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English Matthew Elliott, Ph.D. Chair

Students majoring in English follow one of the three programs described below: communication, media and cultural studies; literature; or writing and literature.

Learning Goals and Outcomes The English Department prepares students to contribute to scholarly and popular discourses through mastery of the following five goals: • Expertise in “close reading” of texts Students will be able to analyze the form, content, and cultural meanings of works of literature and a wide array of other forms of communication and cultural expressions. • Ability to analyze texts in context Students will be able to understand texts in relation to a variety of contexts, including historical moments, as well as literary, cultural, and theoretical traditions. • Ability to conduct in-depth research on complex subjects. • Ability to write clear, polished, and persuasive prose.

• Ability to present ideas effectively through persuasive oral communication.

Communication, Media and Cultural Studies Program The communication, media and cultural studies program is organized around nine key areas of knowledge, ability, and/or experience the department has identified as essential for those who contemplate entering professional communication fields upon graduation. These nine areas are listed and described below. 1. Rhetorical and Theoretical Foundations (1 course) Understanding how language and symbols influence beliefs, ideas, and emotions, and how persuasion depends upon ethical choices. 2. Cultural Literacy (1 course) Understanding literary and cultural history through the reading and interpretation of literary texts, and how texts from the past continue to influence print and media sources today. 3. Creative Writing and Professional Communication (1 course) Understanding and practicing the composing processes and research strategies that are essential to achieving success in either the creative or technical writing fields. 4. Media and Visual Literacy (1 course) Understanding the theoretical and practical processes that influence how written language is interpreted when used in concert with film, visual, computer, and multimedia technologies.

2012-2013 Academic Catalog

Programs of Study for Liberal Arts and Sciences

The English department offers concentrations in Communication, Media and Cultural Studies, Literature, and Writing and Literature. Our undergraduate programs prepare students to think and to write critically and creatively through the study of a variety of media and texts. By creating effective written and oral narratives, students develop an awareness and appreciation of how language influences the beliefs, attitudes, and emotions of various audiences. Students have opportunities to gain field-related experience through various internships as well as to compile portfolios of their critical and creative work for future employers and graduate programs.

NEW 2012-2013 Academic Catalog  
NEW 2012-2013 Academic Catalog  

NEW 2012-2013 Academic Catalog