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Welcome to The Lovely Rogue Valley! You’ve Just Entered Kayaking Nirvana! Picture yourself floating…silently, peacefully, beautifully at one with nature. The only sounds that reach you are the songs of the mountain birds, or the migrating geese flying overhead. Picture yourself sitting comfortably in a kayak or a canoe in the middle of just one of the many incredibly serene and panoramic lakes that are nestled all around us in the Cascade Mountains. No city noise to bother you, no cell phones vibrating for your attention, just sweet, peaceful silence. Then picture yourself rhythmically dipping your paddle into the water as you and your craft are smoothly gliding over the mirrorlike surface of the lake as you explore all of the shoreline, seeing pelicans, ducks, geese and other birds nestled together in groups taking in the day just as you are doing. You look up and see hawks, and even eagles soaring above and you know that this is an incredibly rare and precious day. What I am describing is something that my wife and I discovered was freely available pretty much any day we wanted after moving to the Rogue Valley almost 8 years ago. After relocating here from a more desert like location, we found ourselves going on weekend drives in all directions, exploring all of the natural wonders that were 4

within an hour or two drive. Our cameras were always at the ready snapping photos of all the naturally beautiful scenery that surrounded us. One of the most noticeable things that we discovered was that there were so many small mountain lakes nestled in the Cascades and we wondered what it would be like to be able to actually get on the water and explore further away from the roads that had brought us there. And that is just what we did. First, we sought out the advice of one of the local experts, Scott Keith who is one of the owners of the Northwest Outdoor Store. He was very knowledgeable about paddle related sports which includes kayaking, rafting, canoeing and also the newly popular stand up paddle boards. Scott was able to explain to us all the different types of kayaks and how one is good for lakes and another better for rivers. Some you sit within and others, you sit on top. The length of the boat is also an important factor in terms of glide or maneuverability. We asked a lot of questions about our new adventure into kayaking before making our purchase and Scott very patiently answered them all. He invited us to meet both he and his staff at Emigrant Lake where they had kayak demo days, so that we could actually get in the different

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

models and lengths of boats and give them a try. This was very helpful because it quickly became evident which type of kayak suited our needs. This began a period of adventure and exploration that I didn’t even know existed as we were now well equipped to make full use of our days in the surrounding mountains. In this writer’s opinion, there are few better ways to immerse yourself into our natural surroundings than sitting in or on a kayak. We like to pack a nice lunch, a blanket, a camera, binoculars and whatever suits our fancy and then off we go. We have found that it doesn’t really matter which direction we choose to head off into, there is always a great kayaking destination waiting for us. My recommendation is that if you are interested in a low cost excellent form of exercise plus a truly Zen like experience, head over and talk with one of the staff at the Northwest Outdoor Store. Take a look at the great variety of paddle craft that they carry. They have the best selection between Sacramento and Portland and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful to each and every person who enters their store. You’ll be glad that you did! -LMA

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon



Save $$$ By Having Your Home Energy Tested! 94 Years of Service! McMurray & Sons has been providing quality materials and workmanship to the housing industry for over 94 years. David W. McMurray carries on the family tradition as President and owner of the corporation. Having grown up in the business, with a father/boss that understood the value of hard work and quality workmanship, the company retains those same values today. Initially focused on residential roofing, McMurray & Sons began installing commercial/industrial roofing in the early 60’s. In 2012, McMurray & Sons, Inc. acquired Gills Indoor Air Quality and once again expanded their services. Today, in addition to roofing, they also offer insulation, weatherization, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to the Rogue River Valley. McMurray & Sons offers free home energy evaluations. These evaluations identify: * Increased energy consumption due to air leakage * Moisture/condensation problems * Solutions to uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outdoors * Contamination of home air quality from indoor air pollution The Blower Door Test This test identifies air leakage in doorways. A “blower door” is fitted into one of your doorways & turned on to negatively pressurize your home. The “blower door” measures the leakage around your doors, windows, vents & air ducts (measured in cubic feet of air leak- age per minute or CFM50). 6

Once the trouble spots are identified, the leaks are repaired, leaving you with a more cost efficient home. Through McMurray’s partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon, they can pro- vide cash incentives that help for the cost of your Blower Door Test.

centives that can help cover the costs of these services. Sealing ductwork If your ductwork needs sealing, we seal the leaks and conduct a second duct leakage test to determine the reduction. Electric-heated mobile homes: Energy Trust of Oregon will cover the entire cost! Framed homes: Some incentives are available. Air sealing Sealing the shell of your home — walls, doors, ceiling, windows and floors from air leaks is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase comfort and energy efficiency. Sealing air leaks reduces drafts, controls moisture, keeps out pollutants and improves overall comfort. Many air leaks and drafts are easy to find because they are easy to feel, like those around doors and windows.

Certified technicians will also conduct a duct leakage test to determine the amount of air leaking from your ductwork. After the duct leakage test Once your home has been tested, it’s time for McMurray & Sons to fix the energy leaks and increase the energy efficiency of your home. They will help identify tax rebates & energy in-

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

Insulation Properly insulating your floors, walls and attic keeps you comfortable throughout the year, reduces your heating and cooling costs, reduces outside noise, and saves you energy. Before beginning an insulation project, have McMurray & Sons perform an air leakage test and seal any air leaks in your home to maximize the performance of your insulation. For more information on how you can make your home more energy efficient, contact McMurray & Sons, Inc. at 541-779-9334.

