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Tuesday 7.8.12 Issue 888

Volunteer and help Scotland’s animals

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Mr Singh’s opens in Alloa Page 5

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WARNING: New low footbridge by scammers Alloa re-opens A

given the stark warning about telephone calls that are being made by fraudsters, claiming they are calling on behalf of Citizens Advice Service. The scammers know that the CAB is well known and trusted service and is certainly a ‘way in’ for them to unsuspecting victims, particularly if they are in fact experiencing financial difficulties in the current economic climate. People believe they are giving over their bank details in order to clear off outstanding loans or other debts, but are actually funding the scammers C BLIND O MPANY ALLOA themselves. Clackmannanshire’s CAB is issuing a Domestic & Commercial warning to everyone The Only Blind Company that this call is a scam and warning them to be You Need To Call on their guard if they Quality Service Guaranteed. do receive a call such Vertical, Roller Venetian and Velux as this. Anyone who Free Estimates receives a call from this WHINS ROAD, ALLOA company should report

warning has been issued to Wee County residents as it has come to light that scammers are calling locals in their homes, claiming to be from citizens advice in order to acquire bank details for fraudulent use. Local people all over Clackmannanshire are being

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By Conor McQuillian it straight away to their local authorities. Manager of the Clackmannanshire CAB, Duncan Dennett commented saying, “We have been made aware that someone is coldcalling households in the area and claiming to be from the Citizens Advice Service. They are then pressurising clients to make debt repayments to them. “I want to state very clearly that the CAB will never telephone people at random to offer any service, and that all our service are completely free and confidential to anyone who needs them. “We know about this because one such call was received yesterday by a former client, who was smart enough to take the caller’s number and then report the call to us. His swift action has enabled us to inform the authorities, and also to warn others against the scam.


“If you receive such a call, do not give the caller any of your personal or financial information, and then please report the call as soon as you can to us, or to the local Trading Standards on 0845 277 7000. It’s by reporting such scams that we can stamp them out and help others avoid them in the future. If you do need help with debt or with any other issue, then we are of course only too willing to help you – and our service is completely free, as well as impartial and confidential. Our office is based at 47 Drysdale Street, Alloa or you can call us on 01259 219404.”

Fishing Tackle Specialists - Live & Frozen Baits, Rods, Waders, Shelters, Nets 13 Stirling Road Tullibody, Clackmannanshire , FK10 2QD

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bout 16 weeks after its initial temporary closure on April 9th to allow contractors to raise the height of the bridge for rail traffic, the Erskine Street to King Street Ring Road footbridge is finally back open to the public. Last Wednesday at 3.45pm the workmen removed the site fencing, George Hutchison from Sunnyside Court Alloa was

then the first person to officially cross the bridge since its close. Upon his return from the town centre he made his way up the path where the workman kindly greeted him and gave him the go ahead to cross the bridge; Betty Nisbet also from Sunnyside Court was second to arrive, securing the title of the first woman to cross the bridge.

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Tuesday 7.8.12

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Dear weecounty

Dear weecounty

After reading the front page story it made me realise how dangerous places are and knowing that people have not been giving the proper information is not right. Due to this deaths have occurred all over the UK because people have not been given vital information they should have had. Places like these are dangerous especially for young people and more should be done to prevent this from happening. I was shocked when reading this, as it shows more is needed to be done to prevent this from happening. Margaret, Alva

Dear weecounty

District News

38 Primrose Street Alloa FK10 1JG

weecounty LETTERS

Jobs are getting so hard to come by and reading that this new KFC business that is being built in Alloa will create over 40 jobs is ideal for the residents of Clackmannanshire. Lots of people are out of work due to the lack of jobs and spaces in local businesses and to hear that more jobs will be created is a good thing. I agree that maybe another takeaway place in the local area may not have been the best idea due to the rise in health risks and statistics but jobs right now is a priority just like health but the recession has had an impact on many so these new opportunities are ideal. We may just have to over look the weight issue in this instance. John, Tullibody

Dear weecounty It is fantastic to see our local council being recognised for helping animals by receiving an award for the Prevention of cruelty to animals. Knowing the council is stopping this is a fantastic thing as hurting animals is just wrong. Also, it was great to see a whole page in the paper designated to good things that council had done this week. It was great to see them taking part in such good causes. For once the public won the vote because they wanted the toilets re-opened and the council listened. It is just great to see such good news about the council. Avril, Alloa

Dear weecounty Reading about the young people who took part in the recent voyage from Oban was great to read as it proves once again so many young people and trying to make something of them in this day in age. It is fantastic that they took this on and enjoyed it as it is such a great cause and experience for them to partake in. To read about such good news about young people is lovely to see as they are not always presented in this way. It is great to see them all of this generation getting on so well. George, Alva


Happy Birthday to Mark 17 on Wednesday Love from Dad, Clare, Kerrie & Anya and the rest of the family xxx CONGRATULATIONS

Congratulations to Kerrie on passing all her exams this year. Keep it up hunni.

I found it very funny to ready that someone who failed to grow drugs was only fined £150, even though he was still growing drugs. In my opinion he should have had a larger fine as this wont teach him a lesson. In my opinion sentences and fines are too little these days they do not teach people anything. A fine like this is like a slap on the wrist for what he did, but in my view he still had drugs no matter if it was to sell or for his own use. I think this is just wrong. Craig, Sauchie

Dear weecounty It was really nice to read about Alloa Ludgate Church brining in the Olympics in such a traditional way. The bell ringing is not something that is widely noticed now a day and for them to take notice and take part so early in the morning and for such a good cause is just great. It is nice when old traditions like this is kept on and is taken part in within our community. Robert, Alloa

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Tuesday 7.8.12

Volunteer and help Scotland’s animals by Conor McQuillian


he Scottish SPCA is appealing to kind hearted people to help raise funds for abused, abandoned and injured animals by volunteering. Scotland’s animal welfare charity is urging animal lovers to get involved this Scottish Animal Week, which runs from 3-9 September, by shaking a collection tin in their area. Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, “Last year our animal rescue and rehoming centres cared for a staggering 13,437 animals and 2012 is proving to be just as challenging. “George the cat, who was found with a fractured pelvis and jaw after being hit by a car, is just one of the many animals we’re currently

looking after. “He is now recovering well after his operation, although he still has a wire in his jaw which will stay there for a few months until he has fully healed. “Despite his obvious trauma, George is a gentle boy with a big personality who always comes running to greet anyone who enters the cattery. “Seeing an animal like George recover in our care makes everything worthwhile and we’re hopeful he’ll soon find the new and loving home he deserves. “As an animal welfare charity, we receive no government or lottery funding and rely on the generosity of the public to continue our vital work.

“During Scottish Animal Week we have opportunities to fundraise throughout Scotland and we’d be very grateful if locals can get behind our appeal and help. “Even if someone can only spare an hour or two to shake a collection tin, their time and efforts would be hugely appreciated. “It’s something we always say because it’s true, every pound and penny raised really does make a difference and gives animals in desperate need of our help a second chance in life.” Anyone who would like to help fundraiser for the Scottish SPCA can contact Michaela Rusack on 03000 999 999 or email fundraising@scottishspca. org.

Drugs and drink fuelled police assault by James McGregor & Conor McQuillian


drug and drink fuelled Deana Douglas was pleaded guilty for Assault on a Police Officer. Deana Douglas, 20, appeared in court last week over 2 offences, over a matter in which 2 police officers had to attend at the police office in Alloa to see the accused because it was believed there was a live warrant out for her arrest. When they arrived they found her intoxicated on what was discovered to be

both alcohol and speed. It turned out there was no such warrant for her arrest and the police offered to give the accused transport back to her home which she accepted. It was following this that the accused became aggressive towards the Police Officers and began repeatedly violently kicking one of the officers in the shin. The accused pleaded not guilty to the first charge of threatening and abusive behaviour

under the grounds that she had no recollection of the event and had been coerced into trying speed for the first time after she had consumed alcohol which accounted for her behaviour; this plea was accepted and the charge was dropped. On the second offence of assaulting a Police Officer in the execution of their duty, the accused pleaded guilty, for which she received a fine of £80 to be paid back at a rate of £10 per fortnight.

80 hours community payback for phone thief A

Clackmannanshire man was given 80 hours community payback at Alloa court last week over the theft of a phone. Malcolm Scott Hunter, 31, pleaded guilty to a Theft By Shoplifting

charge on the 2nd of August. Mr Hunter stole a phone worth £264.64; he described this action as a snap “impulse”. Mr Hunter who has been clean from heroin since

2009 was sentenced to 80 hours of community payback to be completed in 3 months, cut down from a possible 120 hours due to his guilty plea at the earliest possible stage.


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Tuesday 7.8.12

Summer rugby camp offers 5 days of coaching and playing


lackmannanshire Council’s Sports Development team are gearing up for the start of the new rugby season with five action packed days of coaching and playing at a terrific summer camp. Alloa Rugby Club will be the venue for the Rugby Summer Camp from 13th17th August. All young players will receive top level coaching from qualified Scottish Rugby coaches, including the Council’s Rugby Sports Development Officer, Stevie Swindall, a former Scotland “A” internationalist and member of the Glasgow Warriors. Specialists from other sports will use their ex-

pertise to help each player get the most out of their performance. In addition there will be special rugby guests throughout the week. Daily awards for effort will be made at each age group, and there will be a free group photograph and t-shirt for all participants. Primary one to three children at Rugby Camp will be taught basic skills through games, meeting new friends and having plenty of fun. Primary four and five rugby enthusiasts will also learn the basics as well as Improve on those basic skills through games. Councillor Ellen Forson, Convenor of Clackmannanshire Council’s Education, Sport and Leisure Commit-

tee, said: “The whole camp is aimed at developing fitness while at the same time having fun and building confidence.” There will also be sessions for primary six and seven pupils aimed at developing the player, developing game and understanding of players. The sessions will also improve their core technical skills through games and build on specific fitness needed for rugby. Councillor Forson added: “We also have sessions during the camp for first and second year pupils at Secondary school where they will be encouraged in learning to train and advancing their skills through games. “Nutrition, fitness,

injury prevention advice and how to improve their fitness while having fun will also form part of what will be a busy but enjoyable programme for the children during the camp.” Third to fifth year pupils will get the chance to take part in strength and conditioning academy and to train like a pro for a week. The sessions are geared at improve strength, speed, flexibility and skill. They will also receive nutrition and recovery advice. The Rugby Camp will be held each day from 10am until 2pm at a cost of £40 for the week. For further information telephone the Contact Centre on 01259 213131.

Annual Garden Competition P

rovost Tina Murphy is gearing up for a blooming lovely day as she heads the judging panel around Clackmannanshire as they cast their eyes over the entrants in the annual garden competition. The closing date for entries to the 2012 garden competition was Saturday, 30th June, and inspection of gardens has been carried out throughout July, leading up to the big day. Judging will take place on Wednesday, 8th August, with the judging panel, chaired by Provost Murphy, leaving Kilncraigs Council Offices, to begin what promises to be an exciting but difficult adjudication process. Every year the standard of entries to the competition is always extremely high and it is fully expected it will be no

different this year, despite the weather. This year there will be gardens judged in the following categories: Floral; Allotment; Floral Containers; Commercial Premises; Vegetable Garden; Newcomer; Biodiversity; and Council Tenant. In addition there will be special awards for the best floral gardens in the following areas. Alloa; Alva; Coalsnaughton: Devonside, and Fishcross; Clackmannan, Kennet, and Forestmill; Dollar and Muckhart; Menstrie; Sauchie; Tillicoultry; Tullibody; Cambus and Glenochil. All categories are judged on the general appearance and layout of the garden utilisation of plant material within the garden, standard of cultivation and maintenance of the garden.

Beggars to be Shutdown

by Conor McQuillian


ncreasing numbers in beggars around the town Alva have prompted the Police to step up their efforts against them. Police and Community Wardens in Alva have been advised by Alva Residents that numerous individuals are asking people in Alva for money in the main street and especially outside Cash Machines. This course of conduct is not acceptable and is clearly placing the public in a state of fear and alarm. This offence can be dealt with by charging offenders with a Breach of the Peace. If charging offenders with a Breach is not effective, ASBO’s can be sought to end this practice. Police would urge

by Conor McQuillian

members of the public to contact the Police immediately if they have been approached by these individuals or if they see other persons being harassed. Police are aware that members of the public may be reluctant to contact Police regarding the individuals involved, however, without complaints from the public the Police cannot identify persons responsible and deal with them in the appropriate manner. Police will carry out regular patrols in the area, however your assistance in this matter, is essential. Anyone with information related to this story can contact Central Scotland Police on 01259 723255 or 01786 456000


Tuesday 7.8.12


Mr Singh’s opens doors to Alloa restaurant vacant unit at the Old Brewery site was brought to our attention by Imagine Alloa, I advised Mr Singh’s that this site and Alloa as a location could offer tremendous scope for growth given its road and rail links to surrounding towns and cities.” Following those early discussions Rajinder Singh visited the site at the former Maclays Brewery and immediately recognised the potential of having one of his restaurants in Alloa Town Centre, Mr Singh said; “I acted on Brand Income’s advice that Alloa and this location could offer an ideal platform to deliver on our expansion plans and with the support from Kevin and his team at Imagine Alloa – this provided us with an element of comfort and assurance that we could get this project off the ground”. “I am delighted that we are now open for business and I look forward to meeting the good people of Clackmannanshire and sincerely hope they will enjoy Mr Singh’s Alloa.” Imagine Alloa – Better for Business is a project run by Clacksfirst BID

and is funded through Clackmannanshire Business and both Clackmannanshire BIDs. The aim is to attract investment into Clackmannanshire through projecting all that is positive about our county. Kevin Deighan, Clacksfirst BID and Project Manager of Imagine Alloa said; “This is probably the biggest story of the campaign however we have had other success in attracting businesses to our business parks and industrial estates.” “We should also take into account that not only has Mr Singh’s invested in his new restaurant and fantastic fit out he

has consciously made the effort to use local businesses throughout the process. This is evidenced in the fact that Machin Associates was the architect on the restaurant whilst Marshall Construction did the conversion from a retail unit to the stunning restaurant we now have in Alloa.” Mr Singh’s Alloa restaurant truly is a sight to behold and is unmissable from Mill Road and Tesco’s car park. We

recommend you take a look for yourself and whilst there check out the fantastic twist in the artwork celebrating the Mulholland and Scott sculptures in and around Clackmannanshire.




Football And Multi- Sport Camps


eaten in restaurants across the globe and has yet to taste food better prepared than that at Mr Singh’s’. Rajinder Singh didn’t just happen upon Alloa however, the entire process way back in February 2011 came about through the ‘Imagine Alloa – Better for Business’ campaign. Whilst looking to find premises for a new restaurant Mr Singh’s was looking to Edinburgh City Centre when his business advisor John Pryde of Brand Income engaged in dialogue with the Imagine Alloa team. Mr Pryde told us – “Alloa was not on our Radar as a location in the short term, however when the




inally, after eighteen months in the making Mr Singh’s restaurant has opened in Alloa Town Centre. Last Wednesday saw the fantastically designed eatery almost burst at the seams with around two hundred guests wined, dined and entertained. No expense was spared with canapes and champagne to get the evening started followed by the Indian cuisine that Mr Singh’s has become famous for. TV celebrity Neil Oliver, a regular at Mr Singh’s Stirling restaurant officially opened the new restaurant commenting that he ‘has



Wasp Community Club Holiday Camps offer progressive football and multi- sport sessions that allow each child to develop their skills in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Structured professional coaching is delivered by Wasp Community Club Coaches where the emphasis in on

Fun, Fun, Fun...

Boys and Girls aged 5 -12 years of age welcome

Week Three

Youth tries to by alcohol with fake money, smashes a window and punches a victim to the floor J ohn Andrew McGill, 19, appeared in court over several matters on the 2nd of August. Mr McGill attempted to buy two bottles from a shop with a counterfeit note that was instantly recognised as a fake. Another matter related to the accused chasing

someone to their property, shouting for the victim to exit the building, then smashing the windows of the property. Another incident involving the accused was an argument inside a property over a cigarette escalated to the point the accused started

punching the victim on the head then ran from the scene, the victim received injuries when he fell to the floor. Mr McGill who has been successfully on a good behaviour review has been issued to continue on the review until the 20th January 2013.

13th - 17th August 2012 Football camp Morning sessions 10.30am - 12.30pm Afternoon sessions 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Venue: Recreation Park & The Wasp Centre

Cost £4 Per 1/2 Day Session • £7 Per Full Day • £35 Full Week Block (Please Note: If Attending The Full Day Sessions Please Bring Your Own Lunch)

Bookings can be made at: The Wasp Centre, Clackmannan Road, Alloa.

