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Why, hello there! It’s been an extremely hectic month here at the WAVES Lifestyle office. We’ve been running around trying to gather as much information as possible to feed to you, plus, we hope you like the few changes we’ve made to our design. We welcome your feedback on how you like the magazine, anytime. In addition, as announced on our Facebook page on Earth Day, April 22, we are now bi-monthly. Having taken a pledge to go green, we will only release our issues once in two months (expect the next issue in July). To keep bringing you lifestyle information, we will be launching our website within the month, so do watch this URL Do read through our green issue - check out awesome writeups by our in house and guest writers, a beautiful array of apparels and accessories from eco-friendly fashion labels and more. WAVES Lifestyle also wishes all lovely mothers a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Stay eco-friendly, everyone! And have a pleasant time staying fresh this May and June. Many thanks,

Manisha Dhalani


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LET YOUR INNER BEAUTY SHINE! Introducing the latest buzz in Singapore’s model land - Avenue Flair. Make up artist Farrah Yuri, photographers from RediSnapz and the designer of RediZen Apparels have teamed up to provide an avenue to learn basic skills such as grooming, posture and speech to improve your confidence level. Avenue Flair’s courses are designed for aspiring models who want to learn the right skills and gain a complete portfolio at very low and reasonable prices. WAVES Lifestyle had a sneak peak into their express course last month and we were amazed at the boost in confidence level of the aspiring models by the end of the session (pictures on the right courtesy of Avenue Flair). For more information on how to participate in their courses, do visit or email them at today! Ladies from Johor who are interested may also apply as the Avenue Flair team will be stopping by our shores in the coming months.


TOURISM MINISTER GRACES MUAR Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen made an excursion to Muar where she attended a MCA organised event followed by a walkabout at ‘Uptown Muar’, a night market at the heart of the Muar town. “If it is food, it should have the word Muar, like Muar asam pedas or Muar otak-otak, not just asam pedas or otak-otak, which are common among the people,” said the Minister while speaking about taking ownership of a specialty product for promotions to attract visitors to their areas. The excursion to Johor ended with a visit to Laguna Mersing, a RM22.2 billion mammoth project which is estimated to bring 1.2 million tourists to Mersing by 2012. The project would resemble Nusantara in Bali, Indonesia, with hotels, resorts and spas. The project will, among others, feature 22 hotels, including a RM350 million five-star hotel, a RM30 million tourist jetty and a RM50 million waterfront walk, an aquarium, a golf course and a polo park. As this is an important project under the Eastern Corridor Economic Region, the government will put in all the necessary infrastructure to enhance accessibility to Mersing from Johor Bahru. “The spillover of the project is enormous. It will boost the local economy, create job opportunities, and enhance the standard of living for the locals. It will also boost the confidence of the locals,” said Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

JOB OFFERS FOR ALL JOHOREANS! KEPAK 2012, short for Karnival Kerjaya, Perniagaan & Kemahiran successfully attracted over 15,000 visitors making it a huge success. Organised by the Johor State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) and Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), the carnival boasted over 100 government agencies and private sectors showcasing the opportunities available for the masses. The 4 day event at Persada was officiated by the Menteri Besar, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who highlighted that over 2,000 job opportunities were being offered at KEPAK 2012. Based on overwhelming response, the KEPAK carnival is now being planned for a few districts around Johor to help facilitate the job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs in their own areas.


GOING BEYOND THE HOURS On March 31st, Johor Bahru (JB) celebrated it’s second Earth Hour. Thousands turned up at Sutera Mall for the cultural shows and performances and a special appearance by veteran artiste Zainal Abiddin. The joyous crowd was seen singing and dancing along, making Earth Hour 2012 a blast. The celebrations organised by The State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) and Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) saw nearly 200 police officers and IRDA staff participating in a 10km cycle from Damansara Alif to Sutera Mall. There were other pockets of cyclist, some peddling as far as 35km. Hotels in the city including The Zon Johor Bahru also took part in the Earth Hour celebrations by switching off 80 percent of their lights. Extensive promotions and event banners were placed across JB but further involvement by all parties is still needed. Malaysians as a whole should take part and join worldwide efforts to make a difference to the environment.



SIN like never before! Previous customers of IWearSin.Com will be pleased to know that they now have an all-new site with a feature that allows shoppers to customise their own clothes. All you need to do is pick an outfit, add accessories and hit submit. The customisations of the outfit will be hand sewn and then delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 7 days. Customers can also choose to sell their designs and will be given a share on the profits earned. They can even submit their designs for other netizens to view and vote. Every week, the designer with the most votes will receive a voucher worth USD50. There is also the all-new SIN of the Week feature, where customers will be given up to 50% off on highly exclusive and limited edition design by every week. There’s just room for everyone at SIN’s new website, so log on to today!

STATEMENT SUNGLASSES in SG! Quay Eyeware, the Melbourne-based brand sprung into Australia in February 2004. Combining the love for yesteryear and adding a twist of tomorrow across all the ranges, Quay Eyeware shook the fast fashion industry and stood out as the individual brand that did not follow conventional rules. With this wide spectrum of styles and designs, from vintage-inspired to fantastically quirky and futuristic cool, it’s not difficult to select a pair that suits you! Quay Eyeware also offers Category 3 level of UV Protection, the highest in the world to give maximum UV protection for your eyes. Shade your eyes from the harsh sun rays while looking stylish and trendy at the same time! Quay Eyeware is now available at: Threadbare & Squirrel (660 North Bridge Road (Bali Lane), Singapore). For latest updates, visit their website at



• Micro Flower Print Dress by Etrican - (Organic Cotton), S$39 • Necklace by ATGAB allthingsgreenandbeautiful. com - (made from fabric of disposed handbags), S$59 • Clutch by ATGAB allthingsgreenandbeautiful. com - (made from fabric of disposed handbags), S$89


