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FADE IN: INT. MALL- DAY A HANDSOME MAN walks past department stores, bag in hand. beautiful WOMAN walks out of one of the stores in the opposite direction.


HANDSOME MAN Hey there beautiful. WOMAN #1 I don’t think so. She keeps walking and the handsome man stands puzzled. CUT TO: The same handsome man is leaning up against a wall as a gorgous WOMAN walks by. Hey there.

HANDSOME MAN How you doin’ today?

Without turning her head. WOMAN #2 No. The hansome man is again left dumb founded. CUT TO: The handsome man stands behind a stunning WOMAN in line for coffee. COFFEE CLERK That will be four dollars and twenty-two cents. The handsome man steps up pulling out his wallet. HANDSOME MAN Please, allow me. The woman looks at him in disgust. WOMAN #3 What kind of woman do you think I am? She walks off and again the handsome man is left alone throwing his hands in the air.


INT. BACHELOR PAD- NIGHT We see the previous image on a TV. We pull out to see the handsome man standing next to the TV dressed up nice. HANDSOME MAN I used to have problems when it came to picking up woman. He walks over to a big arm chair, where a cylinder of "Old Spice" deodorant is sitting on the arm. He sits down, picks up the product and takes a sniff. HANDSOME MAN That is until I started using "Swagger" from "Old Spice" We pull out to the full view of the room to see flashing lights and music. A dozen beautiful woman are dancing all around. HANDSOME MAN Now the only problems I have is deciding who will get me a beer. This catches all the women’s attention and there’s cries of "Oh me, me", "Pick me", "I’ll do it", "Me" as they all throw their hands in the air. CUT TO: "Swagger Old Spice" logo with whistle. FADE OUT:

Old Spice commercial Idea  

An idea for a old spice commercial