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon



Bringing Peace of Mind to You and Your Family A family-owned business, SOS Alarm is the only local, full-service alarm company based in Southern Oregon. Having served the region for over 40 years, they invest in the community and in their employees who live here. Unlike other alarm firms, SOS Alarm has their monitoring station, service, installation, accounting and sales departments right here in Medford. SOS Alarm offers a large variety of services, including custom designed burglar alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance and medical alert systems. With the only UL Certified central monitoring station in Southern Oregon, SOS Alarm’s central station is fully-staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained Oregon- certified alarm dispatchers. You can call anytime, day or night, and speak to a real person. All SOS Alarm sales consultants, technicians and installers are employed 8

by SOS Alarm. To ensure quality, trouble free systems, sub-contractors are never used for installations. For over 40 years, SOS Alarm has earned the trust and respect of their customers and the emergency agencies they work with on

a daily basis. Whatever your needs are, their fully trained staff is ready, experienced and qualified to do the work. The Rogue Valley is a wonderful

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

place to live. Sadly enough though, crime runs through every community and you need to be prepared. Every recession since the late 1950s has been associated with an increase in crime, particulary, property crime and robbery. Statistically, there is a strong relationship between crime, falling wages and higher unemployment rates. Now more than ever, it’s time to use your alarm system every time you leave your home or business. If you don’t have an alarm system, now is the time to protect yourself. With the new security technology that is available, it has never been more affordable to protect the ones you care about. Keep in mind, burglars purposely avoid homes which are set up with security systems. Find out how easy it is to protect your home or business by calling SOS Alarm at 541773-3900.

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon




Your Locally Owned and Operated Source for Major Appliances and Home Theater Systems John, Brenda and Joe originally formed their business, Home of the Future Appliance and Television about 30 years ago offering top quality repair service and maintenance for most major appliances and televisions for their surrounding communities. Through the years because of their service offerings they’ve have had a unique opportunity to see what brands in the appliance and consumer electronics arenas were more trouble free than others. That is why when they decided to expand and open up their new and beautiful retail showroom, it was clear as to which national brands to showcase and which ones to not offer. On the appliance end of things, the primary emphasis is on the very popular LG and Samsung brands as well as the less well known names of Blomberg and Haier. In the television and surround system arenas, they chose to focus and offer the LG and Samsung 10

names alone. All of these brands in their experience offered reliable and user friendly performance at very competitive price points. When they began this journey of planning and setting up their storefront in the Medford Shopping Plaza, they contacted various suppliers

and buying groups and analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of all these options. In the end, they decided that the Mega Group USA supply

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

chain offered the best advantages so that the new Home of the Future could be a locally owned and operated business with all of the strengths and price advantages of the national “big box” retail outlets across the country. They felt that this combination of personalized service and knowhow and national buying strength offered the best buying experience for every customer of this type of purchase. Their philosophy is to offer the most competitive prices on the best and most reliable products backed with the local ability to maintain, service and repair those products if needed years down the road. Our recommendation to you as a new resident of the beautiful Rogue Valley is to go down and pay these folks a visit and let them know what your needs are as you set about turning your house or apartment into a home. You’ll be glad that you did.


High-Mileage Cars: Is 200,000 The New Normal? In the 1960s and 1970s, many automobile odometers did not even read beyond 99,999 miles. Hit 100,000, and the odometer turned back to zero. But now, thanks to tougher quality standards and post-recession financial concerns, Americans are driving their cars longer than ever before and high-mileage cars are the rule, not the exception. Is 200,000 miles the new 100,000 miles? Consider Porsche salesman Mark Webber. While selling new sports cars every day for a living, Webber still drives his 1990 Volvo to work, despite having more than 300,000 miles on the car. “I just can’t see the point of spending a lot of money driving a newer, racier car every day in city traffic when my old Volvo just wants to keep on going,” Webber told the New York Times. Webber has plenty of company. While Americans once prided themselves on driving the latest and greatest car, a shift in spending habits following the recession has more Americans than ever before working to extend the life of their cars. A recent survey by the automotive research firm R.L. Polk & Co found that the typical car buyer keeps a new vehicle for 71.4 months, an increase of nearly 18 months since 2006. This shift corresponds with a change in Americans’ attitudes toward automobiles. Cars, once synonymous with an individual’s identity, are no longer as important to today’s millennial generation. David Champion, the senior director of Consumer Reports, says that in the past, “[People] would sell the car at 60,000 miles to get some residual value 12

out of it. Nowadays, 100,000 miles is only halfway through the life of the car.” In fact, used car prices are rising as recession-savvy buyers look to keep spending down while getting the biggest bang for their buck.