• Print Dress in Purple by Zhai - (Organic Bamboo), S$129 • Denim Layered Necklace by GreenieGenie (made from fabric of old denim jeans), S$42 • Denim Ring by GreenieGenie - - (made from fabric of old denim jeans), S$22


• 3 Layer Top in rosedust by Zhai - (Organic Bamboo), S$85 • Hearty Zipper Necklace by GreenieGenie (made from zips, zippers of disposed handbags) • Retro Zipper Earrings by GreenieGenie (made from zips, zippers of old clothings), S$28 • Heart Zipper Ring in Denim Blue by GreenieGenie - - (made from zips, zippers of old clothings), S$18


• Print Dress in Grey by Zhai - (Organic Bamboo), S$129 • Zipper Necklace in 5 Hearts by GreenieGenie - (made from zips, zippers of disposed handbags and old clothings), S$38 • Infinity Earrings by GreenieGenie - - (made from zips, zippers of disposed handbags and old clothings), S$28


The Biz of GOING GREEN Featuring eco-friendly businesses from Johor and Singapore!

TUPPERWARE BRANDS www.tupperwarebrands.c

Tupperware Brands Malaysia helps to prevent global warming by producing durable products that can be constantly reused. This reduces the need to purchase plastic containers and bottles regularly, allowing everyone to keep Mother Earth safe! On top of that, Tupperware products are manufactured using non toxic plastic which is safe for the environment.


“Re-use what you have and reduce wastage, hence decrease the size of your bins." - GreenieGenie Owner Jenny Sim started using “unwanted” materials such as zips, drink cans, old bags and clothing - upcycling them into fashionable accessories thanks to her nature-loving attitude. GreenieGenie and its sub-label Loveco features eco accessories handmade and custom designed by Jenny herself. Every piece is exclusive and every design is uniquely only available in 1 piece per colour. GreenieGenie hopes to provide a meaningful experience of jewelry shopping to all!



Melaleuca promotes environmentally safe products for regular usage at home. Their products help people keep their homes free from toxic and harmful substances. Melaleuca’s products are manufactured in USA and are made using natural ingredients and biodegradable super concentrated formulas that are good for everyone’s wellbeing.

WAVES FEATURE A combination of the word “ethical” and “intricate”, Etrican’s owners saw a gap for affordable ecofashion in Singapore. They put both their skills in fashion and business development together to start this label which offers organic cotton clothing for men and women and upcycled accessories such as wallets and bags. Etrican’s 100% organic cotton are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), a leading certification for organic cotton fibre and garments and their accessories are produced by an NGO in New Delhi.



“if you wish to go green, it shouldn't be a big commitment. start small and take it one step at a time." - ETRICAN

Zhai Pte Ltd, founded by Kim Rose Allen and Eric Polfliet, aims to design and create beautiful, wearable clothing that is not only a step towards a more sustainable and eco friendly future, but is also affordable. The collection features women’s dresses, tops, cardigans, pants, skirts, shorts and scarves. All designs can be combined and adapted to suit any occasion. They also introduced a men’s t-shirt collection as well as bamboo socks for women and men. Zhai also has eco friendly bags, jewelry and a range of bamboo towels and slippers that have UV protective agents and anti-static properties. Using packaging material only made from bamboo or recycled paper, Zhai’s clothing are great for the earth and still work for your body!

“recycling and reusing items can help to make a difference, especially if everyone took this step forward to a more sustainable future. " - ZHAI


Kanga Organics offers organic skincare for adults and babies - in terms of baby skin and body care, as well as organic cotton clothing, and upcoming natural bamboo cloth diapers. A new mum-to-be, Kanga Organics’ owner hopes that the company’s online shopping option will ease the convenience of many new mums to be who will have to be confined to home after giving birth. She also hopes to break the concept of ‘Organic = Expensive’ by offering affordable alternatives of green products.

ANICS K ANGA ORG .com g aor anics www.k ang

“Start with at least ONE green product in your daily lifestyle and slowly add on more green items to become a true greenie!" KANGA ORGANICS




ou’ve heard it all. “X” number of ways on how to go green in your daily routines. But have you ever wondered where do you exactly apply these “rules”? Where should you start from? WAVES Lifestyle breaks it down for you, dividing your “daily life” into places where one would frequently be in - hoping that it would ease the task of going green for you.


WAVES FEATURE #1 Modern flat screen TVs offer better picture, take up less space and use two or three times less energy, so is considered a greener choice. #2 Use energy-saving electronics for lights and air-conditioners. This will help reduce electricity bills plus encourages your guests who witness your eco-friendliness to join the green cause too! #3 Switch off your fans and air-conditioners once in a while. Air out your house! Open the windows whenever possible to get some fresh air. #4 Avoid using carpets as it collects dust. Using carpet might not make some people with sensitive noses comfortable either. #5 Keep ceiling fans clean as the more dirt and dust it collects, the more power it needs to spin. A ceiling fan can keep a room cool using less than one-tenth of energy used by an air-conditioner. #6 Want to decorate your house in a more green friendly way? Here’s a great option! Recycle old glasses as candle holders to give light and set a cozy feeling in your living room. Guests will love it!


#7 Don’t like too much sunshine into your room? We think that’s completely fine. In fact, using darker coloured curtains to keep out the sun will reduce the heat in your room, allowing you to cool the room with just a ceiling fan instead of using the air-conditioner. It saves the earth and keeps your wallet healthy too! #8 Avoid electronics! This is not only important for conserving the earth, but also helps to improve relationships. The lesser the distraction, the more we feel the need to communicate with each other. #9 A lot of housewives are choosing to stay fit these days. Instead of signing up at a gym, keep an area in your bedroom clear for you to spread out that yoga mat. You can get plenty of routines done in the comfort of your own home while being able to take care of the house and children. Plus you save money on expensive gym memberships and feel good fitness clothing!


