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November/December 2023

Fashion • Home • Art 22 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE For everyone on your list, including your horse! 28 HORSE SHOW READY Dream Duffel 32 ESPOIR Fashion 34 EARRINGS For Equestrians 38 EQUINE ART Brooke Major 42 EQUINE SCULPTURE Tryrel Johnson 44 ART Dardine & Nimmo

Photo By Christiane Slawik, Slawik Photography

50 Art & An�ques with Dr. Lori Jade Part 2


52 HIS & HERS Mikhail Proctor

Equine Health 58 AUTISM and Horses

Training, Tack & Showing 54 HOW TO Open a Boarding Facility 62 BRIDELESS TRAINING Lynn Palm


72 YOUR TRAILER Ge�ng The Most Out Of It




46 HOLIDAY TIME IN HORSE COUNTRY! AIKEN SC 66 TACK BOX Your source for services & great retail finds! 68 RIDE EGYPT Con�nued


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���������� Celebra�ng The Equestrian Lifestyle


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Discover Egypt and it’s magnificent history on horseback with Tombs, Dunes, and Kingdoms experience.


Gift Guide



AUTISM & Horses

Volume 23 Issue 6 Complimentary


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HOLIDAY� ��������� The Corro Holiday Gift Guide – the best gifts for every horse lover in your life!

Attention, busy equestrians! It’s almost that time of year again and Corro is back to make your holiday shopping even easier! They have meticulously handpicked an array of exceptional gifts that will delight equestrians of all types.

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THE HARD-TO-BUY-FOR EQUESTRIAN Corro Gift Card – This is an easy stocking stuffer or great gift for any equestrian on your list. The gift card allows them stock up on all the essentials and special items even Santa may miss. FOR THE HORSE-FIRST EQUESTRIAN Back On Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet – Show your horse some extra love with the Back On Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet. This innovative sheet can be used during warm -up or to help your horse recover after competition.

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YAGYA CARRY ON BELT BAG This bag is the ultimate game-changer. Not only is it perfect to wear at the barn and while riding, but you will want to wear it everywhere you go. Store horse essentials or use it to keep your credit card, keys, phone, and more. We also love that it’s cut from 100% recycled nylon.

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Keep a piece of your beloved friend with you always with a custom piece of horse hair jewelry made from your own horse’s tail. There are many styles and price ranges to choose from including pieces adorned with silver engraveable tubing.


Call 919-961-1841 for a brochure Gift Certificates Available Inquiries welcome at ponylocks@yahoo.com

IDAHO EQUESTRIAN DREAM PROPERTY! One-of-a-kind Equestrian Estate located in town in the heart of Hayden, Idaho on 14.27 acres. This magnificent estate property offers a 6,537 sf main home and 1,544 sf guest home, both built with uncompromising quality, a 21,000 sf barn w/indoor radiant heated lighted riding arena, including 11 stalls w/runs and full living quarters/meeting room, additional 50’ x 60’ barn w/studio apartment, and many other outbuildings for office, equipment, & hay storage. Charming guest house, secondary barn, outdoor arenas, shops, hay shed, bird pen, water feature, and large storage building complete this legacy property. Property has multiple pastures and is exquisitely landscaped for ultimate privacy. Enjoy a rural lifestyle in an urban setting!

208-661-4096 Connie@ComingHomeCda.com www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com



for anyone on your list who shows.... Silver Edition Dream Duffel® - Medium The Medium Silver Edition Dream Duffel will hold 6-9 costumes. It features a NEW 58” one-touch telescoping garment rack, insulated snack pocket, folding stool pocket, and more! In addition, the Silver Edition also has air grommets, an expandable top flap, heavy-duty rubber grab handles, silver piping and more! Read details below for extra features!

Portable Changing Room!

Add some privacy to your Dream Duffel with Stage Perfect, our new mobile changing station that attaches directly to your duffel! (not just a curtain!) A Dream Duffel (Any Size) is required for use of this product.

Duffel Dimensions: 27” x 18” x 17” (height 20” when expanded) Overall Dimensions: 32” x 21” x 19” (includes pockets, wheels, and trolley handle) Weight (Empty): 19.2 lbs. 

Size: 35” x 37” x 70” (L x W x H) *Fits Small, Medium, and Large Dream Duffels* Weight: Less than 5 lbs.

Black Folding Stool

Black Dream Duffel® - Mini

Size: 18.5” x 17” x 18.5” *Folding Stool is NOT COMPATIBLE with this duffel ***This duffel is too large to be carry-on luggage. It must be checked on an airline**

The perfect portable stool to sit at during competitions, put on your shoes, or apply your makeup. Seat height of 17”. When not in use, collapse the stool and slide it seat-first into the Folding Stool Pocket of the Dream Duffel®for easy transport.

Rolls with Ease with Retractable Push Button Handle. Lift and Carry with Top and Side Handles. Includes: Insulated Zippered Pocket, Buckled Pocket, Interior Mesh Pockets for Additional Storage, 4 Interior D-Rings on Trolley Side of Duffel, Exterior D-Rings for Attachments,1 Blank Velcro Patch for Personalization, 2 Top Bar Clips to hold your Top Bar to the frame of your bag, Double USB Port (To be used with your own portable battery pack and charging cord), Mini Bonus Pocket for phone, water bottle and other smaller items, One-Touch Telescoping Garment Rack (**NEW** Rack Height 58”)

Boot Bag Keep your riding boots protected and clean with our Equestrian Boot Bag. Keep your riding boots protected and clean with our Equestrian Boot Bag. Made with Heavy-Duty 900 D PP Material. Lined interior for easy cleaning. Size: 68 cm x 25 cm x 32 cm

Helmet Bag

Keep your helmet clean and protected with our Equestrian Helmet Bag. Made with Heavy-Duty 900D PP Material. Size: 32 cm x 25 cm x 26 cm

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Great Gifts

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NorthWind™ Turnout Blankets with removable neck cover stand up to rugged terrain. The 1680 denier outer protects against weather with an invisible Teflon® coa�ng, comes in medium 250 or he�y 350 grams of poly fill to ensure your horse stays protected warm. FOR NON SWEATERS Enables your horse to sweat naturally.Show safe www.nonsweater.com See our ad on page 49



•Removable neck cover. •Twin front closure. •Removable, adjustable, elastic/web leg straps. •Removable wipe-clean PVC tail cord. •Extended tail flap with reflective trim.

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One false accusation can destroy a lifetime of work. So, when your personal or professional reputation is at risk from an agenda-driven “investigation”, call us. Our nationwide team of retired senior FBI and DoD investigators works for you (or your counsel) to uncover all of the facts, the agendas, and the truths behind any attack on your livelihood. We enjoy a national reputation for excellence. We are BartlettJames, LLC. We understand the equestrian world.

