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Instant LOVE Machine Learn the keys to mastering Love relationships in 60 minutes or less.

By Clay Villanueva

The scientific definition of a "Machine" (derived from the Latin machina) is any device that transmits or modifies energy. A human is a biological machine.



Copyright 2008 Wavz Research Inc.

completed manuscript December 7th, 2008

Dedication With great “Love & Gratitude� this book is dedicated to my wife Cecille (CC) and my son Cian. Thank you for sharing your lives and love with me.

Acknowledgements A huge THANK YOU goes to everyone who made this book possible. With the contributions of everyone involved, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Big love was given by all who took part in making this happen. A special thank you to my family and friends for their support as this book evolved. I have done my best to pass on the love you have given to me, into the world. -2-

Instant Love Machine Contents Introduction by God A Beginning and “The Three Things”. ................... 4 ● 1 Females, Males, and Expressing Love. ......... 7 ● 2 A Brain Is Not a God, Even If It Thinks It Is.. 14 ● 3 Simple “How” and “Why” it all works. ........... 19 Easy steps, Just 1,2,3… A Gift of Simplicity ...... 35 The Book Down to Earth......................................................... 46 Expression of LOVE ............................................... 54 Men and Women’s priorities are not in love ........... 62 1) Live from Love … ............................................... 64 2) Partner with someone else willing… .................. 71 3) Fun Interview with our partner… ........................ 73 Bonus FUN............................................................. 80 Please pass the bread............................................ 83 “Some Surprising Science” with Love and money. . 87 Why was this written?........................................... 105 Counting on Your Fingers .................................... 106 Push the Button.................................................... 114


Introduction by GOD A Beginning and “The Three Things”. Hello, God speaking. Yes, it really is me. And yes, it has been a while since I sent the world a written message. After literally billions of requests it is clear to me that you deserve a gift and an explanation. Know that you are not reading this by accident. You are the perfect height, weight, color, age, gender, nationality and personality to enjoy this gift. This gift has no strings attached. No religion, no politics. No special skills are needed. No classes, no questions, no tests. There is nothing you need to do to prepare for it. You have already done all the hard work and a perfect job of getting to this exact place and time. You deserve this gift. If you use it, this gift will reward you every single day of your lifetime. Your gift is an explanation. This book is a quick and simple “how-to” guide that shares my basic design of human beings, the world around you and how love actually works. Simple is the key. Everything in this book is easy to understand information from the designer of the world you live in. This information will give you the true keys to creating fantastic LOVE relationships in about an hour or so.

Welcome. -4-

This gift may have great value to you now. Open it, use it and enjoy. This gift might be something that serves you later because you are still trying to make things work some other way. That is completely fine. Take all the time you need. I have forever to enjoy love in this world, you do not. If love is your true desire, then getting there as soon as possible is important to you. This information is how to get you there directly in the shortest amount of time possible. Let’s look at an example of how this book works. If a person wanted to grow only one particular type of plant (flower, fruit, grain…) then information about growing other types of plants would not be interesting to them. Certainly there are mountains of information about growing all kinds of different plants. There are schools that specialize in plant growing. There are people who have dedicated their entire lives to growing plants. All these things are important to the human race as a group. However, if that one person simply wants to learn to grow just one type of plant, in a short amount of time, then mountains of information and years of study about all plant life on earth are not important to them. What really is important to that person is finding a source of quick and easy to understand information with exact steps to get them what they want. A quick and simple answer to enable them to realize their desire, whatever it may be. Clear information like: Step-1, Step-2, Step-3. Simple “how-to” information that shows exactly what works, as soon as possible, starting from zero. That is what this information is. A quick and simple “how-to” guide starting from zero. It offers you a few easy steps and ideas, to create wonderful loving relationships that work every time. -5-

This book is for all human beings on planet Earth. It simply explains love and your basic nature, in the universe I designed. With this book, as with all gifts you have ever gotten, you have the same two choices. You can either let it slip away if you don't enjoy it and see great value. Or, if you have a lot of fun and feel great benefit for all, you can share it around like a happy child on their birthday. Share it with everyone in your life so they can enjoy a wonderful gift from you and me. Happy, child like celebration is the “spirit” in which this gift is given. It is for you to enjoy and benefit from. As you live, learn and love, remember that thinking about something is not the same as taking action and doing something. Asking why is not part of any how-to information. “How to” is a short form of “how to DO something”. This book contains simple action steps that will get you where you want to be, if a heart and a life full of love is your true desire. After you achieve your desire, you may not care to spend time asking why because you now have what you want. A wonderful question to ask along the way is: Am I actually “doing” or am I “thinking” about doing? That question will serve you greatly in achieving any of your desires in life.

. -6-

● 1 Females, Males, and Expressing Love. Yes, I created man and woman, male and female to be very different. This benefits you in your survival and your enjoyment. Of course men can't “figure out women” and women don't “understand” men. If everyone was the same, things would be very, very boring. The opposite sex is like anything else in the world you don’t completely understand yet have a relationship with. Think about it. Most humans have no idea how their hair grows out of their body, it just happens. Yet everyone has a relationship of some sort with their hair, or lack of it. It's the same situation with water. Who knows, besides me of course, exactly what water really is? From the subatomic properties to the galactic and universal applications of water, no human knows it all. Yet, every human has a profound relationship with water. You do not need to know everything or be an expert at something to have a great relationship with it. How is your relationship with water? Are you comfortable with your relationship, when you take a cool drink to quench a dry thirst? Are you calm when you use water to cleanse yourself? Most people answer yes to these questions. Then there is the question of absolute knowledge of water. Does everyone that just answered “yes”, have an advanced degree in water science? Have they spent years feeling unfulfilled in their relationships with water until they knew everything there is to know about water? Are most people living in a dramatic situation, often with painful physical, mental, emotional and financial outcomes because of mishandling their everyday relationship with water? Most humans answer no. So why do humans act this way with love? Why? I'll tell you exactly why. Because I made it that way. Life is all about feelings. Feelings are a gift given to mankind. Feelings are what drive the human race. -7-

They tell you what is going on in your world. You are designed to navigate your life by your feelings. You have been doing it since you began your existence and will do so until you leave this world. Feelings never grow old like thoughts and physical bodies. They are eternally youthful and beautifully child like. Pure and simple. Regardless of age, everyone has a child within. That is why all humans of any age or gender can share and play as children when feelings are in common. Often, female energy likes to communicate openly about feelings and male energy often does not as easily. Everyone has some mixture of both traits. Just because a man may not share his every feeling, does not mean he doesn't feel them or make major life decisions based on them. Men and women express their feelings differently even though they share the exact same feelings. Feelings Run Humanity. Take note. The brain follows the heart, always. So, what is this Instant Love Machine all about? It is about easily making wonderful, fulfilling relationships based on love, as simple as most people's relationship with water. Both love and water are required for human survival. I designed you to have much more fun and joy than a life of just surviving. It is your birthright to be able to have fantastic love relationships. It might benefit you to hear that again from the one that created this world and the human race. It is your birthright to be able to have fantastic love relationships. Notice I said “able to have�. Just as you are able to take a drink of water, you and only you can drink the water. Reading about water, being emotional about water, knowing about water and thinking about water will not quench your thirst. Only the action of drinking water will work. Without water, the human body does not last very long. -8-

Without love, the human heart suffers. Like thirst for water, only you can satisfy your thirst for love from the abundance of love in this world, by doing something about it. Thirst and water are not a “do it once” event, they are repetitive events. Thirst happens in everyone several times per day, every day of their entire life. This is the power of repetition. Repetition creates what is considered “normal” in a person’s mind. It is the way humans are designed and it works wonderfully. Most humans were taught how to drink water. What they were taught about drinking when thirsty obviously worked. Drinking water became a proven way to be successful and “fulfilled” regarding that type of thirst. It worked every day of their lives, several times per day. Repetition. It became a beautiful and empowering habit. Simple steps. Step 1)Feel thirst Step 2) Find a source of water Step 3) Drink or “put it inside of yourself”, as much as you desire. Repeat every day of your life. Let's look at the human thirst for love. Do you have a simple and obviously successful formula for quenching your thirst for fantastic loving relationships? Would you like one? That is what this short and powerful book is about. To give you the very simple, “works every time like gravity on earth” formula for fantastic love relationships. This only requires that a person is willing to look, listen and do a few simple things a child can understand. Your heart already knows where it wants to be. This book shows your brain how it works and how to get there. All you have to do is be willing to act from love and follow the steps. After learning and then doing, you will suddenly find yourself exactly where you want to be in relationship to love. In it! You will be in love and love will be in you.


What is Love? It's a choice. That is why everyone looking for love can't find it. You can look all around, but you will never stumble across a choice. It's a choice you make in your heart. It's a choice to give. Giving love is the only way to have love flowing through your heart. Love happens in an instant when you choose to give it because giving is the best form of getting. I made it that way because everyone is designed to thrive on love. Since abundant love is your birthright, I had to make it simple for you to get. What you give is what you get. It is that simple. When you give something you must touch it with your hand or heart. What you touch, touches you, instantly. The entire human race, with no exceptions, is built on this process. If you desire love, choose it, and then give it. I will show you here, how to do it with ease and make it very fun. So How Do You Choose Love? Imagine I came to you one day, and we had a very clear communication. You have one hour to live from right now. That's all. 60 minutes. You have two choices. You can either spend your last hour in a place where some process will completely answer every question you ever had about any aspect of your existence. You would then understand the reasons for everything in your life and this world. Or, you can spend your last hour with your loved ones. People you give your love to and who return it back to you. Which would you choose? If you chose your loved ones, then even in your last minutes on earth you have chosen to live from love. If you chose to understand the reasons for everything in life, then let's see where that leads. - 10 -

“Reasons for everything”. Does that sound familiar? If you chose reasons, I'm sure you had your reasons. It is a very “reasonable” decision. However, “reason” is a selffulfilling prophecy. It loves only itself, just for that reason. Here is a simple truth. Think of the most basic aspect of life that every human being shares, eating and breathing. If you don't, you die. Correct? I think you'll find my design pretty consistent in that area. Now here is a reality that we can discuss as creator to enlightened creation (you)… What goes in must come out. If not, you die. No fun, no joy, nothing. Let's get down to the real soul level about this basic human survival stuff. Letting air and food out of your body is equally as important as putting it into your body. Certainly you understand this. If you ever confuse these processes, it would harm you indeed. Food and air “FLOW” through human beings. Humans are not designed to only collect what they need, they are designed to have their needs flow through them. Like all people of the world, thoughts flow, blood flows, emotions flow, experience flows, language flows, time flows, money flows, relationships flow, electricity flows and many other things flow through you every moment of your existence. This is quite literally the “flow of life”. It is a partnership between creator and created being. We work together on a project called Your Life. My part is to take care of all the workings of the universe that could distract you from your role. There is more about your role later in the book.

- 11 -

Like food and air, Love and Reason are similarly important to the survival of human beings. Without either one a human will soon expire. A heart cannot survive without a brain and a brain cannot survive without a heart. You are designed to have free will to choose how you use both. The brain can think a thousand ways about a thousand things but you only get two choices when it comes to love in your heart. Either you choose it or you don’t. That's the way it works. I designed it to work that way to keep things simple, right after I made the sun rise everyday. Really. You get to choose because only you can choose love for your self. No one can choose it for you. If you choose not to love for any “reason”, you will have a reason and not love. If you think you have a good reason not to love, in the end you will have only “good reasons” and no love. Reason is not the foundation of love. Reason has only itself. Alone. Love, on the other hand, has in its company everyone you choose to love. You get to choose as many people as you wish to love, without limit. You have been given unlimited capacity to give love. You have also been given the gift of getting love by giving love, thus feeding your heart. If a person chooses any reason not to love, then love will not flow through them, creating great thirst for it. If a person chooses to give love freely, then they have the love they desire flowing through their heart in abundance because of their giving it. Now you know how it works and that love is a choice. Never make the mistake of confusing love and reason. Like substance and your body process, confusing the two can make you very sick. - 12 -

Only you choose what goes into your heart. If you choose to know the reason for everything, then thoughts will flow through your head instead of love flowing through your heart. Certainly you will have some really great “reasons” for not finding love. The real question is: Do you want reasons or do you want love? If you choose to love, just give love and love will flow through your heart instantly, because the world is designed that way. Part three of the introduction gives a step by step, simple guide for easily doing this. How wonderful it is when a person decides to trade a few “good reasons” for a heart full of love. The world gets brighter and everyone feels it because all people are connected deeply.

What is in a person’s heart is clearly communicated to those around them without a single word being said.

- 13 -

● 2 A Brain Is Not a God, Even If It Thinks It Is. Yes, it is true. The human brain is not a god. Your brain did not and still does not create the universe. Your brain was born from this universe, making it a part of all things, but not the creator of all things. Your brain and thinking are earthly tools of the human soul. Your feelings are the “hands” of the soul that hold these tools. Tools are needed for humans to survive, but they are not the reason for living. Tools are what you use to do something. What you decide to do and what tools you use depend upon your feelings. How you feel about something determines how important it is to you. How you feel about something also determines how much and what type of thinking you do about it. Since humans do a lot of thinking, much of it becomes habit. This is normal. Quite a lot of every person's thinking is given to them from other people, and each individual person’s circumstances. This is by design. If this were not so, humans would be paralyzed or frozen just trying to figure out how to begin thinking about the overwhelming details of their existence. Everyone would sit around asking “why” questions like children naturally do. Repeated “why” questions from one person to another usually makes the brain uncomfortable, because the brain soon realizes that it will run out of answers. Somewhere between the third and 30th “why” from a child to an adult, the foundational truth of human existence is often revealed with one of two answers or a combination of both. 1) “I don't know” or 2) “Because God made it that way”. Both are good honest answers.

- 14 -

Thinking and understanding do not make the sky blue, the sun shine, the rain fall, the grass grow, the oceans wave or the earth turn. If these things didn’t happen, all humanity would cease to exist. Do most people feel fear daily about these life and death issues? I can tell you from experience that what is in the hearts of humans are not fears that the earth will forget to keep turning or that the sun will leave you in the dark to go shine on other planets elsewhere. What is in the hearts of humans are not thoughts from their brain either. What absolutely IS in the human heart are feelings. From the time you are created until the time you leave this world, your feelings always feel the same. Love and fear feel the same at age 7 or age 70, because feelings connect your soul to this world. Between the time you get here and the time you leave this earth, you're thinking about the world changes drastically. That is how you are designed. The interesting part of this process is that most humans really believe that what they personally “think” or “believe”, is an absolute truth in the world for everyone else. It is often expressed as “you know”, “they” and “everybody” that people refer to when explaining their thinking. People usually believe what they think, until they think something different, then they believe that thought, until it changes. A three year old really does believe what they think about the world. Just ask one. Naturally it would be difficult for a thirty year old to believe everything the three year old thinks about the world. No matter how true the three year old believes it to be.

- 15 -

Equally, it would be difficult for an 80 year old to believe everything the 30 year old believes. Do you now believe everything you thought to be true about the world when you were three years old? Ask a three-year-old or a seven-year-old if they plan to change their mind about something they really believe. Ask a teenager, then ask someone middle-aged, then ask someone in their 60s or 80s. Human beings generally do not plan to change their thinking or beliefs, yet they cannot avoid it as they grow. It is how you are built. Some “life changes” support previous thinking and beliefs. Some “life changes” leave you asking yourself “what was I thinking?”. Thinking by itself is not designed to be consistent throughout your life. It is not designed to be a stable platform to build a permanent home for your soul upon. Like your body, thinking changes and changes over time. Your brain is made of the substance of the earth. It stays here when you leave this earth. It is an earthly tool required to live a human life on this planet but it did not bring you here, and it is not the reason you are here. Respect the brain but do not worship any thoughts. Now let's revisit the people that are 3, 7, teenagers, 60 and 80 years old. Move away from thinking and believing (brain type stuff). Let's look at the heart and feelings. When the three or seven-year-old loves the 60 or 80 year old, it is the exact same feeling of love that the older person returns to the younger. No thought about any differences in their worlds. They are just feeling a common feeling together by giving love to one another.

