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A Fall Equestrian Tradition: Dressage at Devon


In 1965, a group of riding enthusiasts got together and formed a club in response to the question “How come the kids get to have all the fun”? The Delaware Valley Combined Training Association (DVCTA) was born and the adult pony club idea began. The rest, as they say, is history. Preparations are underway for annual equestrian treat: the international Dressage at Devon Horse Show (www.dressageatdevon.org). This premier North American equestrian event hosts top Olympic equestrians, more than 700 horses and 35,000 spectators each year. The show combines world-class dressage competition with the world’s largest dressage/sport horse breed show. More than 20 breeds are represented. There are also the International Fall Festival shops, food and refreshments. Dressage at Devon takes place from September 27-October 2, 2011 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds on US Route 30 in Devon, PA.

The Best in Breeding

For the well-bred horse or foal Dressage at Devon is the place to be. In the three-day Breed Division which attracts top breeders from across the country, equines are judged on conformation and movement. Horse enthusiasts love to select their favorites and see how they compare to the judges’ picks. The more than 70 classes include young and mature horses; some are shown in hand and others under saddle. Someone who wants to understand the nuances of different breeds can learn from the individual breed classes. They feature Arabians, Appaloosas, Cleveland Bays,

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Connemaras, Dutch and Danish warmbloods, Fresians, Georgian Grandes, Haflingers, Hanoverians, Iberians, Lippizans, Morgans, Spanish Mustangs, Oldenburgs, Rheinland Pfalz Saars, Trakehners, and Westfalens. One of the highlights is the Great American Insurance Group/United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Breeders Championship Final for the East Coast Series. These classes as well as the Materiale classes feature the whole family—colts, fillies, mares and stallions. Pennsylvanians will have the opportunity to cheer on local breeders. For example, Shilhouette, (below, right) a filly bred by Maurine (Mo) Swanson from Rolling Stone Farm in Slatington, PA, will compete. Her sire, homebred Shakespeare RSF, is winner of the 70day Stallion test in 2009. This test evaluates a young stallion’s character, temperament, and willingness to work as well as his athletic ability, gaits, ride-ability, and jumping ability. This overview determines a stallion’s capacity to improve the sport-horse characteristics through breeding. Stallions which pass the test are awarded with a lifetime breeding license. Shakespeare RSF is approved for breeding with the American Hanoverian Society and the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society. Her mom, Fhlora, is a Hanoverian mare in the studbook of the American Hanoverian Society and the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society. She has won awards that distinguish her as one of the top Oldenburg mares internationally.

Dressage that Distinguishes

After the breed show winds down, it’s time for the Performance Division. This dressage competition is one of the highest rated Federation Equestre International (FEI) events outside of Europe, attracting riders from North and South America, and Europe. The Performance Division runs from Thursday, September 29 to Sunday, October 2. The stakes are high as some riders compete to qualify for the World Cup Finals and the Young Riders Championships. The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is Page 12

also watching closely as Dressage at Devon is a qualifier for events such as the Olympics, the Pan American Games and World Championships.

Elite Equestrian

USEF National Young Adults round out the day with the “Brentina Cup” test.

The Australian Horse Whisperer: Guy McLean

Dressage at Devon is about more than dressage. This year spectators can see the Guy McLean, a self-taught Australian who has entertained, inspired and educated thousands worldwide. He is on tour for the first time in the USA with his team of four horses. It may be possible to see him dance his horse through fire and orchestrate a team of four horses to move in synch using no bridles, no saddles and no whips or spurs.

Educational Forums

Each year, DAD features a number of educational forums presented by top professionals such as Scott Hassler. Novices and professionals can learn from knowledge gained from years of experience

Shopping at the Show

For a better understanding of dressage, ‘Dressage with the Experts’ allows a participant to listen, through radio-equipped audio headsets, to a top trainer or judge’s commentary on the show as it unfolds, hoof fall by hoof fall, in the arena. It’s an opportunity to understand the movements better and gain insight into the nuances of dressage. Learning is enhanced by realtime posting of scores for each movement. Participants rent the audio sets for a day, and then tune in for the classes they want to learn about. There is a section of the grandstand reserved for participants in ‘Dressage with the Experts,’ but reception is available throughout the show grounds.

The Younger Set

Don’t forget the younger set. Sunday features the Young Rider and Junior Freestyle classes and the ever-adorable leadline.

For a break from horse watching visitors can check out the International Fall Festival shops. They’ll find saddles, tack and other horsey equipment at Antares Sellier France, County Saddlery, Performance Saddlery and more. Or for riding apparel shoppers can peruse stores such as Dubarry of Ireland, In the Stirrup and Sho Clothes. And there’s more: jewelry, pottery, art, herbs, nutrition and goodies like chocolate and fudge.

Best Food on the Horse Show Circuit

Competitors have voted Dressage at Devon to have the best food on the show circuit. Perhaps that’s because there is something for everyone. For a little refreshment visitors can relax in the beer garden with its closedcircuit show coverage. For those who like a little bubbly with their brunch, there’s “Mimosas on the Midway,” an all you can eat brunch on Sunday, October 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Centerline Café. Other fare includes Bassett’s ice cream, wine and cheese, funnel cakes, soups, sandwiches,

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hot dogs and burgers and fries.

Dressage Benefits Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Dressage at Devon, a non-profit organization, benefits Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Inc. (www.thorncroft.org), located in Malvern, PA. Thorncroft is a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping the handicapped of all ages though hippotherapy (physical therapy on horseback). It has proven to be a great match with its common passion and a large local group of volunteers. Sallie Dixon, Director of Operations, reports that it takes 350 volunteers and more than 2600 volunteer hours to staff the fair alone. Ninety-nine percent of the child/ family members participate. The donation to Thorncroft goes into their general fund, to help pay for services for patients who cannot afford therapeutic riding, as well as to help maintain their facility. Their beautiful new addition includes a large attractive meeting room, proper offices for the staff, and new equipment was funded,


in part, by DAD’s donations of more than $1,000,000.

A Labor of Love

Like any organization, DAD has had its major and minor upheavals since 1975 yet volunteers, committee members, and show workers agree that DAD is worth the effort. Today, Dressage at Devon has evolved into the most prestigious dressage competition in the hemisphere. It is an internationally rated show, drawing exhibitors from around the

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����������������������������������� Page 14

Elite Equestrian

world, as well as the largest open breed show in the world. The food vendors are rated as the best on the horse show circuit and the Festival area and overall venue are unique in the horse show world.

have not been a part of this remarkable event, please join us and experience Dressage at Devon for yourself. Be a part of the magic!

Tickets and Prize List

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, volunteers and spectators, Dressage at Devon continues to grow and prosper. If you

© alcookphoto.com

Dressage at Devon tickets are $10 for general admission. Children under 12 are admitted free. Reserved seating is $25 on Friday, $35 on Saturday and $10 on Sunday. Purchase tickets and review the prize list online at www.dressageatdevon.org.

See a 1,000 lb. horse fly!


October 13 - 22, 2011 ���������������������������������������������������������������

���������������������������������������� or visit������������������ Bring this ad for �����������������������������������������������������������




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Will This Be the Year D’Ambrosio’s “Sweet” Record Finds a New High? The French word “Puissance” means power and certainly when one thinks of the Washington International Horse Show’s Puissance class with the ever rising wall, that name is quite appropriate.Traditionally the Puissance takes place Friday night (which this year is October 28th) during the Tuesday through Sunday Horse Show (October 25-30) at Verizon Center. WIHS is a powerhouse event from the line-up of Olympic veterans (both horses and riders), to the list of celebrity and high-profile competitors and spectators, and the classes and entertainment. It’s one of those events you should be marking down on your calendar now. While the WIHS roster of events offers much to enjoy, it is the appeal of the Puissance that makes it a highlight of the schedule. The audience delights in the hope that perhaps this will be the year the 26-year-old record will be broken. It was in 1983 that Anthony d’Ambrosio, Red Hook, NY, aboard Sweet ‘n’ Low, a 17.1-hand Thoroughbred gelding, set the indoor record of 7’ 7 ½” that no one has yet to beat, though many have tried. Last year Pablo Barrios attempted to break that record on G&C Blanchee Z, owned by G&C Farm and Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal, but Page 16

as many before him discovered, those slices of wall are hard to clear with each raised inch. For Anthony it was almost an art form to jump the big wall and it was a combination of his experience and Sweet ‘n’ Low’s incredible talent that glided them over the wall that year. Anthony’s passion for competition began when he was nine years old. “I became more serious at 13, when I won the first Puissance I competed in on a horse called Sir Winston at the Junior Essex Troop Horse Show in New Jersey,” he said.

Elite Equestrian





��������������������������������������●������������������� Page 17 Elite Equestrian �����������������������������������������������

At 16, he began riding as a Junior/Professional, and his percentages were quite good. “I probably won more than 50 percent of the Puissance classes I was in,” he admitted. Setting records began early. In 1973, at age 19, he rode Sympatico at the National Horse Show over a 7’4” wall. In 1983 at WIHS, when he and Sweet ‘n’ Low cleared 7’7 ½”, he broke his own record, and that set by Barney Ward the year before aboard Glandor Akai (7’6 ¾”).

While any wall requires a powerful jump, as the inches raise so does the feeling. “The most noticeable difference about jumping a big wall is how much longer it takes from take-off to touch down and the descent gets steeper as the wall gets larger,” he explained. “As far as balance goes, the idea is the same in terms of supporting one’s position and balance, and this can be done in different styles, although the classic style is the best. The difference is that there is a significant loss of forward motion over the jump, so the balance has to be maintained throughout this process.” D’Ambrosio, who believes practice makes perfect, gave his horses mileage at home, where he had his own Puissance wall set up. And it wasn’t always the height he was going after but rather the skill of what it takes to negotiate a Puissance wall. “I taught them how to jump a wall…how to make the effort,” he explained.

������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������������������� That day when they soared to new heights is still ever present in his memory, especially the last attempt when the wall was set at the record height of 7’7 ½”. “I was very focused at the time, and approached the wall in the same manner as in the previous attempts, but with greater encouragement and support as the wall became larger.” Page 18

Timing for raising the wall at home coincided with when they were approaching a major challenge, such as the Puissance at Washington or at the National. At home, while there were no records to be broken, he’d generally not even reach 7’, because that was the warm-up and he wanted the peaking to take place during the competition. Anthony explained that the purpose of the warm-up at home was to get his horse to understand “what to do and what kind of shape he had to be in, in order to jump the wall successfully.”

These days, while his record-setting career is now just a wonderful memory, he continues his passion for negotiating courses from the ground. He now holds an International FEI judge’s license and was the course designer at the 2009 World Cup Finals in Las Vegas.

Elite Equestrian


Elite Equestrian

Page 19


iding the Puissance

Rules for Puissance competitions are clearly defined with five being the maximum number of rounds that any horse can jump and, after the initial round, there is no clock ticking away for this competition. The class includes more than just the wall. The first round is set with four to six fences (including the wall) at a minimum height of 4’6”, which is used to set the pace and warm-up the horses for the big challenge.


In each subsequent round the wall height increases while the total number of additional fences decreases, until there is just the wall and one additional fence. If after the fifth round only one rider and horse are able to clear the wall, then the victory goes to them, but if the riders remain tied, the prize money is shared.

The technique for riding a Puissance wall is very precise and who better to explain that then d’Ambrosio. “Depending on the size of the wall, one has to approach with the correct amount of impulsion, and also some, but not a great amount, of speed. The horse has to be placed for take-off at the base of the wall, so that he is asked to fully engage the hind-

quarters for the effort that is required. This is best done in a relatively fluid way, so that the horse, while compressing and otherwise preparing for a great effort, remains supple enough to find the proper bascule to clear the wall.”

