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13 Gardening


Kelly Lockamy explains the benefits of Buying Organic

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16 Just Say No to Styrofoam The problem and the solution

19 Here Come the Detrivores

The purpose for repurposing & details for the fundraising event, This Ain’t Junk

23 The Well FED Pet

Top treats made and found locally for your furry friends

Your Official Event Guide

26 Behind the Label

Defining and understanding food label terms


32 The Art of Fresh

Get to know Kirra Watkins, Kayak Kafé’s head cook and resident food artist

New Listings

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Drink 68 The Buzz on Coffee Certifications Fair Trade, Rainforest Aliance, and Organic What’s the Difference?

70 Organic Wine

Is it worth the hype? Our wine expert, Jason Restivo, shares his thoughts.

72 Seeds of Change pg. 75


A bartender spotlight on Jacquelyne Walsh from SEED Eco Lounge

Bar Guide





dish Spring forward with the April issue of Well FED! Flowers bursting, pollen sprinkling, bees buzzing—no doubt about it, spring is in full effect around Savannah. With the exception of a few April showers (welcomed by our many trees and garden seedlings,) it’s positively glorious outside. We hope you’ll make some time today to sit in the park, walk on the beach or tiptoe through the grass in your front yard—it’s a priceless way to remember that we’re all on this big blue and green ball together. Speaking of our dear planet, Earth Day is April 23, and this year Well FED is honored to be your official source of information about the City of Savannah’s Earth Day Festival in Forsyth Park. (Keep this copy with you for event schedules, maps and more.) With the aim of bringing conscious solutions to our community’s health and environmental concerns, this year’s Festival will host over 80 vendors and educators, as well as awesome hands-on workshops including beekeeping, composting and keeping chickens in the city. This is where to learn how sustainability can be fun, hip and super convenient—exemplified by the drive-through RecycleRama where you can drop off difficult-to-recycle items like paint, oil, batteries and old prescriptions. Also in this issue, you’ll find the definitive reasons for buying organic from our resident outdoorswoman Kelly Lockamy, a plea to “just say no” to Styrofoam from drinks diva Sabina Cushing, the buzz on coffee certifications from local roaster James Spano and a rundown of the town’s tastiest (and healthiest) dog treats by our newest contributor Aly Morita. Sommelier Jason Restivo wonders if organic wines are worth the hype and SEED Eco Lounge’s bartender shares a few secrets—and as always, Well FED contains the largest listing of restaurants from downtown Savannah to Pooler to the islands. Here’s to a new season of sustenance and sustainability!


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Brewing Coffee and Community Since 2001

Everyday 7 am til

10 pm

100% fair trade and organic coffee and espresso, house made baked goodies, fresh smoothies fresh, light fare using local harvest served until 9:00pm music, poetry, indie films... check website for schedule free WiFi located at the south end of Forsyth park, across from the tennis courts

912.232.4447 13 e. Park Ave. Savannah, GA 31401

FEED Why Buy Organic? pg. 13

Understanding Food Labels pg. 26

Just Say NO to Styrofoam pg. 16


he past few years have brought the term “organic” to the mainstream. It used to be considered the realm of hippies and health nuts, but these days everyone from Oprah to school lunch dieticians are discussing what it means and how it affects us. While the benefits of organicallygrown food have been touted on the nightly news and national magazines, there’s always room for more education. The obvious reason for buying organic is the personal benefit—better flavors for the palate, higher nutrition for the body. The naysayers want you to believe that the science isn’t there, yet 2010 from Washington State University shows that organic strawberries contain more anti-oxidants and higher vitamin C than conventional strawberries. Also, the absence of cancer-causing pesticides on organic produce reduces the risk of carcinogen exposure. As for which tastes better, all you have to do is bite into an organic tomato and compare it to one that’s been picked before it was ripe, sprayed for bugs and increased color then trucked across the country. For me, an even stronger reason for buying organic is that it supports the overall health of the planet. This is more of a behind-the-scenes way of thinking about food—not something we’re necessarily taught in school—but the difference between organically-farmed foods and conventional agriculture has and will continue to have an enormous impact on our quality of life.

If you were able to make it to any of the Real Food Film Festival movies like Fresh, Ingredients, or Dirt, you’re already privy to what an inefficient, wasteful and unsustainable food system on which we currently depend. Mass amounts of genetically-modified corn, soybeans and wheat are produced on hundreds of thousands of mono-cropped acres—all which depend on petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and machinery. But wait, I went into those statistics last month… Let’s just say when oil prices soar, food prices soar. Then we’ll either be unable to afford buying foods produced in this oil-dependent way or our tax dollars will subsidize this method of farming even more than they already do. Some still think that organic food costs too much, but the true cost of organically-grown food versus conventionallyproduced food is actually much cheaper if you really trace the money back to how much our government subsidizes these unsustainable farming practices. (The real price of a pound of conventionally-produced beef is $70 if you account for government subsidies!) The alternative is to divide up these vast acreages into sustainably-managed, diversified farms that provide plenty of jobs in the agriculture business and food security for our country. Some may argue that we’re not really running out of oil, that there are still plenty of untapped resources to be drilled, mined or extracted. -Continued next page.

Well FED


That may be true, but the fact is those oil reserves are difficult and incredibly expensive to get to, like the Gulf of Mexico where the oil is miles under the surface, in Canada in the form of tar sands or in the West in shale oil. The ratio of energy spent to extract it to the energy of return isn’t worth the environmental costs of extracting it from these wilderness areas. This doesn’t even take into account that continuing to burn fossil fuels is affecting climate change and rising sea levels, a fact that should especially concern coastal dwellers like us. (Think global warming is still a theory? Speak to Dr. Alexander at the Skidaway Marine Science Center for documentation. He recently gave a thorough presentation on local sea level changes thus far, and predictions for the future levels of the Georgia Coastline were presented at the Strategic Planning meeting hosted by the Metropolitan Planning Commission March 22 & 24.) Then there’s the pollution factor of modern chemical-based agriculture. Agricultural activities that cause agricultural nonpoint source (NPS) pollution include confined animal facilities, grazing, plowing, pesticide spraying, irrigation, fertilizing, planting, and harvesting. According to the most recent National Water Quality Inventor y, agricultural nonpoint source (NPS) pollution—the chemical runoff from conventional farms—is “the leading source of water quality to impact surveyed rivers and lakes, the third largest source of impairments to surveyed estuaries, and also a major contributor to ground water contamination and wetlands degradation.” It’s a problem that seems vast in scale, right? Is buying organic celery from the local farmer’s market really going to make a difference? But consider the story of the hummingbird as told in the film Dirt: When the forest was on fire, the tiny hummingbird rushed back and forth from the river to the fire dropping a beakful of water at a time to put it out. All the other animals stood by watching in fear and denial. The elephants, with their big trunks that could hold gallons of water, told her she was wasting her time. The other animals told her she couldn’t make any difference with her small efforts. She turned to those doing nothing and replied, “at least I’m doing the best that I can.” So I encourage each of us to do the best that we can every day in easing the impact we have on our earth, which is the only home we have. Drive less. Turn off lights. Put tvs, computers and stereos on power strips and flip the switch to off when not in use. Flush less. Install water-saving features on your faucets.

Don’t use chemicals on your lawn and gardens. Grow your own organic food in community gardens, school gardens, urban farms and backyard gardens. Just think what a huge impact this could have if everyone made these simple changes. Stores would have to stock according to the new demand, entrepreneurs would pop up to fill the gaps, more organic farmers would be needed and job opportunities would increase. Less coal would be burned to generate electricity, fewer mountaintops would be blown up to mine coal and our air quality would improve. And yes, buy organic food and local products from people who live close by because every small, sane choice matters. Buy organic because you are supporting our local economy as well as a global movement to do things differently. Let’s ALL be hummingbirds and see what happens to the fire!

not really what we’re talking about USGBC-GA Savannah Branch presents its 3rd Annual


Georgia's Premiere Expo for Green Building Products & Education $10 (or $5 for students with valid ID) $5 CMP classes (members free) No tickets req'd for farmers' market CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR!

Online Registration:

Exhibitor or Sponsorship Information, please contact Christi Chambers at 843-241-7145 or

April 28-29 Charles Morris Center 10 East Broad Street THURS, April 28: Expo (12-7 PM) Savannah Food Co-op Farmers' Market (12-5 PM) Cocktail Reception (4-7 PM) FRI, April 29: Expo (8AM to 1:30PM)

Just say NO to Styrofoam in Savannah by Sabina Cushing

I migrated to The South almost two years ago from relatively progressive San Francisco, California. Aside from the unbelievable summer heat (and those nasty little gnats), one of the first tangible differences that I experienced in Savannah was something I definitely wasn’t accustomed to: People carrying massive quantities of white foam cups and clamshell boxes, unabashedly toting food and drink from almost every eatery in town. In some instances, it served as the only dishware offered by the place. It was just awkward to suddenly see something so prevalent that I’d thought was obsolete. By 2007, officials in my home town had put a ban on polystyrene containers altogether, requiring every vendor to utilize either bio-degradable paper or corn-plastic or recyclable plastic only. But we weren’t the first to stop using the stuff: Back in 1990, even McDonalds’s voluntarily stopped using Styrofoam containers in favor of a less sinister paper carton. Over 100 cities in California have now instituted bans, and other major cities worldwide are realizing the dangerous consequences of styrofoam litter, including Seattle, Toronto and Paris. So, in the interest of progressive logic and the hopes of awakening some of it in our fair city, let’s review some fun Styro-facts: Polystyrene foam (more commonly referred to by its brand name, Styrofoam) was introduced to the American market in 1937 by the Dow Chemical Company as a general insulation material. Manufactured from (non-renewable) petroleum oil, it contained a chemical called chloroflourocarbon (CFC), which was banned in 1987 because it was proven to contribute to the depletion of the planet’s ozone layer. While it no longer contains CFCs, today’s polystyrene foam still remains one of the most environmentally damaging and bio-toxic packaging products on the market. 16 Well FED

Styrofoam is: A direct health hazard. It contains the contaminants benzene and styrene. Benzene exposure has proven serious health risks, including cancer, kidney failure, DNA damage and more. The American Petroleum Institute itself stated in 1948 that “the only absolutely safe concentration for benzene is zero.” While styrene is considered a weaker toxin, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has described styrene as “a suspected carcinogen” and “a suspected toxin to the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, and respiratory system.” Research has also found that foam packaging, especially when used with hot/reactive foods, loses weight when in use, which means its chemical components are literally oozing into the foods and drinks we consume. Those then end up stored in our bodies, where they can build up to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) levels. By 1986, an EPA study found styrene in 100% of human fatty tissue samples tested. An environmental poison. While almost nothing breaks down in a landfill, polystyrene practically NEVER breaks down at all (although some sources claim it will—in 500 years). In either case, the chemical contaminants still leach into and poison our groundwater supply. That’s the same water we bathe in, cook with and drink. Perhaps Savannah’s Signature Cocktail should be called “The Backporch Benzene Punch” or a “Polystyrene Sweet Tea Martini”! Not recyclable. Even though some foam is marked as a “#6 recyclable,” most cities— Savannah included— do not process it. Just as well, since there is no real after-market use for it anyway: Polystyrene foam is not a “closed-loop” material, meaning it cannot be used to make more foam packaging. Instead it’s made into items such as cafeteria trays or disposable razors that

are ultimately destined for the most “closed loop” of all, the landfill. Problem not solved! So the question remains: Why do so many businesses in Savannah still opt for such an unnecessary evil when it comes to take-away packaging? Cost differential—the most common excuse—is no longer a viable reason when bio-friendlier corn-plastic or paper cups can be found for about seven cents a piece or less. Foam cups average about two cents per unit, but is there any consumer who wouldn’t exuberantly absorb such a small price difference with so many crucial factors in the balance? The problems caused by Styrofoam litter are costing us much more than a nickel per cup!

Fortunately, some local trailblazers are leading by grassroots example by using only paper boxes and bio-cups, and better yet, encouraging customers to eschew disposables altogether:

The Sentient Bean uses biodegradable paper and corn plastic cups—they also knock off a quarter on your cup of coffee if you bring your own. 13 E. Park Ave. Swank Bistro provides compostable containers made from corn starch, for your take-home and to-go orders. 1 Diamond Causeway, Suite 15A Thrive Carry Out Café offers only plantbased utensils, plates and cups from NatureWorks LLC, an American company that has developed a non-oil-based plastic out of Ingeo polymers. 4700 US Hwy 80 East #E Of course, your best choice of all for takeout is to bring your own (earth-friendly) containers whenever possible. And don’t be shy—let your favorite restaurant know that you support non-Styrofoam alternatives. After all, they’d be doing the right thing for you and Savannah!

Move over, Omnivores:

The Detrivores are Here. By Scott Boylston

Do the words bottom feeder make you hungry? Do animals that eat up the gunk from the Earth’s deep, dark corners make you want to say,“Yes, ma’am, may I have another?” Notsomuch? Well, some of us enjoy the thought of digging through the detritus—and we do it every day. The unfortunate truth is that bottom feeders have gotten a bad rap. We can’t get any respect, in spite of the fact that if we didn’t exist, the world would be a pretty filthy place. As the director of a non-profit that prides its self on bottom feeding by way of reclaiming and reusing discarded materials, I’m here to remind you of the necessity of detrivorous behavior:

If the detritus around us were NOT eaten or reclaimed in some way, the world as we know it would collapse. Bottom feeders complete the nutrient cycle. Imagine leaves, grass clippings, and fallen trees in the woods never rotting back into the soil—never giving back the nutrients that they gathered during their lifespan. Imagine that possum carcass on the side of the road never disappearing (no one likes to think of maggots in a magazine dedicated to food, but they’re necessary.) Not only would we find ourselves neck high in dead matter, but a significant source of nutrients would be indefinitely sequestered in that dead matter at the expense of the rest of us plants and animals.

“In Nature, there are no landfills...”

It’s understandable that some find detritus repulsive. It’s yucky, all the waste that living organisms leave as they make their way through this world. Detritus is often slimy and it’s likely to make you retch if it’s brought too close to your nose. So, conventional wisdom tells us that anything that feeds on such stuff must be equally repulsive. But we detrivores eat it up. In nature, there are no landfills. Instead, nature devours its own waste, and by doing so, it perpetuates its own existence. This is one of the core tenets of sustainability: Waste = food. And this is one area in which our wondrous world of modern technology has failed: We make stuff, we consume stuff, and all the while our inability to digest the detritus resulting from that consumption has created more pollution than we know what to do with. Detrivore. My spell check has told me I’ve messed up. See how far we have to go? We need more detrivores.

Well FED Magazine Receptacle made entirely from reclaimed wood without using nails. Wooden Sheep Artist: Eric Hallworth

Emergent Structures is a Savannah based non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the value and accessibility of our society’s material waste stream through facilitation, collaboration, education and advocacy. Our focus has primarily been on diverting construction and demolition debris from the landfill, and we’ve been -Continued next page.

Well FED


working with businesses, agencies, organizations, schools and communities in myriad ways to reframe each of these community’s perceptions of waste. We believe in the power of demonstration. We understand doubters and skeptics often remain set in their beliefs until provided concrete proof of the value of the “new” way, so we facilitate both the deconstruction of buildings that are destined to be torn down and the innovative repurposing of their materials. To be clear, we do not advocate the tearing down of buildings; we simply attempt to redirect the materials from buildings whose fate have already been decided. Emergent Structures’ philosophy then is very much in line with the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mantra. In the coming days, through an exciting partnership with Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity, Emergent Structures will be celebrating all manner of trash through the lens of creative repurposing. Anybody who’s ever walked into the Savannah Habitat ReStore in McAlpin Square can appreciate the wealth that is waiting to be discovered in their aisles of previously discarded materials. Because Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity and Emergent Structures share so many values and objectives, the two organizations have teamed up to create a pair of successive fundraising events which celebrate the joys inherent in using garbage as“food for creative expression.” Friday, April 8, is the awards ceremony for the This Ain’t Junk Repurposing Competition, when approximately 50 local artists, designers and tinkerers will present the art they’ve created from repurposed materials— jewelry, furniture, fine art, tableware, or any other imaginable object. The artists have been working for weeks on with their “trash” and everyone’s excited

to see what our creative community has created— awards will be granted to the most innovative and sustainable entries and everyone is invited. The April 8 preview party will also serve as an appetizer for the Trash to Treasure Gala and Auction on April 30. Select entries into the This Ain’t Junk repurposing competition will be auctioned off during a live and silent auction among fine food, drink and entertainment. Both events will be held at the Habitat Restore on Victory Boulevard. These events will be great fun, and we hope they will serve as inspiration not only to those who already have a love of creating art from junk, but for those who may not yet glimpse the beauty of an old hunk of lumber, a small shard of colored glass or a motherboard torn from its discarded computer. These events developed by Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity and Emergent Structures aim to use discarded materials as a bridge between today and tomorrow, between our present relationship with the material world and a more sustainable relationship with it, between innovators and consumers, and between herbivores, carnivores…and detrivores.

