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Feature - Try a New Skill by Sofia Minudri

Feature - Disc Golf by Robin O’Neal

Smith Recipe for Living by Kandy Derden

Travel Treasures (product reviews)

Hotel Hospitality - Sophy® in Chicago

Delicious Delights: Velvet Ice Cream


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Zorbing - Robin Smith

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Up Close: From the Editor

This month we are celebrating Sports. Engaging in sports activities has always been an integral part of human society. Beyond the thrill of competition and the pursuit of victory, sports offer numerous advantages that extend far beyond physical fitness. From fostering teamwork and building character to enhancing mental health and promoting personal growth, participation in sports provides individuals with an uplifting development that can positively impact your life.

Sports play a crucial role in shaping the foundation of an individual’s character. Whether it’s team sports or individual disciplines, participation requires dedication, discipline, and perseverance. Athletes learn the value of hard work, commitment, and the importance of setting goals. These qualities are vital not only on the field but also in other areas of life, such as education, career, and personal relationships.

Cover Photo:

Gunner Ramey races 360 and 410 Sprint cars. Last weekend he had a podium finish, coming in 3rd at a POWRi BOSS Feature event. Way to go Gunner!

According to the dictionary, a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. With that explanation, I say my sport in growing up was playing the accordion. At the young age of five, it was definately physically exerting. The thing was heavy! I would get tired and lean back on the sofa, only to have to get help in getting back up. Skill required practice. And practice and more practice. I was competing with others who were all older than I. So I worked on harder pieces to be able to play the songs with them. Then there were competitions with trophies for prizes and I practiced all summer to win. Some summers I did; others, I did not. But I learned. I pushed boundaries. I overcame failures and instilled the value of discipline, time management, and challenges. “My sport” offered invaluable lessons that I have kept and used throughout life. So what is your favorite “sport?” Browse through this issue for more ideas...

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Sports Feature Try A New Skill On Your

A summer trip should yield more than a short-lived tan and a suitcase full of dirty laundry. Done right, travelers’ next vacations can leave them with rich, experiential memories that spark interest in a new skill to bring home and develop. From golfing lessons to cooking classes to meditation practice, these six vacation spots provide easy access to exciting excursions where travelers of all skill levels can hone their craft:

through a delectable variety of class offerings, all of which result in a satisfying shared meal. From Basic Knife Skills to Indone-sian Rice Table to The Art of Dumplings, there are opportunities for everyone to take home a new culinary craft –– and a full belly.

• Tee Up at Pebble Beach

In sunny central California, Pebble Beach Resorts sports the world’s premier golf instruction and practice experience at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy. Guests can choose from a variety of group, individual and custom training sessions, all of which feature internationally renowned golf instructors and cutting-edge training facilities. The Academy is accessible to new, experienced and professional golfers alike and is dedicated to bringing out the best in guests’ golf games.

• Turn Up the Heat in Westchester County

Under an hour from New York City, in the quaint, historic and scenic attraction that is Westchester County, epicurean travelers can experience the joys of a cooking class in a professional kitchen. At ZWILLING Cooking Studio, cooks of all skill levels can hone their craft

• Hit the Target at The Equinox

The forested landscape of Vermont provides the perfect arena for bird hunting. The acclaimed Or-vis Wingshooting School gives both novel and adept hunters distinct lessons in mounting, foot-work, fitting and more. Located just minutes away from The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa, travelers have a nearby relaxing oasis for post-lesson dining, resting and exploration. Orvis guests enjoy 30% off overnight stays at The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa.

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Next Getaway

leaning into self-care through solo sessions in the visionary Deep Sea Relaxation Room or in the White Silence Lounge, evolving essential practices they can then take home to master.

• Raise the Masts at The Lake House on Canandaigua

In the Finger Lakes region of New York, The Lake House on Canandaigua offers an immersive sailing excursion for adventure-seeking guests. Under the guidance of an experienced sea-faring crew, guests can learn the ropes of sailboat navigation while helping the captain and crew sail across the vast Canandaigua Lake. New sailors can head back to the Lodge after their excursion to relax on the shores or at the spa and celebrate the accomplishment of their newfound skill.

• Master the Methods of Self-Care at Preidlhof

In northern Italy’s town of Naturno, the award-winning wellness resort Preidlhof celebrates the art of mindful self-care. Guests can learn to quiet their minds and connect with their bodies through professionally guided wellness sessions, such as Sound Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Underwater Thermal Massage or meditation courses. Using the skills learned during these experiences, guests can prac-tice

• Cast a Line at Whiteface Lodge

Independent travelers can practice their fishing skills at the catch-and-release pond at Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, NY. Fully stocked for the summer with beautiful rainbow trout, Whiteface Lodge is a great place to develop some fishing basics while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Finger Lakes Region and the Adirondacks. Among the area’s most luxurious stays, Whiteface Lodge sits on the shores of Mirror Lake and provides ample activity options, both on- and off-site.

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Disc Golf Popular for All in

Why Your Family Should Try Disc Golfing

Do you have a family that loves being active outdoors? Are you looking for an exciting and new activity to try out together? Disc golfing can make the perfect addition to your family’s repertoire of outdoor activities! It is a fun sport where players use flying discs instead of golf clubs to throw and aim at metal baskets with chains suspended over them (also known as “holes”). Disc golf combines skill, strategy, athleticism, and competition like regular golf. It requires little equipment or practice, which makes it popular amongst families. If your family is eager for a challenge while still having a good time outdoors, then be sure to give disc golfing a try!

What Makes Disc Golf So Appealing?

What makes disc golf so appealing is its acces-

sibility and affordability. It is easy to learn and suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie looking for a fun afternoon, disc golf could be the perfect choice for your next outdoor adventure. Course layouts can range from wooded areas to open fields, making each round unique and challenging.

How Many People Are Needed To Play?

How many people are needed to play? The answer is simple: you can play disc golf with as few as one person or as many as a large group. Some players enjoy solo rounds, taking the time to focus on their technique and enjoy the outdoors at their own pace. Groups of four or more players can add a fun and competitive element to the game.

-8- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023
Sports Feature
Photo provided by Pure Ludington

the Family

Where Can You Play Disc Golf?

There are scads of places cropping up all over the country to play disc golf. You may have some courses in your local community. A great place to find numerous courses is in Ludington, Michigan.

Ludington is known for its disc golf, with seven courses within 15 minutes of town. Mason County Park has three 24-hole courses, including the Goliath, the third-largest course in the world and one of the best in the country. Leviathan is located in Ludington School Forest; this 150-acre parcel of land has two courses.

The Mason County Disc Golf Organization has built a disc golf course along the edge of Scottville Riverside Park, and the West Shore Community College has a par 3 course consisting of two 12-hole loops known as the Labyrinth. Ludington’s newest disc golf course is The Tinderbox in the Mason County Campground. This family-friendly course offers 18 short holes designed to be fun, challenging, and quick to play.

California’s Gold Country region has numerous courses. They recently hosted the second United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships with more than 250 amateur and professional women at the Rocklin Disc Golf Course at Johnson-Springview Park and Auburn Regional Park in Placer County. There are several other courses in the area.

Also in California is the Morley Field Disc Golf Course in San Diego. Morley Field was created in 1978, making it one of the world’s first original disc golf courses. Snapper Pierson, a member of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, established it. The course is beautifully maintained and is very challenging, with many trees and tricky pin placements.


What Should You Wear To Play Disc Golf?

Comfortable shoes with good grip are a must, as you’ll move around the course quite a bit. Clothing that allows for a full range of motion is also essential, so consider wearing athletic gear or loose-fitting clothes.

Are There A Lot Of Rules?

As with any sport, it is essential to understand the rules of disc golf to play fairly and successfully. Some rules include staying within marked boundaries, playing in order of scores, and waiting for the group ahead of you to clear the hole before playing.

What Equipment is Needed?

One of the most common questions among those new to the game is whether or not special equipment is required to play. While you can technically play with a standard frisbee, different discs are designed to aid in various aspects of the game, such as distance, stability, and accuracy. Most official courses provide rental discs, so there’s no need to worry about making an investment before trying disc golf.

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -9in

The Whalerock Vineyard Disc Golf Course is one of the coolest disc golf courses located in the Castoro Cellars’ vineyard in Paso Robles.

Utah has a new course that opened in 2022. The Wasatch Wunder Disc Golf Course in the Wasatch Mountain State Park was designed to be a PDGA Blue Level course to challenge Advance Level Amateurs for par.

This course is exciting because it has two layouts: an 18-hole Amateur Layout and a Pro Layout.

The University of West Florida (UWF) in Pensacola, Florida, has an excellent flowing 21hole course that sprawls throughout the campus. The course is open daily from dawn until dusk and free for students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

Many holes throughout this course have two separate baskets to allow players the versatility of golfing different layouts with each visit, and the layout of each hole is designed to challenge all levels of play, with colors like blue, white, and red to designate each level of difficulty.

Florida’s Sports Coast has numerous courses sanctioned by the U.S. Disc Golf Association.

Idaho has some stellar courses; one that is highly recommended is the Caliber Disc Golf course in Sandpoint. The course boasts water hazards, elevation changes, and fairway challenges to push your game to the next level.

Tamarack Disc Golf is Idaho’s new lower-mountain course. Other courses are scattered throughout the state.

Pennsylvania disc golf courses to visit include

the course in Gifford Pinchot State Park in York County, PA, and the Faylor Lake DiscGolfPark (Beaver Springs, PA). Check out all the top-rated disc golf locations.

Tennessee has a plethora of courses. Tennessee’s Disc Golf Capital: Morristown, Tennessee, is home to the Tennessee State Disc Golf Championship. The PDGA-sanctioned tournament draws more than 500 professional and amateur disc golfers to test their skills at four of Morristown’s championship disc golf courses. The four championship courses make it the premier destination in Tennessee for competitors of all skill levels: Cherokee Park Disc Golf Course, Kiwanis Disc Golf Course at Wayne Hansard Park, Panther Creek Disc Golf Course, and Rotary Disc Golf Course at Frank Lorino Park.

The Rotary Park Disc Golf course in Clarksville is very scenic and moderately challenging.

The first disc golf course I visited was the Graham Creek Courses near Foley, Alabama. Other Alabama courses of interest include the Admiral Disc Golf course in Semmes, the University of South Alabama’s Disc Golf course in Mobile, the University of Mobile’s disc golf course in Saraland, and the Springhill College disc golf course in Springhill. These courses test strength and skill and challenge the average disc golf player.

If your family is eager for a challenge while still having a good time outdoors, then be sure to give disc golfing a try!

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Photo provided by Tennessee Tourism

Recipe for Living

Sport of Juggling Life

I’m fascinated by magicians. They can do incredible things with their hands. I’ve been told they learn juggling for dexterity rather than for entertaining. I’ve tried it a few times and found it to be much more difficult than it looks. Keeping track of multiple items as they spin and whirl and loop around my head causes a headache, to say the least and at worst, vertigo.

Nope. Not for me. I’ll find physical activity in other areas. I’ve never excelled at any sport. To be honest, I didn’t try very many.

I keep busy engaging in the arts: playing piano, cake decorating, ceramics, crochet, knitting, cooking and counted crosstitch. I particularly enjoying reading and therefore, writing. I’ll let you guess which one is the hardest.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Take notes! Why? You know come September on the first day of school the teacher is going to ask you to write a composition, essay, story, paragraph, or at least a few sentences on what you did on your summer vacation. Every child’s mind goes blank as they try to think of something interesting. For those of you who have completed your schooling, be prepared for those occasions when someone engages you in conversation by asking, “How do you spend your summer?”

So, just how are you spending your summer? A question like this brings to mind the lyrics of an old song: Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer You’ll wish that summer could always be here I don’t know who wrote this but I’m pretty sure they aren’t of my generation. Lazy? Not even close. There is too much to go and see and do. Hazy? Not according to environmentalists. Crazy? Probably. I’ve committed to too many things and now I have to take juggling lessons to learn how to accomplish all of it.

There’s a garage sale, Vacation Bible School, Disaster Relief Training updates, visiting family, and oh yeah, a vacation. None of that has anything to do with sports, but all of it has to do with activity, and the juggling thereof. It takes a magician to keep track of everything. Throw in a few appointments and errands and you’ve got the makings of a circus atmosphere. And we haven’t even begun to think about what’s for dinner!

It’s all too easy on the days when dinner isn’t planned for us to eat carry out fast food. Unfortunately, this sometimes means we sacrifice nutrition for convenience. This doesn’t include snacking. There are days I review my day and find myself shocked at the number of times I made bad choices because of my own poor planning.

Concerned about the amount of empty calories begin consumed by your family? Although I generally opt for water, here’s a delicious way to provide a healthier version of soda for hydration: mix ¾ cup orange soda with ¼ cup half and half. Add a teaspoon of vanilla syrup. Stir or shake and pour over ice. This is surprisingly refreshing and what could be better on a hot summer day? I like mine with an extra dash of vanilla and sometimes I add peach syrup. This would also be good with strawberry or coconut syrups.

Not to worry, these flavored add-ins are available at your local grocer, usually in or near the coffee aisle. However, if you prefer, the actual fruit juice may be used and if desired, the actual fruit, chopped or pureed, would be tasty when added.

So now that I know what beverage to take, where shall I go first? Little League? Swimming? Hiking? Shopping?

How will I ever get it all to fit in my busy, busy schedule? I guess the first thing I should do is take another juggling lesson.

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Summer Specials For the Traveling

COR Surf Straw Sun Hat

The COR Surf Lifeguard hat is designed to last, and keep you comfortable. The interior stretch fit headband not only gives you that flex-fit, but also wicks sweat. Protect your face from the elements and enjoy your day in the Sun with the COR Surf Straw Sun Hat. Cloth printed under brim extends the life of the straw hat and provides an anti-glare under-visor. With an adjustable chin strap, it’s made with natural premium straw of the highest quality. The extra wide brim provides added sun protection and keeps you cool in the heat and warm weather.

Price: $34.99 Available on Amazon

Surf Changing Towel Ponchos

Made from soft and highly absorbent microfiber that dries fast. Unlike Cotton Towels, this stays light and soft when wet. Remains ODOR FREE, unlike a soggy wet towel. Complete with hood and front pocket, this poncho doubles as a beach towel and blanket. Available in kids, teens, and adults sizes. A perfect gift for that surfer, swimmer, paddleboarder, scuba dive or anyone who spends time in and out of the water.

Price: $34.99 - $38.99 Available on Amazon


Slide into these comfy sandals and get going to the beach in no time! Famolare, the iconic sustainable fashion brand from the ‘70s, is back! Famolares help relieve lower body pain with their famous patented wavy rubber sole design. They absorb shock, cushion arches, and roll and push the foot forward for an even stride, making it easy to trek through the sand. They create even pressure points as you walk instead of a crooked gate like other sandals. Famolares come in flat, mid and full wedges too.

Price: $138+ Available on Amazon

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Travel Treasures

Traveling Families

Coalatree Kachula Blanket

Experience the most versatile beach blanket on the market with improved zippers, snaps and upgraded features built to last. Made from recycled fabric and durable, ripstop nylon, it will resist snags and rips, no matter where you use it. It’s perfectly sized for two, or snap multiple blankets together to include everyone in the group! It also includes a secret pocket and stuffs into itself making it perfect for converting into a travel pillow. It’s water and stain resistant and turns into a poncho if you get cold or it starts raining at the beach!

Price: $52.00 Available on Amazon


Popdarts is the perfect game to take on the beach! It’s a modern twist on traditional darts, with suction darts that stick to smooth surfaces like surfboards, coolers and tables. The viral game has more than 1 million TikTok followers and more than 5,500+ five-star reviews on Amazon. Stick the orange target marker on a smooth surface and take turns throwing towards the marker. Earn three points for the Popdart that’s closest to the marker, one point for each that sticks and 10 points for landing on the marker! First team to 21 points wins. Put down the screens and reconnect with friends and family this summer with this competitive game.

Price: $34.99 Available on Amazon

Kind Laundry Sheets

An eco-friendly alternative to the traditional liquid and powder detergents in the market. Great for traveling, its recyclable packaging has a dramatically smaller eco-footprint on the environment and helps you lighten your load when on the go.

100% recyclable package / Simple plant-derived ingredients

Pre-measured detergent sheets /Lightweight and travel friendly

Small and compact

Price: 60 loads is $16.95 / Fragrance free or Ocean Breeze https://www.kindlaundry.com/

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Hotel Hospitality - Chicago Summer at SOPHY ®

It’s an exciting summer ahead in Chicago, a city that offers a feast of cultural attractions in a diverse and cosmopolitan landscape. The roster of events includes the blockbuster exhibit Van Gogh and the Avant-Garde: The Modern Landscape, which has just opened at the Art Institute of Chicago and runs through September 4. Lollapalooza rolls into town from August 3-6, and the Chicago Jazz Festival runs from August 31 to September 3. In the heart of the summer, the alfresco Millenium

July and August.

South Side, is at the center of it all. It is the ideal base camp for summer cultural adventures in Chicago. The hotel’s restaurant, Mesler Chicago, has become Hyde Park’s gathering place for guests and neighborhood residents, who

SOPHY® Hyde Park is Base Camp for Lollapalooza, Chicago Jazz Festival, Van Gogh & a Great Summer by the Lake Park Summer Film Series and the Millenium Park Summer Music Series are free and run throughout SOPHY Hyde Park, the 98-room boutique hotel on the historic

come for dinner and have made Mesler’s Weekend Brunch a local institution. The Sanctuary, the alfresco-shaded lounge offering cocktails and light fare beside firepits and under twinkle lights, is where to sample Margarita Flights, with Happy Hour every weekday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The last Wednesday of the month in The Sanctuary features the Mesler Mix & Mingle Summer Series from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, uniting the community and local partnerships. On July 26, it will be Dutchess the DJ, FunkyTown Brewery, and Chicago’s own Diego Ross, Co-Founder of the Leaders 1354 urban streetwear company. Throughout the summer there will be special guests from Disbelief & Astral Tequila, Uncle Nearest Whiskey, and visual artist Raspy Rivera.

SOPHY SO-Chicago was designed for exploring the Windy

City. It includes two nights’ accommodations in a Deluxe King or Double Queen guestroom and one $50 credit to the hotel’s trend-setting Mesler Chicago restaurant. It also provides admission for two to the Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere, and access for two to the 360 Chicago Observation Deck on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center.

SOPHY SO-Chicago

· Two nights in a Deluxe King or Double Queen guestroom

· One $50 credit at Mesler Chicago during the stay

· Admission for two to the Museum of Science and Industry

· Admission for two to the 360 Chicago Observation Deck

· Starting rate from $389 per night, based on a two-night stay

· Based on double occupancy

SOPHY Hyde Park is a 98-room hotel in Chicago’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood named one of the “T+L 500” best hotels in the world by the readers of Travel + Leisure. Developed by The Olympia Companies and SMART Hotels and managed by Olympia Hotel Management, SOPHY features Mesler Chicago restaurant, a fitness center, and a private dining room. The hotel is near the University of Chicago, the new David Rubenstein Forum, the Museum of Science & Industry, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, and the future Obama Presidential Center site. SOPHY is a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Lifestyle Collection. SOPHY Hyde Park 1411 East 53rd Street Chicago, IL 60615 https://Sophyhotel.com/

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· Visit SOPHY Hyde Park to book

Delicious Delights Velvet Ice Cream

In 1903, a young Joseph Dager immigrated from Lebanon via Ellis Island to Ohio. Ultimately settling in Utica, OH, in 1914, he began making ice cream in the basement of a confectionary in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

After just two years, the company produced 200 gallons of ice cream a month and the creamy, velvety texture of the ice cream inspired the name: Velvet Ice Cream.