- 16 -

All people are child like in their heart. It is the child inside that connects an 80 year old with an 8 year old. Their feelings are the same. When middle aged and older people are feeling powerful feelings, they have a beautiful child like quality that shines through. Their “thinking” is put to the side and age differences do not separate them. There are many billions of people on the earth. All people have their own thoughts that change and all people have their feelings in common that stay the same. Your thinking, no matter how much you believe your thoughts, is not the foundation of the universe. No matter how much you believe you understand in this world, you will at some point run out of answers to the series of “why” questions from any child. This leaves a person with “what” and “how”, which is the gift of this book. The “what” is Love, and the “how” is between here and the last page.

- 17 -


This is a picture of you on a journey called your life.

- 18 -


Simple “How” and “Why” it all works.

Free will is part of your soul. Without free will your soul could not exist. Feeling and then thinking are what connects the soul to the physical world. Feelings are the hands of the soul. Thoughts are simply tools in the hands of the soul. Both are used to paint the picture of your life that only you can choose. This is why all human beings have 99% of their existence in common with each other. Every one is here for the same reason, doing the same thing and using the same tools with the same hands. Think about the greatest love in your life. The kind of love that makes your heart open, and sing. Now in your mind, separate the feeling of great love from the factual thinking part of who or what. Just feel the pure feeling only. Your brain will keep talking, and that is fine. Hold that feeling of great love. Hold the pure feeling only. Completely disconnect your thinking of the material world for a moment. Close your eyes, smile and be in the presence of your greatest love. That love, in its pure form, is the food of your soul. Your free will controls the feeling hands of the soul and the tools of thinking. As long as you are breathing on your own command, you have free will to think and feel as you choose. You have been given a beautiful soul, and an incredible universe to exist in. You have also been given the freedom to choose how you connect to the world around you.

- 19 -

I understand that this basic process has gotten confusing for many people. I have said it for thousands of years in thousands of ways, spoken to the wise, the calm and the caring ones. It is really very simple. You exist, as I created you, for one simple purpose: To learn to fill your heart with love, and then take actions based on love. Loving and then doing. Yes I “created” love but it is for you to fill your heart with love, if love is what you desire. Let love be the feeling you hold as you think. Then do something. Express the energy of feeling love and then thinking, with action. What ever you choose to do will be based on your love. I created love, but only you can choose it. It is the “you” that is deepest inside of you. The “you” that is only known by you and your creator. When you choose to let love flow through your soul, on purpose, you are perfectly and easily achieving your purpose as a human being. The results of anything you do, and your personal relationships are completely affected by your choice of feelings and your thoughts. If you focus on any feeling, your thinking will be affected by the feeling. Different feelings make for different thinking. Simple. You are designed that way. When you feel and then think a certain way, then do something, you are expressing the original feeling into the world. So pick the feeling you want to feel most, and then feel the pure feeling. Let your thoughts come to you in the presence of that feeling. Then do something. What you do, and the results, will be an expression of that feeling. The world will give you back more of what you give it from deep inside your heart. This is my design.

- 20 -

You have free will and you know all of the feelings to choose from. They are the same for every one. Children set a good example of living from their feelings. What feeling should a person choose? I suggest Love. I more than suggest it. As the designer of you and the universe, I am giving you the gift of knowing how it all works. You do not need to understand how to build a clock to know what time it is. Do not waste your precious life trying to understand everything that you know. You know the sun will rise and your heart will beat, without years of school and thinking about it. You can know many things that you do not understand. I did not create human kind to understand everything. The human being is not designed to understand everything. That is my job, and it is very complex. Your job is simple, learn and create habits to purposely let love flow through you. Feel, think and do, based on pure love. Do it as only you can. Choose love freely and you surround your soul with love. Take actions based on love. The world I designed returns exactly what you give to it from deep inside yourself. If you give your love, the world returns it and much more. Do not wait for a “reason� to love, if you want love now. The act of choosing and giving love is where love begins. Love is always returned to you as it flows through you. What you touch, touches you, instantly. Feelings are seeds that you plant. Plant whatever feeling you choose and watch it grow. You are free to choose the seeds you plant in your heart and in the world. By design, no fruit is more perfect than love.

- 21 -

Plant as you wish, but if you desire love, you must plant it. It is a simple choice available to every human being as your birthright from the creator of the universe. You can choose it this instant then make it a part of you. I’ll tell you how shortly. The instant you choose to let love flow through your being, you are a “Love Machine�. Even if it only lasts for one minute, you can choose it again. Then when you realize any lack of love, or feel the thirst, choose it again. There is no limit to how many times you can choose to be an instant love machine. The choice is always yours in every moment. If love is what you desire, then choose it a million times until you have forgotten most everything else. Choose love and then feel love. Then think from love and do things, if love is your true desire. That is how love works. Simple as 1-2-3. I would not have been so cruel as to create a world where there was not an abundance of food for the soul. Choose to live from love and that feeling grows with the sunrise of each new day, by design. Know this as surely as you know that what grows in the earth begins with the seed you choose to put in the soil, without needing to understand everything. You do not need training, no warm up is required. If you have ever been a child, then you have all of the experience you need. As simply and as instantly as you can choose to take a breath or a drink of water, you can simply and instantly choose love. You are free to choose right here, right now, this instant. Choose love, feel love, think based on love, then do something in the world. Start with a smile, and you are free to do what ever you like to express your love energy. - 22 -

You do not ever need approval from any source or person in the world to choose love in your heart. That would be backward. The truth is that the world needs your approval to return your own love. Thinking and reasons are not the source of love. They are tools of love. As sure as the farmer will starve by trying to eat the plow, so will you starve, if you think to find reasons to love. As a farmer sows seeds of food to feed himself and others, he uses the plow to begin his crop. As you think and embrace the feeling of love, to plant your seeds of love, know that your fruit will be the greater expressions of what you planted. Greater expressions of love, returned to you. The soil and the plow do not choose the crop. The one who chooses the seeds to plant, chooses the harvest crop. It really is that simple. Everyone is always harvesting greater expressions of something in their life that they have planted. I designed the world so that people making similar choices would recognize each other and have a common bond. Choose any emotion. Feel, think and act on it and you will soon find other people that have made the same choice as you. It is by design. You have seen this and know this because you are already doing it. Now, you understand exactly how all humans work at the deepest level. Use this knowledge, and it becomes wisdom. Feel free to ignore it, then you and I will both witness the outcome of that choice as well. I completely support you in what ever choice you make. The reality is that you are given the freedom of choice, always. Your world then supports you by returning your choices back to you many times over. - 23 -

The material world does not control your inner human “being�, it reflects it like a mirror. What you choose to let flow through you is what is returned to you in abundance. Your life in your world is a mirror of the seeds that have been planted in the fertile soil of your soul. This is the only way I could design the world to respectfully show every human, how important love really is. The fabric of the soul is love. The beauty of it all is that your free will allows you to plant any seeds you choose in that fertile soil of your soul. Choose in an instant. Choose again and again. There are no limits to inner choice. I make the outer material world choices, as I turn the earth, wave the seas, and light the sun. You make your inner world choices freely and I return them to you in the outer world. Make your inner choice, and then share it with the world. If love is what you desire, then choose it on purpose. Choice happens instantly. You can choose this moment. Give what you desire, and it will return to you more than you gave. No understanding of anything more is required. If you study for a lifetime, then you have a life of study. If you choose love, you can love for a lifetime and have a life of love. Choose love a million times if you like. Each time, you will have more love than the time before. Love is not a choice you make once and mark it off your list of things to do. It is something you choose every day. Like breathing, the power is in repetition. Choose it until it is in every breath of life you take. It costs nothing from the material world and there is an endless supply within you to share with the world. - 24 -

Giving love puts you in the presence of love, instantly. The term “in love” is simply short for “in the presence of love”. Choose to be in the presence of love. Feel your choice, think from it, then do something. Over and over, this is how love works. Like a machine, this instant. Think of how you see the world as the same way you see the clouds in the sky. You did not create the clouds, and they have no color of their own. They are a blank canvas that completely changes color and appearance, depending upon where you choose to look from and what light shines on them. Like clouds, how you see your life in the world depends upon where you choose to look from and the light you choose to shine into it. The light that shines out from your deepest “inner you” or the feelings in your heart. It shines out through your eyes. How many times have you seen the feelings in another person's eyes? Have you ever not? Have you noticed how beautifully a person glows when they are feeling love for someone or something? That is a beauty much greater than any clothing, jewelry or physical features could ever bring. “Loving” people beam smiles and love with a shining heart like the sun. That is the way the world is designed. Your deepest self has freedom to choose what feeling you live from. What ever feeling you choose, is given to the world, your world, through your eyes and your actions from your heart. Then the outside world, by design, simply returns what you give it and more. Think about it. If I designed the world with feelings and love on the outside of you, then there would be a chance that a person might never experience some of the human feelings. That would make it possible to be born in a place without love. Why would I bother to create a universe that I didn't love? I am the creator of the universe, and can create - 25 -

anything. If I gave you magic powers to create a world, would you create something you didn't love? Neither would I. That is why I designed a world where there is no limitation to your feelings. A world where no other human, besides yourself, can control what flows through your heart. My design is simple. The material world returns the feelings you choose to put into it but I choose exactly how it returns them to you. Trust me, I know 100 million ways to return anything you choose to give. I will take what you choose to give, make it more and return it in ways you could never imagine before you chose to give it. Let me excite and surprise you with how your choices are expanded and returned. That is the dance of life. I created sunrise and sunset to happen as two reminders every day for the human race. They are reminders that what shines in your life and how you choose to look at things create the beauty in your world. Reminders that there is a sun in your heart, and you have free will to let it shine. Where and how you look is what you see. That is the lesson and the gift of this world. That is the part of the creator that is born into every person. The universe works perfectly, by design. It worked before you got here. It works while you are here and it will work after you're gone. Time is all you have in this world. Spend it as you most desire. The time is now. If you choose to live from love, you create a life of love. There is love all around you. Choose to live from it, then you can feel and see the love I used to create the world. Love is simple, abundant, and only a choice away. It’s your choice because this life is your short time to spend loving here. - 26 -

No person can ever live in the past or the future. One can only “think” about them. The true time is always “now”, by design. Ask any child when is the best time to do something you love, and then listen with your heart. They know what many adults have forgotten. The Gift of Habits. Human beings have a wonderfully powerful ability to make things simple, called habits. Habits are the ability to easily do things without stopping to spend a lot of time “thinking” about it. Habits are a very pure form of action that gives a person results in the shortest amount of time and the least amount of thought. This is a tool to serve you and is born out of repetition. Are you in the habit of drinking water when you have great thirst? Most people are. There are many wonderful habits that serve you. You may or may not know the source, reason or results of your habits. That is normal. A gift greater than habits is the freedom to ask yourself if your habits are serving your desires. If your desire is strong, then a look at your habits clearly tells you if they are serving you or not. Some will, and some will not. It is the same for every person in the world without exception. At any time, you can review your habits. Then if you choose, you can make a plan to drop the ones not serving you and create habits that do serve your desires. There is a process to beginning and ending habits. After the process is complete you are doing what you choose, with almost no effort or thinking. Taking a sip of water is a habit and saves you from thinking about fluids, gravity, swallowing and other material world complexities you are not interested in when all you want is “a drink of water”.

- 27 -

Repetition is the source of habit. A repetitive action and the result of that action are in a completely different world of results, than mentally looking at a suggested repetitive action and having a thought about it, without results. One is an action and one is a thought. The action will cause something to happen. The thought will disappear a moment later. There is much information, and millions of loving people in the world to help others in the process of working with habits. Use anything that you feel comfortable with. The simplest is to make a basic plan and take repetitive action until the brain makes it an easy habit. Living from love: What would the benefit be to your friends and family? “But my life is harder.� Every human challenge has a blessing or gift within. The way things work is that the gift is not given or seen until you are through the challenge. Like harvesting crops comes at the end of the season. The seed must go through the challenge and process of growing to bear fruit. It is only after the challenge of growing that the fruit appear, and it appears in much greater quantity than the original seed. That is the way of the world I designed. That is how all life expands and returns to the one that is giving. The entire universe is expanding and returning the love I gave to it in its creation. You are a part of this world. You grow whatever you let flow through your self, out of your choices. It is easy to see this all around you if you choose to look and choose from love.

- 28 -

I did not create this universe for human beings to experience death. I created it for people to experience life and love. You have freedom of choice to choose love from the unlimited source inside of you, coming from me. Know this like you know the sun will rise from every single night. Think of your greatest accomplishments. Were they given to you with no effort? Or, did they begin as a challenging situation that required you to go through a growing process to complete? Think about your greatest accomplishments once again. What is the pure feeling in your heart? Is there light in your eyes? Is there a smile on your face? What is flowing through you, as you relive the accomplishment? The greater the challenge, the greater the accomplishment after you grow through it. Choosing to see life challenges as a cloth covering a gift, is living from love. Simple. Now, you know.

Feelings give importance.

That is how choosing your inner feelings affect your thinking. When you are living from love or any other feeling, some things will look more important than others. That is how people decide what to do. This is a powerful key to having a life filled with the feelings you desire. That is why no person needs training or needs to do any thinking in order to feel a feeling. What you feel is what you feel, and it is real, for you only. No one else on earth can feel your personal feelings except for me because I'm a part of you.

- 29 -

Others can know your feelings because they have feelings of their own. Others can share their feelings with you and have great compassion, as you share your feelings with them. This sharing of the deepest part of your self, with other loving and compassionate people, is a powerful way to give and contribute to another person. This is a form of living from love. It is easy to confuse the sharing of your feelings with the sharing of your actions with people. Other people can think many things about your actions, but taking a moment to calmly tell someone your inner feelings is a loving thing to do. People often respond to the sharing of your feelings by sharing their feelings with you. This brings people closer. Every person has felt fear, anger, joy and love. It is the nature of being human. Feelings are like the weather, constantly changing. The beauty of being human is that you can choose a “desired feeling� like you choose your desired temperature for your body (as best you can). When it is cold outside, you feel the cold. But you do not need to stay cold. You take action to put on warm clothing or go into a warm place, so you feel your desired temperature. When the sun is burning hot, you feel the heat. Yet you do not need to stay hot. You move to the shade or find a cooler place so you can feel your desired temperature again. Your desired temperature is a personal feeling in the physical world. When the world changes the temperature outside, you can take action to get as close as you can to your personal desired temperature.

- 30 -

Your life is the same with emotions and feelings. The world is designed to have many powerful things happen to every single human being. There will always be lots of emotion and feelings all of your life. The beauty of being human is that you can choose and take action to go to a place of your desired feeling. Then you think differently because you feel closer to your desired feeling. Sometimes you have to choose your desired feeling over and over each day. Each time you choose it you feel it more. You can choose any feeling to do this with. Since I created the universe and the human race, based on love, I know that love is what every person desires at the deepest level. Deep inside your self where only you and I have been. You are never alone in your soul. You are loved for who you are. Sharing that love from deep inside brings you more love. Hold love in your heart. When it feels like love has slipped away, I will help you hold it again and again. I will help you hold love in your heart a million times, if you choose it. Choosing to hold love as dear as the air you breathe every day is living from love. It is human nature to sometimes feel like love has slipped away, but love is always nearby and ready to be held again and again. Choose in an instant to hold love, if love is your desire. Like the temperature outside, feelings change as a part of living. Again, like temperature, human beings have free will to choose to go to a place of comfort. I will always be there, deep inside to help you return to your feeling of love when the world and you're feelings appear to shift away from love. You simply choose love and feel it, and then you're in the presence of love. There are no limits to this. The method given to you in this book is fast, simple, powerful and freeing. - 31 -

Once you are truly living from love and feeling love fantastically, your whole life will feel different every day. Your energy will be greater, you will feel better, and you will look better. All beauty is based on love. Holding love on the inside creates beauty on the outside. Just look at someone’s eyes sparkle when they smile.

