experience.

** * Defer to others, and know full well what direction you need to head. Maintain asenseofhum or,asothersseem tohave very different ideas from you. You might want to be open to trying a newhobby. Let go of prejudgments. Tonight: At least you have great company!

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan.19) ** * * You could be overtired and withdrawn. You also might not understand why you needto proceed in thesame direction you have been.Fatigue plays a strong role in your decision-making process; perhaps you'll want to incorporate a nap. Tonight: At a favorite spot.

AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb. 16) ** * * O nce you start to let go, you could have difficulty reeling yourself back in. Use care if plans change or ifyou experience an upset, as suddenlyyou could go way overboard and spend too much. Recognize that you need to deal with this issue. Tonight: Put on your dancing shoes.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March20) ** * You could be taken aback by a problem. You'll see a matter very differently because of new information that comes in. Your reaction might be over the top. Take adeep breath, and realize that you will be able to sort through this issue. Tonight: Entertain loved ones at home. ©20t3 by King Features Syndicate

2 p.m. onQ Q, "146th Belmont Stakes" — Another year, no Triple Crown. As the145th Belmont Stakesgoesofftoday at New York's Belmont Park, the horses in the grueling 1.5-mile race will be racing for first place, a $600,000 winners shareand that's about it. Kentucky Derby winner Orb came upempty in the Preakness, which was won byOxbow, meaning that Affirmed in1978 remains the most recent winner of all three races in succession. Bp.m. onf3, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" — Ted Danson shares the screen with another of Kelsey Grammer's former co-stars in this episode. Peri Gilpin ("Frasier") guest stars as the wife of Danson's character, D.B. Russell, who is by his side as heleadsthe team ona search for his kidnapped granddaughter. Elisabet h Shue and George Eads also star in "Karma to Burn." 8 p.m. on FX, Movie: "Pineapple Express" — The Judd Apatow school of raunchy humor yields another product since the "Knocked Up" filmmaker also had a hand in producing this comedyadventure. One of his favorite collaborators, Seth Rogen (also one of the writers here), plays a process server who becomes a murder witness. He then draws his drug dealer (a very funny James Franco) into his flight from those who want to silence him permanently. Danny McBride stands out in the supporting cast. 8 p.m. onTNT,Movie: "The Book of Eli" — Denzel Washington teams with sibling filmmakers Albertand Allen Hughes ("Menace II Society") to put twists on the premise of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world in this moody drama. Washington plays the title character, a loner who possesses a book holding the keys to the continuation of mankind ... and guarding the tome in a time of rampant unrest proves quite a challenge. Gary Oldman plays the main nemesis; Mila Kunis and Jennifer Beals also appear. ©Zap2it

iPPure Ctradk Crt

rdu a~ B~ Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview


A misunderstanding could be quite surprising and also very upsetting. Tonight: Where the action is. * ** You coulch doosenottodiscuss so much with others. Honor a change that is happening within you. You might not be as sure of a situation as you would like to be. You will know when the time is right for a conversation. Tonight: Head to bed early, and get a good night's sleep.

6 a.m. on H f3, "2013 French Open Tennis" — There's a champion to be crowned today at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, where the 2013 French Open reaches its penultimate day with the women's final. Mana Sharapova completed her career Grand Slam here lastyear on the red-clay surface, dispatching surprise finalist Sara Errani of Italy, 6-3 6-2, to take her first French Open title.

• DISCONNECTlRl12:30,3:30,6:30,9 • THE GREAT GATSBY (PG-13l 11:30 a.m., 2:30, 5:30, 8:30 • THE HANGOVER PARTIII (R) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:05 • THE ICEMAN (R) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 8:35 • MUDlPG-13) 11:45 a.m., 2:45, 5:45, 8:25 • THE SAPPHIRES (PG-13) Noon, 3, 6, 8:45

** * * You have the unique ability to relate to others on a one-on-one level. Thoughyoualwaysappreciatea niceand easy pace, you also enjoy the excitement ofsome chaos.Astheafternoon becomes the evening, it is unlikely that you will be bored. Tonight: Get physical.

By Jacquetine Bigar





Redmond Cinemas,1535 S.W.OdemMedo Road, 54 I -548-8777

See us for FREE LiteRise®

cordless lifting system upgrades and $25-$100 mail-in rebates on select

Hunter Douglas products.



• FAST 6 FURIOUS 6 (PG-13) l2:45, 3:30, 6:15, 9 • THE INTERNSHIP (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30, 4, 6:30, 9 • NOW YOUSEE ME (PG-13)11:30 a.m.,2,4:30,7,9:30 • STAR TREK INTODARKNESS(PG-13) 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, 9:30

Comein now for

terrific fI Prices on

Sisters Movie House, 720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • AFTER EARTH (PG-l3) 5:45, 8 • THE INTERNSHIP(PG-13) 2:45, 5:15, 7:45 • MUDlPG-13) 2:30, 5, 7:30 • NOW YOUSEE ME (PG-13)2:45,5,7:30 • STAR TREK INTODARKNESS(PG-13) 3

energy-saving appliances.



Madras Cinema5,1101 S.W. U.S. Highway97, 541-475-3505 • AFTER EARTH (PG-l3) 12:20, 2:40, 5, 7:20, 9:35 • EPIC (PG) 2: l5, 7 • EPIC 3-D(PGl Noon, 4:30 • FAST & FURIOUS 6 (PG-13) 1,3:45, 6:40, 9:30 • THE HANGOVER PARTIII (R) 2:05, 4:35, 7:10, 9:40 • THE INTERNSHIP(PG-13) 1:50, 4:35, 7:15, 9:45 • STAR TREK INTODARKNESS(PG-13) 9:15 •



Pine Theater, 214 N. Main St., 541-416-1014

• AFTER EARTH (PG-l3) 1, 4, 7 • EPIC(UPSTAIRS - PG)1:10, 4:10, 7:20 • Theupstairs screeningroomhaslimited accessibi/ity.

• r g I






For homes online WWW b e n d h O m e S . COm





New Homes in East Bend!

Welcome to PointsWest

Hayden Homes continues its reputation of offering signature quality at exceptional value with its newest Bend community, Obsidian Ridge. Stop by our model home at 21205 Keyte Road and take a tour of this beautiful new community. Open Wed-Fri 1 I am-5pm and Sat-Sun I Iam-6pm. Public grand opening Sat. June 8,free lunch, prizes and more. Contact Valerie Skelton: 541.516.4303. Homes starting in the $180s! From HWY 97S- Butler Market exit, east (left) Butler Market, south (right) 27th, east (left) Keyte Road.

•8 HK 5• I

~; i e ~ ;."„;.M~yQ


Quality construction, luxury townhomes just a stones throw away from Widgi Creek Golf Course, Deschutes River & trails conveniently located on the way to Mt Bachelor. Each townhome has top-of-the line finishes, AC, privacy & views. The single level, Outback II floor plan on l ot 6 1 features 2 suites & den for $439,750. HOA's include exterior maintenance, landscaping and ownership privileges at Seventh Mtn Resort. Call Stephanie Ruiz at 541-948-5196 or Jordan Haase at 541-420-1559. The model is open Saturday and Sunday 12-5.



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en om es

Obsidian Ridge Grand Opening




Hometown bui l der ranks No. 42 nationally a nd opens new local commu n i t y I

" er it't '



k t ' t st kt v




Hayden Homes. "We see a lot of first- time homebuyers wanting to enter the market because of the historically low interest rates. After shopping around a bit, they come to us because ourhomes are new, they can choose their floor plan and many of the features they want, and we have a zero-defect guarantee." Rock-bottom interest rates on mortgages, inventory demand, and rising consumer confidence are all contributing to the housing recovery. Add to that a reported population growth in Central Oregon, and you can see why Hayden Homes is opening another community here. Hayden Homes has four communities in Bend, one community in Sisters, and five in Redmond. The company also builds homes throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho — focusingprimarily on underserved and secondary markets. "We really think the sky is the limit," said Flagan. "We want to keep serving new communities and continue growing in the years ahead." CEO and owner, Hayden Watson, thinks so too. His father, Robert, started the company in Redmond in 1989 and would be thrilled about the growth that led Hayden Homes to the top 50 for the third-straight year on the Builders 100 list.

Thr o u g hout the housing downturn, many local builders closed their doors or downsized. Redmond-based Hayden Homes survived by staying true to their mission of delivering the


+ j$j4~;j%p

highest quality home for the lowest possible cost.Now, they are seeing the benefits of perseverance, and the homes in their communitieg are selling quickly. Builder Magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Home Builders, recently ranked Hayden Homes No. 42 on their Builder 100 list of America's top builders. The list is comprised of both public and private builders throughout the nation that outperformed the overall market last year. This weekend, Hayden Homes will be introducing its newest community, Obsidian Ridge, with a grand celebration. Obsidian Ridge is located in northeast Bend near Mountain View high school (off 27'"). The grand opening celebration takes place today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guests will enjoy food, beverages and severalprizes, including the chance to win a family vacation to Disneyland, ticket giveaways, and a $50 gift card from Fred Meyer. A barbecue lunch will be provided by their building partner, Parr Lumber. Obsidian Ridge is a development of new family homes with prices starting in the $180s. "In Central Oregon, there is a shortage of homes forsale that are priced below $300,000," said Deb Flagan, vice president of sales for

10 am -5 pm 21205 Keyte Road, Bend Ribbon Cutting at noon BBQ lunch provided by Parr Lumber Gift Card Raffles, Giveaways, and much more.

Live Radio Broadcast '•

Clear 101.7 10 a.m. to noon Newstalk 1110 Real Estate Revolution with Kip Lohr 99.7 The Mountain 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with ticket giveaways Stop by and tour the homes, talk with the DJs, grab some lunch and sign up for your chance to win a family vacation to Disneyland! 5



"It is an honor that could not have been achieved without the help and support of every Hayden Homes customer,trade partner, and team member with whom we work on a daily basis," said Watson.

(~Pj ffAYDEN-HOMES.coNt 14

Buil d i ng Quality, Making a • ifference

Hayden Enterprise Realty, Inc. g J Hayden Homes CCByy172526

367 SE Cleveland Ave ¹23

' ~

2 Beds, 2 Baths. Upper level condo located in Cascade Courtyard Condominiums! Fully applianced kitchen. 1 reserved, covered parking space. Twoon-site laundry 'I facilities. Water/sewer/garbage & yard care paid.


~sa J)



2863 NE Forum Drive 4 Beds, 2.5 Baths. Beautiful1865 sq. ft. home close lo shopping, schools and medical facilities! Light 8 bright living room. Den/office


1 L~

fireplace in the living ; r o om. Dog run & fully . fenced backyard. 2-car garage.

20081 SW Porter Place ¹1 8 ¹2 3 Beds, 2.5 Baths. Reversed living in these 1756 sq. ft. townhomes.


, -



19486 SW Hollygrape St.

2993 NE Canoe Court ¹1

4Beds,2.5Baths.LiyeintheRIVERCANYON ESTAlES! Beautifultiomeiustover2000sq.

3 Beds, 2.5 Baths. Great Eastside

lt. and acrossthestreetfromHollygrapePark! Includes useof pool, tenniscourts fitness roomandSTATE-OF-1HE-ART ' 1' clubhouseG .asfireplaceingreatroom. ~eyg i M asterbedroom w/walk-incloset. Ga s


Fully applianced kitchen with gas cook top. Large master suite w/walk-in closet. Single car gar a ge. Water/sewer/yard care paid.


tor cedairheat.eoubl rgaeraca ga

Fullyfenced backyardw/patkk


location with easyaccess to the bypass! Reversed living, master bed, kitchen and living room upstairs. Fully applianced kitchen. Single car garage.

If you are a Rental Property Owner, Iinv ite you to call me. Ipledge to strongly represent your management interests and surpass your expectations ... Always. You have my w ord onit . Proudly serving Bend, Redmond, Sisters & Prineville

•• 1• • I

I '





• ' '





TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 5 41-385-580 9 730







New Listings

Multiplexes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

La Pine j $115,500 • 1404 sq.ft. manufactured • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1.02 acres • MLS 201304556 •

RENTALS 603 - RentalAlternatives 604 - Storage Rentals 605 - RoommateWanted 616- Want To Rent 627 Vacation Rentals & Exchanges 630 - Roomsfor Rent 631 - Condominiums &Townhomes for Rent 632 - Apt./Multiplex General 634- Apt./Multiplex NEBend 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend 638 - Apt./Multiplex SEBend 640 - Apt./Multiplex SW Bend 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 648- Houses for RentGeneral 650 - Housesfor Rent NEBend 652 - Housesfor Rent NWBend 654- Houses for Rent SEBend 656 - Housesfor Rent SW Bend 658 - Housesfor Rent Redmond 659 - Housesfor Rent Sunriver 660 - Housesfor Rent La Pine 661 - Housesfor Rent Prineville 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters 663 - Housesfor Rent Madras 664- Houses for RentFurnished 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent 675 - RV Parking 676 -Mobile/Mfd.Space 682 - Farms, Ranches andAcreage 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent REAL ESTATE 705- Real Estate Services 713 - Real Estate Wanted 719 - Real Estate Trades 726 - Timeshares for Sale 730 - New Listings 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale 738- Multiplexes for Sale 740 -Condominiums & Townhomes forSale 744 - Open Houses 745- Homes for Sale 746- Northwest BendHomes 747 - SouthwestBendHomes 748- Northeast BendHomes 749- Southeast BendHomes 750 - RedmondHomes 753 - Sisters Homes 755- Sunriver/La Pine Homes 756 - JeffersonCountyHomes 757 - CrookCountyHomes 762 - Homeswith Acreage 763 - Recreational Homesand Property 764- Farms andRanches 771 - Lots 773 - Acreages 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homeswith Land

Rachel Lemas, Broker 541-383-4359 541-896-1263 •


d* d O p « <

NW Bend j $547,000 • 2060 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • .13 landscaped acre lot • MLS 201304486

Kelly Neuman, Principal Broker 541-480-2102 •


d dOp

Providence j $204,900 • 1792 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Cascade & Pilot Butte views • MLS 201304606 Darryl Doser, Broker, CRS 541-383-4334 •


d dOp« &

Redmond j $119,996 • 4 R4 zoned lots • 1.38 acres • Convenient location • MLS 201304385 Darrin Kelleher, Broker The Kelleher Group 541-788-0029 •


d d Op


Redmond j $180,000 • 1572 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 55+ neighborhood • MLS 201304342

Jackie French, Broker 541-480-2269 •



d dOp

SW Bend j $239,000 • 1770 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • .40 acre, mature land-

00~0~5'D~D ~


• MLS 201304484


Rooms for Rent

Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, CRS, GRI, CHMS


Real Estate Services

Studios & Kitchenettes Furnished room, TV w/ Boise, ID Real Estate cable, micro 8 fridge. For relocation info, call Mike Conklin, Utils & linens. New 208-941-8458 owners. $145-$165/wk Silvercreek Realty 541-382-1885

541-610-9427 •


d dOp « &

Investment Opportunity! 63059 Fresca, 4 bdrm $110,000 Home lives 17482 Canoe Camp Dr. 20 acres, Cascade Mtn. 2 314 NW F l oyd L n . Duplex! $166,000. NE home on Bends; NW larger than sq. foot- Crosswater amenities, views. Just 4 m i les Bright sunny home, Redmond dup l e x, side of Town. age! 3 b d rms., 2.5 Mt. Bachelor v iew, north of Eagle Crest! luxurious master single level 1250 sq. $365,000. baths, extra room for three master suites, Privacy & space in suite, deluxe kitchen, fir e - this custom 3192 sq. deck 8 side courtyard, ft., 2 b d r m, 2 b ath TEAM Birtola Garmyn o ffice o r d e n . R V w ood-burning each, gas fireplace. High Desert Realty p arking in b ack. A place, backs to com- f t, 4 b d rm, 3 b a t h EA platinum rated, 541-312-9449 Single car g a rage, covered patio & large mon a r e a . MLS home. Single l evel MLS ¹ 20 1 3 00806. landscaped,fenced www. BendOregon fenced in back yard. ¹201302079. w/full mtn. views & $489,900. Paula Mellon Tony Levison, Broker $615,000. a ccess t h e Des The Garner Group 541-977-4009 541-977-1852 or The Garner Group c hutes R iver f r o m 541-383-4360 16206 Hawks Lair 541-389-7910 541-383-4360 Central Oregon your backyard! Seller Builders' own custom Realty Group, LLC Hunter Properties LLC is Licensed Broker. 2 341 NW F l oyd L n . h ome w/garage & $749,000 Green building feaNewer duplex located in shop. $349,900 People Look for Information $ 179,500 L i ght a n d bright . Upg r aded tures, bright southern quaint smaller com- TEAM Birtola Garmyn About Products and 5434 Sarah E r aker exposure, large courtKitchen, center island, munity of M e tolius. High Desert Realty Services Every Day through s kylight & l ike n ew Broker, 541-680-6432 Both units are in ex541-312-9449 yard patio, vaulted & The Bulletin Clnssifieds appliances. Large boJohn L. Scott 10' ceilings, inviting cellent condition with www. BendOregon Real Estate, Bend nus room with builtisland kitchen, MLS fresh warm paint $129,000 Excellent ¹201209164. ors, washer & dryer 17311 B a kersfield vestment! 3 B d rms, ins & wet bar. Mike E veridge, Brok e r 2115 NW Lemhi Pass $419,900. hookups. Great open 2100 sq.ft. home on .8 2.5 Baths. HOA i nor Garner Group l iving room 8 n i c e acres, Sunriver area. cludes water, sewer, 5 41-390-0098 Dr. C oz y c o t tage, The 541-389-7910 541-383-4360 workable kitchen with front landscaping, gas cheerful, bright inte$169,900 Hunter Properties LLC plenty of storage too. TEAM Birtola Garmyn fireplace, & A/C. Mike rior, open great room, Large bedrooms, gas Wilson, Broker $179,900 Back On The Desert Realty premium finishes, pri- 2374 NW Lemhi Pass forced ai r h e a ting. High 541-977-5345 or Market. Park-like setvate master s u ite. Dr. Beautiful wood541-312-9449 Don't miss this great 541-389-7910 ting with 2.39 acres. MLS ¹ 20 1 3 02770. work, vaulted ceilings, www. BendOregon listing. $189,900 MLS Hunter Properties LLC Home fully r emod- $395,000. granite countertops, 201104556 D&D Ree led. L a rge w r a p The Garner Group upstairs bonus room, alty Group LLC 1645 NE Cackler, Bend. 1313 Crescent Cut Off around deck! 30x40 luxurious master bath. 541-383-4360 866-346-7868 R emodeled 4 b d r m Rd., Crescent, OR. garage/shop/ i n s u- MLS ¹ 20 1 3 01004. M otivated Sell e r ! Park lated/ RV/boat shed. $459,000. Upscale Duplex. Now is Tamarack Owners are relocatPitarro, Broker 2132 NW Lemhi Pass The Garner Group the time to purchase charmer. $189,900 ing! Over 5 acres with Susan 41-410-8084 or 541-383-4360 income property to TEAM Birtola Garmyn Dr. Mid-Century modwalking trails, fenced 5 High Desert Realty 541-389-7910 take advantage of inern, vaulted ceilings, yards, 2 l a rge g a- Hunter 541-312-9449 Properties LLC bright open kitchen, Where can you find a creasing rental rates rages. Beautiful intewww. BendOregon and historically low premium fin i shes, rior (1700+ sq. ft .) 1 8615 Pinehurst R d . helping hand? interest rates. T h is or 4th with granite counter- Home on 4.85 acres, Den/office bdrm. MLS townhome styled du- 2811 NW Windham From contractors to tops, t i le d fl o o rs, two story living room, plex is located in Em- NW Bend 5300 sq.ft. me d i a ¹201209375. maple cupboards and f amily a n d yard care, it's all here p ire Village and i s w/apt/prof-off & mtn. stainless steel appli- rooms, heated RV ga- $459,000. in The Bulletin's The Garner Group close to three schools, views!. $619,000 ances. Easy access in rage/shop, detached 541-383-4360 parks and shopping. TEAM Birtola Garmyn "Call A Service winter yet s ecluded studio/cottage. MLS Each unit features 3 High Desert Realty a nd nestled in t h e ¹201300992. Professional" Directory bdrm, 2.5 baths, open 541-312-9449 trees. Minutes from $799,000. 2185 NW High Lakes $239,900 kitchen with i s land, www. BendOregon Sta r w ood The Garner Group Willamette Ski Pass, Lp. Exquisite details, g as f i replace a n d 541-383-4360 Neighborhood! Enjoy m ountain lakes , hardwood floors, bos ingle garage. L othe park-like setting schools and shopping. nus room w/bar, art with lots of common cated on a nice cor- 637 SW Hillwood, de- $250,000 MLS¹ ner lot with f enced s irable cottage o n 201207823 deco e n tr y g l a ss, area & walking trails. Need to get an large paver p a tio. This well maintained back yards and land- corner lot near Old Call Kerry at ad in ASAP? MLS ¹ 20 1 3 01702. home lives larger than scaping. 20830 Nova Mill District. $220,000. 541-815-6363 TEAM Birtola Garmyn You can place it Loop. $299,947. $509,900. its sq. footage. Large Cascade Realty, High Desert Realty Gary Everett, CCIM The Garner Group online at: deck 8 exqu i site 541-536-1731 541-312-9449 541-383-4360 Principal Broker mountain views make www. BendOregon 141875 Emerald Mead- 541-480-6130 for great entertaining. ows Way, Crescent Joan Steelhammer, Russ White, Broker Lake. Beautiful, fully 541-385-5809 Broker $219,500 Great Room 541-279-3674 or 990 NE Weist - French furnished, m o untain 541-419-3717 Design! 3 bdrm, 2.5 541-389-7910 country style home. 1880 NW Shevlin Park retreat in the resort baths, great room w/ Hunter Properties LLC Remax Village Wie s t oria. area of Cre s cent Rd. West side town- gas fire. High effi$324,987 Wonderful Duplex on D r o uillard Lake. 3 b d r ms./2.5 home, tw o m a s ter ciency furnace, cen- 2487 N W the SW side of Red- TEAM Birtola Garmyn l u x urious baths with 2200 sq. ft. suites, open g reat tral AC. Mike Ever- Ave. Bi g High Desert Realty mond, close to shophard w ood idge, Broker home, bedroom living interior. Ext e nsive room, 541-312-9449 ping, nice large lot, wings, central courtrock lan d scaping, floors, stainless appli541-390-0098 or each unit is 2 b e d- www. BendOregon MLS yard, f ormal l i ving mountain views, RV ances. 541 -389-791 0 room, 1 bath with a ¹201302292. room, bonus r o om site, Open floor plan Hunter Properties LLC sgle garage, new roof. 2083 N W $299,900. upstairs, MLS Ca s cade with vaulted ceilings, Great investor poten- View - NW Bend, The Garner Group w ood s t o ve , oa k 2197 NW C l earwater ¹201301124. tial. MLS¹201301089 3 050 s q . ft . ce d a r flooring, knotty pine 541-383-4360 Dr. Energy efficient $739,900. $149,500 The Garner Group doors and window ac- chalet w/views. home, single l evel, D & D R ealty Group $449,000 541-383-4360 cents throughout, two 19177 Park Commons bonus up , v a u lted LLC 541-923-8664 TEAM Birtola Garmyn covered decks. Over- Dr. Mid-century mod- great room, A s ian s ized attached g a High Desert Realty ern large bright win- birch flooring, con- $279,000 - Nine peak 740 541-312-9449 rage and lots of ex- dows, vaulted great crete slab island. MLS views 8 in c r edible Condo/Townhomes tras. Preview! room. contemporary ¹201303155. www. BendOregon home. Don't miss this for Sale $399,000 MLS¹ finishes, large master $465,000. one! MLS¹ 201302534 The Garner Group suite. MLS 201302855 bought a new boat? Creekside Town Home Just Call Linda at 541-383-4360 ¹201300508. Call Nancy Popp with all the available Sell your old one in the 541-815-0606 541-815-8000 $429,900. Ask about our upgrades & Cascade classifieds! Cascade Realty, The Garner Group Crooked River Super Seller rates! Mountain views. Pro 541-536-1731 541-383-4360 $23,000 Price ReducRealty 541-385-5809 fessionally furnished t ion T o w n H o m e !300 NE Hope Dr. Cozy 1449 NE Hudspeth Rd. and ready for you! 1 508 NE 8th - C o mSeventh Mtn. IronHorse neighbor- 1 B edroom 1 Ba t h 60599 single level h o me, Three bedroom, 3.5 mercial property - 2 Drive. 3 bedroom, 3 near schools, hospital. bath, 1 87 1 s q uare separate office hood, E A p l a tinum Frame Home in the bath, 2505 sq ft. Slate rated, formal l iving town o f Gil c hrist. floors, vaulted ceil- Vaulted ceil i ngs, f eet. $263, 0 0 0 spaces. $175,000. room, energy saving Make this your home i ngs g r ea t r o o m h ardwood dini n g, Home-ID 991 TEAM Birtola Garmyn features, st a i nless or a Getaway Cabin kitchen, stainless apEagle Crest Properties High Desert Realty maple cabinetry, loft, appliances. MLS for the Central Orpliances. MLS 866-722-3370 541-312-9449 $406 , 0 00 ¹201302404. egon Re c reations. decks. ¹201300998. www. BendOregon value! Mara S t ein, 744 $219,000. Priced to sell. $39,900 P rincipal Brok e r , $205,000. The Garner Group MLS 201206628. The Garner Group Open Houses Pamir Properties, Inc. 59774 Cheyenne - Re541-383-4360 Cascade Realty, 541-383-4360 541-617-6195 modeled 4 Bedroom 541-536-1731 Home in Bend. $159,900 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449

SW Bend j $419,000 www. BendOregon 834 Open Sat. 1 0 - 12pm • 2576 sq.ft. 730 15777 Sheila Way, Apt./Multiplex NE Bend • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath New Listings La Pine. 835-837 3rd St. - In • 1.34 acres Over 3,000 sq.ft. of **No Application Fee ** come Inv e stment Broken Top j $849,000 • MLS 201304367 living space, two Property in High Traf 2 bdrm, 1 bath, Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, • 4148 sq.ft. complete living fic Area. $300,000 $530 8 $540 w/lease. • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath CRS, GRI, CHMS quarters. Priced at TEAM Birtola Garmyn Carports included! 541-610-9427 • Mountain & 13th fair$297,000. High Desert Realty way views FOX HOLLOW APTS. Cheryl G. Burke, 541-312-9449 • MLS 201304628 Principal Broker (541) 383-3152 www. BendOregon Kelly Neuman, 541-61 0-21 51 Cascade Rental Principal Broker Management. Co. MORRIS 745 541-480-2102 19717 Mt. Bachelor BULLETINCLASSIFIEOS REAL ESTATE ¹321 B. 20% e quity Homes for Sale I d p d l y O d dOp share of g o rgeous Search the area's most river v i e w co n d o. comprehensive listing of 12445 NW Rainbow Westridge j $610,000 $59,900. classified advertising... Private Setting on 5 • 3059 sq.ft. real estate to automotive, Acres Backing Public TEAM Birtola Garmyn MORRIS • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath merchandise to sporting High Desert Realty Land. $348,000 REAL ESTATE • .66 acre lot 541-312-9449 goods. Bulletin Classifieds TEAM Birtola Garmyn • MLS 201304317 www. BendOregon appear every day in the High Desert Realty Lester Friedman, P.C., print or on line. 541-312-9449 Crooked River Ranch j Broker, ABR, CSP, www. BendOregon Call 541-385-5809 $299,950 61681 Woodriver - 2 EPRO, S.T.A.R. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath 541-330-8491 Lots Total .77 Acres • 1.85 acres Adj 2 Lots For Sale ¹1 T a marack, g reat • Panoramic views SewmgCentrai Oregon vnce f9N price, resort, 3 bdrm, Too! $450,000 • MLS 201304330 2 bath, under $200's. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Call for Specials! Pat Palazzi, Broker High Desert Realty $199,900. Limited numbers avail. 541-771-6996 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn MORRIS 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. High Desert Realty www. BendOregon REAL ESTATE W/D hookups, patios 541-312-9449 I d p d ly O H dOp or decks. www. BendOregon $849,000 Gor g eous MOUNTAIN GLEN, 732 custom home on 7th 541 -383-931 3 MORRIS Commercial/Investment 3149 N E N a t han fairway of the Ridge Professionally REAL ESTATE Custom 4 bdrm home C ourse. Priv a t e managed by Norris 8 Properties for Sale cul-de-sac l o c ation w/mtn views. Stevens, Inc. with stunning views of $424,900 $169,900 - 4000 SQ. Deschutes River j 648 Smith Rock. 3 Bdrm, FT. C O M M E R C IAL TEAM Birtola Garmyn $450,000 High Desert Realty 3.5 bath, 3484 sq.ft. Houses for BLDG. Steel framed, • 3 bedroom, 2 bath 541-312-9449 Home ID 1032 metal sided, slab floor Rent General • Cascade Mountain www. BendOregon Eagle Crest Properties w/retail area, office, views 866-722-3370 o verhead door f o r Rented your • 1.2 acres loading/shipping, posProperty? • MLS 201304499 2959 NE Wild Meadow, 26720 Horsell - 120 prisible owner t e rms. gorgeous 4 bdrm, 4 The Bulletin Classifieds Craig Smith, Broker vate acres of Central MLS¹201301080 has an 541-322-2417 bath, 2795 sq.ft. home O regon Beau t y . Call Nancy Popp "After Hours" Line. on Bend's Westside. $399,999 541-815-8000 Call 541-383-2371 $450,000. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Crooked River 24 Hours to TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Realty «I. High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon MORRIS Be Your Ow n B oss! Rent /Own www. BendOregon REAL ESTATE 9 4402 Hwy 9 7 N , 3 bdrm, 2 bath homes restaurant, C - store, $2500 down, $750 mo. I d p d t l y O 4 d Op t d Vista Rim home sites gas station & RV park $265,000 - Home with OAC. J and M Homes are available for the i n C h e mult. M L S huge 72x60 shop. 541-548-5511 Dream Acreage j very first time. This ¹201301341 MLS¹201209007 $339,000 upscale Eagle Crest 654 Priscilla Tofte, broker Call Linda Lou • Smith Rock & CasResort c o m munity, 541-815-6444 Houses for Rent Day-Wright, Broker, cade Mtn views perched on the gentle Fred Real Estate Group 541-771-2585 • 2.97 acres slopes of Cline Butte, SE Bend Crooked River Realty • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath f eatures v iews o f Smith Rock, and the 3 bdrm, 1 bath w/ga- • MLS 201304520 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! 51863 Fordham - GorJim Moran, Broker surrounding m o u nrage on fenced .75 geous Craftsman 3 Door-to-door selling with 541-948-0997 S t a rting at acre. Detached 24 x bdrm + o f f ice l oft. tains. 36 shop, greenhouse, $ 44,000, this is t he fast results! It's the easiest $189,900 close to High Desert perfect opportunity to way in the world to sell. TEAM Birtola Garmyn school. Pet friendly. b uild y o u r dr e a m High Desert Realty 1st, last & c leaning home. The Lakeside The Bulletin Classified 541-312-9449 deposit. $980/mo. Sport Center, fitness MORRIS www. BendOregon 541-385-5809 For address, call c lub, a n d ten n i s REAL ESTATE 541-410-9064. courts are just a short R ARE 4 . 8 3 ACR E 16368 Dyke, 1700 + walk and owners re659 COMMERCIAL PAR- sq.ft., home with ga- ceive preferred acFor Lease CEL. Excellent locaHouses for Rent shop and barn cess to the Resort's $2000/month tion with great visibil- rage, Sunriver on 1 acre and fenced. g olf c o u rses a n d • 3200 sq.ft. office i ty. Located on t h e m ore. A l low us t o $69,900. offices+ open workeast end of Prineville TEAM Furnished 3 bdrm 2 bath, • 6space Birtola Garmyn show you these inwith over 350 feet of c redible v alues a t 3 decks, 2-car garage, • Good parkway expoHigh Desert Realty 3rd Street (US Hwy close to bike bath at 14 sure 541-312-9449 Eagle Crest Resort. 26) frontage as well Timber, 1-yr lease, $925. • MLS 201304489 Eagle Crest Properties www. BendOregon as L aughlin R o ad James, 541-345-7794 866-722-3370 Al Eastwood, f rontage. City s e r Principal Broker VILLAGE PROPERTIES vices available. Not 2812 NW Golf Course, 20071 Calvin - Quality 541-383-4329 Sunriver, Three Rivers, many parcels of this Immaculate and bright c raftsmanship i n a La Pine. Great quality avai l able. townhome in River's great SE Bend locaSelection. Prices range P roperty could b e Edge. $285,000. tion. $299,950 $425 - $2000/mo. ideal for an array of TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn View our full uses. MLS High Desert Realty High Desert Realty inventory online at MORRIS 201302247 $269,000 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 I/ REAL ESTATE John L. Scott Real www. BendOregon www. BendOregon 1 -866-931 -1 061 Estate 541-548-1712 I d p d t l y O 4 d Op t d •


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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

$340,000 Des i rable$99,900 Smart InvestAwbrey Butte Home. ment! This condo will Teak w oo d f l o ors, make for a great getgranite counters, away. C l o s e to Knotty Alder cabin- d owntown and t h e etry, a covered porch. ever popular Old Mill Jon Frazier, Broker, District. Grant L u dGRI 541-610-4626 or wick, Broker 541 -389-791 0 541-633-0255 or Hunter Properties LLC 541-389-7910 $365,000 C o ntempo- Hunter Properties LLC rary Duplex - Great Affordable housing, 2 Investment. Jack-n-Jill b edroom, 2 bat h . style bath upstairs for Great Location. MLS¹ both bdrms. Slate, tile 201209551 $67,449. floors, hickory cabiJohn L. Scott Real

Builder's Last M o del Enjoy the outdoor life! Great Value on 4 Bdrm LESS T H A N ONE Townhome - Up- This well-kept home Home. Get ready to YEAR OLD!! Incredgrades! 60603 Sevwith a location ideal pack and move in this i ble o pportunity t o enth Mtn. D rive. 3 for vacation or 2 nd spacious 4 bdr m own this beautiful 3 b edroom, 2 b ath + home. Property is pe- home at an afford- bedroom home on a l oft. G r a nite sl a b r imeter f e nced & a ble price. It i s l o - n ice corner lo t i n counters, T ravertine ready for livestock or cated at the end of a Northeast Bend. It has flooring, Knotty Alder horses. S e p arated dead-end street and a great room with firec abinets, doors 8 with it's own fence so features a main level place, open kitchen window s u r rounds. you can sit on patio & master suite plus de- with cook island, tile $465,000. Mara Stein, enjoy! Owner also has luxe kitchen with ss counter tops, pantry P rincipal Brok e r , store & gas station appliances, cook is- and SS appliances. Pamir Properties, Inc. next door o n M L S. land 8 pantry. There The main level has 541-617-6195 is a neat parlor with hardwood floors plus 5259 Barbara Jack- cozy a fireplace and a master suite with a Cascade Mtn Views l son, Broker upstairs are 3 bdrms, bathtub and shower. $669,900 541-306-8186 huge family room and There is a u n i que nets, gas fireplaces. Estate 541-548-1712 • 2420 sq.ft. home John L. Scott large lau n dry/craft triple garage, f u lly • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Tony Levison, Broker Real Estate, Bend room. The owner just fenced yard and gut541-977-1852 or Amazing home for your • 9.54 acres installed new carpet ters. It was wired for 541 -389-791 0 getaway or p rimary • MLS 201302790 all n e w p a int. TV, stereo and comHunter Properties LLC residence. Built for inSteve Payer, Fabulous Cas c a de and is a fenced yard puters plus two wall and outside env iews! O l d wor l d There $369,500 C o ntempo- side lus this is on e o f safes. Enjoy all the 8 enjoying charm w/4015 sq. ft. p rary Home in Wood- tertaining several homes that custom features this CO lifestyle AND main house & 1040 s ide R anch. V e r y the will be available on h ome offers! 2 8 3 6 the river is just across sq. f t . sho p /wine c omfortable 8 we l l the street! 2392 sq. ft. this street. 21179 SE NE Aldrich & Sandalroom. Situated atop maintained home on Philly A ve., B e n d. wood $249,900 w/4 bdrms, 2 baths, Awbrey Butte on 1.06 secluded lot. Heated built in 1991 on 1.5 Gary Everett, CCIM acres, this home is an $239,950. MORRIS 24x40 insul a ted Gary Everett, CCIM Principal Broker (3 t a x l o ts). "Entertainers Delight" shop/garage. A great acres REAL ESTATE Principal Broker 541-480-6130 Gail w ith 4 bdrms 8 3 . 5 place for your artistic MLS¹201208778. I d p d l y O d* dO p « & 541-480-6130 Joan Steelhammer, Broker baths. Appt. only with side. E xtra parking Rogers, Joan Steelhammer, Broker C omfortable sin g l e Danielle. for vehicles/ boat, RV, 541-604-1649 541-41 9-371 7 Broker level. Corner lot with John L. Scott 8 backs up to BLM. 541-419-3717 Remax rear deck & f enced aniellesnow. Danielle Real Estate, Bend Tony Levison, Broker Remax yard. Plenty of room Snow, Broker M agnificent View s . 541-977-1852 or for RV parking. Com- 541-306-1015 H ager Mountain E s Perfect getaway spot 541 -389-791 0 ASTOUNDING fortable single level 3 John L. Scott tates - 4 lots, $30,000 for those that l ove Hunter Properties LLC CASCADE VIEWS b edroom & 2 ba t h Real Estate, Bend each located in Silver rock climbing 8 hiking. Gated, westside, home with v a ulted $390,000 I mmaculate Lake. U n derground Home sits just across R iver R i m ho m e ! mountain views - The ceilings in NE Bend. power and conduit for the road from Smith Gannon Point l Pride of o w nership. Highlands at Broken Current lease expires phone and i nternet. Rock State Park. The Top. 10.28 Acres $269,900 J uly 31 s t , 201 3 . Energy saving feaV iews o f Hage r views are magnificent. Offered at $495,000 • 2400 sq.ft. new contures. Master on main; $175,500 MLS¹ Mountain. Septic fea- 7x7 s t orage b l d g, Cate Cushman, struction 201303231 peek-a-boo Mt. views. sibility for s t andard 10'x12' metal shed & Principal Broker • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath B acks up t o o p e n Bobbie Strome, system. The area is a 6'x6' pump house. RV • Convenient location 541-480-1884 Principal Broker sportsman's paradise. parking. $13 9 ,900 • MLS 201303817 weber, Broker John L Scott Real Bobbie Strome, MLS¹201302904 541-728-4499 or Estate 541-385-5500 Principal Broker Bobbie Strome, Awbrey Ridgel 541-389-7910 John L Scott Real Principal Broker Country Living Plus! 38 $379,900 Hunter Properties LLC acres with stunning Estate 541-385-5500 John L Scott Real • 2266 sq.ft. Estate 541-385-5500 mountain views & irri3 B edroom 2 B a t h , • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Lake an d M o u ntain 1092 sq. ft., Frame • .17 acre cul-de-sac lot gation. The home is Views - Open great Midtown Bend l spacious and bright Home i n Wh e e ler • MLS 201302270 room with e xposed MORRIS $299,000 with the master on the R anch. Home w a s Rachel Lemas, Broker wood beans. 4 bed- • New 1800 sq.ft. REAL ESTATE main, plus, there is a b uilt i n 2 0 04 , h a s 541-383-4359 room, 6 bath, 5096 sq • 3 bedroom, 2 bath y dp d l yO d dOp d shop and big barn. vaulted ceilings, gas 541-896-1263 ft. Of fe r e d at • Hardwood, granite & Just 20 m i nutes to fireplace, tile and apGlacier View l $1,195,000 tile Costco! Jean Nelson, pliances. Double At$425,000 Cate Cushman, ' MLS 201303497 dg Broker 541-420-3927 • 2434 sq.ft. tached Garage, Front Principal Broker Nicolette Jones Broker John L. Scott Yard is l andscaped • 3 bedroom, 2 bath 541-480-1884 ABR, CSP Real Estate, Bend and decorative fence, MORRIS • 1.78 acres, 2 stall barn 541-241-0432 • MLS 201300939 very clean, must see. REAL ESTATE $93,000 MLS LAKE FRONT HOME Deborah Benson, 201209339. Nice home with lake Call a Pro P.C., Broker, GRI, Cascade Realty, Awbrey Village, 3122 frontage & w a l king Preview Specialist Whether you need a 541-536-1731 distance t o Golf C raftsman Driv e . 541-480-6448 fence fixed, hedges MORRIS 2 330 sq . ft., course. Beau t iful $419,000 Sunr i ver 4/2.5, REAL ESTATE sunroom with a lot of floor plan trimmed or a house Gem! Extensive Re- entertainer's vie w s . windows overlooking model... on a l a rge w /amazing built, you'll find t he lake. Tw o R V ¹201302727 corner lot. Three full MLS Village l professional help in spaces with hook ups. Mt. Bachelor m aster s u ites, 3 . 5 John Furrow, Broker MORRIS $419,900 541-647-0910 MLS¹201301209 The Bulletin's "Call a baths. Gorgeous wal- Fred Real Estate Group • 1194 sq.ft. condo, REAL ESTATE $140,000 n ut f l o oring, n e w Service Professional" ¹509 yM*p d l y O d d Op d John L. Scott Real hickory cabinets, car- Beautiful custom home. • 2 bedroom, 2 bath Directory Estate 541-548-1712 • Incredible Deschutes Golf Course Home of pet & tile floors. Must All on 1 level. Lg. win541-385-5809 Distinction - 60691 see to believe. Call dows for l ight/bright River view Knolls Beauty. 3 Village L oop, Lane today for more details. comfort. Huge master C rooked River Ranch, Golf Bdrm/2.5 bath • 2,352 • MLS 201301597 3281 sq ft 3 bedroom, Susan Pitarro, Broker suite w/vaulted ceil- 6031 S W Bonnie Savickas, Ta r pon, 3 bath+ den & office! sq.ft. • 2.50 Acres If 541-410-8084 or ings & skylights. Cozy 3/2.5, 1620 sq.ft., 5.14 Master suite with loft privacy is what you Broker, EPRO, SRES 541-389-7910 541-408-7537 with gorgeous family room w / gas acres, 28x30 s hop/ & fireplace, vaulted want Hunter Properties LLC views, this is fireplace o p e n to garage, well. ceilings, open 8 spa- Cascade house for you! $419,500 Spa c ious kitchen. MLS ¹201204594 c ious g r eat r o o m, the onderful home i n T ownhome! T o w n - MLS¹201208542 Teri Cravens, Broker maple floors, walnut W 541-610-7927 house sits o n 1 7 th $199,900 inlays, Berber carpet, beautiful Lane Knolls MORRIS John L. Scott Real f airway a t Widg i Fred Real Estate Group tile r o of , p a v ered estates. Quality con struction with s teel, REAL ESTATE C reek. 2 mast e r Estate 541-548-1712 driveways 8 p a tios, Check out the has office and f lex y dp d l y O M dd p « d suites, one on main triple garage. G o lf classifieds online Har d wood level. Alder Cabinets Just too many membership included. space. NE Bend l $192,000 floors thr o ughout. and Island Kitchen. $827,500. Mara Stein, Kitchen is a c ook's • 1206 sq.ft. collectibles? Mike Everidge, BroUpdated daily P rincipal Brok e r , dream with g r anite• 2 bedroom, 2 bath ker 541-390-0098 or Pamir Properties, Inc. slab Custom home site w/ Sell them in counters, • Turn-key property 541 -389-791 0 La Pine, 541 -61 7-61 95 double-ovens/warm- • MLS 201204680 Hunter Properties LLC The Bulletin Classifieds studio/shop. Furnished q/well and Gorgeous Awbrey Glen ing drawer & t rash 61345 SE Fairfield Dr. septic, dream home Home. Must see this compactor. Enjoy the F oxborough ar e a , 541-385-5809 ready. MLS beautiful home situquiet and views from vaulted great room, 201302725 a ted o n t h e 17 t h your wra p -around hardwood floors, slab B eautiful Home w i t h Brad Diggers, Green. This one story porch and backyard granite counters, cov- many luxury touches. Broker open floor plan with that backs to privately ered porches. MLS 541-977-2611 MORRIS 2457 NW Dorian Way. 2573 sq. ft. has 3 bed- owned land f a cing ¹201303235. Fred Real Estate Group rooms, 2.5 baths, + east for fabulous sun REAL ESTATE Master on main level, $229,900. sets. All this plus a large bonus r oom, Downtown Bendl den on .40 acre. Coly dp d l y O d d p p d The Garner Group leen Dillingham, Bro- shop an d f a bulous vaulted ceilings, Bra$749,000 541-383-4360 l andscaping that i n NE Bend l $255,000 zilian cherry f loors, • 2593 sq.ft. ker, 541-788-9991 John L. Scott cludes a beautiful wa • 1700 sq.ft. gourmet kitchen, pa- • 2 master suites, 2.5 ter feature. Your own • 3 bedroom, 2 bath tio w/mtn. view, MLS Real Estate, Bend $65,900 A Great bath private estate for only • Single level Ground Floor ¹201303115. • Historic character$429,500 2 2280 SE • MLS 201304160 Condo... In a quiet & $499,900. renovated Gorgeous r e modeled White Peaks D r ive Cathy Del Nero, The Garner Group well maintained com• MLS 201301793 spacious single level Bend, OR. Broker, CSP 541-383-4360 plex. N i cely l a n dDiane Robinson, r anch home i n N E Corinne Clarke Broker, 541-410-5280 s caped & con v e- m Prineville offering 3 CRS n iently l o cated. A Beautifully Crafted bdrms, 2 baths. Open ReMax Key Properties. g reat value for a n This 4 bedroom, 2 X floor p la n w / wood 541-639-3426 owner-occupant or in- bath home is perfect floors thr o ughout, vestor. Grant Ludwick, custom lighting, SS your family. Enjoy MORRIS P rincipal Brok e r for appliances, g r anite La Pine l $80,000 dou b l e-height REAL ESTATE 541-633-0255 or the MORRIS and quartz counter• 1680 sq.ft. manufacgreat room w/corner 541 -389-791 0 y dp d l y O R d Op d REAL ESTATE tops, certified wood tured gas FP & sliding glass Hunter Properties LLC stove. 10x12 storage • 4 bedroom, 2 bath d p d« ly O d dOp « & NE Bend l $499,950 door. T h e ki t chen shed. $152 , 900. • .85 acre lot • 3 bedroom, 1 bath $685,000 Charming 8, w/tile bac k splash, Downtown Condol MLS¹201301607 • MLS 201300356 Unique Home! Built in pantry, eating bar & • 39.48 Acres, 32 irri$975,000 Marci S c h oenberg, Christy Hartman1930 this e x quisite windows above t he • 2651 sq.ft. gated Realtor 541-610-7803 home has a finished sink. Hardwood floor- • 3 bedroom, 3 bath DeCourcey, Broker • .6 outbuildings John L. Scott 541-312-7263 • MLS 201302441 attic, basement, artist ing in the kitchen & • 360o views from roofReal Estate, Bend loft above garage fully dining area. The main top patio Greg Miller, P.C., Broker CRS, GRI landscaped & l arge floor m aster s u ite• MLS 201304202 c ourtyard. Close t o 541-408-1511 features vaulted ceil- Darrin Kelleher, Broker Great investment propDrake Park! Debbie ings, a n at t a ched erty or f i rst h ome! T allman, Brok e r bath, walk-in closet & MORRIS Craftsman style with 3 541-390-0934 or access to the deck. bdrms, 2. 5 ba t h s. REAL ESTATE 541-389-7910 Fenced yard w/ sprinC onveniently ne a r y dp & d y O d d p p « d Hunter Properties LLC klers 8 I g . s t orage s chools, parks a n d MORRIS Large Cascade view shed. shops. Price reduced REAL ESTATE 6900 NE 1st St . MLS¹201302871 home at Bend's North to MORRIS $139,900. Breathtaking mtn . y d p d ylyo R d o p« d $210,000 edge. 63780 Crooked MLS¹201302687. views, bright rooms, REAL ESTATE John L. Scott Real Rocks Rd. Elegant log NW Bend l $425,000 large windows, mas- Estate 541-548-1712 y dp d yyyo R do p 6123 Julie Mehl, Bro- h ome, 5 b d rm, 4 . 5 • 1993 sq.ft. sive river rock fireRidge, 1 0 839 ker 541-410-5565 bath, 9. 5 s e c luded• 3 bedroom, 2 bath place, six bays in two BEAUTIFUL well cared Eagle loop. 2/2, 1410 acres, two story great • Remodeled in 2011 John L. Scott garages, d e t ached for ranch h ome on Village sq.ft., condo l iving. room, pasture, pond, • MLS 201303930 Estate, Bend guest cottage, MLS .51 acre. 3 bedrooms, Golf, t e nnis, p o o l, Real irrigation, .25 m i les Minda McKitrick, ¹201301681. 2 bathrooms and over restaurants. paved driveway, MLS Broker, GRI $700,000. 2000 sq. ft., all on one MLS¹201302966 ¹201303153. 541-280-6148 The Garner Group Take care of l evel. Home has 9 ' Brad Diggers, $699,000. 541-383-4360 ceilings, 3-car garage The Garner Group Broker your investments and views of Smith 541-977-2611 541-383-4360 with the help from Rock and the Cas- Fred Real Estate Group Find exactly what f cade Mountains. Tons The Bulletin's MORRIS V a l ue ! 5 Large Corner Lot. Well you are looking for in the of upgrades makes Edgecliff "Call A Service REAL ESTATE Bdrm/4.5 Bath • 3,140 this a home you will cared for home is light CLASSIFIEDS 8 bright with great definitely want to see!! sq.ft. • 0.34 Acre-large Professional" Directory l ot. Located i n t h e windows. Large living MLS¹201107890 6 Bdrm, 6 bath, 4-car, peaceful Edg e cliff Great Location on cor- room, dining area with Call The Bulletin At 4270 sq ft, .83 ac. corner, $223,500 541-385-5809 n eighborhood in N E ner lot i n d e sirable bay window 8 kitchen view. By owner, ideal for John L. Scott Real Bend, this f abulous with plant window and Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Estate 541-548-1712 S W Bend. 1999 3 extended family. h ome is c l ose t o Bdrm, 2 Bath, 1296 tile floors. 2 large bo- At: $590,000. 541-390-0886 Between bend & Red- schools, medical and sq. ft. Mobile only has nus rooms: 1 on 2nd 925 SW T h eater D r. mond Terrific location shopping. This spaopen floor plan, floor with a p r ivate Popular Kings Forest ¹Lot 1. N ew, r iver- - 4 bdrm, 1 bath in cious home screams an vaulted ceilings, spa- deck & 1 on 3rd level Neighborhood - This front Pahlisch town- 2 888y sf home o n comfort. Th e l i v ing r e m odeled kitchen, Large accessed by a spiral custom home in desirable De- 5.75y a c res . A room has a wonderful cious stairway. Large 4-bedroom home is yard, C a r port with schutes Landing! This Country feel but close wood burning stone nestled in th e p i ne Refrigerator, double garage with 2 trees luxurious home fea- to t ow n a m enities. fireplace. S p acious storage. on over y/2acre washer/dryer in- doors & 2 o p eners. tures spectacular river Super fireplace w/rock formal dining room a popular neighborluded! $32, 0 0 0 Easy care landscap- in and Cascade Moun- surround fo r a m b i- and comfortable fam- cMLS¹ hood. Brazilian cherry 20 13 0 1996 ing with generous use tain views from nearly a nce, plus a L o p i ily room w/gas stove of pea gravel. Large wood floors with tile & every room. All the Woodstove that can with trem e ndous resabrown T e r esa corner lot in a quiet slate accents were premium finishes that heat the whole house. easterly views. Home Brown, utilized th r o ughout Broker neighborhood. y ou'd e xpect f r o m Great room floor plan also features a sunthis neat home. Fea$224,500 MLS¹ 541-325-1096 P ahlisch Hom e s . w/living room 8 room ove r looking tures custom maple 201303290 John L. Scott Solid surface quartz kitchen having those expansive kitchen, vaulted living Bobbie Strome, Real Estate, Bend wide-plank floors of counters, u pgraded views, the perfect spot Principal Broker room & m ai n l evel appliances, designer reclaimed pine. Dis- for morning c offee master. There is room John L Scott Real flooring, tile showers, tressed maple cabi- and enjoying the sun- Great n e i ghborhood, Estate 541-385-5500 to park your RV plus central vac, and more. nets in Kitchen with 1 rise. Great k itchen great neighbors & so large decks to enjoy Main level master. 2 1 /2 thi c k slat e with new stove. Too much more! 3 bdrm time o utside. V e ry Get your c overed patios f o r counters. If you like a m any amenities t o c omfortable hom e h ome, 2 . 5 bat h s , outdoor living. 3075 cozy country f e el. mention including a h ardwood floo r s , business with elbow room and open living s pace. sf, 3 bedrooms, bo- You've got it!! Beau- spa room and a great fenced yard & sprinde c k kler system. Original nus, 3.5 baths. Live in tiful Cascade Moun- w rap-around Currently a vacation the heart of it all, with tain Views. 2 corrals, plus a paver patio and owners keep this one G ROW I N G rental. Call for more shops, theaters, con- pond, shared lake, 3 hot tub. A lot of Home immaculate. details. $398,000. certs just steps away! acres of irrigation, 2 for the price of only Gary Everett, CCIM with an ad in $969,950. stall barn. $375,000 $ 339,500 1 7 9 0 N E 9625 Kathy C a ba, Principal Broker The Bulletin's Edie Delay, MLS¹201205878 Cliff Drive Bend, OR Principal Broker, ABR 541-480-6130 "Call A Service 541-771-1761 Principal Broker Bobbie Strome, Corinne Clarke Broker, Joan Steelhammer, Hasson Company Principal Broker CRS John L. Scott Broker Professional" 541-41 9-371 7 Realtors John L Scott Real ReMax Key Properties. Real Estate, Bend Directory 541-420-2950 Estate 541-385-5500 541-639-3426 Remax

Count on our group of local real estate professionals to help you navigate.