#10 Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Use a cup instead! Just like the kitchen, it will regulate your water usage and cut down on bills! #11 Love spending a long time in the showers? We have a solution – use a pail to bathe instead of a shower/tub. Another alternative to this is to buy what is known as a low flow shower head. #12 Move aside glass cleaner, we’re going all natural! A great tip to clean your bathroom mirrors is to use vinegar and wipe it down with a newspaper. You recycle, save money and keep yourself healthy by not using chemical laden glass cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda and water make an excellent drain cleaner too! #13 Switch the water heater on only when necessary. Switch it on only when you enter the bathroom and make sure to switch off the heater as soon as you step out.



KITCHEN #14 Turn off the tap when washing dishes and fix it if starts to leak. One of the biggest causes of extra water usage is the fact that we do not think it’s important to fix leakages. Fixing these might slash your water bill by a percentage! #15 Collect the water you use to wash rice and recycle them by watering the plants or washing the dishes. Sounds gross? Not at all! If you still don’t believe us, you could always take an extra step of straining the used water before recycling it. #16 We tend to throw away the stems of leafy vegetable when we cook. An alternative is to cook up a stir-fried dish for which you can use up all the leaves and stems! With this, you reduce wastage of a food source plus its nutrients are all retained. #17 When buying vegetables, go local. Transporting vegetables takes up a lot of fuel and is not eco-friendly. This will also contribute to your local economy. #18 Have extra space in your kitchen? Then grow your own vegetables, herbs and spices. One of the easiest way which most of us might have learnt in school is growing of bean sprouts – or taugeh as we like to call it. #19 Do not throw away left over rice (especially plain rice). You can use it to stir up a delicious plate of fried rice (add your favourite vegetables or meat) or a hot bowl of porridge the next day! #20 In order to save gas, time and electricity, cook extra meals for two days and keep the cooled half in the freezer for future use. This is a great suggestion for working parents who are trying to find more time to rest. #21 Have a dog? Then keep the bones from cooked meat and collect them for your dog to chew on. Animals seem to appreciate this! #22 Try not to microwave food in plastic containers. Use glass bowls instead. It’s more environmentally friendly plus microwaving plastic is hazardous to health. #23 Cook fresh – avoid frozen, pre-packed food as these are one of the biggest plastic users. Also, more energy to heat it up and waste more items by throwing away the packaging. This way – you’ll also know what goes into your food as you’re cooking it yourself from fresh products bought from the market. #24 Don’t keep too much meat in your diet. Cook healthy food like vegetables in your kitchen as meat requires a lot of natural resources (water, grains, land) to be produced. Set your refrigerator for a meat-only section so you know you’re not overdoing it. An easier alternative? Go vegetarian! #25 Use a pressure cooker to make this extremely popular lentil dish, or even a good portion of meat to save your gas usage and time. #26 Get good utensils that last. Avoid plastic that you have to throw away or cheap products for fear of easy rotting. #27 While dryers are not popular in this side of the world, thanks to the sunshine we get all year round, it’s best to avoid dryers completely. Save energy by hanging your clothes to dry.


TRANSPORT #28 Use rain water to wash your car – no not by letting the rain pour on your car (bad move). Collect the rain water in a bucket (remember not to leave the water out to long for the fear of mosquito breeding) and wash your car with it! #29 Watch your speed when driving. When we drive too fast, we tend to use the brakes more to control our vehicle and by pressing the brakes too often, the vehicle will consume more fuel. #30 Carpool. You’ve heard this one, you’ve been afraid of this one (especially it’s carpooling with someone you don’t like), but you should give it a try if you haven’t. It’s great to carpool with kids, neighbours, even colleagues. Saves time, money and improves relationships too! #31 The use of public transport may be a bit more of a hassle in a city like JB when compared to Singapore. However, this doesn’t mean that we should completely avoid it. When not going for an important meeting, try taking the public transport. Who knows you might find it to be an experience worth reliving. #32 Junk is not always good in the trunk. Don’t make it a habit to load your car boot and never unload it. This only makes your car work harder as it is heavier and requires more fuel to be driven around. #33 Keeping your tyres properly inflated will allow smooth cruising and can save plenty of fuel as your car will indeed run efficiently! #34 Plan your route. Often we get lost or distracted as to where we want to go and how we want to get there. Plan your route before starting your engine, or even better, save time and fuel by getting hold of a GPS device or use your smartphone map.


#35 Never leave the lights in your office on when you’re not around. If you work in a rather huge company that has public toilets, try to get them to install light sensors in toilets to avoid unnecessary light usage. #36 Computers are one of the biggest consumers of energy in the office. Make it a point to put your computer to sleep when you’re out for a meeting. Never use screen savers as they only make the computer work harder, and remember to switch off your PC or laptop when leaving the office – switching it on all night will benefit nobody. #37 Set rules in the office to make sure that stationery should be made out of recycled products and printing should be at a minimal – try going paperless, even, and when printing try to print on both sides to save paper. #38 Some companies have a practice of setting up recycling bins in their office. Staff members are encouraged to recycle various items such as paper, bottles, plastic bags, ink cartridge and more! Try it out in your office today. #39 When going out for lunch, avoid taking away as it uses up more plastic or Styrofoam packing. An alternative would be to buy a lunch box (get a cute bento box!) and pack lunch from home. This way you can avoid leaving a huge hole in your wallet and the ozone! #40 Eliminate paper or Styrofoam cups from the pantry. Have everyone in the office bring their own mug from home instead of using paper cups for water, tea and coffee every day. According to National Geographic, an office of 15 people replacing their three paper cups a day each with a washable, reusable mug would save 11,250 paper cups from being purchased and tossed. WAVES 19



Fun & Easy Ways to Green Your Lifestyle BY ERLINA SIDIK


ou don’t need to be a tree hugger or an activist to make a difference to the environment. Not everyone can commit their time to environmental social causes but anyone can make small contributions simply by selecting green choices.

Here are 5 easy tips on how to green your lifestyle in a fun and creative way.