Tel: 01259 219596


Tuesday 7.8.12

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ouncil Leader Gary Womersley is congratulating Sauchie Community Group on their accomplishment in raising the money necessary to raise a memorial in honour of local miners and the involvement made by the ‘Bevan Boys’ in the community. The granite memorial is set to be built in Sauchie and will be engraved with the words “To commemorate the legacy of the mining industry of Sauchie village, S ubstituduring unveiled the Queen’s te you r com2012. pslipsTheir Jubilee &darkness, upgrade our light.” yourAfltilley yerslamp to will also be 5000into the stone. carved Financial support

has been acquired from the Clackmannanshire Community Chest, and the Scottish Coal Industry Special Welfare Fund. The very same community group recently held a whole host of events which helped the team raise the concluding amount required to pay for the memorial stone. Councillor Womersley attended the fundraising soup and sandwich lunch and said afterwards: “Sauchie, like much of Clackmannanshire, has a significant mining heritage which deserves to be remembered. I have been impressed with the way Sauchie Community Group has worked to accomplish

Police threaten seizure Logo of legal bikes ign Desnon-road from by Conor McQuillian



he use of mini-motos / off-road bikes illegally is beginning to prosper, but the Police plan to halt all activities. Responding to complaints from the community, the Police are going to be keeping a watchful eye over the footpath between Devon Road and Alloa Park Drive in Alloa as once again it has become a make shift race track by persons on mini-motos / off-road bikes. Police are keen to step in to prevent injury to dog walkers, cyclists and other persons on the footpath, also the noise pollution that the vehicles give off are a real harassment to people in the area who enjoy the peace and quiet.

Police would like to remind owners of mini-moto / off-road bike that it is an offence to use them on the Devon Road and Alloa Park Drive public footpath or any other footpath for that matter, and the legislation also refers to the use of them on any stretch of land without the land owner’s permission. Any persons caught using such a bike in these circumstances will be dealt with accordingly, which could potentially result in the seizure and destruction of their bike. Anyone with information related to this story can contact Central Scotland Police on 01259 723255 or 01786 456000

their goal. I am delighted to have been able to support the Group as it has sought to implement the communities’ desire for a fitting memorial.” Mining in Sauchie dates back over 400 years and the development of Sauchie from three small, separate villages into a larger town in the 19th and 20th centuries is in main due to the rows of miners cottages which were built for the miners who worked in John Francis Erskine’s pits. Most of the original cottages were demolished during the 1950s. Keith Turner from Sauchie Community Group said: “We wanted to do something

in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year and we decided that a miners’ memorial was appropriate. During the Second World War miners came from all over the country and were billeted in Bevan Huts in Sauchie, because it was the national training centre for miners. This continued for decades after the war, and many local residents will remember the training hall and Bevan Huts in Sauchie. There’s no trace of them now, so we thought their work deserved to be recognised. We’ve had a lot of support for our fundraising and Mossmans have offered to engrave the granite stone and lay it for free, which we appreciate.”


Tuesday 7.8.12

£450 fine for chopping trees by Conor McQuillian


ver 200 Trees in Gubber Hill Wood near Tullibody got chopped down illegally. Charlie Codona, 48, initially from Glasgow, removed 150 mature sycamore trees and 62 much older mature oak and sycamore trees on April the 1st of last year. In order to take part in tree felling in the Scotland you

often require a license from the Forestry Commission, but in this case the essential license had not been applied for. At Alloa Sheriff Court on Tuesday [31st August], Codona, from Glasgow, pled guilty to a contravention of the Forestry Act 1967, sections 9(1) and 17, deforestation of 0.34 hectares without a licence. Mr Codona was fined

£450, which was reduced from a possible £500 due to his early guilty plea in court. The occurrence was brought to the awareness of Clackmannanshire Council by a dog walker who happened to be going through the area. Council officers and Forestry Commission officers inspected and discovered

the accused directing two men in the felling of the trees at the site in question. The accused was ordered to stop felling immediately in this area without a license. Mr Codona said that he was the land owner of the sit but was ignorant to the fact that a license was needed in order to fell trees on his land. Officers from Central Scotland Police attended the site the next day to find


Disappointment as no ban given in court by Conor McQuillian


he Scottish SPCA has expressed disappointment after a man who admitted starving his dog to death was not given a ban on keeping animals in court. Ian Donald, 26, of Broad Street, Alloa, appeared at the town’s sheriff court on Tuesday (31 July). Donald pled guilty to failing to provide veterinary attention or an adequate diet for his ten year old greyhound, named Troy, and was fined £135. Scottish SPCA Inspector Louise Seddon said, “This was a horrific case of neglect and Troy was little more than a bag of bones when he died. “To watch your dog as it suffers and do nothing to help is completely

unacceptable. “As a result of our investigation, Donald has been convicted of causing an animal unnecessary suffering and now has a criminal record. “We had recommended that a ban on keeping animals would be appropriate

Council offers Olympic special: Tennis for just £1 by James McGregor

that the tree felling had not ceased regardless of the instructions given by the Council officers and Forestry Commission officers. Investigations established that around 150 mature sycamore trees had been felled and 62 much older mature oak and sycamore trees had also been felled. The lowest estimated value of the trees is £1400; that value estimation is dependent on the trees only being used for firewood as any other usage of the trees would escalate their value. Craig Harris, head of the Wildlife and Environmental Crime Unit at COPFS, said:

in this case, which is an option available to the courts under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. “It is very disappointing that no ban has been given as, in our opinion, anyone who can do this to their own pet is not capable of looking after any animal.”

“The woodland where Charles Codona illegally felled more than 200 mature trees was a popular area for dog walkers and well used by local residents. His actions have significantly changed the appearance of the area. Anyone wishing to fell a number of trees on their property should seek advice from the Forestry Commission, as a licence is often required.”


ast week in honour of the British number one Andy Murray’s successes in the Olympic tennis this year, Clackmannanshire Council has decided to introduce a tennis special offer. The Council has done this in the hope that it will encourage many of the local people across the county of all ages to pick up a racket and enjoy the sport for themselves. The offer is for pay and play tennis at the Lornshill Academy tennis courts for £1 per person per hour for the rest of August; considering that the normal court hire prices are £10.95 per hour this is a bargain. The offer extends from 10am to 10pm from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and 12 noon till 5pm on Sundays. This offer has been made available on a turn up and


play basis, which means that the courts are not pre-bookable so you may have to wait your turn if things get busy. Councillor Ellen Forson, Education, Sport and Leisure Convenor, said; “This is a fantastic offer which I hope many local people will take advantage of. “When Andy Murray reached the finals of Wimbledon, tennis fever gripped the nation and this is a great chance to try out the sport for yourself at the excellent courts at Lornshill.”



Tuesday 7.8.12

Confrontation was Actually L

ast week Kelly Wilson appeared in court charged with Assault to Injury, this charge arose from a confrontation at 11:30am on the 29th of October 2011, in a grocery in Sauchie. The accused was supposed to have entered the store and, upon receiving a malicious comment from a woman at the checkout, she then proceeded to assault this woman. The first witness called in the case was the complainant, the very same woman who said the inflammatory comment. Through the prosecution’s questioning it was revealed that the witness had went to the grocery to buy a paper, but that while at the checkout the accused had come into the grocery. When the accused entered the witness admitted that she had said to the accused “Here comes the original child beater.” then after this the accused made vicious comments about her husband and mother before coming at here waving her arms. The witness claimed that the accused must have pushed her to the floor because she had two bumps on the back of her head, but she had no recollection of events after being pushed until being helped up by a male shop assistant and a female shopper. The witness went on to say that after police recommended she get her injuries looked at she went to the hospital in Larbert where her injuries were found to extend to scratches on her face and arms as well as a boot print on her back. When asked when she gave her statement to the police the witness became unsure, only knowing that it was either the same day or the day after; she agreed that her memory then would have been fresher than it was now. The court was then read a piece of the woman’s statement: “I don’t know if Kelly pushed me or pulled me but I ended up on the floor. Once on the floor Kelly started kicking me to the back and head.” The witness then confirmed this was the truth. It was put forward during the defences questioning that the witness had made a malicious remark which caused the accused, who took exception to the remark, to say “Don’t f****** start.” This suggested that she didn’t want a conflict. The witness was then revealed to have told the police in her statement that she had also said “Call yourself a mother.” The defence put it to the court that the witness was actually the aggressor and had in fact approached the accused, which the witness promptly denied. The defence continued suggesting that perhaps the accused had come into the grocer’s for exactly the same reason as the witness, to buy something, and that in fact

perhaps the witness approached the accused aggressively and was pushed away by the accused who wanted to continue shopping twice, the second time onto the ground. The defence then questioned why the witness couldn’t remember being kicked in the back and head, putting forward that this was surely something that would be remembered; the witness however restated that she couldn’t remember, to which the defence put forward that perhaps she couldn’t remember because she wasn’t telling the truth. The defence went further, mentioning that the witness had never told the police about a boot print on her back and again suggested that she might have been the aggressor; the witness again denied this saying that she only remembered that the event had occurred in the shop. The next witness to take the stand had gone to the store at the time of the incident with the accused and her granddaughter. The Defences questioning revealed that the accused had gone to the grocery that day simply for milk, but having only just entered the store the complainant had come straight towards them shouting abuse. She told both the defence and prosecution that she had a very bad memory and could not remember seeing anything, how long they were there, or how it ended, she remembered only her feelings and the complainant being very intimidating, screaming abuse. The prosecution then discovered that in January 2012 the police had attended the witness’s house and taken a statement from her about the events of that day; the witness was fairly sure that at that time her memory was slightly fresher and that she had told the truth. The defence objected, claiming that the statement taken back in January was not a statement but a precognition which would contain little value as evidence and would not be admissible. The prosecution disagreed putting it to the court that when the statement was taken was not relevant as the witness was sure it was true; the defence then argued that the statement was written not in the words of the witness, particularly at the beginning. It was then decided by the Sheriff that the current witness’s original statement was required to settle this objection and court was briefly adjourned while it was secured. Once the original statement was retrieved the prosecution and defence then debated whether or not what was written was actually a statement or a precognition. The female police officer who took the second witness’s statement was then called as a witness to verify the

circumstances under which the statement was taken. The prosecution confirmed that the officer had been part of the investigation into the occurrence and that she had attended the 2nd witness’s house on the 8th of January 2012 to get a witness statement regarding the offence. The officer said that she had spoken to the witness and gone through her account of the event that occurred in October twice; the second time is written down with the refined details. The officer also confirmed that she had read the statement back to the witness and had her sign the bottom to verify that it was both hers and that that it was correct. The defence readdressed the point that the words in the statement did not appear to be those of the 2nd witness; the police officer explained that the beginning of the statement was a standard pre amble of the witness’s details, as was taught to her at the police college, and that she did correct things like slang words to make the notes more understandable to others. The officer also mentioned that the questions had been based on information received by the complainant and recalled that the witness had seemed nervous at having police in her house. The Defence then addressed the fact that the officer had gone into the house with information from only the complainant’s account and that the statement had been recorded not entirely in the witness’s words which both made the witness’s account seem more like precognition. The sheriff then questioned the police officer about why the statement was taken so long after the original incident; the officer then mentioned that it had been a very problematic case and had only learned of the second witness’s involvement later on in the investigation and immediately sought to question her. The sheriff also confirmed with the officer that the method by which she took the 2nd witness’s statement did not differ in any way from how she usually took witness statements. The objection was overruled and the statement deemed to indeed be a statement not precognition because the police officer was able to explain the statements lateness, confirm that she had taken the notes in the standard way and gathered a complete signed account using general questioning. Following a short adjournment the 2nd witness then returned to the stand to be questioned about her statement, which was now evidence. The Prosecution confirmed that the witness remembered police taking a statement and that it was her signature in the notebook, then two parts of her

statement were read to her: “She continued shouting at Kelly and making threats, I kept thinking she was going to assault her.” And “Kelly shouted ant hit the woman, both lunged but Kelly hit first.” The witness than agreed that she could not deny what she had said in her statement and that she believed the officers notes to be correct. The defence questioned the witness’s memory and whether in fact she would have even been able to remember anything at the time the statement was taken, months after the event. The witness restated that she only remembered her feelings, going to the local grocer’s, and the complainant’s body language being very forward which caused her to pick up her granddaughter; the defence then put forward that Kelly was acting only in self defence. Lastly the defence confirmed where the accused was in relation to the complainant, that the complainant’s actions had been unprovoked and her body language was seen as a threat.

After a third and final adjournment the police officer was called back to the witness stand; the prosecution confirmed that the officer had taken both witness’s statements, read the statements back to both witnesses for accuracy and had taken a signature from both witnesses. Prosecution then moved for a conviction putting forward that the evidence taken from both civilian witnesses was credible and reliable as well as frank and candid, the 2nd witness had also confirmed that Kelly had hit first. The defence then argued that in fact there were significant grounds for reasonable doubt, and that if the evidence is credible and reliable then it must be noted that both witness’s statements directly contradict each other; both statements proved that the accused had not sought to become involved until the complainant had made an inflammatory comment to her. The defence put forward that despite not being a very reliably witness the 2nd witness clearly remembered that the

complainant was the aggressor; on top of this the complainant could not fill in the gaps of what happened and only after coercion remembered that she had been pushed to the floor. The defence then stated that if the prosecution wished to adopt the 2nd witness’s statement, which usually has to be done in a more clear and formal way, it would be a double edged sword, as to adopt the 2nd witness’s statement would also mean to accept that the accused acted in self defence; further more the accused had entered the grocery with her family and was not looking for conflict but had been provoked by an inflammatory comment. In the end the Sheriff made the final ruling finding Kelly, the accused, to be not guilty, explaining that it was because the crown had found great difficulty in corroborating the complainant’s statement; also the adoption of evidence had indeed not been clear or formal enough this time and that in any case reasonable doubt was present.


y Self Defence

Bad Weather Ends Alloa’s Festival by Conor McQuillian


he Food & Drink, Arts & Crafts Festival, ScotFest is traditionally held annually for the last three years, but due to typical Scottish weather, the event was cancelled. The well anticipated event which happens on the 15th of September was cancelled as the organisers feared that the combination of poor summer weather and fearful future weather patterns expected, would wreak havoc on businesses, exhibitors and guests involved.

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Phil Packer’s BRIT 2012 challenge H

e was told he might never walk again due to a spinal injury, but Phil Packer is coming to Clackmannanshire having completed 1,200 miles out of an epic 2,012 mile challenge. Phil Packer MBE will enter Clackmannanshire on August 8th as part of his “BRIT 2012 Challenge” walk which is an astounding feat; Phil’s injury makes walking 8-10 miles the equivalent of more than a marathon for a person without a spinal cord injury. He will walk 3 miles at Lornshill Academy from 10am to noon on the day of his arrival; accompanying him will be participants in the Zest summer programme Flames Festival and Councillor Ellen Forson the Education, Sport and Leisure Convenor. Phil proves time and time again that “Everything is possible,” in line with the motto of his charity, the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT); he aims to raise £15 million to build the BRIT Centre of Inspiration for all young people facing adversity. By the time he finishes in December, Phil will have walked an immense distance, the equivalent of approximately a whole 310 Marathons in 330 days. BRIT is Phil’s ‘new life’, dedicated to the cause of helping young people who face adversity; the charity operates through gifted support due to its current situation with minimal overheads, and the fact the Phil draws no wage. Phil will spend the whole of August walking through every county in Scotland; he will return to London in December for his final month to walk through each of the 33 London Boroughs before completing his momentous 2012th mile at Canary Wharf. For the last four years, the challenges Phil has undertaken

for others and his determination to support charities and young people has inspired millions. The fundraising hero was even selected as an honorary torchbearer for the London Olympics carrying the Olympic Flame on July 26th through Islington; this was the 186th day of his BRIT 2012 mile walk, and the day before the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. In 2009 Phil rowed the Channel, walked the London Marathon over 14 days, and even hauled himself up El Capitan. After raising £1.3 million for the wounded he became Fundraiser of the Year at the Pride of Britain Awards and was given the Helen Rollason Award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. On his journey, Phil is always looking forward to meeting and talking to young people and charities within the local community who will hopefully be out to join him on his challenge walk. The 2,012 mile journey started January 24th and is both extraordinary and visionary, the need for a BRIT Centre of Inspiration for charities & young people facing their darkest times is gaining support, from young people, charities and communities wherever Phil walks; the walk is also an invitation for 2012 businesses to come together and pledge their support to build this legacy for young people. Phil Packer commented: “This is about providing a physical legacy for our young people who face their darkest times and in a very special year including Her Majesty the

Queen’s Jubilee Year and London 2012. I hope that 2,012 businesses will show their support of our young people who face adversity by creating a Centre of Inspiration together. I also hope to involve young people throughout the year and encourage teams to help charities within their communities. “I look forward to hearing from charities and young people throughout the country that need support or would like to show their support for the BRIT cause.” Councillor Forson said; “I am delighted to welcome to Phil Packer to Clackmannanshire. He is a truly inspirational figure and I am very pleased that local young people are getting to meet and greet this hero during his epic walk.” To find out more about how you can support Phil Packer and donate towards the BRIT Centre of Inspiration, please visit: http://www.