I am detrivore. Hear me roar. Scott Boylston is a SCAD professor of Design for Sustainability and the director of Emergent Structures. Tickets for both events are available for purchase at the Habitat Savannah ReStore located in McAplin Square on Victory Drive (cash or credit card only), or the Habitat Savannah offices at 1106 East 70th Street (check only). For online payment options, visit for more information.

Left: Sunglasses made from reclaimed wood and used lenses. Wooden Sheep Artist: Eric Hallworth Center: Necklace made from plexi-glass, magazine scraps, and aluminum from 3.5” floppy disk. Artist: Charisse Bennett Right: Bowtie made from reclaimed wood, strap from reclaimed fabric. Artist: Adrian Perez Photo: Pimprae Hiranprueck


Well FED

The Well FED pet

Special Treats for Furry Friends By: Aly Morita

Though dogs don’t need to eat filet mignon and owners don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive products, we at WellFED encourage and support green living and conscious eating for people as well as our pets. As a new dog owner, I am curious and eager to know what the best dog food and treats there are on the market. Duffy, my golden retriever/spaniel mix, is about seven months old—inquisitive and willing to try just about anything. I want Duffy to have dog treats made from the best, organic ingredients that don’t contain any fillers, preservatives, animal by-products or chemicals of any kind. I believe good nutrition will insure the longevity and overall health of my dog, and I think of good food as preventative medicine. Fortunately, there are local businesses that a lot of healthy, organic choices—even some that are made right here in Savannah!

Where to Shop Locally: TailsSpin


There are reasons why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently awarded TailsSpin a 2011 Blue Ribbon Small Business Award. Owners Jusak Bernhard and Jeff Manley are conscientious pet owners themselves who stay involved in the community by hosting animal welfare events and low-cost veterinary clinic at their busy Habersham Village store. In addition to an array of dog and cat foods, toys and accessories, Tailspin offers a premier selection of dog treats that will make any pooch beg for more. The entire staff seeks know each of their customers and their pets personally, taking into account their specific needs. “There are lots of allergies from inbreeding or the environment these days,” says Bernhard. “It’s simple to help them by getting away from

Above: A variety of treats available at The Grateful Hound including Bowser Beer and Ollie B. Biscuits the bad grains like corn, wheat and soy in the food but people forget to change the treats.” TailsSpin carries an ample selection of organic, highgrade, hypo-allergenic dog treats such as Nutro Natural Choice, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Grizzly NuTreats and many more. 4501 Habersham Street 912.691.8788

The Grateful Hound Maggie and John Granquist opened The Grateful Hound near Ellis Square last October and already it’s a popular downtown destination for locals and visitors. Eschewing the “name brand” treats found in supermarkets, the Granquists only carry food and treats that are free of corn, soy and wheat and other ingredients that are difficult for dogs to digest, including food dye.They carry Bubba Rose products exclusively, 100% organic, homebaked treats made in small batches that look as though they belong in an upscale bakery. Very lucky dogs can lap up a bottle of Bowser Beer, dog “beer” made from beef and chicken broth brewed the same way as the human variety with added glucosamine for joint health. “John and I see our dogs as members of our family,” explains Maggie. “We want to feed them the same kind of quality we look for in our own food.”

32 Barnard Street 912.236.7297 Continued on next page →

Well FED


Canine Palace

Oliver Bentleys

For the last seven years, Sara Portman’s aim has been to put your dog’s health and happiness first. Her quaint shop on Abercorn features an enormous variety of high-quality, unique dog products, including a whimsical selection of collars, grooming aids and toys as well as a range of natural and organic dog food and treats. You can find treats from Savannah-based Oliver Bentleys and Four Dog Favorites here, and look for Sam’s Yams (100% sweet potato chews), Puppy Crack (delicious bites made by a Charleston-based company that donates half its proceeds to animal rescue) and Sea Bones (a chicken, rice and sea cucumber nutritional supplement packed with vitamins and amino acids, especially good for arthritis or dogs with hip problems.) This is a place that calls itself “almost embarrassingly dog-friendly,” so feel free to bring in yours to shmooze and sample!

At Oliver Bentleys showroom, proprietor Eric Zimmerman led me through a tasting of his exceptional dog biscuits. As Savannah’s “preeminent dog treat confectionary,” Oliver Bentley’s Biscuits are the result of Zimmerman’s years of research and are 100% gluten-free with absolutely no wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, fillers, salt or sugar. “It’s a PowerBar and muli-vitamin for your dog,” says Zimmerman. Made from honey, ginger powder, unsweetened applesauce, brewers yeast, molasses, oat bran, salmon oil, organic egg and brown rice flour, these treats are nutritious as well as an artisanal marvel; each biscuit is hand-stamped and twice-baked. They taste amazing—yes, I ate one of these delectable dog biscuits. Mr. Zimmerman encouraged me to treat each bite as “one would a varietal.” As I munched, I detected the initial oat-ey and yeasty flavors of the biscuit, then the sweetness of the honey and applesauce and finally a subtle ginger bouquet. Lovely. A half-pound countertop tin retails for $12.50, but check the website for significant discounts. Quite elegant for a dog treat, but don’t our best friends deserve the best?

612 Abercorn Street 912.234.3336

What to Buy That’s Made Locally:


Four Dog Favorites Cooked up right in Michelle Stevens’ Savannah kitchen are healthy peanut butter treats, known to pet lovers by their brand name, Four Dog Favorites. Michelle has been in business for two years, supplying Canine Palace (see above) and meeting demand through direct orders. Her treats are made from wholesome, simple ingredients including peanut butter, whole-wheat flour, honey, cinnamon and water, but she is happy to tailor her recipes to suit your dog’s allergies or digestive issues. (Such special service is a big advantage to buying local!) Four Dog Favorites are shaped like squirrels, bones, stars, pineapples and special holiday editions and are sold in half-pound bags for just $5. Michelle also offers a dog walking and pet sitting service—appropriately dubbed Spoiled Rotten Pet Service! 1604 East 51st Street 912.257.6644 (Call to order)

Puppy Crack and Four Dog Favorites at Canine Palace 24

Well FED

13 West York Street 912.201.1688

The demand for sustainable food is on the rise, but what exactly does “sustainable” mean, and how can you be sure you are getting food that truly matches your values? Movies like Food, Inc., and books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma have initiated a national conversation about how we are producing the food we eat, and its effect on our environment, health, animal welfare and quality of life. Food marketers understand that we are hungry for information about our food. However, this surge in interest has prompted many companies to use new words without actually giving us any new information, and in many cases rendering once-meaningful claims meaningless. Understanding the Label

If you can’t have a conversation with the producer, you are faced with making a decision based on the label alone. However, many labels are extremely confusing, if not downright misleading! For instance, consider a package of meat labeled, “All Natural Angus Beef.” One might be under the impression that this cow has spent its life on lush grass in beautiful countryside, when in reality from six months of age it was confined to a feedlot, treated with antibiotics, never saw another blade of grass for the remainder of its life and had no Angus heritage at all. In fact, the only true word in the aforementioned label is “beef.” This misleading labeling is not only legal, but common. There now exists a bewildering range of terms and claims used on food labels to differentiate foods. Common examples include “locally grown”, “natural”, “free-range”, or “fresh.” But what exactly do all these terms and claims mean—and how can we be confident that they are true?

Behind the Label by Emily Lancaster

To Make the Most of your Food Dollar, identify your values. What qualities are important to you? • Animal welfare • Environmentally responsible • Pasture-/range-based • Organic • Local Ensure any claim is backed up by evidence – either through your own relationship with a trusted producer or a credible third party certification.


Well FED

Common Label Claims, Demystified ANTIBIOTIC-FREE, NO ANTIBIOTICS: Overuse of antibiotics in farm animal production masks the inherent failings of confinement-based agriculture, and has encouraged the development of superbugs that threaten human health. However, in farm animals as in humans, antibiotics are sometimes necessary to treat illness. The widely misunderstood claim “antibiotic free” prohibits both sub-therapeutic (routine) and therapeutic (prescribed) antibiotic use, meaning any products from an animal that has been treated with antibiotics may not be sold with this label. Antibiotic free means nothing in terms of animal welfare, outdoor access or environmental sustainability. CAGE FREE: Simply means birds are raised without cages. What this doesn’t explain is if the birds were raised outdoors on pasture, if they had access to the outside, or if they were raised indoors in overcrowded conditions. FREE-RANGE/FREE-ROAMING: To use this term, the USDA states that “producers must demonstrate… that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside.” However, the type of access, the length of time the birds are required to have outdoor access, and/or how this must be verified is not legally defined and thus varies greatly from facility to facility. Note: This term has no official meaning for beef or eggs. PASTURED/PASTURE-RAISED: This term implies that animals were raised outdoors on pasture. However, since the term is not legally defined or regulated there is no way to ensure the claim is accurate. HUMANE: There is no formal definition for this term. However, there are groups which provide certification to farmers that raise their animals in accordance with specific production practices. Read each certification’s standards to determine if its definition of “humane” matches yours. A quick examination of each program’s board of directors can help determine the independence of the certification, i.e. whether it is free of conflict of interest. NATURAL, 100% NATURAL OR ALL-NATURAL: This term refers to post-harvest processing only. Natural can be used to describe any product which contains “no artificial ingredient or added color” and is “only minimally processed.” It does not refer to growing or production practices, and therefore means nothing in terms of husbandry practices, antibiotics or hormones, animal welfare, chemicals, food safety or environmental impact.

LOCAL, LOCALLY-GROWN: Food and other agricultural products that are produced, processed and sold within a certain region. The term is, however, unregulated at the national level, meaning that individuals can define and regulate the term based on their own mission and circumstances. GRASSFED (USDA): This term refers only to the diet of cattle, sheep, goats, and bison. Access to pasture is only required “during the growing season,” which is not defined. This claim does not indicate if an animal has been raised in a feedlot and/or given antibiotics or hormones. GRASSFED (AMERICAN GRASSFED ASSOCIATION): Animals certified AGA must be fed a forage diet, raised on pasture that has a minimum of 75% cover, have no confinement, and be given no antibiotics or hormones.

NO ADDED HORMONES: Animals were raised without added growth hormones. However, don’t waste your money on pork or poultry labeled “no added hormones.” By law, hogs and poultry cannot be given any hormones – so the use of the label on these meats is misleading! ORGANIC/CERTIFIED ORGANIC: All products sold as “organic” must meet the USDA National Organic Program production and handling standards. Certification is verified by an accredited certifying agency. In general, organic production limits the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other inputs. Under organic standards animals must have access to the outdoors, but the amount and quality of outdoor access can vary widely. To ensure animals are raised in a pasture- or range-based system with high animal welfare standards it is necessary for the consumer to evaluate each farm on an individual basis. -Continued next page Well FED


Consumer as Private Investigator As we all know, the food we put into our bodies affects our health and well-being. The systemic lack of accountability in our food system compels us to think critically about what we eat. The following guidelines will help you make intelligent, values-based purchases: 1) Make sure your understanding of a given claim matches that of the person or company making the claim. 2) Don’t take a claim at face value—the company making the claim may be more concerned with its shareholders than your health, family farming or environmental sustainability. 3) Ask questions! It shows the producer that you value your food dollar—and you may learn some interesting information in the process. Industrial Agriculture has given us empty calories, environmental pollution, depleted soils and antibioticresistant bacteria. But farming can also give us wholesome, clean foods from pastured animals and sustainable farms. Collectively, our purchasing decisions shape the food system we depend upon. Farmer or consumer, we all have an interest in engaging in an honest conversation about how our food is produced.

Hint: If you buy cage-free, free-range or free-roaming because you want eggs from hens raised humanely on pasture, save your money! None of these terms mean that hens were raised outdoors. If you aren’t able to ask the farmer or visit the farm to see for yourself, Animal Welfare Approved is the only certification that guarantees animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range. If you can’t find AWA, look for “pastured.” For more information about food labels and pasture-based farming visit: - Emily Lancaster is the Southeast Farm and Market Outreach Coordinator for Animal Welfare Approved, the nonprofit certification program and food label for pastureand range-based farms. One of her many roles includes providing labeling assistance to farmers in the program.

EAT pg. 35

New Listings Maps. Details. pg. 43 Descriptions.

The Art

of Fresh Get to know Kayak Kafé’s head cook, Kirra Watkins

Well FED has regularly featured some of the most prominent chefs in the city and shared their recipes and insights with our readers. This month we decided to catch up with one of our city’s most up and coming talents: Kirra Watkins of Kayak Kafe. Inspired and guided by owner, Brenden Pappas, this Midwest transplant has come to find that she has a natural gift for the culinary arts. Although still quite young with much yet to learn, Kirra has no shortage of talent and has become one of the driving forces behind one of the most interesting and fresh menus in the city. She shared with Well FED, not only a recipe, but also a bit about where she comes from and what inspires her. We will be sure to keep a close eye on the young Ms. Watkins as she surely rises through the ranks to join some of our city’s most talented chefs!

About me: My name is Kirra Watkins, I’m 23 years old and have been living in Savannah for almost the last three. I love to move and am surprised in myself that I’ve been here for this long. I’m a fairly simple person that likes good movies and decent art. I myself can draw pretty well and plan on doing something with that. I have one sibling, my sister, and she is still back in our hometown of Pierre, SD. I want to be a nutritionist of some sort. Basically, I love healthy food that tastes amazing. Five ingredients I use the most: Yellow squash, red bell peppers, green onions, shrooms of any sort and avocado. Red bells are my favorite because while I’m cooking with them I get to munch on them and they’re so good raw.

Favorite Spice: Cumin. Hands down. And if I were going for a favorite herb, cilantro. Guilty pleasure: I love cookies. A lot. My restaurant is special because: I try to make absolutely everything I produce look amazing. I’m an artist, so it has to be pretty to me. The owner Brendan and I are always collaborating on things to make sure things aren’t too salty or too hot. I think every time we make anything it gets better and better. My cooking style can be described as: I cook for health so I try and throw in as many vegetables I can. I don’t usually cook with meat. I might use some chicken, but the ratio is low for it. Same with pasta or rice. Very little compared to the veggies. 32

Well FED


influences are: What’s in season. Mostly I just cruise the veggie section and see what happens.

My best dish is: Stir-fry in the loosest sense. Favorite veggies, a bunch of cilantro, jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, all thrown on some tortillas. No cheese.

Favorite Places to Eat Out (besides Kayak Kafe): It used to be Pizza Rustica honestly, but I’d have to admit that as long as I’ve been in Savannah, I’m still just starting to eat out at places. But so far, Ruan Thai was pretty high on my favorite list.

Advice for the novice cook: Maybe for one meal, stop reading a recipe and just create something you feel like might be good. Craving mushrooms or squash, throw them into something. It can’t be that bad in the end.

