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3 Head Master’s Introduction

Introduction from the Head Master A decade ago, the late Stephen Hawking unveiled a new clock outside Corpus Christi College in Cambridge. The clock is on a main street corner in the city, visible to everyone who walks by. It is an arresting design - and far from typical - with the large clock face made up of a rippling 24-carat gold-plated disc. It has no hands or numerals but displays the time by means of blue LEDs appearing through slits. One of the design’s most striking features is a grim-looking metal grasshopper or locust sitting on top of the clock face. The designer calls this insect the ‘chronophage’ (time eater); its mouth is constantly moving, devouring the seconds as they pass. Everything about the clock reminds us just how quickly time passes, encouraging us to seize the moment.

In a series of recent breakfast and evening parental engagement meetings, I have found myself saying that we never have more time to discover new passions, interests and talents than when we’re at school. While the children and young people in our care here at Wells might not appreciate it now, they will in time realise just how important it was to seize on all the opportunities that came their way. In due course, they will thank their parents and their teachers for encouraging them so to do. This latest edition of In Touch is another reminder of just how many opportunities there are available to pupils here - academic, musical, dramatic, sporting and charitable. I applaud all those pupils who have fully grasped those opportunities and congratulate them on their achievements. I hope that reading this record will inspire all pupils to expand their horizons and experiences and to make the most of every, all-too-fleeting moment of their time at Wells.

In Touch Summer 2019

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In Touch with Wells Cathedral School - Summer 2019  

In Touch with Wells Cathedral School - Summer 2019