Tuesday 7.8.12

Council team up for rugby apprenticeships


lackmannanshire Council are funding two Modern Apprenticeship places in partnership with the Scottish Rugby Union. The two exciting posts will offer

By Conor McQuillian a vocational qualification pathway, linked to local rugby clubs, Alloa and Hillfoots, which involves working towards a Modern Apprenticeship Level 2 in Sports Coaching: Rugby Union or Level 3 in Management of Rugby pro-

grammes in the community. The two new Council recruits will also receive a range of experiences and relevant coaching and professional qualifications in rugby coaching, child protection, refereeing and first aid.

Clacks new rugby development officer Stevie Swindall pictured with pupils from Alva Primary School earlier this year.

Convenor of Sport and Leisure, Councillor Ellen Forson said: “We are very fortunate to have someone of the standing in Scottish rugby as Stevie Swindall as our rugby development officer in Clackmannanshire. And with two new Modern Apprentices coming on board, it is an exciting time for the sport in the county. “We are delighted to be able to fund the project in partnership with the Scottish Rugby Union and look forward to welcoming the two youngsters to the Council in the near future.” Stevie, a 6’4” blindside flanker joined Glasgow Hawks where he was part of two Scottish Premier Division One championship winning teams, as well as winning a Scottish National Cup winners medal. He also played for Scotland under-18’s in 2000, before being capped for Scotland under-21’s in both the home nations and the under-21 World Cup in 2003. He moved into the professional ranks in 2004 and made his debut for Glasgow Warriors against Leeds Tykes and penned his first full time contract in 2005. Clackmannanshire Council’s Rugby Development Officer was also capped for Scotland A in 2007 in the Churchill Cup, and played in the final of the 2008 Churchill

Cup against England Saxons in Chicago. Stevie is confident his two new recruits will further enhance and develop rugby within in the county. The successful pair will manage and support the delivery of a coaching programme for primary and secondary school aged children during and after school. They will also create and manage school to club links and deliver high quality rugby coaching sessions to schools and clubs. In addition they will be at the forefront of coaching and organising club youth programmes and support the organisation of rugby festivals and events. They will also assist and manage the administration of local rugby development and monitoring rugby activity in their area Councillor Forson added: “At the completion of their one year portfolios for the Modern Apprenticeship Award they will receive certificates.” It is hoped that both of the rugby Modern Apprenticeships will be filled and the youngsters in place by mid-August.



Krakow 7 NIGHT






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Departures until October 2012

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Take in the splendid panoramic views from the Fishermen’s Bastion in Budapest, discover the beautiful medieval Old Town with its huge Grand Square in Krakow or just cosy up in the endless array of cafés and bars and let the hours drift by.

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Yellow weather warning issued for the Clacks area by Conor McQuillian

Flooding in Dollar on Monday this week


he Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Clackmannanshire. Warnings are based on a combination of how likely the event is to occur and the

potential impact the expected conditions may have. A yellow weather warning means the public should be aware of the potential risks and hazards that could occur. The public are told to “be prepared for disruption” due to localised flooding.

Exam improvement across the county

Hair, Beauty & Nails

23% of students achieved three or more Highers, up from 20% last year


xam results from Clackmannanshire’s schools have improved across almost all key measures according to figures released by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). Young people from Alloa, Alva and Lornshill Academies sat exams in a full range of Standard Grade, Higher and Advanced Highers this year with an overall improvement in most of the key national measures. The most positive upward move came in the number of students achieving three or more Hghers which increased from 20 to 23%. The number of young people achieving one or more Highers also increased by 3% to 43%. The convenor of Clackmannanshire Council’s Education, Sport and Leisure committee, Ellen Forson said: “Congratulations to all our young people for their excellent set of results this

year. Their hard work and the fantastic efforts of all our teaching staff have paid off.” “A significant number of our young people are now leaving school with three or more higher grade qualifications. This is encouraging news.” Councillor Forsen added that the committee would now be looking closely at how Clackmannanshire compares to other local authorities and how they can build on this performance in the future. “Increasing exam performance is one of the most important ways we can equip our young people for their chosen career helping to give them the best possible start in life,” she said. “Although these results are fantastically encouraging we are ultimately striving for year on year progress and we will be working closely with schools to see how we can deliver further improvement next year. The figures in full:

S4 English and Maths Level 3+ (Standard Grade Foundation Level or higher) has remained at 93% 5+ Level 3 (Standard Grade Foundation Level) has improved from 93% to 95% 5+ Level 4 (Standard Grade General Level) has improved from 77% to 78% 5+ Level 5 (Standard Grade Credit Level) has dropped 2% from 32% to 30% S5 1+ Level 6 (Higher) has improved from 40% to 43% 3+ Level 6 (Higher) has improved from 20% to 23% 5+ Level 6 (Higher) has improved from 8% to 9% S6 1+ Level 6 (Higher) has improved from 47% to 48% 3+ Level 6 (Higher) has improved from 29% to 31% 5+ Level 6 (Higher) has improved from 18% to 20% 1+ Level 7 (Advanced Higher) has remained at 15%

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Tuesday 7.8.12

New deal signed for better working between services


hief Officers from the Central Scotland Emergency Services and the three Local Authorities who are members of the Central Scotland Strategic Coordinating Group met with Voluntary Sector emergency responders on Friday 27th July 2012 at the Central Scotland Police Headquarters in Stirling, to formally sign a memorandum of understanding between both groups to work together in preparation for and during emergencies within the Forth Valley area. Mr Kenneth Taylor, Chief Fire Officer for CSFRS and chair of the SCG said: “Within CSSCG we have long since recognised that our partners within the voluntary sector play a significant role in supporting key responder agencies in times of community need. “They have access to a rich stream of well trained and willing volunteer staff across a range of disciplines and we very much welcome the development of this MOU in attempting to better what is already very good in providing appropriate and balanced response to events that threaten our communities.”

by Conor McQuillian Mr Derek Penman, Chief Constable for CSP said: “The valuable contribution made by the voluntary sector in times of emergencies affecting our communities has always been acknowledged. “This initiative however enhances that commitment by ensuring our voluntary sector partners are fully integrated into all aspects of our SCG’s multiagency planning, training, response and recovery processes.” Helen Bath, Operations Director British Red Cross & chair of the voluntary sector coordinating group said “Until now, the training and exercising of voluntary organisations for emergency response has not really been coordinated. “This memorandum of understanding gives the Central Scotland SCG voluntary sector partners the opportunity to combine resources, engage in joint training and work more effectively together in the event of major emergencies.” It is generally recognised by those involved in emergency response and civil contingency planning that there are many elements of the voluntary sector that can and do play an important role in fulfilling and supporting capability

during times of crisis. It is therefore considered best practice to have them fully engaged in civil contingencies activities and an inherent part of the integrated emergency management process. The Pitt Report into the Gloucester flooding emphasised the crucial role that private and voluntary sector organisations can play. In 2007, the Central Scotland Strategic Coordi-

nating Group established a voluntary agencies group which has developed into the present day Voluntary Sector Coordinating Group (VSCG). To ensure resilient coordination of this group, especially during emergencies a single point of contact process was adopted in 2010 and used very effectively during recent emergencies, especially the 2011 severe weather events.

Deploying VSCG resources through a single point allows the voluntary sector to enhance its offer to Central Scotland SCG since it employs the resources and specialist skills of all members of the VSCG providing a sustainable capacity and integrated capability to complement and augment the resources of the statutory agencies. To provide clarity to the ‹single point of contact›

process, this Memorandum of Understanding has been produced, which aligns the VSCG key purpose with that of the Central Scotland SCG which seeks to reduce the impact of emergencies on the community and by doing so improve the resilience of all the communities the SCG & VSCG serve. This may be the first such agreement anywhere in the UK but hopefully not the last.

New food and drink action plan launched to help businesses


lans to put Scotland’s food and drink sector ahead of the game weren revealed last week, by Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Richard Lochhead. The Food and Drink 2014 Action Plan will help to ensure Scottish food and drink companies maximise their competitive advantage and capitalise on the economic opportunity current and future events offer. The plan aims to develop the capability and capacity of Scottish producers to ensure they are able to supply the events sector in Scotland

and beyond and encourage deeper engagement with the foodservice operators and events sector to ensure event organisers and suppliers are aware of the opportunities. Recent research by Scottish Enterprise and VisitScotland estimates that in addition to the £24 million food and drink revenue expected from visitors to Scotland during the year of the Olympics, food and drink companies catering at events will see exponential growth in the next year peaking at £33 million in 2014 when Scotland hosts the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and Homecoming

Scotland 2014.. The Food and Drink 2014 Action Plan is being created by Scotland Food & Drink in partnership with the Scottish Government, Scotland’s enterprise agencies, VisitScotland and their events directorate EventScotland, and is the start of an ambitious journey to secure maximum economic value for Scotland’s already burgeoning food and drink sector. Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Richard Lochhead said: “Scotland produces a fantastic array of food and

drink products and the key international events we are hosting over the next couple of years including Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup in 2014, provide an excellent and unprecedented opportunity to promote our prime, quality produce to a huge audience. “The 2014 Action Plan will help ensure Scotland’s food and drink industry capitalises on the substantial economic opportunity the events will offer through liaison with major food operators and suppliers. This end result will hopefully be that the cream of our spectacular produce is recognised and enjoyed by

many.” Lena Wilson, chief executive of Scottish Enterprise, commented: “Each year, Scotland hosts thousands of events including the world’s largest arts festival and some huge sporting occasions. “These events present a significant economic opportunity and this new 2014 Action Plan aims to help Scotland’s food and drink sector maximise its culinary competitive advantage and create a lasting legacy from the Games and other major events to ensure that by 2015 Scotland is truly

recognized as a land of outstanding food and drink.” CEO of Scotland Food & Drink James Withers said: “Scottish food and drink is making a name for itself all over the world. Our exports are rocketing and food and drink is playing greater role in our tourism offer at home. “Interest in our produce in the last week alone from nations competing in the Olympics has been fantastic. But all eyes are now turning to Scotland in 2014. “It may be the best chance in a generation to showcase our world class, natural larder and it is one we intend to make the most of.”


Tuesday 7.8.12

Beechgrove garden presenter to host session at Torwood


im McColl MBE, the long-serving gardening expert and presenter of the BBC series The Beechgrove Garden, will be at Torwood Garden Centre, Central Park, Bellsdyke Road, Larbert on Saturday 18th August from 2pm to 5pm to conduct a session of gardening Questions & Answers. So if you have any problems with your houseplants or plants in your garden you can visit the garden centre to seek advice from Jim. Jim McColl has been invited to stage this event at Torwood Garden Centre, by Prominent Local Artists who are members of Central Arts Association, to celebrate the achievement of over £2,000 having been raised so far for Strathcarron Hospice and MacMillan Cancer Support from the sale of their paintings displayed in their “Ongoing” exhibition in the Blossoms Coffee Shop/bistro at the garden centre. The

Councillor praises Tilly community spirit



illicoultry councillor Archie Drummond has congratulated the local community in successfully organising the village’s first ever Community Week . Nineteen groups have joined up to deliver a packed programme of events from August 12-19. Art competition, Scone making, Ceilidh, Tilly in the Park Concert, sports events and litter picks are just some of the 20 plus events that local people can get involved with over the course of the week. “The community spirit that local people have shown in making this series of events a reality has been fantastic,” said Archie Drummond. “The council has been delighted to support events where possible particularly around the clean ups and hosting the History Exhibition in the local library but also in making sure the village’s floral displays are looking their best “We’ve got the added bonus of a visit of a group from Crevecoeur le Grand who we are hoping to twin with in the near future and

welcome the support of Tillicoultry Golf Club with a reception for our guests. “But first and foremost this is a week for the local community organised by the local community and I’d like to thank everyone involved for their hard work in making it possible.”

Fairtrade Fayre owners of Torwood Garden Centre, the Stevenson family, are donating their charge of 20% commission on the sale of each painting to both

charities. Cheques will be presented to representatives from both charites by Jim McColl on Saturday 18th August at 2pm.

FCSG are holding a Fairtrade Fayre at the top of Alloa’s High Street on 18th August from 10.00am-2.00pm Fairtrade Clacks Steering Group will be there along with exhibits from No 140, the Fairtrade shop in Alva,

by Conor McQuillian Comfort Rwanda, an importer of Fairtrade crafts from Rwanda, The Co-operative, the UK’s leading retailer of Fairtrade goods, Percol coffee

and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. There will be sample sof coffee,tea, chocolate and hone (all Fairtrade certified, of course). The event is funded by The Co-operative and Alloa Town Centre BID.

What’s on in your weecounty Alloa Play Alloa: play Alloa has moved premises – you can now find them in their own base within Hawkhill Community Centre, 132 Hillcrest Drive, Alloa, FK10 1SB, tel no is still 07800859161 and you can still contact them at – their website is updated – Alloa carers Centre: Alloa carers centre is working with community house and has a weekly coffee morning at community house, 23 Maree Court on Mondays between 10am and noon. All carers welcome. Calling all ex-Service men and women. We are looking for new members both young and old, come along for a warm and friendly welcome. We cover all of Clackmannanshire. So if you reside in the area and feel free to come along and have a chat. Wee County Walkers: get to know your area better – have fun and become fitter! Free short walks –

only about one hour – with walk leader! No booking required. In Alloa at noon every Friday outside Tesco’s. Walks are suitable for all abilities. Short, safe walks open to everyone. Put on comfortable footwear , dress for the weather and enjoy. Go on your own or take a friend.

cal lot, so there could be the odd karaoke night; we try to put on a festival show each December, which involves singing, dancing comedy could be a budding star, but don’t worry it’s not compulsory. For more information phone Aileen on 07519656215 or Heather on 07709189880.

Pilates Class: Pilate’s classes every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm at Lornshill Academy, Alloa. Contact Lorna on 07533173335 to book.

Yoga Classes: Classes meet on Tuesdays from 7pmto 8.30pm at the OAP Welfare Hall, Erskine Street, Alloa. Call Betsy on 01259 213 096 or 07855 185 058.

