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O V E R V I E W & COLO R P ALETTEs This style guide outlines the HTML text styles, color usage and image formats for the newly redesigned Emmanuel College Web site. In order to ensure visual consistency throughout the site, it is important to follow these guidelines as closely as possible.

General Rules • Body content should always be flush left, never centered or flush right.

Color Palettes The following HTML colors have been carefully selected to match Emmanuel College’s identity, support current collateral designed for Emmanuel, and to ensure maximum readability on the Web. Text colors should be used as they are available in the CMS. To maintain consistency throughout all areas of the site, additional colors should snot be used.

• Page content should not begin with a bulleted list. • For maximum consistency and readability, use only the text styles and colors available in the CMS.

Primary Palette

• Text modifications should be used sparingly, or they may become overwhelming and affect readability. If certain words require additional emphasis, apply a style that is bold or italic. • All content or in-line images must be re-sized to the appropriate dimensions for the page on which they will appear and saved as 72 dpi JPG files. • Imagery should be used judiciously within content, and only when it supports the message within the content. • Where “Resources” & “See Also” links and embedded content links are permitted, the links should be directly relevant to the content of the page. These links should not lead the user to unrelated information.

HEX 668CB5 R102 G140 B181

HEX 94516F R149 G65 B111

HEX ABB400 R171 G180 B0

HEX D39100 R211 G145 B0

Secondary Palette

HEX CBDDE8 R203 G221 B232

HEX 55708D R85 G112 B141

HEX A0B0C0 R160 G176 B192

HEX 7B8CA1 R123 G140 B161

HEX B3BB19 R179 G187 B25

HEX C07922 R192 G121 B34

HEX FEE6B5 R254 G230 B181

HEX FDD98D R253 G217 B141

HEX FFBD00 R255 G189 B0

HEX 00000 R0 G0 B0

HEX FFFFFF R255 G255 B255

• Web content should be as succinct as possible. Be sure content is relevant and keep copy to a minimum.

Emmanuel College Web Style Guide  

Web Style Guide for Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

Emmanuel College Web Style Guide  

Web Style Guide for Emmanuel College, Boston, MA