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Knights Templar Celebrate 150th Anniversary At the end of October, Knight Templar Masons from many parts of the country descended on Malvern and

Worcester for a weekend of celebrations to mark the 'l50th Anniversary of the founding of the provincial priory of Worcestershire.

Friday evening saw the celebrations commence with an informal Dinner at the Abbey Hotel, Malvern and the Provincial Priory was particularly honoured by the presence of the Most Eminent & Supreme Grand Master, Leslie Felgate Dring who was in attendance for the whole of the celebratory weekend. Saturday commenced with the Ladies being taken on an outing to Gloucesterwhilstthe Knights of theOrderattended theAnnual provincial priory meeting held at Worcester Cathedral. This historic building formed an impressive setting for the proceedings, with the members of the Order clothed in their Regalia. During the proceedings the Provincial prior, Graham Ferkins presented the Provincial Grand Master, Richard Goddard with a cheque forâ‚Ź500 towards the 2011 Festival Appeal. At the conclusion of the meeting all present were presented with a booklet relating the History of the province over it's first 150 years, which had been researched and written by Richard Goddard. Saturday concluded with a formal Banquet held at the Abbey Hotel and during the evening the provincial prior made a presentation to Mr Anthony Chignell, the Hospitaller of the.Hospital of St John in Jerusllem, with the proceeds of the 150th Anniversary Celebration Charitable Appeal. The Appeal had raised the sum of f30,000 and had been used to purchase and equip a Mobile Outreach Unit to enable the Hospital to take treatment to its patients in the Gaza Strip.

Sunday morning saw the final event in the weekend's celebrations when a Service of Thanksgiving was held in the Chapel of Malvern College.

A Pirsonal fUeiiage from th; nigft misnipfui pionincial:Grand Master Skn , ,i:

Province of Worcestershire Festival


f800k f600k l

940,0k I:




;r r**r" * **a &eltruet,

tg supporr. the- wonderfirl rryo* of



*"orh *qrlr brter ,u



rp"*"9 r,,)#*' "r !ryqrygns, TIre

w.hich cares &,r tlte f,ar.ailiqs:oFai$&sed

Tnmt currentty suppgry 22 frrntlies in our Ptovince alon'E, be facing hardship.

fo{rryj $



urge you to show::that WorcestefShire Freemaaons: e#e deeply: , Ut,'those less forturnate than ourselves. We all remember fiom our initiati into this great: or$aniSation;, that Charity is the cornerstone of our Order.

fhe besl way bo show yourlupport is to take out a bank standing order for Ure duration of the Festival. By committing a monthly, quarterly or annual paymen! direct to the Worcestershire Masonic Chariry, Organisgtion, you will be helping us to achieve our target in the sirnplest and most efficient manner. By agreeing to rqakE a ;Egulaf eayrqestl You will also be demonstrating your l support for your own Lodge and for the Plovince as a whole. , :, ' .:, :.

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io tl" recent Budget but at least the Ch*ic"llo.tis making u poartW.q.. |1s help our Appeal. There wasn't much good He has decided to keip the amount of tax that can be reclaimed under the Gift Aid systeln at 28;VVa und d-Ott, wen though the

basicrateoftaxwilIstillbereducedasfromApril2008. Please speak to your Chanry Steward to let him know you are wif


to,.tgke uB



I fnriw tttm rely on your


With grateful thanks :.:,::'

r' Richardi'G,H Goddard ',, Provincial Grand

Master :

, ,:

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million, one-third of our

Elmley Castle Lodge is organising a Masonic Dining Steam Special on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam railway hauled by the City of Truro locomotive (subject to

How are we doin-e? One-third of goal. Thank you!


It is great to see the one-third of a million flgure

This will take place on Sunday 21th April 2008 leaving Toddington at 12.30p.m., steam along the western edge of the Cotswold Hills to Cheltenham Race Course via Winchcombe and Gotherington, with views of the Malvern Hills and Vale of Evesham. During the trip, a three course meal will be served in the luxurious beautifully restored Pullman-style dining car-nages and a cash bar will be avatlable. The train will retunr to Toddington at 3.15 p.m. The cost is f 30 per head and non-masonic guests will be most welcome. Dress will be smart casual. Contact W.Bro Len Young on 01386 832102 for further details


achieved! months 38 with your efforts fund-raising stop Please don't proverbial the on eye keep our to left until June 2011, we need ball! The amount of tax recovered from Gift Aided donations

included in the above total is f.4I,000, ll% of the total which underlines how important it is to use Gift Aid at every opporlunity. From 6th April, the good news is that the threat of a reduction

in the amount of Gift Aid that a Charity car recover on donations has dissipated and will now remain at the cur:rent level until 20ll I

Stewards should ensure that all donations are sent to the Worcestershire Masonic Charity

*&rcffiffiffi8 *F*ry** &remgg$msre

As a reminder, Charity

Supporting the 2001 Appeal, Ed Baker of Lodge of Peace and Goodwill, No. 6010, recently completed the Reading halfmarathon in t hour 39 minutes, raising around f500 before gift aid and has ambitions to double that (at least!) when he , enters his flrst full Marathon - hopefully in September.