The life expectancy of cars has steadily increased since the 1970s. A generation ago, many parts simply fell off a car at the end of their life cycle. Cars produced in the 1960s and 1970s were also more susceptible to rust and corrosion, so engines and transmission simply stopped working by 100,000 miles. Now, thanks to greater quality control and technology advancements, today’s automobiles meet strict requirements for anticorrosion standards. Gas mileage for cars is also an important factor — as mileage increases, it’s difficult to justify a new purchase. And carmakers intend their cars to say on the road for a long time. For example, Hyundai and Kia now include 100,000 miles/10 year powertrain warranties with their cars.

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

Is your car approaching 100,000 miles and you hope to double that? These three common sense tips will help keep your car on the road well past the 100,000-mile mark. Drive gently. Aggressive driving, hard stops and starts, and rapid accelerating or decelerating not only hurt your fuel economy, but these rough driving also adds unnecessary wear and tear to your car. Think about your morning commute: do you race to every stoplight, weaving in and out of traffic? Curbing your need for speed can help keep your car running longer. Keep it clean. A good wash will not only help high mileage cars sparkle, but it will also remove excess road tar and salt. This is especially important during winter months when salt residue from wintery roads can cause undercarriage corrosion. Regular waxing protects the paint job and resists rust. Don’t ignore check engine lights. Many drivers, myself included, enter a guilty state of denial when our check engine light turns on. Weeks turn into months, and the check engine light is still shining. If you have an older car, it’s essential to get the light checked out right away. It may be indicative of a serious problem with the transmission, timing belt or engine. Prompt attention can save your car from serious damage – and save you the headache and expense of having your car towed to the mechanic. Call Pro Service Center in order to keep your vehicle well maintained.

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Over 40 Years of Custom Window Fashion Experience Gives Us the Ability to Ensure your Complete Satisfaction You'll find more than custom draperies and blinds with us at Western Oregon Window Fashions. Whether you are shopping for a single window treatment, redecorating your entire house or seeking the solution to a complex design challenge, you'll find great people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you put it all together. Welcome to the always lovely Rogue Valley. As a new resident of our beautiful community,, we encourage you to try to remember to buy locally and support the community of small businesses. From the moment you contact us, you’ll see why shopping local just makes sense when it comes to buying custom-made window fashions and other interior design solutions: - We are dedicated to providing you with personal attention and the best possible service, including con14

venient in-home visits and professional installation. - We offer high-quality products that are built to last. - Our custom product and service offerings are selected with the needs and tastes of the local community always in mind. - We are professionally trained to find the perfect solution for your home, and can accurately answer any questions you may have. Since we're locally owned and operated, we take our long-term commitment to the community seriously, and we are proud of the professional products and services we provide. We are here now - and we'll be here in the future when you need us again. Call on us for your next design project! Count on our knowledgeable and friendly professionals to coordinate your decorating project from start

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

to finish. Our staff has received extensive training on Hunter Douglas window fashions and more - including design, measuring, installation and trouble shooting. Jim has been in the window covering field for over 40 years, starting off as a drapery installer and he now does the sales, custom design and installation of all our custom window coverings for our company. He is a Hunter Douglas certified master installer and also a hardwired motorization specialist. Eleanor has been working with Jim in the business for over 25 years. Eleanor handles the customers in the showroom with their fabric choice and design and fabricates all the beautiful fabric window treatments in our commercial workroom. We recommend that you call Jim and Eleanor when shopping for draperies and window treatments.

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Become Part of Something Bigger Ever considered a credit union? Ever wondered about what a credit union even is? Credit unions are similar to other financial institutions, in that they insure your funds, and offer most of the same products and services, however credit unions embrace some exciting differences. As opposed to banks, credit unions are nonprofit organizations operated by a volunteer board of directors, elected by its members. So, ultimately, they are not driven by making profits for their shareholders, but by supporting its members and the local community. Why should you consider joining a credit union? Well, not only do they usually offer fewer or reduced fees, and better rates, but more importantly, when you join a credit union you become part of something bigger. You become a member, not a customer, and you play a vital part in the credit union eco-system. This system facilitates turning one member’s deposits into the dream of another. Credit unions build the strength of the local community by supporting local businesses and by giving back through philanthropic donations, sponsorships, 16

community events and financial education. At Rogue, our members and our local community are our focus and our passion, and we strive to support and enrich life in Southern Oregon. Financial education is one major focus as we support our local community by teaching valuable financial skills through a variety of avenues. Today, elementary schools, high schools and colleges rarely teach these essential personal finance skills because it is no longer a gradua-

tion requirement and they have other areas of focus. Rogue has seen this need and stepped in wholeheartedly. We began by starting Rogue Credit Union student branches at various high schools across Southern Oregon. These student branches provide valuable experience to

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its student tellers, while offering a convenient location for students and staff to manage their finances. Rogue presents regularly in our local classrooms and at various community events offering helpful financial tips and imparting personal finance skills that will help establish valuable financial habits. To provide a convenient and comfortable environment for learning financial skills, last year we launched our financial education website at Learn.roguecu.org. This site not only offers hundreds of engaging financially-charged video lessons, but also offers the opportunity to order classroom materials to teach your own class or to sign up for a financial education presentation at your location. At Rogue, we’re different. We are so much more than an auto loan or a checking account. We are about enriching the lives and supporting the community of our beautiful home of Southern Oregon. I’d invite you to experience the credit union difference, the mission and drive for community impact and service that has driven Rogue now for over 57 years in Southern Oregon.

