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Tuesday 19.6.12 Issue 881

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“I am going to go on a

RAMPAGE!” Court hears of Alloa mans plan to cause petrol bomb havoc


n Alloa man put together an arsenal of petrol bombs and threatened to “go on a rampage” after he lost his job. Neighbours were evacuated and armed police were called to upholsterer Paul Dawson’s Alloa home, the High Court in Edinburgh heard last week. Advocate depute Peter McCormack told how Dawson,

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25, was found sitting in his flat in Henderson Avenue, where he lived alone, by his brother. Peter Dawson, 30, saw his brother sitting on a couch in the living room with a kitchen knife in one hand and a claw hammer in the other. A pick shaft lay nearby. “I am going to go on a rampage,” Dawson told his brother. Peter Dawson asked about a strong smell of petrol in the house and his brother told him petrol bombs were in a red bucket in the bath. Peter Dawson, who knew his brother suffered from mental health problems, phoned police. “The way Paul was acting it wasn’t him and it looked like he will do something,” he said. Police officers arrived to see Paul Dawson pacing from room to room wearing a balaclava and still holding a knife. He was also carrying a hammer in a utility belt and what appeared to be two black handles were sticking out of his pockets. Paul Dawson was handcuffed as he walked out of the flat and later taken to hospital. The local fire brigade were called in and found a total of 16 bottles partly filled with petrol and fitted

Henderson Avenue were cops swooped on Dawson back in January with rag wicks in their necks. Judge Lady Stacey heard that Paul Dawson had first shown signs of mental problems two years ago when he began hearing “voices” and claiming that people were spreading rumours about him.

In court, schizophrenic Paul Dawson - now being held in Forth Valley Royal Hospital - admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner on January 16. He also pleaded guilty to a breach of the Explosive

Substances Act 1883. Advocate depute Brian Gilfedder, defending, said the loss of his job had been “the catalyst”. Lady Stacey made an order keeping Dawson in hospital.


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Tuesday 19.6.12

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weecounty LETTERS Dear weecounty

I am writing to thank the people of Alloa for their amazing hospitality on Wednesday when I was lucky enough to carry the Olympic Torch through the town. I was overwhelmed by how many people turned out, and the school children in particular were a credit to their teachers and the town. My fellow torch bearers and I, along with our friends and family had a fantastic day, made all the more special by the amazing welcome we received. Your sincerely, Kate Pearson - Torch Bearer Dear weecounty I want to say it was a pleasure to witness the Olympic Torch coming through Alloa on Wednesday. It is something that I may never see again in my lifetime. I think the people of Clackmannanshire should be congratulated for turning out to make it a very special event. Annie, Clackmannan Dear weecounty It was very nice to see all the streets that took park in having parties for the Jubilee it is good to see that people want to get involved and have fun at the same time. I think seeing the County getting involved in something great. Katie, Tillicoultry Dear weecounty I was very pleased to see one of your articles in this week’s paper about the teenager shaving his hair off for Cancer Research. This kind of story is what people want to read about young teenagers doing something for charity Clare, Alloa Dear weecounty I was very delighted to see that Sauchie are doing a drop in food bank. I think this is good for the community to get involved in something like this because you are showing you care for other families. I am glad to see the County are coming together to help others I think they should keep up the good work they are doing very well done! Sarah, Alloa BIRTHDAYS

Happy Birthday PAPA (Bobby Ross) on the 24th Lots of love Pearse & Evie xxx FUNERAL SERVICES

Dear weecounty I am writing about an article in the paper about the young boy from Lornshill Academy. I think it is great news that he is running for a scholarship that could make him an ski instructor by the age of 18 I like reading these particular stories in the paper about young children trying to make something of their life. Barry, Tillibody Dear weecounty I read in the newspaper last week about a MSP being charged over allegations of domestic abuse. This is a very serious charge and if he is found guilty of it, in my opinion he needs to step down. A MSP is elected by the public and I am sure that the public will not want him acting for him should he be found guilty. That said, if he is proven not guilty then fair enough. NAME SUPPLIED ALLOA

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Mixed reactions over childcare review C

lackmannanshire Council has welcomed the recommendations of an independent review into aspects of the service provided to looked after children. The review was commissioned by the Council in response to criticism levelled by the local Sheriff, solicitors and safeguarders and involved an extensive review of case files and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Chief Executive, Elaine McPherson, said: “It was clear from the nature of the concerns which were being voiced that there were significant issues in relation to certain aspects of childcare services and the review has provided a very clear picture of what needs to be improved.” An action plan responding to each of the findings has been prepared by social services management team that was discussed at a Council meeting today. Early actions have included taking on a number of additional staff in response to capacity issues. Council Leader Gary Womersley, said: “The findings of the report are concerning and we need to go forward and make sure that the service is fit for purpose and properly resourced. The only way to take this forward is to have full transparency and accountability. “For this very reason, I am pleased to say that following on from yesterday’s meeting, the independent review will be made available publically on our website. This will require ongoing work with a whole range of external stakeholders in order to achieve the necessary structural, attitudinal and behavioural changes requires. “The Administration has already committed £100,000 to support the improvement agenda and we will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure that improvement happens, and happens quickly.” The newly formed Housing, Health & Care Committee will have a key role in scrutinising the performance of social

Janet Cadenhead services in the future, with hopefully we will be able to quarterly progress reports do this with the full support being submitted. of the administration.” Committee Convenor, McGill’s comments were Councillor Les Sharp, said: echoed by Councillor Janet “One of the main reasons Cadenhead who said; we set up committees “The review was a was to improve scrutiny damning indictment of of performance and give management and from the elected members a greater Labour Group’s point of view this matter is by no role in monitoring what means over. services are doing. I intend We will not achieve to ensure that committee anything by simply putting members are kept fully a plaster on this, we need up to date with progress a thorough investigation of in taking forward the how such a situation was necessary improvements allowed to develop and then and that they play a key role continue, seemingly without in holding management to management intervention to account.” try to counteract what was Not everyone was happy happening. as the opposition raised We were advised that concerns over the ‘lack of there were some issues real constructive action’. that could not be addressed Following consideration in public at the Special of the review itself, Meeting. the recommendations This being the case, there and the response by must be another forum management, Labour where elected members can Councillors are calling for fully air their concerns and further investigation to be discuss the underlying core done to ensure that such issues.” catastrophic failings are never allowed to happen again. Quality since 1816 Labour Group Mossman Memorials Leader, Councillor 42 - 44 Parkhead Road, Alloa Bobby McGill said; “This matter must Additional Inscriptions, Cleanings Renovation And Repair Work be investigated further – we would be A Large Range Of New Memorials failing the children in From £500 Complete the care of this local 01259 722319 authority if it is not taken forward, and

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Tuesday 19.6.12

Vital bus service to stop Route 64 to stop in 6 weeks


lackmannanshire Council are in talks with bus operator W.A.V.E. following their announcement of the withdrawal of their commercially operated Service 64 Alloa Town bus service. The widely popular route travels between Alloa and Sauchie will no longer run from Friday 3rd August, during the week, leaving many to use the service upset and angry. One resident told the Wee County News; “I am quite upset to learn that the service is no longer going to run. As I don’t have a car, I need to rely on the bus service to enable me to get around.” One of the reasons given by the operator was that changes to the method of calculation of the Bus Service Operators’ Grant and a reduction in the

rate of reimbursement for concessionary passengers by Transport Scotland has affected the profitability of the service. Leader of Clackmannanshire Council, Gary Womersley said “The Council are very concerned that W.A.V.E consider it necessary to withdraw Service 64 which is well used, particularly by concessionary passengers. “We have had discussions

with W.A.V.E. and other operators and are looking at options which would allow a service to continue. “Certainly, I am keen that the Council looks at ways of seeking the ensure the most widespread bus services, for all of our communities. “It is vital that the Council looks at ways of safeguarding the interests of all of those that rely on public transport in the area.”

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Tuesday 19.6.12


orth Valley College Creative Industries students have once again excelled themselves in the annual end of term Degree and Diploma Show. Dozens of paintings, sculptures, films, installations and other thought provoking works of art and design were on show for a week until 7 June at the Middlefield Campus in Falkirk, where they wowed visitors. More than 60 students from the HNDs in Visual

Communication, Art and Design and Contemporary Art Practice, as well as those from Media, Communication and Sound Production, had work on display. It was also the first time the college’s BA Art and Design students graduated with a University of Stirling degree, under a new partnership arrangement. FVC’s Head of Creative Industries, Cathy Snedden, said: “This show provided

members of the public an opportunity to see some excellent art and challenging installations and explained the reasons why Forth Valley College is building a great reputation for creativity! “We’re also delighted to be working with Stirling University for both our BA Art and Design and BA Media and Communication degrees and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with our university colleagues.”

MP and MSP Call for Action on Antisocial Behaviour in Alva D

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r Richard Simpson MSP had lodged a number of Parliamentary questions to the Scottish Government asking questions about the way in which it deals with antisocial behaviour on public transport and with antisocial tenants. After a number of residents from Alva had made their concerns known to Gordon Banks MP and Dr Richard Simpson MSP, both understand the need to try to find a suitable solution for worried in the community. Over the last weeks and months, residents in Alva have become increasingly concerned by the apparent surge in antisocial behaviour within the community. It has been claimed that the antisocial behaviour comes to a climax every weekend, with certain residents acting in ways in which no consideration is given to other members of the community, especially

some of the elderly who have become fearful to leave their homes. It appears very difficult for local authorities to deal with tenants who are being antisocial and there is an even greater reluctance struggle to evict members of the public who have been found to have breached their tenancy. Alva has a long history of antisocial behaviour and is often accredited with the Scottish Antisocial Behaviour Order, after a local resident Edmond Eccles, who referred to himself as the ‘Super Ned’ had terrorised residents for years, before the Government took action to stop this sort of behaviour being allowed to continue. Dr Richard Simpson MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife and former Justice Minister in the Scottish Parliament said: ‘Communities feel that the law is on the side of perpetrator rather than the

victim. Antisocial behaviour has been an issue for far too long in Alva. Swift action is needed to help residents; I will do all that I can to work with the community in order to find a permanent solutions to their worries.’ Gordon Banks MP for Ochil and South Perthshire said: ‘It is really important that the authorities recognise the need to do everything in their powers to protect the rights of law abiding individuals. Most elected representatives will have experience of what might be considered as the ineffectiveness of local authorities and police in dealing with alleged antisocial behaviour in a swift and decisive manner. There is no doubt that many cases are complex, but we must recognise the right of people to live their lives in peace and quiet. I am happy to do everything that I can in Alva, to help residents improve their quality of life.

Clackmannanshire Libraries Summer Activities

C Keep Your Swing Going at our Driving Range Bucket Of 100 Golf Balls - £4.95 Bucket Of 50 Golf Balls - £2.95

Dollar Road, Tillicoultry Telephone: 01259 751819

lackmannanshire Libraries programme of summer activities for children starts on Friday 29th June with the launch of the latest Summer Reading Challenge, Story Lab, part funded by Tesco Bank. Just register at you local library or CAP over the summer holidays, read six books and collect the Story Lab goody bag when you have completed the challenge. Activity sessions at libraries and CAPs include

Animalympics by Zoolab, funded by Tesco Bank, brilliant magic shows by your favourite magician Raymondo Bongo and an interactive stories and songs session with storyteller Fergus McNicol, part funded by Live Literature Scotland. Councillor Ellen Forson, convenor of Clackmannanshire Council’s Education, Sport and Leisure Committee said: “Our library services have worked tirelessly to ensure that there is a wide, varied and exciting

programme of activities for the younger members of the community over the summer months. “We are confident that they will be well received and the libraries well used.” Tickets for these sessions are free but must be booked in advance at your local library/CAP. Dates and times of sessions can be found on Clacksweb www.clacksweb. or pick up a leaflet at libraries/CAPs


Tuesday 19.6.12


Ex USSR high flyers visit Clackmannanshire F

ifteen young leaders from the successor states of the USSR were in Clackmannanshire this week to see how “democracy works” in the Wee County. The visit was arranged by the John Smith Memorial Trust, established in memory of the late Labour leader. It was largely funded by the UK Ministry of Justice and has the full support of both the British and Scottish Governments. The Fellows – from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine – were selected through a rigorous interview process which concentrates on their proven leadership qualities and ability to contribute to democratic governance when they return home. Aged largely 28-34, all speak fluent English. Trust Director Russell Beattie said: “Apart from Holyrood and Westminster, we wanted the Fellows to see how a local authority works and inter-relates with its citizens. Clackmannanshire is ideal for that.” The Fellows started their programme in Bute House, Edinburgh with First Minister

Alex Salmond, and will end in Downing Street with Prime Minister David Cameron. When they arrived in Clackmannanshire last Friday, 15th June, they were officially welcomed by the Lord-Lieutenant, the Rt. Hon. Sir George Reid, and the Provost of Clackmannanshire, Councillor Tina Murphy, who presented them with a DVD, depicting the attractions of the Wee County. Mr Beattie also accepted a presentation of the Clackmannanshire crest on a wooden plaque on behalf of the delegation. Provost Murphy said: “We were delighted to meet our distinguished visitors. They showed tremendous interest in what the Council is doing, particularly in social care, education, business development and environmental services and I hope they can take some of our best practices home with them.” During their visit they also had presentations from Elaine McPherson Chief Executive of Clackmannanshire Council, Stuart Crickmar, Head of Strategy & Customer Services, Clackmannanshire Council, Jennifer Syme,

Clackmannanshire Women’s Aid, Elaine McDonagh, Alloa Community House and Malcolm McArdle, Alloa Community Enterprises. Sir George, who speaks Russian, visits regularly and lived there in 2008-09, and holds both the Pirogov Gold Medal of the USSR and the Medal of Merit of the Russian Federation, said: “I have been working closely for the Trust, primarily in Moldova, for the past five years. “I took the opportunity to remind the visitors that the founder of the Russian Academy of Sciences was Robert Erskine from Alva, physician to the Tsar Peter the Great.” Veaceslav Driglov from Tiraspol spent an additional two days attached to Clackmannanshire Council during which he studied joined-up services and recycling. After a week in Scotland the Fellows will conclude their programme in London with presentations on their action plans in their home countries. Further information is available from the Trust’s website: www.