Organisation at Bromsgrove at the earliest opportunity. Festival Jewels continue to be issued in large numbers - over 880 have been despatched. The Appeal Committee is now working on a Ladies Brooch.

Weffir Ymffir Jeqrvel Wlth Pnide


More than 880 Brethren and Companions in the Province of Worcestershire are now proudly wearing the Festival Stewards Jewel. They have shown their support for our efforts to raise in excess of f 1million to support the work of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys who care for the families of distressed Freemasons.

The Jewel design is unique


- it features the crest of the family

of our R.W Provincial Grand

Master, Richard


Goddard, surmounted by the blue and white ribbon of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys. 1,,


has been manufactured in Birmingham by Firmin 8L Company, specialist jewel and badge makers, who were delighted to be asked to make it for us, even though the detail presented them with a challenge. The Jewel can be worn on all Masonic occasions in the Province of Worcestershire, both in Lodge rooms and at the Festival Board. So, how do you acquire one? We are asking you to donate by standing order a minimum of f 100 to Appeal 2011 between now and June 2011, when the Festival ends. Once you have committed yourself to the first payment, you are entitled to purchase the Jewel via your Charity Steward for â‚Ź15.00. Alternatir,ely. you can make a single payment of f 100. Talk to your Chariw Steu ard - he u'ill have the Jewel applications forms. If he has not. both the Jeu-el application and the standing order forms can be downloaded from the Pror-incial website - Click onto the Charity & Appeals section and follorv the links.





an Every year Bro Robert M. Huggins of Swinford

Bj February 2008, beed-"' hed to

Lodge No. 5729 strives to participate in an event in order to raise money for a chosen charrty, and over the past few years has raised money

for the


Research Foundation and

Leukaemta Research.

On Sunday Zlst October he competed in the 26th Stroud Half Marathon, raising funds for the chosen charity of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire - the Charity Appeal 2011 for the "Royal Masonic Trust for Bbys and Girls". The half marathon commenced at 10:00 sharp with almost 2500 runners in attendance. As this was Bro Robert's first half marathon, he was increasingly nervous knowing this




ru-rtt co*'iff i l*ti+it .i..:r+ili'.];ii:..fiiioiii





iiffill iiiu,iiiii:i"i'


would be the greatest distance he had ever run and hoped the 6 months training would set him in good stead. The first 8 miles were enjoyable, however, after that point he struggled to continue and was grateful for the support of the crowds clapping and cheering, giving him the endurance to continue. Upon seeing the finishing line he felt a boost ofenergy, knowing the end was close and he had succeeded. By approaching family, friends, work colleagues, brothers and additionally a collection made at the Lodge ladies' luncheon, he raised funds in excess of f575 and was very proud to be able to support the Provincial Charity and hopes that his donation assist in reaching the f,1 million goal.

will ili1tlltillltiit ,,,,,.,,.,.*.,,,=,,-*rl*-..r..-


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school, during which the Grand Superintendent proposed the health of the new chapter. He also recalled the days when, as a member of the King Edward's School Birmingham Rugby XV, he had played against Bromsgrove School. This has always been a keenly fought flxture, and the usual friendly

Royal Anch Consecration

rivalry over the rugby prowess of the respective schools was explored to the amusement of those present. The alms collection in ard of the Province of Worcestershire's 20ll Festival Appeal amounted to f,103.00.


ark & Ark Succe$s The wettest August for many ayear with severe flooding across much of the province forced the cancellation of the planned St Egwins

Mark and Royal Ark On Saturday 3rd November, at Routh Hall, Bromsgrove

Mariners Lodge garden

School, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Richard Price, and Officers of the Province consecrated the Old Bromsgrovian Royal Arch Chapter, No. 5743, the 50th in the Province. The Grand Superintendents for Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, and Stafforclshire were present, together with three Past Grand Superintendents, and many other distinguished visitors, including the Provincial Grand Master R. W. Bro. Richard Goddard, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W. Bro. Robert Vaughan.

home. With the event reaffanged for early September it proved to be successful and those who attended were treated not only to good refreshment but many abargain as well.