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$395,000 - $759,900

< C R 0 5 5 IN G +

2374 NW Lemhi Pass Dr. • Single level, upstairs bonus • Wood, granite & tile finishes • Luxurious master bath • Vaulted ceilings • Priced at$454,000


DIRECTIONS:West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr., nght on NW Lemhi Pass Dr.


2386 NW Lemhi Pass Dr. • Large great room, hardwood floors • Grand kitchen with double ovens • Master with large walk-in closet • Large deck • Priced at$529,900 DIRECTIONS:West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr., nght on NW

Dorion Way.


2341 NW Floyd Ln.





• Sunny courtyard patio • Vaulted & 10' ceilings • Hardwood & tile finishes • 6right, cheerful interior • Priced at$41 9,900


DIRECTIONS:West on Skyliners Rd., nght on NW Lemhi Pass Dr., right on NW Floyd Ln.


Bend R. Central Oregon 12 Fremont Dr. I"

• Townhome in Fremont Crossing • One owner, never rented • Backs to large common area • Dual zone heat and A/C • Priced at$475,000

4y •




~rp, r H wc

' ~~arMZ

Dq >


OIRECTIONS:From I wy 97, west on S. Century Dr., right on Abbott Dr., right on Beaver Dr., left on Fremont Dr.



thegarnergroup. com


1880 NW Shevlin Park Rd. • Deluxe townhome • Bright end unit • 2 master suites • West Side location • Priced at$279,900 DIRECTIONS:West on Shevlin Park Rd. x

past College Way, right on NWPence Pl., left into parking lot. Open House sign at garage level.

pp •


30 Tan Oak Ln


• Quiet cul-de-sac • Extensive remodel • Two master suites • Fully furnished • Priced at$349,000

.Jklllll -k

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy 97,weston

Cottonwood Rd., left on E CascadeRd., right on Beaver Dr., left on Red Alder Ln., right on TanOakLn.

63780 Crooked Rocks Rd.


• Elegant log home • 9.5 secluded acres • Masters on main, upstairs • Long paved driveway • Priced at$699,000

OIRECTIONS:Highway 20 west, right on Cooley Rd., left on Scenic Dr., right on

Crooked Rocks Rd.

FiH g lg

•I -







/ II


• • •


', »

• • •


I ' •


IIII < =


• Views from Bachelor to Mt. Jefferson on one of the few remaining custom home sites on Awbrey Butte • Gentle slope with large old growth pines • Open and spacious • Westerly views - beautiful sunsets • Offering includes complete set of custom home plans. A must see! MLS¹201301017

Nestled in tall Ponderosa Pines within an hour of Bend 8 Mt. Bachelor & only 20 min. from Championship Golf & Sunriver.

• 53547 Kokanee Way, $395,000: 3 bdrm, 3-car garage & deck overlooking river w/direct view of Pringle Falls • 53557 Kokanee Way, $475,000: This bright 8 open custom-built 1998 home directly overlooks the river • 53610 Brookie Way, $420,000: Beautiful Scandinavian inspired design w/hand blown glass, ironwork & sauna • 53510 Brookie Way, $425,000: Hand-scribed Canadian Spruce log home w/covered porches, backs to N. Forest Video tours at:

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSI 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist


' I


Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker I 541-408-3912



• 19321 SW Brookside Way • NW chalet style nestled into the hillside with spectacular

• West Hills contemporary home in the pines • 3180 SF on a double lot • Contemporary floor


plan and finishes • Waterfeatures,inside and out

• Mature old growth pine trees, beautiful landscaping. Must see!

•Priv atebackyardwith sunny southernexposure • Beautifully maintained and loaded w/upgrades • 4 bedroom, 3 baths plus den/office • Oversized double car garage w/shop area & ample storage • Near National forest, on the way to Mt. Bachelor yet so close to downtown Bend MLS¹201301399


Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSI 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist



Call Shelly Swanson, BrokerI 541-408-0086





• •



:~ aa

• 3 bedrooms/3 bath Mt. Bachelor Village • Perfect primary home, vacation home or vacation rental

• Close to historic downtown and Old Mill District • Enjoy tennis, pool, hot tubs, hiking and biking trails MLS¹201301803

• Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS I 541-408-0406 • Resort Properties Specialist


• 159 acres with two 35 acre pivot irrigators • Large indoor arenabarn • 3000 SF, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with large country kitchen, huge great room, spacious master suite and partially finished daylight basement MLS¹201207170 +Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker f 541-480-3096+


' ,i ~








• Built by Timberline Construction and designed byChristian Gladu DesignGroup ', 'y@I,'„. '"~:i 5k • Situated to take advantage (',¹ffi "'1("",' ~+4,'y", of western views &maximize outdoor living areaandto take advantage of passivesolar gains &wonderful CascadeMtn. views • Interior organizedaroundcentral living areathat visually connectsthe living, diningandkitchenwhile creatingtertiary exterior living spaces • Currently under construction andslated to be complete in June 2013 • Backs upto commonarea MLS¹201301884

• 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths, built by Timberline Construction 8< designed by Jim Tebbs Design Group • Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space, open floor plan • Private courtyard and covered back patio w/mountain views • Energy efficient Earth Advantage • A flex room 8( study allow for maximum versatility 61533 Meeks Trail MLS¹201208865

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker I 541-408-0086

Call Shelly Swanson, BrokerI 541-408-0086





I •




QS m


".Oii M.

• 3536 SF home, 4 bedroom, 3 bath • 19.5 acres with 13.5 irrigated acres • Barn with 4 stalls, tack room, wash rack, office • Arena, pastures

• Landscaped, 2 ponds, water feature • Cascade Mountain views MLS¹201304767

Desert Valley GroupI 541-923-1376


• I

• Minutes to Bend's popular West Side • Low maintenance acreage • Dramatic great room • Lovely master suite • Daylight basement/game room • Potential to create 4th bedroom • 3 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4910 SF

• Pronghorn home I w/sweeping backyard backing to BLM • Impeccable landscaping for entertaining; water feature • Gourmet kitchen 8 Wolf range; Cascade Mountain views • Alder floors & cabinetry; moss rock fireplace • Master on main w/sauna; built-in wine storage in loft MLS¹201205571

Listedby The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers I 541-312-5151

Listed byThe Norma DuBois and JulieM oe Team, Brokers I 541-312-5151

Deb Tebbs Group I Like us on81


s o' I


• •

35 5,3.55 (5,355555:"tt

• Striking great room with ,' ~ ( (5 ' I . I ( ( (¹I Iovely 3rd green views • Gourmet kitchen will inspire your culinary gifts • Impeccable custom fini shesthroughout • Perfect for endless entertaining inside 8( out • Outdoor retreat has expansive deck, views 8( water feature • 3 bed, 4 bath, family/media room, 3285 SF MLS¹ 201300744

Call Deb Tebbs Group, BrokersI 541-419-4553

I • i

• • •



• Brasada Ranch

• PRONGHO RNISBOOMING • Don't let this opportunity pass you byto becomeapart of the most

• 5400 SF on flat ia¹ZAz ~.

• 5712 SF, 0.82 acreswith full Cascade Mtn views • 5 en suite bedrooms + 2addl, half baths (2 beds upstairs, 3 down) • 5-car garage, gear room w/lockers, vault, dog bath, deluxe mudroom • Sunny artist studio with French doors to the terrace • AN/- game room, inspiring views from the office • 2 story library in turret, open floor plan, gourmetkitchen

.75 acre!

• 5 fireplaces! • Green built, efficient solar system • Finely crafted Gary Norman built custom • Stunning finishes • Unobstructed mountain views


luxurious resort in Central Oregon • This homeincludesretractable windowsin the kitchenandfamily room whichincorporatesthe outdoor living space • It has an elevator to take youto the two exquisite master bedrooms on the second leve • Casita for your guestsandall the amenities. • Price includes Pronghorn's Premier Membership deposit of $115,000 MLS¹201303439. Brokerowned.

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS I 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Kelly Horton, Broker I 541-508-9163

1 Klamath Lane - Sunriver f $259,000

Pre-Sale on .48 Acres f $295,000

8 Quail - Sunriver f $524,000

Call Laura Blossey, Broker I 541-323-4809

• Large (.32acre), privatelot (between

4P-':tt(t"p '

• Backs to Forest Service -- •GreatDeschutesRiveraccess • Photo is of previously built home



• Complete Remodel • Great room • Sun room


• j ] ..

• Single levelinexcelent shape • 2bd(m,2bath w/spaciouskitchen • Great room,plenty ofwindowsand natural ight • Oversized2-carattachedgarage • Nice outdoorspacewith deck&mature

Call Judi Hein, Broker I 541-408-3778

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker I 541-280-5352

9 Puma Lane, Sunriver f $549,000

Stone's Throw to River f $559,900

Everyone's Invited! f $799,900





~- fZ5'

' ' ~ ' . ;


' ,

• Dramatic foyer & living area • Exquisite master suite • Towering ponderosas • Beamed cathedral ceilings & loft '! • 4 bedrooms, 2 full, 2 half baths • Beautiful extensive decks • Top end hot tub ' 26SiskinLane MLS¹201304990 '

• Dog run, rhododendron garden

Call Dennis Johnson, Principal Broker I 541-419-4378

9 Trophy - Sunri v er Resort


• Hardwood • SS Appliances • 2 decks, patio, hot tub • Terrific rental history MLS¹201303390

• 3 or 4 bedroom floor plan ":=-» =. • Three Rivers South MLS¹201304146

Call Kelly Winch, Broker I 541-390-0398

• 5 bdrm, 4 bath, 2643 SF • $45K a year in rental income • Walk to SHARC and Village • Great room, breakfast bar and dining room • Refinished decks (May 2013) and hot tub • Completely furnished MLS¹201303586

43 acres with lake front Red cedar old growth logs Meticulous landscaping Double RV garage for coach Gated with security system

• Master on Main Level

trees(firs&aspens) MLS¹201304340


• • • • •


• Caldera Springs - Sunriver , • • 5 bdrms/5.5 bats, 3572 SF • Furnished, 4 master suites • Patio with views of lake • Kids bunk room & play area • 3-car garage with lock off MLS¹201300041

Call Kelly Winch, Broker I 541-390-0398

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker I 541-848-7222

Call Mike Sullivan, Principal Broker I 541-350-8616


• Timeless Elegance • Expansive golf course view I j • Custom built in 1992 • Well appointed features • Spacious outdoor living, hot tub • Abundant windows, light & bright • Quiet cul-de-sac, 1/3 acre lot

MLS 201302016

Call Myra Girod, Principal Broker I 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker I 541-788-6767


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809


• i' OPTION I • 70 000 Ma 7 h ole a d I aoalo al P lly l d d 0 units avai a e quality a Travertine floors, rock fireplace gg • All new appliances • Murphy bed offers additional sleeping room • Very comfortable w/balcony views of forest & river MLS¹ 201107707 Call Robin Yeakee, Broker, CRSI 541-408-0406

Mountain & Pilot Butte Views! ) $210,000

Breathtaking Views on 1 Acre ) $189,000

2980 SW Indian Circle ~ $110,000


OPTION 2 - 30 000 • 8 weeks/year or 3 bedroom fractions trade with RCI! available from $43,900! • 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath Loft fraction

area, 1374SF,3bed, 2.5 baths • Open Roor plan

to Sisters

decking & landscaped


•Closeto shopping,schools,




• Currently rented. Great investment opportunity MLS¹201303069


Desert Valley Group I 541-923-1376 Resort Properties Specialist

FabulousCascade Mtn.Views! ~$225,000

• Great location ... not a drive by! • Darling home with character • Immaculate condition - low

• Buildable 2.52 acre parcel • Mature trees and dramatic

maintenance • Gorgeous bamboo80slate flooring • Upgraded stainlesssteel app iances! • Beautiful concrete counters! • Perfect view for the Iireworks!

• Long Butte water hook up fee is paid • Power to property • Great Central Tumalo location MLS¹201303350

• Home offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen & comfortable living area „ 0 Detached 2-car garage w/plenty of storage space to • Low maintenance yard makes this an ideal vacation getaway MLS¹201303858

• Private fenced backyard, trex


• Sleeps 6 • Full sized kitchen • Excellent rental

• Unique place only minutes

• Charming townhome in desirable

Call Chris Sperry, Principal BrokerI 541-749-8479

www chrissperry com

69322 Hackamore ) $239,000

Charming Cottage on OchocoReservoir J $290,000 • Have your very ownvacation cottage on OchocoReservoir • A Private dock is moored on beach • Adorable 2 bed, 2 bath home has upper 8 lower decksthat take advantage of beautiful views • The .22 acre lot is fenced andhas auto sprinklers. Storage shedfor toys. Horseshoe pit • Large established trees for shade 8 privacy. Why go anywhere else?

• Great home in Tollgate in Sisters,

OR • 3 bedroom, 1466 SF single level


home • Newroof, newflooring, new windows, large great room, new septic on wonderful lot that backs to National Forest

00 00

a.? '







.-A © • Community offers clubhouse, pool,

basketball courts & endless trails

Call Myra Girod, Principal Broker I 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker I 541-788-6767

Call Carol Osgood, Broker I 541-419-0843 or Korren Bower, BrokerI 541-504-3839

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker I 541-508-9581

541-480-4186 I

62906 Bilyeu Way ~ $308,000

View Homesite - Tetherow ¹142/ $349,000

Ready for Your Dream Home ~ $350,000

SpectacularMountainViews!¹106 North Rim/$359,900


) • •I

• Stunning, unobstructedmountainviews • Best availablesite overlooking ¹2 green • Great privacy- nohomesitesacross fairway • Large, levelsite - great for asingle story plan • Prelim, designconceptsavailable • TetherowGolfor Social Membership • Call for gateaccessandadditiona details

• 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • 2600 SF • Great home w/master on main •Loftplushuge bonusroom • Large .23 acre lot • Greenhouse • Raised beds





• 6,96 acresin PlainviewSubdivision • Live on the property while you build • Large 36x50shop - w/RVhookups inside & outsidethe 3bay shop • Well is in, septic in, power & other


utilities installed at shop 80 well fjw;¹I %1¹¹aau

• Finished bayhaslaundry area8 3/4 bath w/loft. Wood &electric heat ,-a'-'+ I . • Area of larger parcels with ste!!ar



mountain views


Call Judy McCombs, Broker I 541-390-1411 or Haley Dahlquist, Broker I 541-815-9002

Call Joanne McKee, Broker I 541-480-5159

541-480-4186 I

Pride of Ownership ) $369,500

834 SE Shadowood ) $475,000

West Side Park-like Setting ( $479,000

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO



• 1800 SF of unfinished daylight basement • Mature landscaping MLS ¹ 201302413

Rod Hatchell, Broker I 541-728-8812

Call Bryan Hilts, Broker I 541-771-3200 cloudnineebendcable. com

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker I 541-408-0086 Call Judy McCombs, Broker I 541-390-1411

Deschutes River Frontage! $499,000

Private Setting - 15th Fairway ( $521,700

Close to shopping, dining, recreation and NW Crossing! •Upgradesabound inthis3700SF homewith3 mastersuites • Granite slab counters; hardwood floors; hobby/playroom off kitchen • Office with custom built-ins could be used as guest room • Large bonus room and loft area with mini kitchen • Easy care professional landscaping with 50' water feature •3decks,paverpatio,and classicfrontporch • Shop area in garage and 1800 SF of storage • Common area on two sides

90' of Big Deschutes Riverfront ~ $539,000

• Situated on .86 acres on one of the largest homesites in Awbrey Glen • Home offers privacy & a convenient location within the community • Large view windows embrace the High Desert Landscapefrom many areas in the home. • Recently updated with beautiful hard wood floors, high end Europeanpellet stove & energy efficient water heater

Nvandenborn© •


Awb r ey Glen Champion Circle ) $489,900

• Desirable community of Rimrock West • Community access to the Deschutes River • 1904 SF lodge style home • Upstairs loft can be studio or 3rd bedroom • Wrap-around deck to enjoy the sound of the river MLS¹201300623


Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker I 541-508-9581 \ '

Call Judy McCombs, Broker I 541-390-1411

• 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3214 SF • Large bonus room and loft • Gorgeous cherry wood floors • Spacious living room with vaulted ceilings • 3-car garage • MLS¹201303442

• 3 bed, 2 baths on 2.1 acres • Master on main • Formal dining 80 living rooms

• One acre - great building site •Unobstru cted mountainviews • Backsto commonarea -privacy • Access to Deschutes River Trail • Gated, west side neighborhood • Community Lodge for homeowners MLS¹201304193





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aN +'.a';;,'og".~



• You' I beon0permanent vacationthe minuteyougothroughthe doors,four bedroom, 3bath, 2985SFhome PGazeoutbackatamaziogrockformations ol LavaIs!andFalls • Gourmetkitchen,granite, doubleoven, stainless appliances • River rock woodburning fireplace, vaulted entry,&cal garage • Hugedeckw/hottuboverlooking the mighty0eschutesRlver Ma!estlcbeauty'

• Behind the gates - resort course • 3 bed,2.5 baths,ofice a den • Custom built-ins, vaulted ceilings and skylights • Garage - 3rd bay, heated & 1/2 bath • Expansive deck, golf & mountain views MLS¹201304390


Call Sue Price, Broker I 541-408-7742

Call Chris Sulak, Broker I 541-350-6164


Call C.J. Neumann, Broker, CRS I 541-410-3710 Lisa Lamberto, Broker I 541-610-9697

Westside Charmer ~ $550,000

60439 Snap Shot Loop ~ $589,750

Luxury Townhomes ~Offered from $549,750

• Three Rivers South • .63Acre lot with own boatslip • 2919 SF, 3 beds, 2 baths+ bonus

• Gorgeous golf course and mountain views

• Customizable finishes • Gorgeous great rooms • 3 Beautiful floor plans to choose from

• Upgraded kitchenand bathrooms • Great natural light & views! • 1000 SF ofdecking anddeep garage Call for more info!

• 3 roundabouts to downtown


• Luxury new construction • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom

• Beautiful 3/4 acre pine treed ot • 3400 SF, 3-car garage • Huge bonus/family room • Formal living & dining, 3 firep aces •Oneownerhome w/lotsofextras • Wonderful decking, private backyard w/water feature • Very popular location! 1684 NW City View




• 2938 SF oversi + zed 2-car garage • Granite, hardwood & tile throughout • Close to Widgi Creek, Deschutes River trail & Bachelor • A park-like setting

Call Jodi Kearney, BrokerI 541-693-4019

Judy McCombs, Broker 541-390-1411 or Natalie Vandenborn,

Call Mary Stratton, Broker I 541-419-6340

MLS¹201304184 Call Jordan Haase, Principal Broker 541-420-1559 or


Broker 541-508-9581I


Stephanie Ruiz, Broker 541-948-5196 www.pointswestbend,com

Inspiring Mountain Views ~ $625,000

5 Oregon Loop - Sunriver ( $639,000

• • • • •

Sweeping panoramas Charming prairie style Wrap-around veranda Nearly 10 secluded acres Peek-a-boo view of Little Deschutes, bordered by BLM • Oversized 3-baYg ara 9e MLS¹201304180

• 5 bed, 3.5 bath, 2539 SF • Lodge style home in the North end of Sunriver • Great rental history • Furnished per inventory • Stainless appliances • Slab granite counters • 2 master suites





4• •

• To be featured in the 2013 Tour of Homes™, July completion • Custom home by Greg Welch Construction • 3078 SF, oversized garage • 3+ bedroom, 2.5 bath, study/loft • Includes Tetherow Golf or Social Membership • Stunning master suite with access to deck/yard • Indoor/outdoor living with gas firepit in yard

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker I 541-848-7222

Call Keith Petersen PC, Broker I 541-815-0906

Call Brian Ladd, Broker I 541-408-3912•

66300 White Rock Loop i $799,900

This Property Has It All ( $799,900

• 23 acre horse ranch

• 3 bed, 2 bath, 2093 SF chalet style home • 20 acres Tumalo Irrigation • 3 pastures • 2 barns with 9 indoor stalls

m afn¹f—0

Broken Top Classic ) $945,000

Contemporary City Living ( $820,000

• Overlooking10thfairway &green • Custom home completely remodeled in 2004-05by MelroseConstruction • Kathy & KarolNiemiinteriar plan/deSign with quality ¹I detail - 4476SF • 5bed, &5 bath,mainlevel master • Great roomdesign. Wonderful indoor and outdoor livingspacious,quiet cul-de-saclocation MLS¹ 201206249

• 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 3200 SF

• Just minutes to medical, shopping, & schools • Single level, open great room • Great for entertaining • Private setting, borders BLM • Separate entrance for home

• Immaculate interior





' .

office • Formal dining/living, chef's

• No H.O,A/s • Heated parking • Cascade Mountain views • Walkto Old Mill/Downtown MLS¹201207761






Call Peter Menefee, Principal Broker I 541-598-4988

Call Mary Stratton, Broker I 541-419-6340

Call Bobby Lockrem, Broker I 541-480-2356




Deschutes River View Property ( $975,000

North Rim Custom ( $1,049,000


fa I'

• River views fromneary every room • Rich-toned oakhardwoodfloors • Customdistressedkitchencabinetry • Slab granite counters

• ,

• Pro-quality SS appiances

' 1,' . 'Jr+..'~

." ,'



• New construction onlevel I+ acre lot • StunningNWstyle w/high endfinishes • Open greatroomfloor plan, comfortable,yetelegant • Master & den onmainlevel, 3 additionalbedroomsup • Oversized3-cargarage&3outdoor living areas • Gated communitw/tenni y s courts, clubhouse,trails MLS¹201303701

'=.-" ~ M



„ ,

• Mo ntana stonefireplace • Main house - 3bds, 2.5ba,2450SF • Guestquarters -2bds,1 bath, 788SF

ay¹'I MLS¹201301856

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker I 541-280-5352

Luxury Single Level in Broken Top( $1,150,000

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker I 541-408-0086

a a •


• Swloundhu Ify UP000& IIOIO00

M gi'6 '-'

Sl~ il. If lifoa

,' PanoramicCascadeMto. view! y";; • Nicely treed w/poodefosapinesaod0 gentle slope,multiplebuildinglocations, -

iil =.

POWerto Site

• Pavedroads0odfully fenced • Preliminarywell/septic studycompleted •Pri vatesettlog&easyaccesstoBLM • Build youldreamhome&bringyour horses

• Step outside & enjoy naturalscenery

Call Jodi Satko, CSP Broker I 541-550-0819



1910 Historical Residence and Barn

SpaciousExecutive Suitesin Five Pine Campus

• - , ' .

If Interested please call Kelly Horton, Broker 541-508-9163

Call Patty Cordoni, Broker I 541-771-0931


Very profitable bar and restaurant in Central Oregon is for sale. Included in the sale is 10,200 SF building space partially leased.

• Beautiful neighborhood onthe banksof WychusCreek • 3 bedroom, 2bath+ office, single level home • Upgraded w/travertine, slate, granite & attractive living rm w/propanefireplace • Kitchen w/abundantpantryspace, hickorycabinets,customlighting



PerfectHom eorVacationGetawayNearDowntownSisters $359,000

• Great established neighborhood «I&~: ", „ • Equine klsndly closeto town&Sisters

Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker, CRS, GRI I 541-408-4309


• 5 bedroom, 4 baths, 5116 sq, ft. • Overlooking Broken Top's 12th fairway and green • One level with upstairs guest suite and private office • Privacy with southern exposure • Bonus Bl exercise room • 3 car garage w/shop area MLS¹ 201202864

Last Available 5+ Acre Homesite ( $319,500

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker I 541-408-0086

l»lhah a««'I la'

• LocatedinSisters central to shopping, dining, parks andseasonal events • It's proximity to 2 ski resorts, numerous world cassgolf courses,cycling, hiking and unparalleedfy fishing makeit the

"'",-'..' •


0 '.


• Main residence, historic barn,potential

for 30bungalows/cabins,set amidold growth trees,gardens&ponds

Call Susan Trask, Broker I 541-549-8022



• Break away from work towakthe winding footpathsthroughthe campus and hearthesoothm soundsof streamsandwaterfats • Suites avaiablefrom200SFto 1200 SF withconferenceroomandkitchen available totenants • Utilities andcommonarea maintenanceincluded in rent •RenttheOn-CampusConference Center for your client events

Call Patty Cordoni, Broker I 541-771-0931 patty.cordon!esothebysreal


h • •


• 8


sl l

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se 0•'

a • 0










Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Northwest Bend Homes





Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

P owell B u tte, P a n Riverfront Estate! Sunriver j $245,000 Three 10P% E q uityBeautiful NW cottage, $379,000 B e a utifullyNewer and immaculate Gentlemen Farm 8 Re- Single Story home, 3 oramic views, 3/2.5, Very Secluded and Pri- • 1230 sq.ft. condo Shares - $58,500. 3 c lose to C O C C & maintained home with turn key chalet. Feat irement. Cust o m bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1244 1393 sq.ft., o n 6+ v ate! T w o Res i - • 2 bedroom, 2 bath b edroom, 3 b at h + shops Master bdrm w/ stone entry located in tures hot tub, plantahome ove r looking sq.ft., with many upacres, 40x60 dences - Two Triple • Golf Course view loft, 2400 sq ft, beau- large walk-in closet. The Falls at E agle tion blinds, workplace Willow Creek w/Cas- grades on a corner shop/RV. Garages • Two Lots. • MLS 201303748 tifully furnished! Mara Upstairs perfect for C rest. 22 B d rm, 2 desk, two large mas- cade Mtn. views. 2892 lot. $144,900. M LS Holly Garner, Broker 20015 Chaney Road, Jack Johns, Stein, Principal Bro- family room, 2nd bdrm bath w/den open, light ter bedrooms, one is SF 1-level home w/in- ¹ 201302632 Pam 541-480-4208 Bend, Oregon 97701. Broker, GRI ker, Pamir Properties, or office. Large attic and great room living g round level. T h i s door pool, 3360 SF Lester, Principal BroFred Real Estate Group AMAZING Waterfront 541-480-9300 Inc. 541-617-6195 for storage or easy with a wonderful flow chalet in Eagle Crest shop, 2nd home 8 ker, Century 21 Gold conversion to l i ving for entertaining. has an excellent his- o ther b l dgs. 6 9 . 8 Country Realty, Inc. PRICE REDUCTION!!! Estate!! River V i ew Traditional sale! Corner space. Oversized ga- Home ID 1024 tory for high net inacres w/62 acs of ir- 541-504-1338 P anoramic Vie w s ! from every room! 265 lot in River Canyon of Deschutes River rage w/ space for your Eagle Crest Properties c omes t o own e r . r ig. Home has t o o Great location 3 miles ft Estates, right across B e a utiful car, skis & k a yak. 866-722-3370 $209,000 H o m e-ID many features to list. Looking for your next NW o f Re d mond. Frontage! from the park! Fea- Comes with all appli. BLM. arden, Stream & 1005 E a g l eC rest Adjoins emp/oyee? MORRIS Views of Smith Rock G $235,000 4bdrm/ tures 2 spa c i ous i ncluding W/D. A p - 3.5bath great room liv Properties MLS¹201206931 Place a Bulletin help 8 Ochocos. Custom Ponds! Listen to the REAL ESTATE vaulted master suites, 866-722-3370 roar of the river from pointments on week$795,000 wanted ad today and built 2478 SF home y d p d dy O H d Op « d great room & open ends only. $218,000 ing - wonderful family John L. Scott Real Esreach over 60,000 on 4.74 acres. 1536 inside the residence! home in R e dmond.Great Family Home kitchen w/center is4300 + Sq. Ft. Main Sunriver j $355,000 John 503-804-4681. tate 541-548-1712 readers each week. SF shop w/RV bay. RV pad, fenced yard, Never in Rental Pool land. Ready to move House. 3 Bdrms 8 2.5 • Light 8 cheerful Your classified ad MLS¹201202726 w ater f e ature a n d at Eagle Crest. Ex- Home Under construcin! MLS¹201301323. 747 B ath. O f f ic e Lo f t • 1526 sq.ft. will also appear on $397,000 Cyndi Rob e rtson,Southwest Bend Homes more. Home ID 1036 tended T il e E n t ry, space. 900 + Guest • 3 bedroom, 2 bath tion! $183,900 John L. Scott Real Eagle Crest Properties Broker, 541-390-5345 Carpet, Lighting, Al- Single level, 1724 sq. House w/3 Bedrooms • MLS 201303490 which currently reEstate 541-548-1712 866-722-3370 John L. Scott der Cabinetry, Room 8 1 Bath. 6-car Ga- Jackie French, Broker ft., 3 bdrm, 2 b ath, Hillside French C haceives over Real Estate, Bend Pride o f ow n e rship. rage. Well house 8 Darkening W i n dow large kitchen, stain541-480-2269 Enjoy 1.5 million page teau - Copper Cupo- $9,900-$50,000 Treatments in all Bed- less steel appliances, Nestled in the pines s hed. 900 f t d e e p Eagle Crest all year views every month las, Slate Roof, Stone on 1.37 acres is this a fractional owner. rooms. Vaulted Living two pantries, gas firewell. 2.61 acres to the at no extra cost. Used as a church for Exterior. 4 Bedrooms, as Cg room w/built-in entervery well cared for 3 Benefits of being an middle of th e r iver. place in living room, Bulletin Classifieds many years and is va- 4 Baths, 4152 sq. ft., t ainment cent e r , front yard landscapbdrm, 2 bath home Radiant heated floors. Eagle Crest Owner at Get Results! cant and ready for a Offered ai a "fraction" of the cost. Master suite on main, ing. MLS¹201300466 w /1776 sq. ft . N e w $1,850,000. MORRIS Call 385-5809 or new owner. Located $2,395,000. 2 be d s ups t airs stainless steel appliHome-ID FRAC Jim Hinton John R. Gist, within the community Cate Cushman, place your ad on-line REAL ESTATE w/bath 8 loft. ances, pantry 8 utility Eagle Crest Properties 541-420-6229 Principal Broker. Principal Broker at of Christmas Valley. y dp d l yO A d Op «d room. Tranquil & pri- Cascadia Properties $217,500 866-722-3370 Central Oregon Realty 541-480-1884 Tom Roth, Broker Home-ID 1007 vate backyard. Lo541-815-5000 Group, LLC Look at: $325,000 Our finest of 541-771-6549 Eagle Crest cated on a paved road Riverfront Log Homej John L. Scott the Chalets. Many, 756 Properties in Deschutes River Large home, large lot. 748 Real Estate, Bend m any upgrades o f $589,900 for Complete Listings of 866-722-3370 Woods. T r a ditional• 2435 sq.ft. 2399 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, Jefferson County Homes Northeast Bend Homes built-ins of knotty pine. Area Real Estate for Sale sale. 2y2 bath, dbl garage, • 2 bedroom, loft, 3 bath Immaculate condition $267,900 B e a utifully t urn-key. I n gre a t MLS¹201302660 MaClose to schools! Nice 3 Sunriver j $595,000 View Homesites from .5 S QUEAKY N with extra large deck upgraded chalet with ralin Bai d enmann,• .52 acre on Deschutes • 2970 $149, 9 00. bdrm home in town to 10 a c res. Con- Large 1980 sq.CLEA sq.ft. facing east and on the d ouble garage l o area! ft. NE Broker 541-325-1096 • MLS 201304266 MLS¹201303106 Pam L andscaped with a struction pkg a vail- B end home. S p a- 1 0th fairway of t h e cated on the 18th hole • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Gary Rose, John L. Scott Lester, Principal Bro fenced y a rd , RV able. • Sun Forest Remodel Broker, MBA Ridge. Home ID 1025 of the Ridge Course. c ious l i ving r o o m Real Estate, Bend ker Century 21 Gold parking too! $79,900 Holly Garner, Broker • MLS 201302188 541-588-0687 w/gas FP, 3 bdrm, 2.5 Eagle Crest Properties 2 master suites and Country Realty, Inc. MLS¹201106963 541-480-4208 Diane Lozito, Broker 866-722-3370 lots of comfortable liv bath $189,900. MLS¹ 541-504-1338 D&D Realty Group LLC Fred Real Estate Group 201280332. Call Jim Private 8 sec l uded 541-548-3598 ing space. Home ID 866-346-7868 Need help fixing stuff? home, yet close to 541-306-9646 995 Hinton 541-420-6229 LOCATED I N THE town. All new kitchen Say "goodbuy" Central Oregon Realty Call A Service Professional Eagle Crest Properties H EART O F RED - Home on acreage bring a ppliances. Lin e d find the help you need. 866-722-3370 MORRIS Group, LLC MOND - Yo u m ust a ll your t o ys, l i v e to that unused pond for swimming 8 to town on this REAL ESTATE see this b e autifully closes water fun w/pool filter Beautiful f u rnished 2.23 acres with 3 beditem by placing it in T wo homes o n t h e I d p d l y y y M d y y p« p d updated home on .37 $599,900 It's all about system & water feaEagle Crest home on room 2 bat h room MORRIS of a large caThe Bulletin Classifieds banks views! Stunning 11th green. Home ac- acre lot. Many upture. Passive solar River Rim home ready nal. Unique setting the home split floor plan REAL ESTATE grades, and b r and Smith Rock and city for you! This 2296 sq. h eat sink p ar t o f t h e new master suite, this $89,900. MLS with two quality single views from this incred c ommodates y dp d l y O H dd y p heating system. Great ft. home has master story homes nestled ibly built 3 bdrm, 3.5 whole family. Resort is definitely not one to ¹201301914 5 41-385 -5 8 0 9 on the main, 3 bdrms Sunriver j $619,500 room affords e asy o n the banks of a b ath, 3250 s q . f t . side, behind the gate. be missed. 4 b e d- D&D Realty Group LLC family living. Great plus office 8 b onus • 2680 sq.ft. 866-346-7868 irrigation canal home! Enjoy the cov Each bedroom has its room, 2 bath, with a Waterfront, three rivers large hard w ood• 3 bedroom, 3 bath natural light from large room, own bath & separa- large living room, forin NE Bend. Both are ered south, 4/2, 30x52 RV patio with those Large Lot with views. w indows & do o r s . floors, H e ndrickson• 1st Fairway Woodtion of living area and on over one garage/shop, on .43 located easterly views back family room. Home-ID mal dining, and nice Great 3 bdrm home high quality shops, Enjoy the treed surlands G.C. a cre wit h a par k kitchen!!! Outside you with l a rg e fa m i ly acres. ing to common area 992 $459,000 r ounding, pon d & restaurants, parks all • MLS 201302081 across the canal for and will find a pull through room. Needs carpet. Holly Garner, Broker short distance to Eagle Crest Properties water feature. Huge w ithin t h i s sup e r Susan Agli, Broker, privacy. One 4 bedg arage, an d e x t r a converted garage into sports center, swim family r e c room neighborhood! 866-722-3370 ABR, ALHS & SRES Fred541-480-4208 room home (2,424 sq. storage bldg. A lley extra office s pace. Real Estate Group ming pools, s pray w/plenty o f bu i lt-in 541-408-3773 ft.) with triple garage access makes mov- Large shop and carpark. Home-ID 989 2 494 K athy C a b a, 2 -Story home in N W storage cabinets & plus a 3 be d room Eagle Crest Properties West Bend, 2320 NW ing your toys around a port. MLS 201302421. Redmond. Large 1705 counters. 5 bedrooms Principal Broker, ABR 5th St., 4 bdrm, 3,000 home (1,840 sq. ft.) 866-722-3370 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath. breeze!! Call to see $123,500. D8 D Re(2 in main level & 3 on 541-771-1761 with double garage. sq.ft., views to east, one - of-a-kind alty Group LLC John L. Scott alder cabinets, this 2nd floor). Small barn Perfect for two fami- $692,500 Stunning NW Knotty premium finishes. home today!! 866-346-7868 Real Estate, Bend SS appli a nces, with 2 s t a lls, t a ck lies or a cash flow in- C ontemporary p e r MORRIS Kim Reyes, Broker land- ¹201202360 $199,900 Newer home close to room, shop area 8 vestment with good fectly s i t uated t o front/back REAL ESTATE 541-390-6233 John L. Scott Real Esstorage room. River's Edge - 2912 NW tenants. Quality conmaximize sweeping scaped with irrigation. tate 541-548-1712 schools on large lot, Candi Curtis, y dp d l yO d ddy p Jim Hinton $650,000 MLS¹ Golf Course S Dr. 2/2, structed homes near v iews of t h e C a s - $189,900. with storage shed and Broker, 541-848-7852 541-420-6229 201302745 1404 sf condo on the SW Bend j $149,900 Fred Real Estate Group schools and p a rks c ades a n d Sm i t h NE Redmond new con- l arge master b e d Central Oregon Realty Bobbie Strome, • 1306 sq.ft. manufacRock. T h o ughtfully e dge o f t h e go l f with all city services. struction $ 1 7 4,900. room. New carpet in Principal Broker tured West Hills. 4 bdrm, 3.5 Call Gary for more incorporated d e sign Group, LLC course. Single level, 1529 SF, l iving r o o m . Til e John L Scott Real • Updated, 3 bedroom, bath in 4040y sq.ft. details. 6 3 1 9 2 8 elements and luxury 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1822 MLS¹201301376 t o p s in 3 bdrm, 2 bath. Open counter Estate 541-385-5500 2 bath Priscilla Tofte, broker Delightful W e stside 63198 W a t ercress f inishes make t h i s sq. ft. home on one floorplan, Alder cabin- kitchen. Garage con• .92 acre home with Panoramic $598,000 home a one of a kind acre, fenced, and 2 541-815-6444 Pronghorn L u x urious etry throughout. Front verted into play room Cascade & City views Gary Everett, CCIM masterpiece. Home ID shops! Getaway - Residence Fred Real Estate Group • MLS 201301544 landscaping w/sprin- or additional family $191 , 000 1031 Principal Broker Club Villa at Prong- South Deerfield Park j Rookie Dickens, Broker, on a spacious lot with kler system, rear yard room. $79,900 MLS MLS¹201301092 GRI, CRS, ABR High Desert Natural 541-480-6130 Eagle Crest Properties Pam Lester, Principal fencing. horn. 3 bedroom, 3 D&D MLS ¹ 201302561 $255,000 541-815-0436 Landscaping. 2 g as 866-722-3370 Joan Steelhammer, Realty Group LLC bath, 2227 sq ft, one- • 1541 sq.ft. new con¹201208977 B roker, Century 2 1 fireplaces, 1 in living Broker 866-346-7868 twelfth interest, struction $ 479,000 This h o m e Gold Country Realty, Jim H i nton B r o ker, room 8 1 in master 541-419-3717 $35,000. 541-420-6229 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath has it all! Golf course Inc. 541-504-1338 located bedroom. Master bedRemax Cate Cushman, Central Oregon Realty Wonderfully • Vaulted great room home with views & RV home with a comroom ha s c o f fered Principal Broker A Must See! $177,000. Group, LLC • MLS 201301648 garage. Den, loft, ex manding view of MORRIS ceiling & slider to up749 541-480-1884 3 bdrms, 2 b a t hs, Ray Bachman, tra bonus room & ex Mount Jeff erson and per deck with hot tub. 3 REAL ESTATE New Construction Southeast Bend Homes vaulted ceil i ngs. Broker, GRI pansive deck make the surrounding area. Master bath has deep y dp d l yO H d Op «d 541-408-0696 this home s p ecial. Knotty Alder cabinets, bdrm, 2 b ath, 1705 Quail Crossing j Beautiful, well kept soak tub, large tiled sq.ft, 23 acre lot, tile FSBO Tanglewood stainless steel appliHome ID 1029 $289,000 home with spacious THIS IS A PAHLISCH s hower & dou b l e $254K. 4 bdrm 2.5 bath, Eagle Crest Properties ances. RV p arking floors, tile backsplash, • 1745 sq.ft. rooms. MLS HOME in the beauti- sinks. Great room is 1766 sq ft, bonus rm, l andscaping, o v e r - landscaped, fenced. 201206924 $239,000. 866-722-3370 • 3 bedroom, 2 bath ful area of O choco light & airy with exvaulted ceilings, Ig s ized garage M L S 1 79,900 MLS • New Construction D&D Realty Group Pointe. Gor g eous pansive City & Cas- fenced yd, Ig deck, RV Outstanding detail and ¹201302314. Jeanne ¹ 201209125 Pam • MLS 201208685 MORRIS LLC area w/park, trails & cade views. Kitchen is parking, mature landc onstruction of t h i s S charlund Bro k e r Lester, Principal BroGreg Floyd, REAL ESTATE 866-346-7868 pool. 4bd/3ba, tanefficiently laid out with scape, new paint in/out, beautiful 4 bedroom, 541-420-7978 ker, Century 21 Gold P.C., Broker dem garage, d e n/ granite tile counters, well-maintained home. 3.5 bath, 3717 sq. ft. Central Oregon Realty Country Realty, Inc. Wow! Look a t t h e se 541-390-5349 4th newer ap p l iances, 1158 SE Teakwood. Sage Builders home. Group, LLC Spacious 8 B e autiful computer/ o r 541-504-1338 v iews! Casc a d e bedroom downstairs pantry & h a rdwood 541-385-6559 Located on the 18th property with comfort- w /full b a th . L a r g e Mountain from your f looring. Triple g a hole of the Challenge able spaces for varBring your ideas, make New construction! NE living room. Home has pen k i tchen t h a t rage wit h U l timate 750 Course at Eagle Crest this house your home. Redmond $174,900 ied family interests. olooks been updated w ith into a cathedral floor. Wired for secuResort. Home-ID 352 Exquisite t e a kwood This is a 3 bedroom 1 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1466 Redmond Homes newer heat pump and eiling l iving a r e a rity system. Wired for MORRIS $599,900. bathroom home on sq. ft. 2-story home, all new f loors too. flooring in foyer, living cw/lots of w i n dows. stereo with speakers City Views from the Top Eagle Crest Properties REAL ESTATE a rea 8 gour m e t the SW side of town gas fireplace in great G reat r a nc h s t y l e Custom stone f i re- o n main floor in 4 at Eagle Crest! Beau866-722-3370 y&p d l y O d da p «d kitchen. Kitchen has on a nice corner lot room. L a n dscaped h ome with l o t s o f place & cab i netry zones. 5-zone heat- tiful custom home at granite countertops, with an extra storage with sprinkler system room to play. River Canyon Estates $9,500 G r ea t Des MLS¹201303297 ing system. 2 levels of building. Ready for MLS¹201209172 large island, planning $1 72,000. MLS the e n d of the chutes River Views j $339,000 $299,000 cedar decking plus desk 8 numerous oak you to make your own Jim Hinton cul-de-sac featuring l ocation! Nicely a p ¹ 201208213 D&D • 2550 sq.ft. John L. Scott Real paver patio. Plumbed 541-420-6229 cabinets. Master bed- Estate 541-548-1712 R ealty Group L L C 2600 sq. ft of comfort- p ointed, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath turn k ey $84,900. D8 D Realty in humidification sysroom on main level Group LLC Central Oregon Realty 866-346-78 able living and open fully-furnished 2 bed • Community pool & tem. $610,000 MLS¹ 866-346-7868 with luxurious bath- This property has so Group, LLC floor plan. Home-ID r oom, 2 b a t h , a s tennis 201301639 762 room 8 private deck. 994. $429,000 • MLS 201302639 much potential! Live in signed storage, 1/10th Bobbie Strome, well taken care of New Cons t ruction Homes with Acreage Large f a mily/media existing home while Eagle Crest Properties Craig Smith, Broker s hare/5 weeks p e r Cute, Principal Broker home on the NW side Single room & ga m e/rec you build your dream Level 866-722-3370 541-322-2417 year. Home ID 1022 John L Scott Real of Redmond. 4/2.5 r oom. $555, 0 0 0 home in CRR. Prop$179,500. Large cov- 12789 SW Wheatgrass Eagle Crest Properties Estate 541-385-5500 with nice large loft MLS¹ 201303078 Great family home in ered front porch, cov- Rd. Well maintained erty is all set up for 866-722-3370 area. Master on main ered back patio, full Bobbie Strome, 1680 sq. ft., 3 bdrm., you, your family 8 Westside, 3/2.5, 1393 Redmond's only golf level, open kitchen Principal Broker $439, 500 Original Ac landscaping, vaulted 2 ba. on 1 acre. Built your horses! 3 stall sq.ft., 1996 construc- community. Immacu- t ive A d u l t Mod e l that overlooks dining ceilings, knotty alder John L Scott Real late 3 bdrm, 3 bath in 2004. Spacious liv b arn, h orse w a s h tion. MORRIS Home. M a n y up area 8 living room. Estate 541-385-5500 home with living 8 cabinetry. MLS ing room downstairs 8 a rea, r o und p e n , Kim Reyes, Broker REAL ESTATE Large bdrms. 3-car 201402867 l arge f amily r o o m grades. Newly painted family room upstairs. fenced 8 cle a r ed Spectacular Home on 541-390-6233 l yO d dd y p garage, fully land- Jeanne Scharlund Bro- New laminate wood overlooking the e xterior. S hort d i s A creage. S E B e n d riding arena, sepaCandi Curtis, scaped, backyard is course and b e auti- tance to sports center ker, 541-420-7978 flooring t h roughout. River Canyon Estates. 4.81 acres near BLM! r ated p a stures 8 Broker, 541-848-7852 fenced. $259,900 land s caped and pro shop. Home Central Oregon Realty Landscaped front 8 61060 Snowberry Pl. 2885 sq. ft. home with 12'x24' hay storage. Fred Real Estate Group fully MLS¹201302289 ID 1003 backyard with water Group, LLC backyard w/cyclone 4/2.5, 2 4 7 5 sq . f t., 4 Bdrms + Den 8 3 The property is fully Eagle Crest Properties D&D Realty Group feature, large deck fencing. Property has bend R i ve r Tr a i l, B aths, m a ster o n fenced w/ga r den 866-722-3370 866-346-7868 N ice single l evel 3 with awning, o verlots of storage w/2 car Parks, Tennis, Club FOR SALE main, vaulted great complete w/timed drip s ized g a rage w i t h $374,990 Located be bdrm. 2d/2 bath, 1805 garage 8 large gar House. room & triple garage! system, chicken coop, sq. ft. home on y4 acre den shed. $ 179,900 room for a shop or MLS¹201302967 perg o l a When buying a home Barn, corrals, RV area b eautiful hind the gate at Eagle Want to impress the lot in nice SW Red cart. RV gated park- Crest. Golf and Cas MLS 201302119 John Furrow, Broker 83% of Central and more a must see! w/great place for your relatives? Remodel mond. MLS ing. In new R i dge- c ade M t . vie w s . Juniper Realty, 541-647-0910 BBQ. So many little Oregonians turn to $529,900. your home with the view High School dist. ¹201303545 541-504-5393 Fred Real Estate Group extras you need to Needs some TLC but help of a professional Call for a pr i vate makes a w o nderful $209,999. Pam 5 436 K e llie C o o k , see it. 5pyp yy p Central Oypgon since y903 The Bulletin showing. $ 2 55,000. Lester, Principal Bro from The Bulletin's MLS¹201301058 TURN THE PAGE family vacation home! Broker 541-408-0463 ker Century 21 Gold MLS¹201302656. To Subscribe call Call 541-385-5809 to "Call A Service $199,000 John L. Scott Home ID 1027 For More Ads H ighland Real t y Eagle Crest Properties Professional" Directory Country Realty, Inc. 541-385-5800 or go to John L. Scott Real place your Real Estate, Bend 541-504-1338 The Bulletin 541-923-2311 Real Estate ad. Estate 541-548-1712 866-722-3370


The Bulletin


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SUNDAY 1PM - 4PM Quality s i n gle-level private townhome w/ Cascade views. Designer touches & u p grades. 9 bdrm, 2.5 ba, Knotty Alder hardwood doors &


cabinetry. Great room w/


362 NW Phils tuop, Bend

natural broken top stone DirectionsrMt,Washingron Io/y/W fireplace, Travertine & Flag Line. Righr at Sandalrryood. slate flooring. Many more Left to iVWPhifs looP. design features!


HOSted6 Li~ted byr GREGG HAYDEN PrinciPal Broker





• I •



SAT. 12-3PM


Charming 2-story


This immaculate custom

home in Badger Forest. Greatroom

On a large corner lot with outdoor space

built home features 3586 sq. ft. 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, formal dining & living rooms, family room, bonus


I .". y'f„



room w!th wet bar, office/ 20388 Buttermilk Court den, master bedroom with Directions:Corrntr7 Club Drive to Mtn private balcony, 3 gas High LooP,stay on,tftn High LooPPASS fireplaces, vaulted ceilings the detoursignsro Brrtlerrnifk Coxrr. & triple car gmage.


floorptan & spacious

20257 Hufflepuff Ct. Directions: Off of Parref/ Rd

Hosted 6 LiSted byr


DAWN NEWTON PrinciPle Broker




H8/4 behind the Frrc/orJd Outlets


I"-'I = g:


features 3 bedrooms,

with alley-access 2 car garage. Shows like new!


