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Summer 2010

North Carolina writer Thomas Wolfe, painted by Douglas Gorsline

IBXLIFESTYLES Dear Readers: Welcome to the Spring 2010 issue of IBX Lifestyles magazine. In this special issue we feature the works of artist Douglas Gorsline, in anticipation of an exhibition of his work set to open in July at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design at NC State University. The exhibition—―Sequence of Impressions‖—will feature Gorsline‘s paintings, illustrations, books and correspondence, including a marvelous exchange of letters with Marcel Duchamp. Mr. Gorsline‘s widow, Marie, has created a charitable trust in partnership with the IBX Development Foundation. The Gorsline Trust houses the Musée Gorsline in Bussy-le-Grand, France, a farm, an apartment in Paris and many of the paintings, illustrations and other works of the artist. The trust‘s holdings are dedicated to the enrichment of Inner Banks college and university scholars, students and artists. (Read more on page 6.) Also inside, we announce the arrival in the Inner Banks of eminent film, television and theatre critic Jeffrey Lyons. Mr. Lyons will be Visiting Scholar at ECU‘s School of Communication in a deal brokered by the IBX Development Foundation and the Eastern North Carolina Film Commission. (See the News section on page 4.) There‘s much more to enjoy. Have a safe, fun summer! Harvey S. Wooten, publisher Cover painting of Thomas Wolfe, 1946, by Douglas Gorsline, courtesy of North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Volume 2, Issue 2

Summer 2010

Welcome to North Carolina‟s Inner Banks!


North Carolina‘s Inner Banks towns and counties offer these unparalleled assets:

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20,000+ square miles of lush landscape—three times the size of New Jersey 3,000 miles of largely undeveloped inland coastline (the Inner Banks) Inexpensive real estate, relative to many markets Temperate climate Pristine rivers Albemarle and Pamlico sounds Intracoastal Waterway: ICW Two deep water ports State Ferry System 29-county hospital network of University Health Systems 36 universities, colleges and community colleges

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design @ NCSU June 17 through October 2, 2010

~Enjoy an Inner Banks Summer~ IBX Lifestyles, IBX Homes and Land LLC and the Eastern North Carolina Film Commission congratulate East Carolina University on the launch of its new master‘s degree program in Sustainable Tourism. This first-of-its-kind curriculum is as timely as it is visionary. We recognize and salute Dr. Patrick Long, his colleagues and the UNC Board of Governors.

4 Eminent Film, Theatre and Television Critic Jeffrey Lyons To Be Visiting Scholar at ECU in Fall 2010 Deal to bring Mr. Lyons to East Carolina University brokered by principals at IBX Development Foundation and Eastern North Carolina Film Commission Noted film, theatre and television critic Jeffrey Lyons will be a visiting scholar hosted by the School of Communication in the College of Fine Arts and Communication at East Carolina University. Mr. Lyons will be on campus November 1st through the 8th, 2010. Phillip Horne and Frank Dooley—officers for the IBX Development Foundation and the Eastern North Carolina Film Foundation, respectively—were instrumental in bringing Mr. Lyons to ECU. Lyons is the highly respected co-host of the popular PBS series "Sneak Previews," which ran from 1982 to 1996. He has interviewed many major movie and Broadway stars over the past four decades. Mr. Lyons became film and theatre critic at WNBC in 1996. His last report on WNBC was on June 26, 2009. He appeared as himself in the movies The French Connection and Deathtrap and the television series ―Wiseguy.‖ Mr. Lyons, born and raised in New York City, is the son of Leonard Lyons, whose Broadway newspaper column, "The Lyons Den," was a New York entertainment staple for decades. Mr. Lyons will be teaching for a week in the ECU School of Communication‘s feature writing course. This course, which is part of the School‘s journalism curriculum, will focus on writing for the Arts and Culture. Mr. Lyons will also give the welcoming address to the School of Communication‘s High School Media Workshop. This annual event is co-sponsored with the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association and brings together students from high schools all over the Inner Banks region who write for their student papers and yearbooks, as well as those who work at student radio and TV stations. While in residence, Mr. Lyons‘ will give an evening presentation on ECU‘s campus. This event is open to the public. ―This is a rare opportunity for students, faculty and the community to interact with a remarkably talented and successful writer, scholar and critic,‖ said Dr. Linda Godbold Kean, Director, School of Communication, East Carolina University. ―The College of Fine Arts and Communication at East Carolina University is honored and delighted to be part sponsor of a program that will bring Mr. Jeffrey Lyons to the ECU campus,‖ said Interim Dean Michael Dorsey. ―This noted author and film critic will be teaching classes for the benefit of our students and expanding opportunities for our noted School of Communication. The public lectures are a wonderful opportunity for the ECU community and the surrounding counties to interact with such a famous individual.‖ For more information, contact Dr. Linda Kean at

