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wedding + CONNEC


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Tips from one of Hollywood's hottest experts The Doege Wedding The Edibles Issue


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wedding + CONNEC


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lette r If you've ever heard my dearest sister and me discuss the relative merits of different heirloom tomato varieties, you know how much food means to us. We've spent hours wandering farmer's markets, cooking our favorite meals together, and most importantly eating with our families. I've never met another soul who could giggle over artichokes and baby beets. Food is the love that binds us together. And just like it is for us, anything edible, whether sugary or savory, serves as a centerpiece for your celebration. From appetizers that represent your hometown to a cake you had specially designed to surprise your groom, the edibles of your wedding are an amazing avenue to share your love with the friends and family who have brought you to your big day. Maybe it's a mimosa toast over sweet potato pancakes or grandma's peach cobbler after a backyard BBQ feast. Perhaps its those blackberry ice cream sandwiches on page 50 that we can't stop drooling over. Either way, we hope you are totally inspired to create something delicious, fabulous, and totally you.

G et in vo lv ed ! I can’t wait to hear what you think of this issue! Send us a note or ask us how you can be in the next issue at:

This issue is dedicated to those sweet (and salty) moments.

1220 Broadway Ave, Suite 903 Lubbock, TX 79401

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contributors marcie meredith Lubbock-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who is always available for travel. She creates timeless artistic imagery with digital and film mediums. Marcie loves to capture beautiful love stories by producing quality photos to be cherished for years to come.

becca caniglia Took a leap of faith in 2010, after deciding that dental hygiene school wasn’t for her. So far it’s been the best decision she’s ever made. Becca loves traveling, outdoor weddings and all things editorial. In her third year of weddings, Becca aims to shoot with an artistic editorial flair.

harmony walton Founder of The Bridal Bar®: trendsetting complimentary wedding libraries with locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The conciergelike storefronts bring wedding concepts to life with the convenience of one central location, representing some of the best in the bridal business. Since 2004, Harmony’s celebrity client list has grown to be reminiscent of a Hollywood awards show, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, to name a few.

cj duncan photography West Texas husband and wife team, Cris and Deanna Duncan have created visual representations of love as their professional passion for over ten years. Even though they sport a whole list of letters after their names— Master Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, PPA Photographer of the Year, Top Ten in Texas, etc—what truly defines them is the energy and joy they bring to the wedding day.


ashley phillips AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with a BA in Sports and Exercise Science. She's opening Pulse Fitness Studio in June 2013 with Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, and Nutritional Counseling. This Amarillo-native has lived in Lubbock with her husband for three years.

deborah collins dunn Founder and Editor of Wedding Thingz, named a 2013 Top 100 Wedding Blog by "Bride Tide". Her blog has also won Best Wedding Website in the "Wedding Industry Experts" 2012 Awards. This married mother of two teenage sons was named to the 2012 Top 25 Mompreneur by "Circle of Moms". Deborah loves weddings and is thrilled to share her expertise with brides.

captivated images A photographic art partnership between award-winning photographers Barry Nelson and Dominique Harmon. Their accolades include a Fuji Masterpiece Award, Certified Professional Photographers Competition Award and many other state and national awards. In 2012 they were named “Texas Photographer of the Year”. They are members of the Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographers Association, South Plains Professional Photographers Association, and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

allie + andie Best friends from different worlds created an event planning and styling business. Three years ago, Brazilian Andie (Andressa Bertaioli) met Lubbock-native Allie (Allison Davis) through a mutual friend. Polar opposites (Allie is completely random, liking glitter and unicorns and Allie has to plan every moment down to the detail), they work perfectly together.

nicole denton With a love of planning just about anything—from her own wedding, to bridal and baby showers, to dinner parties, and more—Nicole is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Plunge Project, a top 100 wedding blog. A New Jersey native, Nicole has called Knoxville, Tennessee home since 2004, where she currently lives with her husband Michael, two pit bulls, Shelby and Link, and cat, Kity Perry. photo by Jennie Andrews Photography


8215 University Ave #130 Lubbock, TX 79423 (806) 748-8000


No one ever gushed about how tasty the flowers were. 11

T r end Re p o rt june + july 2013 F o il E dging Harmony Walton, owner + founder of The Bridal Bar® in Los Angeles, regular contributor to The Huffington Post, and host of a weekly talk show radio show covering all things weddings dished on her current obsessions.

I love the look of a formal invitation, something a little traditional but with a twist. These gold foil edged invitations by Laura Hooper Calligraphy are so sophisticated; they really reflect the grandeur that a wedding is without being too over the top. And gold is right on trend for the season!

photo courtesy of laura hooper photography

photo courtesy of lazaro

B r ida l

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with pink; so I love that my favorite color has made its way into bridal couture! Blush-colored wedding dresses are popping up on the runways of many designers and the look is so sweet and feminine, I just can’t get enough! This pink pretty by Lazaro ball gown is one of my favorites!


photo by miki and sonja photography

Blu s h in

Mi r ro r ed D e s ign Anything that sparkles is amazing in my book! Mercury glass has been a favorite for couples for many years, but now mirrors are making their mark too! Pairing mirrored furnishings and accessories with candlelight and mercury glass makes the perfect backdrop for a chic city wedding or makes an otherwise rustic space a little more formal.

