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5 Articles  will  Increase   Backlinks   By  Adam  Snyder  


Organic Link  Building   By  Jeremy  A  Miller  


Sponsor a  Wordpress   Template   By  Darren  W  Chow  


The Evolution  of  Blogs   By  Greg  Scott  


Take Advantage  of   Social  Media   By  Luigi  Goyena  Velasco  

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10 5  Articles  Will  Increase  Backlinks    .  

21 Take  Advantage  of  Social  Media    .  

7 Killer  Tips  for   Creating  Successful   Facebook  Adverts   By  Simon  M  Evans   Contributors   Find  out  more  about  our   Feature  Article  writers.  

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wmm editors letter Publishing is a great passion of mine. To create a product that will bring valuable information and lifechanging advice to our readers is an honor and privilege. It is with great pride that I introduce this month’s edition of Website Marketing Magazine. We’ve gathered some of the world’s greatest internet marketers and tapped their brains to gain an insight into what is really required to succeed online. To succeed in any field requires hours and hours of dedication. In fact according to some sources 10,000 hours is the minimum required to master anything – be it a foreign language, learning the piano, or making money online. 10,000 hours – that’s 10 years. We hope to cut that learning curve down for you slightly. After all why learn from your own mistakes when you can model successful entrepreneurs and get there in a fraction of the time. Welcome aboard. To your success, Leigh

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Success Stories     I’d  like  to  see  more  success  stories.     Modelling  yourself  on  successful   entrepreneurs  is  a  proven  method   for  achieving  your  own  success.    -­‐     Saqib.     We’ll  be  including  more  success   stories  in  upcoming  issues.    If  you   have  something  to  contribute,  send  it   through  and  we’ll  feature  it  in  this   section.    -­    Ed.     Excellent  Job     I  love  the  mag.    Keep  up  the  great   work.    -­‐    Christina.  

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Ad:Tech New  Delhi   <    ad:tech  is  an  interactive   advertising  and  technology   conference  and  exhibition..­  

April 28  –  29  

Search Marketing  Expo  (SMX)  Toronto   >  Yes,  Increase  Search  Visibility,  Clicks   and  Conversion.   There’s  a  technology  wave,  a  social  storm   and  vital  energy  that’s  exploding  across   multiple  platforms  through  multiple   devices.  

What’s on The most  exciting  events  you   need  to  see  in  the  coming  months.  

April 27  –  28  

Search Insider  Summit   Captiva  Island  Florida   ^    Twice  a  year,  the  Search   Insider  Summit  brings  the  best   minds  in  the  search  industry   together  to  share  cutting  edge   information  and  experience  on   search  marketing  in  a  think-­‐ tank  environment,  while   exploring  new  technology,   strategies  and  tactics  for   effective  campaigns.  

June 16  –  17  

May 16  –  17  

Ad:Tech Singapore   <    ad:tech  is  an  interactive   advertising  and  technology   conference  and  exhibition..­  

Search Marketing  Expo  (SMX)  Toronto   >  Yes,  Increase  Search  Visibility,  Clicks  and   Conversion.   There’s  a  technology  wave,  a  social  storm  and  vital   energy  that’s  exploding  across  multiple  platforms   through  multiple  devices.       Quotable:  It’s  much  easier  to  double  your  business  by  doubling  your  conversion  rate   than  by  doubling  your  traffic.    -­‐    Jeff  Eisenberg    


wmm news A bad  commute?     A  new  service  created  by   IBM  Research,  UC  Berkeley,   and  the  California   Department  of   Transportation  is  designed   to  offer  commuters   predictive  models  about   what  their  drive  to  work   will  be  like  in  an  hour.  That   could  help  reduce   congestion  throughout  the   transportation  grid.  

79% Of  internet  Marketers   claim  to  have  made  no   income  from  their   online  activities  in  the   past  month  (According   to  March  2011  survey).  

Scared of  3D?     A  new  study  out  says  3D   glasses  and  the  high  price  of   the  TVs  are  scaring  off   buyers.  The  good  news  is   prices  are  coming  down.   The  bad  news?  We're  still  a   long  way  from  watching  3D   TV  without  glasses.  

Google adds  pagination  to  Google  Docs     The  editor  in  Google  Docs  can  now  show  page   breaks  in  a  document.  Also,  you  no  longer  need  to   convert  documents  to  PDFs  before  printing  them  in   Chrome.     Read  more:­‐5_3-­‐ 0.html?query=google&tag=srch&searchtype=news #ixzz1JQIWmBBp  

Apple announces  Final  Cut  Pro  X     Apple  debuts  a  completely  new   version  of  its  video-­‐editing   software  that's  cheaper,  faster,  and   borrows  a  few  features  from   iMovie.         Berners-­Lee  calls  for  higher   purpose  of  Web     Designers  of  Web  tech  need  to   consider  not  just  cool  new  features   they  can  enable  but  also  the  impact   that  information  sharing  has  on  all   of  humanity,  says  Web  inventor   Tim  Berners-­‐Lee  at  MIT.  

Did you  know:  Bill  Gates  earns  US$250  every  SECOND,     that's  about  US$20  Million  a  DAY  and  US$7.8  Billion  a  YEAR!  

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Feature  Article    .                                                                                                   .  