Emmy Award winner comes home During his years growing up in Gates County, John A. Ward II perhaps attended homecoming festivities held annually at Gates County High School. On Friday evening, June 11, Ward will enjoy homecoming once again – this time as the center of attention as the multiple Emmy Award winner will serve the keynote speaker at the 2010 commencement at Gates County High School. Read more:

IBX Bebop legend to be featured in N.C. museum Pioneering jazz drummer Max Roach, born in Pasquotank County, N.C., will be featured in an exhibit on American roots music at the Museum of the Albemarle beginning Saturday. Roach helped pioneer bebop jazz and played with such greats as Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie. Read more:

North Carolina boaters rank No. 4 in U.S. spending According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, only boaters in three states spend more money on boating activities than North Carolina. In 2009, North Carolina was surpassed by the usual "Big Three" Florida, Texas and California - in spending. Read more:

Journal awards top 10 ranking to ECU medical school East Carolina University‘s Brody School of Medicine ranks in the top 10 nationally for its mission of educating doctors for rural and poor communities. Read more:

East Carolina University unveils new master's degree in sustainable tourism ECU has created the nation's first interdisciplinary master's degree in sustainable tourism. The university says the new degree reflects a growing concern about balancing the economic, ecological and social impacts of tourism on the world's vacation destinations. ―There is a close link and relationship between good science and good business,‖ said Patrick Long, director of ECU's Center for Sustainable Tourism, in a news release. ―We need to train and educate our future leaders in this industry on how to best integrate those two major components.‖ The UNC system's Board of Governors approved the degree on Jan. 8, and the full program is already in motion. Read more:


The Gregg Museum of Art and Design at North Carolina State University is pleased to announce that it will host a special exhibition of the works of Douglas Gorsline—called ‟Sequence of Impressions: The Paintings of Douglas Gorsline, 1946-1981ˮ—to run from July 17 through October 2, 2010. On July 25th, the artist‘s widow, Marie Gorsline, will give a gallery talk on her husband‘s work at 2 p.m.. In the evening there will be a reception for Mrs. Gorsline. The exhibition covers two pivotal periods in Gorsline‘s career: experimental paintings that he created after he relinquished New York realism in the late 1940s ; and, the oils and watercolors of his final style, which were created after he moved to France in the 1960s. Both groups are of the style ‟sequential simultaneity‖ that Gorsline was inspired to create after seeing the photographs of the 19th century French scientist Étienne Jules Marey. Marey was fascinated by the study of movement. When Marey undertook the analysis of the movement of mammals—including that of humans—he pioneered several photographic techniques to break down movement into small increments. Gorsline was captivated by the exhibition of Marey‘s photographs in the early 1950s at the New York Public Library. He decided to begin experimenting with movement in his art by combining elements of Marey‘s photographic style with those of cubism, while continuing to apply his earlier realistic approach. Continues on page 8

Marie Gorsline, a U. S. citizen who resides in Paris and Bussy-le-Grand, France, created a charitable remainder trust with the Foundation of Renewal, now the IBX Development Foundation, serving as trustee and remainder beneficiary. Among the trust assets are: an apartment in Paris; a farm; the Musée Gorsline in Burgundy, a multipurpose museum, gallery, and performance space; and paintings, illustrations and other art works produced by her late husband, Douglas Gorsline. The Gorsline Trust was designed and developed by IBX Development Foundation President Phillip Horne and Madame Gorsline‘s French and American attorneys. On the importance of the Gorsline trust to the economic and cultural life of eastern North Carolina, Phillip Horne said, ―The Gorsline Trust presents a unique opportunity with global implications, making available to artists, educators, students and arts patrons across North Carolina and beyond the cultural and intellectual amenities of Paris, Burgundy and Europe. We‘re honored to have been chosen by Marie Gorsline to receive and manage these properties on behalf of the citizens of eastern North Carolina.‖ ―I am so gratified to see that North Carolina‘s scholars and college and university administrators have demonstrated such vision in partnering with and supporting the programs of the IBX Foundation/Musée Gorsline international exchange,‖ said Marie Gorsline. ―It‘s a joy for me to know that these gifts will be managed for the regions of eastern North Carolina and Burgundy.‖

Clockwise from top left: ―Willis Reed‘ for Sports Illustrated; ―Bar Scene 1942‖; a standard text for theater costume design, Gorsline‘s book ―What People Wore‖; ―Family Image‖; Self Portrait; photos of Mr. Gorsline and Marie and Douglas.

Douglas Gorsline was an American artist and illustrator whose works reside in museums and galleries around the world. Mr. Gorsline was the first American artist invited to China (1973); he has exhibited regularly in the United States and across Europe. Mr. Gorsline is perhaps best known to natives of the Tar Heel State for illustrating North Carolina novelist Thomas Wolfe‘s Look Homeward, Angel. Mr. Gorsline was an illustrator for the publisher Charles Scribner‘s Sons. He also worked as a featured illustrator for Sports Illustrated. Gorsline‘s illustrations of Clement Moore‘s The Night Before Christmas stand as American classics.