T he N ew Ch a i r C ov e r Layering your event with lush fabrics, soft textures and hues of your colors all around makes for a romantic setting. I love the look of a chair cover that mimics a fashion piece (either just for the sweetheart chairs or for every guest chair). These chair covers from Wildflower Linen make a beautiful statement and considering you have more chairs in the room than anything else, attention should be paid!

photo by pictilio

Gone are the days of registering for that formal china and little else. While I still love the tradition of owning your first set of crystal stemware and family china, now you have the opportunity to get more creative too! The gang at Newlywish offers wedding registry for local experiences (think a night out on the town) and goods from local artisans like these custom ceramics by Jessica Rust of Rust Designs that I adore!

photo by maya meyers photography

C r e ati v e Regi s t r y

For those couples who love the look of a rustic wedding, I suggest looking for something a bit different than the overused mason jar. Why not include veggies in your décor?! This radish napkin treatment gives the table a pop of color and probably something the guests haven’t seen before. Use every element of your day as an opportunity for décor!

O rg a ni c D é c o r photo courtesy of rust designs


photo by misty miotto photography

Nicole Denton of The Plunge Project (, a top 100 wedding blog also weighed in on her hottest trends of the season. photo by Justin Lee Photography

photo courtesy of lucky luxe couture correspondence


f ro m a T ru c k Speaking of fun, who says your wedding dinner needs to be traditional?! Food trucks have been increasing in popularity all over the country in recent years, and now we’re starting to see them take over weddings too! With endless options (including some really amazing gourmet food), food trucks are a great way to make your big day stand out and give your guests a choice when it comes to what they’re eating.

Want the big gown for your ceremony but something short and fun for the reception? Well, you don’t need to buy two dresses anymore. Convertible dresses are IN! These two-in-one dresses enable you to switch from aisle-to-party without a full wardrobe change (and twice the cash). Walk the aisle, then ditch your skirt overlay and voila! – you’re ready to dance the night away in your gorgeous party dress!

C o n v e rti b le W edding D r e s s e s photo by demetrios


Ch a nneling the Roa r ing ‘ 2 0 s With the Great Gatsby hitting theaters this year, 1920’s-themed weddings are all the rage! 20’s-loving brides can incorporate feathers and long strings of pearls into their attire and art deco decór details to channel this romantic, yet decadent, style.

T r end Re p o rt

photo by Michelle Lindsay Photography

june + july 2013 Thanks to Deborah Collins Dunn of Wedding Thingz, an award winning blog, for sharing her must-haves for the season! "I love trends that can be made to look like ideas of your own. These trends can be easily incorporated into your wedding," said Dunn.

Fun , Fun , Fun !

D e s s e rt B a r s By

C o lo r

I love dessert bars and your guests will too! Instead of giving your guest one dessert like cake or a cupcake, give them many options with a dessert bar. It’s very trendy to have the dessert bar in only one color. Pick a color like yellow, pink or blue, but all elements like cupcakes, cookies or candy should be in the same color. photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events

photo by Sam Rosenholtz Photography

Ditch the "usual" wedding reception for "out-of-thebox" fun. Try a food truck for custom food options (totally in these days) or hire a caricaturist to draw pictures of each guest. Don't forget fun food bars like a mashed potato bar or ice cream sundae bar.

Make your invitations unforgettable: go 3D. Wrap your invitations with ribbon or send it in a box. A normal invitation can also have 3-dimensional qualities on the inside. When the wedding invitation is opened, 3D shapes of hearts, flowers or cakes are shown. Spruce up standard invites with embellishments, such as silk flowers or rhinestones.

3 D I n v itati o n s


Sweating f o r the


Looking to slim down and tone up for the dress of your dreams? Ashley Phillips of the brand-new Pulse Fitness Studio in Lubbock, Texas, put together this winning program to get you into strapless shape in no time! Get started with the program 12 months before your wedding to allow for ample toning time! What else should you be doing one year out? Flip to page 60 for the ultimate planning checklist!

The Game Plan: Me a l Pl a n Breakfast (within 30-60 minutes of waking) Snack (2-3 hours later) Lunch (2-3 hours later) Snack (2-3 hours later Dinner (2-3 hours later) Sweet Treat

W o r k o ut s Do workouts 1 and 2 on alternate days, 3-4 times per week

AS H L E Y ’ s E x p e rt T I PS + Plan ahead! Designate a food preparation day each week. + Measure and weigh everything whenever possible. Purchase measuring cups and a kitchen scale. + Eat every three hours (usually 5 or 6 times a day, depending on when you wake up)! It’s the secret to speeding up your metabolism. Be on time with your meals! + Consume at least one gallon of water each day. + Consistency is key! If you have a day where you slip up, don’t give up! Start fresh at your next meal or the next day. You can do it!

The Workout W o r k o ut 1 : Fat F r ye r

Do each exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat the circuit six times. High Knee Runs Alternating Froggers Burpees Plank Jack Push-Ups Rolling Side Crunches Recover W o r k o ut 2 : Right to B a r e A r m s Perform these classic strength exercises without stopping to rest. Repeat twice for a total of 3 circuits, resting for 45 seconds in between. 30 Mountain Climbers 40 Plank Shoulder Taps 50 Triceps Dips 40 Push-Ups 30 Plank Walk-Ups + crash course Go to for photos and descriptions of each exercise, plus bonus recipes!


The Meals

Veg a n s p i r a l ro ll s Mu s h ro o m + A s pa r agu s q ui c he Preheat oven to 350̊ F Whisk together 3 eggs plus 2 egg whites; mix in ½ cup chopped asparagus, ½ cup chopped mushrooms, and ¼ cup shredded Swiss cheese Pour mixture into 6 muffin cups coated with nonstick cooking spray. Bake 20-25 minutes, until eggs are set. Eat 3 mini quiches with 1 slice toasted whole-grain bread and an orange. (Save the rest for another breakfast)

2-3 tbsp roasted red pepper hummus Handful of shredded carrots Handful of baby spinach Splash of lemon juice / olive oil Fresh ground pepper Edamame soy beans Avocado slices Lavash bread wrap How to: Spread the hummus on the lavash bread wrap. Add the ingredients in a thinly spread layer, distributing evenly. Roll up your lavash bread wrap tightly. Slice into 1 inch thick rounds.