Hosfed 6 Listed byr

g alore! Ope n

bedrooms. Fenced 8d landscaped

SATURDAY 11-2 'II=:=.-I


2 .5 b a t hs , n e w l y updated kitchen,den/ 3010 NW CraftsmanDr., Bend office, and a spacious Directions:Mr washington to d eck backing t o a Summit to Craftsman Drive small neighborhood park. On the Butte, yet minutes from town.


Enjoy dll the custom featuresjust north of Mountain Uiew High go east on NE Aldrich tIMs home offers!

HOSted Byd


Pr/ncipa/ Broker


2836 NE Aldrich, Bend

computers, plus 2 wall safes.



I ~III!l~ 'j-

shoyy;er. Wired for TV, stereo, Directions: From /y/E 27th


HOSted 6 LiSted byr


Incredible opportunity to own this beautiful ) bedroom home on a nice corner lot in NE Bend. Great room w/fire!ylare, open kitchen w/cook island, tile counters, pantry and SS appliances. Main level hardwood floors, master suite yp/tub and

for,3 blocks tvcorner of Sandalwood.


LiSted Byd

GARY EVERETT Principal Broker



Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage






Homes with Acreage







Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

14198 SW Nine Peaks $89,900 - SEPTIC, This home and prop- $39,900 - 1.46 acre, flat Shevlins Commons $ 84,900 - 7 8 2 5 S W SW Geneva View Rd. Pl. Mtn. views from WATER, 30x40 erty is set-up to live. building lot a d joins River Road. 5 . 0 30 Level 1.14 acres with S untree Village ¹ 2 5 Snowberry Village. 3 Lot j $239,000 t his 1960 sq. f t., 3 SHOP! 1 1/4 - acre Low mai n tenance g reenbelt. Wat e r / • .25 acre lot acres, canyon views, ood building sites. $29 000 - 3 bedbdrms, 2 baths, 1566 bdrm., 2 ba. home on cul-de-sac l o cation. yard with very nice power available at • Cascade Mountain septic & power on lot. 41,500 MLS rooms, 2 baths, 1269 sq. ft, - Silvercrest. I'oad. 1.16 acre. U pdated Cascade views! 1000 l andscaping, s o m e view MLS¹201300989 201102002 sq. ft., 1983 Marlette. Upgrades - newer with new carpet & vi gal. septic, CRR wa- grass in front 8 back, MLS¹201207930 • Close to Shevlin Park Call Melody Curry Juniper Realty Nice vaulted l i ving p aint inside & o u t , • MLS 201301093 541-771-1116 541-504-5393 nyl flooring and inte ter w/back-flow defenced dog area, covCall Nancy Popp room. Large kitchen newer carpet, huge rior has been freshly vice. Shop - concrete ered rear deck. 14x20 541-815-8000 Don Kelleher, Broker Crooked River and separate laundry. k itchen w/island & 541-480-1911 painted. 936 sq. ft. ga floors, windows, screened party room Crooked River Realty The Highlands, WestLarge covered deck. sunny breakfast area. rage has a shop area, 16x10 overhead door. with BBQ, 15x20 work Realty Enclosed back deck, $89,500 - 5- flat acres. side Bend - G ated, Pick your own exte2 bays & 5 0 a m p MLS¹201203418 or craft shop (unfin- $39,900 - Be creative! close to Bend amenirior paint- $2300 paint private bac k yard. P erfect f o r ho r s e Cg p ower for a n R V . Call Nancy Popp, ished), 24x50 3 bay ties. The Highlands at $86,000. to fit your new property or privacy. Broken Top, 10 acres. credit. 541-815-8000 Separate RV covered shop with upper stor- Build Call Marilyn Rohaly, Marilyn Rohaly, Area of shallow well Lot adjoins storage & ca r port. Crooked River Realty a ge. Home ha s 4 business. MORRIS depths. Poss i b le Offered at $550,000. Broker, 541-322-9954 Broker 541-322-9954 18-hole golf course. $139,500 MLS b edroom, 3 bat h , Cate Cushman, REAL ESTATE John L. Scott Real John L. Scott owner terms. visibility! Well Beautiful maintained 201208272 large open living area, Great Principal Broker I dp d lyO d d Op d MLS¹201104251 Estate, Bend Real Estate, Bend paved road, mfd home with Juniper Realty, office or den off living traveled 541-480-1884 Call Nancy Popp mountain views, easy room. Al l b u ildings in business area at The Highlands at Bro541-504-5393 541-815-8000 CCR. care landscaping and have m eta l ken top, 10 a cres, Triple wide home with a r o o fs. 2 0748 V a lentine S t . 16751 SW DOVE RD. Crooked River MLS¹201207332 garden area, freshly gated private well Horse property, on Tumalo j $369,000 $54,900 Cute 3 bdrm, very open floor plan. Realty One level 2500 sq. ft. painted ext. $133,900. paved Call Melody Curry utilities at lot, applicaroad. $284,900 • Deschutes Riverfront 2 ba t h , upd a t ed K itchen has lots of custom log home on MLS 201303869 Call 541-771-1116 tion for cap-fill septic. $89,900 - Beautiful el- • 1.47 acre MLS 201207419. kitchen & bath, new storage tile b a cks4.9 acres. Gourmet Crooked River Realty Gail Day, $535,000. MLS evated view a b ove• Build your dream Cascade Realty, carpet & t i le, n i ce p lash and i s c o n kitchen incl u d es 541-306-1018 ¹ 201200937. Pam Deschutes River Can- home nected to th e s u n541-536-1731 covered front deck & $39,900 - Lot 141 SW cherry cabinets, gran Central Oregon Realty Principal Bro- yon. Westerly Cas- • MLS 201303902 room. Lami n a te large back yard with C rater L oop. 1 . 0 1 Lester, ite counters, farmer's Westside and 17 Acres flooring in all rooms Group, LLC acre, well treed lot. ker, Century 21 Gold cade views. 2-acres, Carolyn Priborsky, sink and stainless ap Custom log home with Country Realty, Inc. paved rd. Septic apand sky lights for an like new. P.C., Broker, ABR, pliances. Floor to ceil Crooked River Valley. portico, 4 bedroom, 4 MLS¹201105162 541-504-1338 airy light feel. Outside proved. Cascade Village Call Melody Curry CRS, GREEN ing windows w/views Quiet Location and bath, 3,381 sq ft. Ofis landscaped has a MLS¹201207148 541-771-1116 Homes N.W. LLC 541-383-4350 773 of the Mtns. Hickory room to spread out fered at $1,295,000. beautiful lawn. Huge Call Nancy Popp 541-388-0000 Crooked River Realty hardwood & tile floors. are just some of the Cate Cushman, Acreages 541-815-8000 shop/garage, sepaTongue and groove pluses of t his 1 .57 Principal Broker 3 Beautiful Golf Course 63741 Cascade Village rate building used as Crooked River Cg vaulted ceilings. Trek acre country parcel, 541-480-1884 Lots - ¹2 , . 4 a cres, Lot 16 SW Shad Rd. Dr. - This home is lo- a hobby room. Newer Realty decking, fenced yard you get a nice 3 bed- leveI lot, views the 2.7 acres, Mt. Jeffercated on a corner lot septic, roof, & paved B are r a ng e la n d . MORRIS with g arden a r ea. room 1.75 bath home son & S m ith R ock pond, 2nd & 7th fairin a very quiet setting d riveway i n 20 1 0 . 764 Fenced and only 18 MLS with an office, light REAL ESTATE $499,999 ways, $210,000. ¹84, views. $78,500 MLS with n a tural l a n d- Property is fenced & miles from Madras. 201208751 open floor plan, nice Farms & Ranches .3 acres, beautifully 201208266 I d p d l y o d dOp scape and huge deck, has a security gate. T here are 2 w a t e r Juniper Realty, stone fireplace, heat Juniper Realty treed, views the pond, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, with MLS $184,900 wells neither of 541-504-5393 541-504-5393 pump and... did Lake County A l falfa on the 10th fairway, 775 extra room for office. 201302863. which are being used. O ver 1 5 0 0 sq. f t . Cascade Realty, Custom built home on mention the shop and Farm. Incredible 703 $ 210,000. ¹ 5 2 , .3 Lot 22 SW Chipmunk Manufactured/ Electricity is to one of acre alfalfa F a rm. acres, water front lot, Rd. 5.19 acres, level 541-536-1731 Spotless, like new in20 acres in P owell horse shoe pits? All them. Mostly gentle Mobile Homes Producing 2000 tons perched on a nice hillbeautifully treed, on slde. Butte, 1652 sq. ft. 3 l ot, Mt n . view s . s lope w i t h be t t er Good classified ads tell s ide t o e n jo y t h e of dairy quality alfalfa the 6 t h fai r w ay, Cascade Village bdrm, 2 bath, double $69,000 MLS grass on the steeper Snowberry Village ¹119 the essential facts in an $219,000. Mara 201106095 Homes. Bend, garage. $29 8 ,500 views. A good value hay yearly. 4 pivots land. Possible owner $ 129,900. 3 bed interesting Manner. Write a t $ 1 99,900! C a l l provide 453 acres of Stein, Principal Bro541-388-0000 MLS¹201301732 Juniper Realty terms. MLS¹ rooms, 2. 5 ba t hs, irrigation. 3 m o dest ker, Pamir Properties, from the readers view - not Pam Lester, Principal Heather Hockett, PC, 541-504-5393 201301211 $200,000. 1920 sq. ft. 2000 SilFACTORY SPECIAL B roker, Century 2 1 homes, 2 shops 8 2 Inc. 541-617-6195 the seller's. Convert the B roker Century 2 1 t r i plewide. New Home, 3 bdrm, SW Canyon Dr. John L. Scott Real Es- vercrest Country Realty, hay storage barns. facts into benefits. Show Gold Country Realty, Gold - Grandfa- 13601 $57,900 tate 541-548-1712 Living room, f amily $46,500 finished 541-420-9151 1.13 acres, Mt. JefferCandice A n derson, the reader how the item will Inc. 541-504-1338 thered RV lot, come son views, owner will BUILD YOUR DREAM room, dining room. on your site. Broker 541-788-8878 help them in someway. camp or build your carry. $58,500 MLS J and M Homes Enjoy your p r ivacy. Immaculate. RemodFlfi¹D IT! John L. Scott HOME on this 5.3 This 541-548-5511 dream home. Septic/ 201106385 eled kitchen w/breakH ome on very s eReal Estate, Bend BUY f7' acre parcel just a few advertising tip Power/Water. cluded quiet 10 acre fast b a r . Pri v ate Juniper Realty minutes s o ut h of SELL ITfr brought to youby LOT MODEL MLS¹201207367 master suite w/walk-in p arcel. Property i s 541-504-5393 P rineville. Views o f The Bulletin Classifieds fenced for a nimals. Ranch in Powell Butte Linda Lou Day- Wright, LIQUIDATION closet. Master b ath t he Cascades a n d The Bulletin $925,000. Pride of Broker, 541-771-2585 $ 119,900 - N ear t h e w /garden tu b an d Prices Slashed Huge H orse barn with 3 12250 NW Dove Rd. entrance of the ranch. easy access off Davis double shower. Gas Savings! 10 Year ownership/Borders Crooked River Realty stalls, tack room, hay Plenty o f nat u r al S eptic, power a n d L oop. S eptic a p - FA heat PLUS A/C & 780 BLM. Feed Lot, hay conditional warranty. l ighting w it h l a r ge s torage, b ar n h a s - Cascade view water insta l led. proved and p o wer fireplace. Too many Finished on your site. Barn, Equip. Shed $58,000 Mfd./Mobile Homes windows that brings drive-through capabillot w/ standard septic MLS¹201104846 available. ONLY 2 LEFT! MLS¹201206082 options to list! ity. Backs up to counwith Land the outside in. UnobMLS201302249 approved, water/ Linda Lou DayWright, Vicci Bowen Redmond, Oregon Call Marilyn Rohaly, structed Mtn. views. try land, just get on $37,750 power at road. 1-acre. Broker, 541-771-2585 541-410-9730 541-548-5511 Broker, 541-322-9954 Immaculate 1841 sq. your horse and ride! Central John L. Scott Real $120,000 - 1.03 acres, MLS 201205389 Crooked River Realty Oregon Realty Home is 1637 sq. ft. 3 John L. Scott Real ft., 3 bdrm., 2 ba., ce1296 sq. feet, new on Call Nancy Popp Estate 541-548-1712 Group, LLC Estate, Bend bdrm, 1 bath, kitchen, 1 2770 NW D ove R d . dar sided home on 541-815-8000 Must See to Appreciate, market! Canyon City, Oregon. living room, den, large 5 .12 a c r es , Mt n . 4.81 fenced a cres. 771 Crooked River Very Clean, Move-in MLS¹201303386 14 acres zoned Resiviews, all utilities inTongue and groove l aundry room, a n d Realty Ready... 3 Bedroom, Linda Lou Day-Wright, Lots stalled. $96,500 MLS dential, currently divaulted ceilings, free adjoining s u nroom. The Bulletin's 2 Bath, 1512 sq. ft. Broker, 541-771-2585 vided into 4 tax lots. 20120135 standing gas s t ove Oversized garage with "Call A Service Manufactured Home. Crooked River Realty Juniper Realty $99,900 Need to get an ad and hardwood floors. shop area. P r ivate$25,000-$49,000 Spec Interior just painted, 3 bedroom, 2 bath mfd. Professional" Directory tacular lots in Yarrow 541-504-5393 Juniper Realty Large back yard with well. MLS 201303485 laminate flo o r ing, on over an acre. Has in ASAP? 541-504-5393 the is all about meeting swimming pool. $215,000. H i ghland Subdivision, 16160 SW Dove Rd. s late e n t ry , ti l e d been very well mainnewer development in your needs. Spotless o v e rsized Realty 541-923-2311 Lot 21 SW Chipmunk 6.1 acre corner lot, kitchen, laundry and tained & used as a the East hills of Ma garage. $38 5 ,000 Fax it to 541-322-7253 Mtn. views, near Des- Rd. 5.16 acre, combathrooms. M a s t er rental. Also has a deGATED ACREAGE dras. Very near the Call on one of the MLS 201101447 munity water installed. Bedroom and other 2 t ached double c a r Very secluded gated 10 new Aquatic Center, The Bulletin Classifieds chutes River. $99,500 $74,700 professionals today! Juniper Realty, MLS MLS 201205646 Bedrooms are sepa- garage. $84,900 MLS f enced acres w i t h M iddle School a n d 541-504-5393 201300800 Juniper Realty rated with a L i ving 201004467. 2000 sq. ft. custom C OCC Camp u s. 541-504-5393 Juniper Realty Room and F amily Cascade Realty, Snowberry Village ¹ 6 12851 SW Deer home, Trex decking, Home ID YARROW $59,900 - Nicely treed 541-504-5393 $86,000. 3 bedrooms, R oom. F r ont an d 541-536-1731 Crossing. Remodeled Mtn. Views, 60x36 in- Eagle Crest Properties l ot a djoining C R R 16535 SW Chinook Dr. Back Decks. Over2 baths. 1566 sq. ft. 3 bdrm., 2 ba., 1440 sulated Shop with at866-722-3370 greenbelt. Currently 5 .68 a c res, R i v e r NW Bend j $495,000 Beautiful, well cared for Silvercrest. Upgrades sized single Car Gasq. ft. home on 2.29 tached guest quarters, set up for RV use. v iews, o w ne r w i l l • 40 acres 3 bedroom 2 b a t h - newer paint inside & rage (20x24), w ith acres. Granite 2 s e ptics, l o a fing $48,900 - 1-acre. Fully fenced. carry. $225,000 MLS • Tumalo Creek flows Mountain views. out and newer carpet. storage space above. mfd. home on 1 and a counters, hic k o ry shed, RV h o ok-up, through property 201106408 MLS¹201205397 half acres. Corner lot. MLS¹201206664 Huge kitchen with is- Make your appoint- Close c abinets, bam b o o private well, plenty of • Borders National ForJuniper Realty Call Nancy Popp, to p avement, Call Linda Lou l and a n d sun n y ment today to v iew wood f l oors, v i n yl room to park toys and 541-504-5393 est 541-815-8000 Day-Wright, Broker, t he interior o f t h i s Wrap around kitchen breakfast area. E nwindows the list goes have animals. NO • MLS 201209443 Crooked River 541-771-2585 16685 SW Chinook Dr. closed back deck. Pri- home. $124,999 MLS with lots of c o unter on. Garage, carport & CC&R's or HOA, easy Long, Broker Realty and cupboard space, 6 .9 a c r es , Ri v e r Craig 201300412. vate backyard. ImRV covered parking. a ccess t o Ben d , Crooked River Realty 541-480-7647 l aundry r o o m of f views, all utilities inm aculate & val u e Cascade Realty, 9148 sq.ft. FLAT lot, $109,000 MLS Redmond or Sisters. $135,000 Ex t r emely utilities stubbed into kitchen has back door stalled, owner carry. 541-536-1731 priced. 201204410 One-of-a-kind p r op- desirable Golf Course PUE, close to West to garage area, with $189,000 MLS Cy Call Marilyn Rohaly, Juniper Realty, e rty. $455, 0 0 0 lot in gated commu Advertise your car! sliding glass door to Canyon Rim Park and 201008671 Broker, 541-322-9954 541-504-5393 MLS¹201203090. nity at Eagle Crest! Add A Picture! cover deck. $159,900 Juniper Realty John L. Scott Real a ccess to t h e D r y H ighland Real t y Reach thousands of readers! Easy to build with per Canyon trail. $50,000 MORRIS MLS 201303530. 8829 S W Je f f erson 541-923-2311 541-504-5393 Estate, Bend Call 541-385-5809 f ect l o cation a n d includes shop. MLS¹ REAL ESTATE Cascade Realty, View Pl. Beautiful log $279,900 14.76 acres, The Bulletin Classtfieds 541-536-1731 I d p d lp O M dOp « p d home located in quiet Great Horse property. 4 Price! Morning sun & 201207687. Call Pam 13.43 irrig a tion. area on 1 acre corner stall loafing shed with beautiful views. .51 Lester, Principal Bro- 9-acres Alfalfa Hay, lot on a paved street. auto watering opens acres! Home ID 1030 ker, Century 21 Gold pond fenced x-fenced. Spacious 1280 sq. ft., to fenced area ap- Eagle Crest Properties Country Realty, Inc. Minutes from R e d866-722-3370 2 bdrm., 2 ba. has 541-504-1338 prox. 40x80 shed for mond. Owner will put new carpet & v i nyl hay or what have you $165,000 Outstanding CUP in place. Irrig. flooring on the main This Awbrey Butte Lot j p r o perty is golf course lot! Build e quip. incl. M L S ¹ floor. Finished bonus fenced an d $172,500 c r o ss dream home on • .86 acre lot 201303402 rm. above garage. RV f enced w it h m a n y your flat .31 of an acre • City view Call Nancy Popp area w/hook up. Well separate areas. Home this l ot o n t h e Ri d g e • Wooded, private 541-815-8000 maintained decks to 2 bedrooms, 2 C ourse a t Eag l e Crooked River enjoy the quiet sum has baths both have sky- Crest. Home ID 972 • MLS 201300606 Realty mer days. Home is be lights, both bedrooms Eagle Crest Properties Jerry Stone, Broker i ng sold f u lly f u r have walk-in closets, 866-722-3370 541-390-9598 $29,900 - O n e a c re. nished. $21 4 ,900 dining area has built Driveway in p l ace. MLS 201301737 7981 SW High Cone. in hutch. Large living Great Mountain View Juniper Realty, MLS¹201003931 home site, short disr oom and a w o o d 541-504-5393 Call Melody Curry s tove to k ee p y o u tance to the Lakeside 541-771-1116 S ports Center a n d MORRIS 5 498 SW S h a d R d . cozy. Must see this Crooked River Realty REAL ESTATE Bright & open 1344 property to appreci- Spray Park, come and I& p d lp O d dOp sq. ft., 3 bdrm., 2 ba. ate all it has to offer. enjoy listening to the 2 acres w/well, borders MLS q uiet. A v oi d b a n k home on 1.86 acre $179,900 great views, power Broken Top - Ideal BLM, c losing c o sts; t h e at prop line, end of road corner lot. Large loft 201302690. Building Location seller is offering exCascade Realty, n ear P r ineville R e s. area with office area. ni n t h $129,000. 541-350-6173 c ellent terms t o a B roken To p 541-536-1731 RV area 8 hook-up. fairway, natural terqualified buyer. Greenhouse located 619 $83,500 rain, .34 acre, offered 32.42 Acres in Urban next to t h e f e nced Huge Cascade M t n. Home-ID Growth Bo u ndary, at $249,000. Eagle Crest Large shop, garden area. Under Views. Adjacent t o The Cate Cushman, barn with 2 stalls and Properties ground sprinklers & Greens, kitty corner to Principal Broker 866-722-3370 drip system through tack room, v a ulted 541-480-1884 new Ridgeview High out. $149,900 timber lined ceilings. 208 2nd Ave., Culver. School. $59 9 ,000. f ireplace i n liv i n g Level city lot. $38,200 MLS201302042 MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 room. $239 , 000. Juniper Realty, Broken Top -The PerMLS 201203505 Pam Lester, Principal MLS¹ 20130344 541-504-5393 fect Setting - Broken B roker, Century 2 1 Juniper Realty Gail Day, 541-306-1018 Top first fairway, ma541-504-5393 Gold Country Realty, 20 Acres - Cascade Mtn Central Oregon Realty ture Ponderosas, .53 Inc. 541-504-1338 views. Just 4 m i les Group, LLC $96,000 Ochoco Moun acre. O f f ered at north of Eagle Crest! 3.68 Acres j tains v iews, l a rge Privacy & Space in Powell Butte 4 b d rm, 13,585 sq. ft. corner $275,000. $1,100,000 Cate Cushman, this custom 3192 sq. 2.5 bath, 1928 sq. ft., homesite o n • 4760 sq.ft. the Principal Broker ft., 4 bedroom, 3 bath 3-car garage, barn, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Ridge side of Eagle 541-480-1884 home. Single l evel shop, with RV door. Crest Resort. 3 golf • On the Deschutes with full Mtn. views & 9.33 acres irrigated. c ourses, indoor & River D eschutes river i n $359,000 MLS outdoor tennis, pools, C ommercial Lots I n • MLS 201202960 your backyard. Seller ¹ 2012037129 Pa m basketball, r a c quet Crooked River Ranch: Brandon Fairbanks, is licensed broker. Lester, Principal Bro- ball, a day spa, res Great opportunity to Broker, SRES, $749,000 Sarah Er- ker, Century 21 Gold t aurants & mor e . start a b u siness or GRI, CDPE aker Broker Country Realty, Inc. Close to D eschutes relocate an existing 541-383-4344 503-680-6432 541-504-1338 Purchaseprice$350,000,20% down, Loan amount $280,000,30 yrfixed. River, Mt. B achelor business. Near resJohn L. Scott t aurants, hotel a n d a nd Hoodoo. All re P owell Butte. Qu i e t Real Estate, Bend amenities in golf course. Owner Country Lane. Nice 3 sort terms available. Busicluded. Home-ID 847 Bedroom ranch-style ness Circle, Lot 82MORRIS $239,900 - Prow front house with a nice floor Eagle Crest Properties 1.05 acres - $25,000. 866-722-3370 log home on view rim plan, country kitchen REAL ESTATE lot. 3 bdrm., 2.5 bath, and nice brick fire- N orth P o w el l B u t t e Commercial Loop, Lot I d p d d p p d dd p pd 50 - 1.30 acres & Lot 1.49-acres. J u n iper place nestled on 4+ 3 buildable, 51 - 1.23 acres still $ 40,500 - 8 5 8 9 S W floor & cab i nets. acres. The property is Acreage Jumbo purchaseprice /value$800,000— 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. rare lots. C ascade available at $35,000 P anorama Roa d . ¹201301080 fenced and has a cor- Mountain views. Quiet each or purchase both 1.169 acre, close to Offer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. Call Nancy Popp ral, shed and shop area. Call Vicci Bop asture a n d mtn . for $60,000 On Approved Credit. 541-815-8000 area, along with stor- wen 541-410-9730 views! Juniper Realty Crooked River age rooms. The prop- Central Oregon Realty MLS¹201105165 541-504-5393 Realty erty has two acres of Group, LLC Call Melody Curry irrigation, m o u ntain Last Lot A v ailable 541-771-1116 Available immediately, Crooked River Realty a nd S m it h Roc k 1.17 acre corner lot. 3 views. Central loca- bed 2 bath 2336 Sq one lot with Northern Ft, two bonus rooms, views on Livengood $ 47,500 - 1 3 740 S W tion commuting dishuge shop, garden tance to Bend, Way is r eady and C anyon Dr . 1 . 2 2 8 shed, R V p a r king. waiting for your cus- a cre. B u il d you r Prineville, and Reddata source — Coreloipc Market Tpdc home! tom man u factured dream 360' View / Top of Butte mond. Not a bad MLS¹201303022 MLS¹201105164 $329,900 home. Pick your own package at $289,900! in Terrebonne. Home, Call Melody Curry John L. Scott Real Call Heather Hockett, design! shop, mansion building 541-771-1116 Cascade Village PC, Broker, Century Estate 541-548-1712 site. 2% to broker. See: Crooked River Realty Homes. Bend, 21 Gold Country Re- $29,900 - View beauti541-388-0000 reo/3838788703.html alty, 541-420-9151 $74,900 - 5 acres adful C r ooked R i v er Canyon walls f rom Nice flat lot in Terreb- joins public land over 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h, eschutes Riv e r . What are you 1716 sq ft home on your new business. onne, .56 a c r es, D to river . B uild to s u i t y o u r p aved s t reet, a p - C lose 4.45 acres. P rivate looking for? MLS¹201102328 well & l a rge shop. b usiness. Und e r - proved fo r c a p -fillLinda Lou DayWright, You'll find it in ground power & CRR septic, utilities at l ot MLS¹201300092. 541-771-2585 water available. line. $42,000. MLS Broker, $299,999. Pam The Bulletin Classifieds MLS¹201207341 ¹ 2012001172 Pam Crooked River Realty Lester, Principal BroCall Nancy Popp, Lester, Principal Bro- $ 75,000 - N i c e m t n . ker, Century 21 Gold 541-815-8000 Country Realty, Inc. ker, Century 21 Gold views. 5.64-acres. Lo541-385-5809 541-504-1338 Crooked River Country Realty, Inc. cated in a cul-de-sac. Realty 541-504-1338 MLS¹2609088 5 ACRES with moun- Single level on 1 acre, 3 Lou Day- Wright, tain views. 3 bdrm, 2 bdrm, 2 b ath, 1716 $329,00 Incredible Pronghorn Lake Site, Linda Broker, 541-771-2585 b ath, 1 62 0 h o m e , sq.ft., master separa- Rim golf course views Buyer must purchase Crooked River Realty Casey NMLS 189449 Jennifer NMLS 288550 36x40 shop, fenced, tion, office, fenced, 3 bed, 2 bath. Shop seller's club memberirrigated, ext. sprin- f lower garden, R V and garage- A must ship at closing. Call 7 965 SW R i ver R d . kler system. parking. $ 1 4 5,000. see! MLS¹ for details! Offered at 2.79 acres, near the ¹ 20 1 0 07848. 201302477 Deschutes river. $279,000. MLS MLS $1,000. 2809225. Pam Lester, Pam Lester, Principal Call Nancy Popp, Cate Cushman, $49,000 MLS 5 41-504-1338 C e n - B roker, Century 2 1 541-815-8000 Principal Broker 201009429 541-480-1884 tury 21, Gold County Gold Country Realty, Crooked River Juniper Realty CORPORLlc.f ML-2421 CORPNMLS¹3113 Realty Inc. 541-504-1338 Realty 541-504-5393 •



)I j


A'CT N'OW...


3 0 year fixed AP R

15 year fixed A P R

4.125% 4.301% 3.250% 3.484%

Jumbo 30 year fixed

4.375% APR 4.551%

Academy Mortgage Achieves ¹1 Independent Lender Ranking for Purchase Business in the United States!

ACADEMY MO RTCAC E CORPORATION You're never alone when are're doing your loan .. .

541-323-21$1 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR 97702



i' s



I I ' I s




Independently Owned and Operated






I „ ztvAIL'I'





• jA E t)


• Historic character - renovated

• 498 NW Broadway Street 541-383-4329 • MLS 201301793


.' •

WYNDERMERE j $649,900 SHERR YPERRIGAN, ' 3450 sq « • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKER • 915 Greenbnar Place 1-410-4938 • MLS 201206583

AWBREY GLEN j $599,000 ROS EMARYGOODWIN • 2148 sq.ft. contemporary


• EAGLE CREST j $387,500 ypHE AHDERSON • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKE R,C RS,CR, ' 45 ac«on l«h faIrway • 1947 Osprey Drive DPF,GREEN 541-420-1111 • MLS 201302083

BRQKER CFRYIFIED ' 3 bedroom 3 both • 2674 NW Runyon Ct, NEGOTIT A QR 541-706-1897 • MLS 201303244

I!«B~I~.3@~f el~gg ~l j~"

• Convenient location


• Close to The Old Mill District • 3.54 acres


• MLS 201300756


s,5F5',WBRI L.E.'

0 (t


19%L5%:«UK III j88$!igga~eM



E Ma

'I .

lan„-„„ I I,



raw 'IA'awe.

DOWNTOW NBENDj $2,000,000 PAUIAVANVLECK • Riverfront property • Commercial development BRQKER •,48 acre lot 541-280-7774 • MLS 201206150

li // BROKEN TOPj $1,099,900

AWBREY BUTTEj $1,270,000 • Panoramic Cascade views • Custom contemporary home •,56 acre lot

SHELLY HUMMEL, BROKER, CRS, GRI, CHMS 541-383-4361 • MLS 201008817


• 3 bedroom pluden, s 3.5 bath


• Golf course views



AWBREYVILLAGE j $849,900 • 4043 sq.ft, • 4 bedroom, 4,5 bath • 2007 COBA TourHome™


• 4072 sq.ft. • 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath


• MLS 201301102


541-408-1468 • MLS 201300838

541-312-7271 • MLS 201204424


• 20 acres with views




I I,'

NW BENDj $725,000 JOHN SNIIIPENBROKER • 3658 sq.ft. MBA,ABR ,CRS,GRI • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath 541-312-7273 • Panoramic river 8 city views

541.948.9090 • MLS 201203099

, ESStE~


(AS(ADE MTNVIEWS j $629,900 • 2420 sq.«, home • 4 bedroom 2 5 bath • 9 54 acres with irrigation

541-480-2966 • MLS 201302790


• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath • 3347 sq.ft., huge garage • On the 7th fairway • MLS 201304784


SUNRIVER j $619,500 • 2680 'q.ft.

WESTRIDGE j $579,000

' 3 bedroorn, 3 bath • 1st Fairway Woodlands G.C. • MLS 201302081


' 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath CSP,EPRP, S.l.A.R. • .66 acre lot 41.330.849 • MLS 201304317 PC«BROKER , ABR,




I -. SHEVLINRIDGEj $529,000 • 3353 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath


• Oversized 3<ar tandem garage

541-322-1500 • MLS 201303727

-'~1t '-::

- ~ =-- ' ; I



BH• "w-.


't' '

• 5 acres

541-948-7998 • MLS 201304836

CASC ADEMOUNTAINVIEWSj $515,000 NICOLE TTEJONES, • 2404 sq.ft. remodeled home BROKER ABR CSp • 2 bedroom. 2 bath • 10.46 acres, barn, pond 541-241-0432 • MLS 201304665


I 4-PLEXj $410,000

NW BEND j $460,000

ROOKIEDICKENS, BROKER, GRI, • ' 3 bedroom, 3 bath • 5 acres, I irrigated RS, ABR 541-815.0436 • MLS 201303646

yNNE CONNELLET • 2 bedroom, I.5 bath each • Single car garages BRQKERCRS '

a Convenient NE location

41-408-672d • MLS 201304635

r. n

SE BENDj $379,900 JUPyMEyERS, BRQKFR GRI CR • 4 bedroom 3 bath • RV Parking SRES 541-480-1922 • MLS 201302530


RIVER (ANYOMESTATESj $379,000 • 3000 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath •,15 acre lot



PONDEROUS PINESj $329,500 MARKVAL (E5(HIHI pC BRpKFR CRS,GR I 541-383-4364 '

• MLS 201301772

' 2137 sq.ft. new constructlon

• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Boxed 8 molded ceilings

• MLS 201303869

~ TIMBER RIDGE j $325,000 DARRINKELLEHER, • 3 bedroom 2 bath BROKER • Next to Bend Golf &Country Club 541-788-0029 • MLS 201304846

YARDLEYEST ATES j $304,995 • 1832 sq.ft.

REGMlllER, P.C., BROK ER, CRS,GRI 41-408-151

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • .29acre doube lot

• MLS 201304866



I R !j a e a a

s nll'.I


) MIDTOWNBENDj $299,999 • 2371 sq.ft.





• 3 bedroom, 3 bath

• Adjacent buildable lot included 541-350-4772 • MLS 201301952

SW BENDj $299,900

' 1680 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath


• .49acre lot

541-480-1911 • MLS 201304769

ORION EST ATES j $296,000


edroom, 3 bath I 85 acres • Panoramic views

541-771-6996 • MLS 201304330



' 6 sq.ft. Updatedkitchen a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • .46 acre lot

• MLS 20130«1887

~ N E BEND j $255,000 RIHJOHNS oF, ' »00sq « '



41-639-614 • -

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath

• Single level MLS 201304160

u a a a a a a a ' t' ~





NW BENDj $239,900 MEGANPOWER, • 2 bedroom, I bath BROKER, GRI, • I-year home warranty CDPE 541-610-7318 • MLS 201304178


JIMMORAN, BROKER 541-948-0997


• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1.07 acre 541-948-5880 • MLS 201303449

• 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Easy access to Old Mill District

• MLS 201304785


ELKHORN ESTATES j $239,000 • 1681 sq.ft.



SW BENDj $235,000 DEBBIE HERSHEY, BRQKER, CRS,GRI • 4 bedroom,3.5 bath • .77acre on canal 541-420-5170 • MLS 201301822

SE BEND j $209,900

WYNDEMERE LOT j $175,000



UL PINEj $174,000

MIDTOWNBENDj $175,000 JIM 8 ROXA NNE CHENEY BR QKERS • 3 bedroorn, I bath 541.390-4050 • .22acre lot 541-390-4030 • MLS 201304745

• New 1655 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Open floor plan • MLS 201209504




VIRGINIAROSS, BRO KER,ABRCRS,GRI, ' PIne trees «IPr»acy ECOB ROKER,PREVIEWS • Near park & river trail 541.480-7501 • MLS 201302080

SE BEND j $224,900 ICHELL ETISDEL, • 1795 sq.ft. PC, BROK ER,ABR, • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Open floor plan E-PRO 541-390-349P • MLS 201304776


• 1922 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • I acre • MLS 201304830


AI t

NE BEND j $165,000


• 1113 sq,ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • .20acre landscapedlot • MLS 201304694

i I I I I P-

• I.N

t • =


• 3 bedroom, I bath • .19 acre cul-de-saclot 541-383-4334 • MLS 201304780

SW REDMOND j $87,500

CRESC NTULKE E LOT j $74,900 • 1.7 acres • Riverfront • year round road maintenance



541-390.3490 • MLS 201302049

541-815-4786 • MLS 201304272

pC BRpKERAB'R • Cascade Mountain views • Possible owner terms E.PRO


MADRAS j $64,900 • 816 sq.ft. • 2 bedroom, I bath • Laminate floors, vinyl windows • MLS 201304679





2 bedroom, I bath I '• Vaulted great room

41-408-672(I a MLS 201304871

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w .

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Pets & Supplies

Pets 8 Supplies

Pets 8 Supplies

English Bulldog, beauti- Scottish Terrier pupful white, female, 4 yrs pies, AKC, born 4/2. old. spayed. Needs shots 8 wormed, parbulldog-knowledgable ents on site, Ready ITEMS FORSALE 264-Snow RemovalEquipment family, air conditioned now! 541-317-5624. 201 - NewToday 265 - Building Materials home, no small chil202- Want to buy or rent 266- Heating and Stoves area. Sending cash, Chihuahuas, awesome dren. V er y a c t ive. Shih Poo puppies! Toy 203- Holiday Bazaar & Craft Shows 267- Fuel and Wood hypo-allergenic family checks, or credit in- AUSSIES - mini pups, asst'd colors, all meds, $500. 541-350-1965. toy-sized Merles, $300 204- Santa's Gift Basket 202 dogs, 2 males, 1 female, 268- Trees, Plants & Flowers f ormation may b e $250. 541-362-1977 cash. 541-678-7599 205- Free ltems $400. subjected to fraud. 269- GardeningSupplies & Equipment Want to Buy or Rent Kelly, 541-604-0716 For more i nformaCowboy Corgi puppies! 208- Pets and Supplies 270 - Lost and Found S h e pherd Ready for new homes 210- Furniture & Appliances Wanted: $Cash paid for tion about an adver- Australian Taste of the Wild Mini pups, registered, 6/25/13. 4 males, 3 GARAGE SALES vintage costume jew- tiser, you may call 211 - Children's Items family raised, bred for females, Roasted Fowl Dog 275 Auction Sales $250 the O r egon State elry. Top dollar paid for 212 -Antiques & Collectibles Food. 30lbs - $37. temperament and 541-792-0808 280 - Estate Sales Gold/Silver.l buy by the Attorney General's 215- Coins & Stamps agility. 541-389-7499 E nglish Mastiff A K C Quarry Ave. Hay & Estate, Honest Artist Office C o n sumer 281 Fundraiser Sales 240- Crafts and Hobbies Donate deposit bottles/ puppies, dam & sire Feed. 541-923-2400 Elizabeth,541-633-7006 Protection hotline at 282- Sales Northwest Bend 241 - Bicycles and Accessories BOXER AKC puppies, cans to local all volfully OFA tested, litter 1-877-877-9392. 284Sales Southwest Bend reat litter, 1st shots, unteer, non-profit res- is champion sired with Wolf-Husky-Malamute 242 - ExerciseEquipment 700. 541-325-3376 286- Sales Northeast Bend cue, to h elp w /cat incredible pedigrees! 243 - Ski Equipment The Bulletin pups, only 2 left! $300! Holiday Bazaar ger tng Central Oregon ance tg03 spay/neuter vet bills. S mall litter, only 5 244 - Snowboards 288- Sales Southeast Bend 541-977-7019 Cans for Cats trailer is pups avail. $ 2000. & Craft Shows 290- Sales RedmondArea 245 - Golf Equipment Kl,, at Bend PETCO (near Chris, 503-577-7185. Adopt a nice cat from Yorkie pups, AKC, big 246-Guns,Hunting and Fishing 292- Sales Other Areas Applebee's). Donate P etco, PetSmart o r Central Oregon short-nosed, health 247- Sporting Goods - Misc. Mon-Fri at Smith Sign, Frenchie Faux puppies, eyes, FARM MARKET Tumalo sa n ctuary! pkao Saturday Market guar. Potty training; ready 248- Health andBeautyItems 1515 NE 2nd; or at very coby, 8 wks, 1st 6/28. 541-777-7743 308- Farm Equipment and Machinery Every Sat., 10-4, down- Fixed, shots, ID chip, CRAFT i n Tu m a lo shots/dewormed, $600. 249- Art, Jewelry and Furs town Bend, across from tested, more! Sanc316 - Irrigation Equipment 251 - Hot TubsandSpas library. Largest selection tuary open Sat/Sun Cavalier King Charles anytime. 3 8 9 -8420. 541-447-0210 210 325Hay, Grain and Feed of local artists 8 crafters 1 -5, other days b y tri pup male, $1500. For more info/map, 253- TV, StereoandVideo 333Poultry, Rabbits and Supplies a ppt. 6 5 48 0 7 8 t h , AKC reg., house-bro- visit German Shepherds AKC Furniture & Appliances East of the Cascades! 255 - Computers Bend. Photos, map at ken, c rate- t r ained, 341 - Horses and Equipment 541-420-9015 256- Photography 42" round dining table, 541 -281 -6829 Doxie Mini Long Haired shots an d w o rming 345Li ve s t o ck and E qui pment 257- Musical Instruments w alnut/black leg s , 541-389-8420, or like current 541-382-7614 Male 7 weeks, has 347 Llamas/Exotic Animals us on Facebook. $40. 541-504-9078 258 - Travel/Tickets first shots and dew350 Horseshoeing/Farriers Items for Free 259- Memberships ormed. $300. Mandy Aussie/Maltese-cross 358- Farmer's Column 260- Misc. Items Find It in 541.306.7784 A1 Washers&nryers Toy puppies (they look Bike, women's, FREE, 375- Meat and Animal Processing 261 - MedicalEquipment $150 ea. Full warAussie) 1 male $250, 1 The Bulletin Classifieds! you haul; needs some 383 - Produce andFood ranty. Free Del. Also 262 -Commercial/Office Equip. female $300. CASH. 541-385-5809 DO YOU HAVE repair. 541-617-9447 wanted, used W/D's 541-546-7909 263- Tools SOMETHING TO Malamute/wolf pup 541-280-7355 SELL 9-week-old female. FOR $500 OR $400 First shots LESS? Bed, twin, off-white, like 541.241.4914 Non-commercial new with mattresses, advertisers may Manx/Desert Lynx mix $75. 541-548-7080 kittens. 1 f emale, 2 place an ad with OUI males. One long tail C omputer desk w i t h "QUICK CASH $75; short tails $100. pull-out shelf, $ 2 0. 541-504-9078 SPECIAL" Kelly 541-604-0716 1 week 3 lines 12 Dryer Kenmore E lite Queensland Heelers o ~2e eks go! 280 286 288 290 Quiet Pack, He2 220v, Ad must include Standard 8 Mini, $150 $1 99. 541-390-4324 Estate Sales Sales Southwest Bend Sales Northeast Bend Sales Northeast Bend Sales Southeast Bend Sales Redmond Area & up. 541-280-1537 price of single item of $500 or less, or www.rightwayranch.wor Dryer, Whirlpool, large ESTATE SALE: June 8, 3-Family Sale! Sat. June Garage Sale 2650 NE Moving SaleSat. 6/8, 9-5, Huge Sale multiple items capacity, $150. ** FREE ** Courtney Bend in park9 a.m. - 2 p.m. only. 8, 9-5- A little of every20515 Klahani Drive; IN ALLEY behind 6whose total does 2041 NW West Hills thing! 19862 Arrow Wood Garage Sale Kit ing lot. Saturday June 6/7 Fri. 10 to 2; and plex, 130 SW Canyon Rodent control experts 541-815-8658 not exceed $500. Ave, corner of Vicks- Dr. (in Romaine Village 8th from 8-2. Furniture Dr. off Black Butte, re6/8 Sat., 9 to 1. (barn cats) seek work Just bought a new boat? Place an ad in The off Brookswood. and misc items. burg. Clothing, a rt, Craigslist has details ally great stuff! in exchange for safe Sell your old one in the Call Classifieds at for your gakayaks, kitchen wares, 5th annual Pinebrook Bulletin 541-385-5809 shelter, basic c are. classifieds! Ask about our rage sale and reSat. June 8, 8:30-4:00 GARAGE SALE African art, carvings, 290 Fixed, shots. Will Super Seller rates! ceive a Garage Sale 3620 SW 30thcollectibles, furniture, neighborhood Sale. Sat Only from 8 - 3 liver! 541-389-8420 541-385-5809 Sales Redmond Area 8 -4 Sat. June 8. o f f Kit FREE! CASH ONLY! Funds to Nordic Track Bike / etc. Free items, great Pinebrook Blvd.. PEO Scholarships. Heavy Bag w/Stand prices. 388 2678. KIT I NCLUDES: 1474 SW 17th St. AWESOME PRICES A 3-Party Sale! Crafts, • 4 Garage Sale Signs Saturday-only Moving Fri., Sat. 8-4 very 3149 Manchester Ave boat, household misc. • $2.00 Off Coupon To eclectic mix, antiques, Sale! 8-5, 2810 SW 33rd Flea Market See more on craigslist. Use Toward Your collectables, Ameri- (between Umatilla & VolH uge Moving Out o f at Pomegranate Fri-Sat, 6/7-8, 9-5, Next Ad cano). Snow tires, TVs, State Sale, s o me- can art pottery and 19347 Apache Rd, DRW • 10 Tips For "Garage books, snowboarding thing fo r e v eryone! more. No early birds! gear, clothes, shoes, etc. Safurday, June 8, Sale Success!" Fri. 8 Sat., 8-4. 2448 286 20am-4pm 2-Family Sale! SaturNE Ravenwood Dr. 292 So many vendors: great Sales Northeast Bend day 6/8, 7:30am-4pm. PICK UP YOUR finds at great prices! Sales Other Areas Something for everyAntiques, vin t age,BIG SALE! Downsizing GARAGE SALE KIT at Huge Sale- 64215 one! 1528 NE 8th St. 1777 SW Chandler Hunnell Rd. Sat 6/8 garden and a r tisan from big house. Sat. in Redmond. Moving Sale June 7-8, Ave., Bend, OR 97702 goods. In the gardens o nly, 9-4. 1266 N E 8 Sun 6/9 8-4. Furni9-4, cash only. Sporting ,gg at Pomegranate, 120 Williamson. ture, Tools, ColFri. 11a-4p; Sat. 9a-2p. goods, tools, 8 houseThe Bulletin lectibles, TVs, Beds, Lots of hsehld & outdoor hold items. NE River Mall Ave., 17291 Brant Duncan Phyfe table/2 Fish/crab equip. items. Tommy Armour Ln Dr., Sunriver area just north of Macy's. chrs, furn., household in Greens O Redmond, (OWW2 off Snowgoose). t g items, credenza. Sat. exit 124. Please obey Kearney St. Boutique 282 8, 1249 NE Dawson. Annual $1.00 Sale parking signs! Cash only. Multi-Family Yard Sale! June 8-9, 9am. Unique 'e r Sales Northwest Bend Sat. June 8, 11-4. Herb 8 Nancy Busacker Fri-Sat, June 7-8, 9-6, antiques, ol d t r u nks, No early birds! crafts, fabric, yarn, jew818 NW Spruce Ave. No exceptions! MOVING SALE Annual Starwood Antiques, collectibles, elry, furniture, electric 355 NE Kearney 1628 NE EBStWOod Dr., Bend crystal, crab pots, totes, stove, golf cart, white garage sale! 541-382-8131 clothes & lots of misc.! water raft, tools, garden Sat. 8-4. 2 5 +famiFriday, June 7 • Saturday, June 8 8 building supplies & lots lies in Starwood sub. Multi-Family Sale! more. Hwy 126 to Goo(Take Penn Street to top of hill, turn north on GARAGE SALE off Tumalo Rd. ApFri-Sat, 8-4. Lots of good Eastwood, Pilot Butte Junior high area) Sat. only, 6/8, 8 a.m. drich Rd, 69150 Butcher pliances, f u rniture, baby stuff, up to age 4. 2148 NW Kilnwood Ct. Block Blvd, in Sisters. tools, ATVs, bikes, Crowd control admittance Yellow ware, car parts, in Redmond. crafts, h o usehold. numbers issued af 8r00 a.m. oak dininq table & chairs, r ROCK COLLECTION! Details on craigslist. Rock lover's paradise, Black refrigerator with stainless front 8 ice maker; bed. 635h!E Norton Ave. GARDEN 8 PLANT Nice sofa; Coffee and end tables; Double bed family's nightmare! - Sat. June 8th, with walnut bookcase headboard; Harrison mfg. Sat. only 8-5! Antiques, SALE 69580 Holmes Road, Zion Lutheran tools, collectibles and dresser and night stands; Three recliners; CorSisters. 541-504-4193 Micro-chipped. Garage sale one Church,1113 S.W ner TV cabinet unit; Corner display cabinet; Small more! NO early birds! .Black Butte Blvd. day only! Sat. June display cabinet; Pots and pans; Linens; Antique 1128 NE 9th St. White with dark NOTICE 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 8, 9 a.m.-1p.m. Furmilkshake and blender machines; Ice Maker by Remember to remove Perennials, annuals, brown markings niture, books, childYard sale Saturday @ 9 Magic Chef; Stemware and glasses; China and Garage Sale signs rens items, rnen/ garden decorations, your N~ glass; 1950s walnut desk unit - wall mount; a.m. corner of Butler (nails, staples, etc.) and a snaggle n LOW PRICES! women clothing, auRound oak dining table and four chairs-one leaf; Mkt. & R a venwood after your Sale event dio equipment, knick tooth. Food products; Clothes and linens; books; MiDrive. Good stuff! is over! THANKS! MOVING SALE! Tools, knacks, etc. Come crowave; Bar stools; Two fireplace tools sets; From The Bulletin tackle, power l awn- and have a look!. 2855 He ESCAPED from 2004 TV; 25 and 50th anniversary items; Lots of 288 your local utility mower, furniture, colNW Polarstar Ave. kitchen tools and m ixing bowls; Receiver; Sales Southeast Bend lectibles, etc. 3712 Xero Kindred Spirit Pet companies. Five-CD Changer; DVD/VCR player; Old rocker; Care between Bend 8 Redmond on May 7th.(He may Glass shelf unit for TV or Stereo; Lots of prints BIG SALE!Moved from Place, Fri-Sat 6/7-8, 8-4. The Bulletin ger ing Central Oregon ttnce 1903 still have a collar on from Kindred Spirit). He will only Garage Sale - Sat. only, and pictures; Hundreds of Quail figurines, piclarge home to small M ulti F a m il y Sa l e , 9-5, 2073 NW Vicks- tures and other quail items; Lawn furniture; come to "Bacon", "Cheese" or "Cookie" when home, lots of antiques & this Fri. 8-4, Sat. 9-4, burg Ave. Solid wood Schwinn ladies 10-speed bike; Cleaning supplies; decorative items, priced 4311 S W W i c kiup. called. He js our disabled daughter's Service Dog. Dyson Vacuum; Older Singer sewing machine; patio table and other sell! Sat. only, 6/8, Follow p in k s i g ns. USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Garage items; some tools; Storage units; Interior to items. Don't miss!! PLEASE HELP BRING CHESTER HOME!!! 7:30-3, 60978 Grand Home/office furniture, doors for house; Blitz beer signs; Pet travel fiberTarghee Dr., Bend. hh items, collectables. Door-to-door selling with glass cage and folding wire cage; Hundreds of CASH ONLY. HUGE GARAGE SALE other items. If seen or found PLEASE CALL Credit cards welcome. fast results! It's the easiest Fri.-Sat. Moving, evany of these numbers, day or night! way in the world to sell. Handled by Deedy's Estate Sales Co. LLC e rything must g o . 541-419-4742 days • 541-382-5950 eves Garage Sale Redmond Lions Sale 831-241-6458 • 831-241-4817 1436 N W Wil l i am Fri 10-4 - Sat 8-3 Sat. June 8 8-4. The Bulletin Classified Clark St., across from 2255 SE Velocette Ln. 3533 SW 32nd St., 831-277-3918 • 619-871-7279 541-385-5809 Details on craigslist MANY TREASURES! park in alley. •

A ussie Mix, (2), 1 s t The Bulletin recomshots, dew o rmed, mends extra caution $150. 541-771-2606 when purc h asing products or services from out of the t ea ana




Hel us find 'Chester'



$1000 Reward

He is a 10 lb. Chihuahua/ Terrier Mix


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809


SutIoku High Fives 3

7 4 3 5 9 2 8 6 1


How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 8 without repetition. The numbers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the indivudual Sudokus.