Are Horses an Important Part of Your Life?� WE������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������� ����������������������� WE�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������� ��� ��������������������������������� WE���������������������������������������������������������������������������ours�� ���������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� � ������� ������� ������� ��� ������ ��� ���� ������������ ��������� ���������������������� �



WE� ���� ���� ���������� ��� ��������� ������ �������� ���� ����� ���� ������ ������ ���������� ���� ���������� ��������������� �������������������������WE�����������������������������������������������������������������������

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$�500.00� � � � � ��ST� � � � � � � � � �


All�memberships,�except�Life,�expire�December�31.� Mail�this�form�along�with�your�check�to:�� � Membership� � Pennsylvania�Equine�Council� � PO�Box�62� � Huntington�Mills,�PA�18622�0062� �����For�more�information,�call�(888)�304�0281


Please�check�one:�� ��Individual�Membership� � ��Individual�Plus�Equisure�Insurance�� ��Family�Membership� �������� � ��Family�Plus�Equisure�Insurance� ��Youth�Member�(under�18)�������� ��Business�Membership������������� �� ��Association�Membership*��������

$One Million in excess liability coverage for only $46 for an individual or $75 for a family!


Page 20

Elite Equestrian

clear the higher heights, d’Ambrosio suggests that, “an athletic, fearless horse is a good start. As far as type, I jumped the biggest walls of my career with Thoroughbred horses ranging from 15.2 to 17.1 hands. On different occasions I won with Warmbloods as well. All of these horses seemed to instinctively know how to achieve the proper bascule over a large vertical jump.” While one might think that it’s all about Puissance power, it’s also clear that jumping the Puissance wall also requires an understanding by both horse and rider of what it takes to clear this type of fence. With his record holding now for 28 years, Anthony Anthony continued by comparing how ne- d’Ambrosio has shown that his feat was gotiating grand prix jumps differs from jump- even greater than ever imagined. ing the big wall noting, “A normal grand prix jump requires many of the same elements For those who have a passion for the power I described. Maximum compression is not and skill of jumping the big wall, the Puisoften required, and more speed is necessary sance at WIHS is a must-see event. Check to ride within the time allowed, which is not it out on Friday, October 28th at this year’s a factor in the Puissance.” Washington International Horse Show because this could be the night that Anthony And when it comes to choosing the right d’Ambrosio’s “Sweet” record finds a new horse capable of the power needed to high! About the Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) www.wihs.org ��������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������

The Washington International Horse Show will be adding a new VIP dining facility at this year’s event. The new hospitality area, The Fidelity Investments® Club, overlooks the arena, providing a superb view of the jumping competition. The Fidelity Investments® Club accommodates 16 tables of 8 full, and guests are allowed access on Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings. The Acela Club, at the sky box level which also overlooks the arena, will be offered again this year as well. For more information about sponsorship, or to make reservations at either VIP hospitality location, please contact Bridget Love Meehan at 202-525-3679 or info@wihs.org.

Elite Equestrian

Page 21

Alltech National Horse Show Finds a Home at the Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky

After a hundred plus year run in the heart of New York City at Madison Square Garden, the nation’s oldest indoor horse show has been somewhat nomadic for the past decade, having landed on the Piers in New York for two unsuccessful seasons following the departure from Madison Square Garden, and then stopping in Wellington, Florida, for four years before finally landing in Syracuse, NY, four years ago. Then, after numerous complaints by a large segment of the National Horse Show exhibitor base, Mason Phelps, Jr., along with the progressive thinking members of the Board of Directors of the National Horse Show, spearheaded the drive to finally give this national equestrian treasure a permanent home. The site they chose was the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. “I speak on behalf of the entire Kentucky Horse Park in saying that we are honored to be chosen as the venue of the Alltech National Horse Show and it is our sincere wish that it will be a long and happy association,” said John Nicholson, Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Park.

“It was the logical and perfect place for the National,” Phelps said. “It’s quite simply, one of the outstanding venues in the entire world. Also, the excellent management infrastructure that Hugh Kincannon has had in place for years makes this a seamless transition,” he noted.

Hugh Kincannon, who helped direct the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, will manage the Alltech National Horse Show, “I couldn’t be more excited about this great American event coming here to the Horse Park. When I was much younger and attended the National Horse Show during its heyday in New York, it was so very special. The Alltech National Horse Show, 128th Edi- For our hunter and jumper industry, the Nation, will be held from November 2 – 6, 2011, tional was the pot of gold at the end of the at the beautiful, new Alltech Indoor Arena rainbow. The National rewarded a year’s Page 22

Elite Equestrian

ALLTECH ARENA | KENTUCKY HORSE PARK LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY | NOVEMBER 2 - 6, 2011 | Rated “AA” Hunters | Rated 6* Jumpers | CSI 4*-W

NHS.org |

twitter.com/AlltechNHS |



worth of excellence. We’re going to restore that very special feeling,” he noted.


SJHOF Junior/Amateur Championships, sponsored by Sleepy P, Chansonette and Deeridge Farm. The final Sunday is highlighted by the signature event of the National Horse Show, the ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay Finals, presented by C.M. Hadfield’s Saddlery.

This year’s show, designated CSI4*-W, will feature a complete schedule of ‘AA’-rated hunter divisions, including the Pony Lane Farm High Performance Hunter section. Also Founded in 1883 at the original Madison Square Garden, on the agenda, a big money Open Jumper the National Horse Show is America’s oldest indoor horse firmly established as a major fixture on the national division highlighted by the $75,000 Double H show, and international sports and social event calendars. The Farms Thursday’s Jump-Off class, the $60,000 National Horse Show Association’s primary activity is the annual production of the National Horse Show and all ancilSpy Coast Farm Faults Converted Speed lary events. Over the years, the National Horse Show has class on Friday and of course, the $250,000 provided financial aid to many worthwhile charities. Alltech National Horse Show Grand Prix, an For more information on the National Horse Show FEI World Cup qualifying event. $100,000 will Association of America, Limited, please visit www.nhs.org. be up for grabs for the Junior and Amateur ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Jumper divisions, including the $50,000

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701 E. Linden Street, Richland, PA 17087 Phone: (717) 866-6581 • Fax: (717) 866-7237 Page 24

Elite Equestrian

British Jump Racing & Irish Craic !* Join top jump jockey Robbie Walsh on a unique 10 day trip. CHELTENHAM INTERNATIONAL

Irish born, 3rd generation jockey Robbie Walsh on Anna Stable’s Music To My Ears. Trained by Richard Valentine.


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December 2-11, 2011


Robbie’s insightful racing knowledge and personal experiences will make this the most memorable racing trip you’ve ever taken! The International is one of the most valuable hurdle races of the entire season in Europe. �� Racing and hospitality at Cheltenham’s International two day meet and Friday evening bloodstock sale, Sandown Park, and Taunton racecourse. �� Stay in the heart of British jump racing country at The Queen’s Arms in East Garston, Lambourn. �� Enjoy private tours of top trainers’ yards and gallops. �� Dine at historic country inns with fine food & real ales.

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orld Joust Tournaments

by Gwen Nowrick

brings a traditional equestrian sport to the US �����������������������

Competitive international tournaments feature jousting and armoured combat,welcoming competitors from all over the world

All furnish’d, all in arms; All plumed like estridges that with the wind Baited like eagles having lately bathed;Glittering in golden coats, like images; As full of spirit as the month of May, And gorgeous as the sun at midsummer; Wanton as youthful goats, wild as young bulls. I saw young Harry, with his beaver on, His cuisses on his thighs, gallantly arm’d Rise from the ground like feather’d Mercury, And vaulted with such ease into his seat, As if an angel dropp’d down from the clouds, To turn and wind a fiery Pegasus And witch the world with noble horsemanship. -Henry IV Part 1, William Shakespeare


he armoured knight on horseback is one of our most powerful mythic images and at some point it makes an impression on most children. They imagine themselves astride a fiery warhorse, their armour polished to mirror-brightness, ready to do battle with the world’s villains and schoolyard bullies. The Page 26

heroic medieval hero is the ultimate symbol of strength, nobility and honour. For most, these childhood fantasies subside into the sub-conscious, to be replaced by other, perhaps more down-to-earth interests. But for a few it remains, becoming central to their lives.

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effrey Hedgecock and Gwen Nowrick share a passionate interest in history and a lifelong love of horses. Together they founded Historic Enterprises, Inc., producing high quality reproductions for the heritage industry worldwide. Since its inception in 1993, the company has gained an international reputation for excellence. While they dabbled in various forms of living history over the years, the general lack of horses and equestrian pursuits in that community left them unsatisfied.

Clad in full plate armour of his own making, Jeffrey competed at the Royal Armouries that August, and spent the next four years appearing in tournaments worldwide. From England and Scotland to New Zealand and Belgium, he was struck by the public’s enthusiasm for the genuine sport of jousting and the whole concept of an authentic historical tournament held in the modern world. At the same time he found many kindred spirits in the other competitors, who come from many different parts of the world and who shared his all-consuming Jeffrey and Gwen first went abroad in 2003, passion for horses, armour, and the culture where they attended the Easter Tournament of chivalry. With clear evidence that the at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England. tournament could be as compelling and An indistinct longing was honed to a razor enjoyable for modern audiences as it was in edge at the end of a lance, and they rethe Middle Ages, Jeffrey and Gwen began turned to the USA determined to participate looking for a way to promote the sport in a in the next UK tournament. contemporary setting. Page 28

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possible. Points were accrued by striking the opponent in the chest and by breaking one’s lance. It was a jaw-dropping spectacle, and real edge-of-the-seat competition. This was without doubt the most heroic and spectacular horse event Jeffrey and Gwen had ever seen, and they resolved to introduce the sport in the USA.

‘The tournament was a sport...It had the social cachet of polo and show jumping, and also the popular appeal of professional rugby. But tournaments were also as dangerous and thrilling as extreme sports are a thousand years later. -David Crouch, University of Derby, from ‘Tournament’(2005) The Royal Armouries tournament was compelling because the action was real. It was not some scripted dinner-theatre amusement or weekend stunt-show, it was a real, scored equestrian event; modern people competing hard in a real -albeit historicalsport. Competitors displayed great skill in the handling of weapons and horses as they ran against each other, aiming to strike as hard, and with as much accuracy, as

WorldJoust Tournaments was born in early 2007. Their mission statement: ‘WorldJoust Tournaments™ is dedicated to the creation of historical tournaments and their development into a modern international sport.’ Equestrians are accustomed to historical traditions in horse sports, from polo whites, divot stomping and Ascot hats to hunting horns, cowboy boots and jockey silks. Therefore the organizers felt that the traditional trappings and ceremonies of a medieval tournament could be understood and embraced by the equestrian community. The WJT tournament follows a traditional model outlined during the golden age of tournaments in the fourteenth and fifteenth

Continued... Elite Equestrian

Page 29

extra point is awarded to the competitor who breaks his lance furthest from the point. Non- jousting events can be armoured combat on foot with pollaxes, or the club tourney, also called the mounted mêlée. In the tourney armoured competitors fight in teams armed with short clubs, the object being to strike and harry the members of the opposite side as often as possible, and for as long as possible, forcing them to give up or give in first. Here horsemanship, style, and maneuverability are rewarded at the discretion of the judges.


centuries. Like three-day eventing, the tournament takes place over a specified number of days, and is comprised of a series of scored events designed to test the skill and endurance of the competitors. Although the specific format can vary, the recommended daily schedule is two sessions of jousting, along with a scored, non-jousting combat event, and a non-scored display of ����������������������� horsemanship. Points are cumulative, and the competitor with the most points at the Non-scored displays consist of games deend of the event is declared the winner. signed to exhibit prowess on horseback with the sword, lance, spear and javelin. The rules of the joust require each competitor ride his horse into a prescribed ‘lane’ Horses and riders wear fifteenth-century which runs on either side of a tall barrier, clothing and armour, with each event called the ‘tilt’. In his right hand he carbeginning with the competitors and ground ries an eleven-foot wooden lance, the last staff parading onto the field in a procession three-feet of which can break on impact with banners, flags and music. and is replaceable. A shield is hung over the left side of his chest and shoulder. The horse WJT tournaments are top-level events, and must maintain a moderate to fast canter participation is by invitation only. Comthroughout the pass, or ‘course’, at the risk petitors for each event are selected from a of losing points. The object is to break the roster of competitors established by Worldlance on the opponent’s shield. Like other Joust Tournaments. To be eligible, riders equestrian sports, it is important to stay on must have been competing and winning on the horse- unhorsings in jousting, though the international circuit for at least a year. spectacular, are very rare and are not the Competitors are added to the roster after express goal. Points are scored for breaking an evaluation of their skills and the quality of the lance and the extent of the break. An their equipment. Page 30

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The first WorldJoust Tournament was held in October of 2007 in southern California. Wildfires caused widespread devastation, and the event was nearly canceled. Originally named ‘The World Invitational Joust’, the event was renamed “The Tournament of the Phoenix’ when English competitor Dominic Sewell told the assembled crowd‘We thought the fires would destroy us, but instead we have risen, Phoenix-like, from the ashes.’