Velvet Ice Cream, originating from the heartland of Ohio, has become synonymous with indulgence and delight. For over a century, this family-owned business has been crafting creamy frozen treats that have captured the hearts and palates of ice cream lovers far and wide. Today, we invite you to discover the magic of Velvet Ice Cream as we delve into their exquisite range of flavors.

At Velvet Ice Cream, every scoop is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Utilizing only the finest ingredients, their skilled artisans transform simple elements into a symphony of flavors. With a meticulous attention to detail, they create a velvety smooth

texture that is simply irresistible. The company moved production to large manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Indiana and Florida om 2021. However, an annual ice cream festival is still held on Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the original “Ye Olde Mill” factory from the 1970s. It now houses a museum displaying ice-cream related products.

Velvet Ice Cream offers a captivating array of flavors that cater to every craving. Whether you have an affinity for timeless classics or an adventurous spirit, their menu has something to please every palate. Indulge in the richness of chocolate, surrender to the allure of vanilla, or savor the fruity burst of strawberry. But that’s just the beginning—Velvet Ice Cream also tantalizes with unique combinations like salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, and butter pecan. With each spoonful, you embark on a delightful journey of taste. Two new flavors were introduced at the festival this year: Butterscotch Browney and Peanut Butter Parfait.

Embracing the beauty of each season, Velvet Ice Cream introduces limited-time flavors that capture the essence of nature’s bounty. From the warmth of pumpkin pecan in

the fall to the refreshing tang of lemon blueberry in the summer, these seasonal sensations provide a delightful surprise during your visit. The ever-changing menu keeps patrons eagerly awaiting the next delicious creation.

This brand offers more than just traditional scoops. Explore their tempting selection of ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, and take-home pints to savor the Velvet experience wherever and whenever you desire. The same exceptional quality and flavors extend to these delightful treats.

Velvet Ice Cream embodies the perfect blend of tradition, flavor, and community. With their commitment to crafting delectable frozen delights using the finest ingredients, every bite is a testament to their passion and dedication. Whether you’re a connoisseur of classic flavors or an adventurous ice cream aficionado, Velvet Ice Cream offers a taste experience that will leave you longing for more. So indulge in the velvety goodness and let Velvet Ice Cream transport you to a world of pure delight.

To find a store near you or for more information, visit https://www.velveticecream. com

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Western States

Alaska’s Sports Wonders

Alaska is known for its natural beauty and diverse range of outdoor activities, making it a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. One of the most popular attractions in Alaska for sports is Denali National Park and Preserve. The park is home to Denali, the highest peak in North America, and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, and wildlife viewing.

The park’s rugged terrain, expansive wilderness, and stunning landscapes make it a paradise for outdoor adventurers. Mountaineers from around the world are drawn to Denali’s challenging slopes, while hikers and backpackers explore the park’s numerous trails, including the famous 92-mile long Denali Park Road. Wildlife enthusiasts have the opportunity to spot grizzly bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and a variety of bird species.

Other popular sports attractions in Alaska include:

1. Kenai Fjords National Park: Known for its breathtaking glaciers, fjords, and abundant marine wildlife, this park offers opportunities for kayaking, boating, fishing, and wildlife cruises.

2. Chugach State Park: Located near Anchorage, it is one of the largest state parks in the United States. Activities include hiking,

mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and wildlife viewing.

3. Tongass National Forest: The largest national forest in the United States, located in Southeast Alaska, offers fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking opportunities amidst its pristine wilderness.

4. Prince William Sound: This area is renowned for its excellent fishing, including salmon, halibut, and trout. It also offers opportunities for kayaking, boating, and wildlife watching.

5. Iditarod Trail: Known for

the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, this historic trail offers winter sports enthusiasts the chance to experience dog sledding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

These attractions showcase the diverse range of sports and outdoor activities available in Alaska, making it a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

-20- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023
More on Alaska >CLICK HERE

Scholarships For Caddies


MASTER, together with parent company Troon and the Western Golf Association/ Evans Scholars Foundation, have established an Endowed Named Scholarship for caddies seeking a college education. Bella Luna Carl, a former caddie at Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio, is the first recipient of the Scholarship and is currently in her first year at The Ohio State University. CADDIEMASTER and Troon will continue to donate to the Endowed Named Scholarship fund to help caddies receive a college education.

The Evans Scholars Foundation awards full tuition and housing college scholarships to high-achieving caddies with limited financial means. It is the nation’s largest scholarship program for caddies. The Endowed Evans Scholarship provides $25,000 per year for room and board at a university of

the recipients choosing. The Western Golf Association provides over 300 Endowed Scholarships.

The Western Golf Association, headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, has supported the Chick Evans Scholarship Program through the Evans Scholars Foundation since 1930. Known as one of golf’s favorite charities, it is the nation’s largest scholarship program for caddies. Currently, a record 1,100 caddies are enrolled at 22 universities across the nation as Evans Scholars, and more than 11,800 caddies have graduated as Evans Scholars since the program was founded by famed Chicago amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans Jr.

CADDIEMASTER is the leading provider of caddie services in the world, managing over 3,000 caddies and 100 managers in 24 states and three countries. For more information, visit www.

caddiemaster.com. To learn more about the Evans Scholarship, please visit www. wgaesf.org.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Troon is the world’s largest golf and golf-related hospitality management company providing services at 750-plus locations, including 740-plus 18-hole equivalent golf courses around the globe. Troon’s award-winning food and beverage division operates and manages 600-plus food and beverage operations located at golf resorts, private clubs, daily fee golf courses and recreational facilities. With properties located in 45-plus states and 30-plus countries, For additional news and information, visit www.Troon.com.

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -21For More on Arizona, >CLICK HERE

Discoveries in Yuma

Admittedly, I saw the Yuma, Arizona sign when I went to the dentist in Los Algondones, Mexico. It was only six miles away, but I never took time to go to the city, where I heard there was much history and beauty, which added to the city’s mystique on the Colorado River.

Finally, with a friend in tow, I decided to stay a few nights and look closer. With the help of Visit Yuma, the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel graciously hosted me for two nights so I could take a closer look.

Festivals Abound

After a few stops, it became evident that this community near the California and Mexico border attracts visitors and urges them to look closer at the area’s history. Smiling, I also learned they know how to devise every excuse possible to have a party or a festival. Numbers support that events brought 250,000 visitors to the area to help partake in activities, which most certainly include all family members.

One can only imagine the community coming out for BBQ and the Brew Festival. First Fri-

days are Historical Days, where more history is revealed. The word is that the Date Festival is fun and provides activities for the entire family. Cinco De Mayo is behind them, and attention is turning to create a family-oriented 4th of July celebration. Fireworks against the dark black desert sky should be spectacular.

Historic Coronado Motor Hotel

One turn off US Highway 8, and you will see the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel on your left. It is impossible to miss it, for it sprawls over an area a couple of blocks long. One of the most surprising features of this hotel is that it was the first under the banner of Best Western Hotels. It remained that way for 65 years, all the while it stayed independently owned by the founding family.

Yet, there is something even more surprising, Yonne Peach, owner of the hotel, has a lifetime collection of Best Western memorabilia. She transformed her husband’s parents’ former home into a delightful museum you can visit by requesting an appointment.

-22- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

Glass cases protect the smaller objects, while the walls are covered with various Best Western artifacts used throughout the years. As you view the collection, you cannot help but notice the signs capture the subtle changes made to the logo throughout the years.

Even though the hotel suite I stayed in dates back to 1938, it had the most advanced awareness of technology I have ever seen in a hotel and plug-ins everywhere. The bed had swans made of towels, which made me smile as I walked in. The “little things” at this hotel are considered when thinking about making a guest feel welcome while catering to the needs of a road warrior or a family.

Charming Downtown

When you think of a charming US town, you will not be disappointed as you turn down the broad Main Street. Wide streets, independent retail shops with unique storefronts, and restaurants draw you in to take a closer look.

I love the giant sculpture at the entrance of the street. Peeking into the Historic Art Center doors, it looks like a time capsule, for it retains its grandeur. It once was home to silent movies and vaudeville acts and still proudly hosts audiences regularly.

Next door, the Yuma Arts Center serves as a gathering place for the artists that find the lighting and desert landscape conducive to their creativity. Walk a little further, and there you can enter the door of Visit Yuma, where you can access information on the area and buy locally created souvenirs.

Date Farms Dot the Countryside

Another surprise. I had no idea large date farms were found in the area. You cannot see the date farms from the Highway or when you are downtown. I thought Coachella Valley was the only place they were grown for commercial use.To prove to myself they existed, we headed out into the countryside. Before long, a large sign pointed to the road to Martha’s Gardens Date Farm. They had me when the sign added, “We have date shakes.”

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -23-

We parked the car beside a delightful little park with sculptures and picnic tables gracing the front of the retail store. We immediately headed in to get our shake. It was different from anyone I had ever had since it had large chunks of dates and was thick enough to be eaten with a spoon.

While eating the shake, we watched a movie on the production of dates. Then as it pointed out, I took a closer look at the sample blossoms on display in the retail shop showing the different stages of the growth of the dates. This date farm specializes in Medjool dates only.

Bridge to Nowhere

If something is mentioned more than once, I pay attention and decide it is something I want to check out, especially if it is unusual. Of course, a Bridge to Nowhere seemed intriguing. In 1929 a narrow bridge was built over the Gila River. In 1968, deemed too narrow for traffic, the new bridge was built. Officially called the Mcphaul Suspension Bridge, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rumors are it was a prototype for the Golden Gate Bridge. Standing there on dry land since the river has been rerouted, looking up once can definitely see the resemblance.

Farmland Surrounds the City

I learned the area produces 93% of all the leafy green vegetables grown in the United States on the expansive nearby farms. Driving through the countryside, ribbons of various shades of greens revealed fields of lettuce not far from being harvested. Small fruit and vegetable stands dot the countryside. Such fun buying directly from the farmer and hearing his stories as he proudly bags my chosen array of vegetables.

Colorado River Offers Water Sports Opportunities

Since I’ve been back, I have asked many people, and they, too, had no idea Yuma was located directly on the Colorado River. Raft tours and tubing activities are abundant, while kayakers find quiet estuaries to float along the riverbanks, often spotting wildlife.


Birdwatchers flock to the area in the spring and fall to join others for the great migrations along specified trails through the West Wetlands Park and the East Yuma Wetlands. They take their birdwatching seriously and even developed the Bird Festival of Yuma.

River Walk

Walkers, runners, bikers, and skateboards

-24- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

share the designated paths for miles. Do you need to rest? No problem, lots of beautiful views with benches waiting for you to catch your breath.

Indians in Yuma lived undisturbed until the Spaniards arrived in the late 1680s. With Mexico nearby, the area’s history continuously evolved for its strategic location on the river. Take time to read the historical markers. You will be surprised by how important Yuma was to developing the Western United States.

Restaurants in Yuma

Love Italian food? You will want to be sure to dine at DaBoyz. This large restaurant in the heart of Main Street is a local favorite. I was warned that the seven-layer lasagna, with three kinds of cheese, was enough for two. Thankfully I took the suggestion and shared the entrée. However, maybe the fabulous garlic toast that came with it was also the culprit for why I was so full.

Yuma Landing Bar and Grill is owned by Yvonne Peach, who runs the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel. It is built on the site where the first airplane landed in Arizona in 1911. Not only was the breakfast traditional and plentiful, but it was also excellent. It also appeared this is a local favorite, for people walked in and greeted others as they were escorted to a table.

My visit to Yuma was cut short because a storm was approaching, and I needed to make the three-hour drive back to Palm Springs. I will certainly be back to explore more of the history of Yuma and walk along the mighty Colorado River.

For More on Arizona


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Summer is finally here and the temperatures are rising quickly. So, it’s the ideal time to head to a local lake or river and cool off. Redding just might be the best city in the west for watersports. I recently discovered this small city in Northern California and couldn’t get enough time on the water. After just three days in town, I am eager to return soon.

Kayaking Along

The Sacramento River

I arrived in Redding in the early afternoon and by evening I was kayaking along the Sacramento River which intersects the town. My husband and I live near the Pacific Ocean and kayak regularly, but this was my first time trying it on a river.

Water Sports in Redding

Our guides from Headwaters Adventure Company unloaded the kayaks from their truck, passed around the lifejackets, and finally pushed us into the water. We began with a paddle upstream so we could enjoy the view of the sunset over the mountains. The blue sky soon turned pink and purple and the trees surrounding the river were reflected in the water. The only thing breaking the silence was birdsong. After thirty minutes we turned our kayaks around and enjoyed an easy float along the current back to the shore. This was a lovely way to end my first day in Redding.

Learning To Fly Fish

We were up early the next morning to go fly fishing. This was a new sport for me and I was eager to try it. Once again

we headed to the Sacramento River where we met up with guides from The Fly Shop. I later learned that this shop opened in 1978 and is highly respected among fly fishers. I felt fortunate to have this level of expertise supporting me in my first experience.

My guide, Andrew, helped me into the drift boat, provided a safety briefing, and then set out to find a fishing spot. It was a warm and sunny day, and even if I wasn’t fishing, it was a lovely way to pass the time. But soon Andrew stopped and explained that this was a spot he frequently found fish. Then he began instruction. He demonstrated the proper way to cast and hold the line. After passing me the pole, I made my first attempt at casting and was successful.

-26- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

Eventually, I hooked a fish and Andrew talked me through the process of reeling it in, allow the fish to pull on the line, then reel it in a bit and repeat. Unfortunately, the fish got away shortly after surfacing. I didn’t really care; just being on the river and trying something new was a blast. My trip was a half-day guided experience, but many people prefer to book a full day to maximize the opportunity to catch a fish. I might just do that next time. Most fly fishing in this area is catch and release, so don’t expect to take any fish home.

Exploring Shasta Lake

After a quick lunch in downtown Redding, we drove about a half hour north to Shasta Lake. I’ve lived in California for four decades and had always heard of Shasta Lake, but this was my first time seeing it. Formed as a result of Shasta Dam in 1944, this lake has a surface area of 30,000 acres and at its peak can hold 4.5 million acre feet of water. It’s a popular destination for boating, swimming, fishing, and water skiing. We only had time for a short ride on a pontoon boat, but this could easily be a destination for the day or even a weekend. There are numerous campsites available around the lake including those with RV hookups if you’d like to extend your visit.

Biking The Sacramento River Trail

If you enjoy being near the water, but not on it, consider biking along the Sacramento River. I had the opportunity to join a guided e-bike tour with Shasta Living Streets. The tour begins with a safety briefing and instruction on the proper use of an e-bike. Then we rode through town a few blocks before joining the Sacramento River Trail. My visit was in April, so we were fortunate to see blankets of wildflowers along the river. The trail was surprisingly hilly in places, so I was grateful to be on an e-bike. This is an ideal outdoor activity for all ages.

Sailing On Whiskeytown Lake

On my last day in Redding I had the opportunity to visit Whiskeytown Lake, part of the Whiskeytown Nation-

al Recreation Area, located about fifteen minutes west of Redding. While not nearly as well known as Shasta Lake, this is also an excellent destination for watersports. Today we were headed out on the water with the Redding Yacht Club. Our skipper for the afternoon was Mike, a long-time sailor and sailing instructor.

The best known feature of Whiskeytown Lake is its crystal clear waters which I immediately noticed. Gliding over the water surrounded by snow-capped mountains made for a lovely afternoon and an activity I’d definitely recommend when visiting. For more information about Redding’s watersports head to VisitRedding.com.

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Sports In Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is a place you cannot fully describe, for one has to stand in the Valley and turn around 360 degrees to understand what a magnificent gift President Lincoln gave us. Yes, you read it right. In 1864 Lincoln signed the Yosemite Land Grant protecting Mariposa Grove and Yosemite Valley. Twenty-six years later, it became a national park.

Located in Central California, near the Nevada border, this spectacular place offers a plethora of sports activities. Visit Yosemite/Madera hosted me for this visit, but I trust you will appreciate my opinions and observations.

Sports Available in Yosemite National Park

Hiking - Who hasn’t seen the outstanding views on social media from the top of Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, and numerous viewpoints posted by those who venture up one of the trails, which extend over 750 miles throughout the park? The trails travel through various ecological zones, vary in length, and offer a variety of physical challenges. Keep in mind that many of

the trails are closed during the winter months.

Boating - Tenaya Lake is one of the more popular lakes for its clear water and spectacular scenery. With 2,000 plus lakes scattered throughout the park, many are nestled in valleys and accessed down unpaved roads. A visit here makes it a place even reluctant boat passengers feel thankful they were talked into spending the day exploring the area.

Kayaking - In front of Forks Resort, colorful kayaks wait for someone to rent them. Kayakers paddle along the lake banks and inlets and are often rewarded with wildlife sightings.


Admittedly, except for the Valley floor, biking throughout the park is not for the amateur. The roads are narrow and winding, especially from the Big Oak Flat, the south entrance. Even driving them in the car is not for the faint of heart. The paved road hangs on the mountain’s very edge in many areas. With 25 miles of road until you reach the Valley floor, you will want to be in excellent physical condition.

River Rafting

Have you always wanted to try river rafting? With two rivers, the Tuolumne and Merced, here’s your opportunity. Tours are available with experienced guides who know what to

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watch for on these designated wild and scenic rivers.

Oakhurst A Special Place Near the Park

This unincorporated area will surprise anyone who takes the time to stop, stay and dine. While people tend to stay in Fresno if they are headed to Yosemite, there is a much closer welcoming community with every amenity you desire. Located 16 miles from the park, Oakhurst area is thriving.

The Queen’s Inn was a special place to serve as my home for three days. The Inn has twelve rooms fully renovated by lovely women owners, Anna Marie Dos Remedios and Deb Payne. A frog choir sang me to sleep at night, for the Inn is perched on the Fresno River’s bank.

You might be surprised that numerous hotels in this community stretch along California State Route 49. However, reservations should still be made in advance, for this community will continue to be discovered.

designated wines from Monterey.

Consider Ducey’s on the Lake if you want to dine with a spectacular view of Bass Lake. In the words of locals, “Yes, we come here often for it is a beautiful view, but we use every excuse we can to come here for the food is excellent.” I can attest my fish and chips were superb and plentiful, leaving me regretting I wasn’t near my air fryer so I could reheat leftovers for another meal.

Dining - Located on the Queen’s Inn grounds, Vintner Anna Marie Dos Remedios is the chef or advises the chef on preparing the farm-to-table daily specials at the Idle Hour Winery & Kitchen. Diners can request a recommendation for a pairing of Idle Hour wines created from single-vineyard

The thought of alfresco dining called me to the Forks Resorts, run by a 5th generation family on Bass Lake. It is known for its “Forks Burger,” made with quality beef, which you create with your favorite condiments. Adjacent to the indoor dining area is a general store with everything from a fishhook to padding for your knees if you traverse the country roads on a bicycle. You can also purchase a fishing license here if you get the urge to fish.

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South Gate Brewing Company is known for its 16 oz Smoked Ribeye. While it sounded delicious, I couldn’t imagine eating a steak that large. Admittedly, I had already spotted a root beer float (made with root beer made on the site) on the dessert portion of the menu. I opted, instead, for Beet and Ricotta Salad. I was delighted with my choices, which I enjoyed while viewing the mountains through their enormous restaurant


Deli Delicious is the perfect place to pick up the fixings for a picnic on your Yosemite adventure. The cranberry turkey sandwich was so good that I stopped there to get another one for my trip back to Palm Springs.

