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HE object of this War Number of the WELLINGTONIAN is to provide a record of the part that Wellington College, more particularly through its Old Boys, has played in the great war. The record which follows will show that the College may well be proud of its Old Boys, who responded in such n umbers to the call of the Empire, and who have established ideals of com·age, self-sacrifice, and devotion to duty, which must constitute an imperishable it)spiration to all who pass through its walls. Traditions have been established for us by our Old Boys and Masters who have taken pal"!; in the war; and these tra(litions must stt·engthen the bond of esp1·it de co1ps which will bind together all College boys of the past, present, and future, with a chain of loyalty, l ove and pride. We feel sure that a record such as we are privileged to publish, will be valued in the years to come as a constant reminder of the glm·y won for us by those who have r epresented us in the struggle to maintain the honour and the liberty of t he Empire. Were we to attempt to do full justice to the deeds of our Old Boys, this number would form a volume of numberless tales of heroism. Many of t hese deeds have been recorded in previous issues of the magazine, and will stand on record in the bistm·y of t he College. But our aim is in the fit·st place to attempt to record on the roll of h onout· the names of Old Boys and Masters who have served with the Forces in all parts of the world where the struggle has gone on. 'rhe names of those w ho have laid d own their lives, of those who have suffered wounds, and of those who have gained special marks of distind ion, w ill be found recorded. Our regret is that our roll must necessarily be incomplete, and our hope is that our readet·s will h elp us to make up any omissions, so that when the Old Boys' Memorial Hall is standing in our grounds, the records to be found on its walls may be as complete and as accurate as possible. We also w ish to make a further appeal for photos of Old Boys who have been on active service. We already have a laL"ge number of these, but thet·e are still many wanting. Our ultimate intention is to have all these photos displayed on the walls of the Memorial Hall. In this issue we are publishing about 140 photos of Old Boys who have lost their li ves in the war, these being all the photos available of those who have died.



THE OLD BOYS' PART IN TH E WAR. {11\ N August 15th, 191 4, eleven days after Britain entered the


struggle for honour and liberty against t he Central Powers, the first New Zealand Expedihonary Force, now known as the Advance Guard, left Welling ton, and on the 29th of the same month occupied the German possession of Samoa. This body, numbering about 1400 of all ranks, was recruited mainly from the Wellington district, and contained over 120 Old Boys, who answered un hesitatingly the first call of the Empire. Our Old Boys thus had the honour of composing nearly 10 per cent. of th e first of onr allied forces to conq uer German territory, and of th e first force to be despatched over路 seas by 11. British Dominion. When the Advance Gnard sailed, its destination atJd its object were unknown, so th at t he men composing the force left their homes ready to face any danger and any task th ey m ight be set. When, after occupying Samoa for some months, t he garrison returned, a large proportion of them re-enlisted in the forces which went over路 seas. Before the end of 1914, the Main Body of the Expeditionary Force, the ::tucleus of th e New Zen.land Di vision, had left New Zealand. After months of n.rduous train ing in Egypt, there came the news of t he heroic landing of British, Aust ralian and New Zealand troops on th e peninsula of Gallipoli. The nnmber of our Old Boys who took part in this famous campaign, may be gauged from the fact that befo re the end of 1915, when Gallipoli was evacuated, our Roll of Honour contai ned the names of over 850 Old Boys on active ser vice, and of this number ove r 30 had laid down their lives, and 60 more had been wounded. Included in this roll are the names of over 40 Old Boys who were servi ng wi th the British forces in Europe. As the war proceeded, the number of Old Boys who took part in the war steadily mounted up, and large supplementary l ists were publi shed in each succeeding number of the WELLINGTONIAN. In proportion as the list of those on active service grew, the sad but glorious list of those who had made the supreme sacrifice also grew, along with the list of those who suffered wounds. We may quote an analysis made by an Old Boy in the last number of the WELLINGTONIAN of the proportion of casualties among our Old Boys on active service. This analysis was made on Lhe figures then available : "Of the 1643 kno wn to have se rved, 213 haYe laid down their lives, and 340 have been wou nded. As some of the 1643 bad not actually reached t he firing line, the fact t hat our casualty list amoun ts to 33t per cent. of the total on active service speaks for i tself, and sh ows to what extent our Old Boys m ust have shared in the actual ' rough and tumble' of the fighting." An analys is of the l ist of distinctions and decorations awarded to Old Boys, made at the same time, showed that 165 distinctions ha.d


3 then been gained, making a proportion of one in ten of our whole number of Old Boy soldiers. The writer mrtkes another interestin g analysis, which we quote i"n full :-" From the year 1890 till the end of 1912, the total number of Old Boys who passed throngh the School was 2836. Of these 2836, 110 fewe r than 1643 have been passed fi t am1 have go ne on active service, a percentage of 57 of the total. In reality the percen tn.ge must be even higher than 57, because some of t he 2836 have died, some are no longer liv ing in New Zealand, n.nd some, no doubt, h ave joined the colours in other pares of th e Empire. No donbt it may be said that some of the boys who left si nee 1912 n.re included in this total of 1643, but thei r numbers would be p robably jnst n.hout balanced by those who left in the earlier year s of the p eriod we are taking into consideration, and who would be too old for useful active ser vice. Be t hat as it may, the figures given are eloquent testimony of what h as been don e by our Old Boys." In all parts of the world where the war has gone on , our Old Boys have been serving. From France, from Gallipoli, from Egypt, from Mesopotamia, from Itnly, from Africn., from the Balkans, from the No r th Sert, have come lettet路s from Old B Jys on n.ctive se rvice. On the lnnd, on the sea, and in the air, our Old B oys have won distinctio ns. In the non-com batant branches of the forces ma ny of ou r Old B oys have nobly don e t heir duty and faced the same dangers n.s the combatant forces, in mnny cases losing th eir lives or suffe ring wounds. Special mention must be made in this connection of the Old Boys who served with the Arm y Medical Corps. No praise can be too high for the gallant doctors and stretcher bearers who worked so hard to succour the wounded, often under heavy fire. Some of them ha ve been killed, some wounded, and many have ea rned well merited deco r~ttions . The bond of comradeship whi ch binds together our Old Boys is very evident in t he letters which have come from them. L et ters without number have repeated t he same strain-the pleasure at meeting fellow Old B oys, their long yarns abont the old sch ool, and thei r constant interest in t he p 1路esen t doings of the school. The followin g, one of many of its kind, is au extrac t from a letter to the H eadmaster from an Old Boy officer: " I am con 3tn.n tly m eeting Old Boys, nnd we al ways have a good ta lk abo nt th e old school. It is not unt il one has been away from College for a number of years, that one re1~li ses what n very g reat deal one's 路college l ife has me ant. I am perfectly certain t hat the good recot路d of Old College Boys in this \Var is dne nlmost entirely to the s plendi d ideals that were h eld up to ns while at College. It is the "nll-ronnd" men who have done the best in ti p1es of real danger and national emerge ncy, and no better woof of t~e efficiency of "all- ronnel" education could be found than the r ecord of Collage Old Boys in this war, and it is quite remarknble how t be nil-round m an has stood out among th e others. All have done well , but wme have done better than others, and the ones who have done


the best are those who, besides working hard and conscientiously at their lessons, have taken a keen and lively interest in the sporting life of the school, and above all have cultivated that esp1·it de co1·ps which is such a great factor in the school life." A summary of the numbers on the Roll of Honour published in this issue, shows the following figures up to the present date (March 1919) :-Died on Active Service, or Missing, 222; Wounded, 344; On Active Service or in Camp, 1690; Distinctions and Decorations, 195. ANALYSIS OF DISTINCTIONS.

Victoria Cross Distinguished Service Order Bar to D.S.O. Two Bars to D.S.O. Order of the Crown of Italy for Valour Chevalier of the Order of Leopold Commander of St. Michael & St. George Legion of Honour Croix de Chevalier Distinguished Conduct Medal Meritorious Service Medal Bar to M.S.M. W1~r Medal (Italian) Conspicuous G1dlantry Medal (Naval) Order of the British Empit·e (Military) Military Cross Bar to M.C. Military Medal Bar to M.M. Croix de Guerra Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Mentioned in Despatches

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55 8 25 1 12 1 55

The following analysis shows the years in which those Old Boys who have died or are missing on active service left the College. This will enable all Old Boys to recognise more easily the names of those who were their school mates. The yea1·s on which the heaviest toll has been taken are those from 1907 to 1912, the year 1909 heading the list with a total of 25. The oldest Old Boy in the list, it will be seen, was A. Meliss Stuart, who left in 1886, and who was well-known in his younger days as a champion tmck runner. The most recent Old Boy was N. Shrimpton, who left in 1915. 1886 A. M. Stuart. 1887 0. Wakefield. 1888 J. A. Marchant. 1889 A. Hume. 1892 R. Tuckey. 1893 R. Wright.

5 1894 W . J. Horne, G. Wiltshire. 1895 S. W. Dempsey. 1896 0. Freyberg. 1897 F. Brittain, E. H. Dodd, F. G. Parsons, R. J. S. Seddon. 1898 F. B. Crouch, W. Danks, H. I. Plimmer, H. P. Solomon, A. M. Tolhurst, L. Vallance. 1899 H. Banks, D. A. Fife, P. Freyberg, A. Pryde, J. V. Radcliffe, A. G. Watson, H. 0. Gillies. 1900 F. J. Beechey, P. Howden, H. M. Petersen, W. E. Tyer, C. N. Willis. 1901 W. H. D. Bell, F. J . H. Fear, E. A. Norris, A. J. Powley, W. R. Richardson, W. C. Sprott, G. H. Walmsley. 1902 F. A. Allen, J. E. Maguire, W. Sutherland, G. Me Hogben. 1903 T. Cat'l'oll, H. N. Jickell, H. Legg. G. G. Mace, A. McDougall, A. B. Quick, P. G. Tattle, C. L. Wardrop. 1904 W. Brisco, W. T. Doughty, H. Me Hogben, R. D. Kiely, C. M. J::,omax. 1905 F. Banks, P. M. Beattie, L, Bridge, G. W. Callender, B. Creswell, R. J. Fitzgerald, F. W. B. Goodbehere, W. H. Heckler, D. Hutton, J. Macmorran, C. H. J. Scales, H. E. Winder. 1906 J. Bee, I. C. Clark, 0. E. GaBie, D. K. Gibb, G. F . R. Hall, F. W. l{ane, J. E. L. Lees, E. Lyon, G. C. S. Miller, J. Orr, A. G. Wrigglesworth, D. M. Yeats, L. Yerex, G. A. M. Scales. 1907 R. S. Adams, E. R. Armstrong, H. S. Baddeley, L. Beauchamp, N. F. Burnett, E. Cobbe, F. R. Corrie, T. H . Dawson, E. P. Greatbatch, 'f. C. Higginson, C. G. Johnsto n, G. R. Paterson, R. G. Purdy, B. R. Ra.wnsley, T. W. L. Rutherfurd, J . B. Smith, S. O'C. Smith, C. Tanner, E . G. Stubbs, P. E. Turnor, J. L. H. Turner. 1908 C. G. Abercrombie, G. D. Adkin, W. E. Balcombe-Brown, V. R. Bernard, A. G. Brockett, W. Carruthers, A. P. Castle, W. H. Ellis, J. F. E. Gale, F. K. Galvin, T. M. Grace, J. N. Hayes, W. S. Hopkirk, J. L. Howie, J. C. Keasberry, E. R. Kirk, E. R. Leary, E. Levy, R. B. Mason, F . G. McKee, C. E. Makeham, C. Still. 1909 H. W. Barden, B. W. Bruce, C. I. Brown, N. D. Cameron, W. J. Clachan, W. E. Earp, G. V. W. Falder, J. L. Grace, L. Gower, W. H. D. Jennings, H. E. Jenkinson, E. L. Kelly, H. E. LeCren, W. E. Lorenzen, N. J. Machu, A. McColl, R. L. Manoy, R. K Nicol, W. F. Powell, B. E. Russell, W. G. Salmond, L. Smith, H. L. Stapleton, J. B. WaHer, C. E. Williams. 19f0 V. Abbott, P. F. Armstrong, E. Aston, F. A. Cimino, J . G. Comeskey, I. D. Jameson, F. M. Jenkins, J. R. R. Leys, C. McArthur, N. C. Napier, S. H. Parsons, N. Pearce, B. Ronaldson, L. H . Short, W. H. Smith, A. Smith, V. T. Ritchie.

6 L. M. Barnett, T. Casey, H. P. J . Childs, R. Christie, F. Davies, S. R. Ellis, C . Flavell, C. M. Gray, D. A. Harle, K H. Heley, W. A. Holmes, R. Har ris, C. V. King, J. F. Mallard, H. Mclnness, R. A. Newton, K. J. Strack, G. G. Vial, A. L. Webb, E. J. Webb, H. D. Wyatt, G. C. Wyatt 1912 L. N. Bryant, R. J. Clark, H. C. Dnmbell, J. C. L. Ewing, J. C. Findlay, H. G. F reem11.n, II. Hindmarsb, I. M. Heywood, C. L. Higgie, N. L. Jorllan, N.J. Leslie, G. G. Millais, N. E. Pollen, J. Roberts, E. S. Staples, J. D. IL Stn1.11g. 1913 W. Alexander, K. J. Andrew, J. D. Bennett, W. H. Bryant, J. M. Com rie, R. H. Cole, H. P. Gi bbons, C. l\1. Hickson, R. M. Newman , E. V. St. George. 1914 K. 0. CLtrtis, J. C. Femandez, L. B. Murmy. 1915 N. Shrimpton. Our greatest debt, a debt which can never be repaid, is owed as a College to those of our Old Boys who have laid clown their lives. 'rheir lonely gmves form a badge of honour which will mark the history of the College as long as it exists, and their example will inspire the boys of the present and the boys of the Cuhue. Nor can we repay in full the debt owed to those who have suffered serious wounds or whose hettlth h as been shattered by the hardships of warfare. It would be impossible to record 11.ll the tales of heroism tmd devotion which have been told of our Old Boys. Among so many who have meri ted special admiratio n LIHougb their soldier-lil< e qualities, it is difficult to choose merely a few who may serve as examples of the spirit w hich animated so many. 路 Two names we choose, those of Freyberg and Brandon, because of the fact that their exploits have won them fame throughout the Empire. Two others, McColl and Purdy, we choose because of the qualities of leadership and devotion to duty wh ich they displayec1, and because of the esteem they inspi red in their brother officers and men. One other name we choose as an instance of heroic endurance and self-sacrifice, the name of L ance Bridge. Brigadier- General B.C. F reyberg V.C., D.S.O., Croix de Guerre, when the war broke out, was in Mexico, but be made his way to London, 11.nd enlisted as a sub-lieutenant in th e Naval Brigade, in which tl.l'm of the service he received mpid and well-merited promotion. We bear of him next at Antwerp, wh ere be was wounded. Then came h is aston islli ng feat, recorded by John Masefield in his sto ry of G~~.U i poli, when be made his lonely swim ashore from 11. dl'stroyer to light flares 01i the beach and lead a Turkish army to believe a landing was being made there. For th is he was award ed the D. S.O. By rn.pid promotion he reached the rank of Lieut.-Colonel. Then came the 11ews tllat he bn.d bee n awarded the Victorill. Cross. We quote an extract from the official account of this 11.ward: " Owing to a mist and heavy fire of all descriptions his command becn.me much disorganised after the capture of their fi rst objective, but be personally rallied and reformed his men, including men from other units who had become