The earth day s a n d w i c h 2 slices whole wheat bread Hummus Half a cucumber One tomato A quarter of a red onion Half a carrot, julienned Organic sprouts Organic greens Dijon mustard (optional) Take two pieces of super whole grain bread. Spread three tablespoons of hummus on the bottom slice of bread. Slice thin cucumber, tomato and red onion and place on the hummus. Add sprouts. Add shredded carrots. Add some olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. Put the Organic greens on top of all the other stuff and place top slice of bread. For extra pizzazz, add spicy dijon mustard. Well FED


COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Savannah Country Day School campus greening program.

Welcome back farmers!

2011 season opens April 2nd. 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EBT and WIC accepted.

direct from the producers. The south end of FORSYTH PARK near the tennis courts. .

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, bread, pasta, etc.

HEALTH SPOT: self-directed exercise and health screenings.

Earth Day is proudly sponsored by:

The 2011 Savannah Earth Day Festival

This year’s festival is inspired by our community’s growing interest in self-reliance and sustainability. We want our food supply untainted, our surrounding marshes and waterways unpolluted, and our local economy to thrive—and in order to accomplish that, we have to do our part. From backyard gardening to signing up for a local farmbox program to supporting burgeoning eco-industries like solar power, biofuels and rainwater reclamation, there are myriad ways we can decrease our carbon footprints and increase our environmental awareness.The Earth Day Savannah 2011 Festival is all about good local food, community involvement, and resource conservation. Start the day on a positive note and participate in the very popular RecycleRama. Come speak with our exhibitors, take part in a workshop, and learn how to expand your independence while protecting our remarkable landscape. Bring the whole family and enjoy the fellowship and numerous free activities this community event offers. Whether you are a survivalist, a conservationist, or just curious, we hope you come out to enjoy this year’s festival. Come out April 23rd to Forsyth Park for this year’s Earth Day—it’s fun, it’s free, it’s the future!

2011 Earth Day Festival Exhibitors ASLA Georgia Chapter Atlantic Star Landscape Architecture/Living Roofs Brazen Design Group CEBA - Coastal Empire Bee Association Charles Ellis Montessori Academy BETA Club Chatham County Mosqito Control Chatham County Mosqito Control Aviation Chatham County Resource Protection Commission Chatham Emergency Management Agency Chatham Environmental Forum Citizens Climate Lobby City of Savannah FOG Program City of Savannah Floodplain Program City of Savannah Stormwater Department City of Savannah Water Department Clean Coast Coastal Center for Developmental Services, Inc Coastal Empire Montessori Coastal Handyman Services Drum Talk Emergent Structures EZ Bake Coven Farm Bureau Footprint Savannah Friends of the Live oak Public Libraries Garden City Water Department Georgia Ports Authority Georgia Power Georgia Southern Biology Club Girl Scouts of Historic Savannah Go Green Tours & Resources Green Infrastructure Haberdashery Eco Fashion Supply

Intra-coastal Environment National Association of Women in Construction Port City Grease RedDog Bakery Savannah Bicycle Campaign Savannah Food Coop Savannah Green Source Savannah tree Foundation Savannah Veggies and Vegans SCAD Design for Sustainability SES Biofuels Sierra Club Solartek Energy of Georgia SP Recycling Corporation St Vincents Academy SUGA - Savannah Urban Garden Alliance Telfair Museum Terrapin Educational Research Program of Savannah Test America Savannah The Dolphin Project Thrive - City of Savannah Tweedlemania Tybee Beautification Association Tybee Marine Science Unitarian Universalist Beloved Community US Army Corps of Engineers US Fish and Wildlife Service US Green Building Council, Savannah Branch USDA-NRCS Village at Rice Hope Weyerhaeuser, Port Wentworth Wilderness Southeast Wooden Sheep YFACE - Youth For A Cleaner Environment

Schedule of Events

8:00 AM - 11:00 AM RecycleRama

(Ends promptly at 11:00 AM, no exceptions, so please come early) CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER AT THE DRIVE-THRU! Drop off the following residential household items for easy recycling, including: Batteries & Motor Oil Paint -sponsored by Ashland Tires -sponsored by Liberty Tire

Printer Cartridges and Phones -sponsored by Savannah Green Source Waste Cooking Oil -sponsored by Port City Grease Unused and Expired Medications, Human and Pet! -sponsored by South University and Return Logistics 2011 Festival Recycling Provided by Foot Print Savannah, Commercial Recyclers

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Forsyth Farmers Market

Stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, bread, pasta, and more. Come meet your local farmers and get to know where your food comes from.

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Green Bistro Dining and Picnic Area Bring a blanket or dine at the community tables while being serenaded by local musicians. Have lunch in the park and take your pick from some of the healthy and flavorful selections available, including:

Thrive Cafe ~ Butterhead Greens ~ K-Bella Gourmet ~ Form Barnes ~ Recippis ~ Crepe A Diem ~ Perc Coffee ~ Starbucks 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Earth Day Music in the Park This year will feature a great assortment of local artists including tribal drumming and roving minstrels that will serenade festival patrons throughout the day. Also, good-time, earth-loving, gospel and acoustic musicians will be playing on the main stage and throughout the festival grounds.

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Live Oak Avenue of Living and Learning Over 80 exhibits from our regional and community partners. Learn, grow and experience engaging activities for the entire family!

Workshops on Sustainable Urban Living (details on next page) Beehive Keeping 11:00 AM 11:30 AM The Joy of Composting 12:15 PM Urban Chickens Solar Powered Cooking 12:45 PM 1:30 PM **Green Roofs **Wooden Sheep 2:15 PM **perfect for the kids!

4:00 PM 4th Annual Savannah Wheelie Earth Day Bike Ride Join the Savannah Bicycle Campaign on this escorted community bike ride through downtown. Special guest leader to be announced!

Workshops on Sustainable Urban Living 11:00 AM BeeKeeping 101 Did you know that one third of everything you eat is a result of honey bee pollination? As humans, we depend on these fascinating insects for food, as well as many other hive products that improve our health and well-being. However, honeybees face many challenges in today’s world. Both hobby and professional beekeepers are needed to help maintain the populations of this vital creature. If you’re interested in learning more about beekeeping, please join the Coastal Empire Beekeeping Association and remember to always “Look for the LIVE HIVE!”

11:30 AM The Joy of Composting

Did you purchase a composter from the City Truckload Sale? If you are one of the 350 that did and want to speak with an expert, don’t miss this session. Whether you are just curious, a novice, or seasoned green thumb, Kelly Lockamy will be on hand to answer all your questions and has made a career of advising people on composting and urban gardening. Learn the ingredients and techniques essential to producing a fine, high quality product for use in your own garden.

12:15 PM Urban Chickens For those who want to redefine the term “family pet” to include chickens! Come join us for a lively discussion and learn the rewards of raising chickens and harvesting eggs in your own yard.

12:45 PM Cooking with Solar

Don’t miss this very tasty workshop with local celebrity Chef Chris Russell of FORM. Chef Russell will demonstrate the heat and convenience of cooking on a solar powered grill, designed and built by Wes Jackson. Russell will also prepare some delectable samplings for all to try, using local foods purchased from the Farmers Market.

1:45 PM Green Roofs In December 2010 the City of Savannah adopted Green Roof Standards. What is a green roof and why are they so great? Stella Matthews from Atlantic Star Landscape Architecture will enlighten all members of your family with the basics of green roofing and a fun activity for the kids.

2:15 PM Repurposing Materials Project

Artists from The Wooden Sheep design shop will showcase how local materials can be reused to make high quality products and art. Also, there will be a family friendly educational workshop where children can learn the basics of sustainable principles and then apply them to a fun, take-home craft project.



Maps. Details. Descriptions. The Well FED Dining Guide is your ticket to good eatin’. It can help you decide whether tonight you are going to stick to your usual or discover delicious local flavors you didn’t know you were missing....until now. For your convenience, the directory is divided by location and cuisine.

H i sto r ic Di st r ict Starts on page 44 M i dto w n / S o ut h s i d e Starts on page 52

T HE ISLANDS Starts on page 60 O O L E R / W E ST C H AT H A M PStarts on page 64

Photo: Specialty Desserts by Dani Cakes


Well FED


Alligator Soul A $$$



Billy’s Place $$ A

Well FED

102 E. Broad St. 912.234.6686

202 W. Bay St. 912.232.8501

M-Su: 5pm-1am

13 W. Bay St.


202 E Broughton St.

Sa-Su: 11am-3pm, M-F: 5pm-10pm, Sa: 5pm-10:30pm, Su: 5pm-9pm



Su-Th: 5:30pm-9pm, F-Sa: 5:30pm-10pm

B2 Churchill’s Pub $$ A

207 W.York St.

Open: 11am-3pm, Closed: Sun & Tue

224 W. Julian St. 912.790.8833

M-F: 7am-4pm, Sa-Su: 9am-4pm

D12 Chart House A $$

2 E. Broughton St. 912.236.7133

M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm

Emphasis is on consistently delicious organic, Historic casual setting. Daily seafood selecIntimate historic setting. Menu selections tions and extensive wine list. Happy Hour, M-F include traditional British and classic American and seasonal fare served in a fun and infrom 4:30pm-7pm with appetizer specials. novative space. fare. Kitchen open til 1am everyday.

D8 Cha Bella A $$

1102 Bull St. 912.231.8888

Tu-Sa: 11:30-4pm, M-Th: 4-10pm, F-Sa: 4-11pm, Su: 4-9:30pm, Early Bird Dinner: 4pm-6pm

E4 “Green” cafe located on the second floor of Jepsum center, overlookin Telfair Square. Traditional and unique mix of cafe selections sourced from fresh and local ingredients.

Cafe Zeum $$


Eclectic mix of sandwiches, pasta, salads, soups and more. Daily specials. Spacious and casual express setting. Take out and catering available. Now serving brunch.

Caraway Cafe $ A



1 N. Lincoln St.

M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm Su: 12:30pm-10pm

514 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.651.9660

D6 Cafe at City Market $$ A

20 E. Perry St. 912.231.2385

Modern twist on Southern cuisine with French Large eclectic menu with regular specials. influences. Finely appointed dining area and Casual dining with outdoor seating located in wine bar. Live music every Th, Fri, & Sa. Night. City Market.

Broughton & Bull A $$$

Su: 11am-9pm, M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Freshly prepared local and organic selections. Gluten free and vegan options. Juice bar, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, and daily specials. Located in Brighter Day Natural Foods Market M-Sa: 11am-4pm


115 E. River St. 912.231.9049

Brighter Day Deli $


Tu-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-12am, Su: 5pm-10pm


M-Th: 11am-12am, F-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am-2am


Boar’s Head Grill & Tavern $$ A B8

Southwestern BBQ. Sandwiches, platter, or by New American cuisine with a Southern Flair. the pound. Large selection of craft beer. Live Located in a restored, historic cotton wareMusic on weekends at 6:30pm. Jazz on Fri. house overlooking the Savannah River.

G6 Blowin’ Smoke BBQ A $

315 W. Julian St.

M-Sa: 11am-3pm, M-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su. Brunch: 11:30am-3pm

Children’s Menu

Casual dining atmosphere on the river. Serving Classic intimate dining ambiance. Menu standard American fare. Famous for oysters. selections include contemporary American Karaoke on Fri. & Sa. nights. and international fare.

Bernie’s A $$


Casual dining in a well appointed historic building. Nationally acclaimed menu featuring certified Angus beef steaks and fresh seafood. Daily Specials.

14 N. Abercorn Ramp 912.233.2626

M-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am -2am

13 E Broughton St. 912.233.6411

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am

325 E. Bay St. 912.231.0986

M-Sa: 8am-10pm, Su. Brunch:9am-3pm Happy Hour: 4pm-7pm


Belford’s B7 A $$ - $$$

14 Barnard St.

M-F: 6:30-10am, Sa-Su: 7-11am, M-Th: 5-11pm, F-Sa: 5-12pm, Su:5-10pm

21 W. Oglethorpe Ln. 912.233.2116

Award winning burgers and standard American Serving Cajun, Italian, American and seafood. fare. Casual dining setting with over 170 Cozy with full bar. Open for over 20 years. burgers on menu Live music every night at 9pm. Pool & Darts in upstairs bar.


D6 Bayou Cafe

114 Barnard St. 912.495.0902

Tu: 11:30am-3pm, W-Sa: 11:30a-6pm


36 MLK Blvd.

Contemporary and relaxed resort dining atmosphere. Inventive menu with Southern influences. Breakfast buffet and dinner tapas.

F5 AVIA Kitchen $$ A

Memphis style barbecue in a casual setting. Simple menu includes standard barbecue fare. “A little taste of Heaven that’s been through Hell.”

D4 Angel’s BBQ $ A

Su: 12pm-9pm

M-W: 11am-10pm, Th-Sa: 11am-11pm,

123 E. Broughton St. 912.238.1606

M-F: 6pm-10pm, Lounge opens at 5pm.


Vegetarian Options


$$ Some restrictions may apply.

Casual bistro setting with full bar. Serving award winning breakfast. Southern inspired contemporary menu in Savannah’s oldest tavern.


606 East Cafe

Delivery Available.

912.721.5002 700 Drayton St. 912.232.7899 B. Matthews Eatery B8 B&D Burgers A $$$ A $


Well appointed ambiance set in the Marshall 606 is an eclectic, creative, and cozy House hotel. Contemporary American and restaurant dedicated to serving great European fare. Reservations Recommended. American cuisine

45 Bistro A $$

307 E. President St. 912.234.3111

M-F: 11:30am-3pm, M-F: 6pm-10pm Lounge Su-Sa: 12pm-12am

Southern Tapas, soups, salads. Light lunch menu. Heavier dinner menu includes local shrimp and selection of finer cuts of beef.


Lavish contemporary ambiance. Eclectic Eclectic menu with international and southern menu with traditional southern, American, and flair. Contemporary fine dining ambiance. European influences. Fresh, Local, and Organic Fare. M-Su: 7am-2pm, M-Su: 5pm-10pm M–Su: 5:30pm–10pm

700 Drayton A $$$

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


17 Hundred 90 A $$

H i st o r Hi c ric i stDoi st ric Dti st r i c t $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



Well FED Well FED


Classic café fare mixed with southern and international selections. Historic intimate atmosphere.


Su-Th:11-10pm, F-Sa:11am-11pm

Savannah’s second oldest restaurant and parlor. Selections include interesting takes on traditional American dishes.

Crystal Beer Parlor $ - $$ A

M-Su: 5pm-10pm


39 Barnard St. Inside the Doubletree Hotel. Mix of American


M-Su: 11am-12 am


117 W. River St.

Located in the United House of Prayer. Award winning classic southern soulfood. Cafeteria style family dining. Tu-W: 11am-4pm Th-Su: 11am-5pm

Masada Cafe $

411 W Bay St 912.233.9626

Large selection of contemporary American fare in a casual upbeat setting.

311 W. Congress St.

M-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 12pm-3am

Casual intimate Scottish Pub. Menu features traditional American and Scottish fare.

11 W. Liberty St. 912.239.9600

Casual eclectic atmosphere matches the eclectic menu. Large selection of pizzas, hoagies, munchies and beers. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 11am-10pm

21 E. McDonough St. 912.495.0705

M-Sa: 8am-3am, Su: 8am-2am



Locos Grill & Pub A $$


21 W. Bay St.

Casual contemporary atmosphere serving eclectic American fare. Large beer selection with house brewery. M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am, Su: 11am-11pm

2301 W. Bay St. 1110 Bull St. 912.236.8711 301 W. Broughton St. 912.236.9499 102 Congress St. 912.790.9000 Mellow Mushroom Molly MacPherson’s Moon River Brewing Co. B5 D3 G6 H5 $$ A $$ A $ A

Classic casual Irish American pub. Serving large breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. Famous for nightly karaoke.

912.233.2600 McDonough’s A $$

M-Su: 6-10pm

Contemporary casual atmosphere. Southern influenced menu utilizing local and seasonal selections. Boutique wine list.


