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MODULE two 2012 semester 2

VIRTUAL environments Wendy Zhang 586019



As my final design in Ideation was about the path of wind, therefore I thought about what would be related to it in shapes, then the visual of a Chinese dragon popped into my head. This has slightly changed the shape of the design a even simpler look.



Front Experimenting final design with simple to dense lines


Top Experiments with lofting and adding more complicated patterns such as

Front .



Above: offset points with distance 0.5

More patterns experimented with 3D paneling.

distance 2

With spikes

Set offset distance too far

Surprisingly turned out looking like a western dragon: spread wings on two sides, head down in the middle


A paper model of the lantern design with sharp edges without curves was made, and a LED light was positioned in the front part of the model. The light and shadow were only come from the LED, no other lights affected.


two types of lights were tested, blue and yellow. The intension of the position of the light was actually at the front top but the LED was too hard to reach. Having the edges open with thin, even lines was deliberately to create a unique effect for the light.

yellow & blue

the colour of the light was very interesting. Due to another yellow light shining from outside and above the model, and also the LED shining inside the model, a combination of two colours was created.

Thicker layer

In this test, another layer of paper was added to the inside, this obviously showed smaller exposure of light shining through, which in most case isn’t a good thing for the purpose of lanterns, but in some other cases it can also add to a unique design, where you want it to be more opaque or create a misty feel.


presentation 2


presentation 2