WAGGS: Clackmannanshire Women and Girls Group are always looking for new with fun ideas, if you are looking for something to do on a Monday night, come along to the Bowmar Centre 6.30 till 8.30. Join our Zumba class, relax and have a cuppa and a chat, learn a new craft, browse the Centre library, swap books, make new friends as well. We are presently working out our monthly activities and we’re interested in learning new skills. So if you are female, aged 10 to 110, and would like to join us we will be pleased to see you. We have a crèche most nights so no worries about the bairn. We are a musi-

Healing Rooms: The group’s vision is to see the healing, liberating and life transforming power of Jesus made accessible to all. Healing Rooms are available to everyone, whether they have any connection or not, prayer is offered free of charge by small groups of trained volunteers from different local churches. Open every Tuesday 11am to 1pm in Moncrieff Church Hall, Drysdale Street, and every Wednesday, 7.30pm to 8.30pm in Elim Church Greenside Street, Alloa. Local director Elaine McDonagh tel07742 175 453 or e-mail

Circuit Class Every Monday 6pm to 7pm at Alloa Academy Games Hall. Cost - £4 (£2.90 concession) Suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced. Exercises performed on a time basis and allow you to work at your own pace. A mixture of cardiovascular and resistance exercises which help with weight loss, improved muscle tone, self esteem and confidence leading to a healthier lifestyle. For further info contact: James on 07977 268 261 or email Alloa Spiritualist: Due to the summer holiday, meetings will not be in for the next two weeks. They will start again on August 12 in the OAP Hall, Erskine Street, Alloa at 6.30pm. Alloa Ludgate Church: All are welcome to come and join and all children will be welcome to the services over summer period. Service start at 10.30am. Advanced warning is being given about the Family Fun Day that will take place on September, 8 in the grounds outside of the church and a Songs of Praise will commence on the evening of September, 9. Services now being held in

the newly refurbished sanctuary. The comfortable chairs, modern audio and visual equipment and the beautiful colour scheme are very much appreciated by the congregation who look forward to worshipping and welcoming many from the community into these excellent and flexible surroundings in the coming weeks. Prayer Time is at 9.15am each Sunday to pray for the concerns of the congregation and to prepare for worship. St Mungo’s Parish Church of Scotland: The annual BBQ at the manse takes place on Saturday, August 25 at 2pm, to which friends and members are cordially invited. An outing to the Perth Concert Hall to see the musical, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat has been arranged to take place on Wednesday, September 12, and will be leaving at 11.30am and will return to Alloa at 6pm. For more details please contact John Carruthers on 01259 213690. Moncrieff UF Church: Moncreiff Church Hall is available on a number of days in the week and is available for hire for meetings and other events. Contact Grae-

me Forrest on 07711370369 for further details and information. Moncrieff Church Boys Brigade Company: All Section meetings have now ceased for the summer, other than the Company Section’s Annual Camp from August the 4 to the 11. For any information about the company telephone 01259 212023. Alloa Bridge Club: Latest results – N/S 1 George Smith and Alan Roberts, 2 Christine Wallace and Moria Bain, 3 Alex and Kay Anderson. E/W 1 Pam Dawson and Tony Cervi, 2 Jim McGroarty and Bob Wichman, 3 John Bain and Sheila Logan. The club is closed for two weeks and will recommence on Wednesday, August 15. Care with Confidence: Do you help to look after someone who could not manage without your help? We can help you to learn some useful skills. Free Care with Confidence sessions are due to be held in your area at the Carers Centre, Alloa and other localities over the next few weeks. For more information, telephone Stella McDonald or Ian McCourt at the Falkirk Careers Centre on 01324



Tuesday 7.8.12

What’s on in your weecounty

611510 or e-mail ianmccourt@ Alloa East End Bowling Club: Junior Section – coaching sessions for all school aged children 17 and under on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3.30pm to 5pm. First session free the 50p thereafter. For further details please telephone Margo on 01259 216953. Patons and Baldwins Recreation and Welfare Trust: Sequence Dancing Section meets on Wednesdays, 7pm to 9.30pm in the Sports Pavilion, Tullibody Road, Alloa. All are welcome. St Mungo’s RC Parent and Toddlers Group: A waiting list is now operating and a place on the list can be booked by telephoning 07791 321308. Golden Age Club: The club meets on a Wednesday in Patons Sports Pavilion at 1.30pm to 3.30pm while whist and dominoes are being played. Ladies and Gents are welcome. For details telephone 01259 212252. Alloa Albion 1997, under 16’s are looking for new players. Training is Monday and Wednesdays 5.45pm till 7.30pm at the Redwell Park, Alloa. For more information contact Sammy on 07837 012 293. Alloa Tower: Costume Guided Tours – tours will take place on August, 4 from 1-4pm. Go along and meet characters from the past in 16th century costume, and hear their stories of the tower. Alloa Carers Centre: Alloa Carers Centre is working with Community House and has a weekly coffee morning at Community House 23 Maree Court on Mondays between 10am til noon. All carers welcome.

Alva Alva Toddlers are running all through the summer holidays with our usual Tuesday and Friday sessions at the Cochrane Hall 9.30am to 11.30am. On Friday, August 3 Alva Toddlers went on their big summer trip to Auchingarrich Wildlife Park. The following week after the trip they are back to normal and Alva Toddlers will be running all through the summer holidays with their usual Tuesday and Friday sessions taking place at the Cochrane Hall from 9.30am till 11.30am. On Friday, August 10 is Active Start to get all the wee ones moving. All pre-school children, and their big brothers and sisters, are welcome. Zumba Classes: Zumba Classes

with Audrey Crawford will be held on a Thursday from 6 . 4 5 p m to 7.45pm in Parklands, Alva. For further information phone 07515 534 902. Ditch the workout join the party. Bookbug sessions: Go along and join free rhyme, song and storytelling sessions for the underfives at Alva CAP on Thursdays from 10am to 11.30am. Excluding school and public holidays. Alva and Menstrie Girl Guiding: the girl guiding are looking for new rainbows 5 to 7 years: brownies 7 to 10 years; guides 10 to 14 years; adults and unit helpers 18+. For more information on how to join telephone Margret on 07765 494 424 or Janice on 07837 239 921. Despite being the holiday season, the Crafters intended to remain open on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Fridays. If you are having one of the currently popular “staycautions,” why not come along. Who knows, you may reawaken some long dorment woody skills, in Alva at Corden Street. We regret that children under the age of 16 cannot take part, unless accompanied by an adult. Contact Archie Scott 751947 or, Robert Miller 219144 or or Richard Douglas, 761618 or Fibro Friends Group: M e e t i n g will be held on the second Friday of every month at 2pm in the 140 Fairtrade Shop in, Alva. Join them for an informal cuppa (by donation) meet other ‘Fibromites’, enjoy speakers as well as getting information and support. They ask for £1 as an entry fee that will be put towards running costs. For more information call Roni on 08448 872 425 or email Alva Baptist Church: Please note that there will be no coffee mornings in the Church until after the school holidays. Alva Pensioners Association: The next two Bingo Tea will be held on Wednesday, August 8. The bus trip to Breahead ,Glasgow will be held on Tuesday, September 18, leaving form Alva at 10.30am and not returning from Glasgow until 4pm. Tickets cost £5 and will be on sale at Parklands on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 August from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Darby and Joan Club: The President welcomed members to the weekly game of dominos and whist. Domino result – 1 Mrs H Weir, 2 Mrs M Nolan, consolation Mrs M Burt. Whist result 1 Lady Mrs G Diamant, consolation Mrs E Campbell. 1 gent Mrs M Gil-

lepsie consolation Mrs M Fisher. The club is now closed for the summer break but will restart again on September 5. Wee County Walkers: get to know your area better – have fun and become fitter! Free short walks – only about one hour – with walk leaders. No booking required. In Alva, noon every Monday at Car Park behined Cochrane Hall. Walks are suitable for all abilities. Short, safe walks open to everyone. Put on comfortable footwear , dress for the weather and enjoy. Go on your own or take a friend. Community Notice Board: The notice board is situated outside the CAP/library. Groups and individuals and ‘not for profit’ organisations can advertise activities and display posters here. Anyone wishing to use this facility please see the notice board for further details.

Clackmannan Clackmannan Parish Church of Scotland: The “GLOBAL GAMES”, started on Monday in Clackmannan Town Hall (til Friday from 6.30 -9.00pm), it’s not too late to join in. Children come along and join classmates for evenings of fun, games, singing and drama. Sunday morning the service of Thanksgiving for “On Your Marks” takes place in Clackmannan Town Hall at 11.00 am, not the Church. Monthly service for those who can’t get to morning service is at 3pm in the Bruce Memorial Hall. Let Margaret know if you need transport. No Coffee Morning for the first two Tuesdays in August. The Wednesday Prayer Group meets again on 15 August at 8pm. Church building is open every week-day from 2-4pm. The Stamp Exhibition “Life of Jesus” can be seen during the open days. For more information visit our web site at Anyone requiring services of a minister should contact the Revd Scott Raby on 211255. Clackmannan Parish Church Holiday Club: Clackmannan Parish Church invites all who attended primary school till June to come along to ‘On Your Marks’, their fifth annual holiday club, which is being held in Clackmannan Town Hall, Main Street, Clackmannan, from Monday 6th to Friday 10th August at 6.30pm till 9.00pm each evening. Not surprisingly in this Olympic Games year, and in the second week of the Games, the setting for ‘On Your Marks’ is the “Global Games”, a fictitious international sporting tournament which takes place in Galilee in the first century AD. Each day a different sporting event from the Global Games

Pentathlon is explored that links in with the Bible passage. We will cover the calling of the disciples, the parable of the sower, the healing of blind Bartimaeus, Jesus walking on the water, and the transfiguration. We hope that those children who attend will discover and begin to experience what it is like to be a member of the team that has Jesus as the leader. You don’t have to like sports to enjoy all the Club has to offer, there are plenty of other activities, with our usual mix of games, including messy games, quizzes, music, dance, our daily drama serial ‘Ready Steady Enders Street’, stories, arts and crafts, “jokes” and everything else that makes a Clackmannan holiday Club week so much fun. Registration for the Holiday Club costs £3.50, and this allows free entry all week. Children can be registered at the Town Hall on Sunday 4th August between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm, or on the first night of attendance. Any parent or carer wanting further information can call the minister, the Revd Scott Raby, on (01259) 211255, or e-mail Downloadable Registration Forms are available on our website Exercise Class: The Thursday Exercise class will not be running for three weeks including the week of August 9. Classes will resume in Clackmannan Town Hall on Thursday 16 August at 11am to noon. Carers Support Group: The Group meets on the last Thursday of the Month at 1pm in the Bruce Memorial Hall. The 36th Stirling (Clackmannan) Company: The new session will start after the school holidays. Parents should contact the leaders for details of next session’s programme and dates. Contact Kathy for Anchor Boys on 07891 3889542, Lucy for Junior section on 07538 693554 and Bill for the Company Section on 01259 216 763. Bookbug Sessions: Go along and join free rhyme, song and story telling sessions for under fives at Clackmannan CAP on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 11am., excluding school and public holidays. Zumba class: On Wednesday from 7pm till 8pm feel the music and join in the fun with Zumba Fitness Classes. Entry fee £3. contact – Jenna on 07930 254 979 or email her at Wee County Walkers: Why not join in the free walks led by the Wee County Walkers? No need

to book. Meet them outside the Library just before 2pm on Wednesdays. Walks are suitable for all abilities. Short, safe walks open to everyone. Put on comfortable footwear, dress for the weather and enjoy. Go on your own or take a friend. Beginners Pilates: Beginners Pilates will be held every Sunday at 6pm to 7pm in Clackmannan Town Hall. To book a space contact Lorna on 07533 173 335. Yoga Class: Yoga classes in Clackmannan Town Hall on Tuesdays at 1pm to 2.30pm. Details from June Mercer on 07835 835 919 or email Ian McLeans School of Dance: The class will be held in Clackmannan Town Hall every Tuesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. For more information telephone 01259 721 886. Zumba Class: A new Zumba class is starting at Clackmannan Town Hall from 6.30pm till 7.30pm. Contact 01259 721 886 or 07881 762 687 for more details.

Coalsnaughton Coalsnaughton Burns Club: Cash bingo every Monday in the Lounge. Contact 01259 750517. Eyes down at 8.15pm, finished by 9.45pm. Fruit Barra: The Coalsnaughton Fruit Barra is open in Coalsnaughton Village Hall from Monday to Friday 10am until 5pm. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a cuppa at Coalsnaughton’s Community Café Society. If you have an hour or two to spare to help, please call into the hall. Telephone 01259 759 099. Scripure Union Holiday Club: Scripture Union and Ochil Hills Community Church are running a Holiday Club for children of Primary School age. This will take place in the Community Hall starting Tuesday 14th August through to Friday 17th. The meeting will be from 2pm to 4pm. On Sunday 17th at 4pm, in the Community Hall, there will be the final meeting of the Club. Parents, relatives and friends are invited to this. If any further information is required, please telephone 01259 769309.

Dollar Dollar Parish Church: Last Sundays service was led by Rev Hilary McDougall. Dollar Golf Club: Dollar Amateur Open – Dollar Golf Club has en-

joyed a great season despite the bad weather with little or no interuption to competitions. The Dollar Open with scratch and handicap prizes up to £75 is on Sunday, August 11 – entry forms available via the club website ( and SGU Golf Central by email to matchsecretary@dollargolfclub. com or telephone 01259 742 400. Half-yearly Membership now available at Dollar to cover the remainder of 2012. For further details please call 07703 572 344. Dollar newspaper and magazine collection: Dates for 2012 – 7 August; 4 September; 2 October; 6 November; 4 December. Dollar Bowling Club: The next prize bingo tea will be held on Monday 6 August at 7.30pm. All are welcome. Zumba fitness classes: classes will be held on Wednesday on the Maguire Gymnasium, Dollar from 7pm until 8pm. For more information telephone Irene on 07743785103. Dollar Horticular and Garden Club: The annul show will be held on the 1st September 2012. The categories for the photographic sections are Hillfoots View, In The Garden, It’s Only Weather, My Favourite Flower. In the young photographers section the subject is My Favourite Photo. Wee County Walkers: Why not join in the free walks lead by the Wee County Walkers? No need to book. Meet them outside the Health Centre Just before 10am on Thursdays. Find out about the local area as you walk. Walks are suitable for all abilities. Short, safe walks open to everyone. Come on your own or bring a friend. Carer Support Group: The group meets on the last Thursday of every month at 10am in the Castle Campbell Hotel. Dollar Civic Centre: Information for community and voluntary groups. Clacks Third Sector Interface is providing an information surgery for community and voluntary groups to give help and information in areas such as funding, constitutions and policies. Go along and speak to Maureen Hill CTSI Organisational Support Officer at Dollar Civic Centre. These meeting take place on the last Thursday of every month from 1pm to 2pm. Dollar Museum: The new exhibition celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Included are many artefacts and numerous photographs of the Coronation Celebrations that took place.


Tuesday 7.8.12


What’s on in your weecounty

in Dollar on June 2, 1953: the fancy dress parade; the sports; five a side football; tree planting in the memorial gardens and the bonfire on the Gloom Hill. There is a further display of photographs taken during the Queens visit to Dollar on June 28, 1963. Might you or someone you know be in any of the photographs? The permanent Devon Valley Railway photographs covering the line from Alloa to Kinross. Upstairs there is a small exhibition on the Japanese gardens at Cowden Castle and one on Dollar Academy. The museum is open until Christmas 2012 on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm and 2pm until 4.30pm, on Sundays from 2pm until 4.30pm. The last museum at the top of the East Burnside. Entry is free and all is welcome.

Fishcross Charity Shop: The Cats Protection charity shop in Alloa Road, Fishcross, is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm to 3pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm selling good second hand clothing, bric-a-brac, books and new goods. The award winning Ochil’s Writer’s Group, who meet every second Monday in Menstrie’s Dumyat Centre, have a couple of spaces available. The group had an anthology published last year, Beneath the Hills Vol. 1, and plan to publish another this year. The anthology was reviewed positively both local and national. If you are interested in joining, Email Monika Mackenzie Wee County Walkers: Why not join in the free walks lead by the Wee County Walkers? No need to book. Meet in the car park beside Cats Protection just before 2pm on Tuesday. Back in time for children coming out of school. Walks are suitable for all ages and abilities. Find out about local history as we walk. Put on comfortable footwear, dress for the weather and enjoy. Short, safe walks open to everyone. For more information contact Jane on 01259 290316 or 07825 052 677. Come on your own or bring a friend.

Menstrie Menstrie Parish Church: In her children’s address last week the minister spoke about the training and dedication needed by the athletes competing in the Olympic Games. She spoke about the importance of encouragement for them. The congregation were then able to show their encouragement to their treasurer, Bill Mackay, as he reached his target weight

for his fundraising Zorbing attempt. In her sermon, Mairi continued with the sporting theme, with Bible readings from Isaiah 40 v 27-31, 1 Corinthians 9 v 24-27 and Hebrew 12 v 1-3. Anything worthwhile takes commitment. In the journey of faith we must preserve and not get distracted, pressing on towards our promised prize from God. Tea in 2 each Wednesday and Saturday from 10.30am till 11.30am. Sunday Service at 11am. All welcome. Elders’ Discussion on Tuesday 7 August at 7pm for final section of the Purpose Driven Life. Thank you to everyone who helped with the Summer Stall on Saturday, July 28. £230 was raised for church funds. Next stall will be held on Saturday, August 26. From Sat 30.06.12, and on the last Sunday of each month until September, Menstrie Parish Church will be holding a fund raising table sale outside the Church Hall from 10.00am to 12pm. All donations of plants, home baking, and all sellable items welcome. More information from Helen on 01259 762 925. Gaelic Parent and Child (0-5) Group – Croileagan Clatch Mhanainn: The group meets every Tuesday from 10am till noon in Menstrie Parish Church Hall. Everyone will be made very welcome. No knowledge for Gaelic required, just an interest. For further information contact Kerry on 01259 213 622. £1.50 per session, 1st session free. Menstrie Tiny Tots: A club ran by mums for mums. This voluntarily organised group meet during term time on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am until 12pm at the Dumyat Centre. All ages from babies to three-years old are welcome. A healthy snack and drink are provided. A chance for mums and to interact together through play and planned craft activities. £1.50 per visit – first session free. For more information call in or telephone Sarah on 01259 761 098. Menstrie Pensioners Association: there are a few seats available for the half day trip to Largs on Thursday, August 16. Menstrie Matters: Work is now ongoing for the September issue of the Menstrie Matters. Anyone wishing to contribute or advertise could you please get it to Linda – or phone 01259 761 431 no later than August 11. There have been a lot of events in the community over the last 2 – 3 months so it would be good to do a letters page and get some feedback from the people who attend any of them.

