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What happens if I disagree with my supervisor’s appraisal of my performance? The supervisor and employee should discuss the differences in an effort to reach a mutually satisfying resolution. If a resolution is not achieved, the supervisor should arrange for the employee to discuss the appraisal with the next level of supervision who would consider the reason for disagreement and discuss the matter with both parties to seek a resolution.

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What is the process if a resolution cannot be reached? If a resolution cannot be reached, the employee should prepare a written statement of the reasons he or she disagrees with the appraisal. This statement should be sent to the Director of Human Resources within five working days after the appeal. The Director of Human Resources will review the Information and discuss the matter with the employee and supervisor within ten business days.


If I approve my performance appraisal does that indicate that I agree with the appraisal? Not necessarily. Clicking on “Approved” only indicates that you have been given the opportunity to examine the contents of the appraisal and that your job performance was reviewed and discussed.


For additional support or questions please contact the Office of Human Resources at 617-735-9991. 21

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Perfromance Appraisal Employee  

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