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Life after priSOn — Alook at how former inmates make their way in the world after returning to it. AS


o ire

Tee much water? — As young athletes get back out on the field, a look at alesser-known risk: hyponatremia, or water intoxication. A3


costs wi a


Campaign roundupCan the GOP rid itself of Trump? Plus: Theinfluence of Black Lives Matter. A4

Using less water — con-

to U.. tCnrc’ I

servation has downsides, even during a drought. AS

By Taylor W. Anderson The Bulletin

SALEM — While Ore-

gon fire officials are still bracing for the

Bloody pillow fight — West Point tradition gets rough.A6

And a WedexclusiveThe U.S. isn't the only country with drone concerns. Their use is rising in Latin Americaincluding with drug smugglers.

end of fire sea› son, the state' s

Fire update

bank account


will receive

assistance from the federal government, making the fire season less expensive for the state

The state, along with the entire Northwest, has

been grappling with large wildfires throughout the summer. Firefighters have received help of late from rainand coolertempera-


tures, but not before fires

A waning love affair with cars?

in Central and Eastern Oregon destroyed dozens of homes and burned hun-

dreds of thousands of acres in a third consecutive dev-

astating wildfire year. The state prepared for a bad wildfire season ahead of time, obtaining a wildfire insurance policy earlier this spring to help with

By Mare Fisher The Washington Post


up to $25 million of this

year's costs.


Chuck Mecca plops his lawn chair down in the parking lot of the Chick-

See Fire /A6

fil-A at the Dulles Town

Crossing shopping center, smack behind his lip-

EU migrant crisis along time coming

stick-red 1956 Ford F-100

pickup, primped and polished for its turn under the

Friday night lights. Mecca, his beard long since gone white, is a regular at the Cruise-In, a weekly gathering of guys whose enduring love is a set of wheels that delivers them back to the time when customizing and showing off your car was the ultimate expression of self. Now 72, Mecca was 18 when he worked the biggest newspaper delivery route in McLean, Virginia, to amass the cash to buy

By Anne Barnard New York Times News Service

BEIRUT — Arresting

images of desperation on the West's doorstep have

brought Syria, for the moment, back to worldwide attention: refugees

cramming into train stations and climbing border fences; drowned Syrian toddlers washing up on beaches, a girl in polka dots, a boy in tiny shoes. It was never any secret that a rising tide of Syrian refugees would sooner or

Yale University/ Submitted photo

Tom Shevlin, captain of the undefeated 1905 Yale football team, went on to lead the family lumber empire, eventually creating the ShevlinHixon Lumber Company and building the Shevlin-Hixon mill in Bend.

his first car, a '53 Ford that

didn't have a working second gear. See Cars /A6

Correction A graphic that ran with a story headlined "Fishing regulations might be changing," which appeared Friday, Sept. 4, on PageA1, included outdated information from the Oregon Department of Fish andWildlife. The agencydecided not to open fishing year-round on the Metolius River above Allingham Bridge, and to close Abbot and Spring creeks. The Bulletin regrets the error.

By Beau Eastes

into college football's lore.

The Bulletin

But before Marcus Mariota was lead-

College football has a long and colorful history.

ing the Ducks into the inaugural College athletic and romantic adventures covered Football Playoff, before Oregon State' s in papers across the country. Johnny Football, the Boz, Neon Deion, Giant Killers shut down the Juice, before An imposing 6-foot, 195-pound end, Army'sMr.Inside and Mr. Outside,before Shevlin helped Yale to a 42-2-1 mark Joe Willie Namath, Byron "W hizzer" White and Slingin Sammy Baugh are Grantland Rice wrote poetically about between 1902-05 and was a f our-time names that bring a grin to most college Red Grange and well before the birth of All-America selection. In 1905, his senior football fans. Touchdown Jesus, Georgia's the NFL and the first Heisman Trophy year, Shevlin led the Elis — the school didn't adopt its current Bulldogs nickname hedge rows, the Big House, "The band is winner there was Yale's Tom Shevlin. out on the field!", Doug Flutie's Hail Mary,

Known to Central Oregon history buffs

until much later — to a 10-0 record and a

Auburn's miracle field goal return and Kenny Wheaton's interception all play

as the man who created the Shevlin-

share of the national championship. See History /A6



Middle East and head for Europe. Yet little was done in

Western capitals to stop or mitigate the slow-motion

disaster that was befalling Syrian civilians and sending them on the run.


~ C l ouds and sun High 61, Low33 Page B6


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Hixon Lumber Company and built the

later burst the seams of the

See Migrant /A7

New 2015 Nissan


Shevlin-Hixon mill in 1915, Shevlin was an A-list rock star of the early 1900s, his

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Plus Keep All Applicable Factory Rebates 8 incentives

m oto r s

2 or more at this discount

On approval ofcredit, must finance through Nissan Motors. Subject to prior sale, title, license and registration fees. Expires 8/31/15.






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Afghan ’kill deCISIOIIS’ Two European allies of the United States have beendirectly participating in so-called kill decisions against insurgents in Afghanistan despite rules prohibiting them from doing so, according to two senior Western officials with knowledge of the operations. Theaccusations concern airstrikes, mostly by drones. Thetwo countries said to be improperly involved in approving strike decisions — Germany, aNATOmember of the coalition in Afghanistan, and Sweden, which is not a NATOmember — as well as aspokesman for the U.S.-led military coalition all denied that anyone other than the U.S.military had been involved in targeting insurgents.

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Iran deal III COngreSS White Househopesfor stopping a

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Alton Strupp/The (Louisville, Kentucky) Courier-Journal via The Associated Press

James Yates, right, hugs William Smith after they Kim Davis now wearsorange an jumpsuit and "has already beendoing Bible studies with herself" in received their marriage license at theRowan County Judicial Center in Morehead,Kentucky, on Friday. jai l , her attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel told Deputy clerk Brian Mason issued the license, conreporters after meeting with her behind bars. Hesaid gratulating the couple andshaking their hands as he Davis is in very good spirits and is prepared to stay as smiled. long as it takes to uphold her religious freedoms. "She's not going to resign, she's not going to A jailed Kentucky clerk asserted that marriage licenses issued without her authority Friday to gay s a c rifice her conscience, so she's doing what Martin couples in RowanCounty arevoid and "not worth the Luther King Jr. wrote about in his Letter from the Birpaper they arewritten on" because shedidn't autho- mingham Jail, which is to paythe consequences for rize them, her attorney said. her decision," Staver said.

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Oregon Lottery results As listed at and individual lottery websites

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday night are:

Q>7 Q 2<Q ssQ szQ s7O O The estimated jackpot is now $95 million.

Guatemalan eX-III’eSident Otto Perez Molina sat in a defendant's chair Friday anddeclared his innocence in acustoms corruption scandal that forced him to resign a dayearlier as president of this Central American nation. The former leader denied prosecutors' allegations that he wasinvolved in a conspiracy to defraud the state by letting businesses evadeimport duties in exchangefor millions of dollars in bribes. "The first thing I want to deny, I don't belong to 'La Linea,'" Perez Molina said, referring to the name of the fraud scheme, Spanish for "The Line." Thehearing wrapped up in the afternoon, and Judge Miguel Angel Galvezsaid hewould make a ruling Tuesday on whether to order a trial. Perez Molina wasordered to remain in custody until then at the samemilitary barracks where he spent his first night as anex-president.

intons ai asta er to maintain emai server By Rosalind S. Helderman and Carol D. Leonnig The Washington Post

Related Clinton on emails; more campaign news,A4


Clinton and her family personally paid a State Department

according to the campaign official and another person familiar with the arrangement. That person spoke on

staffer to maintain the private

multaneously for her in public the condition of anonymity and private capacities. because the matter is under Cheryl Mills, Cbnton's chief investigation.

email server she used while heading the agency, according

of staff, and Huma Abedin, a close confidant who served

to an official from Clinton's

as deputy chief of staff, both spent time working for the

presidential campaign. The unusual arrangement

State Department, the Clinton

Foundation or the Cbntons al control over the system that personally. she used for her public and Pagliano's employment by private duties and that has the Clintons was confirmed emerged as an issue for her by a campaign official in recampaign. But, according to sponse to questions from The the campaign official, it also Washington Post. The official ensured that taxpayer dollars spoke on the condition of anwere not spent on a private onymity because of the senhelped Clinton retain person-

server that wa s shared by

sitivity of the matter. A cam-

Clinton, her husband and their

paign spokesman declined to

daughter as well as aides to provide a statement. the former president. Pagliano had served as the That S t at e D e p artment IT director of Cbnton's 2008

staffer, Bryan Pagliano, told a presidential campaign and congressional committee this then worked for her political week that he would invoke action committee. his Fifth Amendment rights The Clintons paid Pagliano against self-incrimination in- $5,000for"computer services" stead of testifying about the prior to his joining the State setup. Department, according to a The private employment of financial disclosure form he Pagliano provides a new ex- filed in April 2009. ample of the ways that Clinton But even after arriving at — who occupied a unique role State in May 2009, Pagliaas a Cabinet secretary who no continued to be paid by was also a former and poten-

the Clintons to maintain the

tially future presidential candidate — hired staff to work si-

server, which was in their Chappaqua, New York, home,

After WhiteHousevisit, Saudi backsIran deal By Peter Baker

statement saying that the king supported the agreement with WASHINGTON — President Iran and vowing to bolster muBarack Obama andKing Sal- tual efforts to combat the Isman of Saudi Arabia moved lamic State, al-Qaida and other to put their differences behind radical groups in the Middle them on Friday in a long-de- East. layed White House meeting Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi amid months of tension over foreign minister, said after the the nuclear agreement with meetings that Obama had reIran and a continuing schism assured the king that the Iran over the way forward in Syria. deal would prevent it from obKing Salman, who refused taininganuclearweapon."The Obama's invitation to a region- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is al summit meeting at Camp satisfied with these assurancDavid in May in light of the dis- es after having spent the last cordovertheIran deal,arrived two months consulting with its at the White House ready to ac- allies in Europe and other placceptthe agreement and press es," he told reporters. "We beahead on other issues. In a lieve this agreement will conshow of respect, Obama greet- tribute to security and stability ed the monarch attheentrance in the region by preventing of the West Wing and escorted Iran from acquiring a nuclear him inside with a friendly hand capability." on the back. Saudi Arabia an d o t h er In public comments open- Persian Gulf states have been ing their sessions in the Oval wary of the agreement negoOffice, neither leader directly tiated with Iran by the United New York Times News Service

addressedthe rift over Iran or

States and five other world

acknowledged their disagree- powers, seeing Tehran as a ments over Syria and Yemen. menacing force in the region But they later issued a joint

that cannot be trusted.

congressional challenge to the Iran nuclear deal andsparing President Barack Obama from using a veto suffered a blow Fridaywhen a keySenateDemocratannouncedhisopposition.Thesetbackcamein the announcement from Sen.BenCardin of Maryland, top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, that he opposesthe deal, which he said "legitimizes Iran's nuclear program." Cardin's movedoesn't affect the ultimate outcome for the international accord to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions in exchangefor relief from economic sanctions. The White Housealready clinched the necessary Senate votes to ensure that even if Obamaends up having to veto a disapproval resolution set for a vote next week, his veto would beupheld. Inmate aSSault A Rikers Island, NewYork, captain and a correction officer were charged onFriday with assaulting a teenage inmate in a storage room where there were novideo surveillance cameras and then filing false paperwork to conceal their actions. The 18-year-old inmate had to behospitalized after the beating, which left him bleeding from his foreheadand lips andwith other injuries. The captain, Medzid Kolenovic, and the officer, JeanDestine, surrendered to the authorities on Friday andwere released after pleading not guilty in state SupremeCourt in the Bronx. Debate aII mOney Get in your bids fast. CNN said Friday that only one commercial slot is still available for its coverage of the Sept. 16 debate between top Republican presidential contenders, and it's expected to draw top dollar. The trade publication Advertising Age reported this week that CNN isasking for up to $200,000 for a 30-second ad during the debate, a price comparable to slots in popular entertainment shows on the broadcast networks. CNN would not discuss its ad prices. On amore typical night for CNN, Ad Agequoted mediabuyersassayinga30-second ad couldcost as little as $5,000. — From wire reports

Home Sellers Save Over $3.2 Million CENTRAL, OR — Ttte real estate industry is evolving. With consumers becoming more informed about home sales, paying 6ee or more just doesn' t seem necessary. "We are seeing a shift in the whole industry. Consumers are informing themselves and the bottom line is that they want to save money," says Assist-2-Sell' franchise owner, Chris McPheeters. While other real estate companies advertise how much gttj! they have made from home sellers, the tA Sell team at Assist-2-Sell' talk about how 1a ae,hS vc r t al o bo a .cow much they have saved home sellers. "Business has grown continually since we opened the doors. Customers can' t believe how much they save with our 'Full Service with $avings!" programs," Multiple Listing Service. "When people erst call us, they McPheeters said. "While serving Central Oregon for the last ten years, are usually thinking there must be we' ve saved home sellers over $3.2 a catch," said McPheeters. "'Ihey're million in commissions by charging sure we can't possibly sell their home a flatfee instead of 6ee.That's a iot of for just $3,995-$4,995. They call money sellers have kept to use for the thinking they' ll be able to eliminate purchase of their next home or other us as a choice because it can't be as good as it sounds. 'Ihey are pleasantly necessities. What's great is, most of that money goes back into the local surprised when they find out we offer economy!" McPheeters points out the same professional services as other that the savings is compared to paying REALTORS' while charging a much a 6% commission, which is used for lower commission than they might comparison purposes only and that expect to pay." Assist-2-Sell's i o w f lat fee commissions may be negotiable and commission ca n s av e c u stomers are not set by iaw. The popularity of A s sist-2-Sell plenty. Let's look at the numbers. As Buyers Br Sellers Realty Services is an example, a 6ye commission on a driven by their $3,995 iow fee, fuu $300,000 home is $18,000. Assist-2service program for homes under Sell charges only $3,995, putting over $500k (homes with a listing price over $14,000 back in the customer's pockets. $500 thousand, receive full services A 6ee commission on a $400,000 home for $4,995) and their more popular is $24,000, saving customers over MLS for Less' program. When sellers $20,000. And a 6% commission on choose the MLS for Less' program, a $500,000 home is $30,000, saving t heir property is i ncluded in t h e customers over $25,000! While the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS); lower rates may draw the customers perhaps the most powerful marketing in, it is the subsequent results that tool for selling real estate. Exposure leave them satisfied. "You can charge whatever low rate you want, but if you on the ML S opens the doors to virtually every REALTOR' in town to don't get results, people aren't going to show and sell your home. Naturally, care," McPheeters said. "We get results! this requires you to offer additional The question is how much do you want compensation to an MLS cooperating to pay to sell your home?" agent. But, regardless of what you pay Here's what some of our satisfied the cooperating buyer's agent, the fee you pay Assist-2-Sell' as your agent customers have to say: in the transaction remains the iow flat fee. "This is great news for our sellers," Assist-2-Sell h a n dled o ur transaction in a very ePcient and says McPheeters, "because if any of the professional ma nner. 7 h e y agents from our Assist-2-Sell otrtce were always available for bring a buyer for your home, you will only pay the $3,995-$4,995." questions. Overall, i t t v rrs a great experience sellingour horne! The Assist-2-Sell' name sometimes We recommend them as an easy, gives home setters the impression money-saving tvay to sell your that it is a 'do-it-yourself' concept; don't let the name fool you. Sellers home w it h g r ea t s e r vice! receive the professional full service of a REALTOR at a fraction of what they Dr. Bc Mrs. Derek Hambiin Saved: $33,175 normally expect to pay. Assist-2-Sell advertises the property, handles all the Very informative people! We phone calls and showings, negotiates werepleasedwith theservice. 7he the purchase agreement, arranges transactionwassmoothandeasy, necessary inspections and appraisals, and oversees the closing. And they and they kept us i nformed don't get paid until the home sells. as the de a l Progressed. There are no up-Front fees or hidden costs. Ed & Cheryl Wissler Saved: $23,505 Buyers also benefit by receiving full s e rvice f r o m As s ist-2-Sell. Professional agents are available seven Choosing Assist 2 Sell tvas one of the best decisions tve could days a week to show homes. 'Ihe have made.Assist 2 Sell charges w ebsite, w w w . corn, features aii th e A ssist-2-Sell a flat fee to sell your home and listings with many photos and details, ogersthesame,ifnotmore,servi ce as other traditional brokerage including property address and price. Buyers love the easy availability of comPanies. Chris Mc Phceters information. The website also includes went above and beyond for all homes available through the us. He listed our home in MLS


immediately, paidfor ads in the newspaper and held an open house w ithin t h e first few weeks of listing. His hard work and dedication paid og because tve sold our home in 17 days!He

also helpedusfrnd and purchase our next home, which tve love. We are t h r illed w i t h th e attention


car e


received from Assist 2 S ell. Assist 2 Sell saved usthousands

of dollars in commissionfees and w o rked h a r der t h a n any oth e r real t or I have used i n t he pas t .

Glen & Toni Van't Huf Saved: $17,530 With the inttuence of the Internet

on marketing homes, the days of high commissions are fading Fast, and Assist-2-Sell is leading the way. The concept is simple: Charge a reasonablefee, ofFer full service and comprehensive marketing, and home sellers will respond. Our increased volume allows us to be profitable while offering savings to home sellers. Assist-2-Sell w a s s t a rted in 1987 and now has franchises in 40 states and Canada. Assist-2-Sell has been featured in several magazines including, N e w sweek, B u s iness Week and many large newspapers including, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Boston Globe and NY Times as a model for the future real estate brokerages. The Central Oregon Assist-2-Sell franchise is independently owned and operated by Chris McPheeters, who is a member of the Central Oregon A ssociation o f R E A LTORS', t h e Oregon Association of REALTORS', and the N a tional A ssociation of REALTORS'. He has been a licensed real estate agent and principal broker in the state of Oregon since 1997. Their office is located at 1180 SE Division Street, Suite ¹1, in Bend. F or

mo r e

info r mation,

vis i t :

www.25eiiCentrai o r e g on.corn or c o n tact Te a m As s i st-2-Sell Buyers 8r Sellers Realty Services at 541-388-2111. You can also contact them via email at McsoldLaaoLcom. And keep an eye out for their car around town!


TART TODAY It's Saturday, Sept. 5, the 248th day of 2015. Thereare 117 days left in the year.

Discoveries, breakthroughs,trends, namesin the news— the things you needto know to start out your day

McDonald's all-day breakfast



might worsen egg shortage

Migrants in EuropeForeign ministers from EU countries will continue meeting to discuss the crisis in Luxembourg.

By Leslie Patton Bloomberg News

McDonald's plan to sell

HISTORY Highlight: In1945, Japanese-American IvaToguri D'Aquino, suspected of being wartime broadcaster "Tokyo Rose," was arrested in Yokohama. (D'Aquino was later convicted of treason andserved six years in prison; shewas pardoned in 1977 byPresident Gerald R. Ford.) In 1774, the first Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia. In1793, the Reign ofTerror began during the FrenchRevolution as the National Convention instituted harsh measures to repress counter-revolutionary activities. In 1836, SamHouston was elected president of the Republic of Texas. In 1914, the First Battle of

the Marne, resulting in a French-British victory over Germany, beganduring World War I. In 1939, four days after war had broken out in Europe, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a proclamation declaring U.S. neutrality in the conflict. In 1957, the novel "Onthe Road," by JackKerouac, was first published by Viking Press. In1961, President John F.Kennedy signed legislation making aircraft hijackings a federal crime. In1972, the Palestinian group Black September attacked the Israeli Olympic delegation at the Munich Games; 11Israelis, five guerrillas and apolice officer were killed in the resulting siege. In1975, President Gerald Ford escaped anattempt on his life by Lynett e"Squeaky"Fromme, a disciple of Charles Manson, in Sacramento, California. In1984, the spaceshuttle Discovery ended its inaugural flight as it landed atEdwards Air Force Base inCalifornia. In1995, France endedits three-year moratorium on nuclear tests, setting off an underground blast on aSouth Pacific atoll. In 1997, breaking the royal reticence over the death of Princess Diana, Britain' s Queen Elizabeth II delivered a televised address in which she called her former daughter-inlaw "a remarkable person." Ten years age: President George W. Bushnominated John Roberts to succeedthe late William Rehnquist as chief justice of the United States. Five years age: A LosAngeles police officer shot and killed Manuel Jaminez, aGuatemalan immigrant, in a casethat sparked angry protests. (A civilian oversight panel later said the officer was justified in using deadly force against Jaminez, who witnesses said was drunk and threatening passers-by with a knife.) One year age: TheU.S. and 10 of its key allies, meeting in Wales, agreed that the Islamic State group was asignificant threat to NATO countries and that they would take on the

militants by squeezing their financial resources andgoing after them with military might.

BIRTHDAYS Comedian-actor Bob Newhart is 86. Actress-singer Carol Lawrence is 83. Actor William Devane is 76.Actor George Lazenby is 76. Actress Raquel Welch is 75. Movie director Werner Herzog is 73. Singer Al Stewart is 70. Singer Loudon Wainwright III is 69. "Cathy" cartoonist Cathy Guisewite is 65. Actor Michael Keaton is 64. Actress DebbieTurner-Larson (Marta in "The Sound of Music") is 59. Rhythm-and-blues singer Terry Ellis is 52. Rock musician Brad Wilk is 47.TV personality Dweezil Zappais 46. Actress RoseMcGowan is 42. Actress CariceVan Houten is 39. — From wire reports

breakfast san d wiches throughout the day has delighted many customers, but

the move risks exacerbating egg-supply woes in the U.S. Restaurants and

o t her

food companies have already been struggling to get enough eggs following

"Drink lots of fluids" may not be the best advice

the worst outbreak of bird

flu in U.S. history. With the world's l argest f a st-food

to give teens before practice.

chain shifting to all-day breakfast next month, the

By Gretchen Reynolds New York Times News Service

Are we, with the best of in-

tentions, putting young athletes at risk when we urge

especially among slow racers, who tended to sweat little but drink copiously, often for hours on end. But as t h e n e w r e p ort,

which presents updated hyduring steamy sports practic- dration guidelines developed es and games'? by a consortium of scientifthem to drink lots of fluids

A new report about overhy-

ic experts, points out, exer-

the answer is yes, and that the

more diverseset of sporting

consequences for young athletes can be — and in several tragic cases already have been — severe and even fatal. Visit a practice for high

activities," including half-mar-

dration in sports suggests that cise-associated hyponatremia under certain circumstances "is now being reported in a

school football, soccer or oth-

er teamsportsatthis tim e of year, when temperatures can be high and early-season fitness marginal, and you are


s p r in t tr i a t hlons,

Grand Canyon hikes, Bikram yoga classes and, of course, t eam sport

p r a ctices a n d

games, especially football. "What is sad is that every case is preventable," Miller

sard. The key, he said, is for ath-

likely to see repeated water breaks and exhortations by

letes to drink when they feel thirsty — not before and not

the coaches and parents to drink up. "A lot of people, including coaches, think that it is dan-

thirst,' as many people think," he said.

gerous for athletes to get de-

Listening to your " i nnate

afterthey feelsated."You do not need to 'stay ahead of your

hydrated, even a little dehy- thirst mechanism" provides drated," said Kevin Miller, an a safe and reliable guide to associate professor of athletic

hydration, th e

n e w r e p ort

training at Central Michigan University, and the co-author

concludes. This strategy also should of the new report. not increase players' risks The coaches and others for cramping or heat illness, worry that dehydration leads Miller said, since, "based on to muscle cramping and pos- current evidence, it does not sibly heat illnesses, including appear that dehydration diserious heatstroke. So, hoping rectly contributes" to those to keep their athletes healthy problems. and safe, they press them to During recent experiments drink fluids before, during he directed, for instance, voland afterpractice,whether or not the athletes are thirsty.

When athletes develop cramps or feel excessively hot, they are told to down even more fluids, and if the cramps

Mark Lennihan I The Associated Press

strain is only going to increase, said Darren Tristano, an executive vice presi-

Carlos Gonzalez and Eisa Guzman eat breakfast at a Mcoonald's in New York. The fast-food restaurant is launching all-day breakfast next month.

dent at research firm Tech-

nomic. Thatcould mean higher prices for consumers, as well as chains having to get more creative with where they get their eggs. "It's going to make it harder for everyone," Tristano said. "It's going to lift prices across a lot of those products that use eggs." Already, U.S. retail egg prices have soared. They reached a record $2.57 a

14,350 U.S. locations on Oct. 6. earlier this year to bring back It's part of Chief Executive OfficerSteve Easterbrook's effort

chicken tenders, it helped the

poultry industry stave off a supto revive domestic sales, which ply glut. are mired in their worst slump W hen McDonald's began ofin more than a decade. Selling fering apples in the early 2000s, its signature Egg McMuffin the company soonbecame the sandwich all day could in- nation's biggest buyer and sellcrease McDonald's sales by as er of the fruit. much as 2.5 percent a year, acThe breakfast plan may cording to an internal company be an even bigger undertakpresentation. ing. Tuesday's announcement dozen in June and remained Under a plan approved by caused a sensation on social at that price in July, accord- franchisees, the full morning media, where M cDonald's ing to data from the Depart- lineup won't be available all customers have long begged ment of Agriculture. Prices day. Restaurants will sell either the chain for all-day Egg Mcspiked after a bird flu killed muffin- or biscuit-based sand- Muffins. But even if the new more than 48 million fowl wiches, along with hot cakes, policy brings more foot traffic, in the first half of the year. sausage burritos, fruit-and-yo- menu changes are never easy The expense may rise even gurt parfaits, oatmeal and hash on the franchisees that own further as Americans be- browns. McDonald's may get 90 percent of McDonald's U.S. gin stocking up on eggs for rid of other items to make room locations. the holiday season this fall, for breakfast. In any case, the change alone Trlstano satd. Still, that probably means probably won't spur a McDon"The cost will likely be selling a lot more egg sand- ald's comeback, said Peter passed through to the con- wiches. And when McDonald's Saleh, an analyst at BTIG. sumer," he said. makes a menu change — even McDonald's sales at U .S. McDonald's announced a seemingly small one — it has stores open at least 13 months plans this week to offer all- huge reverberations. After the have dropped for seven straight day breakfast across its company announced plans quarters.







8 IN V E S T M E N T 8 E R V I C E 8 .

unteers who exercised and

l( ., jjjIII,

. /Pii'ii

sweated in the heat until they had become severely dehydrated were no more prone to


muscle cramps than they had been at the start.

Similarly, if perhaps more you know it, a player will have surprising, other studies have drunk a gallon or two of flu- found that being dehydrated id or even more," Miller said, does not increase athletes' sus"which is something that we ceptibility to heat problems, know actually happens." and that athletes who collapse continue, still more. "Before

The problem with this situ-

ation is that, according to the latest science, dehydration

quite well hydrated. Instead, both c r amping and heat problems seem to result from athletes pushing

exercise even as they start to

helicopter to a hospital where, feel awful. several days later, he died. The best advice about how A t least tw o o t her h i gh to keep young athletes healthy school football players are during warm-weather pracknown to have died since 2008 tices and games is common from drinking too much flu- sense, Miller said. Don't urge id during and after practice, athletes to drink if they aren' t Miller said. These players had thirsty, and don't make them developed arare condition, he keep playing if they aren't feelsaid, known formally as exer- ing well. cise-associated hyponatremia If they complain of feeling and less technically as water intoxication. Hyponatremia occurs when someone consumes so much

fluid that his or her body can' t rid itself of the surplus through sweating or urination. As a result, the amount of water in the bloodstream rises, and the

amount of sodium falls. Osmosis then draws water from the blood into the surrounding


from heat illness often are

during sports is rarely if ever dangerous, but overhydration undeniably is. themselvestoo hard. Muscles Last year, for instance, a cramp, Miller said, when a high school football player in muscle is fatigued and begins Georgia experienced cramps to spasm, not when an athlete during practice and, hoping to is dehydrated, while heat illalleviate them, began gulping nesses generally occur in athlarge amounts of water and letes who are not physiologiGatorade. By the end of the cally acclimated to hot weathpractice, he had swallowed er (a process that requires about four gallons of fluid, ac- slowly increasing the length cording to media reports. Not and intensity of workouts in long afterward, he collapsed the heat) and who continue to at home and was rushed by


too hot, have them sit in the

shade and remove clothing. Take their temperature if they

remain lethargic, and seek medical attention if it is much above normal. Immerse them

in an ice bath, too, to rapidly lower body temperature. (Miller and his colleagues recently completed a study in which they found that football play-



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ers who overheated could be

cells of the body to equalize the sodium levels there, and those cells begin to swell like

submerged wearing full pads and uniforms and cool off almost as quickly as players water balloons. If this process dressed only in T-shirts and occurs in the brain, it can be underwear, which could save lethaL precious minutes when a playUntil r ecently, hypona- er seriously overheats.) tremia had been associatAbove all, remind themed almost exclusively with


and yourself — that the point

marathon races and other of this enterprise is to have prolonged endurance events, fun.


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um rum

uiet strate By Nicholas Confessore New York Times News Service


conv e rsations

have begun i n r e cent weeks among some of the Republican Party's biggest donors and normally competing factions, all aimed at a single question: How can we stop Donald Trump? Elaine Thompson /TheAssociated Press file photo

Marissa Johnson, left, and Mara Jacqueline Willaford refused to stand down after taking over the podium from Democratic pres› idential candidate San. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., right, at a rally last month in downtown Seattle. The pair are co-founders of the Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Activists screaming for social justice on tbe campaign trail


s t r ategists

and donors have assemb led focus g roups t o test n egative

m e ssages

about Trump. They have amassed dossiers on his previous support for universal health care and higher taxes. They have even discussed the creation

of a super PAC to convince conservatives that Trump is not one of them. B ut t he mamm o t h

against Trump, s oliciting advice from among its members and researching poten-

big-money network assembled by Republicans tial lines of attack. The group i n recent years is t o m helped torpedo the populist about how best to defuse presidential bid of Mike Huckabee, the former A r k ansas

Los Ange(es Times

boasted that he will go anywhere and speak to anyone,

W hen activists from t h e Black Lives Matter movement

was later shouted down by activists at a Nevada town hall

arrived at a campaign rally

in the same area where Clin-

their party, and haunted by governor, in 2008, and has the worry that any concert- long been a thorn in the side of ed attack will backfire. Republican leaders — making In phone calls, private it, many Republicans believe, dinners a n d oc c a sion- a credible foil to Trump.

for Hillary Clinton last month

ton held her event the week

al c onsultations a m ong

with plans to disrupt the event, before. they were blocked at the door Jamie Hall of the group by Secret Service agents and Unity Vegas, formed last year herded into an overflow room. during the outcry over police No room, they were told. shooting deaths of unarmed A noisy spectacle was avert-

black men, questioned Bush

ed, but the news spread quick- a bout the treatment of m i ly on social media, and Clinton norities in the criminal justice staffers had to scramble.

system. Later, she called his re-

The Democratic presidential front-runner agreed to

sponse "vague."

But the club's president, Da-

otherwise rival o utside vid McIntosh, said his group groups, many have con- was still grappling with how cluded that Trump's harsh to handle the protean Trump, manner and continued at- whose appeal is based less on tacks on immigrants and policy positions than on tapwomen were endangering ping into the raw anger of Rethe party's efforts to com- publican voters against Washpete in the general election. Yet after committing hun-

ington leaders. McIntosh said some members had even told

meet privately with the pro- the group shouting "Black lives testers, who wanted to chal- matter!" at him, forcing Bush lenge her on — among other to end the town hall abruptly. "It made headlines and beracially charged issues — her past support for tough sen- came an issue for him," Hall

dreds of millions of dollars him they agreed with Trump's critique of Washington's inprimary contest and groom effectual establishment even a candidate who can re- if they did not regard him as take the White House, the very principled. "Part of our research has conservative donor class is finding that money — even been: Why would a conserva-

tencing measures that they

in an era of super PACs and

argued had resulted in unduly long periods of incarceration for black men. "What in y our heart has

changed, that is going to change the direction of this country?" one activist wanted to know. "There has to be a reckoning, I agree with that," Clinton

More effective, she said, was

said. "Sometimes you have to kick in the door by interrupt-

ing. Then it opens new opportunities and conversations."

The energetic activism has pressured candidates from both parties to grapple with how to address concerns from blacks and Latinos that have

there also has to be some positive vision and plan that you

been amplified in the wake of high-profile police shootings and no action on immigration reform in Congress. From hiring activists as campaign staffer to h olding private meetings, White House hopefuls are adjusting their campaigns in an effort

can move people toward," she

to not only address concerns

sard. The confrontation — public or not — may have produced results. A week later, facing an audience of mainly Afri-

of the groups, but also to keep a focus on their own message

replied, according to a video of theclosed-door encounter.

She pointed to work she has done to improve the lives of minority children. "But I think

can-Americans at a town hall

without facing disruptions.

Interruptions can't be dismissed, said Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic strategist who

in North Las Vegas, Clinton worked as President Barack changed her standard stump Obama's 2012 deputy camspeech to i n c lude s everal paign manager. points about blacks and the During that election cycle, criminal justice system Latino activists upset t h at heading off potential protests Obama did not make immigrabefore anyone had a chance to tion reform a central platform stand up and shout. in his first term repeatedly proRaucous dem o nstrators tested during campaign rallies. have always been part of the In response, he would point to theater of presidential election-

his executive actions and meet

eering, but as the 2016 cam- privately with protesters. "Candidates have to find paign gets underway, the turbulent protests over social jus-

a way to communicate" with

tice, police violence and immi- protesters and let them "know gration reform that have sent their issues matter," Cutter citizens into the streets across


America over the last year are becoming increasingly visible on the campaign trail. Candidates are f i n ding themselves being shouted down at events as seemingly innocuous as announcement speeches — often facing pro-

Sanders, who has amassed large crowds while pursuing

don an event in what should

have been friendly territory in

with both Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Mal-

Seattle. Jeb Bush was 20 minutes

national coordinator for Black

Tia Oso was among those ing to exit the stage and aban- who interrupted an event ley in Phoenix in July. Oso-

into his presidential campaign Alliance for J ust I m migrakickoff speech at Miami Dade tion, which works with Black College in June when a group Lives Matter activists — called of protesters stood, unveiled on O' Malley to r ecognize neon green T-shirts spelling out high-profile deaths of blacks at "Legal status is not enough," the hands of police. His response, "All lives matand began shouting. drew further protests,and The interruption, a rebuke ter," of Bush's refusal to support he later apologized. "Disruptions and direct concitizenship for the estimated 11 million people in the country frontations are all a part of illegally, caused the Repub- strategies and are all tactics for lican candidate to pause and getting the message heard and igniting a movement," Oso said look at the rafters. "So that our friends know,"

in an interview. "Electoral pol-

itics is not our primary focus, though presidential elections are a huge focus in American life. And what we' re talking about is American life."

vinced that something must be done to stop the billionaire

Manhattan developer, few seem ready to take him on directly, given Trump's tendency to counterattack viciously. Allies of Bush, arguing that Trump helps the former Florida governor by stealing voters and attention from other anti-establishment c a ndidates,

remark that perhaps donors to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, or Gov. Scott Walker of Wiscon-

sin, might take the lead in financing a Trump takedown. W alker's s u pporters,


turn, suggest that the work might best be handled by a super PAC with plenty of cash And there is no certainty but an underperforming canof success: A group identified didate — like Rick Perry, the with the Republican establish- former Texas governor. "Everybody's got different ment would risk ending up in a war with Trump, while a new agendas and different congroup — such as a political flicts," said Austin Barbour, nonprofit to which other do- an adviser to a group of super nors and organizations could PACs, known as Opportunity secretly funnel cash — would and Freedom, that have raised play into Trump's comments more than $17 million to back about lobbyists and corpora- Perry, whose own campaign tions scheming to prop up his is floundering and bankrupt. rivals. Trump also has begun "Our No. 1 priority is to go to preview such attacks. take this fight to support GovThis week, he lambasted ernor Perry. There's a lot of both Karl Rove, a Crossroads time here." co-founder, and the Club for The biggest outside groups Growth, which he said once not tied to a specific candidate asked him for a million-dollar — the U.S. Chamber of Comcontribution. (A club spokes- merce, the political network man said Trump asked for of Charles and David Koch the meeting with M cIntosh, and theRove-founded Ameriwhich took place in May.) can Crossroads — are for now "Many Super Pacs, fund- staying clear, although the ed by groups that want total Koch organizations have concontrol over their candidate, spicuously snubbed Trump in are being formed to 'attack' several ways, declining to inTrump," Trump said Tuesday vite him to their policy forums on Twitter. "Remember when

or give him access to the network's state-of-the-art voter

u see them." Some Republican Party


leaders continued to hold out

Among Republican strat-

hope that the improvisational Trump would prove unable to convert his popularity and name recognition into a campaign organization capable of winning primaries next year, as the lazy summer months give way to a grinding ground campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. But several donors

and strategists acknowledged that their earliest hope — that Trump would fade away on his own — was looking less likely every day. "Obviously the discussions have changed to say, 'He' s someone who's going to be

egists not working for the campaign, the emerging consensus was that voters would

need to be persuaded by the candidates themselves, not by super PACs. But candidates like Cruz have not only avoided criticizing Trump, but have praised him, hoping to position themselves to pick up his supporters should Trump falter.

One Republican strategist described "a sigh of relief around town that the Bush

campaign finally did something," referring to Bush's decision this week to release a video of Trump looking there right to the end,'" said askance at Iowa, describing Ronald Weiser, a real estate himself as "very pro-choice," developerand former chair- and calling for tax increases man of the Michigan Republi- on the rich.



17.5cu FT TopFreezer

$529 GTS18GTHWW You haul Limited quanfiTies

j bbend corn


803 sw Industrial way, Bend, OR





have worked with the Black Lives Matter movement. Faced

"It's not bad at all."

tive Republican voter find this

billion-dollar presidential appealing?" McIntosh said. campaigns — is a devalued "A wonkish explanation that currency in th e blustery, trade is actually good for the post-policy campaign fash- country probably won't asioned by Trump, driven not suage them." by seven-figure paid adverIn interviews, several savtising campaigns but by vy and typically confident Twitter feuds and unending Republican donors and stratfree publicity. egists seemed puzzled about "People are somewhat how to topple Trump, increasperplexed by the whole ingly worried about the feelTrump phenomenon," said ings he has stirred among Ray Washburne, a Dallas the activist base and uneasy b usinessman who i s f i - about the consequences for nance chairman for Gov. the party. C hris Christie of N ew The cost of an anti-Trump Jersey. campaign would be daunting: According to the Cam- Reshaping opinions about paign Media A n alysis Trump, a candidate with uniGroup and a Republican versal name recognition and a media buyer, there has knack for garnering free airbarely been any advertis- time and column inches, could ing targeting Trump. Out cost as much as $20 million. A of $90 million worth of ads sustained campaign aimed at reserved or bought in the Fox News viewers could cost Republican primary, just $2 million a week, one Repub$1,300 has been spent at- lican consultant working for tacking Trump — an ad in a rival candidate estimated, Spanish that ran briefly in while a more targeted effort, California that was spon- aimed at Iowa caucus-goers sored by a Spanish-lan- this fall, would require as guage television network. much as $10 million. The Club for Growth, which has spent millions of dollars on feisty intraparty campaigns attacking Republican candidates who C deviate from conservative economic orthodoxy, appears closest to moving

hired campaign staffers who

times by Black Lives Matter protesters — at one point hav-

he said finally, his voice rising, "the next president of the United States will pass meaningful immigration reforms." Bush, whose campaign has

to shape the Republican

the Democratic nomination,

with protesters, he has sometimes gone off script to tout his testers not from another politi- record on civil rights dating to cal camp, but from groups that the 1960s. "We see it as an opportunimight be seen as their allies. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, ty for him to speak about key the Vermont independent who issues that people are raising is arguably the most liberal and let them know what his of any in the field so far, has proposals are," said campaign been targeted a handful of spokesman Michael Brig gs.

leaders and donors are con-

— The Associated Press

the threat Trump holds for

By Kurtis Lee

can Party. While many Republican

ClintOh emBIIS Hillary Clinton said Friday her use of a private email system at theState Department wasn't the "best choice" and acknowledged shedidn't "stop and think" about her email set-upwhenshebecame PresidentBarackObama'ssecretary of state in 2009. The Democratic presidential front-runner said in an interview with NBCNewsthat she was immediately confronted by anumber of global hotspots after joining the newObamaadministration as its top diplomat and didn't think much about her email after arriving at her newjob. "You know, I wasnot thinking a lot when I got in. Therewas so muchwork tobedone.Wehad so manyproblems aroundthe world," Clinton said. "I didn't really stop and think what kind of email system will there be?" But Clinton did not apologize for her decision whenasked directly, "Are you sorry?" Instead, sheagain said shewishes she had "made adifferent choice" and that she takes responsibility for the decision to use aprivate email account and server basedat her home in suburbanNewYork.




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The Bulletin.: www.denddulletin.corn



Number of veterans getting federal jobs is at a 5-year high By Lisa Rein

Veterans Affairs, traditionally

This is the first time that the

The Washington Post

a draw forformer troops,lost administration has measured The share of federal jobs go- a little more than a quarter of how well agencies retain veting to veterans is at its highest its veterans within two years, erans. Senior leaders will be level in five years, new statis- compared with 20 percent of rated at the end of the fiscal tics show, with former service its non-veterans. year on how well they dosed members making up almost The only agencies that kept the gap between veterans and half of full-time hires in the

more veterans than nonvet-

past fiscal year. In government, I worker in

erans were the Defense and

3 is now a veteran, proof that

released last month shows. The growing presence in best fit," said Joseph Sharpe, government of male and fe- director of veterans' employmale veterans is the most vis- ment and education for the ible federal effort to reward American Legion. "These remilitary service since the draft tention rates are huge issues for ended in the 1970s. Starting in us.

the White House's six-year push to give those who served in the military a leg up for federal jobs is working. The bad news is that once veterans get into government,

State departments, the report

they don't stay long. They' re 2009, President Barack Obama more likely than nonveterans pushed agencies to increase to leave their jobs within two hiring of veterans, in response years, the Office of Personnel to the bleak employment prosManagement reports, even if pects that many service memthey have transferred from bers faced after returning otherfederalagencies. from the wars in Afghanistan The Small Business Admin- and Iraq. istration had the most trouble The initiative has fueled keeping veterans in fiscal 2014, tensions in f e deral o ff ices, with just 62 percent staying though, as longtime civil sertwo years or more, compared vantsand former troops on the with 88 percent of nonveter- other side of the cubicle quesans. Former service members tion others' competence and left the Commerce Depart- qualifications.

nonveterans who leave.

"Federal agencies hire them, but where they' re placed and into what job is not always the

He noted that many veter-

ans drop out of college and quit jobs in the private sector, too. At

a Legion conference on veterans employment in Baltimore this weekend, hiring managers from the OPM and the depart-

ments of Energy, Transportation, Labor, Defense and Trea-

sury are scheduled to address the issue, Sharpe said. Hakeem Basheerud-Deen, the OPM director of veterans

By Steve Mills

hire retention rates vary be-

Chicago Tribune

Last year, 47.4 percent of tween agencies. Each agency percent staying two years or new hires for full-time jobs has its own culture and mismore, compared with 82 per- were veterans, an increase of sion, so it's difficult to explain cent for non-veterans. 1.3 percentage points over fis- the differences in their new Even the D epartment of cal 2013. hire retention rates."

Water conservationcan ave cost, an stin, ownsi es By Matt Stevens Los Ange(es Times


ordersto slash wa teruse amid a historic drought, cities and towns across California saved

about 75 billion gallons in July, eclipsing Gov. Jerry Brown's once-daunting order for a 25

percent reduction. But, in a paradox of conservation, water agencies say the

ing tree roots out of manholes

Don Bartletti I Loa Angeles Times via Tribune News Service

Hugo Gonzalez, a technician with Leucadia Wastewater District,

and stepping up maintenance prepares a robotic camera to search for tree roots in an 8-inch-di› on their pipes to prevent corro- ameter sewer line beneath a residential street in Carlsbad, Cali› sion and the spread of odors.

fornia. The lack of rain has caused thirsty tree roots to inundate

And when people use less sewer pipelines, and in theworst case to cause a blockage. potable water, officials say,

there's less wastewater avail-

able to recycle. Water suppliers, lower flows," he said. meanwhile, say the dramatic In San Francisco, officials decreasein consumption has also say foul odors have becreated multimillion-dollar rev- come noticeable in low-lying enue shortfalls. and flat areas of the city where Experts and industry leaders gravity cannot help push solids say this represents a shift into through the system. a new stage of the four-year Sanitation officials in Ordrought. ange County say that although "It's unintended consequenc- their system is generally holdes," said George Tchobano- ing up well, they have had to glous,a professor of civiland flush and clean the pipes more environmental engineering at often. Since the wastewater the University of California, ends up with a higher concenDavis. "We never thought (con- tration of solids, the pumps that servation) was a bad thing. Ev- lift and move the water could ery citizen thinks he or she is get worn down faster, officials saving mankind, and I'm sym- SBld. "Did we know the drought pathetic, but it just so happens that our basic infrastructure was coming and it would cause was not designed with that in these things'? Not necessarily," mllld. said Rob Thompson, director S anitation d i stricts h a v e of engineering at the Orange worried about sewer spills for County S anitation D i strict. years, but officials say they "Nobody likes to talk about have had tobecome especial- sewage. Sewage isn't sexy." ly vigilant in recent months as Los Angeles has not expewater use has plummeted. riencedmany ofthe problems Shorter showers, more effi- plaguing its neighbors because cient toilets and other reduc- its system is designed to move tions in indoor water usage wastewater by gravity, and ofhave meant less wastewater ficials say that with 4 million flowing through sewer pipes, people using water, there's alsanitation officials say. With ways enough flow. less flow to flush the solids

Experts said conservation

down the system, those solids has certainly brought chalare collecting and can eventu- lenges, but pointed out that in ally damage pipes. Australia — where water use "The costs that we' re going plunged during a drought that to face due to corroding pipes lasted more than a decadeis going to be astronomical," there's no evidence of wastewaTchobanoglous said. "It' ll ter treatment problems. "My view is that any such dwarf everything else." In Sacramento, the sewer consequences can be managed system is relatively flat, mean- if and when they arise, but this ing that gravity cannot help should not be an excuse to not push solids through it. Oper- implement efficiency meaatorsare reporting increased sures," said Lester Snow, a fordebris andmore greasein pipe- mer head of the Department lines, said Christoph Dobson, of Water Resources who now director of policy and planning directs the California Water at the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.

The collection of those solids heightens the possibility of a stoppage in small pipes and increases the amount of main-

Foundation. The reduced use of drink-

rim ros ects or inmates a er on ri eto ree om

services, said by email: "New-

ment at similar rates, with 68

unprecedented savings — 31 percent in July over July 2013 — are causing or compounding a slew of problems. Sanitation districts are yank-

John J. Kim /Chicago Tribune file photo via TNS

James Knight, 47, sleeps in a Chicago-bound Greyhound bus in February. He was released from Vienna Correctional Center in southern illinois earlier that morning.

cent facility expansion and the high levels of conservation, the

Groundwater Replenishment System now requires wastewater to be diverted from Huntington Beach to Fountain Val-

ley in order to keep the facility at 95 percent capacity.

"We' re hoping that water demands will remain fairly consistent inside the house," said

Mike Markus, general manager of the Orange County Water District

Lower water demands "potentially could be a problem for us because we built a facility of a certain size and we want to make those assets work for us," Marcus added."We don'twant

to have stranded assets." At the Leucadia Wastewater District in northern San Diego

County, officials have run into a different problem. Without normal levels of out-

door irrigation, tree roots desperately in search of water have

invaded sewer pipes and grown there over time. Last December, when work-

ers investigated a sewer spill, they found a 4- to 6-inch-wide tree root inside a pipe. Just 16

CHICAGO — As he rode

tance they need." Knight's parole officer drops James Knight knew better by his home once a month for than to be too hopeful. His

home on a Greyhound bus February ride home, several earlier this year, 19-year-old rows in front of Rodriguez, Dennis Rodriguez swore he was his seventh. With chilhad learned his lesson. He dren and grandchildren, he would do whatever he could, was more than twice as old he said, to stay out of prison as Rodriguez and a veteran and to steerclearofthegangs of the criminal justice system that had a tight grip on his afterdozens of arrests,mostChicago neighborhood. ly for selling drugs. He knew In fact, after a month of how easy it was to promise electronic monitoring t h at

kept him largely inside his family's home, he had reg-

never to return and how easy a vow it was to break.

sell drugs. They don't want to

a way, they were emblematic of the great churn of a crimi-

go to prison again." Knight faced trouble at

nal justice system that leaves

Wastewater District. "We' re seeing more and

inmates ill-equipped to han-

home, too. His daughter expected him to contribute fi-

from nothing to this larger-diameterroot in a year and four months."

But the consequences of conservation have also been felt outside sanitation districts. Po-

table water providers say conservation is stripping them of crucial revenue. For example, the Yorba

able water also means there is Linda Water District is under less available for recycling — at state orders to slash its water a time when cities have been consumption36 percent over placinga greateremphasis on the next several months. A cut tenance that sanitation districts that form of water conserva- that size is projected to reduce must perform, Dobson said. tion, experts say. revenue about $9 million over "We do know that we' re seeOrange County is home to the course of the current fiscal ing lower flows, and we do at- the largest potable reuse facili- year, district spokesman Datribute the problems ... to those ty in the world. Because of a re- mon Micalizzi said.

treatment program and take

regular drug tests. When he is not looking for work, he spends time with his family. "They say if you can stay out the first 90 days, you have a good chance of making it," he said. "We' ll see." Rodriguez's prison stint was

s chool j ust a

or six times in some cases. In

We didn't think a root could go

job-hunting tips to Knight and encourages him to stay away from drugs. He also must attend a drug

Knight's son-in-law had picked him up at Chicago's his first, and while he said Vihalf-credit shy of his high Near West Side bus station, enna did not break him, it was school diploma. He was get- and before going home they not without its difficulties. As ting work from a temp agen- went to a Popeye's for chick- he rode the bus home, chattercy, mostly factory jobs but en and biscuits. After buying ing away to the other inmates work nonetheless. a hamburgerand cigarettes and cracking jokes, he pledged But then in May, Rodriguez at stops on the way to Chica- that he would finish high was arrested by Chicago po- go, he had just $1.80 left of the school and get a job. lice. By June he was back in $10 the prison had given him Things were going accordprison. on his release. ing to plan, he said. Then one "It was good while it lastH e moved i n w i t h h i s day in late May, a friend offered ed," he said during a recent daughter and her two chil- him a ride to school. Rodriguez interview at Dixon Correc- dren, 16 and 7, in an apart- knew the friend was a gang tional Center. ment in a struggling West member. He knew, too, that the Side neighborhood, sleeping friend often carried a gun. The Bouncing back on the couch in the living terms of his parole prohibited Rodriguez's return to the room. His three sons gave Rodriguez from hanging out penitentiary may have been him some clothes. He had with known gang members swift, but it wasn't unusual. nothing to call his own. and carrying a weapon. About half of the 30,000 or so For the first three months, According to police reports, inmates released from Illinois he was stuck at home on elec- the friend'scar was stopped prisons each year find them- tronic monitoring because, for not having a front license selves back behind bars with- like most recently released plate. Rodriguez said he told in three years, corrections inmates,he was on parole. police he was on parole. When officials say. With his movement restrict- officers started to search the For those who manage to ed, he could not look for a job. car, Rodriguez said, he "knew remain out of prison, they do He had been released from it was over." Police found marso with little money and few prison, but he was not really ijuana, a .22-caliber revolver prospects. Some areforced to free. and a BB gun. Rodriguez, ac"I sat there in the house for cording to the reports, even live with parents or adult children or in homeless shelters. 90 days," he said in an inter- told the officers he had mariBack in their old neighbor- view. "I couldn't do nothing." juana on him. "I screwed up by just hanghoods andwithout ajob,they trouble athome struggle to resist the tempta- No work; ing with him. I knew he gangtions that led to prison. Nearly six months after his banged," Rodriguez said. "I "They face difficulty in just release, Knight had not been should have knew he had a gun about every aspect of life," able to find a job. He had gone somewhere in the car because said Victor Dickson, the pres- to temp agencies, he said, and he can't be nowhere without a ident and chief executive of- knocked on the doors of local gun.... I was disappointed in ficer at the Safer Foundation, businesses, telling people he myself. Period." the Chicago-based nonprofit was willing to do anything to Rodriguez quickly pleaded that helps former inmates find make a living. guilty, saying he believed he "People don't want to hire couldbe released sooner ifhe jobs and adjust to life back in the outside world. "Unless people with felonies," he said did so rather than fighting the you have a really strong fam- glumly. case. The strategy appeared ily — and most of them don' t Indeed, a job is key. If a re- to work — he was recently have that — this is an almost leased inmate works, even for paroled. impossible task to come out just a month, the chances he Before his release, he talkwith nothing and having to will return to prison fall dra- ed again of school, of a job, of rebuild your life." matically, according to the staying out of trouble. He said As Rodriguez and a hand- Safer Foundation. For those it would probably help to get a ful of other inmates rode who work a full year, the re- new set of friends, but he acthe Greyhound back to their cidivism rate drops to about knowledged that it is tough to Chicago neighborhoods last 15 percent. walk away from lifelong pals, "If we don't get them em- even those in gangs. February, most from the medium-security Vienna Cor- ployed within a reasonable "I could say, 'Yeah, I'm not rectional Center in southern amount of time, what do they going to mess with nobody,'" Illinois, the Chicago Tribune do to support themselves and Rodriguez said, staring out accompanied them to chron- their family?" Dickson said. a window at the prison. "But icle the journey to freedom. "Out of desperation, they look we' ll see." Many had been in prison sev- to other things. But their first eral times — as many as five thought is not to go back and i stered for

months earlier, an inspection found the sewer line "clean and dear," said Paul Bushee, generalmanager of the Leucadia more of that," he said. "It was a learning experience for us.

30 to 60 minutes. He gives

precarious enterprise. Many

nancially to the struggling family. "She e xpected that I ' d bring something to the table," he said. Recently, he said, some of the people he had once sold heroin for approached him to see if he wanted back "in the game." Knight said he de-

didn't even have a driver's li-

clined, but he said they know

dle life on the outside. Many of the inmates were

hopeful but realistic, knowing they faced long odds. Drug abuse, anger issues, unstable housing, child support debts, limited work histories, little education — all that and more made the transition a

IIVeber BBQ Grills


cense or a state ID. the struggle he faces. "I'm trying to do right and "You get out with $10 or $20 and you spend some of not go back to doing what I that coming home for ciga- used to do, but it's hard," he rettes and food. But then you

said. "I told them I didn't want

have to go all over the city to to be gone (to prison) again. get an ID or whatever else You have a choice. But they they need," Dickson said. figure you won't get a job "It's almost a travesty that we and you' ll get back to what release these people under- you were doingbefore. I'm standing the challenges they desperate, but I'm fighting it face but without the assis- really hard."

222 SE Reed Market Road 541-388-0022



A pillow fight at West Point

turns bloody,bone-breaking New York TimesNewsService many of the Army's top leadFor generations, freshmen ers are trained, left 30 cadets cadets at the United States injured, including 24 with conMilitary A c ademy h a ve cussions, according to West marked the end of a grueling Point.

®. /

summer of training with a

Michael Williamson / The Washington Post


sion. They, too, believe a cool

Continued fromA1 He pumped gas to pay for

car is a fast track to a woman's heart.

"There's something to be w heels to c r u ise over t h e said about picking up a chick bridge to Washington, D.C., in this car," Kurdziolek says. or impress the girls at a local "It's cool and loud and aggresdrive-in. sive. You don't even have to Back then, he could name hear her. You don't even need the make and model ofany- music." thing that zipped by. Even The young guys realize now, cars speak for him: they are th e a n omalies in "When my wife beat ovarian their generation. Coming up cancer," he says, "I bought her behind them are people like her dream car," a '56 Chevy Kurdziolek's younger brothNomad station wagon. er, who is 21. "He can't afOn Friday evenings at the ford most cars," Kevin says. Cruise-In, Mecca and his "He's looking for something b uddies cluster behind t h e that has a long warranty on '72 Dodge Challenger and it, good fuel efficiency, Bluethe electric-blue '65 Corvette. tooth, all the odds and ends They check under the hoods for his phone. It's just about and tradestories about cars utility for him." and women and where the

years have gone.

Car to smartphone For nearly all of the first

the other way around," says John Heitmann, a historian

"The automobile provided the means for teenagers to live at the University of Dayton their own lives. Social media

blows any limits out of the water. You don't need the car

to go find friends." Much of t h e emotional meaning of the car, especially to young adults, has transferred to the smartphone,

t he

up 4 percent in the first half

of this year. Americans are choosing big vehicles again. Thanks in part to low gas prices, sales of SUVs and light trucks are up. Sedans, subcompacts, hybrids and electrics are down. "This is all actually eco-

At the Cruise-In, 30 miles

outside Washington, Mecca and a cluster of other collec-

tors, all men past the half-century mark, trade lamentsfor the days when cars had

more fanciful designs, for what they fear will be the loss of the Washington Redskins' t eam name, for t h eir c h i l-

dren's lack of interest in cars. "The world's changing too fast for me," Mecca says. "I'd like to be back in the '50s." The old guys' conversation turns to blemishes — not on the sparkling cars before them, but on their own, less

painstakingly preserved bodies. " It's benign, thank t h e Lord," Mecca says of the spot

on his scalp. " This i s

w h a t w e ta l k

about," says Gary Fanning, 58. He tried to give his son his '65 pickup. Gift declined; not interested.

Across the parking lot, though, a few much younger men take a stand for their generation. K evi n K u r d z iolek, 26, and his friend Conner Walsh, 25, match their

the cost of owning a car drops

below 10 percent of income, "young people will stop telling pollsters they can do without

sit, connect with friends digi-

tally without always having to meet in person, and live in

big cities. About 40 percent of them say they intend to stay in cities, though previous generations said that, too, before marriage and children. "With tuition and student

loan debts, young people can't afford a car," says John Townsend, longtime spokesman for the AAA Mid-Atlan-

tic. Plus, there's the sky-high cost of car insurance, an aver-

age of $1,100 nationwide. But McAlinden is confi-

often had to deal with mechanical problems. His first

few cars were "real beaters" that broke down frequently, Dad to drive them around, requiring him to bang on a and some frankly say, 'I don' t stranger's door and beg for need to drive; I can walk to help. "You'd end up interactMetro,'" says Jim Snow, a re- ing with people you wouldn' t tired Montgomery County, otherwise meet," he says. And Maryland, police officer who knowing your car paid divteaches driving at the I Drive idends. Braking was a skill. Smart school in Rockville. Parking did not involve camAs cars have become more eras or computers. automated and reliable, teens Now, he says, "cars have have lost their connection to become virtual reality boxes," the mechanics of the vehicle. infantilizing the driver. BMW "I don't see kids who know even pipes phony engine noiswhat's under the hood any- es through its cars' sound more," Snow says. "A lot of systems to make drivers feel them don'teven know how to like they' re in charge of a maopen the hood." chine that mostly runs itself. Driving these days, Crawford Reasons for the trend writes, "would seem to proWhy this disconnect is hap- mote a kind of regressionpening is very much subject back into the womb." to interpretation. Maybe carculture is wanIt's all about a craving for ing, he suggests, because simplicity, Facebook found- "parents ar e l es s a u thorier Mark Z uckerb erg has tarian and want to be your said, a r eluctance to j u mp friend." In other words, the into the trappings of adult need to rebel isn't what it used life — marriage, children, to be. car. Just as millennials delay Through the 30 years he buying houses, so too have spent as an Oldsmobile dealthey found other ways to get er, Steve Moskowitz saw this around — Uber, Zipcar, pub- coming. "In my early days, I

roots. Fewer jobs meant less money, which translated into

drag racing. They, too, know

an inability to buy, insure or

how to rebuild the suspen-

maintain a car.

campus turned bloody as some cadets swung pillowcas- knocked unconscious and takes packed with hard objects, en away in an ambulance and thought to be helmets, that had not returned to school, split lips, broke at least one they said. But a spokesman for bone, dislocated shoulders the academy, Lt. Col. Christoand knocked cadets uncon- pher Kasker, said all cadets scious. The brawl at the pub- had returned to duty. licly funded academy, where Though talk about the

cadets," Kasker said. "We are

conducting appropriate investigations into the causes of the injuries." So far no cadets have been punished, and the academy has no plans to end the annual tradition.


75 percentofthe costs for Or -

egon's most expensive fires,

now 4 decades old. Fire officials and lawmak-

Continued fromA1 Yet the bill for the state

Keith said.

ers feared British insurance

heading toward th e

saw how romantic the idea

of buying a car was," recalls Moskowitz, 67, now executive director of the Antique Auto-

mobile Club of America. For many years, people dressed up to visit the showroom. But

in later years, "people were looking for dependability and value and weren't concerned with looks and romance."

FEMA may pick up much giant Lloyd's of

l a tter of the tab "on all our most ex-

reasons," said Ti m K e i th, administrator of the state' s Land Protection Fund. First, the state splits fire-

" Their priorities are d i f -

collecting Hot W heels, and Kurdziolek's father was into

"West Point applauds the

ken leg and dislocated shoul- cadets' desire to build esprit ders in others. One cadet was and regrets the injuries to our

group funded by government and industry grants. When

ferent— they have Mom and

elders in passion. Their Mus- lic transit, texting friends to see who can offer a lift. bra and Conner's '04 Mach 1 No, it's the economy, stupid, — are buffed to a showroom some car industry analysts gleam. They, too, have dewy and executives say. The recesmemories of how their love sion hit this generation just of cars began. Walsh grew up as it was about to put down

had left one cadet with a bro-

the West Point, New York,

"If you' re surprised it isn' t more, it's for two primary

dent they will return to the auto fold. "It's completely (He also is restoring a 1971 un-American not to like moPorsche 911T Targa.) "And the tor vehicles," he said, and he

tangs — Kevin's '03 SVT Co-

program thatprepares them fortherigorsofplebeyear.


AAA Foundation for Traffic

Collectors oldandyoung

trolled culture said the fight

omist at the Center for Automotive Research, a nonprofit

who studies Americans' relationship with automobiles.


maraderie after the summer

build dass spirit. But this year the fight on

Sean McAlinden, chief econ-


droid, and instead of customizing their ride, they custom-

a n nual

in West Point's strictly con-

nomics, not preferences," says

ize their phones with covers and apps," he says. "You express yourself through your phone, whereas lately, cars have become more likeappliances, with 100,000-mile

Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. "Instead of Ford versus Chevy, it's Apple versus An-

Kasker said th e

fight is organized by first-year asked that their names not be students as a way to build ca-

way to blow off steam and

part of the fire season is much lower than it could have been — $26.5 million as of Friday afternoonhad the fires not been so

way we live now, especially on is both joking and not joking. the coasts, it's a bother to own Or maybe what it means a car. For young people, and to be American has simply not just the urban elite, there' s changed. " Digital e nticements ar e not even a desire to drive." displacing the pleasures of Fewer drivers driving," says Matt Crawford, A mericans d r i v e f e w e r a political philosopher at the miles per year — down about University of Virginia's In9 percent over the past two stitute for Advanced Studies decades. The percentage of in Culture who a lso fabri19-year-olds with driver's li- cates components for custom censes has dropped from 87 motorcycles. "So that whole percent two decades ago to 70 sense of getting in the car and percent last year. Most teens finding out what's beyond the now do not get licensed with- next town is less powerful." in a year of becoming eligible, Crawford, 49, fell in l ove according to a study by the with cars back when drivers

says Mark Lizewskie, executive director of the Antique

York Times until Thursday.

ec o n omy

bounces back, auto sales are

cars. You say you' re not interested in owning something if K urdziolek a n d Wal s h you can't afford it," he argued. don't quite fit with Mecca and the old regulars, and they' re Backtothefold already nostalgic for a time Millennials i n creasingly when teenagers rushed to get telecommute, use public tran-

century of automobile travel, their licenses. As car buffs, getting your license meant lib- their road forward looks loneeration from parental control, ly, and the way back is crowda passport to the open road. ed with another generation's Today, only half of millennials memories. bother to get their driver's liThe number of vehicles on censes by age 18. Car culture, American roads soared every the 20th-century engine of the year until the recession hit in American Dream, is an old 2008.Then the number plumguy's game. meted. Recently, it's c r ept "The automobile just isn' t back up. Similarly, the numthat i mportant t o p e ople' s ber of drivers has leveled off. "In the near future, cars will lives anymore," said Mike Berger, a historian who stud- control the driver instead of ies the social effect of the car.

Now, a s

ed on social media, West Point did not confirm it to The New

In interviews, cadets who

huge nighttime pillow fight that is billed as a harmless used forfear of repercussions

At the Sterling, Virginia, Cruise-ln, young and old alike get to view some classic cars from the 1950s mixed in with later muscle cars.

brawl on Aug. 20 had circulat-

fighting costs with the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management for fires

that start on federal land. Second, the state will also get federal help because some wildfires were severe and threatened communities and their watersheds. The

pensive fires: Stouts Creek, Canyon Creek, the Eagle

other year of the policy after consecutive bad fire years Complex, and th e G r izzly and after thestatehad record Complex." low snowpack last winter. It's not guaranteed that the Lloyd's eventually offered federal government will pick a policy with a $50 million up 75percent ofthe costs for deductible and a $3.75 million those fires, and the state is premium. only making a best guess at Without the help from the this point in the fire season federal government for the about its total costs. state's largest wildfires, "we It can take years to get a fi- would have blown well past nal tally on firefighting costs the $50 million deductible," because so many different Keith said. A figure for the toagenciesare involved.So the tal costs of all the agencies so state could see its portion of far was not available. the tab increase over time, Heading into Labor Day and if more fires ignite be- weekend, more than 650 of tween now and the end of fire the 884 wildfire starts this season. year on land protected by the Also helping protect the Department of Forestry were

Federal Emergency Manage- state's coffers from a spiked ment Agency will potentially bill is Oregon's unique large reimburse the state for up to wildfire insurance policy,


the press' attention more than Shevlin's athletic ex-

ploits was his playboy attitude. The son of a wealthy

human-caused. — Reporter: 406-589-4347, tanderson@bendbulletin.corn

to his wife and two children. Even with his athletic days Shevlin's legacy was guarbehind him, Shevlin couldn' t anteed in Bend when in 1919 Shevlin-Hixon mill.

Continued fromA1 (That undefeated 1905 stay out of the headlines. He squad is considered one of would occasionally return the greatest ever, shutting to Yale to coach his old team out nine of its 10 opponents before big games, sometimes w hile o u t scoring t e a m s relieving the current coach 227-4.) of his duties in the middle of An impressive all-around the season. "Shevlin has been called athlete, Shevlin lettered in baseball and track as well as upon by Yale teams for assisfootball — at one point he held tance more than once when the world record in the ham- the coaches in charge were mer throw — and was said to making failures of the work," be one of the best collegiate The Bulletin wrote in 1915. boxers in the country. With the construction of But what seemed to catch

L o ndon

wouldn't offer the state an-

S hevlin-Hixon d onated t h e land that would eventually become Shevlin Park. Later, in

1954, Shevlin was a member of the second classinducted

into the College Football Hall of Fame. "A sportsman, a leader, a

friend, always at the front with a dominant personality that compelled attention

and success," is how football coachinglegend Walter Camp described Shevlin to The As-

the Shevlin-Hixon mill near-

sociatedPress afterhisdeath. ing completion in Novem- "Into life, as into football, he ber 1915, Shevlin was called carried that personality and back to his old campus in it always stood him in good New Haven, Connecticut,


"Yale will miss him," added Camp, the namesake for the games of the year against Walter Camp Player of the Princeton and Harvard. Year Award given annually to "Pep a -Plenty S h o w n the top collegiate football play-

timber baron, Shevlin was

to take charge of the "Yale

a real-life Jay Gatsby — 20 years before "The Great Gatsby" was penned. He raced his "$15,000 French

eleven" before their last two

automobile" throughout New

When Tom ShevlinCame to Town," New London, Connecticut's The Day newspa-

er in the country. "Football and

eran comes out of the West

— Reporter: 541-617-7829, beastes@bendbulletitt.corn

England while in college, dressed in nothing but the highest fashion — The New Haven Register estimated he spent $17,000 one year on clothes — and may or may not have had an engagement brokenoffbecause he became "too prominent in a

sport will miss him, but above all a host of friends will feel a per wrote in a headline once deep sense of personal loss Shevlin arrived. "Old vet- that nothing can replace." and grips Yale squad with a Kaiser-like rule," the paper wrote.

The Elis topped Princeton 13-7 but lost to Harvard 41-0 in Boston, a defeat which

certain social circle" during a trip to Europe. After graduating from Yale in 1906, Shevlin came to Bend and spent six months exploring the timber po-

worse, Shevlin caught a cold he couldn't shake, which

tential of the area. That trip

eventually turned into pneu-

eventually led to the Shevlin family purchasing land and smaller timber companies in Central Oregon, which

monia. He died, 100 years ago this December, at the age of 32 in Minneapolis. Shevlin

paved the way for the future

approximately $3.5 million

secured their first losing re-

ASSURANCE iswhatyou getwhen EVERGREEN manages your lovedone's medications

cord in school history. Even

left behind an estate worth


In-Home Care Services 541-389-0006 www.evergreeninhome.corn




Russianmoves in Syria pose concernsfor U.S.

Migrant Continued fromA1 "The migrant crisis in Europe is essentially self-inflicted," said Lina Khatib, a research associate at the Uni-

versity of London and until recently the head of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Bei-

rut. "Had European countries sought serious solutions to po-

By Michael R. Gordon

litical conflicts like the one in

and Eric Schmitt

jor arms clients and is also

Syria, and dedicated enough time and resources to human-

New York Times News Service

host to a Russian naval base

WASHINGTON — Russia has sent a military ad-

at the port city Tartus. But t he new concerns from i n -

vance team to Syria and is taking other steps the United States fears may signal

telligence analysts, as well as newsand socialmedia re-

that President Vladimir Pu-

to warnings this week from the State Department and White House about Putin's intentions.

said John Kirby, the State Department spokesman. "But

itarian assistance abroad, Eu-

rope would not be in this position today." The causes of the current

crisis are plain enough. Neighboring countries like Lebanon

Syria is one of Russia's ma-

and further short of the need.

A man lifts up a child next to a stopped train Friday in Bicske, Hungary. More than 150,000 people

tin is planning to vastly expand his military support for President Bashar Assad of Syria, administration officials said Friday. The Russian moves, including the recent trans-

Then, Syrian g overnment losses and other battlefield

have reached Hungary this year, most coming through the southern border with Serbia. Many apply

port of prefabricated hous-

for asylum but quickly try to leave for richer EU countries. Below, migrants walk out of Budapest.

ing units for hundreds of people to a Syrian airfield and the delivery of a portable air traffic control

and Jordan b ecame over-

whelmed with refugees and closed their borders to many, while international human-

itarian funding fell further

Petr David Josek/ The Associated Press

shifts sent new waves of peo-

ple fleeing the country. Some of these people had initially thought they would stick it out in Syria, and they

are diff erent from earlier refugees, who tended to be poor and vulnerable, or wanted by thegovernment,orfrom areas hard-hit early in the civil war.

Now those departing include more middle-class or wealthy people, more supportersofthe government, and more residents of areas that were ini-

tially safe. One of those, Rawad, 25, a pro-government university graduate, left for Germany with his younger brother Iyad, 13, who as a minor could help his whole family obtain asylum. They walked from Greece to save money, Rawad report-

ed via text message, sleeping in forests and train stations

alongside families from northern Syria who opposed President Bashar Assad.

People like Rawad and Iyad have been joined by growing numbers of refugees who had for a time found shelter in

neighboring countries. Lebanon — where one in three

people is now a Syrian refugee and Jordan have cracked

Refugee exodus Thousands of refugees who have beenbottled up in Hungary, demanding passage to theWest, will be allowed into Austria and Germany, theAustrian chancellor saId late Friday. After several days of chaos and civil disobedience bythe migrants, Hungarian officials threw in the towel and allowed the people living in a squalid encampmentinabelow-ground plazaoutside the city's main train station onto more than 40 buses headed for the Austrian border, as they hadbeen demanding. "On the basis of the current situation of need, Austria and Germanyagree to allow in this case the onward journey of these refugees into their countries," Chancellor Werner Faymann of Austria wrote on his Facebookpage. Austrian officials promised to do what they could to receive the migrants safely and seamlessly.

station there, are anoth-

er complicating factor in Secretary of State John Kerry's repeated efforts to enlist Putin's support for a

diplomatic solution to the bloody conflict in Syria. The Russians have also filed military overflight requests with neighboring c ountries t h rough September. U.S. officials acknowledge that they are not certain of Russia's intentions, but some say the temporary


As the numbers of displaced Syrians mounted to 11 million today from a trickle

in 2011, efforts to reach a political solution gained little traction. The United States

and Russia bickered in the Security Council while Syrian government warplanes continued indiscriminate barrel bombing, the Islamic State took over new areas, other

insurgent groups battled government forces and one an-

other, and Syria's economy collapsed. For years, Yacoub El Hillo, the top U.N. humanitarian of-

ficial in Syria, has been warning that with the Syrian crisis — the "worst of our time"

— the international system of humanitarian aid has "come

to the breaking point," especially as protracted conflicts pile up around the world, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere. "This is the price of political failure," he said in Beirut in March, declaring that the breakdown of the aid system results from the strategic stalemate over Syria. "This is a direct affront to internation-

al peace and security." He said that it cost the United States $68,000 an hour to

"We have regularly and repeatedly expressed our concern about Russian military support for the Assad regime," we' re also watching their actions very carefully. If these

reports are borne out, it would represent a very serious shift in the trajectory of the Syria

conflict and call into question any Russian commitment to a peaceful settlement."

Kerry flew to Sochi Russia in May to meet with Putin to explore whether the two sides

could cooperate on Syria. In August, Kerry followed up with an u nusual three-way

meeting in Qatar on the Syria crisis with Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and

their Saudi counterpart, Adel al- Jubeir.

housing suggests that RusStepped-up Russian military sia could deploy as many as support for the Syrian govern1,000 advisers or other mili-

ment could pose a problem for

tary personnel to the airfield the United States in several near the Assad family's an- ways. If Putin's intention is to cestral home. The airfield support not just the Syrian govserves Latakia, Syria's prin- ernment but also Assad, that cipal port city. could undercut Kerry's contenOther U.S. officials say

— The NewYourTimes Frank Augstein / The Associated Press

down on entry and residen-

cy policies for Syrians. Even in Turkey, a larger country more willing and able to absorb them, new domestic political tensions make their fate

ports in the Middle East, led

with "nojob, no money, no tory just outside Damascus, sistance. Politics also intrudes house," he decided to head to and persevered when governon aid, with the combatants Turkey to work in a cafe and ment forces occupied the area trying to restrict aid to areas contemplate going farther. arounditand demanded more held by their opponents. Recently, boats to Greece and more bribes. They moved At a recent donors' meet- from Turkey have carried the operation to the M idan ing in Kuwait, El Hillo said numerous college-educated neighborhood of the capital, Wednesday, he had empha- activists and insurgents who but still government militiasized that "more can be done, fought both the government men kept stopping their delivnot just by traditional donors and the Islamic State but have ery trucks for bribes. "Now we ar e j ust w orkbut by new donors, chiefly given up for now, seeking new Saudi Arabia, the United Arab lives abroad. On some of the ing for the checkpoints," Abu Emirates and Qatar, to sup- same boats are young men Moaz said just before leaving. port humanitarian efforts in- who come from pro-govern- "It is better to start a new life ment families yet are evading in Germany." side Syria." He spent $3,500 per person Lebanon is giving transit the draft. visas to Syrians who take busAhmed, 36,an agronomist, for him, his wife and two sons es from the border to the Port said the government office to take the deluxe route — by of Tripoli, and commercial where he worked in Damas- ferry from Lebanon to Izmir, ferries from there to Turkey. cus was down to seven em- Turkey to Greece in an inTraveling on one recently was ployees from 23, after the flatable smuggler's boat; and Jamal, a government support- draft-age men left the country, to Germany in a refrigerated truck — rather than walking er who fled after Islamic State mostly for Europe. fighters took over Palmyra, Even wealthy Sunni mer- for a month. On arrival in Germany, he where he owned a cafe. Like chants of Damascus are makthe other Syrians interviewed, ing plans, including some reported good news: Some of he asked that only his first who, while not big supporters his friends had new ventures name be used to avoid jeopar- of Assad, long put business that were already thriving. "One of my friends opened dizing his bid for asylum. over revolution, helping him hang on until now. a D a mascene r e staurant," At first he had moved from place to place inside Syria, livAbu Moaz, 45, and his two he said. "The other opened a ing "like a hobo," he said, but brothers own a c ookie fac- sweets shop." much less to humanitarian as-


tion that the Syrian president

they see no indication that Russia intends to deploy significant numbers of ground forces, but they say the housing would enable

needs to leave power as part of any political solution to the

Russia to use the airfield

tration officials say, the choice

as a major hub for ferrying in military supplies for the Syrian government or possibly as a launch pad for

of targets might further aggravate the growing chaos. Rus-

Russian airstrikes in support of Assad's forces.

U.S. intelligence analysts are also looking at ship loadings in Russia to determine what might be bound for Syria, and one official speculated that the

Russian deployment might eventually grow to 2,000 to

3,000 personnel. "There are some worrisome movements — logis-

tical, preparatory types of things," said an administration official, who added

that there was no confirmation that large num-


And if Russian pilots carried out airstrikes, adminis-

sian strikes on Islamic State militants could interfere with, or at least complicate, the air operations that the U.S.-led co-

alition is already conducting in Syria against the group. But if Russia targets rebel groups that are opposed to Assad, they might be striking some of the moderate Syrian fighters who have been trained by the CIA and the Pentagon. Another possibility is that

Russia is taking these steps to secure its own interests in the event that the Assad gov-

ernment collapses, reaches a power-sharing agreement w ith the opposition or i s replaced.

bers of Russian soldiers,

aircraft or heavy weapons had yet arrived. Officials asked for anonymity because they were discussing classified intelligence reports. I



I I ’


View our presentation at Tompklnswealthpresents.corn

Charles Tompk ins, CFPI 541-2044667

Securltlas I AdvisorySarvlcssoffered throuphKMS Rnanclal Services,Inc. MembarFINWSIPC

C om p l e m e n t s

H o me I n t e ri o r s

541.322.7337 w ww . c o m p l e m e n t s h o m e . c o r n



fly the warplanes used to battle the Islamic State while the United Nations has received


less than half of the money it needs to take care ofthe half of Syria's prewar population that has been displaced. For neighboring countries alone, just $1.67 billion of the needed $4.5 billion for 2015


fi THE CANYO NS Redmond

has been received. For those

displaced in Syria, $908 million has been given of $2.89 billion needed. This week, World Food Program benefits were canceled for 229,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan.


"It is not really a question

of money," El Hillo said. "It is a question of in which pot the

money is sitting." Few refugees have been acceptedby the regional and global players that have supported combatants in the con-



flict. The Gulf Arab states and to a lesser extent the United Stateshave armed and trained

rebel groups, while Russia and Iranhave armed and financed the Assad government, but those powers have devoted

Just 3O minutes from Bend, Ranch at the Canyons is a gated community featuring classic Tuscan architecture, four hidden canyons, trout-filled lakes, world-class horseback riding, and unrivaled views of the snow› capped Cascades, not to mention the grandeur of Smith Rock in your backyard. It’s been called the most unique community in all of Oregon. Now you can call it home. Visit our weetly open houses to tour the move-in ready Ponderosa, winner of the 2OI4 Central Oregon Builders Association Best of Show.

CaSC a d e

So t

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INTERNATloNAL REALTY Each off ice is inde endent owned and 0 crated

T O U R A T W W W .R A N C H A T T H E C A N Y O N S . CO M

To arrange 8 private showing, contact TyRawlins (541) 410-1056 or ~ @ranchatthecanons.corn.11050 NE Vine ard Wa Terr ebonne OR




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BRIEFING Giant watersiide to set up today A traveling, 1,000foot waterslide is expected to beset up in Bend today — just in time for what's forecast as the coolest day since mid-May. Today's high temperature in Bendis expected to reach 57 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, with a 30percent chance of rain. Nonetheless, the organizers of Slide theCity plan to set up their slide on Northwest College Way and said the cold shouldn't be adeterrent. "People that like to have fun will have fun regardless," said Rachel Thomas, the company's director of events. Thomas said at a recent Slide the City event in Saskatchewan that temperatures hovered near freezing, but hardy locals turned out to ride the slide. Shesaid she's seen people on occasion don wet suits to ride during inclement weather. Slide the City has been preselling tickets to today's event for months, and Thomas said most tickets are sold early due to the discount offered. Still, she said she expects people will buy tickets today. The slide will be open from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. Tickets are expected to be available on site: $30 for a single ride, $50 for three rides and$72 for five rides. The high temperature reached 57 degrees Friday afternoon at Bend Municipal Airport, according to the weather service. But Tuesdayit hit 81 degrees, records show. A slow-moving storm system that originated in the Gulf of Alaska brought the cooler temperatures to Central Oregon,saidMikeMurphy, a meteorologist at the weather service office in Pendleton. Thetail end of the system maystill be passing through this morning. After that, he expected warmer and drier weather for the rest of Labor Dayweekend. "By Saturday afternoon, it looks like weare going to clear out," he said Friday. The storm system brought a smattering of snow Friday to Mt. Bachelor, west of Bend, said Drew Jackson, spokesman for the ski area. Snowflakes fell at the West Village parking lot, although they did not stick. SeeLocal briefing/B2

e mon, s u s aina ii roe s o aunc is a By Beau Eastes

everything from analyzing the feasibility of a Redmond sports complex to identifying

The Bulletin

REDMOND — The creative

juices are ready to flow in Redmond. The city and the University of Oregon are close to finalizing their joint project list for this academic year's Sustainable City Year Program, an annual collaboration in which UO works with an Oregon

ways to better communicate

community toadvance or

the program a shot in the arm in terms of ideas, knowledge

with marginalized communities in the area. Now in its sixth year, the Sustainable

City Year Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with real-world

training and gives communi-

nator with the city. "It's easy to

pedestrian plans to the Red-

have success doing something one way and not try anything different. These kids and their ideas — they could shift us in

mond Bicycle and Pedestrian

an entirely new direction."