7 intermixed. He inspired them all by his own contempt of danger, and at the appointed time he led his men to a successful assault on their second objective, capturing many prisoners. During this ad vance he was twice wounded, but again rallied and re-formed those with him, and although unsupported in a very ad vanced position, he held his ground for the remainder of t he day and throughout the night under a heavy artillery and machine-gun fire. When re路 in forced in the morn ing, he organised an attack on a strongly-fortified village. He showed a fine example of dash, personally leading the assault, capturing the village and five hundred prisoners, where he was again wounded. L ater in the afternoon he was again severely wounded, but refused to leave the line till he had iss ued final instruc路 tions." This took place towards the end of 1916, and early in 1917 he was promoted to th e rank of Brigadier-General, at the age of 28 years, being thus one of the youngest, if not the youngest of that rank in the British Army. Since then be has received two, if not three wounds, making at least six times wounded. Since the above was written, word h as a.rrived t hat be has been awarded two bars to the D.S.O., and the Croix de Guerra (with palm leaves). Major A. de B. Brandon, D.S.O., M.C., left New Zealand early in the war and soo n afterwards received a commission as sub-lieutenant in the R.F.C. At the beginning of 1916, the War Office stated Lieut. Brandon bad been successful in bombing a Zeppelin. When be first saw the Zeppelin he was 6,000 feet up and he went later up to 9,000 feet. He came round in front of the Zeppelin, 400 feet above it. Then wHh a sharp turn h e came over it. Then came the first of t he thrilling moments. With one sweep he liberated three of his explosives and heard three distinct detonations from the rear of the air-ship. The Zeppelin was now firing her machine guns at h im, and be felt the impact of bnllets on his machi ne as h e dived past. His machin e, after h e landed, was found riddled with bullets. Yet he came round for another blow, and flying ove r the airship from stem to stern, li berated more explosives. The Zeppelin becam e engulfed in darlmess and then gradually fell to h er last resting place in the estuary of the Thames. For this exploit he recei vecl the M.C. On a later occasion be further disting uished himself by attacking a Zeppelin, and was awarded the D.S.O. By the end of the war he had been promoted to Major. Capt.-Adjutant Alexander McColl left with the Main Body and took part in the landi ng at Galli poli. Five days later he was wounded in the shoulder, but in a few wet~ks was back at the front. He was killed in France on July 2nd, 1916. A Major in the New Zealand Forces says of h is dea.th : "Nothing was too much for him to attempt; and his quiet masterful manner inspired his men with con路 fidence. They were always ready to follow him wh enever and where路 eve r he led th om. L as t night we had a duty to perform ( a trench raid), and thanks to the able leadership of McColl, it was highly successful. But I am sorry to say that after the operations were

8 over, in his anxiety for the safe removal of his wounded, he went out again, and while looking for them, he was wounded himself, and shortly afterwards died of his wounds. I have no doubt that you have many fine boys at Wellington College, but I doubt whether a better or ~~ braver soldier than McColl will pass through it." Another officer says of h im : " He would dare anything any time, and h is wonderful end ura.nce and devotion to duty were unparalleled. He was one of the fe w men who are beloved by both subordinates and superiors. It takes a rare and genuine q uality to do that." A Battalion Order tlescri bes him as "A brave and conscientious officet路, who h as been a tower of strength to the R egiment since its formation." Brigade-Major R. G. Purdy, M.C., Croix de Guene, a fter leavi ng College was appointed to the New Zealand Staff Corps. He left New Z e1~land in 1915 as Adjuta nt to one of the first two bat talions of the Rifle Brigade, and saw active service with t hem against t he Sennssi in Egy pt. He went with the Brigade to France, and subsequently was appointed Brigatle-Major, a position wbich be filled wi th distinction till his death on March 28th, 1918. A fellow officer, also an Old Boy, giv ing an account of the manner in which he m et his death, says :"I would l ike to menti on here an incident which was one of the m an y that will show you the stuff our Brigade-l\Iajor was made of. 'We had no idea except on paper of what ou1路 sector consisted of, so Pnrdy decided to slip ont on a push bike accompanied by a single runner to make a personal reconnaissance of the right fl1~11k. It was a plucky lbing to do, as the country was overrun with t he e nemy 's fig hting p atrols armed with machine gu ns." Two days later be was killed by the fatal shell which demolished Brigade h eadquarters, while be was occu pied in sending a wire to the Division. The same officer says of hi m : "He did not shirk the responsibility, and always 'played up and played the game.'" T he following is from Official Orders-Be Majo r Pu rdy- Mili tary Cross, May 1917.-For devotion to duty and extremely good organisation. This Officer is Stn.ff-Captain of hi s Brigade, and was present with it during the operations on t he Somma. By his energy, skill, a nd thoroughn ess of detail he bad kept the units of the Brigade fully supplied with ammunition, bombs, flares, lights, etc., and rn.tion!! throughout the operati ons, and thns materially contributed to the good work done by them. In addition on the 2nd an d 3rd October, 1916, a portion of the Brigade on our left was supplied. Since the formation of the Brigade, as a result of his keen conception of his duties, his staff work h as been of the highest order, and he b as been mainly responsible for the high standard of interior QCOnomy m n.intained in the Brigade. Appoin ted Brigade-Major after Messines, Jnne, 1917. Bar to Military Cross, October, 1917. Fo r conspicuous gallan try and devotion to dnty during the Passcbend ale operation s. On tbe morning of t he 13th October, 1917, the position on t he Brigade fron t was very obscure. This officer, nnder very severe sniping fire, reconnoi tred th e whole of th e Brigade Front, visited each of th e posts, and established communication with the Posts of the Brigade on each


flank. The information brought bnck ennbled disposition to be made to bold the cemetery, n vital point for the continuance of opemtions." The Croix de Gnerre of the Second Class, carrying with it the right to wear a gold star on the ribbon. Personnlly decorated by General Antoine of the 1st French Army Corps, in July, 1917. Private Lance Bridge was one of the first Old Boys to answer the Empire's call, as be took part in the Samoan Expedition, and shortly after his return re路enlisted and took part in the Gallipoli compaign. The manner in which be met his death in August/.1915, is described in a letter hom ft comrade, nnd is an instance of fortitude and selfsacrifice which speaks for itself: "A week after: the strenuous fight of Augnst 8th, while desultory fighting was going on, with alternate advn.nces and retirements by the New Zealanders and the Tnrks one or two of our men dropped wounded, while the rest retired to the shelter of the trenches. Lance volunteered to go out to bring the wounded in. He cmwled to where the first man lay, the ground being swept by rifle fire. He hoisted his disabled com rade on his shoulders and started huck. The Turks immediately tn rned a machine-gun on the two. The wounded man was riddled with bullets, and Lance was wounded down one side. H e mann.ged to st1tgger in to a trench, and half-an-hour la ter paralysis set in . His comrades carried him to the beach, but arriving here h e n.bsolutely refused to be attended to fnrther, or even to be conveyed to the hospital ship, until, as be put it, the many many wounded who were worse off than he, had been attended to. So for two days he lay on the bench in the glare of a pitiless sun . He neither asked nor received food and dri nk oth er than that given him by passing soldier~ and marines. When the long line of wonnded cen.sed !tnd the pressure on the Medical Corps had ceased somewhat, he was attended to and taken on board ship. Five days later he died. ' He saved others; himself, he could not save.'"


:&lR. G. V . BOGLE was on the College staff for abo nt three or W four years, when he l eft for Ed in burgh to study medicine. His genial manly nature endeared him to both the boys and his colleagues. At school he took a great interest in both cricket and football. His work at th e front was charactel'ised by earnest devotion to duty. One lettHr from au Old Boy describes how on one occasion Dt路. Bogle was for forty-eight honrs without a break attending to a stream of wounded men. He was killed in France on 15th September, 1916.


T. BRODIE enlisted as a sergeant in the 39th Reinforcements, and left in 1918. On arrival in England he passed through the N.C.O.'s course, but was commandeet·ed for educational work, and, much to his disgust, had to remain in England. H e has since been given a commission, and now holds the temporary rank of captain. A. E. CADDICK, also an Old Boy of the School-hatl been some years on the Staff. He enlisted in 1915 as a c01·poml in the 'rhird Field Ambulance, a nd soon gained his promotion to sergeant. Proceeding to Egypt, where his uni t join ed up with the Division, and then to France, he saw service at Armentieres, the Somme, Flenrbaix, Le Bizet, Ploegsteel't; and Messines. Later on, at La Basse ville-the scene of several shat·p encounters-he had some exciting experi ... 11ces, a11d shortly afterwards was promoted to the ra11k of Staff-Set·geant. H e had previously r efused a commission in the Intelligence Corps, as it would have meant separation from his "boys." On the 12th of August, 1917, during a heavy bombardment at Charing Ct·oss Aid Post, Ploegsteert Wood, he was dangerously wounded in the head and back, and for some time his life was despaired of; but a fine constitution stood him in good stead, and he eventually pnlled through. He was invalided home, and afte1· a yeat·'s hospital treatment, r ecovered sufficiently to return to ns i 11 Febrnary, 1919. A. J. CROSS was the first of out· Staff to see service. He enlisted as a Lieutenant in the Wellington Regiment, Main Body, and sailed 011 the 15th of October, 1914. H e took part in the r epulse of the Turkis h attack on the Canal, and passed unscathed throue;h the landing and the fighting at Cape Relies, finally winning his captaincy. Later on, however, he was invalided home with enteric. After some months in New Zealand, he sncceeded in again passing the medical board, proceeded to England, and was for some tim e 011 duty there; but, his old trouble r ecurring, he was again sent back to N ew Zealand . He has since held a position on the Head Qual'ters Staff as Director of Organisation.

J. H,. CUDDlE-another Old Boy of the College-came to the Staff in 1916. He had previously malle several attempts to pass the doc tors, hnt without success. Later on, however, he was called up, and passed fit, and went in to camp early in 1917. He passed tluough Lh e N .C.O. Class of the 33['(1 R('i nforcemen ts, but tbe doctors again stepped in. Finally pronounced unfit, he was retained on Home Service till Jan uary, 1919, when he retum ed to his old position.


A. W. DIPROSE came to the Staff from New P lymouth in 1916. n was not long, howeve1·, before he went in to camp and be left New Zealand with the rank of corporal. He saw considerable service in France before being wounded during the early fighting in the south in 1918. On recovery he was made an instructor und er the E<.lucational Scheme, and remained for some months at Codfot·d. He retmned early in 1919, and bas again taken a position on the Staff of the New Plymouth High School. H. T. M. FATHERS enlisle<.l as a Lieutenant in the 14th Reinforcements, and proceeded d irect to Englaml. Owing to the heavy casuallies during the earlier part of the fighting on the Somme, his drafc soon found i ts way to the fl'ont, and he anived in time to take part in the attacks of t!Je 25th September and the 1st October. l-I e ser ved laler at Armentieres, Fleurbaix, Le Bi::~e t, and Ploegsteel't, anu was in the thick of the fighting at Messines and \Varneton. On October 4, he was wound ed at P<~scllendrele, and enjoyed a well-earned r est in England until Christmas, when he r ejoined his nnit. In Mar ch, 1918, h e took part in the attack upon La Sign y Farm at Colin camps. In Apt•il he was appoin ted Battalion Q.M. and went th rough t!Je advance from Gommecomt t hrongh Bapanme and over Welsh Ridge and t he Hindenbe1·g Line to Le Ques noy. He remained with his unit during the march through Belgium, passing thro ugh Maubeuge, Huy, Charleroi, Namnr, Liege, and Verviers to the German fr ontier-thence entraining for Cologne. He was i n one of the first drafts detailed to proceed to England, lea ving the Division on the 31st December, 1918. He finally atTived in New Zealand in March, 1919. J. H. GOULDING was on lhe ~:~laff of the College Cor two o1· three years up to 1906, when he left to take up a position in Blenh eim High School. He was a keen footballer and cricketer. He left New Zealand with the rank of captain in the Canterbury Battalion, and was killed in the trenches at Gallipoli on June 6th, 1915. J. B. MAWSON j oined the Staff in 1914. He enli sted early i n 1915, and sailed as a 2nd Lien tenant in the 8th Reinfo1·cements. Upon anival in Egypt he ll·ansfen e<.l to the Machine Gun Corps. In France he saw serv ice with the Second Bl'igade at Armen tieres and on the Somme, and was awarded the M.C. Soon after the retmn of the brigade to Armentieres, h e was transferred to the Division Machine Gun Company, and spent some three mo nths in training in England . Retlll'ning to the front in Febt·nary, 1917, he sen·ed in the Le Bizet, Ploegsteert and Messines sectors,· and was finally wonncled in the snccessful attack upon the ridge. He was invalided to N.Z. and d ischarged as unfit towards the end of 1917. He retumed to the Staff in 1918.

12 G. W. MORICE left with the 24th Reinforcements with the rank of Lieutenaut. On his arrival in France, shortly after the Battle of Messines, he was posted to the 2ntl Battalion Rifle Brigade, and saw strenuous s1:1rvice in the Ypres sector. After the Division was moved south in Mar·ch, 1918, be was appointed to Brigade H eadquar·ters as Bombing Officer, and some time later was promoted to the rank of Captain. He saw the fighting at Gommecomt and Bapanme, but later on in the advance, during an attack, near Cambrai, he was severely wounded by a bomb. He has made a good recovery however, and expects to return to the Staff in the com·se of a month or two. P. A. ONGLEY came to Lite ~taff iu 1915. He enlisted in the following year as a sergeant in the 22nd R einforcements, but, before leaving New Zealand was given his commission and posted to the 27ths. After· further tl'aining in England he arTi ved in F1·ance in time to see the fighting at Ypres towards the end of 1917, but came th rough unhmt. He was for some time acting as Intelligence Officer to his Battalion. In March he went south with the Division, and saw the fighting preliminary to the last advance, but some time later met his death near Bapaume.

J. RUSSELL, who was on the staff during 1911, left us to take up a position in a native school in Fiji. Shortly after the war· broke out he returned to New Zealand to eulist. He left New Zealand in 1915, with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. C. M. TAYLOR was a pr·efect aud a member of the Cricket '£eam in 1911. When war broke out he was taking a course in Engineering at Canterbury College. He enlisted in the Canterbmy Battalion, Main Body, and took part in the repulse of the Turkish attack on the Canal. Transferring to the Machine Guns, he served at the landing and at Cape Helles, and was promoted Corporal. During the fighting in August he commanded a gun team and took part'in one of the most thrilling incidents of the war, the repulse of the great '£uddsh counter attack from Sari Bair in which several 'furkish battalions were practically annihilated. H e was finally invalided to England, dangerously ill with enteric, but finally r ecovered. He was given a commission in the R.F.C., but failed to pass the doctors, and was finally returned to New Zealand unfit. His state of health preventing further study, he joined the Staff in 1917. 0. W. WILLIAMS, one of the senior member·s of the Staff enlisted early iu 1915, and went into camp as a Captain in the 3rd Reinforcements of the Rifle Brigad,e. On arl'ival in Egypt his Brigade was incorporated with the Division, but, as it was at full strength, he was detailed for some time for duty with the r eserves

13 in England. After the Battle of the Somme, however, he proceeded to France, and from then onwards saw conti nuous service, till, in the fighting n ear Warneton, after the taking of Messines R it!ge, he was somewhat severely wounded in the head. Fortunately he was wearing his steel helmet at the time and this probably saved hi s li fe. E ven as it was he was compelled to l'emain in England on li ght <lnty fot· the greRter part of a year. For some time previous to leaving France, he had held his temporary majority. At Messines h e had taken his battalion into action, and for his services was awarded the M.C. H is rank was confirmed shortly afterwards. H e r eturn ed to France in 1918, and with the exception of a month or so spent. in hospital with trench fever, saw most of the gr eat advance. About this time he was appointed second in command of the Battalion, and he also had the distinction of being placed in charge of the first party of New Zealanders to enter Germany. According to latest advice he was still with the Di vision at Cologne, hnt a few months should see him with us once mor e.