Victorian walled garden open day

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t’s that time of year again – Archie and Haldis Scott will open their Victorian Walled Garden at East Lodge, Gean House, Alloa FK10 2EL, to the public on Sunday 24th June from 1pm – 4pm. There will be refreshments and various stalls selling plants, jewellery and bric-abrac and exciting raffle prizes. The event is usually very busy with locals attending and also many other visitors from outside the area. For the second year running, a Fire Engine Limo is set to be the star attraction and once again Clacks Kinship Carers will receive all proceeds from the £1-a-head trips which has been generously donated by Red Hot Knights of Perthshire. This year there will be double the thrills as Central Scotland Fire Brigade have kindly agreed to attend with a real fire engine, complete with firemen. Mrs. Haldis Scott said; “Hopefully the good

Incl VAT

weather will be with us but whatever happens I’m sure we will all have a great time and I hope the visitors will enjoy the garden as much as Archie and I do. Visitors will also be able to browse the various stalls and partake of the refreshments when they’re ready to. Stuart Newing-Davis of Red Hot Knights in Perthshire has been good enough to donate the fire engine limo with a driver again this year so this will keep the children happy too. Clacks Kinship Carers

will receive all proceeds from the rides.” Stuart Newing-Davis, MD Red Hot Knights said; “I am delighted to be able to make this donation to the Clacks Kinship Carers - they deserve all the support that they can get as they look after the vulnerable children in the community, helping to make their lives happier. Hopefully the weather will hold up on the day and the Scott’s Garden Open Day and Summer Fete will be as successful as previous years.”

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Tuesday 19.6.12

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n Friday the 15th of June 2012, customers at Struthers and Scott Veterinary Practice in Doune witnessed the arrival of four Scottish Prison Service Tactical Dog Operation Unit vehicles with several dogs and their hanSdlers. ubstitute your No, wasn’t a search comit psl ip but 4 slovely drug &party upgra de search dogs, 2 Labrayour flyers to and a Lab dors, a Spaniel 5000 Cross, coming in to have a blood sample taken so that they can go on a blood donor register at the practice! go o LBlood transfusions sign out when a areecarried D dogfrisoseverely anaemic. m Cases in the past year 0 required £75.0have which transfusions are a dog with a bleeding intestinal tumour, a dog that bled a lot following a stick injury to its mouth and a dog with haemolytic anaemia (a disease where the dog’s own immune system attacks its red blood cells causing them to rupture). In most cases, a blood transfusion is the difference between life and death. Thankfully it is not often that they have to carry them out but when they do, it is essential there is donor dogs available at very short

notice. The Scottish Prison Service kindly volunteered some of their team of dogs to be used as blood donors. They sampled them to determine their blood type and will hold their details on file so that if a patient requires a transfusion, they can contact the appropriate donor. They do not collect blood on a regular basis, only when a patient requiring a transfusion is being treated. Dogs aged 1-8 years weighing over 25kg are

eligible to be donors provided they are in good health and are fully vaccinated. If you would like further information on your dog becoming a donor, please contact the surgery on 01786 841304. Next Thursday (21st June), some of the staff from Struthers and Scott and the Scottish Prison Service Dog Handlers will be attending a blood donation session at the Victoria Hall in Dunblane. Let’s hope they are as brave as their doggy companions!

weecounty Claremont celebrate New Zealand day

Tuesday 19.6.12


Arise, Sir George! Lord-Lieutenant of Clackmannanshire knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List



laremont Primary School celebrated New Zealand Day in style this week with a variety of events, with the New Zealand event taking place as part of the school’s Olympics topic. Head Teacher Kay Strang explained: “We have been twinned with New Zealand and the children have been learning about the country in particular in comparison to our lives here in Scotland.” The day of celebration began with a parents open morning, when visitors came along to the school and saw for themselves the extent of the project. Mrs Strang added: “ This is an interdisciplinary topic where children in all classes

are developing skills and knowledge across different subject areas. This approach is part of Curriculum for Excellence in action as children are learning through an exciting, motivating and relevant context.” For New Zealand Day the teacher split the school into eight groups and named each group after a New Zealand animal - Kiwi, Albatross, Kea, to name but a few. These groups were made up of children of all age groups from nursery through to P7 so the children had the opportunity to work in partnership with other stages and classes. The groups rotated around different New Zealand activity stations, with 20 minutes at each station.

They took part in painting New Zealand flags, baking biscuits, creating Maori art work, made travel brochures, played traditional games and listened to traditional Maori stories. They even learned how to speak in the Maori language and sang a song. Mrs Strang added: “Parents and visitors joined in with the activities as well as joining us for refreshments before examining our hall display of learning. “The day was a great success and the children showed lots of enthusiasm while learning about New Zealand and working with each other.”

t has been a special month for most people in Clackmannanshire but more so for The Rt Hon George Reid, Lord-Lieutenant of Clackmannanshire, who has been knighted “for services to Scottish Politics and Public Life” in today’s Birthday Honours. Tullibody-born Sir George said: “While it is not going to change my lifestyle, it is pleasant to have such recognition of all I have tried to do over the past four decades at home and abroad. “I am very conscious that anything I have achieved would not have been possible without the support of the people of Clackmannanshire.” Since George Reid is already a Privy Councillor to the Queen he will officially be known in future as The Rt Hon Sir George Reid and his wife as Lady Reid. “We are perfectly content for people in the Wee County to continue to call us George and Daphne, however,” he added. In commentary on the honour, the national press has praised Mr Reid for safeguarding devolution when he was Presiding

Officer of the Scottish Parliament by “getting a grip” on the costs and delays of the new Holyrood campus and “sorting out” MSPs expenses four years before Westminster. Commentators also cover the 12 years he served in wars and disasters around the world as a director of the International Red Cross in Geneva, between his time as an MP and MSP. Since his retirement from politics, Sir George has led strategic reviews

of governance in the Northern Ireland Assembly, of the National Trust for Scotland, and of Remuneration and Pensions in Wales. Currently, he holds royal warrants as Lord-Lieutenant of Clackmannanshire and as a UK Electoral Commissioner. Further information is contained in the attached curriculum vitae. Sir George is available for phone interview only on Monday 18 June.

Alloa care worker crowned winner at Scottish Care Awards A n Alloa care worker has been recognised as one of the top care workers in Scotland at a prestigious evening awards ceremony celebrating the brightest stars in the independent care at home and housing support services in Scotland. Yasmin Rahma, who works at Alva based ILS as part of the Stirling and Falkirk team, has been selected from more than 200 entries as winner of the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the Scottish Care Awards 2012, sponsored by Aspire Housing and Personal Development Services. The glittering ceremony – held at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel in Glasgow on Friday 1 June and hosted by TV presenter, Michelle McManus – celebrated the cream of the industry. Ranald Mair, Chief Executive of Scottish Care, was master of ceremonies for the evening. The Care at Home &

Housing Support National Conference, has incorporated an awards ceremony for the last six years. These awards have been hailed a huge success in recognising individuals, teams and companies, with more entries than ever flooding in each year from the people they support, employers and employees nominating their peers and colleagues. This year, the care awards followed a full day of conference for the care at home and housing support sector where the keynote speaker was the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, other participants included, Colin Sloey Executive Director CHP NHS Lanarkshire and the Care Inspectorate’s new Chief Executive Annette Bruton who addressed various issues pertinent to the sector and specific to care and support within the home. The awards were

judged by Maddy Halliday Director with the Stroke Association, Edith MacIntosh Rehabilitation Consultant with the Care Inspectorate, Margot White from the Joint Improvement Team and Allan Hosie one of the main sponsors and Managing Director of OKD Insurance Brokers Ltd. The conference, exhibition and care awards, the largest of its kind for the independent Care at Home and Housing Support sector in Scotland attracted sponsorship from a wide range of key partners. Yasmin, a Senior Support Worker with ILS, was delighted to win the award. She said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have won a Scottish Care – Care at Home and Housing Support Award. “The awards ceremony was a great night and the atmosphere was wonderful – I am so touched my colleagues think me worthy

of such a prestigious award. “I’d really like to thank assistant manager Kay McEwan as well as her team for their continued support throughout my time at ILS.” Jacqui Young, who nominated Yasmin, said: “I

am thrilled Yasmin has won the Best Newcomer Award – I can’t think of a more deserving winner. “Yasmin has embraced her role as Senior Support Worker with enthusiasm and dynamism in a very

challenging service. Yasmin’s reliability, person centred approach, character, and hard work in improving standards made her the ideal candidate for the Best Newcomer of the Year award.”



Tuesday 19.6.12


illicoultry Public Park was the venue for the annual Gala Day at the weekend and despite the weather, a large turnout gathered to enjoy the day. The Gala featured the usual `Royal Procession` including the crowning of the 2012 Gala Queen. There was also a popular fancy dress competition,

highland dancing display, races for the family and stalls galore. This year, the event featured a special show from the Stannage International Stunt Team. The Stunt Team travel the globe delivering their show that involves their whole family. Mum, Dad and son all entertain the crowds with their daredevil displays that

include spectacular biking stunts, high dives and even a human fireball run. “It was amazing to watch those guys going their stunts” said one local whilst another young boy was ‘amazed’ at the motorcycle jumps. It was good to see many locals turn up showing support for the annual Gala.

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Tuesday 19.6.12

“It was good to see many locals turn up showing support for the annual Gala.”

Following on from their music show, Clackmannan Primary School held their Jubilee Fun Day last Saturday. An array of fun activities

were arranged for the whole family to enjoy including a treasure hunt, raffle, beat the goalie, bouncy castle, hook a duck and face painting.

There was a good turn out of family and friends who had some fun on a Saturday morning.






Tuesday 19.6.12

Marshall Construction shows commitment to reducing carbon footprint

Schools:- Alloa Academ Inter-House competition Congratulations to Erskine and Schaw Houses who have tied the first week of the new Inter-House competition of the session gaining 12 points each. Bruce House scored 6 points. 2S1 topped the weekly co-operation list closely followed by 2E1. Welcoming new S1s to Alloa Academy Thank you to all parents of prospective S1s who attended our P7 Parents’ Evening last Wednesday. Our new S1 have now completed two days in school sampling most of their classes, meeting staff and taking part in the Maths Challenge. During the two days all pupils worked extremely well and many new friendships were formed. We now look forward to welcoming our new S1s when school re-starts after the summer holidays on Wednesday 22nd August 2012. Olympic Torch Well done to all pupils and staff who represented the school at the Olympic torch Relay event. Our placing meant that we were directly in line to see the torch kiss and many of the excellent photos and video clips are available to be viewed on the website. Our Olympic-themed work kicks off this week in all faculties and includes a treasure hunt reading challenge. Giant Walking Bus We are looking forward to welcoming children from our associated school on Wednesday 20th June during the Giant Walking Bus event. Primary pupils will arrive at Alloa Academy Astroturf at 10.00 and will form Olympic circles for the mascot dance, the hokey-cokey and joint singing of “500 miles”. Creative and Aesthetic trip to London From Mon 18th-Wednesay 20th June 48 pupils will be taking part in the Creative and Aesthetic trip to London. Pupils will have the opportunity to visit some of London’s famous sights and galleries. A report on the trip will be prepared by pupils and shared with the school on their return. Film reward The 50 pupils from each year group who have the highest merit balance for

Local business graduates from Carbon Trust Scotland’s Carbon Management Programme


the past merit period will be enjoying a screening of a film during this week. Competition for places has been fierce – well done to the successful pupils. Pupil of the year trip 92 pupils will be taking part in the pupil of the year trip to M&Ds on Friday of this week. All merits and de-merits have been counted and the top-scorers invited to join the trip. We hope that everyone will enjoy this reward for their ongoing high level of co-operation. School of rugby Congratulations to all Primary 7 pupils who were selected to be part of the school of rugby at the selection event last Monday. Please jote that forms should be completed and handed in as soon as possible so that kit can be ordered.

Non-uniform days Please note that Thursday 28th and Friday 29th June will be non-uniform days with pupils asked to contribute £2.00. The money will be split between the school’s chosen charities for this session. An afternoon concert is also planned for Thursday 28th with local singing superstar Kirsty Docherty. School uniform Please note that we expect high standards of school uniform at all times. Leggings are not acceptable school wear and girls’ skirts should be of an appropriate length. Please bear this in mind when purchasing items of clothing for school. Order forms for school items are available from the school or orders can be placed on the Logoxpress website.

Schools:- Lornshill Academy Scottish Schools Athletics Championships Well done to Kirsty Forsyth, Eilidh MacCorquodale and Eilidh Russell who represented the school at the Scottish Schools Athletics Championships. The girls were a credit to the school. Well done girls! Scottish Schools Swimming Team Championships Lauren Anderson, Kirsty Clarkson, Jamie HastonDougan and Shannon Sinclair all participated in the Scottish Schools Swimming Team Championships at The Royal Commonwealth pool last Wednesday. The girls performed well and did Lornshill proud. After the event the girls travelled in to Edinburgh to see the arrival of the Olympic Torch. Lornshill Academy’s ‘Race

At Your Place’ On Friday 22 June, Lornshill Academy are organising a ‘Race For Life’ event around the school campus. Pupils will take part in a 5K walk or run and then enjoy some fundraising activities all to raise money for Cancer Research. Pupils will pay a small amount to participate in the event. Anyone who would like to sponsor pupils or the school can do so by visiting: www. LornshillAcademy End of Term School will finish for the summer break on Friday 29th June. Lunches will be available at school and buses will arrive at 12.30pm. School resumes for pupils at 9.05am on Wednesday 22nd August 2012.