History - Fresno Flats

Historical and Village Park, with seven buildings, serves as a unique destination to

learn about 19th-century life in the mountains of Central California. The actual buildings were moved to the site, one of which was 15 miles away.

Even more impressive, each building is filled with objects used during the period. Volunteers proudly lead tours and demonstrate how the various things were used. Thus, this location is an educational resource for local schools to bring to life

-30- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023 A

the surroundings their grandparents experienced during their lifetimes.

In addition, this place has a beautiful gazebo surrounded by flowers making it a unique venue for weddings, family reunions, and musical events. The old schoolhouse on the site is a community gathering place for special announcements and lectures.

The Yosemite Gateway Art Center

It is well known that Yosemite attracts artists from all over the world. Yet, few people know many of the artists have settled in Oakhurst. Not only are they close to Yosemite, but the location also allows them to capture the foothills

of the Sierra Nevada Mountains any time of the year.

The Yosemite Gateway Art Center is on Scenic Route Highway 49 in a former strip mall. Fortunately, the sign on the highway alerts you of its location; otherwise, it would be easy to zip by, for it is on the east end of the retail area of the community.

A confession, I went there twice, for I was enthralled with the five galleries, each of which is a former store. The galleries have a different genre of art and an inviting atmosphere that encourages one to slow down and browse and relax. One of them displays works by artists from all over the world who en-

tered a juried art competition showing their depiction of the Yosemite/Madera area.

Oakhurst, California, may not be on people’s bucket lists, but it should be, for it has much to reveal if you look closely. With only 25 minutes to Yosemite’s entrance, planning a day visit allows you to get ahead of the Fresno travelers. After a day of exploring, you will have many dining options and be glad your bed is nearby, enabling you to rest and prepare for the next day’s adventures. For More on California

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Celebrating Excellance For

The Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame is a distinguished institution that recognizes and honors the exceptional achievements and contributions of athletes, coaches, volunteers, and supporters within the Special Olympics community. Established with the purpose of celebrating the power of sports and the indomitable spirit of individuals with intellectual disabilities, the Hall of Fame has become a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the transformative impact of inclusive athletics.

Founding and Purpose:

The Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame was officially established in [insert year] to

acknowledge the extraordinary accomplishments of athletes, as well as those who have made significant contributions to the organization. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills, sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication to the Special Olympics movement. It seeks to highlight the triumphs of these individuals while promoting awareness and acceptance of intellectual disabilities in society.

Induction and Selection Process:

The induction into the Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame is a highly prestigious honor bestowed upon individuals who have significantly

impacted the lives of athletes or have achieved remarkable success themselves. The selection process involves a thorough review of nominations received from the Special Olympics community, including athletes, coaches, families, and volunteers. A committee comprising representatives from the Special Olympics Colorado organization carefully evaluates each nominee’s accomplishments and contributions to determine the most deserving inductees.

Nominees can include athletes who have excelled in their respective sports, coaches who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and mentorship skills, volunteers who have dedicated themselves to sup-

-32- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

For Special Olympics

porting athletes and organizing events, and advocates who have played a vital role in raising awareness and resources for the Special Olympics movement. The inductees are celebrated for their commitment to the Special Olympics values of respect, inclusion, courage, and determination.

Inspiring Success Stories:

Over the years, the Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame has recognized numerous remarkable individuals. The inductees’ stories serve as a source of inspiration, shedding light on the tremendous achievements made by athletes with intellectual disabilities. These athletes have shattered stereotypes and proven that, given opportunities and support, they can excel in sports and make significant contributions to society.

As of today, the Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame

has [insert number] members, each of whom has left an indelible mark on the Special Olympics community and beyond. These exceptional individuals continue to inspire athletes, coaches, volunteers, and supporters, encouraging them to reach for their dreams and to embrace the transformative power of sports.

The Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the incredible abilities, courage, and perseverance of individuals with intellectual disabilities. By celebrating the achievements and contributions of athletes, coaches, volunteers, and advocates, the Hall of Fame not only recognizes their outstanding accomplishments but also raises awareness about the immense potential of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through the power of

sports, the Hall of Fame inspires a more inclusive and accepting society, where everyone can thrive and make a difference.

As the Colorado Special Olympics Hall of Fame continues to grow, it will undoubtedly welcome more extraordinary individuals into its ranks, ensuring that their legacies are forever etched in the annals of Special Olympics history.

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Nestled in the hidden corners of northern Idaho lies a gem waiting to be discovered: Sandpoint. This captivating destination is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, with a plethora of thrilling activities that will leave you breathless and rejuvenated amidst its evergreen forests, stunning vista views, and refreshing water adventures.

Just a stone’s throw away from Sandpoint, you’ll find a world of recreational opportunities beckoning you with open arms. Within a mere 30 minutes, you can embark on any

Sport Adventures Abound

adventure that stirs your soul.

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey when it comes to day hikes in Sandpoint. This region offers an abundance of trails catering to every adventurer’s desires. Whether you yearn to scale lofty heights for awe-inspiring panoramas or prefer a tranquil hike along the water’s edge, Sandpoint has got you covered.

If water calls to you, the Maiden Rock Trail is a splendid starting point. This trail is a gentle escapade that leads you to a secluded, smooth-rock

beach nestled on the serene central-western shore of Lake Pend Oreille. As you traverse through cedar forests, accompanied by the gentle murmur of a nearby stream, you’ll find yourself captivated by the tranquility of the surroundings. And don’t forget your swimsuit! This spot offers an ideal setting to wade into the crystalline waters or leap off the rocks into the inviting embrace of Maiden Rock.

Other iconic hikes in the area include Mickinnick Trail, which treats you to breathtaking vistas of Sandpoint, Lake Pend Oreille, the Selle Valley,

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Abound in Sandpoint

and the majestic Cabinet Mountains. For a challenging workout with rewarding views, conquer Gold Hill. If you seek an easier ascent, Schweitzer offers chairlift-accessible trails or the option to embrace your inner mountaineer and hike your way to the summit. And let’s not forget Scotchman’s Peak, a beloved local favorite. While it may require more endurance, the unparalleled views from the top will make every step worth the effort. And keep an eye out for the resident mountain goats basking in their lofty kingdom.

Saddle Up for Thrilling Mountain Biking Adventures

Over the past decade, the mountain biking scene in Sandpoint has flourished, providing enthusiasts with an extensive network of trails to explore. With over 50 trails to choose from, the options are limitless. But where should you begin?

Enter the Syringa-Pine Street Woods, a cross-country trail system offering a delightful experience for riders of all ages. From leisurely family-friendly paths to intermediate trails that push your skills, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget the unforgettable views that accompany your ride. If you’re not in the mood for a full pedal-powered ascent, Schweitzer comes to the rescue. Hop on a lift and let it whisk you to the top, where 40 miles of meticulously

maintained trails await your tire tracks. Other notable mountain biking destinations include Mineral Point Trail #82, the Gold Hill Trails, and the Beetop-Roundtop #120 Trail.

For those in need of biking gear, fret not! Outdoor Experience, Sports Plus, and Greasy Fingers have you covered. And if mountain biking isn’t quite your speed, take a leisurely cruise through the charming town of Sandpoint or embark on a scenic journey along the captivating Sand Creek Trail, leading you toward the picturesque town of Ponderay.

Dive into a Water Wonderland

Immerse yourself in the wonders of northern Idaho’s summertime bliss with its pristine mountain lakes, the crown jewel being Lake Pend Oreille. Offering refreshing waters throughout the summer, this vast lake serves as a playground for a myriad of water activities.

Boating enthusiasts will find their slice of paradise in Sandpoint. Whether you’re wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, or indulging in any other aquatic adventure, Lake Pend Oreille guarantees an unforgettable experience. And for those seeking relaxation, a leisurely cruise on a houseboat or pontoon boat is the epitome of bliss.

Lake Pend Oreille’s allure

extends to canoeing, kayaking, and standup paddleboarding. The miles of shoreline invite exploration, with countless bays, coves, inlets, and creeks awaiting your discovery. For boat and gear rentals, be sure to visit Action Water Sports, Sandpoint Boat & RV Rentals, Sandpoint Watersports, Water Craft Rentals, Bottle Bay Resort & Marina, or A Day On the Lake Rentals.

An Enchanting Culmination

After your exhilarating escapades, make sure to venture into Sandpoint’s vibrant town center, where fantastic restaurants and local libations await. Whether you’re craving a delectable meal or seeking to unwind with a refreshing drink, Sandpoint’s culinary scene has something to satiate every palate. Prepare to be enchanted by the town’s charm and welcoming atmosphere, leaving you with lasting memories of your extraordinary summer adventures.

In the pursuit of unforgettable experiences, Sandpoint is an unrivaled destination that will leave you yearning for more. So, embrace the call of the wild and let Sandpoint weave its magic around you this summer.

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Let’s Go Rafting

As the first and one of the largest national parks in the United States – filled with natural wonders and wildlife – Yellowstone has always been a popular destination. But travelers will find more adventures beyond the park boundaries in Montana and Wyoming. From hiking to biking, and whitewater rafting, here are some great ways to experience Yellowstone and its surroundings:

Big Sky Adventures: In Big Sky, Montana, The Wilson Hotel serves as a basecamp for adventure near the northwest corner of Yellowstone. Guests can hike through shaded forests and wildflower-filled meadows, raft or fly fish the clear waters of the Gallatin River, experience the adrenaline rush of lift-served mountain biking and ski Big Sky Resort’s 5,850 acres of terrain in winter. And the west entrance to the park is a short drive away, with some trailheads closer. https://thewilsonhotel.com/

Yellowstone Multisport: Encounter the numerous natural attractions of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks on a six-day tour

with Escape Adventures that packs in mountain biking, rafting, hiking and rock climbing. See Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Snake River, the Gros Ventre and Wind River mountains, and more on this unique multisport tour that can be arranged with camping or inn-based accommodations. https://escapeadventures.com/tour/ grand-tetons-yellowstone-multi-sport-mountain-bike-tour/

Yellowstone Family Riding and Rafting: Families can experience the Yellowstone area like never before on a three-day horseback riding and whitewater rafting package from Flying Pig Adventures. Take in one of nature’s most iconic environments up close by tackling rough terrain near Gardiner, Montana, on horseback and running the class 3 rapids of the Yellowstone River as it flows out of the park and into the Paradise Valley. https://www.flyingpigrafting. com/3-day-yellowstone-adventure.

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Silver State Stampede

Become acquainted with Nevada’s buckaroo culture at the oldest rodeo in the Silver State. An honored tradition that all started with world-famous buckaroo gear maker G.S. Garcia in 1912, thousands of Elkoites and visitors alike descend upon northeastern Nevada each summer for a Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA)-sanctioned lineup of events honoring the rodeo and ranch cowboy alike.

This year’s 111th annual event is slated for July 14-16 at the Elko County Fairgrounds in the heart of Nevada’s cowboy country. The Silver State Stampede first began as a way to bring income and entertainment alike into the community. In the 110+ years since, Nevada’s oldest rodeo has grown into one of Nevada’s most beloved Western events, ushering in the whole gamut of traditional rodeo events along with ranch hand rodeo faves like Old West Bronc Riding, and the legendary Ring of Fear—an Elko rodeo exclusive where six brave contestants see how long they can make inside an enclosed ring with a raging bull. While you’re here, be sure to check out a massive trade show with hundreds of Western wares vendors, along with a dance and live music following Friday and Saturday rodeo events.

Tickets are now on sale, available online and sold in-person at J.M. Capriolas in Elko. Tickets will also be available at the Elko County Fairgrounds if you’re not able to purchase pre-sale tickets ahead of time. Admission is $5 for children, $10 for seniors, $15 for adults, and $35 for a family package. For more information on the Silver State Stampede, visit https:// www.silverstatestampede.com/

The Silver State Stampede is a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) sanctioned sporting event and is a non-profit organization made up of all volunteers making this great event happen for our Elko Community. Concessions will be available. Following the rodeo both nights will be a dance featuring live music.

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Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States, according to Active.com. About 58 million hikers enjoy the sport, which increased dramatically during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Studies show that regular hiking (averaging five miles) reduces the risk of mental health issues by 50 percent. Hiking for twenty minutes lowers cortisol levels alleviating feelings of anxiety and depression. The activity also improves bone density and reduces body fat, among other benefits. Armed with this information, we drove an RV to hike around three of Utah’s beautiful National Parks in early May.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park, our first stop, is home to one of the top challenging hiking trails in the United States– Angel’s Landing. While we didn’t attempt it (reservations required), we discovered other treks by stopping by the Visitor’s Center to learn about trails in our group’s comfort zone (easy to moderate).

We loved hiking the easy-rated Lower Emerald Trail, a 1.2. mile hike that took an hour to complete. We continued, adding two moderate-rated paths –Middle Emerald Trail, which

Incredible Hiking

along the Riverside Walk, a paved trail along the Virgin River. We hiked for around four hours for about five miles and enjoyed the gorgeous views of the pools and waterfalls.

On our second day, we wanted to attempt the strenuous Narrows Trail, an out-andback walk less than ten miles through the Virgin River. It requires hikers to wear waders as the water level rises seasonally. Unfortunately, the Narrows were closed during our visit due to the record snowfall and snowmelt.

Non-Hiking Options

Another fantastic way to explore Zion is to take the Zion Canyon Shuttle. It runs seasonally starting at 6:00 am

and frequently from the Visitor’s Center. It takes you along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Cars are not permitted along this road, and this option allows you to see the park hiking any trails.

Bryce Canyon

Our next park, Bryce Canyon, has sixty miles of trails offering unique views of the famous Hoodoos (irregularly eroded rock spires). It’s home to the most extensive collection in the world. We wanted to discover more about these natural sculptures, so we stopped by the Visitor Center to obtain maps and discuss trails with the park rangers.

We drove in, but a free shuttle was departing from stations around the park. Our first stop was Bryce Point. We walked the Rim Trail, which connects one way from Bryce Point to Fairyland Point. Most of it is paved and flat. We walked about a 1.2-mile walk along the Rim Trail past Sunset Point to

-38- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

Sunrise Point. This is an easy walk and a must-do to admire the Bryce Amphitheater from above.

The next day, we walked to Sunrise Point and descended into the canyon for the Queen’s Garden Trail. The Queen’s Garden has a Hoodoo resembling a Queen Victoria statue sitting on her throne. This is a moderate, 1.8-mile trek. We combined that hike with other trails, including the Tower Bridge Trail. Navajo Loop was closed for trail maintenance. We totaled 5-6 miles that day, and it took us at least four hours with stops for photos and snacks. This was an incredible experience, but the terrain was rugged and

steep at some points.

Arches National Park

Lastly, Arches has the world’s largest concentration of sandstone arches–2,000 at last count. A 36-mile round trip paved scenic drive allows visitors to see many significant viewpoints from the road, with pull-offs for parking. Short, easy walks allow visitors closer views.

Arches offers a variety of trails, but the Delicate Arch Trail is the favorite here. The walk is about 3 miles with an elevation gain of 480 feet. It’s a challenging walk up a steep, smooth rock with no shade, so attempt it early in the day. We loved Delicate Arch and

stopped for lunch at the base. We enjoyed the Windows Arch, a 1-mile hike to view the North and South Window formations, and the Double Arch, a halfmile trail to view spectacular arches.

We truly enjoyed our experience hiking around these incredible natural rock formations. It’s worth the effort. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind if you choose to visit National Parks in Utah.

Hiking Tips

• Choose trails for your ability level and acclimate to the elevation for a few days beforehand.

• Check the park’s website for the latest information for updates on trail closures.

• Carry enough water (the suggestion is one gallon per person). We wore backpacks with rubber inserts called bladders. Bladders have hoses to attach to the outside of the pack, making it easy to sip often.

• Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for protection.

• Dress in layers. We started our hikes early but stayed into the afternoon. The layers kept us warm in the morning. We peeled off layers as the temperatures rose.

• Wear hiking boots to trek over rugged rocky terrain

For More on Utah

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -39-

Midwest States

Rock Island Arsenal Museum

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. – The Rock Island Arsenal Museum is now open after being closed for more than three years. The museum celebrates the greater Quad-Cities landmark of military history and heritage of the region. The museum originally opened on July 4, 1905, and is the second oldest museum in the U.S. Army.

“The museum hasn’t been renovated in more than 80 years, and we were looking to re-imagine and interpretate the story we are telling to be much more Rock Island Arsenal centric and Army organic industrial-base centric to better reflect our audience,” said Patrick Allie, museum director. “This museum is going to serve as the front porch for the installation, to the larger Quad Cities community, and to visitors by telling the story of what all of us do on a daily basis.”

As the largest island in the upper Mississippi River, the Arsenal is located at the only point where the river flows East to West. That very place — the upper Mississippi River — is where the museum’s storytelling begins, with the mapping of the region by Zebulon Pike. From the initial founding of Fort Armstrong on the Rock Island Arsenal to the Blackhawk War, this will be the first comprehensive attempt to capture, display and interpret the arsenal’s history by telling the story though the units, both current and former, that call the island home.

Through the early centuries of the Rock Island Arsenal to the present day, the museum has touched on the important people, weapons and stories that took place in the community. One of the museum’s major efforts is to highlight the sheer amount the Arsenal has produced and distributed to the service over the years. The RIA has supplied and tested armaments and equipment for Soldiers during every conflict from the Spanish-American War to today. Through its displays and interactive learning exhibits, guests will be able to see and understand the large and important role RIA has played throughout the history of the U.S. Army and the role it continues to play.

The RIA Museum falls under the Army Museum Enterprise (AME) – an integral part of the U.S. Army Center of Military History, oversees 30 museum activities in the U.S., Germany and South Korea and manages the Army’s historic collections. The museum is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tues. – Sat. Attendees ages 18 and older must show a U.S. photo I.D. at the Moline gate since the Island is a working military facility. Get a visitor pass at the Visitor Control Center. For more information go to https://home.army. mil/ria/index.php/my-fort/all-services/gate-information.

-42- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023
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INDIANAPOLIS – Make a fast break to the 2023 Indiana State Fair as we celebrate everything Indiana basketball has to offer, in partnership with Pacers Sports & Entertainment. Bring your starting lineup for fun that’s as memorable as a buzzer-beater! This year’s dates are July 28 through Aug. 20

Post up at your favorite State Fair staples or pivot to one of the many new attractions taking place this year. Bank on full-court fun and bring the whole family to explore the history, players, and moments that make Hoosier hoops legendary. Visit the Land of Legends at the Harvest Pavilion.

Pacers Sports & Entertainment Exhibit

Experience the excitement of the Pacers Sports & Entertainment Exhibit at the Indiana

State Fair! Immerse yourself in the world of Indiana’s beloved Pacers, Fever, Mad Ants and Pacer’s Gaming. Interact with players, coaches, life size bobble heads and more iconic moments. A must-see for all basketball fans! Located at the Harvest Pavilion. Open daily 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. at the Harvest Pavilion

Experience the best concert value of the summer at the Indiana State Fair on the Hoosier Lottery Free Stage! All shows are FREE with paid Fair admission and seating is first come, first serve. You are welcome to bring your own folding chair.

Scheduled FREE Concerts

Clint Black July 28, 7:30 p.m.

Samantha Fish ft. Jesse Dayton, July 29, 7:30 p.m.

Peppa Pig Live, July 30, 11

a.m. and 2 p.m.

Home Free, July 30, 7:30 p.m.

Keith Sweat, Aug. 2, 7:30 p.m.

Retro Rewind ft. DJ Streblow, 90s Night, Aug. 3, 7:30 p.m.

Styx, Aug. 4, 7:30

Quiet Riot, Aug. 5, 7:30 p.m.

Toby Mac, Aug. 6, 7:30 p.m.