THE PART TAKEN BY THE SCHOOL DURING THE WAR. j;jHE boys who attended the College during the period of the W' war also played their part in helping the Empire's caustJ. T heir effort was necessarily chiefly in the shape of raising money to swell the various funds for patriotic purposes. By the end of 1918 th e College had subset·ibed £2,942 4s. 1d. to patl'i· tic funds. A large pt·oportio n of th is was subscribed by the boys themselves through the regular weekly subscriptions collected every Monday. From the outset of the war the boys decided to forego all school prizes and all prizes fo t· sports, and tbe winnei'S of these cheerf ully r eceived certificates in order to devote all the prize-money to the patriotic fun ds. We may safely say that the holders of these certificates are prouder of th em than they would h ave been of the prizes they would have received in normal times. 'l'he fact that there was n o lessening in k een n ess, either in school work or in the various sports competitions, shows that they had learned l.he lesson that the game is best played for the game's sake.

At the Annual Spor ts each year the funds were swelled, not only by the pl'ize-money, but by the money raised from the sale of produce by energetic stall-holders. About an acre of grou nd


behind the West School was twice laid down in potatoes by squads of willing helpers, and the sale of the crops added its quota to the fu nd. The boys of the school took the keenest interest in the doings of t heir Old Boys, and the East Big School on many occasions resounded with cheers and applause when the Head-master read out lists of distinctions gained by Old Boys, or read the messages of affection and kind ly remembrance sent by them. 'l'he sil~ging of the National A n them every Friday morning had its special significance fo r the College dming the war. Besides the news received from the battle-fields of the doings of Old Boys, a mot·e personal link was kept up by the regular visits of Old Boys as they returned from the Fron t, and by the return of theit· Masters from active service to take up schoolli f.e with them again. The school museum was also added to by various tt-ophies ft·om the battle-fields. While dudng the period of the war it was feH that our chief duty was to help the national patt-iotic funds, it was also recognised that the boys should be givin an opportunity o[ helping on th e fund f or th e Old Boys' Memol"ial. Accordingly, in 1918, after it was found that a r egular average of £3 per week had been established for the weekly contl"ibutions, it was decided to devote any amount in excess of th at to the Old Boys' Memorial. By the en<l of the year £4-1 had been raised in this way for th e Memorial. This year the regular weekly contributions are being s till taken, and devoted wholly to the Memorial.


T the end of 1916 the Old Boys' Association decided to proceed vigorously witb a piau for perpetuating the memory of those who had served in the war, and particularly of those who had laid down their lives, by raising a fund for erecting a Memorial Hall in the College grounds. This ball is intended to be used as an assembly ball in which the boys will meet every day, surrounded by the visible records of those who have so nobly done their duty. To inaugurate the proposal, a memorial service was held in the College grounds on December 2nd, 1916. An Old Boy, the Rev. J. G. Castle, conducted the service. The whole gathering, consisting of Old Boys, present" boys, the staff, and friends of the College, joined in singing the hymns, "0 God, our help in ages past," the "Recessional," and" Onward Christian Soldiers." Then followed the reading of appropriate te~ts, and of that part of Revelation which describes


15 triumph of those who have passed through great tribulation. The service concluded with the sounding of the" Last Post." Then followed brief speeches by the Chairman of the Board (Hon. J . G. W. Aitken). the Headmaster (l\1r. J.P. Firth), Mr. W. E. Bethune (on behalf of Mr. M. C. Barnett, who was unavoidably absent in Auckland), and the Hon. A. M. Myers (Mi nister of Munitions). All the speakers paid their tribute to Old Boys on n.ctive service, and emphn.sised the duty of giving, in order to repay in some measure the debt we owe them. " Some of the salt of the earth have gone," said the Headmaster, " and to them the debt cannot be fully repaid. It has been suggested that this is not a time to call in aid for sncb a memori1~l. 'I can't afford' is a fine thing when used in restraint of personal desires; it is anything but fine when applied to calls for assistance, so that one may devote all to personal gratifications." The amount requit·ed is £5000. The Old Boys' Association has issued several appeals for the whole hearted support of its members to swell the amount already rPceived. In tlie last numbet· of the WELLINGTONHN we published lists of the subscriptions which bad been received up to the 30th Octob01·, 1916. These totalled £1557, and there were further prom ises totalling £132. Over £3000 is still required. A furthet· appeal has been 1dt·eady issned this year to Old Boys to help at once in the t1i rection of making the Memorial Hall an established fact . Contri butions may be sent to any of the nndermeh t ioned addresses:M. C. Bamett, Public Trust Office, Wellington. W. W. Cook, Registrar-Genern.l, Wellington, (Hon. Secretary). H. Desborongh, c/o Messt·s. Tbos. Cook & Son, Customhouse Qnny, Wellington, (Hon. Treasut·er). M. Myet·s, Bell, Gully, Bell & Myers, Wellington . A. R. Meek, Solicitor, Brandon Stt·eet, Box 669, Wellington. W. E. Bethnne, Messrs. J. H. Buthnne & Co., Wellington. J . P. Firth, H ead master, Wellington College.


ROLL OF HONOUR. DIED OR MISSING ON ACTIVE SERVICE. Abbott, Sub.-Lieut. VictorS. H., of the R.F.C., accidentally in England, September 15th, 1916. Abercrombie, Corp. C. Gordon, of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Egypt, J anuary 9th, 1917. Adams, Corp. Robert S., of the Royal Field Artillery, in France, October, 1917. Adkin, Pvte. Gilbert D., of th e Canterbury Infantry Regiment, September lOeb, 1918. Alexander, Lance-Corp. William J., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, November 4th, 1918. Allen, Pvte. Frederick A., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in France, September 18th, 1916. Andrew, Gunner, Keith J ., of the N.Z-F .A., at Sea, September 8th, 1918. Armstrong, Lieut. Purvis F., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, April t>th, 1918. Armstrong, Trp. Edward R., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, August 9th, 1915. Aston, Pvte. Eardley M. , of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in France, September 16th, 1916. Baddeley, Lieut. Herman S., of the Auckland Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, wounded and missing, thereafter reported killed since September, 1915. Brmks, Lient. Henry D. , of the Wellington Infan try Battalion, Novemhe1路 4th, 1918. Bn.nks, Lieut. F ligh t-Com. Frank, of the Royal Flying Corps, in U.S.A., Jn.nnary, 1918. Bn.rden, Pvte. Henry W., of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, in France, September 21st, 1916. Barnett, Pvte. L. Manghan, of the A uckland Infantry Brtttalion, in Gallipoli, reported missing and thereafter killed since May, 191 5. Ben.ttie, Rflm. Percival M., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, November 4th, 1918. Bee, James, of the Australian Expeditionary Force, in France, August 31st, 1918. Beechey, Lieut. Frederick J ., of the Otago Infantry Regiment, in Fmnce, July 25th, 1918. Bell, Capt. William H, D., of King Edward's Horse, in France, July 31st, 1917. Beauchamp, Lieut. L eslie, of the 8th Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment, in France, about September 30th, 1915.

17 Bennett, Pvte. John D., of the Cantet路bury Inf1mtry Regiment, in France, October 4th, 1918. Bernard, Lieut. Victor R., of th e N.Z.R.B., in France, November 4th, 1918. Bogie, Surg.-Capt. Gilbert V., of the N.Z.M.C., in France, September 16th, 1916. Bridge, Pvte. Lance, of the Otago Infantry Battalion, in Ga.llipoli, August 13th, 1915. 路 Brisco, Trp. Wastel, of the Aucklund Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, about September 26th, 1915. Brockett, Lieut. Archibald G., of the Wellington Infantry B nttalion, in France, July 5th, 1916. Brown, Lieut. W. Balcombe, of the R.F.A., in France nt Ypt路es, Jnn e 29 th, 1915. Brown, Lieut. Cyril I., of the N.Z.F.A., in Chelsea Hospital, J anuary, 1918. Brynnt, Pvte. Wilfred H., of the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, in France, February 9th, 1918. Bryant, Pvte. L aurence N., of the M.G. Corp, in France, Octobe r lOth, 1918. Burnett, Pvte. Noel F ., of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, died of wounds, December 13th, 1915. Bruce, Pvte. Burrell W., of the N.Z.R.B., missing, in France, al:ont June, 1917. Callender, Lieut. George W., of the Worcester Regiment, in Mesopotamia, January 25th, 1917. Cameron, Capt. Norman D., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, May, 1915. Carroll, Corp. Tui, of the Maori Contingent, in Gallipoli, December 9th, 19lll. Carruth ers, Lieut. Walter, M.M., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, September 29th, 1918. Casey, Sergt. M. Thomas, of the Auckland Infantry Battalion, November 3rd, 1916. Castle, Lieut. At路thur P., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 15th, 1916. Childs, Sergt. Harold P. J., of the Otago Infantry Bnttalion, in Gallipoli, of enteric, July 27th, 1915. Christie, Rupert J ., of the N.Z. Engineers_, in France, March 28th, 1918. Cimino, Lance-Corp., Athol F., of the Wellington Infantry Bntlalion, _ in Gallipoli, August 8th, 1915. Cltwban, Capt. William J., of the 1st King's African Rifles, in Germn.n E ast Africa, January 6th, 1918. Clark, Pvte. Ian C., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in France, September 11 th, 1916. Clark, R. J., of the Entrenching Battalion, missing, April, 1918.

18 Cobbe, Lieut. Ernest, of the N.Z. Brigade, in France, October 12th, 1917. . Cole, Pvte. Robert H., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, September 29th, 1918. Comeskey, Corp. James C., of the Wellington Infantry, in Franc~, accidentally, July 28th, 1918. Comrie, Rfl.m. James M., of the N.Z.R.B., in FrancEl, September 21st, . 1916. Corrie, Tpr. Frank R., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, August 9th, 1915. Cresswell, Rfl.m. Benjamin, of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 17th, 1916. Crouch, Lieut. Foster B., of the British Imperial Forces, March 28th, 1918. Curtis, Sergt. Kenneth 0., of the Wellington Infantry B<tttalion, in France, died of wounds, August 11th, 1916. Danks, Gunner William, of the N.Z.F.A., in France, 00tober 21st, 1916. Davies, Rflm. Fred, of the N.Z.R.B., missing, believed killed, in Fr!tnce, September 15th, 1916. Dawson, Lieut. Thomas H., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, June 11th, 1918. Dempsey, Sergt. Sydney W., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, June 7th, 1917. Dodd, Sergt. Ernest H., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 13th, 1918. Doughty, Lieut. William T., of the N.Z.E.F., in France, July 31st, 1917. Dumbell, Pvte. Horace C., of the Auqkland Infantry, missing, in France, about June, 1917. Earp, Corp. William E., of the Otago Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, May 1st, 1915. Ellis, Lance-Corp., Sydney R., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, August 8th, 1915. Ellis, Pvte- William H ., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in France, reported missing, subsequently killed, about July, 1916. Ewing, Pvte. John C. L. of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, August 24, 1918. Falder, Gunner George W., of the N.Z.F.A., in Gallipoli, of enteric, July 27th, 1915. Fear, Sergt. Francis J. H., D.C.M .. of the N.Z.E.F., in France, September 20&h, 1916. Fernandez, Rflm. Cyril J., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 15th, 1916. Fife, Pvte. Douglas A., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, m France, June 22nd, 1917. Findlay, Lieut. Ian C., of the British Expeditionary Force, m Flanders, August lOth, 1915.

19 Fitzgerald, Capt. Roy J., of the Royal British Flying Corps, in Italy, July 1st, 1918. Flavell, Corp. Carleton, of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in France, June 7th, 1917. Freeman, Lance-Corp. Herbert G., of the N.Z.R.B., in FL路ance, September 15th, 1916. Freyberg, Lieut. Oscar, of the 2nd Naval Brigade, Collingwood Battalion, in Gallipoli, June 7th, 1915. Frey berg, Pvte. Paul, of the N.Z.R.B., in France, June 11th, 1917. Gallie, Capt. Oscar E., D.S.O., :M:.C., of the Royal Field Artillery, in France, December 8th, 1917. Galvin, Sergt. Fergus IC., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, July 16th, 1917. Gale, Trp. Jack F. E., of the British Forces operating in German East Africa, January, 1915. Gibb, Gunner Douglas K., of the N.Z.F.A., at the Victoria Hospi tal, Wellington, March lOth, 1917. Gibbons, Gunner Huon, of the N.Z.F.A., at Sea, September, 6th, 1918 Gillies, Trp. Hugh 0., of the Auckland Mounted Rifles, in France, September 18th, 1916. Goodbehere, Gunner F. W. B. (Jeff), of the N.Z.F.A., in France, October 6th, 1916. Goulding, Capt. John H., of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, J uue Gth, 1915. Gower, Gunner L eslie, of the N.Z.F.A., in Gallipoli, June 26th, 1915. Grace, Lieut. Tbomns M. P. (Rami), of the Wellington Infantry. Battalion, in Gnllipoli, Angust 8th, 1915. Grace, Trp. Jack L., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, May 30th, 1915. Gray, Sergt. Maxmillan, of the Australian Expeditionary Force, in Fmnce, reported missing, thereafter killed, about July, 1916. Greatbatch, Lieut. Ed win P , of the N.Z.R.B., in France, October 20th, 1916. Hnll, Lieut. G. F. H., of the Royal Engineers, in France, June 28th, 1917. Harle, Lient, Douglas A., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, OctobeL' 4th, 1917. Harris, Lieut. Roy, of the N.Z. Medical Corps, in France, April 5th, 1918. Hnyes, Lance路Corp. James N., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 21st, 1916. Heckler, Lance路Corp. William L., of the N.Z.R.B., in Fra.nce, July 25th, 1918. Heley, Rflm. Kenneth H., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 12th, 1918. Heywood, Pvte. I an, M., of the Canterbury Infan try Regiment, in France, December 20th, 1917. Hickson, Pvte. Claude M., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, September 30th, 1918.