local organisation has successfully graduated from the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Management Programme today, underlining their commitment to becoming more energy efficient. Marshall Construction Limited was among 40 public and private sector organisations in Scotland recognised by John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth at an official ceremony in Edinburgh to mark their graduation from the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Management Programme. The graduation marks the ninth year of the successful programme which has seen over 150 Scottish public sector organisations develop an energy saving Carbon Management plan. Since the programme began in 2003, graduates have benefited from significant energy and cost savings and in 2011/12 public sector bodies in Scotland implemented projects which reduced their carbon emissions to the atmosphere by over 132,000 tCO₂, with associated annual energy bill reductions of £53 million. With savings like these set to continue and a further 40 organisations graduating today the benefits to both the environment and the economy are ongoing. Given the success of the programme in the public sector, in 2011 it was rolled out to benefit the private sector in Scotland. As a result, this most recent tranche of graduates includes 20 private businesses. The Carbon Management Programme is designed to help organisations develop a targeted framework to deliver energy saving and carbon reduction practices by establishing their current baseline CO2 emissions, assessing the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, and developing a robust strategy to reduce carbon footprints and save money on their energy bills over a five- to ten-year period. The programme aims to improve the management of buildings energy use, vehicle fleets, street lighting and recycling of waste. The programme

is supported by a bespoke toolkit and also facilitates the sharing of best practice between participant organisations, enabling them to learn from each other’s experience. Finance Secretary John Swinney said: “The Scottish Government is committed to driving down our energy use across our buildings, and to helping other public sector organisations do the same. Increasing energy efficiency not only drives down bills but also cuts damaging emissions. “It’s encouraging to see so many organisations making good use of the service the Carbon Trust provides and I welcome the inclusion of private sector businesses in the Carbon Management programme.” Gordon Boal, plant manager Marshall Construction, said: “Sustainability is a real focus in our industry and we were keen to maximise efficiencies across our transportation fleet and also in the way we handled waste on-site. Across both areas the Carbon Trust helped us to reduce emissions and save money on the bottom line.” Paul Wedgwood, general manager, Carbon Trust Scotland, added: “We have been delighted by the enthusiasm shown by the 2012 graduates and we’re really pleased to see so many private sector organisations coming on board, recognising the need to take energy efficiency action and implement measures which reduce their carbon emissions and, in turn, improve their economic output. “Over 90% of major public bodies in Scotland having completed the programme and we are looking forward to emulating this success within the private sector, helping businesses to take a strategic approach which will make a marked difference to their environmental performance and their total energy costs.” Public and private sector businesses interested in finding out more about developing a Carbon Management plan should e-mail


Tuesday 19.6.12

What’s on in your weecounty Alloa

Play Alloa: play Alloa has moved premises - you can now find them in their own base within Hawkhill Community Centre, 132 Hillcrest Drive, Alloa, FK10 1SB, telephone number is still 07800859161 and you can still contact them at - their website is updated and a regular place for news and developments - www. Alloa carers Centre: Alloa carers centre is working with community house and has a weekly coffee morning at community house, 23 Maree Court on Mondays between 10am and noon. All carers welcome. Paton’s and Balwins Recreation and Welfare Trust: sequence dancing section meets on Wednesdays, 7pm to 9.30pm, in the sports pavillion, Tullibody road, Alloa. All are welcome. Wee County Walkers: get to know your area better – have fun and become fitter! Free short walks – only about one hour- with walk leader! No booking required. In Alloa at noon every Friday outside Tesco’s. Walks are suitable for all abilities. Short, safe walks open to everyone. Put on comfortable footwear, dress for the weather and enjoy. Go on your own or take a friend. Pilates Class: Pilate’s classes every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm at Lornshill Academy, Alloa. Contact Lorna on 07533173335 to book. WAGGS: Clackmannanshire Women and Girls Group are always looking for new members with fun ideas, if you are looking for something different to do on a Monday night why not come along to the Bowmar Centre 6.30 till 8.30. You can join our Zumba class, relax and have a cuppa and a chat, learn a new craft, browse the Centre library, swap books, make new friends as well. We are presently working out our monthly activities and we’re interested in learning new skills. So if you are female, aged 10 to 110, and would like to join us we will be pleased to see you. We have a crèche most nights so no worries about the bairn. We are quite a musical lot, so there could be the odd karaoke night; we try to put on a festive show each December, which involves singing, dancing, comedy etc...You could be a budding star, but don’t worry it’s not compulsory. For more information phone Aileen on 07519656215 or Heather on 07709189880. Yoga Classes: Classes meet on Tuesdays from 7pm to 8.30pm at the OAP Welfare Hall, Erskine Street,

Alloa. Call Betsy on 01259 213096 or 0855 185 058 Healing Rooms: The group’s vision is to see the healing, liberating and life transforming power of Jesus made accessible to all. Healing Rooms are available to everyone, whether they have any connection or not, and prayer is offered free of charge by small groups of trained volunteers from different local churches. Healing Rooms are open every Tuesday 11am to 1pm in Moncr4ieff Church Hall, Drysdale Street, and every Wednesday, 7.30pm to 8.30pm, in Elim Church, Greenside Street, Alloa. For further information contact the local director Elaine McDonagh telephone 07742 175 453 or email Circuit Class Every Monday 6pm to 7pm at Alloa Academy Games Hall. Cost - £4 (£2.90 concession) Suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced. Exercises are performed on a time basis and allow you to work at your own pace. A mixture of cardiovascular and resistance exercises which help with weight loss, improved muscle tone, self esteem and confidence leading to a healthier lifestyle. If you would like further information please contact: James on 07977 268 261 or email jmcculloch@


Demos and intro courses will be held at the Wee County Crafters own well-equipped workshops in Cobden St, Alva, opposite the Turnpike Inn. Contact Robert:, Archie: or Richard: richard@douglasfoto. Total beginners should not feel afraid to come along to the demo days, even if you have never attempted any kind of wood-related craft, Mike will make all clear in a non-technical and friendly way. And remember: these sessions are FREE! Fibro Friends Group: Meeting will be held on the second Friday of every month at 2pm in the 150 shop, Alva. For more information call 08448 872 425 Alva Baptist Church: Coffee mornings are held in the church each Wednesday from 10am to 11.30am. Go and join them for a friendly chat over a hot drink and home baking. Alva Toddler Group meets Tuesdays and Fridays in the Cochrane Hall, 9.30 to 11.30. All pre-school children and their grown-ups are welcome. £2 per family, with first visit FREE ! Friday 22nd June is our Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Friday 29th we are having a Very Merry Unbirthday Party. See you all there !

Clackmannan Zumba Classes: Zumba Classes with Audrey Crawford will be held on a Thursday from 6.45pm to 7.45pm in Parklands, Alva. For further information phone 07515 534902. Ditch the workout join the party. Johnstone Arms Announces Monday Darts ‘Open Night’: Darts have entered the close season period and, while the period continues, The Johnstone Arms in Alva, is delighted to announce that they will be running an ‘open night’ every Monday for all interested individuals Bookbug Sessions: Go along and join free rhyme, song and storytelling sessions for under fives at Alva CAP on Thursdays from 10am to 110.30pm. Excluding school and public holidays. Alva & Menstrie girl guiding; the girl guiding are looking for new rainbow 5 to 7 years: brownies 7 to 10 years; guides 10 to 14 years; adults and unit helpers 18+. For information on how to join telephone Margret on 07765494424 or Janice on 07837239921.

Clackmannan Residents enjoy Reshaping Care for Older People Community Coffee Morning Venues and dates of coffee mornings; Civic Centre Tullibody Tues. 12th June 10am – 12noon Activ8 Sauchie Hall Tues. 19th June 10am – 12noon Town Hall Alloa Wed. 20th June 10am – 12noon Community Notice Board: The notice board is situated outside the CAP/library. Groups and individuals and ‘not for profit’ organisations can advertise activities and display posters here. See the notice board for further details. Anyone requiring the services of a minister should contact the Revd Scott Raby on 211255. The Thrift Shop closed for the summer last week and everyone would like to thank our supporters who have given it such a successful

start. It will be re-branded over the summer and return on 7 September revitalised for the 2012/13 session with a choice of soups and ‘new’ clothes for you to buy. Bookbug Sessions; Go along and join free rhyme, song and story telling sessions for under fives at Clackmannan CAP on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 11am, excluding school and public holidays. CAP: Come along and join our free Rhyme, Song and Storytelling sessions for under fives at Clackmannan CAP on Wednesdays from 10.30am - 11am Zumba: With Ian at Clackmannan Town Hall Monday nights 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Have fun and get fit at the same time. Clackmannan Parish Church of Scotland The Kirk Session continue their study course with an away-day on Saturday and on Monday at 7.00 pm. the closing meeting of the course will be held in the Church Hall. On Sunday morning the service is at 11.00 am in the church when Duncan Forsyth returns to present the Sunday School prizes. The service will be followed by the Church Family BBQ in the Manse Garden. On Tuesday the Coffee Morning is open from 10.00 am. in the Church Hall. On Wednesday the Choir meet for practice at 6.45 pm. and the Prayer Group meet at 8.00 pm. Our church building is now open every week-day from 2-4 pm. If you missed the Stamp Exhibition “Life of Jesus” at the Scout & Guide Hall you can view it in the church during the church open days. For more information on these and other activities please visit our web site at www.clackmannankirk. org Anyone requiring the services of a minister should contact the Revd Scott Raby on 211255. This year’s summer holiday club for Primary pupils in Clackmannan begins preparations on Thursday at 7.00 pm in the Church Hall. If you can help on any evenings during the week beginning 6 August please come along and find out about the programme; if you have a child who would enjoy the fellowship and excitement that will be found in Clackmannan Town Hall that week - keep your (and their) diary free.

Coalsnaughton Coalsnaughton Burns Club: Cash bingo every Monday in the


lounge. Contact 01259 750517. Eyes down at 8.15pm, finished by 9.45pm. Fruit Barra: The Coalsnaughton Fruit Barra is open in Coalsnaughton Village Hall from Monday to Friday 10am until 5pm. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a cuppa at Coalsnaighton’s Community Cafe Society. If you have an hour or two to spare to help, please call into the hall. Telephone 01259 759099.

Dollar OCHIL HILLS COMMUNITY CHURCH This Sunday (24th June) Ochil Hills again have “Messy Church” in the Dollar Civic Centre at 4pm. Messy Church is unlike church as you may know it. This is the last Messy Church before the summer break and we plan to make it “An end of term party” We will have most of the usual events, some craft activities, singing, a Bible story and a meal. The meeting ends at 6pm. If anyone would like to see what it’s like, you will be very welcome and our catering has been proved to be “elastic” and capable of accommodating all who turn up. Ochil Hills Community Church This Sunday (3rd June) OHCC are holding their “First Things” meeting in the Dollar Civic Centre, Park Place at 7 p.m. The meeting is open to all and consists of , a time of praise with our outstanding worship group, teaching and some testimony to God’s power. We will be available for anyone wishing to have prayer for healing or any other needs. Naturally there will be tea, coffee and the opportunity to chat Dollar newspaper and magazine collection: Dates for 2012 – 3 April; 1 May; 5 June; 3 July; 7 August; 4 September; 2 October; 6 November; 4 December. Zumba fitness classes; classes will be held on Wednesday on the Maguire Gymnasium, Dollar, from 7pm until 8pm. for more information telephone Irene on 07743785103. SWRI Please note that our Outing to Gardens in Gargunnock is on Saturday 30th June; and NOT as intimated in the Dollar News. We hope to see you then.



Tuesday 19.6.12

What’s on in your weecounty

Dollar Horticular and Garden Club: The annual show will be held on Saturday 5 September 2012. The categories for the photographic section are Hillfoots View, In The Garden, It’s Only Weather, My Favourite Flower. In the young photographers section the subject is My Favourite Photo. Wee County Walkers: Why not join in the free walks led by the Wee County Walkers? Become fitter as you enjoy and easy interesting walk. No need to book. Meet us in the car park beside Cats’ Protection just before 2pm on Tuesday. Back in time to meet the children coming out of school. Walks are suitable for all ages and abilities. Find out about local history as we walk. Put on comfortable footwear, dress for the weather and enjoy. Short, safe walks open to everyone. For more information contact Jane on 01259 290316 or 07825 052677. Come on your own or bring a friend.

Fishcross Charity Shop: The Cats Protection charity shop in Alloa Road, Fishcross, is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm to 3pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm selling good second hand clothing, bric-abrac, books and new goods. The award winning Ochil Writer’s Group, who meet every second Monday in Menstrie’s Dumyat Centre, have a couple of spaces available after losing two writers to work obligations. The group had an anthology published last year, Beneath the Hills Vol. 1, and plan to publish another this year. The anthology was reviewed positively in a number of publications, both local and national. If you are interested in joining the group, please Email Monika Mackenzie at

Menstrie Menstrie Tiny Tots: A club run by mums for mums. This voluntarily organised group meet during term time on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am until 12noon at the Dumyat Centre. All ages

from babies to three-yearsold are welcome. A healthy snack and drink are provided. A chance for mums and children to interact together through play and planned craft activities. £1.50 per visit – first session free. For more information call in or telephone Sarah on 01259 761098. Cancer Support Group: The group will be in the Dumyat Leisure Centre every Wednesday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Drop in for a chat and a coffee, everyone welcome. Muckhart Quilters: The group meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Coronation Hall from 7pm to 9pm. Contact Mavis 781473 or Sue 743226.

Sauchie Sauchie & Fishcross U F Church Communion Services took place last Sunday. The theme in the morning was “Thoughts on Heaven”, the Bible Reading being from parts of Revelation chapters 21 and 22 In the evening, we looked at the theme, “The Priority of Thanksgiving”. The Bible Reading was part of Psalm 103 Christianity Explored meets on Wednesday at 7 p.m. The Friday Club for Kids is on Friday from 6 until 7.30 p.m. On Sunday, the. Kites Group and Creche meet at 11 a.m. There will be a Family Service and Kites Group Prizegiving at 11 a.m. A Cold Buffet Lunch will be served afterwards in the Large Hall. Donations at this will be for the “Friends of the Students”, an organisation within the denomination which exists to supply book tokens and to give other financial help to students who are training for the ministry. The Evening Service will take place as usual at 6.30 p.m. The Kirk Session meets on Monday at 6.30 p.m. Christianity Explored meets on Wednesday at 7 p.m. The Friday Club for Kids is on Friday from 6 until 7.30 p.m.

Communion Services take place on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. The Kirk Session meets at 10.50 a.m. Kites Group and Creche meet at 11 a.m. A choir from Trinity Congregational Church in Gabarone, Botswana, will be singing at Craigmailen U F Church, Bo’ness on Friday, beginning at 7.30 p.m. There is no admission Last Sunday morning, we began an new series of studies on the latter chapters of Paul’s letter to the Romans. We looked at “How we Might Become Living Sacrifices”. Maureen Barclay read from the beginning of Romans chapter 12. The Evening Service was a Service of Prayer and Reflection for the Bereaved. The guest speaker was Mrs Marjory Mackay, the matron of Strathcarron Hospice. On Thursday, the Bible Study meets at 7 p.m. The Friday Club for Kids is on Friday from 6 until 7.30 p.m.

which gave the message of how important it was to be ourselves and how important it was to help other people as we never know when we might need help ourselves. Anyone wishing to join the Strollers on Wednesday 20 June should meet at the Beechwood bus stop at 1 pm to catch the bus to Menstrie. The Session will meet at 7 pm on Wednesday 20 June.