Three Dog Night, aug. 9,7:30

And More at https://www.indianastatefair.com/p/state-fair/ entertainment/-free-stage

General Admission tickets are $11. Tickets are on sale now online for any day at the fair. Children, ages five and under, will be admitted free. Parking will be $8 per day. Midway wristbands are $25. https://www.indianastatefair.com/

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more on Indiana >Click Here

American Indian Tribal Dancing, Tipis, Music, Crafts to Provide a Unique Cultural Experience

DANVILLE – Hendricks County will once again host one of the nation’s biggest events promoting awareness and education of the American Indian culture.

National Powwow 18, which has been held every three years since its inception in 1969, returns July 6-9, to the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex. The four-day event introduces visitors to a cultural experience filled with traditional singing and dancers in full regalia, primitive skills demonstrations, a living history tipi village, crafts, artisans, kids’ activities and so much more.

“We are so glad to be back in Hendricks County again,” said Jeff Brewer, marketing chair for the festival. “We are excited to showcase the current styles of dance while also celebrating American Indian history and culture.”

Brewer said he hopes to see attendance increase this year with their return to Danville. Organizers also are expecting about 50 vendors at the event, whose wares will include American Indian jewelry, musical instruments, arts and crafts.

Gates open at 8:30 a.m. daily. A full schedule of festivities continues throughout all four days, transforming the 110-acre fairgrounds into an American Indian experience with something of interest for everyone in the family. Participants will come from all over the country and even Canada to provide daily activities such as educational seminars focusing on tribal customs and history and various craft instruction.

Highlights of the event include intertribal singing and dancing (July 6-8 at 7 p.m. and July 9 at 1 p.m.), a special dance to honor Veterans on July 7, a national craft contest

on July 8, the crowning of the National Powwow princess and many other interactive activities designed to educate and entertain visitors.

“We are excited to welcome National Powwow back to Hendricks County,” said Jaime Bohler Smith, executive director/CEO of Visit Hendricks County. “After a lengthy hiatus due to the pandemic, we all look forward to seeing our guests and locals celebrating during the weekend while making a lasting impact on our community.”

Admission is $8 daily for adults, $5 for youth ages 6-12 while children under 5 get in free. A four-day pass is $20 for adults and $15 for youth 6-12.

For more information and a full schedule of events, visit the National Powwow website at www.NationalPowwow. com.

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -45For more on Indiana >Click Here

Greensburg Power of the Past

Featuring International

Harvester & Custom Tractors as well as Peerless Steam Engines

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the Farmall tractor. The Farmall tractor became the first successful mass-produced row crop tractor. The tractor changed the way farmers worked and helped further mechanize American agriculture. While the tractor went through many variations over the years, the original version, known as the Farmall Regular, put the brand on the map.

The first tractors began to appear in the early 1800s as experimental machines. By the early 1900s, they had moved past the experimental stage and were used more frequently by farmers. However, tractors were not used in the way that they were used today. At that time tractors were made for pulling items like trailing plows, reapers, and mowers, or for powering stationary implements. When it came to more detailed work, such as planting or cultivating teams of horses were still needed.

In the early 1910s, International Harvester ruled the American tractor market, but by the end of the decad, they were overtaken by the For Motor Company which introduced the Fordson tractor. Falling behind in the market International sought to find a way to regain their place on top.

An Inernational implements engineer named Bert Benjamin came up with an idea that proved fruitful. Benjamin grew up on an Iowa farm and was well versed in farm implements , but did not

have much experience with tractors. While on an assignment that tasked him with adapting international implements so they could be used by Ford tractors, Benjamin created a kit that enabled Ford tractors to cultivate. This gave him the idea of creating a tractor that could do several tasks for farmers like planting, cultivating, and more. He wanted to creat a machine that could replace horse-drawn farming.

International Harvester did have a Motor Cultivator, but it was never very successful and eventually discontinued. Drawing on this machine and oter ideas, Benjamin and others began working on this do-it=all” tractor in 1919 and an initial prototype was ready in 1921. Improvements to the tractor contined after this first prototype, mainly making the tractor more lightweight while at the same time durable.

In 1923, the tractor called the McCormick-Deering Farmall was ready for field testing and 200 were produced that year. Sales and shipments began in 1924 and it quickly became a popular tractor for American farmers. Output increased to 9500 by 1927 and a total 131,000 had been made by 1932. Horse drawn farming had been replaced. For more on Indiana

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Come One and All to the Circus Festival

L adies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages, Welcome to Peru, the Circus Capital of the World and the home to the Peru Amateur Youth Circus and Circus City Festival, Inc.!

Join them in mid-July to help celebrate the Circus Heritage with great family entertainment in the American Tradition. Ten topnotch circus performances are schedulesd during this year’s annual Circus City Festival from July 15th through the 22nd.

You will see more than 200 young people, ages 7 to 21, ready to entertain you with their breathtaking stunts. Kiddie, Junior, Adult Clowns, Circus Band, plus a huge number of volunteers who join together to support these talented performers.

These beautifully-costumed young performers are so skilled that circus fans find it hard to believe they are indeed still considered to be amateurs. So many get their start here in Peru with the trainers available and then they continue to join a professional traveling circus as their chosen career.

The museum within the circus arena facility located downtown tells the stories of some of those who moved on in their quest to make a name for themselves in the Circus Hall of Fame and succeeded. Dating back to the late 1800s, many of the country’s most famous circuses over-wintered a few miles southeast of Peru. That area is now home to the famous International Circus Hall of Fame.

Among other activities during the festival, enjoy the rides, delicious food, games and more on the main streets of Peru. For the grand finale, Peru’s own Circus City Parade, one of Indiana’s largest parades, steps off on the final Saturday.

Performance tickets are available online at eventbrite.com and range from $6-18, depending on dates, general admission and adult or children. As time passes to the second weekend, the rates do rise. So be sure to order now before they are sold out. May all your days be circus days! For more information, visit https://www. perucircus.com/

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Great Bike Ride

This year marks the golden anniversary of RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). Once again, it returns to Davenport on Saturday, July 29, just like 50 years ago.

This year marks the golden anniversary of RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). Participants will come to Davenport and the Quad Cities region on July 21 before they head to Sioux City to begin the ride.

The 2023 Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which will take place from July 22 to 29, will start in Sioux City and end in Davenport. In between, riders will overnight in, Storm Lake, Carroll, Ames, Des Moines, Tama-Toledo, and Coralville.

“With so much history around this ride we wanted our fiftieth to celebrate some of those original communities and add just a little twist to keep riders guessing” said Matt Phippen, RAGBRAI ride director. “RAGBRAI Nation is excited to ride their bikes across our state this July.

The central route is roughly 500 miles and 16,549 feet of climb. That makes it the sixth longest ride and the sixth highest elevation.

This year marks the golden anniversary of RAGBRAI, which was started by John Karras and Donald Kaul, two Des Moines Register reporters, who had 114 riders join them for the maiden trek across the state in 1973.

An anticipated 20,000 plus registered riders, with participants from all 50 states and a host of international locations are expected for this year’s milestone ride.

The route pays tribute to the original with stops in Sioux City, Storm Lake, Ames, Des Moines, and Davenport. Carroll, Tama-Toledo and Coralville round out the original towns to make up the eight overnight towns.

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Sunflower State Games

This is the largest amateur multi-sport competition in Kansas from July 7th-23rd, 2023. Going into our 34th year of games, the association welcomes Kansas athletes of all ages, skills, and physical abilities to compete in 36 different events.

Medalists in each division ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd ) for each division will qualify to represent Kansas at the 2024 States Game of America in San Diego CA July 17th - 24th. Sunflower State Games wish all of the teams and players good luck at nationals!!!

SSG Baseball will take place July 7-9 at the Bettis Family Sports Complex in Topeka. Divisions include: 7U Machine Pitch, 8U Machine Pitch, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, & High School. Gold and Silver medals are awarded to the top two teams in each age

division. Trophy awarded to the first-place team in each division. Admission fee for spectators will be $1 per day.

SSG Horseshoes sanction play will be 6 a.m. July 7 and non-sanctioned play will be 9 a.m. July 8 at Gage Park in Topeka. The fee to compete is $20 one day or $30 both days. Day of entries will be accepted online.

Adult basketball will be July 8-9 at Washburn University. Members must be 18+ to play.

Lake Shawnee Golf Course will be the host for two categories of Golf. Best ball and scramble is at 8 a.m. and individual stroke will be judged at noon - both on July 7. Miniature Golf will be on July 8 at the Sports Center. Then Disc Golf will be July 15-16 at the Crestview Disc Golf Course.

Other sports categories are Volleyball, Tennis, Archery, Bowling, Swimming, Judo, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Fishing, Trap and Skeet and Pickleball among others.

For more information and complete schedule of games, dates, times and places, visit https:// sunflowergames.com/sunflower-state-games/

The State Games of America is a biennial Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners (gold, silver, bronze) from across the nation. There are currently 30 states conducting or organizing statewide sports festivals known as State Games.

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Come See The Tractors

OTTAWA - Plan now to attend the 28th annual Power of the Past Antique Engine & Tractor Show Sept. 8-10. Ottawa, the home of Warner Manufacturing and Union Foundry, is a perfect site to see the gas and horse-powered farm implements of the past.

This show is much more than a gathering of gas engine and tractor enthusiasts. Although, it is quite a sight when all the engines are chugging together all at once. With the passage of time, many of the younger generation have never seen or experienced farm life . A kiddie tractor pull will take place Saturday morning for the little ones. They can now

obtain a learning experience from attending this eventwhere the future meets with the past.

Senior citizens can come and reminisce with the farm eequipment of their youth. The younger generation can come and observe an experience of a “pre-computer” era. There is something unique for everyone to see at the Power of the Past.

The popular Parade of Power will occur at 2 p.m. each day. There will be an auction of donated merchandise starting at 10:30 Saturday.

Another attraction not to miss is the craft show and

flea market. There will be live entertainment and music on the grunds all three days. Be sure to get some homemade ice cream available.

Demonstractions of various farming equipment and duties will take place including threshing, straw baling, corn shelling, rope making and saw mill activities.

Admssion is $5 for all three days. Children under the age of 12 are admitted free. Tram transportation will be provided for any guests with difficulties.

For more on Kansas

>Click Here

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Grand Rapids Golf Giveaway

If you enter the Dream Grand and Golf Giveaway now, you and three friends or members of your family could win your next extended weekend getaway. Play two of Michigan’s best courses—The Mines and Pilgrim’s Run—absolutely free!

The prize package includes 36 holes of golf (with cart), a two-room overnight stay at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Grand Rapids East, and $300 in gift cards to explore Grand Rapids’ fun non-golf activities like dining, craft beverages, nightlife and more. Enter by July 18!

“Grand Rapids boasts, perhaps, the best combination of affordable golf, quality course design and fun non-golf activities in the United States,” according to golf media company The Fried Egg. “We’re giving you the chance to experience all the Grand Rapids golf scene has to offer for FREE this summer – if you win the Grand Rapids Golf Giveaway.”

The lucky winner will receive The Country Inn and Suites Birdie Golf Package, which includes:

1. A round of golf for a foursome + carts at two area courses:

The Mines, built atop a former gypsum mine and offering what The Fried Egg calls “several spectac-

ular holes that can go toe-to-toe with any in Michigan.”

Pilgrim’s Run, recognized as a Top 10 Michigan Course (Golfweek), a Top 20 Golfer’s Choice (Golf Advisor) and 1 of America’s Top 10 Hidden Gems (The Golf Channel).

2. Two hotel rooms for one night at Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Grand Rapids East (double beds in each to accommodate four golfers)

3. $200 Visa gift card to explore the city’s “fun non-golf activities.”

4. $100 gift card for Gravity Taphouse Grille, featuring 64 taps of beer, cider, seltzer, and draft cocktails (and conveniently located in the parking lot of the hotel)

One winner will be selected July 19. Grand Rapids area locals say, “We can’t wait for golf travelers to experience our one-of-a-kind courses. For this reason, the giveaway is only open to those that live outside of Kent County.” To enter, go to https:// www.experiencegr.com/golf-giveaway/

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Fishing on the Refuge

WABASHA - From now through August 12, The Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge are inviting the kids to come and fish for FREE! The fun begins at the National Eagle Center on Thursdays or Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There is no need to go out and spend a lot of money as they already have everything the kids need – fishing poles, lifejackets, bait, and a dock outside our backdoor. Sign out the equipment and take your kids or grandkids fishing right here! Kids 15 and under can fish without a license. Non-resident fishers will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid MN fishing license, however.

They will be able to learn about the native species that live in the Mississippi River and then experience the excitement of catching some! Plan your visit to include an afternoon of Fishing on the Refuge!

Credit card required to check out equipment. Lost

or damaged equipment may be subject to charges. Participants agree to adhere to all Minnesota fishing and water safety rules. All fishing with National Eagle Center equipment is catch and release.

While you are at the center, be sure to reserve enough time to explore the eagles. The National Eagle Center encapsulates a world in which the iconic power and presence of eagles are known, respected, advocated for, and protected. It is home to several non-releasable Bald Eagles and a nesting place for hundreds of others who come for the winter. Other available events at the National Eagle Center are Eagle Habitat Tours and River Cruises. Enjoy a fun and memorable afternoon viewing Bald Eagles and other wildlife with a cruise on the picturesque Mississippi River aboard the Cal Fremling tour boat More information available online at nationaleaglecenter. org. For more on

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Minnesota >Click Here

Lake of the Ozarks

LAKE OF THE OZARKS - It was recently announced that Central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks was voted the “Best Lake for Water Sports” in the country in a recent USA Today readers poll.

The Lake of the Ozarks, which covers 54,000 acres with 64 billion gallons of water and features over 1,150 miles of meandering shoreline (more than the entire Pacific Coast of California!), beat out Lake Havasu in Arizona; Lake Superior in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada; Big Bear Lake in California, and Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, among many others for the coveted top spot.

“This just means so much to us,” says Lagina Fitzpatrick, executive director for the Lake of the Ozarks Tri-County Lodging Association. “While the Lake of the Ozarks was selected by travel industry experts for this contest, ultimately we won by a vote

of the people, which makes this recognition so special,” Fitzpatrick continues. “There truly are so many ways to enjoy the water at the Lake of the Ozarks. Whether it’s wakeboarding, paddleboarding, skiing, tubing, kayaking, parasailing, fishing or just simply swimming, you can do it all at the Lake of the Ozarks. Add to that all of our onthe-water events like AquaPalooza, Lake of the Ozarks Powerfest and the Shootout powerboat races, or annual

Harbor Hops, and you can tell we know how to have fun on the water!”

The Lake of the Ozarks was among 20 lake destinations across the country selected by a panel of travel experts and journalists from USA Today, 10Best. com and other media outlets. Online voting took place over the course of four weeks, and although it was a close race, the Lake of the Ozarks received more readers’ votes and ultimately won the contest. For a complete list of winners visit www.10best. com/awards/travel/best-lakefor-water-sports-2023/

Being named as the “Best Lake for Water Sports” is the latest national recognition in the long list of accolades the Lake of the Ozarks has received in the last several years. The Lake of the Ozarks has been a previous winner of USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards for being the “Best Recreational Lake in the Nation” (2015), the “Second-Best Place in the Country

-56- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

Best for Water Sports

for Viewing Fall Foliage” (2018), and being home to one of the “Best State Parks in the Nation” – Ha Ha Tonka State Park (2015).

“This is a testament to what a fun destination the Lake of the Ozarks is and why we have roughly 7 million visitors from around the country each year. We’re so very grateful and we would like to thank everyone that voted for the Lake of the

Ozarks as the ‘Best Lake for Water Sports’ in the country,” Fitzpatrick concludes.

To learn more about all the

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -57-
more on Missouri >CLICK HERE Ozarks
call the Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitor Bureau at 1-800-FUN-LAKE
on-the-water fun, events, attractions, activities, and available dining and lodging options at the Lake of the Ozarks, visit www.Fun-
For more on Missouri >CLICK HERE

The JConcepts 1/10th scale off-road series are back in 2023 with the INS13 dirt series. The INS series will be 5 races, best 3 of 5. The JConcepts events provide drivers with an array of classes to choose from to compete nationally or on a race-byrace basis. How the racer choses to participate is up to them. However, rest assured, knowing the locations, dates, and facilities have been carefully selected for the ultimate 1/10th off-road experience.

JConcepts is a company that specializes in RC (Radio-Controlled) car accessories and components, including bodies, tires, and other parts. They are known for organizing and sponsoring various RC racing events, both indoor and outdoor.

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An asterisk appeared in front of his career-marking achievement. Whether it was actual or implied, Roger Maris’ 61 home runs during the 1961 seasoneclipsing the 60 hit by fellow New York Yankee and legend Henry “Babe” Ruth - were not considered legitimate by baseball “purists” because they didn’t happen in the same time frame as Ruth’s.

Ruth hit 60 home runs during a 154-game season. Maris surpassed that mark during an expanded 162-game season. And that set the traditionalists on a tangent, determined to protect the old records. So, baseball’s commissioner announced that any record set after 154 games would be treated differently. It would be another

Baseball Hero Roger Maris

three decades before Maris’ home run mark was treated as the true record. Major League Baseball still plays a 162-game schedule.

Maris was a humble person on and off the field. Following his career, the North Dakota native was approached about having a local museum created in his honor. He didn’t care for the attention, but eventually agreed, provided the museum highlighting his baseball accomplishments was open to the public and free to all.

It’s not often you’ll find a museum devoted to a Major League Baseball star in a shopping mall, but that’s exactly where you’ll see the Roger Maris Museum. West Acres Mall, a popular indoor shopping center in Fargo, is home to the Maris baseball collection.

And what a collection! Home plate posters marking each of Maris’ 61 home runs line the top of the exhibit. Located in the west wing of the mall, trophies, photos and other memorabilia celebrate the Hibbing,

Minnesota, native’s career.

Baseballs with the date and location of each home run during the 1961 season are located along with bats at the museum.

Visitors enjoy a short movie about Maris’ life and career while sitting in seats that were once a part of the old Yankee Stadium.

With uniforms of the teams he played with displayed, exploring Maris’ career begins during his high school years, when he played American Legion baseball. Recruited to play football at the University of Oklahoma, Maris opted for a professional baseball career when the Cleveland franchise offered him a $15,000 signing bonus after selecting him in the 1953 Major League Baseball entry draft.

He spent four seasons in the minor leagues before joining Cleveland during the 1957 season. Two days after making his major league debut, he hit his first home run - a grand slam - in April 1957. He hit 14 home

-60- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

runs that season.

Traded to the Kansas City Athletics (now Oakland) mid-season 1958, Maris went on to be named to the American League all-star team in 1959. He hit 35 home runs over two seasons with the A’s, despite missing 46 games in 1959 because of appendix surgery.

Nicknamed the Yankees’ “farm team,” the Athletics developed a reputation for trading its top talent to New York. Maris was no exception, being traded to the Yankees following the 1959 season.

A member of the Yankees for seven seasons (1960-66), Maris’ career took off during his first season in New York. He batted .283 with 39 home runs in 1960.

His career season came during the run for 61 home runs

in 1961. The season opened without any indication of how special it would become, as Maris hit one home run in his first 15 games.

Maris’ 61 home runs were scattered over the season. Entering the final month of the season, he had 51 home runs. He finished September with nine more dingers, tying Ruth’s 60, before setting the record of 61 on Oct. 1, the final game of the regular season.

Receiving the Most Valuable Player award for his achievements, 1961 was the pinnacle of Maris’ career. The following season, Maris hit 33 home runs. He hit 70 more home runs during his next four seasons with the Yankees.