In all, some 15 8 Companions witnessed an impressive

and moving consecration ceremony under the direction of E.Comp. John Phenix Prov.G.D .C., and this was further enhanced by the delightful singing of three anthems by the Provincial choir. The First Principal of the new Chapter is E.Comp Richard Wallis who is the Past Grand Superintendent for Warwickshire, and a Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of that Province. The Second Principal is E.Comp. Bob Biddle, P.Prov.P.G.Soj. (Warks.), and the Third Principal is E.Comp.

William Caswell, currently First Principal of Chapter R. A. No. 455 (Northants. and Hunts.).


Following the ceremony, an excellent lunch was held at the

party at George and Jenny Simpson's

which f150 was presented to the Aphasia Trust in Evesham, arr organisation assisting people with acquired brain injuries, Mike Gage the Worshipful Master of the Mark Lodge No 1135 presented a cheque at a trustees meeting. On Monday the 5th November John Icke, the Worshipful Commander of the Royal Ark Mariners Lodge No 1 135 presented a ftirther cheque for f,1,37 5 to Very

Raisin g f2,125, of

Worshipful Brother Ted Kettleborough, the Mark Provincial Grand Charity Steward, which he undertook to ensure this was donated to the Mark Masons Festival Appe al20l5 .

In the photo W Bro John Icke presents the cheque to V W Bro Ted Kettleborough whilst fellow fund raisers W Bro Michael Gage and W Bro George Simpson look on.

W&m&mffiffi ffimrctm




The Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Masons of Worcester were agatn on Santa duties at St Peters Garden Centre in the weeks

prior to Christmas. With a little help from brethren of the Mark Province and St Egwins, Evesham some 1300 children

enjoyed breakfast with Father Christmas in the Restaurant or visited him in his Grotto. The magnificent sum of f,461 1 was raised for Noah's Ark Trust, the Chartty thathelps children in time of bereavement.

This year Santa arrived in style tn a 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost courtesy of W Bro George Simpson. Our picfure shows chauffeur George, Santa w Bro Terry Hewlett, Garden centre Proprietor w Bro Tony Blake and two of the many Santa Assistants in the persons of W Bro Bob Reid and W Bro Richard Green.

At the February 2008 meeting of the Lodge Semper Fidelis No.529 held at Rainbow Hall Worcester the Provincial Grand Master presented


a certiflcate conferring Honorary on w.Bro Norman Ferguson pprov.scw,

Certiflcate Merit. W.Bro Norman was initiated, passed, raised and marked under

the Scottish Constifution in the Lodge of St.John Tulliallan No 598 in I95l-51 years ago. He joined Semper Fidelis in 1963, became

wM in 1980

and from Lgg4


2007 was the

Lodge Secretary. In addition, from lg93 until recently, he held the post of Deputy Curator of the Provincial Llbrary and




His service to the Lodge Semper Fidelis has been outstanding and the award of Honorary Membership thoroughly deserved.

The Provincial Grand Master remarked on the excellent service W.Bro Norman had given to the Lodge and commented that he was joining an exclusive club; the PGM being the only other holder of this category of membership!

Pmrcâ‚Źm TErffiffi Members of WAML Group 3 g

entertained forty children

supported by the Noahs Ark Trust, for a production of 'Frosty

the Snowman' at Stourport Masonic Rooms. A donation of f500 was made to Mr Rick Horton, the representative of the Trust. clearly the children enjoyed a bumper day I.....oh yes they did !!

on wednesday l6th

January 2008 the Lodge of St George No 5691 held its flrst lunchtime meeting. The eighty-five Brethren

attending were treated to a very interesting and amusing talk by w.Bro Phil Serrell of worcester Lodge No 2g0, who regularly appears on television antiques programmes such as 'Flog It' and 'Bargain Hunt'. During the meeting, The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, v w Bro Robert vaugh an, was very pleased to present a 50 year certiflcate to W Bro Phil Fitter, PPSGW, CM, senior Past Master of the Lodge. W Bro Phil initiated his son in law when he was Master of the Lodge in 1 97I - and was proud to receive his certificate from that candidate now in his present position as Deputy Provin cral Grand Master!