#1 Go Green On Your Next Shopping Trip Think of all the times that you’ve gone to buy something from a shop. Do you know anything about the brand behind the product? Do they practice sustainable production methods or avoid practices that harm the environment? How about the packaging? Do you find that some products have excessive layers of packaging that frankly; you can do without? What type of bags do the sales assistant give you at the cashier counter? Is that plastic bag really necessary? While information on company backgrounds and philosophies may not be available all the time; its good to learn more about the brands that you find yourself constantly going back to. If you’re purchasing from them frequently; do you want to be associated with what they stand for? Before you head out to purchase something, keep in mind to: ● Bring your own recyclable shopping bag instead of taking store plastic bags. ● Avoid buying items with excessive packaging. ● Choose to buy from environmentally friendly organizations and sustainable sources.

#2 Get Crafty Crafting and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have become very popular recently as an outlet for creative juices as well as a means to create something truly unique at a relatively low cost. Many craft projects involve turning recyclable materials into something unique and beautiful. The possibilities are endless! Here’s a few examples of craft and DIY projects: ● Use glossy magazine paper as gift wrappers, envelopes or papier mache projects. ● Give old clothing or hand-me-downs a new lease of life by refashioning them into trendy pieces. Your mom’s 80s dress that no one wants? Turn it into a top with a few appropriate snips and stitches!



#3 Make Green Lifestyle Choices That Save Money Going green is also all about exercising prudence. Yes; making green choices can help you save money, improve your lifestyle habits and become healthier at the same time! Why spend more than necessary when there are more cost friendly options?

● Choose to walk or cycle if you’re going somewhere nearby. ● Borrow from the library instead of buying new books. ● Bring a water bottle instead of buying bottled or canned drinks. ● Turn off all your switches (e.g. phone chargers, laptop chargers) when your devices are fully charged or no longer in use. Your parents will thank you for it. ● Go digital where possible with e-cards, e-books, e-magazines, e-bills. Not only does it reduce paper wastage, you also get less clutter to clear up later!

#4 Wear Vintage Clothing The vintage clothing trend is not going away! Vintage refers to clothing that were made before the 1990s. Fashionistas all over the world have come to realize that picking unique outfits do not need to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re tired of looking the same as everyone else in mass produced clothes then vintage is a great wallet-friendly and environmentally sustainable solution to your fashion woes.

#5 Engage In Outdoor Pursuits Head out to the beach to play beach volleyball or cycle and swim. Go to the nature park and hike through the natural vegetation. These are alternatives to urban activities like shopping and catching a movie but are no less exciting. Take in all the sights, sounds, smells and quiet joys of being in the outdoors among mother nature. Planning a holiday with friends? Consider becoming an eco-tourist. The more time you spend enjoying nature’s beauty, the more passionate you will become to preserve it for the next generations. As you can see, there are many ways to green your lifestyle that does not require intense levels of commitment. This list is by no means exhaustive but we hope that it inspires you to incorporate more green choices into your life.

About the Author Erlina Sidik is the owner and founder of Erlina’s Vintage, an online vintage store based in Singapore which specialises in whimsical yet wearable vintage clothing. Erlina’s Vintage is targeted at the style-savvy individual who likes to inject a little bit of fun into her wardrobe with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. All items featured in this article can be found at the online store For more information, email



f given the option to stop using plastic bags and bottles or to stop using any form of vehicles altogether and opting to walk, it’s pretty obvious that the former is preferred. However, you readers might be wondering how the two questions are relevant to each other. Are they? If you think they are not, you’re not alone. 72 percent of Americans (2007) are also not aware that conventional plastic is made from oil. This might give you a better understanding of the question above. In regard to this, participating hypermarkets, supermarkets and petrol stations have tried to do their bit by implementing Saturday’s no plastic day. The downside to this implementation is that the plastic bags are still available at the counters for a fee of 20 cents. In Penang, the state government has abolished free plastic bags and the 20 cents fee is enforced everyday. The plastic problem is a quite a serious problem in Malaysia. Up to 24 percent of Malaysia’s wastage is contributed by plastic. When Singapore was hit by flood, it was cited that plastic was among the top contributors of debris that clogged the drainage. Plastic - the freely used and carelessly discarded material, will be around for an unknown lifespan. That’s not an overstatement. Scientists are unclear of plastic’s degrading period and almost every single plastic that has been created is with us today! The National Environmental Agency of Singapore says that some 2.5 billion plastic bags are used every year by Singaporeans and 50 billion plastics per year by Malaysians. That’s a lot of plastic! It boils down to the quick stop to your local eatery and ordering your favourite curry mee in which the mee and the curry come in individual packs and are placed in a bigger bag to carry away. That’s 3 bags just for lunch! You do the math for a grocery shopping spree. The problem is a serious one and serious thought has to be given.



A simple solution for your ta-pau moment can be to bring your own container. Buy an eco-friendly bag for your grocery shopping and do your best to refrain from buying bottled drinks, instead carry your own water bottle wherever you go. We are not trying to instigate any form of boycott but the urgent need is here, so it’s about time to walk the talk. The reduce, reuse and recycle concept has to be propagated and followed by all. Plastic bags that end up in landfills will take a very long time to degrade and break down into toxic compound that contaminate the soil and pollute water sources that affect marine lives. The proper education is much needed. Each individual has a responsibility to keep our environment safe and healthy as we are all citizens of Earth and we must protect Mother Earth from eroding into a non-degradable material dumpsite. Participating in the No Plastic Bag Day is a simple step that makes a difference. We can’t really control the usage of natural resources to create paper perhaps as that is a matter of many layers but for the plastic problem, we as individuals can make a change as we are the end users and we are the direct contributors to the problem. So make a change today and save our planet. Reduce, reuse and recycle!