This is the life you have a birthright to live. This life of love is the greatest gift you can give to your family, your friends and the world. Every minute of every day, everyone around you benefits from the love you put into your life. I am a creator from love. Love is my essence. Giving love is how I created you and your world. Human beings are a creation of giving love, that live in a world created by giving love. When human beings, truly give love, they are in harmony with themselves and the world they live in. It is the master plan. Carry this deep inside of you. Learn it, live it, breathe it, if love and harmony are your true desires. You are the perfect being designed for giving love. It is your deepest nature. Let the feeling of love be the source of your thoughts and actions. Then you are living your giving of love. The world is designed to return the love you give it, many times over. Know that you are loved and respected always by your creator. Creations of love are truly wonderful things. The environment around you is the mixture of your inner world and my outer world. Every moment of your existence, we do the dance of life, you and me. As music you love can - 32 -

get inside of you, make you feel and make you move, your feelings do the same a hundred times more. As beings of free will you have the choice to play any kind of music in your heart that you desire. When it is quiet in your world you only need to feel and think of your favorite music to begin hearing it. When it is noisy outside, find some quiet place or put more attention on your music. Then you follow it inside yourself. You might hum, whistle or sing. Then, an expression of your feelings will be on your face. You might tap your foot, walk to the rhythm, do a little dance or even do a big dance. That is how humans are designed. You already do it perfectly. Feelings are instant, complete experiences that move you. Feelings control your thinking and actions in the world. The world I created is designed to give you back more of what you give to it. You know that you can feel what feelings another person is expressing. People feel closer to other people that seem to be having the same feelings. That is the nature of your being. That is what is going on, deep inside people as they choose their friends, partners, groups to join, and all other personal choices. Feelings are what changes first before any different choices are ever made. The same feeling always makes the same choice in life, even if it's called by another name. A different feeling always makes a different choice, even if the name remains the same. It is simply a matter of: 1) “Having, Doing, then Being” or 2) “Being, Doing, then Having”. - 33 -

What does that mean? Let me explain. If you base your life on “Having” things or feelings, then your actions and your “Doing” will be based on trying to get things. The world and the people in it will see you as being some one trying to “take” or trying to get things from others, so you can “have”. Ask yourself what kind of people you personally feel like moving closer to. Did you choose people with a big relaxed loving smile as they offer to share what they have with you? Or, did you choose people who don’t look happy and are trying to get something from you so they can have what you have? Which way are you living? Your life is yours to live as you choose, but you will have to do it in this world. The simple truth is that humans are designed to exist from their “Human Being”. Life works by “Being, Doing then Having”. Who you are being determines what you are doing. The things that you do create what happens to you and what you have in your life.

This is the foundation of your experience as a human “being”. Since love grows by giving it away, living from love (Being) will always involve giving (Doing). Share love and this information about love freely with the people in your life will fill you and your life with love (Having). You do make a very big difference in this world. Giving this to someone, who gives it to another someone who gives it to someone else, might change or even save many lives in different ways. You may never see or know the end result, but you will instantly feel the love you give when you give it.

- 34 -

Easy steps, Just 1,2,3… A Gift of Simplicity Here is where the human brain will want to think, change things and talk. The only helpful thing for the brain to do is to listen and help you take action. This is so simple that it confuses the brain, because most brains are in the habit of thinking a lot. Most people overwork their brains. It is time for your brain to relax. If you think you can't, there is no problem because that is only more thinking. Thank your brain for “sharing” then do the doing. Since thinking is not a big part of this simple process and gift, you can enjoy the gift as long as you use it. You can open and enjoy this gift as often as you like. Using and enjoying this gift at least once per day, every day, brings it into your life as a part of your being. First, a little conversation just for the brain, to show respect for what it does best, think. Then the gift. Think about this… how many years have you been alive and thinking? How many habits do you take part in daily? It may be hard to tell, since habits are automatic and done without even thinking. They just “happen” because there is a habit in place, and you are working perfectly. Most humans are in the habit of eating food to stay alive. The ones that are not will starve. As food feeds the human body, love feeds the human soul. Without food and love people starve. There are many people with food, but are hungry for love. There are many people with love, but are hungry for food. The words in this book are given to you so you can fill your soul with all the love that you desire.

- 35 -

When you are filled with love, you will happily give it freely. There is always someone besides yourself who benefits from you giving love. It just might be what keeps them alive. Likewise, when you are filled with food remember to share and give it freely. There is always someone beside yourself, who benefits from you giving food. It just might be what keeps them alive. Think about this. How much total conscious time every day, do you spend concerning the food you need to stay alive? This includes… walking to and from food, cooking food, buying food, eating food and cleaning before and after the food. For most people it is between 30 minutes and three hours a day. Since humans need food and love, the next question is... How much total conscious time every day do you spend feeding your soul the love it hungers for? Love is like food. Food can be all around you, but no one else can put it in your stomach for you. Love can be all around you, but no one else can put it in your heart for you. It is that simple. Just as food and your body take a combination of time, effort and the automatic habit of you putting it inside yourself… love requires exactly the same. However, the total time spent to fill your self with love is only about 10 minutes or so and can last all day. Here is one of many ways, and a simple way. A simple gift of “how-to”. Let the brain relax and help you use this gift by simply doing it. Let the brain do what it does best by making this a habit that requires almost no effort. If you like, this can be our project, you and I.

- 36 -

The breath of life. Breathing is what carries human life, from beginning to end. If breathing stops, a human will cease to exist in just a few minutes. Every second of every day humans are only minutes away from nonexistence, if the breath of life were to stop. This means that in every moment of your life, you could be minutes away from the end of your life, if your breathing stopped unexpectedly. Breathing is literally a life and death matter of equal concern to all people. It is given to you lovingly and freely without the need for you to worry about or even think about it usually. Again, the breath of life is equal for all people. It is a common bond between every human being, of every type, in every part of the world. Breathing is the moment to moment connection to your existence. Even when it goes unnoticed, every breath you take is a celebration of your existence. A celebration of a spiritual being given the gift of physical existence in this world, through love. Breathing is an act of creation for every person. Each new breath brings you to and creates the next new moment in your life. That is part of the creator in every person. We create together, you and me, in every moment of every day. The feelings you hold in your heart, as we create your life, moment by moment, determine the life you live. That is how it works. That is why free will is the ultimate gift of love from “the creator”. It is the free choice to create, as a creator of your life, as you “will”. Free + Will go together. “Freedom” is what you can do. “Will” is what you put your attention and energy into doing. The choices you make and what you actually do about them determine the qualities of your life. It is the “doing” that makes things happen, not thinking about doing. - 37 -

External conditions and other humans have no access to the deepest part of you where we create your being, you and me. Your deepest inner being is yours to do with as you “will” freely. If your deepest desire is to live a life full of love, then make that your free choice and begin the “doing” of your will. Doing is very simple, if you “will”. Doing is what happens in an instant, the instant you begin doing something. Doing makes things happen. What you do determines what happens to you. If you desire a life full of love, freely choose it, and then put love in your heart. Fill it, feel it, breathe it, give it, act from it, think from it and create from it. Doing this creates a life of love. Habit makes it almost effortless with no thinking about it, just like breathing. Again, breathing is a celebration of your existence. Breathing is so powerful that most every culture teaches at least something about it. Usually, the basic teachings are to fix an inner condition or “get back to normal”. In a stressful situation, often good advice is to “take a deep breath” or” take a breather”.” Catch your breath” or “get some fresh air” as well. When relaxing, most people take a big breath, and then let it out. When a worrisome situation turns out as desired people breathe “a sigh of relief”. When a person is shocked, a common term is” it took my breath away” or ”breath taking”. Before someone with the beautiful voice can sing to share powerful feelings, a deep breath must be taken. Feelings and breathing are deeply connected. Since breathing works so well in creating a more calm and peaceful state when things are unusually stressful, imagine how well it works when you use it in a normal or “usual” situation. Imagine if you did it every day on purpose. That is how you can create a life of love. Taking what is usual for you and creating something wonderful that you desire. - 38 -

Have you ever seen this? Some people have gotten into a habit of being creative and taking action only in stressful or undesirable situations. That habit makes for many stressful situations. Why? Because people have an inner desire to love, to be creative and to take action. If a person believes that stressful situations are that person's only chance to be creative and if the nature of human beings is to love and be creative, then quite often it can appear well worth the pain and suffering of an undesirable situation for a person, if it allows them to “shine”, be creative, and then finally start “doing” something about it. No one likes problems, but many people absolutely LOVE, from their deepest inner being (not the brain), the freedom and permission they give themselves to be super CREATIVE, and then take big ACTIONS to fix an undesirable situation. This is very common. It is like only eating when you are three or four days starving without food. That is eating just to stay alive, even though there is food all around. It certainly works every time, but then you live a life of almost always being hungry or near starvation. Yes, the food tastes great. Anything would taste great at that point, if it saved your Life. The question to ask your self is “Am I here on earth just to stay alive… or to truly live?” This world was created for you to LIVE in. You were created to live and give love from an unlimited source of love. Like food, only you can put it inside yourself. You have the freedom to choose and the “will” to put love in your heart, any way you desire. You can starve yourself, then spring into action when you feel like you are dying, get creative and actually start doing something about it. Or, like food, you can get into a habit of eating something to nourish yourself on a regular schedule. - 39 -

The regular schedule of eating will make the days of starvation disappear. A regular schedule of eating creates calmness around food and lets you choose what you desire to eat. Eating on a regular schedule is a completely different kind of life than constant starvation, with occasional relief near death. One of the many possible ways to feed your soul, to put love in your heart and celebrate your existence by “creating”, is to do a little breathing on your own, on purpose, when things are “usual” for you. A regular schedule will make it quickly a habit that almost happens by itself with very little effort. When “Doing” happens with ease, “Having” happens with ease. When you want something to happen, begin doing. When you get results different from your desires, ask yourself what you have been doing to get those results. If you would like different results, feel and do something different than what you did before. If you desire a life filled with love, I will explain one of many ways that work. Feel free to learn more. Since life is big, it takes some time to fill it up with anything. It is like filling a large vessel with water. When you have only one small cup, it requires many regular fillings of the small cup poured into the larger vessel to fill it. Your life is the large vessel. Each day is the small cup. Whatever your life is full of has been put there one day at a time with whatever you have put in the cup. This is the same with love. Once per day, filling your heart with love, then pouring it into your life, will fill your life with love. It is an every day action. It takes just about 10 minutes or so to fill your cup by filling your heart with love and creation. This is done by breathing on purpose, when things are “usual” as we talked about before. Ten minutes pass very - 40 -

quickly. If you'd like to spend more than 10 minutes filling up with love, that is even better. Then there will be that much more love to pour in to your life and it will fill with love sooner. Simply breath on purpose (celebrate your existence) and feel love for about 10 minutes or so every day with a big smile on your face. This simple act of creation only needs a calm place, where you can sit comfortably, relax and have a little time to yourself. Let's go through these simple action steps of creation. These steps bring the results of loving action into your life as certainly as dropping a stone into a pond will create waves from your action that spread out in all directions. Step by Simple Step. 1, 2, 3. Again, think of something you love most in your life from deep in your heart. Feel your greatest love that opens your heart up big and wide. A love that makes you smile and glow brightly inside. Feel that feeling of love. Feel your heart bigger and full of love. Focus on the pure feeling of the love in your heart because that is the food of the soul. Put a big smile on your face and feel the feelings of that smile. Feel the smile on every part of your face and enjoy all of the great feelings that naturally come with a big smile. Now imagine your heart shining like the sun. See your heart shining the light of love, so bright that it lights up your entire life. Like the sun, see your heart giving warmth to every one around you. See it “heart warming� every one in your life and every one you meet.

- 41 -

With your eyes closed, take a slow breath and feel every part of it. Put your attention on the air going inside you. See the air going inside of you mixed with love from the entire world built from love. Watch it in your mind. Watch in your mind as you fill your lungs with air and your heart with the feeling of pure love. Focus on the feeling of love. See your heart glow and shine. After you calmly breathe in, stop for a second. Feel the relaxed fullness. Feel the smile on your face and the love in your heart, and then slowly breathe out. Watch in your mind as the air leaves your body. Watch the air that is now full of love from being inside of you. Watch it go out into the world. Warm the air you breathe with your feeling of love and glowing heart, and then give it to the world. Feel your smile. Feel pure love. The greatest love you have ever experienced. Breathe love in, feel it even more, pause a second, then give love to the world. Your world. Our world. Feel your greatest love, breathe love in, pause, and breathe love out, giving it to the world and your life in the world. Again and again. Repetition. Filling your heart with love from the world, and then giving it back to the world and your life in it. Create each breath. See it in your mind. Let your heart glow with love. Let that love pour into every part of your life. Flowing and glowing. Then appreciate that love with gratitude. “Love and Gratitude” flowing through your being. There is an endless supply of love and gratitude that we can feel inside and then give to the world with every breath created. Create the breaths with your will. Feel the biggest love possible, because you are “will-ing”. Give this love to the world and your life, because you are willing. Being, Doing, Creating, Giving and Loving. It is what you do best.

- 42 -

Now you are doing it on purpose, freely. Every day. Filling your heart and your life with love and gratitude. Every day. Feeding your soul a beautiful loving feast with plenty to share. Every single day. There is always plenty of love to fill your heart and give to others, which creates even more love around you. Do this one hundred times. One hundred breaths of love and gratitude to begin your day. One hundred breaths to give meaning and purpose to the next fifteen to twenty thousand breaths you will take in this day. It is easy to count only with your fingers to one hundred, so your mind stays focused on feeling love and creating each breath to give to the world. This “lets the hands take action while the heart feels love�, which is exactly your purpose in life. Take your time and breathe at your own comfortable pace. Relax and enjoy. There is no rush. This is completely your personal event. Drifting and having other thoughts appear in your head is completely normal. Simply go back to where you were and breathe. Easy. Love flowing, heart glowing and being grateful. Ten or so quick minutes every day is all it takes to serve a grand meal to your soul. Feed yourself well, so you can help feed others. It all comes back to you in your life. It means the world to others and especially you. One hundred breaths is not just a number, it is a process. The breaths in the 80s and 90s feel completely different than the beginning breaths. The one hundredth breath is sweeter and takes you higher into light of love than the first fifty combined. It is a beautiful, growing and flowing experience.

- 43 -

Do this daily to fill your self with love and create a life of love in this world. Those are about 10 minutes and 100 breaths you were going to take anyway. It is really that simple. You already know how love feels and you already breathe many thousands of times each day. This is simply bringing together two things you already do well. The actions of being and doing are the basis of all creation. Feel free to do this any time you like. Feel free to do more than 100. Feel free to do it again if you want to get back to love any time during the day. Doing it in the morning will make your entire day about love. Action makes things happen. If you pick a regular time and create a habit, this process will almost happen by itself. Let this be a part of you. Let it become who you are being. You and others will feel it. Soon your life will be full of love because you have filled it with love. This love in your heart will shine through your eyes, beam from your smile and add sweet calmness to your voice. Always remember that any time you feel something other than the love you wish to feel, you can put a smile on your face, fill your heart with love and take a breath or three or ten or a hundred. Then you will again be in the presence of love because you have chosen it. You can choose it any time, again and again, if you wish and if you are willing. There is no limit to love. To bring even more love into your life, focus on gratitude next. Take a few moments after your 100 breaths to feel gratitude. Gratitude for what you appreciate in your life. Carry your gratitude along with your love throughout each day.