Laura@BartlettJames.com 843.384.8160 www.BartlettJames.com Visit us at our new store at WORLD EQUESTRIAN CENTER OCALA, FLORIDA Find Us In Arena 3 and Arena 4, Around The Grand Prix Stadium

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Shop for your luxury accessory needs, each piece handmade using exquisite leather beadwork at the hands of local Kenyan artisans, the Maasai Mamas.



Espoir Equestrian ������������������������������������� � ������������������������������ ��������������������� �������������������

Our New Dresses offer a casual look in many different designs $150.

ACCESSORIZE WITH COLOR! Our new Espoir scarves come in 36” x 36” or 24” x 36” In 8 colorways.


This great new Reversible Lightweight jacket

...comes in several great colors with matching patterns. Deep pockets and a great waist length to keep you warm on cool horse show mornings. $160.

Our Rosettes on Navy quarter zip.

The Island Rose with Maize design is part of our fall Nature Collection. In quarter zip, ladies loose fitting and our scarf as well. In sizes XXS-2X. 32

www.espoirequestrian.com www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com



EQUESTRISAFE FOR SECURE, SAFE, VISABLE IDENTIFICATION ITEMS • Identification Bands & Collars • Trailer Decals • Reflective

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The Modern Equestrian Lifestyle Love, Tradition, Style & Equine Earrings Story and Photos By Marin Resnick

The passion for horses, and the sport, is the primary reason all equestrians get out of bed. Besides passion, there’s a reverence for the equestrian couture which gets all equestrians going. One such equestrian is Mary Anne Gerrity. Gerrity, at 80years-young, s�ll gets in the saddle almost every day on her gelding, Welly, and shows off her equine couture, just as she’s done for decades. The equine couture, which Gerrity and most equestrians adore, encompasses not only the classic styles of show coats and high boots, but also the simple elegant earrings that go along with a horsemen’s sophis�ca�on. “In the 1960s, we went to Eisers, in Hillside, New Jersey, to get tailored britches, for when you were showing,” Gerrity, a resident of Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, said. “Back then you had a wool blue show jacket, a ratcatcher, brick britches and a velvet hat.”

Tradition & Style

“Velvet helmets were my favorite tradition, hands down,” Elissa Allen-Schlotterbeck, owner of Even Stride farm, in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey said. Allen-Schlotterbeck was sitting on a tack trunk talking to Gerrity, as Gerrity Gerrity groomed her gelding. “It’s so wrong to wear anything other than a velvet helmet, for sure,” Allen-Schlotterbeck said. “ I wore my 0ld-school Charles Owen till I had to give it up. I really like the old stuff, but the new fabrics are really nice.”

EQUINE Fashion

Today’s equestrians agree the traditional style is one which they have a devoted fondness for, and many are becoming endered to the new fabrics and updated looks found in the ring now.

Mary Anne Gerrity and Welly

Mary Anne Gerrity, a lifetime equestrian, congratulates her gelding, Welly, for helping her to win a dressage show as an 80th birthday present. Gerrity is wearing sapphire blue cubic zirconia, rhodium plated, push back earring, dipped in sterling silver. “I have always been a conservative dresser for business, and for riding,” Gerrity said. “I think there is a lot to be said for keeping traditions.”

Elissa Allen-Schlotterbeck, owner of Evenstride Farm, in New Jersey, is pictured here with her thoroughbred mare, Pepper. Allen-Schlotterbeck is wearing push back, rhodium plated, sterling silver rose themed earrings, as well as blue zirconia, rhodium plated, sterling silver dipped earrings. “These earrings are great,” AllenSchlotterbeck said. “Being a horse person, I don’t have time to fuss with jewelry everyday. I sleep, swim, ride in these earrings. They are comfortable and durable.”

“While the equestrian sport is still conservative and values tradition, I certainly feel that it has started to modernize over the years,” Accounts and Marketing Manager for Horesefilight, Natasha Williams said. “No longer are the days of velvet caps and wool hunt coats. Although still subdued, riders are adding a touch of flair to their ensemble, whether it be a flashy pair of earrings, some sparkle on their helmet, or a fun belt. It’s all about showing a little bit of personality while still honoring the history of the sports attire.” Ivy Kessler, a mom, who works as a PATH Intl. Certified Registered Instruction for Mane Stream, in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, and a jumper riding with Desiderio Farms, in Chester, New Jersey, agreed with William’s sentiments. “While there is a mandatory attire you have to wear, you are able to put your own twist on it with different color coats and show shirts with colorful collars,” Kessler said. “Earrings are a really important part of my riding attire because I like to use them as a hook to keep my hair net from slipping.” 34





Equine Earrings While modern equestrians now have pink and blue collars and fabrics with cooling technology, the jewelry style of simple and elegant earrings remains the same. “Being able to put your own twist on your outfittings, and what you personally wear, is a great part of being a modern equestrian,” Katarina Mulhasuer, a hunter/jumper rider with Desidero Farm, in Chester, New Jersey, and a first year law student at Widener University Law School, in Delaware, said.

Katarina Mulhauser, a jumper rider with Desidero Farm, in New Jersey, and a first-year law student at Widener University, in Delaware, files over the Horseflight fence on her gelding, Ferrari. Mulhauser is wearing cubic zirconia, rhodium back, sterling silver dipped push back earrings to round out her jumping style. “I get so many compliments on these earrings,” Mulhauser said.

“I like classy, traditional earrings that noticeably stand out, but are not too flashy. A personal twist on your earrings to make others notice,“ Mulhauser said. Stud earrings, also known as push back earrings, work well for equestrians. The ones, like those shown in the pictures, are rhodium plated and sterling silver, making them hyperallergic, resilient from the elements, and comfortable to wear, day and night. “These earrings are great,” Allen-Schlotterbeck said, of the earrings she’s wearing in the picture. “They don’t poke me. Being a horse person, I don’t have time to fuss with jewelry everyday. I sleep, swim, ride in these earrings. They are comfortable and durable. They are great. I don’t take them out. They are in, they stay in, and that’s that.” Much like Allen-Schlotterbeck, Williams relishes the function, and style, of the blue enamel art-deco earrings she’s donning for the pictures. “Adding a good pair of earrings as the finishing touch to my show clothes is always a necessity,” Williams said. “Studs are my go to when riding because they are safer than hoops or dangles. They sit closer to the ear and lay flat when I have my hair net on. I love a pair that has a little sparkle to them. I currently work for Horseflight, and I have to be functional when flying and handling horses, while also maintaining a professional appearance as I interface with owners, trainers, and various professionals within the industry. A nice pair of studs elevates my wardrobe while still remaining safe as I handle the horses.” While handing Welly a carrot for being a good boy, Gerrity reflected on her personal style over the years. “I’m a September baby, so my favorite color is sapphire blue,” Gerrity said, while showing off her sapphire and cubic zirconia earrings, a favorite among equestrians. “ I have always been a conservative dresser for business, and for riding. I think there is a lot to be said for keeping traditions.” 36

Ivy Kessler, a mom and a PATH Intl. Certified Registered Instruction for Mane Stream, in New Jersey, and a jumper riding with Desiderio Farms, in New Jersey, takes a moment to love on a Ferrari, before her lesson. Kessler is pictured here wearing sterling silver rose themed earrings. “Earrings are a really important part of my riding attire,” Kessler said. “I like to use them as a hook to keep my hair net from slipping.”