Hummus & Greek Salad INGREDIENTS Hummus: • 1 tin of chick peas (save the water) • 1 small clove of garlic • 1 tbsp lemon juice (or according to taste) • 1/2 cup yogurt • 1/2 tsp cumin • Salt to taste • Olive oil • 2 olives (garnish) Greek Salad: • 1 tomato - cut into wedges • 1 onion - sliced • 1 cucumber - chopped • 10 - 12 green or any olives • Feta Cheese - cubed (it can be salty so add according to taste) • Few sprigs of coriander leaves - chopped • Parsley (optional) - chopped Salad Dressing: • 5 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar (optional) • 1 tbsp lemon juice (or according to taste) • 1/2 tsp sugar • 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves • Salt and pepper to taste



METHOD Hummus: 1. Add all the ingredients (including the water from the chick peas) in a blender until a smooth paste. Transfer into a bowl and drizzle some olive oil and garnish with olives. Greek Salad: 1. For the dressing, put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. 2. Add the remaining ingredients and toss together coating well with the dressing. Serve the hummus and salad with pita bread.




2 bundles of Pak Choy 3 cloves of garlic - slivered Oyster Sauce - according to taste Salt - to blanch Oil 1 red chilly (optional) - chopped Fried onions as garnish (optional)


Peel and wash the pak choy and blanch in hot salted water and set aside. 2. In a hot wok, heat little oil and fry the garlic and chillies and add oyster sauce and some water. 3. Let it boil and turn off gas and pour over the pak choy and garnish with fried onions.


The Donna Hay cheat's way

I am an ardent follower of Nigella Lawson's recipes, but recently I enjoy trying out recipes from Ausie chef Donna Hay. She teaches the "cheats" way of producing mouth watering delicacies and one being apple tart that is so easy to make that you will have your guests asking for more.

INGREDIENTS • • • • • • •

1 or 2 red apples - thinly sliced (I used a mandolin) 2 tsp brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon powder 80g butter - melted Store bought square puff pastry (8 pieces) 1 egg - lightly beaten (optional) Double thick cream or ice cream to serve (optional)

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. 2. Place the apples, sugar, cinnamon and butter in a bowl to combine. (*I saved a little melted butter to glaze the pastries before and after cooked). 3. Layer the apple mixture on the puff pastry and brush with egg. 4. Place a baking paper on a tray and bake the pastries for 10-15 minutes of until puffed and golden. 5. Once done I brushed with some melted butter and serve warm with or without the ice-cream.



Serve Up! Reviews by Nurul Syazwani Ismail PHOTOS BY DIA [REDISNAPZ]


ith about 20 outlets throughout Malaysia from Pulau Pinang to Melaka and even Johor Bahru, Johnny’s Restaurant is already well known among its frequent customers who come to enjoy the steamboat at its various outlets. With affordable prices, the restaurant is suitable for dining with family or friends over lunch and dinner. At the Jusco Tebrau City outlet, the wooden-themed décor creates a nice touch for dining in. The overhead lamps lights up the various dishes served here to make all the fresh steamboat ingredients look tantalizing. However, other than the steamboat sets, a lesser known item on the restaurant menu stood out among the various offerings at this Jusco Tebrau City outlet. The Thai Mango Salad served here is reminiscent of Thai Green Mango Salad that is found on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. For one, it stands out with the significantly large serving. Garnished with roasted cashew nuts for a crunchy bite, the Thai Mango Salad served at Johnny’s restaurant can be shared by three to four people as a side dish. The green mangoes used in this dish are well mixed with shredded long beans, cherry tomatoes, lime juice and a notable twinge of Thai fish sauce as well as some almost undetectable shrimps bits. For those who are not a fan of spicy food, it is advisable to request for less chilies in this Mango Salad upon ordering. Although nothing beats the real Som Tam Mamuang found in Thailand, the Thai Mango Salad served at Johnny’s Restaurant is pretty close to the real deal.

Name: Johnny’s Restaurant Address: S46, Second Floor, Juscor Tebrau City Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru Operating Hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm on Sunday to Friday, 1.30am to 11pm on Saturday Nearest Parking Area: Jusco Tebrau City Shopping Centre Parking Lot Rating: ~ ~ ~ ~


Why 4 out of 5 waves? The Mango Salad has the notable fish sauce taste which is usually missing from other versions, and reminds you of mango salads made by Som Tam street vendors in Bangkok. The place has a nice air-conditioned ambience for families to dine in and bond over a steamboat meal, which is rather affordable.


Mango Salad K

ohnangkam is a Southern Thai cuisine shop tucked along North Bridge Road close to Masjid Sultan. Owned by Mr Jamalludin Bin Mohamed and Mdm Chamchiyah alias Mdm Samsiah who hails from Southern Thailand, this shop is the only halal Southern Thai cuisine shop in town. This family-run business is housed in a quaint red and green two-storey shop house building along the same road as the famous Zam Zam restaurant. However, unlike its neighbouring shops, this pink-interior shop feels more down-to-earth and homely rather than the surrounding overpriced posh shops. With wooden tables covered in green woven cloths and adorable wooden lamps on the walls, the cheery little shop is complemented with the warm service from the staff who whips up the dishes fresh upon ordering. The Thai Mango Salad or Som Tam Mamuang served here is, quite like other Thai cuisine, very spicy. The fresh grated green mango is mixed with juicy cherry tomatoes, roasted groundnuts, onion, lime and plenty of chili powder. However, unlike the Mango Salad at Johnny’s Restaurant, the one here is topped with sweet fried anchovies. For foodies dining in with large groups of friends or family, Mr Jamalludin recommends calling in to place your orders before arriving to reduce waiting time. This stall is a must visit for its friendly family-run service to provide the authentic array of Southern Thai cuisine.