Flo u r le s s he a lthy c a r rot c a k e Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 banana 6 tablespoons almond milk 4 tablespoons almond flour dash of baking powder

Mix together in a food processor or blender Bake in the oven for 15 min at 350̊ F For the frosting, mix 1 tablespoon low fat cream cheese and 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt and 1 teaspoon honey.

T r a il Mi x 2 . 0 Combine 2 tablespoons tart dried cherries, 1 tablespoon chocolate chips and 2 teaspoons slivered almonds.

Plu m B ru s c hetta Mix 2 tablespoons nonfat ricotta cheese with a pinch of ground nutmeg. Spread over whole wheat toast. Top with 1 sliced plum and drizzle with 1/2 teaspoon honey.

S k illet- s e a r ed c hi c k p e a b u rge r s Visit for the recipe for this tasty and healthy dinner! 17

from a football king...


... to a timeless kiss...

r e a l Weddings ... find your happily ever after... 19


�abi � T he C o u p le

Abigail Elizabeth + Seth Colton Doege


Ph oto s b y C a p ti vated I m age s

T he Beginning Seth and I met in high school, the summer before our junior year. He moved into town to play football at Frenship High, where I attended school. We quickly began dating and have been together ever since (we don't count that 6 month sabbatical sophomore year of college). Seth played football for Texas Tech so we both attended there. We loved every minute of it, and we will always be close to the friends we gained in college (they were all in our wedding, of course). Our golden retriever Sunday is the apple of both our eyes. T he P ro p o s a l My family has a lake house on Cedar Creek lake near Dallas. It has always been a special place to Seth and I. Seth took me out on a boat ride around sunset one night. As we came in the words "Marry Me?" were spelled out in candles on the sloping lawn of the house. We got out of the boat, and he proposed in front of the candles. T he W edding March 16, 2013 in front of 400 guests

T he D eta il s c e r e m o ny First Baptist Church

tu x Vera Wang from Men's Warehouse

Re c e p ti o n Lubbock Country Club

c a k e Cakes by Sugar Plum

d r e s s Vera Wang from Warren Barrón Bridal Sh o e s Stuart Weitzman J ewel r y Konstantino from Robert Lance Jewelers B r ide s m a id ’ s d r e s s e s Amsale from Stanley Korshak

Flo we r s Lou Dee's Floral C ate r ing Lubbock Country Club B a nd Wade Bowen Band D J West Texas DJ Service W edding Pl a nne r Tammy Pixler 21

The finest custom bridal jewelry since 1979. Visit our showroom to view our extensive bridal collection, custom designs, class rings and other fashion jewelry collections. We also specialize in jewelry repair and restoration as well as watch repair.

82nd St. #202 • Lubbock, Texas 79423 • (806) 794-7766 • Inside the Kingsgate Shopping Center


T he D r e s s This was the best experience, and I owe it all to Warren Barron and my bridal consultant Haley. It was my sixth dress, and I almost sent it back, but Haley said I better try it on. As soon as I saw it on me I knew it was the one. I felt exactly how I thought I should on our special day. My mom, mother-in-law and sisterin-law (matron of honor) all cried. It was an awesome day. Fa m ily T r a diti o n The groom's family has a handkerchief that is carried by each of the women. It was pinned to my bouquet. Also, my lucky dime from my grandfather, Mr. Bill, was tucked in my bouquet.



T he F o o d My stepdad planned the entire menu. The idea? Heavy hors d'oeuvres with a twist. They were all beautiful, but my favorite was the crab cake. When entering the reception, guests were offered bride cocktails (Bees Knees) and groom cocktails (Old Fashion). "Cakes by Sugar Plum" did a beautiful cake (left) and Seth's mini chocolate cream pies (bottom left). The finishing touch? At midnight, we had grilled cheese sandwiches with French fries and banana pudding and chocolate pudding shooters. Favo r ite M o m ent s Seeing Seth for the first time that day made everything so worth it. We chose to see each other for the first time that day when the church doors opened. The reception was a favorite for both of us! We love to dance and be around friends, and our reception was nothing but that. When we got in the car to go to the hotel, Seth asked if we could do it all again.

W h at ’ s ne x t ? The NFL draft is the last weekend in April. Seth will know what lies ahead for him and us then. We cannot wait to see what our future holds. Note: As we went to press, Seth Doege had signed as an undrafted free agent with the Atlanta Falcons. 25

Las Brisas Southwestern Steakhouse 4701 112th St, Lubbock, TX (806) 687-6050 •


wedding + CONNEC


A P R I L / M AY 2 0 1 3





how to plan a wedding with



DIY Issue!




Visit the digital archives at

But don’t let it happen again!


�michelle � ryan�

T he C o u p le

T he P ro p o s a l

Michelle Annette + Ryan Paul Shelburne

I came home from a trip. He told me that his mom needed photos of him (which was true), but wanted some of us as well (obviously a ruse). He told me to get dressed up, and we headed to a park where he set up his camera. He secretly set it to record video, then came over to me and began washing my feet. He told me that he loved me and wanted to serve me for the rest of his life, then asked if I would be his wife. (And of course I said yes!) I was surprised! We had talked about it, but I didn’t know when it was coming.

T he Beginning We grew up with knowing each other’s family, but we never met until the summer of 2006. I went to church camp with his cousins and when they were in town visiting their grandmother, he was over at her house. We became close friends and hung out daily, but when it was time for college, we went our separate ways. We reconnected in December of 2011 for lunch and the rest is history.