Traded to the St. Louis Cardinals following the 1966 season, Maris played two more

seasons, retiring in 1968. He finished his 12-year career with 270 home runs and .260 batting average.

Maris played in seven World Series during the 1960s, more than any other player. Appearing in four Series with the Yankees and two with the Cardinals, his teams won three championships.

While not named to the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, the Maris museum honors his legacy. The Roger Maris Museum opened in 1984. Maris, who started a beer distributor outlet after his career, died in 1985. The museum is open during mall hours.

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Lilyfest Adventure

HOCKING HILLS – Hike into a ravine to see a cliffside view, learn how particular trees and plants can fill problem spots in the yard, purchase garden art, and practice the art of hatchet throwing at this year’s Lilyfest, July 14 to 16, 2023 in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Southeast Ohio.

Experience the peaceful tranquility that Lilyfest creates each year by fusing art sculptures, flowers, and plants with acoustic bands that play soft instruments on strategically placed stages. For the more adventurous, stroll through Viking Village to smell food cooking in kettles over an open fire, purchase handmade leather goods, or practice hatchet throwing with trained professionals.

Since 1992, Lilyfest has provided a family-friendly outdoor education event that has grown to attract 5,000 visitors annually. Ohio Certified Naturalists and OSU Extension Master Gardeners can answer gardening and wildlife questions. Break for

lunch from Chef Moe’s On-theGo and Pap’s Ice Cream is always refreshing on hot days.

What started as a backyard community sale by Bobbi Bishop has evolved into Bishop Educational Gardens, a place where older children and young adults can complete service projects for their organization or school, and young children can learn about recycling, plants, and animals, and learn to appreciate nature in general.

“We try to do something new each year with the environment and outdoor education,” said Bishop. “It’s kind of like an outdoor learning lab for everyone.”

Brand new this year is a special opportunity to enjoy special access and discounted rates at events in the gardens yearround. Talk to someone at the Hocking Soil & Water Conservation booth inside the education center along the gravel drive for more information.

“It takes hundreds of hours to pull weeds, mulch, and keep deer and wildlife from eating the

flowers,” said Hocking SWCD Education Specialist Rebecca Miller.

Though the road to the festival grounds can seem treacherous to those unfamiliar with the roads of Southeastern Ohio - complete with signs to watch out for chickens crossing the road – it’s all part of the experience. And it’s well worth the drive, in the end, to experience something so unique.

“Everywhere you look, there’s something new to see,” said Alivia Stump, an Americorp member who helps with garden maintenance and overall organization.

Visit www.lilyfest.com for the latest information on artists and hours of operation. The gardens are at 13200 Little Cola Road, Rockbridge, Ohio, 43149.

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Looking for a thrilling adventure this weekend? Look no further than the Waggoner’s Run Mountain Bike Trail, located in the beautiful town of Gibsonburg. This newer mountain bike trail is perfect for an extended weekend getaway, offering a moderate ride with a challenging finish.

The trail is approximately 6 miles long and takes around an hour and forty minutes to complete. You’ll encounter natural features like twists and turns around trees, paired with man-made obstacles such as bridges, skinnies, tabletops, and rock gardens. The newest addition to the trail is a challenging teeter-totter placed right before one of the biggest drops on the trail. Keep your eyes peeled for the root-exposed and rocky terrain in the last mile, which adds to the excitement of the trail.

Waggoner’s Run Mountain Bike Trail is named in honor of local cycling enthusiast and bicycle shop owner Dan Waggoner. It was a collaborative

New Bike Trail

project between the Flatlanders Bicycle Club and the Sandusky County Park District in 2019. The Flatlanders completed the trail and dedicated it in October 2020, and it has been a hit with locals and visitors alike.

The trail is not just for mountain bikers; it’s also open for hikers. It’s recommended that hikers hike the trail in reverse and stay alert for oncoming bike traffic. Please note that no horseback riding, pets, or motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail.

If you’re planning to visit the area, Gibsonburg is a small rural northern Ohio farm town in Sandusky County, known for “White Star Park,” which offers hiking trails, an inland quarry lake for SCUBA diving, and mountain bike trails. And if you’re a foodie, you can’t miss out on Ideal Bakery, which is known for its amazing donuts, pastries, and cinnamon rolls.

But that’s not all the area has

to offer. Just 15 minutes up the road is Fremont and Ghoul Runnings Kayak Adventures. This kayak livery offers guided and self-guided tours along the scenic Sandusky River and the beautiful Fremont Reservoir from May to Fall. The owners, Beth Turner and her husband Bob, have been running it for 33 years, and they offer a variety of 2- and 4-hour trips, as well as specialty adventures, including a history tour, singles kayaking group, bird and nature, sunset, moonlight, and more.

Sandusky County has plenty to see and do, from kayaking in the Sandusky River to festivals and farmer’s markets. There is always something fun to see and do in the area, making it the perfect destination for an extended weekend getaway. For more information about its events and attractions, visit SanduskyCounty. org.

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National Sports Tourisim Organization

WARREN COUNTY/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Warren County Sports, a division of the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau (WCCVB), has been named the Sports Tourism Organization of the Year by the Sports Events & Tourism Association (Sports ETA). The award was presented on May 10 during SportsETA’s Annual Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri.

The association praised Warren County – a community of 240,000 people – for “hosting events in 14 different sports in 2022, driving more than $88 million in economic impact for its local community and generating more than 100,000 nights at local hotels.” Among the 90+ total events hosted was the World Ultimate Club Championships – an internationally prestigious Ultimate Frisbee tournament which brought 128 teams from 31 different countries to the region in July.

“The mission of the WCCVB has always been to drive economic development through tourism, and sports tourism is an absolutely integral part of that mission,” said Phillip S. Smith, President & CEO of the WCCVB. “The work our sports

team does brings hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to Warren County each year, and those people spend millions at our local attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels. Our sports team truly does an amazing job, and we couldn’t be happier to see the team honored by Sports ETA.”

Ben Huffman serves as Director of Sports Enterprises for the WCCVB and attributes a large part of his organization’s success to the support it receives from its local community.

“We are blessed to have a sports tourism community in Warren County that supports what we do and helps us succeed in driving impact through sports,” said Huffman. “...we look forward to building on that success in the year ahead.”

Warren County Sports plans to host more than 100 events

in 2023, including such high-profile events as the USA Ultimate College National Championships and the Big East Baseball Championships, among others. Many events Warren County Sports hosted in 2022 were held at the Warren County Sports Park (WCSP), a 128-acre destination sports facility owned and operated by the WCCVB. An estimated 962,000 people to Warren County accounted for 67,400 hotel room nights and generated an estimated economic impact of $67.1 million. Currently, the WCSP is undergoing an expansion project which will allow the WCCVB to host even more events going forward.

About the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau: Warren County is Ohio’s Largest Playground®! With easy access from Interstates 71 and 75, visitors to Warren County can enjoy more activities within a 30-mile radius than anywhere else in Ohio. Tourism is the leading industry in Warren County. For additional information, visit OhiosLargestPlayground.com.

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Southern States

Sports Fun

Whether visitors are looking for world-class fishing and countless outdoor recreational options, music and live entertainment venues or dynamic downtowns teeming with restaurants, shopping and more, this region tops the list.

The water parks of North Alabama offer a variety of fun options. Thrill rides, lazy rivers and wave pools make for fun days and lasting memories. Point Mallard Water Park is

home to America’s first wave pool! This classic water park also features a variety of slides, a towering sky pond and an Olympic pool, sandy beach, kid’s zone and a scenic lagoon round out the park. The entire Point Mallard family fun park encompasses more than 700 acres among the pines and includes a 25-acre campground, 18-hole golf course and hiking and biking trails.

D Di

The outdoor water park at Sand Mountain Park & Amphitheater (915 W. McKinney Avenue, Albertville, Alabama 35950; 312610-9533) is one of the newest outdoor attractions in the region and features two 25-foot waterslides, splash pad, 600-foot lazy river with waterfall feature and a vortex pool and more. The complex is a 130-acre park with live entertainment venue, RV park, dog park and elite-level athletic facilities. Spring Valley Beach Water Park (2340 Spring Valley Beach Drive, Blountsville, Alabama 35031; 205-4292323) is less than an hour’s drive from many of the region’s largest cities and has one of the largest swimming pools in the Southeast. The park has six water slides including the new “360 Rush,” popular for those looking to pump up the adrenaline. There is also a kids’ water playground and more than 20 pavilion areas. WildWater om Cullman is the newest water park to make a splash in the region. The 12-acre park features a 22,000 square-foot wave pool and 18 water slides, including 10 thrill slides. There is also a kids’ area and a lazy drift river. Reservations are available for private cabana rentals.

State parks offer hiking, fishing, zip lines and more. The diversity and beauty of the state’s natural resources make the perfect setting for this list of parks that offer an impressive array of amenities. Each of the parks below has both full hook-up RV sites and primitive camp sites and many have cabins, as well. Some parks are known for their amenities, some for their views and some for their unique natural wonders. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Buck’s Pocket State Park - Oak, Al. 256-659-6288, A new ORV (Off-Road Vehicles) trail was recently added to the park’s 15 miles of hiking trails and the park features spectacular canyon-rim views from a 1,000foot scenic overlook.

Cathedral Caverns State Park -Woodville, Al. 256-728-8193 is known for its stalagmite forest and frozen waterfall. The park’s signature cave, which maintains a 60-degree

temperature all year long, has a huge opening that measures 126 feet wide and 25 feet high. Outside, the park offers gemstone mining.

DeSoto State Park - Fort Payne, Al. ( 256-845-0051) sits atop scenic Lookout Mountain and is known for its many rushing waterfalls and fragrant wildflowers. The park provides an array of lodging options, including a motel, log cabins, rustic cabins and mountain chalets.

Joe Wheeler State Park - Rogersville, Al. 256-247-5461, is home to 69,700-acre Wheeler Lake, which offers easy access to the Tennessee River and is popular with sailors, cruisers and anglers. Park amenities include a three-story lodge, restaurant, marina, boat launch, boat rentals, day-use pavilions and picnic areas and an 18-hole championship golf course.

Lake Guntersville State Park - Guntersville, Al.; 256-571-5440, is a 6,000-acre park located along the shores of Lake Guntersville. A lodge, chalets, motel and convention center are situated on a 500-foot bluff overlooking the lake and there is an 18-hole golf course and The Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures zipline course.

Monte Sano State Park - Huntsville, Alabama 35801; 256-534-3757) has vistas, mountaintop trails, family picnic areas and an 18hole disc golf course. It is a popular spot for mountain bikers and hikers, with 22 miles of trails, varying in both scenery and difficulty.

Rickwood Caverns State Park’s - Warrior, Al. 205-647-9692, claim to fame is its miracle mile of underground caverns. The 260-million-year-old limestone formations, blind cave fish and underground pool are just a few of the natural wonders found in the cavern.

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Mountain Biking: An Electric

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or not, when visiting Bentonville Arkansas, the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World” you may feel that unpaved trail riding should be on your itinerary. But the idea of hitting narrow dirt paths with obstacles and climbing crushing hills might be a bit intimidating. That’s understandable but there is a solution: the e-mountain bike.

In recent years, e-bikes have grown in popularity because they remove some of the barriers to entry. Bentonville’s nearly 150 miles of dirt singletrack trails across seven trail systems, plus many more miles of gravel trails are a perfect place to become acquainted with these pedal-assisted bicycles.

And e-bikes aren’t only for the novice rider. Frequently, experienced riders opt for one when riding the Oz Trail System because they know it will allow them to explore more of scenic Northwest Arkansas.

If you are up for the challenge, start by renting an e-mountain bike from Encore Bikes. They will deliver the bike and pick it up at the end of your visit. Meaning you

will have access to the bike whenever you want to ride.

Before setting out, new mountain bikers and those who haven’t ridden in a while should get some instruction on navigating over roots and rocks, cornering, and general bike safety. Bike School Bentonville offers instruction for riders of all ages and abilities. They will have you riding the trails with confidence in no time.

Mountain biking uses a ranking system to rate the difficulty of trails. Green trails are the most beginner friendly, blue are intermediate and

black diamonds are the most challenging.

The downhill trails in Bentonville are set up using a “hub” system. This means you will bike to the top of the hill where trails radiate out like spokes from the “hub.” While you can find some green trails, often these gravity trails are faster and more difficult.

Whether or not Bentonville earns its monicker as the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World” is probably debatable. But it is designated an IMBA Silver Level Ride Center, a classification giv-

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Electric Adventure

en to destinations that “feature extensive trail networks, masterfully designed for mountain bikers of every skill level and built by professional trailbuilders and local volunteers.”

Slaughter Pen’s 40+ miles of trails are easily accessed from town at the entrance to Compton Gardens. The trails wind through the gardens and past Crystal Bridges Art Museum, which has 5 miles of art-laden bikeable trails of its own.

Beginners might try the All-American Trail. This family-friendly trail runs parallel to the Razorback Greenway, a 40-mile paved multi-use trail. Should you decide that trail riding isn’t for you, then jump onto the greenway and enjoy the ride.

If you want a bit more challenge but want to stay within your skill level, then try Black Apple Creek. This trail offers tranquil scenery, streams, fern gardens, and a bit of climbing.

Situated about 1.5 miles outside the town is Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. This trail system is simply outstanding. Here you will find some crazy-fast

downhill runs, but beginners and families can enjoy the trails as well. Some favorite beginner trails include Family Flow,

July, 2023~ ExtendedWeekendGetaways | -75-
Good Vibrations, and Esther’s Trail. Please Turn to Next Page

As you cross the bridges near the south entrance, listen for the “singing” bridges a sound art installation by Arkansas artist Craig Colorusso. A short distance into the preserve you will find Airship Coffee, an open-air cafe where people gather to enjoy a beverage or their amazing nachos.

Still not sure about the prospect of mountain biking? Then skip the dirt trails and ride the paved Razorback Greenway Trail. Riding north from Bentonville will provide a scenic and easy ride.

The infrastructure along the bike path provides restrooms, water stations, bike

repair stations, and picnic and seating areas. Additionally, you can marvel at bike-themed art installations along the way.

At mile 40, you can hop onto the 3-mile out-and-back Blowing Springs Greenway Trail. Past the campground, there’s an area with picnic tables. Kids can climb the rocks and listen to their voices echo into the caves or catch crawfish in the crystal-clear spring-fed stream.

The trail is also the gateway to Blowing Springs Arboretum. Along this path, you’ll find the Gear Gardens, a popular gathering spot for cyclists where you can grab a cold beverage

and enjoy live music.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to explore Bentonville and NW Arkansas is on two wheels. Offroad biking doesn’t have to be intimidating. Hopefully, the idea of using an e-bike removes some of the hesitation and you will add it to your itinerary.

Susan has a passion for travel, gardens, recreational cycling, and a love of caffeine. Her travels have taken her to 32 states and 22 countries on five continents.

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Historic Coast Fishing

ST. AUGUSTINE - Flounder, sea trout, sheepshead, redfish, largemouth bass, and tarpon are just a few of the types of fish being caught off of Florida’s Historic Coast. From fishing piers and kayak fishing to deep sea charters, fly fishing, and everything in between, there is never a shortage of fishing opportunities when you visit St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, and The Beaches – making it a top destination for anglers from around the world.

There are dozens of local charter companies to choose from. With Captain Jacob Hardy at the helm, Fishardy Charters offers private fishing charters for beginners and

experienced anglers. Choose from a half-day, three-quarters of a day, or full-day experience that includes bait, fishing licenses, and fish cleaning services. Fishardy Charters leaves from the Conch House Marina, just two miles from historic downtown St. Augustine, and specializes in coastal and inshore fishing. Another local charter company is Drum Man Fishing Charters, which is run by Captain James Dumas, and specializes in light tackle and fly fishing for fish such as redfish, trout, flounder, tarpon, and cobia. Choose from a four-hour or six-hour excursion that includes fishing licenses, fishing rods and gear, and bait and lures.

A Florida’s Historic Coast favorite, St. Augustine Kingfish Mayhem returns Thursday, June 1 through Saturday, June 3. Based out of Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor and presented by Meat Mayhem Tournaments, this popular tournament includes cash prizes up to $10,000 with a registration fee of $500. There is a mandatory captains’ meeting at 7pm on Thursday, June 1 at St. Augustine Fish House & Oyster Company, and weigh-ins are on Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3.

Another summertime fishing tournament on Florida’s Historic Coast is the Daily’s Old School

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Kingfish Shootout from Friday, June 9 through Sunday, June 11.

Presented by Yellowfin, the tournament includes cash prizes and a first place guarantee of a Yellowfin 21’ Bay Boat worth $105,000. Weekend festivities kickoff with a mandatory captains’ meeting at 7pm on Friday, June 9 at St. Augustine Fish House & Oyster Company, fishing day on Saturday, June 10 with a weigh-in at the Vilano Beach Pier, and then an 11am awards party at St. Augustine Fish House & Oyster Company on Sunday, June 11.

Hosted by the Ancient City Game Fish Association (ACGFA), a local nonprofit that promotes the sport of fishing in the area, the popular Kingfish Challenge offers a tournament for anglers of all skill levels and ages. From Thursday, July 13 through Saturday, July 15, events include a Kids’ Clinic, Junior Angler Tournament, and the main attraction, the Kingfish Challenge, with cash prizes up to $20,000. The week-

end also includes live music, food, raffles, and more. The Junior Challenge is $25, registration for Kingfish Challenge is $320, and Backwater/ Kayak Challenge is $75. This tournament takes place at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor.

If you are looking for a way to get out on the water and learn a thing or two about fishing, but aren’t tournament-ready, there are plenty of places around Florida’s Historic Coast to cast a line. Visit the St. Johns County Ocean & Fishing Pier in St. Augustine Beach for your chance to catch everything from tarpon to king mackerel. Other fishing piers in the area include Lighthouse Park on Salt Run, the Vilano Beach Pier and Usina Boat Ramp Fishing Pier on the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Rose of Sharon Pier north of the Bridge of Lions. A few smaller fishing piers in the area include Treaty Park, Vaill Point Park, and Faver-Dykes State Park.

Fishing on Florida’s Historic Coast heats up this summer with fishing spots peppered throughout St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, and The Beaches. For images to accompany postings click here.

Located midway between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida’s Historic Coast includes historic St. Augustine, the outstanding golf and seaside elegance of Ponte Vedra Beach, and 42 miles of pristine Atlantic beaches. For more information, call 1.800.653.2489 or go to the Visitors and Convention Bureau website at www.FloridasHistoricCoast.com. Check us out on social media Instagram @FloridasHistoricCoast @ViajaSanAgustin Facebook. com/OfficialStAugustine and Facebook.com/ViajaSanAgustin and Twitter @FlHistoricCoast

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DAYTONA BEACH – Varsity Spirit – the global leader in cheerleading, dance team and band apparel, camps and competitions, and a division of Varsity Brands, the market leader in team sports, school spirit and achievement recognition – is pleased to announce two of its brands, National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) & National Dance Alliance (NDA) Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship – the single, largest collegiate cheer and dance event in the world –will call Daytona Beach home for the next three years..

The 2024 competition, which will be the 28th year held in Daytona Beach, is scheduled for April 8-14 at

the Daytona Beach Bandshell and the Ocean Center. In 2023, more than 10,000 participants and 450 teams competed with approximately 20,000 spectators in attendance, all record numbers for the annual event that relocated to Daytona Beach back in 1996. Teams utilized 30+ hotels in the area and approximately 18 buses that provided citywide transportation.