3 573

Business Opportunities A Classified ad is an


Serving Central Oregon since 1903

3 @ 20132013 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uchck for UFS







Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Housekeeping Receptionist Remember.... Seasonal Housekeep- - Full Time A dd your we b a d - Service Tech ers N eeded. M u st Long established famdress to your ad and Immediate Job opportunity for quali Lake Creek Lodge work weekends and ily practice seeks readers on The and trained perA Camp Sherman Resort holidays. M i n imum full-time ReceptionBulletin' s web site fied See the display wage while training ist. Help us provide will be able to click son. in our classified Experienced, r espon- then to p iece rate. the best care posthrough automatically ad s ection today f o r sible professional will Must have r e liable sible by adding your to your site. more information. coordinate all lodge transportation, ODL, bi-lingual skills and Hollingsworths' lnc. departments, includ- current Ins, over 18 prior exp with comRN Burns, OR ing: personnel, book- years of age. Please puterized a p pointPre/Post -Op 541-573-7254 keeping, front desk 8 call Car o l © ment s c h eduling. guest services, mar- 541-749-1296; Pick up job packet keting & media, opVillage Properties at office. BENDSURGen erations & m a i ntec • F. • N • m • is rc Sunriver Madras Medical Have an item to hkr Crn • tkcaekr Cankn nance, housekeeping, Group Call a Pro restaurant, s p e cial Materials Manager On-call, 10 hr . s hifts, 76 NE 12th St., sell quick? INeiser, ID events & weddings, Mon.-Fri. Critical Care Whether you need a Madras, OR. If it's under HOA and cabin sales. Materia's Man a g er or ASC e xperience fence fixed, hedges Our leader will be an n eeded for a fa s t Registered Nursepreferred; endoscopy trimmed or a house '500you can place it in PACIJ i nspirational, e n e r - paced manufactured e xperience a p l u s. built, you'll find The Bulletin h ousing plant. J o b getic and highly motiWage premium paid BkiDSURGen vated "people person" duties include but not for on call status, and professional help in Classifieds for: F. • N • T • e • R who will host families limited to: managing C h• kr eligible for Bonus pro- The Bulletin's "Call a Crrr 'Ikme kr Canbxt and guests that have purchasing staff, magram. Interested per'10 - 3 lines,7 days been returning to the t erial h andlers, i n - F ull-Time, 4 -1 0 h r . sons should e mail Service Professional" '16 -3 lines, 14 days Mon. - Fri. resume Directory resort for generations. ventory c o ntrol,and shifts, to: 541-385-5809 (Private Party ads only) Full time position, for t he ordering of a l l Critical Care or ASC immediate hire. production m a terial. experience preD e g ree ferred, e n doscopy Sales part-time position, Food Service - Bruno's Please email resume Bachelor's and salary requirepreferred with 5 years experience a plus. Grocery/U-bake is taking helpful but not experience. in materi- Job offers excellent exp. apps for Cashier & Pizza ments to: The Bulletin required, clean r eMaker. Apply: 1709 NE s dne LCLO als management. benefit pa c kage. sponsible person. Ap- I Recommends extra ~ 6th, Bend. No phone calls Housekeeper private Respond if interested to Interested persons ply in person, Furni- caution when purs hould e m ai l r e - ture Outlet, 1735 NE chasing products or l homes cleaning team services from out of s TURN THE PAGE to: Hwy 20, Bend.. member needed, week sume ) the area. Sending days only. No weekjobs© For More Ads c ash, c hecks, o r ends, eves or holidays. The Bulletin f credit i n f o rmation 541-815-0015 SOCIAL WORKER (MSW) ~ may be subjected to ~ Established hospice, serving the commuFRAUD. Nursing nity of Klamath Falls for over 30 years, is For more i nformaMedcor has an recruiting for a full- time MSW to join our tion about an adver- ~ exciting opportunity STAFF NURSE (RN) interdisciplinary team. Competitive wages f tiser, you may call for a Wellness Established hospice, serving the commuthe Oregon State and excellent benefits package! Coordinator in Bend. nity of Klamath Falls for over 30 years, is Attorney General's This is a Full Time For more information, visit our website at recruiting for a part time or full-time RN to Office Co n s umert opportunity working or join our interdisciplinary team. Competitive Protection hotline at l 32 hours a week. contact Trebor at 541-882-2902. wages and excellent benefits package! I 1-877-877-9392. Apply at For more information, visit our website at LThe Bulletttt, or contact Trebor at 541-882-2902. K LAMATH H O S P I C E Medical Surtr, RN


A GREAT EMPLOYEE RIGHT NOW? Call The Bulletin before 11 a.m. and get an ad in to publish the next day! 541-385-5809. VIEW the Classifieds at:


Employment Opportunities


The Bulletin


6 5 8 1 2 9 7 4 3 8 1 6 4 2 9 3 5 7

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f f f f


Wallowa Memorial Hospital

Nurse Manager: Pre-Op/Post-Opicall Room

Located in Enterprise, OR

Accounti ng Manager

Full Time - Nights Two positions available. Variable shifts - Shift

PacificSource HEALTH PLANS

PacificSource Health Plans is seeking an Accounting Manager to lead our accounting team. Manage and coordinate accounting activities to ensure that accurate, relevant and timely information is provided to management. Gather and prepare data to report financial information to internal and external customers including regulatory agencies, as required. Direct, prepare and ensure accuracy of financial reports, audits statements, and investment recording, on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Five years of financial accounting experience. Strong familiarity with regulatory procedures preferred. Supervisory experience required. Please visit us online at to complete the online application process. EOE

differential applies to nights & weekends Prior OB 8 ER experience preferred. Excellent benefit package. Visit our website at Contact Linda Childers at 541-426-5313 EOE Look at: for Complete Listings of

Area Real Estate for Sale Plumbers, Journeymen needed for new construction. Startimmediately! Call Gary, 541-410-1655

BENDSURGERV C • F. • N • T • F . • t C hkc Cve ' ilume kr Camkn

Job Summary: We are looking for a strong leader to fill the Nurse Manager role for the Pre-op / Post-Op / Call Room. This position requires an individual capable of providing direct oversight of Pre-op, Post-Op and the call room whilemanaging 20-25 FTE's. The position reports directly to the Clinical Director. Duties will include, but not be limited to, performance evaluations and performance management as well as new staff orientation. This position is a member of multiple committees. Qualifications: Must be able to demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills. Must be a licensed RN in the state of Oregon, or able to obtain licensure upon hire. 3-5 years of Peri-Operative experience, preferably in an ASC setting. The ideal candidate will have management experience in an ASC setting. Position details: This is a full time exempt position; Monday through Friday. Competitive salary, benefit package, retirement and bonus plan PositionclosesJune 15, 2013.

Email resume to

ow ou r





with an ad in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

The Bulletin

Sernng Central Oregon since 1903

Advertising Account Executive The Bulletin is looking for a professional and driven Sales and Marketing person to help our customers grow their businesses with an expanding list of broad-reach and targeted products. This full time position requires a background in consultative sales, territory management and aggressive prospecting skills. Two years of m edia sales experience is preferable, but we will train the right candidate. The p o sition in c ludes a com p etitive compensation package including benefits, and rewards an aggressive, customer focused salesperson with unlimited earning potential. Email your resume, cover letter and salary history to: Jay Brandt, Advertising Director OI'

Immediate job opportunity for Qualified and Trained Person Service Technician:Must have pervious experience jn Ag Equipment. Resume with references required. Call Ron Weatherby, for appointment.


drop off your resume in person at 1777 SW Chandler, Bend, OR 97702; Or mailto PO Box 6020, Bend, OR 97708; No phone inquiries please

Burns, Oregon (541-573-7254)

EOE / Drug Free Workplace

u . e

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u .

In The Bulletin's print and online Classifieds. Full Color Photos For an additional '15 per week * '40 for 4 weeks *



('Special private party rates apply to merchandise and autOmOfi VeCategOrieS,)

We are three adorable, loving puppies looking for acaring home. Please call right away. $500.

'. a i 'ii To

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y o u r


Get your business



Truck driver: Home REACH over 3 million w eekends, mos t Pacific Northwesternweekdays. Flatbed, ers. $5 2 5 /25-word doubles, tar p ing. c lassified ad i n 2 9 COT experience will daily newspapers for 3-days. Call the Paget you in, but not a 514 must. Based out of mfic Northwest Daily Prineville. Make no Connection Insurance (916) 2 88-6019 o r e m a il mistake this is hard work! 8-14 hrs day. SAVE $$$ on AUTO Only serious should INSURANCE from the for more info (PNDC) a pply. F ul l t i m e , m ajor names y o u possible part- time. know and trust. No Good classified ads tell Medical card, DMV forms. No hassle. No the essential facts in an printout. I'll pay for obligation. Call interesting Manner. Write drug screen. ConREADY F O R MY the readers view - not tact Earl Peterson QUOTE now! CALL from the seller's. Convert the 541-410-7811. 1-888-706-8256. facts into benefits. Show (PNDC) the reader how the item will TRUCK DRIVERS help them in someway. Knight Transportation is 526 This hiring! 48, 11W, NW advertising tip regional or dedicated Loans & Mortgages brought to youby Canada Runs! FT/ PT WARNING for drivers living in WA The Bulletin The Bulletin recomand OR. Ask about mends you use cau$1000 bonus*f tion when you proContact Daisy or Extreme Value Advervide personal submit application at information to compa- tising! 29 Daily papers $525/25-word nies offering loans or 503-405-1800 c lassified 3-d a y s. credit, especially Truck Drivers with Reach 3 million Pathose asking for adexperience needed. cific Northwesterners. vance loan fees or Seeking dump truck, companies from out of For more information belly dump, flatbed, call (916) 288-6019 or state. If you have lowboy 8 c o n tainer concerns or quesemail: d rivers. Local a n d tions, we suggest you elizabeth© over the road posiconsult your attorney for the Pacific Northt ions. Must have 2 west Daily Connecor call CONSUMER years experience and tion. (PNDC) HOTLINE, valid Class A C D L. 1-877-877-9392. Wages based on exNeed help fixing stuff? perience. Benefits include health i nsur- BANK TURNED YOU Call A Service Professional ance, 401(k) p lan, DOWN? Private party find the help you need. paid vacation, inspec- will loan on real es- tate equity Credit no tion bonus program. problem, good equity FIGARO'S PIZZA FranCall Kenny, is all you need. Call chise and a ttached Western Heavy Haul, Oregon Land Mort- Video Store for sale in 541-447-5643 gage 541-388-4200, Burns, Oregon. This Warehouse po s ition, turn key business is part-time, clean ODL, heavy lifting, respon- LOCAL MONEY:We buy available immediately. secured trust deeds 8 Successful business sible & h ardworking. Apply in person, 1735 note,some hard money for 16+ years. Seriloans. Call Pat Kellev ous inquiries only. NE Hwy 20. 541-382-3099 ext.13. 541-589-1550.

QUAINT CABIN ON 10 ACRES! Modern amenities and all the quiet yoij will need. Room to grow jn your own little paradise! Call now.

FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul jt all! Extra Cab, 4x4,

and a tough V8 engine will get the job dOne on the ranCh!

ie s

a d , v is it w w w .b e n d b u ll e t in .c o m

o r

c a l i 5 4 1-3 8 5 -5 8 0 9







Boats & Accessories

Boats & Accessories



Travel Trailers •

Trave l Trailers


17.5' Glastron 2002, •

BOATS &RVs 805 - Misc. Items 850 - Snowmobiles 860 - Motorcycles And Accessories 865 - ATVs 870 - Boats & Accessories 875 - Watercraft 880 - Motorhomes 881 - Travel Trailers 882 - Fifth Wheels 885 - Canopies and Campers 890- RVsfor Rent


AUTOS &TRANSPORTATION 908 - Aircraft, Parts and Service 916- Trucks and Heavy Equipment 925 - Utility Trailers 927 - Automotive Trades 929 -Automotive Wanted 931 - Automotive Parts, Service and Accessories 932- Antique and Classic Autos 933 - Pickups 935- Sport Utility Vehicles 940 - Vans 975 - Automobiles

Motorcycles & Accessories


Harley Heritage Softail, 2003 $5,000+ in extras, $2000 paint job, 30K mi. 1 owner, For more information please call

Suzuki Ei er 2004 Quadrunner ATV, auto-

541-385-8090 or 209-605-5537


CRAMPED FOR • CASH? Use classified to sell those items you no longer need. Call 541-385-5809

The Bulletin

18.5' '05 Reinell 185, V-6 Volvo Penta, 270HP,

low hrs., must see, $15,000, 541-330-3939



The Bulletin

18'Maxum skiboat,2000, inboard motor, g r eat cond, well maintained, $8995 obo. 541-350-7755


1 8' Seaswirl 1984, open bow, V6, engine & outdrive re built, extras, $2495 541-546-6920

The Bulletin senger kit, Vance 8 Hines muffler system To Subscribe call 8 kit, 1045 mi., exc. 541-385-5800 or go to c ond, $16,9 9 9 , 541-389-9188.



19.5' Bluewater '88 I/O, d epth finder, a s sorted live v e sts, new upholstery, new elec- GENERATE SOME ex$1400. OBO. tronics, winch, much more. citement in your neigborhood. Plan a ga541-548-7645 o r $9500.541-306-0280 rage sale and don't 541-408-3811. 20' 1993 Sea Nympf Fish forget to advertise in & Ski, 50 hrs on new classified! 385-5809. engine, fish finder, chart 15' older Seaswirl, plotter & VHF radio with 35HP motor, cover, antenna. Good shape, Serving Central Oregon smce 1903 d epth f inder, a s - full cover, heavy duty Kota 35-Ib thrust sorted live v e sts, trailer, kicker and electric Minn elect. trolling motor, like OBO. motors. $1400. new $120. 541-410-3425 541-548-7645 or $7500 or best offer. 541-292-1834


Watercraft Where can you find a helping hand? 2 Sea-Doo Waverunners: From contractors to 1998 GSX Limited Edition w/new pump; and 16' O ld T o w n yard care, it's all here 2005 3D version. Also in The Bulletin's Camper C a n oe, 2008 2-place Zimmerman trailer with new exc. cond, $900. "Call A Service 541-312-8740 tires all for $4500. Professional" Directory Call 541-408-6579

Jayco Seneca 34', 2007. 28K miles, 2 slides, Duramax diesel, 1 owner, excellent cond, $84,995; Trade? 541-546-6920

Travel Trailers


8 air, queen walk-around bed, very good condition, $10,000 obo. 541-595-2003

Keystone Sprinter 31', 2008 King size walkaround bed, electric awning, (4) 6-volt

batteries, plus many more extras, never smoked in, first owners, $19,900.

Call 541-410-5415


Sleeps 6, 14-ft slide, awning, Eaz-Lift stabilizer bars, heat

M i <.

WEEKEND WARRIOR Toy hauler/travel trailer. 24' with 21' interior. Sleeps 6. Self-contained. Systems/

appearancein good condition. Smoke-free. Tow with ~/~-ton. Strong suspension; can haul ATVs snowmobiles, even a small car! Great price - $8900. Call 541-593-6266 l iga.. I i

Orbit 21'2007, used only 8 times, A/C, oven, tub s hower,

micro, load leveler hitch, awning, dual batteries, sleeps 4-5, EXCELLENT CONDITION. All accessories are included. $16,000 OBO. 541-382-9441

Outdoors RV 29' Wind River 250 RLSW 2011 One owner Lightly used Perfect condition Sleeps 6

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at FIND IT! BtlY t7' SELL IT!

The Bulletin Classifieds Fifth Wheels


$23,900 541-317-3991

P ioneer 23 ' 19 0 F Q Please check your ad Fleetwood 31' Wilder- 2006, EZ Lift, $9750. on the first day it runs n ess Gl 1 9 99 , 1 2 ' 541-548-1096 to make sure it is corslide, 2 4 ' aw n i ng rect. Sometimes inqueen bed, FSC, outRV structions over the Monaco Windsor, 2001, side shower, E-Z lift CONSIGNMENTS phone are miss tabilizer hitch, l i ke loaded! (was $234,000 WANTED understood and an erro new, been stored. new) Solid-surface We Do The Work ... can occur in your ad. $10,950. 707-688-4253 counters, convection/ You Keep The Cash! If this happens to your micro, 4-dr, fridge, On-site credit ad, please contact us washer/dryer, ceramic Say"goodbuy" approval team, the first day your ad tile & carpet, TV, DVD, web site presence. appears and we will to that unused satellite dish, leveling, We Take Trade-Ins! be happy to fix it 8-airbags, power cord item by placing it in Free Advertising. as soon as we can. reel, 2 full pass-thru BIG COUNTRY RV If we can assist you, trays, Cummins ISO 8.3 The Bulletin Classifieds Bend: 541-330-2495 please call us: 350hp turbo Diesel, 7.5 Redmond: 541-385-5809 Diesel gen set. $85,000 541-548-5254 5 41 -385-580 9 The Bulletin Classifie obo.541-233-7963



II ls% •W • e& • ew

List one Item* in The Bulletin's



Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler 28' 2007, Gen, fuel station, exc cond. sleeps 8, black/gray i nterior, u se d 3X , $19,999 firm.

Time to deCIUtter? Need SOme eXtra CaSh? Need SOmeeXtra SPaCethe garage?

n se





15' older Seaswirl, 35HP motor, cover,



Southwind 35.5' Triton, 2008,V10, 2 slides, Dupont UV coat, 7500 mi. Bought new at E $132,913; Fleetwood D i s covery asking $91,000. 40' 2003, diesel moCall 503-982-4745 w/all torhome Beautiful h o u seboat, options-3 slide outs, $85,000. 541-390-4693 satellite, 2 TV's,W/D, www.centraloregon etc. 3 2 ,000 m i les. Wintered in h e ated ....- ...:-I Just too many shop. $89,900 O.B.O. Winnebago Suncruiser34' 541-447-8664 collectibles? 2004, only 34K, loaded, too much to list, ext'd Sell them in warr. thru 2014, $54,900 Dennis, 541-589-3243 The Bulletin Classifieds

The Bulletin

Harley Davidson Heritage Softail 2002, Fl, emerald green & black, lots of chrome & extras, 9K, perfect cond. $9995 Yamaha Classic 1973 503-999-7356 (cell) 250 Eunduro. All original, legal, 11K miles, Harley Davidson Soft- street $1195. 541-382-7515 Tail De l uxe 2 0 0 7 , white/cobalt, w / pas-

Jayco Eagle 26.6 ft long, 2000


$2700. 541-815-8797

Victory TC 2002, runs great, many accessories, new tires, under 40K miles, well kept. $6500 OBO. For m ore info. c a l l 541-647-4232

Terry 27' 2004 like new, rarely used, n ewer tires & awning, A/C, solar panels, 4-6volt batteries, large slideo ut, $ 1 0,750 o b o .


The Bulletin

miles, covered dog 18.5' Sea Ray 2000, 4.3L carrier platform, nylon Mercruiser, low hrs, 190 dust cover, set of 4 hp Bowrider w/depth snow chains. $2899. finder, radio/ CD player, Contact Larry at rod holders, full canvas, 971-678-3196 or EZ Loader trailer, exclnt cond, $11,500. 707-484-3518 (Bend) 18.7' Sea Ray Monaco, 1984, 185hp, V6 MerCruiser, full canvas, life vests, bumpers, water skis, swim float, extra Yamaha Banshee 2001, prop 8 more. EZ Loader custom built 350 motor, trailer, never in saltwater, race-ready, lots of extras, always garaged, very $4999/obo 541-647-8931 clean, all maint. records. $5500. 541-389-7329 870

14' a luminum bo a t w/trailer, 2009 Mercury 15hp motor, fish finder,

Motorcycles & Accessories


matic, new tires, 2215

( 2) 2000 A rctic C at HDFat Bo 1996 Z L580's EFI with n e w covers, electric start w/ reverse, low miles, both excellent; with new 2009 Trac-Pac 2-place trailer, drive off/on w/double tilt, lots of accys. Selling due Completely to m e dical r e asons. Rebuilt/Customized $6000 all. 541-536-8130 2012/2013 Award Arctic Cat ZL800, 2001, Winner short track, variable Showroom Condition exhaust valves, elecBoats 8 Accessories Many Extras tric s t art, r e v erse, Low Miles. manuals, rec o rds, $17,000 new spare belt, cover, 541-548-4807 heated hand g rips, 14' 1982 Valco River nice, fast, $999. Call Sled, 70 h.p., FishTom, 541-385-7932, HD Screaming Eagle Finder. Older boat but • Yamaha 750 1999 Electra Glide 2005, price includes trailer, 103" motor, two tone 3 wheels and tires. All Mountain Max, $1400. • 1994 Arctic Cat 580 candy teal, new tires, for $15 0 0 ! Call 23K miles, CD player 541-416-8811 EXT, $1000. • Zieman 4-place hydraulic clutch, excellent condition. trailer, SOLD! All in good condition. Highest offer takes it. 541-480-8080. • ha Located in La Pine. 1 Call 541-408-6149. 860

Chevy eng., Volvo outdrive, open bow, stereo, sink/live well, w/glastron tr a i ler, incl. b oa t c o v e r, Like new, $ 8 500.

Ads published in "Watercraft" include: Kayaks, rafts and motor20.5' 2004 Bayliner Ized personal 205 Run About, 220 watercrafts. For " boats" please see HP, V8, open bow, exc. cond with very Class 870. NATIONAL DOLPHIN 37' 1997, loaded! 1 low hours, lots of 541-385-5809 extras incl. tower, slide, Corian surfaces, wood floors (kitchen), Bimini 8 custom 2-dr fridge, convection trailer, $17,950. 541-389-1413 microwave, Vizio TV & eeo roof satellite, walk-in Motorhomes shower, new queen bed. White leather hide-a198830' Class A 4000 bed & chair, all records, no pets or s moking. W gen., new fridge, 20.5' Seaswirl Spywheelchair lift. Good $28,450. der 1989 H.O. 302, cond. $18,000 obo Call 541-771-4800 285 hrs., exc. cond., 541-447-5504 RV CONSIGNMENTS stored indoors for WANTED! life $11,900 OBO. Take care of II Makes 8 Models! 541-379-3530 Free Appraisals. your investments Sales, Service 8 Parts. 21' Bluewater Mirage with the help from Randy's Kampers MUST SELL. & Kars, 2910 S. Hwy. The Bulletin's Worth $831597, Redmond Will sacrifice for • "Call A Service 541-923-1655 $4 900 for quick sell Professional" Directory To see video, go to: RV www u2pro com/95 CONSIGNMENTS 541-815-9981 WANTED 21' Crownline 215 hp We Do The Work ... in/outboard e n g ine You Keep The Cash! 310 hrs, Cuddy Cabin On-site credit sleeps 2/3 p eople, approval team, portable toilet, exc. D odge 19 7 8 , web site presence. cond. Asking $8,000. class C, 22' 6 7K mi., We Take Trade-Ins! OBO. 541-388-8339 good cond.$3500. Free Advertising. Ads published in the 541-389-4873 BIG COUNTRY RV "Boats" classification Bend: 541-330-2495 include: Speed, fish- Fleetwood 31' T i o ga Redmond: Class C 1997, 25.000 ing, drift, canoe, 541-548-5254 mi. V-10, Onan 4000 house and sail boats. g enerator 275 h r s . For all other types of No leaks. Excellent watercraft, please see tires. $25.000 Class 875.

Classifieds for three days for FREE. PLUS, your ad appears in PRINT and

ON-LINE at c

The Bulletin

To reCeiVe yOurFREECLASSIFIEO AO, Call 385-5809 or ViSit The Bulletin OffiCe at: 1777 SW Chandler AVe. (On Bend'S WeStSide) *Offer allows for 3 lines of text only. Excludesall service, hay, wood, pets/animals, plants, tickets, weapons, rentals andemployment advertising, andall commercial accounts. Must be anindividual item under $200.00 andprice of individual item must beincluded in the ad. Ask your Bulletin SalesRepresentative about special pricing, longerrunschedules andadditional features. Limit1 ad per item per30 daysto be sold



Fifth Wheels

Aircraft, Parts 8 Service

Executive Hangar at Bend Airport (KBDN) 60' wide x 50' d eep, Keystone Montana 2955 RL 2008, 2 slides, arctic insulation, loaded, excellent never used condition. $33,500

w/55' wide x 17' high bifold dr. Natural gas heat, offc, bathroom. Adjacent

to Frontage Rd; great visibility for aviation business. Financing available. 541-948-2126 or email 1jetjock©

ning, A/C, large storage tanks, gas/ electric water heater, LED TV, DVD, frig/ freezer, microwave, pantry, extra counter space, tub/ shower bathroom, Queen bed, 2 skylights, ceiling fan, Clean, Good Condition. $9500

Antique & Classic Autos

Sport Utility Vehicles


Ford Aerostar 1994 Eddie Bauer Edition Fully Loaded, Mint Condition! Runs Excellent! $3000. GMC Yukon De n ali 541-350-1201 Chevy C-20 Pickup Plymouth B a r racuda 2004, 4x4, l o a ded, 1969, all orig. Turbo 44; 1966, original car! 300 third row, tow. Vin¹163244 auto 4-spd, 396, model hp, 360 V8, centerCST /all options, orig. lines, 541-593-2597 $11,988 owner, $19,950, ggbSUBARU. PROJECT CARS: Chevy 541-923-6049 2-dr FB 1949-(SOLD) & 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Chevy 1955 PROJECT Chevy Coupe 1950 877-266-3821 Lumina Van 1 99 5 , car. 2 door wgn, 350 rolling chassis's $1750 Dlr ¹0354 X LNT c o nd., w e l l small block wAVeiand ea M Chevy 4-dr 1949, cared for. $2000 obo. dual quad tunnel ram complete car, $ 1949; BUBBRUOBBBNU COM


Komfort 2003 6' Slideout, 13' aw-

Antique & Classic Autos

One Half Interest in RV-9A for SALE 2005 Vans RV-9A, 0-320, Dynon, GPS, ICOM's, KT-76C, Oxygen. Flies great, no damage history. 300 plus Hours tach, kept in Redmond C Hanqar. Reduced fo $35K, OBOr Dick Hansen,

with 450 Holleys. T-10 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, Weld Prostar wheels, extra rolling chassis +

extras. $6500 for all. 541-389-7669.


Cadillac Series 61 1950, 2 dr. hard top, complete w /spare f r on t cl i p ., $3950, 541-382-7391




T-BIRD 1988

Caye n ne A udi A 6

Turbo 2005, t wi n t urbo, l oaded, l o w miles. Vin¹A92123 S p ort

se d a n Quattro 2003 4wd,

a/c, auto, tilt steer, sun & moon roofs, leather int, disc & tape, good to exc cond, + 4 mounted studs KBB $8200, ask $7500. Call 541-385-5634 or 541-420-2699.


Au t o mobiles

Automobiles •

Automo b iles

Mini Cooper CountryCHECKYOUR AD man 2011, 15k mi., Please check your ad ¹wh9814. $1 2 , 995 on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. Sometimes inOregon s tructions over t h e Subaru lmpreza WRX AutnSource phone are misunderSTI 2005, 6 s p e ed, 541-598-3750 stood and an e rror power windows, can occur in your ad. power locks, Alloys. If this happens to your Vin ¹506223 ad, please contact us $21,488 the first day your ad Vehicle? S UBA R U . appears and we will Call The Bulletin be happy to fix it as and place an ad to2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. s oon as w e c a n . day! 877-266-3821 Deadlines are: WeekAsk about our Dlr ¹0354 days 12:00 noon for "Wheel Deal"! next day, Sat. 11:00 for private party a.m. for Sunday; Sat. advertisers Toyota Camryst 12:00 for Monday. If we can assist you, 1984, SOLD; please call us: 1985 SOLD;









l The Bulletin l


L'"" '" "


1986 parts car only one left! $500 Call for details, 541-548-6592

The Bulletin Classified


Nissan Altima 2010, 35Scoupe silver 46k miles. $20,995.

coupe, 34,400 orig. $24,888 Chevy Malibu 2009 Chevy Wagon 1957, mi., A/C, PW, PL, new 43k miles, loaded, WHEN YOU SEE THIS S UB ARU. 4-dr., complete, tires/brakes/hoses/ 541-923-2318 BUBNNRIBBBNU COM Oregon studs on rims/ $7,000 OBO / trades. belts & exhausts. Tan 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. dkhansen©bendAutogource Asking $12,900. ~OO Please call w/tan interior. or 877-266-3821 541-598-3750 541-610-6834. 541-389-6998 Immaculate! $4,995. Tod, 541-350-6462 M ore P ixa tBendbuletio,com Dlr ¹0354 5 4 1-322-4843, On a classified ad 541-325-2220 Chrysler 300 C o upe Days Eves 541-383- 5043 go to I IN~%% Piper A rcher 1 9 8 0, 1967, 44 0 e n g ine, Buick LeSabre CusWant to impress the based in Madras, al- auto. trans, ps, air, tom 2004, rare 75k, to view additional relatives? Remodel ways hangared since frame on rebuild, re$6000, worth way photos of the item. your home with the new. New annual, auto painted original blue, more. leather, pilot, IFR, one piece original blue interior, heated seats, nice Chrysler Sebring 2004 help of a professional windshield. Fastest Ar- original hub caps, exc. from The Bulletin's wheels. Good tires, 84k, beautiful dark gray/ cher around. 1750 to- chrome, asking $9000 Looking for your Subaru Ba ja S p o r t brown, tan leather int., "Call A Service 30 mpg, white. MONTANA 3585 2008, VW BUG 1972 rebuilt tal t i me. $68,500. or make offer. next employee? 2005, AWD, leather, $5995 541-350-5373 Convinced'? Call Bob Professional" Directory exc. cond., 3 slides, 541-475-6947, ask for 541-385-9350 eng, new paint, tires, Place a Bulletin help loaded, 35k miles, 541-318-9999 king bed, Irg LR, chrome whls, 30 mpg, Rob Berg. wanted ad today and Vin¹101442 Arctic insulation, all $3800. 541-233-7272 reach over 60,000 $18688 Buick Century Limited options $35,000. 916 readers each week. 2000, r un s g r e at, 541-420-3250 S UB A R U . Your classified ad Trucks & P ickups • 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. beautiful car. $3400. will also appear on NuWa 29 7LK H itch- Heavy Equipment 541-312-3085 877-266-3821 Hiker 2007, All seawhich currently resons, 3 s l ides, 32' Dlr ¹0354 Just bought a new boat? My Little Red Corvette" FAST'66 Ranchero! ceives over 1.5 milperfect for snow birds, Sell your old one in the Coupe,1996,350, Nissan Sentra 2012 lion page views $7500 invested, l eft k i t chen, re a r classifieds! Ask about our auto, 26-34 mpg, 132K, Full warranty, 35mpg, 3 sell for $4500! every month at lounge, extras, must Super Seller rates! 520 per tank, all power. $12,500/offer. no extra cost. Bullesee. $25,999 Prineville Call 541.382.9835 541-385-5809 541-923-1781 $13,500. 541-788-0427 541-447-5502 days & tin Classifieds 541-447-1641 eves. Chevy 1998 sA t o n , Buick Lacrosse CXL Get Results! Call Diamond Reo Dump 168k mi., one owner, 2005, leather, 69k mi. 385-5809 or place Truck 1974, 12 -14 Advertise your car! exc. cond., numerous ¹ 271714 $ 10, 9 9 5 your ad on-line at yard box, runs good, Add A Picture! u pgrades. Ask i n g Toyota F J C r u iser $6900, 541-548-6812 Reach thousands of readers! 1• 2007, 6 speed, 4x4, $5900. 541-317-3991 Call 541-385-5809 roof rack, tow, alloys. Oregon The Bulletin Classlfieds G R X A T FIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, Vin¹056099 AutoSource CORVETTE COUPE Nissan Versa S Sedan door panels w/flowers $17,988 541-598-3750 Glasstop 2010 & hummingbirds, 2011, well equipped, The Bulletin recoml www.aaacregonautcGrand Sport - 4 LT mends extra caution I white soft top & hard ©' S U B A R U. great gas mileage. Hysfer H25E, runs BUBBBUOBBBNU COM loaded, clear bra when p u rchasing top. Just reduced to Vin¹397958 well, 2982 Hours, hood & fenders. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. ! products or services $3,750. 541-317-9319 $10,888 $3500, call 877-266-3821 New Michelin Super from out of the area. Buick LeSabre 1996. or 541-647-8483 Dodge Dakota Quad 541-749-0724 Sports, G.S. floor Dlr ¹0354 @gbSUBARU. ! Sending cas h , Good condition, P ilgrim 27', 2007 5 t h Cab SLT 2006, 4x 4 , BUBIRUOBBRNU COM mats, 17,000 miles, checks, or credit in121,000 miles. wheel, 1 s lide, AC, bed liner, tow pkg., 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Crystal red. Non-smoker formation may be I 940 TV,full awning, excelpremium wheels. 877-266-3821 $45,000. ! subject toFRAUD. $2200 OBO. lent shape, $23,900. Vin¹653072 Dlr ¹0354 Vans 503-358-1164. For more informa541-954-5193. 541-350-8629 $15,988 ! tion about an adverFord 1-ton extended van, S UBA R U tiser, you may call I!'I - 5 Porsche Carrera 911 ! the Ford Galaxie 500 1963, 1995, 460 engine, set-up Buick Lucerne CXS RV Oregon State Peterbilt 35 9 p o table 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. f or c o n tractor w i t h 2003 convertible with CONSIGNMENTS 2006 sedan,V8, Attorney General's I hardtop. 50K miles, water t ruck, 1 9 90, 390 v8,auto, pwr. steer & shelves & bins, fold-down 877-266-3821 WANTED Northstar 4.6L enOffice C o nsumer I new factory Porsche 3200 gal. tank, 5hp radio (orig),541-419-4989 Dlr ¹0354 ladder rack, tow hitch, We Do The Work ... B gine, silver, black motor 6 mos ago with ! Protection hotline at p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, 180K miles, new tranny & leather, new $36,000; You Keep The Cash! Ford Mustang Coupe 1-877-877-9392. 18 mo factory warcamlocks, $ 2 5,000. brakes; needs catalytic 92K miles, 18U wheels On-site credit 1966, original owner, 541-820-3724 Ford Taurus Wagon 2004, ranty remaining. converter & new windapproval team, & much more, best V8, automatic, great 120K miles, loaded, in $37,500. shield. $2200. Serving Central Oregon since 1903 web site presence. offer over $7900. 541-322-6928 925 shape, $9000 OBO. nice s h ape, $ 4 200. 541-220-7808 We Take Trade-Ins! 530-515-8199 Bob, 541-318-9999 541-815-9939 Utility Trailers Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Ford Ranchero 1987 Trail-Eze tilt trailer, D odge R a m 25 0 0 Bend: 541-330-2495 25', 26,000-lb cap, new Quad Cab SLT 2005, 1979 Redmond: deck & paint, air brakes, 4x4, auto trans, tow, with 351 Cleveland 541-548-5254 in excellent cond., $6995. bed liner. modified engine. h P 541-408-6579 Vin¹716973 Body is in $15,988 excellent condition, 2011 Interstate Load Canopies & Campers 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. $2500 obo. Runner custom utility 877-266-3821 541 -420-4677 trailer, 6x12, enclosed, Dlr ¹0354 rear ramp, c u stom wheels, silver & black, 1000 1000 iQ ® S UBA R U . been stored, towed • Le g al Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices • Legal Notices only 150 miles. Excellent! $3195 obo. G MC Sierra S L T estate are required to addition to p aying LEGAL NOTICE 541-408-7908 2006 - 1 500 C rew The reason of said desaid sums or tenCanopy for long bed 113.225 Notice to in- present the same with CORDING. Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 Cab 4x4, Z71, exc. fault; and any furdering the p erforvouchers Trust Deed was regreat cond., w h ite 929 engine, power every- cond., 82 k m i les, terested persons by proper ther s u m s admance necessary to w/tinted windows & successor personal within four (4) months corded as follows: thing, new paint, 54K $19,900. Automotive Wanted Date Recorded: Devanced by cure the default, by slider window. $500. representative. (1) If after the date of first original m i les, runs 541-408-0763 c ember 2 , 2 0 1 0 . beneficiary for the publication to the unpaying all costs and 541-580-7334 the personal repreDONATE YOUR CAR, great, excellent condiNo.: p rotection o f th e expenses actually sentative dies, is re- dersigned or they may Recording tion in & out. Asking TRUCK OR BOAT TO $8,500. 541-480-3179 above- d e s cribed incurred in enforcmoved by the court or be barred. Additional 201 0-047958 O f f iHERITAGE FOR THE Find It in cial Records of Dereal property and his i nformation may b e ing the o b ligation resigns after the noBLIND. Free 3 D ay interest therein; plus and trust deed, toThe Bulletin Classifieds! tice to interested per- o btained f ro m t h e schutes County, Orr ".I• V acation, Ta x D e - m R , MB• JC. 3. any real p roperty gether with trustee's sons required by ORS court records, the un- egon. 541-385-5809 ductible, Free Towing, DESCRIPTION OF taxes or l iens i nand attorney's fees 1 13.155 ha s b e e n dersigned or the atAll Paperwork Taken P ROPERTY: T h e curred. 6. E L ECnot exceeding the published but before torney. Date first pubLance Camper 1994, Care Of. real property is deTION TO SELL. The lished: June 8, 2013. amounts p rovided the expiration of four fits long bed crew cab, 877-213-9145. PERSONAL REPREscribed as follows: T rustee here b y by sa i d ORS months from the date tv, a/c, loaded. $6200 (PNDC) e lects to s e l l t h e Ford Th u nderbird I nternational 86.753. In construof first publication, the S ENTATIVE: S c o t t L ot 1 4 of Roc k Fla t OBO. 541-580-7334 Ridge Cabin Sites of property to satisfy 1955, new white soft ing this notice, the successor p e rsonal Harrin, 60656 G osBed Pickup 1963, 1 932 the obligations seney Road, Bend, Or- Black Butte Ranch, singular includes the top, tonneau cover representative s h a ll t on dually, 4 s p d. Antique & Deschutes County, cured by the Trust and upholstery. New p lural, t h e wo r d cause notice to inter- egon 97702, PHONE trans., great MPG, o Deed. A T rustee's chrome. B e a utiful could be exc. wood grantor" in c ludes (541) 318-4527, FAX: Oregon. Commonly Classic Autos ested persons to be k nown a s 1 3 5 7 1 Notice of D e f ault Car. $25,00 0 . any successor in 00 • 0 p ublished as i f t h e (541) 610-1835. AThauler, runs great, Nine Bark, B lack and Election to Sell 541-548-1422 TORNEY: Tony F. De interest to the successor were the new brakes, $1950. SW B utte Ranch, O R has been recorded grantor as well as original personal rep- A licante, 4 0 4 541-41 9-5480. 4. DEin t he off i c i al C olumbia Stre e t , 97031. any other p erson resentative. The r eF AULT. Both t h e r ecords o f De s owing an obligation, published notice shall Suite 206, Bend, Or1921 Model T Beneficiary and the chutes County, Orthe performance of state that the original egon 97702, PHONE Delivery Truck Trustee have egon. 7. TIME OF which is secured by personal representa- (541) 390-8961. Restored 8 Runs elected to sell the S ALE. Date: A u said trust deed, and t ive died, wa s r e LEGAL NOTICE $9000. said real property to gust 15, 2013. Time: the words "trustee" moved by the court or The undersigned has Aircraft, Parts 541-389-8963 satisfy the obliga11:00 a.m. Place: and "beneficiary" inGMC Vefon 1971, Only resigned, the date of been appointed per- t ions secured b y 13571 Nine B ark, clude their respec& Service $19,700! Original low Subaru B a ja 2 0 0 5 , d eath, removal o r sonal representative said trust deed and Black Butte Ranch tive successors in resignation and t he 1952 Ford Customline mile, exceptional, 3rd of the Estate of ROBAWD, leather, b e d a notice of default in the City of Bend, interest, i f any. date of appointment of ERT Coupe, project car, flat- owner. 951-699-7171 THOMAS has been recorded liner, tow. C ounty o f Des Dated this 23 day of the n e w pe r sonal VILDIBILL, Deceased, head V-8, 3 spd extra MOVING - NO ROOM! Vin ¹103619 to Oregon chutes, State of OrMay, 2013. representative. It also by t h e parts, & materials, $2000 De s chutes pursuant $16,988. Revised S t a t utes egon. The Trustee --uerer GLEAVES obo. 541-410-7473 shall state that all per- County Circuit Court 86.735(3); the dewill sell a t p u blic SWEARINGEN sons having claims of the State of O rS UBA RU. auction to the highLLP. By: Cassie K. B UBMIUOBBBNOC O M against th e e s t ate egon, probate num- fault for which the foreclosure is made est bidder for cash 1/3 interest in Columbia Jones, S uccessor 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. shall present them, b er 13PB0060. A l l the interest in t he 400, $150,000 (located Trustee, P.O. Box 877-266-3821 within four m o nths persons having claims is grantor's failure to O Bend.) Also: Sunripay when due the said described real 1147, Eugene, OR Dlr ¹0354 after the date of the against the estate are GMC 1977 Sierra ver hangar available for property which the 97440, (541) first publication of the required to p r esent following sums: all Classic 4x4 sale at $155K, or lease, Buick Riviera 1991, clas935 grantor had or had 686-8833. FA IR republished notice, to the same with proper c urrent an d p a s t Original owner, a show © $400/mo. due payments and power to convey at DEBT COL L ECsic low-mile car, driven Sport Utility Vehicles the n e w p e r sonal vouchers within four 541-948-2963 truck. Never restored or late charges d ue the time of the exTION PRACTICES about 5K/year. Always off-road. AT, 400 V8, representative, at the (4) months after the ecution by grantor of N OTICE. We a r e garaged & pampered, many extras, plus free address designated in date of first publica- and payable as of January 1, 2013 in the said trust deed, non-smoker, exclnt cond, custom 8' matching utildebt collectors. This the republished no- tion t o t h e u n d ert ogether with a n y $4300 obo 541-389-0049 ilty trailer, and Alpine i s a n a t t empt t o tice for the presenta- signed or they may be t he am o un t of $ 128,000.00, p l us interest which the collect a debt and tion of claims, or they barred. Add i tional canopy. Collectors welChev Cheyenne 20 1972 a dditional fut u r e grantor or grantor's any information obmay be barred. (2) No i nformation may b e Custom Camper, new Tar- come! Sorry, no trades. successors in intertained will be used notice by the succes- o btained f ro m t h e payments and late etMaster engM 1 owner, Firm, cash. $6995. charges i n c urred est acquired after forthat purpose. 1/3 interest i n w e l l- 1350 obo. 541-350-6235 Chevrolet Trailblazer sor personal repre- court records, the un503-880-5020 a fter J anuary 1 , t he e xecution o f equipped IFR Beech BoLS 2006, 4 X 4, 3 r d sentative shall be re- dersigned or the atsaid trust deed, to 2013; plus related The Bulletin's nanza A36, new 10-550/ row, power window, quired under torney. Date first pubChevrolet Cameo "Call A Service prop, located KBDN. subsection (1) of this lished: June 1, 2013. interest, p e nalties satisfy the foregotow pkg, ing obli g ations $65,000. 541-419-9510 Pickup, 1957, Vin¹149659 section if the original Shirley L . Vi l d ibill, and costs thereto; thereby secured and Professional" Directory disassembled, frame personal representa- Personal Representa- plus costs, trustees $9888 is all about meeting the costs and expowder coated, new tive dies, is removed t ive c/o R o nald L . fees, attorneys fees S UBA R U yourneeds. front sheet metal, cab and accruing interpenses of sale, inby the court, or reB ryant, Attorney at restored. $9995 firm. Mercedes 450SL, 1977, est incurred herein cluding a r e asonsigns after the expiraLaw, Bryant Emerson by reason of said Call on one of the 113K, 2nd owner, ga- 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. tion of four months Call for more info, able charge by the 877-266-3821 & Fitch, LLP, PO Box d efault; an d a n y 541-306-9958 (cell) r aged, b o t h top s . professionals today! trustee. 8. R IGHT from the date of the Dlr ¹0354 4 57, Redmond O R $10,900. 541-389-7596 f urther sums a d TO RE I NSTATE. first publication of the 97756. vanced by b enefiNotice i s fur t her PUBLIC NOTICE 1/5th interest in 1973 notice to i n terested LEGAL NOTICE ciary for the protecgiven that any perThe Oregon State Cessna 150 LLC persons. [1969 c.591 tion of the aboveson named in ORS Radio Project plans M RE P LI B L I C 150hp conversion, low g 102; 1977 c.187 g1] TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF SALE described real prop86.753 has the right, to construct a new time on air frame and LEGAL NOTICE The Trustee under erty and his interest at any time prior to 100' FCC licensed NOTICES engine, hangared in IN T H E CI R CUIT t he terms o f t h e therein. 5. AMOUNT five days before the wireless t e l ecomBend. Excellent perI M P O R TA N T COURT O F THE T rust D e e d de DUE. By reason of date last set for the m unication t o w e r formance & affordSTATE OF OREGON scribed herein, at s aid d e f ault t h e sale, to have this and ass o ciated able flying! $6,500. FOR THE COUNTY the direction of the beneficiary has def oreclosure pro ground equipment 541 -382-6752 An important premise upon which the principle of OF DES C HUTES Beneficiary, hereby clared all sums owceeding dismissed within an e x isting Probate Department. e lects to s el l t h e ing on the obligaand the trust deed gravel lot at 34400 democracy is based is thatinformation about In the Matter of the property described tion secured by said reinstated by payE Hwy 20, Brothers, government activities must be accessible in order Estate Of William R. in the Trust Deed to trust deed immediment to the benefiDeschutes County, Harrin, De c eased. satisfy the obligaately due and payciary of the entire Oregon. The FCC for the electorate fo make well-informed decisions. Case No: 13PB0069. tions secured a mount then d u e is seeking public able, said sums bePublic notices provide this sort of accessibility Io NOTICE TO INTER- thereby. Pursuant to ing the following, to ( other than s u c h comment on the ESTED P E RSONS. O RS 8 6.745, t h e wit: principal amount portion of the principroposed project as citizens who want Io know more about government 1974 Bellanca The undersigned has following i n forma- of $128,000.00 topal as would not part of the review 1730A activities. been appointed per- tion is provided: 1. then be due had no gether with interest process by the Orsonal representative PARTIES: Grantor: thereon at the rate default o c c urred) egon SHPO. 2180 TT, 440 SMO, of the Estate of WilAndrew G. Mason. of 1 2% per annum and by curing any Please res p o nd Read your Public Notices daily in The Bulletin 180 mph, excellent liam R. Harrin, DeTrustee: First beginning January other default comwithin 30 days of classifieds or go fo www.bendbullefin.comand condition, always ceased, by the Des- American Title In1, 2013, until paid; plained of h e rein this publication to: hangared, 1 owner chutes County Circuit surance Company together with costs, that is capable of Adapt Engineering click on "Classified Ads" Court of the State of of Oregon. Succestrustees fees, attorbeing cured by tenfor 35 years. $60K. Inc., 1 0 72 5 SW Oregon, prob a te sor Trustee: Cassie neys fees and acdering the p erforBarbur Blvd., Suite number 1 3 PB0069. K. Jones. Beneficruing late charges mance required un200, Portland, OR In Madras, The Bulletin All persons h aving ciary: Douglas R. a nd i n terest i n der the obligation or 97219 Attn: call 541-475-6302 c laims against t h e Schultz. 2 . REc urred herein b y trust deed, and in EA-F70910.



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The Bulletin

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2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i P remium C V T Rear Bumper Applique, Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink, 4 All-Weather Floor Mats, Cargo Tray

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i CVT

Standard Model. Standard Destination Charge.

Option Package I Standard Model. Standard Destination Charge.

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher

Automatic •


C onfi d e n c e i n

N - -=:.

pa 'pa

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i 6MT 0.0% up 48 Months

0.0% up 48 Months

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher.


I •






0.0% up 48 Months

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher



a. ©


Lease MSRP $24,088.VIN:XD3028368. DAD-Ol Cap reduction $2,539.88. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 55% $13,248.40. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

2y99 9


MSRP $24,590.VIN: AC4D I305435. DDA-Ol Cap reduction $2,399.66. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 55% $13,524.50. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

s igning

2y89 9

s igning

Qa 'Pa

MSRP $25,590. VIN: D3308531. DDB-01 Cap reduction $2,494.60. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 55% $14,074.50. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.





2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i L imited C V T Power Moonroof, Rear Bumper Applique Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink,

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i P remium C V T

2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 3 .6 R L imited 5A T

Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors, Rear Bumper Cover, Cargo Net-Rear

Popular Package ¹I B, Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink, Splash Guards,RearBumperCover, 4All-Weather FloorMats

0.0% up 48 Months

0 . 0% up 48 Months

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher

2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i L imited C V T

0.0% up 48 Months

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher.

Power Moonrooi, Auto-DimmingRearView Mirror w/Integrated Rear Vision Camera 8 Homelink, Rear BumperCover, Splash Guards, PuddleLights

0.0% up 48 Months

Tier I Financing. On Approved Credit. 720 Beacon or higher.


' IQIfIr






MSRP $28,483. VIN: 2D3035671. DAF-04 Cap reduction $2,990.48. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 53% $15,095.99. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. & doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

MSRP $28,103. VIN; CC7D3308010. DDD-02 Cap reduction $2,973.78. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 53% $14,894.59. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

3,499:-":.". 4S



Automatic, AWD-CVT, Power Windows Power Door Loclcs, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Bluetooth Wireless, Dual Air bags, Power Seat, Daytime Running Lights, Roof Raclc

Automatic 0

Lease MSRP $33,480. VIN:C2D2295672. DDK-Ol Cap reduction $3,430.46. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 52% $17,409.60. No Security Deposit. *Tier I linancing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.


MSRP $32,241. VIN: CSD3302661. DDF-04 Cap reduction $3,329.06. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 52% $16,765.32. No Security Deposit. *Tier I linancing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

3,999:-":.- .

3y89 9

s igning


Subaru Certified Pre-Owned

2 043 Su b aru O u t b a c k 2 .5i Prem ium W a g o n


Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers: • 7-year/100,000-mile Povvertrain Coverage • $0 deductible

' I

• Factory-backed coverage • 152-point safety inspection

• CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2 0'I3 S u b a r u L e g a c y 2 .5i L i m i t e d S e d a n

2 011 S u b a r u I m p r e z a 2 .5i Se d a n

Automatic CVT w/Manual Mode, All Weather PI<g, Traction Control, Premium Sound, Satellite Feature, Bluetooth Wireless, Dual Air Bags, Side Air Bags, Heated Seats, Moonroof, Daytime Running Lights

AWD, Automatic, 4-spd w/Overdrive 8. SportShilt, Hill Start Assist, Traction Control, l<eyless Entry, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Dual Air Bags, Side Air Bags

2 011 Su baru O u t b a c k 2 .5i Limited W a g o n 4-Cyl, PZEV, 2.S Liter, Automatic CVT w/Manual Mode, All Weather Plcg, Hill Holder, l<eyless Entry, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Bluetooth Wireless, Dual Air Bags, Side Air Bags, Dual Power Seats, Rear Spoiler, Roof Raclc





pRICE 26 y 9 9


viN: 0»34829


$,2 8


y9 9 9

viN: o3oo4i43 P RlcE


6 y3 8 8



SALE g , P RlcE 2 6 y 7 8 8




VIN: 83354649

The Bulletin

For channels, radio stations and latest programming, visit

June 8- 14, 2015


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I II ''I



• • •I ' I I I





I' I' I ' r 'I

I ' I


P atina Miller ("Pippin") is a nominee t h e 67th Annual Tony Awards Sunday on CBS.