11 W. Bay St.

M-F: 6am-1030am, M-F 1130am-130pm, Sa-Su: 6am-11am, M-Su: 5-10pm


Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Paula Deen family establishment. Classic southern fare serving buffet style and menu specials. M-Sa: 11am-3pm, M-Sa: 5pm-close, Su: 11am-5pm

912.236.7494 122 E. Liberty St. 912.944.4343 Lady and Sons D5 Local 11Ten $$$ A A $$

M-Sa: 11am-3am ,Su: 11:30am-2am


M-Su: 7am-2pm

Traditional Irish pub with Irish singing every night. Menu features classic American and Irish fare. M-Sa: 11pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-2:30am

912.234.7385 115 E. River St. 912.231.0100 9 Drayton St. John Ryan’s Bistro & Pub B4 B2 Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub $$ A A $$

Casual rooftop dining featuring an extensive menu of salads, apps, sandwiches and dinner entrees. M: 4-11pm, Tu-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-2am, Su: 12-11pm

Children’s Menu

Large menu featuring classic American Barbeque, ribs, and wings served in an upbeat selections and bistro fare. Southern style lunch breakfast and lunch selections. Casual setting. atmosphere with servers in red cowgirl boots. buffet with more international selections at

912.232.7118 315 W. Congress St. 912.233.4683 J. Christopher’s J.J. Bonerz H7 $ A $

European style café and bakery serving large Authentic New Orleans cuisine. Serving late selection of breakfast items and casual lunch breakfasts and local seafood in a casual atmosphere. fare. M-Th: 7am-10pm, F: 7am-11pm, M-F: 7am-3pm, Sa-Su: 8am-3pm Sa: 8am-11pm, Su: 8am-10pm

Vegetarian Options

Spacious, finely appointed dining area. Menu includes contemporary American and international fare.

912.236.3322 10 W. State St. 912.644.7172 131 W. River St. 912.234.1971 321 Habersham St. 912.349.1420 714 MLK Jr. Blvd. Isaac’s on Drayton Huey’s on the River Garibaldi’s Cafe Goose Feathers C7 B7 D3 D4 $$ A A $$ A $$ $

Tu-Th: 7:30am-8:30pm, F: 7:30am-9:30pm, Sa: 9am-9:30pm, Su: 9am-3pm M-F: 6am-6pm

Some restrictions may apply.

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

Spacious dining area in a casual atmosphere. Classic southern soulfood selections. Daily specials available.

301 W. Jones St. 912.233.0402 404 Abercorn St. 912.231.0701 130 W. Low Factors Walk 912.349.1000 Firefly Cafe Garden of Eden Fiddler’s Crab House E5 M1 B7 H9 $ A $$ $$ A

M-Fr: 7am-4pm, Sa-Su: 8am-4pm


Delivery Available.

M-F: 7am-2:45pm


Cobblestone Cafe

Casual local atmosphere. Serving breakfast Small cozy atmosphere serving all day and lunch. Selections include standard traditional American fare diner and southern fare. Outdoor seating Su-Th: 7am-4pm, F-Sa: 7am-5pm available


Local, fresh seafood selections and standard Relaxed local feel. Serving down home style American breakfast and lunch. Daily specials. American fare. Served in casual setting with scenic views.



BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.



HHi ist stoorri icc DDi ist strri icctt Map on pg. 44

$$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10


609 Abercorn St. 912.233.2195 B5 Roly Poly $ 912.234.1900 Sapphire Grill D4 A $$

1629 W. Bay St. C4

125 W. River St. $$


411 E. River St.

M-W: 11:30am-9pm, Thu-Sat: 11:30am-4am

Cozy family owned restaurant with outdoor seating. Relaxed atmosphere serving Cajun, Creole and French influenced selections.


912.232.1565 Second Line

M-Th: 5pm-12am, F-Sa: 5pm-3am

M-Sa: 11am-until

Local late night spot for affordable pizza. Casual express setting.


12 W. Liberty St. D3 Sweet Melissa’s $

225 E Bay St. 912.233.1633

Casual intimate atmosphere.Tapas, light fare and desserts. Extensive wine and drink list. Kitchen open till midnight.

Sugar Daddy’s $$ A


Well FED

(912) 398-6888

220 W. Broughton

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

Outfitters. American Contemporary Cuisine served in a historic, yet casual, upscale environment. Featuring local tastes in the farm-to-table tradition.


27 Barnard St.

Su-Th: 11am-2am, F-Sa: 11am-3am


M-Su: 11am-4pm, Su-Th: 4pm-10pm, F-Sa: 4pm-11pm

15 E. River St.

Casual American setting. Serving large selection of wings and American fare.

Contemporary southern cuisine. Spacious elegant ambiance. Extensive wine menu.

115 E. River St. 912.721.1000

Panoramic river view and live music every night. Menu features American fare and seafood. M-W: 11-10:30pm, Th-F: 11am-11pm, Sa: 9am-11pm, Su: 9am-2pm

317 E. River St. 912.790.8512 719 E. Broad St. 912.335.5852 109 Jefferson St. 912.443.1622 35 Whitaker St. Tubby’s Tank House Wild Wing Cafe Temperance Vic’s on the River B7 C4 D5 B6 A $$ A $$ A $ A $$$ Opening soon. Located across from Urban


Nationally recognized joint venture between the Union Mission and STC. Casual setting with traditional American fare prepared by students in the culinary training program. M-F: 8am-2:30pm


245 Bull St.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Pizza galley and saloon. Large menu also includes pasta, salads, and stackers. “Home of the original chicken finger.” Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm


313 E. River St. 912.233.3156 Starfish Cafe B10 $ $$

Relaxed café setting. Sunday brunch. Menu selections include specialty sandwiches, desserts and more. M-Sa: 11:30am-4pm, Su: 11-4pm


912.236.4229 Spanky’s

Casual English pub with classic historic setting. Relaxed atmosphere in the downstairs of the European influenced pub fare and specialties. East Bay Inn. Classic American cuisine mixed with Asian selections as well M-Th: 11:30am-12am, F-Sa: 11:30am-2am, M-F: 11am-3pm, W-Th: 6pm-9pm F-Sa: 6pm-10pm Su: 11:30am- 10pm

Children’s Menu

Casual fine dining setting.Various menu items prepared at table. Extensive seafood selections. M-Su: 11am-10pm

Vegetarian Options

114 Barnard St. 912.443.9962 110 W. Congress St. 912.335.1754 306 Upper Factor’s Walk 877.486.9575 102 W. Bay St. 912.233.8222 Six Pence Pub Shrimp Factory G6 Skyler’s Restaurant H5 B8 Soho South Cafe B10 $$ A $ $ A A A $$

Elegant and eclectic setting in the Bohemian Casual express setting. Extensive selection of Finely appointed, intimate atmosphere. Serving contemporary selections with American Hotel. Southern contemporary cuisine serving wraps, sandwiches, soups, and salads. and European influences. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Su-Th: 6pm-10:30pm, Sa: 5:30pm-11:30pm M-Su: 7am-10pm M-F: 10am-5pm, Sa: 11am-5pm

Rocks on the River $$ A

Some restrictions may apply.


Expansive menu featuring fresh local seafood Casual classic American atmosphere. Large and homemade breads and desserts. Historic selection of seafood. Raw bar featuring casual setting. oysters. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10:30pm Su: 11:30-10pm

321 Jefferson St. 912.232.4286 107 W. Jones St. 912.443.3210 23 Abercorn St. A4 River Street Oyster Bar B11 W. Bay River House Seafood $$ A A $$

Open for over 30 years. Specializing in barbeque and seafood. Spacious setting with game room and banquet area. W-Su: 11:30am -Until M-Tu: Closed

912.232.5997 L8 Rib Hut $ A

Intimate historic setting. Menu features locally Well appointed, historical setting. Extensive inspired selections with European influences. Wine List, Seasonal menu features seafood and southern fare. Tu-Th: 5:30pm-10:30pm, F-Sa: 5:30pmSu-M: 5pm-10:30pm, Tu-Th: 11am-10:30pm 11:30pm F-Sa: 11am-11pm


Nationally recognized casual lunch dining. Classic southern home cooking served family style at shared tables. M-F: 11am-2pm

Olde Pink House A $$$

Delivery Available.

Casual express setting. Considerably large menu includes Po-boy sandwiches and many vegetarian options. M-Su: 11am-8pm

Po Boys

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.



Noble Fare A $$

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room I5 $$

Map on pg. 44

H i st o r i c D i st r i c t $$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10



WellWell FEDFED D4

234 Bull St.



143 Bull St.


7 E. Broughton St. 912.238.1150

Lunch served 11:30am-4pm

21 W. York St.

Boutique store and tea room.Well appointed Casual intimate setting. Standard café fare, relaxed atmosphere. Full afternoon tea available (reservations suggested for afternoon tea) specializing in chocolates. M-Sat: 10am-5pm M-F: 7:30am-5:30pm, Sa: 9am-5:30pm

912.234.4442 212 E. Broughton St. 912.238.2012 42 MLK Jr. Blvd. D6 Wright Square Cafe F6 The Tea Room E5 $ $

Sandwiches, coffee, tea, juice bar and vegan smoothies. Relaxed atmosphere featuring local artwork. Public computers and wifi. M-F: 9am-6pm, Sa: 10am-6pm, Su: 10am-4pm

13 E. Park Avenue 912.231.8100

Casual relaxed café atmosphere. Local hub. Fair-trade coffee and vegetarian selections. Featuring local art and entertainment. M-Su: 7am-10pm


Smooth Cafe

Retro atmosphere dessert restaurant with full bar. Homemade desserts, organic coffee, gourmet cheese, and specialty drinks. Sun-Thurs 5pm-12am, Fri-Sat 1pm-1am


Sentient Bean $

Historic ice cream parlor. Casual family setting. Serving a wide variety of icecreams, specialty beverages, sandwiches, and soups. Su: 12pm-10pm, M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

912.233.6400 102 E. Liberty St. 912.239.9444 19 Jefferson St. Lulu’s Chocolate Bar Leopold’s Ice Cream D1 D8 $ A $$

M-Th: 10am-6pm, F-Sa: 10am-9pm Su: 12pm-6pm

Large selection of ice cream and sweets in a casual express setting.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Frozen Yogurt Café, self-serve buffet style with Locally owned and operated, professional large selection of toppings. Free wi-fi. custom cake design that creates anything from cupcakes to birthday, wedding, and special occasion themed cakes. M-Su: 11am-12am M-Su: 12pm-9pm 912.231.8282 2 Park Commerce Blvd. 912.233.1900 225 W. Broughton St.

912.816.4764 1 E. Broughton St. 912.233.5348 Kerry O’Connor Cake Design La’ Berry $ $-$$$ D8

Artisan bakery with American and French influences. Seasonal offerings also include light café fare. M-Sa: 7:30am-6:30pm, Su: 8:30am-4:30pm


Casual and cozy café environment. Serving large selection of standard café drinks and fare. M-F: 7:30am-10pm, Sa-Su: 8am-11pm

912.234.2344 202 W. Saint Julian St. 912.944.2556 313 Abercorn St. Harris Baking Company G7 Ice Cream Etcetera C3 $ $

M-Su: 9am-5pm

Children’s Menu

Contemporary and funky casual setting. Self serve frozen yogurt with large selection of fresh additions. M-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-10pm


Su-Th: 10am-10pm, F-Sa: 10am-11pm

Casual express setting. Serving café selections, Casual express set cafe serving a variety of coffee based beverages. including panini and Italian gelatoh.


513 E. Oglethorpe Ave.

Vegetarian Options

912.233.8899 113 MLK Jr. Blvd. Fruzen Twist E7 Gallery Espresso $ $

Cafes Sweets Bakeries

30 MLK Blvd 912.232.8222 C5 Carpe Vas $

M-F:11am-2:30pm, M-Th:5pm-10pm, F-Sa:5pm-11pm

125 E. Broughton St. 912.233.1187 Cafe Gelatohhh $

M-Sa: 5:30pm-10:30pm

Su-Th: 11-10pm, Fr-Sa: 11-11pm

Menu includes Japanese and Vietnamese dishes. Ambient atmosphere featuring local artwork. M-Sa: 11:30-2:30pm, M-Th: 4-9:30pm, F-Sa: 4-10:30pm, Su: 4:30-9:30pm

17 W. Broughton St. 912.232.5288 4 W. Broughton St. H7 Ta Ca Japanese Fusion F11 $$

Japanese owned and operated. Casual intimate atmosphere serving traditional Japanese sushi and entrees.

912.231.6667 D7 Sushi Zen $$ A

Some restrictions may apply.

912.234.9300 116 E. Broughton St. 912.238.8228 Wasabi’s Fusion Downtown A $$ D1

Elegant casual atmosphere. Japanese, Malaysian, and Thai inspired selections. 10 signature sauces.

D7 Seasons of Japan Bistro A $$

M-F: 11am-9pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-9pm 912.201.3534 147 Abercorn St.


Award winning Thai,Vietnamese, and PanAsian menu.Vegan friendly. Casual intimate setting. M-F: 11am-3pm, Sa-Su: 12-4pm, Su-Th: 5-10pm, F-Sa: 5-11pm

D6 Saigon Restaurant $$ A

Casual intimate atmosphere.Traditional Thai cuisine includes curry and seafood selections. M-Th: 11am-3pm, M-Th: 4:30-9:30pm, F-Sa: 12pm-3pm, F-Sa: 4:30-10pm, Su: 5pm-9pm

Ruan Thai Cuisine A $$

Delivery Available.

Traditional Japanese cuisine including sushi, tempura and teriyaki served in a casual setting. M-W: 11am-9:30pm, Th-Su: 11am-12am


Casual express setting with indoor and outdoor seating. Serving traditional Thai cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere

Casual intimate setting.Traditional Japanese menu selections includes sushi, teriyaki, and hibachi. Open for over 12 years.

Sakura $$

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


PJ Thai Cuisine $

HHiist stoorriicc DDiist strriicctt Map on pg. 44 $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20


Well FED





108 E.York St.

PRICE Continued on pg. 51


Alcohol, beer, or wine available. Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch, menu influences. Casual express and take out. M-Sa: 11am-6pm

Zunzi’s $

314 W. Saint Julian St.

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm



Children’s Menu

Named after their grandmother and located in the City Market. Extensive international selection of tapas and light fare served in a casual setting

Vegetarian Options

912.233.6044 1 E. Broughton St. Tapas by Anna C3 $ A

Casual express setting. Eclectic mix of café style, light, healthy, and fresh fare. Famous for tacos. Daily specials. M-Sa: 11am-5pm, M-W: 5pm-10pm Th-Sa:Beginning 5pm-11pm of next line


52 Barnard St.

Su-Th: 4pm-10pm, F-Sa: 4pm-12am

Some restrictions may apply.

912.236.7777 Kayak Kafe´

Delivery Available.

Contemporary intimate atmosphere. Live music. Menu features internationally inspired tapas.

Jazz’d Tapas Bar A $$

Fusion Eclectic

Map on pg. 44

H i st o r i c D i st r i c t $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20

ag Check out Kayak Kafe’s e Ear th Day Sandwich Recipe 32 & Inter view with Kir ra Watkins p

Well FED



Well FED


Well FED

M-Sa: 12pm-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm 912.236.2744 513 E. Oglethorpe Ave.


Su: 12pm-11:30pm

317 W. Bryan St.


110 W Bryan St.

Su-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm

New York style pizzeria. Large menu selections Casual express setting that allows you to customize your own pizza, panini, and or bread bowl salad

912.232.2720 44 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.335.7027 606 Abercorn St. 912.495.0705 Vinnie Van Go-Go’s C3 Your Pie C4 A $ A $-$$

M-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 4pm-10pm

Internationally inspired Italian menu selections. Spacious outdoor patio and bocce ball court. M-F: 11am-until, Sa-Su: 12am-until

Traditional Italian menu selections served in an intimate and casual setting.

11 W. Liberty St.

Casual eclectic atmosphere matches the eclectic menu. Large selection of pizzas, hoagies, munchies and beers. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 11am-10pm

912.292.1656 402 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.232.3466 217 W. Broughton St. Leoci’s Trattoria H5 L8 Mellow Mushroom A $$ A $$

912.236.0530 420 E. Broughton St. Corleone’s Trattoria D1 A $$

Large selection of pizzas and subs. Casual served in a casual eclectic atmosphere. dining atmosphere with outdoor patio seating. M-Th: 4pm-11:30pm, F-Sa: 12pm-12am,




Screaming Mimi’s A $

Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.