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear YeLet all...men...know ... there will be a very great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with maces of one measure and rebated swords, in appropriate armor, with crests, coats of arms and horses covered with the arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom...’ -The Book of the Tournament, King René d’Anjou, c. 1460

The Sword of Chivalry Tournament followed in April of 2008, and the Tournament of the Phoenix continues to ‘rise from the ashes’ every October near San Diego, and regularly features jousters from all over the world. In 2010 WorldJoust Tournaments added the first expansion event, held at St. Columban in Quebec and called the ‘Tournoi du Lys d’Argent’ (‘Tournament of the Silver Lily’). Organizers signed a three-year contract, and the second Lys d’Argent event will be held in September 2011.


Page 32

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Talks are underway to expand the WorldJoust circuit to Edmonton, Alberta, also in Canada, and to France in 2012. Further expansions are anticipated. The 2011 edition of the Tournament of the Phoenix takes place in Poway California on October 21, 22 and 23. Six competitors, from England, Poland and the USA will battle it out over two days of grueling competition. For more information on World Joust Tournaments, The Tournament of the Phoenix and the Lys d’Argent, please visit www.WorldJoust.com. Find us on Facebook - World Joust Tournaments (group) and Tournament of the Phoenix 2011 (event).


-story by Gwen Nowrick, gwen@historicenterprises.com



you care.

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������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������


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Page 33



������������������� Buying a six-figure high performance show horse and being lied to about a pre-existing condition and/or history of lameness is not what a buyer expects of seller or seller’s agent/trainer at the time of sale. Such blatant deceit is fraud. Nonetheless, a common practice of sellers in the horse industry is to mask the truth of the horse’s prior history of lameness with half-truths about the horse’s more ‘current’ suitability, performance, and soundness. The exception being full disclosure by seller of all information within his or her knowledge about the horse’s soundness, suitability for buyer’s intended use, and medical history at the time of the sales transaction. In the law, we are all familiar with the legal phrase “caveat emptor,” Latin for “Let the buyer beware.” Caveat emptor is a warning that notifies a buyer that the goods he or she is purchasing are ‘as is’ or subject to defects. When a sale is subject to this warning the buyer assumes the risk that the horse might be unsuitable for his or her intended use. However, as a general rule, a seller cannot hide behind “caveat emptor” and escape liability for his or her own fraud. In other words, a party cannot contract away liability for their own fraud. (Calf. Civ. Code §1668) Under California law as a matter of public policy a seller’s fraud voids the sales transaction ab initio, from the beginning. A party to a contract who has been guilty of fraud in its inducement cannot absolve himself or herself from the effects of his or her fraud by any stipulation in a contract. Such stipulation or waiver will be ignored for the reasons that the fraud renders the whole agreement voidable, including any exculpatory (as-is) or waiver provisions.

As with most lawsuits, the court’s analysis of such legal and factual issues is determined on a case-by-case basis. In some states, like California, the pre-purchase examination does not in every case insulate seller from liability for his or her own fraud nor prevent a plaintiff buyer in a fraud action to demonstrate his or her “reliance” on seller’s misrepresentations notwithstanding the medical information buyer garnered from his or her veterinarian and the pre-purchase examination.

d u

Case law teaches a buyer should not limit his or her inquiry(s) about the horse to a three- or six-month window of time regarding any lameness and past medical history and in particular any joint injections – such a restrictive time frame is practiced by most equine veterinarians when conducting the pre-purchase examination. At the very least, buyer, buyer’s agent and/or equine veterinarian, should request from seller the horse’s written medical history and get a written disclosure statement from seller and/or seller’s agent to back up his or her representations. Buyer’s inquiries should be made in the context of “ever” – to seller’s knowledge has the horse “ever” been lame, “ever” been treated for a lameness condition, etc.

a r

The modern trend in laws is to protect the consumer-buyer. The doctrine of caveat venditor – “Let the seller beware” – has become more prevalent. Increased responsibilities have been placed upon the horse seller and/or his or her agents. For example, new statutory laws have been enacted in some states which mandate express disclosure of dual representation and agent commissions at the time of the sale.


Under California law, the critical legal principle at common law remains actionable – “When one speaks, he must tell the truth.” So when you, buyer, ask the question: “Has the horse ever been lame?” Once seller speaks he is bound to state truly what he tells and has the legal duty to make a full and fair disclosure all facts within his knowledge which materially qualify those stated.

Further, a meaningful pre-purchase examination is crucial to buyer’s decision-making process. From the legal perspective, the pre-purchase examination is an event which, in some cases, affords a viable legal defense for the seller in a fraud suit. The right to inspect the goods, or as here, to conduct a pre-purchase examination prior to the purchase is an event which seller may argue in defense of suit that buyer did not rely upon seller’s representations but rather upon buyer’s veterinarian’s opinions about the soundness, physical condition, and suitability of the horse for buyer’s intended use. Thus, a seller may argue that buyer’s ‘reliance’ (an element of fraud) on the seller’s representations about the horse’s soundness and suitability is arguably a moot point superseded by the pre-purchase examination and buyer’s decision whether or not to purchase the horse. Page 34

Finally, while a buyer generally is under no legal duty to investigate whether seller’s representations of soundness and suitability are in fact true, prior to purchase common sense dictates review of the horse’s registration papers (confirm age, identity, and breeding), the horse’s show record, and written medical record if available. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the purchase price. The purchase entails a life-long commitment (at least for most amateur riders) and pursuit of one’s dreams which are heightened if you are buying a high performance show horse and have aspirations on the show circuit. Don’t forget about the horse. The horse is a living being who deserves a healthy and good life, particularly as a high performance show horse, without being pushed to train and show with ‘hidden defects’ that cause pain and discomfort that in most cases, become chronic and progressively worse. In fraud cases involving nondisclosure and misrepresentation, a legal argument can be made that the seller has treated the horse inhumanely by not disclosing the truth. A subject for another article another day, but in the meantime, one need only consider their respective discipline show rules which more often than not include “Welfare of the horse” provisions. Robyn Ranke practices business litigation in San Diego, California. She is a 1992 graduate of Thomas Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan, with an undergraduate degree from University of Illinois, Chicago. Ms Ranke is an avid equestrian and has expanded her business law practice to include equine law casesinvolving high performance sport horses with an emphasis in the disciplines of show jumping and dressage. Robyn Rank, Esq robynranke@att.net

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Page 35

Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrians Program “Pure Unbridled Joy” ������������������������������ ��������������������������������� ������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������ ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������


����������������������������� ���������������������������� The Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrian Program a world-renowned rehabilitation and recreation program for children and adults who are deaf, blind and multidisabled, MGHSE’s mission is to maximize the potential for AIDB students’ well-being by providing equine-facilitated activities in the areas of therapy, sport, and recreation to enhance physical and mental skills, aid in mobilization and promote socialization and communication. The largest facility in the nation serving children and adults with sensory disabilities, MGHSE provides controlled physical and occupational therapy activities on horseback and recreational activities to AIDB students and clients, providing 2,698 hippotherapy, adaptive therapeutic and recreational rides in Fiscal Year 2009-10. MGHSE is a National Association of Rider’s for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) Premier Certified Accredited Center and was recertified in 2010 again attaining “Premier” status – the highest level of certification awarded by NARHA. The Alabama Institute is broken down into the School for the Deaf, the School for the Blind, E.H. Gentry Technical Facility and the Helen Keller School, all of in which the MGHSE serves. Life can be a daring adventure for AIDB students who, without MGHSE, may not have Page 36

the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a horse…the sense of pride of controlling something larger than themselves…or the increased range of motion from adaptive therapeutic riding and hippotherapy – this daring adventure assists Awakenings; Helen Keller School students whose bodies are not stable enough to ride. Awakenings students have sensory disabilities and severe physical and mental disabilities and do not yet meet AIDB’s Admissions’ requirements. However, the goal is to help these students acquire skills to transfer into the Helen Keller School—AIDB’s Unit for students with sensory and/or physical and mental disabilities. Jennifer Oldenberg, Lead Awakenings Instructor, shares that one particular student has transferred what she learned in the Barn Class to her own independent living skills. “This student can now walk from the kitchen to the bathroom and brush her teeth – she was never able to do this prior to working with the equestrian program,” states Oldenburg. “My students develop such a close relationship with the MGHSE instructors and volunteers. It is so very important for them to have that consistency”. “The students learn to communicate which, of course, carries

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����� � �� ����� � � � � ��

��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ���������������� ����������������������������������������������� ������������������ ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������

������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������


over into the classroom,” continues Oldenburg. “For the longest time, one student would say certain words within the MGHSE ring that I could not get him to say in class. However, through continued work at the arena, he is learning to control his environment through verbalization.” Not only does MGHSE program have seven highly trained professionals employed at the facility; volunteers play a vital role in the success of the entire team. Volunteers are of our most invaluable assets – our volunteers. Without the support of the over 75 MGHSE volunteers, our programs would not be where they are today!

Trails, laced with wild roses, blueberry bushes, forsythia, and other plants, stimulating the sense of smell. The Trails are designed so riders travel over varying surfaces and varying directions. Indoor activities include practicing for Special Olympics and other statewide horse shows; shooting hoops or circling barrels; and helping feed and care for the horses.

Hippotherapy, is when a licensed Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist, works with students to achieve functional goals. Hippotherapy provides different means to achieving therapeutic goals. Children willingly and more excitMGHSE Volunteers assist in “Alone we can edly participate in aca variety of ways: do so li�le; together we can tivities on a horse rather • Leading horses during than traditional therapy do so much.” lessons; methods, like those on a • Sidewalking (walking - Helen Keller mat or with a ball. alongside the horse to offer the rider support when needed); Adaptive Therapeutic riding is similar to • Grooming horses; recreational riding, but NARHA-certified • Tacking up horses; instructors have special training on adaptive • Cooling down horses; riding lessons to accommodate the rider’s • Cleaning tack; disability. A person walks on either side of • Horse care; the horse, with another leading. The term • Assisting with fundraisers; “therapeutic riding” is a superb descriptor • Participating in public relations; as many students who cannot participate in • Assisting with administrative duties; traditional riding lessons are able to partici• Planning of/participation in Special Events pate in adapted lessons. They experience • Anything else that needs doing! the joy of learning to direct such a large animal. The MGHSE arena, built 21 years ago, covers approximately one acre; the land it sits on The “Ability Room” provides students a is 23 acres. The arena seats 1,500 with the place to practice functional activities cap accommodate 2,500. MGHSE has three immediately before or after dismount in barns, an outdoor riding ring, two sensory hippotherapy. One end of the Ability Room trails, a lunging pen, and a 39,000 square is comprised of interchangeable terrain to foot indoor arena—the total value of which simulate rubber, gravel, mulch, sand, and is estimated at more than $2 million. A brief grass—surfaces experienced on a horse, description of the various programs implebut also those experienced while walking or mented at the arena are as follows: utilizing a wheelchair. These textures test stuRecreational activities include two Sensory dents’ balance, providing a needed break Page 38

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at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Wellington Classic Dressage


Wellington Classic Autumn Challenge Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge I Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CDI3*+ World Dressage Masters CDI5+ Palm Beach Wellington Classic Spring Challenge CDI3*+ Wellington Classic Challenge II CDIW Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge III Wellington Classic Dressage In Tropics I & II Wellington Classic Fall Challenge I & II Wellington Classic Autumn Challenge Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge

October 23, 2011 December 10-11, 2011 January 6-8, 2012 January 26-29, 2012 January 26-29, 2012 February 9-12, 2012 March 8-11, 2012 April 21-22, 2012 July 21-22, 2012 September 15-16, 2012 October 20-21, 2012 December 8-9, 2012

+Preliminary schedule, subject to ďŹ nal approvals.

www.wellingtonclassicdressage.com Elite Equestrian

Page 39

break from the classroom in the winter. The other end of the Ability Room has built-in equipment such as a suspended bolster swing to test vestibular (sensory receptors in the inner ear) strength and a small set of stairs to test balance. Fine motor devices are mounted to the walls, encouraging students to stretch their arms upward, strengthen muscles.

behaviors, attitudes and moods impact us as well as others.