20 Higgie, Pvte. Colin L., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, April, 1918. Higginson, Lieut. Thomas C., of the 4th Battalion Grenadi er Guards, in France, September 14th, 1916. Hindmarsb , Trp. Herbert, of the Otago Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, reported missing, thereafter killed, about August, 1915. Hogben, Sergt. George Me., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, August 8th , 1915. Hogben , L ance-Corp. Herbert MeL., of the Canterbury Infantry Regimen t, in France, 27th, March, 1918. Holmes, Sergt. Walter A., D.C.M., of the Wellington Battalion, in France, October Brd, 1916. Hopkirk, Lieut. William S., of the Wellington Battalion, in France, 1st June, 1916. Horne, Lieut. William J. , of the 45th Battalion, Australian Expeditionary F orce, in France, September 18~h, 1918. Howden, Lieut. P eter, of the Machine Gun Corps, in France, October 21st, 1917. Howie, P vte. James L., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, September 1st, 1918. Hume, Major A. G., uf the Auckland Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, August 8th, 1915. Hutton, Corp. D., of the N.Z. Engineers, in France, September 29th, 1918. J ameson, Corp. I an D., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, reported missing, thereafter killed, about June, 1915. J enkins, Pvte. Frank M., of the Otago Infantt路y Battalion, in Gallipoli, on the 9th August, 1915. J enkinson, Corp. Horace E., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in F rance, October 15th, 1917. Jennings, Lance-Corp. William H. D., of the N.Z.R.B., in F rance, September 21st, 1916. Jickell, Lieut. Hugh N., of the Auckland Infantry Regiment, in France, October 19 th, 1917. Johnston, Lieut. Cameron G., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, June 7th, 1917 Jordan, Pvte. Noel L., of the Wellington Infan try Battalion, in F rance, October 2nd, 191 6. Kane, Corp. Francis W., of the N.Z.R.B., in F rance, October 12th, 1917. Keasberry, Lance-Corp. John C., of the N.Z.E .F. , Main Body, in Gallipoli, April 28th, 1915. Kelly, Corp. E ric L., of the Otago Infantry Regiment, in F r ance, August 28th, 1918. Kiely, Corp. Robert D., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, Apt路il, 1918. King, Trp. Cyril V., of the Wellingto n Mounted Rifles, in France, Jnly 3rd, 1916. Kirk, Pvte. Edward R., . of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, of ante ric, July 2lst1 1915.

21 L eary, Lieut. Ernest R., of the York and L ancaster Regiment, in Fru.uce, August 22nd, 1916. L e Cren,Lieut. H ubert E.,of the N.Z.R.B., in France, August 26th, 1918 L ees, Pvte. John E. L., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, August 31st, 1918. Legg, Sergt. Bert H., of the Wellington Infan try Battalion, at Sea J uly 18th, Ul16. Leslie, Trp. Norman J., of the Otago Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli , reported missing, t hereafter killed, Jnnu11.ry 25th, 1916. Levy, Sergt. Edward, of the N.Z.R.B., in Fro.nce, Octobet路 12th, 1917. L eys, C11.pt. James R. R., of the Otago Infantry Regiment, in France, April 17th, 1918. L omax, Pvte. C. Mark, of the Australian Expeditionary Force, in France, October 4th, 1917. Lorenzen, P vte. Wilfred E., of the Auckland Infantry Battal ion, in Gallipoli, reported missing, th ereafter killed about October, 1915. Lyon, Corp. E ric., of the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, in France, September 29th, 1918. Mace, Corp. Guy G., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, March 29th, l!J18. Machu, Pvte. Norman J., of the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, in France, October 15 th, 1917. MacMorran, Capt. J ames, of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, August 30th, 1918. Maguire, Surg.-Capt. Jack E. C., of the R.A.M.C., of sickness, in England, September, 1918. Makeham, Lieut. Charles E., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 12th, 1918. Mallard, Gunner J ohn F., of the N.Z.F.A, in France, Sept. 27th, 1916 Manoy, Sergt. Reginald I ., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, iu France, September 16 th, 1916. Marchant, Sergt. John A., of the 4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B., in France, September 15th, 1916. Mason, Corp. Richard B., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in France, August lOth, 1916. McArthur, Pvte. Charles, of the N.Z. Camel Corps, in Palestine, November 27th, 1917. McColl, Capt. Alexander B., of the Wellington Infan try Battalion, in France, June 2nd, 1916. McDougall, Capt. Alan, of the 22nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, in France, August 3rd, 1916. 路 McKee, Lieut. Frederick G., of the Canterbury I nfantry Battalion, in Frnnce, September 20th, 1916. Mcinnes, Corp. Horace J., of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, missing, about September, 1916. Millais, Gunner Geoffrey G., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, October 5th, 1916. Miller, Lieut. George C. S., of the 4th Battery, 2rid Australian Field Artillery Bri~ade, in France, March 4th, 1917.

22 Murray, Gunner Lincoln B., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, April 13th, 1918. Napier, Pvte. Norman C., of the Otago Infantry Regiment, in France, April 12th, 1918. Newman, Lieut. Reuben M., of the 32nd Goorka Rifles, of enteric, in Ind ia, November 23rd, 1918. Newton, Trp. Ramsay A., of the Wellington Mou nted Rifles, in Gallipoli, September, 1915. Norris, Sergt. Edward A., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in F rance, August 18th, 1916. Nicol, L ieut. Robert K., M.C., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, attached to Imperial Forces in Persia, missing, believed killed, July, 1918. Ongley, Lieut. Percy A., of the Otago Infantry Regiment, in France, August 27th, 1918. Orr, Pvte. J ames, of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, J uly 29th, 1917. Parsons, Pvte. S. H., of the N.Z. Machine Gun Corps, m France, August 4th, 1917. Parsons, Lieut. Forrest G., of the R.F.C., in France, Oct. 26th, 1916. Paterson, Pvte. George R., of the British Expeditionary Force, in Gallipoli, May 8th, 1915. Pearce, Lieut. Niel, of the Grenadier Guards, in Fran ce, Nov., 1917. Petersen, Lieut. Harold M., of the N.Z.F.A., in Frn.nce, October 4 th, 1917. Plimmer, Gunner Harold I., of the N.Z.F.A., in Gallipoli, October 8th, 1915. Powell, T rp. Wilmot F., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, reported missing, thereafter killed, u.bout January 1st, 1916. Powley, Ct~pt. Alfred J., of the Wellington Infant ry Battalion, in France, September 20ch, 1916. Pollen, Norman E., of the N.Z. Medical Corps, in Wellington, N.Z., December Srd, 1917. Pryde, Gunner Alexander, of the N.Z.F.A., in France, April lOth, 1918. Purdy, Brigade-Major Robert G., Croix de Guerre, M.C. (bar), of the N.Z.R.B., in France, March 28th, 1918. Quick, Lance-Corp. Austin B., of the Wellington Infan try Battalion, in France, December lOth, 1916. Radcliffe, Sergt. Julian V., of the Srd Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F. in France, May 25th, 1916. Rawnsley, Corp. Brian, of the N.Z.F.A., in France, Sept. 20th, 1916. Hi cbardson, Ser gt. William R., of the Auckland Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli , December 5th, 1915. Ritchie, Pvte. Vincent T., of the Australian Expeditionary Force, in France, July 4Lh, 1917. Roberts, Bomb. John V., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, August 26th, 1918.

23 Robinson, Lance-Corp. Roy G., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, March 30th, 1918. Ronaldson, Sergt. Brian, of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, August 27th 1915. Russell, Rflm. George B. E., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 15th, 1916. Rutherfurd, Capt. Thomas W. L., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, died of disease contracted in Persia, October 19th, 1918. Salmond, Lieut. William G., of the Wellington Regiment, in France, 9th July, 1918. Scales, Lance-Corp. Cyril H., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, May 3rd, 1915. Scales, 'rrp. George A. M., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, at the Oxford Military Hospital, December, 17th, 1915. Seddon, Capt. Richard J. S., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, August 21st, 1918. Short, Pvte. Leslie H., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, reported missing, thereafter killed, August 8th, 1915. Shrimpton, Gunner Norman, of the N.Z.F.A., in France, April 12th, 1918. Smith, Rflm. Alexander, of the N.Z.R.B., in France, May 25th, 1918. Smith, Gunner John B., of the N.Z.F.A, in France, October 6th, 1916. Smith, Lieut. O'Carroll, of the 9th Royal Rifle Brigade, in France, August 25th, 1916. Smith, Lieut. Leonard, of the N.Z.F.A., in France, June 11th, 1917. Smith, Pvte. William H ., of the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, in France, September 5th, 1918. Solomon, Lieut. Herbert P., of the Royal Flying Corps, in France, October, 1917. Sprott, Capt. Willi am C., M.C., of the Imperial Forces, in France, March 21st, 1918. Stapleton, Pvte. Henry L., of the Otago Infantry Regiment, in France, July 26~h, 1918. Staples, Gunner Edward S., of the N.Z.F.A., of disease, in France, December 4th, 1918. St. George, Rflm. Eric P., of the Trentham Regiment, at the Wellington Hospital, September lOt h, 1915. Still, Sergt. Charles H., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, September 28th, 1917. Strack, Lieut. Karl J., of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, in France, October 4th, 1917. Strang, Capt. J. D. Kay, of the N.Z.E .F., in France, Sept 15th, 1916. Stuart, Rflm. A. Meliss (Mel), of Lord L iverpool's Own Regiment, in France, September 15th, 1916. Stubbs, Lieut. Eric G., of the Machine Gun Corps, in France, October 3rd, 1918. Sutherland, Rflm. William, of the N.Z.R.B., in France, October 11th, 1917.

24 Tanner, Corp. Cyri l R. A., in Bagdad, flied of sickness, Oct. lOth, 1918 Tattle, Pvte. Philip G., of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, in Ga.llipoli, May 8th, 1915. Tolhurst, Sergt.-Capt. Arthur M., of the N.Z. Medical Corps, in France, May 8th, 1918. 'l'uckey, Sergt. Richard, of the Canterbury Regiment, in France, June, 1918. Turner, Capt. John L. H., M.C., of the 4th Battalion, N.Z.FA., in France, July 14th, 1916. Tumor, Trp. Percy E., of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, August 27th, 1915. Tyer, Rflm. William E ., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, August 31st, 1918. Vallance, Pvte. Lancelot B., died i路n October after being in camp, 1916. Vial, Gunner Graham G., of the N.Z.F.A., in F rance, September 25Lh, 1917. Walmsley, Pvte. Guy H ., of the 29th Canadian Battalion, in France, June 3rcl, 1918. Walte1路, Pvte. John B., of the R.A.M.C., d rowned in H .M.T.S. Marquette, October 23rd, 1915. Wardrop, Capt. Charles L., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, October 12th, 1917. Watson, Corp. Alfred G., of the Australian .l!:xpediLionary Force, in Galilpoli, about May 28.th, 1915. Webb, Pvte. Arthur L., of the Otago Infantry Battalion, in France, September 27th, 1916. Webb, Corp. Earl J., of the 17th N.Z. Expeditionary Force Reinforcements, in France, May 4th, 1918. Williams, Lance-Corp. Cecil E ., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, August 22n<l 1918. Willis, Sergt. Cecil N., of the N.Z.R.B., in France, Decembe1:, 1917. Wiltshire, Pvte. George, of the Royal Berkshires, in France, February 28 th, 1916. Winder, Lieu t. Holloway E., of the Auckland Mounted Rifles, in Gallipoli, 1915. Wyatt, Gunner Gordon D., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, of disease, November 30th, 1918. Wyatt, Pvte. Herbert D., of the N.Z.F.A., in France, June lOt h, 1917. Wright, Pvte. Reginald, of the Welling ton Infantry Battalion, in Gallipoli, Angust 27th, 1915. Wrigglesworth, Lieut. Alfred G., of the British Expeditionary Force, in France, about September, 1916. Wttkefield, Lieut. Oliver, of the Household Cavalry Battalion, in France, October 12th, 1917. Yeats, Lance-Corp. Douglas M., of the Auckland I nfantry Battalion, in France, October 22nd, 1916. Yerex, Flight-Com. Lowell, of the Royal Flying Corps, in France, missing, believed killed, October, 1918.

25 WOUNDED ON ACTIVE SERVICE. Adams, L. G. Adams, Lieu t.. L. G. L. Alleway, A. 0. Anderson, N.C. M. Andrews, Corp. A. E. Andrews, Lieut. E. S. Aston, W. B. Atmore, Lieu t. C. F. Baeyer tz, R. Baldwin, C. C. Baillie, Sergt. J. R. Banuister, M. Baker, V. H . Banon, R. Barker, G. W. Bartholomew, Sergt. N.J. Beard, Sergt. C. Beel'e, Major R. St. J . Bennett, J. R. E. Bennie, A. H. Bish, S. S. B i s~, Lient. H. R. Biss, Bomb. K. G. Blundell, W. H. Bolton , Lance-Corp. F. G. Bolton, Lieut. F. S. H . Bolton, J . H. Boulcott, H. C. Borrows, W. L. Bowden, W. H. Bremner, G. Bremner, 0. H. Bremner, C. E. F. Bridge. Corp. C. E. Broad, P. B. Brooke, Ser gt.. C. Bt路own, W. R. B uddo, R. R. Burt, P. G. Burlin g. C. A. Buxton, Corp. A. B. Caddick, Sergt. A. E . Cairn, S. A. A.

Caldwell, Col'p. R. H. B. Caldwell, Major K. K Cameron, A. J. K. Cattell, Bomb. F. Callender, Lieu t. G. G. Cappel', W. E. Carter, H. J. Canty, Lieut. J. V. 1\f. (M.l\U Chapman, S. H. E. Childs, Capt. '1'. Clapham, K. W. Clapham, W. H. Clark, J. M. Clark, R. J. Clater, '1'. A. Clayton, Lieut. K. C. Clemance, Corp. H. J. Coffey, J . Cobbe, E. Cobbe, M. Condel', Corp. L. J. Co11ingharn, Capt. A . Coopet路, H. L. . Corkill, Lieut. F. M. Corkill, Capt. 'f. F . Cox, A. A. Coxhead, Corp. P. L. Crnickshan k, Clmp.-Capt. G. C. Dall, Lient. G. B. Daniell, Lieut. H. H. Daniell, C. 8.-M<ljor L. '1'. Davidso n, Corp. R. C. Davis, Lieut. A. G. Davis Capt. J . B. Davis, Lient. F. L. Dean, Li eut. H . Dimond, G. C. Dimond, H. H. Dineen, A. Diprose, Corp. A. W. Denton, H. Dellert, Trooper F. A. Doughty, Lieut. R. M. Donaldson, Lieut. D. H. W. H.

26 Drake, Bomb. B. C. Duigan, Lieut. D. Duncan, G. A. Duncan, R. Earle, Cot·p. }<'. J. Edmondson, L. J. Engall, G. H. Ellingham, Flight-Capt. H. H. Elliott, A. C. Eteveneaux, H. Fairbrother, E. C. Fathet·s, Lieut. H. T. Fenwick, G. '1'. Ferguson, A. J. Fernandez, Corp. J. l!,indlay, Capt. J. L. Fitchett, Lieut. W. B. Flux, Lieut. A. L. Fr·eyberg, Brig.-Gen. B. C., Ft•eyLerg, Li\luL. C. Fossette, W. E. Fulton, Lieut. A. C. Gallie, Lieut. V. ;J. Garden Lieut. G. E. H. Garland, D. Gell, Bomb. C. G. Giblin, C. A. Gilbert, H. L. V. Gillies, N. A . Godtschalk, C. F. Gordon, W. A. Grace, Lieut. L. W. T. Gray, A. Gray, Lieut. R. G t·een, L. W. Gr·eville, C. Gr·eville, Lieut. R. H. Gr·ieve, Lance-Corp. G. Gully, S. Hacon, A. C. Haig, Sergt. N. C. Halley, Corp. V. R. Hammond, G. V. Hampton, W. H. E.