How 5 Articles Will Increase Your Inbound Links and Traffic Substantially The first thing you need to know when it comes to getting lots of traffic and inbound links is that your content matters the most. Most people think that they can easily set up a static site with copied content and their site will rank high on the search engines and start getting loads of traffic, this is not what happens. Normally what happens is the site will get hit and miss traffic and most likely it won't turn into any money being made. How would you like to write 5 articles and get lots of inbound links from high pr sites and also get lots of traffic without doing much? Well you are in luck, I have a sure fire way to do just that and the great part is it is all free. You never have to pay anything to get your site ranked high and get lots of traffic to it, all you have to do is a little bit of work here and there.

How it works First you need to write 5 unique and decent articles about your topic. Next you will submit one to EzineArticles, Hubpages, Squidoo, GoArticles, and Buzzle. You will use one link and link back to your website and the other link and link to one of the other articles. The point of this is to pass a little link juice from each article to the other so they can get high on the search engines. The reason you do this is to get pure traffic, the reason you link to your own site is for pure link juice. Once you have written all the articles and linked them to each other you then need to update your site with a new article as well. The reason you need to do this is so people don't think your site is never update, it shows that you are active on the site even if you really aren't. WMM


By  Adam  Snyder    .          

WMM 11

wmm success story >  Ed  was  about  to  graduate   with  an  MBA  and  a  carefully   thought  out  5  year  plan.    All   was  not  as  it  seemed…   Success  Story   Name:    Ed  

MBA Geaduate  with  5  year  plan   Ed  was  about  to  graduate  with  an  MBA  and  a  carefully  thought  out  5  year  plan.  He   decided  to  get  the  help  of  a  career  coach  to  get  him  off  to  a  good  start.  He  and  his  wife   had  spent  a  great  deal  of  time  on  the  plan.  They  had  done  research  to  determine  the   salary  range  Ed  could  expect  with  little  work  experience  and  a  lot  of  college.  They  were   certain  about  their  immediate  expectations  and  the  types  of  companies  that  would  be   likely  to  hire  Ed.     With  what  he  thought  was  a  perfect  resume,  Ed  was  not  getting  interviews  for   positions  that  offered  anywhere  near  the  low  end  of  the  salary  range  he  expected.   There  were  no  recruiters  for  management  level  positions  responding.  He  was  only   being  considered  for  entry  level  positions.  Both  Ed  and  his  wife  were  discouraged  but   neither  of  them  realized  the  resume  was  the  problem.  When  you  aren't  getting  the   right  kinds  of  interviews,  the  resume  is  almost  always  the  problem.     In  just  one  session,  it  became  evident  what  the  resume  was  lacking.  There  were  many   class  projects  that  provided  completely  relevant  accomplishment  statements  to  show   Ed's  value  to  employers.  In  his  classes,  he  had  tackled  just  the  same  kinds  of  problems   that  managers  face  in  the  corporate  world  and  some  of  them  were  for  real  world   companies.  Ed  was  stuck  in  the  frame  of  mind  that  a  resume  is  a  job  history  and   thought  that  "school  work"  had  no  place  in  a  resume  because  he  wasn't  paid  for  it.     During  their  meeting,  the  career  coach  asked  Ed  if  he  spoke  any  other  languages.  Ed   beamed.  He  was  fluent  in  French  and  had  used  it  in  business  projects.  His  French   language  skills  were  so  exceptional  that  he  had  received  a  medal  from  the  French   government,  one  that  is  very  difficult  to  get.  There  was  no  mention  of  language  skills  in   the  resume  because,  again,  Ed  didn't  get  paid  for  using  his  language  skills  and  thought   it  didn't  belong  in  his  resume.     Targeting  multinational  companies  that  would  value  Ed's  bilingual  talents  and  his   course  work  brought  on  the  kinds  of  interviews  that  he  had  originally  expected.  Ed   started  his  first  job  out  of  college  at  over  $20,000  more  than  the  upper  end  of  the  range   that  he  and  his  wife  had  thought  possible.    WMM  

Joy Montgomery   saves  time  and   money  with   skilled  business   systems  analysis   and   accompanying   clear,  concise   communication   in  a  way  that   strengthens   teams  -­‐  a  friendly   way.  She  puts  you   in  a  position  to   succeed  with   consistently   satisfied   customers  and   employees.  She   uses  the  same   skills  to  help  job   seekers.  

Article Source:  

Quotable:  Twitter  is  like  hugging.  Just  becuase  it’s  hard  to  measure  the  return  on   investment  doesn’t  mean  there  isn’t  value  there..  –  Tony  Hsiesh      

WMM 12

Feature  Article    .                                                                                                   .  

By  Jeremy  R  Miller    .          

Organic Link Building - Avoiding Ineffective Ways to Build Links to Your Website With an overwhelming number of website marketing companies diving into the worldwide web, it is absolutely imperative that you, as the consumer, have knowledge about what makes effective link building a part of growing your online business. To grasp the concept of organic or natural link building, the best way is to think of what is closest to natural link building techniques. In other words, think about a company whose business is featured on a television news website or a website that is listed on DMOZ (the most popular online website directory). What comes to mind is reliability and relevance and that is what you want any links to your business to convey - a website worthy of consumer or customer interest. o understand ineffective link building techniques is to start to master the art of website marketing. There are thousands of websites on the worldwide web offering one way links from other online websites that have a high Google PageRank. Your first instinct is to buy the package because the site may offer 10 Google PR5 one way links for $50. However, digging deeper into the actual perspective of the websites that your website is being marketed on, you discover that your business which is a business about automobile detailing is being marketed on a website about blackjack strategies. This will not only not hurt your website marketing efforts but, it could hurt your online reputation and cause you to drop in search engine rankings

Another common ineffective manner of marketing your business is through link farms and free for all websites that offer to give you thousands of links back to your website and also link out to thousands of other websites. Google has identified this type of link spamming to try and get your website ranking up a means by which your website can be significantly penalized in website rankings. This is not the way you want your website to be perceived on the worldwide web! Another very annoying and disturbing way people think they will build links back to their website is by commenting on every blog they see and typing a hyperlink back to their website in the blog comments back. Additionally, the person provides no information that is even useful in the comments back on the blog. They simply spam their website address in the comments and irritate both the blog owner and blog readers. If anything, it will have a negative impact on your search engine rankings and even provoke the right person to post an article about how they have discovered you like to go around and post your website to everybody's blogs with no good reason. The result is you get negative feedback about your business all over the web.