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In 1962, Gorsline contacted and met Marcel Duchamp regarding a project that Douglas, the Museum of Modern Art and the Eastman House were developing: an exhibition to explore the interaction of photography and the other visual arts from the year 1860 to date. In their meeting Douglas asked Duchamp why he had painted the famous ‟Nude Descending the Staircaseˮ in the manner that he did. Duchamp replied that he had seen a magazine article in 1913 in France of somebody who had used photography to break down movement into small units in time. Duchamp couldn‘t remember who took the photograghs. Douglas decided to provide Duchamp with evidence that the photographs which had inspired him were those of Marey. And so began a warm exchange between the two artists. The letters exchanged between Douglas Gorsline and Marcel Duchamp will be on display in the Gregg Gallery during the exhibition, as will examples of Gorsline‘s work in other genres, e.g., book illustrations and pictorial reportage. Gorsline had several connections with the State of North Carolina: He illustrated Thomas Wolfe‘s Look Homeward Angel and Wilma Dykman’s The French Broad. His illustrations for Look Homeward Angel are in the collection of the Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, as is one of Gorsline‘s portraits of Thomas Wolfe (on loan for this exhibition). Some of Gorsline‘s lithographs are in the collection at East Carolina University in Greenville. He has had exhibitions in North Carolina at the Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill; at ECU; and, at the Asheville Art Museum. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Musée Gorsline Bussy-le-Grand, France Mrs. Douglas Gorsline, the Musée Gorsline and the IBX Development Foundation are currently working with North Carolina colleges and universities to provide opportunities for their students, scholars, performers and artists to enjoy the fruits of a unique partnership with us in Paris and Burgundy. To learn more, contact Phillip Horne, the IBX Development Foundation, at Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of the Musée Gorsline and the surrounding Burgundian countryside.

Enjoy the July issue of The Scuppernong Gazette! This month: IBX Arts!

12 General Frank A. Armstrong Papers By Ralph Scott General Frank Alton Armstrong (1902-1969). Armstrong was born in Hamilton, Martin County, NC, and entered the Army Air Corps as a flying cadet (1928). Armstrong witnessed the German blitz of England as a U.S. military observer (late 1941) and returned to England (1942) as commander of the VIIIth Bomber Command, which conducted the first U.S. Army Air Force raid over Axis territory. As a brigadier general, Armstrong led the first American daylight bombing mission of Germany proper over Wilhelmshaven. Armstrong's experiences as a B-17 flyer during these missions formed the basis for the popular novel and film, Twelve O'Clock High. In the Pacific Theatre, Armstrong led the longest and last heavy-bomber raid over Japan. After World War II, Armstrong served as Pacific Air chief-ofstaff, senior air instructor at the Armed Forces Staff College and commander-in-chief of the Alaskan Air Command. Armstrong also pioneered two record-breaking trans-polar flights and retired with the rank of lieutenant general (1961).

Armstrong‘s papers are held by the East Carolina Manuscript Collection at Joyner Library, among their many military and naval papers on file. Among the highlights of the collection are: 

A typescript memoir (n.d.), written by Armstrong, titled ―So Near Heaven and Surrounded by Hell," which describes his experiences as commander of the VIIIth Bomber Command. The memoir relates details of the organization of the command, anecdotes and accounts of Armstrong's experiences as a B-17 bomber pilot;

"Wake the Sleeping Giant," the autobiography of Armstrong as told to historian William E. Hickenbotham. The account relates his experiences as an air cadet in the late twenties and comments on early air training methods. In relating his early flying career, Armstrong describes flying as a U.S. Army mail pilot for the U.S. Post Office. The autobiography incorporates a diary maintained during his tenure in England as a military observer (1941), and contains a lucid description of British life during the German Air Blitz);

Tactical Mission Reports of bombing raids of the 8th Command over Hanover, Hamburg and Amsterdam (July 1943), as well as XXth and XXIst Air Force reports of missions over mainland Japan (1945); a pilot information folder (1929-1945) and flight records (1932-1945) contain statistical information on Armstrong's flying career; speech files including ―Strategic Bombing of Germany;‖ four speeches addressed to officers and enlisted men of the 315th Command (1944); mimeographed speeches concerning Philippine Independence Day (1946); a short bond drive speech by Armstrong at Raleigh, NC; and a speech entitled "The Air War against Germany."

Above: General Armstrong with President Eisenhower; Above, right: documents from Armstrong‘s Alaskan command service; bottom, right: Armstrong with Eisenhower; below: the General‘s wife Peggy with entertainer Bob Hope.

The public is invited to visit Joyner‘s Special Collections and look through these important Inner Banks Treasures.