Hannah, Major R. Haywood, A. '1'. Halliwell, J. A. Heuderson, Capt. K. A. Herdtnan, Gnnn er· D. Hill, E. M. Hislop, Lieut. '1'. C. A. Holden, IJ. J. Holmes, Lieut. H. C. Holloway, T. Hopkirk, Lient. J. A. D. H orton, Corp. C. B. Hull, J. B. Hurrell, J. Jacobs, Lieut. B. J. Jameson, N. R. J enkins, G. A. Jenkins, Sergt. W. H. Jensen, W. N. Jenkinson, Sergt. E. E. J eromson, Corp. J . Johnson, H. C. Johnson, Lieut. N. S. Johnson, Major W. H. Johnston, Lie nt. D. G. Jolly, Lieut. F . L. G. Jones, A. G. J on('s, E. E. Keeble, F. H. Keene, R. R. Kingdon, B. Kingdon, J. S. Kircher, A. J. Kirk, Lieut. B. C. Kirker, R. Kirker, W. A. Kitto, E. C. Lamb, A. S. Lange, L. W. Lankshear, Capt. B. R. Laut·enson, H. K. Leary, Lieut. L. P. Lee, E. W. Leslie, J. N. Lewis, Lance-Corp. A. K. Liardet, G. H.

27 Lissington, S. R. L oughuan, BomL. J. J. Luke, Lieut. K. E. Luxford. Lieut.-Col.路Chap. A . J. Luxford, Major J. H. Lyon, Rflmu. R. K. Lyons, W. G. MacDonald, Corp. D. D. Maca.rtnt;y, Corp. A. D. Mack, Capt. A. J. Mackay, C. ;vrackay, R. J. Mackenzie, Surg.-Capt. E. F. Macke nzi e, Lieut. H. A. Mackersey, Sergt. D. Mackersey, Lieu t. E. M. Mackersey, L. B. llfacmo r ran, Capt. G. B. Marchant., L. A. Martin, F. M. Matheson, D. Mathews, B. E. Mathewso n, H. P. Mawso u, Lieut. J . 13. McArthnr, Sergt. D. F. McCart hy, W. T . McClelland, Capt. H. C. McDougall, J . A. McDougall, W. R. Mcinty re, M. C. McKenzie, A. F. McKenzie, A. W. McKenzie, J. McLean, J. A. McLean, N. J. Mee, G. Messenger, Co rp. A. B. Mills, W. A. Moore, J. R. Mo01路e, R. M. Morice, Capt. G. W. Morison, G. L. Morison, H. Mo rpeth, W. G. Morris, A. A. Moth es, Sergt. F. W. McMaster, J. P.

Napier, Corp. C. S. Napier, Sergt. G. S. Natusch, Lieut. C. 'I'. Natnscb, Lieut. G. P. Neeley, W. T. L. Neilson, Bomb. H. Nelson, T. H. Newbold, N. F . Newbold, R. F. Ne wman, Lieut. F. F. Nicholls, Lieut. G. H . O'Donahoo, A. O'N. Otterson, G. D. Otterson, A. Owen, T. E. Palmer, H. J . Pal mes, B. Parki n, A . R. Parkin, Lieut. V. G. Paterso n, E. J . Paul, G. Pegg, H. A. P egg, Corp. K. C. Perry, A. E. P erry, D. Perry, Lieut. W. V. P etrie, Lance-Sergt. F. N. P etri e, Lieut. E. R. V. Ph elan, J. R. Phillipps, J . H. Picot, Corp. E. H . P i lch er, C. A. N. Pollen, A. H. Powles, Lieut.-Col. G. C. (D.S.O.) P robert, E. W. Pryde, H. J. W. Quinnell, Corp. A. Raleigh, T. 0. S. Ranby, R. G. Raven, Corp. H. C. Raw nsley, R. H. Randerson, J. F. R. Reid, Lieut. F. F. Richardson, C. E.

28 Richardson, G. E. Roberts, Lieut. J. Robertson, Sergt. E. :M. Robertson, 0. Ronaldson, S. Ross, V. H. Ross, B. G. Ross, J. W. Rouuth waite, H. L. Rountree, F . H. W. Rowe, N. Russell, C. R. Russell, G. B. H.utherfurd, Set路gt. '1'. W. L{utherfurd, Lieut. B. F . I. Seaton, Sergt. J. E. Seddon, G. H. Shannon, W. G. Shearer, Lieut. A. Shearer, L. M. Shelton, H. Scott, A. S. Scott, J . W. Short, Capt. A. V. Short, G. S. Short, Capt. J. L. Silver, H. E. W. Skinner, E. J. Sievers, Lieut. W. N. Sladden, B. Smith, A. C. Smith, A.M. Smith, C. S. Smith, F. H. Smith, C. S. Smith, Hearn Smith, W. A. Sommerville, C. Speedy, D. H.

Sprott, Lieut. M. W. C. Staples, G. C. Staples, R. M. Stewat"t, Lieut. M. R. Stockman, J. Stratford, V. W. Strauchon, H. St. J . Strang, A. Suckling, A. L. Sunley, H. Stringer, H. G. 'faylor, C. Tholllas, W. J. Thompson, Sergt. H. W. Thompson, H. J. Th ompson, H. L. Tisdall, Lieut. L. F. Toogood, F. C. Tustin, F. C. Tingey, S. S. Tulloch, J. E. Varnbam, Capt. F. S. Von Sturmer, E. Waduell, Lieut. W. G. Wagg, G. T. K. Wagg, Corp. W. J. K. Ward, Lient. 'f. L. Ward, W. I. Webley, H. Wedde, H . E. Welch, Corp. C. L. Wellsted, Capt. A. W. West, Lieut. F. L. G. Williams, Capt. 0. W. Wise, V. J. Young, J. B .. Young, Lieut. R. K.

29 DISTINCTIONS. Y.C. Freyberg, Lieut.- Col. B. C., Promoted to Brigadier-General 1917 ; the youngest Brigadier in the British Army, Aged 28.

D.S.O. Avery, Lieut.-Col. H. E. Brandon, Major A. de B. Buddie, Major H. Coningh11.m, Capt. A. Freyberg, Brig.-Gen. B. C. Gallie, Capt. E . 0. (M.C.) Gallie, Capt. V. J.

Holmes, Major J. D. McCelln.nd, Major C. H. Powles, Li eut.-Col. G. C. Richards, Snrg.-Capt. J. F. G. Stout, Surg.-Maior '1'. D. Sommerville, Major C.

Two Bars to D.S.O. Freyberg, Brig.-Gen. B. C. (V.C., D.S.O., Croix de Guerre).

Bar to D.S.O. McClelland, Major C. H.

Order of the Crown of Italy for Valour. Callender, Lieut. G. G.

Chevalier of the Order of Leopold. Corkill, Capt. T. F. Barnett, Lien t.-Col. L. E. Hutchen, Col. J. W. Luxford, Chap.-Major A. J .

C. M.G. Myers, Lieut.-Col. B. M. Powles, Lieut.-Col. G. C. (D.S.O.)

Legion of Honour. Findlay, Capt. J . L.

Croix de Chevalier. Findlay, Capt. J . L.

D.C.M. Bird, A. W. Blundell, Sergt. E. K. Borrows, Sergt. L. Bremner, Sergt. 0. H . Caselberg, Signaller A.

Daniell, C.S.M. L. T. (W.O. 2nd路 Class) Fear, Sergt. F. H. Holmes, Sergt. W. A.


Meri torious Service Medal. Kingdon, B. w~~gg, Arm.-Sergt. C. G. C. Wills, Ser.gt. E. C.

Burdekin, S.-Sergt C. B. Carruthers, Pvte. \V. Castle, Sergt. S. J.

Bar to Meritorious Service Me dal. Carruthers, W.

War Medal (Italy). Nathn.n, J. E.

Conspicuous Ga llantry Me dal (Nava l '路 Fox, S. H., R.N.V.R.

O.B .E .



Fitzgerald, Capt. M. E. W.

Military Cross. Atmore, Lieut. C. F. Brandon, Major A. de B. Brewster, Capt. R. C. Coningham, Capt. A. Corkill, Lieut. 'I'. F. Duign.n, Lieut. D. F . Ellingham, Lieut. H. A. Ferguson, Lieut. D. Findlay, Capt. J. L. Fitzgerald, Lient. R. J. Foster, Lieut. L. B. Gallie, Capt. V. J. (D S.O.l Gallie, Capt. 0. E ., D.S.O. Gray, Capt. G. H. Hn.nnah, Major R. W. Hayes, Lieut. C. W. Hislop, Lieut. A. R. Holmes, Lieut. H. C. Hopkirk, Capt. J. A. Hubbard, Capt. A. Johnson, Capt. W. H . Kirk, Lient. B. C. Len.ry, Lient. L. P . Leys, Capt. J. R. Lyon, Lieut, G. MacKenzie, Snrg.-Capt. E. Marshall, Lieut. H. Mn.wson, Lieut. J. B.

McAlister, Lieut. L. J. Mi les, Capt. R. Nelson, Lieut. R. Ne" man, Cr~pt. F. F. Nicol, Lieut. R. K. Palmes, Lieut. B. Picot, Lieut. E. H. Porritt, Lieut. A. E. Powley, Capt. A. J. Purdy, Majot路. R. G. Rn.wson, Lieut. E. H. Rutherfnrd, Lieu t. T. W. L. Rutherfurd, Lieut. F. I. Seddon, Lieut. G. H. Sievers, Lient. W. N. Short, Capt. A. V. Sprott, Lient. M. W. Stainton, Lieut. W. H. Stevenson, Capt. J. F. B. Thompson, Lieut. H. J. Turner, Capt. ,T. L. H. Varnbam, Capt. F. S. Ward. Lieut. T. L. Watson, Lieut. W. Williams, Capt. 0. W. Wilson, Lieut. J. H. Wilson , Snrgt.-Capt. D. M.

31 Bar to Military Cross. Corkill, Capt. T. F. (M.C.) F itzger11.ld, Capt. R. J. (M.C.)

Purdy, Major R. G. (M.C.)

Military Medal. Austin, A. T. W. Bennie, Corp. A. H. Brialey, E. S. Bryant, Pvte. W. H. Capper, Gunner C. H. Capper, Driver H. Cauty, Sergt. J. V. Cusack, J. E lliott, Sergt. A. C. Fogelberg, C. E. Fernandez, Corp. J. Girdlestoue, Gunner G. C. Humphries, Rflm. G. W.

Jordan, Capt. A. Lowe, W. E. Lamb, Pvte. S. A. Millward, L. W. G. Napier, Corp. G. S. Pegg, 'frp. H. A. Rennie, Corp. W. Robinson, PvLe. F. E . Scott, Pvte. J . D. Still, Corp. C. H. Wagg, Corp. W. J. K. Wilson , J. H.

Bar to Military Medal. Bennie, Corp. A. H.

Croix de Guerre. Caselberg, M. Corkill, Surg.-Capt. E. Fox, C.M.M., S. H. Freyberg. Brig.-Gen. B. C. Gallie, Capt. V. J. Gothard, K. B.

McLaren, Pvte. C. D. Nicholls, Lieut. G. H . Pnrdy, Mnjor R. G. Shearer, Sergt. A. Shelton, Rflm. H . West, Lieut. F. L. G.

Winner of Kitchener National Memorial Scholarship Tenable at Oxford. Johnson,


N. S.

Mentioned in Despatches. Adn.ms, Lieut. R. S. Avery, Major H. E . (D.S.O.) Bailey, Corp. A. R. Bamett, Lieut.-Col. L. E. Buddie, Capt. C. B. Beere, Major R. St. J. Bell, Lieut. W. H. D. Bogle, Capt. G. V. Bremner, Sergt. 0. H. Callender, Lieut. G. Childs, Surg.路Capt. T. J. W. Crouch, Lieut. T. B. Crump, C!Lpt. S. Coningham, Capt. A.(M.C.,D.S.O.)

Corkill, Surg. -Lieut. '1'. F. Corrie, 'l'rp. F. R. Earle, Corp. F . J. Ellingham, Sergt. E. S. Fitzgerald, Capt. M. E. W. Fitchett, Lieut. W. B. Frey berg, Brig.-Gen. B. C. Gall ie, Lieut. 0. E. (M.C., D.S.O.) Grace, Lieut. T . M. Gray, Lieut. R. Hellaby, Lieut. J. Hellaby, Lieut. R. S. Hohues, ~ergt. W. A. Hutcbcu, Lieut.-Coi. J. W.

32 Ingrn.m, Capt. V. 0. Jeromson, Spr. J. Johnson, Lieut. C. S. Luxford, Capt. H. J . Mack, Capt. A. J. Mackenzie, Surg.-Capt. E. McColl, Capt. A. B. McLelland, Major C. H. (D.S.O.) Mathes, Lieut. F. W. Myers, Lieut.-Col. B. Monro, Lieut. D. C. Nathan, J. E. Powles, Lieut.-Col. G. C. Ronaldson, Sergt. B.

Short, Capt. A. V. Stamton, Lieut. W. H. Stainton, Pvte. J. N. Sutton, Lieut. R. I. Sprott, Lieut. M. N. Stout, Major T. D. M. Sommerville, Major C. Short, Major J. L. Stmng, Capt. J. D. K. Thompson, Lieu t. R. L. Treadwell, Capt. C. A. L . Turner, Capt. J. L. H. V;trnbam, Capt. F. S.



Advanc e Guard (Samoa ). Andrews, E. S. Beere, Major R. St. J. Bernard, V. R. Berry, A. L. Berry, N. Bond, Lieut. E. A. B othamley, H. H. D. Bridge, L. Broad, N. Campbell, E. M. Canty, J. V. Charlton, L. Cimino, F. A. Coningham, A. Cook, Sergt. R. Danks, F. H. D'Oyly, J. R. Dinnie, D. Drake, D. C. Edwards, Lie ut. F. C. Evans, F. Ford, C. V. Fraser, K. M. Ft路eyberg, C. Fulton, A. C. Gallie, V. J. Gallie, 0. E. Galvin, F . K. Girdlestone, C. S. Gray, W. A. Gothat路d, K D. Hamer, T. S. Hannah, R W. Hickso n, C. M. }Icil1Vie 1 J. L.

Hopkirk, W. A. Hopkirk, W. S. Hopkirk, Sergt. J. A. Jenkinson, H. M. Jones, C. W. J ohns, G. C. Johnson, H . Kelly, E. L . Kendall, H. T. L. Kerslake, J. A. ICirby, H. A. ICirker, W. A. Kirker, Sergt. R. Kirkwood, H. H. Kitto, H. E. C. Kreeft, R. Lamb, A. S. Lanksbear, Li eut. B. R. Lam路enson, H. F. L e11.ry, E . R. L eary, L. Le Cren, H. E. Legg, H. Lenat"d, J. Lia.rdet, H. C. Lloyd, N.C. Longhurst, W. 'I'. D. Luke, F. W. Luke, G. McAllister, L. J . McLean, J . A. Macmorran, G. B. Marchant,-L. Mn.rt in, H. J. Mat路tin , R. B. Mason, L. R. Meredith , J. M. Miller 1 A. C.