Natasha Williams, Accounts and Marketing Manager for Horseflight, is pictured wearing blue artdeco themed, push back, rhodium plated, sterling silver dipped earrings. “A nice pair of studs elevates my wardrobe while still remaining safe as I handle the horses,” Williams said.

EE www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com



Brooke Major Brooke Major is an American artist born in 1979 and native of Atlanta, GA. Brooke Major has been living and working as a professional artist and sharing her time between the USA (Georgia) and France for the past 20 years. As a child, Brooke has always been top of her class in drawing and painting, as well as an avid equestrian, which led her to move to Normandy to breed and raise them for the sport of showjumping. She moved initially to Paris to study political science at an American university, but felt herself drawn more towards the arts and followed auditing classes at the Beaux Arts school in Paris. Her political science studies led her to work for over a year and a half as an intern at the US Embassy in Paris. Following her two childhood passions, art and horses, Brooke moved to Normandy and started her dream of breeding showjumpers and set up her art studio in a grain loft in a 18th century farmhouse on the beach where she creates her work and raises her horses. Brooke sculpts oil paint, using pallet knives challenging both techniques of painting and sculpting and exemplifying light and shadow. She chooses all of her subjects from her childhood experiences: travelling, horses and architecture. Brooke also depicts her everyday life in her recent subject of her landscapes of the typical Normand countryside.

Broodmare and Foal, 24” x 20” Sculpted titanium white oil paint on canvas


Dressage Horses 30 x 40” oil paint on canvas

Ther Great Escape 36 x 36” oil paint on canvas


Polo 24 x 20” Sculpted titanium white oil paint on canvas

Broodmare and Foal 24 x 24” oil paint on canvas



Trailers 2023

Polo Players 28 x 28” Sculpted titanium white oil paint on canvas

Sporthorses 36 x 36” oil paint on canvas

EE www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com



Egypt Exploring the magnificent wonders of the ancient world with a majestic equine partner...


was the vision of Emma Jane Levin. She has created the Tombs, Dunes, and Kingdoms experience... rides that are carefully curated expedi�ons blending equestrian explora�on with archaeological discovery. Par�cipants will have the chance to traverse the mesmerizing landscapes of Egypt, from the storied pyramids and tombs of Giza to the majes�c dunes of the Sahara Desert, all while uncovering the intriguing tales of ancient Egyp�an civiliza�ons.

Photos By Christiane Slawik Slawik Photography 40



Read More on Page 68 41



hrough life’s trials Tyrel Johnson

“Con�nuance of Ac�on,” ... a magnificent shire dra� horse leans into the collar, dragging a seemingly immovable block of argillite stone, appearing to create grooves in the sculpture’s walnut base as it makes grueling but percep�ble progress. As Tyrel says the piece is “all about persistence. Persistence through life’s trials is a consistent theme in my life and my art. The triumph of love and the human spirit is at its highest when contrasted to the trials it endures.”

“Continuance of Action” Bronze, Argillite Stone, and Walnut 56″ Wide 17″ Tall 13″ Deep $14,450 Edition of 30





A lovely accent to go on either side of an entry or porch, and could also be a mantle support.

These stylisy Gypsy corbels are specific to the mantle but could be used in other ways.


�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������

www.tyreljohnsonfineart.com www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com


Horse Head Sentinel





Art Kate Dardine

It is not my inten�on in my work to give you the answers, but rather to spark in you the desire to ask the ques�ons. I am always seeking, exploring, pushing myself to dig deeper, to find clearer, more powerful ways to visually express my feelings of connec�vity to all living beings.

The Longing by Kate Dardine. 10×10″ acrylic on cradled board. $425

Timothy Nimmo The Dreamtime Series

These pieces are inspired by paleo man and their crea�ve works depic�ng their sacred animals. In exploring that idea, there are some very compelling ques�ons about the reason we as a species began crea�ng art. Each piece is a one of a kind, lost wax bronze.

On Top of the World by Kate Dardine. 36×24″ acrylic on canvas. $1675

River Horse by Timothy Nimmo. 4 x 3 1/2 x 2″ bronze. $400

Gold Cross Mare by Timothy Nimmo. 4 x 6 x 2″ bronze with 24K gold leaf on a stand with a rock base. $600

www.equisart.com 44






oliday Season in

Aiken, SC

Photos by Kathy Dress

Oct 27-Nov 5 USPA Bronze Trophy 8 Goal New Bridge Polo 862 New Bridge Rd., Aiken SC November 2-5 8am-5 pm USEF/USHJA $50,000 plus bonus $100,000 Reg ‘B’ Hunters & Level 3 Jumpers ‘Fall Finale’ (pending USEF aprvl) Stable View 117 Stable Drive, Aiken, SC Nov 3- 5 8am-5 pm Aiken Fall Classic PSJ Series C Highfields 147 Warehouse Rd. Aiken, SC Nov 4 12– 4pm Cowboy Horsemanship Show & Cookout Great Oak Equine Assisted Programs i 1123 Edgefield Hwy, Aiken, SC Tickets Needed Nov 8-12 8 am-5pm Split Rock Aiken CSI2* Aiken Horse Park- Bruce’s Field 931 Powderhouse Road, Aiken, SC

Blessing of the Hounds

Aiken Horse Blanket Couture

Nov 10 2-5pm Women’s Challenge 8-10 goal La Bourgogne Polo 1150 Coleman Bridge Road, Wagener SC

Presents Custom Dress Sheets:

November 17-19 8am-5pm USEF/USHJA $50,000 National ‘A’ Rated Hunters & Level 4 Rated Jumpers Stable View 117 Stable Drive, Aiken SC November 18 8am-5pm Aiken Fall Steeplechase Aiken Steeplechase Track 2020 Richland Avenue, Aiken, SC Tickets Needed November 23 9am-10am Blessing of the Hounds Aiken Hounds, Memorial Gate Hitchcock Woods 444 S Boundary Ave, SW Aiken SC