Sauchie Art Club: The Art Club will be closed during the month of August but will open again in September. Sauchie and Fishcross UF Church: Last Sunday morning, Rev Graham Brown spoke on “Welcoming and Accepting Others”. Chrissie MacLeod read part of Romans chapter 15. The theme in the evening was “Authority”. The Bible Reading was the Parable of the Tenants from Luke chapter 20, read by Ronnie Bingham. There will be a Junk Modelling afternoon for children on Wednesday August 1, 1 - 3pm in the church hall. All children welcome. Bring your friends and wear old clothes. Services on Sunday as usual at 11am and 6.30pm On Monday, the Congregational Board meets at 7pm This will be preceded by a meeting of the Kirk Session at 6.50 pm. This year’s Denominational Day Event is entitled “Running the Race” will take place on Saturday August 25 in Dunblane High School from 10 am til 4.15 pm Speaker will be Rev Willie Black, former minister of the High Church in Stornoway, former missionary. Also selection of workshops, from you to choose two. Booking forms now available. All ages welcome. Sauchie Community Group: Carpet bowls will start up again in September. Sauchie and Coalsnaughton Parish Church: The Rev Bill Izett led the service on Sunday, 5 August. Scripture lesson was taken from Psalm 62, v8-12 and Psalm 63 v1-8. The sermon continued the theme of the Mountains of the Lord and focused on Mount Zion. Worship should not be routine or ritual. It is not the place that is important but that worship should be of the spirit, the mind, the heart and the soul. We can and should praise God wherever we are and thank Him for our blessings. The Church is taking a stall at Sauchie Gala on Saturday 18 August and volunteers needed from 12 noon to 4pm to work on stall. Donations of jam, marmalade and wrapped baking (no cream) are required. If you can help please give your name to the Elder on door duty or contact Jeanette Lindsay. Cancer Support Group: The Cancer Support Group has moved from the Dumyat centre to the Health Centre Building, Clackmannanshire Community Health Care Centre, Hallpark Sauchie (enter from the Sunnyside brae entrance). The group

is on every Friday from 6pm till 8pm. Drop in for a chat – everyone welcome.

meeting will be held on Monday, August 20 at 7.30pm in the upstairs room at the lodge.

Sauchie Tiny Tots: Tiny Tots run in Sauchie Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings from 9am till 11am during term time only. First visit is free then £2 er child, 50p per second child. Healthy snack, arts and crafts and lots more. For more information contact Laura on 01259 725 337.

2nd Tillicoultry Rainbows: Is your daughter aged 5-7? Does she like playing games, doing art and craft, making new friends? If you have answered yes then contact 01259 211318 and leave a message for further details or you can Email clacksguides@yahoo.

Bookbug: go along and join free rhyme, song and story telling sessions for under fives at Sauchie CAP on Tuesdays from 2pm to 2.30pm, excluding school and public holidays.

Zumba fitness Classes: Classes will be held in Tillicoultry Parish Church Hall on Mondays from 7pm to 8pm with Irene Kane. For further information call 07743 785 103.

Sauchie Active 8: Sauchie Active 8 play scheme started on Monday, July 2 at 10am to 1pm, £1. Sauchie Gala is now August 18. Internet Cafe, Monday – Friday, 10am to 1pm; Gym Crackers, Monday 10am to noon; Spanish Advanced Course – start on Monday – 6pm to 8pm; Tuesday over 50s keep fit, 1pm to 3pm; Sign Language course; Tuesday Teen Night 6.30pm to 9pm, games, cooking, etc; Wednesday – Zumba 10am to 11am; Fruit Barra 10am to 1pm is now accepting Healthy Start vouchers; Men’s keep fit class 1.30pm to 3pm; Youth Club 6pm to 8pm; Ladies keep fit 6pm to 7pm; Beauty 7pm to 8pm; Thursday Zumba – 7.15pm to 8.15pm; Beginners Spanish Class – 6pm to 8.30pm; Friday Teen Night 6.30pm to 9pm; Saturday – Zumba for Parents and Kids, 11am to noon; Youth Club 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Computer Lessons for beginners on Monday, 1-3pm.

Wee County Walkers: why not join in the free walks led by the Wee County Walkers? Become fitter as you enjoy an easy interesting walk. No need to book. Meet them outside the Nike outlet at Sterling Mills just before 10.30am on Saturdays. Walks are suitable for all abilities and last up to an hour. Short, safe walks open to everyone. Put on comfortable footwear, dress for the weather and enjoy. Go on your own or bring a friend.

Sauchie Pensioners Club: The pensioners club resumes its fortnightly meetings on Tuesday 11 September. The artist will be organist John Geddes. New and old members will be made welcome. Go along and spend a pleasant afternoon from 2pm to 4pm in Sauchie Hall, Mar Place, Sauchie.

Tillicoultry Tillicoultry Parish Church: Vester Hour took place on Wednesday, August 1 at 6.30pm. The holiday club was a great success and the appeal for pennies to circle the church raised £210 for Mary’s Meals. This will provide food for 30 children for a year. The church halls are available for let – please contact David Dobbie. Lodge Ben Cleuch 782: A bingo tea will be held on Friday, August 10 at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm. All welcome. Snowball still going. The next committee

Bookbug: Go along and join free rhyme, song and storytelling sessions for under fives at Tillicoultry Library on Thursdays from 10am to 10.30am, excluding school and public holidays. Tillicoultry Toddler Group: The toddler group is for children aged 0-3 years and is open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during term time from 9.30am to 11.15am. The playworker provides a variety of fun activities everyday including arts and crafts, freeplay and rhymetime. A healthy snack and drink is provided for toddlers and there is tea/coffee and a biscuit for parents and carers. A normal session following registration costs £2, however your first session is free so come along and give us a try. You’ll find them in Room 5, Tillicoultry Community Centre. Everyone welcome. Zumba classes:A Zumba class is held in Tillicoultry Centenary hall on Wednesday’s from 8pm to 9pm. Contact 01259 721 886 for information. CAP: Come along and join in our Rhyme, Song and Storytelling sessions for under five’s at Tillicoulty Library on Thursday’s

Tullibody from 10am to 10.30am. Slimming World: Slimming World takes place on Wednes-

day’s at 5pm in the Civic Centre, Tullibody. Tullibody and Cambus Girlguiding: To join the leadership team. Contact Ann-Margaret on 07908 252 104 or Girlguiding Clackmannanshire on 01259 211 318. Healthy Living: If you are a resident of Tullibody, Cambus or Glenochil with a Clackmannanshire Council Access to Leisure Card can swim free Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm at the Leisure Bowl. Pop into the Tullibody Healthy Living Office to find out how you can get you Tullibody Healthy Living Free Swim Card or telephone 01259 724 374. Tullibody Heritage Centre, Abercromby Place (part of the Civic Centre) Tullibody is open each Saturday 2pm to 4pm or by arrangement at other times. Nominal charge for Adults. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Contact 01259 723 376 for further details or visit the website Local Fruit Barra: Tullibody Fruit Barra is open every Thursday at 13 Tron Court, Tullibody. For more information, contact the Tullibody Healthy Living Initiative by telephoning 01259 724 374.

Stirling Stirling Hillwalking Club: The Stirling Hillwalking Club walk on August 5th will be Cairn of Claise & Tolmount, 950m ascent, 20 km distance. OS map 43, grid ref 148800. Phone 01506 418568 for further details. Information about Stirling Hillwalking club is available on the website at

Do you have an event you would like to publish in ‘whats on in your wee county’? Email the details to: weecounty@ or call: 01259 404006



Tuesday 7.8.12

New Wage Incen Story and Photos by James McGregor & Conor McQuillian


ast week Job Centre Plus held a day for youths to come in and take a seat with representatives from companies both big and small from around Clackmannanshire area. Representatives from companies with vacancies such as: Aldi; Argos; Bijoux; Clacksworks; Gartlove Gardening LTD; Hawkhill Community Association; I.L.S.; K.F.C; SDS; Pound Stretcher, all came to sit at a desk and meet local youths from the area. The event has been highly anticipated from the Clackmannanshire area, as jobs currently sit at an all time low, and inexperienced youths are finding it impossible to find themselves work. The event ended up being a huge success with over 60 young people flooding in to meet around twelve employers. Within the first 10minutes a young man had been guaranteed a future job interview with I.L.S. Mr Stevens said “it is really good to be offered a future interview within this company as I am really eager to get out into the working world and this event has really let me present myself to the employers”. One employer commented on how smartly dressed and

presentable the youths were, he added that he felt this bolstered their chances at gaining the employers attention and that first impressions were key! The event was put in place to launch a new government wage incentive which was released on the 2nd of August. Clackmannanshire was fortunate because it is one a only a few places that were selected in Scotland for the incentive aimed at employers. Unfortunately the reason for this is because of the high unemployment figures in the area, and all the young people who are currently off the register. The incentive also reflects the current economical situation of employers who are becoming critical of their business costs which effect their decision on whether to take on staff. Avril from Job Centre Plus said about the wage incentive “Careers Scotland was very thankful to all the businesses that attended, all the businesses who did attend either do have vacancies or will do in the near future. “Careers Scotland thought it would be a really good three pronged approach for everyone to get a win-win out of the incentive.

“From employers perspective they have been given advice and help on keeping training costs low, but at the same time careers Scotland want to promote their customers (the unemployed), we have been pretty selective of who have been presented to ensure that these customers are practically ready to start on the wage incentive right away. Also all customers who attended the event are really, really keen to work, hopefully the employers realise that the customers are a really good bunch of youngsters.” The incentive is based on the customer and where the customer lives, they must live in the Clackmannanshire area, if the employer takes on a customer full time they will gain eligibility for the incentive and will receive £2250 after 6 months of full time employment. If the employer runs a small company with less than 50 employees the employer will also get a small retainer at around 8 weeks of full time employment, and for part time employment the incentive will payout £1137.50 after 6 months. This is an incentive for employers who are struggling financially to take on someone from the Clackmannanshire to cut costs.

nty news


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entertainment weecounty

Tuesday 7.8.12

Out & about with Michelle Henderson


ome of the best made films are of the past as they have a better story and are more entertaining. One film that is very entertaining is The Mummy, which was created in 1999 and was filmed in the United States of America. The film is about a very important priest called Imhotep being mummified after he had an affair with Anck-su-Namun, who was due to marry the monarch. They killed the monarch to escape but Anck-su-Namun killed herself so Imhotep could escape. He was eventually caught and burried in Hamunaptra. Egypologist Evelyn Caranhan (Rachel Weisz) is given a map of Hamunaptra by her brother Jonathan and they agree to go searching for this historical history. Jonathon then admits that he stole the map from American adventurer Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and they go looking for him. The three then travel with

another crew of adventurers looking for treasure to the city. While there things go wrong and the mummy is awoken. They then have to stop him from taking over and destroying everything in his path. The film is very entertaining and is a great family film. The story behind the film is very solid and well thought out. The film was given a budget of $80 million and brought in a total earnings of $415,933,406 in box office sales. This proves the film was a success with many people including myself. Because of its success two other films were created, one carrying on from the first and the third, totally different from the other two. These films are great and are well worth watching.

Summer Trips in Scotland W

ith the summer holidays nearly over in a couple of weeks time, lots of people are getting children and themselves ready for work and school. Very seldom people don’t go on holiday at this time because they are getting things organised, just like myself so a holiday wont really be on the agenda for many over the coming weeks. Although a day trip to a sandy beech or a tourist attraction would be a good break for all the planning and organising. One place for a lovely day out is Leven. This small seaside town is ideal for that sunny day out or just a break and a day away from the front door. Leven is situated on the East coast of Scotland and has a large sea front looking over Firth of Forth which in the summer looks spectacular. The town has two large golf courses, a Caravan park at the bottom of the pier, a large swimming baths and various arcades. There is also a lovely small town centre, ideal for getting your small bits and bobs and to have a look round. This little town is ideal for a trip away. Having been many of times myself as a youngster, for my holidays and for day trips, the town is a smashing place to relax and enjoy your holidays. Just to get away to the beach for the day is really lovely and in my opinion Leven is the perfect place to do that. It is quiet, peaceful and very clean and tidy which is why it is very popular with many tourists.

PET of the week

Music Review I

n the charts at the moment there is a new album which has a fantastic track list and a great variety of songs. Being a big fan of music and various different artists and types of music this album suits me and a lot of other people. The Now albums were first created and produced in 1983 and because of its success it has become very popular and has influenced millions of album sales all over the UK and beyond. The first album contained songs from artists such as Duran Duran and Rod Stewart, artists that do not feature on these albums now. On the albums created now we have artists such as Nicki Minaj and


Rihanna, big stars of the 21st century. All the albums that have been created have all contained number ones and big known artists throughout the generations and now sees no change. The albums were and still are very in demand, even when they were being recorded onto cassette tapes and vinyl’s. These albums and this large company will never fade and will be known for many years to come.


Pimento Cheese Potato Skins Crispy potatoes covered in pimento cheese, smoky bacon and finished with a handful of fresh chives are one of life’s most perfect pleasures. Makes 12 skins. INGREDIENTS:* Six medium to small potatoes* Three tablespoons melted butter* Salt and pepper* 230g mature cheddar cheese* 60g softened cream cheese* One teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes* One roasted red bell pepper, diced into quarter inch pieces* Four slices bacon, cooked until crispy and crumbled* Three tablespoons chives, chopped* 200ml sour cream (optional)

Name: Oscar Age: 3 , Hight 12” Breed: Golden Miniature Pinscher Lives: Alloa Likes: He loves going for walks and running free in feilds, his friend Phebie, family and attention.fat off of pork chops, bacon etc Dislikes: going in the car and has to sit on my knee To submit your pet please send a photo of your pet to weecounty@hubpublishing. or post your photo to The Wee County News, 38 Primrose Street, Alloa FK10 1JG with your name, your pets name, breed, age and his or her likes and dislikes. * although we will try, we cannot guarantee the return of any photos posted to us.

METHOD: 1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C/ gas mark 6 and pierce each potato a few times with a fork. 2. Brush potatoes with butter and sprinkle with salt. 3. Bake potatoes on oven rack for one hour. Remove from oven and allow to cool. 4. Shred cheddar in food processor and add cream cheese. 5. Transfer to a bowl and mix in crushed red pepper flakes, red pepper and season. 6. Cut each potato into three lengthwise sections. Scoop out the flesh, leaving a quarter-inch border.

7. Lightly brush potato skin insides with remaining melted butter and season. 8. Crumble cheese mixture over each potato and sprinkle on bacon bits. 9. Place skins on foil-lined baking sheet and grill until cheese melts. 10. Sprinkle with chives and serve immediately with sour cream for dipping.  



Tuesday 7.8.12


Snorers urged to get a good night’s sleep W

hen we’ve finished fighting our partner for the duvet, snoring is the biggest reason Britain’s couples suffer restless nights. Around half of us struggle to sleep with a snoring spouse and for 20% that means losing two hours rest a night, while one in 10 Brits say snoring is such an issue that they’d even consider leaving their partner because of it. The findings are contained in a new study, which questioned 2,000 adults in a relationship. The research, commissioned by Premier Inn, also discovered that one in 10 couples have a bust-up over snoring at least twice a week. More than half of those questioned say men are the worst culprits, though it is not always the partner’s fault as a fifth of Brits admit that their own heavy breathing makes them wake up once a week. The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association says over 40% of UK adults snore, totalling around 15 million people, and confirms the study’s findings that more men than women snort, snuffle and wheeze their way through the night. The association says there are 10.4 million male snorers compared with 4.5 million women - and points out that men are also

CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Coach pick-up point (3,4) 4. Stoppers 7. Punctured 8. Burn with steam 9. Crow relatives 12. Victim of war 15. Combination of symptoms 17. Fortune 18. Jewelled headband 21. Got tired 22. Easy (job) 23. Landlord’s customers

DOWN 1. Bread shops 2. Herbs & ... 3. Treaty 4. Seed cases 5. Effeminate 6. Hourglass contents 10. Ice cream server 11. Awry 13. Eastern veils 14. Guts 16. Photo machine 18. Body powder 19. Absent 20. Tense

louder, with 58% of snorers aged between 50 and 59. Snoring is the subject of many a joke but impaired sleep not only causes day-time fatigue, but can decrease productivity, increase the risk of accidents, alter our mood and affect our quality of life. Snoring is made by vibrations of the soft palate and other tissues of the mouth, nose and throat and is caused by a partial blockage of the upper airway. When we are awake we have sufficient muscle tone to keep the airway open but we lose this muscle tone and the airway


narrows when we sleep. Snorers may also have an obstruction of some kind - such as swollen tissue or congestion somewhere between the Adam’s Apple and the tip of the nose. The main causes are over-eating and lack of exercise, alcohol and sleeping tablets, smoking, the wrong sleeping position and allergies.Excess body fat is more of a problem for men as they tend to get fat around their necks and waists, whereas women put on weight on the thighs, and men with a collar size of 16 and half or more are likely to be affected. However, this often changes for women after the menopause as they put on weight and muscle tone diminishes so that they are just as likely to snore as men by the time they reach 70. Being overweight by just a few kilos can result in snoring so losing weight will certainly help to alleviate the condition.