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Come join our family of great patients! Central Point Family Dentistry has established a reputation of quality dentistry in the Rogue Valley. They emphasize conservative dentistry with an aim in taking a proactive approach in preventing cavities. Many patients have unanswered questions like, “why do I get cavities even when my teeth-cleaning habits seem meticulous?”, or, “can I get my teeth looking brighter without damaging the enamel?” Such questions can easily be answered by Dr. Nelson and his friendly staff. At Central Point Family Dentistry,

Scan the QR Code to visit our website to learn more. 18

Central Point

Family Dentistry their general dental practice covers an array of services from veneers, crowns, fillings, cleanings, teeth whitening, conservative braces, root canals, extractions, etc. Whether you need dentures or would love to bring your child in for an exam, they have your basic dental needs covered for all ages. After a two-year service mission in Chile, Dr. Nelson graduated from BYU. He then attended Loma Linda Univer-

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

sity to acquire an M.B.A., followed by a dental degree. On the personal side, Dr. Nelson has a wife and three thriving kids. He enjoys cycling throughout the U.S. and his humanitarian trips have taken him all over the world. Having practiced as a Dentist in Illinois, Grants Pass Oregon and now in the beautiful Rogue Valley, Dr. Nelson is proud to call Central Point his new home, “We love it here”, he states with a big smile on his face. “My goal as a dentist is to help make your dental visit comfortable and enjoyable especially if you have had negative dental experiences before coming to our dental practice. Try us out—you’ll notice a difference. Your smile is our priority!” Conveniently located just off interstate 5 in Central Point, give Dr. Nelson a call at 541-664-8300 to make an appointment today.


“In all my 72 years of life I have never enjoyed my dental visits more than when I visit Dr. Nelson’s dental practice.” -Afton

“Dr. Nelson never pushed treatment on me. He listened to my needs and helped me feel comfortable.”


Welcome to the Rogue Valley! You will find that southern Oregon is a beautiful place to live. We know change can be challenging. One thing that you will find reliable and consistent is that Central Point Family Dentistry is here to stay. We plan on being here for decades to come. We offer family and cosmetic dentistry and are conveniently located near the I-5 off ramp 33 exit.

Serving the entire Rogue Valley Call Today to set your appointment

541.664.8300 1333 Plaza Blvd,, Suite A | Central Point, OR 97502

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Locally owned and operated, LaZ-Boy Furniture Galleries opened in September 2007 along I-5 just off the Phoenix exit. After having introduced their franchise to Bend, Oregon, Allen Pfeifer and family decided to bring their brand to the beautiful Rogue Valley. The Pfeifers originally chose the La-Z-Boy line because of this company’s long history and fine tradition of building high quality, long-lasting recliners & furniture.

Born in the USA In 1927, two young cousins from Monroe, Michigan – Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoe20

maker – created a wood-slat chair with a reclining back that allowed hardworking families to relax after a long day – and the world’s first recliner was born! The La-Z-Boy recliner was a big hit in Monroe and soon, the nation. Steadily over the last 85 years, La-Z-Boy has expanded beyond recliners and now has comfortable furniture in all shapes and sizes. With factories and employees across the nation and world, this homegrown family business has come a long way from its humble roots in a Michigan cornfield.

In-Home Design Assistance Dream it., Create it, Love it. Free design assistance in your home or instore. If you ask us, picking out new furniture should be fun. And, when you work with us, it is. We make the process as easy as possible by helping you envision what your furniture and your entire room will look like. Visit us today to create a single

Committed to America! Today, La-Z-Boy is hard at work building an all-American invention right here on American soil. With the headquarters still based in Monroe, Mich., five U.S. manufacturing plants, four distribution centers and nearly 350 furniture galleries, La-Z-Boy and it’s franchise owners employ more than 5,000 people nationwide in the pursuit of comfortable, long lasting furniture. Every day, they proudly produce recliners, sofas, chairs and more by hardworking, dedicated employees. These fine people are driven by the same determination and commitment to quality and comfort that set them on the road to success 85 years ago.

sofa or an entire room. We’ll help you bring it all together. Quickly & easily bring your dream rooms to life in absolutely amazing 3-D visual reality. Customize furniture styles and fabrics, change the room shape, add windows and doors… In fact, anything you can do in a real room, you can do on the La-ZBoy 3D Room Planner!

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

We Are Big on Comfort! So often, small details make a big difference. Like customizable lumbar firmness. One-touch reclining. Extra long footrests. An ergonomic handle. Cushions “zoned” for optimal firmness and lasting comfort & so much more.