According to the university, the program typically draws on more than 400 students from 10 to 12 different disci-

expect to partner with the

"Just the energy of having them here is amazing," said

plines, with approximately 40,000 work hours going toward a partner community's projects. The city got a sneak peek at the sustainability program this spring when university

university on at least 25 differ-

Ginny McPherson, an assis-

students presented more than

ent projects this school year,

tant project program coordi-

a dozen different bike and

ties selected to participate in

create sustainability and livability projects. Redmond officials say they

and man hours.

Advisory Committee. Several of those plans, including a color-coded map of the city' s bike routes and a bike-friendly corridor from Dry Canyon to downtown, could be

brought to the City Council for approval before the end of the year. "The mayor (George Endicott) and several councilors are already talking about some of the bike plans," said Heather Richards, the city' s community development director.



>~jaf -. e~+<w

g' ~~I'; La-,-aran|kj ~'

--.' Jo &q

='-: ' ~ ~ 4 ';

e."Ill’ ’






=: ,

FIIs ~ssKIp I Qh'Q FIRE UPDATE Reported for Central and Eastern Oregon.For more information, visit the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center's 1. County Line 2 Acres: 67,207 Containment: 97% Cause: Unknown 2. Canyon Creek Complex Acres: 109,876 Containment: 66% Cause: Lightning


3. National Creek Complex Acres: 15,458 Containment: 70% Cause: Lightning Mone fire nettles, B2



. ;



In honor of Labor Day on Monday: City, county, state and federal offices will be closed. Post offices will be closed, and mail will not be delivered or picked Up. Banks will be closed. Libraries in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties will be closed. Schools, including school district offices, Central OregonCommunity College and OSU-Cascades, will be closed. Juniper Swim & Fitness Center in Bendwill be open from noon to 5 p.m., but no fitness classes will be held. Most liquor stores will be open.





"e enter

Joe Kline/The Bulletin

"Weird Al" Yankovic entertains fans at the Les Schwab Amphitheater on Friday evening in Bend. Yankovic, 55, released his 14th — and, he says, final — studio album "Mandatory Fun" last year, which landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Chart and later won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. He's been on the road in support of the album all summer. "It's a workout, I gotta say," he said from a tour stop in Del Mar, California. "I save all my energy during the day just so I can blow it out onstage for two hours every night. It keeps me in shape, I guess."

STATE NEWS Salem:A judge is being investigated after refusing to perform same-sex marriages,B3 Portlanti:A rash of anti-California stickers has started appearing on "For Sale" signs around the city,B3


road closure LEGEND

— Road block ~ ~ Road closed ~ Detour ey@


Sagin Ave. Portland ve

Road Department’s newest Rep .'s office offers tickets addition to run on natural gas to attend pope's address

ATE SLID Greg Cross / The Bulletin

By Ted Shorack

By Kailey Fisicaro

a brief appearance outside

The Bulletin

The Bulletin

following that address.

Pope Francis is planning

A truck that will partially run on compressed natural

his first visit to the U.S. later

gas was received by Deschutes County officials Thursday and

Correction In a column headlined "District should name schools to honor people," which appeared Friday, Sept. 4, on page B4, the hiring policy of the Deschutes County School District was incorrectly described. It used to refuse to hire married women. The Bulletin regrets the error.

this month, and Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, is offering tickets for residents

will soon be on the road for a

pilotprogram with Onboard Dynamics, a Bend-based technology company.

of Oregon's 2nd District to watch the pope's address to Congress. Andrew Malcolm, a spokesman for Walden's office, said plenty of requests for tickets have already come in. The tickets will allow peo-

The Ford F-250 is outfitted

with a natural gas refueling system that allows the driver to travel about 75 miles farther

than with just a tank of gas. Chris Doty, the county's

ple to see the pope's address

Road Department director, said Thursday the technology has Jarod Opperman I TheBulletin great potential for saving the The DeschutesCounty Road Department unveils a new Ford F-250 county money and improving Thursday with a compressor installed on it to run on natural gas.

Sept. 24 over a broadcast on large monitors outside the U.S. Capitol building, as the speech takes place inside.

the environment. SeeTruck I B5

The county is partnering on the test project with Onboard Dynam›

Malcolm said there is a pos-

ics, aBend-based technology company.

sibility the pope will make

"We' ve gotten about three times the requests for the

number of tickets we have," Malcolm said Wednesday, adding that planning for the event has been intensive. "It' s beingcompared toapresidential inauguration." Malcolm didn't specify how applicants will be chosen to receive tickets.

Residents of the 2nd District interested in attending

can visit pope and fill out a form to request tickets. One person can

request up to four tickets, and the deadline to apply is 5 p.m. 'Itresday. SeePope/B5



Evxxr TODAY SUNRIVERMARATHON FOR A CAUSE:Featuring a marathon, a half marathon, a 5K and kids race benefiting St. Charles Cancer Services; 8 a.m.; $15 to $115; Sunriver Resort,17600 Center Drive, Bend; www.sunrivermarathon.corn or855-420-8206. VFW BREAKFAST: 8-10 a.m.; $8; VFW Hall, 1504 NEFourth St., Bend; 541-385-8375. MADRASSATURDAYMARKET: Featuring food, drinks, live music and more; 9 a.m.; SahaleePark, 241 SE Seventh St., Madras; 541-546-6778. SCAVENGINGRAPTORS AND NONLEAD AMMUNITION: In recognition of International Vulture Awareness Day, Leland Brown, wildlife and lead outreach coordinator for the Oregon Zoo, will discuss lead poisoning in scavenging raptors; 9:30 a.m.; $15, $12for seniors, $9 children 5 to 12, free for 4 and younger; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97,Bend;


541-382-4754. CENTRALOREGONSATURDAY MARKET:Featuring crafts, music,

food andmore;10a.m.; across from the Downtown BendPublic Library, 601 NWWall St., Bend; 541-420-9015. NWX SATURDAYFARMERS MARKET:Featuring local organic artisans in produce, meats, baked goods, skincare and more; 10 a.m.; NorthWest Crossing, NW Crossing Drive, Bend; www. nwxfarmersmarket.corn or 541-350-4217. ANNUALUSEDBOOKSALE: A used book sale to benefit the Friends of the Sunriver Area Library; 10 a.m.; Sunriver Area Public Library, 56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver; or 541-312-1080. SIXTHANNUAL GRAPE STOMP: Featuring a grape stomp, live music and more; 11a.m.; $20 for the romp and glass, $10 without, free for children; Maragas Winery, 15523 SW U.S.Highway 97, Culver;

LOCAL BRIEFING Continued from Bf

"It really hasn't amountedto much," he said.Theupper part of the mountain waswhite with snow, though.

Big changes toOregon fishing rules get OK Oregon's top fish andwildlife officials voted Friday to approve widespread changesthat will lengthensome anglingseasons, change baglimits for some species and implement other changesthat seek to help native fish. The OregonDepartment of Fish and Wildlife also decided it would not open theMetolius River all year abovethe Allingham Bridge, which in 2015was openfrom May

ENm a

To submit an event, visit bendbulletin.corn/events and click "Add Event" at least 10 days before publication. Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Questions: communitylife@bendbulletin.corn, 541-383-0351.

www.maragaswinery.cornor 541-546-5464. THE LITTLEWOODY BARREL AGED BREW AND WHISKEYFESTIVAL: Sample craft wood-aged beers and small-batch American rye whiskeys and bourbons; noon; $12 with glass, $20 with glass and eight tokens, $5 entrance only; DesChutes Historical Museum,129 NW Idaho Ave., Bend; www.bendticket.corn or 541-323-0964. DIXIELANDPARTYBANDAND FRIENDSCONCERT:Featuring more than 25 musicians performing jazz; noon; free, donations accepted; La Pine Moose Lodge ¹2093, 52510 Drafter Drive, La Pine; 541-536-3388. BEAUTY, HEARTANDSPIRIT: THE SACREDLEGACYOFEDWARD S. CURTIS ANDTHE NORTH AMERICANINDIAN: Christopher Cardozo will present a talk on Edward Curtis and his 30-year career; 7 p.m.; $15-$25 plus fees; TowerTheatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend; www. or 541-317-0700. JACK WILLIAMSHOUSE CONCERT: The folk artist performs; 8 p.m.,

doors openat7 p.m.; $20suggested donation; HarmonyHouse, 17505 Kent Road, Sisters; www.facebook. corn/HarmonyHouseConcerts or 541-280-1821. FORTUNATE YOUTH:The Los Angeles band performs, with Ital Vibes and Highdro; 9 p.m.; $12 plus fees in advance, $15 atthe door; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.

volcanictheatrepub.cornor 541-323-1881. THE LETTERSHOME:The Los Angeles soul-rock band performs; 9 p.m.; free; Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW GreenwoodAve., Bend; 541-388-8331.

SUNDAY SUNRIVERMARATHON FOR A CAUSE:Featuring a marathon, a half marathon, a 5Kandkids race benefiting St. Charles Cancer Services; 7 a.m.; $15-$115; Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive, Bend; www.sunrivermarathon.corn or 855-420-8206.

Spring creeks, tributaries of the Metolius, next year. ODFWalso originally proposed allowing anglers to keeptwo, 8-inch fish on the lowerDeschutes River, before anglers spokeup in opposition. Theagency earlier backed downandkept the regulation allowing two fish perdaythat are between 10and 13inches on that stretch.

$6.4M lottery ticket sold in Bendstill unclaimed

Eleven daysafter a winning Oregon Lottery ticket was sold in Bend, the $6.4 million prize remains unclaimed. Chuck Baumann,spokesman with the lottery, said Friday the Megabucks ticketwassoldAug. 24. The OregonLottery does not 23-Oct. 31. reveal the name of the store that ODFW proposedopening that sells a winning ticket until a prize section of the river but heard wide- is claimed, hesaid, so that lottery spread backlash from peopleopemployees canquiz anyonewho posed to the change. It rescinded claims to hold the winning ticket the proposal late before theOregon and makesurenothing unusual is Fish and Wildlife Commission met going on. Friday in Seaside. Baumann said there havebeen "There was alot of feedback instances wherelottery officials received regarding that proposal," were presented with a winning said Brett Hodgson, anODFW ticket that someonehadsigned, biologist. Hodgson said theagency andsomeoneelsehadwhited-out also decided to closeAbbot and the signature andreplaced it with

Bend; www.bendfarmersmarket. corn or 541-408-4998. "HOW TOCHANGE THE WORLD": The story of a group of people who wanted to change the world, with an exclusive Q-and-A panel discussing both the film and Greenpeace movement from its earliest days to the present; 7:30 p.m.; $15; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend; www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342.

. (J+

IRA WOLF:Theindie-rock artist from Nashville performs, with Larry and His Flask's Jeshua Marshall; 9 p.m.; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1881.


.h I




The Bulletin File Photo

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals will perform Sunday, with Benjy Ferree, at the Les Schwab Am› phitheater. The concert will start at 6 p.m., with doors opening at 5 p.m. DIXIELANDPARTYBANDAND FRIENDSCONCERT:Featuring more than 25 musicians performing jazz; 11 a.m.; free, donations

accepted; LaPineMoose Lodge

¹2093, 52510 Drafter Drive, La Pine; 541-536-3388. SUNDAYAFTERNOONDANCE: Featuring a dance with The Notable Swing Dance andBetty Berger; 2 p.m.; $5 per person; BendSenior Center, 1600 SEReed Market Road, Bend; 541-388-1133. BEN HARPER8tTHE INNOCENT CRIMINALS:The blues singersongwriter performs, with Benjy Ferree; 6 p.m., doors open at 5 p.m.; $45 plus fees; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 322 SWShevlin Hixon Drive, Bend; www.bendconcerts.corn or 541-318-5457. AL HAASANDBILLVALENTI HOUSE CONCERT: Thefolksingersongwriters perform; 7 p.m., potluck starts at 6 p.m.; $5 to $10 suggested

his or her own. Eleven days is not anunheard of amount of time for a winner to wait to claim a prize, Baumannsaid, as winners will often make an effort to get their financial affairs in order before coming forward. "Often, when there's asignificant prize like that, our hopeis when it has taken along time, they' re talking to afinancial planner, or attorney, or atax person or all three to get someplan in place," he said, "becausehaving awindfall like that is not a normal thing." The numbers played onthe winning ticket were15,27, 32, 39, 44 and 45. There havebeensix Megabucks prizes that went unclaimed, when no winner cameforward during the year after the drawing, Baumann. The largest unclaimed prize was $3.5 million "won" but never awarded in 1996.

Planning commission applicants sought The city of Bend isaccepting applications for avacancy onthe city's planning commission. Commissioner RocklandDunn resigned Aug.31, citing additional responsibilities at his job that were cutting into the time hecould put

donation; House Concerts in the Glen, 1019 NWStannium Road, Bend; www.houseconcertsintheglen. corn or 541-480-8830. SISTAOTIS:TheNew Orleansband performs, with Megan Burtt; 8 p.m.; $5;VolcanicTheatrePub,70 SW Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881.

MONDAY SOCIALDISTORTION:The rootspunk band performs, with Nikki Lane and Dragthe River; 6 p.m.; sold out; Century Center, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.bendticket.corn or 541-480-1414.


LADIESBACKWARD BINGO: Bingo with a twist to benefit foster and adoptive families in our community, ladies only; 6 p.m.; $5 entry; Deschutes Children' s Foundation EastCampus,2125 NE Daggett Lane, Bend; www.facebook. corn/ladiesbackwardsbingo or 541-385-4741. NATURALHISTORYPUB› PALEONTOLOGY IN THE HIGH DESERT:Edward Davis will discuss the significant paleontological find of two relatively intact skulls of giant saber-toothed salmon found near Madras; 7 p.m.; free; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NWBond, Bend; www. or 541-382-4754.

THE LIBRARYBOOKCLUB: Discuss "The Big Burn" by Timothy Egan; noon; Redmond Pubhc Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond; 541-617-7089. JERRY JOSEPH ANDTHE JACKMORMONS:The rock 'n' roll band from California performs; 7 p.m.; free; McMenamins Old St. Francis School,700 NW Bond St., Bend; www.mcmenamins.corn or 541-382-5174. AMY MILLERAND SEAN JORDAN: Featuring a member of NBC's Last ComicStanding season 9,and the winner of Helium Portland's 2015 Funniest Person Contest; 8 p.m.; $8 plus fees in advance, $10at the door; The Summit Saloon & Stage, 125 NW Oregon Ave., Bend; www. bendcomedy.corn or 541-419-0111.

FRIDAY SISTERSFARMERSMARKET: Featuring fresh vegetables, fruits, locall ymadegoodsand more;2 p.m .; Barclay Park, Hood Street, between Ash and Elm, Sisters; 541-719-8030. SISTERSFOLK FESTIVAL:A threeday celebration of American roots music; 6 p.m.;SOLD OUT,$40-$65 for Sunday only; Downtown Sisters, Sisters; or 541-549-4979.

REDMOND FARMERS MARKET: Featuring food, drinks and more; 3 p.m.; Centennial Park, corner of SW Seventh Street and Evergreen Avenue, Redmond;541-550-0066.


into his service onthecommission. The commission meets onthe second andfourth Monday of every month. Applicants must live within Bend city limits, and thecity will accept applications until 5 p.m.Sept. 25. For applications or questions, visit Bend City Hall, call 541-399-5505

at state parks in Central Oregon, a change in weather hasled to anadjustment in restrictions elsewhere around the state. The OregonParks and Recreation Department announced Friday that fires areagain allowed in designated metal fire rings at state parks in theColumbia Gorge, Willamette Valley andPortland area, as well as onthe Oregon Coastfrom JessieM.Honeyman Memorial State Park nearFlorence to Fort Stevens State Parknear Astoria. A combination of lower temperatures, moisture anda relaxing of restrictions by other agencies prompted state parks to end the bans. The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission also adjusted a campfire banFriday, saying campfires will again be allowed at state parks inWestern Washington. A ban on campfires andother open flames, such asdecorative torches, remains in effect for state parks in Central Oregon, according to the OregonParks and Recreation Department. There is also a ban on the use of charcoal briquettes at CovePalisades State Park, where awildfire sparked by briquettes spread to 280acres and destroyed twovacanthomesAug.

29 outside the park. The Deschutes andOchoco national forests still have a total campfire ban in effect. Theban covers campfires in designated campgrounds. Restrictions areexpected to last through LaborDay.

interest costs and fees 15CV21960 Crystal Burke v. Judith Duncan, complaint, $10,000, plus interest costs and fees 15CV21961 Crystal Burke v. Judith Duncan, complaint,$59,995.74,plus interest costs and fees 15CV21962 Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC v. Claudia L. Bodily, Richard and Claudia Bodily Joint Trust, Bank of Eastern Oregon, complaint, $240,000, plus interest costs and fees 15CV21966 Nationstar Mortgage LLC,dbaChampion Mortgage Company v. all unknown heirs of James H. Murray,deceased,Marian Murray, Julian Castro, solely in his capacity as Secretary for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, complaint, $142,900.62, plus interest costs and fees Filed Aug. 18 15CV21967— MichaelG.Fassett v. Marcus Walker andStacy Walker, complaint, $10,000, plus interest costs and fees 15CV21970 Unifund CCRLLC v. William C. Parcel, complaint, $27,775.01, plus interest costs and fees Filed Aug. 20 15CV22124 Robert Hoffman v. Jessica J. Whitney, complaint, $175,000, plus interest costs and fees

15CV22125 RayKlein Inc.v. Simone Starnes andScott B. Starnes, complaint, $16,065.79, plus interest costs and fees 15CV22254 The Bank of NewYork Mellon, fka TheBank of NewYork, v. Steven M. Mastrud, Sterling Savings Bank,complaint,$339,703.38,plus interest costs and fees 15CV22262 Pronghorn Golf LLC v. Centerra Properties LLC, Paul Draper, Pronghorn Community Association Inc., complaint, $199,938.39, plus interest costs and fees

Pedestrian hit dy car in Madras onThursday A Madras pedestrian wasstruck by a car when he"darted" into traffic early Thursday,according to a news releasefrom the Madras Police Department. Robert Restorff, 77, washit by a DodgeNeondriven by Eric Whittenburg, 36, of Madras, ataround 5 a.m. Whittenburg wasdriving north on U.S.Highway 97nearM Street whenRestorff stepped into the lane of travel andwas hit, police said.

An ambulancetook Restorff to St. Charles Madrasand later to St. Charles Bend,where hewas listed in good condition.

Campfire ban lifted in parts of Western Oregon While a campfire bancontinues

BEND FARMERSMARKET: Featuring food, drinks and more; 3 p.m.; Brooks Alley, NWBrooks St.,

La Pine doil-water advisory lifted An advisory to boil waterwas lifted in LaPineonFriday afternoon, according to theDeschutesCounty Sheriff's Office, after water sample test results from alab in Corvallis showed nocontamination. A line near thecity of La Pine's main water pipewas broken when a vehicle hit a fire hydrant in the area Thursday.Thecity shut off water for its 700 accounts for several hours Thursday, before turning it back on andasking that customers boil water for consumption. The samples weretaken from different parts of La Pine,according to the sheriff's office. Thetest in Corvallis was expected to take about18 hours. TheDeschutes County Sheriff's Office is investigating how thehydrant was hit. Anyone with information should contact nonemergency dispatch at 541-693-6911. — Bulletin staffreports

1VEwsOF REcoRD p.m. Sept. 2, in the 2400 block of NW Hemming way Street. Theft A theft was reported at 6:28 The Bulletin will update items in the p.m. Sept. 2, in the 600 block of SE Police Log whensuch arequest Centennial Street. is received. Anynewinformation, Theft A theft was reported at10:35 such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more p.m. Sept. 2, in the 60900 block of Creekstone Loop. information, call 541-633-2117. Criminal mischief Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 8:20 BEND POLICE a.m. Sept. 3, in the 100block of NW DEPARTMENT Congress Street. Theft A theft was reported at 8:32 Criminal mischief Acts of criminal a.m. Sept. 3, in the 500block of NW mischief and thefts were reported and Greyhawk Avenue. arrests made at3:36 p.m. Aug. 30, Unlawful entry Avehicle was in the 1400 block of NWCumberland reported entered at10:04 a.m. Sept. 3, Avenue. in the area of NWWall Street and NW Burglary A burglary was reported Greenwood Avenue. at10:45 a.m. Sept.1, in the 2300 block Theft Atheft was reported and an of NW Lakeside Place. arrest made at4:45 p.m. Sept. 2, in the Theft A theft was reported and an 31 00 block of N.U.S.Highway 97. arrest made at5:58 p.m. Sept.1, in the 20100 block of Pinebrook Boulevard. Criminal mischief Anact of criminal mischief was reported at Unlawful entry Avehicle was 12:11 a.m. Sept. 3, in the 20000 block reported entered at 6:35 p.m.Sept. 1, of DoannaWay. in the 20600 block of Sierra Drive. Theft A theft was reported at 6:26 DUII Aubrie Lyssa Mayer, 24, was p.m. Sept. 2, in the 700block of NW arrested on suspicion of driving under Florida Avenue. the influence of intoxicants at11:28 p.m. Sept. 1, in thearea of NWBond DESCHUTES Street and NWDelaware Avenue. Theft A theft was reported at1:35 COUNTY SHERIFF’S p.m. Sept. 2, in the18900 block of OFFICE Shevlin Park Road. Theft A theft was reported at 2:57 Theft A theft was reported at12:06


p.m. Sept. 2, in the 52600 block of Day Road. Theft A theft was reported at 3:31 p.m. Sept. 2, in the 1700 block of W. McKinney Butte Road. Theft A theft was reported at 4:14 p.m. Sept. 2, in the 100 block of W. Sisters Park Drive. Theft A theft was reported at 5:05 p.m. Sept. 2, in the in the 21100block of Tumalo Road.

15CV21034 Estate of David Edwards II, by and through Kristina Edwards, v. Spring CreekGardens Inc., complaint, $1,869,807, plus interest costs and fees Filed Aug. 11 15CV21166 Marlee Hueners v. Virginia Thompson, complaint, $193,965, plus interest costs and fees Filed Aug. 12 15CV21431 Tracie L. Schuman PRINEVILLE POLICE v. William M. Abt, complaint, $516,483.04, plus interest costs and DEPARTMENT fees Unauthorized use Avehicle was Filed Aug. 13 reported stolen at 7:03 a.m. Sept. 3, in 15CV21548 JPMorgan Chase the area of SEStanton Road. Bank, N.A.v. Patrick McGowanJr., Vehicle crash An accident was Kelli M. McGowan, Midland Funding reported at10:50 a.m. Sept. 3, in the LLC, and OregonAffordable Housing area of SELynn Boulevard. Assistance Corporation, complaint, Theft A theft was reported at 6:03 $155,268.37, plus interest costs and p.m. Sept. 3, in the area of NEHickey fees Farms Road. Filed Aug. 14 Burglary A burglary and theft were 15CV21631 Bankof America reported at 7:14 p.m. Sept. 3, in the v. Brenton J. Callister, complaint, area of NESixth Street. $10,922.17, plus interest costs and fees CIVIL SUITS 15CV21643 Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P., v. Tyler Mackeson, complaint, $999,995.00, plus interest Filed Aug. 10 costs and fees 15CV21019 Linda Dick v. Mathew B. Engel, DMD,PC, and Matthew B. Filed Aug. 17 Engel, DMD, complaint, $145,000, 15CV21763 CeraRogers v. Denali plus interest costs and fees Hart, complaint, $25,000, plus

Filed Aug. 21

15CV22290— DonaldMolesv.Janet Brantley, personal representative of the estate of Karen R.Newman, complaint, $905,615.53, plus interest costs and fees 15CV22385 Credit Associates Inc. v. Terri L. McCreary and Kenneth C. McCreary, complaint, $19,989.82, plus interest costs and fees 15CV22386 JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. v. William J. Samples, Tollgate Property Owners Association, Charles SchwabBank, complaint, $303,360.60, plus interest costs and fees 15CV22387 Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Ann C.Bahn, Aaron V. Bahn, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., United States of America, complaint, $132,317.08, plus interest costs and fees




u ere uses o e orm same-sex marria es By Jonathan J. Cooper

marriage. Kim Davis, a county

The Associated Press

clerk in Kentucky, went to jail

Thursday because of her refusal to issue marriage licenses to

SALEM — Marion County

Judge Vance Day is beinig nves-

same-sex couples.

tigated by a judicial fitness commission in part over his refusal

Last month, the Ohio Su-

to perform same-sex marriages on religious grounds, a spokesman for the judge said Friday. When a federal court ruling in May 2014 made same-sex marriage legalin Oregon,Day

preme Court's Board of Pro-

instructed his staff t o

fessional Conduct said judges can't refuse to marry same-sex coupleson personal,moral or religious grounds. Judges who stop performing all marriages to avoid marrying same-sex couples may be interpreted as biased and could be disqual ified from any case

r efer

same-sex couples looking to marry tootherjudges,spokesman Patrick Korten said.

Last fall, he decided to stop performing weddings altogether, aside from one in March that had long been scheduled,

where sexual orientation is an

issue, the Ohio board ruled. The investigation of Day came to light Thursday when the Oregon Government Ethics

Korten said.

"He made a decision nearly a year ago to stop doing weddings altogether, and the principal factor that he weighed was the

Commission — a separate enti-

ty from the judicial fitness commission — approved the judge' s request to create a legal defense

fund to pay his lawyers. Day, a former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, was appointed to the bench in 2011 by then-Gov. John

pressure that one would face to

perform a same-sex wedding, which he had a conflict with his religious beliefs," Korten said. In an email, Day dedined to

comment and referred ques-

Kitzhaber, a Democrat.

Day's move concerned Jea-

tions to Korten.

The issue of same-sex weddings is "the weightiest" of several allegations against Day that are being investigated by the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disabilily, Korten said.

(Salem) Statesman-Journal filephoto via TheAssociated Press

Marion County Circuit Judge Vance Day presides over his court› room in Salem in 2012. Day, a former chairman of the Oregon

Republican Party, ia facing an ethics investigation after asking his clerks to refer couples seeking same-sex marriages to other county judges due to his religious beliefs.

He declined to detail any of the allegations, saying he didn' t

na Frazzini, co-director of the

gay-rights group Basic Rights Oregon. 'Taking that kind of a step really calls into question how

an LGBTQ person could expect to be treated in a court of law," Frazzini said. "It goes

make them public. ened national attention to the beyond marriage and gets to which considers complaints The investigation of Day' s responsibilities of public of- serious questions about judicial confidential until it is ready to conduct comes amid height- ficials who oppose same-sex integrity." want to defy the commission,

AROUND THE STATE Klamath COuntydeputieS return

SevenKiamath County

sheriff's deputies granted leavelast month will return to work immediately after a settlement was reachedbetween county commissioners and thedeputies' union. The settlement wasapproved in an emergency meeting Friday night and allows the deputies to return under the supervision of the chief deputy for 45 dayswhile the county investigates. Thedeputies have been onpaid administrative leave after they alleged Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah retaliated against them for their participation in a state Department of Justice investigation into the sheriff. Commissioners say thedeputies were granted leave becausethe county didn't have the power to placeSkrah on leave. Earlier this week, Skrah filed apetition in Klamath County Circuit Court, saying the deputies' leave placed aburden on his office. The sheriff said in a statement Friday that hewas "elated" and hehas always treated his deputies with respect. Fishing rules lifted All fishing limits in10 northeast Oregon lakes and ponds havebeenlifted ahead of fall chemical treatments to remove unwanted fish species from thewater bodies. Thelakes and ponds are in Baker,Union, Umatilla andWallowa counties. Size, bag and possession limits are off until Sept 26. Fish canalso be caught by hand anddip net. Oregon Department of Fish andWildlife fish biologist Kyle Bratcher said theagency is loosening the rules to give people a chance to harvest the fish before they are removed to make way for trout to be restocked. Thewater bodies will be closed after Sept. 26 andwill reopen Jan. 1. They will be restocked with hatchery trout in the spring. DOuble fatality Police said a mananda 3-year-old Washington girl died in a head-on crash on Interstate 84 in Eastern Oregon. Oregon State Police Lt. Bill Fugate said the crash happenedlate Thursday near Boardmanwhen acar driven by Fernando Castaneda crossed the median for an unknown reasonandcollided with a vehicle driven by Tami Graves of Burbank, Washington. Castaneda, a23-year-old Boardman man, died at the scene.Graves suffered injuries not considered life-threatening, but her 3-year-old niece —Emmalee Kitchen — was killed. Theeastbound lanes of 1-84wereclosed for about five hours during the investigation and wreckage removal. Thecause of the collision is still under investigation. RSCBII effOrtS Those behind an effort to recall state Sen. Floyd Prozanski said they havegathered sufficient signatures to potentially spark a vote. Chief petitioner Patricia Duffy-Michaelson said she submitted about 8,700 signatures andplans to send in another batch by Friday's deadline. Thecampaign requires a total of 8,415 valid signatures to secure arecall vote for the EugeneDemocrat. But the petitioners haven't earned avictory yet as the signatures still need to be verified. Prozanski was one offour Democratic lawmakers to face a recall attempt following the passage of anexpansion of background checks on gunsales this year. Prozanski said Duffy-Michaelson's opposition to some of his votes didn't merit "recalling an elected official."

Gunfire by school Policearrested amanaccused of firing

ostoverruns ut iIestationson 0 By Damian Mann The (Medford) Mail Tribune

appeared to be off the table. Councilor Eli Matthews said

MEDFORD — Th e M e d- the council decided to raise ford City Council has put the fees without voter approval to

brakes on building three new fire stations while it comes

to grips with a $3.4 million shortfall. At the same time, the coun-

cil agreed to continue construction on the new police

headquarters despite a $1.7 million cost overrun. The councilreceived verbal agreements from th e

c ontractor,

Adroit Construction Co. of Ashland, that it would to try

to find ways to reduce the shortfall. "This is not the end of the

road," said Tom Walker with Adroit. "We will figure out what we can live with and what we can live without."

The council Thursday night didn't seem to have much appetite to borrow money from internal accounts or from the

put on hold. The "guaranteedmaximum price" for the police station

was given as $23.75 million, pay for $32 million in bonds to about 8 percent over the $22 pay for the three fire stations million in b ond p roceeds and police headquarters, and available to pay for the projhe didn't think the city should ect. That leaves about a $1.7 pay any more than it promised million shortfall — not includtaxpayers. ing an extra $900,000 for the "We need to come in with parking garage facade. the price we agreed on," he Adroit said much of the insaid. "It's unacceptable that crease in costs over estimates we' re $5 million more on this made earlier this year came project." from higher bids from subconCouncilor C h ri s C o r cor- tractors — as much as 30 peran said, "I'm in favor of put- cent higher. ting a stop sign up in front of The cost per square foot for everything." the police station came in at Last week, the council dis- $281, which was in line with coveredthere was a shortfall earlier estimates, but the city on both the police and fire decided to increase the overall projects. square footage of the building The fire stations' "guaran- as well as increase the size of teed maximum price" now is the parking garage. Founda$14 million, about 32 percent tion and steel work on the poover bond proceeds of $10.6 lice station began before the million, creating an almost city knew what the bids would $3.4 million shortfall. be on the remaining work. A groundbreaking ceremoThe replacement for Fire

open market to pay $5 million in cost overruns. An improved police parking garage facade ny for the new fire stations Station 2, which is at the corthat would have cost $900,000 scheduled for Sept. 9 has been ner of Eighth and Lincoln

streets in w estMedford, came in with the highest square foot cost of $386.The two other fire

stations, which are bigger in size, came in around $300 a square foot. Walker said he thought the city might do better if it rebid Fire Station 2 at a later date

when subcontractors aren't as busy as during the summer. Councilor Clay Bearnson said he wanted assurances that the "guaranteed maxi-

mum price" was going to be adhered to going forward. Greg McKown, the city' s project manager, said the price should hold but said the council would need to increase the contract amount with Adroit

because it now exceeded a previous agreement. Councilor Kevin Stine said that by going forward with the police station and absorbing the cost overruns, the city will have less money for the three fire stations.

"We' re cutting the fire sta-

tions out from under them," he


a gun near the Newberg High School athletic field. There wereno injuries, but the Thursday night gunfire disrupted a soccer match between girls from Newberg andCentennial high schools. TheNewberg-Dundee Police Department said early Friday that 53-year-old Steven Smith was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, unlawful use of a weaponand recklessly endangering another person. Smith, who lives near the field, was being held on bail of $32,500. The shots were fired shortly after 8 p.m. School administrators stopped the gameand movedthe players and fans into a gymnasium. — From wire reports

Medford In-N-OuteXPeC ted to bring eXtra traffiC tOCity Officials brace for upcoming opening

state 5. The Oregon Depart-

ment of Transportation has expressed concern about traffic problems.

In-N-Out owners still have Burger not disclosed when the store fans are bracing for waits of will open, but unofficial remore than three hours and ports point to a Wednesday extra traffic in Medford as grand opening. the city prepares for OreGeorgevitch says if trafgon's first In-N-Out Burger fic gets too bad the city may to open. adjust the timing of traffic The Mail Tribune reports signals. that c i t y tr a n sportation City officials say they manager Alex Georgevitch have received calls from Inmet with other Medford ofN-Out fans from across the ficials to make a traffic plan state, including Pendleton, to prevent backups on High- which is about a seven-hour way 62 and possibly Inter- drive.

The Associated Press MEDFORD


Anti-California stickersplaced on 'Eor Sale' signsaround Portland By Luke Hamill

they' re going around to agents

The Oregonian

who have properties that have


P o rtland- sold over ask price and putting

ers apparently upset with the direction of the local housing market are slapping "no Californians"stickerson "ForSale" signs in the city, real estate agents said. When one of Lori Fenwick's buyers sent her a picture of one

anti-California stickers." Fenwick, of Premiere Prop-

erty Group, said somebody covered her name on one of her signs, replacing it with a phrase:

"There's the lowest inventory we' ve had in over 10 years, and people are frustrated."



Quinn Irvine, real estate agent


Fenwick's and Irvine's listings with a lot of out-of-state buyers, were in North Portland's Arbor many of whom do come from of the stickers, she took it to a Lodge neighborhood, they said. California. "I'm dealing with a couple of "People think that our signs real estate group on Facebook to see if any other agents had magically appear," Fenwick San Francisco buyers," Irvine seen them around town. said. "But they don' t. We pay said. "One guy's cash." Three other agents replied money for them, and it's none But both agreed that out-ofthey had. One of them was of their business to be putting statebuyers are coming from Quinn Irvine, of M Realty. stickers on them." everywhere — not just south of Somebody plastered one of the Irvine eventually sold the the Oregon border. "There's the lowest inventory stickers — showing a silhouette house where the sticker apof California with a "No Smok- peared for $450,000 — to a man we' ve had in over 10 years, and ing"-like red slash through itfrom New York, he said. people are frustrated," Irvine on his sign outside a house on Fenwick said people upset said. "They' re basically blamNorth Burrage Avenue. with housing prices "can just ing Californians for raising "A lot of these homes are go ahead and voice their opin- their real estate prices." going into bidding wars and ions wherever they want, but it Fenwick, who grew up in going over ask price," Irvine sucks that they' re doing that." Portland, said, "the more the said. "And a lot of these guys She and I r vine acknowlmerrier" when it comes to new are getting outbid. And I think edged that they are dealing residents.


S e tember 19th 2015 at : 0 0 am e

Register NOW I I





EDj To

The Bulletin


ocB co isn' a oa r e m o ne



regonians might be voting next year on a ballot initiative that would reshape how lottery money is spent. It would take about $500 million a year out of the control of the Legislature. County governments would decidehow that money would be spent. It's an intriguing idea that puts taxpayer money where we generally think it should be: under local control. Lottery money makes up almost $1 billion in the Legislature's 20152017 budget. To put that in perspective, the entire 2015-2017 budget is $68 billion and the general fund budget, which is what the Legislature has the most control over, is about $18 billion. The waylottery funds work now is that 18 percent goes to public education and 15 percent goes to parks and natural resources. The remaining 67 percent is spent at the Legislature's discretion.

For 2013, one calculation says under the ballot measure that Crook County would have received $1.9 million, Deschutes County $9 million and Jefferson County $1.5 million. County commissioners would be making local decisions about how that money would be spent. They could put it all into public education. They could dedicate a big chunk to some local priority. It would be up to them. Is this a better way to decide how taxpayer revenue is spent? County commissioners aren' t necessarily any better or worse at picking priorities than legislators. But it might arguably be easier for county residents to participate meaningfully in the debates over the priorities. It wouldn't be the entire Legislature making the decision. It would be a handful of local politiThis ballot initiative would take cians, who arguably know the needs the Legislature's share from 67 per- of their community better than the cent to 17 percent. The remaining 50 Legislature does as a whole. It would percent of lottery revenues would be also raise the profile of commisreturned to counties. sioners and the importance of their Supporters of the ballot measure elections. say each county would get an equal We aren't prepared to endorse share of 10 percent of those funds this ballot initiative. There needs to with the rest distributed to counties be amore wide-ranging debate over based on the lottery sales in each what it might mean. But the goal of county. more local control is a good one.

Judges must impartially discharge their duties arion C o u nt y Ci r c uit Court Judge Vance Day, finds himself in what must be an unwanted public spotlight these days. His decision to refuse to perform marriageceremonies for same-sex couples has hit the news, as has a complaint against him filed with the state's Judicial Fitness Commission. Day was appointed to the bench by former Gov. John Kitzhaber in late 2011. A former personal injury lawyer, he served as head of the Oregon Republican Party from 2005 to 2009. Like Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky currently in jail on contempt charges for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, Day, too, refuses to involve himself in same-sex marriages. In his case, he refuses to perform same-sex marriages because, he says, of deeply held religious beliefs and now has quit performing any marriage ceremonies. And, like Davis, Day has gotten out of the marriage business altogether in recent months.

The Judicial Fitness Commission, meanwhile, will not make the complaint against the judge public. Unless it decides the complaint has enough merit to prosecute a judge, the public may never know what it was. Judges are not required to perform marriages. But Day's refusal to perform same-sex marriagesdoes raise a serious question: If he refuses to honor this part of law, how will he treat other parts with which he has a personal problem'? More specifically, if his religion leads him to believe that some people, in this case same-sex couples, are not entitled to the same treatment under the law that all other people are, can he be impartial if they must appear in court before him? Oregon judges swear to "impartially discharge the duties of a judge" when they take offi ce. There's no opting out for personal, religious or any other beliefs. Day swore that oath when he took office. Yet today, his actions leave Oregonians wondering if he meant it.

M nickel's Worth Campaign guidance

requirement. As one example, Lew- worked with the IPO in the legislais and Clark College in Portland has ture. The IPO has been able to grow Advice to Donald Trump: Quit a 70 percent on-campus residence the party and accomplish many while you are ahead. rate. things without a paid staff or much Can't there be a middle ground'? money. Ken Waskom Bend Let's stop spending energy on endAs an elected leader, I reject typless appeals and come to a decision ical partisan labels and seek to find

Housing solution

that the citizens and OSU can agree

for campus

After announcing its west-side lo- make it work. in decisions and issues surrounding

Don't shutoutthe party

the new campus. I served on the

Housing and Neighborhood Livabil-

It's no secret that I am a big sup-

ity task forces in 2014, and with other volunteers, spent hours research-

porter of th e I ndependent Party

ing and discussing these issues and of Oregon. Recently, I have been drafting recommendations. following the news of the IndepenI believe the student housing tar- dentParty'semergence as Oregon's gets, if adopted, could be the middle third major party with considerable ground between the two groups on interest. opposite ends of the disagreement I agree with The Bulletin's ed(OSU-Cascades and Truth in Site). itorial about the motives behind The solution is this — require the partisan attacks on the Indethat most out-of-town students live pendentParty.The people making on campus. The traffic, housing, these attacks need to understand and neighborhood livability issues this kind of behavior is a big part of would be minimized significantly, why so many people are disenfranaddressing community concerns. chised and leaving the Democratic The Neighborhood Livability Task and Republican parties. Force recommended that 75 per-

The IPO's recent move to major

to be heard.

Rep. Knute Buehler Bend

Preserve the Owyhee This spring I had the great fortune to spend four days camping in the Owyhee Canyonlands located in southeast Oregon. This remote area is stunningly beautiful and the largest unprotected and undeveloped area in the lower 48 states. The Owyhee is also one of the last re-

maining strongholds for the greater sage-grouse. The vast canyonlands are an outdoor playground for rafters, hunters, anglers, hikers and explorers whose activities support the local economy. This beautiful

cent of all students live on campus. party status proves that a growing The Housing Task Force revised number of Oregonians no longer

and ecologically important area needs to be protected now because

that recommendation to 40 p ercent, with another 20 to 25 percent within half a mile of the campus.

desire to affiliate with Republican

of threats from proposed mineral

on the west side are well-document-

These actions show partisan lead-

extraction activity, off-highway vehicle use and overgrazing. OSU-Cascades has not adopted ei- abandoning t r aditional p a rtisan I would urge Sen. Ron Wyden ther of these recommendations but divisions. Yet, rather than embrace and the rest of Oregon's congresshould do so. the new party and encourage great- sional delegation to support perThe problems with affordable er voter participation, party lead- manent protection for the Owyhee rental housing and transportation ers continue to undermine the IPO. Canyonland's 2 million acres, to or Democrat parti es. Voters are changing their registration and

ensure that the area's native plants,

ed. Also, there is a direct correla- ership is out of touch. This needs to wildlife and untrammeled beauty tion between on-campus living and stop. remain for generations to come. academic performance. There are I am proud to have earned the Joanne RIchter models for a high on-campus living IPO cross nomination and to have Bend

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In My Viewpolicy How to submit

We welcomeyour letters. Letters should be limited to one issue, contain no more than 250words and include the writer's signature, phonenumber and address for verification. Weedit letters for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons. Wereject poetry, personal attacks, form letters, letters submitted elsewhereandthose appropriate for other sections of TheBulletin. Writers are limited to one letter or Op-Ed pieceevery 30 days.

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rial staff of The Bulletin and the

water conservation, stating that 7.95

governor of Oregon. With your continued pandering of the Central Oregon Irrigation District canal piping issue, you' ve missed the elephant in the room.

cubic feet of water per second would

Two reasons. First, the fall line was most pronounced in this tiny section.

be saved for the Middle Deschutes River. What they won't tell you is the

This translates into head pressure at the plant as water enters the turbine.

actual figure is 1.6 cfs. The other 6.4 Two of the largest cascades in all 450 cfs will still be taken from the river,

encourage the IPO and its members

LeslIe Weaver to play a more significant role in OrBend egon politics. Their voice deserves

cation, OSU-Cascades set up committees to involve the community

Pipin Piot Butte Cana iswron t By Tom HIgnell tine and historic neighborhood? They his letter is directed to the edito- w ould haveyou believe they are after

solutions that unite Oregonians. I

upon. We all want the university hope all my colleagues will join me in Bend, so let's move forward and in the spirit of "tripartisanship" and

miles are located here with one drop-

put through COID's hydropower fa- ping vertically 20 feet. This historic governor, in a letter addressed to the cility downstream, and then handed and much beloved waterfall was regNational Register of Historic Places, off to North Unit Irrigation Unit for ularly visited by the public with picstated that preventing 0.85 miles of irrigation in Crook and Jefferson nics and overnight camping. COID canal to be piped would effectively counties. You don't spend $400,000 wiped it out. Those who have seen preclude COID from being able to to save 1.6 cfs of water. No, you spend it compare it to the appalling WWII pipe the canal. Really? Let's be clear that money to retain the right to waste Warsaw Ghetto. You can guess where about this. COID maintains 450 miles another $7 million of taxpayer mon- the second and remaining cascade of canals in Central Oregon. Cur- ey, following the $26 million of our exists: right in the middle of that 0.85rent code allows them to pipe to their money already squandered on this mile section. heart's content on 440 of those 450 for-profit project. Second, in another example of miles or 98 percent of the system. Why did COID pick this tiny sec- Bend city government's poor deciW hy has COID spentover$400,000 tion of canal to build their first reve- sion-making concerning Juniper so far, fighting to grab this tiny frac- nue-generating hydroelectric plant Ridge, it allowed COID to destroy tion of canal running through a pris- with over 440 miles to choose from? its section of the canal with no resis-

Please address your submission to either My Nickel's Worth or In My View and send, fax or email them to The Bulletin. Email submissions are preferred. Email: letters©bendbulletin.corn Write: My Nickel's Worth / In MyView P.O. Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708 Fax: 541-385-5804

in to o

Why has COID spent over $400,000 so far, fighting to grab this tiny fraction of canal running through a pristine and hiStariC neighbOrhOOd? They WOuld haVe yOu belieVe they are after water conservation, stating that 795 cubic

feet of water per second would be saved for the Middle DeSCt7uteS RiVer.

Last month's editorial quoting our

winding through campus. scribedbeginsattheupstream border Imagine the hue and cry if the where privateproperty and Juniper hydroelectric power company just Ridge join. The city even threw in an- downstream of another one of our other$278,000 oftaxpayermoney so historic bodies of water, Mirror Pond, tance. The "Warsaw Ghetto" just de-

COID would lower the 12-foot berm

decided to pipe it only to increase rev-

bearing pipe below grade to hide its distinct lack of beauty. One can only imagine how much easier it would have beento convince the OSU-Cascades to build here in place of the west

enue for its plant?

side, with a 20-foot waterfall and a

beautiful stream with rolling lawns

Conservationist don't destroy wa-

terfalls and waste large sums of public funds under the guise of water conservation. Profiteers is a more apt description. — Tom Hignell lives in Bend.




Reynolds V, of Bend

May 13, 1941 - Aug. 29, 201 5 Arrangements: Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home, 541-382-2471 www.niswonger-reynolds.


Services: A memorial service will be held at 4:00 p.m., on Sat., Sept. 5, 2015, at the Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 NW Wall St., Bend.

Rose "Evelyn" (Hansen) Addington, of La Pine

Oct. 26, 1921 - Sept. 1, 201 5 Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel of La Pine is honored to serve the family. 541-536-5104 www.bairdfh.corn Services: A Graveside Service will

be held on Tuesday,

September 8, 2015, 2:OOPM at LaPine Community Cemetery located at the end of Reed Rd. in La Pine. Contributions may be made to:

Heart 'n Home Hospice, PO Box 3540, La Pine, OR 97739, 541-536-7399, www.gohospice.corn

Deonne (Dowd) Miller Sept. 26, 1955- May 10, 2015

Points of interest set to kick


DEATH NOTICES Elsbery ’Jerry’

Continued from B1

J. DonaldMilar aided in wiping outsmallpox By Margalit Fox

casesresulted from the acci-

New York Times News Service

dental release of the smallpox

physician and former pub-

virus at a laboratory in Birmingham, England.) In 1980,

lic-health official whose work

the WHO dedared the dis-

Dr. J. Donald M i llar, a

ease eradicated. As early as 1969, in an indied Sunday at his home in fluential paper in The New Murrayville, Georgia. He was England Journal of Medicine,

the school year include a plan to help strengthen local businesses, a look at the possibility of a large sports complex near the county fairgrounds, a possible rebranding of the

off this fall include a study looking at how to revitalize Redmond's older neighbor- c ity's utilities, a s t udy o n hoods, a project that focuses how to attract businesses to on improving the city's south- Redmond's medical district ern entrance on U.S. Highand a project tasked with imway 97 and a feasibility study proving community outreach of a family recreation center. through new and emerging D ifferent projects will b e technologies. "For our generation, we' re l aunched throughout t h e school year, Richards said, as using social media (to reach undergraduate students oper- out to the community)," Richate on a quarter system and ards said. "I'm sure these kids graduate students work off a will come up with something semester model. Other proj- we' ve never even heard of." ects scheduled to start later in So far, the Redmond-UO

Sustainable City Year Pro-

gram has studentsfrom Oregon's law school; planning, public policy and management program; journalism school; l andscape a rchitecture program; Master of Business

Africa and, with it, the world, 81. The apparent cause was

Millar maintained that smallpox vaccinations were no

kidney failure, his wife, Joan, longer necessary in the U.S. said. With his co-author, J. Michael


t oric preservation tract, t o

name a few. The city has set aside $375,000for the entire

program. "The next n i n e m o nths, these students are going to

put a lot of work and thought into Redmond," Richards said. "It's exciting." — Reporter: 541-617-7829, beastes@bendbulletin.corn

had been looking online at fore leaving for New York. flight and hotel deals. She said Father Todd Unger, pastor

Continued from B1

it didn't seem as though hotels

Malcolm said Walden's office has about 50 tickets, but

were booked up, but she's plan- in Redmond, also applied for ning to make a reservation she tickets online through Walden's can cancel if she doesn't get to office. But unlike Baney, Unger will make the trip regardless go. Pope Francis, born Jorge of whether he gets tickets from Mario Bergoglio, chose the W alden's office. "I'm going back no matter name Francis in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, a man who what," Unger said Thursday.

m ore than 778,000 people live

A retired assistant surgeon

Lane, he argued that by then,

in the district, according to U.S.

general of the U.S. Public

the vaccine's potential complications — fatal in roughly

Census Bureau data from 2013. One of those constituents, Tammy Baney, is crossing her fingers she will get tickets. Even though Baney is a De- chose to live in poverty. Since schutes County commission- his election in 2013, Pope Franer, she applied online, just like cis has made a point to preach everyone else. Baney said she acceptance. Most recently, he was raised Catholic but is no announced Catholic priests longer practicing. will be able to absolve abortion, She said she doesn't want to considered a sin in the Catholic miss a once-in-a-lifetime event. Church, without permission "What a wonderful opportu- from a bishop. The absolutions nity to be a part of history, but can only be made during the also to hear a man of peace," church's jubilee year of mercy, Baney said, adding she's im- beginning Dec. 8 and ending pressed with Pope Francis and Nov. 20, 2016. "delighted with his leadership." The pope will arrive in "Whether you' re Catholic or W ashington, D.C.,Sept.22and

Health Service, Millar was long associated with what is

one case per million — out-

now the Centers for Disease weighed its potential benefits Control and Prevention. He was the first director of its

for most Americans. The routine vaccination of

global smallpox eradication program, a position he held

Americans against smallpox

from 1966 to 1970.

Millar was later a director of the National Institute

for Occupational Safety and Health. The last case of smallpox in the United States occurred in 1949, but when Millar assumed hispost,the disease remained an urgent internation-

ended in 1972. The son of John Millar, a

shipyard engineer, and the former Dorothea Smith, a secretary, Millar was born

on Feb. 27, 1934, in Newport News, Virginia. After receiv-

ing a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the Univer-

sity of Richmond in 1956, he earned an M.D. in 1959 from al health concern: From 1880 what was then the Medical to 1980, it killed a half-billion College of Virginia and did people worldwide. his internship at the Universi-

The CDC (known in the

ty of Utah. Called for military service

Communicable Disease Cen- in 1961, Millar fulfilled his ter) began its overseas eradi- obligation by joining the U.S. cation campaign in West and Public Health Service ComCentral Africa. From the cen- missioned Corps, which, with ter's offices in Atlanta, Millar

not, I think it's difficult to miss

attend a welcome ceremony at

the message of peace and car- the White House the following ing of our vulnerable, less-ad- morning. He will also attend a vantaged citizens."

variety of other events, includ-

Baney said Wednesday she ing the address to Congress, be-

of St. Thomas Catholic Church

"I don't get to Rome too often,

and I have family in Washington, D.C., which makes it even

easier." He also has a backup plan in case he doesn't get tickets

through Walden's office: Unger saidhisniece works forthe secretaryofstate's offi ce,so she

able to get tickets to one maybe of the Pope's events in D.C. As Unger pointed out, it' s

not often that popes make the trip to the U.S. Unger saw Pope Paul VI in person twice, from

a distance, in Rome while he was studying there in 1970 and 1976. — Reporter: 541-383-0325, kfisicaro@bendbulletin.corn

the Army, Navy and other

oversaw the training, deploy- branches, is one of the counment and support of dozens try's seven federal uniformed of health workers in some 20 services.

Zac Taie,

countries there. Many, like

part of a natural gas compressor Thursday

center, checks out

Assigned to the Commu-

Sierra Leone, Guinea, Niger nicable Disease Center, as and Togo, then had some of the agency was then known, the highest rates of smallpox Millar began his career as a in the world. member of its epidemic intelliOperating under the aegis gence service. In 1966, before This month we celebrate of the World Health Orga- assuming the leadership of w hat w o u l d h a v e b e e n Deonne (Dowd) M i l ler's nization, Millar's program the smallpox eradication program, he earned the equiv6 0th birthday. Sh e u n e x - focused on l ocations, like marketplaces and

mote rural settlements came

together in large numbers. There, localworkers trained by his staff gave smallpox vaccinations to as many people as possible.

S he w a s a w on d e r f u l w ife, m o t h er , n a n a a n d

other countries, among them

ELSEWHERE Deaths of note from around the world:

Mllar led its public-health delivery program. He served as the director of the Nation-

tional Safety and Health, also

part of the CDC. The issues on which he worked there included vibration syndrome, a

survivors include a brother,

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Douglas Paul Millar; three Afghanistan and Brazil. children, John Stuart Millar,

— From wire reports

Hagen on the technology. Jarod Opperman I The Bulletin


Onboard Dynamics' chief tech-

nical officer. Compressed natural gas re-

naturally transmitted small-

The tank installed on the

county truck takes about eight hours to refuel, while the new

version will only take about 30 minutes. The company will get feedback from the county about how the vehicle operates in the field. It will also track cost sav-

ings in an effort to market the product to large truck fleets in the future. — Reporter: 541-617-7820, tshorack@bend bulletin.corn

which can be costly to build.


His honors include the Dis-

ing about 300 people to small- tinguished Service Medal, pox eradication around the the Public Health Service's world, most of them detailed highest decoration, which he throughWHO," Foege said. received in 1983 and 1989. He The world'slast case of w as aformer adjunct profes-


Onboard Dynamics has already developed the next fueling stations are located in generation in the technology, the Willamette Valley along the which uses the engine cylinInterstate 5 corridor but not in dersto compress naturalgasat CentralOregon. The Onboard an accelerated pace. system eliminates the need for a compressor refueling station,

pox effort, finally contribut-

Alison Mllar McMillan and

Hansen noted it is a deaner

burning fuel and in abundance Continued from B1 domestically. "This is just a great opportuThe Onboard compressor was developed by Chris Hagen, nity for us to partner together an assistant professor of engi- and figure out where this is goneering at OSU-Cascades and ing to go into the future,"Han-

came the largest contributor Virginia Millar Helms; and of people to the global small- eight grandchildren.

"Over the years, CDC be-

A county utility inspector

7/2 Price Patio Clearance

will use the truck and is expected to drive about 200 miles

everyday.Oncethenaturalgas runs out, the engine will switch

sor of occupational and environmental health at Emory

over to using the gasoline tank. The Road Department has


a natural gas line at its facility, and the truck will be able to re-

fill and compress overnight for the next day. Tony DeBone, chairman of

Deadlines:Death Notices are accepted until noon Monday through Friday for next-day publication and by 4:30 p.m. Friday for Sunday publication. Obituaries must be received by 5p.m. Monday through Thursday for publication on the second day after submission, by1 p.m. Friday for Sundaypublication, and by 9a.m. Monday for Tuesdaypublication. Deadlines for display ads vary; please call for details. Phone: 541-617-7825

the Deschutes County Commission, said Thursday he was excited to see the technology in use after learning about it a few years ago and seeing whether the county could play a role in testing it out. "Natural gas for transpor-

tation just seems like such an opportunity," DeBone said. "We' ve got a pipeline running right through Central Oregon. It's a very exciting time to see

7/2 off all Patio Sets over S7.500 List Price

this on the road."

"It's really going to allow us to really understand the cust omer-user experience a n d

using compressed natural gas

the only Santa Clara Universi-

hall of fame. Died Aug. 28.

tant profes› sor Chris

Installment of the compressor was paid for by the company, which sees the pilot program as way to test the product before presenting it to the

Obituary policy

Final Four in 1952 and a member of the university's athletic

cades assis›

was the director of the ¹ tional Institute for Occupa-

cations and transportation

Leon Gorman, 80: Trans- pox was recorded in Somalia formed L.L. Bean from his in 1977. (The next year, two grandfather's folksy store and catalog business into a billion-dollar global outdoor-gearretailer and made its signature rubber-soled Death Notices are freeand hunting boot as synonymous will be run for oneday,but with Maine as lobster. Died specific guidelines must be Thursday of cancer at his followed. Local obituaries home in Yarmouth, Maine. are paid advertisements subDr. Endre Balazs, 95:Transmitted by families or funeral formed a syrupy natural luhomes. Theymay besubmitbricantderived from rooster ted by phone, mail, email or combs into a p a l liative for fax. The Bulletin reserves the arthritic knees and a skin right to edit all submissions. protectant that made eye surPlease include contact inforgery routine. Died Aug. 29 of mation in all correspondence. complications from a severe For information on anyof stroke at a hospital near his these services or about the summer home in St. Tropez, obituary policy, contact 541France. 61 7-7825. Jim Young, 82:Member of ty basketball team to reach the

F-250 with a similar one in› stalled. Taie work with OSU-Cas›

Medicine. In later years with the CDC,

set of circulatory and neural and so forth," Dr. William problemsin thehands caused Foege, a former director of by the use of power tools like the CDC who in the 1960s pneumatic hammers, and the worked under Millar in Nige- prevention of tractor rollovers. ria, said Thursday. "The obA fter retiring f rom t h e jective was to stop smallpox Public Health Service in 1993 within five years, and the goal with the rank of rear admiral, was actually reached in 3'/z Millar ran a consulting company devoted to occupational Preising (Mike); brothers, years." The Africa program be- health and safety. K elly a n d Tr a c y ; t h r e e stepdaughers; one stepsis- came a model for smallpox Besides his wife, whom ter; and one stepbrother. eradication campaigns in he married in 1957, Millar's


a new Ford

health from the L ondon School of Hygiene & Tropical

al Center for Environmental Health, part of the CDC, from ister the vaccine. By 1969, The 1980 to 1981. New York Times reported, From 1981 to 1993, Millar

world, because of communi-

sorely missed.

Department unveiling of

Eventually, some 4,000 Africans were trained to admin-

children. S he is s u r v ived b y h e r h usband, M a tt Mi l l e r ; e x-husband, Wil liam N o r ris; father, Dean and stepm other, Pa t D o w d ; He r t hree children, Olivia - 3 6 (Ryan), A n d r ea - 32 (Kevin), and Scott - 30; two g randsons, Arthur - 3 a n d Chester - 1 ; si ster, Shelly

w i l l be

during the Deschutes County Road

f e stival alent of a master's in public

sites, where inhabitants of re-

Millar's program had vaccinated 100 million people in mond High School gradu- the region. ate 1971) tn Redmond after "This was considered to be two years at Oregon State the most difficult area of the U niversity an d h a d t h r e e

daughter. Sh e

A dmi n i stration

graduate program; and his-

helped eradicate smallpox in

late 1960s as the National

p ectedly d i e d o f s u d d e n and severe pancreatitis on M other's D a y , M a y 10, 2015, at UW M edical Hospital near her home in Sea ttle. H e r ch i l d r e n a n d husband were present for her final moments. Deonne w a s b o rn t o Yvonne and Dean Dowd in Redmond, OR, on September 26, 1955. She g r adua ted from R edmond H i g h School in 1 973. She married William N o r ri s (Red-


Email: obits@bendbulletin.corn Fax: 541-322-7254

Mail:Obituaries P.O. Box6020 Bend, OR 97708

as a transportation fuel," said Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard

Dynamics. "It's about fuel-cost savings, but also about bettering the environment."

222 SE Reed Market Road, 541-388-0022 Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 Sun 10-5 www. PatioWorldBend.corn



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Tonight’s uftfffM16 is a small star cluster in the constellation Sagittarius, which is low in the south at nighffall.

High: 75 at Ontario Low: 25’


at Meacham


3 I~



The higherthe AccuWssffter.rxrmIiy Index number, the greatertheneedfor eyesndskin protecgun.0-2 Low 3-5Moderate;6-7 High;8-10 VeryHigh; 11+ Exlreme.

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o Medfo d sr+~

Wee ds Abs ent

As ut 7 s.m. yesterday

222 60 6

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Brookings Gums Eugene 68/47/Tr 72/48/pc 74/51/pc Klsmsth Falls 57/29/0.13 63/33/pc70/37/ pc Lskeview 7 3 / 45/0.00 74/50/pc 74/51/pc Weather(W):s-sunny,pc-partlycloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers,t-tbundsrstorms,r-rsin, sf-snowflurries, sn-snowl-ice,Tr-trace,Yesterday data sso15 p.m.yesterday


~ gs

Ac r e feet Ca pacity NATIONAL 265 4 9 46% EXTREMES Wickiup 30166 15% YESTERDAY(for the Crescent Lake 5 4 9 67 63% 46 contiguousstates) Ochoco Reservoir 12634 29Vo National high: 105 Prinevige 57499 39Vo at Death Valley,CA River flow St a tion Cu. ft./sec. National low: 24 Deschutes R.below CranePrairie 171 at Bodie State Park,CA Deschutes R.below Wickiup 1240 Precipitation: 2.74" Deschutes R.below Bend 130 at Fort Lauderdale, FL Deschutes R. atBenhamFags 1710 Little Deschutes near LaPine 125 C rescent Ck. below Crescent Lake 1 2 1 Crooked R.above Prineville Res. 0 Crooked R. near Terrebonne Ochoco Ck.below OchocoRes.


H i/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W C i ty Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W 67/46/0.07 67/54/pc68/51/sh Ls Grande 66/34/0.00 58/38/r 68/36/pc 65/27/Tr 55/29/r 6 6/32/s Ls Pine 54/26/0.07 58/29/pc 66/36/pc 66/49/0.00 69/51/pc 73/54/pc M edford 69/4 5/0.09 74/45/pc 80/48/pc 58/34/0.01 62/27/r 70/32/pc N ewport 63/4 6/0.00 63/49/pc 64/50/pc 69/42/0.05 72/44/pc76/49/pc NorthBend 66/48/0.00 66/50/pc 69/52/pc 61/40/0.00 64/31/pc 73/34/pc Ontario 75/45/0.00 65/40/r 72/43/pc 57/30/0.01 62/29/pc71/34/s Pendleton 64/39/0.02 66/48/r 71/48/pc

Reservoir C rane Prairie

Crooked R.below Prineville Res.



Yesterday Today Sunday City Asturis Baker City


Burns Jun tion 65/33



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Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New YorkCity Newark, NJ Norfolk, VA OklahomaCity

Omaha Orlando Palm Springs Peoria Philadelphia Phoenix


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93/75/0.00 84/63/s 86/67/s 98/77/0.03 97/81/pc 99/80/s Pittsburgh 89/67/0.00 86/66/pc 86/66/s Portland, ME 72/60/0.00 77/56/s 82/62/s Providence 79/68/0.00 79/57/s 83/62/s Raleigh 92/68/Tr 83/69/1 82/66/ah Rapid City 90/63/0.00 89/59/pc 77/46/s Rene 75/51/0.00 73/43/s 81/49/s Richmond 94/73/0.00 83/68/ah 82/66/ah Rochester, NY 83/63/0.00 86/67/s 87/68/s Sacramento 82/57/0.00 85/54/s 92/55/s St. Louis gens/o.oo 95n5/s 96ns/s Salt Lake City ssn2/o.oo 77/50/pc 74/56/s Ssn Antonio orns/0'.00 97ff7/pc 98/76/s Ssn Diego 77/69/0.00 78/66/pc 80/68/s Ssn Francisco 69/56/0.00 76/57/s 79/57/s Ssn Jose 76/55/0.00 80/54/s 85/57/s Santa re 77/60/0.04 78/54/t 82/54/pc Savannah 93/76/0.02 88n1/t 86n1/c Seattle 64/50/0.00 69/54/pc 65/53/ah Sioux Falls 83/74/0.07 87/73/t 85/56/t Spokane 69/43/0.00 54/44/r 64/44/pc Springfield, Mo gont/0'.00 90/72/pc 91n2/s Tampa 91/77/0.19 gon5A 89n5/pc Tucson 83/68/Tr 88/71/t 93/72/t Tulsa 93/71/0.00 93f/6/pc 95n5/pc Washington,Dc 92/75/0.00 85/67/pc 85/68/pc Wichita 94no/o.oo 93n5/pc 96n4/t Yskims 71/40/Tr 74/43/pc 75/43/pc Yums 102/81/0.00 102f/8/s 103/81/s



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Some clouds, then sunshine


Jordan V gey


’ 53/34


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Lake 60/27 61/30 Chiloquin


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Ch ristmas alley Frenchglen Silver se/31

Ashl nd Falls


2 p.m. 4 p.m.

~ 6


Rro ings


Beaver Marsh


66/ Goid ach

Fort Rock




Source: JimTodd,OMSI

10 a.m. Noon

Greece t

8i 44’



Shown is today's weather.Temperatures are today's highs andtonight's lowe. EAST:Remaining ria I rather cloudy and Um stills Seasid TEMPERATURE Hood 74/49 quite cooltoday 65/55 Yesterday Normal Record RiVer Rufus ermiston with occasional rain. Cannon IBO lington 74/48 High 57 77 97' i n 2003 Portland 71/51 Mesc am Losti ne 36' 42' 29' in 1956 Clouds will break later 63/55 Low 72/ W co7 /52 54/34 Enterprise at night. dleten 54/3 he Dali 5 2/33 Tillamo 66/ PRECIPITATION CENTRAL:Clouds andy 74/50 65/53 Mc innvill Joseph Ise Gove nt He ppner Grande 24 hours through 5 p.m. yesterday Trace and someintervals of upi Condon / 4 2 32 Cam e 69 58 38 Record 0.36" in 1911 sunshine todaywith Union Lincoln 58/ Month to date (normal) Tra ce (0.06") another cool afterSale 64/51 pray Grantteu Year to date(normal) 6.56 " (6.62") noon. Partly cloudy 72/ 7/42 a ’Baker C Newpo 50/30 Barometric pressure at 4 p.m. 29 . 9 2" at night. ~fi 2/45 63/49 Mitch II 55/29 Camp Sh man Red n WEST:Sunshine will 63/35 R SUN ANDMOON eu Yach 62/34 John mix with someclouds 73/44 Prineville oay 6/30 Today Sun. tario today. Temperatures 63/50 65/37 Pa lina 60 / 3 7 Sunrise 6:32 a.m. 6 : 3 4 a.m. 40 will remain well Floren e Eugene ' Re d Brothers Sunset 7:35 p.m. 7: 3 3 p.m. below normal in the 66/50 Vates +~ Su wer e 61 /33 Moonrise none 1 2 :26 a.m. 65/40 afternoon. Nyssa e 59/ Ham ton Moonset 2:3 2 p.m. 3:2 6 p.m. La pine J untura Be/ 4 O Grove Oakridge S co Burns OREGON EXTREME Last Nw e Fir s t Full 64/39 71/47 45 66 0


Nice with plenty of sunshine

Bend Municipal Airport through 5 p.m.yest.





Mecca Mexico City

108/89/0.00 109/82/s 74/57/0.29 76/55/1 Montreal 79/55/0.00 82/62/s Moscow 61/54/0.07 62/48/pc Nairobi 75/59/0.00 76/53/pc Nassau sons/o'.o4 89/79/pc New Delhi grnwo.oo 99/80/pc Osaka 84/72/0.26 85/68/c Oslo 63/43/0.00 53/48/r Ottawa 77/55/0.00 83/61/s Paris 64/48/0.00 65/47/pc Riu de Janeiro 81/68/0.02 72/66/r Rome 82/72/0.12 78/61/t Santiago 79/46/0.00 78/50/s Ssu Paulo 64/63/0.40 65/58/sh Sap porc 69/66/0.55 68/56/c Seoul 84/64/0.00 75/63/1 Shanghai ssno/o'.o5 87/74/t Singapore 90/82/Tr 88n9/t Stockholm 61/46/0.50 62/49/sh Sydney 63/54/0.02 66/54/pc gong/0'.00 94/77/pc Taipei Tel Aviv gone/o.oo 88n6/s Tokyo 86/73/0.13 79/71/pc Toronto 81/72/0.00 85/66/1 Vancouver 63/48/Tr 65/51/pc Vienna 73/61/0.19 63/52/c Warsaw 63/54/0.25 71/51/pc

109/80/s 76/54/1 84/70/t 60/52/sh 79/55/pc 89/79/pc 98/79/pc 77/68/r 55/45/c 85/64/1 63/47/s 77/68/sh 78/59/s 61/47/r 69/62/r 70/61/pc 79/60/1 86/73/pc 88/79/pc 56/48/r 66/51/pc


88/78/s 78/70/r 87/68/t 62/51/c 63/50/c 63/50/c






>op) to.e Sgp tJyg

~o.e "



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IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARUT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 P reps, C4 Sports in brief, C2 Motor sports, C6 MLB, C3 Golf, C6 THE BULLETIN SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015

O www.bendbulletin.corn/sports



Seahawks agree to sign Jackson The Seattle Seahawks and running back Fred Jackson agreedto a one-year deal Friday, according to multiple reports. The 34-year-old Jackson visited the Seahawks onTuesday, a day after being released by the Buffalo Bills. The Seahawks haveyet to announce the signing. Seattle is in needof depth at running back after backup Robert Turbin suffered a high ankle sprain last Saturday at SanDiegothat coach PeteCarroll called "legitimate," though without saying how long Turbin would be sidelined. "We just have

Nonconference Nonconference Nonconference Nonconference Nonconference SUMMIT ... ...........62 BEND ...................10 WILSONVILLE ........54 RIDGEVIEW ... .......21 REDMOND ............64 PENDLETON...........13 CENTRAL...............0 MOUNTAIN VIEW ....21 BAKER ..................6 FRANKLIN ............27


Nonconference Nonconference Nonconference Nonconference Nonconference CROOK COUNTY..... .16 JUNCTION CITY......47 SISTERS ... ...........34 CULVER...... .........52 GILCHRIST ... ........26 SWEET HOME..... ....14 MADRAS ...............0 BURNS ................29 LA PINE................18 MOHAWK..............18


Collins' athleticism, toughness impress ORVALLIS — The two quarterback sys-


tem at Oregon State may be a one-and-done deal.

to wait and see on that,"

The Beavers' two

Carroll said. After Seattle's preseason finale Thursday night, Carroll said of Jackson that "we had a good visit with him. I really, really like the kid. We all did." Jackson had525 rushing yards last season for Buffalo when he battled through a midseason ankle injury while also catching 66 passes for 501 yards. He began his career at Buffalo in 2006 and played alongside Marshawn Lynch from 2007 until Lynch was traded to Seattle early in the 2010 season. Theteam will have to make aroster move to addJackson but is in the midst of cutting the roster from 75 to 53; the Seahawks have yet to announce any moves.

freshman quarterbacks, Seth Collins and Marcus

McMaryion, began Friday night's game against Weber State alternating

every two series ... but that all changed in the third quarter. After the Beavers had fi-

nally broken through for a touchdown on their first se-

ries of the second half to go up by 13 points with Collins leading the drive, McMaryion came in as scheduled two possessions later. With the Beavers pinned

deep, McMaryion attempted a short pass to the left

flat that was tipped, picked offand returned forascore that suddenly had Weber

State back in the game. It would be McMaryion's last action of the night. Collins would finish

out the contest, and coach Gary Andersen appeared

— The Seattle Times

to make the right call.


throw in the fourth quarter down the left sideline to Jordan Villamin for a 44yard touchdown, and the Beavers went on to win 26-7.

Collins made a beautiful

Security worries with drone crash NEW YORK — A

drone crash during a U.S. Openmatch has tennis officials thinking about whether they can do more to safeguard the sprawling National Tennis Center from such hazards, a spokesman said Friday. A high school science teacher who hadbeen flying the drone from a park outside the tennis venue was arrested Friday on reckless endangerment and other charges, police said. But security officials have had droneson their list of concerns as they work to protect the 46.5-acre complex, which includes three stadiumsandnumerous other courts in the city' s Flushing MeadowsCorona Park near LaGuardia Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration put drone and model-plane enthusiasts on notice last October that it is illegal to fly the aircraft near Major League Baseball, NFLand NCAA Division I college football games andmajor auto races.

See Beavers /C5 Photos by JarodOpperman/The Bulletin

Ridgeview's Beth Whitley finds a hole in the Baker defense in the season opener Friday night at Ridgeview High. Whitley had 55 rushing yards and two touchdowns in the Ravens' 21-6 nonconference victory.

Back-to-back 76-yard scoring drives to open the gamelift Ridgeview to nonleaguewin By Grant Lucas

On their first two drives,

Ridgeview (1-0 overall) drove

The Bulletin

nearly the length of the field, a charged-up rushing attack charging upfield behind an experienced front line. Capping

REDMOND — Every year,

teams expect to be 1-0 after the first week. They have wait-

ed for game one for months, looking to kick off their quests

off each drive was Seth Whit-

ley, who punched in a pair of 2-yard rushing scores, each on

toward a state championship

in the most ideal way. Ridgeview was no different.

fourth down, to help the Ra-

And for the fourth time in the

Ravens' four-year history, they are 1-0. Back-to-back 76-yard scor-

ing drives allowed the Ravens to open up a 13-point lead, and they ground through a midgame offensive lull to defeat visiting Baker 21-6 in

;" t

Ridgeview quarterback Brett Blundell scrambles for a gain.

The Ravens' attack, how-

each team's season opener on

Friday night. "It's a relief," Ridgeview coach Andy Codding said. "We didn't know what we

were going to field this year.

We didn't know what we were going to face tonight. There were just so many unknowns with the new kids we were putting into the lineup as well as

See more photos from Friday night' s game on TheBulletin's website: hendholletin.corn/sports/highschool :


— The Associated Press

stretched into the third quarter.

See Ravens /C4

to do."

Adams gets shot at spotlight By Anne M. Peterson The Associated Press

EUGENE — In perhaps the ultimate irony of college football's opening weekend, quarterback Vernon Adams makes his debut for Oregon against his former team, Eastern Washington. The No. 7 Ducks face the Eagles of the Big Sky Conference tonight at Autzen

: :InSIde Follow along with the Stadium. : :• Storm start fast, beat Pendleton.: : ~~ action every Friday night . Volleyball, soccer. Oregon coach Mark Hel: Pre p footballroundup,C4 , onTwitter:OBBulletinSports::P re p roundup,C4 frich says the game is more about how Adams fares ~I

with the Ducks than how



By Greg Beacham

2 20

Main event:Flyweight title, DemeLOS ANGELES — Paige trious Johnson(c) vs. John Dodson VanZant admires the glitter of Ronda Rousey's championship When:Prelims, 5 p.m. today (FS1); main card, 7 tonight (PPV) belt and the glamour of her Where towatch:SevenNightclub Hollywood career. In and out (please RSVP),HideawayTavern of the cage, the world's most


W. Michigan

feel good about where we' re at, but we' ve got a lot of work

team. "It is a rare and some-

what unfortunate set of

VanZantwants to be tbe nextRonda Rousey

Weber St.


bring stuff we didn't know. We

ever, stalled on their next few possessions, allowing Baker (0-1) to stay within reach as the nonconference contest



Colorado TOP 25

: :Inside

an opponent that was going to

Oregon St. at Michigan When:9 a.m. Sept. 12 TV:ABC Radio:KICE940-AM; KRCO690-AM, 96.9-FM

he fares against his former



vens jump in front 13-0. "This group is pretty confident," Codding said. "We' ve got some good leadership up front, and that did help in those first few opening drives when we were just pounding the ball down the field."

Next up



The Associated Press

prominent mixed martial

artist is both a hero and a blue- years and several victories print for VanZant. away from those heights. The She realizes she is still a few 21-year-old UFC prodigy feels

she has plenty of time for the climb. "Ronda has done amazing things," VanZant said. "She has had amazing success, and it just shows me how far I can take this. Every time I think

self, and then maybe I' ll get the opportunities she's getting." VanZant (5-1) takes on veteran Alex Chambers to

open the main fight card of UFC 191 at the MGM Grand

she has hit the ceiling, she breaks through again. I have to continue winning fights

Garden Arena in Las Vegas tonight. The show is headlined by Demetrious Johnson's flyweight title defense against

before that can ever happen. I

John Dodson.

need to create a name for my-

See VanZant/C6

circumstances that it is him versus them," Helfrich said. "It's not that."

See Ducks /C5

First up E. Washington at Oregon When:5 p.m. todayTV:Pac-12 Radio:KBND 1110-AM

Inside Oregon's second opponent, Michigan State, openswith win RoundupC5





Formula One, Italian Grand Prix, qualifying NASCAR,Sprint Cup,Southern 500, practice NASCAR,Xfinity, Darlington 200, qualifying NASCAR,Sprint Cup,Southern 500, qualifying NASCAR,Xfinity, Darlington 200 Formula One, Italian Grand Prix

Time TV/Radio 5 a.m. N BCSN 7 a.m. N BCSN 8:30 a.m. NBCSN 10:30a.m. NBCSN 12:30 p.m. NBC 4:30 a.m. NBCSN


U.S. Open, third round U.S. Open, third round

8 a.m.


4 p.m.


ON DECK Today Boyssoccer:NorthMedford vs.Bendat Mountain View,11m. a ; SouthMedfordat Mountain View,11 a.m.;Culverat Irrigon, 1:30p.m. Girls soccer:MountainViewat South Medford, 11 a.m.;Bendat North Medford, 11a.m. Volleyball:LaPine,Gilchrist, Trinity Lutheranat La PineTournament,9 a.m.

9 a.m. B i g Ten 9 a.m. E S PN 9 a.m. E SPNN

College, Mississippi St. at Southern Miss College, Arkansas St. at Southern Cal SOCCER Euro 2016 qualifier, SanMarino vs. England Euro 2016 qualifier, Switzerland vs. Slovenia

7 p.m. 8 p.m.

9 a.m.


9 a.m. Roo t 9 a.m. SEC 11 a.m. Pac-12 12:30 p.m. ABC 12:30 p.m. CBS 12:30 p.m. Fox 12:30 p.m. ESPN 12:30p.m. ESPNU 12:30 p.m. Root 1 p.m. E SPNN 1 p.m. SEC 2 p.m. P a c-12 4 p.m. CSNNW 4 p.m. E S PN 4 p.m. E SPNU 4:30 p.m. NBC 4:30 p.m. S EC 5 p.m. ABC 5 p.m. ESPNEWS 5 p.m. P ac-12, KBND 1110-AM

FS1 P a c-12

9 a.m. FS2 11:30 a.m. FS2 10 a.m. 1 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m.



PGA Tour, DeutscheBankChampionship EuropeanTour, M2MRussian Open

11:30 a.m. Golf 4 a.m. Golf 2 p.m. NBCSN

North Conf Overall W L W L PF PA 0 0 1 0 26 7

Oregon St. California Oregon Stanford Washington St Washington

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

8 a.m. E SPN2 4 p.m. E SPN2 8 :45 a.m.

FS 2

11:30 a.m. FS2 3 p.m. P a c-12 4 p.m. FS1 5 p.m. P a c-12 7 p.m. P a c-12


MLB, TampaBayat NewYork Yankees MLB, Seattle at Oakland MLB, Pittsburgh at St. Louis

10 a.m. 1 p.m. 5 p.m.

TBS Roo t E S PN

1 0 a.m. noon

Go l f NBC

PF PA 42 32 24 17 0 0 0 0 0 0 20 28

WeberSt. Oregon St.

/ j/g /j,/p g

College, Purdue atMarshall noon FS1 College, Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. S. Carolina St. 12:30 p.m. ESPN High school, Wayne(Ohjoj vs. Moeller (Ohjoj 1 p.m. E SPNU BOXING

1 p.m.


4:20 p.m. NBC

SPORTS IN BRIEF CYCLING Ol!VO!ra OfPOrtugal WinS13th Vuelta Stage



7 26

Thursday’G same Pittsburghat NewEngland,5:30p.m. Sunday,Sept.13 GreenBayat Chicago,10a.m. KansasCityat Houston, 10a.m. Seattleat St.Louis,10 a.m. Clevelandat N.Y.Jets, 10a.m. Indianapoliat s Bufalo, 10a.m. Miami atWashington, 10a.m. CarolinaatJacksonvile,10a.m. NewOrleansatArizona,1:05 p.m. Detroit atSanDiego,1:05p.m. CincinnatiatOakland,1:25 p.m. BaltimoreatDenver,1:25 p.m. Tennessee at TampaBay,1:25p.m. N.Y.GiantsatDallas, 5:30p.m. Monday,Sept. 14 PhiladelphiaatAtlanta, 4:10p.m. Minnesota at SanFrancisco, 7:20p.m.