Alcohol, beer, or wine available.



119 MLK Jr. Blvd.


135 W. Bay St.


912.232.2525 T-Rex Mex

Casual festive atmosphere. Extensive menu selections include standard Mexican fare. Daily specials. M-W: 11am-10pm, Th-F: 12-10:30pm, Sa: 12-10:30pm, Su: 12-10pm Beginning of next line

Serving Tex-Mex style selections. Casual eclecTraditional Cuban dishes, including Cuban tic setting featuring local vibrant artwork. sandwiches, Paella, seafood and desserts. M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 12:30pm-12pm, M-W: 11am-12pm, Su: 11am-9pm Th-Sa: 11am-1am

912.341.0200 18 E. State St. Rancho Alegre Juarez Mexican Restaurant $$ D10 A A $$

912.233.3131 5 E. River St. Cilantro’s Grill & Cantina B4 A $$

Intimate, casual setting.Traditional Mexican fare with wide selections including steaks and house specials. M-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm

M-Sa: 11am-7pm

Cuban, Mexican, etc.


M-Su: 11am-11pm

Relaxed intimate atmosphere. Large selection Authentic Indian cuisine. Known for their of traditional Greek dishes and pizza. curry. Served in a casual express setting.

Intimate casual setting. Contemporary Mediterranean bar and grill with late night hookah lounge. Su-W: 5pm-12am, Th-Sa: 5-2:30am


218 W. Broughton St.

142 Montgomery St. 912.236.5464 20 E. Broughton St. Carlito’s Mexican Grill D1 $ A

M-Su: 11:30am-until

Intimate casual setting with hookah. Serving traditional middle eastern cuisine.

912.443.1875 48 Whitaker St. 912.232.1881 Middle Eastern Cuisine F2 Mirage A $$ A $$

912.234.6168 118 E. Broughton St. 912.443.0414 B6 Taste of India Express E6 $

M-Su: 5:30pm-10:30pm

Moroccan and Mediterranean menu. Belly dancing shows nightly in a ceremonial atmosphere. Reservations suggested.


529 E. Liberty St.

Casbah Moroccan A $$

Children’s Menu



Vegetarian Options

M-W: 11am-10:30pm, Th-F: 11am-11pm, Sa: 12pm-11pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

$ Some restrictions may apply.

Traditional Mexican selections served in a casual spacious setting.


D5 Papillote

Casual yet refined setting. Outdoor patio, Intimate express bistro setting. Menu features Classic Parisian bistro setting. Gastro pub hand picked wine and beer selection, and a offering authentic French fare. Extensive wine light French fare and desserts with daily menu inspired by the French brasseries of old. selections. specials. M-Sa: 11am-4pm, Th-Sa: 5pm-10pm Tu-Sa: 10:30am -7pm, Su: 12am-5pm M-Th: 6pm-10pm, F-Sa: 6pm-11pm Su: Closed

H11 Circa 1875 A $$

Delivery Available.

Olympia Cafe A $$

Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, etc.



Brasserie 529 A $$$

pg. 44 HMapi onst o rHiicstDoi rst c itst r i c t i cr i D $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



Well FED

Casual family atmosphere specializing in large selection of burgers including turkey and veggie burgers, and other standard American fare. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa:11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-6pm




Coach’s Corner A $



World famous barbeque sauce company and restaurant. Casual family atmosphere serving barbeque and southern fare. M-Th: 11:30-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11:30-10:30pm

Casual intimate atmosphere. Neighborhood bistro and wine bar. Organic produce and petite portions available. M-F: 11am-2:30pm, M-Sa: 5pm-10pm

715 Mall Blvd. 912.236.7642 1801 Habersham St. 912.352.1118 Johnny Harris Restaurant Kasey’s Grille E9 $$ A C10 A $$

Well FED


7010 Suite 2 Eisenhower Rd.

Rustic roadhouse atmosphere with jukebox Menu includes traditional southern soul food and peanuts. Menu includes standard Ameri- selections in a casual express setting. can steakhouse fare. Tu-Su: 11am-8pm Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

912.234.2260 2201 Waters Avenue 912.921.1510 11301 Abercorn St.

M-Sa: 9am-12am, Su: 10am-10pm

Casual express setting. Large selection of fried chicken, seafood, sandwiches, and sides.


M-Su: 5:30am-10pm

7805 Abercorn St.

Casual express setting. Menu selections include a wide array of deli, bagel, bakery selections.

912.234.5885 2430 Habersham St. 912.921.5712 17029 Abercorn St. 912.354.7810 1651 E.Victory Dr. 912.355.9250 4829 Waters Avenue Kennedy Fried Chicken C9 Logan’s Roadhouse L4 Ma Randy’s H6 Midtown Deli I6 $ A $ $$ $

Casual progressive dining. American, Italian, and Asian inspired dishes made from scratch. Extensive drink menu. M-Th 11-10:30pm, F-S 11-11:30pm, Sun 11-10pm


Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Casual, local atmoshpere. Menu selections include original takes on classic American fare with most selections made from scratch and sourced locally. T-Sa: 11am-11pm


Carryout wine and gourmet foods shop. Daily Casual express setting with large menu chef creations, soups, sides, meats, cheeses, selection. Specializing in Italian subs. and famous cheesecakes. Also available for private wine tastings and dinners. M-Sa: 8am-9pm, Su: 12pm-4pm M-F: 11am-7pm, Sa: 11am-6pm

10 E. Broad St. 912.303.0999 7400 Skidaway Rd. J7 B8 Giorgio’s Subs & Deli $

Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 10am-9pm


912.236.5547 105 E. 37th St. Green Truck Pub C8 $$ A

Wide array of seafood selections include lobster, snow crab, oysters, and low country boil. Casual family atomosphere. Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-12am 912.351.2274 7201 Hodgson Memorial Dr.

1813 Bull St. 912.351.0302 4430 Habersham St. 912.352.2933 B8 Fiddler’s Seafood J7 Form $$ A A $$


1514 Bull St.

Casual coastal cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local seafood, local organic produce, hand cut steaks and nightly entrée features.

Driftaway Cafe A $$


Tu-Su: 7am-3pm

Casual atmosphere with an open kitchen view that presents a homestyle, personalistic way of serving food. They offer a full breakfast menu that is available all day with daily lunch specials, sandwiches and burgers.

Children’s Menu

Fine dining set in a southern mansion. Menu selections include seasonal and local fare. Extensive wine list. M-Su: 6pm-9:30pm


Large selection of standard American fare Casual local atmosphere. Serving breakfast all day and lunch. Selections include standard and bar food standards. Daily specials. diner and southern fare. Outdoor seating also. Spacious sports bar atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: M-Su: 11am-12am 10am-8pm

Clary’s Cafe B8 $$

Seasonal and fresh fare. Creative takes on traditional cafe selections. Casual express setting with daily specials.

Elizabeth on 37th A $$$

M-Sa: 4pm-1am

Vegetarian Options

M-Th: 7am-7pm, F: 9am-5pm


Delivery Available.

Butterhead Greens Cafe $


French and Asian influences the limited but rotating and evolving menu. Casual and intimate bar setting.Wifi available.


Bar Food

912.349.6022 2402 Waters Avenue 912.927.8700 11108 Abercorn St. 912.355.5956 4523 Habersham St. Bull Street Eatery B8 F9 Ben’s Neighborhood Grill H7 Breakfast Place D11 $$ $ $$

Traditional southern fare including entrees, desserts, and sides. Casual express dining. Regular specials. M: 8am-1pm, T-Th: 8am-6:30pm, F-Sa: 8am-7pm, Closed on Sundays

C9 B&D Burgers Southside $ A Some restrictions may apply.

Classic southern barbeque and seafood. Casual express setting serving hot and cold Spacious casual express setting. Extensive Extensive menu choices include steaks, sandwiches, burgers, gyros, salads and sides. breakfast menu featuring omelettes. Lunch burgers, and desserts. Casual family setting. menu as well. M-Su: 10:30-2pm, Su-Th: 2pm-10pm, F-Sa: M-F: 11am-8:30pm, Sa: 11am-3pm M-Su: 6am-3pm 2pm-10:30pm 912.353.9488 5320 Waters Ave. 912.351.9008 7080 Hodgson Memorial Dr. 912.234.6778 2130 E.Victory Drive

Barnes Restaurant $$ A

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


A Taste of Heaven $

H i st o ic st/ Sr o i cut t hside M ri d t oDwi n $$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10



Well FED

M-Sa: 11-9pm, Sun: 12-6pm

Casual local sports bar atmosphere. Menu includes standard American bar fare

A $$


M-Su: 11am-10pm

13040 Abercorn St.




1801 E.Victory Dr. 912.691.0330

M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa:11am-11pm, Su:12 noon-10pm

7205 Waters Ave.

Quick service. Drive-thru only. Menu includes traditional Chinese selections. Daily lunch specials and family dinners. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

912.354.6111 1100 Eisenhower Dr. I8 D10 Green Tea $ New York style Chinese drive thru restaurant

7805 Abercorn St. 912.354.3420

M-Sa: 11am-2:30pm, M-Sa: 5pm-10pm

Intimate casual setting. Menu selections include traditional Thai cuisine as well as Hawaiian dishes

Egg Roll King

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


1801 Waters Ave.

Traditional buffet setting. Chinese and American selections including crab legs and sushi. M-Su: 11am-4pm, M-Th: 4:30-9:30pm, F-Sa: 4:30-10:30pm, Su: 4:30-9:30pm

11215 Abercorn St. 912.2349.9499 Asian Buffet




Casual express setting. Large menu selection. Serving traditional Chinese fare.

480 Mall Blvd. 912.691.8748 110 Eisenhower Dr. 912.401.0070 Beijing House II I6 L2 Chiriya’s Thai Cuisine $$ $$ A

M-F: 11am-10pm, Sa: 11am-11pm

Casual setting with large bar. Large menu features seafood, pizza, steak, pasta, and sandwiches.


308 Mall Way

M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-2am

Locally owned Southern soul food restaurant. Specialties include the Bizzard Signature Pancakes and Famous Stuffed Tyler Burger. (catering available) M-F: 6:30am-3pm, Sat: 8am-5pm

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Contemporary American setting. Specializing in steaks with other standard steakhouse menu selections. M-F: 11am-10pm, Sa: 4:30pm-10pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

912.354.2524 6724 Waters Ave. 912.355.3383 Toni’s Steakhouse H7 WG Shuckers A $$ A $$

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

Sports Bar atmosphere with varied selection of standard American fare. Large selection of beer and liquor.


M-Su: 11am-9:30pm

Pizza galley and saloon. Large menu also Real pit cooked BBQ. Featuring local seafood includes pasta, salads, and stackers. “Home daily. Casual atmosphere. Catering available. of the original chicken finger.”

6730 Waters Ave

912.927.3280 8 Gateway Blvd. 912.355.2761 2605 Skidaway Rd. Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill Tyler’s Place J7 L4 B2 A $ $

Spacious lakeside setting. Serving seafood and Traditional soul food. Southern cuisine served cafeteria style. Casual express setting with traditional southern fare. specials. M-Su: 4pm-10pm M-Th: 6am-9pm, F-Sa: 6am-10pm

7000 LaRoche Ave. 7403 Skidaway Rd. 912.352.8221 Sisters of the New South C11 L1 $

Spacious casual waterfront dining. Extensive menu offers many varieties of seafood dishes prepared in many styles M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10:30pm, Su: 5pm-9:30pm

Children’s Menu


912.354.8288 7360 Skidaway Rd. 912.354.3744 Smoke Station BBQ H8 Spanky’s

Contemporary casual setting. Menu includes BBQ standards specializing in ribs. Catering Available. M-Sun 11am-10pm

2211 Skidaway Rd. 912.354.0006 912.232.1218 2015 Waters Ave. 912.236.6262 Shell House Sandfly Bar & Grill Shane’s Rib Shack K10 H8 A $ A $$ $$

Traditional Philly cheesesteaks and wide variety of wings. Large selection of traditional casual fare in a classic American setting. M-Sa: 11-9pm

Vegetarian Options


M-W: 11am-7pm, Th-F: 11am-8pm, Sa: 11am-5pm

Some restrictions may apply.

M-F: 11:30am-2am, Sa: 3pm-2am, Su: 12:30pm-12am


Classic southern soul food and desserts with daily lunch specials served in a casual setting.

Nevaeh’s Soul Food $

Delivery Available.

M-Sa: 11am-9pm


912.231.0563 2019 Habersham St. 912.234.5081 504 1/2 W. 42nd St. 912.232.3319 2705 Bull Street J11 C9 Original Nancy’s Seafood C11 Ozzy’s Grill K10 Pearl’s Saltwater Grill $$ $ A $$

M-Sa: 6am-6pm

M-Sa: 6am - 3pm, Sunday: 7am-3pm


Neighborhood Soul Food Homemade traditional soul food. Casual express setting.


Family friendly casual cafe that specializes in breakfaast. Daily lunch specials.Variety of delicious foods including lamb and more.

Casual express setting. Menu selections include Fried plates, low country boils, fresh and standard barbeque fare with traditional sides. cooked seafood with an attached Asian market.Take out only.

Off The Grill $

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.

American $

Narobia’s Grits & Gravy

M i d t o w n / S o ut h s i d e Map on pg. 52 $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20





Traditional Chinese menu selections. Lunch and dinner buffet. Casual atmosphere. M-Th: 12pm-9pm, F-Sa: 12pm-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm M-Sa: 10:30-10pm, Su: 4pm-9pm

Large selection of traditional Korean dishes. Daily lunch specials served in an intimate atmosphere.


4426 Habersham St.


H8 Seasons of Japan Express I7 $

Well FED

Intimate contemporary ambiance. Eclectic Pan-Asian and Thai influenced menu selections as well as sushi. M-F: 11am-3pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-3pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Su: 5pm-10:30pm

912.303.0141 1100 Eisenhower Dr. 912.920.5504 11215 Abercorn St.

Japanese owned and operated. Casual intimate atmosphere serving traditional Japanese sushi and entrees. M-F: 11am-2:30 pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-11pm

6604 Waters Avenue 912.353.9281 7400 Abercorn St. L4 H7 Tangerine Fusion $$ A


912.335.2025 5700 Waters Avenue Sushi Time Towa J6 $$



7601 Waters Ave.

Traditional Chinese selections and Japanese teriyaki. Large menu and spacious casual atmosphere. M-Th: 11:30am-10pm, F-Sa: 11:30am-11pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

Wang’s II Chinese $$

Casual intimate setting.Traditional Japanese menu selections includes sushi, teriyaki, and hibachi.

Sushi,Teriyaki, and other traditional Japanese dishes in a relaxed atmosphere with sit-down sushi bar. M-Th: 11-9:30pm, F:11-10:30pm, Sa: 12M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm 10:30pm 912.351.9300 8465 Waters Avenue 912.920.3288 54 Montgomery Cross Rd.

Sakura Japanese $

M-Su: 11am-9pm

Contemporary casual atmosphere. Extensive selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes and drinks. Specializing in Pho-Noodle soups.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Japanese hibachi, sushi, and traditional Casual express setting. Large selection of tra- selections. Casual express dining in spacious ditional Vietnamese dishes in addition to Sushi. atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, M-Su: 11am-9pm Su: 1:30pm-8pm

Saigon Flavors $$

Japanese selections featuring hibachi style cuisine cooked in front of you with a show. Casual, spacious setting. M-Sa: 11:30-2pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, Sa: 4:30-10:30pm, Su: 4:30-10pm

912.236.8228 2315 Waters Ave. 912.355.9800 7805 Abercorn St. L4 Noodle Bowl H7 Saigon Bistro F9 $$ $

M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm

Fast, traditional, Chinese take-out dining. Extensive selection with specials.