9pm. Contact 01259 721886 for information. CAP: Come along and join our free Rhyme, Song and Storytelling sessions for under-fives at Tillicoultry Library on Thursdays from 10am - 10.30am


Slimming World: Slimming World takes place on Wednesdays at 5pm in The Civic Centre, Tullibody.

2nd Tillicoultry Rainbows: Is your daughter ages 5-7? Does she like playing games, doing art and craft, making new friends? If you have answered yes then contact 211318 and leave a message for further details. Or you can email clacksguides@yahoo. Zumba Class: A Zumba class is held in Tillicoultry Centenary hall on Wednesday’s from 8pm –


Tullibody and Cambus Girlguiding: To join the leadership team. Contact Ann-Margaret on 07908 252104 or Girlguiding Clackmannanshire on 01259 211318. Healthy Living: Residents of Tullibody, Cambus or Glenochil with a Clackmannanshire Council Access to Leisure Card can

Art Club: Held each Wednesday night in Sauchie Resource Centre from 6pm to 8pm. Various types of art work, painting, drawing, modelling clay ect. £1 entry. CAP: Come along and join our free Rhyme, Song and Storytelling sessions for under-fives at Sauchie CAP on Tuesdays from 2pm - 2.30pm SAUCHIE AND COALSNAUGHTON PARISH CHURCH Scottish Charity No SCO18155 The Young Church Prizegiving was held on Sunday 16 June during the 11 am service. The children (and adults) enjoyed a Puppet Show and stories about different animals

Tullibody Heritage Centre, Abercromby Place (part of the Civic Centre) Tullibody is open each Saturday 2—4pm or by arrangement at other times. Nominal charge for Adults. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Contact 723376 for further details. Web site . Do you have an event you would like to publish in ‘whats on in your wee county’?

Email the details to: weecounty@ or call: 01259 404006

Hair, Beauty & Nails

Services take place on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Kites Group and Creche meet at 11 a.m. Sauchie Tiny Tots: Tiny Tots runs in Sauchie Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.30am to 11.30am during term time only. First visit is free of charge then £2 per child, 50p per second child. Healthy Snack, art and craft and lots more. For more information call Laura on 01259 725337

swim free Monday-Friday at 9am to 5pm at the Leisure Bowl. Pop into the Tullibody Healthy Living Office, 13 Tron Court, Tullibody to find out how you can get your Tullibody Healthy Living Free Swim Card or telephone 01259 724374.

t: 01259 217711

Lyn, previously of Eden Beauty Emporium, is now trading as Bijoux Opening Offers... Cut and Blow Dry £20 normally £25 Cut and Blow Dry & Acrylic Nails £37 normally £50 Acrylic Nails £20 normally £25 Shellac Gel Nails £15 normally £18 (colours only) Rockstar/ Glitter toes £10 normally £15 lasts 4-6 weeks Shellac Fingers and Toes £30 normally £36 (colours only) Spray Tanning £15 full body, two tan together for £10 per person Tan and Gel Toes £23 Acrylic Nails and Tan £32 normally £40

Lyn can make up packages to individually suit each client

Within Wasp Centre Alloa


Tuesday 19.6.12



Historic event for

Torch bearer Kate Pearson enjoying the occassion in Alloa




Tuesday 19.6.12


Streets were lined by Clackmannanshire residents


Tuesday 19.6.12



Provost Tina Mu rphy with the Olympi c Torc


Olympic class wrestling display by the Tullibody Wrestling Club



Historic even

Olympic Torch Relay Hailed A Success


t was a moment that many will be talking about for years to come. It was a moment that will live in the memories of those who were there. Those who were there will remind those who were not what they missed. They arrived in their numbers and lined the streets, armed with their flags and cameras to witness the arrival of the Olympic Torch in the Wee County. All ages were present, all nationalities were present, all sharing one common goal. The official figures show that around 7000 people came out to see the Torch during Day 26 of the Olympic Torch Relay, which then saw the Relay continue on its journey across east central Scotland on its way to Edinburgh tonight ahead of the London 2012 Games. As the Olympic Torch Relay arrived in Alloa town centre thousands of people, including around three thousand school children, lined the route to support the Torchbearers. Clackmannanshire Provost Tina Murphy hosted a reception in Alloa Town Hall for the Torchbearers, attended by a range of local sporting talent. Provost Murphy welcomed the four Torchbearers to Clackmannanshire and also made presentations to local people who have been selected as Torchbearers elsewhere on the Relay Route. She said: “The Olympic Flame is on a 70 day journey across the UK and here in Clackmannanshire we have been fortunate to have been chosen as one of the areas to have been



Tuesday 19.6.12

selected to be part of the Olympic Torch Relay Route. “Clackmannanshire has a wealth of sporting talent. This is evidenced by the success at local and national events. I am confident that our achievements in sport will continue, through the help of local clubs and organisations, many who are represented here today. My personal thanks for your commitment to your chosen sport. “Lots of people have been involved in making the arrangements for the Olympic Flame visiting Clackmannanshire and my thanks go out to everyone who has played a part. “I would also like to thank the many thousands of people who came out and lined the streets and made it such a memorable day for everyone concerned.” Council Leader Gary Womersley paid tribute to the people of Clackmannanshire for making the Olympic Torch Relay event such a resounding success. He said: “I want to thank everyone involved in the Torch Relay. Local people who turned up in their thousands and the Council staff who worked so hard all did Clackmannanshire proud. The time the Olympic Flame travelled through Alloa will be remembered by everyone for a very long time. “The Torch Relay gave so many local people the chance to shine. Everyone deserves high praise for making the whole event so memorable and for creating such a showcase for Alloa with the eyes of

the world upon us.” Wee County MP Gordon Banks, who attended the historic event said; “There was a great atmosphere and a remarkable turn-out; it was like all Clackmannanshire had come to watch the Olympic Torchbearers. I was also very impressed by the way the whole event had been organised and the police were fantastic in engaging with the crowds which all added to the fun. “The relay really brought the reality of the London Olympics to the County, making us all feel a part of what will be a one-in-a-lifetime event for most of us. This was truly an occasion to remember. “I am really looking forward to the Team GB performances; winning medals, setting personal bests and enjoying an event that should bind us all together.” Superintendent Graham Bye, of Central Scotland Police, said: “The Olympic Torch Relay attracted a great number of crowds as it passed through Clackmannanshire. It has been a great occasion and we are pleased that it passed without any incident. We have worked closely with Clackmannanshire Council to ensure that this event was a success.”


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Tuesday 19.6.12




Tuesday 19.6.12





Tuesday 19.6.12




Tuesday 19.6.12






Your Horoscope Predictions

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By Anne Smith Libra (24 Sept - 23 Oct)

Aries (21 March - 20 April)

June is a month for expansion and growth xxxx

of your mind and new contacts it will be a month of interactions. There’ll be new information, new people but don’t neglect those old friends whom you have not seen in some time, so try to put that are of your life in order too. Life will begin to take off after the 11th as the lucky planet Jupiter moves into your sign.

Venus your ruling planet is retrograde xxxxxxxxxx for most of this month so it is a time to deal with practical matters. You may have been a lit bit of a hermit of late but with the move of Jupiter into your sister sign of Gemini and the new moon on the 19th you feel a sense of clearing and a need to get back out and communicate with the world.

Substitute Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov) There is a touch of destiny in your sign xxxxxxxx this month as you are being pushed your comp to claim success and victory slipsforward in all aspects of your life, not one & upgrad fears change this month finds e who you opening up new doors and then your flyer new door waiting, don’t be s to further shy, go forward, embrace and enjoy. 500 21 June) Gemini (22 May -0 Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec) Taurus (21 April - 21 May) xxxxxxxxx June is a month to look within and also to look after your own needs instead of others! A time to expand ideas and to capitalise on investments, remember that the universe works with the law of attraction so visualize your dreams becoming reality and it will be so!

Ixxxx always look at birthday months as a new year and a new you and this is what is happening in your sign as Jupiter enters your sign your optimism and foresight kicks in and you start a new cycle of luck and hope, you are closing some doors on the past but pushing new ones open with gusto, enjoy and embrace all new beginnings.

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Cancer (22 June - 23 July)

Insecurities xxxxxxxxx must not hold you back right now as it is important to embrace the changes that are coming the planet Uranus is making us all look at change and you are no different, be bold be honest in all your endeavors and allow that ambition to succeed in all areas of your live drive you to change and victory..



July - 23 Aug) SLeo ubst(24 itu is unfolding before your xxxxxxxxx Magical timete yoAfeet; ur co it ism almost pslas ipifsthe universe has putuyou center stage (again). You will & pgonra d ein your financial house yosee u anflincrease ylove erslifetocomes into the fore andryour as you 50either 00 plan to lasso a man or to

entice your current partner deeper into your lay, a month of moving and shaking away debris.

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept)

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Around the time of the partial eclipse in xxxxxxxxx Sagittarius you may feel that it is time to repair any problems on the home front, and you will be right it is an ideal time to let bygones be bygones and rebuild and repair lost or bad feeling to do with friends and family, this will allow you to focus fully on your goal, work and finances, you feel confident and your virgonian charm helps you achieve real progress forward and with mars in your sign there is no stopping you.



xx have a choice this month, live in a You world of fantasy and sexual relations or get practical and make headway in your working and financial life. It is time to understand relationships personal and business a month for you to see and all others to see what you are truly about, take stock, think and move wisely.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

You cannot be faulted for your efforts xxxxx and work ethics in fact if this gave you brownie points you would be at the top of the ladder of success, this month you take responsibilities seriously and with efficiency you drive yourself forward to the finishing line. A month when your attention to detail and drive get you noticed in more ways than one!

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

A time to cast away fear and doubt, a xxxxxxx time to begin to believe in yourself and your abilities, a time of communication of thoughts feelings and ideas, all of these things you find difficult (normally) but this month it is important to push yourself in these areas and you will fell lighter and happier than you have been in some time. !

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

xxxxxxxxxx You seem to be focused on your home this month with a lot of emphasis on making it feel safer, some might decorate, some of you might move and decide to buy or sell you have a desire to nurture your inner self and the planet venus retrograde is the causing this effect, try to keep a balance on your home life and go with the flow as this phase will pass.


Sizzling Suzie’s Q’s Views ! Summer Spreads


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Food for the soul

Recently featured in “Pick Me Up” Magazine And the Scottish Sun

banned for life. The DJs at these clubs can only 1936- Jesse Owens wins gold at the “exploit” women as long as they agree Berlin Olympics. Adolf Hitler’s face is to strip. Perhaps if the girls (and guys) a picture as he beats numerous Ayrian clubs, they’d get the One of the best things about going on holiday,avoided I think, issuch coming athletes, and heguys has probably to give him message. back. Ok so you hadaas nice a weather as we had medal. in Portugal, but hey…we were lying by a pool being waited on 1993Graeme Obree breaks the hand and foot into the bargain. Theworld wean had an absolute ball. Not once did he get boredusing of pushing hour velodrome record a bikeme he or his daddy into the pool. anyone else for that matter. wasABOLITION absolutely OF THE PASTY TAX madeOrout of washing machine parts.The foodTHE delicious as usualatI have home with a few new recipes. He wins and the record a costcome of dirty It pays to chat up the chef. Although this stew requires you to clothes. The Tories have done something prepare it the night before it really is worth it. 2012- An English team beats a sensible. No, German team on penalties in the they haven’t Butter bean and Pork Stew Champions League Final. slapped Nick Well pack doneoftobutterbeans Chelsea onsoaked their first Clegg, they’ve 500g ever Champions League trophy, but abolished overnight. 1serious kilo of pork belly with removed. questions haveskin to be asked the proposed 3ofcloves of garlic crushed Bayern Munich. Why, with so tax on warm 1many small Germans pack of smoked bacon available, didlardoons they let a pasties and pastries. 2 bay leaves Dutchman take a penalty? It would never have worked. It would 1 glass of good red wine I don’t think a German team have ever have been impossible to differentiate Tbsp dried thyme lost a penalty shoot-out in my lifetime. between retailersit who were complying 2 tsp harissa paste….(you will find Indeed, one night 5-asides there was with the tax law, and retailers who in the herd and spiceataisle) German kid in mystock team, and when weren’t complying with food hygiene 1this ½ pints of vegetable 1we packet shredded won of a penalty wecurly justkale gaveoritstrong to himgreenslaw. 1even tsp ofthough olive oil we knew nothing about him! UNBELIEVABLE SPORTING EVENTS

AND FINALLY In the first ever edition of Q’s Views, I slagged off the Bee Gees. Therefore it seems only fair that I pay tribute to Robin Gibb following his sad death recently. I maintain that they did sound very girly with those high notes. And I wasn’t kidding when I said that I had no idea the Bee Gees were men until I saw them on TV in 1987. But they did the most fantastic tunes, decade after decade, and to call the Gibb brothers legends is something of an understatement. Robin Gibb will be missed. Oh, and to the press- could we please stop saying that someone “lost” their battle with cancer? That word implies that it was a fair fight where the person had a chance of winning. Robin Gibb, like every single person I know who has ever been struck by cancer, fought his battle with dignity and courage. He was no loser.

Marinade your pork overnight in the wine, garlic and bay leaves. Remove meat from marinade and fry off in the olive oil until NIGHTCLUBBING LANARKSHIRE STYLE browned and sealed. In a heavy lidded pan add the meat with the marinade and cook very slowly for about 1 ½ hours to 2 hours If until a man up to you thelardons streetuntil browned and add Across or it iscame very tender. Fryinthe 1. for Facing counter around it (8) and you to take your clothes to thetold meat with the drained beans, off, harissa and stock. Cook Cows let cat out? (6) ayou’d further 40-50 minutes untilEven the beans kale probably belt him. if he are tender. Add the4. 8. The first mistake caused dread (6) and cook for a further 20 min. Remove the meat and allow it to offered you a free drink, you’d tell him 9. They put their owners in the shade (8) rest for 10 minutes shredding it using two forks. Pour12. the Scottish port has been read out (8) where to go, and before probably dial 999. beans and cabbage into a bowl and top with the shredded meat. 13. Peddler made the German drink ale


So why then are certain newspapers (6) creating such a fuss about nightclubs 14. After tea, seer returns forest plants (5) in Lanarkshire who encourage girls to 16. So sigh, at ease with sound of Fresh Sardine Salad communities (9) take their clothes off? 18. Bones in the closet? (9) I don’t this, You can condone use fresh sardines or tinned 20. Satisfied to have posed with Edward but surely the girls if you prefer but works with tuna too’ (5) 22. In June, Venice is rough (6) concerned can say “No 24. Run rings around or take more clothes thank you, I have a off? (8) 4brain” fresh sardines gutted and grilled and not degrade 27. Earnestly asks for fresh sperm oil (8) 1 small pack of feta cheese cubed themselves for the 28. Cannot aver nastiness occurring inside 1 small onion diced inn (6) sake of a few drinks 2 small tomatoes cubed with juice 29. Devonshire tea cakes and ice-cream tokens? and seeds removed held in ship (6) Indeed, my mate 1 pinch of cumin 30. Are adolescents able to staff cafes? once stripped 2Spanner boiled potatoes cubed (8) 2down tbsp of dressing to French his pants in a nightclub, and did he 1 2 3 get free drinks? No, Combine all the ingredients and serve with toasted ciabbatta he got thrown out and


Custard powder made as per instructions 2 tbsp of caramel sauce


charity? (3) 4








Have a great weekend everyone and here’s hoping the sun shines.