14 Swan Quarter: “An art colony waiting to be discovered” By Ingrid Lemme ―Swan Quarter is an art colony just waiting to be discovered‖ is the first thing I read from Mark Hierholzer

after we connected through the ‗I LOVE SWAN QUARTER‘ Facebook® page. I didn‘t know that we were neighbors at the time; Mark and his wife Kathy spend their weekends in Swan Quarter and their house is just a short walk from ours. Their main home is in Richmond, Virginia, and they are already planning for the time that they can move to Swan Quarter for good. Kathy is a registered nurse, a kind and patient lady; after all, she put up with her husband‘s dog, who does not like her. ―Kathy and I travel as much as we can and I always carry a painting kit with me. Kathy has a wonderful eye for composition and color and is a great painting companion,‖ he tells me on our front porch. Mark smiles at his wife. She smiles back. When I asked him why he‘s come to think of Swan Quarter as an art colony in the making, he explains: ―I say this because I think it has the most diverse and beautiful landscapes and water perspectives anywhere on the East Coast. Most of Swan Quarter is surrounded by federally protected wildlife refuges that keep the area pristine and natural. Sunsets occur over water and are stunning, and that includes Lake Mattamuskeet. Get it? I have done many landscapes around Swan Quarter and they were all a joy to paint.‖ Mark continues: ―I love boats and Swan Quarter is full of them. I have painted a number of boat scenes and I find that people really like them. Farm landscapes abound with beautiful, historic houses, many surrounded by lovely bodies of water, including our canals. The locals call them ‗ditches.‘‖ A light summer breeze picks up while we sip our iced tea. Mark tells me that he plans to open a small business in Swan Quarter that includes a studio, a gallery and perhaps an Internet cafe with coffee and books. ―Ocracoke and the traffic to the ferry provide an excellent market for local arts,‖ he says. ―I am also hoping to bring artists from Richmond (and other areas) to Swan Quarter for plein air workshops and ‗paint-outs‘. This is really no different from the hunting and fishing groups that come to the area. Besides the great painting views, the seafood is amazing. I could not imagine having an event like this without steamed crabs, fish and oysters! And yes, beer from Chris' Grocery. Right now I am meeting local artists and hoping to do some painting with them." Swan Quarter photo by Ingrid Lemme

You can contact Mark at 804-784-5357 or or check out Ingrid Lemme is the co-publisher of the and the

Mark Hierholzer at work in Swan Quarter, NC

Come home to North Carolina‟s Inner Banks brings you comprehensive, up-to-date real estate offerings from across

North Carolina‘s Inner Banks region, including resort and retirement homes, town homes and condominiums, commercial properties, raw land and office and manufacturing facilities. North Carolina‘s Inner Banks region offers more than 3,000 miles of largely undeveloped coastline; two deep water ports; numerous rivers, estuaries, lakes, the Albemarle Sound and the Pamlico Sound; the Intracoastal Waterway; rail; the state ferry system; the 29-county regional hospital network of University Health Systems; and, 36 institutions of higher learning.

Learn more about North Carolina‘s Inner Banks at

Discover your dream at www. search ―Inner Banks-IBX Lifestyles‖

Private Equity Investors Seek to Purchase Inner Banks Commercial, Governmental and Professional Properties Sale & sale-leaseback opportunities available on desirable properties IBX Homes and Land LLC of Greenville, North Carolina, represents an international private equity fund seeking to purchase properties in the following classes:

Commercial; Office; Medical; Institutional/Town & County Governmental; Mixed-Use; and, Industrial.

As a result of the international marketing efforts of IBX Homes and Land LLC (dba and, private equity investors and real estate investment trusts are discovering opportunities for long-term investment appreciation in the eastern North Carolina Inner Banks market as well as in leisure and resort markets across North Carolina. These long-term investors seek to purchase commercial, governmental and professional properties—e.g., retail centers, mixed-use developments, hotels, medical, dental and legal practices—at or near current appraised values. If you, your clients, associates and/or friends are interested in selling commercial and/or professional properties, including the option of sale-leasebacks, our client wishes to evaluate qualifying properties and, in the case of those properties that meet its criteria, to finalize offers in an expeditious manner. Contact: Harvey S. Wooten at


From the Mountains to the Coast: The 2010 North Carolina Literary Review Reflects the State’s Wide-ranging Literary Talent The 2010 issue of the North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR), featuring vibrant cover art by Will Henry Stevens, is due out to subscribers in July and will reach bookstores across the state in August. The special feature section focuses on North Carolina Appalachian Literature, while other articles move the reader east with poetry by James Applewhite, who grew up in Stantonsburg, and art by long-time East Carolina University Art Professor Paul Hartley. An interview with Wilmington mystery writer Wanda Canada, complemented by Doug Kazantzis‘s coastal photography, closes the issue. Published by East Carolina University and the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, NCLR is an award-winning journal that received additional funding from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation this year. NCLR 2010 opens with an excerpt from John Ehle‘s novel The Land Breakers, the first in a series of novels in which the author traces the settling of western North Carolina through the experiences of an extended family from the 18th to the early 20th centuries. This series is then discussed in an essay by Terry Roberts, which includes material from an interview Roberts conducted with Ehle, who is finding a new audience after Kevin Watson, Editor of Press 53 of WinstonSalem, began reprinting his novels in 2006. NCLR editor Margaret Bauer applauds Roberts‘s and Watson‘s campaign to renew interest in Ehle‘s work. ―As we edited the content that would follow the Ehle material in the Appalachian section,‖ Bauer added, ―I was struck by John Ehle‘s influence upon the other writers discussed: Robert Morgan, Ron Rash, Pamela Duncan, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Wayne Caldwell—all of these writers seem to have been inspired by Ehle.‖ An essay on Robert Morgan‘s The Hinterlands will bring readers to this early book, published before Oprah Winfrey selected his Gap Creek for her book club. Readers will enjoy finding out about Ron Rash‘s Serena, who ―may be the most evil female character I have encountered in literature,‖ Bauer notes. Angelina Jolie has been tapped to play Serena in a movie to be directed by Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler). Continued on next page