Alcohol causes the body to relax even more than during a normal night’s sleep and it also irritates the airways, resulting in congestion. Alcohol also has a high calorie content so heavy drinkers are often overweight, further increasing their risk of snoring. Smoking irritates the lining of the nasal cavity and throat and the likelihood of snoring increases with each cigarette, while even passive smoking can cause inflammation of the nose and throat passages increasing the risks. The BSSA recommends people stop drinking and smoking at least four hours before they go to bed if they want to have an undisturbed night. The good news is that snoring is treatable so very few people - and their partners - need to suffer from this troublesome complaint. The BSSAA, a not-forprofit organisation, provides help, information and clinically-proven remedies to snorers and their families. Visit their website at and give yourself and your spouse a good night’s sleep.



Tuesday 7.8.12


The UK’s £30 billion wardrobe revealed M

ost of us will admit to a dark secret part of our wardrobes that conceal our fashion mistakes and outfits we aim to get back into, just as soon as we’ve lost that extra stone. But now new research reveals that UK consumers have around £30 billion worth of clothes which they haven’t worn for a year hanging around in their closets. In the last year alone we left a staggering 1.7 billion items unwanted and untouched in our wardrobes. But with more than two thirds of shoppers willing to buy and wear pre-owned clothing, the report highlights ways in which consumers and businesses can benefit from taking at a fresh look at our leftovers - both financially and environmentally. The Valuing our Clothes report from WRAP, the UK’s leading body on resource efficiency, provides the first big picture of the impact of our clothing choices. It also offers a fresh look at the financial and environmental aspects of the whole journey of clothing - from raw material, to manufacture, purchase, use and disposal of our clothes. Each stage of that journey has a significant environmental impact, the authors point out. For example over 90% of the water footprint occurs during fibre and garment supply. Washing and drying clothes is the equivalent of around 10% of total carbon emissions from cars in the UK while the majority of the waste arises once an item is no longer wanted. But a third of all of the clothes we buy end up in landfill, which is bad for the

environment and bad value. However there are significant opportunities to generate revenue of around £140 million if all these clothes were given to charities, local authorities or other organisations for recycling or re-use. WRAP say these existing options, or indeed new business opportunities, could keep more clothing out of the bin and landfill, ensuring value is retained for longer. Liz Goodwin, CEO, WRAP, says: “The way we make and use clothes consumes a huge amount of the earth’s precious resources, and accounts for a major chunk of family spending.”But by increasing the active use of clothing by an extra nine months we could reduce the water, carbon and waste impacts by up to 20-30% each and save £5 billion.”Consumers can realise the value of clothing by updating existing items for their own use, or selling or donating them for others to use. There are also significant opportunities for industry to capitalise on consumer interest and gain financially. ”The body says that making more use of these clothes through re-use and other routes such as design changes, alteration, repair and recycling, will benefit both families and firms across the country. It also goes a step further by identifying potential new business models for industry that can add to the bottom line, increase the range of services or stimulate markets. The recently-launched M&S & Oxfam Shwopping initiative has provided clear evidence that there’s both retailer

awareness and customer interest in new approaches. Another new business opportunity is retailers establishing ‘buy-back’ schemes which enable customers to sell own-brand clothes they no longer want back to the shop for re-sale.

With more than half of those surveyed saying they would sell back items and over two-thirds happy to consider buying returned clothes, this type of initiative could provide an extra income stream from a ready customer base.

Liz concludes: “This research clearly shows there are real financial and environmental benefits to be reaped from valuing our clothes more.”By building on and encouraging the innovation already undertaken by collectors,

re-processors, charities, retailers, brands, designers, suppliers and local authorities, we can help protect precious resources, and save billions in the process. WRAP will be working with industry to do exactly that.”

weecounty SALES ADVISOR Job No: ALL/23696 Employer Reference: BH310 SOC Code: 7111 Wage: £12330 to £13500 Per Annum Pro Rata Hours: 24 hours over 5 days Location: ALLOA, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 03 August 2012 Closing date: 16 August 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: BrightHouse is the largest rentto-own company in the United Kingdom with over 260 stores and 225,000 customers. Our customers are at the heart of our business, and were passionate about putting their needs first. We are always on the lookout for talented, customer-focused people to come and join the team and be part of our ongoing success. Successful applicants will be responsible for the achievement of BrightHouse store sales targets through effective selling, customer service and retention activities, in order to achieve company growth. Main duties will include building a strong relationship with customers in order to provide a high level of customer service. You will generate business by selling products and services to new and existing customers. This will be carried out face to face, in store, and over the tel. How to apply You can apply for this job by visiting www. jobs.aspx Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled) and quote BH310 in the Keywords box and following the instructions on the webpage. Employer BrightHouse SUPPORT WORKER - WALKER Job No: ALL/23688 SOC Code: 6115 Wage: £6.30 TO £7.25 PER HOUR Hours: FLEXIBLE Location: ALVA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK12 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 02 August 2012 Pension details: No details held


Description: Position available for a non driver. Flexible work pattern, morning, afternoon and evenings ILS provides care and support to older people and vulnerable adults, across the Alva, Tillicoultry and Dollar areas. We provide personal care, emotional support, domestic assistance or medical supervision, understanding and emphasising with people is right at the heart of who we are. If you have communication skills, care and compassion, So you will not only help to enhance the quality of life for people in the local community you will help to enhance your own prospects for the future. All posts are subject to PVG vetting procedures, cost met by applicant ILS will refund £30 after 6mths employment. Interviews will be held locally. Successful applicants will be invited to our 3-day induction training course. How to apply For further details about job reference ALL/23688, please telephone Jobseeker Direct on 0845 6060 234. Lines are open 8.00am - 6.00pm weekdays only. All calls are charged at local rate. Call charges may be different if you call from a mobile phone. Alternatively, visit your local Jobcentre Plus Office and use the customer access phones provided to call Jobseeker Direct. The textphone service for deaf and hearing-impaired people is 0845 6055 255. SECURITY GUARD Job No: ALL/23695 SOC Code: 9241 Wage: Meets Nat Min Wage Hours: 50-60 per week Monday-Sunday days, evenings & nights Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted 02 August 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Must be age 18+. Applicants must hold a valid SIA licence. Duties will include man guarding and static security work. This vacancy is covered by the Working Time

Tuesday 7.8.12

Regulations. For advice on this regulation you should see the Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled) website or contact the Pay and Work Rights helpline. The employer has claimed an exception under the Equality. Act 2010. How to apply You can apply for this job by telephoning 07889 736066 and asking for Malcolm Cameron. Employer Security Networks UK Limited PSV / PCV COACH DRIVER Job No: ALL/23685 SOC Code: 8213 Wage: COMPETITIVE RATES OF PAY Hours: 15 - 20 PER WEEK, OVER 7 DAYS, MAINLY DAYS AND EVENINGS Location: CENTRAL BELT OF SCOTLAND FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 01 August 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: Must have clean appropriate manual licence and previous experience. Will need to be flexible over availability. Working for a friendly local coach company duties involve driving, generally throughout the Central Belt of Scotland, keeping vehicle clean and fuelled, daily walk-round check, plus all related tasks. An immediate start is possible. How to apply You can apply for this job by telephoning 0125 9215560 ext 0 and asking for Julie Jack. Employer Hunters Executive Coaches CAFE MANAGER Job No: ALL/23683 SOC Code: 9223 Wage: £20,000 Per Annum Hours: Full Time days and hours to be agreed Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 31 July 2012 Closing date: 31 August 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: You will be managing a team, running a Cafe Restaurant within a store environment. The

Cafe is open 7 days a week. As the Cafe Manager you need to be commercially aware, with the presence and personality to influence the day-to-day business, you’ll maximise the performance of your team. Leading by example and setting high standards, you’ll enhance sales and provide our customers with great service. The Person: Previous supervisory experience. Retail and commercial skills are a must. Financial awareness to complete weekly business returns. Motivated to deliver consistent high standards of food and service quality. Friendly and approachable, with the management skills to develop and manage a team. A ‘can-do’ attitude. Computer literate. How to apply You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Ivan Mackenzie at Compass UK and Ireland, Employer Compass UK and Ireland DRIVER CLASS 1 Job No: ALL/23680 SOC Code: 8211 Wage: £7.98 per hour +bonus Hours: 40 hours per week Location: Kilbagie Alloa FK10

Forth Valley


Duration: Permanent Date posted: 31 July 2012 Closing date: 10 August 2012 Pension details: Pension available Description: We are currently recruiting for Class 1 drivers to work on a 5 over 7 basis. The job may entail some overnights so you must be flexible. Proven and demonstrable Class I experience and a full, driving license are essential. Hookloader and/or Tanker experience would be an advantage. The successful candidate will have extensive knowledge of the geographic area in Scotland. Also must be in possession of a Digital tachograph driver’s card. Hours of work 40 per week however you may be expected to work a reasonable amount of overtime. Due to the high number of applications we receive we are unable to get back in touch with everyone. If you do not hear from us unfortunately this means you have been unsuccessful. Please submit your application to How to apply You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Erin Hamilton at Oran Environmental Solutions,

Dr Sime and Partners CCHC Hallpark Road Sauchie FK10 3JQ

Receptionist – 35 hours Monday to Friday Salary dependant on experience We are seeking to recruit a Receptionist for our Practice and are looking for an organised individual to work in an extremely busy but rewarding environment. Previous experience would be an advantage although training will be provided. Excellent communication, administration and IT skills, with a mature and flexible approach to the challenges of this role is essential. Informal enquiries or to request an application pack, contact E Pearson on 01259 290258. Closing date 22nd August.



Tuesday 7.8.12

Employer Oran Environmental Solutions CASUAL RETAIL WORKERS Job No: ALL/23676 Employer Reference: CRW/ Central SOC Code: 4133 Wage: Exceeds National Minimum Wage Hours: Day/Evening/Night shifts available Location: Central FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 30 July 2012 Closing date: 03 August 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: OCS Retail Support requires casual workers, who are available for Retail work as a main income or to supplement another income. Working at different customers sites within your own travelling range, your main duty will be to use our hand held terminals to accurately count items of stock. We have various shifts and hours of work available, both days and nights, with a

minimum of 6 hours per shift. Full training is provided at the start of your first shift which will be on one of our customer premises. Many of our retail customers are High Street Stores, DIY stores and Food retailers but we also offer our services at many other sites. A Full driving license, your own vehicle and a professional manner and willingness to work is essential. If this position is of interest to you please apply online at www. Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled). How to apply You can apply for this job by visiting Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled) and following the instructions on the webpage. Employer OCS Retail Support

CLA000809 SOC Code: 1239 Wage: ÂŁ68,583 per annum Hours: 36 hours per week Location: Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 27 July 2012 Closing date: 20 August 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: As the Head of Housing and Community Safety you will provide leadership, vision, direction and effective management of the Services functions, fostering and encouraging a culture of corporate working, continuous improvement and innovation together with a commitment to customer focused public services. How to apply You can apply for this job by visiting www. tpl_ScottishPortal01.asp? newms=jj&id=115209&a id=11667 Opens new window (unless JavaScript disabled)


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ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Job No: ALL/23671 SOC Code: 4150 Wage: ÂŁ13956 PER ANNUM Hours: MONDAY AND FRIDAY (7 HOURS PER DAY) Location: ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 26 July 2012 Closing date: 10 August 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: We are currently looking for a friendly hard-working administrative assistant to join our busy team. You will provide administrative support to the SDEF office 2 days per week, Mondays and Fridays. Duties include general clerical, receptionist, online and project based work, providing assistance in the office as required. This will include updating our social media and our website on a regular basis with news and events. Training for this will be provided.The successful applicant will have previous clerical experience, and a high standard of PC literacy to include Microsoft Office, Excel and Powerpoint. Applicants must also have a professional and understanding telephone manner. This is a fixed term contract ending 31st March 2015, subject to continued funding. Please e mail for application form. How to apply You can apply for this job

by obtaining the employer’s application form by telephoning 01259 272062 ext and asking for Maeve Bain or alternatively by emailing the employer at maeve.bain@ and returning it to Maeve Bain at Scottish Disability Equality Forum, 2/5 The E Centre, Cooperage Way, ALLOA, Clackmannanshire, FK10 3LP or to maeve.bain@ Employer SCOTTISH DISABILITY EQUALITY FORUM CUSTOMER SERVICE/ SECURITY OFFICEr Job No: ALL/23663 SOC Code: 7212 Wage: Exceeds Nat Min Wage Hours: 45 per week, 5 day from 7 on 5 week rota, over 24 hours Location: Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire FK13 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 25 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Must be able to communicate well at all levels with members of staff and public. CCTV and SIA licence required but will accept SIA licence only providing you are willing to carry out the CCTV training. On completion of probation further training will be given in first aid, security systems, customer care and any other relevant subjects. You must have a 5 year checkable work or back to school history. Uniform provided. You must be smart and be able to walk long distances and stand for considerable lengths of time. Please send CV with covering





HUB Media Ltd Scott Mochar Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Uddingston G71 5PW Tel: 01698 803909 Email:


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Send your CV with a covering letter by post or email to:

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Are you looking to make the next move that will put your career on the right path? This is an outstanding opportunity to join an expanding newspaper group. You will be part of a dynamic and friendly sales environment, where rewards reflect effort. We will expect you to have drive, determination and flair. A lack of sales experience is not an issue as we pride ourselves on our excellent in-house training. But we will expect you to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work on your own initiative. In return, we will give you a first class salary and excellent bonus potential. If you think you have what it takes, contact us today.


Telesales Executive

and following the instructions on the webpage. Employer Clackmannanshire Council


,6:$ 7&+,1






Reporter/Trainee Reporter A

re you looking to make the next move that will put your career on the right path? Or perhaps hoping to take that first step into the world of journalism? Hub Media is looking for a talented reporter / trainee reporter to join its team working on the Wee County News, based in Alloa. The successful applicant will be adaptable and able to cover news and sport while bringing exciting ideas to the table. We are looking for an ambitious reporter or graduate with a qualification in journalism, shorthand and knowledge of Scots Law. The ideal candidate will have an excellent news sense and the ability to remain calm while working to a strict deadline.

