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Welcome to The Holley House!

Brewton, Alabama is a town known for eccentric characters and extremely talented folks. It’s a great place to visit to fuel your creative muse. The Holley House Bed and Breakfast, with its own interesting history, is the perfect place to stay.

Originally built in 1906 by the Lovelace family as a wedding gift to Mr. Lovelace's daughter and her husband. In 1936, it was purchased by Dr. A. F. Holley and became known as the Holley Hospital, the first hospital in Escambia County. Seven generations of the Holley and Henley families have played in this yard, walked these halls, lived in these rooms, and cooked in this kitchen. Every baby during WWII that wasn't delivered at home in the surrounding area, was delivered here - the post-war boom kept the nursery full. Once the hospital closed and Dr. A. F. Holley moved into private practice in the 1950's, Holley House was repurposed as an apartment building for nearly thirty years. After an extensive remodel in 1988, Lenis Holley opened Holley House as a retirement home.

Currently owned and operated by Dr. and Mrs. Holley's daughter, Deborah George, Holley House has undergone a four year renovation involving lots of blood, sweat, and tears. From floor joists to roof, the entire house has been remodeled and is now known for its beautiful suites and delicious home-cooked meals.

Deborah’s daughter, Holly Hart Shirley, has always wanted to bring writer’s and the creative community surrounding the B & B together. As a writer who’s working on her first novel, Holley knows the value of well planned writing workshops. Especially those authors who are working on the last stages of their manuscripts and need a boost to help them stay on track and finish the work. She and her mother also have the perfect place for writers to stay that includes a comfortable meeting/event space…

We have some exciting news! Deborah and Holly are collaborating with Mandy Haynes and WELL READ to host a Writer’s Retreat in the fall of 2023!

The retreat will consist of panels led by talented authors covering important topics. There will be plenty of free time for participants to write on their own, share their progress, enjoy each others company, and Deborah’s home-cooking.

Stay tuned! Holly and I will be sharing fun stories, important information, and details about the upcoming Writer’s Retreat in future issues of WELL READ Magazine.

Until then check out everything Holley House has to offer