T he W edding March 9, 2013 in front of 300 guests

Ph oto s b y T yle r G o uld, E diting b y Rya n Shel b u r ne 27

Favo r ite M o m ent s The ceremony was amazing and very personal. When it was time to say our vows (we wrote our own) I pulled out mine. I wrote my vows onto a long, long scroll. So when I opened it, it unrolled to the floor. It was hilarious! But don’t worry, I only wrote a couple of things not the whole scroll. T he E di b le s A friend and his brother who run a mobile coffee service (coffee courier) served "to order" espresso drinks. The groom’s table had delicious cookies and milk, and a candy bar. Our meal was chicken, salad and a DIY potini (mashed potatoes in a martini glass) bar with various toppings. Be s t S p lu rge Our photographer, Tyler Gould, is one of Ryan’s friends from Portland, and one of the best photographers he knows. The guy flies around the world making his art, and we were pleased to have him here for our wedding. T he Vi s i o n - F ro m SO U T H E R N E L E G A N C E D E S I G N Michelle wanted to have a formal, elegant ceremony, so she used navy blue as her main color choice. We accomplished this look by lining the long aisle in candlelight and flanking the altar with two very large arrangements. The reception was in contrast to the ceremony. Michelle wanted it to be an evening for everyone to enjoy. We took her color palette of cobalt blue, bright yellow, and coral and ran with it. We were able to use family heirlooms made of cobalt blue glass to create the tablescapes. Arrangements of garden roses, lilies, and tulips adorned every table. To add an extra touch of whimsy, over 100 umbrellas hung from the 30 foot ceiling.

T he D eta il s Lo c ati o n Monterey Church of Christ d r e s s David's Bridal B r ide s m a id’ s d r e s s e s David's Bridal 28

tu x Men's Warehouse c a k e Pink Cookie Box D e s ign , Flo we r s + C ate r ing Southern Elegance Design

D eta il s , deta il s , deta il s ! Honestly, we have never had quite so many details at one wedding. This wedding had a lot of personality, evident in the number of activities this event had to offer. The couple had a LEGO station, vintage toy station (see bottom left), photo booth, Bible highlighting station (a Bible was available to highlight your favorite verse), advice station, milk and cookie station and lastly the peanut butter and jelly sandwich station (see left). They were all so much fun and kept the guest engaged all evening. Everyone had a wonderful time, and I think Michelle and Ryan were happy with the results. - S o uthe r n E leg a n c e de s ign



�allison � andrew�

T he C o u p le

Allison Chastain + Andrew Bardin T he Beginning

Andrew and I met while I was attending physician's assistant school in Midland, Texas. He had moved there from Louisiana and knew very few people, and I was the only single girl in my circle of friends. We both decided to join, (me as a dare from my friends), and the rest is history. We both only went on one date using the site and have been together ever since.

Ph oto s b y C J D un c a n P H OTO G RAP H Y

T he P ro p o s a l We were on the Carnival Valor for a Winter break holiday cruise. After spending the day on a Vespa in Key West we returned to the ship and had dinner. Andrew then asked if I wanted to take a walk on the rooftop deck and to my surprise under the stars asked me to be his wife (and I of course said yes!). T he W edding September 22, 2012 in front of 175 guests


Most of the centerpieces were made by my mother using dried flowers, white branches, and peacock feathers. She has so much talent and I couldn’t have done this wedding without her!


T he D eta il s Lo c ati o n Spirit Ranch d r e s s Maggie Sottero from Bride's B r ide s m a id ’ s d r e s s e s Chelsea and Violet tu x First Class Tuxedos

C ate r ing At Your Service: Unique Food Catering Flo we r s Town South Floral B a nd Element Pl a nne r Susan Chastain + Eat, Drink and be Marry

c a k e Aunt Norie's Bakery

T he D r e s s While I was living in Amarillo, I went dress shopping with just my mom. I just knew that (1) it was going to be a trial run to weed out styles I didn’t like and that (2) we would have to go somewhere like Dallas or Houston to find the actual dress. To my surprise, I came across a bridal shop called "Brides" and I was blown away. They had so many unique dresses to choose from and only one of each in the shop. I had already tried on 6-10 dresses at different locations, but I knew as soon as I put on my dress (opposite page, bottom right corner) that it was the one because I couldn’t stop smiling and didn’t want to take it off! T he Vi s i o n My vision for the wedding was classic monogram with a twist. I used a lot of monogram detail but added fun colors of purple, teal, and black along with peacock feathers since there are live peacocks at the venue. T he F o o d The food was fantastic! "At Your Service Catering" provided a taco and fajitas bar with all the trimmings as well as appetizers for cocktail hour. My mom put together the most fabulous candy bar. The Bride’s cake was Italian cream and the groom’s cake was chocolate (both of which were great). Favo r ite D eta ilS My mom made these signs for the entry to the reception space that read "Happily Ever After This Way." There was an arch for people to enter the space (see page 31). It made it such a fairy tale and so inviting. I also loved the outdoor space with the water and the trees, it was perfect weather and all around perfect evening. W h at ' s ne x t ? Next step is settling into our new home and continue to tackle life’s challenges and love each other on our journey as a married couple. 33

Beautiful, Elegant, Timeless. Make sure your flowers live up to the bride.

Wa nt t o h av e y o u r wedding f e atu r ed in o u r pa ge s ? We love to feature brides and grooms from all walks of life in our pages and on our website. Weddings must have taken place in West Texas in 2012 or 2013. Otherwise, we are wide open and can’t wait to see what makes your wedding unique! We look for high quality, minimally processed images featuring lots of stunning details. Please be prepared to submit 40-60 edited images for consideration.

Lou Dee’s Floral & Gift Center 614 Avenue H Levelland, TX 79336 (806) 894-7207 34

Couples and photographers can visit or email for more information.

Two Bright Lights is our preferred method of submission.