Equine Facilitated Mental Health is an approach that provides students with opportunities to enhance self-awareness and re-pattern maladaptive behaviors, feelings and attitudes. It is used to both promote personal exploration of feelings and behaviors, and allows for clinical interpretation of feelings and behaviors. Equine Facilitated Mental Health may be used for people with psychosocial issues and mental health needs that result in any significant variation in cognition, mood, judgment, insight, anxiety level, perception, social skills, communication, behavior, or learning. Psychologist, Kathryn Duncan says,” Through the years of incorporating and using EFMH, we have been blessed to experience and witness some very touching moments between horse and client.

Another example involved a student that had experienced trauma and hence was/is having issues with self-confidence and assertiveness. By going to the arena and working with the horses via tacking, brushing, leading the horse, and riding, the student began to exhibit more and more confidence. The teachers reported that the student was more talkative in class, responded to peer situations in a more confident manner and was more assertive in requesting information in class. The Riders Club was developed three years ago for students at AIDB’s three schools who exhibit an extraordinary interest in riding. The Riders Club, which currently numbers 20 students, although triple that audition each year, they teaches all aspects of horse-back riding including the anatomy of a horse. Students perform outside research and homework on equine-related topics and have opportunities to perform in shows and Special Olympics.

This year, our Rider’s Club presented “A Medieval Fairy Tale” – their very first theatriOne example that really was so touching is cal production. With elaborate costumes that the horse and client bonded to such and special effects, the member’s of the a degree that the student was able to play rider’s club kept onlookers spellbound as soccer, run through the fields with the horse, they performed complicated maneuvers have the horse mimic what the student and precision choreography while telling a was doing (both behavior as well as mood story of bravery and true love. and attitude). Because the horse and client were “mirroring” so well, it opened up great discussions and personal reflecting on how

COTNERTRAILERS, TRAILERS, INC.INC. COTNER 8521 Easton Road (Route 611) Revere, PA 18953

610-847-2237 or 888-856-3138

www.CotnerTrailers.com Page 40

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AIDB students learn more than horsemanship skills within MGHSE. They gain confidence, gain independence, learn teamwork with their horses and the other students, develop character and discover that all things are possible! They are no longer restricted by their disabilities. There is a freedom that can only be experienced on the back of a horse and our students understand it best. To help sustain the MGHSE program, the AIDB Foundation has created an endowment for the Arena. By establishing an endowment, unrestricted dollars continue to grow since a portion of the income from the endowment is distributed to the Arena while a portion is reinvested. As of December 31, 2007, the Market Value of the MGHSE Endowment was $837,267.04. Due to the flux of the Stock Market, the Market Value of the MGHSE endowment was is $648,327 as of December 31, 2008. We have since rebounded slightly with a Market Value of the MGHSE Endowment as of December 3, 2010 being $754,656.37. The endowment program is truly “the gift that keeps on giving”. Time Magazine called AIDB’s MGHSE Program “a model in the education of the disabled.” The Wall Street Journal cited the MGH program as a “striking example of how disabilities can be overcome.” Most recently, National Geographic stated that AIDB students “get more than just an education.” AIDB and MGHSE have also been featured in USA Today, People Magazine, Biography Magazine and on ABC News, Cable News Network (CNN), Alabama and National Public Television, and numerous other media outlets including PBS and Jeopardy!

The story behind the Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrian Program: Over twenty years ago, Marianna Greene Henry began to encourage her parents, Pat and Marilyn Greene, to begin hippotherapy classes on their farm for AIDB’s students. It was her dream to build a facility to help children with sensory and multiple disabilities through horseback riding. Tragically, Marianna died at age 31 before seeing her dream become reality. Pat and Marilyn, with their son, Tim, carried out Marianna’s dream and founded a 501 C-3 called the Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrian Program in her memory and established the MGHSE Foundation. For more information on the MGHSE Program, call Tim Greene – Arena Coordinator 256-761-3364 or visit our website www.mgharena.com . Join us on FaceBook through the link on the website to get daily updates on activities.

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Page 41

Charity’s horses boost the confidence of hundreds of disabled people in Scotland

Six World Horse Welfare rehomed horses are playing important roles and making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of people in different ways in Scotland.


During the leading international horse charity’s ‘Rehome a Horse Month’ in July, the charity is encouraging more people to consider rehoming rather than buying by highlighting the fantastic range of horses and ponies that are already in new homes being used in wonderful ways. Aida and Naiad: World Horse Welfare’s Aida and Naiad, who are sisters, have been rehomed by Bannockburn Riding for the Disabled Group where they play a valuable part in the day-to-day activities at the centre. Since their arrival in 2009, the horses are ridden, used for carriage driving and vaulting by the 200 clients of all ages who visit the centre each week. The two grey ponies along with the other 15 working horses at the centre are used in lessons, hacking, driving, equestrian vaulting, as well as provide opportunities for the clients to learn about horse care and stable management. Carol Simpson is Development Manager at the centre and said “They are very versatile ponies, they’re both very opinionated, they both like to get their way but they’ve got lovely personalities. They’re very obliging; we’ve worked with lots of different clients with them and they’re very reliable in terms of the types of riders we have using them. Page 42

“They’ve adapted very well to the training programme that we put in place for them. It is important as some of our clients are unpredictable in terms of the way they behave or lack the same balance that an able-bodied rider might have. “They’ve come here, they’ve settled in well, the clients love them and they’ve got a fantastic attitude towards the work that they’ve been asked to do, so I think it’s a win-win all-round.” A video of Aida and Naiad at Bannockburn Riding for the Disabled Group is available to add into your web pages here: http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=5Vn3spfiKdA

Sammay: Sammay is a 14 year-old Chestnut Shetland pony who has been with the Reid family for a year and a half where she is stabled in Carnoustie in Scotland. Sammay was rehomed by the family for their three year old daughter, Kacey, who suffers from Turners

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Join Us For Our 2012 Show Series At These 2 Venues The Jim Brandon Equestrian Center AND The Horse Park At The Equestrian Estates


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Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Equestrian Estates Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Equestrian Estates Equestrian Estates Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Equestrian Estates Equestrian Estates Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Equestrian Estates Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon Jim Brandon


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+Preliminary schedule, subject to final approvals.

For Wellington Classic Dressage Information: www.wellingtonclassicdressage.com �������������������������������������������������� For International Horse Sport Palm Beach Information: www.ihspb.com E-mail: nosullivan@wellingtonclassicdressage.com Ph: 561-227-1570; Fax: 561-227-1571

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Horse Sports Photography

Kacey’s mum Val said “Kacey fell in love with Sammay from the moment she saw her at World Horse Welfare’s Belwade Farm and you could see the bond between them instantly, so I knew that we had to bring Sammay home with us.”

Aida and Naiad Syndrome which affects her growth, kidneys, blood pressure, development skills and speech. Before rehoming Sammay, Kacey had always been around horses since birth, as her older sister had horses. She also learned to ride at an early age, and was having lessons at the Braes Riding School for the Disabled, when at the age of two-and-a-half, Kacey wanted to be around them even more. This is when Kacey’s mum Val decided that maybe they should try and find a small Shetland pony for her.

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Kacey visits Sammay at weekends and during the week after Nursery where she grooms her and hacks her out on the lead rein. Val continues “Sammay’s extremely kind and gentle and is a perfect pony for Kacey. Kacey’s personality has altered dramatically since Sammay has been with us as she is more confident; she has started to talk a lot more rather Sammay than use sign language, and is a much more positive child. Because of Kacey’s height and frame, I believe that Sammay will be with us for a long time.” A video of Sammay and Kacey is available to add into your web pages here: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=WrAEzR6aGS4

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up we have needed more ponies and bigger ones! We had such success with Dennis that we thought the only place we could look for another horse was World Horse Welfare.

Mabaline, Zara and Dennis: Mabaline, Zara and Dennis have all been rehomed by the same family – the Sturrocks who stable the ponies at their farm in Carnoustie. Each of the ponies are ridden, or have been ridden in the past, by the family’s four daughters. Mabaline who is an 11 year-old 12.2hh dun is used for hacking and driving, Zara who is a 12 year-old 13.0hh chestnut is competed to a high level in show jumping and used for hacking, dressage and cross country, and Dennis who is a 13 year-old 11.3hh chestnut roan is also used for hacking and takes part in show jumping, cross country and dressage competitions. Mum, Janice Sturrock said “We have had Dennis for about four years and he has been a fantastic pony but as the girls have grown

• • • •

Janice goes on to offer advice to other people thinking about getting a new horse “Going to World Horse Welfare is great because you’re giving the ponies a chance of a new life and a good life. I would also always say to them to look on the World Zara Horse Welfare website and look at the options available because it frees up space for new cases. You’re rehoming and giving another one a second chance; then another pony can get that chance also of starting off its rehabilitation in a centre to then be rehomed itself.” A video of the Sturrock family with their ponies is available to add into your web pages here: http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2wVKOVD0MQ

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Pick up service within 24 hours with no charge. Offering the most dignified transportation and handling. Hand crafted wood urn provided at no extra charge. Providing whole horse cremation, maintaining the highest level of dignity. Elite Equestrian

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Equestrian Real Estate Showcase

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Equestrian Real Estate Showcase


eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Little Ranches Classic Custom Estate This elegant residence has over 7,500 total square feet and is perfect for entertaining including the conservatory overlooking the pool, and an 8-stall barn, billard room & bar and an oversized great room. Adjacent lot may be sold separately. Call today for a private showing. Price Upon Request.

Hillary Oswald, Realtor cell - 561.312.2545 hoswald@coastalsir.com

Allen Hunting, Realtor cell - 561.401.2600 ahunting@coastalsir.com

Coastal Sotheby’s International Realty 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 o. +1 561.694.0058 | www.coastalsir.com

© MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. If you property is listed with a real estate broker, please disregard. It is not our intention to solicit offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated.

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The Horseman’s Dream www.FrontRangeHorseProperty.com

Come to Loveland, Colorado!