Medford’s Best Place for Portable Spas! Who We Are Since 1997, HotSpring Spas of Southern Oregon has proudly provided the finest manufactured spas and saunas in Medford, Oregon, and throughout the surrounding areas. We’re not just looking to sell you a spa—we want to make it your favorite destination. We have more than three decades of experience and support our local communities by donating to a variety of local charities. Relaxing Hot Tubs Count on HotSpring Spas of Southern Oregon to bring you the finest in relaxing hot tubs available in Medford. We specialize in HotSpring Spas, the industry leader. We sell them because they are the best built, easiest to own, and longestlasting hot tubs available, with sales of over one million tubs. Simple & Long-Lasting World-class engineering goes into each HotSpring hot tub, which means simple, effective water care, lasting components, and sparkling clean water every time you step in. These incredible spas are engineered around efficiency, from the heater, to the pump, and even the insulation and cover. The HotSpring spa has revolutionized hydro-therapy with the MotoMassage Jet™, the world’s most innovative and soothing jet design. 22

Fantastic Selection & Service People choose our spas and hot tubs for selection, quality, service, and support. Easy care, low maintenance, and energy efficiency make them stand out, and service is always available when you need it. Each hot tub is backed by a solid warranty, and they’re backed with features at a price that’s sure to fit your budget. Convenient Spas & Sauna You can count on the dedicated team at HotSpring Spas of Southern Oregon in Medford to deliver the finest in portable spas and sauna instal-

“Hot Spring Spas gave me one of my greatest purchases I have ever made. I recommend them to anyone.-- Lindy Ruff (Google Review) lation. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction and service, which has resulted in more than half our sales starting as referrals from happy clients. Commitment to Quality Our commitment to quality means we carry the finest HotSpring, HotSpot, and FreeFlow Spas from Watkins Manufacturing™, the world’s leading spa manufacturer and an industry leader in design, technol-

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ogy, and construction. These spas are designed to deliver the ultimate in hydro-massage and relaxation, and are available in various models and sizes to fit any budget or backyard. Quality Supplies & Accessories HotSpring Spas of Southern Oregon is the place to go for all your spa supplies in Medford. We carry the widest selection of supplies for your spa, making cleaning and maintenance simple! We Carry these HighQuality Brands: Baquacil, Baqua Spa, Omni, SeaKlear, Spa Essentials and Leisure Time. In addition to supplies, we carry a wide range of spa and pool accessories. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can usually have it in-store within 24 hours. Our team is made up of pool and spa water quality experts. Trust our professional team to help you with most systems. Just bring in a water sample for a free test, and we’ll give you the advice you need to solve any problems you may have. Visit Our Showroom We invite you to visit our showroom and discuss your needs with our specialists. We will help you choose the spa that’s perfect for you and your family, and never make you feel rushed or pressured. Feel free to ask all the questions you like of our experienced, knowledgeable staff. We’re always happy to help!

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Achieving Peace of Mind is Priceless! Exceptional Service - Trusted Advice Kenneth Kinzler has developed an insurance agency that gives customers full attention, trusted advice and personalized service. It is a full-service insurance agency, serving the residents of Jackson and Josephine Counties. Kenny (as he likes to be called) came to Southern Oregon from Hemet, California where he managed an Allstate agency for twelve years. When the opportunity to purchase an agency in Southern Oregon came up, Kenny jumped at the chance, He knew this was where he wanted to raise his family. The climate, activities and the community are all benefits to living here. Kenny is committed to helping clients find the solutions to their insurance and financial needs. The best part of the job he says is working with his clients to provide them the peace of mind they deserve. Allstate does more than just protect your home, auto & finances. Allstate can also protect your business and your employees. Kenny is an expert in business and supplemental employee benefits, helping other business owners protect their livelihood. He is committed to helping Rogue Valley residents assess their immediate and long24

term needs and choose options that will help them achieve their goals. When you want to explore options for protecting your home, business, or financial future, Kenny is available for a free insurance or financial review. Allstate customer or not, he and his team are ready to review your coverage so you can make any necessary adjustments to fit your changing needs.

ALLSTATE INSURANCE BRINGING GOOD TO LIFE We don’t just talk about good—we make it happen. From our dedication to helping rebuild after catastrophes to our passion for

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

giving back to communities, Allstate is committed to making a difference. Mission We’re all about helping you live the good life every day and protect what matters most to you. Whether it’s your home, your car or your family, we’re ready with all the information you need for everyday peace of mind Company Overview The Allstate Corporation is the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer in America. Allstate was founded in 1931 and became a publicly traded company in 1993. Allstate offers car insurance, home, property, condo and renters insurance, plus insurance for recreational vehicles like motorcycles, boats and more. The Allstate family of companies offers financial products including IRAs, 529k plans for college saving, retirement planning and a range of life insurance products including term life and whole life. For a FREE Insurance Review now that you live in beautiful Southern Oregon, call or email Kenny today at 541-472-1644 or kkinzler1@allstate.com.


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Immediate Care With Quick, Easy & Secure Online Registration & Check-In Available!