Hitching POST

The Hitching Post is an exclusive, edited directory featuring the best wedding vendors in West Texas. Discover more + find out how to GET HITCHED @!


Eat your heart out. 36

the edi b le s Issue




b r un c h


Kristen Lance of Austin-based KLInspirations created this fabulous stationary suite specially for us, including the gorgeous menus on the table! To order, visit

Nothing says upscale elegance better than brunch. But really, we'll just take any excuse to nosh on updated breakfast classics. For a simply effortless wedding, a la Carrie Bradshaw, get hitched at the courthouse before celebrating with your closest of friends and family at a local hot spot! Bonus points: choose a Friday morning instead of Saturday afternoon to kick off a weekend of celebration. Ph oto s b y m a rc ie m e r edith 39

s o m ething f o r e v e r yo ne Having a traditional wedding, but don't want to miss out on the brunch fun? Here are a few ways to incorporate some of these ideas into your own celebration: + Serve breakfast classics for a midnight snack as the dance party continues into the wee hours. + Minify the most important meal of the day into your hors d'oeuvres. Think heart-shaped pancakes, French toast bites and mini-beignets. + Keep the party going with a send-off brunch the next morning. This is a great way to get the mother of the groom involved in the planning! + Throw a day-before, girls-only "manicures and mimosas" brunch for your bridesmaids and moms.

photo by captivated images

We'll make sure your special day is everything you've ever dreamed of. 806-789-7291 • 1413 Texas Ave • Lubbock, TX 79401 40

T he s etting

T he F o o d

T he D r in k s

We chose Las Brisas Southwestern Steakhouse for its spectacular stone patio, waterfall views and amazing food. We set up elegant long tables for the guests, with smaller accent tables for drinks and dessert! A combination of bold pink and classic navy brings a clean, preppy look. A runner of loose grosgrain ribbons adds texture to classic white linens (bottom left).

Las Brisas served brunch classics with a Texas twist, including Sweet Potato Pancakes, Southwest Omelettes and Prime Rib Sandwiches. One of the benefits of a smaller wedding? Preselect 3-4 entrĂŠes and then let your guests choose day of from the menu (bottom left).

Perfect the "before noon" beverage with a Bloody Mary Bar. Lay out a spread of tomato juice with toppings like Worcestershire sauce, Louisiana hot sauce, celery salt, pepper, lemons, limes, olives, celery and more (above)! Other beverage ideas - Meyer lemon mimosas or fresh peach bellinis!


T he c a k e Scale down the size but keep the detail with a textured ombre cake. Add a touch of whimsy with a simple DIY topper (above). T he D r e s s We couldn't get enough of this breezy, one-shoulder dress provided by Bella's Bridal (above right). Not feeling the lighter look? Remember - it's your wedding. You can still have the dress of your dreams any time of day. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses work best in chiffon fabric like these navy lovelies, also from Bella's (page 38). T he Favo r s Elizabeth Wright, owner of Lubbock's Nothing Bundt Cakes created these darling Bundlet cakes in a variety of flavors for a tasty brunch favor. Our hands down favorite flavor? Red velvet with their signature cream cheese frosting (right).


Meet L.E. Anderson. With the help of his wife, Diana, he's transformed a passion for food and a lifetime in the kitchen into Honeychild Catering Solutions, one of Lubbock's most beloved catering companies. Of course, if you've ever tasted his cooking, he needs no introduction. Read on for his inspiring story and some of his expert tips for choosing your caterer.

Meet the

E x p e rt

the b eginning I got my start in South Florida as a 14 year old kid at the Dumas Hotel. They let me come in and wash dishes. I was so fascinated that I would wash my dishes very quickly, so I could go watch them cook food. Soon after they had me doing the legwork peeling potatoes, washing dishes, peeling lettuce and just grabbing items when they needed it. They were lazy. I didn’t mind, though, because I just enjoyed being in the kitchen. I did this until I was 17. By 18, I really started cooking. By 22, I was running my own kitchen and I happened to be one of the youngest chefs in the nation. I learned most of what I know on the job. c o o k ing ac ro s s the c o unt r y Clubs Corp of America moved me and my family from Florida to Dallas first. While I was there, a group of doctors recruited me to come run the University City Club in Lubbock. University City Club was a luxury restaurant and hotel. In that restaurant we served some of America's top names, at that time, such as: Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, the Prince of Iran, Bryant Gumbel and many others. H o neyc hild i s b o r n Our company began as Anderson hospitality in 1999. In 2002 I changed the name to Honeychild named after my wife’s mother.

ti p s f ro m the c he f + First of all start about 1-1.5 yrs out.

c he f ' s s p e c i a ltie s

+ Visit several caterers and bring your deposit ready when you visit just in case you fall in love with one. Your caterer is your friend, and you have to trust your caterer, so look them up.

I have so many unique items on my menu, you won’t find them anywhere else. I like to liken our food to the persona of William Shatner: today it might be Captain Kirk, tomorrow, the Priceline Negotiator. It’s almost like asking me which one of my kids do I like best! I love all of them equally.

+ Ask for a reference list. Go to the Better Business Bureau. Go to the Chamber of Commerce. If you decide you can’t trust them, don’t do business with them.

f o r the lov e o f f o o d All our weddings are unique. I rate them on whether they love my food and if it made them happy! I have never really had a bad wedding experience. I have seen warring in-laws tolerating each other’s company over my food. That makes me excited!

+ Also, they need to have a million dollar life insurance policy. (God forbid but if one of your guests gets sick from the food you don’t want to get caught without it.) Once you have all these things you know you have a reputable caterer. + Schedule a tasting with them, and take it with you. Don’t feel obligated to stay there to eat it in front of them. It’s possible you will make a poor decision if you have the caterer there standing over you. Be objective!