����������������������������������������������� ����������� �������� ��� ���� ������ ������ ��� ���� �������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ����������������� Offered at $2,295,000 � 32 Heated Stalls � Indoor Arena 100’ x 250’ � 65 Irrigated Acres � Substantial Hay Yield � Outdoor Stalls and Arena

������������������������������������������������ ���� ���� ����������� ��� ������ ������� ��� ���� ������������ ��� ������ ������� ����� ��� ������ ��������� ���� ���������� ���������� ���������� ��������� ���� ������� ����� ����� ������� ��� ���� ��������� ������ ������ ������� �������������� �������� ���� ���� ������ ��������� ��������� ���������������������������� Colorado Landmark, Realtors 2350 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

Candace Loving 303.332.4530


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Equestrian Real Estate Showcase

Alpine, NJ


You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to own 14 acres of pristine land in a sought-after community just 6 miles from the George Washington Bridge and minutes from New York City. Build your dream home or transform the graceful 13,000-square-foot English Manor on the former estate of Henry Clay Frick to suit your needs and lifestyle. With rolling lawns, lush English gardens, specimen trees and expansive grounds to accommodate up to 14 horses, this exquisite property offers privacy and tranquility. An aviary, large pond and swans add to the serenity of this paradise. Additional features include a carriage house, staff lodging, equestrian barn and private security for the entire property. This magnificent estate, which embodies the refined elegance of a bygone era, provides a unique opportunity to create your own special sanctuary and still live within commuting distance of Manhattan. Michele Kolsky-Assatly Sales Associate Direct: 201-944-6583 Cell: 201-310-6136

©2011 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC.

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Maria Taylor, Realtor Equestrian Property Specialist Providing quality real estate services to buyers and sellers

“Let me put my real estate and equestrian experience to work for you!”

Just Listed! Chalfont, Pa - Custom built Stone Cape on 4 acres - updated kitchen and new baths, full-finished walkout basement w/ fireplace. 2-car detached garage, Bluestone walkways, abundant beds of perennials and specimen shrubs. A 4 stall barn w/ water, electric, tack/feed room and hay storage. Each stall has a dutch door opening to exterior run. A full-size dressage arena, 2 large pastures w/ electric, 2 dry lots and a round pen complete this equestrian property. $525,000

Just Listed! Perkasie, Pa -3 Bedroom Ranch home w/ 2 bedroom In-law/ Guest apartment w/ separate entrance on 10+ acres. Inground heated pool w/ spa and poolhouse. 3 yr old 5 stall barn w/ wash stall, tack and feed rooms. 2nd floor overlooks stalls for haydrop or storage. 2nd barn with 2 stalls, tack room and dutch doors to 2 pastures. Pole barn for hay and equipment, 4 additional pastures w/ no-climb fencing, fenced arena and grass jumping field. Country setting with perennials, vegetable garden, hay field and vineyard! New roof soon to be installed. Too many details to mention! $800,000 ►

Just Listed! ◄Flemington, NJ - Charming restored colonial with updated utilities, stainess appliances, and new tile baths. Hearty plank sided and all new windows. Many original features including random oak and pine flooring,antique doors and built-in cabinets. Septic installed when purchased. Outbuildings include a large chicken coop, original exposed stone building. Barn, fenced pastures and an all-weather riding ring with exceptional drainage. Conveniently located close to Flemington and Frenchtown. $450,000

Equestrian Real Estate Showcase

6319 Lower York Road New Hope, Pa 18938 215-862-3385 x 7674 Cell: 215-317-3062 Visit my website for more property info, photos and Virtual Tours!

www.HomesByMariaTaylor.com A little bit of heaven... for you and your horses! Totally remodeled 4BR, 2.5Ba home w/ Roger Wright custom kitchen, in-law or guest suite, 3-stall barn w/ water & electric, hayloft, additional pole barn, lighted riding ring and more. This 4+ acre property was thoughtfully designed for convenience and management of horses and land. See web site for more info! $725,000

◄Pipersville, Pa - Bring your horses home! Custom home w/granite kitchen, luxurious master bath, 5 bedrms, 3 baths and In-law Suite w/ sep entrance. 3-stall barn with room for expansion and fenced pasture. Great location with a country feel, but close to town & Central Bucks schools. $750,000

Wrightstown Twp, Pa - Lone Oak Farm is a classic equestrian property situated on 21.50 acres. The 7-stall barn w/tack room and wash stall is served by a separate well. A second driveway onto the farm provides direct access to the barn. 2 outdoor riding arenas, 5 no-climb fenced pastures and acres of wooded trails. Farmhouse w/ inground pool is surrounded by beautiful gardens. A detached 3-car oversized garage complete with a lift has 2nd floor... a contractor or car enthusiast’s dream! $1,600,000 ►

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Make Land Preservation An Equestrian Priority!

  

A Bucks County regional conservancy, accredited nationally Protecting over 4000 acres of preserved land in 5 townships. Your membership helps preserve open space in upper Bucks County.


   


Metal Roofing & Siding Buy Direct – We Manufacture ABM Panel & ABX Panel For Roofing – Siding – Liner • 21 colors in Painted G100 Premium Panel • 13 Colors in Painted Standard Panel • Galvalume • Galvanized • Aluminum • Huge selection in #2

Arbonne International Consultant ���������������������� �������������������

Suzane Voorhees AM#15651500 http://cmt.myarbonne.com

908-475-1587 Cell: 908-472-8843

Full Line of Pole Building Material in stock ready to ship. Get us a material list and we can usually have it on the job site in 24 hours.

Main location: 150 Slate Rd. Ephrata Pa. 17522 800-373-3703 Fax 717 445-7893 Mon - Fri 7am to 5pm Newville, PA: 800 782-2712 Fax 717 776-0112 35 Ridge Rd, Mon – Fri 7am -4:30 pm


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Elite Equestrian

Equestrian Real Estate Showcase

exceptional equestrian estate

40 miles to dulless international airport, virginia

Nestled, behind a gate on 125+ open lush acres, this stunning farm offers stabling for 27 horses, board fenced paddocks, an arena, a 6 horse exerciser under roof, an equine swim facility and miles of beautiful ride out. The light filled custom stone and cedar home boasts wide plank wood floors, a massive fireplace and cathedral ceiling, sited on a knoll enjoying panoramic views. A multi unit cottage houses guests and employees. Take a dip in the sparkling pool or fish the bold trout stream. Excellent private yet very convenient location just minutes to the Upperville show grounds and numerous hunts. $3,775,000

cindy polk 703.966.9480


gloria rose ott 540.454.4394


amrfp llc 204 e. washington st middleburg va 20117





An Equestrian’s Dream in a private setting!


... For Your Barn, Stable, Courtyard Or Home. � � ������������������� �������������������� ������������������� ������������������ ������������������������ ������������������������ �������������������������

Custom-built English Cape farmhouse featuring 3 bed, 3 F bths, hrdwd floors, fireplace, 2-car oversized garage. 92 acres total with an Amish Custom- built Barn (5 years new) with a goodsized lighted indoor riding arena. 6 stalls(expandable for more), tack room, indoor and outdoor kennels, all climate controlled. 5 large, fenced paddocks with turn-out sheds, outdoor sand training and riding arena, circular lunging pen. Possible subdivision! Westampton, NJ, only a few minutes to the NJ Turnpike, Routes 295, 541 and 38! $2,600,000

A blend of the best of both worlds!

ONLY $25 each plus shipping & handling

Call Robert To Order: 908-537-9556

Look for my booth at many horse shows in N.J.

Millstone Manor Horse Farm combines the amenities of a custom built 4 bed, center hall colonial with a well-maintained working horse farm. Gourmet eat-in kitchen with granite counter tops, Florida rm with hrdwd floors, surround-sound system & 30 feet of custom tinted, insulated sliding doors to multi-level deck w/ hot tub. 4 stall barn w/ electric, water, & fire/smoke/motion sec.system, paddock, riding rings. 15+ acres Chatsworth, NJ $699.900

(856) 235-1950 ext. 171 Cell: 609-685-0213 202 W Main St Moorestown, NJ 08057-2326 jblackman@weichert.com

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Cowboy and Horse Collectibles Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori


At my antiques appraisal events presented all over the United States, I review my fair share of objects that relate to horses. From horse blankets to spurs, there are many objects that relate to equestrian pursuits which bring great joy and good value to their owners.

Recently, I was invited to present an evening of art and antiques appraisals as a charity fundraiser and discussed some of the objects that the audience brought in for evaluation. Facts about the history of collecting equestrian items made this assemblage of old treasures –including celebrity cowboy objects--all the more precious. Appraisals of old stuff sparked new discussions about heirlooms and the current art and antiques market. A few vintage images of famous horse lovers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans got my attention.

Page 56

In addition to famous celebrity cowboys like Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, and John Wayne, there has been a surge for objects that relate to America’s love affair with Roy Rogers and his trusty horse, Trigger. The market has its share of unique Roy Rogers objects like valuable lunchboxes with a lithographed image of the cowboy on the front worth $1,200 or a Trigger tricycle which features the vehicle with a formed plastic horse head attached to the handlebars. The Trigger tricycle has a market value of $2,500.

Elite Equestrian

ART, HOME, FASHION This photograph (left) of a broadly grinning Roy Rogers commands $1,500 with collectors on today’s vintage collectibles market. And, what’s more, photographic images of Trigger alone or his pal, Buttermilk (Dale Evan’s light buckskin quarter horse with dark points) in good condition can bring as much as $500 to $750.

A Wonderful Inspiration

Roy and Dale married in 1947 and remained married for 51 years. Highlighting the joy of tending to horses and living among these lovely animals brought a new appreciation to collecting horserelated, movie memorabilia featuring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

When looking to collect vintage photographs of horses or celebrities, remember these tips: Don’t display photographs in direct sunlight. Display photographs under glass in a dark area of your home to prevent fading. Don’t handle photographs with your hands as oils may be transferred to the print and speed up deterioration of the print by attracting dirt. Always ask for acid free, museum quality framing materials for your vintage photographs. Don’t drymount a photograph to flatten it, this will devalue the appraised value of an original photographic print.

������������������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� Above photo: Elite Equestrian’s Marketing ����������������������������������������������������� Director, Bill Vander Brink’s grand father. ���������������������������������������������������� Photo taken approximately 1919, somewhere ��������������������������������������������� in the west, and yes, he was a real cowboy! ����������������������������

Attend Dr. Lori’s FREE ANTIQUES APPRAISAL EVENT at the Laurel Mall in Hazleton, PA September 17th

For Information, call 888-431-1010 or www. DrLoriV.com

Philipp Stained Glass www.philippstudio.com/equestrian.htm

Fall $ale

For information call (845) 462-5156

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Why Choose An Agent With a Niche? True or False. Real estate agents . . . . they’re all the same. Just pick any one to help sell or buy a home. True False There are many real estate professionals in since they work with properties of that type the business, but they are NOT all the same. all the time. Not sure if your property qualiSome are residential sales, some commerfies for that niche? Since they are knowlcial, and then there are those that have a edgeable in that field, using their expertise, niche. The agents that have a niche special- they are able inform you whether or not ize in an area that they have an expertise. your property has the potential for it. By expertise, I mean they are knowledgeReal estate professionals with a niche tend able in that field and are best qualified to to carry listings in their specialty field and assist in that area. work with buyers that are searching for properties in that particular niche area. For instance, my niche is in rural and horse properties and farms. Having over 30 years in the horse community, I am quite knowlSo, when either searching for or placing your edgeable in this area of expertise. Without unique property on the market, consider the expertise, the property would be marworking with a niche real estate profesketed to the general consumer, who may sional. They are better able to assist you with not have an interest in a large property, your unique real estate needs. and miss out completely on a buyer that is ������������������������� searching a horse property because they ������������������������������ were unaware of the property being on the ������������������������������������������������� market. ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������� Niche real estate agents are more familiar �������������������������������������������������������������� with how the property should be priced 

  

   

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    


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Proper Equestrian Style �������������

It has frequently been noted in horse circles that the horse does not make the rider. The same should not be said of the rider’s attire. Back in 1924, Ivy Maddison wrote in her book:, Riding Astride for Girls: “In the first place, when we appear among strangers, our horsemanship, until we have an opportunity to prove it, will be appraised by those conversant in such matters by nothing less trivial than the cut of our breeches and the fit of our boots.” ����������������������������� �������������������������������� ����������������������������������� Page 60

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Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant

������������������������� ������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������ ������������� Page 61 Elite Equestrian �����������������������������


eorgina Bloomberg, who will likely be among the many top equestrians competing at the Washington International Horse Show at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. October 25-20, knows all about proper riding attire. As a little girl, she showed ponies at all the top horse shows, including the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair along suburban Philadelphia’s Main Line. She wore jodhpurs and paddock boots while riding small ponies and, because “my trainer was very strict, I had to wear my hair in pigtails until I was about ten years old.” It was about this time when Georgina recalls getting her first pair of tall boots. “Getting the tall boots was very exciting,” she adds. The hunter classes in the horse shows today have evolved from serving as an exclusive competition for foxhunters to a sport that attracts a wide variety of riders. In the 1950s, competitors in the hunter classes wore the same attire as they would in the field, with heavy wool jackets, canary yellow vests and white stock ties.