When you are in need of a medical professional, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in a waiting room, filling out loads of forms. At Valley Immediate Care, we make it easy to provide all the necessary information online, before you arrive at one of our four locations in Southern Oregon. This secure online registration which is called “Click-VIC” is not mandatory, it’s just a convenience we offer in addition to our full service walk-in program that does not require a prearranged appointment. How does the Click VIC program work? With Click VIC, you can wait to see the doctor at home, at the office or anywhere you have a computer and phone. So why wait in the Valley Immediate Care lobby when you can Click VIC and Wait In Your Comfort Zone! Simply fill out a registration form and submit it to Valley Immediate Care. Within 15 minutes a Valley Immediate Care receptionist will call you to confirm receipt of your registration form as well as inform you of your estimated wait time. Once an exam room is ready for you, we will call you again and advise you to come in for your exam or treatment. Please dial 911 if you have any emergency such as chest pains, uncontrolled bleeding, opened fractures, poisoning, constant vomiting, serious breathing problems, or any situation you deem life or limb threatening. Online check-in is 28

NOT for emergency treatment. Valley Immediate Care is not a substitute for hospital care in emergency situations. If you are experiencing any of these conditions please don’t call our office, just dial 911 immediately. A few items to consider when using Valley Immediate Care’s Click VIC Online Check-In System:

If you are a self paying patient, we are happy to share our fees with you before you are seen so you will know what to expect. Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements are made beforehand. Valley Immediate Care clinics are open late, seven days a week, 365 days per year! In an effort to ensure each patient’s medical needs are addressed within a timely manner, our Click VIC Online Check-In System will be disabled an hour prior to closing and will remain disabled until business hours resume the following day. Once we call you to come to the clinic, you should leave for the clinic right away to ensure your spot in line. Click VIC is not to be used for services which do not require a physician such as drug screens and flu shots. How do I check in using Click-VIC?

At Valley Immediate Care, most insurance companies are welcome. So if you plan to use insurance, please remember to bring your insurance card and photo identification. The co-pay or deductible amount you will pay is determined by your employer and insurance plan. Upon receipt of your registration forms, our staff will kindly attempt to confirm this amount so you’ll know what your visit will cost before you are treated and avoid unnecessary out-ofpocket expenses.

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

Simply fill out the Patient Registration Form online for the appropriate clinic location and click submit! You will receive a “Confirmation of Submission” message with further instructions. If you do not, please review your patient registration form, ensure all required information has been entered and resubmit your registration form. If once again you do not receive a “Confirmation of Submission” message, please contact our office at 541-734-9030.

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With Your Eyes at Risk, Insisting on Good Quality Is Vital with Corrective Eyewear There are times when cutting corners to save a few dollars makes sense, and there are times when it is imperative that you get the most out of your money possible. This is particularly true when it comes to your health and products related to your well-being, such as eyeglasses and prescription eyeglasses. There are many options for eyeglasses and choosing a quality source for those eyeglasses is extremely important. After all, you must put your eye health at the top of all your eye-related decisions. BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SAVE YOUR DOLLARS Saving a few dollars on your eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses might seem like a good idea at the moment, but it is in your best interest to choose a quality and trusted source for all your eyewear. Ultimately, saving a few dollars isn’t worth the peace of mind you get when you buy quality glasses. PROTECT YOUR VISION WITH QUALITY EYEWEAR The market is literally flooded with cheap eyeglasses of all sorts, including men’s glasses, women’s glasses, and 30

children’s glasses. There are even ample examples of “knock off ” glasses that are pretending to be designer glasses and sunglasses that are, of course, fakes. This point highlights why it is so very important that you only buy from trusted eyeglasses retailers. Making the decision to intentionally purchase low-quality eyewear of any kind is, simply put, a very bad idea and one you should outright avoid. Inferior prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses come with a myriad of serious potential problems and issues. If you receive the wrong prescription, you could damage your vision or not obtain optimal results. Likewise, prescription sunglasses that have the wrong prescription or that fail to protect against UV rays can damage your vision. In fact, UV rays can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and damage to the retina. This is why it is very important to only purchase high-quality eyewear. It isn’t necessarily important to buy expensive glasses. However, the prescription sunglasses you choose should have 99% to 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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CHEAP READING GLASSES Cheap reading glasses made headlines lately, as new research showed that they could potentially harm your eyes. In particular, glasses called “ready readers” have been shown to cause headaches, eye strain, and double vision. In particular, they can be most damaging to people with higher prescriptions. It is important that you check in with your optometrist before just purchasing the cheapest reading glasses possible. DURABILITY = DURABILITY, Like so many products, the “savings” to be had from purchasing lowcost eyewear may in fact turn out to be largely an illusion. Being forced to replace eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses that you purchased months earlier with a new pair will cost you not just money, but valuable time and aggravation as well. In short, when you are looking for eyewear, quality is key and should definitely influence your purchasing decision. Lassman’s Fine Eyewear stocks only the highest quality products with very affordable prices. Come visit us!

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53 0 CR AT ER L AK E AV E N U E • ME DFORD, OR • 541- 774- 3937 • LASSM AN S.C OM


Orthodontic Treatment Worth Smiling Creating beautiful smiles is our goal, and the success of that has a lot to do with the wonderful patients we have in our Medford Orthodontic office. Dr Gary May has helped Medford OR residents attain the beautiful smiles they deserve with the latest innovations with orthodontic care. Our office uses Invisalign and the Damon System braces to create new smiles that will last a lifetime. We know that successful orthodontic treatment can only occur when patient, parents or spouse, the orthodontist and staff all work together. We are dedicated to this “team effort” approach, which requires the patients and their family to be as informed as possible in the many facets of treatment. With this goal in mind, we urge you to explore our website to learn more about us (www.mayortho.com), our commitment to you and your orthodontic needs. We recognize that every patient has different goals and desires, and we pride ourselves on individualizing every treatment plan to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re an adult, teen or child, 32

our knowledgeable doctor and staff are committed to helping you achieve your goals for your teeth and face as well as providing balance and harmony for a

lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. Your individual treatment depends upon a close professional working relationship, and Dr. Gary May will make every effort to discuss and explain the specifics of your treatment in detail. Please feel free to inquire about any aspect of your treatment at any time since your understanding and cooperation are absolutely essential for the results