Ideas for

G ro o m ' s


While the traditional groom’s cake may have it’s origins in Victorian England, it has now become a modern staple in Texas and the rest of the southeastern United States. Tradition originally called for the groom’s cake to be made of a dense fruitcake or flour cake. Instead of being eaten by wedding guests, the cake was sliced and given to the unmarried women at the wedding. The cake was to be left under her pillow in the hopes that it would help her find a husband. Today, the groom’s cake is typically a surprise from the bride and features the groom’s favorite sports teams, college and hobbies. I guess, ladies, we can let them have one thing just for them!

from left to right, top to bottom: cake by pink cookie box, cake by domesticakes, cake by pink cookie box, cake by pink cookie box, photo by liquid lubbock photography, cake by pink cookie box






LOV E Ph oto s b y Be c c a L e a Ph oto g r a p hy


A backyard barbecue doesn't have to by a hoedown throwdown. Keep it fun, bright and totally you with custom details and sweet surprises. T he s etting The Vintage Township Parks and Town Hall made a beautiful setting for an indoor-outdoor wedding. The outdoor pavilion is perfect for a simple ceremony, but head inside to stay out of the brutal West Texas wind. To reserve: T he in v itati o n s Once we saw these adorable creations from Jennie Hurd at Cosmic Muffins Designs ( CosmicMuffinDesigns) we just had to have them (left)! T he D r e s s Choose something fun, flirty and danceable like this stunner from Endless Love. Keep your bridesmaids 48

on-trend with shades of purple dresses in similar styles from Bella's Bridal (above). T he G ru b We chose Dickey's Barbecue to cater the meaty feast! Our top picks: jalape単o cheddar sausage and baby back ribs. Enlist aunties and grandmas to bake pies and individual peach cobblers for a spin on cake (opposite, bottom right). T he E x t r a s Custom beer bottle labels (opposite, top) and "his" and "her" squeeze-bottles of sauce give a personal touch, while striped paper straws and a kraft table runner (opposite, center left) keep it down home. The potted succulent place cards (opposite, center right) do double duty as favors!




Enough with the candy bars! As much as we love the old favorites, try something new with these 9 amazing alternates. For more, check out our sweet surprises Pinterest board!

photos by (left to right, top to bottom): william cho, roberto trm, jamies rabbits, timelewisnm, bochalla, pink sherbert photography, seelenstrum, auntie k, ralph and jenny


Keva Juice offers fresh fruit smoothies, premium self-serve yogurt, fresh brewed iced tea.

And don’t forget, Keva Katers!

Goody’s World Famous Popcorn has great gourmet popcorn perfect for every occasion! Birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation, college gifts, businesses, and much more!

*Custom colors and flavors available *Will deliver on orders over $100 *Please call to place large orders at least one day in advance.

4410 19th Street #130 Lubbock, Texas 79407 806-771-KEVA(5382)

Located inside South Plains Mall 6002 Slide Rd Lubbock, TX 79414

POP by or give us a call to place your order today!

806-792-CORN (2676)

Located inside South Plains Mall • behind Barns and Noble •

6002 Slide Rd Lubbock, TX 79414

Lubbock’s Choice for Couture and Designer Bridal and Prom Fashion 3501 50th St ~ Lubbock, TX 79413 (806) 793-3884 ~

by or give usa call to place your order today! 806-792-CORN (2676)

Goody’s World Famous Popcorn has great gourmet popcorn perfect for every occasion! Birthday parties, holidays, graduation, weddings, quincenieras, and even custom coloring for baby showers, businesses and much more! *Custom colors and flavors available • Will deliver on orders over $100 Please call to place large ordersat least one day in advance.


�bountiful bridal luncheon� A special request deserves a special event. Asking your best girlfriends to be your bridesmaids is no exception. We created this luncheon to be bold yet very feminine, an almost Victorian picnic style. Be bold, yet girly. Our boldness came from mixed prints on the table cloth and napkins, the femininity from the soft colors on the cake, the books and the French macaroons. The off-center brass candelabra is singularly exquisite, making a statement on the table yet not being the centerpiece. We loved that the centerpiece that was a old wine basket that it held a bottle of Pellegrino, the beverage of choice for the afternoon party (opposite bottom). We replaced flowers with a jar of limes (both beautiful and practical since it went with the sparkling water). This is a great way to save money if flowers, although lovely, are out of your price range. 52

When planning a menu, think about combining yumminess and beauty. For example, a casserole may be delicious but not as appeasing to the eye as tea sandwiches. Arrange the food using different levels to create visual interest but remain accessible to the guests. We love the uniqueness and detail in the design. - Allie + Andie

Ph oto s b y Be c c a L e a Ph oto g r a p hy s tati o n a r y b y Sh a nda H a s s e , S pa r ro w a nd N e s t


Want a unique pre-marital class? You will laugh, learn and lay the foundations for a Christ centered marriage! Registration Fee (per couple): $150 before August 1st $200 after August 1st

Our pre-marital classes, endorsed by Twogether in Texas, include 8 small group sessions that include topics of roles in marriage, communication, sex, in-laws and love and respect. In addition, we provide personality testing and analysis by a trained psychologist.

Mike and Gabi Keenum (806) 790-1327

The Fall 2013 session starts on September 8th! Classes are Sundays 5-7pm at First Baptist Church.

5 SESSIONS for $10

A savings of $20! New customers only.