Other content includes poetry, as well as a short story by the former state poet laureate Kathryn Stripling Byer, featuring photography by Rob Amberg, whose western North Carolina photographs appear with several other works in the issue. An interview with Pamela Duncan, author of the popular Moon Women, which is set in her native Appalachia, introduces this western North Carolina writer to ENC readers, who can then meet the author at the 2010 East Carolina Literary Homecoming in September, when she will talk about her novel The Big Beautiful, in which she brings one of her ―Moon women‖ to the Inner Banks. (See the related article in this issue on page 20.) The Appalachian section of the 2010 issue also features the 2009 Doris Betts Fiction Prize-winning story, coincidentally, set in the mountains. Two of the 2009 Betts competition finalists also appear in the North Carolina Miscellany section of the issue, with art by Richard Garrison and ECU Professor Kelly Adams complementing these stories‘ plots. Throughout the issue, NCLR 2010 features art and photography by several luminaries of North Carolina‘s visual arts. The cover artist, Will Henry Stevens (1881–1949), was a leading figure of modernism in the American South. The front cover art was provided by Carolina Galleries in Charleston, SC. Blue Spiral 1 Gallery of Asheville, NC, provided scans of several more of Stevens‘s paintings of the North Carolina mountain region for the inside and back cover and to complement content of the special feature section. The photography of another historical figure who loved the Appalachians, Horace Kephart, adds visual images that reflect the time period of several of the novels discussed in the issue. This 19th issue of the North Carolina Literary Review will be available in independent bookstores across the state (see or may be ordered directly from NCLR. For information about subscriptions or single-issue purchases, go to

Other NCLR News… Through the summer 2010 season, the Lost Colony Outdoor Theatre in Manteo is offering two tickets to see The Lost Colony to Paul Green-level Friends of NCLR. For more information about this and other special offers to NCLR donors, go to: For more on this IBX Lifestyles cover story, see Timothy A. Riggs‘s article ―Pictures for Words: Douglas Gorsline‘s Illustrations for Look Homeward, Angel” in the Flashbacks section of NCLR 2003: http:// September 7, 7 p.m. at Sheppard Library in Greenville: NCLR editor Margaret Bauer will lead a discussion of Pamela Duncan‘s novel Plant Life. Come talk about the book and then meet Duncan at the Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming (see the following story). Bauer will also discuss this novel for the North Carolina Humanities Council‘s Let‘s Talk About It series: October 19, 7 p.m. at Braswell Memorial Library in Rocky Mount. To find other literary events where you can meet the NCLR staff, go to NCLR‘s new Forthcoming Events page at:

20 Seventh Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming September 17-18, 2010 In 2004, J.Y. Joyner Library and faculty from the Department of English collaborated to host the first Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming. The mission is to provide the opportunity for citizens of eastern North Carolina to hear and interact with writers and artists of the region, stimulating conversation between the university community and the citizenry of the surrounding counties. Now in its seventh year, the Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming will offer a host of interactive workshops and panel presentations surrounding the theme ―Contrasting Cultural Expressions: Perceptions of Place and Self‖. Communities are heavily influenced not only by place and historical moments, but also by a community‘s cultural values. Literature explores the impact of shared values and traditions on perceptions both of self and of one‘s place in the larger global context. This year, artists who have been influenced by eastern North Carolina will interact with artists influenced by other regions, exploring cultural differences and regional variations in their work. This year, the Literary Homecoming will kick off with the presentation of the Roberts Award for Literary Inspiration to Nancy Olsen, the owner of Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh, NC, for her dedication to promoting and supporting the state‘s writers. On Saturday, panel discussions and small interactive workshops with authors will encourage in-depth discussion regarding process and inspiration. Time will allow for audience members to interact directly with authors to explore issues raised in the sessions and audience members can meet the authors during book signings. An author luncheon with novelist Pamela Duncan will be held on Saturday. Additionally, Josephine Humphreys will deliver the keynote address that afternoon. Other artists include Michael Malone, Jill McCorkle, Jim Grimsley, Alice Eley Jones, Carole Boston Weatherford, Michael White and ECU alumna Margaret O‘Connor. ―One of the best parts about being the editor of the North Carolina Literary Review is that I get to meet my favorite writers at various literary events across the state-but I have to admit, I‘m a little partial to this particular event,‖ said Dr. Margaret Bauer, NCLR editor and professor for ECU‘s Department of English of the 2009 literary homecoming. ―On behalf of all the readers in this region, all of the people who appreciate fine literature, a great big thank you to all the writers who will visit for the Literary Homecoming to help us celebrate the literary inspiration that is eastern North Carolina.‖