- 44 -

Feel these feelings before you begin your thinking. Share these feelings with those around you and your feelings will be returned. Become a loving soul, and then other loving souls will see you as family. Help those who do not understand love as you now do. All unloving actions by others are simply a cry for love. You now know that there's an unlimited supply of love, and how to get it. Give to others and you will be given to. Help those in need and you will be helped in your time of need. Love gives you more of itself when you give it away. Give yourself and get the world in return. Feeling love is doing. Creating your breath is doing. What you do creates what you get. If you want big love then take big actions. You could read this once a week at first, then monthly, finding something new each time. You know about repetition and your mind. As always, it is your choice to do as you will, freely. Give this book freely to every one you know who would enjoy more love in their life. Give it to teachers, leaders and people who help other people, so they can pass the gift on. As your heart touches others with love, love touches you. Create 10 minutes or more every day to act on your natural desire to have a life of love. Feel love, breath love, choose loving actions. 100 breaths. Over and over until it is who you are. The doing is simple. The love is unlimited.

Enjoy creation! Love,

G - 45 -

The Book Down to Earth Since the dawn of mankind, the basic rule of existence has been “Try this, see what happens. If you like it, then keep doing it. If you don't like it, then try something else.” This book is about “something else”. Something else to DO. Really do, and see what happens. If you like it, keep doing it. Doing is the key. For your own sake, be careful not to make the same mistake that I did. For many years, I actually confused “thinking” and “doing” in my personal life. I would think about things then really believe I had taken action, just because I “thought” about it. Like, thinking about trying something, instead of actually trying it. When there were no results, I wondered why. Somehow, we have been taught to “believe our thinking”, above everything else. While that sounds very grown-up, the truth is that our human thinking is easily manipulated. We usually don't like to hear that, because it is admitting we are vulnerable to being controlled by others. No one likes to think about having their thoughts controlled, yet it happens to us all of our lives. Sometimes to our benefit though often not. Many of us (I certainly did for a while) fall into a habit called “brain worship” and navigate through life with a very unstable compass called “Thinking First”. Then our feelings react to the ever-changing thoughts. This puts us on an emotional rollercoaster that is hard to stop and can be a very rough ride. When the brain has a “bad” thought, our feelings get negative. Combine negative thoughts with negative feelings and the mind creates even more intensely negative - 46 -

thoughts. This makes even worse feelings come up. It is an expanding cycle that can literally destroy our health, relationships and quality of life if we keep doing this out of habit. Habits can save our lives and habits can ruin us. The wonderful thing is that we are free to pick our habits. Sure, there's effort involved, but have you ever felt fantastic about something you put no effort into? Personally, I have not. There are habits that require little effort now, but took much more effort to create in the beginning. The past effort has paid off over and over with years of benefit and enjoyment for me and others around me. Is what we truly desire worth a little effort in the beginning as long as the path is clear? Is it OK to try doing something different, if what we are doing now gives us an undesired result? Certainly! “Doing” involves the “instant” part of making the decision to feel love first. When we are full of love, we can let that feeling affect our thinking. Previously I had been “thinking about love”, instead of feeling love and my ever changing thoughts were affecting my feelings. Huge difference! That realization was life changing for me. What I also learned was that this “doing” involved doing it again and again. Then again after that. Just like breathing. We can do this until we are feeling love with almost every breath we take. We can make it easy by building a habit of loving action and loving the results. To build that habit, we simply start doing it. Small steps, easy and simple. 100 breaths, counting on our fingers. About 10 minutes or so of feeling love because we choose it. It is a powerful decision. Those 100 breaths will happen every day no matter what we fill them with. Is your love and life worth 10 minutes a day - 47 -

doing something different? 10 minutes that we are going to spend doing something else out of habit anyway? It sure is for me. Most people that are living happy, love filled lives say yes also. Ask them. The truth is that we will never know something different, until we feel and do something different. Let’s look at this 10 to 12 minute breathing love process in another way. Think about anyone you know of, including yourself, that is good at anything. This includes every person on the planet. Is any human really good at anything they “kinda sorta” think about every once in a while? Or is there an element of regular “doing” and habit that makes a person skillful or “good” at something? How about the people that are really, really good at something? I’m talking about being great at something. Like people who make their living at something. People who operate at a level that most of us think we could never achieve. Like musicians, athletes, educators, rocket scientists, professionals of all kinds, spiritual leaders and a thousand other examples of people able to do something at a high level. Do these people accidentally get to their high level with no effort? Do you think it is pure luck? Again, I suggest you ask people around you how they got good at what they are good at doing? Find someone really great at anything and ask them too. Then carefully listen to their answer. The answer most folks will give you is simple: Time and energy spent DOING. Not thinking about doing. Repetitive action. Over and over and over. Hundreds, possibly thousands of hours of DOING “it” over several or many years. Sometimes for hours every single day. Some call it practice. Others call it training. It always involves the act of doing on a regular, repetitive schedule. Time and energy, doing. It is a regular part of their lives. This daily - 48 -

“doing” of anything makes it a part of a person’s life. Then the next question that usually comes up is how can anyone make time and energy for all that? The answer is simple. Anyone at a high level of anything, first made a choice. A choice about who they are being based on what is important to them. What is important to a person is based on what they feel. People who are good or great at something usually have a love or passion for what they are doing. That “love” is what made the time and energy available in their lives to practice or train or get educated or work with a master or experiment or what ever it took to get good or great. The really interesting part is that the more we love something, the less we notice the time and energy we spend doing it. The next thing we know, after having a great time, we are actually getting pretty good at it. You enjoy yourself a little more and you notice you got even better at it. That is how people just like us get GREAT at anything. All true greatness at anything is based on love. Even if some one isn’t passionate about a particular skill, they may be in love with the end result, which is more than enough reason to do what it takes to get good at that skill. Love is still the basis for spending the time and energy to reach a high level at that skill. Let’s look at being a human being on planet earth. From a “big picture” soul level point of view, what do we all do for a living? Every single one of us is in the same business. We all do the exact same thing for a living “Love management.” It sounds crazy but isn’t it true? It is a skill that we can take to any level. Every single thing we do is based on getting love, or avoiding a lack of love. We either move toward what we love and want or move away from painful things we fear or don’t - 49 -

want (lack of love). How simple can it be? It really is that simple. The more love involved with something, the more time and energy there seems to be for it. Look at people’s work and their hobbies. Look at “Fans” of anything. “Fan” is short for fanatic. What does that mean exactly? Dictionary time…

Main Entry: fa·nat·ic Pronunciation:\fə-ˈna-tik\ Function: adjective Etymology: Latin fanaticus inspired by a deity, frenzied, from fanum temple — more at the word FEAST Date: 1550 That is interesting. The word “fanatic” means inspired by a deity and is related to the word “feast”. Is being a “Fan” of love mean that you give a feast to your soul? Let’s see what the dictionary says about the word feast.

Main Entry: 1feast Pronunciation:\ˈfēst\ Function: noun Date: 13th century Etymology: Middle English feste, from Anglo-French, from Latin festa, plural of festum festival, from neuter of festus solemn, festal; akin to Latin feriae holidays, fanum temple

1 a: an elaborate and usually abundant meal often accompanied by a ceremony or entertainment: BANQUET b (1): something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment That is exactly what the daily breathing of love or 100 breaths is all about. An “unusually abundant meal” for the soul every single day (no calories too) and “something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment”. - 50 -

Don’t you think that our relationship to the “hunger for love” might change if we could present ourselves and our heart with an “unusually abundant meal” every day of our life? Twice or three times per day if we were really hungry! There would be so much food for the soul in our life that we would have plenty to give away. That is the fullness and abundance of living from love. Why not take it to a higher level and benefit everyone? The beauty of love relationships is that we are our only competition. We are someone we know personally, and we can work with ourselves easily. It’s not like trying to make sure some one else shows up so we can do what we want to do to learn and grow. We don’t even have to go anywhere because… no matter where you go, there you are. We can easily do something different any time we decide to do it. Many folks would rather try to do the near impossible task of changing other people, than put out a tiny fraction of the same effort and simply try something different themselves. When you change yourself, the entire world around you changes. That’s just the way the world was working when you and I showed up. For example, if you walk around hungry, the world looks like a place to try and get food. You become a “taker” and another mouth to feed in a hungry world. However if you feed yourself a daily feast and even have extra food, then the world looks like a wonderful place to help others and share your feast. You become a festive “giver”. Feast is the root of “festival”, so you would be giving “A feeding celebration for all.” That’s a joyful life of love!

- 51 -

Love and relationships. We all make our own choices. A mutually fulfilling love relationship requires that both people be willing to give as well as receive. You can be completely willing, but if the other person is not willing to join you then a mutually fulfilling, fantastic love relationship is not going to flow between you. Love and the abundance of it has to go both ways. If one person has any personal reasons for not wanting to willingly and joyfully do their part in creating a fantastic love relationship, then as them a question or two like: What is more important to you? Is it more important to do a lot of thinking and be “right” in your brain or to do a lot of feeling and be in “love” in your heart? Their answer will tell you if they are someone willing to take the (possibly unfamiliar) steps to create a mutually fulfilling, fantastic love relationship. If they choose love, begin your journey and follow the simple steps in this book. If they choose to be right and not participate, then we must realize that we can not force anyone to love or to change deep inside. We can always ask some one to try something different and see if they like it, but love and force are not usually allies. It takes two people giving together to make a mutually fulfilling relationship. One person giving in a relationship and the other person not giving, is a one-way service relationship. We certainly can create that if we like, but it will never quench our deep inner thirst for feeling totally in love. Only one person in the world is in charge of your joy, and that is you. The instant we decide to be someone willing to act from love and build a fantastic love relationship, we have taken the biggest successful step. Feel it inside and rejoice. - 52 -

If you are looking for a deep love relationship, fill your heart full of love first. Then see who shows up and share this book with partners you are considering. Love will flow and you will know who the other person is “being” from the start (remember “Be, Do and Have”). If you are already in a love relationship and simply want to make it even more fantastic, give this book to your partner with a huge, glowing, loving smile. Once you and your partner agree to grow together and have the most loving fun you have ever had, the rest is adventure and play. As I write this sentence it is Valentine’s Day and we just got a 7 week old puppy an hour ago. Her name is Sweetie. What a role model for an “Instant Love Machine”. Love is everywhere! Now if I could just find out where she took my other shoe…

. - 53 -

Expression of LOVE Expression of love is something I wish some one would have explained to me clearly when I was younger. Once it was put in simple terms, years of confusion cleared right up. The basics are this: 1) There is the feeling of love in a person’s heart 2) There is the expression or symbol of a person’s love in the physical world. 3) The expression of love can be completely different from one person to another. Here are just a few simple examples. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of versions. Since everyone is born into different families with different traditions, different weather, different finances, different struggles and different gifts, the feeling of love gets expressed in many, many different ways. The part of all this, that I didn’t understand, was that the very same feeling in two different people can be expressed in two totally different ways. For some reason I thought that my personal way of expressing love was understood and used by every one. I hadn’t realized that the feeling and the actions were separate things happening at the same time. Once it became clear that the feeling of love and the expression of love, were completely separate events, my love and my life changed in that instant. I have seen many couples that love each other yet end up parting ways because there was a lack of communication about the expression of love. What does that mean? It means that truly giving and expressing love to another person intimately involves the other person. Saying “I love you” is commonly accepted as an expression of love, but if - 54 -

the other person does not speak the same language, they might think you said “it is raining”. No matter how much love you feel in your heart, it will be very difficult to have a mutually fulfilling love relationship if you don’t understand each other’s language of expressions. Let’s look at another relationship situation. This time both people speak the same verbal language yet they still have the same communication problem expressing love. The male grew up in a very modest setting. There was never any “extra” money for fun stuff. The family of seven was a warm and loving group that supported each other through all the good times and the hard times. They spent a lot of quality time talking and listening to each other, playing games together, supporting each others goals and were very respectful toward each other. Since money was scarce, there was a family tradition on each child’s birthday. The tradition was that all the other children and the parents would collect money to give to the birthday child in a special surprise birthday card that said “Go have some fun”. This money was a gift of love from the entire family so that the birthday child could do or buy something just for fun on their birthday. It was for what ever the birthday child wanted most and they were free to decide what to do with the money. The entire family loved giving this gift to each child. Each child felt completely loved, respected and supported when they were given the money. The female in our example relationship had a different family story. She was an only child. Both her parents were busy executives. She didn’t have any brothers or sisters to spend time with. Her parents never seemed to have time to sit down and talk about things in their lives. She knew that her parents loved her at some level but she was wishing she could spend more time with them. - 55 -

She wanted to hear stories of when her parents were children. She also wanted to tell them about her life and the things she was feeling. The parents both worked late often and then had social events to attend when they weren’t working. Every time the girl thought they all might get to spend some quality time as a family, her parents would give her some money and tell her to “go have some fun”, then they would leave. Soon enough the girl believed that people give you money to avoid sharing their feelings and spending time with you. Let’s say that these two people are now courting and falling in love. They have been in a relationship for six months. They both feel love for each other and are both wondering about the future. They both wonder if this is the relationship that will turn into a life long celebration of love or if it will simply not “work out”. Neither one knows how to discuss this question that is very important to both. Now they are thinking more often about “the relationship” than just being themselves in the relationship. Things get a little stressful. They love each other yet they feel the tension between themselves. They were supposed to see each other on Wednesday night but he unexpectedly had to work. This Saturday is her birthday. They have plans for a wonderful dinner. The man decides he wants to show her his best expression of love. He loves her deeply. He decides to express his love so she will know he is ready for a long term relationship and that he supports her enjoying her life. He earns a living but doesn’t have much extra money to spend on non essentials. He buys her a nice birthday card and puts all his spare money in it with a big note that says “Go have some fun”. He wants it to be a surprise so he puts it where she will find it. He realizes he forgot the flowers and runs to the store to get a dozen beautiful red roses for the woman he loves. - 56 -

After he leaves, she arrives and is expecting to see the man she loves. After all it is her birthday and they have big celebration plans. All she really wants is to spend quality time enjoying each other’s company. If this is the man she plans to spend her life with, she wants to feel loved always, especially on her birthday. Things have been a little tense and this is a perfect chance for the two of them to really harmonize and plan for the future. They are both thinking the same thought and feeling the same love for each other. What happened next? She found the card, found the money and the note that said “Go have some fun”. He was no where around and she didn’t know why. This caused her to remember all the times she was lonely for love and was handed money instead. She was hurt and became very angry. She felt abandoned and broken hearted, again. She decided at that moment that she could not spend her life with such a cold hearted man. All she wanted to do was get away from him to save her self from any more pain. When he returned she gave him back the card and said she didn’t want to see him any more. Now he was emotionally crushed and became angry. He said he was glad this happened before they “wasted” too much time and got “serious”. After that they never felt comfortable together and soon parted ways. Ouch! Here are two people thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings of love, ready to make a life long commitment and then BANG! Miscommunication about the expression of love caused painful feelings. The brain followed the feelings because that’s the way humans are built. Now both people involved have pushed away what they desired most. Love.