II '

rl '






I I I r


THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. / Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine




• II • I Good Morning America (N) «

II I KATU News This Morning - Sat (N) n «



II I II I I II I Jack Hanna's Wild OceanMysteries Born to Explore 'G Recipe Rehab Food for Thought Sea Rescue'G' cc Countdown Wi t h JeffCorwin«(DVS) Lasagna'PG' (DVS) (ABC) The Chica Show Pajanimals (El) 'Y Poppy Cat(El) 'Y' Justin Time (El) 'Y' KTVZ O O O O 2013 French Open Tennis Women's Final Women'sFinal: Maria Sharapovavs. SerenaWiliams. FromRolandGarros Stadium in Paris. (N) n (Live) « (EI) 'Y' (NBC) Improve Memory Paid Program Paid Program (5:00) CBS This Morning: Saturday A Doodlebops(El) Doodlebops n (El) Busytown Myster. Busytown Myster- Liberty's Kids n Liberty's Kids n Paid Program KBNZ "/' cc 'Y' cc fine for bullying;OscarGoodman. ies n (El) 'Y' ies n (El)'Y' (EI) 'Y7' (EI) 'Y7' (CBS) Good Morning America (N) « Jack Hanna's WildOcean Mysteries Born to Explore 'GSea Rescue'G' « Recipe Rehab Food for Thought Steel Dreams Cars.TV n 'PG' « KOHD O O O O Paid Program Animal Adven 'Q' cc tures Countdown With Jeff Corwin cc(DVS) (DVS) Lasagna'PG' (ABC) KFXO IE} !Ej IE) Paid Program Paid Program AwesomeAdven- Wild About Ani- Jack Hanna's Into Eco Companyn Teen Kids News Paid Program Grand Floral Parade mals 'G' rca tures'G' the Wild 'G' (El) 'G' cc (N) 'G' cc (FOX) Super Why! n SciGirls n 'G' cc Easy Yogafor Arthritis With Peggy Nature AnOriginal DUCKumentaiy Woodducks carefor NOVA Earth From KOAB ~ gy ~ Ij SesameStreetn(EI)'Y'cc(DVS) Curious George'Y' Cat in the Hat Cappy n 'G' cc Space'G' «(DVS) Know s a Lot (EI) 'Y' ducklings. n 'PG' «(DVS) (PBS) 2013 FrenchOpenTennis Women'sFinal Women'sFinal: MariaSharapovavs. SerenaWiliams. FromRolandGarros Stadium in Paris. (N) n (Live) « LazyTown n (El) Noodle and P a id Program Paid Program KGW nn cc Doodle (El) 'Y' (NBC) Sonic X n 'Y7' «Sonic X n 'Y7' « Justic eLeague JusticeLeague Dragon Ball Z Kai Dragon Ball Z Kai Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' «Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' « KTVZDT2 @ ~ Ij @ Make Your Carpets Get Better Grades Rescue Heroes n Adventures of 'Y7' cc 'Y7' cc New Again! (El) 'G' « Nanoboy Unlimited 'Y7' U n limited 'Y7' (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 Fr eedom Washington Asia Insight 'PG' Great Decisions Scully: World I n side Wash'ton Easy Yoga for Arthritis Nature Woodduckscarefor ducklings. n 'PG' NOVA 'G' « -



WEN HairCare Criminal Minds Teamdelves into Criminal Minds 100The teamraces to Fix This Yard Fix This Yard(N) Sell This House: ExtremeNewOrleans, Flip This House Estate of Affairs Ar 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Morgan's past. n 'PG' « find the Reaper. n '14' « La. (N) 'PG' « mando buys ahome.'PG' « The Rifleman 'G' ccThe Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman The The Rifleman The Rifleman The The Rifleman 'G' ccThe Rifleman 'G' ccThe Rifleman Old Rawhide Incident of the BlueFire Super- Rawhide Incident at SpanishRock *AMC 'PQ' cc Tony 'G' Bullet 'G' Guest 'G' stitions aboutlightning. 'PG' Drover iswanted bysoldiers. 'PG' 'ANPL 68 50 26 38 BigCatDiary'G' BigCat Diary'G' MustLoveCatsn'PG' « Must Love Cats n 'PG' « America's Cutest n 'PG' « Bad Dog! n 'PG' « BadDog!NaughtybyNature'PG BRAVO 13 44 Mar ried to Medicine '14' Chef Roble &Co. '14' Tabatha TakesOver '14' Tabatha TakesOver'14 Tabatha TakesOver'14 Tabatha TakesOver '14 CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Social Hour n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Sheer Cover W E N Hair Care Paid Program TRIA Paid Program DeepClean Forever Young Paid Program Like New Carpet Larry King Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN 55 38 35 48 Sat. Morning Y our Money (N) CNN SaturdayMorning (N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) Your Money T h e Next List (N) COM 13 53 135 47 Hair Re-Growth Insanity! 'G' S e xyBodies W E N Hair Care Comedy Central (8:40) Scrubs (n9:11) Scrubsn (9:42) Futurama (10:13) Futurama (10:44) ** "Weekendat Bernie's" (1989) cc COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Extreme Desire Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Washington ThisWeek W ashington ThisW eek *DIS 87 43 14 39 Octonauts n 'Y' Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Doc McStuffins Never Land Good.Charlie G o od.Charlie A u stin & Ally 'G' Jessie 'G' cc A.N.T. Farm'G' Shake It Up! 'G' Sofia the First *DISC 15 21 16 37 LitlGiant Jillian Michaels DeepClean The Perfect Yard SexyBodies Li k e New CarpetFast N' Loud n '14' « Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars *El 13 25 Tot a l Gym Cindy Crawford Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and theCity Hollywood Goes E! News (N) Fashion Police '14 ESPN 21 23 22 23 SportsCenter« SportsCenter (N)(Live) « College Baseball NCAA Super Regional —North Carolina vs. South Carolina FromChapel Hill, N.C. (N) « N F L History Lom bardi's Legacy ESPN2 22 24 21 24 NFLHistory NF L History NFL History SportsCenter (N)(Lwe)cc College Baseball NCAA Super Regional —Mississippi Statevs. Virginia ESPNC 23 25 123 25 **** "Hoop Dreams"(1994)Wiliam Gates. Profiles twoChicagoNBAhopefuls fromage 14to 18. « 30for30 cc 30 for 30 ESPNN 24 63 124203 Interruption Ar o und the Horn H.Lite Ex. H-L i te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-L i te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-L i te Ex SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ** "Snow Dogs"(2002,Comedy)CubaGooding Jr., JamesCoburn ** "Dennis theMenace" (1993) FAM 67 29 19 41 SexyBodies D irt y House? 'G Pixar Short Films 'PG' FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00) FOX and Friends Saturday Bulls and Bears Cavuto/Business Forbes onFOX Cashin' In (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Journal Editorial FOX News *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Dirty House? 'G Say No to Botox! BarbecueAddi. Guy's Big Bite Best- Made Be s t Thing AteBest Dishes B e s t Dishes Pioneer Wo. T r isha's Sou. B ' foot Contessa Giada at Home FX 131 Front Yard SexyBodies How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Two /Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Beth Cooper HGTV 17 49 33 43 FloorAppeal'G' Cindy Crawford House Hunters Renovation 'G' House Hunters Renovation 'G' House Hunters Renovation 'G' Bath Crashers Bath Crashers Bath Crashers Bath Crashers 'HIST 15 42 41 36 OnAirw/Larry Live Longer! Bamazon One Way Out'14' « Bamazon Timber! '14' « Bamazon DividedWeFall '14' Bamazon DangerousGamble'14' B a mazon Dead in the Water '14' LIFE 13 39 20 31 Get Sub D Keurig Brewer Paid Program Summer Hair Paid Program Paid Program Dancer's Body Get Sub D Paid Program WEN Hair Care Wife Swap Schults/Smith n 'PG' MSNBC 59 59128 51 (5:00)Upw/SteveKornacki(N) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) MSNBCLive (N) *** "FreedomWriters" (2007) MTV 192 22 38 57 MindRight Mind R ight Mind Right Min d Right Teen Wolf Tattoo n '14' Awkward.'14' A w kward.'14 True Life Secrets, Lies &Sex n NICK 82 46 2440 FullHouse'G' FullHouse'G' Odd Parents O d d Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob SpongeBob O d d Parents SpongeBob S a njay, Craig Teenage Mut. Monsters, Alien OWN 161 103 31 103 The Nate Berkus Show 'PG' cc Rachael RayEmpty-NestMom'G' Dr. Phll n 'PG' cc Home MadeSimple n 'G' cc Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14 PAC12 47 310310310 Pac-12Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Insanity! n'G Total Gym Paid Programn Like NewCarpet Bikini Season n WEN Hair Care Search/Restore Horsepower TV Trucks! 'G' « M u scleCar 'G' Worst Tenants Worst Tenants * "DragonWars"(2007,Action) SYFY 13 35133 45 PaidProgram Sm. Pet Care WEN Hair Care Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program *** "Dragon Dynasty" (2006,Adventure)Federico Castelluccio. 'PG TBN 205 60 130 The Lads TV (El) Auto B. Good'G Come onOver God Rocks!'Y Monstertruck Mary-Hopkins Lassie 'G' « Da v ey I Goliath Ishine Knect 'G' Insp. Station VeggieTales 'Y' 3-2-1 Penguins! Married... With Married... With The Fresh Prince The Fresh Prince Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry's MeetAre We ThereYet? According to Jim Rules of Engage- Rules of Engage- ** "DriiibitTaylor" (2008)OwenWilson *TBS 'PG' n 'PG' cc n 'PG Children 'PG' ment 'PG' ment 'PG' of Bel.Air of Bel.Air House of Payne the Browns Troy Gentile. cc ** "Son of Lassie" (1945,Adventure) PeterLawford, Donald Crisp. Ayoung man ** "Mackenna's Gold" (1969)Gregory (7:45) *** "The Fal c on and the Co-eds" (1943, Mystery) (6 15) ***Robert "GayGoul Purr-ee" (1962, Musi c al) Voi c es of Judy TCM 01 44 101 29 Garland, et, RedButtons. Tom Conway,JeanBrooks, RitaCorday. and his dogare trapped behindenemylines. «(DVS) Peck, OmarSharif. 'A&E

3 26 1 6 32 Sexy MiamiBodies Beach


17 34 32 34 JillianMichaels DeepClean D

eep Clean TRIA Luminess Say No to Botox! Moving Up n 'G' cc Moving Up n 'G' cc Moving Up Pink tothe Brink n 'G Falling Skies MolonLabeTomcaptures Falling Skies DeathMarchThe 2nd Falling Skies The2nd Massmeets new Falling Skies Tomdiscovers life-chang 26 1 27 Law & Order McCoy tries to si d estep a Falling Skies Homecomi n g Tom and plea bargain. n 'PG' Anne grow closer. '14' cc another hostage. 14 cc Mass moves onto Charleston. '14' faces. '14' cc ing news. '14' cc 'TOON 84 Looney Tunes LooneyTunes Scan2Go (N)'Y7' JohnnyTest'Y7' Beyblade:Metal Pokemon:BW Ben 10 NinjaGo: Mstrs Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry *TRAV 17 51 45 42 PaidProgram Superfood Whe n Vacations Attack 'PG' cc My s teries at the Museum 'PG Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Bourdain: NoReservations Bourdain: NoReservations TVLND 65 47 29 35 HotinCleveland Hot in Cleveland P:12) Hot in Cleveland 'PG' « Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland ** "TheTransporter2" (2005) USA 15 30 23 30 Fat Loss Like New Carpet Paid Program Paid Program Kitchen Like NewCarpet ** "Crank"(2006, Action) JasonStatham,AmySmart, cc VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG' Jump Start n 'PG' Jump Start n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown (N)'PG' Top 20 Video Countdown (N) 'PG' Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition 'TNT

*** "innerspace"1987, Comedy Dennis Quaid. n 'PG' « *** "The Muppets" 2011 'PG' ENCR 106401 306401(5:10) **"Opportunity Knocks" (9:05) ** "C/ick" 2006,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG-13' « ** "Of Love andDesire"1963, DramaMerleOberon. 'NR' « FMC 104 204104120(6:05) *** "Untamed" 1955,AdventureTyrone Power. 'NR' « (9:50) ** "Satan NeverSleeps" 1962Wiliam Holden. 'NR' « FUEL 34 (4:00) UFC:Baraovs. McDonald U FC: Silva vs. StannWanderlei Silvavs. BrianStann; MarkHuntvs. StefanStruve. FromSaitama, Japan Motorcycle Racing HighPoint National FromMt.Morris, Pennsylvania GOLF 28 301 27 301 EuropeanPGATour Golf LyonessOpen,Third Round FromAtzenbrugg, Austria. (N) Golf Central Pregame(N)(Live) PGA Tour Golf FedExSt. JudeClassic, Third Round Golf Central HALL 66 33175 33 ILoveLucy'PG' ILoveLucy' PG' ILoveLucy'PG' ILoveLucy 'PG' ILove Lucy'PG' ILoveLucy'PG The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls ** "You LuckyDog"(2010) 'PG' ** "Vol cano"1997Tommy LeeJones.n 'PG-13 ** "The ThreeSlooges" 2012 SeanHayes. 'PG HBO 425501 425501(5:15) ** "Fierce Creatures" n Water, Ele (10:45) *** "Moonrise Kingdom"2012 n'PG-13 IFC 10 1 0 5 P a n's Labyrinth Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three StoogesMalcolm, Middle Malcolm, Middle Malcolm, Middle Malcolm, Middle Malcolm, Middle Monster's Ball *** "Troy" 2004 Brad Pitt. 'R MAX 400 508 508 (6:15) ** "SharkTale" 2004Voices of Will Smith (7:45) ** "Paparazzi"2004Cole Hauser. 'PG-13 (9:15) ** "The HangoverPart ii" 2011 Bradley Cooper. n 'R' « NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Bill Dance Bass 2 Billfish Saltwater Fish Hunt/Big Fish Saltwater Exp. Into the Blue 'G Charlie Moore Fisherman's Formula OneRacing CanadianGrand Prix Qualifying R a cerTV (N) 'G' NGC 157 15 7 A l aska State Troopers '14' Ultimate Survival Alaska 'PG Ultimate Survival Alaska 'PG Alcatraz 'PG' Alcatraz: Living Hell'PG Vanished FromAlcatraz 'PG NTOON 89 115189115 Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal OUTD 37 307 43 307 Zona's Show Penn's Big Buccaneers Velvick's Eyes Spanish Fly H o o k-N-Look Gold Fever Alaskan Alaska Outdoors Major LeagueFishing ** "Bottle Shock"2008, DramaAlan Rickman, Chris Pine. 'PG-13 ** "KinkyBoots" 2005 'PG-13' SHO 500 50 0 B u !-Cheer/ead. ** "VanityFair"2004, DramaReeseWitherspoon, Eileen Atkins. n 'PG-13' « SPEED 35 303125303 Gearz 'PG' Hot Rod TV'PG' NASCAR Racing NASCARLive NASCAR Racing ARCA RE/MAX Series Racing Pocono(N) (Live) ** "Hidalgo" 2004,AdventureViggoMortensen, OmarSharif. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300 408 300408Chimpanzee'G (8:50) ** "EllaEnchanted"2004AnneHathaway. (10:35) *** "Looper" 2012BruceWilis. 'R' cc ** "TheThird Wheel" 2002LukeWilson. 'PG-13 TMC 525 525 Bur ke&Hare'R (6:35) ** "Dr. 7 &the Women"2000 RichardGere. Premiere. n 'R (8:40) * "Sgt.Biiko" 1996,ComedySteve Martin. n 'PG' ©c *WE 14 41 174118 Vivica Fox Tummy Tuck * * "B ring it Dn" 2000, ComedyKirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku.'PG-13 Pregnant & Dating Secrets '14' Pre gnant & Dating Parties '14' Marriage Boot Camp:Bridezillas

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013



'In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. •











KATU Paid Program

WNBA Basketball PhoenixMercury at IndianaFever FromBankers Life Fieldhouse in Wipeout WelcomeBack,Jill Obstacles Total Gym for Indianapolis. (N)(Live) include Octopushy. n 'PG' « (ABC) $14.95 'G' KTVZ LazyTown n (El) Noodle and Doodle World of Adventure Sports (N) n 'PG' cc 145th Belmont StakesFromBelmont Park in Elmont,N.Y. (N) n (Live) cc

P a id Program Recipe.TV n 'PG' «KATU Newsat 5 IndyCar Racing Firestone550(N) (N) n cc Johnny Cash,Hank Gaither Homecom NHL HockeyLosAngelesKings at Chicago "(' cc (EI) 'Y' (NBC) Williams ing Blackhawks (N) n (Live) « Paid Program CBS Evening News KBNZ PGA Tour Golf FedExSt. JudeClassic, Third RoundFromTournament Players Clubat Southwind in Memphis,Tenn. (N)(Live) «Exploration W/Jarod Explore the North- Portable Cooktop Paid Program 'G' Miller (CBS) west (N) cc WNBA Basketball PhoenixMercury at IndianaFever FromBankers Life Fieldhouse in Wipeout WelcomeBack,Jill Obstacles XTERRA Adven- Sports Stars of ABC World News KEZI 9 Newsat 5:00 IndyCarRacing KOHD Paid Program include Octopushy. n 'PG' « tures 'PG' « Tom o rrow 'Y7' With David Muir (N) cc Firestone550(N) (ABC) Indianapolis. (N)(Live) Portable Cooktop Paid Program P aid Program P a id Program P a id Program O u tdoorsman/Buck MLB Player Poll n MLB Baseball LosAngeles Angels of Anaheimat Boston RedSoxFromFenwayPark in KFXO Paid Program 'G' (FOX) McNeely (El) cc Boston. (N) n (Live) « Celebrating North America's SteamRailways Steamrailroads, fromAlaska to Arizona to NewHampshire, Burt Bacharach's Best (My Music Presents) n 'G' « KOAB (11:30) NOVAEarth FromSpace Satellite data of the earth. n 'G' cc (PBS) provide historic andscenic views. n 'PG' cc Paid Program W o rld of Adventure Sports (N) n 'PG' «145th Belmont StakesFromBelmont Parkin Elmont,N.Y. (N) n (Live) « Northwest Back Pajanimals (El) 'Y' NHL HockeyLosAngelesKings at Chicago KGW Paid Program roads 'G' Blackhawks (N) n (Live) « (NBC) KTVZDT2ChatRoom n (El) On the Spot n (El) Star Wars: The CloneWars Obi-Wanand Tyler Perry's House Tyler Perry's House Tyler Perry's Meet Tyler Perry's Meet ** "Small Soldiers"(1998, Comedy)Kirsten Dunst, GregorySmith, Jay Mohr.Toysturn 'G' cc (CW) 'G' cc Anakin meetTrench. 'PG' of Payne of Payne the Browns 'PG' the Browns 'PG' lethal. Live action/animatronics. « OPBPL (11:30) NOVA Earth FromSpace Satellite data of theearth. n 'G' cc Celebrating North America's SteamRailways n 'PG' cc Burt Bacharach's Best (MyMusic Presents) n 'G' cc Flip This HouseBrent's Big BreakAr- Intervention Tiffany Youngwomanshuns Intervention Skyler 8 Jessa A former child Intervention SeanAlcoholic blacks outand Intervention Christina A methandpainkiller Storage WarsNew Storage Wars New York 'PG' York 'PG' mandoputsBrent incharge. 'PG' motherhoodfor heroin. '14' actor is driven todrugs.'14' has seizures. '14' cc addict needshelp. '14' cc **** "TheManWhoShot Liberty Va/ance" (1962,Western)JamesStewart, John Wayne, Vera Miles. A lawyerfinds fameby sup * "Wild Bill"(1995, Western)Jeff Bridges, Ellen Barkin, John Hurt. Thepast haunts the *** "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005) Orlando 'AMC posedl ygunningdownanoutlaw.o« Old Westgunslinger. Bloom, EvaGreen. « *ANPL Tanked: Unfiltered n 'PG' cc Tanked n 'PG' cc TreehouseMasters n 'PG' cc TreehouseMasters n 'PG My Cat FromHell: Scratch Tracks n My Cat From Hell n 'PG' cc BRAVO The Week byBravo Princesses: Long Island Newlyweds: TheFirst Year '14 Newlyweds: TheFirst Year '14' Newlyweds: TheFirst Year '14' Newlyweds: The First Year '14 ** "Days ofThunder"(1990)TomCruise. n « CMT (11:30) Hot 20Countdown Highlightsfromthe CMTMusic Awards. (N) 'PG' CMT Music Awards2013 n 'PG' cc CNBC DeepClean Like NewCarpet Get Sub D Kitchen WEN Hair Care Gaither Paid Program SexyBodies Ultimate Factories UPS'G American Greed CNN CNN Newsroom(N) Sanjay Gupta, MD CNN Newsroom(N) The Situation Room CNN Newsroom(N) Anderson CooperSpecial Report COM (10:44) ** "WeekendatBernie's" (12:50) ** "SexDrive"(2008, Comedy)Josh Zuckerman,AmandaCrew, Clark Duke. cc (3:23) ** "National Lampoon'sVanWilder" (2002)RyanReynolds. cc (5:25)Waiing... COTV Paid Program P a id Program P a id Program Paid Program B end High School Graduation (N)(Live) Visions of NW C ity Club of Central Oregon CSPAN (11:00) Washington ThisWeek Communicators Washington ThisW eek *DIS Good-Charlie Go o d-Charlie Goo d-Charlie Jes sie 'G' « Jess i e 'G' « Jess i e 'G' « Gravity Falls 'Y7' Gravity Falls 'Y7' Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Austin 8 Ally 'G' Dog With a Blog *DISC Property Wars n Property Wars n Mile Wide Tornado: Storm Chasers S ons of Guns Misfire n '14' cc Sons of GunsLastRound'14' cc Deadliest Catch Fist to theFace'14' D e adliest Catch GoodbyeJake '14' *E! ** "The Lake House" (2006, Romance)KeanuReeves, SandraBullock. Holly Has a Baby'14 Nick Cannon's Big Surprise '14' Keeping UpWith the Kardashians The Wanted Life '14' ESPN College Baseball NCAASuper Regional —Louisville vs. Vanderbilt From Nashvile, Tenn. (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc Countdown NASCARRacing ESPN2 College Baseball College Baseball NCAASuperRegional —North Carolina State vs. RiceFromRaleigh, N.C.(N)(Live) « College Baseball NCAA Super Regional —LSUvs. Oklahoma (N)(Live) « *** "Theyear o/the Yao" (2004) ESPNC Push:MadisonVersusMadison" (2010,Documentary) « SEC Storied cc 30for30 cc ESPNN SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter S p ortsNation (N) SportsCenter(Li(N) ve) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "The LittleRasca/s" (1994,Comedy)Travis Tedford, BugHall. ** "HappyGi/more" (1996,Comedy)AdamSandler, Christopher McDonald. ** "Gnomecand Ju/iet" (2011) FAM (11:00) ** "Dennisthe Menace FNC America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Cavuto/Business Cashin' In cc T h e Five (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) F O X Report (N) Huckabee(N) 'FOOD Chopped UnsungHeroes'G Mystery Diners Mystery Diners Restaurant: Impossible'G Restaurant Stakeout 'G Diners, Drive Di n ers, Drive Iron Chef America 'G' ** "PostGrad"(2009, Comedy)Alexis Bledel, ZachGilford. *** "Eas yA"(2010,Comedy)Emma Stone,PennBadgley *** Superbad FX (11:30) * "ILoveYou,BethCooper" (2009), PaulRust HGTV Bath Crashers 'G' Bath Crashers 'G' Love It or List It TheSmithFamily 'G Love It or List It 'G' cc High Low Proj. H igh Low Proj Flea Market Flip Flea Market Flip Staged Perf. Sta ged Perf. *HIST Bamazon Judgment Day'14' « American Pickers MoleMan'PG Amencan Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers FastEddie'PG' Mountain MenWinter Is Coming'PG' Mountain Men Mayhem'PG' cc LIFE Wife SwapBoyd/Milorey'PG' « Wife SwapMcLeish/O'Dell 'PG' « Wife Swap Heene/Silver 'PG' « Pretty Wicked Moms 14 « ** "Hii andRun" (1999,Suspense)Margaret Colin, Lisa Vidal. 'PG' « MSNBC (11:00) MSNBC Live (N) The Ed Show(N) Caught on CameraExtremeRescues Caught on CameraFireball! The HitmanTapes MTV (11:00) *** "FreedomWriters" (2007) Hilary Swank (1:41) Girl Code (2:13) Girl Code n '14 (2:46) Girl Code (3:18) Girl Code (3:50) Awkward. (4:22) Awkward. (4:55) TeenWolf Tattoo n '14' NICK Monsters, Alien Sanjay and Craig Odd Parents O d d Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents Sanjay andCraig Sanjay and Craig The Fairly OddParents n 'Y' cc Odd Parents Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal n '14' Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal n 'PG Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal n 'PG' Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal n '14' OWN Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal n '14' U nfaithful: Stories of Betrayal n '14 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 PAC12 Pac-12 Football in 60 SPIKE ** "LaraCroftTombRaider: TheCradle ol Life" (2003,Adventure) AngelinaJolie, Gerard Butler. Premiere. n (3:15) ** "Fantastic Four" (2005,Action) loanGruffudd. Cosmicradiation grantsfour people unusualpowers.n * "F/ying Monkeys" (2013,Horror) MaikaMonroe, Electra Avellan. 'PG * "Age o/lhe Dragons" (2011) SYFY (11:00) * "DragonWars"(2007) Fire& lce" (2008, Fantasy)AmyAcker, TomWisdom,John Rhys-Davies. '14' TBN Paws & Tales Chr. World News Praise the Lord Y « In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley 'G (El) Heroes & Legends of Bible Gaither: Precious Memories ** "0/d School" (2003,Comedy)LukeWilson, Wil Ferrell, VinceVaughn.Three men Everybody Loves Everybody Loves Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n '14' cc Friends n '14' cc Friends n '14' cc *TBS (11:00) ** "DrillbilTaylor" (2008)Owen Wilson, TroyGentile. « relive their wild past bystarting afraternity. «(DVS) Raymond n 'PG' Raymond n 'PG' (11:00) ** "Mackenna'sGo/d" (1969) (1:15) ** "TheIron Mistress" (1952,Biography) AlanLadd, Virginia Mayo,JosephCal (3:15) ** "Springfield Rifle"(1952,Western) GaryCooper, Phyllis Thaxter, DavidBrian. *** "Breathless" (1959)Jean-Paul Bel TCM GregoryPeck,OmarSharif. leia. FrontiersmanJim Bowie fights with meteorite-chunkknife. « Acourt-martialedex-officer doesundercoverwork. mondo, JeanSeberg. 'TLC My First Home (N) My First Home (N) Lottery Changed MyLife 'PG' « Lottery Changed MyLife 'PG' « Lottery Changed MyLife 'PG' « Lottery Changed MyLife 'PG' « Lottery Changed MyLife 'PG' « *** "Terminator 2: JudgmentDay"(1991,Science Fiction) ArnoldSchwarzenegger, LindaHamilton, Edward ** "Terminator Sa/va tion" (2009,ScienceFiction) Christian Bale, SamWorthington, MoonBloodgood. Human- *** "Gladiator"(2000)Russell Crowe 'TNT Furlong. Cyborgsbattle over ayouth whohoIds the key tothe future. « ity fights backagainst Skynet's machinearmy. «(DVS) Joaquin Phoenix. «(DVS) "TOON Johnny Test 'Y7' Johnny Test 'Y7 Johnny Test 'Y7' World of Gumball World of Gumball World of Gumball MAD 'PG' Incredible Crew Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Regular Show 'TRAV Man v. Food 'G' Man v. Food 'PG Man v. Food 'PG' Man v. Food 'PG Culture Crash (N) Rock My RV Mud People 'PG' « Radical Rides 'G' « Extreme Parking 'PG' « TVLND Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland USA (11:00) ** "TheTransporter 2 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n Law 8 Order: Special Victims Unit n Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n VHI (12:10) *** "C/ue/ess" (1995,Comedy)Alicia Silverstone,StaceyDash,Brittany Murphy.n (2:25) Stevie TV I'm Married to A... n '14' (4:10) I'm Married to A... n '14' (5:15) I'm Married to A... n '14 *A&E

** "PracticalMagic"1998SandraBullock, Nicole Kidman.n 'PG-13' « (11:00) *** "The Muppels"2011 (12:50) * "GhostRider: Spirit cl Vengeance" 2012« (4:20) *** "Dazed andConfused" 1993 n 'R' « ** "Little Black Book"2004Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter. 'PG-13' « FXM Presents * "B a Company" d 2002, Action AnthonyHopkins, Chris Rock,MatthewMarsh. 'PG-13' « ** "SevenPounds"2008'PG-13' UFC Tonight UFC Insider UF C : Latifi vs. Mousasi From the EricssonGlobeArena in Stockholm,Sweden. UFC Prefight Show(N) (Live) UFC: BigNogvs. Werdum(N)(Live) LPGA TourGolf WegmansChampionship, Third RoundFromPittsford, N.Y. (N)(Live) Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf HALL (11:00) ** "YouLuckyDog"'PG' "Beverly Lewis' TheConfession" (2013, Drama)Sherry Stringfield. 'G' « Puppy Love"(2012)Candace CameronBure,Victor Webster. 'G' « "A Crush cnYou"(2011) « *** "Harry Potterandthe Chambero/Secrets" 2002, FantasyDaniel Radcliffe. n 'PG' « HBO MoonriseKing. (3:15) Beyonce: Life Is but a Dream n 'MA' cc (4:45) *** "Pussin Boots" 2011n 'PG' cc **** "TheShawshankRedemption" 1994, DramaTimRobbins, MorganFreeman, BobGunton. 'R *** TheFugilive 1993 PG-13 IFC (11:30) *** "Monsler'sBall" 2001, DramaBily BobThornton. 'NR MAX (11:00) *** "Troy"2004 BradPitt. n 'R' cc (5:15) ** "DeepImpact" 1998 cc (I 45) *"The Apparition"2012AshleyGreene.'PG13' (310) *** "TheFive YearEngagement" 2012Jason Segel. n 'R' cc NBCSN Belmont StakesPrep(N)(Live) Motorcycle Racing AMAGEICOHigh Point National 450 &250MotoII (N) Belmont Post N H L Live (N) (Liv*** e) "Senna" (2010,Documentary) World's Toughest Prisons '14' Alaska StateTroopers '14 NGC Surviving Alcatraz 'PG Russia's Toughest Prisons '14' Lockdown n '14 Alaska StateTroopers'14 NTOON Monsuno: Com. Huntik: Secrets The Penguins T h e Penguins Wild Grinders 'Y7' Wild Grinders 'Y7' NFL Rush Zone NFL Rush Zone Avatar: Airbender Avatar: Airbender Avatar: Airbender Avatar: Airbender OUTD Fishing University Lindners Fish Hook-N-Look Trevor Gowdy The Bassmasters ClassicDay1 Outdoors Flyrod Chronicles Buccaneers Pro TeamJournal Gridiron Outdoors Steve's Outdoor ** "All ln:ThePokerMovie" 2009 n 'NR' « ** "Shade" 2003StuartTownsend. n 'R' « SHO (11:00) ** "KinkyBoots" 2005 « Jim Rome onShowtime 'MA' (5:15) ** "Payback" 1999'R' « SPEED Trackside At... (N)(Live) Inside-Headsets Celebrity Race Monster Jam Monster Jam(N) SPEEDCenter (N) On the Edge(N) Viper: Soul Survivor'PG STARZ (10:35)Looper'R' (12:35) DaVinci's Demons'MA' ss (I:35) *"That'sMyBoy"2012,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'R' « (3:40) **"Hidalgo" 2004,AdventureViggo Mortensen,OmarSharif. n 'PG-13' s« s ** "Beastly"2011 AlexPettyfer. n 'PG-13' « ** "Broken Flowers" 2005 'R' « TMC * "Mallrals"1995 ShannenDoherty. n 'R' « (I:35) *** "Heathers"1989, Comedy Winona Ryder. n 'R' « 'WE Marriage Boot Camp:Bridezillas '14' B ridezillas HaleyandAriel '14' Bridezillas Dezjuanand Ariel '14' Bridezillas: TheBoot CampCouples Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas '14' Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas '14' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II








(5:30) IndyCar Racing Firestone550FromTexas Motor Speedwayin Fort Worth, Last Man Standing Made in America n 'PG' Texas. (N)(Live) (ABC) KTVZ O O O O (5:00) NHL Hockey LosAngeles Kingsat ChicagoBlackhawksWestern Confer NewsChannel21 NewsChannel21 (NBC) ence Final, game 5. Fromthe United Center in Chicago. (N) « at6(N) cc at6(N) cc Burn Notice FriendsLike These Barry New Adventures New Adventures CSE Crime SceneInvestigation Karma KBNZ enlists Michael's help. 'PG' (CBS) of Old Christine of Old Christine to Burn '14' cc (DVS) KOHD O O O O (5:30) IndyCar Racing Firestone 550FromTexas Motor Speedwayin Fort Worth, Last Man Standing Cars.TV n 'PG' « n 'PG'








Jeopardy! 'G' «Wheel of Fortune KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Castle 'Q' cc Pandora 'PG' (N)n cc Jeopardy! 'G' cc Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBCAasha Davis; a milionaire NewsChannel 21 (11:29) Saturday 'Q' cc is killed. (N) n « at11 (N) « N> g ht Lrve 14 48 Hours A Fatal Attraction Forbidden 48 Hours Secrets ofthe RiverThedeath KOINLocal 6at11 (11:35) Baggage '14' cc love endswith a murder. (N) of an aspiringmodel. (N) n (N) cc Entertainment Tonight Paris Jackson W hatWouldYouDo?n 'PG'« KEZI 9 Newsat Paid Program Texas. (N)(Live) (ABC) (N) n cc 11:00 (N) cc Hell's Kitchen Ramsaytests communi CSE MiamiCalleigh finds awomanshot BonesAdismemberedbodyisdiscov News Channel 21 Two and aHalf KFXO l(g g) @ g) MLB BasebaffLosAngeles Angelsof Criminal Minds ReckonerAcase in (FOX) Anaheim atBoston RedSox (N) Rossi's hometown. n '14' « to death. n '14' « ered. n '14' cc First on FOX M en '14' cc cation skills. '14' «(DVS) Tom Lehrer — Live Rick Steves' EuroKOAB ~ gy ~ gy Oscar HammersteinII-Outof My Dreamsn'G' «A lber t King WithStevie Ray Vaughanin Sessionn 'G' «60s Pop, Rock &Soul (My Music) Arlists andgroupsfromthe 1960sperform n 'G' cc in Oslo (PBS) pean Insights (5:00) NHLHockey LosAngeles Kingsat ChicagoBlackhawksWestern Confer- Paid Program Paid Program Inside Edition The Chris Mat- Dateline NBC n 'PG' cc NewsChannel 8 at (11:29)Saturday KGW ence Final, game 5. Fromthe United Center in Chicago. (N) « Weekend 'PG' thews Show'G' Night Live '14' (NBC) 11(N) cc Cheaters Whather boyfriend hides inhis Cops Washington Cops Washington That '70s Show n That '70s Show n The Border HateMetal Awhite suprem KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q * "in theMix"(2005, Comedy-Drama)Usher, ChazzPalminteri. A disc jockey '14' cc 'PQ' cc becomes abodyguardfor a mobster's daughter. « bedroom. n 14 « State n '14' Sta te n '14' amsts compound. 14 « (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 O s car HammersteinOut II —of My Dreams 'G' cc Albert King With Stevie RayVaughan in Session 'G' 60s Pop, Rock &Soul (My Music) n 'G' cc Tom Lehrer S t e ves KATU

Paid Program Cash Cab 'G' «

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Shipping Wars Shipping Wars (11:01) Shipping (11:31) Shipping 3 28 1 8 32 Storage Storage Wars NewTexas Storage'PG' Wars 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc York 'PG'WarsNew York 'PG' Tex as 'PG' Tex a s cc Texas 'PG' Texas cc Texas « Wars cc Wars cc (5:00) *** "KingdomofHeaven"(2005)Orlando Bloom,Eva Green,Jeremy *** "KingKong" (2005,Adventure) NaomiWatts, JackBlack, Adrien Brody. Premiere. A beautytamesa savage beast. « 'AMC Irons. Ayoungknight protects Jerusalemfrominvaders. « *ANPL 68 50 2638 MyCatFromHeff:ScratchTracks Too Cute! Fluff andFeathers n 'G' My Cat From Hell (N) 'PG' cc My Cat FromHell: Scratch Tracks Tanked n 'PG My Cat FromHell n 'PG' cc *** "Gangs ofNewYork" (2002), CameronDiaz BRAVO 13 44 Hou sewives/NJ *** "Gangs ofNewYork" (2002)LeonardoDiCaprio. A manvows vengeance onthe gangster whokiled his father. CMT 190 32 42 53 (4:30) ** "Days o/Thunder"n CopsReloaded Cops Reloaded Redneck Island n '14 Redneck Island(N) n '14 Dog and Beth: Onthe Hunt (N)'14' ** "Days of Thunder" (1990) n CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheSuzeOrmanShow(N) « Debt Do UsPart Debt Do Us Part American Greed The SuzeOrmanShow « Debt Do UsPart Debt Do Us Part SexyBodies On A ir w/Larry CNN 55 38 35 48 Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Anderson CooperSpecial Report Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Anderson Cooper Special Report ** "TheRinger" (2005)JohnnyKnoxvile, Brian Cox. Premiere. cc COM 13 53 135 47 (5:25) ** "Waiting..." (2005)RyanReynolds (7:28) ** "Dumb& Dumber" (1994, Comedy)Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, LaurenHolly COTV 11 Talk of the TownLocal issues. Sum mit High School Graduation (N) (Live) Get Outdoors V i sions of NW TheYoga Show The Yoga Show Talk oftheTownLocalissues. CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington ThisWeek W ashington ThisWeek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin & Ally 'G' Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Goo d -Charlie G o od-Charlie D o g With a Blog Austin & Ally 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'GJessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Deadliest Catch n '14' cc Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska *E! 13 25 E! N e ws Keeping Up Withthe Kardashians ** "The Dilemma" (2011, Comedy)Vince Vaughn, KevinJames,Jennifer Connelly The Wanted Life '14' Fashion Police ESPN 21 23 22 23 NASCARRacing SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 CoffegeBasebaff College Baseball NCAA Super Regional—Cal State Fullertonvs. UCLAFromFullerton, Calif. (N) (Live) « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NASCARRacing *** "TheYearof the Yao" (2004, Documentary) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:00)"TheYearo/ the Yao" « The Fab Five cc 30for30 cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N) H-Lite Ex *** "Monsters, inc." (2001)Voices ofJohnGoodman,Billy Crystal *** "The Blind Side"(2009) FAM 67 29 19 41 (5:00)**"Gnomeoand Juliet (6:55) *** "Monsters, inc." (2001)Voices of JohnGoodman. FNC 57 61 36 50 Justice With JudgeJeanine(N) Geraldo at Large(N) n 'PG' cc Red Eye(N) Justice With JudgeJeanine Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Red Eye *FOOD 17 62 98 44 FoodNetworkStar'G Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive Iron Chef America 'G' ** "PineappleExpress" (2008)Seth Rogen.A stoner flees after witnessing amurder. ** "TheGreenHornet" (2011, Action) Seth Rogen. FX 131 (5:30) *** "Superbad" (2007,Comedy)Jonah Hill, Michael Cera. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I H ou s e Hunters Hunters Int'I Love Itor Listlt'G' « Love It or List It 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 Mountain Men Lost 'PG' cc Mountain Men 'PG' cc Mountarn Men'PG' cc Mountain Men 'PG' cc Mountain MenThe Final Stand'PG' (11:02) Mountain Men'PG' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 "A Sister's Revenge" (2013)Brooke Burns, AshleyJones. '14' « "TheGoodMother" (2013,Suspense) HelenSlater. Premiere. 'PG' « Adopting Terror" (2012)SeanAstin, SamaireArmstrong. « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Lockup: Santa Rosa Lockup: SantaRosa Lockup Lockup InsideL.A.County Oneof the largest jail systems inthe world Lockup Return toValley State *** "FreedomWriters" (2007,Drama) Hilary Swank,Patrick Dempsey,Scott Glenn.n *** "Thirteen" (2003,Drama) MTV 192 22 38 57 *"What a Girl Wants"(2003, Comedy-Drama) AmandaBynes,Colin Firth. n NICK 82 46 2440 *** "T heSpongeBob SquarePantsMovie"(2004) Sp o ngeBob S a m I Cat G' Marvin ' Marvin BigTime Rush Wendeff-Vinnie The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny'PG Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Raising Whitley Life, La Toya G o lden Sisters Golden Sisters Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor OWN 161 103 31 103Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' Thy Neighbor T h y Neighbor Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 PAC12 47 310310310 Pac-12Football in 60 *** "Batman Begins" (2005)Christian Bale.BruceWayne becomesGothamCity's DarkKnight. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (6:05) *** "Kick-Ass"(2010,Action) AaronJohnson.Anordinary teen decides tobecomea superhero. n * "Land of theLost" (2009, Comedy)Wil Ferrell, AnnaFriel SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) * "Age of theDragons" SmbadPilot(N) PG « Primeval: NewWorld (N) '14' « "Riseo/ theDinosaurs" (2013) TBN 205 60 130 Hour of Power Billy Graham Classic Crusades N o t a Fan Travel the Road * "What WouldJesus Do?"(2010) JohnSchneider Drive History L i ve at Oak Tree Virtual Memory TheKing of The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Men at Work'14 Who Gets the Last 'TBS 16 27 11 28 The King of Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG' Theory Pilot '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Laugh? '14' (1961, Drama)Sophia Loren, Jean-Paul Belmondo, EleanoraBrown.AnItalian *** "Crumb (5 00) *** (6 4 5 ) ** "The Thief o/ Paris" (1 967,Comedy-Drama)Jean-Paul Belmondo, Genevieve Bujold. A thief *** "Two Women" TCM 01 44 101 29 "Breathless" jo i ns the hated social class hetargets in circa-1900Paris. widow andherdaughter are rapedby soldiers. (1994) *TLC 17 34 32 34 Lottery Changed My Life n 'PG' U n t o ld Stories of the E.R. n '14' U n t o ld Stories of the E.R. n '14 Untold Stories of the E.R. n '14' U n t old Stories of the E.R. n '14' U n t old Stories of the E.R. n '14 (5:00) *** "Gladiator" (2000)Russell Crowe, JoaquinPhoenix. Afugitive general ** "TheBooko/Eii" (2010, Action) Denzel Washington,GaryOldman,Mila Kunis. A lonewarrior car- ** "C/ash o/the Tilans" (2010, Fantasy)SamWorthington, *TNT becomes agladiator in ancient Rome. «(DVS) ries hopeacross apost-apocalyptic wasteland. «(DVS) Liam Neeson,Ralph Fiennes. «(DVS) *TOON 84 o/a WimpyKid" (2010)Zachary Gordon, RobertCapron Regular Show Regular Show ** "Diary Home Movies n King of the Hill Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 Cleveland Show The Boondocks *TRAV 17 51 45 42 ExtremeParking'PG' « Mysteries at the Museum'PG' Mon umental Mysteries 'PG' « GhostAdventures 'PG'« Ghost Adventures 'PG'« Ghost Adventures 'PG'« TVLND 65 47 29 35 HotinCleveland HotinCleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland USA 15 30 23 30 Law&Order: Specialyictims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit CSE CrimeSceneInvestigation n *** "BoyzNtheHood" (1991,Drama) Larry Fishburne, IceCube. n VH1 191 48 37 54 I'm Married (6:20) I'm Married to A... n '14' (7:25) Stevie TV Hit the Floor GameOnn '14' Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta n '14' *A&E


** "Harold &KumarGoto WhiteCastle" 2004 'R * "TheBenchwarmers"2006 DavidSpade. 'PG-13 106401 306401(6:10) ** "Click"2006,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG-13' « Natl LampoonAnimal House" *** "Boogie Nights"1997, DramaMarkWahlberg. 'R' « ** "Seven Pounds"2008Will Smith. Amanchanges the lives of sevenstrangers. « 104204104120(5:00) ** "SevenPounds"2008Will Smith. 'PG-13' 34 (5:00) UFC:Big Nogvs. Werdum(N) (Live) UFC PostFight Show(N)(Live) UFC Post Fight Show UFC: Big Nogvs. Werdum 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf PGA Tour Golf FedEx St. JudeClassic, Third Round

Golf Central (N) PGATour Golf

HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00) "A Crush on You"(2011) * * * "J u st Desserts" (2004) Lauren Holly, BrendaVaccaro. 'PG' « Strawberry Summer"(2012)Julie Mond,Trevor Donovan. 'PG' « Accidental/yin Love" (2010) « HBO 425 501 425501 (6:15) ** "TheThreeStooges" 2012SeanHayes. n 'PG' cc ** "DarkShadows" 2012Johnny Depp. Premiere. n 'PG-13' cc Boxing ChadDawsonvs. Adonis Stevenson (N) n « IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "The Fugitive"1993Harrison Ford (7:45) *** "TheShining" 1980JackNicholson. A haunted hotel menacesa couple andtheir psychic son (10:45) *** "TheShining" 1980Jack Nicholson ** "SnowWhite andthe Huntsman" 2012 Kristen Stewart. 'NR' cc MAX 400508 508 (5:15) ** "Deep Impact"1998 (7:15) **"The HangoverPart ii" 2011 BradleyCooper. n 'R' cc Banshee TheRave n 'MA' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (5:00) *** "Senna" (2010,Documentary) MLS Soccer VancouverWhitecaps FCat Seattle Sounders FC(N) (Live) Cycling Premier League IndyCar 36 'PG' Ultimate Survival Alaska: T Ultimate Survival Alaska 'PG' Alaska StateTroopers'14' NGC 157 15 7 U l t imate Survival Alaska 'PG Ultimate Survival Alaska: T Bloody Tales of the Tower NTOON 89 115189115 Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Sanjay, Craig B a ck, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard DannyPhantom Danny Phantom

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Outdoors Trophy Quest Best of West M arc & Todd's Heartland Bow Your Weapon Ted Nugent Am e rican Archer Ivan Carter Ma r c & Todd's West. Extremes Best of West SHO 500 500 Boxing MarcosReneMaidanavs. Josesito Lopez (N)(Live) 'PG' 60 Minutes Sports n '14' « Boxing (5:15) ** "Payback" 1999 n 'R SPEED 35 303125 303Auto Racing GeneralTire Mint 400 Trackside At ARCA RE/MAXSeries Racing Pocono Unique Whips '14' *** "Looper" 2012,ScienceFiction BruceWilis. n 'R' « *** "Premium Rush" 2012Joseph Gordon-Levitt. STARZ 300408300408 Da Vinci's Demons n 'MA' « (10:35) DaVinci's Demons n 'MA' That's My Boy "DarkFields" 2009David Carradine. n 'R' « TMC 525 52 5 B r oken Flowers(6:45) **"TheNinth Gate"1999,SuspenseJohnnyDepp,FrankLangella.n 'R TheBleeding House" 2010Alexandra Chando. 'NR' *WE 14 41 174118 Bridezillas DezjuanandAriel '14' Pr e gnant & Dating Parties '14 Brideziffas- BootCampCouples Marriage Boot Camp:Brideziffas B r idezillas DezjuanandAriel '14 Pregnant I Dating Parties '14

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KTVZ 2013 FrenchOpenTennis Men'sFinal FromRolandGarros Stadiumin Paris. (N) n (Live) cc


ngNBA legendKareem Abdul -Jabbar. Face the Nation (N) n « KBNZ Gary Lewis' Adven CBS NewsSunday Morni

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(N) rr cc Health Forumwith Good Morning America (N) « This WeekWith GeorgeStephanopoulos Dorothy Spalding (N) 'G' cc Paid Program Animal Rescue n The Real Winning FOX NewsSunday With Chris Wallace n'PG' cc (El) 'G' cc Edge 'G' cc Thomas & Friends Bob the Builder 'Y' KOAB Betsy's Kindergar- Angelina Ballerina Mister Rogers' D a niel Tiger's Neighborhood Y Neighborhood 'Y' 'Y' cc(DVS) cc(DVS) (PBS) ten Adventures Next KGW 2013 FrenchOpenTennis Men'sFinal FromRolandGarros Stadiumin Paris. (N) /c (Live) «


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Judge Joe Brownrv 'PG' cc

Derm Exclusive- Improve Memory Healthy Meals in Whacked Out B l o opers n 'PG' cc Forget Surgery! Minutes!'G' Sports n 'PG' Rick Steves' Euro Tom Lehrer — Live 60s Pop, Rock I Soul (MyMusic) Artists andgroupsfromthe 1960sperform. n 'G' « pean Insights'G' in Oslo 1967 Formula OneRacing CanadianGrandPrix (N) n (Live) cc P a id Program P a id Program I nTouch With Dr. Charles Stanley For- Key of David 'PG' cc Battle Hair Loss 'G' Healthy Meals in Animal Science n Elizabeth's Great (El) 'G' cc givenesssharedwithothers. 'G' Minutes!'G' Big World Bird's Blue World Between, Lines The Back Page European Insights Tom Lehrer 60s Pop, Rock 8Soul (My Music) n 'G' cc