Numerous colors to choose for-

November 23 9:30 am – 11:30 am Bloodies and Bagels Aiken County Historical Museum, 433 Newberry St. SW, Aiken SC

• Fabric • Piping • Ribbon • Cording Twisted Or Braided

EQUINE Lifestyle

Nov 30 8am - Dec17 5pm Aiken December Classics I, II, & III National A Rated Level 2 Jumper Aiken Horse Park- Bruce’s Field 931 Powderhouse Road, Aiken SC Dec8 8am - Dec10 5pm Holiday Celebration PSJ Series - C Highfields 147 Warehouse Rd, Aiken Highfields Event Center Aiken, SC Dec 9 6:30 pm – Dec 22 9:30 pm Christmas in Hopelands, Hopelands Gardens 135 Dupree Place Aiken SC December 9 8am-5pm USEF/USDF Winter Wonderland Recognized Dressage Stable View 117 Stable Drive, Aiken SC December 10 8am - 5pm Full Gallop Farm Jingle Bells Horse Trial Full Gallop Farm 3828 Wagener Rd, Aiken SC December 16 2pm-4pm Hoofbeats and Christmas Carols Parade Downtown Aiken, Aiken SC 46

Aikenhorseblanketcouture.com Elisa Denaburg, 803.640.3211


Aiken Is Horse Country





THE PROBLEM: Failure to Sweat (Anhydrosis)

►Can reduce your horse’s athletic ability by 15-20% ►Can endanger your horse’s life during stressful training schedules in heat and humidity

THE SOLUTION: ONE AC* (Feed Supplement)

►Safely balances your horse’s chemistry enabling it to sweat, naturally cooling it down. ►No side effects. ►Does not register positive on drug tests,making it ideal for performance horses.

MPCO- The Magic Powder Company





&ANTIQUES By Dr. Lori Two Types of Jade:

Part 2 Nephrite

.Ring, carp fish jade carving. Photo by Staff of www.DrLoriV.com

By Dr. Lori Verderame

Jade has been part of China’s art tradition for thousands of years. Jade comes in two distinct forms: jadeite and nephrite. Jade carvers believe that the elements of jade make jade something beautiful and valuable to wear and enjoy.

How did jade get its name? Both jadeite and nephrite are hard stones and both are called jade. If you want to be sure you have a piece of real authentic jade, look for a dense composition, veins, and weight of the stone. There should be no laying of the stone if it is really jade. Jade will scratch metal and glass.

EQUINE Lifestyle

Fake jade or look alike jades can be susceptible to chemical bleaching, color dying, and doubling, also known as layering. Some fake jade items are treated to look more translucent. Some fake jade items are treated to accept a plastic coating to enhance the object’s look. Natural, authentic, real and untreated jade is usually only treated with Jade is dense and if you toss it into the air and catch it, it a plum juice wash or beeswax polish as it then will retain its should be heavier than other similar stones of the same size. true and natural color. Weight is what you are looking for when it comes to recJade is the stone that is used in special jewelry pieces such ognizing real jade. Jade comes in many colors too: green, as the Bi symbol disc pendants that represent the Chinese lavender, white, and yellow. symbol for eternity. The Bi symbol has a great spiritual significance. The Bi symbol is often presented carved in While most jade is jadeite on the market today. We are go- jade. Butterflies symbolize long life and they often carved ing to discuss nephrite—the other type of jade. into pendants, pins, earrings, etc. made of jade. Other symbols that are important to Chinese culture which are often represented using jade include: the bat, a symbol of happiness, the dragon which shows power and prosperity, the peach which references immortality, and the circular Nephrite disc with a central hole which references happiness and By the 14th century, Nephrite jade was traded widely. heaven. Nephrite is a soft and less dense stone when compared to jadeite, the jade I discussed in part 1 of this column. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� Nephrite has a recognizable glassy luster. Nephrite does ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������������������������������������� not appear to have any layers. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, each Olympic medal was embedded with a piece of �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������� pure, natural-carved white nephrite jade. EE 50






Finding Direction,

Taking Action with

Mikhail Proctor with L.A. Sokolowski, equinista Ever since Mikhail Proctor, 34, of Lexington, Kentucky, earned a Na�onal �tle five years ago in his first Gold Level appearance at the USEF/Equestrian Vaul�ng USA Na�onal Championships, this USEF Director of Membership, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and Development has seen the horse world take flight. In 2011, while interning at the Kentucky Equine Adop�on Center, he took on a rescued but untouched five year-old American Warmblood gelding called Goliath as a project un�l, “I tried vaul�ng with him one day just to see if he’d like it, and he took to it like he was meant to do it his whole life. We just con�nued training from there.” It took them both to the EVUSA Gold / 2* Young Vaulter Level. A boyhood background in track and field, taekwondo, and gymnas�cs have made him a formidable compe�tor but fortunately for us, we didn’t need a running start to catch up with this athle�c horseman.

I am somebody and I will let nothing stand in my way.

HERS: What do you remember about your first horse or pony? HIS: I was five years old when my aunt took me to my first pony ride. I remember there were two, one pony- and the other horse-sized. I rode both, multiple times, and by the end of the visit I was helping the handlers brush and feed. I wanted to learn as much as I could, so I’d say that is where the passion started. HERS: What do you like best in a horse? HIS: I love their individual personalities. Each horse is unique, just like us.

EQUINE Lifestyle

HERS: What do you like best in a person? HIS: Honesty. My parents call me Mr. Outspoken. I speak my mind. Too often people hold emotions back, lock them inside and they fester. Be upfront and honest with everyone, but most importantly, with yourself. HERS: What was your first job and how old were you? HIS: My first job was mowing lawns. I started mowing my own lawn when I was six, and then started my own little business in middle school, mainly for the neighbors, but that grew once I was able to drive. HERS: If you worked outside the horse world what might you be doing? HIS: I would be in marketing and/or property management. HERS: Favorite quote? HIS: “I am somebody and I will let nothing stand in my way.” 52

HERS: Who has inspired and/or mentored you as a horseman? HIS: If I were to narrow it down to one person, it would be David Hunter. Most may not recognize his name, but he is the best horseman I have ever witnessed. To this day I use many of his techniques when working with horses. HERS: What do you find most rewarding about your role with the USEF? HIS: Transitioning to USEF has been the most natural progression. Joining the team was a no-brainer. I enjoy the collaboration on projects as well as experiencing firsthand the passion of the horse throughout our sport. HERS: How would you like to see our horse world evolve over the next 10 years? HIS: I feel our sport is at a crossroads and this is a good thing. Tradition has carried our sport but now we are seeing the power of horses expand to places we never imagined. I understand change can be a difficult concept but this is an exciting time. I am looking forward to the LA28 Olympics. We have an opportunity to share our love of horses with more individuals and continue to transform not only our industry but also our daily lives. HERS: You can invite 3 guests (past or present, real or fictional) to dinner. Who joins you and what’s served? HIS: BREAKFAST will be served and would include Beyoncé, Steve Harvey, and James Cameron. Each has a unique way of bringing a vision to life. They all have inspired me so I would be honored to share a meal with them (This is sparking, “How can we make this happen?” My brain is a dangerous place sometimes!)