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we all seek. We are proud to serve the residents of Medford, Oregon and the surrounding Rogue Valley. We utilize the latest advances in the orthodontic industry, such as the new Damon Q and CLEAR braces and Invisalign. Our doctor invests hundreds of hours every year to stay at the forefront of the profession to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible to meet your individual needs. For Invisalign, Damon Braces and more, call your Medford, Oregon, orthodontist, Dr. Gary May for a Free Initial Consultation. Office at 1625 East. McAndrews Rd., Medford Suite B, 541.779.3003 Do you have a question about today’s orthodontics? Click on this QR (Quick Response) code with your smartphone and find out how easy it is to smile with confidence! Whether it is for yourself, or a loved one, you will want to


Take Advantage of Incentives for Heat Pump Water Heaters and Save Up To 50% on Water Heating Costs S.O.S. Plumbing is a family-owned and operated company. We are proud to be a small, independent, local business and believe that being family-owned allows us the opportunity to pay special attention to each of our clients and provide our customers with personalized attention and the best customer service available. Since 1980, Jackson County business owners and homeowners have relied on S.O.S. Plumbing to solve their plumbing and drain cleaning challenges. Our team of clean, uniformed, professional plumbers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and dedicated to locating and solving your problem quickly and effectively. Roy Burris started S.O.S. Plumbing with just a Volkswagen and a drain machine. Due to almost 30 years of excellent service and continued customer satisfaction, we have increased our services, technology, and staff, including a full service excavation crew to meet our customers’ needs. We have many customers who have used our company exclusively since they first called us in the early 1980’s. No job is too big or small and our company believes in following all jobs to completion, 34

no matter how difficult they are. We will ensure that all your plumbing, sewer, and drain problems are taken care of. In addition to traditional plumbing and drain service needs, we strive to stay up to date with the latest technologies so we can effectively save you money on your monthly energy costs. Ready for a water heater upgrade? Did you know that 20-30 percent of your home’s energy is used to heat water? That’s as much or more energy than you use for your appliances, electronics and lights. Installing a Heat pump water heater is one of the easiest energysaving improvements a homeowner can make. Heat pump water heaters are the most efficient water heaters available today. Heat pump water heaters are ideal for homeowners looking to… •Replace an old, inefficient electric water heater •Lower household energy consumption The purchase price for heat pump water heaters is higher than the average standard electric water heater, but in return the unit cuts waterheating costs up to 50%. High efficiency electric storage water heaters promise huge energy savings. You can begin planning now for your next

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water heater purchase and enjoy all these benefits: Big savings. Heat pump water heaters can save the average household approximately $250 per year on its electric bills compared to a standard electric water heater. Larger families — that typically use more hot water — will save even more! A smart investment. Heat pump water heaters have higher initial costs than conventional storage water heaters. However, they have lower operating costs, being 2-3 times more efficient than conventional water heaters, which can offset their higher purchase and installation prices. To help offset the initial cost, incentives on qualifying heat pump water heaters up to $1337.00 are available (depending on model). A purchase that protects the environment. If everyone buying an electric water heater this year chose a heat pump water heater model instead of a standard model, we would avoid 19.6 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s the equivalent of taking 1.6 million cars off the road. How it works. To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse. While a refrigerator pulls heat from inside a box and dumps it into the surrounding room, a stand-alone air-source heat pump water heater pulls heat from the surrounding air and dumps it—at a higher temperature—into a tank to heat water. For more information you can contact SOS Plumbing at 541-535-5063


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Wine Tasting and Touring in the Rogue Valley Region Is a Great Bunch of Fun and a Delicious Education! Southern Oregon, or more specifically the Rogue Valley and Applegate Valley offers a unique opportunity to taste and experience locally grown grape varietals and blended wines that compete with any other famous winemaking region of the world. This area is unique in that it has the ideal characteristics for growing a large variety of quality grapes within a small region. The Rogue Valley’s American Viticultural Area (AVA) is comprised of three distinct river valleys, each with slightly different grape cultivating characteristics. The warmest and driest of the three valleys in the Rogue region -- Bear Creek Valley runs parallel with the I-5 corridor. Its climate is similar to France’s Bordeaux region and is well suited for growing highly prized grape varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec and Syrah. Not to be outdone, the Applegate

Valley, which is south of Grants Pass and east of Bear Creek Valley, beautifully stretches out along the path of the Applegate River, the valley’s more moderate climate is generally drier and warmer than the Illinois Valley to its west, yet not as warm and dry as Bear Creek Valley to the east. Its vineyards are planted to Bordelaise varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay and Zinfandel. To the west of the Applegate Valley Appellation, and still within the Rogue Valley Appellation, the Illinois Valley is furthest of the three valleys from the primary population areas. High elevation and a marine influence, spilling over the coastal mountains to the west, are major elements of this valley’s distinct terrain. These influences make the Illinois Valley’s microclimate suitable for growing highquality Burgundian varieties such as Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, Riesling,