WEN HairCare Total Gym for Criminal Minds 100The teamraces to find Criminal Minds Slave of DutyTheteam The Glades ShotGirls A rumbrand's Longmire UnquietMindEscapedprisoners Longmire CarcassesA body is discovered $14.95 'G' the Reaper. n '14' cc must solve ahomeinvasion. '14' spokesmodel ismurdered.'14' cc hide on amountain. '14' cc in a compostheap. '14' cc Mad MenSignal 30 Lanestrikes up a Mad Men A Taleof TwoCities Theagency (8:05) **** "E.T. theExtra-Terrestrial" (1982, ScienceFiction) HenryThomas, DeeWallace, PeterCoyote. A (10:33) ** "TheTransporter" (2002)JasonStatham.A mercenary 'AMC friendship. '14' « works to keep aclient. « California boybefriends ahomesick alien. ac c changeshis mind-setafter meeting awoman. *ANPL The Most Extreme The Most Extreme Weird, True Wei rd, True Unt amed and Uncut n '14' cc Bad Dog! n 'PG' cc Bad Dog! Home Wreckers'PG'« Swamp'd! n 'PG' Swamp'd! n 'PG BRAVO Kathy Griffin: Calm DownGurrl '14' T h e Real Housewives of NewJersey The Week by Bravo Resale Royalty 'PG Housewives/OC Housewives/OC CMT CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 Countdown CNBC Get Sub D Insanity! 'G' Tot a l Gym Paid Program P aid Program D e epClean Paid Program Like NewCarpet Kitchen Insanity! 'G' Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN State of the Union Fareed ZakariaGPS(N)'14' Reliable Sources (N) « State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS'14' CNN Newsroom(N) (Live) Paid Program Like NewCarpet The Half Hour '14' (8:43) ** "Weekend at Bernie's" (1989,Comedy) AndrewMcCarthy, JonathanSilverman. cc COM Zumba Fit DeepClean (10:49) ** "SexDrive" (2008) cc COTV (5:30) City Club ofCentral Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Extreme Desire Adventure Journal Get Outdoors V i s ions of NW P aid Program P a id Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN (4:00) Washington Journal Newsmakers Washington ThisWeek Washington ThisWeek *DIS Octonauts n 'Y Mickey Mouse M i ckey Mouse Mickey Mouse Doc McStufflns 'Y' Sofia the First 'Y' Good-Charlie Go o d-Charlie Go o d-Charlie Au s tin & Ally 'G A.N.T. Farm n 'G' « *DISC The Perfect Yard The Key of David Paid Program n Cindy Crawford (7:58) Joel Osteen (8:27) In Touch'G' MythBusters Motorcycle WaterSki n Deadliest Catch n '14' cc North AmericaTheSavageEdge'PG' *E! Total Gym Cindy Crawford Sex and the City Bigger, Badder Celebrity Feuds '14' F a shion Police '14 Keeping UpWith the Kardashians T h e Soup '14' E! News(N) ESPN Outside the Lines Sports Reporters SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc Baseball Tonight College Baseball NCAA Super Regional —North Carolina vs. South Carolina ESPN2 NASCAR Now(N) (Live) « Outside the Lines Sports Reporters Profile: 60 Golf FromMesquite, Nev.(N) Gymnastics ProChallenge Gymnastics ProChallenge Gymnastics "TheWaymanTisdaie Story" (2011) ESPNC (5:30) 30 for 30 cc (8:15) TheStreet Stops Here n 'PG' cc 30 for 30 Manute Bol ESPNN SportsCenter « Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "Bring /I On:Fight lo the Finish" (2009) Christina Milian, VanessaBorn. FAM Joseph Prince 'G' The Sunday Mass The Fosters Pilot rr '14' « Another Cinderella Story" (2008)SelenaGomez, DrewSeeley, JaneLynch FNC (3:00) FOX Housecall (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday and Friends Sunday(N) News HQ 'FOOD Floor Appeal 'G' Say NotoPai n'G' RachaelRay'sWeekina Day 'G' Giada at Home'G Trisha's Southern Pioneer Wo. Be s t Dishes Hom e for Dinner Guy's Big Bite 'G' Sandwich King 'G' Best- Made ***"Easy A"(2010)EmmaStone,PennBadgley. FX Best Chainsaw Total Gym Are You Smarter? Are You Smarter? Are You Smarter? ** "Post Grad" (2009,Comedy)Alexis Bledel, ZachGilford HGTV Cindy Crawford SayNotoBotox! Curb/Block Curb /Block Curb Appeal 'G' Curb Appeal 'G Curb Appeal 'G' Curb Appeal 'G' Curb Appeal 'G' Curb Appeal 'G' Property Brothers 'G' « *HIST Paid Program Portable Cooktop Modern Marvels Prisons'G' cc Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' LIFE Nopalea with David Jeremiah Joel Osteen 'PG' Cindy Crawford Unsolved Mysteries '14' « Unsolved Mysteries '14' « Summer Hair In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley 'G' Get Sub D MSNBC (5:00) Upw/Steve Kornacki (N ) Meli ssa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press cc MTV Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' (11:32) Awkward NICK Full House n 'G' Full House n 'G' Odd Parents Odd Parents Power Rangers Power Rangers SpongeBob Sp o ngeBob SpongeBob Sp o ngeBob Sanjay andCraig Sanjay and Craig Rachael RayBattle of theSexes'G' Dr. Phil Financial difficulties. n 'PG Dr. Phil n 'PG' acc OWN The Nate Berkus Show n 'PG' cc Super Soul Sunday n 'PG'acc Super SoulSunday (N) n 'PG PAC12 College SoccerUCLAat Stanford College Soccer UCIrvine at UCLA 12 Best: Socc. C ollege SoccerWashingtonat UCLA SPIKE TapouT XT Say No to Pain 'G' LitlGiant Like NewCarpet Battle Hair Loss Insanity! Search/Restore Horsepower TV Trucks! 'G' « Mus cleCar n 'G' * * "Fantastic Four" (2005) n ** "Wyvern" (2009)'14' « SYFY Paid Program Kitchen Paid Program DeepClean Paid Program Paid Program Exit Are YouReadyto Play? 'PG Defiance GoodByeBlueSky'14' TBN Kingdom Conn David Jeremiah Kenneth Hagin Winning Walk 'G Joseph Prince'G Redemption 'G' Love/Finding In Touch 'PG PowerPoint cc I t Is Written 'G' B a yless Conley Time-Change Is Earl Friends n '14' cc Friends n '14' cc Fnends n 14 cc Friends n '14' cc Who Gets the Last Men at Work '14' MLB Baseball LosAngelesAngels of Anaheimat BostonRed *TBS Married... With Chil Married... With Chil- My Name dren n 'PG' dren 'PG' Van Hickey'14' Laugh? '14' Sox From FenwayPark in Boston.(N) (Live) « oi theTown" (1942) Cary (5:00) ** "ThankYourLuckyStars" (1943, (7:15) *** "TheMoonandSixpence" (1942, Drama)George Sanders. ABritish stock *** "Gaslight" (1944,Suspense) Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman,JosephCotten. A *** "The Talk TCM Musical) Eddie Cantor. « broker leaveshis wife andgoesto Tahiti to paint. « diabolical husbandtries to drive his wiie insane. cc(DVS) Grant, JeanArthur. « 'TLC TapouT XT Like NewCarpet Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Cancer: Winning Jillian Michaels Four Weddmgs n PG « Four Weddings n 'PG'acc Four Weddings n 'PG' « Law 8 Order JuvenileColumnist is mysteri- 72 HoursYasawaIslands, Fiji A team The HeroCourageNinestrangers compete Countdown to Green(N)(Live) cc N A SCAR Racing Sprint Cup:Party inthe Poconos400 FromPoconoRacewayin Long 'TNT '14' cc ously shot. '14' «(DVS) struggles with navigation.114'cc Pond, Pa.(N)(Live) « "TOON Looney Tunes'Y LooneyTunes Dragons: Ri ders Johnny Test'Y7' Beyblade:Metal Pokemon: BW Ben 10 NinjaGo: Masters TeenTitansGo! Teen TitansGo! Looney Tunes'Y' LooneyTunes 'TRAV Floor Appeal 'G' Shop4Coins When Vacations Attack 'PG' cc Mysteries at the Museum'PG' « Off Limits 'PG' « Monumental Mysteries 'PG' « Mysteries at the Museum'PG' « TVLND The CosbyShow The CosbyShow (7:12) TheCosby Show n 'G' cc The CosbyShow The Cosby Show TheCosbyShow The CosbyShow The SoulMan The Soul Man The Soul Man The Soul Man USA Paid Program Like NewCarpet Paid Program D a vid Jeremiah Pastor Chris Joe l Osteen 'PG'Burn Notice NewDeal 'PG' Graceland Graceland Anundercover FBIagent's job. '14' Gra celand '14' VH1 Jump Start n 'PG' Jump Start n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' Stevie TV rr '14' (10:35) Saturday Night Live '14' cc Sat. Night Live *A&E

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York 'PG' cc Aftershock-N.Y. (6:05) ** "Can't HardlyWail"1998Jennifer LoveHewitt. n 'PG-13' « (7:50) ** "TheLost World:Jurassic Park"1997 Jeff Goldblum.rv 'PG-13 ** "Helland HighWafer"1954, Adventure RichardWidmark. 'NR' acc (6:10) ** "Sniper'sRidge" 1961 (7:15) ** "Battle af BloodyBeach" 1961Audie Murphy. (8:45) ** "Back Door toHell" 1964Jimmie Rodgers. UFC Post Fight Show Motorcycle Racing HighPointNational FromMt. Morris, Pennsylvania Boxing SergioThompsonvs. Moises Castro UFC: Big Nogvs. Werdum EuropeanPGATour Golf LyonessOpen,Final RoundFromAtzenbrugg, Austria. (N) Golf Central Pregame(N)(Live) PGA Tour Golf FedEx St. JudeClassic, Final Round(N) Golf Central HALL ILoveLucy'PG' I LoveLucy' PG' I LoveLucy'PG' I Love Lucy'PG' I Love Lucy'PG' I LoveLucy'PG' The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls "A Crush onYou" (2011) « *** "Behind the Cande/abra" 2013, DocudramaMichael Douglas. n cc HBO ** "TheCrocodile Hunter: Collision Course" 2002 'PG' ** "Monte Carlo" 2011,Romance-ComedySelena Gomez. n 'PG' cc Boxing IFC Dilbert 'PG' cc Dilbert Ethics 'PG' Small Town Sma ll Town Small Town Small Town Arrested Develop Arrested Develop. Arrested Develop. Arrested Develop. Arrested Develop. TheFugi/ive 1993 *** "Zeiig"1983, ComedyWoodyAllen. n 'PG' « MAX House Rising (7:50) ** "PatchAdams"1999RobinWiliams. 'PG-13 (9:45) ** "SnowWhite andtheHuntsman" 2012, Fantasy Kristen Stewart. n 'NR' cc NBCSN North to Alaska Sport Fishing Fishing/Martin G o od Fishing FLW Outdoors 'G FLW Outdoors 'G Bill Dance F1 Pre-Race Auto Racing Ultimate Survival Alaska 'PG Life Below ZeroWinter's Edge'14' NGC Ultimate Survival Alaska: T Drugs, Inc. MethBoomMontana '14' D r ugs, Inc. Hallucinogens '14 Drugs, Inc. DesignerDrugs'14 NTOON Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Monsuno: Com. Huntik:Secrets T.U.F.F.Puppy n T.U.F.F.Puppyn T.U.F.F.Puppy n T.U.F.F. Puppyn OUTD Lindners Fish. T r evor Gowdy Spanish Fly Bill Dance Salt Facts of Fishing American Archer Archer's Choice Wardens OperationCrowCreek Buckmaster Clsc Trophy Hunt Ma g num TV SHO (5:25) ** "KinkyBoots" 2005 « BoxingMarcosReneMaidanavs.JosesitoLopez'PG' (7:15) *** "TheCompanyMen" 2010, DramaBen Affleck. n 'R' « SPEED Two GuysGarage SPEEDCenter (N) NASCAR RaceDay (N) Lucas Oil DragBoat Racing Viper: Soul Survivor 'PG' King of the Curve'14' STARZ (5:30) "ChristmasWiththe Kranks (7:10) *** "Brave" 2012Voices of Kelly Macdonald (845)***"Premium Rush"2012JosephGordcnLevitt. n'PG13' « (10:20) *"MyBoss's Daughter" 2003AshtonKutcher ** "Daylight"1996,Action Sylvester Stallone. rr 'PG-13' « ***"TheGame"1997,Suspense MichaelDouglas.rv'R'« TMC (6:10) ** "RedemptionRoad" 2010Michael Clarke Duncan. 'PG-13' « "WE Vivica Fox Tummy Tuck M yFair Wedding With David Tutera M y Fair Wedding With David Tutera My- Wedding- David Tutera: Unveiled My- Wedding- David Tutera: Unveiled Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas '14' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

THE BULLETIN 0 JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine














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Paid Program Wipeout Contestantsencounter zom- Shark Tank Beer-infusedice cream. ABC World News KATU News(N) (4:31) NBACount- 2013 NBAFinals SanAntonio Spursat n 'PG' cc bies. n 'PG' « cc Miami Heat(N) « (ABC) down (N) The Chris Mat- Hometime 'G' « Trout TV 'G' Outdoorsman/ Castle UndertheGunBeckett's ex-part KTVZ O O O O (11:00) Formula One Racing CanadianGrandPrix From F1 36 (N) n 'G' cc 1971 U.S.Open: LeeTrevino - An (NBC) Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal. (N) « American Champion(N) n cc thews Show'G' Buck McNeely ner arrives. n 'PG' « PGA Tour Golf FedExSt. Jude Classic, Final RoundFromTournament Players Clubat Southwind in Memphis,Tenn. (N) Exploration W/ Explore the North-Portable Cook- Paid Program Paid Program CBS Evening KBNZ top 'G' (CBS) (Live) cc Jarod Miller west News (N) cc ABC World News NBA Countdown (4:59) 2013NBAFinals SanAntonio KOHD O O O O Inside Edition (N) omg! Insider (N) Paid Program Wipeout Contestantsencounter zom- Shark Tank Beer-infusedice cream. Today's Hom 'PQ' cc n 'PG' cc cc bies. n 'PG' « eowner (ABC) Spurs at MiamiHeat (N) « (N) Paid Program * * "H ifman" (2007, Action) TimothyOlyphant, DougrayScott. An assassin be- OnAir w/ Larry Healthy Meals in Iron Man! Paid Program CSE MiamiGrandPrix A gas mandies KFXO I(g IE! @ IEI Paid Program (FOX) comes embroiled in apolitical conspiracy. King Minutes!'G' during a race. n '14' « KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan in Session n 'G' «Great Performances BroadwayMusicals: A Jewish LegacyJewish artists excel on John Denver Rocky Mountain High Live in Japan n 'G' « American Masters CarolBurnett's TV variety show. n 'PG' cc (PBS) Broadway. n 'PG' « (11:00) FormulaOneRacing CanadianGrandPrix From F1 36 (N) n 'G' cc 1971 U.S.Open: LeeTrevino - An Hip Hop Abs 'G' Poppy Cat (El) 'Y' Justin Time (El) 'Y' The Chica Show NewsChannel 8 at5PM(N) cc KGW American Champion(N) n « (EI) 'Y' (NBC) Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal. (N) « KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q Live Life and Win! Made in Holly Made in Hollywood *"HalfPastDead"(2002, Action) StevenSeagal, Morris Chestnut, Ja Rule. An ** "Fallen" (1998, Suspense)DenzelWashington, JohnGoodman,DonaldSutherland. A copbelieves 'Q' cc (N) 'PG' wood: Teen undercoveragent battles gold-hungry invaders in prison. « that a deadmurderer's evil spirit lives on. « (CW) OPBPL 1 75 1 7 3 Albert King With Stevie RayVaughan in Session 'G Great PerformancesJewishartists excel on Broadway. n 'PG' cc JohnDenverRocky MountainHighLiveinJapan'G American Masters n 'PG' cc KATU

Joint Pain Relief In Cash Cab'G' « Just 7 Days!

Barter Kings Trading upfor a deck Shipping Wars Shipping Wars Shipping Wars Shipping Wars 3 28 1 8 32 Barter AntonioandSteve helpout ing Barter Kings 'Seeki ngtoys for vacation- Barter Kings 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc car. 'PG' cc Trading upfor a classic boat. '14' cc a friend.Kings 'PG' cc children. PG' cc *** "TheItalianJob" (2003)MarkWahlberg. A thief and his (10:33)"TheTrans- *** "KingKong" (2005,Adventure) NaomiWatts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody. Abeauty tamesasavage beast. « 'AMC porter" crew plan tosteal backtheir gold. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Swamp'd! 'PG' Swamp'd! 'PG' Swamp'd! 'PG' Swamp'd! 'PG Gator Boys Deathgrip 'PG' « Gator Boys n 'PG' cc Gator Boys n 'PG' cc Call-Wildman Call-Wildman BRAVO 13 44 Mil l ion Dollar Listing New York '14' Million Dollar Listing NewYork '14 Million Dollar Listing NewYork '14 Princesses: Long Island Don't Be Tardy... Don't Be Tardy... Housewives/NJ CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot 20Countdown Highlights fromtheCMTMusic Awards. 'PG Crossroads n 'PG' cc CMT Music Awards 2013 n 'PG' cc Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 Insanity! DeepClean G e t Sub D Lik e New Carpet WEN Hair Care Gaither Roy Orbison S e xyBodies Pr i ncess Julie On the Money Cocaine Cowboys '14' CNN 55 38 35 48 YourMoney(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Dumb& Dumber COM 13 53 135 47 (10:49) ** "SexDrive" (2008)JoshZuckerman (1:21) ** "National Lsmpoon'sVanWilder" (2002) RyanReynolds (3:21) **"TheRinger" (2005)JohnnyKnoxvile, Brian Cox. cc COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program E xtreme Desire Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (11:00) Washington ThisWeek Newsmakers Washington ThisWeek Q&A 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « Aus t in & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G'Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Sha ke It Up! 'G' Good-Charlie G o od-Charlie *DISC 15 21 16 37 Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Alaska: The Last Frontier n '14' Al a ska: The Last Frontier n '14' *E! ** "TheLakeHouse"(2006)KeanuReeves, SandraBullock *** "Juno" (2007,Comedy-Drama)Ellen Page,Michael Cera 13 25 Hol l ywood Goes The Wanted Life '14 The Dilemma ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBaseball College Baseball NCAA Super Regional —Louisville vs. Vanderbilt (N) (Live) cc Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)cc MLB Baseball: Cardinals atReds ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Gymnastics XX L Big WaveAwards(N) Skateboard Street LeagueFromKansasCity, Mo.(N) S portsCenter (N) (Live) ss College Baseball NCAA Super Regional —LSUvs. Oklahoma (N) « ***"The yearofthe yao" « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 *** "Gunnin'for That No.I Spot" (2008, Documentary) « SEC Storied cc 30for30 cc ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter S portsNation SportsCenter « SportsCenter ©c ** "Bring lt On" (2000,Comedy) Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku * "Coyote Ug/y" (2000)Piper Perabo,AdamGarcia, MariaBello. FAM 67 29 19 41 **"BringI!On:AllorNolhing"(2006,Comedy)HaydenPanettiere FNC 57 61 36 50 Journal Editorial FOX News Ame rica's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday FOX Report(N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17 62 98 44 ChefWantedWithAnneBurrell'G' R estaurant: Impossible'G Giving You the Business 'G' Restaurant Stakeout 'G Mystery Diners Mystery Diners Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive ** "TheGreenHornet" (2011, Action) Seth Rogen,Jay Chou, CameronDiaz *** "Superbad" (2007,Comedy)JonahHil, Michael Cera,Christopher Mintz-Plasse FX 131 (10:30) EasyA Pineapple Exp HGTV 17 49 33 43 LoveltorListlt'G'« Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It 'G' cc Love Itor List It'G' cc Love It or List It Joe 8 Linh 'G *HIST 15 42 41 36 Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' *** "Seventeenand Missing" (2007) DeedeePfeiffer. '14' « LIFE 13 39 20 31 UnsolvedMysteries'14' « ** "The KillingSecret" (1997)AriMeyers, TessHarper. '14' « "StolenChild" (2011) « MSNBC 59 59128 51 MSNBCLive(N) The Ed Show(N) Caught on CameraInvasion! Caught on CameraShotsFired Caught on CameraCrash! MTV 192 22 38 57 (12:04) Awkward. (12:37) Awkward. (1:09) Awkward. (1:41) Awkward (2:13) Awkward. n '14 (2:46) Awkward. (3:18) Awkward (3:50) Awkward. (4:22) Awkward (4:55) Awkward. (5:27) Awkward NICK 82 46 24 40 Sam &Cat'G' M arvinMarvin B i g TimeRush Big Time Rush Sam 8 Cat'G' Odd Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob The Best of the OprahShow'PG Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « Oprah's Lifeclass 'PG' « Oprah's Lifeclass 'PG' cc Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Soccer College Soccer UCLAat Washington College SoccerWashingtonat OregonState 12 Best: Socc College Soccer SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (11:00) ** "Fantastic Four" (2005)loanGruffudd, Jessica Alba.n (1:59) ** "Hulk"(2003,Fantasy) EricBana,Jennifer Connelly. Scientist BruceBannertransformsinto a powerful brute. n *** Kick-Ass ** "TriassicAttack" (2010)StevenBrand, RaoulTrujillo. '14' « ** "The Land That TimeForgot" (2009) C.Thomas Howell. « * "Land of theLost" (2009) SYFY 13 35 133 45 (11:00) ** "Wyvern" (2009) '14' TBN 205 60 130 King Is Coming Kingdom Conn. John Hagee M a rriageToday Miracle For You Gregory Dickow T.D. Jakes'G' Joyce Meyer Leading theWay TheBlessed Life Joel Osteen 'PG' Kerry Shook My Name Is Earl n The King of T h e King of * "Killers"(2010,Action) Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl. A womanlearns the ** "Kicking&Screaming" (2005, Com 'TBS 16 27 11 28 (10:30) MLBBaseball LosAngelesAngels of Anaheimat 'PQ' cc Boston RedSox FromFenwayPark in Boston. (N) Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG hard waythat her husbandis a hit man. «(DVS) edy) Will Ferrell. « Hill Mob" (1951) (11:00) *** "The Talk of the Town" (1:15) *** "TheSevenYearltch" (1955, Comedy)Marilyn Monroe, TomEwell. A (3:15) **"Viva LasVegas" (1964)Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret. A comelyswim *** "The Lavender TCM happily marriedmanmeets anattractive blonde. « ming teacherrevs a race-car driver's engine. «(DVS) Alec Guinness. « (1942) CaryGrant. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 FourWeddingsn'PG'« Family S.O.S.With Jo Frost 'PG' L o ng Island Medium: Behind the Long Island Medium Onthe Road Island Medium Island Medium Island Medium Island Medium " 004, Action) TheRock. Asheriff and a ( 0:00) NASCARRacing Sprint Cup:Party in the Poconos Law & Order TabulaRasaSubwaytrain Law I Order Empier Moguloverdoses Law & OrderAmbitious Police probe ** "Walking Tall(2 *TNT mob-relatedmurder. n '14' 400 FromPoconoRacewayin LongPond, Pa. kills professor. n '14' on sex-enhancingdrug. '14' deputy try to rid theirtown of thugs. « *TOON 84 MAD 'PG Johnny Test 'Y7' MAD 'PG' Incredible Crew Annoying Wrld, Gumball Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Sand Masters S a nd Masters S a nd Masters S a nd Masters B e r t-Conqueror Bert-Conqueror Waterparks Waterparks Wa t erparks Waterparks Waterparks Wa t erparks TVLND 65 47 29 35ROSeanne 'PG' ROSeanne 'PG' (1:12) ROSeanne n 'PG' cc (1:48) Roseanne (2:24) Roseanne Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne'PG' The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls USA 15 30 23 30 (11:30) Graceland Graceland'14' N C IS Political assassination. '14' NC I S Escaped 'PG' «(DVS) NCIS SingledOut n 'PG' « NCIS Driven n 'PG' « NCIS FriendsandLovers n 'PG VH1 191 48 37 54 (11:45)Saturday NightLiven'14 (12:50) Saturday Night Live n '14' Bringing Up Baby:Royal Edition (3:05) Love &Hip Hop:Atlanta '14' (4:15) Master of the MixThefinal three DJs. n 'PG' Ne wJack City *A&E


*** "FridayNight Lights" 2004 Bily Bob Thornton. n 'PG-13' « 106401 306401 Aftershock: Earthquake (3:05) ** "BadTeacher" 2011CameronDiaz. 'R' ****"TheCiderHouseRules"1999,DramaTobeyMaguire.'PG-13'« 104204104120 *"BadCompany" 2002, Action Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock. 'PG-13' «

(4:45) ** "Harold&KumarGolo WhiteCastle" 'R' BenjaminButton 34 (11:00) UFC:Big Nogvs. Werdum UFC Tonight (N) UFC All Angles Motorcycle Racing HighPoint NationalFromMt. Morris, Pennsylvania. The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG' 28 301 27 301 LPGA Tour Golf WegmansChampionship, Final RoundFromPittsford, N.Y. (N) (Live) Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf *** "Jus tDessert s"(2004)LaurenHolly,BrendaVaccaro.'PG'« HALL 66 33 175 33 (11:00) "ACrushon you" (2011) "Strawberry Summer"(2012) Julie Mond,Trevor Donovan. 'PG' « 'Accidental/yinLove"(2010) « *** "Behmd the Candelabra" HBO 425501 425501(11:30) Boxing ChadDawsonvs. Adonis Stevenson (1:45) Real TimeWith Bill Maher A m er. Reunion * * "Troub/e With theCurve"2012 Clint Eastwood. n 'PG-13' « IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (11:30) *** "The Fugitive"1993,SuspenseHarrison Ford. 'PG-13 (2:15) *"National Lampoon'sSeniorTrip"1995 MattFrewer. 'R (4:15) * "ScaryMovie2"2001,ComedyShawnWayans.'R *** "Tombstone"1993, WesternKurt Russell. n 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 *** "Crazy,Stupid, Love." 2011 SteveCarell. n 'PG-13' « (4:15) ** "Resident EvilApoca/ypse"2004 : Mila Jovovich. 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30209FLWOutdoors'G Motorsports Hour '14 Cycling CriteriumDauphineLibere, Stage8 (N) NHL Live (N)(Live) NHL Hockey: Bruins atPenguins Drugs Inc. HurricaneBlow'14 NGC 157 15 7 D r ugs, Inc. Hash '14 Drugs, Inc. Crack'14 Drugs, Inc. Pill Nation '14 Drugs, Inc. MotorCity Rush'14 Drugs, Inc. HollywoodHigh '14' NTOON 89 115189115 Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Speed Racer Speed Racer Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n NFL Rush Zone NFL Rush Zone Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. OUTD 37 307 43 307 Timbersports S h ark Series Bottom Feeders Major LeagueFishing The Bass Pros Tracks, Africa Mathew's Dom Mathews The Crush Hunt Adventure Wildgame Nation ** "Reindeer Games"2000 BenAffleck. n 'R SHO 500 50 0 B o xing 60 Minutes Sports n '14' « Jim Rome onShowtime 'MA (4:15) ** "The Womanin the Fifth"2011EthanHawke. n 'R' « SPEED 35 303125 303 MotoGP Racing Celebrity Race NASCAR V.L. Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Lucas Oil Off RoadRacing SPEED Center (N) (Live) Wind Tunnel N A SCAR V.L. STARZ 300408300408 (1150) DaVinci's Demons n 'MA' (12 50) ***"Hitch" 2005 Will Smith, EvaMendes. n 'PG 13' « (2:50) *** "Brave"2012, Adventure n 'PG' « (425) *** "Premium Rush" 2012 n 'PG13' « ** "Skafe/and" 2010Ashley Greens. 'PG-13' « TMC 525 525 (12:10) ** "W."2008, Docudrama Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks. n 'PG-13' « (4:10)"TenInch Hero" 2007Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall. n 'R' « *WE 14 41 174118 Marriage BOOtCamp: BrideZillaS C S E Miami WhaCked n '14' cc CSEMiami 10-7 n '14' cc CSE Miami From the Grave n '14' C SE Miami Blood in the Water '14' CSE Miami Prey n '14' cc

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013



'In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. •


c II • I II I c II I I II KATU (5:00) 2013NBAFinals San Antonio Spursat MiamiHeat Game2. Fromthe America- Jimmy Kimmel Live (8:31) Paid Program Paid Program






KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Castle Linch(N) '14' « pin 'PG' (ABC) nAirlines Arenain Miami. (N)(Live) « (N) rt cc America's Got Talent PremiereHopefuls audition for thejudges. n 'PG' cc NewsChannel 21 at Everybody Loves KTVZ NewsChannel 21 at NBC Nightly News The Voice LiveTop 6Performances Thetop six artists perform. n 'PG' cc (NBC) 6(N) cc (N) cc 11(N) cc Raymond n 'PG' 60 Minutes Claims ahospital pressured The 67th Annual TonyAwards Atthe RadioCity MusicHall in NewYork, the annualceremony honors excellence onBroadway. (N) KOIN Local 6 at11 (11:35) Cold Casen KBNZ Burn Notice Identity Conartist. 'PG' « 'PG' cc rt 'PG' cc (CBS) doctors. (N) n « (N) cc (10:01) WhatWould You Do? rt 'PG' « (11:01) KEZI 9News DermaWand'G' KOHD (4:59) 2013NBAFinals San Antonio Spursat MiamiHeat Game2. Fromthe America (7:59) JimmyKim- XTERRAAdven- Rev 3 mel Live (N) '14' tures 'PG' « at 11:00 (N) (ABC) nAirlines Arenain Miami. (N)(Live) « American Dadn The Simpsons n Bob's Burgers '14' Family GuySpace Family Guy Brian's News Channel21 Two and aHalf Men The Big Bang The Big Bang KFXO Bones TheManinthe Fallout ShelterQuar The Cleveland '14' cc 'PG' «(DVS) « (D VS) (FOX) antined. O '14' « Show rt '14' (DVS) Cadet n '14' Pla y n '14' First on FOX(N) rt '14' cc Theory 'PG' cc Theory 'PG' cc Magic Moments: TheBest of 50s PopMusicians of the 1950sreunite to performtheir Nature n 'PG' « KOAB (5:00) American Masters CarolBurnett's Back Care Basics: Yoga for the Rest of Burt Bacharach's Best (MyMusic Presents) n 'G' « Us 'G' cc (PBS) TV variety show. n 'PG' cc greatest hits. n 'G' cc (DVS) America's Got Talent PremiereHopefuls auditionfor the judges. O 'PG' « NewsChannel 8 at (11:35) Sports KGW NBC Nightly News The Chris Matthews TheVoice Live Top6 Performances Thetop six artists perform. rt 'PG' « Show 'G' Sunday (NBC) (N) cc 11 (N) cc KTVZDT2 Are We There Yet? Are WeThere Yet? The King of Queens The King of Queens * "An American Affair" (2009, Drama)Gretchen Mol, CameronBright, JamesRebhorn. Seinfeld The Friars Seinfeld TheWig Rules of Engage- Rules of Engage. 'PG' n 'PG' n 'PG' (CW) 'PG' Club 'PG' ment 'PG' cc A lonely schoolboycomesof agein 1963Washington, D.C. « Master 'PG' cc m e n t '14' cc OPBPL (5:00) American Masters 'PG' cc Yoga for the Rest of Us:BackCare B urt Bacharach's Best (MyMusic Presents) n 'G' cc Magic Moments: TheBest of 50s Pop n 'G' cc Nature n 'PG

Shipping Wars

DuckDynastyFowl DuckDynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynastywcc Duck Dynasty Storage Wars S t orage Wars A (11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage 'PG' cc 'PG' cc 'PG' cc Play 'PG' Samurai Si 'PG' Time to Kiln 'PG' Wars 'PG' cc War s 'PG' cc Killing The Jungle;ThatYouFearthe Most Sarah makesa grimdiscovery. O '14 The Killing SeventeenSarah joins the task Mad MenFavors Betty makesplans for (11:05) TheKilling SeventeenSarahjoins 'AMC (4:30) *** "TheItalian Job" (2003)Mark The CC Sally's future. (N) '14' « Wahlberg, CharlizeTheron. « force. (N) n '14' « thetaskforce n 14 cc *ANPL Call-Wildman C a l l-Wildman To p Hookern'PG'cc Call-Wildman C a ll-Wildman Call of Wildman Call of Wildman Top Hooker WaveRiders(N) n 'PG' C all of Wildman Call of Wildman BRAVO TheRealHousewivesofNew Jersey The Real HousewivesofNew Jersey The Real Housewives of NewJersey Princesses: Long Island (N)'14 The RealHousewives of NewJersey Fashion Queens (N)'14 CMT CopsReloaded Cops Rel oaded Cops Reloaded Cops Rel oaded Dog and Beth: Onthe Hunt(N) '14' Dog and Beth: Onthe Hunt '14' cc C M T Music Awards 2013 n 'PG' cc CNBC (5:00) CocaineCowboys '14 American Greed Cocaine Cowboys '14' American Greed Cancer: Winning Like New Carpet CNN Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown(N) Stroumboulopoulos (N) Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown S t r oumboulopoulos Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown ** igack andMiri Makea Porno" (2008) SethRogen, Traci Lords.scc s COM (5:25) ** "Dumb& Dumber" (1994, Comedy)Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels. (7:58) Tosh.0'14' (8:29) Tosh.0 '14' (8:59) Tosh.0 '14 Tosh.0 'MA' cc COTV Talk of the TownLocal issues Desert Cooking Oregon Extreme Desire Adventure Journal Get Outdoors Visions ofNW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show Talk of the TownLocal issues. CSPAN Prime Minister R o ad to the White House Q&A Prime Minister Road to the White House Washington ThisWeek *DIS Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Good-Charlie Go o d-Charlie Dog With a Blog Austin & Ally 'G Shake It Up! 'G Jessie 'G' « Aust i n & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog *DISC Alaska: The Last Frontier '14' cc Alaska: The Last Frontier '14' cc Alaska: TheLast Frontier(N) n '14 North America (N) n 'PG'cc Alaska BearStakeout (N) 'PG' cc North America n 'PG' cc *E! (5:30) ** "The Dilemma"(2011,Comedy)Vince Vaughn, KevinJames Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Keeping UpWith the Kardashians (N) The Wanted Life (N) '14' Keeping UpWith the Kardashians ESPN (5:00) MLBBaseball St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds(N) (Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter cc SportsCenter cc ESPN2 College Baseball College Baseball NCAASuperRegional —Cal State Fullertonvs. UCLAFromFullerton, Calif. (If necessary). (N) « NBA Tonight (N) NFL History NFL History NFL History *** "TheYearof the yao" (2004, Documentary) « ESPNC (5:00) *** "TheYearof the Yao" 30for30 cc The Fab Five cc ESPNN SportsCenter « SportsCenter « Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express ESPNFCPress Pass *** "The Blind Side" (2009, Drama)Sandra Bullock. A well-to-do white couple adopts a homeless blackteen FAM ** "MissCongeniality" (2000, Comedy)Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine The Fosters Pilot n '14' « FNC Fox NewsSunday Geraldo at Large (N) rt 'PG' cc Huckabee Stossel Geraldo at Large n 'PG'cc Fox NewsSunday 'FOOD Chopped Military Salute 'G' Food Network Star 'G CupcakeWars (N) 'G' Food Network Star BurgerBash'G' Restaurant: Impossible (N) 'G Iron Chef America 'G' ** "Step Brothers" (2008,Comedy)Wil Ferrell, John C. Reily ** "Step Brothers" (2008,Comedy) Wil Ferrell, John C.Reily FX (5:30) ** "PineappleExpress"(2008,Comedy)SethRogen,JamesFranco. HGTV House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I HGTV Star Branding(N)'G' « Loveltor Listlt, Too(N)'G' « House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I *HIST Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Mountain MenInto theWild (N) 'PG Ice Road Truckers (N) '14' cc (11:02) SwampPeople 'PG' cc LIFE (5:00) "Sto/enChild" (2011) « "TheGoodMother" (2013)HelenSlater, Meaghan Martin. 'PG' cc Army WivesAll or Nothing(N) 'PG' The Client List Whatever It Takes'14' (11:01)"TheGoodMother" 'PG' « MSNBC Caught on CameraFury Lockup UtahState Prison Lockup NewMexico Lockup: SanQuentin Lockup: SanQuentin Meet the Press cc MTV Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14 Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14 Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14' Teen Wolf Tattoo n '14' NICK Sanjay andCraig Sanjay and Craig Big TimeRush'G' Sam & Cat n 'G' See DadRun'PG' Wendell & Vinnie ** "TheKarateKid" (1984) RalphMacchio. AJapanese handymanteaches a teenagerto defendhimself. n cc Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' cc Oprah's Next Chapter n '14' « Oprah's Next ChapterJohnLegend. Oprah Presents Master Class (N) 'PG' Oprah's Next Chapter n '14' « OWN Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « PAC12 College Soccer College SoccerWashingtonat UCLA 12 Best: Socc. C ollege Soccer OregonStateat Stanford College Soccer SPIKE (5:30) *** "Kick-Ass" (2010,Action) AaronJohnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. n (8:29) *** "BatmanBegins" (2005, Action) Christian Bale,MichaelCaine. BruceWaynebecomes GothamCity's DarkKnight. n f ** "Godzilla"(1998)MatthewBroderick. Nuclear testing in the South Pacific produces agiant mutatedlizard. « SYFY (5:00) * "Land olthe Lost" (2009) Rise oltheDinosaurs" (2013)GaryStretch, Corin Nemec. « TBN Believeryoice C r eflo Dollar 'G' Abraham KJB:The BookThatChangedthe World Behind Scenes Jehovah Treasure f * BigDaddy" (1999,Comedy)AdamSandler, JoeyLaurenAdams. Agoofy ne'er-do- * "BigDaddy" (1999,Comedy)AdamSandler, JoeyLaurenAdams.Agoofy ne'er-do- *** "Wedding Crashers" (2005,Comedy) *TBS (5:00) ** "Kicking&Screaming" (2005) Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall. cc well adopts animpressionableyoungster. «(DVS) well adopts animpressionable youngster. «(DVS) Owen Wilson. «(DVS) (5:00)"TheLavender *** "A SlightCaseol Murder" (1938,Comedy)EdwardG. Rob- * "ASlightCaseol Larceny" (1953,Comedy)MickeyRooney. *** "It" (1927, Drama) Clara Bow,Antonio Moreno,GaryCoo- ** "Kapo" (1959, Drama)SusanStras TCM Hill Mob"« i nson , Jane Bryan, Allen Jenkins. « Two wartimebuddiesopen a gasstation. « per. Silent. A flapperwoosher richboss. berg, LaurentTerzieff. 'TLC Island Medium I s land Medium B r eaking Amish: BraveNewWorld n Long Island Me Long Island Me Island Medium I s land Medium B reaking Amish: BraveNewWorld (N) Island Medium I s land Medium *** "Transformers" (2007,Action) ShiaLaBeouf, TyreseGibson, Josh Duhamel.Tworacesof robots wagewar onEarth. cc (DVS) Falling Skies OnThin IceTomis elected to Falling Skies Collateral DamageTom Falling Skies OnThin Ice Tomis elected to 'TNT a political office. (N)'14' enlists a nuclearspecialist. (N) '14' apohticaloffice 14 cc "TOON ** "Diaryol a WimpyKid" (2010)ZacharyGordon, RobertCapron. TeenTitans Go! Looney Tunes Squidbillies '14' King of the Hill n King of the Hill n Cleveland Show Family Guy 'PG' Family Guy '14 'TRAV Extreme Pools 'G' cc Destination Show Destination Show Waterparks Coa s ter Wars Rock My RV R o c k My RV Toy Hunter 'PG' Toy Hunter 'PG' Airport 24l7: Mi Airport 24l7: Mi TVLND The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls King of Queens USA NCIS FleshandBlood n '14' cc NCIS A girl is kidnapped.'PG' « NCIS ShortFuse n 'PG' « NCIS Tonysearches for answers. '14' N CIS Secrets n '14' «(DVS) Burn Notice NewDeal 'PG VH1 (5:20) *** "New Jack City" (1991) WesleySnipes. n *** nSoyz Nthe Hood" (1991, Drama)Larry Fishburne, IceCube, CubaGooding Jr. n Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta n '14 Hit the Floor GameOnn '14' *A&E

'PG' cc

Shipping Wars

Cash Cab 'G' « W hat Would You Do? rt 'PG' «

'PG' cc

Duck Dynasty

'PG' cc

f Harold-Kumar * "JackandJill" 2011 AdamSandler. O'PG' cc "TheTexasChainsawMassacre" 'R' (6:20) *** "Bestin Show" 2000Michael Hitchcock. O (9:35) ** Bad Teacher" 2011CameronDiaz. 'R' « FXM Presents * ** "T he Curious Case of Benj a mi n Button"2008, Fantasy Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett. 'PG-13' « FXM Presents (5:00) *** "The CuriousCaseof BenjaminButton" 2008Brad Pitt. « The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG UFC: Big Nogvs. WerdumFromthe Ginasio PauloSarasate inFortaleza, Brazil. The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG' PGA Tour Golf PGA Tour Golf FedExSt. Jude Classic, Final Round Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf HALL (5:00) "Accidentallyin Love"(2010) StrawberrySummer"(2012, Drama)Julie Mond,Trevor Donovan.'PG' « Frasier 'PG' « Fra sier 'PG' « * * * "T he WishList"(2010) Jennifer Esposito, DavidSutcliffe. 'PG' « HBO (5:00) "Behindthe Candelabra" 2013 ** "DarkShadows"2012,ComedyJohnny Depp. n 'PG-13' cc Game ofThrones Mhysa(N) n 'MA' (10:10) Veep'MA' Family Tree '14 (11:10) Gameof Thrones Mhysa'MA' * "ScaryMovie 2"2001 'R IFC ** "Austin PowersinGoldmember"2002, ComedyMikeMyers. 'PG-13 Maron '14' Arrested Develop. ** "Austin PowersinGoldmember"2002,ComedyMike Myers. 'PG-13 ** "TheChange-Up"2011,ComedyRyanReynolds. n 'NR' cc ** "SnowWhite and the Huntsman"2012 Kristen Stewart. n 'NR' cc MAX (5:50) ** "Spy Game"2001,SuspenseRobert Redford. n 'R' cc NBCSN (5:00) NHLHockeyBoston Bruinsat PittsburghPenguin s Formula OneRacing CanadianGrandPrix FromGiles-Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal. (N) Motorcycle Racing N H L Live (N) (LiF1 ve)Pre-Race NGC Ultimate Survival Alaska (N)'PG' Lif e Below Zero Wolf atDoor the '14 Ultimate Survival Alaska 'PG Life Below ZeroWolf atthe Door'14 Drugs, Inc. HurricaneBlow'14' Drugs, Inc. HollywoodHigh'14' NTOON SpongeBob SpongeBob Spo ngeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sp o ngeBob Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Back at, Barnyard Back at, Barnyard DannyPhantom Danny Phantom OUTD Realtree Outdoors Truth Hunting F r i ends of NRABone Collector Under Wild Skies Hal & Len Edition Hunt Adventure Realtree Outdoors WildgameNation Steve's Outdoor Mathews Pro Hunter Journ. SHO (5:55) ** "Peace, Love &Misunderstanding" 2011 'R The Borgias Tearsof Blood n 'MA' Nurse Jackie 'MA' Nurse Jackie 'MA' Nurse Jackie 'MA' The Borgias (N) n 'MA' « The Borgtas n MA « Moto-Cause: NealeBayly Rides SPEED Moto-Cause:NealeBayly Rides(N) My Classic Car Hot Rod TV'PG SPEEDCenter Wind Tunnel NASCARV.L Unique Whips '14' ** "Li ttle Man"2006 ShawnW ayans.n 'PG-13'« STARZ (6:05) *** "FriendsWithBenefits" 2011 Justin Timberlake. n 'R' « Da Vinci's DemonsTheLovers 'MA' (10:45) Da Vinci's Demons 'MA' « (11:45)Hitch 2005 ingAmy"1997,Romance-ComedyBenAff leck.rt'R'« * "TheDarkestHour" 2011 EmileHirsch. 'PG-13' cc ** "Scream 4"2011, HorrorNeveCampbell, CourteneyCox. O'R' « TMC *** "Chas TheWrathof Cain "WE CSE Miami 48Hours to Life '14' cc CSE Miami Three-Way n '14' cc CSE Miami Adeath rowappeal. '14' C S E Miami 10-7 n '14' cc CSE Miami From the Grave'14' cc CS E Miami Blood theinWater n '14'







• II • I (4:30) KATU NewsThis Morning NewsChannel 21 atSunrise KOIN Local 6 at6am KEZI 9 NewsThis Morning First Business AgDay Varied Programs Wild Kratts NewsChannel 8 atSunrise The Daily Buzz Heartland Greener World

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Battle Hair Loss Orangutan Isle Chimp Eden The Millionaire Matchmaker Brad World B r a d World W Top Chef: Seattle BRAVO 137 44 Flipping Out Inside the Actors Studio CMT Music CMT 90 32 42 53 Squawk on theStreet CNBC 54 36 40 52 CNN 55 38 35 48 CNN Newsroom Paid Program Teeter HangUps T M Paid Program Sexiest Bodies COM 135 53 135 47 W TapouT XT TF Paid Program The YogaShow The YogaShow COTV CSPAN 61 20 12 (4:00) Washington Journal 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Little Einsteins Chuggington *DISC 156 21 16 37 Varied Programs Vivica Fox Cindy Crawford Weight Supersmile *El Cindy Crawford Get Sub D 136 25 WEN Hair Care Cindy Crawford Paid Program Supersmile SportsCenter ESPN 21 23 22 23 (3:00) Mike &Mike ANPL 68 50 26 38

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THE BULLETIN 0 JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine ' I I I I II I I II I

The View Live! With Kelly and Michael Today Live! With Kelly and Michael The Price Is Right The Youngand the Restless The View Katie The Dr. OzShow Paid Program Paid Program Super Why! Daniel Tiger S i d the Science WordWorld Ba r ney, Friends The Jeff Probst Show HouseofPayne House ofPayne The SteveW ilkosShow The JeremyKyleShow The WendyWilliams Show Newsline Sit and Be Fit Active With Arthritis With Vijay Vad,M.D Earth Songs Yoga for the Rest: BackCare Ste ves-Europe Yoga Stretches T'ai Chi, Health &Happiness Victor Borge: Comedy inMusic! Rick Steves A d ventures of Sherlock Holmes Sit and Be Fit 3 Steps to Incredible Health! With Joel Fuhrman,M.D. Ed Slott's Retirement Rescuefor 2013! Yoga Stretches Bob Ross: TheHappy Painter Sewing With Nancy: Sewing A to Z Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sit and Be Fit America's HomeCooking: What's for Dinner? Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Criminal Minds Criminal Minds CSI: Miami Dog the Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hu nter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter Nopalea with Dr. 0 saysYes! WEN HaiCare r Say No to Pain Three Stooges ** * Fight Club1999, SuspenseBradPitt, Edward Norton. « Like NewCarpet DeepClean Paid Program * Blood on the Arrow1964DaleRobertson, Martha Hyer. « ** Highlander 1986 « Nopalea with Cindy Crawford Total Gym WEN Hair Care * The Fan 1996,Suspense Robert DeNiro, Wesley Snipes,EllenBarkin. « ** Hackers ** NoGood Deed 2002 SamuelL.Jackson,Milla ** Eddie and the Cruisers Say No to Pain DeepClean Montel Williams Paid Program Nopalea with WEN Hair Care Debby Boone (:15) *** The Devil's Own 1997,SuspenseHarrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Margaret Colin Sixteen Candles Big Cat Diary Big Cat Diary Meerkat Manor Meerkat Manor To Be Announced To Be Announced Animal Cops Detroit The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker Dukes of Mel Dukes of Mel The RachelZoeProject The RachelZoe Project Housewives/OC Newlyweds: TheFirst Year Top Chef: Seattle Top Chef: Seattle Top Chef: Seattle Top Chef: Seattle Top Chef: Seattle Flipping Out Flipping Out Flipping Out Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles Million Dollar Listing NewYork Kathy Griffin: Kennedie Center Necessary Roughness Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music Fast MoneyHalftime Report Power Lunch Street Signs CNN Newsroom Around the World CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Insanity! Tracy Anderson Total Gym SexyBodies Daily Show Colbert Report Always Sunny South Park ComedyCentral Workaholics Insanity! Dancer's Body WEN Hair Care Mom Looks 27 Amy Schumer TapouT XT Paid Program SexyBodies Dr. 0 says Yes! (:24) RENO 911! Zumba Fit Fat Loss Cook Safe Mom Looks 27 (:18) 30Rock Paid Program Paid Program Insanity! Cindy Crawford The Half Hour Desert Cooking Oregon The YogaShow The YogaShow Workout: Yoga Workout: Ball Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Public Affairs Varied Programs Public Affairs Varied Programs Octonauts M ickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Never Land Doc McStuffins Sofia the First Varied Programs James Robison Joyce Meyer Varied Programs ! (Almost) Got AwayWith It FBE Criminal Pursuit Unusual Suspects *** Juno2007,Comedy-Drama EllenPage,MichaelCera The Wanted Life Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Keeping UpWith the Kardashians ** He's Just Not That Into You2009, Romance-ComedyBenAffleck, Jennifer Aniston Fashion Police The Wanted Life The Wanted Life ** She's OutofMyLeague2010JayBaruchel,AliceEve Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and the City Fashion Police Fashion Police The E! TrueHollywood Story The E! TrueHollywood Story Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Justin Bieber: MyWorld Taylor Swift The Wanted Life The Wanted Life The Soup SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter First Take Numbers NeverLie College Baseball NCAASuper RegionaI — Florida State vs Indiana (N) First Take SportsCenter SportsCenter

AM Northwest Today Let's Make aDeal Rachael Ray The Jeff Probst Show D i n osaur TrainSesameStreet




Dick Schaap U p Close

SportsCentury SportsCentury Whirlaway Charismatic SportsCentury Who's Number 1? Up Close One on One Up Close One on One SportsCentury NFL History N F L History Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf ESPNC 23 25 123 25 W Golf Th Up Close SportsCentury MLB Baseball MLB Baseball (5:00) Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Joyce Meyer Varied Programs Boy MeetWorld Boy Meet World Boy MeetWorld Boy Meet World Boy Meet World 700/Interactive The 700 Club Gilmore Girls FAM 67 29 19 41 America's Newsroom America Live FNC 57 61 36 50 Happening Now Superfood HOPE Fit Get Sub D Paid Program Paid Program Floor Appeal Fat Loss Barbecue Addi Tyler's Ultimate Alex's Day Off Good Eats Unwrapped Dr. 0 says Yes! Dirty House? Cindy Crawford Hot Dishes Hip Hop Abs Supersmile Hollywood Grill It! B. Flay Down Home Down Home *FOOD 177 62 98 44 W Paid Program DermaWand Floor Appeal Cindy Crawford TRIA WEN Hair Care Get Sub D Bobby Flay 5 Ingredient Fix Hungry Girl Tll Nopalea with HOPE Fit Dr. 0 saysYes! Floor Appeal Cindy Crawford Challenge Keurig Brewer Paid Program Paid Program Fat Loss Cindy Crawford WEN Hair Care Big Daddy's Like NewCarpet TRIA Smarter Smarter *** The Insider1999, DramaAl Pacino. Aformer executive exposes acigarette company'slies ** The Corruptor 1999 ** The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008BrendanFraser, Jet Li Front Yard Paid Program ** The Corruptor 1999,ActionChowYun-Fat, MarkWahlberg, Ric Young FX 131 Belly Fat? WEN Hair Care ** Hitman 2007,ActionTimothy Olyphant, DougrayScott *** Hellboy 2004RonPerlman. Theson of the devil fights paranormalcreatures Incredible Hulk Kitchen *** Hellboy 2004RonPerlman. Theson of the devil fights paranormal creatures * Jumper 2008,ScienceFiction HaydenChristensen, JamieBell Green Hornet TapouT XT Smarter Smarter ** Darkness Falls 2003,HorrorChaney Kley, EmmaCaulfield *** Cloverfield 2008 MichaelStahl-David, MikeVogel Get Sub D Curb/Block My First Place Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Celeb-Home Cindy Crawford Outdoor Room Real Estate Sarah101 Sarah 101 Sarah 101 Sarah 101 Sarah 101 Sarah 101 Sar ah 101 Sarah 101 Sar ah 101 Decked Out Color Splash Color Splash Color Splash Color Splash Color Splash Love It or List It Love It or List It HGTV 17649 33 43 W Get Sub D Bang, Buck Younger- Skin Dig In Good Buy,Bad Outdoor Room Candice Tells Candice Tells Candice Tells Candice Tells Candice Tells Candice Tells Candice Tells Candice Tells Paid Program Yard - Disney Selling NY My House My House My House My House My House My House My House My House My House The Universe The RealWest American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers T Nopalea with P aid Program Civil War Journal Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels "HIST 15542 41 36 W Lifetime Knives Modern Marvels SwampPeople SwampPeople SwampPeople SwampPeople NewsWatch L i k e New Carpet The Most Pawn Stars P a wn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars P a wn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Paid Program Paid Program Save OurHistory The NaziGospels Cities of the Underworld Cities of the Underworld LIFE 138 39 20 31 Varied Programs Balancing Act Designing Old Christine F r asier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Will & Grace W i ll & Grace The Daily Rundown Jansing and Co MSNBCLive NOWWith Alex Wagner Andrea Mitchell Reports News Nation MSNBC 59 59 12851 AMTV AMTV AMTV True Life True Life True Life Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control 16 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant AMTV AMTV Mind Right Min d Right Mind Right Min d Right Girl Code MTV 19222 38 57 W AMTV (:32) Girl Code Teen Wolf Mind Right Mi n d Right h Money Strang. Money Strang Money Strang. Money Strang Pranked Pranked Pranked Pranked Pranked Pranked Pranked (:32) Pranked NICK 82 46 24 40 Full House Fu l l House Monsters, Alien Odd Parents SpongeBob Max & Ruby Team Umizoomi Team Umizoomi Dora Explorer Dora Explorer Bubble Guppies Bubbl eGuppies OWN 161103 31 103

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013

WEEKDAY MORNING s II • I College Baseball Arizona at Oregon College Soccer UCIrvine at Oregon State P C12 47 310310310 W College SoccerWashington at UCLA






TV • PAGE 9 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programmingmayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine ' ll I I II I I II I

College Baseball Arizona State at OregonState College Baseball Washington State at OregonState College Soccer Seattle at Washington 12 Best: Socc. College Softball UCLA atOregon State Colle e Soccer Washin ton at Ore on State The12 Best W o men's Colle e Volle ball: Buffaloes at Cou ars Th College Soccer UC Irvine at Oregon State College Volleyball UCLA atUSC Volleyball College SoccerSeattle atWashington College SoccerWashington at UCLA College Swimming &Diving College Swimming &Diving Teeter HangUps Tracy Anderson Like NewCarpet Paid Program SexyBodies Cindy Crawford E3 All Access Xbox: A New GenerationofGamesRevealed E3 All Access Live! DeepClean Get Sub D TapouT XT SexyBodies Csh NY CSH CrimeScene Investigation Ink Master T Paid Program Insanity! Sexiest Bodies Tattoo Night. T a ttoo Night. T a ttoo Night. T a ttoo Night Tattoo Night. T a ttoo Night SPIKE 13231 34 46 W Battle Hair Loss Paid Program Like NewCarpet Hip HopAbs SexyBodies TapouT XT WEN Hair Care SexyBodies Cindy Crawford DEA World's Wildest Police Videos Th No Defrosting (:02) DEA Cook Safe Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Sexiest Bodies Paid Program Gangland 12) Gangland (:24) Gangland Dancer's Body Battle Hair Loss No Defrosting Montel Williams Total Blackout Total Blackout Warbirds 2008,ScienceFictionJamie Elle Mann,Brian Krause R>se of the Gargoyles 2009 « More Sex WEN HairCare Battle Hair Loss Cancer: Winning Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics YFY 33 35 133 45 W Teeter HangUps More Sex Perfect Yard Battle Hair Loss Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Th Paid Program Total Gym Paid Program Total Blackout Total Blackout * Swarmed 2005,SuspenseMichael Shanks, Carol Alt, Ellen Dubin. Hellhounds 2009Scott Hair Restoration WEN Hair Care Supersmile Exit Exit The Phantom F Creflo Dollar John Hagee Joseph Prince This Is Your Day Believeryoice Varied Programs Behind Scenes Varied Programs JamesRobison Today TBN 05 60 30 *TBS 16 27 Married... With Married... With Meet, Browns My Name IsEarl Fresh Prince Fresh Prince House of Payne Meet, Browns Fresh Prince FreshPrince Engagement Engagement 28 *Racin Lad 1937, Drama ** Janie1944, Comed Jo ce Re nolds. « (:15) ** Zenobia 1939,Comed Oliver Hard . « (:15) ** Janie Gets Married 1946JoanLeslie, Robert Hutton ** It's a Great Feeling 1949Doris Day. « ***The Driveb Night1940Geor eRaft. « One for Book * * * The Woman in White1948, M ste Eleanor Parker. « (:45) Detour TCM 01 44 01 29 W ** Danger Signal 1945FayeEmerson. « ** Bedtime Story1941 FredricMarch. « ** Let' sMakeMusic1940BobCrosby ** Blues in the Night1941 Priscilla Lane Th (:15) ** Confession1937KayFrancis. sa *** The Garden of Allah 1936MarleneDietrich Last Days-Pmpi (:45) *** A Tale of TwoCities1935 RonaldColman,Elizabeth Allan. sa(DVS) ** Fiesta 1947 EstherWilliams, AkimTamiroff. ss ** This Time for Keeps1947,Musical Esther Wiliams. ss (:15) ** The HoodlumSaint 1946,DramaWiliam Powell. ss 'TLC 78 34 32 34 Varied Programs Baby's First Day Rm-Multiples A Baby Story A Baby Story A Baby Story A Baby Story V aried Programs Say Yes,Dress Say Yes, Dress 'TNT 17 26 15 27 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural "TOON 84 L ooney Tunes Hero: 108 Ben 10 Beyblade-Metl Pokemon BW Dragons: Riders NinjaGo: Mstrs Varied Programs *TRAV 17951 45 42 Varied Programs Dhani Tackles the Globe Varied Programs M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H DeepClean WEN HairCare Say No toPain Montel Williams M'A'S'H Gunsmoke T M Paid Program Total Gym Paid Program Dick Van Dyke Dick Van Dyke I Love Lucy I Love Lucy Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 W Live Longer! No Defrosting Say No to Pain Paid Program HOPE Fit Cindy Crawford Cook Safe TF Cook Safe Battle Hair Loss Paid Program Retired at 35 Retired at 35 Hap. Divorced Hap. Divorced Andy Griffith * Resident Evil: Afterlife 2010 Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter. « ** Shutter Island 2010Leonardo DiCa rio. A1950s lawman hunts anesca ed murderess. « NCIS Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit USA 15 30 23 30 W Cheers Graceland NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Gossip Table Jump Start Jump Start Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta VH1

191 48 37 54 W T

PGA Tour Golf Champions: Regions Tradition, Final Round Live From GOLF 28 301 27 301 W Th Big Break Mexico

Feherty I Love Lucy I L ove Lucy The DanPatrick Show

HALL 66 33 175 33

Big Break Mexico Feherty I L o ve Lucy I L o ve Lucy

NBCSN 27 58 30 209 W h

Diggers Diggers Amish on Break NGC 157 157 Locked UpAbroad In Search of Jesus' Tomb Naked Science NTOON 89 115189115 Power Rangers The Mighty B! Friends of NRA Paid Program Teeter HangUps T TecomateWhi OUTD 37 307 43 307 W Hunting TV Timbersports Paid Program Bottom Feeders


Locked UpAbroad The Gospel of Judas Naked Science The Mighty B! Random! Cart Outdoors DreamYards Your Weapon Paid Program Mathew's Dom Nopalea with Front Yard Trevor Gowdy Paid Program Zona's Show


TV Crossword 1







7 s


12 14






1s 19

22 s 23








ss s 35

„1 I






37 ss











Unscramble the letters noted with asterisks within the puzzle to identify the featured celebrity.