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“In today’s hunter show ring you’ll find the riders in laced field boots, primarily black although we’re seeing a comeback of the dark brown field boot,” says Jill Apfelbaum, owner of Malvern Saddlery in Pennsylvania. “Breeches are varied shades of a traditional tan with a suede knee patch worn with a brown belt, and there’s a wide range of acceptable colors in the traditional threebutton show coat. Colors should be kept conservative and are generally in the darker range of black, navy, gray or brown with small plaids and pinstripes totally acceptable.” Ladies will be seen in the traditional ‘ratcatcher’ shirts with a band collar and matching choker worn over the neckband. Frequently the ladies have a very attractive monogram on the chokers embroidered to coordinate the shirt and jacket combination of the rider.

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Equestrian ArtThe Perfect Finishing Touch For Your Home Every equestrian needs to have some form of equine art or household objects to reveal and showcase their passion.

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Palm Beach International Equestrian Center Wellington, Florida 561-793-5867

Equestrian Sport Productions

Upcoming Shows

Florida State Fall

September 23-25, 2011

A rated and 3* Jumper

Rita & Irish Flynn Memorial October 1-2, 2011

C rated and 2* Jumper

Fall I

October 14-16, 2011

A rated and 3* Jumper

Fall II

October 21-23, 2011

A rated and 3* Jumper

Fall III

October 28-30, 2011

A rated and 3* Jumper

Fall Finale

November 4-6, 2011

A rated and 3* Jumper

ESP November

November 12-13, 2011

C rated and 2* Jumper


November 19-20, 2011

C rated and 2* Jumper

Experience showing at the world’s best facility! Elite Equestrian

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“When I rode hunters, “Georgina recalls, “I always tried to chose a jacket to compliment my horse’s color.” For a chestnut horse, it has been noted that any dark rich brown or navy coat would be appropriate. However, a tacky and flashy strong color lining of hot pink is sometimes incorrectly chosen by teenage girls. Better to stick with traditional conservative dark hues. “By thinking of the total color coordination of horse and rider, a very eyepleasing picture catches the judge’s eye as you enter the ring where first impressions count,” adds Jill, also a lifelong equestrian. As Ivy Maddison observed in her 1924 book: “While occasionally one does see a badly gotup rider put up a good performance, such an exhibition never fails to call forth surprised comment from any real horsewoman or horseman who may be present.” In 1922, etiquette maven Emily Post noted: “A riding habit, no matter what the fashion happens to be, is like a uniform, in that it must be made and worn according to regulations. It must above all be meticulously trig and compact. Nothing must be sticking out a thousandth part of an inch that can be flattened in.” She also wrote that; “if you want to see a living example of perfection in riding clothes, go to the next horse show, where Miss Belle Beach is riding and look at her!” Today, the same also can be said for Georgina Bloomberg.

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ART, HOME, FASHION �����������������������������������



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Specializing in Equestrian Farm Design & Conservation Planning to have an unerring instinct “ Youfor seem good quality riding gear that is

both fashionable and comfortable. Many thanks. Kim, West Sussex


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Victoria A. Halliday, RLA, ASLA

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WINTERIZING Your Horse’s Feeding Regimine ��������������������������������� Below is a checklist that may help avoid additional veterinary bills and keep your horse healthy and happy. • First off, have a good veterinary check up on your horse. This should minimally include checking the teeth, deworming and a general physical exam. If your horse is older or has any physiological conditions, a blood chemistry panel may also be warranted.


inter always provides challenges and obstacles when feeding horses. Whether it is the low temperature, sleet, snow, and icy rain or the harsh bone chilling winds, horses digestive systems can be easily disrupted and present with many potential problems.

• Keep in mind that if your horse is pregnant or is worked heavily, it may need additional grain and hay in order to maintain normal body weight. Try to avoid feeding more than 4-5 pounds of grain in one feeding and increase the amount slowly. Careful, more frequent feeding can reduce the risk of colic. • You may want to consider adding additional fat to the diet to increase the amount of energy. Keep in mind that fat results in far more energy than that of carbohydrates. This can be in the form of brans or oils. There are many products available but check with your veterinarian before adding large amounts.

HORSES GIVE. GIVE BACK WITH ICE HORSE COLD THERAPY. + 800-786-6633 + www.icehorse.net

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EQUINE HEALTH • Horses will require additional energy when the temperature dips below 45 degrees Farenheight. Since pastures are not growing, hay must be made available to horses at the rate of 2% of their body weight. Good quality hay is essential. Avoid old, dusty, moldy or weedy hay, as its nutritional value is decreased and can additionally result in significant harm to the horse. Taking a core sample and submitting it for testing can remove any doubt as to the quality and nutritional value of the hay. If hay availability is limited, beet pulp can be substituted as a good fiber source; however, it must be prepared properly before feeding. An easier route to take is that of a “complete feed” which has everything in a single bag ready to feed. • The utilization of hay feeders outdoors can reduce the amount of hay needed since up to 25-30% of hay is wasted when fed on the ground. An added advantage of feeders is that it is easier to clean up the feed area, which should be done on a routine basis throughout the winter months.

• Make sure there is a salt block in the stall for each horse. Outdoor access can be limited due to snowy conditions. Although needed more so in hot summer months, sodium chloride requirements are not met with only hay forages. • Water is an all-important need for your horse year round but becomes even more essential in winter months. Juicy grasses are replaced with hay. Additionally, horses reduce their liquid water consumption significantly when the water is cold and/or icy. Horses should consume around 6-10 gallons of fresh water a day. Making sure water sources are plentiful, not iced over and that electric heaters are in proper working condition can greatly reduce the potential for colic. • Many horses loose weight in the winter and because of a heavy coat, owners do not recognize it immediately. Check your horses body condition each month and

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EQUINE HEALTH increase the diet accordingly. If this is a normal happening each year, try increasing the weight before winter starts so that the horse can loose some during the winter and still remain in good body condition. • Finally, if your horse is geriatric or has a disease condition, winter months can be very taxing on their health and well being. Develop a plan with your veterinarian as to their care BEFORE winter sets in. Planning ahead for winter will benefit both you and your horse. In that way, you both can enjoy the season while looking forward to the spring.

• • • • • • •

Medicine Surgery Dentistry Hospitalization Ambulatory Digital Radiography In-House Laboratory

Dr. Suzanne J. Smith

72 Spring Mills Road Milford, NJ



������������������ ���������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� ����������������������


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for Mind, Body and Sole Evitex®

Evitex is a natural alternative to support healthy pituitary function. Evitex helps maintain healthy metabolic function, manage hormone levels to balance behavior, supports normal drinking and sweating, healthy muscle tone and promotes normal shedding and overall appearance. Evitex may help horses with cresty neck and fat deposits.


Fibre-Beet is designed to be fed as a wet feed which is the most natural way to feed your horse. By combining Alfalfa and Speedi-Beet together into one easy to use unique lozenge shape, Fibre-Beet offers an excellent source of highly digestible fibre and provides your horse with slow release energy without fizz.


Speedi-beet is a revolutionary, unmolassed sugar beet flake, prepared and ready to use in under 10 minutes. Less expensive per serving compared to beet pulp shreds! Excellent rehydration for the performance horse. An ideal fibre source for horses prone to laminitis.


Formula4 Feet®

Building better hooves, one horse at a time. Formula4 Feet and Solution4 Feet provide unique benefits for horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, weak heels and those at risk of founder. Formula4 Feet provides over 65 essential micro nutrients. Equi Life’s Formula4 Feet is the most advanced hoof supplement available on the market today.

www.emeraldvalleyequine.com or call toll free 888.638.8262

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Short Courses at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center Offer Valuable Training for Amateurs and Pros ������������������������� ���������������������� ����������������������������� ������������������������������� ���������������������


he University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center is pleased to offer a series of Equine Short Courses. These intensive, two-day courses, presented by the Havemeyer Equine Behavior Lab and the Georgia and Philip Hofmann Research Center for Animal Reproduction, are open to the public, and designed to be of particular value to veterinarians, horse owners, breeders, trainers, handlers, veterinary technicians, veterinary students and residents in related fields. There is no pre-requisite for participation, and each course is valid for 16 hours of Continuing Education credits.


Programs include a mix of small group presentations, informal talks, and on-site demonstrations by Sue McDonnell, PhD and colleagues. Dr. McDonnell, board certified in Applied Animal Behavior, has traveled worldwide to study the behavior of horses and is the founding head of Penn Vet’s Equine Behavior Program, where her work includes clinical, research and teaching activities. Stallion Handling (October 20 and 21) focuses on the concepts and skills for safe, efficient handling and general management of breeding stallions. Topics include stallion and mare restraint, handling for natural covering, dummy mounts, the breeding shed and encountering and correcting the common behavior problems of breeding stallions. (Also to be offered in March, 2012.) Page 70


Mare and Foal Care and Behavior (Friday, October 28 and Monday, October 31) looks at both the physical and behavioral aspects of the pregnancy and delivery. On day one the care of the pregnant mare, an in-depth look at normal and abnormal events of delivery and health care of the foal are examined with Patricia Sertich, VMD, DACT, associate professor at Penn Vet. On day two, Dr. McDonnell focuses on the behavioral aspects of pregnancy, delivery and foal development. Horse Behavior (November 3 and 4) provides an in-depth investigation of social and reproductive behavior of horses, including how horses interact, the subtleties of equine communication and the ways in which trainers can influence behavior. Time will also be spent observing resting, foraging, breeding

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Big Bale Buddy

The Equine Hospital at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic is a fully equipped facility, designed to provide the highest quality care for horses. Our doctors are available for routine ambulatory and in-hospital appointments, Monday through Friday. We have 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service.

For more information call 215-536-2726 Visit us on the web at: www.quakertownvetclinic.com

Round Bale Feeder Safe• Affordable • Effective • One Year Warranty

Available in 3 sizes starting at $89.95 www.bigbalebuddy.com 866-389-9952 ������������������������

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and other natural behaviors of the School’s semi-feral pony herd.

������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������� “This is one of the very few places to reliably ��������������������������������������������������� observe a herd of horses exhibiting the ������������������������������������������������������ natural behaviors that they would exhibit in ���������������������������������������������������������� their habitat, without interference from hu- ������������������� mans,” says Dr. McDonnell. “It is one of the best ways to understand what really makes ������������������������������������������������� horses tick.” ����������������������������������������������������� Cost for each Short Course is $500 for one day or $900 for both days. At the conclusion of the two-day course, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Courses take place at New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, PA. For more information or to register visit www.vet.upenn.edu/labs/equinebehavior or call 610-925-6203. About the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� �����������

��������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������

Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine is one of the world’s premier veterinary schools. For more information about Penn Vet or its Founded in 1884, the school was built on the hospitals, visit www.vet.upenn.edu. concept of Many Species, One MedicineTM.

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HORSE HAVING PAIN iSSUES? Wherever you are located in the world I can help. I connect to the horse psychically and using dowsing to find out the problem and then use Reiki and other remote healing modalities to send relief. Inquiries welcome. $60/session.