To help folks get in a literary mindset, organizers have planned a few free community programs leading up to the main event. Program details can be found at

Register for the 7th Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming online by following this link:

24 Restaurant Review: a Tavola!

By Ralph Scott

A Tavola is one of the IBX Gourmet‘s favorite eateries in Greenville. The meaning of a Tavola varies: some claim it means ―to your table‖ while others see it either as a command given small children ―to your table, now‖ or the order given out by the short order cook when the order is ready to be taken ―to your table‖ on the part of the wait staff. The a Tavola web page notes that it means ―Come and Eat!‖ The restaurant offers a variety of plates featuring local creations, international favorites and standard American fare. The setting is family friendly and includes bistro style tables and a full service bar. There is a large room off the bar that groups can book for parties. All the short order cooking and plate preparation is done in full view of the diners, so you can watch parts of your meal being prepared. The restaurant is crowded after big events—like football games—but most of the time the wait for tables is short. The wine list is excellent and a Tavola has offered special wine tastings in the past. They have a nice rotating table wine selection and you can purchase bottles of the wines you like after having had a sample glass for $5.50. The IBX Gourmet has enjoyed the pasta and pizza dishes when I am in the mood for Italian. Other items of note are the Cuban Pork Sandwich, Shrimp Burger and the famous a Tavola Burger. Seasonal features include: Pitt County Pork Barbeque, Thai Shrimp and Summer Salads. Appetizers include a Tapas Plate, Caprice, Wings and Shrimp. Recently, the IBX Gourmet dined at a Tavola. He started off with the Tapas Plate, which consisted of: Olives, Humus, Peppers, Cheese, Salami, Grilled Shrimp and a Mixed Veggie Grill. The Burger he sampled was cooked to perfection and precisely the way it was ordered. The portion size was very satisfying and the burger was accompanied by a Broccoli Salad and Fried Onion Rings. The meal was complete with a very satisfying piece of Cheese Cake. The Coffee at a Tavola is also great, whether you wish to order some with the meal, as the IBX Gourmet often does, or with dessert. Plates run in the $10 to $20 range, with appetizers running around $6 to $10. Two wines were paired with oue meal. With the appetizer the IBX Gourmet had a Leese-Fitch Cabernet, which was nice and fruity, and with the Burger he enjoyed a 41st Avenue Merlot, which was a little more full bodied. As noted earlier, the wines by the glass run at $5.50; full bottles are in the $18 to $25 range. In addition to dine-in offerings, a Tavola also has a take-home menu and additional take-out with pizza and pasta for re-warming. On the walls of the restaurant appear art works for sale that were created by local photographers and artists. Pleasant music is in the background most of the time and there is a large screen HD television for patrons to view. Often the owner is on the premises. Customers can also sign up for an email list that includes special dishes currently being featured and the times for their occasional wine tastings. Located at 620 Red Banks Road in Greenville, a Tavola is open Monday through Thursday, 11 AM to 10 PM; Friday and Saturday, 11 AM to 11 PM; and Sunday, 11:30 AM to 9 PM.

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Welcome to North Carolina‟s Inner Banks! Here are a few reasons why Inner Banks towns are becoming magnets for retirees, entrepreneurs, artists and crafts persons from around the world...