Mikhail Proctor on Goliath Photo by Susan Hart

Share your love of the horse with others and join or renew your USEF membership at usef.org/join. Have a sugges�on for a guest? Send you’re his to this Hers at latheequinista@gmail.com. Left page, far left: Mikhail Proctor with his horse, Goliath Photo by US Equestrian, Taylor Pence Left page, right side: Mikhail Proctor on Neptune’s Ghost,, owned by Kim Doyle, Photo by A. Young




Navigating Legal Considerations For

Opening and Operating a Horse Boarding Facility Story and Photos By Kerry O’Neill Irwin Opening a boarding facility can give an equine industry professional the opportunity to take their career to the next level or give a horse farm owner the opportunity to generate additional revenue. However, before embarking on this venture, it is crucial to understand the legal landscape. This article addresses some of the key legal considerations so boarding facilities can proactively address legal requirements, mitigate risks, and establish a solid foundation for their facility’s success.

Creating a Legal Entity As a first step to mitigating risk or liability, an equine professional running an equine business should create a separate legal entity. An LLC is often preferable because it offers both the tax advantages of a partnership and the limited liability protection of a corporate entity. Other ownership types may make sense for certain individuals or certain situations — an accountant and an attorney can both be a good resource to help determine the entity that’s right for a farm owner or operator from both a tax and legal perspective.

EQUINE Lifestyle

Location, Location, Location

The success of a boarding farm can be highly location dependent. A good farm needs the acreage to support the number of horses that will be on the property, the facilities that a particular discipline requires, proper protection from the elements, water access and proper drainage, and it needs to be zoned properly for the intended use. An experienced horse farm real estate broker can provide valuable guidance here, as a specialist will be familiar with the specific issues that arise with respect to a boarding operation. If the operator is leasing a property, he or she should ensure that these rights are passed on through the lease. Documenting the rights and obligations of the parties on the front end will help both parties understand their respective responsibilities.

Addressing Risk with Insurance The right insurance can also help minimize the risks involved with operating a boarding facility. Farm policies generally


protect the buildings and property on the farm from damage, but they may not cover the property of boarders or riders on the farm. To help close these gaps, an umbrella policy can provide additional liability protection. A boarding farm operator should establish a relationship with a licensed insurance broker who can make sure that the facility has the proper industry-specific insurance to mitigate the specific risks of their operation.

Hiring Workers A boarding farm needs good employees, but hiring employees also introduces additional liability risks to the operator. In many states, employers are not required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for independent contractors, and independent contractors can often be exempt from other employment laws. Whether a particular worker is an employee or an independent contractor largely depends on factors such as the amount of control the boarding farm has over that worker. It is extremely important that a boarding facility classify its workers correctly, so that it doesn’t incur penalties or expose itself to a claim brought by a worker for unpaid overtime or other benefits. The labor pool in the horse industry can be incredibly diverse, particularly as many horse farm workers immigrated to the United States. As a result, immigration laws can factor into horse farm operations. Given the complexities of employment laws, a boarding operator would be wise to seek the counsel of an employment law attorney and, if needed, an immigration law attorney prior to making hiring decisions.



Equine Liability Acts

Most states protect property owners and other horse industry professionals from certain inherent risks from equine activities through equine liability statutes. These statutes acknowledge that there are certain inherent risks associated with riding or working with horses and provide a framework within which an equine activity sponsor can be insulated from liability for injuries to participants. The exceptions for this limited liability usually involve the failure to adhere to a certain standard of care, such as providing faulty equipment, failing to provide a suitable horse for the level of the rider, or otherwise willfully or wantonly disregarding the safety of a participant. In addition to providing notice of the statute to participants in the form of a posted sign on the premises, usually in the form of a posted sign with required statutory language, many states, including Kentucky and North Carolina, also require sponsors or professionals to include that language in contracts, as well.

Boarding Contracts and Waivers Too often, business relationships in the horse industry are sealed on a handshake, but a good boarding contract will help a boarding farm operator manage the risk of boarding others’ horses on their property. A typical boarding agreement will cover the scope of

Continued... www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com


services to be provided by the facility, each party’s obligations, and the allocation of risk between the parties. Recommended provisions include specific details as to the boarding fees and payment timing, whether any additional services such as blanketing or grooming are passed through or included in the fees, and the rights of the facility of the client fails to pay. In addition to a boarding agreement, boarding facilities should also have a liability release agreement that all equine activity participants and observers are required to sign. Liability releases discourage participants from suing a facility and protect the facility in the event of a lawsuit. The requirements for a release, as well as any limitations on their enforceability, are very state specific, and an area where an equine lawyer can provide guidance.

Statutory Liens and Remedies for Unpaid Boarding Fees One of the major risks that a boarding farm operator assumes when they take a new boarder is that the boarder will fall behind on boarding fees. Most states protect boarding operations and others who board or take care of livestock through statutes creating what is often called an “agister’s lien,” or a “stableman’s lien.” These liens secure payment for farming-related services, which includes boarding fees. While some states, like Kentucky, allow for a “self-help” remedy where the boarding facility has the right to sell the horse outside of a judicial process, facilities that wish to expand their rights beyond those found in the agister’s statute should provide additional contractual enforcement rights in their boarding agreements.

Equine Hospital 24/7 Emergency Care

Our large animal doctors are also available Mon-Fri for routine on-site or in hospital calls.


