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The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is the leading cause of premature aging, wrinkling, benign and pre-cancerous growth, and at least 90 per cent of all skin cancers. 80 per cent of lifetime skins damage occurs during the first 18 years. Also, what most people don’t realise is that not all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure. So regardless of age or race, it is important to beware of skin cancer – even in winter. There is no cure for skin cancer, so taking preventative measures is your best form of defence against this disease. Along with using sun protection, it is recommended that you be alert at all times to check your skin for cancers. This can be achieved through regular self-examination and through an annual check up with a skin cancer doctor.

Friday, March 16, 2012


The Western Weekender

Dr Nadi Hanna of the Shire Skin Cancer Clinic runs regular campaigns promoting skin cancer awareness. The clinic offers a bulk billing service with no referral needed. The Shire Skin Cancer Clinic is located at 1-144 Henry Street, Penrith. Phone 4722 3007.


Skin Cancer CLINIC

Dr Nadi Hanna

Ph: 4722


Removal Laser Ultrasound

A Fool Proof, Fail Safe and Gentle Colic Remedy – Naturally! Any Mum will know and tell you – colic is the most frustratingly elusive ailment you’ll ever have to deal with! No one knows why it happens but you sure do know when! Even Wikipedia can’t explain it stating… “…a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or displays symptoms of distress (cramping, moaning, etc) frequently and for extended periods, without any discernible reason”. If you find that your baby suffers from colic you may like to try a simple remedy that we found greatly alleviated the condition in our own child when she suffered – which was quite regularly until we worked out this remedy. This also works well for children with tummy upsets or tummy ache we have found. Place a teaspoon of chamomile flowers and a teaspoon of fennel seeds into 100 mls of boiling water and allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain and give 5mls via teaspoon or syringe before, during and after feeding. When they start to settle down & the colic is less frequent, you can try it just before feeding. Worked SO well for our daughter – every time! Lavenderia Nappycare – Australia’s Premier Modern Cloth Nappy Washing & Delivery Service!

Need some Mumma Time? We make it easy?

We will wash, dry and deliver 25 modern cloth nappies & inserts to your home twice a week (50 nappies) for only $30 a week Includes your first set of nappies!

Only $30 eek aw

The first tip for that summer body we all want and covert. Don’t wait until spring to get into a training program, begin it early. As during winter most people go into hibernation and don’t really exercise. There is no need to go out and purchase a lot of equipment to kick start your training program; it can be as simple as going for a walk around your block or taking your dog for a walk. Not only will you be helping yourself but you will be helping them as well.

WOLFPAC PT specialising in

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Alternate Therapeutic clinic has a team of Bowen therapists working together with an aim to provide the best health solutions to their clients’ needs in the shortest possible time frame. The centre is an accredited teaching platform of the Border College of Natural Therapies and The Bowen Academy of Australia. It provides a flexible and friendly learning environment whilst maintaining high teaching standards. Financial consideration of treatment is given in the following instances: - Family group treatments - Pensioners - Infants - Terminally ill clients Located in the heart of the Western Suburbs, we provide services to all those clients who find their way to us by word of mouth. Vimla Rao is a certified Bowen therapy practitioner and instructor, and the only one throughout the Western Suburbs. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and remember that ‘ every BODY is better with BOWEN’

Get trained to be a Bowen Therapy Practitioner

tion, deep (sports, relaxa ger point) tissue and trig

ing Personal Train , s for kids & adult Bootcamps & Weight loss.

For more information Contact Vimla Rao for your local Bowen therapy.

0432 332 443

BULK BILLING 1/144 Henry Street Penrith (next to Vinnies)

Hi, I am Aaron Woodland. I run a small outdoor personal training and mobile massage company in the Penrith area. I have been working in the industry for the last 5 years, in that time I have learnt a few things which I will be passing onto you all.

www.lavenderia.com.au ph: 1300 853 309

46 York Road, South Penrith Phone: 4736 2595 Mobile: 0415 483 459 Email: vimlarao@live.com