Name: Kohnangkam Southern Thai Traditional Cuisine Address: 743, North Bridge Road, Singapore Operating Hours: 11.45am to 11pm on Monday to Friday, 2pm to 11pm on Saturday, Sunday & PH Nearest Parking Area: Along North Bridge Road or at the proper parking lot on Baghdad Street Rating: ~ ~ ~ ~ Why 4 out of 5 waves? The homely ambience is wonderful although not air-conditioned. The owners are welcoming and ensure food is prepared fresh although large number of orders at peak periods might lead to a slightly extended waiting time. The food is authentic home-cooked style as Mdm Chamchiyah hails from Southern Thailand. The serving portions are very generous. Other dishes such as Pulut Durian, Massaman Kohnangkam and Tom Yum Soup are recommended tries.







ho would have thought that a day trip to Muar (also known as Bandar Maharani) can be filled with lots of hidden surprises? Many prominent Malaysian politicians and celebrities originated or grew up in this city including our neighbouring counterpart –Mr. SR Nathan, former President of Singapore, who was born in Singapore but grew up and spent his childhood with his three elder sisters and parents in Muar! Our journey began by attending a close friend’s wedding that was set against a beautiful backdrop at Tanjung Mas. Everywhere we looked was natural beauty with balmy weather, calm sea and picturesque scenery. To be in sync with the natural beauty, the wedding party decided to keep with a lime green theme and after giving our wishes, we were interested in exploring Muar town. We first passed a giant “Durian” structure near the Tanjung Mas and the majestic Masjid Jamek 2 Sultan Ibrahim which is located on the opposite bank of Muar River. We then drove by Bangunan Sultan Abu Bakar which had similar colour to the mosque and once covering the pretty sights along Muar River, we decided to make a final pit-stop out of town to the famed Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise. Nasuha Spices & Herbs Paradise or Ladang Rempah Ratus Nasuha is located 19kms away of Jalan Muar Pagoh and covers an area of over 3200 acres. It is also known to be the largest Herbs and Spices farm in Asia, producing 6 to 10 metric tonnes of raw herbs and spices each day. The farm is planted with 135 types of herbs collected locally and from all over the world. There is a herb park and gallery, fish pond, restaurant, herbal Spa & Sauna, reasonably priced log cabin accommodation and a processing plant inside the farm. We were awed by its collection and breathtaking view. There are plenty of outdoor activities for the family to enjoy as well through their tailor-made packages. Besides that, there are various herbal tour packages that include herbal knowledge and tour and special herbal chicken briyani with tour certificate for patrons. For corporate bonding; seminar packages are also available and includes jungle trekking, night walk, canoeing, canopy walk and et cetera. Apparently, stress management and motivational courses are also offered to public members. Apart from above, they also produce and sell high quality organic natural herbal products. The natural herbs used in the production are obtained fresh from its plantation and processed within the plantation. The herbal products are produced by blending several selected herbs based on the nutrient contents of these natural herbs. Their products are certified halal by JAKIM and approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. For those interested in indulging some herbal knowledge and to embrace nature at its best, visit www.nasuhaherbsparadise. com for more details. Muar was indeed an eye-opener and cleared doubts of it being a “sleepy town” and can now be called a picturesque green haven!




ur Ervy Deborah Ronnifred Sabin is a 28-year-old single mother of three. Having lost her husband to a chronic asthma attack last year, she is now a single mother raising her children - one aged 3 and twins aged 2. Earning her livelihood as a financial consultant and part time model, WAVES Lifestyle caught up with her to get her response as a young single mother in this current age and time. How does a typical day look for you and your children? A typical day of mine is similar to anyone else’s. A financial consultant by day and fulltime weekend mom is the best way to put it.

A mother’s story

Is the society and your family supportive? Yes, very much. My in-laws and parents play a vital role in my life as my children are left at their care as I head out being the sole bread winner. At work, my colleagues understand my predicament and try to help out, as and when they can. What are the financial burdens you face? Financially, it has not been easy but thanks to the support of loved ones and my own will, I’m still staying afloat. Are you part of any support groups? Government help, perhaps? I’m aware of the support groups made available to single mothers but I have yet to subscribe to any as the need hasn’t arose since my immediate family members shower me with all the needed support! How do you juggle your time? My time is divided in a very simple fashion. When I am at work, my focus is at the job in hand. When I’m spending time with family, my complete attention is on my children. Would you consider remarrying? No, not at the moment. My husband’s passing was quite recent and sudden and I’m not ready to move on as yet. I’m living with the fond memories for now and maybe down the road over time, I might consider remarrying. What are some of the challenges you face? The biggest challenge is the negative perception that people have of single mothers. Many men out there are opportunist trying to capitalise on the situation of the single mothers. They think that single mothers are just craving for attention and seriously, this mindset has to change. Any last words for our readers? With the right support and awareness, single mothers can achieve everything that they strive for just like anyone else!


Wondering what MOTHER’S DAY gift to give your mother or a mother who you know deserves it? Here are some ideas from our WAVES Lifestyle writers. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10

A romantic or motivational book Recipe books Movie day out! Breakfast-in-bed or prepare a meal for her! A home-made card Pink roses Crystal bowls or vase Stylish tops A day at the spa (facial/massage) Shopping and high-tea after


Empowering People for Sustainability M

illions of people around the world will be celebrating World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2012. Let’s draw our attention to one of the established environmental organisations in Singapore called “Hemispheres Foundation”, founded by Mdm Ann Phua since 1996. An inspiring environmental activist who has lots of compassion and love for mother earth. She realised that Singapore lacked the education on environmental issues unlike Europe and Japan. Therefore, decided to stimulate environmental awareness through educational programs. Hence, Hemispheres Foundation was born. Hemisphere Foundation is an organisation which helps to raise environmental awareness in the community from the children to the youth and the adults. It has also embarked on green projects in schools, community centres, organisations and villages in Singapore and several parts of Asia. Some examples of the programs they organised are hosting competitions like 'Actions for Earth', Project Clean Water in Cambodia, Overseas Community Involvement Programme, workshops, informative talks, environmental trips and environment-related camps. They will mainly cover topics like Climate Change, Deforestation, Recycling, Ecosystem and Nature Conservation.