2250 N. Old Bethlehem Pike, Quakertown, PA 18951


Summary By addressing these legal considerations proactively, aspiring horse boarding facilities can navigate the complexities of opening and operating their business successfully. Seeking guidance from legal professionals well-versed in equine law can ensure compliance with regulations and establish a solid legal foundation for the facility’s operation. Kerry and George Moore & Van Allen PLLC Member Kerry O. Irwin provides services to horse industry par�cipants by drawing on her experience represen�ng clients of all equine disciplines in the sale, purchase, and leasing of horses of all breeds and disciplines, as well as advising equine non-profits, horse show operators, boarding, training, and breeding operators, owners, equine veterinarians, and riders. A life-long par�cipant in the horse industry, Kerry’s background and knowledge of the equine industry enables her to an�cipate challenges and steer clients toward solu�ons. Currently a horse owner ac�ve in the North Carolina hunterjumper world, Kerry brings her strong transac�onal background to equine transac�ons of all sizes. She can be reached at kerryirwin@mvalaw.com.


Elite Equestrian does not endorse or confirm content suggestions in any articles. See credit page for disclaimer.





Autism And Horses Interacting with horses has been proven to reduce stress levels and anxiety, which are things we all experience in life. Story and Photos By Alessandra Deerinck


John Mitchell, a student who is excelling.

raditionally, the interaction between man and horse happens through training and conditioning horses to respond to certain stimuli. In reality, those trained actions still coexist with instincts, experience, and emotions – components that can be difficult to control when the horse does not comply with our request because he is attentive or anxious. This equine behavior can also bring stress and anxiety for us riders. At Human Horse Sensing, we have developed a system for horsemanship based on a dynamic dialogue through behavior, allowing us to always manage the relationship and not be limited by the stiff boundaries of training. This approach has also worked for riders affected by autism. John Mitchell, one of our autistic students, has reached a level where he can ride with a bareback pad, participate in a NATRC ride, and go on trails while controlling his horse and following directions. Autism is a human neurological and developmental disorder that derives from a combination of genetic, nongenetic, and environmental influences. Autism affects how people communicate, learn, behave, and interact with others. The symptoms generally appear in the first two years of life and have a heavy impact on the life of an individual.


Riding horses has been found to be therapeutic for people with autism. Analyzing the benefits of it can add to how we can help people with autism. At Human Horse Sensing, the relationship between human and horse – both naturally social species – is considered as a spontaneous event. Communication with the horse is purposefully modulated through movement considering the sense through which it is received. It can be applied in any equestrian discipline on the ground (through sight, hearing, and touch), in the saddle (through touch and hearing) and in training a horse. The horse has a basic instinctual response to movement by either moving away from approaching things or moving toward things that interest him. If we receive the response we were seeking, our communication was appropriate. If we get a different response, we reformulate the request without punishment, as punishing a noncompliant 58

horse often results in that horse avoiding us in the future. We do not use force and fear because they can trigger a dangerous response through the horse’s survival instincts. Experimenting with this kind of human-horse relationship has shown us that there are five common concepts between human and horse related to social meaning and instinctual behavior: 1.Coexistence: Comfortably sharing the surrounding space and presence of one another 2. Trust: The horse allows the individual to approach his personal space. 3. Respect: The ability to ask to occupy the space of the other individual 4. Willingness: The ability to herd the other individual from behind 5. Attention: Being attentive to the same situation or directing the other’s attention Human Horse Sensing Horsemanship builds a dynamic social relationship that can be cooperatively modulated in real time. The interaction between rider and horse always happens by nonverbal communication, which is a way that works for autistic individuals. This happens through the motor, emotional, and sensory perceptions, because horses constantly respond to the rider’s body language that they perceive. During this kind of cooperative interaction, we give our actions a form that horses understand. Rather than being forced because they are scared or inconvenienced by tack, they want to participate. When horses experience a pleasant interaction, they seek time with humans even when it involves the practice of an equestrian discipline.




Poll Cap Back Saver Hock Saver Tendon Saver

Ankle Saver Tendon Saver

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We have seen that the sensory experience autistic individuals have while being with a horse or riding one can be calming and bring significant behavior changes. It encourages positive actions and gently discourages negative ones, allowing them to focus, think, and even accept training. The reason for this is that autistic individuals experience that the horse perceives their nonverbal communication through the movement and responds to it, making them feel successful in their interaction with the horse. One of the traits that horses have, and that is very helpful for people with autism, is that horses can perceive emotions and respond by behavior, and because of this, autistic people can often relate with the horses better than they do with other human beings. This experience can also foster social and communication skills they can use with other people. Although autistic individuals can have problems connecting emotionally, making eye contact, communicating how they feel, and expressing themselves to others, the interaction through movement with the horse lets them experience efficient physical communication. When we let them pat, hug, or even groom a horse they learn to care for them through this experience, associating the care they give to the horse with feelings that create an emotional bond. Autistic people normally have difficulty understanding directions, but when they are experiencing a fun activity like riding a horse, they tend to take directions and remember them. They experience directing a horse and seeing the results of their communication to another individual, which can motivate them to learn to communicate with other human beings as well. Another important benefit of riding a horse comes from the sensory perception of the balance and the spatial orientation that happens through the vestibular organs, and this experience engages autistic individuals and motivates them to persist in the activity of riding horses or just being with them.




386.232.8022 Serving FL: Will serve other states, call for travel fees.




Bridleless Training

position and balance in the saddle as much as possible.

by Lynn Palm

To begin the bridleless training you’ll still ride with the bridle on. Ride with the neck rope and reins in one hand to teach the horse to stop. Your position in the saddle should ask the horse to stop with your seat, along with your legs on the horse’s sides. The neck rope should make light contact on the bottom of the horse’s neck. To ask the horse to turn, he should turn with contact from your legs and by guiding him with the neck rope touching on the outside of the neck. In other words, to turn left, the neck rope should touch the horse’s neck on the right side.

Palm Partnership Training™ Building a Partnership with your Horse

In order to back, your horse should back a few steps with guidance from the neck rope placed at the bottom of the neck. He needs to be skilled at these steps before taking off the bridle.

Taking Off the Bridle

TRAINING & Showing

Here’s the big moment! After you take off the bridle and start riding with just the If you want to build a greater trust of and respect for your horse, bridleless neck rope, begin with the simplest steps and the easiest patterns. Ask the horse training will give you just that! It will also prove that you can control the horse to walk, halt, back; then walk, trot, walk, halt; walk, trot, canter, trot, walk, halt, without your reins. Reins often get in our way and we tend to use the reins too back; etc. Adding turns on the forehand, yielding and pivots will also help build a much, too early. And we also tend to use them too aggressively and with too good foundation. These maneuvers add control before you venture outside to a much force. Riding bridleless will show you how to ride effectively using just the bigger enclosed arena. That will be your next step. opposite. When progressing to a larger arena, start at the simple things again. Only You can ride your horse without a bridle and achieve a new level of success progress to something harder when you have confidence that you can stop your with both training and control. You might be surprised to learn that your horse horse at any time. Keep checking on this “stop” ability as you ride. will do better without the bridle than with it. Bridleless riding will also assist you in gaining more control and understanding of your own riding skills. Bridleless When you progress to a bigger outdoor arena, you can keep advancing to will also help your horse trust you when you transition to using a bridle by using harder tasks, like jumping, cantering with more speed, flying lead changes. Only a lightness of rein aids. However, bridleless riding is not something to try with ride bridleless with the tasks you already do well with the bridle. Believe it or not, your horse if you are a beginner rider or have problems with control. riding bridleless will make training with the bridle get easier and more advanced as you continue your riding/training!