EAST Albright24,Salisbury23

Bridgewa ter(Mass.) 42,Curry21 FitchburgSt.42, Backer25 Fordham 37,Army35 Jacksonville20,Delaware14 Lehigh20,CCSU14 Mass.-Dartmouth 41,Mount Ida6 MorrisvigeSt.28, St.Lawrence20 Syracuse 47,RhodeIsland0 WPI 31,MIT28 Washington & Lee63, Averett 35 WesffieldSt.44, Nichols21 SOUTH

Charlotte23,GeorgiaSt.20 Gettysburg 49,Bridgewater (Va.) 10 Stevenson 20,NCWesleyan9

MichiganSt.37,W.Michigan24 Wis.-Lacrosse 26,Luther19 SOUTHWE ST Baylor56,SMU21 FARWEST Oregon St.26, Weber St. 7 BoiseState16,Washington 13

Jozy Altidore scored atwo second-half goals in his return to the U.S. team following an injury filled summer, astheAmericans came back to beat Peru 2-1 in afriendly Friday in Washington. Preparing for next month's playoff against Mexico for a berth in the 2017Confederations Cup, theAmericans fell behind in the 20th minute whenDaniel Chavez's 20-yard shot caromed off defender OmarGonzalez and looped over the outstretched right arm of goalkeeper BradGuzan. — From wire reports

Eastern Conference T P l s GF GA 5 6 8 4 7 8 4

44 42 41 37 37 29 28 28 6 27 6 27

35 43 45 44 35 33 30 38 31 33


1 3 3

FC Dallas 12 8 5 S porting KansasCity11 7 7 Portland 11 9 7 Seattle 1 2 13 2

SanJose 1 1 10 Houston 9 10 Colorado 8 9 RealSaltLake 8 1 1

5 8 9 8

41 40 40 38

35 40 29 32 32 35 25 29

38 35 33 32

Today’sGames OrlandoCityat NewEngland,4:30p.m. ChicagoatMontreal, 5 p.m. TorontoFCat Seattle, 7p.m. PhiladelphiaatSanJose, 7:30p.m. Sunday’sGames FC DallasatColumbus,4p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9 ColoradoatVancouver, 7p.m. SportingKansasCity atPortland, 7:30 p.m. Friday,Sept. 11 ChicagoatNewYork, 4 p.m. Saturday,Sept.12 Columbus at Philadelphia, 4p.m. NewYorkCity FCat FCDallas,5:30 p.m. RealSaltLakeat Houston, 5:30p.m. D.C.Um tedatColorado, 6 p.m. Seattleat SanJose,7:30p.m. Montrealat LosAngeles 730 pm Sunday,Sept.13 NewEnglandatTorontoFC,2p.m. SportingKansasCity atOrlandoCity,4p.m.


40'/t 40 46

3 2t /t


2 t / t 4 1t/t



Eastern Conference



Old Dominion 5 '/t 4 ' /t FLORIDA 36 37 PennSt 7 7 TULSA Tt/2 6Y2 UCLA 17 19t/t 12 12'At Stanford Auburn 10'At 10'At TexasA&M 3 31 / 2 NEBRAS KA

51/2 7

NC STA TE 24'At 26 NO ILLINOIS 21 23 OKLAHO MA 30t/t 31

Tennesse e GEOR GIA


21 21t/t

14'At 17 33 33

W L 21 9 x-Chicago 19 12 54 NewMexicoSt 18 13 43'At TEMPLE x-Indiana 16 14 68 Fla Atlantic Washington 14 18 52t/t Virg inia Connecticut 12 18 47tat N'WESTE RN Atlanta Western Co n ference 57 L o uisville W L 70 A rizona St 21 10 60 Byu x-Minnesota 18 13 62 Troy x-Phoenix x-Tulsa 62t/t Univ 16 14 Los Angel e s 13 18 57 Akr o n 9 21 69 BowlingGreen Seattle 54 UL-Monroe SanAntonio 7 24 59'At UL-Lafayette x-clinched playoff spot

York 63 E MICHIGAN x-New


GA 20 21 20 26 25 29 34 28 43

Today’sGames SeattleatWashington, 4 p.m. Sunday’sGame Housto natChicago,2p.m.

5 '/ 2 511/2


GF 39 30 32 30 20 27 24 22 22

Wester nNewYork3,Port land2

3 ' / t 3' / t 4 3 '/t


30 35 32 30 29 34 27 40


Panthers 3t/t 3 t/t 41'/t Seahawks 3 t7t 3t7t 41tat CARDINALS 2t /t 2 t / t 47t/2 CHARGERS 2t /t 2 t / t 46 BUCCAN EERS 3 3 42 Bengals 3 t7t 3t7t 44 BRONCOS 4t/2 4 t/2 48t/2 COWBOYS 5'/2

34 28 44 42 36 47 34 46 38

WesternConference W L T P l s GF GA Los Angeles 13 8 7 46 49 33 Vancouver 1 4 1 0 3 45 38 28

W L T Pts Seattle 12 3 4 40 Chicago 8 3 8 32 FC Kansas C it y 9 6 5 32 America’s Line Washington 8 5 6 30 Hometeam inCAPS Houston 6 8 5 23 Portland 6 9 5 23 Favorite Open Current 0/U Underdog WesternNewYork 6 9 5 2 3 NFL Sky BlueFC 5 8 7 22 Thursday Boston 4 13 3 1 5 PATRIOTS 7 7 51 Sunday,Sept. 13 Wednesday’sGame Packers 6 ' / t 6' / t 5 0 '/t FC Kansas City 3, SkyBlueFC2

USA unVeilS teamS fOrroad WOrldS Taylor Phinneywil

Altidore SCOreS tWiCe aS U.S. rallieS to deat Peru 2-1›


W L D.C. United 1 3 10 Web OrSt NewYork 12 7 9 22 8 18-58 56-281 Columbus 1 1 10 1 20 11 0 Toronto FC 1 1 N ew Engl a nd 10 9 19-36-1 12-22-1 OrlandoCity 7 12 12 23 8 11 10-40.7 6- 37.7 Montreal N ew YorkCity FC 7 13 7 1-0 1-0 Chicago 7 13 7 -75 7 - 67 Philadelphia 7 14 24:35 35:25

INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGWeber SL: Wilkes 7-37, Garrett 3-16, Clark6-4, Thomson0-3, Denby1-0, Prince 1-(minus2). OregonSL: Collins 17-152, BarrsWoods15-63,Brown14-54, McMaryion 1-4, Nail 2-4, Bolden 5-4,Dockery1-3, Team1-(minus3). PASSINGWeber St.: Clark 19-35-1-120, Corpus 0-1-0-0.OregonQ.: Collins 10-18-0-92, McMaryio2-4-1-18. n RECEIVINGWeber Stu Batchelor 6-51, Livingston3-26,Thomson2-17, Satuala2-12, Denby 2-(minus4), Corpus1-9,Garrett 1-4, Eyolfson1-3, Wilkes1-2.OregonSL: Villamin4-70, Bolden3-6, Barrs-Woods 2-25, Brown1-6, Sands1-3, Clute

Eagles Vikings



Web —Burton 8 interception return (Kealam akia kick), 3:24. FourthQuarter OrSt —FGOwens39, 13:21. OrSt —Vigamin44passfromCollins (Owenskick), 9:55. OrSt —FGOwens45, 3:11.

TEXANS 1 JETS 3 Colts 3

PGA Tour

All TimesPDT

ThirdQuarter OrSt —Bolden4 passfrom Coffins (Owenskick),

Passing Comp-Att-Int ReturnYards Punts-Avg. Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yards Time ofPossession



OrSt —FGOwens30, 10:22. OrSt — FGOwens40,:48.

Oliveira of Portugal spedaway to win the 13th stage of the Spanish Vuelta on Friday, while FabioAru kept his lead before the GrandTour enters three straight days in the mountains. Oliveira broke free from an escape group of 24 riders with around 20 kilometers (12 miles) to go on the hilly178-kilometer (110-mjlej ride from Calatayud to Tarazona. Aru finished in the peloton with the remaining main rivals following the expulsion of Astana teammateVincenzo Nibali and Chris Froome's withdrawal due to abroken foot. get his opportunity to chase aworld championship at home. After a devastating crash nearly ruined his career, Phinneywas part of the roster announced byUSACycling on Friday that will compete this month in Richmond, Virginia. Phinney will be joined in the men's road race by Brent Bookwalter, Tyler Farrar, Alex Howesand BenKing. The women's team features Shelley OldsandEvie Stevens, both members of the 2012Olympic team, along with Allie Dragoo, MeganGuarnier, Lauren Stephens,Tayler Wiles andCoryn Rivera. Adrien Costa, of Bend, was chosenfor the junior men's team.


Third Round KristinaMladenovic, France,def. DariaKasatkina, Russia,6-2,6-3. EkaterinaMakarova(13), Russia, def.ElinaSvitolina (17),Ukraine,6-3, 7-5. VenusWiliams(23), UnitedStates,def. Belinda Bencic(12),Switzerland, 6-3, 6-4. RobertaVinci, Italy, def. MarianaDuque-Marino, Colombia6-1, , 5-7,6-2. Anett Kontaveit,Estonia, def. MadisonBrengle, UnitedStates,6-2,3-6, 6-0. EugenicBouchard(25), Cana da, def. Dominika Cibulkoya,Slovakia,7-6 (9),4-6, 6-3. MadisonKeys(19), UnitedStates, def. Agnieszka Radwanska (15), Poland,6-3, 6-2. SerenaWiliams (1), UnitedStates,def. Bethanie Mattek-Sands, UnitedStates,3-6, 7-5,6-0.

DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L Major League Baseball


Listingsarethe mostaccurate available. TheBulletin is not responsible for latechangesmadeby TI/or radio stations.


"Bah! You call that a brawl? When I played baseball, we beat the holy tar out of each other!"

0 0 7 0 0 6 7 13






Premier Boxing Champions AUTORACING NASCAR,Sprint Cup,Southern 500

0 0 0 0 16

Oregon Sl. 26, Weber Sl. 7


PGA Tour, DeutscheBankChampionship PGA Tour, DeutscheBankChampionship

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 13


First downs Rushes-yards


U.S. Open, round of 16 U.S. Open, round of16 SOCCER Euro 2016 qualifier, Wales vs. Israel Euro 2016 qualifier, Bosnia-Herzegovinavs.Andorra Men's college, VCU at Stanford MLS, Dallas at Columbus Women's college, Michigan atWashington Women's college,TexasatUCLA

0 0 0 0 0

South W L W L Arizona 0 0 1 0 Utah 0 0 1 0 ArizonaSt. 0 0 0 0 UCLA 0 0 0 0 SouthernCal 0 0 0 0 Colorado 0 0 0 1 Thursday’sGames Utah24,Michigan17 Arizona42, Texas-SanAntonio32 Hawai28, i Colorado20 Friday’sGames Oregon State26, Weber State7 BoiseState16,Washington 13 Today’sGames StanfordatNorthwestern, 9a.m. PortlandStateatWashington State, 11a.m Virginia atUCLA,12:30p.m. GramblingStateat California, 2p.m. ArizonaStateatTexasA&M, 4p.m. EasternWashingtonatOregon, 5p.m. ArkansasStateat Southern Cal, 8p.m. Friday,Sept.11 UtahStateat Utah,6p.m. Saturday,Sept.12 OregonStateat Michigan,9a.m. SacramentoStateatWashington, 11a.m. Massachuse tts atColorado, 11a.m. WashingtonStateat Rutgers,12:30p.m. San Diego StateatCalifornia, 2 p.m. Arizona at Nevada, 4p.m. Idahoat Southern Cal, 5p.m. OregonatMichigan State, 5p.m. UCLAatUNLV, 7:30p.m. CentralFloridaatStanford, 7:30p.m. Cal PolyatArizonaState,8 p.m.



Men Third Round Benoit Paire,France,def. Tomm y Robredo(26), Spain,7-6(3), 6-1,6-1. Jo-WilfriedTsonga(19), France,def. Sergiy Stakhovsky,Ukraine,6-3,7-5, 6-2. Marin Cilic (9), Croatiadef. , Mikhail Kukushkin, Kazakhstan, 6-7 (5), 7-6(1), 6-3,6-7(3), 6-1. NovakDjokovic (1), Serbia, def.AndreasSeppi (25),italy,6-3,7-5, 7-5. RobertoBautistaAgut (23),Spain,def. David Goffin (14), Belgium, 2-6, 5-7,6-3,3-1, retired. Feliciano Lopez(18), Spain,def.MilosRaonic (10), Canada, 6-2, 7-6(4), 6-3. JeremyChardy (27), France,def. David Ferrer (7), Spain,7-6 (6), 4-6,6-3, 6-1. Fabio Fognini (32), Italy,def. Rafael Nadal(8), Spain,3-6, 4-6, 6-4,6-3,6-4.

Pac-12 All TimesPST



Woodward Stakes

U.S. Open

Friday atNewYork

In the Bleachers e 20t 5 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Ucnck 9/5 www.gocomics.corn/inthebleachers



MLB, TampaBayat NewYork Yankees MLB, Pittsburgh at St. Louis MLB, Minnesota at Houston MLB, Seattle at Oakland MLB, Texas at L.A. Angels




College, illinois St. at iowa College, Stanford at Northwestern College, Norfolk St. at Rutgers College, Richmond at Maryland College, S. Dakota St. at Kansas College, La.-Monroe atGeorgia College, Portland St. at Washington St. College, BYUat Nebraska College, Auburn vs. Louisville College, Virginia at UCLA College, PennSt. at Temple College, UTEP at Arkansas College, Morgan St. at Air Force College, S. Illinois at Indiana College, Bowling Greenvs.Tennessee College, Grambling State atCalifornia College, Central Washington at CSU-Pueblo College, Arizona St. vs. TexasA&M College, La.-Lafayette at Kentucky College, Texas atNotre Dame College, NewMexico St. at Florida College, Alabamavs. Wisconsin College, TexasSt. at Florida St. College, Eastern Washington at Oregon




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Connecticut73,SanAntonio 72 81, Indiana65 30 30 64 T e xas StMinnesota 1 0'/t 1 1'/t Today’sGame Alabama 49 Wisconsin MississippiSt 2 3 2 1 61 S O MISSPhoenixat SanAntonio,5 p.m. 28'/t 2P/t 69'/t ArkansasSt USC Sunday’sGames Sunday Washington atAtlanta, noon Tr/2 Tr/2 MARSH ALL 63 Pu rdueTulsa atLosAngeles,2p.m. Monday Seattleat Chicago,3 p.m. 14 13'/t 53 OhioSt V A TECHNewYorkat Minnesota,4 p.m.

Pct GB 700 61 3 2'/t 581 3'/t

533 5 438 8 400 9

Pct GB 677 581 3

533 4t/t

419 8 300 11t/t

226 14

Deulsc he BankChampionship Friday AlTPCBoston Norton,Mass. Pure e: SS. 25 million Yardage : 7,242; Par 71(36-36) FirstRound BrendondeJonge 33-32—65 LukeDonald 35-32—67 Colt Knost 33-34—67 KevinChappeg 34-33—67 lan Poulter 33-34—67 Matt Jones 33-34—67 HarrisEnglish 34-33—67 Charl eyHoff man 36-31—67 HenrikStenson 34-33—67 33-34—67 RickieFowler 33-35—68 GaryWoodland 36-32—68 RyanPalmer 36-32—68 JasonDay 36-32—68 SeanO'Hair 36-32—68 DanielBerger Morgan Hoff mann 36-33—69 RorySabbatini 35-34—69 Matt Kuchar 35-34—69 RobertStreb 34-35—69 ZachJohnson 36-33—69 Sangmoon Bae 35-34—69 JasonDufner 36-33—69 HudsonSwafford 33-36—69 DavisLoveIII 36-33—69 HunterMahan 35-34—69 BrianHarman 35-35—70 35-35 — 70 AlexCejka 34-36—70 Phd Mlckelson 37-33—70 ZacBlair 36-34—70 Brendon Todd 36-34 — 70 RoryMcllroy 36-34—70 Scott Brown CharlesHowell III 35-35—70 Brendan Steele 35-35 — 70 RusselKnox l 38-32—70 Shawn Stefani 34-36—70 Danny Lee 35-35—70 DustinJohnson 35-35—70 Keegan Bradley 36-35 — 71 Pat Perez 37-34—71 KevinKisner 37-34—71 HidekiMatsuyama 38-33—71 36-35—71 JimmyWalker 35-36—71 JustinRose 37-34 — 71 MarkWilson 37-34—71 DanielSummerhalfs BrandtSnedeker 36-35—71 36-35—71 Jim Furyk JerryKelly 36-35—71 KyleReifers 35-36—71 NickWatney 39-33—72 MareLeishm an 35-37—72 PatrickReed 37-35 — 72 KevinNa 37-35 — 72 JustinThomas 35-37—72 Carl Pettersson 38-34—72 Johnson Wagner 36-36—72 38-34 — 72 CamiloVilegas 35-38—73 Jim Herm an 37-36 — 73 DavidHearn 40-33—73 Biff Haas 35-38 — 73 BubbaWatson 40-33—73 WilliamMcGirt ChessonHadley 39-34 — 73 KevinStreelman 38-35—73 Billy Horschel 36-37—73 LouisOosthuizen 39-34—73 Scott Piercy 37-36—73 BenMartin 36-37—73 Spencer Levin 38-35—73 TroyMerritt 38-36—74 38-36—74 RusselHenl l ey 37-37—74 J.B. Holmse 36-38 — 74 PaulCasey 38-36—74 CarlosOrtiz 36-38—74 BooWeekley 37-37—74 WebbSimpson 37-37—74 Chris Kirk BrooksKoepka 35-39—74 Cameron Tringale 37-38—75 Jordan Spieth 36-39 — 75 Scott Pinckney 39-36—75 BryceMolder 41-34—75 George McNeil 40-36—76 TonyFinau 39-37—76 Steven Bowditch 38-38—76 ChadCampbell 40-36—76 FabianGomez 38-38 — 76 36-40—76 JasonBohn 39-37—76 JasonGore 37-39—76 JohnSenden 38-38—76 JasonKokrak 38-39—77 DavidLingmerth 38-39—77 Matt Every 39-38 — 77 JamesHahn RyanMoore 39-39—78 Martin Laird 36-42—78 J.J. Henry 40-38—78 STATISTICS Through Aug. 30 ScoringAverage 1, Jordan Spieth, 68.82. 2, BubbaWatson, 69.26. 3, JasonDay,69.28. 4, Brooks Koepka, 69.52. 5,DustinJohnson,69.53.6,HenrikStenson, 69.57. 7,Justin Rose,69.73. 8, Will Wilcox, 69.76. 9, ZachJohnson, 69.76. 10, Paul Casey, 69.82. DrivingDistance 1, DustinJohnson,319.1.2, BubbaWatson,316.6. 3, JasonDay,314.3. 4, AdamScott, 311.6. 5, J.B. Holmes,310.8. 6, CharlieBeljan,309.8. 7, Brooks Koepka,309.5.8, TonyFinau,309.4. 9, Patrick Rodgers, 307.7.10,GaryWoodland, 307.3. Total Driving 1, HenrikStenson,51. 2,Wil Wilcox,61.3, KeeganBradley,66.4,JustinRose,76.5,Graham DeLaet, 84. 6,CharlieBeljan, 91.7, Hideki Matsuyama,93. 8, RussellHenley,98.9, JimHerman, 102.10, Hudson Swafford,107. PuttingAverage 1, JordanSpieth, 1.695. 2, JasonDay,1.708. 3, Dustin Johnson,1.711. 4, JasonBohn, 1.721. 5, MorganHoffmann, 1.726. 6, PatrickReed, 1.728. 7, DanielSumm erhays, 1.730. 8 (tie), MattKucharand Phil Mickelson, 1.731.10,MattJones,1.733. All-Around Ranking 1, Will Wilcox,202.2, JasonDay,210. 3, Jordan Spieth,274.4, HidekiMatsuyama,280. 5,Justin Rose, 287. 6,BrooksKoepka, 288.7,Justin Thomas, 313.8, Matt Kuchar,348. 9, BubbaWatson, 367. 10, Rickie Fowler,394.


—Suspended Texasminor league RHPVictor Gonzalez (DSL) 72gamesfollowing apositive testforStanozolol, free agentOFAndersonCaro50gamesfollowing asecondpositive testfora drugof abuseand Seattle LHP JosephPistorese(Everet-NWL) 50 gamesafter following apositive test for Amphetamine under the MinorLeagueDrugPrevention andTreatment Program. AmericanLeague BALTIMORE ORIOLES— RecalledOFJuniorLake and RHP JorgeRondonfromNorfolk (IL). Reinstated RHPMikeWright fromthe15-day DL.PlacedRHPMiguelGonzalezonthe15-dayDL,retroactive toAug. 31. CLEVEL ANDINDIANS—Selected thecontract of INF MichaelMartinezandLHPGiovanni Sotofrom Columbus(IL). TransferredLHPTJ Housefrom the 15- to the60-dayDL DesignatedOFCarlos Moncrief for assignm ent. HOUSTONASTROS — Act ivated OF George Springerfromthe 15-dayDL Recalled RH PMichael Feliz from CorpusChristi (Texas). MINNES OTATWINS—ReinstatedOFAaronHicks from the15-dayDLRecaled LHPLogan Darnegfrom Rochester (IL). OAKLANDATHLETICS— RecalledLHPSeanNolin fromNashvile (IL). SEATTLE MARINERS— ActivatedLHPJoeBeimel from the15-day DL. NationalLeague ATLANTABRAVES — Named George Lombard minor league field coordinator CINCINN ATI REDS — Reinstated LHPManny Parra fromthe15-day DL SentRHPDylan Axelrod outright toLouisville (IL). COLOR ADO ROCKIES — Reinstated 1B Justin Morneaufromthe 60-dayDL. Recalled INFRafael Ynoa fromAlbuquerque (PCL). DesignatedINF-OF Matt McBride for assignment. ST.LOUI S CARDINALS— ActivatedOFJonJay from the15-day DL. SAN DIEGO PADRES— Reinstated INF/OF Wil Myersfromthe60-day DLRecalled RHPDory Mazzoni from ElPaso(PCL). WASHIN GTONNATIONALS—RecalledRHPTanner Roark fromSyracuse (IL). FOOTBALL

NationalFootballLeague ARIZONA CARDINALS—Acquired QBMatt Barkley fromPhiladelphiafor a conditional 2016seventh-round draft pick. ATLANTA FALCONS— Waived SSean Baker, LB Terrell Manning,TJakeRodgers, GJared Smith and CB KeviW n hite. Released QBRexGrossman, DECliff Matth ewsandQBTJ.Vates. BALTIMOR ERAVENS—WaivedLBAndrewBose, WRDaniel Brown,OTBlaineClausell, WRTomNelson and CB Quinton Pointer. BUFFALOBILLS— PlacedCBLeodisMcKelvin on reserve/non-footbalin l jurylist. Waived-injuredWR DeonteThompson.ReleasedWRDezLewis, LBIkemefunaEnemkpali, DEQuentin Groves,QBMatt Simms, GWill Campbell, RBJohnConner, WRAndre Davis, DT AndreFlueffen,RBBronsonHil, GDarryl Johnson, GAlexKupper, DEBJLarsen, CBMerril Noel,WRTobias Palmer, GCyril RichardsonandRBCierreWood. INDIANA POLISCOLTS—Traded alate-round2016 NFLDraftpicktotheOaklandRaidersfor LBSioMoore. JACKSONVI LLE JAGUARS — Released WR Neat Sterling, TEBenKoyack, RBStormJohnson, CB JeremyHarris, QBStephen Morris, DTRichard Ash, DE Cama ronBeard,DECapCapi,WR KaseyGloss, OL WillCorbin,TEConnor Hamlett, DEIkponmwosa Igbinosun, WRErik Lora, GChris Reed, CBRashaad Reynol ds,LBToddThomas,CBPeytonThompsonand WR Ton yWashington. MIAMI DOLPHINS— ReleasedQBJoshFreeman. NEW ENGLANDPATRIOTS— Signed CBJustin Coleman.Released TEJake Bequete fromthe injured reservelist. ReleasedOL RyanGroy, OLCaylin Hauptmann, QBRyanLindley,LBJamesMorris,DLCasey Walker, OLChris Martin, DLA.J. Pataiali'i, RBTony Creecy,WRZachD'OrazioandWRDaVaris Daniels. NEWYORKGIANTS— ReleasedPSteveWeatherlord. Acquired P Brad Wing from Pittsburgh for a conditionalseventh-rounddraft choice. SAN FRANCI SCO49ERS— Released LB Philip Wheeler, OLPatrick Miler, G JoeLooney, S Craig Dahl, WR IssacBlakeneyandDTDarneffDockett. TAMPABAYBUCCANEERS — Released DL Da'QuanBowers. TENNE SSEETITANS— TradedGAndy Levitre to Atlantafor a2016sixth-round draft pickanda conditionalfuturedraft pick.Waived FBZach Boren, CB Ri'ShardAnderson, CGabe Ikard, DBKhalid Wooten, DB Jeme aThomas,DLIsaakoAaitui, WRJoshStewart, LB Andy Studebakerand LBKaelin Burnett. HOCKEY NationalHockeyLeague DETROIT REDWINGS— Re-signedFDanCleary to a one-year contract. NEW YORKRANGERS— NamedChrisDrurydirector ofplayerdevelopment. OLYMPICS INTERNAT IONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE Named MarcusHausenchief ofstaff. SOCCER MajorLeagueSoccer MLS — Suspe ndedToronto MFColen Warner two games andfined himanundisclosed amount and MontrealDVictor Cabreraonegameandfinedhiman undisclosed amount forviolent playduring anAug.29 game.FinedLAGalaxyDLeonardofor failing to leave the field inatimely/orderly mater after receivingared cardduringanAug.28gameat SanJose. Announced the three-gamesuspension of Philadelphia MF CristianMaidanafor spitting in agameagainstNew Englan dwasreducedtotwogames.FinedLAGalaxy coachBruceArena,Portland coachCaleb Porter, and SportingKansasCity coachPeter Vermeseachanundisclosedamount for public criticismoftheofficials. FinedPortlandownerMerritt Paulsonanundisclosed amountforpublic criticismoftheofficials. COLLEG E FLORIDA STATE— NamedMaryMichaelMaggio women'assi s stant golf coach.

FISH COUNT Upstreamdaily movement of adult chinookjack chinook,steelheadandwild steelheadat selectedColumbia Riverdamslast updatedThursday. Chnk Jchnk Sllhd Wstlhd B onneville 26,974 1,971 3,360 7 8 8

T he Daffes 11,953 2,225 2,764 6 8 2 J ohn Day 8,634 51 6 2 , 881 8 8 2

M c Nary 6,327 39 2 1 ,418 5 1 1 Upstream year-to-date movement ofadult chinook, jack chinook,steelheadand wild steelheadat selected ColumbiaRiverdamslastupdatedThursday. Chnk Jchnk Sllhd Wstlhd Bonneville 594,833 46,084 197,85577,799 TheDaffes 421,274 38,705 85,506 37,786 John Day 345,032 27,979 45,288 20,519 McNary 295,465 20,676 37,044 16,831



Nationals 5, Braves2(10 inn.)


All TimesPDT



Toronto NewYork TampaBay Baltimore Boston Kansas City Minnesota

Cle veland Chicago Detroit

Houston Texas Los Angeles Seattle Oakland

East Division W L 76 58 75 58 66 68 65 69 62 72

CentralDivision W L 82 52 69 65 65 68 63 70 61 73 West Division W L 74 61 70 63 68 66 64 71 58 77

Cuba’ Addi› son Russell,

Pct GB .567 .564

' ->CRx

Pct GB .612 .515 13 .489 I 6(/r .474 IB(/r


.455 21

507 51/2

14-2), 10:05a.m. Baltimore(M.Wright2-3) at Toronto (Price 13-5), 10:07arm. Philadelphia(Asher0-1) at Boston (Miley 10-10), 1:05 p.m. Cleveland(Salazar12-7) at Detroit (Simon11-9), 4:08 p.m. ChicagoWhiteSox(Quintana7-10) at KansasCity (D.Duffy 7-6), 4;10p.m. Minnesota(E.Santana 3-4) at Houston (Mccuffers 5-5), 4:10 p.m. Seattle(FHernandez15-8) at Oakland(Chavez7-13), 6:05 p.m. Texas(D.Hoffand2-1) at LA.Angels (Weaver 6-10), 6:05 p.m. sunday’s Games TampaBayat N.Y.Yankees, 10:05a.m. BaltimoreatToronto, 10:07a.m. Cle velandatDetroit, 10:08a.m. Philadelphiaat Boston, 10:35a.m. ChicagoWhiteSoxat Kansas City, 11:10a.m. Minnesotaat Houston, 11:10a.m. Texasat L.A.Angels, 12:35a.m. Seattle at Oakland, 1:05p.m. Monday’sGames BaltimoreatN.Y.Yankees, 10:05a.m. Tampa Bayat Detroit,10:08 a.m. TorontoatBoston, 10:35a.m. ClevelandatChicagoWhite Sox, 11:10a.m. Houstonat Oakland, 1:05p.m. Texas at Seatle, 3:40p.m. Minnesotaat KansasCity, 5:10p.m. L.A. Dodgers atL.A.Angels, 6:05p.m.

NewYork Washington Miami Atlanta Philadelphia

W L 74 60 69 65 56 79 54 81 53 82

Pct GB

.552 .515 5

cago. Russell,


Friday’sGames N.Y.Yankees5, TampaBay2 Baltimore10, Toronto2 Cleveland 8, Detroit1 Boston7,Philadelphia 5 Chicago WhiteSox12, KansasCity1 Housto n8,Minnesota0 Seattle11,Oakland8 LA. Angel5, s Texas2 Today’sGam es Tampa Bay(M.Moore1-3) at N.Y.Yankees(Eovaldi


na during the second inning of Friday’s game in Chi›

Pct GB .548 .526 3 .474 10 .430 16

in the bottom of the 10th inning

to lift Washington to a win over right, cele› Atlanta. Bryce Harper, who hit his brates with 32nd homer in the first inning, third base singled off Matt Marksberry (0coach Gary 3) leading off the10th. Reliever Jones after Brandon Cunniff came onand hitting a solo RyanZimmerman groundedasinhome run gle up the middle, sending Harper against Arizo› to third.


.493 10 .485 11 .463 14

WASHINGTON — Michael Taylor had a pinch-hit three-run homer

a rookie, had two homers

./ a

on the day in a14-5 win over the Dia›


mondbacks. Nam Y. Huh /The Associated Press


Washington ab r hbi ab r hbi M arkksrf 3 1 0 0 Werthrf 5 0 2 0 Maybincf 5 0 2 0 Rendon2b-3b5 0 0 0 FFrmn1b 4 1 3 0 Harpercf 3 2 2 1 Przynsc 4 0 1 1 Zmrmn1b 5 1 2 0 AdGarc3b 3 0 0 0 CRonsnlf 3 0 1 0 Swisherph 1 0 1 1 Papelnp 0 0 0 0 Vizcainp 0 0 0 0 MTaylrph 1 1 1 3 Moylanp 0 0 0 0 YEscor3b 3 0 2 0 Oliveraph 1 0 0 0 ITurnrpr-2b 0 1 0 0 Mrksryp 0 0 0 0 Dsmndss 3 0 0 0 Cunniffp 0 0 0 0 Loatonc 2 0 0 0 JPetrsn2b 5 0 0 0 WRamsph-c 1 0 0 0 ASmnsss 4 0 0 0 Roarkp 0 0 0 0 Bournlf 4 0 1 0 Thrntnp 0 0 0 0 Tehernp 2 0 0 0 TMooreph 1 0 0 0 Dcastrph 1 0 0 0 Riverop 0 0 0 0 EJcksnp 0 0 0 0 Espinosph 1 0 0 0 Ciriaco3b 1 0 1 0 Storenp 0 0 0 0 Atlanta

d nDkkrlf 1 0 1 1

Totals 38 2 9 2 Totals 3 4 5 11 5 A tlanta 001 0 0 0 010 0 2 W ashington 100 000 001 3 5 No outswhenwinning runscored. E—Ad(Garcia (7). DP—Atlanta 3. LOB —Atlanta 10, Washington9. 28—Maybin (18), FFreeman2


(24), YEsco bar(21). HR —Harper(32), M.Taylor (14). S—Desmond,Roark.

:" (s ' xn


Angels 5, Rangers2

Orioles10, BlueJays2

ANAHEIM, Calif.— C.J. Cron tri-

TORONTO — Chris Davis hit two home runs to takethe major

pled, doubled, singled anddrove in five runs, carrying the LosAngeles Angels to a victory overTexas. Garrett Richards (13-10) pitched five-hit ball into the seventh inning of his seventh consecutive win overTexas. LosAngeles ab r hbi ab r hbi DShldscf 5 0 1 0 Calhonrf 4 2 1 0 C hoorf 5 0 3 1 Troutcf 3 2 1 0 Fielderdh 2 1 0 0 Puiols1b 2 1 0 0 B eltre3b 4 0 0 0 Crondh 4 0 3 5 Morlnd1b 3 0 1 0 Aybarss 4 0 0 0 Andrusss 2 0 1 0 Freese3b 3 0 1 0 Odor2b 2 0 0 1 Cowart3b 1 0 0 0 G allolf 3 1 0 0 Victornlf 3 0 0 0 BWilsnc 2 0 1 0 C.Perezc 2 0 0 0 JHmltnph 1 0 0 0 Fthrstn2b 4 0 1 0 Gimenzc 0 0 0 0 Venaleph 0 0 0 0 Totals 2 9 2 7 2 Totals 3 05 7 5 Texas 0 00 001 100 2 LosAngeles 002 010 20x 5 DP — Texas1, LosAngeles4. LOB—Texas10, Los Texas

National League

Rockies 2,Giants1

DENVER —Nolan Arenado and league lead with 40, Matt Wieters Carlos Gonzalez hit back-to-back and AdamJones both connected homers in the first inning, backand Baltimore beatToronto. Ubaling a strong outing by Jorge De do Jimenez pitched 5N innings for La Rosa, and Colorado beat San the win as theOrioles won consec- Francisco to send the Giants to utive games for the first time since their seventh straight loss. De beating Oakland onAug. 16-17. La Rosa (9-6) allowed one run and six hits in seven innings. He Baltimore Toronto ab r hbi ab r hbi didn't walk a batter and struck MMchdss 4 1 1 1 Reverelf 5 0 0 0 out seven. Two of the strikeGParrarf 5 1 1 2 Dnldsn3b 4 0 0 1 A.Jonescf 4 2 2 2 Bautistrf 3 0 1 0 outs came in the sixth inning, C.Davis1b 5 2 2 3 Encrncdh 3 0 0 0 helping him get out of a jam and Wieters c 5 1 1 1 Tlwtzk ss 5 0 0 0 he induced an inning-ending Schoop2b 5 1 2 0 Colaeff1b 3 1 3 0 Paredsdh 4 1 2 0 RuMrtnc 4 0 2 0 double play grounder from Juan Lakeph-dh 1 0 0 0 Goins2b 2 1 0 0 Perez after giving up a one-out P earcelf 4 0 1 0 Piffarcf 4 0 2 0 Flahrty3b 3 1 1 1 single to Kelby Tomlinson in the Totals 40 101310 Totals 33 2 8 1 Baltimore 020 0 0 4 040 10 seventh.

Cubs14, Diamondbacks 5 CHICAGO — Anthony Rizzo hit a grand slam in Chicago's eight-run fifth inning, and rookie Addison Russell homered twice in a game for the first time in his career to power the Cubsand Jon Lester to a rout of Arizona. Javier Baez added a two-run shot — his first homer this season — andwent 3-for-4 in his third game since his recall from the minors as the Cube rolled to their third win in five following a four-game losing streak.

4 0 1 0

4 1 2 0



0 3 0 0 0



1 0 1 0 1

Marlins 6, Nets 5(11 innings) MIAMI — Martin Prado's fifth hit

of the gamewas atwo-out double in the 11th inning that scored Christian Yelich from first base and gave Miami a victory over the New York Mets. The Mets tied the seesaw gamewith a run in the ninth but they stranded 13 runners, including three in the eighth and three more in the ninth. Mets starter Jacob deGrom allowed nine hits and three runs in six innings.

Chicago ab r hbi ab r hbi Inciartrf-cf 5 1 0 0 Fowlercf 3 1 0 0 Gosseln3b-If 4 1 2 1 Berryph-cf 1 0 0 0 CentralDivision Poffockcf 3 0 0 0 AJcksnrf 4 1 1 1 W L Pct GB J aLam 1b-3b 2 1 2 2 Denorfilf 1 0 0 0 St. Louis 86 48 .642 Wcastff c 3 1 1 0 Coghln lf-1b 3 2 1 1 Pittsburgh 80 53 .602 5(/r Toronto 0 10 010 000 2 Bracho p 0 0 0 0 Rizzo 1b 3 2 2 4 Chicago 76 57 .571 9(/( E — U .Jim en e z (1), Sch oop (6), Goi n s (6). DP Ban Francisco C olorado Sltlmch ph-1b2 0 1 0 Szczurrf 1 0 1 0 Milwaukee 58 75 ,436 27(/r altimore2. LOB—Baltimore7, Toronto 12. 28—M. ab r hbi ab r hbi DPerltlf 4 0 1 0 Bryant 3b 3 1 1 1 Cincinnati 55 77 .417 30 Angeles7.28—DeShields (17),Choo(27), Cron (16), B Machado (28), G. P arra (7), Sch oop (1 3), Fl a he rty (7), Pagancf 4 0 2 1 Blckmncf 4 0 0 0 Hessler p 0 0 0 0 Grimm p 0 0 0 0 West Division Freese(18). 38—Choo(3), Cron(1). SF—Odor. (16). HR—A.Jones(25), C.Davis 2 (40), Wi- MDuffy3b 4 0 2 0 Reyesss 4 0 0 0 S titesp 0 0 0 0 TmHntp 0 0 0 0 W L Pct GB IP H R E R BBBD Colabego e ters (6). SB — G o in s ( 2). S F — M .M a ch a d o , D o n a ld s o n . B elt1b 4 0 0 0 CGnzlzrf 4 1 1 1 ChAndrph 1 0 0 0 Stcastrph 1 0 0 0 Los Angeles 76 58 .567 Texas IP H R E R BBBD Poseyc 3 0 1 0 Arenad3b 4 1 3 1 T omas1b-rf 3 0 0 0 Wadap 0 0 0 0 SanFrancisco 69 66 511 7(/( M.PerezL,2-4 6 5 3 3 4 3 Baltimore Byrdrf 4 0 1 0 Mornea1b 4 0 1 0 Owings2b 4 1 1 1 TWoodp 0 0 0 0 (/r Arizona 65 70 .481 I 1 2-3 2 2 2 1 0 LJackson Bcrwfrss 4 0 0 0 LeMahi2b 3 0 0 0 U(JimenezW10-9 52-3 4 2 1 6 4 Miami Ahmedss 3 0 1 1 J.Baez2b-3b 4 1 3 3 New York SanDiego 65 70 .481 11(/r S.Freema n 11-3 0 0 0 1 2 GivensH,1 11-3 0 0 0 0 0 Tmlnsn2b 3 0 1 0 Paulsnlf 2 0 2 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi Godleyp 1 0 0 0 D.Rossc 4 1 1 1 Colorado 56 78 .418 20 LosAngeles O'Day 1 2 0 0 0 1 J .Perezlf 3 1 1 0 BBarnslf 0 0 0 0 Grndrsrf 3 1 1 0 DGordn2b 6110 Burgosp 0 0 0 0 Lesterp 2 2 0 0 RichardsW,13-10 6 5 2 2 5 1 Drake 1 2 0 0 1 3 Osichp 0 0 0 0 Hundlyc 2 0 0 0 R oblesp 0 0 0 0 Yelichcf 6 2 2 0 Druryph 1 0 1 0 JHerrr2b 2 0 0 0 Friday’sGames Gott H,9 1 1 0 0 1 0 Toronto 0 0 0 0 JDLRsp 2 0 0 0 Plawckc 1 0 0 0 Prado3b 6 1 5 2 Rorno p Schugelp 0 0 0 0 ARussffss 3 3 2 3 Chicago Dubs14,Arizona5 J.SmithH,30 1 0 0 0 1 1 HutchisonL,13-3 5 ph 1 0 0 0 9 6 6 0 2 Hestonp 1 0 0 0 Adams D Wrght3b 5 0 0 0 Bour1b 5 1 1 1 OHrndzc 2 0 0 0 Washington 5, Atlanta2, 10innings StreetS,32-36 1 1 0 0 1 0 Hendriks Strcklnp 0 0 0 0 Ja.Diazp 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 C espdscf 6 2 2 2 Dietrchlf 4 1 2 0 Totals 3 8 5 105 Totals 3 5 141214 Miami 6,N.Y(Mets 5,11innings Richardspitchedto1batter in the7th. Tepera 1 0 0 0 0 1 GBlanclf 1 0 0 0 Logan p 0 0 0 0 Arizona 0 00 110 210 6 Confortff 6 0 0 1 BMorrsp 0 0 0 0 Boston7,Philadelphia 5 HBP —byRichards (Moreland). 1 -3 3 4 4 1 0 Axford p 0 0 0 0 Schultz 14 dArnadc 3 1 2 0 ARamsp 0 0 0 0 Chicago 310 280 Dgx Milwaukee atCincinnati, ppd.,rain T—2:58. A—37,073(45,957). 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 31 1 8 1 Totals 3 0 2 7 2 Loup E—Ahmed (12), J.Herrera (3). LOB—Arizona10, Lagarspr-rf 1 1 1 0 Brrclghp 0 0 0 0 Pittsburgh 9,St. Louis3 Franci s 1 0 0 0 0 1 San Francisco 000 001 000 1 C hicago 6. 28 — G o s s e li n (6), Wcasti f fo (1 3), O w in g s uribe2b 6 0 1 0 McGehph 1 0 1 0 Colorado 2, SanFrancisco1 Hutchison pitchedto5 batters inthe6th. Colorado 200 0 0 0 ggx 2 Astros 8,Twins0 (25), D.Ross (8). 38—Ahmed (5). HR—Ja.Lamb(6), KJhnsn1b 5 0 2 2 Cosartpr 0 0 0 0 LA. Dodgers8,SanDiego4 D P — S an F r anc i s co 1, Col o rado 3. LOB — S an HBP —byHutchison(Pearce),byTe pera(A.Jones). Rizzo(28),J.Baez(1), A.Russeff2(12). SB—Inciarte Teia dass 3 0 1 0 Eff ngtnp 0 0 0 0 Today’sGam es Francisco 5, Colorado6. 28—Posey (23). HRY ongJrpr 0 0 0 0 Ozunarf 4 0 2 1 2(17). CS —J.Baez(1). SF—D.Ross. Milwaukee(W.Peralta 5-8) at Cincinnati (Jo.Lamb HOUSTON — Collin McHugh went T—2:56.A—46,201(49,282). C a.Gonza l e z (3 6), Are nad o (3 5). S — H e ston. IP H R E R BBSO WFlorsss 0 0 0 0 Realmtc 4 0 1 1 0-3),1010 am.,1st game IP H R E R BBSD Arizona deGrmp 2 0 1 0 Roiasss 5 0 1 1 Arizona(Ray3-10) at ChicagoCubs (Arrieta 17-6), 7N innings andHankConger hit Yankees 5,Rays2 San Francisco G odley L,4-1 32- 3 4 6 6 6 3 Glmrtnp 0 0 0 0 Koehlerp 1 0 0 0 11:20a.m. a grand slam asHouston beat HestonL,11-9 5 2 -3 7 2 2 2 4 Burgos 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 A.Reed p 0 0 0 0 ISuzuki ph 1 0 0 0 Philadelphia(Asher0-1) at Boston(Miley 10-10), Minnesota. McHugh(15-7) gave NEW YORK — Si z zl i ng rookie Luis Strickland 2 3 0 0 0 0 1 Schugel 2 -3 5 7 0 2 0 Niwnhs ph-rf 2 0 1 0 Dunn p 0 0 0 0 1;05 p.m. Osich 1 0 0 0 0 1 Bracho 1 1-3 1 1 1 0 3 Clipprd p 0 0 0 0 Gigespilf 2 0 1 0 up seven hits and struck out six in Pittsburgh(Morton 8-6) at St.Louis(Jai.Garcia7-4), Severino won his third straight Rorno 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Hessler 1 1 0 0 0 1 Goeddl p 0 0 0 0 1:05 p.m. picking up his secondstraight win. start and AlexRodriguezhit his Colorado Stites 1 0 0 0 0 2 OFlhrtp 0 0 0 0 Milwaukee (Garza6-14)at Cincinnati (Sampson2-2), J.De La R os a W ,9 -6 7 6 1 1 0 7 Chicago Totals 43 5 125 Totals 4 5 6 176 681st career homerun, sending 3:10 p.m.,2nd game Minnesota Houston Ja.Diaz H, 3 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 L ester W9-10 5 5 2 2 2 3 New York 0 0 0 002 201 00 5 Atlanta (S.Miffer5-12) at Washington(G.Gonzalez the New York Yankees over Tampa ab r hbi ab r hbi LoganH,21 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Grimm 1 0 0 0 1 0 Miami 000 300 200 01 6 9-7), 4:05 p.m. A.Hickscf 4 0 1 0 Springrrf 4 1 1 0 A xford S,19-24 1 1 0 0 0 0 Bay for their sixth win in seven Tom.Hunter 1 3 2 2 0 1 Twooutswhenwinningrunscored. N.Y. Mets(B.colon 12-11)at Miami(B.Hand4-4), Dozier2b 4 0 0 0 Tuckerph-If 1 0 0 0 HBP—byJ.DeLaRosa(Posey). 1 1 1 0 0 0 DP — NewYork 2, Miami 2. LOB —NewYork 13, Wada 4:10 p.m. games.BrianMcCannandGreg DaSntn ss 0 0 0 0 Altuve 2b 4 0 1 0 T — 2: 5 2. A — 29,196 ( 50, 3 98). T Wood 1 1 0 0 1 2 Miami 10.28—Yetich(20), Prado2(20), Ozuna(21). San Francisco (Peavy 4-6) at Colorado(Betis 6-4), Mauer1b 4 0 2 0 Correass 4 0 0 1 Bird also homeredfor the Yankees. WP —Lester. 38 —Cespedes(3). HR—Cespedes(11). S—Koehler. 5:10 p.m. 0 0 0 0 Gattisdh 4 1 2 0 T—3:40.A—36,132 (40,929). SF — Realmuto. L.A. Dodgers(A.Wood9-9) at SanDiego(TRoss 10- KVargs1b Dodgers 8, Padres 4 Sanodh 4 0 1 0 Lowrie3b 3 2 3 0 TampaBay NewYork IP H R E R BBSD 9), 5:40p.m. Plouffe3b 4 0 1 0 Viffarph-3b 1 1 1 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi New york Sunday’sGames Pirates 9, Cardinals 3 ERosarlf 4 0 0 0 CGomzcf 4 1 1 0 SAN DIEGO — Justin Ruggi a no Sizemrff 4 0 1 0 Effsurycf 2 0 0 0 deGrom 6 9 3 3 0 4 MilwaukeeatCincinnati, 10:10a.m. TrHntrrf 3 0 0 0 Mrsnckcf 0 0 0 0 Gilmartin 0 2 2 2 0 0 Shaff erph 1 0 0 0 CYounglf 2 0 0 0 and Adrian Gonzalezhit two-run N.Y.MetsatMiami,10:10 a.m. SRonsnrf 0 0 0 0 CIRsmslf-rf 4 1 2 2 Navarf 3 0 1 0 Gardnrlf-cf 4 0 1 0 ST.LOUIS— J.A.Happpitched A.ReedBS,3-6 1 2 0 0 1 1 AtlantaatWashington, 10:35a.m. homers and Chase Utley added a KSuzukc 2 0 1 0 Valuen1b 2 0 0 0 Robi c s 1 0 0 0 0 0 Guyerph-rf 2 0 0 0 Beltranrf 4 0 0 0 Philadelphiaat Boston, 10:35a.m. seven scoreless innings andStarFryerc 0 0 0 0 Carterph-1b 1 0 0 0 Clippard 1 1 0 0 0 1 Longori3b 4 1 1 1 BMccnc 1 3 1 1 solo blast in a five-run sixth inning Arizonaat Chicago Cubs, 11:20a.m. EdEscrss-2b 3 0 1 0 Congerc 4 1 2 5 ling Marte drove inthree runsto GoeddelL,0-1 11 - 3 2 1 1 0 1 Jasodh 4 0 0 0 ARdrgzdh 3 1 1 2 L.A. Dodgers atSanDiego, 1:10p.m. as the Los Angeles Dodgers hit five Totals 32 0 7 0 Totals 3 6 8 138 O'Flaherty 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 F orsyth2b 4 0 1 0 Bird1b 3 1 1 2 SanFranciscoatColorado, 1:10p.m. lead Pittsburgh to avictory over M innesota 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 0 Acarerss 3 0 1 0 Headly3b 3 0 0 0 homers in a winover SanDiego. Miami PittsburghatSt. Louis,5:05p.m. 8 St. Louis. Happ al l owed only three Houston 120 400 01x Koehl e r 6 5 2 2 5 4 Loney1b 3 0 2 0 Gregrsss 3 0 0 0 Monday’sGames Carl Crawford and rookie Scott DP — Minnesota 1, Houston1. LOB —Minnesota Kiermrcf 3 1 1 0 Drew2b 3 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 1 0 singles andwonfor the fourth time DunnBS,2-2 N.Y.MetsatWashington, 10:05a.m. 6, Houston 5. 28 — M au er (2 6), Pl o uffe (30), Lowri e Schebler added solo home runs Arenciic 4 0 1 1 B.MorrisH,13 1 2 0 0 0 0 Milwaukee atMiami,10:10 a.m. in six starts since beingacquired (13). HR —Col.Rasmus(18), Conger(10). Totals 3 5 2 9 2 Totals 2 85 4 5 as the Dodgers increased A.RamosBS,6-29 1 3 1 1 1 0 PittsburghatCincinnati, 10:10a.m. their IP H R E R BBSD from Seattle at the July 31 trade Tampa Bay 0 0 0 0 0 1 001 2 Barracl o ugh 1 0 0 0 0 3 ChicagoCubsatSt. Louis, 11:15a.m. NL West lead to aseason-high Minnesota New York 020 1 0 0 2 0x 5 E ffington W, 1 -0 1 1 0 0 0 1 Coloradoat SanDiego,1:10p.m. deadline. He retired 15 straight P elfrey L,6-9 4 8 7 7 0 5 LOB —Tampa Bay 9, NewYork 1. 28—Nava (3), 7'/a gamesover San Francisco. Gilmartinpitchedto 2battersin the7th. SanFranciscoatArizona, 1:10p.m. Boyer 1 2 0 0 0 1 batters in one stretch, matched hi s Arencibia(2). HR—Longoria (18), B.Mccann(24), Mike Bolsinger (6-3), who spent HBP —byB.Morris (Granderson). Atlantaat Philadelphia,4:05p.m. O' Rourke 1 0 0 0 1 0 A.Rodriguez (27), Bird(4). CS—Forsythe (4). L.A. Dodgers atL.A.Angels, 6:05p.m. season-high with eight strikeouts T—3:49. A—24,763(37,442). Achter 1 0 0 0 0 1 IP H R E R BBBD August with Triple-A Oklahoma and walked none.Happ(4-1) lowTonkin 1 3 1 1 0 3 TampaBay Houston Interleague American League OdorizziL,6-8 6 2 - 3 35 5 2 8 City, allowed two hits in five inered his ERA with the Pirates to McHughW,15-7 72-3 7 0 0 1 6 E.Romero 1 1 0 0 0 1 nings, but they wereboth home 1.57. Pittsburgh ended a four-game Thatcher 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Riefenhauser Red Sox 7, Phillies 5 Mariners 11,Athletics8 1 3- 0 0 0 0 1 runs. Bolsinger struck out six and M.Feliz 1 0 0 0 0 2 NewYork losing streak andcut St. Louis' lead T — 2: 3 5. A — 27,807 (41, 5 74). walked two in his first start since L.Severino W3-2 61-3 7 1 1 3 5 BOSTON — Jackie Bradley Jr. hit in the NL Central to 5t/z games. OAKLAND, Calif.— Logan MorriJu.WilsonH,24 2- 3 0 0 0 0 0 July 29. a solo homer andDavidOrtiz an son had three hits, and theMariWarren 11-3 2 1 1 0 2 White Sox12, Royals1 Pittsburgh St. Louis A.MifferS,30-31 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 LosAngeles RBI double in Boston's four-run ners held off Oakland. San Diego ab r hbi ab r hbi T—2:36.A—32,530 (49,638). ab r hbi ab r hbi GPolncrl 5 1 1 0 Mcrpnt3b 3 0 0 0 seventh inning asJoeKelly won KANSAS CITY, Mo.— John Danks Seattle Oakland JRoffnsss 4 2 2 0 Solarte3b 2 1 1 0 JHrrsn2b 5 1 1 0 Phamph 1 0 0 0 his seventh straight start and the threw a seven-hitter andAdam ab r hbi ab r hbi Crwfrdlf 5 1 1 1 Gyorkoss-2b 4 1 1 1 M cctchcf 4 3 2 0 Piscttylf 4 0 2 1 Indians 8, Tigers1 A Gnzlz1b 4 1 1 2 Kemprf 4 1 1 2 Red Sox beatPhiladelphia. Mookie KMartess 5 2 2 0 Burnscf 4 1 2 1 Deckercf 0 0 0 0 Heywrdrf-cf 4 0 0 0 Eaton matched his career high u tley2b 3 1 1 1 uptonlf 4 0 0 0 Kang 3b 5 1 2 1 JhPerltss 3 0 0 0 KSeagr3b 4 3 3 3 Canha1b 4 2 2 0 Betts added anRBIdouble for Boswith four hits, including a three-run DETROIT —Jerry Sands homCSeagr3b 5 0 2 1 DeNrrsc 4 0 0 0 Gutirrzff 1 0 0 0 Lawrie2b 5 1 3 1 SMarte If 5 0 3 3 GGarci ph 1 0 0 0 ton, which entered theweekend Grandlc 4 0 0 0 Myers1b-cf 4 0 0 0 SRomrlf 4 2 2 3 Valenci3b 5 1 2 4 homer, as theChicago White Sox ered, tripled andscored twice and PAlvrz1b 3 0 0 0 Moss1b-rf 4 1 2 0 Schelerrf 5 1 2 1 Spngnr2b 2 0 0 0 Cano2b 5 1 1 0 Pheglyc 3 0 0 0 S Rdrgz1b 2 2 2 1 Molinac 3 0 0 0 10-1-2 in its past13 series against beat KansasCity. Alexei Ramirez Josh Tomlin pitched afour-hitter Pedrsncf 2 1 0 0 Barmesph-ss 1 0 0 0 Cerveffic 4 0 2 1 T.cruzph 1 0 0 0 S.Smithrf 4 1 0 0 Vogtph-c 1 0 1 0 also had four hits — tying his ca- as Cleveland beatDetroit. The Indi- Bolsngrp 2 0 0 0 Shields p 1 0 0 0 Stewartc 0 0 0 0 Wong2b 3 0 1 0 the Phillies. Trumodh 4 1 1 0 Smlnskrf 5 0 1 0 Ethierph 0 0 0 0 Amarstph 1 0 0 0 Morrsn1b 4 1 3 2 BButlerdh 2 1 1 0 Mercerss 5 1 1 1 Kozmaph 1 1 1 0 reer high — drove in two runsand ans havewon 10 of14 as they try Rugginph 1 1 1 2 Mateop 0 0 0 0 Boston BMiffercf 2 0 1 3 Reddckph-dh 2 0 1 0 Happp 3 0 1 0 Bourioscf 2 0 0 0 Philadelphia scored three times. to stay in the AL wi l d-card race. YGarcip 0 0 0 0 Rzpczyp 0 0 0 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi J .Hicksc 4 0 0 0 Ldndrflf 2 0 0 0 Morseph 1 0 1 0 Manessp 0 0 0 0 G uerrrph 1 0 0 0 JEdwrp 0 0 0 0 O Herrrcf 5 1 3 2 Bettscf 3 2 2 1 Crisp ph-If 2 1 1 0 Bastrdp 0 0 0 0 Soclvchp 0 0 0 0 Howeff p 0 0 0 0 uptnJrph 1 0 0 0 CHrndz2b 5 2 2 0 B.Holt2b 3 0 2 1 Semienss 4 1 1 2 Chicago KansasCity Cleveland Detroit Watson p 0 0 0 0 Choate p 0 0 0 0 Hatchrp 0 0 0 0 Garcesp 0 0 0 0 Altherr rf 4 1 3 1 Bogarts ss 4 1 2 2 Totals 3 7 111311 Totals 3 9 8 158 ab r hbi ab r hbi ab r hbi ab r hbi Sniderph 1 0 1 2 MHarrsp 0 0 0 0 ABarnsph 1 0 0 0 Vincentp 0 0 0 0 Seattle 016 200 002 11 Eatoncf 5 1 4 3 AEscorss 4 1 2 0 K ipnis2b 5 0 0 0 Gosecf 4 0 1 0 JHughsp 0 0 0 0 MrRynlph-1b1 1 1 0 H owarddh 5 0 0 0 Ortizdh 4 1 1 1 Sweenylf 3 0 0 1 T.Shaw3b 4 0 1 0 Oakland 4 10 003 000 8 LeGarc cf 0 0 0 0 Zobrist 2b 3 0 1 0 JRmrz2b 0 0 0 0 Kinsler2b 4 0 0 0 Jansenp 0 0 0 0 Jnkwskcf 2 0 0 0 CMrtnzp 1 0 0 0 E—K.Seager (14), Semien (33). DP—Seattle 2, Abreu1b 5 2 2 1 C.colon 2b 1 0 1 0 Lindorss 5 1 2 0 Micarr1b 4 0 1 1 Waffac ph-1b 1 1 1 1 J ay cf 2 0 0 0 R uf1b 4 0 1 1 Craig1b 4 0 0 0 Asche3b 2 0 1 0Rcastfflf 4 0 0 0 Oakland1. LOB—Seattle 3, Oakland 8. 28—K.Mar- Mecarrlf 5 1 1 0 L.caincf 3 0 0 0 B rantlylf 5 1 2 1 JMrtnzrf 3 0 1 0 Totals 37 8 108 Totals 3 1 4 4 4 Viffanvp 0 0 0 0 Ruppc 3 0 0 0 Hanignc 4 1 1 0 1000 Mrtnzpr-If 0 0 0 0 VMrtnzdh 4 0 0 0 L os Angeles 11 0 0 1 6 000 8 Stanleyph 1 0 1 2 te (9), K.Sea ger (30), Morrison(13), B.Miger(20), T rThmlf 0 0 0 0 Gorelf Galvis ss 4 1 1 0 BrdlyJr rf 3 2 1 1 Lawrie(24), B.Butler(25).38—Semien (5). HR —K. AvGarcrf 5 1 1 1 Hosmer1b 2 0 0 0 CSantndh 3 1 1 0 Cstgns3b 3 0 0 0 S an Diego 2 0 1 0 0 0 010 4 Totals 4 3 9 179 Totals 3 5 3 8 3 E—Grandal (3). DP —Los Angeles 1. LOB—Los P ittsburgh Seager(22), S.Romero(1), Valencia(13).SB—Canha Shuckrf 0 0 0 0 Butera1b 1 0 1 0 YGomsc 4 1 1 1 Tycffnslf 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 014 9 Totals 35 5 11 5 Totals 33 7 10 6 LaRochdh 4 0 0 0 KMorlsdh 3 0 0 1 CJhnsn1b 3 0 0 0 Holadyc 3 0 0 0 Angeles11,SanDiego2.28—J.Roffins(23), C.Sea- S t. Louis 5 (6). CS —B.Miffer 2(4), Burns2 (8). SF—B.Miffer. 000 0 0 0 012 3 Philadelphia 000 200 003 7 IP H R E R BBSO AIRmrzss 5 3 4 2 JGomsrf 4 0 0 0 Chsnhffph-rf1 0 1 2 DMchdss 3 1 1 0 DP — St. Louis 1. LOB —Pittsburgh 10, St. Louis Boston 100 020 40x ger (2). HR —C.crawford (3), A.Gonzalez (26), Utley E — Ru f (2). DP — Bo ston 1. LO B — P hilade l p hi a 8, Seattle CSnchz2b 5 1 1 0 S.Perezc 3 0 0 0 AAlmntcf 2 1 0 1 7. 28 — S.M art e (26), S.Rodri g uez (8), Sni d er (1), (7), Scheble(1), r Ruggiano(1), Gyorko(12), Kemp Olmos 11-3 6 5 4 1 0 Flowrsc 4 2 2 3 FPenac 0 0 0 0 Sands rf-1b 4 2 2 2 Boston 5.28—Altherr (5), Asche(21), Betts2 (33), (18),Wallace(4). SB—J.Roffins (11), Schebler 2(2), Piscotty (12). Jo.Ramirez W,1-0 1 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 Saladin 3b 4 1 2 2 Cuthert3b 3 0 1 0 Urshel3b a 4121 Myers(4). —O.Herrera (7), BradleyJr. (7). SBIP H R E R BBSO Ortiz (28). HR Zych 2 3 2 2 1 3 Orlandlf-cf 3 0 1 0 Totals 3 6 8 1 1 8 Totals 3 1 1 4 1 IP H R E R BBSD PINsburgh Ruf (1). SF —B.Holt. Totals 4 2 121712 Totals 3 1 1 7 1 C leveland 002 0 4 0 200 8 Los Angeles IP H R E R BBSD GuaipeH,2 1 2 1 1 1 0 HappW,4-1 7 3 0 0 0 8 KensingH,5 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Chicago 300 301 050 12 Detroit 0 00 001 000 1 BolsingerW,6-3 5 2 3 3 2 6 Bastardo 2-3 1 1 1 1 1 Philadelphia 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 K ansas City 0 0 0 0 0 0 001 1 DP — Detroit2. LOB—Clevel and 6, Detroit4. 28YGarcia 1 0 0 0 0 1 Watson 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 MorganL,5-5 6 1 -3 8 6 6 2 6 NunoH,4 DP —Chicago1,Kansas City2.LOB— Chicago Lindor(16),Brantley(41), Chisenhaff(16), D.Macha- Howell 1 0 0 0 0 3 J.Hughes 23 2 1 0 0 0 Ca.SmithH,18 1 1 -3 3 0 0 0 1 1 3 2 2 0 0 JGomez Hatcher 1 2 1 1 0 1 Murray 1 0 0 0 0 1 WilhelmsenS,9-9 1 0 0 0 1 1 5, Kansas City 5. 28—Eaton (23), Me.cabrera(31), do (1). 38 —Sands(1). HR—Sands(3). St. Louis Oakland Cuthbert(2). HR —Eaton(11), Abreu(25), Flowers(9). IP H R E R BBBD Jansen 1 0 0 0 0 1 C.MartinezL,13-7 5 7 4 4 3 5 Boston Al.Ramirez(16). SF—K.Morales. W,9-6 6 5 2 2 3 5 BrooksL,1-2 21 - 3 6 6 6 2 2 SB — Cleveland San Diego Maness 2 1 0 0 0 2 J.Kegy 2-3 3 1 1 0 2 A.Ogando H,12 1- 3 1 0 0 0 0 Venditte 23 2 1 1 0 1 IP H R E R BBSD TomlinW,4-1 9 4 1 1 1 6 Shields 5 3 3 3 6 4 Socolovich Layne H, 7 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Abad 2 2 2 2 1 0 Chicago Detroit MateoL,1-1 1-3 0 1 1 1 1 Choate 0 1 0 0 0 0 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 No.Ramirez Doolittle 1 0 0 0 0 2 Joh.Danks W7-12 9 7 1 1 1 5 LobsteinL,3-6 4 1 - 3 8 6 6 2 2 Rzepczynski 1-3 3 3 3 0 1 M.Harris H,1 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 J.Edwards 1 1-3 3 1 1 1 1 Viffanueva Duff 1 0 0 0 0 2 KansasCity VerHagen 1 5 4 4 0 2 Tazawa 1 1 0 0 0 3 2-3 4 3 3 0 0 Fe.Rodriguez 1 1 0 0 0 1 MedlenL,3-1 52 - 3 11 77 1 3 Ferreff 2 2 2 2 1 1 Garces 1 1 0 0 0 2 Choatepitchedto1 batter inthe8th. Machi Pomeranz 1 2 2 2 0 2 Guthrie 31-3 6 5 5 0 3 Valdez 2 1 0 0 0 1 Vincent 1 0 0 0 1 1 HBP—byJ.Hughes(MarReynolds). WP —Bastardo, RossJr. S,1-3 1 - 3 0 0 0 0 1 Zychpitchedto 2batters inthe6th. HBP —byGuthrie (Flowers). HBP —byVerHa W P — B olsi n ger, J. E dw ard s. C.Marti n ez. PB — C erv effi . HBP — by A .O ga ndo (R upp ), by J,K eg y ( Al therr). gen (YGomes). T—3:38.A—16,382 (35,067). T—2:40. A—36,953(37,903). T—2:40.A—26,378 (41,574). T—3:33. A—33,025(41,164). T—3:21.A—44,338 (45,399). T—3:22. A—33,674(37,673). 415 IB(/(

.400 20(/r ,393 21(/r



Atlanta Teheran 6 5 1 1 EJackson 1 0 0 0 VizcainoBS,1-5 1 2-3 3 1 1 Moylan 13 0 0 0 MarksberryL,0-3 0 1 1 1 Cunniff 0 2 2 2 Washington Roark 41-3 5 1 1 Thornton 2-3 0 0 0 Rivero 2 0 0 0 Storen 1 2 1 1 PapelbonW,3-1 2 2 0 0 Marksberrypitchedto1 batter inthe10th. Cunniff pitched to 2baters in the10th. HBP —byRoark(Pierzynski). T—3:23. A—23,536(41,341).




Storm start fast in season-opening win over Pendleton Bulletin staff report

Bend 10, Central 0: Camer- the game. Taking a 50-21 lead on Himes caught a 14-yard into halftime, the Panthers' and Jason Garcia returned passes of 44 and 5 yards in the touchdown pass from Chase defense blanked the Quakers first-half kickoffs for touch- first three minutes of the third Lettenmaier with n in e sec- in the third quarter, holding downs to propel Summit to a quarter as Summit opened a onds remaining in the f irst them to six points in the sec62-13 nonconference victory 41-13 lead. Garcia scored his quarter, and the Lava Bears ond half. "The first half took over Pendleton on Friday in third TD of the game later in defense ruled the day as Bend an hour and a half," said Redthe season-opening game for the quarter on a 67-yard run, held onfor the nonconference mond coach Nathan Stanley, both football teams. widening the margin to 49-13. win on a rainy night at Punk noting how well his defense The Storm never trailed in Jacob Thompson's 45-yard Hunnell Stadium. Late in the played and how long. "Our ofthe afternoon game at Pend- run and Jack Husmann's 15- second quarter, free safety fense was scoring very quickleton High School, taking a yard interception return ac- Ryan Stanley's long intercep- ly; they executed very well." 14-0 lead in the first six min- counted for the Storm's two tion return set up a 33-yard Redmond (1-0) will play Mautes on touchdown runs of 28 fourth-quarter touchdowns. field goal by Tyler Lindsey zama athome next Friday. yards by Garcia and 17 yards Garcia finished with 125 on the last play of the half for Wilsonville 54, Mountain by Kent. yards rushing on 11 carries what proved to be the final View 21: Quarterback Mike Summit's next two scores and a total of three touch- points of the game. "We were Irwin rushed for 110 yards came in response to Pendle- downs. Bledsoe completed 12 absolutely pleased with how and two touchdowns, but the ton's only two touchdowns of of 15 passes for 155 yards and our defense played the entire Cougars fell in their season

with about two minutes left in the game to give Sisters the 34-

the game. Kent's kickoff re-

quarter. The Huskies then re-


back John Bledsoe connected with Kent on touchdown

two TDs. Cam M cCormick had four catches for 57 yards. "I don't look at the score-

game," said Bend coach Matt

opener. Tyler Smith ran for 51

VER — Jaiden Jones piled up 231 rushing yards and ran for 29 lead. Burns then drove to three touchdowns, helping the inside the Sisters 40-yard line, Class 2A Bulldogs race past but time ran out as the Out-

the 3A Hawks in each team's

laws prevailed. Crook County 16, Sweet

ensuing two-point conversion

season opener. Jones also had 42 receiving yards for Culver (1-0), as did Tristin Bogart, who was on the receiving end of two touchdown passes, one each from Jorge Olivera and Jones. Keny Spurlock passed for 94 yards and rushed for a score for La Pine (0-1), Ben Plant ran for 63 yards and a touchdown, and Eddie Price

on a short run to put Crook

and Austin Kentner finished

H ome 14: PRINEVILLE -

Two successful two-point conversions were the difference for the Cowboys in their sea-

son opener. Crook County's Terran Libolt caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from Blake Bartels, who converted the

County up by eight with three with 66 and 65 receiving minutes remaining in the first yards, respectively. Culver vis-

Craven. "Our offense put our yards and a score for Moun- turned the kickoff for a touchup 20-7 late in the first quarter. defense in a couple of pinch- tain View, which visits Central down to narrow the lead to Garcia's 85-yard TD r eturn board too much," said Padilla, es, but (the defense) came off next Friday. 8-6. With five minutes remainwith 1:15 to play in the first whose team hosts Franklin the ball playing physical all Junction City 47, Madras 0: ing before halftime, Bartels half gave the visitors a 27-13 next Friday. "I look at how night." The Lava Bears visit MADRAS — The White Buf- threw a 29-yard scoring pass halftime lead. the game was played. There Klamath Union next Friday. faloes (0-1) visit Sisters next to Parker Lapsley, and Brogan "We have some guys who were a lot of plays today that Redmond 64, Franklin 27: Friday. Howard punched in the twocan make big plays," said we definitely feel we could im- PORTLAND — Derek Brown Sisters 34, Burns 29: BURNS point attempt. Sweet Home Storm coach Joe Padilla, who prove on. rushed for 339 yards on 16 — Logan Schutte ran for 198 scored again just before the "We' re happy with the out- carries and had a hand in six yards and one touchdown as half, but both teams were shut recalled that Summit also had two kickoff returns for come," he added, "but we' re touchdowns, securing a sea- Sisters racked up 362 yards out in the final two quarters touchdowns last year in a 41- looking at the big picture, at son opening road win over rushing to win its opening as the Cowboys (1-0) took the 19 season-opening win over the things we' ve gotta do to Class 6A Franklin. Brown game. Mitch Gibney ran for opener. Next Friday the Crook the Buckaroos in Bend. One of get better for next week ... and scored two rushing touch- 105 yards and three touch- County travels to Milton-Freethose returns was for 85 yards down the road." downs and threw for another downs for the Outlaws, who water to take on McLoughlin/ by Garcia. In other football openers in the first quarter, setting the host Madras next Friday. Gib- Griswold. In Friday's contest, quarter- Friday: tone for the offense the rest of ney scored from 2 yards out Culver 52, La Pine 18: CULturn of 81 yards put the Storm

tis Bonanza next week, while La Pine hits the road to take on Jefferson. Gilchrist 26, Mohawk 18: MARCOLA — The Grizzlies and Indians were tied after each of the first three quarters,

but a fourth-quarter touchdown from Michael Jensenhis fourth of the game — and an intercept ion by Jacob Newton gave Gilchrist the win. Jensen ran for t ouchdowns

in the first, second and fourth quarters and scored on a pass f rom Justin Netzler i n


third. The Grizzlies (1-0) will host McKenzie next Friday.

PREP SCOREBOARD Football Class 5A Nonconference

Summit 62, Pendleton 13 Summit Pendleton

20 7 22 13 — 62 7 6 0 0 — 13

S— JasonGarcia 28run(KadenWadsworth kick) S— SeanKent 17run(Wadsworth kick) P—TrevorSweet 86passfromKai Quinn(kick good) S— Kent81kickoff return(run failed) P— Pendleton(namenot available) 3 run(PATfailed) S— Garcia85kickoff return(Wadsworth kick) S— Kent44passfrom JohnBledsoe(Wadsworth kick) S—Kent5passfromBledsoe (Wadsworth kick) S— Garcia67 run(TroyViola runj S— JacobThompson45run(kick failed) S — JackHusm ann 15 interception return (Wa dsworthkick)

Bend 10, Central 0 0 0 0 0 — 0 Central 7 3 0 0 — 10 Bend B—CameronHimes14 passfromChaseLettenmaier (TylerLindseykick) B— FBLindsey33

Wilsonville 54, MountainView21 Wilsonville

13 14 14 13 — 54

Mountai nview 7 7 0 7 — 21 Scoring playsnotavailable Class 4A Nonconference

Crook County16, SweetHome14 Jarod Opp erman/The Bulletin

Ridgeview's Dylan Taylor pushes through the Baker defense Friday night at Ridgeview.

Ravens Continued from C1 The Bulldogs, however, could not capitalize on positive drives, as the Ravens'

"We won a state championship two years ago. Soeverybody has high expectations for Us.We just want to keep going and getsom e more wins."

forced several turnovers on

— Ridgeview's Seth Whitley

d owns deep in t h eir o w n territory.

game two with an unblemished record. And the Ravens

are looking to add to it next week at home against South

Albany, as they try to repeat their 2013 campaign. "We won a state champion-

Baker did get on the board were in the backfield a lot. in the third quarter after the

For the fourth straight sea-

son, Ridgeview heads into

We missed some tackles back

Bulldogs' Jace Hays collect- there, but it's a good sign ed a mishandled punt and for things to come. (I liked) scampered intothe end zone the way we were able to get from 25 yards out. That was through to the quarterback, all Baker would get, however, but we' ve just got to finish as Ridgeview's defense held plays." strong when called upon. Brent Yeakey led the Ra"Our defense played out- vens with 94 yards rushing standing," said C odding, on 17 carries, and Logan whose team limited the visi- Green ran for 54 yards and a tors to just 54 yards rushing touchdown. Of Ridgeview's and 197 yards overall. "It was 236 yards oftotaloffense,225 a great team effort on de- came via the rush. "It's a real big thing," Green fense. Our defensive linemen

said of his squad enduring the offensive struggles to still

ship two years ago," Whitley said. "So everybody has high

come out with a win. "It's the start of the season. That's a

expectations for us. We just

want to keep going and get confidence booster. Once you some more wins." come out strong, you' ve got to And for any Ridgeview keep on going." doubters, the Ravens point to For Baker, Brad Zemmer this game as a wake-up call. "It keeps the people ... it completed 12 of28 passes for 143 yards with an inter- shuts them up," Green said. ception, while Ryan Schwin "Not to be cocky or anything, recorded four catches for 67 but it gets our name out there yards. Porter Cline ran for 61 and shows them that we' re yards on just seven carries ready to compete." but exited the game in the — Reporter: 541-383-0307, first half with an injury. glucas@bendbulletin.corn.

SweetHome 6 8 0 0 — 14 CrookCounty 8 8 0 0 — 16 Sweet Homescoringplaysnotavailable CC —TerranLibolt 1 passfromBlakeBartels (Bartels runj SH — 70 return (kick failed) CC —ParkerLapsley 29 passfrom Bartels (Brogan Howard runj sH — run 5 (runj


Ridgeview 21, Baker 6 0 0 6 0 — 6 Baker 7 6 0 8 — 21 Ridgeview Rv —SethWhitley 2 rush(BrentYeakeykick) RV —Whitley 2rush(run failed) B— JaceHays25fumble return(kick failed) RV — Logan Green 1 rush (Green runj

Redmond64, Franklin 27 Redmond 21 29 14 0 — 64 Franklin 7 14 0 6 — 2 7 R—DerekBrown18 run(Alex Hugheskick) F— AhmirMcGee 5 run(Ellis Ransdell kick) R— Will Branson27passfrom Brown(Hu.Smith runj

R—Brown73 run(runfailed) R—Brown57 run(kick failed) F— TunWay5 run(Ransdell kick) R—Branson82 run(Slaveypass) F— NateFields28passfrom MaxHawkins (Ransdell kick) R—JeremyDurham6run(Ha.Smith runj R—JoshMcElroy1 run(Hugheskick) R—Brown57 run(Hughesk>ckj R—Brown27 run(Hugheskick) F— TrevorO'Neil 23passfromHawkins (kick failed)

Sisters 34, Burns29


Lava Bearsreachsemisof volleyball tournament Girls soccer

Bulletin staff report Bend High forced a third

Albany and lost two games home win over North Medford. Jose Torres and Taylor

Bend 3, South Medford 0:

set but lost to McNary on Fri-

Willman each tallied an as-

MEDFORD — Amidee Colle-

sist for Mountain View in its season opener.

knon scored a goal and assist-

Bend 2, South Medford 2: South Medford scored off a

an impressive season-opening road win. The match was

free kick in the 78th minute

tied 0-0 at halftime, but that

day in the semifinal round at

t o Marist, which won t h e tournament. The Ravens won just one

the Mountain View volleyball tournament. The Lava Bears won two

of their eight games in pool play and then lost to Hermis-

games apiece against Hermiston, Redmond and Silverton, but they lost two games to McNary in pool play to finish second in the group.

Redmond played in the same group as the Lava Bears but struggled in pool play, losing all eight games against Bend, Her miston,

Bend went on t o b eat t he host Cougars 25-12, 25-23 in

Redmond and Silverton.

the quarterfinals before falling to McNary 25-21, 20-25, 15-13 in their second meet-

ing of the day. Mountain

Vi e w

w on

both round-robin games against Ridgeview, split with The Dalles and South

ton 25-23, 22-25, 15-8.

Also on Friday:

Boys soccer

from Charlotte Stowe in the 43rd minute. Amelia Ander-

son and Tayla Wheeler each added a goal for the Lava Bears. Bend's Kelly Gieber tied the North Medford 3, Mountain

Mountain View 2, North game with an assist from Ian Medford 1: Zach Emerson Levine early in the second scored two goals in the sec- half. In the 56th minute, Gusond half, bringing the Cou- tavo Loza scored Bend's secgars back from a 1-0 half- ond goal off a Justin Roberts time deficit and securing a corner kick.

Culver 52, La Pine18 La Pine 0 8 4 6 — 18 Culyer 1426 0 12 — 52 Scoringplaysnotavailable

ed two others to lead Bend to

to earn a draw in the Lava quickly changed when ColBears' season opener, which leknon scored off an assist was played a t M o u n tain View due to construction at 15th Street Field. The Panthers went up 1-0 midway through the first half, but

Sislers 0 16 6 12 — 34 Burns 14 8 7 0 — 29 Burnsscoringplaysnotavailable S— MitchGibney3run(Gibneyrun) S— LoganSchute13 run(Schutte runj S— Schutte85run(runfailed) S— Gibney2run(passfailed) S— Gibney2run(runfailed)

View 0: MEDFORD — Mountain View lost on the road

against North Medford in its first game of the season. Mia

Morey had six saves in goal for the Cougars.