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������������������������������ �����������������������

A FULL SERVICE EQUINE PRACTICE “Serving the equine community in northeastern PA and northern NJ” • • • • • •

Reproductive Services Dentistry Preventive Care Lameness Evaluation Digital Radiography & Ultrasound IRAP & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Emergency Service provided 24/7

(610)-588-9467 www.crossrivervetservice.com

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������������������������������� �����������������������������

���������������������������������������� Do you have a drinking problem? From weather, to traveling, to illness, there are many reasons horses will stop drinking enough, and put their health at risk. But there is only one proven solution: Horse Quencher. Visit us at www.horsequencher.com or call 1-888-QUENCHS (783-6247).

Stop just treating allergy symptoms. Diagnose allergies and control the disease with immunotherapy.

Succesfully Treating Horses With: • • • • • • •

Hives/Urticaria COPD/ROA/Heaves Pruritis/Itching Headshaking Sweet Itch Gastrointestinal Upset Food Sensitivity

www.petallergylab.com Pet Allergy Laboratory, Inc. 13581 Pond Springs Road, Suite #303 Austin, TX 78729-4425 Phone: 512.219.7257 Toll Free: 866.PET.ALLERGY (866.738.2553) ����������������������������������������� U.S. Vet License No. 643

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A Portion of All September Purchases From Healthy Horse Boutique to Benefit World Class Dressage Rider

“My goal when starting Healthy Horse Boutique was to create a company that could ultimately support equestrians who are in need of help,” explained Marian Nilsen, owner of both Healthy Horse Boutique and Cookies with a Clue. With this goal in mind Nilsen is ready to kick-off her Healthy Horse Boutique Rider Crusade with a campaign supporting 2006 and 2010 World Equestrian Games U.S. Team Dressage alternate and 2007 and 2010 World Cup Finalist, Catherine Haddad Staller. Catherine is an American dressage rider presently stationed in Vechta, Germany. She represents the United States in competitions throughout Europe at both national and international levels. With her Grand Prix horses—Maximus JSS, Cadillac and Winyamaro—she has accumulated over 80 top ten placings and wins at Grand Prix level. Since 1995, she has run a successful training and sales facility in Germany. This fall, Catherine will spend two months training and showing on American soil. “ I hope to pick up some good qualifying scores at the CDI-Ws for both the World Cup and our Olympic Selection Trials,” explained Catherine, who plans to compete in the two Saugerties CDI-Ws and at Devon where she won the World Cup qualifier last year with Winyamaro. Page 74

Catherine is also searching for a sponsor for her two top Grand Prix horses. She hopes to pursue her Olympic bid with both Cadillac and Winyamaro throughout 2011-2012, but cannot hope to achieve her goals without financial support. A consummate horsewoman, Catherine puts the health and happiness of her horses at the forefront. “Cookies with a Clue are Winyamaro’s favorite treat. I know I’m giving my horse something healthy that he can enjoy, and it’s an added bonus that the cookies are targeted toward various maintenance issues for sport horses,” she commented. Marian wants to help Catherine reach her goals and is hoping she can inspire others to do the same either with in-kind or monetary support. Healthy Horse Boutique, home of Cookies with a Clue and KAM products, will donate a portion of all product sales through September towards Catherine’s expenses. To help Catherine with her Olympic Quest simply purchase any product on the Healthy Horse Boutique web site by the end of September, a percentage of that purchase will be donated to Catherine’s Olympic Quest. As a bonus, anyone who makes a purchase will find a signed gift from Catherine with

Elite Equestrian


their order. And as a special bonus, anyone who purchases product will automatically be entered in a drawing for product and autographed items to take place October 1, 2011. “There is so much hidden talent in this country. Yet some of those world class riders can’t even consider making a bid to the Olympics or even to the selection trials because of exactly what Catherine is running into. To make enough money, manage the business that makes the money and still be able to devote enough time to your riding is not easy. Catherine is a friend and when she explained her situation, it made sense to kick off my charitable goals in support of her cause. Catherine is the first, but others will follow, and I will do everything I can to help giving your horse the best products easier and more affordable because your horse’s health can make all the difference.”

Delivering compassionate, quality care for over 30 years! Animals treated include: horse, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, and pot bellied pigs 10% Discount for all new clients

610-262-3203 www.ballietandassc.com Win a bucket of

“Cookies with a Clue”

from Healthy Horse Boutique!

��������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������ ��������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������������ ��������������� ����������������� ��������������������� ���������������

To show your support go to: www.healthyhorseboutique.com and click either Cookies with a Clue or KAM products and when you place your order,you’ll be adding a donation to Catherine’s cause. You will also have the option of simply donating without purchasing any product. To send a message to Catherine, just click Contact Us and we’ll be sure pass your notes on to Catherine. With her Healthy Horse Boutique Nilsen has achieved her goal of creating a complete nutritional approach to your horse’s care. Her newest product, Cookies with a Clue are revolutionizing the way horses are supplemented and changing the way horse lovers think of “treats.” To find out more about Healthy Horse Boutique and Cookies with a Clue, visit www.healthyhorseboutique. com or www.cookieswithaclue.com.

Cookies With A Clue Contest

Name ______________________________________ Address ____________________________________ State ____ Zip ________Phone _________________ Entries must be received by November 15, 2011. Mail to Elite Equestrian Cookie Contest, PO Box 764, Brodheadsville PA 18322.

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Slow Feed Hay Bag

What’s New

Wouldn’t you like your horse’s hay to last up to 10 times longer? Feeding the same amount, and slowing the consumption rate your horse will be busy and less stressed waiting for that next meal. It’s a simple 3 Part System: 1) The Slow Feed Hay Bag - Made of High Quality Abrasion Resistant Tightly Woven Poly Cording with 2”x2” Diamond Shape Openings. These bags are Made in the USA, and are strong and made to last, much better quality than some other bags you may find on the market. Come in 2 sizes: * Regular holds 2-4 Flakes of Hay 15-25 lbs. enough for a normal size feeding. * Bale Bag Holds 1 Regular size Square Bale. Comes with large spring clip to secure bag.

The Benefits: * Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. * Reduces stomach acids and anxiety. * Reduces stall walking and weaving, saving on shavings and cleaning time. * Saves Hay and Money. * Easy and Quick System. * Reduces “Horseplay” injuries and wear and tear on pastures. * All our Products are Made in the USA, out of solid steel for years of service.

2) The “Bag Buddy” - Slow Feed Hay Bags are notoriously hard to fill with hay, causing many horse owners to give up using them out of frustration. The “Bag Buddy” solves this problem by holding the bag open for you. Quickly and easily just hang the top of the bag from the little hooks on the “Bag Buddy” frame and fill with hay then remove the bag cinch it closed and hang where you want for your horse to enjoy for hours. * The “Bag Buddy” will just slip over any 2” fence, or stall wall or even the back of your golf cart bed! So you can conveniently move it where you are filling your bags.


��������������������������������� ���������������������������������������

Phantom Brook Farm offers assisted veterinary care/convalescent services as directed by your own veterinarian and performed by a certified veterinary technician. Those services include but are not limited to: • • • • •

Wound care Foaling and mare care Hand walking Leg injuries Clinical lab test performed on site

• • • • • •

Medication dosing Ice water system therapy Postoperative care Lay-ups Eye treatments In-stall camera monitoring

We also offer retirement plans for those under veterinary care. Owner operated, we offer 24-hour coverage of your horse in a secure and safe environment.

Let us make a difference with your horse. Joe and Marilyn Heath, CVT, MS 203 Washburn Ave. Washington, NJ 07882 (908) 689-4428 www.phantombrookfarm.com pbfarm@comcast.net

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Elite Equestrian

EQUINE HEALTH 3) The “Stall Bag Buddy” - Mounts on any solid wall, holds the Slow Feed Hay Bag and opens on a hinge for Quick and Easy Filling, then just snap it closed and your done! The fastest and easiest way to use the Slow Feed Hay Bags.

Slow Feed Hay System Improves Digestion Reduces Anxiety Slow Feed Hay BagsGreat For In The Trailer And At Shows!

* Bags can be easily removed and replaced if worn. * Built with horses in mind, all rounded corners and solid steel make this unit strong and safe. * Must be mounted higher on the wall if your horse has front shoes.

“Bag Buddy” & Stall Bag Buddy” Makes Filling Bags Quick And Easy!


Please visit us at www.TNTCustomMetalWorks.com


centerville feed & mineral

The Hay Lady In Pennsylvania Specializing In All Hay Needs • Timothy • Orchard Grass • Alfalfa • Orchard/Alfalfa Mix WE DELIVER ! Home: 717-352-8689 www.hayladyinpennsylvania.com

SAWDUST Good, Clean 95 Yard Loads. Delivered on Walking Floor ������������������������� Neil@centervillefeed.com


Mobile: 717-658-8371 summers104@embarqmail.com

CENTAURED MASSAGE EQUINE & HUMAN THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE House Calls By Appointment Bonnie Stetson, LMT 917-375-5435 BonnieStetson@att.net www.centauredmassage.com

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Encouraging a timid equine Excerpt From Chapter Six �������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ������������������������� Timid horses are very different than those that have been conditioned to be scared. Usually, they’ve been rushed and overwhelmed, so a timid horse is generally insecure about surroundings and new experiences but not terrified about how their handler or rider will react when the horse responds with a fearful instinct. While many of the strategies in dealing with a scared horse apply to the timid mount, the process for undoing the damage is often considerably easier and less time-consuming. It’s critically important, however, not to reinforce the learned fright by overfacing these horses. Slow and patient introduction to lessons and challenges is essential, as is being able to read the horse’s readiness to proceed, if your intent is to turn your mount into a reliable and confident steed. Exorcizing the crazies Spook was a claimed four-year-old Thoroughbred filly immediately deemed crazy by the new trainer. We were told she had spent little training time on the track, instead logging most of her exercise days in the pool, presumably due to behavioral and resulting soundness problems. She was Page 78

promptly sent to Halcyon Acres for some reprogramming to settle her mind and enhance her conditioning for sustained soundness. Obviously, the endgame was to improve her racing performance. When Spook arrived, we discovered that the perceived crazies were merely an expression of her insecurity, likely exacerbated by fearful riders who bolstered her concerns. We were told later that exercise riders working for her former trainer were terrified of this gal, and proven right as her behavior deteriorated. Sometimes, it’s amazing how much the humans handling a horse can unknowingly dictate the horse’s attitudes and reactions. As is the case with most tentative horses, this filly needed some basic groundwork to build her confidence and learn to trust people. We started in the round pen with tack for a day or two. She almost immediately relaxed and settled into a comfortable routine that asked no more of her than she was ready to handle. We were able to hop on her back pretty quickly. Of course, consistent focus on praising her for quiet and responsive reactions to our requests was

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an important step in gaining her trust and confidence. Once she was calmly walking the perimeter of the arena, stopping and proceeding to walk when asked, we brought her to the center of the round pen and lowered a stirrup to climb up on her back. Interestingly, after a couple of days of discouraging her penchant for ripping around the round pen’s perimeter, while encouraging a calm and slow approach to training requests, Spook didn’t blow when asked to stand and bear weight on a stirrup, likely for the first time in her life. (Few Thoroughbred racehorses ever learn to stand on their own and bear weight on their left side prior to a rider landing in the saddle as they are generally held by a handler who “legs up” a rider by tossing him into the saddle.) Still, we took our time and watched her eye, bellying over her first before slowly and gently swinging the right leg over her back, after ensuring she was relaxed and ready. The first two days under saddle were spent walking and stopping. Sessions lasted less than fifteen minutes. Once we were convinced that this filly trusted her rider and was ready to proceed in a slow and composed manner, we hit the trails. The first few days, we only walked. Interestingly, she tackled challenging terrain and the steep hills with relish, gaining confidence from her rider and blossoming from the praise she received for handling requests boldly and artfully. Of course, Gatsby, our canine mutt assistant trainer, helped her tackle the goblins along the way by forging ahead to prove scary-looking objects wouldn’t attack. It was critical to never react anxiously to her fear. She had already had enough of that. Instead, calm, patient, and insistent reactions to encourage her to proceed, while giving her time to assess and accept the sights and sounds that unnerved her, was a necessary approach.