Smith, L. Smyth, N. Staples, A. F. Stewltrt, M. R. St. George, E. V. Stont, Surg.- Capt. D. Stndholme, Stu:~rt, M.

Millward, L. W. G. Morton, W . Morison, G. L. Natha n, S. D. Nelson, R. Newman, R. M. P earce, E . Petrie, E. R. V. Pienwd, H. Pilcher, E. S. Pollen , N. E. Purdy, G. Pye-Smith, J. W. H.

Toxward, W . E. Tnrnbnll, W. T . Tnrncr, F. A. Von Stiim1er, E. H. Wagg, Sergt. G. C. C. Wal te r, J . B . Ward, L. W t\tson, R. West, B. Wilfot·d, Sorgt. G. M. Wilberfoss, R. W. Williamson, J. H. Wills, E . Wilton, N. A. Wise, V. J. Wollermann, Lieut. H .

Quinnell, A. W. Rawson, H . E. Richards, W. •r. Robertson, P. J. E. Rose, R. Rose, E. L. C. Seddon, J. S. S. Sievers, W. N. Simmondf>, W. H.

Main B o dy and After. Aamodt, C. H. Abbott, Lieut. V. S. H. Abbott, F . A. Abbott, C. Abercrombie, C. G. Adams, Lieut. R. S. Adams, L . G . L . Adl<in, G. JJ. Alexander, F . J. Alexander, Lance-Corp. W. J . Allen, E. Allen, F . A. Allen, K. H. Allen, Dr. W. G. E. Ahearn, H. Alleway, 0. A. Ames, A. J.

Anderson, C. M. Anderson, D. Anderson, Dr. A. L. Anderson, H. E. Anderson, N. M. Anderson, W. 8. Alderson, R. F. M. Andrew, K. J. Andrews, A. E . Andrews, C. L. Andrews, E. S. Andrews, W .T . Andrews, W. P . Andrus, K. S . Anyon, F. G. Archibald , Armstrong-, Lieut. D . C.

35 Armstrong, E. R. Armstrong, H. C. Armstrong, Lieut. P. F. Arnold, E. Arthur, Lieut. R. R. Aston, E. H. Aston, W. B . Atkinson, E. H. Atkinson, H. M. W. Atkinson, H. T. Atkinson, R. W. Atmore, Lieut C. F. Austin, A. Averill, S. E. Avery, Lieut .. Col. H. E. Ayson , F. G. Baddeley, Lieut. S. H . Baeyert:r., R. Bailey, A. Bailey, Lieut. L. H . Bailey, A. R. Baillie, J. R. Baillie, Sergt. R. J. Baird, K. M. Baker, G. Baker, M. Baker, Capt. V. H. Baldwin, C. C. Ballinger, L. F. Ba nks, F. Banl\S, H. 路 Bannister, A. i\f. Ba rber, g, T. Barden, H. W. Barke r, G. W. Bnrltrop, G. \V. B. Barn ett, Dr. L. E . Barnett. L M. Barr, W. R. Ba rrett, D. L. Barron, Capt. R. D. Bartholomew, I. Bn,rtholomew, F . Bartholomew, Sergt. N. J . Bn,rtbolomew, C. Barton, E. 0. Barton. W. Bates, M. V.

Bath, L.A. Batham, G. S. W. Batten, C. W. Baumgart, L. Baumgart, 0. B. Baylis, L. Beaglehole, G. Beard, L. A. D. Beard, C. G. Beard, G. G. Beattie, P. M. Beauchamp, L . H. Beaumont, J . H. Beck, W. H. Beck, P. 0. P. B ~ ckley, R. J . Bee, J. Beechey, F. J. Beare, Major R. SL. J. Beare, D. J\J . Bell, E. D. Bell, R. B. Bell , Lieut. H . D . Bell, G. A. C. Bell, G. J. Benn ett, W. B. Benn ett, A. G. Bennett, J D. B enn ett, Lieut. R. E. Benn ett, J. R 1~ . Benni e, A. H. Berna rd, Lient. V. B.. Berry, A. L. B erry, N. Bert'y. W. Bethune, K. L. Bird , A. W. Birch, A. E. Bi sb , S. S. i\I. Biss, K. G. Biss, Lieut. H. R. Bl ackmore, J. L. Bl1tke, L. R. Blantl, S. G. Bln,tcbford, '1'. L. Blennerbassett, R Blow, S. Blundell, E. K. l3lundell , L. W.

Blundell, W. H Bodmin, N. H. Boesley, G. H. J. Bogle, Surg.-Capt. G. V. Bolland, R A. Bolton, F. G. Bolton, F. S. H . Bolton, J. H. Bond, Lieut. E. A. Bond, R. Boock, H. L. Booth. B. Booth, J. 8. Borrows, W. L. Bothamley, C. M Botbamley, G. F. Bothamley, H. D. Bothamley, Lieut. R. W. Boulcott, H. C. Bowden, W. H . Brailsford, F. S. Bramley, H . Bramwell, G. W. Bramwell, L. Bramwell, 0. G. Brandon, Major A. de B. Brandon, G. Braund , N. .Bremner, G. Bremner, 0. H. Bremner, R. F. Bremner, C. E. F. Brewer, A. R. Brewer, R. A. Brewster, Capt. R. C. Briarley, E. S. Bridge, Lieut. C. E. Bridge, L. Bridge, S. L. Brisco, Lieut. B. I. Brisco, G R. Brisco, 0 . A. Brisco, VV. Brittain, F. M. Broad, C. Broad P . B. Broad, W. Brockett, Lieut. A. G.

Brockett, F. C. Brodie, Capt. T. Brodrick, F. W. R. Brooke, Sergt. C. Brooker, L. J . Brooke-T~~ylo ,路, E. W. Brown, Lieut. E. BalcombeBrown, A. Brown, Lieut. CJ. J. Brown, F. C. Brown, G. Brown, R. Brown, R. V. Brown, V. R. Brown, W. A. Brown, W. B. Brown, W. R. Bruce, W. B. Bryan , Lieut. P. K. Bryant, L. N . Bryant, W. H. Buddie, Lieut. C. B. Budille, Lieut. G. A. Buddo, R. R. Bulkley, J. Burbidge, P. Burdan, C. C. Burdan, B. R. R. Burdekin, C. B . Burdekin, H. Burgess, Lieut. -Col. W. L. Burgess, W. Burke, J. Burke, P. Burling, C. A. Burnell, Burnett, N. F. Burns, A. A. Burns, D. D. Burnes, D. But路ton, C. Burt, P. G. Bush, F. Butler. L. W. Butler, W. B. Butt, U. Butts, S. S. Buxton, Lieu t. A. B .

37 Caddick, Sergt. A. E. Caldwell, Lieut. K S. Caldwell, C. G. Caldwell, R. H . 0. Cairns, A. A. Callender, Lieut. C. G. Callender, G. W. Callister, A. J. Cameron, A. J. K. Cameron, J. M. Cameron, J. K. Cameron, Lieut. N.D. Cameron, Dr. V. Campbell, D. Campbell, E. M. Capper, C. H. Capper, E . W. Carlyle, W. Carmody, M.G. Carr, Capt. J. Carr, C. R. Carr, M.D. Carroll, W. Carroll, T. Carruthers, W. Carter, H . T. T. Caselberg, W. Caselberg, A. Caselberg, M. . Casey, T. Casey, A. J . Castle, Lieut. A. P. Castle, S. R. Cathie, A. J. Cathie, R. M. Cattell, F. Cattell, S. R. Caulton, C. T . Cauty, J. V. Chant, P. •r. Chapman, J. H . Chapman, S. Chapple, P. A. Chatwin, A. L . Cheeseman, F . \V. Ci.Jeeseman, Cstpt. G. Chegwidden, W. V. Childs, Capt. T. W. J. Childs, Sergt. H. P. J.

Chilma.n, N. Christie, J. F. Christie, R. Cimino, F. A. Cln.chan, Capt. W. J. Clapham, K. W. Clapha m, Capt. H. M. Clapham, W. H. Ulark, I. C. Clark, R. J. Clark, J. M. Clark, F. G. Clark, A. G. Clark, A. F. Clapcott, G. P. Clater, T. A. Clayton, Lieut. IL C. Cleland, W. Clema.nce, H. J . Clift, C. W. Cobbe, E. Cobbe, M. Coffey, J. Cohen, Dr. L. Cole, R. H. Uole, Capt. C. P. (R.N.) Collins, C. Collins, H. H. Collins, R. Comrie, W. L. Comrie, M. Comesky, J. G. Conder, L. J. Conder, N. D. Coning ham, A. Connell, C. Cook, J. A. Cook, R. Cook, W. D. Cooper, P. W. R. Cooper, H. L. Coppock, J . H. Corkill, Lieut. F. M. Corkill, Lieut. T. F. Corkill, H. K. Corrie, F. R. Coull, F. V. Cox, A. 0 . Coxhea.d, P.

Cracroft, T. Crawford, J. C. Cresswell, B. Urewes, F. Crewes, W . E . Croll, H. G. Croll, D. G. Cross, H. M. Cross, Capt. A. J. Crouch, F. B. Crowther, W. J. Cruickshank, Cbap.-Capt. G. C. Cruickshank, E. Crump, Lieut. H. S. Cullinane, T. W. Cm路tie, Sergt. K. 0. Curtis, P. K A. Cusack, J. 0. Cnddie, J. R. 0. Cumming, J. F. Danby, Dr. A. B. Dall, G. 13. Dauks, W. D ank~.

F. H.

Daniell, Li eu t. H. H. D<miell, L. F. Davidson, Corp. R. C. Davies, F. Davies A. P. Davis, A. G. D1wis, G. C. C. D<\vis, G. H. Davis, :Mt~jor J. B. Davis, L. W. Davis, R. G. B. Dawn, F. Dawn, Litut. W. Dawson, Lieut T. H. Dawson, F. Day, C H. Deau, Lieut. H . De Castro, Lieut. C. B. K. D eller, F . A. Dempsey, S. W. Denniston. L. D enton, (Bert) Denton, F. H. Denton, H.

Dibley, A. D. S. Dick, C. Dimond, G. C. Dimond, L . J . Dimond, W. A. J. Dineen, D. A . Dinnie, D . Diprose, W. A. Dixon, K. C. Dixon, L. Dodd, E. H. Douald, J. Donaldson, Lieu t . D. H . \V. Donovan, L. G. Domb, M. Dornwell, Lieut. F. D'Oyly, H. B. D'Oyly, J. R. Doughty, l\f. Doughty, Lieut. W. Drake, B. C. Drllke. Ulunie Duigan, Lieut. D. Dumbell, L . J . Duutbell, H. C. Duncan, A. G. Duncan, G. H. Duncan, G. A. Duncan, Lieu t. D. Duncan, J . F. Duncan , R. Duun R. M. Dunne, L. F. :\1. D . Dyer, Lance-Corp. W. B. Earle, F. J . Earle, J. M. Earp, W. E . East, W. Edmondson, J. Edwards, W. T. S. Edwards, E. E. Edw~trds, R. W. Edwards, C. Edwin, Capt. Eilers, A. F. Eilers, L. L. J. Elias, D. Ellingham, E . S.

39 Ellingham, J B. Ellingham, Lieut. H. A. Ellio~~. A. C. Elliot~. Capt. R D. Elliot~, Lieut. Col. J. S. E llis, S. R. Elli~,

W. H.

Elvines, C. A. Engall, G. H . S. Eteveneaux, A. Ewing, J. U. L. Fabian, J. U. R. Fairbrother路, D. C. Fairbrother, E. C. Fairchild, Capt H. S. Frtirchild, Sergt. Snowden Falder, G. V. W. Farquhar, F. R. Farquhar, H. R. Fathers, Lieut. H. 'J'. Fear, Serg t. F. H Feist, F. E. Fell, Lieut. W. Fell, Lieut. C. R. Fenton, R. W. Fenwick, G. T. Ferguson, A. J . Ferguson, Serg~. W. D. Ferguson, D. Ferguson, A. J. Fernande1., J. Fernandez, J. C. Field, W . G. H. Field, A. Field, L. Fife, D. A. Findlay, Lieut. I. C. Findlny, Cn.pt. J L. Findlay, Lieut. W. Findlay, J. Findlay, J. G. Fisher, R. M. Fitchett, Lieut. W. B. Fitzgerald, G. Fitzgerald, T. F ihgerald, Lieut. M. W. Fitzgerald, Lieut. It. J. Flavell, C.

Flockton, C. Flux, Lieut. A. Fogelberg, C. E. Fordham. C. V. Fossette, Sergt. W. E. Foster, E. B. Fo~ter, L. B. Foster, L. D. Foster, W. S. Fox, H. L. Fox, R. Fox, J. M. Fox, S. H . Fraser, R. H. Freeman, J. C. Freeman, H S. Freeth, P. H. N. French, W. H. Freyberg, Brig.-Gen . B. C. Freyberg. Lieut 0. Freyberg, C. Freyberg, P. M. Fuller, A. A. Fulton, Lieut. A. C. Fulton, H. W. Fyers, A. Gadsby, Su rg. - Lieu~ N. Gale, J. F. E . Gttll ie, Capt 0. E. Gallie, CrLpt. V. J. G1dvin, Sergt. F. K. Galvin, G. Gandar, M. Garden , Lieut. G. F. H. Garden, W. A. H. Garland, E . H. Gar land . D. Garth, W. Gawith, R. S. Gazley, W. Geange, H. Get!, C. G. Geor路ge, W. Gibb, D. K Gibb, A. J. Gibbons, 13. R. Gibbono, H. P. Giblin, C. A.

40 Gibson, E. A. Gilbert H . de V. Gilbert, L. W . Gillies, H . 0. Gillies, N. A. Gillie•, C. L. Gillow, G. Gilmer, S. Girdlestone, G. C. Gisbome, L ieut.-Col. L. Glasgow, W. T. Glennie, E. Glover, H. F. Goddard, V. H. Godtscbalk, C. Goldstone, C. Goodbehere, F. W. B. Goodbehere, W. J. Gooder, F. Gordan, W. A. Gore, A. Gothard, E. B. Goth1ud, K. B. Gc.ruldiug, Capt. J . H. Gower, Dr. G. Gower, L. Goyder, J. · Grace, A. Gmce, J. L. Gruce, Lieut. T. i\1. G mham, A. J. Graham, C. E. Graham, D. G raham F. C. Gray, Lieut. A. Gray, G. H . Gray, :M. Gray, Lieut. R. Gray. W. A. GreaLbakh, Lieut. E. P. Green, G. R. Green, L . W. Green, 0. H . C. G reville, C. G reville, R. H. Grieve, G. Griffiths, H. L. Griffiths, R. K. Grover, W.

Grubb, W. Gully, S. T. Gunn, J.D. Gyles, A. W. Hucon, A. C. Haigh, Sergt. N.C. Hales, W. B.. Hall, G. F. B.. Hall, Stan. Hall, R. C. Hall, J 0. Hall, W. K. Hall, J . A. Hall, A. '1'. Hall, '1'. D . .M. Hn.lley, G. C. Halley, V. R. Hnmertou, lt. Hamilton, J. B. Hamilton, W. Hammond, C. F. Hammond, G . V. ·Hammond, K. MciC H a mpton. \V. H. K Hannah, G. Hanuah, Major It. W. Hannay, Sergt. K. B. Hanson, F. H !Lnsou, w. c. '1'. Harding, A. C. Harland (Ted t. lhrle, Lieut. D. A. H1Lrper, G. H,Lrris, A. Harris, G. H. Harris, Lieut. R. Hnn, A. Hart, P. 0. Haselden, L ieut. J . L . Hay, D. Hay, J. S. Hay, P. C. Hayes, C. W. Hayes, N. J. Hayw1trd, C. G. H 1tywar<l, Lieut. L. P . Hayward, F. T. Hayward, A. T. H eath, F. J . R.

