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Programs of Study for Liberal Arts and Sciences

Megumi Naitoh, M.F.A. Chair

The art department offers programs in studio art, graphic design and technology, art therapy, art history and art education. The study of art within a liberal arts context provides a rich, interdisciplinary source of material for self-expression. Through a broad studio and art history experience, students develop the critical, analytical and technical facility necessary to produce and understand works of art. Students are challenged to engage in idea generation, critical thinking, and creative expression through a variety of courses using both traditional and new media. Department majors develop a comprehensive awareness of issues in historical and contemporary artworks through frequent interaction with art collections in area galleries and museums. Each program within the department strives to develop a student’s potential to communicate, influence and interact creatively in society in an effective and responsible way. Students are encouraged to study abroad in order to gain a first-hand global experience in the arts. Core courses in drawing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, digital processes and art history prepare students with the visual vocabulary, verbal and writing skills, and basic technical facility needed to pursue a major in the art department. Upper-level courses in the specific programs build on the core and prepare students for graduate school or careers in the fields of graphic design, art therapy, art education and arts administration in museums, galleries and auction houses. In addition, art majors also have successful careers in business because of the creative and critical-thinking skills developed through their course of study. Emmanuel College

All aspects of the programs are rigorous. Students contemplating majors or minors in the art department should note that careers in the field require advanced levels of proficiency in their creative work as well as in their writing and communication skills. Students should expect and desire coursework that heavily emphasizes studio projects, research and writing. In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree, the art department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design & technology and in an individually designed studio major. These programs require additional courses which must be taken in sequence in order to ensure the academic integrity of the degree. Courses leading to Initial Licensure as Teacher in Visual Art Education by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, pre-K through eight, and five through 12 may be taken.

Department Core Courses The following courses comprise the studio core for all art majors. The courses are designed to introduce students to the formal elements of art and design as well as a variety of traditional and digital media and art history. ART1201 Survey of Art I or ART1202 Survey of Art II ART1401 Basic Drawing I ART1402 Basic Drawing II ART1407 Introduction to Digital Processes ART2403 Design and Composition ART2433 3D Form Studies


*Art therapy majors are exempt from taking ART1402 Basic Drawing II

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