1. Rejected person not in film’s line-up (7) 2. Keep making an effort to somehow preserve direction (9) 3. Weapon weaker than a pen in other words (5) 5. Areas north, south, east, west are changing consciousness (9) 6. Makes certain censures too much (7) 7. Pam put up chart (3) 10. Type of painting burned after midnight (3) 11. Parts of relay races and of those in them (4) 15. Erode vet’s back docker (9) 17. Stick your nose into tree fern I relocated (9) 18. Investigates dens (7) 19. Rolls back rejection (4) 21. Relies on parts of pools where it’s safe to dive, say (7) 23. Thespians have psychic ability (1,1,1) 25. Sting is dressed to the nines (5) 26. Be gone without one request for



Pour the caramel in a shallow 14 dish and place in a hot oven for 5-6 min until liquid and golden. Pour over the custard mix and bake for 10 - 15 min until 18 properly set and golden. Allow to cool completely and chill in the fridge. Turn out onto a plate and serve in thick slices. No need for anything else.

Love Susie

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Tuesday 19.6.12

Out & about with Ashleigh Elliott

The Prof W

Keeping fit O

ver the past month I have been talking about exercises you can do but I think this week we will talk about how all those exercises you have been working on can actually change your life.

The first thing I’m going to talk about today is how many steps you should actually take in just one day, I was told the other day that you should take 10,000 steps in just one day, I thought that was impossible to do this in just one day but I was proven wrong because I then got told this is true you should take 10,000 steps in just one day. To try and match this after work you could try getting off 3 bus stops before your normal one then you will be taking more steps than you usually would or even just try walking at night after you have had your dinner you go out a walk you don’t have to go too far just as much as you feel you could do. All of the exercises I have spoken about will most definitely help you lose weight or even just ton up, but with these moves you have you watch what you are eating as well you can’t just lose weight without watching what you are eating because this won’t work on everyone there will be people out there who don’t have to watch what they are eating and can just exercise but everyone is different and might find it harder to lose weight so you should try watching what you are eating as well. When you are watching what you are eating I was told you are meant to have 6 meals a day not big meals though this is to help the temptation of snaking every couple of hours if you are having 6 meals a day you will be filling yourself up with proper food. I think as long as you watch what you are eating and making sure you are doing daily exercise this will help you lose weight or even just pounds but the moves I have spoken about are the most top ones that will help you ton up or lose weight, good luck if you are trying this.

ith T in the Park just around the corner, for the past few weeks I have been choosing a singer/ band to talk about to let you know the sights of them just now. I have chosen Professor Green this week because he will be performing on Friday 6th July. Professor Green born and raised in East London, the Hackney singer catches an attraction to all ages but mainly to young teenagers who can relate to his songs. I’ll let you know what Professor Green’s top five songs are, “Read all about it” the song features Emeli Sande, lyrics mean a lot to his fan, they are really moving you just love the song after you have listened to it. “I need you tonight” this song features Ed Drewett, the lyrics are great the song just blows you away. “D.P.M.O” the song is about how he wants to make no mistakes in life, lyrics are good. “Monster” song is about his ex how they want to rule the world, lyrics are good. “Never be a right time” song is good he is saying there will never be a right time to tell the girls he loves how much she means to him. Professor Green is the type of artist that most people will either love or hate. His songs mean something about life in general, and most teenagers can probably relate to most of his songs. His lyrics of most of his songs are about how hard life can be but you never stop you just keep pushing on and move on. His song “Read all about it” is my personal favourite. It tells you no matter how many times you get kicked down you just have to pick yourself back up and never forget to show the world what you are made of. I would say to anyone who is reading this and is going to T in the park this year you should go see Professor Green he will not let you down he will perform great!

PET of the week

Stirling Castle W

ith the summer coming up in a few weeks time everyone will want something to do to break up the holidays.

If you have nothing to do when your friends are maybe away on holiday and you are just staying in Scotland this year why not take some time to learn about Scotland’s history. Stirling Castle is a great place to visit because you will learn about all the different people and why they were so important to Scotland all those years ago. The castle will tell you about people such as James V, Mary Queen Of Scots, Mary Of Guise, Regent Arran, Andre Manson and Janet Lady. You will probably have heard about them in history class anyway so you will have a rough idea of why they were so important and what why they are well known for Scotland. For the people who don’t I’ll give you a little sum about them before you go so you know roughly what it is about. James V is the only son of James IV of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots father died when she was only 6 days old this making her the queen at 6 days old she was crowned nine months later, this is the mother of Mary Queen of Scots. At the castle you can have a look around all different things for example, Castle Timeline, Regimental Museum, Castle Gardens, The Chapel Royal, fore work gate, Kings old Building, the Great Hall and loads more. The prices for the castle is different for all age groups so here they are, Adults (aged 16-59) £13.00, child (aged 5-15) £6.50, Concession (aged 60 and over) and unemployed £10.00, children under 5 go free. If you decide to step into the world of intrigue and high fashion with the people of the palace have a great time and don’t forget to show off Scotland’s independence of the Castle.



Sweet Chilli Burgers H

Moga Name: Moga Age: 2 Breed: Cocker Spaniel Lives: Tullibody Likes: Chasing his ball, swimming, collecting the mail from the front door for a treat!! Dislikes: Cats and anyone taking his ball... To submit your pet please send a photo of your pet to weecounty@hubpublishing. or post your photo to The Wee County News, 38 Primrose Street, Alloa FK10 1JG with your name, your pets name, breed, age and his or her likes and dislikes. * although we will try, we cannot guarantee the return of any photos posted to us.

INGREDIENTS 1tbsp vegetable or olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 450g lean minced beef 1 clove garlic, crushed 2 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp ground coriander 2 tbsp tomato puree 2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce dash Worcestershire sauce 2 tbsp fresh mixed herbs, chopped 1 tbsp egg, lightly beaten salt and pepper to taste cheese slices, red onion rings and baps to serve

ome made burgers are delicious and healthy, and these are mildly spiced with the addition of sweet chilli. If you prefer a hotter taste, add some crushed chilli flakes to spice them up even more. Makes 8 burgers


1. Heat the oil in a pan and add the onion. Cook for 5 minutes or until the onion is soft. Remove from pan and drain any excess oil with kitchen paper, then leave to cool. 2. In a large bowl and using your hands, mix together the mince with the rest of the ingredients. (If you_ using extra chilli flakes, add them now). When combined, stir in the cooled onions. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Divide the mixture evenly into 8 and shape each piece into a burger patty, then place in the fridge to chill for 15 minutes. 4. Cook the burgers (dry-fry or grill) for 5 minutes on each side, then serve with the red onion, lettuce and tomato and a cheese slice in a burger bap.

weecounty KITCHEN ASSISTANT Job No: SLN/22025 SOC Code: 9223 Wage: MEETS NAT MIN WAGE Hours: 20 PLUS PER WEEK, OVER 7 DAYS, BETWEEN 10.30AM - 12PM Location:STIRLING, STIRLINGSHIRE FK8 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 08 June 2012 Closing date: 06 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Must have Food Hygiene Certificate. Must have previous kitchen experience. Duties will include all of aspect of Kitchen Assistant work. How to apply: You can apply for this job by telephoning 01786 450632 and asking for Peter Darroch. Employer Hermanns Restaurant CALL CENTRE / TELESALES Job No: SLN/22029 SOC Code: 7211 Wage: £14000.00 to £21000.00 Per Annum Hours: MONDAY TO FRIDAY Location: Stirling FK8 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 08 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Our client is seeking individuals for telesales positions at their


call centres. No experience is required and all candidates will be considered. Also available are work from home positions in a virtual call centre. Please send your application and CV via the website below for more information and to be considered for the role. How to apply: You can apply for this job by visiting application Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled) and following the instructions on the webpage. Employer: First Hiring Solutions CARE ASSISTANT Job No: SLN/22037 SOC Code: 6115 Wage: £6.37 per Hour Hours: 21 per Week, 3-4 days from 7, 7:45am - 9:45pm, 7 hour Shifts Location: STIRLING, STIRLINGSHIRE FK8 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 11 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: We are a residential care home for 23 elderly residents. Duties include personal care of residents, assisting residents who have physical or mental disabilities with the day to day living and any other related duties as required. Successful

applicants are required to provide an enhanced disclosure. Disclosure expense will be met by employer. Applicants to apply as below or email: How to apply: You can apply for this job by telephoning 01786 473848 and asking for Mrs Irene Sharp. Employer: Westerlands Home ADMIN ASSISTANT Job No: SLN/22057 SOC Code: 4150 Wage: £7 per hour Hours: 21 hours per week, FridayMonday between 8am-3pm Location: Stirling, Stirlingshire FK8 Duration: Temporary Date posted: 13 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Temporary leading to permanent. The role would be suited to a flexible individual who has a “can do” approach, and naturally a team player. You must have previous admin experience and experience of working with various software packages for example MS word and Auto cad or similar. The successful candidate will have shared responsibility for essential admin tasks required by the branch including producing brochures, downloading photos from camera to

database, uploading property details to the website, creating floor plans for brochures via software package, producing accurate correspondence letters, audio typing, responding to email enquiries and any other duties as required. Basic hours of work are Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday 12pm-3pm and Monday 9am-2pm although you must be flexible to cover holidays and absences. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Louise Devlin at Clyde Property Ltd, Employer: Clyde Property Ltd PLUMBER Job No: SLN/22069 SOC Code: 5314 Wage: Salary £16,171 per annum Hours: 37 hours, Monday-Friday. Location: Stirling, Stirlingshire FK9 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 14 June 2012 Closing date: 27 June 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: Candidates must be industry trained with a recognised qualification in mechanical/ gas/plumbing services and experience of working in industrial /commercial environment. Experience of undertaking

Tuesday 19.6.12


maintenance activities on buildings, plant and equipment is essential as is sound knowledge of Health and Safety Legislation and Safe Systems of work. Key. Responsibilities include carrying out reactive, planned maintenance and minor works throughout the establishment using predefined schedules. Along with providing support to other trades and contractors within the team to ensure an effective service delivery. A full Driving Licence is essential. For more information and to apply please visit Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled). How to apply: You can apply for this job by visiting Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled) and following the instructions on the webpage. Employer: Scottish Prison Service DELIVERY SUPERVISOR Job No: SLN/22077 SOC Code: 7123 Wage: £15,000 - £18,000 depending upon experience Hours: 42 hours per week-to be arranged Location: Stirling, Stirlingshire FK8 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 14 June 2012 Closing date: 12 July 2012

Social Enterprise Development Officer

Organisation: Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) Salary: £25,00 pa. Salary info: Full time / 37.5 hour week, 52 week pa worked flexibly as required by the role. Location: Clackmannanshire. Job Type: fixed term contract from April 2012 - March 2013 with a possible extension to September (subject to funding). This post is funded by Clacks Works and the European Union. Closing Date: 29th June 2012. Location: The post will be based in the offices of Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) in Alloa. Possession of a full driving licence and access to a vehicle is a condition of employment for this post. Application notes: for a full job description, person specification and application form visit and return the completed application form and equality monitoring form to by the closing date. This is a re-advertisement. Previous applicants need not apply.


Tuesday 19.6.12

Pension details: No details held Description: Maximising sales by ensuring that your department is trading efficiently, safely, within legal constraints and offer the highest customer service standards. To have the ability to achieve budgeted sales and profit targets. Managing team effectively to achieve daily pick volume and deliver goods on time. Working closely with the Store Management team and. Retail and Catering Sales Team to develop new and lapsed business. You ensure your team complies with legal standards and company procedures. You ensure that operational plans are in place and monitor progress. You would propose solutions where issues or opportunities exist 7 day business and flexibility required. Previous Delivery Supervisory experience is not essential but would be an advantage. Driving licence is essential for role, Class II or equivalent would also be an advantage. Please contact Craig Dickson, Area Manager on 01786 451109 for more details How to apply: You can apply for this job by telephoning 01786 451109 and asking for Craig Dickson. Employer: Booker Cash and Carry AUTOMOTIVE BRANCH MANAGER Job No: SLN/22079 Employer Reference: BM Stirling SOC Code: 1232 Wage: Exceeds National Minimum Wage Hours: 44 HOURS PER WEEK. Location Stirling FK7 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 15 June 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: National Tyres and Autocare, the UK’s leading independent Fast Fit specialist, are looking for an experienced Branch Manager. You will be required to manage the day to day operation and control of the branch, in order to maximise sales, turnover and profitability in all areas of the business. To ensure that the National Customer Code and Company objectives are adhered to at all times. You will be an experienced Branch Manager who is used to working in a busy environment and must be computer literate and able to work independently. We offer a great package and a very good bonus scheme. We are looking only for applicants experienced in fitting tyres, exhausts and brakes. Having work experience as a mechanic or Automotive Fitter is essential. How to apply: You can apply for this job by visiting Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled) and following the instructions on the