Historic Edenton

Swan Quarter

Washington, the Heart of the Inner Banks

20,000+ square miles of lush landscape and affordable real estate

Elizabeth City

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27 The Gheeraerts Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I By Ralph Scott One of the major Inner Banks treasures is a portrait of Elizabeth I (1533-1603), probably painted in the studio of the Dutch artist Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (ca. 1561/62-1636). To escape Catholic persecution of Protestants in Belgium, the Gheeraerts fled to England, where they became the patrons of Elizabeth I and Sir Henry Lee. The Gheeraerts engaged in portrait painting and a number of portraits of ladies and gentlemen of the period have survived, including the one currently in eastern North Carolina. Our Gheeraerts‘ portrait of Elizabeth was purchased in the 1950 by Mrs. Charles Cannon and later donated to the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, North Carolina. For a number of years the portrait hung in the entry to the gift shop at the Gardens, but recently it was moved to East Carolina University for study. During the spring of 2010, Dr. Larry Tise and a host of researchers at ECU examined the portrait and conducted exhaustive analysis into the paint and subsurface data using a variety of tools, including ultraviolet light. The portrait is believed to have been painted when Elizabeth was over sixty years old. Not many portraits are known to exist of Elizabeth in her later years; most surviving examples were painted when she was much younger. The most famous of these portraits was painted in 1592 by Gheeraerts and is known as the Ditchley portrait, in commemoration of the queen‘s visit to Ditchley. Sir Roy Strong notes of the Ditchley portrait: ―Gheeraerts' success lay in his ability to subdue the bourgeois robustness of Flemish painting and fuse it with the melancholic, aristocratic, courtly fantasy of late Elizabethan England ... Elizabeth and Essex remain Gheeraerts' supreme works, deserving to rank, along with some of Hilliard's portrait miniatures, as great masterpieces of early English painting.‖ The IBX Treasures portrait appears to have been done later than the Ditchley one, and shows an older Elizabeth, and perhaps does not flatter her very much. One observer remarked that in her later years her face was ―oblong, fair, but wrinkled, her eyes small yet black and pleasant, her nose a little hooked; her lips narrow, and her teeth black.‖ The researchers have agreed that the portrait is genuine and is probably one of the more valuable treasures currently residing in North Carolina‘s Inner Banks. It is hoped that soon a suitable permanent location will be found and the portrait will again be back on display for all to see. Reproduced here is a similar but more flattering portrait of Elizabeth done by Gheeraerts. It hangs in the Pallazo Pitti, Florence. Learn more and view work currently being done on the IBX Gheeraerts painting here:


New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music “Summer Fun Day” at the Museum of the Albemarle on Tuesday, July 20, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Summer Fun Day will focus on the traveling exhibit New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music. To begin the day, Mr. Bert Berry of Chesapeake, Virginia, will provide visitors to the Museum with a brief history of the dulcimer and will demonstrate by performing a few popular tunes. Museum visitors will get a hands-on experience when Mr. Berry guides them as they strum the dulcimer. The C-Shells will follow, for the listening enjoyment of the young and the ―young at heart,‖ at 11:00 am in the Gaither Auditorium. The C-Shells is a children‘s musical duo that has been performing together for the past 15 years. The C-Shells use string instruments— such as the guitar, banjo, dobro and mandolin—as well as various percussion instruments, puppets and other entertainment props. Children and adults are encouraged to participate in an interactive performance. At 12:15 pm, Mr. Douglas Jackson, Assistant Professor at Elizabeth City State University, will perform and discuss the differences in trumpets and cornets and the impact that the trumpet has had on jazz. A variety of hands-on activities will be available throughout the day with assistance provided by Museum of the Albemarle Junior Docents. New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and the North Carolina Humanities Council, a state nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Celebrating American Roots Music is a Smithsonian Institution exhibition hosted by Elizabeth City‘s Museum of the Albemarle and presented in collaboration with the North Carolina Humanities Council. For more information contact 252-335-1453. The Museum of the Albemarle is located at 501 S. Water Street, Elizabeth City, NC. (252)335-1453. Find us on Facebook! Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Mondays and State Holidays. Serving Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Hertford, Hyde, Northampton, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Tyrrell and Washington counties, MoA is the northeast regional history museum of the North Carolina Division of State History Museums within the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, the state agency with the mission to enrich lives and communities and the vision to harness the state‘s cultural resources to build North Carolina‘s social, cultural and economic future. Information is available 24/7 at

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Enjoy past issues of ―IBX Lifestyles‖ (and its earlier incarnation, the ―IBX Newsletter‖) by following this link: Spring 2010 ―IBX Lifestyles‖ magazine In this issue you‘ll enjoy being introduced to our friend Dr. Ruth Kempf, who brings the healing powers of Biodynamic Agriculture to the Inner Banks; to the 2010 Doris Betts Fiction Prize Competition Finalist Julie Ann Davis, who offers her moving story set in a very special IBX location; to Blackbeard and his crew, who once again invade the Museum of the Albemarle; and to Aedan Williamson Reid; at 9 years old our youngest writer ever. Winter 2010 ―IBX Lifestyles‖ magazine We are pleased to present short stories by three talented Inner Banks writers: Erica Plouffe Lazure, Brian Lampkin and Dean Marshal Tuck. Also, ―IBX Lifestyles‖ celebrates the work of three successful IBX film productions, two on the wildlife sanctuaries at Lake Mattamuskeet and Pungo Lake as well as a documentary on one man‘s struggle to invent a new career for himself in ―Beyond Burlington.‖ There‘s much more: Emerge Gallery and Art Center; Swan Quarter;; Long‘s Brigade, a Civil War Tour; and, Inner Banks news and tourism information. Fall 2009 ―IBX Lifestyles‖ magazine Featuring: Alex Albright on Fountain, NC; Ralph Scott on Edgecombe Community College‘s new Historic Preservation Curriculum; NYC chefs relocate to the Inner Banks; IBX Fiction;; Soul Food Celebration in Columbia; Magnolia Arts Center; Inner Banks news; Inner Banks tourism information. Summer 2009 ―IBX Lifestyles‖ magazine Featuring: sculptor Jonathan Bowling; enamellist/metalsmith Linda Darty; filmmaker Bernard Timberg; jazz maestro Carroll Dashiell; artist/entrepreneur Tom Kilian; blues master "Lightnin'" Wells; sister musicians/writers Anna and Amelia Dietrich; writer/scholar on the American South Margaret Bauer; Magnolia Arts Center; historian/author Ralph Scott; and, some of the Inner Banks‘ rising stars in art--Haley Sullivan, Judd Snapp, Lisa Beth Robinson and Owen Sullivan.