Where Buyers And

Class 1A Nonconference

Gilchrist 26, Mohawk18 6 6 6 Gilchirst Mohawk 6 6 6 Mohawk scoring playsnotavailable G— MichaelJensenrun(kick failed)

8 — 26 0 — 18

G—Jensenrun(kickfailed) G—JensenpassfromNathan Heitzman(kickfailed) G—Jensenrun(two-poim t conversiongood) Friday's Games Adrian40,CamasValley30 Aloha56,Cleveland0 Amity18,SalemAcademy12 Ashland 61, Klamath0 Astoria26,Taft21 Banks42,NorthMarion13 Barlow 33, CoNallis 21 Bend10,Central 0 BlanchetCatholic 34,HorizonChristian Tualatin12 Canby 27,Roseburg7 Cascade47,Scappoose34 Centennia55, l Beaverton 34 CentralLinn16,Monroe6 Colton27,Corbett14 Coquille/Pacific 56GoldBeach0 Crater57,Dallas34 Creswel20, l St Mary's10 CrookCounty16, Sweet Home14 Culver52,LaPime18 DaysCreek85, McKenzie6 Douglas34,Illinois Valley14 EaglePoint48, Glencoe20 Echo58,SouthWascoCounty 14 Estacada 20,Valley Catholic12 ForestGrove38, David Douglas28 Fortuna,Calif. 21,NorthMedford14 Fruitland,Idaho40, Ontario 7 Gilchrist26,Mohawk18 Glide52,Bonanza13 Hanford,Wash. 41, Hermiston 20 Henley35,CascadeChristian 34 Heppner 42, Imbler8 Hidden Valey 24,Brookings-Harbor7 HoodRiver54,Woodburn12 HosannaChristian 58, Sherman28 Irrigon47,Riverside8 Jesuit 27,Central Catholic 14 JunctionCity47,Madras0 Kennedy34,Clatskanie8 La Salle27, Milwaukie0 LakeOswego38, Southridge14 Lakeridge31,Grant 27 Lebanon 34, JeffersonPDX6 Liberly29,Hilsboro19 Lincoln40,SouthAlbany20 Marist34,Thurston16 Marshfield41,CotageGrove22 McNary34,NorthSalem21 Molalla32,TheDalles 20 MyrtlePoint34,Crow0 Nestucca 37, Waldport18 Newberg 26,Crescent Valley13 NorthBend48, North Valey 3 Nort hEugene30,Elmira23 Perrydale28, Fals City24 Philomath49,Gladstone23 Phoenix23, SouthUmpqua12 PineEagle36,JordanValley 26 PortlandChristian24, Neah-Kah-Nie 6 Powers40,NorthDouglas28 Rainier46,Wilamina15 Redmond 64, Franklin 27 Reedsport47, Gaston 6 Reynolds45,Churchil 28 Riddle70,Glendale38 Ridgeview 21, Baker 6 SantiamChristian49,Harrisburg 15 Scio 84,St Paul49 Seaside 28,Yamhil-Carlton 6 Sheridan 34, Gervais0 Sherwood53,GrantsPass21 Sisters34,Burns29 Siuslaw29,Newport 6 SouthEugene23, Madison14 SouthMedford35, Sunset 27 South Salem50,McKay14 Sprague 27,West Albany14 Springfield26,Westview 23 St. Helens 38, Parkrose18 Stayton12,Tilamook6 Summi62, t Pendleton13 Sutherlin22,Oakland6 Tigard41, Sheldon28 Toledo24, Oakridge16 Tualatin55,Wilamette20 Umatilla 7,Union/Cove6 Vale31,Parma,Idaho10

Wall owa60,Chiloquin 14

WestLinn40, OregonCity 28 WestSalem41, McMinnvile10 Wilson14,Silverton13 Wilsonville54,Mountain View21 Yoncalla52, Elkton12 Yreka,Calif. 35,Mazama20

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The Bulletin






BeaverswininAn ersen’s e ut

MichiganStatereadies for Duckswith victory

By Anne M. Peterson

19 of 35 passes for 120 yards and an interception.

The Associated Press

man quarterback Seth Collins

CORVALLIS — True fresh-

The Beavers went up 6-0 in the first half on a pair of Ow-

threw a p air o f

t ouchdown

ens field goals — from 30 and

passes, induding a 44-yard fourth-quarter strike to Jordan

40 yards out — as both teams

struggled to sustain drives. Collins started the second half and capped his first drive with a 4-yard scoring pass to Victor Bolden, Oregon State' s

Villamin, to lead Oregon State

to a 26-7 victory Friday night over Weber State in Gary Andersen's debut as the Beavers'


The Associated Press KALA M A Z O O, Mich. Michigan State looked as

No. 23Boise St. 16, Wash›


ington 13: BOISE, Idaho-

if it needed a tuneup before Jeremy McNichols rushed for playing Oregon. 89 yards and two first-half M adre London ra n f o r two touchdowns in the first

touchdowns, and Boise State

withstood a second half filled with special teams mistakes

On Weber State's ensuing

several minutes of his college career to help the fifthranked Spartans build a big lead they needed to hold off

drive, Josh Kealamakia's 45-

Western Michigan for a 37-

State built a 16-0 lead, but

yard field goal attempt fell short, but Burton's interception

24 victory Friday night. The Spartans led 27-7 in

return for a touchdown pulled

the second quarter and were

up 24 points in the third in

Washington's defense stymied the Broncos in the second half and three big plays on special teams — including

the opener. The Broncos re-

Dante Pettis' 76-yard punt re-

in Chris Petersen's return to

head coach. Collins went into the game sharing quarterback duties

top returning receiver.

with redshirt freshman Mar-

cus McMaryion as the Beavers adjust to a new spread offense

under Andersen, who came to Corvallis after two years in

the Wildcats within 13-7.

Owens added a 39-yard field goal early in the fourth quarter before Collins' long scoring pass to Villamin. Owens' 45-yarder accounted for the

er two long TD drives.

field goal attempt with 21

final score.

After giving up a field goal and having a three-

seconds left was wide right. Hawaii 28, Colorado 20:

and-out possession, West-

H ONOLULU — Ma x W i t tek threw three touchdown passes to lead Hawau m his


In addition to two TD passes, Collins led the Beavers with

152 yards rushing — the most for an Oregon State quarterback since Tim Alexander ran

Don Ryan /The Associated Press

Oregon State’s Jordan Villami, middle, celebrates his touchdown reception with teammates Hunter Jarmon, right, and Victor Bolden during the second half of the Beavers’ 26-7 win over Weber State on Friday night in Corvallis.

for 205 yards against Northern Illinois in 1996. One of his runs in the second quarter was

Weber State coach Jay Hill wanted to give both Collins

capped by an acrobatic hurdle and McMaryion live-game over a defender. experience. "I think we'd say after that

Villamin had one word for Collins: "Electric."

Garrett Owens added four field goals for the Beavers. Andersen and new offen-

sive coordinator Dave Baldwin

ern Michigan drove to the 7 with a chance to make the final minutes dramat-

and two t ouchdowns while

ic. Freshman cornerback Vayante Copeland, though, ended the suspense with an interception in the end zone.

"When I stepped out on the

also running for 74 yards. if he continues to impress with Josh Burton intercepted Mc- his arm, that kid's going to be a Maryion for an 8-yard touch- dynamic player in the Pac-12." viously I had the jitters, but I down return late in the third The Beavers' defense, which wasn't scared. I just felt pretty quarterforWeber State'slone is also sporting a new look ungood. score. dernew defensivecoordinator Collins arrived at Oregon Weber State junior quarter- Kalani Sitake, held the WildState early and impressed back Jadrian Clark completed cats to 0-for-13 on third down.

game, that performance, that field it felt good, it really just Seth isour starter," Andersen felt good," Collins said. "Obsaid.

fused to get routed, though, turn for a touchdown — gave pulling within 10 early in Washingtona chance.Camthe fourth by putting togeth- eron Van Winkle's 46-yard

coaches in the annual spring also was impressed: "He made game, passing for 175 yards some plays that were phenomenal tonight with his feet. And

"It's our first game. We all

have our struggles," Spartan s receiver DeAnthony Arnett said. "Next week, The

Continued from C1 Couple that with a highlight-reel hurdle of a Wildcats


"It's time to get ready for

Oregon," Arnett said. Also on Friday:

defender in the first half, and

first game since transferring from Southern California. Michael Adkins II rushed for a game-high 90 yards and two first-half touchdowns to lead the Buffaloes in a game that ended earl y Friday morning.

we' ll come out more focused Top 25 and more prepared." No. 4 Baylor 56, SMU 21: Ducks were able to watch the Spartans on TV a day before opening the season at home today against Eastern Washington.


the school he helped grow into a national power. Boise

DALLAS — S eth R ussell threw for 376 yards with three of his five touchdowns

to Jay Lee, and Baylor's new starting q uarterback a l so

ran for a score. Russell completed 15 of 30 passes and had a 4-yard TD run as Baylor had 723 total yards.

152 yards rushing on just 17 carries, and the Beavers would seem to have found their start-

er in Collins. "I think right now we would say after that game, that performance, that Seth would be

Continued from C1

our starter," Andersen said after the game. "We' ve still

Adams announced in February that he would trans-

also rushed 11 times for 101

out sitting out a season after

listed at receiver this sea-


yards. And he returned 11 fer to Oregon for his senior punts for 171 yards and two season, taking advantage of touchdowns. Then in spring an NCAA rule that allowed practice this year he played him to join the Ducks with- at cornerback. He is back

got toget Marcus reps and continue to do that a little bit

with him as we go through time, but Seth, for a freshman, we' ve got to say that he solidi-

, st

fied himself into a pretty good spot.

he wrapped up his degree son, but Nelson could turn at Eastern Washington. He up anywhere. "He would arrived at preseason camp play every down of every several days late because game if he had his wayhe had to take one last final and if the coaches had their way," Helfrich said. exam. Adams, a repeat Big Sky offensive player of the year, Runaway Ducks passed for 10,438 yards and Oregon's backfield will 110 touchdowns while rush- be led by sophomore Royce ing for 11 more in 37 career Freeman, a power back games with the Eagles. He listed at 5 feet 11 and 230 has eight games with five or pounds, who finished with more scores. 1,365 yards rushing last But he has big shoes to fill season — a P a c-12 tr ue in replacing Heisman Tro- freshman record — and 18 phy winner Marcus Mario- touchdowns. He also caught

"He seemed to be pretty

poised for a freshman walking in there," Andersen said. "There wasn't many errant

throws that he made when he had a chance to be protected."

Andersen stopped short of saying that Collins would be the only quarterback to play at Michigan next Saturday. "Seth will start the game and then we' ll see," he said.

"Marcus will prepare and be ready to play. He needs to continue to get reps, and the times

he can get reps in games, it' s very valuable for us to do and

'~. e

a smart thing for us to do at times."



love from the Reser Stadium

crowd of 35,160 when he ran over a defensive back along

A" Jh k

the sideline to finish off a run in the fourth quarter — but "He made some tremendous

ta. Now with the Tennessee

'~ e.>"c.

Collins got some serious

Andersen was not so pleased.

Timothy J. Gonzalez/The Associated Press

Oregon State quarterback Seth Collins leaps over Weber State’s Josh Burton in the first half of the Beavers’ 26-7 win Friday night in Corvallis.

plays with his feet, which is who Seth is," Andersen said. "But we still have to continue to work with Seth as to when to take the moment to make

23 passes for 327 yards and five touchdowns as a freshman last season. Oh, and he

a touchdown pass. He was

Titans, Mariota last season named the league's freshled the Ducks to a 13-2 re- m an of the year on offense. cord and a spot in the cham- The Ducks are without runpionship game of college ning back Thomas Tyner for football's first playoffs. the season after shoulder So all eyes will no doubt surgery. Tyner, a former star be on Adams, including his at Aloha High, appeared in coach's. 11 games last season, gain"Some guys go out and ing 573 yards and scoring throw the ball 205 miles an five touchdowns, primarihour over a guy's head and ly serving as the backup to you' re like, OK. You know Freeman while he struggled their first throw is out of the with injuries.

prised, but I'm not." The Beavers defense played "I felt good out there; it felt a solid game, limiting Weber the great play, and when to get good to finally step on the field State to just one serious scorout of bounds." and just play." ing threat, and fewer than 200 For Collins' part, the coach The play of Collins was not yardsoftotaloffense. made him aware quickly that unexpected from B eavers Garrett Owens drilled four he did not care for the "looking running back Storm Barrs- field goals when the Oregon

two touchdowns. He should

way," Helfrich said. "All that

have had one more score late

stuff, getting hit, getting in the flow of the game, is im-


portant and what's their reaction to it is the important

should be a little more of a test

Scoutingthe Eagles

met. Oregon has a 13-0-2 alltime record against Big Sky opponents; the Ducks won the last one 69-0 against

for contact" mentality from his

in front of 100,000-plus rabid Wolverines fans at Michigan

Eagles, meanwhile, have ranked No. 6 in the presea- seen success in recent years son FCS coaches poll after against Pac-12 opponentsgoing 11-3 and winning with Adams at quarterback. the Big Sky last season. They upended Oregon State The Eagles' season ended 49-46 in Corvallis to open with a loss to Illinois State the 2013 season, then came in the playoff quarterfi- close against Washington

gressions better than I have since I' ve been here.

Woods, who said he is not

quarterback. surprised with anything the "Oh, he ran over with urgen- freshman does. cy to tell me to get the heck out

of bounds," Collins said. Collins was happy but s elf-deprecating when d escribing his performance. "I thought I played OK," he said. "I went through my pro-

"His performance doesn' t

State offense hurt itself with

penalties or negative plays, most of those occurring in the first half.

in the game, when a perfectly thrown pass was dropped in the end zone.

Now he travels to Michigan, where next Saturday's game

Stadium in the home coaching

debut of Jim Harbaugh. change the way I feel about Collins finished the game A good game there, and him," Barrs-Woods said. "I' ve with the massive rushing to- Collins could be the Beavers' been on his team since he tal, but he struggled more with starter for many seasons to stepped on campus. the passing game especially come. "I knew this was going to in the first half, completing 10 — Reporter: 541-617-7868, happen — y'all may be sur- of 18 passes for 92 yards and kduke@bendbuIIettrt.corn.


The two teams have never

Portland State in 2010. The

Eastern Washington was

nals. Adams' replacement

59-52 last season at Husky

is Jordan West, who made four starts as an injury re-


placement and three other

Random record watch

appearances last season, Oregon has thrown a passing for 1,072 yards and touchdown pass in 68 con-


Nadal blows 2-set Grant Slamlead for 1st time The Associated Press

the quarterfinals at the Aus-

NEW YORK — Rafael Nadal had never lost a Grand

he wanted them, winding up tralian Open and the French with more than twice as many Open, then the second round

Slam match when taking a at Wimbledon. two-set lead until he was beatNadal, who has won two en 3-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 by

of his 14 career major titles at

32nd-seeded Fabio Fognini of

Flushing Meadows, not only

Italy in the third round of the

c laimed the f i rst

U.S. Open on Friday night. The eighth-seeded Nadal's defeat also ends the

by a break in the third at 3-1.

nine touchdowns with one

secutive games, a P ac-12


record and one shy of the national record set by Texas

Versatile Duck Charles Nelson caught

Tech from Sept.23, 2006, to Oct. 22, 2011.

parent momentum swing af-

s s .

ter another. Starting at l-all,

there were seven consecutive Ripping big groundstrokes breaksofserve,a pattern that off both wings, many on a full finally ended when Fognini sprint, the two men engaged broke to go ahead 5-4, then in entertaining exchanges held to end it.

winners as Nadal, 70 to 30.



t w o s e ts that thrilled the Arthur Ashe Nadal had won 22 of his last against Fognini, but also led Stadium crowd u ntil n e ar- 23 U.S. Open matches, includ-

ly 1:30 a.m. Eastern today, 3 ing earning titles in 2010 and hours, 45 minutes after they 2013, and reaching the final Spaniard's 1 0-year s t r eak though, as Fognini began tak- began. in 2011. He missed the tournaof winning at least one ma- ing more high-risk shotsT he 52-minute f i ft h s e t ment because of health issues jor title per season. He lost in and putting plenty right where alone was filled with one ap- in 2012 and last year. H e c ouldn't


s u stain i t ,

s si





Hi sta es orNFLina ea o De ate ateruin By Mark Maske and Adam Kilgore

c ounsel to the NHL . "That' s

its appeal.

why I was kind of surprised The Washington Post the appeal came as quickly as The NFL's latest defeat by it did. If you lose this, Roger the NFL Players Association Goodell's credibility to serve in a player disciplinary case as chief disciplinary officer on came with the stakes extreme- player appeals has really been ly high, given the intense scru- damaged." tiny and polarizing opinions The odds are against the generated by the seemingly NFL. About 7.5 percent of prinever-ending Deflategate case. vate civil appeals to the SecAnd now the NFL appears to ond Circuit appellate court rebe doubling down. sult in reversals. The league will have even Florida-based attorney Danmore on the line as the NFL iel Wallach, who has extensive appeals Thursday's ruling by appellate law experience, said U.S. District Judge Richard the NFL is taking a risk by apBerman, who overturned the pealing because a loss could four-game suspension of New createa stronger precedent for England Patriots quarterback future cases. "It's not a n o -lose propoTom Brady that had been imposed by the league and up- sition for the NFL," Wallach held on appeal by NFL com- said. "It is a big-lose if it can' t missioner Roger Goodell. convince the Second Circuit." The league wasted no time

For Goodell, the outcome of

Thursday announcing it would the appeal may have lasting take the case to the U.S. Court consequences on his role in of Appeals for the Second the league's discipline process. Circuit. But if the NFL loses Several people familiar with again, the damage to its player the situation said Friday that disciplinary process — and to the league's owners would reG oodell's central role in it evaluate Goodell's role in the could be even greater. discipline structure following "Absolutely," said N e llie the Berman decision. Drew, an adjunct professor at Alan Milstein, an attorney

NFI. ownersmaylessenGoodell’s role indiscipline

"Judge Berman dtd his best to write a bulletproof opinion," Milstein said.

Milstein predicted — correctly, as it turned out — that

the union and Brady would prevail at the district court level. Many legal analysts had considered that an uphill climb. "Going into the district court

case, I would have thought the NFL had about an 80 per-

cent chance of success simply because, as everyone probably knows by now, courts are usually reluctant to overturn

arbitration rulings, especially when they come from a col-

lectively bargained process," Drew said Friday. "Now I'd say it's about 50-50.... The appellate court will give deference

to the district court decision. They don't o v erturn l o w er

courts lightly." The league has said it is not seeking a stay of Berman's ruling. So Brady will be on the field for the NFL's season-opening game next week and will remain eligible to play while the appeal process plays out.

Drew said she would expect court over Maurice Clarett's the league to seek a ruling by the National Hockey League's draft status, said the league the appeals court before the Buffalo Sabres and outside "has no chance" to prevail in conclusion of the 2015 season. the University at Buffalo law school and a former counsel to

who clashed with the NFL in

Owners of NFLteams plan to discuss the possibility of changing Commissioner Roger Goodell's role in the player disciplinary process, several people familiar with the situation said Friday. Although it is uncertain whether Goodell's authority would be reduced, the decision to reevaluate his role resolving appeals is the first solid sign the outcome of NewEngland Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's court case could have alasting and significant impact on his position. "There will certainly be discussion about that," one owner said, speaking on thecondition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic. Theowner said he is "not sure where it will lead." Another person familiar with the league's inner workings said Friday it is too soon to knowwhether enough owners favor such achangefor the NFL to engage the players' union in discussions about possible modifications to the disciplinary process. Theunion has beenpushing for a neutral arbitrator to hear appeals in matters of player discipline, replacing Goodell, who currently occupies that role. "It will be interesting to see," the person said. A timetable for such discussions amongthe owners remains unclear. Their next scheduled meeting is in October. The collective bargaining agreement betweenthe league and union gives Goodell the authority to hear and resolve appeals in player disciplinary cases involving the integrity of the sport, such as Brady's, and in casesunder the personal conduct policy. In recent months, the union hassuccessfully challenged discipline imposed bythe league under the personal conduct policy in cases involving Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson andGregHardy. Eric Winston, the Cincinnati Bengals offensive linemanwho is the president of the union, said in training camp that hecannot foresee players agreeing to another CBAwithout curbing Goodell's authority to resolve appeals in disciplinary cases. Thecurrent labor deal runs through 2020. Goodell said at anowners' meeting last month that the owners want him to retain his power to hear appeals in player disciplinary cases. It is unclear if that remains true in thewake of Berman's ruling Thursday. Jonathan Kraft, president of the Patriots, said recently that it might be time for the leagueto rethink the disciplinary process. Atlanta Falcons ownerArthur Blank expressed similar sentiments Thursday. "It's not healthy for the NFL to be in the kind of litigious position that it's been for last several years," Blank said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I think that the commissioner is working hard to hold up the respect and integrity of the game,thecompetitive balance of the game and the shield. Having said that, I think wehaveto find ways to get to a better place sooner with the NFLPA thanthe process that we' vegone through." — The Washington Post


VanZant Continued from C1 A pay-per-view bout is a remarkably prominent position for a fighter in just her

Drivers earntheir stripes at Darlington's uniqueoval

third UFC bout, but VanZant's

popularity and marketability have pushed her career forw ard even more quickly than her obvious talent. She has an endorsement

The Char(atte (N.C.) Observer

bok, and the MMA promotion clearly sees her as a title contender in the relatively near

Kurt Busch certainly did not know what he was in for

future in the 115-pound strawweight division — 20 pounds

when he drove in the spring

below the bantamweight divi-

race at Darlington Raceway

ished 30th in that race on the famed South Carolina track.

2) is another veteran on the

I'm going to take my time in this journey," VanZant said.

"I' ve even gotten it going down the straightaway where the right-rear (tire) catches the wall and pulls

I wrecked 20 t imes, kept

The Associated Press file photo

Paige VanZant celebrates her win against Kailin Curren in awomen’s strawweight match last Novem› ber. VanZant would love to be the next Ronde Rousey in the cage and on the silver screen, but the up-and-coming UFC fighter realizes she must do plenty of work to catch up to the dominant bantam› weight champion. She takes her next step tonight at UFC 191 against Alex Chambers.

"I have a career, and I'm 21

years old. Not a lot of 21-yearolds can say that, so I want to enjoy the ride. I love every second of being in the UFC. I love every opportunity I' ve been given, and when it's my

steam mop, among other gigs.

turn for the title, I' ll know, and

coach M a r ti n

But VanZant i s

has claimed she was bullied

f o c used throughout high school before

on her day job: She trains in she began her MMA training. "I'm not saying Ronda puts Sacramento, California, with Team Alpha Male, gaining people down, (but) I'm not wisdom and perspective from someone who puts people K a m p mann down," VanZant said. "I don' t

I will be ready for it."

and the fighting stable that have a harder personality. VanZant readily acknowlincludes bantamweight cham- Ronda, she is who she is. She' s edges that she hopes to tran- pion T.J. Dillashaw, Urijah hard, and that's awesome for scend the cage in the same Faber and Chad Mendes. her, and it makes her who she way Rousey has done in the V anZant knows she w i l l is as a champion. That's not past two years with her fame, never be exactly like Rous- who I am, and I think I' ll get fortune and roles in three ey. She does not relate to the my own opportunities just beHollywood movies. VanZant champion's combative per- ing who I am." already has an advantage on sonality and ferocious trashYet when asked about the Rousey in that second career: talking, although Van Z ant haters on social media and the She was a child actor who realizes she might want to get fellow strawweights who beappeared in a commercial more theatrical as she gets lieve she has been coddled by severalyears ago fora Bissell closer to a title shot. VanZant the UFC, VanZant responds

with a Rousey-esque sound bite: "I think people only hate what they love, what t hey can't be and what they don' t understand. So it's one of the

three." On UFC commentator Joe

Rogan's podcast earlier this week, Rousey claimed she will quit fighting by the time she turns 31 years old. Since she turned 28 in February, Rousey is claiming she has less than 2/~ years left in her career. That would leave a large vacancy atop the sport in 2018, and VanZantisamong many fighters who hope they will get a chance to fill it.


Day, Spieth go inopposite directions at DeutscheBank The Associated Press NORTON, Mass. — Bren-

don de Jonge described his opening round Friday at the Deutsche Bank Championship as coming out of nowhere. Jordan Spieth's starthis third straight round over par — was becoming far too familiar for him. De Jonge ran off seven bird-


"That place chewed me up and spit me out. I think

winding path to UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Van Zant essentially acknowledges she is not yet ready to take on Jedrzejczyk, but that does not stop her from setting goals. break the record for being

to go there with the kind of

speed that needs to be taken. "I' ve definitely earned the in 2001, his first full season on NASCAR's top circuit. Darlington stripe and some"My first race and first times there's just not much stripe," said Busch, who fin- you can do about it," she

sion dominated by Rousey. Van Zant stopped Kailin Curran and Felice Herrig in her first two UFC fights, and the 36-year-old Chambers (4-

the youngest titleholder, so

Southern 500 Schedule:Qualifying, 10:45 a.m. today (NBCSN).Race, 4p.m. Sunday (NBC)

Nothing can really prepare an unsuspecting driver for the "Darlington stripe."

deal with UFC partner Ree-

"I still have two years to

Next up

By David Scott


Jason Day,

bogeys, and his day never

hits a shot from the 17th tee during the

got much better. The Masters

first round of the Deutsche Bank Cham›

pionship In Norton, Mas› iia

ies in calming conditions at the TPC Boston for a 6-under 65 that gave him a two-shot

lead over nine players, including Rickie Fowler, Henrik day sort of clicked." Stenson and Luke Donald. Jason Day, needing a "It's been a tough stretch for victory to become No. 1 in me the last couple of months, the world for the first time, unfortunately," de Jonge said. reached 5 under until two bo"I felt like my game was OK, geys over his final five holes. but the scoring wasn' t. And He had a 68 and was right in then, obviously, everything to- the mix. Rory McIlroy, back


on Friday. Stew Milne/The Associated Press

at No. 1 and playing for only the second time since the U.S.

and U.S. Open champion had eight bogeys in a round of 75, matching his highest start of the year. Coming off a missed cut at The Barclays, he goes was the first time since June 2014 that Spieth has had three straight rounds over par. He left without speaking to reporters. Also on Friday: Dredge leads by 1 at Mos› cow: MOSCOW — Wales' Bradley Dredge shot a 5-under 66 to take a one-stroke lead in

The shocker was Spieth. He was visibly irritated just

a 10-under 132 total at Jack

two poor irons shots set up

What i s

the front

i n . I t ' s e a rned

through p ushing t h o se boundaries of how high you can take the car and how

much speed you can take do-

a D a r l i ngton ing it."


Kyle Busch, who has four victories this season, won

It is unique to Darlington

and its 1.37-mile, egg-shaped at Darlington in 2008. "A track, where the Southern Darlington stripe is pret500 is scheduled for Sunday. ty easy to receive," he said. "Running at Darlington is Allow Busch to explain: "The Darlington stripe is so tough, and we are carwhen you run up right by rying so much speed there the wall and you are trying nowadays that you have to to get the best speed you run right up there against can out of the car," he said. the wall in order to get your "Just that quick, the w all

car pointed correctly for the next corner. At any moment

just sucks you right on it and you' ve got the right side of your car pancaked." Darlington can be similarly rough on drivers who

you might slip a little bit and tag that wall. It can be very

easy to do." Kurt Busch said teams come to N A SCAR Sprint prepare for hitting the DarCup from other forms of lington wall by reinforcing racing, such as open-wheel the car's right side. "It's extra weight, but it IndyCar, where brushing the wall is not an option. helps protect you from run"I would say that, because ning into the wall too hard," my background is in Indy- said Busch, who has three Car ... I'm not used to driv- poles but has never won at ing by a wall," said Danica Darlington. "It helps where Patrick, who has finished you can keep your day gono higher than 22nd place ing and not actually ruin in three previous starts at your day when you run into Darlington. "I didn't grow up the wall. You think, hitting racing on dirt and running the wall, usually your day is up on the cushion. The high done. "At Darlington, that is a line is something to me that I have to have a lot of confi-

tattoo. It's a stamp that says

dence in the car to be able now you are racing."

;,aNa, -~



"'fieescalr'8 t

into today in a tie for 80th. It

Open because of an ankle injury, had a 70. an hour into his round after

bouncing off walls. I wore out the tires but kept going. It really was an eye-opener on how tough NASCAR was going to be."

the Russian Open. Dredge had Nicklaus-designed Skolkovo. England's Lee Slattery was second after a 67.



TerryRenna/The Assoaated Press

A crew member works on Austin Dillon’s car after he scraped the wall during a NASCAR Sprint Cup practice session at Darlington Raceway on Friday. This is the famous "Darlington

stripe," which is common atthe egg-shaped oval.




DOW 16,102.38 -272.38


S&P 500 1,921 .22 -29.91

O» To look upindividual stocks, goto bendbugetin.corn/business. Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.

~ M

TOd8p Job market monitor

920 .

A new Labor Department survey of job openings should provide insight into how the U.S. labor market is doing. The July Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, or JOLTS, is due out Wednesday. The survey provides figures for overall hiring, as well as the number of quits and layoffs. Total hiring rose 2.3 percent to 5.18 million in June, the most in six months and the second-highest total since the recession ended in June 2009.













........ Close: 1,921 .22 Change: -29.91 (-1.5%)


1,840’ " ""’10 DAYS

2,160 "

SILVER $14.5 4 -.16


17,600 "

2,000 "

16,800 "


1,920 "

16,000" M









C H G. -272.38 -77.38 -8.27 -177.43 -49.58 -29.91 -1 6.94 -286.47 -8.98


%CHG. WK MO QTR YTD -1.66% -9.65% -0.98% -1 4.73% -1.50% -12.31% -1.77% -8.92% -1.05% -1.10% -1.53% -6.69% -1.21% -4.56% -1.39% -6.30% -0.78% -5.69%

North westStocks

5.0 F



M 2015


Source: Faoteet

Better quarter? Wall Street anticipates that Lululemon Athletica's second-quarter earnings were flat versus the same quarter last year. The yoga clothing maker is coming off a strong first quarter, aided by a 6 percent increase in sales at stores open at least a year. That's a key barometer of a retailer's health. Beyond earnings, investors will be listening on Thursday for an update on how a June recall of about 318,000 women's tops has affected the company.

Eye on consumers The University of Michigan delivers its latest consumer sentiment index on Friday. Plummeting stock prices have taken a toll on how U.S. consumers feel about the economy. The August index declined to 91.9 from 93.1 the previous month. Even so, the index is still up 11.4 percent from a year ago. Economists project that this month's reading will be slightly higher at 92.8. Consumer Sentiment index not seasonally adjusted 100


959 95

Alaska Air Group A LK 40.69 ~ 82.15 78. 5 8 +. 5 1 +0.7 L L T Aviate Corp AVA 30.06 o 38.3 4 29 . 9 3 -.47 -1.5 T Bank of America B AC 14. 60 ~ 18.48 1 5. 6 5 -.29 -1.8 T T Barrett Business B BS I 18 . 25 ~ 60.86 34. 6 1 +. 3 3 + 1.0 T T Boeing Co BA 115.14 ~ 158. 8 3 12 9.76 -1.26 -1.0 T T Cascade Baacorp CAC B 4 . 14 ~ 5.69 5.32 +.0 1 + 0 .2 L T T ColumbiaBokg COLB 23.90 ~ 33.7 0 2 9. 4 0 - .16 -0.5 T C olumbia Sportswear COLM 34.25 ~ 74.72 61 . 15 - 1.06 -1.7 L T Costco Wholesale CO ST 117.03 ~ 1 56.8 5 138.48 -2.00 -1.4 T T T Craft Brew Alliance BR EW 7.00 e 17.8 9 7 .67 -.04 -0.5 T FLIR Systems F LIR 26.34 ~ 34.46 2 7. 9 0 -.48 -1.7 T T T Hewlett Packard HPQ 24 . 85 ~ 41.10 2 6. 9 9 -.96 -3.4 T Intel Corp INTO 24.87 ~ 37.90 2 8. 5 2 -.56 -1.9 L T K EY 11.55 ~ 15.70 1 3. 2 7 -.18 -1.3 T T Keycorp Kroger Co K R 2 5 .42 ~ 39.43 3 4.0 7 -.50 -1.4 T T Lattice Semi LSCC 3.25 ~ 7.79 4.09 -.14 -3.3 T T LA Pacific L PX 12.46 ~ 18.64 16.3 1 +. 1 8 +1 .1 T L T MDU Resources MDU 1 6 .28 o — 31. 7 3 1 6 . 36 -.56 -3.3 T MentorGraphics ME N T 18.25 ~ 2 7.3 8 25.20 -.15 -0.6 T T T Microsoft Corp MSFT 3 9.72 ~ 50.05 4 2. 6 1 -.89 -2.0 T Nike Ioc 8 NKE 78.35 ~ 117. 7 2 16 9.69 -1.16 -1.0 T T NordstromInc J WN 66.08 ~ 83.16 7 2. 9 0 -.56 -0.8 T T T Nwst Nat Gas NWN 42.00 o 52.5 7 42 . 3 9 -.40 -0.9 T Paccar lac PCAR 53.45 ~ 71.1 5 5 6. 8 4 -1.23 -2.1 T T Planar Syslms PLNR 3.02 ~ 9.17 5.68 +. 1 6 + 2.9 L L Plum Creek PC L 37,85 0 45,2 6 3 7. 6 7 -.68 -1,8 T T Prec Castparts PCP 186.17 ~ 249. 1 2 22 9.59 -.12 -0.1 ~ L Schoitzer Steel SCHN 15.06 0 28.2 3 16 . 0 0 -.90 -5.3 T T Sherwin Wms SHW 202.01 ~ 294. 3 5 25 3.86 -2.01 -0.8 T T StaocorpFoci SFG 60.17 ~ 114. 7 7 11 4.07 + . 26 +0.2 L T StarbucbsCp SBUX 35.38 ~ 59.3 2 5 4. 2 8 -.41 -0.7 T T UmpquaHoldings UMPQ 14.70 ~ 1 8.92 16.28 -.10 -0.6 T T US Baocorp U SB 38.10 ~ 46.26 4 0. 5 5 -.89 -2.1 T T T Washington Fedl WA F D 19.52 ~ 2 4.2 5 21.92 -.21 -0.9 T Wells Fargo & Co W F C 4 6 .44 ~ 58.77 51. 2 9 - 1 .14 -2.2 T T Weyerhaeuser WY 2 6.84 o 37.0 4 27. 3 7 -.53 -1.9 T T









+31. 5 +6 5 .7 97 1 1 6 0. 8 0 -15.3 - 2.0 23 9 1 7 1 . 32 -12.5 + 0 .210147517 0 . 2 0 + 26.3 -40.7 5 5 dd 0.8 8 -0.2 + 6 . 8 3 562 1 8 3 . 64 +2.5 +4.3 82 22 +6.5 +15 . 9 15 6 1 9 0 . 72a +37. 3 +6 5. 0 79 31 0.6 0 -2.3 +2 1.1 2024 27 1 . 6 0 -42.5 -39.9 26 96 -13.6 -14.7 1082 18 0 . 44 -32.7 -24.4 14609 11 0 .70 -21.4 -13.1 28649 12 0.96 -4.5 + 0.6 7445 13 0 . 30 +6.1 +35 . 5 5 7 97 1 8 0 . 42f -40.6 -43.3 1241 dd -1.5 +14.2 271 5 dd -30.4 - 43.5 929 d d 0 . 73 +15. 0 +1 5 .0 67 1 1 9 0. 2 2 -8.3 -0.5 36396 29 1 .24 +14. 1 +4 2 .1 3 521 30 1 . 1 2 - 8.2 + 7 . 6 8 9 1 2 0 1 . 4 8 -15.1 - 1.1 8 8 23 1. 8 6 -16.4 -3.7 2281 13 0 .96f - 32.1 + 7. 0 1 2 9 1 9 -12.0 - 1,2 92 9 3 5 1 , 76 -4.7 - 4.6 1151 1 9 0 . 12 -29.1 -35.2 330 d d 0 . 75 -3.5 +19.0 5 04 2 6 2. 6 8 +63. 3 +7 5 .4 27 8 2 0 1 . 30f +32.3 +44 .1 6 5 92 2 5 0. 6 4 -4.3 - 2.8 92 4 1 6 0 . 60 -9.8 + 0 . 7 7 988 1 3 1 .02f -1.0 + 4 . 3 40 6 1 3 0. 5 2 -6.4 +4 . 521514 12 1 . 5 0 -23.7 -15.1 3031 27 1.24f

DividendFootnotes:a - Extra dividends werepaid, but arenot included. 5 -Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. e -Amount declaredor paid in last 12 months. f - Current annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum of dividends paidafter stock split, no regular rate. I —Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent dividend wasomitted or deferred. k - Declared or paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r —Declared or paid in preceding 12months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc — P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss in last 12 months.


Southwest Airlines says it has reached an agreement with the union representing its pilots, but they still need to approve the new contract before it can take effect. Terms weren't disclosed on Thursday. Leaders of the Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association are expected to meet later this month to decide whether to hold a ratification vote. Southwest Vice President Craig Drew says the process



$28 ~ J J 2015



Source: Faotee$ AP

Marhetsummary Most Active NAME

VOL (60s)

BkofAm Apple Inc Alcoa Microsoft Geo Elec Micron T FordM FrptMcM SunEdisoo Intel

1014754 484772 475926 363957 351295 321683 299571 296618 290772 286488

LAST CHG 15.65 -.29 109.27 -1.10 9.49 -.08 42.61 -.89 24.00 -.51 16.82 +.23 13.56 -.28 9.71 -.42 11.99 +.05 28.52 -.56

Gainers NAME

KaloBio rs SynthBiol Gravity rs DmRsBW Presbia n Sevcon HeatBiolog KiogtoneW StreamHlth VestRM rs

LAST 4.01 2.50 3.70 2.71 7.35 8.63 3.79 4.12 2.85 4.73

CHG +.98 +.29 +.41 +.29 +.78 +.88 +.37 +.40 +.27 + .39

%CHG + 3 2.3 + 1 3.1 + 1 2.5 + 1 2.0 + 1 1.9 + 1 1.4 + 1 0.8 + 1 0.8 + 1 0.5 +9 . 0

Losers NAME

L AST C H G %CHG -4.03 -43.5 Vince Hldg 5.24 Bare Disab 53.46 -30.66 -36.4 -1.71 -20.1 Ampliphi rs 6.79 ATRM Hid 2.69 -.53 -16.5 -1.03 -16.0 ArchCoal rs 5.41

Foreign Markets NAME

Southwest Airlines(LUV)

is far from complete, but the company is pleased to have this agreement. The airline and its pilots have been in federally-mediated talks since November as they tried to reach an agreement on pay, retirement, scheduling and job scope issues, according to the union. Southwest has about 8,000 pilots. It' s the nation's fourth-biggest airline, and 83 percent of its workers are represented by unions, according to a recent regulatory filing.

LAST Paris 4,523.08 London 6,042.92 Frankfurt 10,038.04 Hong Kong20,840.61 Mexico 42,742.86 Milan 21,472.68 Tokyo 17,792.16 Stockholm 1,461.46 Sydney 5,060.77 Zurich 8,652.35

Friday's close:$37.23 P








Close:$5.24 V-4.03 or -43.5% The high-end clothing company reported worse-than-expected fiscal second-quarter results and provided a weak fiscal outlook. $15 10



Price-earnings ratio: 16 (Based onlast12-monthresults)

ric echange 1-yr

3 -yr*


4 1 0/

Div . yield: 0.8% D ivi d end:$0.30



&md Focus

Selected MutualFunds

J A 52-week range $$.2$~ $$ 7.$$

Vol.:9.5m (15.6x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$192.7m


52-week range $$$.7$ ~


P E: 5. 5 Vol.:4.5m (1.1x avg.) P E: 1 1.3 Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$13.53b Yie l d: 2.8%

BLOX Close:$18.28T-1.59 or -8.0% The network automation company reported better-than-expected earnings, but gave disappointing guidance for the latest quarter. $30

VeriFone Systems

PAY Close:$29.58T-1 A7 or -4.7% The maker of terminals for electronic payments reported better-than-expected earnings, but it provided disappointing guidance. $40 35 30

25 20 J




52-week range $1$.$$ ~



52-week range $28.03

Vol.:5.2m (6.3x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$1.05 b

P E: .. Yield:..


BBRY Close:$7.28 T-0.18 or -2.4% The companynow focused on software is buying mobile device security company Good Technology for $425 million. $10

$27.$0 ~


Vol.:4.2m (3.2x avg.) Mkt. Cap: $3.38 b

PE: 1 01.0 Yield: ...

Penn West Petroleum


Close:$0.64 T-0.03 or -3.9% The oil company is facing potential

delisting from the MYSEas falling oil prices continue to keep the stock

below $1 per share. $2.0 1.5



J 52-week range

$$.4$ ~ V ol.:13.6m (1.7x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$3.81 b


A J 52-week range $12.63 $$.$$ ~ $7.88 PE: 1 . 3 Vol.:1.3m (0.5x avg.) P E: .. . Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$322.29 m Yield: 4.8%

Cooper Companies



Close:$150.87T-10A4 or -6.5% The medicaldevice company reported better-than-expected financial results, but provided a weaker-than-expected financial outlook. $200

UTI Worldwide UTIW Close:$5.85 %-0.68 or -10.4% The supply chain services provider reported a second-quarter loss, and the earnings and revenue results fell short of forecasts. $15 10

180 160



J A 52-week range


J A 52-week range

$ 14$.11 ~


Vol.:1.3m (3.2x avg.) P

E: 30.8 Vol.:9.6m (8.7x avg.)

Mkt. Cap:$7.33 b

$$.11 ~

Yie l d : 0.0% Mkt. Cap:$620.11 m

$ 14.7$

P E: .. . Yi eld: 1.0%

SOURCE: Sungard


The yield on the 10-year Treasury declined to 2.13 percent on Friday. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.


NET 1YR TREASURIES TEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO 3-month T-bill 6 -month T-bill 52-wk T-bill

. 0 3 .01 + 0 .02 T . 2 3 .23 ... L .34 .33 +0 . 0 1 T

2-year T-note . 71 .70 + 0 .01 T 5-year T-note 1.47 1.48 -0.01 T 10-year T-note 2.13 2.16 -0.03 T 30-year T-bond 2.89 2.94 -0.05 T





T .54 T 1.72 T 2.45 T 3.21

h58 88


Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal) METALS

Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

.02 .05 .09


Barclays LongT-Bdldx 2.73 2.78 -0.05 T L Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.42 4.42 . . . L L Barclays USAggregate 2.40 2.43 -0.03 L T PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 7.21 7.27 -0.06 T L RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 4.13 4.16 -0.03 T L TEST3.25 .13 B arclays CompT-Bdldx 1.43 1.45 -0.02 T T 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.46 3.50 -0.04 L 1 YR AGO3.25 .13

PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 Commodities AmBalA m 23 . 68 -.23 3.6 -1.5 +9.7+10.6 8 A A CaplncBuA m 55.41 -.81 5.4 -6.1 +5.9 +7.3 8 8 A The price of oil CpwldGrlA m 43.25 -.76 5.0 -7.5 +9.8 +8.4 C C C fell but pared its EurPacGrA m 45.78 -.87 2.9 -8.2 +7.7 +5.5 C 8 C losses after a FnlnvA m 49. 6 2 - .76 4.2 -2.9 +13.0+12.5 C C C closely watched GrthAmA m 42.34 -.53 0.8 0 . 0+15.3+13.8 O 8 C count of active Weitz Hickory (WEHIX) IncAmerA m 19.95 -.25 6.1 -5.8 +7.5 +9.0 E C 8 drilling rigs in InvCoAmA m 34.32 -.56 6.1 -4.7 +12.8+12.4 D C C the U.S. fell. In VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH NewPerspA m35.94 -.60 0.9 -1.9 +11.6+10.6 A 8 A metals trading, o› WAMutlnvA m37.69 -.60 7.4 -4.9 +11.6+12.9 8 C A the price of $$ Dodge &Cox Income 13.6 7 + .61 -0.1 +0 .5 + 2.5 +4.0 D A 8 gold fell. Co Co IntlStk 3 7.99 - . 8 8 -9.8 - 18.0 +9.0 +5.7 E A 8 Stock 165.3 2 -2.72 -7.2 -6.3 +15.3+14.3 C A A o› Fidelity Contra 97.62 -1.20 0. 0 +1 . 8 +14.2+14.4 C C C $$ ContraK 97.6 1 -1.19+0.1 + 1.9 +14.3+14.6 C C C CI LowPriStk d 49.33 -.72 -1.8 -0.7 +14.2+14.3 A 8 A Qe Fidelity Spartan 50 0 ldxAdvtg67.97 -1.65 -5.4 -1.9 +13.3+14.0 8 8 8 FraakTemp-Frank li n IncomeC m 2.16 -.62-8.0 -12.1 +4.2 +6.2 E C 8 $$ IncomeA m 2. 1 3 -.63 -7.8 - 11.8 +4.6 +6.7 E C 8 FraakTemp-TempletonGIBondAdv 11 .43 -.11 -5.9 - 8.5 +1.4 +2.9 D 8 8 Co Oakmark Intl I 21.98 -.44 -5.8 -10.6 +10.7 +7.5 C A A MorningstarOwnershipZone™ Oppeoheimer RisDivA m 18 . 65 -.28 -6.8 3.0 +10.6+11.6 C E D RisDivB m 16 . 37 -.25 -7.3 3.7 +9.6+10.6 D E E OeFund target represents weighted RisDivC m 16 . 25 -.25 -7.3 3.7 +9.7+10.8 D E E average of stock holdings Foreign SmMidValA m44.87 -.61 -7.7 5 .1 +14.7+11.0 C 8 E Represents 75% of fund's stock holdings Exchange -8.2 SmMidValB m37.64 -.51 5.8 +13.8+10.1 C C E T Rowe Price BIChpGr 69.6 8 - . 81 +2.7 + 5 . 1 +17.3+17.7 A A A The dollar CATEGORY:MID-CAP BLEND GrowStk 54.6 0 - . 60 +3.9 + 6 .5 +16.8+17.0 A A A declined in HealthSci 77.6 1 - . 55+13.3 +26.3 +31.5+31.1 A A A value against BIORNINGSTAR Newlocome 9. 4 7 +.62+0.5 + 1 .4 + 1.6 +3.1 C C D RATING~ **<<< the yen. The Vanguard 500Adml 177.95 2.76 -5.4 -1.9 +13.3+14.1 8 8 A ASSETS$374 million ICE U.S. Dollar -5.4 -2.0 +13.2+13.9 500lnv 177.92 2.76 8 8 8 EXPRATIO 1.23% index, which -.64 -3.0 CapOp 51.18 +1.8 +20.5+16.7 C A A BIIH.INIT.INVES T. $2,500 -.49 -7.3 -4.8 +11.2+13.5 8 C A compares the Eqlnc 28.56 PERCEN TLOAD N/L value of the IntlStkldxAdm 23.93 -.61 -6.7 15.4 +4.6 NA E E HISTORICALRETURNS StratgcEq 31.66 -.33 -3.5 -1.1 +17.6+17.3 8 A A dollar to a TgtRe2020 27.55 -.25 -3.2 -2.8 +7.5 +8.3 8 A A basket of key Return/Rank TgtRe2025 15.92 -.17 -3.7 -3.5 +8.1 +8.9 8 8 8 currencies, was YEAR-TO-DATE -6.7 TotBdAdml 10.77 +.62 +0.7 +2.2 +1.5 +3.1 A C D little changed. 1-YEAR -3.8/C Totlntl 14.31 -.30 -6.7 15.4 +4.5 +3.2 E E E 3-YEAR +8.6/E TotStlAdm 48.67 -.70 -5.0 -1.9 +13.6+14.3 8 8 A 5-YEAR +12.2/D TotStldx 48.55 -.70 -5.1 -2.0 +13.5+14.1 8 8 A 3and5-yearreta$csareannualized. USGro 30.37 -.37 +1.5 +6.5 +16.9+16.5 A A A Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, or redemption fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing feeandeither a sales or redemption fee.Source: Morningstar.

GPS Close:$32.41 V-0.60 or -1.8% The operator of Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic reported a drop in August same-store-sales, which is a key measure of health. $40


Weitz Hickory has struggled in FAMILY recent years but Morningstar American Funds analysts still give the fund a silver-medal rating for expected performance.

CHG %CHG -1 30.71 -2.81 -1 51.18 -2.44 -279.80 -2.71 -94.33 -.45 -540.61 -1.25 -704.69 -3.18 -390.23 -2.15 -38.75 -2.58 Rank:Fund'sletter grade comparedwith others in +12.08 + . 24 the same group; an Aindicates fund performed in -1 23.29 -1.40 the top 20 percent; an E, in the bottom 20 percent.





est. 92.8

Stocks ended sharply lower Friday, capping a turbulent week of trading. Investors weighed a report indicating that the U.S. economy added fewer jobs than forecast in August even as the nation's unemployment rate fell to a seven-year low. The jobs data will be a key factor as the Federal Reserve decides whether to raise rates for the first time since 2006. Stocks remain volatile after logging their worst monthly performance in more than three years in August. U.S. marketsare closed on Monday in observance ofLabor Day. However, the Chinese stock market, which has fueled investors' anxiety with big swings recently, will reopen after a two-day holiday.

Info Blox





Vince Holding

HIGH LOW CLOSE 16371.76 16026.61 16102.38 DOW Trans. 7870.54 7762.06 7793.83 DOW Util. 547.82 539.96 541.97 NYSE Comp. 9955.37 9825.21 9871.86 NASDAQ 471 2.67 4657.82 4683.92 S&P 500 1938.14 1911.21 1921.22 S&P 400 1399.89 1381.51 1386.27 Wilshire 5000 20590.63 20202.33 20304.16 Russell 2000 1142.55 1130.75 1136.17


$4 6 .05-.70



Vol. (in mil.) 3,109 1,537 Pvs. Volume 3,455 1,760 Advanced 760 1028 Declined 2366 1745 New Highs 9 10 New Lows 138 68

EURO $1.1148 +.0032



Dow jones industrials Close: 16,102.38 Change: -272.38 (-1.7%)

16,020 "







in millions


GOLD $1,120.60 -3.10

15,360 ' ""' 10 DAYS "


JOLTS job openings 5.4


10-YR T-NOTE 2.13% -.03


S8$P 500

Saturday, September 5, 2015



NA SDAQ 4,663 . 92 -49.58


3.03 4.43 2 27 . 5.29 3.98 1.9 8 2.94

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 46.05 46.75 -1.50 -1 3.6 1.45 1.46 +0.48 -1 0.7 1.60 1.62 -1.41 -1 3.6 -8.1 2.66 2.73 -2.57 1.42 1.44 -1.32 -1.2

CLOSE PVS. 1120.60 1123.70 14.54 14.70 992.40 1010.10 2.32 2.39 576.80 580.60

%CH. %YTD -0.28 -5.4 -1.07 -6.6 -1.75 -17.9 -2.95 -18.3 -0.65 -27.8


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.40 1.42 -0.80 -15.2 Coffee (Ib) 1.16 1.16 -0.30 -30.5 Corn (bu) 3.50 3.48 +0.50 -1 2.0 Cotton (Ih) 0.63 0.63 - 0.08 + 4 . 7 Lumber (1,000 hd ft) 233.20 232.90 +0.13 -29.6 -7.9 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.29 1.29 +1.98 Soybeans (hu) 8.77 8.80 -0.28 -13.9 Wheat(hu) 4.58 4.57 +0.27 -22.4 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5186 -.0071 -.47% 1.6334 Canadian Dollar 1.3 253 +.0055 +.42% 1.0879 USD per Euro 1.1148 +.0032 +.29% 1.2939 JapaneseYen 118.97 -1.02 -.86% 105.23 Mexican Peso 16. 9 244 +.1109 +.66% 13.1478 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.9208 -.0132 -.34% 3.6008 Norwegian Krone 8 . 3040 +.0233 +.28% 6.2679 South African Rand 13.8826 +.3293 +2.37% 10.7141 Swedish Krona 8.4 4 3 5 + .0250 +.30% 7.0720 Swiss Franc .9732 -.0005 -.05% . 9325 ASIA/PACIFIC 1.4438 +.0180 +1.25% 1.0694 Australian Dollar Chinese Yuan 6.3571 -.0071 -.11% 6.1403 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7502 -.0003 -.00% 7.7504 Indian Rupee 66.688 +.538 +.81% 60.360 Singapore Dollar 1.4246 +.0074 +.52% 1.2555 South KoreanWon 1200.68 +9.34 +.78% 1022.10 Taiwan Dollar 32.69 + . 1 6 + .49% 2 9 .93


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BRIEFING Jeld-Wenmoves headquarters Oregon's once-largest private company has made a quiet exit, leaving its global headquarters in Klamath Falls and moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. The Oregonian reports a spokeswoman for the multinational

window-and-door manufacturer, Jeld-Wen Holdings Inc., confirmed thecompany'sbigmove Thursday. Darcie Meihoff said the company's transition has beena slow one. Executives initially denied rumors that JeldWen would moveto

eo By Nelson D. Schwartz and Binyamin Appelbaum The New York Times News Service

i v es o e r o ra ee a e vided fodder for both camps

central bank's last meeting of

crease was well below the

to make their cases.

the year, in December. "I don't think it changes anyone's views," said Michael Gapen, head of U.S. economic research at Barclays. "It's strong enough to keep the September-ists stuck on September and weak enough for everyone else who is looking for a later takeoff."

market was returning to its

priate time to raise interest

prerecession health.

rates from near zero, where

At that level, joblessness is nearing the level that econ-

they have been since the

omists and the Fed consider

in late 2008. But the exact timing of

The slowdown in job

Despite disappointing

growth and the absence of

job growth last month, the

any significant wage pressure could strengthen the

unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since early 2008, sharpening the debate within the Federal Reserve over

little risk in keeping monetary policy accommodative

whether to raise interest rates

and waiting not just for more

when policymakers meet in two weeks. Friday's report from the

positive data but also for unruly markets to settle down.

Labor Department — which

were enough positive indicatorsto keep a September tightening in play, even as

ticipated, mainly because it represents the last major

Wall Street turns more at-

will have on hand before its meeting Sept. 16-17. The August payroll in-

estimated that employers added a less-than-expected 173,000 jobs in August even as the official jobless rate dipped to 5.1 percent — pro-

arguments of those who see

On the other side, there

tention to the possibility of a Fed move in October or at the

The report was hotly anpiece of data the central bank

rose by a better-than-expect220,000 jump economists had ed 0.3 percentage point in expected, but the unemployAugust. ment rate's fall to 5.1 percent Most Federal Reserve offifrom 5.3 percent in July bolcials have signaled that they stered the case that the job think this year is the appro-

close to full employment. While millions of Amer-

icans are still struggling to find work that pays ade-

quately, there are nascent signs that wages are finally beginning to rise. Average hourly earnings

depths of the financial crisis thedecision has become an obsessionfor traders on Wall Street, who have enjoyed a

long period of ultracheap money that helped, until the

last few weeks, to feed a long bull market.

Charlotte, but it moved

in 2012 to becloser to East Coast customers. When the company sold its ownership for $871 million in 2011, it employed about 1,200 people in Oregonat its headquarters and factories. Meihoff said JeldWen still has a presence in Oregon with a search and development division and manufacturing operations. Moody's Corp. said Jeld-Wen reported $3.5 billion in revenue in the previous fiscal year. — From wire reports

Price ofgas is staying low for LaborDay




But r Market Rd

By Clifford Krauss

BOULDERPOIttTE APARTMENTS Corner of BoydAcresand NE Ross roads, Bend

New York Times News Service

HOUSTON — Despite the recent tumult in global stock Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Greg Cross/The Bulletin

BEST OFTHE BIZ CALENDAR TUESDAY CLAEstate Services Workshop: A workshop for seniors about estate and retirement planning; free, but seating is limited; to register, call 1-B66-252B721 between 7a.m. and 3 p.m.; 2 p.m.; Comfort Suites RedmondAirport, 2243 SWYewAve., Redmond, B66-252-B721. SCOREBusiness Counseling:Business counselors conduct free one-on-one conferences forlocal entrepreneurs. 5:30 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NWWall St., Bend, 541-706- i 639. LaunchYourBusiness: Three one-to-one daytime business advisingsessions combined with three Wednesdayevening workshop presentations, plus peer support; $199; 6 p.m.; COCC Chandler Lab, 1027 NWTrenton Ave, Bend, 541-3B3-7290, http: // WEDNESDAY CLA Estate Services Workshop: A workshop for seniors about estate and retirement planning; free, but seating is limited; to register, call 1-B66-252B721 between 7a.m. and 3 p.m.; free, registration required; 9:30 a.m.; Awbrey Glen Golf Club, 2500 NW Awbrey GlenDrive, Bend, B66-252-B721. Pints withOurPillars: The BendChamber of Commerce event features Michael LaLonde, president of Deschutes Brewery Inc.; $15, chamber members; $20 nonmembers; 5 p.m.; Deschutes Brewery & Public House, 1044NW Bond St., Bend, http:ii business.bendchamber. org/events. SATURDAY Homebuyer EducationWorkshop:A Neighborlmpact workshop to help prospective homeowners understand the home-buying process; $45 per household; 9 a.m.; Bend Neighborlmpact Office, 2031 0Empire Ave., Suite A100,Bend, 541-323-6567, www. neighborimpact.orgi homebuyer-workshopregistration. SEPT. 15 SCOREBusiness Counseling:Business counselors conduct free one-on-one conferences forlocal entrepreneurs. 5:30 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NWWall St., Bend, 541-706- i 639.

For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or visitbendbulletin.corn/bizcal

Owner:KWDSLLC,Wilsonville Contractor:KohlInc., Wilsonville Details:Construction crews havestarted building Boulder PointeApartments in northeast Bend. When complete, thecomplex ofsix buildings at Boyd Acresand NERoss roads will have96 apartments total, according todocuments filed with the city of Bend.

The majority will betwo-bedroom apartments, according tothe documents, but Boulder Pointe will also have someone- andthree-bedroom apartments. City building permits estimate the value atnearly $4.7million. Representatives of theowner could not be reached forestimates of rental rates or anexpected completion datefor construction. The complex isbeing built on about 4.5 acres,

north of Butler MarketRoad.It's also located immediately south of theSageSprings Apartments, a104-unit complexfinished last year. The vacancyrate in Bendhashoveredaround 1 percent for apartments, andrents havebeen increasing. Estimatesfrom the U.S.Census Bureau showedabout 50 percent of renters paid 30 percent or moreof their incomes in 2013for rent. — Bulletin staff report

Toyota to invest 50M in research By Michael Liedtke

back in the 1990s, Ise said.

The Associated Press

Pratt, a former program

manager at the U.S. govern-


and energy markets, American travelers can count on bargains at the pump this Labor Day weekend, with prices for gasoline at their lowest levels in 11 years. With oil prices diving by more than 50 percent since last summer, the low prices

are no surprise, analysts say. But the numbers can be startling to any driver who

habitually glances at the gasoline price billboards along the highway. On Friday, the national averageforregulargasoline was $2.42 a gallon, 9 cents lower than only a week ago and $1.01 lower than last year, according to the AAA motor

club. "Consumers will feel a lot better at the pump this holi-

lif. — Toyota is investing $50

ment's Defense Advanced

million with Stanford Univer-

sity and the Massachusetts

Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, suspects many

Institute of Technology in

people will still want to drive

day than they will looking at their 401(k)s," said Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis

hopes of gaining an edge in an accel erating raceto phase

some of the time even when cars are fully equipped to

at the Oil Price Information Service.

handle the task. He hopes

Behind the low gasoline prices are widespread fears that the global economy is slowing, along with a resilient expansion of domestic oil pro-

out human drivers. The financial commitment

Toyota's research will give the option of relying on comput-

announced Friday by the Japanese automaker will

ers to do the job when they are stuck in traffic or travel-

be made over the next five years at joint research centers located in Silicon Valley and another technology hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

ing down a boring stretch of highway. "Our focus today is Jeff Chiu /The AssociatedPress more on theautonomy ofpeoKiyotaka Ise, Senior Managing Officer for Toyota Motor Corpora› ple," said Pratt, who will be Toyota has hired robotics tion, speaks at a newsconference in East Palo Alto, Californina, based in Silicon Valley. expert Gill Pratt to oversee on Friday. Toyota announced it is investing $50 million with Stan› Under the Toyota partresearch aimed at developing ford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to nership, the MIT research artificial intelligence and research driverless car technology. center will focus on inventing other innovations that will ways for cars to recognize enable future car models to their surroundings and make navigate the roads without can turn a car into the equiv- causing fewer accidents. decisions that avert potential people doing all the steering alent of an intelligent assisGoogle, which runs some accidents. If the goals are and stopping. tant that recognizes when it of the world's most poprealized, Toyota might be able "We believe this research should take over the steering ular online services, has to build a car "that is never will transform the future of when a driver is distracted or been workingon afleetof responsible for a collision," self-driving cars for the past mobility, improving safety automatically play a favorite Rus said. and reducing trafficcongessong when it detects a driver six years. Its goal is to have Besides working on recogtion," said Kiyotaka Ise, a Toy- is in a bad mood. the cars capable of driving nition technology, the Stan"What if cars could become completely on their own by ota executive who oversees ford research center will try the company's research and ourtrusted partners?"mused 2020. Ride-hailing pioneer to create artificial intelligence development group. Daniela Rus, an MIT profesUber has teamed up with programs that study human Unlike some of its rivals sor who will lead the univerCarnegie Mellon University behavior to learn more about sity's research partnership in the technology and auto on a Pittsburgh research cen- the decision making and reaindustries, Toyota believes with the automaker. ter in its quest to build driversoning that goes into driving the day when cars are able to Major tech companies such less cars. so cars can quickly adjust to drive entirely by themselves as Google and Uber are comToyota Motor Co. has been potentially dangerous situais unlikely to arrive within the peting against a range of au- working on autonomous tions. Stanford's research will next decade. The company in- tomakers to make robot cars driving technology for about be led by Fei-Fei Li, director of stead is focusing its efforts on that will be better drivers 20 years, but it was known as the university's artificial inteldeveloping technology that than people and save lives by "advanced driving support" ligence laboratory.

duction. The prices represent

an astonishing reversal from recent years. An estimated 8,250 gas sta-

tions in 24 states — representing more than 5 percent of the nation's stations — now have

prices below $2 a gallon. Not a single station in the country sold gas at that price last La-

bor Dayweekend, specialists say. "Average U.S. gas prices are falling at the fastest rates since December," said Michael Green, a spokesman for AAA,

referring to the month after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

shocked oil traders by refusing to cut production and allowing

crude prices to collapse. Several AAA clubs project that 35.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more

overtheweekend, thehighest volume since 2008 and a 1 per-

centincrease from lastyear. The AAA clubs say 86 percent of the travelers will drive.

PEOPLE ONTHE MOVE Noah von Borstelwas the top selling agentfor August at John L. Scott in Redmond. Bobbie Stromewasthe top listing agent for August at John L. Scott in van Borstel Strome R e vell Redmond. Michael Hintonhas beenelected and Redmond locations. Revell has the 2015 chairman of the boardat Housing Works, the housing authority 35 years of experience in the financial industry. for Crook, Deschutes andJefferson Ben Lloydhas been hired to lead counties. Hinton is the lending director for Neighborlmpact and has thecustomer successteam atOdysys in Bend. Previously, Lloyd worked served on theHousing Works board since 199B. at Amplify interactive as general manager of the Portland office and Dan Revellhas beenhired as a senior vice president of marketing. mortgage loan officer for SELCO Community Credit Union's East Bend Sarah Jo Reccehasjoined

management. Steve Shropshire,of Jordan Ramis PC, was selected asLawyer of the Year for water law in the Portland area in the 2016Best Lawyers awards. Lloyd Re c c e Fa hlgren Rees R o gers S h ropshireShropshire splits time betweenBend and Portland. Harcourts The GarnerGroup Real at Caldwell Banker Mayfield Realty in Scott Haweshasbeen hired as Estate, 2762 NW Crossing Drive. Redmond. a land broker at FayRanches in Recceisan Oregon nativewho Natalie Denthas beenhired as Prineville. Haweshas over 35years earned her Oregon realestate license marketing and communications of experience in land brokerage in July. manager at Economic Development services, commercial lending and Julie Fahlgrenwasthe top selling for Central Oregon. Denthas land appraisal. agent for August at Coldwell Banker about 20 years of experience Ken Bentzhas beenhired as aland Mayfield Realty in Redmond. in marketing, public relations, broker at FayRanches in Prineville. Kris ReesandShannon Rogers corporate communications, writing, Bentz has over 20years of land were the top selling agents for August social media, sales andproject brokerage experience.

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer search, D4 Support groups, D4 THE BULLETIN SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015

O www.bendbulletin.corn/community


Communityof Smiles onSept. 27

PCo~ p]

So~ g

V© ..„ %Up

cQ) ITM;.i)

The Central Oregon Disability Network will host a Community of Smiles photography event to showcase people with varying abilities from 4 to 6 p.m. Sept. 27 at Nancy P's Cafe and Bakery, 1054 NW MilwaukeeAve., in Bend. The free event will feature a photo booth with props, treats from the bakery and wine. It will also give families who have children with disabilities a chanceto learn more about the services in their community they can turn to for help. Call 541-548-8559 or visit http: //www.codsn. org/to learn more about

The sign-up sheet for open mic night at M8 J Tavern in Bend on


Locals hone their songs, meet potential bandmatesat events By Brian McElhiney The ~ Bulletin illow Parker, 22, stepped up to the micro-

phone, guitar strapped to her chest. Customers sat in front of her at the bar running the length of the shoe box-like M & J Tavern on Greenwood Avenue in Bend.It'sa Wednesday — open mic night at the bar. Customers

the network and the


Fundraiser to benefit homeless

stared into their beers, seemingly indifferent, or con-

The Bethlehem Inn, Central Oregon's largest homeless shelter and a supporter of more than 60,000 meals to those in crisis, will be holding its 10th annual The Perfect Pair benefit from 5-8 p.m. on Oct.

tinued their conversations as bartender C.J. Hitchcock bustled back and forth, pouring fresh drinks. Parker began fingerpicking a fragile, lilting chord progression. Then she opened her mouth to sing. Her powerful contralto filled the room as the crowd grew quieter. A few people at the bar turned on their stools

to listen as Parker continued to play her original song. When the last note faded away, the musician smiled

is helpful. And you just meet so many cool people." Open mic regulars will often go back and forth to as many open mics as they can during the week. Dylan McMahon, 30, has lived in Bend for the past decade and has gone to open mics that entire time. He plays drums with The Chin Ups, the members of

which he met at M& J's open mic, but for the last few years he's tried his hand at playing guitar and singing. "Honestly, I never sung ever until about two years

ago, and so meeting other people that got up and sang at open mics really brought down the fear of singing in public," McMahon said. "And when you get up and you just do it and you don't care, obviously you' re learning, and that's the whole point." A few hours before Parker hit the M& J "stage"

— really just an open area at the front of the roomParker, a native of Bend, has been going to open mic bartender Mike Martin ran back and forth from the nights in the city since she was 19, shortly after she bar to the storage area in the neighboring laundromat, began playing guitar. She, like many local musicians, setting up microphones, guitar cables and the sound is a regular at many of the area's open mics, including board — while still pouring drinks for customers M& J every Wednesday, the Astro Lounge's open mic alongside Hitchcock. Monday nights and Crow's Feet Common's Thursday Martin and Hitchcock have run the open mic toopen mic, which is only about a month old. gether since about 2009. Before that, local musicians Those are just a handful of the open mic nights ofJeremiah Furbush and Mike Caldwell helped start the fered in Bend. Some musicians go for practice, some open mic in 2006. M& J's open mic is at this point one for the camaraderie on the local music scene; still oth- of the oldest nonstop open mic venues in town, accorders are searching for musicians for projects or bands. ing to Martin and regular performers. For Parker, music and performance are hobbies, Martin started working as a bartender at M& J she said. when the economic recession hit. Before that, he "I still feel like an amateur though," Parker said. worked construction jobs. "It's been a run ever since; it's been very enjoyable," "Back in the day, I was so quiet, and you kind of just gain confidence and support from people at open Martin said. "I mean, even on slow nights, we still get and the crowd, won over, erupted in applause.

16 at the Deschutes

Brewery TapRoom. Local chefs and Deschutes brewers will team up to create a culinary experience with all proceeds going to support the Inn's programming for both adults and children facing homelessness. More than 1,000 Central Oregon residents benefited from the Inn's services in 2014, which can range from a short-term bed and relief from the elements to job training. "The Inn is very excited about this year' s event and our continued partnership with the Deschutes Brewery," executive director Gwenn Wysling said, according to a news release. "We are looking forward to enjoying the culinary talents of local chefs." Tickets to the event are $45 per person and can be purchased at www.bethleheminn. org. For more information, call 541-322-8768.

mics, and you get to interact with a lot of musicians

to listen to great music."

and get a lot of positive feedback and criticism, which

SeeOpen mic/D5

Overnight work party at preserve The Nature Conservancy in Oregon is hosting an overnight work party at the Juniper Hills Preserve on Sept. 19. Volunteers will work on restoration projects during the day and camp out on the Preserve overnight. The Nature Conservancy will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner Sept. 19 and breakfast Sept. 20, but volunteers are responsible for bringing food beyond that and for dinner Friday night should they choose to camp out before work begins. "Each event like this is unique," volunteer coordinator Gardiner Miller said. "We host 12 to 15 overnight events each year. We have a lot of repeat volunteers who like to travel around the state with us, but we also welcome any and all newcomers." For more information on the work at Juniper Hills or The Nature Conservancy of Oregon, visit nature. org/oregon or call 503802-81 00. — Bulletin staff reports

Photos by Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Spencer Johnson performs during openmic night at Crow’s Feet Commons onThursday. The Crow’s Feet began hostingopen mics amonthago.


Freewheelingcamaraderie in NewYork's Central Park By Tina Susman

ends on a stretch of pavement

Los Angeles Times

with the unfortunate name

State of Mind," and the skat-

NEW YORK — The first

of Dead Road. This is where

ing began, slowly at first and

time he entered the ring, he

building into a crescendo as the

was intimidated.

members of Central Park Dance Skaters Association, a

Everyone inside was so agile, sashaying like artistes

youp whose common link is a love of dance-skating, gather to

on wheels while dance music

show off their footwork without

blared and passers-by stared at the spectade in the heart of

worrying about cars, dawdling pedestrians, bicydes, dogs,

Central Park.

lamppost orthe crowds that

He slid his slender frame past the metal barriers. Then, he pushed off with one foot and

began rolling. That was five years ago, and Takashi Yoshizaki can still be

found Saturday afternoons in the ring, where a hidden treasure comes to life most week-

jam the city's skating rinks. "We' re here to enjoy life and not put up with a lot of aggravation," the nonprofit associa-

The DJ cranked up "Empire

afternoon wore on and more skaters arrived. A muscular man wearing dark glasses and purple harem pants balanced a large bottle of liquid on his head and did leisurely spins around the cirde, as if in a trance. A sinewy man in black shorts performed

a slow, smooth arabesque, then broke into fast-moving dance

tion's president, Bob Nichols,

steps. A nimble woman dart-

announced through a microphone as he opened a Saturday

ed, dipped, swayed and spun, flitting through the crowd like

skate session recently. "The

Tinker Bell.

business plan is having fun."

tfILWa rII gg IIIllbl

SeeSkaters /D2

Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

Coco Monroe, 16, left, learns some dance moves from one of the longtime skaters in New York Central Park, where one street is

designated for skaters on theweekends.



Parents' ceremonyservesup elements of'MorehouseGospel' By Samuel G. Freedman

them a flight the next morning.

essay, "characterized by a pro-

New York Times News Service

So there they stood on the phetic-mystical vision, a focus chapel plaza — Caldwell, a on racial justice and a commitous 364 days, the carved wood- manager fora payroll com- ment to nonviolent love." en chest rested unobtrusively pany, and Williams, a caterIn one central point of the atop a bookshelf in a dean' s er — writing out their visions ceremony, with nearly all of the office at Morehouse College. for their son Konnor. To feel a chapel's 2,500 seats filled, the Then, on a recent Wednesday sense of brotherhood. To have Rev. Winford Kennadean Rice afternoon, the dean, Lawrence a spiriof t service.To become a Jr., a 2014 graduate attending Carter Sr., reclaimed the vessel whole person. Then, the couple Harvard Divinity School, led for its annual duty as the repos- moved toward their seats as the parentsand the freshmen itory of Morehouse's hope and three African drummers led in reciprocal pledges. The parhistory. the freshmen in white shirts ents affirmed their love and acThe coffer i s f o r mally and crimson ties past the Thur- knowledged the importance of known as the Thurman Chest, man crypt. letting go; the students thanked "It was one thing to be told the elders for their support so named because one of Morehouse's most illustrious gradu- about it, another to experience and vowed to honor the family ates, African-American theolo- firsthand," Williams, 50, said name. gian and civil rights advocate later. "I felt like I was walking In the course ofa sermon Howard Thurman, bought it in into the past, into an ancestor that induded the promises, India in 1936. vibe. I' ve had a wonderful life Rice invoked words from the In 1981, after Thurman's as a woman, but this was the more mystical side of Thurdeath and cremation, his wid- first time I'd ever been jealous man: "Do not ask what the ow, Sue, placed his ashes in of one of my sons." world needs, ask what makes the chest. When she died in I n the annals of A f r i - you come alive, and go do it; for 1996, both their remains were can-American history, and what the world needs is people interred in a monument outside specifically o f hi s torically who have come alive." the campus chapel here. black colleges and universiThen, with the chapel cerThe chest, with its evocative ties, there is indeed a proper emony finished, the students image of boatmen navigating noun known as the Morehouse assembled outside to sing the between two shores, then took M an. These men have includ- Morehouse alma mater. Before on another purpose, as the ed not only Thurman and the that, two representative parcenterpiece of Morehouse's Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., ents, Corliss and Michael DavParents' Parting C eremony. but also Julian Bond, who died enport, carried the Thurman By thetime evening descended on Aug. 15; director Spike Lee; Chest, filled with its words of on Aug. 12, the chest had been civil rights lawyer James Mad- hope, into the memorial crypt, ATLANTA — For the previ-

opened and placed at the en-

ison Nabrit Jr.; and innumera-

trance to the chapel as the par- ble politicians, scholars, scienentsofMorehouse's679 fresh- tists, ministers and executives. men entered to take their seats. With the fall of legal segreFathers, mothers and cou- gation and the emerging ethos ples paused at the chest and of diversity, however, Moredropped in a card or two, on house has faced the challenge which they had penned their of supplying meaning and purhopes for their sons at this all- pose to young black men who male school. Greg Olaniran can choose any college in the

where it would be kept over-

night. Just outside the crypt, the pavement was etched with

some of Thurman's words: "Morehouse, do notm ake God repent for having created you." The next morning, the parents' cards were sealed in another box, to be held intact until May 19, 2019, commencement

Skaters Continued from 01 Some skaters moved as

couples, floating elegantly while intertwined like ballroom dancers. Others,

like Yoshizaki, zigzagged through the slower skaters, sometimes spinning around to skate backward or hopping from one foot to the other as they showed

ing its 20th year, but it has

grinsand thegracethatcomes to let it all go." from gliding in time to dance The ring is open to anyone

Graham, Bob Fosse and other luminaries and performed

sphere, but that belies the ef-

to put the barricades in at places like Metropolis in place, set up the DJ equip- the 1980s, with its hardwood ment, and give skaters their floors and pumping music. "It weekly fix. was like this magical place. "It's one of the most diPeople who went there will tell verse things you' ll find in you it was the greatest time of

helmet, a state law for skate rs 14-and-under. Then h e

been a bittersweet anniversary. Earlier this summer,

Lezly Ziering, who led the fight for the right to skate in Central Park, died at 82.

He and Nichols co-founded the group in 1995, after battling obstacles to have the

spacesetasidefortheskate circle. Now, from mid-April to mid-October, volunteers arrive weekend afternoons

fort that goes into keeping the internationally, sharing stag- circle going. Nichols depends es with Gene Kelly, among on volunteers to drag the metothers. al barriers into place and to But Ziering's greatest gift, make sure the sound system friends say, was his effort to is ready for the 2:45 p.m. start. keep roller skating alive in There are strict rules to preNew York City as the disco era vent falls and collisions. "How old are you?" Nichfaded and venerable skating venues closed. ols asked one boy who was Robin Ostrow, a TV make- speeding past the others. up artist, remembered skating He made the boy put on a ordered him to slow down, noting that the circle is not intended for speed skaters.

Nichols admits to being

this city," Yoshizaki said. There are skaters in their

their lives," Ostrow said.

preteens and in their 80s. Some come dressedas if auditioning for "Saturday Night Fever" on wheels, with shiny tights, colorful makeup and elaborately coiffed hair. Others breeze past in T-shirts, baggy

said as skaters zipped around 80 members who pay annual her. "It's black, it's white, it' s dues of $25 or more. NonmemLatin. We h ave t hi s g r eat bers also donate, but money is camaraderie." tight. The association has no Lynna Davis, clad in shiny corporate sponsors, and that' s gold tights and a short green the way most members want dress, grew up in Detroit and to keep it. "What I would like to see is used to sneak out of her house at night to go roller skating. a new generation who could Her parents thought the rinks take over," said Nichols, who drew the wrong kind of crowd, is 68. but Davis thought otherwise, As he spoke, his eyes darted and she still does. to three young men wobbling "The good outweighs any- like newborn fawns on rented thing else," said Davis, a danc- skates as they navigated the er, echoing other skaters who circle. Nichols approached the said there are few pastimes trio and led them to a quiet that are as healthy and afcorner, where he gave them a fordable and that draw such personal skating lesson to boldiverse crowds. ster their confidence and keep "It'sthe sense of freedom them from falling. you get once you' re out there After about 20 minutes of — the passion," she added, instruction, the three rolled off spreading her arms wide as into the circle, still awkward the music blared. "You just get but no longer outsiders.

shorts and baseball caps.

They are slim, chubby, tall and short. There are lawyers, artists, business

executives, entrepreneurs

should not be afraid to be him- Ceremony, created in 1996, has men. The Thurman Chest went self. Yolanda Coronel wished answered the need with a mix back tosafekeeping atop Carthat her son, Sebastian, would of African music and dance, ter's bookshelf. Williams and fulfill his dreams. black Christian preaching and Caldwell caught their plane Aline Williams and her hus- specific homage to Thurman's back to Chicago. "As I reflected on it, what it band, Dereck Caldwell, had liberation theology. not expectedto be there.They The elements add up to what meant, it's as if Howard Thurhad an evening fl ight back the Rev. Peter Heltzel, a pro- man's spirit will cover and to Chicago. Or they did until fessor at New York Theologi- guide all these young men," she Morehouse's provost learned cal Seminary, has called "the said. "Mr. Thurman's spiritual they would have to miss the Morehouse Gospel" — a belief ashes will be released with anparting ritual, and paid to book system, as he put it in a recent other job well done."

and retirees. On the street, most might

country.The Parents'Parting

80s. Some come dressed as if auditioning for "Saturday Night Fever" on wheels, with shiny tights, colorful makeup and elaborately coiffed hair. Others breeze past in T-shirts, baggy shorts and baseball caps.

off dance steps. music. who wants to skate, or not. As the number of skaters Many, including Yoshizaki, S ome people cluster in t h e swelled, so did the number learned to dance-skate from center alongside the DJs, who of spectators, who watched Ziering, a ch o reographer volunteer their services. Oththe skaters go round and and performerwhose license ers dance without skates in a round as if hypnotized by plate read SK8GURU. A trib- designated area out of the path the sight. ute written by Nichols said of those on wheels. The association is mark- Ziering studied under Martha It is a freewheeling atmo-

day for these incoming fresh-

wrote that his son, Christian,

There are skaters in their preteens and in their

look like working stiffs w eighted down by t h e headaches of daily life in the big city. Once they pass through the metal barriers and put on t heir skates,

though, each one is transformed. Creaky k nees, tired eyes, paunches and frowns give way to broad

concerned about the future. "But this is even better," she The association has a bout

RELIGIQUs SERvIcEs St., Terrebonne; 541-325-6773 To submit service information or announcements for religious or www.lutheransonline.corn/ concordialutheranmission. organizations, email bulletin@ bendbulletin.corn or call 541-633- DISCOVERY CHRISTIANCHURCH: 2117.

SERVICES BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Danny Henderson; "Bless The Lord"; 10 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Wednesday 4Twelve Youth Group; 19831 RockIng Horse Road, Bend; 541-382-6006 or www. bendchristianfellowship.corn. BEND CHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE: Pastor Virgil Askren; "Faith Works — Suffering/ Comfort," based on James 5:7-12; 8 a.m. casual worship, 10:15 a.m. regular worship, Sunday; 9 a.m.

Minister Dave Drullinger; "Trouble Brewing," based on 1 Timothy 2:815; 10 a.m. Sunday; noon Thursday sacklunch Bible study;334 NW Newport Ave., Bend; 541-382-2272 or www.discoverychristianchurch. corn. EASTMONT CHURCH:Pastor John Magic; "Philippians: Enjoying Life' s Journey"; 8:30 a.m. (traditional hymn service) and 10 a.m.

(contemporary service) Sunday; 62425 Eagle Road, Bend; 541-3825822 or www.eastmontchurch.


Pastor David Poovey; (Hispanic service) Sunday;1270NE LCMS: 9:15 a.m. Bible study, 10:30 a.m. 27th St., Bend; 541-382-5496 or COMMUNITY BIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Guest speaker Marshall McBride; "Doorway to Reconciliation," based on 2 Corinthians 7:6-10; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver; 541-593-8341 or www.cbchurchsr. OI'g.

COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Pastor Rob Anderson; "Do You Have Room for Hope?" based on Romans 5:1-5; 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Sunday; 529 NW 19th St., Redmond; 541-548-3367 or www.