This is an opportunity to join an expanding company who have a strong portfolio of newspapers across South Lanarkshire, Perthshire and Clackmannanshire. Three papers will be launched from the Alloa office in the very near future and you will play a key part in shaping their content. A car owner would be preferred. Send written applications, including CV and clippings to: Hub Media Ltd Scott Mochar Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Uddingston G71 5PW Tel: 01698 803909 Email:

weecounty letter How to apply You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Thomas Rae at Sterling Mills Designer Outlet Village, thomasrae@origin-rps. com. Employer Sterling Mills Designer Outlet Village SUPPORT WORKER Job No: ALL/23661 SOC Code: 6115 Wage: £6.30 TO £7.25 PER HOUR Hours: SHIFT PATTERN Location: ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 25 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Flexible work pattern, morning, afternoon and evenings ILS provides care and support to older people and vulnerable adults, across the Clackmannanshire area. We provide personal care, emotional support, domestic assistance or medical supervision, understanding and emphasising with people is right at the heart of who we are. If you have communication skills, care and compassion, So you will not only help to enhance the quality of life for people in the local community you will help to enhance your own prospects for the future. All posts are subject to PVG vetting procedures, cost met by applicant ILS will refund 30 after 6mths employment. Interviews will be held locally. Successful applicants will be invited to our 3-day induction training course. How to apply For further details about job reference ALL/23661, please telephone Jobseeker Direct on 0845 6060 234. Lines are open 8.00am - 6.00pm weekdays only. All calls are charged at local rate. Call charges may be different if you call from a mobile phone. Alternatively, visit your local Jobcentre Plus Office and use the customer access phones provided to call Jobseeker Direct. The textphone service for deaf and hearing-impaired


people is 0845 6055 255. TANDOORI CHEF Job No: ALL/23659 SOC Code: 5434 Wage: Negotiable Hours: 5 days over 7 Location: ALLOA, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 24 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: You will must have experience in Tandoor in high volume branded food operation working with fresh food and able to emonstrate a passion for food with a proven track record of delivering great quality. You will also have experience of stock control and ordering, leading and developing a team with the Head Chef and delivering the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. Duties include managing the kitchen in the Head Chef’s absence, preparing and cooking food. Applicants to e-mail C.V to or Tel:Mr.Asad 07801 847 825 . How to apply You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Asad Zaman at Azad Tandoori Restaurant, 2B Shillinghill, Alloa, Scotland, FK10 1JT or to zamanasad@ Employer Azad Tandoori Restaurant ALARM/ CCTV OPERATOR Job No: ALL/23658 SOC Code: 9241 Wage: MEETS NAT MIN WAGE Hours: 32 HOURS INCLUDES WEEKENDS AND NIGHTS SHIFTS PATTERNS Location: ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 24 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Must be age 18+. Monitoring CCTV, alarm signals and reporting any incidents. Experience not essential as training will be given. The Employer has claimed an exception under the Equality Act 2010. Computer skills preferred. Must have own transport. Computer skills

Tuesday 7.8.12

preferred. Must have own transport.Shift rotas:12 midnight until 9am, 9am - 9pm and weekends 9pm until 9am or fax 01259 733220 WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR CV. How to apply You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Kelli Reekie at Alarm Protection Limited, Employer Alarm Protection Limited

standard. Driving licence is essential. . applicants can also on 01259 214195 How to apply You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to JOHN BRIDGES at OCHIL ENGINEERING, ochil. Employer OCHIL ENGINEERING CASUAL AUTISM SUPPORT WORKERS Job No: ALL/23638 SOC Code: 6115 Wage: £7.55 to £7.55 Per Hour Hours: day/evening/nights/ weekends Location: ALLOA, Clackmannanshire FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 18 July 2012 Closing date: 10 August 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Scottish Autism Central Area is currently looking for enthusiastic Casual Autism Support Workers. This may suit individuals who are interested in developing a career within the care sector specifically relating to Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. In this role you will follow


specified care plans to meet the physical, emotional, behavioural and cultural needs of individuals with an ASD. This is with a view to enabling people with autism to live in the community with minimal impact on their family life and maximum contribution to their own personal enhancement. Please note the organisation operates a policy where only successful applicants will be contacted. Candidates who have not received written confirmation within two weeks of the closing date for the position should then consider themselves unsuccessful. How to apply For further details about job reference ALL/23638, please telephone Jobseeker Direct on 0845 6060 234. Lines are open 8.00am - 6.00pm weekdays only. All calls are charged at local rate. Call charges may be different if you call from a mobile phone. Alternatively, visit your local Jobcentre Plus Office and use the customer access phones provided to call Jobseeker Direct. The textphone service for deaf and hearing-impaired people is 0845 6055 255.

SLATER / ROUGH CASTER Job No: ALL/23656 SOC Code: 5313 Wage: Negotiable depending on experience Hours: 40 HOURS PER WEEK, MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7.30AM TO 4.30PM Location: TILLICOULTRY, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK13 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 24 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: A driving licence is essential, a clean licence is a distinct advantage. Must have experience of slating, tiling and rough cast work, time-served is preferable. Duties include slating, tiling, lead work, rough cast work and associated tasks as required. How to apply You can apply for this job by telephoning 07979 598535 and asking for Donald Henderson. Employer Due to expansion and increased workload we require experienced IFAs to D Henderson Chimney join our team. Working with a broad level of clients ranging from corporate Specialist and Roofer Ltd


OTE £100,000

to HNW individuals, you will provide tailored financial planning to meet those

TIG WELDER/PIPE FITTER Job No: ALL/23643 SOC Code: 5215 Wage: £12 PER HOUR DEPENDING ON EXPERIENCE Hours: 39 PER WEEK, MON TO FRI, BETWEEN 8AM TO 4.30PM Location: ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE FK10 Duration: Permanent Date posted: 19 July 2012 Pension details: No details held Description: Will mainly be site work, working on chemical plants and food factories. Experienced in Tig welding/ Pipe fitting with stainless steel and sheet metal to a high

needs of our clients. Advice will be given to clients on the whole spectrum of planning requirements. Successful candidate will also have experience in managing introducers. Employed and Self Employed positions available and will see candidates working to set quarterly targets. Rewards for managing and increasing funds under management alongside the generation of new business are given.

Successful advisors will see on target income in excess of £100,000.

Contact us at or on 0808 108 1186 for further information. Urban Black Associates, Lomond Suite, Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park, Uddingston, G71 5PW. Urban Black Associates is a trading style of Urban Black Ltd.



Tuesday 7.8.12


wins three design awards


ia has won three design awards in the Automotive Brand Contest 2012, the latest of a series of honours for the Korean brand’s design team headed by Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer. The new Kia cee’d launched in June 2012 - triumphed in the exterior category and also received an honorary special mention for exceptional innovation in the interior category. In addition, the high profile jury selected the Kia GT as the winner of the concept award. The rear-wheel drive sports sedan design study celebrated its world premiere in September 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Automotive Brand Contest, which was held for the first time in 2011, has become an internationally recognised competition. It is open to car manufacturers, automotive parts suppliers and companies delivering design and brand communications services to the automotive industry. There are a total of 16 awards categories, covering vehicle design, parts and accessories, technology, digital, branding and events activities. This year’s two Kia award winners are key models for the brand. The second generation of the cee’d, Kia’s best-selling model in Europe, features styling typically found on a sporty coupe, but offers the space and functionality of a fivedoor hatch. Its upmarket exterior de-

sign boasts a chrome-framed glasshouse and muscular lines on the bonnet, complemented inside by an ergonomic, driver-oriented control panel and refined interior, all backed by Kia’s industry-leading seven year warranty. The Kia GT design study was inspired by 1970s grand tourers, and combines supple, muscular proportions with a sophisticated, elegant four-seat interior. It offers a glimpse into Kia’s future design philosophy. The Automotive Brand Contest 2012 award presentation ceremony will be held at the Paris Motor Show on Automotive Designers’ Night, 27 September 2012. Kia Motors received several accolades at last year’s inaugural Automotive Brand Contest, winning the Best of the Best award in the brand design category, while Kia’s Sportage, Rio and Optima models all claimed victories in the exterior category. The Automotive Brand Contest is organised by the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council), which was founded in 1953 as an initiative of the German Federal Parliament and today counts among the world’s leading competence centres for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design. It counts amongst its members 170 companies from around the world. The Rat für Formgebung also organises the competition UNLEADED for the “Designpreis Deutschland”, GerASDA - Alloa - 130.7 many’s highest official Morrisons - Alloa - 131.9 design award.


Tesco - Alloa - 131.9 Gulf - Tullibody - 133.9 Highest - 136.9 DIESEL ASDA - Alloa - 135.7 Morrisons - Alloa - 136.9 Tesco - Alloa - 136.9 Gulf - Tullibody - 137.9 Highest - 140.9 Source: Prices correct at time of print.

es David Morton Ltd c i r P Top Cars - Vans - All Scrap Metal Paid

01324 612 876


Mon – Fri 8.00 – 4.30 Sat 8.00 – 12.00

Glen Works, Glen Village, Falkirk



Tuesday 7.8.12


Ecomotive sales at all time high S

EAT might be a brand synonymous with dynamic, designdriven cars, but that doesn’t mean its buyers aren’t environmentally savvy too. And the numbers prove it, because SEAT’s UK year-todate sales show that take-up of cars featuring Ecomotive Technology is at an all-time high: 41.3% of all cars sold.

That’s a slight increase (1.2%) compared to the proportion of cars with Ecomotive Technology sold across all of 2011 - but with the new Exeo Ecomotive joining the line-up this month, things are only going to get greener for SEAT. The Exeo Ecomotive, available to order now, is powered by a 2.0-litre TDI common rail diesel

engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and in two states of tune: 120 PS and 143 PS. Despite the power difference, both emit just 117g/km of CO2 and return 62.8mpg on the combined cycle. The addition of start/ stop engine technology, an Energy Recovery system, Goodyear low rolling resistance tyres and lowered suspension help make the Ecomotive the cleanest, most fuel efficient Exeo ever. Not only does that save drivers money at the pumps, it also places the car into VED Band C for the first time - bringing the annual tax bill down from £100 per year to £30 - and reduces its BIK

rating to 17%. It’s not to the detriment of equipment either, because the 143 PS Ecomotive is available with the full range of Exeo trim levels, comprising S, SE, SE Tech, Sport, and Sport Tech. The 120 PS Exeo Ecomotive S becomes the most cost effective model in the range, with a starting price of £20,040 RRP OTR. Yet with standard kit including 16inch ‘Morfeo’ alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, cruise control, voice-activated Bluetooth and a multi-function steering wheel - as well as the exceptional build quality that the Exeo is already well known for - it’s hardly basic. For those looking for even more luxury and technology, the SE and Sport models offer a cornucopia of kit. SE spec includes rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights, rear parking sensors and a leatherwrapped steering wheel. Sport adds

front sports seats, bi-xenon headlamps, LED daytime running lights, LED taillights, tinted rear windows and gloss black dashboard inserts. All Ecomotive cars come with 16-inch alloy wheels, irrespective of trim level. (Full specifications are available at www.seatpress. The popular Tech pack remains, available with SE and Sport trims, which includes satellite navigation, black leather upholstery and a BOSE stereo of startling audio clarity and punch. Every Ecomotive trim variation is available in both saloon and ST body styles. “We’re really excited about the arrival of the Exeo Ecomotive in the UK, said SEAT Product Manager James Buckell. “The day-today financial benefits are obvious in terms of improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions, leading to cheaper annual VED, but it also means that the Exeo becomes an even stronger proposition for fleet and business users, by lowering its BIK rating significantly. “And the fact that the Ecomotive is available with all the Exeo’s usual, highly specified trim levels makes it even more enticing for buyers,” he added.

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Tuesday7.8.12 3.4.12 Tuesday

weecounty services 01259 01259404 404006 006 To advertise in this section, call the Wee County sales team NOW

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weecounty ANGLING


Tuesday 7.8.12



Harviestoun, Alva The fishing conditions for most of the week have been ideal with westerly breezes and cloudy skies. The catches have definaltely reflected in this and most fish are getting caught on dries, wets and nymphs fished on a floating line. Some terrific rises are witnessed most evenings with fish coming up to gorge themselves on sedges. Top catches; Robert Murray (Tillicoultry) 3 for 14lb 8oz including a 9lb rainbow; Richard Dysart (Alloa) 8lb Rainbow; Ricky Brand (Sauchie) 8lb 13oz Tiger Trout.

Harviestoun Trout Fishery This fly fishing only venue is stocked regularly with five species of fish; Tiger Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Blue Trout and Brown Trout.

Open 7 days all year

round 8am- dusk Kersiepow Farm Alva Clackmannanshire FK12 5HT

Tel: 07557909982


South lodge, Gleneagles, Barco Road, Barco, Perthshire FK15 9LF

For further details & Bookings call 01764 682 287 or visit

Robert Murray


Sunday 5th August, 2012 The water has been fishing very well with a wide variety of flies, dries, damsel, yellow dancer, small bugs, bloodworm, buzzers and various fritzes. Dean Parker Auchterarder 2 fish 8 lbs best 5.1/2 lbs Horse Clegg, John Hutchison Alloa 2 fish 7.1/2 lbs Dries, Wm Mclean Sauchie 3 fish 13 lbs Yellow Dancer, Lewis

Ricky Brand

Dawson (9yrs) Falkirk 1 fish 5 lbs Blob, Ron Thomson Dalguise 2 fish 10 lbs Rob Roy, Les Maxwell Falkirk 2 fish 7.1/2 lbs Black Bug, John Beatson Sauchie 3 fish 8 lbs Olive Fritz, Jimmy Young Alloa 3 fish 10 lbs Olive Fritz, Tom Jardine Madderty 2 fish 9 lbs Damsel, Gerry Kane Cumbernauld 4 fish 14 lbs Damsel, Harry Graham Glenrothes 4 fish 13 lbs Bug, Ian Fleming Fisons, Bo’ness 4 fish 15 lbs Diawl Bach & Buzzers, Garry Mellon Tullibody 4 fish 10.1/2 lbs Yellow Dancer.


Fly Fishing from Bank or Boat Top Quality Rainbow, Blue, Brown, Tiger and Golden Trout

3 ponds stocked daily Tel: 01786 814805 email:

River Forth and Teith Anglers Association

Representing the interests of anglers and the fishing community of Clackmannanshire for more information contact

Fishing Report – 30.08.12 – 05.08.12 Combinations of bright, sunny days combined with some torrential rain fall has led to very humid conditions over the past week which has contributed to a hard weeks fishing. A large number of fish, the majority Tigers, are still situated around and in the burn area. Bright conditions were meaning the fish were deeper in the ponds although they were returning to about 3 to 4 feet to feed. Some small nymphs and wets including Olive Nymph, Diawl Bach and Black Spider, along with larger Damsel Nymphs have seen good results. During harder periods Blob, Dancer and Cat’s Whisker have been a good alternative method. Later in the week fish were taken on Buzzer and Ok Dokey. Keith Lewis, South Queensferry, 5 for 17lb including 4 Tigers biggest at 4lb, Frank Barr, Falkirk, 5 Blues for 15lb, Frank Turner, Alloa, 4 for 14lb 4oz including a Blue and a light Blue, Bill Dawson, Stirling, 2 for 6lb 12oz including a Blue, Alec Knox, Glasgow, 4 for 13lb including 2 Blues, Charles Devine, Stirling, 3 for 13lb 8oz including a 7lb 14oz Blue from the Meadow Pond, Grant Davidson, Stirling, 2 for 11lb including 8lb 6oz Rainbow, Kevin Mathias, Bishopbriggs, 3 for 11lb 8oz including 4lb 4oz Rainbow and a Blue, Steven Anderson, Glenrothes, 3 for 10lb 4oz including a 4lb Blue and a Tiger.


Clackmannanshire Pool League Sponsored by Azad Tandoori The seasons ending presentation of prizes took place a couple of weeks ago in the Oakwood Lounge with the following winners receiving their rewards after a hard fought and close season. A League:- 1st- Locker Room A 2nd-Crown A 3rd- Oakwood A B League:- 1st- Oakwood D 2nd- Rileys 3rd- Cairn A Davy McGowan Cup: – WinnersLocker Room A Runners-up – Alva Golf Club League Cup Winners:- WinnersLocker Room A Runners-up Crown B Graeme Henny Cup:- Winners – Crown A Runners up – Locker Room A County Singles Champion:- Billy Snaddon Runner-up – Pete Smith County Doubles Champions:- Joe Glass & Kris Glass Runners-up – Barry Low & Trevor Kelly B League Cup:- Winners – Cairn A Runners up:- Crosskeys

All the prize-winners are seen here receiving their awards from the league’s committee. Registration Meeting:- This years league is already nearly upon us and the registration meeting for teams to enter will take place on Monday 27th August in the Azad Tandoori Restaurant with a start time of p.m. with all present and any new teams wishing to participate having to pay the entry fee of £80 at this meeting. Pool Exhibition:- A county team fund-raising evening has been organized for Friday 7th September in the Cairn Alva with current Scotland no.7 and former multiple Scottish Champion Ross McInnes,one of Scotland’s and the Worlds best pool players.A night of fun,laughs,some nice raffle prizes and most of all excellent pool is guaranteed and tickets priced at only £3 are limited so please be quick to book your place.Contact Pete Smith on 07794561354 or Billy Snaddon on 07811118399 for further information and tickets.