Jeremy Miller, owner of Bugon Website Services The best advice in marketing your business to provide relevant and helpful information on your website that people will find useful when they visit your website. Additionally, when building your marketing efforts, be sure to check out marketing companies that build natural links through search engine friendly manners. Make sure you ask questions about their website marketing techniques and that they do not use robots and automated methods to market your website. Summarizing, 15 minutes of effective online marketing will beat out hours of building junk links or paying a company in India to spam your business all over the web. Keep it simple, offer relevant and useful information to your clients, and build links the right away and you will see an optimal return on your online marketing investments. WMM


WMM 13



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B/-!(/! 3"4'! 3/#'6! =")(!!


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Do it now! It’s Free

(//7) ! "#$!


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wmm ask the expert >  The  Top  Five  Questions  to   Ask  When  Hiring  an  SEO  Expert   Internet  Marketing  Expert     >    Michael  Ambrosio  

Michael Ambrosio  has  been  doing  business  on  the  internet   since  1999.  He  cut  his  teeth  as  a  web  host,  starting  not  one,   but  TWO  successful  web  hosting  businesses.  He  also  started  a   script  installation  business.  Michael  is  also  the  author  of  several   ebooks,  and  the  developer  of  several  programs  and  scripts  as  well.   Michael  continues  to  build  his  business  by  learning  from  other  marketers,   and  also  helps  many  other  marketers  make  their  first  dollars  on-­‐line.     If  you  have  had  no  luck  driving  traffic  to  your  website,  you  may  want  to   employ  an  expert  in  Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO).     When  you  start  your  search  for  an  expert,  there  are  several  things  you   should  consider:  

1. Start by  interviewing  the  expert.  Find  out  if  their  style  and   philosophy  will  suit  your  purpose.  Give  them  information  about   what  you  want  to  accomplish  and  ask  them  WHAT  THEY  WILL  DO   to  help  you  achieve  your  goals.     Ask  specifically  how  they  will  address  your  objectives.  Are  you   interested  in  increasing  website  traffic,  increasing  brand   recognition,  or  increasing  online  sales?    Are  you  planning  to  push   one  product  or  service  over  another  on  your  website?  How  will   they  help  you  accomplish  these  goals?   2. Ask  for  examples  of  their  previous  work.  Visit  the  websites  they   have  already  worked  on  and  look  at  the  sites.  Perform  searches   with  search  engines  to  see  where  these  sites  rank  on  the  search   engine  lists.   3. Find  out  who  will  be  working  on  YOUR  project.  It  may  not  be  the   person  who  sells  you  the  service.  You  want  to  be  sure  that  you   have  a  good  team  of  people  assigned  to  perform  various  tasks.  

In addition to sample websites, see if you can get actual references to call. Contact names and phone numbers for clients who have already worked with the SEO expert can be quite valuable.

- Mike Ambrosio

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Quotable: Selling  to  people  who  actually  want  to  hear  from  you  is  more  effective  than   interrupting  strangers  who  don't.  –  Seth  Godin      

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wmm ask the expert 4. Ask  for  white  papers,  reports  and  any  documented  processes  the  SEO  expert  has  to   offer.  What  exactly  does  the  SEO  expert  do  for  his  fee?  Is  his  or  her  process  logical   and  thorough?  You  may  not  be  a  search  engine  expert.     Nevertheless,  if  you  look  at  the  sequence  of  their  processes,  and  the  activities  listed   in  the  SEO  process,  you  may  find  that  your  prospective  SEO  expert  is  using  poor   business  practices  to  get  information.     Or  perhaps  he  or  she  is  recommending  unrealistic  methods  or  unscrupulous  methods   to  deliver  good  search  engine  ranking.     If  this  is  the  case,  your  initially  good  search  engine  ranking  may  rapidly  change  to  NO   search  engine  ranking  when  you  find  yourself  booted  off  search  engine  lists  for  bad   business  practices.     5. What  will  the  SEO  expert  charge  for  your  project?  Is  it  based  on  a  fixed  price  project   or  an  hourly  rate?  Will  you  have  to  pay  travel  expenses  or  other  associated  expenses?    

What is  included  in  the  price?  You  should  get  a  detailed  accounting  in  writing,  so  that   you  KNOW  what  you  can  expect.     Don't  buy  into  the  explanation  that  the  price  is  higher,  but  there  is  a  'guarantee'  of   results.  