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Y*Uft FLTilT



On 19th December 2007 Halesowen Lodge No 5635 held therr 500th Meeting at Newflelds Halesowen. In attendance were the Provincial Grand Master RGH Goddard and the Provincial Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro MW Dancer and Junior Grand

Warden, W.Bro B Simpson. In the meeting W.Bro CES Harris read the minutes of the Consecration Ceremony of 2lst October 1936, after which W.Bro KD Dunham gave a synopsis of the History of the Lodge over the period of the first 500 meetings.

it was proposed to ballot for Honorary membership the Provincial Grand Master who went on to ask W.Bro Allan Porter to step onto the floor of the lodge and was subsequently promoted to P.Prov Grand Sword

During afi eventful meeting

rtffiffiY VffiH*#lffi & &ffiffiffiY Yffi&#K*ilG


t*etp for Iraq

ffi#LffiYt#ruS #ffi*fi #t ffit *ffiXtr SS#* F*r r?3#r# i*font;mfs*r:

In 2003 when Saddam Hus sein'


regime collap sed,

W.Bro Mahir Kubba, IPM of Priory Lodge No 5545

in Dudley,

returned to Iraq his country in chaos; hospitals were closed and



there was


shortage of

medical equipment



W.Bro Mahir


to England and approached drug and medical equipment

fi&rr#ffip*f -Flfs++fss-r'u=â‚Ź=F:'=


{..}s*F*5f f


*Ffl 1'r}flg.fl

-ladies rutsflfs & {*dg# #r{}{rps *$** Ir*w w* rat? fr*Ip f#*Jr App*aJ"?#f , frrds $F$pspeF#,7



manufacturing companies for help. He gained supporl from many sources, including Richard Branson who provided the necess ary transport to fly some six tons of supplies over to Southern Iraq.

People be-Ean to notice the effect these efforts were having on the siruation there and W.Bro Mahir had brought to his attention the plight and suffering of children being supported by the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Iraq.

W.Bro. Mahir has now set up his own charity to raise money to give these children a better quality of life using the medical services and hospitals of certain neighbouring countries willing to help:



ffikEHmg Ym




i, i:

i,' i:.

Learning disabled skiers from seven regions of the UK took part in the Special Olympics Great Brit ain' s National Alpine Skiing Competition in Pila, rtaly, 14 - 18 January, 2008 as part of the qualifying process for the 2009 Winter Games. Amongst these athletes was the son of W.Bro phil Hannah




i I i

from Halesowen Lodge No

5335. Cratg Hannah,32, who has Down's Syndrome and a

profound hearing loss, was taking part in the National


Competition for the flrst time.

Imagine how delighted his The Worshipful Master and his Lady entertained around sixty guests at a Luncheon in aid of the Alcester Fire Service following the tragrc deaths of four of their colleagues. The sum of L250 was raised and was presented to the Mayor of Alcester, W.Bro David Hancox by W.Bro Joe Tildesley. Pictured are Mrs J Tildesley, W.Bro J Tildesley, W.Bro Hancox and W.Bro C J Grove. W.Bro Hancox gave grateful thanks to the Brethren of Francis Burgess Lodge and their guests for the donation and explained how the town and families \\,ere



parents were when he returned with a Gold and Bronze medal from the event. To add to this Phil and Ellie, Craig's mother,

received a telephone call from

the Head of Delegation for the World Winter Games in

them that Cratg had been



selected for the Great Britarn Special olympics to represent the country in Boise, Idaho (USA), the 2009 Special olympics world winter Games, attract more than 2,000 athletes from 100 nations

in seven Olympic-type sports.

As Phil said "When someone tells you that your son is selected for the Great Britarn team it's a fabulous feeling, but especially so because of Cratg's difflculties"

From all in the Province, we all wish craig the very best for his trip. We know he will be a wonderful representative for his country.


Changes At Bromsgrove The Province has a new Assistant Secretary, who takes over from the outgoing Graham Perkins. W Bro lan Fothergill is already in place and is assisted by Hilary Landcastle and Christine Gaunt.

Nmw APGfdT


The R.W Provincial Grand Master Richard Goddard has been pleased to appoint W.Bro Raymond Rooke as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master and will invest him at the meeting of Worcestershire Installed Masters Lodge on 10 May, 2008 at Moseley Masonic Hall, Kings Heath. W.Bro Peter Band, who has held this high offlce with great distinction for the past five years, will stand down on that day. The thanks of all tlie members of the Province go to W.Bro Peter for his commitment, loyalty and support over the years. Congratulations and good wishes go to W Bro Ralmond for a successful and happy time in his new appointment.

New Appeal Chairman W.Bro Derek Taylor has taken over the Chair

of the Appeal 201I, and the

Province wishes to thank W.Bro John Gorton for his Chairmanship and support during the flrst half of the appeal. A11 enquiries should now go to W.Bro Derek at der ek@taylors


truff,E lmks



lic itors




Ncw AvmiEmble


Now available from the PGL offices, our own Provincial cufflinks. Excellent quality enamelling and superb detail. For only L12.00 including a presentation box and postage. Contact .the PGL Offices on 01527 879300 to place your order !

f 12.00 inc. postage

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