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Understanding, Accepting, and Embracing your ADHD


ttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic psychiatric condition that affects approximately 1 in 12 children and 1 in 25 adults in Canada. The causes of ADHD are biological in nature, similar in some ways to Type 2 Diabetes, except the organ affected is the brain rather than the pancreas. Also, similar to Type 2 Diabetes, ADHD can be effectively managed using a combination of strategies including medication, lifestyle changes and behaviour modification. If you are living with ADHD you are likely experiencing challenges at home, in your workplace and in your own sense of health and well-being that may include; frequent feelings of overwhelm, difficulty prioritizing and completing tasks, poor timemanagement, recurring distraction and repeated patterns of negative thinking. However, having ADHD does not have to condemn you to a life of struggle. ADHD is NOT a failed version of normal... it is simply a different way of being. In fact, what many people don’t realize is that along with the challenges ADHD can create; it often is also accompanied by many natural strengths. Strengths that are often taken for granted or overshadowed by the struggles experienced by individuals with the condition. Strengths like creativity; divergent thinking; unbridled enthusiasm; passion and authenticity just to name a few. Working with an ADHD Coach can help unleash these inner “super powers” in a way that allows you to feel successful and competent on your own terms. The barriers that make you feel stuck are nothing more than signals that can trigger you to take action and let you identify and foster your own methods that will lead to success, inner-peace and satisfaction in your life. A 3-tiered approach to ADHD can help you discover the right path to realize the changes you

are seeking in your life. Through regular coaching sessions, you can learn to manage your ADHD diagnosis in a way that creates a foundation for your goals. A first priority is to gain a full UNDERSTANDING of the diagnosis. What does having ADHD mean for YOU... what does it not have to mean? What causes ADHD? How do the symptoms show up in YOUR life? What is the real everyday impact of ADHD for you? Another crucial element is ACCEPTANCE. Coming to grips with the many thoughts and questions you’re likely to have in order to believe that your ADHD is not a personality flaw. That it has nothing to do with effort or dedication. Acceptance is not about resignation, but rather empowerment as you take on the sometimes-difficult task of acknowledging and placing focus around your strengths. The ultimate goal is to EMBRACE and take control of your life by developing strategies and tactics that play to your many strengths, while identifying ways to support your challenges. Creating pride and confidence in who you are, not in spite of your ADHD, but in some cases, because of it. ADHD Coaching is a commitment you make to yourself. The success you gain from working with a coach depends a great deal on what you put into it. To achieve significant change, you must be willing to invest resources, time and effort— to be open minded and truly committed to change. Brett Thornhill, ADHD Coaching

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