Even  the  BEST  SEO  firms  will  find  it  hard  to  guarantee  rankings  and  results  when  they  don't   know  what  your  competitors  are  doing  next  and  whether  new  keywords  and  action  will  be   necessary  next  month  to  keep  your  rankings  high.     A  guarantee  of  ranking  and  traffic  can,  at  best,  only  guarantee  results  for  a  particular  day  or   time  period  immediately  after  the  project  is  completed,  and  even  THEN  it  is  unlikely  the   guarantee  will  be  exact  in  terms  of  results.     There  are  many  other  personal  considerations  you  may  have  when  hiring  an  expert  in  SEO.     However,  if  you  do  nothing  other  than  ask  these  five  questions  and  get  the  information   included  in  this  research,  you  should  be  very  pleased  with  the  Search  Engine  Optimization   expert  you  hire.    WMM      

Check out  Mike’s  to  drive  traffic  to  your  site    

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By  Darren  W  Chow    .          

Sponsor WordPress Templates The Ongoing Link Building Strategy It cannot   be   denied   that   one   of   the   most   important   tools   for   most  bloggers  today  is  WordPress.  WordPress  basically  started   as   a   communication   tool   for   the   individual,   but   has   now   become   an  essential  tool  to  businesses  as  well.  There  are  many  benefits   that   WordPress   offers   which   are   why   it   is   not   really   surprising   why   practically   most   web   sites   require   this   tool   in   their   web   hosting  plan.  Aside  from  the  fact  that  this  CMS  is  so  simple  and   easy  to  maintain,  it  also  offers  less  overhead  and  time  spent  for   creation   and   maintenance   of   the   blog   platform.   Moreover,   it   allows   you   to   keep   the   contents   of   the   site   fresh,   which   results   into   an   increased   search   engine   ranking   for   your   site.   Since   companies   need   to   keep   their   audience   updated   on   their   products   and   services,   the   blogging   aspect   of   WordPress   is   really  indispensable.   It   is   one   of   the   goals   of   any   web   site   to   build   links   and   direct   traffic   into   the   site.   There   are   actually   a   lot   of   ways   to   build   incoming   links.   According   to   experts,   sponsoring   WordPress   themes  proved  to  be  a  great  way  to  get  varied  links  from  various   independent   web   sites.   Although   sponsored   WordPress   wouldn't  be  going  on  top  page  ranking  sites  generally  since  you   don't   have   control   over   the   theme   of   the   site,   you   do   have   control  over  the  anchor  text.  Having  control  over  the  anchor  text   is   not   really   bad.   You   can   still   manipulate   traffic   into   your   web   site  through  the  anchor  text.   Sponsoring   WordPress   template   has   become   one   of   the   most   popular  link  building  strategies  nowadays.  Usually,  the  package   includes   two   sponsored   link   theme   at   reasonable   prices.   However,   things   have   changed   lately,   with   the   inflation   and   feeding   frenzy,   many   developers   have   offered   sponsor   templates  as  well  resulting  into  an  oversaturation  of  the  themes.   Unfortunately,  on  high  PR  authority  sites,  these  sponsored  links   are   nowhere   to   be   seen.   Thus,   it   is   very   important   to   find   a   sponsor   template   that   will   make   it   even   to   some   of   these   high   PR  sites.  

For sponsored  links,  it  is  important   to  determine  the  number  of  sites   which  uses  the  theme.  The  only   thing  which  counts  is  the  number  of   site  owners  who  uses  the  theme  and   leave  in  the  sponsored  links.   However,  the  quality  of  the  theme  is   vital  to  the  success  of  a  theme   sponsorship.  A  mediocre  theme  has   unfortunately  no  value  at  all.  Thus,   in  choosing  a  sponsor  WordPress   template,  you  should  consider  the   cross  browser  and  cross  platform   compatibility.  The  absence  of  these   means  that  quality  issues  are   questionable  and  unreliable.    WMM  

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Did you  know:    Steve  Jobs'  net  worth  jumped  $2.8  billion  (51%)  in  the  space  of  a  year,   according  to  Forbes,  from  $5.5  billion  to  $8.3  billion  

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The Evolution of Blogs

By  Greg  scott    .          

An advantageous tactic used by many a blogger today is to write short and creative blogs. These blogs hardly contain 300-400 words but are quite informative and make it easier for the online audience to read. This thus gives the blogger an advantage of greater audience in the increasingly competitive world of the blogosphere. One of the major constraints faced by bloggers is the fact that blogs seem to only brief an audience about a certain topic without getting into the details.This is caused due to the length restrictions on blogs. Blog writers stick to a pertaining specific field in order to even out the odds. But this can prove to be quite a nuisance as the article may appear shabby or vague and without relevant illustrations. Many a time home gardeners may access these articles and find them non informative.They require an in depth knowledge of botanical sciences whose volume is too large to be covered in a single blog. There has always been a constant battle among blog writers for search engine supremacy commonly referred to as the search engine optimization movement. Thus nowadays blogs are merely colorful and brief collages of words due to the blog sanitization by blog writers in order to achieve a higher listing. This is a persistent and bad trend and is influencing many a bloggers to succumb to the devious method. Blogs have many restrictions compared to real life books which are free from all the constraints. For starters real life books do not need to adhere to using key words many a time to get a higher listing. The book writer can go into comprehensive detail to make concepts clear and increase the level of understanding. The writer also doesn't have to adhere to any space or length restrictions. 3How can you over look the charisma a book showers on us. It is like having a peak back into the distant past when life was simple and reminds you of those blissful care free days without the melancholy of modern day urban life.