- 57 -

This same thing happens in many different ways to every one that does not realize, like I didn’t realize, that our successful expression of love to another person depends on the other person. The key to expressing love to another person is to know and do what makes THEM feel loved, not what we “think” would make them feel loved. That is worth reading again. Although he had the best intentions, the man in the story expressed his love in a way that did not communicate his love to the woman. There is no right or wrong, just feeling loved or not. He was expressing his love for her in his style instead of hers. This happens all the time. Men and women are very different creatures. They think and feel very different about many things. The biggest “expression of love” issues are when one partner expresses their love as they think best (like in the story) instead of expressing their love in a way that their partner feels loved. If you really love some one, then do what it takes to find out from them, what makes them feel loved and then do it. Even if you don’t understand why they feel loved when it happens. Even if it does not make you feel loved when it happens to you…that’s OK because you are expressing love to your partner. Learn to speak their language of love. Doing something you wouldn’t normally do, to make some one feel loved is an act of giving. Giving from love. What you touch touches you. Touch and feel the love you give. We aren’t giving the gift of our thinking when we are giving love, are we? If we were, then we would say “I think you” instead of “I Love you”. - 58 -

If we really love a person and want to be in a fulfilling love relationship with them, isn’t the most important thing that the other person feels our love? And we feel theirs? Isn’t that the definition of a mutually fulfilling love relationship? As long as it wasn’t harmful or illegal, does it really matter what expression of love makes your partner feel loved? It is all about your partner feeling the love you have for them and you feeling their love for you. What if it was your birthday and you said you loved one particular kind of cake. How would it feel if the one who says they love you, bought their own favorite pie (that you don’t like) as their “gift” to you. Then they ate it all in front of you. What kind of gift is that? That is more “I love me” than “I love you”. That is the same as telling your partner “Because I love you so much, I am going to give you what I want. Not what you want”. Is that statement really about making the other person feel loved? How would you feel if you were told that? I would question which one of us my partner was really in love with most. This is sort of like a story my father recently told me. Apparently when I was two years old or so, a family member gave me a new tricycle for my birthday. After looking at it I turned it upside down and started spinning that big wheel around and around. Then I would spin it the other way and just watch it go around. They said it looked like I was loving the gift but the person who gave it to me was getting upset because he just “paid a lot of money for that tricycle” and that I “should be riding it”. The love was certainly there in the giving of the gift. However confusion about the expression of love from a two year old - 59 -

created an upset for the gentleman. It happens like this everywhere all the time. I can tell you that the most wonderfully fulfilling love relationship I could have never imagined is happening to me now. My wife Cecille (CC) is the most loving human I have ever met. The more she loves me the more I want to express my love for her. I love that woman so much that I would happily and proudly do most anything (not harmful or illegal) to make her feel loved. Likewise, she amazes me with the things she does to make sure I feel loved. Our relationship is about joyfully doing, giving and serving the other in a way that we are certain the other person loves. It is wonderful to do something I would never normally do, if it brings joy and feelings of love to my wife. If I found out she had some ancient cultural tradition that said painting your nose blue for one day was the highest gift of love a man could give his wife…my long nose would be bright blue for a week! I would show it off to every one with a huge smile on my face for all seven days. It doesn’t matter what other people think because they are not living your life. All that matters is that the people you love, feel your love in a way that they understand. Love is about giving yourself to the other person. A mutually fulfilling love relationship is when you give yourself completely and you get the other person in return, completely. Here is some very interesting information that shows the major differences between men and women’s priorities in love relationships. It is a wonderful thing because it hit me like a brick of instant understanding when I saw it. If I had seen it 20 years ago my life would have been very different. Of course the foundation that makes this information valuable is “living from love”. - 60 -

Men and women are designed to have very different priorities in their life yet have the exact same feelings that all humans have and desire, with feeling love above all else. That is the key, common feelings with uncommon actions. Men and women take very different actions to feel the exact same feelings. The most beautiful and happy love relationships are those where the man and the woman have their feelings in common. When your feelings of love are in common you can let the child inside of you play freely with the child inside of your partner. That is what it’s all about. Successful love relationships are not at all about changing who a person is or anyone doing things they don’t want to do. The greatest joy comes from beautifully simple child like play and sharing of common feelings. Just like the 8 yr old and the 80 year old. Two people with drastically different views, thinking and habits, that can easily have a wonderful relationship sharing the feeling of love. The child inside of the 80 year old can easily play with the 8 year old child if they both choose the feeling of love. That is part of the master plan that keeps everything in balance, even if we don’t understand every detail. This information is just like a clock. We do not need to know how to make one to know how to tell time. That is just the way it is. We can choose to ignore it or we can explore it and enjoy tremendous benefits from this information. Like the clock, you do not need to understand every detail or reason. Just feel love and take action with the facts. Talk to your partner or future partner to get their personal opinion on this information. Find out what is very important and real for them. You have to ask them because only they know. Then you will know about the other person and what you can do to make them feel loved. Make sure you share the same part of yourself with them. Your partner will then have everything they need to make sure you feel loved too. - 61 -

Here it is:

Men and Women’s priorities are not in love. •

Women's top 5 Priorities in a Love relationship

1) Affection (hugs, love notes, kisses, flowers, calls, smiles, foot rubs…) 2) Conversation (never judgmental, informative, always available, plans, moods) 3) Honesty and openness (Tell her truthfully about thoughts, feelings, behaviors) 4) Financial support (give her everything she wants as long as she is kind) 5) Family values (family first, care of your and her family) •

Men's top 5 Priorities in a Love relationship

1) Sexual fulfillment (terrific partner) 2) Recreational companionship (wants her to be there when he relaxes and has fun) 3) Physical attractiveness (as he sees it) 4) Domestic support (create a wonderful refuge at home) 5) To be admired (build him up and encourage him to do more) From “His Needs, Her Needs” by Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr.

______________________________________ Wow! Look at the difference in priorities between men and women in general. Is it a bit clearer now why it is critical to express your love so that the other person feels it? - 62 -

Think of the example with the previous couple who loved each other, yet ended up parting ways. Look at the priorities of each gender. Imagine the difficulties any couple on earth would have if either partner expressed their love based on what they felt was the highest priority in a love relationship (which is a logical thing to do). If we never knew that some one else might interpret love expressions differently than we do, what else would a person do? I certainly didn’t realize this for a few decades! When I loved a woman I really loved her from the bottom of my heart, but I always expressed my love as I thought best. I was in love but I didn’t completely give myself to finding out what made my partner feel loved. I “assumed” that anything I did based on my love for my partner would be felt and understood as an act of love. Looking at the difference in priorities, I now see how crazy that was. More than one relationship was ended because there was a big lack of understanding about expression of love. The truth is that anyone can have a mutually fulfilling, fantastic love relationship. Here are the 3 simple ingredients: 1) Live from Love by putting it into your heart every single day. 2) Partner with some one else willing to live from Love. 3) Fun interview our partner until we clearly understand the priorities of the other.

- 63 -

1) Live from Love … …by putting it in your heart every single day.

Doing the daily exercise of “100 breaths of love” changed my life. It is something so simple yet the results were amazing. It was very difficult to see before I was made aware of it. Then, after actually doing it for a period of time, to allow the process to become a part of me, I knew that I never wanted to go back to a life with any less love. Since I was already breathing anyway, I didn’t even have to learn anything new. All it required was “doing it” on purpose as my choice. Before this, each day used to start by being in a hurry to get ready, thinking about what I had to do or what problems needed to be faced. I would make sure everyone in the family was OK with their preparations for the day, and then run off to work. Work was always about work stuff with the ups and downs of things we all do for a living, including challenges with other people’s moods and personalities. I never realized that the world was giving me back what I was putting into it. I probably would not have understood what that even meant if you would have told me. Now after actually living the results of taking ten to fifteen minutes per day to “live and breathe” love, I would never go back. When I was starting the process my brain resisted a little. OK, it resisted more than a little. Thoughts about being busy seemed to jeopardize the possibility of “finding” the few minutes required. I read the process again and was so excited about finding out what a heart full of love felt like, I asked my brain to help make it possible. Everything about the process made complete and total sense. My heart was indeed hungry for glowing love in every area in my life. That was exactly what was missing for me. When I looked back I realized that a heart full of love was missing all my life. - 64 -

If I had money or not, if I was at home or away, if I was working or relaxing…a heart completely full of love had been missing. Certainly there was a lot of love in my life but it came and went with moods, relationships, circumstances and time. How could something so important come and go? How could the feeling that made my heart sing, and life worth living, be so inconsistent? It was a huge question I had all of my life. When I read through the information a third time I knew I could make it happen. I had a little talk with my brain that went something like this: “Hey Brain, what do you think about this love stuff? You know you think all kinds of wonderful thoughts when I am feeling the love. Right? You also know that you think all kinds of other thoughts depending on what I am feeling inside. Right? How nice would it be if you could do most of your thinking about wonderful thoughts? Doesn’t that sound like more fun than we have ever had? Imagine if every day could really be like that. Can we figure out a way to make this happen? I promise that if we don’t completely enjoy the outcome we won’t try to make it work for ever. Is that fair?” That’s all it took. My brain agreed to participate because it sounded like a lot of fun if it worked and I promised not to keep trying endlessly if it didn’t. I knew that if my brain wasn’t interested in trying, my brain would find many “great” reasons not to get it done. I know how I am. I admit it. I asked my brain to make a plan we could easily stick to so we could give this process a fair chance. How long? I had to think about that. Let’s see…I have been doing things the way I always did them for 47 years, so those habits are pretty well in place. What would be a fair amount of time to try something new that might work even better? A few years? No, that seems - 65 -

too long. One year? Possibly. That is a 47 to 1 ratio, but it still seems like a long time. My brain didn’t seem eager to jump at the thought of trying it for a year. OK brain, what would you feel completely comfortable with so we could do it 100% every day no matter what? I will agree to what ever you “think” best. The answer came to me as this. I’ll do it for 2 months. If it makes a noticeable difference we can keep going for another 2 months to see if it keeps getting better. Fair? Fair. Agreed! It was now a new part of my day. Looking at the “big picture” really made it fun. Ten to fifteen minutes per day to create life changing results seemed like a wonderfully simple and do-able addition to my day, and it was. Getting up fifteen minutes earlier felt the same as getting up at my regular time. I asked my wife to help me make sure I never skipped a day. I wrote Monday through Sunday on the left side of a sheet of paper, and then simply put check marks after each day when I was done. I was surprised how quickly all those check marks appeared. All I needed were eight checks next to each day and that would be eight weeks. Each time I did it, in the beginning it felt like I was giving my time, energy and love. Then about half way through the hundred breaths my feeling changed to a feeling of getting time, energy and love. By the hundredth breath I was beaming with joy and energy. The feeling of “big love” was so great that I was excited to share that feeling with others near me. I was excited about going out into the world, doing all the things I normally do, but today I was beaming love. WOW! What a difference. Every person I saw that entire day got a great big smile from me before any words were spoken. I kept imagining that bright sun in my heart sending loving warmth to everyone. When I did speak with folks, I would first look in their eyes and try to see what feeling the child - 66 -

inside of them was feeling. I also listened to the feelings in their voice. What a different way to do things. First, giving my love as a big smile, then giving a person respect for the feelings they had inside, then imagining them feeling the warmth from the sun inside my heart, had most folks speaking and acting very lovingly everywhere I went. Can I use the word “wow” one more time? WOW! It was happening right in front of my eyes. People were reflecting back exactly the feeling I was giving to them. Suddenly I really realized that this has been going on all my life. Of course I had seen it written in all kinds of places and heard of the golden rule, but living it and watching all this happen because I actually chose it was a surprisingly different experience. Amazing in fact. The feelings I gave out really did come right back to me even more. This changed my whole outlook on love. Filling my heart with love made me feel great. Getting great feelings back from others made me feel even better. I then wanted to give back even more love and warmth. Pretty soon, over the eight weeks. I began to see people as very loving creatures, since those were the kinds of experiences I was having with them these days. Making sure the feelings were “kind and loving” before we got into the thinking stuff, changed my relationship with people all around me. That became who I am because I wanted a love filled life. I chose to make that loving feeling a priority in my dealings with other people. Feeling love inside is almost always my gift to someone when I see or talk to them. I usually wrap it up in a big smile. Pretty soon I felt like I was wearing a neon sign with a smiley face saying “I love giving the gift of love. Want some?”. - 67 -

People love to get great gifts they can really use. After becoming an “Instant Love Machine”, other people started saying “thank you” for a phone call or a visit. It was clear that what I was giving was being “gotten” and then returned. Then it hit me. Are the folks, who seemed to be always happy and loving, possibly doing the same sort of thing already? I started asking happy, loving people why they were “happy and loving” even though they had most all of the same problems as the unhappy people. Before my choice and experience with this ILM (Instant Love Machine) thing, I thought people were just born happy or not based on their personality. The outside world looked like it was controlling people’s feelings “usually”. There were certainly a few people that were always happy and loving but since they were in the minority, I never thought to ask about why they were the way they were. So, now I’m having this experience based on my choice to live a life from love. Suddenly, I’m becoming one of those happy loving people I used to not understand. This is getting interesting. When I started asking happy loving people why they were that way, I always got different words but the same answers. The answers I got were roughly this. Every peaceful, happy, loving person, with all of the same human issues as the rest of us, had made a choice. Every one of them said something about: -

Being grateful for things others take for granted. Knowing that love is the most important thing in life. Giving always comes back to you. Call it what you want, but there is a higher power in this world. Always respect another’s feelings. - 68 -


A loving heart is a gift to everyone. What goes on inside you is more important than what goes on around you. I choose to live my life this way, choosing love over and over, every single day. Giving a smile is always a beautiful gift Completely choosing something involves “Living and Breathing” it.

That was it! Fireworks were going off in my head and the sun in my heart was shining so bright I could barely tell day from night. Everything all fit together. People from different countries, different religions, different ages, male and female all said the same thing I was feeling and living. The hunger for a life of love was finally gone. I was the happiest person I knew. The child in me was glowing, playful and feeling love everywhere I went. Whenever anything caused my feelings to change I would let it calm down, then take a few breaths of love, see the sun shining inside of me and put on a big smile. I knew every difficult situation had a gift for me in the end and that focusing on giving the love in my heart would get me through it. In the first few weeks of my 2 months, I would even do the hundred breaths twice in the same day. It was the perfect food for my soul that was hungry for love. It was a beautiful light when things looked dark. The funny thing is that before this, if something happened that caused me to feel fear or anger, I would spend way more than the time it takes to breath one hundred breaths, doing something else that didn’t help anyone, especially me. How much of my life have I wasted by spending time and energy doing things from feelings that didn’t help anyone or bring me relief from the feelings I didn’t want to be feeling? I don’t even want to think about the answer to that question. - 69 -

That’s when it hit me like no other experience in my life. I finally and completely understood the life giving choice to “live from love and then do something”. Life has never been the same since. When all of that was first shocking me with life changing realizations, I would run like a child with the best new gift ever and share it with CC. The funniest thing of all is that she would smile the biggest loving smile you ever saw and say “Finally, you understand what I’ve been telling you”. I said “You knew this all along?” She said “Of course, but I didn’t know how to explain it. Living from the love in my heart is what I do every day. I did tell you before but you didn’t understand. Instead of talking about it I just give you all my love. When I see that you are feeling something besides love, I just give you more love. It always works. Didn’t you know that?” What could I say? I was speechless (which is rare). I asked her if it was hard to know this and watch me not understand it. I also asked if she felt she was getting back all the love she was giving me. She said “I feel more loved then I ever have in my life. It is hard to watch some one you love have feelings of fear or anger. You give me all of your love and it makes my life full of love. What was hard for me was to see that you didn’t give that same love to every part of your life. Now you understand that giving love is the thing to do everywhere all the time. I always loved my life. Now I love it even more because the one I love, loves their entire life too. Thank you baby! “. At that point I just melted.

- 70 -

2) Partner with someone else willing… …to live from love. Living from love is the greatest gift a person can give to themselves, everyone around them and the world in general. It is a decision that only you can make for yourself. The same goes for every other person in the world. It is relatively simple to have a fantastic love relationship between two people living from love, even if they have very different backgrounds with seemingly little in common on the surface. If both people are living their life from love and agree that all people have ninety nine percent of their existence in common; then any differences between them fall into that tiny one percent. They both look at the “big picture” which makes even the biggest differences look small. Looking for a fantastic love relationship when one or both people in the relationship are not living from love is difficult and complex. There is way too much thinking based on feelings other then love. Love comes and goes depending on the outside world. Each person’s differences can look bigger than they really are. Even when one person expresses love, it may not be understood by the other. There is no direct agreement about how you choose to live regarding feelings. People can change after being in the relationship saying “I feel differently now.” This is often a surprise to the other partner. If two people personally decide and agree with each other to first choose love, and then live their life from that feeling of love, they will have a whole world in common with the other person who is already doing the same thing. Once a person lives from love, they never want to go back to anything else. Why would they? No one ever (that I have heard of ) wakes up one morning after living a fulfilling life filled with giving - 71 -

love, then surprises people around them by saying “I feel differently now” and disappears. Love feeds the child inside all of us. It is usually when the child inside of some one is hungry or even starved for deep respect and feeling loved, that they change relationships saying “ I feel differently now”. Humans are built to survive. People are designed to search for what they need. If basic needs are not met in one place, people will go somewhere else to get what they hunger for. It is a natural and healthy instinct. Living a life from love gives you your existence “in common” with every other person on earth that is living from love. When you live from Love you are instantly in a love relationship with your world. Things look different and have different meanings. You look for places to give your love instead of looking for places to get love. Others living from love will see themselves in you.