"BecauseGod's Vengeancefor Sin Is the Atonement for the Sins of All Men on the Cross, the Gospel Saves and Gives Life Eternal," based on Isaiah 35:4; 11 a.m. Sunday; 10 a.m. Sunday school; Terrebonne Grange Hall, 828611th

worship; 2175 SW Salmon Ave., Redmond; 541-548-1473. FATHER’S HOUSE CHURCH: Pastor Randy Wills; "How Did I Get Here?" first in the new series "Wise Up"; 10 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Wednesday youth group; 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend; 541-382-1632 or www. THE FELLOWSHIP ATBEND:Loren Anderson; "The Gospel According to Jacob," based on Genesis 28; 10 a.m. Sunday; 21530 Butler Market Road, Bend; 541-385-3100 or www. tfab.corn. FIRST PRESBYTERIANBEND: Steven Koski and Jenny Warner; "Celebrating Spacious Christianity"; 10 a.m. Sunday; communion service9 noon Wednesday; 230 NE Ninth St., Bend; 541-3824401 or FOUNDRYCHURCHOFBEND: Trevor Waybright; continuing the series "Faith and Finance"; 10:30

a.m. Sunday; 60 NW Oregon Ave., Bend; 541-382-3862 or www. GRACE BIBLECHURCHOFBEND: Pastor Phil Kooistra; "The Rich Young Ruler," based on Luke 18:18-30; 10 a.m. Sunday; 5:30 p.m. Sunday youth group; 63945 Old Bend Redmond Highway, Bend; 541-728-3897 or www. HOLY COMMUNION EVANGELICAL CATHOLIC CHURCHOFBEND:The Rev. James Radloff; Bible study,10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesdays, 587

NE GreenwoodAve.; 541-408-9021 or info© JOURNEYCHURCH: Pastor Keith Kirkpatrick; "Experience God"; 11 a.m. Sunday; Drake Park amphitheater, Bend; 541-647-2944

or www.journeyinbend.corn. MISSIONCHURCH BEND CAMPUS: Pastor Brent Hofen; "Road Trip — NavIgating Life With Joy, Part 8"; 5:30 p.m. today; 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; online at www. 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; 2221 NE Third St., Bend; 541-306-6209 or www. experiencethehighlife.corn. MOST SACRED HEART,ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL:Father Bernard; Traditional Catholic Latin Mass; 9 a.m.Sunday,confessions heard before Mass;1051 SW Helmholtz Way, Redmond; 541-548-641 6. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH ELCA:Pastor Chris Kramer; "Sundays After Pentecost," based on IsaIah 35:4-7, Psalm 146 and Mark 7:24-37; 9 a.m. informal worship, 11 a.m. formal worship Sunday; 9 a.m. Wednesday prayer group; 11 a.m. Wednesday Bible study; 60850 Brosterhous Road,

Bend; 541-388-0765 or www. nativityinbend.corn. NEWPORTAVENUECHURCHOF CHRIST:Dean Catlett; "Managing Our Relationships," based on Ephesians 4:1-2, 31-32, and 5:12; 10:45 a.m. Sunday worship; 6 p.m. Sunday devotional service; 6 p.m. Wednesday adult Bible study; 554 NW Newport Ave., Bend.; 541-388-4760 or www.

church ofchristbendoregon.corn. REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Mike Yunker; "Wandering: Israelites Offerings," based on Numbers 28-30; 8 a.m. traditional hymn service, 10 a.m. contemporary service with full children's ministry, Sunday; 11:30 picnic Sunday;7 p.m. Wednesday youth group; 2880 NE 27th St., Bend; 541-312-8844 or SAINT JACOBOFALASKA ORTHODOX CHRISTIANCHURCH: Reader services 10 a.m. Sunday; 1900 NE Division St., Bend; 541928-9240 or SHILOHRANCH COWBOY CHURCH: Pastor Jordan Weaver; "Broken Seeds, Bearing Fruit"; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Monday; 7 a.m. Thursday men's Bible study; 15669 SW Bussett Road, Powell Butte; 541410-2444 or www.shilohranch.corn. UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS OF CENTRAL OREGON:Lay leader Alice Elshoff; "Hiking With Antelope: Saving a Planet"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend; 541-385-3908 or WESTSIDE CHURCH:Pastor Ken Johnson; "Burn the Couch"; 6:30 p.m. today; 8 a.m., 9 a.m. and 10:45a.m. Sunday;We stside Church West Campus, 2051 NW

Shevlin Park Road, Bend; 541-3827504 or WESTSIDE SOUTHCAMPUS: Pastor Ken Johnson; "Burn the Couch"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE Third St., Bend. WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: Pastor Ken Johnson; "Burn the Couch"; 10:45 a.m. Sunday; WestsIde Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, SIsters. WESTSIDE ONLINECAMPUS: Pastor Ken Johnson; "Burn the Couch"; 6:30 p.m. today; 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; www. WESTSIDE RADIOCAMPUS: Caleb Brown; "Pick the Locks," final

message in theseries, "Mixtape";

8:30 a.m. Sunday; Heirborne radio show on KBND, AM1110. ZION LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Eric Burtness; "The Seven Secrets of Bible Women (and What Men Can Learn From Them)," part of the series, "Seven Secrets of a Meaningful Life"; 10 a.m. Sunday; 1113 SW Black Butte Blvd., Redmond; 541-923-7466 or www. zionrdm.corn.

EVENTS, MEETINGS Sept.11-12 INTRO TOCENTERING PRAYER: Two-day workshop on Centering Prayer, a method of prayerthat

emphasizesprayer aspersonal relationship with God. By takIng time to "Rest In God" each day, we prepare to receive the gift of God' s presence; 7 to 9:30 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. to noon Saturday; $30; scholarship available; fee includes

geless SUMMER 2015

o ’ .=



Ssoo S RO dip I

l e Wp I

s «co~a ~~



d l !A OO«

four enrichment sessions; First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE 9th St, Bend or 541-382-4401.

Sept.12 PACIFICGOSPEL MUSIC ASSOCIATION TOUR2015: Featuring The Knox Brothers, Bethel Mountain

Band, Cornerstone andmore;3 p.m.; $12;Redmond HighSchool Auditorium, 675 Rimrock Way, Redmond; or 541-923-3085.

Sept.15 CENTRAL OREGONBIBLESTUDY: Non-denominational community Bible study; begins with the book of Ruth and Esther, followed by the Gospel ofMark;meetsTuesdays Sept. 15 through April 19; 3:30 to 5 p.m.; Mountain View Fellowship, 1475 SW 35th, Redmond; 541-9236996 or 541-923-8791.

Sept. 20 WALKINGASACREDPATH: Workshop to explore the history of labyrinths and experience the ancient spiritual practice of walking a labyrinth. Led bySister Mary Jo Chaves, certified labyrinth facilitator; 12:30 to 4 p.m.; $10suggested donation; includes lunch; spaceIs limited; register by Sept. 12;Nativity Lutheran Church, 60850 Brosterhous Rd., Bend or 541-388-0765.

Sept. 22 COMMUNITYBIBLE STUDY: Tuesdays at915 a.m.; registration Is open now; study of1 and 2Corinthians; open to all; $35; meets atthe Foundry Church,60NWOregon, Bend;541390-4093 or www.bend.cbsclass. Org.


d l L%0 l I, N I



(;LAssl~ HIHlwllNCI% g = COVRNtlCS 4 c/’



The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since 1903


CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974



o Sunday Worship 9:00 am 8 10:45 am


You Are The Most Importaift Part of Our Services

Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucianism

Star F Crescent Islam

Do we have your Fall schedule? REDMOND ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1865 W Antler Redmond 541-548-4555 SUNDAYS

MorningWorship8:30am 8 10:30am Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7 PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery W ednesdayNITE Live Kids Youth Group Pastor Duane Pippitt www.redmondag.corn


We invite you to join us this weekend! Come as you are, and bring the whole family. Experience loving, life-changing community. Leam more about who Jesus is, and the life that he offers to each of us. We havetwo venues thatmeet on Sunday offering distinct music styles. mornings,

Traditional Hymn Service - 8:30am Senior Adult Classes - 10:00 am Upper Campus Contemporary Service - 10:00am Children's Ministry from Nursery-5th Grade Lower Campus Look fonvard to seeing you this Sunday! 62425 Eagle Road 541-382-5822

www.eastmontchurch.corn Lovingly helping peopleeverywhere becomefully

devotedfollowersof Jesus FIRST MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 21129 Reed Market Rd. Bend, OR 97702 541-382-6081

Thomas L. Counts, Pastor

Bus available for Sundays WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

(Nursery available) SUNDAY Sunday School - 9:45am

(Bible Classes for all ages) Prayer Time - 10:40am Worship - 10:50am Evening Bible study - 6:00pm Evening Worship - 7:00pm WEDNESDAY Ladies Bible Study - 10:00am

Bible Study and Prayer - 7;00pm FOUNDRYCHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) t A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon Ave, 541-382-3862 Pastor Trevor Waybright

SundaySchool classes are at9:00am and our Worship Service at 10:15 am This Sunday at Foundry Church, Trevor Wagbright will continue in the series on "Faith and Finances". For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities, Call 541-382-3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH

HOLY COMMUNION CHURCH "In the Evangelical Catholic Tradition"Father Jim Radloff Father Mark Hebert

Join us September 6 for a very special occasion! The Most Reverend James Wilkowski, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Catholic Church, will visit Holy Communion Church to celebrate the Incardination of Father Jim Radloff at 9am Mass All areWelcome! BIBLE STUDY

Resumes September 2 Wednesdays Morning Study: 10-11:30 am Evening Study: 7-8:30 pm at the church office 587 NE Greenwood - Bend (Across from Croutons) BOOK GROUP

2nd Tuesday of each month Next Session — September 8 "Falling Upward" by Richard Rohr Contact for more information


9:30-11:00 am Touchmark River Lodge Evening Session 6:30-8:00 pm Deschutes County Library Contact us (541) 408-9021


9:00 am Family Oriented Service 5:00 pm Young Adult, Youth 8 Family Oriented Service Bend Senior Center 1600 SE Reed Market Road Weekday Masses begin September 14 In our new Chapel in the Church ONce

Weekday Massesbegin September 14 In our new Chapel in the Church ONce Monday at 7:00 am with Fr Mark Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at noon with Fr Jim

Special RagamufBn Mass at Fr Mark's Thursday 6:00 pm Please call the oNce for details


Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish ONce: 541-536-3571 HOLY REDEEMER ROMAN CATHOLIC, LA PINE 16137 Burgess Rd

Tuesday Mass 6 pm, Wednesdayand Friday Mass 9:00am Sunday Mass - 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays -3:00 -4:00pm

Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Sat. Vigil Mass 5;30 pm Sunday Mass 8:00 am OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS ROMAN CATHOLIC, GILCHRIST

120 Mississippi Drive Sunday Mass - 12:30 pm HOI Y FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC, NEAR CHRISTMAS VALLEY 57255 Fort Rock Road

Sunday Mass - 3:30 pm "We are a church family, centered on the Eucharist, living and sharing our faith and God-given talents and gifts."

541-548-4161 hbcred


Lead Pastor Dr. Barry Campbell Worship Saturday 7 PM. Worship Sunday 8, 9:30 F 11 AM.

Rev. Julian Cassar Pastor Rev, Joseph K. Thalisery 541-382-3631 NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street MASSES Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday - 7:30 am 8 10:00 AM

Domingo 12;30 -Misa en Espanol Family Night Wednesdays Sept. 16 — Nov. 18, 2015 5-5:45 PM. Dinner

6-7:30 PM.Small group studies for all ages Babies through adult Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays, 6:30 PM.

CHURCH & SYNAGOGUE DIRECTORY LISTING Effective May 1, 2015 4 Saturdays and TMC: $ 125 5 SaturdayS and TMC: $150

The Bulletin: Every Saturday On the church page. $25 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of each month. $25 Copy Changes: by Monday I week prior to publication Call Pat Lynch 541-383-0396 plynch@bendbulletin.corn


10:30 Contemporary Service Worship Center 10:30 Traditional Service Historic Chapel Nursery 8 Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair and Trey Hinkle 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541-548-3066 www.powellbuttechurch.corn

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST,SCIENTIST 1551 NW First St. 541-382-6100 (South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm

Childcare provided. Reading Room: 1563 NW First St. Tues. through Fri.: 11 am - 4 pm Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm

Reconciliation Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM HISTORIC DOWNTOWN CHURCH Comer of Franklin and Lava MASSES

Saturday 8:00 am Sunday 4:30 pm M onday Fr -iday 7:00 am F 12:15 pm Exposition F Benediction Monday-Friday after 7:00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM

Tuesday (Family Holy Hour) 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Reconciliation Tuesday 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Saturday 8:30 - 9:30 AM ST.THOMAS ROMAN CATHOLICCHURCH 1720 NW 19th Street

Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390 Father Todd Unger, Pastor M ~S h

Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English) 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessions on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

Visit for service times and locations, or call 541-382-7504. September 5-6, 2015 at Westside Church WEST CAMPUS

Pastor Ken Johnson will share a message titled "Burn the Couch" at 6:30pm on Saturday and at 8, 9 and 10:45am Sunday at Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend.

September 6, 2015 at Westside Church SOUTH CAMPUS Pastor Ken Johnson will share a message titled "Burn the Couch" at 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE 3rd St.,


September 6, 2015 at Westside Church SISTERS CAMPUS Pastor Ken Johnson will share a message titled "Bum the Couch" at 10:45am on Sunday at the Westside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters.

Open briefly after Sunday Service September 5-6, 2015 at Westside Church ONLINE CAMPUS Join us at our online campus where Experience the Pastor Ken Johnson will share a Lightand Sound of God message titled "Burn the Couch" at "Learn to go inside yourself, because this is 6:30pm Saturday and 9 and 10:45am on the source of all truth. There are a lot Sunday at

of holy temples out here, but the most sacred of all is the temple inside you, because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God" Harold Klemp "Spiritual Experiences Guidebook" You' re invited to the following events

September 6, 2015 Westside Church ON THE RADIO

Caleb Brown will share the final message in the Mixtape series, titled "Pick the Locks" on the Heirbome radio show at 8:30am Sunday morning on KBND - AM 1110


2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862 Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Education Hour 10:45 a.m. Women's Bible Study "Men of the Bible" Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Men's Bible Study "Reformation Roots" Wednesday 8:00 a.m. Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH ELCA

Worship in the Heart of Redmond Sunday Worship Services at 10:00 am

Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant inclusive community A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee, snacks and fellowship after each service M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am WednesdayBible Study atnoon 3rd Thursday Women' s Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rdTuesday Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

Worship Service " The Connecting Power of Love" Sunday, September 13 I:30pm-3:30pm OSU Cascades Building 2600 College Way


(Jewish Community of Central Oregon) A Warm, Joyful, and Welcoming Community Serving Central Oregon for 25 years. We Welcome Newcomers, Interfaith Families and Jews by Choice Participation Encouraged For information, call 541-385-6421 Please Visit: www.jccobend.corn

PRINEVILLE: All events at 175 NW Meadow Lakes Dr. 'Spiritual Discussion' "Transforming Your Life with Rabbi Jay Shupackthe Light and Sound of God" Bend's First Resident Rabbi Wednesday, Sept. 23, 6:30-7:30pm Rebbitzin - Judy Shupack 'Community HU Song' Thurs. Oct. 29, 6:30-7:30pm Services: Torah Study Every Saturday * Spiritual Discussion* Morning at 10 AM, unless otherwise noted Soul Travel: A Tool for Everyday Miracles" Saturday, September 5th, 10AM Shabbat Thurs. Nov. 19, 6:30-7:30pm Morning Service, Bar Mitzvah Harrison Lowy REDMOND: Community HU Song / Spiritual Discussion Sat. Oct.10, 2-3:30 Redmond Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave.

Coming in 2016: an Oregon Regional Seminar "How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times" With guest speaker Rodney lones, Eckankar Clergy, Jazz guitarist from New York City

Sunday, September 13th Rosh Hashanah Evening Service 7PM

Monday, September 14th Rosh Hashanah Day Service 10AM, Children's Service I (AM Tuesday, September 22nd Yom KippurKol Nidre 6:30 Sharp! Wednesday, September 23rd Yom Kippur Day Service 10AM, Children's Service I (AM Wednesday, September 23rd Yom Kippur Ne'flah Service 6:45PM followed by Break-the-Fast

For more information 541-728-6476

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH We are a community ofCfiristiaxs sgo welcome

diversity ixtheologyasd world view.

All Services held at our Dedicated Synagogue Building 21555 Modoc Lane (Corner of Ward and Modoc in Bend) unless othenvise noted.

Our monthly activities include: Services, religious education for children and adults, Hebrew school, Torah study, social action projects and social activities

Sunday Services: 8am and 10:15am Sunday Adult Forum: 9:15am Childcare available both services


Potluck Suppers, Centering Prayer, Outreach, Music, Book Discussions, "Spirit" ed Conversations, Justice and Eco-Justice Activities, Women's Group and more... www.facebook.corn/MnltyBend mlnlstry@tr( 541-382-5542 469 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97701

THK SALVATION ARMY 541 NE DeKalb Ave. 541-389-8888 Ext. 200

Sunday Worship: Sunday School at 10:00 AM Worship Service at 11:00 AM For Botfi Children andAdults Weekly Programs: Tuesday Youth Night at 5:00 PM Wednesday Women's Group at 9:30 AM ThursdayMen'sGroup at2:00 PM For more Information: www.facebook.corn/ TheSalvationArmyCentralOregon Pastors Lts. Jeremy and Violet Aird


7:00 pm: Erev Rosh Hashanah Service Monday, September 14 10:00 am: Rosh Hashanah Service 3:00 pm: Family Fun in Pioneer Park 4:00 pm: Pash)ich Ceremony & Picnic. Reservations required. Tuesday, September 22 7:00 pm: Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur

Wednesday, September 23 10:00 am: Yom Kippur M orningService I:30 pm: Family Jonah Service

3:00pm: Afternoon Service 4:30 pm: Memorial/Yizkor Service 5;15 pm; Neilah Service 6:00 pm: Break-The-Fast Dinner: Reservations required Every Monday 12:00 - I:00 pm - Weekly Torah Study Call for information and location

Registration beginning now for Sunday school and Hebrew School For the complete schedule of Services and Events go to; Unless otherwise noted, all services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541-388-8826

Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church! Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am, Pastor Randy Myers

› -



(3/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367 Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor 9:00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children F Youth Sunday School 9:30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship Fellowship following both services. Youth Group: 10:30am Sunday for Middle and High School Youth Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service Small Groups Meet Regularly (Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

Rhythms of Grace Celebrate Spacious Christianity Leading worship is Steven Koski, Jenny

Est. 1994 We provide a congregational setting for Jews and Christians alike. If you' re interested in learnintg he Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at: Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd., Bend, OR 97701 Our Shabbat Services are on Saturdaymornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include: Davidic dance and worship Children's ministry and nursery Hebrew classes Home groups Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) Biblical Feasts Lifecycle Events End-times prophecy Visit us on the web at or contact us at 541-385-5439 LIVING TORAH FELLOWSHIP

At La Roca Church 1155 SW Division, ¹Dg, Bend Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 pm Worship/Dance - Study - Food/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshiping in Spirit and Truth 541-410-5337 Children Welcome www.livingtorahfellowship.corn


(In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW BondStreetBend, OR Everyone is Welcome! Rev Dave Beckett Sermon: "Speaking the Truth at Work" On this Labor Day weekend we will consider the workplace. Is it hard to practice your faith at work? Can you speak the truth in your work environment? Scripture: Jeremiah I:4-10 9:00am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9am service 11:00am - Traditional Service Childcare provided "During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music & Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Dave Beckett

BEND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 Street 541-382-5496

Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service Nursery Care & Children's Church ages 4 years - 4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday WEDNESDAY

6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study


Warner SMorgan Schmidt Sunday, September 6 ® 10:00am CoffeeS connecting at9:30am Nursery care provided for all services Sunday School offered for morning services End Of Summer Celebration Sunday, September 6, 11:00am-12:30pm, First Presbyterian. Community BBQ celebrating a beautiful Central Oregon summer and the generous community that is First Presbyterian. We' ll take care of all the fixings for burgers, hotdogs and veggies burgers as well as drinks.

Please bring a dessert to share if you choose. Fall Worship Sermon Series S Schedule Begins September 13 Sermon Series: Finding Life's Answers In God's Questions 9;00am contemporary service, Sanctuary 10:45am traditional service, Sanctuary 6:00-7:00pm TAP, Heritage Hall Labyrinth Moonset 8 Moonrise Walks Meet others at the labyrinth just below First Presbyterian's parking lot for a meditative walk. August29,6:15am, September 27,8:00pm, October 10 morning retreat 9:00am — noon and October 27, 8:00pm. Find more at

The Bend Area Challenge Created to help everyone in Bend save energy The BendEnergyChallenge also enables our community to enter a nationwide energy-saving competition with a $5 million prize.

Sign up at


MISSION (LCMS) The missionoj the Church isto forgivesiss through the Gospelandthereby grant eternal life. St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession XXVIII.8, 10

10 am Sunday School 11 am Divine Service The Rev. Willis C. fenson, Pastor 8286 11th Street (Grange Hall) Terrebonne, OR

www.lutheransonline.corn/ concordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773

230 NE Ninth Street, Bend, 541.382.4401 www.facebook.corn/bendfp Youth Events: www.facebook.corn/ bendyouthcollectivePresbyterian


"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation Sunday, September 6 at10:30am "Hiking with Antelope: Saving a Planet"Alice Elshoff, Lay Leader Three women trek from the Sheldon Antelope Refugein Nevada and end up at the Hart Mountain Refuge in Oregon, coming home with insights into the adaptations of nature, reflections

on why they took this journey,and

brimming with inspiration on how we all can exercise our citizenship for the betterment of the planet. The presentation will highlight poetry and photos of the desert, speaking to the 7th Principle of Unitarian Universalism that affirms our respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

Religious Exploration This week in Religious Exploration we will have our monthly ingathering. We' ll talk about transitioning back to school and what is both exciting and unnerving about that. Meeting place: 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend 97701 Mail P.O. Box 428, Bend OR 97709 (541) 385-3908


10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY

Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. .


20080 Pinebrook Blvd. 541-389-3436

Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241



isa member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by choice.

Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

Youth Events: www.facebook.corn/BendYouthCollective

This Summer at CLC Summer Sundays Schedule 9:30 AM in the Amphitheater W ednesdayMid-week Services 7 PM Nursery Care and Children's programs provided for all services


The Rev. Jed Holdorph II, Rector

Wednesday Noon Eucharist (in the Trinity chapel — please use St. Helens St, entrance)

"DIY Psalm 127: I Do It Yourself...How's that working"

230 NE Ninth, Bend (Across Ninth Street from Bend High) Embodying Spacious Christianity

April 15-17, 2016 University Place Hotel Near the Portland State University Campus Portland, Oregon

CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness www.zionrdm.corn

Messianic Synagogue BEND:


3100 SWHighland Ave.,•Redmond

Sunday small groups, all ages 9:30F 11 A.M. Children's Worship, preschool thru 5th grade 11 A.M.

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor

WESTSIDE CHURCH Westside Church invites you to join us at any of our weekend services. No matter what your expectations are, we hope your time spent with us brings you a little closer to understanding, knowing and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. In our opinion, that's what really matters.

Tumafo Cozwxttzznlty Church 64671 Bruce Avenue, Bend OR 97703 Sunday service at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 6: Guest Speaker, Pastor Stan Peterson Join us for our community Potluck, September 13 at noon after services at the Tumalo Community Fellowship Hall next to the church.

Men's Fellowship Breakfast every Tuesday, 7 a.m. at the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome! ONce: 541-383-1845 www.tumalocommunitychurch.corn tumalocommunitychurchL agmafl.corn

All Peoples United Church of Christ Diversespiritual journeys welcomed. Everyoneisseeking to fo llow Christ.W e are united in caringfor commn uity...our own and all neighbors near and far. MakeAPUCC your new churchhome. All Peoples meets on the first and third Sundays of each month. Sept. 6th, find us at 11 a.m. in the Juniper Room at Redmond's St. Charles Hospital, 1253 NW Canal Blvd. Use the Kingwood entrance. Bible Bookworms adult study and discussion group meets at 10 a.m. On Sept. 20th, join us for the annual worship/potluck/picnic at 11 a.m. at 1824 NW Kesley Ln. in Terrebonne.

Bible Bookworms — adult study and discussion will NOT meet on the 20th.

For details and possible help with car-pooling, email: allpeoplesucc@gmail.corn Leam more about us at website:



VOLUNTEER SEARCH The organizations listed are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. Changes, additions or deletions should beemailed to volunteer@bendbulletin.corn or call 541-383-0350.

CHILDREN'SVISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLE OFFRIENDS: Beth, beth© acircleoffriendsoregon.corn or 541-588-6445. DESCHUTESCOUNTYSHERIFF’S OFFICE— CENTRAL OREGON SENIORS PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPY© ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION: or 541-388-6651. 800-272-3900. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS ASPEN RIDGEALZHEIMER' S PROGRAM:Steve Guzanskis, ASSISTEDLIVINGAND 541-678-5483. RETIREMENT COMMUNITY: GIRL SCOUTS:541-389-8146. 541-385-8500. GIRLSON THE RUN OF DESCHUTES BEND SENIORCENTER:Kim, COUNTY:www.deschutescountygotr. 54 I-706-6 I 27. org or CASCADEVIEW NURSING AND GRANDMA’SHOUSE:541-383-3515. ALZHEIMER’SCARECENTER: HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:ww w.myhb. 541-382-7161. org or 541-383-6357. CENTRAL OREGONCOUNCILON HIGH DESERTTEENS AGINGAND MEALS ON WHEELS: VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: www. or or 541-678-5483. 541-382-4757. LA PINESENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER: IEP PARTNERS:Carmelle Campbell Karen Ward, 541-536-6237. at the Oregon Parent Training and LA PINE SENIOR CENTER: Denise, Information Center, 888-505-2673. 54 I-848-9075. J BAR JLEARNINGCENTER: LONG-TERMCARE OMBUDSMAN Lachlan Leaver, lleaver© or PROGRAM:Nancy Allen, 541-389-1409. 541-312-2488. JUNIORACHIEVEMENT:www. PILOTBUTTE REHABILITATION or Liz Lotochinski, 541CENTER:541-382-5531. 678-2256, llotochinski© PRINEVILLESOROPTIMIST SENIOR JUNIPERSWIM B FITNESS CENTER: CENTER:Melody, 541-447-6844. Kim, 541-706-6127. REDMOND SENIORCENTER: Sharon, KIDS CENTER:Charissa Miller, 54 I-548-6325. or TOUCHMARK ATMT. BACHELOR 541-383-5958. VILLAGE: 541-383-1414. LA PINEHIGHSCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, VOLUNTEERSINACTION: 541-355-8501. 541-548-7018. MEADOWLARK INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM: Teal Buehler, CHILDREN, YOUTH 541-617-9576. MOUNTAINSTAR FAMILY RELIEF AND EDUCATION NURSERY:541-322-6820. SERVICES NEIGHBORIMPACT:541-548-2380, ext. 115. ACTIONTHROUGH ADVOCACY: 54 I -385-4741. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY SERVICE: 541ADULTBASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT EXTENSION 548-6088, 541-447-6228 or (COCC):Margie Gregory, mgregory© 541-475-3808. or 541-31 8-3788. AFS-USA: or Caitlin OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTER GARDENERVOLUNTEER Krutsinger, 503-419-9514. ALYCEHATCHCENTER: Andy Kizans, PROGRAM:http: //extension. or 54 I-383-1980. 541-548-6088. ASSE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT READ TOGETHER:541-388-7746. EXCHANGE PROGRAM: www. asse.corn or Wendy Larson, REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 541-480-0959. 541-923-4807. BEND PARKB RECREATION REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER:Zach DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNGLIFE: BIGBROTHERS BIGSISTERS OF 541-923-8530. CENTRALOREGON:541-3126047 (Bend), 541-447-3851, ext. SCHOOL-TO-CAREER 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 PARTNERSHIP:Kent Child, (Madras). 541-355-41 58. BOY SCOUTSOF AMERICA: Paul SMART (STARTMAKING A READER Abbott, paulabbott© or TODAY) or 54 I-382-4647. 541-355-5600. BOYS &GIRLS CLUBS OF BEND: TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES:, 541-617-2877 503-205-0194. ext.10. VIMA LUPWA HOMES:www. CAMP FIREUSA CENTRAL OREGON: or 541-420-9634. campfire@bendcable.corn or YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL 541-382-4682. OREGON:541-385-0470. CASA (COURT APPOINTED SPECIALADVOCATES): www. ANIMALS AND or 541-389-1618. ENVIRONMENT CENTRAL OREGONSHRINERS RUN FOR ACHILD:shrinersrunforachild© BEND SPAY8ENEUTER PROJECT: gmail.corn or 541-205-4484. 541-617-I010.

BRIGHTSIDEANIMAL CENTER: 541-923-0882 or volunteer© CAT RESCUE,ADOPTION 8(FOSTER TEAM (CRAFT), 541-389-8420 or541-598-5488. CENTRALOREGON NORDIC CLUB TRAILANDSHELTER MAINTENANCE: conordicclub© gmail.corn or CHIMPS, or 541-410-4122. DESCHUTESLANDTRUST: or 541-330-0017. DESCHUTESNATIONALFOREST: Jean Nelson-Dean, 541-383-5576. EAST CASCADES AUDUBON SOCIETY: or 541-241-2190. THE ENVIRONMENTALCENTER: or 541-385-6908. EQUINEOUTREACH HORSE RESCUE OF BEND: www.equineoutreach. corn, joan©equineoutreach.corn or 541-419-4842. FENCESFORFIDO: LaDonna, 503314-7105 or FRIENDSOFTHECENTRALCASCADES WILDERNESS: centralcascades. org, info©centralcascades.orgor 541-390-2400. HIGH DESERTMUSEUM: Shannon Campbell, scampbellco or 541-3824754 ext. 391. HUMANE SOCIETYOF CENTRAL OREGON: Jen, jennifer© or 541-382-3537. HUMANE SOCIETYOF THE OCHOCOS: 541-447-7178. JUNIPERGROUP SIERRA CLUB: 541-389-9115. MUSTANGSTOTHERESCUE: or 541-330-8943. PACIFICCREST TRAIL ANGELS: Brian Douglass, bdouglass2014© or 541-213-8510. PRINEVILLE districts/prineville/recreation/host. php or 541-416-6700. STEWARDSHIPFOR SUSTAINABLE BAGGING: Lexa McAllister, Imcallister© or 541-914-6676. SUNRIVERNATURECENTER B OBSERVATORY: 541-593-4442. VOLUNTEERCAMPGROUND HOST POSITIONS: TomMottl, 541-416-6859.

HEALTH AMERICAN CANCERSOCIETY: Charlie Johnson, 541-434-3114. AMERICANCANCER SOCIETY'S RELAYFORLIFE: Lauren Olander, or 541-728-4378. AMERICANRED CROSS: MaryTyler, 541-749-4111. THE BLOOMPROJECT:LizTaylor, or 541-480-6312. HEART 'NHOME HOSPICE B PALLIATIVECARE:www.gohospice. corn or 541-508-4036. HOSPICEOF REDMONDSISTERS:www.redmondhospice. org or Volunteer Coordinator at

541-548-7483. MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL:JoDee Tittle, 541-475-3882, ext. 5097. MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL HOSPICE:541-460-4030 or Tori Schultz, or 541475-3882, ext. 5327. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS— CENTRAL OREGON: Eileen White, namicentraloregon© gmail.corn. PARTNERS IN CARE:www. or Jason Medina, or 541-382-5882. RONALD MCDONALDHOUSE:Teresa Braun, 541-318-4950. ST. CHARLESIN BENDAND ST. CHARLESINREDMOND: 541-706-6354. VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE:Kristi, 541-585-9008.

ARTS, MUSIC, CULTURE AND HERITAGE 88.9KPOV, BEND'SCOMMUNITY RADIO or 541-322-0863. ART COMMITTEEOF THE REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY: Linda Barker, 541-312-1064. ARTS CENTRAL STATION: 541-617-1317. CASCADESTHEATRICAL COMPANY: 541-389-0803. CENTRALOREGON SYMPHONY ASSOCIATION: Julie, 541-383-7779. DES CHUTESHISTORICAL MUSEUM:541-389-1813, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. DESCHUTESPUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM:541-312-1039. FRIENDS OFTHE BEND LIBRARIES: or Meredith Shadrach at 541-617-7047. HIGHDESERT CHAMBER MUSIC: www.highdesertchambermusic. corn or Isabelle Senger at info© highdesertchambermusic.corn or 541-306-3988. HIGHDESERT MUSEUM: 541-382-4754. LA PINEPUBLICLIBRARY: Cindylu, 541-317-1097. LATINOCOMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Brad, 541-382-4366. OREGON PARTNERSOF AMERICA: or Ruby Price, 503-580-9445 or LeeHaroun, 541-598-7785. REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY:541-312-1060. REDMONDINTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE:Barb, bonitodia@msn. corn or 541-447-0732. TOWER THEATREFOUNDATION: 541-317-0700.

HUMAN SERVICES or 541-388-8103, ext. 217. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL:Philip Randall, 541-388-1793. ASSISTANCE LEAGUEOFBEND: 541-389-2075. BEND'SCOMMUNITY CENTER: volunteer©bendscommunitycenter. olg.

BEND FOOD PROJECT: www. bendfoodproject.corn or Sueand Larry Marceaux, 541-383-3112. BETHLEHEM INN:www. or 541-322-8768. BRIDGINGGAPS: bendbridginggaps©gmail.corn or 541-314-4277. CASCADES EASTRIDECENTER: Erik Maiorano, emaiorano© CENTERFOR COMPASSIONATE LIVING (PREVIOUSLYPEACE CENTER OFCENTRAL OREGON): or Beth Hansen, 541-923-6677. CENTRALOREGONVETERANS OUTREACH:©gmail.corn or 54 I-383-2793. DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN SERVICES/VOLUNTEERSERVICES: Therese Helton, Therese.M.Helton@ state, or 541-693-8988. DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN SERVICES/VOLUNTEERSERVICES CROOK COUNTY:Valerie Dean, 541447-3851, ext. 427. DISABLEDAMERICANVETERANS (DAV):Don Lang, 541-6471002. FAMILYKITCHEN:Cindy Tidball, cindyt©bendcable.corn or 541-61 0-6511. FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER: 54 I-389-5468. HEALINGREINS THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER:www.healingreins. org or Carly Wilson, 541-382-9410. HUMAN DIGNITYCOALITION: 541-385-3320. HUNGER PREVENTIONCOALITION: Robin, 541-408-1978. LA PINECOMMUNITY KITCHEN: 54 I-536-l3 l2. NEIGHBORIMPACT: chrisq@ or 541-548-2380, ext.106. PEACEBRIDGES, INC., BEND: or John Schwechten at 541-383-2646. PFLAG CENTRALOREGON: or 541-317-2334. SAVINGGRACE:541-382-9227 or 541-504-2550. SOROPTIMISTINTERNATIONAL OF, president@ or 503-519-5051. ST. VINCENTDEPAUL SOCIAL SERVICES:541-389-6643.



GOVERNMENT, CITY AND COMMUNITY THE CITI ZEN REVIEW BOARD: crb. volunteer. resources©ojd.state. or 1-800-551-8510 ext. 64535. CITY OFBEND:VolunteerNow@ ci.bend. or 541-388-5579. DESCHUTESCOUNTYPLANNING COMMISSION:Nick Lelack, 541-3851708 or planning-commission. DESCHUTESCOUNTY VICTIMS' ASSISTANCEPROGRAM: Diane Stecher, 541-317-3186 or 541-388-6525. DESCHUTESRIVER WOODS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: or Barbara at info© or 541-382-0561. JEFFERSONCOUNTY CRIME VICTIMS' ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Tina Farrester, 541-475-4452, ext. 4108. JEFFERSONCOUNTY VOLUNTEER SERVICES:Therese Helton, 541-4756131, ext. 208. LA PINERURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT:Volunteer Coordinator, 541-536-2935. ORCHARDDISTRICT NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: www.orcharddistrictneighborhood. corn. SCORE:Bruce Michalski, www. or 541-31 6-0662. SUNRIVERAREACHAMBEROF COMMERCE: 541-593-8149. VISIT BEND: www.visitbend.corn or 541-382-8048. VOLUNTEER CONNECT:www. or 541-385-8977.

MISCELLANY CENTRALOREGON LOCAVORE: Niki, 541-633-0674 or info© HIGHDESERT SPECIAL OLYMPICS: 541-749-6517. THE KILNSBOOKSTORE B BOUTIQUE:www.thekilns.corn or Jen Lewis at 541-771-8794. OREGON ADAPTIVESPORTS:, info© or 541-306-4774. SACRED ARTOF LIVING CENTER: 541-383-4 I79.

SUPPORT GROUPS The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to communitylife©bendbulletin.corn. ABILITREEPEER GROUP FOR PERSONSAFFECTEDBYA DISABILITY:541-388-8103. ABILITREEYOUNG PEER GROUP: 541-388-8103 ext. 219. ABILITREEBRAIN INJURY SUPPORT GROUP:541-388-8103. ADHD ADULT SUPPORTGROUP: 54 I-420-3023. ADOPTIVE PARENTSUPPORT GROUP:541-389-5446. ADULT CHILDRENOF ALCOHOLICS: 541-633-8189. AGE WIDEOPEN (ADULT CHILDREN SUPPORTGROUP):541-410-4162 or www.agewideopen.corn. AIDSEDUCATION FOR PREVENTION, TREATMENT, COMMUNITYRESOURCES AND SUPPORT(DESCHUTES COUNTYHEALTHDEPARTMENT): 54 I-322-7402. AIDSHOT LINE:800-342-AIDS. AL-ANON: 541-728-3707 or www. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: 541548-0440 or ALS SUPPORTGROUP: 541-977-7502. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION: 541-548-7074. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 54 I-330-6400. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUPASPEN RIDGE: 800-272-3900. ALZHEIMER' S/DEMENTIA CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 54 I-948-72 I4. BEND ATTACHMENT PARENTING: 541-385-1787. BEND S-ANONFAMILY GROUP: 888-285-3742. BEND ZENMEDITATION GROUP: 541-382-6122 or 541-382-6651. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUPS: 541-382-5882. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUPS: St. Charles Hospice; 541-706-6700. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUP/ADULTSAND CHILDREN: 541-383-3910. BEYOND AFFAIRSNETWORK: A peer group for victims of infidelity, baninbend©yahoo.corn. BRAININJURY SUPPORT GROUP: 54 I -382-9451. CANCER FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP: 541-706-5864.


COMPASSIONATEFRIENDS (FOR THOSE GRIEVINGTHE LOSS OF A CHILD):541-480-0667 or 541-536-1 709. CREATIVITYB WELLNESS — MOOD GROUP:541-647-0865. CROOKEDRIVER RANCHADULT GRIEF SUPPORT: 541-548-7483. DEFEATCANCER: 541-706-2969. DEFEATCANCER YOUNG ADULT SURVIVORNETWORK: 541-706-2969. DESCHUTESCOUNTYMENTAL HEALTH 24-HOURCRISISLINE: 541-322-7500. DEPRESSIONAND BIPOLAR SUPPORTALLIANCE:54I-549-9622 or 541-771-1620. DEPRESSIONAND BIPOLAR SUPPORT: 541-480-8269 or suemiller92@gmail.corn. DEPRESSIONSUPPORT GROUP: 541-617-0543. DIABETESEATFORLIFE!: 541-306-6801, www. centraloregonnutrition.corn or Ibrizee©centraloregonnutrition.corn. DIABETICSUPPORT GROUP: 541-598-4483. DISABILITYSUPPORT GROUP: 541-388-8103. DIVORCE CARE:541-410-4201. DOUBLETROUBLERECOVERY: Addiction and mental illness group; 541-317-0050. DYSTONIASUPPORT GROUP: 541-388-2577. ENCOPRESIS(SOILING): 541-5482814 or encopresis@gmail.corn. EVENINGBEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP:541-460-4030 FAITHBASED RECOVERY GROUP: Drug and alcohol addictions; pastordavid© FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER: 541-389-5468. GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS:Redmond 541-280-7249, Bend541-390-4365. GAMBLINGHOT LINE: 800-233-8479. GERIATRICCARE MANAGEMENT: info©paulbattle.corn or 1-877-867-1437. GLUCOSE CONTROLLOW GARB DIET SUPPORT GROUP:kjdnrcdco yahoo.corn or 541-504-0726. GLUTENINTOLERANCE GROUP (CELIAC):541-390-2399. GRANDMA’SHOUSE:Support for pregnant teensand teen moms; 541-383-3515. GRANDPARENTSSUPPORTGROUP: 541-385-4741. GRIEFSUPPORT GROUP: 541-3066633, 541-318-0384 or mullinski© bendbroadband.corn.


NAMI LAPINE CONNECTIONS: 541536-1151 or karless2003©yahoo. corn. NAMI MADRASCONNECTIONS: For peers, 541-475-1873 or namimadras©gmail.corn. NAMI MADRASFAMILY SUPPORT GROUP:lindamccoy79©gmail.corn. NAMI MADRASFAMILY-FAMILY SUPPORTGROUP:541-475-3299 or NAMI PRINEVILLEFAMILY SUPPORTGROUP:dawnmountzco gmail.corn NAMI REDMONDFAMILYSUPPORT GROUP:541-548-8637 or namicentraloregon@gmail.corn. NAMI REDMOND CONNECTIONS: 541-693-4613 or www. NEWBERRY HOSPICE OF LA PINE: 54 I-536-7399. OREGON COMMISSIONFOR THE BLIND:54 I-447-4915. OREGON CURE:541-475-2164. OREGON LYMEDISEASE NETWORK: 541-312-3081 or www.oregonlyme. org. OVEREATERSANONYMOUS: 541306-6844 or PARENTS/CAREGIVERSOF CHILDRENAFFECTEDBYAUTISM SUPPORTGROUP:541-771-1075 or www.coregondevdisgroupaso.ning. corn. PARENTS OFMURDERED CHILDRENSUPPORT GROUP: 541-4 I 0-7395. PARISH NURSES AND HEALTH MINISTRIES:541-383-6861. PARKINSON'SCAREGIVERS SUPPORTGROUP:541-317-1188. PARKINSON'SDISEASE SUPPORT GROUP:541-4 l9-9964. PARTNERS IN CARE: Home health and hospice services; 541-382-5882. PAUL’SCLUB:Dads and male caregiver support group; 541-548-8559. PFLAG CENTRALOREGON: For parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays; 541-728-3843 or PLAN LOVINGADOPTIONS NOW (PLAN):541-389-9239. PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: 888-875-7820. PMS ACCESS LINE: 800-222-4767. PREGNANCYRESOURCECENTERS: Bend, 541-385-5334; Madras, 541475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919. PULMONARY HYPERTENSION SUPPORTGROUP:541-548-7489. RHEUMATOIDARTHRITIS SUPPORT GROUP CENTRALOREGON: 541-

504-8059 or alyce1002©gmail.corn. SAVINGGRACE SUPPORT GROUPS: Bend, 541-382-4420; Redmond, 541-504-2550, ext. 1; Madras, 541-475-1880. SCLERODERMA SUPPORTGROUP: 54 I-480-1958. SEXAHOLICSANONYMOUS: 541-595-8780. SECULAR ORGANIZATIONFOR SOBRIETY:541-410-4271 or©gmail.corn. SOUP ANDSUPPORT:For mourners; 54 I-548-7483. STEPMOM SUPPORTGROUP: 541-325-3339 or www. insightcounselingbend.corn. SUPPORT FORFAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF SEXADDICTS: sanon4you©gmail.corn. SUPPORT GROUPFOR FAMILIES WITH DIABETICCHILDREN: 541-526-6690. TOBACCO FREEALLIANCE: 54 I-322-748 I. TOPS ORWEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP:Bend, 541-633-7399; Culver, 541-546-4012; Redmond, 54 I-548-0480. TRANSITIONINGBACK TO HEALTH: For Cancer survivors and caregivers; Bend, 541-706-3754. TYPE 2 DIABETESSUPPORT GROUP:541-706-4986. VETERANSHOTLINE: 541-4085594 or 818-634-0735. VISION NW:Peer support group; 541-330-0715. VOLUNTEERSINMEDICINE: 54 I-330-9001. WOMEN FACINGCANCER TOGETHER:Bend, 541-706-2969. WOMEN'S RESOURCECENTER OF CENTRALOREGON:541-385-0747 YOUNGPEOPLEWITH DISABILITIES PEER GROUP:831-402-5024. ZEN MEDITATIONGROUP: 54 I-388-3179.

See us for retractable awnings, exterior solar screens, shadestructures.

Sun when youwanting shade whenyou needit. SH




541-389-9983 www.shadeondemand.corn


AII~ ›

Open mic Continued from D1 There's a wide variety. Park-

er's a folkier fingerpicker, but everyonefrom acoustic soul singers to full rock bands performs at the open mic. Bend native Ben Watts, 21, has self-recorded and released

six full-length albums and six EPs over the past six years. For a while, he wasn't playing open mic nights, but he returned this year with plenty of new songs to play. "I was writing a lot of music, so I didn't want to have to wor-

ry about performing," he said. After hearing him belt out his punk-tinged originals, his almost painfully shy demeanor in conversation is disarming. He's never had a problem playing in front of people, however, and open mics have been a good outlet for him to do just that.

"It just gives me a chance to put my songs in front of people; it's a really great outlet for

that," he said.

Martin usually begins setting up for M&J's open mic about 6 p.m., but sometimes musicians don't show up until 9. Other nights the list of per-

formers is crammed from 6:30 p.m. until 1 or 2 a.m.

Throughout the night, Martin will make adjustments to

Photos Ryan Brennecke /The Bulletin

Casey Faust performs during the open mic night at M& JTavern on Wednesday. One regular, Johnny Bourbon, met some of his bandmates doing mic nights at the tavern.

the sound system as musicians

perform, and offerencouragementto regulars and newcomers alike. The venue occa-

sionally hosts free standalone shows for some performers. All the musicians who play these Tuesday and Saturday night shows at the bar usually




started out at the open mic.

"It's the living room. It gets you out of the garage, into the bar or a venue, to get yourself used to hearing yourself on microphones in a big venue, dealing with working through being able to hear and volume control, or figuring out how to

~) &c

T~ '~~tjQ<


I. )


* ~







structure sets or do that sort of

A sign hangs on the wall at M& J Tavern reminding patrons of their

thing," Hitchcock said. "And we kind ofgroom them and (give) honest criticism of sorts." Johnny Bourbon, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for local punk band Harley Bourbon, first played M&J's open mic night when he was 19. Due to his age, he had to play and then leave immediately after-

open micnightheld everyWednesday.

he couldn't hang out in the bar.

"(Martin and H itchcock) were the only ones that were like, 'Oh, we totally have the right for you to come in and play, as long as you play and you leave,'" Bourbon said. By age 21, he formed Harley

"Now hosting it, I enjoy it

Like the Crow's Feet open

mic, The Lot hosts musicians outside during the summer like promoting local musicians months, moving indoors in because I got to know the people," Finch said. "But I really and talent, and if I can encourage them to do it, if I have a little bit to say in the matter and I could ... support them and en-

courage them, that feels really good. He's even gotten a drummer out of the deal. Eric Holthaus,

21, a frequent visitor to As-

winter. The open mic starts at

6 p.m. — leaving ambitious mu-

Haley Hebert performs during open mic night at Crow's Feet Commons on Thursday. Hebert, a barista scootover to M& J's for a sec- at Crow's Feet, hosts the event. ond set. "There's always folks here; this is like a cultural hub in sicians time to play and then

Bend,"Graham said. "And then the open mic has a culture of its

own, so we have folks that go open mics around town, plays from here to M& J's and know Bourbon with some of the mu- in Finch's rockabilly group the each other from Strictly Orsicians he met at the open mic. Hot Rod Billies. ganic or up at Parrilla (Grill) or The lineup has shifted over the As often the only percus- whatever." years, but Bourbon still consid- sionist at any given open mic, Graham said open mics ers M& J's home base for Har- Holthaus serves as a house provide an outlet for creative ley Bourbon. drummer of sorts. He plays the people to express themselves "And part of it — the big- cajon, a wooden box that a per- — himself included. "I' ve just always been a big gest part of it — really is Mike cussionist hits with his fingers, and C.J.," he said. "They' ve at open mics, sitting in with the advocatefor the arts because created a really good hub for regulars. ... there's things that you get "I end up playing like 20 to address through the arts, musicians." songs a night," he said. "It' s or there's things that come toAstro Lounge been really fun over the years gether in the arts, through the It was a busy Monday night ... just being with like minds." arts, that wouldn't necessarily at the Astro Lounge open mic. be addressed or wouldn't necThe sign-up list was full near- Crow's Feet Commons essarily come together othly an hour before the official Haley Hebert, host of the erwise," he said. "And I also 8 p.m. start, thanks to some Crow's Feet Commons open think (if) you take guitars out out-of-town musicians fr om mic Thursday nights, is a new- of the hands of these people Austin, Texas; California and comer to the hosting scene, but and drums away or whatever, Portland who were passing no stranger to local open mics you might be looking at some through town. in general. She grew up in New ... crazy people. This is a nec"I enjoy when — like, you Orleans, moving to Bend a lit- essary thing for a lot of folks." have a lot of out-of-towners tle more than two years ago. here today just sitting in," host Like many open mic regulars, Regulars Dave Finch said. "We have she got her start at M& J's open David von Schlegell stood on one guy from Austin. So ... of mic, taking the stage shortly the patio at Crow's Feet Comcourse I expect a ton of him, but after she began playing guitar. mons to close out the third-evCrow's Feet's open mic, er open mic night there. The that doesn't mean anything." Finch wasn't disappointed. which takes place outside on sun had already set and most Astro Lounge has held its

tro Lounge, M&J's and other

the patio overlooking the De-

Schlegell wasn't deterred. Eschewing the sound system, he

after opening at it s current

ceivea free beerornonalcohol-

paced the patio, his 6-foot plus

location on Bond Street, according to bar manager Ken

ic beverage. Hebert, who works

sound system," Bryant said. "...

frame hunched over his unplugged acoustic-electric guitar, playing directly to the few wanted to start an open mic to women sitting in chairs and help thevenue become "more sipping beers. of a communal space." Von Schlegell, frontman, "We' re just trying to get guitarist and songwriter for lomore people to come out and cal rock band Cosmonautical, be a part of it, make it seem is a frequent visitor to M&J's, more of the center of a com- Astro Lounge's, The Lot's and

We wanted to provide a place

munity because it's such a nice

"We did it because we saw

there was kind of a lack of

spaces for open mic nightminusing Silver Moon (Brewery) when they used to have it — that actually had a decent

;,yt I l'(jt,'

:~tin!P." g f@)' . '

, Itts".t Jt








of the crowd had left, but von

open mic for about four years, schutes River, began in early beginning it about six months July. People who perform re-


„p» .

as a barista at Crow's Feet, said she and the other employees

I t t~ „ ti +tffO

now Crow's Feet Commons'

for local acts to come play and spot; everyone loves it there," open mic nights. He lived in for people in the community to Hebert said. "I was stoked to be Portland; Manchester, New support them." a part of it." Hampshire; and Cambridge, This year, Astro Lounge Thanks to Hebert's atten- Massachusetts ,before moving was one of the sponsored open dance at the other open mic to Bend in May 2013. Everymics in Shure's National Open

nights in town, most of the reg-

where he's lived, he's become a

Mic Night week held annually ular performers have found the regular at the area's open mics. in April. The venue recorded Crow's Feet open mic. The next He considers music his life, video of its open mic, sent it in step, she said, is to build abetter and said he'd be onstage every to Shure and received a $500 turnout among nonmusicians. night of the week if he could. "I just want people to know wireless microphone as part of the deal, according to venue The Lot

owner Josh Maquet. J ason G r a h am , be t t er "We ended up having one of known on t h e l o cal music the best experiences that Shure scene asrapper Mosley Wothas seen as far as a videotape ta, is going into his third year situation goes," Maquet said. hosting the open mic night Finch said the experience Wednesdays at The Lot on hosting the open mic has im- Columbia Street in Bend. The proved his opinion of open open mic launched when The mics as a whole. Lot opened in summer 2013.

t hat there's good music in Bend," he continued. "People

are so insular in their houses and their computers. Live

KBE Redmond

~K ~

B E~

RE DMOtttt ~

2019 North Hwy. 97

Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-526-1827


music is still very much a vital part of my life, and I want it to be as important to everyone

else as it is to me." — Reporter: 541-61 7-7814, bmcelhiney@bend bulletin.corn

O 20t 4 CNHIndustrial America LLC.All rights reserved. New Holland Agriculture is atrademark registered in the United Statesand manyother countries, owned by or licensed toCNHIndustrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates. New Holland Construction is a trademark in the United States and manyother countries, owned by orlicensed to CNHIndustrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates.



r ea ex e aions: o e TV SPOTLIGHT

More telling, perhaps, and

Johansson, Amy Schumer, Lupita Nyong'o. We can probably Colbert is working for the most blame Bill Clinton for making just a little worrying, is that

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Weeltznights, CBS

By David Wiegand San Francisco Chronicle


phen Colbert will change the face of late night TV on 'Ibesday, but perhaps not in the way some viewers expect.

Colbert is only the latest "late-night face-changer" to come along. Both Jimmies — Fallon and Kimmel — were

face-changersin their day,so was Conan O' Brien and, oh

yeah, so was David Letterman. That said, they were all known quantities to one extent or another. No one would

tag Colbert as an unknown, of course, but what we think we

know of him isn't necessarily what we' ll get when he makes his bow Tuesday night. He' ll bring new energy to the subgenre, of course, but in other

ways, no one should expect "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to completely upend the traditional format of the late

night talk show. No one's really done that ever on broadcast TV and it's unlikely Colbert will ei-

ther. Genre-bustinghasalways been left to the outliers like

Comedy Central (" The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" ), FX

and FXX (" Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell" ) and even E (" Chelsea Lately" ). To some extent, every suc-

a r nean

staid and cautiously strategic of the four major broadcast

it cool for politicians to do late

networks. CBS succeeds by

season, Colbert also has Jeb

sticking to old formulas. You see it in its entertainment pro-

Bush, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and, as a late addition, Vice

gramming, and you see it even more clearly in its news programming. It isn't a mere coincidence of booking that George

well could take the occasion to announce his future plans

night, and since it's election

President Joe Biden, who very Thursday. At least, that's what

CBS is hoping people might think, whether he does or not. Yes, David Letterman was Nothing surprising about the Richard Shotwell /The Associated Press almost an exception to that pols, though, even Sanders. Stephen Colbert participates in "The Late Show with Stephen Col- generalism in comparison to In other words, this is a very bert" segment of the CBS Summer TCA Tour on Aug. 10. Leno, whose hosting style was well calculated, highly strarooted in o ld-time stand-up tegic guest list for Colbert's and one-liners. But for all his first two weeks. It has just wise-ass-ness, Letterman was the right number of traditioncessor to Steve Allen, the orig- both a known and unknown inal "Tonight Show" host, has quantity. We knew him first always Johnny Carson's most al couch-sitters like Clooney, both changed the face of late- from his days as a "Daily Show faithful acolyte. and just the right number of night and continued its basic With Jon Stewart" corresponThe guest list for Colbert's wild cards in a mi x t hat is formats and traditions. What dent, but of course we knew first two weeks has a few mild- designed to hold on to tradimade the difference in the him even better as host of "The lyunexpectednames: Supreme tional late night viewers, who successof some hosts and the Colbert Report." Court Justice Stephen Breyer, tend to skew older, while not failure of others was their style All that Comedy Central ex- UN Secretary General Ban Ki- alienating the younger, hipper and personality. perience may lead us to think Moon, Tesla and SpaceX's Elon "Colbert Report" set who will We knew both Fallon and that Colbert is going to shake Musk and Uber's Travis Kala- at least tune into the first few his "Late Night" follower Seth up late night, but there are two nick and, in the musical cate- episodes to see if there might Meyers from "Saturday Night things to consider: First, and gory, director-choreographer be reason to continue following Live," so there weren't real- most obviously, Colbert played Christopher Wheeldon who him. ly any surprises when they the role of an opinionated uber- will offer a bit from his BroadIn the long run, though, no walked out on stage for the first con talk show host on "The Col- way adaptation of "An Ameri- matter how funny, off the wall time hosting their own shows. bert Report." can in Paris" with his two leads. and surprising Colbert is, the Johnny Carson was a known O bviously, we w i l l s e e Those folks are either brain- question is whether he be able quantity when he took over the "real" Stephen Colb crt ier, artier or tech-hipper than to hold onto that younger de"The Tonight Show" in 1962 be- when he makes his debut on you'd expect to see. mographic or will the format itcause he'd hosted game shows, CBS Tuesday night. He' ll be But other guests are either selfprove,asithassooften beJay Leno had a thriving stand- smart-alecky, lively, energetic, firmly in the usual suspects cat- fore, too much of an old-school up career with lots of TV guests quick-witted and funny. But he egory or just outside the door: paradigm for younger viewers. spots before he took over "The will be all of those things with- Stephen King, Jake Gyllenhall, After all, a lot of them don' t Tonight Show." out the adapted persona we Naomi Watts, Willie Nelson, even watch content on actual But Colbert is different. He' s know so well. Emily Blunt, Clooney, Scarlett televisions. Clooney was the first Colbert

guest to be announced.

TV TODAY • More TV listingsinside Sports 4:30 p.m. nn 6, 8, "College Football" — Another year of Notre Dame football on NBC kicks off tonight in South Bend, Indiana, where Malik Zaire and the Fighting Irish open the season

against TyroneSwoopesand the Texas Longhorns. The Irish, ranked No. 11 in preseason polls, hope for a smooth transition at quarterback with Zaire replacing Everett Golson. The unranked Longhorns, meanwhile, would take any improvement over their 6-7 record in 2014. 8 p.m. on 6, "Hawaii Five-0"Plenty of people who resemble Elvis — and somewho try, but don't quite get there — are on hand in "Ua helele'i ka hoku" (Hawaiian for "Fallen Star" ), about a murder at a convention for Presley impersonators. The caseextends beyond the homicide, since diamonds are stashed inside the victim's outfit... and someone still wants them. Jon Lovitz and Christopher Sean reprise their guest roles. Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan andGracePark star. 8 p.m. on10, "Bullseye" — Fans of "Wipeout" likely are disappointed not to have that show around anymore, but here's a possible substitute ... from the

same producers. "BullseyeBuggy Jump" presents Kellan Lutz (" Twilight" ) and Godfrey as the hosts who challenge four men and four women. Thecontestants must perform such tasks as rappelling down a building or jumping between fast-moving speedboats to hit literal bull' s-eyes and win as much as $50,000. 11:30 p.m. en10, "Scream

Queens" —Foxpresentsan

Fami oo in to avoi uestions

MOVIE TIMESTODAY There may beanadditional fee for 3-Oand IMAXmovies. Movie times are subject to change after presstime. t

Dear Abby: My beautiful 6-year— Animal Lover old granddaughter has clubfeet. in Oakland,California Although she had several surDear Animal Lover: I'm an anigeries, her ongoing treatment re- mal lover, too, and I have met both quires her to wear her shoes on the dogs and cats that had wonderful opposite feet. personalities. However, when it Every t i m e we comes to choosing go out somewhere, between cats and well-intentioned peodogs, I'm more of a DppR pie seem compelled dog person. My fatoletus know she has ABBY v orite breed is t h e her shoes on wrong. German shepherd. My granddaughter Dear Abby: My sis-

to do so.

We are both retired now and could enjoy going places together, but she would rather stay up all night and sleep all day. I am at my wits' end. I have begged, threatened and shamed, but nothing works. I am a very clean person and like to have a clean house. Help! — Wants My Clean House Back

Dear Wants: Changes in behavior like those you describe should not be ignored. Was your sister altold me it bothers her ter moved in with me ways like this'? If not, she needs to and she gets embarrassed when after my husband died. I thought it be examined by a doctor to deterwe must explain the reason, and would be good for both of us, and mine if she's depressed or having truthfully, I don't blame her. I wor- we could goplaces together and some other kind of mental probry aboutherself-esteem. share household chores. At the lem. She should also be seen by Have you any suggestions as to time, we were both working. a dentist if her oral hygiene is as what we could say to these peoWhen I discovered she would poor as you say it is, while she still ple without giving out personal sleep all day on our days off and has teeth. didn't help with the housework at information? The living arrangement the two — Nanny in Pennsylvania all, I was very disappointed. She of you have doesn't appear to be Dear Nanny: If it were me, I wouldclean her room only when I healthy for either of you. Before would also assume that the per-

got upset with her.

this goes any further, consult an at-

son meantwell and reply,"We' re Now she does almost nothing. torneyforguidance.You may need already aware of that, thank you." She won't clean her room and she help in getting her out after all this Period. sleeps for months without chang- time — or help finding other safe Dear Abby: I'm in fifth grade and ing her sheets. I am sickened by living arrangements for your sister I'm wondering: Which do you pre- the smell of her and her room. She if she's unable or unwilling to do it hasn't showered or brushed her for herself. fer — dogs or cats? My friends and I often debate teeth in almost two weeks, and it — Write to Dear Abby at dearabby.corn about this topic. doesn't look like she's in any hurry or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFORSATURDAY, SEPT. 5, 2015: Thisyearyou often have a lot to smile about. You are about to start a new life and luck cycle. The first year, which you will enter soon, is probably one where your good fortune is at its highest point. Use the positive vibes and planetary interactions to enhance your life. If you are single, you could meet someone who will knock your 8tsrs sbpw tbe kintt socks off. You will pf ttsy yen'll have notice the unique** * * * D ynamic ness of this person ** * * p ositive as well as the *** Average unusual strength of ** So-so your feelings. If you * Difficult are attached, your upbeat attitude draws your significant other closer to you. What the two of you initiate this year could last a long time. GEMINIgets under your skin.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

YOUR HOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

* ** Recognize thatspending some quality one-on-one time with a special someone is important. Disruption and/or some insecurity could throw your plans into

plans as they were madeeasily could be chaos. Youcan't keepcovering upyour tossed to the wind. You' ll want to be with a feelings by staying nonreactive to others' loved one who wants to do something else. behavior. Tonight: Clear the air. Tonight: Share somenews.

CANCER (June21-July 22) ** * You might want to be moreaware of whatsomeone elsewants.You don'tseem to haveasm uchenergyasyouwould like.

This person is ofthesamemindasyou, so maketodaya lazydayathome .Makethe most of the lack of demands. Tonight: Not to be found.

LEO (July 23-Aug.22)

** * * Passions runs high no matter which way you turn. Your magnetism draws others toward you. Your smile will make someone feel special, but recognize ARIES (March 21-April 19) ** * * You unintentionally could stumble how easily others misread you. Your warmth might be interpreted as more. Tointo an either/or situation. You might find night: Right in the middle of a happening. yourself caught in a control game. Walk awaywhil eyoucan.Passionsrunhigh VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) when interacting with a loved one, as this * ** Tension buildsbecauseofwhatyou interaction is much more fulfilling. Tonight: believe someoneelse expects from you. Full of surprises. Perhaps a discussion is in order. You can't ignore a strong feeling you haveabout a TAURUS (April 20-May20) person whom you frequently encounter. ** * You could find the costs of this Ask for more of what you want. Tonight: weekend to be too much for your taste. Remain sensitive. You will attempt to gain more control by eliminating an item or anevent from your LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) to-do list. Spend time closer to homeand *** * Look beyondsomeone'sbehavior invite a friend or two over. Tonight: Allow a and consider what is happening within him spontaneoushappeningto begin. or her. This person will be able to hide his GEMINI (May 21-June20) or her feelings but only for so long. Avoid ** * * Your awareness of what needs to bringing this matter up, as it could backfire. happencouldchangeasaresultofsomeInstead, try to address your own feelings. one's caring actions. Your need to follow Tonight: Where there is music.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec.21)

** * * Your friends will remind you of playful children as they get into this holiday weekend. Theactivities they choose might be more adult, but the glee of being together can't be hidden. Invitations keep coming forth. Which one youaccept is up to you. Tonight: Join the fun.

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AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) ** * * * W hether you cangrounded be enoughforaconversationseems questionable, especially with someone who is serious-minded. Your playfulness and flirtatiousness is likely to delight a special loved one. Make nocommitments; keep it light. Tonight: Full of mischief.

PISCES (Feb.19-March 20) ** * * You could be in a position where you will have a lot to handle. Responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders, but try to prevent every moment from being charged with tasks. Lighten up, andyou will gain more perspective on what must be done. Tonight:Athome. © King Features Syndicate



Regal OldMill Stadium 16& IMAX,680 SWPowerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 ANT-MAN (PG-13l I 2 45,35, 3 7 DOPE (R) 4:35, 7:20, 10 THE GIFT (R) 12:35, 3:30, 7:05, 9:45 INSIDE OUT (PGl 11:30a.m., 2 JURASSIC WORLD (PG-13) 12:15, 9:45 • JURASSICWORLD 3-0(PG-13)3:25,6:45 • THE MANFROM U.N.C.L.E.(PG-13j11:50a.m.,2:50,650, 9:35 MINIONS (PG) noon, 2:20 MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION(PG-13) 12:20, 4:05,7: I5,10:30 MISTRESS AMERICA(R) 12:30, 2:45, 5:10, 7:30, 9:50 NO ESCAPE (Rl 11:55a.m., 2:35, 5:20, 8, 10:35 PHOENIX (PG-13l 11:40a.m., 2:10,4:50, 7:25, 10:05 RICKI AND THEFLASH (PG-13) 11:45a.m., 2:30, 5:05, 7:45 SINISTER(R) 2 10:20 • STRAIGHTOUTTA COMPTON (R)12:15,3:50,7:05,10:25 TRAINWRECK (Rj 4:45, 7:40, 10:35 THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED(PG-13) 11:35a.m., 2:15, 4:40, 7:10,9:40 • THE TRANSPORTERREFUELED IMAX (PG-13)12:05, 2:40,5:15,7:50, IO:15 A WALK IN THE WOODS (R)12:25, 3:10, 6:55, 10:10 • WAR ROOM(PGl12:10,3:05,6:40,9:30 WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS (R) 9:55 • Accessibility devices are available ter some movies. McMenaminsOldSt. FrancisSchool, 700 NWBond St., 541-330-8562 FANTASTIC FOUR(PG-13)2:30, 6 SHAUN THE SHEEPMOVIE(PG) 11:30 a.m. VACATION (R) 9 Younger than 2t may attendaiiscreeningsifaccompanied try a legalguardian. t



Tin PanTheater, 869NWTin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 CARTEL LAND (R) 2: l5 • THE DIA RY OFA TEENAGE GIRL(R)9 DIGGING FOR FIRE (Rl 6:45 MERlj (R) 4:30 I



RedmondCinemas,1535SWOdem MedoRoad, 541-548-8777 INSIDE OijT (PGj 12:15, 2:30, 4:45 • THE MANFROM U.N.C.L.E.(PG-13j7,9:30 PAPER TOWNS (PG-13l 6:45, 9: I5 • SHAUN THESHEEP MOVIE(PG)12:45,2:45,4:45 • STRAIGHTOUTTA COMPTON (R)11:45a.m.,3,6:15,9:30 THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED(PG-13) noon, 2:15, 4:30, 6:45, 9 Sisters MovieHouse,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 8ESTOF ENEMIES(R) 3,5 END OF THE TOUR(R)7 • THE MANFROM U.N.C.L.E.(PG-13l445,715 MERU (R) 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION(PG-13) 4:30, 7 • MR. HOLMES(PGj2:30 • SHAUN THESHEEP MOVIE(PG)2:30 Madras Cinema 5, 1101SWU.S. Highway 97,541-475-3505 INSIDE OUT (PGj noon, 4:15 MINIONS (PG) 215 NO ESCAPE (Rl 12:05, 2:20, 4:45, 7:15,9:30 SINISTER(R) 2 6:45, 9 • STRAIGHTOUTTA COMPTON (R)1215,3:25,6:30,9:25 THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED(PG-13) 12:35, 2:50, 5:05, 7:20, 9:35 WAR ROOM (PGl 1:30, 4:15, 7,9:40 Pine Theater,214N. Main St., 541-416-1014 THE MAN FROMU.N.C.L.E. (Upstairs — PG-13) 1,4, 7 • SHAUN THESHEEP MOVIE(PG)1,3,5,7 • The upstei s screening room haslimited accessibility.


same school.EmmaRoberts,

Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and Nasim Pedrad head the large ensemble cast. 11:42 p.m. on10, "Rosewood" — This new medical procedural stars Morris Chestnut (" TheBest Man") as Miami's top private pathologist, Beaumont Rosewood Jr., who helps a tough detective

(newcomerJanaLeeOrtiz) uncover cluesandsolve crimes in this new series set to premiere Sept. 23 on Fox. Lorraine Toussaint (" Orange Is the NewBlack" ) also appears in this extended preview. ct zap2it

WILSONSsf Redmond 541-548-2066 ~e<"'6



extended preview of scenes from this heavily buzzed-about new fall horror spoof, as a killer targets the sisters of Kappa Houseat Wallace University some 20 years after a mysterious tragedy at the

Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 GO! Magazine

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Melissa Ward stands next to a variety of delicious treats.


After 20yearsbuilding the SistersBakeryinto thecommunity iconit is, MelissaWardis readyto passonthe "donut power." by Zack Hall, for The Bulletin Special Projects Melissa Ward always kept one of those blank checks issued by credit card companies tucked away neatlyin a drawer in case of an emergency. She neverused itin her20 years as the owner of Sisters Bakery. But as a business owner, Ward always felt the need to be prepared. "There were times when I had to really say to myself, without selling my soul to the devil, 'I will do anything to keep this going,'" said Ward, a 40-year Sisters resident who is now 68 years old. Such love, such attention to detail, explains in part why Sisters Bakery flourished under her watch. With no business experience, Ward pooled together just enough money in 1995 to buy the downtown Sisters business, which originally started in 1981. It was a way to start a new life and to have a place for her three children (now all adults) to go after school. Along the way, she turned it into a Sisters icon, tantalizing residents and passers-by alike. But every beginning must have an end. Feeling "like I' ve done what I kind of intended it to do," Ward has decided to put Sisters Bak-

ery and its downtown Sisters building up for sale. "Going through all that, I feel pretty bonded with it and identified with it," Ward said, reflecting on her20 years as owner of Sisters Bakery. "But there comes a time when you just want to do something else. It's on a terrific upswing and I just want to capture that for someone so that they can hit the ground running." Ward wants to retrain her focus: knitting, reading,writing, and of course, being a grandmother. But first her goal is to find a buyer committed to continuing Sisters Bakery. Listed at $669,000 — an all-inclusive price that includes its 2,150-square-foot building at 251 E. Cascade Ave., equipment, and Ward's recipes that have helped Sisters Bakery thriveSisters Bakery should be an appealing venture for the right buyer, said Brad Whitcomb, who along with Alex Robertson is part of the John L. Scott team brokering the deal. Specializing in cakes, pies, artisan breads, and those familiar donuts, the bakery has more than doubled its sales so far this year, Whitcomb

said, and the bakery projects to ring up more than $600,000 in sales during 2015. "It's been on fire," Whitcomb said. "They' ve been selling coffee and donuts through the heat wave. It's just an amazing place. "This business is one of the few that I can think of that is so easy to step into and continue the success." A staff of 17, including longtime manager Jeremy Bates, should help with the transition. After all, that staff has helped Ward focus on the business itself in recent years. Such in-house experience should help the new owner "hit the ground running," Ward said. "My staff is just wonderful," she continued. "They run the bakery at this point and make everything we sell and the credit for the success really goes to them.... I do the office stuff and decorate cakes and otherwise get in the way." Reaching this level of success has not been easy. The Great Recession took a toll, of course. But even then Sisters Bakery held its own with a little help from "donut power," a slogan Ward

and her staff use to explain the simple joy a box of donuts can bring. Ward is proud of the way Sisters Bakery has interacted with th e s urrounding community. And she's proud of the success. Now it is time to pass it on. "It's not just a place to go to work," Ward said. "It's more than that. I tell my staff it's the happiness business. And I think that is really a true thing."

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3 bedroom & 2.5 bath Gourmet kitchen Master suite in treehouse setting Wraparound porch Expansive back deck

5 bedroom 8 4 bath Custom cherrywood cabinetry Main floor elegant master suite Steam shower Jacuzzi


3 bedroom & 3.5 bath •Cascademountainviews Gourmet kitchen Main floor master suite Two junior suites upstairs





3 bedroom 8 3.5 bath Spacious cook's kitchen Private office on main floor Wonderful outdoor living space Triple car garage



Commercial/Investment Commercial/investment Properties for Sale Properties for Sale




Open Houses

Homes for Sale


H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Great condition, loca- Perfect SE Bend starter Beautiful small acreage River's paradise 2400 tion and shop, just or investment special. in Tumalo w/ Cas- sq.ft. RV cover/shop 8 Longtime established Profitable Kennel BusiSouth of S u n river. AD¹1772 c ade M t n vie w s . home. Ad ¹1602 restaurant ness First class kenAD¹1092 TEAM Birtola Garmyn AD¹1152 TEAM Birtola Garmyn bar/lounge/pizza n el/boarding bu s i TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty parlor in Culver. ness for dogs and High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 AD¹1652 cats. 53 dog rooms 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn and 13 cat r ooms, Open House Sat. & www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn High Desert Realty most wit h o u t side Sun. 12 to 6 RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn 541-312-9449 runs. Multiple outside 19276 Kiowa Road. RENTALS Amazing property with 3000 sq.ft. woodside www. BendOregon play areas for superDeschutes River 603 - Rental Alternatives Custom built, People Lookfor Information ranch home and shop gorgeous river, canRealEstate.corn vised play and exer- Woods. Take Baker 604 - Storage Rentals spectacular views, About Products and o n 2.3 acres. A d yon and mtn views. cise. Long time expeRd. exit, follow signs. complete privacy. 605 - Roommate Wanted FIND IT! ¹2162 Services EveryDaythrough Ad ¹1422 r ienced staff a n d 4 bdrm, 2 bath + at616- Want To Rent TEAM Birtola Garmyn SLIT ITI The Bulletin Classiffedn TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM AD¹1702 grooming f a c ilities. tached in-law or stuBirtola Garmyn High Desert Realty High Desert Realty 627 -Vacation Rentals 8 Exchanges SELL IT! Property has a 2500 dio apt., 2-car garage High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 eautifully cared f o r 630- Rooms for Rent The Bulletin Classifieds sq. ft. home, includ- and 30x36 workshop Bhome 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon in private and www. BendOregon 631 - Condominiums 8 Townhomes for Rent Newer high end build- ing a 1 be d room on beautifully landwww. BendOregon RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn quiet n eighborhood. apartment. $964,000. scaped.fully fenced 632 - Apt./Multiplex General RealEstate.corn ing in high traffic loca- CALL KRIS WARNER 9/1 0 acre. a must see! Ad ¹2172 634- Apt./Multiplex NE Bend True pride of tion on G reenwood AT TEAM Birtola Garmyn Forest Ridge Town541 - 480-5365 Own a piece of Oregon $400,000 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend ownership shows close to d o wntown MLS: High Desert Realty home in Eagle Crest 2015 0 2782 541-389-5668 history, the old in the gorgeous beauty. 638- Apt./Multiplex SE Bend Bend. AD¹1742 541-312-9449 Resort. AD¹1632 Duke Warner Realty Hodecker home. Ad ¹2032. TEAM Birtola Garmyn 745 www. BendOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn 640- Apt./Multiplex SW Bend Ad ¹1722 High Desert Realty Redmond Commercial I RealEstate.corn High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond Homes for Sale High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 $16.20/sq.ft/yr High Desert Realty 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon New retail/office cen- Tumalo Craftsman and Beautiful landscaping www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 648- Houses for Rent General around this 4 bdrm, 3 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn ter www. BendOregon guest home on 10 650- Houses for Rent NE Bend bath home. Reverse RealEstate.corn parking acres. Ad¹1452 RealEstate.corn 2284 sq. ft. commercial Ample livinghome shows off Spectacular 20+ acre 652 - Houses for Rent NW Bend Good visibility TEAM Birtola Garmyn building located on the incredible views. 3 10 Wi l li s Lan e , Custom, steel-beam 654- Houses for Rent SE Bend 201504006 West Powell Butte High Desert Realty 1.47 acres near es- MLS Downstairs could be incredible NW style home on west edge of 656 - Houses for Rent SW Bend Paula VanVleck, Estates Home. 541-312-9449 tablished businesses. an in-law suite. This estate on almost 90 Lake Billy Chinook. Broker Ad ¹1262 658- Houses for Rent Redmond www. BendOregon Z oned where y o u home shows pride of TEAM Birtola Garmyn acres. Ad ¹1362 541-280-7774 Ad ¹1622 659 - Houses for Rent Sunriver RealEstate.corn could live and have a ownership. $559,900 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 660- Houses for Rent La Pine business. Open floor Top of the Hill and end MLS 201505951. Call High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty plan ready for your 661 - Houses for Rent Prineville 541-312-9449 of the road privacy on Donna Carter, Broker, 541-312-9449 e www. BendOregon upgrades. Many busi541-903-0601 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters 20 acres. AD¹1692 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn ness possibilities for Crooked River Realty RealEstate.corn TEAM Birtola Garmyn RealEstate.corn 663 - Houses for Rent Madras this building, retail, MORRIS High Desert Realty 664- Houses for Rent Furnished beautysalon, offices, REAL ESTATE Ranch style home with Custom 3000+ sq.ft. 541-312-9449 495 NW Sonora Drive, Bend, OR 97703 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent gym, etc. $79,900. heated 3 car garage www. BendOregon Bend home and shop Price Just Reduced to $594,950!! 675 - RV Parking 13985 SW Business on 1+ acre. AD¹1512 on 4.4+ acres. RealEstate.corn Open House Saturday 11:30 - 2pm Very successful Real 676 - Mobile/Mfd. Space Circle. CRR. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Ad ¹1002 Juniper Realty Estate Office for sale Custom Cabin High Desert Realty 682 - Farms, Ranches and Acreage TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-504-5393 G et-Away i n Th e located in Crescent 541-312-9449 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease High Desert Realty Lake.ff Cal l S a l ly, Pines, remodeled in www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent Commercial Building in owner/principal bro- 2014. Ad ¹1332 RealEstate.corn www. BendOregon Terrebonne, OR. 2 REAL ESTATE f or deta i ls. TEAM Birtola Garmyn RealEstate.corn buildings; 2160 sq.ft. ker Great SE Bend location. 541-433-5368 or High Desert Realty 705 - Real Estate Services and 1728 sq.ft. Cur- 541-480-7966 Comfortable 4 bdrm, 3 541-312-9449 713- Real Estate Wanted Very Custom 1900+ 4 rently being used as Amazing curb appeal and pride of ownership www. BendOregon bath, home w/ large bdrm, on 1+ Acre with 719 - Real Estate Trades with this stunning 3009 sq.ft., 5 bedroom, 3 warehouses. Paved 740 backyard. Ad ¹2192 RealEstate.corn shop & Trout Pond. driveway and parking. bath home that boasts a beautiful gourmet 726 - Timeshares for Sale TEAM Birtola Garmyn Ad ¹1032 There is a half bath Condo/Townhomes Home and big shop, ga kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless High Desert Realty 730 - New Listings TEAM Birtola Garmyn for Sale rage and 2nd shop on steel appliances, tile flooring, formal dining & and office in the large 541-312-9449 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale High Desert Realty living rooms, large master suite with entrance building. Current use .5 acres. AD ¹1052 www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 738 - Multiplexes for Sale is approved. Change 4 Mt. View Condo, TEAM Birtola Garmyn to the back deck, triple car garage and hot tub. RealEstate.corn www. BendOregon Expansive deck leads to apartment above the 740 -Condominiums & Townhomes forSale of use should be veriSunriver. 3 bdrm, 2 High Desert Realty RealEstate.corn 541-312-9449 garage that has kitchen, living area, bathroom Cute and clean single fied and approved by bath, 1014 sq. ft., golf 744 - Open Houses Jefferson Co u nty. course view. www. BendOregon and separate bedroom that you can rent out level home in quiet 745 - Homes for Sale RealEstate.corn for additional income or use fo r g uests. n eighborhood w i t h 1800+ sq.ft. Custom SE $199,500. MLS $265,000 746- Northwest Bend Homes This has it all! ¹201409760 Kyle Hoak, Broker great privacy. Bend home on 0.25 Single level home on acre lot. Ad ¹2092 747- Southwest Bend Homes 541-639-7760 Ad¹1502 Bobbie Strome, corner lot in Elkhorn 541-2 1 3-0451 748 - Northeast Bend Homes Principal Broker Berkshire Hathaway TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Estates. AD¹1222 High Desert Realty John L Scott Real Home Services Presented byHilary Rich High Desert Realty 749 - Southeast Bend Homes TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Estate 541-385-5500 Northwest Real Estate HomeSmnrt Central Realty 750 - Redmond Homes High Desert Realty www. BendOregon Team Christine Browning www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 753 - Sisters Homes RealEstate.corn BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS 6 Skyline Condo, SunriRealEstate.corn www. BendOregon ver. $247,500. 3 755 - Sunriver/La Pine Homes Search the area's most RealEstate.corn bdrm, 2 bath, 1466 comprehensive listing of 756- Jefferson County Homes sq. ft., full interior reclassified advertising... Big Providence 757 - Crook County Homes model 2007. real estate to automotive, Charmer! Ad ¹1282 762 - Homes with Acreage Mike Ashley, Broker merchandise to sporting TEAM Birtola Garmyn 763- Recreational Homes and Property 541-280-4940 goods. Bulletin Classifieds High Desert Realty Berkshire Hathaway 764 - Farms and Ranches appear every day in the 541-312-9449 Home Services 771 - Lots print or on line. www. BendOregon Northwest Real Estate RealEstate.corn Call 541-385-5809 773 - Acreages www.bendbulletin.corn 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 19079 NW Mt.Hood Place, 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homes with Land The Bulletin Bend OR 97703 $694,900 ServingCentral Oregonsince f903 648 Open House Saturday 11 -2pm Great Investment Houses for Opportunitiesin . ll Rent General Burns, Oregon. 17,500 sq.ft., Furniture 1 PUBLISHER' S Business Bldg. High NOTICE visibility loc a t ion. All real estate adver- Owner will lease back. tising in this newspa- Offered at $500,000 Stunning contemporary home in Three Pines is per is subject to the (t 0% ca p R a t e). and ready for you! This breathtaking 4 F air H o using A c t Burns RV Park fea- vacant 3.5 bath home has 2 master suites, 627 which makes it illegal tures 50 full hookup bedroom, one on the main level and one upstairs. Enjoy to a d vertise "any s ites on o v e r 7 . 6 the Vacation Rentals open great room floor plan with extreme preference, limitation acres. 2 Residences vaulted ceilings 8 floor to ceiling windows for 8 Exchanges or disc r imination come with the prop- natural lighting throughout. Gourmet kitchen on race, color, erty as well as an of- with slab granite countertops, tile flooring, Beautiful furn. spacious based 1bdrm, 2bath condo, religion, sex, handi- fice and shop building. huge islandand GE Monogram Appliances. familial status, Offered at $880,000 Enjoy walking the Shevlin Park Trails and all FP, balcony, pets ok. cap, status or na- (t 0.55% p r o jected that Bend has to offer! This home comes with 7th Mtn Resort, Bend. marital Avail 10/1/1 5-4/30/1 6. tional origin, or an in- cap rate). For more a Home Warranty! to make any information please call $1750 incl. all utils. tention pre f erence, Int-cable, etc. Use of such Bill Pon, 541-977-7520 Principal Broker amenities, pool, spa, limitation or discrimiPresented by GaryHollowell nation." Familial sta541-81 5-41 40 etc. 541-815-7707 HomeSmart Central Realty tus includes children RE/MAXKey Team Christine Browning Just bought a new boat? under the age of 18 Properties Sell your old one in the living with parents or classifieds! Ask about our legal cus t odians, Super Seller rates! pregnant women, and 541-385-5809 people securing custody of children under 632 18. This newspaper Apt./Nlultiplex General will not knowingly accept any advertising CHECKyOUR AD for real estate which is in violation of the law. I O ur r e aders a r e ' eq hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaon the first day it runs per are available on to make sure it is cor- an equal opportunity rect."Spellcheck" and basis. To complain of d iscrimination ca l l human errors do occur. If this happens to HUD t o l l-free at 15 yr fixed = 3.125% APR-3.412% PB I pmt= $1950.51 your ad, please con- 1-800-877-0246. The toll f ree t e lephone tact us ASAP so that number for the hearcorrections and any 30 yr fixed = 4.000% APR-4.168% P8 I pmt= $1336.76 ing im p aired is adjustments can be 1-800-927-9275. made to your ad. Easy, flexible, and affordable ad packages = 4.125% APR- 4.270% P&l pmt= $3107.76

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541 -385-5809 The Bulletin Classified STARWOOD HOM E! 1600+ sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1 l evel, open Senior Apartmentview in back, fenced. Independent Living NOT normally a rental, ALL-INCLUSIVE this is our home. Furwith 3 meals daily nished for $1995, un2 Bedrooms Available furnished for $1695. NOW. Check it out! Call 541-771-5552 Call 541-460-5323 634

Apt./Multiplex NE Bend

Only a fewleft! Two & Three Bdrms with Washer/Dryer and Patio or Deck. (One Bdrms also avail.) Mountain Glen Apts 541.383.931 3 Professionally managed by Norris & Stevens, Inc. 636

ptJMultiplex NW Bend Near downtown, park and Old Mill, small 1 bdrm. All util. paid. $550 + $550 security dep. 541-382-7972.