What's the difference between a great blog and one that people click away from? The secret is that a good blog offers its readers value. It's dynamic and interactive, so that it gives its readers more than just some old articles to read. Here are some ideas on how to make your blog a great place to hang out. It's Fresh And Up-To-Date A great blog has new content on a regular basis. This content offers up-to-date information to your readers. You've got to get into a regular posting schedule and keep all the content high quality. Once a blog is going, many blog owners decide to outsource their content creation to an article ghost writer. Why do this? Because you'll be so busy with other tasks that the writing will often become a chore, and they can give you the high quality content you need. The Blog Interacts With Its Readers People don't just read blogs, they interact with them. The more people can communicate with the blog, the more they'll enjoy it and feel like it belongs to them. This is why we put a comments plug-in on the blog and encourage people to use it. But lots of people don't fully take advantage of this. If you really want to make your blog successful, you've got to make it an interactive community. When somebody comments, reply to them. Always keep it friendly and respectful, even if they say something stupid or rude. A simple reply from the blog owner goes a long way. Widgetize And Get Plugins To make it even more interactive, you should take advantage of all the widgets and plugins out there. You can synchronize your blog with Facebook so that your readers can automatically "like" what they see. You can install a "Tweet This" button so that they can instantly talk about your post on Twitter. You can even create a simple membership and profile option for your readers and turn your blog into a social networking site. There is an endless array of stuff you can do to make it more interactive, but one warning - Don't over-widgetize. If you fill your blog full of buttons, widgets and doo-dads, it will only make it cluttered and hard to read. Instead, pick a few really good ones that will offer your readers value. Keep your blog going with fresh content from your article ghost writer and lots of interactive options for your readers. When people see that you offer more, they'll stick around and tell all of their friends about you.

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The NEW  RULES  of   MARKETING  &  PR     The  New  Rules  of  Marketing  and  PR  shows  you   how  to  leverage  the  potential  that  Web-­‐based   communication  offers  your  business.  Finally,  you   can  speak  directly  to  customers  and  buyers,   establishing  a  personal  link  with  the  people  who   make  your  business  work.   An  excellent  task   management  app  for  your   iPhone  and  iPad.    Sync   directly  with  iCal  on  your   iMac  or  Outlook  on  your  PC.     You  can  also  sync  with   MobileMe  and  Toodledo.    

the zen  of  social  media   marketing     Social  media  is  a  crucial  tool   for  success  in  business  today.   People  are  already  talking   about  your  business  using   social  media,  whether  you’re  using  it  or  not.  By   becoming  part  of  the  conversation,  you  can  start   connecting  directly  to  your  customers,  as  well  as   finding  new  ones,  easily  and  inexpensively   spreading  the  word  about  your  products  or   services.     A  great  place  to  publish  your  CDs,  DVDs,  and   books  and  have  them  listed  on  Amazon.    

Increase in  Amazon   sales  from  2009  to   2010.    Net  sales  were   34.20  billion.    North   America  accounted  for   54.7  of  sales  in  2010.  

Did you  know:  Google’s  first  ever  Tweet  was  “I’m  01100110  01100101  01100101  01101100   01101001  01101110  01100111  00100000  01101100  01110101  01100011  01101011   01111001  00001010.”  “I’m  feeling  lucky.”  In  binary.    

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Take Advantage of Social Media to Earn Money

By  Luigi  Govena  Velasco    .          

Social Media should be appreciated for make variety possible for us. Years ago, we only had limited number of products and services available. By limited I mean if you bought chocolate, it was only chocolate. However as social media enhanced, the chocolate companies found out that each customer has its own preference of the types of chocolate. Some customers prefer their chocolate melted on a wafer and some like to eat coconut with chocolate. Thus Kit Kat and Bounty were introduced in the world of chocolate.

Now that you have become familiar with the basic concept, we will move forward to telling you different ways in which you can use social media to earn money. All rounded communication is not just a phenomenon; it is a feature that can enable you to earn money like never before. Since competition is continuously rising, people want to avail whatever opportunity they can and what better way to provide different kind of opportunities to them than social media? You can earn money through social media in two basic ways which are providing services through social media or providing products through social media. These are two broad ways and a lot of different ways of earning are associated with each way. When earning through service is in consideration, you can use SM as a medium of delivery of the service that you are providing. Whether you have a training institute or a company, a college or a school or a technically assisting company you can now sell your service through Soc. Media. Just make sure that the customer is aware of the fact that your brand exists and your service campaign and marketing is attractive enough to persuade the customer to buy your service. How can you deliver your service? You can deliver your service via video conference, webinars, chat sessions etc. Simply sell your service and earn dollars. The second way is to sell or promote products. For instance, if you are a writer or an author, all you have to do is just create an e copy of your book and an online interface of yourself which would act as a virtual store of your brand. Upload the e book and sell it. You can also do the same for other products but for other products you will need to provide more features to such as a virtual gallery, product view, etc. You can also promote products via SM by doing different kinds of online marketing through SM that will also generate money for you. Be wise and use social media to your advantage, it's not just there; it is there for you to utilize it.

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Getting Backlinks  

Article Marketing  can  be  an   arduous  and  time  consuming   process.    How  to  simplify  it?  

How many  articles   do  you  write  each   month?   I  have  close  to  30   articles  written  for   me  every  month.    I   pay  less  than  $10  for   a  high  quality  article   including  the   process  to  submit   them.     How  do  you   distribute  your   articles?   I  use  Unique  Article   Wizard.    This  calls   for  3  versions  of   each  article,  but  the   results  are  well   worth  it.    