webpage. Employer: National Tyres PLASTERER Job No: SLN/22081 SOC Code: 5321 Wage: £8.65 Per Hour Hours: 5 over 7 Location: STIRLING FK9 Duration: Temporary Date posted: 15 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Fully qualified Experienced Plasterer for occasional part time work, must have valid CSCS card and own transport. Flexibility is essential as clients have domestic and commercial sites within the Stirlingshire area to apply please email CV to lisa.pollock@driverhire. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Lisa Pollock at Driver Hire, lisa.pollock@ Employer: Driver Hire JOINER Job No: SLN/22082 SOC Code: 5315 Wage: £8.65 Per Hour Hours: 5 over 7 Location: STIRLING FK9 Duration: Temporary Date posted: 15 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Fully qualified experienced joiner for occasional part time work, must have valid CSCS card and own transport. Flexibility is essential as clients have domestic and commercial sites within the Stirlingshire area to apply please email CV to lisa.pollock@driverhire. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Lisa Pollock at Driver Hire, lisa.pollock@ Employer: Driver Hire COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT Job No: SLN/22083 Employer Reference: 0612327 SOC Code: 4142 Wage: £18,652 - £21,798 per annum Hours: 37.5 hours per week Hours/ Week: Location Stirling, Stirlingshire FK9 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 15 June 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: looking for a motivated and enthusiastic self-starter, willing to assist in the delivery of excellent patient, public and staff communications. You will also provide a media monitoring service, process invoices, answer enquiries from staff, patients and

the general public, liaise with suppliers and maintain a number of databases and distribution systems. Strong written skills and an excellent telephone manner are essential as is the ability to manage a varied workload in a fast-paced environment. You should be educated to a high standard and have relevant qualifications or experience in a communications related environment. Ability and willingness to travel throughout the area of service delivery is essential for this post. Protection of Vulnerable Group (PVG) membership through Disclosure Scotland. PVG membership costs to be paid by employer. Tel: 01786 431163 or e-mail FV-UHB. medicalworkforcerecruitment@nhs. net How to apply: You can apply for this job by obtaining the employer’s application form from and returning it to Recruitment line at NHS Forth Valley Primary Care, FV-UHB. medicalworkforcerecruitment@nhs. net. Employer: NHS Forth Valley Primary Care PLANT FITTER Job No: SLN/22085 SOC Code: 5223 Wage: Competitive rates of pay apply Hours: 40 per week, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Location: Stirling, Stirlingshire FK7 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 15 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: We are looking for an experienced plant fitter. Experience with drilling rigs is preferable. Duties: Fixing and maintaining drilling rigs. Competitive rates of pay apply and overtime may be available at weekends. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Jim King at Albion Drilling Services Ltd, 19 Springkerse Road, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK7 7SN or to Employer: Albion Drilling Services Ltd GLAZIER / SEALED UNIT FABRICATOR Job No: SLN/21975 SOC Code: 5316 Wage: NEGOTIABLE DEPENDING ON EXPERIENCE Hours: 39 PER WEEK MON TO FRI Location: STIRLING, STIRLINGSHIRE FK7 Duration: Temporary Date posted: 06 June 2012 Closing date: 22 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Time served Glazier required for local company with a diverse but very busy workload. Temporary for 3 months however could be longer depending on business needs and

experience. Driving licence would be preferred but not essential. Apply direct.sealed Double Glazing unit fabrication an advantage but not essential possibility of permanancy to right candida. . phone Janet direct or send in cv and Jobcentre application form to employer How to apply: You can apply for this job by obtaining a Jobcentre Plus application form by selecting this link pdf Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled). Alternatively you can request an application form from any Jobcentre Plus Office and returning it to Janet Stephens at Stirling Glazing Company, The Glasshouse, Whitehouse Roa, Springkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK7 7SP. Employer: Stirling Glazing Company EXPERIENCED GROUNDS MAINTENANCE OPERATIVE Job No: SLN/21963 SOC Code: 5113 Wage: £7.00 PER HOUR Hours: 45 HOURS PER WEEK PLUS OPTIONAL WEEKEND WORK Location: STIRLING FK8 Duration: Temporary Date posted: 01 June 2012 Closing date: 29 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Working as part of a team, providing routine grounds maintenance for commercial and private properties. Duties include grass cutting and strimming, hedge cutting, weeding

of borders, weed spraying, litter picking etcWork location starts at our operations yard in Denny, travelling to clients in company transport. Experience of ride on and pedestrian mowers, Hedge trimmers, strummersdrivers licence essentialtrailer entitlement preferred but not essentialPA1 and PA6 certificates preferred but not essential. Disclosure check is required due to sites operated. Expense met by employer. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Gill Brett at Cutmasters, gbrett@cutmasters. Employer: Cutmasters MULTI SKILLED ENGINEER Job No: ALL/23484 SOC Code: 5241 Wage: £25000 - £25500 per annum Hours: 37 per week, mondayfriday,Days Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 08 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: We require time served (or equivalent) Mechanical/Electrical Engineers & Fitters with a broad skill base in a process/manufacturing environment. You will be involved in line changes to accommodate production requirements. My Client offers on going formal training leading to genuine qualifications. The package includes a salary


OTE £100,000 Due to expansion and increased workload we require experienced IFAs to join our team. Working with a broad level of clients ranging from corporate to HNW individuals, you will provide tailored financial planning to meet those needs of our clients. Advice will be given to clients on the whole spectrum of planning requirements. Successful candidate will also have experience in managing introducers. Employed and Self Employed positions available and will see candidates working to set quarterly targets. Rewards for managing and increasing funds under management alongside the generation of new business are given.

Successful advisors will see on target income in excess of £100,000.

Contact us at or on 0808 108 1186 for further information. Urban Black Associates, Lomond Suite, Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park, Uddingston, G71 5PW. Urban Black Associates is a trading style of Urban Black Ltd.

weecounty of ÂŁ25435. Overtime is paid at enhanced rates. Stake Holders Pension, excellent holidays. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to John Johnson at Search Recruitment, john.johnson.50376.776@search. Employer: Search Recruitment PLASTERER Job No: ALL/23489 SOC Code: 9233 Wage: ÂŁ11.00 per hour Hours: 12+ 2 days work 8am4.30pm - days Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Temporary Date posted: 11 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Previous experience in a similar role is essential. Will be working in occupied properties - plastering kitchens and bathrooms. Immediate start available - couple of days work which may lead to future jobs for the right candidate. Please either call Louise on number provided or email CV to: louise. How to apply: You can apply for this job by telephoning 0141 2487212 and


asking for Louise McLaren. Employer: Randstad CPE

Req//195956 How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to John Johnson at Search Recruitment, john. johnson.46383.776@search. Employer: Search Recruitment

MANUAL MACHINIST Job No: ALL/23497 Employer Reference: Req//195956 SOC Code: 5221 Wage: ÂŁ22500 - ÂŁ25500 PER ANNUM +FULL PACKAGE, PENSION ETC Hours: 37 Hours Weekly, Monday to Friday, days Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 13 June 2012 Closing date: 27 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: My Client based in Alloa have a small but busy machine shop supplying parts to their maintenance department (not sub-con). I require a time served Machinist that has experience of manual Maching. You will be a competent machinist & familiar with various manual machinery, some CNC would also be advantageous. They will be purchasing a small HAAS CNC in the very near future & previous experience of running HAAS would be beneficial. Training can be provided in HASS programmes/ systems. Immediate start available.

WORKFLOW CO-ORDINATOR Job No: ALL/23500 SOC Code: 4150 Wage: ÂŁ13.500 per annum Hours: 37.5 per week, 5 days over 7, FLEXIBLE BETWEEN 7AM & 12PM Location: ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 13 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Must be able to type at least 60 wpm and have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Some supervisory experience and/or knowledge of the legal sector would be an advantage. Responsibilities include monitoring the main office to achieve daily output and quality targets, typing, data entry collation of statistics, cover for typists and shift leaders as required and all other associated tasks as required. This appointment will require you to be flexible,

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www.aspro Mainten Place, Septem scoop Perth PH2 ance. ’ categor votes to win seeking the a prize courte ber 2011 mail@aspro 8EE On Thursd the y which fund of sy of Saund Holyroo ÂŁ2,000. would ‘Best Marger ay, 8th Septem see them ers Imagi Scottis d to publicis n y ber, h project e the by traineeMcBain and ng ‘Scottis They joined s in Karen Windmills s Cara, forces the finals of h Vote’ for Anthon Matusavage staff Dean Cauvin with Sense this years the 3 y and Lynsey were joined make Trust, awards it the only Scotland on the . Trainee through to trip to the finals.other Scottisand The Lynsey h project was beamin Lun ch s to g with Buff et continpride having been ued Thro

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We have and varieda large properti list es for of Perth rent and Tayside. through in include Properti out es apartmeflats, houses nts, furnishe and or unfurnis or long-ter hed with d Call today! m leases. short




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By Alison


ullialla n to a singleCastle could be home Scottis force h police after dismis sed GlasgoKenny MacAs it was kill w and reveale Edinbu d this Curren rgh week. nationa tly being used l Tullialla police training as the n the whole is ideally situateacademy, of Scotlan d to service cessibl d, e in all directio and is very Plans acservice for a single ns of travel. have already police and nounce been an- fire d but the in the Scottis Justice h that the Secreta Parliament at TulliallaScottish Police ry has hinted College n could headqu be home arters. to the MacAs headqu kill believes the new arters in Edinbu should not rgh be based or tion of this is Glasgow. Indicaeviden Police t as Strathc Headqu in Glasgo arters lyde at ÂŁ2.5m w is current Pitt Street ly (althou be moving gh they for sale at to a new are believe Glasgo d ÂŁ38m w’s office to If not the east end.) in home ters, Tullialla for n will playthe headqu the new arsingle force. a major role but the When in Scottis headqu asked about have Royal h Govern arters the new ment should be Edinbu he said: MacAs Assent by next “It rgh or seems summe service of ACPOS kill added: Glasgo will not fine “As r. s chief constaas a place w. Tullialla of what which build will lead Chief Consta President n on as any we ble Smith police the reform for a The single ble to be based. “In the already have.the strengths on behalf service police and running police Fire Officers â€? ASPS, . “I know of the force could SPF, SPSA service, the as early and the forward looking like Chief people in ACPOS as April be up FBU are the service , not , forward and SCDEA determ 2013 the challenConstable looking , not back, are “I know back. Prote s will, ined Smith, cting and are challen this journey with Govern to work new servicege and shape rise to the Wee ging one is ment to constructively and s we can a tough tive and Coun - change at times a deliver ty for be proud deliver is always which call - but this Service efficient new an 21 Years of, ‡ 'HY Burgl the is a . Scottis effecar Alarm h Police Plans whole of Scotlanjourney LFHVLQ “In fire front & rescue FOXGLQ & Comm s Home d is on.â€? outline for the single and JÂżUH , all eight the ‡ rear ercial DODUP No Depo 32 division force wouldpolice force Moni Chief ER[H tored sit ‡ Â…0 24hr s to stave be split V tion. )RU6 Phon off central into FRWWLV with Polic eline ‡ 0R RQWKO\E\6W e K3RO isa: LFH5 Response ‡ :HH& QWK&RQWUDF DQGLQJ2UG HVSR . 2 dema www nding QVHDODUPMajor servi ‡ &&79 RXQW\5H/ W)XOO3DUWV HU0LQLPXP .gle nda acpo LQVWD   ODE ces Inclu DXQFK 6HUYL s polic OOHUV RXU FHG0 6SHF lese y criter PXVWPHH ded. If you LDO DLQWDL curi QHG ia WWKH offer have no 5HSD .uk servic you LUHG a inspe e ction one time provider for ÂŁ50 only Wee we can plus and vat. parts, County batte ries

01259 210


Price 45p

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Renow ned artist visits Petra Retro Kaise Glass Centr in Alloa r e Pages



RETAIL MERCHANDISER Job No: ALL/23501 Employer Reference: ALLOA ASDA SOC Code: 7125 Wage: ÂŁ6.08 to ÂŁ6.16 Per Hour Hours: 4 HOURS PER WEEK PLUS AD HOC WORK Location: ALLOA FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 14 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Full driving licence is preferred. Position is available with flexible working hours to fit in with the applicants domestic circumstances. The post involves general merchandising within a large Superstore. We are looking for someone who is efficient, self motivated, with good interactive skills. Experience of working in a store is preferred but not essential as full training is given. Good communication skills both written and verbal required as you will need to be able to understand and use written documents as part of the job.A uniform is provided at a nominal cost of 5 for a polo shirt and 10 for a fleece. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Carol Hill at Dee Set Logistics Ltd, Jersey House, Roecliffe Business Centre, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, YO51 9NE or to


Employer: Dee Set Logistics Ltd DOMESTIC Job No: ALL/23502 SOC Code: 9233 Wage: Meets Nat Min Wage Hours: 17.5 per week, on various shifts Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 14 June 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: No previous experience required. Will be cleaning toilets, bedrooms and residential areas. How to apply: You can apply for this job by telephoning 01259 750703 and asking for Lesley Yates. Employer: Marchglen Care Centre ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATOR Job No: ALL/23506 SOC Code: 4122 Wage: MEETS NATIONAL MIN WAGE Hours: ABOVE 30 HOURS Location: SCOTLAND FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 15 June 2012 Closing date: 06 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Will require strong accounts knowledge and good computer skills to join a small growing company, helping to implement accounting packages into our client sites. The ideal candidate will be fully conversant with business accounting sales, purchases, reconciliation etc and be able to work with customers often onsite to set up their accounting accounting systems. The main accountancy package is OpenERP, knowledge of this would be advantageous however we are willing to train the right person who has relevant underlying accounts and computer skills. Please apply on-line to: How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Manager







Septem ber 2011

Scottis h



Playgrou p

Tel: 016 8EN 98 375835 / 375 566

8 740

n Rd, Bellshi ll ML4 Mon 1AG Sat & Fri 8am Sun 8am 7pm - 5pm


tives fromNumber taff from Pink Turb is the 10 Sforces Windm the three ills Cafe with HUB Laufinalist Scotti Serving Pert s from the two other in Mother Dinner an Xma sh charit to nch the Scottis the Nationa Scottis well joined ies with h and Surr Set Mea s With just h Parliam l Lottery h charity First Minis ound 18 and l at 1 week centre Awards ent in 25 Nationa to go Edinbu in a visit pages 6:45pm Cra ter Alex ing Area commu with learnin l Lottery until voting rgh. s 15th Salmo Awards Educat nities suppor g difficulties, ? closes igie training cafe suppor - 28th nd - Photo finals, ion Project t and are in

Send all


HUB Media Ltd Scott Mochar Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Uddingston G71 5PW Tel: 01698 803909 Email:

Tel: 0169



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lly open They the Jinky numbe turned out Memo rs (estima in their in rial Garde garden n take pride Old Edinbu of place rgh hundre on d yards Road, just Motor a few home from Jimmy’ as a (MND) Neurone Disease s Jinky, child. is neurod a progres across who was idolised sive egener difficul the country that attacks ative ties 06/04/2 rk footbal disease swallow with speech The statue 011 ling great for the the upper lower ing and motor , that he and memor 17:21 died in 2006 The muscle breathi Degene neurones. and was, and battling after sufferin ial tend to s affecte ng. neuron ration of with Neuron g d first the motor es leads feet and be those in e Disease Motor and wasting the hands, to weakne mouth. since In Scotlan of muscle causing ss 2001. d, it’s that over s, mobilit increasing expecte 150 people loss y in the suffer d limbs, of from the will year and and conditio there n each are continu currently ed on page 10

excess ted y for The project raise it was witness of 3,000 in to be of Sama, as theaslong hard of the the official total) to memor ritan statue unveilin ial garden sstatue and their own, for one g of footbal Premier page 207mmx6 in memor Scotlan a Celtic of Johnsto ling 8 9mm-2fo legend, y competitioLeague Snookne waslegend, r1_v1 importa d legend, but Jimmy a copy.pd ntly, a more f legend. er unveiled. n Viewpa 2

* Terms details and condition given on requests apply,




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73 Hamilto



of all Pages your local sport 17, 18, 19 & 20

0800 318 08 3

Send your CV with a covering letter by post or email to:

26th Augus t - 8th






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Page Bellshil 2 Ride worl Park & ks beg in Page Annual Dog Fun 3 Day

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Are you looking to make the next move that will put your career on the right path? This is an outstanding opportunity to join an expanding newspaper group. You will be part of a dynamic and friendly sales environment, where rewards reflect effort. We will expect you to have drive, determination and flair. A lack of sales experience is not an issue as we pride ourselves on our excellent in-house training. But we will expect you to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work on your own initiative. In return, we will give you a first class salary and excellent bonus potential. If you think you have what it takes, contact us today.