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For Sale by O wner: 1200 sq. foot home, attached garage on large lot. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Eastside off Keyte Ln. AS IS sale $300,000.





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$0o0o Q 705

Purchaseprice$350,000,20% down, loan amount $280,000,30yearfixed. Jumbo purchase price / value $800,000 — 20% down / equity, $640,000 loan amount. Offer valid as of 9/4/2015, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. Onapproved credit.

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jennifer NMLS 288550 j enn i f er.Edwards@academymortgage.corn CORP NMLS ¹3113

g4) 323 2)9)

371SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR 97702




50~0~,0 ~0~0~

This 1436 sq. ft. 2-story 2 bedroom home sits on 200 ft. of Metollus River frontage of Lake Billy Chinook. Play and doesn't get any better! Check website for more info 8r photos: www.lakebillychinookproperties.corn.$929,000


54$ 480 3860

This 1436 sq. ft. 2-story 2 bedroom home is to die for.. . plenty of room for family and friends, lots of extras — relax, fish, play. It doesn't get any better.

And this is the view from your deck! 200 ft. of river frontage from your 100+ linear foot dock area.

ELAINE BUDDEN, Broker 541-4SO-5860 ~

Dcko odso Realty




Dkk Dodson Ralty Madam, Oregon



NAf 2334 NW BansCt. 2462 NWCrossing Dr.

SAT & SUN12-3 SAT & SUN12-3 1445 NW Mt Washington Dr. SAT 8 SUN12-3 2912 NW Celilo Ln. SAT & SUN1-4 1295 NW Ogden Ave. SATURDAY12-3 2559 NW Ordway Ave. SATURDAY10-12

SW 945 SW VantagePoint Wy.

SAT & SUN12-3

J4'E 686 NE Isabella Ln.

SAT & SUN11-2


2912 NW Celilo Ln. Exquisite finishes &materials Bonus roomw/ wetbar Near DiscoveryPark Landscapedcorner lot $008,000




SE 61060 Marble Mountain Ln. SAT 8 SUN 12-3 '1

- rI



West on Skyliners Rd., right on Lemhi Pass Dr., right on Drouillard Ave. Model at 2439 NW Drouillard Ave.

429 NW Flagline Dr.


1 & 2 BRcluster cottages Energy-efficient construction Landscapedcommonarea Bike 8 walking paths totown $375,000 te $410,000

’ w


1295 NWOgdenAve.

Master on main level Beautihll hardwoodfloors Den/office & studyalcove Large storagearea $440,000

Near NewportAve.shops Master on main level Rich wood & tile finishes Outdoor living areas $555,000

2372 NW High Lakes Lp Great roomwith fireplace Den/office Three-car garage CompassParknearby $500,000

1229 NW Rockwood Ln.

2334 NWBens Ct.

Isaa ’


. .




Contemporarydesign Bright great room Vaulted bonusroom Large island kitchen $525,000

Master onmainlevel Contemporarydecor Cul-de-sac location Downstairs bonusroom

1445 NW Mt. Washington Dr. Open great room Vaulted living area Bea utiful finishes Wide kitchen w/ island $435,000


g oo




2749 NW Shields Dr. 2462 NW Crossing Dr. Bright, modern interior


Bright, opengreat room Slab kitchen counters Master onmainlevel v

2559 NW Ordway Ave.


Master on mainlevel Bonus roomupstairs Finished basement Hardwood floors $SS0,000

Floor-to-ceiling windows High end finishes Close to DiscoveryPark $598,000


/ +


N ew NW Homes Coming Soon

NWXLot 751 Lemhi Pass Dr. NWX8 lots near Discovery Park NWXLot 10 NW Bens Ct.

NWX1557 NW Mt. Washington Dr. NWX1467 NW Mt. Washington Dr. NWX2712 NW Shields Dr. NWX 2736 NWShieldsDr.

NW 1175 NW Promontory Dr.

Nwx Lot 938 NWDiscovery Park Dr


NW L o t s

NWXLot 940 NW Discovery Park Dr

NW 2702 NW Three Sisters Dr. NNH9044 Mt. Shasta Dr.


( Nine Homes


Two, three andfour bedroom,one and two-story single family homes $309>900-$421,900 J

OPENSAT 8 SUN11-2 ORCHAR HIL From Bend Parkway, east on NE Revere Ave., left on NE 8th St., left on 1 I NE Isabella Ln. Model home at 686 NE Isabella Ln



New neighborhood in central Midtown area Single Family Homes Two-story townhomes Plans from 1160-2461 sf Some alley entry homes Plans with master suite on main

r h>

Juniper Swim b Fitness Center

945 SW VBIItage Poirit Wy. Townhome inTheBluffs Old Mill, Cascadeviews Two master suites Elegant finishe $699,90

Only one Townhome left! Three bedroom, two-story townhomes




Bend Senior Center

C 'U TH ~ "

61468 Elder Ridge St. Rich finishes &textures Vaulted great room Wood/gas fireplace Bonus roomwith bar $515,000

1195 NE Ross Rd. Townhome on large lot 6 Two BRs,large baths Vaulted ceilings New range,dishwasher $230,000




Central Oregon

Bend Golf & Country Club




61284 Dayspring Dr

14341 Burgess Rd.

Open great room, kitchen Vaulted masterbedroom All appliances included Community park, pool $289,000

Beautiful country home 6 acres on BigDeschutes 600' river frontage Adjoins NationalForest $1,150,000



„I sjl j





More in Hidden Hills



Growing new neighborhood New homes under construction Traditional&modernarchitecture Near SE Bend amenities $340,900-$499,000

l~ s I

2242 SW Stonehedge Ct. Two-story foyer, dormer Family roomwith fireplace Tile kitchen 8 dining floors Back yard play, RVareas $265,000


61049 RubyPeakLn. $349,900 2061 6Cougar PeakDr. $439,900 ,

South on Brosterhous Rd. past Murphy

: — HippEN ',. ~ Rd., left on Marble Mountain Ln. Model


",. Q

ho m e at 61060 Marble Mountain I n.

More CO Listings EDGE OFBEND 21685 Stud Ct. ALFALFA 25895 OglesRd. REDMOND 6330 NWJackpine Ave. REDMOND 3443 SW 47tll St. REDMOND 107 NW Fir Ave. SISTERS 11432 CrossroadsLp. SUNRIVER 19 Muir Ct. (Iot) EAGLECREST 2070 Cinnamon Teal Dr

visit oLir salesoffice at O f f ice Open

$599,999 $999,900

NprthWeSt CrpSSjng

$325,000 $399,900 $189,900

$335,000 $210,000 $384,900

2762 NWCrossing Drive e amer ro u

eal s a e


Monday-Friday 9-5 Weekends 10-2 CLOSFD LABORDAY

thegarnergroup.cpm I 541 383 4360

his is a stylistic representation of homesfor sale by Harcburts TheGarner GroupRealEstate. Locations on the map maynot be entirely accurat ~ • E I rr r r r JillL~~ r M u P X XFX PW W w W W ~ ~





To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED 541-385-5809



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

16 Acre horse property Like new craftsman + guest house w/ home with views. Cascade views. Ad ¹1302 AD¹1022 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 www. Bendoregon www. Bendoregon RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn Classic full-scribe cusOne of the largest Gil tom log home w/great c hrist h omes! U p Paulina peak views. rades t h roughout. Ad ¹2082 nce a 4 bdrm home. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Master downstairs is 2 High Desert Realty rooms combined. Two 541-312-9449 bdrms upstairs share www. Bendoregon a bathroom. Beautiful RealEstate.corn wood doors through Craftsman styling in out entire house. All wonderful Oaktreewindows have wood Bend. Ad ¹1232 trim accents. The sun room off the kitchen is TEAM Birtola Garmyn s urrounded by w i n High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 dows. Great tiled craft www. Bendoregon room that opens to a RealEstate.corn small deck. L a rge c overed deck a n d back patio. Several USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! fenced yards and a d etached 2 car ga Door-to-door selling with rage. Room for every fast results! It's the easiest thing. $133,000. MLS way in the world to sell. 201505241 Cascade Realty, The Bulletin Classified

H o mes for Sale



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


118 Acre Ranch I $180,000 55+ in Red- 19589 SIMPSON Avmond. 1400 sq. ft., 3 ENUE - BROKEN $1,149,500 2 homes, 91 acres irbdrm., 2 bath, end of TOP. Fabulous views rigation cul-de-sac l ocation. down the 18th fairHay barn, corrals, Private fenced yard, way of Broken Top shop great neighborhood, golf course from this BLM out the gate pergo floors, A/C. beautiful townhome. MLS 201406105 Diana Barker, Broker Main level m aster 541-480-7777 Steve Payer, Broker, s uite w i t h lar g e GRI Windermere walk-in closet and pri541-480-2966 Central Oregon vate access to back Real Estate patio overlooking the olf course, the per$187,900 D e schutes ect spot to watch the River, contract terms sunrise while enjoyoffered, 113 ft. river ing a morning cup of MORRIS frontage, power on coffee. For your visitREAL ESTATE site, septic installed, ing friends and family, h d y R~ y ~ M ~ good roads all year. there are two addiDave Disney, Broker tional en suite guest 541-410-8557 $1,200,000 P r e mier rooms and a loft. This Property. S t u nning Windermere unique property feamtn. views, private Central Oregon tures a 2-car garage 1.95 acre lot, 4553 sq. Real Estate and is located on a ft., 2 bdrms. + sitting corner lot, inside the rooms, 2 full baths & 2 Call a Pro gates of Bend's pre1/2 baths, den w/full mier golf community. Whether you need a closet+ bonus room. Offered at$495,000. Michelle White, Realtor fence fixed, hedges Lisa Cole, Principal 541-390-5286 trimmed or a house Broker, Ber k shire Windermere Hath away NW. built, you' ll find Central Oregon 541-749-0047 Real Estate professional help in The Bulletin's "Call a Need to get an $120,000 Val e ntine Service Professional" Street. 2 Yr. old floorad in ASAP? Linda 541-815-0606 541-385-5809 Directory ing, well maintained, You can place it new landscape, sideCharming Gil c hrist 541-385-5809 online at: home with easy ac Spectacular Deschutes walks and paint. Cencess to the Gilchrist River and Cascade tral A/C, 55+ park and $195,000 Small Coun- www.bendbulletin.corn State Forest across views. AD¹1342 a great place to live. try Acreage. Rare Susan Pitarro, Broker the street. Enjoy wild TEAM Birtola Garmyn small irrigated home541-385-5809 541-410-8084 life and forest views High Desert Realty site, mountain view, right from the living Windermere 541-312-9449 1.5 acres/1 acre irri- 19642 Holl y grape room and dining nook. Central Oregon www. Bendoregon gation, 764 sq. ft., 2 Street. Stun n ing Real Estate Three bedroom and RealEstate.corn bdrms., rock & r a il property located on one bath home fits landscaping. the Deschutes River family life and week Home on 5+ acres and 1/2 Acre Westside I Diana Barker, Broker rim and views of Mt. end getaways! Origi p rofessional h o r se $450,000 541-480-7777 B achelor! Flat . 3 6 Close to Old Mill & nal wood floor in liv facility. Ad ¹1382 Windermere acre parcel, commuing areas and kitchen. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Deschutes River Central Oregon nity center, pool, tenNew hickory h a rd High Desert Realty Home & guest quarReal Estate nis courts, beautiful wood in b edrooms. 541-312-9449 ters Developers check this 19566 Green L akes SW Bend neighborUpdated b a t hroom www. Bendoregon L oop, o f fered a t hood, minutes away with stone tile on floor RealEstate.corn out MLS 201500675 $799,000. Golf course f rom the O l d M i l l, and shower surround. Remodeled k i tchen B eautiful home in a Rookie Dickens, Bro› v iew, 3120 sq . f t . shopping, downtown custom home, 3 bed- & more. For you outwith updated tile and great neighborhood., ker, GRI, CRS, ABR ent h usiasts, room, 2 full baths, 2 door c ounter tops. N ew with 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 541-815-0436 large front patio with bonus room. half baths, m aster River Canyon Park trail head is .5 mile Ad ¹1372 suite on main level, fire pit and back patio $325 , 000. oversized 3 car ga- away. both make it perfect TEAM Birtola Garmyn 201 4 07980 High Desert Realty rage, beautifully land- MLS¹ $99,000. MLS 541-312-9449 scaped, in p r emier C indy K in g A B R , 201505666 MORRIS CRS, GRI, Principal www. Bendoregon g olf community of Cascade Realty, REAL ESTATE RealEstate.corn Broken Top. Great lo- Broker 541-330-8543 Linda 541-815-0606 C o mpany cation on th e 1 7th Hasson Bright and beautiful Gorgeous family home fairway of the Broken Realtors 15470 Emerald Dr. with 5 bdrm, bonus, home on the 7th fairTop Golf Course! This way of Big Meadow SW Bend neighbor- $171,000. 1924 sq. ft., b eautiful cust o m 20.44 acres. If you want 3 bdrm, 2 bath on 5 hood. AD¹1752 Golf Course. home has an inviting privacy and your own acres. High L akes open floor plan; lots of get away retreat, this Ad ¹7002 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Realty & Pr o perty light, soaring vaulted property is it. BreathHigh Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 Management High Desert Realty ceilings & hardwood taking views of the 541-536-0117 www. Bendoregon 541-312-9449 floors. A large great Cascade Mountains. www. Bendoregon RealEstate.corn room boasts a stone E lectricity is on t he $165,000 New C o n- fireplace and built-ins; property. $ 165,000. RealEstate.corn KAR O L YN Cozy 3 bdrm home near struction, one l evel the gourmet kitchen is CALL AT Beautiful landscaped 4 Kiwanis Park. Craftsman, 3 bdrm, 2 complete w/ granite DUBOIS bath, large master counters & w a l k-in 541-390-7863. MLS: bdrm, office, 3 bath, AD¹1762 Duke home on 2.5 acres. TEAM Birtola Garmyn suite, great room de- pantry. Great layout 201309974 AD¹1532 High Desert Realty sign, large k itchen with the master suite Warner Realty 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn area, almost com8 office/ den downGolf Course High Desert Realty www. Bendoregon pleted. stairs. Two bedrooms $118,000 541-312-9449 RealEstate.corn Dave Disney, Broker & large bonus room Frontage. Build your www. Bendoregon 541-41 0-8557 upstairs. Relax out in dream home on the Custom log home, 1 RealEstate.corn Windermere the front courtyard or Greens at Redmond. acre backs forest land Fairway, 0.21 Central Oregon on the back patio. 14th in SR's backyard. Ad acre lot, great neighSE Bend home with 2 Real Estate Enjoy the view! ¹1072 suites. Ad ¹1492 Lynda Walsh, Broker, borhood. Dee Baker, Broker TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn ABR, SRS. Find exactly what High Desert Realty 541-977-9956 High Desert Realty 541-322-8880 541-312-9449 Windermere 541-312-9449 you are looking for in the Berkshire Hathaway www. Bendoregon www. Bendoregon Central Oregon CLASSIFIEDS Home Serv i ces Real Estate RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn Northwest Real Estate


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Homes for Sale

Ho m es for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

20785 Beaumont Dr. 3081 N W Col o nial3.5 B u ildable R i ver $439,000 Private 1.5 Offered at$359,000. Drive. Starry nights Frontage. Pa u lina Acres i n Tu m alo. 3 b e drooms, 2 . 5 and beautiful views of Peak/Newberry Cra- Wonderful neighborbaths, 2560 sq. ft., Powell Butte, P ilot ter views on Little De- hood, 4 bdrm., 2.5 great room with gas Butte & the Ochocos schutes River, build bath, 2620 sq. ft. refireplace, gra n ite await your new dream your dream home at verse living, 1 acres countertops, stainless home! Spacious .55 the end of the road, irrigation, bor d ers steel appliances, of- acre lot in NW Bend is eagle, otter, beaver, Swalley Canal. fice/den on main level, l ightly treed & j u st deer & elk to enjoy Debbie Tallman, Broker spacious bonus room, minutes from down- w atching. 5275 0 541-390-0934 fenced-in b ackyard, town 8 near trails for Bridge Ave. $179,000. Windermere 3-car garage. Beauti- biking o r ru n ning. Theresa Ra m say, Central Oregon ful, light, and bright Purchase i n c ludes Broker 541-815-4442 Real Estate Craftsman-style engineered topo map John L. Scott Realty, $479,000 Eagle Crest home. Open f l oor of property, sidewalks Bend R esort. 2 mas t er plan, great room with are in and all utilities $373,000 - $ 5 59,000 suites plus 1.5 baths, gas fireplace, slab are to the street, you' ll Faith Hope Charity. 2161 sq. ft, 36 acre, granite countertops, love living in Awbrey Acreage for sale: 6 fairway, Frank stainless steel appli- Village! CLA for more lots. 5.34 $ 439,000 14th Construction. ances, p antry i n information. $199,500. M tn. V i e w , 5.0 1 Ring Bea Leach, Broker kitchen. O ff ice/den MLS¹ 201 5 07733 541-788-2274 with glass F r ench C indy K in g A B R , $559,000 Mtn. View, Windermere $373,000 Smith doors. Har d wood CRS, GRI, Principal 5.01 Central Oregon Rock, 4.98 $549,000 floors. Upstairs 3 bed- Broker. 541-330-8543 M tn. V i e w , 5.1 9 Real Estate rooms and roomy bo- Hasson C o m pany $373,000 Smith Rock, n us r oom. H u g e Realtors $484,900 Eagle Crest 4.98 $549,000 Mtn. Resort. Turnkey, furmaster suite features $ 325,000 N W R e d View. vaulted ceilings, sit- mond 4-Plex. Great nished 4 b d rm., 4 Bea Leach, Broker bath, 2551 sq. ft, 59 ting area, travertine income, lots of tenant 541-788-2274 tiled bathroom, soak- parking, clean 2 bdrm. acre, gated commuWindermere nity, vaulted open living tub, walk-in closet. units, new e x terior Central Oregon Large 3-car garage. ing. Real Estate paint, large lot. Bea Leach, Broker The backyard is com- Diana Barker, Broker 541-788-2274 plete with an outdoor $ 379,000 Quies t 541-480-7777 Windermere deck and patio. PerNeighborhood. .46 Windermere fect for entertaining. A Central Oregon acre corner lot, single Central Oregon Real Estate quality built, turnkey level, updated kitchen Real Estate home that has been & baths, tiled floors & $539,000 Quail Ridge, lovingly maintained! $329,000 R i v e rfront. counters, co v ered 2692 sq. ft. one level, Lynda Walsh, Broker 2227 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 3 decks front 8 back, large bonus room, 4 ABR, SRS. bath, open floor plan, tiki bar plus treehouse bdrm, 3 bath, 1.96 541-322-8880. 2 master suites, a liDee Baker, Broker t reed acres, 4 c a r Berkshire H a t haway b rary and den, 2 + 541-977-7756 garage 8 shop. Home Serv i ces acres on Little DesWindermere Bob Ahern, Broker Northwest Real Estate chutes River. Central Oregon 541-420-3891 Bill Kammerer, Broker Real Estate Winderm ere 20 Acre Ranch I 541-41 0-1 200 Central Oregon Check out the $1,249,900 Windermere Real Estate 3560 sq.ft., 3 bedclassifieds online Central Oregon room, 4 bath Real Estate slww.bendbutletin.corn $ 549,500 Great O r Outdoor kitchen, pond, ganic Farm in Alfalfa! Updated daily $334,900 New C o nRemodeled s i n gle barn struction! Single level, Chef's kitchen, stun3 Masters Plus. Price level home, 22 acres/ 2112 sq. ft. on .49 ning master Reduction: $585,999. 19.5 acre irrigated, acres! Open floor plan Convenience, MLS 201505310 l ocaguest house, barn, w/4 bdrms., 2.5 baths, tion and a great house outbuildings, horse 8 Odette Adair, Broker, granite, h ardwoods, all in one . This c attle country j u st RSPS, S.T.A.R tile, central heating, 2700+ sq. ft. home minutes to Costco. 541-815-4786 RV area & hook-ups! has 3 masters, 2 other Clair Sagiv, Broker Jillian Smith, Broker 541-390-2328 bdrms, 4.5 baths, a 503-913-5076 bonus room with a Windermere Windermere Central Oregon deck off it plus a large Central Oregon deck with a new hot Real Estate MORRIS Real Estate t ub, f i nished a n d $597,000 REAL ESTATE Joh n s on $ 347,900 62972 M i - ready to enjoy. MLS Road. 3.03 acres in mosa D r. , B e n d. ¹201504521 Bend's wes t side. Cascade mtn. views, $215,000 Like-New Red Beautiful home in a www.johnlscott.corn/sha rona Sharon Abrams, nice neighborhood, 3 Bar Home. 3 bdrm., 2 3262 sq. ft . h ome, Principal Bro- oversized a t t ached b ath, 1681 sq . f t . , bdrm., 2.5 bath, bo- CRS, ker. 541-280-9309 nus room, 2431 sq. ft., and open floor vaulted ceilings, new L Scott Realty, garage carpet 8 paint, pri- 2 car attached ga- John plan. Bend. vate fenced backyard, rage, landscaped priSusan Pitarro, Broker 541-410-8084 open floor plan, all vate fenced backyard, 40 Acres w/Beautiful A/C. Windermere appliances included. Home. Custom 3 bedMelodee Radcliffe, BroCentral Oregon Diana Barker, Broker room, 2 bath, 2384 ker. 541-788-0612 541-480-7777 Real Estate sq. ft. home built in Win dermere Windermere 2006. Open floor plan Central Oregon Just too many Central Oregon with hardwood floors, Real Estate Real Estate vaulted ceilings, suncollectibles? $349,900 C r aftsman. room, attached ga$ 232,000. Mea d ow Great room s t yle, rage and so much Sell them in Lakes, updated 1876 custom kitchen, large more. $324 , 900. sq. ft. home, 0.22 acre master, large shop CALL DUKE The Bulletin Classifieds large l ot , gr a nite, building, RV c o v er WARNER R E A LTY wood, tile, & walk-in parking. DAYVILLE AT 541-385-5809 pantry, view of golf Dave Disney, Broker 541-987-2363. MLS: course and river. 201401285 541-410-8557 60491 Seventh Mt. Dr., Bill Kammerer, Broker Windermere 3 bedroom, 3~/~ bath, $439,000 C l os e in 541-410-1200 Central Oregon - Furnished. Redmond Acreage. $499,900 Windermere Real Estate Mara Stein, Principal Great cottage to live Central Oregon in while you build, Broker, Pamir ProperReal Estate Where can you find a Inc. mountain views, city ties, 541-420-3400 helping hand? water, 20 acres/9 irri26695 Horsell Road gated, large s hop/ 60512 Seventh Mt. Dr., Recently remodeled From contractors to storage, bunkhouse. 2 bedroom, 2~/~ bath, 3bdrm, 2 bath, 2070y yard care, it's all here Diana Barker, Broker sq. ft. farm house on $365,000. Mara Stein, in The Bulletin's 541-480-7777 Principal Bro k e r, 6 7.9y a c re s wi t h "Call A Service Windermere Pamir Properties, Inc. 39.7y acres of irrigaCentral Oregon 541-420-3400 t ion. 1344y sq . f t . Professional" Directory Real Estate building for office/ rec60523 Seventh Mt. Dr., reation /studio, 4502y ¹349,900 Fabulous NE 10% equity s hare, sq. ft. building with 12' B eauty. Large . 2 1 FIND YOUR FUTURE $49,500. Mara Stein, door & man door for acre lot at end of HOME INTHE BULLETIN Principal Bro k e r, cul-de-sac, master on shop/RV/toy/boat Pamir Properties, Inc. storage & indoor gar- the main, 4 bdrm., 2.5 your future is just apage 541-420-3400 dening. New 750y sq. b ath, 2184 sq . f t . , away. Whetheryou're looking Vi l lage ft. deep well being open great room up- fora hatoraplaceto hangit, 60691 G ol f stairs, private back- The Bulletin Classified is drilled to provide a Loop. 3 bdrm., 3 bath, your best source. yard. 3281 sq. ft., vaulted year-round source of domestic water. New Michelle White, Realtor ceilings, maple inlaid Every daythousandsof 541-390-5286 floor, magnificent rock gas log fireplace will buyers andsellers of goods Windermere be installed. wall fireplace, brand and services dobusiness in Central Oregon new "Neil K e l ly" $625,000. these pages.Theyknow Real Estate MLS¹201401400 kitchen, master suite you can't beatTheBulletin with fireplace & gym, Bobbie Strome, $359,000 Bea u tiful Classified Section for Principal Broker t ile r o ofs, pa v e r selection andconvenience Bungalow in Hidden driveways, triple gaJohn L Scott Real Hills. Open floor plan, -every item isjust a phone Estate 541-385-5500 rage with s t orage, call away. 1644 sq. ft., 3 beddecks looking out over room, 2 bath, SS ap- The Classified Section is 11th Hole 8 Lake, pri$269,950 Cro o k ed pliances, hardwood, easy to use.Everyitem vate fenced paver paRiver, 2176 sq.ft., 3 designer carpet, tile & is categorizedandevery tio. $825,000. Ma ra bdrm, 2 bath, open ork f l oors, c o m - cartegoIy is indexed onthe Stein, Principal Brofloor plan, m a ster c pletely fenced 8 landsection's front page. separation. Shop/ga- scaped, covered front ker, Pamir Properties, Inc. 541-420-3400. rage, 24'x36', 1.56 porch & back deck. Whether youare lookingfor acre. a home orneedaservice, Jake 8 Loretta Moor60734 G ol f Vi l lage Jeanette Brunot, head. 541-480-6790 your future is in thepagesof Loop, .64 a c res, Broker 541-771-1383 The Bulletin Classified. 541-480-2245 $279,000. Mara Stein, Windermere Windermere P rincipal Brok e r, Central Oregon Central Oregon The Bulletin Pamir Properties, Inc. Real Estate Saving CentralOregonsince SOP Real Estate 541-420-3400


WOW, a f t e r o n e m o n t h o f being c o owner o f elle r W illiams Ce n t r a l Or e g o n , we are so pleased to welcome


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54 I 4Q8 9Q29

aabies e v ent to ben e f i t MountainStar Relief Nursery, and host a concert uith Asleep at tbe Wheel' to benefit the Humane Society of Central Oregon. Both events raised over g100,000, all of ub ich stays bere in Bend. Have a great weekt Team Sell Bend "Bend's favorite rsul estate team, judged by me, an independent ktb.n — Stetson

Shelly Hummel, Broker, CRS, GRl 541-480-8523 cell

60337 Arnold Market Road

$I, I 95,000 • Gated country estatewith Cascade Mountain views, big pond for boating or fishing 3492 sq. ft. home, guest cottage, shop • 38.6 acres,9 acres irrigated,fenced pasture MLS 20 I 507799


I 8270 Rock Springs Court

$789,000 Incredible Tumajo acreage 26 I 4 sq. ft. home, barn, shop • 9.25 acres,8.4 irrigated, pastures,gardens MLS 20j50779j

6I 348Triple Knot Road

$775,000 Townhome in Golf Homes at Tetherow 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms,2753 sq. ft. • Cascade mountain and golf course views

MLS 20 I 508502

l9545 Green Lakes Loop

$579,000 Beautiful home in Broken Top Golf Community g


4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3086 sq. ft. Main-level master suite, family room upstairs MLS 20j 50774j

l9554 Painted Ridge Loop

$499,000 Townhome in Broken Top Golf Community 2204 sq. ft., remodeled bathrooms, sunroom • Nice deck,view of pond and common area MLS 20 I 507742

234 I NW D e b ron Lane


$395,000 3 bedrooms,2.5 bathrooms, I807 sq. ft.


Great room floor plan with a gas fireplace I year new home on Bend'5 Westside MLS 20 I 508947

Statistics:Bend Residential Sales Statistics for the Week of 8/24 — 8/30


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Median Price $399,000 Median Price $378,250

High Price $I,375,000

Sold 7I

Low Price $I91,500

Median Price $339,000

High Price $I,I49,500

High Price $I,950,000

Total Bend residential properties on the market: 784 Total number of residential properties sold year to date: l,838 with a median salesprice of $335,500

In lhe Bul l e tin Cl a ssi f i e ds Unlike unregulatedInternetadvertising, wemakeevery attemPt tQ ensure that Products sold in Qurclassifieds are from avalid source.

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54%-589-BSBS kg I B







Homes for Sale

H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

H o mes for Sale



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

80 acre estate with .88 of an acre commer- A ll t h e Be l l s an d Awbrey Glen. Live and Bend Home On Acre- Bring the Horses or the Charming Craftsman. Close To Old Mill I custom home and un- cially zoned property W histles. You a n d play in amazing AwToys! $439 , 900. Close to th e D esage I $679,000 $360,000 obstructed Cascade with tw o s t i ck-built your critters will love brey Glen in spacious 2760 sq.ft. artistic 21221 Gift Road. Just chutes River Trail in 1498 sq.ft. bungalow Broken Top's signaMountain views homes rented at $575 this property. Attrac- 3 bdrm, 3 bath home! home l isted, 4y a cres i n NW Bend and just a 3 bedroom, 1 bath ture ¹ 1 1 Fa i rway, $3,950,000. and $850. You also tive 3 bedroom, 2.5 3225 NW Melville Dr., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Whispering Pines with s hort d i stance t o Old growth wood b eautifully land - Craig Long, Broker 977 0 1. 8.8 acres, mountain 1705 sq. ft. home re- downtown. Tall ceil- floors, marmoleum get an additional tax b ath, 2900 sq . f t . B end, O r scaped property with 541-480-7647 lot in the deal! This lo- home with barn and $599,500. Chri s views cently upgraded with ings and open floor MLS 201505745 two water f eatures cation is off the Maarena on 5 acres with McPheeters, Princi- MLS 201502472 central heat and air plan. $399,000. CALL Lester Friedman, PC, and private cul-de-sac dras Hwy in Prineville, 2 a c res i r rigation. pal Broker. David Gilmore, conditioning, P ergo TERRY SKJERSAA Broker, ABR, CSP, l ocation, thi s g o r rdd and there have been Close to BLM land. Assist 2 Sell Broker, CRS, e-Pro, wood floors in living AT 541 - 383-1426. e-PRO, S.T.A.R. 541-388-2111 geous Sun F orest s ome n e w bu s i - $625,000. CALL RSPS room, family room, tile MLS: 201 5 05222 541-330-8491 home has it all: elnesses in the area. BECKY OZRELIC AT 541-371-2309 e ntry a n d ea t - i n Duke Warner Realty MORRIS 541-480-9'I 91. MLS: Awbrey Village Craftsegant great r oom, Asking $199,900 kitchen. N e w atREAL ESTATE formal dining, family agent-owned p rop- 201502661 Duke man with views. This tached 2-car garage Charming Home, Close ~ y ~ ~ ~ d quality 4 bdrm, 2.5 room, gourmet erty. Heather Hockett, Warner Realty plus detached 2-car to Town. 3 bedroom, bath, 2639 sq.ft. home kitchen, bre a kfast P rincipal Brok e r 2 bath, on one acre. garage/shop/tack 5 41-420-9151 G o l d sits on nearly a quarroom, wine c e llar, Awbrey Butte I room/office, 2 - s tall Fenced backyard, RV MORRIS Take care of MORRIS ter acre lot with unobl uxurious mas t e r Country Realty barn w/hay storage. parking and hookup. $639,000 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE your investments 2887 sq.ft., 3 bedstructed mtn views. suite, private office, 2 Huge bac k d e c k, $249,900. CALL IA p M d y ~ M O~ I $950,000 Family Com- room, 3 bath Features inc l u de en suite quest rooms, f enced yard, a n d C ANDY YO W A T with the help from pound. Mou n tain Landscaped .7 acre lot bamboo floor, slab 541-410-3193. MLS: and now an amazing fenced corral for aniBend's Westside I Want to impress the The Bulletin's view, fully appointed 3-car garage, flat granite counters with new price! $899,000. mals. MLS¹ 201506478 Duke $598,000 relatives? Remodel guest suite, 2 wells + tile back s plash, Lisa Cole, Principal "Call A Service driveway 201507543. Warner Realty your home with the stainless appl., panty, 1174 sq.ft. Broker, Ber k shire Professional" Directory i rrigation, barn w / MLS 201503437 Call Ainslie Reynolds, apartment, o r ganicMegan Power, Broker, large dining r oom, 2 bedroom, 1 bath Hathaway NW. Principal Broker, Charming NW lodge help of a professional Great location garden, huge pond o pen great r o o m MLS 201508416 541-749-0047 541-410-1054. style. A/C, single level GRI, CDPE from The Bulletin's w /built-ins and g a s Deborah Benson, PC, $893,000. 19178 Green w/fish. 541-610-7318 Re/Max Key 3 bdrm, 2 bath, adj. to "Call A Service 63267 Stonewood Dr., Tom Weinmann, Broker fireplace. Master bath Lakes Loop, Bend in Properties Bend CC, great room Professional" Directory Broker, GRI, Pre› 541-706-1820 Bend. $360,000. 3 w/jetted tub and radiwith river rock FP, and Broken Top. 3553 sq. view Specialist bdrm, 2 bath, CasWindermere ant h e ated f l o or. ft., 5 bedroom, 4 bath, B uild Y o u r Dr e a m alder vaulted ceiling, 541-480-6448 Coming Soon I cade view, large cor- .38 acre on the 12th Central Oregon Large closets and Home! 0.20 acre cor- Irg kitchen with slab ner lot. Dan Hoak, Real Estate $739,000 storage galore. 20' x fairway, main l evel ner lot, e stablished granite, new SS appliMORRIS Broker 541-639-6595 18' bonus rec room, neighborhood, south- ances and eating bar, Classic 1930's tudor master, triple garage, $960,000 Cascade Mtn. Mary Hoak, Broker REAL ESTATE A/C and d ual f u rern v iews, c o nve- separate dining area, style home bonus room, great Views. 2610 sq. ft. 541-848-8140 new paint, carpet and 2700 sq. ft. naces. Solar tube in n iently located o n room design, formal home, 36X38 shop, Berkshire Hathaway refinished alder hard- Master has mountain h all b a th . Wo o d dining. Beautifully fin- Little MORRIS westside, seize this Desc h utes views Home Services roll-up window blinds wood throughout. Awbrey Butte I opportunity! ished with rich cherry R iver, 1 9.74 REAL ESTATE t o t al On 2 city lots, incredNorthwest Real Estate wood floors throughand decorated lightwww.johnlscott.corn/kr See FSBO section at $690,000 IA I A d y ~ M O~ cres, g arden & Traditional 2692 sq.ft. ing. $479,000. MLS istinb Kristin Barber, Zillow.corn for pictures. ible location the main living ar- a $ 635,000 1 12 3 N W out greenhouse. Best Buy Under $200K Broker 541-408-8853 $397,500. Jen Bowen, home ¹201505585 Promontory Dr. 2973 eas. Custom cherry Bea Leach, Broker 541-389-2244 4 bedroom, 3 bath D eschutes Riv e r John L. Scott Realty, Broker, GRI Bobbie Strome, cabi n etry sq. ft.,4 bed 8 3 bath, wood 541-788-2274 Woods. 1244 sq. ft., 2 Bend 541-280-2147 Landscaped .69 acre Principal Broker cr o wn formal living & dining, tmhroughout, Windermere Christmas Valley Lot MLS 201505262 bedroom, 2 bath John L Scott Real olding, gran i te open great r o om, counters, Central Oregon manufactured home Cabin on Paulina Lake. with services availEstate 541-385-5500 2 fireplaces Sue Conrad, wraparound porch. Real Estate on .89 of an acre with Don't let this rare op- able. Power at road Broker, CRS (wood/gas and gas), Eric Andrews, Broker Backs upto community an awesome 24'x34' p ortunity to live o n and city water avail541-480-6621 and customer cen- Acreage in SE Bend. 541-771-1168 MORRIS pasture, nicely shop. $185,000. CALL Paulina Lake pass able. Adjacent parcel tralized stereo sys- 9 .41 acres with 5 Winderm ere KIM KA HL AT you by! Cabin has the 1800 also for sale. REAL ESTATE painted 1704 sq. ft. tem (built-in acres underground irCentral Oregon frame built 3 bdrm, 2 541-480-1662. MLS: l&O M dy ~ ~ O~ I best setting on the $11,000 each. CALL speakers/volume 4d rigation, shop, barn, Real Estate bath. Updated quality 201506604 Duke lake. $195,000. CALL FRED JOHNSON AT c ontrols i n eve r y guest quarters and 7 Contemporary 3675 541-788-3733. MLS: f looring. Close t o Warner Realty TERRY SKJERSAA Spa c ious car garage! 2489 sq. $695,000 Old Mill De- room). sq.ft. home in Awbrey MORRIS Scout Camp T r ail. AT 541 - 383-1426. 201503506; cozy ft. single level main velopment Land. 1.23 kitchen w / Highlands with panBig Awbrey Butte REAL ESTATE 2 01503508. Duk e MLS 201 5 0 3998. MLS: 201 5 04804 acres wooded, 1 acre breakfast nook, for- home. $61 9 ,000. oramic Cascade Craftsman home. P OO dms ~ d ~ $2'l9,900. Call Donna Warner Realty. Duke Warner Realty irrigation, solid home mal dining area, and CALL ROB EGGERS Ad ¹1112 Mountain views Carter, 541-903-0601 to rent or live in while great room. On the AT 541 - 815-9780. TEAM Birtola Garmyn $895,000 Awbrey Butte I Crooked River Realty Christmas Valley Oasis. Cascade Mountain main floor, an elegant building, close to Old MLS: 201 5 06636 High Desert Realty John Snippen, $715,000 Views I $1,750,000 20 acres, 2 homes, master suite w/seatMill, old growth ponDuke Warner Realty 541-312-9449 Principal Broker, 3186 sq. ft., 3 bedBeautifully Remodeled. home 2/1 (1200 sq. Custom 4853 sq.ft. derosas, 37 years or- ing area, f ireplace, 541-948-9090. www. BendOregon This 2286 sq. ft. home room, 3.5 bath home ft.), guest home 2/1 bath w/custom steam ganic. RealEstate.corn Say "goodbuy" Panoramic Cascade has new floors, appli(1050 sq. ft.) n ine •4 bedroom+ offi ce, shower & jacuzzi jet Diana Barker, Broker Mountain views ances, plenty of room Black Butte Ranch I 3.5 bath outbuildings, greentub. Two a dditional 541-480-7777 to that unused Manicured .58 acre, for the whole family. 2 Barn, indoor & outhouse, shop, matchbedrooms (bedroom/ $698,000 Windermere water feature separate lots, 2nd is Backs to National For- door arenas item by placing it in ing storage buildings. craft and bedroom/ Central Oregon MORRIS buildable. 1.9 acres. A est www.johnlscott.corn/b MLS 201404428 office) are also on the The Bulletin Classifieds MLS 201504693 Real Estate REAL ESTATE must see! $189,900. Great room floor plan, Virginia Ross, Broker, r adwhitcomb B r a d John Snippen, PC, main level. Upstairs Broker, MBA, ABR, CALL CANDY YOW master on main W hitcomb, Br o k er l&~ dy~ ~ op d ABR CRS, GRI, Eco Call The Bulletin At are 2 more en-suite AT 541 - 4 10-3193. Newly remodeled, 541-350-3449 John L. CRS, GRI, SRES, Broker Previews 5 41-385-580 9 bedrooms w/full 541-385-5809 Advertise your car! MLS: 201 5 07026 SRS Scott Realty, Bend 541-480-7501 baths, plus an addigourmet kitchen Add A Picture! Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 541-312-7273 Duke Warner Realty Reach thousands of readers! b o nus/hobbyAcross from Dry CanMLS 20'I 410380 At: www.bendbulletin.corn tional Classic NW C o ttage room. House is wired yon! 2 bdrm., 2 bath, Call 541-385-5809 Michael J Hopp, built by Jim St. John The Bulletin Class!ffeds central vacuum 1502 sq. ft. well cared TURN THE PAGE Broker, RSPS,SRS $ 695,000 Rare R i m for with timeless finishes and security system. The Kelleher Group Home. View of CRR for home. Double car For More Ads and a great room floor C ountry Cottage i n MORRIS mature land- garage, RV parking, 541-390-0504 Golf Course, Smith Lush 2 Bdrm, 1 bath, The Bulletin MORRIS plan. Chef's kitchen Town. scaping, p erennials REAL ESTATE Rock vista, great for b eautifully land in 1020 sq.ft. on .44 and fabulous patio are galore, gorgeous waREAL ESTATE entertaining, 3488 sq. scaped yard on over rustic c abin ideal for entertaining. acres, Bend Golf Club I ft., 3 bdrm., 1.5 bath, ter feature w/two wa- 1/4 acre lot. MLS¹ close to the amenities Cascade Mtn. Views & $599,000. CALL terfalls, and custom $684,900 201505301. $219,900 abundant lif e t ime Bend. Double carShop! 3 bedroom, 2.5 TERRY S KJERSAA of Awbrey Butte Lot I 3265 sq.ft. home, golf decking, low-mainte- paver patio. Immacu- Pam Lester, Princ. MORRIS port and a d o uble bath + bonus room, AT 541-383-1426. $450,000 course views nance l andscaping, late 3-car a ttached Broker, Century 21 REAL ESTATE garage that is c ur2015 0 3918 stunning Three Sis- MLS: garage (945 sq. ft.) w/ Gold Country Realty, •OutstandingCascade 3 bedroom (2 1.38 acres homesite. rently a shop. Plenty Duke Warner Realty ters views & Wychus abundant s t o rage views masters), 4 bath Diana Barker, Broker Inc. 541-504-1338 of parking for all types space an d e p oxy 0.72 acre lot .25 acre, covered pa- Bring the Horses and Creek views, granite, 541-480-7777 of toys and vehicles, Classic West s ide flooring. E x t ensive Possible owner terms SS appl., maple cabiAffordable Single Level. tio Dogs~ Big 2 5 acre Winderm ere with on one to comCraftsman. Enjoy the i nterior/exterior r e nets & slate floors, Single level home at MLS 201504822 MLS 201508314 corner lot. 4 bedroom Central Oregon (no HOA). Heat ligh t ing private setting while plain m odeling and u p - end of cul-de-sac, Pi- Susan AGLI, Broker, Dana Miller, Principal with oak and s late designer Real Estate and forced air rade projects (over lot Butte views, new hug e still living among all of pump Broker, ABR, AHWD floors. ABR, ALHS, GRI R e m odeled t hroughout, backup furnace, plus amenities. a woodstove. 110,000) r e cently exterior paint, beauti541-408-3773 541-408-1468 795 +/- Acre farm, 296 kitchen, great room shop/studio could be Westside's City of Tastefully u p d ated completed. Call Eric g uest q uarters, 4 a cres i r rigated, 3 ful laminate flooring, and water f eature. B end services. A decks, l a ndscaped, with craftsman finAndrews for the full homes, several outfully f enced y a rd, $359,000. CALL ishes. $699 , 000. must-view property. solarium, garden 8 buildings, 2 irrigation package on this prop- double garage, mas4d JAYNEE BECK AT MLS TERRY $295,000. wells, al l i r r igation erty. Principal Broker, ter w/walk-in shower. 541-480-0988 O R more! www.johnlscott CALL SKJERSAA AT ¹201507501 541-771-1168 .corn/1 8310. K a t hy equipment included. $ 269,900. Marc i PETE VAN DEUSEN Bobbie Strome, MORRIS MORRIS Bro k e r 541-383-1426. MLS: Windermere Tom R o th , B r o ker Schoenberg, Broker AT 541 - 480-3358. D enning, Principal Broker REAL ESTATE Duke Central Oregon REAL ESTATE 541-771-6549 John L 541-610-7803 John L. MLS: 201 5 03106 541-480-4429 John L. 201505953 John L Scott Real Warner Realty Real Estate P OO dms ~ d ~ IM~ dy e ~ Op y I Scott Realty, Bend Scott Realty, Bend Scott Realty, Bend Duke Warner Realty Estate 541-385-5500 61882 BUNKER HILL COURT at BROKEN TOP. Perched above












SAT 10 AM-2 PM SUN/MON 12-4 PM

SAT ar. SUN 11 AM-2 PM

PerchedaboveBrokenToi/s signature dll fairwayanII nestledonlarge, beautifully lands capedproperty that includes twowater featuresandIPrivate cul-de-sac location.ThisgorgeousSun Foresthomehasit all; elegantgreat room,formal dining, family room, gourmetkitchen,breakfast room,wine cellar, luxuriousmaster suite, private office, and2en-suite guestrooms. HOSted 6 LiSted byd

I I®i,. fltr: 61882 Bunker Hill Court Directions:SimpsonArye.turn left onto Mt. Washington, turn right onto Broken TopDr. Gate!dousestaff will Providea maP to the home.



LISA COLE Principal Broker




Beautiful single-level home in Broken Top is cheery and light-infused with views of pond and 5th fairway. 1828 sq ft. includes 2/3 BR. Large 61981 Fall Creek Loop master with his and hers DfrecffodrsrBroken Top Dnve, closets, lofty ceiling, open right on second Green LakesLoop floor plan, gas fireplace. entrance,first left on Fall CreekLoop.

Hosted 6 Listed by.




9„hlt It SC„ft’ REAL ESTATE



Northwest Real Estate Ct

SUN. 11 - 2

Brand neW hame, 2,646 Sq. ftp

4BR/3BA, hard-to-tind singlelevel on large 0.54 acre comer lot. Built by Mike Knighten, expansiveCascade mountai n views, fully landscaped, font courtyard, covered rear deck. Luxury finishes include quartz 1970 NW Balitch Ct. slab counters, tiled baths arid Or, to laundry room. Solid hard- Didvcfions:M. le on Balitch Ct. wood floors. Light and bright Staruierd! ft breakfast nook, formal dining. Expansive great room plan, vaulted ceilings, premium appliances and fixtures. Move-in ready home!

W ashington


Hosted & Listed byy




SAT. - SUN. 12PM - CPM

1800 sq. ft. Of charm, tiled floor entry, archways,office/ den,laundry/mud room II big living area. Country style kitchen with breakfast nook, master bedroom with 1342 NW Albany Ave. his II her closets, master bath with large walk-in tiled shower, large back deck, great location!


Hosted 6 Listed byy

"%8% N

JIM BIRTOLA Principal Bro/rer/Burner




Sd.nderd.Ndyd trealEstste.corn

8 I I

You are going to love this new home In SWRedmond! Offering over 1500sq,fto 3 bedroomsand 2 bathrooms,this home is a very comfortable floor plan. Wood laminate flooring, knotty Alder 2305 SW Kalama Ave. cabinetry It tile backsplashesin LNtections:Won Highland, 5 on$!f' bathrooms It kitchen. Vaulted 27th Stp le ft on SWJuniper Lnp Right ceilings It lots ofnatural light, on SW 26th, left on SW Kalama Av¹ House oncorner ofEalama /'y5!f'23rd.

Hosted by: GLYNIS LEACH Principal Broker 541-77 1-6623 Listed by: JIM HINTON Broker







Homes &om the

Just completed afull renovation. Wood floors, customcabinetry, quartz countertops, new Samsumg SS gas range It microwave.3 bedroom,2.5 bath w/ master onthe mainfloor It a large bonusroom,3 car garage, possible RV parking It I/2 acre behind the house,giving you fantasticCascadeMountain views.


Hosted 6 Listed by: GARY DIEFENDERFER




2 40,000 S

PahlischHomes „, „„,



SW Wickiup, L onSWCascade Vista Dr. House ¹ on the the right.

R E A L T 0

R 8



Listed by: BECKY BREEZE Broker



LiSted byd


SSSS,S00 ECKY REEZE 8I MPANY Real Estate 3Bd spy Upper Terrace ste. 201 Bend WWW.bedkybrdddd.Corn


I „


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, RS plus l a rge f i n i shed t family room with wood floors, stainless steel appliances. Located in quiet neighborhood, close to 3006 NE Raineer shopping II medical. ComeDin,cfions:From 27!h St, em/ on see this dynamic home! Wells Acres,right on Hawk View,



4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3834 sq. ft. of exqu>sac amenities — an entertainer's delight. 825 sq. ft. master suite with private deck It sitting room. Large 652 sq. 2936 XWWIldMeadowDr Bend ft. office with bathroom Directions: WestordNeuport I!rye/Sbed llin above garage. Park Rd,Lejt orr /IeserryeCamP, right oN Pludrrmerb/II, lr/I on/f¹ Wild/¹eadold, Hosted by:



DfredfiordS;South on 27th Sty R on




3056 SW Cascade Vista Drive, Redmond


Principal Broker d






SAT. R SUN. 12PM - 3PM

Pahlisch Homes Model in NE Bend, Homes feature quartz counters, laminate flooring, gas cooking, stainless steel appliances 20802 NE Sierra Drive and aII the quality Pahlisch Directions:North on Boyd Acres, Homes is known for. Now r/ght on Sierra; OR north on 18th selling Phase Two —stop by from Empire, left on Sierra. Look for for more information. StgdK



9¹hn ILS¹ot'

SATURDAY 12:00-290 PM

Light and bright open rr floorplan, stainless steel appliances, large backyard, corner lot, extra long driveway for boat or RV. Great for 20109 Carson Creek Ct. second home or investor. Directions: South on Parrellright on Grand Torghee Dr., Right on Geary

Hosted 6 Listed by: CHRISTINA WISE

Hosted 6 Lated by. CINDY KIMBALL


SAT. - SUN. 12:3OPM - 5:3OPM


541-948-2561 „


This home will stop you in your tracks! It is a real show stopper, from the nostalgic wrap around deck, to the awesome city views. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, great room with 5131 SW 52nd St., gas fireplace, formal living Redmond room, paved patio, craft room, large RV parking 1N reckons: with full hookup.

le/I on Ra/neer. Follow s/gns.

VS4,coo ECKY REEZE % MPANY Real Estate 384 SW Upper Terrace Std.201 Bend ~ PIWW.bddyybrddyd.Corn

Come seeall this wonderful

(+/-) 2213 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, one level home has to offer. Covered back patio overlooking a wooded common area. Great HOA with much to offer and Iow fees! Golfer or not, this is a desirable place to live and play!

3225 NW Melville Dr. Directions: /fV Mt. Washington to Putnam /Id. Le ft on ChaePion Circle. Pull to gate,will open automatically.

Goapprox. 2/10of a mile, left on MelVille, hOuSe iS On the rigldt.

Hosted 6 Listed by. CHRIS McPHEETERS Principal Broker

541-388-21 1 1









COURT $399,000 ) 3465 FIELDSTONE


$220,000I 2364 SW 33RD,VVREDMOND Open floor plan/vaulted ceiling Brand newcarpet throughout Large.21 acre lot Great front patio w/ pave rs Easy accessto schools shopping, freeway


Amazing, like new Hayden Home 2357 SF, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath Huge bonus room Indoor/outdoor dog enclosure


~8 ~

Magnificent log home 371 8 SF, 4 bdrm, 3 bath Master suite w/wood burning fireplace Vaulted open living floor plan Multiple decks, master




Waterfall water feature & more

Very private setting Cascade mtn views from 2nd story Existing well is 470' deep at 20 GPM Manufactured home Lots of potential for a private estate setting


Beautiful country setting 2400SF home on 5 acres, 4 acres irrigated Mtn views, fenced for



$329,000I 55250 lAZY RIVERDRIVE

s'8 54 1-410-1200 BILL KAMMERER BROKER

s..k 4!-':.-',.


Wraparound porch


54 1 -771-1168 ERIC ANDREWS BROKER

4 bedroom, 4 bath 2551 SF, .59 acre

Gated community Vaulted open living


(541) 977-4702 DEAN VOGT BROKER



$499,000 I 20903 BILYEUWAY, BEND


Custom built 3 car garage Backs to the canal Private drive Quality upgrades






Model home Single level home 4 bdrm, 2 bath 3-car tandem garage High-end fixtures & finishes I

541-788-2278 LISA HART BROKER


Patty Dempsey 541-480-5432 Andrea Phelps 541-408-4770



Cascade mtns & David McLay Kidd Golf course outside your door 3 bdrms, 3.5 baths, 2982 SF on 0.14 acres Fabulous great room, gourmet kitchen Spacious master, denon main floor 2 Jr. suites upstairs



~, 541-604-1649 GAILROGERS BROKER

doors+ more Big beautiful yard w/big garden .27acre lot - zoned R5

Knockout Cascadeviews 4152 SF home - 4bdrm, 3 bath .66of an acre Efficient heating/cooling system for low utility bills Family room, bonus room, hobby room

room Oversized 3 car garage 30x40 barn, fenced, cross fenced Great horse/livestock set up





$192 300)INVESTOR SPECIAL M SISTFRS 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1300 SF

2000 SF single-level home

Close-in to Main St.

3 bedroom, 3 bath

Great tenant, great return

Includes private guest suite Barn, loafing shed, tack room, round pen &corral

1 year lease, $1100mo.



3.03 acres in Bend's westside •CascadeMountainviews 3262 SF home zf Oversized attached garage & openfloor plan I




2 bdrm, 1 bath cottage

1809 SF

1.5 acres with 1 acre irrigation Good 30 gpm newwell Fenced Mountain views Close to Redmond

Private 1 acre property Open Floor Plan Amazing island kitchen Detached garagew/wood working shop One ownercustom designed


$120,000 I 20771 VALENTINESTREET„30, BEND


Tiled floors & counters

2 year old flooring Adorable & wellmaintained home

. li

Covereddecksfront & back Tiki bar plus treehouse

$550,000 I EAGLE CRESTRESORT Frank Ring built Original owner Stunning 3255 SF Backs to 4th hole resort Formal living & dining rms One level, 2 fireplaces Gated - Cul-de-sac


Corner lot New paint in & out New carpeting Open floor plan Vaulted ceilings Private fenced backyard 10x12 storage shed Near HaydenPark

541-977-7756 DEE BAKER BROKER

Ne wly landscaped, new / sidewalks 8 new interior paint Central A/C 55+ park & a great place to live

$270,900I2769 NE SEDALIALOOP 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1593 SF Open floor plan, A/0, surround sound Deck, gazebo, hot tub, sprinklers Close to hospital,


541-977-7756 GEE BAKER BROKER


541-420-3891 . BOB AHERN BROKER

3 years history same tenant

$597,000I63220 JOHNSON ROAD, BEND

1.23 acres w/1 acre irrigation Mid-century 1300 SF home Covered pond, water storage Roats Water District Organically managed

Updated kitchen & baths

541-420-3891 BOB AHERN BROKER

Stunning home in Awbrey Butte 4 bdrm, 4.5 bath, 4448 SF Splendid Cascade Mountain views Entertains great indoors & out Chef's kitchen & professional-grade appliances 4+ stall car garage

2.5 fenced acres

.46acre corner lot Single level

3690 SF homeon 15.5 irrigated acres 4 bdrms, 2.5 baths Family room, bonus


09B I

5 bdrms, 4 baths Main-level master Triple garage Brazilian cherrywood

3 large garden sheds


Cute, 968 SF, 3bdrm, 1 bath on nice street Light & bright w/2sliders and decks Updated windows &






Stunning home On 12th fairway


2 bdrms plus den 2 baths Great room floor plan Vaulted ceilings "- - Gas fireplace Double garage


Gorgeous custom woodwork throughout Upgraded kitchen SS appliances, granite countertops 20x42 shop w/220v/200amp


541 460 7777 DIANA BARKER ’ BROKER



$925,000 I 61351 TRIPLEKNOTRD




Fireplace Master on the main Backs to commonarea

$334,950I1757 NW UPAS AVE, REDMOND


4 ',

3 bdrms, 2.5 baths Great room floor plan


room 2 master suites, library & den 2+ acres on Little Deschutes River Close to Sunriver Resort & recreational opportunities


Custom log home with master on main 3 bdrm, 2 bath, open

floor plan 6.25 acres w/mtn & Smith Rock views 8 stall horse barn with tack room Hot walker, round pen & corrals

3 bdrm, 3.5 bath, 2480 SF Private 4.71 acre lot


Rare opportunity 5 duplexes 10 units Professionally managed Brand new exterior paint

Turnkey, furnished


3553 SF

Open great room


541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER

2227 SF, 3 bdrm, 3 bath Open kitchen & living


Formal living & dining


Little Deschutes River 19.74 total acres


3 bed & 2.5 bath


2610 SF home 36 x 38 shop

Garden 8 greenhouse

- r)


best of both worlds

1 units left & can be purchasedas an investment! Southern exposure & ground level 3 blocks to Newport Market, coffee shops & restaurants Completely renovated, 2 bdrm,1 bath & 680 SFunits Bamboo flooring & Richlite countertops

2973 SF

, I "io



2001 mfg. home w/2 car garage and RVarea Open floor plan w/open kitchen 0 4300 acre


animals Located close to town for convenience, literally the


3 bdrm, 2 bath





541-977-1852 , TONY LEVISON BROKER



storage Large covered front porch



$339,999 ) 21194 KEYTEROAD

- ’

Beautiful 4 bdrm home Perfect for entertaining Quiet cul-de-sac Large bonus room with private entry Many upgrades & extra

shopping, etc.

$334,900I 17181 CRANEDRIVEBEND Single-level, 2112 SF on .49 acres!


Open floor plan with 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths Granite, hardwoods, tile Central heating



RV area 8 hook-ups!



F or homes online WWW b e n d h o m e S . C o m



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Coveted Wes t s ideEAST BLUFF. 3 bdrm., French Style river view Full Cascade Mountain H orse Property. I n - Inn of the 7th. This 3 LAZY RIVER SOUTH L og Home o n 3 . 2 7 Mountain High I Double Lot. Classic 2 bath home in 1640y Home w / r iverbank Views. 38+ acres of credible mtn. views, 5 bedroom, 3 bath Remodeled 3535y sq. Acres. Single level, $439,000 log Beautifully remodeled Victorian home with sq. ft. on .42y acres. setting! Exquisite ac- privacy and 1 0 -15 acres, 3.5 irrigated, 3 ground level condo is ft. home with 4 bdrm+ hand-scribed attached apartment. T his property is a coutrements: Granite, minutes from Bend. bdrm., 2 bath, 1797 located near the pool office and 3 b aths. home, 1488 sq. ft., 3 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 3126 sq. ft., 4 bed- jewel. There are many hardwood, m a r ble, $179,000 with owner sq. ft., 2 box stalls. and all resort activi- Master bath with large bdrms., 2 bath, open 1986 sq.ft. room, 3.5 bath, .25 features: fenced gar- tile, Venetian plaster, t erms. C AL L K I M www.jackson-anderties. Don't miss your jetted tub & new tile great room floor plan, On the fairway acre l o t . Pri v ate den area, RV parking stone & s t a inless. KAHL AT son.corn. Ba r bara opportunity! $169,000. shower. Media room, shop/barn setup for MLS 201508009 Westhills l o cations. w/all hookups & paver Wood-burning f i r e541-480-1662. MLS: J ackson, Brok e r CALL KIM WARNER family room, huge horses, backs to for- Julia Buckland, Bro$599,900. CALL ROB parking drive, fenced place, top line appli- 201506014 Duke 541-306-8186 John L. AT 541 - 410-2475. kitchen with h a nd- est land for privacy, ker, ABR, ALHS, EGGERS AT storage shed, circular a nces, metal c l ad Warner Realty Scott Realty, Bend MLS: 201 4 0 8943 crafted cabinets and n ew s e ptic h eat CRS, GRI 541-815-9780 OR driveway, awning over windows and so much Duke Warner Realty granite cou n ters, pump, wood stove, 541-719-8444 Hottest Su b division. KATRINA SWISHER upper deck, s mall more! Listen to the walk-in pantry, sun- kid's playhouse & Nestled against the Just For You! Come r oom with hot t u b. more. Need to get an ad AT 541 - 420-3348. s hop a t tached t o tranquil ripple of the Deschutes River, the see this beautiful 2.65 H ome ha s MLS: 201 5 03985 lower level of home, river below. while ence d a r www.johnlscott.corn/8 in ASAP? Old Mill, and a short acres with mtn. views, eaves with copper ac- 2595. Shelley Arnold, Duke Warner Realty arborvitae na t u ral joying this Exquisite lush landscaping, and distance to downtown hedge around rear home. $59 9 ,000. cents. Exterior siding Broker 541-771-9329 MORRIS Crestridge Estates! 3 Bend, this Woodriver a quiet and private on home, garages & John L. Scott Realty, yard, covered hot tub MLS201404694. Fax it te 541-322-7253 setting. 2 bedroom, 2 storage bldg have just Bend REAL ESTATE Village property is bdrm, 2 bath, corner area, plants & shrubs Nancy Popp, Principal lot, RV parking, new have drip irrigation & Broker 541-815-8000 The Bulletin Classifieds perfect for your dream b ath, 1368 s q . f t . been painted. Watch I&~ dy~ ~ Op d home. $32 0 ,000. $245,900. CALL KIM the wildlife from the Mid-Century Modern. A paint and new roof! yard has sprinklers, Crooked River Realty WARNER AT NE Bend I $274,900 MLS¹ too new. Call CALL TERRY wrap-around deck or brand new home in windows, f or d e t ails! Pa m newer AT 541-410-2475. MLS: go to your private ac- Northwest Crossing Single level 1371 sq.ft. Gorgeous single level in SKJERSAA newer exterior paint, 201507603 Duke 541-383-1426. MLS: a master on 3 bedroom, 2 bath Lester, Princ. Broker, new louvered wood FSBO: 63330 L a va- Broken Top. Situated c ess to 300y f t o f features C entury 2 1 Gol d blinds, roof 10 years crest St., Bend. 4 Duke Warner Realty main and two ad- 2 car garage, RV on Goose Creek Pond 201507347 Little Deschutes River the parking Country Realty, Inc. old. $450,000. MLS¹ bedroom, 2.5 b ath, with beautiful water Warner Realty Just Reduced! 2 mas- frontage for f ishing, ditional bedrooms with MLS 201507446 541-504-1338 2020 sq. ft. The af- views. Triple car ga- Immaculate Home on ter s uites g r a nite swimming or floating. a bonus an d f l ex 201504633 space upstairs. Greg Langhaim, rage, 2327 sq. ft. and Acreage. Cute home, counters fordable home you vau l t ed $455,000. Bobbie Strome, Custom home s i t e! Broker $622,500. CALL have been looking for! 2 m a s te r su i tes. wonderful enclosed ceilings, sta i nless MLS¹¹201309267 Build you r d r e am Principal Broker 801-706-3230 TERRY S KJERSAA Our 4 bedroom, 2.5 $587,500. CALL ROB porch looking out over steel app l iances, Bobbie Strome, home in C a scade John L Scott Real AT 541 - 383-1426. AT bath is in a great part EGG ERS hickory cabinets, exPrincipal Broker Views Estate. Seller Estate 541-385-5500 community trails. 2 MLS: 2015 0 2670 541-815-9780. MLS: of Bend, less than a pensive deck, new hot John L Scott Real b edroom, 2 bat h , has preliminary buildDuke Warner Realty 201504989 Duke mile from the parktub. S teve J o nes, Everything You ' re Estate 541-385-5500 ing plans and would landscaped and lovWarner Realty way and the Village Broker 541-480-7727 Looking For. 3 bedi ngly c a re d for . Midtown Bend I consider a Need help fixing stuff? MORRIS build-to-suit. Call for room, 2 bath, 1530 Shopping Center, a Great Family Home. $259,500. CALL John L. Scott Realty, Call $359,900 A Service Professional REAL ESTATE miles from TuBend Updated 2468 sq.ft. C ANDY YO W A T details. $90, 0 00. sq. ft. on large lot with few Darling 3 b e droom, find the help you need. I&~ dy~ ~ ap d home C ALL PETE V A N rare in tow irrigation malo State Park and a 2.5 bath with bonus 541-410-3193. MLS: www.bendbulletin.corn •4 bedroom + offi ce,3 201504508 Duke Get your DEUSEN AT rights. Terraced gar- few blocks from the room. Loft area, and NE Bend I $379,000 bath 541-480-3538 OR den beds, fruit trees new Harvest Park. u nfinished atti c . Warner Realty business Located in old growth .24 acre on cul-de-sac 2570 sq.ft. custom and plenty of room to This spacious 2020 Downstairs m a s ter JAYNEE BECK AT trees, this home fea- MLS 201506521 home Look at: 541-480-0988. MLS: have you r d r e am sq. ft. house has bay has private entrance tures 2 bdrm, 2 bath, Mark Valceschini PC, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath in both the to deck and backyard. Bendhomes.corn 201409341 Duke yard. $255,000. CALL windows c :ROWIN G 1152 sq. ft. on almost Hickory floors, granite BROOK CRIAZZO AT dining room and the $300,000. Broker, CRS, GRI Warner Realty CALL for Complete Listings of an acre. Recent upcounters 541-880-8408 OR master bedroom, and BECKY OZRELIC 541-383<364 AT Area Real Estate for Sale dating includes vinyl MLS 201408598 with an ad in Deschutes River AUBRE C HESHIRE the backyard has a 541-480-9191. MLS: windows. $149,000. Matt Robinson, Woods. C o z y 2 AT 541 - 598-4583. craftsman cedar deck 201506638 Incredibly Private! Fully The Bulletin's Duke MLS 201507241 Pam Principal Broker bdrms, 2 bath plus of- MLS: 2015 0 7473 built around a beauti- Warner Realty scribed 3 bed, 1.75 "Call A Service 541-977-5811 Lester, Princ. Broker, fice space on .62 +/- Duke Warner Realty ful juniper tree (just bath custom log home C entury 2 1 Gol d like Bend's famous Great Westside Loca- is surrounded by a Professional" acre lot. 19121 Indian MORRIS C ountry Real t y , Summer Road, Bend, E xecutive Cany o n Pine Tavern). T he tion! 3 b edroom, 2 b eautifully land Directory Inc.541-504-1338 REAL ESTATE OR 97702 $245,000. Creek home. 7 tim- l andscape has a n bath, $450,000. 1682 scaped yard. There is Chris Mc P heeters bered acres south of automated in-ground sq. ft., 0.18 acre lot, a 1500 sq. ft. shop La Pine I $186,000 Located in Sisters! 1.3 Principal Broker, John Day. 3 bedroom, sprinkler system and great southern expo- w/220 power for all 1560 sq.ft. MORRIS acres with water and Minutes to river and Old Assist 2 Sell 2.5 bath, 2801 sq. ft. a beautiful notewor- sure, hardwood floors, your toys or projects. 3 bedroom, 2 bath REAL ESTATE power in nice subdivi- Mill District. 1152 sq. thy corkscrew willow 541-388-2111 1.03 acre bonus room, attached 2 car gara g e. Twin w el l p r o vide I&~ tly~ ~ ~ d sion. Heavily treed ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, with the front yard. The www.johnlscott.corn/3 a rage, landscaped. in crystal clear water. MLS 201507059 with ponderosa pine new carpet and paint. interior incl u des 399,999. CALL 3569. Ellen Clough, Patti Geraghty, Broker New construction! 4 What are you $469,000. CALL BILL $115,000. MLS $295,000 MLS¹ Too cor n ers, ABR, D UKE WA RN E R bullnose CRS PANTON 541-948-5880 bdrm 2.5 bath, 2384 AT 201505565 Pam new! Pa m L e ster, looking for? DAYVILLE AT walk-in closets and 541-480-7180 John L. 541-420-6545. MLS: Lester, Princ. Broker, Princ. Broker, Cen- sq. ft. home with mas archways. See our 541-987-2363. MLS: Scott Realty, Bend 201501833 Duk e You' ll find it in C entury 2 1 Gol d tury 21 Gold Country ter on m ain f loor. listing on Zillow.corn 201304288 Warner Realty Country Realty, Inc. Realty, Inc. Granite countertops, Grow Your Garden. 5 for more information The Bulletin Classifieds dbl car garage, RV 541-504-1338 541-504-1338 and pictures. Call tobedroom, 6 bath with Inn of the 7th Condo. Exquisite custom 3732 parking with gate and MORRIS a tour ! office, family room, Come enjoy all the Location, Location, LoNew construction! 4 sq.ft., 5 bedroom, 3.5 d ay fo r landscaped front yard. REAL ESTATE r ec. room a n d 2 amenities, including 541-385-5809 cation. This 3 b e d- bdrm + office and op $279,900. bath on .88 acre with $299,900. MLS IA~ e e l y ~ master suites. Other golf, tennis, s wimroom, 2 bath, 1544 tion for 5th bdrm, 3.5 201505304 city views $1,149,000. 541-480-6820 Pam Hard to find 5 acre, flat Corey Charon, Broker, features include sun ming, rafting, eques- Large City Lot. Fenced sq. ft. home includes b ath, 2369 s q . f t . Lester, Princ. Broker, buildable corner lot room, solarium and an trian center and ice 1/3 acre city lot, room a shop on a 1/4 acre home with many up C entury 2 1 541-280-5512 Gol d located in Lake Park FSBO awesome gre e n- rink. Top floor unit of- for a shop, single level lot. Close proximity to grades. Triple garage Country Realty, Inc. Estates with mature Move In Ready house all on over 10 fers a sepa r ate 3 bedroom, 2 bath, restaurants, parks and and R V pa r king. 541-504-1338 With appliances l andscape. MLS ¹ e acres with mountain lock-off bedroom. n ewer cabinets & downtown. U n i que $339,000. MLS 3 bdrm, 2 bath 201406959. $135,500 views. $99 9 ,000. $104,000. CALL KIM ample storage, 1960 opportunity. $583,000. 201410227 Pam The Bulletin 1400 sq. ft. $195K Pam Lester, Princ. CALL CANDY YOW WARNER AT sq. ft. Rod Stuve, CALL KIM WARNER Lester, Princ. Broker, MORRIS To Subscribe call Not Firm & Motivated Broker, Century 21 AT 541 - 410-3193. 541-410-2475. MLS: 541 - 410-2475. C entury 2 1 Gol d 541-385-5800 or go to Broker 541-844-9251 AT REAL ESTATE 541-279-8783 Gold Country Realty, MLS: 2014 0 3687 201501497 Duke John L. Scott Realty, MLS: 2015 0 5642 Country Realty, Inc. hd~& m ly ~ ~ ~ d www.bendbulletin.corn Inc. 541-504-1338 Duke Warner Realty Warner Realty Duke Warner Realty 541-504-1338 Bend








› -







.57 acre in Bend Potential divide/build 1624 SF, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home Across from COCC Highly desirable area Potential cottage style homes MLS¹201508817

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Craftsman details Fenced jowmaintenance yard 3-car garage Newer kitchen appliances Sellers are motivated! MLS ¹201508393 Lisa Connors, Broker I 541-410-5171

Janet McNown, Broker I 541-580-0817

lisaconnors541 Ogmail.corn


Christian Gjadu design Fabulous windows 8< light Perfect for entertaining Large corner jot Mountain views! Open floor plan MLS¹201505345

Spectacular setting Big Deschutes River 2 acres w/river access Quality custom home 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1779 SF 6460 NW Atkinson, Redmond MLS¹201505982

Jacqule Sebulsky, Broker I 541-280-4449 Mfchele Anderson, Broker I 541-633-9760 jacquiesebulskyOgmail.cornI michelevanderson@hotmail.corn

Bruce KterstenLilleston, Bro ers 541-815-3842 Bruce Lilleston©msn.corn I Klilleston©gmail.corn

Mtn. Views - Custom Log Home in Bendl $677,500 ›

’ ,

’, ~’

~ «I

l l

o ’~

VIEWS & 2.27 acres 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2493 SF


Master on main with

walk-in closets & more Large upstairs loft family room with views! Great kitchen, light & bright! • Offi ce/shop/3-carattached, convenientlocation

1 year warranty rncluded~ MLS¹201500641

hf '


Jodl Satko, BrokerI 541-550-0819 satkosellsoregon©gmail.corn

4.89 acres with irrigation 3 bedrooms + bonus Dramatic open vaulted fjoor plan • Mountainviews Detached 2-car garage MLS¹201508350


aro s g oo d K o r ren Bower, Brokers 541-419-0843 I carolosgood.corn

2826 NW Windham Loop 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths + bonus room 3074 SF, large yard • Barnwood L stone accents,great kitchen Vaulted wood ceiling, bonus 5 bunk rooms Fenced yard with putting green! Laura Blossey, Broker I 949-887-4377 www.experiencebendliving.corn



Fabulous natural light Over 4000 SF Open floor plan Master on main level Two bonus spaces Park-like setting MLS¹201506758 Jacquie Sebulsky, Broker I 541-280-4449 Michele Anderson, Broker I 541-633-9760 jacquiesebulsky@gmail.cornI michelevanderson@hotmail.corn






Stunning Custom Log Home l $879,900 4000 SF of luxury living! Master on main3, suites & 3.5 baths


- Gourmet kitchen with large dining

room Addt'I building with 1680 SFoffice, studio andmore! Large shop&2-car garage 4.7 easy-careacres,gated&fenced 1 year warrantyincludedandbuyer's bonus MLS¹201 500469

Jodi Satko, Broker I 541-550-0819 satkosellsoregon©gmail.corn




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~g~ t™ . '.fb


1738 SE Riviera Drive Wonderful condition 2054 SF, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Spaciousmaster suite Close to Larkspur Trail & Pilot Butte Wraparound porch Text Jane 541-350-9993 MLS¹201508462 Jane Flood, Broker I 541-350-9993

3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 1898 SF • Large master with bay window Comfortable, cozy covered patio • Landscaped backyardwithw aterfeature Room for RV parking MLS¹201508619

Greg Barnwell, Broker I 541-848-7222 gbarn50©yahoo.corn






Charming, neat home 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1603 SF In outdoor recreation wonderland Walk to La Pine State Park • Launch boat, kayak,etc.from backyard MLS¹201507402


Greg Barnwell, Broker I 541-848-7222 gbarn50©yahoo.corn


Joanne McKee, Broker I 541-480-5159 www.joanne@joannemckee.corn




Close in to Bend UGB Cascade Mtn. views High desert views Avion water, power at property Increase your farming operation Build your dream home MLS¹201500366



’ l l





3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1540 SF 2 buildable lots 4 irrigated acres Fenced pasture • Mountain views Borders canal, minutes from town MLS¹201407613 Bobby Lockrem, Bro er I 541-480-2356

Have you dreamed about living on the river? Rare 1.1 acre treed river lot with inspiring views up and down stream In popular NW Bend golfing community In area of high-value homes Possible owner terms MLS¹201406562

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3-car garage Move-in ready! New flooring & paint throughout Master on main, vaulted great room Close to park & river trail access MLS¹201507846 H


Ron Davis, Principal Broker I 541-480-3096

Melanic Maitre, Broker I 541-480-4186 Melanie@MelanieMaltre.corn


3 bedroom, 2.5 bath RV area with full hook-ups! Attached 2-car garage Direct access to National Forest MLS¹201503816 H

Carol Osgo%I & Korren Bower, Broker~ 541-419-0843 I carolosgood.corn




’ ’



lI . Il. m ’t

Tryion Sky townhome 2703 SF, .21 acres Great room floor plan, many upgrades Master suite, junior suite & den on main Beautiful corner lot overlooking common Fantastic location!

MLS¹201508733 Sandy & John Kohlmoos, BrokersI 541-408-4309


Sf!via Knight, BrokerI 541-788-4861

Brandon & Jodi Kearney, Brokers I 541-693-4119 brandon.jodirebroker@gmail.corn





’ II I




Robin L. Yeakel, Broker I 541-408-0406 www.robinyeakel.corn


4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2873 SF Updated equine estate on 5 acres Near downtown, yet private and quiet Darling guest house (kitchen, bath, sitting & bedroom), barn, arena and lush landscape RV parking and BLM access MLS¹ 201507126 Myra Glrod, Principal BrokerI 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker I 541-788-6767 m ra. amteamlcascsdesiccom la orkcentralore omcom



’ .



Golf course views it Great room plan Beautiful hickory hardwood floors Luxurious main level master suite Den/office, family room & wine room 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3713 SF MLS¹201508083 T e Norma DuBois an Ju Ie Moe Team, Bro ers 541-312-4042 I www.TeamNormaAndJulie.corn m

s ›




.58acre lot All main level living with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath up 3-car garage & generous storage spaces Gated community with tennis, pool & golf MLS¹201 507720 20489 Steamboat

www.silviaknight.corn bendluxuryhomes@gmail.corn


2790 SF Separate guest suite Private fenced yard, patio, water feature 3-car garage, dog run, ample storage Walk or ride to Old Mill and the river! Perfect vacation rental! M LS¹ 2 01500631


4025 SF



' 3 bedrooms, 4 baths,

Shelly Swanson, Broker I 541-408-0086

www.bestbendhomes.corn ›

3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths 2994 SF, .30 acre 3-car garage w/storage room Large office & bonus room • Light,bright& sunny,great room concept High-end finishes throughout, large lot Cedar siding and copper gutters Water feature

19675 Sunshine Way Single level Spacious corner .44 acre lot Privacy with native landscape Near downtown, river, and trails MLS¹201506831





1027 NW Stonepine Drive Very private setting 3842 SF, open ffow 3 bedroom, 4 bath, office, fitness & bonus room Beautiful garden entry & large patio Smart multi-use rooms add flexibility Laura Blossey, Broker I 949-887-4377 Natalle Vandeborn, BrokerI 541-508-9581 laura.blossey@sothebysrealty.corn I Nvandenbomegmail.corn

River’s Edge Village ( $109,900


.26 of an acre lot Golf course views City & Pilot Butte views . Close to river trails -’; Close to amenities ’ Build your dream home MLS¹201507144 ›


~1 ri





The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers *

541-312-4042 I wwwTeamNormaAndJulie.corn I

Ranch at the Canyons 7 bedroom, 5.5 bath, h ; , Tuscan living 7880 SF Open house Main-level master Wednesday-Sunday Theater room, 1-5 pm massageroom, sauna & elevator www.ranchatthecanyons.corn • Unobstructed Cascade Mountainviews Par 3 golf course with 6 tee boxes MLS¹201503224 Timber peg construction M LS¹ 2 01202096 '





Jordan Grandlund, Principal BrokerI 541-420-1559 JordanGrandlund©gmail.corn

Patrick Ginn, Principal Broker I 541-886-5534 patrick@ranchatthecanyons.corn

701 acres of forest, meadows 8a river Little Deschutes River Iiq frontage 3.6 miles Handscribed log home: 10,275 SF, 4 bed, 4.5 bath Shop, 4 stall barn, indoor arena, ranch manager's home •Cascademountain views Ranch retreat with abundant wildlife MLS¹201408825 http: I/www.diamondbarrranch-centralor.corn

NW Crossing Charmer ( $580,000

Pam Mayo-Phillips, 541-480-1513 or BrookHavens, 541404-0788, Principal BrokersI www.desertvalleygroup.corn

The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers

Great room floor plan Hardwood floors Open kitchen with island .’- Main level master suite Landscaped & fenced yard 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2434 SF MLS¹201506143

541-312-4042 I wwwTeamNormaAndJulie.corn










IB II iQ %Oh


Mountain view level lot Westside location 5: Minutes to parks, trail, river Area of custom homes & near downtown Great investment: build now or later MLS¹201506023

Build your dream home on this 1.52 acre westsidesite w ith mature landscape & impressive Cascade views Generous oversized lot offers privacy and flexibility Situated in a cul-de-sac location with expansive views Close proximity to river trail, neighborhood park & downtown

Carmen A. Cook, Broker j 541-480-6491

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086




Situated on a beautiful Wc > corner near the river & Old Mill District Wonderful entertaining kitchen with slab granite kitchen island Subway travertine tile backsplash 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, bonus room + den/office A/C included MLS¹201505340


Gregg Hayden, Broker j 541-390-6139 gregghayden.realtyfngmail.corn

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

I ’ I

› .