What kind  of   results  are  you   achieving?   Top  10  results  are   possible  for   competitive   keywords  (up  to   400,000  monthly   keyword   searches)  after   about  120  days.     You  have  to  do   this  gradually,   otherwise  you’ll   get  pinged  by  the   search  engines   which  defeats  the   purpose.     WMM  

I try to spend as much of my day focused on the tasks at hand. - Leigh Burke

Article Marketing   Creating  articles  and   submitting  them   across  the  internet  is   still  one  of  the  best   ways  to  achieve  high   quality  backlinks  to   your  website.    You   control  the  anchor   text  and  signature   box  so  can  direct  the   link  juice  for   maximum  effect.   Automation   Writing  articles  by   hand  and  submitting   them  one  by  one  is  so   old  school.    Look  to   outsource  your   article  writing  using   a  website  like  elance   and  then  automate   submission  of  your   articles  using  a   service  like  Linkvana,   Unique  Article   Wizard,  SEO   Linkvine  or   Rankarama.  


The average   number  of  days   required  to   achieve   optimum  seo   results.  

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Feature  Article    .                                                                                                   .  

By  Simon  M  Evans    .           Facebook Advertising is still in it's infancy compared to Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. This means that there is plenty of room left to jump on the bandwagon before it will be considered saturated. According to leading Internet Marketers, 2011 will see an incredible increase in the amount of businesses that turn to Facebook's Advertising Channel and it is important to get in there NOW and really exploit the wonderful opportunity to raise your PPC success! Lets quickly look at the benefits of using Facebook Adverts: •

• •

• •


Connect with more than 500 Million Potential Customers Select your audience by geographics and interests Simple to test both Image and Text based adverts to see what works best for you Controlling your daily budget with ease Have the option to only pay when people click or see your advert

7 Killer Tips For Creating Successful Facebook Adverts

Here are 7 Killer Tips To Help You Succeed When Creating A Facebook Advert 1) Interrupt: Use Curiosity or Controversy to capture the audiences attention. 2) Engage: Ask A Question, then Elaborate what you are offering, showing the benefit. 3) Educate: Provide the Facts Zero BS! Build Trust, Gain Customers. 4) Offer Lay out your offer, then let the audience know what you want them to do next and make a Promise you can Fulfill. 5) When using an Image it needs to Tell A Story, do NOT use a Logo! 6) The Body of the advert should include a Promise. A Promise is a strong statement of Intent and will help build trust with the audience. 7) The Promise Absolutely MUST be delivered on a Landing Page. Learning Internet Marketing can prove to be a daunting prospect. My partner and I are new to it but have found that despite the numerous people out there trying to sell you everything under the sun, it IS possible with hard work to achieve an High Income from it. Please check out our site and if we can be of any help to you we would be more than happy to help you. WMM

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wmm marketplace >  Domains,  Websites  &  Products  For  Sale.  

Domain for  sale   Contact:

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Contact Us   >  Contact  us  to  list  your  domain   name  or  website  for  sale  in  this   section  

Quotable: Art  is  making  something  out  of  nothing  and  selling  it.    -­‐    Frank  Zappa      

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iPad2 Any iPad description you read will make note of the new slimmer size for the iPad 2, and it's one of the bigger features that Apple are promoting. The differences are very small, though anything that improves portability is useful for a device like this. If you're used to the old iPad, you'll probably notice the changes.

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wmm contributors Adam Snyder I am a 23 year old internet marketer I enjoy helping people make money online and offline. I have a passion for finance, business, sports, health, and retail. I love to spend my time evaluating websites and stores rather than actually shopping.

Jeremy R Millier Jeremy Miller is the owner of Bugon Website Services. He has a a focused interest in search engine marketing techniques and the ability to utilize the combination of viable website design, web usability, search engine optimization and website marketing to collaboratively and cohesively build and hold a website business together.

Darren W Chow Darren Chow is the founder of a successful Article Distribution Service and has been marketing online since 2001.

Greg Scott Greg W. Scott is a freelance writer who specializes in SEO article writing. When not hunched over a computer hammering out quality content, he's either camping in Arizona or eating raw fish in Japan.

Luigi Govena Velasco Founder/CEO of SEO Services Provider. A former Webinar on Internet Intelligence Institute and a Virtual Assitant. The webstorm grasps my enthusiasm to give and provide services in order to earn and to provide a quality offers.

Simon M Evans The reason why I started my business was because I wanted to have control over our future and work from home or anywhere else we decided! My fiancé and I were both pretty fed up of the boring 9-5 situation we found ourselves in and decided to do something about it. We created our business because we love meeting people and networking with other entrepreneurs in the same situation as you and we really want to help and inspire them to discover a better alternative just like we did.