- 72 -

. 3) Fun interview with our partner…until we clearly understand the priorities of the other. This is a very FUN event where you get to fully express yourself and see the full self expression of your partner. At this point both partners have made their choice about living from love. Making that choice instantly gives two people ninety nine percent of their lives in common. Now it is exciting to fully explore each other’s unique differences. The extra, extra wonderful part is that these differences are not a danger to the relationship because the relationship is built on what is overwhelmingly in common. Differences can be explored, shared, celebrated and supported. The beauty in these differences is that each partner doesn’t need to even make sense of them, yet can still respect and support the differences because they belong to the one they love. Since each person is living from love and happily does most anything (not harmful or illegal) to make sure their partner feels the love they are giving, no one needs a degree in rocket science or psychology to be great at this. You don’t have to understand everything in your partner’s head. It’s almost impossible actually. How much experience do women have being a man? How much experience do men have being a woman? The score on those questions is usually tied at zero to zero. None. Nada. Zip. Equal ground! If we look at things from the factual perspective, wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense to feel love in your heart, put on the biggest loving smile that will fit on your face, look your partner in the eye and say:

- 73 -

“I love you from the bottom of my heart. Since I have never been a man/woman there is no way that I could fully understand what is involved in being one. Also, I have not lived your life so I could never fully understand every reason for everything that is important to you. What I do understand is the feeling of love and how much love I feel for you. Please teach me about the things that are important to you and the things that make you feel loved. That is what is important for me to learn.” “Can we take a few minutes and start with that list of the different priorities of men and women? Then change any of those priorities to make them our own. Once you tell me your priorities, please give me some examples so I can learn what those things mean to you in our relationship. What would they look like if I could bring you feelings of great fulfillment in each one?” How wonderful would that make you feel, to have some one who loves you, ask for your help to learn how to express their love for you? No one knows more about you than you. That is why any teaching about love that comes from a source outside of your relationship, will be incomplete for your partner. Someone could have a PHD in Love Science but until they ask their partner what love means to them, they won’t know how to make their partner feel loved at the deepest level. Just like food, a master chef could think he is expressing his great love by cooking the best meal of his life for the woman he loves. He may think that this meal will clearly show her his love, but if he does all this work from love, without ever asking her what she likes to eat…they could both be in for a big surprise. She may feel most loved with a simple bowl of chicken soup like her mother used to make just for her when she was a - 74 -

little girl, to say “I love you” on a cold day. How would the chef know this if he didn’t ask? Was the meal more about him or her? This is where living from love would have a master chef get his greatest enjoyment from making a simple bowl of chicken soup because he knows that his partner will taste the love in every single drop. He knows that a single bowl of chicken soup means more to his partner than a seven course gourmet meal with a five hundred dollar bottle of wine. It’s all about the FEELING of love. If you truly love someone, then do what makes them feel loved, not just what makes you feel loved. How do you do that? Simple, just ask, then watch and listen closely. Here is an example from my own relationship. My wife CC was raised in a time and place where there was very little food for her family. Hungry children were not a thought or advertisement she saw occasionally; they were her brothers and sisters. She watched her family go with very little food every day as a child. Even if they were down to their last bit of food, they were happy to share it with a hungry visitor. On the other side, I was an only child that had food offered to me everywhere I went. Honestly I never really had a desire to eat very much. “Cleaning my plate” by eating everything was kind of like work. When I was asking my wife about the things that bring her joy, you can imagine my surprise when one of her first answers was “watching you eat”. I said “What?”. My brain was now dealing with a double challenge. First I couldn’t understand why in the world anyone could feel great joy watching someone else eat. Secondly, I don’t eat very much. Being busy and missing meals is normal for me. - 75 -

So now I had some choices to make. I could just say “Thank you for sharing but I’m just not that way” or I could look at the big picture and take actions from love. OK, let me look at the facts: I do eat. I do like fun and healthy food. Eating regularly is healthy. I appreciate my wife tremendously I love bringing her joy. Hmmmm… After feeling love and then putting my brain to work on this topic I came up with this. We talk about what we both love to eat. She always tells me ahead of time, what favorite foods of mine/ours she is planning to cook. This has me thinking about it all day. Thinking about my favorite food for dinner and her enjoyment of watching me eat, keeps me from snacking in the afternoon. I am saving my appetite as a gift of love. By dinner time my appetite or “gift to her” has grown big. She is a wonderful cook and creates a beautiful meal. Even if it is just chicken soup, she makes wonderful chicken soup full of love. The food is always something I really like. It makes me feel loved, to know she went out of her way to do something special just for me. In return I am ready to dig in and really enjoy the meal. I take time to put things on my plate so it looks fun to eat, then I show her. I honestly say how I am enjoying every different part or flavor of the meal. You should see the smile on her face when I ask for second helpings. She loves to show me new combinations of “this food” with “that sauce” mixed with a vegetable or two and different spices. Quite often I look up to see a fully loaded fork coming at me with her beautiful voice in the background saying “try this!” - 76 -

I love to learn and taste it all. Meals are now a celebration of our love. Since she lives from love, she feeds everyone. If you get within a block of our house she will say “did you eat yet?” When it is time for our guests to go, she makes a little “to-go” package so folks have something to eat later. It is beautiful to watch. My heart shines every time I see her caring for people in her own way. Here is a situation I could never have imagined happening. Through the process of feeling love then taking action from that feeling, we both now feel loved and fulfilled in an area where we had great differences and come from completely opposite backgrounds. Big love lets you celebrate the differences. Having a fantastic love relationship is one of the greatest joys of being alive. For me it is most certainly worth asking some questions and taking notes so I don’t forget my partner’s answers. Going through this process with my wife was amazingly different than I thought it would be. I learned so much about someone I was already in love with. I suddenly had a clear list of meaningful gifts of love for my partner that I could give anytime. Not someone else saying “If you really love her, then do this or buy that or …” Then still not being sure if she really felt the love I was trying to express. Asking my partner what made her feel loved took our relationship to a level that is difficult to describe in words. We smile, laugh and play like the happiest children on their birthday, most every day. Sure things happen in life that are challenging but challenges are a thousand times less dramatic when your heart is full of love and there is someone there by your side. Someone who supports and loves you based on living from love. When your heart is big it makes problems look small. Really. - 77 -

When we decide to do this “Instant Love Machine” thing, miracles can happen. Enjoyment can be found in places we never imagined. Love and respect become abundant. Smiles are your calling card. Stress melts away because your heart is already full of what you desire most. There is no need to push ourselves so hard because love doesn’t push people around. Remember that there is a child inside each and every one of us. Innocence, fun, love and laughter are a child’s natural qualities. Doing loving things, causes people to react in a loving manner in return. Other loving people feel the love that we put into our life. Since people feeling a particular emotion tend to spend time with other people feeling the same feeling, we suddenly notice all the loving people around us when we live from love. The more we give love and take loving actions; the more love is all around us. We get what we give, the world is our mirror. Sure it’s nothing new, but it sure is something true.

- 78 -

Though we walk to the beat Of a different drummer We all feel the warmth Of the same sun in summer A feast for the heart Plenty of soul food for all Listening to our deepest self We live by Love’s call Our lives are not about What we “think” we see It’s how we look at things And who we choose to be I welcome each day with 100 breaths So love easily flows through me It lifts me up to the top of my world Where love is always plain to see Seeing clearly and seeing how Seeing the time for Love is now Seeing that “I am what I have to give” Seeing how I treat people and how I live A smile on my face A Love filled heart I don’t have all life’s answers But I know where to start

. - 79 -

BONUS FUN Here is where we get to play even more. I have always loved the concept of extra special gift coupons. It seems like a gift coupon is a way to give a gift of yourself to someone so they don’t have to ask you for a favor. It feels like it helps them enjoy it more because you already gave it to them. They only need to ask if they can cash it in. I know many times I have said “all you had to do was ask me,” but many folks are hesitant to ask for things. Coupons are a nice reminder to the other person that you are eager to give and happy to “put it in writing”. For example, I would happily rub my wife’s feet any time she ever wanted and I told her that several times in the past. Then I noticed that even though she loves a great foot rub, she hadn’t asked for one in months. Hmmmm… that got me thinking, “How can I make her feel more comfortable about communicating her desires to me, so I can know what to give her that she really enjoys?” The answer was coupons of course. The idea of coupons was nothing new but they always seemed silly to me before. Suddenly, they made perfect sense now. So I made up coupons for ”One great foot rub” and gave her a few. It was much easier for her to ask if it was ok to cash in a coupon for foot rub than to ask for foot rub out of the blue. She also makes up coupons and notes for me. This coupon idea got to be so much fun that we started making up coupons with all the most fun things each of us enjoyed. We would then give the coupons we made with our own wishes on them, to the other person to hold. When she wanted to give me something I loved, she would just write “I Love You-CC” on it with the date, and sign it then give it to me. This was now a ticket where I was able to exactly express what I most desired and she turned it into a gift of love with her note, signature and date. - 80 -

I did the same for her. It was a wonderful exchange. Having those coupons was like a pile of love notes, all of them saying “I love you and am eager to show it.” We made coupons with funny pictures on them, some were hand written, some in color, some big, some small. It may seem unusual but it served two purposes. First it helped communicate and teach what exactly each of us enjoyed as regular parts of our lives. We kept learning more and more about each other. The second thing it did was help us realize that we didn’t have to think too much about it or even understand what made the other happy as long as we did it with love. Pretty soon the coupons turned into all around “Expressions of love” coupons that were good for most anything (not harmful or illegal of course). We would give bunches of coupons to the other person. It was beautiful to see how we each wanted to make sure the other felt completely loved, the way they wanted to be loved. We had coupons that turned into a puppy, foot rubs, special meals, watching movies the other never would have thought of watching, going to all kinds of interesting places, learning each others hobbies, trying new things and generally being open minded to just about anything that the other person loved. I learned more about giving myself to someone than ever before. I was joyfully doing things I wouldn’t have ever done before. I was feeling her love when we did things I didn’t even understand. That was the big thing I learned. The things we did were not because we would have personally chosen them or that we understood why the other person liked or loved it. We were doing new things and enjoying it because we could feel the other person’s love and enjoyment. - 81 -

I could feel her enjoying my company while she enjoyed what ever she was doing. It was a chance to give my love to her and that is all that matters. She was quick and enthusiastic to do the same for me. The more I gave of myself, the more she gave of herself in return. The most amazing part of all is that in my past love relationships where there was conflict, I spent huge amounts of time and energy “working on the relationship” for a seemingly “normal” amount of love. In this relationship we never feel like we are “working on the relationship” and the love between us keeps growing every day. My own experience is that “relationship problems” are really just personal problems brought into a relationship. Living with HUGE LOVE makes everything else always work out. I could not have imagined this amount of love before I experienced it. All of the magnificent and meaningful parts of my life have come from love. Having fun is a huge part of love. I have included some basic coupons in the back of the book, but feel free to make your own in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and wording. There are lots of web sites where you can make your own personalized coupons too. We will have some nice ones on the ILM web site as well.

. - 82 -

Please pass the bread. Share this with anyone you think would benefit from having more love in their life. We can spread the keys to fantastic love relationships until they cover the planet. Mail it, e-mail it, send people to the web site or learn it inside and out, then teach it to others. It doesn't matter how. It only matters that the simple keys to love are shared if love is what we want. Two Requests: 1) Please Give It Away (mentioned above). If this information connects with you at a deep level and helps you increase the love in your life, please pass it on to the people in your life. Having more people around us “living from love� will create a more loving environment for everyone to live in. If this fed your soul, now you can freely give it away to feed the hearts of other people you know. Your actions right now can change the world we all live in. 2) Please Give Back and Make It Grow. Just like a fantastic love relationship needs to go both ways to be healthy and grow, so does the value of this information. Think about the importance of us giving love and feeling truly loved. Think of how valuable it is to be able to give this information freely to any one and every one you know. Then please think of what you might easily give in return. If someone contributed to your life, would you feed them lunch? If they brought joy to someone you cared about, would you feed them a meal? If you answered yes, then please consider this request. I am asking you to join us in giving food to the hungry in this world as a habit with a loving heart. The price is less than an inexpensive fast food meal for two people and then pocket change after that to keep another human alive. Truly the highest act of giving if given freely with love in your heart.

- 83 -

Here is how our simple plan of giving works. There are two editions of this book and a “daily meal for a child� program. The idea is to raise money now to get emergency relief out as soon as possible. Then, because children need to eat every day as a habit, you can give as a habit, with us, to help provide a life giving daily meal for about 25 cents a day. Your act of giving, even though it is a tiny amount of money, is a huge gift to a child without food. This is an opportunity for you to literally save some one’s life for 25 cents, again and again, every day. A wonderful instant habit of giving that will return your love and giving many times over in many ways. Regular giving of regular meals will feed your heart as you feed a child, every day. The money is actually so small that all we are really asking is that you take action to help another person less fortunate than yourself and that action will help you greatly in return. More than you can imagine. Because what you get in return from unconditional giving through love (even if it is tiny) are unconditional loving gifts in other parts of your life. What we give is what we get. If we all join together in giving great amounts of LOVE with tiny amounts of money, we will create new worlds of LOVE to live in and a large enough amount of money to make a big, life saving difference on this planet. If you will take the simple and powerful action to contribute, with just a few clicks, we will take care of all the details to get the funds and the food where they are needed. Updated totals of your contributions will be on the web site. How exactly do I contribute and what do I get? First, share this eBook about LOVE with as many people as you can, then start living and breathing it every day for 10 to 12 minutes. You will get back the LOVE and energy many times over. - 84 -

Second, give a tiny amount of money as a habit from unconditional LOVE. You will feel it instantly. You will get a Personalized Edition of this book for a $15 contribution, or a Professional Edition of this book for a $30 contribution and both have a following monthly contribution of $8 to keep the food flowing to victims of starvation. Your monthly contribution of that tiny bit of money is an instant way to create a habit of giving from love that will change a child’s world completely, by keeping them alive. You can cancel the monthly $8 anytime but we all hope you never will. Here is how the net proceeds will be distributed from the books and the monthly “daily meal for a child” program. Half of the personalized edition, 100% of the $8 monthly and all 100% of the additional $15 from the professional edition go directly to our charity partner, Feed the Children International. Each personal edition purchased keeps a child alive for about 2 weeks. Each professional edition purchased keeps a child alive for about 2 months. The “daily meal for a child” program will feed you both for as long as you like. If you had good things happen and more love come into your life as a result of this book then we hope you might consider buying a few copies or a professional edition and choosing the habit of giving a small contribution monthly with a book purchase. We will group these together to make full meal donations and meet the minimum monthly sponsor limit to feed as many children as possible. It will be a “team giving” effort on all of our part. Your employer may want to be a professional sponsor too or make contributions for any number of employees. You could print this or buy a bunch of printed copies (when available) and give them away to every one you know without a computer, then email your personalized version of the book, with your name on the cover, to every one else. - 85 -

Your name on the cover of this book! Every person or business that purchases a copy will get a personalized eBook version of this book with your name or business name proudly on the cover as a sponsor with the words “Powered by (Your Name)” If this book helped feed your soul then please give back and help feed some other humans like ourselves, who are only little children. Children who don’t even know why they are starving. Children with the same birthright as all of us, to experience fulfilling love relationships, if they can see another day. We can literally keep other loving humans alive by sharing just a tiny part of what we have and see as normal. We can all be wonderful examples of living and giving from love. This is an enormous form of “Doing”. When we know that there is a child kept alive in the world because of our gift of love, things look a little bit different to us. Our “problems” aren’t quite as bad when we consider what other people and their children are going through just to try and stay alive. Today $8, $15, $30 and more can disappear in a few seconds with little to show for it. Great feelings, from knowing you helped others and kept a child alive, can last a lifetime. Helping to bring more love to people around you brings more love back to you. The people you send this to will benefit and they will help others because you have helped them with a gift of LOVE. That is why this book is free to read. So you can completely have the information first. Use it, give it away and feel it work. Then, if it has value to you and you would like to give something back in return, please join us with a contribution to keep a child fed. Working together, we can make a little bit of money go a very long way. You can start now by clicking the link below, and then finish the book, or click in the end. - 86 -

“Some Surprising Science” Looking back… we have had soulful information and personal information so far in this book. Having a technical background, I’m the kind of person that loves fun information however I can’t help but ask “are there any actual facts relating to ‘giving’, besides a few people’s experience?” With that question in mind, let’s look at some unexpected findings presented by a primary source of all “modern science” today. The work of PhD level professors doing research at major universities like Harvard, Princeton, USC, University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, UBC in Canada and more. The results of their work have been reported on in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Science Magazine and other print or online publications world wide. The facts found by this group of high level researchers, reporters and their institutions was exactly what the technical part of my brain wanted to see, as in, could someone please “Show me the money” about money and happiness. My research is divided into three basic categories. The total amount of information I found was more than I could possibly reference in this book, so minimal quotes and summaries are used to give the most information to you in the shortest amount of time. More details will be posted on the ILM web site. Research Catagories: 1) What is going on with everyone else in the human race? Numbers about how people actually live on Earth. 2) What? More money doesn’t get me more love? Studies on having more money and happiness.