305 Frankford Ave. Suite 600


Amber Thornbury 1-(806)773-2302 54

seasoned �


Ch a r ity

o f the i s s ue

Celebrate your Big Day and give back to the community. The Bridge of Lubbock, a nonprofit Christian organization, established "Seasoned with Love," a catering service to help support great programs in the Lubbock community. Founded in 1997, The Bridge of Lubbock opened its doors in 1999 to help restore hope in East Lubbock. By 2001 the growing organization bought Posey Elementary School to make space for them to utilize. “In 2004, Seasoned with Love was born as an idea to bring revenue for our outreach programs,” said Ashley Osborne, Director of Operations for The Bridge of Lubbock. “Donations are our main source of funding. Our catering service has helped bring [in] more money.” Carlos Rangel, executive chef, can give you “whatever you want, anyway you want it.” American, Asian, Italian, and even Mexican cuisines are some of the dishes Chef Rangel can prepare for your special day. All his creations are made from scratch and are prepared with precision because of his love for food. Seasoned with Love donates the proceeds to the community and The Bridge of Lubbock. The nonprofit’s main outreach is to help create a future for the children in Lubbock. Income from Seasoned with Love helps to fund Project Prom, the Clothing Closet, and other events throughout the year. "This year," Osborne said, "Project Prom served 85 young women and men to prepare for their prom night." They wanted to make this night special, so girls chose from donated prom dresses and different vendors who made their services available free of charge. Hair, nail, and tailor services were among the services available. In its third year, Project Prom has been the biggest one yet. Want to get involved? Use the Seasoned with Love catering service for your wedding day. You can enjoy delicious foods and directly help the organization. The money made by Seasoned with Love is not kept for profit: it goes back to the community and the organization. The Bridge of Lubbock:, 806-687-0772 Seasoned with Love:, 806-687-0772


the r e ' s a n a p p


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A p p y C o u p le

My W edding D J

A one-stop-shop for the perfectly coordinated modern bride: wedding website, RSVPs, registries, social media and emails all in one place. Choose from any of their elegant themes to create your wedding app and website, and send out invitations using a matching email template. Can't live without paper invites? Choose from the coordinated invitations from some of the top designers in the business.

Turn your iOS device into your reception's disc jockey using the My Wedding DJ App from Steamclock Software. Load up your iPod or iPhone, plan your songs in advance from preceremony to last dance and then hand it off to a helping hand for foolproof music. Built in controls prevent skipping and uses fade-ins and -outs for seamless transitions.

Give guests all the information they need travel arrangements, itinerary, RSVP and meal selection, even introductions to the bridal party and other VIPs! On the day of the wedding, invite guests to take photos using the app, which will automatically be uploaded to your albums.


Save your savings for a rainy day or a great getaway dress (page 62!).


wedding Pa rty

Take Onewed's fantastic planning tools and inspirations galleries "to go" with the iPad app! Browse visual galleries of carefully selected visual inspiration, blog posts, and editorial content. While browsing by category, color or keyword, "brides-to-be" are able to buy the products featured in a photo, contact the vendor involved and save ideas to their inspiration boards. Don't waste any more time tracking down the things you love for your wedding!

The Wedding Party App is like the digital version of those disposable cameras that used to be omnipresent on every reception table. Set up your account, ask all your guests to download the app, and you're ready to start collecting photos! After the wedding, check out your website to view, share and download high resolution photos. Guests without a smart phone can get in on the fun, too. Invite them to upload digital photos to the website, or give them a private invitation for viewing.


Bite m e When it comes to your wedding food, bigger isn't always better. Scale down your old favorites for sophisticated bites that are guaranteed crowd pleasers! We're loving these fork-free ideas from Catering with a Twist.


How to be a

Binde r

B r ide .

As soon as the question and the champagne are popped, the ideas start flying and the pins start pinning. But what do the smartest girls start doing? Building a beautiful binder, of course.



Sto c k u p o n Su p p lie s Choose a binder that's sturdy, at least two inches wide and totally fabulous. In addition, you'll need several section dividers. We recommend the ones with deep pockets, to collect loose sheets and all your planning goodies, as well as a healthy handful of clear sheet protectors. Our pick? This handmade beauty from InkZot (, which comes with preprinted dividers on deliciously creamy stock.



s et the s e c ti o n s Title your sections however it makes sense for you. Here are our suggestions: Inspiration Colors + Textures Budget Calendar The Dress Ceremony Reception Guest List

Bridal Party Attire Food + Drinks Photography Flowers Decor Entertainment Rehearsal Honeymoon



Fill ' e r U p ! Start with your inspiration - tear apart those bridal magazines looking for anything you love. This is where those sheet protectors (and this magazine!) come in handy! As you research vendors, store all your information in the appropriate section. Once you finalize your vendor contracts, replace your research with your final contract to keep it clean. At the front of your binder, you'll need a master checklist to make sure you're on track. Turn the page for a handy dandy tear-out to get you started!



wedding + CONNEC


�ultimate c he c k li s t 1 2 m o nth s b e f o r e pp Set up your wedding binder (flip back for how to get started) and start filling it with all kinds of inspiration! pp Start fresh Pinterest boards that are specific to your wedding. pp Determine your budget. Have the tough conversations with your parents and fiancÊ as early as possible.

Sweating for the Wedding Workout!) 1 0 m o nth s b e f o r e pp Settle on a head count, and start making a guest list. Get the must-invites from both sides of the family. pp Book a date and venue, after running the date by your immediate family, wedding party and the college football schedule.

pp Choose your wedding party - everyone will be wondering as soon as you get engaged, so end the suspense and avoid hurt feelings.

pp Book your officiant.

pp Hire or consult with a planner, if desired, before making any other decisions.

pp Take engagement photos if you choose. This is great opportunity to make sure you're comfortable with your wedding photographer.

pp Divvy up responsibilities - traditionally the groom's family will throw the rehearsal dinner, the brides family the wedding, and the groom will book the honeymoon, however, there are no rules here! Make sure you know who's running dayof execution - for your sanity, this should be your mother, planner, or maid of honor not you! pp Start a diet and fitness plan, if desired, to get in shape for your big day. (Need ideas? Check out page 16 for the 60

pp Start trying on dresses! pp Book the photographer and, if desired, videographer.

pp Start registering, as guests may look to them for engagement and shower gifts. Choose at least three retailers, and register for items with a wide variety of prices to accommodate any budget.