“We are thrilled to announce that Varsity Spirit and the destination have come to an agreement to continue hosting the event at the Ocean Center and the Daytona Beach Bandshell for the next three years - and hopefully well beyond,” said Lori Campbell Baker, Execu-

tive Director for the Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Daytona Beach provides the perfect backdrop for this world-class championship event that attracts thousands of young student athletes and spectators from all over the country. This prestigious event brings positive economic impact to our local economy, and our community is proud to be able to continue serving as host.”

“The NCA and NDA Collegiate Championship is an event that we look forward to hosting each year,” said Ocean Center Interim Director Tim Buckley. “Between the hundreds of teams and thousands of spectators, this

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Host City for NCA & NDA Collegiate Championship

event’s energy and excitement are like no other. We appreciate the continued partnership and look forward to welcoming back NCA and NDA in 2024 and beyond.”

“Varsity Spirit selecting Daytona Beach as the host city for their popular annual competition is welcomed news,” said Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick L. Henry. “We value this long-standing relationship. I want to thank everyone involved for their efforts in securing their return to Daytona Beach.”

In addition to competing at the Daytona Beach Bandshell and the Ocean Center, competitors, along with their coaching staff and family and friends, will be able to enjoy all that the Daytona Beach area has to offer during their visit.

“Daytona Beach has become the premier destination for our NCA & NDA college customers across the country. This much-anticipated event has grown in popularity every year, and it is now the largest college cheerleading and dance event in the world,” said Bill Boggs, Sr. VP and Director of College Programs

for NCA & NDA. “Daytona Beach has become synonymous with NCA and NDA. We are thrilled to provide a world-class event where we can recognize student athletes for their hard work, dedication, and talent.”

“Daytona Beach is an iconic backdrop for the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship. Year after year, teams from across the country come together to showcase their skills and represent their universities,” said Bill Seely, President of Varsity Spirit. “It is an honor and a privilege to continue to host the largest college cheerleading and dance event in the world at one of the most recognized venues where we can celebrate student athletes for the impact they have on America’s colleges and universities.”

The NCA/NDA Collegiate National Championship is open to the public and will be live streamed on Varsity TV in 2024. For more information about the event, please visit varsity.com.

Experience endless adventures in this eclectic destination that offers the perfect,

beach base camp from which to explore the greater Daytona Beach area and all Central Florida. Choose thrilling activities or embrace the tranquility of days spent on 23 miles of world-famous whitesand beaches. With more than 12,000 rooms, and a variety of meeting hotels and unique spaces, the destination has accommodations for meetings and groups of all sizes and budgets. Learn more at DaytonaBeach.com. #LoveDaytonaBeach

Memphis-based Varsity Spirit, the driving force behind cheerleading’s dynamic transformation into the high-energy, athletic activity it is today, is the leading global source for all things spirit, including cheerleading, dance team and performing arts. A division of Varsity Brands, Varsity Spirit is a leader in uniform innovation, as well as educational camps, clinics and competitions, impacting more than a million athletes each year. Focused on safety, entertainment and traditional school leadership, Varsity Spirit’s employees have been dedicated to celebrating spirit through its brands since 1974. For more information, visit varsity.com or varsitybrands.com.

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Banana Ball Anyone?

The greatest show in sports is coming to a city near you in 2023. Expect trick playing, Tictok dances, and of course - a game of “Banana Ball!”

The Savannah Bananas are an exhibition baseball team based in Savannah, Georgia.[1] The team was founded in 2016 and has played at Grayson Stadium since its inaugural season. Until 2022, the Bananas competed in the Coastal Plain League’s (CPL) West division,[2] where they won three Petitt Cup championships (2016, 2021, and 2022).

However, after the growth of their alternate “Banana Ball” format, the team transitioned entirely to exhibition games against their partner touring team, the Party Animals, and other “challenger” professional teams. The team has been featured by ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and Sports Illustrated because of its on-field hijinks and viral videos.

Following the 2022 summer league season, the Bananas announced they were folding their collegiate amateur team and only playing “Banana Ball.”

An ESPN+ miniseries about the team, called Bananaland, was released in August 2022. As of 2023, the team has over six million followers on TikTok, more than any MLB team.

The majority of Banana Ball games feature the Bananas verses their rivals, the Party Animals, similar to the relationship between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals. In 2022 the Bananas added 6 more cities across four different states to the tour totaling in a 14 game “world tour” all of which were sell outs.


30 Games - Grayson Stadium in Savannah

North Carolina:

July 11-12: Atrium Health


July 14-15/ Durham Bulls

Athletic Park


July 21-22/LoanMart Field

July 25/ Excite Ballpark

July 27/Chukchansi Park

July 29/Sutter Health Park

New Jersey

August 9/Trenton Thunder


August 11-12/SIUH Community Park


August 25-26/Principal Park

The Bananas thus disbanded their CPL team at the end of the 2022 season and now, as of this year, focus exclusively on Banana Ball. For tickets and complete schedule, visit https:// thesavannahbananas.com/ For more on Gerogia

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Atlanta For Sports Fans

Atlanta, Hotlanta, ATL, The Big Peach, The Big A, A-Town, Dogwood City, and New York of the South. All are nicknames for Atlanta, Georgia. This dynamic city is a sports lover’s dream. ATL has professional sports teams, world-class sports arenas, and hundreds of venues for folks to participate year-round in indoor and outdoor sports. A weekend getaway to Atlanta is perfect for sports fans of all types, but non-sports lovers will find plenty to occupy them while others are at the game.

Here are 6 great sports-related destinations in Atlanta, Georgia:

1. College Football Hall of Fame

College football fans will be on cloud nine at the College Football Hall of Fame. The hall is an astonishing 94,256 square feet. That includes 50,000 square feet of exhibit space and a 45-yard indoor football field. Memorabilia shows over 1,000 players’ and 200 coaches’ historical moments and record-setting achievements.

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2. Atlanta BeltLine

For outdoor sports participants on foot or non-motorized wheels, the Atlanta BeltLine is ideal for walking, running, cycling, or skating. The 22-mile BeltLine connects a network of public parks, trails, public transit, and housing. Neighborhoods, eateries, shopping centers, and public art provide stopping points. See this interactive map for entry points and activities.

3. State Farm Arena

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Centennial Park District, State Farm Arena is within walking distance of extraordinary attractions, numerous hotels, restaurants, and parks. This multi-purpose arena is home to the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and WNBA Atlanta Dream, professional basketball teams. It also boasts a concert series that includes some of the biggest names in music with seating of over 20,000 people.

4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United

FC soccer team. The stadium is also used as an extraordinary concert setting with its immense 75,000-seat capacity. The roof is made to adjust its opacity to control light and is retractable. The venue provides a magnificent view of the Atlanta skyline.

5. East Lake Golf Course

Established in 1904, this par 72 course with a rating of 76.2 at 7,346 yards is as beautiful as it is challenging. This was the home course for Atlanta native Bobby Jones. Proceeds from operations, over $20 million to date, fund the East Lake Foundation, transforming one of the nation’s most heartbreaking public housing projects into a thriving community.

6. Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park is a 22-acre green space that honors Atlanta’s 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Children and adults can cool down in acres of grass and shade for picnics, play, relaxing, and people-watching. Stretch your travel budget with CityPASS Have you ever used a CityPASS? The ‘pay-

-84- | ExtendedWeekendGetaways ~ July, 2023

one-price discounted bundle of tickets’ is an excellent way to stretch your travel budget in Atlanta for both sports and non-sports fans.

With a CityPASS, you pay one price for some of the city’s most celebrated destinations. Then, you show your CityPASS at the ticket booth and begin your next adventure. You can use a Smartphone or paper ticket as your pass.

You will save 44% on combined admissions to Atlanta’s top attractions. Learn more online at CityPASS.com.

Sleep in the heart of Atlanta

Stay in the city center at Glenn Hotel. It is the perfect location and a hotel I fell in love with when I walked inside. The Glenn is surrounded by some of Atlanta’s most popular places—Centennial Olympic Park –- Georgia Aquarium – World of Coca-Cola - College Football Hall of Fame - National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta BeltLine, Zoo Atlanta, Historic Oakland Cemetery, State Farm Arena – CNN Center – Mercedes Benz Stadium, and many others are less than a 15-minute walk from the Glenn.

The hotel has standard sleeping rooms, suites, and a penthouse suite. An exceptional restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and din-

ner. Try the shrimp and grits at dinner; they are a real Southern treat. The lounge and bar offer a wide selection of cocktails, domestic and international wine, and beer.

Getting There

Fly into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport – ATL. You can drive, shuttle, or taxi to your accommodations from there. I suggest a shuttle. Driving in Atlanta is notoriously challenging. If you stay at the Glenn, you can walk to several locations mentioned here and other popular attractions. If you want to go further afield, arrange a rental car for the day.

Driving to Atlanta will put you on their huge freeway system, so be prepared for potential gridlock during commuter hours. Weather, especially rain, tremendously affects traffic, creating accidents and snarls citywide. You can choose an alternate route when you know of problems before you are in the middle of a mess. Check traffic conditions with the Georgia Department of Transportation about 100 miles from the city.

Whether you love sports or not, Atlanta is a lovely place for an extended weekend getaway. For more on Gerogia

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New England States

Water Sports at Great Wolf Lodge

is equipped with flumes and 360-degree loops. It is the longest slide in the state at 275-ft. The iconic Otter Cave Waterworks features 6 water slides and a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket that sprays those below every 4-minutes.

PERRYVILLE - Upon entering the Grand Lobby guests are immediately aware that they are all in for a memorable adventure in a completely new, $250-million venue, designed as a destination that appeals to families of all ages. Perryville, Maryland boasts, not only the newest, but the largest of the Great Wolf collection of twenty resorts in North America. #GreatwolflodgeMD

Great Geyser Water Park is the indoor, 128,000-sq. ft. water recreational area with 22 water slides, raft rides, splash zones and numerous beach chairs and a constant temperature of 84-degrees. High Paw Holler and Forest Flume are two exceptionally exciting body slides. High Paw Holler sends riders racing through a tunnel, jettisoning them out and speeding on the outer edge. Forest Flume

Great Wolf Adventure Park, a 57,000-sq ft. section of the resort, is filled with a variety of activities that create opportunities to ignite the spark of adventure, educate and enhance family fun. MagiQuest is an interactive journey that requires the use of special wands to join in the quest. Adventure Park also entices visitors into other galleries including the 24-hour Northern Lights Arcade, Ten Paw Alley bowling, Build-A-Bear Workshop, miniature golf and Oliver’s Mining Company where you learn to pan for gold. The showpiece of this park is Howler’s Peak multi-level ropes course.

There are four restaurants that range in price and menu options, Hungry as a Wolf, Timbers, Campfire Kitchen and Barnwood. All four of them have allergy-free items to choose from. Barnwood is the most upscale of the options. Freshwoods Market, Dunkin’ and Woods End Creamery feature foods for those wanting a snack or a quick bite to eat.

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The Grand Lobby hosts events throughout the day and evening. Guests are treated to character appearances, Yoga Tails, arts and crafts and a nightly Howl & Hustle Dance Party. Each evening the day ends with a bedtime story, the immersive, “Legend of Luna.” The sound and light production was created for the property.

There are 700 family suites from which to choose. Overnight stays in the lodge include 2 days of waterpark entry. A special discount is available for reservations that are good until April 30, 2024 if made before July 7, 2023. There will be a 50% discount on the standard rate when using the promo code: GRAND.

Great Wolf gives back through activities and purchases. A portion of the money raised helps fund Make-A-Wish and Believe in Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins. Put your money where your fun is! www.greatwolf.com/maryland

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Harford County

Harford County, on the Western Shore, is bordered by the Susquehanna River, the Chesapeake Bay, Pennsylvania and the Mason-Dixon line and this fortunate setting placed the county at the heart of historical events prior to the American Revolution. Paleo-Indians lived in the region as early as 10,000 B.C. The Susquehannock migrated into the area and established palisaded settlements along the Susquehanna River, the largest non-navigable river in the country. They farmed, fished and hunted in what is now Baltimore County, but they were primarily traders. The trails they used for trade would later become wagon roads and then routes we continue to use today. #visitHarford

First contact was made with John Smith in 1608 when he sailed up the Susquehanna. He encountered the “people of the muddy river.” There were believed to have been more than 6,000 natives in 1608, only 300 by 1700 and In 1763 the remaining 30 were slain by settlers in nearby PA. The Indians signed a treaty in 1652 that essentially ceded all of their land.

The 33-mile Lower Susquehanna Scenic Byway journeys through Havre de Grace to U.S. 1 and ends in Perryville. The byway provides glimpses of what the early inhabitants would have seen as well as Piedmont Forests and the 1928 Conowingo Dam. It is the second largest

hydroelectric project in the country. www.visitmaryland.org/scenic-byways/lower-susquehanna.

Godfrey Harmer gained a 200-acre plot of land, Harmer’s Corner, in 1658. The plot would later become Havre de Grace’s Historic District. When, in 1695, a ferry service was instituted and was renamed Susquehanna Lower Ferry. The ferry would prove invaluable during the American Revolution and the Civil War as a crucial means of troop transport.

The eastern portion of Baltimore County was taken to form Harford County in 1773. It was named in honor of Henry Harford, Maryland’s final the final proprietor. The county seat, Old Harfordtown, was situated on the Bush River. After several name changes it was named Bel Air.

Havre de Grace was officially founded in 1782, the second oldest municipality in the state. It received its name from General Marquis de Lafayette. While traveling to Philadelphia Lafayette reached the juncture of the Chesapeake and Susquehanna and declared that it resembled Le Havre, a French port. Robert Stokes based the city’s grid pattern on Philadelphia with Revolutionary and French named streets.

The complete Havre de Grace Historic District downtown was listed in 1987 on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. The Concord

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Point Lighthouse complex was added in 1976. The architectural styles are representative of the 18th to 20th centuries.

The Havre de Grace Promenade is a scenic ¾-mile walkway that winds along the river. As you meander you have access to Informational signs that interpret the area’s history and thematic sculptures. The Concord Point Lighthouse is a significant attraction. It is 36-ft. tall, has a 31-inch base and was erected of granite on the bay in 1827. Originally the light consisted of 9 oil lamps. It was automated in 1920 and decommisioned in 1975. A historic lighthouse keeper’s cottage is located nearby.

The 8-acre Millard Tydings Park, adjacent to the Promenade, is the site of Ernest Burke’s Memorial Statue. Burke pitched in the Negro Professional League 1947-49. An orphan, he served in the Marine Corp in WWII achieving the Rifle Sharpshooter Ribbon Bar and the WWII Victory Medal. Later in life he became a motivational speaker.

Liriodendron Mansion was construct-

ed in 1898 as a summer residence for Dr. Howard Kelly in Palladian style. He was a founder of Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical School. The mansion is listed on the National Register. The site includes original furniture, a small museum, art exhibits, parklands and expansive gardens. Tours can be scheduled. liriodendron.com

Havre de Grace is the “Decoy Capital of the World” and the 1986 Havre de Grace Decoy Museum honors, preserves and showcases the tradition. The collection includes both decorative and utilitarian decoys and the 2-level museum tour begins with Native American models. Step out onto the terrace on the second level for outstanding views. Visitors can also watch carvers at work. decoymuseum.com

Maryland was a slave state but it witnessed a 37% lowering of numbers between 1750 and 1865 and that is reflected in the numbers holding anti-slavery beliefs. Harford County is on the Mason-Dixon Line that separated slave and free states as stated in the controversial 1820 Missouri Compromise. Location and access to water

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routes put Harford County at the heart of Underground Railroad activity.

Havre de Grace Maritime Museum has mounted a phenomenal new exhibit, “Underground Railroad, Other Voices of Freedom,” designated a National Underground Network to Freedom site. The 600-ft. gallery is interactive and weaves photographs, original art, documents and first-person narratives together to relate compelling stories of escape on the Chesapeake and the Susquehannah. This is a unique and important story. Additional galleries feature maritime and Native American history. www.hdgmaritimemuseum.org

The 1808 Hays-Heighe House is located in Bel Air and gains its significance from being mentioned in William Still’s book, The Underground Railroad. “Sam,” an enslaved man belonging to Thomas Hays, escaped in 1860. Still documented his story once he reached freedom.

Ladew Topiary Gardens is one of the “10 incredible topiary gardens around the world.” In 1929 Harvey LaDew purchased 250-acres and the gardens were created in 1930. There are 22-acres of formal gardens, more than 90 topiaries, 5 garden rooms, a fountain and nooks and crannies for scenic contemplation. Highlights of the gardens are a 96-year-old swan hedge, the topiary Hunt Scene and LaDew’s mansion. www.ladewgardens.com

The Pulaski Highway was a 62-mile section of Route 40, along the New York to Washington corridor. During the Depression it was a through road to San Francisco and the “Fastest

Route West.” Maryland law stated that black passengers had to move to a colored car when entering the state on public transportation. Elkton, MD was the northern station used to make the exchange. There were challenges to the law regarding transportation but those in private vehicles simply were denied service along Route 40.

The ambassador from Chad was going to Washington in June of 1961. He stopped his limousine at a diner for coffee and was subject to racial slurs and made to leave. The incident made international news and other ambassadors reported similar treatment. President Kennedy was called upon to respond and the federal government began to take notice but the changes were not for African Americans.

CORE organized picketing and Freedom Rides along 40. A Freedom Ride took place on December 16, 1961, after many motels and restaurants refused to desegregate, leading to more than 70 arrests. Those arrested were sent to jails or mental institutes. The Freedom Rides led to Maryland’s 1963 Public Accommodations law, barring racial discrimination. On November 14, 1963, Kennedy dedicated a limited-access highway that would become Interstate 95. Freedom Ride on Route 40 Tour can be reserved at harfordcivilrights.org/tours

Spring Hill Suites in Belcamp offers perfect accommodations for a visit. It is centrally located and provides all amenities.

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Cape Cod Baseball Fun

The Cape Cod Baseball League, a competitive collegiate summer league that dates to 1885, is the reason many travelers visit Cape Cod every summer.

They come to watch baseball players from around the country play for one of the ten teams on the Cape. Officially formed in 1923 (although it got its start in 1885), the Cape Cod Baseball League has nurtured, groomed and paved the way for thousands of young college kids realize their potential as Major League Baseball players, including the top selection in four of the past five MLB Drafts and 377 players during the 2022 MLB season. Yes, Aaron Judge. Yes, Jason Varitek. Yes, Thurman Munson. The list goes on and on.

Every summer is big for baseball on the Cape, but this summer the league is celebrating 100 years of baseball, of life-changing experiences and not just for the players who go on from here to the Big Show, but for all the little kids and adults who will forever remember watching a game of summer baseball on Cape Cod.

Baseball Clinics

And it’s not just about the free games. There are so many endearing qualities to the Cape’s summer baseball league—the cheap hot dogs, the sound of the ball hitting off the wooden bats and watching it sail through the saltkissed air for a home run and the fog that often curls under the bleachers, sometimes suspending play. And what truly puts Cape baseball in a league of its own—the weekly baseball clinics.

Each team hosts morning summer clinics/ camps, led by the players and held at the same stadiums and fields where the games are played. When my son was young, Evan Longoria was his baseball clinic counselor one sum-

mer; Longoria played for Chatham.

Clinic attendees have opportunities to work on hitting, base running, infield/outfield play, as well as pitching and catching. Coaches and players also hold chats to bat around conversations about sportsmanship, academics and teamwork.

All-Star Game

Every mid-summer, the league puts on an all-star game. It’s attended by scouts from all MLB teams, as well as many fans. This year’s All-Star Game takes place July 22 at Whitehouse Field, home to the Harwich Mariners. It will be a special star-studded game this summer as the league celebrates its 100th.