ModelEmployee ** Nine 2009Premiere. n Live From

Live From Big Break Mexico Big Break Mexico Feherty Feherty Go l den Girls G o lden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls The Box Score Bill Dance Good Fishing Hank Parker The Next Bite Into the Blue Alaska State Troopers Diggers Diggers Amish: Out of the Order Locked UpAbroad Naked Science Random! Cart. Adven./Jimmy West. Extremes JackieBushman Flyrod Outdoors Bow Madness Amer. Rifleman Major LeagueFishing The Bassmasters

Feherty In Play

Feherty Home & Family Seasons on Fly The Next Bite Fishin Texas American Hero Majesty Outd Border Wars

American Hero NA Hunter Knot Ri ht Fish O'Neill Outside Fishing Adv.

Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Pupp Bird Hunter O u tdoors In Pursuit With Hunting TV Shark Series F i shing Univ. Major LeagueFishing Wardens Elite Tactical Unit SavageWild F acts of Fishing Trophy Quest Ivan Carter Velvick's Eyes Spanish Fly Flyrod Bill Dance Salt

26. Word in the title of Drew Carey's show 27. "Lie to 28. Rue, forone 30. "Rise of the Planet of the "; 2011 thriller 32. " Life to Live" 34. Lofty poem 35. VVindell of "Body of Proof" 41. " Jobs"; 1986 Paul Reiser movie 42. "The Ant Show" (1965-

Han n a ; role on "NCIS: Los Angeles" 4. Role on "I Love Lucy" 8. Delaney or Kardashian 11. Historical period 12. Prefix for dynamics or space Time" 13. "One Day 14. "CSI: Miami" actress (2) " Another Day"; James 17. Bond movie 68) 18. Miss Piggy's word in 43. Rest referring to herself 44. Doris or Dennis R i s es"; 1957 45. Trigger's hair 19. "The Sun Tyrone Power film 46. Pigpen 21. Late night personality DOWN 24. Ellen Burstyn's state of " No Evil"; 2006 movie birth: abbr. 1. 25. Role on "Home for Christina Vidal Improvement" 2. Word with chair or rest

A l l in a Rovv"; 3. "Pretty Rock Hudson movie 4. Ms. Dunaway 5. Pelosi's title: abbr. 6. Goof 7. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of "; 1984 film 8. Holmes or Couric 9. Suffix for favor or meteor 10. Spoil 15. " tigers and bears! Oh myt" 16. Setting for "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" 19. Actress Suzy 20. One of Bart's sisters 22. " That Tune" 23. Vaudevillian Olsen and others 29. Actor McDowall 31. Lowly laborers 33. Old Western actor Jack

In Play

Good Fishing Saltwater Ex . Lunkerville Intrepid Outdr Fishing/Martin Wild Justice

JimmyHouston Into the Blue Bass 2 Billfish Good Fishin Bill Dance

T.U.F.F. Puppy Alaska Outdoors Mathews Midway USA's Steve's Outdoor Team Journal

T.U.F.F. Puppy Alaskan Magnum TV Impossible Driven TV Penn's Big '?" 34. "Coffee, Tea "The Squad" (1968-73) 35. 36. Actress/director Lupino 37. Letter from Greece 3 8. Singer Jon J o v i 39. Actress Dennings 40. "I "; Culp/Cosby series




Solution Rob Estes

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

PAGE 10 • TV






II General Hospital Days of our Lives B o l d/BeautifulThe Talk General Hospital Extra America's Funniest HomeVideos Charlie Rose Be a Millionaire Days of our Lives Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Facelift Secrets Cooktop OnAir w/ Larry Front Yard Battle Hair Loss Like NewCarpet Battle Hair Loss Dirty House? DeepClean Paid Program Insanity! Free Wen! Woodshop Antiques Roadshow Rough Cut-Mac The LawrenceWelk Show Woodwright History Detectives Woodsmith Moyers &Company Wonders-Spain Woodshop The This OldHouseHour M CSE Miami Criminal Minds

The Chew Anderson Live myWindow The Chew TMZ Varied Programs NewsChannel8 Battle Hair Loss T Insanity! M Q W Hair Restoration Th Larry King- Air F Paid Program Desert Speaks Rudy Maxa Burt Wolf 73 Th Travelscope





The Ricki Lake Show

The Dr. OzShow Dr. Phil The Dr. OzShow Little House onthe Prairie Andy Griffith A n dy Griffith Judge J. Brown Judge J. Brown Katie The Doctors The Ricki Lake Show Clifford-Dog B o b the BuilderMartha Speaks Cat in the Hat Katie The Ellen DeGeneresShow We There Yet? We ThereYet? The Bill CunninghamShow

Asian Voices Tavis Smiley Asia This Week Arab American

Land of Dragon Beyond 3/11 Criminal Minds


KATU NewsFirst at Four The Ellen DeGeneresShow I Love Lucy I L ove Lucy Judge Judy J u dge Judy The People's Court Arthur WordGirl Your Four O'Clock News Meet, Browns Meet, Browns

Nightly Business PBS NewsHour

The First 48

The First 48



KATU Newsat 5 World News News Nightly News News Evening News KEZI 9 News World News Friends Friends Wild Kratts Ele ctric Comp NewsChannel 8 Nightly News The WendyWilliams Show

Lidia's Italy Caprial-John Chefs A'Field Christina Cooks Ciao Italia The First 48

Laura Mclntosh Simply Ming Korean Kitchen Julia's Kitchen Hubert Keller

T 30 28 18 32 W


Dog the Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter Do the Bount Hunter *** The Italian Job 2003,CrimeDramaMark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron. « (9:30) Fight Club ** The Kingdom 2007,ActionJamie Foxx,Chris Cooper,Jennifer Garner. « ** Con Air (11:00) ** Highlander 1986, Fantasy « ** Con Air1997 NicolasCage, JohnCusack. Vicious convicts hijack their flight ** Marked for Death 1990StevenSeagal, Basil Wallace. « *AMC 02 40 39 (11:30) ** Hackers1995 JonnyLeeMiler, Angelina Jolie. « ** Marked for Death 1990StevenSeagal, BasilWallace. « CSE Miami CSE Miami Sixteen Candles (11:00) Eddieand the Cruisers (:15) ** Nutty Professor I: The Klumps2000Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson. m (:45) ** Starsky 8 Hutch 2004BenStiler, Owen Wilson. m *** The Usual Suspects 1995Stephen Baldwin. cc (11:45) ** Sixteen Candles 1984cc (:45) *** The Breakfast Club1985Emilio Estevez,Molly Ringwald. cc ANPL 68 50 26 38 Animal CopsDetroit Animal CopsDetroit Animal CopsDetroit Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees To Be Announced The Millionaire Matchmaker Housewives/NJ Princesses: Long Island Newlyweds: The First Year Newlyweds: The First Year Newlyweds: The First Year Don't-Tardy Don't-Tardy D o n't-Tardy Newlyweds: The First Year Newlyweds: The First Year Below Deck C h ef Roble 8 Co Princesses: Long Island Top Chef Masters Top Chef Masters Chef Roble &Co Million Dollar Listing NewYork M i l lion Dollar Listing York New Million Dollar M i llion Dollar BRAVO 137 44 Million Dollar Listing NewYork Million Dollar Listing NewYork I'm Having Their Baby Tabatha TakesOver Tabatha TakesOver Tabatha TakesOver Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC ExtremeMakeover: HomeEdition ExtremeMakeover: HomeEdition *** Any Given Sunday1999Al Pacino. Afootball coach copeswith crises on andoffthe field. rr « Reba Reba T DogandBeth:OntheHunt M DogandBeth:OntheHunt DogandBeth:OntheHunt Dog and Beth:OntheHunt Dog and Beth:OntheHunt Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen CMT 19032 42 53 W Hell's Kitchen SwampPawn SwampPawn SwampPawn SwampPawn SwampPawn TF Extreme Makeover: HomeEdition Extreme Makeover: HomeEdition The Singing Bee The Singing Bee The Singing Bee CNBC 54 36 40 52 Closing Bell Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo Fast Money V a ried Programs Mad Money The Kudlow Report Varied Programs (11:00) CNN Newsroom The LeadWith JakeTapper The Situation Room Erin Burnett OutFront AndersonCooper360 CNN 55 38 35 48 W o rkaholics Workaholics W o rkaholics Workaholics M Workaholics (:20) * Strange Wilderness 2008SteveZahn, Allen Covert. cc (:22) Futurama (4:54) Futurama Always Sunny T (11:49)Tosh.0 (:20) Tosh.0 (12:50) Tosh.0 (:21) Tosh.0 (1:51) Tosh.0 (:21) ** Youth in Revolt 2009Michael Cera,JeanSmart. « (:23) Futurama COM 135 53 13547 W RENO911! (:24) South Park South Park (:24) South Park South Park (:24) ** Hot Rod 2007Andy Samberg, JormaTaccone. « (:24) Futurama Always Sunny T (11:48) 30Rock (:19) 30 Rock ChappeffeShow ChappeffeShow ChappeffeShow (:20) * Disaster Movie 2008,ComedyMatt Lanter, VanessaMinnilo (:22) Futurama (4:53) Futurama (:13)*JuwannaMann2002,ComedyMiguelA.NunezJr.m (:15) ** The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard. 2009Jeremy Piven, VingRhames. rr (:17) Futurama (4:48) Futurama Always Sunny Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Extreme Desire Adv Journal G e t Outdoors Visions of NW City Edition Paid Program COTV CSPAN 61 20 12 (9:00) Public Affairs Public Affairs Capitol Hill Hearing Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie G ood-Charlie G ood-Charlie Phineas, Ferb Austin & Ally Austin I Ally Austin & Ally Gravity Falls Shake It Up! Shake It Up! Shake It Up! ** Frenemies 2012Bella Thorne. n « (:40) Fish Hooks Phineas, Ferb Shake It Up! Shake It Up! Shake It Up! Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog *DIS 87 43 14 39 W A.N.T. Farm A . N.T. Farm A. N.T. Farm A. N.T. Farm Phineas, Ferb Good-Charlie Good-Charlie Good-Charlie Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Jessre Jessie Jessie T *** Geek Charming 2011Sarah Hyland, Matt Prokop. n ~c **16 Wishes 2010DebbyRyan. n « Phineas, Ferb Jessie A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm (:40) Jessie Jessie Jessie Fast N' Loud Fast N' Loud Fast N' Loud Fast N' Loud Fast N' Loud Fast N' Loud I (Almost) GotAwayWith It Auction Kings Auction Kings Shipwreck Men Shipwreck Men Tuna Wranglers Deadliest Catch 'DISC 15621 16 37 W Backyard Oil B a ckyard Oil Fast N' Loud Fast N' Loud Street Outlaws Auction Kings Auction Kings Blade Brothers Blade Brothers Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska T Sons of Guns Sons of Guns Sons of Guns Sons of Guns E! News Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and theCity Sex and theCity Access Hollywood Live Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Keeping UpWiththe Kardashians ** She's OutofMyLeague2010JayBaruchel, Alice Eve Fashion Police ** He's Just Not That Into You2009 BenAffleck *Fl Sex and theCity Sex and theCity Sex and theCity Sex and theCity The Wanted Life Keeping UpWiththe Kardashians 136 25 W Fashion Police Fashion Police The Wanted Life T Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Keeping Up With the Kardashians Outside Lines Football Live NFL Live Around the Horn Interruption SportsCenter MLB Basebal lBoston RedSoxatTampaBayRays(Live)« SportsCenter Soccer ESPN 21 23 22 23 W Baseball Ton. MLB Baseball: Indians at Rangers SportsCenter 2013 U.S.OpenGolf Championship First Round(N) (Live)ss SportsCenter U.S. OpenGolf Championship Th SportsCenter

2013 U.S.OpenGolf Championship SecondRound(N) (Live) ss

College Baseball Numbers Never Questionable

College Baseball NCAASuper RegionaI — Mississippi State vs. Virginia (N)(Live) « SportsNation NFL32 Around the Horn Interruption

U.S. Open Golf Championship

College Baseball NCAASuper Regional —Louisville vs. Vanderbilt (N) SportsNation S portsCenter NFL History ESPN2 22 24 21 24 W NFL Live WNBA Basketball: Sun at Fever First Take SportsCenter SportsNation SportsCenter 30 for 30 Th Outside Lines Numbers Never NFL Live Football Live NFL Live Boxing Boxing MLB Baseball MLB Baseball SportsCentury Battle of the NetworkStars Who's Number I? NFL History N F L History Lo m bardi's Legacy SportsCentury Lombardi's Legacy SportsCentury ESPNC 23 25 12325 W Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf NBA Bay City Blues White Shadow Th MLB Baseball NBA Friday Night Lights (11:00) Soccer Soccer That '70s Show That '70s Show Varied Programs FAM 67 29 19 41 Switched at Birth Secret Life of AmericanTeen Varied Programs The O'Reiffy Factor FNC 57 61 36 50 Studio B With ShepardSmith Your World With Neil Cavuto The Five Special Report With Bret Baier FOX Report With ShepardSmith B'foot Contessa Sandra's Res Dollar Dinners Secrets Best Dishes 30-Minute Meals Giada at Home Giada at Home B'foot Contessa B'foot Contessa Best Dishes Pioneer Wo Money Saving Trisha's Sou 'FOOD 17762 98 44 W Paula's Cooking Pioneer Wo Trisha's Sou Th Sandra Lee Mexican-Easy Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi Barbecue Addi. (11:00) ** The Corruptor1999 Chow Yun-Fat ** The Mummy:Tombof the Dragon Emperor 2008BrendanFraser, Jet Li ** Tooth Fairy2010,ComedyDwayneJohnson,AshleyJudd ** Hitman 2007,ActionTimothy Olyphant, DougrayScott *** The Incredible Hulk 2008,Action EdwardNorton, LivTyler, Tim Roth. Two/Half Men How I Met How I Met * Jumper 2008,ScienceFiction HaydenChristensen, Jamie Bell ** The GreenHornet 2011, ActionSeth Ro en,Jay Chou FX 13 (11:30) *** The Incredible Hulk 2008EdwardNorton, LivTyler * Max Payne2008, Action MarkWahlberg, Mila Kunis (11:30) ** The GreenHornet 2011, ActionSeth Rogen,Jay Chou How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men ** The A-Team2010,Action LiamNeeson. FormerSpecial Forcessoldiers form a rogue unit How I Met How I Met How I Met

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013



TV • PAGE 11 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. / Sports programmingmayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

x ~ li II I II I I II I My First Place My First Place My First Place My First Place My First Place My First Place My First Place My First Place House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Renovation Ban, Buck Ban, Buck Ban, Buck Ban, Buck HGTV 176 49 For Rent For Rent For Rent For Rent Property Brothers Property Brothers HouseHunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters You Live in What? You Live in What? You Live in What? You Live in What? American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels *HIST 155 42 SwampPeople SwampPeople SwampPeople SwampPeople Pawn Stars P a wn Stars Pa wn Stars Pa wn Stars Pa w n Stars Pa w n Stars Pawn Stars P a wn Stars Cities of the Underworld Cities of the Underworld Cities of the Underworld Mysteries of the Freemasons Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy Wife Swap Wife Swap LIFE 13 39 MSNBC 59 59 Hardball With Chris Matthews Pol i ticsNation Hardball With Chris Matthews All I n With Chris Ha es (:13) 16and Pre nant (:18) 16 andPre nant (:22) 16 andPre nant Mind Right T (:04) 16andPregnant (:13) Girl Code (2:46) Girl Code (:18) Girl Code (3:50) Girl Code (:22) Girl Code (4:55) Girl Code (:27) Awkward MTV 192 22 38 57 W (:04) Girl Code (:37) Girl Code Disaster Date Disaster Date Disaster Date Disaster Date (3:50) TeenWolf (:13) DisasterDate (:27) Girl Code Th (:04) Awkward. (:37) Awkward (:09) Girl Code (:41) Girl Code (:13) Girl Code (2:46) Girl Code Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control Parental Control (2:46) Gu Code (:18) Gu Code Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness (:04) Pranked (:37) Gu Code (:09)Gu Code (:41)Gu Code (:13) Gu Code Peter Rabbit M a x & Ruby Dora Explorer Lalaloops Rocket Monke s Teenae Mut. Odd Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents M onsters, Alien Spon eBob Spon eBob NICK 82 46 24 40 ** Before WomenHad Wings 1997Oprah Winfrey. n cc Shocking Family Secrets Shocking Family Secrets Shocking Family Secrets Shocking Family Secrets *** Prom Night in Mississippi 2009,Documentary n es Six Little McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees OWN 16 103 31 03 W *** Bull Durham 1988Kevin Costner, SusanSarandon. n s«s NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER Th Famil Affair 2010Thecomplexlevels of edophilia. n « Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN ** David and Lisa 1998Sidney Poitier, Lukas Haas. n « Police Womenof Memphis Police Womenof Memphis Police Womenof Memphis Police Women ofMemphis College Baseball Washington State atOregonState College Baseball Washington at Oregon College Baseball Stanford at Oregon College Softball OregonState at Oregon College Softball Oregon atWashington College Softball UCLA at Oregon State The 12 Best P a c.12 Football in 60 The12 Best W o men's College Volleyball Washington at USC Wom en's College Volleyball California at Oregon Wom en's Bsk. Wm. Basketball PAC1 2 47 310310310 W Women's College Volleyball UCLA atOregon Colle e Volle ball USC atUCLA Colle e Volle ball UCLA atStanford Basketball Col l e e Basketball Texas Southern at Colorado Colle e Basketball Missouri at UCLA College Swimming &Diving College Swimming 8 Diving Women's College Volleyball: Cougars at SunDevils Women's College Volleyball Washington at Stanford (11:00) E3All Access Live! The Download: EA2013Preview E3 All Access CSI: NY CSI: NY CSI: Crime SceneInvestigation T a t too Night Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master ** The Expendables 2010Sylvester Stallone,JasonStatham.n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 W Tattoo Night. T a ttoo Night. T a ttoo Night. * ** K ick-Ass 2010 AaronJohnson. Anordinary teen decides to becomea superhero. World's Wildest Police Videos Wo r ld's Wildest Police Videos :11) World's Wildest Police Videos World's Wildest Police Videos :35 World's Wildest Police Videos Gangland (1:48) Gangland Gangland (:36) Gangland (:08) Gangland (:15) BarRescue (11:00) Rise of theGargoyles cc ** Roadkill 2011, HorrorDiarmuidNoyes,Kacey Barnfield. 64 Pterodactyl 2005Coolio. Commandosbattle a prehistoric threat ** Godzilla 1998 « Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Scare Tactics Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Exit SYFY 133 35 133 45 W Ghost Hunters 11:00 Hellhounds 2009 « Camel S iders 2011,Horror BrianKrause, C.Thomas Howell. « ** Sand Serpents 2009JasonGedrick, MichelleAsante. « Defiance **Almi ht Thor2011,ActionCod Deal, RichardGrieco. « *Thor:Hammer oftheGods2009Zache T B an.r« The Phantom TBN 205 60 130 The 700 Club John Hagee V a ried Programs Praise the Lord Varied Programs Potter's Touch Behind Scenes Varied Programs 'TBS 16 27 28 According-Jim Love-Raymond American Dad American Dad Wipeout Cougar Town Friends Friends Friends Friends King of Queens ** Love and Learn1947Jack Carson ** And Baby MakesThree1949, Comedy ** The Younger Brothers 1949Wayne Morris. MGM Parade *** Caged 1950,Drama 11:45) ** Detour 1945 ** Homicide1949 Robert Dou las. « *** The Hitch-Hiker 1953EdmondO'Brien *** Holl wood M Hometown *** Bab Face1933 « *** The Toast of NewYork1937 EdwardArnold, Cary Grant. « *** Imitation of Life1959 « TCM 10 44 101 29 W ** Sky Murder1940, Mystery (:15) *** Cityfor Conquest1940 JamesCa ney, AnnSheridan ** The Magic Sword1962Basil Rathbone *** The Mark of Zorro1940TyronePower,Linda Darnell. « ** Bathing Beauty1944 « (11:30) *** The Last Days ofPompeii1935 ** On an Island With You 1948Esther Wiliams, PeterLawford. cc * * Pagan LoveSong 1950Esther Wiliams. e« s ** Texas Carnival 1951Esther Wiliams. cc *** Dark Passage 1947 A Baby Story A Baby Story Long Island Medium What Not to Wear Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress M What Not to Wear T Island Medium Island Medium I Found-Gown IFound-Gown *TLC 178 34 32 34 W Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress





House Hunters Hunters Int'I

My First Place My First Place M T Ban, Buck Ban, Buck 33 43 W For Rent For Rent Th House Hunters House Hunters F You Live in What? American Pickers American Pickers Modern Marvels Modern Marvels SwampPeople 41 36 W SwampPeople P a wn Stars Pawn Stars P a wn Stars Th Pawn Stars Cities of the Underworld Cities of the Underworld Will & Grace W i ll & Grace How I Met How I Met 20 31 28 51 TheC cle Martin Bashir M (:04) True Life (:09) 16 andPregnant

T 'TNT 1 26 15 27 *TOON 8 *TRAV 179 51 45 42 TVLND 6

Bones Tom I Jerr Varied Programs


Bones Tom andJerr Scared S uirrel

(:40) Gunsmoke

47 29 35 W Th

Gunsmoke NCIS Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 30 23 30 W NCIS Th Burn Notice Law & Order: Special Victims Unit M (:10) Hit the Floor

Say Yes: Bride Say Yes: Bride Bones Almost Naked Scoob -Doo Bourdain: No Reservations (1:50) Bonanza (1:50) Gunsmoke

Say Yes: Bride Say Yes: Bride Bones Johnn Test Jo h nn Test Street Eats Bonanza

Say Yes: Bride Say Yes: Bride Castle Total Drama T o tal Drama Bizarre Foods/Zimmern

Say Yes: Bride Say Yes: Bride Castle Gro'band Adventure Time Man v. Food M an v. Food




*A*S*H (:09) M M'A'5'H




Gunsmoke Gunsmoke NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS USA 1 Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Burn Notice Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (:15) I'm Married to A (:25) 40 Funniest Fails (:35) 40 Funniest Fails (:45) ** I Think I Love MyWife 2007 n Behind the Music (:15) ** I Think I Love MyWife 2007 Chris Rock,Kerry Washington. n (:40) Behind theMusic New Jack City VH1 191 48 37 54 W (:10) Love &HipHop:Atlanta (:15) Love &Hip Hop:Atlanta (:25) Love &Hip Hop:Atlanta Hit the Floor (:40) 100Greatest Songs of the '90s 25 I'm Married to A Th (:10) CouplesTherap (:15 Hit the Floor (:35 Love & Hi Ho: Atlanta 40) CouplesThera 45 Bowfin er (11:00) ** Nine 2009Daniel Day-Lewis. (:45) CouplesTherapy (2:50) Love 8 HipHop:Atlanta T.l. and Tiny T.l. and Tiny T . l . and Tiny H i t the Floor (11:30) Live From The Golf Fix Live From Live From Live From Big BreakMexico Learning Center Inside PGATour Live From GOLF 2 301 27 301 W Learning Center Inside PGATour 19th Hole Th Feherty In the Bag Int he Bag Big Break Big Break Feherty Big Break Mexico Bi Break Mexico Bi Break Mexico Bi Break Mexico Marie Marie Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch The Waltons The Waltons HALL 6 33 17533 Hank Parker F i shing Adv The DanPatrick Show Pro Football Talk The Crossover The Crossover World Series World Series NHL Live GAFF Life Fis h ing/Martin NHL Live NHL Hockey: Penguins at Bruins NHL Hockey NBCSN 2 58 30 209 W Hobie Outdoor Bill Dance Premier League The Grid *** The Color of Money1986 Th FLW Outdoors Motorsports Hour IndyCar Racing Boxing Going Ape Brain Games Going Ape Brain Games Brain Games Brain Games Brain Games Brain Games Brain Games Amish at the Altar Polygamy,USA Polygamy,USA Taboo USA The Devil's Playground Polygamy,USA NGC 157 157 Breakout Alaska StateTroopers Alaska StateTroopers Locked UpAbroad Breakout Alaska StateTroopers Alaska State Troopers Mountain Movers Life Below Zero Life Below Zero Alaska State Troo ers Mountain Movers Real AbrahamLincoln: Revealed *** Killin Lincoln 2013 Billy CampbelI,Jesse Johnson Brain Games Brain Games Explorer Crossing the Ice Digimon.Digital Yu-Gi-Oh! NTOON 89 115189115 Danny Phantom Power Rangers The Penguins The Penguins Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Legend-Korra Avatar: Air Gold Fever Fisher's ATV Mathew's Dom Amer. Archer A r row Affliction Bow Madness Archer's Choice West. Extremes Whitetail Freaks Bone Collector Hunt Masters Truth Hunting Spring Hunting, Country Bone Collector Trophy Hunt Driven TV Ted Nugent TedNugent Most Wanted Cuddeback's Tecomate Whi Bird Hunter OUTD 37 30743 307 W Shooting USA Shooting Gallery Wardens Best Defense Amer. Rifleman Im ossible Mid wa USA's Shooting USA Friends of NRA Wild Skies Ult. Adventures Whitetail Freaks Hunt Masters Drop Zone Addicted, Out Tracks, Africa Wardens Sprin Tecomate Whi Zona's Show Realtree WildgameNtn The Crush Hu n t AdventureFacts of Fishing Velvick's Eyes The Bassmasters The BassPros Major LeagueFishing

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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c II



Jeopardy! (N)n












(10:01) Mistresses Karenagrees to KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' meet withSam.(N) n '14' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune The Voice LiveSemi-Final PerformancesThe artists perform. (N) n 'PG' cc (10:01) TheWinner Is... SingersperformNewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) for a panel ofexperts. 'PG' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock TheAfter- How I Met Your Mike & Molly n 2 Broke Girls n Mike & Molly n Hawaii Five-0 Kapu A professor is mur KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ '14' cc '14' cc '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine math n '14' Mot her n '14' David Letterman (CBS) dered. n 'PG' cc (N) cc omg! Insider (N) n The Bachelorette Agameof dodgeball. (N) n '14' « (10:01) Mistresses Karenagrees to KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment 'PQ' cc meet withSam.(N) n '14' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG 11:00 (N) cc The Big Bang Raising Hope The Goodwin New Girl Bathtub n AngerManage- News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn Family GuyAirport KFXO l(g g! @lE! TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang '14' cc 'f4' cc 'PQ' cc '07 n '14' Men '14' cc Men 'PG' cc The ory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' (FOX) Games(N)'14' ment (N) n '14' First on FOX Big Band Vocalists Vocalists of the1940s,whobegansinging with orchestras John Denver Rocky Mountain High Live in Japan n 'G' «A 60s Pop FlashKOAB ~ gy ~ gy Ask This Old N i g htly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n acc (PBS) House 'G' cc R eport (N) n 'G' and dancebands,performtheir hits. n 'G' cc back NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) « I nsideEdition(N) TheyoiceLiveSemi-FinalPerformancesTheartistsperform.(N)n'PG'« (10:01) TheWinner Is... SingersperformNewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc 'PG' for a panel ofexperts. (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show n Seinfeld TheCal- Rules of Engage. Oh Sit! AsherMonroeperforms; players The Carrie Diaries Lie With MeDonna Cops Arizona n Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Rules of Engage. That '70s Show KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ The King of 'PG' cc 'PQ' cc zone 'G' « ment '14' ment '14' Queens n 'PG' compete. (N) n 'PG' « causes trouble. '14' « Substitute '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 M e xico05ayless Primal Grill Harpist's Legacy Van Cliburn International PianoCompetition World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n «


Wheel of Fortune The Bachelorette A game of dodgeball. (N) n '14' «

The GladesKiler BarbecueA barbecue Longmire A shepherdand his dogare (11:01) Longmire A shepherdandhis 3 28 1 8 32 Criminal Minds ating anappar- Criminal ent masssui cide. Investi n '14' gcc murdersMinds inNewSnake Jersey. Eyes '14' Ritualistic Criminal lifeguardMinds towers.Bodies n '14'are cc found in baron is killed. (N) '14' cc found dead.(N) '14' cc dog are founddead. '14' cc (5:30) ** "ConAir" (1997,Action) Nicolas Cage, JohnCusack, JohnMalkovich. *** "TheMummy"(1999, Adventure) BrendanFraser, RachelWeisz,JohnHannah. A mummyseeks (10:45) *** "TheMummy"(1999) BrendanFrassr. A 'AMC Vicious convicts hijacktheir flight. revengefor a3,000-year-old curse. « mummyseeksrevengefora3,000-year-oldcurse. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 ToBeAnnounced Call-Wildman Call-Wildman Call of Wildman Call-Wildman River Monsters: Year ofBeasts n Top HookerWaveRiders n 'PG Call of Wildman Call-Wildman BRAVO 13 44 Hou sewives/NJ Housewives/NJ Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Below Deck(N) Housewives/OC (10:01) Newlyweds:TheFirst Year D o g and Beth: On the Hunt n '14' Dog and Beth: Onthe Hunt n '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc Redneck Island n '14 Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreedMobMoney American GreedShipwrecked Mad Money American GreedMobMoney American GreedShipwrecked Teeter HangUps Cancer: Winning CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 Always Sunny (6:27) Tosh.0 '14' Colbert Report Daily Show Ke y & Peele '14' (8:29) Futurama(8:58) Futurama (9:29) South Park (9:59) South Park South Park 'MA' Daily Show COTV 11 Paid Program myWindow Desert CookingOregon ExtremeDesire AdvJournal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show myWindow Ci t y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 First Ladies: Influence & Image Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today ** "Frenemies" (2012)Bella Thorne. n « 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e s sie'G' « A.N.T. Farm n Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7 Good-Charlie J e s sie G « *DISC 15 21 16 37 FastN'Loudn'14'cc Fast N' LoudTrials of aT-Bird '14' Fast N' Loud: Revved Up(N) cc F a st N' Loud (N) n '14' cc Street Outlaws MidnightRiders'14 Fast N' Loud n '14' cc *E! ** "He'sJust NolThatInto You" (2009) BenAffleck, Jennifer Aniston, DrewBarrymore 13 25 The Wanted Life '14' E! News(N) Fashion Police Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 MLBBaseball: RedSoxatRays Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 CollegeBaseball SportsCenter (N)(Live) « Lombardi's Legacy Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)sc s NASCARNow NFL Live (N) « SportsNation (N) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Network Stars Basketball From Fe b. 25, 2010. « Classic WideWorld of Sports SportsCentury cc SportsCentury SportsCentury SportsCentury cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. FAM 67 29 19 41 Switched at Birth Uprising n 'PG' Switched at Birth n 'PG' cc Switched at Birth (N) n '14' « The Fosters Consequently(N)'14' Pretty Little Liars n '14' « The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive *** "Kung FuPanda"(2008,Comedy)VoicesofJackBlack,AngelinaJolie. *** "KungFuPanda" (2008),Angelina Jolie FX 131 How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men HGTV 17 49 33 43 My First Place My First Place Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It (N) 'Q' cc House Hunters Hunters Int'I Lo v e It or List It Kowalik Famil 'G' y *HIST 15 42 41 36 AmericanPickers'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' American Pickers (N) 'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' Restoration Re s toration LIFE 13 39 20 31 *"Because/Said So"(2007) DianeKeaton, MandyMoore. « ** "RumorHasit..." (2005) Jennifer Aniston, KevinCostner. « ** "TheSwitch" (2010) Jennifer Aniston, JasonBateman. « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 MindRight Min d Right Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14 Awkward. '14' A wkward. '14 Teen Wolf Tattoo n '14' Teen Wolf Apossibleclue. (N)'14 (11:02) TeenWolf n '14 NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Sam & Cat'G' Drake & Josh n Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny'PG' The Nanny'PG Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Shocking Family Secrets n '14' Dateline on OWN Twisted Faith '14' Dateline on OWN n '14' « Datehneon OWNn 14 « Dateline on OWN Twisted Faith '14 OWN 161 103 31 103 Shocking Family Secrets n '14' PAC12 47 310310310 Women's Bsk. Women's College Basketball OregonState at Oregon Women's CollegeBasketball Oregonat OregonState Women's Bsk Women's CollegeBasketball: Cougarsat Huskies Wm. Basketball *** "Dodgeba/I: A TrueUnderdog Story" (2004) VinceVaughn. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Tattoo Night. T a t too Night. (6:58) *** "Dodgeba/I: ATrueUnderdog Story" (2004, Comedy)n Never Ever Do Never Ever Do SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) ** "Godzi//a" (1998)MatthewBroderick, Jean Reno. « Defiance GoodBye BlueSky'14' Defiance (N) '14' « Warehouse13 Runaway(N)n '14' Defiance '14' « TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord 'Y' cc Joel Osteen 'PG' Perry Stone L i v e-Holy LandCreflo Dollar 'G Behind Scenes Praise the Lord The KingpQ of Seinfeld TheTrip Seinfeld TheTrip Seinfeld The F amily Guy n Family Guyn Family Guyn Family Guyn Deon Cole's BlackFamily Guyn Conan VinceVaughnandOwenWilson. 'TBS 16 27 11 28 Queens 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc '14' cc '14' cc '14' cc '14' cc Bubble Boy'PG' '14' « Box '14' (N) cc (5;00) *** (6:45) **"ChainLightning" (1950) HumphreyBogart, Eleanor Parker. A World ** "Oi HumanBondage"(1946, Drama)Eleanor Parker, PaulHenreid. Anartist- ** "Never SayGoodbye" (1946,Comedy)Errol Flynn. Agirl TCM 1 01 44 1 01 29 Caged ( I 950) War II bomber pilot works for anunscrupulous boss. « turned-doctor is draw n to a promiscuouswaitress. «(DVS) tries to reunite herdivorced parents. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 Toddlers & Tiaras Glitzy Divas 'PG' Little People Big World: Separation Cake Boss 'PG Cake Boss 'PG Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG Surreal Estate (N) n 'PG' « Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG' Major CrimesTaoquestions his past Major Crimes Rustywondersif Dunn Major Crimes LongShotMajor Crimes Major Crimes FinalCut Adirector's wife King & Maxwell Pilot Seanrepresents a (11:05) Major Crimes Adirector's wife is *TNT actions. '14' « can be trusted. '14' « and the FBIteam up.'14' is foundmurdered.(N)'14' serial killer. (N) '14' « foundmurdered 14 cc *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Adventure Time Regular Show MAD 'PG King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food Man v. Food Man v. Food'G' Man v.Food Burger Land(N) Best Sandwich Bizarre Foods America 'PG' cc Bizarre Foods America 'PG' cc M * A*S*H 'PG' M * A*S*H 'PG' M * A*S*H 'PG' T h e Exes '14' Lo v e.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' USA 15 30 23 30 NCISMinimumSecurity'PG'« NCISMarineDownn'PG'« WWE MondayNight RAWTriple H returns but will Mr. McMahonallowhimto wrestle Curtis Axel?(N) « (11:05) GracelandGraceland'14 VH1 191 48 37 54 (4:45)"IThink/Love MyWife"n Lov e & Hip Hop: Atlantan'14' Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (N) '14' H i t the Floor Out Bounds of (N) '14' Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta n '14' Hit the Floor Out of Bounds n '14 *A&E


** "Rei ndeerGames"2000 BenAffleck.'R'« 106 401 306401(610) ** "Jersey Girl" 2004BenAffleck, Liv Tyler. n 'PG 13' « (9:45) *** "Ransom"1996,SuspenseMelGibson,Rene Russo.n 'R'cc *** "TheSocial Network" 2010,DramaJesse Eisenberg. 'PG-13' « ** "Acr osstheUniverse"2007 Evan RachelWood.'PG-13'« 104 204104120(5:00) *** "TheSocial Network" 2010'PG-13 34 The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG' Best of PRIDEFighting UFC Unleashed

28 301 27 301 Big BreakMexico (N)

Live From

Inside PGATour Learning Center

Big BreakMexico

Live From

The Golf Fix

HALL 66 33175 33 Little HouseonthePrairie'G' Little House on the Prairie 'PG' Lit t le House on the Prairie 'G' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier 'G' « Fra sier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 "Harry Potter-Chamber Pussy Riot - APunk Prayer" 2013 'NR' « (7:15) *"ThisMeansWar"2012 ReeseWitherspoon. n 'PG-13' cc Game of ThronesMhysan 'MA' B o x ing IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "V for Vendetta" 2006Natalie Portman (7:45) * "Crank:HighVoltage" 2009Jason Statham. Premiere. 'R (9:45) *** "V for Vendetta" 2006,Action Natalie Poitman, HugoWeaving. 'R * "Battlefield Earth" 2000JohnTravolta. n 'PG-13' cc ** "MeettheFockers" 2004 RobertDeNiro. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400508 508 Saving Private (6:35) *"TheSitter" 2011 JonahHil. n 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30209 NHL HockeyChi cagoBlackhawksatLosAngelesKings(N)(Live) NHL Live (N) F1 Pre-Race F o rmula One RacingCanadianGrandPrix FromGiles-Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal. Brain GamesRememberThis! 'G Brain Games'G Brain Games'G' Brain Games Brain Games NGC 157 15 7 B r ain Games 'GNone of the B r a in Games Remember This! 'G ' B r ain Games 'G None of the NTOON 89 115189115 SpongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob Sp o ngeBob Sp o ngeBob SpongeBob Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Danny Phantom Danny Phantom

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Heartland Bow Fisher's ATV S avage Wild B o t tom Feeders Ivan Carter Best of West Elite Tactical Unit Sig Academy *** "Richard PryonOmitthe Logic" 2013 'NR' SHO 500 500 Th e Big Empty (6:45) ** "ReindeerGames"2000,Crime DramaBenAffleck. 'R SPEED 35 303125303 Faster Than Faster Than D u mbest Stuff Dumbest StuffPinks - All Out '14' Faster Than F a ster Than STARZ 300 408 300408 (5:45) ** "John Carter" 2012Taylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' cc Da Vinc i'sDemons n 'MA'« Da Vinc i'sDemons n 'MA'« *** "Shakespearein Love" 1998JosephFiennes. 'R TMC 525 525 ** "Howfo Lose Friends& A/ienale People"2008 Simon Pegg.'R *WE

14 41 174 118Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G

Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG'

Your Weapon Bottom Feeders Fisher's ATV Savage Wild Nurse Jackie n The Borgias n 'MA' « ** Saw 2004 Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Unique Whips 'PG' (10:05) ** "Spark/e" 2012,DramaJordin Sparks. n 'PG-13' « (10:05) ** "BeiAmi" 2012Robert Pattinson. Premiere. n 'R' « Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G'

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013

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'In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. ISports programming mayvary. •


I I I • I II I I II I I II KATU 2013 NBAFinals MiamiHeat at SanAntonio SpursGame3. Fromthe AT&TCenter in SanAntonio. (N) (Live) Jimmy Kimmel Live Paid Program







Paid Program Jeopardy! (N) rr Wheel of Fortune KATU Newsat11 (11:35) JimmyKim'Q' CC (N) '14' « mel Live '14' (N) rr 'G' cc (N) rr cc NewsChannel 21 at 6(N) cc Jeopardy! (N) n Wheel of Fortune The Voice LiveSemi-Final ResultsTheart (9:01) America's GotTalent Hopefulsperformfor the judges. (N) n 'PG' cc NewsChannel 21at The Tonight Show 'Q' CC (N) rr 'G' « ists face elimination. (N)'PG' « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno(N) Access Hollywood Who Wants to Be a NewAdventures of 30 Rock Blind Date NCIS GoneTheteam searches for an NCIS: Los Angeles AMarine's widow Brooklyn DA (N) n 'PG' cc KOIN Local 6 at11 Late Show With (N) n'PG' « Mill i onaire'G' Old Christine n '1 4 ' « David Letterman abducted girl. n '14' cc (DVS) wants an investigation. n '14' (N)CC 2013 NBAFinals MiamiHeat at SanAntonio SpursGame3. Fromthe AT&TCenter in SanAntonio. (N) (Live) KEZI 9News at 6:30 Entertainment To- omg! Insider (N) Jimmy Kimmel Live KEZI 9Newsat 11:00(N) « (11:35) JimmyKimCC (N) '14' « mel Live '14' (N)CC night (N) rr « rr « Two andaHalfMen TwoandaHalfMen TheBigBang The Big Bang So You ThinkYou CanDance VegasCallbacks Thehcpefuls goto LasVegas. (N) n News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guy n '14' ccFamily Guy n '14' cc 'pQ' '14' rr '14' CC CC CC Theory 'PG' cc Theory 'PG' cc First on FOX(N) Ask This Old House Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n « Barbra Streisand: OneNight Only at the Village Vanguard n Muddy Waters & the Rolling Stones Live n 'PG' « Back CareBasics: Yoga for the Rest of CC

'Q' CC

Report (N) n 'G'

'Q' CC

Inside Edition (N)n The Voice LiveSemi-Final ResultsTheart (9:01) America's GotTalent Hopefulsperformfor the judges. (N) rc'PG' « 'PQ' CC ists face elimination. (N)'PG' « Seinfeld TheWait Rules of Engage Hart of Dixie TheguyRoselikesfalls for America's NextTop ModelThemodels Cops Palm Beach n Seinfeld TheJunior 'pQ' CC Out n 'PG' cc ment 'PG' cc Zoe. n 'PG' cc travel to Jamaica. rr '14' « Mint n 'PG' *** "Inlaws & Outlaws" (2005, Documentary) n « BBC World News Tavis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose (N) n cc

KGW NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N)cc

(NBC) 6PM (N) cc

6:30PM (N) cc KTVZDT2TheKing ofQueens That'70s Show

(CW) n 'PG'

OPBPL Rachel's-Food

GarageSale 'PG Perfect Day 'G

Us 'G' cc

NewsChannel 8at TheTonightShow With Jay Leno(N) 11 (N) cc Rules of Engage- That '70s Show ment '14' « Squ e eze Box '14' PBS NewsHour n cc

