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Do you know the Kenana story? In the farming community of Njoro, a group of Kenyan women, growing larger every day in number gathers wool from the Kenana Farm and now all neighboring farms as the need demands. They wash, dye with all natural plant dyes, and mothproof with natural Pyrethrum Flower (like a daisy) all of the wool and then spin it on old bicycle wheels! They then produce the most precious hand knit products available. Starting with just a dozen women, the group has now grown to over 300 knitters and 400 spinners; and is increasing on a daily basis. They are good at what they do, and they LOVE their work. Each knitter signs her name to the story card that accompanies the product as she completes a piece. The products are made of natural wool and organic cotton. Kenana Knitters – changing lives stitch by stitch.

Blankets  100%  wool   KKC_wool_blanket_ivory   Blanket,  ivory   Size  120X190  cm  

KKC_wool_blanket_grey Blanket,  grey   Size  120X190  cm    

KKC_wool-­‐blanket-­‐grey-­‐white-­‐tassels   Blanket  grey,  ivory  tassels     Size  120X190  cm  

KKC_wool-­‐blanket-­‐ zebra Blanket,  zebra   Size  120X190  cm  

Owl  100%  home-­‐spun  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_owl_Grey_L Owl,  grey,  large   Height  approx.  38  cm  

kkc_owl_blue_L Owl,  blue,  large   Height  approx.  38  cm  

KKC_owl_yellow_L Owl,  yellow,  large   Height  approx.  38  cm  

Owl  100%  home-­‐spun  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_owl_cream_L Owl,  cream,  large   Height  approx.  38  cm  

KKC_owl_zebra_L Owl,  zebra,  large   Height  approx.  38  cm  

KKC_owl-­‐cassia-­‐l Owl,  cassia,  large   Height  approx.  38  cm  

Owl  100%  home-­‐spun  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_owl_beige_s Owl,  beige,  small   Height  approx.  25  cm  

KKC_owl_cassia_s Owl,  cassia,  small   Height  approx.  25  cm  

KKC_owl_grey_S Owl,  grey,  small   Height  approx.  25  cm  

Spiders, 100%  home-­‐spun  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderelephant_natural_wool Spider  elephant,  wool     Height  approx.  35  com  

KKC_spiderlion_natural_wool Spider  lion,  wool   Height  approx.  35  cm  

Spiders, 100%  home-­‐spun  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderzebra_wool_blacknwhite Zebra,  black/white,  wool   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spidermonkey_wool_natural Spider  monkey,  wool   Height  approx.  35  cm  

Spiders, 100%  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_gymmonkey_wool_natural Spider  monkey,  small  wool   Height  approx.  25  cm  

KKC_gymmonkey_wool_blue Gym  monkey,  small,  wool,  blue   Height  approx.  25  cm  

Safari shelf  selecSon,  100%  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

kkc-­‐shelflion Safari  shelf  lion,  wool     Heigh  approx.  35  cm  

kkc_shelfmonkey Safari  shelf  monkey,  wool     Heigh  approx.  35  cm  

kkc_shelfzebra Safari  shelf  zebra,  wool     Heigh  approx.  35  cm  

Bundu, 100%  home-­‐spun  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_zebra_bundu_small Zebra,  wool   Height  approx.  15  cm  

KKC_octopus_wool_natural Octopus,  wool  natural   Height  approx.  25  cm  


KKC_octopus_wool_colorful Octopus,  wool,  pale  pink   Height  approx.  25  cm  

Spider zebras/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderzebra_coVon_pink Zebra,  pink/white,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderzebra_coVon_yellow Zebra,  yellow/white,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider zebras/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderzebra_coVon_rainbow Zebra,  rainbow,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderzebra_coVon_blacknwhite Zebra,  black/white,  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderzebra_small_coVon_blacknwhite Zebra,  black/white,  coVon,  small   Height  approx.  25  cm    

Spiders elephants/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing   kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐red   Elephant,  pink,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐fuchsia Elephant,  fuchsia,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐salmonpink Elephant,  salmon  pink,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider elephants  /  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐blue Elephant,  blue,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐turquoise Elephant,  turquoise,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐lilac Elephant,  lilac,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider elephants/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐yellow Elephant,  yellow,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐green Elephant,  green,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐grey Elephant,  grey,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider elephants/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

kkc-­‐spiderelephant-­‐coVon-­‐ivory Elephant,  ivory,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider monkeys/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing   KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_red   Monkey,    red,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_hotpink Monkey,    hotpink,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_pink Monkey,    pink,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

Spider monkeys/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_blue Monkey,    blue,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_aqua Monkey,    aqua,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_purple Monkey,  purple,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

Spider monkeys/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_green Monkey,    green,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

kkc_spidermonkey_coVon_ivory Monkey,    ivory,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm    

kkc_spidermonkey_coVon_yellow Monkey,    yellow,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

Spider monkeys/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_grey Monkey,    grey,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_spidermonkey_coVon_junglegreen Monkey,    jungle  green,  organic  coVon     Height  approx.  35  cm  

Spiders lions/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing   KKC_spiderlion_coVon_red   Lion,  pink,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_fuchsia Lion,  fuchsia,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_salmonpink Lion,  salmon  pink,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider lions  /  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_blue Lion,  blue,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_turquoise Lion,  turquoise,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_lilac Lion,  lilac,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider lions  /  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_yellow Lion,  yellow,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_green Lion,  green,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_grey Lion,  grey,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider lions/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing  

KKC_spiderlion_coVon_ivory Lion,  ivory,  organic  coVon   Height  approx.  35  cm    

Spider crocos/  100%  organic  coVon,  acrylic  stuffing   Available  in  10  colors   Height  appr.  35  cm  

Bundu, 100%  wool,  acrylic  stuffing   KKC_doVyelephant-­‐yellow   DoVy  elephant,  yellow     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_doVyelephant-­‐blue DoVy  elephant,  blue     Height  approx.  35  cm  

KKC_orangutan   Orangutan,  wool     Height  approx.  60  cm  

Bundu, 100%  coVon  or  100%  wool,  acrylic  stuffing  

kkc-­‐harlequin_bear Harlequin  bear,  coVon   Height  approx.  40  cm  

kkc-­‐harlequin-­‐bunny Harlequin  bunny,  coVon     Height  approx.  40  cm  

Kenana EU  /  Werannas  Ltd.  +358  (40)  5240886  

Kenana catalogue 2014  
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