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In about a week’s time, Spook was walking, jogging, and galloping the trails confidently, comfortably, and quietly. In fact, she had transformed from a frightened and explosive filly to an eager pleaser who anticipated training time as a great game and an exciting trip toward new surroundings and sights. The next three weeks were spent building her confidence, keeping things interesting by incorporating a variety of activities and trail destinations while using the varying slopes on the property to build her muscle strength and add flexibility and resilience to her tendons and ligaments. During this time, prior soundness issues disappeared. We threw the trainer on Porky, our lead pony, to join us on an hour-long tour of the property less than a month after the filly’s arrival. Our companion was awestruck by the transformation. Her relaxed behavior and confident demeanor made this filly a stranger to a woman who had resolved

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unpredictable mounts to courageous, steady, and determined pleasers. Of course, a frightened rider on a timid horse will likely exacerbate the horse’s phobias, so if you can’t be the rock when dealing with an insecure steed, get some help from someone who can. Horse Sense for encouraging a timid equine: • The round pen provides the close quarters to begin to develop a rapport and trust with a timid horse. Here, you can establish some basic body language cues supported with voice commands to present yourself as a confident, kind guide while you encourage and reward your steed to tackle future requests with courage. While many contemporary horsemanship methods advocate considerable training time in the round pen, we’re not convinced this is a good approach, and have found it is not effective with timid horses. It’s a good starting point for a few days to see and guide the horse, herself to the likelihood she would have to but not the best environment to bring a endure a nut for the duration of her racing career. Interestingly, even with the option of timid horse along. Exposing them to various a seasoned equine to lead the way, Spook concerns in differing environments with a steady and unflappable nature is more efhappily and proudly led, forging through fective in helping these horses blossom. woodland and obstacles she had never • Timid horses tend to respond much better seen, proving her newfound courage and to positive vs. negative reinforcement. Try to confidence. Of course, this was all done at find ways to provide contact or cues they the walk — a prior unavailable gait for this can understand and enjoy as opposed to formerly anxious filly. avoiding. Most timid horses love a pat or The slow, quiet work on the hills throughout an encouraging voice when they face and the property not only fixed her head, but also helped provide a foundation for future conquer a challenge. Conversely, a stern voice and/or training that incorporates soundness. She was trucked back to the stimuli designed to discourage behavior racetrack and began a previously elusive tends to make them more wary. winning career. When dealing with a timid horse, the mere • Take your time with timid horses. Their introduction of a patient, gutsy, and respon- condition is often the result of too much too soon. It’s important to gain their trust, and sive handler can result in huge dividends. bolster their confidence by encouraging Simply being quiet, confident, and clear them with your steadiness to tackle easy about requests and gracious with praise when they conquer a challenge can trans- tasks they can understand, and learn to enjoy. form these animals from frightened and


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• Make early lessons quick and easy for an immediate win. Timid horses blossom and excel after just a few sessions if they have a confident hand and are rewarded for their effort. • Buddies can be a good tool for encouraging timid horses, but don’t overdo it. While another horse can help avoid some challenges, it’s equally important to establish a trust in the human handler to keep them out of harm’s way. If all issues are resolved by another horse leading the way, the timid equine will not gain the confidence in themselves and their rider/handler to excel. • Give timid horses the time to process a lesson. Rush them and they will become more concerned and less trusting of you. • Be fearless with timid horses. They will sense your concern and react. If you can’t be confident, patient and calm in all situations you introduce them to, find someone who can. If you’ve ever encountered a challenging horse, consider how much time and money you could save with a fun, easy to read and implement guide with stories to illustrate the process. “Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners” (ISBN #978-1-61548-047-0) is available on Amazon, through Ingram (you may need to special order at book stores) at libraries (ask your librarian to get it if it’s not on the shelves) or for personalized signed by author copies at http://www.BookConductors.com. ����������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������

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�������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������

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������������������������������� ���������������������������� ��������������������������������� ���������������

allentown fairgrounds

Schedule of Events www.allentownfairpa.org

17th & Chew Streets, Allentown, PA ������������������������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������������������� Sept 17-18: Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo www.spirit-mum.org 610-791-2641

Sept 21: Career Link Lehigh Valley Job Fair www.careerlinklehighvalley.org 610-841-1174 Sept 24-25: Innovative Beads Expo www.innovativebeadsexpo.com 845-352-9735 October 1-2: Antique Book & Paper Show www.allentownpapershow.com 610-706-0214 October 5: Business to Business Trade Show www.epbj.com 610-807-9619 October 15-16: Antique & Modern Arms Show 610-438-9006 October 22-23: Eastern PA Fall Home Show www.jenksproductions.com 860-563-2111 October 28-29: Antiques in the Lehigh Valley 717-761-3921 ������ October 29-30: Super Gigantic Yard Sale www.fairgroundfarmersmkt.com 610-432-8425 November 5: Antique Toy Show www.allentownantiquetoyshow.com 610-262-3701 November 5-6: Craft Show www.handcraft-unlimited.com 717-656-3208 November 12-13: ATMA First Frost Train Meet www.allentowntrainmeet.com 610-821-7886 December 3-4: Antique & Modern Arms Show 610-438-9006 December 10-11: Lehigh Valley Motorcycle Extravaganza 732-295-2953 December 17-18: Star of Bethlehem Dog Show, Lehigh Valley Kennel Club www.lvkc.org 610-691-5790 �����������������������

���������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ���������������


� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �� �


���� �������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������

������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������

����� � ������

��������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������


������������������������������������������ ������������������������


�������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������

���������������� �����������������




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����������������������� �����������������������

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��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ � ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ �������������������������������������


���������������������� ����������������������

 


  

 

  

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Oesterling’s Feed Co,.724-297-3764 671 Craigsville Rd, Worthington PA

Equine Supply Trading Co. 607-727-8982 540 Upper Briggs Hollow Rd, Nichols, NY

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Farmerboy Ag Systems, Inc. 866-453-4001 PO Box 435, Myerstown, PA

Seneca Farm & Home 315-568-1772 175 Ovid St., Seneca Falls, NY

Huber’s Animal Health Supplies 717-866-2246 810 Tulpehocken Rd, Myerstown, PA

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Summit Ag, Eastern State Livestock 800-242-3240 1563 Oak Grove Rd, Breezewood, PA

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The 39th Annual

Paso Fino Grand National Show & Expo



���������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������

September 25-October 1, 2011 Agricenter International, Memphis, TN Free Admission www.pfha.org or 859-825-6004

New Activities This Year • Cowboy Mounted Shooting • Horse Soccer • Obstacle Trail Challenge

Horse Park of New Jersey Upcoming Events Second Annual

Country Hoedown! Saturday, September 24 in the Pavillion

Square Dancing, Country Buffet, Gift Auction & A Few Surprises! Tickets $45 in advance, $55 at the door horseparkofnj@aol.com 609-259-0170

Garden State Combined Driving Event October 8-9, 2011 Recognized by the American Driving Socitey

www.horseparkofnewjersey.com Elite Equestrian

Photo by Claire Lelli

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Continued from page 45 World Horse Welfare Chief Executive Roly Owers explains the benefits of rehoming a horse: “We hear a growing number of complaints about the low quality of horses purchased at markets or over the web. At the same time, our Rescue and Rehoming Centres across the UK are bursting with a wide range of horses. So if you want a horse, the solution is easy: why buy when you can rehome?

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“Rehoming has great advantages over buying as you know exactly what you are getting. With a sale, or over the internet, many have learned the hard way that what they see is not always what they get. Our horses come fully vetted with passport, microchip and the honest facts about their health and abilities. Rehomed horses also come with free personal horse care advice and support for the lifetime of the horse.

Dunham Horse Show Management Services ����������������������� ��������������� ��������������� ��������������������� ������������������������

“Additionally, the rehoming process creates more space in our centres therefore more abused and neglected horses can be helped.” For more information and to see the selection of horses World Horse Welfare has ready to be rehomed please visit www.worldhorsewelfare.org/rehoming Sammay, Mabaline, Dennis, Aida and Naiad were all rehomed from World Horse Welfare’s Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire. Belwade Farm’s hours are 2pm-4pm every Wednesday, weekends and Bank Holidays. For more information please call 01339 887 186. Zara was rehomed from World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre near Blackpool. Penny Farm’s opening hours are 11am-4pm every Wednesday, weekends and Bank Holidays. For more information please call 01253 766 983. Unique among horse charities, World Horse Welfare actively supports the use of horses in sport and is the welfare arm of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and advisor to the British Horseracing Authority. In the United Kingdom, it has four Rescue and Rehoming centres and a network of full-time welfare field staff. Overseas, it provides communities with the skills and training to care for their working horses and enhance horse owners’ prospects. The charity also delivers high profile and effective international campaigns to promote the welfare of horses at home and abroad. Please visit www.worldhorsewelfare.org.

Page 88

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Page 91

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Full Color Included! Free Hyper-Link! Call 570-646-9340 or 570-656-0730 info@EliteEquestrian.us Home to the Draft Horse Sanctuary Livingston, Montana

Your donations help us rescue mature draft horse breeds from an untimely death. 501c3 Nonprofit. Fully funded by the public since 2003.

www.draftrescue.com 406-222-7982 Page 92

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Call Robert To Order: 908-537-9556

Look for my booth at many horse shows in N.J.

Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market Open

Thursday 9am to 8pm Friday 8am to 8pm Saturday 8am to 6pm 17th & Chew Streets, Allentown PA 18104

Elite Equestrian


Rush Management Horse Shows 2011-2012 USEF Hunter/Jumper

Cross rails to Grand Prix many classes offered exempt from USEF/USHJA fees Ocala, FL December 2-4 December 16-18 2012-April 18-22 (AA) May 4-6 May 18-20 June 1-3

Alpharetta, GA December 1-4 December 15-18 2012-May 3-7 (AA) May 9-13 (AA)

Cleveland, TN 2012-March 16-18 April 13-15

Raleigh, NC November 16-20 (AA) Grand Prix

For more information: www.rushshows.com rushshows@aol.com 904-396-4106

Great Prizes Great Service Great Results

Elite Equestrian

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Elite Equestrian

Elite Equestrian Fall 4.9 x 7:Layout 1


2:15 PM

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Come See The Best Performances at

YOUR Center For The Arts!


Haunted Illusions The Amazing Kreskin Thu., Sep. 22

7:30 PM - $20/$10.85 Sponsored by WAEB AM 790

Ballroom With A Twist Starring Dancing With the Stars Pros Edyta Sliwinska & Jonathan Roberts and American Idol Finalists David Hernandez & Gina Glocksen

Fri., Nov. 11 8 PM - $50/$45

Sponsored by WFMZ Channel 69 & B104 Artists subject to change.

In The Heights

The Magic of David Caserta

7:30 PM - 60/ 55

7 PM - $20/$10.85 $ 10 (child 10 & under)

Sat., Oct. 29

Thu., Oct. 20 $


Sponsored by Vintage Restaurant & B104

The Gong Show Live!

Sponsored by WZZO Z-95

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian


Fri., Nov. 18

Thu., Dec. 8

8 PM - $30 Sponsored by WZZO Z-95

Artists subject to change.


7:30 PM 43/$38/$33 (child 10 & under) Sponsored by Schoolhouse Orthodontics

Visit Our Website For A Complete Schedule!

453 Northampton St., Easton, PA � 610-252-3132 � 1-800-999-STATE Join the State Theatre E-mail List for up to date information! Fees apply. Regardless of age everyone needs a ticket.