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Julie Nickell,


Development D irector, McCullough -Hyde TRUST


Wilfried Leder, M.D. dr . leder has provided oncology care at mhmh for 30 years . he is a founding

partner and the president of cincinnati hematology- oncology, inc .

“As it is now, the Oncology Clinic would certainly benefit from an expansion. We have very committed nurses who are doing a great job for us, but it’s a cramped space—and you almost feel like you’re in everybody’s pocket. There are people who would like a kind of privacy they can’t get now.”

At McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, we listen to the Voices of Experience. What they told us inspired our vision for the Oncology Clinic Expansion. We hope that their voices will inspire you to make a gift in support of expansion. What We Need Denise Olthaus R.N.,

hematology- oncology, inc ., has provided oncology care at mhmh for five years .

“I put myself in the patients’ place—I’ll do anything for everybody, and all of our staff is that way. The minute you walk in the door of MHMH, the hospital becomes a second family. But I know that we can improve our delivery of service with more space and privacy. If you wonder why we need this expansion, come visit us on a busy day.”

Marian Sanger,

“There is a large patient base here for oncology services, and we offer a centralized location for a pretty dispersed community. The clinic works—and we do what we can right now. But hopefully some time soon we’ll have more space in which to do that work.”

Breast Cancer Survivor, Patient, and Patient Advocate with husband

Marcus Everett, 5-year employee, Patient Advocate First diagnosed in 2000, Cheryl endured a second battle with cancer in 2006. Cheryl: “The nurses in the Oncology Clinic got me through everything. They made me feel like part of the family instead of just a patient—and they did unbelievable things to keep me comfortable and make it light-hearted. It’s a phenomenal clinic, but more space would mean so much. You’d like to have the option of privacy on those days you really need it.” Marcus: “My Mom found out she had cancer on a Thursday—and in two weeks she’d lost her hair and lost her breast. Anything that can make a patient like that feel a little more comfortable is worthwhile.”

Bruce Sanger,

Dr. Tom Speh

Patient, of Richmond, IN

Jamie K. Waselenko, M.D.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital’s tradition of excellence in patient care. Moreover, I’m hopeful that plans to expand the Oncology Clinic and cancer care will improve patient privacy and enhance the healing process for patients and families battling cancer.”

27-year Employee, Former Patient, and Breast Cancer Survivor with her son

“I’ve been pushing for the expansion of the Oncology Clinic for two primary reasons: privacy and space. Currently, there is NO privacy.

dr . stanisic , also of cincinnati

Dr. Waselenko, also of cincinnati hematology- oncology, inc ., will be joining the O ncology C linic in N ovember 2007.

Cheryl Everett,

Charge Nurse, 23-year employee, 16 years with the Oncology Clinic

Slobodan Stanisic, M.D.

“There’s a definite need for space, and not only more space—but a space that is more open. Patients are often here getting treatments for the better part of a day. We could use more room for them to stretch out—or simply relax in a more peaceful environment.

H e l p U s E x pa n d

Marian: “We made the 40-minute drive to Oxford for 20 weeks straight. It was worth it— the spirit of everyone is so uplifting. The only problem with the clinic is that it’s so small. If you’ve ever been diagnosed with cancer, you’d realize that you really do need a support system. That includes someone going to the doctor with you—and going to chemo with you. There needs to be space for them, too.” Bruce: “I had trouble with cancer in my ankle, and the walk from the front entrance to the clinic is quite a ways. The man at the front door offered me a wheel chair, but I just didn’t want to take it. I guess it’s my own pride, which may be foolish, but I just want to walk on my own.”

m o r e

President, MHMH Board of D irectors, Volunteer, Former Patient Advocate Dr. Speh’s wife, Michele, was a former patient of the clinic who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2000. “The clinic made it easy for us to be positive…It was a unique and special time for us, but some people are very private about that experience. When the clinic is expanded, we’ll be able to deal with those individual desires and needs. “My exceptional experience with the Oncology Clinic inspired me to make a gift so that others will have the privacy and space that they need. Now, as chair of the hospital board, I ask that you join me and my family in making a donation to help expand the Oncology Clinic.”

r o o m

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We need your help to raise $578,000 to expand and upgrade the Oncology Clinic in a very short time frame, with construction starting mid-2008, opening by mid-2009. Generous support has brought us half way to that goal. But the complete success of this compassionate effort depends upon your gifts. Please participate in the Oncology Clinic Expansion and make a gift or a pledge now. For the health of our community, our neighbors, our loved ones and our future, join our Family of Donors today. With your support, we will build more room to care—and give our oncology patients and their families—more room to heal.

How You Can Help Choose how you will make your gift to the Oncology Clinic Expansion. The MHMH TRUST accepts cash, check or credit card for payment of your charitable contribution. Gifts of stock and property are also accepted. Memorial gifts are welcome. • Mail a check or a pledge to: McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital TRUST 21 Lynn Avenue, Suite 107 Oxford, Ohio 45056 • Call: Julie Nickell at 513-664-3850 to arrange your giving. • Give Online: Visit: and click on “Giving/Trust.” All major credit cards are accepted. All donors making Oncology Clinic gifts of $10,000 or larger will be recognized on a special plaque in the new clinic.

Spread The Word Share our need for contributions for the Oncology Clinic Expansion with your friends, family and neighbors!

c a r e

At MHMH, we treat our patients like family. A very special part of that family finds healing in our Oncology Clinic—


Non Profit U.S. Postage PAID Permit # 108 Oxford, OH

H e l p U s E x pa n d where cancer patients within our regional community receive high-level treatment and compassionate care while


remaining close to home. But now, our family has grown. Our Oncology Clinic needs to expand. And we need your help.

Our Challenge:

Meeting the Challenge:

Our Oncology Clinic is too Small, too Far Away, and too Public

Our New 3,000 square-foot State-of-the-Art Clinic

The Numbers

Our current plan is to move and expand the Oncology Clinic into the new spacious wing now occupied by the Wellness Center located on the west side of the hospital.

For future growth

NO Easy Access

Easy Access

From the hospital front entrance; patients not using a wheel chair must face a lengthy walk

Through its own front entrance just steps away from transportation and parking

NO Insulation


From hospital cafeteria and Emergency Room pedestrian traffic; patients suffer increased exposure to cooking odors, noise and air-born contaminants

From other areas of the hospital, including pedestrian traffic, noise and air-born contaminants

more room to care


For patients to lie down on in a private space


2 Private Rooms With Beds

For patients to lie down on when needed

the Or details) d n pa fo us ex inside

NO Beds

c Clini y g o ncol

For family and friends to offer support For patients to relax in a peaceful environment For wheelchairs to maneuver easily For patients waiting for transportation

For family and friends to offer support For patients to relax in a peaceful environment For wheelchairs to maneuver easily For patients waiting for transportation

Oxford, Ohio 45056

NO Space


21 Lynn Avenue, B Oxford, OhioSuite 45056

For blood draws For patients who need their own room

Designated Room for blood draws Consultation Room For patients who need a private room

Giving Good Suite Medicine 21 Lynnis Avenue, B

NO Privacy


Memorial Hospital TRUST

Current Oncology Clinic Conditions:

Our New Clinic Will Provide:


Begun in a small corner of the hospital 25 years ago, the Oncology Clinic initially served an average of 10 patients per month. Now, the clinic serves an average of 242 patients per month—totaling nearly 2,000 patients in 2006. Our patient base is expected to rise 4% annually.

Help us


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