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wine display

wine display functional wine display & storage Full range of designs, including dual temp, top/bottom system and different type of display shelves to show off the merchandise.

wine shelves Modular Stainless steel shelves with variety of bottle display configurations. Custom designed to your requirements.

lighting Highlight and accent the product with variety of lighting, range from halogen, to state of art LED light. LED Provides low UV emmission, nelegible heat generation, long operating life. LED lights is available in multi colors and tones to suit the atmosphere.

wine display wine dispensing unit Increase your wine sales by allowing customer to taste and enjoy variety of wines at one setting. Guarantee to increase your wine sales and attract more customers to your restaurant where customers can enjoy different types of wines during the course at affordable prices.

wine display showcase Variety of designs to accent the product and create the atmosphere of fine dining.

wine wall Design intergrated into the room ambience to create the surrounding atmosphere of fine dining. Endless flexibility in design cater to your requirements.

wine room

Wine display  

The luxury products of KOLDTECH THAILAND.

Wine display  

The luxury products of KOLDTECH THAILAND.