BY Sharifah Fazzeleen Flare Pte Ltd (

Easy Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle Step 1: Do not take long showers. Step 2: Bring your own shopping bags when shopping. Step 3: Switch off all electrical appliances and power points prior to leaving the room. Step 4: Stop patronizing restaurants which uses disposal plates. Step 5: Avoid eating meat. Consume more natural fruits and vegetables. Step 6: Reuse and Recycle.

Mdm Phua’s passion for saving the environment has set her path across borders to Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Chiangmai. Many of which are case studies done to develop ‘Zero Carbon Villages’. Environmental outreach programs held in Singapore malls such as Orchard Central and Sembawang Shopping Centre were initiated and aimed towards education & awareness of global warming and minimising waste. It also instill the spirit of global community as they are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues. This year Hemispheres Foundation commemorates World Environment Day 2012 with the National Cadet Corps(NCC), inviting all NCC cadets to continue their quest to reduce their carbon emissions by participating in Hemispheres 5th Annual Action for Earth Challenge. Even the Youth are encouraged to support the Environment Day 2012, as schools are invited to take Actions for Earth by mobilising students and staff to avoid the usage of any form of disposable materials at their school canteen on the 15th of May 2012. Spearheaded by Mdm Ann Phua, all the above mentioned efforts Empowers People to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development. For more information on Hemispheres Foundation’s programs and activities, you may browse through their website at



Van halen: a different kind of truth Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth is Van Halen’s new product ever since their last which really has been a while back. With both new and old faces gathered in reunion, any Van Halen fan may wonder if it would ever be the same again. Only way to find out is to give the album a listen for yourself. The music isn’t bad, in fact, I could totally bump to this (adding the fact that I’ve never listened to their stuff before, ever). If you’re a rock fan, you might actually dig this because ... you know why? Because there’s a saying that legends, never die.

Greyson Chance: Hold on ‘til the night A Youtube sensation signed under Ellen DeGeneres new label, eleveneleven, Greyson Chance is only 14 but already showing enough vocal prowess to steal the hearts of fans away from a certain Bieber. The album’s got its own plus points but generally what may turn a lot of people away is the image he portrays. While he’s only a young, emerging teenager, many of his songs are about BGRs and bad breakups. Then again, I guess if you’ve got the looks and the voice to back it up, who cares what you’re on to right? Besides, any right minded teenage girl would die for a boy to sing her lullabies in an awesome voice like Greyson’s. And if that’s just the thing you’re looking for, show some love and go pick the CD up already!

THE hunger games soundtrack A fan of the books or the movie? Then you’ll certainly come to like the soundtrack! Even without any visual scenes played, the music itself seems like it could hold it’s own weight and pass as a movie. With a lineup of musicians that includes well known names like Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Kid Cudi, nothing less can than a collection of good tunes can be expected for your listening ears. Apart from the A-listers, there are also other notable artists who contributed to the soundtrack - all of which are worth picking up on. This soundtrack is melodic, atmospheric and head nodding. So if you haven’t got anything new playing in your iPod, do your ears a favour and go pick this one up.

IL VOLO: TAKES FLIGHT Picture Il Divo in their teens and you'll come to recognise Il volo. You'd think opera singers are usually odd looking men and women singing and breaking glasses but boy, will you be so wrong if you see these guys. You'd hardly think there really are kids who are into opera these days. And then you have Il Volo - a trio opera pop group comprised of 17 year olds Italians. They showcase their amazing voice in this selftitled debut album which will leave you both astounded and mesmerised. While I was pretty skeptic to give this a listen at first (not an opera fan, I must admit), I'm glad I didn't skip this. These guys are simply amazing, really. So give them a try. A song to recommend? Try Il Mondo (My World).




MUST HAVE APPS THIS MONTH! THE CAGE Rating: 4 out of 5 Singapore’s first and only indoor soccer stadium, The Cage has been committed to providing soccer fans with innovative forms of entertainment since 2005. Open daily, with six artificial turf pitches, The Cage has finally launched the The Cage App for iPhone. The Cage iPhone app is aimed to help amateur and social footballers make online booking of pitch, keep scores of their games/league and interact with other amateur and social footballers about the game. For more details visit

NeoReader Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Various advertisements recently have been placing barcodes to entice customers to participate and take action. Ever wondered how to do so? Simple! Download this application today and start scanning QR codes on advertisements today!

SAAVN Rating: 4 out of 5 Indian music fan? Download Saavn Music on your iPhone and get the best of Bollywood and beyond - anytime, anywhere, and always 100% free. So go ahead, pick a song... every song.


WHO TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM? Instagram - the free photo sharing program previously only supported by iPhone and iPads is now on Android! Having been acquired by Facebook, Instagram is being popularised by celebrities of all sorts. With almost 30 million accounts and more than 150 million photos on Instagram, it’s hard to find out who to follow and who not to. Here’s making your life easier with a list of popular Instagrammers that we think you should follow! •

Billboard Music (billboarddotcom) For the latest music updates!

Jamie Oliver (jamieoliver) Awesome food shots!

Snoop Dogg (snoopdogg) Bow chika wow wow with the dogg!

Ryan Seacrest (ryanseacrest) Entertainment, news, music and his activites will keep you glued to your Instagram.

Jessica Alba (therealjessicaalba) Cute photos of her little babies will melt your heart.

Alicia Keys (aliciakeys) Get up close and personal with this amazing voice.

Zooey Deschanel (zooeydeschanel) She’s cute, need we say more?

Kelly Osbourne (kellyosbourne) Smile, it’s Fashion Police star Kelly!

Barack Obama (barackobama) The president is in the house!

Rihanna (badgalriri) Check out Rihanna’s quirky and creative shots!

Ashton Kutcher (mrkatalyst) He was one of the first on Twitter and now is spreading photos on Instagram. Must follow!