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Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, early Muscat and Gamay Noir. So whether you are well schooled at wine appreciation or not, planning a few days of wine touring is a “must do” activity now that you are living in this beautifully located region. Of course, we recommend that the best way to take in the various wineries worry-free is to plan to pack a nice picnic, invite some new friends or visiting family, and go explore! With all of the wineries to choose from, and more tasting rooms opening every year, it is simply impossible to take them all in during a single day. Wine making is an art as well as a skill, so be patient with yourself and allow the time to savor the uniquely wonderful characteristics of each winery and their signature offerings. The summer and autumn seasons are just perfect for enjoying the scenery but most wineries stay open year round just in case you miss a few.

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WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon



WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon

WelcomePagesUSA | Vol 6 Issue 5 | Rogue Valley, Oregon



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The Jacksonville Inn A National Historic Landmark • Built in 1861

Voted Favorite Restaurant Outside of Medford! DINING

The Jacksonville Inn has served three of the last four U.S. Presidents and has been voted “Best Restaurant” by readers of the MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE five consecutive years. The Inn serves contemporary and classic cuisine. Locally sourced organic ingredients are used whenever possible.


The Inn’s extensive wine list of over 2,000 wines has been recognized by WINE SPECTATOR as one of the “600 Best Wine Lists in the World.”


Elegant catering has been provided for many dignitaries. Excuisite weddings and special events in Southern Oregon are a specialty of The Inn.


Excellent wines with competitive prices are available. It was selected as one of the “Top 50 Retail Wine shops in America” by GQ MAGAZINE. Reservations are encouraged and appreciated.

541-899-1900 • www.jacksonvilleinn.com 175 E. California St. • Jacksonville, OR

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Callahan’s Mountain Lodge From earliest times the major obstacle to travel between the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon and Shasta Valley of northern California has been the ridge of mountains called the “Siskiyous.” The name comes from the Indian word for “broom tailed horse.” Legend has it that the first white man the Indians met in this area was riding a horse with its tail cut off square like a broom. The white man asked the Indians for the name of the Mountains, but misunderstood their reply. He thought they were naming the mountains when actually they were talking about his horse’s tail. The name “Siskiyou” endured. The lowest and shortest passage over these mountains is a few miles west of a 1,000-foot tall rock pillar protruding above the mid point of the ridge. Known as “Pilot Rock,” this landmark aided Indians and immigrants, as well as today’s travelers, to locate the best place to cross the mountains. The discovery of gold in both Rogue and Shasta valleys in the 50

1840’s and 50’s brought more people over this crossing and soon there was a community known as the village of “Siskiyou.” The peak growth of this village occurred during the construction of Railroad Line 3 over the mountains in 1887. A train tunnel, dug near the summit beginning at the southeast corner of the village, will be forever famous as the site of the last great train robbery. Three D’Atremont brothers jumped on the train as it was slowly ascending the steep grade north of the entrance to the tunnel. Four men were killed leading authorities to one of the most extensive manhunts in U.S. history. The brothers were ultimately captured, tried, and sentenced to life in prison. The Siskiyou population began to diminish and finally lost its post office status in 1920. As a young man growing up in the Rogue Valley, Don Callahan dreamed of owning a lodge in the Siskiyou Mountains. Managing a flock of sheep and owning little

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else, that dream seemed far away. In 1944 a piece of property midway up the mountain on Highway 99 became available. Don sold the sheep and bought the land. After service in World War II, with the help of friends, a pick and shovel, he chiseled out a building site from the solid rock of the hillside. In 1947 he built a wood and stone building which he named “Callahan’s Siskiyou Lodge.” The dining room, with eight stools and five tables, opened initially catering to local residents who enjoyed the rustic lodge and its alpine setting. Soon interstate travelers began to appreciate the lodge as well. Anyone who ever traveled “Old 99” can still recall that well known spot. Don married Nilde Cervellin, an immigrant from Italy, in 1951. She brought the great Italian dishes to Callahan’s which are still famous today. Soon guests were standing in line! In April 1964, the original Callahan site was condemned for the new Interstate 5 right of way. Not wanting to be out of business, Don bought a larger piece of land a short distance up the highway below the summit of the Siskiyous and reopened in July of 1965. The site is actually a part of the old village of Siskiyou. Callahan’s is known throughout the West as an exceptional place to stop for great food, good drinks and good company. It is now being patronized by the fourth generation of original customers. Few restaurants enjoy such extensive acclaim. Ron Bergquist, who had remodeled Nilde’s kitchen in 1960, and his wife, Donna, purchased Callahan’s on January 2, 1996. Ron brings to the enterprise his extensive experience in developing restaurants and hotels. He was raised in the Rogue Valley. Donna, a native of Texas, brings many years of experience in marketing, promotion and advertising. They believe their combined skills will assure the future success and development of the “Callahan„ tradition.

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