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wmm back story Chad French  is  President/CEO  of  Avlo  Media  Inc  -­  parent  company  of  the  PeerFly  Affiliate  Network.  A   programmer  by  trade,  Chad  built  PeerFly  from  the  ground  up  using  Windows  Notepad  and  $0  in  his   pocket.  Even  though  PeerFly  is  only  two  years  old,  it's  now  considered  one  of  the  fastest  growing   performance  marketing  networks  in  the  industry  and  is  best  known  for  it's  high  payouts,  and  an   amazing  custom  platform.   1.  Tell  us  a  little  bit  about  yourself.  Where  are  you  from?  How  old  are  you?   I'm  25  years  old.  I  was  born  in  South  Florida  and  raised  in  North  Florida.  I'm  married  with  2  children  (6  year   old  boy  &  2  year  old  girl).  My  wife  is  a  full  time  college  student  at  the  University  of  Florida  who  also  works  for   me  part  time  in  accounting.  In  my  free  time  I  enjoy  watching  weekend  football  (go  Gators!),  and  mainly  trying   to  spend  time  with  my  family.   2.  How  long  have  you  been  in  affiliate  marketing  and  how  did  you  get  involved?   I've  been  in  different  types  of  online  marketing  since  1999  but  didn't  really  start  making  good  money  until   2007  with  an  incentive  rewards  site.  After  selling  that  business  in  the  summer  of  2008  I  dabbled  in  affiliate   marketing  and  made  some  really  good  connections  with  people  in  the  industry,  mainly  other  affiliate  network   owners.  I've  been  designing  websites  and  programming  since  I  was  15  years  old...  So,  as  a  programmer,  my   initial  intentions  were  to  create  a  robust  platform  and  then  lease  it  to  the  bigger  affiliate  networks.  However,   the  more  I  became  familiar  with  everything  in  this  industry  the  more  I  actually  wanted  to  run  one.  It  wasn't   long  before  I  started  writing  up  a  business  plan  and  getting  to  work  on  creating  my  own  affiliate  network.  The   word  "PeerFly"  has  no  real  meaning  but  I  used  it  as  the  name  because  I  already  owned  the  domain  and  I   honestly  didn't  have  the  $10  to  get  another  domain  name  at  the  time.  I  started  building  the  PeerFly  platform  in   the  fall  of  2008  and  then  launched  it  in  December.   3.  How  long  was  it  before  you  realized  you  could  live  off  your  affiliate  income?   It  was  almost  immediately.  I  came  in  at  a  perfect  time  when  we  could  incentivize  rebill  offers.  The  first  month   in  business  was  amazing.  The  only  overhead  I  had  was  a  $120  monthly  server  bill.   4.  What  has  been  your  biggest  success  to  date?   I'd  say  the  absolute  biggest  success  I've  had  is  creating  something  that  is  growing  roots.  Yeah,  we're  only  two   years  old  but  we've  seen  a  lot  of  growth  and  huge  amount  of  success  in  our  short  business  life.  Our  roots  our   growing  and  now  so  is  our  branches.  

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5. Tell  us  a  little  bit  about  PeerFly  and  what  you  do  over  there?  


PeerFly is  a  cost-­‐per-­‐action  affiliate  network.  We  extend  the  sales  force  of  merchants,  service  providers,  and   product  owners  in  the  online  world  for  free.  They  only  pay  when  we  deliver  results  rather  than  the  promise  to   deliver  results.  We  have  nearly  200  client  relationships,  over  20k  publisher  accounts,  and  we're  growing  at  an   enormous  rate.   6.  How  many  employees  does  PeerFly  has  and  where  are  your  offices  located?   This  may  surprise  you  but  we're  actually  quite  small  -­‐  only  6  people  including  myself  and  we  have  no  central   headquarters.  We  have  a  small  work  force  due  to  the  benefit  of  technology.  A  lot  of  tasks  and  stuff  that  other   affiliate  networks  hire  people  for,  we  replace  with  automated  processes  (think  robots)  that  do  an  even  better   job.  We're  working  on  an  offer  recommendation  algorithm  right  now  that  will  slap  your  typical  affiliate   manager  in  the  face.   My  employees  and  I  all  work  from  the  comfort  of  our  home  offices.  I  guess  you  could  say  we  have  3  offices  in   Florida,  1  office  in  Missouri  and  1  office  in  Illinois  because  that's  where  all  of  my  guys  live!   We  will  probably  all  come  together  eventually  and  start  expanding  our  departments  but  for  right  now,  things   couldn't  be  any  better.   7.  There  are  already  so  many  CPA  affiliate  networks  out  there.  What  makes  PeerFly  different?   True...  there  are  many  networks  out  there.  Amongst  other  things,  here  are  the  top  5  reasons  why  Internet   marketers  (worldwide)  should  choose  to  work  with  PeerFly:   a)  We  don't  have  a  huge  overhead  so  our  profit  margins  are  extremely  small  which  creates  the  largest  payouts.   b)  Our  platform  is  unmatched  and  we're  always  adding  new  features.  Publishers  can  even  request  specific   CUSTOM  features  for  their  account.  We  have  API  feeds  for  everything  (offers,  stats,  earnings).   c)  We  have  a  lifetime  5%  publisher  referral  program.  We've  had  it  since  day  one  and  will  continue  to   encourage  our  publishers  to  refer  others.  In  2009  we  paid  out  nearly  $100k  in  referral  earnings.   d)  We'll  do  just  about  anything  to  get  your  business  including  taking  a  negative  margin  to  beat  payouts  on   another  network,  giving  monthly  rewards,  or  helping  you  setup  your  campaign  on  the  weekend  at  3am.   e)  NO  TELEPHONE  INTERVIEWS!  We  have  moved  past  telephone  interviews  on  new  applicants  for  a  ton  of   reasons  but  mainly  because  we  have  enough  tools  to  detect  fraud  and  plenty  of  ways  to  communicate  online   and  we  know  that  everyone  hates  pressured  phone  interviews.  

WMM 29 8.  Do  you  offer  bi-­weekly  or  weekly  payments?  If  so,  how  much  does   one  have  to  make  to  qualify?  