3) What beautiful thing do most people not know about themselves? The real link between $$$ and happiness. - 87 -

OK. Here it is in all of its glory. Scientific facts mixed with the story about people, money and happiness. It is only a small sampling of what is out there. Google can bring you mountains more of this type of information. 1) What is going on with everyone else in the human race? The following is some information I did not know about, until an email circulated about our world population represented as a small group of 100 people. Six and a half “billion” is a difficult number to relate to personally but most everyone has been in a room with 100 people. Some research found the original compelling document to be outdated and need a bit more “research”. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay was commissioned by in 2006 to get more detailed information for their “A World Portrait” project. A small part of what they found was that globally 75 people out of our 100 would have some supply of food and a place to shelter them from the wind and the rain, but 25 would not. 69 would have electricity, 31 would not. 53 people out of 100 would live on less than 2 dollars US per day. I had to read it again. “One in four people globally do not have some supply of food or shelter. One third of the world lives without electricity and over half of all humanity lives on less than $2 per day with many people having absolutely zero money.” Really? Really! Those are the facts. By global standards, you and I are very, VERY “Rich”. The above numbers really got my brain thinking about how lucky we are and that I absolutely did have enough to share. Enough to make a difference for at least one, real live “some one” and possibly more. - 88 -

Then I saw the following numbers. This time it was not a brain thing. These numbers went directly to my heart. In our group of 100 people in the room around us representing the world population, 83 would have access to safe drinking water but 17 people would not. 17 would be undernourished and 1 would be near death or pass away from starvation. That 1% of the world is over 65,000,000 (sixty five Million) real live, loving, breathing people just like you and me. More than 30,000 of them are children that pass away every single day. I saw my own child and could not hold back a tear. I knew then that I wanted to contribute significantly somehow. Almost 20% of people globally couldn’t go to school to learn to read or write and only 1 single percent of the people in the world (the exact same number of people starving) had the ability to own a computer in 2006. The moment I realized the 1% extremes of our global human family, my choice of purpose and mission were clear to me.

“Lead by example. Share the greatest gift of love with everyone you possibly can. Share it instantly with the global 1% of people with computers. We, the fortunate people in the 1% with computers, are the people most able to instantly and easily contribute something (even if it is only small pocket change) to the people in the 1% without food. As with all important matters in life, take special care of the children. Remember, we all have 99% of our human existence in common.�

This is where my personal story gets interesting again. I am very grateful that my wife and I were able to return to her birthplace in the Philippines recently. We met there 26 years - 89 -

ago as we both turned 21. Something deep “clicked” in our souls as we spent most of the summer of 1982 together. As life would have it, only months later, her work and my military service relocated both of us to opposite ends of the earth. We lost contact for over 21 years, but her impression was deep in my being. One day in 2003 I received an email asking if I remembered being in the Philippines and it was from Cecille (CC). That was a life changing moment. To make a long story short, it was like we had been together the day before, not 21 years earlier. CC lived in Boston and this time she was working for the department of defense instead of me. I’m in Phoenix. Talk about the power of love. Once we reconnected, the outside physical world completely reorganized itself to match the flow of life and love from our hearts (it really does work that way). Less than a year later we were married. We just celebrated our third and twenty sixth anniversaries! In the Philippines meeting the family was a heart opening experience for me. It could be another entire book, but in short, these people glowed with love. They cared and shared with each other while living “love and gratitude”. They shared their love and family with me. I was someone who looked different, from a different country and spoke a different language. Guess what? We truly had 99% of our life in common. The physical world was very different there but the important inner world of being human was exactly the same. These were no longer words or numbers on a page talking about types of people in world population, shelter, food and percentages. These were loving, caring people like you reading this book. Like people in Africa, Mexico, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, the rest of Asia and parts of the USA where people are hurting and passing away every day without food. - 90 -

From the news and my schooling, I had been used to seeing the global population of humans as numbers on paper. Big numbers that didn’t look like I personally could make any difference with. I thought I would have to be a multi millionaire to be able to have something to contribute. Suddenly the understanding was “looking me in the face” that even a tiny contribution could literally keep real people, 99% like my child and I…alive. Minimum wage in the US is now $6.55 and soon to be $7.25. One single hour of minimum wage in the US can feed a hungry family in some places for several days! There are thousands of kids here in the US who go without food in the summer because there is no school to feed them lunch. Hunger is not happening “somewhere else”, it is a human race sort of thing. That is why we chose “feeding people” as a focus for our giving. Even if the gifts are small, they make a huge difference to the people they help. The gifts also make a huge difference to you and me in our lives because we are giving unconditionally from the heart. - 91 -

2) What? More money doesn’t get me more love? Now let’s look at some other numbers and humans in the next section. These are about us (you and me), the top 1% of the human wealth pyramid. First, let’s look at a definition of “wealth”. Notice it talks about “qualities” not quantities. (Wealth derives from the old English word "weal", which means "well-being". The term was originally an adjective to describe the possession of great qualities. Wikipedia.) None of us has absolute control regarding the quantities of material things in our lives, but we all absolutely do have free will to choose and take action on the qualities we wish to posses and share. Below are highlights and some quotes from research results published on the internet from a variety of professors and universities that opened my eyes. This was an interesting study for folks thinking they would finally be happy if they were one of the richest Americans. The results of this study by researchers at the University of Illinois and University of Pennsylvania, appeared in a 2004 issue of Psychological Science in the Public Interest.

“In a 1985 survey, respondents from both the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans and the Maasai people of East Africa were almost equally satisfied (in life) and both ranked relatively high in well-being. The Maasai are a traditional herding people who have no electricity or running water and live in huts made of dung. It follows, that economic development and personal income must not account for the happiness that they are so often linked to." - 92 -

That was interesting. After reading about the 1985 study, I searched and found that carried an article Valentines Day of 2006 titled “Money, Happiness and the Pursuit of Both”. In it, the writer in New York states: “Money doesn't really make us very happy. Not only do we want what we don't have, we really don't know what we want, and we think the things that we want will make us happy, which they tend not to do. That's the conclusion of an ever-gushing hydrant of research from academics, psychologists, economists and social scientists …” The article shows statistics about people making more money these days as well as spending more money. Near the end the writer asks if all the spending makes us happy. She ends the article by explaining and quoting the above 1985 study. Would that technically be a “dung deal”? Then I ran across an article from a study done at Princeton titled “Would You Be Happier If You Were Richer? A Focusing Illusion”. This is from the description of the professor’s findings: “Most people believe that they would be happier if they were richer, but survey evidence on subjective well-being is largely inconsistent with that belief.” Instead of asking people questions about overall or global satisfaction with their lives, they asked people to “report their feelings in real time (throughout the day), which yields a measure of experienced happiness.” Their conclusion? “…increases in income have been found to have mainly a transitory effect on individuals reported life satisfaction. Moreover, the correlation between income and subjective well-being is weaker when a measure of experienced happiness” hours of the day “is used instead of a global measure” like saying overall my life is OK. - 93 -

The translation of that to me is that getting more money does not mean that a person will actually spend more hours of the day being happy than they did when they had less. If we get stressed out and unhappy for half of the day while making “average” wages we are still stressed out and unhappy for half of the day when our income doubles, triples or we win the lottery. It is our relationship with “the DAY”, not “the pay” that makes our life feel the way it does. This looked to me like more evidence that our “well being” or “greater qualities” are based on our habits of love and happiness. Human nature is such that we all continue to be who we are and repeat the same habits until we decide to create different habits. Going to a different place, living in a “better” house or driving a “better” car does not appear to ever change us deep inside. It is the “No matter where you go, there you are” rule I had to learn the hard way. Ask any one who owns some “thing” you think would make you happy. Ask them if that “thing” is the true source of their happiness. I did and got some unexpected answers. Following that I found a Wall Street Journal article from last April titled “Down the Tube: the Sad Stats On Happiness, Money and TV”. Concerning money, the article states “If your income doubled, you would initially be delighted. But research suggests you would quickly get used to all that extra money.” Your habits would return, good or bad. This was all looking like science was supporting the model of life flowing from inside of us to the outside world. For me it confirmed the process of Be-Do-Have. 1)Who we are being determines 2)What we do…and what we do determines 3)What we have. If changing what we have on the outside (like money) really could change who we are being on the inside (happy or loving), then these researchers never would have gotten the results that they did. - 94 -

These studies clearly illustrate to me that simply having relatively more or less money does not fill that empty place in our hearts designed for love. My personal experience fits right in with what the researchers found. It is hard to admit but here it is… You know all of those really cool, new, amazing, hot, stylish, “must have” material things that every one of us has bought at some point, because of how we were feeling, or “thought” we would feel after we bought it? Yep, “those” things. I know I bought all kinds of...”things” because of how I thought it would make me feel. Why? It was probably a combination of my ego and regular exposure to the massive flood of “buy this and feel good” advertising we are all swimming in every day. I bought “stuff” just to try and fill an empty place in my heart. That empty place had a little sign under it that said “LOVE goes here” and I knew I deserved a full heart. “Exactly how to fill up on LOVE” was always the million dollar question and I was throwing all my “available” money at it. Eventually, after thinking about it, I had to ask myself a few tough questions…like… How long after the purchase did the “new” or “good” feeling really feel good? How long did the raw “excitement” of the purchase last? Did these purchases actually fill my heart with love day after day? To answer these questions, complete honesty was my only option since I would obviously know if I was kidding myself to avoid the facts.

- 95 -

So, how long did the feelings actually last when I bought things? What I found was that all of the “cool things” I bought, very quickly turned into “Stuff”! Stuff I had to care for, carry, clean, insure, buy more “stuff” to go with it, learn how to make it work, fix it or find some one to fix it or figure it out, find a place for it, protect it and on and on… All I wanted was a loving feeling. Now suddenly I realized that the feeling I wanted to fill the empty place in my heart, did one of three things after a personal “feel good” purchase of a material thing: 1) It never showed up at all. 2) It lasted a very short time until I realized what I just did or bought and I experienced “buyers remorse” or 3) It lasted until the newness wore off or the next “new” version came out the following week or it didn’t work or look like I thought it would or it just became a “thing” that was a burden of some sort with no love involved at all. Sooner or later, this happened 9 times out of 10 with everything I bought to “feel better” or fill the empty place in my heart. Each personal “feel good” material purchase I made was honestly just a wager or bet with the world about how long that “special feeling” would last, for a certain amount of money. It was like a comedy in my head to hear my thinking about how much I was willing to “bet” that a “thing” could “make me happy” for “at least” a certain amount of time while avoiding #1 and #2 above. Then stretching out #3 as l-o-n-g as possible. It gets even funnier. Eventually I got to a point where I started thinking about what I was going to do when this “cool thing” turned into “stuff”, before I even bought it, because I knew it would. Of course it took me a lot of years to catch on to this because no one ever explained it in a way that I could understand. I only knew that 90% or more of the material things I bought to try and feel some love, because I knew I deserved love, followed path #1, #2 or #3 to storage or the trash. - 96 -

Admittedly I am a little hard headed and don’t catch on or “get it” at first, but after hundreds of purchases over the years I had to ask myself “What was going on here?” Huge personal “things” didn’t make me happier any longer than relatively small personal purchases. How could that be? Sometimes the small things made me happier because they were much easier to deal with after they turned into “stuff”. A new beverage that isn’t at all what I imagined, is easily disposed of after #1, #2 or #3 happens (a 90% chance). When I bought a car or a house with borrowed money and #1, #2 or #3 happened (the same 90% chance), it’s an entirely different story and I had to live with it. After a major “feel good” purchase my financial life changed, not for the better, and all I wanted was a good feeling. I only wanted some simple “love” that I deserved, to fill the empty place in my heart. What happened? Everyone was smiling when they sold it to me. They said I would “love it” and be “so happy” with it. I guess I forgot to ask, just how long. Yes, more times than I care to count, I have asked myself after #1, #2 or #3…”What was I thinking?” That is when I finally understood an old saying: What we own, owns us. Now, knowing that “I help keep a child alive for a tiny bit of money” always feels great! Any time I think about it, a great big smile happens. That feeling fills my heart and is completely immune to the #1, #2 or #3 cycle that happens 90% of the time when I purchase material things to feel good. It is a wonderfully loving feeling that actually grows over time. I am super grateful to have the opportunity to give instead of being the one needing 25 cents a day to keep my child alive. Making this contribution a habit has made it a part of who I am now. This has a “double wonderful” effect on us - 97 -

personally because in addition to the profound feelings involved in saving a human life, most of our own personal challenges can now be clearly seen as “not life and death”. Of course our personal challenges are still as important as ever but for me the emotional pressure or “drama” attached to personal challenges is much less now when I consider what a huge portion of the human race is going through, just to stay alive. It really puts things in perspective and that is a perspective I never want to lose…so I make it a habit to stay connected to “Living and Giving from LOVE”. The two most precious aspects of our time on this planet are a heart filled with love and our value of human life. I have wasted a lot of my money and even more of my lifetime looking for a way to feed those two precious aspects of my being. How can I have a heart full of love and how can I help other people that really makes a life and death difference? Certainly there are as many ways to answer those two questions as there are people on this planet. I am only one of those billions of people out there but the information in this book is my gift to you. This is a gift that has changed my life and filled my heart. It is just one possible path that anyone can walk, to fulfilling and sharing the greatest joys of being alive. Each day, those 10 minutes and that quarter in my pocket are given in celebration and in turn give me a glowing life of abundant LOVE to share with everyone. I invite you to join me and change the world, one breath, one heart and one child at a time. - 98 -