S t orage Wars S t orage Wars That' Storage s Wars(N) Storage Wars (N) Shipping Wars (N) Shipping Wars(N) (11:01) Shipping (11:31) Shipping 'pQ' CC 'pQ' CC 'pQ' CC 'pQ' CC 'pQ' CC Wars 'PG' cc Wars 'PG' cc My Jerry! ** "Reign ofFire" (2002,Fantasy)Christian Bale,MatthewMcConaughey. Surviving ** "The MummyReturns" (2001,Adventure) BrendanFraser, RachelWeisz,John Hannah. Premiere.Twoevil forces pursuethe son ** "TheMummyReturns" (2001) Brendan 'AMC clusters ofhumansfight a draconianmenace. of adventurer RickO'Connell. « Fraser, RachelWeisz. cc *ANPL To Be Announced River Monsters: Unhooked'PG' cc R i ver Monsters: Unhooked n 'PG' N o r th America n 'PG North America Born to BeWild 'PG River Monsters:Unhooked n 'PG BRAVO Don't Be Tardy... Don't Be Tardy.. HousewivesIOC TheRealHousewivesofNew Jersey The Real HousewivesofNew Jersey Don't BeTardy... Housewives!OC Don't Be Tardy Reba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « *** "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993)RobinWiliams. Anestranged dadposesas a nanny to be with his children, rc « CMT Reba 'PG' cc Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 60 Minutes on CNBC American Greed Mad Money 60 Minutes on CNBC American Greed Paid Program F o rever Young CNN Piers MorganLive (N) (Live) Anderson Cooper 360 cc Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Col bert Report COM (5:56) South Park (6:27) Tosh.0 '14' Colbert Report Daily Show Amy Schumer (8:29) Tosh.0'14' (8:59) Tosh.0 '14' Tosh.0 '14' cc To s h.0 '14' cc Am y Schumer Daily Show COTV Paid Program myWindow Redmond City Council myWindow Cit y Edition CSPAN (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings *DIS Good-Charlie Jes sie 'G' cc A.N.T. Farm « A u s tin & Ally 'G' Good-Charlie Au s tin & Ally 'G Jessie 'G' « A.N. T. Farm 'G' Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7 Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' cc *DISC Deadliest Catch Fist to theFace'14' Deadliest CatchGoodbyeJake '14' D e adliest Catch:Deck On (N) n '14 Deadhest Catch (N) n '14' cc Backyard Oil 'PG' Backyard Oil Deadhest Catch n 14 cc *E! (4:30)"He's Just NotThatInto You" E! News(N) Sex and the City Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Fashion Police Fashion Police (N) Chelsea Lately (N) E! News ESPN Soccer Soccer 2014FIFAWorldCupQualifier: United Statesvs. Panama(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 Lombardi's Legacy Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NBA Tonight (N) NASCAR Now(N) NFLLive(N) « Golf cc Golf cc Golf cc Golf cc ESPNC NFL History NFL History NFL History NF L History Lombardi's Legacy ESPNN SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express ESPNFCPress Highlight Express FAM Pretty Little Liars n '14' « Pretty Little Liars n '14' « Pretty Little Liars A Is forA-I-i-v-e '14' Twisted Pilot (N) n '14' « Twisted Pilot n '14' « The 700 Club rr 'PG' « FNC Hannity (N) On the RecordWIGretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On the RecordWIGretaVanSusteren The Five 'FOOD ChoppedNopal es,NoProblem 'G ChoppedTheBig Scoop'G' Chopped OwnIt! 'G Chopped TakeHeart 'G' Chopped CleaverFever(N)'G' Chopped EasyPeasy?'G FX How I Met!Mother How I Met!Mother Two andHalfMen Two and HalfMen *** "Superman Returns" (2006,Adventure) BrandonRcuth, KateBoswcrth,JamesMarsden. TheManof Steel facesLexLuthor SupermanRet. HGTV House Hunters Renovation 'G' cc Hunters Int'I House Hunters 'G Property Virgins Property Virgins Flip or Flop 'G' F l ip or Flop 'G House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I Renovate to Rent Renovate to Rent *HIST Modern Marvels PocketTools 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars(N) Counting Cars(N) Restoration Restoration Larry the CableGuy LIFE Pretty Wicked Moms '14' cc Dance Moms 'PG' cc Dance Moms'PG' « Dance Moms(N)'PG' cc Pretty Wicked Moms(N) '14' « (11:01) Pretty WickedMoms'14' MSNBC The RachelMaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews cc MTV Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. n '14' Awkward. n '14 Awkward. (N) '14' Awkward After The Alectrix '14' Awkward. n '14 NICK Spongegob Sp o ngeBob Sam & Cat n 'G' Drake & Josh 'Y7 Full House n 'G' Full House n 'G Full House n 'G' Full House n 'G The Nanny'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends '14' cc (11:33) Friends n The Haves andthe Have Nots 'PG' The Havesand the HaveNots 'PG' The Haves andthe HaveNots 'PG' The Havesand the HaveNots 'PG The Havesand the HaveNots 'PG OWN The Havesand the Have Nots 'PG Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 PAC12 Pac-12 Football in 60 The12 Best The 12 Best SPIKE Ink Master InkMaster Revealed'Y7' Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Tattoo Nightmares Never Ever Do Never EverDo SYFY Scare Tactics vr Scare Tactics vr Exit Are YouReadyto Play? 'PG' Total Blackout T o tal Blackout Total Blackout (N) Total Blackout Exit Don't Shred onMe(N) 'PG' « Total Blackout Total Blackout TBN Joseph Prince 'G Rod Parsley Praise the Lord 'Y' « ACLJ This Week Full Flame cc Praise the Lord Secrets-Clement Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes King ofQueens Seinfeld ThePitch Seinfeld TheTicket Seinfeld n 'PG' cc The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang W ho Gets the Last TheBigBang Conan JonahHill; CocoandIce-T. (N) cc *TBS The 'PG' 'PQ' CC 'PQ' CC Theory '14' « Theory '14' « Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Laugh? '14' The o ry n '14' Kissed (5:00) *** "Baby ** "Female"(1933)Ruth Chatterton, (7:45) **** "His GirlFriday" (1940,Comedy)Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell. Comedy ***"yyomanofthe Year"(1942, Comedy)KatharineHepburn, Spencer Tracy. Sports- ** "They All TCM Face"cc George Brent. « erupts in this reworking of"The Front Page." « writer wedscolumnist whosecareer comesfirst. «(DVS) theBride" 'TLC Toddlers & Tiaras n 'PG' « Family S.O.S.With Jo Frost n 'PG' T h e Little Couple Finally a Fami 'PGly Family S.O.S.With Jo Frost (N) 'PG' My Teen Is Pregnant and SoAmI (N) Family S.O.S.With Jo Frost n 'PG Castle HeadCaseAcrime scenewithout a Castle Kick theBallistics A womanis shot Castle Eye of theBeholder Investigating a Castle DemonsInvestigating a ghost Castle Cops &Robbers MarthaandCastle Rizzoli & Isles Don't StopDancing, Girl A 'TNT victim. n 'PG' cc with Ryan's stolengun. rr 'PG' murder and atheft. vr 'PG' hunter's murder. 'PG' «(DVS) are held hostage. rr 'PG' dancer's mother iskilled. '14' "TOON Regular Show Regular Show JohnnyTest'Y7' TeenTitansGo! Looney Tunes Adventure Time King of the Hill n King of the Hill n American Dad '14' American Dad'14 Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14' 'TRAV Bizarre FoodsWith AndrewZimmern Man v. Food'PG' Man v.Food'PG' World'sBusiestBorderCrossing'PG Airport 24I7: Mi Airport 24I7: Mi Extreme Parking (N) 'PG' « Off Limits (N) 'PG' Off Limits (N) 'PG *A*S*H M*A*S*H 'PG' M*A*S*H 'PG' TVLND (5:46) M (6:23) M'A'S*H The Exes 'PG' L o ve-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love.Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n L aw I Order: Special Victims Unit n Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n Law & Order: Special Victims Unit n CSE CrimeSceneInvestigation '14' I'm Married to A... (N) n '14 I'm Married to A... n '14 VH1 (5:45) *** "NewJack City" (1991)WesleySnipes, Ice-T. n cc Hit the Floor Out ofBounds n '14' Lov e & Hip Hop: Atlanta n '14' *A&E

Storage Wars 'pQ' CC

Storage Wars 'pQ' CC

Storage Wars S t orage Wars 'pQ' CC


*** "BlazingSaddles" 1974Cleavon Little. 'R' « Wagthe Dog'R' ** " Dracula: Deadand LovingIt"1995 Leslie Nielsen (9:40) ** "Spaceballs" 1987,ComedyMelBrooks. rr 'PG' « (11:20)ThePatriot *** "Marley & Me"2008,Comedy-DramaOwenWilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane.'PG' « ** "Country Strong" 2010, DramaGwyneth Paltrow. 'PG-13' « (5:00) *** "Marley &Me"2008OwenWilson. 'PG' UFC Countdown(N) UFC Tonight (N) UFC Insider UF C : Barao vs. McDonald UFC Tonight U F C Insider Live From Live From Live From HALL Little House on the Prairie 'G' cc Little House on the Prairie 'PG' cc Little House on the Prairie 'PG' cc Frasier 'PG' « Fra sier 'PG' « Fra sier 'PG' « Fra sier 'G' « Frasier 'G' « Fra s ier 'PG' « HBO (5:30) ** "Purple Violets" 2007SelmaBlair. 'NR' cc Real Time With Bill Maher 'MA' « ** "Dark Shadows"2012, ComedyJohnny Depp. n 'PG-13' cc Family Tree '14 Game of ThronesMhysa'MA' « * "The HillsHaveEyes2" 2007, Horror Michael McMilian. 'NR IFC (5:00) *** "Little MissSunshine" (7:15) ** "The HillsHaveEyes" 2006Aaron Stanford. Bloodthirsty mutants hunt fresh meat EvilDead 2 1987 *** "TheBest Exotic MarigoldHotel" 2011 Judi Dench.'PG-13' cc MAX (5:45) ** "The Chronicles of Riddick"2004 Vin Diesel. n 'NR' cc (10:05) ** "Alienvs. Predator" 2004SanaaLathan. n (11:45) Banshee NBCSN (5:00) NHLHockeyPittsburgh Penguinsat BostonBruin s IndyCar 36 'PG N H L Live (N) (LiThe ve) Crossover P r o Football Talk To Be Announced Cycling CriteriumDauphine Libere, Stage8 The Devil's Playground '14 NGC Polygamy,USA(N) 'PG Taboo USAStrangeBonds(N)'14 Polygamy, USA GodHasSpoken'PG' Polygamy,USA'PG Taboo USAStrange Bonds '14' NTOON Odd Parents Od d Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Back at, Barnyard Back at, Barnyard DannyPhantom Danny Phantom OUTD Hunting, Country Most Wanted Hunting TV King of the Spring Western Extreme Marc & Todd's Truth Hunting H u nting, Country Driven TV King of the Spring TecomateWhite Western Extreme HcwSheDoes lt" "360" 2011,DramaAnthonyHopkins, BenFoster. Premiere. 'R' SHO * "I Don'I Know NurseJackie'MA' TheBorgias'MA' (7:15) ** "LiberalAris" 2012,Comedy-Drama Josh Radnor.'PG-13' « SPEED Stuntbusters 'PG' Stuntbusters 'PG American Trucker American Trucker Gearz Gearz 'G' Stuntbusters 'PG' Stuntbusters 'PG' American Trucker American Trucker Unique Whips '14' ***"TheAmazingSpider-Man" STARZ (4:45) Cursed « (6:25) *** "PremiumRush"2012 n 'PG-13' « Magic City TheYearof theFin 'MA' Magic City FeedingFrenzy'MA' « Magic City n 'MA's«s ** "Dr.T& the Women"2000,Romance-ComedyRichardGere.rr'R TMC (5:30) *"TheScarlet Letter"1995, DramaDemiMoore. rr 'R' « (10:05) *** "Chicago" 2002Catherine Zeta-Jones. vr 'PG-13' « 'WE Pregnant & Dating Parties '14 Marriage BootCamp:Bridezillas '14' Marriage Boot Camp:Bridezillas '14' B ridezillas Haley andAriel '14 Bridezillas DezjuanandAriel '14 Pregnant &Dating Secrets'14' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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Wheel of Fortune The Middle 'PG' «Family Tools Role Modern Family How to Live With ABC's The Lookout YourFamilyVaca- KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc n 'PG' (N) n 'G' Model 'PG' Your Parents Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) (DVS) tion(N) n « (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBC(N) n 'PG' cc Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago FireAmbitionCaseyreceives NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) UndercoverBlue n 14 « an unexpectedvisit. n '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock Jackthe The American Baking Competition Criminal Minds A timecapsule holds CSE CrimeScene Investigation Risky KOIN Local 6 at 11 Late ShowWith KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine Writer '14' Cak es (N) n « BusinessClass n 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) somethinggruesome. n '14' (N) cc KEZI 9 Newsat KEZI 9 News at Entertainment omg! Insider (N) The Middle 'PG' «Family Tools Role Modern Family How to Live With ABC's The Lookout YourFamilyVaca KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD n 'PG' Your Parents Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG cc (DVS) Model 'PG' tion(N) n « 11:00 (N) cc Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang MasterChefTop16 Compete,Part1 andPart 2 Preparing a steakmeal for fire News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn FamilyGuyBoys KFXO lII lE} (EI lE! Twoanda Half '14' cc Men '14' cc Men 'PG' cc The ory n '14' Theory n 'PG' fighters. (N) n '14' «(DVS) (FOX) First on FOX Do Cry n '14' Viewers' Choice Popularprogramsfrompublic television's pledgeare rebroadcast KOAB ~ gy gy gy Burt Wolf: Travels Nightly Business PBS NewsHour(N) n acc (PBS) & Traditions R e port (N) n 'G' NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) DatelineNBC(N)n'PG'cc Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago FireAmbitionCaseyreceives NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) UndercoverBlue n '14' « an unexpectedvisit. n '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show I Seinfeld The Invita- Rules of Engage. Arrow LoneGunmenSomeone kills one Supernatural A manhasmurderous Cops n '14' cc Seinfeld The R u les of Engage. That '70s Show KTVZDT2 @ ~ @ @ The Kingof ment '14' 5:15 '14' « Queens n 'PG' Love Cake 'PG' tions n 'PG' of Oliver's targets. '14' « mghtmares n 14 « Smelly Car 'PG' ment '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 S e afood Cook Seafood Cook On the Trail of Capt John Smith Distinctive Homes-Chesapeake World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'G' « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n «

Jeopardy! (N)n

Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty PlanDuck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty (11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy3 28 1 8 32 The First 48'1Murder Duckcc Dynasty 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Bee 'PG' nasty'PG' «nasty 'PG' « ing tattoos. 4' cc victims havematch- 'PQ' CSE MiamiLaw&Disorder Horatio CSE Miami HabeasCorpseAn enemyof *** "The Mummy" (1999, Adventure) BrendanFraser,RachelWeisz,JohnHannah.A mummy seeks (10:45)***"TheMummy" (1999)BrendanFraser.A 'AMC uncovers a scandal. n '14' cc the CSls turns updead. '14' revengefor a3,000-year-old curse. « mummyseeksrevengefora3,000-year-oldcurse. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 ToBeAnnounced Redneck Road. Eating-Enemy Off the Hook O f f the Hook Call-Wildman Call-Wildman Call-Wildman C all-Wildman Off the Hook O f f the Hook BRAVO 13 44 Mil l ion Dollar H o usewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Million Dollar Listing NewYork '14' Chef Roble I Co. (N) '14 Million Dollar Listing NewYork'14' CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Redneck Island n '14' DogandBeth:OntheHuntn '14' Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded *** "TheQueenofVersailes" (2012, Documentary) CNBC 54 36 40 52 *** "TheQueenof Versailes" (2012,Documentary) Premiere Mad Money MadIII Ge t Sub D CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers Morgan Live (N)(Live ) Ande r son Cooper 360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Live Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Bumett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 (5:54) South Park (6:25) Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show (7:57) Futurama (8:28) Futurama (8:59) South Park South Park 'MA' Futurama n '14' South Park 'MA' Daily Show COTV 11 Bend City Council Work Session B end City Council myWindow Ci t y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings *** "Geek Charming" (2011,Comedy)Sarah Hyland. n 'PG' « 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Gravity Falls 'Y7' Good-Charhe J e ss>e G « *DISC 15 21 16 37 MythBuSterSn'PG'cc The Big Brain Theory: PureGenius Outrageous Acts of Science'14 MythBusters (N) n '14' cc Fast N' Loud n '14' cc MythBusters n '14' cc *E! 13 25 Kee ping Up With the Kardashians E! News (N) The Wanted Life '14' Keeping UpWith the Kardashians The Soup '14' Fashion Police Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 (5:00) MLBBaseballClevelandlndiansatTexasRangers(N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 WNBABasketbalhSunatFever High School Basketball SportsNation « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)sc s NASCARNow SportsNation « SportsCenter Golf cc Golf cc Golf cc Golf cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Golf cc Golf From June15,2006, cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. FAM 67 29 19 41 Baby Daddy'PG' Baby Daddy'PG' Melissa &Joey Melissa 8 Joey Melissa & Joey Baby Daddy '14' Dancing Fools Melissa &Joey Twisted Pilot n '14' « The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant: Impossible 'G' Restaurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant Stakeout (N) 'G' Mystery Diners Mystery Diners ** "Transformers:Revengeof theFa//en (2009, ScienceFiction)Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox. FX 131 Green Hornet A nger Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Transformers:Revenge HGTV 17 49 33 43 Property Brothers'G' « Property Brothers'G' « Elbow Room'G' Elbow Room 'G Property Brothers'G' cc House Hunters Hunters Int'I Property Brothers'G' cc *HIST 15 42 41 36Swamp People UnderSiege' PG' American Pickers TrainWreck'PG' American Pickers 'PG' cc Larry the CableGuy Top Shot All-Stars (N) 'PG' cc (11:02) IceRoadTruckers '14 LIFE 13 39 20 31 UnsolvedMysteries'14' « Unsolved Mysteries '14' « Unsolved Mysteries '14' « Unsolved Mysteries '14' cc Unsolved Mysteries '14' « (11:01) UnsolvedMysteries '14 MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 MindRight Min d Right Awkward. '14' A wkward. '14 Awkward. '14 Awkward. '14 The Real World n '14' « The Real World (N) n '14' « (11:02) TheRealWorld (N) n '14 NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Sam & Cat'G' Drake & Josh n Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor Thy Neighbor OWN 161 103 31 103 NY ER'14' « NYE R '14' « PAC12 47 310310310 Women's College Basketball Women's CollegeBasketball: Pac-12Tournament Women's College a Bsketball: Huskies atSunDevils Women's CollegeBasketball OregonState at Oregon Wm. Basketball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Expendables * * "T he Expendables" (2010,Action) Sylvester Stallone, JasonStatham,Jet Li. n Spike GuysChoice 2013(N) n '14' Spike GuysChoice2013 n '14 SYFY 13 35 133 45 Exit Don't Shred on Me'PG' « Paranormal Witness 'PG Ghost Hunters ScreamPark'PG' Ghost Hunters (N) n 'PG' « ParanormalWitness (N)'PG' Ghost Hunters n 'PG' « TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince End of the Age Praise the Lord 'Y' « AlwaysGood J esseDuplantis EasterExper. C refloDollar'G' Praise the Lord Y « The King of Seinfeld TheWallet Seinfeld TheWatchSeinfeld The Opera Family Guyn Family Guyn The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan NathanFilion; Brett Michaels. 'TBS 'PG' 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Queens n 'G' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' (N) cc (5:00) *** "ImitationofLife" (1959, (7:15) **"TheRainsofRanchipur" (1955, Drama)LanaTurner. Premiere. English (9:15) *** "TheSeaChase"(1955, War)JohnWayne, LanaTurner, DavidFarrar. Anti-Nazi German "TheBad andthe TCM Drama) LanaTurner. « lord's wife lovesHindudoctor amidnatural disaster. woos Nazispy onfreighter hunted byBritish. Beautiful" *TLC 17 34 32 34 Toddlers&Tiarasn'PG' « My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I Breaking Amish: BraveNewWorld Toddlers & Tiaras (N)'PG' « TheGood Buy The Good Buy Toddlers &Tiarasn 'PG'« Castle Kill ShotTheteam searches for a Castle Till Death Do Us PartThe death Castle Dial Mfor Mayor Murderinvesti Castle Thedeathof afamousdog Castle TheBlueButterfly Investigating a Falling Skies OnThin IceTomis *TNT sniper. n 'PG' « of a ladies' man 'PG' cc gation leads tothemayor. 'PG' trainer. n 'PG' cc murder from1947. n 'PG' elected to a political office. '14' *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Wrld, Gumball NinjaGo: Mstrs Teen Titans Go! KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food'G' BurgerLand Burger Land ToyHunter'PG' ToyHunter'PG' DigWars'PG' Dig Wars 'PG' Rock My RV Rock My RV M * A*S*H 'PG' M * A*S*H 'PG' M * A*S*H 'PG' L o v e.Raymond Love.RaymondLove-Raymond Love-Raymond Clevela nd:BehindtheHotness TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland USA 15 30 23 30 NCISIdentityCrisisn'PG' « NCIS DesignatedTarget '14' « NCISRoyalsandLoyals'PG'« Royal Pains Hankwatch(N) 'PG (10:01) NecessaryRoughness'PG' (11:02) NCIS:Los Angeles n '14' VH1 191 48 37 54 100 Greatest Songs ofthe'90s n 1 0 0 Greatest Songs ofthe'90s n 100 Greatest Songsofthe'90s n 1 00 Greatest Songs ofthe'90s n C ouples Therapy (N) n '14' Model Employee(N) n '14 *A&E

*** "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" 2011, SuspenseDaniel Craig. n 'R' « 106 401306401 *** "Po/tergeist"1982, Horror Craig T. Nelson. n 'PG' « (10:40) * "GhostRider: Spirit of Vengeance"2012 *** "B/ack HawkDown" 2001, WarJosh Hartnett, EwanMcGregor, TomSizemore. 'R' « 104204104120 Me,Myse/f * "M e, Myse/f & Irene"2000, Comedy Jim Carrey, ReneeZellweger. 'R' « 34 (5:00) UFCReloaded RandyCouturecomes out of retirement. The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG' UFC: Baraovs. McDonald 28 301 27 301 Live From Live From 19th Hole Live From HALL 66 33 175 33 Little House on the Prairie 'PG' Lit t le House on the Prairie 'PG' Lit t le House on the Prairie 'PG' Fra s ier n 'PG' F r asier 'G' « Fra sier n 'PG' F r asier 'G' « Frasier'G' « Fr a sier n 'PG' *** "Behindthe Candelabra" 2013 MichaelDouglas. n cc HBO 425 501 425501 (5:45) ** "The Three Veep 'MA' « G a me of Thrones Mhysa n 'MA' (11:05) RealTimeWith Bill Maher Stooges" 2012SeanHayes. **** "TheShawshankRedemption"1994, DramaTimRobbins, MorganFreeman, BobGunton. 'R *** "ValhallaRising" 2009 'NR IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) **** "TheShawshankRedemption"1994Tim Robbins.'R ** "WildOrchid" 1989 MickeyRourke. n 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 (6:05) *** "Speed"1994, Action KeanuReeves. n 'R' cc Banshee TheRave n 'MA' cc (10:45) *** "Casino 1995 Robert De Niro. n 'R NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (5:00) NHL Hockey ConferenceFinal: TeamsTBA(N) N H L Live (N) The Crossover Pro Football Talk Volleyball FIVBWorld League Motorcycle Racing 'PG' Alaska StateTroopers'14' Breakout'14'cc (DVS) NGC 157 157 A l aska State Troopers'14 Locked UpAbroad (N)'PG Alaska State Troopers '14' Locked UpAbroad'PG NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Od d Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard DannyPhantom Danny Phantom OUTD 37 307 43 307 Elite Tactical Unit SeasonDebrief A m er. Rifleman Shooting Gallery Best Defense Elite Tactical Unit SeasonDebrief Shooting USA cc Your Weapon Shooting Gallery f SHO 500 500 Jim Rome onShowtime (N)'MA' The Borgias n MA « Jim Rome onShowtime 'MA' (5:00) ** Die AnotherDay"2002Pierce Brosnan (7:25) ** "Knuck/ebal/l" 2012 'NR'e« s SPEED 35 303125 303 Wrecked 'PG' Wrecked '14' Pinks 'PG Pinks 'PG Car Warriors RaceCars '14' Wrecked 'PG' Wrecked '14' Pinks'PG' Pinks 'PG' Unique Whips '14' ** "Menin B/ack 3"2012 « STARZ 300 408 300408 (6:15) ** "10 Years" 2011,ComedyChanning Tatum. n 'PG-13' « Magic City Atonement n « Magic City SuicideBlondeeccs Magic City TheHarder TheyFall ***"TheSchoolofRock"2003,ComedyJackBlack.n 'PG-13 * «Spy Kids:All the Timein theWorld" 2011 'PG TMC 525 525 (6:15) *** "Knucklehead" 2010 Mark Feuerstein. n 'PG-13' « Wild Child2008 *WE 14 41 174118 L.A. Hair The Nail Biter '14 Marriage BootCamp: Bridezillas Marriage BootCamp:Bridezillas P r egnant & Dating Secrets '14' Pregnant & Dating Parties '14' Bridezillas HaleyandAriel '14' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

THE BULLETIN « JUNE 8 — 14, 2013

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'In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. •

v II








10 Minute Workout Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune KATU Newsat11 (11:35) JimmyKim'PG' 'Q' cc (N) '14' « (N) n 'G' cc mel Live '14' (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N) n Wheel of Fortune Save MeWWJDn Save MeHolier Than The OfficePaper (9:31) Parksand (10:01) Hannibal RelevesWil takes Abigail NewsChannel 21at The Tonight Show KTVZ NewsChannel 21 at 6(N) cc 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc (N) n 'G' cc Thou 'PG' (NBC) Airplane n 'PG' Recreation 'PG' to Minnesota.(N)n '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno(N) Torn TheBigBang (8:31) Twoand a (9:01) Person of Interest TheFBI pursues (10:01) Elementary Details DetectiveBell i KOIN Local 6 at11 Late Show With KBNZ AccessHollywood Who Wantsto Bea New Adventuresof 30RockJack'14' cc Mill i onaire 'G' O l d Christine Theory '14' « Half Men n '14' "the man inthe suit." 'PG' cc David Letterman (CBS) (N) n 'PG' « attacked.n '14' cc (N) cc (11:05) JimmyKimmel LiveShakira; Jay KOHD 2013 NBAFinals MiamiHeat at SanAntonio SpursGame4. Fromthe AT&TCenter in SanAntonio. (N) (Live) Entertainment To omg! Insider (N) Jimmy Kimmel LiveKEZI 9 Newsat 11:00(N) « cc (N) '14' « Baruchel; RobinThicke. (N)'14' (ABC) CC night(N) n 'PG' Hell's Kitchen 6 ChefsCompeteThechefs DoesSomeoneHavetoGo? DFX,Part2 News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc aHalfMen TwoandaHalfMen TheBigBang The Big Bang Family Guy Running Family Guy n '14' cc KFXO Two and n '14' cc 'PQ' cc (FOX) Theory 'PG' cc Theory 'PG' cc compete in arelay race. (N)'14' DFX SportsandFitness. '14' First on FOX(N) Mates n '14' Viewers' Choice Populaprograms r frompublic television's pledgeare rebroadcast KOAB Expeditions With Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n « (PBS) Patrick McMillan Report (N) n 'G' Inside Edition (N) n Save Me WWJDn Save Me Holier Than The Office Paper (9:31) Parksand (10:01) Hannibal RelevesWil takesAbigail NewsChannel 8 at The Tonight Show KGW NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) « 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Thou 'PG' With Jay Leno(N) (NBC) 6PM (N) cc 6:30PM (N) cc Airplane n 'PG' Recreation 'PG' to Minnesota.(N)n '14' 11 (N) cc Cops n 'PG' cc Seinfeld ThePilot Rules of Engage- That '70s Show My KTVZDT2TheKingofQueens That'70sShow n SeinfeldTheFoun- RulesofEngage. The VampireDiariesTheFiveRebekah's Beauty and the Beast Silverfoxhasa 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc ment 'PG' « inf ormation stuns Stefan. n '14' ment '14' cc Wife '14' cc (CW) n 'PG' dation 'PG' proposition forCat. n '14' « OPBPL Jacques Pepin Cooking School Catalina: Hollywood's Magical Island Lidia Celebrates America n 'G' BBC World News Tavm Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'PG' « PBS NewsHour n cc KATU 2013 NBAFinals MiamiHeat at SanAntonio SpursGame4. Fromthe AT&TCenter in SanAntonio. (N) (Live) Jimmy Kimmel LiveMade in America



Beyond ScaredStraight A youngstreet (11:01) BeyondScared Straight '14' « brawler visits jail. (N) '14' cc Showville Athens,Ohio Athens, Ohio. (N) Small Town Secu- Small Town Secu 'PQ' cc rity Inipi (N) '14' r ity '14' « Eating Giants: Elephant 'PG' cc Eating Giants: Hippo n 'PG' cc Tabatha TakesOver Studio157'14' T a batha Takes Studi Overo157'14 Hell's Kitchen 14Chefs Compete'14' Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded American Greed WEN Hair Care Paid Program Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront It's Always Sunny It's Always Sunny Daily Show Colbert Report The YogaShow The Yoga Show myWindow City Edition Capitol Hill Hearings Jessie 'G' « (10:10) Jessie 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7 Good-Charlie *DISC Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars n Property Wars(N) Property Wars Property Wars n Property Wars n *E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians E! News (N) Keeping UpWith the Kardashians Rihanna777n 14 « Fashion Police Fashion Police (N) Chelsea Lately (N) E! News ESPN (5:00) 2013U.S.OpenGolf Championship Best ofthe First Round(N) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 (5:30) 30 for 30 Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « SportsNation acc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « 2013 U.S.OpenGolf Championship Best of the First Round(N)D cc ESPNC Friday Night Lights n '14' cc Friday Night Lights n '14' cc Bay City Blues « Tennis FromJuly 3, 2005. (N) Tennis (N) cc ESPNN SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express Highlight Express ESPNFCPress Highlight Express (2010, Fantasy)JohnnyDepp, MiaWasikowska ** "Twilight"(2008, Romance)Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Bily Burke FAM ** "Alicein Wonderland" The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC Hannity (N) On the RecordWIGretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On the RecordWlGretaVanSusteren The Five 'FOOD Chopped First ThingsWorst'G' Chopped Thirsty forVictory 'G Chopped 'G ChoppedMix andMache(N)'G' Giving You the Giving You the Food Network Star BurgerBash'G' ** "TheA-Team"(2010, Action) LiamNeeson, BradleyCooper. FormerSpecial Forcessoldiers form arogue unit FX Anger Anger Two andHal fMen Two and HalfMen Totally Biased T o tally Biased HGTV HouseHunters'G' House Hunters' G Hunters Int'I House Hunters 'G Rehab Addict 'G' Rehab Addict 'G Renovation Raiders (N) 'G' « House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I House Hunters 'G' Hunters Int'I *HIST Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' SwampPeople(N)'PG' cc (11:02) Mountain Men'PG' cc LIFE Trading Spouses:MeetNewMommy Trading Spouses: MeetNewMommy Wife Swap n PG « Wife Swap n 'PG' « Wife Swap n 'PG' « (11:01) Pretty WickedMoms'14 MSNBC The RachelMaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews cc MTV Mind Right Tee n Wolf A possible clue. n '14' Girl Code n '14 Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14' Girl Code n '14' The Show With Zach Stone Is Money, Strangers Girl Code n '14' NICK SpongeBob Sp o ngeBob Sam & Cat n 'G' Drake & Josh 'Y7Big Time Rush'G' Wendell & Vinnie Full House n 'G' Full House n 'G' The Nanny'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends '14' cc (11:33) Friends n Dateline on OWN n '14'acc s Datehne on OWN n '14' « Dateline on OWNn '14' « Small TownScandals (N) n '14' Dateline on OWNn '14' « OWN Dateline on OWN n '14' cc ac-12 Tournament PAC12 College Basketball Oregonat OregonState College Basketball ArizonaState at UCLA College Basketball ArizonaState at Arizona College Basketball: P SPIKE (5:47) World's Wildest Police Videos (6:59) World's Wildest Police Videos World's Wildest Police Videos n '14' iMPACTWrestling (N) n '14' cc Universal Soldier: Regeneration"n SYFY Warehouse13 Runaway n '14' « BigFoot"'14' « AxeGiant" Premiere. '14' « Snow Beast" (2011)JohnSchneider. TBN Joseph Prince 'G' Hillsong TV Praise the Lord 'Y' « Live-Holy Land Turning Point 'G' IBA News 'PG' Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord King of QueensSeinfeld TheVirgin Seinfeld TheContest Seinfeld TheAirport Family Guy n '14' cc Family Guyn The Big Bang The Big Bang Sullivan & SonOne The Big Bang Conan User;EeshaKhare; She& Him. *TBS The n 'PG' n 'PG' cc n 'PG' cc n 'PG' cc 'PQ' cc Theory n '14' Theory n '14' More Time Theory n '14' (N) cc (5:00) ** "BathingBeauty" (1944)Red *** "Neptune's Daughter" (1949)Esther Wiliams. Adunce mis (8:45) *** "MillionDollar Mermaid"(1952,Biography) Esther Wiliams, Victor Mature. A (10:45) ** "DangerousWhenWet" (1953, MusicalComedy) TCM Skelton, EstherWilliams. cc takes a masseurfor the mandating her sister. crippledwomanregains the use ofher legs byswimming. « Esther Williams, FernandoLamas,Jack Carson. cc 'TLC Toddlers & Tiaras n 'PG' « Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Four Weddings (N) n 'PG' « Four Weddings (N) n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Castle OnceUpona Crime FaiiytaleCastle A DanceWith DeathCastle and TheHeroTeamworkShaunisoff ereda 72 Hours Onemansuffers fromsevere TheHeroTeamworkShaunisoff ereda 72 Hours Onemansuffers from severe 'TNT themed murders. n 'PG' cc Beckett investigate amurder. n 'PG' temptation. (N) PG « chest pains. (N) '14' cc temptation PG « chest pains. '14' « "TOON Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show A nnoying Orange Incredible Crew Regular Show King of the Hill n King of the Hill n American Dad'14' American Dad '14' Family Guy '14' Family Guy 'PG 'TRAV Bizarre FoodsWith AndrewZimmern Man v. Food 'G' Man v. Food 'G' Mysteries at the Museum'PG' « Monumental Mysteries (N) 'PG' « Mystenes at the Museum PG « Mysteries at the Museum'PG' « M*A*S*H 'PG' M*A*S*H 'PG' M*A*S*H 'PG' TVLND M*A*S*H 'PG' Queens King ofQueens The Exes 'PG' L o ve-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love.Raymond Love-Raymond King of USA NCIS CorporalPunishment'PG' « NCIS Muslim Marine found dead. '14' N C IS Broken Arrow n 'PG' cc Burn Notice Forget MeNot(N) 'PG' (10:01) Graceland(N)'14 (11:02) NecessaryRoughness'PG' VH1 (5:45) *** "Bowiinger" (1999,Comedy)SteveMartin, Eddie Murphy. n Hit the Floor Pilotn '14' Hit the Floor GameOn n '14' Hit the Floor Out ofBounds n '14' Couples Therapy n '14' The First 48 Rookiedetective's first double The First 48 Twomenare beaten andshot Intervention Kimberly Analcoholic is Intervention Jessica Ahomeless woman murder. '14' cc in Miami. '14' cc locked in abedroom. 'PQ cc injects heroin. (N) cc stevez, Molly Ringwald,JuddNelson. Five 'AMC (5:45) ** "SixteenCandles" (1984,Comedy) Molly Ringwald.Girl (7:45) *** "TheBreakfast Club" (1985,Comedy-Drama) Emilio E turning 16 likesanother girl's guy. « teenagersmakestrides toward mutual understanding. « *ANPL To Be Announced Invasion n '14' cc Invasion n '14' cc Eating Giants: Hippo n 'PG' cc BRAVO (5:49) Princesses: Long Island '14' HousewiveslOC The Real Housewives of NewJersey The Real Housewives of NewJersey Reba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc Re b a Go Far 'PG'Hell's Kitchen 16Chefs Compete'14' Hell's Kitchen 15Chefs Compete'14' CMT Reba 'PG' cc CNBC American Greed American Greed Mad Money American Greed CNN Piers MorganLive (N) (Live) Anderson Cooper 360 cc Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive COM (5:54) South Park (6:25) Tosh.0 '14' Colbert Report Daily Show Chappel le'sShow Chappel le'sShow (8:59) Tosh.0 '14' Tosh,0 '14' cc COTV Paid Program myWindow Desert Cooking Oregon Extreme Desire Adventure Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW CSPAN (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings ** "16Wishes"(2010,Comedy)DebbyRyan. n « *DIS Good-Charlie Jes sie 'G' « A.N. T. Farm « Go o d-Charlie Jessie 'G' « *A&E


*** "Bestin Show" 2000Michael Hitchcock. 'PG-13 "NationalLampoon'sAnimal House" (4:30)Shine1996 (6:20) *** "BlazingSaddles" 1974CleavonLittle. 'R (9:35) ** "Haro/d & KumarGoto WhiteCastle" 2004 *** "Boogie Nights"1997, DramaMarkWahlberg, Burt Reynolds. 'R' « ** "Blow"2001JohnnyDepp. Asmall-time potdealer becomesa major cocaine supplier. 'R (5:00) ** "Blow"2001,DramaJohnny Depp.'R' « Best of PRIDE Fighting Championship UFC Unleashed Clean Break'PG' Clean Break 'PG' The Ultimate Fighter n 'PG UFC Tonight U F C Insider UFC Countdown Live From Live From Live From

HALL Little House on the Prairie 'PG' « Litt l e House on the Prairie 'PG' « Litt l e House on the Prairie 'G' « Frasier 'G' « Fra s ier 'PG' « Frasier 'PG' « Fra sier 'G' « Fras ier '14' « Fra s ier 'PG' « HBO (5:15) *** "MoonriseKingdom ** "Fast Five" 2011,Action VinDiesel, Paul Walker. n 'PG-13' cc 2Days:Gennady Game ofThronesMhysa 'MA' cc (10:35) Veep'MA' (11:05) RealSex n 'MA' « *** "Starship Troopers"1997, ScienceFiction CasperVanDien, DinaMeyer. 'R IFC AustinPowersin Goldmember" Maron '14' (10:15) *** "Starship Troopers"1997CasperVanDien,Dina Meyer.'R' ** "Safe House"2012, Action DenzelWashington. n 'R' cc MAX (6:10) *** "Supermanll"1980, Science Fiction Christopher Reeve. n 'PG' cc (8:20) ** "TheCampaign" 2012Wil Ferrell. n 'R' cc NBCSN (5:00) *** "TheColor of Money" (1986) Paul Newman. Boxing 'PG Volleyball FIVBWorld League Premier League The Grid 'G'

NGC Life Below ZeroWinter's Edge'14 Life Below ZeroWolf atthe Door'14' L i fe Below Zero Winter's Edge '14' Life Below ZeroWolf atthe Door'14' Mountain Movers '14 Alaska StateTroopers'14 NTOON T.U.F.F.Puppy n T.U.F.F. Puppyn T.U.F.F. Puppy n T.U.F.F. Puppy n T.U.F.F. Puppy n T.U.F.F. Puppy n Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Back at, Barnyard Back at, Barnyard DannyPhantom Danny Phantom OUTD Major LeagueFishing Bow Madness Ult.Adventures Bottom Feeders Cuddeback's The Crush Bone Collector Hunt Masters Alaska Outdoors Trophy Hunt Un d er Wild Skies ** "Drive Angry" 2011,Action Nicolas Cage Amber Heard.n 'R' « SHO (5:30) ** "It'sAboutYou"2011n Rock W' RollExposed:ThePhotographyofBob Gruen"2012'NR'« Gigolos (N) 'MA' The Borgias 'MA' SPEED Auto Racing GeneralTire Mint400 Lucas Oil Off RoadRacing LasVegas Car Warriors '00 CrownVics '14' Wrecked 'PG' W r ecked 'PG Pinks 'PG' Pinks 'PG' Unique Whips '14' ** "TheLadykillers" 2004 'R' cc STARZ Da Vinci's (6:20) ** "LittleMan"2006ShawnWayans. n 'PG-13' Magic City n « Magic City TimeandTide n a« s Da Vinci's DemonsTheLovers 'MA' * "Halloween:Resurrection" 2002Jamie LeeCurtis. 'R' * "TheDarkest Hour" 2011 EmileHirsch. 'PG-13' cc TMC (4:55) ** "BluesB rothers 2000" n * * "Th e Third Wheel" 2002 LukeWilson. 'PG-13' « The NinthGate 'WE L.A. Hair Demotion Commotion '14 House of Curves(N) '14 L.A. Hair DemotionCommotion '14' House of Curves '14' L.A. Hair DemotionCommotion '14' Ho u se of Curves '14'

THE BULLETIN 0 JUNE 8 — 14, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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c II


' ' ll I I I c I I Wheel of Fortune Shark Tank Hand-heldcooler; dry clean- WhatWould You Do? (N) n 'PG' « (N) n 'G' ing bag. n 'PG' cc(DVS) Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBC(N) n 'PG' cc I


Jeopardy! (N)n


KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live '14' (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n (10:01) RockCenter With Brian Wil NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'G' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) liams (N) n cc at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock n '14' «Undercover Boss FatburgerFatburger Hawaii Five-0 HanaWa' I la A prostitute Blue Bloods Adetective is capturedby KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine CEO AndyWiederhorn. n 'PG' is murdered. n '14' « David Letterman (CBS) a drug lord. n '14' cc (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Shark TankHand-heldcooler; dryclean What WouldYou Do?(N) n 'PG' « 20/20 (N) n « KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG cc ing bag. n 'PG' cc(DVS) 11:00 (N) cc The Big Bang Bones Investigating anarchaeologist's The Following Predicting anew News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn Family Guy n KFXO lII gf@lEI TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang '14' cc '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n 'PG' death. '14' «(DVS) (FOX) follower's actions. '14' «(DVS) First on FOX Washington Week Viewers' Choice Popularprogramsfrom public television's pledgeare rebroadcast. KOAB ~ gy gy gy Wild Photo Adven-Nightly Business PBS NewsHour(N)n m (PBS) tures n 'G' Rep ort (N) cc NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) DatelineNBC(N)n'PG'cc (10:01) RockCenter With Brian Wil- NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PG' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) hams(N) n « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld The Soul Rules of Engage. Nikita Invisible Hand Alex receives an Supernatural SamandDeaninvestigate Cops n 'PG' cc Seinfeld The Pilot, Rules of Engage. That '70s Show KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ The King of ment 'PG' ment '14' Queens n 'PG' Sleepover 'PG' Mate 'PG' intriguing offer. n '14' « azombiecase.n 14 « Part 8 'PG' Sparks n '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 Ta ste This! 'G Primal Grill Masterpiece Mystery! n '14' « (DVS) On Story n 'G World News Tavis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU


KATU Newsat 6(N) n «


'G' cc

20/20 (N) n «

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars (11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage Texas'PG' Texas cc Texas 'PG' Tex as cc Texas 'PG' Texas 'PG' Texas'PG' Texas'PG' Texas 'PG' W ars Texas 'PG' WarsTexas'PG' (4:00)"TheUsual *** "TheItalian Job" (2003,CrimeDrama)MarkWahlberg, Charlize Theron,EdwardNorton. Athief ** * i Biood Diamond"(2006,Adventure) LeonardoDiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou.Premiere. Twomenjoin 'AMC Suspects" and his crew plan tosteal backtheir gold. « in a quest torecovera priceless gem. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 ToBeAnnounced TreehouseMasters n 'PG Tanked n 'PG Tanked: Unfiltered (N)n TreehouseMasters (N) n 'PG' Ta n ked: Unfiltered n BRAVO 13 44 Hou sewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC * "Gonein SixtySeconds" (2000, Action) NicolasCage, AngelinaJolie. Premiere Gonein Sixty CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba As Is 'PG' Reba 'PG' cc Dog and Beth: Onthe Hunt n '14' DogandBeth:OntheHuntn '14' Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 60MinutesonCNBC American GreedCrashfor Cash Mad Money 60 Minutes on CNBC American GreedCrashfor Cash P a id Program Paid Program CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson CooperSpecial Report Stroumboulopoulos (N) Anderson Cooper360 'PG' « Anderson CooperSpecial Report Stroumboulopoulos COM 13 53 135 47 (5:49) South Park (6:20) Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show (7:53) Tosh.0 '14' (8:24) * "Mr.Deeds"(2002,Comedy)AdamSandler, WinonaRyder (10:28) TheComedyCentral Roast JoanRivers. '14 COTV 11 Paid Program myWindow Desert Cooking Oregon Extreme Desire Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show myWindow Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Po licy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « Dog Witha Blog Dog With a Blog *** "Up" (2009)Voices of EdAsner. n « Phineas, Ferb Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « *DISC 15 21 16 37 SonsofGunsOneManArmy'14' S o nsofGunsMisfiren'14'cc Sons of GunsLast Roundn '14' How WeInvented the World 'PG' Wild West Alaska n 14 cc How WeInvented the World 'PG' *E! 13 25 The Wanted Life '14' E! News(N) Fashion Police Fashion Police Fashion Police Fashion Police Fashion Police (N)'14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 (5:00) 2013U.S.OpenGolf Championship Bestofthe SecondRound SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Boxing « Boxing « Boxing FridayNight Fights (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) nc c Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « U.S. OpenGolf Championship ***"Bigger, Stronger, Faster"(2008, Documentary) « *** "Senna" (2010 Documentary) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 FridayNightLights'14' cc 30for30 cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFC Press Boxing FAM 67 29 19 41 America'sFunniestHomeVideos America's Funniest HomeVideos Dancing Fools Baby Daddy '14' ** "Accepted" (2006,Comedy)Justin Long,Jonah Hill. Premiere. The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reiffy Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Impossible 'G Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Mystery Diners Mystery Diners Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive ** "PineappleExpress" (2008)Seth Rogen.A stoner fleesafter witnessing amurder FX 131 Two/Half Men * * * "Superbad" (2007, Comedy) Jonah Hill, Michael Cera,Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Justified 'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43 Hunters Int'I H un t ers Int'I Hunters Int'I Hunters Int'I Extreme Homes'G' « Flea Market Flip Flea Market Flip House Hunters Hunters Int'I Hunters Int'I Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 MysteriesoftheFreemasons'PG' American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers KeepOut! 'PG' American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc (11:02) AmericanPickers 'PG' LIFE 13 39 20 31 Hoarders'PG' « Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc (11:01) Hoarders 'PG' cc MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) Lockup NCWomen's Prison Lockup: SanQuentin Lockup: Holman Lockup: Holman Lockup: Holman MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness ** "Jackass 3.5" (2011,Comedy)JohnnyKnoxvile, BamMargera. n ** "Scooby-Doo" (2002,Comedy) Freddie PrinzeJr. n cc NICK 82 46 24 40 Sanjay, Craig Sanjay, Craig Fuff House 'G' Fuff House'G' The Nanny'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends Police Women ofMemphis n '14' T hy Neighbor T h y Neighbor Raising Whitley Raising Whitley Golden Sisters Golden Sisters Thy Neighbor T hy Neighbor OWN 161 103 31 103 Police Women of Memphis n '14' PAC12 47 310310310 Women's CollegeVolleyball: Sun Devils at Beavers Wo m en's College Volleyball UCLA at Stanford Women's CollegeVolleyball Washingtonat USC Women's CollegeVolleyball: Cardinals at Cougars *** "Rememberthe Titans" (2000, Drama)Denzel Washington, Will Patton, DonaldAdeosunFaison. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Bar Rescue'PG' (6:20) Bar Rescuen'PG' (7:25) BarRescue n 'PG' Bar Rescue'PG' SYFY 13 35 133 45 Exit Are YouReadyto Play?'PG' E x i t Don't Shred on 'PG' Me« WWEFriday Night SmackDown!(N) n 'PG' « Continuum Split Second(N)'14' De f iance '14' « TBN 205 60 130 The Harvest Ever Increasing Israel: Journey of Light « Creflo Dollar 'G' Miracles Around Uscc Pe r ry Stone Pra ise the Lord 'Y' cc **"yesMan"(2008,Comedy)JimCarrey, ZooeyDeschanel. Amantriesto The King of Seinfeld ThePick Seinfeld The Visa Seinfeld The Movie Family Guy Road Family Guyn Are WeThereYet? Are WeThere Yet? 'TBS 'PG' 'PG' 'PG' cc 'PG' cc 'PG' cc 'PG' cc Queens n 'PG to Europe 'PG' changehis life by sayingyes toeverything. «(DVS) * "TheBurg/ar" (1957)DanDuryea. Thief, half sister and (5:00) *** "Dark Passage" (1 947, Mys** "Nightfall" (1 956) Al d o Ray. A murder suspect i s pursued (10:15) *** "Shoot the Pi a no P/ayer" (1960, Comedy (11:45) ** "The TCM 101 44 1 01 29 by police andthereal killers. « Drama)CharlesAznavour, Marie Dubois. Burglars" tery) HumphreyBogart. gang steal necklace inPhiladelphia. *TLC 17 34 32 34Say Yes:Bri de Say Yes: Bride DC Cupcakes: GetTanked(N)'PG' Something Bo Something Bo Randy totheRescueDenver'PG' I Found-Gown I Found-Gown Randy to the RescueDenver'PG Castle HeadhuntersCastletakes on a Castle UndeadAgain A body with hu- * "Law AbidingCitizen" (2009)JamieFoxx, GerardButler. 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** "PracticalMagic" 1998 SandraBullock. n 'PG-13' « 106 401 306401(6:05) * "Jack" 1996,FantasyRobin Wiliams. n 'PG-13' « (9:50) *** "Poltergeist"1982, HorrorCraig T. Nelson. n 'PG' « FXM Presents * "T he Bounty Hunter" 2010Jennifer Aniston. 'PG-13' « 104204104120(5:00) *** "Definitely,Maybe" FXMP resents *** "Definitely,Maybe"2008RyanReynolds. 'PG-13' « 34 UFC ReloadedUFC68:Sylvia vs. CoutureRandyCouture comesout of retirement. UFC161: Weigh-In UFC: Big Nogvs. Werdum 28 301 27 301 Live From Live From Live From

HALL 66 33 175 33 Little House on the Prairie 'PG' Lit t le House on the Prairie 'G' Space Warriors" (2013)DermotMulroney, Mira Sorvino. 'G' « Frasier n 'PG' Frasier 'G' « Fra sier 'G' « Fra sier n 'PG' *** "Magic Mike" 2012 ChanningTatum, Alex Pettyfer. n 'R' cc HBO 425 501 425501 ** "Water for Elephants" 2011 ReeseWitherspoon. n 'PG-13' cc Real TimeWith Biff Maher (N)'MA' VICE (N) n 'PG' Real/Bill Maher *** "Team America: WorldPolice" 2004 'NR IFC 10 1 0 5 Ar rested Dev. A r rested Dev. Maron (N) '14' A r rested Dev Arrested Dev. Arrested Dev. A rrested Dev. A rrested Dev. Maron '14' MAX 400508 508 (5:30) ** "Battleship"2012Taylor Kitsch. 'PG-13' (7:45) ** "SnowWhite andthe Huntsman" 2012, Fantasy Kristen Stewart. n 'NR' cc Banshee Meetthe NewBoss'MA' The Jump Off S t rike Back 'MA' NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (5:00)Boxing BryantJenningsvs. AndreyFedosov (N)(Live) World Series of Fighting 3 (N)(Live) World Series of Fighting 3 Brain Games Brain Games 'G' Crossing the Ice 'PG Brain GamesPayAttention! 'G ' Bra i n Games Brain Games 'G' Megastructures (N) 'G' NGC 157 157 B r ain GamesAttenti Pay on! 'G NTOON 89 115189115 Kung FuPanda Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Danny Phantom Danny Phantom

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Arrow Affliction Your Weapon Best Defense E l ite Tactical Unit Season Debrief M idway USA's Wardens OperationH20 Impossible Elite Tactical Unit Season Debrief S hooting USA * * "People LikeUs"2012, DramaChris Pine. n 'PG-13' eccs ** "Gone" 2012AmandaSeyfried. 'PG-13' « SHO 5 00 5 0 0 "I Don'tKnowHowShe Does it" (10:35) Sommore: Chandelier Status n 'MA' « SPEED 35 303125303 NASCARRacing ARCA RE/MAX Series RacingMichigan Trackside At A Racer's Life 'PG' Unique Whips '14' STARZ 300 408 300408 *** "Hitch"2005, RomanceComedyWil Smith. n 'PG 13' « Spartacus: War of the Damnedn Magic City (N) n 'MA' « Magic City n 'MA' « Magic City n 'MA' « ** "Daylight"1996, Action Sylvester Stallone. n 'PG-13' « * "Be//y"1998, CrimeDramaNas, DMX.n 'R TMC 525 525 (4:20)TheGame *"Derai /ed"2002Jean-ClaudeVanDamme.'R SourceCoden *WE

14 41 174118 Marriage Boot Camp:Brideziffas P r egnant & Dating Revelations '14' Marriage Boot Camp:Bridezillas

B r i deziffas '14

Pregnant & Dating Revelations'14' Marriage Boot Camp: Brideziffas

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