For more info, visit https://www.capecodbaseball.org

Home Base

There are a roster of hotels throughout the Cape that are ideal spots to stay all summer. Here are some at the top of the lineup.

The Old Harbor Inn, Chatham

This gorgeous 12-room dates to 1932, and has one of the best locations for baseball lovers in Chatham. It sits pretty, across the street from Veterans Field, home of the Chatham Anglers; this ballpark has been the home for Chatham teams since the inception of the Cape Cod Baseball League 100 years ago. In fact, you can hear the games from the inn’s front yard. The inn is also a bat swing away from Chatham’s lovely Main Street and within hitting distance of beaches, too.

“Our guests love going to the games and are always excited to learn about the history of the

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Cape Cod Baseball League,” says Tanya Heinrich, general manager. The best part, she says, is that it’s within walking distance of the ballfield so guests can enjoy a beer or two. And, on game days, there’s always game-inspired complimentary desserts for inn guests—Cracker Jacks, cupcakes and baseball-shaped cookies.

The inn’s latest Cape Cod Baseball-inspired package includes a gift certificate to Red Nun Bar and Grill, and voucher for free ice cream that comes from one of Chatham’s best ice cream shops where many of the baseball players go after the game, after they’ve licked their opponent. And a full breakfast is included in all stays. https://www.chathamoldharborinn. com

The Wayside Inn

This lovely historic Chatham Inn in the heart of Chatham is within walking distance of Veteran’s Field, home to the Chatham Angler’s. The longtime popular inn dates to 1860 and recently changed owners and is in good hands. Its 56 rooms are refreshed and modernized (including suites and mini suites)—many with outdoor patios or balconies and fireplaces, too.. It’s also home to the popular Wild Goose

Tavern, with its lively patio seating that spills out onto the sidewalk to watch passersby. There’s also that clutch hit—an outdoor heated pool.<https://www.waysideinn.com/>

Sister property Greyfinch Chatham Inn, down the street, is a rookie—the property just debuted in June. Formerly known as the Chatham Highlander Village Inn, the motel-like property is also located within walking distance of the Chatham Angler’s Field, and is offering a Grand Slam Getaway package this summer. It includes accommodations, a baseball- themed welcome amenity, Chatham A’s souvenir, two welcome drinks and breakfast for two at Wild Goose Tavern at its sister property, Wayside Inn.. <https://www.greyfinchchatham.com/

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

This classy luxury resort that opened in 1925 in Harwich is a a five-tools player—it has it all. A five star-restaurant, beautiful cottages with enviable outdoor fireplaces, a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool, an amazing kids program and a long storied relationship with the Cape Cod Baseball League with special pro-

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gramming lined up this summer to celebrate the league’s 100th.

Wequassett will host a team dinner this summer inviting current and former players to celebrate the milestone event. Also, the Harwich Mariners will offer a weekly baseball clinic on Wequassett’s beach for younger guests. And, Wequassett’s breakfast buffet in a Pirate Ship is a hit for little sluggers— Harwich Mariners players come to greet the kiddos; the next breakfast is on Sunday, July 9th. On November 19th, Wequassett will host a Hall of Fame event and awards ceremony to celebrate the 100th anniversary. https:// wequassett.com

Red Jacket Resorts

This long-established, popular, family-friendly five-resort collection in Yarmouth is hosting on-property events with the Cape league players throughout the season, and also offering baseball-themed hotel packages.

Exclusive to guests staying at Blue Water Resort, Riviera Beach Resor and Red Jacket Beach Resort is the Take Me Out to the Ball Game starter pack which can be added to any room reservation and includes a baseball and permanent marker for snagging players’ autographs, a box of Cracker Jacks and two hot dogs. Package bonus: A raffle chance to win an autographed bat from the All Star team at the end of the season.

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Extra innings: Players will travel to the hotels for a game of wiffle ball, meets and greets and ice cream socials.

Also, Red Jackets Resorts will offer a special friends and family rate to all Cape Cod Baseball League players, coaches, employees, host families and volunteers keeping the fun going all summer long.

0cean Edge Resort and Golf Club

The gorgeous front lawn of this eye-candy mansion hosts the Brewster Whitecaps through early August on select afternoons to run drills with guests, play some baseball trivia (fun prizes) and meet and greets. Later, guests can cheer on the players at Stonybrook Field, a short drive from the resort and also accessible from the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

Ocean Edge is also popular for its pools, children’s programs, tennis and pickle ball courts, lovely bayside beach and golf course. The Beach Bar that sits in the dunes is the cleanup hitter—sunsets you’ll never forget www. oceanedge.com


In Harwich Port, Hot Stove Saloon lives and breathes baseball, and is the dugout for many of the Harwich Mariners players, coaches and groupies in the summer. Lots of flat screen TV’s and baseball memorabilia, too. www. hotstovesaloon.com

Also in Harwich Port, George’s Pizza is a big hit with the Harwich Mariners players. It’s been serving pizza and grinders to players and groupies for 53 years. www.georgespizzahouse.com

During game nights they have baseball-inspired dishes like hot dogs, nachos and cheese, and of course, a large popcorn machine for free popcorn. www.rednun.com

In Falmouth, Seafood Sams is where you’ll catch a good fish sandwich and clam chowder—the restaurant is a sponsor of the Falmouth Commodores team. http://seafoodsams. com

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It’s A New Resort

me that horizon.”

Atlantic City, New Jersey has been a popular destination since the Lenni-Lenape, the first to inhabit Absecon Island about 12,000 years ago, migrated there during the summer months using a 5-mile route that continues to be used today. They called the island Absegami or “little water.” In the late 1700s an English Quaker, Thomas Byrd, acquired the entire island as a result of a land grant in a settlement with New Jersey proprietors.

In 1754 Jeremiah Leeds was the first non-indigenous permanent settler. He established a farm, Leeds Plantation. Leeds died in 1838 and his wife Millicent established a tavern. She can be credited for operating the first entertainment venue in what is now Atlantic City. Further travelers were hampered by a lack of accessible transport until 1854 when the train came to town. The city was then formally laid out, with streets parallel to the Atlantic Ocean named

after international waterways and east and west streets after states.

Hotels and railroads complained because of the sand that was continually tracked into the lobbies and railcars. The answer was an 1870 wooden, portable, boardwalk that was 8-ft. wide, the first in the United States. Today AC boasts the longest boardwalk in the world. It is

almost 6-miles long features the first American entertainment pier constructed over the water.

The early 20th-cetury brought airlines to Atlantic City. On May 10, 1920 Atlantic City designated Bader Field an “airport’” The word was created there because the island was able to be reached by both air and water.

Atlantic City is entering a new phase in hospitality and entertainment with the addition on June 30th of the $100-million Island Waterpark at Showboat Resort. It is designed to be the largest indoor beachfront waterpark in the world! The waterpark is more than 120,000-sq. ft., features more than 317,000-gallons of water and is geared perfectly for all ages and family entertainment.

There are 11 thrill-inducing slides from which to choose

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as well as 3 Tidal Racers and 5 waterslides for children. Surfing tournaments will be held on the 1,000-ft Wild Wave FlowRider and surfing lessons will be offered. A host of activities for younger guests are featured including an interactive Kids Cove.

One-of-a-kind indoor waterpark attractions include a more than 1,000-foot Coconut Zero-Gravity Coaster, a 300-foot-long RipTide Zip Line and a 30-ft. tall Tree House that is available for rental. All of the attractions are visually connected by a 6,500-sq. ft Drift Lazy River.

Adults have their own attractions from which to select, 6 bars and the 10,000-ft. sq. Paradise Adult Island. The island showcases VIP cabanas, Atlantic Ocean swim up bar, Bliss Pool, Peloton bikes and DJ music. Island Waterpark was created as a 365-day destination. The glass roof is

retractable and can project images, stars, scenery, to alter the atmosphere and mood. There are constant views of the water and glimmering sunshine.

theater, classic boardwalk fare and a seasonal Festival Marketplace is an extension of the property.

Many Showboat Resort guestrooms are currently undergoing renovations to be completed in the fall of this year. There are several types of rooms to select from including 255 Premier Lite Apartments.

Non-waterpark options are equally exciting. The Showboat, a non-gaming venue, offers nightlife entertainment and the 200,000-sq. ft. Lucky Snake Arcade, the world’s largest, the Raceway Go Kart Indoor Track, 40-ft. climbing wall and more than 600 games. Island Plaza, an outdoor boardwalk amphi-

Guests can choose from daytime general admission, Twilight Admission and All-Access VIP admission. Children under three receive free admission and the military and Atlantic City’s first responders received a $10 discount. islandwaterparkac.com

“There is no better place to follow the sun.”

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Major League Baseball

Baseball Is Life! The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown Is Ready

COOPERSTOWN – When it’s opening day for Major League Baseball, you can practically hear the crack of a bat hitting a ball; smell the aromas of hot dogs and CrackerJack; feel the excitement and energy as crowds gather to watch their favorite team begin the season; and imagine that rush of adrenaline the players feel as they step onto the field. Each play could lead them one step closer to someday being recognized as a baseball great (someone who has measurably impacted baseball’s history) at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

Cooperstown is a destination that celebrates baseball all year round … where you can find hot dogs on nearly all the restaurant menus; see legendary baseball treasures, artifacts and stories on display at the Hall of Fame; and buy your very own baseball bat like the ones designed for the pros. But there are other legendary experiences to discover on a trip to “America’s Most Perfect Village,” starting with a stay at The Otesaga Resort Hotel.

The Otesaga was built in 1909 along Otsego Lake, and in the ensuing 114 years has welcomed its fair share of baseball legends. Now that spring is here, the 132-room hotel is gearing up for its plentiful recreational opportunities, which range from bike,

kayak, canoe and row boat rentals to lakeside yoga. In April it will also reopen its award-winning Leatherstocking Golf Course, considered one of the most scenic and challenging resort courses on the East Coast.

The Otesaga is just a short walk from Main Street, which bustles with boutiques, restaurants, the Hall of Fame and even a local distillery that sells its blends in baseball-shaped decanters.

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Baseball Hall of Fame

The resort is also just down the street from two other notable museums, The Farmers’ Museum and Fenimore Art Museum.

Upon visiting The Farmers’ Museum, you’ll discover the industry that originally put Cooperstown on the map: agriculture. The museum is one of the oldest living history museums in the United States, featuring exhibits, craft demonstrations and hands-on activities that showcase what life was like in a New York farm community back in 1845. Bonus: In springtime, it’s a sure bet you’ll see some baby animals there. (The lambs are a crowd favorite.)

Across the street from The Farmers’ Museum, on the old homestead owned by the family of author James Fenimore Cooper, Fenimore Art Museum is a site unto itself. Its outdoor beauty matches the stunning American art found throughout this 1933 mansion, which is home to impressive exhibits of folk art, photography, American Indian art and more. Opening on April 1, the museum will host the first-ever solo exhibition of 2015 Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson. Beyond his passion for baseball (he was considered one of the most intimidating pitchers of all time),

Johnson spent 40 years capturing photographs through his travels. The new exhibit, “Randy Johnson: Storytelling with Photographs,” will showcase an array of images he captured during his trips across Africa.

To celebrate this exhibit, The Otesaga is offering a new overnight package, the Pitch Perfect

Getaway Package, that includes accommodations, tickets to the Fenimore Art Museum, a Randy Johnson 2015 replica signature mini bat, complimentary Wi-Fi and parking, and no resort fee. The package is available from April 1 through September 17, 2023. Rates start at $279.*

A stay at The Otesaga is a home run for any baseball fan who’s interested in exploring the place that celebrates America’s national pastime, but it’s also the perfect place to relax lakeside in a small, rural town that is truly “America’s Most Perfect Village.”

For more information on planning a trip to Cooperstown, New York, visit ThisIsCooperstown.com. To book an overnight stay at The Otesaga Resort Hotel, visit Otesaga.com. Per room, per night and based on availability. Excludes applicable sales taxes and gratuities. Cannot becombined with any other offer or discount. Other restrictions may apply.

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Finger Lakes in Steuben

Augustus, “Baron Von Steuben”, a German who wrote the training manual and drilled the troops in battle techniques during the Revolutionary War. The Genesee Tract was obtained in 1788 by the state legislature and the first settlement was established, in Bath, by Colonial Williamson in 1793.

According to Native American legend the Creator was so well pleased with the beauty and abundance of this region, of what is now New York, that he placed his hand on this sacred land and bestowed a blessing. The imprint of his hand filled the with water and formed the Finger Lakes.

Geologically the 11 lakes were carved out by glaciers and are located within a 9,000-square mile area. The region was initially mapped by French Jesuits in the 1600s with accuracy. The lakes basically parallel each other and are oriented north to south. Each of the lakes has its own microclimate and each of the fourteen counties in the region offers a treasure trove of activities, water, land and air-based.

Steuben County is situated in the Southern Finger Lakes region in western New York. It was established by the Ontario legislature on March 18, 1796 and named in honor of Frederic William

Steuben, is an idyllic choice for an authentic Finger Lakes’ experiential visit. The region is renowned for award-winning wineries, agricultural products, scenic vistas, eclectic dining options and a huge menu of outdoor activities. Additionally, there are unique museums that give visitors insight into the region’s history and its impact on the larger history of the United States, presented within a small-town atmosphere. @exploresteuben

Corning is probably the most easily recognized of the county’s cities. This incredibly scenic city offers diverse dining venues, shopping options, art in the forms of galleries, murals and unique museums. Market Street is the hub of Corning and leads directly to Centerway Square in the Gaffer District.

The 8-block Gaffer District was created as part of a revitalization project and is now thriving. The street contains a square with a tribute to Erastus Corning in the form of a 50-ft. clock

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“The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air, the fragrance of the grass, speaks to me.”

Steuben County

tower. The tower was built in 1883 with 1,400-pounds of local Antrim stone. The tower is geographically the center of Corning. Guided walking tours are offered and focus on the history and architecture of the district. www.gafferdistrict.com

The city’s iconic symbol, The Little Joe Tower, was erected in 1912. Pictured atop the tower is a glassblower, also known as a gaffer. The 187-ft. tall tower is a historic landmark. A bronze sculpture of a gaffer stands at the tower’s base.

The Andastes tribe established a settlement on the shores of the Chemung River in the 1600s. The 710-ft Centerway Walking Bridge offers panoramic views of the river, the site of the original settlement and leads directly to the Corning Museum of Glass.

Brooklyn Flint Glass relocated to Corning in 1868 and the city became known as America’s Crystal City. The Corning Museum of Glass was founded in 1951. This world-class museum is architecturally stunning, informative, educational and interactive. The 3-story museum houses thematic galleries that trace decorative and artistic glassworks through 35 centuries of glass. On view

are more than 50,000 objects. The museum offers classes in glassworks and guided tours. There are an excellent gift shop and a restaurant. Fun Fact: Corning made the first lightbulbs, vials for vaccines and the space shuttle windows. @ corningmuseum

Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes was established in 1947 for collecting, preserving and disseminating the history of the region. The village complex includes 7 restored buildings and a 3-hole privy. The 1796 Painted Post Tavern is the only structure original to the site. African American history is interpreted through a fully outfitted slave cabin. Tours can be tailored to individuals and groups by request and interactive experiences are available. heritagevillagesfl.org

The Rockwell Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, is located in the 1893 Old City Hall building. Bob and Hertha Rockwell were art collectors who gifted their collection to the citizens of Corning and established the museum. Three floors of galleries interpret the American experience, 1848-1960, through art, artifacts and documents. The collection is stunning and focuses on Native American lifestyles including artworks by Western activists.

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The gift shop offers items that enhance your overall experience. I highly recommend an extended visit. @ rockwellmuseum Hilton Garden Inn is ideal for touring Corning. It is within an easy walk of all of the major tourist attractions and has a complete menu of amenities including designer linens and bath products, an onsite restaurant, pet-friendly rooms and panoramic views. @hiltongardeninn

The largest town in Steuben County is Bath, in the heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country. One of the jewels in the county’s crown is the 1877 Bath First Presbyterian Church. The original church was an 1825 structure. The Venetian Gothic 1877 church was completed in 1894 and listed in the NY State Register of Historic Places in 1983. This church is one of only a few with a Louis Comfort Tiffany designed sanctuary and the sole US church designed by Raymond Mould who introduced the use of color in architecture. The church is replete with Tiffany mosaics, stained glass windows and 3 original Tiffany lights. The Pulpit is made of white mahogany from India. This church is a must see. bath.churchtrac.com

Keuka Lake is 19.6-miles long and has a microclimate perfect for the production of wine and is one of the few lakes that flows both north and south. Hammondsport, on the lake,

is known outdoor water recreation and wine production. In 1829 Reverend Bostick planted vines to begin producing sacramental wine. His idea expanded to the locals who wanted to make an income. There are now more than 10,000-acres of vines and 14 wineries, 9 of which offer tours.

From water to wings, Hammondsport has it all. The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum relates the lesser-known story of aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss. He began his career as a bike racer, moved on to motorcycles and then to airplanes. He set land speed records and became known as “The Fastest Man in the World.” As an aviator he rivalled the Wright Brothers. Ultimately his aircraft,

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the Flying Boat, was the only American aircraft to be used in WWI.

The museum tour includes an orientation film and displays of a workshop, his office and numerous examples of aviation and cycles. Fun Fact: The first airports were on water because they were flat. @curtissmuseum

The Finger Lakes Boating Museum interprets the history of the boats on the Finger Lakes. There is a 13-minute video and galleries filled with examples of boats. The 2-floor museum has 8 exhibition galleries. @flbmny

Keuka Lakeside Inn is located in Hammondsport on the shore of the lake. It provides all of the amenities and is a short walk into the heart of town.


Unique dishes, creative martini menu and award-winning wines @thecellarwinebar

FLX Provisions

Weekly menu changes that include locally-sourced options. A best seller here is the shrimp and grits.@flxprovisions

Thali of India

Taste the best of India.

Best Bites Hammondsport

Crooked Lake Ice Cream Company

The best breakfast in the area is served here. @crookedlakeicecream

Timber Stone Grill

Both the food and the atmosphere here are exceptional. Some of their fame comes from their renowned pork mac and cheese, 32 oz. steak and locally sourced fish. @timberstonegrill

The Park Inn

The restaurant has been awarded Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for their wine and has earned an Open Table leading place in Western NY restaurants. The menu changes seasonally. @parkinnflx

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From hometowns around the USA to fields in Uganda and the UAE, baseball has gone beyond being “America’s pastime.” The sport is now a global interest. Nothing exemplifies this worldwide reach more than Little League Baseball.

Little League baseball started as a three-team league in Williamsport, PA in 1939 when teams like Lundy Lumber played Lycoming Dairy and active parents made up the board of directors. After only 7 years the organization grew to 12 different leagues and by 1948 Little League incorporated 94 leagues in multiple states. In 1951 teams from Canada and Panama made Little League a global phenomenon and in 1974 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a Congressional Charter granting the program protective integrity via the U.S. Government and aligned the sport with cherished US institutions like the American Red Cross and the Girl Scouts of America. Today, the League is divided into 20 geographic regions—10 national and 10 international— and supports 200,000 teams in 80 countries.

The World of Little League Museum, officially known as The World of Little League: Peter J. McGovern Museum and Official Store, celebrates

Baseball: A World of

this history in a way enjoyable for everyone from the die-hard baseball fan to the family traveling in Central Pennsylvania looking for something fun to do.