Let’s see what the scientists have found about giving money, even a small amount, to help other people. 3) What beautiful thing do most people not know about themselves? Human nature keeps us guessing for most of our lives. Just when we think we have things figured out, often something totally different happens than we expected. This last bit of scientific study information does just that for me. In the middle of a lifetime of exposure to being sold this or that everywhere I looked, there appeared an article about a study done on “giving” and money. This study was about the relationship between giving, how people feel inside and exactly how much money is involved. There were articles written about this study at both the Harvard law and business school, The New York Times, ScienceNOW, hundreds of places that Google found and where I stumbled across it in the Manila Times, returning from that family visit mentioned earlier. There were many titles like “The secret to happiness? Giving”, “Receiving by giving”, “Happiness is giving money away”, “Key to happiness: Give money away” and many more. Every article was written by someone different but about the same study done on unconditional “giving”, how much was given and how the giving related to happiness. Here is what they found and how they found it. The US population has become more affluent or “well off” than ever before but not happier. Studies indicate “Rich” people only appear slightly happier deep inside than common folk. The reality of having more money than anyone else and happiness are not what we see on TV. Two social psychologists from the University of British Columbia and a colleague from the Harvard Business School set out to discover why people spend so much of - 99 -

their lives trying to get more money when the facts clearly show that simply having more money doesn’t make people happier deep inside. They wondered if happiness was actually related to how people spend their money instead of how much money they had to spend. First they asked 632 Americans about their happiness, their income, spending patterns on themselves and spending on others monthly. The results revealed that personal spending was not related to happiness but spending on others was “associated with significantly greater happiness”. This caught my interest. The next test they did was looking at a “windfall” or sudden financial gain situation. Again looking to see if happiness was connected to the actual amount of money we have or… what we do with what we have got. They looked at the happiness of 16 employees of a Boston company. A month before they were given a profit-sharing bonus the employees were asked about their general happiness and annual income. Six to eight weeks after being paid the bonus they were asked to rate their happiness and how happy they were about how they spent their bonus. The bonus was different for each person. Some big some small. The results? People with the smaller bonuses that spent a big portion on others were much happier about how they spent their money than the folks who got a bigger bonus but spent it all on themselves. More interesting I thought. Lastly they asked 109 students at UBC if they would rather have $5 or $20 in their pocket, then asked if the students would be happier spending the money on themselves or on other people/giving it away. You guessed it. Most of them said they wanted the $20 and would prefer to spend it on themselves. That is the “expected” human nature thing, or so we might “think”. - 100 -

Remember the part earlier where I described my mistake of “thinking about doing something“ instead of actually “doing” something and getting the result? This portion of their study is a living, “breathing” example of exactly that. Next they gave 46 students each an envelope that had either $5 or $20 in it and instructions on how to spend it in the morning. Some were told to spend it on themselves, pay a bill, buy a snack or anything. Others were instructed to spend the money on some one else through charity donations or gifts. At the end of the day the students were surveyed. The people who gave the money away were significantly happier about what they did with the money than those who spent it on themselves. Even the ones with only $5 to give. So here we have two social psychologists and a staff member of Harvard Business School asking regular people (not “rich”) what they “think” about having more money. Then they asked those same people what they “think” spending their money on, would make them happiest. Most all of them said the same basic thing which is roughly “I want as much money as I can get and I want to spend it mostly on myself”. When it came time to take action and “doing something different” actually happened, instead of just “thinking” about it, there were surprising results. Be-Do-Have. These people in the study were “being” open to trying something different. They followed simple steps to “doing” something different, even when a survey clearly showed “Everybody else thinks I will be happier doing the same old thing”. It is exactly the same with the 100 breaths. What did they “have” after “being” and “doing” something different? Greater happiness! Since we all LOVE to be happy, greater happiness means greater LOVE. Now their brains and ours have something new and wonderful to “think” about when it comes to money and what we can - 101 -

really “DO” with it to help others and ourselves. Even small amounts make a huge difference to both the person giving and the person being helped when given unconditionally with love. We all have a lot of training in “getting” but almost no common training in “giving”. This might explain why many of us get frustrated even though we get more money and “stuff” but don’t feel much happier deep inside. We think we need to “get” to increase our happiness, but the truth is that with both LOVE and Money, “giving” is what fills our heart. Every single one of us reading this has an unlimited supply of Love to give and some tiny amount of money to give unconditionally, that will return to us many times over in our lives, even if we never realized it before now. We truly have Instant access to Love and greater happiness. Choose it, breath it, live it, give it. That is the gift of this book. To explain the basics of something that is most often not clearly explained to us (the majority of people living in the richest countries). In the end, the researchers concluded that “how people choose to spend their money is at least as important (for their happiness) as how much they earn. Meaning, that how we spend our money can actually be WAY more important to our happiness than how much we make. That’s because we have so much more freedom of choice with our spending than we do with our income. The way to make our spending WAY more important than our income is to Be-DoHave in a way that makes us truly happy deep inside, even if surveys show most other people “thinking” something different. When we start “doing” things differently we start to notice other people we never saw before, because now we see some one else doing the same thing we are. We now have something in common and feel closer. They could have been - 102 -

“doing” everything described in this book for many years but we wouldn’t have noticed until we started “doing” the same thing and then recognized our same actions and LOVE in the other person. That is how the world opens up when we choose to live from love. When you and I choose the “Be-Do-Have” of living, breathing and giving of love, just like it is now, our lives quickly fill up with people Being-Doing-Having the same or similar “qualities” as us. Remember the definition of wealth? The fantastic thing is that we do not need to try and change any one else at all. Once we choose a different Be-Do-Have, the rest is instant and automatic. Just like gravity on earth, our world takes care of the details so we can focus our hearts and brains on what we choose. When we choose to “Be-Do-Have” something different, we really and truly see the world and everything in it differently because we are looking from a different place, like standing on higher ground. The world then sees us differently as well. This makes new relationships and opportunities visible that we never could have seen before we made that choice. Our looks, first language and birth location do not determine who we are or how happy we can be. Every person on this planet has the same number of minutes in a day, takes the same breaths to live and has a heart that lives for love. Even if a survey shows everybody else “thinking” one way, we are all free to receive the gifts of Be-Do-Having in another way.

- 103 -

It is not the size of the gift that fills our hearts, it is the size

of the giving.

The intention of this book is to make available, what we all hunger for.

For some it is love, for others it is food. - 104 -

Why was this written? That’s something I would be curious about if I read this book. All of this information and these experiences seemed to come together like a bolt of lightening in slow motion (I’m not sure exactly what that means either). Though things looked similar on the outside of my life, some big changes were going on inside of me. The gift in this book is simply one process that works and an explanation of it. So how did it actually change my life? It worked for me like this. Things that had been too complex became simple. Stress dropped and my energy surged. Finally, love filled my inside world and was all around me on the outside. I could only imagine what my life and my world would be like if this had been clear to me thirty years ago. If this book helps bring more love into just one person’s heart I will celebrate. My background is military, technology, communication and computers. If anyone would have asked just a short time ago, I would have said I was the least likely candidate for this work. Let me tell you that when you discover something that is the most fun any human can easily have, all you want to do is share it and give it everyone you care about. That’s why this book is freely given to everyone to read and enjoy, because life is all about “Giving”. Afterwards, only if the child inside of you feels well fed, well “gifted” and wants to give something back in return, we invite you to join us in a wonderful habit of living from giving love and food. During the changes in my life I had a reality check, one of several. While I’m forty seven and working on understanding life, there are thousands of people near the end of theirs every day because they have no food. In order to contribute more than we could as individuals, CC and I have partnered with Feed the Children International. Your contributions, in addition to our personal contributions, will go directly to keeping as many children fed as possible. - 105 -

Counting on Your Fingers I wanted to find an easy way to count to 100 using my fingers on the outside, so I wouldn’t be thinking about numbers while breathing and focusing on the feeling of love inside. Personally, I do 108 breaths these days. First the regular 100, then I do 8 more breaths and uncurl each of the 8 other fingers. That way I end with both hands open, as my own symbol of giving. I find the extra 8 breaths are “extra” sweet and wonderful. The difference between how you feel when you start and how you feel when you finish is very great. It gets greater every time you do it. Usually it takes me 40 or 50 breaths just to get my brain calmed down, detach from the outside world and start the real shift from “thinking”, to feeling love and gratitude. Then it just flows from there, feeling more with every breath. That’s why those last breaths are the most wonderful. Breathing is a precious gift that is easily overlooked because most all of us are “rich” with air. It is hard to appreciate the profound gift of each breath until it is taken away. Being a Navy diver taught me some unforgettable lessons in the life and death value of each and every breath. The world looks very different when you do not know if you will have the privilege of ever breathing again. If the true value of something is revealed when it is taken away, then we can’t let the abundance of breathable air around us, hide it’s position as the single most valuable “thing” on earth. This breathing of love is my absolute favorite thing to do every day. I do it because it fills me up with wealth to share with everyone. I do it because I completely love it.

- 106 -

Think about what you love to do most in the world, your absolute favorite activity. Was that your favorite activity before you ever experienced it and knew what it was? After you experienced it was when you realized how great it was. That is how it was for me too after I took the few minutes each day to experience the amazing beauty of my inside world. It’s like a backstage pass for the universe. (Beauty: a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction. Wikipedia) My inside world is where I can create a perfect world and share it with everyone. It is where feelings create wealth or “well being”. Since I have the free will to choose my feelings, I am free to create great wealth and give freely to everyone without end. You and I have an abundance of the most valuable things in life to give to ourselves and others, “feelings”. This is much more powerful than anything we might “take” to “feel” different because with focused, intentional breathing we are “Giving” feelings. Giving always works better than taking. It makes a world of difference. Usually while doing the last part of the breathing, I see in my mind a scene where the river or “flow” of my life rushes down a mountain in my heart. It then flows forward big and wide. The source is a “higher place” and supplies life giving water to the earthly world below. The rapids on the mountain energize the water before it starts its journey from my heart, down the river of my life in the world. I never let the river run dry. The love that flows is always the most pure that I can give. The people in my life are all there, living near by. The crystal clear water makes everything grow and is sweet. - 107 -

No one need be thirsty for love. What is in my heart touches everyone in my life and everyone is always invited to quench their inner thirst for love. There is an old saying “Life flows through us”. I have found this to be true even when it looks like life is happening “to” us. Back to the actual breath counting. Setting a clock for 12 to 15 minutes was suggested by a friend. That will also work but it keeps a person connected to the outside world. I tried it first and ended up either watching the clock or being jarred when it notified me the time was up. The real power in all of this is having our inside world be the source of our outside world. For me, the time I set aside for 100 or more breaths is like being set free to play as a child. It is my “Recess” from the material world. (Recess is a general term for a period of time in which a group of people is temporarily dismissed from its duties. Wikipedia) What I have found is that this “finger counting” almost happened by itself once I got in the habit of doing it. This made it more simple than using clocks and it works with my eyes closed anywhere. I finish when I am finished, calmly. My inside world feelings are the source of my outside world actions and a celebration of the true nature of being human. So, here is what I came up with and use every day. The nice thing about it is that numbers never enter my mind. It is all just hand/finger movement and a “physical feeling” thing. The process is a “dance” of the hands if you will. Like riding a bike, describing it is way more complex than simply doing it. - 108 -

Click-Here for a simple video demonstration of counting on your fingers to 100 and another video explaning what it feels like to do the 100 breaths. The video explains it best. While sitting upright, I begin by placing my hands on each leg, palm down. I relax my thumb next to my hand and curl the other four fingers under to make a loosely closed hand. Then I count to 10 on my left hand only. Here is how:

1) I open my left thumb out.

2) I put my left index (pointer) finger out.

3) My left middle finger goes out.

- 109 -

4) My left ring finger goes out.

5) My left little finger goes out and my left hand is open with the palm down. The right hand is still loosely closed.

6) I curl my left little finger back in.

7) I curl my left ring finger back in.

8) The left middle finger comes back.

- 110 -

9) The left pointer goes back.

10) My left thumb closes my left hand and at the same time my right thumb opens out. The right hand counts sets of 10.

I then count to 10 the left hand again like we did above. When it is done I extend my right index finger (that is 2 fingers out on the right hand=20), and then start the left hand again. 20) Two fingers out on my right hand

The fingers on the right hand are the sets of 10. The thumb is 10, the index finger is 20, the middle is 30 and so on until the right hand is fully open at 50. 50) Five fingers out on the right hand

(At 55, both hands are open with all ten fingers out.) - 111 -

60) Then at 60, I slide my right hand to the left a bit, to let me know I am over half way and curl up my right little finger leaving the other four fingers out.

70) At 70 I curl up the right ring finger.

81) I do 10 more on the left hand, then curl up my right middle finger for 80. The picture below actually shows 81.

90) Ten more on my left hand, then I curl up my right index finger for 90.

This leaves only my right thumb out. Nine more on my left hand is 99 and I only have my thumbs sticking out. At 100, both thumbs close.

- 112 -

Sure there are a lot of numbers in the description but they simply teach the dance like painted feet on a dance floor. Once you get the moves, the numbers disappear completely. After a few times of doing this, numbers never enter my head. It’s just breathing and moving my fingers. If I get interrupted I don’t loose my place because my fingers don’t forget. The whole thing is Be-Do-Have like a model of our life. The Being, is holding love in your heart. The Doing, is breathing the love in and the giving it back to the world with each breath out as we take action with our hands. The Having, is being filled up with so much love that sharing it is what there is to do by giving it to others in everything we do. Having a wonderful reason to always give heart warming smiles to the people in our lives. Having a life full of LOVE. It’s hard to believe that the 10 or so minutes and 100 breaths we were going to take anyway can be life changing when done with intention and love. Words can not describe the beauty of the experience over time as a habit. I have done this breathing and finger counting in cars, airplanes, indoors, outdoors, hotels, at work, at friend’s homes and at my home. It works wonderfully anywhere a person can sit quietly for 10 minutes or so. Speaking of fingers, that brings us to the final section…pushing a button.

- 113 -

Push the Button

Here is where you can literally put your mark on the map of the world and say “I Read the Book” and “I Choose to Contribute”. Our goal is to cover the map of the Earth on the web site with your marks. Our entire world will shine brighter every time a person chooses to live and act from Love. There are buttons on the following page to contribute by purchasing the book in either version and contribute the $8 monthly. We encourage you to feed a child for two months and give pocket change monthly. It is a great opportunity to make a profound gift of love and life to a child who doesn’t even know why she has no food and may not see another day. Here are some questions I ask myself before contributing: How often do we all spend $8, $15 or $30 on things that do not bring the fulfillment of saving a child’s life? Have I had a meal in the past few days? How would I feel if I or my family was in great need and some one helped save our lives? Can we really make a BIG difference with BIG love, together? YES, we ”Will”. - 114 -

Please push the BIGGEST button you can. Thank you!!!

Other buttons may go to the home page temporarily, while we work on the web site. We will be creating new web pages, products and fun things you can use for free as we go. We would love to hear from you (ideas, contributions, your experiences with ILM, requests‌). There is a short survey that is just a few clicks, if you prefer quick input. - 115 -

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.� Oliver Wendell Holmes

About Our Charity Partner

Feed The Children is an international relief organization that delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disaster. Since their founding in 1979, they have grown into one of the world's largest private organizations dedicated to helping hungry and hurting people. Last year, Feed The Children shipped 129 million pounds of food and other essentials to children and families in all 50 US states and in 43 other countries, supplementing more than 730,000 meals a day worldwide. Since their founding Feed The Children has reached out to help children and families in 118 countries around the globe. A key goal is to help families in need move past needing help and into becoming selfsufficient members of their community.

- 116 -

These will get you started. We will be creating lots of fun coupons for you to use on the web site. Remember all of your love relationships and try these everywhere. Make them for your kids, parents, close friends and any other love based relationships. It is a super fun way to give. - 117 -

Here is a simple day chart for you to keep track of your “Doing”.

Enjoy ☺ Weeks 1






7 8


☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼


☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Wednesday ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ Thursday

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼


☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼


☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼


☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

You can print this page out and then just check off each completed day when you breathe.

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Instant Love Machine  

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