Spacious contemporary atmosphere. Traditional Chinese selections. Made to order. Large varied selection of Asian dishes featurJapanese fare featuring hibachi style dining Dine in or Take out. Catering available. ing noodle combinations. Casual intimate with a show. setting. M-Th: 4:30-10pm, F-Sa: 4:30-10:30pm, Su: M-Su: 11am-10pm M-Th: 11am-8pm, F-Sa: 11am-9pm, Su: 4pm-9:30pm 12pm-4pm 912.352.7300 200 Eisenhower Dr. 912.920.3028 12322 Largo Drive 912.692.1394 7052 Hodgson Memorial Dr

H7 New China Garden $

M-F: 11am-3pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-3pm, M-Th: M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11:30-9:30pm, Su: 5pm-9:30pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su: 5pm11:30-9pm 9pm 912.355.2100 7098 Hodgson Memorial D. 912.353.9281 7400 Abercorn St.

Traditional Thai cuisine served in a contempo- Casual express setting.Traditional Japanese menu selections. rary intimate atmosphere.

2504 Skidaway Rd. 912.920.7273 149 E. Montgomery Cross Rd 13015 Abercorn St. 912.691.2080 3017 E.Victory Dr. 912.238.8815 Lisa’s Chinese Restaurant H7 Kyoto Express I7 C9 Masato of Japan I6 $$ A $$ A $

Large selection of traditional Thai cuisine.Well appointed, intimate atmosphere. Daily lunch specials. M-F: 11am-3pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F: 5pm11pm, Sa: 12pm-11pm, Su: 5pm-10pm


Children’s Menu

912.352.4182 Sushi-Zen A $

Hirano’s A $

Vegetarian Options



Delivery Available.


A $$

Large selection of traditional Japanese fare Casual express setting. Menu includes tradiincluding sushi and hibachi. Casual setting with tional Japanese dishes including sushi, hibachi, sushi bar seating. and teriyaki. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm, Su: M-F: 11:30-9:00pm 12pm-8pm


912.352.3838 7640 Abercorn St. 912.355.8819 7401 Skidaway Rd. 912.353.8337 Kikko’s Restaurant Kao Thai Cuisine D11 Kimchi E12 A $$ $ A A $

M-Su: 11:30-9:00pm

Large selection of traditional Japanese fare including sushi and hibachi. Casual setting with sushi bar seating.

A Some restrictions may apply.

912.961.0770 King and I A $$

Casual express setting. Menu includes traditional Japanese dishes including sushi, hibachi, and teriyaki. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm

Hirano’s A $

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


pg. 52 HMapionst oMriid ct o Dw i st c ut t hside n /rSio $$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10


56 26

Well WellFED FED

912.961.4008 12308 Largo Drive

Authentic Mexican cuisine served in a relaxed setting with large bar area. Extensive menu options. M-Su: 11am-10pm

912.920.0704 Maracas $$ A

M-Sa: 12pm-9pm

M-Sa: 12pm-9pm


44 Posey Street


5205 Waters Ave.

Casual express dining. Mexican and southTraditional Cuban dishes, including Cuban western cantina, fresh, made to order. sandwiches, Paella, seafood and desserts. M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, M-Sa: 10am-8pm, Su: 12pm-6pm Su: 11am-9pm

12308 Largo Dr. 8840 Abercorn St. 912.354.0300 108 Mall Blvd. 912.961.7903 Salsaritas Fresh Cantina F9 L4 Rancho Alegre H6 $ A A $$

M-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm

Traditional Mexican selections served in Mexi- Traditional Mexican selections served in Mexican themed setting. can themed setting


1611 Habersham St.

Menu features southwest, Caribbean and Latin inspired fare. Hand infused liquors. Contemporary atmosphere. M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-12am, Su: 5pm-9pm

912.234.0876 2308 Skidaway Rd. Sol Restaurant B8 A $$

M-Su: 10am-9pm

Casual intimate setting serving traditional Mexican fare. Daily specials

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Casual atmosphere.


Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Casual atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-10pm

912.356.1333 5500 Abercorn St. 912.927.9953 13051 Abercorn St. 912.356.1800 7405 Skidaway Rd. La Nopalera La Nopalera I7 L4 La Xalapena C11 A $$ $$ A $$ A

M-Sa: 11am-10pm


Classic Mexican selections in a casual setting. Fresh chili made daily. Lunch and dinner specials. M-Th: 12pm-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm


M-Su: 11-10pm

10510 Abercorn St. 401 Mall Blvd. 912.921.5117 Jalapeno’s K10 L3 $$ A

M-F: 11am-3pm, M-Su: 5pm-10pm

7400 Abercorn St. 912.356.1020 F7 El Potro


Spacious casual atmosphere. Extensive menu includes standard traditional Mexican fare. Daily specials.

912.692.8988 Cancun A $$

Authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a casual setting. Nightly food and drink specials, including all you can eat pasta on Wednesdays.

Traditional Indian selections served in well decorated atmosphere.Wide menu selection and Lunch buffet.

Taste of India A $$

Children’s Menu

Jalapeno’s $ A


912.352.4855 1100 Eisenhower Dr. I7 Troy Mediterranean Cuisine $$ A K5

M-Th: 11am-8pm, F-Sa: 11am-9pm

Authentic Jamaican menu includes jerk, oxtail, fish, and goat.Weekday lunch specials. Express and casual setting.

Vegetarian Options

Traditional Mediterranean fare prepared with fresh ingredients in an express casual setting. Free wifi M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-9:30pm, Su: 11:30am-3pm

Shawarma King $


M-Sa: 11am-8pm

Fine Dining

Casual intimate setting. Menu selections include traditional Jamaican fare as well as barbeque. M-Th: 10am-9pm, F-Sa: 10am-11pm, Su: 12pm-6pm 2311 Habersham St. 912.225.4718 205 Montgomery Cross Rd.

Casual express setting. Middle Eastern fare with traditional deli selections.


238 Eisenhower Dr.

Delivery Available.

Cuban, Mexican, etc.

Unforgettable Bakery & Deli $ H7

Healthy fruit smoothies, protein shakes, energy Classic, casual, express takeout. Custom shakes or make your own. Casual express bakery, specializing in cakes and deserts with setting adjacent to Giorgios’s Deli. light lunch offerings. M-F: 9am-6pm, Sa: 9am-3pm M-Sa: 8am-9pm, Su: 12pm-4pm


912.495.9292 2403 Bull Street 912.352.8455 715 Mall Blvd. 912.355.6160 One Love John’s Jamaican Al Salaam Deli J7 C8 $ $ $

Artisan bakery & Foodie destination serving lunch, desserts, coffee, espresso, and American/Italian breads. Free wifi. Tu-F: 9am-6pm, Sa: 9am-5pm

B7 Shake It Up $ Some restrictions may apply.


Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, etc.


Cafes Sweets Bakeries

Back in the Day Bakery $

H i st Miist d toorwi c n / SDo utrhiscitd e Map on pg. 52

$$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10


Well FED



912.354.2356 4827 Waters Ave. Marco’s Pizza D8 $$


531 Stephenson Ave. 912.921.7800 12417 White Bluff Rd.

M-Sa: 11:30am-9:30pm

Casual dining with extensive menu including: specialty pizzas, calzones, Stromboli, hoagies, wings, salads and pastas.


Casual colorful atmosphere. Interesting menu selection includes Greek, Caribbean, and American influences. M-Th: 11:30am-2:30pm,M-Th: 5pm-9pm, F-Sa: 11:30am-2:30pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm

912.352.3434 6825 Waters Avenue 912.349.6960 4521 Habersham St. Toucan Cafe H7 Vincenzo’s Pizza N5 $$ A $$

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Healthy southern cuisine with Greek, Mediterranean, and Caribbean influences. Features a Large selection of specialty pizzas, hot subs, wings, etc. Express casual setting. daily sweet potato dish. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: M-Sa: 11am-9pm 12pm-10pm

Sweet Potatoes $ A

A Pizza parlor setting. New Jersey Style Pizza by the slice at lunch with extended dinner menu selections. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F: 11am-10pm, Sa: 12pm-9pm, Su: 4-9pm

Children’s Menu

Fusion Eclectic

912.356.3100 1 Diamond Causeway 912.354.4005 4420 Habersham St. Costanzo’s Pizza F9 $$

Open 17 years.Winner of numerous awards. Serves traditional dishes along with pizza, panini, and Italian rotisserie chicken. M-F: 11:30-2pm, M-Th: 5pm-9pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su: 5pm-8pm

Bella’s Italian Cafe A $$

Vegetarian Options

French influenced selections prepared with fresh and local fare. Fine dining in a casual and intimate bistro setting. M-Sa: 5pm-10pm


Some restrictions may apply.

205 E. 37th St.

Traditional Pizzeria with a variety of fresh specialty pizzas, wings, salads, and more.Tons of specials to choose from. M-Fr: 4pm-10pm, Sa: 12pm-10pm, Su: 4pm-9pm 912-920-9099 205 Montgomery CrossRd.


Delivery Available.

912.236.8533 Swank Bistro A $$

Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.

Italian B8 Allyanna’s $$

Casual intimate café setting.Traditional bistro fare at lunch with more authentic French selections at dinner M-Sa: 11am-3pm, Th-Sa: 6pm-9pm, Su: 10am-3pm

Cafe 37 A $$


M i d t o w n / S o ut h s i d e Map on pg. 52 $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20


Well FED Relaxed island atmosphere. Specialty pizzas, Pizzas, sandwiches, calzones, wings, barbeque. whole or by the slice. Low card menu, wraps, More than 160 varieties of import, craft and domestic beers, wine and coolers and more. M-Su: 12pm-10pm M-Su: 11-12am

M-W: 4pm-12am, Th-Su: 11am-3am

Well FED


M-Su: 12pm-3am

304 1st Street 912.786.8686

Large selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and seafood.Traditional southern dishes. Lunch and dinner specials. M-Sa: 11-3pm, M-Sa: 5-9pm


4B Old US Hwy 80 912.472.4044

1311 Butler Ave.

M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am Su:11am-10pm

Carefully crafted menu includes eclectic varieties of tacos, salads, and appetizers. Extensive wine selections and pairings. Ambient and casual setting.

Su-Th: 11-10pm, F-Sa: 11-11pm


19 Tybrisa St.

Southern style casual fare. Burgers, sandwiches, seafood and more.Weekday lunch specials. M-Th: 11-7pm, Sa: 11-8pm Su: 12-9pm


Sundae Cafe & Deli $$ A

Waterfront, indoor and outdoor seating. Eclectic mix of American selections and Korean dishes.

912.786.7176 1516 Butler Ave. 912.786.5520 1605 Strand Ave. 912.484.4954 1403 Butler Ave. Topsail Bar & Grill N10 C8 Tybee Island Social Club M10 Wind Rose Cafe $ $ A $$ A


103 Jones Ave

Mo-Su: 11-3am

M-Su: 4pm-till

Seafood galley and saloon. Large selection of seafood, pasta, salads, and stackers. “Home of the original chicken finger.”.

Burgers, seafood, tacos, and big burritos served in a spacious sports bar atmosphere. Live entertainment and Karaoke.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Large selection of pizza, subs, and salads. Fast and free delivery. Family owned and operated for over 25 years.

Casual atmosphere. Large selection of seafood, including various crab dishes. Blue crab, low country boil, and platters. M-Su: 11am-until

912.786.4442 33 Van Horne Ave. 1513 Butler Ave. 912.786.4745 404 Butler Ave. 912.786.4444 Sting Ray’s Seafood Spanky’s Beachside Rock House Bar & Grill O11 M10 N9 A $$ A $$ $$ A


912.786.8888 101 Lovell Avenue Pizza on Wheels I9 $$

Casual express setting serving pizza, tradiMix of American and Caribbean selections. tional American fare, and seafood. They have Daily specials and homemade desserts. an extent menu and child friendly seating Live Entertainment. seperate from the bar. M-Su: 11am-10pm

Children’s Menu

Large selection of seafood. Interesting Award winning seafood. Extensive menu includes pastas, steaks, beer-battered seafood selections mixed with standards. Signatures include flower pot bread and mojo hen. and various chef specials. M-Su: 11-10pm M-F: 4pm-?, Sa-Su: 12pm-?

Vegetarian Options

912.786.6109 1613 Strand Road 912.786.4227 1113 E. Hwy. 80 912.786.5900 15 Tybrisa Street 1213 Hwy 80 912.786.9874 North Beach Bar & Grill H10 Nickie’s Bar and Grill Marlin Monroe’s Surfside MacElwee’s Seafood N9 I11 $ A J11 A $-$$ A $$ A $$

Dog friendly outdoor seating area with a view Large selection of seafood, salads, and apps. of the marsh. Roadside grill providing pig Specialties and pizzas. Award winning Sunday pickings, Georgia wild shrimp, and large to brunch. go orders. F-Su: 11am-7pm M-Su: 11am-close

Some restrictions may apply.

1A E. Old Hwy 80 912.786.0221 106 S. Campbell Ave. 912.786.8400 912.786.9655 1605 Inlet Ave. 912.786.7810 Oceanfront &15 St. Fannie’s On the Beach Lighthouse Pizza 010 Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp M10 Huc-A-Poos Bites/ Booze 011 $ A H6 $$ A A $ A $

Fusion of Southern and Caribbean cuisines through a variety of fresh seafood, steak, chicken, and pasta. Seafood buffet every Fri. & Sat. night. M-Su: 8am-10pm

Delivery Available.

M-Su: 11am-till

M-Su: 7am-1pm

Well known for its extensive breakfast menu and laid-back atmosphere, this casual set restaurant is a favorite for locals.


13 Tybrisa St. 912.786.5984 1500 Butler Ave H9 Dolphin Reef Restaurant N10 A $$

Extensive dining and wine menu. Seafood, pasta, standard casual fare. All you can eat crab legs on Friday.

912.786.9533 1315 Chatham Avenue 912.786.5100 N9 Cafe Loco C9 Charly’s $$ A A $$

Curbside pickup, window ordering. Nice selec- Large, varied menu selection including seation of Mexican and American classics with food, pasta, sandwiches and wings. Live music, casual atmosphere. classic beachside diner feel. M-Tu: 11:30am-3pm, W-Su: 12:30-4:30pm M-Su: 11-10pm Su-Th: 4:30-10:30pm, F-Sa: 4:30-11:30pm

Burton’s By the Beach $

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


N10 Breakfast Club $$

Selection includes sandwiches, burgers, and Relaxed atmosphere with award winning seafood. Po’ boys and low country boil. Live view. Large selection of seafood and standard music and televised sports. casual fare. M-Th: 11-10pm, F-Sa: 11-12pm M-Su: 4pm-10pm, F-Su: 11am-10pm Su: 12-10pm

AJ’s Dockside Restaurant M8 Bernie’s Oyster House $$ A A $$

b eoe r Ii scl aDni st d r ict HT iyst $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



Well FED

M-Su: 11am-10pm

Large selection of traditional Chinese food. Deluxe dinners, health diet menu, and lunch buffet also offered.

Well FED


107 Charlotte Rd.

4700 Hwy. 80 East

Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.


119 Charlotte Rd. 912.898.2131 B3





4700 Hwy 80 E.

Dine in, carry out, delivery.Wings, pizzas and other Italian standards available.Tavern stays open well after kitchen closes. Su-Th: 11am-10pm , F-Sa:11am-11pm


216 Johnny Mercer Blvd.

Several different types of Mexican selections including burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas and tacos. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

Cancun Cafe II A $

C5 Siciliano’s Restaurant A $ Wide range of Italian selections, as well as sandwiches and wraps. Large beer and wine list. Kid friendly. M-Th: 11am-8:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-9:30pm, Su: 11:30am-8:30pm 912.897.6400 216 Johnny Mercer Blvd

Basil’s Pizza & Deli $$ A

Cuban, Mexican, etc.




Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Casual atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-10pm

912.897.4026 Jalapenos $ A

Savannah’s first certified green restaurant. Organic and local ingredients. Fresh and seasonal selections. M-F: 11am-8pm, Sa: 11am-6pm


Menu includes standard American selections mixed with Mediterranean fare. Dinner expands the menu and portions even further. Tu-Sa: 11:30-2:30pm, Tu-Th: 5pm-9:30pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su:10- 3pm/5-8:30pm 912.897.1986 346 Johnny Mercer Blvd.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Daily rotating menu selections include a wide range of items from various culinary influences. Offering desserts as well. M-Sa: 11am-8pm, Su: 12pm-6pm

Fusion Eclectic

Grapevine’s Bistro & Wine Bar


912.897.1900 111 Jazie Dr. Suite B K’Bella Gourmet Carry Out Thrive A Carryout Cafe B3 $$ B3 $$

Traditional Cantonese, Szechuan, and Hunan style Chinese take out or dine in options. Large menu selections and lunch specials. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 12pm-9:30pm 912.898.2368 463 Johnny Mercer Blvd.

912.898.2221 7815 US Hwy 80 E. C5 Yummy House C5 $

Cozy casual atmosphere. Selection includes traditional Japanese fare such as teriyaki, hibachi, and sushi.

Extensive selection of traditional Japanese entrees and sushi. Open kitchen, sushi bar and sake bar. M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 12pm -10pm, Su: M-F:11am-2pm, M-Sa: 5pm-9pm 12pm-9pm 912.898.3880 4700 US Hwy 80 E. 912.898.7778 140 Johnny Mercer Blvd


Children’s Menu

Panda $

Upscale, well appointed ambiance. Asian fusion menu and extensive wine and bar selections. M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10:30pm Su: 5pm-9:30pm


4700 Hwy 80 East

Vegetarian Options

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


912.897.0236 119 A Charlotte Rd. 912.897.6101 104 Bryan Woods Rd. 912.201.3259 Ele Fine Fusion B3 Kanpai B5 Kakki Restaurant $$ A $$$ A A

Some restrictions may apply.

216 Johnny Mercer Blvd.

Delivery Available.


Wiley’s Championship BBQ $$ A B3

Award winning barbeque entrées or by the Extensive menu selections include seafood and southern favorites. Featured on the Paula pound. All the standard selections with southern sides and starters. Deen tour M-Sa: 11am-3pm, W-Th: 5pm-8pm Su-W: 12pm-8pm,Th-Sa: 12pm-9pm F-Sa: 5pm-9pm

7906 Hwy 80 B3 Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House $$ A B4

Tu-Su: 11am-11pm


Casual local feel. Serving hot and cold sandwiches, as well as salads, apps, soups, and desserts. M-Th: 8am-8pm, F-Sa: 9am-9pm Su: 9am-6pm 912.349.6066 326 Johnny Mercer Blvd

B5 Michael’s Cafe $

Casual, intimate atmosphere. Popular with locals. Serving American fare and seafood selections.

Flying Fish Bar & Grill A $$

461 Johhny Mercer Blvd. 912.897.2009

C5 Papa’s BBQ and Seafood A $


Family friendly sports bar atmosphere. Award winning wings. Large casual fare selections including steak burgers. Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am -11pm


Large selection of casual American fare. Slow cooked, wood-fire pit barbeque. Seafood, Spacious with outdoor seating. Live music and soups and sandwiches also available. special events. M-W: 11am-9pm, Th-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: Su-Th:11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm 12pm-9pm

Molly Maguire’s $$ A

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


Beef O’Brady’s $ A

Map on pg. 60

H i st W hoi rt iec m aDr isst h/r Wiicl t m i n gto n $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



Well FED

912.748.7777 K3 Pooler Grille A $

Well FED


450 Morgan Corner Rd

Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Regular specials. Casual atmosphere. M-Th: 10:30am-10:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm Su: 12pm-10pm



Casual dining atmosphere. Menu includes standard Mexican selections and regular specials. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm Su: 11am-10pm

Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.

20 Hwy 80

912.748.6414 3


708 W. Hwy 80

Family owned for 32 years. NY style pizza, pasta, subs, and salad bar. Daily specials. Casual family atmosphere. Su-Th: 10am-10pm, F-Sa: 10am-11pm

Sicilian family owned and operated for 10 years. Made to order, traditional Italian fare with weekday lunch buffet. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm M-F: 11am-2pm

103 Canal St. 912.224.0441 220 W. Hwy 80 912.330.0674 1024 W. Hwy 80 Little Italy Pizza & Subs G5 Lovezzolas Pizza H8 $ $


912.748.5950 103

Classic Mexican selections in a casual setting. Fresh chili made daily. Lunch and dinner specials. M-Th: 12pm-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm Su: 12pm-8pm


Jalepeno’s A $


Spacious casual setting. Lunch specials. Menu includes standard Mexican selections and combinations. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F- Sa: 11am-11pm


M-F: 9-8pm, Sa: 10-6pm, Su: 12-5pm

Fresh fruit smoothies. Health and sports supplements, as well as nutritional boosts and wheatgrass.

115 Canal St. 912.748.2824 115 Canal St. Suite 201 912.330.9933 El Potro Hildalgo’s Mexican Kitchen H7 E6 $ G4 A A $

Casual intimate atmosphere with public wifi and pc. Menu selections include standard coffee shop fare. M-Th: 7am-8pm, F: 7am-9pm Sa: 8am-9pm, Su: 12-3pm

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Cuban, Mexican, etc.


912.450.9866 111 Canal St. Suite 201

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

40-42 Traders Way 912.330.0933 502 E. US Hwy 80 912.748.3855 Smoothie Factory Monkey Love E6 E6 $ $


M-F: 11am-3pm, M-Su: 4:30-10pm

Cafes Sweets Bakeries


Spacious setting with Hibachi grills and regular dining. Menu includes traditional Chinese, Thai, and Japanese selections


Children’s Menu

Casual express setting. Serving traditional Chinese and Japanese selections including fresh sushi and Asian beer.

1024 W. Hwy 80


F1 Sawa

Casual dining with buffet and regular menu. Traditional Chinese menu selections. Casual Selections include traditional Chinese dishes, express setting. Hibachi, and sushi. Su-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm M-Su: 11am-10pm

G4 Phoenix Chinese $


Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.

Vegetarian Options

912.450.1855 920 Morgan Corner R. 912.450.9888 Yummy House E6 A $

Cantonese, Szechuan, and Hunan Style menu. Traditional Chinese fare. Daily lunch specials. Takeout Only. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm Su: 12pm-10pm

L6 New Super Buffet $

Located inside of Frames and Games entertainment center. Casual setting with full bar serving standard American fare.

400 Pooler Parkway

Some restrictions may apply.


Traditional Philly cheesesteaks and wide variety of wings. Large selection of traditional casual fare in a classic American setting. M-Sa: 8-9pm, Sun: 8-3pm


Traditional American setting and menu selections. Featuring classic Tuesdays and Calabash chicken, shrimp and pizza. M-Th:11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm Su: 11am-9pm

Fatz Cafe $ A

Delivery Available.

Mei Jia $


Casual spacious sports bar setting. Burgers, wings, steaks and more, fresh and cooked to order. M-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm

Daisy Dukes A $

111 Canal St. 912.450.3853 912.748.2557 1024 Hwy 80 D10 B7 Sam Snead’s Tavern A $$ - $$$

Casual islands themed setting. Large selection of American & Creole inspired apps, sandwiches, seafood, and more. M-Th: 3pm-2pm, F: 11am-2am, Sa:11am-3am, Su: 12:30pm-12am


Casual golf themed, traditional American fare. Oak wood grill and fresh local seafood. Prime Rib on Fridays and Saturdays. M-F: 11am-11pm, Sa: 5pm-11pm Su: 10am-12am, F-Sa: 10am-2am Su: 11am-10 pm 6 Towne Center Court 912.963.0797 7 Sylvester C. Formey Drive 950C Morgan Corner Rd 912.330-5577

Ozzy’s Grill $ A

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


Bahama Bob’s A $

oo l erri c/ W HPiost D ei st st rCi hcat t ham $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



April 22


organic eco-friendly

wine beer



drink Organic Wine pg. 70

Coffee Certifications pg. 68

Photo: Paul Frey working in the family vineyard. Courtesy of Frey Vineyard.


Bar Guide To Savannah, Pooler & The Islands


Buzz on

coffee Certifications by james spano

As consumers are becoming more conscious about the products they are purchasing, organizations have sought to help us be informed about our buying decisions. Coffee is at the forefront of this movement with a number of certifying bodies with their own accompanying labels—but what good is a label if you don’t know what it means?

Working conditions are also monitored. Laborers on FT farms are allowed freedom of association, safe working conditions and sustainable wages. Forced labor of any kind is prohibited. Portions of premiums received for having this certification must be invested in community projects, which are determined democratically by members of the farming organization.

Let’s take a look at the three largest certifying bodies related to coffee, and see what they mean to the farmer, the consumer and the environment.

Farmers receive a minimum floor price per every pound of coffee sold. An additional premium is added on top of this minimum if the coffee is certified organic. By creating cooperative settings where all farmers follow the same standards, every farmer is rewarded for following the best environmental and humanitarian practices.

Fair Trade This certification is probably best known in its relation to the coffee industry. During the 2007-8 growing season, approximately 450 million pounds of coffee were certified Fair Trade! Fair Trade (FT) is designed to help small-scale farmers who might not otherwise have a chance to compete in the larger coffee market. By creating alliances with other small farmers, growers are able to demand sustainable prices for their coffee without being edged out by larger conglomerates. Additionally, social and environmental improvements to the local communities (many of which are rural and poor) are integrated into the certification process. Fair Trade USA is the certifying entity for FT products in the United States. Farmers interested in achieving FT certification must adhere to a number of rules. First, environmental practices must be strictly followed. These include protecting water resources and natural vegetation areas, promoting erosion control and plant diversification in the farm area, restricting the use of pesticides, and promoting management of waste, water and energy. 68

Well FED

There are some misconceptions about what FT includes and how it works. It’s important to understand that FT certification is only designed for small farms that are a part of FT cooperatives. A farm can follow all the described practices above but not be certified FT because it’s too large or is not connected with a co-op of farmers. This means that if a farm does extremely well as part of a FT co-op and decides to grow and branch off on its own apart from the co-op, it cannot take the FT certification with it. Another important thing to understand is that Fair Trade does not mean organic. As mentioned above, FT farmers can achieve organic certification and receive an additional premium for it, but it is not a requirement. About half of FT coffee farms are certified organic while the rest follow the required minimum sustainable practices.

Rainforest Alliance Rainforest Alliance (RA) is another certification that had been gaining in popularity in the field of coffee. RA certification focuses on biodiversity, encouraging farmers to move away from a “monoculture” farming style

that grows the maximum amount of a single crop (in this case, coffee) in one area to an inclusive farming style that seeks to preserve natural forest conditions in a sustainable way. Farmers looking to achieve RA certification must adhere to a number of sustainable growing practices. Farms must have at least 40% shade coverage, which includes a minimum amount of trees as well as species diversity. Natural water courses are not allowed to be altered and a natural buffer of vegetation must be maintained between crops and areas occupied by humans. Plant and animal diversity are encouraged and interference such as animal trafficking is prohibited. RA requires minimum wages be paid to workers, and no one under 15 may be hired. Minors who do work must be accompanied by a parent, allowed to continue their studies and are not allowed to carry more than 20% of their body weight. It’s extremely important to understand that the Rainforest Alliance label can be applied to products that contain a minimum of 30% of RA product. This means that up to 70% of some products can contain a product with no certification. An example would be an espresso blend that contains only 30% RA product and 70% uncertified product. Pay attention to see if the label indicates that the product is 100% certified. Farms that don’t quite meet standards but can be shown to be working toward those standards are allowed to be certified with the understanding of set goals to be accomplished. Farms of any size can achieve RA status. Rainforest Alliance does not have required minimum floor prices but leaves the task of earning a good price to the farmer.

James Spano is the owner and operator of Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters on Wilmington Island. 912.895.5866

Organic Organic certification is the most recognized certification across all agricultural products. In the U.S., the U.S. Department of Agriculture sets the clear standards: Organic certification means that the product you as the consumer purchase was grown without the use of synthetic materials such as pesticides, herbicides, and agrochemicals. For coffee, 95% of the product must meet these conditions to achieve certification. Organic certification only covers growing practices— sustainable conditions are not specifically required as related to the farm in general,biodiversity is not required, and labor conditions are not specifically monitored. Economically speaking, farmers can take a big hit by choosing to become organic. Coffee farmers who seek organic certification must maintain organic growing practices for THREE YEARS before being allowed to sell their coffee as organic and receive the higher prices usually associated with this certification. When you combine this with the annual dues that must be paid to maintain certification status, and the fact that an organic coffee farm loses approximately 20% of its annual crop due to insects and disease, certification is simply impossible for some farms. In the end, these certifications all have qualities that appeal to both farmers and consumers who want to know that they’re supporting certain sustainable environmental and humanitarian practices. But it’s still important to dig deeper than to simply rely on a label—sometimes a certain product might not have the certifications, but comes from a farm of exemplary conduct and growing practices. Ask questions—look online, or better yet, buy local and learn about where your coffee comes from face-to-face! Well FED





Are Organic Wines worth the hype?


by Jason Restivo


Its 2011 and everyone’s favorite word is “organic.� At dinner tables across the world, people are discussing how to make a positive difference purchasing things that create less of an impact on the environment, from our tomatoes to our clothing to our cars. Well, you can raise your glass to this: The organic wine movement has gained momentum in the past decade, making it possible to have your green values and drink them, too.

5 6


rganic wines are the only wines made from grapes O that have been certified as organically grown by the USDA. Traditionally, grapes require an enormous amount of pesticides and herbicides to protect them from mites, leafhoppers, fungus and other crop destroyers. Instead of using these chemicals than can harm soil and leach into groundwater, organic growers plant cover crops alongside their vines, which help attract beneficial insects that control pests naturally, increasing the biodiversity of the entire vineyard. Organic wines are not allowed to contain any added sulfites, though some may be present because they occur naturally through the fermentation process. Sulfites are preservatives traditionally used to prevent discoloration and bacterial growth but can cause allergic reactions and headaches (though some argue that the reactions are due to histamines, not the sulfites.) Many vintners use organic grapes but choose to utilize some form of sulfite to prevent certain problems such as white wine turning brown—these wines can’t be certified organic but will have “made from organic grapes” on the label. In the U.S., organic certification costs thousands of dollars and requires a five year transition period before the label can be bestowed; in Europe, there is a similar certification known as “biodynamic” that means growers are beholden to using sustainable agronomical practices. It must be said that there are plenty of farmers throughout the globe’s winemaking regions who employ sustainable techniques who choose not to seek the official organic or biodynamic “gold star.” Certainly, there are old winemaking families in Italy and France who have never deviated from their ancient recipes and wouldn’t dream of using pesticides on their crops but feel no need to have that validated by outside sources. Other American wineries are reluctant to seek Photos from previous page: (Clockwise from top left): 1. Sheep grazing in the Frey Vineyards Pinot vineyard in Redwood Valley, California. 2.Stellar Organics No Sulphur Added Shiraz. 3. A worker picking grapes in the Stellar Organics Vineyards in Trawal, South Africa. 4. A horse at Frey Vineyards. 5. Frog’s Leap vineyard in Rutherford, California. 6. Indian Runner ducks are used to control snails at Stellar Organics. 7. Close up of grapes at Frey Vineyards. 8. A tractor disking the cover crops at Frog’s Leap Vineyard. (Frog’s Leap photos taken by Terry Joanis) Photo this page: Harvesting grapes at Frey Vineyards.