To Begin — Before Taking Off the Bridle Start in an enclosed area. Make sure you have at least six months or a year under saddle with this horse so you know him fairly well before riding bridleless. Before going totally bridleless, you’ll ride with a neck rope and your regular bridle still on the horse. I use a neck rope that is not flexible. I find that a rawhide material is the best — like a roper’s rope material. Using a rein as a neck rope is too flexible and it lies on the neck all the time, thus not giving a clear signal. Maintain a correct

��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������

Frances-Marino.artistwebsites.com Equine, Western and Eclectic Art Horseypassion@aol.com 62



WEF 2024 No need for show stalls or trailering... Center aisle barn on Appaloosa Trail is 3 properties from Wellington International show grounds. For more info, email furimmer1970@gmail.com or call 630-728-2875.

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• Lacking Energy? • Dull Looking Coat? • Low In Stamina? • Slow Recovery After Work? Immunall has proven to help many horses from amateur riders to the top race horse trainers from all over the world!

���������������� • Slow In Warming Up? • Stiff Muscles or Joints? • In Need of Muscle Detox?

����������������������� ��������������������������

Muscle and Joints helps the muscular system to release waste products to improve suppleness.

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JMO STABLES Partial Board

• Large Riding Arena • Round Pen • Concrete Block Barn. • 5 Turnouts • 2 Washracks • Separate Feedroom From Barn We Drop Your Am And Pm Feed Partial board means you are in charge of doing your own work. Cleaning your stall, setting up your own feed, and taking care of your horse. Horse owner provides their own feed, hay & shavings. Dumpster is picked up regularly for fly control management.

We are a short, ridable distance to Walsingham Horse Park, which has approximately 60 acres of trails.

Denise 727-422-5620 • Largo, FL 33774 https://www.facebook.com/JMOstables



Tack Box Business Showcase

We are a collaborative expert witness, appraisal and consulting services firm specializing in equine related lawsuits worldwide. We service both Plaintiffs and Defendants regarding liability, fraud, appraisals, accident reconstruction, sales and standards in the industry.

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• Stops the pain quickly • Painless application • Realigns the hoof wall to the coffin bone • Works with or without shoeing • Easy to apply

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Continued from the centerfold...

Emma shares her story...

Ride Egypt came about unintentionally. I never intended to start a company; my initial goal was simply to rescue three horses on a beach and give them a better life. My journey in Egypt began with meeting Belal, my beloved black stallion, but my deep love for horses goes back long before that.

EQUINE Lifestyle

Growing up in the New Forest, like many kids, I did stable work in exchange for rides. We moved a lot during my childhood, so riding was intermittent and resulted in a gap from 15 to 30. During this time, in Richmond, London, I fell deeply in love with a grumpy old ex-show jumper named Fletch. This relationship taught me the intense love for horses and the heart-wrenching devastation of losing them as unfortunately, he had to be put down due to an old injury that needed extensive surgery and my vet believed he couldn’t endure six months of box rest. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much and for so long. Fast forward 12 years, I was working as a technician for various TV channels. In a seemingly happy relationship, my boyfriend abruptly broke up with me via text message, leaving me devastated. However, I’ve always believed that changing one’s view can change one’s mindset, so, I booked a cheap all-inclusive holiday to Sharm in Egypt for five days. While all-inclusive hotels suit some, my restless nature couldn’t settle for lounging by a pool. Knowing this, I found a local stable where I could ride stunning Arabian stallions in a picturesque national park for a full day with lunch for £125. Despite not having ridden in 12 years, I signed up for two days. 68


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When I arrived at the stable, they asked about my riding abilities. I mentioned my background in show jumping, albeit not a skilled one, and that I considered myself a “rider.” This perspective proved valuable later when starting my own business and dealing with my own clients…. They brought out a magnificent black stallion, reminiscent of movie scenes, but embarrassingly, my skills were too rusty, and I had to be led by a rope. I quickly learnt that there’s a vast difference between being an arena rider and handling a hot-blooded horse in the desert and though the ride left me unable to walk for three days, it rekindled my love for horses. My guide was kind and patient, and we became firm friends. So much so, that when I returned home, we stayed in touch and I discovered he had his own horses in Dahab, a Bedouin village outside Sharm. Back in the UK, thoughts of the black stallion and my friend persisted. That summer, I visited him and his horses for a few days. However, his skill with horses didn’t translate into business acumen. While they looked fine initially, by the end of summer, his horses were in poor condition. He explained that he walked them daily for 45 minutes each way to the main tourist beach, where they’d spend the day under the sun, waiting for riders. The beach was lined by luxury hotels so I suggested approaching the hotels directly for collaboration. Since he didn’t know how, I decided to don the one dress I had packed in my suitcase and approach them direct. The rides gained traction, so much so that before long I was investigating “how to start your own horse riding holiday”. With a basic website, I reached out to agencies and after eight months of daily emails, FAR AND RIDE responded, agreeing to work with me if I was stop with the daily e-mails. I began with nine horses in a small fishing village. We quickly outgrew that space and fate led me back to the stables where I met Belal, completing the circle. 70


The turning point was my move to Luxor with six horses eight years ago. We became self-sufficient farmers, growing our own horse feed. Surrounded by history, like temples and the Nile, Egypt’s rich narrative unfolded. We expanded to Cairo, ventured into swimming with horses in the Red Sea, and explored Fayoum National Park. Egypt’s offerings seem boundless and we are just at the beginning.

For more information about the Tombs, Dunes, and Kingdoms rides and to book your once-in-a-lifetime equestrian adventure, please visit Ride Egypt’s official website at

www.rideegypt.com www.EliteEquestrianMagazine.com

EE 71



What should a horse trailer cost? How should you pay for it? What is its actual value?

Let’s start with value.

