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Virtual Special Issue:

Mol Micro Meeting May 2014

Articles Molecular analysis of the crenarchaeal flagellum Kerstin Lassak, Tomasz Neiner, Abhrajyoti Ghosh, Andreas Klingl, Reinhard Wirth and Sonja-Verena Albers The MAP kinase MpkA controls cell wall integrity, oxidative stress response, gliotoxin production and iron adaptation in Aspergillus fumigatus Radhika Jain, Vito Valiante, Nicole Remme, Teresa Docimo, Thorsten Heinekamp, Christian Hertweck, Jonathan Gershenzon, Hubertus Haas and Axel A. Brakhage Bypassing the need for subcellular localization of a polysaccharide export-anchor complex by overexpressing its protein subunits June Javens, Zhe Wan, Gail G. Hardy and Yves V. Brun Assembly of the Yersinia injectisome: the missing pieces Andreas Diepold, Ulrich Wiesand, Marlise Amstutz and Guy R. Cornelis Surface sensing and lateral subcellular localization of WspA, the receptor in a chemosensory-like system leading to c-di-GMP production Jennifer R. O'Connor, Nathan J. Kuwada, Varisa Huangyutitham, Paul A. Wiggins and Caroline S. Harwood Identification and analysis of flagellar coexpressed determinants (Feds) of Campylobacter jejuni involved in colonization Angelica M. Barrero-Tobon and David R. Hendrixson Molecular function and potential evolution of the biofilm-modulating blue light-signalling pathway of Escherichia coli Natalia Tschowri, Sandra Lindenberg and Regine Hengge

Articles Regulated proteolysis of Candida albicans Ras1 is involved in morphogenesis and quorum sensing regulation Amy E. Piispanen, Nora Grahl, Jeffrey M. Hollomon and Deborah A. Hogan Superoxide poisons mononuclear iron enzymes by causing mismetallation Mianzhi Gu and James A. Imlay A seven-WD40 protein related to human RACK1 regulates mating and virulence in Ustilago maydis Lei Wang, Patrick Berndt, Xiaojuan Xia, Jörg Kahnt and Regine Kahmann The cell biology of peritrichous flagella in Bacillus subtilis Sarah B. Guttenplan, Sidney Shaw and Daniel B. Kearns Regulated expression of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase A reveals an influence on cell size and the secretion of virulence factors in Cryptococcus neoformans Jaehyuk Choi, A. Wayne Vogl and James W. Kronstad Structure and activity of AbiQ, a lactococcal endoribonuclease belonging to the type III toxin–antitoxin system Julie E. Samson, Silvia Spinelli, Christian Cambillau and Sylvain Moineau

Isopeptide bonds of the major pilin protein BcpA influence pilus structure and bundle formation on the surface of Bacillus cereus Antoni P. A. Hendrickx, Catherine B. Poor, Justin E. Jureller, Jonathan M. Budzik, Chuan He and Olaf Schneewind

Articles Magnetosome chains are recruited to cellular division sites and split by asymmetric septation Emanuel Katzmann, Frank D. Müller, Claus Lang, Maxim Messerer, Michael Winklhofer, Jürgen M. Plitzko and Dirk Schüler A network of enzymes involved in repair of oxidative DNA damage in Neisseria meningitidis Krzysztofa Nagorska, Jan Silhan, Yanwen Li, Vladimir Pelicic, Paul S. Freemont, Geoff S. Baldwin and Christoph M. Tang A mixed double negative feedback loop between the sRNA MicF and the global regulator Lrp Erik Holmqvist, Cecilia Unoson, Johan Reimegård and E. Gerhart H. Wagner Structure of a translocation signal domain mediating conjugative transfer by type IV secretion systems Adam Redzej, Aravindan Ilangovan, Silvia Lang, Christian J. Gruber, Maya Topf, Klaus Zangger, Ellen L. Zechner and Gabriel Waksman Superresolution imaging of ribosomes and RNA polymerase in live Escherichia coli cells Somenath Bakshi, Albert Siryaporn, Mark Goulian and James C. Weisshaar Phosphoenolpyruvate phosphotransferase system regulates detection and processing of the quorum sensing signal autoinducer-2 Catarina S. Pereira, António J. M. Santos, Michal Bejerano-Sagie, Paulo B. Correia, Joao C. Marques and Karina B. Xavier

Molecular Microbiology Virtual Issue May 2014  
Molecular Microbiology Virtual Issue May 2014