USDA organic certification because even though they use general organic techniques, they want to reserve the right to apply a little fungicide to prevent a mold outbreak during a rainy year. By researching online and talking with your friendly neighborhood wine expert, you can find plenty of wines made by farmers who grow pesticide-free, environmentally-friendly grapes without jumping through the hoops of a governmental body. Healthy for our bodies and the planet as they may be, organic wines have had a hard time convincing certain palates of their quality. First efforts from several wineries, such as Four Chimneys in New York, were met with cynicism back in the 1980s; there are still complaints that organic wine doesn’t hold well without sulfites. However, respect for organic and biodynamic vineyards has risen steadily as the sustainable practices required to grow organic grapes prove their efficacy and put out quality. After all, it comes down to what comes out of the bottle—if it doesn’t pour well, who cares if it’s good for the earth? “My bottom line is wine quality, not the organic movement’s ‘save the world’ agenda,” winemaker John Williams, owner of Frog’s Leap Winery in Napa Valley, CA, told Wine News Magazine last year. “Organic growing is the only path of grape growing that leads to optimum quality and expression of the land in wine. And that’s for the same reason that a healthy diet and lifestyle make for healthy people. When the soil is healthy, then the vines are healthy.” Due to increasing demand, it’s easy to find organic wine in Savannah. Habersham Beverages even has a specific section touting certified organic wines and those made from organic grapes: Look for the award-winning Badger Mountain Chardonnay with its ripe pear and hints of vanilla and banana; it’s an excellent buy at $11.99. You can also find Stellar Organics’ 2009 South African Shiraz and Frey Vineyards’ 2009 Zinfandel, both of which have topped several international “Best Organic Wine” lists. Also recommended is Loloni’s Lady Bug Red, an homage to the helpful insect that controls pests in organic vineyards and described as “fleshy, lightly toasty with notes of berry jam, cedar and pepper.” Among wine lovers, organic and biodynamic wines may still be met with suspicion. But at least you know that vintage has been made with the deepest respect for the soil and the planet.What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to give one a try? Well FED 71

My bar is special because: A lot of the building materials at SEED Eco Lounge are from recycled materials. Come check out the ecofriendly fabric on our lounge pillows and the recycled bamboo bar. Sometimes this job sucks because: Well, every so often my heels get caught in the floor mats behind the bar…does that count? I love Savannah because: The history that attracts people from all over the world. Telling a good old Savannah ghost story to a passerby always causes a thrill! My favorite place to drink/eat out (other than where I work, of course): Leoci’s Trattoria. My guilty pleasure is: Indulging in dill pickles,Vlasic.

My favorite drink is: Oh, aside from a shot of Patron? Before I even started working at SEED, I would come in during happy hour and sip the Cucumber Chill (recipe below). I definitely recommend this refreshing and delicious martini to anyone who has not tried it! When the bar is packed, the best way to get my attention is: Patience is a virtue. A compliment or wink across the bar couldn’t hurt either. When I’m pouring, please don’t ever: I know I used to be a cat in my past life, but please, please don’t hiss at me. MEOW! I’d like to tell Savannah: Come “see-d” me at SEED! There’s plenty more corny jokes and entertainment where that came from! *winks*

Cucumber Chill A Signature Cocktail from

1 1/4 ounces Rain Cucumber Lime Vodka 3/4 ounces Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Cucumber Liqueur Splash of sour mix Splash of ginger ale Combine first three ingredients with ice in shaker until cold. Pour into martini glass and top with a splash of ginger ale for fizz. Garnish with a slice of fresh cucumber or a lime twist. Well FED


26 M-Sa: 3pm-until

Bacchus D3 New location. Relaxed ambiance. Extensive wine list with over 45 available by the glass.

Well FED


13 W. Bay St.

Jen’s & Friends C6 Cozy neighborhood bar. Over 100 beers and martinis. Happy hour. Regular drink specials. M-Sa: 3pm-until

Local hotspot for weekly live shows and events. Full bar and laid back atmosphere. Call for hours



37 Whitaker St.

D4 Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub B4


M-Sa: 7pm-3am

Casual local atmosphere. Regular live music and specials. Popular college hangout.


Well FED

38 MLK Jr Blvd

M-F: 11am-3pm, W-Th: 6pm-9pm F-Sa: 6pm-10pm

Two story historic loft with a relaxed atmosphere that features intimate indoor and outdoor seating and a full bar.

405 W. Congress St. 912.349.1549

Historic dive bar. Regular drink specials. Limited menu. Free wings happy hour on Friday. M-W: 3pm-3am, T-Sa: 1pm-3am

409 W. Congress St. 912.232.5778 206 W. Saint Julian St. 912.238.1311

M-Su: 5pm-until

M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 3pm-2am


In City Market. Nightly specials. Beer pong. Live entertainment.

Authentic Irish pub.Weekly entertainment. Live rugby broadcasts. Limited food menu.

Traditional Irish pub with Irish singing every night. Menu features classic American and Irish fare. M-Sa: 11pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm2:30am 912.944.4343 11 W. Bay St. 912.238.5367 7 E. Congress St. 912.236.2281 127 W. Congress St. 912.233.9626 117 W. River St. Live Wire Music Hall A3 McDonough’s G6 Mercury Lounge D4 Moon River Brewing Co. B5 Casual contemporary atmosphere servSpacious.Three bars and large stage. Classic casual Irish American pub. Serv- Relaxed lounge atmosphere. Regular live ing eclectic American fare. Large beer Regular local, regional, and national music with no cover. selection with house brewery. ing large breakfast, lunch and dinner shows. selections. Famous for nightly karaoke. M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am, M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 3pm-2am Su: 11am-11pm M-F: 4pm-until, Sa: 11am-until M-Sa: 8am-3am, Su: 8am-2am 912.233.1192 307 W. River St. 912.233.6136 21 E. McDonough St. 912.447.6952 125 W. Congress St. 912.447.0943 21 W. Bay St. Rail Pub Murphy’s Law Irish Pub Rogue Water D2 Pour Larry’s D1 C2 C3

Large bar and American fare served in an upbeat atmosphere with servers in red cowgirl boots. M-Sa: 11am-3am , Su: 11:30am-2am

J.J. Bonerz


M-Su: 5pm-1am

B3 Bayou Cafe

G2 D5 The Distillery Over 21 craft brews on tap. Classic Classic Parisian bistro setting. Gastro historic tavern setting. Serving lunch pub offering authentic French fare. and late night fare. Extensive wine selections. M-Th: 11am-1am, F-Sa: 11am-3am, M-Th: 6pm-10pm, F-Sa: 6pm-11pm Su: 12pm-9pm 912.443.1875 48 Whitaker St. 912.236.1772 416 W. Liberty St.

B6 Circa 1875

D3 Bay Cafe

Intimate historic setting. Extensive beer selection with imports and domestics.

Churchill’s Pub

Bar Bar

912.235.4442 309 W. Congress St. B7 Bernie’s River Street B7 Casual atmosphere on the river. Serving Part of the Club One establishment. Serving Cajun, Italian, American and standard American fare. Famous for Unpretentious and inviting. All games Large video bar and dance floor. seafood. Cozy with full bar. Open for free. Nightly specials. Karaoke and shows. over 20 years. Live music every night. oysters. M-Th: 11am-12am, F-Sa: 11am-3am, M-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am -2am M-Th: 6pm –close, F-Sa: 5pm – close M-Su: 5pm-3am Su: 11am-2am 115 E. River St. 912.231.1910 219 W. Julian St. 912.234.6953 301 W. Bay St. 912.233.6411 14 N. Abercorn Ramp 912.236.1827

map on pg. 44

Historic District

C9 AVIA Lounge C4 Located inside the AVIA Hotel. Chic Small, inviting local pub. lounge with resident mixologist. Offering Happy Hour 4-7 fromage and charcuterie menu as well. M-Th: 4pm-11pm, F-Sa: 2pm-12am, M-Sa: 4pm-3am Su: 4pm-10pm 912.349.0525 17 Lincoln St. 912.233.2116 14 Barnard St.

Abe’s on Lincoln

H B iast r oGruiicd eD i st r i c t

What exactly is a bar? Is it any place that has a physical bar which you can sit at? Does it have to be a full bar or does just beer count too? What about a wine bar? Sake bar? Bar and grill? Well FED strives to give you the most accurate and complete listings possible, but we need your help. If you feel your bar should be included in the Well FED Bar Guide, contact us on Facebook or shoot an email to



26 B2

Seed Eco Lounge

912.994.2291 309 W. Saint Julian St. 912.527.6453


Well FED Well FED


Southside Billiards Club L2


216 J Mercer Blvd

Su-Th:11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

221 J MercerBlvd. 912.898.0852

M-F: 11am-2am, Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 12pm-12am

Dance music, food, karaoke, and reason- Large selection of casual American fare. Spacious with outdoor seating. Live ably priced drinks.      music and special events.

map on pg. 60

Tybee Island


1517 Butler Ave.

M-Sa: 10-3am, Su: 12:30-3am

Serving breakfast items alongside sandwiches and standard bar food. “Coldest beer in America”



13051 Abercorn St.

Flying Fish Bar & Grill


M-Th: 11am-1am, F-Sa: 11am-2am, Su: 1pm-1am

Leagues Monday-Thursday. Large spacious environment. Lots of tables. Menu includes standard bar fare.

Benny’s C5

Wilmington Island

C5 Molly Maguire’s

D12 Large selection of standard American fare and bar food standards. Daily specials. Spacious sports bar atmosphere. M-Su: 11am-12am


Dew Drop Inn

map on pg. 52

Casual, intimate atmosphere. Popular with locals. Serving American fare and seafood selections. Tu-Su: 11am-11pm 912.897.2009 7906 Hwy 80

27 Barnard St.

H8 E8 Capones Billards French and Asian influences. Casual and Spacious billiards bar and grill. Large late night menu . Lunch specials. Drink intimate bar setting.Wifi available. specials. M-Th: 3pm-1am, F: 11am-2:30am, M-Sa: 4pm-1am Sa: 3pm-2:30am, Su: 3pm-12am 912.335.5956 4523 Habersham St. 912.354.4848 1100 Eisenhower St.

Bar Food

K10 L3 Sandfly Bar & Grill Casual local sports bar atmosphere. Cozy local bar. Long happy hour. Darts, Menu includes standard American bar Texas Hold’em, and Karaoke. fare. M-Th: 2pm-11pm, F-Sa: 2pm-2am, M-F: 11:30am-2am, Sa: 3pm-2am, Su: 12:30pm-12am Su: 12pm-9pm 912.352.2933 10 East Broad St. 912.927.9757 11432 Abercorn St. 912.354.8288 7360 Skidaway Rd. Britannia Pub C4 Tailgate Sports Bar L4 Large British theme pub. Outdoor Sports Bar atmosphere with varied seseating. Large group accommodations. lection of standard American fare. Large Happy hour specials. selection of beer and liquor. M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-2am M-F: 2pm-2am, Sa: 4pm-3am map on pg. 60 912.898.4257 140 J Mercer Blvd. 912.921.2269 11215 Abercorn St.

Coach’s Corner


Su-Th: 11am-2am F-Sa: 11am-3am

Midtown Southside

G6 Sugar Daddy’s

Casual American setting. Serving large selection of wings and American fare.

Wild Wing Cafe

Six Pence Pub

39 Montgomery St. 314 Williamson St. 912.349.5100 D3 Tantra Bar & Lounge D7 Temperance D5 Casual English pub with classic historic Casual intimate atmosphere.Tapas, light fare Contemporary lounge club atmosphere. Opening soon. Located across from Urban Outfitters. 24 Beers setting. European influenced pub fare and desserts. Extensive wine and drink list. Sushi and tapas. Regular shows and on Tap and 50 Wines by the glass every day. and specialties. popular open mic. Kitchen open till midnight. Historic, yet casual, upscale environment. M-Th: 11:30am-12am, F-Sa: 11:30am- M-Th: 5pm-2am, F-Sa: 5pm-3am M-Tu: 5pm-2am, W-Sa: 5pm-3am, Su: Opening Soon: 2am, Su: 11:30am- 10pm 6pm-2am Su: 10am-2pm 7 days a week for lunch and dinner 912.233.3156 245 Bull St. 912.335.5852 220 W. Broughton 109 Jefferson St. 912.231.0888 8 East Broughton St.

map on pg. 36

Historic District Dueling Piano Bar

C3 Savannah Smiles

Casual intimate atmosphere. Modern bar with daily happy hour and Festive casual saloon atmosphere. Duel- Eco-friendly bar serving drink specials.Weekend DJ for dancing ing Pianos. Popular for special occasions contemporary specialties. and only designated smoking section in W-F: 5pm-3am, Sa: 5:30pm-3am, M-Sa: 5pm-3am downtown. Su: 5:30pm-2am

Rooftop Tavern in City Market

H i st o r i c D i st rBiacrt G u i d e


Well FED


Sand Bar

1213 Hwy. 80

D10 Casual golf themed, traditional American fare. Oak wood grill and fresh local seafood. M-F: 11am-11pm, Sa: 5pm-11pm Su: 11am-10 pm 912.963.0797 7 Sylvester Formey Dr.

Well FED


1516 Butler Ave.

Burgers, seafood, tacos, and big burritos served in a spacious sports bar atmosphere. Live entertainment and Karaoke. Mo-Su: 11-3am

Rock House Bar & Grill N9

601 1st St.

Sports bar serving standard casual fare. Seafood selection includes oysters and snow crab legs. M-Sa: 4pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-3am


33 Van Horne Ave. E6 Quarter Sports Bar and Grill


Mix of American and Caribbean flair. Daily specials and homemade desserts. Live Entertainment. M-Su: 11am-10pm

North Beach Bar & Grill H10


Relaxed island atmosphere. Specialty pizzas, whole or by the slice. Low card menu, wraps, and more. M-Su: 11-12am

111 Canal St. 912.7868966

Sam Snead’s Tavern


M-Th: 3pm-2am, F: 11am-2am Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 12:30pm-12am

Casual islands themed setting. Large selection of beer and mixed drinks.

Bahama Bob’s

map on pg. 64


1603 Strand Ave.

M-Sa: 12pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-3am 912.786.7150


Live entertainment of Friday and Saturdays.The only bumper pool table in Tybee. Limited bar menu. Mo-Sa: 12pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-3am

Doc’s Bar and Grill

map on pg. 24 60

ybee HTistoric DIsland istrict

10 Tybrisa St. 1512 Butler Ave. 912.786.5506 Huc-A-Poos Bites/ Booze H6 N10

Sports Bar.Voted best daiquiri 20042009. 10 different daiquiri machines. Thirteen TVs.

Tybee Time


M-Th: 5pm-3am, F-Su: 3pm-3am

Darts, Poker, foosball. Large selection of sandwiches and paninis. Sushi on Wednesdays.

725 1st St.


Full Bar with Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. Open Mic Night every other Thurs. Daily Lunch Specials. M-Su:11:30am-3am

Seagrass Grill & Saloon H9

HBiast r oGrui icd eD i st r i c t




The Wooden Sheep is participating in this year’s Earth Day Festival to promote healthy living, sustainability, and increased environmental awareness. We have adapted their themes of saving, recycling, and growing and applied them to an entire weekend, celebrating local culture, repurposed materials, and community growth. Saving Local Culture Friday, April 22nd - 5-9pm What is more appropriate in signifying a celebration than color? Samantha Claar’s “Gullah Series,” full of life and vibrant colors, is much more than an eye catching piece of art. Come by the Wooden Sheep to find out more about this local culture, its role in sustainable living, and how Samantha Claar has begun exploring their world through her paint, canvas, and personal experiences. Recycling Repurposed Materials Saturday, April 23rd - 11-1pm Join us during the Earth Day Festival as we showcase how local materials can be reused to make high quality products and art. We will also be hosting an educational workshop where children can learn basic sustainable principles and then apply them to a fun arts and craft project. Community Growth Sunday, April 24th Project Sunday is a new monthly event the Wooden Sheep will be kicking off in April. In an effort to grow a stronger and more healthy community, the Wooden Sheep will be doing some community service by roaming the streets, alleys, and parking lots for trash and debris. We have come to appreciate this beautiful city immensely and would like to help keep it as clean as possible. If you are interested in volunteering and making some new friends, email us at woodensheepsav@gmail. com for all the details.


Savannah’s shop for all things handmade!

Wooden Sheep find us on Facebook!

10 West Liberty Street

Savannah, Georgia 31401 next to Soho South Cafe & across from Mellow Mushroom

Well FED Savannah April 2011  
Well FED Savannah April 2011  

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