DARTS WORLD PRO PLAY OFF The ladies & gents World Pro play offs will be held this Saturday Aug 11th with a 1pm reg at the Oakwood. Entry £5 per player COUNTY SQUAD MEETING Both ladies & gents squads will have a meeting this Saturday Aug 11th at the Oakwood with a 1230 start. All players are asked to attend. CAPTAINS MEETING The first League Captains meeting will be held in the Oakwood on Tuesday Aug 21st with a 730pm start. All Teams Must be in attendance. ALLOA MASTERS FINALS 2012 - SPONSORED BY OAKWOOD LOUNGE & GH TAXIS The Masters Finals are very close to sell out with only limited £20 balcony tickets left. Tel 07872078715 for details The draw for the Finals - Paul Nicolson v Craig Baxter, Ted Hankey v John Goldie, Darryl Fitton v Colin Mitchell, Gary Anderson v Kris Glass

CLACKMANNAN COUNTY OPEN III - SPONSORED BY OAKWOOD LOUNGE The County Open gets underway on Saturday Sept 22nd with the ladies & gents singles followed by the Youth Singles on Sunday Sept 23rd. Both events will be held in the Oakwood. LEGENDS LIVE IN EXHIBITION - SPONSORED BY OAKWOOD LOUNGE The County Fundraiser will be held on oct 26th at Alloa Town Hall. When legends of World Darts Bobby George Eric Bristow John Lowe & Bob Anderson will take to the stage and help the County Raise Funds. Tickets start from only £10 with vip at £20 and vip tables at £150. Tel 07872078715 to book. All County players are asked to sell at least 2 £10 Tickets all players see Liz Mclean.



Tuesday 7.8.12



ictured is Jimmy Fisher, winner of the Maclay Trophy played last Saturday at Tillicoultry GC. Once again good weather prevailed for this annual competition in which we had 29 players. The course is in very good condition at



present which is a credit to Davie Drummond and his team. Trophy winner: Jimmy Fisher 42 pts (bih), runner up: Colin McKenzie 42 pts, 3dr: Keir Paterson 40 pts. Congratulations to all the prize winners.

MUCKHART GOLF Following on from last Saturday’s successful Open the 9th in the series of Muckhart Opens was held on Thursday. 70 pairs from all over Scotland teed it up for the Senior Mixed Greensome, with local combo John Burns from Muckhart and Di Dunning from Dollar prevailing with an excellent net 69.4. They were followed home by Muckhart/Milnathort pairing Julian Ward and Sue Jones on 71.4, with Muckhart duos Ian and Enid Barker along with David Reid and Maureen McPherson only 0.2 further back. The scratch prize was won by George Rodaks and Heather Campbell from Pitreavie on 81. Once again the feedback from competitors on course conditions was exceptionally good and grateful thanks to Colin and his staff. The final 2 Opens of the year


follow with the Ladies Greensome on Sunday 12th August (late entries to the Pro Shop on 01259 781493), while we are still taking entries for the Stewart Gents Open (up to 12 handicap) on Saturday 18th August (phone the Office on 01259 781423). On the home front there was plenty going on. On Wednesday Russell Malcolm shot a 1 under 69 (after starting with a double bogey) to pip Sandy McGhie by 1 for the midweek medal with a net 66, while not to be undone his father Robert won the Warren Salver on Saturday with 70-3-67, just holding of Frank Lindin’s 758-67 on a better inward half, while Dave Donegan won the over 50s Dymer Trophy with 91-20-71. The Ladies were playing for the Thistle Brooch over Tuesday and Saturday in which Irene Reid beat Olive

O’Sullivan on a Better Inward Half after both shot net 71s. Championship Finals Day on Sunday 26th August is shaping up well with at least 6 knock out finals confirmed so far including the Gents, Ladies and Seniors Club Championships, while provisional Ryder/Solheim Cup teams have been announced for our Clackmannanshire v Rest of the World version on 29/30 September. Throw in the SLGA National Foursomes Finals, and the Perth County Autumn Meeting and our 27 holes are going to be well used over the next 6 weeks! Just as well we have that extra 9 holes to ensure everyone that wants to can play golf at Muckhart!

Dollar Golf Club - Results Attached picture is of the winners of the Calcutta Cup (L-R) Alistair Simpson, Ashley Leitch & Bradley Caine. The Calcutta Cup Saturday 4th August A rare day of summer sunshine, a pristine course and immaculate greens greeted teams for the prestigious Calcutta Cup at Dollar on Saturday 4th August. Inevitably this popular event played as a mixed Texas scramble by teams of three produced a strong entry and some high standard golf. In a

in first and second in the 1500metres and Robert Russell proved his worth once again with a personal best 30min 46.59secs victory in the 10,000metres, ably backed up by Ross Milne. Alex Hendry and Michael Wright claimed second A and B places in the 3000 metres Steeplechase with Michael producing a personal best of 9min 32.59secs in desperately wet conditions and backing this up with yet another best in the 400metres hurdles (61.06secs). David Lindsay also produced good points in the 400 hurdles. Craig Fleming pulled on a Central vest for the first time and won the 100metres (11.15secs) while Alastair Beaton won the B 100metres (11.86secs). Alastair and Daniel Polatajko kept the

points ticking over with strong runs in the 200metres while Martyn Paterson (second A 400metres – 49.55secs) and Adam Hobson (second B 400metres – 52.78secs) once again proved their worth to the team. Heavy rain made many of the Field events real tests including abandonment of the Pole Vault so it was great to see Peter Muirhead win the Long Jump with a best of 6.95metres. There were further strong performances from Ron Todd, Kenny Pearson, Gary Sweeney, Adam Hobson, Daniel Polatajko, Liam Halliday and Cameron Wilson across the technical events ensured Central defended their title. A quartet of Daniel Polatajko, Peter Muirhead, Alastair Beaton and Craig Fleming brought the baton

home in fifth in the 4 x 100metre relay (45.50secs) while Adam Hobson, Martyn Paterson, Andrew Butchart and Alastair Hay rounded off the day in the 4 x 400metres to come home fourth overall with 3min 31.11secs. Points on the day were Central 308; Shettleston Harriers 296; Falkirk Victoria Harriers 292; Edinburgh AC 242; Aberdeen 229; Victoria Park Glasgow 209; Giffnock North 200 and Arbroath and District 120. Final League points were Central 32; Edinburgh 24; Aberdeen 22; Falkirk 17; Shettleston 15; Victoria Park Glasgow 13; Arbroath and District 12 and Giffnock North 9 with Arbroath and Giffnock North relegated while Kilbarchan and Lasswade were promoted from Division 2.


entral Athletic Club Mens Team had a hard fight to complete a clean sweep of League victories although retention of the Scottish Division One Track and Field title never looked in doubt. Central went into the last match of the Season with a five point advantage over Edinburgh AC and retained the trophy with an eight point advantage as Shettleston and Falkirk Victoria Harriers finished ahead of Edinburgh to ensure they remained in Division One. The endurance strength of the Club was underlined as Alastair Hay and Tom Watson set the scene with A and B victories in the 800metres (1min 53.91secs) and (1min 57.32secs) respectively. Andrew Butchart and Scott Green came home

close finish it was the team of Ashley Leitch, Alistair Simpson and Bradley Caine playing off a handicap of 4.7 who took the honours with a nett 58.3. In second place were Elaine Williamson, Charles Murray and Jerry Cant (3.9) 59.1 and third Maria Symington, Norrie Cowan and Gary Couper (5.1) 59.9. Holiday Medal 4 - Sunday 5th August Div 1: 1st Michael Todd (10) 65; 2nd Vic Allan (4) 66; 3rd Alex Clouston (10) 67. Div 1: 1st Martin Smith (25) 61; 2nd Stephen Leitch (13) 62; 3rd Peter Nelson (21) 64. Dollar Ladies

August Medal Wednesday 1st August Silver: 1st Ashley Leitch (19) 72; 2nd Moragh Dunning (14) 73; 3rd Kayleigh Marshall (17) 76. Bronze: 1st Christine Caren (21) 75; 2nd Chrstine Hogg (24) 76; 3rd Di Dunning (22) 81. Dollar Amateur Open The Dollar Gents Open (Divs 1 & 2) with scratch and handicap prizes up to £75 is on Saturday 11 August 2012 - telephone late entries to 07711 148762. Part-year Memberships Part-year memberships are now available at Dollar to cover the remainder of 2012, for further details please call 07703 572344.

COUNTY GOLF DORNOCH DELIGHT FOR WEE COUNTY GOLFERS The five Clackmannan County golfers playing in the Scottish amateur Championship at Royal Dornoch last week could be fairly satisfied with their performances. They all proved that they could play in the top company, and no-one came away with a crushing defeat. Collectively the golfers recorded ten wins before losing in order---best performance came from Braehead’s Scott Moffat the 2012 County Match Play Champion. Scott narrowly won in each of his matches, reaching the last sixteen before losing. County team Captain Jamie Aitken was

next best losing in the last thirty two. RESULTS Scott Moffat won by 1 hole ((Rounds 1 and 2) won Round 3 at the 19th, won Round 4 at the 21st, lost Round 5 4/3. Jamie Aitken had a walk over in round 1 won Round 2 3/2; won Round 3 3/1 losing in Round 4 3/2. Darren Hulston and Scott Borrowman (Dollar), Lawrence Allan (Alva) lost in earlier rounds. COUNTY GOLF FIXTURES Saturday 11th August Dollar Open. Saturday 18th August Clackmannan County Autumn Meeting (both divisions Alloa)

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Looking forward to the season ahead By Junior Football Sports Reporter Mark Wallace


fter the hugely successful past two seasons resulting in back to back promotions and league championships, Sauchie Juniors get their 012/13 season campaign under way this Wednesday in the Dechmont Forklifts South League Cup, against Armadale Thistle at Beechwood Park. Manager Fraser Duncan has lost three players from

his squad, with Adam Bonar currently still in Australia, whilst James Donaldson and Scott Mackison are out of contact.   The management team wasted no time in sourcing more than adequate replacements.   Alan Scott, a centre forward who has been signed from Bluebells Amateurs, although has experience at a higher level.  Coming from the senior ranks, is Stenhousemuir’s twenty one year old, Grant Plender-

leith, who was on loan to Bo’ness United last season.  Grant can play in either defence or midfield and is renowned for his fast pace. Sauchie Juniors final signing is experienced Kenny Maclellan, who comes from Kilysth Rangers and plays in the midfield area.   From observations of the pre season friendlies, each signing would appear to be a positive addition to the squad. Manager Duncan and

his backroom staff of Davie Beaton and James Simpson arranged several matches against quality amateur football teams with many pleasing performances and a wide spread of goals among the Sauchie team.   A special mention regarding the quality of Jon Tully’s goal last Thursday against Tynecastle Football Club, which was as good as you will ever see.  Not bad for a centre half. On Saturday, Sauchie Juniors ended their final preparations with a match against a strong and well organised Milton.  The match gave manager Duncan the final chance to try out some formations before the seasons starts in earnest. The Dechmont Forklifts League Cup section sees Sauchie grouped with fellow Super League team Camelon and Bo’ness

United, also relegated Super League team, Bathgate Thistle, relegated Premier League team, Armadale Thistle and finally South Division team, Falkirk Juniors.   Having qualified as winners of this group last season in the same tournament, Sauchie Juniors will be under pressure to repeat this feat. On the 1th September, Sauchie Juniors play their first ever Super League match against Kelty Hearts at home.  They then travel on the 8th September to meet Carnoustie Panmure, whom Sauchie knocked out the Scottish Cup two seasons ago.   On the 15th September, Sauchie are at home to play fellow promoted team, Broxburn Athletic.   The added bonus this season is that due to league

construction, there will be no relegation, with four teams being promoted from the Premier League.   This should according to some commentators, allow for exciting free flowing football.   Macbookie have Sauchie Juniors at 14 to 1 odds to win the Super League, which would be a remarkable achievement for such a young squad. After two hard seasons, the players and the club have earned the right to entertain teams such as former Scottish Cup winners, Camelon, Linlithgow Rose, Carnoustie Panmure, Lochee United, Hill O Beath, Kelty Hearts and Bo’ness United and current League Championships, Bonnyrigg.  The other sides include St Andrews, Musselburgh, Broxburn Athletic Overall the new season promises much and the large Sauchie support have much to look forward to in watching their team of local lads continue their adventure in the Super League and try to create more history for the club. This Wednesday, Sauchie meet Armadale Thistle, who were unable to beat Sauchie over four games last season and manager Duncan will be hoping to continue this record.   The kick is 7pm and with Armadale out to prove a point. Sauchie travel to Bathgate on Saturday 11th before travelling again on the 15th to meet Bo’ness United, both kicking off at 2.30pm.   It promises to be a busy start to Sauchie‘s new season.



Tuesday 7.8.12


Alloa out of two cups in 7 days continued fron back page Higgins restored their lead three min later by heading home from a Mitchell corner. Alloa fought back and in a counter attacking move, striker Martin Grehan headed his side level and going into the last 10 mins the game could have went either way. Clark added the third for Queens after racing through on goal before getting another minutes later. Derek Lyle’s solo effort sent the Doonhamers into the next round, with Alloa being out their second cup in seven days. Jubilant winning boss Allan Johnston said; “I am absolutely delighted with

the performance, the only thing is we gave away soft goals. “At the end of the day Alloa will be one of our main challengers this season so we knew it would be a tough game. “We showed great energy last year, we would have collapsed after losing the two goals but we showed great mental toughness.” Alloa no2 Paddy Connolly said: “We are very disappointed and the score line is a bit heavy on us. “We showed great character in coming back twice but on the day the better team won.”

Managers Comments I think the score line was a bit heavy on us but the better team won in the end. Obviously disappointed in the result, we showed a bit of character to come back into the game twice, we have shown this in the past last season but today we didn’t defend well, we didn’t play well as a team, at half time, the manager spoke to them and told them we were still in the game at 1-0 down, we hadn’t played well - we showed a bit character getting the goal but I think overall the better team won. We have a tough league game next Saturday against East Fife. Queen of the South look to have set the bench mark for the second division and gave us a bit of a hiding today looking at the score line at the end of the day the manager has had harsh words with the players today and told them it’s not good enough which I need to agree with on that as we never performed well, too many of our players did not show the quality that they showed last season. Queen of the South will be the team to chase but we will bounce back. It was a bit of an eye opener for us in the heaviness of the defeat – we will be back into training on Tuesday. It is hard to pick positives when have been beaten 5-2. We did score two goals away from home and would

like to think on another day that would be enough to win the tie but losing 5 goals was a bit of a sore one. The manager is still looking to bring one or two new players in but obviously players are now being tied up and we might need to look at the loan situation – we had a few injuries today that left us short but that is no excuse we had a strong 11 out there and we expected to get a result today and get a decent performance but never got that. Daryll Meggatt was suspended today but he will come into our thoughts on Tuesday at training, however we will be without Ben Gordon next Saturday against East Fife as he serves a one match suspension carried over from last season so someone will need to come in to cover for Ben who has been one of our top performers so far this season. We had the same situation last year where we were knocked out early in the two cups so hopefully we will bounce back from it. Paddy Connolly


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weecounty sport Wee County Sport round-up from page 27

3 late goals and Alloa crash out A

lloa headed to Dumfries to face a strong Queen of the South side, knowing that when they last met at Palmerston Park they won one-nil back in 2003. A spectacular thunder and lightening storm lasting for 40 minutes prior to kick off nearly delayed the kick off as the officials contemplated player safety. In the end, Alloa crashed out to three late goals after fighting back to level twice in the game that tested them to the fullest. From the kick off Alloa were up against it and were struggling to cope with the pace of Queen’s Dan Orsi but the wingers final ball was lacking in accuracy. The home side also went close from the first corner of the match when Higgins met a perfect cross but could not direct his header on target – a real let off for the Alloa defence. Queens then went ahead on the 9th minute when Chris Mitchell put

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the home side in front shooting home from close range after collecting the rebound from Clark’s header. Completely in control, Queens dominated the opening exchange and had Bain working hard in the Alloa goal. Clark’s goal-bound effort forced a great save from Bain and it should have been two-nil when McGuffie scuffed his header wide. McGuffie, Clark and Mitchell were causing havoc for the Wasps rear guard. Throughout the first half, Alloa really struggled to get into the Queens half and never created any chances of note. The first half finished with Queens clearly on top and they would be disappointed at not taking advantage of their chances. It certainly was a game of two halves and that was evident not only by the sunshine but with the football. The Wasps must have been given a stern talking to at the interval and looked a different side. However, they nearly lost an early goal in the second period after Osri managed to break free setting up Lyle only to be denied by Bain. But Ben Gordon got the wasps back on level terms heading home in the 64th min. Queens gave away a foul and McCord’s perfect free kick found the big defender who was able to guide the ball home past Robinson. The celebration soon turned to despair as Queens captain Chris

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Alloa new boy Cox tries his best to create a chance against Queen of the South



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