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Difference between Digital Marketing and Advertising

Marketers are engaged in Marketing from time immemorial but now Digital Marketing has taken a big leap and it is not only considered as part of Marketing but also dominating the whole world of online promotion. There are countless digital marketers and some companies which consider Online Promotions and Digital Advertising as the same thing but they need to understand that there is a difference between Digital marketing and digital advertising.

Confused? Let me tell you the difference, Digital Marketing or internet marketing is a vast sea which includes targeted Email Campaign, Social Media Optimization or Social Media Campaigns, Inbound Marketing, Google Ads/PPC, Search Engine Optimization, Content strategy and many more on the other hand digital advertising is the part of digital marketing which focuses only on delivering the message to the prospect by using only one methodology.

The three main types of digital advertising are: PPC Advertising, Social Advertising and Display Advertising There are a lot of digital marketing companies in Delhi which can perform these actions/task, one of them is Webocity T. (We provide services in PPC and Social Media advertising). Digital Advertising is an undeniably important part of internet promotions thus we need to focus on this sphere as well.

Now let’s take a look at E-Commerce in which the Internet Marketing and especially the Digital Advertising plays a vital role in existence. These days not even the E-Commerce giants can afford to lose money by not engaging in Advertising. They have to use all aforementioned methods of advertising because if they did then chances are high that they leave money on the table. In 2018, there are more than 699 million people in India who use the internet and almost every business is online so there is a huge demand of ecommerce Development Company in Delhi and some PHP development company in Delhi as well.

Online Campaigns circumscribe advertising but digital marketing goes afar just this one practice. Online Marketing involves doing keyword research and SEO, creating an effective content marketing strategy and maintaining an online presence on social media to perform the task of online reputation management. Now if a company wants to perform Digital Marketing activities or just the advertisement part, that firm will need to have a good website and there are a lot of website development companies in Delhi which can perform this task.

Sometimes these digital advertisements can create annoyance in viewers mind, suppose you are watching a YouTube video and the 5 seconds skippable ad disrupts the engagement which you have with the video, so what will a firm or a company do they have nothing to gain when they keep adamant on the fact that they will only run ads to get leads what will they do? What will you do? Also Read : SEO Techniques for Website To Rank On SERP

Are you biting your nails? So hey Folks, there is no need to be afraid as when all fail, Digital Marketing strategies emerge as panacea to heal injuries of online advertising, there are various ways to achieve this and in all this we should not forget the humongous power of ‘‘Search Engine Optimization’’ which can provide us with the leads and required traffic of prospect at our website, Inbound and Content Strategy which can create a trust in brand, Email Campaigns, Social Media Optimization/Campaigns and what not. From all the statements we can infer that Digital Marketing creates a tool called digital advertising which acts as a fuel for any online business to grow and prosper. Original source

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Difference Between Digital Marketing vs Advertising