Telesales Executive

committed, energetic, a team player, customer focused, quality service oriented and have great attention to detail. You should also have the ability to multi task, have great communication skills and be IT literate. In return we offer plenty of opportunity to learn new skills, working for a company that offers great opportunities for progression. How to apply: You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Recruitment at Intelligent Office UK, Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, FK10 1EB or to Employer: Intelligent Office UK

Tuesday 19.6.12

,6:$ 7&+,1






Reporter/Trainee Reporter A

re you looking to make the next move that will put your career on the right path? Or perhaps hoping to take that first step into the world of journalism? Hub Media is looking for a talented reporter / trainee reporter to join its team working on the Wee County News, based in Alloa. The successful applicant will be adaptable and able to cover news and sport while bringing exciting ideas to the table. We are looking for an ambitious reporter or graduate with a qualification in journalism, shorthand and knowledge of Scots Law. The ideal candidate will have an excellent news sense and the ability to remain calm while working to a strict deadline.

This is an opportunity to join an expanding company who have a strong portfolio of newspapers across South Lanarkshire, Perthshire and Clackmannanshire. Three papers will be launched from the Alloa office in the very near future and you will play a key part in shaping their content. A car owner would be preferred. Send written applications, including CV and clippings to: Hub Media Ltd Scott Mochar Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Uddingston G71 5PW Tel: 01698 803909 Email:

12 26



Tuesday 19.6.12 3.4.12 Tuesday

weecounty services 01259 404 404 006 006 To advertise advertise in this To this section, section,call callthe the Wee County sales Wee sales team team NOW NOW

BUILDERS Improvement How to help promote yourHome business


o you find advertising personal byPVC nature, Doorsbecause & Windows your business difficult? A rather thanMirror selling products, LR LR Roofing sliding doors service business, eg plumber, what you are really selling is Internal & External Slates joiner, tiler etc, can • beTiling the most• your own, and your employees, Roughcasting • Flat Roofs challenging of all to advertise. skills and talents. Wood doors • All Types of Building If it is a Work businessUndertaken offering To discussallthis further&or to supplied fitted • Newthis Roofs Freetake advantage of advertising home services, can be•very Misty Double Glazing Estimates • within the weecounty UPHOLSTERY ALL WORK GUARANTEED All types of glass services section, call Contacts: 0800 959 6930 Glazing ourAlloa sales team on 07876 796693 01259 404006. 01259 219400

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Also Loose Covers & French Polishing OPEN Re-upholstery + Re-covering Leather Repair Specialists Easter FREE Scatter Cushions • FREE Arm Covers

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We are Also Loose Covers & French Polishing OPEN Leather Repair Specialists Easter Weekend OAPLocal Discounts 7 Days Service Your Master•Upholsterers



NU-REST RE-UPHOLSTERY All areas including Falkirk, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Your Local Master Upholsterers Grangemouth, Bo’ness, Linlithgow, Alloa & Dunblane

All areas including Falkirk, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Grangemouth, Bo’ness, Linlithgow, Alloa & Dunblane

CALL FREE 0500 454549

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For all your Slating, tiSlating, ling, gutters cletiling, aned and repaigutters red. cleaned and repaired. print and Flat and garage roofFlat s. and garage roofs. stationery UPVC, plastics &UPVC, dry verge. plastics & dry verge. requirements FREE WINTER ROOF CHECKS FREE WINTER ROOF CHECKS ~ FREE Tel:~01259 ~ FREE ESTIMATES ~ ESTIMATES

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Domestic & Commercial call on 01259 215668

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Central Plumbing & Heating Your Yourlocal localgas gassafe saferegistered registered heating heatingengineers engineers

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UNIT 2, 2, Bridge Bridge Motor Motor Factors, Factors, Broad Broad Street, Street, Alloa, Alloa, UNIT FK10 1AN 1AN FK10

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NORLAND JOINERY All All types types of of joinery joinery work work undertaken, undertaken, loft loft conversion conversion specialists, specialists, extensions, extensions, kitchens kitchens etc. etc. Free Free estimates estimates

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01259 210 849/07907400 566 SLATING / FELTING / TILING / SHEETING

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weecounty motoring

Tuesday 19.6.12


More colour and clout for Audi A1

New more powerful TDI engine and new Black Edition and Contrast Edition specification options for sought-after Audi sub-compact hatchback


etting personal with the Audi A1 becomes even easier from this week thanks to new Black Edition and Contrast Edition specification options that take different routes to achieve an even more striking and exclusive look. The new design options can now also be combined with a more powerful 2.0-litre, 143PS TDI engine that complements the existing 1.6-litre, 105PS unit. Contrast Edition specification is available for a premium of £1,350 over the price of an

the S line models, it adds a black styling treatment for the single frame grille surround and number plate holder, dark tinted rear privacy glass, 18-inch five-arm rotor design alloy wheels in a titanium finish in place of the S line model’s 17-inch equivalents and Xenon Plus headlights with LED daytime-running lights. Inside, it also brings full electronic

climate control as an enhancement to the S line model’s manual air conditioning and the Audi Sound System speaker upgrade giving 180 watts of output. Alongside the additional scope for visual enhancement offered by the two new specification options comes equivalent A1 Sport model, and in conjunction with all engines in the A1 range with the exception of the 1.4 TFSI 185PS. It brings a contrasting colour for the roof line and for aerodynamic body styling elements that are also added over and above the Sport specification, plus larger 17-inch ‘five-arm’ design bi-colour alloy wheels that expand on the Sport model’s 16-inch examples. For a more resolutely sporty look a double-blade roof spoiler, also in a contrasting colour, can be added at extra cost. The Black Edition alternative is based on the top S line specification, and is available exclusively in conjunction with the 185PS 1.4-litre TFSI petrol engine and the newly introduced 143PS 2.0-litre TDI. For a premium of £1,100 over

PETROL PRICES UNLEADED ASDA - Alloa - Morrisons - Alloa - Tesco - Alloa - Gulf - Tullibody - Highest - DIESEL ASDA - Alloa - Morrisons - Alloa - Tesco - Alloa - Gulf - Tullibody - Highest -

129.7 129.9 129.9 131.9 133.9 134.7 134.9 134.9 136.9 139.9

Source: Prices correct at time of print.

the potential for even greater TDI pace thanks to the fifth and

£17,945 OTR. It develops 143PS and maximum torque of 320 Nm between 1750 and 2500 rpm – enough to push the A1 2.0 TDI with six-speed manual transmission to 62mph from rest in 8.2 seconds on the way to a top speed of 135mph. Impressive 68.9mpg combined economy complements this strong performance, and pares CO2 output back to 108g/km, positioning the A1 2.0 TDI very favourably in VED band B (£20 per annum). The A1 TDI range also includes the 1.6 TDI with a VED and congestion charge-eliminating 99g/ km CO2 output, and from the petrol-powered camp the similarly turbocharged and directly-injected 1.2-litre

The ones to watch from Audi – Striking new Contrast Edition and Black Edition styling upgrades have just become available for the Audi A1 subcompact hatchback. Their launch also coincides with the introduction to the range of a responsive 2.0-litre 140PS TDI engine. latest introduction to the A1 engine range. The 2.0-litre TDI with common-rail fuel injection is available in conjunction with Sport, S line, Contrast Edition and Black Edition specification levels, and is priced from

TFSI with 86PS and 1.4-litre TFSI with 122PS. At the head of the range in output terms is the 1.4-litre TFSI with 185PS, which combines supercharging and turbocharging to achieve its impressive output.

es David Morton Ltd c i r P Top Cars - Vans - All Scrap Metal Paid

01324 612 876 Glen Works, Glen Village, Falkirk



Tuesday 19.6.12

The benefits of carpet over wood flooring


ome design and makeover TV programmes have heavily featured the sanding down of old floor boards or laying of new laminate or real wood floors in recent years, but there is now a trend to return to the carpet as the flooring of choice. With wooden floors being noisy under the tramp of family footsteps, cold under bare feet, having no heat-retaining properties and requiring high maintenance to keep them looking good, the advantages of carpet are being rediscovered and wooden floors are disappearing beneath them. Like so many other industries, carpet production has advanced dramatically, with stain-proofing treatments and methods to prevent compression of the pile due to frequent use being applied at the point of manufacture, and as such, carpet is rapidly becoming the flooring material of choice for many families. There is now a vast range of carpet suitable for every room to choose from in natural products from wool to vegetable fibres. These carpets are easy to

keep clean and looking good; children can play on them more comfortably, babies can crawl on a warm surface and cold bare feet on the floor are a thing of the past as they help retain valuable heat during cold winter months. Gone are the days of matted shag pile and dowdy floral modern carpets are stylish, hardwearing, heat retaining and very fashionable. There is every colour under the rainbow available, but it should always be kept in mind that this covering is going to be down on your floor for a long time and needs to blend in with your furnishings. A fairly neutral shade is probably the best choice for most areas.One important factor to consider when choosing new carpet is which room it’s going to be in. Bedrooms can have slightly less hard-wearing grades than stairs or lounges where traffic is going to be higher. Good carpet suppliers will advise on the best quality available for your budget. They will also provide the consumer with samples to be viewed in the home and

will measure up and advise on underlay, fitting and aftercare, explaining the warranty that comes with your chosen flooring. It is well worth having your new carpets fitted professionally to get a really great finish - nothing looks worse than badly fitted carpets. If you don’t fancy wall-to-wall, another option is to keep your wooden floor but add a large carpet with a surround of wood still showing. There can be advantages to this choice in high traffic areas as the carpet can be turned to distribute the wear, preventing a worn patch on the areas which get the most use. This can prolong the life of the carpet and give you all the benefits of carpet plus the attractive appearance of the wood surround.To maintain your carpet in peak condition, vacuum regularly, mop up spillages and shampoo occasionally in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation. With the right choices and aftercare, you can maintain a homely warm and functional environment for family living.



Krakow 7 NIGHT






Budapest & Vienna Budapest & Krakow Departures until October 2012

Departures until October 2012

Once home to Bohemian Kings and Habsburg Emperors, Budapest & Vienna tell of a rich and ancient history. Visit the Castle District, the Royal Palace and Gellert Hill in Budapest and don’t miss the Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces in Vienna.

Take in the splendid panoramic views from the Fishermen’s Bastion in Budapest, discover the beautiful medieval Old Town with its huge Grand Square in Krakow or just cosy up in the endless array of cafés and bars and let the hours drift by.

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Price Includes: • Direct flights from Edinburgh to Budapest returning from Krakow • Airport taxes, hand & hold luggage • 7 nights central 3 hotels with breakfast (4 nights Budapest, 3 nights Krakow) • Direct flight from Budapest to Krakow • Return airport transfers

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Departures until March 2013 Price Includes: • Return direct flights from Edinburgh to Budapest • Airport taxes and hand luggage • 3 nights central 3 hotel with breakfast • FREE arrival transfer selected dates

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weecounty sport

Tuesday 19.6.12 29




t was Tulliehasset Club Strokeplay Championship Qualifying over the weekend with the top 21 players after the weekends two rounds going onto rounds three and four next Sunday. In quite terrible conditions that contrary to forecasts persisted all weekend, Neil McDonald and Ross White headed the qualifiers on 149, closely followed by Paul Frith on 151 ahead of a group of players on 156 which includes former Club Matchplay Champion James Barrett. Although the leading three have a few shots in hand the chance is still there for a number of players to emerge from the pack in what will be a keenly contested day next Sunday. The drainage work carried out last winter certainly paid dividends with the course presented in excellent condition. The Brown 36 Hole handicap competition was also played over the weekend, with some notable returns including Scott Marshalls astonishing net 64 in the worst of Saturday’s weather and Gerry Casey’s net 66 being the pick of Sunday’s Scores. However it is a two round competition and the overall winner was George Gow with an excellent 2 round net total of 141. Earlier in the week a number of Muckhart Teams were in action with mixed results. The Gents Caledonian League Team travelled to The Dukes at St Andrews in confident mood after 2 victories only to end up on the wrong

end of a 4-2 defeat, while the Gents Scratch team lost 4-2 at home to Crieff, and therefore did not qualify from their section after a promising start. Our ladies Dumyat team stepped up to the plate with a great 2.5 to 0.5 win at home to Dunblane, while the Juniors recorded a great result by winning away to Blairgowrie. The Ladies competition this week was the SLGA Medal and the Tuesday crew certainly got the better of the weather. Christine Laing topped the Silver Division with a net 71, 1 shot ahead of Steph Crolla, while Sarah Herdman triumphed in the Bronze section with a 68, followed by Alex Glaister on 71. Midweek highlights were Michael

Frew winning the Wednesday Medal with 72-5-67 and Andrew Peel winning his 2nd TwiLight medal of the year with 20 points As well as the Tulliehasset finals next Sunday there is the our Bells League opener against Comrie on Friday, Gents Centenary Trophy on Saturday, the Ladies SLGA 3RD Round on Tuesday and Saturday, while the club are having an Open Day also on Sunday 24th when prospective new members can play the course for a refundable £10 if taking out a half year membership on the day. Full member category is only £250 till the end of the year with discounts for those under 30 and those living more than 20 miles away. Phone 01259 781493 to book a place.


















































































































ictured with Ladies Vice-Captain Janice Manson are the prizewinners of the Strokeplay Championship held at Tillicoultry GC last Saturday. Conditions were terrible for the Division 2 competitors who teed off early, with the only saving grace that they only had to complete 18 holes. Later the Division 1 competitors teed off and had no rain but very strong winds to contend with. After completing their first 18 holes they had a light lunch and set out for their second round in dreadful conditions with the rain once again returning. This years winner, John Gullen paid tribute to all the competitors who braved the bad weather. This is the 6th time John has won this trophy - Well done John. Division 2 winner, Peter Ferguson, handled the conditions best to secure his victory. Division 1. Winner and Strokeplay Champion - John Gullen 149, runner up, Kenny Mitchell 151, 3rd, James Malcolm 154. Division 2. Winner, Peter Ferguson 165, runner up, Lawrence Begg 174, 3rd, Alan Munro 175.