4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2801 SF • Spacious bonus room plusoffi ce/den Master on the main, gourmet kitchen Mountain view, corner lot, fully landscaped Fenced backyard A/C included Call for additional details! MLS¹201506663



1.25 Acre lot Filtered mountain views Backs Lost Tracks Golf Course's 7th fairway Gated community of Sunset View Estates Privacy with rock outcropping on east boundary MLS¹201506413 R


Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Brokerj 541-419-4553

5.08 acres Peaceful & private Incredible home! Amazing remodel! 2157 SF, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, bright & open 3-car garage, fenced yard, huge deck Room for shop, gardens, etc. Call for a complete list of improvements



Janet McNown, Broker j 541-580-0817




Homes from $454,750 Riverfront from $819,750 Exquisitely finished Low-maintenance living • 7th Mountain amenities Conveniently located H

Stephanie Ruiz, Broker j 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandlund, Broker j 541-420-1559


› ›


› «



’ ’

!tc I,

4.73 acres - 2 irrigated 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2198 SF Single level living 900 SF barn with loft Fenced horse property Sun room, 2 sheds MLS¹201508434

lisaconnors541©gmail.corn ›


62665 Big Sage Way, Lot 48 Inspired by mountain contemporary design & modern architecture Build your vision and dream home in this highly sought-after westside neighborhood Dedicated custom building envelope • .31 acre backing to a com mon green belt space Proudly offered at $525,000

CJ Neumann, Broker j 541-410-3710 or Lisa Lamberto, Broker j 541-610-9697j www.CJLisa.corn I»

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086




MLS¹201505160 Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

Hand-selected ki tile backsplash, granite countertops, custom lighting throughout 3 bedroom, spacious main-level master suite Mature, private landscaping, community park Spacious studio plus loft area is a bonus Only 20 minutes to Mount Bachelor MLS¹201504319 !

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086




Majestic plan features 5 bdrms w/ 2 master suites •Spacio usden/ofi ceplus bonus room Oversized triple-car garage •Fully landscaped& fenced backyard Overlooks community pool and park Close proximity to schools & Old Mill District




2330 SF 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Masteron m ain,new carpet & appliances Aux. Dwelling unit - 1 bedroom, 1 bath Community pool and parks MLS¹201508607

Lisa Connors, Broker j 541-410-5171






Janet McNown, Broker j 541-580-0817~

debtebbsgroupebendluxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn


1.78 acres with irrigation Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home Great room with fireplace, office Shop 40x60 with 14' doors 2 detached garages Potential for additional living space Backs up to canal/trail Near shopping/medical/parks MLS¹201508921




4 bedrooms, 3 baths, =-- g Q 2339SF I Master suite onmain› Well-designed kitchenw/ quartz counters • Abundant hardwood floors,bonus room Architecturally designed backyard retreat • Easyaccess to am enities MLS¹201507871

$575,000 On the meadow with views 2 masters, lower/upper Covered deck with views Granite island kitchen SS Jennaire appliances Large open great room MLS¹201 5044873 Pau Ho stege, Bro er j 541-480-8606 paul.holstegeegmail.corn

Myra Girod, Principal Brokerj 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker j 541-788-6767 m ra. amteam@cascadesir.corn la orkcentralore on.corn

$674,750 Summit floor plan 2938 SF 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath+ den Main-level living, master + den on main Vaulted great room, golf course views Move-in ready! MLS¹201408581 Stephanie Ruiz, Broker j 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandlund, Broker j 541-420-1559

I’ ’ ›

’ II I







3 bedroom, 3.5 bath 2982 SF Master bedroom and office on main Many perks within the Tetherow community Sunny & bright with emphasis on views Unobstructed golf course & mountain view Natalie Vandeborn, Broker j 541-508-9581 Laura Blossey, Broker j 949-887-4377 www.ex eriencebendlivin .corn

4 bedroom, 3.5 bath 3791 SF 3-car garage, private .36 acre lot Elegant kitchen and large master suite Community pool, tennis courts, & center MLS¹201405873

Deschutes River view Expansive great room Gourmet kitchen & generous master suite Family room, executive office & bar 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath, 8247 SF, .48 acre lot MLS¹201409875

•StunningmajesticCascade Mountain views World-famous for livestock production 345 acres with 339 acres Pole Creek irrigation water rights •Ranch-s tyle hom e,3704SF,3bedrooms,3.5 baths Two barns - 53 stalls, offices and shop area Two additional homes, 4 stocked ponds, 3-hole golf course Adjoins National Forest and Sisters UGB Truly a one-of-a-kind property MLS¹201406176

Carmen A. Cook, Broker j 541-480-6491

Ken Renner, Principal Broker j 541-280-5352

Pam Mayo-Phillips or Brook Havens, Principal Brokers



541-923-1376 j www.desertvalleygroup.corn


Homes for Sale

H o mes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

New Construction in NE NORTH RIM ON AW- NW Bend I $418,900 O ne-Level Home o n Pride of O w nership. Rivers Edge Village I Single Level Energy Ef- Spectacular mtn. view SW Bend I $599,000 Bend. Great r o om BREY BUTTE. Ex- 2450 sq.ft., 4 bedOne Acre in La Pine. Park-like private lot ficient g reen b u i lt b eautifully land - 2540 sq.ft., 4 bed$650,000 concept with 3 bed- ceptional o n e -acre room, 3.5 bath $274,900. Welcome near Midtown 8 Pilot 3561 sq.ft., 4 bedhome on 20 acres. scaped ba c kyard, room, 2.5 bath rooms and 2.5 baths homesite in the beau- Vaulted ceilings, gran- to your home with Butte. Large b right room, 2.5 bath 2739 sq. ft., 4 bedtranquil setting with Main level master, in 2229 sq. ft. Room tiful North Rim Com- ite counters room to roam. This kitchen, many custom Main level master, room, 3 bath, solar Koi water f e ature. open great room for RV par k ing, m unity, i n clo s e Fresh paint, triple galevel one-acre lot is built-ins, and vaulted open great room panel, 10 acres irriga- Enjoy character and Close to river trail mountain views from proximity to t e n nis rage ready for your ideas, ceilings. 3 bedroom, 3 car garage, close to tion, set up for horses comfort in this unique MLS 201503158 master bedroom and court a n d park MLS 201506127 toys, a n d fam i ly 2.5 bath, 2172 sq. ft. river trail and steel barn. So 3 bdrm, 2 bath log Scott Huggin, Broker, corner fir e place. grounds and the DesMarci Bouchard, m emories. This 4 $399,950. CALL MLS 20'I 504202 many upgrades and home. A m ust-see! GRI bdrm., 2 bath, 2056 TERRY S KJERSAA Lisa McCarthy, extras to list. $299,000. 541-322-1500 $339,000. CALL chutes River T rail. Broker, CRS, SRES MLS J AYNEE BECK A T Other amenities in541-977-1230 sq. ft. home with sun- AT 541 - 383-1426. Broker, ABR $599,000. CALL ROB 201503008. Call 541-480-0988 OR c lude g a te d en room built in 2004 is MLS: 201 5 06837 541-419-8639 EGGERS AT Donna Carter Broker 541-815-9780. MLS: 541-903-0601 PETE VAN DEUSEN trances, paver walkconveniently located Duke Warner Realty AT 541 - 480-3538. ing p a ths, n a t ive to town & all the our201503739 Duke Crooked River Realty Prineville. Bea u tiful MLS: 201 5 06001 landscape m a i ntedoor recreation CenWarner Realty MORRIS People Lookfor Information Duke Warner Realty nance and the beautral Oregon offers. custom built 3 bdrm, 2 Small Acreage in NE MORRIS About Products and REAL ESTATE bath custom on 1.86 tiful North Rim Lodge. MLS¹ 201505'I 3. MORRIS Bend. 4.7 acres with 2 Services Every Day +/- acres gorgeously through IA p Mmly~ M O~ d Beautiful C a scade REAL ESTATE Call Debbi McCune, Find It in acres o f i r r igation. The Bulletin Clnssitterts REAL ESTATE landscaped. 3981 SE Mountain views add to Principal Broker. Ten Plus Acres ready to The Bulletin Clnssifieds! the ambiance of this Single level, 2268 sq. 541-647-0052 Re/Max Umatilla Loop, Powell View of Paulina, 541-385-5809 ft., 5 bedrooms, 2.5 Spring River H o me build. Butte, O R 97 7 5 4. very special building Need to get an Key Properties meadows and lots of w/Lots of Space for baths, barn with stu$279,900. Chri s River W al k E s t ate. site. $550,000. MLS¹ 30 minutes to ad in ASAP? Newer cus t om-built Principal Entertainer's delight! dio. P r ivate and People & Toys. Cool, wildlife. hi g h lak e s . P ark-Like Setting. 3 McPheeters h ome on o ver 1 / 2 201505062 sett i ng. green & spacious is 3 0 You can place it Broker, Assist 2 Sell 4765 sq. ft., 11 acres, peaceful Bobbie Strome, CALL b edroom, 2 bat h , 541-388-2111 acres, 2334 sq. ft. 4 shop w i t h st u d io $419,500. CALL ROB the .5 acre yard that is $129,000. Principal Broker online at: 1531 sq. ft. home on bdrm, 2 bath with 2 EGGERS AT fully fenced. 3 large C ANDY YO W A T a bove, 1514 ft . o f John L Scott Real www.bendbulletin.corn 3.71 acres. Move in Privacy with a v i ew! Little Deschutes River 541-815-9780. MLS: bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 541-410-3193. MLS: car detached garage, ready with newer ap- Approximately 3800 frontage, e x tensive 201506011 features oak flooring, Estate 541-385-5500 Duke 2961 sq. ft. w/great 201507346 pliances, carpet, sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 4 deck + g e othermal Warner Realty room w/exposed THE RIM - LOCATED archways, formal din- Northwest Euro-Crafts541-385-5809 paint, an d m o r e. bath ing room and much h o m e wit h heat wood, chalet s tyle IN THE TETHEROW man I $489,000 system. Where can you find a 24X48 detached shop study/den media www.jackson-anderv aulted ceili n g . RESORT AND GOLF more. ©26 5 ,000. Custom Pahlisch NW Bend I $575,000 with concrete floor MLS 201507240. Pam home room, steam sauna son.corn $385,000. CALL BILL COMMUNITY Enjoy helping hand? 3219 sq.ft. on 8276 Can d ice and l o f t are a s. and fitness room..729 PANTO N AT fabulous views of the Lester, Princ. Broker, Award winning open sq.ft. Iot Anderson, Br o k er From contractors to $319,000. CALL acre lot overlooking 541-788-8878 John L 541-420-6545. MLS: Cascade M o untain C entury 2 1 Gol d floor plan 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath CAROLYN EMICK AT Hillside Park with un- Scott Realty, Bend yard care, it's all here 201506656 Duke Country Realty, Inc. 3054 sq. ft., 4 bed•Offic e,bonus room, range and Tetherow 541-419-0717. MLS: Warner Realty 541-504-1338 o bstructed view . room, 2.5 bath in The Bulletin's 3-car garage Golf Course from this 201505645 Duke $ 1,025,000. MLS 201508580 C A L L MLS 201504293 2 new 29-home comRomaine Village "Call A Service Stunning Log Style EsNewly Efficient 7 0 's Warner Realty KAROLYN DUBOIS Goodwin, Michelle Tisdel, PC, Bdrm, 2 bath, in 1500 Professional" Directory munity created by retate. Fabulous home Home. Recent final Rosemary AT 541 - 390-7863. sq.ft. This is a mfd Broker, Certified Broker, ABR, CRS, sits on 40 acres (39 ir- nowned luxury home touches on elaborate 201 5 00055 home with a l ovely Negotiator e-PRO Powell Butte. views of MLS: designer Rozewski 8 rig.), 7851 sq. ft., 8 remodel includes effiSmall irrigated acreage. Duke Warner Realty 541-706-1897 541-390-3490 the Cascade moun engineered site-built Cute as a bug's ear bedrooms, 6.5 baths, Company. O ff ering ciency changed on tains & Smith Rock! addition and m a ny home. 3 bedroom, 2 panoramic views of both single-level and interior, exterior, 3 Spacious 3 bdrm, 2 BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS hom e s , custom fea t ures. bath, s hop, b a r n, the Cascade Moun- t wo-story bdrm., 2 bath home bath + office and out Search the area's most Trane furnace and w/super size master. round corral, irnga- tains, 4-car garage, ranging in size from buildings! 1177 SW comprehensive listing of heat pump. Heated tion, fenced, l and- shop and guest quar- 2,300 to 3,000 square Contact your broker or Bent Loop. $348,000. classified advertising... tile floors in sunroom scaped. All this close t ers, s i tuated b e - feet. O ff e re d at call directly to schedMORRIS MORRIS Chris M c P heeters real estate to automotive, to and master b a t h. to town. $ 310,000. tween Bend & Sisters. $690,000 ule showing. Ben REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Principal Broker, merchandise to sporting Newer 50 gallon wa- CALL CANDY YOW Lisa www.johnlscott.corn/8 $1,250,000. Shank, Broker ~ y~ ~ ap d h d y R~ y ~ M ~ Assist 2 Sell goods. Bulletin Classifieds ter heater, new roof AT 541-280-0066 John L. 541 - 410-3193. 2910. Colleen Dilling- Cole, Principal Broker, 541-388-2111 appear every day in the and fresh e x terior MLS: 201501367 ham, Broker Berkshire Hathaway Scott Realty, Bend NOTICE: NW Bend Condo I print or on line. paint. Detached art 541-788-9991 John L. NW. 541-749-0047 All real estate adver$267,500 studio of guest room. Smith R oc k v i e ws! Scott Realty, Bend Call 541-385-5809 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! tised here in is sub- 1213 sq.ft. condo Price Reduced! Want to Three bedrooms 2 bath, move in and enjoy www.bendbulletin.corn Covered decks both Custom home with 3 Sun Meadow, 3 bdrm, 1512 sq. ft. home with ject to th e F ederal 4 bedroom, 2 bath, front and rear. Skybdrms., 2 bath, 1968 2.5 bath, 2456 sq.ft. Door-to-door selling with Fair Housing A c t, open great room l ife? This i s y o u r carport a nd lights and solar tube. sq. ft., large custom h ouse on a 5 , 6 63 office, The Bulletin fast results! It's the easiest which makes it illegal Vaulted ceiling, hardhome, and it is loaded decks on ServingCentral Oregonsince SlS Beautiful landscaping covered deck, 35x60 sq.ft. Iot. Enjoy this wraparound to advertise any pref- wood floors with upgrades and 1.27 acres. Stunning way in the world to sell. s hop, all o n 5 . 1 8 including fruit trees, erence, limitation or MLS 201501585 ready to live in. This P rivate Setting w i th spacious family floor Cascade views. MLS MLS¹ discrimination based John Gallaway, well-maintained home Great Natural Light. raspberries, p l ants, acres. plan including the ex- 201506578. The Bulletin Classified 201504620. $399,000 shrubs and mature on race, color, reliBroker boasts a large tiled Traditional floor plan, pine trees. $200,000. Pam Lester, Princ. pansive bonus room. $175,000. Call Linda 541-385-5809 gion, sex, handicap, 541 <80-5802 entry way, heat pump, 3 bedroom, 3 bath ideal for kids' and Lou-Day-Wright BroBroker, Century 21 ceiling fans, recessed with play room and MLS ¹201507251 activities. Enjoy ker, 541-771-2585 NORTH CANYON ES- familial status or naBobbie Strome, Gold Country Realty, adult tional origin, or intenl ighting, l arge l o f t all this home has to Crooked River office. Large lot with TATES. 3 bedroom, 2 tion to make any such Inc. 541-504-1338 Principal Broker area, a master bedroom for RV parking. offer, plus the com- Realty bath in 1715y sq. ft. in John L Scott Real l i mitaroom w it h a m p le Natural landscaping munity pool and parks .32y acres. Charming preferences, Estate 541-385-5500 FIND YOUR FUTURE Pines I $739,900 walk-in closet, winMORRIS with a 3 car garage. for the entire family. Three one owner home on a tions or discrimination. will not knowingly dow coverings $650,000. This home has been 3054 sq.ft. REAL ESTATE CALL Sharp La Pine w/Mtn HOME INTHE BULLETIN large lot, waiting for a We bedroom, 3.5 bath throughout. The gaJ AYNEE BECK A T lightly lived in and 4 new family to enjoy. accept any advertisNew kitchen & Your future is just apage Light, bright, cheery for real estate rage is finished with 541-480-0988 OR Views. awaits new owners. Sprinkler system is in- ing away. Whether you' re l o oki n g d ining/complete r e finishes that MLS 201502119 stalled with drains that which is in violation of OK Garage. Mini mart, ceiling storage rack PETE VAN DEUSEN m odel, ne w o l i d fora hatoraplaceto hang it, Quality Becky Brunoe, law. All persons fuel and m echanic and you have great AT 54 ' I -480-3538. bamboo flooring,snew you would expect in a can be opened for fall this The Bulletin Cl a ssified is ungrades views from the back MLS: 201 4 06052 paint, new heat pump P ahlisch home . Broker, ABR, SRES & winter shut-down. are hereby informed shop, your best source. 541-350-4772 all dwellings ad- throughout, MLS¹ Duke Warner Realty $360,000 MLS l i q uor, deck. Solid core i n terior that 8 AC , n e w d e c k, Every daythousandsof ¹201506272 doors an d p o cket veitised are available tires. Owner will carry. 201304344. V A -asfenced 1.3 a c res, an equal opportu- $225,000. Bobbie Strome, CALL sumable if e l igible.Ride Your Horses From shop. Ed © EdGreen buyers andsellers of goods doors. Built-in cabi- on and services dobusinessin Principal Broker nets 8 shelves in liv- nity basis. The Bulle- DUKE WARNER RE- $123,900. H e a ther Y our B ackyard. 5 Realtor.corn. Ed tin Classified Hockett, Pri n cipal acres, 3365 sq. ft. tothese pages. They know John L Scott Real ALTY DAYVILLE AT ing room, family room Broker 541-420-9151 tally remo d eled Green, CRS, Princi- you can't beat TheBulletin 541-987-2363. MLS: Estate 541-385-5500 MORRIS & hallway. Wonderful Nottingham Square I pal Broker Gold Country Realty house, 3 bedroom, 3 Classified Section for 201409917 REAL ESTATE covered front porch 8 $249,900 541-598-5666 John L. selection andconvenience Sunriver I $425,000 bath, living & family back deck for family 8 1456 sq.ft. I&~ ed ~ Op d 1711 sq.ft. condo One acres with 1782 sf, Pride of Ownership. 3 rooms, offi ce, huge Scott Realty, Bend - every item isjust a phone guest enj o yment. 3 bedroom, 2 bath 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 bdrm, 2 bath home. b edroom, 2 loft, granite countercall away. Parking 8 storage for Elevated, corner lot h, remodeled Call a Pro covered decks front 1468 sq. ft. homebat fir e place,Shows Like New W/ toys 8 small equip- MLS 201505396 with tops & Sold fully furnished Upgrades. 4 bedroom, The Classified Sectionis and back. Ready for newer windows, heat heated floors, wine Whether you need a ment. Garden area to use.Everyitem MLS 201508404 Karin Johnson, & stained glass, 3.5 bath, 3019 sq. ft., iseasy soil has been regu- Broker, ABR, e-PRO, wood pellet or gas fence fixed, hedges pump, new garage cave categorizedandevery Gary Rose, Broker, large great r o om, 36'x36' garage with s tove. Bedr o om larly composted, just and pull down is indexed onthe SRS IIIIBA trimmed or a house separation, f o r mal door lift & 36'x36' barn, large bonus r oom, cartegory waiting for a new famsteps for extra stor- car section's front page. 541-639-6140 541-588-0687 master with soaking 3 6'x20' c a rport & dining and breakfast built, you' ll find ily. Property is a must age. 12x16 shop with tub and large walk-in room. Over s ize power. Room for RV. 36'x18' second gaWhether youarelooking for view to a ppreciate. professional help in closet. $37 9 ,000. double garage, circu- $319,900. www.johnlscott. a home orneeda service, $325,000. CALL rage. e CALL CAR O L YN your future is inthe pagesof e The Bulletin's "Call a lar drive. $159,900. CAROLYN EMICK MLS¹ 201505401 AT corn/46734 V i o leta EMICK AT MLS201507341 Call The Bulletin Classified. Service Professional" Bobbie Strome, 541-419-0717. MLS: Sdrulla, Principal Bro- 541-419-0717. MLS: MORRIS Nancy Pop p, Princ. 201505946 541 - 419-3522 MORRIS Principal Broker Duke ker Directory Duke REAL ESTATE Broker, 541-815-8000 John L. Scott Realty, 201502633 John L Scott Real The Bulletin REAL ESTATE Warner Realty Warner Realty 541 -385-5809 ServingCentral Oregonsino. St8 Crooked River Realty Bend ~ y~ ~ ~ d Estate 541-385-5500 IM~ dy ~ ~ Op t 1






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The Ladd Group is a highly experienced team that helped clients make $35 million of real estate investments in 2014. Their advanced search engine at bendpropertysource.corn allows you to easily

track homes by pricing, area, neighborhood or custom criteria. 541.633A569 I 650 SW Bond St, Suite 100, Bend


61 582 HOSMERLAKEDR. - TETHEROW $1,100,000 New Greg Welch Construction 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3113 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD21 to 88000

19860 ROCKING HORSERD- SWBEND $725,000 log home with barn 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 5.26 acres, 2304 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD10 to 88000

WOODRIVERRIDGETOWNHOMES-SWBEND $689,000 & $699,000 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2509 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD4 to 88000

21328 OAIO/IEW DR.- AWBREYBUTTE $320,000 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2526 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD9 to 88000

TETHEROW CABINS - BONNEY LANE •$559,0 00-$575,000 -2floorplansavailable 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1396-1 766 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD5 to 88000

1972 NWKEENANCOURT-AWBREYBUTTE $1,095,000 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3546 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD23 to 88000

TETHEROW HOMESITES Lots starting at $21 7,350 For more info, text LADD15 to 88000

20451 TIMBERLINE — SW BEND $449,900 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2703 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD24 to 88000

60964 CREEKSTONELOOP - SWBEND $473,500 RiverRim Craftsman 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2925 sq. ft. For more info, text LADD20 to 88000

6 SHADOW LANE - SUNRIVER $677,500 •4bedroom, 3.5bath,2822sq.ft. For more info, text LADD1 to 9 88000

g ...,.„....,...,,„...,...,...,. Callustoda tosetu a rivate showin ! 541-633-4569



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Homes for Sale

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Su n river/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Jefferson County Homesj

Tillicum Village I Westside Cot t age.Charming home in the 1 5760 Burgess R d . 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath Manu- 52250 Parkway Drive, 8 Puma, Sunriver. Outstanding Craftsman BANK-OWNED IN MA Looking for a remodel heart of R edmond, $129,900 1440 sq. ft. factured Home on .77 $219,500. 3 bdrm, 2 $415,000. 1861 sq. ft., in this Custom built 2 DRAS! New s ingle $299,900 2982 sq.ft. project? Elevated lot 2250 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., home with attached acre. Carport, Stor- bath, Hickory, A/C. 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath, 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath Frame story home, 1611 sq. 4 bedroom, 3 bath in the heart of t he 2 bath., on .37 acre w/ shop. High Lakes Re- age Building and Cor- 1 .12 acres. Hi g h master suites. Home. Tile, Laminate, ft. 3 bdrm, 2 b ath, .27 acre on cul-de-sac Westside. 2 bedroom, greenhouse/solarium alty & Property Man- ner Lot located in Lakes Realty & PropDan Hoak, Broker and Carpet through- vaulted ceiling, gas MLS 201506915 1 bath, 912 sq. ft. & 3 car garaqe. MLS¹ agement Ponde rosa P i n es. erty Ma n agement 541-639-6595 out this 1120 sq. ft. FP, recent upgrades, 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 KC Flynn, Broker Close to shops, res- 201502749 $274,000 Great Income PropMary Hoak, Broker home built in 2012. 2-car garage on .14 541-322-2400, taurants, pubs and Pam Lester, Princ. 16206 Hawks Lair. 4 erty or Starter Home. 541-848-8140 Stainless Steel Appli- acres. $172,900. MLS $1'I 9,900. MLS 52464 River Pine Road, Berkshire Hathaway 541-390-6441 park. $295,000. CALL Broker, Century 21 ances, Granite 201507147 . Pam 2~/~ bath, 3304 201505709 LARRY JACOBS AT Gold Country Realty, bdrm, $220,000. 1706 sq. ft. Home Services Counter tops, mud- Lester, Princ. Broker, sq. ft. 2 ga r age. 541-480-2329. MLS: Large master suite, Northwest Real Estate room/laundry room, C entury 2 1 Inc. 541-504-1338 Cascade Realty, Gol d $299,900. High Lakes Dennis 201505606 Duke Haniford, Princ. double garage. High attached 2 car g a- Country Realty, Inc. Realty & P r o perty Located in Terrebone! Lakes Realty 8 PropWarner Realty Broker rage and c o vered 541-504-'I 338 Have an item to 1215 sq. ft., 3 bdrm., Management erty Man a gement 541-536-1731 front porch to enjoy MORRIS W ild Riv e r Lots ! 2 ba. home on .34 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 sell quick? the quiet evenings. Just bought a new boat? REAL ESTATE $50,000. 14375 acre flat lot with ma- 16280 Pine Drop Lane Then for all of your Sell your old one in the If it's under Brown Trout Way..38 t ure t r ees. M L S ¹ $264,900. 4 bdrm, 2 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath, 1080 52920 Meadow Lane. Sq Ft Mfd Home built $299,900. 1663 sq. ft., '500 you can place it in toys, a 36x50 shop classifieds! Ask about our acre totally wooded, 201503396. with 14ft doors, combath, 1920 sq. ft., at- in 2006. Home is on 1 Super Seller rates! Good classified adstell beautiful corner l ot $118,350. Pam 2.14 a cres, 3 - bay plete with 200 amp The Bulletin 541-385-5809 the essential facts in an back to common area. Lester, Princ. Broker, tached and detached Acre and located in shop. High Lakes Reservice. Insulated and garage. High Lakes Split Rail Subdivision alty & Property mginteresting Manner.Write Paved road, all imC entury 2 1 Gol d Realty & Classifieds for: P r o perty finished walls. This on P aved R o a d. provements on road. Country Realty, Inc. from the readers view not home has tons of exManagement Owner will Carry with mnt 541-536-0117 Wild River is on the 541-504-1 338 the seller' s. Convert the '1 0 - 3 lines, 7 days 541-536-0117 tras, to many to men- Homes with Acreage I an accepted Down 52962 Sunrise Blvd. Deschutes River at facts into benefits. Show tion, must see. Very '16 - 3 lines, 14 days Newly built golf course 16784 Brenda Drive. and approved Credit. $195,000. 3 bdrm, 2 Pringle Falls! the reader howthe item will close to r e creation frontage! 3 bedroom 2 MLS $89,900 $59,000. 14367 Brown $ 333,950 3 bd r m , bath, 1752 sq. ft. 2.51 (Private Party ads only) and lakes. $299,999. 16249 South Drive, La help them insomeway. bath + den. Custom 201507250 Cascade P ine. 2922 sq . f t . Trout Way. .38 acre 1743 sq. ft. w/custom High L akes This MLS 201503469 gra n ite, upgrades. High Lakes Realty, Dennis Hani- acres. home, 6.27 a c res back to common area. cabinets, Realty & Pr o pertyGreat investment propadvertising tip Cascade Realty, shop/ barn $595,000. This lot has septic in- hardwoods, vaulted Realty 8 Pr o perty ford, Princ. B roker Management brought to you by erty! Now r e nted.Dennis Haniford, Princ. High Lakes Realty & pant r y , Management 541-536-1731 stalled and all ameni- c eilings, 541-536-0117 Broker Needs some T L C. walk-ins. Elegance in Property M a nageties of first lot. Can 541-536-0117 The Bulletin 1-541-536-1731 Would make great a s e rene s e tting. ment 54'I -536-0117 buy both for privacy! 51434 Telegraph Road. 53255 Deep Woodsstarter home. T h is $349,900 Call Nancy 17161 Wood Duck Ct. $75,900. 1 bdrm, 1 Call Ainslie Reynolds, $169,000. 1782 sq. ft., property backs up to Tumalo Neighborhood. Have an item to Principal Broker. Popp, Princ. Broker $ 274,999. 2 b d r m, bath, dbl. carport with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, gov"t lands. One lot 10 acres w/4 acres of irriver access, greenQuiet neighborhood 541-410-1054 Re/Max 5 41-815-8000. M L S 24X36 shop. H i gh off paved maintained sell quick? shop. H i g h L akes rigation, 3 ponds, 2 near the river. 2 bedhouse/ High Lakes 201505433 Call Key Properties Realty 8 Pr o perty Lakes Realty 8 PropIf it's under homes, main 1 story Realty 8 Pr o perty road $69,000. MLS room, 1 bath home on Nancy Pop p, Princ. erty Man a gement Management Cou n try Broker, 541-815-8000 201506730 Cascade '500 you can place it in house is 1344 sq. ft., .44 acre lot. Private Wonderful Management 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 MLS¹ Crooked River Realty vac. home is 1296 sq. 541-536-0117 Realty, Dennis Haniwell. $179,900. CALL Home! 201507050, Prineville. ft. 2 4 X2 4 g a r age/ ford, Princ. Broker The Bulletin BECKY OZRELIC AT 53349 W o od stock 1974 home, 3 bdrm., The Bulletin's 541-536-1731 shop. $379,000 MLS¹ 541-480-9191. MLS: 516695 Burgess Road, Drive. $145,000. 1420 Classifieds for: for your next 201503530 Pam "Call A Service 201504083 Duke 2 bath, bonus room Looking $110,000. Stick built+ sq. ft. home, 48x26 emp/oyee? could be 4th bdrm., 2 Advertise your car! Lester, Princ. Broker, mfd home + garage. shop and more! High Warner Realty Professional" Directory '10 3 lines, 7 days acres, 1.40 acres irri- Place a Bulletin help Add A Prcfure! C entury 2 1 Gol d High Lakes Realty & Lakes Realty & Prop- Reach is all about meeting thousands of readers! Tumalo Small Acreage I gation, 40x60 shop. wanted ad today and r16 - 3 lines, 14 days Country Realty, Inc. Property M a nage- erty Ma n agement reach over 60,000 your needs. Call 541-385-5809 $250,000 www.johnlscott.corn/ 541-504-1338 ment 541-536-01 17 541-536-0117 The Bulletin Classifieds (Private Party ads only) 1460 sq.ft., 3 bed44448. $31 0 ,000. readers each week. Call on one of the Your classified ad room, 1 bath Kellie Cook, Broker will also appear on professionals today! 3.42 acres, irrigation 541-408-0463 John L. bendbulletin.corn 2 car garage with Scott Realty, Bend which currently re18 Red Cedar, huge shop W onderful Home. 3 Sunriver. $525,000. ceives over MLS 201507867 bedroom, 2.5 b ath, 1.5 million page 4 Bdrm, 4 bath, 2650 Lynne Connelley, 1800 sq. ft. located in sq. ft., golf course views every month Broker, CRS Crescent Creek. Low at no extra cost. view. 541-408-6720 maintenance and Darrell Hamel, Broker Bulletin Classifieds close to recreational 54'I -480-7563 Get Results! hot spots. $199,999. Berkshire Hathaway Call 385-5809 or CALL JAYNEE BECK place your ad on-line Home Services AT 541-480-0988 OR Northwest Real Estate r at MORRIS PETE VAN DEUSEN ben dbulletin.corn REAL ESTATE 1 Oregon LoopAT 541 - 480-3538. Sunriver. $765,000. MLS: 201 5 03385 755 5 bdrm, 5 bath, 2 mas"* Duke Warner Realty Views forever! This 4 ter suites, 3320 sq. ft., .i '/r Sunriver/La Pine Homes Wonderful Single Level bed/3 bath 1796 sq. ft. log accents. home sits on a well Home on Over Half an 149112 Auderine Circle. Dan Hoak, Broker treed 4.5 acres with Acre. 3 bedroom, 2 $195,000. B e autiful 541-639-6595 views of the Cascade b ath, 1704 sq . f t . , finishes, log accents. Mary Hoak, Broker Range, Smith Rock hardwood floors, great High Lakes Realty & 541-848-8140 and more. $319,900. room w/propane fire- Property Berkshire Hathaway M a n ageCALL KIM WARNER place, large kitchen, ment 541-536-0117 Home Services = .-~ - ' AT 541 - 4 10-2475. granite counters and Northwest Real Estate tile. Double car gaMLS: 201 5 0 1737 53462 Kokanee Lane. '= ' '=':.,- =;.= rage plus toy parking. $169,900 3 bdrm, 2 1 Timber - Sunriver, Duke Warner Realty = ':=-. .' ~ ML Sr j201507524 ~ ." ::: -'.:,::: $269,000. CALL bath, pellet stove, dbl. $315,000. 3 bdrm, 2 Views of the Deschutes AUBRE CHESHIRE garage. High Lakes bath plus loft, nicely —Situated on the Deschutes River Canyon, this 4r acre parcel boasts more R iver. Lot 9 i n t h e AT 541-598-4583 OR Realty & updated with newer . than 300 feet of river frontage,-Accessed by apt tvategated entrance,— find prestigious River Park BROOK CRIAZZO AT Management P r o perty appliances. Kyle Estates cap t ures 541-550-8408. MLS: 541-536-0117 Hoak, Broker a vintage srrlit-leveI, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home with pjxeless views of stunning views of the 201507285 541-639-7760 Duke ,the wiM and scenic section of the Deschutes Rivm -==. ~ , ~: ; ~ -" D eschutes Riv e r , Warner Realty 150446 Thatcher Road. Berkshire Hathaway Easterly desert views, Home Services $349,900, 2440 sq. ft., FQ N QRMATLQN, CALI;:' FIND ITr Pilot Butte and the 4-car garage, 3.44 Northwest Real Estate ="- =::. Deb'jVIortimore-Lane, Broker, 541-771-S867 SUT IT! C ascade Ran g e . acres. High L akes 20686 Justice Lane, $299,000. CALL SELL IT! Realty & Pr o perty $284,900. 2080 sq. ft. Ryan Mortimore, Sj.'oker, 541:728-lI97 TERRY S KJERSAA The Bulletin Classifieds Management in Bend. 4 bdrm, 2~/~ AT 541 - 383-1426. 541-536-0117 Sunriver Realty j 57057 Beave'r Drive 'j Su!!rive, Oiecforl 977fj7 bath. High Lakes Re748 MLS: 2013 0 7188 -RJ -' ==:= 541-593-.7000 ] SunriVerRealfy,COn1 j Licensed in the State of-Oregon Duke Warner Realty Northeast Bend Homes 52694 Center D rive. alty & Property Man$250,000. 1512 sq., ft. agement Village W iestoria 3 bdrm, 2 bath, deck, 541-536-0117 Cute single story home Bend. Midtown, near in NE Bend. 1056 sq. spa. High Lakes ReH ollinshead Pa r k , 3 bdrm, 2 bath, dbl alty & Property Man2007 home, 3 bed- ft. attached garage on agement rooms, 4 baths, 2780 almost 1/4 acre with a 541-536-0117 A +/- sq. ft., must see. park-like 4 4 A 4 set t i ng.145451 Birchwood $ 399,900. Kat h i e $235,000. M LS Brown, Broker, GRI 201507242. $174,900. 1794 sq. ft. Pam decks, 3-car garage, 2 406-381-6698 John L Lester, Princ. Broker, Scott Realty, Bend High Lakes ReC entury 2 1 Gol d acre. alty & Property ManW aterfront & Sm i t h Country Realty, Inc. agement Rock views! Large 541-504-1338 541-536-0117 country home on 5+ irrigated acres, 2772 Garage Sales 147914 Mabel LaPine, sq. ft. w/ 5 bdrm., 2.5 $160,000. 5 acres, RV ba., 2-car detached Garage Sales g arage wit h s h o p area, gated entrance. garage & b e autiful Garage Sales Call Mark, landscaping. M L S¹ 541-536-4418 Berk201409838 $499,900 Find them shire Hathaway Home Pam Lester, Princ. Broker, Century 21 Services N orthwest in HOME LOANS Real Estate. Gold Country Realty, The Bulletin Inc. 541-504-1338 Classifieds West Hills I $729,000 Tick, Tock 3672 sq.ft., 4 bed541-385-5809 Tick, Tock... room, 2.5 bath Mt. Bachelor & city 750 ...don't let time get Please contact us for all your borne financing needs. views Redmond Homes away. Hire a Large decks, .35 acre lot professional out Bank owned on almost MLS 201506326 1/4 acre. 1120 sq. ft. 3 of The Bulletin's Jim & Roxanne bdrm, 2 bath, home in Cheney, Brokers "Call A Service SW Redmond. double 541-390-4050, Professional" garage and fenced 541-390-4030 backyard. $161,900. Directory today! MLS201506262 Call Pam Lester, Principal 15019 Chipmunk Lane. Broker, Century 21 $259,900. 1920 sq. ft. Trena O'Bill Dave Swisher Kent Cramer Larry Wallace Gold Country Realty, 4 bdrm, 2 bath, shop, MORRIS Loan Originator Loan Originator Loan Originator Loan Originator Inc. 541-504-1338 REAL ESTATE 1 acre. High Lakes NMLS¹ 130701 NMLS¹ 118555 NMLS¹ 206015 NMLS¹ 274578 P r o perty l~ ~ dOp m B Bank owned on almost Realty & 33 years experience 25 years experience 25 years experience 30 years experience Management /2 acre. 3 bdrm, 1 FIND YOUR FUTURE b ath, 1012 sq . f t . , 541-536-0117 single story home with 15323 Bear Street, La HOME INTHE BULLETIN fenced yard and RV P ine, 27 5 , 500. 3 Yourfutureis just apageaway. parking. $ 1 34,900. bdrm, 2 bath, Whetheryou'relookingfor aha! or MLS ¹201505970 Call insulated shop.24x36 High Pam Lester, Principal Lakes Realty 8 Propaplacelohangit, TheBulletin Broker, Century 21 Classified is yourbest source. erty Man agement Gold Country Realty, 541-536-0117 Lana Strom Nicole Aldous Denise Stauffer Leia Nitschelm Everydaythousandsof buyersand Inc. 541-504-1338 Operations Manager, Processor Loan Officer Underwriter sellerso!goodsandservicesdo NMLSr 1229887 Northwest Division 10 years experience 41 years experience Get your business inthesepages.They Garage Sales N MLS¹ 1731 36 13 years experience know youcan't beatTheBulletin 21 years experience business ClassifiedSectionforselection andconvenience. everyitemis Your Central Oregon Lending Team just aphonecall away. vvvvvv.skyl inehomeloansNW.corn TheClassifiedSectioniseasy (541) 306-3700 lo use.Everyitemiscategorized With an ad in 250 NW Franklin Ave. Suite 10l, Bend, OR 97703 andeverycategoryisindexedon Find them in ln America 2014 222 NW 7th St., Suite 4, Redmond, OR 97756 the section'front s page. The Bulletin's The Bulletin Whetheryouarelookingfora home Classifieds! a a a "Call A Service or need aservice,yourfutureis in the pages ofThe Bulletin Classfied. Professional" Copyright © 2015Skyline Financial Corp. dba Skyline HomeLoans Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System &Registry (NMLS) Company ID ¹ 12072, Oregon The Bulletin Licensed bythe Division of Finance &Corporate Securities No. ML2797. Directory SNVlllg CclttHI Opcgolt SIIICC19tr





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List one Item" in The Bulletinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Classifieds for three days for FREE. PLUS, your ad appears in PRINT and ON-LINE at bendbulletin.corn

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To receive your FREE CLASSIFIED AD, call 541-385-5809 or visit The Bulletin office at: 1777 SW Chandler Ave. (On Bend's west side) 'Offer allows for 3 lines oftext only. Excludesall service, hay,wood, pets/animals, plants, tickets, weapons, rentals andemployment advertising, andall commercial accounts. Must bean individual item under$200.00 and price of individual itemmust beincluded in the ad. Askyour Bulletin SalesRepresentative about special pricing, longer runschedules andadditional features. Limit 1 ad peritem per30days to besold.



Homes with Acreage H omes with Acreage













16751 SW Dove Rd., Powell Butte. S m all 1483 Trail Creek Drive, .26 acre view lot in SW Cascade Mt Views from La Pine Lot I $55,000 Sunriver I $219,900 Grandfathered RV lot, Beautiful5 acre C RR, custom l o g working ranch with Premium level lot with R edmond. Gre a t this 1. 2 5 acre .43 acre lot in Wild .35 acre lot one acre. Nicely treed parcel on Common area at back and fenced, adjoining home on 5 acres. with large outbuildings on privacy and mountain neighborhood and lo- cul-de-sac l o cation River TekampeRd. many upgrades: floor 5 .84 +/- a c res. 3 v iews on a qu i e t cation with views of ready to go! Septic in- Backs to common of lot a greenbelt for p ri Ready for your dream Near river in Pine to ceiling windows bdrm, 2 bath home. cul-de-sac in Eagle Smith Rock and the stalled with 1000 gal- area & trails vacy. Water line in home. Private setting with m t n . vi e w s, 1322 SW Bent Loop. Crest, .39 acre lot Ochocos. Build your lon tank. Connection 1 block from Big DesTrees stalled to R V s i t e. with Cascade views, MLS 201508149 Hickory hardwood 8 $279,900. Call Chris backs t o c o m mon dream home h ere! to C r ooked R i ver chutes River Older septic for RV pines and 2.5 acres of tile floors, gourmet McPheeters Principal area, which adjoins $64,000. CALL ROB Ranch water, 30x40 MLS 201508380 Sherry Perrigan, use. Power nearby. irrigation. Country livkitchen, cherry cabi- Broker, B LM. Ne w h o m e EGG ERS AT g arage/shop wit h Jan Laughlin, Broker, Broker Continue RV use or ing within minutes to nets, granite counters, Assist 2 Sell 541-410-4938 build your home on downtown. Offered at packages available. 541-815-9780. MLS: concrete floors, win- ABR, CRS, GRI, CSP 541-388-2111 stacked rock wood$177,500. MLS¹ 201410582 Duke dow and 16x10 over541%50-6049 this kve l y site . $345,000. For more burning fir e place.Two bdrm, 2 bath, 1.57 201503325 Lynn Warner Realty head door and man MLS information please call $47,500. $421,900 Principal Brodoor. $85,900 MLS 2 01205397 N a n c y Bill Pon, Pnncipal acres fenced/gated. Johns, ¹201502837 ker, 54 1 - 408-2944 Just too many 201302066 Call Popp, Princ. Broker, Broker 541-815-4140 tile floors, bedroom 541-815-8000 Juniper Realty, Oregon ReNancy Popp, Princ. Debbie iyfartorano collectibles? MORRIS slide rs onto patio, Central 541-504-5393 Broker, 541-815-8000 Crooked River Realty 541-480-2089 MORRIS pellet stove, vaulted sort Realty REAL ESTATE Crooked River Realty RE/NfAX Key REAL ESTATE ceilings, br e a kfast1525 Murrelet Drive, Sell them in 16535 SW Chinook Dr. Find exactly what Properties IA ~ m lyo bar, skylights, stor- Large .49 acre golf The Bulletin Classifieds Look at: 5.68 acre rim lot w/ you are looking for in the age building and cor- course lot with eastThis lot is full of potenCrooked River & mtn. Bendhomes.corn Eastern Oregon LandLot 200 SW Panorama ral o n c u l -de-sac. erly Ochoco mounCLASSIFIEDS to b u i l d y o u r views $22 5 ,000. Canyon City, Oregon, for Complete Listings of Road. Corner 1.21 tdial Good cond i tion. tain and city views. 541-385-5809 ream home a n d MLS 201106408. 3 lots available with Area Real Estate for Sale acres, paved street, watch t h e $169,900. MLS Situated near the 17th g l es Juniper Realty city water and sewer mtn. views. $42,500 soar! the d eeavelop201507087. Call tee box of the Chal- 3 Be nd C i ty Lo t s, 541-504-5393 at street. 1.86 acre Mt . J e fferson MLS 201505669 JuNancy Popp, l enge C ourse, a t views and u n ique,Enjoy process has alfrom this 5-acre niper residential lot, level Realty ment 541-81 5-8000 Eagle Crest Resort, $150,000/ea. Please views ready been started. building site, $30,900. close to Crooked 541-504-5393 Say "goodbuy" Crooked River Realty you will enjoy beauti- send email to: Parval- lot, Septic feasibility has River Ranch entrance 6.12 acre view lot, ful morning sunrises ueproperties@gmail to that unused zoned re s i dential, with the availability of Old Mill district, prime been completed.MLS d aily. N e w ho m e .corn to receive info. 360' View/Top of Butte 201506268 $76,000. all the CRR amenities: commercial site, just $30,900. 3.49 a cre item by placing it in Recreational Homes package a v a ilable. Call Donna Carter, in Terrebonne. Home, mtn view lot, within swimming, ten- one lot off corner of Offered at $164,900. 598 Highland Meadow golf, & Property shop, mansion building nis, disk golf, river Bond and Bluff. Ap- Broker, 541-903-0601 The Bulletin Classifieds city limits, $35,900. Loop, Nice level .34 MLS¹ 201503507 site. 2% to broker. See: Sellers are Oregon lip i c kle-ball, prox. 26,000 sq. ft., Crooked River Realty lot on a q uiet fishing, Cabin in the woods on Lynn Johns, Principal acre horseback riding and MR zoning a llows censed Real Estate street in Eagle Crest 541 -385-5809 Broker, 541-408-2944 5179367914.html trout stream, private, Brokers. watching. many uses. $650,000. Very clean & neat propCentral Oregon Re- Resort. Smith Rock bird off the grid, 80 mi. MLS CALL KIT K ORISH e rty with a 2 4 x 36 Juniper Realty and Cline Butte views $57,900 3 bdrm., 2 bath, 2456 from Bend. 638 ac. sort Realty 16685 SW Chinook Dr. 541-504-5393 2 01504749 Kati e AT 541 - 480-2335. shop 864 sq. ft. total sq. ft. home with on $849K. Fo r d r o ne with potential CasCRR. 6.9 acres with 16424 Antelope, Three cade Mountain views. Dailey, Broker MLS: 201 5 0 0280 with 10 ft. doors.3 RV 14.66 acres, 13.20 video li n k , call Crooked River al l West Powell Butte Es541-419-4220 Rivers. $12,500. .45 Lot backs to a strip of Duke Warner Realty sites, fully fenced with acres irrigation. Bo- 541-480-7215. inst a lled. tates, with gated enlocking gate. Has a utilities acre recreational lot, common area lending Crooked River Realty nus room w/seperate MLS try, 20+ acres with 1500 gal. c oncrete $189,000 entry, stainless steel Great vacation home in deeded river access. itself to a feeling of Fairway Crest Village I Redmond Homesite well, septic & well. Great 201008671. Juniper private Kyle, maximum p r i vacy. $88,500. appliances, solar de- the heart of Christ- Call $179,900 old-growth trees and 2526 Syy 43rd Ct. RV site or build your Realty 541-504-5393 sign generates 20% mas Valley. This one 541-639-7760. Berk- New home package .32 acre flat, buildable fenced on 3 s ides, Beautiful large lot in new home here. Not has 1 bedroom with a shire Hathaway Home available. $129,900. lot electricity. MLS¹ acres i n W e s t perfect to build your Services N o rthwest MLS¹ distinctive Majestic far off p aved Day 2 0+ 2015040'I 3 $427,500 second that can be 2015 0 2863 Close to Deschutes Powell Butte Estates, dream home. Ridge. Cul-de-sac road. $78,500 Pam Lester, Princ. set up as a 2nd bed- Real Estate. Lynn Johns, Principal River gated com m unity, $159,000. MLS location filled with Cascade Realty, room it has no closet Call The Bulletin At Broker, Century 21 Broker, 541-408-2944 Mature ponderosa views, private 201507113 Pam custom homes. Dennis Haniford, Princ. mtn. Central Oregon ReGold Country Realty, so can not be called a well, paved roads w/ pines 541-385-5809 Lester, Princ. Broker, Sue Price, Broker Broker bedroom. The kitchen Inc. 541-504-1338 sort Realty MLS 201502959 access to BLM. MLS¹ C entury 2 1 Gol d 541-408-7742 541-536-1731 has a ceramic cook Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 201305077 $159,900. Country Realty, Inc. Pat Palazzi, Broker 8120 SW SHAD R D, Cascade Sotheby's top, s mall t o aster At: www.bendbulletin.corn TURN THE PAGE 541-771-6996 Pam Lester, Princ. 541-504-1338 CRR. Frame built 3 International Realty o ven, lots o f c u pBroker, Century 21 For More Ads bdrm, 2 bath, 1,336 board space, & tile 16465 SW Dove Rd., Gold Country Realty, The Bulletin CRR. 5 acre legal lot. Acreages S ummit Ridge Ct. i n sq. ft., landscaped 1 floor. Nice size living The Bulletin Inc. 541-504-1338 To Subscribe call acres on paved street, room, with patio door Septic feasibility apEagle Crest. premium Cascade mtn. view, Lot 4 S W B lue J ay 5 Acres - Corner Lot 541-385-5800 or go to large concrete patio, to deck. Metal garage proved. mtn views. Build your dream home. MLS Septic installed and MORRIS fenced backyard, in- with a shop area. Lo- $69,900. .48 acre lot slopes up Road, CRR. S mith www.bendbulletin.corn Million Dollar View! but levels out at top of R ock v iews, 5 . 1 7 Sisters cludes riding l awn cated close to golf 201501897 REAL ESTATE underground electric School Dist., Juniper Realty mower, push mower course, municipal airlot, lending itself to a acres borders public conduit in place for 775 $325,000. 541-504-5393 natural building foot- land. $65,000. MLS a nd w ee d e a t er port, tennis courts & 541-389-9751 easy, out of s ight, Manufactured/ 201407131 $209,000. MLS¹ print for m a ximum all t ha t C h ristmas 16755 Casper, Three electrical hoo k up. Take care of Juniper Realty v iews. Ne w h o m e Mobile Homes 201503271. Juniper 7965 SW River Rd. SeNeighboring lot found Valley has to offer. Rivers. $30,000. .70 541-504-5393 your investments Realty 541-504-5393 packages available. cluded & private 2.79 water at 221' This lot $72,500. MLS Acre, vacant lotOffered at$299,900. List your Home acres, near the Desis r eady t o go! with the help from 201502928 close to boat ramp. MLS¹ 201506892. chutes River, canyon JandMHomes.corn Cascade Realty, $124,000 Call Donna Need help fixing stuff? Darrell Hamel, Broker Get your The Bulletin's Lynn Johns, Principal Call A ServiceProfessional wall views, borders We Have Buyers Carter, MLS Dennis Haniford, Princ. 541-480-7563 business Get Top Dollar Broker, 541-408-2944 find the help you need. "Call A Service public land. $39,500. Broker 201506067 B r o ker, Berkshire Hathaway Central Oregon Financing Available. Juniper Realty 541-903-0601 541-536-1731 Home Services www.bendbulletin.corn Professional" Directory 541-548-5511 Resort Realty 541-504-5393 Northwest Real Estate Crooked River Realty a ROW I N G




with an ad in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory


9040 SW S a ndridge Rd., CRR 1.12 acre Power and water at the street $34,900. MLS ¹201403978. Juniper Realty,


541-504-5393 Breathtaking views of the Cascades and the Deschutes River! 4 Garage Sales bdrm, 3 bath round home on 2.27 acres. Garage Sales Greenhouse, hot tub a nd plenty o f R V Garage Sales parking. $ 3 8 9,900. Find them MLS 201506613 Pam Lester, Princ. Broin ker, Century 21 Gold The Bulletin Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338 Classifieds

Custom home, shop 541-385-5809 and barn on 35 private acres. 2592 sq. Lot 1 SW Shad Rd. ft., 4 bdrm, 2.2 bath 3.09 acres with amaz home with new stain- ing views. $78,500. less steel appliances, MLS¹ 201402733 Ju pantry, and custom niper Realty ironwork throughout. 541-504-5393 Recent e n ergy-efficien h ea t p u m p.11424 J u bel C o u rt. Huge master suite B eautiful .4 1 a c r e with m t n . vi e w s, l evel lot w i t h B I G walk-in closet, Ig. tile Cascade m o untain shower and Jacuzzi views in Eagle Crest Resort. Located on a tub. Sits high on the property with 3 6 0' quiet cul-de-sac with v iews of t h e C a s- quality homes surcades. Mt.Jeff erson, rounding. Bring your P owell Butte, a n d builder or use one Grizzly Butte. Beauti- from our preferred list. fully landscaped with Offered at $173,500. water feature, custom MLS 201504226 steel fenced yard with Lynn Johns, Principal a patio for entertain- Broker, 541-408-2944 ing. The shop has two Central Oregon Resort RV doors, concrete Realty floor and i s 4 0x60 Check out the feet. Ride in 120x200 classifieds online ft. arena or directly off the p roperty o n to www.bendbulletin.corn miles of BLM. All of Updated daily this at only $599,500. Lot 67 SW Shad Rd. Heather Hockett, Principal Broker great value for this 5 41-420-9151 G o l d 1 .04 acre lo t w i t h mountain views. Country Realty $29,900. MLS¹ 201408966 J u niper Good classified adstell Realty 541-504-5393 the essential facts in an interesting Manner.Write 5.3 acres near the en from the readers view not trance of The Ranch and golf course. Nice the seller' s.Convert the mountain views. nice facts into benefits. Show flat horse property. the reader howthe item will Perfect place to build help them insomeway. your home. $75,000. This Call L i n d a Lou advertising tip Day-Wright, Broker, brought toyouby 541-771-2585 Crooked River Realty The Bulletin Sylytflg Cyl yyylOly9INI yllKC yyt8 10085 Juniper G l en Enjoy amazing views of Circle, Beautiful level the cascade moun- lot backing to comtains and Deschutes mon area on a quiet c anyon f ro m t h i s street in Eagle Crest. beautiful home! Nice Situated east to west, large deck, perfect for you will enjoy Cline entertaining! Property Butte views and have has a 36 x 40 pole sun and shade all barn w/5 stalls with day. New home packrubber mats. Plenty of ages available. Ofroom for storage with fered a t $8 9 ,900. 2 large doors and cor- MLS¹ 201503166 ral to the side. Come Lynn Johns, Principal enjoy Crooked River Broker, 541-408-2944 Ranch amenities in- Central Oregon Recluding; golf, swim- sort Realty ming, tennis, hiking, Rockside C t , fishing and h o rse-1 0745 Crest. Looking back riding. Eagle for BIG views? Here it $349,500. Call Katie is! Beautiful .37 Dailey Broker acre lot on view, a q uiet 541-419-4220. street. Views include Crooked River Realty Black Butte, Mt. JefNicely remodeled Cha- ferson and Mt. Hood. let w i t h lam i nate Bring your builder or flooring, vinyl w i n- use one from our dows, forced air fur- preferred list. Offered nace, metal r o of. a t $ 179,900. M LS Lynn Double car garage + 201503528. carport. nearly 800 sq. Johns, Principal Broft. accessory building ker, 54 1 - 408-2944 on 5 acres. $249,900. Central Oregon ReMLS 201507174 Call sort Realty Nancy Popp, Princ. Broker, 541-815-8000 Tick, Tock Crooked River Realty Tick, Tock... Outstanding Cascade v iews. 2300 sq. f t . ...don't let time get custom 3 bdrm, 2~/~ away. Hire a bath, triple garage, RV parking, all on 4 professional out acres. $489,000. mls of The Bulletin's 201507566 "Call A Service Pam Lester, Princ. Bro ker, Century 21 Gold Professional" Country Realty, Inc. Directory today! 541-504-1338




SATURDAY 8tSUNDAY Saturday 9:00 AM- I I:00 AM

Larry Jacobs, Broker 54 I -480-2329


Saturday I I:00 AN-2:00 PM

Mark Holme, Broker 54 I -2 I 3-8385 Sunday I I:00 AN- I:00 PM

Fred Johnson, Broker 54 I -788-3733





Situated on aprivate, sunny corner lot. Light and bright kitchen/family room opens to a s e cluded fully

Move-in perfect! 1144 SF, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths,freshly painted, new carpetingon almost an acre.Fenced for horses and O N LY $ 169,900.

fenced backyard. $399,000 CALL

CALL KIM KAHL AT 541-480-1662. MLS ¹201508183

TERRY SKJERJAA AT 541-383-1426.

MLS: 201508606






BEAUTY This 3 bdrm,3 bath,3380 i 9 It. homefeatures amazingviews,in-law quarters, high-endfinishes & is a short distance to the DeschutesRiver, $133,500CALLKIMWARNERAT541-410-2475. MSL: 201508406

RED SKY F/ARM PRIDE OF OWN E R SHI P N EVtf CONSTRU CT ION PROFITABLE KENNEL BUSINESS You andyour critters will love this property. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1468sq.ft. home with IN NE BEND Kennel/boardinbu gsiness for dogs& cats, 53 dot Attrac tive 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath,2900 sq.It. newerwindows, heatpump,newgaragedoor Grea troom concept,3 bdrm, 25 bath,2221sq.ft. rooms/13cat rooms,most wioulsdle runs.Multiple home withbarn&arenaon5acresw/2 acres & pull-down stepsfor extra storage. 12X I 6 Room for RVparking, mtnviewsfrom master bdrm outside payareas.Experienced stafFty grooming irrigation. Close to BLH land. $625,000 shop with power. Roomfor RV, $319,900 & cornerfrpl. $339,XOCALLjAYNEEBECK54- facilities.25II sq,ft, home,includinga I Ixlrm apt. CALL BECKY OZRELICAT541-480-9191. CALL CAROLYN EMICKAT541-419-0717. 180-0988 ORPETEVANDEUSEN511-480-3538. $961,000CALL KRISWARNERAT 541-480-5365. MLS: 20150266I MLS: 201505946 MLS: 201506001 MLS: 201502782 I

ILi . ~ Q yy

SINGLE-LEVELENERGYEFFICIENT PERCHED ABOVE DRYCANYON! GREAT LOCATION IN NORTHWEST CROSSING Green-built home on 20 acres. 2739 sq Located inthe gatedcommunity of the Cits in Frank LloydWright-i n spirdehomebyGregWelch ft., 4 bdrm, 3 bath, solar panel, 10 acres Redmond.Enjoy canyonviewsfrom openkitchen & Construction.Masterbdrmonthe mainlevel,two irrigation,set upfor horses& steel barn. So livingroom.Master suite ofFerscanyonviews,fpl &Irg guest rooms,off ce/den& bonusroom.$669500 many upgradesand extras to list. $549,900 walk inclosetTriplecargarageprovidesroomfor your AT 541-815-9780. toys.$%5,000CALLBILL PANTON541-420-6545. CALL TERR Y SK jERSAA AT 541-383-1426. CALL ROB EGGERS MLS: 201503739 MLS: 201501545 MLS:20 I 507655


MLS: 201506638

CLOSE TO THE OLD MILL DISTRICT Sc RIVERTRAf L 3Ixirm,2.5bath,1814sq.fl. w/greatroom,den,huge kitchen,upstairslaundry ty easycare lands caping. $359,900CALLAUBRE CHESHIREAT 511-5984583 ORBROOK CRIAZZO AT541-550-8%8. MLS: 201507780



Darlin g 3 bedroom,2.5 bathw i th bonus room, lof t area and unfinished attic. Downstairs master has private entrance to deck and backyard. $293,500 CALL BECKY OZRELIC AT 541-480-9191.

Il„riiilllllllilel lire Illltltiui iiiililll¹yllyll

STUNNING PROPERTY One-of -a-kind viewsonthis 23 acre parcel.4 bdrm2bat h2880sqfthomelocatedbetween Redmond&Sisters. Irrigation, guest qtrs,loafing sheds& more.Great oppoi 1unit/. $599,000



Mountainri,ver & golfcourseviews. UniqueKitty This 4 bed, 3 bath 1796 sq ft. home sits Privatesettingon 5 acres,1916sq. IL 3 bdrm,3 CRAFTSMAN Hawkunitfeatures2waster suitesw/agreat ocation. on awell -treed 4,5 acresw/views ofthe bath updatedhome.Detachedgarageplusahobby 3bedroom,2.5 bath,2344 sq.ft.home

$499,XO CALL jAYNE E BECK AT 511-480- Cascade Range,SmithRock& more.$319,900 barn. Enjoylongtrail rides onnearbypublic lands. built by Woodhill Homes. Great SW '0988 OR PETEVAN DEUSENAT5% 1-480-3538. CALL IJM WARNER AT 541-410-2475. $639,000 CALLKRISWARNERAT541480-5365. Bend neighborhood. $375,000 CALL CALL jASENCHAVEZAT 541-891-5446. MLS: 201507411 MLS: 201501737 MLS: 201508058 ROB EGGERS AT 541-815-9780. MLS: 201507731 MLS: 201507984









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3382 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 4 bath Furnished sports roomwith wet bar 61 942 Ra whideDrive MIS 201505735

TUMALO 4.96 ACRES I $3i 300pOD O 5.5 bath DRAH DONFAIRDAHKS, ' 5267 sq.ft., 5 bedroom, BROKER , SRES, Cascade views, private river access GRI, COPE 5-stall barn, guest home 541-383-4344 MLS 201 504254

80 ACRE ESTATEI $3,950,000 CRAIGLONG, BROKER 541-480-7647

Custom 4555sq.ft. home UnobstructedCascadeviews Horse barn, 2 haybarns, shop MLS 201408573


Custom 4853sq.ft. home JANESTRELL, BROKER , ABR, GRI, • 4 bedroom + ofice,3.5 bath EPR O,EAR THADVANTAGE Barn, indoor &outdoor arenas 541-948-7998 MLS 201404428


541 390 5349


Cascade views &lushpastures 3 bedr oom,off ice,3 bath home Barn 4 paddocks irrigation MLS 201508604

dt I’







sI,Rp I


Indoor & outdoor arenas Fine home with 2014 kitchen 32 acres, 20 irrigated

MLS 201500843

BROKEN TOP I $998,500

DAWN UIICKSON,’ 4460 sq.ft., vaults, beams BROKER , CRS, 3 bedroom,4.5 bath GRI, ABR 17th fairway & pond views 541-610-9427 MLS 201501 886


CASC ADEMTNVIEWS I $899000 4025 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 4 bath

AWBREY GLEN I $879,000

River rock, log accents,granite


19 4 acres, 5000 sq.ft. shop MLS 201 409795

541419-8 I 65



NW BENDI $685,000

541408 3543

Low bank riveraccess 2356 sq.ft. home with Cl zoning Private dock, swimminghole

MLS 201505461

Golf course, single.level home 3 bedroom, den, 2.5 bath MLS 201502363

FAIRW AYCRESTVILLAGE I $699,000 2927 sq.ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bath .25acre, SHARC paid in full 541-480-9300 MLS 201503418 JACKJOHNS, BROKER , GRI




1our of Homes wmnerl

WEST HILLS I $599,900 CATHY DELNERO, BROKER , CSP 541-410-5280

5 bedroom,2.5 bath,3546sq.ft. Mt. Bachelor & city views Remodeledkitchen

MLS 201507825

SUNRIVERI $S98,900 GARYROSE, BROKER , MBA 541-588-0687

3042 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 4 bath Vaulted ceilings,redoakffoors .26acre, large deck,hot tub MLS 201 500667


BEND’5 WESTSIDE I $598,000

4.6 SE SENDACRES I $589,000

BORAH BENSON, ’ I I74 sq.ft. 2 bedroom, 1 bath PC, BROK ER,GRI,





Great location

MLS 201508416

CascadeMountain &PilotButteviews

2780 sq.ft. home 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath MLS 201508293




~de ’~



1969 sq.fl. Craftsman home 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Granite,exposedbeams, woodfoors

MLS 201505869


SE BEND ACREAGE I $530,000 1728 sqft 4 bedroom,2.5 bath Shop with apartment

MLS 201410829



GOLDEN BUTTE I $519,900 2830 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Islandkitchen, granite, slate Expansivedeck, paverpatio

MLS 201504291

ASPEN RIM I $499,000

2995 sq.fl., 4 bedroom, 3 bath


Main floor master,.16 acre


Professionally landscaped MLS 20150671 8


1747 sq.ft. condo 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Corner unit, 2car garage

MLS 201506934

e aa e m

NE BEND I $379,900



2094 sq.fl., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath CascadeMountain &SmithRockviews 4.68 acres MLS 201505383


541.480 1293

2328 sq.fl. Craftsman 4 bedroom,2.5 bath,bonusroom

Landscaped,fencedyard MLS 201508772






’ 1400 sq.fl, single level 3 bedroom, 2 bath 2.26 acres

MLS 201507812



SIGDESCHUTESRIVERI $299,000 Fully furnished 600 sq.ft. cabin Sleeps 6, .65 acrelot

' D t t t i pd i d t MLS 201507426

2570 sq.ft. custom home 4 bedroom,2.5 bath Hickory floors,granite counters

MLS 201408598


MIDTOWN SINGLELEVELI $3204NO Completelyremodeled


41 280 5512

Chicken coop, extra storage e Huge flat lot, RV parking!