8 m o nth s b e f o r e pp Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests. Give your guests at least two options with different price points.

pp Buy your dress and schedule your fittings. For piece of mind, schedule an extra fitting the week of the wedding - you can always cancel it if your dress fits perfectly. pp Hire a caterer. You don't need to plan a menu just yet, but their schedules fill up quickly during peak wedding season. pp Book your DJ or band. pp Finalize your guest list. Remember, the best way to save money is to limit the number of guests.

6 m o nth s b e f o r e pp Send out Save the Dates. To save money, only send them to out of town and important guests. pp Launch your wedding website with dates, travel arrangements, accommodations and registry information. pp Select and order invitations. If you want to have your envelopes hand addressed, allow extra time for the calligrapher. Decide who will be managing the RSVPs. pp Select bridesmaid dresses with your maid of honor. Or,

set clear expectations if you are allowing bridesmaids to choose their own. pp Discuss attire with both mothers. pp Start premarital counseling, if desired. If one person is converting to a new religion, begin the process. pp Start planning the day-of timeline and other weekend events. pp Brainstorm ideas for your decor, and start budgeting for must have items. pp Meet with your officiant and start planning your ceremony. pp Book a florist. Discuss which blooms will be in season on your big day.

4 m o nth s b e f o r e pp Make sure your wedding invitations are on schedule. Check your proofs carefully for name spellings and proper titles. pp Select and order the wedding cake after tasting different vendors. Order a groom's cake, but keep it a surprise. pp Purchase your shoes before your first dress fitting.

Wear them around the house every so often to break them in, but don't let them get scuffed! pp Make arrangements for a shower - usually thrown by the maid of honor or groom's parents. Make sure the hosts have a final guest list, so they don't invite anyone that isn't invited to the wedding. pp Create a list of suggested activities for out of town guests, and welcome gifts for their hotel rooms, if desired. pp Book your rehearsal venue and dinner. pp Start choosing music with your fiancĂŠ and your entertainment. pp Make arrangements for your honeymoon. pp Book your hair stylist and makeup artist, if desired.

pp Choose people to do readings during the ceremony and give toasts at the reception. For a personal touch, let your readers give input on what they'd like to share. pp Decide with your fiancĂŠ and your officiant if you will be writing your own vows, or which traditional set to use. pp Set your day of schedule with your vendors, bridal party and location. Send the final schedule out to everyone involved. pp Order your wedding rings. Have his engraved for a romantic surprise. pp Continue dress fittings. pp Make sure your bridesmaids are on schedule with their dresses.

2 m o nth s b e f o r e 3 m o nth s b e f o r e pp Select your menu, keeping in mind what will be seasonal and popular with your guests. pp Finalize your decor, including flowers. Make arrangements with your florist and any renters. pp If you're planning any DIY projects, get started now, and make sure you will have time to complete them at least a month before the wedding. pp Order, or plan to print yourself, menu cards and programs. pp Order or create your wedding favors, if desired.

pp Mail your invitations no less than six weeks before the ceremony, setting the RSVP date about a month after they are mailed. pp Sit down with all your vendors and finalize day of plans. pp Give your song list (and a do not play list, if desired) to your band or DJ.

1 m o nth b e f o r e

1 wee k b e f o r e

pp Record RSVPs as they come in. Enlist help to track down late RSVPs.

pp Have a final dress fitting, if necessary.

pp Assign seating charts colored post-it notes are about to become your best friend! pp Have escort cards printed. pp Get your marriage license! Don't leave this to the last minute since most states require a waiting period. Order extra copies if you plan to change your name.

pp Confirm everything with vendors, and make sure they have the appropriate contacts for day of coordination and emergencies. pp Go over a final shot list with photographers - make sure they have all the formal groupings you'd like. pp Book a mani pedi for the day before.

pp Select and purchase bridesmaid's gifts.

pp Pack for your honeymoon.

pp Get your last haircut and color, if desired, to allow time for any emergency fixes.

pp Distribute welcome baskets.

pp Give final guest numbers to caterers, venue, rentals and bar staff. pp Pay as many vendors as possible in advance. pp Determine who will be bustling your dress, and bring them to one of your last dress fittings to learn the technique.

pp Write all checks for vendors and set aside in envelopes with tips. Lifesaver tip: Have your Maid of Honor create an emergency repair kit for your dress! What to include? Visit for the details and more weddingplanning printables!

...and live happily ever after!

pp If you haven't heard anything so far, it's totally fair game to ask about a bachelorette party. Whatever you do, don't schedule it the night before the wedding. pp Do at least one practice run on your hair and makeup with your stylists. 61

H o ney m o o n


Our wonderful friends over at J. Hoffman's selected four darling dresses to carry you where ever your honeymoon takes you! To b uy: J. Hoffman's 4918 50th St, Lubbock, Texas (806) 797-8794


for eu ro p e

for A Su r p r i s e

Lighter fabrics paired with flat sandals help beat the heat and are perfect for wandering.

A bold dress in a classic shape will take you from day to night, no matter the destination.

for the b e ac h

for the Medite r r a ne a n

Go for bold colors and a sassy silhouette for walking the beach and poolside dining.

Stick with simple white in a clean cut for coastal lounging.

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D I Y p ro je c t s , fa s hi o n a dv i c e ,

p r etty p r inta b le s , r e a l wedding s , f itne s s ti p s , o r igin a l v ide o s ,

fa b ulo u s gi v e away s , + p l a nning to o l s ?

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