41 Heath, V. H. Heckler, W. H. Heley, K. H. Hellaby, Lieut. J. Hellaby, Lieut. R. B. Helliwell, J. A. Henderson, N. A. Henderson. Capt. K. A. Hennab, H. Herdman, D. Heron, A. J. G. Heywooj, M. Hicks, W. P. Hickson . C . .M. Hickson, C. H. Hickson, K. M. Higgie, C. L. Higginson, Lieut. T. C. Highet, R. Hildreth, H. C. Hill, E. W. Hill, M. E. Hindmarsh, A. H. Hindmarsh, H. Hislop, Lieut. A. R. Hi ~ lop,


Hislop, J. D. J. Hislop, Lieut. T. Hobbs, W. R. S. Hodge. L. K. Hogben, Sergt. G. M. Hogben, E . N. Hogben, H. Me Hoggard, D. Hoggard, G. Hollard, Capt. C. J. Hollard, Capt. E. J. Holloway, E. T. Holloway, G. F. Holm, M. T. Holmes, G. B. Holmes, R. G. Holmes, W. A. Holmes, Lieut. J: D. Holmes, C. E. Holmes, C. H. Holmes, N. K. Hopkirk, Corp. \V. A. Hopkirk, Lieut. W. S.

Hopkirk. Lient. J. A. D. Hopkirk, C. S . Hopkirk, H. D. Horden, D. J. Horn blow, A. H. Hornblow, R. R. Horne, W. J. Horton, C. B. Houchen, H. Hounsell, C. Rowan, C. Howard, C. Howden, D. Howdeu, C. R. Howden, H. L. Howden, P. Howie, J. L. Hubbard , Capt. A. Hubbard, N. E. H. Hull, J. B. Hume, Major A. G. Hume, G. G. Hume, P. Humphries, G. W. Hunt, R. H. .Hurrell , J. Hutchen, S. W. Hutchen, Major J. W. Hutcheson, H. W. Hutton, D. Hyams, Sergt. J. Ingles, M. A. B. Ingram, Lieut. P. Iugram, Capt. V. 0. Inkster, J. L. Innes, C. A. Irvine, R. J. Isaacs, R. Ivory, Lieut. W. Izard, Lieut. K. A. Jack, D. Jack, N.H. Jackman, Lieut. C. H. Jackson, J. Jacob, W. W. Jacobs, B. J. Jacobsen, F. S. H.

Jameson, I. D. Jameson, N. R. Jeffcoat , Dr. L. Jenkins, F. M. Jenkins, G. A. Jenkins, H. Jenkins, J. W. Jenkins, Sergt. l\1. W. H. Jenkinson, 0. Jenkinson, H. E. H. Jenness, Dr. D. Jennings, W. H. D. Jensen, W. N. Jeromsen, Lieut. J. Jickell, Lieut. H. N. Johns, G. C. Johnson, H C. Johnson, W. H. Johnson, J. Johnson, F. C. Johnson, C. G. Johnson, D. C. Johnson, D. F. D. Johnson, Lieut. N. S . Johnson, C. W. Johnston, A. G. Johns&on, G. Johnston, Lieut. D. G. Johnston, J. H. Johnston, W. D. Johnston, 'I'. A. Jolly, F . L. G. Jones, U. W. Jones, E. L. Jones, G. G. Jones, A. G. Jones, W. E. Jones, E. F. Jones, R. E. Jones, A. G. Jones, D. A. Jones, E. G. Jones, F . W. Jones, G. G. Jordan, N. L. Jordan, A. Jordan, T. Jorgenson, U. 0. Jury, G. R.

Kane, F. W. Katene, M. Keasberry, J. C. Keeble, F. H. Keene, E. C. Keena, A. A. Keene, G. L. Keene, R. R Kgllaway, A. 0. Kelly, G. S. Kelly, E . L. Kennedy, W. R. Kerr, T. J. Kerr, U. N. Kiely, R. D. King, E. E. King, C. V. Kingdon. B. Kingdon, H. R. R Kingdon, Lieut. J. S. Kirby, A. H. Kircher, A. J. Kirk, B. C. Kirk, E . R. Kirl<cttldie, E. K. K1rker, R. Kirker, W. A Kitto, H. C. E. Knowles, E . S. Laing, D. Lamb, A. S. Lamb, H . A. Lambert, E. Lambert, 0. Lambert, W. Langdon, F . Langdon, H. Lange, L. W. Lankshear, Capt. B. R. Lattey (Ted.) E. B. Laurenson, A. H. Laurenson, H. K. Laurenson, J. Lawry, H . Leary, Lieut. K R. Leary, Lieut. P. L. Le Oren, H. E. Lee, D.


Lee, E. W. Lees, J. E. L. Legg, Sergt. B. W. LeGrove, E. E. Lennie, U. Leonard, E. J. Leslie, R. Leslie, N.J . Leslie, T. Leslie, W. Levy, Dr. L. Levy, B. Levy, E. Levy, W. Lewis, A. R W. Lewis, A. K. Lewis, C. D. Lewis, A. H. Lewis, D. M. Lewis, E. W. Leys, J. R. R. Liardet, G. H. Lindup, F. W. Littlejohn, K. W. Lissington, S. R. L loyd, H. Lloyd, T H. Logan, A. L. Logan, D. Lomax, M. Longhurst, Lieut. W. T. Lorenzen, W. E. Loughnan, J. L. Lovell, F. L. Lowe, E. W. Lowe, J. H. Lucas, Lieut. G. Luckie, W. J . Luke, J . P . Luke, G. Luke, F. W. Luke, K. E. Luke, W. M. Lusher, W. R. Luxfurd, Corp. H. J. Lnxford, 8. Luxford, F . 'vV. Luxford, Cllap.-Lieut.-Col. A. J. Lyon, G.

Lyon, E. Lyon, R. !{. Lyon, R. J . Lyons, W. Lyons, Lieut ..}. Macartney, A. D. Macartney, N. Mu.ce, G. C. Macey, W. H. Machu, N. Machu, R. L. Mack, A. Mackay, C. Mackay, H. G. R. Mackay, H. H. Mackay, R. J. Mackay, 0. E. Mackenzie, H. A. Mackenzie, K. Mackemie, Surg.-Capt. E. W. Mackersey, Lieut. E. M. Mackersey, D. B. Mackersey, L. B. Maguire, Dr. J. C. Makeharn, Sergt. C. K Mallard, J. F. Mandel, Surg.-Lieut. L. Manning, L. E . Manoy, L. R. Mansfield, S. Marchant, Sergt. J. A. Marchant, Lieut. L. A. Marchant, E . A. Marley, A. W. MarLin, D. B. Martin, H. J . Martin, Lieut. (Q .M.S.) R. E. J. Martin, F. R. W. Martin, A. Martin, IL A. Martin, F. M. Martin, J. Martin, R. B. Marshall, H. Mason, E . J. Mason, S. Mason, P . E. Mason, H. G. R.

44 Mason, R. B. Mason, H.. (). Mason, W. C. Mason, R. L MaLber, N. H. Matheson, ~. M. Matheson , A. D. Mathews, B. 1!:. Mathews. C. H. Mathewson, H . P. Mawson, Lieut. J. B. MacAlister, Capt. L. J. J\JcAra, Surg.-Major W. McArthur, B. C. McArthur, Lieut. J. D. McArthur, D. A. McAdhur, D. F . McCartbey, \V. T. McClay, A. J. H. McCellaud, Capt. C. H. McClintock, J. W. McColl, Capt. A. B. McDonald, A. D. McDonald, D. D. McDon!dd, F. J . McDonald, J. H. McDougall, Capt. A. McDougall, W. R. McDougall, W. McEldowney, J. McEldowney, E. J. McFarlane, J. McGowan, Lieut. H. McGowan, W. P. McGregor, D. Mcinne,, H. J. Mcintosh, G. Mcintosh, J. A. Macintyre, M. C. McKellar, A. C. McKellar, Lieut. C. A. Mackenzie, A. F . Mcl(en zie, A. W. McKenzie, G. McKemie, J. McKenzie, R. H. McKay, R. J. McKay, P. D. McKee, L ieut. G. F.

McKee, A. McKellar, A. Mackinnon, D. Maclaren, K L . McLaren, U. D. McLaren, N. McLean, A. McLean, A. R. McLean, D. J . McLean, J. R. McLean, N. G. McLean, J. A. McLean, J. N. McLean, N.D. McMaster, A McMaster, J . P . Uc~Jaster, R. Macmorran, Lieut. G. B. Mc\cmorran, J. McPhail, W. H. Meadowcroft, L. L . Mee, G. Meikle, M. Mellor, T. I<. Menzies, G. Menzies, H. G. .\.Jeredith, E. Merry, E. S. P . Mess~: u ger,

A B.

Mewton, A. H . Mew ton, A. W. Michie, G. F. M11lais, G. G. Miller, A. H. Miller, P. H . Miller, E . Miller, Lieut. G. C. S. Millington, E. Mills, W. A. Mills, Lieut. E. A. Mills, W. A. Mi lward, L. W. G. Milne, L Mitchell , C. N. Mi tchell, G. Mitchell, H. A. Mitchel l, L . .Mitchie, J. F. 路 Monaghan, Surg.-Capt. P.

45 Monro, D. C. Montefiore, L. R. Montefiore, C. <J. Mon Lgomery_. W. S. Moore, J. Moore, R. M. Moore, Sergt. W. G. Moore, J. R. Moore, F W. Morice, Capt. G. W. Morison, G. Morison, H. Morpeth, W. J Morris, A. A. Morrison, Lien t. J. C. Morrison, G. L. Morton, H. C. Morton, W. Moss, N. H Mothes, Sergt. F. W. Moura.nt, Corp P. J. Mowat, C. i\lowat, P. R. Muir, Dt路. R. i\ 1. Mullan, C. W. Mun ro, Hec. Murie, R. C. Murray, L. B. Myet路s, Lieut. H . S. Myers, Lieut. L. M. Myers, Lieut.-Col. B. M. N1drn, L. D. Nairn, L G. Napier, A. Napier, C. S. Nn.pier, G. Napier, N. U. Nathan, B. Nathan, E . Nathan, S . Natuscb, Lieut. C. T . Natusch, Lieut. G. P. Neeley, W. J. L. Neilson, H . 0. Nelson, R. Nelson, R. B. Nelson, '1'. H . Newbold, N. F .

Newcombe, L. A. Newman, Lieut. F. F. Newman, Lieut R. M. Newson. D. Newton, R. A. Nicholls, Lieut. G H. Nicol, R. K. Nicols, G. H. Nicol. A J. Nicholson, D. H. Nickol , R. H. Nilsson, J. A. Noble-Campbell, Lieut S. A. Norris, Sergt. E. A. Northcraft, Capt. E. H. North, H. A C. Oakley, W. G. H. O'Brien, J. O'Donahoo, \V. B. Ougley, Lieut. P. A. Orr, J. Orsborn, Li en t. \V. E. Otterson, C. H. Otterson, J.D. Otterson, G. D. Otterson, G. H. 0Lterson, A. Owen, T. Fairman, T. Palmer, H. J. P almes, B. Park, W. Pllrker, A. R. Parker, Lieu t. J. B. P!trker, R. R. P a rkin, A. R. Parkin, J. B. Parkin, V. G Parkinson, A. E. Parkinson, C. Parsons, Lieut. F. G. Parsons, S. H. Paterson, A. G. Paterson, G. R. Paterson, J R Patterson, E. J. Payutl, N. C.

46 Paul, G. Paul, N. Pearce, E. P earce, N. A. Pegg, A. H. P egg, K. C. Pengelly, F. Perry, A. E. Perry, D. Perry, Lieut. W. P eterson, H . M. Petherick, A. W. Petherick, C. F. Petrie, A. P etri e, Lieut. E. R. V. Petrie, F. N. Pharazyn, E . L. Phelan, J. Phillips, J. H. Pickering, A. E. T . Pickering, <J. W. H. Picot, E. H. Pierard, H. A. W P iera.rd, Q.M.S, H. P . Pierard, •r. Pilch er, A. M. Pilcher, C. A. N . Pilch er, S . Pilcher, S. B. Plimmer, I. H . Player, G. G. Pollen, A. H . Pollen, N. E. Pollock, W. Polson, H. U. Pool, A. P. Pool, M. Pope, R. E. Pope, R. H. Porritt, Lieu t. E . A. Porritt, 0. D. Port, J. P. Pound, J. G. \V. '!'. Powell, B. Powell, C. Powell, K. A. Powell, W. F. Powley, Lieut. A. J. Powlt s, L ieut -Col. G. C,

Prouse, 0. R. Preston, U. H , Price, R. Price, W. C. Pridbam, K P. Probert , E . W. Pryde, A. Pryde, H. J . W. Prince, A. Y. Pryor, H. K. Purdie, N . R. P u l'dy, Lieut. G. P urdy, Capt. R. G. Quick, B. A. Quinnell, A. M. Rabone, D. r::>. Rabone , P. S. Radcliffe, J. V. Rn,ikes, R. C. Raine J. Ral eigh, Sam Raleigh , T. 0. S. Rarnsrl eo, A. Ranby, R. Randerso n, J. E. R. Raven, H . C. Rawen , F. Rawnsl ey, B. D. R11.w nsley, J. E. Rawnsley, R. H. Rttwson, D. E . H. Rawson, Dr. J H . Raywnrd, G. P. Read, L. H . R. Redstone, H. E. Reed, Lieut . .M. C. Re id , F. F . Reid , W. G. Reid, Capt.. 0. J. Ren nie, W . Rh ind, A. E. Rhind, V. R ice, W. Ricbarrls, Dr. J. F . G. Richard s, W. T. Richardson, G. E. Richardso u, H. T,


Richardeon, S. H. Ri ch,~rdson, S. R.

Richardson, T. C. Richardson, W. R. Ridler, T. Rigg, Dr. T. R iley, H. R ishworth, E. K. Ritchie, R. R. Ritchie, T. Roberts, Lieut. J. Me Roberts, J . V. Roberts, R. R. Roberts, T. C. Robertson, Cecil Robertson, E. Robertson, Dr. H. D. Robertson, F. Robertson , C. B. Robertson, Lieut. G. H. Robertson, E. Robertson, N . Robertson, Sergt. P. J. Robertson, R. I. Robertson, S. '1'. Robertson. 0 . ltobertson, W. M. Robieson, G. H. Robin son, A. H. Hobinson, F. E. Robinson, H. A. Robin son, J. Robinson, L. B. Robinson, R. G. Robson, W. R. Rogers, A. A. H . Ronaldson , A. Ronald son, Sergt. B. Ronaldson, S. Rose, A.M. Rose, D. L. Rose, G. Rose, R. Roskrnge . R. T. Ross, B. G. Ross, J. M. Ross, Chap -Capt. J. N. Ross, D. M . Ross, H . R.