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en of our Go Gre per - winner as G ee sa fr a re T tled to ns to Desiree iend were enti Congratulatio She and her fr . las Vincent. st ho te ic on N C er o photograph & Win! Phot e yl st fe Li S E WAV photoshoot by

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Take action &


Everything And

#1 BE CURIOUS How do you become more curious? One way is to remember how life was more fun during your curiousity-filled childhood days and to remember all the cool things you discovered and experienced thanks to it. #2 BE PRESENT One of the simplest ways to connect with the present moment is to keep your focus on your breathing every minute or two. #3 REALISE


Realise that failure won’t kill you. Failure is actually a great way to learn things about yourself and about life. It also helps to make you tougher, more courageous and assists you in better decision making in the days to come.








Fabulous Fads 80 HAJI LANE

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Issue: July 2011 Rating: 8.5 out of 10








Royal Malaysian Police 07-225 4422 Tourism Malaysia Hotline 1300 88 5050 tourism mALAYSIA (Jotic) 07-222 3590/91


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Johor Tourist Guides Association 07-289 9183


Jb sentral 07-218 8070 / 07-227 0822

The ZON Regency Hotel STULANG LAUT

Immigration 07-224 4233


Restoran Agus Johor Issue: July 2011 Rating: 9.5 out of 10 Tutti Frutti Malaysia Issue: August 2011 Rating: 8.5 out of 10 Briyani Hyderabad Issue: August 2011 Rating: 9.25 out of 10 Tan Kee’s Ais Kacang Issue: August 2011 Rating: 9.25 out of 10 PappaRich Issue: September 2011 Rating: 8.75 out of 10 Annalakshmi Issue: September 2011 Rating: 10 out of 10 Salahuddin Bakery Issue: October 2011 Rating: 9 out of 10 Restoran Vilas Issue: October 2011 Rating: 9 out of 10 AUNTY’S FRIED CHICKEN Issue: November 2011 Rating: 9.5 out of 10 W.W. LAKSA HOUSE Issue: November 2011 Rating: 9.5 out of 10 EIGHT LIDO Issue: December 2011 Rating: 9 out of 10 WANT YOUR RESTAURANT TO BE REVIEWED? EMAIL US TODAY AT EDITOR@ WAVESLIFESTYLE.COM! FOR MORE FOOD & BEVERAGES REVIEWS IN JOHOR AND SINGAPORE, CHECK OUT OUR MONTHLY COLUMN - SERVE UP!

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STARHILL GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB would like to invite suitable individuals to assist in our continuous growth and to be a part of its F&B team as a Waiter/Waitress. Candidates must be able to communicate fluently in English and Bahasa Malaysia and to work on shift. Attractive benefits package - free meals, uniform, free admission at the WTP.

GREENIE-GENIE Eco-friendly, handsome accessories by owner Jenny Sim.

Interested candidates are welcome to Walk-In interview or send in a detailed resume stating personal particulars, qualifications, experiences, employment history, current and expected salary to: Admin. & Personnel Manager Starhill Golf & Country Club 6.5km, Jalan Kampung Maju Jaya, Kempas Lama, 81330, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia For further inquiries, please call 075589224 (F&B department).

BLOGSHOPS SINGAPORE Cosmetics (Beauty Products), Perfume, BAgs & Preloved ERLINA’S VINTAGE An online store specialising in wearable vintage fashion and accessories from the 1950s to 1980s.

PHATCULTURE.COM Fashion at a click; satisfaction to your doorstep. REDIZEN APPARELS Batik reinvited. SIXTEENR Scarves that empower.

SERVICES SINGAPORE ACCRETION ALLIANCE Providing the solution for the betterment of your future. CLICK CHAPTER PHOTOGRAPHY PURPLE PLUMTREE PHOTOGRAPHY & SERVICES purpleplumtreephotography.blogspot. com REDISNAPZ Photography and more. VOILAVU Online review site.



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Keroncong Johor Festival 2012 Stadium Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru Mangrove Summer Camp Tanjung Piai Johor National Park Tanjung Leman Carnival GP Joran Berita Harian 2012 Mersing Johor

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Tanjung Balau Festival 2012 Pantai Tanjung Balau JOHOR

Market Chat 2012@Johor Bahru Hotel Grand Paragon JOHOR

International Wedding Show The Pines SINGAPORE


12 & 13

Motorsports Carnival 2012 Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar Johor JOHOR

17 to 20 Iskandar Malaysia Youth Gathering, Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru JOHOR

18 to 20 National Gasing Pangkah Competiton (Johor Open) 2012 Laman Gasing Kampung Makam Kota Tinggi JOHOR


GP Joran Bagus Fishing Competition Kota Tinggi JOHOR

25 to 27 Johor Furniture Fair 2012 PERSADA JOHOR

6 to 20 Sail Malaysia Passage To The East 2012 Puteri Habour & Eastern Island JOHOR

12 WAVES 42

D'lloyd - A Mother's Day Charity Concert Persada International Convention Centre JOHOR


Johor Bahru District Level Teacher’s Day Pusat Islam Iskandar JOHOR

31 May to 3 June Metrojaya Warehouse Sale PERSADA JOHOR

JUNE 2012

1 to 3 9 to 11 The 3rd International Biotechnology And Biodiversity Conference & Exhibition (BioJohor 2012) Persada Johor International Convention Centre JOHOR

15 to 17 MISTI JOHOR 2012, Persada Johor JOHOR


GP Joran Bagus Fishing Competition (June), Pontian JOHOR

23 to 24 Pertandingan Robotik Peringkat Negeri Johor Tahun 2012 (NRC2012) LOCATION TBA

1 to 30 Penawar Pengerang Run 2012, Bandar Penawar Kota Tinggi JOHOR


10th Malaysian Hospice Congress: Palliative Care “Meeting the Increasing Needs”, Persada Johor International Convention Centre JOHOR

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