Lawence receiving the 2011 County Championship Trophy from President George Kay ASTOUNDING ALLAN AT ROWALLAN. Showing considerable class, Lawrence Allan (Alva) won the Scottish Junior Tour event by two shots at Rowallan in Ayrshire. His four round total of 291 (78, 73, 68, 72) left the rest of the elite Scottish boys trailing in his wake, and his win showed considerable strength of character, and proves he can compete at the very highest levels of golf Lawrence, the current Clackmannan County Men’s Champion opened with a 78 in horrendous conditions--an outward nine of 42 could have demotivated many, but he fought back with nine pars on the back nine and after that never looked back. Trailing by four shots after round one, he steadied his golf with a two over par 73 (2 birdies and 4 bogeys). That put him into a joint leading position, and with a bogey free, 3 birdie third round, he led by four. With a bit of pressure on now, he stayed cool and did a two over par 72 in the last round--- enough to win the event. His good golfing form came just at the right time--- with team selections imminent; he must have attracted the eye of the selectors. Well done Lawrence!! Lawrence continues to have a busy week playing in the prestigious Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters in Kent from Thursday till Sunday, along with eight other Scottish Boys. PAUL LAWRIE SCOTTISH SCHOOLS GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS. Clackmannan was represented at the annual Schools Championships held at Murrayshall over 36 holes last week Alva’s Lawrence Allan led the way with 76, 70 followed by the ever improving Scott Beattie (80, 75.) It was a disappointing that the third member did not return a second round score, thus denying the Clackmannan team a reasonable placing in the team competition. In the girl’s competition, Eilidh Watson representing Forth Valley finished 7th

in the individual event with scores of 74 ,74--- the Forth Valley Girls team finished in 4th position out of 11 teams. The annual Schools International will be played at Hesketh, Merseyside on 10th September. Last year Lawrence Allan captained the Boys team to their first win for some time and it looks highly likely that he will retain his position. CENTRAL SCOTLAND SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP. Bob Stewart (Tulliallan) is a bit down the Senior Order of Merit, but has a good chance this week when the Scottish Seniors Golfing Society play their 36 hole event at Glenbervie---- a very familiar course to Bob. Also in the field are Peter Macleod. Mike Rust (both Braehead) and Phil Dempsey (Tulliallan). Because of a very large entry, George Kay (Alloa) and Ian Peddie (Tulliallan) are both on the reserve list. TENNANT CUP. The long established highly prestigious Tennant Cup is being played this weekend, and has locals Jamie Aitken (Alloa) and Scott Borrowman (Dollar) in the field. Scott moves on to try his golfing skills in the Open Championship Regional qualifying at Bruntsfield Links--- one of 14 venues being used. Top qualifiers move on to the final qualifying in early July CHALLENGE TOUR NEWS. In last week’s Challenge tour event at St Omer in France, Tulliallan’s Callum Macaulay agonisingly missed the cut by one shot with scores of 73 and 75. Callum is in action this week at the Scottish Hydro tour event at the 7100, par 71 Spey Valley course at Aviemore. 25 Scots are in the entry list--- Callum could do with a good finish as he is now outside the top twenty in the Challenge Tour rankings. LOCAL EVENTS THIS WEEKEND. 23rd June Open Greensomes Tillicoultry. 23rd June Sir James Younger Open Braehead.

CLACKMANNAN COUNTY DARTS WINMAU WORLD MASTERS QUALIFIER The County play offs for Ladies & Gents are at the Oakwood on Saturday July 14th 1230 reg. Entry £5 or £7 on the day. All names to Davie Hanson asap ALLOA MASTERS QUALIFIER The 3rd Masters qualifier will be held in the Ab this Saturday June 23rd with a 1pm reg. Entry £5. All names to Steff Gavin LEGENDS LIVE IN EXHIBITION SPONSORED BY OAKWOOD LOUNGE

The Legends of World Darts, Bobby George, Eric Bristow, John Lowe & Bob Anderson will be at Alloa Town Hall on Oct 26th. Tickets are Only £10. VIP at £20 and VIP tables of 8 at £150. All procceds will go into Clackmannan County Funds. Each County player is asked to sell two £10 tickets. The Pro Players will play pairs on the night so anyone who would like to take them on please contact Davie Hanson Tel 07872078715



Tuesday 19.6.12



Dollar Golf Club - Results Pictured are (1) Darren Hulston, (2) Gregor Johnston and (3) Mandy Macaulay Dollar Golf Club Championships 17th June 2012 Following the qualifying rounds last week and the matchplay rounds during the week the finals of Club Championship, the Second Division Championship and the

Ladies Championship were played on Sunday 17th June. The weather was far from kind, it was a dreich, damp day and the wet weather persisted for most of the day. At least the high winds experienced during the semi-finals was away and, with some judicious use of the squeegee, the course and greens were presented in excellent condition. Emerging from

the preliminary rounds to contest the Championship over 36 holes were Darren Hulston and Bradley Caine. Over the first eighteen holes there was nothing in it until the seventeenth where Darren’s birdie gave him a one hole lead into the second round. Although Bradley squared the match at the first hole of the second eighteen Darren closed out the match with

races were the order of the day as strong winds put paid to fast times in the distance races. Dunblane’s Andrew Butchart was very unlucky not to qualify of the final of the under 23 1500m, finishing fifth in the first heat in a time of 4mins 2.15secs. Tom Watson from Fintry finished fifth in his heat of the under 20 Men’s 800metres in a time of 1min 56.47secs and qualified for his final. The first day of competition was completed for Central’s athletes as newly crowned Scottish 5000m champion Alex Hendry finished sixth in the Under 23 race in a time of 15mins 10.58secs. Alex was well placed amongst the leaders throughout the race but failed to replicate the fast finish he produced to win the Scottish title on this occasion. Day two of competition saw Tom Watson being tripped from behind in the Under 20 Men’s 800metres final. Lewis Millar helped Scotland finish second to England at the Karrimor Great Trial Challenge at Keswick on Sunday. In a top field Lewis finished in an

impressive tenth place in a time of 33minutes 58seconds for the challenging 10km trail race. Jennifer Emsley impressively chalked up two 10K victories this week taking the Kirkintilloch 10K on Thursday night in 37min 12secs then lowering her personal best to 35min 52secs in the Orchill event at Gleneagles on Sunday. Alex Milne continues to show his return to form as he finished first veteran at Gleneagles in a time of 36 min 10secs.



entral Athletic Club’s youngsters were competing in Division One of the Young Athletes League at Grangemouth on Sunday 17 May and while the intermittent rain made conditions difficult throughout the day there were still a number of personal bests recorded. The main aspect of the day was the tremendous team spirit as the Club’s youngsters got fully behind a great effort that saw the Central finish third overall, their best result of recent times. Winning ‘A’ string athletes were Jack Kerr 4min 35.21secs in the Under 15 Boys 1500metres; Tom Chandler 12.19secs in the Under 15 Boys 80metre hurdles and 1.60metres in the High Jump; Sarah Pearson 11.95secs in the Under 15 Girls 75metre hurdles and Mark Guthrie 12.05metres in the Under 17 Mens Shot Put. Three of the Club’s athletes traveled to the English Under 20 and Under 23 Championships and World Junior Trials at Bedford. As is normal at this event all the top athletes in the country were present. Tactical

birdies at the 4th, 8th, 10th and 12th to win the Championship seven up with six to play. In Division 2 it was new Dollar member Gregor Johnston playing Lewis McNeil. Gregor went into an early lead being six up after ten holes but was pegged back to only one up by the fourth hole of the second round. However, with Lewis losing his touch around the greens, Gregor moved ahead with a series of solid pars from the fifth to close out the match on the 11th by eight holes up with seven to play. The Ladies Championship, played over 18 holes, was contested by last year’s Bronze champion Kayleigh Marshall and new Dollar member Mandy Macaulay. The match proved to be a close encounter, Kayleigh getting away to an early lead being three up after five holes. Mandy, a Scottish International at the age of 18, and back playing golf after an absence of eighteen years countered well and after chipping in for a par at the testing ninth hole had

squared the match by the 12th. A win at the fifteenth saw her take the lead for the first time which she held on to, taking the match by one hole at the eighteenth. Qualifying for the final of the Bronze Division Championship (the Jean McLellan Quaich) were Carol Caren and Di Dunning. A keenly fought contest developed but it was Carol who put together a very steady round with few faults, she capitalised well where Di made her mistakes and went on to win by four holes up with two to play. Saturday 16th June - Hall of Fame Qualifier Div 1: 1st Vic Allan (5) 37 pts; 2nd Kenneth Christie (7) 37 pts; 3rd Charles Murray (6) 35 pts. Div 2: 1st David Brodie (13) 40 pts; 2nd Terry Young (17) 36 pts; 3rd Colin Pritchard (20) 36 pts. Dollar Ladies Wednesday 13th June Stableford 1st Olive O’Sullivan (20) 35 pts; 2nd Ashley Leitch (19) 33 pts


Position 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


CV 1071.212 1067.473 1053.169 1027.182 992.200 990.753

Miles 283 283 283 283 283 283

Yards 87 1284 87 343 87 87

CFT 7:45:03 7:47:48 7:53:28 8:05:14 8:22:05 8:22:49

CTI 16:45:03 16:47:48 16:53:28 17:05:14 17:22:05 17:22:49

weecounty sport FOOTBALL

Good turnout at Memorial Trophy T

he 3rd annual Kevin Mulligam Memorial Trophy was held last week at Alloa’s Recreation Park. The special event involved local seven-a-side teams battling it out for the coveted trophy. After a tense 3 group stage and semi-final it was “We Hate Broon n Sherpy FC” who ran out worthy winners beating holders “Boyds Peppes” 5-1. Goal of the tournament was scored by Sean Kilgannon and player of the tournament was Jason Monteith who scored a double in the final.

The fundraising carried on at Peppes with an ipad donated by Kevin’s friends being won as top prize. The donations are still coming through and will total £1700 once all collected with all proceeds going to Erskine Scottish Veterans. Organiser Graham Sharp said; “I’d like to thank everyone who played their part in remembering Kevin on the day and it just goes to show how popular he was. “Special thanks to Nimmo Electrical, Speedy Hire and Saltire Facilities Management for their kind donations.”


Alloa team win Internation cup in Germany A

lloa team beats Spain to win second international O-I Soccer Cup in Düsseldorf The O-I Soccer Cup tournament took place for the second time on Saturday 9 June 2012. In an exciting final, the team from O-I’s Alloa plant defeated the Spanish team 4:2. Both teams had met in the group stages earlier on in the tournament - and that had ended without any goals being scored at all. The event, which had been entered by 16 teams from ten European countries, took place in Düsseldorf this year because the O-I staff from Germany had won the tournament in Switzerland in 2011. “It was a fantastic event with some great sport, first class fair play and, last but not least, wonderful weather”, said Joachim Herzig, Regional Finance Director O-I Northwest Europe, who was delighted with the atmosphere. “The O-I Soccer Cup is not only a way of saying thank you to all our

staff for the excellent work they do for the company, but is also a way to improve international cooperation and partnerships.” The company’s English team came seventh. The tournament started with four groups of four teams with two matches of 2 x 15 minutes being played at the same time. Between the games players and visitors could, among other things, admire a glass blower at work. And of course the cups for the first three places were made out of glass too! The event closed with joint viewing of the two European championship games Netherlands - Denmark and Germany Portugal. Altogether more than 160 members of staff from ten O-I locations took part in the tournament, which was held right next door to Germany’s O-I site in Düsseldorf-Vennhausen. O-I Scotland will be hosting this event next year.

Tuesday 19.6.12


weecounty sport COUNTY GOLF ROUND UP

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asps fans had to wait no longer as the eagerly awaited new season fixtures were announced this week. First it was the cup and Alloa will kick start their new season on the 28th July with an away tie in the Ramsdens Cup. The Wasps face a tough challenge away to newly promoted First Division side Cowdenbeath. The other fixtures in the RAMSDENS CUP 1st Round 07500 806 308 07736 931 124 Fat loss, 1 to 1 personal training and group training

Draw NORTH / EAST Section: •Brechin City v Dundee
•Falkirk v Stirling Albion
•Montrose v Inverurie Loco Works
•Peterhead v East Fife
•Elgin City v Arbroath
•Forfar Athletic v Dunfermline Athletic
•Wick Academy v Raith Rovers
• Then, the Third Division title winners will kick start their 2012/13 league campaign in the Irn Bru Second Division with a home tie against East

Fife on Saturday 11th August. The Wasps then are away to Albion Rovers, home to Arbroath and away to Brechin. The boxing day fixture will be at home against Forfar. The Wasps will be away to Ayr on the 29th December and face a local derby against Stenhousemuir at home on 2nd January 2013. Alloa will close their season on the 4th May 2013 with an away tie against Arbroath.

n the sports coverage last week, it was reported that Treetops goalkeeper Kirkham was said to have been involved in an incident involving the assistant referee. Further investigation and discussions with the parties involved have confirmed that the comments were taken out of context, and not in the spirit in which they were intended. It was also revealed that Kirkham had to run off after the match for work, which as the game had gone into extra time would have made him late – hence his sharp exit. We can confirm that Forth Valley Welfare Football were not involved directly or indirectly with anything printed.

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