Spring 2009 ―IBX Lifestyles‖ magazine Enjoy the new issue of the "IBX Lifestyles" magazine, featuring: an interview with New York-to-Inner Banks transplant Ingrid Lemme; the 29 Inner Banks historical sites and towns of the Historic Albemarle Tour; Inner Banks film news; Inner Banks calendar of events and tourism resources; and, some of the best Inner Banks photography you‘re likely to see anywhere. Summer 2008 Paddling the Inner Banks  Lake Phelps and the Scuppernong River  Roanoke River  Jean Guite Creek  Lumber River  Northeast Cape Fear River  White Oak River and Bear Island  Building a Water Trail Economy  Feature Film Shoots in New Bern: ―Death, Taxes and Chocolate‖ Written and Produced by Inner Banks Filmmaker Spring 2008 Interview with Celebrated Inner Banks Artist Robert Ebendorf  Pocosin Arts Folk School  Documentary Film Shooting in Hertford  Handmade in America: Drawing Inspiration from Western North Carolina  Inner Banks Mourns Loss of Goldsboro Native and ―Honorary Mayor of Hollywood‖ Johnny Grant: January 9, 2008 Winter 2007 Columbia: Honoring Our Past; Designing Our Future  Currituck County: Rich in Heritage; Full of Adventure  Manteo: Linking the Inner Banks to the Outer Banks  South Mills: A Town and a Canal Forever Linked Fall 2007 Vineyards and Wineries of the Inner Banks  Duplin Winery  County Squire Restaurant and Winery  Bannerman Vineyard and Winery  Lu Mil Vineyard  Martin Vineyard Summer 2007 Wilson Botanical Gardens  Hollister‘s Medoc Mountain State Park  Roanoke Canal Museum and Trail  Confederate Civil War Drum Returned to New Bern  Merchants Millpond State Park  Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco-Center  Paddle for the Border: Paddling Event Links Inner Banks Great Dismal Swamp to Chesapeake, VA

Inner Banks Tourism Resources Beaufort

























New Hanover


From the New York Times Real Estate section, two articles from an ongoing series entitled ―What you can get for…‖ “...$150,000 in Edenton, NC” greathomesanddestinations/12gh-what.html?_r=1

The Wilmington Shipyard: Welding a Fleet for Victory in WWII Ralph Scott‟s new book, featured in the Summer „09 issue of “IBX Lifestyles” magazine! Copies are available at your local North Carolina book seller, from and from The History Press.

“...$400,000 in Kitty Hawk, NC” greathomesanddestinations/26gh-what.html See for yourself what fantastic properties can be found in North Carolina's Inner Banks at:

The History Press 18 Percy Street Charleston, SC 29403 843.577.5971

Next Issue: Fall 2010 Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for providing photography, copy and graphics for this issue: Marie Gorsline @ Musée Gorsline, Lynn Ennis @ NCSU, Carolina Collection @ UNC-CH, Sam Young @ Sandy Point, Thomas Spagnol @ Museum of the Albemarle, Tom Kilian @, Dr. Margaret Bauer, Ralph Scott, Ray & Susan Ellis @ Footpath Pictures, Ingrid Lemme, @ Scuppernong Gazette & SwanQuarterly, Mark Hierholzer, Josh Armstrong @ Magnolia Arts Center, Chris Schwing, ENC Film Commission, IBX Foundation, Inc., NC Division of Tourism. If we have missed anyone, please accept our apologies and contact us at: Learn more about the Inner Banks! search ―Inner Banks—‖

ENC Film Commission markets a comprehensive listing of up-to-date real estate offerings from across the Inner Banks region: homes and condominiums, commercial properties, raw land, office and manufacturing facilities.

The Eastern North Carolina Film Commission provides an array of services to make film and television production across the Inner Banks as trouble-free as possible. In coordination with the North Carolina Film Office and the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the ENC Film Commission offers all the information and access to services that film and television producers need to mount production here in North Carolina‘s Inner Banks.

―IBX Lifestyles‖ is a publication of the IBX Foundation, Inc., IBX Ventures, the Eastern North Carolina Film Commission and and

Summer 2010 IBX Lifestyles Magazine  

In this issue: the work of artist Douglas Gorsline, in anticipation of an exhibition of his paintings, book illustrations and correspondenc...

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