Ross, F. L. V. Ross, V H. L. Ross, W. G. Rounthwaite, L. Rountree, L. Rowe, N. W. Rowe, W. F. Rowley, E. C. W. T. Rushton, E. V. Russell, C. R. Russell, G. B. Russell , G. B. E. Russell, J. Russell, K. D. Russell, R. M. Rutherfurd, Capt. T. L. \V . Rntl..terfurd, F. I. Rutherford. R A. Rowntree, L. Salek, V. Salmon, B. L. Salmond. K. Salmond, W. G. Sampson, G. W. Samnel, Major A. M. Sanderson, Hon. Capt. F . V . Sanson, Lieut. V. Sanson, E. Scales, C. H. J. Scales, H. A. Scales, G . A. M. Schlaadt, H . A Scott, J. Scott, J. 0. Scott, J. W. Scott, A. S. Scott, D. H. Scott, J. D. Scott, H. Scrimgeour, V. J. Heager, Dr E. H. Seaton, J. E. Seddon, Capt. R J. Seddon, G. H. Seddon, Lieut. J. S. S. Seddon, Lieut. T. E. Y., M.P. Shannon, H. G. Shauuon, W. G.

48 Shaw, A. Shu.w, K. E. Shaw, i::l. Shearer, A. B. Shearer, J. Shearer, L. M. Shelton, F. Shelton, H. Sherriff, W. Shirtcli:ffe, Lieut. W. Shorney, K. E. Short, Capt. A. V. Short, G. S. Short, c.~pt. J. L. Short, Lieut. L. H. Short, W. G. Shrimpton, N. Sievers, W . N. Sievwright, Lieut. A. B. Silver, H. E. W. Silver, S. 1'. Simmonds, Q.M.S., W. H. Simpson, D. V. Simpson, Surg.-C!tpt. W. H . Sinclair. J. F. Skelley, . Lieut. Skinner, E J. Skinner, J. S~<inner, R. J. Sladden, B. Slater D. M. Sloan , Small, Corp. C. R. Smith, A. C. Smith, A. Smith, A.M. Smith, <'orp. A. W. ~mith, Dr. C. Smith, C. H. Smith, C. M. Smith, U.S . Smith, C. W. Smi th, E . R. Smith, E. K. Smith, E. W. Smith, G. C. Smith, F. H. Smith, H H. Smith, J. B.

Smith, J. R. Smith, Bomb. L. Smith, Lieut. N. D. W. Smith, S. Smith, S. H. Smith, W. A. Smith, W. B. Smith, W. H. Smith, W. J. Hmitb, W. G. Smyth, R. C. Solomon, H. P. Sommerville, C. Sparrow, R. Speed, H. M. Speedy, D. H. V. Speedy, J. Spencer, L. Spierling, A. F. V. Sprott, Lieut. 111. W. C. Stace, Sergt. A. Stainton, J. N. Stainton, Lieut. W. II. Staples, A. F. Htaples, E. S. Staples, G . C. Staples, R. M. Stapleton, H. L. Stevenson, Lieut. J. F. B. Stewart, H. Stewart, E. H. N. Stewart, M. R. Stick, J. A. Still, C. H. Stitt, J. Stockman, J . Stockman, K. C. Stokes, F. W. Stou t, Dr. R. Stout, Major T. D. St. George, E. V. Strack, K. Strang A. 1-;trang, Capt. J. D. IL Stratford. H. Stratford, V. H . Stranchoa, H . J. Strauchon, R. St. S. Stringer, H. G.


Stringer, H. S. StmLrt, .\ . M . Stubbs, E. G. Suckli ng, A. L. Suddinl!, E. V. Suckling, W. F. Sunley, H. Sunley, R JVI. Suth erland, W. Sutton, R J . 'l'ai t, J. S. Tait, K J. Tn.nn er, L ieut. C. P. Taplin, F. F . C. 'l'attle, Q.M.S., F. J. Tattle, P. G. Taylor, C. Taylor, E. W. Taylor, G. Tttylor, H. Tay lor, J. Teychenne, G. L . 'l'hmi1as, D. G. Thomas, K Thomas, G. H. 'l 'homas, W. G. Thompso n, A. M. Thompson, Corp. H. J. Thompson, H. L . Thompson, Sergt. H. W . 'rhompson , D. T. Thompson, N. Thompson, R. Thompson, L ieut. R. L . Thompson , T. 'fhompson, W. G. Ti:ffen, H. M. 'J'illey, N. 'fingey. S. S. 'l.'isna\ 1, Lieut. L . F. Tocker, A. H. Tolhurst, Capt. A. M. 'f olhurst, H.. M. Tolley, J. M. Tonks, H . D. Tonks, R. E . Toogood, F . Toxward, W. E.

Treadwell , Capt. C. A. T readwell, A. H. 'frolove, Lieut. N. E. Troup, G. S Tripe, J. P. B. Tuckey, l\lajor Tuckey, Sergt. R. Tulloch, J. E. Turnbull, C. M. T11rnbull, 路r. 'furnbnll, W. 'rurnet路, F . A. 'furner, F G. Tnrner, G. H. Turne,路, Capt. J. L. H. Turner, J. IV. A. 'l' urnor, P. E. Tustin, T. C. Tweed, Dr. M. 'l 'yer, W. E. Urquhart, J. Upham, C. R. Upton, E. E. rallance, C. R. VR.Ilance, L B. Van Staveren, I. Varnham, Lieut F. S. Varnbam, J. Vaugh an, S. M. Verry , T. H. Veitch, W. J. F. Vial, G. G. Von Sturmer, E. H . Vosper , J. S. Waddell, W. L. Wagg, G. G. C. Wagg. G. T. K. Wagg J. W. R. Wakefield, Lieut. 0. Wakelin, F . N. G. Wakeliu, H. W. Wall, Dr. A. H. E. Wall , J. Wall, P. F. Wallace, A. J. Walmsley, H . G. Walter, J. B.

150 Ward, C. V. Ward, J!'. L. W~t r d,

H. L.

Ward , J. IV. W11rd, T. C. W a rd, R Ward, tiergt.-Major T. L Ward, W. J. Wardrop, L ieut. C. L . W~t r ren, C. D. Warren D. 8. Waterhouse, K. Waters . Lieut. E. F. B. Waters, :::;, Watkins, :E. L. Watson, A. G. Watson, G. E. Watson, Lieur. J. A, Watson, H. C. vV atson , H. l\1, Wakon , Lieut. W. Webb, A, L. Webb, C. E. Webb , E . J . Webley, A. <:;路 Webley, H . Webster, B. B, \Veb;;ter, N. I. Welch, C. L. Welch, L . Welsh, H . J, D. Wellsted, A. W. West, B. West, Lieut. F. L. G. Westwood, E . A. Wedde, H . E . Wbitcombe, A. S. White, A, J , W hiteman, H. L . W iggins, H . E Wiggins, K. E . Wiggins, W. Wilberfoss, R. R. Wilberfoss, T. W. C. Wilford, Lieut. G, l\1, Williams, C. E, Willin.ms, C. S. Williams, H, C. Wi lliams, L. W illiams, L , N,

Williams, Capt. 0. \V. William,on, E. 1. P. Williamson, J. Williamson, J, H. Williamson, L . .J, Wilkenn ing, 0 . G. Wi lki nson , G. E. Willi s, A. K. Willis, n. Willis, C. N. Willis, F. B. Willis, G Wills, E.' Wi lson, A. E. Wilson, C. H . Wilson, D r. D. Wilson, D. Me W ilson, H. D. Wilson, H. E. Wi lson, J, H. Wilson, J, 路wilson, J, Wilson, N, A. Wilson, H. P . Winder, L ieut. H . E . Wiltshire, G. Wise, F . Wise, V. J. Wood, R , Woods, C. E . T. Wrigglesworth, Lieut. A. G. Wright, C. M. Wright, R . Wright, T. M. Wright, N. L . W right, W . G. I{. Wy1~tt, G. C. Wyatt, H. D. Yeats, D. Yerex, Lieut. G. F. Ye rex, Flight.-t'omdr. L. Young, E. J. Young. J. B. Young, Lieut. R. K. Young, R. W. B. Young, Surg.-Capt, W . Yule, R A. Z ucker, L.

Lieut. H. E. Winder Killed in action

Lieut. H. S. Baddeley Wounded an d Missing (Repor ted kflled)

Pvte. Lance Bridge Died of Wounds

Gun. G. V. W. Falder Died of Enteric


Sergt H. P. J. Childs Died of Enteric

Stanley and Brian Ronaldson Brian killed in action

J. F. E. Gale Killed in action

Pvte. W. E. Lorenzen Missing, believed killed




Corp. Ian Douglas Jameson Missing (Reported killed)

Pute. L. M. Barnett Missing (Reported killed)

Pute. L. H . Short Missing, believed Killed

P ute. F. M. Jenkins Missing, believed Killed


Troope r P. E. Turnor Killed in action

Pvte. G. R. Paterson Killed in ltction

Trooper J. L. Grace Riiled in action Major A. G. Hume Killed in action


Corp. W. E. Earp Killed in action

Trooper Waste[ Brisc<> Killed in action

Trooper H. Hindmar:sh Killed in action

Sergt. W . R. Richardson Killed in action


Lieut. W. E. Balcombe-Brown Killed in action

Lieut. Ian C. rindlay K illed in actiou

Pvte. P. G. T a ttle K illed in action

Gunner Leslie Gow<r Killed in action


Pvte. N. F. Burnett Died from WoundÂť

Rifleman E . V. St. George Died in Hospitn.J

Trooper E. R. Armstrong Killed in action


Corp. S. R. Ellis Kill ed in action

Lieut. T. M . Grace Killed in action

Trooper R. A. Newton Killed in action

S ergt. G. MeL. Hogben Killed in actio!)


Corp. A . G. Watson Killed i n a cti on

Pvte. J. B. Walter Drowned in "Marquette"

Gunner H. 1. Plimmer K illed i u action


Corp. T. Carroll K illed in action

Pvte. N. L. Jordan K illed in action

Lieut. S. O'Carrol Smith Died of Wounds

Pvte. G. Wiltshire Killed in action

Lance-Corp. F. A. Cimino Killed in action


Sergt. G . B. E. Russell Killed in action

Sergt . J . V. Radcliffe K illed in action

Lance-Corp. D. Y eats 路' Died of Wounds

Lieut. A. G. Brockett Killed in action


Surg.-Capt. G. V. Bogle Killed i 11 action

Lieut. E. R. Leary Lieut. L. P. Leary Killed in action

Capt. John H. Gauldin~ Killed in action

Gunner J. B. Smith Killed in action


Corp. R. B. Mason Killed in nction

Sergt. K. 0. Curtis Killed in action

Lieut. W. S. Hopkirk K illed in action

Capt. J. D. K. Strang Killed in action


Capt.-Adjut. A. B. McColl K illod in n.otion

Lieut. A . P. Castle Killed in action


l,ieut. A. G. Wrigglesworth K illed in action

Pvte. C. M . Gray Killed in ac~ i on

Pvte. E. H. Aston K ill ed in action

Lance-Corp. J. C. Keasberry Killed in action

Pvte. B. D. Rawnsley K illed in action

Sergt. Reg, I . Manoy K illed in action


Gunner F. W. B. Goodbehere K illed i n action

Lieut. P. Greatbatch Died of W ounds

Lance-Corp. H. G. Freeman K illed in action

Sergt. Edward A. Norris K illed in a ction


Lance-Corp . J. N . Hayes Killed in action

Driver J. F. Mallard Killed in action

Pvte. H. W. B arden JGll•d iu action

Gunner D . K. Gibb Died in H osviLal ·


Corp. C . G. A bercrom bie K illed in action

T rooper H . 0 . Gillies K illed in action

Li• ut G. W. Callencler Killed in action

Lieut. G. C. S . M iller Killed in action


Pvte. A. L. Webb Killed in action

Gunner W. Danks Killed in action

Gunner G. G. Milla is Killed in action

L-:rnce-Carp. CyriL J. Fernandez Died of Wounds


Lance-Corp. A. B . Quick Killed in action

Trooper W. F. Powell Killed in action

Lieut. W . T. Doughty Killed in action

Lance-Corp. A Meli88 Stuart K illed in action


S e rg t. W . A . Holmes K illed in action

Sergt. S . W . Dempsey Killed in action

Gunn e r H D:路 W yatt Killed in action

L ance路Corp. W . H. D . Jennings Killed in action


Pvte. S . H. Parsons Killed in action

Lieut. V . S. H . Abbott Killed in action

Li ~ ut .

Leon:z.rd Smith Killed iu action

:... l

Corp. Carleton flavell K illed in action

Sergt. B. H. Legg Killed in action

"'-- Pvte. F. A . Allen Killed in action

Brigade-Major R. G. Purdy, M.C., Croix d e Guerre, Killed in action

Capt. Oscar E . Gallie, M .C., D.S.O., Killed in' v.clion


Capt. William J. Clachan K illed in action

Capt. J~ o b t. S. Adams K illed in action

Corp. Francis W . Kane K illed in r•ction

Corp. R . Christie K illed in action


Pvt e. W. B . Bruce

Gunner G. G. Vial

1\Iissing, believed Ki lled in notion

K illed i n action

Lieut. F . G. Parsons Killed

Lieut. Herbert Solomon K illed



L ieut. H . M. P etersen K illed in action

Lieut. N iel P earce K i,lled in action

Lie~t. E rn est Cobbe

Lieut. D . A. H arle Killed in action

l{i.lled in a ction


Lieut. Hugh N. Jicke/1 Killed in action

Sergt. F. J. H . Fear, D.C.M. Killed in action

Sergt. C. N. Willis Killed in action

Sergt. C. H . Still, Military Medal Killed in action


Sergt. Fergus K . Galvin Killed~in action

5'ergt. Edward Levy Killed in action

Lieul. W . G. Salmond Killed in action

Liei,Jt . 0. Wakefield Killed in action


Lieut. V. T . Ritchie K illed in action

Lie u t. T. H . Dawson Ki lled i n acLion

Lance-Corp . J . L . Howie Killed in acLion

Lance-Corp. W . H . H eckler Died of Wonnds


Lieut. W. Carruthers, Milita ry Meda l K i!led in n.clion

Lieut. F. J. Beechey Killed in n.ction

Lieut. P . A . O n gley Killed in a.ction

Lieut. Peter Howde n Died of Wound s



Capt. T. W . Rutherfurd Di ed of Siclm e~s

Surg.-Capt. A . M . T olhurst K illed in action

Gunr•er K. J. Andrews Died at Sea

Pvte. C. L . Higgie Killed in action


Lieut. P. F. Armstrong K illed in action

Bomb. J. V. Robe rts K illed in action

Sergt. E. L. Kelly K illed in action


Capt. James Macmorran Killed in action 路

Capt. J . R . R. Leys Killed in action

Lieut. R. K. Nicol Killed in action

Lieut . V, R, Bernard Killed in action


Corp . Eric路 Lyon K illed in action

P vte, J . D . Bennett Ki lled in ,lct ion

Gunner N . Shrimpton K illed in action

Gu11ne r E. S. Staples Killed. in n.ution


Rifleman J . M . Comrie Killed in action

Capt. R. J. S . S eddon Killed in action

Pvte. C. McArthur Killed in action

Capt. J . L . H . Turner, M .C. Killed in action




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