TRAINING & Showing

Good news. Horse trailers are an investment. Unlike the tons of money we spend on horses that exit our bank accounts never to return, a horse trailer is always worth a portion of what we paid for it. Fortuitously, the old saying “what goes up must come down” does not seem to apply to horse trailer prices, which is good. When a brand’s price keeps increasing over the years, it maintains the equity in its older trailers. If kept in good shape, a substantial chunk of money will come back home when it is traded or sold. However, watch out for brands that suffer quality issues; they will spread like wildfire throughout social media, plummeting their value. If you plan on keeping your trailer for a long time, remember that “quality goes on long after price is forgotten.” There is also an inherent value in horse trailers that is not easily recognized but very real – safety. Design features that promote safety that reduce or prevent accidents will save you costly medical bills and a lot of distress. Some trailers, such as ours, have all the safety features built-in as standard equipment and are added to the sale price. With other lines, you may have to add the safety option. Either way, they are well worth the price.

How should you pay?

When my wife pushed me to look at boats to cruise around the coastal sound, no way was I going to pay those prices. However, a salesman who saw me admiring a particular boat said “You can own this with no money down and two hundred and ninety dollars a month. We spent eight years boating around the sound, visiting the beautiful islands, and docking at incredible restaurants. When we had our fill, I sold it, paid off the loan, and had money left over. Long-term financing is an excellent way of getting something you thought you couldn’t afford. Horse trailer financing companies offer payment terms that span twelve, fifteen, and even twenty years. And don’t let interest rates deter you. You may think eight percent to seventeen percent is high (depending on credit score) but if you’ve lived through a time when interest rates were at twenty-two percent, the current rates seem low.


So even If your approval is higher, don’t postpone your life. You can always refinance later if interest rates drop. Making more money is always possible, but you can’t make more time. What should a horse trailer cost? Horse trailers can cost anywhere from eight thousand dollars for a two-horse stock to well over a hundred thousand dollars (multi-horse with living quarters). What’s important to know is that dealers that sell brand name trailers discount to complete. If it’s important to you to get the best possible price for your newly purchased trailer down the road, you need to buy it at the best possible price. You don’t need a buyer saying, “I can buy a new one for that.” If you’re worried about getting warranty and service done buying long distance instead of local, don’t. The manufacturer, not the dealer, pays warranty claims. Since a horse trailer is a box on wheels, most body shops can do the work quickly. And chances are, a body shop is nearer to your location than a full-service horse trailer dealer. Horses are magnificent, powerful, playful, unpredictable animals that most of us care about deeply and though the primary purpose of a horse trailer is to move horses from one place to another, the word “safely” should be added. Horses will readily walk onto any box on wheels because of trust. Don’t betray that trust by putting them in danger. There are many ways to buy a decent, safe trailer that will raise your comfort level and give you a good return on your investment. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������












Movie Star

Magic’sdocumentary film Hero Horse: A Magical True Story was a winner at the Manhattan Film Festival! The NYPD Mounted police joined her on the red carpet in support because “Officer Magic” is a sworn officer and works with the Ocala Police Department. They helped with the crowds as she walked to the theatre... we could not have done it without them.

The Florida Bar awarded Magic the 2023 Rikki Mitchell Memorial Animal Achievement Award at the Boca Raton Hotel during their annual conference this summer! (The first horse to win the award).

Magic’s Honors...

www.facebook.com/TherapyHorses www.gentlecarouseltherapyhorses.com www.instagram.com/gentlecarousel

One of History’s 10 Most Courageous Animals - TIME Magazine Most Heroic Pet In America - AARP Reader’s Digest Power of One Hero One of the 10 Most Heroic Animals of 2010 - Newsweek 2014 E.T. York Dis�nguished Service Award One of Seven Most Notable Animal Heroes in the World - The Daily Mirror 2014 125 Stories of Amazing Pets: Inspiring Tales of Animal Friendship and Four-legged Heroes by Na�onal Geographic -2014 Cer�ficate of Special Congressional Recogni�on Au�sm Paws of Honor Award A garden near Athens dedicated by the president of Greece in Magic’s honor. Pet Hero of the Year - 2016 American Red Cross A Hero Among Us Outstanding Service Award - 2016 The Book of Heroes by Na�onal Geographic - 2017 Ronald McDonald House Caring and Sharing Award - 2017 The Dog in the Den�st Chair: And other true stories of animals who help, comfort, and love kids by Paraclete Press - 2019

Haven Hospice Volunteer of the Year Service Award - 2019 Animal Superheroes by Scholas�c Books - 2020 Shining World Award - 2020 American Veterinary Medical Associa�on Hall of Fame United States Equestrian Federa�on/Equus Founda�on Horse Stars Hall of Fame Filmed by Facebook team for their first official Facebook Stories Heroic Animals by Hodder & Stoughton Publishers UK - 2021 Mini Horse, Mighty Hope by Revell Publishing - October 2021 CNN’s The Good Stuff - 2022 Officer Magic - Ocala Police Department Cer�ficate of Senate Recogni�on Flag flown over U.S. Capital for Service to the United States - 2022 Can’t Get Enough Horse Stuff by Na�onal Geographic Kids Books - 2023 Bronze Plaque on the Walk of Champions - Nov. 2023 Magic is a Breyer Portrait Model Horse. 2023 Rikki Mitchell Memorial Animal Achievement Award The Florida Bar Hero Horse: A Magical True Story - 2023 Manha�an Film Fes�val Award Winner





Great Holiday Gifts Sergeant Reckless: Hero War Horse ...is the true story of an amazing pack horse who served with the Marines during the Korean War. Her job was to carry ammuni�on up steep, rugged terrain to the Recoilless Rifle firing sta�on and then bring wounded Marines back down to safety. To order: author@LorensReadingRoom.com To order Sergeant Reckless, contact Spio�a-DiMare at author@LorensReadingRoom.com. Also available through Amazon.

Finding Your Superhorse 8 Keys to Developing the Horse That’s Just Right for You Lynn Palm with Rebecca M. Didier and Marie-Frances Davis Lessons on how to tap the true poten�al in every horse from one of the world’s leading female trainers. 264 pp | 110 color photos | $32.95 h�ps://www.horseandriderbooks.com/store/finding-your-superhorse.html

The Horse in Posi�ve Tension

Winning with Horses

Harnessing Equine Kine�c Energy for Top Performance Stefan Stammer An illustrated study of the biomechanics of horse-andrider movement like no other. 192 pp | 170 color photos & 98 diagrams | $36.95


How One of the Best Polo Players of All Time and a Sport Horse Veterinarian Balance Human Goals with Equine Needs Shelley Onderdonk, DVM and Adam Snow A compelling look at a life�me of success compe�ng with horses, and what it takes to make sure it is the horse that always wins. 248 pp | 76 color photos | $29.95 h�ps://www.horseandriderbooks.com/store/winning-with-horses.html








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