We offer  weeklies  if  the  publisher  can  generate  at  least  $1k  a  week.  We  also  offer  payments  upon  request   (which  virtually  nobody  else  does)  for  a  small  fee.  We  pay  many  publishers  every  day  using  the  payment   request  system.  We've  paid  out  requests  as  fast  as  8  minutes  after  submitted.   9.  Do  you  have  any  exclusive  offers  that  other  networks  don't  have?   We  have  a  few  exclusive  insurance  offers  (auto,  health),  a  few  promotional  offers,  and  we're  also  currently   exclusive  with  a  mortgage  lead  gen  offer.  We  have  a  lot  of  exclusive  promotional  zip  submit  offers  coming   soon.   10.  Which  offers  are  performing  well  on  your  network?   We're  huge  in  promotional  e-­‐mail  and  zip  submits  -­‐  probably  one  of  the  biggest  in  the  space.  Our  next  largest   vertical  would  be  anything  lead  gen.  We're  also  huge  in  "As  Seen  on  TV"  offers  during  the  holiday  season.   11.  Which  traffic  sources  prove  to  be  the  most  effective  for  your  top  earning  affiliates?  Is  it  E-­mail,  PPC,   Pay  Per  View,  Facebook,  Media  Buying  or  any  others?   Our  strongest  promotional  methods  are  PPC,  PPV,  Display  and  Social  (FB,  Plenty  of  Fish).   12.  What  are  the  criteria  for  a  marketer  to  be  accepted  at  PeerFly?  How  does  PeerFly  prevent  and   handle  fraud?   We  accept  publishers  worldwide  although  we  will  deny  publishers  who  don't  meet  certain  standards.  We'll   take  in  new  industry  affiliates  (everyone's  gotta'  start  somewhere,  right?)  but  they  need  to  at  least  know  what   affiliate  marketing  is  and  have  some  sort  of  goals  in  place.  Our  fraud  detection  and  compliance  team  is   unmatched.  Upon  registration  we  require  ID  uploads  from  certain  countries  and  automatic  phone  verification.   The  data  from  new  applicants  are  analyzed  automatically  by  our  system  using  over  20  different  cross  checks   into  known  fraudulent  accounts,  fraudulently  used  IP  addresses  and  a  whole  slew  of  other  monotonous   verification  checks.  After  that,  we  have  a  full  time  fraud  &  compliance  team  managed  by  a  guy  who's  awake   24/7  and  lives  on  red  bull  and  a  lack  of  sunlight.  You  don't  want  to  cross  paths  with  him  -­‐  it  won't  be  pretty.   13.  For  those  who  are  interested  in  working  with  you  and  your  affiliate  network  -­  what's  the  best   way/time  to  reach  you?   We  have  official  business  hours  for  phone  calls  but  someone  from  our  team  is  usually  online  via  messenger  at   anytime  of  the  day.  We  also  try  hard  to  get  e-­‐mails  answered  within  24  hours.  

14. What's  the  difference  between  a  Super  Affiliate  and  an  Average   Affiliate?  

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A super  affiliate  runs  with  PeerFly,  the  rest  go  elsewhere!:D   15.  If  you  could  change  one  thing  about  the  affiliate  industry,  what  would  it  be?   It  would  be  getting  rid  of  the  scum  networks  that  make  our  industry  look  like  a  get  rich  quick  scheme.  In   addition  -­‐  getting  truly  represented  by  an  association  who  can  get  us  access  to  the  big  brands  and  who  will   fight  for  us  in  Washington  when  it  comes  to  online  advertising  matters.  Affiliate  marketing  (I  like   "performance  marketing"  better)  might  be  a  small  sector  of  online  advertising  but  we're  making  huge   footprints.   16.  What  do  you  think  about  where  the  industry  is  going?  Where  PeerFly  may  be  going?   We  saw  a  boom  when  ring  tones  were  big  and  a  boom  during  the  rebill  era  but  those  were  nothing  in   comparison  to  what  types  of  activity  we  will  see  as  an  industry  once  we  clean  up,  become  more  organized,  and   start  attracting  the  Ford's  and  Nike's.   As  for  PeerFly,  not  only  do  we  have  big  plans  in  store  for  our  CPA  platform  but  also  we  will  soon  be  branching   out  into  other  forms  of  traditional  online  advertising.  Look  out  for  Adzur  in  2011.   17.  What  are  your  goals  for  the  rest  of  2010?   To  make  the  4th  quarter  our  biggest  ever  and  to  also  be  prepared  for  our  first  ASW  show  where  we've  secured   a  meet  market  table  and  booth.   18.  What's  your  favorite  movie  and  why?   I  have  so  many  favorites  and  my  #1  movie  seems  to  get  replaced  all  the  time.  However,  I  really  enjoyed   Inception  with  Leonardo  DiCaprio  and  can  definitely  say  that  it's  in  my  top  10.  Fantastic  flick.   19.  Give  us  a  little  glimpse  into  what  a  typical  day  in  your  life  looks  like.   I  wake  up  at  8am  and  get  my  daughter  ready  and  take  her  to  school.  On  the  way  home  I  usually  stop  and  get  a   large  coffee  from  McDonald's  to  help  start  my  day  and  get  me  focused  (it  really  does  work  wonders!).  I  work   from  about  10am  -­‐  5pm  then  I  take  a  2-­‐4  hour  break  to  spend  time  with  my  family.  I  work  again  intermittently   until  about  2am.  On  the  weekends  I  try  to  spend  more  time  with  the  family  but  I  still  find  myself  working  a  lot,   mostly  in  the  evenings  and  into  the  morning  hours.    WMM   For  more  details  about  this  network  please  check  out  the  Peerfly  review  page.  

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Advertising  Feature    .                                                                                                  

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Advertising  Feature    .                                                                                                            

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