MLS 201508706



Ideal location, Old Mill Dtstnct

1314 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath .51acre, ponderosapines MLS 201508425

~~~ ) I MIRADAI $298,990



1544 sq. ft. new construction 3 bedroom,2 bath

’ it i t pt , I t t MLS 201 505013


TERRANGO GLEN I $289,000 1508 sq.ft, single level 3 bedroom, 2 bath Big deck,peekabooviews


I 541-948-0997

MLS 201507490


54’I 354.6049

WILDRIVER I $274,900 2459 sq.ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath .42acre lot

MLS 201505096

BI ' I



NW BEND CONDO I $267,500 1213 sq.ft. condo 4bedroom, 2bath,opengreatroom Vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors MLS 201501585


NE BEND I $239,500 Upgraded1024sq.ft. home 3 bedroom, 1 bath La rge yard for entertaining

MLS 201507335



1809 sq.ft. manufactured 4 bedroom,2 bath, centralA/C 1.04 acre, fenced MLS 201 506770


REDMONDI $160,000 .46 acre comme rcial lot Sile approved for 5100sf building


+ Hwy 97 access

MLS 2013071 29





Vacant, build to suit property Bend's main commercial corridor Retail or office

MLS 201506918


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Free quality horse ma- Bichon Frise AKC reg'd Labradoodle pups med G ENERATE SOM E DIRECTV Starting at sze black 1st shots & nure f ro m q u a lity puppies. Hurry, they EXCITEMENT in your $19.99/mo. FREE InCentral Oregon's don't last long. horses. We load, you wormed 509-305-9085 neighborhood! Plan a Largest Gun & Knife s tallation. FREE 3 541-953-0755 or haul. 541-389-1430 garage sale and don' t months o f HBO Show! Sept. 5, Sat Queensfand Heelers 541-91 2-1905 forget to advertise in S HOWTIME CIN 9-5 Sept. 6, Sun 9-3 HELP YOUR AD Hollyhocks; two young Cans & bottles wanted! Standard & Mini, $150 classified! Deschutes County Fair EMAX, STARZ. FREE stand out from the & up. 541-280-1537 g ravenstein a p p l e They make a big dif541-385-5809. HD/DVR U p grade! Beautiful Classical rest! Have the top line & Expo Center starts; white bleeding ference in the lives of www.rig htwayranch.wor 2015 NFL S u nday 202 Persian rug from Admission $6.00! Lg. china hutch w/glass in bold print for only hearts; yellow rose dpress.corn Ticket Included (Se503-363-9564 Original Karastan animals. Want to Buy or Rent d oors, $150 o b o . $2.00 extra. bush starts. You dig. abandoned lect Packages) New wesknodelgunshows.corn collection, 9'x5.9", Local nonprofit uses Seniors & v e t erans, Jerry: 541-382-0956 541-385-5809 541-548-2879 C ustomers Onl y . exc condition for spay/neuter costs. adopt a great adult NEED TO CANCEL Cash paidfor wood CALL 1-800-410-2572 A $2000 value, or companion cat, fee The Bulletin dressers; dead wash208 YOUR AD? SeceineCenccelOreicnnsince sel8 (PNDC) selling for $1000 call 541-389-8420 for waived! Fixed, shots, ers and dryers Pets & Supplies The Bulletin 541-788-4229 541-420-5640 pickup or to learn lo- ID chip, tested, more! Private collector buying Dish Network - G et Classifieds has an cations of trailers. Sanctuary at 65480 postagestamp albums & M ORE fo r LE S S ! "After Hours" Line 78th St., Bend, Sat/ collections, world-wide The Bulletin recomStarting $19.99/month Propane smoker exc. Call 541-383-2371 ROCK HOUND and U.S. 573-286-4343 Sun. 1-5pm.389-8420. mends extra caution (for 12 months.) PLUS 44" Smokehollow $60 H owa 1 5 0 0 30 0 24 hrs. to cancel SALE: slab & rough (local, cell phone). when purc h asWin. Mag. New, never Bundle & SAVE (Fast 541-633-7017 rock. NW & SW your ad! ing products or serfired. W ood stock, Internet f o r $15 Reduce Your Past Tax 240 collected. Equip., Shih-Tsu fern.born April Queen m a t tress/box vices from out of the more/month.) CALL stainless barrel and Lapidary & Jewelry Bill by as much as 75 30, all shots, wormed, Crafts & Hobbies s prings, l ik e n e w area. Sending cash, action. Great deer or Now 1-800-308-1563 Percent. Stop Levies, tools, Beads, Findt raveling c age, 2 $200. 541-420-2220. checks, or credit inDachshunds mini l ong(PNDC) elk g un , b a rgain Liens and Wage Garings, wire 8 metal. doses of Advantage2. Craffers Wanted f ormation may b e haired AKC. $5008 up oak roll top desk, priced-wife says sell Free 34" Sony Trin-XBR, nishments. Call The 4520 SE Moki, $450. 541-350-7280 Sm. Open Jury subjected to fraud. 541-598-7417 32" wide, 24" deep, :-) $65 0 . Call Prineville,OR Sept. 12, 9:30 a.m 541-389-3694, reat pic, n o t f l a t Tax DR Now to see if For more i nforma- Dog kennel, portable, Siberian Husky pup- 45" leave g h igh, $ 1 5 0 Sat.Highland Qualify Fri-Sat 9/1 1-9/1 2 you Baptist screen, 541-647-2685 tion about an adver541-504-1197 message. pies, AKC, shots, 1-800-791-2099. 10am-4pm med., up to 45 lbs. $1 Church, Redmond. tiser, you may call 000+. 541-815-8147 266 (PNDC) 541-729-2905 $35. 541-408-4528 Sofa bed queen sze by Jan 541-350-4888, the O regon State 541-536-5844. Englander, like new, John Wayne comTina 541-447-1640 Computers Sell your s t ructured Attorney General' s German Shepherd pupblue & cream plaid www.snowflakeboumemorative holster settlement or annuity 203 Office C o n sumer pies, AKC, 3 F, $850 210 $450. 541-668-5364 and gun belt set, T HE B ULLETIN r e payments for CASH Protection hotline at ea., 1 M, $750, cute! Furniture & Appliances Holiday Bazaar Model JW81, unit ¹ quires computer ad- NOW. You don't have 1-877-877-9392. 541-771-4857 241 What are you 711 of only 3,000. & Craft Shows vertisers with multiple to wait for your future 2 queen beds, mattress New in box w/ all Bicycles & ad schedules or those payments any longer! The Bulletin looking for? 8 box springs, $60 8 orig. printed mateCentral Oregon selling multiple sys- Call 1-800-914-0942 Accessories $50. 541-771-7716 You' ll find it in rial incl. certificate tems/ software, to dis- (PNDC) Saturday Market "Where the seller is by Michael close the name of the rack carriers, 2 signed 8 Australian shepherd The Bulletin Classifieds Bike Perfect conSE C URITY business or the term SOCIAL the maker" since 1974. place 8 4, $30 & $60. Wayne. puppies, pure bred, dition. $ 795 . "dealer" in their ads. D ISABILITY BEN Open this Sat. 8 Sun. 541-408-4528 $500 each. 541-420-5184 E FITS. U nable t o from 10:00 AM - 4:00 German shepherd Private party advertis541-668-0889 541-385-5809 puppies, AKC, Tour Easy recumbent PM, in Downtown Bend, ers are defined as work? Denied benteens, adults, across from the Public Adopt a great cat or Twin hide-a-bed, good b ike, s i z e med . Marlin.17 cal. b8a rifle those who sell one efits? We Can Help! WIN or Pay Nothing! our bloodlines make Library. The largest two! Altered, vaccic ondition, $149 . $ 2 500 b earing & Tasco 3-9 scope, case, computer. 3-piece hardwood wall 54'I -420-2220 Contact Bill Gordon & selection of local all the difference! mesh seat. nated, ID chip, tested, $295 541-306-0280 260 Associates at windridgek9.corn unit, 91nLx79 nH, glass 541-536-7619 artists and crafters, more! CRAFT, 65480 WHIRLPOOL CABRIO 1-800-879-3312 to shelves, $400 obo. East of the Cascades. Misc. Items 78th, Bend, Sat/Sun, German Shepherds washer and d ryer, 246 Remington 11-87 12 541-526-1879 start your application Call (541) 420-9015 or 1-5p.m. 541-389-8420 never used, still in a. automatic, 28" Barbecue: gas Weber, today! (PNDC) visit us on Facebook Golf Equipment Quality. 541-281-6829 boxes. $1000 for both. arrel with / venti- G enesis 1000 L P , 7 piece be droom Antique wicker baby Sunvision tanning bed, La J olla Knife clubs, lated rib, and long cover, full LP cylinder, must see to appreciset, $350. 1 roll top bassinet/buggy, $100. 3-5-7 woods, $30 set. r ange choke + 2 a ccessories, ver y desk 8 chair, $300. ate! 325 hrs. on 1500 Call 541-408-9813, or 541-647-2685 more. Prem. grade clean, $50 cash only. h r. l a mps. $ 5 0 0. 1 hall tree, $200. 2 with etched receiver, 706-851-7881 541-617-1286/info 541-385-9318 leather chair reclin"LIKE NEW" Adam' s 2 stocks, wood & e rs, $300 b o t h. The Bulletin Idea Combo i rons. camo. Very n ice. Beer making suPPlies, Tailgaters! Deep fryer, 541-504-9945 3 -4-5 H . B . 6-P W $650 obo. Mike at recommends extra ' everything to make it. p o rtable, $200obo. GRPH S R sh a fts, 541-610-7656 l caution when pur$200. 541-280-4459 like new 541-279-8908 $360 obo. chasing products or Brryrng Dramonds 951-454-2561 The Bulletin Offers services from out of I TURN THE PAGE /Gold for Cash Free Private Party Ads the area. Sending 8 280 286 288 I Need help fixing stuff? Saxon's Fine Jewelers 3 lines - 3 days cash, checks, or For More Ads Estate Sales Sales Northeast Bend Sales Southeast Bend 54'I -389-6655 Private Party Only l credit i n f ormation Call A Service Professional The Bulletin find the help you need. Total of items advermay be subjected to BUYING FINAL ESTATE SALE› Downsizing 5 0 yrs Sat. only 8-3. 20905 tised must equal $200 Beautiful designer l FRAUD. For more www.bendbulletin.corn Lionel/American Flyer Pooltable, stainless steel worth! Saws, ladders, Clearview Ct. FurniWANTED: Collector or Less information about an 8 sectional trains, accessories. Bud - ture & misc. houseBBQ, lots of household c ollectibles, seeks high quality fish246 FOR DETAILS or to Excellent condition advertiser, you mayl 541-408-2191. furn., and misc. La Pine w eiser an d Av o n hold. ing items & upscale fly PLACE AN AD, $850 I c all t h e Oregon $ Guns, Hunting to Crescent, rt on Cut-Off steins 300 pcs, glassrods. 541-678-5753, or BUYING 8c SE LLING Call 541-385-5809 290 503-781-5265 State Attor ney ' Rd, rt on Hwy 58, see ware, camping, equip., & Fishing 503-351-2746 Fax 541-385-5802 All gold jewelry, silver l General's O f f i ce s igns. F ri-Sat., 9 - 5 . misc. Fri-Sat 8-4. cor- Sales Redmond Area and gold coins, bars, Wanted: Seamstress in Consumer ProtecProperty also for sale, ner of NE Wells Acres 270 cal. rifle ammo, 247 Couch: 5'6", medium rounds, wedding sets, 125 ac., 10,000 sq. ft. and Village Ct. Garage Sale Saturday brown leather $200. tion h o t line a t i $15/box of 20. area. Sporting Goods class rings, sterling sil- Tumalo/Sisters shop, 3,500 sq. ft. house. i 1-877-877-9392. and again Monday! 541-788-4229 541-408-4528 ver, coin collect, vin- Repair zippers, hem Misc. Starts at 10. 720 NE tage watches, dental pants, sew s i mple Find It in The Bulletin > 3 salmon, steel› Negus Place. 281 Dining room set, ebony > Serv/ng Cenicei Oregon since isne gold. Bill Fl e ming, patterns, C hristmas 1970 Pool table The Bulletin Classiueds! gifts. Call 541-382-9419. head fishing poles, Fundraiser Sales Sale: Sat.-Mon., Ping table ha s b e veled 541-385-5809 like new. Balls and 541-388-6849 cover, 36" high, Abu Garcia, golf clubs, misc. tools, glass 212 n DID YOU KNOW that 4 cue sticks Browning & Berkley, BARN &TACK SALE L, XL men's clothes, x41 widex57" long. Antiques & 263 only does newsFor MTTR. Sat. Sept. 5, $40 each. 3 casting included. Slate top, not household/furn. Start shelf under table for paper media reach a Collectibles Tools storage o r kn i ck9-2, 69516 Hinkle ** FREE ** reels, Daiwa, Abu 9AM, 35th & R e infelt is in new HUGE Audience, they knacks 4 upholstered Butte Drive, Sisters. Garcia, $25-$35 deer. Garage Sale Kit condition. $750. also reach an EN- Craftsman Heavy duty stools. Almost new, Antique 4' bucking saw each. Call for dePlace an ad in The GAGED AUDIENCE. c onstruction 541-388-6910 292 w/handle. $125 obo. tails. 503-936-1778 tab l e p aid $900 sell f o r 282 B ulletin fo r yo u r Discover the Power of saw, used very little. 541-383-5825 $450. 541-953-9256 Sales Other Areas C rossbow, Wic k e d Newspaper Advertis- Sell Sales Northwest Bend sale and receive a for $300. G arage Sale K i t ANTIQUE GRADE Ridge Invader, ing in six states - AK, 541-280-5114. table with 6 ladLA PINE - PRINGLE Dining FREE! SCHOOL DESK 330FPS, many extras, ID, MT,OR & WA. For Grace First Lutheran der back chairs, solid FALLS $125. 541-892-7887 as ne w . $30 0 . a free rate brochure H eavy d u t y dra i n Rummage Sale maple $130; Kitchen SAT.-SUN., 8-5 KIT INCLUDES: 541-306-8111. s e p tic call 916-288-6011 or cleaner fo r 2265 Shevlin Park Rd, table with 4 captains Antiques Wanted: Old MON., 9-3 4 Garage Sale tanks or drain field, 541-706-0894 email chairs, solid maple, tools, beer cans, fish14209 Clearwater Signs 248 Electric Eel, w/1/2 HP 9/3 2-6:00, 9/4 9-6:00, $85; 2 s mall white cecelia@cnpa.corn ing/sports gear, Antique Oak Furniture, $2.00 Off Coupon 50 BM G A r malite electric motor, 50 ft. 9/5 9-noon Pre-'40s B/W photog(PNDC) chairs, $20 both; 2 Health & 50" Plasma TV, Tools, Use Toward 3/4 in. flex drive coil Proceeds support youth To turquoise stools, $10; raphy, marbles, Breyer rifle, single shot bolt Beauty Items Housewares, Too Your Next Ad exc. cond., low George Forman stand line on wheels. Cost mission work round oak table with 2 animals. 541-389-1578 gun, 10 Tips For much to list! Don' t md. count. Very accuup electric grill, $20 $2,250 new, bargain leaves, $70; Maple Got Knee Pain? Back "Garage Sale miss! rate, great m uzzle 541-610-7694 at $ 3 7 5 or ? Lectern $30; s o lid Find exactly what Pain? Shoulder Pain? Success!" break, light recoil, 20 541-410-3425 Moving Sale! Everymaple king bed, $45. you are looking for in the g auge maybe, H D Get a pain-relieving thing in the house & large beveled mirror in bi-pod & H D c arry brace -little or NO cost Miscellaneous PICK UP YOUR CLASSIFIEDS g arage must g o ! frame $40; antique e q uip› GARAGE SALE KIT bag. 60 loaded rnds. to you. Medicare Pa- camping Nice g r a ndfather dresser with swivel Call Health Hot- ment 8 Competitor at 1777 SW ChanThe Bulletin reserves included. C omplete tients clock, lots of tools & beveled mirror and 4 School Muscle exerNow! 1dler Ave., Bend, OR set up avail. line lots of misc. Call for cise bench compSale in Tumalo! drawers; $80. the right to publish all loading 800-285-4609 97702 w/ comp o nents. ads from The Bulletin info. 541-639-7928 Fri. and Sat., 8-4 541-383-2961 letee with weights. 541-385-5809 newspaper onto The $2,950. 503-781-8812 (PNDC) 959 Hackett Dr. La weathered wood crafts, Call f o r pr i c es MARK V SHOP› Bulletin Internet webPine. F r iday-Sunbird houses, vintage The Bulletin and/or p i c tures. SMITH Illlodel 510 BRO High Power 40 249 Serving Central Oregon since 190S site. day, 8-Sold! 702-249-2567 (Suncollectibles, pottery, ban dsaw, scrollsaw, S&W, Glock 19 9mm, Art, Jewelry bikes, yard art, insuriver). strip sander, thickTA90 9mm, S8W 86 NOTICE The Bulletin & Furs lated cat house, old ness planer, dust colSecsinci Central Oregon sinceSess 357, REM 700 SPS Remember to remove oak capstan, and lots Great tt8fO family Ruger T95 9mm, Moss green & g r ay lector, support table, your Garage Sale signs Wonderful ba s e ball 223, Desperately Seeking more! 64695 Wood Garage Sale- 2108 LCPS 9mm, SR22 L bed set, $25. lathe chisel set, ringNE Monterey Ave. 9/4 (nails, staples, etc.) Frigidaire- Gallery Se› card coll e ction! rifle, PAIR Ruger BLK Missing 1940s dia- queen Ave. off 5th St. master, wall mount541-647-2685 ries gl ass-t op self & 9/5/1 5, 8AM-2PM after your Sale event 1978-91. Topps, full ing brackets for storHAWK 357 3 screw 4 m ond ring sold a t cleaning range, like sets, + many other 5/8" lots of household, is over! THANKS! Bend Pawn approx. New Suede Jacket $50 a ge, s et-up a n d barrel & mini 14. 284 new $300. sports, clothing, too From The Bulletin sets, individual cards H & H Firearms & Tack Sept.13-17, 2014 has mens Italian XL, US operation m a nuals. Sales Southwest Bend many items to list! and your local utility Whirlpool refrigerator, of Mantel/Mays, Arcentral diamond and 2 m-I. 541-306-6539 541-382-9352 $2,500. 541-383-7124 cubed or crushed ice ron + o t her s tars. companies. little side stones, one 4-DAY SALE! Fri. thru Sale September 5 & 6, and water in the door, $950. Oneida King C e dricSnap-on roll away tool Call CASH!! is missing. Sz. 7.5. Bulletin like new, $5 50 . In 541-729-1677 541-213-1221 Please sterling silverware, 30 box wi t h many Mon., 10-4. T ools, O p e n a t 8 . L ots of The or For Guns, Ammo & Seceicni Central Oregon sinceSete boats, scooter, misc.! m iscellaneous stuff! Madras, please call email Reloading Supplies. keep trying! Will pay p ieces. $1400 . Snap-on and Mateo 19085 Baker Road. 228 6 0 Abilene Ct. www.bendbulletin.corn 541-419-8035 541-408-6900. any reasonable price. 541-475-4618 tools, 907-310-1877 dbwassom O gmail.corn.



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Motorcycles & Accessories llotorcycles & Accessories

® lRIARcQ© Bend Habitat FOUND: In Terrebonne, THOMAS ORCHARDS RESTORE attachment fo r a Kimberly,Oregon Building Supply Resale backhoe or excavator. CDL Truck Driver U-PICK 541-312-6709 Call to ID. Freestone Canning Needed. Journeymen 541-639-1685 224 NE Thurston Ave. (54K per year) CDL Peaches: Elberta, AnOpen to the public. Truck driver needed. gelus, Monroe. Harley 2003, Dyna Victory TC 2 0 0 2, LOST cell phone! iPOur wood chip and Needed for New O'Henry, 608 lb. wide glide 100th An- 40K mi., runs great, 267 hone 6, picked up at lumber drivers aver- I Co nstruction. I 528 805 Nectarines, 70tt lb. n iversary mod e l . s tage 1 kit, n e w garage sale at Wild Bartlett pears, 658 lb. age 54K annually Fuel & Wood Loans & Mortgages Start Misc. Items 13,400 orig. mi., cus- tires, rear brakes 8 Mustang Ln., Gilchrist Asian Pears $1.00 /lb. (.48 cent ave). Off immediately! tom paint, new bat- more. Health forces on F r i da y 8/ 2 5 . Gala Apples 65tt/lb. weekends, paid vaAll Year Dependable BANK TURNED YOU 5250 Falcon tow bar, tery, lots of e xtras, s ale. cation, health insur$3,50 0 . Good pay/ Firewood: dry PLEASE CALL! Re- Honeycrisp limited DOWN? Private party $150; Guardian, $75; show cond. Health 541-771-0665 ward! 971-701-5962 ance. For 35 years Lodgepole,split, del, su I b F r i da benefits. will loan on real esbox of misc. $60; 4 f orces s ale. W a s we have serviced 1 /$195; 2/$3 6 5 . equity. Credit, no tire covers 22.5, $25; $11,000 OBO, now LABOR DAY Eastern O r e gon, Company Van. ( tate Multi-cord discounts! problem, good equity Will take $250 for ev- $8,000 Illlonday, Sept. 7 firm. People Look for Information Central Or e gon, Call Gary at cash, check, Visa, MC is all you need. Call erything. Local Vendor Fair at 541-633-7856 or Southern O r egon 541-420-3484, Bend Summit About Products and Oregon Land MortThomas Orchards, 541-852-5843 360-815-6677 and the Boise ValServices EveryDaythrough Plumbing gage 541-388-4200. noon to 4 p.m. ley and you can live 269 The Bvlletie Classiheds 850 in any of these loca- g541-410-1555 BRING CONTAINERS! LOCAL MONEY:We buy Gardening Supplies tions. We run late Snowmobiles Open 7 days a week, secured trust deeds & & Equipment model Petes and Redmond 8 6 p.m .only some hard money M e m ory note, Kenworths all 550 loans. Call Pat Kelley 541-934-2870. Care Facility Now cats with 13 speeds, 541-382-3099 ext.13. BarkTurfSoil.corn We are at the Bend Hiring our trailers are Cur- Country H arley Road K i n g Side Living of Farmer’s Market 325 573 tin vans (no tarps to Classic 2003, 100th Redmond wil l be on Wednesdays. PROMPT DELIVERY deal with) 4 0'-23' Hay, Grain & Feed Anniversary Edition, opening in O ctober Business Opportunities Visit us on Facebook 542-389-9663 doubles year around 16,360 mi., reduced 2015. We are hiring for updates! V-Max 2009 4-place enclosed Interwork. We our lookFirst Quality green grass 25+ Years established $9,999. 541-647-7078 for all positions. Yamaha state snowmobile trailer ing for long term P lease refer t o o u r pet board/grooming hay, no rain, barn stored, w/ RockyMountain pkg, Lots of factory For newspaper drivers, our average $250/ton. facility. AD¹t 71 2 website w w w.counextras: windshield, employee has delivery, call the Call 541-549-3831 trysideliving.corn, and TEAM Birtola Garmyn $7500. 541-379-3530 saddlebags, back Circulation Dept. at Patterson Ranch, Sisters w orked for us f o r High Desert Realty download the applicarest, rear cargo 54'I -385-5800 over 8 years. So if 860 541-312-9449 tion. Please send your rack, bike cover, To place an ad, call Second c u t ting o ryou are looking for a www. Ben dOregon Motorcycles & Accessories application and/or remotorcycle hoist, 541-385-5809 chard grass mix, small home, give us a call RealEstate.corn sume as an attachalarm system, also or email bales, $220/ton, no 541.523.9202 Moto Guzzi Breva 2014 Sport 150 Taoment to your emailed claeeified@bendbulletin.corn set of new tires. rain. 5 4 1 -420-9736 Tao Scooter, Almost 1 100 2007, o n l y response to Call a Pro $1 1,000 Madras, Oregon 11,600 miles. Food Service Bruno' s New. $995. kathys'coun› The Bulle6n 541-508-1 554 servingcenoal oregon sinceata Whether you need a $5,500. Grocery/U-bake is taking trysideliving.corn 541-548-0345 421 206-679-4745 Wheat Straw for Sale. fo r pa r t-time fence fixed, hedges Schools & Training apps. Also, weaner pigs. Cashier 8 Pizza Maker. RN's upto $45/hr trimmed or a house 541-546-6171 Apply in person at: 1709 Need to get an ad up to $37.50/hr HTR Truck School NE 6th, Bend. No phone LPN's Home Delivery Advisor built, you' ll find CNA's upto $22.50/hr REDMOND CAMPUS calls. in ASAP? The Bulletin Circufation Department is seeking + Peat Mixes Free gas/weekly pay professional help in Our Grads Ger Jobs! Looking for your a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time + Juniper Ties $2000 Bonus 1-888-438-2235 The Bulletin's "Call a next employee? position and consists of managing an adult + Paver Discounts AACO Nursing Agency Fax it te 541-322-72% WWW.1ITR.EDU carrier force to ensure our customers receive Place a Bulletin Service Professional" 1-800-656-4414 Ext.38 + Sand + Gravel service. Must be able to create and help wanted ad + Bark 470 Directory The Bulletin Classifieds superior perform strategic plans to meet department today and Instantlandscaping.corn I Bend Park @ Taxi Drivers Needed! Domestic & 541-385-5809 objectives such as increasing market share 541-389-9663 reach over Recreation Full time d ay shift, In-Home Positions and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a Q 60,000 readers a pply at 1 919 N E self-starter who can work both in the office Is Accepting each week. General Second St. 270 and in their assigned territory with minimal Your classified ad Do you need help with Applications For: supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary light domestic duties, Part-time: Lost & Found will also with company vehicle provided. Strong errands, misc...? Lifeguard The Bulletin appear on customer service skills and management skills Please call Carol at FOUND: Class ring at Swim Instructor * are necessary. Computer experience is 541-480-0263 Healey Bend p a rk bendbulletin.corn * Great Supplemental Income!! Fitness Instructor / which currently required. You must pass a drug screening around 8/24-26. Call chasing products or l Full-time: receives over 476 and be able to be insured by company to drive to identify. services from out of IThe Bulletin Mailroom is hiring for our Satur- I Electrician 1.5 million page Employment 541-382-8585 f the area. Sending day night shift and other shifts as needed. WeI vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but we (Full-time Benefits) views every b elieve i n p r o moting f ro m w i thin, s o c ash, checks, o r currently have openings all nights of the week. Opportunities month at no The D i strict o f f ersf credit i n f ormation / Everyone must work Saturday night. Shifts advancement within company is available to I medical, dental, vithe right person. If you enjoy dealing with extra cost. may be subjected to start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and Add your web address sion, retirement, vapeople from diverse backgrounds and you are Bulletin I FRAUD. / end between 2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Allpoto your ad and readcation/ sick leave, and For more informaenergetic, have great organizational skills and Classifieds sitions we are hiring for, work Saturday nights. EVERY BUSINESS has ers on The Bulletin's ther benefits f o r tion about an adver- ~ I Starting pay is $9.25 per hour, and we pay aI interpersonal communication skills, please Get Results! web site, www.bend- tohose a story to tell! Get w o rking 8 0 / tiser, you may call I minimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shiftsg send your resume to: bulletin.corn, will be your message out Call 541-385-5809 hours/month or more the Oregon State are short (11:30 - 1:30). The work consists of The Bulletin or place your ad able to click through with California's PRin a part-time, regular I Attorney General's / loading inserting machines or stitcher, stackon-line at c/o Kurt Muller Media Release - the automatically to your position. Office C o n sumer s ing product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup and PO Box 6020 website. only Press Release bendbulletin.corn For completejob Protection hotline at l / other tasks. Bend, OR 97708-6020 Service operated by Caretaker/handyman/ announcements i 1-877-877-9392. or e-mail resume to: the press to get press! La Pine, OR. Home & or to applygo to IFor qualifying employees we offer benefitsl 341 kmullerObendbulletin.corn For more info contact e quip. maint. for 3 bend No phone calls, please. I including life insurance, short-term & long-term Cecelia O Horses & Equipment Equal Opportunity property sites. Experidisability, 401(k), paid vacation and sick time. The Bulletin isa drug-free workplace. EOE 916-288-6011 or ence: home m aint. , Employer Pre-employment drug screen required. http: //prmediarelease. sm. tools, landscape, corn/california (PNDC) ~ Please submit a completed application Looking for your next irrigation, fence repair, attention Kevin Eldred. Golf employee? road maint. Operate: Juniper Accounting Applications are available at The Bulletin Place a Bulletin help Bobcat, lawn mower, Course in Redfront desk (1777 S.W. Chandler Blvd.), or OR is lookwanted ad today and vehicles. A p p licant mond, an electronic application may be obtained ing for a line cook! reach over 60,000 be hands on, upon request by contacting Kevin Eldred via 1 6 ’ must Do you have expereaders each week. Meet singles right now! H orse T r ailer professional, experiemail (keldred@bendbulletin.corn). No paid o perators, Gooseneck 1 9 8 9 enced, detail oriented, rience cooking or Your classified ad just have fun cookwill also appear on just real people like dual axle donated to o rganized, goo d I No pho ne calls please. Out r each. bendbulletin.corn you. Browse greet- Equine Com- ing for others? If GVW, 7X16, communicator. this sounds like an which currently ings, exchange mes- 12,000 puter, email 8 phone * No resumes will be accepted * Billing Specialist sages and connect 23' overall length, 6 skills required. Salary opportunity you receives over 1.5 1/2' tall, slider/swing could sink your million page views live. Try it free. Call DOE + medical, denDrug test is required prior to employment. Les Schwab Tire Centers is seeking a Billing now: 877-955-5505. rear door, tack shelf, tal benefits. On-site teeth into, we'd like every month at mid-swing door, padEOE. Specialist to be responsible for many aspects to hear from you! no extra cost. (PNDC) housing. Reference ded walls with new PT of Les Schwab Equipment accountingand For more details, Bulletin Classifieds upon request. Email reporting, including posting A/P invoices, jourSBM, 40, pro. seeks deck. $$3,995 Call resume: sjhproper› contact Lee Harlow Get Results! The Bulletin nal entries, and cost transfers. This individual SF, friendship © C,S. Gary 541-480-6130 at 541-548-3121 Call 385-5809 Sereng Cense Oregon since 1903 ties@yahoo.corn will work closely with purchasers and superviWimberly ¹10571327, X301 or Iharlow or place sor to resolve issues and will assist with A/P 3920 E. Ashwood Rd., © playjuniper.corn. your ad on-line at overflow. Ideal candidates will have strong Madras OR 97741 Circulation Night Dock Assistant ben dbulletin.corn accounting experience or relevant college The Bulletin is looking for a motivated, recoursework along with A/P software experiSt. Jude Novena. May sponsible individual to join our Circulation De- Call The Bulletin At 541-385-5889 the Sacred Heart of ence, intermediate-level Excel and Word skills, partment team and fill a vital position working Jesus be adored, glo- within our circulation Dock crew. and the ability to quickly learn new software Place Your Ad Or E-Mail rified, loved and preapplications. A/P d ata e ntry experience, served throughout the Person is responsible for all dock issues: sort- At: www.bendbulletin.corn strong typing and 10-key skills, and ability to world, now and for- ing, distribution, and loading all Wesoom Media work both independently and as part of a team ever. Sacred Heart of products to haulers and carriers. Knowledge of are required. TheSource Weekly Jesus pray for us; St. packaging, transportation and d istribution is Expanding! Jude, w o rker of methods, as well as inventory skills and cus- We are currently lookFor more than 60 years, Les Schwab Tire miracles, pray for us; tomer service skills a plus. May drive coming for additional Full Centers has taken Pride in Performance, St. Jude, helper of the pany vehicles to transport various Wesoom and Part-Time writers providing superior customer value and buildhopeless, pray for us; products from time to time (such as post office, to join ourjournalistic ing customers for life. People choose Les Say this prayer 9 Schwab because they trust our service and four de force. PosiInteracts with Home Delivery Advisors, times a d ay , y o ur etc.). tions pay well and are our values. We don't just sell tires; we do the Carriers, Customer Service Representatives, prayers will be a nright thing. based on experience. In this position you will play a vital role s wered by th e 8 t h and all management at The Bulletin. Health insurance and day,. It ha s n ever Ability to lift 50 pounds, work night shift. Apon our Sports Staff! We' vegone from one store and one employee benefits are part of been known to fail. proximately 24 hours per week shift to start. — our founder, Les Schwab — to more than 450 the hiring package. Publication must be The successful candidate will work stores and over 7,000 employees today. Our DOE. All hiring is contingent on passing Must be deadline-oripromised. Thank you Wage weeknight and Saturday shifts. ented and willing to secret? Success is a two-way street. Our Jesus and St. Jude. drug and DMV screening. employees deliver World Class Customer work i n bea u tiful Mary L. Service. In return we provide them with genPlease apply by delivering a letter of Interest Bend, Oregon. Digital, erous compensation and benefit programs. p rint, s o cial, a n d 70IOUTBlt Western Washington and resume, 8-5, Mon. through Fri. to The Proven interpersonal skills events writing will be Everyone wins. Bulletin at 1777 SW Chandler Ave. or apply via seeks gal Guy Professional-level writing ability and email to mewing@bendbulletin.corn with a part of the task at 50-60's, slim/average sports background a must hand. Send a resume, Les Schwab is proud to be an build, to share quiet letter of Interest, resume, and with the job title Working knowledge of traditional high equal opportunity employer. writing samples and times; trips, walks, in the subject line. school sports cover letter to: nature, moon-light, Proven computer and proofreading skills info@be ndsource.corn cuddling! Greg, PO Serving Central Oregonsince tgcg Comfortable in a fast-paced, deadlinewww.bendsource.corn EPIC AIRCRAFT CAREER NIGHT Box 3013 Arlington, oriented environment EOE Drug Free Workplace WA 98223. Medical Reception/ Must be able to successfully pass Medical Records a pre-employment drug screen Bend Urology Associates, LLC is seeking If you are a sports-minded journalist and Wednesday,Sept. 9th from 5-7PM positive, se l f -motihave a positive "Can Do" attitude 22550 Nelson Road by the Bend Airport vated front office perWE WANT TO TALK TO YOU! 541-318-8849 son for phone, reception an d m e dical Please send your cover letter, resume, - BRING YOUR RESUME & BE PREPARED Call 54! 385 5801!OprO mOteyO ur S erV iCe• AdrertiSefOr 28dolt Startingdt'le pha trtdgl redgttit ga atgtgbtt a ar ettgal records. Candidates and a work sample attention: FOR A BRIEF JOB INTERVIEW› must exhibit excellent sportsassistant@bendbulletin.corn Seeking highly motivated professionals who communication skills, are quality-focused, team-oriented, mechanihave electronic medically proficient and reliable. Prior experience Building/Contracting Landscaping/Yard Care Landscaping/Yard Care cal record experience, No agencies or telephoneca//s p/ease preferred. Candidates should review job be able to multi-task duties and requirements for each position at: NOTICE: Oregon state NOTICE: Oregon Land- with multiple phone www.epicaircraft.corn/company/careers. law requires anyone scape Contractors Law l ines and have a who con t racts for (ORS 671) requires all knowledge of medical MANUFACTURING construction work to businesses that ad- terminology. Automotive be licensed with the vertise t o pe r formThis is a full time posi- Robberson Ford is growing and looking for professional, quality Final Assembly Technician Construction Contrac- Z~de zQaai/re@ Landscape Construc- tion in a fast paced candidates that want to grow within our company. Robberson Ford is tors Board (CCB). An tion which includes: environment with mul- one of Central Oregon's premier employers, and is a leader in customer Sub-Assembly Technician active license Za~<C'a r,, p lanting, deck s , tiple providers. Cus- satisfaction. We are locally owned and operated. We strive to means the contractor fences, arbors, Full Service service is high consistently exceed our customer expectations by doing whatever it Composite Fab/Pre-Preg Technician is bonded & insured. water-features, and in- tomer Landscape This position takes. Our spirited, energetic and professional approach sets us apart Verify the contractor's stallation, repair of ir- priority. a f ull benefit from others. Bonding Technician Management CCB l i c ense at rigation systems to be offers ackage. Ple a se www.hirealicensedl icensed w it h th e p send your resume and Qualified candidates will offer the highest level of customer service by Tooling Inspector contractor.corn Fire Protection Landscape Contracle t te r to providing prompt, efficient, quality workmanship. They must be detail or call 503-378-4621. and Fuels Reduction tors Board. This 4-digit cover miriamg@bend oriented, have the ability to work independently and able to work in a fast Trim Drill Technician The Bulletin recomTall Grass number is to be inpaced environment. Clean driving record is preferred. mends checking with Low Limbs cluded in all adver- urology.corn. Aircraft Interiors Technician the CCB prior to conBrush and Debris tisements which indiFIND YOUR FUTURE Com ensation and Benefits: tracting with anyone. cate the business has Our quality organization offers great pay and full benefits including Senior Purchasing & Materials Coordinator Some other t rades Protect your home with a bond, insurance and HOME INTHE BULLETIN employee Medical, Dental, and Supplemental Insurance, Vacation, Sick also req u ire addi- defensible space workers c ompensaYour future is just a page Bank, 401k and Profit Sharing. Wages DOE Shipping & Receiving Clerk tional licenses and tion for their employcert ifications. ees. For your protec- away. Whetheryou're looking Landscape for a hat or a pl a ce to hang i t , OI PIIBoso h UALITY ASSURANCE tion call 503-378-5909 ~ Maintenance The Bulletin Classified is At Robberson Ford Lincoln Mazda we are committed to treating every or use our website: The Bulletin's Full or Partial Service your best source. employee and customer in a warm, friendly and professional manner. www.lcb.state. to Lab Technician "Call A Service Mowing eEdging check license status We will be courteous and helpful by going out of our way to ensure our Every daythousandsof Pruning .Weeding Professional" Directory employees and customers feel welcome in all of our facilities. And, in before contracting with buyers andsellers of goods Dimensional Inspector Sprinkler Adjustments is all about meeting the business. Persons and services dobusinessin retaining the highest quality employees, our most valuable asset, it is our doing lan d scape Non-Destructive Inspector (NDI) goal to make every customer a customer for life. your needs. these pages.They know Fertilizer included with maintenance do not you can' t beat The Bul l e tin monthly program Call on one of the r equire an LCB l i If you area hard worker and have a great Quality Control Inspector Classified Section for RQBBERSQN cense. personality, we want to hear from you! professionals today! selection and conveni e nce Clean-V ps Email resume to tweber@robberson.corn FLIGHT SUPPORT - every item isjust a phone Its not to late to have a or apply in person at these locations! call away. Beautiful Landscape Handyman Avionics Technician Robberson The Classified Section is Robberson Ford Robberson Weed Free Bark easy to use. Every i t em Ford of Prineville I DO THAT! Collision Center ENGINEERING & Flower Beds 2100 NE 3rd St. Home/Rental repairs is categorizedandevery 2289 NE 3rd St. 2270 NE 2nd St. Personal Services Bend, OR 97701 Small jobs to remodels cartegory is indexed on the Prineville, OR 97754 Research 8 Development Engineer Bend, OR 97701 Lawn Restoration Honest, guaranteed section's front page. work. CCB¹151573 At Your Service Acce tin A l i cations Acce tin A lications Acce tin A l i cations •Research& Development Technician Whether youarelooking for Experienced Service Technician Dennis 541-317-9768 Errands& Notary Service Technician Estimator a home or need a servi c e, Commercial I stand in line so you Lot Attendant Sales Consultant ADMINISTRATION Lot Attendant & Residential your future is inthe pagesof don't need to. Quick Lane Tech Quick Lane Tech The Bulletin Classified. Find It in Free Estimates errandsandnotary Detail Tech Detail Tech. Bookkeeper Senior Discounts tN gmail.corn The Bulletin Classifieds! 541-390-1466 The Bulletin 541-815-4731 Robberson Ford is a drug free workplace. EOE. We are a equal opportunity employer 541-385-5809 servingce t at oregonsrncetga Same Day Response





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C L U B s aturn y,september5,2015

Losing defense

ACROSS a Rock sBig releases of the '50s asCobbler waste asYale, to the "ten thousand men of Harvard" ar Skating, as a hockey team asMaxim, e.g. as"Star Wars" army member Zo Nixon adviser Nofziger 2a "Now I get it!" 22 World 24 Parlous Zs"Are you satisfied now?" 22 Sweetie 33 Possessive on a Chinese menu 32 Relationship with unrequited love, in modern slang

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency Cy the Cynic, who is suspicious of almost eve r y body , es p e cially distrusts long-winded politicianssupporters of "wordy causes." But Cy will defend a losing line of play at length. At four spades, Cy took the ace of clubs and cashed the A-Q of trumps. He next took the A-K of diamonds and led dummy's jack, and East correctlycovered. The Cynic ruffed, but West overruffed, and the defense cashed two hearts and a club. C y was down one, but h e d i d defend his line of play with a few thousand well chosen words. "Generally speaking," U n l ucky Louie observed, "Cy is exactly that."

diamonds, he rebids two hearts and you try 2NT. Partner then bids three clubs. What do you say? ANSWER: Partner seems to have six hearts and four clubs, though he could have a 5-5 hand. In any case, his values are minimum, as his twoheart rebid suggested. Bid t h r ee hearts. If you had more values in partner's suits, you might try four hearts, but you must not bid 3NT. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 45K74




G OO D DIA M O N D Cy should make four spades. He can take only the ace of trumps, then cash the A-K of diamonds and lead the jack. If East covered, Cy could ruff with the queen, lead a trump to the king and pitch a club on a good diamond, losing a trump and two hearts. If instead East played low on the third diamond, Cy would discard his club loser. He would be safe for 10 tricks whatever happened next.


WEST 48 J 105

EAST 486

QKJ82 074

QA974 0 Q 86 3


SOUTH 4AQ983 2 9 Q106 0 105 AA10 S outh 14 2 1B

We s t Pass Pass

Nort h 20 44

East Pass All Pass


You hold: 48 K 7 4 9 5 3 Openinglead AK 0 A K I 9 2 A 6 4 3 . Your partner O penS One heart, yOu b i d t W O (C) 2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO

36 Some kitchen pads 33Jazz's Beiderbecke

3s Stammering ss Cornel who wrote "Race Matters" ss Tot 4oShade of black 4aThrown (over) 42 Put in bundles for the bookbinder 43 Specialty, informally 4sCharacters of average width 4r Musclebound 4sDefensive comeback ss Works of childlike simplicity









































39 41 43





4 LUgs

s Practice's counterpart s Speak out r See 8-Down sWhen 7-Down gets hot s Highest authority in some Eastern churches ao They may get burned aa Miscellaneous 32Office paper as Unexciting a4 [Not that again] Zo One who' s disparaged 22 "Fiddler on the Roof" setting 23 "Not me": Fr. 24 What's up for grabs?



DOWN a Mail ctr. 2 "Goodgood fellow" (greeting from Romeo) 3Situation in which one person might have the advantage


A975 2


ss Musician Mendes known for the bossa nova s4 Camp dweller ss Irish runner Coghlan ss Principal means of address?

33 Classic record label

NO. 0801









sr Some highspeed cars 3s Original band that sang "I Shot the Sheriff," with "the"

Zs1960s-'80s Bosox legend Zr Ones symbolized by John Bull ZsBasketball's Black Mamba Zs Maroon 3o Sent pixxx? 32 Cohabitation without marriage 34 Television interruption

4s It can make you sick 4r Eric of "Munich"

4s CARE, e.g., for short says..." 42 What you might so Beat by a hair call it sa Food writer 43 Plinth, for a Drummond pillar 52 PI’0 44 Precinct 4o "

Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 7,000 past puzzles, nytimes.corn/crosswords ($39.95 a year). Readaboutand comment on each puzzle:nytimes.corn/wordplay. Crosswords for young solvers: nytimes.corn/studentcrosswords.


8lzaslto.coMI P849)4ek.66m/IIIaarI6comt4a

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EXC~e Tfte for drooling, iut,! ww k on dmrLYTL i aaimL.





Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digitfrom1 to 9 inclusively. SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’ S



95 15





,: lalCREP@.v' SV /IPVICS 5'64






.'! ji"";:.I.;-.,:: ' :


LOS ANGELES TIMESCROSSWORD Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis


ACROSS 1 Eggy dessert



&PFAIc'IA& g 66VNAL gl4&p,&<IV)gAT5 ~ ~D ggCO(ytg AAS ()F'FF «Fc Iz ~VAaS...!.igr 5QILI.6-.

© 201 5 by King FeatureS yndi0816, 100. WOrld rightS reServed

ig ~ / V OID i aIIIP SHOVI O’II’f gpoy g . f I I S I i(,SOII pIIIyS <Ilf IRU&?

5DHAI. f 'SK

AV'Oil(KAMIC &5?

E-m8il: bhol rook1 gm8acom



15 Occurring at a constant temperature 16 Computer startUP? 17 Elementary sextet 18 Browning product 19 Older Pevensie sister in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series 20 Turned brown,

maybe What are yoLI talking about?! j ust lay eggs! No! I want an epidural h,


22 Curling piece 26 Square 27 "Do wrong to



85 46





DOWN 1 Some leds, for short 2 Not worth 3 Roaring Twenties hairdos 4 Ones for the road? 5 1814 treaty site 6 It may be shaken or pulled 7 He outlived George by 46

11 La Salle of "ER"

I4 gXR('fSD <O >g< r"~l ~ (Ou!4. 'VOI'Iil-


WK 5 N E


q g ~ If I

30 Attended to bald spots on 33 Stop 34 University of Miami mascot Sebastian the 35 Climate Reality Project founder 36 m o m e nt 37 Flimflam 38 Slap target, informally 39 Airline with the EuroBonus frequent flier

program ns'



Unscramble these four Jumbles, 009 letter 10 eaCh Square, to form four ordinary words.


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

I justneed five more dollars 8>6 Rill m6! to buv some beIs7or my $ 18

40 Alpine parrot 41 Misses 42 Salon service 43 Names 44 Slap cause,

48 Column that HYTEF

won't support anything 50 Involve deeply 53 DeMille specialties 57 It precedes one 58 Dept. of State




"Every time we go out anywhere, you always find something to complain about."

THE CDW WHO WAS AI WAYS 5ORI3OWIN& MDN8Y WAS A —Nom arrange the CirCled letterS 10 fOrm the SurPriSe ansW60 as suggested by the above cartoon.

Print your answer here: (Answers Monday)

Yester 4


years 8 Sacred syllables 9 Dumbarton denials 10 Snow Queen in "Frozen" 11 Wax theatrical 12 Drainage area 13 "Help" 14 Its capital was

Xianyang 21 Bad way to go

23 Certain Honshu native 24 Words of emphasis 25 Moves stealthily 27 "Pink Friday" rapper 28 Baroque wind 2






A B E A N U G L G A N G E E R X L B A D G O L J O U L E C I G A R E T T AN A M E A J UM B O J ET O N E S O D L I F E Y I P E S A L E T I D O C K S E N N ES T D E xwordeditoriaol.corn 6








TOM E L I G T I L E E V A N E N E I P E S N I S E T T E S 0 WA C M A T H O R T A I M E S R E S T E R T E 09/05/15






16 18


20 22

maybe 45 Dr. Jones, to Dr. Marcus Brody 46 Mesoamerican

29 Singer who had a 51 Petitions 1959 hit with "I 52 B e a ntown NHL Loves You, Porgy" nic k n ame 31 "Dish it up!" 54 "Look at me, 32 1974 hit sung helpless ...": "Mist/i' lyric entirely in Spanish 55 Word spoken con 38 Foxier affetto 42 "The Banquet of 56 Final crossing? Cleopatra" painter 59 Party bowlful 47 c a r ds, used in 6 0 Nation since ESP experiments 194 8 : Abbr. 49 Dieter's breakfast 61 Ed. group





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0101 I TIIUne Content Agency, LLC All mghls Reeenred.

HERMAN 0 laughing Stock Ucensing8c., Diet. by Universal Udick, 2015


J umbles: VALID PR E S S SNI T C H 6 UR L A P Answer. He wanted to open8 junkyard in the neighborhood, but he had to — SCRAP HIS PLANS



















employee 62 Secretary of Education

Duncan 63 Like pen pals' relationships 64 Hoot 65 High wind

By AlexVratsanos and JeffChen O2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC




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SutIoku High Fives How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-

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The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since f903

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Travel Trailers

Winnebago Journey

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on bendbulletin.corn which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at bendbulletin.corn

Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic, year 2004, -Many extras. 17K miles. $4800 . 541-548-2109 870

Boats 8 Accessories

17’ 2005 Alumaweld Talon, 60HP Merc 4 stroke, 55 lb. thrust Minnkota trolling motor with remote. 4 pedestal seats with

storage, E-Z loader trailer. This boat is in

exc. cond. throughout, 12' V alco alum. o n very little use. Gatrailer 9.9 J ohnson raged. Top and full 0/B, plus amenities, cover. Turn-key, all exc. shape. $1250. you need is a fish› 541-549-8126 ing pole! Price Reduced! Now $14,750. 14' aluminum boat w/ 541-977-2972 trailer. Trailer has 2 brand new tires & wheels. Trailer in exc. cond., guaranteed no leaks. 2 upholstered swivel seats, no motor. $2,900. 17' Suncraft, 541-410-4066 2 motors. $1,400. 541-593-7257


Check out the Ads published in the classifieds online "Boats" classification include: Speed, fish www.bendbulletin.corn ing, drift, canoe, Updated daily house and sail boats. For all other types of watercraft, please go to Class 875. 541-385-5809

The Bulletin

Serrin Central Ore on since 1903

The Bulletin To Subscribe call 541-385-5800 or go to www.bendbulletin.corn

2001 36' 2nd owner,

300 Cummins Turbo diesel, Allison 5 spd, 80k miles. D r iver s ide s l ide, g a s stove, oven, 2 flat screen TVs, refer, generator, inverter, King Dome, tow bar. Non-smoker, no pets, no c hildren. C lean, an d w e l l maintained $43 000 541-390-1472. 881

Travel Trailers USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Mh acr.x.

19' Ampex. 2011. Slide out and other extras. Lexington 2006 Tows well $12,500. 283TS class B+mo541.316.1367 tor coach, full GTS pkg, 19,352 miles. 3 burner range, half time oven, 3 slides w/awnings, Onan g gen., King Dome satellite system, Ford V10 Triton, auto-lev34’ Winnebago One eling system, new 2013 30RE. tires, Falcon tow bar. $25,000. Two slides. Non-smoker, mainFully loaded. tained in dry storage. Full photos and info Can email additional sent upon request. pictures.$59,000. Family illness 541-520-3407 requires sale. 541-923-2593

Door-to-door selling with fast results! It's the easiest way in the world to sell. The Bulletin Classified 541 485-5809 882

Fifth Wheels

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Automotive Wanted

Antique & Classic Autos

W ANTED! I b u y o l d Porsches 911, 356. 1948-1973 only. Any Call 707-965-9546 or

email porschedclas908

Aircraft, Parts & Service

sics © yahoo.corn (PNDC)

VW Beetle c l assic 1972, Exc. shape, no rust very clean fully restored, has had 2 o wners. $4,0 0 0. 541-815-8147


Antique & Classic Autos

1/3interest in FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SPA an RV Resort Is your WINTER DESTINATION for Healing Mineral 25’ 2006 Crestliner Waters, Five-Star p ontoon boa t , Facilities, Activities, model 2485LSI AnEntertainment, gler Edition, 115 HP Fitness, Friends, and Mercury outboard, Youthful Fun! dual can o pies, $9.95/Day For New change room, bathCustomers. room, all accessoReservations: ries. $2 0,000. 1-888-800-0772 702-249-2567 (Sunfoyspa.corn

9 5 13 4 6 87 5 2 6 1 3 9 7 2 6 2 8 5 4 3 7 4 1 9 8 6 7 2 1 5 5 3 9 8 4 4 1 3 6 7 8 2 6 7 1 1 58 3 9 9 6 4 5 2 27 68 43 3 1 5 4 79 840n 5

c ondition. Top $ $ paid. Finders Fee.

@20132013 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uciick for UFS

Boats & Accessories


Motorcycles & Accessories Boats & Accessories


Columbia400, Financing available.


(located O Bend) 541-288-3333

32nd Annual Oregon HighDesert Swap Meet &Car Show aturday, September 12th. Starts 7 a.m. Vendors 6:30 a . m. The Desc h utes County Fairgrounds and Expo C enter, Redmond O r egon. Free admission to the public. S pecial antique section indoors with many d e alers -





Chevy Pickup 1978, long bed, 4x4, frame up restoration. 500 Cadillac en g i ne, fresh R4 transmission w/overdrive, low mi., no rust, custom interior and carpet, f rom t he Paci f ic n ew wheels a n d Northwest. Please no tires, You must see dogs. Contact Butch it! $25,000 invested. $12,000 08 0 . Ramsey for info 8 or reservations phone: 541-536-3889 541-420-6215. (541)548-4467 Emqil:

1/5 share in very nice 150 HP Cessna 150; 1973 Cessna 150 with bramsey@bend g Lycoming 0-320 150 broadband.corn hp engine conversion, 4000 hours. TT airTake care of frame. Approx. 400 hours o n 0- t i med your investments 0-320. Hanga red in with the help from nice (electric door) city-owned hangar at The Bulletin's the Bend Airport. One "Call A Service of very few C-150's that has never been a Professional" Directory t rainer. $4500 w i l l consider trades f or whatever. Call Jim Frazee, 541-410-6007

Chevy S-10 1988 4.3L V-6, sunroof, many custom features, super clean, always garaged. $3200 obo. 541-388-0811.

HANGAR FOR SALE. 30x40 end unit T hanger in Prineville.

Dry walled, insulated, CHEV ELLE Cameo LXf 2001, and painted. $23,500. MALIBU 1971 32 ft. 5th wheel, 2 14’ Lund aluminum Bay!incr 185 2006 Tom, 541.788.5546 slides, A/C, micro, 57K original miles, open bow. 2nd owner fishing boat, 8 HP DVD, CD p l ayer, 350 c.i., auto, — low engine hrs. Mercury en g i ne, 18’ 2 003 S u n conv. an d i n vert. stock, all original, — fuel injected V6 long shaft. $2,500. ( Cruiser - pontoon New batteries, tires Hi-Fi stereo — Radio & Tower. 702-249-2567 (Sunboat, fully equipped. and shocks. Quad $15,000 river) I Has only been used I Great family boat carrier. Quad avail. Priced to sell. a handful of times & $11,900 OBO. 541-279-1072 $11,590. 16'6" 2005 Tracker ~ has been in covered ~ 541-390-7179 541-548-0345. Save money. Learn Targa V16 boat. 60 ( storage. As king to fly or build hours HP 4-stroke Mercury ~ $13,000. Call Wen- ~ Hobie Mirage tandem CHECK YOURAD with your own airmotor & 8 HP 4-stroke k ayak, $2,5 0 0 . c raft. 1968 A e r o motor, Minnkota fowl 541-536-7619 Commander, 4 seat, mounted, foot c on150 HP, low time, trolled motor, Low875 Have an item to full panel. $21,000 ranges fish finder, top Watercraft sell quick? obo. Contact Paul at CORVETTE 1979, & fold and close top. on the first day it runs 541-447-5184. glass top, 31k miles, If it's under $17,500. Ask about Ads published in "Wa Monaco Monarch 31 ’ to make sure it is corall original, silver & extras. 541-632-2676. tercraft" include: Kay rect. "Spellcheck" and 2006, Ford V 10, ’500you can place it in maroon. $12,500. ks, rafts and motor human errors do ocmiles, 541-388-9802 The Bulletin 19' Bayliner 1998, I/O, *ed personal 28,900 cur. If this happens to auto-level, 2 slides, great shape, call for waterc rafts. Fo Classifieds for: your ad, please conqueen bed & info. $68500. In Bend 'boats" please se tact us ASAP so that hide-a-bed sofa, 4k 661-644-0384. lass 870. corrections and any ’103 lines, 7 days gen, convection miadjustments can be 541-385-5809 '1 6 3 lines, 14 days Look at: crowave, 2 TVs, tow Superhawk N7745G 16’ Lowe, ¹1 605 made to your ad. Owners’ Group LLC Bendhomes.corn package. (Private Party ads only) 541-385-5809 deep water, four-man Cessna 172/180 hp, PRICE REDUCTION! The Bulletin Classified full bass boat with dual for Complete Listings of IFR, new avionics, Ford Mustang $59,000. Cannon down-riggers Area Real Estate for Sale GTN 750, touch880 Hard top 1965, 541-815-6319 for trolling to 100 feet. screen center stack, 6-cylinder, auto trans, Motorhomes Excellent c o ndition exceptionally clean. power brakes, power with f as t 40 HP Healthy engine steering, garaged, Johnson o u t board reserve fund. well maintained, with automatic oil inHangared at KBDN. engine runs strong. J a F l i h t 26 4 B H jection. E a g le-Elite One share 74K mi., great condi2011. like new, sleeps Cougar 27.9 RKS fish finder and GPS to available. tion. $12,500. 9, self contained, 1/2 2015 5th W h eel. Call 541-815-2144 locate the "big ones". 19' Classic 1 9 90 Must see! Pace Arrow V i sion ton towable $13,900 Like new, loaded, New trolling kick plate Mastercraft ski boat. 541-598-7940 1997, Ford 460 enautomatic l eveling Winnebago Outlook OBO (541) 410-9017 Pro-star 190 conven+ Minn Kota electric gine w/Banks, solar, jacks, Polar pack2007 Class "C"31', 918 tional in-board, custrolling motor. New Advertise your car! non- smoking walk-around q ueen age, everything you 2-way radio. Water- tom trailer, exc. cond. clean, Add A Picture! Trucks & bed, 2 door fridge, mineed to take on a exc. cond. Must See! Reach thousands of readers! proof cover, life-jack- $8,995. 541-389-6562 Lots trip, hitch included. Heavy Equipment of extra's, a very cro-convection oven, Call 541-385-5809 ets, bumpers, and exWiFi, 1 00 k m i l es, $33,900 or best reagood buy.$47,900 tras. All tuned and needs work, (photo The Bulletin Classiffeds sonable offer. 1997 Utility 53'x1 02" dry For more info call ready to go. $4,500. freight van. S l iding similar to actual rig) 541-81 5-3076. 541-447-9268 RV Phone (541) 593 7774 $9,500. 541-280-0797 axles, leaf springs, Jeep CJ5 4x41967, - NW Bend. CONSIGNMENTS good tires, body 8 first year of the orig. WANTED Laredo 31’2006, swing doors in exc. Dauntless V-6, last RV We Do The Work ... cond., has no dings, 5th wheel, fully S/C year of the "All metal" 19’ Willie Predator, CONSIGNMENTS You Keep The Cash! road ready! $7500 body! Engine overone slide-out. 175 HP sport jet, WANTED On-site credit o bo. S isters, O R . At Awning. Like new, hauled: new brakes, 160 hours. Also 9.9 We Do The Work ... approval team, 541-719-1217 hardly used. fuel pump, steering Yamaha tro l l ing Allegro 32’ 2007, like You Keep The Cash! web site presence. Must sell $20,000 gear box, battery, almotor with Garmin new, only 12,600 miles. On-site credit We Take Trade-Ins! 927 ternator, emergency 16’ Navarro canoe, or refinance. Call TR-1 aut o - pilot, Chev 8.1L with Allison 60 approval team, 541-410-5649 Automotive Trades brake pads, gauges, Scotty electric down transmission, dual exLoon 16. Fib e rweb site presence. BIG COUNTRY RV warn hubs, dual exg lass with lots of riggers & accesso- haust. Loaded! Auto-lev- We Take Trade-Ins! Bend: 541-330-2495 haust, 5 wide traction wood. $ 800 . ries, dual batteries eling system, Skw gen, Redmond: tires, 5 new spoke, 541-548-5254 702-249-2567 (Sunwith selector switch. power mirrors w/defrost, BIG COUNTRY RV RV chrome wheels. NO Full canvas 8 stor- 2 slide-outs with awriver) Bend: 541-330-2495 CONSIGNMENTS rust, garage stored. age cover, always nings, rear c a mera, Redmond: WANTED 541-548-5254 $7,495 OBO! stored inside. trai!er hitch, driyer door We Do the Work, w/power window, cruise, (775) 513-0822 $19,500. Want to impress the You Keep the Cash! exhaust brake, central 541-480-9277 On-site credit 2 013 7 f t .x18 f t . relatives? Remodel vac, satellite sys. Re› Carry-On open car approval team, your home with the duced price: $64,950. hauler trailer. Used web site presence. help of a professional 503-781-8812 RVision C r o ssover We Take Trade-Ins! only three times to FUN & FISH! from The Bulletin's 2013, 19ft, exc. Well haul my 1967 Ca"Call A Service equipped, $ 11,500. BIG COUNTRY RV maro, and looks like 541-604-5387 new. I had the front 1 Bend: 541-330-2495 Professional" Directory S outhwind F o r d Mercedes 450 SL barrier made and inRedmond: Fleetwood motor› 1979 Roadster, soft 541-548-5254 stalled and added home, 19 9 4, 3 2', & hard tops, always the tool box. It also asoline, 82K miles, garaged, 122k mi., 8 has a mounted new 2006 Smokercraft 885 ood con d ition, Beaver Contessa 40’› e xtras, $9,7 0 0 . spare tire. $3995 Sunchaser 820 $7,000 obo. 541-548-5648 2008, four slide dieCanopies & Campers obo. 541-876-5375 model pontoon boat, 503-807-5490 sel pusher. Loaded, OI’ 75HP Mercury and Silver Streak Sabre Lance Squire 4 000, 503-701-2256. cell: great condition. Warelectric trolling mo17' 1963 beautifully ranty. Pictures/info at 1996, 9' 6" extended 16’ Seaswirl Tahoe tor, full canvas and restored, vertical grain cab, bathroom w/ toiwww.fourstarbend.corn Stow Master 5000 by with trailer, 50 HP many extras. 541-647-1236 fir cabinets, shower, let, queen bed, outTow Master. $350. 929 Evinrude, bimini top, Stored inside toilet, kitchen sink, side shower. $5,700. Automotive Wanted Generator exhaust excellent condition. Bounder, 1999, 3 4 ', system, Gen Turi, $19,900 stove & refrigerator. Call 541-382-4572 $3,500 541-350-5425 one slide, low mile- with case. Better built than an 541-647-1918 $7 5. DONATE YOUR CAR, Pontiac 1966 Bonage, very clean, lots 503-936-1778 Airstream! $ 10,500. TRUCK OR BOAT To neville Convertible. of storage, $28,500. 541-350-4077 HERITAGE FOR THE 3 89 Engine, 3 2 5 541-639-9411 BLIND. Free 3 Day Horsepower $6500 V acation, Tax D e - Call ductible, Free Towing, 541-389-6116 John =, I I II All Paperwork Taken Northlander 1993 r W-~~ r=› Care O f. CALL 17’ camper,Polar 16' Smoker Craft 1-800-401-4106 2 3’10" S R 2 3 0 0 , 990, good shape, fishing boat, 50 HP (PNDC) ’95, own with pride, Winnebago 22’ Unique R-Pod 2013 new fridge, A/C, Yamaha ou t board always compliments, Fleetwood D i scovery 2002 - $28,000 trailer-tent combo, queen bed, bathmotor w/electric tilt 8 40' 2003, diesel, w/all Got an older car, boat no salt, head never Chevy 360, f ully l oaded, e x room, indoor/outelectric trolling motor used, due for 5 year options - 3 slide outs, or Rv? Do the huheavy duty chassis, tended service condoor shower, lots of w/remote control cooling mane thing. Donate it mai n t ., satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, cab 8 roof A/C, tract and bike rack. storage, custommounted on bow, walk $9500 firm. Extras. etc., 34,000 miles. to the Humane Soci- Chevy El Camino 1973, tow hitch w/brake, ized to fit newer $16,000. through w i ndshield, W eekend Wintered in h eated ety. Call 1RARE!Manual trans. 541-595-3972 or only . 22k mi., more! pickups,$4500 obo. exc. cond. $8,500. 541-678-3249 shop. $78,995 obo. 800-205-0599 4 spd, Exc. Cond. 541-280-3251 503-780-4487 541-419-9859. 541-233-6223 541-447-8664 (PNDC) $7500. 541-389-1086

Dodge Big Horn Ram 2500, 2005, 6 speed manual. Extra tires and rims, canopy goes with. Excellent condition, well mai n tained, runs great. 160K miles. $2 8 ,500 541-620-'I 212

Dodge Ram 3500 2005, 4x4 VIN ¹851 21 6

$24,888. (exp 9/30H/1 5) DLR ¹366

The Bulletin



Ford F150Crew XLT 2012, 4x4 V IN ¹D43963 $28,988 (expg/30H/1 5) DLR ¹366

541-548-1448 smolichmotors.corn

Ford F150 2013supercrew Lariat, 36k mi., ¹88371 5$39,995 AAA Ore. Auto Source corner of West Empire & Hwy 97, Bend. 541-598-3750 www,aaaoregonautosource.corn Dlr 0225

Say "goodbuy" to that unused item by placing it in The Bulletin Classifieds 541-385-5809 Ford F-150 XL V8 2007

super cab, 32k orig. mi., one owner, exc. shape, no accidents. $13,500. 541-617-0846

(Photo for illustration only)

Ford F250 Crew Cab Super Duty 2012, (exp. 9/30/1 5) Vin ¹C52424 Stock ¹83414

$33,999 or $449/im., $2000 down, 84 mo., 4 49/0 AP R

o n ap

proved credit. License and title i ncluded in payment, plus dealer installed options.


s u a a a LL

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354




Sport Utility Vehicles



Auto m obiles





Jeep Grand Chero- Buick LeSabre 2005 Kia Soul 2013, kee Overland 2012, Custom. Clean, 96k (exp. 9/30/2015) bed liner, good tires, 4x4 V-6, all options, miles. 32 mpg hwy, Vin ¹768357 exc. shape. $16,500. running boards, front 22-25 in town. $4250 Stock ¹45202A1 Please call, guard, nav., air and obo 541-419-5060 $13,779 or $215/mo., 541-350-8856 or heated leather, cus$2000 down, 66 mo., 541-410-3292 tom wheels and new 4.49% APR on apFind It in tires, only 49K miles, roved credit. L i GMC Pickup 1983 w/ The Bulletin Classiffeds! p $29,995 cense and title i ntopper, 4 wheel drive, 541-408-7908 541-385-5809 cluded in p ayment, r uns good, go o d plus dealer installed winter truck. $1,500 options. obo. 907-310-1877 Ford F-350 XLT 2006, Crewcab, 150K mi.,


GMC Sierra 2500 HD 2013 Ext cab SLE 8'

box Duramax/Allison auto. 4wd, leather/ canopy, 25k miles. ¹ 283753 $4'I,495 AAA Ore. Auto Source corner of West Empire & Hwy 97, Bend. Dlr

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2 0 04, $17,500 Mileage: 065 , 154 A utomatic, Cru i se Control, Tow Bar, Air Conditioning, Power Door Locks, Alarm and much more. Call Gary: 541-280-0558. Lexus RX350 2013

Cadillac CTS 2010, V 6 I n j ection, 6 Speed A u tomatic.


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-382'I Dlr ¹0354

SubaruImpreza 2013, (exp. 9/30/1 5) Vin ¹027174

Stock ¹83205

$20,358 or $249/mo.,

$2600 down, 64 mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p -

proved credit. License and title i ncluded in

payment, plus dealer installed options.


s u a aau

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354





Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

LEGAL NOTICE IN T H E C I R CUIT COURT O F THE STATE OF OREGON FOR D E SCHUTES COUNTY. I n the Matter of the Estate of Nancy Lee Roberts, Deceased. Case No. 15 PB 03105. NOTICE T O IN T E RESTED P ERSONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been

appointed personal

Luxury series. Exterior Black Raven, Interior: Light Titanium/ E b ony 2 2,555 m i les. 4 door. Excellent condition all a r ound. Has Arizona plates. This is car is a great mix of luxury, comf ort, s t y le , an d workmanship. $24,000.00

you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, you should call the

Oregon State Bar's

Lawyer Referral Service at (503) 684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at (800) 452-7636. STATE OF OREGON, County of

Deschutes) ss. I, the undersigned attorney of record for the plaintiff, certify that t he foregoing is an exact and complete copy of the original summons in the above entitled a ction. F oster A . Glass, O S B No. 751334, Attorney of record for Plaintiff.

representative. All persons having claims against the estate are SubaruLegacy www.aaaoregonautorequired to present LL Bean 2006, source.corn. Lexus ES350 2010, them, with vouchers Excellent Condition (exp. 9/30/1 5) attached, to the unVin ¹203053 32,000 miles, $20,000 dersigned p e rsonal AWD, 31,821 mi. 214-549-3627 Stock ¹82770 (in representative at: ¹198432 $37,495 Bend) $16,977 or $199/mo., Shon Thomas Day, AAA Ore. Auto Source $2600 down, 84 mo. at 4400 N W LEGAL NOTICE Qu i nce Notice 4 .49% APR o n a p corner of West Empire of Preliminary Lane, Redmond, OR proved credit. License & Hwy 97, Bend. Dlr Determination for 9 7756 w i thin f o u r and title included in Toyota Tacoma 0225 541-598-3750 Water Right Transfer 2006 crew cab payment, plus dealer months after the date T-11248 (Mitigation www.aaaoregonautoCall 541-408-3051 of first publication of Credit Project MP-157) installed options. 4 dr. 4x4 pickup, source.corn. t his notice, o r t h e 130k hwy miles, S UBA R U claims may be barred. T-11248 filed by Desruns excellent, new Mercedes 380SL persons whose tires, V-6, auto, TRD 1982 Roadster, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. All River Conserrights may be af- chutes pkg $15,400. black on black, soft 877-266-3821 vancy, 700 NW Hill St, CHECKYOUR AD fected by t h e p r o928-581-9190 & hard top, exc. Dlr¹0354 Bend, OR 97701 and ceeding may obtain Central on the first day of pubLa Pine cond., always gaOregon Irrigalication. If a n e rror raged. 155K miles, additional information tion District, Toyota Avalon 2003, 1055 SW Lincoln Na v i gator may occur in your ad, from the records of 150K m i. , si n g le $9,500. Lake Court, d2 003 A W D , or i g . p lease contact u s the court or the per- mond, O R 9 7R7e56, owner, great cond., 541-549-6407 owner, local vehicle, and we will be happy sonal representative. new tires and battery, proposes a change in always gar a ged, to fix it as soon as we maintenance records, Date and first pub- p lace of u s e a n d auto., navigation, sun- can. Deadlines are: l ished August 2 2 , character of use unleather seats, moonroof, DV D p l a yer, Weekdays 12:00 noon roof, full set of snow 2015. Shon Thomas der Certificate 83571. heated & A/C seats, for next day, S at. tires on rims, $7000. Day, Personal Repre- The right allows the T oyota Taco m a custom g r i ll , all 11:00 a.m. for Sunsentative. PER541-548-6181 use of up to 1.17 cfs 2 006, r eg . c a b , records, new Michelin day; Sat. 12:00 for SONAL REPRESEN- from Deschutes $10,0 0 0 . Monday. 4x4, 5 sp d s tan- t ires. TATIVE: Shon R iverthe Mercedes Benz E Just too many 541-815-5000. in S e c . 2 9 , dard 4 cyl engine, Thomas Day, 4400 541-385-5809 Class 2005, R12E, WM for collectibles? NW Quince L a ne, T17S, 22+ mpg, one seThe Bulletin Classified (exp. 9/30/1 5) irrigation in Sec. 33, Redmond, OR 97756, nior owner, Vin ¹688743 R13E, Sects. 9 DID YOU KNOW 7 IN Sell them in (541) 279-9689. AT- T13S, n on-srnker, w e l l Stock ¹82316 and 16, T14S, R13E, 10 Americans or 158 TORNEY FOR PERThe Bulletin Classifieds maintained, nearly 25, T15S, R12E, million U.S. A d ults $11,979 or $155/mo., SONAL REPRESEN- Sec. down, 72 mo., 3, 10, 19, 20 new tires, original read content f r om 4$2500 TATIVE: Charles N. Sects. .49% APR o n a p and 30, R13E, spare near n e w, Mercedes ML350 2004 n ewspaper m e d ia proved credit. License 541-385-5809 Fadeley, CHARLES WM. ThT15S, e applicant runs exce l lent. 3.7L V-6, auto trans., each week? Discover and title included in F ADELEY, P.C. A tproposes to create an 4-wheel traction con- the Power of the Pa- payment, plus dealer in- Toyota Camry 2 0 07 torney at Law, Post $14,750. use in the trol, sunroof, white cific Northwest News- stalled options. Office Box 1408, Sis- instream 541-633-9895 78K m i . Lo a ded, Deschutes River from with java leather. One paper Advertising. For ters, OR 97759, (541) the leather heated seats, point of diversion S UBA R U . 935 o wner l o ca l ca r . a free brochure call moonroof, auto cli- 549-0125, t o the mouth at a or 9 0,100 miles. E x c 916-288-6011 fade@bendbroadSport Utility Vehicles mate control, studded 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. maximum of 0 . 668 condition. $ 1 0,500. email 877-266-3821 tires, Bose stereo, band.corn (e-mail). cfs, and to establish cecelia@cnpa.corn 541-593-2053 Dlr ¹0354 great shape. $10,900 LEGAL NOTICE mitigation credits in (PNDC) 541-270-1337 IN T H E CI R CUIT the Deschutes FIND IT! COURT O F THE Groundwater S t udy BUY ITI STATE OF OREGON Area. The applicant SELL IT! FOR THE COUNTY has also requested OF DES C HUTES that the p ortion of The Bulletin Classifieds BMI¹/ X3 Sl 2 007, Probate Department. Certificate 76714 that Low Miles - 68,500 Nissan Rogue 201 4 In the Matter of the is layered with Certifi/photo for illustration only) mi., AWD, leather V IN ¹799777 Dan i e l cate 83571 be canToyota Corolla 1999 E state o f Dodge Dart 2013, Interior, s u n roof, $21,997 Cason, De- celed. The Water Re4 cyl. 5 spd, 200K mi., Michael VIN ¹219365 b luetooth, voi c e (exp. 9/30/1 5) cedent. No. sources Department new tires last spring. command system, $14,997 DLR ¹366 Notice is proposes to approve studs incl.!! A/C, cas- h15PB03577. fexp. 9/30/1 5) and too much more ereby given t h a t the transfer, based on SMOLICH sette, headliner needs to list here. $15,900. DLR ¹366 Mercedes-Benz Lucille Cason the requirements of help. Runs G reat!! Carole Please call Dan at V OL V O SLK230 2003, has been appointed ORS Chapter 540, SMQLICH $1800 541.480.9327 541-815-6611 541-749-2156 exc. cond., auto, as the personal repre- OAR 6 9 0-380-5000 V OL V O smolichvolvo.corn convertible retractsentative of said es- and OAR 541-749-2156 able hard top. tate. All persons hav- 6 90-077-0075. T h e smolichvolvo.corn 54,250 miles, carfax ing c l aims against Department has also available.$13,000. said estate are re- c oncluded that t h e 541-389-7571 quired t o pr e sent proposed transfer apthem to the under- pears to result in mitiToyota Corolla 2013, signed personal rep- gation credits pursuDodgeDurango (exp. 9/30/1 5) resentative within four ant to OAR Subaru Outback Vehicle? SXT 2013, AWD Vin ¹053527 months after the date 690-521-0300 & OAR Call The Bulletin Limited 2014, AWD VIN ¹583069 Stock ¹83072 of first publication of 690-521-0400. and place an ad VIN ¹303724.$28,888. Ford FusionSEL 2012, $29,888. $15,979 or $199 mo., this notice, as stated (exp. 9/30/1 5) today! (exp. 9/30/15) DLR ¹366 (exp9/30ff/1 5) $2000 down, 84 mo., below, or such claims Any person may file, Vin ¹117015 Ask about our DLR ¹366 4 .49% APR o n a p - may be barred. All Stock ¹44382A jointly or severally, a ’Wheel Deal" ! proved credit. License persons whose rights protest or s t anding $15,979 or $199/mo., for private party and title included in may be affected by $2400 down, 64 mo., statement within 30 advertisers payment, plus dealer in- the proceedings in ~ a 4 .49% APR o n ap days after the last stalled options. proved credit. License this estate may ob- date of n e wspaper serving centrel oregon since 19IB 541-548-1448 and title included in tain information from publication of this noS UBA RU 541-385-5809 smolichmotors.corn payment, plus dealer inSUBARUO1BRtlD.OOM t he records of t h e tice, 09/12/2015 or 541-548-1448 stalled options. Q 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Court or from the per- publication of notice in smolichmotors.corn Just bought a new boat? 877-266-3821 sonal representative the Sell your old one in the ' Department's sul u classifieds! Ask about our Dlr ¹0354 at the address listed weekly notice, whichTick, Tock 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Super Seller rates! for her below. DATED e ver is later. C a l l 877-266-3821 541-385-5809 Tick, Tock... and first published: ( 503) 986-0807 t o Dlr ¹0354 A ugust 2 9 , 20 1 5 . obtain additional inSuzuki Samurai 1988, 5 ...don't let time get Carole Lucille Cason, formation or a protest spd 4WD, clean, new Personal Representa- form. If no protests away. Hire a Ford Explorer Sport Weber carb. & radiative, PO Bo x 7 0 6, are filed, the Depart2011, 6 cyl. auto., tor. RV ready towable. professional out LaPine, OR 97739. ment will issue a final 4WD, 3rd seat, $4000. 541-419-3520 of The Bulletin's Toyota Corolla S order consistent with $21,995. 541-598-5111 LEGAL NOTICE 2007, 93 k m i l es, IN T H E preliminary deter"Call A Service CUIT the automatic, s i l ver. COURT O FCI R THE mination. Professional" Honda Accord 2005, New brakes and STATE OF OREGON, V6, f ully l o aded, LEGAL NOTICE Directory today! battery. Super clean, FOR THE COUNTY NOTICE OF SEIZURE Nav, Moon roof, CD, no smoking. Cruise OF DE S C HUTES. perfect leather inteFOR CIVIL control, CD player, EDMUND M UNOZ, FORFEITURE TO ALL Toyota FJ C ruiser rior, one owner, full c loth s eats, A C . fphoto for illustrationonly) i ndividually and A s 2012, 64K miles. all maintained, always POTENTIAL Price: $7500.00 Call Ford Focus 2012, hwy, original owner, Personal Representa- CLAIMANTS AND TO garaged, never 541-480-2700 to VIN ¹367736 tive of the estate of never been off road wrecked, 143K road ALL UNKNOWN view. NO T E XTS Shane Munoz, De$13,997 or accidents, tow miles, $9,399. Great PERSONS READ THIS PLEASE! (exp. 9/30/1 5) ceased and on behalf pkg, brand new tires, car ready to drive. CAREFULLY Nissan 350Z of KATHLEEN GILDLR ¹366 very clean. $26,000. Mike 541-499-5970 Convertible 2005, L IAM an d M A K A I Call or text Jeff at If you have any interVIN ¹752136 $15,988 SMOLICH MUNOZ, Plaintiff, v. 541-729-4552 est i n t h e s e i zed (exp. 9/30/1 5) DLR ¹366 HUNTER SP E C IAL: V OL V O KEVIN PERRY and property d e scribed Jeep Cherokee, 1990, AMANDA WEINMAN, below, you must claim 541-749-2156 4x4, has 9 t ires on Defendants. No. smolichvolvo.corn that interest or you will wheels. $2000 obo. 1 5CV16180. S U M - automatically lose that 541-771-4732 Hyundai Santa Fe fPhoto for illustrationonly) M ONS. TO : K e v in interest. If you do not 2012, 4 cyl., 4 door, Volvo S60 2004, Perry, 2461 NW Aw- file a claim for the 541-548-1448 GLS, 2WD, kayak carVIN ¹015498 brey Road, Bend OR property, the property rier, new tires, smolichmotors.corn $7,997 97701. Y o u are may be forfeited even 1977 51K mi., $15,500. (exp. 9/30/1 5) hereby required to if you are not conF J40 Toyota 541-419-7960 DLR ¹366 appear and defend victed of any crime. Landcruiser t he c o mplaint f o r SMOLICH To claim an interest, BULLETINCULSSIFIEDS with winch, WRONGFUL DEATH you must file a written Hyundai Santa FeGLS Search the area's most $21,000. V O L V O in the s hooting of 2012, claim with the forfei541-389-7113, comprehensive listing of 541-749-2156 Shane Munoz - de- ture counsel named (exp. 9/30/2015) Michelle classified advertising... smolichvolvo.corn m and f or reli e f below, The w r itten Vin ¹151185 Nissan Senfra 2012, real estate to automotive, (money d amages), claim must be signed Stock ¹45917A (exp. 9/30/2015) merchandise to sporting filed against you in the by you, sworn to un$16,979 or $199/mo., Vin ¹734544 Looking for your goods. Bulletin Classifieds above-entitled action der penalty of perjury $2900 down, 64 mo., Stock ¹44681C appear every day in the next employee? 4 .49% APR o n ap - $11,979 or $199/mo., within thirty (30) days before a notary public, print or on line. proved credit. License $2500 down, 72 mo., Place a Bulletin help from the date of ser- and state: (a) Your wanted ad today and Call 541-385-5809 and title included in vice of this summons true name; (b) The 4 .49% APR o n a p reach over 60,000 payment, plus dealer in› proved credit. License www.bendbulletin.corn upon you, and in case address at which you Volvo XC60 201„, readers each week. and title included in of your failure to do will a ccept f u ture Suaaau V IN ¹522043 Your classified ad The Bulletin SUM kUO1%SHD.OOM payment, plus dealer inso, for want thereof, m ailings from t h e sewingcentra oregon since19M $34,997 will also appear on stalled options. stalled options. plaintiff will apply to court and forfeiture (exp. 9/30/1 5) bendbulletin.corn the Court for relief counsel; and (3) A SUBAR Ll DLR ¹366 which currently re2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. demanded i n the 877-266-3821 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. ceives over 1.5 milcomplaint. Foster A. SMOLICH FIND YOUR FUTURE lion page views Dlr ¹0354 877-266-3821 Glass, OSB ¹ 751334, HOME INTHE BULLETIN every month at V OL V O Dlr ¹0354 339 S W Ce n tury no extra cost. Bulle541-749-2156 Drive, Ste 201, Bend Your future is just apage Kia Forte SX 2012 Porsche Cayman S tin Classifieds smolichvolvo.corn OR 9 7 702, T e l e-away. Whetheryou're looking I nfiniti F X3 5 AW D hatchback, $15,900, Get Results! Call 2 008, L i k e new , phone: 541-317-0703. fora hatoraplaceto hang it, 2009 Sporty 3.5 V6, 7 975 32,015 miles, still 385-5809 or place 14,500 miles, NOTICE T O THE spd auto, 40K miles, under 60k warranty, The Bulletin Classified is your ad on-line at Automobiles $35,000. DEFENDANT: READ Bose sound sys, 20" exc. condition, see your best source. ben dbullefin.corn 360-510-3153 (Bend) THESE PA P ERS. alloy whls. Nav sys. craigslist for full deEvery daythousandsof You must "appear" in Dlx tour, premium and tails. 541-948-7687 this case or the other buyers andsellers of goods tow pkgs. Most opI The Bulletin recoml side will win automati- and services dobusinessin tions included. Almends extra caution I cally. To "appear" you these pages.They know ways maintained and when p u r chasing The Bulletin is your must file with the court you can't beatThe Bulletin g araged. Just d e Classified Section for f products or services a legal paper called a tailed, non s moker. Acura TL 06, 3.2L V6, Employment from out of the area. "motion" or "answer". selection and convenience Midnight Mocha color, auto, FWD , b l a ck Scion TCcoupe 2007, f S ending c ash , The "motion" or "an- - every item isjust a phone tan leather int. Exc. color, A/C, 1 15,971 (exp. 9/30/1 5) Marketplace checks, or credit in- I swer" mustbe given to call away. cond. in 8 out. Clean miles, clean title and Vin ¹198120 formation may be I the court clerk or ad- The Classified Sectionis title. $2 6,950.OBO carfax. Call or t ext Stock ¹44193B Call to FRAUD. ministrator within 30 541-647-2257 $10,379 or $149/mo., [ subject easy to use.Everyitem 541-834-8469 $2600 down, 60 mo., For more informal› days along with the is categorizedandevery 5 41- 3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 f tion about an adver4 .49% APR o n a p required filing fee. It- cartegory is indexed onthe proved credit. License tiser, you may call must be i n p roper section's front page. to advertise. and title included in I the Oregon StateI form and have proof payment, plus dealer in- Attorney General's g o f service o n t h e Whether youarelooking for Office C o nsumer I Plaintiff's Attorney or, a home orneeda service, www.bendbulletin.corn stalled options. / Protection hotline at if the Plaintiff does not your future is inthe pagesof S UBA R U 1-877-877-9392. Jeep CJ5 1981. Winch, BMW Z3 Roadster have a n at t orney, The Bulletin Classified. off-road tires, v-8. lift, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 1997, Call proof of service upon ood condition. $3500 541-548-0345 to see. serving central oregon since1%8 877-266-3821 t he plaintiff. If y o u The Bulletin Serving Central Oregon since$93 SavingCentral Oregon since SIB BO. 541-306-0346. Dlr ¹0354 $4500 have any questions, 0225 541-598-3750




~ The Bulletin ~





The Bulletin


Notice of reasons for Forfeiture: The property described below was seized for forfei-

ture because it: (1)

Constitutes the proceeds of the violation of, solicitation to violate, attempt to violate, or conspiracy to violates, the criminal laws of the State of Oregon regarding the manufacture, distribution, or possession of controlled substances (ORS Chapter475); and/or (2) Was used or intended for use in committing or facilitating the violation of, solicitation to violate, attempt to violate, or conspiracy to violate the criminal laws of the State of Oregon regarding the manufacture, distribution or

LEGAL NOTICE This is an action for Judicial Foreclosure of real property commonly k n ow n as 19138 Baker Road, Bend, OR 97702. A motion o r a n swer must be given to the court clerk or administrator within 30 days of the date of the first publication specified herein along with the required filing fee. IN T HE CIRCU I T COURT O F THE STATE OF OREGON FOR THE COUNTY OF DE S CHUTES. U.S B A N K NATIONAL A SSOCIATION, ITS SUCCESS ORS AND/ O R ASSIGNS, Plaintiff, v. WILLIAM F. M I L LARD; NELLI V. MILLARD; and ALL OTHER P E RSONS

OR PARTIES UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE REAL PROPE RTY C O M M O N LY KNOWN AS 1 9 138 BAKER ROA D, BEND, OR 9 7 702, Defendants. Case No. 14CV0107FC. SUMMONS. TO DEFENDANTS ALL OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES UNK N OWN CLAIMING ANY possession of con- RIGHT, TITLE, LIEN, trolled su b stances O R I NTEREST I N (ORS Chapter 475). THE REAL P ROPE RTY C O M M O N LY IN THE MATTER OF: KNOWN AS 1 9 138 BAKER ROA D, (1) $1,471.00 in US BEND, OR 97702: IN Currency, Case No. THE NAME OF THE 15229042, seized July STATE OF OREGON: 22, 2015 from Scott You are hereby reKreidenweis. quired to appear and defend the action filed a gainst you i n t h e LEGAL NOTICE cause NOTICE TO INTER- above-entitled within 30 days from ESTED P ERSONS. the date of service of L ynn Hedesh h a s this Summons upon been appointed per- you; and if you fail to sonal representatives appear and defend, of the Estate of Anwant thereof, the drew John Hedesh, for Plaintiff will apply to Deceased, by the Cir- the court for the relief cuit Court, State of demanded t h erein. Oregon, D eschutes Dated: /2015. County, under case A LDRIDGE8/1 0PI TE, number 15PB03146. LLP. By:/s/ Amy HarAll persons having a r ington. Amy H a r claim against the es- rington, ¹ tate must present the 123363, O S B(503) c laim w i thin f o u r 345-9459, Facsimile: months of th e f i rst (858) 412-2775, aharpublication of this no- rington@aldridgepite. tice to Sherron Urban, corn, 621 SW MorriAttorney at Law, PO son Street, Suite 425, Box 1135, Bend, OR Portland, OR 97205, 9 7709-1135, att n : f A t t orneys f o r Lynn Hedesh, or they O Plaintiff. NOTICE TO may be barred. Addi- DEFENDANT/DEtional information may FENDANTS. R E AD be obtained from the T HESE PAP E R S c ourt records, t h e C AREFULLY: Y o u personal representa- must "appear" in this tives or the case or the other side following-named at win automatically. torney for the per- will To "appear" you must sonal representatives. file with the court a leSHERRON URBAN, gal paper called a ATTORNEY AT LAW, "motion" or "answer". PO Box 1135, BEND, The "motion" or "anOR 9770 9 - 1135, swer" must be given 541-617-1918. to the court clerk or administrator w i t hin 30 days (or 60 days LEGAL NOTICE for Defendant United OF PUBLIC SALE Notice is hereby given States or State of OrDepartment of pursuant to O . R.S. egon Revenue) along with 87.152, et seq., that the required filing fee. there will be a public sale t h e pr o perty It must be in proper listed in this notice on form and have proof o f service o n t h e August 24, 2015 to foreclose on posses- plaintiff's attorney or, sory lien. Owners or if the plaintiff does not at t orney, reputed owners of the have a n p roperty: Lynd a proof of service on the plaintiff. If you have Hardwick Albers and Megan Albers. Time questions, you should and date of the sale: 9 see an attorney ima.m. October 1, 2015. mediately. If you need Place of sale: 3773 help in finding an atSW Helmholtz Way, torney, you may conRedmond, OR 97756. tact the Oregon State Amount of Lien Bar's Lawyer Referral ervice o n line a t $2623.00. P e r sons S foreclosing lien: Wil- www.oregonstatebar. liam Forester and Lisa org or by calling (503) Forester. Description 684-3763 ( in t h e of property: 4 year old Portland metropolitan registered Hereford area) or toll-free elseCow that is open with where in Oregon at a two week old calf. (800) 452-7636. C ows tattoo is 5 z . Yearling Hereford bull FIND IT! t attoo 6B . D A T ED BUY IT! August 24th. William SELL IT! & Lisa Forester. The Bulletin Classifieds

S ell y o u r s tuff f a s t . In print and online with The Bulletin's Classifieds

S ell y o u r s tuff f a s t e r w it h c o l o r . FOR JUST ADDITIONAL $1 PER DAY! BEFORE

FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and a tough V8 engine will get the job done on the ranch! AFTER

f f

FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and a tough VS engine will get the job done on the ranch!





statement that y ou have an interest in the seized property. Your deadline for filing the claim document with forfeiture cou n sel n amed below is 2 1 days from the last day of publication of this notice. Where to file a claim and for more information: D a in a Vitolins, Crook County District Attorney Office, 300 N E T h ird Street, Prineville, OR


/ ~


To PlaCeyaur PhOtOad, ViSit uSOnline at

wvnv.bend b u llet i n.corn or Call With queStiOnS,

5 41- 3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9





I 4

I ' I I

o I

NEW 2015 FORD FIESTA S Auto, 4 Doors.

VIN: 179621,198525

MSRP ......................... $1 5,885 -$347 TSS Discount $15,538 Bonus Cash ................... -$1,000 .



















s UB A R U

C onfi d e n c e in M o t i o n


New 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Touring CVT

>1 4,538

TSSrS Fo d Pri

The au-new 2015 Subaru OutbaolP gets you out into the world. At 33 mpg,' it's the most fuel-efficient mldslze crossover in America! ' Also new is a surprisingly spacious, upgraded interior featuring the SUBARU STARLINK infotainment system.

Standard Model Touring, Package ¹2, Auto Dim Compass, Mirror, Home Link, Rear Bumper Cover, Splash Guard Kit, All Weather Floor Mats, Seat Back Protector



D own

A.P. R .


72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, On Approved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD FUSION SE Ecoboost, Power Windows, Power Locks

VIN: 227067

.... $25,240 -$1,458 $23,782 -$1,000

MSRP ............ TSS Discount ...

Retail Bous Cash..










S28,Ã8 ""~ ~/>"' UP t O 3 6

M O n t h S On Approved Credit.

MSRP $30,818. VIN: ¹FH219948. FRI-31 Subaru of Bend Discount $1,819.


T S&S FordPrice ~22,78 2

New 2015 Subaru BRZ Limited 6AT D own

A.P. R .

Option Package Of, Standard Model, Cargo Tray, Rear Bumper Applique, Dim Mirror, Com with Homelink


72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, On Approved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD TRANSIT MEDIUM ROOF VAN 3.5 Ecoboost, Tow Package

MSRP .............. TSS Discount .....

VIN: A96680

... $35,835 -$3,300 .




S jII j jg i S"11.80/a...

T SSS FordPrice ~32,53 5

MSRP$30,042. VIN: ¹F8607316. FZF-01 Subaru of Bend Discount $1,448.

D own

A.P. R .

New 2015Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium CVT


72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, On Approved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD EXPLORER 4X4 Navigation, Power Lift Gate, 20" Wheels, Heated Leather Seats

VIN: A20207 MSRP ............. ............ $42,465 -$750 Special Discount TSS Discount .... -$2,162 $39,313 Bonus Cash ................... -$1,000 .



























Standard Model, Popular Package ¹2, Ext. Auto Dim Mirror w/light, Mirror Compass w/Homelinl<, Rear Bumper Applique, Cargo ray, Splash Guard Kit, All Weather Floor Mats




TSSS FordPrice 38, 3 1 3

MSRP$25,499. VIN: ¹F3071803. FAD-11 Subaru of Bend Discount $1,500.

D own

A.P. R .


72 Months Financin, Ford Credit Financin, Tier 2 or better, On A roved Credit.


New 2016 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium CVT All-Weather Pkgn Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-leer, Heated Side Mirrors, Seat BackProtector, All Weather Floor Mats, CargoTray, Rear Bumper Cover, CrossBarSet Aero


NEW 2015 FORD F150 CREW 4X4 XLT Package, 3.5 Ecoboost, Tow Package, Rear View Camera

VIN: E17944 MSRP ......................... $47,015 TSS Discount -$3,704 $43,311 XLT Discount.................... -$750 .

















spy gag :.:-1.82/u...

T SSS FordPrice 4205 6 1

UP t O 6 0

M O n t h S on A pprovedcredit.

MSRP $27,681. VIN: ¹GH415220. GFF-I 3 Subaru of Bend Discount $1,292.

D own

A.P. R .


72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, On Approved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD F250 CREW CAB XLT 4X4 DIESEL Low Bed, Power Seat, Tow Package, Remote Start, Rear View Camera, Tail Gate Step

VIN: C14059 MSRP ......................... $55,100 TSS Discount ................. -$4,026

TSSS FordPrice 51


New 2015 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Limited CVT Option Package ¹2f Standard Model All Weather Floor Mats, Cargo Tray, Body Side Molding, Cargo Net RearSeat Back, Bumper Applique 5 Door

~zi ice:-:. 1-<S~uD own

A.P. R .

UP tO 4 8


M O n t h S On A pprovedCredlt.

MSRP$24,650. VIN: ¹FH259151. fi-21 Subaru of Bend Discount $1,351.

72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, OnApproved Credit.





e I



4XXQ,C3X O F .BE N D .


11 I

Sale endsSeptember10, 2010.











l eI








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Bulletin Daily Paper 09-05-15  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday, September 05, 2015

Bulletin Daily Paper 09-05-15  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday, September 05, 2015