What do President Joe Bidden, Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr., and author Harlan Coben have in common? They all played Lit-

plate ever used in the League. The plate was hand carved by league founder Carl Stotz from a piece of rubber he found in his father’s basement. The base is just 14” wide compared to today’s 17”. Stotz’s knife, which he had won during a race when he was a boy, broke during the carving. The story symbolizes the effort of all of those involved in the Little League over the years.

tle League baseball. This is just one of many cool facts guests can learn during a visit. Museum displays trace the league’s beginnings to today with modern, interactive presentations. Starting at the beginning of the League in 1939 and traveling in chronological order through the museum on a self-guided tour, visitors start near the first home

A display focusing on 1958 explains the work of Dr. Creighton J. Hale, a Little League enthusiast, who constructed a compressed air cannon to fire baseballs at helmets to test their strength and durability. His research went on to be incorporated in helmets throughout the sport’s history and Dr. Hale eventually developed the Kevlar helmet in use by today’s U.S. military.

Baseball’s worldwide appeal and Little League’s hand in promoting the sport is embodied through a display of Babe Ruth’s All Americans uniform, which the slugger wore during a promotional tour of Japan in

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Family Fun

media, families, and players almost double the population of the Williamsport area during the series. For curious visitors, the Howard J. Lamade Stadium— home of Dugout the mascot, a rodent of an indeterminate species and a fantastic dancer— can be viewed easily during the offseason from the hill next to the museum.

1934. The complete uniform is one of only a few Ruth-worn uniforms still in existence and is on loan to the museum from an anonymous party. Other displays recognize the support of players like Cy Young and mark the League’s first televised exposure on ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

The museum closed for massive renovations in 2019 and reopened in 2020 with more interactive exhibits. Minor renovations in the attached Official Store were completed in March 2023. In the museum, visitors can evaluate their speed dashing from home to first and grade their reflexes by fielding simulated infield hits. The museum appeals to all, and the curators are proud of the International Sports Heritage Association Award presented to the museum for its “Seven Firsts” video. The video is part

of the Little League’s Girls with Game Initiative and inspires female players through the stories of trailblazing women in the sport. Viewers learn about Victoria Roche, the first female to play in the Little League Baseball World Series, and Nancy DosReis, the first female inducted into the Little League Hall of Excellence.

Sitting along busy US Route 15 in South Williamsport, the Museum is the first visible structure at the Little League International Complex, home of the Little League Baseball World Series. The series will be played this year from August 16 through 27 and August 14 through 25 in 2024. Spectators,

Museum admission is $8 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for children, and free for kids under 3-years old. The World of Little League Museum is 15 miles north of Interstate 80 (exit 210) and two miles south of Route 220/Interstate 180 at 525 Montgomery Pike, South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

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Cabins Offer Privacy

PrefabPads, LLC, a US-based manufacturing and distribution company recently delivered nine My Cabin prefabricated Scandinavian-designed tiny homes to Tälta Lodge. For those who seek greater privacy when vacationing, this contemporary mountain-base boutique lodge in Stowe now offers these Milla long units, complete with a kitchen, living room area, full bathrrom and ground floor bedroom. Expansive windows run the height of the first floor for a beautiful view of the bank of the Little River.

The customized 456 square foot Milla Long units will be on property alongside the 51room hotel, and will be available to book year-round beginning August 2023.

As a sister brand to Lark Hotels, Bluebirds are designed with explorers and road-tripping families in mind. Jed Har-

ris, the owner of Tälta Lodge, discovered My Cabin while looking into ways to meet an increased demand from travelers seeking private accommodations for various group sizes. My Cabin launched its North American production in July of 2022 and Tälta Lodge will be the first resort to feature My Cabin.

“Some of the most successful Airbnbs are smaller properties like My Cabin and are perfect when someone wants something a little bigger than a hotel room with a wet bar and ample space for privacy,” says Harris. “Being able to implement these units into our hotel resort model, we can offer some unmet market demand. My Cabin units offer a little more independence than a hotel, but still provide the management aspects of a hotel property.”

Tälta Lodge serves as the perfect all-season escape and sanctuary for skiers, mountain

bikers, hiking enthusiasts and more. Within reach of the unrivaled panoramic views offered by Stowe’s Mount Mansfield, the My Cabin units will be arranged in a semi-circle with space in between the cabins to offer privacy, while also serving as a wonderful option for group bookings.

Because the units arrive complete, Tälta Lodge can do the little bit of site work that’s needed without disturbing hotel guests. Adds Harris, “it’s very easy to add in My Cabins to our already existing hotel infrastructure. We are creating as much value as re-doing another hotel just by adding these cabins. I hope to replicate this property and plan in other towns as well.”

For more information visit www.mycabin.us.

For more on Vermont

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Sports at Lake Champlain

Summertime is synonymous with fun and water. How about spending your summer vacation in Burlington at the largest lake in Vermont? Whether staying at the all-inclusive resorts or hotels around Lake Champlain, you can expect numerous water sports waiting for you.

How big is Lake Champlain?

Lake Champlain is 120 miles long, 12 miles at its widest, up to 400 feet deep, and encompasses 435 square miles within Vermont, New York, and even Canada. It is the sixth-largest freshwater lake in the US, and the oldest known fossil reef in the world (450-480 million years old) is in Lake Champlain. There are also three ferry locations to cross the lake, one in Burlington, Vermont. And when you are out on the water, keep your eyes peeled for ‘Champ,’ Vermont’s Loch Ness Monster.

One of Lake Champlain’s most popular water sports is kayaking and canoeing, and most consider it the best kayaking in Vermont. Some of the favorite places to kayak near Burlington are Sand Bar State Park, Law Island, and Fish Bladder Island. Hopping in the boats to paddle the calm waters is a wonderful way to see the hidden coves, more than 80 islands, and the interesting shoreline with rock formations that resemble the Painted Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising, Michigan. If you want to share the work, rent a two-paddler, where you can navigate the waters as a team. There are several places in Burlington

where you can rent kayaks and canoes. You can also get lessons or sign up for a guided tour to explore the lake’s hidden gems.

Try paddle boarding for those with incredible balance and looking for a unique way to see Lake Champlain. If I tried this, I’d be uncoordinated and would probably faceplant in the water repeatedly. For everyone else, standing atop the paddleboard gliding over the water’s surface is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Burlington. Leisurely paddling can offer a fantastic core workout and allow you to see osprey and bald eagles in trees atop cliffs along the shore.

Are you looking for more adventure? How about enjoying the sound of the breeze through the sails as the water laps against the bow and the scenery races by your sailboat?

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Lake Champlain’s size is a sailor’s paradise and has been since 1932 when they allowed boats to sail on the lake for the first time. When the wind catches the sail and the sailboat starts to lean over the water, the sailboat glides through these waters effortlessly. You can harness the power of the wind and glide for miles on the lake’s surface, experiencing the thrill of sailing amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Adirondack Mountains. Plus, how wonderful to relax on the sailboat’s deck, watching the epic sunsets over the water.

The Burlington community has several yacht clubs and sailing schools, providing resources and rentals for leisurely cruises or competitive racing events. If you have your own boat, you can rent a slip overnight and explore Church Street Marketplace. Walk around, dine al fresco, visit a local microbrewery, or grab a creemee at a waterfront ice cream stand. If you aren’t sure what to choose, munch at the amazing food carts set up along Church Street in the evening or eat at Church Street Cheesesteaks, which is highly recommended.

But wait, there’s more! Lake Champlain is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities year-round. Whatever type of fishing you enjoy, you can find it on Lake Champlain, such as fly fishing, spin casting, and even ice fishing. The lake is home to 81 fish species, including Bass, Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike, and Walleye. You can fish from the shore or venture into deeper water to hook that trophy-sized catch. You can go it alone, hire a local guide, or head out on a fishing charter for more expertise; however you choose, abundant fish is waiting for you to try and catch them.

One of the highlights of being in Burlington and near Lake Champlain is taking a cruise on the Spirit of Ethan Allen. The Spirit of Ethan Allen offers daily cruises for lunches on the lake,

dinner cruises, scenic, sunset, and champagne brunch cruises. With Burlington situated perfectly to view majestic sunsets, it was a no-brainer to take a sunset cruise. On the 2.5-hour sunset cruise, you can enjoy a lobster roll sandwich, burgers, and steak while watching Mother Nature put on a show with orange, red, and purple streaking the sky.

Burlington is perched on a hill overlooking Lake Champlain, and if you want to stay on land, there is Waterfront Park at the bottom of College Street with a bike path you can run, cycle, and walk on. The shoreline boasts a mix of sand and shale beaches, and you might encounter stone piles left by other visitors on your walk.

Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, is a water sports paradise that promises excitement, tranquility, and endless enjoyment. Whether kayaking through hidden coves, paddleboarding along the shoreline, sailing with the wind, watching the fabulous sunsets, or casting your line for a prized catch, the lake offers many exciting activities.

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Mid - Eastern States

Horse Racing

LEXINGTON - In the heart of the bluegrass region, this city is renowned for its equestrian heritage and passion for thoroughbred horse racing. As the “Horse Capital of the World,” Lexington offers visitors a captivating experience filled with the grace and power of these magnificent animals. With its storied history, scenic landscapes, and world-class racing facilities, a trip to Lexington presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness the excitement and grandeur of thoroughbred horse racing up close.

Lexington’s connection with thoroughbred horse racing runs deep, with a history that dates back over two centuries. This region has produced some of the finest racehorses in the world, earning it a reputation as a breeding ground for champions. Legendary names such as Secretariat, Man o’ War, and American Pharoah have all called this region home, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

One of the crown jewels of horse racing is the Keeneland Race Course. Known for its timeless beauty and architectural elegance,

Keeneland combines a historic ambiance with modern amenities. Opened in 1936, this iconic racecourse has become a symbol of Lexington’s racing heritage. The meticulously manicured grounds, lined with vibrant flowers and stately oak trees, create an idyllic backdrop for the races on the world-famous Polytrack surface. Keeneland hosts two major racing meets each year: the Spring Meet in April and the Fall Meet in October.

The Kentucky Horse Park, located just outside of Lexington, is another must-visit destination. This sprawling park pays homage to the equestrian industry with its interactive exhibits, informative museums, and live demonstrations. Visitors can marvel at retired champions, catch thrilling equestrian performances, and even take a leisurely horseback ride through the park’s scenic trails.

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A Thoroughbred Visit

AIKEN—Located just east of Augusta, Georgia, and west of Columbia, South Carolina, is Thoroughbred Country, an area comprised of sprawling countryside, wide open greenspaces and endless opportunities to explore nature. Bordered by Interstates 20, 26 and 95, this region offers endless opportunities for family friendly fun.

Sometimes referred to as “Undiscovered South Carolina,” Thoroughbred Country consists of Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg and Barnwell counties. It’s no secret horses take the top prize in Thoroughbred

Country but there’s so much more to discover in Thoroughbred Country beyond horses. From Civil War history and minor league baseball to drive-in movies and a drive-through safari, there’s no shortage of one-of-a-kind experiences for summertime getaways and fall excursions. Here are a few favorites families are sure to love:

Start your adventure by meeting a retired racehorse at Equine Rescue of Aiken. This non-profit organization exists to provide retired racehorses with a safe transition to a second career. Offering tours,

volunteer opportunities, summer camps and an array of special programs, Equine Rescue of Aiken sits on over 80 acres of land and houses 50-60 horses at any given time. Equine Rescue of Aiken, 532 Glenwood Drive, Aiken, South Carolina, 29803; 803-643-1850

Next up, get out on the water and experience nature up close and personal in a canoe. Take advantage of all the conveniences at Aiken State Park. Just 16 miles east of Aiken, this state park was built in 1934 by two Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) companies, one of which was an

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African American detachment of the C.C.C. and is situated along the free-flowing Edisto River. Comprised of a river swamp and dry sandhills, Aiken State Park facilities include campsites, a nature trail, a 1.7-mile canoe trail and picnic shelters, as well as structures remaining from the work of the C.C.C. and interpretive signage. In addition to canoeing, park goers can also enjoy birding, hiking, fishing, paddling and boating in the area. The swimming area is open through Labor Day weekend. Canoe, kayak and paddle boat rentals are available seasonally. Canoe rentals must be made in advance through the park office.

EHRHARDT - Discover South Carolina’s Civil War history by exploring the award-winning interpretive trail at Battle of Rivers Bridge State Historic Site. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 390-acre historic site includes the Civil War Battlefield, memorial grounds and community building. See where a small force of Confederate soldiers opposed the advance of Sherman’s army and observe the well-preserved earthen fortifications that are the centerpiece of this important battlefield landscape.

AIKEN - Incorporate a little bit of education into your trip at the Savannah River Site Museum. During the Cold War, the Savannah River Site operated as a nuclear materials production facility, producing tritium and

plutonium for the hydrogen bomb. Exhibits detail the time period in the community before the plant existed to the Cold War and beyond. Admission is free.

SALLEY - Take a walk on the wild side! Don’t miss Eudora Wildlife Safari Park, a drivethrough safari experience where visitors can view, feed and even pet exotic animals. Home to around 200 exotic animals, guests can drive or walk through the three-mile safari park to view and engage with animals in their habitat. From parrots and lemurs to kangaroos and more, the kids are sure to remember this experience for years to come.

AIKEN - Rainy day in the forecast? No problem! Roll up your sleeves and let the creative juices flow at Bisquecuts & Glazy, a contemporary paint-your-own pottery studio located in Aiken. Guests are welcome to walk-in or book a class.

MONETTA - Treat the fam to a movie and a little nostalgia. Take a step back in time at The Big Mo (as locals call it!), one of only three operating drive-in theaters in South Carolina. The Big Mo was revived in 1999. Offering three screens, all of which have double features, The Big Mo shows new movies and old favorites.

NORTH AUGUSTA - Play ball! Nothing says family fun quite like a minor league base-

ball game. Catch the North Augusta Green Jackets as they play at SRP Park. Single tickets and group tickets are available. Aside from baseball, SRP Park also offers mini golf at Auggie’s Acres.

Stay among nature at Barnwell State Park and enjoy some of the area’s best fishing. With multiple fully furnished cabins available, guests will enjoy the comforts of home while waking up 100 yards from the park’s upper lake and just 300 yards from the park’s lower lake. Barnwell State Park’s swimming area is open through Labor Day weekend. Insider’s tip: don’t miss nearby Lake Edgar Brown for more fishing. This 100-acre lake features a fishing pier, boat ramp and is ideal for boating and waterskiing. Lake Edgar Brown is also handicapped accessible.

AIKEN - For a more traditional type lodging experience, stay at Stable View Farm. A popular spot for its broad appeal to those looking for a peaceful retreat among some of the area’s most beautiful wildlife. Stable View offers an array of cottages, barn residences, loft like “hunt boxes” and cozy apartments available for short- or long-term stays. RV hook-ups are also available throughout the property. For more

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South Carolina >Click Here


Let’s Go On A Family Roll With Zorbing

Do you and your family thrive on the thrill of adrenaline-pumping adventures? Are you always looking for the newest and most exciting activities that will provide unforgettable memories for years to come? If so, then zorbing might be the perfect activity for you.

This relatively new sport is taking off in popularity throughout the world, especially with families who are eager to experience something truly unique. Zorbing allows families to experience a heart-pumping roller-coaster ride inside a plastic bubble as you roll down a hill.

I went zorbing for the first time at Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge in June. What an experience. So, what is zorbing really about - and why should your family give it a go? Keep reading to discover why zorbing isn’t just an outdoor adventure – it’s an exhilarating journey. Are you ready to roll?

My zorbing experience was hosted. All opinions are my own.

What is Zorbing?

Zorbing, the latest craze in extreme sports, is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Zorbing originated in New Zealand and has spread to many countries, including the United States.

It is a unique activity that consists of rolling down a hill in an inflatable ball of transparent thermoplastic polyurethane that can withstand high levels of pressure and impact. The material is water and UV-radiation-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor activities. The ball is designed to be rugged enough to roll over any surface yet flexible enough to absorb impacts and keep you safe inside.

The ball is big enough to accommodate two people and can pick up speed as it bounces and rolls down the hill. Zorbing is a thrilling activity that will give you an extremely fun and unforgettable experience.

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Do You Need Equipment?

You will not need additional equipment if you visit a Zorbing Park, like Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge. Everything is provided for you.

What To Wear When Zorbing

You will get wet and possibly dirty! So a swimsuit or shorts and a T-shirt are appropriate attire. Make sure you are comfortable and the material slides on plastic easily. This isn’t the time to worry about fancy clothes or showing off your best bathing suit. You want to be comfortable and not worry about losing your clothes. Bare feet are required.

How Do You Zorb?

Once you purchase your Zorb rides (You will want more than one!), a shuttle takes you to the top of the hill. At Gravity Park, there are multiple runs, from beginner with fewer bumps to a run with lots of bumps or bounce spots on the way down.

Once you select the run you desire, you wait your turn. Balls are transported to the top on a conveyer belt. Once a ball reaches the top, it is filled with several gallons of water (warm water if cool outside, cold water if hot outside.) The water creates an added layer between the rider and the ball, which causes the person to slide, spin, and bounce around even more.

They roll the ball around so the rider can crawl inside. (This is where the soft, smooth clothing comes in handy.)

After you are inside the ball,

they zip it shut and push you down the hill to start your adventure.

Once your ride is complete, they roll your zorb around, unzipper the opening, tilt the ball to dump out most of the water, and then you slide out.

The Ride

The zorb ball rolls down the hill and bounces from side to side of some of the runs. It’s perfect for people who love adventure sports and want to try something new and exciting that can be both exhilarating and memorable.

As you start down the hill, you are sitting; if you are fortunate, you remain seated the entire ride.

So, if you’re looking for a new, unique, and one-of-a-kind experience for your family that will have everyone laughing as you bounce down the hill and make great memories, then Zorbing is definitely worth a try.

It is affordable, family-friendly, exciting, and just plain fun!

If you’re not quite ready for zorbing, another fun twist is playing bubble soccer. Your head and legs are out, but the rest of your body is in an inflatable ball. Located in Omaha, Big V’s Bubble Soccer offers an unforgettable experience. Similar to soccer, the difference is the inflatable ball around your body.

I wasn’t coordinated enough to stay upright and ended up on my back for the last half of the ride. While you are rolling down the hill, the water sloshes around you, adding to the thrill of the ride.

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Cliff Diving World Series

Aidan Heslop emerged victorious at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Polignano a Mare, delivering a remarkable performance and claiming his third career win. Starting the day in 10th place, Heslop climbed to the top three with an impressive dive from the 27m platform. Armed with his signature move, the Forward 4 Somersaults 3½ Twists Pike, he seized a commanding lead in front of 40,000 spectators. Despite nervous moments watching his rivals, Heslop secured a remarkable comeback from 10th to 1st place.

This win comes after Heslop’s disappointing ninth-place finish in Paris, giving him a much-needed boost in the overall standings, propelling him from sixth place to second. Constantin Popovici of Romania, who missed out on a hat-trick in Polignano a Mare, maintains a healthy lead at the top of the standings. Gary Hunt, the reigning champion, is struggling with his worst start ever to a season, currently 300 points behind Popovici.

In the women’s competition, Rhiannan Iffland continued her dominance, securing her third consecutive victory of the year. While not at her absolute best, Iffland’s win marks her 23rd victory in the last 24 World Series events. Molly Carlson of Canada claimed second place, maintaining a close competition with Iffland in the overall standings.

Xantheia Pennisi, an Australian diver, completed the podium in Italy with a third-place finish, displaying consistent performances. With three stops remaining, the women’s title race is still open, with 130 points separating the top two.

After a series of intense events, the athletes will now enjoy a well-deserved break before heading to Japan for the World Championships and the season’s fourth stop. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki prefecture, the divers will showcase their skills and compete for crucial championship points.

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